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FLORA ■ V rr As j jrr Z .j srs Zz s ' t z Z Z z ZzzZz' - ZjzY zz f ' f'', z z rz Az frz zr zz z. z zz zZzj 7-12 u zZ zz zzzz- Z' zzvz zzz z r zz zzzZ z zz rrZz z z ' z v r zzzZz.j z r Z zzZz‘ ZZz zz zzZ z jzZzzz j ZZzz ZZzzZz z:Z Z z zzz zzz Zz Zz Z z Z Zj z s Z Z Z v . Z Z Zz Z 1956 FLORIAN Volume 8 MONROE TOWNSHIP SCHOOL FLORA, INDIANAQuietly framed in climbing ivy ... a dramatic contrast to the confusion within ... a place of activity, laughter, and tears of the graduating seniors ... a challenge to those who pursue knowledge with its trials, tribulations, and hopes ... a pleasant memory to those who have come and gone ... a promise that indicates in the future a greater Flora High School to come. 2EDITOR Madonna Jordan ASSOCIATE EDITORS Mary Jane Crook Brenda McKinley BUSINESS MANAGER Frances Rose Burnham LITERARY Marcia Langston Molly Bishop SPORTS Don Collins Joe Clawson PHOTOGRAPHY Jerry Fouts Bill Calhoun Richard Murray CIRCULATION Bob Ryan Nancy Wilson Margaret Sturdivant Judy Northcutt Martha Schnepf Pat Meade ADVERTISING Tom McKinley Bonnie Renick Richard Fife Jane Adams Becky Smith Sally Watson TYPIST Mary Jo Thompson ART Buddy Jackson Marion Riggle ADVISOR Lois Metiger BUSINESS ADVISOR B. Keith Rose 3DEDICATION Our school as we know it today is built upon a combination of ideals. These ideals are the culmination of the efforts and the contributions, the visions and the aspirations of the many students and teachers who have entered its doors, passed through its halls, and received its influence. On leaving, they have bequeathed to us the will to attain still higher standards, the desire for increased wisdom, and the enthusiasm to keep high that spirit which is Flora. To this heritage, we dedicate the 1956 Florian. 4CONTENTS OUR STORY. Page 7 Many parts of our story took place in this building which was destroyed by fire. OUR HIGH SCHOOL Page 15 Tom McKinley increases his literary background. OUR ACTIVITIES ......................Page 35 A few members of the chorus rehearse for the Combined County Institute at Purdue. OUR GRADE SCHOOL .........- Page 59 Children have fun on the playground during recess.DIAMOND ANNIVERSARY 1896-1956 6School life is a difficult thing to put into a package, because it can have many different meanings for many different people. All of us at Flora High School have shared a great many experiences during the years of our school life. We hope that you will find much packed into this 1956 Florian that has great meaning for you. The package will last, and in the future you can open it and examine its contents again and again. Sixty years ago, when the first class was graduated from Flora High School, is the beginning of our story. Unlike today, school then lasted only six months. In the Class of 1896 there were four graduates, three girls and one boy. These students were Celesta Cromer, Eva Drake, Emma Lyon, and Merle Sandifur. Celesta Cromer was secretary to John L. Lewis, of the United Mine Workers, until her death in 1930. Eva Drake Agnew is now a semi-invalid in Miami, Florida. Emma Lyon taught at Flora for three years; she died in 1906. After teaching at State Normal in Oklahoma City, Merle Sandi-fur is now retired and is living in California. The varied interests of the students has been manifest through the years, and the success of their endeavors has been evident many times. Being Hoosiers, of course, one of the first activities we think of is basketball. An excerpt from the 1924 Paradeisos recalls the game of previous days: Our first graduating class—Left to right: Eva Drake, Emma Lyon, Merle Sandifur, Celesta Cromer. "For many years basketball has been the major sport of Flora High School. It was introduced in 1908, but was then considered a play-ground game rather than an inter-school game. Only one game was played during the first year. During the next two years many of the schools of the county started playing and it steadily gained in popularity. In these early years Flora's leading rival was Wheeling, with honors about evenly divided. At first all games were played outdoors, with backstops constructed of rough boards. The teams were equipped very differently from those of today—school clothes or a baseball suit were generally used in the games. In 1910-11 both indoor and outdoor basketball were played. The E. M. Eikenberry building was rented. The place was an improvement over the outside court, although there were two posts in the middle of the playing floor and very few provisions were made for the comfort of the fans. During this year F.H.S. defeated every team in the county. The next year the team was unable to secure a hall; therefore played only outside ball. "In the fall of 1912a new era in F.H.S. basketball began. The Mayhill building was secured and this made possible a larger and much better playing floor. The seating capacity was about one hundred and fifty. Basketball suits were worn g by the players of F.H.S. for the first time. DuringFlora's first representatives to the State Basketball Finals. Front row: Joe Wilson, Jim Eaton, Student Managers. Second row: Kenneth McGill, Leonard Reid, Coach; Fred Oyler, Russell Callane, Principal; Brentis Berkshire. Third row: Joe Eikenberry, Dick Nevin, David Mills. Back row: The first five—Dick Hanaway, Bill McPherson, Robert Cripe, Robert Spitler, Richard Oyler. the years of 1912-13 and 1913-14 Cutler was Flora's leading rival. Flora held the edge the first year and Cutler the latter year. "In 1914 the F.H.S. team was without a home because the merchants complained of the noise the boys made while playing. When the season was about over the room above the water-works was secured but it was too late to develop a good team. Basketball was at such a low ebb during this season that every team in the county, with the exception of Camden, defeated Flora one or more times. "In 1916 an addition which included a gymnasium was built to the school house. Although it looked more like a swimming pool than a gym, F.H.S. was proud of it; and it became the scene of many a thrilling battle. In comparison with the other teams of the state. Flora probably had the best team in her history. Both Logansport and Frankfort were defeated. Overconfidence lost the Sectional Tournament. During the next three years F.H.S. was represented by fair but not outstanding teams. In 1920 the first County Tourney to be held in this state was held at Delphi, and F.H.S. coming through unscathed. returned with a fine sheepskin trophy. In 1921 and again in 1922 Cutler won the championship, but in 1923 F.H.S. was victorious and this time won a silver cup. "The year of 1924 ushered in a new era for the athletes of F.H.S. The Community Building sponsored by the Flora Community Club gave F.H.S. a playing floor equalled by few and excelled by none in the state. The equipment furnished bythe Alumni Equipment Committee places the gym on an equal basis with the larger gyms of the state. The building has a seating capacity of about 1,400, which makes it possible to hold sectional and county tournaments here." As the years passed the teams steadily gained fame, climaxed by being qualified to participate in the state finals in 1946. Flora surprised everyone that year and was "the people's choice" right up until the time they were defeated in the state finals by Fort Wayne Central. The Trester Award was won by Robert Cripe that year. After such a splendid performance, Flora was able to schedule many of the top teams in the state, such as Crispus Attucks, Kokomo, Lo-gansport, and Gary Froebel. When the Hoosier Conference was formed in 1948, Flora was a member. In 1953-54, the Badgers crowned their achievements by winning the conference championship. They have also claimed the Holiday 4-Way Tourney title the last three years. Flora and Bringhurst High Schools were consolidated in 1927 but were still under management of a school board until 1931 when the trustee took over. There were many heated discussions over the pros and cons of the merger. The Bringhurst patrons hated to loose their school, but the advantages of consolidation won out. Disaster struck on February 4, 1933, when fire demolished the school building. Making the best of a bad situation, however, classes resumed immediately by moving into the Community Building. In 1935 the new building was completed and was surely appreciated after two years of make-shift facilities. A new addition containing a long-desired auditorium was built onto this school in 1950. The Flora High School orchestra of 1929 was The ruins remaining after the big fire. something of which both the school and community were justly proud. They won first place at the district contest which was held in Kokomo. From there they went to the state contest at Indiana University where they met with equal success. By participating in the national contest at the University of Iowa, they put Flora "on the map" in national orchestra circles. After meeting with such success the first time ever entering competition, the orchestra with the aid of the Community Club and school bought new instruments amounting to $1400 including machine tympany, two string bass, a sousaphone, and a bassoon. In 1941 in the district contest at Delphi, the Flora High School band was awarded first honors for playing. The next year they really brought home the prize, however, when they walked off with the Sweepstakes Award in the district contest at Monon. This indicated excellence in all respects—playing, marching, etc. Organized debating was stated at Flora in 1929, and the first year the team tied with Frankfort and Lebanon for district honors. In the triangular tie-breaker, Lebanon won. A tie with Kokomo the second year saw Kokomo emerge victorious. In 1932 they were even more successful. The team, coached by Madonna Barnes, included Marjorie Niccum, Minnie Lou Chittick, Virginia Hawkins, and Mabel Ridenour. As members of the State Debating League, they won their sectional, district, and zone debates but were defeated in the semi-finals of the state contest by Churubusco. In 1947, the Flora Livestock Judging Team participated in the International Livestock Show in Chicago. They were qualified because of placing 10Flora High School orchestra in the fall of 1929. Front row: Ruth Burns, Ruth Cook, Mabel Ridenour, Freida Cook, Betty Jane Voorhees, Dorotha Chapman, C. R. Young, Director and Principal; Dale Welty, Tom Riggle, Leon Viney, Jimmy Niccum, Jack Voorhees, Kenneth Knapp, Meredith Butcher. Second row: Kathryn McCain, Carl Steinman, Lois McCain, Helen Young, Evelyn Hamilton, Marjorie Niccum, Virginia McCloskey, Charles David McCain, Marjorie Voorhees, Lois Cripe, Mary Moss, Charlene Bell, Donald Hoffman, George McCain, Superintendent. Third row: Buthene Sharp, Jean Cripe, Virginia Hawkins, Celia Cook, Delores Sink, Alice Pullen, Minnie Lou Chittick, Velma Berkey, Mamie Smith, Don Good, Isabelle Kuns, Josephine Bell, Richard Landis. Fourth row: Price Ferguson, Esther Pullen, Margaret Holmes, Richard Beard. Back row: Virjean Coleman, Charles Colvin, Donald Myer, Lloyd Dekker, Dean Colvin, Tom Peter, Marion Thomas, Wilbur Wilson, Evelyn Knapp, Lee Eckerle high at the Indiana State Fair. Competing with twenty-six teams, the team from Flora placed first and was awarded the title of Junior World's Livestock Judging Champions. Fritz Schnepf, Jr. placed first individually, and Tom Allen placed second. tests, a good number of entrants have won the right to compete in the state contests at Indiana University. Bob McLaughlin won second place in First Year Latin in 1952 and returned the next year to claim first place in the state in Second Year Latin. The 1955 Livestock Judging Team was invited to compete in the annual Eastern National Livestock Show at Timonium, Maryland. The Flora team placed first in the contest. Mary Jo Thompson placed first individually and Pat Meade, second; Martha Schnepf, who placed third, is the sister of Fritz Schnepf, Jr., who placed first at the International in 1947. Flora girls have always shown great interest in the Sunshine Society. On October 14, 1951, the local chapter was hostess to the annual fall district convention. As nearly five hundred girls attended the convention which was held in the Community Building, this was an undertaking which called for thorough organization and complete cooperation. Flora students for many years have been participating in the achievement contests held each spring in the fields of English, Latin, and mathematics. By high placings in the regional con- While speech is not a new course at Flora, competition with other schools was first attempted in the spring of 1955 at the Delphi Invitational Speech Festival. Surprising even themselves, the contestants proudly returned with a third-place IIThe 1932 Debating Team who competed in the State Finals are (from left to right) Minnie Lou Chittick, Virginia Hawkins, Madonna Barnes, Coach; Mabel Ridenour, and Marjorie Niccum. trophy for their efforts. They also won the right to compete in the state contest at South Bend that year. With such an auspicious beginning, the future will surely find new laurels being added to the F.H.S. record from this department. Flora has really been on the ball—we mean baseball. For three consecutive years they have taken the county championship and we are mighty proud of that record. In recent years baseball seems to be playing a bigger part in the sports world at Flora. Since School Daze, our school paper, was started in 1938, it has been entered many times in national scholastic press competitions and has consistently been rated in the first-place group. One rating of All-American was achieved, and All-Columbian ratings for art and typography have been claimed at various times. We hope that last year's first-place rating for the Florian was the beginning of an outstanding record as well. Flora High School received a certificate for a new commission from the State Department of Public Instruction in 1955. Grades one to six remain on a Continuous Commission, while grades seven to twelve now operate on a First-Class Commission. We are very proud of this achievement and hope to maintain in the future the high standards which made this possible.Eastern National Livestock Judging Team of 1955 are (from left to right) Martha Schnepf, Harold Thompson, Coach; Pat Meade, Harold Craft, Mary Jo Thompson. World's Champion Junior Livestock Judging Team of 1947 are (from left to right) Tom Allen, Harold Thompson, Coach; Fritz Schnepf, Jr., Kenneth Sharp, Bertis Berkshire. But more important than the past are the plans and prospects for the future. For one thing, we hope to see the complete redecoration of the interior of the school building as soon as possible. Plans and adjustments will also have to be made for the increasing enrollment sure to come. The next logical step in the progress of our school is to gain admittance to the North Central Association. To do this we would have to meet certain requirements toward which we are constantly working. So goes our story—a record of accomplishments which constitutes the tradition which is Flora High School. 13 9IN OUR TROPHY CASE BASKETBALL 1923—Carroll County Champs 1923- 23—Junior High School Champions 1924- 25—Carroll County Championship 1926— Carroll County Champs 1927— Carroll County Champs 1928— 29—Flora Invitational Tournament Champs 1930-31—Flora Invitational Tournament Champs 1935—Flora 4-Way Tourney 1938—Junior High Tourney at Flora 1940— Flora Invitational Junior High Tourney 1941— Carroll County Champs 1943—Carroll County 1945— Carroll County Champs 1946— Carroll County Champs 1946— Sectional, Regional, Semi-Final Champs 1947— County Champs 1947— Delphi Frosh Tourney 1948— Cerroll County Champs 1949— Carroll County Champs 1950— Junior High Champ 1951— West Central Junior Tourney 1953—Logansport Invitational "B" Team Tourney 1953-54—Camden Invitational Tourney 1953- 54—Hoosier Conference Champs 1954- 55—Camden Invitational Tourney 1955- Carroll County Junior High Tourney 1955—W.C.J.C. Junior High 1955—Brookston Invitational Tourney 4-H 1947—International Junior Livestock Judging Champions. 1955—Eastern National Livestock Show MUSIC 1917—Carroll County Chorus Contest 1929—State High School Orchestra Contest—First Prize, Class "C" 1929— Participant National High School Orchestra Contest, Class "B" 1930— State High School Orchestra—Second Prize, Class "C" 1941— Delphi Band Contest—for Playing 1942— Northern Indiana School Band, Orchestra, and Vocal Association—District III—Sweepstakes Award SPEECH 1955—Delphi Speech Festival—Third Place BASEBALL 1941—Carroll County Champs 1944—Carroll County Champs 1953— Carroll County Baseball Champions 1954— Carroll County Baseball Champions 1955— Carroll County Baseball Champs TRACK 1951— Carroll County Track Champs 1952— Carroll County Champs 14OUR HIGH SCHOOLB. KEITH ROSE, M.S. Principal, History, Student Council Sponsor. GEORGE WASON, A.B. Trustee MAE McCORKLE School Secretary Movies provide the program for some of our convocations Mr. Wason confers with a bus driver. 16 Mr. Rose approves the final balance"Now be serious; is Bringhurst really a country?" That's algebra? Somebody goofed! KENNETH COOKE, M.S. Social Studies, Hi-Y Sponsor, Senior Class Sponsor. JAMES E. DAILEY, M.S. Mathematics, Freshman Class Sponsor, Assistant Hi-Y Sponsor. FRANK DE BRUICKER, B.S. Atlas didn't have it this tough, did he? 17 Physical Education, Drivers' Training, Health, History, Varsity Coach, Eighth Grade Sponsor.EFFIE DOUGLAS, A.B. Latin, English, Junior Class Sponsor, Senior Class Play Director. ALBERT HANES, M.S. Industrial Arts, Physics, Seventh Grade Sponsor. MARTHA HAWKINS, B.A. English, Public Speaking, Librarian, National Honor Society Sponsor. Latinae scholae monstrant quo modo Thisbe e vita discesserit Mechanical drawing is only one phase of shop work 18Home Economics, Biology, 4-H Sponsor. Count—two—three—four— JOHN MAXSON, B.M. Band, Chorus, Elementary Music. These Halloween masks prove strange things are happening in art class 19 RUBEN McQUEEN ArtCommerce, School Daze Sponsor, Florian Sponsor. English, Physical Education, Health, Sunshine Society Sponsor, Junior Class Play Director. JUANITA PUGH, B.S. Sunshine girls find that selling candy at ball games is fun Steve ponders over general science assignment Mathematics, Science, Sun Ray Spon sor. Seventh Grade Sponsor. 20Beware! Dangerous chemists at work! Bible students portray "The Angelus." Pictures help train children in the new speech therapy class 21 HAROLD H. THOMPSON, B.S. Agriculture, Science, Sophomore Class Sponsor, FFA Sponsor, 4-H Sponsor. MARY ELLEN ANDREW, A.B. Weekday Religious Education. EARLA ATKINS SPIVEY, B.S. Speech and Hearing Therapy.SENIORS Will we ever forget: returning in September as privileged seniors . . . making decisions about invitations, name cards, caps and gowns . . . admiring our senior pictures . . . striving to make our last year's record an impressive one ... all we wanted were the facts as we burned the midnight oil . . . the echo of dual mufflers as we took off at 3:15Va . . . our reserved front-row seats in the auditorium . . . the glory of our distinguished senior cords ... it is with these memories that the ribbons of our diplomas are woven. Top; "The Farmer's Daughter" was a melodrama presented by the seniors at convocation. Center: Kenneth Cooke, sponsor. Lower: The senior choraliers sing an original composition under the baton of Maestro Kenneth Cooke. Buddy Lilburn Jackson , King Class President 4; Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4; 4-H 1, 2; Booster Club 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1; A Lucky Penny 3; Florian 3, 4; Poster Contest 3. Sonia Ann Cook cookie Class Vice President 1; Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4; FFA 3, 4, Council 4; Booster Club 2, 3, 4, Vice President 2; Yell Leader 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Ensemble 3, 4; A Lucky Penny 3; School Daze 2, 3, 4. Gerald E. Clingenpeel John Class Secretary 1, 3, 4; National Honor Society 4, President 4; Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Song Leader 4; FFA 1; Booster Club 2; Yell Leader 3, 4; Chorus 1, 3, 4; Judging 1; A Lucky Penny 3; School Daze 2, 3, 4; Hoosier Boys' State 3; Music Contest 3; Speech Contest 4; Rotary Citizenship Award 3. Thomas Neil McKinley Tate Class Treasurer 4; Student Council 3; Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4; FFA 1, 2, 3, 4, Reporter 3, 4; 4-H 2; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 2; Baseball 1, 4; Judging 1, 2, 3, 4. State Contest 3; Florian 4; Speech Contest 4.Sandra Jane Adams Doc Student Council 2, 4; Sunshine 1, 2, 3, 4, Assistant Treasurer 3; 4-H 1, Secretary 1; Booster Club 2, 3, 4; Yell Leader 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Ensemble 4; A Lucky Penny 3; Florian 3, 4; Speech Contest 4. Jerry E. Berkey Class Vice President 1; Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4; FFA 3, 4, Secretary 4; Booster Club 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3; Track 1, 2, 4; Baseball 3; Judging 3, 4, State Contest 3; Speech Contest 4. Frances Rose Burnham Fran National Honor Society 4; Sunshine 1, 2, 3, 4; 4-H 1; Booster Club 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; A Lucky Penny 3; Florian 3, 4, Business Manager 4; Advanced Math Contest 3. Joe Clawson Salt Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4; Booster Club 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 2, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; A Lucky Penny 3; Florian 4; Music Contest 4; Rotary Citizenship Award 2; Speech Contest 4. Don Collins Fruit Class President 1; Student Council 3; 4, President 4; Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 3, President 4; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; A Lucky Penny 3; Florian 3, 4; Hoosier Boys' State 3; Geometry Contest 2; Free Throw Trophy 2, 3. Mary Ann Cripe Coach Sunshine 1 2, 3, 4; 4-H 1; Booster Club 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Wilma Jean Disinger Dike National Honor Society 4; Sunshine 1, 2, 3, 4; 4-H 1; Booster Club 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; A Lucky Penny 3; School Daze 2, 3, 4; State Latin Contest 2, 3; First Place Regional Latin Contest 3; Speech Contest 4. Sharon Lynne Garrison Maz e Student Council 4, Vice President 4; National Honor Society 4; Sunshine 1, 2, 3, 4, Song Leader 2, Vice President 3, President Ay 4-H 1; Booster Club 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, A, Ensemble 2, 3, 4; Judging 1; A Lucky Penny 3; School Daze 3, A, Associate Editor 3, Editor 4; Hoosier Girls' State 3; Algebra Contest 1; Latin Contest 2, State Latin Contest 3; Solo and Ensemble Contest 2, State Solo and Ensemble Contest 3; Speech Contest 4; Rotary Citizenship Award 1, 3; Psi lota Xi Award 3. 23Madonna Jordan Curly Student Council 4; National Honor Society 4, Vice President 4; Sunshine 1, 2, 3, 4, Pianist 3, 4; 4-H 1, Treasurer 1; Booster Club 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Accompanist 2, 3, 4, Octette Accompanist 2, 3, 4; County Music Festival Accompanist 1, 3; Florian 3, 4, Editor 4; State Piano Contest 2, 3, Second Place 2, First Place 3; English Contest 3; Delta Theta Chi Award 3. Murray W. Langston Jack Class Vice President 3; Student Council 2; Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4; FFA 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 3, 4, Health and Safety Leader 2; 4-H 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 3, Health and Safety Leader 2; Booster Club 1, 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Judging 1, 3, 4, State Contest 3; A Lucky Penny 3; School Daze 4; Florian 3; Speech Contest 4. James Lee Lyon Little Sister Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4; FFA 1, 3, 4, Treasurer 4; Booster Club 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4; Track 1, 4; Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4; Judging 1, 3, 4, State Contest 3; Baseball Batting Championship 4. Carolyn Sue Marley Marf Class Treasurer 3; Student Council 1; Sunshine 1, 2, 3, 4, Reporter 4; Booster Club 2, 3, 4; Yell Leader 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Ensemble 4; A Lucky Penny 3; School Daze 2, 3, 4. Georgia Ann McKinley George National Honor Society 4; Sunshine 1, 2, 3, 4; 4-H 1, 2, Reporter 2, Junior Leader 2; Booster Club 2, 3, 4; Yell Leader 1; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Ensemble 2, 3, 4; Judging 1; A Lucky Penny 3; School Daze 4; Florian 3; Hoosier Girls' State 3; State Algebra Contest 1; State Geometry Contest 2; Comprehensive Math Contest 3; Solo and Ensemble Contest 2. Louanne McKinley Lou Sunshine 1, 2, 3, 4; 4-H 1; Booster Club 2, 3, 4; Yell Leader 1; Band 1, 2, 3; Chorus 2, 3, 4; School Daze 4; Florian 3. Richard Murphy Grayslake High School, Grayslake, Baseball 2; Model Club 2; George 4; Booster Club 4. Carolyn Sue Popejoy Sunshine 1, 2, 3, 4; Booster Club 3, 4. Dick Illinois 1, 2, 3; Football 1, 2; Washington Slept Here 3; Hi-Y 3, 4; Chorus 3, 4; School DazeMarion Jr. Riggle Rijle Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4; FFA 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4; 4-H 1, 2, 3, 4; Booster Club 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1; Baseball 2; Track 4; Chorus 4; Judging 1, 2, 3, 4, State Judging Contest 3; Florian 3, 4. Robert L. Ryan North Side High School, Fort Wayne 1; Class President 2; Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4; Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 4; A Lucky Penny 3; Florian 3, 4. Nancy Ann Schnieb Schniebo National Honor Society 4; Sunshine 1 2, 3, 4; Booster Club 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; School Daze 3, 4; Speech Contest 4. Mary Jo Scott Josie Sunshine 1, 2, 3, 4; 4-H 1, 2; Booster Club 1, 2, 3; Chorus 2, 3, 4; School Daze 4. William Frank Shaffer Humphrey Class President, Class Treasurer 1, 2; Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4; Booster Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 2; Chorus 3, 4; A Lucky Penny 3; School Daze 2, 3, 4. Mary Josephine Thompson Jo Sunshine 1, 2, 3, 4; 4-H 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, 4, Secretary 3, Junior Leader 2, 3, 4, Junior Leader Conference 2, Purdue Roundup 2; Booster Club 2, 3, 4; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Ensemble 3; Judging 1, 2, 3, 4, State Judging Contest 3, 4, Blue Ribbon Team 4, High Division State Individual 4, First Place Team Eastern National Contest 4, High Individual 4; Girls' State Fair School 4, "Big Stick" 4; Speech Contest 4; A Lucky Penny 3; Florian 3, 4; Rotary Citizenship Award 2. Larry Lee Ward Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4; FFA 1, 2, 3, 4; Booster Club 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1; Baseball 3; Judging Team 1, 2, 3, 4. Nancy Jane Wilson Nan Class Vice President 2; Student Council 3; Sunshine 1, 2, 3, 4, Assistant Treasurer 4; 4-H 1; Booster Club 2, 3, 4; Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4; A Lucky Penny 3; Florian 3, 4. We're Juniors ... our classy sweaters prove it. The Six Squares represent the Juniors in the talent show. Play practice produces a new under cover agent. Our sponsor, Etfie Douglas. The Junior Thespians are preparing to knock 'em dead with a very dramatic production. JUNIORS We recali . . . our class play, "The Boarding House Reach" . . . the hilarious times we had rehearsing . . . the thrill of receiving our turquoise and white class sweaters . . . the feminine craze for knee socks and peroxide hair . . . planning for the Prom . . . our hectic class meetings . . . lingering in the hall between classes . . . our prompt exit after the sound of the dismissal bell . . . and looking ahead to our senior year. 26Jerry Fouts President Joyce Burton Vice President Donita Peterson Secretary Martha Schnepf Treasurer Eddie Angle Molly Bishop Bill Calhoun Harold Craft Mary Jane Crook Tom DeVinney Jim Draper Richard Fife Iris Dawn Flora Nancie Garrison Teddy Garrison Juanita Hall Jerry Jenkins Jim Kirkpatrick Marcia Langston Brenda McKinley Pat Meade Beverley Mocherman Richard Murray Dean Peterson Deanna Pressler Bonnie Renick Roberta Simmons Freida Stephenson Dick Stonebraker Margaret Sturdivant John Wiles Billy Young Missing : Joy Covert 27At the talent show Jane Ann Jones invaded our Christmas convocation. Our sponsor, Harold Thompson. SOPHOMORES We cannot forget . . . our constant yearning for learning . . . our tears of sorrow or joy as we find that we are either too young or too old for certain activities . . . the initiation we had for the freshmen . . . being caught between the green freshies and the jolly juniors . . . the pride we took in our class rings . . . our heyday at Turkey Run and the sore muscles that followed . . . our envy of those ahead of us and the laughter at those behind . . . and our eternal struggle to gain our place in the sun. 28p Merlin Berkey Treasurer Ronnie Brower Jerry Burns Launa Carter Fred Collins Harold Collins Don Craft Flossie Darling Nancy Eller Jerry Ensinger Kenneth Flora Rodney Lee Flora Rodney Paul Flora Bob Johnson Jane Ann Jones Bonnie Sue Landes Patty Lyon Geraldine Moore Jim Mosier Judy Northcutt Ned Parrett Barbara Pritts Beverly Pritts Shirley Randle Jeanette Skiles Becky Smith Joyce Stayer Carl Wagoner Sally Watson Madonna Whistler Harold Whitfield Dick Wilcox Keith Wilson Imogene Young Max Young Gary Mullendore President Sue Landis Vice President Runella Blocher Secretary 29Gary McClure, freshman president, faces the taunts of the sophomore persecutors with a smile. Students dance to the music of recordings). Ralph Marterie (via Thi$ year we had a "Come-as-you-are" party. Joyce Kerlin won the talent contest for the glory of the freshman class. FRESHMEN We think back to . . . our grand entrance into high school . . . the mad dash from all directions down the steps three at a time to the lunch room . . . our well-grounded fears of initiation . . . the constant upheaval of our lockers . . . the strength to withstand the taunts of upperclassmen . . . being called green and knowing it . . . our character being questioned . . . and the forward look to better times. 30Gary McClure President Ginny Koup Vice President Mike Sines Secretary Marianna Jordan Treasurer Roger Beckner Connie Briggs Blaine Burns Herbert Campbell Sandra Cassell Bonnie Chapman Donald Clingenpeel Sharon Cook Lowell Craft Jacob Darling Ed Denton Don Driggs Charles Dunham Carolyn Ensinger Cullan Eikenberry Wayne Esserman Richard Evans Jennie Flora Judy Garrison Ronnie Garrison Bob Graf Terry Guyer Mickey Hallam Ann Helvie Beverly Hufford Charles Jenkins Joyce Kerlin Sonia Landis Waddell Lauderdale Christine Lovvorn Patty McGinnis Rosalie Monn Ronald Myer Herman Neff Tom Neidlinger Carl Dean Oyler Carol Ryan Celeste Sanders Gary Skiles Patricia Sweet James Thompson Galen Wolf Emmett Zook Missing: Jim CovertEIGHTH GRADE Top row: Marion Blocher, President; Fred Jones, Vice President; Christine Berkey, Secretary-Treasurer; Sara Adams, Jimmie Allen, Sonja Chapman, Joyce Christiansen, Glen Clingenpeel, Ronald Clingenpeel. Second row: Jim Collins, Stephen Collins, James Elliott, Barbara Ensinger, Kaye Ferguson, Karen Flora, Kenneth Flora, Richard Fouts, Jackie Garrison. Third row: Gaylord Haan, Lorraine Heffner, Jo Ellen Hicks, Beverly Hinkle, Michael Hoffman, Lavern Hollis, Marvin Jervis, Jerilyn Jones, Herbert Lynch. Fourth row: Carol Maxwell, Charles Meade, Carolyn Miller, Fred Miller, Phyllis Mohler, Connie Mullendore, Everett Oyler, Dwight Patrick, Faye Pennington. Fifth row: Jerry Pitzer, Bobby Reed, Jim Ruffner, Frances Scott, Janalie Smith, Max Snider, Betty Spear, Patty Stayer, Doris Tolleson. Bottom row: Patty Jo Wagoner, James Walker, Grover West, Joyce West, Juanita Whistler, Linda Young, Dean Zook. Missing: Joe Henderson, Mike Murphy. 32SEVENTH GRADE Top row: Dale Peterson, President; Julia Redmon, Vice President; Jill Flora, Secretary-Treasurer; Dick Allen, Wayne Beckner, Charles Benefiel, Janice Benefiel, Sandra Blue, Steve Boiler. Second row: Wendy Briggs, Mary Jane Burns, Cloey Carter, Loey Carter, Vallorie Chapman, Stewart DeBruicker, Madonna Eller, Sharon Ensinger, Angela Flora. Third row: Phyllis Flora, Arlene Frazee, Darlene Frazee, Geneva Gallien, Alan Gish, Tom Groninger, Joyce Hall, Pat Hallam, Ronnie Heffner. Fourth row: James Helvie, Jerry Hicks, Joyce Hollis, Clarence Jervis, Kent King, Beverly Kinzer, Gale Kinzie, Christine Lauderdale, Kenneth Lehman. Fifth row: Malcomb Looker, Harry Lucas, Marie McCaw, Helen McGinnis, Jimmy McKinley, Harlan Miller, Betty Jean Mills, Carol Mullendore, Daniela Pitzer. Bottom row: Sylvia Reed, Brian Reppert, Charles Snider, Ted West, Judy Wilson, Kay Young, Mary Ann Young. Missing: Oscar Hall, Joe Hayes, Wanda Lauderdale, Auzaline Owsley, Janette Tignor, Jerry Tignor, Carolyn Tyra. 33At the 1955 Prom, Sonia Cook invites Murray Langston to "Make Yourself Com-(nftahle." The Rockettes also entertained at the '55 Marilyn (J.C.) Monroe Torture day - freshman initia Prom. made a guest appear- »«on. ance at the Prom. Madonna Jordan presides at the punch Sunshine initiation is an impres- Freshmen play "Beat the Clock" Mrs Murphy cuts her bowl at Sunshine formal initiation. lve service. at informal Sunshine initiation. birthday cake at ,un.or play practice. Toy weapons thrill the Hi-Y Madonna and Sharon are taken Don't shoot! Save a Hi-Y Decorated senior cards, boys at their Christmas Party. unaware at the National Honor sponsor. Society initiation.R ACTIVITIESeated: S. Garrison, Vice President; Sonia Cook, Secretary-Treasurer; Jane Ann Jones, Parrett; Martha Hawkins. Second row: Keith Rose, Sponsor; Madonna Jordan; J. Adams, Murray, Eiken-berry. Back row: M. Berkey, D. Collins, President; T. Garrison, Stonebraker. Missing: B. McKinley. STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council was composed of four seniors, three juniors, two sophomores, and one freshman. The following organizations were also represented: the Honor Society, Sunshine, Hi-Y, and the faculty. They work together under the guidance of our principal for the improvement of our school. A hush fell over the school on "Silence Day," one of the events the Student Council provided for a change in school routine. The teachers were amazed by the peace and quiet throughout the halls. Those who did not abide by the rules had to give a two-minute speech on such things as "How to can dill pickles." This day proved successful and amusing to the students as well as the faculty. Another new and interesting project was "Color Day"' Those who wore the brightest and least harmonious colors had a chance to win a free sectional ticket. Top: The old timers (former grads) advised upperclassmen on college preparation. Bottom: On Silence Day, Deanna Pressler confesses that Mr. Cooke was the cause of her most embarrassing moment.NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY For the first time a chapter of the National Honor Society was organized in Flora High School. Twenty-four members were initiated into the organization by the Delphi chapter. The Honor Society members were chosen for these qualifications: Service, Leadership, Scholarship, and Character. Meetings were held every three weeks. The juniors and seniors were active members and the sophomores were probationary members. Various projects were discussed and carried out. New officers were chosen in April for the following year. In the future, members of the Honor Society hope to uphold their standards and to bring in more new members. Top: The Christmas motif was used in the decorations at the first initiation of the National Honor Society. Bottom: Once a grading period the National Honor Society had lunch together before their meeting. Left to right: S. Garrison, G. McKinley, Desinger, N. Eller, Gerald Clingenpeel, President; G. Mullendore, Marcia Langston, Treasurer; Jane Ann Jones, Donita Peterson, Watson, R. Blocher. First row on stairs: Northcutt, D. Flora, J. Skiles. Second row on stairs: Randle, Crook, Schnepf, Secretary; P. Meade, M. Whistler. Third row on stairs: Madonna Jordan, Vice President; Burnham. Fourth row on stairs: Schnieb, B. McKinley, Student Council; Martha Hawkins, Sponsor. Missing: Whitfield.Hl-Y Boys of all shapes, sizes, and descriptions make up this organization, but each has one desire—to make a bigger and better Hi-Y. One of our projects was the collection and repair of toys for Christmas gifts which would give a bit of joy to some small child. Also many of the boys who received toys from the Christmas grab bag donated them for this purpose. Special Hi-Y pins and tie clasps were purchased for the first time this year. Spectator Creed Cards were passed out at the first home basketball game. These cards stressed sportsmanship and proper conduct at games. Top: The Hi-Y boys sponsor the printing of basketball schedules and hang them via a human ladder. Bottom: Hi-Y boys repair toys for Christmas gifts to underprivileged children. 38 Front row: Calhoun, R. Beckner, J. Burns, D. Clingenpeel, Max Young, Mosier, K. Wilson, Draper, B. Young. Second row: G. Skiles, D. Craft, Driggs, McClure, C. Jenkins, J. Thompson, T. Guyer, Neidlinger, Kenneth Flora, R. Garrison, Sines. Third row: Parrett, Dean Peterson, H. Craft, J. Darling, Angle, Esserman, Oyler, I. Craft, Evans, E. Zook, M. Hallam. Fourth row: James Dailey, Assistant Sponsor; DeVinney, Riggle, R. Murphy, Wiles, Rodney Paul Flora, Wilcox, J. Berkey, Treasurer; Gerald Clingenpeel, Song Leader; Ward, Kenneth Cooke, Sponsor. Fifth row: M. Berkey, Chaplain and Student Council; F. Collins, Rodney Lee Flora, C. Wagoner, H. Collins, Johnson, Wolf, J. Fouts, Shaffer, Brower, Meyr. Top row: Stonebraker, Murray, Vice President; G. Mulllendore, Secretary; J. Lyon, Clawson, D. Collins, President; T. Garrison, Sergeant-at-Arms; Jackson, T. McKinley, B. Ryan, Murray Langston, H. Neff, Eikenberry. Missing: Fife, Whitfield, W. Lauderdale.SUNSHINE SOCIETY Formal and informal initiations started the year for the Flora Sunshine Society and added many new members. Instead of the usual Christmas exchange, each girl decided to contribute a dollar to the Riley Hospital Fund. The total amount collected was $90, the largest contribution ever given to the Riley Fund by the Flora chapter. The Hi-Y and Sunshine organizations planned a party together which proved to be a success and probably will be an annual affair in future years. One of the society's activities near the end of the school year is the senior banquet. This is given to honor the senior members and express appreciation for each girl's contribution to the work of the organization. Top: At Sunshine formal initiation, girls light symbolic candles. Bottom: Sunshiners decorate the Christmas tree purchased by the Hi-Y for the main hall. Front row: M. Scott, L. McKinley, N. Wilson, Assistant Treasurer; C. Ryan, Renick, Marcia Langston, D. Flora, Schnepf, Briggs, J. Skiles, Sharon Cook, Sanders, Sonia Cook, Student Council. Second row; Donita Peterson, Sue Landis, Jane Ann Jones, Secretary; Northcutt, I. Young, Simmons, P. Meade, Juanita Hall, M. Thompson, M. Whistler, J. Stayer, Burnham, B. Chapman. Third row: F. Darling, R. Monn, B. McKinley, C. Ensinger, J. Adams, Marley, Reporter; P. Lyon, Sturdivant, Schnieb, Randle, Barbara Pritts, Bonnie Sue Landes, L. Carter, Beverly Pritts, Ruth Murphy, Sponsor. Fourth row: A. Helvie, Sweet, Madonna Jordan, Pianist; P. McGinnis, Marianna Jordan, M. Crook, Vice President; Cassell, Sonia Landis, Koup, S. Garrison, President; Mocherman, Treasurer; N. Garrison, Kerlin, R. Blocher, J. Flora, Moore. Back row: N. Eller, G. McKinley, Watson, Popejoy, Disinger, M. Cripe, Joy Covert, Stephenson, Pressler, Song Leader; M. Bishop, Burton, Hufford, Lovvorn. Missing: B. Smith, Community Council; Judy Garrison. SUN RAY To advance from Sun Ray to Sunshine is the desire of the seventh and eighth grade girls. Under the leadership of Juanita Pugh the Sun Ray organization met every month. Many projects were completed during the year. One of their main ones was selling crutches for the Polio Fund. The members enjoyed many social activities such as a "Come-as-you-are" party, a Christmas exchange, and a Valentine party. The main ideals are to strive to meet and to uphold the standards of a typical American girl. Top: It looks as though Frances Scott is snitching a doughnut at the Sun Ray "Come-as-you-are" party. Botom: Sun Ray girls prepare to sell crutches for the Polio Drive. Front row: M. Eller, D. Frazee, Song Leader; A. Frazee, Pianist; P. Flora, McCaw, Tignor, Jill Flora, M. Burns, C. Miller, Secretary; Mohler, Mary Ann Young. Second row; J. Smith, President; P. Wagoner, L. Cripe, Jerilyn Jones, L. Heffner, S. Adams, Vice President; J. Whistler, W. Briggs, Kinzer, Tyra, Tolleson. Third row: Gallien, Hinkle, Pennington, K. Young, S. Reed, Lauderdale, C. Carter, P. Stayer, C. Maxwell, Carol Mullendore, J. Wilson, Joyce Hall, Juanita Pugh, Sponsor. Fourth row: Jackie Garrison, V. Chapman, S. Chapman, L. Young, B. Ensinger, C. Berkey, Treasurer; Blue, Karen Flora, Redmon, Benefiel, S. Ensinger, J. Hollis. Back row: H. McGinnis, Hicks, L. Hollis, L. Carter, D. Pitzer, J. West, Shuck, Connie Mullendore, A. Flora, F. Scott, Ferguson, Mills. Missing: Christiansen, Pennington, Owsley.F.F.A. The Flora chapter of Future Farmers of America has thirty-two active members. The local group compete in various contests and activities on a local, district, and state basis. The F.F.A. is a national organization of young men taking vocational agriculture. The emblems of F.F.A. are an ear of corn because it stands for one of the most important crops, a plow which symbolizes the labor and tilling of the soil, the rising sun which stands for the rapid growth of the organization and to point the way to a new day for agriculture, and the owl which stands for knowledge and wisdom and therefore is the main emblem of F.F.A. Top: Judging animals is one of the many activities of F.F.A. Bottom: Boys proudly show off their F.F.A. jackets — the first to be purchased by the boys in the Flora chapter. Front row: Calhoun, D. Craft, Kenneth Flora, J. Burns, R. Myer, Parrett, G. Skiles. Second row: Angle, Oyler, H. Craft, J. Thompson, R. Beckner, K. Wilson, L. Craft. Third row: Lantz, Dean Peterson, Max Young, M. Berkey, C. Wagoner, H. Neff, J. Berkey, Secretary; Ward, Riggle, President; Harold Thompson, Sponsor. Back row: Rodney Lee Flora, Johnson, Stonebraker, Sentinel; T. Garrison, Sergeant-at-Arms; J. Lyon, Treasurer: Eikenberry, Murray Langston, Vice President; T. McKinley, Reporter. Missing: Glass.Front row: M. Scott, L. McKinley, N. Wilson, Sonia Cook, Sharon Cook, C. Briggs, J. Skiles, Schnieb, Schnepf. Second row: A. Helvie, G. McKinley, Sanders, C. Ryan, Renick, Marcia Langston, D. Flora, Accompanist; R. Blocher, M. Whistler, J. Stayer, B. Chapman. Third row: Donita Peterson, Sue Landis, Jane Ann Jones, Northcutt, I. Young, Simmons, P. Meade, Juanita Hall, M. Thompson, N. Eller, Bishop, Burnham. Fourth row: J. Adams, Marley, Madonna Jordan, Accompanist; P. McGinnis, Marianna Jordan, Accompanist; Crook, Cassell, Sonia Landis, Koup, S. Garrison, Mocherman, N. Garrison, P. Lyon, Burton, Sturdivant, John Maxson, Director. Fifth row: D. Clingenpeel, J. Thompson, McClure, Watson, Popejoy, M. Cripe, Joy Covert, Desinger, Stephenson, Pressler, B. McKinley, Gerald Clingenpeel, Sines, Neidlinger. Back row: Driggs, M. Berkey, Esserman, Riggle, Evans, Johnson, Eikenberry, Myer, Shaffer, Calhoun, B. Burns, T. Guyer, R. Beckner. Missing: B. Smith. CHORUS Mondays and Thursdays during our twenty-minute break (better known as the activity period) chorus was held. Out of this group a select number were chosen to form an ensemble. They sang at the following events: Art and Garden Club meetings, the P-TA Christmas program, and the Combined County Institute at Purdue. Mr. Max son had many new songs such as "No Man Is an Island," "Sipping Cider," and "Bonnie Lassie" which were rehearsed in preparation for the County Music Festival held at Camden on March 23. As the school year drew to a close, a gala array of formals filled the auditorium for the Spring Concert presented by the Music Department. Top: Madonna Jordan, Dawn Flora, and Marianna Jordan alternate as accompanists. Bottom: An ensemble sings at the P-TA Christmas program.BAND On your mark, get set, ready, go! Check that cool John Max-son, who could swing style into any band. They hit the tops in pops from field marches to "Rock Around the Clock." Its members are a hep number of 52, red hot and ready to go. Instruments shine like a crazy kid's polished car. Uniforms are prsesed until they could stand alone. Caps are set at a cocky angle, for this gang really knows its business. A hep-cat pep band has been setting the crowd wild with souped-up jazz. Man, they're so good they would give Count Basie a run for his money! Top: Gerald Clingenpeel leads the pep band in the school song at pep session. Bottom: "A-ten-shun!" Joe Clawson, drum major, calls signals for the band. Seated: Redmon, Driggs, Marcia Langston, J. Sayer, M. Snider, Sharon Cook. Second row: P. Stayer, Jill Flora, M. Thompson, M. Eller, Schnepf, P. Meade, Graf, Simmons, Glen Clingenpeel, M. Berkey, J. Thompson, D. Flora, C. Briggs, M. Murphy, Carol Mullendore, Sanders, M. Burns, Boiler, Gish, John Maxson, Director. Third row: T. Guyer, McClure, Calhoun, Sonia Landis, A. Helvie, Marianna Jordan, S. Collins, C. Meade, L. Craft, G. McKinley, Jerilyn Jones, F. Jones, Schnieb, W. Briggs. Top row: Blue, M. Cripe, Myer, Murray, D. Collins, Clawson, Eikenberry, R. Fouts, Pressler, J. Helvie, Campbell. Missing: King. n © SJLJLst O n Front row: B. McKinley, Associate Editor; Madonna Jordan, Editor; Crook, Associate Editor. Second row: M. Thompson, Schnepf, Marcia Langston, Bishop, J. Fouts, Renick, Watson, Northcutt. Third row: Murray, P. Meade, Lois Metzger, Sponsor; Sturdivant, Riggle, Jackson, Burnham, Clawson, B. Ryan, D. Collins, T. McKinley, J. Adams, N. Wilson, Calhoun. Missing: B. Smith, Fife. FLORIAN Last year was the first time the Florian received a first-place rating from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association of Columbia Universtiy. This was a great honor for any yearbook, and we sought to uphold the standard. After the staff members were chosen, the project of making a bigger and better Florian got underway. The sales campaign was started with a special convocation given by the Florian staff. Members of the class who bought the highest percentage of annuals in a stated time were treated to sodas. Many study halls, noon hours,- and after-school hours were consumed in order to meet deadlines for the 1956 Florian. Top: Don Collins was the television announcer on the program to promote Florian sales. Bottom: Editors and sponsor take a breather. 44SCHOOL DAZE From the time that subscriptions first went on sale, the School Daze staff has labored long and hard to bring the news, as well as lighter literary efforts, to you. As deadlines approached, the commercial room hummed with activity. Finally, with production-line technique, the pages were assembled and were ready for distribution. The Scholastic Roto, a high school rotogravure paper, was a bonus publication which accompanied our paper free of charge. At the November P-TA meeting, staff representatives explained their duties as well as the entire procedure in publishing a mimeographed school paper. With last years' first-place rating by the National Scholastic Press Association of the University of Minnesota in mind, we hope to live up to those standards which have been set for us. Top: Bob Ryan gets special delivery when the School Daze is distributed. Bottom: Representatives of the staff explain methods of publishing a school paper at P-TA.Front row: Gerald Clingenpeel, Marley, J. Adams, Sonia Cook. Second row: G. McKinley, A. Helvie, Looker, Groninger, DeBruicker, J. Thompson, Rodney Paul Flora, Crook, Murray, Vice President; Pressler, Secretary-Treasurer; Burton, President; Shaffer, Riggle, R. Murphy, H. Craft, Mosier. Third row: M. Eller, Jill Flora, Redmon, J. Wilson, C. Berkey, Burnham, S. Garrison, Madonna Jordan, M. Scott, L. McKinley, B. Ryan, Ward, Jackson, P. Meade, D. Flora, Schnepf. Fourth row: L. Cripe, Blue, Carol Mullendore, C. Snider, R. Allen, L. Carter, Joy Covert, Stephenson, Mocherman, Renick, N. Garrison, N. Wilson, J. Berkey, Simmons, M. Thompson, Schnieb. Fifth row: M. Berkey, H. McGinnis, D. Frazee, A. Flora, A. Frazee, M. Whistler, P. Lyon, Sue Landis, B. McKinley, Bishop, Sturdivant, J. Skiles, N. Eller, Popejoy, Disinger, J. Stayer. Sixth row: Sharon Cook, Sonia Landis, P. Flora, L. Heffner, $. Adams, Jerilyn Jones, Kerlin, Northcutt, Jane Ann Jones, Watson, D. Clingenpeel, B. Burns, D. Craft, K. Wilson, Campbell, M. Cripe. Seventh row: Marianna Jordan, Driggs, Mills, D. Pitzer, K. Young, F. Scott, J. Whistler, Kenneth Flora, Koup, C. Ryan, Cassell, P. McGinnis, J. Hayes, J. Allen, R. Clingenpeel, Marcia Langston. Eighth row: Sanders, R. Fouts, Eikenberry, R. Heffner, W. Beckner, Haan, J. Pitzer, Hoffman, D. Zook, J. McKinley, Brower, Dunham, J. Darling, Graf, Myer, Glen Clingenpeel. Back row: C. Briggs, McClure, Calhoun, F. Jones, T. Guyer, Evans, Sines, R. Beckner, Max Young, H. Collins, Rodney Lee Flora, F. Collins, Jim Collins, J. Burns, J. Helvie, M. Murphy. BOOSTER CLUB Shouts that made the rafters ring and made the bleachers tremble—that's our Booster Club in action. Although it seemed that the majority of games were played away from home, the Booster Club was right there and rarin' to go. A snaz-zy bunch of four seniors led the club. Their outfits of blue and gold corduroy whipped about them as they cheered the team on to victory. A new yell was learned to the tune of "Rock Around the Clock," and it goes like this -. Gonna f-i-g-h-t, gonna fight Gonna w-i-n this game tonight. That's our Booster Club—small but mighty Top: "Now hear this! Flora will win this game tonight!" is the chant of the Booster Club. .. Bottom: Cheerleaders lead the Booster Club in "Ballin' the Jack."CHEERLEADERS VARSITY—Kneeling: Sonia Cook. Left to right: Carolyn Marley, Gerald Clingenpeel, Jane Adams. FRESHMAN—Sitting-. Connie Briggs. Left to right: Marianna Jordan, Carol Ryan, Ginny Koup. r Top—JUNIOR HIGH: Julia Redmon, Kay Young. Bottom—FIFTH AND SIXTH GRADE: Sharon Dunham, Shirley Wagoner, Leann Skiles. Missing: Jon Smith. 47VARSITY BASKETBALL Flora Opponent 53 Camden 45 49 Rossville ...................... 64 60 Royal Center (2 O.T.) ..... 62 45 Logansport .......................... 61 59 West Lafayette (2 O.T.) -------------57 78 Knox ................................ 57 51 Western ........................... 63 50 Gary Froebel 58 51 Eastern ............................. 64 HOLIDAY TOURNEY 55 Fowler ............................ 38 63 West Lafayette .................... 46 51 Attica ............................. 42 35 Kokomo ............................. 50 53 Winamac ......................... 74 69 Delphi ......................... ...77 66 Kirklin ........................-.....67 72 Sheridan 66 66 Northwestern 53 75 Rochester 69 78 Brookston 68 SECTIONAL TOURNEY 79 Cutler 53 45 Delohi 67 ‘Conference game Frank DeBruicker, our new coach, has piloted us through the rugged '55-56 season. We have played one of the toughest schedules that has been known to a Flora team. Although we have been lacking in experience, we have made up for it by showing the fight and desire to win. We have dropped some of our games to outstanding ball clubs; however, we have been able to defeat several of the tough teams that we have been up against. We won the Holiday Tourney at Brookston, making it our third consecutive Invitational Tourney victory. Good performance by the Badgers made it possible to bring home a fine-looking and well-deserved trophy. We ended the conference schedule with a three and three record which was considered fairly good for the quality of the competition we met. Opposite page Left to right: Angle, Stonebraker, J. Lyon, Murray Langston, Clawson, T. Garrison, D. Collins, T. McKinley, J. Fouts, C. Wagoner, Frank DeBruicker, Coach. Insets: Jerry Jenkins and Jim Thompson, Student Managers. Badgers keep eagle eyes on the Teams scramble for the ball in the final Victorious Badgers cut down the nets at the ball as they warm up. seconds of the West Lafayette game. Holiday Tourney at Brookston.JIM LYON Senior MURRAY LANGSTON SeniorEDDIE ANGLE Junior JOE CLAWSON SeniorFront row: Parrett, Eikenberry, Johnson, G. Mullendore, H. Neff, Rodney Paul Flora, Richard Pitts, Coach, flack row: McClure, Student Manager; Brower, Oyler, Esserman, Driggs, Berkey. "B" TEAM We little Badgers were assigned to Assistant Coach Pitts, who has taken over this position for the first time. We were inexperienced, but yet we showed the spirit and desire it takes to win a game. Although we dropped some of our games, we drew a great interest from the crowds by winning some exciting and close contests. We will be experienced for next year's schedule and give support to the team to come. Flora 36 40 51 39 39 45 23 44 34 43 19 51 44 54 51 28 44 52 42 Camden ................ Rossville ...-......... Royal Center........... Logansport ............ West Lafayette Knox .................. Western ...... ..... Gary Froebel .......... Eastern _______________ Attica................. "B" TEAM TOURNEY Logansport ............ Kokomo ................ Winamac ............... Delphi ................ Kirklin ............... Sheridan............... Northwestern (O.T.) . Rochester _____________ Brookston .............In tourney action, the frosh battle for the b FRESHMEN Flora Opponent 46 Attica ..........................53 18 West Lafayette ..................42 29 Delphi ......................... 28 25 Lebanon .........................50 39 Lafayette ...................... 52 FRESHMAN TOURNEY 36 Thorntown ...................... 32 32 Rossville ...................... 25 41 Lebanon (O.T.) ................. 44 20 Frankfort ...................... 50 38 Rossville .......................51 29 Northwestern ....................48 With Dick Pitts as our mentor, we freshmen turned in a creditable record for the season. We probably could have had better success in freshman basketball if it were not for the necessity of playing on the "B" team, too. Since we are somewhat lacking in height, we must make up for it with good ball handling and fine shooting. Among us we have some promising young ball players, and we hope to prove valuable in future years. Front row: D. Clingenpeel, R. Beckner, J. Thompson, B. Burns, B. Graf. Back row: McClure, Student Manager; T. Guyer, L Craft, E. Zook, Neidlinger, Richard Pitts, Coach.Front row: W. Beckner, Boiler, R. Allen. Second row: C. Snider, Glen Clingenpeel, M. Snider, M. Hoffman, F. Jones. Back row: Bob Spivey, Coach; J. Allen, Student Manager; Patrick, Lynch, S. Collins, C. Meade, J. Pitzer, Haan. Flora Opponent 24 Rossville ....................15 53 Deer Creek .................. 30 44 Carrollton ............... 21 40 Attica ..................... -31 7 Burlington ............... 14 10 Burlington ________________ 41 31 Delphi ................... . 21 34 Lebanon ................. .29 53 Cutler .................. 26 36 Cutler (O.T.) ............. 34 34 Lafayette ________________ 50 32 Frankfort __________________ 27 27 Rossville __________________ 40 13 Logansport _______________ 49 26 Logansport ............ 25 32 Camden 31 26 Camden ................... 37 34 Camden .................... 19 CONFERENCE TOURNEY 35 Thorntown .................. 24 23 Sunnyside (Lafayette) . 43 35 Burlington (O.T.) 1...........- 32 29 Burlington (O.T.) 31 27 New Hope ..................... 20 Conference game Seventh Grade Fiahth Grade JUNIOR HIGH Bob Spivey, who is our new coach, has taken us through a rough schedule this season. We were not too experienced, but we managed to end our season with a 16 and 6 record. We had several close and exciting games and were confident and willing enough to prove to our opponents that we never quit until the game is over. We were not quite as fortunate as the previous year in our conference, but we finished with a winning record. How can you lose when Mrs. Coach keeps score?Fifth and Sixth terrors practice. FIFTH AND SIXTH GRADE TEAM Flora Opponent 35 Deer Creek 12 32 Camden 19 Camden 26 8 Yeoman 20 16 Yeoman 48 21 Burlington ... 23 19 Burlington 16 21 Burlington .... 29 18 Burlington ... 25 28 Deer Creek 10 7 Camden 16 21 Western ............. 23 17 New Flope 24 Fifth Grade Sixth Grade Don Taylor has done a fine job for his first year at Flora with his fifth and sixth graders. We played several games this year and it has been quite a thrilling experience for us. We are hoping to be some useful material for the future Flora Badgers. Front row: D. Hoffman, D. Beckner, H. Jones, J. Wason, Hughes, Wetzel, A. Ayres, C. Riggle, R. McClure. Second row: B. Hallam, Student Manager; J. Stonebraker, John Hayes, N. Guyer, D. Bishop, M. Neff, J. Collins, J. Eller, Don Taylor, Coach.Front row: D. Clingenpeel, Oyler, Driggs, Parrett, Esserman, M. Berkey. Back row: Frank DeBruicker, Coach; Kirkpatrick, C. Wagoner, T. McKinley, J. Lyon, Stone-braker, Evans, Richard Pitts, Assistant Coach. BASEBALL Interest in baseball has been increasing and Coach Frank DeBruicker has put forth much effort to promote it into a major sport in the school. In the '55 season, we dropped only one game—to Burlington by a score of 3 to 2. We won the county baseball championship for the third consecutive year and added another trophy to our collection. We are more experienced now, and will work even harder to bring about another good season. Flora Opponent 6 Deer Creek 2 2 Burlington 3 4 Camden ...3 12 Cutler 4 6 Camden 5 Top: Coach watches intently for the outcome of a crucial play. Bottom: The Carroll County Baseball championship and trophy are won for the third consecutive year. 56JUNIOR HIGH BASEBALL Bob Spivey was assigned to be our baseball coach this season. Because of the experience gained in the Little League last summer, we were quite confident and ready for the play to begin. We were backed by good pitching and infielding, which accounts for the victorious season. Although we were defeated once, we held our position in the county by ending with a three and one record. Flora 25 4 26 15 Cutler Burlington Camden Camden Opponent .................7 .................4 .................6 Strike three; you're out! Front row: Boiler, N. Guyer, M. Jervis, C. Snider, F. Jones, R. Allen, R. Heffner, C. Jervis. Back row: Bob Spivey, Coach; Lynch, J. Pitzer, DeBruicker, S. Collins, J. Walker, Glen Clingenpeel, J. Allen, W. Beckner.Top row: 1. To Bernadine (Marcia Langston), Betty Lou (Bonnie Renick) proclaims her disgust at having to provide "three squares" for the boarders. 2. Urged by his wife, Ted Garrison announces, "I'm Herman 'Ninety Volt' Jones" to Lucy Burns (Joyce Burton). 3. Hercules Nelson (Eddie Angle) complains of a stomach ache to his bosom pal, Wilbur Maxwell (Jerry Fouts). 4. Connie (Pat Meade) drags away Aunt Mary (Mary Jane Crook) when the shtfck of the boarders proves to be too great. Middle row: 1. Limpy McGuire (Bill Calhoun) and his wife, Nora, (Brenda McKinley) arrive at the boarding house. 2. Connally (Harold Craft) displays his badge to Mr. Maxwell (Richard Murray). 3. Another boarder, Mrs. Mott (Nancie Garrison), never says a word. 4. Mrs. Maxwell (Deanna Pressler) chides her husband for leaving his briefcase at home. Bottom row: 1. The last straw—Wilbur rents his parents' room. 2. Mr. Potter (Dick Stonebraker) settles for a bed on the couch unaware that Mrs. Mott is a sleepwalker. 3. Mr. Potter commends the boys on their initiative. 4. Roughhouse Ruby (Molly Bishop) and Herman try to quiet the house. 'THE BOARDING HOUSE REACH" The play centered around Wilbur Maxwell, who desperately wanted a bicycle. He had asked his father several times for one but had bqen refused. During the time his parents were away, Wilbur and his friend, Hercules Nelson, advertised for boarders in order to earn money. Many difficulties arose because Wilbur's father forgot his briefcase and had to return unexpectedly. Wilbur's boarders ranged from a quiet woman who said nothing to a lady wrestler and her husband to a bank robber and his wife. After many baffling situations were solved, the play ended happily and Wilbur got his bicycle. 58OUR GRADE SCHOOLr ro Front row: Gloria Garrison, Gary Matson, Patty Ginn, Carolyn Mocherman, Billy Root, Jackie Draper, Dean Beckner. Second row: Jimmy Sturdivant, Billy Schroeder, Ricky McClure, Ronald Draper, Myron Neff, Robert Grau, Sharon Gallien, Penny Thomson. Back row: James Wason, Ramona Pearson, Wayne De La Croix, Martha Guise, Bobby Moore, Fannie Moore, Larry Hughes, Ned Guyer. Missing: Ann Guckien. Inset: Richard K. Pitts, B.S. SIXTH GRADE Front row: Carroll Jervis, Harry Jones, Alan Ayres, Joseph Collins, Stanley Evans, Ralph Maxwell, Tommy Langston. Second row: Darrell Miller, Bobby Crispen, Terry Kelly, Ronnie Sibray, Mary Lou Schnepf, Sharon Dunham, Jo Ann Cripe, Danny Bishop. Back row: John Whipple, Martin Trent, Ellen Chapman, Joseph Spurgeon, Dennis Robertson, Patsy Collins, Noreen Hallam, Nancy Wagaman. Missing: Le Ann Reppert, Charles Helvie. Inset: Bob Spivey, B.S.Front row: Dona Tinsman, Sarah Hall, Jerre Shanks, Mike Gibson, David Schnieb. Second row: Henry Sampson, Darrell Hoffman, James Whistler, Robert Campbell, Pamela Segraves, James Matson, Shirley Wagoner. Back row: Connie Hughes, Gerald Monn, James Eller, Shirley Finney, Harold Johnson, James Austin, Rosalene Flora. Missing: Sue Flora, Carl Moore, David Whipple. Inset: Betty McCormick, B.S. FIFTH GRADE Front row: David Imler, Delores Daniels, Sue Lovvorn, Louann Neff, Sandra Allen, Tommy Clark. Second row: Sharon Weiland, Leann Skiles, Chester Riggle, Whitman Watts, Wayne Pennington, Amanda Darling, Judy Angle. Back row: Jan Harmon, Judy Snider, Bill Hallam, Jeff Stonebraker, George Wetzel, Fred Wheeler, John Hayes, Marilyn Patrick. Missing: William Walker, Inset: Don Taylor, B.S.Front row.- Patty James, Wdnita Howard, Judy Allbaugh, Linda Mocherman, Terry Reef, Donald Sweet, David Reeve, Richard Skiles. Second row: Karen Trent, Randall Lynch, Robert Surface, Gordon Fife, Carolyn Burns, Mickie Gill, Charles Hamilton, David De La' Croix, Larry Young. Back row: Chuck Hendrickson, Bill Wason, Jerry Chaffin, Johnny Ayres, Dana Randle, Dixie Hallam, Barbara Lauderdale, Peggy Collins, Paulette Ellis, Mary Ellen Monn. Missing: Carl Whitfield. Inset: Edith Chapman. FOURTH GRADE Front row: Sue Root, Barbara Bunch, Joe bill Northcutt, David Chapman, Phillip Briggs, Linda Lucas, Danny Dunham. Second row; Sandra Hay, Donald Campbell, Earl Gallien, Janet Wagaman, Judy Clingen-peel, Carolyn Ginn, John McKinley, Gary Carr, Mark McCaw. Back row: Jimmy Payne, Rose Trent, Henry Robertson, Louis Pinkard, Jeff Brim, Granville Tyra, Shirley Benefiel, Kathy Haan, Sharon Finney, Sue Wetzel. Missing: Jimmy Myer. Inset: Freda Eller, B.S.Front row: Stanley Clem, Roger Clingenpeel. Judy Pitts, Nancy Brower, LaVaun Helvie, Tommy Matson, Meredith Maxwell, Johnny Angle, Charles Sylvester, Johnny Reppert. Second row: Jane Patty, Gregory Hoffman, Jane Leiter, Doris Tunnel, Johnny Austin, Margaret Bunch, Ann Moore, Nancy Elliott, Darlene Allen, Jean Carr. Back row: Debra Sisson, Frank Wertz, Dennis Cripe. Marcia Pearson, Karen Garrison, Joquietta Campbell, Wally Reeve, Jam's Harmon, Kenlyn Knapp, Arlene Smith, Nadine Pinkard, Jeanne Gibson. Inset: Mary Cripe. THIRD GRADE Front row: Marsha Zinn, Christine Wagoner, Jimmy Fisher, Max Langston, Alan Herndon, Kurt Harmon, Pamela Thomson, Jerry White, Billy Hufford. Second row: Mary Jane Lovvorn, Carol Christiansen, Sue Price, Judy Gallien, Jean Myers, Libby King, Marcia Trapp, Terry Overholser, Jimmy Guise. Back row: Jimmy McGinnis, Bobby Perigo, Peggy Kirkpatrick, Betty Lucas, Jane Wilson, Jimmy Keyes, Bradley Mullendore, Diane Duff, Karen Baxter, Bill Warnick, Janice Cripe. Missing: Johnny Crook, Harold Sturdivant. Inset: Mary Jane Harter, B.S.Front row: Bobby Matson, Rickie Sines, Connie Christiansen, Arliss Simmons, Timmy Miller, Jeff Rose, Sharon Brower, Jennifer Shambaugh, Rickie Haley. Second row.- Cheryl Reef, Sedonna Reames, Sheryl Allen, Larry Hanaway, Reatha Mocherman, Paul Sibray, Andrew Jackson, Karen Ayres, Deana Hughes. Back row: Bobby James, Donald Ellis, Philip Waggoner, Billy Mason, David Hicks, Ruth Ann Collins, Mary Lee Craft, Michael Lantz, Shirley Eller, Glory Hall, Sandra Fife. Missing: Wanda Owsley. Inset: Virginia Wilson. SECOND GRADE Front row: Lena Whitfield, Cheryl Briggs, Bonnie Skiles, Nelda Johnson, Deanna Lovvorn, Melody Zinn, Richard Fisher, Stephen Williams, Roger Gibson. Second row: David Ayres, Jimmy Allen, Julie Sparks, Mark Flora, Michael Bishop, Sara Flora, Michael Robison, Johnny Ayres, Stephen Jordan, Tommie Brower. Back row: Charlotte Helvie, Carolyn Walker, Joyce Poe, Patricia Fouts, Ronald Reed, Patrick Covert, Deborah Mann, David Smith, Timothy DeBruicker, Galen Miller, Joy Calendar. Inset: Bessie Yunker. Front row: Teresa Hall, Joyce Matson, Shirley Pennington, Jenifer Reef, Cynthia Segraves, Bonnie Trent, Brenda Wagoner, Michael Nuetzel, Deborah Reppert, Charlene Young. Second row: Charlotte Reed, Freddie Spurlock, Barbara Moore, Sally Lovvorn, Meredith Wagoner, Terry Kinzer, Lonnie Kinzie, Charles McCaw, George Trent. Back row; Tressie Pate, John Myer, Melissa Lowther, Bill Koup, Brenda Mullendore, Robert Wetzel, Sara Waggoner, Robert Martin. Missing: Tony Smith Inset: Violet Dyson. FIRST GRADE Front row: Cynthia Julius, Kathy Butcher, Mark Beckner, Judy Curts, Janet Humes, Diane Herndon, Sherry Frye, Ann Gish, Wanda Hughes, Vickie Allen. Second row: Gary Duff, Billy Bell, Donovan Flora, Bill Howard, Donald Grau, John Hess, Sandra Hughes, Cheryl Miller, Carol Brower. Back row: Kristen Brim, Ann Guyer, Rebecca King, Jackie Collins, Roger Campbell, Diane Knapp, Tony Gill, Will Cooke, Lonnie Garrison, David Collins, Edward Hamilton. Inset: Martha Schooler. B.S. vFLORA CINEMA THE BEST OF ENTERTAINMENT THEATRE COFFEE SHOP A Good Place to Meet and a Better Place to EatLOUDON PRINTING CO., INC. Flora, Indiana CARROLL COUNTY’S LARGEST COMMERCIAL PRINTERS fiolloW the cSKjufrCi BOW-KNOT BEAUTY SHOP MRS. HARRY CREE, Proprietor Gifts Slcelgas Hardware 105 W. Maple Street Flora, Indiana Phone 267 DAY'S HARDWARECongratulations, Seniors! j. r. McLaughlin, m. d. DICK SANBURN Sporting Goods KOKOMO, INDIANA STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES All Types of Automobile, Life and Fire Insurance MORRIS W. CLEM Phone 806-L SLEN SIXBEY LEROY REAMES FLORA SAWMILL CO. Phone 37 Flora, IndianaF. K. SISSON JEWELRY New Locaiion 16 SOUTH CENTER ST. FLORA, INDIANA Congratulations and Best Wishes for a Successful Career to the Class of 1956 CAPEHART-FARNSWORTH COMPANYCounty Mental Health Association Packs Christmas Gifts for the STATE HOSPITAL at HANAWAY PLUMBING HEATING Premier Oil and Gas-Fired Furnaces E. E. VINEY SON YOUR D-X DISTRIBUTOR D-X GASOLINE and D-X MOTOR OIL Phone 239 FLORA INDIANA Phone 308 Flora WASON INSURANCE AGENCY L. E. JORDAN Bright National Bank Bldg. Public Accountant INSURANCE Flora, Indiana Phone 51 305 VINE STREET PHONE 309 FLORA, INDIANA Va,tue Appliances Television SPARKS JORDAN FLORA Phone 6301 Congratulations, Seniors! DR. C. N. WILSON DentistSHIRAR POULTRY FEED CO. ORA F. SHIRAR, Owner Distributors of Murphy Feeds and Swift's Fertilizers Use VIG-O-RAY CONCENTRATE For Poultry CUT-COST CONCENTRATE For Live Stock SURE-PAY MINERALS For Health and Profit Phone 28001 Flora, IndianaMAMIE KENNEDY NURSING HOME 404 South Center FLORA, INDIANA COLLINS FURNITURE CO. COLLINS TRANSFER CO. Local and Long Distance Moving Across the Street or Across the Nation FLORA DELPHI Phone 86 Phone 183 LEITER FUNERAL HOME Dick and Bill Phone 234 MANN CHEVROLET, INC. Flora, Indiana BUICK CHEVROLETCongratulations to Our Future Citizens WAYNE LOAN CORPORATION WAYNE DISCOUNT CORPORATION Congratulations, Seniors HOOSIER DEMOCRAT "Carroll's Largest Circulated Newspaper" BRIGHT NATIONAL BANK "It's Square" Member FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION FEDERAL RESERVE BANK Flora, Indiana Enjoy NORTHCUTT'S ICE CREAME. E. LANDIS CO. INTERNATIONAL NEW IDEA DUNHAM REFRIGERATION TRUCKS CASSELL LUMBER CO. Lumber and Building Supplies WARD CASSELL, Prop. Bringhurst, Indiana Phone 128 Flora, Indiana Phone 311 D-X SERVICE Firestone Goodyear Car, Truck, Tractor Tires and Tubes E. W. ESSERMAN PHONE 202 FLORA, INDIANA REDMON'S PHARMACY On the Corner Flora Phone 62 DUNKIN'S FOOD MARKET Home of Monarch Finer FoodsHALEY'S Radio — Television Service 17 EAST MAIN STREET FLORA A. N. "PETE" DENTON AND SON DESOTO PLYMOUTH FRED H. WHEELER Sales — Service Custom Work of All Kinds Septic Tanks Cleaned Tree Trimming and Removing FLORA, INDIANA PHONE 33301 Phone 80 It Pays to Trade Box 324 BRIM GRAVEL CO. With D. E. CRIPE CO. FLORA'S DEPARTMENT STORE Washed Sand, Gravel, Rock TRANSIT MIX CONCRETE Flora Phone 368BURNHAM'S I. G. A. You Will Always Find Everyday Low Prices at "Your Friendly Flora Store" GEORGE E. BURNHAM, Prop. Flora, Indiana Phone 325 A. D. BISHOP Attorney-at-LawKRAFT FOODS CO. J-ANNE DRESS SHOP FLORA, INDIANA Flora, Indiana EAT at the COMMERCIAL PRINTING OFFICE FORMS PAPER SPECIALTIES HANAWAY PRINTING COMPANY Phone 52 in Flora 312 N. Center Flora, Indiana LOWERY INSURANCE AGENCY Fire and Wind Insurance On Town and Farm Homes Auto Insurance On Easy Payments SAFE DRIVER DISCOUNT FLORA PRODUCE HATCHERY Phone 8201 Flora, Indiana Best Wishes, Seniors ‘S' DR. D. M. BRUBAKER (standard CLARK HOME Dentist AUTO SUPPLY Flora Phone 194Senior Class Cousins Louanne McKinley, Tom McKinley, Mary Jo Scott It was a pleasure to make the pictures for the 1956 FLORIAN RABESS STUDIO LOGANSPORTSiding Insulation Roofing PHONE III Warmer in Winter Cooler in Summer GEORGE ALLEN 620 E. Main St. Flora, Indiana QY£S Congratulations, Seniors! JULIUS Eat at CLOTHING STORE DALE'S CAFE "ON THE CORNER" FLORA, INDIANA '%C$Ae4t 2u lity TfCeaU Custom Butchering of Beef, Hogs, and Sheep Processing and Curing Meat Market and Grocery DOUGLASS AND SONS, INC. PHONE 68 FLORA, INDIANACARTER FUNERAL HOME Flora, Indiana CUSTOM BANK FIXTURES KITCHEN CABINETS ZINN MANUFACTURING, INC. Flora, Indiana Phone 377 FORMICA SYLVANIA TV HOTPOINT APPLIANCES Complete Line of School Supplies HAFFNER'S VARIETY STORE Congratulations, Seniors! DR. DANIEL M. BROWN Optometrist FLORA INDIANAO. A. SHEAGLEY CLINTON CANDY CO. Wholesale Distributor Barber and Venders BRINGHURST, INDIANA CANDY—GUM—NOVELTIES Frankfort, Indiana Phone 6119 FARMERS MUTUAL INSURANCE CO. GLEN EIKENBERRY Phone 349 Flora Indiana FRAZEE FORD SALES "You've Tried the Rest Now Try the Best" FLORA PHONE 296Your Health BUSINESS NOBLE PHARMACY Phone 19 JOHN AND KENNETH McGILL ZOOK MFG. CO. Standard Oil Agency General Repairing, Welding and Tractor Overhaul PHONE 53 FLORA PHONE 804L BRINGHURST AYRES HARDWARE CO. The Store of Quality JOHN S. OAKS For Good Coal FLORA INDIANA —ft.. —53 SMITH CONSTRUCTION CO. Since 1912 FLORA, INDIANA Phone 28 VON A. BURTON Phone 249 Flora, Indiana NELL CURTS BEAUTY SHOP 312 North Division FLORA, INDIANA Phone for Appointment WEST SIDE DRIVE IN MOTOR SERVICE Drive In and See Us DeVINNEY'S Phone 55-J Phone 55-WUPHOLSTERY AND FURNITURE REPAIR MALINDA WAGONER, Prop. 404 North Center St. Phone I62-L FLORA, INDIANA L. M. CHITTICK SON John Deere Quality Farm Equipment Used and New Automobiles FISHER MOTOR SALES i ANHYDROUS AMMONIA 82 PER CENT NITROGEN Flora, Indiana Phone 179 LYMAN D. FISHER Flora, Indiana Phone 201 T. G. WILKINSON CO. BRINGHURST, INDIANA Electric Extension Cord Sets Insulated Copper Wire Better Protection for Your Business Home, and Car at Lowest Cost i STOUT INSURANCE AGENCY CARROL L. STOUT Theatre Building Congratulations to the Seniors VOORHEES LUMBER CO. Flora, Indiana Phone 388SMRRONOARR SOAJ MR 8 K ROSE MR KENNETH COOK aa ncpal Saohsoa fyoi taScfioji CLASS OF 1356 fo6essSliuh r ' (5 CAROLYN POPE JOY ri CftPC A HaK'K, Jfc c Boo Ryan Mary Jo Jhom f James L yons Mary Ann Cr During the eleven years we have lived in Flora, we have felt a close relationship to this class and have enjoyed many happy hours together. Our interest will follow each of you in days to come as you go forth to meet the future. We wish you success and happiness in whatever you undertake. May we join you in thanking the faculty for their untiring efforts in helping you reach this goal—your graduation. We congratulate you! ANDREW and ELIZABETH JACKSON 87ARZULA FLORA NURSING HOME 312 West Main Street Phone 279 D. A. GARRISON Dealer in GRAIN AND FERTILIZER Flora Phones 13001 or 13002 on Flora-Bringhurst Road HUMES MUMMERT Dealers in J. I. Case Machinery Little Giant Elevators FLORA, INDIANA PHONE 30 DAVIS PRIMMER Henry Barney INTERIOR DECORATIONS Paints, Varnishes, and Wallpaper PIONEER CORN CO., INC The Dependable Hybrids FLORA 244Congratulations, Seniors! DR. M. R. ADAMS F J CONSTRUCTION CO. FRED COLLINS Builders C. E. STOUSE Automotive and Radio Specialist Phone 355 Flora, Indiana PHONE 3 BURLINGTON GRAVEL CO. Sand PHONE FLORA 212 Gravel Dirt PHONE BURLINGTON I06JTHE SPORTSMAN Lafayette MAI KEN’S O K BARBER SHOP LAUNDERERS CLEANERS FLORA McKINLEY TOLEN FLORA ELEVATOR FURRIERS Serving Your Community For Over 61 Years VAN DOORN'S GREENHOUSE 'WE SERVE THE FARMER" Manufacturers of GREEN TREE FEEDS Grain—Seed—Feeds Good Coal PHONE 49 FLORA, INDIANA"Coke Belongs" COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. LOGANSPORT, INDIANA LEE SCHOOL SUPPLY 2 South 4th Street TERRE HAUTE, INDIANA WAYNE ATKINSON Invitations Caps and GownsWe worked and burned the midnight oil, Your praises to pursue; But it has been well worth our toil To bring this book to you. THE EDITORS 92   fj r f fyffj MONROE TWP. CARROLL COUNTY .j ff r.j sy Yyy y y first cuss ' rr s u.i y ZZZ y rrr .) ' y . Zyy Y y y Zy y y ' rrr f'.; , ,ZyZ y j r .j s s s j y Z y jZyyZyyZy'.j y' ZZ y y yy yy . yy y y yyyyy yyysy ? Z yy' yy y y.;Jyyy yyZ ' ') Yy Yy- Yy jZ yysZs, YyyZyyyyyy yyZ . J Z « ii yyFLORA f J Y 'rr r - yjrrr rfs srr Jr fr , r tfff rj 7-12 rrr r r r s Jr j ' f r r f rj rf r i r r Jj rf r rr j r 'J ss r s. ? ? .

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