Flintridge Prep School - Log Yearbook (La Canada Flintridge, CA)

 - Class of 1942

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,,, 1 .u . .l, W' wr ll ' 'Mx Lfff-111' x XL. ' llfgg , TQ gn. Aix. I ', 'I , w X A'-A, A ' . . K . ,I -A' V V vw . " U '., 't X. - f if v K JRR' - . ' " A' 51' "' ' f' ',f"' 5 ' 2, Y . ' N .1 1 if' ' ' 1 ' 1 - f H f W 1, v A I - ' I 1.- JJ - , W' .'1.i , V"-n Q ' :YJ A 5 ad-'V . 1 .Al " - u - H 4 'Y J . ' I 4 ' , , , v. B NJ i n . N, A l A . . -, I' ' I -L, If -" ., . 1 M .1 . -v - - -11. ' . -, vu Q2 ' . . . ' , A . " '4 - 3 W . v Y ' . , 4 ' - - - : 1 , ' :.' 'ianf I '1' ' -f .f . , A 2 4 " ' PM , , fi . , V - I 4 .N W . , 1 ,Y . V 1 . , 5 ' ..,' L' J .,I':,.,4,, . 11 -' W: 4' ' . I 4 gi V A ' l 1- A U' 1 , N. . , ', .' , V - . ' -' , - lilly: .. w , , F . 2.-1 ' -' ' ' - . 3.-b. ,V X, 'Iv R -' ,, - ' , " H' ,K ' 5' , . , 'V . . M , . .7 I xi' v'.'f , ,. I lm X ' H. ' f .P -I , .,. , WJ 3 '- "' iff: 1, - ' , v 7: .R , T xrlla-,'g1,jr:lvv.V -A 3- , "w.5:,,!5, , ' - ,X -.ii-1 . 'f . ., ,fixing by-",,f?a'cj: fr. I . ' ' . L 3 . gg.--,f Vw.,-pm v' V 1. ' ,, g :f'+kiQ,5 1-' N - X- M V , Ag-,,..5Y.4 ,, 5 it 1 ., L - 1 .b rf - ,:fx.+f -. ' -A ' ' LN--ff. ', 'ff' H+Yn""., V" 1 . -- In H wk, .-,,, - I 1.1 -N ,N " N .R ,, s- 1 , ,,.! ,., V-'Ap'-rv by vi .v , ' 1 ' ' Jy ' . f... -, 'J' , .. X I A , V.. Y 'z-,4 , - f , 3 . . ,-5115. S, .,, . , ,...1H33E1g., ,. I- . . x . nw 0 L if ,. . F ' ' tru " I . N ll A K 1 . A ff. 1, , N J, f K - f . ' " 4- .1. rs ', Hn - . x .A 5 E , f g.-mu h , QW- f. U . 5 - , , , ,.-U.. 1 "' A 1- 4. ' 1'5" vi f . J , 1 ..s .g in 2' , . .Y fi' , . Y .. , . , 1 E , . - " " ' , ' gy , f 4. . ' Q - ,J 'uv 1 ? A -, 1. "?f.e'? ' n b , . 4 --' r I - 1, 'V z- ' ' , ufxii-13 .X . - -..f,.-,-,--.,', , , 7 . ,, ,w -',,- - . ' w.1,'t-15.Q1,.1X' : 'z 44 f ff M 7 1 5?'.:z1'iH?i'iLJ,-"W 7' . W .. . 4,415 M . f , . ' -' lf, .5i: L'5Z5' f"3,- ,mv ' ' - ' " .ff-QL 'f 35275-f .U - ,, ' ,"V . . f, - i'k1'f mrw- -S' x ,1 ,Jn - QM- y l.-'--.. ' 4, -W Qqlu' -g..f, raise:-,,E M 4: f , ' ff " ' . r .- , , ', Ja-JK' . . , . ' 2 ,. . ' 'i ' M '- f ' f ,, , 1. ,f3'kE?,r .. ' .. ' ,. ,. gg: 2' , f.-- , L: ' -, 4. , . Q- I k lv- '-' .. gvv WN, ur,-.N Ak'-.1 . I Q , J x hr ,.. 4 ax ,u wf- '. 1 , 1 . ' n - f .sf Q., .' ,, ww- ,. ix . I, 4 4" ' "WY, 1 1 ' g ,QQ , My ., f- 1' lf L, V 3.57 ' . L , 45 ' -Jun n .5 ' -- 5 0,53 , ,, -. 'r- ef. . , ,N . Mi' 'H' .WL 'iii We -:J ' . ,Q n ff jf, ., -K- ,.u I ' - 'H' Y., I ' ' ,A -3 :K 5- 'W' 901 Tele the future 1 xr.- V U 1 with 7ri6ute tv the lslvul- . TMA fuue of the Win tridge 109 New E een Ibedicateaf 5 Kecazwe the Tfeung Men Un 7lneAe Pageef 14re Indicative of Nmerica Z future, look dt Them Well . . BRIDLE PATH Ylcey 14re Zi6eraL C'onAerzJatiaIe, Studiocw, 71-ialvlvmd, 14m6itivuA, Complacen t, Nrrogan t, mild . . . They Nl-e Hmerica. 701' Them Tomorrow lf World ,YA Waiting. Q' To the ?acu1ty They Owe lliuclc To mr. Zowery, Pruident . . , wbo, besides being sucb a capable president, is one of tbe founders of Flintridge. His faitlr and interest in tbe scbool is Verified by tbe fact tbat be never misses a basketball game, baseball game, or swim- ming meet. He is always ready to sbou' bis bigb spirits with wbomever be comes in Contact by com- ing tbrougb with one of bis inexbaustible store of stories. 14nd to br. biclzimon, He dma who .vhowx zlefnite l'l'l'5!Ifi1if-1' in bi.: interests. Amon g these are the fierce haekganzmon wars wa ged with Mr. I I orning, and the .veierztifc research which led to his Doetor's Degree in Svienee from U. S. C. He has been known to turn a violent shade o f red when the phrase "is when" is innieted on his ,vensitive earx, hut he is hetter known for his vial-xnzelling lahoratory and haraxxezl-looking Biology studentx. , View A fx-ft . f ,L ter... Mr. Theron Ilorning has Iwo zlefnite assels. Tlfese are a .vel o f j1rac'tically-neu' u'l1ileu'all fires and an exlberl game of luuleganlmon. fflsle Dr. Dicleinson.j He rec'ei1'ezl bis B. A. af U. C. L. A.. where be was a Phi Befa Kappa. His M. A. is from lf. S. C. 11Ull'L'l'Ui'. even with this in1f1re.vsi1'e aeazlenlie lvackgromul, be was unable lo belfi bis junior proteges fo 9 . AK? 1 Xa-TI.-I WA ' ff- ui, if . lineart the Seniors on Ibeir annual dilvlv- day. Mr. joseph Rose is known for bis len- iency, his horse-shoe playing ability. and his wicked baseball arm. His pet peere is apple-polisloers. He displayed sheer genius in guiding the Seniors through a difficult year. To lllr. liornin 0144 ter o literature . . . and lllr. Hue, Popular Zangua e Teacher . . . Mr. I Iwzry Keblcr ix wlml is krmuw as 11 javk-of-all-lruzies. His bobby is milinkrf. and be is ready lo float 11 mulliuzl dix- c'n.f.fiou at flu' drop of a nlur'li11-xlzikc. Mlrxic' ami llw drama flffllfly 11 minor par! in flu' ultenlirms of Ibis Pnmmm- uml U. S. C.-iruinezl Coloxxlls. . . .To Illr. lfela er, Zeal-ned Iii to:-ian and lllr. Uaniman, 14,204 tle of Pqtlnagvra . . . Mr. C1n'rnIl Vfnzimafl luis all llI1.flH'- !I1lA'.VC'li zzmllrwzmliml uivzlom. a sizzling fmzlmiulwz gunlv. ami u lamb rlmfz wail- ing at lwmv for him. I lc lmilx from the ugg1'vs.vi1'z' lilllc fllllllllllllif 1' nf Simi, Cal- ifornia. and fl70l'0lIQl71',' t'Iljll1'.f lln' -rural K v . life. To mr. Zyndon . . . lllr. lllclfee . . . Mr. Leonard Lyndon, wlmse unomcial title is Co-ordinator in charge of morale. has freated more than one ebanifiionslvip team for If. P. S. B. Her'- fulean in stature and A lbollonian in feature, the Coaeb stands as a living exanlple for tlJe more anibitions o f his fifth period clasx. Mr. Harold McKee, who firesidex over the led get'-and-black ink division of Iflintridgefv adnlinixtration. alxo bay ebarge of doling out the lnoarders' allou'anc'es, and keeping the other leaeberx from l7L'l'0N1ll1g too pleased with their golf gamex. Mr. Robert lardine, nieflfanieal drawing and zeood-sliofi in.vtrm'tor, flaims as bix borne the biggest little tou'n in the xtate - Aladera. He ix the undix- puted lmttermilk-drinking king of Iflintridge, and the join' good tirex on lvix hardy ClJe1'1'y look n1i gbty good to people L'I1l"1'iIlg bim biy trips along tbe California coaxl. illr. Jardine . . . and MIAA uAwei er . . . Miss Louise G'Il5ll'Cl1L'I', lbe lJ1'a1l of flu' junior Dll'l.YlllI1, ix tbe one jnvrxon r'e.vpm1.vilJle for the fue library will? u'lJic'lJ we find our- xclzws confrontezl. No lon ger tan a .vllulenf beg o because o f a lurk o f sourve material. Besides doing ber fine library work, Mins G'IlX1l'L'l1l'l' ix doing graduate work uf U. S. C. I3 Wino Provide the Im ii-ation . . . and Pempiration . . . Which 14re Sv Lwen tial ?vr Convenience They 14re grvuped fn C'laAAeA ffm t, the Senior-A . . . llllnme Uel-Aatilitq ,YA fxemplified by . . . Our keenest regret is a last farewell to Flintrid ge, the school that has given us of its immeasurable benefits. W e take with us an infant knowl- edge, groomed in scholarly surroundings, which we are eager to put to a sterner test. Commencement is the milestone which marks the end of our earl trainin and the be innin o even richer o ortunit in which to J' K g 3 J' a l that which has been iven to us. J' K Flintridge is a source of strength from which every student has drawn his share, and in return has added his own contribution. This reciprocity of benepts cannot help but build lasting ties between student and school. Uur expressions of gratitude are inadequate. The future permitting, how- ever, the accomplishments of Flintridge training will suffice for those expressions. Fine phrases and generous speculations do not alone speak for those graduating. Their instincts are the jinest, their perspective blade-sharp . . . qualities which today determine the extent of national preparedness. America gives to her youth the inspiration of a great heritage . . . a heri- tage not without sacrifices which have served to maintain it through the years. From the heritages of school and state, Flintrid ge graduates derive a higher sense of responsibility to the world which they are about to enter. SAM BECKWITH Senivr P1-exq, Sam Keclzwitls . . . who guides bis Senior lllroblenl-rlfildren willy a light rein. has Iwo main interests in life - art and horses. These two be rec'om'iles by drawing the latter to the virtual e.w'lusion of any other siilajeft. Crepe fluttered dolor- ously when the order was sent out to close all rare trades, but Sam bright- ened considerably on thinkin g that Eastern tracks remain o llzen. for be hopes to go bark to the Yale Art Institute. Secretary- 'freaAurer, Reid :Wien . . . who mis granted this sinefure in tbongbtful rerognition of bis being the first student ever to return smiling for an extra fling at prep life. Reid has X!Il'lll the year taking a course in subjects demanded by Davis. the college zvlviflv luis attraeted his attentions as the place best-fitted to train him in the flartieular line u'lJic'lJ be hopes to follow. Reid will not be alone, for other Iflintridge grads will be there to meet him. Cominy Champion, Elake C'lri1dA . . . will take bis lI1ll.Yt'll'.f, wife fzifkvd by Clmr'1z'y lbzzlzlovk ax bc'.s'l-1ike1'y-ln- make-wW'lJealie.v-ad, and bis black P-Ifordy and ld-1' llwnl at llve zlixfmxal of the G'0I'f'l'l1lllL'lIf when gradlmlion lime urrircx. The Mcrclmfll Murim' bcfkons. and Blake, ever an admirer of llve l7l'il1v1' in the Bligb and 1101 in the Masefield trudilion, will mon be in bis elemwzl, .vleiillperiug bix jzlfzcky vreu' and their bmi!-load of previom' 5lIfI,Ilit'A' all ilu' :way from Azwlnu to Mazullun. Chuck betoy, Uoice of the lI!aAAeA . . . fimlx it harzl lo believe that next year there will be no more Flinlrirlge for him. In his long and ad z'ent11resome career beneath the oaks, he has earner! the refmtation for being on the elosext terms with Senor Bull. Long lEll0ll'II ax the Matador o f the Classroom, he hax also somehow become inextricably iizrolrezl in most xtiuleiitx' mindx with class struggle and the beauties of South Amerira. Pomona College will take over this complex character for the next fL'll' years. HF' Koolzwvrm, Kob flu-Mt . . . who. in lu'o years, has become known for his cannon-ball service on the tennis court and for his courageous campaign to further the aims o f Flint- rid ge's Book-a-Year Club, remains undecided as to where the future will find him. Because the war has necessarily abolished the Davis Cup Team. the Indianapolis Memorial Day Auto Race, and the Boston Brownies' Sub- Zero Bathing Club, Bob is in a quandary as to where to fnd a vent for his talents. C'laAA Jute:-, E06 Ziuner . . who looks at life from the alkaline side, has made up his mind to do his bit for our national war ejort by entering a war industry upon graduation. Bob's four years at Flintridge have been notable examples of the many ben- efts to be gained by a more charitable view toward life and our fellow humans. A prime conspirator in the early rough-and-tumble frontier days o f the dormitory, Bob still bears scars from nocturnal seal pin g parties which toughened him for the bitter realities of life. dw... 14nd Kaffalo Yred Moore . zrlm lvuilx from I lfnmrcr, N vu' Maxim, mul lzrmlluzv llre .vfziril of flu' :rifle nfleu xpaves. W'ben af1f1roaclJed ou the .flll7jl't'f of lzix 1701110 xlale. Ifrezl 11'a.x'e.v lmsitirely lyric. bu! a rein of slurdy clellzwldulailiiy ruux llvrnugb lvix vlvar- afler like the grauiie rock of bix native beallw. 111 bis one your 011 the LYINIIIIIX. Fred bas f1ro1'er1 himself a valuable man by nlanuging atblefirx mul flllllllllg the flllllflllj store. The S'eni0rA lllabe af will . . . Sam Beckwith, because of a naturally generous nature, freely delivers himself of some of his most cherished possessions. His curly hair and ringing baritone voice he gives to Tom Box in the hope he may carry on in the tradition of Class Troubadour. 1 Reid Allen looks perplexed but fnally agrees that his col- lection of old Coca-Cola bottle caps is one to be coveted. and he promises it to Yogi forgensen, who went a long way to help start it anyway. Blake Childs comes out from behind a copy of Downbeat and, being in a generous mood, promises that 'Thornton Ladd may have his solid ear for piano played with low- down boogie beat. Because of the occasion, he also prom- ises Thornton a slightly cracked version of "Chattanooga Choo Choo" by Guy Lombardo fone of Carmen's better vocalsj. Charlie Detoy, frugal by nature. hates to relinquish anything but his silent heat method for prying fabulous grades from the teachers in return for a minimum of work. He figures Benedict would benefit most. Bob Ghrist peeks out from under his raccoon coat and gasps through chat- tering teeth that Phillips and his open-air motorcycle have every right to hrs! call on the adrenalin bottle next year. Bob Lissner utters chokingly through a strangling spasm of laughter the sage observation that Al Mitchum is in line for the title of Most Maligned fallopy Owner which Bob held this year through ownership of the Grey Ghost. Fred Moore looks refiectively out of the window of the School Store and casually allows that Dick Markham will have to carry on the torch next year for clean outdoor life and rugged Wfestern individualism. . . . 14nd Zack Into the ?uture We are walking down the hi gh, shiny corridors of a museum in deepest, stuffest Boston. A glittering guide glides into our ken and takes us, awe- struck, under canvasses of the masters. At the end of the corridor is the museum's newest, a guaranteed Beckwith. A prancing stallion occupies the foreground, led by a small boy. B. K. III, no doubt. Now we are traveling swiftly through lush farm country. Green willows droop protectingly over a small stream. A red roof gleams through giant elms around a noisy farm yard. The late afternoon sun makes sharp shadows in wheat stubble. Time to go home. From behind a haymow comes Reid Allen, eyes pouchy with sleep. lVe are walking the decks of an ocean liner, absorbing the tangy air of the ocean with a will after the city fumes. Wfe wander unsatisped among the brittle, rococo han gings of the liner and search out a secluded spot where we may be alone. Someone is already there. Under the bushy beard we recog- nize the seamed face of a sailor - Blake Childs. An under-official coughs through the latest communique. Pencils scratch on notebooks, heads bob as questions are thrown at the perspirin g underlin g. The interview ends and there is a rush for phones. Charlie Detoy is the prst one to telephone the news. The excited patter of conversation runs through the color- ful audience at Seabright. Under the marquee the players stop to refresh themselves -- the Englishman from a tea cup. the American from a bottle of coke. They step out from under the shade into the brilliant sunlight, the Englishman and Bob Ghrist. Four-thirty, and the lobster watch is coming to a close. Somewhere across town the clock broods brazenly over the fact. From the pressroom teletypes click sleepily, sporadic- ally. The night editor pushes his green eyeshade up on his forehead and turns around. Bob Lissner. Mid-day heat haze veils the buttes across the valley. Cattle spot the range and kick up dust in the corral. The deep shade of the house provides a cool spot for Fred Moore to sleep in. Then the uniom . . . The interests o f this year's flmior Class run from music to bridge-building. In fart, if om' K K is so very Il7lllH'ky as to he euught in a study hall with a number of them, he will soon he driven quite mad hy their eonstant qunrrelinq K over which one will get the most out of life. Hozverer, competition is the spirit of pro- gress, and if the boys get out into the world with their ideals still before them, mister. look ont! This year's juniors have been notably "all- aroundf' In sports they bare been equally as good, if not better, than tbeir bitter rivals, tbe Seniors. In fad, if one were to see a Flint- rid ge suimming meet, a team made up al- most entirely of juniors woulrl confront bis eyes. So l9ere's to next year's Seniors- long may tbey rave. I I Some Soplwme eA . . . Yex. good fzeofzle, you may well stare long mul lmrzl at the above lzifture. For there. before your eyex. you see the wonderful tri.'u' namezl Sojzboznore, romulea' u fl only at great lI'iH'it'lIlf.1'. and for flu' irxl time .vlaown to the world at lar fe. No. Alzulanl. the ' are not L -1 wearing fulxe fuvex: tlmfx the way they look naturall y. Ladies mul fentlemen. father 'rounzl, and I will tell fou. absolutelf ree o S 8 . , rlmrqe. .vonle of tbe .vtran qe lmlaitx of this group. Now it is 11 favorite k M k .vfiort of 11 Sofzlaomore to .fit in one of bix lI0ll"ll'0ll'5 - I lneliere iI'.c mllezl English Clfm - and argue about fllilififi, people. life. or any k L . .mlijevl ax long ax it lmx two sides. A SUIIIIJIIIIIOTC' bay 11 flelivioux .vense of lnnnor: tlmt's wby I mn write Ibix in t'llll1lItH'dflI'C' safety. In fart. if they are the coming wits of the nation. tbe nation luis but lmlf tr flmiice, f'I'l1e management reqiiexts that you do not eat this stuff with -your fingers. E1l.j 14nd 7 lumen . .. The lfroxh are alzeayx a xtrauge erozezl. You never are quite sure what ll7t'.'l"l'C' going tn my or dn. Thix is probably due to the fact that they are lI'l'I't'10!Ill1g. They are turning from mere grade-school kills into high school .vtmlei1t.v. For .Vllllf', this is 11 harder prm'e.v.c than for r1ther'x. Tbix .year"s elaxx hay seemed to take thix llroresx very eflsilhy. At thix writing it .seems that :ee have in them u ,Iromixing rluxx for '45 - one that will lermu' hnu' to accept its l'l'5lIIIII5ll7l1lfj' - 11 eluxs ax grmzl in f1ln'xl1i1'x of the ffmtlmll field as in thoxe of the 5l'l7ll0ll'Ulllll. lu fart, they are a e1u.s'.f of men. The grade . . . The Grade School has enjoyed a year under the heneeolent des- potism of jim Stearns. who carries on in a lengthy tradition of Grade School presidents. His crew of vice-presidents includes john Baldwin as first vice-president, and Boh Insley as second rice- president in charge of keeping the other V-Ps happy. The Eighth Grade went on a wonderful trip to Venice to kind of break in the old place for the heating it will take on the annual Grade School Ditch Day which will come of near the end of school. Pete Paul- ing also went along to see that the intellectual recreation of his classmates did not sink to a degrading level. The year on campus has consisted of some very strenuous tong warfare between classes, and long sunny afternoons in study hall working long-division p r o bl e In s. 14nd the Primary bimivn . 'I'lJe funior Division has a political set-up ax conlfzlex as any you would lvolbe to fnzl. Tony Sozeers elnims the disiinffion o f president. and be has Ifrezlzlie Kll.j'.Vl'I' as his lllfllllllllill' amvixlarzl and bllllvjfgllllfll. I I earl Gurrlener and Bolanixt ix the lifle o f busy fobn Ridland. who goex aronnzl zeillw 11 lnotlle of Vitamin B , for his jzlanlx ann' a Very worriezl loole. Probably flae frozen ix from Ilye lack of rain. Clark Ifelnnzl ix moniior, and if tba! has anyilaing lo do with a round lmlllezmgon, l1e'5 lbe man. Cnlly Suzller. live old Firsl Aid expert. :mx lllltlllllllllllfl-1' eleclezl lo inyfzeet bis roolfl-nmlex' flexlm for .vigny of foul play or mlzolage. Pele W'inler l'NllIl0.1'.Y a z'i4'ion.v Anslrnlifm a'r11u'l in luis zlufy as fisb inxfzeelor. All flu' lfoyx are looking foruwrrl lo 41 long-promisezl trip to the Son1lJu'esl Museum in return for obeying llre .vtrid eozle of elbifs in forte in their room. 7lueir p4ctivitieA 6 14re Many Chuck . . . Delay endeared lvinlxelf In bis eon.vliluem'1' by iurokiuq . . K lmzg-sfagnanl Cor1.fIilu1inrml ,lowers I0 step bard on ineffi- ienl rernlix among wnmqer L - K members of Ibe school. He alxo doubled as an air raid warden in rbarqe of lbe K xebool'.v conzfzlex air-defense se!-up. f " 35 ...biclz...14l P . . . and Tfvgi . . . the Student Cvuncif . . . lllalze Certain That . . . 'Hn' f,-flllllfil Ibis -ymr iuxli- llllrzl lllIIIlt'I'llIlX rvform.s' in ilu' ,vcbrwl Cllllififllfillll and in ilu' merit X-1'Xfl'lll. 'flu' 111wl1lJw'x of llvc junior am! Grade Sclmnl nflvu bud 0L'L'd5ilIll in rvgrvl arlirnz hlkwz by flu' Cmzmil will, rvgarrl In this Xrlllll' mvril A'-1'.Yfl'lll. ll"c'vkly Xllflflfl' nicol- iugs u'w'v au 111111111 ulfnzfliwl zrlviclr flu' f,v0lIl1l'i1!'0fl'll ilyvlf. . . . ?int1-dye P116liAl1eA time log ea ly . . . Sturtirlg llllf with 11 11e11' tbeory in 11111111111 1'o11111oxitio11, Ibis J'l'lH".W 5,110 19115 1'1'e11te11 ll book which is, if nothing else, unique. Tbe tbree editors, zebose ,1i1't11re.v llllllfdf 111 tbe first llilffllft' 1111 tbe rigbt of tbe page, 1'eeei1'e11 11 x11rj11'i.fi11g lIf'lf,flfI, of 11111 from tbeir Xtflfls. The ,IlJ0lllgl'lll1Il,7y staff, co111pose11 of ,,flfIfl 111111 'lorge11.ve11, did 11 Nllllillflllfllfdl task ill excellent xtyle. The bminess stag 11111 1111 11 reeord for the 1111111be1' of 11111 gathered llflfl for tbe 111111.01111 11rti11e.f.f of the 11111'ertisi11g .Yl't'f107I. H e1111e11 by Mift',Jlll7l, the group, eom- ll0.fl'l1 of Childs, Lisxrler, M111'kb11111, Allen. ll'1lI, of course, Mit1'b11111, set 11 superb ex11111- f11e for future b11s111ex.v st11U.r. Tbe Clllllllllfillg stag, wlaicla 111111 11111o11g its m1111bers refugees from tbe b11.v111e.vx llflfl f1l1otog1'11pl1y stuffy. 1'o11trib11te11 11111011 interesting 11111teri111 to IJetoy'.v e11itori11l gristmill. O11 tbe u'lJoIe, tbougb green 111111 111exf1er1e11ee11, tbey pro- l1lH'l'd 11 book of ll'lJ1L'b tbey 1'1111 u'ell be Pfllllll. .. 1 J U F ' 1 . jg l1Q.l 0 . .. .Q -ml1l'H'Ugl. .Mx f we 14nd the val-nal Illvntluly . . . llwlrlvzl h-1' lidilm' Cfl'C'l'IlC', lhc' frmwznl fluff hurl lhc llhffilllfillll of work- ing llll the fry! lfliulrizlgc flapcr In afzfwur in print. I lw'ctnfm'c, l'1Illl!III.Y jllIH71ll1i.ffil' cfforls have afzpuarvrl on lhc' n1in1c'ogr11f1h. fz hi ghl jf 1111.mfi.vjf.'v- lnry mczlillm. W'i1h fhc ilI.YfIil'1Ifi0l1 and .vufljmrl of Mr. llllfllillg, fha' Nuff. Bcckzvilh, Markham, Van Every, 'lim Slearm, 111111 fm'gw1.vw1 f1rn1lln'z'1l 11 fmhlinlfiml wbivh .ref 11 high .YftlIlIllll'l1 fm' fufnrv fnurmzl xfaffx. 0 .pf 1, :W ,NNN That Sclwla tic Standard of the . S 2 141-e lvlehzedgq . . . The C. S. lf. is a slomlarzl for High School students which Irrorizlex a criterion of .feholaslie achievement and an in- centive lo further egorl. Members have ferlain privileges. arnong whirl? are lhe ri gh! to ll lrifz each senlesfer lo .rome place of general inlerest. Firxf xenlexler, lhe group wen! out lo the teineries and orange-packing houses which conlllrise some of Californialv oldest inrlnslries. Markham, McLain, Deloy. and Smith were the honored members for the firsl xemexfer. Only the fry! lhree .vtnck for lhe second. 9:1 ter- Claw Hctivitie . . . SPORTSMANSHIP AXVARD Clmrlv.v lJaloy lwlzlx a remrd for -ycarx .vfzcuf at Flirllrizlgc' aml armllwr for sc'r1'ic'e to lbe sclyonl. No Flin!- rizlgc' .vlmlwll bas forllrilmlezl more In flu' llL'l'610,IIlIL'llf of fm' .fclmol tradi- tions and .vfziril fbau "Clrm'k." lt was i11z'1'ilal1lc' lbaf lu' .vlwuld lead ilu' .vflmnl in his .senior year and equally im'1'ital1lc fha! be .vlmuld be rolvzl by xlmlwlly and faawlly alike flu' xfmrlx- nlauxlwifl awarzl for 1942. ATHLETIC AXVARD jnlm 10l'gl'I15L'I1 was a "natural" for flu' all-aromnl afblelif award in 1942. I I 0 .vlarrefl in lnaskefball, lzayclrall, and vsjzecially in Xll'lIlIIlllIIQ. Bexizles a fue - K lmzluy and natural fliliflllfldflllll. Yogi bay ilu' will fo win and ilu' courage In fl'-1' lllal mah' a Cbllllllilllll. It -, . . ,. Q 4' ' 1 . . . Which Heep Ki airy FOOTBALL Il1fL'f-L'lll.V.Y football wax leon by tbe Seniors Ibis year, but only after a rieioiix .vtrnggle u'bielJ left all cla.v.fe.v panting. Two games were required to dozen tbe bard-figbting fmziors, wbile tbe Sofibomorex and Froxb fell relatively easily. SPELLING The Seniorx a gain fl'ilHI1lll?L'll zritb all member-.v of lbeir three-man team .still .vlandiug after lexser foes bad been forced to retire in beary eonfuxiozi. II ix iuterexling tbat the elaxx of '42 bax uerer failed to :ein tbix event. Tbe S0fIl70Nllll'C'5. Ifroxb and fimiorx fnixbed in lbat order. BOOK CONTEST In order to get more books for tbe growing 1llIl'rIl'r1'. tbe inter-fla.f.v vom petition for tbe past two -1'earx bax featured a bool? contest. Tbis .year the Sofibomorex won witb .vomefbing over 300 bookx to tbeir fredii. Tbe funiorx jnxt mined fry! place by I 5 books. and Ibe Seniors trailed with a number around llve 200 mark. Miss Guxzeeiler smiled gleefully ax the bookx poured in. Not Hmong C'laAAeA. EXTEMPORANEOUS This event always brings out the latent talent of the student body to indulge in their favorite pastime, shooting the breeze. This year was no exception. Detoy won handily, but he had a head start-bigger lungs. Mitchum, a junior, and Sophomore Gil Smith came along in that order. The subject was: Resolved-That representative system of government be abolished for the duration. DECLAMATION Again the Seniors triumphed with Beckwith reciting Shelley's "Skylark" with bird-like grace. Markham and the "Call of the Yukon" came in sec- ond. while W'inter's remarks about atoms gave the Frosh third place. ESSAY The essay contest saw an upset o f the favorites and a complete triumph o f the dark horses. Van Every won first place in the judges' ajections with his splendid treatment of the contest theme, "Reconstruction" McLain and W' inter came in second and third in close order to squeeze out the juniors and Seniors. BASKETBALL Basketball went to the juniors, who had an easy time disposing of the Seniors, Sophs, and Frosh. The contest is still going on, but at this time the standings are like this: Seniors, 501 Sophs, 44,' juniors, 34,' Frosh, 10, They Particqzate in litany Spa:-tA 'Y' Ka lzetlall . . . Nou' in the limbo of yearly events is tbe Flint- rizlge basketball season. From the early-morning vol- leys in back- and fore-court, from the rag-tail scrim- mages in bitter autumn and the first semblance of a working attack, from all this lbraneed the Varsity of '41 and its slaadouy the fayeee. Coaeh Lyndon, the Ifalber lflannigan of substitute-rou', roared, scored, aml bustlezl tlJe players into these two divisions. Quivlely zliuerflizzg tba lzotcntialiticx of tba neu'- mmers which bad to wmlllmse the majority of tba team, be built up Ibis tbing called Hllllffllfilll team Hug." Around tbe Yogix and lbe Mifl'lJllIIl.Y, upon zvlmxe lfI6'l'flIl'lIltHll'6.Y be roulfl zlelzeml, be Carefully built a team ft for the tough League xclaezlllle. Clrnxwz as team tajztain for flu' year, Blake Cbilzlx !H'lll'C'll tba! lu' had lox! nom' of tba' I'l'l'l't' and zlaxb u'l1ia'lJ 1'lJarac'tw'izc'1l bis playing ll'f7l'l1 bc' left Plnltrulgc' for forwgu fmrtx. FLINTRIDGIZ VS. HARVARD 'flu' firxl game of tba xcaxfm, after Xlltllt' brisk ll'!lI'lll-IIIIN agaiml P. C. aml Catalina, luruwl out to be a 1'ic'tory for our am'ic'ut focx, Ilar1'ar1l. 'flu' junior Varsity. l70ll't'I'L'l', lc.v.vw1c'1l tbe blou' by taking itx tilt I7-IU. Muclv wax tlwir joy 1l'lJt'll their elrlcr brctlrrwz lost by a bumilialiflg -I3-7. Mitclmm lwlzlx tbe zlubinux zlixtirzrtimz of baring mazlc tba' only Held-goal for the Va rxity. FLINTRIDGE VS. CATALINA A honus game with Catalina school, temporary refugees from their island home, showed for a second time that Flintrid ge did not have a team similar to those of former years. The score was 41-II and, although it was hetter, it was far from satisfactory. The Flintridge fayvee again distinguished itself hy winning 21-16. FLINTRIDGE VS. ST. ANTHONY This game, held again at home, was a tight, close one from start to fnish. The score was 30-47, but it doesn't tell of the improvement shown hy the Varsity. The score-hook shows that Milfbllnl, Wfalker Smith, and Childs were superior offensively: however, defensiifely the whole team was ex- cellent. FLINTRIDGE VS. SPANISH AMERICAN Playing at Gardena, Flintridge must have heen lonesome or something. because the team suffered a sethacle in morale and dropped the tilt. 46-24. Walker Smith, Melin, and McLain showed up to good effect, while most of the team didn't get there till the end of the first half. Ka elall . . . Basclzall had a bard time this year. lllft'I't'A'l way al Inu' ebb, the war in Europe and the East, Swimming, aml ollwr rlixruflliug lIIfllll'lI6'l'.Y .VIICIJ ax Sindy Hall baring mnllzifzcfzl In kill cfztlmxiasnl. An azlzlezl blow was flu' 1li,vi11lc'gralim1 of the Prep League in mill-.vca.von, aflw' only Iwo Qamcx K . K had been played. H 0ll'6'l'6'7', Ilocre were wmngb irq'-oulx, aml enough Qamex lo sbou' of wha! .wrt of slug Ilan' loam wax L K mnlfmxerl. aml juxt what its ,Il'lI.YII6L'f.Y are if flu' Iufwvzalimlal Sifuaiirnz zliex ll0ll'l1 by flex! year. Our battery was very strong. Gil Smith, the wicked-winged pitcher has two more fine years ahead of him, and he should surpass Thorny Mackay of blessed memory in his speed and control. In the two tough games played. Gil never failed to maintain control of his pitches, and it was not his fault that the games slipped through our pngers. Blake Childs, the plate end of the battery is a Senior, and so the team will not have the benefit of his leathery palm and lung next season. In the infeld, Senior and funiors .shared positions. Detoy on first was a consistent batter and held his errors down to a minimum. Mitchum, who kept second base from blowing into center field when the opposing batsmen started to make the rounds, has another year in him yet, as does the third baseman who must remain nameless because of so many changes at that position. Sturgis could have had the position for the asking if he ever deigned to show up for practice, but unfortunately he and Mr. Horning could not seem to agree on how Ceasar .should be translated. Beckwith showed moments of brilliance at shortstop which he played all season in spite of the fact that he had never played softball before. N-J-lxxxx .41 The fielrl uwx u .vlvifliug maze of flluywxv who run IIIIIIUI' falling lmselmlls and lbeu ran oul from nmler them, xeenzirzgly feeling tba! any olzl dope folllrl mtfla a 111111, lm! il look 11 real urlor lo bobble il f1rc'c'ariou.vly on fbe imlex fnger zelyile Coach greyezl rixilzly aml llJe .vfamly gm1.vlJe1l lbeir leellz in mzisou. Ilnalkel' fun0l1llC'l'fIl1j Smillz, foe M eLai11, folm li". !0l'gL'llXl'l1, Tom Box, mul olbers mazle up llaix 1llt'kIL'.YX crew. 'I'o lie qlllfl' fair all llfllllllll, if mfgbi be well Io lllC'l1fl0ll Ilya! one of the gtllllfif was played in cin'ln11.vlames' zvbielv UYIIIIIJ lJa1'e fallezl for ll good .vleelllle-elJase horse. not an onlfelzler. Sh ,Y 'gi ...L-,.. H. 9? kwa? 1,- yg-,digg . 5 Q' b -li., and . . . and Swimming . More emphasis was plated on swimming Ibis year than in any previous season, probably because of tbe sbut-down of baseball and tbe cancelling o f the golf and tennis sebedules. As this is written. only two meets remain to be swum, the Blueb- Foxe Invitational, sometimes called the Paeifr Coast Prep Championship, and a meet will: Har- vard Military Academy. It is probably bad to speculate. but it safe to say that the latter meet will be won by sheer sujzeriority, while tbe former, in which Flintriflge will be defending champion. may well be won by eagy swimming. A,-.. .M ff '91 K Mx Egg S 9 The personnel of this 'year's team is different from that of any previous -rear because of all-around e.wellence rather than the sfieeialization. The loss of Rohhins, Melin, and Eghert was severe, because it meant the loss of so many sure points in each meet. lt meant more strain on the remaining szeimmers who were forced to douhle up on erents rather than take jirerious time to rest. The dirin g department was also weak as last yearff star did not return, and a neu' one had to be lahoriously trained. Melaain stepped in at the last minute in treo eases. the Blaek-Foxe Dual meet and the Pasa- dena Chamllzionships, to try for needed points. He suereeded remarkahlj' well. The harkstroke department was rapahly handled hy Box and W'alker Smith. Smith lacked experienre, hut he still has three years in zehirh to derelofz. Getting sueh an early start, he may well surpass the rerords of any of the firerious greats. Box has a hrilliant rerord comin g in the very near future, and Coach is banking on him to heat the sehool rerord in his event. if not this year, rertainly next season. Tom also showed ul: very u'ell in the individual medly. Q -up Breaststroking is always a difcult assignment, hut Sophomore Gil Smith carried it of well indeed this year. Wforking in tandem with Rip Philli s. Gil showed u to a ver ood advanta Ie. W'hile his records are J' K 5 not sensational as et, he has some time in which to develo . Philli s J' was a very steady performer, and he looked very good indeed when he was given a real chance to prove his metlle. The 220 department was presided over this year hy Dick Markham, who needs no aid. McLain was looking interestedly at a herth in the distance races. but he renounced them for s prints and relays. Dick is a very deceptive swimmer who swims his own race and very seldom glides under the rope second best. He has, without a douht, the most flawless stroke on the team. M " vu .1 . A-r In the s prints, power is at onee apparent. Heading the list is the melancholy Dane, jorgensen, who seems to prefer solitude in the further reaches of the pool to the noisy slzlashings of the pack. Yogi showed up to brilliant advantage in virtually all his meets, notably the Pasadena Chamfzionships, a dual meet with PIC in which he clinched the meet by winning a relay against potent odds, and the La Jolla meet in which he swam against National fav- orites, eanquishing highly touted swimmers from Black-Foxe and Bimini. A bulwark of strength as anchor man on the four-man relay, .Iorgensen also paddles happily along in the fifty yard and on hun- dred yard free style. Blake Childs and foe McLain must not be overlooked as valuable contributors to the sprinting points. New material is also eominq along f rom the grade K L K school in the form of john Baldwin. Frosh Tom W'inter, Vic Stamm, and 'lake Tucker should prove to be definite assets to the team next year when a summer has been added to their arms and le fs. 5 14nd S o, jf 'lfou p4re 014 K e Tolerant of Their 'lfouth If Hoang, Know fn the llfiafom of - your Hind That Their breanw 14re af UiAion of the fu ture. Guildcrait Saliety Lenses lor Sportswear Players of badminton, squash, ten- nis and other games of action, may protect their eyes and vision against injury by wearing Guildcraft Safety Lenses. Tlu' firxl sl:-p Inward vorrm-llv fl:-sigrmd vwfwvur lms in your rlwirr' opticians. i Guild Optician 36 North Madison Ave. Phone SYcamore 6-9177 WHERE'S GEORGE? ' "l'm Off," cried George as he -5 raced down +o i 0 if Pilzer 81 Wariclt. 0 ' QQ V "To pick our a new Sporf Ouffif for i ' Q A X lhal' vacalion l've been 'rallcing aboul j 4, W all year. I+ has always been my Goal F jf 'ro be perfectly dressed in a sui'r from ll ' PITZER N ' ' " 'WARICK 32: EAST coLoRADo PASADENA, CALIF. 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I .1,An .:- ,T I '.'.' i 1 .Ef:f:fff:-, "f:f:ff35?5f'-:-"" I 95? NEWSPAPERS cAN'r MAKE you wise. THERE wasn'+ a paper published in middle Illlnoy or anywnere else Inav could have laugh? young Abe Lincoln wisdom, if he hadn'-I had the ure and Ihe courage and fhe brealh and ihe lolerance +ha+ made him great Buf Abe gof fhe newspaper habii young . . . and as he grew older he held onio il fhrough fhe years on fhe prairies, and in 'Ihe Springiield law office, and on oul Io lhe end of fhose darlr, sfern days in Washingion. Readingihe newspapers, wafching Ihe cavalcade of fhe FRCNT-PAGE gave him a perspeciive +ha+ somehow helped leach him fo reach for fhe happy mean belween lhe savage exfremes of aciion and opinion. As if has done fhroughoui American hisiory . . . aslii' is help- ing you needfully foday. yy STAR NEWS and THE POST yy Pasadena's DEPENDABLE NEWSpapers IN APPRECIATION We wish +o aclmowledge our Ihanlrs and appreciafion Io lhe following firms and individuals who have played a major role in I'he success of our Yearbook Wanel:-King Sfudios, Pasadena-Phoiog ra phy. Earle A. Gray Bindery, Los Angeles-Covers and Binding. Waller Hubbell and Associaies, Los Angeles-Produciion Advice. Siudenf Phoiography-Thornion Ladd, John Jorgensen. Adver'I'ising Slaff-Al Mifchum and his Sfali. And noi fo forgei fhe Flinfridge Mo+her's Club whose enlhusiasm is appreciafed by every boy ai Fliniridge. And Layou+ and Design, Chief Slave-driver, Assisianl Copy Boy, Sub-crlllc Press Room Janiior, Chuck Defoy SY 0-I6I8 Nigh+ or Day Service. 4,1 5, w my . ,W J ya. ,-Y ,, ...G sf ff fi: fi 'JA ,-. : avid. W! y :fi 1 YE- 13' - ' J fig, ,ug fp, . iwq. 4v'f. lla,- ,'v L . , ,241 n... gli , :fi 7" Y .. 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Suggestions in the Flintridge Prep School - Log Yearbook (La Canada Flintridge, CA) collection:

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1942, pg 7

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