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avid za 'QF D 'WLER 14522 CQLUMB M, A 31902 PH. f2'fj5? 2538-215333 W mb 5 X TO DEVELOP 3 B0DY.M1ND SP1RITmg N YBIHW RIVER HCHDEIIHV LUQQDBURM GEQRGIH QUHTEHT3 Opening I School life I8 Sports 58 Classes 90 Community ...ISO Closing ...I9S At the good times The Prowler staff invites the reader to take a look at Flint River Academy's sixteenth year. Take a look at the students, the faculty, the activities, and organizations that make FRA what it is. And now that the school has passed that impor- tant fifteenth anniversary, pause, just once in a while, to take a look back into FRA's past. The past can be the key to understanding the present and the future. Perhaps there is no better time during a school year to begin reminiscing than at a Homecoming game. "Let the Good Times Roll", the theme of this year's Homecoming. was just what everyone did. Al- though the Wildcats lost a disap- pointing game to the Meadow Creek Chargers, all was forgotten as everyone stepped onto the dance floor following the game. The stu- dents and alumni who attended all enjoyed the wide variety of music provided by Orpheus. The Seniors worked hard to make the gym come alive with decora- tions. They used colored streamers, balloons, and glittered music notes and letters to set the mood for plen- ty of fun and "good times". The score at halftime, 24-O, had spirits low, but excitement built with the crowning of the l982 Homecoming Queen and her court. Especially happy were Gay Garrett. the newly crowned queem Meri Reames, first runner up, Kim Seay, second runner ups and Susie Dunn, third runner up. All were Seniors. Freshman Mollie Battenhouse re- ceived the fourth runner up trophy. l. Gay Garrett hugs escort. Gerald Ordoyne. after being announced Homecoming Queen. 2. Miss Mollie Battenhouse was 4th runner up, 3. Miss Susie Dunn, 3rd runner up. with sister Jane who was the l98I Queen. 4. Miss Kim Seay, Ind runner up. 5. FRA fans get a look at the Homecoming court. 6. The I982 Homecoming court - Mollie Battenhouse. Kim Seay. Queen Gay Garrett, Meri Reames, Susie Dunn. 7. Excited Meri Reams. lst runner up, is congratulated by Dr. Turner. 8. Con- gratulations! Miss Homecoming l982, Gay Garrett. 9. A Look Back: Terri Boydstone crowns Cathy Walton Homecoming Queen in I978. Homecoming was held in the gym dur- ing basketball season. 2fTake A Look Tuhe A looh N'-H' 8 9 Homecomingf3 Starting Anew ln every new beginning, excite- ment, tension, and eagerness can be found among those involved. This year marked a new beginning for Flint River Academy. The school en- tered into its sixteenth year under the leadership of a new headmaster, Dr. Felix Turner. The students and teachers found that the new year promised many changes. To start the new year, an Open House was held on Sunday, August 29, the day before the first day of school. The wide participation of parents, faculty, and students made this Open House serve its purpose well. Everyone who attended was able to get acquainted with the school itself, new students, teach- ers. and the new headmaster. This day gave new parents a chance to meet the headmaster, school board. and the teachers. Another factor adding to the suc- cess of the Open House was the delivering of the l98l-82 Prowlers. The students had been waiting all summer for the day when they would receive their Prowlers. Ex- citement could be seen in the faces of everyone as they looked back over the past year and anticipated the next year to come. l. The cheerleaders serve refreshments to visitors, including teachers. at Open House. 2. The Prowler is being delivered to David Fagundes during Open House. 3. Kris Berry. Andy Turner. and Jodie Dameron, 'ith grade students at FRA, observe the pottery wheel at the mini-fair in Gay. Ga. 4. Coach Tram- mell. the new head football coach at FRA. shows what a good sport he is in the dunking booth at Fall Festival. 5. A new feature this year "Mrs. Tooth" tells the lower school chil- dren how to care for their teeth. G. Mrs. Coker and Mrs. Peek enjoy punch at Open House. 7. Miss Scamihorn. a new teacher at FRA. knows how to teach her English. 4X Take A Look Take A loo-la 5? iff ,,,.Z J-,,,,,f f ZW ,MM New Faces, New Places There were many new faces at FRA this year, but the one that stood out above the rest was the face of Dr. Felix Turner. He began his first yeat as headmaster at FRA, and his wife, Mrs. Carolyn Turner, began her first year as choral direc- tor at FRA. Dr. Turner started the new year with some frustrating mo- ments. Attempting to remember the students' names and faces, placing everyone in a scholastic environ- ment in order to provide an aca- demic atmosphere, and learning his way around his new hometown. Woodbury, Ga. were lust a few ex- amples. Some new faces in the upper school were the drama director, Miss Cheryl Scamihorn, the head football coach, Coach John Tram- mell, and his wife, Mrs. Freda Tram- mell. Mrs. Trammell is the cheer- leading sponsor as well as a math teacher. In the lower school there were also new faces. Mrs. Beverly Brisindine and Mrs. Connie Mc- Adams were two new elementary teachers. FRA began this new year with its Iargest enrollment ever. There were many new students in both the upper and lower school. Many of the new faces came from Westwood Academy which closed its high school early in the year. I. Two of the many students who enjoy the new salad bar are Stacy Murphy and Sheri Moody. 2. Mrs. Ellis demonstrates the use of the pottery wheel to her art students. 3. This lovely tree shows the many years of hard work put into FRA. 4. The Ensemble practices hard for their performance. 5. Dr. Turner takes a break from reading a memo to give us a smile. 6. Heather Solomon, a new student at FRA, chats with her new-found friend Chris- tie Battenhouse. 7. The winners, Clay Hobbs. Billy Taylor, and Darrell Hudson. help in counting the money raised in the Math Olympics. 6fTake A Look f 'Y :flew ,,, ,vi Y . 1 4 Take A looh 'fiwf-6 . f f. R . 5- 3 . L, X, f' ' 'mx X' VM- , v A .-..-can 'A gf ."' 3' -4u.,.L'GM5kQ. W ' L . MA A U fi M , ,M ,, , 1,,, if 1i,f5W7 .. f Axim Arky I I ,. X fl ' 'Il' ' ' -1. X an I ,I What's Newf7 A New Year With the leadership provided by the faculty and the cooperation from the students. the new year was off to a great beginning. As ev- eryone joined into the swing of things the excitement and tension at the newness slowly ebbed away, but the joy and happiness remained. All of the changes in the i982-S3 year, a new headmaster, some new teachers, and many new students. made the school seem different. Even though there were a great many changes, one thing remained the same. This is the desire to learn and to be prepared for whatever is to come in the future. With the guidance of Dr. Turner and new teachers came new ideas and features. One addition was the assembly held every Thursday. This gave students and teachers a break from the usual school day and pro- vided a chance to relax as well as learn. Many new courses were of- fered including creative writing. guidance and testing, psychology. health. and communications. ln the lower school, changes also took place. For the first time these stu- dents were able to participate in Spanish and art. Flint River Acade- my's sixteenth year was another year with improvements for the bettering of college preparatory education. l. A new teacher Mrs. Brisendine talks to Kristen Brown about her terrarium. 2. A gra- duate of FRA, Suzanne Sinyard, tells students that they should learn all they can in high school to prepare for college. 3. Looking back: Mr. John Moore was FRA's first head- master. 4. An alumnus. Tim Bradsher, talks to students about college life. 5. The new year brings in everyone's coats and fills the halls with color. 6. Dr. Turner thinks hard about the situation and comes up with a solution. 7. David Lee, with his partner Tracey Brisen- dine. shows his amazement when the King and Queen are crowned. 8. Each year Octo- puff comes to talk to the lower school about lungs. 9. Bobbie Jo Shaw, a new student. talks to Mrs. Godowns about her English as- signment. 81 Take A Look Tuhe A 'iw K gifkaw M ga, , f'ff ,f ' f W' wifi :Im X ,li W 'V '1 X W- 4 ,, 5 L , 'S ,M Wh 55 ' 6 ,fa . 1 , sh ,, f 7 0 3 7 8 look-Uut I!! The I982 Fall Festival started off "with a splash" with the return of the ever-popular dunking booth. The booth, indeed, was the main at- traction. Young and old alike gath- ered around to submerge Coach El- lis, Coach Trammell, Eddie Wells, Bob Dunn, Butch Gill, and several of FRA's seniors into ice cold water. The Fall Festival, though it re- quired planning and much hard work, was a big success. The event was held for the first time on a Sat- urday from four to ten. Several fac- tors contributed to the festival's success. There were a variety of games - video games, bingo, and cake walk. The Sweet Shop and Christmas Shop attracted scores of people. For those brave and daring souls, who wished for a little excite- ment, the seniors prepared a spooky "Horror House". No one could forget the main event of the night - the crowning of the Fall Festival kings and queens. Bake sales, raffles, and car washes were some of the methods used in raising money. Each class had a king and queen representative, but only the one raising the most money could be crowned. From the lower school, the king and queen were Todd Lane and Tiffany Sherrer, re- presenting Mrs. Akins' third grade. The upper school king and queen were Waide Fleming and Lisa Bent- ley, representing the ninth grade. I. Coach Ellis is ready and willing to take another plunge into ice cold water. 2. Mi- chael Couch finds that it is fun to dunk teachers. 3. Kindergartener, Matt-Fuller en- joys something from the Sweet Shop. 4. The Dawsons shop early at the Christmas Shop. 5. Mrs. Gilleland seeks ornaments at the Christ- mas Shop. 6. Winners of the king and queen contest are Waide Fleming and Lisa Bentley from the upper school and Todd Lane and Tiffany Sherrer from the lower school. 7. Kim Adcock and Leigh Kelley take time out to rest. 8. Kim Rodriguez and Nikki Stevens pre- pare for the king and queen contest. IO! Take A Look Q W! Spectacles Of The Festival 16" .5 622 7 F II F Ilfll ...At Spirit week Spirit Week was a week for Flint River students to bring their weird clothes out of the closet and to wear anything from mini skirts to ragged workpants. Most FRA stu- dents participated by wearing out- fits that coincided with the theme of the day. This event is an annuai tradition sponsored by the cheer- leaders to get everyone upsyched up" for the game. . The cheerleaders awarded prizes each day. Donna Howard, Mark Carlson, Scott Bomar, and Dana Walker were ail decked out for Hobo Day in their baggy jeans and ragged shirts. For Punk Rock Day -- Gerald Ordoyne, David Meadows, Piper Collier, Sheri Abercrombie. Jim Dunn, and Melinda Garrison were outstanding in their mini skirts. sparkling tennis shoes, and far-out hair-dos. Jeffrey Todd, Lau- ra Page, Billy Taylor. and Shannon Cain looked "prepped out" in their penny loafers and bright-colored buttondowns. As a look from the past, Tracy Clark, Allen Ward, Julie Bryant, and Greg Brown were swinging with the 50 's on 50 's Day. The last day was Color Day so everyone wore black and gold. On this day certificates were awarded to the classes with one hundred percent participation. The proud winners were: fifth grade, sixth grade. eighth grade, and eleventh grade. Spirit Week was a fun time for everyone. I. Kim Adcock and Bobbie Jean Reid exhibit the styles of the 5O's. 2. Pam Lovett, Lisa Brown, and Laura Page show-off their "new" mini skirts. 3. The Seniors help decorate the gym with a spirit sign. 4. Liz Livingston and Don King go to the extreme for Punk Rock Day. 5. Looking back, Dale Brown shows his spirit by dressing as a CAT for Spirit Week l979. 6. Dawn Calihan "struts her stuff" on Punk Rock Day. 7. Jeffrey Todd in his prize- winning preppy outfit. 8. Susan Janney likes the styles of the SO 's, 9. Laurie Johnson. Kim Seay, and Meri Reames are a preppy trio. l2fTake A Look i j w i L . . , I . my Wax, L L A' L' . ' fi ' 54 , . ' I . ' Z A 2 .ig ggi 2.3. Tuhe a Peeh... nw ,, , , M ' if ,gg , , WM ff M ,, K gg . R-. V , :,, 5 f . Ai ,wqwfwwwl , wi, f ,V W 1 'mf f f ., ' I M WW n 1 2,6 , W .,4,1g,., , V ,, X ' 1- U4mww4fm,fwww J U V' MW, aww X E5 -ww E ,g W , ! O ILDCAT F 01724: Spirit Week!!! At The C.P, Fair Take a look and you will see stu- dents, faculty, and parents in Gay, Georgia on the first weekends of October and May. For what can be more exciting than the Cotton Pickin' Antiques. Arts, and Crafts Fair. This fair, originated by Bill F. Gay. has been a big event in the life of FRA for more than ten years. Crews of parents work hard staffing the Deli and Barbeque. Bob Dunn. Charles Rogers, Fred Brisendine. and many others stayed up all night cooking chicken. As a result of these efforts, the Flint River Deli raised more money this year than ever - almost SILK. The deli was not the only place you saw FRA students, however. They could be found working in maintenance jobs, coke booths, or family, church, and business booths. Those who were not working, to the distress of their parents, were spending money on crafts and deli- cious food, or just walking around greeting friends and listening to the country music. A very important event in the life of FRA - the sights and sounds of the Cotton Pickin' Fair. l. Flint River students can even be found working at the gate. Pictured are Brad Gregg and Bridget O'Rourke. 2. ls this really work- ing, Jeff Smith and Eddie Wells? 3. Founder of the fair, Mr. Bill Gay, can be found all over making sure everything is running smoothly. 4. Campaigning is another familiar sight at the fair. Jennifer Elliott and Kim Rogers help Mrs. Tyron Elliott campaign. 5. Lisa Brown takes a break to enjoy some of the delicious food at the fair. 6. Jeffery Todd takes time out from his coke booth. 7. Brad Gregg takes it easy for awhile. 8. Gay Garrett and Susie Dunn hardly find time to rest. l4fTake A Look Sights 8 Sounds Z K "Ap NWA Lu-'WI ,rwzww ,, g H 2 3 .1 M. ,-N WA-gg 4 9" N V N M Www.-Paar? ,xgwl ' ,, 3' . W .-f" ' If sq A 'T 1 .-,Q M, 5 6 7 Cotton Pickin' FairfI5 Fun in the Sun The Summer of '82 was a busy time for students of Flint River Academy. The students worked at jobs ranging from grocery stores to pepper plants. Many of the students attended camps and through hard work and practice improved their skills. Members of the Drill Team could attend camp at either Mercer or West Georgia colleges. The work was very hard but proved helpful to the members with their routines. The cheerleaders attended camp at Tift College. The cheerleading squads won a maiority of awards at camp. The three squads were. Var- sity, Jr. Varsity, and Jr. High. For the first time, the football team attended a camp held at Geor- gia Southern College. Many mem- bers of the team agreed that camp was not all fun and games but they agreed the hard work paid off dur- ing the season. Gay Garrett, Jeffrey Todd, Leigh Ann Coker, Simone Rogers, Susan Dees. and Mrs. Voyles. members of the Prowler Staff, attended a work- shop at Auburn University. The staff members competed with sixty other schools in layout design and theme development. The Prowler Staff came out on top and won a Canon AF35M camera. l. Meri Reames and Laurie Johnson can relax after doing such good work at camp. 2. Lisa Brown seems to like the "Monster Mash" best of all. 3. Susie Dunn and Kim Seay enioy displaying some of the awards won at camp, 4. Robin Carter looks as if he has been swim- ming for quite some time. 5. These drill team members are glad to take a break from their hard work. 6. Harriet Argroves listens to everybody while catching a few rays. 7. Gay Garrett and Leigh Ann Coker show off the camera won at the annual workshop. 8. Mrs. Ellis tries to decide if she likes the new rou- tine. 9. The senior cheerleaders were very excited when the Varsity squad won. l6fTake A Look Summer Fun 7 SCIQCCD LIVE q.L, y gow' we J mn ' "X fi-, mx E' ""' Q -.xx-.X - . 11. " 'W Riff Y., , 442 . -4 r' T ' 4, L .3 4 4. 1' ' X . I A 5. ' dw Everyone loves the holiday seasonst for celebrating these special times at school adds a spark of excite- ment to the year. Halloween was the first holiday cele- brated at school. On this fun-filled day all the elemen- tary children enjoyed dressing up and going trick-or- treating. The kindergarten enjoyed a Halloween party at Mrs. Lemmon's barn complete with games, a witch and her witch's brew, and lots of goodies. On Thanks- giving the younger students held a thanksgiving feast at the Woodbury Baptist Church with senior citizens. Afterwards a program in which the kindergarten por- trayed lndians and the first grade portrayed Pilgrims was given at schooi. At Christmastime everyone joined into the spirit of giving as the elementary children drew names and the high school students brought small gifts for friends. Santa Claus also visited in the lower school and the younger children were able to sit in his lap and tell what they wanted for Christmas. A very special time at FRA was Grandparents' Day, held in February. Cn this day grandparents of the kindergar- ten students were special guests for a program and refreshments. Then, right around the corner was Valen- tine's Day. Everyone enjoyed exchanging valentines and cute cards on this day. In the lower school parties were held and everyone stuffed themselves with all sorts of goodies. For the high school students the Sweetheart Sock Hop was held and everyone loved dancing to the music of DJ John Alexander from WVOC. The final holiday was Easter. The elementary students were delighted to be able to bring colored eggs from home and have an egg hunt at school. Each of these holidays at FRA added something extra to routine schedules and helped in making a more exciting year. l. Matt Fuller decorates the Christmas tree at his house for the tour of homes. 2. Tiffany Pierce shows her grandmothers around on Grand- parents' Day. 3. Some seventh and eighth graders enjoy dancing at the Valentine's Day sockhop. 4. The kindergarten performs for all the special visitors on Grandparents' Day. 5. The third grade entertains parents and friends with a Christmas program at Warm Springs in the Roosevelt Auditorium. 6. Mike Allen and Joe Nash portray Pilgrims in the Thanksgiving program. 7. Kindergarten students enjoy cookies at their Valentine's Day party. 2OfHolidays SEQGQQHQH Times Ai? IF' k llllllll' ...M WW . x hu. -1l 'Mir 9 A av f 5 5 7 Holidays!!! Excitement rose backstage. Thirteen nervous, but lovely girls stood poised for the opening curtain. Miss Scamihorn and Mrs. Ellis hurried to do last minute de- tails. The stage crew made sure that everything was in place. Mrs. Voyles gave the nod for the curtain and it opened to the theme presentation for the l983 Miss FRA, "Llp, Llp, and Away." Before the presentation of the opening number and between informal and talent, Mrs. Kay Barnes and Dr. Susan Fuller provided special entertainment on the piano and organ. Special enter- tainment this year was also provided by Jim Coleman, Jeffrey Todd, and Miss FRA l982, Susie Dunn. The con- testants' talent presentations this year ranged from an art show and demonstration to the playing of classical piano music. The judges for this year's pageant were Ms. Lisa Pierson, Mr. Gene Kerneghan, and Mr. Paul Williams. The Prowler and informer staffs coordinated the pageant to raise money fo publications. The contes- tants voted to award the Miss Congeniality plaque to Ginger Bradsher, Leadership Scholarship and Informal Wear awards were won by Gay Garrett. In Gay's infor- mal wear she tailored her own pink two-piece outfit, and also made the blouse to go with the suit. Simone Rogers won both Talent and Formal Wear awards. ln her talent performance, Simone paid a tribute to Walt Dis- ney and sang songs about dreams coming true. Fourth runner-up was Kim Seay, third runner-up was Meri Reames, second runner-up was Simone Rogers, first runner-up was Donna Howard, and Miss FRA i983 was Gay Garrett. "Up, Llp, and Away" was a very successful pageant and it will always bring back many memories to those who had a part in it. l. Laura Page advises "Be King to Your Parents." 2. The Queen and her court: Meri Reames, third runner-up, Donna Howard, first runner-upa Gay Garrett, Miss FRA l983t Simone Rogers. second runner-upi and Kim Seay, fourth runner-up. 3. Liz Livingston demonstrates her artis- tic talent. 4. Stacy Wells smiles for the camera backstage while waiting for the curtain to open. 5, Cissy Kennedy puts on the finishing touches. 6. Stacey Collins, Donna Howard, Laurie Johnson. and Ginger Bradsher show off their informal wear. 7. Hynes Barnes, Gerald Ordoyne, Jeffrey Todd, and Mrs. Ellis stop to pose for a picture backstage during the pageant. 8. Tracy Maddox tells everyone to "Take a Look at that Face." 9. Gay Garrett, Miss FRA l983, shows off her winnings after the pageant. zzfrviiss rim Flly Wim Us Umm CDM' EBQHHM-ms K ,W 8 l i Friday, April 29, was "one enchanted evening" for those attending the Junior-Senior Prom. The chosen location was the Big Eddy Club in Columbus, which helped to establish an elegant environment for the suc- cessful evening. After a warm welcome at seven o'clock from junior class president, Steve Bishop, attendants were allowed to serve themselves to an exquisite buffet of beef ke- bobs, seafood casserole, and all the accessories The highlight of the meal was the memorable Dessert a la Marcel. The program began as those present nibbled on the last delicious morsels. There was an introduction of the class officers and their dates, and an appropriate re- sponse given by senior class president, Hunter Adkins. Hynes Barnes and Jeffrey Todd read the Last Will and Testament of the senior class to an amused audience. The juniors then reciprocated with the presentation of the scrapbook and a wide variety of senior gifts. A delightful addition to the prom was a classic souve- nir for each junior and senior present, an engraved crystal goblet. To round out the evening, Tyler Hill provided music suited for all tastes for the remainder of the evening. I. True enjoyment is reflected on the happy faces of Stacey Collins and David Fagundes. 2. Junior class president, Steve Bishop. super- vises the acceptance of Kim Adcock's senior gift - a kiss from Gerald Ordoyne. 3. Debbie Burns and Tommie Lynn Cashion gleefully present the senior gifts. 4. The faces of Alan Gregory and his date say it all, "We've Got Tonight." S. Jeffrey Todd and Diana Howard lead the pack in some fancy footwork. 6. Steve Melton, Gerald Ordoyne. and their dates move to the beat of the music. 7. Jeffrey Todd and Hynes Barnes give the senior's Last Will and Testament. 8. The dance floor is filled as couples enioy the music of the Tyler Hill band. 24fJunior-Senior Prom ik Wegve GQ? Tenmigvjhir Qi? U 53 The l983 Kindergarten graduation theme, "Goin' For a Ride," was based on the popular song from Sesame Street. The graduation program included poems and songs that were related to this theme. Each student had a part in the skits that were done along with the poems. The students received their diplomas from Dr. Turner at the end of the program. The i983 Kindergarten class will be well-prepared for their ride through school in the coming years. Teach- ers, Mrs. Lemmon and Mrs. Harbin, the aides, and the parents put much hard work and preparation into the school year, and the graduation was evidence of this. For the first time ever, the sixth grade graduated from the lower school to the upper school at FRA. During their program Angie Lovett and Jason Brisendine sang a duet to "You'll Never Walk Alone." This was an exciting event and a big step for these class members. The sixth grade voted on their Superlatives who were: Jennifer Jones and John Barker, Neatest, Kim Crews and Seth Waller, Most Polite, Angie Lovett and Brant Gramling, Most Athletic, Jeannie Strickland and Ray McDaniel, Most Talentedt Emily Helton and John Barker, Most Congenial, Jeanie Strickland and Jason Brisendine, Best All Around. Subject Awards were given for outstanding achievement in each subject, they were: Math, Jason Brisendine, Spelling, Emily Turner, So- cial Studies. Jeannie Strickland, Science, John Barkers Reading, Ray McDaniel, English, Emily Helton, Music. Jason Brisendine, Angie Scott and Seth Waller for Most Improved, Art, Jeanie Strickland and Ray McDaniel, Span- ish, Chad Parker and Billy Taylor. Special Scholarship Awards were presented to Jason Brisendine, Emily Turner, and Andy Williams for making the Headmaster's Honor Roll for six years. Clint Clay and Wesley Trammell, highs- choolers who were previous recipients of this award, pre- sented the Scholarship awards to these students. l. Joanna Dawson receives a bouquet of daisies from Matt Fuller. 2. The graduating class of I983: first row - K. Paulk. J. Thomas, P. Whatley, J. Garrett, T. Garner, W. Evans, L.A. Champion. V. Smith lll, L. Rios, R. Byard, S. Koon, C. McDonald, and A. Kitchens. Second Row -Q L. Claxton. S. Hobbs. J. Dawson, W. Keller. S. Lawand, A. Beckham, B. Foster, E. Waller, J. Duke, J. Hornsby, A. Allen. and P. Wasden. Third row - H. Jordan, P. Threadgill, L. Alexander. J. Lathem, T. Peirce. K. McDaniel. M. Fuller, R. Strickland, J. Bentley, M. Lee, and K. Adams. Teachers - Mrs. Kay Harbin and Mrs. Nina Lemmon. 3. S. Lawand, H. Jordan, P. Threadgill. J. Duke, M. Lee, S. Koon, B. Byard, J. Bentley, T. Garner, A. Beckham, L. Alexander, and P. Whatley gather around their "big red truck." 4. Talitha Garner, Will Keller, Lindsay Rios, and Jess Hornsby are ready for a ride in their new car. 6. Joseph and Katie are ready to go patrolling. 7. Brian Railey, Ray McDaniel, and Jason Brisendine prepare for their graduation. 26!Kindergarten Graduation 616256117 FGM A Ride BHG 6953319 After twelve long years of work, study, and teachers, the senior graduation is a welcomed event. The graduat- ing class of i983 contained thirty four members, nine of which were honor graduates. The i983 senior class made Flint River Academy proud as they took their final step, graduation. The class chose for their theme, "The Good News About, Failure". With the honor students speaking, they presented a meaningful and inspirational program. Commencement exercises began with the Baccalaure- ate service on Sunday night, May 29. The guest speaker was Dr. Felix Turner, who despite the sweltering heat, delivered a dynamic message to an attentive audience. Mr. Frank Tigner read the scripture and gave the prayer. The graudation ceremony was held on Monday, May 30. Dr. Felix Turner presented deserved awards, annouced special honors, and with the aid of Mr. Mell Adkins, Chair- man of the Board of Trustees, also presented th diplomas. Class President, Hunter Adkins, presented the senior gifts to the school, a trophy case and carpeting for the floors in the senior homerooms. Senior class sponsor, Mrs. Ken Barnes, and Mrs. Travis Fuller played the organ and piano for services. Ushers were chosen from the students in the junior class with the highest grade point averages. Stacey Collins and Sally Smith were ushers for Baccalaureate, Steve Bishop and Becky Pollard were ushers for graduation. By hard work and clever theme development, the sen- iors presented a successful program. The graduation class was outstanding in many areas including literary, athlet- ics. and academics. l. Dr. Felix Turner presents to Ricky Garner the David Austin Award. 2. Hank Moody and Jeff Smith are waiting in line to walk the aisle. 3. Throwing up the caps is a tradition for FRA's new alumni. 4. Headmaster of Westwood Academy, Mr. Ed James, presents certificates to two of their former students, Bobbie Jo Shaw and David Neubert. 5. Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Mell Adkins, presents to the seniors their diplo- mas. 6. The i983 graduating class: front row M. Reames, L. Johnson. K. Seay. B.J. Shaw. B.J. Reid, H. Argroves, G. Garrett. S. Dunn, K. Adcock, S. Janney. second row L. Myrick, J. Frazier, C. Tigner, K. Brown, D. Hoff- man, R. Cook. H. Moody, W. Allen, D. Neubert, L. Nash, S. Minter. J. Battenhouse, J. Turner. T. Garner, third row R. Bridges. H. Barnes, C. King, G. Ordoyne. J. Todd, R. Garner, H. Adkins, R. Carter, D. Beall, and J. Smith. 28fGraduation Tm Simbel News Abevmmi FQEJEUWQ :z fn sa' 5 This year, as in past years, Flint River Academy held three awards banquets to honor students who partici- pated in extra-curricular activities. At the Fall Awards Banquet, football players, softball players, football cheerleaders, and the drill team were recognized. Win- ners of the drill team awards were Susan Janney, Cap- tain's Award, Gay Garrett, Co-Captain, Lisa Brown, Co- Captain and the most outstanding i983 drill team mem- bert and Laura Page, Co-Captain. Winners of FRA's Region-winning softball team awards were Linda Myrick, MVP, All-Region, Tracy Garner, All-Region, Gay Garrett, All-Region, Robin Allen, All-Regiom and Bobbie Jo Shaw, All-Region. At the Winter Awards Banquet all varsity cheer- leaders and basketball players were given awards. The winners of the varsity cheerleader awards were Kim Seay, FRA Cheerleader of the Year and Laurie Johnson, Most Spirited Cheerleader. Winners of the Girls' Basketball team awards were Gay Garrett, Best Offensive and All-Region, Tina Gill, Best Defensive, Linda Myrick, MVP, Captain's Award and All-Region, Kathy McGinn, IIOZ, Award, Harriet Ar- groves, Most Improved. The Boys Basketball team award winners were Rod Bridges, Best Offensive and All-Region, Jeffrey Todd, Best Defensive, MVP, Captain's Award, All-Region, All- State, and All Start Hynes Barnes, H075 award, and Ricky Garner. Most Improved and HM All-Region. The last awards banquet held at Flint River this year was the Spring Awards Banquet. This banquet was held to honor the golf, track, baseball, tennis, and literary teams. Winners of the baseball awards were Steve Melton, Best Offensive and All-Region, Jeffrey Todd, Best De- fensive, Rod Bridges, MVP and All-Regions Bob Cole- man, HO7, Award, Jeff Smith, Most Improved and HM All-Region, Hynes Barnes, All-Region, and Lee Nash, HM All-Region. The track award winners were Jeffrey Todd, MVP for the boys and Felicia Solomon. MVP for the girls. The winner of the MVP Award for the golf team this year was Steve Melton. l. Coach John Trammell presents a certificate to Tommie Lynn Ca- shion for the hard work she did as one of the managers for the basketball teams. 2. The Varsity football players at the Fall Awards Banquet stand behind their trophies. Hunter Adkins, Most Valuable Lineman, Most Valuable Lineback, Captain's Award, All-Region. and HM All'State, Brad Gregg, H075 Award, Lee Nash, Most Valuable Back. Captain's Award, and All-Region, Jimmy Turner, Most Valuable De- fensive Lineman and HM All-Region. 3. Debbie Burns receives a rose from the basketball teams and a hug from Gerald Ordoyne for the outstanding job as one of their managers. 4. The award winners of the i983 Baseball team were Rod Bridges, Bob Coleman, Clint Clay, Lee Nash. Hynes Barnes, Alan Gregory, Jeffrey Todd. Coach Ricky Ellis, Steve Melton, and Jeff Smith. 5. Ricky Garner receives a plaque for basketball in the Winter Awards Banquet. 301 Banquets . . . Fm Tkncfzse WMD EXQQQD 'Ku . 1,4 P' . , I -5 fn Q M pd ff L 8 A 4 "' ' if 53-"W 1. . f I ,P .. 2,-., n tl.. Q if ?l'3'QjE' 1 The Tri-Hi-Y, under the direction of Mrs. Lynn Go- downs, had an exciting year as they increased their school and community projects and activities. To start off the year, the Tri-Hi-Y reestablished their ties with the state organization, the YMCA. By holding a bake sale, the club raised Slw which they contributed to the YMCA's World Fund. The Tri-Hi-Y's first project was the annual canned food drive at Thanksgiving. The Tri- Hi-Y asked that each student bring at least three cans. Approximately BG? cans were collected and given to the Meriwether County Department of Family and Chil- dren's Services. These were placed in reserve to be distributed to needy families. At Christmastime the Tri-Hi-Y collected toys and gifts for children who would not have received gifts. The Meriwether Department of Family and Children's Services was very grateful for the club's help in this project. In February the club sponsored the Sweetheart Sock- hop for the second consecutive year. DJ John Alex- ander from WVOC entertained everyone, and stu- dents, faculty, and parents had a great time. The Tri-Hi-Y also ordered jerseys this year. They were white with red letters and trim. Each member was able to get her name, nickname, or whatever she want- ed on the back, and also her choice of numbers. Every- one was well pleased with the jerseys as they were very sharp-looking for wearing with jeans and slacks. A project that the Tri-Hi-Y carried on throughout the year was Happy Monday. Each Monday three or four members brought sweets and placed them in the teach- ers' lounge. The teachers were grateful to the club for their efforts and enjoyed the results. The final project of the Tri-Hi-Y was the annual bike- a-thon, held in May, which they co-sponsored with the Key Club. The funds raised were donated to St. Jude's Hospital and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. I. Coach Ellis enjoys the Sweetheart Sockhop. 2. Some high school students demonstrate a new dance at the Sweetheart Sockhop. 3. Rod Bridges prepares to deliver the canned goods that the Tri-Hi-Y col- lected. 4. Gfficers. Stacey Collins, Chaplain, Susie Dunn, Vice Presi- dent: Meri Reames, Secretary, Gay Garrett, President, Laurie John- son, Treasurer. 5. Stacey Collins, Sandy Grubbs, Mrs. Godowns Cspon- sorj, Linda Myrick, Tracy Garner, Laurie Johnson, Meri Reames, Kim Seay, Susie Dunn, Harriet Argroves, Bobbie Jo Shaw, Susan Janney. Gay Garrett, Cissy Kennedy, Shannon Cosgrove, Simone Rogers, Lisa Dees, Leigh Ann Coker, Robin Allen, Donna Howard, Becky Pollard, Ashley Garrett, Lisa Brown, Susie Grubbs, Leia Upton, Liz Livingston, Tracy Maddox, Sherri Moody, Tonya Johnson, Sally Smith, Stacy Wells, Mollie Battenhouse, Cher Mills, Bridgette O'Rourke. 32fTri Hi Y if . its i t K 8 in 3 ll l till Eileellpiilfng The SGMJQH Amd Ccammmmunmiiky Gerald Ordoyne was named FRA Star Student for l983. Gerald chose as his Star Teacher, Mrs. Ken Barnes. Mrs. Barnes has been chosen as a Star Teacher for seven of the past ten years. Gerald has attended FRA for five years and has been a member of three state-winning math bowl teams, the Gordon academic bowl team, state runner-up science bowl team, and state runner-up debate team. He was president of the Key Club and on the yearbook staff. Gerald Grdoyne was Valedictorian of the senior class, Susie Dunn was Salutatorian. Other honor gradu- ates were: .lim Battenhouse, Gay Garrett, Doug Hoff- man, David Beall. Laurie Johnson, Jimmy Turner, and Bobbie .lo Shaw, The Honor Students had to maintain a 90or above average and take senior math and physics. Each class member had a speaking part in the gradu- ation service. The hard work of these students had helped them to achieve this honor. l. Star Teacher, Mrs. Ken Barnes. helps Star Student, Gerald Ordoyne, with a difficult math problem. 2. Gerald Ordoyne. Valedictorian 3. Susie Dunn, Salutatorian 4. As class Valedictorian, Gerald Ordoyne makes a speech on failure, 5. Jim Battenhouse. honor student 6. Gay Garrett, honor student 7. Doug Hoffman, honor student 8. David Beall. honor student 9. Laurie Johnson. honor student IO. Jimmy Turner. honor student ll. Bobbie Jo Shaw. honor student 34fStar Student V Mays ...ago-A 4--'BQ Admieve HQHDQFS S , Q?'N-f F Graduatesf35 36f4-H el:-IHI 4-H is the world's largest youth organization. The club motto is, "To make the best better." This year at Flint River there were three branches of 4-H: The Clo- verleafs, which are fifth and sixth gradersg the Junior 4-H, which is seventh, eighth, and ninth graders, and a Senior 4-H which is tenth grade and up. In addition there were several special interest clubs here at Flint River: the gun club, livestock judging teams, steer and heifer clubs, and also a horse club. The 4-H people at Flint River won many awards dur- ing l982-l983. Donna Howard won county Cotton Bowl, Jody Strickland, Debbie Burns, Tommie Lynn Cashion, Jonathon Fagundes, Donnie Lemmon, and David Fa- gundes won livestock awards. Doug Hoffman won the state 4-H championship in rifle markmanship. The Meriwether 4-H rifle team, whose members with one exception are FRA students. won second at district competition with thirty-five other counties. ln 4-H, members compete at county, district, and state levels. Awards often include scholarships to apply toward 4-H activities or college. Don Voyles won a scholarship for 4-H camp at the Chattahoochee Valley Fair. In the summer Flint River 4-H'ers go to camp. There are camps at Rock Eagle, Wahsega, Jekyll lsland. and Tybee lsland. l. Junior 4-H officers are: Don Voyles, Presidentt Jonathon Fagundes. Secretaryt Heather Solomon, Vice-President. 2. The fifth and sixth 4- H members are: Honey Bentley. Dena Hill, Scott Bomar. Anita York, Amy Fowler, and Laura Champion. 3. Senior 4-H officers are. Bill Nash. Vice-President, Shawn Cain, Clint Clay, Parliamentarianst Eddie McRae. President, Donna Howard, Secretary, and Tommie Lynn Ca- shion, Vice-President. 4. The Junior-Senior 4-H members are: Fourth row, D. Howard, T.L. Cashion, D. Fagundes, S. Collier, J. Garrett, N. Rounds. Third row, C. Ousley. S. Cain, C. Tigner. B. Nash, T. East. S. Mulvey, J. Strickland. Second row, J. Kight, F. Brown. C. Ciay, E. McRae. H. Solomon. First row, W. Trammell, J. Fagundes. and D. Voyles. 5. The Junior-Senior 4-H horse club members are: S. Cain, T.L. Cashion, J. Strickland. B. Nash, S. Collier, and H. Solomon. Making The Bas? Beirirerf 1 mf- Q K 5 Y f 4-H Hard work and cooperation between student and faculty are necessary to become a member of the honor societies. A semester average of 90 or above is re- quired for membership and each member must be ap- proved by the faculty. The honor societies sponsor the annual field day at Flint River. Interesting assemblies are planned and ar- ranged by the societies throughout the year. On April 2l, twenty two new members were inducted into the National Junior Honor Society. These students from seventh, eighth, and ninth grades were: Christie Bat' tenhouse, Julie Booth. Angie Branch, Leanne Carlisle, Callie Fowler, Dan Fuller, Jamie Gramling, Anise Morri- son, Tom Persons, Stephanie Pryor, Don Voyles, Mi- chele Wetmore, Karen Baily. Lisa Bently, Brent Bryant, Ashley Garrett, Todd Harvey, Amy Sarsfield, Jodie Strickiand and Laura Edwards. On this same day eleven new members were induct- ed into the National Honor Society. These students from tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades were. Lisa Brown, Frank Gill, Jon Grover, Kathy McGinn, Henry Persons, Lisa Phillips, Cher Mills, Bobbie Jo Shaw, Mar- garet Tinsley, Leia Llpton, and Emily Vincent. Membership into both societies becomes a challenge each semester. Meeting this challenge is worth the effort when students become members of this elite group. i. The thirty Jr. Honor Society members are. W. Trammell, E. McRae. R. Mayfield, T. Lasher, C. Clay, T. Brisendine, K. McGinn, M. Tinsley, S. Bomar, J. Koon, Ms. Boswell, B. O'Rourke, D. Minter, T. Clark. M. Battenhouse, J. Kelley, J. Moore, F. Gill, L. Phillips, C. Mills, L. Findley. P. Collier, G. Gray, S. Rogers, B. Ussery, M. Pizzatola, T. Christian, and D. Manning. 2. National Junior Honor Society officers are: Pres. Kathy McGinn, Vice-Pres. Mollie Battenhouse, Sect. Lisa Brown and Pro- gram Chairman Simone Rogers. 3. Leigh Ann Coker and Donna How- ard pour punch at the Honor Society inductions. 4. National Honor Society officers are G. Garrett, M. Reames, G. Ordoyne, and S. Dunn. 5. The twenty-two National Honor Society students are lsr, Susie Dunn, Becky Pollard, Leigh Ann Coker, Laurie Johnson, Mrs. Johnson, Meri Reames, Stacey Collins, Donna Howard, David Fagundes, Jim Battenhouse, Steve Bishop, Bob Coleman, Jimmy Turner. Gay Garrett, Sally Smith, Cissy Kennedy, Ronnie Flieshman, Greg Crook. David Beall. Doug Hoffman, Andy Allison, and Gerald Ordoyne. 38fHonor Societies Meeiimg The CWQUHCMQQQ Q-F EXQQUUQWQQ ff The Prowler staff got off to a head start this year by selling most of their ads during the summer. Also, five members, along with Mrs. Voyles, attended a workshop at Auburn during the summer. While there, they learned basic information about creating the yearbook. The members had to compete with sixty schools and came out on top to win a Canon Sure Shot AF35mm camera for creating the best layout design and the best theme. To help with their annual sales, the Prowler staff hosted one of the monthly PTO meetings. During the meeting they told a little about the i983 yearbook and presented a slide show as a preview. The staff then showed the slide show at school during one of the weekly assemblies to encourage all students to buy an annual. The annual staff's major project this year was the Miss FRA pageant, which they cosponsored with the newspaper staff. This event was the biggest money- making project of the two staffs, and was once again a big success as well as a great deal of fun. In May the staff attended the Georgia Scholastic Press Association's annual workshop at the University of Georgia's Grady School of Journalism. At the GSPA workshop they again entered the statewide yearbook competitions. Though award announcements will be after the yearbook is printed, the staff hoped to repeat the i982 staff's statewide win of theme presentation. This was the first time that FRA had won in these GSPA competitions open to all schools in Georgia, both public and private. l. Susan Dees finishes her layout. 2, Yearbook staff. Sandy Grubbs. Gay Garrett. Susan Dees, Laurie Johnson, Simone Rogers, Susie Dunn, Linda Myrick. Jeffrey Todd, Cissy Kennedy. Sally Smith, Leigh Ann Coker. Bobbie Jo Shaw. Gerald Ordoyne. Lee Nash, Link Mitcham. Frank Gill. 3. Pictured with the awards won at workshop are Gay Garrett, Simone Rogers, Jeffrey Todd, Leigh Ann Coker. Mrs. Voyles, and Susan Dees. 4. Laurie Johnson hurries to meet a deadline. 5. Staff members are busy at work. 6, Yearbook editors are Linda Myrick. layout editor, Susie Dunn, copy editor, Gay Garrett, editor: Leigh Ann Coker, ad editor, Gerald Ordoyne, darkroom editor, Lee Nash. sports editor, Jeffrey Todd, photographerf and Bobbie Jo Shaw, sales editor. 4OfYearbook Staff Cfemimg A Likcaaccfmi Qi? MQMQEUQS M Q . 1 21 'W .X- , , f 3? M' mx f Qf Q is I 2 okS The Informer staff got off to a busy start at the beginning of the l982-83 school year. The staff had ten members. Of the ten members there were only two veterans. ln a sense the whole staff had to be rebuilt. They all knew they had a lot of work to learn in a short time. The Informer staff first studied journalism and tech- nique. After that was mastered, they went on to more difficult things like writing a lead story. They all learned this in a very short period of time. Mr. Lewin was the Informer staff adviser. He set goals for the staff, like how many papers they would print. This year the staff printed eight papers. To print a paper it takes many weeks of hard work and writing. After the staff has everything written, they take their stories to Thomaston for paste-up. This is where the paper is actually put together. lt took the Flint River staff about five hours to put together a paper. The paper usually has in it some of the following stories: what's happening in Flint River sports, activi- ties that are going on in the school, and the senior spotlight. One thing that was constant all year was the MABEC ad of Tommy Mathews' father. The entire staff agrees on one thing, they believed that the class would help them in the future in the field of journalism. l. Hynes Barnes points out a problem with Meri Reames' copy. 2. Greg Crook and Hynes Barnes work diligently on their assignments for newspaper. 3. Newspaper editors are Liz Livingston, elementary edi- tor, Hynes Barnes. sports editort Stacey Collins, editor-in-chief. Meri Reames, copy editort not pictured: Don King, photo editor. 4. Becky Pollard ponders over what to write in her article. S. Members of the lnformer staff are back row: T. Mathews, H. Barnes, G. Crook, P. Lewin. advisor, Ind row: B. Pollard, S. Collins. M. Reames, lst row. S. Cosgrove. D. Fagundes, L. Livingston, not pictured: Don King. 6. Cissy Kennedy and Don King look over a new issue of the Informer. -llflnformer ww' Wm. z swrnnngp Qty... 4 M.. A RebwiHQvHEmQ YQGJIU' IFQW The Newspaper J haf sf 454 ' . M :BCC c I 'I E 1 48 cial . s Music The l982-83 Choraliers, Chorus, and Ensemble were under the direction of Mrs. Carolyn Turner. This was her first year of working with the music department at Flint River Academy. The Ensemble, a new group, was formed by Mrs. Turner and she did a great job with them. The members of the Ensemble were Meri Reames, Simone Rogers.Kim Seay. Susie Dunn, Tracy Maddox, Hunter Adkins, .lef- frey Todd, Jeff Smith, and David Fagundes. They gave spectacular performances at school and community ac- tivities throughout the year. The Choraliers also had great performances through- out the year. The Choraliers and Ensemble journeyed to Lenox Square at Christmas to sing for shoppers. They chose section leaders to guide them through the year. The section leaders were Simone Rogers for soprano, Donna Howard for alto, David Fagundes for tenor, and Jeff Frazier for bass. The Choraliers ended the year with the knowledge that they performed to their best ability. The Chorus sang at many different places this year. They sang with the Choraliers at the Warm Springs Rehabilitation Center at Christmas. The Chorus select- ed leaders for each section. They were Sonya Gasses. soprano section, Stephanie Bomar, alto section, David Manning, tenor section, and Brad Gregg, bass section. l. The Chorus section leaders are Brad Gregg, bass, David Manning. tenort Sonya Gasses, soprano, and Stephanie Bomar, alto. 2. The members of the l982-83 Choraliers are, first row, Susan Janney, Pam Lovett. Amy Ellerbee, Meri Reames, Simone Rogers, Lisa Phillips. Susan Dees. Mrs. Turner: second row, Harriet Argroves, Margaret Tinsley, Beth Estes. Laurie Johnson, Kim Seay. Laura Page, Susie Dunn, third row, Donna Howard. Leia Upton. Tonya Johnson. Stacy Wells. Tommie Lynn Cashion. Kim Adcock, fourth row, David Nix, Tracy Maddox, Lisa Brown, Cher Mills, Lisa Dees, Stacey Collins, fifth row. David Fagundes, Ronnie Fleishman, Hank Moody. Jeff Frazier. .lon Grover, sixth row, Alan Gregory. Hunter Adkins, Jeffrey Todd, Jeff Smith, Eddie Wells, and Link Mitcham. 3. The Choraliers section leaders are Donna Howard, alto, David Fagundes, tenor, Simone Rog- ers, soprano, and Jeff Frazier, bass. 4. Meri Reames and Simone Rogers practice hard for the Ensemble. 5. The officers for the Chora- liers are Susie Dunn. secretary-treasurer, .leffrey Todd. president, and Jeff Smith, vice-president. 6. The Ensemble sings at the Warm Spring Rehabilitation Center during Christmas. 44fChoraliers PEQVUQQS Lecfmmimg Ami Fm l H 4 Ch X45 Service is the key. The Key Club provides service at Flint River Academy. Providing leadership and service to the school and community, the Flint River Academy Key Club had another busy year. The membership of the Key Club grew to twenty-four during the i982-83 school year with the addition of six new members. In May, the Key Club held its annual Bike-a-Thon with the cooperation of the Tri-Hi-Y at Lake Meriwether. The proceeds were donated to St. .lude's Children's Research Hospital. With the help of many riders and sponsors, over S4w was raised for the charity. Refresh- ments were furnished to the people who participated in the Bike-a-Thon. Again this year the Key Clubbers ordered jerseys. This year the jerseys were black with silver trim, and they added a touch of class to the students in the hall. as well as to the school itself. A tradition was started at Flint River Academy this year. lt was electing girls that would serve as the I982- 83 Key Club Sweethearts. Members of the Key Club at Flint River Academy realized that helping others and having fun can be combined at the same time. l. The i982-83 Key Club officers are Gerald Ordoyne, Presidentf Jeff Smith, Vice-President, Jeffrey Todd. Treasurer, Richard Cook, Secre- tary. 2. Members of the i982-83 Key Club are. T. Brisendine, D. Fagundes, S. Bishop, T. Lasher, E. McRae, C. Clay. N. Rounds, C. Tigner, A. Ward, J. Turner. J. Battenhouse, G. Crook. R. Cook, H. Moody, R. Bridges. L. Nash. H. Barnes, G. Ordoyne. .l. Smith. H. Adkins, .l. Todd. S. Cain, A. Allison, D. Beall. sponsor 4 Mr. Lewin, not pictured R. Carter. 3. Gerald Ordoyne and Richard Cook look over the monthly Keynoter magazine. 4. Mr. Peter Lewin plans the next meet- ing. 5. The Key Club Sweethearts are: S. Dunn. T. Maddox, M. Reames. F. Solomon, and D. Callihan. 6. The Key Club will man the FRA vidalia onion booth this spring. 46fKey Club Service Us The Key if ,vw f I ALIA ONIONS Firsf of Hue Season Flint River Academy stduents know how to ham it up as well as turn in a fantastically polished performance. The one-act play started early in the school year prac- ticing long and hard hours after school. The one-act play placed first in 2-AA region and first in state. Mem- bers of the one-act play cast were: Jeffery Todd, Susie Dunn, Gay Garrett. Meri Reames, David Fagundes, Don- na Howard, Simone Rogers, Cliff Elliott, and Stacey Collins. The group was under the direction of Miss Cheryl Scamihorn. David Fagundes was recognized for his performance in the play at state with the best actor award. This year's play was titled Spoon River. The cast portrayed people in a cemetery telling of their lives. their mistakes, and their achievements in life. Sometimes, a clever answer solves a crisis. Some of the people at Flint River Academy who are able to think quickly on their feet and defeat their opponents with a logical retort are on the i982-83 Flint River Academy Debate team. The skilled team made a convincing showing at the 2-AA Region Debate Tournament. The team was composed of seniors to sophomores. The debate team members were Jeffery Todd, Gerald Or- doyne, Debbie Burns, Leigh Ann Coker, Gay Garrett, Liz Livingston, and Cliff Elliott. They placed first in region and second in state, giving FRA a big lead on the other schools in the region and state for literary. The coach and sponsor of the debate team was Mrs. Carroll Fowler. l. David Fagundes shows the audience the talent that won him the best actor award at state. 2. Leigh Ann Coker and Debbie Burns take time to pose for a picture before the competition begins. 3. Mrs. Carroll Fowler helps Gay Garrett, Debbie Burns. and Gerald Ordoyne with debate information. 4. Hunter Adkins, a member of the crew, helps others set up the stage for the one-act play performance at state, 5. Members of the debate team Jeffrey Todd, Gerald Ordoyne. Leigh Ann Coker, and Debbie Burns relax after working hard to win the region competition. 6, The members of the i982-83 one-act play are David Fagundes. Cliff Elliott, Stacey Collins, Meri Reames. Gay Garrett, Simone Rogers, Jeffrey Todd, Susie Dunn. and Donna How- ard. 48fLtterary Wlceny Amd DQEQQGGQ EXQQHH Ai? S5-ircfinire . IT' 1 Bs ,nf"" ,QV as ,, , ., Q A 2 3' ' Q E i Q N A V lu--. .ka 5 L X49 V' - 5OfLiterary FRA again captured both the state AA and region IAA championships in Literary. FRA carried points into the state competition from earlier wins of first in one-act play and debate. Miss Cheryl Scamihorn, Mrs. Lynn Godowns, and Mrs. Carolyn Turner were literary sponsors. Mrs. Carroll Fowler was debate coach. In state literary Simone Rogers. Kim Seay. and Susie Dunn placed first for girls' trio. Simone Rogers won first in state for girls' solo. David Fagundes, Jon Grover, Jeff Smith, and Jeffrey Todd placed first in boys' quartet. Jeffrey Todd won first in boys' solo. Flint River has captured the region title for ten of the sixteen years that the school has competed. The FRA team more than doubled the points gathered by their nearest competitor at the competition at Gordon Junior College on March I4. ln girls' essay Debbie Burns placed second and earned a slot in the state competition. Gay Garrett was first in girls' extemporaneous speaking. David Fagundes won first in boys' oral interpretation. Cliff Elliott represented the boys' in extemporaneous speaking. Meri Reames represented the girls' in oral interpretation. Simone Rogers, Kim Seay, and Susie Dunn won first in girls' trio, and David Fagundes, Jon Grover, Jeff Smith, and Jeffrey Todd placed first in boys' quarter. Jeffrey Todd placed first in boys' solo and Simone Rogers also won first in girls' solo. Laurie Johnson placed second in piano. Ricky Garner won first in boys' typing. Harriet Argroves represented the girls' in typing. l. Jeffrey Todd wins boys' solo for the second time in a row. 2. The state winning trio performs a medley of songs for the school. 3. Donna Howard glances back at the camera while on her way to literary competition. 4. Simone Rogers sings for the school to prepare her for region literary compe- tition. 5. The literary team proudly displays their state and region first place trophies. 2 ww mumoupu-1, Y"" ' A ...M UMM. M.. .V,,, ,,,, , ,, ,,,, .M ff ,,,,, . 'J ,,,, W, , ,, X W W Q ,,,, -- , ,, f. , - :H ,. V77 . V V Literaryf5I f FRA was very proud this year to have one student, Donna Howard, chosen for the Governor's Honor Pro- gram. Donna, a junior. was nominated by the faculty for this highly coveted award. After being nominated, Don- na was interviewed by the Governor's Honor's Commit- tee, and based on this interview and her high school record, she was chosen to represent FRA in the field of math. This summer Donna will participate in a six weeks program at North Georgia College in Dahionega where she will take part in an intensified study of math. This is a great opportunity for Donna as well as a real honor for her and her school. Several FRA students were selected to be in the i982- 83 edition of Who's Who Among American High School Students and Who's Who in Music. In order to be eligi- ble for Who's Who, a student must be a junior or a senior, be nominated by the faculty, and be in the top third of his class. This is a very prestigious award and a great honor to all those who receive it. I. Donna Howard is pictured with her math teacher Mrs. Barnes. 2. Senior members of Who's Who! Susan Janney, Laurie Johnson, Kim Adcock. Bobbie .Io Shaw, Meri Reames, Susie Dunn. Gay Garrett. Chuck Tigner. David Beall, Hunter Adkins, Gerald Ordoyne, Hynes Barnes, Lee Nash, 3. Junior members of Who's Who: Leigh Ann Coker. Donna Howard, Becky Pollard. Steve Bishop. Stacey Collins. 4. Who's Who in music: Laurie Johnson, Jeffrey Todd, Susie Dunn. Jeff Smith. 52fWho's Who I in ..pv0l'- Vrrrl Vgr, X, Achieving muff GJQQHS H Q Y 'E 'L ,. A EEQQ gs , , Q Q + Y 5 E Who's Whof53 Academic team. Peter Lewin, received top honors with their first place trophy at Georgia Southwestern College in Americus. This is the first time FRA has received this award. The students went to Americus well-prepared and ready for the competition. They especially looked forward to the night before the event when they ate dinner at a restaurant and afterward played putt-putt. Mem- bers of the team were Gerald Ordoyne. Gay Garrett, Bobbie Jo Shaw. Don King, Steve Bishop, Cissy Kennedy. David Fa- gundes, and Henry Persons. Another first for FRA was the youngest humanities team ever. This young team placed first at the Gordon Academic Bowl with its three freshmen members. Ashley Garrett had one of the three highest scores at the meet followed by the other freshmen members, Mollie Battenhouse and Trace Lasher, who were within one point of each other. Mrs. Go- downs was the sponsor. Receiving first place in competition is a tradition with the math team. They again won first place at Gordon with the l982-83 members: Gerald Ordoyne. Gay Garrett, and Susie Dunn. Mrs. Kay Barnes heads the math team. The social science team at Flint River received third place at the Gordon Academic Bowl competition. The members were Jim Battenhouse, Jeffrey Todd. and Steve Melton. Mrs. Copeland was their sponsor. I. The young humanities team receives their first place award. 2. Academic bowl members Don King, Gerald Ordoyne. and Steve Bishop brush up on their overall knowledge for the academic bowl competition. 3. Mr. Lewin shows Don and Gerald some of the finer points of their studies. 4. Jeffrey Todd receives the award for the social science team. 5. Bobbie Jo and Gay study for academic bowl competition. 541 Bowl Teams il - ,,,, :H if in , . ,pg 'f J if ....... pn "" A Fiwsi? Pllcfmce Trfcfmdiiiicm 1 1' J' J' f ' 'Q-'R' 5 5 n Q S e M . .449 Gig' X 5 l F s Q-'ff iii X ""'N---. .A.A N M, Q N"N"Q.. ..Q. mi 'fb x , F af w H ,.,.x The I983 Math Bowl team spent many hard hours working math problems even on Sunday afternoons The team captured the school s seventh consecutive state title. The team also outscored all other schools in their AA division by 290 points and topped the AAA schools by 84 points. Stratford of Macon was the top AAA school. The Math Bowl competition was held at Georgia Southwestern College in Americus on February 4th. ln addition to team honors, Gerald Ordoyne received a medal for highest individual score on the written exam and has received this award for the second time, while Gay Garrett received the second highest individ- ual score. The team members agree that all this could not have been done without the dedication and leader- ship of Mrs. Kay Barnes. State Science Bowl was also held at Georgia South- western College on November 22 in Americus. Five students made up the Flint River team that took a ninty- five question multiple choice test. Besides testing at the Science Bowl, the students and teachers got to attend laboratory workshops of their own choice. This gave the students an insight into college science classes and gave advisors ideas for using in their class- rooms. At the end of the day awards were given and Flint River placed second in the AA division, with Jim Battenhouse as the high scorer for Flint River two years in a row. The average score of the Flint River team exceeded the average score of the other schools. I. Jim Battenhouse. Doug Hoffman. Gerald Ordoyne, David Beall and Gay Garrett experiment in the lab before Science Bowl competition. J. Mrs. Kay Barnes spends many hours preparing and coaching the Math Bowl team, and every member owes her much of their credit for the wins. 3. Mrs. Ann Johnson coaches the i982-83 Science Bowl team. 4. The members of the i982-83 Science Bowl team are: Gay Garrett, Gerald Ordoyne, David Beall, Coach Ann Johnson, Jim Bat- tenhouse. and Cissy Kennedy. 5. Participating on the Math Bowl team were: Steve Bishop. Donna Howard, Hynes Barnes. Gerald Ordoyne, Cissy Kennedy, Jim Battenhouse, Sally Smith, Susie Dunn. Sponsor Kay Barnes, Gay Garrett, and Stacey Collins. 56fMath Bowl - Science Bowl M Z i ""f'?'?"r 5 Math Bowl -- Science Bowlf57 SPDRTS "am am 0 a. ph w"4'3 .- Q fx '12 ' R7 Q: 6 6OfFootbaII www 4 FootbaIIf6I 62fFootbaIl W M Q ,V I f f , w,?,Q, rw , V , , , UW, 7' we I 59551 . 1 I Q WW - , X Lf 3 IW Y Y , f y rw" ' , f g I V Q jf C' Y If f Q 3 af ,,,, 21 W S, X if ff? ' Ufh M,,,, I , , My .V 4 4, W 'f ,Q 1 ' 5 Q W1 u , , V I fa? , ' ' :,i,, ,,,,,jm ' ,, , fy Wfggpys f ' 'U 'fa by V G 3 FootbaIIf63 AR ,am , n pf Nw + - - ff f, ifffmi, ' H, ,M f ,, ft 21: ,F -,, 225' 2' ,: f f 'i ' " if X A. 1, 42 W f f f f f X W f X M f Q f V w, f n Vw ' 4, 44 1 J f 42 9 , f f y ff ff ,f M? ff f f f f X f f 0 wg? X if 1 , XA I 1 f as Z by 5 1 f W! gym , ,gy W FootbaIlf65 ,K ...Min 66"'DrnlI Team Drill Teamf67 N 68fSoftbaII wif an as ,wmv J .gi 2? .JS 3 LZQSEH Q zQg,N3gg3L'1.pg y,Lg V Qwgviqahfwfzfl 4 Q NMMQ Mmm, 4 MW HZZQQSH WQET'Qgi'YSZivh'1f"Z5mV,f?15S1.' A 1 ' 1 f V ,, ,pf , ,Z ,,,fj,.: 1fE5'5'f3?fZf 'iwvwsnwihzv Q ,mf 3. 1 :M Jw Wm, i Zif in xy Q, 24154. , 1 EQ mf in .Q- ,.-Hfzifz MEN Vw, g . 1 , . , :iw ' 4 if ' " - -1 'wxfwavwzifi F 1 X 5 V Ju 4 A w Q .E :.hk . kAL,, ... . . .A k s f Qig X ..X- A Q -wi- L A . A A '--- - 5 "-X - ..... - K' V X.. .... v m f ,, , -. f- .... if Er . K E. E -,155 S 'K " 1 , Q""'Q ,, in Softball X69 7OfBasketbaII BasketbaIIf7l 72fBasketbaIl 7- , if 4 ff, ,X 'A M' ' 'Qi 1 f ,. 6 7 Basketballf73 V 74,fBasketbaII sr :Jr g V W, A iff ' , Q , we ""' , 1 ' ig I 55.71 ,Vg , zz 7 ' Eas w. , .V - I 1 ' , 'flsewifigqr f , M Way W 1 K Me M ,HV V , ,ww , f-if 1 f ff f Z! f , fzwffff Wfyg 9 ve , "" , sf.HA ,,,,. , Varsity Boys FRA Sl Glenwood FRA 59 Chambers FRA 77 Cross Keys FRA 55 Beechwood FRA 62 LaGrange FRA 59 Windsor FRA 68 Monroe FRA 50 Fulllngton FRA 75 Meadow Creek FRA 52 Baker FRA 63 Barnesville FRA 48 Fullington PRA 34 Barnesville FRA 46 Meadow Creek FRA 75 Cross Keys FRA 61 Jonesco FRA S9 LaGrange FRA 72 o .ionesco FRA 47 Beechwood 53,45 55 Baker PRA vi M or Moms FRA 34 Fullington FQAF 49 Beechwood ' Q j Varsity Girls FRA 30 F A Glenwood FRA33 A f Chambers FRA 58 Cross Keys FRA 30 A r Beechwood FRA 48 F LaGrange FRA337 y A y Windsor FRA 24 Monroe FRA 33 Fullingron FRA 50 Meadow Creek PRA 41 Baker FRA 42 Barnesville' FRA 45 Fullingtors FRA 36 Barnesville FRA 47 Meadow Creek FRA 52 Cross Keys FRA 44 Jonesco FRA 53 LaGrange FRA 36 Jonesco FRA 55 Beechwood FRA 55 Baker FRA 39 Monroe FRA 34 Bamesville FRA 47 Baker FRA 25 Fullington 6 BasketbaHf75 76fB-Teams ,gg an W N? If W my wwf Wiliam f I wi -y3Q::.,, is . ,Q HQ. giz ii. X. A miil . X ,N T M l B-Teams,!77 f 78f7-8 Basketball H.. , ,, "MW ' ' ' ' ff my H ., z,ez,wf+wWf W 'it f yr if 4' , , D ,,, ,, 52' ' 7-8 BasketbaIIf79 l'-Il AM ,I lVIf . I 1 8OfCl I - Cheerleadersf8I Fall And Winter 1 ur 4 82fCheerIeaders iv N CheerIeadersf83 km .L 84f Baseball W-O 1 Baseballf85 3 Sf'-12? mga in Q 2 my vm 2275552 2 E 2135: ,' 4 X i 86fTennis-Golf 1 ,ww WMM , , Oli mmf www 'lg Tennis-GoIff87 ja? ww an 40" 88fTrack qw Q an 414' W 'Kr . t ,ir g A M , M 3 f 'K Qi- J ,f iw Q, ln.-..,,"""' f i ,QS YH ,Q mg- K 9 .lf v ,.-1 M? , fm l - .5,, 'U f'f4wM wwwwwWW'Qm?viM ,Q ,:,, ,,M, ,. Www ' .1 4 4 M A , , A, 1 .vw "' I Trackf89 CILHSSELS Mb B 0 . D" ' , 4.x x . YS .1 V VV I I- 1 was ' I' - 5, , K. IAQ? . KIM ADCOCK was a member of the Drill Team in the eleventh and twelfth grades. Was in the Choraliers for 3 years. HUNTER ADKINS played varsity football for 4 years. Was Most Valuable Defensive Lineman and All-Region in the eleventh and Most Valuable Offensive Lineman, Defensive Back, All-Region, and All-State Honorable Mention in the twelfth grade. Was a member of the track team for 4 years. Was a member of the Key Club and Choraliers for 3 years, and the Ensemble in the twelfth grade. Listed in the i982 edition of Who's Who Among American High Schools. WAYNE ALLEN was a member of the Key Club in the eleventh and twelfth grades and the Informer staff in the tenth grade. Played varsity football in the twelfth grade. HARRIET ARGROVES was a member of the Tri-Hi-Y for 4 years, Drama Club for 2 years, and Choraliers for 2 years. Played varsity basketball in the twelfth grade and received the Most Improved award. Represented FRA in typing in the twelfth grade. HYNES BARNES was a member of the Key Club for 3 years and of the Informer staff for 3 years. Played varsity basketball for 3 years and baseball for 4 years and was baseball captain in the twelfth grade. Played tennis in the tenth grade and track and golf in the twelfth grade. Was All- Region baseball in the twelfth grade. JIM BATTENHOUSE was a member of the Honor Society for 4 years and the Key Club for 3 years, Was on the Math. Science, and Gordon Aca- demic Bowl teams for 2 years. Was a member of the Academic Bowl team for I year. Was listed in Who's Who and the Society of Distin- guished American High School Students. Received a faculty scholarship to Emory at Oxford for SLOOO. DAVID BEALL was a member of the Key Club for 3 years and the Honor Society for 4 years. Played varsity football for 3 years and baseball in the twelfth grade. Ran track in the tenth grade. Was a member of the Science Bowl team in the twelfth grade. l W 1 , -iw mi " FRA was honored this year to have several seniors receiving scholarships to various colleges. Gay Garrett received the Trustee B 112 Scholarship, in the amount of SMH, to Wesleyan College, and Susie Dunn received the Presiden- tial Merit Scholarship, in the amount if., of SSH, also to Wesleyan. Jim Bat- qw tenhouse received the Faculty ZW Scholarship, SIOW per year, to Emory at Oxford. Gerald Ordoyne received the Franklin Foundation Scholarship, SIOOO per year, to Geor- gia Tech. Chuck Tigner received the Marshall Scholarship, in the ll . lf , -Q amount of SISOO to Andrew Jr. Col- 4 i lege. Three students received scholarships to Gordon Jr. College. Bobbie Jo Shaw received the IOOO Club Scholarship which pays full tu- ition. Ricky Garner received an art scholarship which also pay full tu- ition. FRA was very proud of these graduates that have served their school so well. They are pictured on the right. I. Kim Adcock, Bobbie Jean Reid. Rod Bridges, and Doug Hoffman are recognized at the Senior Send-Off. 2. Hunter Adkins and Jeff Smith make a few remarks on behalf of the senior class. 3. Jeff Smith and Lee Nash show their excitement at getting out of school. 4. Mrs. Ellis and the seventh grade girls enjoyed decorating cars. A new addition to the senior's final day of school was a program given in their honor, the Senior Send-off. Juniors reminisced with seniors over their past years at FRA, sophomores presented each senior with a special wish, and freshmen gave a summary of the achievements of the Class of '83, After the fun and tear-filled program, seniors were escorted to their decorated cars and applauded as they left the parking lot for the last time as FRA students. 7 'Wifi' 'U X ff J ? ,,VV , ., , ' "" 1 , Ag I ' . ff '. ' J QF "W, 1 V J I . ,,,5 V, 4 , It I I I Y AAAA, , I as ' 4 ., hy f Z A. ,,, ROD BRIDGES was a member of the Key Club for 3 years. Played varsity basketball for 3 years and baseball for 4 years. Made All-Region in basketball and received the Most Outstanding Offensive Player award in the twelfth grade. Made All-Region and received the Most Valuable Player award for baseball in the twelfth grade. Voted Most Athletic in the senior class. KEVIN BROWN was a member of the 4-H in the ninth and tenth grades. Played varsity football in the ninth and eleventh grades. ROBIN CARTER was a member of the baseball team for 4 years. Played varsity basketball in the eleventh and twelfth grades. Was a member of the Key Club for 3 years. RICHARD COOK played on the tennis team for 3 years. Ran track in the tenth and eleventh grades. Was a member of the Key Club in the eleventh and twelfth, serving as secretary in the twelfth. Was voted as the Most Talented senior in the senior class. SUSIE DUNN was a member of the Tri-Hi-Y and the Honor Society for 4 years, serving as Vice-President of both in the twelfth grade. Was a member of the drama club for 3 years. Was a cheerleader for 4 years, Co-Captain in the twelfth. Member of the All-State Chorus, Trio, Math Bowl team, and the One Act Play Cast for two years. Was a member of the Academic Bowl team in the eleventh and the Gordon Bowl in the twelfth. Ran track for 3 years. Miss FRA l982 and 3rd runner-up in Homecoming l983. Was selected as a Key Club Sweetheart, Most Talented, and Miss Senior in the senior year. JEFF FRAZIER was a member of the tennis team in the eleventh and twelfth grades and the track team in the twelfth grade. Earned the Eagle Scout award while he was a senior. RICKY GARNER was a member of the varsity basketball team for 3 years. Received the Most Improved award in the twelfth grade. Played varsity football in the eleventh grade and was assistant coach for the track team in the twelfth grade. Was the Region Champ in the typing contest. TRACY GARNER was a member of the softball team for 4 years and was chosen All-Region in the twelfth grade. Was a varsity basketball player in the tenth and eleventh grades! Was a member of the Tri-Hi-Y for 2 years and the Drama Club for I year. Voted Best Personality in the senior class. GAY GARRETT was a member of the Tri-Hi-Y for 4 years, Pres. in the twelfth. Was a member of the Honor Society for 3 years, Treas. in the twelfth. Was a member of the One-Act-Play cast, Debate, Math Bowl. Gordon Bowl. Academic Bowl teams, and Extemporaneous Speaker in the eleventh and twelfth grades. Was the I982 Homecoming Queen and the l983 Miss FRA. Played varsity basketball for 4 years. Named Most Out- standing Defensive in the eleventh and Most Outstanding Offensive and All-Region in the twelfth. Ran track for 4 years and played softball for 2 years, All-Region in the twelfth. Voted as Most Intellectual in the senior class. DOUG HOFFMAN was a member of the National Honor Society for 4 years. Was a member of the 4-H for 3 years and was a master 4-Her. Was the 4-H district and state Rifle Champion. Ma 9 Wm Senior Directoryf93 V' 'K fa. K 2, J SUSAN JANNEY was a member of the drill team in eleventh grade and capt. in twelfth. Sang in Choraliers in eleventh and twelfth. Played softball in eleventh. Was a member of the Tri-Hi-Y for 2 years. LAURIE JOHNSON was a member of the Tri-Hi-Y for 4 years, serving as treas. in the twelfth. Was a member of the Drama Club 3 years and the Honor Society 4. Was a member of the Prowler staff in twelfth grade. Was a cheerleader for 3 years, being chosen Most Spirited in twelfth. Received second place in piano literary competition in eleventh and twelfth grades. CLIFF KING transferred to FRA from Harris County his ninth grade year. Was on FRA's Varsity Football team for 2 years. STEVE MINTER was a member of the 4-H in ninth and tenth grades. Played Varsity Football I year. HANK MOODY was a member of the Key Club for 4 years. Was a member of the Track team in eleventh grade. Sang in Choraliers for I year. Was a member of the Varsity Football team in twelfth. Was chosen a Senior Superlative for having the "Best Personality." LINDA MYRICK played Varsity Basketball for 4 years. Was given the Hustle Award for the l982 basketball season, and named MVP and All- Region for the l983 season. Played softball for 4 years, making All-Region 3 years, and receiving MVP in tenth and twelfth grades and Outstanding Player in eleventh. Was a member of the Tri-Hi-Y for 3 years. Was chosen "Most Athletic" in the senior class. 94fSenior Directory il it Doug Hoffman, a senior at FRA, was honored with the 4- H State Rifle Champion title in August, I982. After compet- ing at Rock Eagle in June, at which he won first place, he was advanced to the state finals in Dahlonega. Out of a possible score of ISOO for shooting ISO rebounds, Doug scored l44O. He set the state record for the highest stand- ing record. Doug is pictured above. Jeff Frazier, Cliff King, and Lee Nash were three seniors honored with the Eagle Scout Award. Before reaching this most important rank ...N in scouting, these students had to complete five other stages by earn- ing the necessary skill awards and merit badges. Merit badges play an important role by educating the boys on a particular subject. Most activities in which a scout partici- pates are camping trips, or other troop activities, and fund raisers. Each of these seniors had to com- plete a community project on his own before receiving this utmost honor. Jeff, who has been involved with scouting for seven years, was responsible for planting trees and shrubbery around the Pine Mtn. City Park. Cliff, who has been in- volved with scouting for six years. cleared a mountain overlook on the Pine Mtn. Trail. Lee, who has been involved with scouting for seven years, cleared the cemetery in Gay. Q I. Ricky finds that being the assistant track coach is a busy job. 2. Gerald and Harriet are freezing, but faithful. football fans. l DAVID NEUBERT transferred to FRA from Westwood his senior year. Played Varsity Basketball and was a member of the Science team at Westwood. At FRA, he was a member of the Varsity Football team. Received the Ga. Certificate of Merit and the National History and Government Award. GERALD ORDOYNE was a member of the Key Club in eleventh and pres. in twelfth. Was a member of the Honor Society for 4 years. vice pres. in eleventh and pres. in twelfth. Was a member of the Debate team for 2 years. Played Varsity Basketball 3 years. Was a member of the Prowler staff in eleventh and Dkrm. Ed. in twelfth. Was a member of the Track team 3 years. Was on the State Champion Math team 3 years. the Gordon Math team 2, the Science team I, and the Academic Bowl team 2. Was chosen l983 Star Student, Valedictorian, and "Most Intellectual" in the senior class. MERI REAMES was a cheerleader for 3 years. Was a member of the Tri-Hi-Y for 4 years, sec. in twelfth. Was a member of the Honor Society 4 years, sec. in twelfth. Was Copy Ed. of the Informer staff in twelfth. Was a member of the Drama Club for 4 years, participating in One Act Play both in eleventh and twelfth. Sang in Choraliers and in the FRA Ensemble in twelfth. Compet- ed in literary Oral Interpretation 2 years, winning first place in eleventh. Was a runner-up in Miss FRA, and was first runner-up on the Homecoming court in twelfth. BOBBIE JEAN REID played basketball in ninth and eleventh grades. Was a member of the Track team in eleventh. being selected as MVP. Was on the Tennis team in eleventh. Participated in 4-H in ninth grade. KIM SEAY was a cheerleader for 4 years, capt. and FRA cheerleader of the Year in twelfth. Was a member of the Tri-Hi-Y, Drama Club, and Choraliers for 4 years. Was a member of the State Champion trio in twelfth. Was a Homecoming representative in tenth and second runner-up in twelfth. Was a Miss FRA runner-up in eleventh and twelfth. Was a member of the FRA Ensemble in twelfth. LEE NASH was a captain of the football and baseball teams. Named to all- region football team. Named MV Back in football. Named to all-region base- ball as a sophomore and HM for 3 years. Was an Eagle Scout, member of Key Club. and yearbook sports editor. l -i X lfi ' ' f BOBBIE JO SHAW transferred from Westwood her senior year. At Westwood, she was on the yearbook and newspaper staffs, a Varsity cheerleader, a member of the Beta Club, softball team. Academic team. Gordon team. and a class officer. At FRA, she was named to the All- Region softball team. Was a member of the Honor Society, Tri-Hi-Y, and the Academic Bowl team. JEFF SMITH was a member of the Varsity Football and Varsity Baseball teams for 4 years. Was named Best Offensive Lineman in football and Most Improved in baseball in twelfth grade. Sang in Choraliers 4 years, vice pres. in twelfth. Sang in the FRA Ensemble in twelfth. Was a member of the State Champion quartet in eleventh and twelfth. Was a member of the Key Club for 4 years. vice pres. in twelfth. CHUCK TIGNER was a member of the Key Club for 4 years. Participated in 4-H in eleventh and twelfth grades. Was a member of the Track team in eleventh and twelfth. JEFFREY TODD was on the Varsity Basketball team for 4 years. and was named to both All-Region and All-State in eleventh and twelfth grades. Was a member of the Drama Club 3 years, participating in the One Act Play 2 years. Was the State Champion Boy's Soloist in eleventh and twelfth, and a member of the State Champion quartet in ninth through twelfth. Sang in the Choraliers 4 years, pres. in eleventh and twelfth. Was a member of the Debate team 2 years. Was chosen Mr. Senior in I983. Was a member of the Key Club 4 years. Was chosen to the All-State Chorus 3 years, JIMMY TURNER was a member of the Honor Society for 4 years. Played Varsity Football 3 years. receiving the Coaches Award in eleventh and Best Defensive Lineman in twelfth. Was a member of the Track team 3 years. Played Varsity Baseball in twelfth grade. Was a member of the Key Club in twelfth. Senior Directoryf95 96fClasses rd El? 69? .-iw, 4 'H- amd? f 11' 255-2 awk MW f f'Z WQQQWWWQV 35542 my MRM ., Q L 41' fuumdw L g .5 S 6 A Sense of Belonging At the sound of the 8:20 bell spe- cial groups get together at FRAQ those special groups are classes. ln the lower school these special groups stay together all during the school day, but in the upper school they are dispersed during the day. Competition is one factor of these special associations: seeing who can make the most original sign for the pep rallies, who can bring the most canned goods for the needy at Thanksgiving, and most importantly, who can raise the most money for the King and Queen of the Fall Festival. Enjoying each other makes class membership special. Being able to talk and sit with class members dur- ing lunch or break and being able to chat with friends between classes add to that particular sense of be- longing. Annual class projects at FRA in- cluded the juniors working together to sell and deliver fruit to pay for the Junior-Senior Prom and seniors working together toward a special Homecoming dance everyone would always remember. Classes at FRA were not limited to working in the classroom, they were involved as a group outside the homeroom door. l. Fourth grade is flying high with spirit. 2. First grader. Natalie Miles. enjoys her Thanksgiving feast. 3. A big part of the kin- dergarteners' year is dressing as Indians for their Thanksgiving program. 4. The seventh graders ventured to Gay. Ga. to participate in the mini fair. 5. Seniors truly enjoyed hav- ing a day off at Callaway to take pictures. B. All elementary classes enjoy going to the li- brary to hear stories and to learn to use the sources found there. Classesj97 A Glqngg gl Excellence . . .A Glance at Excellence A Glu Each year at FRA a group of stu- dents who excel in certain areas are chosen as the Senior Superlatives. By secret ballot, the seniors them- selves choose both a male and fe- male representative for Most Athle- tic, Most intellectual, Most Talent- ed, and Best Personality. The entire upper school, grades 7-ll, then vote on the overall honor, Mr. and Miss Senior. Jeffrey Todd, Mr. Senior i982-83, has attended FRA for thirteen years. Susie Dunn, Miss Senior, has attended FRA for ten years. Both are very active members of the stu- dent body, participating in one-act play, ensemble, Choraliers, music literary team, annual staff, and oth- er activities. Gerald Ordoyne and Gay Garrett. Most Intellectual, have both main- tained an average of 95 plus, par- ticipated in all of FRA's academic teams, and received top honors in the state as math students. Voted Most Athletic were Rod Bridges and Linda Myrick. Rod's major sports are baseball and bas- ketball, in both he is on the starting team. Linda's major sports are soft- ball and basketball, and she is also found leading the team in starting positions. Chosen Most Talented Seniors were Richard Cook and Susie Dunn. Richard's primary talent is in art, which can be seen in the fine work he does in his art classes. Susie's primary talent is in voice, which has kept her active in FRA's music pro- gram for six years. Hank Moody and Tracy Garner received the title of Best Personal- ity. Needless to say, both can al- ways be found with smiles on their faces, cheering others up or mis- chievously plotting. I. Mr. and Miss Senior - Jeffrey Todd and Susie Dunn. 2. Most Intellectual - Gerald Ordoyne and Gay Garrett. 3. Most Talented - Richard Cook and Susie Dunn. 4. Most Athletic - Rod Bridges and Linda Myrick. 5. Best Personality - Hank Moody and Tracy Garner. 98fSenlors ""?tpsuun11 W fy we n . . my W fi A as . it ft t we 'W' ,gf ' - Q. 'H' '1lPM5f5-fv' 'F' .wti,Y,yl, ' ,hiwyarwg-ww .129 e at Excellence ...A Glance at Excellence . . .A Glance at Ex: V 5 M 4 , ,,,,, ugh ,Nw f gif ,V N 47 f ,f L1 HH? 5 , , 441 7 Z' mi , f mu , A? , fl 1 1. l 9 lm,"fSE'I1iOfS Q 3 f la Q ,V 'wil' i R Reflections, .. After twelve long years of school- studies, sports, clubs, activities, and competitions - the seniors be- gan looking in new directions. With all the choices and decisions to be made their last year, they realized how different life after graduation would be. However, experiences at Flint River Academy will be reflect- ed in decisions made throughout their future. As the seniors complet- ed their final year at FRA, they not only looked to the future, but also iooked back at the past -- to times that will never be forgotten. l. Rod Bridges studies for a test. 2. Jeff Fra- zier centers his attention on the ballgame. 3. Linda Myrick lends a hand in decorating for homecoming. 4. Laurie Johnson and Kevin Brown relax after lunch. 5. Kim Seay prac- tices her typing. 6. Gerald Ordoyne struts his stuff on punk rock day. 7. Bobbie Jo Shaw and Kim Adcock help cheer the Wildcats to another victory. 8. Wayne Allen concen- trates on reading the newspaper during a short break, 9. Jimmy Turner relaxes on the bus. IO. Richard Cook catches up on his gram- mar exercises, ll. Tracy Garner is surprised by the click of the camera as she finishes the final touches before senior picture day at Callaway Gardens. 11 SeniorsflOl Kim Adcock Jjli' - Z Un the Past Throughthhween yearsofschooLfronikindergar ten to twelth grade, the seniors experienced many changes They have not omy grown togethen but also learned, shared, and cared together. From ele- mentary field trips, like the third grade trip to the state capitol, to the new and exciting schedules of hnnorlngh schooh and to the eveninore exching, busy schedules of high school, the seniors learned thatresponsnnhnes go dong wid1aduhhood.Even though all experiences weren't considered good, each one helped in developing the student. As class- mates, friends, and individuals, the seniors made for themselves a past to be proud of, a past full of experiences to be remembered long into the future. I. Mr. Blankenship stands aside to let Harriet Argroves have a look through the camera. 2. Jeff Smith tries his hand at photography. 3. Seniors take time during lunch to relax. 4. Lee Nash concentrates on his work. 5. David Neubert and Bobbie Jean Reid are intro- duced as the Senior class King and Queen at the Fall Festival. IO2 X Seniors 4 Hunter Adkins Wayne Allen ' w'Wi 'l it " "ln ' ,Mll"l'm N :M ,gilt N W 'wtfl' it 'Q' ur-1 Jim Battenhouse David Beall Li Harriet Argroves Hynes Barnes l o Rod Bridges Kevin Brown .401 'U5 ,,,,,, 2' wi in 1? Q Robin Carter Richard Cook -4 1 3 Seniors X IO3 lO4fSeniors , -M.. we , 1 R Q. H, ,, ,,,,, .,, V . I , I., ,ina Q fam -,uw H... L a ,. , I J mm J ,f , V , . r ,asv 5 ,f ...On the Present Finally, at the top. the seniors were looked upon, and saw them- selves, as the leaders of the student body. With such a responsibility, it was often hard to follow their hearts and have as much fun as pos- sible since they would not pass this way again. To make the most of this effort. to appease the faculty and its re- quirements. they consequently took a part in every extracurricular ac- tivity FRA offered and took advan- tage of every opportunity possible. For some this was their last chance to make good grades, to create good impressions, and to be accept- ed into a college. For others, it was the last few months of the long hard pull to be free to be themselves and not a slave to their commitments. From the classroom to the athle- tic field to literary achievements. seniors excelled and achieved, bringing recognition to the school and themselves. l. Kim Adcock concentrates on hitting the right keys. 2. The senior members of the football team congratulate each other after a hard fought game. 3. Meri Reames and Hynes Barnes enioy their day at Callaway, 4. Steve Minter thinks hard about the situation. 5. Cliff King takes a break from his work to laugh with his classmates. 6. Chuck Tigner relaxes while watching the ballgame. 7. Ger- ald Ordoyne gets ready to chase everyone out of the horror house at Fall Festival. 8. While at Callaway Linda Myrick, Tracy Gar- ner, and Gay Garrett smile for the camera. 9. Richard Cook and Hank Moody stroll across the bridge at Callaway. 9 Seniors , IOR fl IW Susie Dunn look. .. For seniors, the choices and opportunities were numerous. Whether to go to college, to go to techni- cal school, to get a job, or to settle down to undeci- dedness were a few of the options. The pressure to make decisions increased as graduation neared, and many found themselves wondering which road to take. For along with one decision came many others, as seniors took one step closer to independence. l. Gay Garrett works the lights for the horror house while recoverf ing from the dunking booth. 2. Hank Moody has fun scaring everyone in the horror house at Fall Festival. 3. Ricky Garner enioys having senior pictures made at Callaway Gardens. 4. Robin Carter and Doug Hoffman clown around while waiting to have their senior pictures made. 5. Senior class officers were: Presia dent, Hunter Adkins: Vice-President, Gerald Ordoyneg Secretary, Susie Dunnt and Treasurer. Gay Garrett. lO6fSeniors Jeff Fraizer ss ' ff. 'Es Gay Garrett Cliff Kang it i at FW Ricky Garner 'mf J' I . A Doug Hoffman Steve Minter Tracy Garner Susan Janney i Hank Moody 1 Q S.. Laurle Johnson f 5 iii is Q af' Linda Myrick .6-al""' 2 3 is -aiu ,T N T 4 3 ik Q J' do if 1 ,,4w.,: . u WL- lO8fSeniorS gsx il' ...To the Future Many seniors at FRA had already realized that they would be ex- changing one classroom for an- other. These college-bound stu- dents had been making plans for weeks, months, or even years, by taking the SATs writing essays, and filling out applications, While the majority finalized their college plans, others frantically tried to make that all important decision. All, however. were busy dreaming of a life of freedom, independence. and success. Because Flint River Academy in- stills the development of mind, body. and spirit, graduates face the future with strong minds. strong hearts. and confidence. FRA has be- come a poignant memory, but it will forever remain a part of each stu- dent. I. Hunter Adkins, Lee Nash. and Richard Cook work on their English assignments. 2. Gerald Qrdoyne shows Jeff Frazier how to smile. 3, Laurie Johnson hurries to meet that year- book deadline. 4. While riding the bus Jef- frey Todd gives us a big smile. 5. Miss Scami- horn helps Meri Reames with her facial ex- pression forthe play. 6. Bobbie Jean Reid and Kim Adcock get excited about 50's Day. 7. lee Nash. Steve Minter. David Beall, and Doug Hoffman rest a minute on the bridge at Callaway Gardens. 8. Susan Janney helps Bobbie Jean Reid with her communications assinment. 9. Bobbie Jo Shaw enioys chat- ting with friends at the ballgame. Seniors lO9 Lee Nash Bobbie Jean Reid Now is the time. ,. to say good-bye to high school and friends and, to a lesser degree, a certain part of life. No matter where life takes us from here, no matter where we go, we will never be the same as we are now. Annuals exist for reflection, reflection upon the year past and a record of memories for years to come. Now is the time to pause and recall what school has meant to us. We reflect on how school has affected each of our lives, how we have grown, what we have done or should have done. While we ponder these things, we all too often neglect the fact that we have also affected the school. We have all had an impact on our school even as it has exerted an influence on us. Now is the time for us to recall what each of us has meant to the school. Hopefully, the school has grown and benefited as much from its association with us as we have from it. Q WW David Neubert Kim Seay .al 1535 Gerald Ordoyne Bobbie Jo Shaw Chuck Tigner 3 91 "S" uni Men Reames Ji 1- pv , 4 H- a ri A gi jL,pfigg,f,Q V Q Jeff Smith ii' 39" 'V' af SA r HQ 'wr li 1 2 AU A- --Q jeffrey' Todd Jimmy Turner I. Jim Battenhouse takes a break from his schoolwork. 2. .left Smith and Rod Bridges trawl in stwle at the Cotton piClxU'1vF3II'II1 Gay, Georgia, 3. Many of the seniors enioy being outside during break. -4, Susie Dunn andkin1Seaw practice singing for the Ensem- bIe's performance, qw 4 Seniorsflll . . . Getting it Together The junior class was really raring to go when August rolled around. Receiving their class rings, kicking off the fruit sales, and making those all-time big prom decisions were just a few of the things in store for them. Early in the year the juniors hosted a dance in the gym for the entire high school. It followed a home football game and everyone had a great time. Then came the fruit. Despite the freezing cold and dreary weather, the juniors can proudly say that they set a record for unloading fruit. It took them just two hours to unload both semi-trucks. Class sponsors "Miss Lib" and Mrs. Copeland were both very pleased with the fruit sales which totaled exactly 2000 boxes and raised S5l00, the most ever made, and with the way the juniors handled themselves. Everything was not all fun and games though. The juniors also experienced some tough academic courses. Learning how to write their first research paper pro- vided quite a challenge. Also many juniors were in- volved in the school's literary events and bowl teams. All together it was an exciting year for the juniors, one full of hard work, decisions, challenges, and fun. I. Donna Howard looks tired but determined to finish delivering her fruit. 2. Andy Allison, Steve Bishop, Joe Garrett. and Greg Crook clown around at break. 3. Class officers are Pres. Steve Bishop. V. Pres. Don King Knot picturedj. Sec. Steve Melton, and Treas. Andy Allison. 4. Robin Allen and Sheri Moody hastily grab their books for their next class. 5. Mrs. Kennedy. Mrs. Dunn. and Mrs, Hudson orga- nize the delivering of fruit while Andy Allison and Barry Kendricks wonder what to do next. Sheri Abercrombi Tommie Cashion Leigh Ann Coker Shannon Cosgrove David Fagundes Ronnie Fleischman -.. -W he -X :Q -- M ,..... ....,,,. N 1 : N if .. Rohm Allen W f ., Andy Allison A .. iw . 2 - ' - . at ---- ..-' ' Steve Blshop . 1 X Sk... N X A ' A Debbie B ' urns T iv .. 1 s .e .mf I A .eeesii , eee- so Q . 'W' " - ------ i - ,... S .ts sez.. 1 - X. ,,-- .. -1 "'r' --'i E 1 V f. ' it ttri w Bob Coleman . as M . . of r iiii A ' A '- , . . . ..--. 1 1 Sfafev Collins A . .. ,,. ' H - i ' A tw" ... "LL i " F'-5' 'W j.-.fl i'fi'ii ' L - X 2- . , Greg Crook - . A k'lk .. A il T xl f X . t A - Q.. gf ...g-.. . - .. t' Lisa Dees ! ' i .. 2' .liigxxg-t jim Edwards . - iiii - X - i . . . ..i' . .. N km: ...,,,. K.. I 2 ......, ., . X: , . K kk i - Q . .I K L Q ,. ,V .K Kim Ferguson L 1 A . K - .. ...- 3 . irss s . M' , . W" . Tina Gill 1. . - A Alan Gregory 1 ' if ' Donna Howard Denise Hudson Il2fJuniors ix. 1 J ... ' 2 ' .l....T1r Ut. : i -B . .... E TE: 3. E .. .ff . A M 1 3 ki i lll' . Tiiifi' 3. 6 A .ag Y ,... Q . 1 xv I .25-, M. xx. . , , K ll 5' S 1 ,S X gk X 4 X .... 9 v, A 0 A .if fr- Q xy" Q. w e e .ewsi W- it ,sv 2 4 ,X Q A A es. i-:S f Nr' K., qw 1 4 1 Barry Kendricks Cissy Kennedy Don King Liz Livingston Tommy Mathews Steve Melton Sheri Moody David Nix Becky Pollard Sally Smith Felicia Solomon Allen Ward -aww A xi zz , H Shane Collier Tlsh Collier Susan Dees Amy Ellerbee Cliff Elliott Beth Estes Cole Garner Striving and Achieving The I982-83 sophomore class was a class of achievers. They participated in many extra curricular acitivities to keep them busy year around. Sophomore Lisa Brown was a member of FRA's state-winning math bowl team coached by Mrs. Barnes. Jon Grover, another sopho- more, sang in FRA's quartet at literary competition. All six sophomores who played varsity football lettered. Six sophomore girls were on the region-winning softball team. Six sophomore girls were on the region-winning varsity cheerleading squad. Eight sophomore girls were on the drill team. Cole Garner played varsity basketball for the second year in a row. Four girls from this class were on the varsity girls' basketball team, including one starter, Kathy McGinn. Simone Rogers and Tracy Maddox sang in FRA's new ensemble under the direction of Mrs. Turner. Cliff Elliott and Simone Rogers were in the cast of Flint River's state- winning one-act-play. An alternate, Cliff Elliott, was on the region-winning debate team and also represented FRA in oral interpretation at literary competition. Sophomore students especially enjoyed one course. drivers' education. Taking this course showed that one had almost reached that important milestone of getting a driver's license. A special treat that sophomores were able to look forward to was ordering class rings. This was only the second time that rings were ordered during the sopho- more year. Everyone was especially excited about this becuase it meant that their rings would be back early in their junior year. The sophomores observed that their school year was more exciting than when they were younger because they were able to participate in more events. I. Eddie Wells with his sweetheart. Bobbie .lo Shaw, enjoys the Valen- tine Sock Hop after the last home basketball game. 2. Class officers, Cliff Elliott. president, Kathy McGinn. vice president, Lisa Brown secre- tary, and Simone Rogers treasurer. take time out to pose for a picture during their busy schedule. 3. Tired by all the hard work and effort. Cliff Elliott takes a break from practicing One-Act play. 1 X . e - Beth Barnes tt t. .' Deborah Barnet! - i . C C ' X A - .t, ..,.. . , M , Lisa Brown ,, .ggi - ,g 1 ,,.,,,--N .n g ,,- . Dawn Ca"ihan ' t't- f F f ' Jan Cato Todd Clark ff-. g L w s. ii . II4fSophomores QNX is XX X N' -sw . : " 'f fl'QXX" 5' -- 1 -5 Q. ,see -,tg as .... i 1 i 'Viv- 1 1 4 1' s E .vwfif I - -va. VN l g fi S l F' .aw ...od Qt Q N X it Q X , E AT ,as fsd -1, .1 ow? , 'Al ill ' 'Of 'Vi rn - -,f , in , , 1,4 ty! y, v ' .J 13.410 M- ff . ww., av- if ,,, 51' ,L .. V , ... - 321: at 9 W. Frank Gill .lon Grover Sandy Grubbs Stacy Harper Scott Ingram Tonya Johnson Pam Lovett Kathy McGinn Calvin McGraw Tracy Maddox Cher Mills Link Mitcham Stacy Murphy Laura Page Henry Persons Lisa Phillips Dale Reynolds Simone Rogers Nathan Rounds Margaret Tinsley Leia Upton Emily Vincent Eddie Wells Stacy Wells -Z, f , N '23-, l if .ref l! Q Q iff mga Q, SophomoresflI5 Headed fur the Top The l982-83 school year was an exciting one for the mighty freshman class, this was their first year of "real" high school. Beginning this year they were allowed to participate in such activities as varsity sports, literary teams, and various other extra curricular activities. The freshmen showed their intelligence as Trace Lasher, Ash- ley Garrett and Mollie Battenhouse won the honor of par- ticipating in the Humanities Bowl that captured third place at Gordon Junior College in Barnesville. Ashley Gar- rett scored the third highest in the Humanities competi- tion at the Gordon event. Being freshmen also meant that they could join the clubs in the school, freshmen became members of the Key Club. Tri-Hi-Y, 4-H, and Drama Club. Another first for the freshmen class was that they had Mrs. Barnes as their math teacher. For many this proved to be difficult. but they found that the hard work pays off. Although they knew that they probably would not make the math team, many tried out for math bowl because they knew it would help them in later years. Homecoming is always an exciting time for all classes in the upper school, it was especially exciting for the fresh- men. They elected Mollie Battenhouse and Tammy New- man as their Homecoming representatives. Mollie was chosen the fourth-runner-up in the court. The freshmen showed their strength again as Fall Festi- val came around. For the fourth year in a row, their class won the king and queen contest. They raised money by sponsoring a wide variety of activities. They conducted garage sales and newspaper drives and worked at the Concord Jubilee painting clown faces and selling fresh apples and roasted peanuts. I. A new salad bar was added to the Iunchroom, at the Fall Festival Amy Sarsfield piles it on. 2. Brad Gregg, president, John Koon, vice-president, and Bridget O'Rourke. secretary, served as class officers for the fresh- men. 3. Ashley Garrett, Mollie Battenhouse. and Trace Lasher placed third in the Humanities Bowl at Gordon Junior College. Wanda Argroves if W VVVV R VN .FV ,.,. 1 . V' Karen Bailey V , 7 V, .V V Mollie Battenhouse .fl ' ,", if ' t VV f W f Lisa Bently H , . I ' X , e . . f ., V .L Z cttt e f -wet' Ginger Bradsher at , V . 5 miie '-, ,, , V VVVK A jf? Tripp Brlsendlne 7' . 4 -, A 4 A' "L V4 if Frankie Brown . T if fi fl- ' I 3 nf , fb ,t 4C -., . . . rrrt . 3, , . 1 V - -"' Bret Bryant . fi 5,4 it ' f , ,vi ' "" " ,av , .s , ' ' " - W ,5VVV .VV Andy Burge ,.. -. M VV yr MV Q4 -uf-sy W if 'fi , , Steve Calhoun -2551 If ' ,j7",, ffl. A "WW Cum Clay V , VV.VV , t 14, V . V Carmen Couch , , -QW ,JA f A VV, ef XM Lisa Dameron "Yr'f:'3Qf W W V ii fx , v, Q.-jx .,, '. w,.,'g' 1, LUV, H11 .I A-. 2 Thomas East '11-.llipgtl ,Z 3ggf?w',':,','f.g gf, , Q..1fff . 171 gf, , fffwfliwlefftffflffff'-f5f'.i'7ff L fliffvlifxl ' lI6fFreshmen 4, Y l sf wa, at K' dY""i sf I V7 'YP 2, -.f E, f l 1' vu ,. I A: 'J ff. ,X Xe-XM F., ,X xy., fe Mmm .wi Aim E , -4- I ' ' ...L L ,' -rr' it 5,1 Mies , A ft- A , f X1 ff W mi -f ' I J , JZ? ' ,xiii I V 1 W., A fi 'iz-if H 4.4, Ar. www wk an , f i tllt . T fe - 4, rl W' at o A- x i emzfliilkfizt W 1 'A if , V ' , , ' fy 1 3 f 43 f 1 mm WW '21 V if LQ 1 Q. w , .mi i UIQ. if if 4 in uit . '--T I .g 1- ,Ay ft 2 ll ls uw "M' K:' T sf T 7 -.W , y , .. , V' ,F rf !N,,,,- . T Laura Edwards Waide Fleming Ashley Garrett Scott Greene Brad Gregg Susie Grubbs Todd Harvey Ronnie Hendricks Darrell Hudson Kandy Kennedy John Koon Trace Lasher Eddie McRae Steve Mulvey Bill Nash Connie Nesmith Tammy Newman Beth O'NeaI Bridget O'Rourke Curtis Ousley Amy Sarsfield Jodie Strickland Mike Taylor Wesley Trammell suzf A i fi , f KZ? 'iifaiff' fy V- ? a n ,251 ' Qi: 1. f if , A, 0 . 1 2 ' S ' af v - .Nz i WV! E ,fs-vi" ali' 4 3 f I f y A , '-..,V if 7: Zz," ,vj ff 1 , t A Roaring Year The eighth graders' i982-i983 school year got off to a roaring start with some new and different classroom experiences. For the first time at FRA, the students in the eighth grade had classes in creative writing and current events. ln the creative writing class the stu- dents expanded their ability to express their feelings and thoughts more accurately with words. The eighth graders learned to increase their awareness of the happenings in the world around them through the cur- rent events class. The West Georgia Medical Center was toured by the Flint River Academy eighth grade science class. The students toured the ultra-sound department, the can- cer clinic, the heart clinic, the radiation treatment de- partment, and they also learned how x-rays work and how they are used. The students learned about heart catherization through video tapes provided by the per- sonnel at the center. Class members were able to see how cross-sections of brain tissue looked as a woman was being examined with the Cat scanner. The eighth graders sang at the Warm Springs Roose- velt Auditorium in the Christmas program. Many of the eighth grade members of the junior high chorus were named to the district honors' chorus. The expectation of soon becoming freshmen helped make the eighth graders' year pass more quickly. l. Donna Minter boogies to the beat at the Valentine Sockhop. 2. The eighth grade class officers are: Kathy Smith, president. Wade Janney. vice-president, and Mike Pizzitola, secretary-treasurer. 3. Traci O'N- eal, Donna Minter, and Stephanie Bomar enjoy the annual Tri-Hi-Y dance. Stephanie Bomar Sean Boyd Tricia Bufford David Caldwell Carla Carlson Michelle Chapman Vann Chapman Tim Christian Ken Clark Tracy Clark Piper Collier Lynn Findley Robert Foster Sonya Gasses Harold Gill Gina Gray Christie Guwin Jillan Hatchett Wade Janney Kyle Johnson Julie Kelley ll8fEighth as K X 4? A '53 as Q- 19' Q 2 L ,,, V- X s N X E S N 2 I V... N S X 45. - N53 f is X . . ,t . . - , sis? I -- ,, .. .. .... K ,mf it .fy n .sw W W 9- W 4, W 1 A , 2 , 1 if ff' . I ,W 1 '- -f , 3547 -,- Z! ' Vin f W 'riff I 'A V, 4 f f W Hr ,Q 1 I. .W at -tr 1 1rf"' f 7 t. ii' 7 I ffl!! fy 3 .2 2 W M7 4 229 ff f f' ff sv -J ' N Q V X X N xsffzf xy X41 ,, f , mr.. fe KW w -1- i Wiki, S v 1 4' f xy H K 1 Yr' ,, V it A , W , H , 4 W A' ,J ix 4. V, .Q K , 35 L K ff Hwf -,e ,g Q ,,, --t - 1, " A v ev ,,,, WW-W-Af V ' H my 'V 1 tw ff il 353 A " bg, ..-1-nr. an if X X .L 5X N X , Q ' f K f is k S Q t- he 5 1 Q fum? SY ap - .. .Qs L sf? K or 'S L ff v ..,, N. N , f f " , , ,. ,,, V H vm 2 f 2 my ,f ' 'ms gr M1 X., X .1 , 1 ' it 1' Bm, J. Jimmy Kight Renee King Lisa Lovett David Manning Ric Mayfield Tim Miller Donna Minter Jennifer Moore Traci O'NeaI Jody Pierce Mike Pizzitola Ernie Railey Larry Railey Kristi Seay Kathy Smith Brent Ussery Richard Vincent Keith Willianson f f M of f , , JE: iff , 0 'w D O y Moving Up in the World This year's seventh grade was the largest class in Flint River Academy's history - with the addition of Ric Strozier at mid-year - 49 strong. Entering the upper school was a long awaited adventure for these students. The experience of having lockers and school dances and participating in organized sports made the seventh grade year uniquely memorable. The students in the seventh grade this year had typing as an elec- tive. This class is usually offered only to older students. The class also had the opportunity in the classroom to develop their artistic ability and to develop an ear for music. The seventh grade students took a day out from studying Georgia History to celebratre Georgia's 250th birthday. Looking back on the year, the seventh grade observed that a year of their upper school education was a worthwhile experience. I. The seventh grade elected as their class officers: vice-president, Steven Grosst president, Christie Battenhouset and secretary. Jamie Gramling. 2. Don Voyles and Anise Morrison, along with many other students and even some teachers and parents, thoroughly enloyed the "Sweetheart Sockhop" 3. Heather Solomon and Andy Crowder found that learning could be fun as they learned about molecules by constructing models of DNA using gumdrops and toothpicks. Dixie Adamson V llll 4 A , Chip Allen iiit u ' NE Q W James Argroves , . , . ,f ,, , M 7 Christie Battenhouse 'fn ' gig, , . f , 4 Kim Berry y 2 Tv Kris Berry ' . g f l , xy, V , ,X , 5 ..... 4 M 1' , Q. ".t 'rrr I . .. Q I , rff, il ' " I H1 v .tj I I- V ft: yd V 0 V A t . .- i June B00'h r . 'rv ' , ,,, ."' " It 5.0 V s Angie Branch "f T """ ',," 6 I V 'r-6' 5 Q V t . , vw' , t ,..,, swf' f , .g - X Russ Bridges " "':" f W x Michael Brown A , ' 5 .. ' , i Scott Buchanan " ,f """?I' - -,, Leann Carlisle .1 SK t iff' ' 'lCt - ,M llc T . Mark Carlson I' I Y Sharon Collier ' .1 - - 4 Michael Collins if f ., Andy Crowder 15' T Jodi Dameron 4 Jennifer Elliott V' Q W Johnathan Fagundes f ' tm Callie Fowler N' 27 WZW7 Dan Fuller as 9 Lashane Garrett V A ,H Jamie Gramling ' H JN Steven Gross 'S . yi l2OfSeventh f H, gym ff ff? W f f ,Q f, f ,Jw yy W4 59 f f , irate We '. Q s 3 Wm w , 1 Y? , mmm ,,,..., nt 4 ., 'ty tx 5 qi CM7 e vi - fix it H y , XR L ra, s , ,H ,WW ,, L Mi f . ' kiwi' fw,,.,.Xx A, ...w W nm' 21 W 3 I W - ll W rl I sf: , if M6 7 -4, ,, M- 1 'V ,V I ,,,,5,W ,mmf who 4'Z2a,,-HW N, A ' f y L ' fy vi W if no 'xr gi 515 mg L 'Lf Ai 7,2 5 if .u J. X 1 ' 6? 33" N ' ,.kf"?, I ' V,,, W f,,,, , A Bir , - lf' i y Z. Q7 , , I I Zz ff of 3 ""' i """ ':, 1' ,Mu ,,, 1, ,, ,W , ,4 ,Q , I , 'aff' ' 5, .,., L xr X Q, X 442, 155' . .27 f ..., ,iw 1 I , I H .yfgf w s f 2 as rw , V My , ,,,, wr in ,,,, ,V., i , V .h,, ,A 0 , .,V R- ywfifgww ,f, y .. .V I , 'f , "" M y . . --ff , W ,,,, vw 'a,a,f me if W f " W, ,.V1,Q,,.,,j.b f1f'2' v, ,A A. , by A 5195, V A' V L 4 " i'k""g,,' , I , M A ,, 2 Michael Harding Greg Huffman Mitch Maddox David Meadows Matt Meadows Tonya Mitcham Brad Morgan Anise Morrison Kim Nesmith Lori Lee Norris Amy O'Neal Lisa Ousley Allan Pedigo Tom Persons Stephanie Pryor Michael Ramsey Kim Rogers Heather Solomon Leslie Stevens Georgi Stough Tracy Thompson Andy Turner Don Voyles Michelle Wetmore gt R .x fix ,,.t , , S ga 2 , W 4 Top Rung of the ladder Being "seniors" of the lower school proved to be excit- ing as well as trying for this year's sixth graders. Exper- iencing new classes and activities like Spanish lessons from Mrs. Ellen Lee gave these students a glance at some upper school privileges. The sixth graders spent many long hours working in the classroom. They found it neces- sary to study hard in order to prepare themselves for upper school. Not only did they learn in the classroom with the new courses offered, but also outside the classroom through educational trips such as the tour of the new Atlanta airport. The sixth graders also received a new computer and began to learn to use the computer to help them with their studies. The sixth graders enioyed the computer and added one more step to their learning. The sixth grade students also participated in a number of musical productions directed by their music teacher, Mrs. Carolyn Turner. Showing their leadership, many sixth graders performed in solos, trios, and quartets. As the year came to an end, the excitement of making the step into upper school could be found in all sixth graders. All looked forward to gaining this independence with new responsibilities and activities. I. Angie Lovett and Andy Dawson struggle to finish some classwork. 2. Dressing up for book reports is the sixth graders' favorite way of learning. 3. Brant Gramling, Jason Brisendine, Jim Dunn, and Emily Turn- er also enioy portraying their book characters. 4. Emily Turner was the narrator of the Christmas program. 5. These students find too much time for studying and not enough for playing. John Barker E L W Wayne Bishop My H M yyy Nff Jason Brisendine '."' af Greg Brown V It ' Kristen Brown g Shannon Clay Scott Cochran V 3 I I f f , Kimberly Crews -,Q g',, L -,,.. Andy Dawson W 74 f y "'V Jim Dunn . , ' . Amy Estes Joe Foster in M i G ii iis. aro a oway 'V Q , Ron Garrett if mf Brant Gramling ' T " Emily Helton ,VAA , Bobby Jones i'l' ' fx Jennifer Jones ' 7 I22fSixth 1 N 49, 1- f .Mf 5, I WW? vs? V- gk 9 w1.L Q, J i. 'Ln 0.1: f is I X Al J Q st X fir ' 3 14.1 w. 'R 'law A. e mv- Qxm fi' wg? J Jr l A J X :saw K ., eflw, .2 :mi ,t I i O Zi 1, lf. l is uf ,i Iv. 9' , L 4 1 X 'se fi u nv HW , ' s a X ta t "-- Q f J f S nf? :K , "-' Qs1it.t:Qg2v.-:ty k fm.: ' f ...,. f - ' J, J A X. .. .... ta A ..... . ,, .. -'Q " tt - . ' -'mfiydfiizxi ,gig -- :.-,.,H w: 4:35 ' are ff ff S W 5, 4 saw QSQQQ 1- :5,aweftata,gwaaa e :: i -4, 1 1--ai-2254525 f. ,,Qt , .- ,eg kk,, gktkw- ,, F ' ' "arg,-'ff ff ft- zt .. A- V N '- . 1 . ,,,, 5' Ur gg as 3 Q i-4, 7 mf ft H V gi,tY5,,.,,Lggy,,,,-gg?Qin,W A f A JE elf , f I SH Q, 43 .. . - 1:--,.N-tma,,Le.2gf: ,J-,fy K fpfx .. 2 A W 'Q 5 W,-K 1 ,1-:- ---- ' li W tsaiaflsszasiesNY3':mQ'fdggfggf iw' sv ' W A , A tt I ' K k"' . I f ' 59 . A ' f Mnchelle Jones A .. v Angle Loxett ll Ray McDaniel Chad Parker Jenn: Puerce Brtan Rallev Janice Shearouse Jeanine Strickland Bully Taylor Jackie Thompson Emily Turner Robert Tysinger Seth Waller Andy Williams ,,, ,f'w'5lQ fy VV W My KN' N 4 J Y W lf Q 7 V9 t up More classes, more hooks? During the l982-83 school year the fifth graders were active doing many projects for different teachers. Mrs. Brisendine, the science teacher, had the students make crystals from sugar and salt. She also had them make a model of the solar system. Mrs. Walton, the math teacher, assigned a booklet of geometric figures to be made. Mrs. Brisendine, also the social studies teacher. had the students draw Indian villages and write a re- port about the villages. Mrs. Cotton, the English teach- er, assigned book reports every month for the fifth graders. Besides their regular courses, this year's fifth grade went to the upper school for Spanish, art, and music. Most of the students enjoyed these courses more than the regular courses. Though they worked hard, the fifth graders did have a little fun. ln December they were able to miss class to rehearse their Christmas songs. Also in December, they had their annual Christmas party which was enjoyed by everyone. They also had a Valentine's party in February and an "End of the Year" party in the month of June. l. Laura Champion anxiously waits to answer the Spanish question. 2. Libby Myrick shows off her Christmas present while Windy Clark and Christi Wall look at the camera. 3. Kyle Collins and Shannon Cain relax during Spanish while the other fifth graders listen attentively. 4. Scott, Julie. Clay, Ben, and Laura show just a sample of the many book reports made during the year. 5. Kim Miller has learned to take many notes since entering Mrs. Brisendine's social studies class. ,. st. gs., ,MV Honey Bentley Scott Bomar Julie Bryant Shannon Cain -V- Laura Champion Windy Clark ' ' i """ f ww 44 W -wr as , . f 'QW Kyle Collins Amy Fowler 'Z , . f ,lv-. 1-.sf -fs 'ff W as -fe 'l Y' al Ib-S if '1 W F E. "H" .i 1 1--v ' ff' :I m , rs' ."' M 5 Monica Ganowai' , ,, all M V i M 2 . I ..:'., .. ef he 5 Warren Gray . ' A'i my ,V , I Q Dena Hill fl' L ,' i ..,, QM... ,f 4 -. I ,:-, . Shannon Jones I, rl Q 5 mf .we L llll. l l24fFifth "S r www si . L. .-3 Z.. ,K f., -65 - Y, N- ',f K ' if Q ,. r ' U Q " Q' in in Q -, rf , V v -1 l A .. f f .Q " i 5 at AO- V: 'ii A H, , -'N . ,bf .gg ,'-.h-'-, ' i'f'ff S 4 . . , i 1 I 5 .-. if! A A iff fftfil .khh - V . Q- i 2 Qu .rw Q Ziff At g 5 ffjff f Ben Lasher Kim Miller Libby Myrick Kim Rodriquez Clay Smith David Tant Christi Wall Anita York Q1 ww -- 4-Q... An Exciting Transition This year was a year of "firsts" for the fourth grade. Fourth graders looked forward to choosing what they wanted to eat in the lunchroom and playing on the lower playground with the sixth gradersl The fourth grade was represented in the king and queen contest by Nikki Stevens, Michael Couch, Jessica Gray, and Brooks Solomon. Their competitive spirit grew strong with participation in P.E. and in Field Day. Several new subjects and activities were added to their schedule. They enjoyed science, art, and Spanish. In English the fourth graders learned how to write and use quotations. During the middle of the year computers were added to all the elementary classes. In the fourth grade the stu- dents used the computer to improve their math skills. They participated in two musical productions, "Hey God, Listen" and "Christmas Around the World," that were under the direction of Mrs. Carolyn Turner. Don- nie Lemmon throughly enjoyed being narrator in "Hey God, Listen." Book reports included designing their own book covers and dressing up as a biographical character. At long last, they discovered that reading could be fun. The teachers said. "The fourth graders were enthusiastic, interested young people, for whom every day is an adventure. They specialize in friend- ship!" l. Samantha Swetman takes a break from her studies to show that school is also a place to be happy and have fun. 2. Donnie Lemmon uses many expressions in telling the audience about the program "Hey God, Listen." 3. Mrs. Mary Jo Gill teaches the fourth grade students in one of their many hard subjects. 4. The fourth grade enjoyed performing in musical productions. Brooks Solomon and Mi- chael Couch enjoy singing in "Hey God, Listen." sf" in S . . I k.VV.g:. Rebecca Adamson 3 5 1, A Laura Alexander M by T I -J., . Glenn Argroves M W Angel Barnes I Clint Braddy J, , ii 'i 5 5 Matthew Buchanan , N, . jj , ' , .V jf, V 'ff U I gmt 1 Cliff Clay W, rue M' 1 wx 'gf' :ju 22 - " ,f " 'll 1 ...,- ' V15 . 1 .L ' .,,, 'F gig: L' Chad Coggin A " 2 Q i . " ' , H Max Couch fu r 1 i w: 2 V - Michael Couch , n J T , . L ... G J. . gg ,QL V ' sw" .. - ' f t ENC Crews ts Wir . ." . , C. scouts Jennifer Fuller A 'iilfr J J- ' Melinda Garrison wk, ' X . s fs ,.., ' . Matt Gill 'lirrr' H Q. . sssss i'ii ff' ' . V6 . -' Vx' it K . ..... L .. A :V ., f, . Jessica GraY , ll V 5' ,V . , . , 4 3 .V . V , 'z 'ii' f f Samara Gray 1 5 V. , - , ,- I --"' 1-t Q .V ' . . W T ' I I f i g ' I ty ' I ' .. - .... ' "1 Brian Greene w -,, 'W ... - - W ' i ,o M .' . 5 . o ,,,, ,... 4 , , W V . T., sii. ,g,, I 5, I ,,g,, l A :yy j Heather Hatchet! V ' s ,,,, W , L , . ' Shana Hatchett .s . . ' i f f I 6 . . ff . ' "' 2 4 'i': 7 'll 2 " ' . f ' ' Heather Jones I .f W ,, ji ' . , 1 ' ' X'-M -Q A H 2 i f Laura Kelley ' , A aff f H--P' . 21:21 1. ,... T l26fFourth 'vu vvf XC, , i.,, S H 5 . K 1 ' f I . .QPR V 1 A 9 5 f 1- ff' Q .0 ,Q K, 4,4 is 4 ve ' 9 sr'-X.. X x l X ' ' v. ve if ',., 4- .4 fl' ' V -af ' ' ik 1 X f -- ' . .. .,,, -'--v 'f 1 S Q 5 T f 'i rs 4 N : n , .I V . 6 K li A iw- U: - I A4 . Q. 1 X' N ' l N ,W 0 v d 3, -5- Z la Doug Kersey Shannon King Donnie Lemmon Gege Nesmiih Kirby Parker Alaina Simmons Brooks Solomon Nikki Stevens Samantha Swetman Mark Trammell Beth Tysinger Dana Walker Will Waller Scott Williamson S 5 3 3 " 1 -. Q as 3 . nnr""" N i .... S A 9 3 NNE!! 3 f .40 1 f sf: 4. C f 419 2 4' 0 X ,, 0 W X 1, W W ' ,' Z f 52,2 I J my f?"4 U!! ' " f A gli! 6 , 47 f iff ! Q 7z,,2Q:?Q2i Wzfgj' I . HW , 1 X Hz A f ,,,, wmv-we E , Q 4 ,-, ,MNNK W if f f X f Aff Q f , W f W f Q Y' f K ,,,, ,, A Un The Road Again The third grade made several interesting and educa- tional trips during the I982-83 school year. They trav- eled to Atlanta to see the "Emperor's New Clothes" at the Alliance Theater. Another trip was a tour of Eastern Airlines at the Atlanta airport. These students participated in the canned food drive sponsored by the Tri-Hi-Y and received a certificate for reaching their class goal. The climax of their unit study in Georgia history was the long awaited trip to the state capitol in Atlanta. This trip which is made by the third grade class each year proved to be fun and educational for the students. A new addition to the third grade was a computer. The students enjoyed practicing their math on the computer. I. Kim Fuller finds that it is sometimes hard to concentrate on class- work when hungry and ready for the bell to ring for lunch. J, Mrs, Akins third graders are always ready and willing to participate in the many class activities that help increase their knowledge and further their education. 3. Leigh Bailey sits quietly while waiting anxiously for the most awaited time of the day, recess, Dan Adams Leigh Bailey Christy Beall Tracy Beres Jason Boyd Joanne Bufford Michael Chambless Ray Clay Stephanie Collins Maure Couch Scott Douthit Wendy Dove Michael Fowler Kim Fuller Charitie Garner Frank Grubbs V Lori Guy John Helton Lee Holmes Teddy Hutcheson l28fThird -.ni flow' M- if f W ww 3 H, yf my a f ,, ' f fl ' , H X ffl 4 J T Q f J fl W ,va .t ,V ,,,, In 7.1, he My .0 haf ' f 1 ..- T it ff T" , , ' H Qi 'aw 1- ,, -. , f , ' 17-Ut. f W -W E 4- Neg a R, ' Y V Z, .,,f vw, Z, , 4 1-rf 9' , . ,,,,,,. ww m4y Q A.,,E,2- , ,I Hi. ef' , ,, if fy' we I , Z' Tl f L f ' F J Q 2 4 ,, , ' - 'L ' , 8 lg 17 n f if f if ,I . , , A . ,, W, 1' ,, yyy my 4 W4 6 Z 1 T' , W 1 if Af 1 5 a 'U-0 9,-"k..1 3 William Johnson David Jones Chris Kimball Todd Lane Gilbert Lawand Toby McDaniel Mike McGinn Phillip McGraw Dana Meadows Amy Morgan Kevin Newman Preston Odom Jennifer O'NeaI Susanne Rieger Shannon Schriber Tiffany Sherrer Carla Storey Amber Strickland Tonya Taunton Ellen Turner f, MQW WJMQQWJ y Q ' V frfr f ,, f ,, M ,17 K less Time for Play More Time for Worh The second grade found the new school year different from first grade. There was less time for play and more time for work. The second graders learned how to write in cursive. In math they learned how to borrow, carry. and began basic multiplication. Visitors added new joy in learning for the second graders. Trooper Eddie Jackson visited in his state patrol uniform. He taught the class safety rules. One of Dr. Hopkins' dental assistants, Miss Tooth, came to teach the students about good dental hygiene. She said, "If you are true to your teeth they will not be false to you." The second grade class participated in the film festi- val, each voted on his favorite film. The second grade unanimously chose Fourteen Rats and the Rat Catcher. They also performed in the annual lower school Christ- mas program. The second grade class had four field trips. They toured the Atlanta airport and they attended two plays. "The Emperor's New Clothes" and "The Pirates of Pen- zance." At the close of the year, the class had a picnic at Stone Mountain. l. Melanie, Bridgette, Jason, Matt. Ryan, and Billie enjoy singing in the Christmas program in Warm Springs. 2. Mrs. Angley helps Jefflyn and April with their spelling. 3. Stephanie and Matt take time for a picture while asking a question. 4. Miss Tooth visits the classroom and teaches dental hygiene. 5. Mary Beth smiles for the camera. ,,r, ,, Shannon Beal Jody Beckham H ZZ! . ' Chris Byard ' ll ' ' 'A ' , Q i Pat Cain My 'W yy,, A WM, 'fu RYan Carrol A-i' - "' n .,, EM ' Matt Crye yy H " J John Dawson , ',"' ' , - r'-J Uv FE Wanda Evans I f V , Toby Fuller if 2 W Melanie Galloway Dusty Gilleland rf. ww Sam Gray Jason Gordy Tommy Harber I ,V,, WW it, KM, K Y Qllf f g V g v.. Q , ly M V , V .,,, ff , ,k , T . T i sttr J Ann-Marie Huffman Mary Beth Jackson , Jefflyn Jones Leith Kelley . 4 ' Cindy Koon Jeffrey Lee to v Jason Livingston f g .. J' 4, X .. 1 ii ,M ,,,, , BO! Second ffl ,W W H: 5 f ,,,, M 1 I ,,. Ea. ,, Wvyw R , , , ,,, H , f f lf ff 4 ilsf',:2p1" 1 'rjyw f A 5 if , ,, Z If Y, f of me 2 1 s l f 5 2 a o W J , VU . 1 f' AA' ,iii 35' 2 V2 fn W -an .ff , W: f f V .,,, y , W f ffl Stephanie Lovett Chad Mckissick David Owens Burt Parker Billie Procurot Kera Wall Allison Wasden Bridgette Wetmore Angela Whatley April Williams if in M i3 QE si r W S gs' ,xy M1 ff'l i ANA '-W V' ii S Q 5 i f W 4 I32fFirst A Big Step foward In their first year of "real" school, first graders found that learning can be fun. Their learning activities, taught by Mrs. McAdams and Mrs. Gilleland, ranged from writ- ing and reading to phonics, math, and telling time. Texas Instrument computers and monitors, a new addition to the lower school grades, provided these students with an innovative tool. With so many hours spent studying in the classroom, it would appear that they did not have much time for play. However, the first grade participat- ed in many activities outside of their classrooms. Field trips, to a puppet show and the zoo, and performances, in musical productions and in a Thanksgiving Day program, were only a few of the numerous activities of these students. With such a busy schedule, first graders were expecting a second grade year full of excitement. I. Nervousness can be seen on the faces of Misty Procurot and Lisa Hunt as they prepare to perform at the Christmas program. 2. To Dana Godowns and Chris O'Neal. dressing up like pilgrims is a favorite part of the Thanksgiving Day program. 3. Jason Porter enjoys escaping from the classroom to work on an art project. Amanda Akins Mike Allen Cara Argroves Sallie Barker Chandra Beres April Bomford Jamy Branch Danny Cheek Chad Clay Julie Dawson Marty Duke Valerie Evans Kim Fitting Dana Godowns Jenny Grubbs Stephanie Hamby Holly Hatchett Clay Hobbs Lisa Hunt Joyce Jordan Cam Kersey Jay Kight Michael Kimball Ray Lathem of ' kg is .... -' sf, 1 ,, as , , is , 5 , Vg, . 3 f , f ,wir -' V . V .Q i 'N' 3 93 s, A 'ii mtg! KMA ggi ...:: K sigzk L.. . h K ,, 5 Q .,,L 'N X i"-55: e I X xx t fi if ak 'R . i - X. -3 , V 5 Q . .. 'NJ xx N x X A x ti 3 M ' X 551 av ifila. is X xxx K Cha., fgfmj X XQNJNXNQE it ECW X iikg : J sa- a X X km X t ' ,N X M Six X SX is 9 px X C . fffil i- t SNP? , uk 3 E Q Q- ff' ' Mimi HV g . , W4 Ziff if we f 2 X M f I W ,, .M ea, 5 4, ' f' w e 7, " 4 fi .4 .uw , V? 5 - , 1 . . ' ,f W - -f' . ,, I Ijeii i f' A ' W ,, ,1, A , 2-v ' ' , -J .po- fn , 2 fini " f ff" ,f , '-A V999 ff gf- I Fl' V Z. 'w ' 45 if " , i V, - , 1 ? X 5 f if f Zi , 2 HZ J,,,,,S 6 2 7 M Y if i .1 ,V V s 2 f if J- W N 4, , M-' IOM ,,,, V , J fx9w?f f ff KM , ,ff wg? ff xy ,V : f f fig ff f ff 5 ' W ff W . , M 4 f ff X Y 'fi ' i '-.J 'ft' mis., .J is . fm, my g Jay Latzak Ashur Lawand Jerad Mabon Jan Massengale Jimmy Meadows Natalee Miles Julie Moore Joe Nash Chris O'NeaI Jason Porter Julie Pratt Misty Procurot Michael Rasbury Stephen Rios Jodi Sebren Kelly Simmons Prissy Skinker Clint Swetman Jessica Ward Ashley Williams Z f if 3 , ,, Z f Zn , iw Taking that First Step Attending school and liking it . . . how does a kinder- garten teacher instill this idea into thirty-seven school age children? Mrs. Lemmon and Mrs. Harbin had spe- cial activities every month. In October, the kindergar- teners had a party at Mrs. Lemmon's barn, which was complete with games, a witch and her witch's brew, and lots of goodies to eat. In November they had a Thanksgiving feast with the first grade. and the Keen- agers were special guests. Christmas was a time of celebration at Matt Fuller's house. Everyone helped decorate the tree for the tour of homes and afterwards had a party. The children anxiously awaited the arrival of Grandparents' day in February. To greet the grand- parents, corsages and boutonniers were made. Grand- parents' day was a great success with eighty-six grand- parents attending. ln March, they had an Easter party with the Community Helpers as special guest speakers. A new project this year was the Apple of the Week. Each week whoever is leader of the class gets to bring items like photos and vacation souvenirs to put on a bulletin board in the hall. Through the year while they were taking that first step in learning, kindergarteners were having fun at the same time. I. Shannon Hobbs and Cal McDonald hang ornaments for the tour of homes at Matt Fuller's house. The kindergarteners made the decora- tions themselves. 2. Learning to tell time isn't all that bad, as seen by the expression on Elin Waller's face. 3. Matt Fuller shows the camera that kindergarten is a great place to be while Bradlee Foster sees something more interesting than the camera. Keri Adams t f Casey Alexander ' Lisa Alexander ' W M 5' Amanda Allen A K... 5 'I 3 W Amy Beckham VV ' 5 "LZ" Jill Bentley . A ' " W Robbie Byard fy W f Leigh Ann Champion Les Claxton Joanna Dawson Jamie Duke William Evans Bradlee Foster i . Matt Fuller ,Ay , N A i v 1 Talitha Garner Jason Garrett Shannon Hobbs Jess Hornsby Hank Jordan Will Keller Anna Kitchens A l34fKlndergarten 'Q-,ar gan ,tag Q,-av 55, yt, ,. X .A Q, 1 i a el-3 if as su. - as 0 W, Li! . -,- 1 Yi' at I"-f' ' f ts, .1., :,' E, 5 4. f . ,,,, X ,, at ,.,,E, IVE, 1 ,, 5 V t - ,A,,gA 1 f f 2 an.. fi ar' --.W Stacy Koon Jared Lathem Shami Lawand Michael Lee Kristin McDaniel Cal McDonald Katie Paulk Tiffany Pierce Lindsey Rios Bo Smith Rebecca Strickland Joseph Thomas Patty Threadgill Elin Waller Patrick Wasden Pollyanna Whatley Learning and Fun in Playleurn In the playlearn class, four year olds were taught to work and play together. The teacher, Mrs. Kalynn Hat- chett, inspired and directed the four year olds to listen as well as speak and to finish what they started. The students in the class were led to develop a curiosity about the world around them, to begin new interests and to extend old ones. The students observed common things in the world around them. The chore of cooking a typical everyday breakfast was a pleasure to the playlearn class. Each individual had the opportunity to break an egg on their own, fry stips of bacon, and flip pancakes. To many adults, the difference in the state and the national flag is a mundane thing. The four year olds' questions were answered in the playlearn class with pictures and a trip out to the front of the high school building to see the "real thing" waving in the breeze atop the flagpoles. The main goal of the playlearn class was to answer the questions of four year olds and to prepare them for kindergarten. l. Tenli Page carefully watches Brandon Garrett break an egg. 2. Lynley Loftin is thrilled with her success in breaking her egg just right. 3. David Lee rapidly becomes an expert at flipping pancakes. 4. Soo OK Hausmann and Stephen Lovett want to make sure their egg cracks in the perfect way. 5. Ryan Jones wonders if she can really do the job all by herself. Tracy Brisendine Katie Caldwell Brandon Garrett ,if , M. ,, Z,, VV ,. f xl' f MW Suze Geer - AMY Harbin ' . , ,,., Soo OK Hausmann ' . . Meredith Hopkin Ryan Jones David Lee W . . W T' , ' if v 1 .. , I36fPIaylearn M. ' if llll , ...,. f f'll' i" " WWE 1 .ifii W ,M ...ssl ,MW 5 lil V W my W Q -farwlfi w -sf l 3 ,, V,,, , I "' -...Q 9 Q 11. kM'WU4luuaau,,. 5 ur' Q... Y Q I I s..--rv' if 4-.9 ,off I M Lynley Loftin Stephen Lovett Cliff Massengale Matthew Odom Tenli Page Sonny Storey John Thomas Allison Ward n'et' , S f i H' ' S W- wana.. t S t ,T I , ,I lug Q ' ' I t ott 7' W ft ff oott W f f I li' ' ,, 'I Y M .:1MW.t -P totaa Q ffifgf in ::. E N "N1 if Ext 3 ' if aa o if M 5 ' 11-t I' A it 1 . K Working Hard is . . . Working to make Flint River the best it can be is the work of the administration. Flint River Academy greet- ed a new headmaster for the l982-83 year, Dr. Felix Turner. Dr. Turner came to FRA from Hilton Head. South Carolina, but is a native of Georgia. Even though Dr. Turner is hard at work, he always finds time to talk to students and see how everything is going. In his leisure time he enjoys hiking, riding horses, and refin- ishing furniture. Dr. Turner's wife, Carolyn Turner, is the music director at FRA and they have three children who attend Flint River. Brooks, Heather, and Felicia. Dr. Turner received his undergraduate degree from Mer- cer University, his Master in Ed. from Georgia South- ern, and his Doctorate from the Southern Baptist Semi- nary. Mr. Peter Lewin is the assistant headmaster at FRA and works along with Dr. Turner. Mr. Lewin also teach- es government. He is the sponsor for the Academic Bowl Team, the Key Club, and the "Informer", which is the school newspaper. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Lebanon Valley College in Pennsylvania. Mr. Lewin has been at Flint River for four years. He enjoys listening to blue grass music on his stereo and playing the guitar. Mrs. Mary Boswell has been the guidance counselor at Flint River for six years. She is always willing to help students with their problems. Mrs. Boswell is the spon- sor for the National Junior Honor Society. She taught a new course for juniors at FRA, guidance and testing, which helped the students improve their vocabulary for the SAT test. Mrs. Carroll Fowler has been working hard as the librarian at FRA for thirteen years. Mrs. Fowler helps students with their last minute work on term papers. Mrs. Fowler was sponsor for the Debate Team. Her hobbies include sewing, reading, and needlework. She received her AB degree from Mercer University and attended West Georgia College for her M.Ed. in media. The administration at Flint River Academy had an important and difficult job for the I982-83 school year. They had to see that everything was in perfect running condition in order for the school to function. They had to see that the school maintained its high scholastic and academic standards so the students and teachers would benefit from it. l. Dr. Turner and Mr. Adkins discuss important business about the school. 2. Mrs. Fowler is happy to have her picture taken. 3. Mr. Lewin lectures in one of his government classes. 4. Mrs. Mary Boswell, the school counselor glances from her work for a picture. 5. Dr. Turner. the new headmaster at Flint River Academy, smiles for the camera. X WW FA 55 Q ' ., -. Q 'lk' 859: i. ..-' 1 A ' "" 4 ' " 'EWS ' "Vw ll ... 5+-Wk 'ZQQZQM , . Mrs. Mary Boswell Mrs. Carroll Fowler v . ,- . , Mr. Peter Lewin f H Dr. Felix Turner ' I ,f""' l38fFaculty X un-nam M W Q, 41 4 ge 2' X 10" 3, WV 1 v 5 f :NL Q x K 4 y' If ., M . M Q W, f 2 1 f if AW If 4 -2 f V ,V,A y , A ' f ' , f A 9, " .,,, , .gf " 1 ,. ' I Z ,, 1, x Q 1 f 'KA X W HQ, 4' ' in 22 Ae f vw ,L-Maeva 'mm X ' l l J"'M 'L" 'V k fwfapww ..f Www fwwfwff- if! ' ,, ,,,,, , ? 910 'V' g Us . f W , f A- H my I 2 4' ' ' ,,,, ' A Busy at work The staff at Flint River Academy was busy working for the betterment of the school and was a necessary and important part of it. They had many responsibil- ities for the l982-83 school year. Mrs. Betty Coker, the office secretary, was always busy at work keeping the office in top order. Mrs. Coker has been at Flint River Academy for six years. She acts as the school nurse by supplying the aspirin, bandaids and first-aid materials which are needed. Mrs. Coker likes to travel with her husband in the summer, and in her spare time she enjoys sewing, read- ing, and gardening. Mrs. Coker has a daughter who attends Flint River Academy. Mrs. Betty Dees, along with her lunchroom staff, prepared many meals that were nourishing and well balanced. Mrs. Dees is the school dietician. Not only did she prepare lunches, but she also prepared goodies and treats for break each day. Mrs. Dees enjoys sewing and cooking for her family. She had three children that attended FRA. Mr. Grover, the plant maintenance engi- neer at Flint River, could be seen keeping the building clean. He spent time after school sweeping and mop- ping the halls. Mr. Grover was always willing to help students and teachers whenever needed. The bus dri- vers were appreciated at Flint River Academy for tak- ing students to and from school safely and on time. It was sometimes hard to concentrate on driving while students were screaming. The bus drivers were Mr. P. Lewin, Mrs. J. Norred, Mrs. J. Dameron, Mrs. P. My- hand, Mrs. Pierce, and Mrs. J. Davis. Mrs. Juanita Brown has been working at Flint River Academy for ten years. She was always willing to run errands and copy materials for teachers. She is an asset to the school. Mrs. Brown likes to read and spend time with her family when not at school. Mrs. June Peek had been the bookkeeper at Flint River Academy for thirteen years and retired in De- cember of l982. Mrs. Peek had a daughter who attended FRA. Mrs. Peek attended Crichton's Business College. In her spare time she enjoys interior decorating. Mrs. Peek kept the billing and books in order and will be missed at Flint River Academy. I. Mrs. Peek takes time out to have her picture taken while busy at her bookkeeping. 2. Mrs. Betty Coker, the secretary at Flint River, is photographed in one of her few spare moments. 3. Mrs. Dees is caught by the camera as she attends the Cotton-Pickin' Fair in Gay, Georgia. 4. Mrs. Peek and Mrs. Coker take a break from their full schedule to have refreshments. 5. Mr. Grover, the plant maintenance engineer at Flint River, is found in the lunchroom. I4OfFaculty , s i WM, Wx V ,,,, , 3 , H "'f' ,V . v A ,',,,,,f,V U ,AMW 5:1662 V g .. -- l1' Q. X X Z f f f 2ff.rW?f f 4 f A! ,X ,, : 7 4 'ff 1 ziypn 6 . ,Z Qc V, 7 , W 1-My NW-W ,W I .,,. .M .... Qt, K .. S A Key to Success There's a time for work and a time for play, this seems to be the philosophy of Flint River Academy's teachers. Taking a break from the work with their students is something that every elementary teacher enjoyed. Though day to day work is a necessary part of learning, escaping from the classroom was a real treat therefore the elementary teachers organized many field trips and activities for their students. This gives the students a chance to learn, grow, and have fun at the same time. Kalynn Hatchett teaches Play Learn at Flint River. She has two children and is a Sunday School teacher at Woodbury Baptist Church. Kay Harbin attended Car- son-Newman College where she received a BA in psy- chology. She attends Woodbury Baptist Church where she sings in the choir and teaches a Sunday School class. Nina Lemmon attended Radford College and West Georgia College where she received her MS in Ed. Mrs. Lemmon enjoys reading, swimming, painting, and cooking. She is a member of Woodbury Baptist Church. Judy Norred attended Greenleaf Business College. She enjoys working with plants and being an aide in the kindergarten. Mrs. Norred attends Luthersville Baptist Church. Beth Pierce is also a kindergarten aide. She enjoys cooking and swimming. Mrs. Pierce is a member of Williamson United Methodist Church and enjoys teaching Sunday School there. First grade teacher, Connie McAdams, attended Truett-McConnell Junior College and Tift, where she received a BS degree. She enjoys reading, cooking and playing tennis. Ruth Nash is member of the First Baptist Church in Gay. She enjoys sewing, painting, doing things for other people, and spending time with her family and friends. Patty Gilleland received her BS and MA from Appalachian State University. She has three children and enjoys writing poetry, snow skiing, and drawing. Mrs. Gilleland is an active member at St. Johns Church in Thomaston. Each teacher at Flint River Acad- emy contributes to making each child the thinking, mature, and healthful person he is capable of becoming! I. Mrs. Norred, Mrs. Pierce, Mrs. Lemmon, and Mrs. Harbin work and play with the five year kindergarten. 2. Showing the first graders how to dance is what Mrs. Gilleland enjoys doing. 3. Terri Flanegan takes a break from the busy schedule with the Play Learn class. 4. Mrs. Connie McAdams is a new first grade teacher at Flint River. 5. Mrs. Kalynn Hatchett leads four year olds to play and learn. Mrs. Hatchett Mrs. Lemmon Mrs. Norred Mrs. Harbin Mrs. Pierce Mrs. McAdams Mrs. Nash Mrs. Gilleland l42fLower School Faculty if is 2 .if E. Wfwfemw ,gy ,, , ..,,.,,k, J ' ' ' W " V7 , A . J . sf ' J if 4 , , af, 1 RJ ,J my 4-P. 53 y, ,, Q1 JW' Q 1 ? 7 2 as ,:,, L ,,,,,, ,Mm lx f f 'vm Time Uut for learning As students blazed through the abyss of time and space into the world unknown, they gained knowledge, met with sometimes unexpected success, and began to explore their reason for being. FRA teachers were there to guide them. Carol Ang- ley, second grade teacher, lives in Greenville. She re- ceived her BS in Ed. at the University of Georgia. Mrs. Angley enjoys arts and crafts. Lynda McDonald also teaches the second grade at Flint River Academy. She attended Columbus College where she received her BS in Education. Marie Akins, third grade teacher, attended Georgia Southern College and West Georgia College. Mrs. Akins enjoys reading and spending time with her children. Karen Adams also teaches the third grade at Flint River. She attended West Georgia College where she received a BS in Ed. Mrs. Adams spends most of her time with her family. Mary .lo Gill, a fourth grade teacher, attended Geor- gia State University and West Georgia College. She is an active member at Woodbury Methodist Church. Barbara Adkins teaches the fourth grade at Flint River. She attended the University of Georgiat she loves to read and spends most of her time running a household. FRA fifth grade teacher, .lean Cotton, at- tended West Georgia College and Georgia State Uni- versity. She is an active member of Woodbury Method- ist Church. Edith Walton teaches the sixth grade at Flint River. She has two children and she enjoys gardening. Beverly Brisendine attended the University of Georgia where she received her Master of Ed. She is presently the choir director at the Church of Joy in Willamson. Flint River Academy's elementary school provides an envi- ronment to develop basic skills. The teacher helps they students maintain good health, both physical and men- tal, and they also help them grow in their ability to think creatively. , si,-nzseam . f ,W ww, 1, ,. , iw i V . ' .2 f ,f ':.: f VI ir .,,. . . H KW 1 in if M .. 47 i .W ft H... f , ' .,,, . . , ' ' .H 93 , A. . . M. ay . gy . aff '. ' fA-- , ' LLF' i ff., . , ' Q Ti i 1 tg, fx. I. Mrs. Akins and Mrs. McDonald enjoy recess as much as the kids do. 2. Between classes, Mrs. Adkins and Mrs. Gill take time to chat. 3. A Mrs. Cotton's main interest besides school is her daughter, Karen. 4. Mrs. Angley. Mrs. McDonald, and Mrs. Adams take their turn at -gf playground duty. 5. Mrs. Brisendine and Mrs. Walton discuss some of the humor in the sixth graders' papers. - II' ix' .I 1.... : ,....:..,.,.t X kllkiii Mrs. Angley iii- K Mrs. McDonald -V I lzll Mrs. Adams lli "'.' i n I "' 'S Mrs. Gill X ww t My Mrs. Adkins ggyj 5 '17 ' ,fx g Mrs. Cotton gf i . A Mrs. Walton - --.5141 ' ' ' .ff ..."'-' i ' Mrs. Brisendine 6 I X l44fLower School Faculty K -..p-2 K 3 ,X . ,.,g. v il ,Q ,mn X ,. 1. ,H ,, ,, ,V 1 A vm3Wa.Q.,.W Wu, W Z w ' Q l g 'V gs ' 0 .1 y ,HV V, 'I 'GMX .ff M M Y, W Mm ,w is lv-wr. ...,,, Benefits for All Flint River Academy approaches education with a spirit of enthusiasm that's felt throughout the school. lt spices the serious with the fun, the result being a di- verse array of learning, sharing, growing, discovery, and experience. Mrs. Sandi Ellis teaches art at Flint River Academy. Her activities include all mediums in art, especially ceramics. She is the sponsor of the Drill Team,and she enjoys the dance and excitement that goes along with the practicing and performing of new routines. Mrs. Lynda Roger is the business teacher. Mrs. Rogers is also the coach of the region winning softball team. She earned her BS degree from Georgia Southern. Mrs. Kay Barnes is a math teacher at Flint River Academy. She is the sponsor of the math bowl team. Mrs. Barnes enjoys tennis, gardening, music and sewing. Mrs. Barnes re- ceived her BA in math at Flint River Academy. Mrs. Trammell received her Master degree from Jackson- ville State University. Her hobbies include sewing and playing with her cocker spaniel, Crystal. Mrs. Trammell is the cheerleading sponsor also. Mrs. Lynn Godowns is an English teacher at Flint River Academy. She earned her BA from LaGrange College. Mrs. Godowns is the sponsor of the Tri-Hi-Y and humanities team. Mrs. Cheryl Scamihorn teaches English at Flint River Acade- my. She earned her undergraduate and masters de- grees from Indiana University. Miss Scamihorn spon- sors the one-act play and oral interpretation. Mrs. Carolyn Turner is head of the music department. Mrs. Turner earned her BA in Music Ed. from the University of South Carolina and Southern Methodist University. Her hobbies include running and riding horses. Mrs. Ellen Lee teaches Spanish at Flint River Academy. She received her AB in Spanish from Georgia College. The attitude of Flint River Academy's teachers is to better each individual student and encourage them to do their best. This is combined with a small closely knit student body and faculty, the result is a scholastic program that achieves its goals of academic excel- lence. I. Mrs. Rogers takes time out from typing to pose for the camera. 2. Mrs. Turner works hard with the trio to make them the best. 3. Mrs. Barnes is a dedicated teacher that is devoted to her math and to seeing that her students learn. 4. Mrs. Trammell enjoys teaching math to her eighth grade students. 5. The Scamllll Miss Scamihorn explains the facts about English. 6. Mrs. Ellis shows the seventh grade boys the correct way to shape clay. 7. Mrs. Godowns discusses correct gram- mar with her Senior students. Mrs. Godowns Ms. Scamihorn Mrs. Barnes Mrs. Trammell Mrs. Ellis Mrs. Rogers Mrs. Turner Mrs. Lee l46fFaculty i E s 2 3, Q E KS ,., Z fn ,., , , . YN! x M' Z 1 .t if 1, A M. 2 3 ,gms 'Nsg f , f 6 ix 'r 4 sl 3 ' 'I . M 4, 1 1 in WL rn. Ex A , 6- 1' 'P' 1 I 4, I I , up I vf,,, :pf ..,,, Q Q X '?I"""'Wf4 Y.-my ws ...nnfwm-.ww fwmnwwymw ,fu Wm ti, ' f wW ,,44x V , ,, f ,, Zmifvdlg' I ,,, ,J ,,y,,, , W Dedication is. . . being involved even though the involvement is not required. It is wanting to take part in Flint River Acade- my's activities and giving time and hard work to each student. Flint River Academy has many dedicated peo- ple who are a necessary part of the school . . . Ricky Ellis coaches at Flint River Academy. He enjoys playing softball and participating in all athletics. He received his BS degree from Georgia Southwestern. Donnie Hen- derson teaches biology, psychology class, and physical education classes. He received his BS degree from the University of Georgia. John Trammell coaches football and basketball at Flint River Academy. He received his BS in education from the Jacksonville State University. Coach Trammell enjoys playing golf. Jean Copeland has been teaching social science at Flint River Academy for the past twelve years. She earned her BS in Ed. at the University of Georgia. Mrs. CopeIand's hobbies include sewing, reading, and spending time with her family. Janet Voyles teaches social science and is the Prowler staff advisor. She enjoys needlework, teaching, and working with the annual staff. Lib Atkinson teaches junior high science at Flint River Academy. "Miss Lib" received her AB degree from LaGrange College. Mrs. Atkinson likes to travel and sing. Ann Johnson teaches senior high school science and math at Flint River Academy. She earned her BA degree from LaGrange, and her MA degree from Alabama College. Mrs. John- son enjoys reading, playing the piano, and playing the organ at her church. All these teachers are mainstays of Flint River Academy. They gave their time, loyalty, devotion, and love to Flint River Academy and its stu- dents. I. Mrs. Copeland reads the answers from the Search magazine to her ninth grade history class. 2. Mrs. Johnson explains the correct way to do this problem to her physics class. 3. Coach Ellis gives encourage- ment to one of his JV players before sending him out to the field. 4. Mrs. Atkinson writes notes at a steady pace, while the students are still on the first line. 5. Mrs. Voyles watches over the seniors and makes sure that things go right while at Callaway Gardens. 6. Teach- ing world geography can be fun as seen on the face of Coach Tram- mell. 7. Coach Henderson listens to Coach Trammell tell David Nix what is the next play. Coach Ellis Coach Henderson Coach Trammell Mrs. Copeland Mrs. Voyles Mrs. Atkinson Mrs. Johnson l48fFaculty 'N 'K M 3 Q M Q53 V , 1 aim 15535 ,L -V-- V. CCFHHSUH I 'VV an ,, 'A P 1446 -Jaw 1 ,, U V ff v 'E An: 'ml " I Q -gy:-" nl V' J' ax . -fp PH Warm Springs Pharmacy. Incorpo- rated is located in Warm Springs, Georgia on I0 Broad Street. The busi- ness phone number is 404-655-6573. It is owned and operated by Thomas E. hlldr Lovett. Mr. an c ' en L ett have R 3 in . e ff' S... 3 ' rf i 8 ,gr X Tw is S .:.: K Wh M- 4 Ke, V Aj! so We nnoo W1 P' 5 V K A 2 I ,,,,., 73' I p t ,,,,, x ., . , I . f gm.-P jfs is , 1 + 2 i l i 5 is if ff l The Choraliers, composed of stu- dents in the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades, represent Flint River Academy with outstanding musical ability. An ensemble, quartet, trio, and two soloists are woven into this group. The choraliers did several concerts throughout the year. Churches and PTO meetings were the scene for many of the Choraliers' concerts. I. The choraliers form an outstanding musical presence. 2. The trio, Susie Dunn. Simone Rogers, and Kim Seay. sings a "SpoonfuII of Sugar". CommunityfIS3 8 .ff ww M,-ff ' " Lx?'55 i, , IS made the l54f Community Q And T 4 v Dental Care ff Chic is at the Georgia OX S of Flint work keep the They Foster aylor e is needed a or a treat for that special some- one is in order. .l 8 G Shoes is located in Manches- ter, Georgia. They offer a wide variety of shoes ranging from everyday casual to special formal occasions. Daisy a perfect jewelry anyone at T Foster. 2. l. does the store Fuller Dell 6 oswell Coker are ladies. 7. Shoes are in the 8 G. Kim Aclcock flower ments at Lazy l60fCommunity Shoes, Dell, FRA s Cheerful Ladies Q 'I s 0 3 'K 5 3- """"'uuh.., fs 3 located serving John Barker member for frlendly lemm Farm U8 desired or of the wh! i62jCommunity rms And Bank !yfl63 ing new dence of 6 9 or the a an or cheer David Fagundes c ass Ward Nix Alan Gull Steve Brshop and Steve Meiton l64,1Community The Peoples Bank Cf Talbotton The People's Bank of Talbotton, member FDIC, was chartered in I89O. Mr. Gus Persons, President, has at pre- sent two children attending Flint River Academy. To contact the People's Bank of Talbotton, call 665-855l. l. Henry and Tom Persons patiently wait for a chance to speak to their father, Mr. Gus Per- sons, at The People's Bank of Talbotton. 2. Henry Persons follows the accepted procedures by fill- ing out forms before approaching the teller's window. Community f ISS YDWN an mg Fried for al and be a cutting 663-2423 Sandi the l982 tion Q1 ing Cats footbai! hone contact 2227. P s when Pine in Senoia, Georgia. 8 pose for a picture office. i66fCommunity to the fullfill any BFE Laura area you might 4. DJ's a nice place z Q , 5 5 qwmuwuwn ,M lluunn..-Q , if -is at , ' i af- Zone April and Lisa Ousley father's dentist T styling, Dental Care, Car Service, Performance , -i if, M... , RUS r W CIKPUI ll INXS ikyfaff ,zu 6 reenvllle Banking Company AUM, V - X zu ,L .us wiv V :I+ M bm I ., , , it , ' to i 5 ' t nnnnn nnnnn nnnnn 5 A ff , f ,,,N , b ' 4 n n is Ill? 1 V or Sf, g g V V k Jlzm fm, Q ,WW I f V f 1 I A. ,. Fmwmuwl f mg 'W' ' K in - 4 ' ' ' ' o r 5 , ' . - ef i . L 4 f P T anus Wwgfsffg " F s f W ii N i wwf nnnnn i 'W' ' Q i ef sr- f fs' fffefsf"'if MM . - i i nnnn 5, ,: J, , is 1 , ,,,,MZv?- pn K in' ' V i M, " is , j e V, ', 'Q , Q4 '5 1 'W -' M I .f., 4 E- V- fy is , 1 'e f' If L -s f 'ig 4' ' 'H G f i The Greenville Banking Co. was chartered i887 and has served the peo- ple in this area since that time. The bank is now in its third locations until i975 it was housed in the present tax commissioner office on the square. The new building is located on La' Grange Street. i'-tf l jf r s The President is Roswelliigfitkinscn, and the Vice President sisiiPe55per At. kinson, a graduate of Flint River: Cindy Roberts Ledford, administrative assis- tant, is also a graduate of Flint River. Mr. Atkinson's wife, Lib, has been a teacher at FRA for many years, which makes the bank's ties with this school great. i so o The Greenville Bankingfio. presents the Valedictorian each year with a 5300.613 scholarships and . serves the school in several other tcapaeities as well. s Q i Community X l69 This Page ls Sponsored By Fleming If hink If COFHCS I know. V, 1:4 .,.. . 4 1- - 7, -1-1 ff - If .- . M: K Q Community fx LADIES s Town 8 Country Plaza Manchester 'EEGIQNTEDFTBALL Thank You For A ' Rewarding U so y Q Q fy Pine Mountain NABIS mfc C HUNN 5 o raui R a ua a Woodbury B yco TH QQYHARDWARE C0 Hardware, Farm Implements And Furniture R aaaa Phone 553-zen Woodbury O Doing Business In Woodbury For 63 Years! YORK T.V. REPAIRS Zebulon E X i Woodbury i Ed s Shelley g Z mmm is ri. MMM 'n Am X6 Q- K, X l 1 ABT Communityfl75 Am . ,s if 1.3 31 EE www 1 was K 1 1 my wma: krrk :JMKKtV 77. . .. M -dx... JSR 1:51, 15' 4 f " ' f 7 KXK K v..,Xk 7 --Q 1,'x-: MWWKK, - -A Q- K. K77Keg7sweKu17Kff if' FK Efiafiz, 'J 2: K ' CKIME7 V Auf. i. ,sr ,K ML 'I V K:717Qy,KjKL,K 1 f zfsfq e new ,K 7- 1K Qfzgezuir 7 f A 5' 22 3-2-ilisSEiT7"1bK ' . ai':,fKK11!E9'uE',-:E--5 -.ga -- r A ftjsf, -.7 f' 1,:Krf?jf:ff'e:, 'r 1: - J K f:KlK--iff 12:15-f 15 fr K X K X X M" 51- T 53" ?,pII5'6!.555k Efixiffrf ' x-Il. 2? " KK , ,, 73f'f:'KLg , L, 7, ff,,.: 7 .2 ' '- ' "KfKfj1sKs1:fg3Kv2g::iK Q -f' if A Y K :" !.SeTKKYsi7K , 5 7-:,z.g Q , f.f. 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K K KK777KKK.KKK77777777K rn --K7 KW 1-71211 77 Keyes When You You've Eddie WOODBLIRY SERVICE FQQRMERS 8 MERCHANITS BANK H gh y 27 Hamilton 628-422i WS! Community ,V f"' Point Pane 2255 Cccaslons FLCMHST Frank Making our more valuabl Aswthe wolgdlg l f95Q9TCe5 Wm ffffxs-X ' on the lL nnl W without takes M r rn, Xi 'morelthan an XR X Q XX average life- XV X time to grow 5 rf' Y l ?harveEtable S D 5 lb Offsf- uf . -v that time in AEILL X ! half. We're 'R , X ' , planting gene- 52.9 ff' tiCal1Y-imlbrovvcl "Uwlfl ' ' cjwfy treks that grow faster f9,M,,,?Qf and have more usable jjlf' ,M Wood fiber. Xlls, wefre, A Q59 G-P land mggte wer-'V 'jjiwbductive and our re- fW1"1'u'L sources nwre- plentiful and valuable. Cmywll any Pine Mountain PEGGY'S PLAYHOUSE Pane Mountain Go Wildcats! I PINECO INC. Dealers In Forest Products Rt I Box 4 Shlloh Phone C4045 846 8441 We Hope You Have CARDEN BRGTHERS A Good Year WHOLESALE INC From The Residents Cf MOLENA Produce Groceries CARE HOM M I C-A 30258 Ph 44045 495 5:38 Frozen Foods Feeds A Ph 227 942I O 9422 Grlffln as E. - P.O. Box 397 H42 5 o ena, , CO"'P'i"'e"tS Qf FAYETTE sPoRTlN6 FAQ-UNDES FARM 60005 Senola 37I Fayette Place Fayetteville Georgia Phone 404 46I I872 LARRY S BAR B Q Or 404 46I I7II Qpen 9 A M 8 P M Mon a Howell MCEIVOY Gwner Jlm Jackson Larry Seay Gwner Manager Greenville Ph 672 4554 Downtown Northside N C Ch C4045 647 9661 O 'Y B I' If th 24 H C4045 647 2750 THE CITIZENS AND SQUTHERN BANK OF THOMASTON . enter Street ..The n an i H our Service IIII N. urch Stre t ' Mem er FDIC ' L BAKIN 3I822 3-2970 Phone 5486 THE PRESCRITPIQN SHOP Registered Pharmggist, Stephen Dyer Main St. Manchester, Ga. 846 2929 BRANCH Ph-one - 846 3629 UNITED COTTON GOODS INC P O Box l49 Griffin JOSTEN S AMERICAN YEARBooK COMPANY David Zexgler P bl cat And t W P O B 22 298 3338 M902 Congratulations Hugh Riley Pine Mountain 628 5080 O Q OO O ttTT a'A TCCC C L Ottt to tuuttn l A O l u i ion A T A T j A Sfpjri ear Consultant T , A Columbus Phone Georgia - I84fC CLISTQM FABRICATORS S METAL BLDG CONST it "gf jf? ,lv If x fffyf .1 :Inlay I H' 70 'TX Z A .P fx fi 'kv'fQ""xfWJ 'HH COWETA METAL PRODUCTS INC Rt S Box l528 Newnan C4045 25l l7OO Miscellaneous And Structural Fabrication From Bronze Alummum Stainless Steel And Carbon Metals Metal Bldgs. Designed 8 Constructed To Flt Your Needs Contact Ben Bolton Or Henry Moody. Q Q ' ' fn Tm . 4' f fl of-f' L - asfi' TM! 'B - T5 'Jak .X gig, 3 ,C",,1',,.' f"s.5.'-2' 1 g ' ,T K Q .. ,t f.. 'T " ' fi? .2 if " lx KA A F 4'-, ' .fi 1 59 1, f' ,fr f . 'll ':Q"' f gl," , fl' " -A 1. M251 I 1 ,y n V 2, 4 'Z r' 'I' 1' . ., Q :Z-li-P 'V 25? A MXH fn Nvf f vf . . Qi! 5 ' fi "If"f '25 5' T' T -f ,gift 3 Ui' I I A ,fa . , , .Af wr . un, A, ff- -1 ' ' f Aff "if, I," -1 '-'T '4"'L"' Q-Q. 1 "-,Qi -' fa " -- .- 1 'f eff f A : t v V. uit, wh--:xref 0 U 1 f Y Y Congratulations Seniors For A Job Well Done FEDERAL PAPER BQARD CQMPANY INC Best Wlshes Senlors I Good Luck Cats' Compliments Cf HOLLIDAY CONSTRUCTION Compllments Of The Battenhouses CQMPANY Best Wishes Compliments Of Comphmems of F3 ODOM GRCCERY fpfx Glenn Matthews Thomaston Turln ' STATE FARM fiulqr up hm' INSURANCES .. -- V K ,... . '. - - ' 2 X 4154- .V J . : .5154 V -.Q - Q. , . K f-KK,.y I- K. , K, f--- ff ,:--55y..-.- ,guy-. . 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O IV 0 7, 7 t ,,, , 7, V, -.. ' ll, at 7 . ' ' ' ,,, - I ' - 56 Uniform Road Griffin, Georgia 30224 C4045 228-oezo Dus Fend W-was e Jackets Shop Towels Covers E x ws? ox. Good SMITH- anchester - :-. me K . . -S: 12 .QEVSSSF PO TL Gas - Electific r gg ,A Gas Georgia old Gull fig iff ,,V? k Luck Georgia 882 8I6I 1 'W 3 W qfq ,,,,,, - fl 'V M4 . ,A , nf Y aff? ,M ,g N ! X WY We Salute you, Flznt Rzfver Academy A ., W, F 0 f 'e W 7' 77177 nds at Callaway Gardens fm WEST CENTRAL GEQRGIA BANK Thomaston, Georgia P.O. Box II88 yfI95 eefc FRAZIER S LINENS Susie Dunn Jeff Fraz'e Pune Mountain LaGrange Columbus CQUNTRY LANE Fabrics Notions Hallmark Cards Ph - 846-3772 Manchester Compliments RAMADA INN LaGrange Success Can Be Yours! Compliments Gf CROOK'S TIRE CENTER semis, Georgia Get A Wheel Of A Deal From A Crook" Phone 599-Tire ' nAAl"0 Compliments Of THOMASTON FLORIST IO7 East Thompson St. Thomaston, GA Flowerfonez 647-7I77 ee f xff my? yfI97 GBUS! H6 Eau U B54 off,-4 W gl, . J QQ -'L "5 Q' -SQ -fr 2wflndex gm Abercrombie, Sheri I2. 67. II2 Adams, Dan I28 Adams, Karen I44, I45 Adams, Keri I34, 26 Adamson, Dixie 82, I20 Adamson, Rebecca I26 Adcock, Kim IO. I2. 67. lOl, 52. 24. 92. I44. I28. 206 Adkins. Barbara I44. I45 Adkins. Hunter 44, 46. 48. 60. 62, IO2. IOS. 52, 92, IO6. IO8, 92, 30, 88, 28 Adkins. Mell I38, 28 Akins, Amanda I32 Akins, Marie I44 Alexander. Casey I34, 26 Alexander, Laura I60 Alexander, Lisa I34, 26 was .em he-A ,f is X ' 5 ' 325. 6 Q ss ties... Stas... ,Sf Q. Booth, Julie 67. I20 Boswell, Mary I38, l39. I60 IO2, I05, IO9, I60. Allen. Amanda I34, 26 Allen. Chip I20 Allen, Mike 2l, I32 Allen. Robin 33, II2, 30 Allen. Wayne IOI, IO2, 92, 28 Allison, Andy 46, II2 Angley. Carol I44, I45 Argroves. Cara l32 Argroves. Glenn Argroves. Harriet I6, 33, 42. 5l, 77. IO2. IO3 92, 94, 30, 28 Argroves. James I20 Argroves. Wanda II6 Atkinson, Lib l48 gms? Bailey. Karen II6 Bailey, Leigh I28 Barker, John I22, I62 Barker. Sallie l32, I62 Barnes, Angel I26 Barnes, Beth 72. II4 Barnes, Hynes 46, 70, IO3, 30. 84, 86, 72 I05, 52, 24, 92, Barnes. Kay 54, I46, 52. 34. 22. 28 Barnett. Deborah 67, II4 Battenhouse. Christie 6, 78. 82. I20 Battenhouse. .lim 46, 54, IO2. Il0. 92, 34 Battenhouse, Mollie 2. 33. Beall, Christy I28 55. 82. II6 Beall, David 46. 62. IO2. l08, 52. 92. 84. 34 Beall, Shannon l3O Beckham, Amy I34, 26 Beckham. Jody l8O Bentley, Honey I24 Bentley, Jill I34, 26 Bentley, Lisa l0. 82, II6 Beres, Chandra l32 Beres, Tracy I28 Berry, Kim 78. I20 Berry, Kris 4, 78. I20 Bishop, Steve 46. 55. II2. 52. 24. 28 Bishop, Wayne I22 Blankenship, Jim IO2 Bomar, Scott I2, I24 Bomar, Stephanie 44, 82, II8 Bomford. April I32 Boyd, Jason I28 Boyd. Sean II8 Braddy, Clint I26 Bradsher, Ginger 72, II6, I22 Bradsher, Tim 8 Branch, Angie 78, I20 Branch, Jamy l32 Bridges, Rod 33, 46, 70, 74, 98. I0l. I03, II 92, 93, 30. 84 Bridges. Russ I20 Brisendine, Beverly 6, 8, I44, I45 Brisendine, Fred I4 Brisendine, Jason I22 Brisendine, Tracy 8, I36. II6, 206 Brisendine, Tripp 46. 206 Brown, Dale I2 Brown, Frankie II6 Brown, Greg I2. I22, II6 Brown, Juanita, I40, l4I, I60 0. Clay. Chad I32 Clay, Cliff I26 Clay. Clint 46, II6, 84 Clay. Ray I28 Clay, Shannon I22 Cochran, Scott I22 Coggins. Chad I26 Betty 4, I40, l4I, I60, 266 Coker, Leigh Ann I6, 33. 40, 4l, 48, II2, 52 Coleman, Bob II2, 30. 84 Collier, Piper I2, 66, 67, II8 Collier. Shane II4 Collier. Sharon I20 Collier. Tish II4 Collins. Kyle I24 Collins, Michael 64, I20 Collins, Stacey 22, 33, 44. Coker. 28 Cook, Richard 46. 98. lOl. I 86. 28 Copeland, Jean 50, 54, l48 Cosgrove, Shannon 33. ll2 Brown. Kevin lOl, IO3. 93 Brown, Kristen 8, I22 Brown, Lisa I2, I4, I6, 33. 66, 67, 72, II4, 30 l66, 44 Brown, Michael I20 Bryant, Bret I60, II6 Bryant. Julie I2, I6, I24 Bryant, Norman I60 Buchanan, Matthew I26 Buchanan, Scott I20 Bufford. Joanne I28 Bufford. Tricia II8 Burge, Andy II6 Burns, Debbie 48, Sl, II2. 24, 30 Byard, Chris l3O Byard, Robbie I34, 26 ,vi-sigh 5. gigjigw, Cain, Pat l3O Cain, Shannon I2, I24 Cain, Shawn 46, II4 Caldwell, David 64, II8 Caldwell, Katie I36 Calhoun, Steve II6 Callihan, Dawn I2. 46. 80, II4. 88 Carlisle, LeAnn I20 Carlson, Carla II8 Carlson, Mark I2, I20 Carroll, Ryan l3O Carter, Robin 46, 70, I03, l06, 93, 84, 28 Cashion. Tommie Lynn 44, 66. 67. II2. 24. 30 Cato, Jan 67, II4 Chambless. Michael I28 Champion, Laura I24 Champion, Leigh Ann I34, 26 Chapman, Michelle II8 Chapman, Vann II8 Cheek. Danny I32 Christian, Tim 64, 78, II8 Clark, Charles I62 Clark, Kenneth I62 Clark, Ken 62, 64. 78, II8, 84, 204 Clark. Todd II4 Clark, Tracy I2, 67. 78, II8, I62 Clark, Windy I24, I62 Claxton, Les l34. 26 Cotton, Jean I44 Couch, Carmen II6. l56 Couch, Maure I28 Couch. Max l56 Couch, Michael IO Crews, Eric I26 Crews. Kimberly I22 Crook, Greg 46. 7O. II2, 84 Crowder, Andy 64. 78. I20 Crye, Matt I20. l66 ggiissggsggg ZS .3 eww Dameron, Janette I40 Dameron, Jodi 4, 67, I2O Dameron, Lisa 67, II6 Dawson, Andy I22 Dawson, Joanna I34, 26 Dawson, John l3O Dawson, Julie l32 Dees. Betty I40 Dees, Lisa 33. 44, 67, II2 48, II2, 52, 24, 86, 03. IOS. l08. 93, Dees, Susan I6, 40. 4l, 44. 67, II4 Douthit, Scott I28 Dove, Wendy I28 Duke, Jamie I34, 26 Duke, Marty l32 Dunn, Bob I4 Dunn. Jim I2. I22 Dunn, Susie 2. I4, I6, 22. 33. 40. 44, 46, 48. 52. 88. 50, 54, 80. 98, IO6, IIO, 92, 93, 34, IS3, 28 sz. East, Thomas ll6, 84 Edwards, Jim II2 Edwards. Laura 67. II7 Ellerbe Elliott. Elliott, Elliott. e, Amy 44, II4 Cliff 48, 5I. II4, Il5, 86 Jennifer I4, 67, I20 Pinky I4 Ellis. Ricky IO, 32. 64. 72. 78, l48. 30. 89 Ellis, Sandi 22. 66, 67, I46, 92. l56, 266 Estes. Amy I22 Estes, Beth 44. II4 Evans, Valerie I32 Evans. Wanda I3O Evans. William I34, 26 Fagundes, David 4, 44. 46, 48. 5l, 54, II2, 24, 86 Fagundes. Jonathon 64. Ferguson. Kim 67, II2 Findley, Lynn 67. IIS Fitting, Kim I32 Flanegan. Terri I42 Fleischman, Ronnie 44. II2 Fleming, Waide IO, II7 Foster, Brad I34, 25 Foster. Joe I22 Foster, Robert 64, 78, lI8 Fowler, Amy I24. I60 Fowler, Callie 82, I2O, I60, 204 Fowler. Fowler. Michael l28 Frazier, Jeff 44, IOI, I06, l09, 9 Fuller, Dan 62, 64, 78, I20, I60 Fuller, Jennifer I26 Fuller. Kim I28, l60 Fuller, Matt IO, 20, I34, I60 Fuller. Toby l3O Fuller. Travis l60, 28 ,gig ,wg , sway I2O, 204 Carroll 48. 50. l38. I39. I6O 2, 94, 87 M U, , :s 3 ss., isa., 3 Galloway. Marlo I22 Galloway, Melanie l3O Galloway, Monica I24 Garner. Garner, Garner. Charitie l28 Cole 62. 70. II4 Ricky 50, 70, IN. 92. 93. 94, 30. 28 Garner. Talitha I34, 26 Garner, Tracy 33, 98, l0l, IOS. IO7, 92, 93, 28 Garrett Ashley 33, 54, 67, 72, II7 Garrett, Brandon I36 Garrett, Gay 2, I4, I6, 22,33. 40, 4I, 52. 48. 55. 66, 67, 72. 74, 98, I05, I06, l54, 92. 93, 30, 34, l66. 28 Garrett, Jason I34, 26 Garrett, Joe 70, II2 Garrett, Lashane I2O Garrett, Ron I22 Garrison, Melinda I2 Gay, Bill I4 Gasses. Sonya 44. ll8 Geer, Suze I36 Gill, Frank 4I, IIS. l54. 206 Gill, F.W. I54 Gill. Harold 62, 64, 78, II8, 84 Gill, Mary Jo I44 Gill, Matt I54 Gill, Tina 72, 80. II2. 30 Gilleland, Dusty l30 Gilleland, Patty I0, I42 Godowns. Dana I32, I33 Godowns. Lynn 8, 33, 50, l46 Gordy, Jason I30 Gramling, Brant I22 Gramling, Jamie 64, 78, I20 Gray. Gina ll8 Gray. Jessica I26 Gray. Sam l30 Gray. Samara I26 Gray, Warren I24 Greene, Brian I26 Greene, Scott II7 Gregg, Brad I4, 44, II7, 30, 84 Gregory, Alan 44, II2, 24. 30, 84 Gross, Steven 64, 78, I20 Grover, Elton l40, l4I Grover, Jon 44, Sl, 62, lI5 Grubbs. Grubbs. Grubbs. Helton, Emily I22 Helton, John I28 Henderson. Donnie l48 Hendricks, Ronnie II7 Hill, Dena I24 Hobbs, Buddy I62 Hobbs, Clay 7, I32 Hobbs, Shannon I34, 26 Hoffman, Doug lm, lO8. Holmes, Lee l28 Hopkin, Meredith l36 Hornsby, Jess I34, 26 Howard. Donna I2, 22, 3 80, II2. I54. 52, I56 92, 93, 94. 34 3, 44, 48, 50, 72 Hudson. Darrell 7, 70, II7 Hudson, Denise II2 Huffman, Ann-Marie l3O Huffman, Greg I2I Hunt, Lisa I32 Hutcheson, Teddy I28 Si: Ingram. Scott II5 8 221 3 ,uw Jackson, Mary Beth l3O Janney, Susan I2, 33, 44, 66, 67, lO6. IOS. 52 94. 30, I66. 28 Frank l28 Jenny I32 Sandy 33, 40. 67. IIS, 86 Grubbs. Susie 33, 67, II7 Guwin. Christie 82. lI8 Guy, Lori l28 Hamby,Stephanie I32 Harber, Tommy l30 Harbin, Andy I36 Harbin, Kay I34, I42 Harding, Michael, 64. I2I Harper, Stacy II5 Harvey. Todd II7 Hatchett. Heather I26 Haichen, Holly I32 Hatchett. Jillan 78, ll8, l7l Hatchett, Kalynn I42 Hatchett. Shana I26 Hausmann, SooOk I36 Janney, Wade 64, Il8 Johnson. Ann I48, IS4 Johnson, Laurie I2, I6, 22. 33, 40 44 SI 52 80, IOI, IO7, l08, IS4, 94. 30. 34 28 Johnson, Kyle 64, Il8 Johnson, Pat 66 Johnson. Pete l54 Johnson, Tonya 33, 44. 67, II5 Johnson, William I29 Jones, Bobby I22 . Jones, David I29 Jones, Heather I26 Jones Jefflyn I3O Jones, Jennifer I22 Jones Michelle I23 Jones, Ryan I36 Jones, Shannon I24 Jordan, Hank I34, 26 Jordan, Joyce I32 Keller, Will I34, 26 Kelley. Julie Il8 Kelley, Laura Kelley. Leigh IO, I3O Kendricks, Barry II2, II3. I54 Kennedy, Cissy 22, 33, 4l, 54. 66, 67, II3, I56 Kennedy, Kandy 67, II7, l56 Kersey, Cam I32 Kersey, Doug l26 Kight. Jay I32 Kight, Jimmy II9 Kimball, Chris I29 Kimball, Michael l32 King. Cliff IO5, IO6. 94 King, Don I2, 54. 55, II2. II3. I54 King, Jim I54 King. Renee II9 King, Shannon Kitchens, Anna I34, 26 Koon, Cindy I3O Koon, John II7 Koon, Stacy I35, 26 Lane, Todd IO, I29 Lasher, Ben I24, I25 Lasher, Trace 46. 55, II6, II7 Lathem, Jared I35, 26 Lathem. Ray I32 Latzak, Jay I33 Latzak, J.D. I54 Lawand, Ashur I33 Lawand, Gilbert I29 Lawand. Shami I34, 26 Lee, David 8, l36 Lee, Ellen I46 Lee, Jeffrey I3O Lee, Michael I35, 26 Lemmon, Nina I34, I42 Lemmon, Donnie l26 Lemmon, Harvey I62 Lewin, Peter 46, 54, I38, I39, l4O Livingston, Jason ISO Livingston. Liz I2. 22. 33, 48, II3 Loftin, Lovett Lovett Lovett Lovett Lynley I37 . Angie I23 Lisa 67, 78, II9 Pam I2, 44, 72, 80. II5 Lovett, , Stephanie I3l, I52 Stephen l36, I37, I52 Mabon. Jerad I33 Maddox, Mitch l2l Maddox, Tracy 22, 33, 44, 46, II5 Manning, David 44, 64. 78, II9 zozfinaex ,,,, Lt Q, 12,83 2, ,, 5. , ,, 2,. gi . ,,vs3,t, MW, A- g Massengale, Cliff I37 Massengale. Jan I33 Mathews, Tommy II3 Mayfield. Ric II9 Meadows, Dana I29 Meadows. David I2, 64. l2l Meadows, Jimmy I33 Meadows, Matt 64, l2l Melton Steve 54 II2 II3 24 O, 84, 86 . .,,, 3 Miles. Natalee 97, I33 Miller. Kim I24, I25 Miller, Tim 78, II9 Mills. Cher 33. 44, 67, 72, II5 Minter, Donna 67, 78, II8, II9 Minter, Steve IO5, IN, IO8, 94 Mitcham, Link 4I, 44, II5 Mitcham, Tonya 67, 78, l2l, 204 O5 Moody, Hank 44, 46, 64. 98, I , Im. IO7, 94, 28 Moody, Sheri 6, 33, 67, II2, II3 Moore, Jennifer II9 Moore, John 8 Moore, Julie I33. 204 Morgan, Amy I29 Morgan, Brad 78. l2l Morrison. Anise 82. l2l. I22 Mulvey, Steve II7 Murphy. Stacy 6, II5 Myrick, Libby I24, I25 Myrick, Linda 33, 40, 72, 74, 98, IOI, IO5, IO7, 94, 30, 86 McAdams, Connie 6, I42 McDaniel. Kristin I35, 26 McDaniel, Ray I23 McDaniel, Toby I29 McDonald, Cal I34, I35, 26 McDonald, Lynda I44 McGinn, Kathy 72, 74, 8O. II5, 30, McGinn, Mike I29 McGraw, Cal II5 McGraw. Phillip I29 McKissick. Chad I3 McRae. Eddie 46, 70. II7, 84 Nash, Bill, II7 Nash, Joe 2I, I33 Nash, Lee 4l, 46. 60, 62, IO2, IO5, I 92, 94, 95. 30, 84, 28 Nash, Ruth I42 Nesmith, Connie II7 Nesmith, Gege I26 Nesmith, Kim 82, l2l Neubert. David 62, IO2, IIO. O5, 28 Newman. Kevin I29 Newman. Tammy 72, lI6, II7, 86 Nix, David 44. 62, 70, II3, I48, 86 Norred, Judy l4O, I42 Norris, Lori Lee 67, l2l Odom, Matthew I37 Odom, Preston I29 O'Neal, Amy l2l O'Neal, Beth II7 O'Neal, Chris I33 86, 88 O8, IIO, 52. O'Neal, Jennifer I29 O'NeaI, Tracy 67, II8, II9 Ordoyne, Gerald 2, I2, 22, 40. 4l, 46, 48, 54, 52, 24. 55. 70. 98. lOl, IO5, IN, IO9. 92, 94. 95, 30, 88, 34, 28. 204 O'Rourke, Bridget I4, 33, 72, Ousley, Curtis II7, I66 Ousley, Lisa 78, I22, I66 Owens, David I3I X, 82, ll6, II7 Page, Laura I2. 22, 44, 66, 67, II5, 30, 86, I66 Page, Tenli I36, 3I7 Parker, Burt l3I Parker, Chad I23 Parker. Kirby l26 Paulk, Katie I35, 26 Pedigo, Allan l2l Peek. June 4, l4O, l4l Persons. Henry 54, II5 Persons, Tom l2l Phillips. Lisa 44. 80. II5 Pierce, Beth I42 Pierce, Jenni I23 Pierce, Jody II9 Pierce, Tiffany 2I. I35, 26 Pizzitola. Mike 78, II8, II9 Pollard, Becky 33, II3, 52, 28 Porter. Jason I33 Pratt, Julie I33 Procurot. Billie ISI Procurot. Missy I32, I33, 204 Pryer, Stephanie 78. l2l 'args 55 it ,Msg ZS 855, if 631, Railey, Brian I23 Railey, Ernie II9 Railey, Larry 64, II9 Ramsey, Michael 64, l2l Rasbury. Michael I33 Reames, Meri 2. I2, l6, 22, 33, 44, 46. 48, 52, 80. IO5, IO9, III. 94, 28 Reid. Bobbie Jean I2, IO2, l08. IO9, IIO. 92. 95 Reynolds, Dale II5 Rieger, Susanne I29 Rios, Lindsey I35, 26 Rios, Stephen I33 Rodriquez, Kim IO. ll, I25 Rogers, Charles I4 Rogers, Kim I4, 82, I2l Rogers, L nda I46 208 y . Rogers, Simone I6. 33, 40, 80. II5, I54. I53 Rounds, Nathan 46, II5 Rudder, Bill I60 S Sarsfield, Amy 72. lI6, II7 4I, 42, 44, 48, 50, Scamihorn, Cheryl 4. 6, 22, 38, I09, I46 Schriber, Shannon I29 Seay, Kim 2, I2, I6, 22, 33, 44, 50, 80. l0I. IIO. 95, 30, I53 Seay. Kristie 78, 82. II9 Sebren. Jodi I33 Shaw, Bobbie Jo 8, 33, 4l, 55. l0l, I09, IIO. II4, 52, 92, 95. 36, 34, 28, Shearouse, Janice I23 Sherrer, Tiffany IO, I29 Simmons, Alaina I26 Simmons, Kelley I33 Sinyard, Suzanne 8 Skinker, Prissy I3 Smith, Bo I35 Smith. Clay I24, I25 Smith, Jeff I4, 44, 46, 50. 52, 92, 95. 30, 84, 86, 28 Smith, Kathy II9 206 62, IO2, IOS, IIO, Ill, Smith, Sall 33, 4I. II3. I66. 28 Y Solomon, Brooks I38 Soloman, Felicia 46, II3, I38, 50, 88 Soloman, Heather 6, 66. 67, 78, I20, I2I, I38 Stevens. Leslie 82, I2I Stevens, Nikki I0 Storey, Carla I29 Storey. Sonny I37 Stough, Georgi 78, 82. I2I Strickland, Amber I29 Strickland. Jeanine I23 Strickland. Jodie 67, II7 Strickland, Rebecca I35. 26 Strozier, Ric I20 Swetman, Clint I33 Swetman, Samantha I26 T Tant. David I25 Taunton, Tonya I29 Taylor. Billy 7, I2, I23 Taylor, Mike II7 Thomas, John I37 Thomas, Joseph I35, 26 Thompson, Jackie I23 Thompson, Tracy 67, I2I Threadgill. Patty I35, 26 Tigner, Chuck 46, I05, ll0. Tinsley. Margaret 44, II5 52, 92, 95 Todd, Jeffrey I2, I4, I6, 22, 40, 4l. 44, 46, 52. 24, 48, 50, 54, 70, 74, 98. l08. III, 95. 30. Index 84, 86. 88. 78 Trammell, Freda 6, 80, l46 Trammell, John 4, 6. 60, 72, I48, Trammell, Mark I26 Trammell, Wesley II7 Turner. Andy 4, l2l Turner, David I54 Turner, Carolyn 44, 50. 60, I38, Turner, Ellen I29 Turner Emily I22, I23 Turner, Turner 34, 28 Felix 4, 6. 8, I38, I39, 28 30, 86 46 . Jimmy 46, 62, lOl. IOS. Ill, 95. 30, 84, Tysinger, Beth I26 Tysinger, Robert I23 Ll Upton, Leia 33. 44, 67, II5 Ussery. Brent II9 if Vincent, Emily II5 Vincent, Richard 78, II9 Voyles, Don 62, 64, I20, I2I Voyles, Janet 22, 40, I48, I6 VV Walker. Dana I2 Wall, Christi I24, I25 Wall, Kera l3l Waller, Elin I34, I35, 26 Waller. Seth I23 Waller. Will I26 Walton, Edith I44 Ward, Allen I2, 46, II3 Ward, Allison l37 Ward, Jessica I33 Wasden, Allison l3l Wasden, Patrick I35, 26 Wells. Eddie I4, 44, II4, II5 Wells, Stacy 22, 33, 44, 72, 80, II5, 88 Wetmore, Bridgett. I3I Wetmore. Michelle 82, I2I Whatley. Angela I3l Whatley. Polyanna I35, 26 Williams, Andy I23 Williams. April I3I, 66 Williams. Ashley l33 Williamson, Keith II9 Williamson, Scott I26 Y York. Anita I25 At Success FRA has ended another year with a record hard to beat. Looking back at a year filled with accomplish- ments can make the excitement of it all reappear. Through hard work. determination, effort, and many long hours, the students and faculty have made achievements in every- thing they have attempted. Domi- nation in competitions. both aca- demic and athletic, has helped in upholding Flint River's well estab- lished reputation. Although this dif- ficult road has taken long and re- quired much from us, time has passed quickly. And FRA has reached its goal - to develop the mind, body. and spirit of its stu- dents. l. Ken Clark ties up Jullie Moore and Misty Procurot for an event in elementary field day. 2. Gerald Ordoyne, l983 Star Student at FRA doesn't always have his mind on good grades. 3. Jonathan Fagundes and Callie Fowler display a plant collection for the sev- enth grade science class. 4. The graduating honor students of l983 look forward to a bright and rewarding future. 5. Laura Page. Lisa Brown, Lisa Phillips, Dawn Callihan. and Pam Lovett enjoy hearing funny jokes during class. 6. Scott Douthit and Gilbert Lawand dress up as famous Georgians to wish Geor- gia a Happy Birthday. 204fClosing " -W , ,,,f 9. .lil .lv looking Buch 2 I fi I I ,,,.,,5,,,,,.M , f iff 2 af J A 4 Q ww 2' ' ' ' ' .,, f ,ffgmww A, g f f. 4 1- ' ' X Q mea ,I W wif- , , vw' f 'wr , 'W ,.'W,,m,. f ,M 1, ' 3 5 I Ilosingf2OS ...At Progress The i982-83 school year was one of pride, for Flint River Academy had come a long way in such a short time. With so many new beginnings. with a new headmaster, new poli- cies, and new programs. the year progressed through the hard work of many people. This year was full of new exper- iences that were participated in by every student in the school. During the year there were many assemblies, at one assembly was ob- served Founders' Day, at another students listened to people tell about their high school days as compared with today. Senior Send- off was a tradition started this year at FRA. Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen talked about the seniors' achievements, wishes, and memor- eis. Afterwards, the seniors were sent off by the students, who lined the drive-way and waved good-bye. This is going to be a tradition to be carried out each year at FRA. Looking back, we see the good times and the bad. With all these memories, students closed another chapter in the book of their lives and took a step toward the future. l. Frank and Bobbie Jo smile for the camera during annual staff. 2. During the April snow storm of '83 one of the many trees that was planted in the spring stands alone in the front of the school. 3. March winds are great for kite flying. 4. The hall is once again de- serted at the end of the school year. 5. Tripp and John agree that this is first class flying. 6, Kim Adcock models her futuristic clothing. 2CBfClosing looking Bach 5 'HD ab-91" Hr if 70914 D' it 1 ....Jl!..f d:"?. 2 VM My I 5 6 Closingf207 looking Buch Looking back I gazed at the tracks I had made in the sand, and I thought about myself, about the paths I had walked, about the new direction I was heading. And I sud- denly realized how small I was, and how insecure I was, and how big the world was, and how Lonely the new path was - and I wanted to turn back. But as I turned and looked back, the wind had blown out my tracks. So I walked forward and didn't look back again. Anonymous The class of l983 will look back at this year and their previous thir- teen years at Flint River Academy with fond memories and with a feel- ing of pride in their school. They have now joined the fifteen other classes to become alumni who will work together to continue the heri- tage begun -- a school to develop mind, body. and spirit. I. The Seniors of l983 look back at exciting years at Flint River Academy. There were good times, and bad times, but they will al- ways be remembered by the class of l983. Prowler Staff Acknowledgements Gay Garrett ..,..... .......... E ditor Jeffrey Todd . . .... Photographer Linda Myrick . . Bobbie Jo Shaw Susie Dunn .,.. Lee Nash ..... Gerald Ordoyne . . , . . . Leigh Ann Coker Layout Editor . . . .Sales Editor . ...,. Copy Editor . ...... Sports Editor Darkroom Editor . , . ........ Ad Editor Laurie Johnson . ..... Staff Cissy Kennedy . . . .Staff Sally Smith .... . . .Staff Sandy Grubbs . . . . ,Staff Simone Rogers . . . .Staff Susan Dees . . . , . .Staff Frank Gill ..... . , .Staff Link Mitcham . . . , .Staff 208fClosing The 1982-83 Flint River Academy Prowl- er Staff would like to extend special thanks to: Mrs. Sandi Ellis and her art classes for their contribution of much of the artwork in the annual. Mrs. Betty Coker for the use of her office equipment. Mrs. Lynda Rog- ers for the use of her typing room. Mr. Da vid Ziegler, .losten 's American Year- book Company sales representative, for his help and advice. S

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