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A. C. F LORA HIGH SCHOOL COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA MARK COPLAN EDITOR CATHERINE HAMMOND BUSINESS MANAGER I , " H , , - nf 1 .J . , . ff I , , , vf V v", ,fi f A fu ,f I I, ,yffff fi' ' X f ff K 1 A Tk IQ64 I FJiCOW Prologue Myriad faces and voices, near and far away, ever-changing and never-changing, distinct and indistinguishable, but all swelling into a grand crescendo of hope and life and ambition- and all having a common denominator: our experiences, our friendships, the heartthrobs and exaltations that have enriched our lives . . . the close bonds of friendship meaning so much more than is outwardly apparent . . . the breakthrough of repressed anxieties revealed in an echoing roar after the vital extra point is kicked . . . the lone, throbbing sound of a type- writer reaching far into the night . . . bits and pieces of "almost memories"-vague remi- niscences-producing a whole. This then is Flora-1964-our ways, our ideas, and ourselves. It will be a year long remembered but never quite duplicated. It is the Flora we have loved and the Flora we have ahatedf, It reflects our ultimate goals, desires, ideals-the striving always for the better . . . for the higher. It is a season in our life that will always be . . . A TIME WORTH HEMEMBERING. Campus Life ' aculty ' 22 C!ClSSQS ' Cf7V7f7QS 5 8 Sporfs 1 18 Beaufies ' I44 DQC1I7.Cdf7.OW The devotion of a school to a successful coach is always a powerful thing. In james Wannie Pinkerton, A. C. Flora has such a coach, and its devotion to him is correspondingly strong. And yet there exists here something more than a de- votion, it is a very real feeling of awe and respect for a man. One can sense it as the student body rises like a wall of sound while a stocky man walks from the wings and steps easily onto the platform. One can see and hear it in the turned heads and covered whispers as that man walks through the halls or into a classroom. And, in the dimly lit confines of a half-time locker room, one can almost touch it-so deeply is it etched on each strained, sweating face. And so it is that the FALCON Staff, with a deep sense of pride and respect, dedicates this, the 1964 FALCON, to- Mr. fumes lvannie Pinkerton IVWL, r- ' .AM "WX 'wwf W .pu f I Marx Sm' 3, w.,.4 N - + . , ,N eg . NU. . . , : - 4, QQ: Q, www., ,W a X I if 3 . xx NN xdw ss 5 1 Q N N X . X, Q if R Q N X X Q ,Q M 8 X, Q Q is xxx SS v X +35 , S fix ' is , A . S4 .. x HP 9 A RNS , .A . Ll 1- .L ..,. . . -y. 5 L . - ',g:4',g?fb 'f Q 7 ee Q 43 fi Ei iii A m X f f A STS? S Ff x , f . 3 I fasting of victory Fall . . . the season of a clean slate . . . brown, bare-ribbed trees surrounded by oceans of red and yellow . . . a beginning . . . the sound of three bells calling to crowded halls-halls full of giggles, 'Uscuse me,s,,, arguments, promises and then-emptiness-except of course for the few stragglers-always the stragglers . . . the strengthening of old ties-the shaping of new . . . senior pictures at Alt-Lee . . . Pinkerton,s boys practicing every afternoon . . . the slamming' and jamming of lockers . . . 9 , raffle tickets, candy sales-even lightbulb sales . . . Student Council Installation . . . the 'Knewv Winged Press and FALCON drives . . . studying hard- at least for the first two Weeks . . . the daily pulsating sound of the band on Falcon Drive . . . the hushed expectancy of an Honor Society ceremony . . ,.,,..W 'pl N mf! .N-Nszaxxalwii , ,... .-.. - ,. Lv" Sk -Q It 'fa X ' , - . .. - Q -my wolf, fire drills and our Miss Flame chosen prettiest in the city . . . juniors ordering class ringsg Seniors, invitations-the never ending call for money . . . moving crowds, eager talks, hasty plans . . . a PSAT test . . . lack of Senior privileges and a crowded lunchroom . . . t "Here,s to thee dear A, C. Flora . . . and each happy year gone byv . . . Homecoming with its bonfire, tea, sponsors and Key Club float starring Miss Scarlet and Blue-tears, laughter, victory and a dance . . . Key Club and Anchor Club tapping ceremonies-a gentle smile, a firm handshake . . . empty bleachers until a fervid crowd gives them life . . Beat Dreher and spirit Water-after school pep rallies, a Hoat, cheerleaders, and of course-a victory . . . a C+ on a Writing paper that should,ve been an A . . . the library-a place that,s not a study hall . . . l pencils pushed across tons of notebook paper . . . yellow chalk scratching dull green blackboard . . . a pause for mourning . . . Thanksgiving baskets and the first real vacation . . . the electric air of a Miss Falcon contest . . . a hint of basketball and Winter-A TIME WORTH REMEMBERING. fin W as 5 E ,l in gawk? W A 2:- H . ... 'f ,M Winter-the season of never-found snow . . . NFL trips to everywhere . . . December 7-the struggling through five hours of a College Board . . . term papers and a hope for no "comma splicesn . . . homeroom parties, gay spirits, and a gentle fire of togetherness--Christmas and a needed rest . . . 1964-and resolutions soon forgotten . . . anxiety . . . worrying for exams, cramming for exams, taking exams, and hoping next semester's will be better . . . fha rus of ClCf7.V1.f7.QS the parking lot-a million cars with a billion stickers . . . elections and electioneering- handshakes, smiles, and a run-oil . . . dismal gray skies and a thin hope for sunshine . . . the "Battle of the Sexesv- the Key Club-Anchor Club kickball game . . . a football banquet starring proud parents . . . the confused look of an underclassman planning for next year's courses . . . the tears of a victory against Dreher and the City Championship . . . the "commotion" before an Honor Society Assembly and "Hold High the Torchv . . . a double header in Greenville and a trip . . . the astronomy class, dream becoming reality-the I. K. Blum Observatory- overlooking the athletic field like a proud, H oriental temple . . . Tuesday Assemblies- 251 . . . the smooth sounds of a Winter Pops Concert . . . "that trip" to New Orleans . . the chemistry experiment that almost Worked . . . the potato chips, doughnuts, and casual conversations of a brisk February mixer . . . English V with a never-ending stream of block assignments . . . Senior English with mixed emotions about Paradzse Lost, junior English with a hope for more grammar, Sophomore English with a plea to get back to grammar . . . Valentine-and a Flora beauty crowned City Queen . . . the incessant search for a book . . . the Rock Hill game in Greenville and the last hurrah . . . a hint of graduation and Spring . . . A TIME WORTH REMEMBERING. I 7 G I8 time to love IIIIIQ Spring-a season of gentle farewells to yesterday . . . sunny hearts and foggy minds . . . the rolicking Faculty Basketball game and the first "MH, Falcon Contest . . . an open convertible in the parking lot blaring "I Want to Hold Your Handf' "She Loves You,', or any other Beatle record to a madras and White duck world . . . an anatomy trip to Charleston . . . for Juniors-the last crack at the NMSQT and that first thrill of Wearing the ring . . . the serene peacefulness of a Morning Watch during Religious Emphasis Week-then Easter . . . the profusion of White dogwoods along Falcon Drive . . . afternoon crowds at a baseball game and a prayer that you'll make it over the bar when it really counts . . . a mass of hamsters, tubes, and crossed fingers-a Science Fair . the beginning of the end-the Senior Banquet . . . the kaleidoscopic atmosphere of an International Day- time to understand . . . a pulled-out shirttail and sockless feet-Dungaree Day . . . humbled by the roots of our culture-the Literary Tour to Boston . . . dreams of Graduation "First Weekv at Pawleys . . . and 'Q QB 'Q - Ki. mug, 4 a time of aching muscles-cheerleader tryouts in session . . . "Little Egyptv and Anchor Antics . . . a Key Club convention in Greensboro . the magic splendor of a Junior-Senior and a goodnight kiss . . . the annual banquet, a red FALCON, and fountain pens running dry . . . another week of little sleep-exams . . . the happiness of a Class Night rehearsal until that night finally arrives then- tears with the Hood of memories . . . the last gathering-Awards Assembly . . . an end to a beginning-Graduation . . "see you in the Fallv . . . a hint of sadness, of joy-a lingering good-by- A TIME WORTH REMEMBERING. nu- 'hvqn fime Worf remem ering ...wa 1 D ICN 4 s' Hd, HHIUI 4 NMFA mu , ., - Nunn, ...Mm 'um' ,. X ., 2-V uegwf Q X i 5 Q 3 W 'N ' n X . X .. N X 011 09:9 v uN04'u'f, ,nav lun f'y 0:8 I 5 .l , ng, on n ,Q 1 ,N M n' U NW 1 u n J ...-W' QW ' wr sin j Q ' li NWS X... .. K A fa.. xv K, X ,Q N X K. czcuffy CIVIC! F Acfm1'n1'Sfraf1'0n Dr. A. C. Flora has been Columbia's most out- standing oflicer in the Held of public education. Recognized as a foremost educator on the city, state, and national level, Dr. Flora has helped our school advance to a position of high prominence. It is our sincere desire that our school may continue to be a living tribute to his dedication and work. Dr and Mrs. A. C. Flora, our guests on many occasions, look over last year's annual. Doctors arn, Flora Lead Educators ln Columbia Entering their home in Columbia, Superintendent Guy L. Vam and Mrs. Varn have time for a picture. To the students at Flora, Dr. Guy L. Varn, Superintendent of the Columbia City Schools, is not only an efficient administrator but a loyal supporter and friend. Above all he has shown a keen interest in raising our academic standards by making all the newest materials available to us. His hard work is inspiring to many. r. I. K. Blum Holds Us To High Ideals Holding fast to the best in the past, but ever mindful of the changes in the present, Mr. I. K. Blum, Principal, inspires students and faculty alike toward the best in the future. His enthusiasm for developing a large number of Merit Scholars is equaled by his concern for the "also-ransf' His oilice is a haven for all confused college-bound seniors. He is readily accessible to uncertain juniors. And his jovial manner has eased the un- certainty of many a sophomore. He is a part of Flora who will never be forgotten. Promptly at 8:30 Mr. I. K. Blum prepares to take charge of all Flora activities. Mr. Blum aids Miss Carolyn Reed, a practice teacher, in the French language lab. Dorothy Sterling a senior, talks with Miss Grace Sease about her next year's college plans. Counseling, guiding and ad- vising students in their efforts to select a college, planning for employment and schedules, and solving personal problems is in essence what Miss Grace Sease, our Assistant Principal, means to all Flora Falcons. But she is more than this-for all who come in contact with her deeply respect and love her. dministration Guides Flora To New Heights Mrs. W. I. Mixson not only serves as an oilice secretary for Mr. Blum and Miss Sease, but she also aids teachers and students with their many requests. Her warmth and friendliness has left a deep impression on all who have known her. Mrs. Mixson listens to a request for another transcript. Mrs. Boulware sends another permanent record through the duplicating machine. Mrs. M. L. Boulware's work in the main office has been invaluable in the efficient management of the school. In her gentle and dignified manner, she has shown us that all teaching is not done in the classroom. ..i?Fl5?'.',Ef???!! ., T Directing all activities for School B are Mrs. R. C. Gilbert, Counselor, and Mr. Ierry Redman, Head Teacher. Mr. W. E. Carson, Head Teacher, and Miss Mildred Brown, Counselor for School A, discuss holiday plans with Mrs. W. E. McKinney. Little School System Proves Unique Mrs. Mary Tweed, School C's Counselor, and Mr. T. W. Stokes, Head Teacher in School C, cross their fingers before trying to run off another test. Mrs. Charles C. Foster and Mr. Raymond L. Coxe, Counselor and Head Teacher of School D, smile as they leave school after a busy day. 27 Discussing the ruins of the Roman Forum with Carla Worthington is Miss Mildred Brown, Head of the Foreign Language Department. Mrs. M. C. jordan, Head of the Com- mercial Arts Department, catches up on her typing in a spare moment. Putting a final touch on the American Education Week Display in School D is Mrs. Charles C. Foster, Head of the English Department. Faculty Members Have Had 28 MR. HUGO C. ALDRICII, A.B., M.A. University of South Dakota University of Maryland Woodwork MR. EDWIN P. ARNOLD, A.B. University of South Carolina German MRS. H. D. ATWATI-JR, A.B. Converse College Spanish MRS. E. E. BAILEY, A.B. Winthrop College English MRS. I. C. BAKER, B.A. Columbia College Mathematics Miss ANN B. Boofm, B.S. University of South Carolina Mathematics MR. C. R. BRASINGTON, B.S. University of South Carolina Physics and Astronomy MRS. C. O. BRIGHT Columbia College Library Clerk NIISS G. MILDRED BROWN, A.B., M.A. University of South Carolina Latin MRS. Q. O. BRUCE, A.B. Winthrop College Mathematics MR. WILLIAM E. CARSON, IR. B.S., M.Ed. University of Tennessee University of South Carolina History MRS. MILDRED M. CAUSEY B.A., M.Ed. University of South Carolina 7 Ki f English Mrs. M. G. Lupold, Head of the His- The Flora Falcon Marching Band tory Department and Debate Coach, watches Mr. Cecil W. Iohnston, Band counts her many trophies. Director, as the baton is uplifted. Wide Experience And Trainin MR. RAYMOND L. CoxE B.A., M.Ed. Wofford College University of South Carolina Biology MRs. I. W. DOUGLAS, A.B. University of South Carolina French MRS. C. G. DUBosE, A.B., M.A. University of South Carolina English MR. C. G. DUBosE, A.B., M.A. University of South Carolina Duke University English, Vocabulary, and Classics MRS. T. P. EVANS, A.B., M.A. University of South Carolina Teachers' College, Columbia University Chorus, English, and Vocabulary MRS. I. I. FERRELL, B.A., M.A. West Virginia University Syracuse University Psychology MR. GERALD D. FLOYD, A.B. University of South Carolina English and Drarnatics MRS. CHARLES C. FOSTER A.B., M.A. Winthrop College University of South Carolina English and Vocabulary Miss SARA GABRIEL, A.B., M.A. Mississippi State College University of South Carolina English and Vocabulary Miss MARY A. GARVIN, A.B. University of North Carolina English Miss NANCY GHEESLING, B.A. Agnes Scott College History and English MRS, R, C. GILBERT, B.S. Winthrop College Mathematics Insuring the safety of future genera- tions, Mrs. H. W. Pusser, Head of the Home Economics Department, demonstrates the proper way to bathe a baby to Diane Sturkie. WIN MRS. WILLIAM D. GRAY, B.A. Columbia College Spanish MRS. WILLIAM HARPER, B.A. University of South Carolina Spanish and Mathematics Miss MARY K. HICKS, A.B. University of South Carolina Stenography and Typing MR. ALBERT W. HOUGH, IR., B.S. University of South Carolina Mathematics VVet clay takes unusual forms through the hands of Miss Olive Montgomery, Head of the Art Department. MR. JOHN E. HUGIiES, B.A. University of South Carolina Mathematics MRS. O. A. JEFFCOAT, A.B. Wesleyan College English and Creative Writing MR. CECIL W. JOHNSTON B.M.E., M.S. University of Southem Mississippi Purdue University Band MISS MARTHA E. JONES, A.B., B.S Winthrop College George Peabody College Librarian MRS. M. G. JORDAN, A.B. University of South Carolina Business MR. BRADY L. LINEBERGER B.S., M.S. Westem Kentucky State College University of South Carolina Industrial Arts MRS. M. G. LUPOLD, B.A., M.A. Columbia College University of Virginia History MRS. JAY MARSHALL Westem Kentucky State College Physical Education Teachers Help Us Ricky Cates consults Mr. Brady L. Mrs. T. P. Evans, Head of the Chorus Lineberger, Head of the Industrial Department, can be found at all Arts Department, conceming the in- choral rehearsals and assemblies oc- itial stages of his drawing. companying the Chorus. 30 MIss KATHRYN MCCURRY B.A., M.A., M.T. Converse College University of South Carolina French Miss JANICE MCDONALD, B.S. Winthrop College Physical Education MRS. W. B. MCKINNEY, A.B. Lander College English and Vocabulary MISS OLIVE MONTGOMERY F.A., B.S., M.A. Columbia College Appalachian State Teachers' College George Peabody College Aft MR. WARNER MONTGOMERY, B.A. University of South Carolina History MR. PRESTON L. MUSGROVE, A.B. University of South Carolina French MRS. A. H. NINESTEIN, IR., A.B. University of South Carolina Latin MISS MYRNA I. PAGE, B.A. Winthrop College Biology MR. T. L. PATRICK, B.S., M.Ed. Wofford College University of North Carolina Chemistry MISS GLADYS PHILLIPS, B.A. Converse College Mathematics MR. JAMES W. PINKERTON, A.B. University of South Carolina History MRS. C. D. PLYLER, A.B., M.A. Queens College Clemson College H istory Plan For The Future Mr. Iames W. Pinkerton, Head of the Athletic Department, finds time for a ubreatherf, Instructing her Plane and Solid Ge- ometry class by the use of an over- head projector is Mrs. E. R. Short, Head of the Mathematics Department. Mr. Thomas W. Stokes, Head of the Science Department, waits his turn to talk. 3 I in .KN , Knesset' Q., Faculty Sponsors Man Clubs MR. JOEL ABRAHAM, A.B. Duke University TEACHERS WHOSE PICTURES History D0 NOT APPEAR: MRS. I. RAYMOND DUKE, B.S. Coker College Physical Education MR. H. C. QUATFLEBAUM University of South Carolina Electronics MISS BEVERLY A. SANDERS, B.A. Winthrop College Mathematics MRS. W. RONALD WILLIAMS, A.B. University of South Carolina English 32 MRS. H, W. PUSSER, B.S Winthrop College Home Economics MR. JERRY REDMAN, A.B., M.Ed. University of South Carolina English and Physical Education MR. F. M. RICHARDSON, B.A. Universit of South Carolina Physical, Education MRS. I. M. RICHARDSON, B.S. Newberry College English and Vocabulary MRS. M. S. ROSE, A.B., M.A. Coker College University of South Carolina English and Vocabulary MRS. E. R. SHORT, B.A., M.M. Russell Sage College University of South Carolina Mathematics MRS. W. M. SMITH, A.B. University of South Carolina English and Typing MRS. CLARE E. STOKES, B.S. Florida Southern College Composite MR. THOMAS W. STOKES, B.S. University of South Carolina Chemistry MRS. R. E. TOLLISON, A.B., M.A. Lander College University' of South Carolina History MRS. MARY B. TWEED, B.A., M.A. Flora McDonald Collee Appalachian State Teachers' College Anatomy MRS. S. C. VANVORHEES A.A., B.A., M.A. Briarcliff College Hollins College Johns Hopkins University Psychology, Vocabulary, and Classics MRS. JAMES M. WILLS, A.B. Newberry College Commerce We SfzaNA!ways Remem er. In illllvmnriam BENJAMIN M. TARVER "Mr. Tarver' November 9, 1915-April 21, 1963 In Bllemnriam CLAYTON BARMO HANNON ClBarry77 May 29, 1947-November 2, 1963 lin illrmnriam MARY DONNA WRIGHT lCDonnal! Ianuary 5, 1948-August 18, 1963 Phil Leventis, President of the Senior Class, conducts a class meeting. Assisting him are the other officers of the Senior Class: Nancy McMeen, Secretary, Bobby Robinson, Vice-President, and Shirley Olson, Treasurer. Bobby Robinson, Chairman of Class Night Committee, gets help from other committee chairmen. Appearing in the picture are: Ben Miller, Robes, Wayne Nidiffer, Graduation, Beth Vogel, Invitations, Mac Macmurphy, Ir.-Sr. Dance, and Ann McDonald, Senior Banquet. Sandra Dawkins, Chairman of the Commencement Sermon, was not present. -wa ,Annumygswiwpzs,avfxasfeezasfwvfeeswwww-'fM f-srsswrs:aat:ss. , ,Q-Quang-vs f Seniors . . . t Last! That so-called 'cmagical Senior Worldv occurs only once. It is a time of acute anxiety about col- lege acceptances. A time When true friendships that will probably last the rest of onels life are strengthened, and the love for a school becomes more concrete. This love is not a superficial one, for Flora has moulded her seniors-moulded them into a form that they might shape tomorroW's destiny. There was the cramming, the studying, and the playing-times that happen once and only to a Senior. And with their final moment-Cradua- tion-hearts filled with tears are resplendent and proud. In this instant they yearn to relive past glories-for only memories are left. But what is now an enshrined memory-a time Worth remem- bering-will be remembered as the stepping stone to success. iiilssiif issfsf rsifzgfizs -1as:v. .Q,w.W fs. 14154 2222-H2252 flisfiii X X, SQ 'S sssggs.grg,was1 Siiiiifiiii-.?i15i?i6'Ai?wE 2 ..... :SI :PKEEST i?l:5i??iE5E?Sg XXX E' N, K t N is , at N3 R . ss . sms S, it X il 5 gi .., ill Two Seniors Attend Boysg- Girlsg Nation Each year the American Legion sponsors Boys' and Girls' State. This program is part of the Amer- ican Legion's "Americanism,' program. Through it, the Legion attempts to teach government by participation. The participants are placed in small groups called cities, each being named after a South Car- olina river. As the week progresses, governments are elected on the city and county scale-the county composed of three individual cities. The two political parties, the Nationalists and the F ederalists, hold their own state convention. Each party nominates a slate of oflicers, and holds a general election. With the completion of this election, every state, county, and local oflice has been filled by a member of Girls' or Boys' State. Flora received great distinction in that two of her seniors went to Girls, and Boys' Nation held in Washington, D. C. Phil Leventis served as a Supreme Court Iustice while in Washington, and Sandra Dawkins served as the Ambassador to Morocco. Through this experience, these few students received a lesson in democracy and in the Ameri- can way of government. Seeing Phil Leventis and Sandra Dawkins, off to the airport to attend Boys' and Girls' Nation in Washington, D. C. are Flora's other delegates to Boys' and Girls' State- Claude Belk, Bobby Robinson, and Mary Giles. Outstanding Seniors Chosen For Award While much publicity is often given to the in- discretions of youth and to the two or three per- cent of youth who make grave errors, the great mass of our youth goes unrecognized and unsung. The Youth Appreciation Week developed by the Optimists Club is to call attention to the fact that vast numbers of youth still perform their duties in a dedicated manner-that they remain as good citizens-that they participate and con- tribute to their schools and to their communities. The individual recognized as Outstanding Youths are the symbols of the whole student body. It is a great honor to be chosen for it shows outstand- ing citizenship, leadership, character, and integ- rity in the individual. Waiting for Mr. Blum to present the Optimist Youth Awards, the award recipients discuss college and gradu- ation plans. They are: Sharon Shipp, Mark Coplan, Margaret Seay, Ellen Seastrunk, Steve Cremer, Clint McCrory, Mac Coble, Honey Kropp, Don Bushman, and Ann McDonald. The Merit Semifinalists and Letter of Commendation students have time for a picture in the library. Front Row: Theresa Mattox, Dickie Tighe, Keith Belser, David Detwiler, Bill Todd, Don Bushman, and I. R. Fussel. Second Row: Allen Robinson, Mark Coplan, Clint McCrory, Merit Scholar, jamie Stone, Merit Scholar, Billy Stubbs, Cynthia Holl, Ben Miller, and Ricky Durlach. Third Row: Mike Byorick, Susan Reese, Amy Henderson, Mac Coble, Helen Aull, Sandra Dawkins, Merit Scholar, and Doug King. Not Pictured: Allen Ietlcoat, Bunny Teeple. Flora With 18 Merit Semi-Finalists Boasts Most In The State The National Merit Program is the largest in- dependent undergraduate scholarship program in the United States. It is directed by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation, an independent nonprofit organization, devoted solely to scholar- ship activities. These scholarships provide the ablest high school graduates with opportunities to further their education on the college level. Merit Semi-finalists are selected on the basis of the NMSQT, or National Merit Scholarship Quali- fying Test, a three-hour exam which is adminis- tered to juniors in the spring. Less than one per cent of the high school seniors in each state be- come semi-finalists. Seniors who maintain a high level of achievement on subsequent tests and receive the endorsement of their schools become Merit Finalists. From this group of Finalists are chosen the Merit Scholars. This year Flora is proud to have eighteen Merit Semi-finalists-more than has any other school in the state. Letters of Commendation went to eight other students. All students in the nation Who scored 136 or better are eligible to receive Letters of Commendation, while the cutting score for Semi-finalists is determined for each state. The highest score at Flora this year was 152. These students bring honor to their parents, to them- selves, and to Flora. In producing such outstand- ing students, A. C. Flora has established a well- deserved reputation of scholastic achievement. Seniors Bring uch Acclaim To Flora JOHN FREEMAN, King Teen MAC COBLE, Commencement Speaker SANDRA DAW'KINS, Miss DAR THJQREISE TOUSSAINT, A.F.S. Exchange Student from France 39 H 1 ' l '5"Best Scho0lbCitizehS' ke U' SANDRA DAWKINS, BOBBY ROBINSON X RQ 'r Most Talented Y l O J x l RUTHIE TURNER, BURT MOORE R Q Wittiest WANDA JENKINS, JIM TURNER Senior Superlatives Most Intellectual BETH VOGEL, CLINT MCCRORY Best All-Round NANCY MCMEEN, PHIL LEVENTIS ' f if Best Looking ANN ARNOLD, EDGAR MORRIS t Richland Most Dependable CYNTHIA ZUK, CHARLIE JORDAN F , F riendliest SHIRLEY OLSON, MARK COPLAN Mall Most Likely to Succeed MARY GILES, KEITH BELSER Most Athletic CACI COLE, CLAUDE BELK I I I, i Z I . fig 141-XXI NAOMI REGINA ABRAMS "For a girl more able, talented, and fine, you may search the world o'er and never find." ANITA LOUISE ANDREWS A "For how many things which for my own sake I should never do, I perform for the sake of my friends." ROBERT DEWITT ANDREWS "A sound head, an honest heart, and an humble spirit are the three best guides through time and eternity." NOLAN LAWRENCE ARMSTRONG "Honest and honorable are his ways." BARBARA ANN ARNOLD "Loneliness needs not the aid of ornamentg but is, when unadorned, adorned the mostf' EVAN GENE ARNOLD "A gentleman is always welcome." 764 Class Largest HELEN HUNTLEY AULL "Sense shines with a double lustre when set in humility." BARBARA JEAN AVRIETI' "Deep in her heart ioy seems to dwell." CANDACE ELIZABETH AYERS "To have a friend you must first be one." JAMES FREDERICK BAILEY "What more than mirth would mortals have? The cheerful man is a king." WILLIAM WESLEY BALDWIN "His love of life has made him liked by all." DENNIS CARROLL BALLENTINE "A true friend-now, tomorrow, and always." JUDITH DIANNE BANKS "The highest of distinctions is service to othersf' DEANETTA LEIGH BARBER "She taketh much delight in art." REED RYERSON BARNES "If I cannot do great things, l'll do little things in a great way." ALBERT NEWTON WI-uTEsmE, III "The secret of life is not to do what you like, but to like what you do." VIRGINIA CLAIR WHITLOCK "Eyes that dance and a smile that sparkles." ELLEN ELIZABETH WILES "One whose interest is directed outward, away from herself, toward other people." ELIZABETH ANN WILHELM "Aim high, go high, for life is what you make it." ROBERT IONATHON WILKES "A good man does good merely by living." GEORGE MELVIN WILLIAMS "H e makes a thousand friends and keeps them." Goble Speaker at Commencement KATIE ALICE WILLINGIIAM "ln virtues nothing earthly could surpass her.' SUsAN IBBYE WINDERS "Refreshing in appearance and responsive in manner." BARBARA LEE WINNIMAN "She has a friendly smile, a gentle way." IUDITH ANN WISE "Good humor may be said to be one of the very best articles of dress one can wear in society. CARLA LLOYD WORTIIINGTON "Manner, not gold, is a woman's best adornmentf' CYNTHIA CANNON ZUK "The heart to conceive, the understanding to direct, and hand to execute." SENIORS WHO ARE CAMERA SHY: Warren Martin Daniel, jr., Loran Gordon Fraser, Elizabeth Lumpkin Glenn, Ion Charles Griffin, Kim Choul Nurss, Bruce Lee Pellington, james Rollin Powell, james Rivers Roberson, Ir., Dennis Randall Smith, and james Richard Smith, jr. 64 1 n HARRIETT ANN TORRI "Mind cannot follow it, nor words express her infinite sweetness." THf'.Rf1SE GABRIELLE TOUSSAINT "Loveliest of women! Heav'n is in thy soul, beauty and virtue shine forever round thee, brightening each otherg thou art all divine." JAMES EDMUND TURNER "An ounce of wit is worth a pound of sorrow." RUTH THOMAS TURNER "Her pencil drew whate,er her soul designed." SUZANNE EUGENIA TYLER "Kindness in woman wins endearing love." SANDRA KAY TYNER "A gentle mind by gentle deeds is known." Turn To Graduation nd The Beach WILLIAM GERALD ULLERY, IR. "Well-timed silerwe hath more eloquence than speech." ELIZABETH ANN VOGEL "The finest compliment that can be paid to a woman of sense is to address her as such." ROBERT BURNS WADDELL "His twofold purpose has forever beenf-to be a man and serve his fellow men." MARGARET WALL "It is a merry heart that hath many friends." GERALD WAYNE WALKER "Great hopes make great men." ELLEN FRANCES WALTERS "Gracefulness has been defined to be the out- ward expression of the inward harmony of the soul." NANCY ELIZABETH WELLS "So young, so fair, good without efort, great without fall." JOHN RUSHING WELSH, IV "Intelligence and friendliness are his greatest virtuesf, JOHN MARTIN WHARTON "Good sense wins favors." N 63 JAMIE WOODROW STONE, JR. "The talent of success is nothing more than doing what you can do well." CHARLES VANCE STRICKLIN "To give happiness is to deserve happiness." DIANE VIRGINIA STROHECKER "With manners mild and voice sweet, Here's a girl that can't be beat." DORIS LYNN TATE "Her charm is like a melody." BRENDA DIANNE TAYLOR "Your life shall never lack a friend." DENNIS MOORE TAYLOR, JR. "Ever in smiles and always friendly." With Exams Ending, Seniors' Thoughts THOMAS NELSON TAYLOR "Doing good is the only certainly happy action of a man's life." JAMES HURLEY TERRY "Good humor makes all things tolerable." DONALD LEE TEW "Of honest worth, truly one on whom we can depend." MARY JEAN THIGPEN "Sincerely does she speak and moveg such a one shall we remember and lovef' ALLEN CONWAY THORNBURGH "To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield." RICHARD JOSEPH TICHE "Common sense in an uncommon degree Ls what the world calls wisdom." CAROL ANN TILTON "A good mind possesses a kingdom." ROBERT LANTYE TOBIAS "A well-liked boy-this is he-keen of will and strong of mind." VVILLIAINI LOVE TODD "There is no impossibility to him who stands prepared to conquer every hazard." - - ---Vw- Seal As Gift To The School JUNE MCCALLA SPEED "Love, sweetness, goodness in her person shine." ROBERT LLOYD STEINMEYER "It is the nature of a great man to be quiet." DOROTHY ANN STERLING "Acts, looks, words, deeds, form the alphabet by which you may spell character." I BRUCE MARTIN SIMON "There is determination in his quiet ways." CYNTHIA CAII.. SMITH "She looked on life and found it sweet." EARNEST OWEN SMITH, IR. "One's outlook is a part of his virtue." FREDERICK RUFUS SMITH ' "I put all my troubles down in the bottom my heart and sit on the lui and smile." LINDA POWELL SMITH "How brilliant and mirthful the light in her eyes? WILLIAM FRANCIS SMITH "A man's own manner and character is what . ,. most becomes him. ETIIELIND FRANCES SMITHEY "We are charmed by her neatness, her gentle- ness, and petitenessf' SUZANNE LEE SMoAIc "Loving and gentle, good and true, Ever sincere and dependable, too." NANCY OLIVER Sox "We meet thee with a pleasant thought." DAVID EWINC STEWART, IR. "He most lives who thinks most-feels the noblest-acts the best." VIRGINIA ELLEN STEWART "A word, a smile, a girl worthwhile." ROLLIN JOHN STICKLE "The world looks much brighter from behind a smile." bl BARBARA ELEANOR ROBERTS "She is herself, a collection of the best thingsf' MARY MIMS ROBERTS "Grace is to the body, what good sense is to the mind." ALLEN JONES ROBINSON "He left his mark upon the place where he stood." ROBERT WILLIAM ROBINSON, IR. "The man who does his work, any work, con- scientiously, must always be a great man." WILLIAM KERRY ROSVOLD "Good will is the mightiest practical force in the world." LAWRENCE RAY SAMPLE "Worth, courage, honor, these are indeed your sustenance and birthright." -JUDITH ANNE SANDLER "Character is the diamond that scratches all other stones." MARY HILL SATTEREIELD "Of manners gentle, of agections mild." GERALD WATTS SCURRY, JR. "Men are not born, they create the mold for themselves." Class Of '64 Presents Bronze ELLEN ELIZABETH SEASTRUNK "Character is the result of two things, mental attitude and the way we spend our time." MARGARET REAVES SEAY "Wisdom, kindness, and love to all, a motto we know shelll never let fall." LAVINIA LYLES SEIBELS "A cheerful disposition makes beauty attractive, knowledge delightful, and wit good naturedf' JAMES DANIEL SEIBERT "Ambition and the will to work are the chief ingredients for success." SHARON ALLEN SHIPP "Born for success, she seems with grace to win, with heart to hold." THOMAS DWIGHT SHULL "Politeness is good nature regulated by good sense." 60 ROBERT MORRIS POSTAL "To act with common sense, according to the best wisdom I know." PATSY CHAPPELL POWER "By her life alone, gracious and sweet, the better way was known." MARY DIANE PRICE "I must talk and laugh or life would be empty." SHIRLEY MAE PRICE "She who plants kindness gathers love." PATRICIA FLOYD PULLIAM "It's nice to be natural when you're naturally nice." CHARLES JOHN PULOS "Life is not so short but that there is always time enough for courtesy." Reminiscent Of Our Years At Flora NANCYLEE WARREN RAST i "Ever loyal, ever true to whatever task she has to do." SUSAN ELAINE REESE "Her greatest asset is the thirst to know and understand." TED MCMANUS RENTZ "If it be a gentleman and a friend you seek, you have found him." FRANCES ELAINE REVETTA "She has a friendly way and smile that makes us love her all the while." DALE MARTIN REYNOLDS "Success comes to those who are honest, industrious, and persistent." ROBERT HEISKELL REYNOLDS "His face was of that mysteriously pleasing kind which women call 'not bad looking'." GWENDA IJARTIGUE RHODES "We are charmed by neatness of person." ANDREW MERCER RICHARDS "A gentleman to match the best of any pedigree." JULIA TRACY RICHARDSON "She's a darling with a sweet face, She's welcome any place." 59 EDGAR LONGETIE MORRIS, JR. "Here is an original gentleman, who if manners had not existed, would have invented them." LAWRENCE EDMUND MUELLER "Happy is he who makes the most of his time and talents." SUSAN ELIZABETH MURPHY "A fun-loving girl she will be, and a nicer one nowhere you'll see." ANITA SUZETTE NEELEY "The thing that goes farthest in making life worthwhile is a pleasant smile." KATHLEEN NIARIORIE NEELEY "Happiness and virtue rest upon each other, the best are not only the happiest, but the happiest are usually the best." ROBERT YOUNT NEELY "The characteristics of this youth are honor, sportsmanship, and truth." C6 9 Classnight 649g is Presented- WAYNE WOODROW NIDIFFER "The very essence of courtesy and circum- spectionf' HODGDON CHRISTIAN NUCKOLS "He is all that a gentleman should be." JAMES BARRY NUNN "He'll be merry, he'll be free, he'll be sad for nobody." ANN MARIE ODEN "A pleasant girl with a pleasant way." SANDRA LYNETTE OLIVE "The sweetest of maidens with the gentlest of hearts." SHIRLEY ANNE OLSON "A beautiful smile is to the female countenance what the sunbeam is to the landscape." JACK EDWARD O,NEIL "His smile is the trademark of a happy soul." ELIZABETH SUZANNE PATTERSON "She is happiest who values the merits of others and delights in their pleasure." ROBERT WILSON PHILLIPS "To be a great man and a saint for oneself, that is the important thing." 58 JAMES OLIN METZE "He wins without boasting and loses without excuse." RUSSELL SANDERS MICKLE "And this is my song, 'It shall be witty, and it shan't be longf " BENJAMIN NEELY MILLER, III "Gifts of new ideas, of laughter, of leadership and of friendship." EDWVARD HARRIS PARSONS MILLER, III "In friendship I was taught early to belieuef' HARRY HAMPTON MILLER "Little he says, but much he does." JAMES IRWIN MILLIKEN "There is no cure for birth and death save to enioy the interval." BRENDA MAE MISENIIEIMER "A kind heart she had-worthy of our commendationf' ANDE SUSAN MITCHELL "Charm strikes the sight, but merit wins the soul." BURTON EBERLE MOORE, JR. "To draw true beauty shows a mastefs hand IASEPH THEODORE MCALISTER, IR. "He's a quiet man, but quite a man." THOMAS EUGENE NICCARTHA "Of him you can truly say, he hasn't missed much in his day." REBECCA LOU MCCONNELL "Little deeds of kindness, little words of love." SMYTH FLINN MCCRADY "The habit of looking on the best side of things is worth more than gold." CLINTON GRAYDON MCCRORY "Knowledge, in truth, is the great sun in the firmament. Life and power are scattered with all its beams." NIYRTLE JEANETTE NICCUTCHEN "A good disposition is the foundation of happiness." ANN STOKES MCDONALD "F or beauty being the best of all we know sums up the unsearchable and secret aims of naturef, RALPH EDWARD MCCILL "Property of manners and consideration for others are the two main characteristics of a gentlemanf' HELEN WALKER NICKAY "To be gentle is the test of a ladyf' Our Last Junior-Senior KATHRYN ANN MCLAIN "With shining eyes and a pleasant smile, she conquers." YANCEY ALI-'ORD MCLEOD, IR. "The highest manhood resides in disposition, not in mere intellect." NANCY CAUDLE MCMEEN "A girl with all virtues without and within, H ere's character and beauty in a perfect blend." BARBARA DIANE MEADOWS "When she had passed, it seemed like the ceasing of exquisite music." WILLIAM DOGNALL MEETLE "Wit makes its own welcome, and levels all distinctions." SALLY VONCILE MELONUK "I have enjoyed the happiness of the world. I have lived and loved." Banquet, Held GEORGE RICHARD LITTLE "He loved to laugh and so lent to other lives his merrimentf' CAROL SUZANNE LOWDER "After the verb 'to love,' 'to help' is the most beautiful verb in the world." SUSAN WALKER MACMILLAN "Her scattered freckles and cheerful grin make all her friends so easy to win." HERBERT EDWARD MACMURPHY, III "He's one of nature's gentlemen, the best of every time." JOHN DONOVANT MACMURPHY "Every man is the architect of his own fortunef, CYNTHIA JOYCE MARKS "Look at her and read her mind-happy is she, loving and kind." ANN VANDEVER MABRE1T "The sweetest soul that ever look'd with human eyes. NEAL ANDERSON MARTIN "Gentle in his manners, strong in his character." LAWRENCE BROOKS MAULDIN "The superior man is slow in his words and earnest in his conduct. JEANNETTE MARGARET LEAPHART "What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness." PHIL PETER LEVENTIS "The elements so mixed in him that nature might stand and say to all the world, 'This is a manf " MARSHA JEAN LIGON "Fashioned so slenderlyg young and fair." THOMAS SOUTHWOOD LINTON, JR. "The greatest homage we can pay to truth is to use it." CHARLES BRAXTON LITCHFIELD "Wit is the salt of conversation." GABRIELLE RICHARDSON LITTLE "The charm of a deed is in its doingg the charm of life is in its living." pring Lake 55 MARY KATE JONES "1 would be faithful to each small task." MARY LAURA IONES "As happy a girl as any in the world, for the whole world seems to smile upon her." CHARLES FRANK JORDAN "He possesses the ambitwn, the will, and the courageg what a great man he will bef' EUGENIA ANDREA KARNAzEs . "She has a certain earnestness which we all respect." WILLIAM BAILEY KAURIC "High aims from high characters and great obiects bring out great minds." CAROL FRANCES KELLER . "Virtue and genuine graces in themselves speak what no words can utter." First GGEXClusive Seniorw Function, The MARSHA SUSAN KING "In all departments of activity, to have one thing to do, and then to do it, is the secret of success? MARY REBECCA KING "Kind words are the music of the soul." SUSAN DIANNE KIRBY "Virtue is the performance of pleasant actions." CHARLOTTE GRAHAM KNOX "In stature small, but in every way a woman withal." IUDDIE IRENE KNOX "My heart and hands are ever at your service." FRANCES HENRIETTA KROPP "Much wisdom often goes with fewest words." GEORGE RUDOLPH LAUB, IR. "A swell guy, nice to knowg A good friend where'er you gof' JOHN ANTHONY LAW "Ambition is the quality from which all 'growth of nobleness proceeds." CANDACE QUINN LAWSON "Good nature and good sense go hand in hand." Senior Privileges WANDA GAYLE JENKINS "There is no beautifier of complexion, or form, or behavior, like the wish to scatter ioy and not pain around SAMUEL ARTHUR JETER "Eoeryday's work well done forms a step in the ladder of success." ELIZABETH KINCAID JOHNSTON "So true, so kind, so capable, so blessed a disposition." CAROL ANN JONES "She has a special softness and a sweet attractive grace." LEGRAND JONES, JR. "The best of healers is good cheer." LEONARD KIRBY JONES "Be tolerant, be truthful, be kind, and you will not be forgotten." ALBERT RI-LETT HEYWARD, III "Happiness is catching when he's around." JANE KATHERINE HICKS "A friend in work, in play, in sorrow, The same yesterday, today, and tomorrowf' CYNTHIA LOUISE HOLL "She who has ability gains fame." JAN LEANDER HOLLAND "A most trustworthy person as you could eoer hope to ind." VINCENT ALAN HOLLOMAN "Mine horwr is my life, both grow in one, take honor from me and my life is donef, TRUMAN ALEXANDER HOPKINS "He was rich in thought and workf' JOHN STEPHEN HUGGINS "A regular fellow, it is true, Full of pep and mischief, too." NANCY ANN HUMPHREY "The grand essentials of happiness are-some- thing to do,,:something to love, and something to hope for. THOMAS MICHAEL HUMPHRIES "Not too quiet to beboringg not too loud to be annoyingf, JOHN ELLISON HART, IR. "His time is forever, everywhere his place." CHERYLE DIANNE HAHTLEY "Yours is the charm of calm and good sense." MARY KATHRYN HASTINGS "The idea of courtesy with grace and charm." JOHN DONALD HATCHELL "A good disposition Ls the greatest of possessions." JACK HOWARD HEATH "Wisdom is the key to success, Friendship is the key to the heart." ALIARINTHIA LOWNDES HENDERSON "Wisdom is a tree of life to them that lay hold upon her." STEPHEN NEWBY HENDLEY "Honor and truth and manhood-these are the things that stand." MARGARET GAIL HENDRIX "A lovely lady, garmented in light from her own beauty." LARRY ROBERT HERBERT "A will to do, and a soul to dare." Seniors Enjo Lon waited "What do you mean, play Birdland?', 52 SYBIL ANNETIE GRANT "The best and noblest lives are those which are set toward high ideals." TOMI DEE GRAY "Full of gentle kindness her looks and la1?uage are, Kind tongue that never wounde , the mbest girl by far." MARY FRANCES GRAYSON "Gay, mischievous, and laughing all the while, one ever remembers her." RALPH ERSKINE GRIER, III "Here is a true and industrious friend." CALVIN ASHBY GRIFFIN "A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest menf' JAMES DAVID HALI-'ORD "H e that brings sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from himself." Always Find Time For Enjo ment LINDA LOUISE HALL "Consideration is the soil in which wisdom grows." WALLACE DAVID HALL "In action faithful and honor clearf, LINDA DIANNE HAMLIN "Wherever she is, there is a place made pleasant and gay." CATHERINE SPANN HAMMOND "Virtue, modesty, and truth are the guardian angels of woman." SANDRA F AYE HAMPTON "Sweet is her manner, and quiet her way." PATRICIA GALE HARPER "You are not only good yourself, but the cause of goodness in others." JAMES WESLEY HARRIS "The wise man Ls he who knows the relative value of things." JENNIFER RAY HARRIS "Born to inquire after knowledge." JENNY SUE HARRIS "Blest with that charm, the certainty to please." DANIEL EUGENE FULMER "With gentle yet prevailing force, intent upon his destined course." CLAIRE LU FUSSELL "True wisdom is to know what is best worth knowing, and to do what is best worth doing." FRANCES MARIE GALCANO "A smile is the language everyone understands JANE MARIE GARRICK "The gift of gaiety is the greatest good fortune." PAUL LESTER GEIGER "He profits most who serves best." MARY KATHLEEN GILES "What she bravely thought, she nobly dared. We Work Hard But PAMELA CELESTE GILLAN "She has a friendly smile, a gentle way." KAROLE KAY CLISSON "A kind and gentle heart she has." DELBERT JAMES GOFORTH, JR. "He is a friend to everyoneg life will reward him." MARIA ANGELES GONZALES "Gentle of speech, benehcent of mind." DANIEL CLAYTON GOOLSBY "F rom the crown of his head to the soles of his feet, he is all mirth." LANEZ CARITA GORDON "A constant friend is rare and hard to find." MARY ELAINE GRABEN "A loving heart is the truest wisdom." JOHN MACDOWELL GRAHAM "A fine, sturdy fellow, always interested in fun." JOHN BYNUM GRANT, III "He's swift to hear, slow to speak, and slow to anger." JAMES FRANCIS DRAKE "The longer you know him, the better you like him." RICHARD STEVENS DURLACH "The reward of one duty done is the power to fulfill another." WILLIAM PAUL EADDY "A friend once, a friend always." JANICE MARGARET EDWARDS "An intelligent, unselfish personality is the greatest gift of all." HERBERT HAMPTON ELDER "He joyed of life,s pleasures all he could find, Yet richest the treasures he found in his mind." CARL ANTHONY ELLSWORTH "A man-may the heavens be praised!-is suffcient for himself." WALLACE NICKELS EVANS, II "He is great that is his own masterf' ANNE GUYTON FARMER "Gentle, tender, and always giving light." NANCY SHARON F ECHTER "Wearing all that weight of learning lightly like a flower." Actively All Year On Graduation Plans LYNDA DALE FETTERLY "A good face is a letter of recommendation, as a good heart is a letter of credit." GILBERT EUGENE FEW "In thy face we see the map of honor, truth, and loyalty." BERNARD SIMON FLEISCHMAN, IR. "Life is my college, may I be graduated well and earn some honors." LUANA RACHEL FLOYD "She walks hand in hand with wisdom, mirth, and musical ability." HELEN CLAIRRORNE F OLEY "Pleasant was her nature, bright her smile." JOHN MITCHELL FREEMAN "H e is a man, take him all in all, for we shall not look upon his like again." 49 SANDRA CAIL DAWKINS "She scarcely left anything untouched and touched nothing she did not adorn." ROBERT EUGENE DEAVER "A good temper is the most contented, the most comfortable state of the soul." RAY EPPES DENT "Will is character in action." DAVID VVILLIAINI DETWILER "Truth is the secret of eloquence and of virtue." ROBERT GORDON DILL "Character is the foundation of all worthwhile success." CAROL LILLIAN DIXEY "The essence of humor is sensibility." ANN- LOUISE DODENHOFF "The light of friendship is like the light of the sung plainest when all around is dark." CHERYL ANN DORSEY "The beautiful girl is the one whose grace shines forth in her deeds as in her face." STEPHEN THONIPSON DRAFFIN "For he that once is good is ever great." Senior Committees Work The cemetery of knowledge. 48 0 66 99 Flrst Mr. Falcon LINDA RUTH CORN "ln character, in manners, in style, in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity." ELIZABETH CAROLYN Cox "There's charm within the singing of her voice." STEVEN MARC CREMER "The true perfection of man lies, not in what man has, but in what man has accomplished." GWENDOLYN LEE CROOM "A sweet personality is a valuable asset." CHARLES STEPHEN CURRIE "Manhood overtops all titles, character is above all riches and greater than any career." MARGARET JINCY DAvIs "Music is well said to be the speech of the angels." MARION HILL DAvIs "No one knows what he can do 'til he tries." PAULA COLETTE DAVIS "Her heart is warm, benevolent, and good." ROBERT THOMAS DAVIS "He ills life with good deeds." Contest CATHARINE POWE COLE "There is but one virtue-the eternal sacrifice of self." ARTHUR WARD COLEMAN "A rare combination of sincerity, looks, and the ability to win friends." SARA HELEN COLEMAN "Charm shines around her with serenest beams, and whispering angels prompt her golden dreams." DONALD RAEFORD COOKE "Although you may know him but a span, you'll know you've met a gentleman." MARKEY BERYL COPLAN "The flowering of civilization is the finished man, the man of sense, of authority, of accomplish- ment, of noble spirit, of social power-the gentlemanf, IUDITH PATRICIA CORBETT "Thine eyes are springs in whose serene and quiet waters, heaven as seen. 47 LYNN GROOME CALVO "There are a few things that never go out of style and a feminine woman is one of them." JOHN EVERETTE CANNON "He who walks in integrity walks securely." WALTON DOUGLAS CARROLL, IR. "The highest wisdom is continual cheerfulnessf' JOHN LEWIS CARTER, IR. "A true friend to all who come his wayf, ANNA LEE CASE "There is nothing so great that I fear to do it for my friend, nothing so small that I will disdain to do it for her." CHARLES BUNCH CASHWELL "Success begins with a fellow's will." Seniors Of '64 ponsor ELIZABETH MCNAIR CAVE "When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece." EDWARD CHALGREN, III "Such wit and personality are sure to be found in so versatile a man." DEAN GALE CHESNEY "A modest man never talks of himself." JAMES HOPKINS CHILDRESS "A superior man is modest in his speech but exceeds in his actions." CHARLIE RONALD CHRISTMAS "Laughter and wit flashing so freely." PATRICIA RAY CHRISTMUS "She loves to laugh, she loves to walk, And, oh my soul, she loves to talk!" HUNTER LANG CLARKSON "He that takes truth for his guide and duty for his end may safely trust to God's providence to lead him arightf' FURMAN MARTIN COBB "He is a gentleman on whom one can place an absolute trust." PARKS MCLENDON COBLE, IR. "He has done the work of a true man-crown him, honor him, love him." aluable Scholarships LARRY KENNETH BURCI-IARDT "His deeds speak more than words can tell." GEORGE BEDDING BURNETI' "Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth." WOODS WANNAMAJCER BURNETI "Personality is the thing that thrives above all else in the world." JOHN HAY BURRISS " 'Tis that everyone would say, he's a folly good fellow in every way." DONALD OTTO BUSHMAN, JR. "Grasping every opportunity for service as it comes, paves a sure way to success." EDWARD MICHAEL BYORICK, IR. "Where judgment has wit to express it, there is the best oratorf, CAROL JANICE BYRD "She's always agreeable and ready to lend a helping hand." JOSEPH SIMON BYRD, IR. "Friendship redoubles joys and cuts griefs in half." ROYALL CALLOWAY, JR. "His is a personality worth achieving." BYRON FREDERIC BIGBY "Life is like a game, play it fair, and you will win." JOSIOH WALTER BODIE, IV "A cheery smile, a pleasant manner." ANDREA HARRIET BOGEN "Her voice was ever soft, gentle, and low-an excellent thing in a woman." JANIS ELAINE BOWERS "Silver and gold are not the only coin, virtue too passes current all over the world." ROBERT FRANCIS BOwLEs "A friendly boy with a heart most gay." DENNIS STEPHEN BRADLEY "Consideration for others is the first law of good manners." EDYCE BOSWELL BRINKLEY "The surest way to please is to forget oneself and think only of others." THOMAS RALPH BROCK, IR. "From contemplation one may become wise, hut knowledge comes only from study." CLARA SUZANNE BROOKS "The smile on her face is but a reflection of the feelings in her heart." Flora Seniors Win an IUDITH TONDRA BROWN "A iolly unselfish personality is the greatest gift of all." LOUISE MARION BROWN "Not over serious, not over frivolous, but a rare, good girl. SANDRA MARIE BROWN "She Ls the very embodiment of wit, ability and friendliness." GEORGE WASHINGTON BRUNSON, IR. "He is a man of many friends. For the only way to have a friend is to be one." ANGELA COMERFORD BULTMAN "A clever girl, a witty girl, a girl so full of fun, A studious girl, a carefree girl, a thousand girls in one." GEORGE HENRY BUNCH, III "Life is a gift, use it well and enjoy its wealth." 44 IOANNE ALICE BARNI-IILL "Cheerful company shortens the milesf' RANDALL GILBERT BARRE "A man of cheerful yesterday and confident tomorrnwsf' RONALD ALAN BARRETT "Rich in intelligence, friends, and influencef' SAMUEL JAMES BARRETT, JR. "It is better not to speak at all than to speak more words than you shouldf, FRANK RAY BASNETT "Write me as one who loves his fellow man." REGINALD FLEMING BATSON " 'Tis a wonderful thing to have a happy heart." enior Class Ever ROBERT SAMUEL BECILHAM, JR. "How noble, even in common speech, is that fine sense whikzh men call Courtesy." CLAUDE HAMILTON BELK, IR. "He sits in utter confidence on the edge of his future that is shining brightly." GEORGE KINSLER BELLINGER, IR. "He is a perpetual fountain of good sense." KEITH BAKER BELSER "Great men are the commissioned guides of mankind, who rule their fellows because they are wiser." LUCIUS DAVID BENNETT "Would there were more as true and sincere as he." ELIZABETH LORRAINE BENSON "Good nature is the sign of a large and generous heartf, BRIAN DANIEL BERRY "True worth is in being, not seemingf, IUDITH HELENE BERRY "There is no cosmetic for beauty like happinessf' BRENDA EILEEN BIBBO "Of manner so gentle, of heart so kind." 43 Cur Special Falcon . . . l l "Are you sure this is the right way?', asks Therese. Therese listens intently as an explanation is given in Advanced Mathematics. Therese Toussaint is from Nancy, France, where she lives with her parents, two brothers, and three sisters. Her uadoptedu family this year is that of Dr. C. Tucker Weston of 1548 Kath- wood Drive. Wishing to learn much about America and its way of life and to tell us about France, Therese has actively participated in the Flora Anchor Club, Student Council, and JETS Club. Two of the highlights of her year at Flora were her at- tending the colorful Mardi Gras in New Orleans and the spectacular World,s Fair in New York. Therese has added more to Flora than we could ever repay. To us she will always be-"Our Special F alconf, Enjoying her first "taste', of a Flora Christmas, Therese tells Santa what she would like, Always on the move, the Weston family-Mary, Dr. Weston, Frances, Stuart, Therese, Chris, and Mrs. Weston, prepare for a camping trip in the Smoky Mountains. l Mary Weston, Secretary, checks her notes, Pat McLaughlin, Treasurer, talks to the banker, while Pope Lawson, President, discusses future plans with Sandy Daniel, Vice-President. lunior Class Reaches New Heights Time has elapsed, new juniors have emerged. Vibrant faces greet new challenges-new responsi- bilities. Hastening footsteps meet new tasks as eager hands mold the personality and distinguish- ing characteristics of Flora. The realization that work improves character spurs the junior Class toward new heights, goals, and achievements. Flora's Miss Hi Miss, Ellen DaVega, checks beauty entrants for the Miss Falcon Contest. Abemathy, Rea Abrams, jeff Ahearn, Susan Aiken, David Aldrich, Bob Aldrich, Connie Alexander, John Ammons, Patti Ammons, Walter Anderson, Kitty Archer, Mark Ariail, Charlotte Ashmore, Joe Aston, Treci Bailey, Louise Bailey, Mary Pat Baker, Phil Bale, Janis Introducing Our lumor Class Balser, Susan Barnes, B'Anne Barwick, Jack Bates, Diane Beach, Winnie Behlen, Robert Bell, Tom Bennett, Bobby Bennett, Grace Berry, Alan Beskid, Susan Biggs, Billy Bishop, Betty Bistline, Mary Black, Harold Bluestein, Steve Bolt, Johnnie Bone, Connie Bonner, Dick Bookner, Paul Bouvy, Bill Bowers, Brenda Brand, Janet Brantley, Tommy as evra wi we we 52,33 as Q SN a Imk 2 tit ffeigffrfi Esi fi, W? , Q BEL 52 we wel? Em Ries . .fm Wifi H5155 K ,sr f- fe ,ei HSS ,amz it wif, ,529 . T iieifslffisfa ' ,Q Q, My it mf -i xi W 3 Q se-?'fe3S,fffsifilf 4n-N S fiiigaj- 2' fails-" t if. .Egg e, , - -has .mx - 5 -1. f ,J Af, .i 55: 1 'E V:1Q 5 Egg .., , ,,...., M., 'BPH x N , 'Sa il' J if ,Wears . - f .7 .. ,. EEA fi 'NV ,, gh.. ,. .. lx .L .... , 1 K , was Qi up-.Q J 4 . Bridgers Bridgers Bridgers Brinkley Bridgers, Barry Billy Gerald Larry jimmy 9 Brooks, Iimmy Bullock, Beverlee Ann sr, M, if 'NW X, r Brown, Billie Jean N 5 ww , - ,,, Brown, jean Buckalew, Al B lk Burgess, Diantha ' QT , .'.' A " " L Burgess, Hugh 3 ' i so K ,i-Q.- : '.kk- .e Q. -1 Burkhalter, Nancy ,eli - '--' Burns, Maxey gififhizi , . . , ., . . . . . ,- L, . It - .:,,,:.-Q. - -- s s i , sie X 5' 4 QQ,- i H aaa Burris, Chad Burros, Donnie Butler, Ken Byars, Richard The Largest Class At Flora .. ss, , 5 if L I k,.: , . ' , QS" 68 Byrd, Annette Calhoun, JoAnne Cameron, Linda Capps, Linda Carlisle, Tau Carroll, Jeanne Caskey, Ian Cates, Ricky Caudle, julian Cely, john Chandler, Madeline Chase, David Chaviaus, Perman Chavous, Robin Cheek, Harriette Chinn, Iune Christian, Betty Clark, Leslie Cooper, Betsy Corbett, Tommy Corraro, Faye Cousar, Bud Crain, Bud Crenshaw, Linda Cress, Jeannie Crosland, Linda Crouch, Macia Crowe, Tom Crown, Bill Culvem, Fred Daniel, Betsy Daniel, Sandy DaVega, Ellen Davis, Barry Davis, Cliff Day, Bob DeHamer, Peggy Deierlein, Steve Denny, Linda Derrick, George Dial, Michael Diehl, Van Promises Many Scholars Dieter, Iohnny Dillard, Joe Distin, Dale Dodson, Linda Donahue, Danny Dorman, Dianne Dounis, Vicki Drake, Gene Drake, Logan Dunlap, David DuRant, Jane Dyson, Colie Eaddy, Terry Eargle, Linda Edwards, Pat Edwards, Pete Ellison, Gail Epting, Mary Eslinger, Vicki F adeley, Ann Faris, Suzanne F enzel, Frances Fischman, Judy Fitts, Sandra Floyd, John F ogle, Carol Foster, Bobby Freeman, Donna Fuller, Betsy Fuller, Jeff Fuller, Patti Funderburk, Brenda Garrett, Billy Carrick, Tom Gary, Callie Geiger, Lucy Gentry, Betty Glover, Fred Godwin, jean Goodson, Billy Gould, Barbara Graham, Both Iuniors Meet Ghallen es And Accept Responsibilities . . Grant, David Greene, Iayne Gregory, jimmy Gregory, Linda Grimshaw, Bob Hair, Linda Hall, Darlene Hammer, Alvin Hammond, Charlotte Hancock, Mary Mac Hannon, Barry Hanson, John Hartin, Rhetta Harwood, Don Hawkins, Chuck Hawkins, Judy Helfer, Erika Henderson, Linda Hendley, Guy Henman, Cynthia Heyward, Carroll Hicks, Iudy Hill, Ginger Holmes, Charlie w 70 Holst, Charlotte Hucks, Martha Huff, Terry Hughes, Kay Hughey, Kathy Hughey, Terry Hurteau, Randy Isenhower, Susan Jabour, Darrell Jamison, Jimmy Jarriel, Pam Jeffries, Francis Jenkins, Diane Johnson, Bea Johnson, Bill Johnson, Bill Johnson, Bobby Johnson, Dwight s Fifty-Four Juniors Elected Into The Honor Society Johnson Susan Jones Jimmy Jones Martha 'fx Jones Shari Jones Steve Jones, Walter Jordan, Whit Kahn, Ilsa Kahrs, Jackie Kaiser, Helen Kerlin, Peggi Kimsey, Linda King, Doug King, Gene King, Vernon Kinsey, Donnie Kirkwood, Penny Knowles, Jay Knox, John Kovac, Alex LaMotte, Linda Lane, Tommy Langer, Myra Lanier, Bill . The Sixty-Five Committee Working To Meet X if sage LL- gl 1 A alia? 72 Laurens, Danny Laurens, Lanny Law, Philip Lawrence, Bobby Lawrence, Leslie Lawson, Pope Lemond, Frankie Lentz, Ginny Lester, Kathy Levkoff, George Lipscomb, Marshall Little, Larry Long, Dianne Long, Darlene Long, Marian Lourie, Frank Love, Betty Love, Euna Their Goal, Lovvorn, Mary Lown, Iohn Lyles, Louanne Lytle, Cynthia Macmillan, Peggy Maguire, Mack Marshall, Karen Martin, Bobby Martin, Iohnnie Gay Martin, Sara Mason, Nancy Matthews, George Mattox, Teresa Mauldin, Charles McAlister, Judi McClary, Phil McCravy, Mike McCurry, Chuck McDaniel, Phyllis McGowan, Mary Lou McGrath, Dollie McKay, Benny McLain, Ian McLaughlin, Pat McLean, Murphy McLemore, Carolyn McLeod, Dan McMurray, Abby Melchior, Ricky Merritt, Bobby Merry, Dave Miller, Alecia Mitchell, Bobby Mitchell, Marie Moody, Gloria Moore, Barry Mosely, Marla Mote, Sandra Moxon, Pete Muir, Donna Myers, Sue Neal, Billy nd...Miss H1 MISS Bemg Selected From The lumor Class Nettles, Dale Nettles, Iulie Newby, Harry Newell, Dennis Nipper, Linda Nussbaum, Brenda Nye, Joanne Ockoskis, Scarlet Outzs, Delly Parrott, Celia Parsons, Cheryl Patterson, Ioe Patterson, Ricky Patterson, Susan Dale Paturzo, Helen Paynter, Richard Peace, Bobbie Pearson, lay Peden, Nancy Pender, Lorraine Peterman, Edward Pilcher, Les Pitts, Bill Plucin, Cheryl Polson, Mary Powell, Chris Powell, Ruth Praete, Ricky Price, Finley Prim, Terry Pruett, Sammy Ragland, Sheila Railton, Dianne Raines, johnny Reese, Anne Reese, Bill Rhine, Mac Rice, Charles Ridgeway, Pete Rish, Patty Rivkin, Allen Rivkin, Rose Ann Iumors Look Forward To Thelr Senlor Year While Roberts, Jerry Roberts, Ioan Robinson, Stanley Rodgers, Linda Roof, Pam Roper, Missy Salane, Bobby Salane, Tommy Salley, Carrington Sapp, Gin Savitz, Steve Savitz, Libby Scarborough, Iane Schichler, Ernest Schuster, jackie Scoville, Ansley Shealey, David Shealy, Jerry Shealy, Wayne Shearin, Bob Shedd, Mary Io Shirley, Rita Short, Joyce Shuler, Jackie Shull, Kenneth Silverfield, Cary Simmons, Kenneth Simpson, Gene Sligh, Skipper Sloan, Mark Smith, Brucie Smith, Manning Smith Peggy Smith Ronny Solomon, Bonnie Stallworth, David Starin, Robin Steigner, Barbara Stein, Bob Steinmeyer, Iim Stephens, Sandra Stephenson, Brenda Ordering Class Rings, Planning The lunior-Senior Dance, Stern, Lily Stewart, Shirley Stokes, Buddy Stokes, Dianne Strachan, Sally Strom, Karla Strom, Kristi Stubbs, Billy Sturdivant, Tom Sturkie, Dianne Sturkie, Dickie Suber, Andy Swift, Gary Tanner, Leigh Taylor, John Thomas, Beckie Thomas, George Thomas, Mary Thompson, Mander Thurmond, jenny Timmons, Clyde Tindall, Rhett Todd, Andrella Treski, Fran L L , , -'-' ' V al Trice, Cedric Turnbull, Robert Twork, Ray Vanderlip, Ann Vaughan, Claude Waddell, Roy Wall, Linda Walters, lack Walthers, john Wald, Bob Ward, Tommy Warlick, Bill Warren, Barbara Waters, Vivian 'Watson, Diane Watson, Ierva Watson, Madeline Watson, Priscilla Being Challenged And Frustrated B The College Boards 5 ik f'f: 3 r Q Yew- ff' B 'Q- N at a r , ii' ' f'5'.if. : 'I:.':Q', me 3 Q if '. '- '..: : K , 1 -,.- 512, in , at . M il- f T B 3 ,-.,.m:f- ,,, --1, .- ., , .ww - 76 Weathersbee, Henry Welch, Fred West, Gaylin Weston, Mary White, Charles White, Sandy Whitehouse, Lynn Wilhoit, Randy Williams, Buddy Williams Ken Williams Lea Williams Michele 2 Willis, Doug Willis, Mary Wilson, Becky Wilson, Ronnie Wilson, Skip Winburn, Mitsy Wingfield, Johnny Winn, Julie Wise, Edward Wray, Billy Wyndham, Byron Yates, Doug Zeller, Doug Zuidema, Tony A ,".1l :'f And so the teacher said-"Get out! All of you!,' How about stepping on that bug. What do you mean-girls at football camp? ?? AL Yikes! ! That cat I dissected in anatomy-it moved! ! I Duh! ! ! W jon Slocom, President, assisted by Iody Miot, Vice-President, Sherry Gomez, Secretary, and Martie Daetwyler, T reasurer, lead the Sophomore Class toward their goals. Sophomores Are On The Way Up.. Smiling faces-some new, others well known, gladden our hearts. All combine to give warmth and freshness. An energetic vitality fills the halls of Flora as happy, carefree sophomores scurry from class to class. Continuously doing more than their share, the Sophomore Class has shown spirit, ellort and constant devotion. With these char- acteristics, A. C. F lora's Class of ,66 will rise to new heights in the history of their school. The Homeroorn Presidents work hard. Sophomore Horne- room Presidents-Hugh Corbett, Linda Dorsey, Bobby Giles, Kitty Hiller, Henry Thomas, Temple Ligon, Gail Garvin, Iimmie Williams, Becky Bowers, Kathy Brown, Frank Barton, Susie Bennett, and I0 Ella Craig assist the maintenance department by setting up the chairs for assembly. 78 nd They re Dolng A Good lob Cf lt Abernathy, Carolyn Abernathy, Butch Ajello, Elaine Andrews, Dale Ardis, Susan Asbill, Ronnie Baber, Angie Bacom, Craig Baker, Charles Baker, Jack Banks, Betty Banks, Sue Barton, Frank Bass, David Bateman, Linda Bennett, Susie Benson, Billy Bigby, Bernard Bihari, Judi Bishop, Charles Bodie, Beverly Boger, Sammy Bolin, Christi Bostic, Susan Bouknight, Edna Bower, Carol Bowers, Becki Boyce, Ricky Branham, George Braudie, Linda Brehmer, Pat Briles, Jackie Brinkley, Charles Brooks, Art Brooks, Bill Broom, Bill Brown Arthur Brown, Barbara Brown, Ioyce Brown, Judy Brown, Kathy Brown, Kenyth Brubaker, Lauren Buckalew, Lee Bunch, Robert Burke, Charlotte Burnette, Merry Anne Burns, jerry Burris, Kathy Burris, Moffatt Bushman, Philip Byrd, Rosemary Calvo, Paul Caraway, Cindy Carlisle, Carolyn Carnes, Ann ophomore Class Considered By Caroll, Carrol, Colon, Colon, Cooper Coplan Corbet, Corley, Craig, Craig, Craig, Creed, Culler, Dannel Davis Davis Davis Davis Davis, a s s J Davis Davis 9 a Denny, Devet, Duffie, 80 Collins, Collins, Cooper, , Cooper, n Upper Jeanne Peggy Caughman, Billy Cave, Julie Chick, Iohn Clarkson, Taylor Coleman, Tommy David Meredith Edith Pablo Linda Sammy Sherry Lana Hu gh jimmy Catherine Io Ella Linda Richard Cribbe, Olin Cromer, Bonnie Crossland, Connie Crowder, Linda Etienne Culvern, Anne Cummings, Dottie Daetwyler, Martie ly, Donna Charles Connie Hugh Inez Jerry Melody Skip Dawkins, Bobby Dawson, Koot DeHart, Ronald deM0ntmollin, Beth Pat Derrick, Cleveland DeVane, Betsy Donald Dickert, Richard Dickman, Janis Dillard, Mary Donahue, Gerald Dorsey, Linda David Duke, Mary Chase Duncan, Buddy Duncan, Walter Edgerton, Jack Edwards, Iohn Glassmen As The GCLowliest" Ellison, Linda Ellison, Mel Evans, Thomas Face, John Faulks, Sherry F echter, Harriet F ellers. Fred F ennell, jenny Ferguson, johnny Fink, Larry F isch, Andy ,Fisch, Nancy Fisher, john Floyd, Danny Forstot, Sheila F ouche, Lease Fraser, Clyde Fraylick, Teresa F usco, Frank F ussel, I. R. Garvin, Gail Garvin, Tommy Gardner, Nancy Gardner, Stephen Gay, Rosemary Gayden, Beth Gerds, Gregg Giles, Bobby Giles, Dawn Gittinger, Sandra Glass, Bonnie Gleason, Ellen Glover, Cynthia Goddard, Betty Goldberg, Henry Gomez, Sherry Good, Fredree Graab, George Graben, Judy Granzow, Al Gregory, Brenda Gregory, Henry Griner, Larry Grugan, joe Grundy, Ed Gunn, Billy Hall, Mark Hamblin, Tommy Hancock, Louie Harell, Wesley Hardiman, Parker Harper, Eddie Harrell, Debbie Harrellson, Faye Harris, Robert Hart, Bobby as hi I Vg, ""N ' 3 , ...,,. , .., ' eee, , - s -fi T its at will? i xx ' G G' h " - ' K 1 M . s mx SQL ' ' - . iiglfiii,-5 ,. 4-'xf!f.fi.fZ-:JN ' Y 'F ' 'A X sk ws fir' " H N- Nm Wi if K ,,. l K 5 . Adil ' .. K' s VT? V' 'N- f ,Gr as Xt if is 1 M - fe f gsesi fizaegiirzawi , . .. rm..-.M.1, .. ,, ,..n . , ,mr . .. ,,,,,,,, H rfisfilfzf, ,S 55, ,S it V 5 U - 3 X - ips" Yet The Class Of 566 Has Worked Hartley, Skipper Hedgecock, Joyce Heider, Martha Jo Helman, Harvey Helps, David Henderson, Julia Hendley, Anne Hendrix, Ralph Hensel, Jeanne Hernandez, Bruney Hiller, Kitty Hinze, Pete Holland, Pete Holler, Barbara Hornsby, Newton Hornsby, Rudy Horton, Steve Hubbard, Jan Hudson, Julie Hughes, Marsha Jackson, Kay Jacobs, Pat Jeffcoat, Allen Jenkins, Patty Jennings, David Jeter, Kathleen Johns, David Johns, Cale Johnson, Malcolm Johnson, Richard Jones, Faye Jones, Martenza Jordan, Barbara Jordan, Caroline Karnezes, Pete Kauric, Pat Kellogg, Kay Kelly, Jim Kennedy, Diane Kennedy, Hal Kinard, James Kinard, Ken Kingman, Lynn Kinsey, Rodney Kirby, Mary Alice Kirkley, Earle Klinck, Susan Knight, Jeanne Knight, Kathy Kohn, Rosalie Kolb, Janet Kuykendall, Dan Lafaye, Duke Lavery, Ann Lawhorne, Marianne Lawrence, Chuck Hard To Cain Due Recognition Leapart, Phyllis Levkoff, Steve Ligon, Temple Linton, Johnny Little, Frank Livingston, Jimmy Lott, A,Delle Lourie, Lorraine Lowrance, Billy Mansfield, Pat Martin, Barbie Mason, Jeanne Mason, Mary Helen Mathias, Brenda McAden, Lee McCartha, Billy McCaskill, Kitty McConnell, Bill McCrady, Sally McCrady, Jeanne McCrory, Raven McDaniel, Cary McDougal, Helen McGill, Charles McKinney, Ruth McMurry, Laird McLaurin, Milly McRoberts, William Medlin, Dianne Mercer, Lynn Merchant, Jerry Middleton, Ann Mills, Tommy Miot, Jody Mitchell, Dana Moak, Jackie Mobley, Martin Moody, Alise Moody, David Moon, Donna Moore, Benny Morgan, Jimmy Morgan, John Morris, W. D. Morrow, Vance Moseley, Nancy Mullinax, Faye Nadel, Larry Nance, Bob Nash, Charlene Neely, Boyd Nelson, Ann Nelson, Ann Nelson, Robert Nichols, Robert Niver, Mike in L at-sy ix 5 in 'CLP Cra ton tudents Have, Also, Added Nussbaum, Sonya O'Neal, Leila Osteen, Pam Owenby, Pat Palmer, Walter Park, Terry Patterson, Pat Payne, Linda Pearson, Garland Peele, Betty Pellington, Iris Penny, LaRue Perlov, Mike Peters, Robert Powell, Beau Pregnall, Allan Price, Laurie Price, William Quick, Susan Raines, Pat Ramsey, John Ratliif, jimmy Rector, Ken Reeves, Mike Refo, Rickey Reid, Pat Ressler, Linda Richards, David Richardson, Sara Riley, Andy Riley, Julie Ross, David Roth, Marilyn Sacks, Susan Sample, Alecia Sanders, Jerry Sappington, john Salters, Barbara Scoonover, Pam Scribnick, Michael Scurry, Peyre Sharpe, Guy Shealy, Kaye Shellenberger, Roxy Sheperd, Rona Shinn, Ann Short, jeff Shular, Sue Shular, Farley Shull, Linda Shuster, Bob Singletary, Spivey Sisson, Linda Sizemore, Hank Slice, Russell Lamar Sloan, james Thomas To Floras Sophomore Class Smith, Chris Smith, Jerry Smith, Lavina Smith, Katherine Smith, Kay Smith, Milliard Smoak, Missy Sollod, Lisa Spalding, Sallie Spradley, Tommy Stacy, John Staples, Tim Stewart, Clark Strohecker, Scott Sturdivant, Gene Sturkie, Ken Suit, Steve Swygert, Sylvia Tapp, Cecial Taylor, Taylor, Lee Lee Terry, Charlie Thomas , Ann Thomas, Thomas, Thomas, , Richard Henry Alice Pat Thompson, Susan Tilley, John Tinder, Allen Tolbert, Tommy Tomlin, Don True, Randy Tupper, Fran Turner, Carol Turner, Mary Turner, Richard Tuttle, Nelda Vincent, Linda Waddell, Dennis Walker, Nikki Wall, Bill Wall, jimmy Walters, joe Walton, Carol Walton, june Wattenbarger, Judy Weed, Frank Weise, Alan Welcome, janet White, Donna White, William Whitehouse, Iohnny Whittenmore, Kent Whittinghill, Penny Whittington, Kathy ophomores Will Be An Outstanding Class Whitton, jack Wiles, Cecilia Williams, Terry Winniman, Richard McEntire, Nancy Williams, jimmy gg , as Wise' George W Wise, Margie iiiy ' i:,A'A 'V T Wofford, Brook ""i ' , VT 4 l Zeigler, Barbara l ,, if Croley, Frank if-: A ' , , Tomlin, Don 1 '1'2 ZQL L f L L 4. CAMERA SHY: Barwick, Larry, Berry, Eugenis, Bizzell, Emily, Brantley, jane, Broom, Kathy, Chapman, Francis, Chapman, Rachel, Devel, Sandra, Drake, Charles, Ewan, Carl, Gibson, Gloria, Johnson, C. G., Jones, Kaye, Knight, joe, LaMotte, Bobby, Lewis, Doug, Livingston, Debbie, McConnel, jimmy, McCutchen, Sarah, McEntire, Nancy, Mclntosh, Alexander, McKay, Doug, McSwain, Sandra, Mixson, Bill, Moyers, Robert, Newboy, Harry, Nipper, Amelia, Reynolds, Frank, Riley, Roy, Robertson, Phyllis, Rosa, Nilda, Ryder, Larry, Savitz, Libby, Scott, Tommy, Slocum, Ion, Tarver, Dolly, Walker, David. But I really didn't skip! I just don't seem to have quite enough! Hang him from the rafters! af fi? The Big Thinkers! But Why do elephants have tusksP P P 5 W , 4 - 5 .ss A-fmmgsimwsss w swmaisegsw - 1 f W ws- . it H V P "P ' W - K . 55:4 ':"Ma:t.:' "PS:'f:'L'.I",51.12i1gi':Q12iwE5?3Q-E5:4ei.ti55?i:g5fEi.55k3751Sit55355lieiliilklisuiiiiisi'-Evil :'.,1 :,':E?p' ,: ,2' . A 2,5 ,.,. . .fM.,.,.5,W, r,,,,S.N,,W ., 0. X, tsMw.3..a..,t..3,tam,,mS, , . A ,L A AQ? V A A A -- - :""v"'j F3551SP'fST!Wial3.fiw3N?:25i55if5E3?5lg:ESSs!PAkS5A VElP:Lf3X':j?Ei??5iWP5575- P :3f-EPSQQVI? " X95-2-1? ,. .. - -- . rw . . ,..,.ts.,.t.seg., a.s.A?a,.m,.m, aa , WM as A ' fs 5 PM ee-- A - , 13, ,. -'gSi,:xh:Tlf.: 1.'Lif':5iiY:s '.':'y:'fjL ,.,UL 2Ai'LT-We: 5- V -' -f ' 'f ' ES - - L- , 'fFlf15lS--Q - ,taxes-.rilfiia 1. K - 5 R . we f -.M ggiIf-wismssvfxws-z Drk '12-ae . .f ' .w aste-j,,s:.'fjg:' - . '4g,:.,:, .. KVAKVK ,V K - . . - y -- . K . . If V , , ggrk rs 'W ww fri? , - - ' s ., ., ilk :.. f E ,. '.....s. ..:.1 " f ff -f -f --f- i - - 5 - f- W QL li l 23 L P"-F ' WN . ' . ggi ee,. g i , e,., if ' fa ke if " M' 1 5 P In 1. , ..A.. V. Q A H A . - ,s,..M.,..mk, V . , 2- '2 .i Q V - 1 3 1 m,wm,.aW .k,.., .,.... , .,. .. . , , . ,EQ , 1 fx : " as 5 , -1 ' 1- 9 . : ' , . . . , , , . . . .,.,. . . ,. 2 2 - " W e .WW am Z g iw, AA, I N , .. .. i.,,....,.. . - -' " 5 L ....... 5 ww ---ff -- -P - kqblu V , ,.,, . , ..,w..m..... - - , E S Y P .....h..,,.h. .,, .W , 5?--MP1 . E Q , ,Q ,Q ,:,,A. .,.. - ,Q ir , 3 5 H . - ---f'E'-,.m...:,+-f.- . ? . , +,+-W - , . . J. ' ""' 1"""'?"""' "' S I 1 ,,,:,,,.,..w., Up on the roof . 87 ElopingP P P Gee Mom, school is murder! The teachers are slave drivers-they don't even give a guy a free minute to think! The clocks are off again . . . itls not really 5 a. m l cz time Worth rememzzering Cf7.V7.f7.QS 4, Through Student Council, students of A. C. Flora are given a hand in their own governing, thus broadening their knowledge of the prin- ciples of democracy and enabling them to become better citizens. Student Council promotes the school's welfare by serving as a link between the students and faculty, by coordinating the activities of the stu- dents, and by setting high moral standards for the students to follow. ffkx A f., I First semester Student Council officers: Keith Belser, President, Dave Merry, Vice-President, Sandra Dawkins, Secretary, and Clyde Timmons, Treasurer. Flora tudent Council ls The Leader Steve Savitz, President of the South Carolina Association of Student Councils, looks over the clothing collected for a welfare project with Student Council sponsors Mrs. Officers of Student Council for Second semester: john C. D. Plyler, Miss Myrna Page, Mr. jerry Redman, Miss Freeman, President, Clyde Timmons, Vice-President, Ann B. Booth, and Mr. joel Abraham. Abby McMurray, Secretary, and Bud Cousar, Treasurer. 90 Members of first semester Stu- dent Council: First Row: Keith Belser, President, Sandra Dawkins, Secretary, Dave Merry, Vice-Presi- dent, Clyde Timmons, Treasurer, and Therese Toussaint. Second Row: Raven McCrory, Linda Sisson, Anne Thomas, Judy Bihari, Lana Coplan, Abby McMurray, Betsy Daniel, Millie McLaurin, Sandra Stephens, Carol Heyward. Third Row: Bud Cousar, Sam Jeter, Fredree Good, Nard Fleischman, Bobby Reynolds, Catherine Smith, Tomi Dee Cray, Dianne Dorman, Sandy White, Jackie Khars, Mar- garet Seay, and Les Pilcher. Fourth Row: Marian Long, Arthur Cole- man, Penny Kirkwood, Jay Pearson, Mac Macmurphy, Gregg Gerdes, Allen Robinson, W. D. Morris, Ann Nelson, Cheryl McCoy, Kathy Neeley, Carol Bower, and Mary Weston. ln outh Carolina Councils Second semester Student Council members: First Row: John Free- man, President, Clyde Timmons, Vice-President, Abby McMurray, Secretary, and Bud Cousar, Treas- urer. Second Row: Angela Bult- man, Ellen Seastrunk, Cynthia Zuk, Andy Fisch, Linda Dorsey, Bea Johnson, Joyce Hedgecock, and Sandra Dawkins. Third Row: Reed Barnes, Iris Pellington, Dale Nettles, Kathy Whittington, Joanne Nye, Mary Jo Shedd, Connie Davis, and Roxy Shellenberger. Fourth Row: Doug King, Temple Ligon, Kent Whittemore, Tommy Linton, Joe Patterson, Gerald Bridgers, Don Tomlin, Randy Barre, Bill Reese, and Claude Belk. Fifth Row: John Law, Dickie Tighe, Edward Wise, Pope Lawson, Lee Taylor, Mac Rine, and Jerry Shealy. The Spirit Committee promotes the spirit of the school for the athletic seasons. Decorating the gym are members fsittingj Mary jones, Steve Savitz, Bob Day, Mark Archer, Abby McMur- ray, Ben Miller, fstandingj Mary Giles, Chair- man, Tomi Dee Gray, Mike McCravy, Sue MacMillan, Sherry Gomez, Vickie Eslinger, Dickie Sturkie, Ronnie Smith, Susan King, and Bill Warlick. The Exchange Assembly Committee plans and directs the pro- grams put on by Flora students at other local schools. This year's committee members are: Seated: Nancy McMeen, Ellen DaVega and Bobby Robinson, C0-Chairmen, and Abby McMurray. Stand- ing: Caci Cole, Ginny Lentz, Mary jones, Don Bushman, Bea gmhnson, Tomi Dee Gray, Mark Sloan, Sue MacMillan, and Steve remer. Importance Of Council Committees Increases Student Council, through the efforts of its dif- ferent committees, has rendered many services to A. C. Flora and her student body. The committees of Student Council are Welfare, Social, Constitu- tion, Special Projects and Problems, Assembly, House and Grounds, and Finance. The dances after football and basketball games, Student Council committee chairmen for first semester, Honey Kropp, Bea Johnson, Judy Banks, Raven McCrory, and Ricky Patterson, examine the masks given to the Columbia hospitals for Halloween. Absent when picture was taken: Sam Jeter. the mixers during Activities Period, the Thanks- giving Assembly, the clothes drives for the needy, the decoration of the Student Council room, the improvement of the school,s general appearance, the exchange assemblies from other schools and the revision of the Constitution were the results of the work done by Student Council committees. Plans are made for second semester projects by Student Council committee chairmen Bea johnson, Ellen Sea- strunk, Sandra Dawkins, Reed Barnes, Mark Archer, Edward Wise, and joe Patterson. 92 Steve Cremer, International Day Chairman, begins the day's activities by raising the International Day flag. The Leaning Tower of Pisa, a Chinese pagoda, the Eiffel Tower, the Great Sphinx-all of these uvvonders of the Worldv greeted students and vis- itors on May I, International Day. The avenue of flags, assembly parade, travel lectures, native dances-fall of these were significant parts of the dayis program. After Working for a year on a dream, Inter- national Day became a reality. Education, inter- national friendship, understanding, and peace culminated in that one day that became a special day in Floraas history-International Day of 1964-A TIME WORTH REMEMBERING. Individual committee chairmen Charlie Jordan, Marshall Lipscomb, Tomi Dee Gray, Mac Macrnurphy, Nancy McMeen, Ellen DaVega, and Steve Cremer prepare to receive visitors in the Student Council reception room. A main attraction of International Day is the homerooms decorated to represent foreign nations. This presentation is typical of the homerooms each year. GG onders Of The Worldw t International Da The avenue of flags embodies the true meaning which is the basis for International Day-the linking of all nations in a common bond of peace and friendship. r Oflicers for National Honor Society for the first semester were Clint McCrory, President, john Freeman, Vice- President, Sandra Dawkins, Secretary, and Mac Coble, Treasurer. Second semester National Honor Society officers were jim Childress, President, Mark Sloan, Vice-President, Margaret Seay, Secretary, and Reed Barnes, Treasurer. Honor Societygs Vocational Guidance Program NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY f SU The National Honor Society surged forward this year in two vital ways-in membership and in activities. In September fifty new members were inducted and, with the ten members initi- ated in january, the total number came to one hundred, the largest ever. This group decided on two long-range goals, first, the expansion of the Vocational Guidance Programs and second, the ambitious installation of an Honor Code. Mrs. E. R. Short and Mrs. J. C. Baker, sponsors, welcomes Therese Touissaint, honorary member, and other inductees Andy Suber, Leslie Lawrence, Bill Todd, jenny Thurmond, Dale Distin, Jack Heath, and Sandra Brown, into Honor Society. Absent when picture was made were Truman Hopkins and Judy Sandler. Honor Society members are, First Row: Miller, Robinson, Coble, Durlach, Jeter, Salane, Simpson, Bonner, Silverfield, Cousar, Law, King, Byorick, Abrams, Sloan, Barre, Brock, Barrett, McCrory, Bridgers, Belser, McClary, Timmons, Stone, Archer, Holloman, Mauldin, Childress, Merry, Coplan. Second Row: Harris, Tilton, Fussell, Henderson, Aldrich, Fuller, Bowers, Olive, Dorman, Daniel, DaVega, Hill, DuRant, Beskid, Crosland, DeHamer, Marshall, Bishop, Giles, Keller, King, Banks, Barnes, Myers, Lipscomb, Bailey, Hair, Floyd, Calvo. Third Row: Dawkins, Roberts, Kropp, Hudson, Maddox, Gregory, Davis, Bowers, Nussbaum, Gentry, Denny, Benson, Edwards, Ragland, and Brinkley. Absent from Picture: Lane, Shearin, McWilliams, Bushman, Detwiler, Elder, Freeman, Stuart, Tighe, Mitchell, Muir, Stevenson, Brown, Fechter, Knox, Seay, Wilhehn, Vogel. ls Expanded The Honor Code, when established, will be a school moral foundation for which many schools strive. The vocational guidance programs give the students of Flora unlimited opportunities to hear professional men and women discuss their Work and its potential. With the success of these pro- grams, Flora is certain to deserve her place as a leader of schools. Tutoring is one of the Honor Society's services. Iudy The Honor Code Committee: Sandra Dawkins, Lynnie Banks tutors 8' student In hlstofy' Olive, Luana Floyd, John Freeman, Marshall Lipscomb, and Don Bushman work on an honor code system for Flora. Absent from Picture: Mac Coble, Betsy Daniel, Bobby Salane and Randy Barre explain this yearis Voca- Mark Archer, and Doug King. tional Guidance Program to members of the committee. ' Mark Coplan, Editor-in-Chief, dreams of the day when the annual has long gone to press. Marshall Lipscomb, Beauty Editor, attempts to move the huge backdrop for the beauty contest as the other mem- bers of the staff, Betty Goddard, Ioyce Hedgecock, Lilly Stern, and Ruth McKinney, help her. Absent when pic- ture was made: Ellen DaVega. The Falcon Famil For the most important group at Flora for at least that's what our editor says! D, only two pages have been allotted. On these two pages we have tried to picture each hard-working, diligent mem- ber of the FALCON family in his usual habitat. Catherine Hammond, Business Manager, checks to see that all ads for the annual are in. The Activities Staff, Mary Lovvorn, Margaret Seay, Sandra Dawkins, and Becki Bowers, head for their next picture appointment. Don Bushman, Assistant Editor, shows Mrs. O. A. jeff- coat, Sponsor, and Mary Giles, Faculty Editor, the Dreher devil hung in efligy. J if i 5 E CG t Homes' Trite though it may be, our motto, "If at iirst you don,t succeed, try, try, again," is no longer uttered by the members of our staff. As you turn these pages, We hope you will agree that this final effort has succeeded. The sophomore and junior class staffs identify pictures for the annual. They are, Iuniors: Mary Bistline, Dale Nettles, and Mary Weston, Editor. Sophomores: Sherry Gomez, Editor, Betty Goddard, and Martie Daetwyler. The copy and sports staff check the layout for the FALCON. From left to right are: Randy Barre, Pat Mc- Laughlin, Girls Sports Editor, Nance Iervey, Mrs. M. S. Rose, Sponsor, Keith Belser, Sports Editor, and Allen Ieffcoat. The members of the business staff attempt to go out and sell ads for the annual foutside of cars? Kay Turner, Carol Jones, Brenda Nussbaum, Louise Bailey, Sandy White, Catherine Hammond, Business Manager, Don Bushman, Jackie Shuler, Ioanne Nye fat hoodj, Qseated in lst carl Gregg Cerdes, Betty Bishop, Jackie Kahrs, Sandra Fitts, Iune Chinn, Kitty Anderson, and fseated in 2nd carj Mrs. Q. O. Bruce, Sponsor. Cynthia Zuk, Senior Editor, and members of her staff: Cheryl Dorsey, Sandra Brown, Sharon Shipp, and Iudy Wise, type up the quotations for each senioris picture. Doug King, Photography Editor, "catches,' a candid shot of Reed Barnes, Writer, and Ruthie Tumer, Art Editor. Absent from picture: Ansley Scoville, Art Editor, Mrs. B. E. Tollison, Sponsor. 5- ,726 Falcons? Upinions Are Aired In its fifth year of publication, the Winged Press, F lorals student newspaper, continues to keep Flora students informed on campus activi- ties. This year the Winged Press, a biweekly newspaper, was expanded to six pages with a production staff of over forty students. In an effort to make the paper more self-supporting, members of the staff for 1963-'64 solicited paid advertise- ments, a ufirstv in the newspaper's history. Many new features and departments were added this year to entertain and inform the stu- dents. A "Letters to the Editorl' column gave the students themselves an opportunity to voice their opinions. The editorial section was enlarged, new feature columns were added, and more pictures than ever before were printed in order to make this year's Winged Press the very best one yet! Charlie Iordan, first semester Editor-in-Chief, discusses a layout with Beth Vogel, Editor-in-Chief second se- mester, and Cynthia Holl, Co-Editor first semester. First semester editors of the Winged Press busily prepare a paper for the printers. Mrs. W. B. Williams, a Sponsor, talks with julie Winn, Head Typist, as Beth Vogel, Feature editor, Doug King, Photographer, Susan King, Public Relations Editor, Shirley Price, M ake-up Editor, jack Heath, Sports Editor, Miss Mary K. Hicks, a Sponsor, Linda Hair, Copy Editor, and Mary Jones, Exchange Editor each carry out his individual duties. Absent from the picture is Pete Edwards, Circulation Editor. . Members of the Winged Press staff, jack Heath and Shirley Price, distribute the papers to subscribers' lockers. QL69 19 A. C. FLCRA HIGH SCHOOL NO- LXIV In Cclietters To The Editorsw Writers for the Winged Press often interview students for campus profiles and opinionaires. Linda Hair is shown interviewing an outstanding senior for the campus profiles which is a capsule commentary on the students past, present, and future. Editors for second semester rush to meet the deadline for a Winged Press edition. They are: Mr. C. C. DuBose, Sponsor, Cynthia Holl and Beth Vogel, Co-Editors, Ernest Schicle, Circulation Editor, Linda Hair, M ake-Up Editor, Mary jones, Exchange Editor, Julie Winn, Head Typist, Reed Barnes, News Editor, jack Heath, Sports Editor, Ianis Bale, Copy Editor, Claude Belk, Sports Editor, and Caci Cole, Girls, Sports Editor. Absent when picture was made: Dave Stewart, Feature Editor, and Nancylee Rast, Assistant Feature Editor. The press room is always an example of diligent workers such as Don Bushman, Reed Barnes, Treci Aston, Linda Gregory, Janice Bowers, jackie Schuster, Kitty McCaskill, Janis Bale, Naomi Abrams, Pat Edwards, Bill Warlick, Susan Reese, Bud Cousar, Clyde Timmons, Ricky Durlach, and Nard F leishman as they all do the jobs appointed to them. 9vx af J vs :ami Helping the Coodfellows pack and distribute Officers of the Key Club, Mark Coplan, Vice-President, Mac Macmurphy, President, Bob Neely, Secretary, and Keith Belser, Treasurer, sell light bulbs in order to raise money for many of their service projects. Helping the club by a purchase is Mrs. F. D. Roberts. l""0 0' C "- + 0 'n "0,. 0 5 I 'fill 1' '19 0' 'Q 3 2' N - .47 iz W ' 3 5'-44 0 my l ."Io0l"' F lora,s lights often turn on at night when the Key Club is at work behind the scenes to help its school and community function smoothly. With a cross-section of Flora boys as its members, the Key Club is an excellent representation of our school, and is responsive to all who wish its services. This energetic service organization has the responsibility of ushering at assembly, of raising and lowering the flag every day, and of perform- food baskets at Christmas time is one of the Key Club,s many service projects. Seen doing this are: Ben Miller, Colie Dyson, Claude Belk, Sandy Daniel, and Edgar Morris. Key And Anchor ing various other worthwhile duties around the school. In addition, they sell light bulbs, and they aid the Coodfellows in their annual Christmas food basket distribution. Besides being proud of the local services rendered by these boys, Flora students take pride in our Key Club,s being an active participant in the nationwide Key Club program, and in Phil Leventis, being treasurer of the Carolinas' District. Members of the Key Club consistently work to keep our school grounds clean and in good repair. In this picture some of the boys are restoring cleanliness to the parking lot. They are Colie Dyson, Steve Cremer, Bob Neely, Sandy Daniel, Carl Ellsworth, Keith Belser, john Freeman, Dave Merry, Pope Lawson, Nard Fleishman, Chip Bumett, Mark Coplan, jack Heath, Bill johnson, Clyde Timmons, Bud Cousar, johnny Parker, and Edgar Morris. Absent from picture: Bobby Robinson, Claude Belk, Phil Leventis, Mac Macmurphy, Clint McCrory, Phil McClary, Sam Jeter, Steve Savitz, Mac Coble, Ben Miller, Charlie jordan, and Mr. William Carson, Sponsor. 5515633 i5 A' K i XM' 'W' D "' A" Anchor Club oflicers conduct an all-girl meeting on cleaning up our school. They are: Reed Barnes, Senior Director, Betsy Daniels, junior Director, Nancy McMeen, President, Ellen Seastrunk, Vice-President, Ellen DaVega, Secretary, and Marshall Lipscomb, Treasurer. Clubs Work Toward Coal Contributions of the Anchor Club this year have been those in which the members could give service to the school and the community. These loyal Falcons show true spirit and enthusiasm by periodically cleaning the school grounds. As several girls who still possess aching backs will testify, the bonfire at Homecoming was through the courtesy of the Anchor Club. Helpfulness in civic affairs was another Held in which Anchor Club participated. Among the For a major project of the year, Anchor Club dressed dolls for the Salvation Army to distribute at Christmas. Helping to pack these dolls are Betsy Cave, Ginny Lentz, Sandra Brown, Cheryl Dorsey, and Mary Bistline. Anrhnr Olluh numerous projects undertaken were ushering at public affairs, assisting with the various fund drives for the March of Dimes and American Legion Auxiliary, and dressing dolls for the Sal- vation Army at Christmas. In contrast to this serious side is the fun-filled nature of the club. Anchor Antics, a variety show written and staged by the club members, was presented in the spring. This grand Hnale ended a very successful year. Anchor Club members work continuously to keep the school grounds in good appearance. Here the members clean up before Homecoming. They are: Mrs. W. D. Gray and Mrs. M. C. jordan, Sponsors, Sandra Dawkins, Barbara Roberts, Tomi Dee Gray, Irene Knox, Susan King, Betsy Cave, Mary Bistline, Reed Barnes, Linda Denny, Honey Kropp, Ellen Seastrunk, Sue MacMillan, Betsy Daniels, Dianne Meadows, Pat McLaughlin, Marshall Lipscomb, B'Anne Barnes, -fkneeling in frontjj, Charlotte Knox, Therese Toussaint, Caci Cole, Ann Arnold, Ellen DaVega, Mary Weston, and Marie Mitchell. l r NFL members who have obtained their Degree of Merit participate in a mock congress. They are: First Row: Miss Gheesling, Sponsor, Lauren Brubaker, Patty Jenkins. Second Row: Julia Henderson, Scharlene Nash, Kitty McCaskill, Lilli Stern, Judy Fischman, Steve Curry, and Truman Hopkins. Third Row: Billy Stubbs, Amy Henderson, Edward Wise, Carolyn Abernathy, Martenza Jones, Clyde Timmons, Doug Yates, Bill Kauric, and Philip Bushman. Absent when picture was taken were: Bob Bowles, Bonnie Solomon, Lynnie Olive, Lynn Whitehouse, Lynda Fetterley, Mary Jones, Margaret Seay, Kenneth Shull, Lee McAden, Gaylin West, Judith Fischman, Janis Dickman, Malcolm Johnson, Charlie Terry, Theresa Mattox, John Torri, and Charlotte Knox. . F. L. Triumphs t F,mory's Barkley Forum Officers of the National Forensic League plan the Christ- mas Banquet. They are: Carrington Salley, Social Chair- man, Mark Archer, Social Chairman, Tommy Salane, Publicity Chairman, Naomi Abrams, Historian, Luana Floyd, Secretary, Mary Giles, Vice-President, and Mac Coble, President. Once again the N.F.L. has worked outstand- ingly for the entire year. Flora is honored to have had the leading chapter in South Carolina-for ever since its beginning the Flora chapter has always attended the National Tournament. The following honors have been won by the Flora chapter of the National Forensic League 1963-1964: Stephen Savitz, a gavel for the best presiding officer in the Senate at the Asheville Congress, Mac Coble, a gavel for the best presid- ing officer in the House at the Dentsville Con- gress, Truman Hopkins, a silver medal for superior speaker in the House at the High Point District Congress, Mary Giles and Mac Coble, a trophy for the best affirmative team at Emory University, NFL debaters, Steve Savitz, Luana Floyd, Mary Giles, Mac Coble, Bobby Salane, Mark Archer, and Tommy Salane, practice debating against one another to prepare for the debate tournaments in which they participate. i 1fiifi'5Z7'1Q:uf 1 i . . -, .Qi- Q -l 1 . 'if S ' is? -li' ' 'il . is if .fi i ii. ii . lil? 'Q iii Qalf HJ ffvv . ' 'H " ilu- -ci . ' Q wr Departing for a speech tournament are the NFL members who have obtained their Degree of Honor. They are: Dickie Sturkie, Sandra Dawkins, Kay Smith, Bill Todd, Allen Jeffcoat, Judy Hawkins, Carrington Salley, Mr. Preston Musgrove, Sponsor, Jeff Abrams, and Linda Denny. George Graab, Ginger Hill, Iayne Glass, and Stephen Levkoff were absent when the picture was made. first place, and best ailirmative team in the South Carolina Debate Contest-enabling them to at- tend the National Speech Tournament at Akron, Ohio in June, Mary Giles, second best speaker at Emory and first place speaker in South Carolina, Bobby and Tommy Salane, first place negative in the South Carolina Debate Contest and tied for second place speaker. In the State Speech Contests, superior ratings were Won by Patty Ienkins in dramatics, Luana Floyd in extemporary, and Stephen Savitz in declamation. Mrs. M. G. Lupold, the Flora Debate Coach, was acknowledged as a superior coach and was given a gold key symbolizing her achievement. Mark Archer, Tommy Salane, Mrs. R. C. Gilbert, Sponsor, Luana Floyd, Naomi Abrams, Bill Rosvold, Bobby Salane, and Ricky Patterson look at the scrapbooks of Florais Forensic League activities. All have obtained the Degree of Excellence in NFL work. Three members of the NFL hold the Degree of Distinc- tion. These three, Steve Savitz, Mary Giles, and Mac Coble, with Mrs. M. G. Lupold, Sponsor, add the trophies they won to the others won in previous years. Mr. Brasington instructs the JETS Club's members. First Row: Margaret Seay, Rhett Tindall, Billy Bridgers, Mike Byorick, Mr. Brasington. Second Row: Cheryl Hartley, Clint McCrory, Mac Coble, Bill Pitts, Kenneth Shull, Chris Nuckols. Third Row: Tom Brock, Cheryl Parsons, Therese Toussaint, Keith Belser, Randy Barre, David Detwiler. Fourth Row: Susan King, Amy Henderson, Reed Bames, Jack Heath, Vincent Holloman. Fifth Row: Gene Simpson, Jeff Abrams, Honey Kropp, Larry Mauldin, George Little. Sixth Row: Bill Crown, Sam Jeter, Cheryl McCoy, Abby McMurray, Ginger Hill. Seoenth Row: Ricky Durlach, Phil Law, Peggy DeHamer, Judy F ischrnan. Absent when Picture was Made: Ron Barrett, Don Bushman, Jincy Davis, Judy Hawkins, Cynthia Holl, Nancy Jervey, Mary Jones, Doug King, Jamie Stone, Bill McWilliams, Theresa Mattox. lets Members Institute I K. Blum Gbservator The Junior Engineering Technical Society, composed of fifty selected students, sponsors vari- ous projects, programs, and field trips throughout the year to promote interest in the fields of sci- ence and mathematics. Many such activities are financed by the proceeds from the Ice Cream Snack Bar which JETS members operate during lunch periods. During the school year 1963-64, the club's most important contribution to the school has been the planning and building of the school observatory which houses the 12V2-inch telescope constructed by the Telescope committee. The Falcon observatory was begun by the astronomy class composed of JETS Club members. Pictured are Vincent Holloman, Wesley Harris, Jamie Stone, Mr. Brasington, Sponsor, Sam Jeter, Clint McCrory, Mike Byorick, Randy Barre, and Don Bushman. Doug King, Vice-President, Margaret Seay, Secretary, Mr. Brasington, Sponsor, Mike Byorick, Treasurer, and Clint McCrory, President, greet Dr. Layton, Head of the Chemistry Department at the University of South Carolina. Mr. Blum and Mr. Williams of Columbia University, guest speaker, join in an experiment with the members and sponsors of the Scientific Club of America. They are: Caroline Jordan, Laird McMurray, Lee McAden, Steven Gardner, Harvey Helman, Bill Wall, Bob Schuster, john Tilley, Allen Ielfcoat, Don Tomlin, Philip Bushman, Dana Mitchell, Mr. Brasington, Sponsor, I. R. Fussell, Ioe Walters, Bill Benson, Mr. Williams, Mr. Blum, and Mr. Stokes, Sponsor. Flora tudents Excel ln Scientific Achievements Cynthia Holl won a trip to Wash- ington, D. C., to present her research paper, "The Laboratory Induction of Vesical Calculi in the Mus Norvegicus Albinusf, to a youth science congress. Seen here with Cynthia in Washington is Mrs. Tweed, who accompanied her. Ricky Durlach shows his project on "Hydrofoils" at a national science exhibition in Albuquerque, New Mexico. For this project he won a trip aboard a Naval submarine. IO5 Sam Jeter was selected as a repre- sentative to "Youth Conference on the Atomf' Shown with Sam as he leaves for Chicago are Mr. Low- man, representative from the power company which sponsored the trip, and Mr. Brasington, who attended the conference with Sam. F. H. A. Members Give As The Learn Ann McLain, President, shows Dianne Sturkie, Treasurer, the cook books sold by F .H.A. for the "Brazil Project" while Colette Davis, Secretary, and Patty Rish, Vice- Presidentg look over recipes for exciting new dishes. X The F.H.A. of Flora is a widespread organiza- tion working both for charity and for the better- ment of their own skills. They started the 'cBrazil Projectl' which has been adopted by other schools throughout the state during the past year. This spring, by raising funds in various ways, this group sent a sizable check along with clothes, food, and toys for needy families. Girls who are members of the Future Home- makers of America learn to be excellent seam- stresses, cooks, and hostesses. Flora's F.H.A. has been well represented in many large contests, such as the "Sew With Wooly competition. Through their experiences, these talented young ladies will be among the finest of the homemakers of tomorrow. Ierva Watson and Pat Denny, "Sew With Wool" con- testants, model their lovely creations to other contestants Linda Denny, Sara Richardson, jackie Khars, and Pat Mansfield. Absent when picture was made were: jane Hicks, julie Hudson, Nancy Gardner, and Brucie Smith. Q41 Q9 as , Og s , 2 s.ffml'L1121 5 29" a - s F.H.A. members Sybil Grant, Linda Rodgers, Frances Galgano, Barbara Winneman, Fran Rivetta, Brenda Misenheimer, Nancy Bartos, Dianne Kirby, Ian Hagen, Jeanette Leaphart, Marie Oden, A'Dell Lott, Margie Wise, Dianne Strohecker, and Pam Osteen busily work around the Home Ee. kitchen testing recipes found in their cookbook. In a Drama Club's meeting, Chip Griffin wins his point against Mike McCravy as Louise Bailey is taken aghast- Susan Reese meditates through it all. Masquers Have A Ball Miss Mary Garvin and Mr. Gerald Floyd, sponsors of the Scarlet Masquers, aid the future "stars" in projecting themselves to their audiences. In a "light" sequence from "The Man Who Came to Dinnerf Danny Seibert prepares to drop Vickie Eslinger as Donald Devet and Tom Garrick try to catch her. "Beth, I think my contacts have slipped," cries Robin Starin blindly as Beth Vogel applies a grease stick. Producing Comed The Scarlet Masquers, the dramatics organiza- tion at Flora, consists of approximately 80 stu- dents-divided into two groups--half meeting on either Wednesday or Thursday at activities period. The officers of each group plan and pre- sent a Weekly program to the club members- ranging from pantomimes to actual dramatizations on phases of the theatre. The sponsors, Miss Mary Garvin and Mr. Gerald Floyd, encourage student participation in the programs. Representatives from the Town Theatre, as well as local actors and actresses, were among the guest speakers at club meetings. The major project for the year was a three-act comedy by Moss Hart and George Kaufman, "The Man Who Came to Dinnerf, By working on this play, the students gained experience in act- ing, building sets, doing make-up, collecting properties, as well as many other facets of the theatre. "You fresh thing!" exclaims Patty jenkins as Chip GriHin winces. Edgar Morris, Iudy Corbett and Don Tew are amused by it all. The Girls' Sextet, composed of Peggi Kerlin, Carol Keller, The five All-State Chorus members from Flora practice Joanne Calhoun, Judy Banks, and Lynnie Olive, selects together. They are: Bobby Andrews, Neal Martin, Peggi an appropriate number to perform. Absent when picture Kerlin, Wayne Nidiffer, and Lynnie Olive. was made: Luana Floyd. horus Entertains Falcons With Folk inging The chorus members participate in a hootenanny. The members are: First Row: Martha Jo Heider, Suzette Neely, Patty Wall, Linda Smith, Susan Winders, Cindy Marks, Missy Roper, Harriet Torri, Lynnie Olive, Connie Aldrich, Wayne Nidiifer, Peggi Kerlin, Jim Turner, Luana Floyd, Neal Martin. Second Row: Alecia Sample, Becky Wilson, Nancy Williams, Jeannine McCrary, Diane Bates, Joanne Calhoun, Sandra Moat, Martha Jones, Jane Green, Bobbie Piece, Gayle Johns, Rosanne Rivkin, Dianne Stokes, Patty Foley. Third Row: Bob Davis, Sandy Mickle, Tommy Brantley, Jimmy Halford, Jimmy Terry, Donnie Hatchell, Bobby Andrews, Julie Nettles, Jimmy McConnell, Judy Banks, Joyce Brown, Mary Jones, and Mrs. Evans, Director. I5 J- IIO The stall of the F alcon's Quill plan for the 1964 issue. They are Kay Smith, Kathleen Jeter, Pat Thomas, Nelda Tuttle, Mrs. C. G. DuBose, Sponsor, Susan Klink, Brenda Bow- ers, Susan Dale Patterson, Becky McConnell, Janis Bowers, Iudy Corbett, Reed Bames, Roxy Shel- lenberger, Kitty McKaskill, Iudy Sandler, and Anne Reese. Absent when picture was made: Beth Vogel, Dave Stewart, and Treci Aston. The F alc0n's Quill is published in the spring of each year, in it are found the best writings of the Flora students. Clubs Stress Uccupational Goals The Future Teachers of America explore the teaching Held, includ- ing the opportunities and the many areas of the teaching profession. Caci Cole, president, explains the program to fellow members: Becky McConnell, Carol Ann Tilton, Linda Hall, Gene Drake, Charlotte Knox, Candy Lawson, Linda Greg- ory, Louise Bailey, Tracy Richard- son, Linda Eargle, Donna Muir, Ann Marett, Pat Harper, Linda F etterly, and Sandra Brown, while Mrs. Mildred M. Causey and Miss Beverly A. Sanders, sponsors, look on. Absent when picture was made were Anita Andrews, Reed Bames, Anne Farmer, Luana Floyd, jane Carrick, Mary Giles, Elizabeth Glenn, Nancy Wells, Cynthia Holl, Connie Hudson, Shirley Olson, and Sharon Shipp. One of the projects of the Future Business Leaders of America is the production of the student directo- ries. Members working toward this are Mrs. james M. Wills, Sponsor, Barbara Jordan, Steve Bluestein, Bobby Lawrence, Donnie Burros, Ann Oden, Franny Revetta, Don Tew, jane Scarborough, Connie Bone, Iewa Watson, Susan Quick, Carol Glisson, Barbara Winniman, Kay Hughes, Mary Satterfield, Stan- ley Robinson, Brenda Misenheimer, Linda Wall, Billy Iean Brown, Deanie Barber, Mary Kate jones, and Mrs. M. G. jordan, Sponsor. if , ,, ...A A flu x Q A 'xi , . :lv l Lzg --,: W Vvvv . A z Social Cabinet sponsors mixers, parties, and dances for the enjoyment of the student body. Selling do-nuts to raise money for such events are: Connie Davis, Linda Cooper, john Cely, Tim Staples, Chuck McCu1Ty, Earl Kirkley, Bea Johnson, Kay Kellogg, Duke Lafaye, jerry Davis, Mrs. Richardson, Sponsor, Peggi Kerlin, Marie Mitchell, johnnie Bolt, and Faye Mullinax. Social Cabinet, rt Council Accentuate Flora Fire posters, one of Art Council's many beneficial activities are being displayed by Billy Meetze, Betty Banks, Burt Moore, Frank Fusco, Alice Marshall, Deanie Barber, Miss Montgomery, Sponsor, Ruthie Turner, Iune Speed, Thomas Evans, Dianne Stokes, Catherine Hammond, and Bill Kauric. .QW . Wi, mL,1 P- X lun-..., Mrs. Bright and her library ,assistants-Betty Christian, Iudy Hawkins, Larry Griner, Pat Kauric, Chuck McCurry, Dianne Bates, Mary Pat Bailey, Linda Ressler, Donna Danley, jackie Schuster, Susan Dale Patterson, Mary Tumer, Tommy Ward, Sybil Grant, Pamela Iarriel, Linda Gregory, and Louise Bailey always work eiliciently to keep magazines and books in very neat order. Library Assistants, Representatives Aid Students nd The Librar Our library representatives, sponsored by Miss jones, keep us informed of all our "debts" to the library. The repre- sentatives helping Miss jones with overdue slips are Sybil Grant, Kay Jones, Shirley Price, Grace Bennet, Luana Floyd, George Grabb, Barry Moore, Bobby Hart, Ierry Burns, Bobby Merritt, Donnie Kinsey, Chip Burnett, Dan McLeod, Tommy Ward, Harvey Helman, Iirnmie Davis, Billy Biggs, Iohn Face, Rodney Kinsey, Hoppy Hanson, Pete Mixson, Andrea Bogen, Donald Devet, Betty Bishop, Iulie Nettles, Kitty McCaskill, Catherine Hammond, Dolly Magrath, Betty Love, and Linda Gregory. Flora Services Are Our Main Office assistants Ronald DeHart, Carol Dixey, Ronnie Asbill, Robin Starin, Annette Byrd, Nancy Lee Rast, Treci Aston, Ian Caskey, Ginger Hill, I. R. Fussell, Carol Tilton, Dianne Burgess, Dianne Stokes, jackie Khars, and Arthur Brown stay busy all day long aiding Mr. Blum, Miss Sease, Mrs. Mixson, and Mrs. Boulware. Many people working together are necessary for a huge school system like ours to be successful. Services are an integral part of Flora, and with- out them we could not operate. Oflice assistants, both in the main oflice and the little school offices, perform the various duties which keep our school Mr. Stokes, Sponsor, and the P.A. Announcers, Donald Devet, Vicki Eslinger, Robert johnson, Ellen DaVega, and George Thomas, give us important information and instructions every morning and afternoon. in action. Other students volunteer to assist teach- ers in varied capacities. Pictured here are only a few of the many services rendered at Flora, but all of the cooperative help of the students is invaluable. Mrs. Rowe, our dietician, supervises the serving of healthy school lunches in our very popular cafeteria. ppreciated By All Mr. Fisher always does an excellent job of keeping Flora's equipment repaired. Mrs. Davis, our nurse, replenishes her supplies. The Football Program Committee: Angela Bult- man, Ginny Lentz, Charlotte Knox, C0-Chair mang Rhetta Hartin, Betsy Cave, and Anne Farmer, Co-Chairmang plans the layout for a football program. The A.V.A. assistants are concerned with daily distributing the A.V.A. equipment as well as running it and making repairs. Helping Mr. Quattlebaum and Mr. Amold, Sponsors, distribute the projectors are Ierry Bums, Bob Iohnson, Vincent Morrow, and Wesley Porterfield. N -c:. -,wig ry HHN' H i C9121 i Flora In Her Moods 6-11.-1.4-'+'! gi? , C fime Worfk remem caring ff 1 4 k -4-za -2 'f-wx .- , ag-1Qx":"N' LWMH , . Lf W ' , A' " ' ' "Ulf 1 v- pf ' WW .ww f,w "', ' hw 5 wfffl f A X 1famg,', V V uwwlfw ,sf W2 ,ww W X 9422 Y ' 242' ,N Vw .WW W 'UWM vm Ewhfiywwiiwj awww? myjwnmfa 45' W WWW W A DRM . A GJ. ' M WV' ,,, ,V "Z, , ' H r nf-a,,d,, my V,,Y ,,,V 4 A M : , ,,,V,V I V ,fl I G 2, , f,,f,V ITT" ' M Mi pu 1 'GL" M Y -. -x ' ' 'f f Q 'i,', 'W' f- ' ,L,, gl, Y"' 'Www M i-A U Ai ' W1 K, ,Q -,-, nf VW. 1 , Wf vu.. 1 wif .K ,V . ..m, 'pf 1' : af? ff Sporfs Guardians of the locker room, equipment room, laundry room, Flora's managers, John Hart, Wally Evans, Ray Dent, and Sonny Nunn, pack up before a game. For several years a vital part of F lora,s athletic machine, trainer Larry Herbert tapes up team Captain Claude Belk for practice. Head Coach jim Pinkerton goes over team strategy with his able assistant Mr. Frank Richardson. ,ff Falcons Are Area Champions www FF Z4 , -if! ' K J 4 Q' , Ur A, 'sigma S 1' 4, , W W V 1,-4nffe1,., f QM? ff.. 1 4 , A ,. ff Y ity 'L Many Players Win Honors "Flora 17, Rock Hill 14.,' With this headline and a magnificent '9-3 record, A. C. Flora com- pleted another tremendous season. Although pre-season forecasts showed little hope for the Falcons, the indomitable spirit of the boys, plus the coaching genius and hard-shell discipline of Coaches Pinkerton and Richardson, produced a well-knit, never to-be-forgotten team. Many of our players were awarded post season honors as tribute to their fine performances. Pope Lawson, Sandy Daniel, Byron Bigby, Claude Belk, Iohn Freeman, and Bill Iohnson were named to the All-Area team, with honorable mention going to John Macmurphy and Art Fusco. These Falcons and many others combined to make the 1963-1964 season a season to remember. Pope Lawson was Flora's leading ground gainer. Named Area Back of the Year and Area Player of the Year, as well as first team All Big 16 and All-Area Halfback, Pope will be back next year to lead the Falcons. t',i if N23 First How: Jimmy Bailey, Hank Elder, David Dunlap, Claude Belk, Captain, Colie Dyson, Sandy Daniel, Chad Burris, Iohn Freeman, Bill johnson, and Les Pilcher. Second Row: Bob Neely, Ricky Boyce, Chris Nuckols, Pope Lawson, Byron Bigby, Bobby Reynolds, Chuck Pulos, Dave Stewart, Hoppy Hanson, Bobby Andrews, and Jay Pearson. Third Row: Perman Chavious, john Macmurphy, Larry Little, Ray Twork, Sonny Metze, Hunter Clarkson, Dickie Tighe, Cliff Davis, Sammy Pmett, Cleveland Derrick, and Loran Fraser. Absent when Picture was Made: Phil Leventis. 3. i s X A Q, EC' MQW .gw : . X-.'sfHayg.g-155 'X"gg1.g..,G...f Q my W L :A F. ' -A AW . Fifi ., P. , W, M 1 X - Q XS X - ,www ,ws I-.ssfwfqyymzefz 4 Ak.,.. . f xg k 11 .5 r -1 S - N 3? yi. wr?--as .2 . , x SS E Q. "f':,. . ,. .M . .. . .. . . jg . F V, K. . .. . E. . - eh 5 as A, -. 545. k A X., . ' Q.. . -NX- 8 ssMx RE: I "i .3--. . .v- : -..Z5... -2 . . 3g 5...-V N. A+. .. 1 . 5 H' lx is 3. k SSP X 1.3! 555 Ex f 'mc M .. X ... . . . . 1 5.422 K M 8 EAU 6 N c 'N . X . . V.. , in 445' , xgm 4 , wr .... . . JJREHER . . . .. V KXVA Q . ..,. 13221 - sbs: ff . - A-1 i . ' L f""' fw H sg 1 A :' flifffl E ,ff E . .. fffli- . . E Y? - .5 5' , ""' 3950 .. ' "sg 1 7 ,f-7 ",,li,fM15f" , ' -X A adm' ,WWA A 4' ' ,X , .xg , b .,. N . FQ 15,4 1, -fi . 5 -....,.., -M. 5 'fi' ,E U a 3 g .r 5 .352 : W W X Wqiirz gfsbw .. Q xv M e aio a 0 . 0 Q. J! ff . . . . 5 if I I ,AN Wim, JmmZ'?51'LQ,.: Q V' wt W ' " 'L . ' f" Q . .... m . A S Q' .veuqk I . 1, ., 532' K W . . 5 fi AW QS., ,., + 5 . 'I' , ., , f' TH!-'N if 1 . .V I A L J A .gf . gg x ' fi iff ,a S, V . , i ' . 2 13 l E Me.. Q ,. , x . XX KR i , J I -K K , i ' - f"7xm E ,jan-4 ' UM W M9 w mmm X y .. ww X X 5 X M-L .funn sp X ' sl 5 K mlb? . X - Q 3 . if , 4 x ' ff , X,...,:b.. W f Lix- MM, ,, , f X imfg, A H .,f-.eff-s2?fsa.v X Q Q vbiwxg fx-fs-:Bibi ss! ,S Q ' - 'i 21- -- .se1M40f,ff2'.f,sff5-14 5 Y . , , . ., f - L- iw, -wi :ski-Qzmzif fi ,ERN N . L Q K , f 2 ,. X f www FLORA. 'f W wg X LX F NN X 355 NX Nga Vx ffg R . 5f1?5'ftEl:i5:-- Q 5 -- . V P .- 5 xg ? ' , , f , A' E 4 If H Y x x r Y K Q . - L1 L W K TQ L , , g 7 'N 1bl,91Awk?f4" if 'K f A L ' Yi fx xg - ' 1 , 5 .9-H.. ' 3 was X . -A ,x g-R Q 5' sf Sw 2 Q , I E X- f' :A 'f s N: .J K WQFHKW ii W x M wif. W X.. 2 . :msg lmegsh Q - -. gm, X W, X .: .. . xfQzfA:.,,fmw. f ' .-:::: Uwzix :-wh --" - 'z-iw-, 3 N L g . mf mf E' g ' 5 5,1 L my . . f .fn .Q -X fx wQa Q41Qf I 1 , 'tw " ,K '10 . 'Q . , x ,. k Q! .QQ 3 s A i :EM . J. WIN if sl! ii S 5 S S 5 K Q a 35' :,. . 3 iff' K 2, M E Q f Q i Best way to run a windsprint. Football Camp Pays Off A. C. Flora has in its summer training camp a training method unique in this area. For the last two weeks of the summer, Floras football hope- fuls live at the school, sleeping in the gym and eating in the cafeteria. The boys practice twice a day and attend lectures in betweeng but, as the pictures above and below show, the Falcons en- joyed every minute of it. Boys study plays and get in shape during football camp. l Last minute advice to Bill johnson, leading tackler of the year. Chavious crushes a ball carrier while Pulos moves in to get in on the fun. Daniel makes his move. Flora's Fabulous Four-Daniel, Fusco, Lawson and Belk pull out for a sweep. Prospects Good For Next Year Bigby shows his form. Lawson digs for open Held. Excelsior, Dunlap, Excelsior! With very few experienced players back this year, the Falcons exceeded all expectations and moved on to a winning season. Next year,s team will have much greater experience. With men like Daniel, Lawson, Johnson, Fusco, Dunlap, Pil- cher, Dyson, Pruett, Little, Twork, and Chavious, returning, the future looks bright indeed for next year's team. w What a happy moment for the new Miss Scarlett and Blue-Miss Ann McDonald and Barbara Roberts, Maids of Nancy McMeen. Honor, appear radiant, as the festivities progress. Homecoming- A Time Worth Remembering Flora's second annual Homecoming was for many Falcons the brightest game of the season. Football, fun, and fall blended together to make this yearis festivities the best yet and to set a high standard for years to come. During the day, pep rallies kept spirits high. "Spirit waterv was provided after school, and just before game time the Falcons whooped it up while the Gamecocks burned in efligy at the annual bonfire rally. Following a short tea, sponsored by the cheer- leaders and Home Economics Department, the parade to Memorial Stadium began. Sponsors and The Falcon Float, built by the Key Club, leads the march to the stadium. A tea, sponsored by the Home Economics Department, begins the festivities. special guests shivered in their open convertibles while Key Clubis Falcon Float swayed happily in the cool night air. The half-time ceremonies were climaxed by the naming of Miss Scarlet and Blue, Nancy McMeen, and her lovely attendants, Barbara Roberts and Ann McDonald. Oh yesl There was a football game. The Fal- cons rolled over Sumter by a score of 20 to 7, continuing their march to the Area Championship. This yearis Homecoming-truly A TIME WORTH REMEMBEBING. 7as .. ...,m..,aff:5.ann r 11., SPONSORS: Nancy McEntire for Bob Neely, Sharon McCravy for Dave Stewart, Touchdown! A perfect ending Nancy McMeen for Claude Belk, Captain, Linda Vincent for Byron Bigby, for a perfect game Barbara Roberts for Phil Leventis. The pep rally and boniire warm up the fans and the cold night air Gentry for Dickie Tighe, Sandy White for Chris Nuckols, for Bobby Andrews, Ann McDonald for Chuck Pulos Kathy Riley for Hunter Clarkson, Jan Caskey for Loran Angela Bultman for Bobby Reynolds, Marie Mitchell for Fraser, Iulie Lackie for john Freeman. Sonny Metze, Agnes Heinitsh for Jimmy Bailey SPONSORS: Kay Kellogg for John Macmurphy, Betty SPONSORS: Reed Barnes for Hank Elder, Anne Farmer First Row: Earle Kirkley, Wayne Shealey, Darrell jabour, Steve Sturtevant, John Face, David Duifie, Ierry Bums, Frank Barton, Cleveland Derrick, Bernard Bigby, and David Stalworth. Second Row: Ricky Boyce, LaRue Penny, Tommy Coleman, Larry Fink, Vernon King, Bobby Giles, Carey McDaniel, Al Granzo, Ricky Thomas, Tim Staples, Bill McRoberts, and Richard Byers. Third Row: Charles Davis, Fred Fellers, George Derrick, Robin Brinkley, Henry Thomas, Heyward Douglas, Bobby LaMotte, George Wise, Dan Kuykendall, Ricky Praete, and Twig Reynolds. I. Vfs Compile lU-2 Record This year's Junior Varsity team, coached by Mr. Warner Montgomery and Mr. Al Hough, is one of the best in school history. Even after losing a great many players from last year,s champion- ten and two record for the year. Next year, Flora,s varsity will be counting heavily on the strength and skill of these boys to produce yet another winning Falcon team. ship team, the boys performed well, compiling a Left: Flora's hardworking I. V. Cheerleaders-Judi Bihari, Ioyce Hedgecock, Shery Gomez, Brenda Gregory, and Kay Kellogg were a welcome sight at I. V. games, leading cheers for the winning team. Coaches Al Hough and Warner Montgomery were the men responsible for this year's I. V. squad. Cra ton nd Keenan Provide Future tars The B-squad, composed of ninth graders from Crayton and Keenan, is a training ground for future I.V. and Varsity teams. This year,s team, under the able leadership of Coaches Jerry Red- man and Ioe Weathers, compiled a 6-3-1 record. Flora expects much in the future from these young Falcons. Managers Iefl Fuller and jack O,Neil pack up for a game, Ierry Redman has done a tremendous job this year in while trainer Bobby Hart checks the medicine chest for teaching football fundamentals and rules to our B-squad. suppliesy First Row: Howard Sheftman, Gaston Fairey, Billy DuPre, Ben Mixson, and Tony Herman. Second Row: Allen Guignard, Mark Shealy, Phil Rhine, Danny Huey, and Cla johnson. Third Row: Ben Derrick, George McMurray, Sam Yates, Pat Tomlin, and Franklin jones. Fourth Row: Randy Whitlock, Larry jordan, Bobby Benson, Ronnie Corn, and Bobby Aroneck. Fifth Row: Mike Riley, jack Hanson, Steve Darling, Tom Carrick, Lewis Lanier, Char Jeter, and Marion Stafford. Sixth Row: Julio Gutierrez, Mike Wyatt, Tommy Bruce, John Barre, and Dan Ellis. Seventh How: Boyd Parsons, Sam Thomas, Robin Lanes, Tom Hepfer, and Eric Helsing. Eighth Row: Fred Crowe, Marshall Kibler, George Fairey, Bud Jones, Lee Thomas, and Jimmy Pin erton. Ninth Row: George Leventis, Ronnie Cassereau. Tenth Row: Max Boyle, john Brantley, Walter McCoy, Richard Davis, Bobby Cely, and Clinch Heyward. Absent when Picture was Made: john Winbum, Joey Gillis, Larry Wise, and David Zeller. f li Rm aw? Ili! 4 .... if' T ss T RIGHT: BEN MILLER Head Cheerleader NANCY McMEEN Assistant Head Cheerleader BELOW: SHIRLEY OLSON RIGHT: PAT MCLAUGHLIN DAVE MERRY For The Red, For 14 The Blue-Fight, Fight! 5 ,!f'.Mm,,-K ' 'K f wi RR 5 Q 'Nr K M XX " .. YK Q, R Xin, i.. . . R it f Ji W 1 W M, My X LEFT: MARK COPLAN JEAN GODWIN BELOW: MARIAN LONG Q il R33 if I LEFT: GAIL HENDRIX L R EDGAR MORRIS Q ...W R, ,. Q H Managers Iohn Linton and Sonny Nunn prepare the whirlpool bath to ease all player's muscular injuries. Coach Albert Hough holds last minute briefing with Ierry Scurry, Captain and Nard Fleischman, Co-Captain. Falcons Capture lst City Championship Proud of their finest Winning season, the Flora Falcons surround their noble emblem. First Row: Bobby Giles, Bobby Merritt, Sandy Daniel, Nard Fleischman, Mac Rhine, and Cary Silveriield. Second Row: Iohn Lown, Frankie Lemond, Jerry Scurry, Billy Neal, Phil McClary, Ken Williams, john Walther, and Ray Twork. Absent from picture: Donnie Kinsey. jerry Scurry, forward. With remarkable skill and speed, jerry Scurry has played all three positions with notable proficiency. His awards which include All-City and State Tournament, All-Area, and All-Regional AAA Player is a fitting tribute. His power to sink the ball in a squeeze enabled the Falcons to capture many a victory. Senior Players Spark inning Season Who can forget the thrill, warmth, color, and unity of a basketball game? This sensation, ex- perienced only once in a lifetime, is captivated by memory. This golden age is marked by com- petition, motivation, and determination. Basket- ball is but a minute part of this age. Still, it is one definite part which we will cherish as a time Worth remembering. Bountifully supplied with players of height, speed, and accuracy, Coach Albert Hough has accordingly produced a varsity team second to none. This team has always provided a thrilling exhibition-exerting its strength and abilities in an almost uncanny way. With only two seniors leaving, next year,s expectation should far exceed this year,s. The trust placed in them has stirred the team to uphold the grandeur of the soaring Falcon. Nard Fleischman, guard. In his last year of playing, Nard has increased his knowledge and skill of perform- ance. His "no clutchv ability has won him the respect and admiration of fellow players. Due to this, he was selected as Area Player of the Week. Returning next year, Frankie Lemond, selected as both an All-Regional and All-Area Player, proves that four against one is fair. inauwmw. F F rr Q if f? , ,..-f From toil and tears comes victory. Coach Hough gathers his victorious Falcons after any number of Dreher games Fans Enjoy Performance Of Their Boys Sandy Daniel cleans the boards as the Fal- cons romp on Sumter 85-61. We They Dreher Rock Hill jerry Scurry goes high for two after a pass from Lemond. I34 . Has Outstanding ll-3 Record In all sports there is a period of training before the time of glory. The junior varsity is no excep- tion to this rule. Because of their interest and hard work, Flora students will always have a var- sity team good enough to represent their alma mater. The junior varsity coach, Mr. jerry Redman, has led his team to an envious record of eleven wins to only three losses-winning very decisively over our closest rivals. This is concrete proof that our future varsity will have the strength and experience to overcome any and all obstacles it will encounter. We They Oangeburg . . . 64 31 Florence . . . 66 51 Sumter . . . . . 38 S0 Columbia . . . . . 50 51 Brookland-Cayce . . . 82 19 Aiken .... . . 59 60 Orangeburg . . . 57 51 Columbia . . . . 54 52 Aiken . . . . 69 33 Columbia . . . 64 52 Columbia . . . . . 68 58 Sumter ..... . . 58 58 Brookland-Cayce . . . 71 36 Florence .... . . 64 51 Coach Jerry Redman and Manager Alan Weis have the responsibility of preparing varsity material. In a break after practice, the I.V.'s gather for a picture. First Row: Ralph Hendrix, Boe Harwell, Peyre Scurry, Tommy Garvin, and jim Williams. Second Row: Frank Weed, Billy Gunn, Pat Patterson, Art Brooks, Rodney Kinsey, and Benny Moore. Third Row: Alan Tinder, Bobby Dawkins, Cleveland Derrick, and Lee Taylor. Absent from picture: W. D. Morris. Qfiii ??',g Mx QLBR! gt gi, XJ f bt ALS.. jf Distance runners Hunter Clarkson, jay Pearson, Bill Mixson, and Barry Moore take a warm-up lap. Assistant Coach Al Hough and Manager Iohnny Parker go over practice times with Coach Frank Richardson. Records Fall ln 1964 The nineteen sixty-four track season should be the best yet for A. C. Flora. New school records have been set in many events. Standouts for the cindermen include Carl Ellsworth, Ronnie Asbill, and Pope Lawson in sprints, Ricky Praete in the 440, jay Pearson in the half-mile, and Bob Neely in the pole vault and the shot put. The many younger boys on the team will make Flora's track squad a competitor for the seasons to come. Resting on the high-jump pit, the track team finds time for a picture. First Row: Ronnie Asbill, Frank Fusco, Bill Johnson, Bill Mixson, Barry Moore, Terry Hughey, Gaston Fairey, jack Whitton, Carl Ellsworth, Ricky Praete, Cary McDaniel, and Larry Fink. Second Row: john Macmurphy, Hunter Clarkson, Bob Neely, Keith Belser, Pope Lawson, Robert Cely, Frank Little, Ken Shull, John Lown, Iohn Walther, Bill Johnson, Benny Moore, Henry Thomas, John Barr, Luke Lentz, Dale Reynolds, Byron Bigby, Iay Pearson, and-Darrell labour. l Come on Bob, heave it! urge Keith Belser, Byron Bigby, and john Macmurphy as Bob Neely shows his form in putting the shot. Frank Little takes off as other track men watch. trong Competition parks Victor Ouch! That,s a long way down! exclaims john Barr as he glides over the bar, A winning combination-Lawson to Ellsworth. w M 1' Manager Ray Dent and john Hart gather their wares before the Lancaster game. With many senior standouts such as catcher Tommy Linton and first baseman Steve Hendley, this year,s baseball team promises to be the best in Flora,s history. Much will depend on the pitch- ing ability of David Stallworth and on David Dunlap's shortstop plays. Under the coaching of Mr. jim Pinkerton, the boys have been given lessons in sportsmanship and fairplay. Coach jim Pinkerton sits through an anxious moment during the season,s opener. Tommy Linton slams a long one in the Dreher game. Diamond Nine Aim For Best Season Ever The Baseball team relaxes in the new dugout for a picture. Back Row: Perman Chavious, Sonny Meetze Bobby Giles, Tommy Linton, Larry Little, Chuck White, Albert Whiteside, Steve Hendley, Frank Basnett, Colie Dyson, David Dunlap, jay McAlister, Ricky Boyce, jack Barwick, and Iohn Floyd. Front Row: David Stallworth, Art Fusco, Sammy Pruett, Dan McLeod, and Stanley Robinson. Third baseman jay McAlister makes it look easy. Sonny Meetze snaps one in centerfield. Seniors Form trong Nucleus Catcher Tommy Linton takes a fast one. Out at Hrst! Steve Hendley makes the play. Pitcher Frank Basnett shows his form in the Lancaster game. I39 Shortstop Albert Whiteside moves in for the double play. Sagqwmww, .,irm,.g2a.t.,3,4,,,,,,m.1-at-f -f-1MNfwwfwzw,w.wim:'wr:ema 1 -aff'-ff-W M r' Golf Team Rated Par-Excellent The Golf team, having finished fourth in the State High School Tournament last year, is look- ing forward to an even better season under the guidance of Mr. Raymond L. Coxe, the teamis coach. With fine playing expected from Bobby Foster, Danny F ulmer, Steve Huggins, and Robert Tobias, the Falcons can be expected to preserve the excellent name that Flora holds in all sports. The team gathers for a picture during a practice round at Spring Valley Country Club. From left to right: Mr. Raymond L. Coxe, coachg Steve Draflin, Bobby Foster, Koot Dawson, Dana Mitchell, Danny Fulmer, captain, Dwight Johnson, Robert Tobias, Craig Bacom, and Gary Silverfield. Absent when picture was made: Steve Huggins. Danny Fulmer, team captain, and Mr. Raymond L. Coxe, coach, discuss Robert Tobias' tee-shot as Bobby Foster and Koot Dawson look on. Robert Tobias blasts from one of the many hazardous bimkers at Spring Valley during the match with Florence. Bobby Foster, Columbia City Champion, shows the driv- ing style that enabled him to capture the title. A nightmare shot? For some, yes-for Gary Silverfield, no. l Allen Robinson practices his serve at an afternoon session. 'if eff Captain Randy Barre and Sponsor W. E. Carson, Ir., head for Orangeurg for an out-of-town match. The Falcon Tennis Team pauses before a practice. First Row: Johnny Wingfield, Newton Hornsby, Gerald Bridgers, Tom Bell, David Belser. Second Row: George Little, Allen Robinson, Allan Pregnall, Randy Barre, and Duke Lafaye. Absent when picture was made: Bill Reese. 4 ' "Y ' Netmen Have Potent Future After the more rigorous sports of football, bas- ketball and baseball have become merely spec- tator sports, the unique game of tennis will still be played by the old as well as the young. In high school, tennis is in the background. But in later years it will become stronger in the memory of all. The greatly appreciated influence of the sponsor, Mr. W. E. Carson, will be most strongly remembered by the tennis players. George Little shows his strength and skill in a volley. High ranking team members, Allan Pregnall and Iohnny Wingfield, practice their doubles game. The Girlis Athletic Association is an organiza- tion that not only provides a useful way for girls to spend their afternoons but promotes friendship, leadership, good sportsmanship, and many good times to remember. Through Mrs. Marshall's and Miss McDonald,s sponsorship, these girls have been able to excel in their athletic endeavors. All four girls, Peggy MacMillan, Irene Knox, Caci Cole, and Charlotte Knox, grab for the ball hastily as the game approaches its end. Brenda Mathias returns the serve while Tracy Richard- son, Karen Marshall, and Ann Middleton wait for the next one. Mrs. Iay Marshall and Miss Janice McDonald, sponsors for the C.A.A., take inventory over all the equipment. . ll Virginia Stewart is hoping for a bullis eye while Mary Turner is preparing to shoot. Feminine Falcons Participate In ports Ruthie Turner, Virginia Stewart, and Dawn Giles attempt to catch the deck tennis ring as Irene Knox anxiously watches. After Charlotte Knox's brilliant serve, Peggy MacMillan prepares to slam it back. O - Sys s ... l43 a fime Worth rememZ9er1'ng V flzroug 5 i o BQdUf7QS The 1964 Miss Falcon Contest The students begin the Miss Falcon Contest every year by casting ballots for the loveliest girls . . . Then suddenly-it's three days before the contest and decorators leave traces Last minute changes are made in the of glitter, glue, and cut cardboard on the gym floor . . . melody and words of the new "Miss Falcon Song" to be introduced . . . The long awaited night finally arrives! All dresses are lovely, ready and wait- Her heart Hutters a little and perhaps skips a beat as all eyes turn and focus ing . . . on her 7 , f 9 2 4 . . j r . X fx V -...J I46 The excited, chosen contest- ants first learn of their accept- ance through the Winged Press . . . Beautiful visions of satin, net, and taffeta take shape in each girl's mind as she diligently searches for "then dress . . . Buying a dress is one thing but waiting for November 27th is another. Day- dreams and perhaps a little excitement dwell in each girlis heart as she waits . . . N- V'f 2,-vs Time grows shorter and excitement mounts higher as each is told Though always lovely, the girls go one step further where to walk and stand on the eve of contest . . . and experiment with glamour . . . Lllxbl, V7 jj LQMLV !L T Luge JZ,U.,t?fZ. gt Q of These are the judges . . . ' fi' A A T f .fl 4, ' f X , . r T T .Q QU-L . ff J GUM fw Qfltji ,An P Cf I jf f cpl lf, MXLZ ,7,4f.2.. A! L , 4 f , , ' kg f2.-14,5445 1.3 fm.. XUQIL 5tfwC7l X .L J' fy! M, lf? 'fb VX Klfjg UWX XO '65 if-:Cf Nl I47 These Are y The Chosen... f Q 2124 N? ,get Q fi f,3.Zf.c 14.23 QQ, ,fwli ff P haf X f 11-0 1' "L V U Fill -. U y fl L ave W 1 l U .1 Q -'ff 1 ju ,f C .,., ff!zfH?,fl Q! J 1 fm f I, L, , I lay" aiflff 1, 'VLLJ' gig 5 Miss Falcon Nineteen Hundred And Sixty-Four 972,43 fbgme QYZWAM I48 Qi, 55 ,5..,,. uzb' sw K X QW N111-Z5 is K -'E Q. A Ng p xi ,fi R Sw '1 E Q .Wim Mhz? mm 0 , wnsawsmmxwm, Ixmm-mwmxmwf mdmmnw I53 975541 L7 img? l 972,54 oemig Qofmy And so the last, frantic, midnight page is turned, the last class is over in that old familiar classroom down the hall, a lingering good-by is finally said. You strain to wave an instant more. The year is over. Only yesterday these halls lived for you, with you, through you, vibrant, teeming, awash in the tears and laughter of emerging life. But now itis not the same. Now it's just a lonely gym, a dusty hallway, an empty chair. Itis a hazy picture splashed on life's too-shallow face, memories that merge and drift away, sinking, shifting, fading. These were your friends, this was your life. Nineteen sixty-four . . . A TIME WORTH REMEMBERING. Uhr Erurntia Svrhnlarahip Zliunh CNSW-Q .Wi ,Ll W-Luz. ' o V A , X SMQN IN HONOR OF THE LATE - X 'A,6vN.9. Q, iawe CMM? Www swim-L M W 3 if 9 k MR P P LEVENTIS -gd 3, Ox P fQch0'3-L if I . , 1 f , ,. r ,. , WN k- SIN OX fx-Kwik , A Scholarship for The Citadel gow LMA-Q,JQgfoA,pl,1A..,-.DNSL-HAX JQWQSLMA. Q The Leventis Scholarship Fund is open to any young man at Flora, M31 CQ who is of -is well rounded in activities, and is in the uppeycfxglalf of hisj3jgQS? iii! ,-- ' ' Hiiurthrr 'Hum' Ehuratinn tn Iinmrrr Hunt 3Huturr" .- N ' W ., XZ - JGAQ up C! Q -,J 3,1 , . g ' "" 1. ' 3 r' A IRXJX v 5 'f Fffif' .55 VJ Ldvgsf Qfxf xii Nipxyqf QQPQXQZ- AS YOU ' 4 A OFMNAIJ JFQN fr W ,S sk KLJNA VS 31 ,, X JJ' xg- jj?-",A LOOK TO YOUR SPACE AGE ' HST f9K'Pjv"U1 ' iwjlgg 59. -'J' if' - ,SVU if FUTURE ' vf,fk, Sinrfiw, A A pxw , A -- 7 Look to YJ' .f' J:-TN '53-L24 FN A L T - L E E .KK 5, FOR THE BEST IN PHOTOGRAPHY "In Dixieland I'l1 take my stand . . ." l58 CONGRATULATIONS to this term's graduates and all good wishes for success in the field they have chosen in which to carve out their careers. In searching for a higher education. we hope they will remember the fine colleges in our state: if entering business or industry immediately. we hope they will find their careers here in South Carolina. SUUTH CAROLINA ELECTRIC 81 CAS COMPANY H lp! l'm being held in the A. C. Flora Chemistry R ml" 00 The Casual Shop For The A "" f Young Miss QQ And Misses i. 5 4: V . J., 2' . 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C ' T 84 T Sporting CKQMJJQII :I ECILBW 'Q ,lalnw ,I"vq'M'f "iii-f :,494-::-555:5,"'5Q.l.ff..f,f 2 .-.,w. -.-:- Ly zf., - , , 66. , r-W A sf , r , ' ,wal-' 4' -I . What do you mean "I-lo's running the wrong way"? CONGRATULATIONS ! 'LGRADU NMQN A "Fino, How are you?" SEALY UF THE IIARULINAS Makers of Sealy Posturepedic . . . LIKE SLEEPING ON A CLOUD . . . . . . and in between clcnnl . . . Goods, Inc. "Distributors for" MacGregor 0 Rawlings ' Riddell Spalding ' Wilson 1207-09 HENDERSON ST. PHONE 252 5651 Absem when pichlre was mud, . I U I62 -fE5f,A. I S T K bb'A:'- I I IEAAIQ .:,. ::: ::i 5 Ezrrnruii: I and T R U S T 0 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation X 09 I 9 Q. C! 'afau' XX My 'ugcssr my rn: SOUTHEAS1' " I S FORMAL WEAR FOR MEN A 1A 101 Hardin se. -A' rum AL s-can " COLUMBIA, sovru cnonnu "All clone um I . . ." 6 f Q CAPITAL ELECTRIC " suvmv cn. THE NEW ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES PIG-GLY WIG-GLY LIGHTING FIXTURES -OPENING SOON- In The IRENHOLM PLAZA ELECTRIC HEATING Intersection of Forest Drive and Trenholm Road GREENBAX STAMPS-WITH CASH SAVINGS 2015 Marion Street Phone AL 2-0367 Columbia, S. C. 163 Public Oil Company Kerosene-Fuel Oil-Quality Products City-wide and Suburban Deliveries - Phone 794-5311 - WEST COLUMBIA SOUTH CAROLINA Jack Waters- Realtor A Complete Real Estate Service 2014. SUMTER ST. COLUMBIA, S. C. THE BIDDIE FOREST LAKE SHOPPING CENTER "Lip Smacking Good!" PHONE 782-5262 CRA YSONS STYLE HEADQUARTERS FOR MEN 1347 Main Street Columbia. S. C. E S-S-S-S-S-S-S- S-S-S-SPARKLE! Have a Coke! d under aufhofil ol The Coca-Colo Caqony by gofumgia Coca-Kaffe goffgng Co. Sylvan Brothers "Jewelers Since 1897" Berry's On Main "Leader in Womefnfs Fashions" 1500 MAIN STREET AND RICHLAND MALL COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA DOWNTOWN AND RICHLAND MALL Tho daily march NKQ... xg if 'ZZ Mm, Q. .MU Q h Q A. . ect ww 0 -Q ' for ab Q-,fN.k,,,,5 wonderful future! Southern gall I65 CICUJQ , L ML mm ok QAQJUUU QJQQQQLQ jx Qgwij QULCKJLX I Bfwxb VYYKLLQLJYL5 QSLQL -gig my xjrJIkLJlX5LIg5 Cwmju Wm QJU. Jlgyumw JUN QMCBACIQ -X5 ,why L5 I ,QU N MQ LK I xp IU xgi Q, GLQJLCDL CMVLW Q81 GOL LLJCUULJUU. U6 QLQLJ CUXCQLMZS JW QQJJC UQ QBWLULBLLLII L,L,kQ,Nw M, 9,5 QLJJU U lm ww cb? CMU? QD ,fam Mp gm K5 LWLL, wa,UQ0p'LgCwv - lu uw, mmwg UQQ UQ swam I UXJYW CBJLLJXYXCQB -Iliwbfb L CM mil C5 Qfwkif' LEQQLJCQSJCL - ISLCWALOJ QQ! was 'vw OW l20fA J4,.If.fWm,,,, 1l'0 N PRINTED AND BOUND BY THE R L BRYAN COMPANY, COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA SENIOR ABRAMS, NAOMI REGINA-Scarlet Masquers, Sketch Club, "Onions in the Stew", Art Council, Homeroom Secretary, "The Egg and I", Libbary Assistant, Supply Room Assistant, N.F.L., First Place Dramatic Interpretation State Speech Contest, Fourth Place N.F.L. Regional Speech Toumament in Dramatic Interpre- tation, Winged Press Staff, N.F.L. Degree of Excellence, Inter- national Day Invitiations Committee, Drama Club, Joumalism Club. ANDREWS, ANITA LOUISE-Dramatics Club, Oilice Assistant, Cheerleaders Club, G.A.A., French Club, Knitting Club, Scarlet Masquers, Bridge Club, F.T.A., Problems Club, Girls' Basketball, Exchange Assembly, Blumer Bowl, Winged Press Staff, Senior Class Club, Psychology Council, International Day Publicity Committee, International Day Homeroom Committee. ANDREWS, ROBERT DEWITT-"B" Squad Football, Football Club, Bridge Club, Sketch Club, J.V. Football, Varsity Football. ARMSTRONG, NOLAN LAWRENCE-Radio Club, Library As- sistant, AVA Club, Aero Club, Golf Club, Chess Club, Current Events Club, Senior Invitations Committee. ARNOLD, BARBARA ANN--Student Council, Pep Club, Fresh- man Beauty, FALCON Staff, Book Club, Homeroom Treasurer, Problems Club, Blumer Bowl, International Day Committee, Marriage and Family Relations Club. Annual Club, "Miss F ALCONU, Valentine Representative, Bridge Club, Social Cabinet, Anchor Club, Drama Club, Office Assistant, Secretary Scarlet Masquers, International Day Banquet Committee, Exchange Assembly, Senior Class Club, "Miss Scarlet and Blue." ARNOLD, EVAN GENE-Electronic Club, Vocabulary Club, Aero Club, Checker Club. AULL, HELEN HUNTLEY-Future Nurses' Club, G.A.A., Con- temporary Literature Club, Current Affairs Club, Senior Banquet Entertainment Committee, National Merit Semi-Finalist. AYERS, CANDACE ELIZABETH-Pep Club, Library Assistant, Bridge Club, Honorable Mention in Art, Ofiice Assistant, Mar- riage and Family Relations Club, Scarlet Masquers, Homeroom Secretary, Track Team, Girls' Basketball, Public Relations Club, Blumer Bowl, Intemational Day Escort, Psychology Council, Sailing Club, International Day Grounds Committee, Class Night Committee, Senior Banquet Committee, Cheerleader Repre- sentative. ' BAILEY, JAMES F REDERICK-Homeroom President, Library Representative, Homeroom Vice-President, Social Cabinet, Pep Club, Bridge Club, "B" Squad Football, Mixed Chorus, Football Rules Club, J.V. Football, Football Club, Psychology Club, Senior Class Club President, Varsity Football. "What time do you get off work, Santa?" DIRECTORY BALLENTINE, DENNIS CARROLL-Current Events Club, Aero Club, Checker Club, Amity Club, Band, Book Club, Bridge C ub. BANKS, JUDITH DIANNE-Chorus, Secretary-Treasurer Home- room, Girls, Sextette, Knitting Club President, Drama Club, Chorus Club, Oflice Assistant, Library Representative, Y-Teens, National Honor Society, Literary Yearbook Staff, Best Typist of the Year, Bridge Club, Intemational Day Escort, International Day Student Speaker, Chairman Welfare Committee Student Council, Senior Sermon Committee, Problems Club, Senior Class Club, Exchange Assembly. BARBER, DEANETTA LEICH-Sketch Club, Library Assistant, Art Council, Biology Club, Bridge Club, Pep Club, Modern Dance Club, F.B.L.A. BARNES, REED RYERSON-G.A.A., Library Representative, National Honor Society Treasurer, Scholarship Committee, Anchor Club Senior Director, Bridge Club, Scarlet Masquers, Oflice Assistant, Contemporary Literature Club, Girls' Basket- ball, Cheerleader Representative, Journalism Club Program Chairman, FALCON Staff, Library Assistant, French Club, F.T.A., Graduation Committee, Intemational Day Luncheon Committee, Blumer Bowl, Problems Club, JETS Club, P.E. Leaders Club, Knitting Club, Winged Press News Editor. BARNHILL, JOANNE ALICE-French Club, Knitting Club, Bridge Club, Pep Club, Marriage and Family Relations Club, Psychology Club. BARRE, RANDALL GILBERT-National Honor Society, JETS, FALCON Staff, Pep Club, Annual Club, Scholarships and Projects Club, Tennis Team, Vice-President JETS, Vocational Guidance Committee, N.F.L., Spirit Committee, Public Relations Club, Office Assistant, Chess Club, Traffic Safety Convention, Rock Hill Latin Forum, Honor Society Tutor, Bridge Club, Chairman of Problems Committee JETS. BARRETT, RONALD ALAN-Sports Club, Singing Falcons, Scientific Vocations Club, Bridge Club, Science Fair Award, JETS, Chess Club, Stringed Instrument Club, Projects Club, National Honor Society, Exchange Assembly, Science Fair Com- mittee, Aero Club, Literary Yearbook Staff, Senior Sermon Committee, Senior Banquet Script Writer. BARRETT, SAMUEL JAMES, JR.-Bridge Club, Red Cross Club, Bible Club, Social Cabinet. BASNETT, FRANK RAY-J.V. Football, Baseball, Sportsman Club, Football Rules Club, Bridge Club, Checker Club, Singing Falcons, Red Cross Club. ' BATSON, REGINALD FLEMING-Hunting and Fishing Club, Homeroom Vice-President. BECKHAM, ROBERT SAMUEL, JR.-Bridge Club, Book Club, Red Cross Club, Bible Club. BELK, CLAUDE HAMILTON, JR.-Key Club, "B" Squad, J.V. Football, Student Council, President of Junior Class, Secretary of Sophomore Class, Palmetto Boys' State, "B" Squad, Varsity Basketball, Winged Press Staff, Football Club, Basketball Club, Problems Club President, Homeroom President. BELLINGER, GEORGE KINSLER, JR.-AVA, Chess Club, Hunting and Fishing Club, Radio Club, Senior Class Club. BELSER, KEITH BAKER-President of Student Body, National Honor Society Vice-President, Treas. of Key Club, Sports Editor of FALCON, District Chairman State Honor Societ Federation, South Carolina Association of Student Councils Delegate, South- em Association of Student Councils Delegate, National Merit Finalist, Grand Prize A. C. Flora Science Fair, Grand Prize State JETS Science Fair, Superior Award National JETS Science Fair, Navy Science Cnriser Award, Second Place City Science Fair, Third Place Regional Science Fair, Exchange Assembly, JETS, N.F.L., Degree of Honor, Degree of Merit, Third Place in Declamation Southern District N.F.L., J.V. Football, Varsity Football, Homeroom vice-President, Homeroom President, Stu- dent Council, Superior Award State JETS Science Fair, A. C. Flora Science Fair Chairman, Angier B. Duke Scholar. BENNETT, LUCIUS DAVID-Pep Club, Chess Club, Athletics Rules Club, Sports Club, Archery Club. BENSON, ELIZABETH LORRAINE-Homeroom President, Art Council, Bridge Club, Problems Club, Joumalism Club, Winged Press Staff, National Honor Society, Psychology Club, Senior Class Club, Sketch Club. SENIOR DIRECTORY-Continued BERRY, BRIAN DANIEL-Student Council, Homeroom President, Library Assistant, Chess Club, Bridge Club, Aero Club, Checker Cgug, Electronics Club, Sports Club, Library Club, Vocabulary C u . BERRY, JUDITH HELENE-F.H.A., Marriage and Family Re- lations Club, Oflice Assistant, Bridge Club, F .B.L.A., T.I.O. Club. BIBBO, BRENDA EILEEN-Y-Teens, F.H.A., F.T.A., Future Nurses' Club, Nurses' Oiiice Assistant, Library Assistant, Senior Class Club. BODIE, JOSIAH WALTER, IV-Checker Club, Senior Class Club, Football Club, Hunting and Fishing Club, Problems Club. BOGEN, ANDREA HARRIETT-Chess Club, Records Club, G.A.A., Oiiice Assistant, Problems Club, Puppet Club, Vocabu- lary Club, Bridge Club, N.F.L., Marriage and Family Relations Club, Library Representative, Psychology Club. BOWERS, JANIS ELAINE-Library Representative, Drama Club, Chorus Club, Mixed Chorus, Y-Teens, Knitting Club, Oiiice Assistant, National Honor Society, Homeroom Vice-President, International Day Escort, Bridge Club, Personal Typing Club, Winged Press Staff, Senior Banquet Committee, Contemporary Literature Club, Senior Class Club. BRADLEY, DENNIS STEPHEN-Chess Club, Checker Club, Scrabble Club, Archery Club President, Coin Club. BRINKLEY, EDYCE BOSWELL-Bridge Club, Knitting Club, Pe Club, Records Club, Sketch Club, Marriage and Family Rel'ations Club, National Honor Society, Student Council, Sail- ing Club, Graduation Committee. BROCK, THOMAS RALPH, JR.-JETS, Bridge Club, Track Team, Track Rules Club, Gymnastics Club, Homeroom Inter- national Day Committee, Math Club, National Honor Society. BROOKS, CLARA SUZANNE-Knitting Club, Archery Club, Bridge Club, Office Assistant, Sketch Club. BROWN, JUDITH TONDRA-Checker Club, Bridge Club, Home- room Vice-President, Homeroom President, Blumer Bowl, Prob- lems Club, Girls' Basketball, Homeroom Secretary, Senior Class Club, Psychology Club, Beach Club, Record Club, Drama Club, Annual Business Club, Football Programs, Chorus Club, Y-Teens. BROWN, LOUISE MARION-Transferred from Gainesville, Flor- ida, National Honor Society, Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer, Senior Class Club, Knitting Club, Exchange Assembly, T.I.O. Club, Football Programs. BROWN, SANDRA MARIE-Pep Club, Second Prize in Flora Biology Science Fair, Anchor Club, Exchange Assembly, N.F.L., Dramatics Club, FALCON Staff, Annual Club, Winged Press Staff, F.T.A., Joumalism Club, Parliamentarian F.T.A., Knitting Club, Oilice Assistant, Football Programs, National Honor Society. "Waitl I've lost my contacts!" BRUNSON, GEORGE WASHINGTON, JR.-Social Cabinet, Homeroom Vice-President, Pep Club, Bridge Club, Library Rep- resentative, Golf Club, Senior Club, Sailing Club. BULTMAN, ANGELA COMERFORD-Student Council, Senior Class Club, Psycholog Council, Bridge Club, Pep Club, Alter- nate Girls' State, Graduation Committee, Public Relations Com- mittee, P.E. Leaders, Y-Teens, Annual Club, Exchange Assembly, Marriage and Family Relations, Office Assistant, Homeroom ViccgPresident, Chairman of Fund Raising Committee for Senior C u . BUNCH, GEORGE HENRY, III-Record Club, Coin Club, Checker Club, Hi-Y, J.V. Baseball, Varsity Basketball Manager, Current Events Club, Basketball Club, Rock and Mineral Club, Hunting and Fishing Club, Amity Club. BURCHARDT, LARRY KENNETH-Band, Falconaires, Pep Band, Baseball, City All-Star Band, Chess Club, German Club, F alcon's Quill Staff, Senior Club, Second Lt. Band, First Lt. Band, Jazz Club, Concert Band, Bridge Club, Typing Club, Journalism Club, Exchange Assembly, International Day Representative. BURNETT, GEORGE REDDING--Track, Astronomi Club, "B" Squad Football, Forensic Club, Archery Club, Trac Club, J.V. Football Manager, Football Club, Bridge Club. BURNETT, WOODS WANNAMAKER-Checker Club, Social Cabinet, Bridge Club, Problems Club, Homeroom President, International Day Homeroom Committee, Puppet Club, Home- room Vice-President, Key Club, Typing Club, Senior Class Club, Sailing Club, Library Representative. BURRISS, JOHN HAY-Bridge Club, Records Club, Sketch Club, Hobby Club, Library Representative, Homeroom Vice-President. BUSHMAN, DONALD OTTO, JR.-Homeroom President, Sing- ing Falcons, Forensic Club, Math Club Vice-President, Camera Club, JETS, Photographer Football Team, FALCON, Winged Press, J.V. Football Manager, Varsity Football Manager, Cafe- teria Assistant, Chess Club, P.A. Announcer, Superior Award State JETS Science Fair, Honorable Mention National JETS Science Fair, Drama Club, Chemistry Lab Assistant, Spirit Committee, National Honor Society, International Day Com- mittee, Aero Club, Literary Yearbook, Vice-President German Club, JETS Trip Committee Chairman, Youth Optimist Award, Assistant Editor the FALCON, National Merit Finalist, Junior- Senior Dance Committee. BYORICK, EDWARD MICHAEL, JR.-Treasurer JETS Club, National Honor Society, Secretary-Treasurer Camera Club, Exchange Assembly, National Merit Finalist, Chess Club, Stringed Instrument Club, Singing Falcons, German Club, Science Projects Club, Aero Club, Telescope and Observatory Construction Committee, First Place in Physiographics in Reg- ional Science Fair, Superior Rating in National JETS Science Fair. BYRD, CAROL JANICE-F.H.A., Y-Teens, Scrabble Club, Home- room Secretary, Secretary of Joumalism Club, Bridge Club, Family Living Club, Archery Club, F.B.L.A. Projects Chairman, State Convention, Senior Club. BYRD, JOSEPH SIMON, JR.-Sports Club, Sketch Club, Athletics Rules Club, Hunting and Fishing Club. CALLAWAY, ROYALL, JR.-Dramatics Club, Chonis, Writers' Club, Psychology Club. CALVO, LYNN GROOME-National Honor Society, Bridge Club, Senior Class Club, Social Cabinet, Ofiice Assistant, Knitting Club, Marriage and Family Relations Club, Y-Teens, F.H.A., Exchange Assembly, "Miss Flame," International Day Luncheon Committee. CANNON, JOHN EVERETTE-Hunting and Fishing Club, Robes Committee. CAPQTIER, JOHN LEWIS, JR.-Sports Club, Coin Club, Football C u . CAVE, ELIZABETH MCNAIR-Student Council, Art Council, Winged Press, Homeroom President, Problems Club, Anchor Club, Bridge Club, Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer, International Day Committee, Football Programs Committee, Sailing Club, Senior Class Club, Office Assistant, Chairman Problems Com- mittee, Student Council, Pep Club, Archery Club, P.E. Leaders, Annual Club, Social Committee, Class Night Committee. CASE, ANNA LEE-Pep Club, Library Assistant, French Club, Nurses' Club Projects Chainnan, Joumalism Club President, Knitting Club, FALCON Business Staff, Senior Class Club, Psy- chology Club, Problems Club, Senior Projects Committee. SENIOR DIRECTORY-Continued CHESNEY, DEAN GALE-N.F.L., Athletic Rules Club, Winged Press Staff, Track Club, Library Representative, Rock and Min- eral Club, Scrabble Club, Senior Graduation Committee, Senior Class Club, Amity Club, Golf Club. CHILDRESS, JAMES HOPKINS-Transferred from Charlotte, N. C., Bible Club, Folk Singing Club, Key Club, Honor Society President, Honor Society Vocational Guidance Committee. CHRISTMAS, CHARLIE RONALD--Chess Club, Travel Club, International Relations Club, junior Future Teachers, Latin Club, Basketball, Red Cross Representative, Cheerleaders' Club, Sports Club, Checker Club, Amity Club. CHRISTMUS, PATRICIA RAY--Book Club, Library Assistant, Knitting Club, French Club, Marriage and Family Relations Club, Annual Club, Bridge Club, Senior Class Club, Psychology Club, Junior-Senior Dance Committee. CLARKSON, HUNTER LANG-Sports Club, Chess Club, N.F.L., Personal Typing Club, Annual Club Business Club, j.V. Foot- ball, Cafeteria Assistant, Hall Monitor, Forensic League, Track Team, Track Club, Varsity Football, Sailing Club Programs Chairman. COBB, FURMAN MARTIN, IR.-Archery Club, Checker Club. COBLE, PARKS MCLENDON, JR.-N.F.L., Degree of Honor, Merit, Excellence, Distinction, Special Recognition Award, De- bate Team, Varsity Debate Team, First Place South Carolina Debate Tournament, First Place Georgia Invitational Tourna- ment, Second Place Barkly Forum Debate Tournament, Chess Club, Math Club, P.A. Announcer, Science Projects Club, Per- sonal Typing Club, JETS, National Honor Society Secretary, Treasurer, Library Assistant, President District Library Associa- tion, President Homeroom, President Flora N .F.L., Senior Sermon Committee, Optimist Youth Award, National Merit Finalist, Key Club, Vocational Guidance Committee, Honor Society, Best Presiding Oiiicer Dentsville Official N.F.L. Congress, State and District Library Association, Commencement Speaker. COLE, CATHERINE POWE-Girls' Basketball, G.A.A. President, Secretary, Anchor Club, Problems Club, Monica Arbenz Tennis Tournament, Exchange Assembly Committee, Christmas Assem- bly Program, Bridge Club, Senior Class Club, Chorus, F.T.A. President, Senior Class Night Committee, Senior Invitations Com- mittee, Track Team, Iunior-Senior Dance Committee, State Con- vention of F .T.A., Homeroom Secretary, Cheerleader Represen- tative, Publicity Committee International Day, Football Programs Committee, Thanksgiving Assembly Program, journalism Club, International Day Homeroom Committee, Dramatics Club, Liter- ary Yearbook Contributor. COLEMAN, ARTHUR WARD-Student Council, Bridge Club, Pep Club, Chorus, Boys' Cguartet, junior-Senior Dance Commit- tee, Typing Club, Art Clu , Hunting and Fishing Club. "But I've got a royal flush!" COLEMAN, SARA HELEN-Bridge Club, F.H.A., Pep Club, Book Club, Problems Club, Puppet Club, Psychology Club, Senior Class Club. COPLAN, MARKEY BERYL-Assistant Editor and Editor-in- Chief of FALCON, President of Freshman and Sophomore Class, Secretary of Student Body, Key Club Vice-President, So homore Director, Student Council, National Honor Society, Delegate to State Honor Society Conv., Union, S. C., Delegate to State Stu- dent Council Conv., Sumter, S. C., Vice-President of Psychology Council, Varsity Cheerleader, Inter-school Council, International Day Committee, Short Stor in South Carolina Literary Year- book, President, Vice-Presiclent, Secretary-Treasurer of Home- room, Problems Club Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer, Social Cabinet, Pep Club, Bridge Club, Annual Club, Spirit Committee, Optimist Youth Award, National Merit Letter of Commenda- tion, Vice-President of City Youth Council, Selected as "Top Teenager" by principal for Columbia Record, Public Relations Chairman Student Council, Youth Government Day. CORBETT, IUDITH PATRICIA-Social Cabinet, Senior Sermon Committee, International Day Invitations Committee, Senior journalism Club, Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer, Drama Club, G.A.A., Winged Press Staff, Girls' Basketball, Student Council Finance Committee, Library Representative, F.H.A., Office As- sistant, Welfare Corrunittee, Bridge Club. CORN, LINDA RUTH-Transferred from Spartanburg, S. C. Senior Club, Exchange Assembly. COX, NANCY ELIZABETH-Exchange Assembly, Ofiice Assist- ant, junior Red Cross, Pep Club, Drama Club, Library Repre- sentative, Library Assistant, Chorus Club, Bible Club, Girls' Sextette. CREMER, STEVEN MARC-Homeroom President, Bridge Club, Chess Club, Vocabulary Club, Student Council Problems Chair- man, Winged Press Staii, Oiiice Assistant, FALCON Business Staff, International Day Committee Chairman, Journalism Club, Basketball, Blumer Bowl Chairman, International Day Chairman, Basketball Club President, Vice-President of Problems Club, Exchange Assembly Committee, Optimist Youth Award, Ex- change Assembly. CROOM, GWENDOLYN LEE-Transferred from Richmond, Virginia, English Club, Annual Business Club, French Club, Senior Class Club, Bridge Club, Homeroom Secretary, Class Night Committee, House Committee Intemational Day. CURRIE, CHARLES STEPHEN-Transferred from Statesville, N. C., Exchange Assembly, Band Announcer, Psychology Council, N.F.L. Club, Best Speaker at Flora Congress, Special P.A. Presentations, Falcon Day Announcer, Spirit Committee, Inter- national Day Publicity Committee, Winged Press Staff. DANIEL, WARREN MARTIN, IR.-Hunting and Fishing Club President, Bridge Club, Knitting Club, Social Cabinet, Records Club, Sportsman Club, Homeroom Vice-President, "B" Squad Football, Baseball, Track, Cheerleader Representative. DAVIS, MARGARET IINCY--German Club, Bridge Club, JETS, Senior Banquet Committee, Current Events Club, F .T.A., Na- tional Honor Society, Writer's Club, Library Assistant, Girls' Glee Club, Vocational Guidance Committee. DAVIS, MARION HILL-Bridge Club, Readers Club, Problems Club, Coin Club, Oiltice Assistant, Checker Club. I DAVIS, PAULA COLETTE-F.T.A. Treasurer, F .H.A. Secretary, G.A.A., Office Assistant, Y-Teens Inter-Club Council Repre- sentative. DAVIS, ROBERT THOMAS-Transferred from Columbia High, Dramatics Club, Checkers Club, Senior Class Club, Psychology Club. DAWKINS, SANDRA GAIL-Secretary of Student Body, Girls' Nation, Girls' State President Pro Tempore of Senate, National Merit Finalist, Anchor Club, Activities Editor of F ALCQN, Miss DAR, National Honor Society Secretary, Delegate State Student Council Convention, Beaufort, S. C., Senior Sermon Committee Chairman, N.F.L. Degree of Merit, Degree of Honor, Interna- tional Day Luncheon Committee, Senior Class Club, Student Council, NOMA Spelling Award, Social Cabinet, Annual Club, Football Program Committee, Drama Club, Oiiice Assistant, Bridge Club, Homeroom President, Newspaper Club, French Club, Arts and Crafts Club, American Field Service Exchange Finalist, Merit Scholar. DEAVER, ROBERT EUGENE-Coin Club, J.V. Football, Foot- ball Club, Aero Club, Problems Club, Amity Club. SENIOR DIRECTORY-Continued DENT, RAY EPPES-J.V., "B" Squad Football Manager, Varsity, J.V. Baseball Manager, JETS, Football Rules Club, Chess Club, Basketball Rules Club, Track Club, Radio Club President, Audio-Visual Aids Club, AVA Assistant, Lost and Found As- sistant, Bridge Club, P.A. Announcer and Instructor, Basketball Announcer, Concession Stand Aid, "Goody Room" Aid, Elec- tronics Club Vice-President, Trade and Industrial Club, Gradu- ation Committee, C.B. Club, International Day Escort, Oflice Assistant. DETWYLER, DAVID WILLIAM-JETS, Chess Club, Aero Club, Senior Banquet Committee, Projects and Scholarships Club, National Honor Society, Band, Merit Semi-Finalist, Science Fair Award, National Merit Finalist. DILL, ROBERT GORDON-Concert and Marching Band, Fal- conaires Dance Band Manager, Pep Band, Uniform Officer, Second Lieutenant in Band, Jazz Club, Chess Club, Checkers Club, City All-Star Band, Pep Club, Reading Club. DIXEY, CAROL LILLIAN-Transferred from Greensboro, N. C., Homeroom Secretary, International Day Guest Committee, Inter- national Day Escort, Drama Club, Bridge Club, Oflice Assistant, Psychology Club. DODENHOFF, ANNIE LOUISE-Transferred from Brookland- Cayce High School, Bridge Club, Pep Club, Drama Club, Homeroom President. DORSEY, CHERYL ANN-Transferred from Charlottesville, Vir- ginia, Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer, President, Problems Club, Anchor Club, Dramatics Club, Senior Class Club Secretary, Annual Club, FALCON Staff. DRAFFIN, STEPHEN THOMPSON-UB" Squad, J.V. Football, "B" Squad, J.V., Varsity Basketball, Golf Team, Golf Club, Basketball Club, Bridge Club, Rock and Mineral Club, French Club, Track Team, Track Rules Club, Homeroom Vice-President, Library Representative. DRAKE, JAMES FRANCES-Pep Club, Varsity Football, J.V. Football, "B" Squad Football, Football Rules Club, Bridge Club, Hunting and Fishing Club Secretary-Treasurer, Sketch Club Social Chairman, Library Representative, Track Club, Basketball Rules Club, Homeroom Vice-President, Chess Club. EADDY, WILLIAM PAUL-Bridge Club, Chess Club, Sketch Club, N.F.L. EDWARDS, JANICE MARGARET-N.F.L., Bridge Club, Tennis Toumament, Blumer Bowl, Literary Yearbook Contributor, Sen- ior Joumalism Club, Winged Press Staff, Office Assistant, Na- tional Honor Society, International Day Assembly Committee, Problems Club, Girls Basketball. ELDER, HERBERT HAMPTON--Sports Club, Singing Falcons, J.V. Football, Varsity Football, Football Players Club, Track Team, Track Club, Homeroom President and Vice-President, Social Cabinet, Problems Club, National Honor Society. "So what were you expecting-steak?" ELLSWORTH, CARL ANTHONY-Vice-President of Junior Class, llomeroom President, Vice-President, Student Council, Track Team, Track Club, "BU Squad Football, J.V. Football, Varsity Football, Football Rules Club, Sketch Club, Senior Class Club Vice-President, Chairman of Gift Committee, Psychology Club, Problems Club, Key Club, Sports Club, Records Club, Bridge Club, Blumer Bowl Coach, Chairman of House and Grounds Committee of Student Council, NOMA Spelling Award. FARMER, ANNE GUYTON-Sketch Club, Bridge Club, Prob- lems Club, Student Council, Homeroom Vice-President, Inter- national Day Luncheon Committee, Homeroom Intemational Day Chairman, Delegate to Student Council Convention, Sumter, S. C., Inter-School Council, Delegate to Student Council at Dcntsville, S. C., Pep Club, Social Cabinet, Library Representa- tive, N.F.L., Archery Club, F.T.A. President, Psychology Club, Senior Class Club, Football Programs Committee Chairman. FETTERLY, LYNDA DALE-Drama Club, N.F.L. Social Cabi- net, F.T.A., Problems Club, Pep Club, Winged Press Staff, Student Council, Intemational Day Committee, Senior Banquet Committee, Exchange Assembly, Office Assistant, Marriage and Family Relations Club, Girls' Basketball, Blumer Bowl. FEW, GILBERT EUGENE-Band Captain, Drum Major, All-City Band, All-State Band, All-State Orchestra, Columbia Festival Orchestra, Bible Club, Typing Club. FLEISCIIMAN, BERNARD SIMON, JR.-Varsity and J.V, Basketball, Key Club Sergeant-at-Arms, Student Council, Home- room President, Graduation Committee, Spirit Committee, Winged Press Staff, Library Representative, Homeroom Com- mittee of International Day, House and Grounds of Student Council, Track, Basketball Club, Golf Club, Bridge Club, Checkers Club, Athletic Rules Club, Problems Club. FLOYD, LUANA RACHEL-Library Representative, Chorus, Girls' Sextette, Bridge Club, Problems Club, N,F.L. Secretary, National Honor Society, F.T.A., Class Night Committee, Ex- change Assembly, Senior Class Club, Debate Team, Main Office Assistant, Second Place Girls' Extemp. N.F.L. District, All-State Chorus, G.A.A. FRASER, LORAN GORDON-Transferred from Montevallo, Ala- bama, Varsity Football, Bible Club, Homeroom President. FREEMAN, JOHN MITCHELL-Transferred from Spartanburg, S. C., Key Club, National Honor Society Vice-President, Varsity Baseball, Varsity Football, President of Student Body, King Teen, Bible Club Vice-President, Folk Singing Club. FULMER, DANIEL EUGENE-Golf Club, Records Club, Li- brary Representative, Golf Team, Homeroom Vice-President, Office Assistant, Bridge Club, Problems Club, Senior Class Club. FUSSELL, CLAIRE LU-G.A.A., F.H.A., Future Nurses' Club President, Treasurer, Bridge Club, National Honor Society, In- ternational Day House and Grounds Committee, Math Club, Oi'Hce Assistant. GALGANO, FRANCES MARIE-Transferred from Cardinal Newman High School, Y-Teens, F.H.A., English Club, Oifice Assistant. GARRICK, JANE MARIE-Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer, F.T.A. Parliamentarian, Modern Literature Club, G.A.A., French Club, Social Cabinet, Library Representative, Library Assistant, Writers' Club, P.E. Leaders Club, Biology Club, Bridge Club. GILES, MARY KATHLEEN-Secretary of Freshman Class, Stu- dent Council, Homeroom President, National Honor Society, Girls' State, N.F.L. Degree of Merit, Excellence, Honor, Dis- tinction, Best Debator in S. C, State Contest, First Place Debate Team in S. C., First Place Negative Team, Univ. of Ga., S. C. Delegate to National Debate Tournament in Houston, Texas, Activities Co-Editor, Editor FALCON, Vocational Guidance Com- mittee, Senior Sermon Committee, Spirit Committee Chairman, Problems Club Vice-President, N.F.L. Vice-President, Social Cabinet, Library Representative, Belk's Advisory Board, Ameri- can Field Service Finalist, Girls' Nation Alternate. GILLAN, PAMELA CELESTE-Transferred from Wiesbaden, Germany, Pep Club, Bridge Club, F.T.A., Senior Class Club Gift Committee. GLENN, ELIZABETH LUMPKIN-Transferred from Sewanee, Tennessee, Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer, F.T.A., Bridge Club, N.F.L., Drama Club. GOFORTH, DELBERT JAMES, JR.-Stringed Instrument Club, Bridge Club, Exchange Assembly, C.B. Radio Club, Current Events Club, Sportsman's Club, Library Representative, Hobby Club, Sailing Club, Coin Club, Astronomy Club, Scientiiic Voca- tions Club, Aero Club. SENIOR DIRECTORY-Continued GONZALEZ, MARIA ANGELES-Transferred from Fort Knox, Kentucky, Typing Club, Senior Class Club, T.I.O. Club. GOOLSBY, DANIEL CLAYTON-Pep Club, Library Representa- tive, Book Club, Records Club, Hobby Club, Sketch Club, Bridge Club, Readers' Club, Senior Class Club, Psychology Club. GORDON, LANEZ CARITA-Pep Club, Bridge Club, Senior Class Club, Sketch Club, G.A.A., Library Representative. GRAHAM, JOHN MACDOWELL-Sportsman's Club, Record Club, Sketch Club, Puppet Club, Senior Class Club, Psychology Club, "B" Squad Football. GRANT, JOHN BYNUM, III-Typing Club, National Honor So- ciety, Amity Club, Homeroom President. GRANT, SYBIL ANNETTE-Pep Club, Y-Teens, F.H.A. Writers' Club, Knitting Club, Marriage and Family Relations Club, Library Assistant, Library Representative. GRAY, TOMI DEE-Problems Club Secretary, Homeroom Secre- tary, Bridge Club, Public Relations Club, G.A.A., Homeroom Vice-President, Student Council, Annual Club, FALCON Business Staff, Chairman International Day Ball, Homeroom President, Girls' Basketball, Chairman International Day Luncheon Com- mittee, Psycholo Club, Senior Class Club, Anchor Club, Exchange Assemgly Committee, Social Committee, Senior Ban- quet Committee. GRAYSON, MARY FRANCES-French Club, Pep Club, Bridge Club, Annual Club, Problems Club, Marriage and Family Rela- tions Club, Robes Committee, FALCON Business Staff, G.A.A., Y-Teens, Oflice Assistant, Library Representative, International Day Luncheon and Decorating Committee. GRIER, RALPH ERSKINE, III-Transferred from Dreher High School, Chess Club, Poetry Club. GRIFFIN, CALVIN ASHBY-Art Council, Arts and Crafts Club, Bridge Club, Oilice Assistant, Drama Club President, Vice- President. N.F.L., Scholarships and Projects Club, Aero Club, Sailing Club President. HALL, LINDA LOUISE-Bridge Club, French Club, Winged Press Staff, Journalism Club, Problems Club, Reading Club, Senior Class Club, Psychology Council Club, Y-Teens, Office Assistant, Football Programs Committee, Literary Yearbook Contributor, NOMA Spelling Award, International Day Home- coming Committee, F.T.A., N.F.L. HAMLIN, LINDA DIANNE-Readeris Digest Club Secretar , History Club, Pep Club, Future Nurses' Club, Problems Club, Book Club Treasurer, Marriage and Family Relations Club, Sketch Club, Checker Club. HAMMOND, CATHERINE SPANN-Sketch Club, Bridge Club, F.H.A., Knitting Club, Art Council, Annual Business Club, Sail- ing Club, Library Representative, FALCON Business Manager. "What do you mean it's not coke?" HAMPTON, SANDRA FAYE-Y-Teens, Sketch Club, Bridge Club, F .H.A. HARPER, PATRICIA GALE-Pep Club, N.F.L., Problems Club, F.T.A., Exchange Assembly, Senior Class Club, Psychology Council, Drama Club, Book Club, G.A.A., Reader's Club. HARRIS, JAMES WESLEY-AVA, Homeroom Vice-President, Aero Club, Sailing Club, Senior Class Club, JETS, Telescope and Observatory Construction Committee. HARRIS, JENNIFER RAY--Bridge Club, Homeroom Vice-Presi- dent, National Honor Society, Chess and Checker Club, Knitting Club, Math Club, Senior Invitations Committee, House Com- mittee for International Day. HARRIS, JENNY SUE-Y-Teens, F.H.A., Band, Checker Club Vice-President, Bridge Club, Marriage and Family Relations Club, N.F.L., Senior Class Club, Psychology Club, Oiiice Assist- ant, Pep Club. HART, JOHN ELLISON, JR.-checker Club, Chess Club, Prob- lems Club, Hobby Club, Homeroom President, "B" Squad Foot- ball Manager, Current Events Club, Brid e Club, Varsity Foot- ball Manager, Amity Club, Philosophy Cfub. HARTLEY, CHERYLE DIANNE-JETS, Senior Sermon Commit- tee, Pep Club, Records Club, Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer, Homeroom Vice-President, Red Cross Club Secretary-Treasurer, Oflice Assistant. HASTINGS, MARY KATHRYN-Marriage and Family Relations Club Social Chairman, Bridge Club, F .B.L.A., T.I.O. Club. HATCHELL, JOHN DONALD--Huntinlg and Fishing Club, Checkers Club, Bridge Club, Sketch Clu , Current Events Club. HEATH, JACK HOWARD, JR.-Sports Editor of Winged Press, Key Club, Homeroom Vice-President, Senior Robes Committee, International Day Brochure Committee, Amity Club Co-Chair- man, N.F.L., Journalism Club, Scholarship and Projects Club, JETS, Mathematics Club, Sketch Club, Athletic Rules Club, "B" Squad Football, Chess Club, Coin Club, National Honor Society. HENDERSON, AMARINTHIA LOWNDES-N.F.L. Degree of Merit, National Honor Society, National Merit Finalist, Senior Robes Committee, "Onions in the Stew," Columnist for Colum- bia Record, Drama Club, Forensic Club, National Merit Finalist. HENDLEY, STEPHEN NEWBY-Bridge Club, J.V. Baseball, Vanity Baseball, Current Events Club, Checkers Club, Amity C u . HENDRIX, MARGARET GAIL--Varsity Cheerleader, Pep Club Psychology Club, Homeroom President, Homeroom Secretary Treasurer, Junior Copy Editor of FALCON, Homeroom Vice President, "Miss Senior," Fashion Representative to White' Department Store, Golf Club, P.E. Leader, Bridge Club. HERBERT, LARRY ROBERT-Co-Captain, Head Manager anu Head Trainer of Football Team, Exchange Assembly Committee, Basketball Club, Baseball Manager. HEYWARD, ALBERT RHETT, III--Hunting and Fishing Club, Sailing Club. HICKS, JANE KATHERINE-International Day Escort, FUlC01l,S Quill Staff, Typing Club, Senior Class Club, Senior Robes Com- mittee, Head Majorette, Bridge Club, Social Cabinet, Y-Teens Club, Office Assistant, Homeroom Treasurer, Drama Club, Girls' Sextette, Pep Club. HOLL, CYNTHIA LOUISE-Winged Press Staff, Co-Editor-in- Chief, News Editor, Make-Up Editor, Nat'l Merit Letter of Com- mendation, Senior Robes Committee, F .T.A., Delegate to NASA- NSTA Regional Youth Science Congress, Hampton, Va., Dele- gate to National Youth Science Congress., Washington, D. C., JETS, Superior Rating S. C. JETS Science Fair, Excellent Rating National JETS Science Fair, International Day Assembly Com- mittee, Escort, French Club President, Modem Literature Club, Scholarships and Projects Club, Joumalism Club, Bausch and Lomb Optical Co. Medal "Outstanding Senior in Science," Folk Music Club, JETS, Second Place Anatomy Division A. C. Flora Science Fair, First Place Sr. Biology Division at Central S. C. Regional Science Fair, Best Girl at Columbia College in Biology Division, SCEA Scholarship for Summer Science Workshop, First Place Over-all for Girls at Regional Science Fair, Finalist National Science Fair International, French Club President, Moderinlldterature Club, Scholarships and Projects Club, Journal- ism Cu . HOLLAND, LEANDER JAN--Checker Club, Audio-Visual Aid, Radio Club, Track Club. SENIOR DIRECTORY-continued HOLLOMAN, VINCENT ALAN-National Honor Society, Chess Club, Checker Club, N.F.L., JETS, Juvenile Jury, Telescope and Observatory Committee, Honorable Mention A. C. Flora Science Fair, Art Council, Arts and Crafts Club, Sketch Club, Photogra- phy Club, Homeroom Secretary, Projects Club, Aero Club, Scholarship Club. HOPKINS, TRUMAN ALEXANDER-Transferred from Augs- burg, Germany, German Club, N.F.L., Superior Representa- tion-High Point, N.. C. Congress. HUGGINS, JOHN STEPHEN-Golf Club, Record Club, Hobby Club, Sketch Club, Hunting and Fishing Club, Golf Team. HUMPHREY, NANCY ANN-Bridge Club, Pep Club, Y-Teens, Records Club, Social Cabinet, Book Club, Newspaper Club, Winged Press Staff, Library Representative, Office Assistant, Annual Club, Exchange Assembly, Senior Class Club, Psychol- ogy Club, Cheerleader Representative. HUMPHRIES, THOMAS MICHAEL-Golf Club, Football Club, Homeroom Vice-President, Homeroom President, Track Club, Rock and Mineral Club, Athletic Rules Club, Winged Press Staff, Amity Club. JENKINS, WANDA GAYLE-Library Assistant, Office Assistant, Bridge Club, Pep Club, Homeroom Secretary, Homeroom Vice- President, Social Cabinet, Library Representative, Problems Club, Family Living Club, Senior Club. JETER, SAMUEL ARTHUR-Astronomy Club, Science Projects Club, Camera Club Secretary-Treasurer and Vice-President, JETS, National Honor Society, Student Council, Chainnan House and Grounds Committee, Forensic Club, Key Club, National Youth Conference on the Atom. JOHNSTON, ELIZABETH KINCAID-Library Representative, Bridge Club, Pep Club, Sketch Club, Art Council, Social Cabi- net, Book Club, Problems Club, Senior Class Club. JONES, CAROL ANN--Sketch Club President, Arts and Crafts Club, Archery Club, Marriage and F amil Relations Club, An- nual Business Club, Library Assistant, Bridlge Club, T.I.O. Club. JONES, LEGRAND, JR.-Sketch Club, Pep Club, Bridge Club, Coin Club, Chess Club, Checker Club. JONES, LEONARD KIRBY-Coin Club, Aero Club, Problems Club, Checker Club, Senior Club. JONES, MARY KATE-F.H.A., Y-Teens, Bible Club, Knitting Club, F.B.L.A., G.A.A., Recreation for Girls. JONES, MARY LAURA-N.F.L., JETS, Spirit Committee, Winged Press Stall, Exchange Assembly Committee, Problems Club, Scarlet Masquers, Journalism Club, Teenage Book Club, Oflice Assistant, Bridge Club, German Club, Pep Club, Art Council, Did you know that the average number of seeds in a bite of watemiellon . . . I72 International Day Homeroom Committee, Senior Class Night Committee, International Day Luncheon Committee, Girls' Bas- ketball, Blumer Bowl, Football Program Committee, FALCON Business Staff, Our Times Scholarship Winner, NOMA Spelling Award, Knitting Club, Homemaker of Tomorrow. JORDAN, CHARLES FRANK-"B" Squad Basketball, J.V. Bas- ketball, Sports Editor of Winged Press, Journalism Club Presi- dent, Editor of Winged Press, Homeroom President, Chairman of Publicity Committee for International Day, Senior Invitations Committee, Student Council, Key Club, Senior Counselor. KARNAZES, EUGENIA ANDREA-FALCON Business Manager, Assistant Business Manager, International Day House Com- mittee, Activities Committee, Ball Committee, Psychology Club, Senior Class Club, Bridge Club, Y-Teens Reporter, G.A.A., Chorus Club, Editor of Y-Teen News, Y-Teens Inter-Club Coun- cil, Annual Club, Blumer Bowl, Girls' Basketball, Problems Club, Office Assistant, Student Council Assistant, Drama Club, Scarlet Masquers, "Her Emergency Husband," Winged Press Staff. KAURIC, WILLIAM BAILEY-Chess Club, Sketch Club, Art Club, Art Council, N.F.L., Forensic Club, Coin Club, Library Assistant, Art Class Assistant, Senior Banquet Committee, N .F.L. Degree of Honor. KELLER, CAROL F RAN CES-Bridge Club, Arts and Crafts Club, French Club, Falcon's Quill Staff, N.F.L., Drama Club, Girls' Sextette, Exchange Assembly, National Honor Society, Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer, Homeroom Vice-President, Sen- ior Class Club, Psychology Club, Library Assistant, President of Library Club, Scholastic Art Award, A. C. Flora Art Awards, Senior Gift Committee, State and District Library Association. KING, MARSHA SUSAN-Pep Club, Knitting Club, Treasurer Freshman Class, Bowling Club, G.A.A., N .F.L. Secretary, Drama Club, Oflice Assistant, Modem Dance Club, Problems Club, Annual Club, Bridge Club, Journalism Club, Varsity Cheer- leader, National Honor Society, JETS, Exchange Editor Winged Press, Editor Winged Press, Anchor Club, Miss Jr. Hi-Miss, Student Council, Publicity Winged Press, Class Night Commit- tee, International Day Luncheon Committee, Spirit Committee, American Field Service Finalist. KIRBY, SUSAN DIANNE-F.H.A., Y-Teens, Knitting Club. KNOX, CHARLOTTE GRAHAM-Chonis Club, N.F.L. Degree of Merit, Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer, Volleyball Team, Track Team, G.A.A. Vice-President, Student Council, Girls' Basketball Co-Captain, Captain, P.E. Leaders President, Most Valuable Member G.A.A., Outstandin Member G.A.A., Anchor Club Co-Chairman Interschool Councs, Library Assistant, Office Assistant, Winged Press Staff, Senior Journalism Club, Co-Chair- man Football Programs Committee, Junior Olympic Track Team, State and District Library Association, Senior Class Club, Social Cabinet, Senior 'Gift Committee, F.T.A., International Day House and Grounds Committee, International Day Escort. KNOX, JUDDIE IRENE-Chorus, N.F.L. Degree of Merit, Oflice Assistant, P.E. Leaders, G.A.A., Track Team, Girls' Basketball, Anchor Club Safety Committee, French Club, Library Repre- sentative, Senior Class Club, Senior Gift Committee, National Honor Society, Vocational Guidance Committee, Social Cabinet. KROPP, FRANCES HENNIETTE-G.A.A., Art Club Secretary, Office Assistant, Art Council, Track Team, Bridge Club, Senior Jiuignalism Club, Sketch Club, Girls' Basketball, Science Fair C u . LAUB, GEORGE RUDOLPH, JR.-A.V.A., Bridge Club, Chess Club, Radio Club, Senior Class Club. LAW, JOHN ANTHONY-Transferred from Dillon, S. C. Drama Club, Senior Class Club. LAWSON, CANDACE OUINN-F.T.A. Historian, Blumer Bowl, Archery Club, Girls' Basketball, Psychology Cub, Senior Class Club, Bridge Club, Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer, N.F.L., Homeroom Vice-President, Chess Club, Book Club, Problems Club, Library Representative, International Day Ball Committee, Football Program Committee, French Club. LEAPHART, JEANETTE MARGARET--F.H.A., Y-Teens Secre- tary, Treasurer, Social Chairman, Oilice Assistant, Knitting Club, Bridge Club. LEVENTIS, PHIL PETER-Vice-President Sophomore Class, vice-President Inter-School Council, Treasurer Student Body, Boys' State, Boys' Nation, Boys' Nation Supreme Court, Student Council, President Senior Class, Key Club, Treasurer Carolinas District Key Club, Problems Club, President Senior Club, Varsity Football, J.V. Basketball, Varsity Track, Football Rules Club, SENIOR DIRECTORY-Continued Delegate to Key Club Intemational Convention, International Day Committee, Delegate to Southern Association of Student Councils Planning Conference, Homeroom President, Oflice Assistant. LIGON, MARSHA JEAN-Drama Club, N.F.L., Sketch Club, Art Council, Typing Club, Illustrations for Falcorfs Quill, Knit- ting Club, Football Programs Committee. LINTON, THOMAS SOUTHWOOD, JR.-Amity Club President, Checker Club President, Varsity Baseball, Homeroom Vice- President, Philosophy Club President, Homeroom President, Cur- rent Events Club, Bridge Club, Coin Club, Rock and Mineral Club, Hi-Y Club, Sports and Rules Club, N.F.L., Golf Club, Athletic Rules Club. LITCHFIELD, CHARLES BRAXTON-German Club, Book Club, A.V.A. Club, Radio Club, Checkers Club. LITTLE, GABRIELLE RICHARDSON--Bridge Club, Librar Representative, Problems Club, P.E. Leaders, Student Council: Annual Club, Pep Club, Homeroom Secretary, Marriage and Family Relations Club, Psychology Club, Senior Class Club, International Day Committee. LITTLE, GEORGE RICHARD-JETS, Drama Club, Stringed Instrument Club, Track Club, Track Team, Bridge Club, Ath- letic Rules Club, Social Cabinet, Problems Club, Tennis Club. MacMILLAN, SUSAN WALKER-Spirit Committee, Blumer Bowl, Girls, Basketball, Anchor Club, Exchange Assembly Com- mittee, Senior Class Club, Psychology Club, Problems Club, Social Cabinet, Homeroom Secretary, Ioumalism Club, Bridge Club, Pep Club, Class Night Committee, Teen-age Club, Foot- ball Programs Committee. MACMURPHY, HERBERT EDWARD, III-Student Council, Problems Club, Pep Club, Sportsman's Club, Social Cabinet, Track Club, Bridge Club, Homeroom President, Social Com- mittee, Track Team, Key Club President, Chairman Iunior- Senior Dance Committee, Chairman of Student Assembly Com- mittee, Chairman of International Day Brochure Committee, Chairman of Problems Committee for Senior Class Club, I.V. Football, Library Representative, Program Committee of Prob- lems Club. MACMURPHY, JOHN DUNOVANT-Singing Falcons, Sports Club, Bridge Club, Problems Club, Track and Field Club, I.V. Football, "B" Squad Football, Football Rules Club, Track, Var- sity Football, Senior Class Club. MARKS, CYNTHIA IOYCE-Bridge Club, Y-Teens, Dramatics Club, F .H.A., Art Council, Assistant Library Representative, Problems Club, Marriage and Family Relations Club, Junior Red Cross Club, Psychology Club, Senior Class Club. MARETT, ANN VANDIVER-Office Assistant, F.T.A. Vice-Presi- dent, Historian, G.A.A., Drama Club, Exchange Assembly, Class Night Committee, Library Assistant, Bridge Club, Problems Club, Senior Class Club, Pep Club, Book Club, Psychology Council, International Day House Committee, Knitting Club, FALCON Business Staff. MARTIN, NEAL ANDERSON-Library Representative, Bridge Club, Boys' Quartet, Singing Falcons, Chorus, All-State Chorus, Folk Singing Club, Football Manager, Exchange Assembly, Falcon's Quill Staff. MAULDIN, LAWRENCE BROOKS-JETS Vice-President, Schol- arship and Projects Club, Track Team, National Honor Society, Aero Club, Math Club President, Forensic Club, Amity Club, Philosophy Club. MCALISTER, IASEPH THEODORE, JR.-Homeroom President, Sports Club, Bridge Club, Problems Club, I.V. Baseball, Hobby Club, Student Council, Sketch Club, Hunting and Fishing Club. MCARTHUR, THOMAS EUGENE-Art Club, Varsity Football, Basketball, Track, Sports Club, Football Club, Hunting and Fishing Club, Book Club, Bridge Club, Library Representative. MCCONNELL, REBECCA LOU-Y-Teens, Bridge Club, Social Cabinet, Drama Club, Forensic Club, American Literature Club, French Club, G.A.A., Library Assistant, State Library Associa- tion, District Library Association, Intemational Day Luncheon Committee, Senior Class Club, Senior Gift Committee, Public Speaking Club, F.T.A., Literary Yearbook Staff. MCCRADY, SMYTH FLINN-Bridge Club, Sketch Club, "B" Squad Football, Advanced Bridge Club, Psychology Club, Football Club, Rules and Regulations Club, Writers' Club, Hunting and Fishing Club. MCCRORY, CLINTON GRAYDON-JETS President, National Honor Society President, German Club, Chess Club, Stringed Instrument Club, Key Club, Homeroom President, Student Council, Honor Society Treasurer, Winged Press Stai, Science Projects and Scholarships Club, Singing Falcons, Exchange Assembly, Optimist Youth Award, Westinghouse Science Talent Search Honors Group, Emory University Summer Science In- stitute, National Merit Finalist, Merit Scholar. MCDONALD, ANN STOKES-Bridge Club, Social Cabinet, Y- Teens, Records Club, Homeroom Secretary, Track Team, P.E. Leaders Club, Student Council, Annual Club, Library Repre- sentative, Pep Club, Homeroom Vice-President, Exchange As- sembly, Oilice Assistant, Marriage and Family Relations Club, Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer, Senior Class Club, Psychology Coungil, Chairman Senior Banquet Committee, Optimist Youth Awar . McKAY, HELEN WALKER-Bridge Club, Sketch Club, Pep Club, Sailing Club, Marriage and Family Relations Club, Golf Club, Library Representative, Oifce Assistant. MCLAIN, KATHRYN ANN-F.H.A. President, President Richland County F.H.A., Y-Teens, Marriage and Family Relations Club, Senior Class Club, Senior Invitations Committee, G.A.A. MCLEOD, YANCEY ALFORD, JR.-Student Council, Homeroom President, Bridge Club, Hobby Club President, Senior Class Club, Psychology Council, Senior Banquet Committee, Pep Club. McMEEN, NANCY CAUDLE-"Miss Scarlet and Blue," Prob- lems Club, Pep Club, Exchange Assembly Committee, Secretary of Senior Class, Publicity Chairman of Intemational Day, Senior Class Beauty, Represented Flora for "Miss Sportsaraman, Ex- change Assembly, Anchor Club President, Assistant Head Cheer- leader, Intemational Day Chairman for Homeroom, Junior-Senior Dance Committee, Secretary of junior Class, Student Council, Homeroom Secretary, Library Representative, Otlice Assistant, Bridge Club, Knitting Club, Y-Teens, Cafeteria Assistant, Fresh- man Class Beauty, Intemational Da Escort, Selected as "Top Teen-ager" by Principal for Columbia Record, Welfare Com- mittee of Student Council, Senior Room Committee. MEADOWS, BARBARA DIANNE-Transferred from Dreher High School, Intemational Day Committee, Homeroom Vice- President, Homeroom Secretary, Anchor Club, Bridge Club, Knitting Club, Oflice Assistant, Co-Chaimian Intemational Day Brochure Committee, Homeroom Treasurer, Problems Club, Psychology Council, "Miss junior", Sailing Club, "Miss FAL- CON", Valentine Representative, Senior Class' Club. MEETZE, WILLIIAM DAGNALL-Homeroom Vice-President, Library Representative, Sketch Club, Track Team, Track Club, Hunting and Fishing Club, Senior Class Club, Pep Club. METZE, JAMES OLIN-Basketball, Football, Baseball, Golf Teim, Checker Club, Chess Club, Coin Club President, Social Ca inet. MILLER, BENIAMIN NEELY, III-Head Cheerleader, Most Valuable Cheerleader, Key Club Projects Chairman, Student Council, National Honor Society, junior-Senior Dance Commit- tee Chairman, Senior Robes Committee Chainnan, Homeroom President, Homeroom Vice-President, Social Cabinet, German Club, Pep Club, Bridge Club, IETS, Problems Club, Vocabu- lary Club, Chess Club, Sports Club, French Club, Homeroom Intemational Day Committee, International Day Escort, FALCON Staff, N.F.L., Projects Club, Spirit Committee, National Merit Honorable Mention. ' MILLER, EDWARD HARRIS PARSONS, III-Coin Club, Amity Club, Checkers Club. MILLER, HARRY HANIPTON-Chess Club, A.V.A., Sketch Club, Aero Club, Checkers Club, Sailing Club. MISENHEIMER, BRENDA MAE--F.H.A., Future Nurses, Knit- ting, NOMA Spelling Award, Girls' Basketball, F .B.L.A., Chair- man of Civil Defense, Intemational Day Decorating Committee. MITCHELL, ANDE SUSAN--Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer, Homeroom Vice-President, Library Assistant, National Honor Society, Bridge Club, Sketch Club, Camera Club, Senior Joumalism Club, junior journalism Club, Winged Press Staff, N.F.L. MOORE, BURTON EBERLE, IR.--Art Club, Grand Prize Art Festival, Art Council, Sketch Club, Hobby Club, Bridge Club, Hunting and Fishing Club, History Club. SENIOR DIRECTORY-Continued MORRIS, EDGAR LONGETTE, JR.-Homeroom President, Stu- dent Council, FALCON Staff, Bridge Club, Problems Club, Home- room Vice-President, Library Representative, Social Cabinet, Annual Club, Key Club, Checker Club Treasurer, Pep Club, Varsity Cheerleader, Homeroom Treasurer, "B" Squad Football, J.V. Football, Track, Track and Field Club, City Science Fair, Junior-Senior Dance Committee, N.F.L., Intemational Day Chairman of Homeroom, Sergeant-at-Arms of Key Club Con- vention in Charleston, Golf Club, Skiing Club, Philosophy Club. MUELLER, LAWRENCE EDMUND-Marching Band, Concert Band, Chess Club, Jazz Club, Hobbies Club, Aero Club, Bridge Club, Sailing Club, Checkers Club, Coin Club, Pep Club, Pep Band, City All-Star Band, Hunting and Fishing Club, Office Assistant, Homeroom Treasurer. MURPHY, SUSAN ELIZABETH-Bridge Club, Reader'S Digest Club Vice-President, Office Assistant, History Club, F .H.A., Book Club, Nurses' Club, Problems Club, Pep Club, Checkers Club, Sketch Club, Marriage and Family Relations Club, A.V.A. Secretary, N.F.L. NEELY, ANITA SUZETTE-Library Representative, Pep Club, Bridge Club, Homeroom Secretary, Checkers Club, Readers' Club Vice-President, G.A.A., Marriage and Family Relations Clqub, Senior Class Club, Y-Teens, Office Assistant, French Club, C orus. NEELY, KATHLEEN MARJORIE-Transferred from Tampa, Florida, Winged Press Staff, Winged Press Club, Homeroom Secretary, Student Council, Senior Class Club, Problems Committee. NEELY, ROBERT YOUNT-Football, Track, Key Club Secretary, Football Rules Club, Track Rules Club, Problems Club, Senior Class Club, Homeroom Vice-President, Homeroom President, Bridge Club, Invitations Committee, Sergeant-at-Arms of Key Club Convention in Charleston, S. C. NIDIFFER, WAYNE WOODROW-Bridge Club, Coin Club, Drama Club, Problems Club, Chorus, Chorus President, Gradu- ation Committee Chairman, Inspection Team, Winged Press Staff, Joumalism Club, All-State Chorus, N.F.L. NUCKOLS, HODGDON CHRISTIAN-Chess Club, Coin Club President, "B" Squad Football, J.V. Football, Varsity Football, Football Club, JETS, Homeroom Vice-President, Junior-Senior Dance Committee, Bridge Club, Track Club. NUNN, JAMES BARRY-Coin Club, Checkers Club, Chess Club, Current Events Club, "B" Squad Football Manager, Office As- Yjarsity Football Manager, Basketball Announcer, Basket- a u . NURSS, KIM CHOUL-Transferred from Fairbanks, Alaska, Writers' Club, Folks Singing Club, Chorus. ODEN, ANN MARIE-Transferred from Cardinal Newman High School, Annual Business Club, Marriage and Family Relations Club, F5sB.L.A., F.H.A. OLSON, SHIRLEY ANNE-Social Cabinet Secretary, Varsity Cheerleader, Senior Class Treasurer, F.T.A. Treasurer, Pep Club, Problems Club, Marriage and Family Relations Club, Knitting Club, Class Night Committee, G.A.A., Bowling Club, Home- room Secretary, Golf Club, Records Club, Hobby Club, Home- room Vice-President, Homeroom President, Puppet Club, Bridge Club, Track Team. O'NEIL, JACK EDWARD-Radio Club, C.B. Radio Club, Track Club, Track Manager, Football Manager, Track Team, A.V.A. Club. PATTERSON, ELIZABETH SUZANNE-Senior Class Club, Psy- chology Club, Cheerleader Representative, Homeroom Secretary, Readers' Club, Library Representative, Bridge Club, Drama Club, Pep Club, Homeroom Treasurer, Marriage and Family Relations Club, Office Assistant, Social Cabinet. PHILLIPS, ROBERT WILSON-Bible Club, Chess Club, Track Club, Senior Class Club, Gemian Club. POSTAL, ROBERT MORRIS-Bridge Club, Knitting Club Presi- dent, Golf Club, Scrabble Club Treasurer, N.F.L., Track, Sportsman's Club, Problems Club, Hunting and Fishing Club, Advanced Bridge Club, Psychology Club. POWELL, JAMES ROLLIN-Football, Football Club, Singing Falcons, Amity Club, Philosophy Club. POWER, PATSY CHAPPELL-Senior Class Club, Graduation Committee, Problems Club, Knitting Club, Literature Club, Y- Teens, N.F.L., Annual Club, Readers' Club. PRICE, MARY DIANA-Bridge Club, Checker Club, Senior Class C ub. PRICE, SHIRLEY MAE-Library Assistant, Bridge Club, Teen- age Book Club, Library Representative, G.A.A., Office Assistant, Marriage and Family Relations Club, Winged Press Staff, Make-up Editor, Journalism Club, Senior Invitations Committee, International Day Escort, Intemational Day Student Lecturer. PULLIAM, PATRICIA FLOYD-Bridge Club, Senior Class Club, Eiccgange Assembly, Chorus, Puppet Club, Knitting Club, Pep C u . PULOS, CHARLES JOHN-J.V. Football, Sports Club, Track Club J.V. Football Captain, Varsity Football, Sports and Rules Club, Senior Class Club, Checker Club. RAST, NANCYLEE WARREN-French Club, Sketch Club, Bridge Club, Winged Press Staff, International Day Guest Com- mittee, International Day Escort, International Day House Committee, Senior Class Club, Problems Club, Office Assistant. REESE, SUSAN ELAINE-N.F.L., Bridge Club, Chorus, Math Coaching, Senior Joumalism Club, Winged Press Staff, Psy- chology Council, Office Assistant, National Merit Finalist. RENTZ, TED MCMANUS-Bridge Club, Basketball Club, Chess Club President, Checker Club, Amity Club, "B" Squad Basket- ball, J.V. Basketball, Aero Club, School Ping-Pong Champion, Library Representative. REVETTA, FRANCES ELAINE-Transferred from Cardinal Newman High School-F.B.L.A. Treasurer, Typing Club, Mar- riage and Family Relations Club, F.H.A. REYNOLDS, DALE MARTIN-Transferred from Dreher High School, Homeroom Vice-President, Amity Club, N.F.L. Club, Varsity Track. REYNOLDS, ROBERT HEIKELL-J.V. Football, Track, Home- room President, Social Cabinet, Varsity Football, Homeroom Vice-President, Library Representative, Football Rules Club, Track Club, Problems Club, Bridge Club, Senior Class Club. RHODES, GWENDA IIARTICUE-Knitting Club President, Y- Teens, Inter-Club Council Vice-President, French Club, Drama Club, Folk Singing Club, Senior Class Club, Bridge Club, Office Assistant, Problems Club, Library Assistant, Marriage and Family Relations Club, FADCON Business Staff, Joumalism Club. RICHARDS, ANDREW MERCER-Coin Club, Bridge Club, Current Events Club, Checkers Club. RICHARDSON, JULIA TRACY-G.A.A. Secretary, F.T.A. Secre- tary, Vice-President, Exchange Assembly, Girls' Basketball, Senior Invitations Committee, Publicity Committee for Interna- tional Day, Social Cabinet, Problems Club, Senior Class Club, Sketch Club, Biidge Club, Drama Club, Football Programs Com- mittee, N.F.L. ROBERTS, BARBARA ELEANOR-Homeroom Secretary-Treas- urer, Public Relations Club, Office Assistant, Student Council, Homeroom President, Problems Club, Senior Class Club, Psy- chology Council President, Bridge Club, Pep Club, Football Programs Committee, International Day Committee, Intema- tional Day Escort, Senior Sermon Committee, Senior Beauty, "Miss Scarlet and Blue" Maid of Honor, Intemational Day Banquet Committee, Winged Press Staff, Girls' Basketball, Ex- change Assembly Committee, Exchange Assembly, Anchor Club Projects Chairman, Freshman Counselor, Blumer Bowl, Scarlet Masquers Secretary, Problems Club Secretary, Puppet Club, Homeroom Vice-President. ROBERTS, MARY MIMS-Transferred from Greenwood, S. C., Social Cabinet, Bridge Club, National Honor Society, Senior Class Club. ROBINSON, ALLEN JONES-Tennis Team, Problems Club, Homeroom President, Bridge Club, Pep Club, N.F.L., Hunting and Fishing Club, Social Cabinet, Student Council, Letter of Commendation, National Merit. ROBINSON, ROBERT WILLIAM, JR.-National Honor Society, Key Club, Palmetto Boys' State, Vice-President Senior Class, Treasurer of Junior Class, Basketball Club, Problems Club, Golf Team, Golf Club, "B" Squad, J.V. Basketball, Homeroom President, Homeroom Vice-President, Student Council, Class Night Chairman, Exchange Assembly Co-Chairman, NOMA Spelling Test Award, Vice-President of Problems Club. ROSVOLD, WILLIAM KERRY-N.F.L. Degree of Merit, Honor, Excellence, Chess Club, Typing Club, Sports Club, Bridge Club, Football Rules Club, Checkers Club. SENIOR DIRECTORY-Continued SAMPLE, LAWRENCE RAY-Sports Club, Library Assistant, Chess Club, Checkers Club, Football Rules Club, Sketch Club. SANDLER, JUDITH ANNE-Transferred from Winter Park, Florida, Mathematics Club, Pep Club, National Honor Society. SATTERFIELD, MARY WILL-Oflice Assistant, Modem Dance Club, Typing Club, F .B.L.A., Pep Club, Sketch Club, Knitting Club, Bridge Club. SCURRY, GERALD WATTS, JR.-Basketball Captain, Checkers Club President, Homeroom Chaimian of International Day, Hunting and Fishing Club, Key Club, Bridge Club, Advanced Bridge Club, Basketball Club, Homeroom President, Homeroom Vice-President, Track Team, Sports Club, Golf Team, Key Club, Library Representative. SEASTRUNK, ELLEN ELIZABETH-Student Council Welfare Committee Co-Chairman, Anchor Club Junior Director, Vice- President, French Club, Knitting Club, Homeroom Secre- tary-Treasurer, Homeroom Vice-President, Senior Graduation Committee, Homeroom President, Afiice Assistant, Exchange Assembly, International Day Luncheon Committee, Football Programs Committee, Social Committee, Optimist Youth Award, Drama Club Vice-President, Senior Class Club, Problems Club Programs Committee, Junior-Senior Dance Committee, Bridge Club, FALCON Business Staff. SEAY, MARGARET REAVES-National Honor Society Secretary, Student Council, JETS Secretary, Library Club, Knitting Club Vice-President, Treasurer, Pep Club, Bridge Club, Library As- sistant, Drama Club President, National Forensic Club President, Social Cabinet, Annual Club, N.F.L., Problems Club, Anchor Club, FALCON Staff, Homeroom President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer, Spirit Committee, Safety Chainnan of Anchor Club. SEIBELS, LAVINIA LYLES-Intemational Day Co-Chainnan of Brochure Committee, Pep Club, Bridge Club, Social Cabinet, Golf Club, Office Assistant, P.E. Leader, Homeroom President, Annual Club, Homeroom Vice-President, Junior-Senior Dance Committee, Student Council Room Assistant, Intemational Day Escort, Class Night Committee, Cheerleader Representative, Sailing Club, Senior Class Club, "Miss Sophomore", Homeroom Secretary, Vice-President of Sailing Club. SEIBERT, JAMES DANIEL-Sports Club, Checkers Club, Wood- craft Club, Hobby Club, Bridge Club, Football Rules Club, Pep Club, Chess Club, Senior Class Club, Problems Club, Intema- tional Day Publicity Committee, Class Night Committee, Re- freshment Committee for Basketball Games. SHIPP, SHARON ALLEN-Pe Club, Knitting Club, Homeroom Vice-President, Bowling Clug, G.A.A., Bridge Club, Archery Club, Student Council, Hobby Club, Problems Club, Oflice Assistant, Monitor, Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer, FALCON Staff, Annual Club, P.E. Leaders, Track Team, Activities Editor of the FALCON, Marriage and Family Relations Club, F.T.A., Junior Class Speaker, Junior-Senior Dance Committee, Girls' State Finalist, Homeroom President, Senior Class Club Treas- urer, Problems Club Secretary, Optimist Youth Award, Inspec- tion Team, Social Cabinet, Girls' Basketball. SHULL, THOMAS DWIGHT-Coin Club, Homeroom Vice- President, Football Club, Athletic Rules Club, Track Rules Club, Library Representative, Varsity Track Team, Bridge Club, Psy- chology Council, Pep Club. SIMON, BRUCE MARTIN-Basketball, Track, Football Rules Club, Baseball Rules Club, Track Club, Athletic Rules Club, Checkers Club. SMITH, CYNTHIA CAIL-F.H.A., Oflice Assistant, Bridge Club, Readers' Club, Library Representative, Student Council, Senior Class Club, Checkers Club. SMITH, DENNIS RANDALL-Bridge Club, Homeroom Vice- President, Homeroom President, Pep Club, Library Representa- tiife, Problems Club, Senior Class Club, Hunting and Fishing C ub. SMITH, ERNEST OWEN, JR.-Band, All-State Band, All-City Band, Photography Club, Chess Club, Track Club, Track, Li- brary Representative, Bus Driver, Amity Club. SMITH, FREDERICK RUFUS-Sailing Club, Bridge Club, Psy- chology Club, Senior Class Club, Homeroom President, Home- room Vice-President, Social Cabinet, Rules and Regulations Club, Current Events Club. SMITH, LINDA POWELL-Transferred from Columbia High School, Readers' Club, Bridge Club, Social Cabinet, Readers, Club President, Chorus, Senior Class Club, Psychology Club. SMITH, WILLIAM FRANCIS-"B" Squad Football, Football Club, "BH Squad Basketball, Basketball Club, Track, Track Club, Sportsman's Club, Homeroom Vice-President, Bridge Ciug, German Club, Checkers Club Vice-President, Camera Cu . SMITHEY, ETHELIND FRANCES--Bridge Club, Sketch Club, Pep Club, Sailing Club, Marriage and Family Relations Club Knitting Club, Golf Club, Homeroom President, Vice-President geclgetary, Cheerleader Representative, Oiiice Assistant, Problems u . SOX, NANCY OLIVER-Future Nurses' Club, Bridge Club, N .F.L., Current Events Club, Drama Club, Knitting Club. SPEED, JUNE MCCALLA-Red Cross Representative, Bridge Club, Pep Club, Checker Club, French Club, Modern Literature Club, Knitting Club, Art Council, Problems Club, Beach Club, Record Club, Annual Club, Red Cross Club. STERLING, DOROTHY ANN-Chorus Club, Track Team, Silver Track Shoe, Drama Club, Forensic Club, Blumer Bowl, Junior- Senior Dance Committee, Junior Olympics Champion, Student Council, Social Cabinet, Girls' Basketball, Falcorfs Quill Staff, Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer, P.E. Leaders, G.A.A., Inter- national Day Grounds Committee, Cheerleader Representative, Senior Class Club, French Club. STEWART, DAVID EWING, JR.-Chorus, Boys' Quartet, Track Club, National Honor Society, Varsity Football, Football Club, Exchange Assembly, Bridge Club, Quartet Club, Creative Writ- ing Club, Literary Yearbook, Winged Press Staff, Folk Singing Club President, Scarlet Masquers President. STEWART, VIRGINIA ELLEN-Transferred from Jackson, Miss. Marriage and Family Relations Club, F.H.A., G.A.A., Senior Class Club, Girls' Basketball, Track Team. STICKJLE, ROLLIN JOHN-A.V.A., Senior Class Club, Bridge Cu . STONE, JAMIE WOODROW, JR.-National Honor Society, JETS, Exchange Assembly, Telescope and Observatory Commit- tee, Grand Prize Regional Science Fair, Excellent Awards at State JETS Science Fair, First Place in Mathematics City Science Fair, First and Second Place Flora Science Fair, Member of Flora Math Team for National Math Contest, Cemian Club, Science Projects Club, Folk Singing Club, Chess Club, Aero Club, National Merit Finalist, Merit Scholar. STRICKLIN, CHARLES VANCE-Bridge Club, Basketball Club, Track Club, Football Club, Senior Class Club, Library Repre- sentative, Library Assistant. STROHECKER, DIANE VIRGINIA-F.H.A. Scholarship Chair- man, G.A.A., Y-Teens Vice-President, President Inter-Club Coun- cil, Office Assistant, Knitting Club, Bridge Club. TATE, DORIS LYNN-Bridge Club, Vocabulary Club, Senior Class Club, Psychology Council, French Club, Journalism Club, N.F.L., English Club, Oiiice Assistant. TAYLOR, BRENDA DIANNE-Y-Teens, F.H.A., Marriage and Family Relations Club, Bridge Club, OfHce Assistant, Homeroom Secretary, Senior Class Club, Teenage Book Club. TAYLOR, DENNIS MOORE, JR.-Sp01'tSman's Club, A.V.A., Bridge Club, Checker Club. TAYLOR, THOMAS NELSON-Sports Club, Stringed Instrument Club, Coin Club, Chess Club, Current Events Club, C.B. Radio Club President, Library Representative, Scientific Vocations Club, J.V. Baseball, N.F.L., Exchange Assembly. TERRY, JAMES HURLEY-Sports Club, Chess Club, Red Cross Club, Puppet Cub, Sketch Club, Current Events Club, Hunting and Fishing Club. TEW, DONALD LEE-J.V. Football, Bridge Club, Coin Club, F.B.L.A. THIGPEN, MARY JEAN-Knitting Club, Bridge Club, Pep Club, Homeroom Secretary, Social Cabinet, Problems Club, French Club, International Day Ball Committee, Record Club, Drama Club, FALCON Staff, Football Programs Committee, Y-Teens, F.H.A. W IA, Q' SENIOR DIRECTORY-Continued THORNBURCH, ALLEN CONWAY-Football, Track, I.V. Bas- ketball N.F.L., Aero Club, History Club, Psychology Council. TIGHE, RICHARD JOSEPH-"B" Squad, J.v., Varsity Football, German Club, Sports Club, Photography Club, Third in State German Contest, Golf Cub, Writers' Club, National Honor Society, First in State German Contest, Office Assistant, Hunting and Fishing Club, National Merit Semi-Finalist, National Merit Finalist, Delegate State Honor Society Convention, Charleston. TILTON, CAROL AN N-Girls' Basketball, F .T.A., National Honor Society, English Club, Bridge Club, Library Assistant, G.A.A., State Library Association, Mathematics Club, Junior-Senior Dance Committee, Ofiice Assistant, Honor Code Committee, International Day Escort. TOBIAS, ROBERT LANTYE-Golf Club, Basketball Club, J.V. Basketball, Golf Team, Amity Club. TODD, WILLIAM LANE-N.F.L., A.V.A., Track Club, Track Team, Forensic Club Vice-President, Senior Class Club, Library Representative, National Honor Society. TORRI, HARIETT ANN-F.H.A., Y-Teens, Bridge Club, F.B.L.A., Knitting Club, Senior Robes Committee. TOUSSAINT, THERESE GABRIELLE-American Field Service Exchange Student from Nancy, France, Student Council, Anchor Club, JETS, Folk Singing Club, Homeroom Vice-President, National Honor Society. TURNER, JAMES EDMUND-Track Club, Drama Club Presi- dent, Current Events Club, Homeroom President, Vice-President, Social Cabinet President, Chorus Vice-President, Art Assistant, Hunting and Fishing Club President. TURNER, RUTH THOMAS-Art Council Secretary, Bridge Club, Library Assistant, Sketch Club, Office Assitant, Exchange As- sembly Committee, Class Night Committee, Drama Club, Inter- national Day Brochure Committee, Art Editor the FALCON, Winged Press Cartoonist, Sailing Club, History Club President, G.A.A., "The Egg and I," "Onions in the Stew," International Day Committee, First Place in Flora Art Exhibit, Gold Key in Regional Art Exhibit, Library Representative, State Library Association. TYLER, SUZANNE EUCENIA-Chorus Club, Drama Club, Knit- ting Club, Oflice Assistant, Bridge Club, Marriage and Family Relations Club. TYNER, SANDRA KAY-F.H.A., Y-Teens, Archery Club, Bridge Club, Marriage and Family Relations Club, FALCON Business Staff, Sketch Club, Ofiice Assistant, T.I.O. Club. ULLERY, WILLIAM GERALD, IR.-Transferred from Dreher High School, Bridge Club, Chess Club. VOGEL, ELIZABETH ANN-Editor, Feature Editor and Assist- ant Editor of Winged Press, National Honor Society, Office Assistant, Library Assistant, Chairman of Senior Invitations Com- mittee, Senior journalism Club, Scarlet Masquers, Bridge Club. WADDELL, ROBERT BURNS-Astronomy Club, Problems Club, Sailing Club, Senior Class Club. WALKER GERALD WAYNE-Transferred from Lincoln Neb tgp D Yarn vxawgry-Jgeyr. WALL, MARGARET-Bridge Club, F.H.A., Ofiice Assistant, Li- brary Assistant, Y-Teens, G.A.A., Pep Club, Problems Club, Marriage and Family Relations Club, Dramatics Club, N.F.L. Checker Club, Senior Class Club. WALTERS, ELLEN FRANCES-Bridge Club, Problems Club. WELLS, NANCY ELIZABETH--Bridge Club, Pep Club, Knitting Club, Drama Club, N.F.L., F.T.A., Ofiice Assistant, Senior Class Club. WELSH, JOHN RUSHING, IV-Sketch Club, Track Club, Li- brary Representative, Homeroom Vice-President, Psychology Club, Senior Class Club, Football Rules Club, Homeroom Treas- urer,k Hunting and Fishing Club, Bridge Club, Sports Club, Trac . WHITESIDE, ALBERT NEXTON, III-Coin Club, French Club, Bridge Club, Current Events Club, Checker Club, J.V. Baseball. WHITLOCK, VIRGINIA CLAIR--Homeroom Secretary-Treas- urer, Social Cabinet, G.A.A., Y-Teens, French Club President, Blumer Bowl, Office Assistant, Marriage and Family Relations Club, Readers' Club President, Problems Club, Senior Class Club Projects Committee, Checkers Club, Pep Club, Bridge Club, Drama Club. WILKES, ROBERT IONATHON-Homeroom Treasurer, Oiiice Assistant, Homeroom Vice-President, Homeroom Secretary, Hobby Club President, Problems Club, Homeroom President, Checkers Club, Chess Club, Bridge Club Vice-President, Senior Class Club. WILES, ELLEN ELIZABETH-Bridge Club, Chorus Club, Office Assistant, Knitting Club, Marriage and Family Relations Club, Senior Class Club. a WILLINGHAM, KATIE ALICE-Future Nurses, Club, F.H.A., Bridge Club, Y-Teens President, Contemporary Literature Club. WINDERS, SUSAN IBBYE-Pep Club, Bridge Club, Book Club, Marriage and Family Relations Club, Checkers Club, G.A.A., Drama Club, N.F.L., Office Assistant. WINNIMAN, BARBARA LEE-F.H.A. Reporter, Pep Club, Y- Teens, Knitting Club, F.B.L.A. Vice-President, Library Repre- sentative. WISE, IUDITH ANN-Bridge Club, Problems Club, Marriage and Family Relations Club, FAIBON Staff, Cheerleaders Club, G.A.A., Cheerleader Representative, Bowling League, Golf Club, Homeroom Vice-President, Hobby Club, Senior Class Club. WORTHINGTON, CARLA LLOYD-Library Representative, So- cial Cabinet, Drama Club, Chorus Club, Sailing Club, Oiiice Assistant, Senior Invitations Committee, Bridge Club, Writers' Club, Modern Literature Club, "The Egg and I." ZUK, CYNTHIA CANNON-Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Sen- ior Editor of FALCON, Archery Club, Pep Club, Social Cabinet, Knitting Club, Mixed Chorus, Girls' Sextette, Exchange As- sembly, Intemational Day Escort, Homeroom Secretary-Treas- urer, Marriage and Family Relations Club, Problems Club, Senior Class Club, Bridge Club, Office Assistant, Student Council Room Assistant, Intemational Day Chairman of Homeroom, Bowling League, Student Council, Annual Club, NOMA Spelling Award, International Day Luncheon Committee. Pafeowjpyaf -WWW' ' al' ,gif-NSF Vivo Xgyu 'sf 5 ,,X.ff2,g,.f ? vt 255-"0 dj C'lg0LJ+""y C3 'sf-""X JWX 'mfolbma ,.: . w1wf Q2 QW x , QYVH ' J Q Wm' f5iQWhwQyK6?Q?M CL X QQ 'Q ,-no 4 W gas W 'o Sw fo' U F04 YJ 'K ,Cv mv N Eff? JESWA 3 -2-fgg' NQ,,U BN P my 0 - -LX Mi Qzif f 'WM WML , wlMffMfZ7' gm Q' . ' . .7 'Z 4 '- . . - . has c,cme.,AB. Q vi 4 X A, ok? . ' I 5:1193 X VJELL- -H-1-'Q qcnf- r-htqu-Y A M 549 E M 'Wav ,ff . 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Suggestions in the Flora High School - Falcon Yearbook (Columbia, SC) collection:

Flora High School - Falcon Yearbook (Columbia, SC) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Flora High School - Falcon Yearbook (Columbia, SC) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


Flora High School - Falcon Yearbook (Columbia, SC) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 164

1964, pg 164

Flora High School - Falcon Yearbook (Columbia, SC) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 8

1964, pg 8

Flora High School - Falcon Yearbook (Columbia, SC) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 149

1964, pg 149

Flora High School - Falcon Yearbook (Columbia, SC) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 118

1964, pg 118

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