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Flintstone High School - Flint Chips Yearbook (Flintstone, MD) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 60 of the 1956 volume:

FLINTSTONE SCHOOL FLINTSTONE, MARYLAND VOLUME I NUMBER V FLINT CHIPS 1956 To the far-seeing men in this com- munity who recognized the value of agood education for rural youth - and who worked for its establish- ment, we gratefully dedicate this book. 'K .1 uv. ,. . -A xt -1 . I ' , .4 1' A A u' '35 i S ., 3' x I 1 x - ' as xg ' x U S A Y N n .f Q Q . xififfit Cllnali. . W' ' ' FIB. .M Allus- ' s H I I vi' , :ii P 'N 'tr -. 9 a , .- -, A V ' it "E . i ii! J- 1 - ,. 2.1 we '-Lf' ., -M..-, gli V C fx ' nf. 112: T- , ' ' - X. . A, ' V Y 'B V - , 133 V' ' 4.-T f Q1 gf iw ' .wif KJ' CONTENTS RDMIINISTRA TION SFNIORU FLA SSL9 ILNIOR IIICH AFTIVITII S ELEMLINTARY ALLMNI -XDVLRTISLMI NIS v .1 yy . A J , V . 'NRM fi e. ADMIN! RA 'l'ION 5 MISS ANNA WILLISON MRS ELSIE HILL ROLAND Some forty or more years ago a group of men saw the need of a school rn Fhntstone commumty so that our boys and g1r1s could stay at home and get an educauon Many mlles were traveled by these men some on horseback and many persons were v1s1ted so that our school could become a reahty As th1s1ssue1sa dedrcauon to our proneers, I should hke to menuon some of these people who worked so hard and so lncessantly for us Mr N F Wllhson Mr A W Frazee and Mr I R House I know that back of every father was a mother equally rnterested 1n her chlldren s opportumty for an educauon I also want to mentlon our first pr1nc1pa1 Mrs Nora A Stoll as a p1oneer 1n th1s rural educauon venture Q,e.:,,.a+:,u. A?,eM.aL, Elsre H111 Roland k 900 Id Gin.. JL HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY Mr Kenneth Malone Mlss Alene Blu1DgS Mlss Joanne Sterbutzel Mr Oswald Glgllottr Mrs Margaret Atkmson Mr Orvrlle Jackson Mr Raymond Chaney Mr Harold Bean Mr Eugene Harns Mrs El1nor Heath Mrs Elsxe Roland Mrss Ellnor Doerr ELEMENTARY FACULTY Mrs. Ann Thomas, Miss Wrlda Wmterberg, Mrs, Dorothy Smrth, Mrs. Hazel Bottenfreld, Mrs. Ethel Fletcher, Mr, W1l11am Brake, Mrs. Mary Roblnette, Mr. Raymond Ralston. . . 5- " " fi lid! , , ,s s., Q, ' ' Y 4 -- wi ff, -. ' rv A J' :""':f' , v- 5 . 9 .n L , . 4, A , E - 1. , , -5 E: l- . C hx ' W 1 5 ,- X. 1 X f Q A of . I it '31, fi vw U 3 P' ' 'f .6 ' -1" 'Q T f' fp-ll-r"'l 1' ,Lf Ext' 3- ' .4 4 Q V . , in 2 ,J ,l n . . . . Y . ' I . . .. I . I ' I l ' l O ! ' I 1 I . I I . I I 1 I f. W in as ff v R U n 'A 1,41 ' j W- Y up , I My l Z STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS Presldent Shuley Twlgg Vxce Presxdent Coy Huffman Secretary Helen Heavner Treasurer Teddy Roblnette SENIURS S-...- 4 'li 'ltr J' MARY ASHKETTLE Who would ever think that behind Mary's spirited laugh and brilliant brown eyes there's a wish to be an undertaker? DOROTHY BAKER Happy and hard-working are definitions for Dot. We don't have to tell you that her ambition is to become a housewife. MARTHA BARNES Should a nice and quiet girl such as this have any trouble succeeding in anything she wants to do? We think not. WAYNE BENDER He says little, but thinks a lot and something tells us that one day his knowledge and per- sonality will land him on top of the heap. ALBERT BENNETT Though we hear little from Bill, we have strong suspicions that he's making positive plans for the future. RICHARD BERGDOLL Thank you, Berkely, for our prize drummer boy. Besides being a fine musician, Dick's an important part of our basketball team. uf' YK-5' JOYCE DOLLY When you see a group hard at work and lik- ing it, you may be sure its "Jo" leading her F.T.A. work and preparing for her chosen vocation, secretary. HOPE GOLDEN We can't help feeling proud to have a quiet, but awfully sweet and cooperative girl like Hope as a member of our class. NAOM1 HEAVENER Naomi comes either laughing or singing. She does both marvelously well, along with acting and wearing that lovely diamond. FRANCES HOFE Demure and shy, we're sure that Kay's twinkling eyes and steady cheerfulness will make her future life a prosperous and happy one. CHARLOTTE HOUT We often wonder if4-H and F.H.A. would be the same without the efforts of Charlotte's work. Among her other assets are her sin- cerity and good humor. COY HUFFMAN Meet our honorable class treasurer and new found actor. Coy's fine ideals and ambitions have helped to make better people of us all. KENNETH LOUGH Ken's specialties? Acting, athletics, and amusement. And he's a champion in all three. MARGARET MARKS ln Margy we find a girl who knows what she believes and believes in voicing her opinions She is always ready for fun and good times. MICHAEL MCCUSKER Sure and its proud we are of our fun - loving Irishman. Next to good times, Mike likes more of the same. RUTH MCDONALD Driving and drawing come to mind with Ruth. I-ler fine art work and her role as "Snouty" in our one - act plays will long be remembered and appreciated. ANNA RINKER Looking for a fun - loving friend? Easy going Annie is your best bet. If it's F.T.A. work or acting ability you want, Anna has that too. DALE ROBINETTE Dale's particular interests are food, fim, and frolic, but he also does very well at acting and captivating the fairer sex. 111' JOAN ROBOSSON Under the blond hair and behind the nice personality is revealed a strong love for music and secretarial work joan is a stanch supporter of school athletics BETTY SELF Calm and gentle Betty s willingness to co operate and participate in class activities has caused us to depend on her to do the things that need doing SANDRA SHIPLEY Sandy s sense of humor and open frankness never cease to amaze and amuse us We know that the atmosphere of any restaurant would be improved by her presence as a waitress RONALD SHIPWAY This capable president of our senior class has a dynamic personality and clever wit that sweep him to success in everything he attempts. JUDY SLIDER We can thank our lucky stars for 'Ju-Ju. ' Besides being County Farm Queen and Bicentennial Princess, she has secretarial work as a definite goal. JOHN SMITH John's blond, wavy hair and quiet, handsome manner have made him a popular favorite with all who know him. T if JEAN STOTTLEMYER Versatile seems best to describe Jeanie. An able leader of school affairs, she has proven an excellent seamstress. We're confident that she will be great in her medical career. FRANKLIN TEETER Two of Frank's special interests are music and girlsg and believe us, he does splendidly in both fields! BETTY TURNER Thoughtful and quiet, Betty has always been one of our class assets. Her interest in dramatics brightens any cast of which she is a part. SHIRLEY TWIGG Industry and Shirley go hand in hand. A capable yearbook editor and Student Council President, she is also a jolly good friend. MARLIN WHITFIELD Violin in one hand and basketball in the other, Marlin and his Ford are marching toward certain fame and good fortune. CLASS JUNIORS F1rst row Bennett Bennett Elbm Klfer Heavner Weese Second row Vance Jack son Stokes Huffman Golden Gloss Hartman Thrrd row Mauzy Pxfer Dolly Smxth Mann Imes Mallow Fourth row Mauzy Long Blble, Appel Robmette Walters Mrs Heath President ----------------- SONNY HUFFMAN Vice President ---------------- RANDY MANN Secretary ------------------ HELEN HEAVNER Treasurer ------------------- FRANK SMITH SOPHOM ORES First row Wallizer Dolly McCusker Martin Wharton Mann Harden Buffenmyer Second row Stonestreet Humbertson Puffinbuger Shipley Mullenax Walters Momson Trail Tumer Third row Wercht Creek Beall McPeak Rice Morgan Kolb Fourth row Hour Shafer Hoopengardner Boggs Heavner Smith Bible Fifth row Miss Sterbutzel Baker Bender Wharton Humbertson M1ssDoerr President ---------------- Bill Creek Vice President ----------- Beverly Martin Secretary -------------- Rosalie Mann Treasurer ----------- Stanley Humbertson Frrst row Heavner Roach Logeston Musgrove Vance Clrtes DeLawder Smrth Second row Fogle Hofe McCusker Whorton Bennett Jackson Buser Messersmrth Thrrd row Drxon Pr1ce Wermer Whorton Shryock PIICC Spencer, Rexroad Humbertson Fourth row DuVall Huffman Coll1er Wall1zer Mauzy Rockwell Barnes Rrce Krfer Frfth row Purnell Norrrs, Rrce Shreves Van Meter Bennett Golden Bennett Imes Stxth row Gloyd Vance Hampto Trarl Harper Creek Trarl Humbertson McCusker Seventh row Hoffman Harnes Robrnette Huff Moyer Corbett Golden Mr Chaney --U-Q... Presrdent John Hames Vrce Presrdent Joyce Clrtes Secretary Elton Pr1ce Treasurer Vrrgrma Noms l'l I 9 I u 1 1 D 1 1 ' : l Messersmith, Norris, Price, Kelchner, Robinette. Eighth row: Mr. Harris, Gilpin, Self, Norris, JUNIUR HIGH -. Q I EIGHTH F1rst row Alltson Snelson Cllngerman Dtxon Mauzy Mauzy Second row Norr1s Alt Davtes Dav1s Roland Bowman Thrrd row Powell Duvall Collxer, Turner Smtth Self Fourth row Barnes Sh1pley Clark Rader Crabtree Morgan SEVENTH Frrst row Bennett Jackson Sm1th Fletcher Stonestreet Elbrn Beall Musgrove Moyer Spencer Drxon Second row Weese Bucy Wrlson Dolly Bennett Humbertson Thlrd row Harper Ruby Rlnker Van Meter Rexroad Huff Fourth row Morgan Twlgg Hanshaw Marks Yonker Krfer Wetmer De Lawder Flfth row Perdew Bennett Mallow Moyer Ruby Srxth row Rarnes Kennedy Smxth Clark H111 Sh1pley Rrce Harnes Myers Seventh row Mr GlgllOII1 M1SSBlll1ngS c ACTIVITIES FRANK TEETER g 1SolI dg gC dAd Mr K thM1 HEI?-3U M 'mama K-:Ea FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Winnerofke iona i u in . an visor , enne aone, .'1 Fi: .1 A: - L ,Q ANNUAL SWEETHEART DANCE MAKfR5 nrxfmf 1, FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA SENIOR 4 H JUNIOR 4 H FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA F CLUB X NATURE CLUB LIBRARY CLUB DRAMATICS CLUB BACHELORS CLUB fp if-1 .. RIFLE AND DRILL DANCING CLUB ri! 7 5 41 , 6 'T-J Q Q A 1 ORCHESTRA GLEE CLUB f- NN Sa H xNfXX A X f Pf D , W1 J K 13 N' SNP 4 i,., , Q 'll Q ills' gf MXN Fust row Hoffman Mauzy Creek Huffman B1b1e Humbertson Second row Coach Jackson nett Smnh Wharton SOCCER CHEERLEADERS B, WHORTON I SLIDER, H KOLB S WALTERS N HEAVNER Pifer, Shipway, Boggs, Lough, Robinette, Mann, Humbertson. Third row: Haines, Dolly, Ben W BUS DRIVERS BUS PATROL W VARSITY BASKETBALL JUNIOR VARSITY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL BE MY VALENTINE! Halloween produces some beauuful some grotesque Story time is always fun, FLINT CHIPS STAFF Edltor Co Edltor Busxness Manager Photography Sports Orgamzauons AdV6l'I1S1l'lg Cuculauon - - - Alumni ----- Senior Editors ---------------------- SHIRLEY TWIGG RONNIE SHIPWAY JEAN STOTTLEMYER KEN LOUGH COY HUFFMAN DOT BAKER CHARLOTTE HOUT JUDY SLIDE! - RUTH MCDONALD BONNIE WHORTON - - - JOYCE DOLLY PAUL STAFFORD - -JOAN ROBOSSON NAOMI HEAVENER of 'VK UQ., 'gf P Q 'S QQ t BEST WISHES FROM THE CLASS OF '55 Y Q- J, C A L . ' 6' if , 3. , 5 " , Y T 't 1 X 1 ' f , '-" r IA T 1 ' . ' 1 ig' 1 :fx - , J- : x- ' -' ' ' S f S '41, 1.7 141- . - 4' " N X ""P. 'Th 4' '1 K .. v-'As '01, vo , .- A ,N -- 4 "Nm 1' ' I "Mu so 9,1 we 4 N '5u.4.aY- 1 J' . 0' f 440 + F O I BU., T XJ x 6, ' 1 A Q . ' ' 4'x Q , , - x ' ,, ' L A C C M if . ' ,. 'Q V, my IF 'W My - 5114 Myvl L E -J Y' A ' - V ,. . , X A 4. . .h N, ,: Xi, , 1, Q 1. X S101 X, 44 if 1, .. . ' X X5-"L, I A, wwf "An, H 'I ,qv F52 9 Q f, ,x V vu f, 4' ' N 914, -4 Y , N Ax -. - 1 9. as 0 - . 'Q x , , is K f S Q 5 Q - ' A f - r f A ,, AX Y i 5 G. A , S 1:6 -, - X L7 ' A I 7 1 1 74,5 , Q.. V A " f fl, we "Om, mn-5' ' 11,1 pf- '- "M '. 'Vw Y' , K h . If Q, , 3. N asv- .N V 4. , - , gff- gk . W -' w, .P N' ' T 3ff'1.'w.--50-IL 'Qi J .:.,. J- " . ' ., A TEACHERS POSE Beautiful music of lovely Launching the discords, '-Thing. " , , , s Q 1. -'il I . - 5 It's really very Clean-up day was quite an simple, girls. adventme, 5 I Destination Mars! Dungaree Dolls R681 C001 CORC Contest asses f I-'L f"""1, Evil pw While those out front are dying this is going on of fright -------- backstage, Sweethearts of That's ambition? 0 HaPPY DSY! F.H.A. Cornphrnents of 6 I-I I 1DvvAv'-2-'5 GARAGE Towlng and General Repa1rs Fhntstone Maryland Telephone GReenleaf 8 4581 PAT RONS AND PATRONESSES Gllson s Store Mr and Mrs Vlrgll Atk1nson Mr and Mrs I S Roland Mr and Mrs Harry Stottlemyer S T L1ttle Jewelry Teets Grocery 1' 1' 1' 1' 1' and and and and and Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Ernest Sllder Thomas Lloyd Homer Drake Parrln R Rlnker Thomas Robosson AfZc Jerry L Sllder M1ss Marnle Rlnker Mrs Sally Crltes Mr and Mrs P C Arobogast M1ss Sally R1nker Mr and Mrs BernardB Baker Rosenbaum Bros Inc Mr and Mrs Eston Heavener Mr Stanley Bennett M. . M. . M. . '.' M. . QE N QOY FLOWERS Flowers Flower Accessor1es and G1ftS 37 North Centre Street Cumberland Maryland Telephone PArkv1ew 2 8420 V1s1t SDEAIQ 6 62 Baltlmore Street Cumberland Maryland Nat1onally Famous Watches Art Carved D1amonds St1eff Sterllng S11ver Easy Cred1t Terms Compllments of A FRIEND 6 mfg Compllments of Flmtstone Pol1sh Mounta1n 4 I-4 CLUB C ompl1ments of STECKKAAN DANCE STUDIO 222 Erruly Street Telephone PArkv1ew 2 3842 Cumberland Maryland Compl1ments of ZZ 4 DINEIQ BOQHANAN LUMBER COMPANY Spec1al1z1ng 111 Lumber M111W0rk Bulldlng Products 549 North Centre Street Cumberland Maryland Telephone PArkv1ew 2 0650 A M KIGHT MEANS LES WOR! H13 INCOME PE ACRE GAS OIL CUMBERLAND 3075 BALTO PIKE "To Make the Best Better." 7 , cp1tf THE 1396-21:N V I EACHET25 214064422 aw "' "M 1 R , . .L 1,-.:, , N ls "vt: I !1l .,,'."K H .mei H '- w 1' 1 951 if :BT 6 L .. La' om imenso I I COLLINS STUDEBAKER GARAGE 79 Henderson Avenue Cumberland Marylard BURTON S C umbe r land Maryland Better Values 1r1 's and Boys' Clothlng Ol: Q-IQCJTZ 5 CONFECTIONERY Curr1oerland's F1nest Homemade Cand1es and 223 Bedford Street Cumberland Maryland elephone PArkv1ew Z 8566 Cornpllments of EAUGHMAN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Dlgglng Haullng and Excavatlng C ompllments of KOLE5 SUPPLY CENTER AND SNACK BAR Fhntstone Maryland Telephone GReenleaf 8 4431 Comphrnents of fgoffgd GARAGE Fhntstone Maryland C ornphrnents of VVIL.LI5ON'S GROCERY 1n Fllntstone Meats Grocerles Produce Telephone GReenleaf 8 4214 affix? C umbe rland Mar fland Tlrrely Clotlues Arrow Sh1r+s I-hckock Belts A 4 in "' 1 ' ' Men ' .Q - E ., I .x vu ' - ' ll Ice Cream Our Specialty , . . , . . T A . - . . . I I Q . , , 1 i . Y ' 1 L For Cooking "There's No Equal" LO a Modnrn Autonuaug Gas Ran 4:-'LJ I..-VCDN QADIG SALES Hancock M31 ylano Telephonc Oru Circ 4 I 1 4- 1 '- Y 111 bi. . 1 ! .T. 14 "' I 1 L J-J... CUIVIBETQLAIXID WELDING AND SUPPLY COMPANY PArkv1ew Z 62.90 102 W1neow Street Cumberland Maryland THE BALFOUR COMPANY a.. 6 BALPQUR any MZIZQJZQZ 208 West Saratoga Street Ba1t1more 1 Maryland N I r Your Class Rings Came From 1 0 Congratulatlons .nm Fan ulty TI-1E HGLJT CQNSTIQLJC-WGN CCDIVIDANY Cuxnbcrland Mary land to 19551 Graduating Class , r' I . , , , Complige ents of THE CUNIBEQLAAND ELECTRIC COMPANY l37 V1rg1'11a Xvenae Cumoerland Maryland Telephone Pllrkvuw 7 C10 Auto Rcpau' and Sales Good Used Cars GLJTZLEXKMS G XR.5xCrL. CHARLES F GURLEY 79 N Mechan1c Street Currberland Maryland Telephone PArkv1ew 4. 4846 EM Wwe CABINS l..1ttlc Orleans Maryland Gas O11 Croc er1es Teleo one GRee'1lea 42.21 CLYDE COLDRFN Proorletor UAV! 'S GARAGE AND SERVICE STATION Fhnt stone Maryland POEY S NIOBILL SLRVIC AND SN 1CK BAR Routc c lc Gro 1 ar, Telcp one GRQ1 lf i 671 MARTIN MOUNTAIN INN lw1art1n's Mounta1'1 Noxe1t1e Gas Lunch SHIDVVAYS SHIPVVAY S H1 l- and Dry Wonderful Place for o P11 s a Good N1g,ht's Res M1les East of Q TTY If and SCC Marylaro on Ro Q 11 for Yoursell Y- I . I O , . . . V ' A I . 1 X - 1 11 - Y Ki 1 , - l 3 A..-' fl ' 7- l I x In Y - l - .1 I ' - h 4 .hz f 1 ' ' 1 E , 1. - I 5' 7 IE , M. T 40 ' ' 'V B:l -2 ,v:, lvl' "l.:11'1cl fl ' 5, , I , . , - 1 , at Your Convc-nic-ncic . 4,11 ern -41 . I s R.'L.'1kU UNT 'Q . ' . f H ilu-11.4150 ' -q 'Y -1 21 ' A GlL1!:w2rm'1'l21711l A r A ,, 'I 1 x QQIX , , f CTQLEANMES GROCERY General Merchand1se Cross T1es Fert111ZeTS Etc Llttle Orleans Maryland Telephone GReenlea.f 8 4331 Establ1shed 1865 We A.1rn to Please fgggf 4 JEWELRY STORE Mus1cal Instruments and G1fts Hancock Maryland VA L. LEY ESSO STATION JOSEPH ANGELLATTO Gas GTOCCTICS Soft Dnnks, and Souvenlrs DEALER open 7 oo A M 12 oo P M EODDS FLOWE R SHOP J' ELMER BOPP 19 North L1berty Street Cumberland Maryland We Spec1al1ze 1n Corsages Weddmgs and Funeral Work Telephone PArkv1ew Z 4330 . . . . I I 9 I - - Cl ' ,U 0 Nw, , 'X : .. . . fx.. , . . - l I I , . ' I . . 0 I . . . . l I 9 1 . 1 Comphrnents of 0-Z! 4MZ4 STUDIO Cumberland Maryland 1 Q . 57.2-H LQ Case Tractors and Machme ry GMC Trucks 1fZ 20 Tons Gasollne D1esel Sales and SETVICC Genu1ne Replacement Parts Shop Serv1ce COl.L.IN'S GMC TRUCK COMPANY Route 40 East of Cumberland Telephone PA1-kvlew Z 3922 I A' , Sm R ,AY - lr... " -- ' ' ,412 1'I"f 4-A. 1 u . 1:?Z. ALUMNI DIRECTORY NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION MARRIED CHILDREN Carl Bennett Flrntstone M aryla nd Orchardrst JoAnn Hall Fred Brble Wheaton Maryland Constructlon Thomas Buser Chanute Arr Base Arr Force Merel Chaney Artemas Pennsylvama Ort s Bakery Ruth Crabtree Lrttle Orleans Maryland Homemaklng Sam Pnce Vrolet Creek Hancock Maryland Clerk George Cochran Robert Davrs Germany Army I ames Fletcher Fh ntstone Maryland Farmer Rlchard Parkrns France Army Fred Hendnckson Flrntstone Maryland St George Motor Co Jack Hofe La ke On on M1 Chl ga n Carpenter Maryland Dorothy Kolb Takoma Park Maryland Homemaker Rebecc a Pnce Hervey Mrddleton Oldtown Maryland Farmer Natahe Mann Frostburg State Teachers Student Dwrght Morns U of Md College Park Md Student Shrrley McCusker Hanover Pennsylvama Telephone Operator Kenneth Murphy Sllver Sprlng C onstr uctlon Betty Mauzy Washmgton D C Secretary Lee Prrce Takoma Park Maryland C onstr uc ll on Dot Reb ecc a Kolb Lee Norma Norms Lxttle Orleans Maryland Clerk Ronald Rlce F11 ntstone Maryland Potomac Motors Leah Robrnette State Teachers College Student C o, Martha Jackson Flintstone, Clerk , Lee ' Lee CQ. NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION MARRIED CHILDREN Waxtman Shryock Orlando Florlda Arr Force Dave Srngleton Alaska Au' Force Amold Sm1th Potomac State College Student Eleanor Sm1th U of Md College Park Md Student W1ll1am Shlpley Flmtstone Maryland Farmer Vera V Sm1th Flmtstone Maryland Waxtress Gerald Shder Thule Greenland Arr Force Ronald Slrder Oldtown Maryland Farmer V1rg1n1a Shtpway U of Md College Park Student College Park Vera L Sm1th Everett Pennsylvama Homemaker Robert Chtes Ernest Shrrver Flmtstone Maryland Ort s Bakery Robert Twx gg Potomac State College Student Argyle Wllson Oldtown Maryland Farmer Vll'glIll8 Yonker Oldtown, Maryland Homemaker Allen Yonker Hunter A F B Georgxa Alr Force Danny Barnes Baltlmore Maryland 1955 COHSUUCIIOH Worker Danny Brble Wheaton Maryland Constructron Worker Homer Blubaugh Oldtown Maryland Farmer Carol Buser Monroevr lle Pennsylvama Manager of Bakery Dessre Buser U of Md College Park Md Student Hxllary Donahue F11 ntstone Maryla nd Home Darla Golden L1ttle Orleans Maryland Home , Md, Norman Smith U. of Md, Student . Md. NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION MARRIED CHILDREN Harmon Heavner Fhntstone Maryland Pulp Wood Dealer Ra mona Ma uzy Leslle Hennen Lowry A F Colorado Arr Force Kermrt Humbertson Fhntstone Maryland Orchardrst Patsy Kelly Fort McC1e1len Wac Ruth Kelchner Flrntstone Maryland C atherman s Busmess School Davrd Ketterman Srlvers Sprrng Maryland Constructron Carl Krfer Amarlllo A F B Texas Arr Force Leonard Mallow Sampson A New York Arr Force Ramona Mauzy Fhntstone Maryland AKLP Super Market Cashrer Harmon Heavner Arleen McCusker Hancock Maryland Housekeeprng Freda Messersmth Lxttle Orleans Home Wrlham Odgers U ofMd College Park Md Student Norman Prfer Srlver Sprrng Maryland Constructron Maryland Mae Rrce Frostburg State Teachers Student Kenneth Rrce Fhntstone Maryland Home Thornton Robmette Fhntstone Maryland Ort s Ba kery Patrlck Roland Wheaton Maryland Construc I1 on Richard Roland Flmtstone Maryland Gas Statxon Attendant Dora Stokes Cumberland Maryland Catherman s Busr ness School Shlrley Wercht Cumberland Maryland Homemaker o Westfall Paul Wercht Marxne Charles Whorton Fhntstone M aryland Carpenter s A pprennce Rosemary Whorton Hagerstown Maryland Maryland Medrcal Secretarral School COMPLIMENTS ALUMNI ASSOCIATION ' l ' . .B. ' ' . . , . Co. . .F.B. ' ' , . , . . . . 0 . Co, John Price Wheaton, Construction CO. . . ' . . , . ' . Co, . . ' . I . . D Le . D , i . OF ...... D, YFlSIG'04A'lND I

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