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N Mwffwm. PM 'wgfbiv Jgipw v Affaff5f Q dx FLINTSTONE HIGH SCHOOL Flintstone, Maryland FLINT CHIP ass 954 VOLUME I NUMBER IV Flintstone High School SCHOOL SONG Among the lofty mountains of our Maryland, There stands a school to all of us so dear And there the light of knowledge ever burning in thy halls ls always shining for us bright and clear, CHORUS And if we heed thy teachings to us given And form our ideals from thy guidance true, We'll live the life that is a worthy tribute To Flintstone School, our teachers, friends and loved ones, too When other scenes and other cares their impress leave We'll let thy pleasant memories appear, And then we'll think of friends and comrades that we loved so well ln Flintstone School, to all of us so dear, We dedicate this book to the Future Homemakers of America and to the Future Farmers of America, These organizations have contrib- uted immeasurably to the abundant life of our country, , fg g 31 3' E lm Nfl lf X-N' 4 FT.. b ,gc- - L if -"'ffLl.f ' 4- -,,. 1' - A Belief-- That happy, friendly homes furnish the basis of a true democracy A Hope-- That our school is providing for the training of boys and girls to make these happy homes, E,es4L1L.Q maria 'D QAX6:hW43 , , ' MRS, MARGARET ATKINSON- - - MISS DELORES BEAN ----- MR, HAROLD BEAN --'-- MRS, MARY BLANCHARD- ' ' MRS. HAZEL BOTTENFIELD- MISS ,IACQUELINE BROWNING- ' MR, RAYMOND CHANEY- ' - MR. GEORGE CONWAY- - MISS ANITA DICKEN' ' MISS ELINOR DOERR ---- MISS ROSEMARY DOLLY- - MR. MR. MRS MR. MRS MR. MRS MRS MRS MRS. JOHN FRANK ----- EUGENE HARRIS- - . ETHEL HARTLEY- - - "STONEY" JACKSON- ' , ANNA LOGDSON- - - KENNETH MALONE- ' VELLA PATTERSON- - ' . MARY ROBINETTE- - . ELSIE H. ROLAND' ' DOROTHY SMITH- - x L, Facult - - - English - - - Grade Five - - Core, Reading - - - - - Music - - - Grade One - - Grade Five - - - - - - Mathematics - - History, Mathematics - - - - - - Elementary Music - - Biology, English, Librarian ----------GradeSix - Social Studies - - - - Science --------- GradeTwo - Coach, Physical Education - - - - - - Grades One and Two - - Vocational Agriculture, Shop - - - - - - - Home Economics Grade Four Principal, Vocational Agriculture -----------GradeThree frfftllzgs lmm ilu S1 IIIUIS Ll l N L L, M L wclcon L to tl L lllllO1'S uno mll soon be talnng our placp HH llln. 3L.lll0l' I 111 all I C l 5 n vs and ll3IliN ro In 1 lol wg will soon become a part and to thu nndcrgrddnateb the Wlill and llvpm flat Klux max fo ox me ldpdl of lllIlI9IOllL lr lx our dpslrc that lu Larbook wlll lx a true reprcmntauon ol gl sclool lxfe 89 we know ll and ' xc Q c a lna II wlll Sena 5 ramunbrance of thy felloxxshltn and lL3.I'VllIlQIl13l we haw oblalned at lwllfll iron 'VN a3,W:C0v fx 'QNXN N - W 'y . ' 1 1 ' ' 4 ' 1 1 ' ' I , 1 , A V 1 .-Rs prcsi cnt o Inu Scnlor nfla.-5,1 Lal-QL: gr az plnznlru ln Qxninllni o':r , ll 111 A g ' " 5 , " - -F' Il... of Illinlxtonc, Wo wish IO offer our lllOSl llcarlfcll apprguhnion lo nnr fncnll., for T1 js have done lo' uh, oxr greeting, 1 l: E : alnn.ni, of lo l Q' ' 4' ll " ' 5 I' , 'f V 1 's yi f - Al1i'l l , ' ' ' ' ha ' .harld it, nd 'l 1 ' " H a' a eniors CARL BENNETT So tall, calm and cool! Porky has given spectacular performances as our soccer goalie, Mathematics is his favorite subject, FRED BIBLE Fred's interest in sports has been shown very distinctly, Come baseball season and he's ready to go, Come soccer season and he's ready to go, That's not all because Fred likes to hunt, RUTH CRABTREE Good things come in small packages. Ruth proves this statement by her small features and big deeds, VIOLET CREEK "Cricket" is a quiet soft-voiced little girl. She seldom has much to say, but she is a great favorite, THOMAS BUSER What was that streak? Was it lightning? No! It was only Tom in his flying Ford, Tom finds Shop interesting, MEREL CHANEY Did you say all work and no play? Merel's sense of humor has added many happy times to our school day memories - i' RICHARD HARDEN Someone who participates in class is "Dick," He is very good in expressing his opinion on any subject, FRED HENDRICKSON Quietness often leads to fame, If this be true, we know Fred will succeed in any- thing he undertakes, ROBERT DAVIS Bob was outstanding in his one year of soccer, His many goals were an aid to Flintstone's finishing in second place of the V-',M,l. League, JAMES FLETCHER If you want a good actor, just call on "Jim, " We'll remember him especially in his performance as William Shake- speare in " The Boy Will, " He is reliable in soccer and baseball. JACK Home Will "Farmer lack" live up to his name? We all know he likes Agriculture. MARTHA JACKSON Sincerity is one of Martha's nicest characteristics. She spends her spare time efficiently, DOROTHY KOLB "Dot" is the girl athlete in our class, She enjoys softball, roller skating and ice skating, HERVEY MIDDLETON Bang! That was a report from a rifle, You can be sure Hervey is in the vicinity because hunting is his favorite hobby, , 1 -4-v' , ' 3 5.1 g I 1 C..- SHIRLEY MCCUSKER "Mac's" outstanding talent is her acting ability, As Mandy, she was an excellent performer in our Junior Minstrel, KENNETH MURPHY Quiet and shy, Ken's a real fine guy! Every inch of 6' 4" is packed with fun, NATALIE MANN "Nat" has proven herself to be an all around good student. She is class treasurer, president of Student Council, editor of "Flint Chips" and a talented pianist. DWIGHT MORRIS As vice president of our Senior Class and president of F, F. A. , Dwight has shovsm that he not only has fine scholastic ability, but also takes part in other activities. mlb WW! NORMA NORRIS The willing worker of our class is none other than Norma jean. Lead her to a task and she is sure to conquer it, RONALD RICE Ronnie has been an active member of Dramatics Club, His acting ability has been displayed many times, BETTY MAUZY "Betts" has quiet ways which only add to her charms. She is a fine seamstress, LEE PRICE Fun, fun and more fun! "Doc" special- izes in Shop. Who knows, maybe he will be a famous carpenter! QS" LEAH ROBINETTE Leah is noted for her singing ability. During her Junior year she was crowned Sweetheart Queen at the F.H. A. and F, F, A, Valentine Dance, Leah is our efficient secretary of the Senior Class, WAITMAN SHRYOCK Always smiling always gay! It seems "Wake" never has a trouble in the world DAVID SINGLETON Boom! Don't get excited, It's none other 'than Dave working in the chemistry laboratory, Seriously, he has done fine work and has enjoyed every 'ninute of it. LYLE SIPES When someone asked, "Who's going to play for our party?" Lyle saved the day. WILLIAM SHIPLEY "Bill's" favorite pastimes are hunting and eating. After all, who could think of a better or more interesting hobby than eating? VERA V. SMITH Vera has proven herself to be quite helpful in many cases, Her cafeteria work has been an example, ARNOLD SMITH Arnold's musical talent not only includes playing the violin, but he also has that wonderful singing voice. He is a member of F, F, A, of which he is reporter, ELEANOR SMITH "Liz" is our outstanding 4-H er. Her fine health record won her a trip to the National 4-H Club Congress in Chicago, VIRGINIA SHIPWAY "Ginger" is an active F.H. A. member, She is Maryland State president and a National vice president. "Ginger" was also chosen Allegany County Farm Queen in the '52 contest, NORMAN SMITH "Norm" has done fine work as our class president and also as secretary of F. F. A, He was the Allegany County delegate of the National F. F, A, Convention in Kansas City Missouri. GERALD SLIDER Baseball, soccer ball, or football, Just mention the word ball and Jerry is there! He is a good sport as well as a good player, RONALD SLIDER Did you say artist? Well! Certainly we have one! Ronnie does very nice Atl work which is enjoyed by all, LLL - I AJ' VERA L. SMITH When we call for talent, we can surely call on Vera, Her fine tap dancing is always welcomed, ERNEST SHRIVER The force of Ernie's own merit makes his way, Music is one of his favorite , . gtgyects, Y ROBERT TWIGG It hasn't been hard to guess Bob's favorite hobby! It's reading, of course! If you are hunting for Bob don't forget to look back in the corner, where he's reading abook! ARGYLE WILSON The life of the party! I think everyone will agree that Argyle has been quite cheering, especially on blue days, He can dance, act and sing, Square dancing is his favorite! ALLEN YONKER One of the tallest members of our class is Allen, His nice qualities and his happy go lucky ways have made him many friends, SHIRLEY WEICHT This friendly lass has given much of her time to school activities, She seems to enjoy serving in the school cafeteria, VIRGINIA YONKER Virginia has been a successful president of Dramatics Club, She has shown her splendid work in many ways, uniors VX First row: Kelly, Wharton, Buser, McCusker, Turner, Messersrnith, Buser, Mauzy, Stokes. Second row: Mrs, Patterson, Mallow, Roland, Ketrerman, Price, Kelchner, Rice, Gilpin, Donahoe, Weicht, Bible, Barnes, Mr, Harris. Third row: Rice, Odgers Kifer, Roland, Humberson, Hennen, Pifer, Blubaugh, Vance, Robinette, Deremer, Heavner, Wharton. Class Officers P1'2SiCl2Hl ---- - - - Ruth Kelchner Vice President - - - - Thornton Robinette Secretary ---- - Freda Messersmirh Treasurer - - - - - Peggy Gilpin AdVi30l'5 - ' ---- Mr. Harris Mrs. Bruce ophomores First row: Dixon, Slider, Clites, Mullenax, Baker, l-lout, Whorton Barnes Turner Heavner, Second row: Mr. Conway, Teeter, Turner, Stottlemyer Twigg Robosson Dolly, McCusker, Golden, Shipley, Self, MacDonald, Hofe Rinker Shipway Robinette. Third row: Bennett, Trail, Hoffman, Stafford, Bender Bennett Lough Tribut, Whitfield, Hampton, McCusker, Shaw, Smith, Smith Class Officers President ---- - - Shirley Twigg Vice President Ronald Shipway Secretary ---- - - - Judy Slider Treasurer - - Naomi Heavner Advisor - - - - -Mr. Conway reshmen First row: Bennett, Weese, Heavner, Golden, Gloss, Elbin, Kifer, Kelly, Imes, Mallow, Second row: Mr. Chaney, Walters, Bennett, Stokes, Hartman, Cornwell Smith, Mauzy, Vance, Bible, Fletcher, Hoffman, Mr, Malone, Third row: Mann, Smith, Long, Robinette, Dolly, Smith, Rader, Blubaugh, Parker, Mauzy, Trail, Jackson, Class f ficers President ---- - - - Teddy Robinette Vice President - - - - - Patsy Mauzy Secretary ---- - - Marlene Golden Treasurer - - - - - Helen Heavner Advisors - - - - Mr. Chaney Mr. Malone A' 4 ft 1 1 W' if ly ,Q lx S Q xx Sw E f 'T' 'Zi f 0 K . X Nav i ,kg lg., 6 3 -.Q f A 532 . ,-3-iffwl.-Q-.' gg ' ' x 1 I3 " ,p O QQ .I 5 V vi ab' 4' ?, , ggi 1 A I -f . Q. Q Q 'f' 2, t I lg hi. e?vf gg 4. :Q A 41 Q .. . A-.:?f I9 ' 2 ' fs n if' fn 'I '4 I' Q 'P , I If 4 ' gyxtq 1 1 1 'fr x . - 1 il ,ff g 5 P, og, iq f M83 f af A Y 2 if rganizations Virginia Lee Shipway State President National Vice President of North Atlantic Region President ---- - Vice President Secretary ---- Treasurer - - Historian - - Advisor - - ,iv 'P Q5 NEW QQOW on s s 1g F 1 E : K ' 2 e, 1 ill 'ff to QWJ 0 90 Ramona Mauzy - - Dessie Buser - - Delores Clites - - Charlotte Hour - - Judy Slider Mrs. Celia Bruce j.. 1 . W-2 , 5 FY H ww V ,f 67 -1' 4 -ww Q 273 n I K as 'wife "5'8...A 'ff , ""' , ' W4 , 9 Q . 9' ' wL P J: "' tx if A Af 9 -- Y , 'ff , ' , . 3 Q, J. :Kg ' , 3 it ky lm , L ' -' ' 'TS ' K L -".,' V : v J, tk , sin. at if 4 'Q' 'q I L' ' ' A, .L ' ,. . 5 , y I A ' .. lc. X -LE nf :pf Y '2 'Q 5 ' ' V. ,ui J -., I .M 1:15 , A Vrfffiv Tw.+gFN kiwi r A I lf- v f A H Q' :si 3" J ,n . "5 '-fi 5 an ,I ' 7' .f . ' H I A N- H' fr D Jqfiw , H Il ' 3 ' 'fab if , 11 'V X l f, 1 Q . , gawk- X I 1 1' . I I .i E -' -rw' W - 2' ' -2 flvf' A, f 1 , SB F ' 1 y . - L- 1 'il -'ff 'Y . E . .1 ' ' f L X Q ' 3, ' sf ' 335 . A A ' Q, 1 , " vm s , Q .., Q n 4 , Q wg V gk ' R155-'nf gy x ma, ,W .1554 lid I I I 5 4 2 FU. , I I ' . ..., 'I tudent Council OFFICERS President ---- ----- - -NATALIE MANN Vice President- - - - 'NORMAN SMITH Secretary ---- - - RUTH KELCHNER Treasurer- - - - - DWIGHT MORRIS D MORRI9 SMITH lk! E I FLETCHER 5. T ROBLNETTE R. MANB M BLUBAUGH C BENNETT 1' J SLIDER T ROBINETTE K lOUCvH R, SHAW COACH JACKSON 'Cr F BBLE AQ? D BIBLE J C WHORTON C VANCE N PIEER C KIFER il X ,r QT- i YK uf W 6 , I 1' 'E ,Qfs 1 TY, is N. '7 x sy' A . Ag, 4+ M lbs ' sq C, V Q Y 8 15 f UL , s N C . I All . y , 5 . Ir. N fx- Ku '44 ,,' ' ' ' , af FN ' . p yn ' ' L' ' Y v 'O U ' 0 I ' ' I .1A.- K 4 Z ,Av " 'A 6 A4 . 85 ., , . V ' T. . ' I :we Q Nu, 'wg 4- - 5 ' g , 'QQ 1 ,- U W- ' 2.2 A V , 'M '4' Q. 3" ' . 'ln-'lf .J ' 3 1 A 9 - s . ' nigga' f ' l 'ids . - fmi- ig, QQ- , A ' "f ' . I . 'ig' " A' if Wy- , - , ' my , 'Q' ""- ' ,ff un .A ..,.- 4. , ' -- lk ,Q .. 3,4 ,. V Q.. f f uf V e.' - y . ' - c 'x J 4 . 14 .4 ' X I. f wwf A 371- .ad ., If, s Valley, Flintstone Capture' Opening WMI Soccer Tilts A ::i.e."1:,1i"L i:'::ge Flint tene High W 5 ,t,iSeeks Win leday,I Flintstone ...... ..... 1 Valley , ..... .. .... 1 I L F Bruce ........ ...... 0 Mt. Savage ......... 0 1 Beall ............... - Gun". e S 5 Beall at Valley I tBruce .,....,,,........,. 0 Flintstone Boaters Upend lvaney 3-2 In WM! contest E3'::,.'2.?5I3':'i'i'3 lAggie Defeat wsu LEAGUE ,,, Ik w. L. 'r. 1 ' - Flintstona .......... ..... 2 0 0 ' valley ....... .......... 1 1 o - , Beall . .,.... .... . ........ 1 1 o Mt. Savage .. ............ 2 0 ,f K z of Games Tuesday J Bruce at Valley U S . CVC e 1 ' Mt. Savage It B dl g 9 Y Fllntstone at Bruce Y Valley mg? V! Faces Beall 1 Flintstones Indians , , - B1 Fhntstone v' the 1953 w W scholastic, - day. If It mar , play F' ' Beall s A thx fourth pe? H Coach Orvil- eleven as Ar scoring for t with a- 25-yard first period A k Thornton Robmette as the fourth quarter two quick goals in the th of the game by Jim Flex Bob Davis complet fl the Outstandxrg- gg the f1e len half on goals by t Teams Dan B1b1e booted h Today stone s first goal in se J unbeaten soccer teams Davis Davis booted h e Western Maryland Inter yarder 1n the third sta olastic League will clash the count andghen J-am day at Flintstone when the drlbbled the ball tom th xggies entertain Valley High s of the field to bmi TIQRG ,behind to edge thf iWlC9,- 'igh School's Aggies Black KI1iSf1iS 3-2 ff, to tie Valley High hand the Knigh' r first place in SPH Maryland ' 'and Interscho- Cel' League 10x l g gue and Coach Sew Straigh- J 4 - booters hope to "Sta " Jack H Q me V r. im , a 0 2 o ' X o 4 2 eleven. 1 2 Valley scored g and Bob Montgome 5' a pass from Brown. Jackson s Jl Aggies dead n of Lonaconing mp of the W M I by defeatlng Mt Sav hool yesterday at Flint the score of 5 0 shutout triumph was the d registered by Flintstone and after taking a pass Black Knights 111118 goal th A 3 1 d f ststone Fllntstone BeX4ts Bt chool Black Kmght Aggie le Play At Home Today alley eall Beall Tests Flin tone, I lntstone TUC! t Savage p WMI sta Valley at Bruce at Fhntstoli defeated 2 1 and ng downed Mt Savage by t Davis Valle Beei Robe Mun W Wi Hump Cuthbe Kltzm Montgom row tcher ID gold Pat Valle Hosts Mf Sqvq escore of 4-1 yesterday to rem t t H I1 Y 9 tied for the leadership of W M I Soccer League with 4-1 1 Flintstone H1ghs Aggies and cords Valley Highs Black Knights of can .Me T0 Battle Valle Lonaconing deadlocked for first Aggles spotted Beau a held g place with 3 1 records play home In the second period tied It up games today with Beall and Mt 1 1 on a penalty goal 1n the thi or t Savage as the last half of th stanza and sewed it up with a he WMI Soccer League race ge goal in the final quarter under way AT FLl'N'1'S1T'KE POI oal Je e ggies a recor or ne first half of the campaign which was concluded yesterday Flmtstone counted three times in the opemng period and added goals in the second and fmal stanzas Fred B1ble launched the scoring parade on a pass from Bob Davis The latter scored the second goal and J1m Fletcher h1t the target to make it 3-0 Thornton Robmette took Fletcher s head pass to rack up the fourth point m the second period and Davis connected on a direct shot ID the final heat for lus second goal of the game There Tied For Lead The goals scored by Robmette and Fletcher tied them with Ra dall Brown of Valley High for the league leadership each ha scored five P01015 F1111fS'C0I1e 1188 scored I7 points in four games Fullback Lough Halfbacks Mor ris W1lson and Slider and Fr Bible Robinette and Davis on th forward line played bangup game for the Aggies AT FLINTSTONE Fllntstonl C51 Ht Sang. my C Bennett D,vm.e Heavner Winer' n,,.....,... 4, Bm, Important WMI Game Cbach Orville fStoney7 Jackson sash Aggies will be shooting for a Sweeprus of the Beall series as they opened?m the season with a 4-0 dec1s1on overcx-IB the Frostburg eleven Beall hasum won one and lost three games John Frank will OHlCl2.t8 in tlmegf' game at Flmtstone Heavner Lough m Shaw Slider Fletcher F Bible Robinette D vt: a D Bible ls Set For Barton HB LHB Honorable Mention F mst place in we BOBBY DAVIS :land Interscholashc IR IL HARMON HEAVNER e is scheduled nor Sm, s Wilson 32222: Slider Clausen D Bible Wh F Bible 322,32 Robmette R Carter Davns Fiorlta Fletcher qmdenu, by periods FLINTSTONE Score by amen Em today at Barton where Coachm. SAVAGE 0 0 0-0 1-um-5-1-QNE , 0 1 1 Johnny Meyers Valley High boot- 'Yield :gag near-ga by Flmnwne Davis BEALL 1 Fred e o mem Fl c n new nm new Mn ,mfm ers battle Coach Orville Jacksons submfum Mt savage fic :mum aft ax ' X . A I , ' .5 , . . A ' ' ' 1 . 1 - . A ' ' A ' J ' - ' P A . . . , . K ' . . - - ' . , . , A i""'w AW' X . ' 'V I A . . V I . . . 0 ffff.. Wa .. , .l fffff .... ' 7 .... r . 2 . . . I ..,... 5 :sn . ' ,. B ', s . . I A 1 1 0 . ' . ' . . . o 1 1 l ' - 3 n, Ml . A , a' ' . o o 1 u ' K , ,.,l - ' ' ' ' ' ' . t . A. . . ' 3 ' . Y h V . y . .- ' - Y - . Y . . X . 1 ' A a. ' .v - ' " ti . 'A U A 1 lk. G ' . . ..... . .... '. ,' I 2 ' RB .... ..... . , , c. Bennett ...... Ca IBBHB " ' Cmpbeu ' . h M0 'l nlnunu. ,. OR . ,................... I 1 - DR 'jjjjjjjjjjj . CF ' j '211Z'.Z'.1'.Z'.21Z"'. I . . . . ' 'R ' ox. "'f1IfIf11IQ1If1"'x' ' . JL , ""' - ..., f ........ . 3 1 o 1-s , , , . . ..,.......... . o ....,..f:fffffffffffff o 1 , ' -1 ' . 1 . ' . 'I 3 " t' -1 'J ' ' .. Sh' nmuum . P" 'kb' , if A 2 P, , af ' 2 K 5 f 5 -: gf M' 'fx aw Qui P, ' . W. Q, .. S La Awww qu ' ,AS ' mg, -fl -7 f Er , i v ' - . 5 . ,1 f Q ,fx 5. ag - ,Eh Q. .MJ Ni 7: ' 5, D - ,bl , J Iamatlcs f Girls ' Shop Bachelors Win. l vs xl f 9, e ' :Sti- -K is - N ' 1 1-1 ' Vw -avg' J. Xi ill K QW! yu. 'FF'-f 44f 3 van ' .D Q. ' H ,f '- jj! A ' fl' A ff i jf ,ffm 45' ,tk ,JI ,' 4 ,Eng I f 'M G9 I llll 'vllql u-1 1' lun u ls u n -olnnvll' -I-nan u ,I . ., ,. , 1 .,,,n,-u u s .mil x ,,.f gk? AM 15. ,, 'S af' E an - , 1 X . I K 1, 9 y A J ... 5 'N v IA' 5. eq' , . 'A'-lf X! ,la Q., i. ws- -, at -ll R ua, fl 1' Bus Drivers Bus Patrol K I -x 4 I Af, W" QJJ1. lx XJ Afil' W L mi? if? X - .'1' xx-,, .I 4 , W' .' RTE: A ' xx L' '- Q - U l 0 L Q is ful Future Teachers offlmeriea Boosters Club Aw' Yf IIFDOOA Sta Edltor rn Chref Co Edrtor Busmess Manager Adwerusrng Manager ASSISIHHI Adveruslng Alurnnl Eduors Sports Ldrtor Typrst NATALIE NIANN NORMAN SMITH VIRGINIA SHIPWAY ELEANOR SMITH NORMA INORRIS VIRGINIA YONKER SHIRLEY MCCUSK' R AI I EN YONKLR DWIGHT MORRIS ARNOLD SMITH QW Patrons and Patrorzcsses MR and MRS VIRGIL ATKINSON HANFOFK BANK MR and MRS BRADYE DOLLY MR and MRS MARTIN GORDON GILSON S STORE MR and MRS. I. S ROLAND P, F C RONALD E, ROLAND U, S M, C AXB WILLIAM D ROLAND U.S A E S, T LITTLE JEWELRY CO, MR, and MRS RUSSI LL SMITH ERNEST SHRIVER MR and MRS A-.'XJDR.EW C TWIGG MR, and MRS, MARTIN WILSON I V1 Senior Editor ------------------- LEAH ROBINETTE M J 1 . 1952 ALUMNLDIRECTORY NAME ADDRESS OCCUPA TION MARRIED CHILDREN Je an Browmng Frostburg Maryland Student Donald Crabtree Fort Devans Mass U S Army Carolyn SlllS Regrna Fletcher Flmtstone Maryland Home Marshall Fletcher Flmtstone Maryland Fa1rch1ld Aucraft Corp Norma Jean Golden Lrttle Orleans Maryland Homemaker ohn Kxefer Lourse Heavner Flmtstone Maryland Farrchtld Aucraft Corp Roseannah Hendnckson Flmtstone Maryland G C Murphy Company Donald Robtne tte John Kxmble F lmtstone Maryland Southem States Co op Wtlllam McCusker Lrttle Cfle ans Maryland Farrchfld Arrcraft Corp Betty Mlller Srlver Sprmgs Maryland Telephone Operator Carl Mallow Thomas Mrltenburger Flrntstone Maryland Farmmg Helen May Fllntstone Maryland Home Rlchard Nelson Tw rggtown Maryland Armed Forces Nelhe Nelson Tw rggtown Maryland Homemaker Lewis Hampton Theodore Puff tnburger Fort Bennmg Georgra U S Army Betty Prfer Sllver Spnngs Maryland Telephone Operator Nancy Reuschel Cumberland Maryland Homemaker Raymond Snyder Mary Robrnette Oldtown Maryland Homemaker Gene Teter Lrnda Anne Esther Shryock College Park Maryland Student Grayson Smrth Baltrmore Maryland Glen L Martm Mary Harper James Smlth College Park Maryland Student Je an Sm tth Ltttle Orleans Maryland Waxtress Adolph Swam Fort Lauder Georgra U S Army Joann Teter Cumberland Maryland Home Darlene Walters Camp Plckett Vrrgrma Wave W1ll1am Jenkms Donna Wed'dle li lumore Maryland Homemaker Chester Cholmes Charles Wharton Aberdeen Maryland U'S Army Mary Wharton Fort Myers Vtrglnra WAF Patncta Wharton Houston Texas WAF ' 1 . i , . 3 1953 NAME ADDRESS OCCUPATION MARRIED CHILDREN Naomi Barnes Hagerstown Maryland Nursing Paul Bowman Y Little Orleans Maryland Farming Ru th Browmng Cumberland Maryland Cathermans Business School Robert Clltes Flrntstone Maryland Fairchild Aircraft Corp Leroy Crabtree Baltimore Maryland Reems Mfg Co Eleanor Dolly Cumberland Maryland Home Vera Garton Martrnsburg West Vtrgrnta Nursing Lucy Hamilton Washington Telephone Operator Clifford Hartley York Pennsylvania Arr Cooler Factory Clinton Hartley Little Orleans Maryland Farrchrld Aircraft Corp James Hartsock Cumberland Maryland Cathermans Business School Warren Howsare Sampson Field New York Arr Force Charlie Jackson Flrntstone Maryland Orchardlst William Krnes Flintstone Maryland Fairchild Aircraft Corp Terrell Mallow Hynd man Pennsylvania Farming Janet Mauzy Rtchmond Vtrgrrua Telephone Operator Patsy McCusker Hancock Maryland Wartress Dewayne Morrls Wlnchester Virginia Orchard Work Shirley Norris Amos Murphy Fllntstone Maryland Farrchlld Atrcraft Corp Shirley Norris Winchester Virginia Home maker Dewayne Morris Rrchard Puffrnburger Little Orleans Maryland I-'znrchlld Aircraft Corp Charles Robosson Flintstone Maryland Far ming Willram Roland Sampson Field New York Arr Force Richard Shtpway Fltntstone Maryland Farmrng Frank Smith Flrntstone Maryland Farming Mae Smith Little Orleans Maryland Rosen s Dept Store Vianna Smith Flrntstone M ary land W3lIl'6SS Royce Stafford Cumberland Maryland Farming Novella Swatn Martinsburg West Virginia Nursing --1 NQME ADDRESS OCCUPATION MARRIED CHILDREN Anna May Twigg Richmond Telephone Virginia Company Owen Vance 0loPostmaster Air Force San Francisco California Robert Wallizer Flintstone Home 7 Maryland Nelson Willison Cumberland Potomac Maryland Edison Co, Verna Whorton Wilmington Department Delaware Store Worker Delmer Yonker Little Orleans Maryland Fairchild Aircraft Corp. Elementary Activities i I Comphments of PARENT T EAC HER ASSOCAT ION I-IOIXAEIVIAKE RS AIXAERICA Wufzivfw FARIVIERS O! AYVIERICA Wgizzw 06 f 'fm "H-. MMM' wffh our dependable LP .SFR Makes no difference where you live KP Gas goes anywhere brings to any home the modern way of lmng You start in the kitchen with a beautiful new gas range Just count its conveniences IAST COOKING with gas heat can be fully on or completely el In a split second CLEAN COOKING with gas you broil without smoke in your kitchen With gas your burners lift right out to clean. EASY COOKING- with gas you cook with a flame the way you know best no special utensils required And the cost of all this convenience ts less than with automatic ranges using other fuelsl Best of all the convenience of LP Gas as with you always always under your control, no matter what the weather Good reason to use this some dependable fuel for relngerufuon and home heating lor a new water heater, a clothes dryer an incinerotor. let us show you the latest ll'-Gas appliances. Each brings new comfort new freedom to your home. And with LP-Gas they come to stayl HOT WATER, TOOI All the hot water you want for baths dishes laundry lnstantlyl Automatically! A gas water heater ill works 3 times faster than elec- tricity l2t operates anywhere 13, is quickly installed I0 uses never failing fuel ulton adlo Sales' Hancock, Maryland l mls 6136 Jem ' ' WW W IFIM00 607,Za, ,M ab una fs. ,.. ...s... Comphments of GARLAND PETROLEUM co 5412 IFEQVS Cumberland Better Values 1n Men's and Boy's Clothmg For Graduat1on Grfts Watches D1amonds Jewelry V1S1t SP E AR S Cumberland Maryland 077174 fr 97219 DEPARTMENT STORE Hancock, Maryland "The Store of Famous Brands Compl1ments of TEETER'S GROCERY Gulf Products Larro Feed Supplles F l1ntstone Maryland "For All the Comforts of Horne" E U COYLE FURNITURE CO Furn1ture Store 45 Balt1more Street Cumberland Maryland Phone 1220 SIMPSON COMPANY Whole sale Confect1ons 116 Henry Street Cumberland Maryland Daggett's Chocolates PERRIN GROCERY Self Se rv1ce Market 501 Balt1more Street Cumberland Maryland I in 1 I 3 . l 62 Baltimore Street H 3 9 3 Modern Cab1ns BELLE GROVE TOURIST CABING Gas O11 GTOCCTICS CLYDE W COLDREN Propnetor Phone Fhntstone 2221 ORLEANS GROCERY General Merchand1se Crosst1es Fez-t111zers L1tt1e Orleans Maryland Estabhshed 1865 We Ann to Please AYS YS G Vw I 4, XQXT-'A '4Q4G 6 0 ELDON SHIPWAY JOHN M. SHIPWAY X 0 I 59' 'V xb KAPLON'S Young Men's Shop Cumberland, Maryland Txme ly Clothes Arrow Sh1rts H1ckok Belts DAVIS Mobnlgas GARAG E AND SERVICE STATION Fl1ntstone, Maryland Homl1te Cha1n Saws DOLLYS Fl1ntstone Maryland REN ROY FLOWERS owers for Every Occas1on 37 N Centre Street Phone 3799 A M KIGHT MEANS LBS WOR! HIE INIME PDR ACRE GAS OIL CUMBERLAND 3075 BALTO PIKE Comphrnents of BUCKS THE PEOPLES NATIONAL BANK Hancock Maryland Member Federal Reserve System and Federal Depos1t Insurance "A1ways Good Food' NATIONAL RESTAURANT Hancock Maryland Ste aks Chop s "Fl ' ' U Cumberland, Maryland - ee 'Q 1' N lui! lf? 9, . ,L . Watch Repairing "'G'5"""""'Y'x Good lhuthoplng Phu Q nf' " - ij f' - CREEK JEWELRY STORE Hancock, Maryland Former Graduates MILLARD and GALE T. CREEK Keepsake Diamonds Watches OPP' FLOWER SHOP Phone 2582 75 Ba1t1more Street Cumberland Maryland Comphments of THE SOUTH CUMBERLAND PLANING MILL Your Commumty Lumber Yard S1nce 1896 33 Queen Street Cumberland Maryland Phone 2918 2919 M074. GOOD fcorrsree And Lunches Frozen Custard Amoco Gas 2 een 7'L0lld!64 0 Wann! W4 Robert L Altstetter R F D 2 Cumberland 'Sony K O 6 , At fi 7 l at BROA DWATERS eS'C"'ff, ROCHLODQEGARAGE TQ O, . . . , N A Md. ahah STUDIO Cumberland Maryland Comphments of Comphments of R ef7'7l,-I SINCLAIR PRODUCTS ZZZW There were tlmes we thought we wou1dn't But we fmally got It done But we had a lot of fun Here lt 15 we hope you llke It ' THE STAFF ' o It took a lot of effort, - ' 1 1 , K 5.A 44.0 X A LITHOGRAPHED , YEARBOOK DALLAS AS E .v V " P- H-ff K: 1: W N :...r K ,N 31- ,, , - " ' 5 4-- -J-H -' -F ,, -,,.-fr, .,,. - ... , ,,1Yyg:.g-y.:.,4.-AG-Jffm. -uf-11.--X , f , ' . '. ,i , --, -- ' - : . A - V- , : L ' Q .3 1: '- 1-0131-L-, 4-4, 1 K , ,,--. -- ,fi A..,, . .. L. MJJX. , , - - .-.,w-x.'c--x,'.n.nNfJ'x.'..".r."r.r: ..'N.4-.-xr,-.' .-..'.f,'x.1.-.-,"f.".'.,-. " x ' , La I. , A 1 1 - ....-"'ll-I- uv. f'f', July' , ,'.,. Q Q I ' - I b. ,4, .1-I ' ' ',.,-:A . nw- .,, .V Vx , 4 px ' is ,A 1 'Q 24 . 3 xl , ,J W, X 4 kv' . 8, ' S K , , v f , L 1 i,jr W ' lflxq, XX' n , 'H 5 -ff: -r- .f W , , ' 4 . - ,. . l - . W ' . Q4 1 .. YI' ' ' 1 . u 4 a V-flwj,-.f,:, -' '7j,13' 795 "H '- in "':':'ff5? if'-"'9M:'7'1i', f7'1Ef' 'yfii-' f"'-- A K . ,' , ' ' ' - A ' ' , .' , , ' ' . f . ' ' "" ' mr "'-ALE -V,- -, 4 4-mag, 3 f - gh -, zguiffwf,-4. .... 'f 'il-:A ur.. , ' Y W- -- ' ' - - g' r . -1" if EFS? 2222:-1

Suggestions in the Flintstone High School - Flint Chips Yearbook (Flintstone, MD) collection:

Flintstone High School - Flint Chips Yearbook (Flintstone, MD) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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Flintstone High School - Flint Chips Yearbook (Flintstone, MD) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 16

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Flintstone High School - Flint Chips Yearbook (Flintstone, MD) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 57

1954, pg 57

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