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Text from Pages 1 - 104 of the 1960 volume:

0 Q Falcon 1960 Sponsored by THE FALCON STAFF A A Volume I A. C. FLORA HIGH SCHOOL CoIumb'ia, South Carolina Prologue . From a wooded hill side diem has risen a new school whose beauty and facili- ties are lacking an equal in the Southeast. A school cannot, however, enter the realm of greatness on the basis of its facilities and architectural beauty. This realm can be entered only through the excellence of its students. Here at A. C. Flora we have every opportunig and challenge to become students whose excellence is in keeping with the I - name we bear. ' In this, our first annual,-we, the 1960 Falcon Staff, have attempted to depict the challenge of our school motto-HIGHER. In our COURSES OF STUDY we have HIGHER OPPORTUNITIES to enter those classes which prepare us for college and a life as an upstanding citizen of our community and nation. 1, In our CLASSES we strive-for HIGHER SCHOLARSHIP to distinguish our- selves as students worth of notice. , In our school ACTIVITIES we aim towards HIGHER PARTICIPATION to benelit ourselves with the chance of leaming to work with others in the obtaining of worthy ends. , In ATHLETICS we attempt to leam the rules of HIGHER SPORTSMANSHIP with the aim of eventually laying the game of life by a set of rules which will make us successful in-our regtions with others. In our class BEAUTIES, the girls of A. C. Flora, strive not -only for HIGHER BEAUTY AND POISE in a physical sense but also for that beauty and poise of character and personality which are so indespensible to a satisfying life. In our ADVERTISEMENTS we aspire to HIGHER PUBLIC RELATIONS be- cause it was through the efforts of the citizens of our community that our school was made a reality, and the support of our community is an essential factor in the achievement of excellence for our school. Ifweeliveeand work in fthe light of these, our goals, we will indeed have added additional honor to the respected name of DR. A. C. FLORA 4 to whom we dedicate this, our first annual. We take special pride in clauningasourown,amanwhosenamehasbecomeindehblystam :Pon public education in our nation. So to the former Supermten ent Schools in Columbia, President of the South Carolina Education Association, President of the National Education Association and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the National Education Asso- ciation, we, the students of As C. Flora High School respectfully dedicate this annual. na, , pina . rx-'N' 8' , we, W 34' I ll" Q - 1 t X -PQ N - -,, . fair 21, M ,Z ,71,',w"ii7ff 'w' TWT! " F ' c?WQW?l4 .lff7 f W ,W 'J f "ffl, 'gain x. W ' , ,,ffwWfl v 41, ' v t 3 ,ag :A I k 'QE A is 1 'U iid! w Q" X if 2 ' . t ,f ' my W 'itil 312 " I T .. ,.a4 AMMMK ,I . 'CP G ei Athletics Y Advertisements Beauties if f D -un- 6. f 4 X , ff 'A , ' xg ' .3 ' ' J 7 W Lwil, M' K an .. 4 ' 'V ' pq, , if N A i . A 2:5395 h.'fi5SQLip'Qf - , X A-f H , - ' ,,,,,,5z1 wir? A f , A Xfs ummm, 'A' ' f 5 FM " "'!4 PNAKSP' 1 L-M-'- Q' 1' 1 , 1 . , l' I ,-1.1-pu lm- f .Kr if L 0' 9 b gt 019 . " JA Q xii? of Study 15?-'H mmmmzznm ,Q z q , " N 'W .1169 , U' 'f iig: I Ee. Q- jx hill x I I Math 1'1.1l1l x111111-111 .11 A. Cf, 1'11Ufll st111111's lIl.l111l'1l1L111L'5. 1111 lllL1111'l' 1111.11 g11.11 1111 11111 111 11111, T11 x1111111 11 ix Yitlll 117XY.l1'11 1111111-111111111111 11111 11-11-1111-Ng 111 Ilhlllj' 11 1.1 .1 110' 111 l'Il1L'IA1IlLf 1111111-131-g W111111 111 111111111 11 11-111111111111 il 111sci11111i1111 1111111 i11 itself. V1-111' w11r111 11111.1y I'L'IllllI'1'N .111 1111- 11111'N1.11111i11Q 111 111.1 I1 y p11.1x11N 111 1. M, IIl.l111l'Ill.l11K'N. X11 111112111 11 it v1llN1 11111 1-111111111111 411111 SL1k'1l11N1 111111 IIIIIN1 N1llC1f .1L1VLlDL'L'C1 111.111111111.1111wg .111 11111111 W1111 11xp1111 111 .1v1111111 111.111111- s111p 111 1111111s 111 s111'i.11 NL'1k'Ill'l'. 1JIlN1- 1111ss. 111 1Il11ll51ff' 1111181 1111111 .1 11I40,lf1 111111w11-11211 111 I111l1111'lll.l11L'N. Q" . 1 1 English The 11111 111-t11111111xh1ng 111.1114 111 .1 truly e-c111c.11e11 171151111 15 1115 .1111111y 111 IIN1' 1111 mother t1111g11e 111111n11y and 111'1111'11x'111y 111 speech 111111 111 writing. Eriglixh is tlll' 11111111111111111 1111 .111 11111111 1-1111rs11s 111 8111111 since 11111 sys11-111 111 1111111'11111111 is 1111x1111 1111 each p11r511n's being able to read and, in 111111, CXIJYKWN 111s 11111.1x 11r.111y 111 wri111111. C:0Il5l'11l11'Il11f. flll' N1llC1y 111 Ifnglixli is 1-111111111111 11111 11.1i1y 111115 111' 1'A111r.1 x111111'111w .1i W1-11 .11 11r1'11.1ri1111 11111111 1111 11111111111 1-1111.1111'1', Science 'I'l11- ntudents at A. C. 17111111 can 51-1' 11111 jlfillll' 111 11111111s1 11111 .11111 1-1111r1 l1l'k'l'NSA1fy 111 1111111111 .111y 111111 11111111 111 1111- 1-1111-11wp.11111111g 111-ld 111 5L1t'IlL'1'. Ill 5111111111 W11 CLJIIIK' 111 lII1111'fN1.lIll1 s1111111111111g 111' 1111- .1w1- impiriiig w11r111 W111111 N111- 1111111115 ll5 an w1111 115 5lJIllL'11I1I11l 111 11111 11w11 p11ysi1.11 s111N11s. 11111, VV1' 1.111 111111111511 11111 111115111 11.11111- r41111.1 111 .1 11111111111 111111111 W111111 111.111 1l.lXl' .15 111 111114111 1111- 11-11 1111111 'I-111' s11111y 111 1111111111 .11 1'-1111.1 11.11 11Q'L'1III11' .1 111.1111-11g11111 1.11-111 llf 11111 11.1111 111111. Social Studies The Social Studies Department offers its students world history which is a rapid survey of history of the world from prehis- toric times until the present. In Lf S, history the student becomes keenly aware of the glorious heritage of democracy. As history is taught. the students are en- couraged to think. to develop a sense of evaluation, to respect other people. and to know hetter how to judge the present world situation, To arouse the curiosity and interest of students in the further reading of history is also one of the ohjectives of the depart- ment. XXX- at Flora realize that today is tomorrow's liistoryg therefore we each have our individual stake in history, ' Q 421 . Foreign Language Xt lilora a student ls alile to take tot r rs of French. bpanish. Ca,-rrnan. or Latii During these foir years a pupil shoulc wconc fluent in the language he ha chosen. Aside from the alnility to speals read, and write a foreign language. hc comes to appreciate and understand a cu ture which ls dirlerent from his own, Because of a world made small hy the advance of science. perhaps the most im portant consideration in the learning of 1 foreign language is a knowledge of anothfr people which is a step forward in tla huilding of a peacetul world. UQ"UYIH'FPf so. K. Q M A ec.. . f , Q Commercial The Cjommercial Department provides courses to meet the needs of two groups of students. Those vvlio plan to take a joli upon high school graduation may prepare for secretarial or general clerical oc- cupations. Those who plan for college may select one or more courses with general educational values, Such courses include per- sonal typcwriting, bookkeeping. or shorthand. A thorough knowledge and understanding of our husiness system is necessary to the well- lieiug of our citizens and to im- prose the American system of private enterprise. Our husiness curriculum provides this liasic edu- cation for successful living. Home Economics Each girl at Flora looks rather dimly into the indistinct future when she will run her own household. Home Economics attempts to make this indistinct future more distinct by erasing some of the mysteries involved in managing a budget, and the many things which fit together to make a home that will function smooth ly. Art Art is a natural means of ex- pressing personal experiences. in- terests, and conflicts. Recognizing that art fulfills a basic human need, the Art Department encourages all students to enroll for one or more art courses. Industrial Arts The country in which we live is becoming increasingly industrialized. No longer may ang nation ignore the development of its in ustrial resources or the training of citizens in the understanding of materials, processes, and products of industry. Every citizen needs to understand and become familiar with some of the basic industrial skills, without regard to the way in which he expects to earn a living. The schools of Columbia have recognized the need for all students to have an oppor- tunity to study the materials, processes, and products of industry as organized in industrial arts courses and to acquire work habits and social attitudes that can be effectively de- veloped in these courses. Industrial arts education affords an opportunity to leam and better understand the industrial world in which students must live. Three distinct types of activities are included in the art curriculum: the activity of self expression, the activity of observation. and the activity of appreciation. All of these increase the ability of the individual to live more happily because of art. Band We believe that a band has two distinct purposes. The first of these concerns the individual performer. He is given a sense of recreating beauty from the written music and a sense of cooperation which comes from working as a team. The second purpose concems the audience. Through training. listening to music greatly enriches a life. Consequently, we believe that our band is one of our school's finest assets. i Physical Education A human being is a dual being composed of mind and body. A sound mind in a frail body labors under a severe handicap. A happy life usuallv has as its foundation a healthy body. Unfortunately we are not bom with an instinct which makes us take the right steps toward good bodily health. These right steps must be leamed, and the ph sical education department. through play and study, helps a student leam to follow the neces- sary steps to build and maintain good physical health. Chorus Throughout the ages man has lifted his voicelin song to expgss his appiness, ove, grief. To ay there is yet the thrill of ,hearing one's voice blended with others in song. Aside from the personal sense of satisfaction in leaming and performing, the Flora chorus lends its talents to delight and inspire the entire listening aud- ience. The students participating in the chorus rogram are daily gaining knowledD e and experience that can enrich their entire lives. is i English 5. E' 45 X X 'P 5. SM ls 4-4 NIR, ICDXYIN l'. ARNOLD Enulisli. Germzln Chziirmzui. Literary Year Book, C-ermun Club. KIISS BERNICE ATVYOOD Spunislz Club Committee. Assembly Committee. Scrabble Club, Spanish Club, Y-Teens. Facult MRS. LILLIAN C. DOLCL-XS E n glis-I1 MRS. MARTHA NI. DuBOSE ,Wi- QQ 7 fe., Student Council Sponsor, Records Club. AIRS. VALREE L. EVANS Choral Music Assembly Committee. Club Committee, Fine Arts Festival Committee, Choral Club, Choral Accompanying Club. MRS. RUTH S. FARRELL English, Latin Assembly Committee, Club Committee, Bridge Club. MRS. CHRISTINE C. FUNK Science Y-Teens. Club Committee. MISS ALICE COODING Physical Education Health Council, Sponsor Teen-Canteen Memorial, Cirls' Athletic Club, Physical Education Leaders' Club. SIR. EARLE HAYES English Literary Advisor of Publications tAnnual and Newspaperl, Guidance Council and Public Relations. MRS. FRANCES H. JACKSON French Club Committee, S oc i all Committee, French Club. MISS MARTHA JONES Librarian Traffic Committee. Library Club, Bridge Club. AIRS. EILEEN D. JORDAN Commerce Traffic Committee, Guidance Cabinet and Public Relations, Future Business Lenders of America, Typewriting Club. NIR. HEYXYARD L. KING Math, Cfwfh Sponsor Teen-Canteen Memorial, Social Committee, Bowling Club, Sports Club. MRS. DOROTHY H. LAVISKY Science Health Council, junior Red Cross Facult MR. BRADY L. LINEBERGER Industrial Arts Book Room Manager. Fine Arts Festival Committee. Traffic Committee. Coin Club. MRS. DOROTHY M. LUPOLD History Guidance Cabinet and Public Relations, Traffic Committee. Forensic Activities. MRS. RUTH S. McKINNEY English National Honor Society. junior Red Cross MISS OLIVE MONTGOMERY Art Art Council Sponsor, Traffic Committee Fine- Arts Festival Committee MR. 51. HEYXYARIJ MOORE Band Traffic Committee- MISS GLADYS PHILLIPS Math Social Committee, Knitting Club. MR. JAMES VV. PINKERTON Physical Education, Coach Traffic Committee, Assembly Committee, Guidance Cabinet and Public Relations, Bowling Club, Sports Club. MRS. MIRIAM S. PUSSER Science, Home Economics Traffic Committee, Social Committee, Fut- ure Homemakers of America, Sewing Club, Photography Club. MRS. MARGERY S. SHORT Math National Honor Society, Guidance Cabinet and Public Relations. MR. THOMAS XY. STOKES Chemistry, Biology Traffic Committee, Guidance Cabinet and Public Relations, Photography Club, Au- dio-Visual Aids. MRS. MARJORIE S. TOLLISON History Student Council Sponsor, Future Teachers of America. MRS. ELOUISE BURNS Diefician MRS. MARTHA S. EASLER Secretary MR. GEORGE FISHER Custodian J-va Us tif -my Wheel Z L. ...new 51 1-.A is 8 T ' , nfl- 'lik 5 .E 4,414.1 .my 4 2 :I . mf- 'f ' v w .,:,,,, V yy , .A,,4, ,W4A,- A I ,,.,:w x. 1 1, yn .1 4 R W 52.292 'farms 5 -'s vw x 1: .'fvmvswfwwff+ W f -2-af. , Y A 4 SSCS r 8 HJ" -x , Z. w ' s ' ' . It Q ei, , 1 I5 4 - z ' 9 vtfh Q 'hw Officers - nfl Q- of ,Q . 1 ar Y 0 Sophomore Class The sophomore class this year has' been perhaps unique. Should our school endure hundreds of years, never again will a soph- omore class be the highest grade in school. In reality this class has served its school in the capacity of a senior class. Its stu- dents have been called upon to serve as editor of the annual and newspaper, presi- dent of the student body, and as presidents of many of the clubs. Though young in years, these students have left an enviable record of service to their school. MITZI SPEED ..,.. ...... S CCYUYUYU JO BREEDEN ..... ........ T fL'll.SlLfL'f BILL ROGERS ........ ..... Y 'ict' Pre.sir1c'nt LARRY ROBINSON .... ........ P rv.x-idwzt Sophomores Bkxrr, Hclvn Be-Q-kh.u11, RUM-rta Bum-y. jimmy Iimkwdltffr, Dinid C. 14' A hdir ru mf, uperle CL Bartm, john Bw Krug:-, .Iulm Bmxxurlfl. xIllli.lIl Burrwtt. Sum ? Q '1 i' C -G... In 4 ??f Aw IT' CZIILIYUIIS, Cilcs ffullinx, hlvillllli' I7.mi4-l, 5115.111 flzarkcx jimmy Ompvl xml. lam-t I Darby. IDL-rlxsun, johnny IJ1-Tar 'N Ox Q.- I'r1m Cdrltrm Clurkwn. Ilm-yxmrcl c.lJl'llt'H. PM Davis, Colin Distin, juan lc,- i S. Sophomores And you were Ccmis Craig IDM is, Drank: 'lxrrrx S.lIllIf.l Hikm- D1-Ann Q , in Y supposed to get him here. C:Uj.fj.fiIlQ, Bula f:Illl'IIl.lIl. liillx ' mr lun: lblllitl Umm Crm -,- . . D4-1111. Cffmrul 131-am, flillllf' Ijllfljlbf, fjdflylll' Iylllllllll. lyllllllll 1' 5-lu 5. Y 1 tm . I Y Q 5 '59 " L 1' 3 L.. if K, is s lg K T' D -Ao' Q 'C Y? s. Sophomores But youll nccfl tlmt for college Fillllllff. Siisim l'Qclw.mix. Xlliltf-r liiriiivr. Biililm lfairrz-ll. Kflilirlie- luycl, Carole l"rwiii.iii. Hii imrrl Cir:-1-mf. Hiiyiiiwml Crm-ii, julie' lziiilvlvr. ,lim iw-Lliir-r, .-'xl.iii fnircliivr. l.ymi Criliin, Arm fu' N X- lA .mx l'.rlii.i Xl .ui lfiiu-, lrywii I-Iiir. :Xlvxix liiifllvx. Xliirx lliitli Fislivr, Ce-nv lfitnli, lhliuiclc f.iiiigii.ircl, Ln iiigx, Iliiiiiy Lime-r, ,Ii-.mm fmlxuii, l.1t.i 5 iiiif- Ciiiiitvr, Ami ll.ii1c-yjuck li 1 -is. 4' 4. l T' psf. CK ,, '-lava Y sf fr I' J QU! 4 fn flpi 5 ." E Q-' C"v -3? x ll-1IHl'l'. 111 111 Illlll 1 lx I lllll, 5.11.1 ll H11 L I7 ll Il1 111 1111111 H111lw11. S11 IQ P1111 B1 Jax Ki1111a1111ry X 11 111 QT' ' J 7 QF' tf' Sop dumr. th HI It I.1tt1vv. Ibm Nhrtln. XX 111'-11 XIv'xI'1'K livrun Xlyfrwlx HMM N1 1 ut 1 I1 I rm NI IM11 ' 3 IN I Nl IYIH Ilfll Xl lrltt lllllll Nllllr ln X11 Kp! C215 1. Xlfmrv. 'Hrry af L if homores ---.L LA, 6. ?1 J y ' Q .. 0 55 fr M, I I 91915721 mt 71'::.kf'c1 :1 1 11 1? l1'1"'N'ff' lbw" lvxww Hfxxft' l.'.:.x1fml, l,1H,x , v lm- xml, 10' f , NI4w11rv.XYvm4ly Xlllllo-r. Ihllx Xiurphy, IUIAIIIIX K if L 5. 1' -1- -' 'f ' M : - Y . I F .N .t in I I , 1 U 5 751: Q Sn '11 Gd 177 iw? ..7 ok -ll XR-lwn. Xi.mig1 Urlim'nfq lin lhml Pulwll, jimmy Rim-1. ljm,,,y Rugvfx Hugprxr I .,.' 51'-NH ,Ilflm S1-iglvr. Ihrulcl S f' Pi 1:4 A fi 'I fi' 40. L- 4' 1 Q" 3 L 'It sw 4, 'Y if I-- ,9f- L c' 5: Umm. Iufly Hvrwmg f..1I'r1I Huilzlwrl. Hlvlvlvln' Sllf'1JlII'I'1!, Huhlu .F-as L 'Q- '1 , T .- I 4 v 5.11 Sophomores But ilu-rf .mfr rw uulx .it Ihrmml. I xrwnx, lfre-fl l'1f H1.u'clt, Xlitll l'I.1xu1, Clark., He-ew-. ,lim lhlrinwrx. IM-U-fly liwlulrwvln. Iulrry lcfvrx, Slu-ri Smznplv. julia- Sum. Clif hipp. Duttlv 5ln1l.nr, Xldfj' 51.ntLm-uki, Sum Q'-v A IL L i 3 1 v v 1 A. I lk Q- . q r - Q ALL- H f Q-'Y IM., -ar A4 A .-f .,.f. 5'-s, Slximn-r. klixmny ily-111. Cfhnrlmw l!lf1Ill.lS. H.1l Xv.ltSOTl. Buddy 4" ' av R, ilb L-1 w. IVA 1' Guess who I'm XYvstori, Pimla Xvillillgllillll, Hairy XYl1itc, Bobby NYhitc, ,lov VK'iq-klow, janet Sallcy, Sophie VViIlms, Vickie XVingfic-ld, Billy Worth, Vicki 3 2 ,ii 855+ -x ophomorcs dating this week-end? VK'ilkm-s, Linda XYilliimis, lioimim XVyzitt, jerry Zuk, Cary M, 7 Be with you in a minute. O OK Bat, out with your hands up. s 10 ' COWL I 1-L.-3 . , . jump ll fum I 1,.., 45 LI , P 1 X AsserubW 1' vw: Q X A ofdei' 1? ' gf X Qcuvexwptssembh 'UTI Sexpby Come- 7'-1 N ' ..,, Pieerubxv' .. A ' ? I ' " o Q-W T N Q P ur sophisticated treasurer 5 pf' .N - mx, W --rf' A 1 29 And this is our 5 e x 5' editor- in- chief! But I thought we had assembly today. A. M w 'MN -0 . .1 ' s ,J 'U t 04' J- ' f "ms- C Pr' ffieers 'V ' in Freshman Class 54.4 ' x vii-1, As the sophomore class has been unique in that it has served as a senior class, so has the freshman class been unique in that it has served as a junior class. The fresh- man class has contributed greatly of its time, talents, and leadership in the service of the school. Its members have served, in many instances, in those capacities which are usually reserved for juniors and sen- iors. It would indeed be difficult to find another freshman class in any high school which can equal the fine record of service made by the freshman class at Flora. ANITA OXYENS ..... ..... S ccrvtury BRUCE CUTTS .... ...... 1 ll'l'U.S'1l1'Cf JERRY XYUNDER .... ...Vivo P7'l'4S'l!Il'7lf DANNY LOVE ..... ...... P rmiclcvxl Freshmen Able, Cherry Aldridge, Allen Allen, Chris Ashmore, XVarren Aull, Kem Avant, John Bailey, Ed Bailey, Sheila Baily, Bonnie Baldwin, Wesley Barnes, Susan Bass, Mildred Ann Batson, Rege Beach, Bobby Bee-ham, Susie Bighee, Gwen Bissett, Becky Black, Barbara Bostic, jerry Bostic, Mike Brantley, Ann Brasington, Roy Brooks, Patsy Brooks, Randy Brown, Rita Brown, Seharlene Bruce, Beth Brunson, Joseph Bruton, Mike Burkhold, Mike F re sh men Bmlr. Elninc Byrd. joe Carpenter. Betty Jean Carter. Kay Cartlrclgc. Srunmy Cnrln-ton, Billy C.1ugl1mun. Ann Lxnn Chandler. Billy Clare. Elizulleth Clzxrk, Carolyn Clark, Henry Clark. Judy Cockfielcl, Barbara Copenhaver, Molly Corley. Nlarthea Cornclison. Ann Covey. Xlike Coyle, Bonnie Crnvener. Rita Cromer. Bette- Cummings. Alice Cuttx. Bruclr lhniul, -lirmm llrrluy. Roy Dwi lJ.n1 limi Dui limi l,L'I1l7ll Bill Ll rnlc k Edwin ,llmn Ria lmrnl ru. Snmn Freshmen Denny, Stoney Derirlein, jimmy Derrick, Rosemary Dial, Hohin Dickson, Bluff Dinwiddie, Shelia Duncan, Gist DuPre, Cary Durst, john Edgerton, Richard Eldridge, Henry Embler, Paul Epps, Erin "Cookie Fadeley, Richard Fairmau, Lee Fairy, Philip Felder, Hart Fennell, john Fischman, Paul Fisher, Frances Fowler, Bill Fowler, Phyllis Freeman, Harry Funk, Maxie Gantt, Marilyn Gardner, Douglas Geibel, Brenda Gentry, Joe Gittinger, Marsha Gleason, Laura ea-.,. H- ' , G T ' I ' .wr , K L , G s-5 V Jr-A io si? it kr Vim .Q-v ' pf.. ' 3 n i te Freshmen Glenn, Barbara Goddard, jimmy Goff, Tommy Gottlieb, Nancy Gouger, jimmy Graham, Chuck Graham, Eleanor Grice, Peggy Griffin, 10 Ann Griffin, Margaret Gross, Paula Grygo, Stommy Guerard, Del Haines, Kitsie Hair, Barbara Hall, David Haltiwanger, Charlie Hamm, Van Hammer, Howard Hancock, Bill Harman, Sammy Harris, Burns Harris, Susan Harter, Harriet Heinitish, Reg Helms, Fred Helms, Meredith Hepher, Rick Herring, Patsy Heyward, Albert Freshmen Hicks. jackie Hillmain, Diane Hines, jimmy Hillmun. Elaine Hinn.uit. Boycl Holt, Peggy Hover, Vincent Howell, Penny Ingram, Nancy labour, Sudan jenkins, Donna jones, Barby jones, Harriet Iosey, Allen Kerlin, Ellie King, Aliminy Kniglit. Putty Kolin, Caroline Kolin, Nliickey Kopucl, Nicky Kraus, Keith Laub, Kit Leaphart, jimmy Lee, David Leonard, Susan Little, Nancy Long, Judy Long, Ricky Love, Danny Lowe, Kathy Sue 5 6 ,A ra P K -A 1 .- I . 6' P L. Q1 Q i 1' Us fr lf f 1. r if 5- , Q 9 ,.. in .42-.' 'X 5' 'Q ,ini J . u , 5. e 1 r ANS H X 5 ,iq i -ur' S CT' .94 if Freshmen Lytle, Raymond Lunsford, Sue Lyman, Steve Lynn, Claudia Mace, jane Maguire, Ricky Mask, Peggy Maxwell, Eddie May, Stanley Mayer, Marilyn McCarter, Sandra McCartha, Thomas McCarty, joe McClary, jimmy McCracken, Otis Mc-Cutchen, George McDougall, jimmy Mc-Dowell, Susan McEntire, Lessie Mc-Intosh, jimmy Mcliibben, Paul McLaughlin, Troy MeLemore, Tally McMurry, Jennie Mello, Hallie Metz, Derrick Mickie, Donnie Nickle, Sandy Miller, Joe Minson, Laurens Freshmen Moore, Susan Moseley, Suzanne Moyers, Iudy Munn, Russell Muller, Danny Nadel, Charles Nicholson, Ginny Nicholson, Norrie Oskoskis, Stephanie Owenby, Clyde Owens, joey Owens, Anita Pearlstine, Cheryl Pittman, Peggy Plowden, Whit Postal, Bobby Power, YValter Price, Finley Query, Ian Raber, Hal Ragin, Mike Ramsey, Dee Randell, Lee Reese, Peggy Reid, David Reynolds, Marie Riley, Les Ringer, Douglas Rion, Teze' Rodgers, Billy Freshmen Staples, Tuel Stith, Charlie Strebe, john Strourl, Harry Struleson. Barry Sunshine, Harry Taylor, Ted Thomas, Leo Thompson, Bill Tiller, Charles Timmons, jimmy Thompkins, Stan Trice, Dickie Tumer, jeff Turner, Kathy Turner, Sally Ungcratli, Elizabeth Vtscy, Iom- Yeach, Bobby Vcrclcry, Mark Vogel, Johnathan XValden, Charles XValdrep, Don XVatson, Cindy XVatson, Mary Alice XVatts, Faync XVebb, Torn XVigham, Leo XYilliams, Charles XVillis, Joanne W . ' a in ff nv- ML 1- 1-. X I - l 'G f sq :J e - - it S- iv N.. s 4. I ,- 4: I.. in T 1- 5 6 6 ' QL' s. X X 1, C' 2 ig. fv- I K' Q A in L, in bv-Q" i if 1 5 Q- 5 If Fre shmen XYiliiS, Mike XYilson, Linda Xvischeart, Genia Wood, Coot NY00ten, Brad XVorthington, Sherry XVright, XVayne XYundcr, Jerry Ycamons, Sharon Young, Bobby Yon, Larry Zeigler, Peggy Zorgias, Teddy Buddin, Eddie Molyneaux, Vicki 1- .--. ..,. ., -.,-,4-- .. , ,- V, Leif -'gp ' f- It - A BXOOG Tke Let's look intelligent, everybody Lungs and legs w1,,,, H day its b een! we Q "ax, I - N? x Qqcx 8 S 1, Q E , sf ' 1 4- ' N M " 21, N ' ' 2 j "Q -1, Q'-. ' "1-'HS 'H ' ,lf 3: ' "f' ,wY'x- ' , , . 'x nr H rv Qhqyxxwig 34 x , H' 1 W0 ,TSYQ lizhfkf ' Q -1: f, ' . vgXs x . Leave 'em alone! . SUSAN DANIEL Editor-in-Chief of The Falcon BETH MLCRADY Assistant Editor-in-Chief of The Falcon BABCOCK FITCH President of the student body, first semester Studen t On these two pages we pay tribute to those stu- dents who have given unstintingly of their time and effort in the service of their school. These students have held those offices usually reserved for juniors and sen- iors, although they are only sophomores and freshmen. The quality of their performance leaves no doubt as to their high sense of duty, responsibility, and eagemess to serve others. LARRY ROBINSON President of Sophomore Class 42 Leaders CHARLIE FARRELL President of the .sfudent body, second semester As we look at each student as an individual, we find SOPHIE SALLEY Editor-in-Chief of The VVinged Press a person with the character and qualities which make him a valuable school citizen, and, in the future, a valu- able citizen of our state and nation. VVe are proud to honor, in this small way, these "stu- dent leadersn of A. C. Flora High School. GARY ZUK Assistant Editor-in-Chief of The YVinged Press DANNY LOVE President of the Freshman Class ff I If -1-il., - - .. ,..1.-- .1-'f ...-Q-5 .fy 4- . .Gfv-" ' ,4' 'C M- .,.1,.- ..1..- ...- -1. him v v ties Student Councll Has Successful Begxnnlng 1139 " "' 1"'S .nv ini' B-KBC OC lx l'I'l C H DAN ID REID C OOICIE El I S TRUE Xl1LAL C HLIX Prt S1111 nt X 110 Pr1 sulcnt S01 fftllfll 1r111sur1r Th1 A C, Florl Stud1 nt C.0llIN,ll IS the hub ofthe most effutlve gournmentll wheel It IS a reahstle ex pr1ss1on of th1 lI1dlXIClll nl The Student Body helps regul1t1 school lctnltles through lts ClCl'l'10CI'1tlC council Xn 1 '11t1on to repres1 nt schoolm ltes on Connell lb 1 pr1x1l1g.,1 to he hlghlx pr1L1d Fnthusl lsm for the work of a councll for 41 new school h IS TC lped m mx benefits for those lt serwes Exrlx III th1 first se ir of Florl s COl1flC1l vour representfltlx es were sent to the Southern ASSOCI 1t1on of Student Coun CllS Com entlon IH Corpus Chrlstl Texas Here COlll'lC1l techmques xx ere learned ind mlm ld6dS gathered for further use Also two representatlves from Flora were sent to Charleston for a meetlng of the South Cfirolma Assou 1t1on of Student C OUDCIIS F1rst Semester Seated left to flgllf Dmm Loxe Coolue Epps Dnld Fuxd BIIYCUCLC llt1h Trox xlCLillQlll1I1 Lrrrx Rlllllllvlll 81111111 ron smmlnzg N11l111 Xhllms Soplug Srllu Brook S1n1l1rs -Xnm Shuld Susm 'xloort Xlirx Fll1n Ho1lg1rson Tlurd r u stand mg, Xllhl Xhlhs R1f, H1 11111 lm Blllx Sllilill Boh X ln Donn 111111111 Xltffltt Ch 1rl11 Hiltvt llllstl' Blllx CSol1mm 46 . - . . . .. ' 'M CQ' I L , . ' fo r s 4 1 -.. 'Y . x 7' ' 1, . 'Q V jig:- X -it , x -f'n:',f' E W - . V A . . v s ' 31' ' , 7' ' . . , , A - - A 1 - ,J 2 YW - ,-' f A' - ' fl' v , . , . 1 W s. s vs . y . - - , . . 1 , 1 . Y. ' ' 1 . .' ' 2 ' I ' 1 ' ' V .' A 2 ' . A. slr- ' 1 ssvs I' ,R I -' '12 ' v' sys x ' f 'Y x O 1 ' ' if 'Z Q ' .' . x . ' '. 2 ' . 7 . . v ' . . ' c 1 . ,H c ' . c ' . , . . . , . . . . , . 1 L . A 7 C 1 . , . .1 . . 4 A . . 44, 1- A"::'ff9-4 I .gtg-,Q , g J V Q ' . K1 - . X I in 1 '- .. Q' ', 'f : 1 I' '. " .. L" . "' ' ', 'a, , aI' , b. ."1 1 l ' 4. .- . V. . L -5 .1 . D . V . gi x V1 A ,NA K I' I - rv-, .4 U1 ' - 'Y 'V 3. ' A. Y- ' . a'- 1 'A ". , A 'L-. Plans Laid To Decorate Commons In International Motif I' " 'ex CH-XRLIE l' -XHRFLI FR-XNlx JOHD-KN BILIH Sl UC L Xl Cl' C L Prcsulf nt X atc Prc szrlcnt Sccrctary lrggsura r To fm ance its proyects Council has sponsored three full length moxars and has hcld a fashion show with much studcnt partlcip ation An adca conceived bv the first semester Council a fire which will nccd steady tending is the hope for an lntcrnat1on1lPaoom It IS planned to receive through I'lGlglll3OI'lW correspondence with schools of other coun tries their flags and coats of arms These will be used to decor ate the Commons Room fabilatx and met the alms of the entire Student Bodv wlth diligence and a high responslbllitx to serve a gre at school an its mfanev Second Semester an IN Seated left to rzght Danna Lore Frank jordan Charlie Farrell Beth Slocum Bruce Cutts Larrx Robinson Standrng Fzrst ro-at Nickle Xhllms Paula Spexght Nleredrth Helms Fran Darhx Brooks Sanders jo Breeclen Susan Harris Larrs Hon Second nm. JIFDITIIE Timmons Eleanor Graham Rack Hepfer Bob X an Doran john Bcclarocc Ball Thompson 47 I h a Q- - - Q ' ,. , . I . 4, , , ' . f ' A .' .' , 1 l, BRL' lf Q 'TTS ' Q ' ' ' ' ', ' -' ' ' 5 - , a if ' ' aj ' J ' " i - ' C l ' ' 3 V ' iv . 1 s . 1' - . 5- A . - The first A. C. Flora High School Student Council recognized a tremendous challenge to its imagination and ' Lv S' ,, - I , . 5 ' A S aj 4 ., i - - ' " Z' s s , Q .- A - , . If ,Y K fi a is K-flylx --.W 1 SUSAN DANIEL BETH NILCRADY Editor ln chief Asswtant Edrtor m clnef Flrst Falcon A Reallty The Falcon staff has worked long and hard to make 1ts first annual a reallty Nlanv students have grven unselfishlv of thelr tlme rn order to see thlS book com pleted No slngle student on the staff had had anv preuous experience 1n workmg on an annurl consequentlw the task faced was an enormous one The staff hopes that thls book will m a true fashlon reflect the Hrst year ID the hlstory of A C Flora Hlgh School The Falcon staff occupied in a planning session. Big Plans Being Laid For '61 . jf Ni' Q GARY ZUR XICRI YWILLWS IAN QUERY VITZI SPEED -Xrt Edztfrrdand Feature Sgplwmo,-9 Ed,t0-,- Freshman Editor ACf1Uf1f?9 Edlfm I' :mr FRAXR JORDAN mxxa sCHxuH1hR JEANNE CO1 LINS NIOLLX SHOAP Sports Editor Copy Ldztor Busgngss qanager Asswtant Bus-mess Nlanagef F EDITORS -XI NX UBR In Q mr f :rx 7 L :mm Ctllllllx Ninllx Shruf Susan Daniel Beth Xfcfmdv Diana Schw lrtzrr Prwnk Icmrdm xliklt XX 1111118 md Nlltll Bpngd 49 i Wlnged Press Adopts New Xlore than anx one thrng a school news prper mlrrors the school Its achlex emcnts md successcs perhaps lts ffulures are pLI'IOKlIClllX recorded ln the pagcs of lts ncxx splpcr Elch studcnt xxho took plrt ID the puhhcatlon of The Xllllgfffl Press xx is onc xxho h rd ncxcr before helped m The cspcrlencc gunccl bx the stiff has cnlhled them to look forw 1rd to xears of succcss In thc publlshlng of in excellent hlgh school ncxx splper the public-ation of a high school newspaper. J '1 l'Dl'IOIiS -Xl XX OHR Harm tt lllrtcr Beth Nici radx Carx Luk Ddud Held, Sophia Salley, Fatty Knight, Danny Love, and Methods of PL1bllShlI'lg Newspapers 1 Q: -ef BETH XicCRADY DANNY LOXE PA'I'TY ICNICHT XI-XRY ELLEN DAVID REID HARRIET News Editor Sports ffllfflf Feature Edztnr RUCERSON Buwness Uunuger HARTER Ifrdzungc lclxtnr Ilcuzl Typist THE WI GED PRESS IF' , ...ff 3 The Wmged Press Staff busily engaged m .1 plannmg sesslon 51 Speaking Events Sponsored . . Band Begins Rehersals . Band Though not at cluh in the full sense of the word. the Flora hand participates in extra-curricular ae- tixities hy playing: at fonthall ganies. tal-ting part in paracles, .intl eiiliveiiiiig any oeeasion of which they are a part. This year has primarily lmeen one ol organization for the hantl. All Hora stuclents are eagerly an- titipating the clay when the hand tan inartli 100 strong, with new scarlet .incl hlue uniforms. ation al Forensic League The Flora Forensic la-ailiie ex- pects to hecoiue a iueiuher ol tht- National Forensic I.ea5.1ue this year, The Charter Nlemhers of the eluh will have to earn twenty-five points in puhlie NDL't1lilll31. .intl the clulm will have to he approvetl hy the national office before Flora can receive a National Charter. The eluh has been host to a speech tournament: attentletl con- gresses at Dentsville. Laricaster. antl Dreherg and participatecl in debate meets. It will enter rep- resentatives in the state tlehate antl speech contests, XYith niein- hersliip in the National League, representatives will participate in tournaments and congresses spon- soretl hy the tlistrict which in- cludes schools from Virginia. XYest Virginia. South Carolina. and North Carolina. Francis Steaclnian was votetl the hest speaker of the lower house at the Dreher Congress antl Butch johnson, the runner-up for the hest speaker of the unieaniernl house at Lancaster. French Banquet Held . . German Geography Studied . NJ if 'T German This clulfs membership is drawn from those students who are tak- ing German. The students in this cluh have opportunities which will help them to understand the Cer- man people. Leaming to speak a foreign language cannot give a complete appreciation of another country unless one also knows something of that eountry's cus- toms, dress, and religion. The German club is designed to help impart to its members this under- standing and appreciation. . 4 , -Jvggslgi ' , , 4 ,, , WM, " 1 sf, 'Meg vb " -Q., Mrk' French This club is an extention of an opportunity' to French stIItlf'1'lts to learn more about the French peo- ple. A sound idea of the French Way' oi life isnlt to ln- Qainflrl lwtww-n the coxvrs vii tl lirvnch text alone, A lanfliittue- hecoines at livin! entity only when the- peo- lt- who use that ldlliflltlill' claily lit-coiiic lixing entities. 'lhf' incin- hers of this cluh stucly French customs. flI't'SN. and inany other facets of lift- in l"r.incc in ortlf-r to inaltc the laniluagc tht-y art: studying more meaningful. Dircctones Published F T A Honors Blum . F. B. L. A. The A. C. Flora chapter of the FBLA was organized to help stu- dents develop business leadership, to huild the confidence of young people in themselves and their work, and to help them in learning about and in choosing business 0 c cu patio n s. The FBLA also strives to develop character, to encourage thrift, and to train for good citizenship in school and community life. These goals are achieved through cooperative ef- fort on projects such as the publi- cation of the Student Directory, and the selling of typing paper and envelopes to the ty ing classes. Our club is affiliated, with the national and the state FBLA. F. T. A. The J. K. Blum chapter of the Future Teachers of America is an organization which has as its foremost objective interesting, cap- able young people in the teaching profession. In this group high school students learn more ahout the wrofession of teaching. Each memlmer of this cluh has ex Jressed an interest in some way of liecoin- ing a teacher, and it is here in this organization that he is first acquainted with the profession from a standpoint other than that of being a student. Bibliophiles Organize . . Good Bidding Learned . Library The students in this club are thoroughly introduced to the fas- cinating world of books. Its invin- bers uri- encouraged to read widely and intelligently. A second objec- tive if this club is creating an inte-rc-st in the library profession. Bridge We at Flora know that bridge is a very popular game in our present society. XVe know, too, that there are people who are needlessly em- barrassed because they don't know how to play. For these reasons, we have organized a Bridge Club. NVhile the members have fun, they leam the fundamentals of the game. :gf - ..,,, , ' 11- g -.I ' 'Q '1" ' 'df ,. , y:,,.,- '-v- Dinuar,..,, - -+., Q3 J e , l Kg.-3 LNHX N cr-' 3 15,3 U, C 1 'N Football plays Explained . . Speed and Accuracy Sought . Sports The purpose of this club is to educate its members in the funda- mentals of spectator sports. Each person becomes b a s i cally ac- ctuainted with the finer points and s ills involved in many competitive sports. A? ml TypeWr1 ting The typewriting club provides members with an opportunit to increase their operative skill oiythe typewriter. It also seeks to ac- cuiaint the students with some of t e vocational opportunities open to those who possess a high degree of typing efficiency. Future "Hams" Experiment . . Good Photos No Accidents . Radio The membership of this club is composed of boys who are inter- ested in the field of electrorliw ertaining to radio. The members learn how to build and repair radios. The skills gained in this club furnish the basis for an ex- cellent hobby. ...- ---- Photo The well-equipped dark room at Flora offers an opportunity for students to increase their knowl- edge of photography. The mem- bers of this club have as one of their main projects fumishing pho- tos for the school newspaper. Club members are gaining a knowledge and technical skill which can be an interesting life-long hobby. Dance Planned Chess Strategy Learned Y-Teen s This club is in joint sponsorship with the Y.NV.C.A. The purpose is to promote ood under- standing andg fellowship under the supervision of qualified Christian Leaders. Chess The purpose of the Chess Club is to teach its members the essentials of the game. It gives its members a chance to leam the finer oints and strat- egies involled in chess and also an op ortunity to have some healthy competitive playing. Music For Christmas . . Spelling Counts Here . :eff ., l- i. --......,,,,,.--1 -1-.....,,,,,-,- Sas, ,.,f Choral The A C Flora Chorus 15 a combination of the two chorus classes Any student taking chorus 15 elrglble for membershxp The chorus appears n assembly programs it Th3DkSglX mg Chrlstm as and Easter and on other occasions at sersice clubs and churches This ycar the chorus will appear with the other cltx high school choruses ln the cltx High School Festn al which will be held ln Nlay Scrabble This club furnishes its members with a chance to match their ability to spell and their xocabularles with other students At etch club meeting the members are gn en a chance to com pete with one another Club Assists Librarian . . Elected Representatives Assist . J' 4' fi 51:11 .,., Library Assistants This group is a service group composed of students who render library service at some time during the school day on a voluntary basis. Through work-experience opportunity, the growth and de- velopment of the student is broadened. He becomes more adept in the use of books and libraries through service to fellow students and teachers. Through his services, he helps provide in- creased and improved library serv- ice to the school community. Librar Representatives This group is composed of one student from each homeroom elected each semester. The library representative serves as a medium of communication betwen home- room and library in making an- nouncements, roundin up overdue books, keeping the Tibrarian in- formed of classroom assignments and rojects, and in publicizing the lilirary in many ways. Art Bazaar Planned . . Club Operates Movie Equipment . gg. 395 --.qw Art Council Art Council of the A. C. Flora High School is a service organiza- tion. Some of the goals to which it devotes its time and efforts are: to tpromote art in the school, home, an the community at large, to collect, over a long-range period, art originals, to be alert to all local, state or national art activi- ties, and inform all art classes, to promote school art bazaars, side- walk shows, arts and crafts fairs, puppet shows, and art exhibits. Audio-Vi sual The boys in the Audio-Visual Aids club perform a valuable service for each teacher. NVhen films are scheduled, it is these boys' jobs to see that the projector is set up and the film run. Each boy lcums not only to operate the equipment but must also know how to care for the equipment so that it func- tions properly. Afternoon Sports Organized School Off1ces P. E. Leaders The P. E. Leaders Cluh is com- posed of about fifteen students who are interested in participating in all sports and recreational ae- tivities. The purposes of this club are to increase s irit and to give the memhers a lhetter understanding of the activities in which they are participating, to teaeh the students to work together and cooperate with each other in a group activi- ty, to stress good sportsmanship, and good school spirit. Office Assistants for Mr. Blum Many of the details involved in the smooth running of Sir. Blum's office are handled hy a group of eapahle student assistants. These students work immediately under the supervision oi Nlrs. Easier, who is Nlr. Blum's secre- tary. Depend On Reliable Assistants ffiee Assistants for School A The her-hive of activity in Mr. Smith's office usually centers around the busy group of office assistants. These students aid in the many routine matters which help the office run with business- like precision. Gffiee Assistants for School B Running errands, typing, and assisting in numerous other ways, the office assistants for Mr. XVhit- mire and school B aid greatly in helping the office function effic- iently. Students Help Run Efficient Cafeteria . . Student Body Dance Social Cabinet The Social Cabinet helps plan the social activities of the school. This group is composed of elected ineinhers, one from each homeroom. The big pro- jects for this organization are the planning of school dances. Nluch time and effort is expended hy this group to make all social events they sponsor occas- ions to he reinemherecl. Cafeteria Assistants First Lunch Cooking and serving about five hundred meals a day makes the Flora Cafeteria a hig husiness. The meals, served at the cost of thirty cents each, requires that students assist and he used in the place of salaried employees. , Reported a Success Presidents To Present Program Cafetena ASSISIZH ts Second Lunch The studtnts who irc cifctcrli assistants sell tickets help serve lunches ind help with the miny other tlslts thlt url ln the efhclent strung., of me mls Homeroom Pres1den ts The homeroom presi- dents perform valuable services for their home- rooms. A well-run home- room is the responsibility of the president who pre- sides at all the busines' meetings, During the year many effective programs have been presented at homeroom and activities periods under the direction of this outstanding group of :tudent leaders. .1254 , , 1. Q "Q: M- 'jq,:'Tf it '16 . yiillf, - Q' ,,. y I At higher . . . sportsmanship is a goal to which we aspire with the intentions of eventually playing the game of life hy a set of rules which will make us successful in our relations with others. More than in any other area of school life, athletics are capable of teaching the "give and take" that is so important for each person to learn. Athletics also fumish a common rallying point for the morale of the entire student bodv. X 'L ff? if 3 5' ,- P if , Ei Xl f ' . H4 .1 eg. uw K is I 199 O 591 - 51.5 x -2 s..-.fl Q4 V, Q. Q A a L. s If s., ' U ni Rl . f. , Football The Flora football team made a great deal of progress this fall under the fine coaching of Nlr. jim Pinkerton and Mr. Heyward King. Everyone that participated was under a great handicap because practice sessions were held at Crayton, and there were no athletic facili- ties available at Flora to the players. The coaches were under a handicap also because few boys had had prev- ious football experience. The Falcons gained much valuable game experience which will be very helpful in our extremely tough schedule next fall. OPPONENT WE THEY B-C ....... . . 0 0 Columbia . . . . 6 6 Eau Claire . . . . . 26 6 Olympia . . . . . 20 21 Kershaw ..... . . 0 27 Heath Springs .... . . 6 30 Lower Richland .. .. 13 34 Coach Heyward King and Coach jim Pinkerton 'lflh Captain Frank Jordan and co-captains Charlie Farrell and Dunnie Dunlap Our boys in action tk 3 -ro-up-.5-,., Q .H 1 CHARLIE FARRELL quarterback Co Captam FRANK JORDAN guard Captam 3-08- DUNNIE DUNLAP halfback Co Captazn I f.i..a-ui' JERRY VVUNDER guard 1,7 95 liven- iv Ra 6 Liv. CLIFFORD SIMMONS STANLEY GREGORY COOT WOOD BOB STRINCER e tackle halfback Ceflief S 1 IQ' 41' 1' wr! a IOHN BARTOS LARRY HEDGEPATH JOHN STARIN GEORGE McCUTCHEN ggafd fuubdllk S 1-R. in IM' 1 Kb vi' HRwE1'r LovvoRN EDDIE BOWERS LARRY ROBINSON FREDDIE HEIDER tackle center halfback halfback 70 - -..... , - .. , ' 'I Q , --R ' 'I '1' .,, I V .. Q . Z., I . 4, R - 'T 1, ,,,- . .7....-.Jr - ,f- 3? , f A-. , Y -.1 E f , f, I g . Q 1 . I . - 1, ., I fl, - .,.. 4 Q Y . . if V, ... A . at 9 ,, - ' - 4, f 1 . 'I F 'O' , ' Q . - I9, . V A Q. , A N, E - A ,, Y - ,,,'vM5"- at Eg . A ',,-i. Q - "fx - Q, "' -,g 1 ...-g., f e R . , ' - 5 f -. ,, 2, -: . .fa -, - , V' ax- - .f-'ff' ' VB A '. ,eg-, .gre ..' - 1 -1--. , 1 ,,-ff. ,rf .Q .. .,..--.5 1- .-R -4 . . 1 , Zz, 'V -- ' .- , E- ,fqq hr. ' , ' . -v-- f - - ' - Y - .f I , ' 1 ' 1 ' " v-fm I ' 5, ' ' , . - A ' -43 " J . 'A , , - f ,L ' ' 'f' K , A , O' " .4 '5'-' , . Era - 1 , 4 Evfgiwf' N ,. ..-ggi W u ' Y, ,- . f -1-. --.5 '- HN -Q . 'O itll? ' 'V ' ' E 4. ' , '1 X 'w ' ' - 7. ' K 11. - .. . 4' . 4'-ww 91:8 if . , f. M , 'lf' , "' V- V 'VY , 7 fl -' T f 7 - .s Q A - - 4 E R f R E A' A V E- , ,N., MEX, ,. nz? 'ju 5545 ,um iw-W J V Ny, H ,mu 3 A L3 . . ,W 'A W f 4 f A ' , ' "5"' ' -2, Q ' .' .-R' ' J V "W, 'TM ""' ' , - f. ' f 7,5-aj. nf:-' ' K .1 ,, , , ' .E R Q. W . . LJ 2.2 V , ' f .- -"Sh .,. . , .- '- ZW-', ' f 1' S f ' ' - vi Bfw, "":'1A..7f . f ' . q " 1 , Wfjff- ' ' 1 V ,, - l hw? ' V-. ' i -vw ' K -wk.: YV 1 ,, p ' ' ' .Mid N, E "' ' . - ' V , H 4. -5' A V N A ,,.. V , . N ... , . . ' l mf 1, N. . L A . gg 59+ 1 ,. vi ' ,1""-'- '. .pf - '. A , .fi , E .. +..,,W. R' ' f - A ' ..3 xi-A? f ' fm 'Q ' ' ,. ' x W -F H ,-3 23 .w"'5f'L'- , "3'r',' "' All" ' " ' - 2 Q. 4. , - - mi N.,.u' 'TLA' 1 I gg, ' g. 'Y Y ,A . .IE EJ.: ,-- E fr' .,... . , . ff -- - , - . .::. , . ' . ,,, . A . ,,,, . . ,W S 4 - 1 ,, , ,ff V ' K - , if 2 l I ,' O "7-1 f' a.,,g.j:--' , E . E .. . 1 . 4. , - , . 5 K - V A A n , Q U- , - Zn. ' - h . O" ' ' I. N' 'H '. .a"f- - V. . .HI 4. 7 U' -E V. f nl . - .- ' ,-72 ,.. ,. X Y, , .A v' . - :JI ' ' ? ff A ' ,S K.. ,,.' -E 1 . Z' , .. '.'- .2 5 W 094 tag' 4' S2954 i -w i ' Ie . in Exif A ' Q v9.4 ,ali qui! I B Squad Sitting from left to right: john Avant, jimmy Timmons, jimmy Baily, Larry Herbert, Randy Brooks, Jimmy McClary. Kneeling: Merritt Cely, Steve Lyman, Philip Fairey, Douglas Ringer, Randy Tomlinson, joe Gentry, Tommy Blake, Chuck Graham. Stand- ing: Danny Cveddings, jimmy Polson, Butch Shepherd, Charlie Haltiwanger, john Strebe, Jim Reese, jimmy McDian'nid, Dick Cassey, and Ted Taylor. Captain: Randy Tomlinson, CoCaptain: Larry Herbert. Because there was such a large number of boys out for football, it was necessary to divide them into two squads, a varsity and a B-squad. The B-squad was under the direct supervision of Mr. King. Besides playing a schedule of their own, they were a great help to the varsity on helping N094 them prepare for their games. ,71 OPPONENT WE THEY B-C ...... . . 6 7 Columbia .. . 6 27 Preher . . . . 6 7 Sumter . . . . 0 12 Olympia . . . . 0 26 fllh if u ff . 513, cn! sv -f 41013 ax , , 41 du Q 5 in Q' 1 . ru.: s Z 2? x 3 , s x ha h Q Q f' Ui -an I I4 ' ' 4 Y . J 5 MH '4 1'1 ,... . ' f lv! N Jh- n-- .A - , .IQ ' I 1 W 'S'- X Q, 3 W ll gilt? ' Q- f "5 J I t fha' r I , A . D O if 'Q y g 'W I . Cheerleaders Eight attractive young ladies take their places before the Flora cheering section and the voices swell in unison, all cheering the Falcons on. These eight girls began the year without previous experience in leading cheers. As the year wore on this group became welded into an efficient organi- zation which has helped boost school spirit. 1 1 I , . . 4 - 'Q 'hiv W l Q w TQ, W Q V U X i Ql' I .. N , I T X x H 1. N .T ,X 'lA X92 uid ' 1 ' . 'S .X 1 l NK f ' I X hr, l . QL I I t' 'Wu 'L 4 rv N M A -, i.,-J"."'3- , - . - .. . V W Baseball K r' 'lin Dunniv llnnlnp, Burns Harris, Danny Daniel, Coot XVoocl, Randy Tornlinxon, Doug Binger, Larry Robinson. Standing: Liilrrly lri-crbert, Cliurlic Farrell, Tryon Face, Danny Love, llcwettc- Lovvorn, Bill Rogers, john Fenncll, Coach Pinkerton. S X n o li Rox Bruin ton Biclilrcl Fld lx Pml Fisqlini.-in Bill Tom son Butcli johnson Bob Coggin fitting. lf-ritt Cc-ly. Bill lla ci L", V' 1 g . ' 2 A vig 1 ' ' , p' , - , , , ilAOlIlIIlY Blanc: lfon-st Simmons. Bong Holbrook. Pliillip l"uire"w. K1Ll'!'ll1lpZIJ Harry Frm-inun, Ted Taylor, Jimmy McDarmid, Brite-li'Cartcfr, lolin lfinlilz-r, Iimmv Single-ton. lfrmlclic Heiclcr. Liirrv Hedge-path, XValter Pfflwarfls, Buddy VVatSon. Standing: Nlilu- Bnrkeliolhcl, Clvorge- Nic-Ciitclic-ii, Billy Smith, joe Gentry, Bob'Stringer, jf-rry XX'under, jon Starrin. Donnie Stokes, XVoody Moore, john Wall, Ifflrlic Bowers, jim BL-cw, Thomas N1cCartlie-r, Coach King. fy yv.. ..., . mid afar., -1+ , No 5 A j '1 T5-ll af 5' 7 , r I I I f. .- igi-."T'f'f L . ' 5 1 I e 2 2 Pi 3 '11 N901 5 Y fe ' 'X .ar ggi ,nl-:.g.v5,.5- ,Q g 45 1 ,,,,, X , S ,gf -F . S Jw 2 1, w png ' at 1' M Q 45 4,5 -few? 'A ' s mfg J. . V .I .-.4 v . N 041.1-o , . ,Q f,1.4F K. - 1.7.1 512. ry! ."2 X ,-. fa'-65251 -423 K- ,,. - . 1-, 1 -Z3-1 -in 4,gf,Qf-:-Ffg ' ' . xy' .- . , J ..,.,-1. - .:. f.v-zip. pw. X -fy, -, . .x,v,...., ,.. .,8r.. ... . S , , -f g. ','g-.,Q.3,-gf. s , ,. , gf QV-,gf --1 ,, ,z ,-gemx mn -rf af ,, my-L, ,T-,, l . , ,, . , U -.1 .-Dgfgwit. - ,123 , ,Q fn ' ' 19 if 'H ties Presenting WI. fb bO0kS at School wyih bwme' a Miss Falcon of 1960 ELEAXOR GRAHAM 1 Wwe , . . hug. with frwmb 'lt Q M1ss Freshman TROX XI LXLC HI IX M155 Sophomore I h1H 5101 L XI Q! . . ,-, ,, J ., A, C . C x vqf . dz .CA 1.1, Beauties I F vu IILHHX XIOOHL BROOKS S XX DILHS P ' X SHI lxl SX CIIIICIQHY XISIL Ibifl. 4.1 IQHXI AV .AM '11 V - . uv h A 'Ml , - 1+ mi ,Q Q if ' -S., 4 Y' . ' V - N , Q l.lfS5IIf Xu'lXlIlil V f jeifn V , f F TE ' in 5 , ., ,"., I ,. 'ba' A K . ,X We f W .' A 'Q' . NDI hs '75 FOREST LAKE snomlc crm: mst? V' 92 ff sw. ' za 5, riff 1 r ff'-,gig ,155 5? -is wi I W 4,1-:mf ' .M 3..- 'X Advert higher . . . public relations is Z1 goal toward which ii good school must work. lt was through the efforts of the citizens of this community that our school became il reality. Through con- tinued good relations between community and school, Flora High can continue to grow into the kind of school that does better the task of educating youth. It ns an honor to have been chosen the omcual leweler for thus great new school You will be very proud of your new school rung FRED WILKINS L G BALFOUR CO 1340 Senate Street 2 HOUR CLEANING 4 Hour Shurts Fast Service on Formals on Request at Our Plants MASTER CLEANERS 1908 Blossom 3200 Rosewood 704 Crowson 3351 Forest D 1449 Sumter Member of PROFESSIONAL LAUNDRY 8. CLEANERS ASSOCIATION of Greater Columbla FOR THE FINEST IN DAlRY PRODUCTS YOUR FAMILY GETS THE MOST FROM FOREMOST FOREMOST DAIRIES N 2901 Two Notch Road Columbia S C QUALITY DOWN THROUGH H YEARS SYLVAN BROS Jewelers Since 1897 1500 Mann St Phones AL 46045 A146175 POWELL'S GARAGE AND WRECKER SERVICE Millwood at Gervais-Columbia, S. C CAMPBELL'S AL-46oss DRUG STORES we Nevin cnoss Four Locatuons To Serve You FOREST LAKE SHOPPING CENTER 3800 DEVINE STREET 3110 TWO NOTCH ROAD CORNELL ARMS A Famuluar Slogan To LET ED DO IT Professuonal TODD AND MOORE Laundermg 'Your Speclallst In Sports Dry Cleanmg Y 707 Mem Street A LOCATION NEAR OU vv h Phones AL 20282 and AL 27786 OU' Beg' 'S es Columbla S C 85 ll ll T ' ' All ll ll 1 . INC. and 1 - - - ll I ll ll , o COOPER AGENCY INC 48I3 Forest Drnve Columbua S C The Milk of Extra Goodness EJISTUQWWMW I HJEMMUW 7,233 df-'ffjfi 5 ah For effacnent home dellvery ccII Al 6 4?-5I CAPITAL ELECTRIC SUPPLY CO ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES LIGHTING FIXTURES ELECTRIC HEATING 2015 Marlon Street Columbua S C AL 20367 86 ' 5 , mix , xx - lf- : ' ll - N . . o ooaolu oullustv nun PIOUUCV3 '- Y .. L. f :- fl 1 - ' ,gi 3970- , 0 .. I 1 .1 - SAYLORS ESSO SERVICENTERS Fave Pounts Forest Lake AL 49351 SU 70631 Columbla S C A 8. W DRIVE INN 4727 Forest Drlve Columbia S C IN COLUMBIA SOUTH CAROLINAS SHOPPING CENTER Columbia Coca-Cola Bottling Company 2830 Mann Street Columbia, S C PET DAIRY PRODUCTS Q, Bluff Rd Columbia S C T8.T SPORTING GOODS INC we SALUTE THE FALCONS Represented by Pat Thrash Rosser Thrash John Cork Red Wrlluams 1207 O9 Henderson St Columbra S C AL 34176 AL 33833 START A A B SAVIN S sr? G f' S PROGRAM A2 KAEQQ Novv 08 Q X- our Savnngs Earn for You Q j BUILDING 8 LOAN ASSN Home of Thruft In Columbia 'CIDQ40 Q.. 'alarm f mf.: ELECTRIC Xe GAS C0 CONGRATULATIONS to the Student Body of A C Flora and all good wrshes for success In the field they have chosen rn whrch to carve out their careers In searchrng for a higher educatuon we hope they wrll remember The fire colleges In our state If entering busrness or lndustry rmmedrately we hope they wall find therr careers here In South Carolma OUTH CAROLI A ELECTRIC 84 GAS CO 88 , . 9 X H H qv All ll? N ' mga' a 0" O! . . -,ef N I Q9.,.,,m, we ' ' ' At b f I D A ' A Q. LA 'Thru A , W- 'y . 4 Am R P 4 N- . W M 5, TM ., Q x I, I k ,KA mga -1 , ll . U A ' 5' . . . A 4' ' Q f . I . 'u' l'8l 1 I I I D C! G l i Q A -Els! "' li. - - - - I Southern Bell lelephene Hnd leleqreph Cempenu BEST WISHES THE HOUSE OF QUALITY SINCE 1844 Gifts and Soclal Stationery Oftlcc Furniture School Supplles Prlntlng THE R L BRYAN CO 1440 Mann Street Phone AL 32201 BEST WISHES FROM THE FALCON CLUB THE BOOSTER CLUB OF A C FLORA Mr Rudolph C Barnes President Mrs J O Merrltt Jr V1cePresldent Mrs C H Bust e Corresponclmg Secretary Mrs R L Van Doren Recorclnng Secretary Robert H McLaughlnn Treasurer Mrs W B Zengler Mrs Henry Sloan Mrs A F Ha rms Mrs Rnchard C Slocum M H E Dun ap Mr O W Farrell Executlve Committee OUR BEST WISHES TO THE FACULTY AND STUDENTS A C FLORA HIGH SCHOOL CROSLAND ROOF CONSTRUCTION CO GENERAL CONTRACTORS 1316 Ellerbee Street Columbna, S C ll ll - D ...' lln , A. B. Dick Duplicating Supplies - - . A , l I Mr. . ', ' - . . . r ' r. . . l of 90 Seuberlung Tlres Recappung Frngldaure Valspar Appliances Paint 81 Varnlsh CATE MCLAURIN CO Easy to Park Easy to Buy Easy to Pay 1720 Taylor St Columbua S C SPLENDID BECAUSE '-vvgew 4 IT S BLENDED SOMERSETS SILVER SHOP 719 Harden Street Columbia S C SILVER CHINA JEWELRY CRYSTAL Phone AL 20749 Fave Points TH ROBINSON HUMPHREY COMPANY INC Investment Securities Established 1894 JOE H SAUNDERS, .IR Vnce President 507 Securnty Federal Bldg Columbna, S C BEST WISHES FROM A FRIEND ,., ., - ,' I n . . . . air 7 . . . I :Egg I ' 0 I I o 91 Autographs Autographs Autographs Autographs JT' Autographs un'l'er 9 X 96 f g roduc Q A ll W WWW- in-V CUNPINY Yi '1LA'.LL.l'q f

Suggestions in the Flora High School - Falcon Yearbook (Columbia, SC) collection:

Flora High School - Falcon Yearbook (Columbia, SC) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


Flora High School - Falcon Yearbook (Columbia, SC) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Page 1


Flora High School - Falcon Yearbook (Columbia, SC) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 46

1960, pg 46

Flora High School - Falcon Yearbook (Columbia, SC) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 35

1960, pg 35

Flora High School - Falcon Yearbook (Columbia, SC) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 95

1960, pg 95

Flora High School - Falcon Yearbook (Columbia, SC) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 91

1960, pg 91

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