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 - Class of 1954

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,- v. 'S -x ,- X. 1 wx K 'N xn A 1 A w 1 n . J x ff Y 1 s xx X n xi- 1 Sk. ...f s .f 9 L ' " ' wg..L ,- A 'f 24,11 ' - A N '1' ' 'W "7 ' ' '1 ,H ,,,- Y- gym.. 1, 'f1,,'i1" ,.g- Q .. 1 :f""1f'-"T--.'A1, , ,Q - -- ig--.:L,j,:-4-V-X -. Q 'X A v. I ' pill iQ .5 '-fr If fag: I 'f fr P, j . fe" ff: , 2 EJ?" f, 1-LQ .xi . , .. P ig 'E 52 . .TA Q ,W i E 1, ' , ,P 5, .,.-A lv' ,jv- 13524 f . f I 1, J, - , K , ff! 5 as 0'5" . . 3 V. ,E x V , , ag XX ., X .Ng Qi. ,li Q .. N. fxx ,Ni xfizf .HY cf ' N N x 'fi E553 F lorzan, 1954 FLORA, INDIANA I-1 D6CZLCatL0n the doctors mxn r of the Mumnr s housewrves To the memo y rsters Xavvvers teachers secretarre , farmers busrnessmen to ah of those h success and iarhxre who have come rn c rn hie but have he1d therr standards hrg have handed down to each succeedxng dass tradr trons vvhxch are a rxch herxtage to vou Alumnr h we vvxsh to dedrcate thrs annua of Hora Hxg 2 I O n 1 - 3 ' ' 7 9 7 - . 7 nurses, , ' . . . ' ontacr wir ' ' ' , ' ' h and . , . . . L Contents The Past HISTORY ALUMNI The Present CLASSROOM SCENES ORGANIZATIONS ACTIVITIES The Future CLASSES Page FACULTY ......,,....,..,..........v.................,,...................................... 18 3 Forty Years Ago I'1'e wandered to the village, Torn, I'z'e .fat beneath the tree, Upon the schoolhouse playground, that Jheltered you and rneg But none were there to greet rne, Torn.: and few were left to know, W'ho played with ll! upon that green mme forty year! ago. The gran 15 juft ax green Torn hare ooted hoyf at play Were Jportzng, just af ue dzd then, wzth ypzrztf yuft df gay But the rnaster .rleepf upon the hzll, rchzch coated o er wzth mow Afforded us a Jlzdzng place rome orty yearx ago The old schoolhouse 15 altered forne the henchef are replaced By neu onef, 1 ery like the fame our yachhnzz ef once de aced But the fame old hrickf are zn the uall the hell Jwzngy to and ro Itf rnufzc Jyuft thc Janie dear Torn tuaf orty yearf ago FRANCIS HL S I ON Sf'-1' r 1'4- A. 4 1 J ' . . , . ,I rr ,fy ' V ' J ' , . . . . ,. f . r . ., ' .' . ', f . . . , . 1 - If f l.. ' f ' , . , 1' I. V75 . , , . . . . . 7 g v ,. A. ,1 - A V "uf ' ' 'T' T' AF- fJQ'Rv9,,?.a V ' ' , , wa' S N ' , I h Vw" I rn-5' r ' .Q '4 ' f ' p ' 3 1' , .,-lv If f','.-"A , If W x . .K - , 3 .W Y ga , ,Q . eh.. 6 . g ' ,A in-r.xvW' BH . f lk f.F"- r .5 5-'gf' ' 4 A 1 '-refq.. , ' .gc 'V 4 ." gf.-eg -.. .1 . " 11 4.1, V c ,n Km' - z-, s.-.fb , 'M-X" 'f f' . '. 'ws mug, , .qs 1325, sg 1 Liz 'eJ of great men al! remind uf Wfe mu make our lifes Jublimeq And, departifzg, Ieafe befaifzd uf Footprinty on the ffllldj' of lime. -l.ONC9FEl,LOXX' The Past Hzstory 0 the Schools The flrst schoolhouse ln Monroe Townshlp was bullt of logs rn 1833 about two mrles west of Brlnghurst As new settlements demanded log schoolhouses were erected at dlfferent pornts ID the townshrp These bulldmgs were constructed of hewed logs puncheon floors clapboard roofs greased paper wmdows and a great frreplace rn one end of the burldmg wlth a cat and clay chrmney The benches were uncomfortable bemg arranged on the four sldes of the room facxng the fxre Slabs restrng on wooden plns rn the logs along the walls serxed as wrrtlng desks Here the famous trlology the three R was taught to the tune of the hlcleory stick Blackboards were unknown wall maps were not rn use and text books were few and varlcd generally Blblcs and l manacs Two of the first teachers employed were men by the names ot Carpenter and Dr ames C Todd Swv! Frrst brxck school burldmg North Dnrsron Street In 1853 there were fue log cabln scnoolhouses rn Monroe Townshrp located as fol lows School No 1 near Pxkes Peak School No 2 near where the Church of the Brethren now stands School No 5 west of Walter Calhouns farm School No 4 about one and three quarters mrles west of Brrnghurst and School No 5 northwest of Brrnghurst A new school was bullt rn 1855 at a maxlmum cost of S400 The great desrre for schools 10 the Glorrous Frftres was resultrng rn much adxance ment when the CIVII War stopped all progress ln educatron It was not untrl 1875 that the work rn educatron was begun agam Frrst school burldmg on East Mann Street, wrth nts fxrst addruon 6 1 f I . . . . V 7 .ggi . A. if g , X 5: 7 A 1 i. . I eA.,,N,N , . - ' , , fy ' . , . 1, if iff? ' , J ' L ,MA Q. Q , a -M wire SE - X 4, A 1 . T: '. 'V lv gt I I . .I .gi , -e ' -4,9 1.-.all 'N .5,,,:.--if '-2 - , " - .Tf' ' ' ff' ,Q f 3, , , - My lv ' ' ' ' . . on f v - ' - . ' 1 - A - , . , I , 1 - , ' S - , A ' - . S - , ' , - , ' A I - ', x , . , R. 'I '4 . Mg . c 0 Monroe Townslozp In 1872 the Vandalra Rallroad now thc Pennsylyanra was burlt through Monroe Townshrp and thc towns of Flora and Brmg hurst were lard out In the next few years school was held rn sex eral drfferent buxldrngs rncludmg a room oyer Cromer and Brrghts Drug Store Thrs room whrch was also used by the Lutheran Church was ln a bulldrng on the corner across the street north of the Town Hall All the schools haye been townshrp schools except durrng the years of 1896 1951 when the Flora Corporatron had rts own schools Burldmg whrch was destroyed by fxre February 4 1932 School 0 ened rn 1878 rn the ncw two room brlclc burldmg on North Dnrsron Street w rch was used for cleyen years When the school became crowded and more room was requested the authorltles responded by puttrng rn partltlons both upstaxrs and down makrng four rooms rnstead of the two The school term of 1889 1890 began rn September 1889 rn the new sux room school bulldmg on East Maln Street In the fall of 1894 a four room addrtron was built to thrs schoolhouse Thrs ten room burldmg was the acme of Monroe Townshnp s edu catlonal progress Here rn September 1894 Prof E N Canme orgamzed the frrst hrgh school rn thc townshrp In the late summer of 1915 a ten room addrtron was begun to the schoolhouse at a cost of S19 600 exclusne of heating apparatus The school enrollment for 19151916 was 314 for the eight elementary grades and 105 for the hrgh school In 1907 Monroe Townshrp burlt an elementary and hrgh school bulldrng at Brrnghurst About 1910 the township began consolrdatlng the schools by haulrng the puprls from one school dxstrrct rn a hack of the carnage type drawn by horses There was a three year hugh school at Brrnghurst from 1907 1910 The frrst class was graduated from the four year hrgh school on Brmghurst School burlt m 1907 7 U l l , v Y . 1 V ' ' a 1 -. - H v ' r. 1 Y . - v a v , . E A v , . 1 , . ' 2 1 ' . , - . . . . , Y . , , , . A A , , . . . , . 1 r - Q . K ., f 1 f . ' 7 .Y l ' I 1---v Flora High School as it is today March 31 1911. The high school which was commissioned in 1915 wis consoli dated with Flora in 1927. In une 1931 the Town and Township schools were con solidated under the superyision of the Township Trustee and the Township Advisory Board. A grade school was maintained at Bringhurst until 1935 On anuary 4 1924 Flora played their first basketball game in the new Community Building which was built on East Main Street next to the school. The school building dedicated on February 4 1916 was destroyed by fire on Suurdfry night February' 4 1932. After this unfortunate eyent school was held in the Community' Building The school term of 1955-1936 opened in the new eighteen-room school built in the same place as the one which burned in 1932. A new addition of five classrooms a farm shop, and an auditorium seating over 500 persons was completed in the spring of 1951. Many important and memorable events have occurred during the years. In the spring of 1929, the Flora High School o:chestra attended the National Orchestra Contest at Iowa City, Iowa, and placed third in the nation in their class. The debating team in 1952 conquered all opponents until they' arrived at the State Debate Contest where they were defeated in the semifinals. In 1946 the Bad- ger basketball team went to the State Tournament at In- dianapolis but were defeated by Fort Wayne Central. Many will recall the excite- ment of those days when Flo- ra became "the Peoples Choice" in the newspapers. In 1947 the livestock judging team attended the National judging Contest at the Inter- national Livestock Show in Chicago. Twenty-six states were represented, and Flora placed first. png - 1951 addition to the present school building. The present school plant and curriculum do not bear much resemblance to the log cabin schools of a hundred years ago. With the facilities of a modern, well-equipped school at their disposal, today's students should find a challenge to achieve bigger and better things in days to come. Community Building and gymnasium. 'lm 1896 Celesta Cromer Eva Drake Emma Lyons Merle Sandrfer 1897 Guy Akers Lottre Akers Charles E Bell Noah Landxs 1898 Tony Beckner George Bell Charles E Brown Maude Dunkm W L Myer Martha Wrrt 1899 Bess Anderson Dan Cromer Rosa Erkenberry Emma Landis Irvrn Moss Ata Moss Ira Mummert Elr Rrtchey Ida Steckle Ethel Thompson Ina Woodrngton 1 900 Maude Barnard May Brggs Emma Drake Edgar Dunkm Maude Guthrrdge Luther Hanna Martha Lrttle Mrllre Lyons Arthur Rrtchey Golda Roland Darsy Shaner Charles Thomson Rome Trent May Voorhees Jesse Wrlkmson Elmer Wooley 1901 Charles Cree L D Davrs Orla Keener Calvm Kelly Pearl Ledman Zola Moss Ella Patterson 1902 Charles L Bell Luna Bell Alumm Vrvran Shrgley 1903 Harry R Burns Charles E Clrne Maurrce E Crrtes Ethel Goslee Wrllram R Landrs Nola L McEelheny A Lynn Moss Edrth Moss Charles E Myer Blanche Wrckard 1904 Hazel Callane Locke Cook Grace Grllam Maude julren Goldre Keener jessre Landes Orpha Maxwell George NICCZID May McCarn Julra Moss Clarence Sandrfer Ruby Shaner Chestma Wrllrams 1905 Brrght Alberts Bruce Bell Keturah Brrdge Emerson Carter Susre Erkenberry Blanche Horner Wrlbert Kenrrck Bert Landrs Bernrce Moss Fred Myer Ida Novs els Ethel Plank Bessre Srlver Roy Stanton Ruth Stanton Naaman Thompson 1906 Ross Allen Elmer Ayres Chalmer Crecraft Maude Cree Cecrl Draper Flossre Flora Roxre Hankms Cecrl Henderson Harry Krauss Bessre Lesh Blanche Maxwell Carl McCann Glen E Myer Clayton Plank Worden J Sanderson Opal Todd Chester Wagoner Russell O Wharton 1907 Okle Barber Roy A Blue Delrlah Brovt er Ray Burns Mabel Clark Samuel Dyer Edna Meador Hows ard Mrller Glen Musselman Etna Peterson Nellre Prrtchard Charles Qurnn Fannre Thomas Earl Wagoner 1908 Mabelle Brllmgs Roy Burns Meredlth Callane Esther Canter Russell Harter Delllah Krngery Edwin McCa1n Dollrs Moss Charles Myer Charles Roskuskr Lloyd Thomas Everett Trent Okal Voorhees Melba Welty 1909 Ivey Ayres Basrl Barber Ross Barnard Roy Brow er Loren Chrttrck Bessre Flora Ruth Flora John Fuhrman Zopher Humrrckhouse Ida Krngery Cora McMahan Everett Moss Paul Musselman Florence Myer Grace Myer Reuben Norrrs james Rrenrer Charles Steckel Raymond Trngley Gladys Voorhees George Woods 1910 Fred Allen Verna Alle' Everett Cochran Frank Davrs Vrrgrl Erkenberry Sada Hoff Rerd McCarn john Prentrce Ellrs Shane Margaret Shanks james Thomson Neva Taylor Etna Trdrrck Gladys Umberhocker Russell Voorhees Leota Wrllnam Clarence Wrlson 1911 Fred D Allbaugh Flossre Allen Wrllram H Bock Lucrlle Burns Merle Colvrn Ruth Colvin Glae Cook Ina Crossvs hrte Russell Dunkm john A Flora Ruth Hanna Geneva Hursh Marre Lantrs Russell Mrller Everett Myer Emery Lloyd Qurnn Ruth Rrchter Mabel Shrrar Rose Sreher Beth Smes May Stanton jevs el Trent Srlas Wray Bmzgbznst Lulu Allen Hazel Ayres Archre E DeMar Ethel Duddleson Alma Kearns Irene Retherford Mary Smith Helen Wergle 1912 Chester Ayres Madge Bnggs Hannah Brookre Bessre Brow er Truman Clark Roy Clrne Pearl Cook Eva Cornell Merlrn Draper Vrola Goodacre Russell Hood Russell Humberd Errs Koonsman Ruth McCa1n Glen Ransom Leonora Rrchard Jesse . . . I ' Ruth ' n I0 V ' Marne Srbbrtt Errs Steckel Charles Stouse Albert Trent Hrram Wray Brmgburft None 1913 Russell Barnard Edrth Brow er Fred Burns May Callane Faun Erkenberry Alta Fouts Harold Harter Lynn Ledman Ethel McGu1re Walter Replogle john Shanks Mary Sreber Lucre Teel Ora Turley Brznghurrl june Allen Paul Carter Chloe Duddleson Leroy C Hrnkle Margaret Metsker Orvrlle A Oaks 1914 Bessre Allbaugh Maude Allen Rerd Burns May Clrngenpeel Bertha Cook Florence Cook Nellne Erkenberry Susre Flora Martha Gvsrnn Edgar Krauss Homer Landrs Ethel Mrnnrx Gerald Moore Ruth Prrtchard Brrght Shanks Ray Shanks Mrldred Thomson Brznghun t Glyde Erkenberry june Krngery 1915 Chalmer Allbaugh Ruth Allen Marre Black Elmer Brown Olaf Brown Vera M Dudley Martha Dunkm Geneva Erkenberry Ruth Grllam Helen Guard Fred Horner Bernrce Koonsman Esther Lyons Frank McCa1n Ruby McCam Ina McCorm1ck Lena Moshner Esther Myer Lee F Myer Lester Qumn John Ratclrff Aaron Smxley Guy Sparks Emma Sprtler Grace Steyn art Ruth Young Brznglaurst Harvey Bryan Allen Lors Erkenberry Florence Jenkrns Gladys Le he S Basrl McCracken Deane Metsker Mary Cletus Montgomery Gladys Qurnn Rachel Smrth Edythe Stone 1916 Blanche Allbaugh Eva Beckner Gene Brown Fern Cook Mary Dunkrn Meredith Dunkrn Neva Ferguson Gladys Flora Don Gasaway Agatha Landrs Audrey Lrnton Bethel Mmnrx Royce Myer Mabel Overholser Lena Pullen Alrce Roblyer Esther Roskuskr Hazel Sreber Grace Trnkle josephrne Voorhees Fred Wheeler Solomon Wrckard Earl Wrkle Clarence Wrles Ada Yundt Brmgburxt Mary Asbury Ruth Asbury Orel May Hicks Mary jenkrns Mildred King Ruth Retherford Carl Shaffer Orval Shonk Gretchen Smrley 1917 Katherrne Allen Shoer Ammerman Paul Barnard Harry Brllrard Ethel Blac Opal Brown Lucrlle Catron Lors Eaton Martha Gasaway Lavs rence Gaylor Clark Gwrnn Audrey Humber Doyle Krrkman Dean Mrlls Leo Myer Ruth Pearson Walter Prrce Agnes Roskuskr Carl Stanton Brznghurs Maude Ayres Lev, rs Cralg Loy Hagenbook Leo Mosrer Melvrn C Platt Fay Qurnn 1918 Vada Allen Lula Brllrngs Bert Brovsn Amos Brubaker Rusknn Carter Robert Clark Leonore Clme Henry Eaton Beulah Hood Everett Hunt Susre Jordan Mrldred Krngery Paulrne Knettle Ulrrc McAllrster Frank Roskuskr Everett Snell Grace Snell Paul Sparks Mae Trdrrck juanrta Turle Glen Wagoner Paul Wrse Brzngburrt Olrve Grllam Loren Hrnkle Mabel Kearns Orpha Lesley Mabel Looker Ruth Montgomery Faye Retherford Mary Smrth Clarencej Stone 1919 Frank Briggs Ruth Carte john Collner Esther Colvxn Esther Cunningham Wayne Daggy Frances Dunkrn Hazel Dunkrn Helen Exkenberry Gladre Felrx Landis Flora Susre Flora Emily Fouts Edrth Guard Dorrs Krrkman Earl Knettle Helen Koup Dorcas Mrlls Fern Mrnnrx Ruth Moudy Mae Myer Mabel Olrphant Esther Pearson Edna Prrtts Dale Sharp Ted Stanton Owen Steffey Rrve Todd Naomi Vorght Ancrl Wall-.er Bertha Wrles Elva Yeater Brzngburst Mary Garrrson Agatha jenkins Edna Platt Owen Sheagley Ted Shane Ora G Slate Nlarre W rdener 1920 Lora Black Dorothy Clrfton Loren Collrer Ruth Dovs nham Floyd Flora Eva Fouts Alrce Hrcks Lova McCarn Agnes McKmley Ralph Pearson Roy Powell Lottre Qumn Vera Unger George Voorhees Lors Wagoner Donald Weaver Brmgburrt Mrnnle Ayres Hazel Clrne Faye Crarg ' r k A ' ' V d n o l l 1 I . - Winlffed H- Smith Ellis Winegardner . ' I . . Y , l l Esther Eaton I-Irlda Kearns F D Metsker Came P Zmn Ethel Zmn 1921 Margaret Beery Earl Butcher Leona Dlllon Harry Hart Wrllrs Harter Mrldred Hay Ralph Landrs Beulah Moss Martha Strnebaugh Olwe Svelsher Blrss Todd Leah Veatch Martha Wrles Brzdghurft Mary Clme Amanda Floy Gtllam Anna Hmkle Myron jenkms Dale Looker Carroll McCracken Charles Ross 1922 George Beery Madge Black Russell Callane Harry Clmgenpeel Tom Colv n Mary Edmonson Mlllre GWIDH Mary Hav. kms Truman Hlgh Arthur Rrchter Martha Roblyer Hllda Snell Arnetha Trent Lela Wagoner Orman Zmn Brznghursf Esther Clmgenpeel Helen Flora Truman Lee Flora Mary Lucxlle Fuhrman Orpha F Jackson Ora L Platt Hnllrs Retherford 1923 Paul Asbury Fred Barnard Rae Brown Ethel Budrovs Dorothy Clark Dorothy Dunkin Roy Hughes Vera Michael Eva Morrrcal Jesse Patrick Ivan Pullen Lucrlle Rrggle Rosella Roskusltz Vergll Smrth Morrxs Thomas Paulme Todd Harold Yeater Wilbur Yeater Bflnghllfff V1v1an May Hunt Bessie jewett Ed1th Lesley Dorothy Pearson Dennrs M Porter Harold Raymond Pearl Slate Esther Wrngard Myrtle Fay Zmn 1924 Kenneth Beckner Myrtle Berkey Katherrne Blue Garnet Crarg Mary Doty Joyce Erkenberry Beulah Eshelman Luman Hays kms Marne Hood Mildred Jones Irene Meek Helen Metzger Lucille Pattengale Dorothy Pearson Frank Sink Nellle Smxth Ruth Weaver Joe Wheeler Mary Wrtter Moreland Yundt Brzngbuf ft Thelma Apt Fred W Flora Wayne W Hmkle Guy Looker Mark D McCracken Vrolet Oulnn Mrldred Tremalne Eva Wltter 1925 Kathleen Brngaman josephrne Br1cker Kenneth Brubaker Harold Catron Lots Colvm Ovs en Colvm Hllda Eshelman George Flora Helen Gerard Neva Humberd Ernest Largen Fred McCune Walter Moss Edward Murphy Vxrgrl Parks Kenneth Qunnn Velma Rohrabaugh Maryorre Smes Joe Snell Nettle B Swrsher Ella Ruth Trent Margaret Wrnegardner Bfznglaumt Sarah Angle Kenneth D Allen Lloyd Apt Charles M Erkenberry Neal H Flora 1926 joe Clmgenpeel Naom1Dav1s Mrldred Flora Hovs ard Lrnton joe Musselman Martha Pearson Carl Rrchardson Dee Rrggle Joe Srnes Florence Svwrhart Mabel Wharton Noah Yeater B1 nzglazlrfl Vrolet Eaton Wayne Elkenberry Ruth Evans V1rg1n1a Kearns Junror Metsker Fred Wlngard 1927 LaGreta Burton Louise Coleman Donnabelle Colvm Mary Crume Martha Davrs Wrladean Dxllman Edvu ard Dunham Beulah Flora Isaac Gregg jessxe Krtzmrller Leonore Landrs Loyal Landis Helen Lee Maxme Mummert Claude Musselman Bryce Nrccum Joe Northcutt Howard Parks George Pearson Royce Sink Fern Wagoner Delbert Wray Brmghurst Delllah Allen Ancrl Ayres Leon Clrngenpeel Elva Douglass Marguerlte Elkenberry Russell Flora Hxlda Garrrson Morrrs Perrgo Dorotha Rrggle Voyle Shelburn Lee Voorhees Carl Zmn Melvm Zmn 1928 Eva Clmgenpeel James Coleman Mrldred Davxs Irvrn Frank Ruth jenkms Mary E johnson Loren Landrs Dale McCarty junror McCloskey Roy Mrnnn. Ivan Oaks Everett Phrllrps Lourse Powell Rnchard Reed Lavon Rrggle John Shaffer Clans Wagoner 1929 Lara Angle Helen Brrggs joseph Brown Von Burton Irv1n Calhoun Rrchard Callane Naomr Cassell Donnabelle Chapman Chestrne Clawson Mary Dorcas Clemons Dorothy Cllne Delbert Erkenberry Cleo Gotshall Esther Hoffman Louise Hupp Eldwm johnson Madge jones Rrchard Jordan Carol Landls Robert Landis Vera Largen Olrve Lee Evelyn Nlccum Martha Northcutt Frances Overholser Alfred Pattengale Gretchen Stamats Ernest Sylvester James Wheeler Martha Eisenhart Paul Rule Russell K' Poffff i ' . I2 Laurel Wrles Don Wray 1930 Dale Brom er Kenneth Callane Dean Colvrn Celra Cook Dena Dekker Lee Eckerle Bruce7le Erkenberry Opal Flora Don Good Donald Hoffman Delos Kung Roxre Krngery Evelyn Knapp Mrlls McK1nley Donald Myer Lewrs Nrevs erth Reva Oaks Galen Parks Thelma Perry Katherme Prety Dolores Schermerhorn john Shoff Olrve Shoff Srdney Thomson Laurene Trent Alrce Welty Eva Wxlcox Helen Zrmmerman 1931 Mary Angle Mary Beckner Ruth Burns Bruce Calhoun Dortha Chapman Lors Clark Helen Clrne Ruth Clme Odes Colvrn Jean Crrpe Robert Erkenberry Clarence Eller Harold Eller Mary Lourse Frnney Herman Flora Ruthana Foster Carroll G rrrson Thomas Gasaway Fred Grsh Margaret Holmes Robert jones Robert Iordan Hazel Krngery Vernon Krnzre jewel Landrs Loss Metzger Beulah Mrchael Edrth Myer Marne Rrenrer Leon Vrney Josephme Wallace Dale Welty Beatrrce Wray 1932 Bryce Ammerman Velma Berkey Robert Bmgaman Robert Brovs n Mary Burton Dana Carter Robert Clrngenpeel Frreda Cook Austrn Cromer Dale Davls Frances Exkenberry Robert Flora Geneva Garrrson Vrrgrnra Havs kms John Hrnkle Martrn jordan Nora Kennedy Dana Keyes Isabelle Kuns Maryorre Nrccum Sarah Parks Alrce Pullen Mabel Rrdenour Buthene Sharp Glen Shoff Harold Srnk Mamre Smrth Earl Stanton Dencrl Wilcox Wrlbur Wllson james Woodward Lots Wray 1933 Robert Albaugh Paul Ankrum Robert Ayres Margaret Ball Bernadrne Barnard Charlene Bell josephrne Bell Gleda Brrttam George Burns john Byrum Lors Carter Herbert Cassell Ward Cassell Mrnme Lou Chrttrck Eva Clark Charles Colvrn Paulrne Condo Lors Crrpe Lloyd Dekker Basrl Eller juamta Heffner Blanche james Drusrlla jordan Lore 1 Krng Wanlta Krrk Marjorre Landrs Rrchard Landis Marran Thomas Marocco Mary Moss Vrrgrnra McCloskey Joe Penn Maxine Qumn Vera Qumn Tom Rrggle Harold Serrng Mary K Sregrrst Dolores Smk Carl Sternman Earl Trent Geneva Trent Wayne Vrney Helen Voorhees joe Ward Todd Wrkle LeRoy Yeater Mary Zrnn Carl Zook 1994 Phoebe Arron Earl Berkey Dean Carter Russell Colvrn Don DeV1nney Guy Duzan Madge johnson Eckerle Wrllard Hawkrns Lucrlle jenkrns Ruth Krnzre Marcella Patterson Mark Porter Esther Pullen Ray Pullen Gene Shaffer Lourse Smrth jean Thomson Bette Jane Voorhees Marlorre Voorhees Charles Ward 1935 Dena Ayres Alta Barker Dorotha Brrggs Mary Ellen Brrggs Phrlrp Brumfreld Dorotha Burns Fred Collms Mrldred Cook Edrth Dekker DeVere Hoffman joe Lee jordan Maxrne Krng Paul Krrk Paulme Kobel Jeanette Landrs Elmer Largen Lottre McKrnley Darlene Moore Kenneth Myer Sam Parrett Russell Pntts Raymond Randolph Donovan Sadler Ernest Shane Lors Shoff Laura Belle Sylvester Catherme Thomson Helen Thomson joel H Wagoner Leslre Westfall Carlyle Whrstler Vrola Wrlcox Esther Wrse Franklln Young 1936 Imogene Arken Vrrg ma Angle Don Ayres Norrrs Ayres Edgar Barker Dorothy Bowman Meredrth Butcher Marrlu Colvm Leslre Condo Paul Cook Lors Davrs George Denton Lucrlle Duff Merlrn Erkcnberry Prrce Ferguson Evan Flora Robert Flora Frances Harter Frances Imler Paul Irrck Kerth Jordan Helen Krngery Dale Krnzre Kenneth Knapp Hovs ard Payne Tom Peters Naomr Qumn jesse Robbms Paulme Ruffner Clarence Srple Mary jane Smrth Jeanne Sprtler Vrrgrma Trent Dean Levus Yeater 1937 Edw ard Ayres Mary Elrzabeth Burns John Chrttrck Mary K Honecker Alrce Imler Katherrne Imler Alberta Kerlm Vada Krnzre . . ' ' I 7 , J . James Th0m50U Dale Isaac - ' .. . . A I In ' 7 I ' ' . . f . I ' a ' I , . I3 Charles Krrk Glenn Lantz Charles McCann Maryorre Mnller Jewell Musselman Dorotha Payne Beatrxce Redford Don Rohrabaugh Laura Belle Sadler Maxrne Shoff Kerth Sregrxst Meredith Thomas Joe Tolen Jack Voorhees Helen Woodward Ruby Young 1938 Carmen Ayres Frances Ayres John Ayres Tom Ayres Danrel Brovsn Lorna Brumfreld Jack Carter Lowell Chamberlarn Orron Cook Cletrs Crook Jayne Daggy Dean Erkenberry Marne Eller Mrldred Eller Hrlda Frsher Esther Flora Martha Hendru. John Krrkpatrrck Gene Lyon Leona McG11l Hlgh McK1nley Max Mullendore Mary Parks Lucrlle Prrtts Elame Roll Deana Shaffer Phyllis Smes Ruth Smk Jean Smith Mary Stemman Mary Lourse Stouse Dorothy Thomas Phyllrs Ulrey 1959 Helen Albaugh Martha Deane Ayre Georgana Baum Ralph Brower Raymond Brower Robert Burns Margorre Caldwell Bxll Clark Jack Drrggs Mary Alrce Duzan S Dorothy Hay Donna Hoffman Helen Holmes Martha Ann Honecker Grace Imler Herbert Isaac Paul Johnson Helen Kmg Mary Landis Betty Largen Max Loy Henry Amos Myer Chrystal Nrmmrns Beulah Oyler Vernabelle Pope Lors Rohrabaugh Rrchard Smes Charles Sparks Sara Starbuck Sarah Stratton Jack Thomson Betty Tolen Jean Ulrey B111 Wertz 1940 John Brrm Clarre Brovsn Russell Chamberlarn Charles Drllman Ernest Dunham B111 Evers Lula Mae Frsher Vrrgmra Foster Gordon Gromnger Elxzabeth Hay Lola Mae Ixenrrck Mary Lourse Krauss Dons Lane Ruth Largen Fred Mrtchell Frank Mullendore Ruth Pullen Roger Rohrabaugh Dv rght Ross Mrnnre Ruffner Daena Scott Joan Sheagley Charles Wagoner Don Wheeler Calv1nJ Wrlcox L D Wrlcox Norma Yerkes 141 Martha Albaugh Betty Ayres B111 Bnggs Gene Brrm Arthur Brumfreld Margaret Clark Roselyn Cochran Carol Collms Elorse Cook Ethelyn Davrs Drc Dixon Drck Johnson Emma Jane Johnson Merle Kuns Lou Ann Landis Lourse Landrs Rrchard Mrchael Maurrce Muller Mary Jane Moore Dorrs Musselman Jack Payne Drck Pullen Norma Roll Junror Summe Ernest Trent Joann Ulrey Junror Vrney Dale Wagoner Norma Whrteman Vernon Wrllrams Rrchard Zrmmerman Margaret Zook 1942 Keith Allen Roberta Ayres Don Brower Ruthann Clark Rrchard Cochran John Cottrell Jr Jeanne Curts Betty Dov nham Robert Eaton Donald Frfe Rrchard Flora Loxs Jean Frye Margery Garrrson Charles Grbson Jo Ann Grrffrth Angelrne Hanna Lors Hay Robert Heffner Blanche Imler George Jones Jr Carolyn Mrchael James Mummert Dorothy Myer Carl Parrett Robert Penn Erleen Perkms Devon Redford Wrllram Rrley Dean Ross Lewrs Ruffner Jack Sheagley Jack Smrth Katherme Smrth Robert Smrth B111 Sylvester Mary Tolen Rrchard Trent John Voorhees Brll Wagoner Nrna Wagoner Lora Jane Wrse Jean Zook 1943 Eugene Anderson Rrchard Ayres Marrlyn Baum Dorotha Beck Betty Branstetter Mark Brnggs Juamta Burge Robert Burns Rosalre Catron Vrvran Cow les Marjorre Draper Benyamrn Dunkrn B111 Garrrson Blame Harter Dons Jordan Martha Kerlrn Eddie Krauss Betty Jo Lane Rrchard Ledman Dorothy McKxnley Alfred Moss Garnet Musselman Vada Nrmmms Mary Frances Rrnehart Wayne Smes Catherme Sylvester Kathryn Wrlson Alta Zook 1944 Brentrs Berkshrre Joe Brrggs Wrladean Brookshrre James Davrs Joan Drxon Martha Draper Sara Lee Erkenberry Dale Eller Kenneth Frfe Robert Frye Dorothy Grbson Vrrgmra Downham rbson John Howell Evan Lantz Robert Mrchael Betty Ray Dorothy Rerd Rosalne Ross Rrchard Ruffner Dena Scott Jams Sheagley Joan Shoff Donald Srple Annabelle Smrth Rosanna Teel Mary Wertz Norma Woodward Joe Harter Mary Garrison Paul Dillman o ' 9 . ' I I4 1945 B111 Allen jack Allen Laura Drllman Robert Draper Rosemary Draper Martha Flora Tom Carrrson M1ldred Hayes Marjor1e jordan Harold johnson Ruth Ann Marley Mary Ann McPherson Robert Ross jack Sadler jo Ann Sm1th Beverly Sylvester MIHHIC Lou Tolen Wayne Voorhees Frances Wagoner Boyd Wheeler jean W1lson BCSSIC Zeek Wayne Zook 1946 El1zabeth Ay res Bonnre Branstetter Maurrce Beam Mary Brooksh1re Kenneth Brovsn Betty Brubaker Charles Lee Burton Kathleen Clrngenpeel Robert Cr1pe Robert Douglass Joe Draper james Eaton Rxchard Ferguson Eddle Frsher Naomr Flora Robert Garr1son Naom1 Imler Donna Laymon Mary Lee Loy Dean McK1nley B111 McPherson Robertj Myer Richard Oyler Joan Pullen Cecrl SIITIITIOIIS Robert Sp1tler Phyllrs jean Zook 1947 Robert Albaugh B111 Ayres Eleanor Bevsley joan Brookshrre Faye Burns R1ta Burns 1-Iarnet Clmgenpeel Joe Dunkm Betty Flora Vaughn GHIIISOD Rrchard Hanave ay B111 Helvre Charles Jacobs Robert Krngery Dean Lowery Don Lowery Dav1d Mllls Fred Oyler Mary Ratclrff Shrrley Re1d Robert Ruffuer Leroy Schmeb Charles Shafer Mary Lou Sharp LaDonna Sh1elds W1ll1am Sleber B111 Wlllrams joe W1lson Ralph Z1nn 1948 Peggy Albaugh Norma Angle Rxta Banes Eldo Beam Bert1s Berksh1re joy Brxm Bob Brubaker D1ck Burns Pat Carter Joe E1kenberry Dean Fetterhoff Betty Harter Emmett Inskeep D1ck jenkrns Pat Kenrrck Donna Krngery Kenneth McG1l1 D1ck Nev1n D1ck Reppert junlor Rmehart Robert Stephen jane Thomson Frances Wagoner Phylhs We1l Waneta Wmgard Hazel Wood Bern1ta Yunker 1949 Tom Allen B111 Bevwley D1ck B1shop LOUISE Burns Drana Clmgenpeel Tom Grbson Lorelle jackson Waneta Jones Jerry McCracken Alberta Cox Rodgers Fr1tz Schnepf jr joretta Sheagley Lloyd Sm1th Joanna Sprtler Arnold Teel Carol Voorhees Jerry W1les Maryorle Zeek 1950 Jerry Albaugh B111 Adams Eleanor Beam Conrad Burton Rrchard Carter Joan Draper Jack Fulton Dean Isaac Tommy jenkrns Mrtchell Sanderson james Sharp Paul Sh1elds Shrrley Shoff LaVerne W1les 1951 Roberta Allen Don Bevsley Donna Brubaker Donn1e Clmgenpeel Max Douglas L1nda Dyson Barbara Esserman Donna Feltenberger Dor1s Frfe Joe Fouts Charles Garr1son Jerry jordan Sue Land1s Carolyn Sue Mann LOIS Marley Marjorre McLaughl1n Gene Mrchael Steven Mrlls Mar1or1e Schnepf Ann Shope Eclvu ard Sm1th Jack W1lson Robert Wmgard 1952 Barbara Br1ggs Dorene Bunner Morr1s Butler JoCena Calhoun Dale Day B111 Edmonson Carol Flora Bob Garr1son Phyllrs Harker Annette Hmkle Peggy jenkrns Charles johnson Walter Kelly Margre Moorman Kelly Catherme Lamberson B111 Mann D1ck McPherson jo Ann Montgomery Rrchard Murphy Betty Nev1n Donna Oyler Kenneth Porter Levus Schnerb julra Shanks D1ck Smk DOIIS Sturdnvant Charles Voorhees Carol W1lson Clyde Zeek 1953 Eddre Allen Gary Beamer Eddre Brubaker Frances Burns D A Burnvx orth Carolyn Darlrng Marrlyn Dyson B111 Fouts Crarg Fou s Eva jeu ell Fr1tz Martha Humberd Betty Isaac Carol johnson Nancy Lantz Nancy M rv1n Jrm McCracken Earl McK1nley Marrlyn McK1nley Thelma Mocherman Patr1c1a Randolph LUIS Sharp D an Shoff e a Sturdrvant Joe Lee V1ney Rrchard Wrngard Fred Yerkes Amta Yunker Roger Zook s - ' . I I - - - , Leona Crick 7 ' ' ' 1 ' L . V 1- v 1 . r ' 2' . I5 5 an it-Jaw.:-wh F-' "1 ' 'Q me . w hd Enjoy llae refezzl da f5-nq.,.- , P J Trzufing rery little to the 711011010 I7 Horace The Present 'IP f 1 "FW, 1 , , vm Left: Right: HE man who was destined to hecome principal ot' Iilora High School in 1955, Byron Keith Rose. was born in Olive Hill, Kentucky. on February 20, 1921. He attended Ging Grade School with his playmate. Ben Iones, One day they had a slight misunderstanding and took up the art of rock throwing. Bens reward was a knot on his head. for which our principal had to apologize. Mr. Rose attended Rushville High School beginning in his sophomore year. I-Ie was the shy type. but in his senior year he admits to going steady in an unsteady way. He was graduated from Ball State Teachers College with a BS. degree and was then drafted into the army to serve Uncle Sam. During that time he changed his ambition from teacher to principal. Upon his discharge from the army, Mr, Rose attended Butler University part time lor two years and received his MS. degree. At the same time, he taught commerce at Arlington High in Rush County for four years. While at Arlington, he was married to Norma Carpignano. of Napa. California. A promotion took Mr. Rose to Stockwell as principal for three years. He also taught commerce and social studies. In the summer of 1932, he attended Indiana Universityg in the summer of 1955, Purdue. The Roses have one son. jeffrey, who is five. Their daughter. Diane, is two years old. B. KEITH ROSE. Principal The Rose family 20 I-IOY MUSSELMAN Manchester College Ball State Teachers College Truflee MAE MCCORKI E Chicago Unix ersity Srbool Serrelmg Indiana University l C F acult KENNETH COOKE, B.A, Hanover College Social Studief EFFIE DOVGLAS. All Manchester College Purdue University Lrlin. English. Geomeiry BLANCHE GRIFFITH. IIS, Indiana State Teachers College Manchester College Purdue Vniversity Erzglixb, Public Speaikizig, Hiifory, Library ALBERT HANES, M.S. Illinois State Normal l'niversity Northwestern University Purdue L'niversity University of Illinois Ball State 'Teachers College Irzdurlrial Arm, Pbyiiff GERALDINE KENNEDY. B.5. Purdue Lfniversity Kent State University Central Normal College Akron University Home Ewrzfmiirf, Gemfml Science JOHN ISIAXSON. BINI, jordan College of Music Butler l'niversity Baud, Claarur, EIEIIIEIIIJVJ Mum' FLORA INICQVEEN. BFA. Valparaiso University Art Institute of Chicago University of Colorado Av! LOIS METZGER. A.B. Manchester College Cfmrmerfe l ff " if X-V' . ,153 IV nc ,vufiiu M -, , -feng I f le f. Y, Zf'f55i1f'a . we N .-Q' Af ,L su , fe 1' 4'5- 'i' 'Z ,Wm wa Y! RUTH MURPHY, A.B. De Pauw University Englifh, Phyriral Eduralion, Healih LESLIE RAY, M.S. University of Nevada Indiana University Ball State Teachers College Phyriral Eduraiion, Health, Driver Training, Social Siudier, Coarh DAVID REEVE, M.S.E. Purdue University Cornell University Bowdoin College Maihemaiirr HAROLD THOMPSON, B.S. Purdue University Voralional Agrirullure, Scienfe GALEN SI-IOPE, B.S. Manchester College Sixth Grade, Grade Coath WILLIAM NUETZEL, M.S.E. Purdue University Sixth Grade, junior High Coach WAYNE WEILER, B.A. St. Lawrence University Northwestern University Harvard University Fifth Grade BETTY MCCORMICK, B.S. Western College Purdue University Fifth Grade FREDA ELLER. BS. Ball State Teachers College Fam-rh Grade EDITH CHAPMAN Manchester College Fourth Grade MARY WISE Incliana l'niversity Madam Blalcers Michigan State University Third Gr-.ide MARY JANE HARTER. BS. Butler University Ball State Teachers College Arthur Jordan Conservatory Third Guide VIRGINIA XXILSON Madam Blalcers Butler University Serfnzd Guide BESSIE YVNKER Purdue University Manchester College Butler Vniversity Semnd Grade MARTHA SCHOOLER. BS, Ball State Teachers College Fir-rl Guide VIOLET DYSON Manchester College Fiflf Gt-.ide Of Music f -qw! ay: 3-Il Msh Classes made up our present ME CHRISTM ghby' SIDA ng In our ll ves as we lwed th emmFHS fhf Ram I n Pllbljf S !6akmA -5. Perfectxng the H Bomb . . . ' f 1 ' f ' O O C 1l p E E " , .Q s' wana Q L F ' ' ' v, A , 3 s C f YA 4 4 r 4" , A s?' . J PL. . -. W - . 1 ki - ' i , .. ' 'Q A , , I . ' .j . ' Q 7 ' rj, - Sometimes we worked like dogs . ,S ' S .f, 2 - IE li I I I f r Cbh Y CIGLY ngle e r Wh. 7 layed. sometimes we P Wa rch t hzs baby sh -.ANA ell do a hundred' 27 1953 - 54 is history . . Our attention . if Fran! ww: Shope. J. Cripe. Miss Metzger. McDaniel. K: A w Serond faux' P. Flora, N. Crook. M. Ryan, Reppert. Rinehart, Eikenberry, R. jenkins. Tobias. Esserman, Quinn. Carter, Sandra Cook, Warren. Bark row: Gish, Zinn. B. Adams, j. Garrison. Guyer. Kleeman. Kearns. McCain. Cassell. D. Wilson, McLaughlin. Florian After choosing the theme, "History of the Schools of Monroe Township," the Florian staff set to work. A successful subscription campaign was staged, new pictures taken and old ones sought, history and cur- rent events revived, and the sale of advertising space completed. The staff made a sincere effort to produce a "better than ever" Florian as each page was laid out, articles written, and deadlines met. Editor' .....,..,,...,.,. Amrzritzre Edftufxr Bu.rir1e.f.r Mamzger Joyce Cripe McDaniel, Shope Cassell Ad1'ef1i.fif1g ............,,..........,..............,.... Rinehart, Eikenberry Kleeman, M. Ryan, Kearns, P. Flora Ci1'r14fd1iw1 .. ..................... McLaughlin. D. Wilson Reppert, Esserman, Quinn, Gish Lilf'f'JU -....... ................ S andra Cook. N. Crook SPIN!! --............ ...,.................. G uyer, Garrison Plyologmphy ..,.... Art ..........,....... Ty flirt ,.,,,.,... Spun mr . McCain, Zinn, B. Adams R. jenkins. Carter, Tobias Warren Lois Metzger was divided, interests multiplied, ooof? Front rouu' C. Murphy, Haan, Miss Metzger, Weiland. Second muy' Bunner. J, Riggle. Voorhees. P, Peterson. Wingard. Ferguson. F. Renick, Parrett. lwfargie Schneck. Dunkin, janet Berkey, Haley. B, Burton. Douglass. Bark faux' M. West, K. Peterson, Clingenpeel, B. Collins, J. jordan, Minnix. Spitler, Bordner. Editor .................... Associate Editor Proof Editor .... Reporters .....,.. Features ...........,. Kuns. Shaffer, I.. Pressler. Burns. C. Shoff. Rodelle Haan ................ C. Murphy Weiland Douglass, F. Renick L. Pressler, Ferguson Dunkin, Burns, Bordner Spgfry ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,.,,,,.. ,.,,.......... J . jordan, Spitler Business Manager ..,..,........... i......................... K uns Assistant Business Manager .,.. ,........................ C lingenpeel Typisrs ,,,,....,.........,,.......,,...... ...........,...... P arrett, B. Burton Margie Schenck, M. West Arr ...,.....,,..., ....... 1 anet Berkey, B. Collins Marley. Sonia Cook Mirneograpb ....,. ..,.., M innix, Shaffer, C. Shoff P. Peterson, K. Peterson Sw-rers ......... ................. V oorhees, Wingard, Bunner Haley, Disinger, M. Cripe, J. Riggle Sponsor ...,..,,..........................,..... Lois Metzger School Daze In order to increase the number of subscriptions sold this year, the School Daze staff held a successful campaign. Everyone was always in a rush trying to meet those dreaded deadlines. The proofreaders were and kept busy marking out grammatical errors and inserting those needed words. Miss Metzger was always backing the staff to help produce a. better and more interesting school paper. fun added, and study time subtracted. Let row Mr Rose Sponsor Elkenberry F Remck Murray Langston Sprtler Cassell Secretary Treasurer Rzght mu J Crlpe Presldent Stonebralcer Haan J Adams B Adams Vxce Presrdent Comocatnons held monthly were a project of the Student Councll A varrety of entertamment for the enjoyment of the student body was provrded In thelr bn weekly meetmgs new rules were adopted for the xmprovement of the school Thxs orgamzatron has done a fme job m promotmg school actzvltles and school spmt durlng the year Student Counctl ,,,,,, Y i -WBT' R lt f : . , g ' , . ', , ' . . - ' A .'- . , 4 ... .. . i A A4 WI ll Q V ao Q17 Remainder . . . time on our hands! ! ! O 'N ll 5 FE I x wk ji fi. ff: BILL CASSELL ...............,................ .................... P ff-fidfiff SONIA COOK ,,,,,,.,..A,. ,,,....,,,..... V ice Prefidenl BILL SHAFFER ,,,,,,,,, ...,,.. S erretary-Treaxurei' f H Booster Club This ferliliv- 'l'llal FLORA BOOSTER ls a member of the Flora Booster Club for the year 19 dc 'SLP 3I Booster Club The Booster Club was backed by the Stu- dent Council and the cheerleaders. Dues were paid and membership cards were given. All members wore white blouses and shirts to the home games. School spirit was held high and better pep ses- sions resulted. Everyone working together made the 'fr Sealed: M. Thompson, J. Cripe, Haan, Spitler, Douglass, Schnieb. Serond row: J. Thompson, Calhoun, M. Berkey, D. Collins, C. Eikenberry, L. Craft, G. McKinley, Shope, Meade, Roberta Simmons, L. Pressler, Marianna Jordan, Helvie, Mr. Maxson, Directory D. Flora, Sharon Cook. Third row: Schnepf, C. Murphy, Carter, R. Myer, Clawson, M. Cripe, D. Pressler, Weiland, San- ders, Stayer. Bark row: Baird, D. Myers, Marcia Langston, J. Eikenberry, J. Garrison, Kuns, D. Wilson, Ruby Simmons. Band Purchasing new uniforms was a two year project started by the band this year Individuals and or 1 gamzations contributed to the fund with the P T A I and the Rotary Club giving band benefit programs In the fall the band had a tag day The band per formed at all home basketball games and at pep ses sions They participated in the County Spring Festival at Camden and played at the annual Spring Concert and at Commencement l P I 2 ' Y , 5 Q it D I i Q' Q . 5 6 it v . . VV: E ,a t Q krr- :W V, K .4 ,U L events of the year hit a high note. V :gt-2 9 may 5.-aa Front row: Root, Sonia Cook, N. Wilson, Douglass, B. Renick, Schnepf, C. Shoff, Schnieb. Serwzd faux' M. Crook. j. Adams, G. McKinley, S. Garrison, Roberta Simmons, Sturdivant, Meade, D. Flora, M. Thompson, P. Flora, Donita Peterson, M. Cripe. Third row: Mocherman, B. McKinley, J. Burton, M. jordan, D. Pressler, Bishop, Reppert, Mc- Daniel, M. Ryan, J. Cripe, Scott, Mr. Maxson, Director. Bark row: Disinger, Eikenberry, Minnix, j. Garrison, B. Adams, L. Pressler, Haan, Burnham, Mar- ley, N. Garrison. ,. yw Chorus F. A Q 5' C2 Q11 M0 Under the direction of john Maxson, the chorus met Z ' 570 twice a week. A quartette and an octette were formed. A A . I , 981- 0 w Nme members from the chorus were chosen to sing f 9 ' at the Combined County Institute in the Purdue Hall of Music. The entire chorus participated in the Spring Concert and Baccalaureate. I , , ,MJ , wif -I x ,-.R , -,. . ' 47 ,J-1 inf ,N 1 va ki? VE -.4 5 f ,w " , Q , 1 ,Jw N 'WC , ww, 1 Ei if , !?v?Q+?7ik55' L, fig: Z. .,, :fi '47-X' - .-155 Q 3,1 3 if 1 ' 5 5 4555 Q 'F' af, 51 ll! those Monday morning blues! N' I . P 1 . . K I s I I K 1 4 i Y. . Fran! roux' Eikenberry, Song Leader, Cassell. Sergeant-ab Arms, Bordner. Treasurer. McLaughlin. President, J. Gar- rison. Vice President: B. Adams. Secretary, Kuns, Chap- lain, J. shoff. H. Craft. Mr. Cooke. Sponsor. Third rouz' Dean Peterson, Rinehart, Lantz, Looney, Hughes, Day, B. Ryan, Zinn, Ayres. Gish, T. McKinley, Murray. L. Pressler, B. Young, J. Wiles. Second rouz' Calhoun, Angle, Lyons. Ward. D. Young, K. Peterson. Tobias, D. Wilson, J. jordan, Murray Lang' T. Garrison, Guyer, McCain, D. Collins. Spitler, Jack- ston, Shaffer. H. Wiles. jerry Berkey. DeVinney, Fouts. Bark row: Clingenpeel, Clawson, Kearns, Kleeman, Minnix. son. R. Murphy, Stonebraker, M. Riggle. Hi-Y This year the Hi-Y gave tests before taking in new members. Monthly meetings were held and interesting speakers added to the enjoyment of the meetings. A dance was sponsored by the Hi-Y and Sunshine from which the benefits went to the March of Dimes. Also there was a contest held during the noon hours between the Hi-Y and Sunshine to see which organization could get the longest line of dimes. The Hi-Y was the victor and received a treat from the Sunshine girls. The Purdue-Iowa football game was attended by some of the members. 35 Never a dull moment . . but isn't + E i i ji 1 ' ' ' 5 , 2 Q , . C , , g 3 2 Fronl raw: Northcutt, Treasurerg Ensinger. Hinkle. Sharon Cook, Lovvorn, Stayer, Sue Landis. Chapman, Skiles. Vice President, Sanders. Hufford. G. Moore, Judy Garrison, C. Ryan. Mrs, Murphy, Sponsor. Second row: Whistler, Hicks, J. Flora, Barnes, B. Landes. S. Cassell, Song Leader: Koup. Randle. Sonia Landis, Blocher, Kerlin, jones, Presidentg Briggs. Bark row: I. Young, Eller, Smith. Marianna Jordan. Pianist1 Beverly Pritts, Barbara Pritts. Watson. Secretary, B. Clem, Helvie. Sun. Ray Monthly Sun Ray meetings kept the junior high girls occupied. They exchanged gifts at their Christmas party and valentines in their February meeting. They X sold streamers for the tournament at Camden and for N f the Sectional. They learned what Sun Ray means as well as the Sun Ray song and pledge. They have committees like the Sunshine Society and prepare themselves to become good Sunshine members. 36 that the secret of happiness? r.: rs f i ,X rw xp, at X .J Q I Q fl . Q" M1 Q X. get X i A , 1 Y -Q 1 ' 2, N 4 ,Ly . 'Qi Front wuz' Calhoun, H. Craft, Ward, J. Shoff. Sentinelg Mr. Thompson, Sponsor: D. Wilson. Vice President, Rinehart, Presidentg Fouts. Second faux' D. Young. K. Peterson, Tobias, Murray, Cassell, T. McKinley, Gish, M. Riggle. Stonebraker, Angle. Bark rouz' Lantz. Hughes, Zinn, Kearns, Reporter: Kleeman, T. Garrison, Minnix, McCain. Treas- urer, G. Langston. Bordner. Secretary. , li 5110 o ASR My Qicux-'Y F.F.A. The Future Farmers of Amerrca rs an organrzatron for boys takmg xocatronal agrrculture rn hrgh school One of the mam purposes of the orgamzatron rs to help to make the members more conscxous of xarrous farmmg projects and the possrbrlrtres of each type of agrrculture Ah, those precious memories' w-p Left to right: F. Renick, B. Adams, N. Crook, janet Berkey, Carter, Dunkin, C. Murphy, Quinn, Day, L. Pressler, Tobias, Eikenberry, 1. Garrison, Shope, Sandra Cook, Zinn, Kearns. 6'Teen Time" Tim, thinking that Wendy was being influenced by a yellow convertible, planned a campaign to get her elected Teen Queen. He made posters which said "Vote for Wendy Meade, and get a free feed!" Since he had to have money to pay for the food, he began mowing lawns. He borrowed the wrong mow- erg and the owner, Mrs. Nash, thought it was stolen. Mrs. Nash was also the owner of the Teen Haven building. When she found who had taken the mow- er, she decided not to give them the lease. However, Wendy convinced her that Tim had made a mistake. Mrs. Nash gave them the lease, and Wendy was crowned Teen Queen. Wendy .......... Mfr. Meade ..,.... Mr. Meade Babe ........... Marietta ..... Tim ......... Darby .......... SANDRA COOK NANCY CROOK . .................. BOB ADAMS LIBBY CARTER CAROLYN MURPHY JERRY GARRISON JERIS EIKENBERRY Harley ............ ................. DE AN DAY Gay .................,. Mir: Denning Mrs. Nail: ........... ...... Milligan ........ .. Gus ..........,.. N ana ...... Wilbur ...... Tiny ........ JANICE QUINN SUE SHOPE .. FRANCES RENICK BILL KEARNS DALE ZINN JANET BERKEY LARRY PRESSLER RICHARD TOBIAS , e I e . , 43? I t , ,A,,,V . -k , R N 1 ,A,.e 5'f'l55"' ' E7 . . fo f J 5 ff we Sw? 1 s. P 8 W l'gn 1 Ol S We W A sh I Heosier Conference Champs 1953 -1954 ' W I L grin x. 1 ij Q - R53-fa 1' ,Q R 3 ff? gf' lv 1 I 41 U 2 X vuanm JORDAN 9 ,Y i Bi f 13 I X f J " u,,o- -N .. i X 4 f 2 '49 9,1 ' 1 , Q2 ff " 1? v s 1 ? nr Y 43915 1 Nl CHEERLEADERS L1nd1Reppert j yce Crite Mary Ryan loy e Burns Varsrty The llora Badgers haye had a wonderful season this year and haye lost only four scheduled games Coach Les Ray has dey eloped a poised and confident team of which the school is yery proud The boys haye worked hard to make the best possible record One of the goals attained by the Badgers was win ning the Holiday Tourney at Camden a feat neyer before accomplished by a Flora team After defeating lorest the ehxmpionship game between Camden and Flora pros ed quite a tussle. The team won a trophy fwhich was more than just winning the tourney but a person must play basketball to know the feel- ings of these boys after winning that trophy. Another first was the winning of the Hoosier Cona ference and another trophy' for their collection. The boys were undefeated in their six conference games. To win the conference they' had to defeat Sheridan a very good team. This game was a thriller all the way Flora had a strong start but they were oyer taken before the first half ended Howeyer they re manned within striking distance all the time When they were only one point behind and the game was in its final seconds Day was fouled This gaye him the chance to win the game The tension was yery high but Day hit both free throws cinehing the conference for the Badgers Then all haxoc broke loose eyeryone wanting to congratulate the boys and Coach Ray But where was Day 7 Oh there on the floor! He had collapsed after shooting those two free throws. The Sectional Tourney' was a heart-breaker to lose. After a last-second victory' over Eastern the semi- finals with Wfestern went into an overtime period. Playing Kokomo in the finals the game again was overtime. But fatigue and strain proved too much and Kokomo claimed the championship. Fran! row: Angle. Lyons, Kirkpatrick, Fouts, DeVinney. Hughes. Student Manager Bark rout' Mr. Ray. Coach: jerry Berlccy. Murray Langston. D. Collins. T. Garrison. Clawson. 'I McKinley. Stonebraker. MB" Team The little Badgers showed they had a fighting spirit as well as other qualities that go to make up a win- ning team. They played many good games through the year and gave a fine account of themselves in every game. The "B" Team was made up entirely of freshmen and sophomores who show promise of sup- port for the varsity team next year. I-LORA Flora FI ORA I I URA I tra I-LORA Flora .. FLORA Flora .. Flora .. Flora Flora .. Flora . FLORA FLORA FLORA Flora ., FLORA FLORA Camden ROSSVILLE Fastc rn Royal Center LOGANSPORT West Lafayette ' WESTERN .....,....,. . Brookston ................. CRISPLS ATTUCKS ATTICA ......... ......... ROSSVILLE ..... . . "B Te.zm Tourney - LOGANSPORT . XWINAMAC . Delphi ............,. .. Culxer .................,..... Sheridan ................... NIORTHVUESTERIN Walton ................,.... .. ' Washingttmn Twp. Left lu right: Calhoun, Angle, Kirkpatrick. Stoneluuiker'. Mr. Nuetzel. Coach: 'lf Garrison. Fouts, DeVinney. J. jenkins. Student Manager, Hora ....,, ..,.. FLORA FLORA Flora .,..,,, FLORA Flora ....,.. .... FLORA FLORA FLORA FLORA Flora, ,. Hora .. FLORA FLORA FLORA fre limi MONTMORENCI Rnssville ,,,,.. ,..,.., XY'cst Lafayette .... ATTICA ....,.t,..., XY'est Lafayette ,.,, LAFAYETTE jEFFERsoN eee,.,.,,... Lebanon ,.,,,,,, ,.,... - ' Delphi ,, ,,,....,,.., 5 1: .... ,. Wfilliamspo ,,.,... ,. .7'ffwtf4f ' V , amar . ..... , jANSP6llT ., .... FRANKFORT .. Montmurenci ..,. Logansport Rossxille ,, 's 28 23 25 30 20 49 21 27 31, ,r 'fi' 17 32 5-. 29 30 31 T Freshman Team The green freshmen have accounted for themselves very well this year with a season's record of eleven games won and four lost. The freshmen double as "B" Team players at times. This is giving the boys valuable experience in the round ball sport. The Mfftshmen played in a tournament at Logansport, winning their first game against Winamac very easi- 'ly. They were'defeated in the championship game by a good-hitting Logansport team. Fran! row: J. Thompson. Student Managerg Brower, Oyler. I.. Craft. Driggs, Esserman. M. Berkey, J. jenkins, Student Manager. Serfnzd mum' B, Burns. T. Guyer. N. Parrett. Mr. Nuet7cl. Coath: C. Eilcenberry. XVagner. H. Collins. Bark row: johnson, Carol Bordner, Barnes. F. Collins, Neff. Junior Hi h Team The Junior High Team played a very good brand of ball all through the year. They have that "never give up" spirit and are good ball handlers. Although they had a very rugged schedule, they have made a fine record. The team is a good one, and the players show promise of becoming members of winning Badger teams in the future. Coaching both the Freshman and junior High Teams has kept Mr. Nuetzel busy. Flora .. FLORA Flora .. Flora .. Flora .. FLORA FLORA Flora .. Flora .. FLORA FLORA FLORA Flora ..... . FLORA FLORA Flora .. FLORA F LORA F LORA F LORA F LORA 39 ROSSVILLE 27 Camden .. 25 ATTICA 23 LAFAYETTE ' JEFFERSON ...... .... . 34 LEBANON 32 Delphi 45 Xvilliamsport 234 FRANKFORT 33 CAMDEN 35 Montmorenci ...... ....... 37 Rossville ....... 1ll71jUl' High Tourney 66 Wfilliamsport . 38 I.AFAYE'l"l'lf ,IEFFERSON . 58 Lebanon . ...... ., .. Eigblb Grade 2' Delphi .. 19 SHERIDAN . 39 Logansport Lincoln Sflfrllh Grade ss Delphi 39 Montmorenci 38 Sheridan . 3-I Logansport Lincoln -11 Zel 31 -38 31 25 24 47 39 2-1 36 23 Air 7-1 23 2-I 29 26 38 36 23 ,Q Firm! wuz- Snider. Glenn Clingenpeel, Boller. Mr. Shope, Coachg H. jones. D. Allen, F. jones. Burk raw: Pitzer, S. Collins, J. Allen, D. Fouts. D, Patrick, Charles Bordner, C. Meade. G. Haan. Student Manager. Fifth and ixth Grade Team Flora ........ .....,.... ...... FLORA .........,,.....,. BURLINGTON .,,,..,,.. Camden .,,,., ,..,.., . . Coach Galen Shope has done a swell job with his youngsters this year. They are developing themselves for a trip up the ladder of basketball. Mr. Shope is starting them on the right road by developing good habits and strong interest. This job is essential in producing a future Badger team of poise and confi- dence. In their games, the boys show a terrific amount of spirit and enthusiasm. 45 X s saw T: 4 X5 Ifrwzf mu: Kirkpatrick. Kleeman. Student Manager: Mr. Ray. Coach: McLaughlin, Fouts. Buck mrzx' Hughes. Day. J. Garrison. T. Guyer. Kearns. McCain. Cassell, Lyons. Baseball Coach Les Ray, in trying to develop interest in an- other sport, has done very well with the baseball team this year. Baseball was a relatively new sport here, but the boys were eager to show what they could do. Without much experience, they entered a league with nearby schools and fought their way to an un- defeated season. This won them a beautiful trophy, and the boys and Coach Ray were very happy about the whole affair. The team had fun playing the game and gained some knowledge of the national sport. FLORA FLORA F LORA F LORA FLORA Burlington Rossville ,. Camden ..,, Deer Creek Cutler ,.,.,. Y LDIJ4 Bhnusns 1 lf " 1 KQ KM? Flora .,...A M, s Frou! row: McCain. T. Guyer, j, Garrison. Day. Rinehart, Cassell, jordan. Semnd rouz' Fouts, jerry Berkey, Clawson, Kleeman, T. Garrison, T. McKinley, McLaughlin, Angle. Burk mu-: Mr. Ray. Coach: Hughes. K. Peterson. B. Bortlner. Zinn. Kuns. j. Shoff. Stonebraker. Kirkpatrick. 38 Flora ., ..... 26 Flora .,., 37-1X3 Flora .. .... 24-2!'5 FLORA ..... 74 Flora ...... ........ 4 4 Flora .. ..... 54 ROSSVILLE ...,.... 62 XVEST LAFAYETTE ,.,.,. 68 Track Crawfordsville ...... 56-U2 Otterbein .............. 33-U2 XWASHINGTON TWP. ..,.....,........... 62 Walton ..............,,.. 9-2f3 GOODLAND ...... 77 Ambia .......... ..... 3 2-2X5 Otterbein ...... .... 3 1-1X5 Burlington ..........., 41 CAMDEN ............ 64 CAMDEN .... ..,.. 6 6 Cutler ....,......, ..... 2 5 Burlington ............ 23 Deer Creek .....,....,. 15 The track team took part in eight meets. They did not win as many events as they had hoped, but benefited by the experience. They participated in the Hoosier Conference Meet at West Lafayette for the first time. The biggest event for the team was the County Track Meet at Delphi. There the team placed second. Some of the boys also participated in the Delphi Relays. I , 10 1 3 rf 4 I I fs. I The fllfllfc' belong! In tlamaf who p1'ejuzref01'it. The Future eniors JOSEPH WILLIAM BORIDNER Class Secretary 2, 43 Hi-Y 1, 2. 3, 4, Secretary 3, Treasurer 43 FFA 1, 2, 4. Sentinel 1, Secretary 2, 43 44H 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, 43 Booster Club 43 Basket- ball 1, 2, 3. Student Manager lg Track 33 Band 13 Chorus 13 judging 1, 2, 3, 4, State Dairy judging Con- test-1st Place 13 Talllemle 33 School Daze 3. 4. MARILYN SUE BUNNER Wilson jr. High, Muncie, 13 Sunshine 2, 3, 43 Boost- Cf Club 3. 43 Basketball 13 Chorus 1, 23 School Daze 4, JOYCE ELAINE BURNS NW. K. Kellogg High School, Nashville. Michigan, 13 Class Vice President 13 Sunshine 2, 3, 43 FHA 13 Booster Club 3, 43 Cheerleader 3, 43 Majorette 13 Track lg Band lg Chorus 2, 33 Tatllelale 33 School Daze 3, 43 Florian 33 Forensic 13 Library Staff 1. BETTY ANN BURTON Sunshine 1, 2, 3. 43 Booster Club 3, 4g Chorus 2, 33 Taltlemle 33 School Daze 2, 3, 4g Rotary Award 1. BILL CAssIaLL Delphi High School lg Class Treasurer 33 Student Coun- cil 4, Secretary-Treasurer 43 Hi-Y 3. 4, Sergeant-at-Arms 43 FFA 43 Booster Club 4. President 43 Basketball 1. 2. 33 Track 3, Baseball I, 2. 3. 43 Football 1: Judging 43 T.1l1liliIle 33 School Daze 33 Florian 3. 43 State Ad- vanced Math Contest 3. ROBERT CAUGI-IEY COLLINS Booster Club 43 Band lg School Daze 3. 4. JOYCE CRIPE Class President 3, Vice President 23 Student Council 4. President 43 Sunshine 1, 2. 3. 4, Secretary 2, Vice President 33 4-H 1, 2, 3, President 3. Secretary 23 judg- ing 2, Reserve Grand Champion Clothing 13 Booster Club 3, 43 Cheerleader 1, 2. 3. 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Majorette 1, 23 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Tizillemle 33 Florian 3, 4, Associate Editor 3, Editor 43 Hoosier Girls' State 33 Queen of Hearts 23 Psi Iota Xi Award 3. ANITA MAE DoUGLAss Sunshine 1. 2, 3, 43 4-H 1, 2, 3, 4, jr. Leader 1, 2. 3, 4, Secretary 3, President 43 Booster Club 3, 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Chorus 1, 2. 3. 4. Octette 3, 43 Tizrtlemle 33 School Daze 43 Florian 33 Hoosier Girls' State 33 Algebra Contest lg State English Contest 33 4-H Round L'p 13 Achievement Trip 33 4-H State Speech Contest 13 Girls' State Fair School 43 junior Red Cross Dele- gate 13 4-H County Queen 33 4-H jr. Leaders' Con- ference. GRETCHEN L. FERGUSON Sunshine 1, 2, 3, 43 Booster Club 3, 43 Tiaifletale 3g School Daze 2. 3, 4. PATRICIA ANN FLORA Sunshine,1, Z, 3, 43 Booster Club 3, 4g Chorus 1, 2, 3. 4g Tizlllemle 33 Florian 3, 43 State Latin Contest 23 State English Contest 33 Rotary Award 23 Delta Theta Chi Award 3. RAY GISI-I Hi-Y 3, 43 FFA 1, 2, 3. 4g 4-H 1, 2, 3, 43 Judging 1, 2, 3, 43 Tattlelule 33 Florian 4g 4-H Round Up 23 Achievement Trip 4. THOMAS LEE GUYER Class Secretary 13 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 3, 43 Baseball 1, 3, 43 Band lg Chorus 1, 23 Tattletale 33 Florian 3, 4. RODELLE HAAN Burlington High School 23 Class Treasurer 13 President 23 Student Council 2, 3, 43 Sunshine 1, 2, 3. 4, Pres- ident 43 Booster Club 3. 43 Band 1, 2, 43 Chorus 1, 2. 3, 4, Octette 43 Talfletale 33 School Daze 3. 4, Asso- ciate Editor 3, Editor 43 Florian 33 Rotary Award 3. SHIRLEY ANN HALEY St. Paul's School. Marion, 13 Sunshine 2, 3, 43 Booster Club 33 Chorus 1, 23 Tatllelale 33 School Daze 4. 'QS7 tx 'Qu' qv'-as X ik fv faq 'Vx 'TZ' "Vx, A i is-gp I I MARC HUGHES Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 43 FFA 43 Basketball Student Manager 1, 2, 3, 43 Baseball 1, 3, 43 Judging 4: 5Ch00l Daze 5- JERRY D. JORDAN Class Vice President 43 Student COt1I1Ci1 33 Hi'Y 1, 2, 3, 43 FFA 2, Treasurer 23 Basketball 3. 43 Baseball 33 Band 1, 33 Chorus 1, 2, 3, Octette 43 Judging 39 School Daze 43 State Geometry Contest 23 State Latin II'Contest 3. VUAYNI2 KI.l2lEh1AN Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 43 FFA 4g Basketball 3. 43 Track 3, Baseball Student Manager 43 judging 43 'frrtllemle 33 Florian 4. RICHARD RussIaLL KUNS Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4. Chaplain 43 FFA 1, 23 4-H 1, 2, 3. 4, Health and Safety Leader 23 Booster Club 3, 4g Bas- ketball lg Track 33 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Chorus 1. 2, 3, Octette 3. 43 judging 1. 2, 3, State Contest 23 Tazltlelale 33 School Daze 43 Florian 33 Achievement Trip 3. BILL LANTZ Hi-Y 4g FFA 2, 3, 43 4-H 2, 3, 4, Demonstration Con- test 2, 33 Judging 3, 4. GORDON MCCAIN Student Council 13 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Sergeant-at-Arms 33 FFA 1, 2, 3, 4, Sergeant-at-Arms 2, 3, Treasurer 43 4-H 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 1, 2, 3, 43 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 43 judging 1. 2, 3, 4, State Contest 33 Taillemle 33 Florian 3, 43 County 4-H Corn Yield Champion 4. ELAINE MCDANIEL Class Treasurer 2, Secretary 33 Sunshine 1, 2, 3, 4, Pianist 2, 43 Booster Club 3. 43 Chorus 1, 3, 4, Oc- tette 43 Tazrlemle 33 Florian 3. 4, Associate Editor 4. ROBERT L. MCLAUGHLIN Class President 2, 4, Vice President 1, 33 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, President 4, Vice President 3, Treasurer 23 FFA 1, Treasurer 13 4-H 33 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 33 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 43 Band 13 judging 1, 2, State Con- test 23 Talllemle 33 Florian 43 Hoosier Boys' State 33 Rotary Award 13 Algebra Contest 13 State Latin Con- test 2, 3, Second Place 2, First Place 3. GARY LEE MINNIX Hi-Y 1. 2. 3, 45 FFA 2. 3. 4: 4-H 2, 3. 43 BOOSKCI' Club 45 Chorus 1. 2. 3. 45 judging 2, 3, 45 Tafllelale 35 School Daze 3, 4. CORA JANE PARRETT Sunshine 1. 2, 3, 45 Booster Club 35 School Daze 3, 4. LINDA RIZPPERT Class Treasurer 45 Sunshine 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 35 4-H 1, 2, Treasurer 1. Vice President 25 Booster Club 3, 45 Cheerleader 45 Chorus 1, 3, 45 Tatllemle 35 Flo- rian 3. 4. MARTIN RINEHART Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Chaplain 25 FFA 1, 2, 3, 4, President 45 4-H 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2. 3, 45 Track 1, 2, 3, 45 judging 1. 2, 3. 4, State Contest 35 School Daze 35 Florian 45 Rotary Award 2, 3. MARX' EILEN RYAN North Side High School, Fort XX'ayne, 1, 2, 35 Sunshine 45 Booster Club 3, 45 Cheerleader 45 Chorus 1, 2, 45 Florian 4. MARJORIE LOUISE SCHENCK - Sunshine 1, 2, 3, 45 Booster Club 35 School Daze 2, 3, 4. CONNIE SHOFF Sunshine 1. 2, 3. 45 4-H 1, 2, 3. 4, Recreational Leader 2, Health and Safety Leader 3, News Reporter 45 Booster Club 3, 45 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 judging 1, 2, 3, 4, Grand Champion Poultry 35 Tailletale 35 School Daze 4. JERRY LEE SHOFF Hi-Y 1, 2. 3, 45 FFA 1, 2, 3, 4, Sergeant-at-Arms 45 4-H 1. 2, 3. 45 Booster Club 3, 45 Basketball 15 Track 2, 35 Chorus 1, 2, 35 judging 1, 2, 3, 45 Tatllemle 3. ii ""1-of RUBY MARIE SIMMONS Carrollton High School 1, 2, Sunshine 1, 2, 3, 4, FHA 2, 4-H 1, 2, 3, 4, Song Leader 1, Recreational Leader 1, 2, Vice President 2, junior Leader 3, 4, Booster Club 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, Polly Put flue Kellle O12 1. DONALD W. SPITLER Student Council 2, 3. 4, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, FFA 1, 2, Sergeant-at-Arms 2, 4-H 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 4, Student Manager 3, Baseball 1, 2, 4, Band 1, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 3, Octette 3, Judging 1, 2, 3, State Contest 1, 2, 3, Tazlletale 3, School Daze 4, Florian 3. VETOII. SUE WARREN Sunshine 1, 2, 3, 4, Booster Club 3, 4, School Daze 3, Florian 4, Variety Show 2. MARX' E, WEST Burlington High School 1, 2, 3, Sunshine 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 11, 2, People Are Funny 3, School Daze 4. DICK WILSON Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Song Leader 3, FFA 1, 2, 3, 4, Re- porter 3, Vice President 4, Basketball 1, Band 1, 2 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, Judging 1, 2, 3, Tatllelale 3, Flo: rian 4. NORMA JOAN WINGARD Sunshine 1, 2, 3, 4, 4-H 1, 2, 3, Booster Club 3, 4, Band 1, Talllelale 3, School Daze 3, 4. MRs EFFIE DOUGLAS L-,,, A Sponsor 3 4. A "' Jumors 4" H ,X I -If ll! jerry Garrrson Pre ffdent Q-4 Sandra Cook Vzre Prewdent Nancy Crook Seneiary Bxll Kearns Trenfurer Bob Adams jerry Ayres Janet Berkey Lrbby Carter Richard Chamberlam Dean Day Norma Dunkm M-air Jens Elkenberry Carole Esserman Ronald Jenkms Charles Landxs Chnstme Moore Carolyn Murphy Dons O Kelly Bernadrne Patrrclx Kenneth Peterson Paulme Peterson Janrce Qurnn Frances Rennck Jo Ann Rrggle Sue Shope Rrchard Tobras Frances Voorhees Lmda Welland Dan Young Dale Zmn Harold Thompson Spomor Mufmg Gary Langston, Larry Pressler, Glen Pxtzer 55 1, 0 We L L! lg? I ' ' 25 'fax ll I 1 i a 7 ' sf 1 e , C' f. I -5 M ., f , 24 si 3 Y N N if y .f e' . ' ' 4 - , . Y .1 32 35 ' ' R 5 " 4 f is-:fi I ,,': ' a o Q ' r"" f . . ,. vs llr. g A , ' ' .' rj' , ,Gigi ML, . . .. ,-,' y ,f . . g ' ' J K 5,3 f L 3: g, , 4, L lay f ' ...fy , A VW ,Eli 21,1 K 7 f I If F I I Q 'Z -Pm ICN 3 ,,. -'gy -C Em 'I -ln V? L ophomores Robert Ryan IJlf'fld6"7If Nancy XY71lS0l'l Vice Pzemluzt Sharon Garrlson Sefretmy 41 wail 56 Je, , ' A My 1. .1 Blll Shaffer Tn :vnu fanc Adams Max Allen jerry Berlcey Frances Burnham Joe Clava Son Gerald Clmgenpeel Donald Colllns Soma Coolc Mary Ann Crrpe Wrlma Dxsmger Buddy Jacl-.son Madonna jordan Murray Langston J B Looney james Lyon Carolyn Marley Georgra McK1nley Louanne McKinley Tom McK1nley Raymond Murphy Carolyn Popeyo Marlon Rrggle Jr Marthena Schenclx Nancy Schmeb Mary jo Scott Mary jo Thompson Larry Ward Huey Wnles Leslre Ray Span V+ .501 P L' Vi A 'fx l' G4 - .L ' -L 1 5 " ' ""' "3 :Q 7 M. ' A ' y Ti! -'R I Lg ' . J X 16' ull 'J . 3 L 4 r x- K - I . or N a P'-' C gc ,K .bl', , r V - L. ' 1'-2 , 'F X L 1 ' 1 :CQ In T , H ' Y Q y ' , ., X y r rl f L... al L' lr L ' - lu., , 4,72 'Ta .ha I 3 y 5 W L V ' , 1 Q , ' L kai .' MQ' .wr Freshmen '4 is Uv. N 095' Margaret Sturdrvant Pre frdezzr 'Mr 'H Richard Murray Vice Prerzdent Domta Peterson Serrelary ,.. Tom DeV1nney Treamrer Edvsm Angle Arlan Banes Molly Brshop Joyce Burton Brlly Calhoun Harold Craft Mary jane Crook jerry Fouts Nancre Garnson Ted Garrrson Jerry jenkms jrm Krrkpatrrck Marcra Langston B1lly Rae Looney Brenda McK1nley Pat Meade Beverly Mocherman Joseph Edvun Moon Dean Peterson Deanna Pressler Creta Bell Reef Bonnre Remck Beverl artha Schnepf mons Frreda Stephenson Drck Stonebraker Wnlla Dean Tyra Carol jane West john Rlchard Wrles Billy Joe Young Davrd Reeve Sponmr 13 1 '3' 'wr f"" L" 2 an -1+ li 'iw --Y' 3 ' YI.. I Mmmg Irrs Dawn Flora X X 'L "' 2 :L ' K+ ' - - - n U .. 7' ' K . 'Q . Kg Y' l X, A -in -'f ti as ' da. R y r , ry H Q x L N 'r N - X . .0 , I s -I l I it x ,. s ' R44 r 5 e ' rf L 1 L I all ,' I Q , .Q 1 s V I . I Y, I :F , , . A I N A I 'll Mil R ' k 6 1 . s 4. 1' ff e X 1 X Y We - ff? 4' . , 3 I .ax K ,i z '92 f . mf J 6 "'7 AL 'PT , t A r 9-lx x K ' R-xx ' 1, l , N T, A ' ' - ' V ' QT 4:2 5' .5 1 4 2 - "l if M 4 ' R ' ,lx ir' X A ..' ' .... N. K . ' s -0 7' Q :V liz ft a r' X XX .I L ' e L Rh ' .Ex l ' ' 9.3 ' 'J R' 'Q 5 , Y , 4 , 57 1 -1 Carol Bordner Vue Prendcm Ned Parrett Senemrg 45 1 iw ' NA. Ezghth Grade :er - Bobby johnson 'lvefrmw Ilm Barnes Q Brlly Bcnefrcl Merlin Berkcy Runella Blocker jerry Burns Launa Carter Darrell Chapm in Betty Clem fredtlne Collms I-hrolclC0ll1ns Don Craft Charles Dunham Nancy Fller erry Enirngen -' Kenneth Flora Rodney Lee Flon Rodney Paul Flor jane Ann jones Bonnrc Sue Landes Sue Ellen Landls Gene Lantz Blll McDaniel Gemldlne Moore james Mosrer Gary Mullendore 2 judlth Northcutt Barbara Prrtts Beverly Prrtts Shlrley Rlncllc 'Q 'Q UO:- jeanette Slfqles Rebecca Smrth Joyce Stayer Carl Wfagonel Sally XY ataon Matlonnx XX'h1st Ll Harold XY'h1tfrLltl Duk XX rlcox Kerth XY rlson Imogene X ounp, 'P MW Young., ber lltllne Kennedy Sfmufw i Mlrrlrlg Ronald Brower Orvllle Reed PYEJIJFIII JlI'l1-1-Olll90I'I 0' . Y 4 ' I 4 ..x x v 'FJ' C A ' ,Q , E. R at r a W A . 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Connie Mullendore, William Nuetzel. F if th Grade Front ww: Kent King, Kay Young, Mary Ann Young, Alan Lee Gish, Margaret'Schenck. Cloey Carter, Steve Boller, Patricia Guilfoyle. Carol Mullendore. Harlan Miller. Jill Flora. Sharon Ensinger, Marie McCaw. Second faux' Dana Hutson, W'endy Briggs, Mary Jane Burns. Geneva Gallien, Charles Snider. Phyllis Flora, Tom Groninger, Joyce Hall, Castyle Fouts, Christine Lauderdale, Ted West. Jackie Mullendore, Junior Lucas. Madonna Eller, Joyce Hollis, Dale Peterson, Kenneth Lehman. Third four Betty Mills. Malcomb Looker, Vallorie Chapman, Richard Allen, Janice Benefiel, Pat Hallam, Beverly Kinzer, Brian Reppert, Angela Flora, Ronnie Heffner, Julia Reclmon. Jimmy McKinley, Peggy Reppert, Gale Kinzie, Judy NX'ils0n. Bark wuz' Mrs. Betty McCormick, James Helvie. Charles Benefiel, Wayne Weiler, Joe Hayes. Fourth Grade Fr-fm! rouf: Gloria Garrison, Ralph Maxwell, joy Beamer, Billy Root, Nancy Wagaman, Ned Guyer, Ellen Chapman, Harry jones, Connie Blackburn, Ronnie Sibray, jo Ann Cripe, Car- olyn Tyra. Serond mum' Danny Bishop, jon Smith, Mary Lou Schnepf, Bobby Crispen, Penny Thomson, Gary Matson, Patty Ginn, joe Collins, LeAnn Reppert, Stanley Evans, Fannie Moore, Robert Grau, Sharon Dunham, Myron Neff, Sharon Gallien. Third wuz' Bobby Moore, Carolyn Spear, Larry Hughes, Ramona Pearson, Tommy Langston, Suzanne King, john Whipple, Patsy Collins, Ann Guckien, Charles Helvie, Noreen Hallam, jim Wason, Linda McDaniel, jimmy Sturdivant. Bark faux' Mrs. Edith Chapman. Paul Miller, Martin Trent, Dennis Robertson. joe Spurgeon. Mrs. Freda Eller. Mifrirzgs Alan Ayres. Third Grade Fran! 1'014'.' David Schnieb, Chet Riggle, Henry Sampson, Pam Segraves, Dona Tinsman, Sandra Allen, Rosalene Flora, Mike Gibson, jimmy Matson, jerre Shanks. Serwzd roux' Tommy Clark, jane jenkins, james Austin, Leann Skiles, Carl Moore, Shirley Wagoner, David Whipple, Louann Neff, Darrell Hoffman, Delores Daniel. jimmy Whistler, Sharon Weiland, Carl Tillson, Christine Barnes. Third faux' jan Harmon, jimmy Eller, Judith Snider, john Hayes, Sue Flora, Jeffrey Stone- braker, Billy Hallam, Marilyn Patrick, Edwin Chapman, Wanda Kelly, George Wetzel, Judy Mullendore, Freddie Wheeler, Connie Hughes. Burk four Mrs. Mary Wise, Miss Mary jane Harter. Mhffingx Joyce Clark, Sue Lovvorn, Nelline Spear, Sarah Hall, Harold Crumpacker. . , , K J 'I DCIS , acl L9 5, ov X- V r ...I Second Grade Fwrzz wuz' Mark McCaw, Ronnie W'ard, Phillip Briggs. Charles Hendrickson. janet Wfagaman. john McKinley, judy Clingenpeel. Larry Young, judy Allbaugh, Richard Skiles, Bette Voor- hees, jimmy Myer. Serena' 7'01l'.' Charles Hamilton, Henry Robertson, Carl XX'hitfield, Dana Randall, Carolyn Ginn, Sue Wetzel, Terry Reef, Carolyn Burns, Earl Gallien. Karen Trent, Mickey Gill. Sue Root, Linda Lucas, james Pennington, johnny Ayres, Danny Dunham, Barbara Bunch, joe Barnes. Third mum' Gary Carr, Grandville Tyra, Shirley Benefiel, Paulette Ellis, Dixie Hallam, Barbara Lauderdale, Rose Trent, Kathy Haan, Peggy Collins. Gordon Fife, David Chapman. Bill XX'ason, David Reeve. jerry Chaffin. jeff Brim, Bobby Surface. jimmy Payne. .Bark faux' Mrs. Bessie Yunker, Mrs. Virginia Wilson. First Grade - Mrs. Dyson Fmnz 7'0ll'.' Marsha Zinn. Bobby Miller. Pamela Thomson. Bobby W'ard. Lynn Shields, Charles Sylvester, Sue Price. Serond row: jane XY'ilson, johnny King. Ann Moore, jean Myers. Geraldine W'hite. jane Leiter, Christine Wagoner, johnny Reppert. jane Patty, Tommy Matson. Tlllfd ww: Wally Reeve. Marcia Pearson, Bradley Mullendore, jimmy Keyes, Betty Lucas. Bobby Perigo, Arlene Smith, Billy Warnick, Kenlyn Knapp. Max Langston, Dorise Tunnel! Harold Sturdivant. i Bark faux' Mrs. Violet Dyson. Mi.rring: Larry jenkins, Meredith Maxwell, Libby King. Peggy Kirkpatrick. Mary jane Lovvom. Debra 515500, Virginia Spear, Marcia Ann Trapp. Virginia Rhodehamel. 2 1 5 5 l First Grade - M rs. Schooler Front row: Carol Christiansen, Jimmie Fisher, Jean Carr, John Angle, Diane Duff. Alan Herndon. LaVaun Helvie, Donald Beatty, Judy Gallien. Second row: Roger Clingenpeel, Darlene Allen, Gregory Hoffman, Nancy Brower, Millard Ray Clark, Margaret Bunch, Billy Hufford, Jeanne Gibson, Kurt Harmon, Karen Garrison, Donald Ellis, Martha Livingston. Third row: Stanley Clem, Joquietta Campbell, Dennis Cripe, Karen Baxter, Johnny Crook. Rebecca Hintz, Michael Colvin, Janis Harmon. Ruth Collins. John Austin. Cheryl Barker. Bark: Mrs. Martha Schooler. Mifring: Janice Cripe. Resume Pictures invitations, thank you cards all looked like big dollar signs to Dad as he viewed his senior offspring! As for the seniors, there were days of decisions, accom- plishments, disappointments, happiness, and anticipation. They were hardly able to wait for the day of days! Then suddenly came the awakening with a jolt, "Where do I go from here?" The juniors' first successful endeavor was a play entitled "Teen Time." They had scarcely recuperated from this when their English teacher suggested that, to obtain the proper credit, there was a small matter of a research theme to be handed in. Now they were engaged in a great mental struggle, testing whether this class or any class so tor- mented and baffled could long endure. While the juniors were giving their last full measure of devotion, sophomores were all smiles-those big-hearted, happy sophomores who were created for the purpose of mak- ing freshman initiations as distasteful as possible! The poor little freshmen dressed with care to show their appreciation and loyalty to the lofty sophomores. As they walked down the hall, one who listened very closely could hear them singing "My Buddy." Truly, this has been a memorable year. When the participants have grown old and de- crepit, they will still recall its outstanding events and accomplishments. 63 N. QQ K M -f-1-. f is I nl?-W X G 1 pf?-ef' X 1 mi Q M 'Q Q-ny. 21- +2 if B I Q Tyr M D CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES for a SUCCESSFUL CAREER +o Ihe CLASS OF I954 FLCRA CABINET CO I AMBULANCE D AV N BUDROW HARDWARE CO The S+ore of QuaIl+y ITE 5-9 CARTER 5 P BOTTIED GAS V FUNERAL HOME Flora Indiana FLORA INDIANA I I . 3 Ov- 5 - 5 O 1' U If ,i 1 I 4 -A " Xu A Y i 5 YIADI Mill u rrlbr . errirf' . I O K BARBER SHOP F ora McKmIey Tolen HANAWAY PLUMBING 81 HEATING d MFG 81 SALES CO Phone 3 080I Fora Youre HEALTH 4, 9, N 1 BEFIJZEINESS DRL! 6 Wm NOBLE PHARMACY Phone I9 I X PIONEER coRN co INC E The Dependable Hybrids r e 43 Flora 244 6 5 I a I, A I 0 Premier Oil and Coal Furnaces Ki i"lel'I CBBIHBIS Sylvania an Supplieg O. H ZINN Cleaning Furnaces FI a, Indiana Phone 377 ' I 0 Q T 4, G I I I J 1 E, K Q' I ' "' al o X I ' ' 3 e 2' r ' I+ Pays +o Trade Wi+h D. E. CRIPE 81 CO. FIora's Deparimeni Sfore serzvacef OCSJU D 6 IS OUR f f FIRST 1 THOUGHT ' D A Ga rrlson Dealer GRAIN AND FERTILIZER Flora Phones I30 or I28W FLORA BRINGHURST ROAD Congrafulahons Semors Hoosler Democrat CARROLL S LARGEST CIRCULATED NEWSPAPER Redmon s Mom Pharmacy ON THE CORNER Fora Phone 62 Phone 372 STAYER S FLORA INDIANA E M JORDAN BUSINESS SERVICE BUSINESS SYSTEMS AUDITING Phone 309 305 V e Sf Flo in on T . . 1 ll I TV SERVICE L. E. Jordan 304 . ain S+. in . ra, Indiana U 0 62 551166 . the 6562 M41 "' . ' Ch2Peau Crea exclusiveness of mxmdg Qi Stimulating Song The - sing i . - .1 igf' A rfu . . ics original es e these won e -' il . 1 hav 111 Y Women mas - for fillings' espn ells 0,5 sryllng unit that S demanding Sayc A B C handles? Thi with Safety of its sell-Onslgm - se edu cuscomefsb . ' "T" -'QQ' A 'A x fig? If your sales force is stymied by static fixtures in your present line, switch to SAYCO . . . the line of brass they can demonstrate. Then watch the difference in sales and profits. " POSITIVE IDENTIFICATION mes hef Illustrated-Sayco s Decatur on Il" ccl with Rain Kwee The illustration above pictures Sayco's No. AJ-308-R Decatur Diverter . . . the ideal safety unit for Hotels, Motels, Apartments and homes.The A B Cline handles can be provided on all Sayco built-in bath, shower and lavatory units. Q Qqfi COMPLETE LINE 11 I 401, :Q H '99 SCHOOL suPPuEs if Q, U EA KL VARIETY STORE Congra'rulahons Sensors' J R MCLAUGHLIN MD Lumbe Laih Sh gle Doors Lme Plasier Prepa ed Roof ng S nce l905 VOORHEES LUMBER COMPANY Fora Farm Loans Real Esfafe Insurance The Jordan-Lane Agency CHARLES L. JORDAN WILBUR LANE 0 Q we of TOQFQ' L We HAFFNER's f 1-'Qu' U ' ff ..- 51" I A D BISHOP Attorney ol' Low Semors' 59517 FLORA INDIANA Momle Kennedy Nursing Home 404 Sou'I'I'1 Cenfer FLORA INDIANA Phone 234 BOW KNOT BEAUTY SHOP Mrs Harry Cree Proprlefor I05 W Maple Srreei Flora. Indiana Phone 267 we Iii i GUCCI Luck' If B, .fgflz-Xxx, Tlres Gasolme BaHerres Greasmg Washing LANDIS AND ELLER A Zook Mfg C0 a+ +he Brmghursi' GENERAL REPAIR AND WELDING TRUCK BODIES BUILT AND REBUILT Flora Phone 804 L In Flgra INDIANA A sl-IEAGLEY CONDENSED MILK CO FIora Indiana Barber BRINGHURST INDIANA , X ., , .. ,. ,,, ,'.-.-.-.5.,.,-,-,- 'f ,dsx A h .N L - .,h.,.,.,.L .,., ,. , ...., . . . .. . ... ., , .-.,,. e.- . .- .- - "-.' fd-lx' ""' rv "4.,1t1:1.'-1f"1-:' -ew ' " XJ I 1' '-. ' "'Pff?2E1:1 .-:'t5:7:1i:E-.'1-".-'?-I5Zf'f:i:ffI55-lailfzlzf"'2:f:2:5i.-"I--SES? 'dp -" uf - f ' -' "-'z-'15"-fi' .gag-, . 'N 'g:f3,.5:.g:3:gtyg2.1-Q-iff:-Q-Ig.,,'g:g:,:g.j,1:,:,rg.,.'-rg.:-ag V- .-1:1-fjigfei' so , .. A . Vx --,Q-74 53:15, -1 , . 3:25221 ' I In ,Z ff '?Ef6:7:7a1t.:S:F'5i::21'11:!:2".-:Cf-2,.-f'L-:-.-:?'41.1:L'.f"J:ixr:2. --I-I-?+Z:A-Z-2-fw'-:fr-.-.u-24-'-:-,1-:-2':'1'4-. 'dw Y" pf' 0 I .,.:-arg. I .gf-4, A - , a:f:e:1f'1:ffA:-1-'-1"w-1-As:AQ-:fair-1-zum.,ms::f:5sff-ww:-:rf-11:-ffl."2:1f?:-:-1:21:44Az1:1::"'-'2-'-i5f'.l-A-f--If.-11251 1.32, KZ. 1:-X - -.:.: , 9 J 'L F. Z . ' A ff: I' Z: F I ,ff ,- . , gl f I xx ,5,L57 ,Z 5. ,jf ll.-,.,:,.g':'..,, ','.'4. A . - .-1:6 - DUNKIN'S FOOD MARKET Home of Monarch Finer Foods L M CHITTICK 81 CO John Deere Qualify Farm Equlpmenf Anhydrous Ammoma 82 Nlfrogen A N PETE DENTON Cusfom Work of All Kinds Sephc Tanks Cleaned Tree Trlmmlng and Removing FLORA INDIANA B 4 Harkin Produce Brmghurs+ U G UD H NAWAY N PRINTINAG COMPANY PLUMBING Phone 52 N Ce 'Ie r dana 5 smunnno VON A. BURTON CLARK HOME Phone 249 Flora, Indiana 8: AUTO SUPPLY ora Phone I94 gettw 740464 Appliances TGIGVISIOH SPARKS 8: JORDAN FLORA Phone 630I HUMES 81 MUMMERT Dealers nn J I Case Machunery Ll++Ie Glanl' Elevalors Flora I d P CLINTON CANDY CO Wholesale Dlslrlbufor Candy Gum Novelhes HAWKINS BODY SHOP Body and Fender Repaurnng Au+o Pamhng SIITIODIZIFIQ LUMAN HAWKINS Prop E Ma :sow hw JOHN S OAKS Flora Induana BRIGHT NATIONAL BANK II' s Square M mbe FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION FEDERAL RESERVE BANK Flora Indiana X . , n iana hone 30 Franlcforl, Indiana Phone 6I I9 ' I 803 . In Phone - ffl Il I ll lllllll e r H' Was a Pleasure fo Make fhe PICTUTSS for 'l'he I954 Florian RAB ESS STU DIO Logansporl' GOOD LUCK AND BEST WISHES, STUDENTS! ' YES' Dole s Cafe ON THE CORNER 9 cnwetldmwww SENIORS OF l954 Andrew Jackson A Lnes o msunso CARTER 8. PEARSON AGENCY x V f - X I Y i if V 'I ' lsr f E ' N Ea+ af I Con ra+ula+ions, Seniors! BU W . G. A. You Will Always Find Everyday Low Prices af "Your Friendly Flora Si'ore" Flora, Indiana Phon 325 II i f Wm by TO GREATER VALUES Real EsI'a+e Insurance ancI Loans FLORA 8: BISHOP FLORA INDIANA COLLINS TRANSFER CO Garrnson s Local and Long D1s+ance Movmg Groceries and Mea+s ACROSS THE STREET OR ACROSS THE NATION LOCKER PLANT I I1 Flora Dep Phone 86 Phone I83 Baf+erues T res Radvos Lel te r Refr era? and Fee s 'Q or I ze' Funeral Home AUTOMOTIVE AND RADIO SPECIALISTS C E Stouse Duck and BIII Phone 30I L O 0 ' 5' XA' AI II ,lf I I' ff f . I . I . . . WEST SIDE DRIVE IN 8: MOTOR SERVICE Drlve nn and See Us DeVlnney s Phone 55 J Phone 5 Enloy NORTHCUTT S BeHer Pro+ec'hon 'For Your Busmess Home and Car a'I' Lowesi' Cos? STOUT INSURANCE AGENCY CARROL L sTouT Flora Indiana Phone 3 880I LOUDON PRINTING CO INC Flora lndlana CARROLL COUNTY S LARGEST COMMERCIAL PRINTERS gl Vgwkfyffuf ,A lwffafwff 4115 Ze TO VISIT RETHERFORD 81 CO For Good Food - I - 5-W Ice Cream TheaI're B.uiIding if - .I . Y Crumpacker Poultry Processing Plant WE BUY SELL DRESS AND DELIVER Camden F ora 54 F I89 R Better Values in Men's and Boys' Furnishings and Shoes Julius Clothing Store FLORA INDIANA CASSELL LUMBER CO Lumber and Building Supplies WARD CASSELL Prop P- Bringhurst Indiana Flora I28J - - I I I - . I . I . 1 . 1. , 4 'I . 1 ' I 1 ' I .z 9 I Lys' W fr "' VM' wi'-4 - ' .' r.,., , -- , '5,.,wf,L4wQfww55z4Q. 5 4- 1 , l ' ' N x . 1 . , 5. 0 o 0 : , . ' I X - I , , '-..-'K . Y. fel, , . . . I - D X SERVICE Car Truck Tracior Tlres and Tubes E W ESSERMAN Phone 202 F ora CLAWSON S REGAL STORE Phone 22 I Congrafulahons Sensors' A sooo PLACE TO auv eooo Fooo DR C N WILSON DENTIST Flres+one Goodyear Ind a Congrafulahons +0 Our Fu'rure Clhens WAYNE LOAN CORPORATION WAYNE DISCOUNT CORPORATION u I I n o 0 I . , I I o . I o ll o 4 o mf ' I n u Shlror Poultry 81 Feed Co ORA F SHIRAR Owner Dns+rlbu+ors of Murphy Feeds and Swuffs Ferhllzers se VIG O RAY CONCENTRATE For Poulfry CUT COST CONCENTRATE SURE PAY MINERALS For Healfh and Profri Phone 2 800l Flora Indlana U For Live Sfock State Farm Ins nce Companies VI All Types of Au'I'omobuIe Lufe and Fare Insurance ! Q I EF--I MORRIS W CLEM ' Phone 806 L International er 1' New Idea DEALER Used and New Aufomobiles DICK SANBURN FISHER MOTOR SALES Sporfing Goods F R I DI N LO A' N A A KOKOMO, INDIANA Lyman D. Fisher Phone 20I E IX . .P,. ,.,-.-.-- i --"4"-"" , se, I jg nnfs'NS'4 I vi . It I II - I S- QASSQ- L I 0 - I S .I I I.III o I In E iff-Y.-'f-'ffl '.-'-"' s I! - ' I 1" 4' I Flora Elevator WE SERVE TI-IE FARMER Manufaclurers of GREEN TREE FEEDS GraIn Seed Feeds Good Coal FLORA INDIANA PHONE 49 DGVIS ond Prlmmer PAINT AND WALLPAPER STORE ln+erIor Decorahng The Way You Lllxe ll' FLGRA INDIANA Q., C Phone 378 Glen Slxbey Leroy Reames 'E FLORA SAW MILL CC PHONE 37 EI.oRA INDIANA I , , W JJ Zfzgku Zmzezq Wham Cusfom Bu+chermg of Beef Hogs and Sheep fi Processung and Curlng N -Nj Meaf Marker and Grocery W DOUGLASS AND SONS '95 T 7 PHONE 68 FLORA INDIANA Fmesi Qualliy Jewelry F K SISSON FLORA INDIANA FLORA PRODUCE CO Flora Indiana ROTH FORD SALES LOWERY INSURANCE AGENCY FIRE AND WIND INSURANCE O H me YOU VE TRIED THE REST NOW BUY THE BEST AUTO INSURANCE O E y P ymen+ Flora Phone 296 A Y A96 D 0 Phone 820I Flora, Indiana I . twgnllllurnlll' li Y A Q, 1 f tl 0 l I I , ' 1 , f 7 , Qfzr .ve g I .milfs - . Qifgktzrm, qrffj f i iN 65? f Q if x f - ' T, -'X -l",t I I l H I n Town and Farm o s ll n as a s For n river r Car SISSON BEAUTY SHOP Glfts 203 E Ma St eet FLORA MRS EVA SISSON Propruetor Phone 3 8702 5"e'9aS SMITH coNsTRucTloN co Hardware Slnce l9l2 FLORA INDIANA DAY s HARDWARE Phone 28 l Orlgmators of THE KOFFEEMAKER KADDY Flora lnda a Box I 25 Telephone IOI I When Better Durocs Are Bred We Wall Breed Them The Rinehart Brothers FLORA INDIANA PHONE I I l . . I McCormick Manufacturing Co U in Mann Chevrolet, Inc Flora Incllana BUICK CHEVROLET Brrm Gravel Co WASHED Flora Theatre The Besl In Enlerlammenl TRANSIT MIX CONCRETE Flora Phone 368 FLORA PRODUCE HATCHERY Home of Good Chucks SAND, GRAVEL, ROCK ,-, Meef Your Friends Lee School Supply aI 'he THEATRE COFFEE SHOP ESTHER FLORA, Prop. 2I Soufh 4+h S+ree+ TERRE HAUTE, INDIANA We Exfend Our Hearfy Thanks fo fhe I954 FLORIAN ADVERTISERS They Would Apprec afe Yo Pafro age right ln the bottle K Coke IS oi its delmous best when served no cold Keep it In the I ur n I O " 0 0" Il s flgllfll' fro Q-mar , U C I O C ' 0 coldest spot in your refrigerator. .- IOYHID UNDII AUYNOIIYY Ol IRI COCA CCI! COIOYANY IY A 747141-nada Yunoo T vLol Yuuoon Conv D QA There were times we thought we wouldn't, But we finally got it done. It took a lot of effort, But we had a lot of fun. Here it is . . . We hope you like it!!! THE FLORIAN STAFF M .sm .., X .bn ww. N-" N. ?'S?'sXX . X ffficff .fi .1 :L-Q 1.4 , 4, , Lx, wi' xv, , ...M sf'-f aj." 'f'f-3? lf., wr,-j. IL", if , al Xfi- V .K . Q Hx' . E115 r tt. r. 11, 5' ff 2543 jf!! LEA 4 ,, ffiff, ' :SE ,Q R 'I A n 2 I Q f 1 . i, za. L-X-.X X 5lvVy iJ,., ,fl 1,-,!!.'l.l,l 5,1 ,i , I ., xxxxuzflgxglpfr M14 xg. my -ax wx .V I - 1- ,fx K5-iryfc-1. wal- V , W - -i:Li1.y.,: .1 ,Q-,.:. ', ,, '- , . ., Q, ,-3 Vx X w' , ' '31, '.,,1 -5y.Q.?'fv"'f 5 , X.-N 2 '. .A A' mfg.: ,N ,X Aa. . '-Q , , . .. .J P x ,- ,ff af". "',,.-'R' N N A X ,rf X SSI." -., "-I N-N . gf , I 2 5 bg Xl xg-f x -N X-.X X X xxxn N X :SX . 1 1 f K v

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