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s O V I f I - I A ■MM iv --. ■«■ HOTMI I 1 I II C I I L L h i ill! I THE WORLD © USS FLINT (AE 32) 1990 DEPLOYMENT The 1990 cruise was suppose t be fairh sleepy, with a fair number l porl isits to such places as Diego Garcia, cruising n the Red Sea, nips to fapan, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and the Philip- pines - but i( didn ' t happen that wax. On 02 August 1990 Iraq invaded Kuwait and Operation Desert Shield was boi n. USS FLINT, as a member of battle Group Delta, was in the closest position to respond to this aggression and did so in a superb manner. The quickness displayed bv Battle Group Delta net- tint; on station is credited, in a large part, with causing Saddam Hussein with stopping at the border oi Kuwait ,ind not continuing his military incursion into Saudi Arabia. Ovei the 112 days that FLINT ope rat i ' d on station in the North Arabian Sea and dull oi Oman, the officers and crew would eon due t eighteen air he. id operations .it Masirah and Seeb; llv in excess of 670 hours; move over 3,700 passen- gers; and 3,000 tons of ammunition, cargo and mail. For their superior logistic performance FLINT was named by Commander Carrier Group One as battle (.roup Dalta ' s nominee lor tin- coveted COM- MANDER SEVENTH FLEET LOGISTIC EXCELLENCE AWARD lot 1990. In spite the Ion- hours and many challenges, it was a cruise where a lot of fun was had: ocean swimming, flight deck picnics, lip synch and talent contests, the dinner-dance and of course we must not forget the great basketball championship play-offs! The port visits did Finally come at the end oi tin- cruise and the days spent in Muscat. Penang, Hong Kong. Subic, (.nam and Hawaii were well deserved and enjoyed. The Indian Ocean cruises that bad been the norm oi the 19S0 ' s and looked to be chin- out. have again burst forth to the headlines of the news. The saga continues PART I OF II LEAVING HOME... GEORGE I . SKIRM III COMMANDING OFFICER CAPTAIN ' S CORNER ( mandci George L. Skirm III ».is born in Washington D.C. I In son " I .1 n.iw commander, he enlisted in the Naval Reserve in M.i 1966, while Mill in high school, received .111 appointment in the I S Naval Academ limn the Secretary oi the Na y, .mil was commissioned an Ensign in the regulai Navy 111 1971. In Septembei 1971, Commandei sknin u.is assigned in the USS NEOSHO (AO-143). making three deployments to the Mediterranean .is I )l A Liquid iargo IfTicer. Transfei nil in the USS DAHLGREN (DLG-12) 111 Decembei 1974, he served as CIC Officer, deploying both to the Mediterranean and to South Amei i( .1 mi a INI IAS 1 ruise. Commander Skirm attended the Department Head course in Newporl and upon graduation in Novembei 1976, was assigned as Weapons Office, to the USS FRANCIS HAMMOND (FF-1067). homeported in V ' okosuka, (apan In |une 1978, Commander ski eported 1.. the USS WABASH (AOR-1 ) as Operations ( ffi- cer, deploying to both the Western Pai ilii and the Indian Ocean. I I completion of this assignmenl in I ' bei 1979, he was attached in the staff ol Commander Service Group ONE .is the Asmsi. mi Si. ill Operations and Plans Officer. Mr then served 1 sequential si. ill nun with Commandei ( ruisei Destroyer Group MM .is ( It; NTDS Officer, reporting in Man h 1982, and mak- ing two deployments in the Westei 11 Pai ifii . ( mandei skim, reported to the USS WICHITA (AOR-1) 111 Februan 1984 .is Executive Officer. Upon completion ol this assignmenl in Mav 1986, Ik- was selei nil in serve with the Naval Mil 1K11 a Personnel Command .is the Assistant, Surface Comman- dei Assignmenl ffi er. Commandei Skirm ' s decorations include the Meritorious Ser- vice Medal, Naval Commendation Medal (three awards), and othei Unit Service and ( Campaign Medals. Commandei Skirm is married to the formei ■ Lorraine King of Victoria, I .is. ( lommander Skirm assumed command ol USS FLINT in ( 1. tobei 1 ' ISS A rare photo of the CO relaxing. " f i « 233 3 DIDO [ " hat ' s twi 1 1 .iscs ( l s id.i .mil i( c ( ream. |( )!l ( kl ' l I IK EXEC! I l I )l 1 •]( IK XO ' S CORNER Commander [ohn Carpenter enlisted in the Nav) in March 1968. After com- pleting basic training, he received per- mission to attend college and was trans- ferred to the inactive Naval Reserve. He completed loin years of study .it Villano- a University and was commissioned an Ensign USNR upon graduating in 1972. Ills first assignment was as Main Propul- sion Assistant on USS FRANCIS HAM- MOND (DE 1067) from August 1972 through June 1975. His next assignment was as Main Engines Officer on the USS CORAL SEA, he was selected to attend the Department Head course at New- port, R.I. Upon completion l Depart- ment I lead School lie was assigned as Chiel Engineer of USS KNOX (FF 1052) homeported in Yokoska, japan from August 1978 through October 1980. His next assignment was as Operations Offi- cer on USS MAUNA KEA (AE 22) from November 1980 through June 1982. Commander Carpenter was next assigned as an instructor at the Depart- ment Head School at SWOSCOLCOM Newport, R.I. from August 1982 through " XOand CHENG take a break " May 1985. His next assignment was as Assistant Engi- neer Officer on USS SAJPAN (LHA 2) from Ma 1985 through January 1987. Alter completing his tour on the SAIPAN, Commander Carpenter was assigned to COMNAVSURFLANT Staff in Norfolk, VA from March 1987 through June 1989 where he held the billets of 3M Officer, Hull, Mechanical, and Electrical Officer, and IMA Coordinator. Commander Carpenter is married to the former Susan Morrical from Portland, Indiana. They have two children. Jennifer and Eric. 1 1 1 ( Ballard tells the XO about the latest libert) incident in lusc ai m l ing foui sailor; mil .i i .iiikI " COMMAND MASTER CHIEF HTCM LEONARD P. BALIARD D E C K D E P A R T M E N T LT DONALD HUNDLEY FIRST LIEUTENANT IT DALE MILLER AMMUNITION ' S OFFICER . w w m RASE DIVISION LTJG NANCY PAULSEN O FIRST DIVISION LTJG DAVID WRAY . SHIP ' S BOATSWAIN CW02 LACYWAI I si ( ( ) 1) |)| |s|( i LTJG II T)( L ' DAI. FIRST DIVISION 111 !■« -l-» S»j. f ■ ' BMC Bates, BM1 Johnson, BM2 Herman, BM2 Hendley, BM3 Frazer, BM3 Hart, BM3 Jones, BM3 Resendes, BM3 Saurez, SN Harrison, SN Kushpinsky, SN Boffa, SN Germany, SN O ' Conner, SN Morrison, SA Shifflett, SA Slifer, SA Santos, SA Mead. SA Cuevas, SA Ma klin, SN Meckley, SA Fermer, SA Dockter, SA Conche, SA Biles, SA [rwin. lii si Division has about 30 personnel, I he) are responsible lot the preservation and maintenance oi the weather decks forward ol frame 100. According to one Boatswain ' s Mate - " We ' re UNREP, WATCH STANDING, DICK SWEEPING, BULKHED PAIN! ING, EYE SPLICING, ROPE TYPING, BOA! HANDLING, ANCHOR DROPPING, 1 INE SLUSHING, AND ANYTHING ELSE I HAT COMES UP EXPERTS! " " Pull Cuevas!! Pu " p., ii " " Wow! Did You See Thai ' ! " |c m the Nav and Climb High Plai es ' " ( )k ( .ll s ... Slllllt ' If you kiss me I ' ll Kill You! " Al ' ' " Look Mom ... Here ' s My Picture! 1 . |JT " The Focsl " You Got M I " I lang Five Man!!! " j - ' Look at our Talent Contest Ax t " ' I Painted 1 Ins " " SN Meckle) is thinking about Penang .u a cold Budweiser. " BM3 Benzel Needs More Iron ' I J ffi K I ff " •, " Sorrv Sir ... Tliis Soda ' s Mine! " l - v : } AA o h i « " If I could msU.KTOlT! 1 Ins is an understatement ' ' UNREPS are Great ' I ! U ' - FUU-4-U , ' LTJGWRAY jusl spotted a Merchant " " This shoi broke the camera " I ' K.I I Rl I ' KRFKCTM SI I " Navy Recruiting Poster ' " SN Meckley ... You met the special treatment! 1 " ( )K ... who i ut one .Hid 1( icsti 1 w.ml l s.i BM3 Eudy ... Go Make Your Rack! " SN Bilag was just informed how he could have alread) won 1(1 million dollars " " We ' re the ' ' tt$ are we " B )SN 1 n.ml those Sodas ovei there SECOND DIVISION BMC Drake, SA Reese, SR Lopez, SA Lai, BM3 Catron. BM3 Torres, SA Hurley, BM1 May. SA Davis SN Mitchell, SA Jacobs, BMSN Butterfield, SA Medina, SR Thomas, SR Cassidy, SR Academia, SA Crouch. BM3 McGee, SA Esparza, SN Ceynar, BM2 Hinton, SA Sherman, SA Bragulia, SA Stateczny, BM3 Camp. BM2 Payne, BMC Soto Second Division consist of 26 personnel. They are responsible for the preservation and maintenance ol the weath- erdet ks alter frame 100. They also are responsible for 8 interior passageways, the fantail and the after Boatswain ' s Lo( kn During flight quarters - Second Division supplements flight deck personnel. One of the smallest divisions in Deck - Sec- ond Division epitomize the saying " DOING MORE WITH LESS! " is (I.-io| Clockwise) SN Crouch takes a bath. SN ll.ii i lakes .1 break. BM3 Camp jusl stalled the boat. BM1 Byrd is a Slinn Shellback, R i Team rwo aw. uis anothei UNREP THIRD DIVISION fry ■■ jfriFkti$ qffrpV- 4 ' f; :x fM (1st Row) GMGSN Ron, GMG3 Stovall, GMG3 Ortiz. GMG3 Johnson, GMGSN McWilliams, SN Strong, SN Jensen, GMGSN Utsler, GMG3 Nelson (2nd Row) GMGSA Sacre, SN Linsenbach, GMG2 Brown, GMG2 McKenzie, SN Washington, SN Deny, [• 13 Sarrillion, FC3 Everly, GMG2 Mazzocco, GMG1 Washburn, GMC Potter (3rd Row) FC2 Lloyd, GMG3 Donaldson, FC3 Ken- nington, SN Booth. FC3 Sullivan, SN Sanders, GMG3 Jones, GMGSA Conkin, GMG1 Drappeaux Third Division is responsible for operating and maintaining all weapons systems on board. They also onload and stow ammu- nition. Being in 3rd Division on an ammunition ship is very demanding. Nobody docs it better than FLINT ' S 3rd Division. V ii si GUNS SAY... GO AHEAD mark mvd.u 20 ' I " THE FLEET ' S BEST FIRE ( :ONTROLMEN " " WORK, FUN, PLAY- WE ' RE G( )( )D! ' " Yeh - I ' ll move ii ... how much moiu ' N do von have? ' " I ' ll sec your bet and raise you i i don ' t know what I ' m doing!!! " i way Suppo - I ' m not moving those sodas again. " Kuwait or Busi " " Just show me where Saddam is V, 1 I don ' t know ( ' RASE DIVISION - HB Hi ■ " ■ r " »T ' ■ ' (1st Row) FN Whitehead, BM2 Morrell, BM3 Nimmer, MM ' . 1 Mendoza, SN Felarca, EM2 Quiogue, BMSN Collins, SX Rosenstein, EM2 Llavore, BM2 Greigo, FN Robertson. (2nd Row) BM3 D ' Angelo, MM2 Crumrine, BM3 Jackson, EMS Barthule, MM3 Dunca, EM3 Reyes, BM2 Puckett, MM2 White, BM2Judson, MM1 Solomon, BM1 Jordan, BM1 Cedil- lo, MMC Baybayan, EMC Martins, BMC Lee Replenishment at Sea Equipmenl Division is the hack hone of a replenish- ment ship. They maintain and operate all of the ship ' s winches, elevators, and replenishment equip- ment. The division has per- sonnel from three different rates - Boatswain Mates. Machinest Mates, and Elec- trician Mates. ' ' ■■- Qjfa Q «.i ■ TF flf H m " 3 m- ft B »fc,. 5 IE •CJR HB jar- Top Lt-Clockwise) USS BREWTON awaits an UN REP. USS GOLDSBOR- OUGH wants some gas USS ANTEITEM gets a special delivery. The carrier INDE- PENDENCE is making her approach. USS JOUETTE is ready for action. jg?v " BM2 Puckett just dropped a big l a wk?-t " Another s.it- isfied t us- tomer " " MM2 White gives BM2 [udson the proper hearing protection " " EM2 Bartule l uks .u the camera ' liii f- i u N R E P S ?»- i! »»2a£v - iv « s S ' fiv -lit V» - 31 ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT CHIEF ENGINEER LCDR ROLANDO S. PEREZ (2 MAIN PROPULSION ASSISTANT ENS GAIL CANLANDRINO s s » » « Uj i ELECTRICAL DIVISION ENS PAUL SCHLISE [ tUSHJ DAMAGE COM R( )l ASSISTANT LTJG WILLIAM I PI I l N l !I l.VRN ' DIVISION ENS K ) l VS 1 s|( ) BOILERS DIVISION B-DIYISION BOILER DIVISION, THE PROVIDERS OF THE SHIPS LIFE BLOOD. " STEAM " EBOl BOILER OPERATION MAINTENANCE FBI 3 ABC GAGE CALIBRATION ' LAB FBI 4 BOILER CHEMISTRY LAB " IT ' S HOTTER THAN 100 HELLS DOWN HERE!! " " BECAUSE!!!!!! " fc t : i$ n M Front: (L-R) FA Morton, P. I I Lontoo Middle: (L-R) ENS Calandrino, BT3 Maguire, FA Richards, BTFA Eiielbero, BTFN Tavao, BTFA Dizon, BTC Azevedo BACK: (L-R) BT3 Ovar, BT2 Sullivan, BT3 Haynes, BTFN Bueltemann, BT1 Genovez I From: (L-R) BT3 Young, BT1 Graf, BTC Azevedo Back: (L-R) BT1 Dodd. BTM Cia . BT2Coppock, BT2 Kindred ' CHENG ... We ' i e getting fuel ... We jusi don ' t know where it ' s going!!! ■ .«■ rc; - Boiler Technician BT3 McGuire cools oil alter .1 dip " " I lev Man! I his is BROKE! " 16 " lU. ' i Moore is mini; to dl ess and find Ins shoes .it the s.niie time ... " •ENGINEERS MAKE (iOOl) VVOCiS " L ' I ' Did you say casualty? ' I in going (o sleep .. MACHINERY DIVISION M-DIYISION MAIN PROPULSION DIVISION, THE PROVIDERS OF SHIPS ELECTRICITY, WATER, STEAM FOR SERVICES, AND MOST IMPORTANT THE PRIME MOVER FOR THE SHIPS SCREW. " IT ' S HOTTER THAN TEN HELLS DOWN HERE! " " WHY!!!!! " 38 Front: (L-R): MM3 Black, C.J., FR Belcher KM., FA Santos L„ MMFA Gutierrez V. Middle: (L-R) FAAlvarado M, MM3 Taylor R.K., MM2 Schmalzer, W.J., IV. MMl(SW) Holland L.J., MM2 Baul J.G., MMCS(SW) Simpson DA. Back: (L-R) FA Roberts J.C., FA Scott K.A., MM3 Simmons C.B., MM1 Crowe C.S., MM3 Calvert R.A., MM3 Roed D.D., MM3 Byrom ML. f y V Front: (L-R) MMI Nahinurk K.D., FA Martinez J. C, ENS Calandrino (.. MM2(SW) Rhine G.A., MM3 Altenburo K.L, MM2 Felten M.E. II 0% Machinist ' s Mate (MM) ' ME IX THE CRUISE BOOK? " it ' ll probably leak again ... what do you think? ' WHY!!! ' WHY NO ' ] lu " Ill MOM! I goi .1 new pet! " " (.ROl P SHOI ELECTRICAL DIVISION " E-DiYISION " DISTRIBUTOR ' S OF IK. HI AND POWER AND INTERIOR COMMMUNI- CATION ' S EE01 - MAJNTAINANCE OF ALL SHIP ' S ELECTRICAL POWER DISTRIBL- TION EE02 - MAJNTAINANCE OF ALL SHIP ' S INFERIOR COMMUNICATIONS SYSTEM ' S EE03 - ELECTRICAL TOOL ISSUE. SHIP ' S ELECTRICAL SAFETY Til Front: (L-R) EMS Seangmany, EM2(SW) Felipe, FN Roache, FN Dorstad, EM3 Secco, IC2 Rippet Middle: (L-R) FA Simmons, EMFN Ochs, ICl(SW) Hem- bree, EMl(SW) Rodriquez. EM2(SW) Cullen, EMFN Bmlingame, ICC(SW) Cadenhead HACK: (L-R) IC3 Averhart, FN Chosey, EM3 Swenson, EM3 Dalby, IC3 Gallion, FN McDonald Interior Communications Electrician (IC) Electrician ' s Mate (EM) " A Beautiful sunset " iiiiiiii _S- i ■■ — ft •Km ' FAIL ' Cullen wondei s il they ' ll lose pi wei " IC2 Rippet hits a few goli halls ' 13 AUXILIARY DIVISION (1st Row) MM3 Jacobs, MM2 Duran (2nd Row) MM3 Bongolan, MMFN Dean. MMFA Nguyen, MM3 Dacumos, EN3 Kinsman (3rd Row) ENC Basa, MM2 Halstrom, MM3 Hendrickson, ENFN Musgrave, MM3 Vinson, FN Foskey Auxiliary Division is responsible for the upkeep of various equipment - from the ship ' s Diesels to ever) hot water heatei on hoard. The division includes Enginemen and Machinist ' s Mates. A-Gang is on call 24 horns a day. 0cM Machinist ' s Mate (MM) Engineman (EN) ' MM I An alas and MM3 Dacumos pose loi die camei a. " REPAIR DIVISION »» r »v A- rn -fc (lsl Row) DC2 Carlson, DCS Teramino, DCFA Hendrixson, MR1 Abobo, HT2 Vader (2nd Row) DCCS Miniis, DC] Finch, DCFA Gutierrez, DC3 Cardona, FN Antonian, FN Fen, no. II Fl Cunic, LTJG Pelton (3rd Row) DC3 Jones, DCFN Harrison, FN Booker, FN White, DC2 Marsch, FN Holbrook Machinery Repairman (MR) Hull Maintenance Technician (HT) 1 1 I ' _ ' Vadei loves lici work " 15 o p E R A T I O N S ( J D E P A R T M E N T OPERATIONS OFFICER IT JENNIFERS. REED CIC OFFICER LT ANTHONYS. VERALDI 1 COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER LTJGJOHN RIAL INTELLIGEN 1 OFFN ER LTJG JAMES K. OWENS ELECTR ) l S | I I ENANCE »FI K ER ETCSI INDA | WK1 OPERATIONS SPECIALIST As the " EYES and EARS " of the ship, Combat Information Center (CIO is responsible for gathering, pro- cessing, displaying, evaluating, and disseminating tactical data. Utilizing radar, tracking equipment, radio circuits, and the Navy Tactical Communications System, the Operations Specialist (OS) provide the information needed to help the USS FLINT provide logistical support to the battle group. The OS ' s also conduct radar navigation, search and rescue (SAR) missions, tactical maneuvering, signal encoding and decoding, aircraft direction controlling. Allied Maritime Interdiction Operations. Logistic Heli- copter Coordination, and various special operations. Operations Specialist (OS) ' LTVERALDI (CIC OFFICER) STRUTS HIS STUFF ' IS (1st row) OSSN Crane, RMSN Winston, OS2 Harris, RM2 Perkins, OS] Har- ris (2nd Row) OSSN Braggs, OSSN Kramer, OS2 Ervin, OS] Pierson, OSSN Bvrd 1st Row) OS2 Bury, OSSN Winnick (2nd Row) OS2 Logan, OSSN [ohnson, OSSN Atkins. OS3 ( lohen " )S| Pierson ts lin.ilh uoikm:. 1 " Signalman (SM) THE SIGNALMAN RATING All the planning, organization, and training that go into the makeup of a signal gang are designed for one purpose — to pci In I the Signalman ' s ability to transmit and receive messages vital to the operation of the ship. The Signalman mans the visual communication link wit h semaphore Hags, flaghoists, and searchlights. (1st Row) SMSA Moore, SM2 Walker, SMSA Burch, SN Sanchez, SMC Drew (2nd Row) SM 1 Wehling, SM2 Powell, SM3 Mavlc. SN Quails : •• : •■■ ' 1 " If this gU) lakes (),lt " " " ' picture " SM3 Mayle likes colle ting rags ' " OK Gooch I ' ll take youi duty " " ( lees ... There ' s .1 lol l good looking guys ovei there k . i i •i " It ' s a boring la ... mi wat h " Thai ' s ... 5 ' 8 " , 34-26-28 " OK, I copied ... 3(1. 000 gallons premium. " " I wasn ' t sleeping honest! " ( c Plllll I )l ,1( lll.l ... en oiii hem i ut ' " SM2 Powell just got slimed " J ' I lave sponge ... will u ave!! THE XT ' uso ? r$ y ooJ ! ?l E.T. GANG!!! (L-R) ET3 Brunner, ET2 Walls. ET2 Parlett, ET3 Piazza, ET3 Garza, ET3 Carter, ETCSJanke .1 m f 1 " II I was on the c.isi oast, I ' d .11 leasi gel a HIENEKEN! " Electronics Technician (ET) ' What ... me worry?!! " " OK, who brought the radioman?!! " ' OH TOM, You are my he " What do you mem I in not cool? " 56 1 ' Come on guvs ... Let me back into the shop ' ! ' ' Look ... I lold you I was awake " " You want it fixed l when? uu lei me gel this right, you wani me to (In something ailed work? " ' Nevei thought I ' d be a janitor ' t guys I hate to tell you i h is. bui c .11 e on Wesl Pat . ' ■ HI " Darn, I thought [ had all the am- RADIO CENTRAL Radioman (RM) (Isl Row) RMC Rose, RM: ' . Heath, RM3 Osborn, RMSN Jorgensen, RMSR Roache (2nd Row) SN Brown, RMSN Crawford, SN Moore, RM1 Whitmore, RM1 Cumberledge, RMSR Lebowitz " Don ' i take m picture and pui h in the cruise book!! " We kill ELECTRONIC WARFARE v . ' -•••!■ m w ly J»- J v.v m k d UF- " " •- ill « EW2 Rt-dliT, EWSN Andal, EW3 Vine 1) £ Electronic Warfare Technician (EW) EW2 DREW 1 W3 And.il dunks about liberts ' s u p p L Y D E P A R T M E N T SUPPLY OFFICER LT JAMES S. COX D I S B U R S I N G O F F I C E R LT ERIC BLANEK S-l DIVISION ( 1st Row) SKL ' Filipinas, SN Galvan, SK3 Craig, SKI Abalos, SKC Nevel (2nd Row) SK3 Melvin, SK3 Hinton, SKJ M Spadden, SKSN Watson The Ship ' s Storekeepers are responsible foi the storage and distribution of FLINT ' S supplies and repair parts. As tin- backbone oi our command ' s involve- ment in ( )peration Desert Shield, the SK ' s days writ- often long and tedious. ski Filipinas Waits 1 ,ibei t ( -.ill (Left) " He Guvs! I lost m II) ' SKC Nevel Gets Soaked after earning his Enlist- ed Surface Warfare Specialist (ESWS) Pin. fl WAS " Is that a jell) iish down there? " S-2 DIVISION Mess Management Specialist (MS) (1st Row) MS( Wnuk, MS3 Fettkether. MS2 Gaudy, MSI Balancio MS3 VanRassen, MSSN Brown (2nd Row) MS3 Bills, MS3 Canos, MSSN Morgan, MSSN Haime, MSSN Faysinger, MSSN Kimball, MSI Tripp, MSCVillegas Everyday the Mess Specialist are tasked with ensuring the crew of the FLINT is provided with three meals a day, plus mid-rations for late night watch standers. The MS ' s routinely give new meaning to the word " Cuisine. " These Mess Cooks know how to have fun! S-3 DIVISION fr V$v fV (1st Row) SH l J Fredeluces, SH3 Bergonia, SHI Mutia, SN Ward. SHSN Raynal (2nd Row) SH3 Vin- son, SHSN Craig, SH3 Calhoun, SH3 Kind, LT Blanek X Ship ' s Service- man (SH) The mosl diversified oi Supply ' s Divisions. Tin- Ship ' s Servicemen realm of responsibility is var- ied. They man the ship ' s store, barber shop, laundry and in to keep the candy and soda machines well slix kt(l. SH3 Bergonia drawing n .1 shin " 69 S-4 DIVISION (l.-R) DK2 Baker, OKI Mayo, S Littles, SN Ramirez, SN Ortega, LT Blanek As the ship s Disbui sing ( Ink ' s (DK).The DKs (•USUI c lll.lt FLINT ' S i lew is paid twice a month. I lu- 1 )K assisl in |)K k css- ing allotments, u avel l.iims. and mam othei pay L i elated sen i es. 70 q 3 Disbursing Clerk (DK) " HKI Mayo .nut a new hat " si ( KER! ' ' I lost your leave .u d earning statemenl 1 1 ES) " N A V I G A T I O N SHIP ' S NAVIGATOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICER IT AL BOWLES A D M I N I S T R A T I O N NAVIGATION TEAM fv Quartermaster (QM) (L-R) QMSN Amos. QM3 Griffes, SN Bowen, SN Boyd, QM3 ( Irossley, QMC Eliap »r. bulk (Righn " QMC where ' s Kuwait? TftfinsHiflG THE nfflRCCB StfiRiGHfS £5 HOUR KifiYltR4iONfl) DEifli • ft. ji (Left) " I don ' t know this guv... " ADMINISTRATION The personnel l ADMIN consisl ol Yeomen, Personnelmen, Postal (ilnks. Religious Program Spe tialists. Hospital Corpsmen, and the Command ' s Master-At-Arms and Navy Carriei Counselor. Each position is an important link in the ship ' s operation. YN ' s and PN ' s assist the crev with theii serace records. The PC ' s make sine our mail is delivered. The RP ' s assisi the Chaplain with religious cere- monies and the ship ' s corpsmen assist with crew injuries. ADMIX is a diversified pan ol the FLINT team. (L-R) MACS Bautista. PN3 Baul, YNSN Johnson, PNSN Meinhardt, YNC Woods, PN3 David, RPSN Alcorta, PN1 Garrella, SN Lee, MM Lagmay, YNSA Sanchez, PC2 Alexander, YN2 Starks, HM2 Montgomery, MM Coleman, YNSA Robinson, PC2 Starks. SN Russin, NCC Scott. • ' I broke it again!!!!!!! (Right i If I take a break No one will ( au h me . " " I type name ... opps ... I mean ... SSN ... No ... Date ... I give up! 11 " Personnelman (PN) " This Computer don ' t work ... " Postal Clerk (PC) Y Yeoman (YN) " CHAP CAM gels i aught " ! - f W— ■■ Master-at-Arms (MA) ADMIN IV Bal -t I m " If I get this done I ( an take a break I hi HINT ( iommand Religious Program ' s main mis- is in provide l ir religious ministries i " meet (he needs and uphold ihe rights of its personnel, rhc Com- mand Chaplain oversees the RP and insures thai the crew is given the righl to exercise the freedom ol reli gion thai oui Constitution guarantees. Chaplain S.ml is the firsl chaplain permanently assigned to the USS 1 1 IN I. He rc| ed aboard in Decembei .»l 1989 lhs 1. 1] ih group ■- s, .in he i n Baptist, and he is currenth mix ing a i In 1 1 month toui aboard, flu Chaplain is assisted In an RP (Religious Program Specialist) He assisis the command .mil the Chaplain in the administration ami personnel supporl ol the program RPSN Alcorta is the commands RP. In maintains the ship ' s library, maintains the RP in, mis. supplies, and supports .ill visiting ( chaplain ' s .mil 1 1- lime nis a tivities. rhe ( ommand Religious Program has La; Readers to .issisi the Chaplain in facilitating foi faith groups othei ih. in Ins.ivMi rhe Catholic La; Eucharisti Ministei is KM 1 Cedillo, the Protestanl La Readei is GMG3 Nel- son, .mil the Manasseh Assembh La Readei is BM2 Camp. rhe I Chaplain is i he spii iiu.il .mil moral advisoi i " the ( Commanding ' ffi ei and to the crew. During this 1 1 uise the l RP has provided " Video Bible Studies " mi the life nl Christ, mh ship services, devotions, .mil has started the first FLINT Gospel Choir. The Command Religious Pro- gram provides .i mi.iI portion nl a will rounded training program, physical, mental, and spiritual training that is offereda ml the USS FLINT. Command Religious Program Catholic Lav Reader Sen-ice L y Divine Worship RPSN Alcorta selling up ii sen h es E X P L O S I V E O R D I N A N C E EOD OFFICER IN CHARGE LT BRETT DAVIS E( )l) Mobile I nit ' J Detachment 15 is stationed ui oi Mare Island, CA. lhe are a familial sight on the ship ' s weathei decks in theii UDT shorts, green T-shirts and jungle boots. 1 hen primary job is to support the kittle group 1 rendering sale, dis- posing, 01 providing spec ial handling guidelines fot any unexploded or damage ord- ii.uk e. The 1)1- I (onsist ol LT Brett " SNAKE " Davis, GMC Thomas " SUGAR " Lee, I I I Andrew " FLIPPER " Hill, .uu BMSNJohn " COUNTRY " Steward D I S P o s A L (L-r) BMSN Steward, ET1 Hill, CMC Lee, LT Davis (Right) CMC Lee likes WOG day ' We ' re outa here. " ' COUNTRY gel down in the boat f D E P A R T " J ki ; A AIR BOSS LCDR DAVID DARNELL MAINTENANCE OFFICER CW04JOE L. BARTLETT gp -J i IONS OTT1 TRAINING OFFICER LT CHARLES DENNY ADMINISTRATION LT ERIC ALLSION WM i i ' ■ MATERIAL CONTROL OFFICER LTJGNIELSA. FARMER ASSISTANT OPERATK )NS I I LISAA. WILLIAMS NATOPS OFFICER LTJG NANCY E. HEATH IK. 11 DKT 11 Helicoptei Combat Support Squadron 11. Detachment 11, is stationed at NAS North Island, CA Det 11 has been assigned to the USS FLINT since April 1990. The primary mission of the DET is to provide vertical replen- ishment, personnel transfer, and search and rescue capabilities for the Battle Group. They spend most of their lime maintaining two H-46 lulit opters - when they ' re not flying of course. k I.TJG Heath dropped the mail again! ols!!! " IN FOR THE PICK (Top) " Ahh ... It ' ll work " (Top Middle) " It ' ll ll ... believe me " (Right) " Let ' s go see that ship ovei there - COWBOY! ' Chiel ... all ih.ii Mull ' ' ! leti behind. " ' II you iliiuk I ' m working cxlra hours i H46 AT WORK MAIL CALL! ! ! ■n SN Lee likes the attention SN Lee just threw away PC2 Slinks mail — " ■ " •?+ Mail being sorted Another big day! " Is there a letter in that stack For me ...? " POS+ q ggttl: XlvJL sw CALL Several times during the 1990 Deploymenl Flint ' s ( icw vvei e s;i en the oppoi tiinitv to take a dip in the k ean. Donning C02 Inflatable life ja kets ,iik1 just a little c ourage, crew members took a swim in the warm watei s of the l ' a( ifi and latei the Indi- an cans. [ Right i " Everyone wants one (Left) The Motoi Whale Boat hunts tin „ sharks (Above great ... nil. the sea. the water looks • ' . ' ?- f r . % r aiL!i N i $ CROSSING ... ... THE LINE ... .V ' «. : — - ft ii THE WORLD OF NEPTUNE ... ... AND MIS SLIMY WOGS fe mi ■ i I F M k i 4, 1 .fl " " r IiiiilllVV A H UK i ' 1 [ ' V i i L. iA» - fcm » " " " l L. B PB 1 li u mp?- ' if ' 1 i WOGDAY... ...A FUN DAY FOR ALL... LT DAVIS IS III! WAKE UP CHICKEN A VERY LONG DAY... Sted ' 99 Ma Air Head Operations m DESPITE THE BLAZING HEAT AND TORTU- OUS CONDITIONS THE XO MAKES IT ! HR( )l •( .H THE FIRST AIRHEAD. I ni III, WE ' RE BACK! i NETS AND FORKTRUCKS READY Flemish up those nets aft! THE AIR FORCE C-l 4 1 LANDS 103 STARTING TO UNLOAD THE PLANE I IK) HOVERING OVER A LOAD EOD si ll l M VRGHING FOR S( l I ( )| ' s IN MASIRAH hooki (;a load SGT MIKE r I WE KNIFE WILL fRAVEL.. MY NAME IS NOT " STEVE! MASIRAH FISHING TRIPS OFF GOES THE MAIL ... I HOPE THEY DON ' T DROP IT IN THE WATER 105 LIBERTY CALL... V. » M pre OMANI NATIONAL FLAG I SHIEKGALVAN " THE DUDE! " ... MUSCAT, OMAN!!! Jgdyy} ALBl ' SI PALACE KNOWN TO II IK FLINT AS IIII- AI. BUNDY HOTEL. " DOWNTOWN MUSCAT ANOTHERVIFWOFMl SCAT 107 THE ROTOXDAS IIll- ' .SHERATON HOTEL HE BEACH Sff JWj J •rl ... I- fh ANOTHER PALACE ; w » _ — •» BVTHF. MARINA 109 ' DON ' T LET THE SIGN FOOL YOU! " BEER DAY! After being on station for 45 consecutive days the NAVY authorizes two beers. During BEER DAYmanv personnel took the opportunity to down a FEW cold ones " I Kl 1 LYDON ' l WANTTOWAI1 FORTIUS ONE! ' " WAS IT GOOD TO THE LYSl DROP? " ' Brimr on the women! " " ( Ian vou spare a swig lot .1 frien I i 1 After 45 DAYS out to sea - " 3 IT WAS WORTH IT! ! Forgei the food .. pass the l i cu ... ' " Really MOM It ' s jusi a diet Coke! " ITTAKES REAL SAILORS TO WAH I " DAYS FOR A COLD ONE The RAMS and 49 ' ers you sa) ... " YEH RIGHT ... WHAT CHANNEL! " I 13 LIP SYNC CONTEST ' Let ' s go get them girls!! ' ! RIGUE rson, [enifcr Roa h. Kellv Little; " I ' m in li ve ... I ' m all shook up! ' SM3 Mayle took fust place and aroused the crowd with liis encore ... Tl IM) BEAR I 15 ?. ARE VOL ' FORGETTING SOMETHING? Make room the KIN • is oming through •STAR SEARCH 91 ... HERE WE COME! ' ' No! I ' m not GIADVS KXKiHI and these are not m PIPS! " FISHING TRIPS Out of the best ways to get awa) from ii all is to put a sign on your shop dooi saving " CLOSED - GONE FISHING. " Ever) Saturda) and Tuesday when the FLINT is anchored off Masirah during Air Head Operations, the fish- ing party departs in search of bigger fish. But. it ' s usually only the story that gets bigger. Like the one about the CO ' s boat losing a whole stringer of fish. Sure guvs! All of these trips were successful in their own way - they gave crew members time to enjoy the sunshine, read a good book, and hope the fish don ' t bother them! S Mormon can ' t wait to eat! " ' MM2 Crumrine shows off his new friend! " KITE FLYING DAY... " Where is it?! " (Lefl I llnnk it ' s (lead -- 0 ' i pa) an) attention to ii ... If II ome down soon enough! " HAPPY BIRTHDAY FLINT KIDS!! ' HAPPY B RT ' - (Right) " GMG1 gets in line! ' PLAYING BASKETBALL ■■:s._UW ; Playing Basket Ball is a favorite j .tst time for the FLINT crew. A tour- nament was arranged ... Dec k Depai i incut took 1st Place!!! " (Below) " II 1 could dunk ■ SN Ward takes a shot ' " I TTGSchlise shoots for 2 ... " HALLOWEEN ... AND HOME ... INPORT - PENANG MALAYSIA FLINT ' S port visit to Penang, Malaysia is one that will not soon be forgotten by the crew, Although originally scheduled for Singapore. FLINT arrived in Penang on November 10th 1990 after spending over three months at sea. From it ' s many colorful temples and resort Hotels, to it ' s sandy beaches, Penang offered a much needed escape for all. " It ' sa GUICC1 -foi real!! ' 1 25 ' The) don ' t t.ill me a party animal for nothing! " ' This is for the eruys ba k horn PENANG ' S GOLDEN SANDS HOTEL - PARTY!! " Jack ... What are you doing??? " ' Honestly, I don ' t even know lim! " MVIU ' DDV MYPAL!! CHECK THIS OUT 129 " Why can ' t I be more like them... " ' I ' m nl happ) when... ' WH K9n During Thanksgiving 1990 the FLINT anchored in Hong Kong harbor. The crew did a lot ol shop- ping and sight seeing and a spe lal Thanksgiving Dinner was prepared on tlu- ship. Dining this time tin- ship also gained a new Executive Officei - LCDR VICTORIA SMITH, and also a new Operations Officer - IT Roman Bowles. THE FAMOUS JUMBO FLOATING RESTAURANT HONG KONG SKYLINE THE DRAGON AND THE BIRD.. .WHAT E TR THAT MEANS l HklSI I VERY WHERE... K ' 3 ( i.illion takes .1 ride on a saipan SHOP TILL YOl DROP... A CI. FAR DAY f, rf ..iBfti SUBIC BAY, PHILIPPINES ACROSS THE BRIDGE TO WONDER LAND... MAGSAYSAY AVENUE " m, A m p -v i - • m Mil- I ' RICVCl.E Subic Bay, Philippines is one pkue to relax and enjo) the lo al FOLK DANCING. It was also a pla( e the) have a few SAN MIGUEL beers and celebrate a successful WESTPAC. ' FLINT women have a few... " " Hey...sailoi want to bu something? 135 - " AIR DET HANGOUT THE BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN... " SCENES- PEARL HARBOR HAWAII . .mo CM ' " «■ l ' v ,N »CTK ON MCIMW K Ak A 139 bi (.( : BINGO NITES PIZZA NIGHT 1 11 A PAUSE... BATTLE USS BREWTON (FF 1086) £ rsN(.oi lmoRnK.ii (Dix.L ' O) I ' SS RFASONF.R (FF 1063) GROUP " D " USSANTIETEM (CG 60) % r I ' SS INDEPENDENCE (CV 62) ESS lOl ' KTTE ((:(. ' _ " ») I II.-. STEEL BEACH PICNICS i A _ f 1 Mi i K iHH fllr I In- FLINT li.ul main STEEL BEACH PICNICS. E ci Sunda) the ( icw was all 1 1 cd in kii k ba k and relax, eat, and have Inn. i i: ? : ' I need nunc (ood ' II lllls W.| onl ,i ■f l-YI-RV ) 1 EATS. CANDIDS (Top-L) SN Ward show lt his new in-. ids (Above) Supply berthing before manning the rails (Above) FN An huleta m 1)( !3 Cardona pose loi a picture (Right) CHAP CAM at work (Above) YADM I niuh speaks to the c rew (Top-R) S Boyd can ' t heai a thing (Below) SHSN Ravnal with friends V ■5 W (Right) K )II() IM) the 1m 1 I v -j-vflc e If fir • 155 Home! Concord i " )() 20th California at last! BACK-TO-BACK IRAQPAC 1991 I ' SS FLINT (AE 32) 1991 DEPLOYMENT On l ( .i [anuan 1991, the captain spoke on the ship ' s announcing system the IMC. The ship was to get underway in three days for another deployment. Main people could not believe the would have to leave their families again alter returning from a six month deploy- ment the previous month. Last minute arrangements were made and in 71 ' hours the FLINT was back on its wa to the Persian Gulf. Fighting a war and supporting our troops in Operation Desert Storm meant different things for each crew member on the ship. Overall, the crew ' s performance was SUPERB and moral was HIGH. Alter our astounding victory in the Gl ' LF the FLINT was rewarded for it ' s contribution to the war effort. Port visits to PERTH. AUSTRALIA, and BALE INDONESIA were scheduled. The FLINT then went back to the PHILIPPINES. GUAM. HAWAII, and finallv...HOME. PART 1 1 COMMANDING OFFICER CDRALAN D.THOMSON W THE NEW COMMANDING OFFICER COMMANDER ALAN D. THOMSON UNITED STATES NAVY Commandei Alan Douglas Thomson was born in Pensacola, Floi ida on 7 June 1950. Aftei graduating from the 1 iiiuil States Naval A( ademy in 1972 with a Ba helor of Sc ience Degree in Oceanography, lie was initially assigned as ,i plebe sailing instructor. Upon completion of the summer detail, he was assigned to the USS ROBERT L. WILSON (DD-847) where he served as Electrical Officer and Damage Control Assistant until 1974. From August 1974 until [line 1976 Commander Thomson served as Electronic Warfare Officer and Combat Information Center Officer aboard USS LAWRENCE (DDG-4). In June H 7( . Commander Thomson was ordered to instructor dut) at Dan Net k. Virginia. In l.i 1978, Commander Thomson reported to Surface Warfare Officer School to attend the Department Head course, graduating with honors. He was subsequently assigned to the pre-commissioning crew of USS MCINERNEY (FFG-8) as commissioning Combat Systems Officer. In September 1982, Commander Thomson was ordered to USS MONONGAHELA (AO-178) as the Chief Engineer. Upon completion of his toui in August 1984, he attended the Aimed Forces Staff College in Norfold, Virginia, until February 1985. From April 1985 until Novembei 1986, Commander Thomson served as Exec uiive ( )fficer aboard USS ROANOKE (AOR-7). Prioi to selection as Prope tive Commanding Officer ol USS FLINT (AE 32) in Jan nan 1991, Com- mander Thomson served on the staff ol Chief ol Naval Education and Training, Pensacola, Florida as Branch I lead loi Surfat e ( lombat Systems Training. Commandei Thomson is decorated with the Navy Commendation Medal with Gold Star. He holds a MBA Degiee from the Universit) ol West Florida. Commander Thomson is married to former Judith Lynn Hall of Virginia Beach, Virginia, and has two sons. Aaron ,ux ( .i eg n . D and the CHENG relax at a Steel Beach Picnic m EXECUTIVE OFFICER LCDR VICTORIA M. SMITH JJIL CK DEPARTMENT FIRST LIEUTENANT IT DONALD HUNDLEY 3S FIRST DIVISION • •J. m V 4fek I ' ii ke7 $r % V fa (Kneeling) SN Bilag, SR Mason. SA Austermiller, SR Wilson. SA Celine, SN Macklin, SA R. Davis. BM2 Payne, BM3 (Standing) SR Manalang, SA Burnim, SR Resenblatt, SR Lewis, SA Thorns, SA Batty, SN Coin ha, SA Majitha, SN Santos, SN Do ktei . SA Duggan, SR McKinnon, SN Slilei. BM1 Herman, SATaulbee, SR l.uinpkm, SN Thompson, BM3 Eudy, SN Magubat, SR Acker, SN Morrison, SN [ones, BM2 Henley, SR Deroiser, SN Vasconez, SN Shifflet. SECOND DIVISION Isl Rum ' BM2 Surprenant, SR Slringham, SR Can SA Brewster, SA Linco SA Roha s 1 insenbee, BM3 ( ornelius. (2nd R..u i BM2 Randle, BM3 Hill, SA Sam h. . SA Esparza, SN 1 liomas, SN Velasquez. SN M. dina. SN assid SN Pinsky, SN Davis, SA Christopher, BM2 k itz (3rd row) BM1 May, SA Flores. SN Crouch. SN Stateozny. SA Bragulia, s Solis-Nunez, BM I M ge SA 1 ussiei 163 V THIRD DIVISION I GMCS DIAZ. LT MILLER. GMCS BURKE. CMC. BYRD .. it «t i 1 1st K.am (, K. ' _ ' Mazzaco, GMG2 M Kenzie, GMG3 Ortiz, SN McWilliams, SN Sanchez, GMG3 Stovall (2nd Row) SN L ' tslcr, (AK.I Washburn, SN Derry, GMG2 Brown, FC3 Sacre, GMG3 Johnson, GMGSN Landers (3rd Row) GMG3 Nelson, ( . K .s Donaldson, GMG2 DeGeorge, GMGSN Conkin, SN Booth (Not pictured - SN Jensen) FC3Everh I ( 2 Llody, F( 3 Sarrillion, FC3 Sullivan, SN Linsenbach, FC3 Keddington RASE DIVISION list Row) EN Whitehead, BM2 Morrell, BM3 Nimmer, MM2 Mendoza, SN Feiarca, FAIL ' Quiogue, BMSN Collins, SN Rosenstein, FAIL ' Llavore, BM2 Greigo, FN Robertson, (2nd row) BM3 D ' Angelo, MM 1 - ' Crumrine, BM3 fackson, EM3 Barthule, MM3 Dunca, EM3 Reyes, BM2 Puckett, MM2 White, BM2 [udson, MM! Solomon, BM1 Jordan, BM1 ( iedillo, MMC Baybayan, EMC Martins, BMC Fir o% .rai ttUMUJ -V ;r ff . 2 - v ifcifc 16- rUNr RING DEPARTMENT ENGINEERING OFFICER LCDR ROLANDO S. PEREZ AUXILIARY DIVISION o% T . r ' t a . - r • t ■ . 4 1i to ' (1st Row) FN Nguyen, MM3 Bongolan, MM3 Jacobs, MMI Aulas. FN Bailey, MM3 Dacumos, ENC Basa. (2nd Row) ENS Blanco, MM3 Hendrickson, MM2 Hallstrom, EN3 Kinsman, FN Musgrave, MM3 Vinson ELECTRICAL DIVISION r ■ r . k J n X vi ilsi Row) EM2 Cnllen. IC3 Averhart, EM3 Burlingame, IC3 (.allien (2nd EMCS Hernandez, [C2 Davis, FN Simmons, EM2 Felipe, EM3 Dalby, FN M aid (3rd Row) EM3 Roach, EM3 Swenson, EMFN Chosay, III Hembree, Schlise Ri w i Don- I l|(. 1(17 ILERS DIVISION J n i . i f - i - 5 ' . I 1 « I - • Jfc - (lsl row) BTFN Buelteman, BTFN Walker. BT1 Graff, | ' ,I I Lontoc, BT3 Dizon, BTC Azevedo (2nd row) BT3 Grav, l ' .l 1 Dodd, BT3 Dyar, BT2 Norris, BT2 Kindred V sl w Jfl -( BTFN Narmon, BT3 Moore, BT3 McGuire, BTFN Tayag, 1VI1 Genovez, LTJG Caladrino MACHINERY DIVISION r i i [si Row) MM3 Taylor, MMFN Sison, MM2 Haul. MMFN Martinez, (2nd Row) MM] Crowe, MM3 Black, MMFN Garcia, FN Blecher, MM2 [ronsield, LTJG ( lalandrino (1st Row) FN Alverado, FA Hobbs, MM2 O ' Niel (2nd Row) MM3 Simmons, MMFN Roberts, MM2 Felton, FN Scott, MMCS Simpson hi " INJLj l ' MR division I (1st Row) FN Antonian, FN Guiterrez, FN Holbrook, DC3 Cardona, DC2 Marsch (2nd Row) 1,1 Pelton, DC2 Carlson, DC2 Vader, FN Stinson, I II 1 Cunic, DCCS Mums. (3rd Row) FN Jones, FN Harrison, l)( ' .:i Barnett, FN White, FN Jacobs OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT OPERATIONS OFFICER LT. ROMAN BOWI.ES 171 xC RADIO CENTRAL an j RM ' _ Dannewitz, RMSN [orgensen, RM3 Winston. RM3 Cunningham, RM2 Osborn, RM1 Whit- more, SN Moore, RMSN Crawford, RM1 Rosenberry, RMC Rose, LT Rial. SIGNALMEN X Bowles, SMSA Burch, SMSA Moore, SN Strong, (2nd row) ' Walker, SM3 Gooch, SM2 Shelton, SMI Wheling OPERATIONS SPECIALIST Tg Bud, OS3 Winnick, OSSN Carino, OSSN Dowdy, OSSN Gibson, OSSN Crane, OS2 Harris. (2nd row) OSSN Campbell, OSSN Kramer, OS2 Cohen, OSSN Figone, OS2 Ervin, OSSN [ohnson, OSSN Brown, OSC Harris LTWra) C1C Officer ELECTRONICS ELECTRONIC WARFARE ET3 Brunner, F.T2 Walls, ET3 Parlett, ET3 Piazza, ET3 Garza, ET3 Carter, ETCS Janke EW2 Redler, EWSN Andal, I ' . Vi hi( h 173 SUPPLY DEPARTMENT SUPPLY OFFICER LT JAMES S. COX S-l DIVISION SKI Abalos, SKI Filipinas, SKSN Campos, SKSN Dukes. SK3 Bui bridge, SN Sanders S-2 DIVISION f } W- w iff w f 175 X S-3 DIVISION SHI Mima. SNSH Craig, SH3 Caulhoun, SHSX Rodriquez, SHSN Bergonia, SH2 Freddiluce, SHSN Ravnal, LT Blanek S-4 DIVISION DKI M.no. S. R.miiM , S I ink ' s. I)kS Home-. II Blanek NAVIGATION ADMIN DEPARTMENT NAVIGATOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICER IT JAMES K. OWENS 177 WIGATION (lsl Row) QM2 Chanterie, SN Brown, SN Bodv, QM3 Crosslev, SR Rosen- stien, (2nd row) QM1 Blevins, LTJG Owens, SN Brown, QMC Eliapo SHIP ' S OFFICE } i YN1 Starks, YNSA Johnson, SN Robinson, YNSN San. hez, YNC Woods PN1 Gan-lia, l ' N ' 3 David, PNSN Meinhardl MEDICAL T (I.-R) SN Morton. HM2 Montgomery, HM2 Becker. IIM1 Pckrell, HM2 Le) tern, UN Coleman, 1 IX Lagmay RELIGIOUS PROGRAM SPECIALIST ■ RPSN Jones, RPSN Alcorta, IT Saul 179 f WO JL AL CLERKS PCSN Lee, PC2 Alexander NCC Scott, MACS Baultista, HTCM Bailard 1MAND CAREER COUNSELOR ( X) M M AN D MASTER-AT-ARMS MMAND MASTER CHIEF E.O.D. AVIATION DEPARTMENT Til r. i l.NL O :OF IC R ' SSOF BALL GAM The Officers i m | i h Chiefs... ...fun was had In all... i W " XO, (h.iis nothin " Yeah-Right! ' is ' . T HE USS CAPE COD (AD 43) i Right I An unknown ( i ew member gets a ride. (Left) The CAPE COD Break- ing .iw.i ... 1 he USS ( lape ( d assisted the FLINT with .1 highline transfei fund ! .user. For .1 small I ee pei son nel were given a highline ride. It raised out " (•() doll. us foi the ship ' s Wel- I.11 r .uul Re( 1 eation Fund. DESERT STORM The FLINT arrived in t ht- Persian Gull read) and willing io contribute to the War. 1 he wai was over shortl) after our arrival - but there was Mill a lol to ! , Within one week the FLINT had transferred over 3000 tons ol munnitions and supplies. With two shon stops in febal All (UAE) the FLINT had link- time for re i cation. (Above) The FLINT transfers another load of ! imhs. JEBAL ALI (United Arab Emirates) T H E P E R S I A N , (Left) " FUN IN I HE SAND " -Jebal Ali G U L F (Left) The FLINT heads to another UNREP ( i ighi ) Another beautiful sunset. . " j BtKr ■■■ 9 ■ " ■ tB Br- - 1 (Left) " Second Division gets (li mil li w 11 k " WOG DAY ANOTHER DAY... ANOTHER DOLLAR. r PERTH AUSTRALIA Perth and Freemantle Australia are on the western coast of the country. The Crew enjoyed four tun filled days down under... .HAVE A BEER!!! (.OOD DAYMATK . ■• si Ru m Nf : iink, MSI („ui(h,SN-Bi 1.SSN Rftin|M(:s ' iWet;,is. (L ' nd F . MS ' . M P n. Msjt Ha l r Au o l KALiiA 1W1C ft P ' THE SEARCH FOR THE RIGHT BAR. . - 7 ' -ISS??? " Hey ...Meinhardt was an abused child... " i ..■II .tMil .Jfe-L MbmrsSm »tmmm ■!»■■■.«■■» — — g ' $ mm -FU IJ- GOLF!!! Anvone??? BALI - ISLAND PARADISE s II BOATS ANCHORED IN 1 1 II BAY LIBERTY BOAT ABOVE) " You...Wanta T-Shirt? ' ' ' ' - 1 ■ - Uk a ■fk iMH ▲I u I 3 ■■L ' mVkA 1 » F» ■ -»» j " Hey... lMhf l ' .un HERE? ' .. ' , I ■ 3 kl ' TABF.ACH ' ft 197 GUAM WELCOMES... ...THE FLINT... inks Ik km ivvs even thing! " PARTY AGAIN! RETURNING HOME... MORE TRAINING ( l.cli ) " Now you push this hut- ton...OK...you pull i his...I iliink it ' s hi okc ' " NEW ARRIVALS ' A • w I ■- £ !_ t. ENS TIMOTHY GREGORY TELLS HMI HERMAN... " THAT ' S No I RIGHT?:-! ENS DORONKA (I ARK I IKES SI ENDING I II 21 • I HOME!!! MAY8TH 1991 A HEROS WELCOME 11 ' 1 - - 4r E- — ' ;•-.-•■ " ain....u, I 203 NOTE FROM THE EDITOR This cruise book is probably the most difficult task ever assigned to me since my reporting aboard the USS FLINT. I hope that everyone that reads through its pages will come to know the large contribution of main ' people. I would like to personally thank my cruise book staff for donating their time and effort into making this production a success. This book is part of history - every time a crew member opens it, he or she will remember many days of work, hardships, UNREPS, mail calls, and memories of times past. We all shared in the FLINT family and it helped us to get through the bad times and the good times. As this book goes to the publishers, there may be some errors. I apologize if I have left anyone out-it was not my intent. I hope you enjoy the book as much as I have enjoyed putting it together. FAIR WINDS AND FOLLOWING SEAS, S c;? G ' - LT TED CUDAL, USNR mWALSWORTH Cruise Bock 5ales I Iffii • KKT " Vu . Nigro mabceline Missouri USA 10 53 Anaheim Drive LaMesa 91941 ■ . ■■ ■;---:■ ■ ' . =£ Ss -- ? I I I

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