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iS BOOA' W BEL os To GN: if Q 'wg S? UNT Iscrmlfg mek-n sen-X009 EDITORS asv-rv aL.ANcs-:Ano - sn-uR:..EY JOHNS MANAGERS .mcxne wHasm.zR - ZELDA SCHWARTZ CGVER JACK TRCKA 557 ' - UN , ',4"'QXX f -"' , ,Q . f, Qss 4 'C-5 ,-- - n ,I 1 Q f'f'1S"f1w"4J' e" ,, 1 1 1 1 ,I, ' 4. , xr, - ' 4 . x X 4.4 -I fu 1 P' .fs-9' "",4Aaf5y, 'F f 2 Y 4' . .ull x"',,.:l,s r 0-4 n ' , wi if rv ,www J KVI .A If V7 a, ' 1 4 "J, ' f . f fm uf X 4 ix-yxrrfwll f:'gJ.:1r 4 I 'Ur 'uk ' . a e ,.A,-K M, ,,, K iw its ,IN lx all , at .W A , x ' 21-fr . , -A i. 1 1 1 +51 I , ffgklt wi? 0 Us' ,Q my fe. 'Ll Y 'rf 1,0 mfg .4 titers these lovely September days are here sulmex-'s best of autulm's best of Cheer. in Halen Hunt Jackson 'ff'- sa S12 Each year our TECHDORLAN 1S dedicated to some person who we feel has added something to our school Our hoice this year is M1ss Withers She was born 1n Lakeview, M1ch1gan,and there received her basic education Master s Degree at the Univers1ty of Michigan Miss Withers engoys many activities,pa1-ticularly sports, reading, cooking, hunting, fishing,and spending her summers at her cottage which is located on Lake George Miss Withers has taught at Tech for nine years She has been a great asset to our commercial curriculum and to us, the students She teaches Office Practice and is nov in charge of our school paper, THE FLINPEC In these ways and in many others, Miss Withers, our friend and teacher, has contributed much to our school For these reasons we sincerely feel that she is worthy of having the 1951 issue of our TECHIDRIAN dedicated to her X .. r J e N X She then entered Central Michigan at Mt. Pleasant where she received her B. S. Degree. Later she received her Km: i-4-4--Q ning? I u K! ML 7 Bx W-233 X 77wwqw! XX 5 M Fix l R ,, , Sit' fo 1 'LQ -1 . 1 , t gff ' x 27' W J WL 5 M' ' ' Qi f lx X N x N X X Q I .X ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL Karl llohring 7' fa CFI,-iw X 1 IQ Q DIA! OI GIRLS - flora liersti. .jf 21 Russell A Ammon Michigan State M E Drafting, Mach Dr Paul Elo Univ of Mich M A Paul Johnson Univ of Mich M A Indusu-ial Arts Ruth Sana Univ of Illinois M A English BV Bill Blame:- Univ of Mich M S Coaching, Commercial Flora Fierstine Mich State Normal B A Elaine Little S Dak State College Comnerc ial Nelda 'Dopolka Univ of Mich A B English, Speech Olin Bowen Univ of Mich B A Mathematics Harry Hammond Univ of Mich M Karl Mehring Univ of Mich Social Studies Jerry Udell Mich State M Coaching, Soc Stud Vivian Crope Univ of Mich M M Music Ethel Hartley Mich State Normal Homer Randall Univ of Mich M A Machine Shop Lucy Vorce Cafeteria Clare Ecklund Univ of Mich M S Conmercial Patricia Jacks Mich State B A Herbert Rhoads Univ of Iowa M A Social Studies Doreen Wagner Oftice Secretary Robert Ellis Univ of Mich M A Social Studies Carrol Jaquette Olivet B A Charles Roche Univ of Mich Indust Ed , Coaching Lela Withers Univ of Mich M A Commercial Matheaatics Science Science Connex-01,1 mglish Science . I ' nfs.. M.A: ' , f ' . : n.s: ' . . . . .AI . . 'va Q-'JD 9 ,buf if 3 1 CIABS OF '53 Y? I 1"f 15' ea, It 9 gr' -.4 By the addition of new students th1S fall the class of 1953 becomes complete First row Lllen Adair, B111 Aikman, Olga Alacheff, Janet Alander, Regie Alexander, Beverly Allen, Shirley Alles, Carrol Althaus, Norm Anderson Second row James Baba, Beth Baird, Marlene Balch, Frank Baldwin George Baragwanath B111 Berger, Beverly Beckley, Nancy Beckwlth, George Bengamin Third row Jean Berry, Janet Bess, Sherry Bethel, W1ll1am Beyer, Bernard Ble zkowski, Barbara Blewett, Marilyn Bock, Pat Bourdage Dorothy Boulton Fourth row Robert Bramblett, Catherine Bully, Shirley Callard, Dale Carson, Lois Carto, Shirley Cason, Tom Charland, Carrol Chrlstopher, Roy Cla on Fifth row Lols Claxton, Johnny Clopton, Ray Clugston, Jane Coke, Kathryn Cohee, Falth Coleman, Gerald Crelghton, James Dagley, Gordon Daig Sixth row Sue Danner, Herman Day, Jack Dew, Robert Dodge, Arthur Doolan, John Egan, Loyd nlledge, Donna Ellis, Mary Epke Lower row Irene Fabian, Gordon Faith, Gertrude Fergerson, Robert Fournier, Harold Frase, Janet Free man, Max Frick, Anne Fullvood, Douglas Gatenby y 'Q 3 A y ' .G ? V ,J We X X, J 7 ',V.., A ' J P' ' L 1 . ' ' ' L fb ,rf 4, ,ir f I ' . fa! tr 5 , h A Q ' V V. X of ? i V 3 A fi 1 L . , f v , f A , A I ' , q 4,3 Q 4 -1 - M A .V P , Q t A - i h V, . , 2 K 4 "X " 1 L Q , 4 4 from A" for W-r x 5 lv G A F: , A' ' X ' 3, at , , ,Jr 3 if . G' ,rj 7 2, - ' fy , , 5 . ' Q x 4 iv A k,vC 93 'YL .3 I ig 'i r , i I ' UU' 'ESQ' en 42? ,J-v Q igf-r "ZW ar f ,f 2 , .L XF Na XY? First row. Mary June Gerlisky, Joan Gornicki, Beverley Gray, Delores Griffus, Vernard Griggs, Robert Haeger, Egalcffall, Agnes Halvorsen, Barbara Horowitz. Second row: Hal Harper, Betty Havrilla, Carlisle Heard, Bonnie Heidenberger, Lawrence Hemingvqay, Doris Hendersonigauline I-Ierrmann, Laurence Hough, Jack Irwir. Third row: Joe Ivansco, Luella Jackson, Don Jay, Jeannine Johnson, Norma Johnson, Ella Dean Jones, Jerry Jones, is Jones, Shirley Karnes. Fourth E: Billie Keirns, Glenna. Kidder, Vivian King, Marjorie Klee, John Kleinov, Beverly Kleinschrodt, Barbara Klutts, Richard Kryg-owski, Jack Lamont. Fifth E: Eddie Lander , Barbara Lang, Maxine La Rose, Marjorie Laureto, Robert Lazar, Allene Ie Clair, Richard Lee, William Leece, George Leonard. Sixth Q: Roland Lescelius, Valerie Lessley, Donna. Lester, Mary Locke, Bill Lovett, Mary Lowley, Don Luther, Robert Malott, Miriam Martin. Lower row: Wilbur Masse.. Roy Mathews Joan Maxon Hebert Maxwell, Janet McCann, Patricia McDonald, Richard McDonald, Ardys McClure, flery McHa1la.m., I ,F "Lev gk vi. ,Q- pg- Qhw cr L,f' Q. 4-5 ni' 13' Q-1 F1r t row , , y , Naugle, Jo Anne Neal, Joan NISISOH Second row George NewBerry, Shirley Papineau, Diane Peterson, Judlth Pfelf r, Carolyn Pierson, Burt Potter, Roberta Potter, Patsy Reid Third Rourke, James Rue s, Llaine Pussell, Nancy Sanford, Russell Sauter, Carolyn Savage, Eugene Fred McLeod, Nadlne Melton, R1 hard Micheal Rlta Milburn Beverl Mills Paul :J -S. Bm wr ,par .pe Morse, Gerald Petersen, Shirley row Shirley Schmidt, Shirley Segroves, Don Shaw Fourtt row Imrlon JlmPSOh, Dennls Slack, Joanne Smith, John F Smith, Josephine Smith Barbara Splnk, Dorothj sprlnger, Sandra Stacey, Glenn stead Flfth row Vern Stevens, Edna Struther , Clare Sutton, Phyllis Taylor, Shlrley Thomas, Gwendolyn Thompson, Jean Tolbert, Bob Travil ian, Bob Treichel Slxth row Ava Jean Trevlthlck, leanor Troune, Ross Trnka, Owen Tucker, James Vanderpool, Bob Van Lande ghem, Donna Vlzina, Betty Wa hingtln, Loi Jaterman Lower row Lo1s Waun, Walter Welliver, Dorothy Well man, Oden Weston, Wilburn Wheatley, Janet Wood, Geraldlne Jorsham, Gerald Wunderlick, Konrad Zieski 1 1 4 ' f - 1 Q Q - 1 ,gig L , L? ,954 .w e A P 3 f Y , y X I 1 . -,3 AL? ' i XX T r 5 VX A kr k 5 . ly ' 1 l 2 ' N- fi' , '- ,lb , .A I M cf M fe lf 2 A 4 Q .I S At. Q ff ' K, 'x ' 'A W T s 2 z '- g A I . X211 I V ' W ivy,-,'f X :Jo , , "W W .Im 7 S ,' tx' 49 fix S ' E X 5 s 5' , Q 3 P C 5, 3 , J f , ,1 A A, Q , Su 2 X 1 4 3 ,' HK y I E kt, 5 :M 4 , 4 3 ,Qui ,Z ENE, L 5 if f 1 ,il 1 ff A . J ' VARS ITY FO OFBALL Rger row Don Shaw, Joe Dietch, Dlck Froats, Jun Egan, Bob Powell, Wells Hogan, DICK Schmler, Gary Slater, Dlck Dlckenson, Benny Douglas, R1Ch8.I'd Mlchael Second row Coach Jerry Udell Gordon Hale, Tom Surles, Stan Bowns, Steve Kocsis, Burt Potter, Owen Tucker, Joe Ivansco, Coach Bill Blamer er row Don Scott, Bob McDermitt, Jerry St8.Il1Ck, Gordon Schmald, Bob Patterson, Jerry Hopper, Bill Sharp, Bob Kuplsch, George Baragwanth, Bob Smth XD xvf 5' -IQ., JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL er row Coach Roche, John Egan, Roy Mathews, Herman Day, Tom Charland, Fred Ferguson, Bob Treichel, Ray Clugston, Bill Massey M1dd.le row John Clopton, B111 Berger, Don Jay, Norman Anderson, M Laurence Hough, Jim Vanderpool, Dave Porter, Art Doolan, Loyd Elledge, Bob Travillian Lower row Max Frick, Doug Gatenby, Glen Steed, Chuck Smith, Jim Hanzek, ack Dew, Vern Stevens 1 . ' " ' L 4 . ff 09 ,VW ' j 11 X! X C, , , , - Ce. HEP- ..1 I FOOTBALL 1950 Our Eagles had their best season in football history at Tech under Coach Jerry Udell The team was a Power house, both offensively a.nd defensively, and deserves all the praise given them As Mr Udell said, This ball club had the best spirit of any club I ever have coached They played as a team instead of individual stars, this brouyxt success to the team Lead by co captains, Jerry Hopper and Bob Patterson, the team won six games while losing teams scoreless and outscored their opposition 205 to 61 The first game was a loss to Kearsley by a score of lb to 6 on a damp soggy field At Atwood Stadium our Eagles downed Lapeer 19 to 11+ for the first win over Lapeer in the Traveling to Bloomfield Hllls, our boys came home with a 21 to O win over Cranbrook An inexperlencecl Pontiac Auburn Heights was the victim of a 51+ to O loss at the hands of For the first time in football history Tech defeated St Michael and won by the score of the Class B grid crorvm Alma invaded Atwood Stadnun and was turned back with a 27 to O loss two They held three seven years' rlvalry a red hot Tech team 21 to 7, thus taking A hard flghting Eagle team sent Clarkston home after glving them a N5 to 7 beating It was Technical's sixth win in a. row In a flflal game of the sea on Tech traveled to Saginaw, and on a cold, snow blown fleld was defeated by Andrews by the score of 19 to 13 A football banquet was held, and the players received their awards Among the award winners were Wells Hogan, who received the most valuable player award because of his great work in the line, Benny Douglass , who captured the award for being the most improved player, an Bob Smith, who was high point man with 51+ points Bob McDerm:I.t and Stan Bowns were elected co captains for next year The team of 1950 was a term Tech can be proud of for a long time ' 5 ' l St. d my 4 6 Qgger row Pat Murphy, Bill Johriston, Larry Hemingway, Jack Trcka, Pat Kennell Middle row Betty Johnson, Dorothy Springer , Sally Gower, Darene Campbell, Conrue Bailey Lower row Jackie Wheeler, Sh1rley Johns, Betty Blanchard, Zelda Schwartz 'Vs '14 Ie- K ,Z-ff EDITORS Shirley Johns Betty Blanchard IANAGERS Jackie Wheeler Zelda Schwartz RED CROSS per row Ella Jones, Mary Hermann, Dick Deveraux, Bill Massey, Edna Struthers, James Baba Middle row Nancy Hopper, Maclallne Kllmer, Lols Harvey, Sally Rasch, Glorla Russell, Barbara Lombardi, Frieda Skutt Lover row Joan Campeau, Shirley Brannon, Geneva Watkins, Erwin Fromm, Pat McDonald. HIY Emper row Art Florine Tom Hemingway, Paul Mitchell, Bob Rosenkranz, Curti Larune Nldcl e row- tlll Johnston Dlck Deveraux, Cecil Bendush, Joe Inglot, Gary Slater, Bob Smith Lower row Oden Meston Bob ckte Erwin Fromm, Bob Hemingway, Bob Johnson, Bill Wiebrecht ff if 1 Up : . : , V . W N X X , .HZ ' Y I : , S ' . .' 'l ': B" ' - . : ' , ' . 1, HI-Y The Hi-Y Club is the 'banding together of a group of purposeful hip school boys who are seeking Christian ideals for themselves and for the social goup of which they are a part. The Hi Y movement among the higl schools of America grew out of the need felt by hip school 'boys for a rallying pomt for those who desired to stand for high ideals, that is, for things that are good as against those which are not Membership in the Hi Y is generally open to higx school students who band themselves together in a definite cause calling for physical efficiency, moral worth, good scholarship, and lives of unselfish service Early in its development the Hi Y movement adopted as its purpose to create, maintain, and extend throng: out the chool and community high standards of Christian character Though varying in organization from hidlly organized large clubs to extremely simple, small groups, this purpose is followed by all the clubs in the movement The slogan of the Hi Y Club 1S usually associated with the purpose This slogan is frequently stated as the Four C's Clean L1v'lng, Clean Speech, Clean Scholarship, and Clean Athletics This is the code of ethics that all Hi Y clubs try to follow and at the same time try to be of service to both the school and to the members in the indlvidual clubs Any person who joins a national club such as this can not help but gain valuable experiences that will be of service to both himself and to the people with whom he associates C7 1' 1 YTEENS Qpper row Joan GO1'l11Ck1, Agnes Halvorsen, Shirley Cason, Mary Hermann, Neva Jones, Janet Alander, Dorothy Boulton Second row Roberta Potter , Connie Bailey, Sue Dazmer, Dorothy Harris , Zelda Schwartz , Bonnie Heiden berger Third row louise Knerr, Beverly Beckley, Gladys Ulmer, Pat McDonald, Billie Keirns, Bea Losee, Kathy Christensen Lower row Beverly Gray, Joan Maxon, Jackie Wheeler , Pat Murphy, Norma Johnson, Ella Dean Jones, Pauline Herrmann, Mary Lou Kenney ll S . ll 1 3 A .. ,r A " 9 C7 Q : , V , 2 0 0 1 I a A Q 5 D O! 5 , 'X 4 0 5 H T fa 'L if-e Y-TEENS The Y-Teens is an organization of girls which originated in 1909 as the Little Girls' Club and was mainly con- cerned with religion. In 1920 a need for better organization resulted in the Girl Reserves. This c1ub's min objective was to guide its members toward a good Christian life by helping themselves and others. Again in 19147 the name was changed to Y-Teens, and the club continued in its purpose of guiding girls toward geater cooperation with others and toward a higx standard of living The Y Teens at Tech do many service projects during the year with the thought in mind of helping others Baskets of food for needy families are distributed at Christmas and Thanksgiving, books are collected to give children in hospitals, and articles of clothing are sent to displaced persons nov living in this country The girls hold joint meetings with other groups a.nd exchange ideas They help promote activities for teen agers throughout the city, and twice a year they sponsor a school dance in order to raise money to carry out their projects Membership is not limited but is open to anyone who is interested Weekly meetings are held on Monday nights at the Y W C A , where it is possible to en,3oy all the facilities for recreation that the Y offers It is sincerely hoped that the Y Teen organization promotes a healthier and happ1er girl ' to 1 J. Il ll 1 z 1 Q Q . 1 . s I 7 I q .-K A A - CO-OP CLUB Qgper row Beverly Cates, Norma Kovalcsik, Beverly Hemingway, Marys Luginbuhl, Sally Pett, Audrey Perry, Frances Andrews, Betty Zayac, Marguerite Luginbuhl, Theresa Rennie , Dorothy Dav1d, Shirley Cartier, Loretta Seder Second row Joyce Gerdes, Beverly Long, Delores Kutzy, Barbara Moleskn., Sally Rasch, Janet MacDonald, Nina Hutchison, Maureen Hardenbrook, Mary Robertson, Dorothy Klee, Marlene Dlckenson, Joan Lee, Elaine Rodgerson Third row Bethel Gordon, Betty Osborne, Betty Johnson, Phyllis Wesenick, Arlene Isaacson, Eilene Reid, Mary Jane Brunsden, Marllyn Glllie, Joyce Wilson, Dorothy Anderson, Corinne Clore, Nancy Hopper Lower row Diane Gehring, Mary Peto, Joyce Waller, Delores Robinson, Margaret Butkovich, Pat Phillion, Beverly Spink, Mary Lee Ma.nn, Emma Mathle Margaret Mackie, Pat Ferkany, Phyllls Stewart 1' -in at 'Q OFFICE SERVICE Qgger row Joyce Wllson, Sally Gower, Herb Rosine, Mike Berry, Joy Berry, Sally Pett Middle row Marlene Batt, Judy Hunt, Agnes Halvorsen, Darene Campbell, Donna Mansfield, Jeannine Bennett Lower row Mary Jane Sheofsky, Emma Mathie, Shirley Whitener, Barbara Lombardi, Mary Lou Kenney, Mary Lee Mann N . . . , . . ' x X Y f .Ci '7 y 0 ' x : ' . : . .1 1Q .W www ,awww qv al? 13' LIBRARIANS Qgger row Shirley Karnes, Donna Ellis, Mary Hermann, Nadine Melton, Mary Epke Lower row Bobbie Horowitz, Joan Campeau, Jackie Wheeler, Jeannine Bennett Elght girls served as student llbrarians during the first semester and nine girls the second seme ter Each g1rl was responslble for dust1ng shelves and process1ng magazines as well as the desk work of checking books in and out Instructlon was given for one hour each Monday after school at whlch time extra llbrary activi t16S were learned such as the fOllOW1ng use of the card catalogue and the Feaders' Gu1de, how tn make order Cgyds and shelf cards, maklng lists of topic materials, typing pamphlet and gu1dance materlal lists, etc For their work the girls recelve one fourth credlt per emester The girls graclously learned to give service to all whr came to the library They also had fun, especlally at the dinner the last week of schfol whlch fcllowed the shelf r of all the broks ln the llbrary -n""4' ' 1 n" E rj REST' PERIQOY PQ-IECTILE S ruoj 'U Y C., -5 m Lf' 2 Q 4 TIC TIC 3 " 1 5 'np' J-Y' N W? 3 -15" 3' K 9'?.'?g55 'C '5 CLASS OF '52 First row Janette Abdella, Marilyn Antior, Otis Autry, David Averill, Connie Bailey, Curtis Bearup, Alice Bertram, Betty Blanchard, Nancy Boshaw Second row Evelyn Bowers , Stan Bovns, Rosemary Boyle, Carl Bra.ndt Shirley Brannan, Barbara Brazeal, Mary Ann Brewer, Fhn1ly Burt, Loren Burt Third row Bob Butler, Darene , Campbell , Joan Campeau, Nellie Carpenter, Lavern Chandler, Janet Chema, Katherine Christensen, Janet Clark, Maxine Coad Fourth row Esther Collins, Barbara Coon, Doran Cooper, Paul Craig, Connie Crandall, James Cutler, Nancy Da.n1el, Barbara Deets, Richard Dlckenson Fifth row Kenneth Down, Sandra Eklund, Fred Ferguson, Pat Ferkany, John Ferrell, Mullard Freeman, 'Haas Fuller, Shirley Gelhorn, Stanley Gooch lover row Sally Lou Gower Phyllis Grant Jack Hadley James Hanzek Doroth Hariri Loi H , , , , y s, s arvey, Marlene Hatt, Clifford Haut, John H1ce l if as Q ' a 1- , 1 ' A ' 'V rink f tl, W 'ff 1 f we J F, X ' F J 0 . 5 B ,V at ,H , , , K k ,X , B 'va 'I-'T C: Q 1 '- f K ,Q 'v ,hi g 2 S C W i .,,,.,, . lli I ,A CTN, a 5 .v ' .3 to -U. S ff NX, f "" - whim! , ' Q C 1, f a ft 4' ' 1 -Q , as ' S ef' li ,Ve-.4 , fl? f li 5 2 i " X 4 tl C I ' , , ,ma , , , A X X s., Y I ,vu Am. XV. 11" nr'-'f v-q ,av o-15, mv 5? "1 '1"'V 9 J, First row Robert Lee Houser, Jeanette Hutchison, Robert Irrer, Shirley Johns, Wanda Johnson, Bill Johnson Elwood Johnston, Bob Kellett, Sandra. Kennedy Second row Pat Kennell, Mary Lou Kenney, Madaline Kilmer, Herb Kincaid, Louise Knerr, Steve Kocsis, Elaine Kovalcsik, Norma Kracovic, Bill Krentz Third row Bob Kupisch, Mary Pauline Lane, Kenneth Lavrack, George Lawson, Richard Leslie, Barbara Lombardi , Beatrice Losee, Mary Lee Mann, Donna Mansfield Fourth row Emma Mathie, Keith McCormick, Bob McDe1-mitt, Jim Mclndoe, Louise Mclfenney, Dale McMullen, Dick Mettie, John Metzger, Don Miron Fifth row Barbara Miirage, Pat Murphy, Henry Nielsen, Mary Nimno, Noreen Owens, Hollis Parker, Jean Patterson, Norine Paxton, JoAnn Pederson Lower row Norman Peppler, Andrey Perry, Donald Peterson, Sally Pett, David Porter, Don Price, Edward Prince, Henry Pyle Barbara Reiff X 1 , J 5' fr , V N P I , 5 N .. a , N. ,, H 1 P X 4' im- - L J F N- , 1 ' E ' I ' A - , , H -Q J, ,, 'W ln V X fl, g K WA f J- "-- M '. i Q I . V -I f ' y Q I I Vyllz V It P 2 f- 2 - M. SF A.: , if , 'Qty '43 , K Il, , J 1 y' , Q ig , Y K f ' , H A ' M 5-4 1, ' ' f "' TY Q , H l If-f I q ff., 'F' 'E W H wi' rr jg , gf . . 0 - . J .1 ..-: 1 . 1. B M '-'r 40' First row Virginia Reinke, June Rlederich, William Robinson, George Rockvell, Frances Rodabaugh, Elaine Rodgerson, Edward Roe, Nancy Roman, Gloria Russell Second row Barbara Sakash, Norma Sanford, Joseph Schaefer, Beverly Schevenlus, Billy J Schindler, Gordon Schmald, Dorothy Schimpf, Zelda Schwartz, Donald Scott Third row Bill Sharp, Bill Skutt, Beverly Smlth, Charles Smith, George Spencer, Jenethe. Stace Gerald Stanlck, Shirley Stehlik, Jean Stephenson Fourth row Marian Sugar , Tom Surles, Norma Jean Sutton Harold Sweet, Davld Thomas, Kenneth Turner, Gladys Ulmer, Gloria Vandenherg, Faith Vath Fifth row Jim Vrbensky, Paul Walker, John Wanek, Barbara Waterson, Jennie Watkmns, Jacqueline Wheeler , Shirley Whitener, Joyce W1lson, Joanne Wise Lower row Eric Wohleben, Caroline Wrlght Marcella Wyczalek, Maxine Wyczalek, Betty Zayac IN MEMORIAM L E R O Y K A S T Member of the class of 1952 who met an untimely accidental death on November 17, 1950 I " , 2: , J ,AW ., - Tr' ' . M !'v N fy . ' Y t K I, J fa fir f Wa H , Q . F if L 4 1. ,. J ' a -V WF' .3 ? A . 5 hx V , A 'a "V'V V, ' , . V 'PAV ,,.-': g '. ' 5 'Z . 'X 1' I S I . . 'Y - a, X ' -,-?,,,: . Y: . . : . , 'u 73' T57 FLDWTEC Qgger row Ervin Hom, Mike Barry, Herb Rosine, Bob Rosenkranz, Bill Johnston Middle row Wanda Johnson, Agnes Halvorsen, Carolyn Savage Lower row Jeannine Bennett, Shirley Papineau, Janet MacDonald, Shirley Cartier, Barbara Klutts fs Z" Q S xX jj C0-WDITOHS ASSISTANT EDITOR Janet I.acDona1d B111 Johnston Jeanine Bennett Bill G1-1f'f'1th Cfu-st senesterl F, ' il 5' wav 5-T. , af 'X 3 . X . ,L 1 v ' Marx.: -A Ili 4' 9 O t"' LE? A f Xxx X , , , ' be : S T '-QW? , 5 W 5 ,, o 1315? I 'EQ LUfH . nf! ,ski E -1- Wiz , , 1 . 1 . . A , R . P ' uq'7 ' 0 s I ' R SA.: jj 'E S 1 V1 Q VX' Q 0 I E A . S 4- 7 K' 'I ai-' J-i X x u 'lffbd ,xv u - . . I .x 41. .. ,L Q s .. , , .36 tl 3 0 . ' K any-3 2 Q Af 5, Q, . 1 Q wif? ' f x ,Q J in +3 !",ls. 'Q 'J- w fn 'rv""N 0 Ns- agp' ' v ,,,.., is d'N J Yi ? ia!! dr 0 "W 9 4-3, in 1:7 v 'ff fs-' 'Ju-A 'Q CLASS OF '57-+ Qgger row Shirley Bachman, Jack Badal, Betty Buxton, Linda Cates, Jean Crandall, Emory Dively, Joe Dowdy, Ernest Eckerdt, Jack Edwards Second row Dolores Fittante, Harold Fournier, Patricia Frawley, Wayne Gardner , Carlton Gregory, Lyman Harris , Carole Hatcher, Mary Hermann, Harriett Herweyer Third row Beverly Hintz, Shirley Holman, Harold Hood , Maxine Hubbard, Jack Hunt, Elaine Huyck, Victor Lanyi, Oretta Lindsley, Lynn Lutton Fourth row Janet Madson, Fred Mauer, Patricia Moleski, Beverly Pearce, Nick Persich, June Pollard, Alice Pyne, Pauline Rashotte, Joanne Rawlings Fifth row Wanda Rector , Gwendolyn Rodabaugh, Jack Russell, Marian Schroeder, Alan Shoup, David Shuirman, Frieda Skutt, Marilyn Sloat, Joyce Swanson Lower row Michael Tucker, Mildred Turner, William Wagner, Mary Wohleben, Zanita. Younger V . W P K 2 , 1 , .ls ' , 9 -'we f"f'd - , , 73 "' we ' 411 li , a S J' ,., Q, V is 2 15' 2 ,I R 5 ri 'K iiwiffifa, X 2, M 1. ' - -. Q J ,fa Q + uf' X :W " - 'mg' f ,QR J A 1 ,:. F ' 354 ' ff" P R gf' 'Xa-fi 5 F' 'Q ,N -- f , ' if wwf? if w , I X ' 2 i 7 K ' f ,gy , ' ' Q T: 1 3 A- f V ' .A - ' 0' ' " "R, 7 VM' .rl HV, 3 v - za - 1 I, i A 4 1 V W ,M ' . V, I M 61 , K V 1 .1 f ur K I FN J' sv , "' gan K 9. , - ', , H3 ' Q- mr rl 4 -3 H H - 'H ' u Y , I . X EW k I X -I P I 1 1 'K Y R V- . 1 433 .. TZ 5 iii' f ,R Z " 'Z' Z ' .W " I 4-u A ' Q- lm all .,5 ' st ' " - - 'ei EY ll .7 , - 3 ' ' 4 , . J . . A J ,I 'I -X . R S Y , ,fa g ,V vi V L, V I --A il A STUDENT GOVERNMENT The government of Flint Technical High School always has been operated by the students with the supervision of the teachers. The central governing body of Tech is the Commission which consists of one person from each Guidance Group of the school. As every student is a member of a Guidance Group and each Guidance Group elects its own commissioner from its own Group, each student is a. part of the goverment through representatlon. Elections take place during the eigmth week of the first semester of each school year, and, of all the officers elected, only commissioners are granted the power to vote at commission meetings. The officers that work with the commission are the following: lah The Student Manager's position is to appoint assistants, survey student needs, and to make recommen- dations to the Commission The Director of Finance directs the campaign for Student Union members, handles all Student Union funds, and keeps a record of how it shall be spent c The Director of Law's Job is to advise the commission on all matters pertaining to student govern ment and to interpret the charter which has recently H9501 been revised The Director of Recreation is in general charge of all recreational activities of the Student Union as well as an assistant to any other organ1zation's recreational needs The above four officers are selected through a general election of the student body The commission elects the Mayor who presides over all commission meetings, the Vice Mayor who substitutes for the Mayor when necessary, and the Student Clerk who records and files all matters pertaining to student government activities and carries on necessary communications with individuals contacting the commission The commissioners take reports back to their guidance groups, who in turn are expected to discuss matters interest and direct their commissioners to make suggestions for a better Flint Technical High MANAGER Gary Slater MAYOR Jack Trcka CLERK Joyce Gerdes DIRECTOR OF LAW Cec1l Bendush DIRECTOR OF FDIANCI3 Stan Gooch DIRECTOR OF RECREATION Joy Berry tbl K D - Cdl of 1 . FIRST SEM STER CCXIUBSION Qpger row Norma Kracovic, Bill Berger, Bob Lazer, Ervin Fromm, Bob Hocken, Dorothy Hoss, Loretta Seder, Barbara Waterson, Betty Blanchard Lover row JoAnne Neal, Joy Berry, Joan Hazel, Nadine Melton, Pat Reid Joe Dietch, Bonnie Heidenberger, Jack Trcka, Nellie Carpenter, Bill Griffith 0, CCMMISSION 22225 row Beverly Hintz, George Benjamin, John Hice, Ervin Fromm, Bill Barger, Bob Hocken, Dave Shuirman, Nellie Carpenter Middle rov Jo Anne Neal, Pat Reid, Norma Kracovic, Betty Blanchard, Barbara Waterson, Bonnie Heidenberger Lower row Cecil Bendush, Joyce Gerdes, Gary Slater, Jack Trcka, Joy Berry, Stan Gooch ,M , . Q 3 , . W- - X W . . U 4 , . : , . .. 4 9 . 1 X x x QI VARSITY 2151: row Dick Dickenson, Jerry Jones, Mike Barry, Gordon Hale, Herb Rosine, Tom Surles, Stan Bovns, Bob Lazar Lover row Chuck Smith, Don Scott, Bob Kupisch, Bob Floeter, Stan Gooch, Bill Kitsonas, Oven Tucker fi JUNIOR VARSITY BAS E233 row Don Jay, Carrol Althaus, Laurence Hough, Loyd Elledge, Keith McCormick, Tom Charland, Max Frick, Bob Maxwell Lower row Russell Sauter, Conrad Zieski, Carlisle Heard, Jim Hanzek, Cliff Hout, Art Doolan, George Lawson, Jack Russell 9 ' W I 1 1 ' 1 V ,- x, X ..:'J Q Q I fr 4 E ' x . , w X'-' . BASKVTBALL Te h s lanky cagers had another successful season this year Under the coaching of Bill Blamer, the Eagles equaled last year's feat of a 13 5 won lost record, and they are also the wearer of the c1ty Class B hamplonship rnwn After omplllng a 9 1 record, the squad went into a mid season slump, losing three out of the1r next four games The season pened with a vlctory over Mt Morris in the Emerson gym M1ke Barry started out with a bang 1n h1 role uf the teazn's high scorer by dumping 1n 15 points with thi w1n under their belt , they bumped into a well balanced club from Grand Blanc Tech, after trail ing 10 3 at the end of the first stanza, roared back with 21 points to lead at the half 21+ 22 With 27 personal fouls and l techmcal foul called against the Eagles, erasing Surles, Hale, and Rosine from the squad, the After taking Dawson, Cranbrook, and Kearsley in their stride, Tech really caught fire agalnst a strong Flushlng qu1ntet The Eagles, playing their best game of the season, showed the1r ability by hitting from all points of the court B111 Blamer emptied the bench in the last quarter, and the Eagles came home with a 67 M8 w1n Conxplet1ng a w1nn1ng streak of eight games, they rolled over Goodrich, Clio, Davison, and Fenton before loslng to another county team, Beecher The following week the cagers trampled Mandeville 75 53 preceding heart breaking losses to Alma 147 146 and a low scoring contest, 29 25, to Cranbrook Thi last contest saw the sophomores and Juniors go most of the way In the traditlonal battle for the City Championship with 'St Mike's, an inspired Tech team took the floor and handed the Warriors a 38 30 setback in a hard fought battle At the tradltional basketball dinner the following awards and recogmitions were made Co Capta1ns Michael Barry, Bob Patterson Mo t Valuable Player Stan Gooch , ' . . - - H' C visitors forged ahead to win 57-N8. W 1 Tech Tech Tech Te h Tech Tech Tech Tech Lech Tech Tec? Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech M6 lk MES" L, 1 6791 51+K' 91 O 7 3 7 MOR VAPuITV Vt Vorrls Grand Blanc Davlson Cranbrook Kearsley Flusklng GOOdI1Ch C110 Davlson Fenton Beecher Mandeville Alma Cranbrook St Mike's Hoover 76 H7 29 31 Te h Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tcch Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech UHIOV VARQITY Mt Morrls Grand Blanc D8V1SOn Cranbrook Kearsley Flushing GOOdIlCh C110 Davlson Fenton Beecher Mandevllle Alma Cranbrook St Mlke Hoover 4. as st: fa VARSITY CLUB Qper row Don Scott, Mike Barry, Herb Rosine, Wells Hogan, Dick Dickenson Second row Stan Gooch, Cecil Bendush, Gary Slater, Dick Froats, Bob Smith, Joe Ivansco Third row Bill Sharp, Bob Johnson, Bob Kupisch, Jerry Hopper, Jerry Stanick, Bill Wiebrecht, Gordon Schmald lower row Richard Michael, Bob Powell, Tom Surles, Bob McDermitt, Stan Bowns, Paul Craig, Don Shaw The Varslty Club's f1rst duty thls year was to install new officers They were as follows Bob McDermitt, President Tom Surles, Vice President, Stan Bowns, Secretary, and Bob Patterson, Treasurer After mid term Patterson graduated, and Bob Powell was elected to take his place One of the most important duties of the club was to appoint Chuck Roche and Bill Blamer honorary co sponsors of the club The club s annual Sadie Hawkins Dance was held in Longfellow s gymnasium on March 28 The music was fur nished by Ivan Waite As usual, prizes were awarded to the biggest, most unique, most original and the funniest corsage The initiations were held in the Dort Auditorium As usual, the spectators got a laugh in seeing the rougx and tougx athletic competitors suddenly switch to the dramatic side of life The initiates had to find a play, prepare copies to learn, and present them by themselves Please do not reflect anything that happened on the Varsity Club All of the misques were entirely of their mm origin and not the club's Flushing Park was the setting for the annual outing, with girl companions of the members furnishing the food Thus ended another very enjoyable yea' for the Varsity Club ... v lr, 4 '. I .'-- X ' . Ai, , 51 . B EE! - c ii II W Ia l ui S 1 ,mm -E52 9 'ima 'sri' If 'F,,,ilIlEH5IEi5-!!,QilEl Bull 5 1'I dQg3E 'Iufma 5 Efh X B 'W Ijif E "" ua usa Dl ggdyigj I EH I EMIIIEEEBEIE I EHEIIIIE I II? mia, IIE I WMM RSON lu- W , ww M gr,-P: El Mil-SEI 'H ' M ,I if In 5? " P Zig - IX' H H I 'il '04 Fr Zi "M -'Wir Trrnr-H I+1 iffy I If I H I 2: ' I I 5 E I X I 5 - . Z A Z I U, I , WE ......,....... 4 I I zz X ,I :I I h 'V I' giants-im S Q 4 :I I . I I Il.: , S! I 3 I g 1 Q A5 I I , I I Il ':I : ' .,,,, I , 3 ,I I , E SI Q 3 'NFJ X I E f Xu- : "' . ?f: E .... , -I- I I 1 Ii If I2 -, I gg I I as . . Ili Q I A I 4.63 X I AI I I sg I X A I 5 II I ' . II -fx I nr: I I an I I XX I u I X I A ' A ' ' I X J ,, A Ie I ' P I III II I ---WIT IIIEIIII--IA I ' A ll ' Ig -fy ulu XX , ,,, -A I AAAAAX "-A , ,I A 22' IX ....--:I ,, AA QIAEA -AA I -'TT' I I I Ii - I ' In KI I I If 19 -F3 3' I 'If 1 Uiiff ' . f ll ,,,W JI I . 1 . IIIII . I .. I I .A A A .5 AE, AAI :A A :l. A -AA AQ ,WA A- IJ WI E, I I' I A AA- I Ap IF I II 'EI I I - x-I::I A - 3 g I I I I W I I I I if AIA '- i I " " :'f'gII 4 I I , TS I I I H "' AA .IEI EDP I , 1 : I I' I I , Q ' 'I I- I I I H. 'IIE' 'IEEE II I I'I I I III I ' YIM 'Ili I I SI: I ' I A 6 - I 1-I . I :-"1 sI""I I , 'In ' ll, "-' 24 I ' - :., .I:: I A A ' ', ' I." 'A' E " I : :j :l 1 :A I 'I :I I I SI 2 . 5 I I I I I I : . A 2 I' I X I I . ' ' I : fm? I :I ' I I I E I... .A SHU I I ' I 'I I2 I I ,, I 1 nun Q - A , A . A 2 A . w 'A I' I v I I A - I-A 5 ' 1 I 4-In 1 ' 'Ku-Simi' I T? ,WZ-IZI AA A ' ' A A' I 1 nu . A n YIAAA I - xx ' F- ' + I . ..,.. ,I xx,XfK..z ' ,-, "" 5 -- A A A .. 'I W' ' Y 'A . I :A "'.. . ' , II-Q" A gg, E A A -:T A' AA llllil I 222 ,Q ,, '- If Q, MFT! - A I II' - om T A I A A A ii--1' 'Akai I A A A A 2 5 T , -nnI 1.-I A, ' AA I I 3 EEE I 'f'I'w 7:2 I -F I I I Aj I-I I I 5 . iii if I llilf ' n." .A ' I A its -2 I 'Tl'D HI Qi 4 l JJXI Jfn-q'1l?r'lr.rr rm- ff 1 .1 'I HH ECE: ' " an su: Ii Tfvwps 3 I-gg W: ff i'l'f'EE! .. . sais-"?:sm I HIEEEE "' 1-"' I s surf V Elin' I EE ""fTi "'l'W'-' 4 1 '-Eid? .1...., 2- EI I 1.3 - fn' +-+-mn-. Im: I-I-'T' "FW X,qw H 3-.min fi vlfr' EET 1+ .I My . 1.433 P mags .5laJ,5, ?.iiri- .. 'A-Egviwukghf z VTZV' VX 974 IIIfI...a-is . Ai QQ' - MIS XI nimgff UQ, gil m by mi Qc, Y WV- J' Sli ,x -2 Q-3 'E 'W I ii ,, .A 2 ft E.-qu., I! xy Icp XIKN II mf f W K mi? ' Xfvffdi ffvv 33 Q k 'eff Pix? X Fiffzf .-MQ! -5-, 'F 4 V+ fd Kgf III!! fxfin fffw ibm. Mi MM V. f X fuff 9'qIhI ix ,ELI .gafeynw 5 I :mfs QAQQI5 0 -II' -if ,f 'WK ... ..... iiffi in-L4-V D '1-' 'HH i E 'W I ufS -:LIL I' ' Q1 In 5137.-f?.LT'...' f w- jffiisiff Q ggig 'E' 'E " I 1 : 1 ei ' I 3 -"'-4 w--'- fx . 5 I , I i - I I f 1 X 'SE' ' : : ' 3 V rx E! I I 1 , "" Lf' 'K I . 1 ' !. ' ' ' - ' X, PV ' ' ' if 1 ' . 2 . - I . e I 'I -:lin-In - 1 1 " . 4 7 ' 3 t ' 4 V I i 3 E E - . ' I: . 4 - ' ......, .,.,... ,p Ig-: '..:.: . I : ' H A VL., 4 - 2- ' .I V J . -V -nf V MII- , . V- I 1-...v I V "- E . I I g . I H-... ESI ' ' Y . Ei? ., 5 I: ' " "" x ' Ira 3 vii--A ,I Q n- I, .. . N e l V1..... 5 ag U - ' ' .. .1 I I , I , - I-I I I , , ...... :X I I H n..1I.'iF'nn 'ny I ' I -- I 1 I . A I I R ' ' J Q 1. ' ' ' ...V-1 I C a g,AAIY -I ' ' L -' .igffn " ..-r . ' 'V ll ----V -,....,9 ,I 4 I , . I. . Q . . I I -.---g -..-..-- H, fuvng - V 1 1' - - .J an : , O ' L.. I - I II 'E I 8 ,I II I' I IQ "" 'I " in I-V.....-E :I -- f ' , ' , I - -- . - I A I ' .X . ....-. 'V L4, ., ,AV, ff' ' "" I 1 V . - . I V r - - If 1 " N V .. . ' ' ' 31 ' E ii U' 'mn W . V - g , , Il A! ' ' Q ' U ' :I I V I 1 . .Q . . I. 1 ...nm '-,- ' . V . Af' ' V ' 215 'i :- .... I:-I - I I ' ,I 7 ,II -',5 I I .I ! f "' V Q... V , ,. :""" I ' I , ' I - TV' aslgff " 5 31 Q4 t Y' 1 'I f ' 5 -V V -V ff-V . I 1 - ' ' ., . . 1 H' g . . ' . I .I . I : 4 -I i I ' , EA I I x.. -I, I I, :ga I . , 'IZ 'I J I. ,I I E .. fy. I XI :E A I V. I ' nu' . ul. T 5 I 3 Y ' " f -f ,' . "u " I I, . m.. 1 1 - NX I , -'i.r..-A 1 ' " 'I ,' K ,V + Y' f 37,4 ,Q ' ., , , - 7 ---H H -- ,I sy 'V . 4 - QI Ii-I II " ,... . I+ 1 , I 8 r 1 I 5 5 ' ' 1 i 47 Y 'X' 1 ,i I X . Iyi I I III J E: - .fII I I It,X .LI W J ' - I' 9 ..... J 2 F ' . ' - 2 'Q , 2: .- VV U7 . . V I I - - .. , . I . .- . - - Z X , . l , ' A Q '- ' , ig. W 'I ' , ' ,' I .V-5 fn. , , .1 , . ' : 5 4 ' Iv, ,. . 1 ir g ,"', - R , giArf'1.1-A I , 9 ! Q 2 S 'Z ' ' ' V - . xl I .' '- -' 'S ' i 55 I J - ' ff ' ' . . I I II . - vi? ! ,-. . ax gg ,. 'C' ,VV . 75 4 .' F 'J .2411 EUI R gin: --rg "fm, 1 IV' Q- V .U 2 ,,,.- 5' V ' Izi- V ?f'fVs:'1l V , " I x -' V' . I' " R 'A f' I 4' a 4 mi. I -Ali 5 5 I ' , , X v- 5' ... , . I -I A ,, v.. ,I V X I Iyf I, , X I I I 5 . nu.. X . X . i X ly I I I V+ . V II , nv Y mWi.'i1.'V-.IJ .7fflV .' 5 ' ', V Ill ::F?::i2V azz' IC ' -' ' ' . . I V III ,, ' .. If xt, .I I Q: . 5 f' f .mm I vr If' ana' A 'W ' f ' ' --I II .I ,I Q II X NI Isis. Vs I :II I .lx I V - II 3' I? I at II S! I I ...TV f .- E .I .II, X , I Q n v- 1 . . I -I . I ' 5 4 I ' 4 I' - 1 W I , i I I 5, ' : 25 -. I X 8 IIIIIIIV JI J if I I 'YMWI I .I , I II I I V I ICI :IIIIIGS f V - . ' 4 ' I - ' ' 'Q' . : ' w n 'Q w I ' 1 , I Elf' V I . y- JVJQQ Q V. ., , .nf I, .-. ' Q ' I. ,. ' 2,-I - ,fy , -1'r"' 'iw ' 'ig 'V "' I V iew V g :I ' wk X I ,II I be - III II. II - I -I I I I. .1 II II II iialfg W I , f X I 'I I Ir, gk . I1 5. -I, 5. ' I I I '- - I I I I V V -f--'I U . ,E-ff, ' ESM. '-I asxzfrf ',Iis, TW TQ Hifi v . V ,VV AX Y V Q ' 5 - ' ' 5 I . W ' , I I S' il f . I. '- 'lg II IIIIZIII ,I Q1 I II I II 1 , III , X .I I I . . -L-fi-5 ., 1I.3I II X ' . X V ' K ' - , W x ' ' . I - , , , gy YQ 133 , ,I N :W .,, III I ' IF' 7 I fi. ' ' ' I ,f ,aa . -II EI . :I E' ff I 4 Nl 726, s ig 5' ,I 43" K, ' 1 1 1 X ' 3 SI, " Y ff XX! -. ' Q. ,. 5-I .AV ffgv - . 3 l 3 - L -I" '9 'xt , ,',. xv ,- Q, '-r-13 U' . in X 'X W ' N ' " ,I I f QV , '14 G. JI I ,'I , a' I X 1 I III, ,II , . , ,XI ,Q I II' . - If .2 ' M QA ,-"s I, ffgfv' T .I 1 I V I 5, Q "v f 'V X I , I A .' 1' -I if 'Y v IX 58 ns.:-. I I I I I II I , ' I 41 . , . Q X , 1. 1 , . , ,. -- V , 1. .. ' I W , , af? , I ' ' , X L' 5' Iii. fx., "asf '-sf X' i T " A ix I . f' 'R if , . , , I. ,If N , .-. x ... , .- .I : V'If" f V,. If DS ".V, 1 , .'I 5 , . I. ,L f VI., f - - V g 1 .. 1. 'S I . -:- . W I V 1 , f if , I ' X iii x f ' '-,L , -. " VV gg! I V A . , . . ' ,, 1 I . If' ' A 25 I V I I I , I Q f ,A X: ' V - -, . , : f ', V' f V if 2 . 1- . ' ' M f s..,,u V W?-5V,i He. 2 , 35 -FI . g -5 - X , II .I Qs! ' ,fff .I II I , I -I ? I .. If , 1 I, v, I-' 5 . I V X I., f 1 I I . . . I I ia I L XI K II I V If V'V fXIf' .f. 'f . Ezgf If: :IQ Va- , , V J, .I V,,. 3 - - -- 1 ff - . -. I 1 I' I I api, . i , , 4 Q I . IV I NV vii- V : .V f 5. . V, V -V i V f . f V... 1 f gh, . , , - 'I , , f 1 X V Q jf f I J' :vii i V A 'x , ' """ - - Vg, 1 X 4 ff 'v Y. J ' ' 1 ' f Luv-nv 'BT -5 K. X N : LXV f J" ,XA 1' 'A X ' A ... WW W 5 'ix K 13 . V 'E r- f 'V- . 'IJ k " ' I' Io 1, - . G . E ' Q 2 ' i : Im I gf 1 . , , 1- ', nf' . K ayf 5 x II 5 5 . I V , , , . . r -f WA- .W 5 ' m :4 I- - V - f Rd I .Q , . ,I V IIIIIIA II 'A' I'I I . U r 3 I I , - If I, I ' '5 I' 1.,. y,0I'. ' Jun - II I I II I I I - Q E. . 'E !tI'I v, 1 'If Q . . X I. ,"'k' , "A "" x U E .: i I 'I I V' T III . " K 'I Xl I I Q 5 5 1 f , 5 1 . Y I- in -I .I ' -iw. V 2 1 H I 47. 'X A I 1' , - Q4 ' - : : a V4 x l H V f ' l I 1 ' 1 ' E : " . : N 1 mf v gr . 1 '. .I ' g 3 Q! - 5 V Z I' G . . -: 2 ., Hi li I II I I , I X sa 2' I f : I I : JHF-. : I I I-IIIIA I I E E 2 L . 1 1 f f I f V .-.U 'I 2 f : : 2 - .V ' ' A 1 5 ' : -5 3" f I 5 I' , " . "iw ' hi 5 5 ' 5 5 " "- .u ' ,...-, : ' ' ' " " f I , ' 2 ' S ll I 3 E E i u u I Q .X ,V ,--..-L- 3 3 ,f ' 1 I UV n n .1 aff , I - "' A .a I 2 I :ff . I X l I o Z 5 I AII'II 4 .1 TAU SIGMA dpper row Gary Slater, B111 Grlfflth, Bob Johnson, Bob Houser, Gordon Hale, Jun Vrbensfcy, Jack Hadley, Erwin Gerdes, Margaret Butlfovlch, Shirley Cartler, Joanne Hazel Lower row Shirley Jchns, Shirley Scott, Bill John ston, Patr1c1a Phillion, B111 Wiebrecht, Lynn Nixon, Paul Walker, Joan Hackett, Carl Brandt Do not appear in plcture Delores Kut y, Barbara Moleski, Louise Vaughan Tau S1538 is a chapter of the National Honor Societv Members are chosen for their scholastic ability, :Lnterest in school actzwities, and personallty traits Students who have attained a B average throughout their hlgh school career are chosen from the llA, 12B, and l2A classes The emblem of Tau Signa 15 a keystone and a flaming torch with the letters C, S, L, and S inscribed on the emblem These letters stand for character, scholarsh1p, leadership, and service The colors of the society are blue and gold Blue is the symbol of truth, and gold symbolizes the ligmt which truth radiates throughout the world The flrst semester 1nitiat1ons were held in the evening at Dort School Auditorium the skit was a fairy tale with a hard tunes dance following The second semester in1tiat1ons were also held at Dort, but a circus was the theme carried out Two formal initmtions were held during the school year for parents and friends of the members Besides sponsoring dances and initiations the Tau Signa presented a basket of food and clothing to a needy famlly in Flint during the Chrisiznas season The first semester officers were President, Shirley Scott, Vice President, Pat Phillion, Secretary, Peggy McGill, Treasurer, Barbara Moleski The second semester officers are President, Pat Phillion, Vice Presisent, Margaret Butkonch, Secretary, Betty Johnson Treasurer, Bill Wiebrecht The members of Tau Sigma wish to thank our sponsor, Mrs Fierstine, for her guidance L L x 544 ,V 9 fi 2 V Fromm. Middle row: Elizabeth Johnson, Mary Ann Brewer, Darene Campbell, Dorothy Williams, Peggy McGill, Joyce ,Sk .iff w , Z1 CHOIR I Qpper row Dlck Deverauz, Bill Krentz, Jim Vrbensky, Don Rauschenberger, Don Price, Curtis Larlme, Dlck Dickenson, Bd Rowe, Jerry Hopper Second row Geneva Watklns, Benny Douglass, Larry Hemingway, Jack Hadley, Joe Inglot, Bob Kupisch, Gary Klng, Bob Johnson, Norm Pepyler, Ken Lavrack, Jean Stephenson Thlrd row Jeanette Hutchlson, Norma Kracovic, Barbara Waterson, Darene Campbell, Connle Crandall, Barbara Brazeal, Janet MacDonald, JoAnn Pederson, Betty Johnson, Beverly Schevenius, D1a.ne Petersen Lower row Nancy Roman, Maxin Coad, Alice Bertram, Barbara Deets, Betty Blanchard, Corinne Clore, Pat Rodgers, Betty Osborne, Pat Kennell, Joyce Gerdes, Marilyn Gillie, Margaret Mackle SHT OND CHOIR Egger row Shirley Thomas, Mary Nimmo, Beverly Hintz, Donna V1z1na, Zanita Younger, Sally Gower, Wanda Rector Marlene Balch, Donna Lester, Shu-ley Alles Second row Shirley Segroves, Carol Hatcher, Sue Danner, Maxine LaRose, Margorie Laureto, Pauline Herrmann, Mary Lou Kenney, Bonnie Heidenberger, Pat McDonald Third row B1ll1e Kelrns, Joan Nielson, Marilyn Antior, Kathryn Cohee, Gerald Creton, Nancy Daniel, Nancy Sanford, Beth Baird, Ella Dean Jones Lower row Joan Gornicky, Mary Lowley, Pat Moleski, Joan Campeau, Ava Jean Trevithick, Mildred Turner, Linda Cates, Beverly Beckley, Regie Evans ,K , ' or ,,,, 1' IN fl lx THE OPERA The Music Department of Fllnt Technlcal Flgh School presented Gondoliers by Gilbert and Sullivan on January 27 1951, at 8 OO P M 1D Central Audltorium The productlon was dlrected by Mlss VIVIBH Prope Marya and Marguerite Iuginbuhl accompanled the production Jea: Stephenson played the overture A the opera opened, the girls, headed by Flametta fBa.rbara Watersonj, Giulia fAlice Bertraml, and Vlctoria fGeneva Watl-'lnsl are waiting for Marco CGordon Blandl and Gu1sepp1 fBob Kupischl to come and choose their brldes from among them By a sort of blind man s bluff, the two men choose Tessa fDoris Walla el and Glanetta Cfonnie Crandallj and they dance off to the alter The Duke of Plaza Toro QBob Ethierl and sulte includmng his Duchess fPat Rogersl meanwhlle arrive in Venlce The Duke tells h1S daughter asllda fMarilyn Klngl, about her marrlage as an lnfant to the son of the KIDS of Baratarla Luiz CGary Klngj and Casllda, who are secretly 1n love, renounce thelr love as a result Don Alhambra CDon Pricej appears and tells them that the person whom thev ale seeklng is either Mar or Guiseppi He sends for the nurse of the prlnce, Inez fMargaret Mackiej, who llves ln the mountains to ldentify the king In the meantlme, Marco and Guiseppi are to rule the island of Barataria Jointly They sail away eaving their wives Act two take pla e in Baratarla The o ys are happy except f r the fact that they miss +h61T w1ves Sud denly thel wlves appear after bec m1ng bor d wlth thel IVSS at b me Vverycne 1S generalll happy A cloud appears when D n Alhambra ent rs and, learnlng that the women have arrlved, tells of the Prin e s marriage as an lnfant Glanetta and Tessa are heart broken The plot 15 further ompl ated by the appearance f the Duke of Plaza Toro, imited Lverythlng ends happily though, with Inez appearing and d1SClOS1hg tha Luiz is the King The men are all reunited w1th he women of tneir hearts, and every ne happily 1oins in the fina e I z u 1 . . l . . . . . v ' , A . L , C . . . . . , . . . xl L Y Tessa and Gianetta, with the idea that one of them will be queen when it is all straightened out. s ' c ' . 'o ' o , ' ' , - 'r ' - o ' e " 'r 1' .o . D ' ' 1 . o e ' . ' c ' o - - L . - , . , A . . i ' t . ' o ,C . l . I ? 4 1'- , , 4 BOYS' CHODR Qpper row Art FWOTIUS, Robert Fourn1er, J1m Vanderpool, Tom Hemingway, Don Rauschenberger, Tom Surles, Wagner Randall, Tom Charland Second row B111 Massey, Jerry Hall, Art Doolan, Herman Day, Don Jay, Joe Dowdy, Bill Berger Third row Rlchard McDonald, Bob Sllltb, Bennett Douglass, Jlm Dagley, John Glopton, George Baragwanath Lower row B111 neece, Don Luther, Clalr Sutton, June Pollard, Vernon Grlggs, James Baba, George Benjamin The Boys G ee Club f Fllnt Technlcal Flgh School was under the dlrectlon of M155 Crope This 1S the secord group to be frganlzed at Tech The flrst group was organlzed the second semester of 1950 and had fourteen members appeared ln the Tec? rama for the f1rst time th1s year They brought th1S student pr du tion to a close wlth a mlnstrel show An J tet af s phomores was selected from the group to work with Mr Ellls They also were 1n the Techl rama Tre ffl ers f the Boys G ee f' ub were Presldent, Benny Doug ass Vice PI'6S1dEHt, Tom Surle Secretary, Bcb QBlac'r-'leb .pruth and Treasurer, George Ben amin The piano accdmpanlst was June Po11a.rd The Glee Club sang for the Sprlng fonce t cn May 22, 1951 , at Homedale Auditorlum f I .Q x x , , A . . . . . . . . The second group was crganized the second semester of 1951 and had twenty-eight members. The Boys' Glee Club . o 'Q Q ' ' 1 cl z ' 1 3 - ' ' sg t ,' "' ' 5 j . . ' ' ' 1 . - TECHLORAMA The 1951 Techlorama, directed by Mrs Ruth Samra, was presented April 20 at 8 o'clock in the Central H131 School Auditorium The production this year was based on the theme, G I Joe 1n Paris When the show began, Joe, portrayed by John Hlce, was seen seated on a park bench A panorama of past events ran througm his mind as he compared Gay Paree with his old home town The show opened w1th traditional greetings from the Mistress of Ceremonles, Noreen Owens, and the Master of Ceremorues, Harold M1lliman The flrst scene took place in Paris where a choral group of girls , under the direction of Miss Crope appeared :Ln fashlonable clothes and modeled as they sang a group of appropnate songs After this review a group of boys appeared ln a h1la.r1ous mock ballet Delores Rob1nson followed w1th her unique interpretation of the song, My Hero The second scene shifted to Technical High where Joe recalled the presentation of a local talent show The acts included a girl chorus line, two dramatic skits directed by Mrs Topolka a trombonist, Jack Hadley, an acrobat, Sherry Bethel and a pianist, Bob Johnson 'I'he thlrd scene took place 1n Parl , France, at the Follies Begere The first act was George Spencer's impersonation of Jixxuny Durante Dur1ng this act Barbara Garland asslsted George in recreating their version the Tennessee Waltz Following th1s number, the talented songstress, Connie Crandall, sang Smoke Gets In Your Eyes As the f1nal act, two V1V8C1OL1S tap dancers, Betty Havrilla and Sherry Bethel, gave us a lovely duet The last scene shlfted to Technlcal High where the boys in the Hi Y Club, directed by Mr Jaquette, presented The Meelerdrama ' Beverley Schevenius followed this act with a trumpet solo ful minstrel songs The glrls' tr1o, also dlrected by Miss Crope, and the boys' octet, directed by Mr Ellis appeared 1n the min trel show To add even more variety to this act, Joe Dowdy played his guitar and Hal Harper did an exceptlonally good qob of whlstling a few old familiar tunes The words to the song, Toot Toot Tootsie Goodbye, were revlsed for the flnale Flrst, all members of the choruses appeared, followed by the entrance of the dancers, slnger , lnstrumentallsts, the Mlstrcss and the Master of Ceremonies, and G I Joe This was an lrrpre s1ve moment when the full cast appeared on the stage ,FD- 1-A T' X 0 ll ' il ' I . . . . . ,. ll . ' ' of ll ll ' ll As the last act got under way, members of the boys' glee club, directed by Miss Crope, sang a group of beauti- . . . . . , s . , 5 Cc L. o W I , . 5 f la , s ,W 0 f O I . Q f ...l C. ,W 1 'x as . ff' , 3 Ji ' if X r 1 A A ' "K Q, nam 'lg 1 24 , . A 1 4: 1 :fs I 'lm " fl g ' , n' ph 5 . 14 F.. - 42 "1 J QL 'la' ' Lf' 'L f fa: v' ' M, "1 'Aff'-1 I 'L' 1- fn, A o 1 . .hr .4 441.71 It 1857, Ml 14 .Q . Qin Aa 44,1 M' 1' 51023 xy 44 .1 I-5 J' ,.,. :Lk ,, T1 1 , 45,11 A1-K .f ..'z,'j- :gp- UQ'-'rs I N'o. rf , .51 1:1 4 'n- . M., 'Ag A ' 'Ss ,gl 5 .gn-a 1. i 'fix , MJ' f 1 r ', l, n E. 5' QQ' iff: :iv - 1 151 1 Aff, -, -1 , , , . F i 5 ffm 1 a ' CLC " ' 'nl A -I , gp 1- X 4.'.f:- 71' j xi f 2 ? ' U , A Av 21 sr? ' F ' ij , Q ". I 1 - -' ' fitfe.. , ,, .v i In igxnginvgfjvl fn,-wg ffs ' , f,52f5'fiu' At' Q A ,gl 1 T? , :fag f ff we f V - if if if Q if ' ., ,if ,W , fx ff f Aa eff! frm' ff , 'af 4 fvzfwr f gf , JW 4 A If , r . .L 1 w' 11'-4' , ,I 2 ,,, i Y , 'ur 'U . A 3 , 'N' 55" . .307 .n'f , 'f' f , ' X .lf , ,M ' '1x'H,.'ff": 5 3' '51 fy ff! 1'l,5J:h: ,Mig mi. , 1 M y '1 QW xii,-X 63.1 0' .QQ ' 11' wb, Q. 'VX' 'f 7 . in 444' my Q.4,.1,t, " " ,- nfq.. V f. ff Q 'ix af ,Q ,f 4' V 12. 1 1 1 gf ,1' 1 ' , ,f ' I 'vt 1 5, , 4,2 I f" . V6 A Q iff tl, 3 NN TENNIS Qpper row Walt Turner, Bob Johnson, Bob Kupisch, Carl Peck, Don Harvey Middle row Ed Roe, Russ Sauter, Don Jay, Cecil Bendush, Erwin Fromm, Don Peterson Lower row Jack Trcka, EHDTY Dively, Ernie Eckerdt, George Spencer, George Rockvell, Dick Krygrowski, Tom Hemingway Tennis at Tech, as at most other schools, has a. slow, uphill struggle in 1ts growth Few boys stick to it long enough to enjoy the game and to appreciate its virtues They find that lt is really exciting to p1tch one's skill, endurance , and strategy against those of an opponent They know that they can win a match only by their main obgectives Another important objective is honesty, whlch we try to develop by acting as our own referees Also, ve learn to be good hosts to visiting teams, a.nd conversely, we like to make trips to out of c1ty schools like Lapeer, Owosso, Bay City, Cranbrook, etc We cannot 'boast of winning many matches against experienced players nor need we be ashamed of the progress ve have made in developing our game starting from scratch Some of the boys who made noticeable progress are John Trcka, Carl Peck, Tom Hemingway, Bob Johnson, Cecil Bendush, walt Turner, and Dick Krygrowskz. We are trying to make tennis a permanent sport at Tech Only lnterested boys can make it so We hope we ll have enough of them as the years go by Own wits and ability and that knowledge helps develop self-reliance. To learn to be self-reliant is one of our 534.4014 wmww4f GOLF Bob Koch, Jlm Fyock, George Lawson, Steve Koc 1s, FTIC Wohleben Players not in picture Bob Forgie Unfortunately, the attempt to include golf 1n our expanding athletic program has net with only nediocre success We feel that this is due not to Jack of interest on our part but to lack of competitors to be folnd in neighboring scbools o' co narabl s1ze It is our Home that ol? soon wlll be recornlzed by any schools ln this area as th trvlf co petitive and vholesore snort lt re ll! is Tbls TpCOUH1+1OH wlll Helm to brinr tovetber, in frlendly rivalr , tHe young en of Tecx ano their neigbbors qml . --.-U, -vm W "" 'W' ' ' -- - ' Abi ' 'Fw Ihvuf iff' ,227 m,M,,wm.4..Q, M M. . ' S .4 V - 0 U . 1 . . , ,, Y , 4 . - in e , A or ' ' w W f ' ca 3 1 vw A , Q - - , Q . . , - ,W . . - - - 1 3 I o - H , f - . Q Q -L - ' ff A T1 . . t, .1 .. , 0 f' 3 r 'iv KBC M aai3.lsan4nds.Aa..aA..alKi ? flaw 'axvvgikgga BASEBALL .1 .nt lu xwdl Upper row Don Luther, Al Shoup, Dave Porter, Jack Hadley, Bill Barger, Stan Gooch, Charles Smith, Bob Lenz Middle row George Baragwanath, Bill Kitsonas, Bill Krentz, Stan Bowns, Bob Powell, Don Scott, Cliff Haut, Oven Tucker Lower row Don Shaw, Konrad. Zieske , Bob Hemingway, Bill Wiebrecht, Joe Ivansco, Gary Slater, Jerry Stanick, Bill Sharpe X P ls f iq. A at 3, i, if Nv- iri , , it ,Q xii S f ltr: N ' .,Qf' 5 N ' C 1 , E C X ' A ' x A S 1 ' in v 1 2 ' ' f V 3-f l, ' 1 - .',l at gmt' , f V., . , 4' v , ' S X cv ' I - s v , " " W 0 5 K ' E X Es. s "' "" l L , ' 1 BB V Y if 3 BASEBALL The Tech Eagles, coached by Jerry Udell, ended their 1950 baseball season with a record of 7 wins B-nd 3 de feats Included in those 7 wins was a 2 to 1 decision over Northern at Bassett Park less than a week after the Vikings won the Saginaw Valley championship The city class B baseball trophy also was won by our boys as they walloped St Mike's 12 to 1+ and 12 to 2 in a double header The Eagles started their season by edging All Saints 5 1+ with Bob Powell leading the team with 3 hits The next game was with Next we met St Mary's collecting 21 hits, we beat We met Northern ln the Beecher, and our team absorbed their first defeat of the year 10 8 at Bassett Park with Pete Paul pitching hitless balls for 5 innings and the ham the Ma.ry's 18 1+ first of our two game series, and we were beaten ls l as Powell got our only hit In our fifth game we met St Matt's, and our team walked away wlth a 13 5 verdict In the following game, we were leading the Indlans from Central 7 2 when our defense fell apart, and we nally lost out 10 8 Dick Nagengast pitched a very f1ne game up to that point, and Dick Jekiel banged out 3 hits The boys then started to roll and beat Kearsley 6 1+ 1n a very good game At Kearsley Jack Bricker pitched very good game, and although One Pitch Double Play Nagengast had to relieve him, Jack was the winning pitcher We then played the double b1ll with the Warriors, with Bricker and Nagengast mowing the Mike's dowm Stan Bowns led the boys at bat with a homer, a triple, and wo doubles Johnny Mavec collected five singles Dick Nagengast held the newly crowned Valley Champs from the North End to 5 hits in our next outing and w1th the Eagles rallying in the slxth inning for 2 runs we came from behind to defeat the Vikings The Eagles gave Dick very fine support defens1vely It was climaxed by a spectacular doubleplay by B111 Wiebrecht Bowns, Powell, and Jekiel were the outfielders on the 50 team while the infielders included Jerry Miller Bob Berry, Don Scott, Bill Howe, Bill Wiebrecht, Johnny Mavec, and Art Schrader The catching was handled by Gassy Stanick and Joe Ivansco and the pitching by Dick Nagengast, Jack Bricker, and Pete Paul A great deal of credit for the success of the pitchers both on the Varsity and the Junior Varsity should go to Chuck Roche who coached them Johnny Mavec, this year's captain, was selected the most valuable player for the season, and Stan Bowns was elected captain for the 1951 season Bill Blamer's J V 's ended the1r 1950 season with 8 games and 1 lost and a 15 inning 3 3 tie with Bendle Bill Kitsonas was elected honarary captain by the players on the team . fxv J- P X xf X ." If-1 O . 1 - . nn . . B I . M , ' 1 I . . 'R U' , rs , ,. 0 X y 0-' ff Y ff' X We Y - ' - X., gl- 5:1 an ' Q ' if S4 VALEDICTORIAN SALUTATORIAN Shirley Cartier Pat Phillion lf: , ANDERSON , DORUEY Timid and sweet and very neat ANDREWS, FRANCE Quiet and retiring, so what to write we do not know ARNOLD, NORMA No one can come near it, we mean Norma's spirit BANKS, ROBERT Re may look shy and quiet, but just get to know him BARRY, MIKE His friends look up to him BAIIZBAN, JANE1' Not dizzy, but a busy blond BENNEIT, JEANINE Her heart, like the moon, is always chang ing, but there's always a man in it BENMBH, CECIL Another Ted Schroeder in the making BERRY, JOY A good cheerleader with lots of pep BICICELL, IDIS Peppy and full of fun, find company for anyone BLACKMAR, BARBARA You can always tell Barb by the noise she doesn't make BLAND, GORDON Don't do today what you can put off until morrow BROWN , DOROTHY: She'll do her duty no matter what. BRUNSDEN, MARY JANE: A little girl with big thoughts. BRYANT, DON: Just a fellow among fellows but not to be over-looked . BUHLER, FRED: A smart man who hasn't let a woman pin anything on him since he was a baby. 1 LENZ, ROBERT A little guy with big ideas LONG, BEVERLY Personality plus one who can really make things hum LIBENBUHI., MARGUERITE It's nice to be natural, when you're naturally nice LIBENBUHL, MARYA Thy modesty is a. curtain to thy merit MAC DONALD, JANET To ,judge this maiden, one must know her MACKIE, MARGARET A swell companion is as good as gold MAHONEY, ROBERT Nothing so good as a good time, says he MARTIN, RUIH I could be better if I would, but it's awfully lonesome being good KI DONALD, JOHN He hath not yet sown his wild oats YC G11.L, PEXSGY In her mm little way she meets her duties day by day MILLER, HLBH I envy no man who knows more than I, but I pity those who know less MILLIMAN, HAROLD In love with himself, he hath no rival MITCHELL, PAUL It s fun to study I'll bet MGFFET, NEIL: A persevering lad is hey always trying as you can see. MOLBKI, BARBARA: Tell us Barb, tell us please, is Jim a habit or a disease? IDORE, JOAN: A little miss who seems so quiet, but that kind can often start a riot. 3 E HALLACE, DORIS Demure and sweet we oft repeat, but never lac? for humor WALLER, JOYCE She stands on the brink of success won't some one push her off WEATHERLY, BOB A bashful blond he may be a. lad1es' man? Could be WELSBY, LOUISE Never argue w1th a woman she always gets the last word WESENICK, PHYLLIS A qulet maid mth a quaint way WIEBRECHT, WILLIAM Many know thls small fellow, an for those who know him, he's mellow WILLIAMS, DOROTHY Love 15 llke the measles we all have to go through lt WDKON, LYNN She has a heart that 1S full of foy with plenty of room for a. certain boy U1 5 ' v QLD, 1' Z hr '2- ,v X 5 lg y " 'D g 1 t H 1 x 5 xv 4 ' s x., 5 S in . 5 L1 It . H. . ad i g u . ,S 1. if In ' ml Q l ' 0 19. g , 52 : QL 0 K Q N AIMS? . X, QU va Qx f C9 2 -Z 7? J g '1 tb X X ? - g dl- , l I n K X A A 'A I C f s mmm., X 3' 5,4 L 6 W, ff 'J ii 1 al W' i K gy 155 Q P W' Y g Q 4 ai, , -Q ff af E- M'-sw.. D ,, if g 3' 'Q 3' , 211. M , , . . ag ,f , 'MQ' . . 4 59,244 M www f ',i"""""'n. fm, "kh9gq,4,,,ikgMV I may G! Q-1 61' flu: fm Q 'R , ,img x fi 9? 6 E Q xx. 4. SPS E f-5321. ' S53 of Mfffm Q .1 JA N vp "'1'.f I Q xg. 1 jf s HL! Y "1 V,-at 4. at f Z' lf. X , , 44 'm we-AN .- -L , . lvl Ol Z' , 4 Qhwx , 1,3 Q :Q-It ll . . ..,OL' - gig. 4 X AUTGGRAPHS

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