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i 3 I! i 1 1 r 1 v 1 B 1 J, 1 1 S r E 1.159 - 9112 .V 1 I' - LYNX I Q , V , , L X f 3, E Q x l .Rv V .WX-,,M,g, ..,. 4 -,.,fv::Qya:sm,ms-nwwam-nwhmmw I I i 5 I ! . Q . 1 i ! E S I E . 1 Q i z 5 N i 5 ! . , . 5 i Q Q . Q Z 3 , i 1 , 5 . X . E I ' . 5 . Q K, E, V . 5 . 4 . 5 r- ' 1-. L . 3. ,. i, If fl 5,453 gq ill s 'Y f'A.A f f ,fff ' f X.:.1 X ,, - x X , Xxxx- 1 f ,U .X kv! JW I 'e 4551, -X KX- IX, 'rv X ,Ik lfaiffkifxyif is I gi SE fmAA G . L , , f , ,,,, Q Q 75 S X X , LL If V X X f - f 'f Q , , ' X Q X X 5 ' X 'X X ilEX9X?v,y X 2 Xi X ffl SWE, 1,5 'Wg Y WV Q ,1Fff"f ,V X 'V Q f ,f ' Xfw U ,Q f ff YW' W f f QW 0 f Z g ygqig ,yfx X f f f 5 xikZg5Q lf? X 4 Q X ,I X! Rig f i Xf 0 Q 2 5 ' X QQQQ X Y Q V QQ X VWNWWWWZ N wi Nggfxilf ,Msg S X X S 1' iw Q TE ' Q U- f, Y gym Swv' ZXZNMNWNZX N ZX Q N N 5 2 ff S N -S N A f X :X Y '. 'F Iii, X ox 'Z' f .JW , 'ff Q x 4 XX l1'4,fX ' SYMIVW lfffxfjfy fff M11 , f XWNZZXfQiXNW EX' Y V f ,f XV' A-Ui! A f 1 ff x XXVX T f K 'vV4X X ' ww W , f. X W f . 139,841 , XV, A aff M 1 1 ff,fw, f, Xmhfwf x. x f ggyfllkf V1 f , ffw If Wy dmiral Frank Jack Fletcher Frank Jack Fletcher was bom in Marshalltown, Iowa, on April 29, 1885. Appointed to the U.,S. Naval Academy from his native state in 1902, he was graduated from Annapolis on February 12, 1906 and commissioned an Ensign on February 13, 1908 following two years at sea. The early years of his career were spent on the battleships RHODE ISLAND, OHIO, and MAINE. He also spent time on USS EAGLE and USS FRANKLIN. In November 1909 he was assigned to USS CHAUNCEY, a unit of the Asiatic Torpedo Fiotilla. He assumed command of USS DALE in April 1910 and in March 1912 returned to CHAUNCEY as Commanding Officer. Transferred to USS FLOR- IDA in December 1912, he was aboard that battleship during the occupation of Vera Cruz, Mexico, in April 1914. For distinguished conduct in battle engage- ments in Vera Cruz he was awarded the Medal of Honor. He became Aide and Flag Lieutenant on the staff of the Commander in Chief, U. S. Atlantic Fleet in July 1914. After a year at this post, he returned to the Naval Academy for duty in the Executive Department. Upon the outbreak of World War I he served as Gunnery Officer of USS 'KEARSARGE until September 1917, after which he assumed command of USS MARGARET. He was assigned to USS ALLEN in February 1918 before taking command of USS BENHAM in May of 1918. For distinguished service as Com- manding Officer USS BENHAM, engaged in the important, exacting, and hazard- ous duty of patroling European waters and protecting vitally important convoys, he was awarded the Navy Cross. From October 1918 to February 1919 he assisted in fitting out USS CRANE at San Francisco. He then became Commanding Officer of USS GRIDLEY upon her commissioning. Retuming to Washington, he was head of the Detail Section, Enlisted Personnel Division in the Bureau of Navigation from April 1919 until September 1922. He returned to Asiatic Station, having consecutive command of the USS WHIPPLE, USS SACRAMENTO, USS RAINBOW, and Submarine Base, Cavite. He served at the Washington Navy Yard from March 1925 to August 1927, became Executive Officer of USS COLORADO, and completed the Senior Course at he 'Naval War College, Newport in .Iune 1930. He became Chief of Staff to the Commander in Chief, U. S. Atlantic Fleet in August 1931. In the summer of 1933 he was transferred to the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations. Following this assignment he had duty from November 1933 to May 1936 as Aide to the Secretrary of the Navy, the Honorable Claude A Swanson. He assumed command of USS NEW MEXICO, flagship of Battleship Division, THREE in June 1936. In December 1937 he became a member of the Naval Examining Board, and became Assistant Chief of the Bureau of Navigation in June 1938. Retuming to the Pacific between September 1939 and December 1941 he became Commander Cruiser Division THREE, Commander Cruiser Division SIX, Commander Cruisers, Scouting Force, and Commander Cruiser Division FOUR. He was in command of one of the two Task Forces participating in the Marshall-Gilbert Islands in February 1942 and was second in command during the Salamaua-Lae operations. On April 19, 1942 he was designated Commander Cruisers, Pacific Fleet. He was in command in May 1942 during the Battle of the Coral Sea. In June during the Battle of Midway, he was Senior Task Force Commander, his flag flying in USS YORKTOWN. It was in this battle that the Japanese suffered the first decisive defeat in three hundred and fifty years, restoring the balance of naval power in the Pacific. During the Guadacanal-Tulagi landings on August 7 and 8, 1942, he commanded two of the three Task Forces engaged as well as the American Task Forces in the ensuing battle of the Eastern Solomons. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal "for exceptionally meritorious service as Task Force Commander, United States Pacific F1eet..." during the battles in the Coral Sea and off Midway Island in .Iune 1942. In November 1942 he became Commandant, Thirteenth Naval District Seattle, Washington, and Commander Northwestern Sea Frontier. He was relieved as Commandant in October 1943, and later became'Commander, Alaskan Sea Frontier, with additional duty as Commander North Pacific Force and North Pacific Ocean Area. It was revealed in .luly 1945, that a Task Force under his overall command had made the first penetration through the Kurile Islands into the sea of Okhtosk on March 3 and 4, 1945, and the same task force on February 4, 1944 bombarded Paramushire in the first sea bombardment of the Kurile Islands. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal by the War Depart- ment for "...his professional ability and able leadership in the vast wartime expansion and organization of naval installations in the North Pacific Area...be- tween October 1943 and August 1945." In September 1945, following the cessation of hostilities in the Far East, he proceeded to Ominto, Japan, with the North Pacific Force for the emergency naval occupation of Northern Japan. He remained there until ordered to retum to the United States, and on December 17, 1945, reported for duty as a member of the General Board, Navy Department. On May 1, 1946, as senior Member of the Board he became Chairman, and continued to serve in that capacity until relieved of all active duty pending his retirement on May 1, 1947. In addition to the Medal of Honor, Navy Cross, Distinguished Service Medal, Army Distinguished Service Medal and the Purple Heart Medal, Admiral Fletcher was awarded the Mexican Service Medal, World War I Victory Medal, Destroyer Clasp, Yangtze Service Medal, American Defense Service Medal, Fleet Clasp, Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal, American Campaign Medal, World War II Victory Medal, and the Navy Occupation Service Medal, Asia Clasp. He also held the Sulu Mindanao Campaign Badge, presented bythe Philippine Govemment in 1924, the Order of an Officer of the Imperial Order of the Dragon of Annam, and the Order of the Bath with the grade of Companion, awarded by Great Britain CCanadaj. Admiral Frank Jack Fletcher died April 25, 1973. Uss FLETCHER mn-sezp USS FLETCHER CDD-992D is the thirtieth SPRUANCE Class Destroyer to be designed and built by the lngalls Shipbuilding Division of Litton Industries, Pascagoula, Mississippi. Homeported in San Diego, FLETCHER is assigned to Destroyer Squadron F'lVE. The SPRUANCE Class Destroyer is unique among today's warships in that it is the first major class to be powered exclusively by gas turbine engines - four General Electric LM-2500 engines which produce 20,000 shaft horsepower each. Twin controllable-reversible pitch propellers work in conjunction with the engines to move FLETCHER through the water at speeds in excess of 30 knots and give her a degree of maneuverability unequated by any other warship her size. Built with future growth in mind, FLETCHER's design is modular. This allows for easy installation of entire subsystems within the ship. This ease of installation also will allow new weapons and electronics systems to be placed on FLETCHER, thus allowing the ship to be used as a proving ground for new military technology. FLETCHER is truly a ship of the future as well as the present. Crew comfort and habitability were also a prime consideration in FLETCHER's design. Berthing areas are spacious and considerable care has been taken to equip the ship with features uncommon to most destroyers. Such features include: a ship's libraryg a crew's lounge, a gymnasium, a hobby shop, and many other items which enhance crew comfort. In addition to these specifically designed-in comforts, the many automated weapons and engineering systems onboard Fl..ETCHER allow for reduced manning levels. This results in more space and easier living conditions for all. As a highly versatile multi-mission destroyer, FLETCHER is capable of opera- ting independently or in company with amphibious or carrier task forces. Although equipped to handle a wide variety of mission areas, FLETCHER's primary mission is that of Antisubmarine Warfare. FLETCHER canies the most advanced ASW equipment in existence to facilitate her accomplishment of this complex and demanding task. The ship is equipped with a sophisticated sonar, the SQS-53, which is directly integrated with a third generation digital computer system, the Naval Tactical Data System. In addition to her sonar, FLETCHER's ASW weapons suit include an Antisubmarine Rocket CASROCJ and two triple barreled Mark 32 torpedo tubes. This integrated combat systems provides FLETCHER with an enhanced target information processing capability and an extremely fast threat reaction time. FLETCHER also boasts two 5 inch 54 caliber Mark 45 fully automatic gun mounts controlled by the digital Mark 86 Fire Control System. Also integrated with NTDS, these systems allow FLETCHER to excell in her secondary mission areas of Naval Gunfire Support Surface Warfare, and Anti-Air Warfare. ln conclusion, USS FLETCHER constitutes a destroyerman's dream. She incorporates the best of modern technology. Her exceptional propulsion system and fully integrated combat system combine with her modular construction to make FLETCHER a platform not be surpassed. Commander Francis K. Holian nited States Na 7 ex 1 1 ' a aa a' ii iiii a a i h , x xxxaax i i , "" X l k , h i I f ,", 1 aa,' e 'Q,, Si Lx,0 If I aha -faz h, . ,aa fixf f X Q ' f aaa, ff aaaa N S The Captain and his mother at homecoming. LCDR Resser LCDR Resser assumed the duties of Executive Officer from LCDR Edwards on 15 April 1985. LCDR Edwards LCDR Edwards served as Executive Officer on board the FLETCHER from 9 August 1983 to 15 April 1985 and is now assigned to the staff of Destroyer Squadron SEVENTEEN of which FLETCHER is attached. it Flight ers, Flight ers "Flight Quarters, Flight Quarters, all hands man your flight quarters stationfor hot pump and turn around." This was heard endlessly throughout the WestPac but mostly during meal hours or sleeping hours. If you were not involved you got used to it but if you were a part of it you probably didn't. The flight quarters personnel deserve a lot of credit for a job well done. Flight Quarters is set any time an operation with a helicop- ter is anticipated. These operations included launching and landing of MAGUS 34 Cour birdj, refueling, mail and PAX Cpassengerj deliveries, vertical replenishments for supplies and ammo, and medivacs. LCDR Ruehe, "Is this service or WHAT." x , i f WM, , ,gf 1,51 ffm, , -'Y Y Nl "j7?"" Lifting E.O.D. SEAL from Burak-M and bringing him back to the FLETCHER. The only way to STAND flight quarters. W sr'-'W , UQ , m- ----Q Q , ,,,, SM' t-WN.-:gf t an BM3 Duncan CLSED bringing in MAGUS 34. n E W PAX disembarking from MAGUS 34. K N swwfn-.,M, eratlons - M .N ug x A.. g'..s,,,:gs. Xt. N X.,,x ,f L K . , - - ,. V L , ,, V K , Q - aff. . X Q K - ff x A u ff.-A , V . ,, 1 I ,, X .X 6 it ws , ,,k,,, W ,M l V J X at, N...,s "Hz: ' -'f M W, v X 'S--an - ek .. 1 , t , .t 1 8 A. !1,::5Tt'f '-.af X, e' ...QNX H ... X WM A - LI I 'JQQQXX 6 'M ' l., ' " M A - W 3 ,, i .+-um. K N N I ,F wx, h fe, , N , N N., ,. ,vi wx X x V 4,.V,,Nk A , ,,,,, M. M .X -- l 1 l BMI Doolittle Shown here hard at "Now go to your stations all the Underway Replenishment details." Those dreaded words heard at work any time of the day or night. . ' X - t A to fam '. Xt. . x--swf ,mane if H "Not a welcome member of our flight ops." 'WQ "Say Chief, where do you want this one? I ,io nj ' v ft V FCSN Geneva taking a breather from flight operations. Back from another day in the sky. t 4-A , X X nderway Replenishments "Gee Fred, I guess you weren't kidding when you ordered that pizza and said, H "The Navy Delivers." Hey buddy, iill'er up and check the oil 3 if Underway replenishments seemed to be called away all to often, but the fuel and suppfies were vital to the ships life. 'SRL "Are we having fun yet?" Left: The end of another UNREP. CDR Holian and LCDR Edwards during UNREP. "Go tell BM1 Doolittle that I dropped the line again." .l Simi. .X Another successful UNREP with the USS CONSTELLATION. Smile guys you're on candid camera. Okay boys till'er up. nderway Replenishments Refueling lines being brought across. It's hard work "Okay guys pull just a little more and we will have the carrier just bringing them over. where we want her." Lucky crewmembers getting to watch instead of help. 1, gi 1. , . 3 I 71 1-1 ' V gl e Q- gf: li 3 A M' .532 2: "Eg wn,fQY", X5 ,hill-,2'-A-,Qf'+is Working Parties Not exactly the type of party you want to go to, but out at sea they are very essential. We had many such evolutions at all hours of the day and night. These working parties brought on important items such as stores, sodas, mail, ammo. You name it, we humped it. The working parties are vital to FLETCHER's maintaining a high state of battle readiness. Mail Call Bringing over crates while tied up alongside USS JASON. lt's about time we get mail. lt's only been three weeks. i . . t Q-.L "Where do you want this box put?" Overboard it goes WW f E . 5 Wkfg I x v- .HW--' 3 ff T , ,M ' 492 I 1 it r Moving a jet engine. Faking 0Ut the line used to m00Y the Ship UP f0VWa1'd 011 the "If that helo brings over one more box I'll..." forecastle. I " 5 Taking a well deserved break. Working Parties 5 ., A 9' Q 9' 'WZ 'fl l W A ru: : Vw-P""""N nm f S 5561i r fri' ' x. ..,, ' X- 'fu , ,Q fl L Q ' 'QQ-.. , Ni 'L Football? I don t know Baseball? I dont know WOFlilHg Parties? They been VETTY VETTY GOOD TO ME' Come on Curtis, it builds character 'EX Mk Award Ceremonies Reenlistments and Award Ceremonies occurred regularly throughout WestPac. FLETCI-lER's Fifth Birthday was celebrated in July, while many of the Crew were advanced to the next higher paygrade. Several more were presented awards and Letters of Commendation for superior performance. ETC Hammerle retLu'ns from helo flight reenlistment. YN3 Johnson reenlists on the bridge. - ICFN Careyette takes the oath in aft IC. ET1 Flores receives an award. FLETCHER crewmembers presenting colors. PN3 Berlin reenlists on board. ET3 Hensley receives an award for a job well done A d . t iiii i g . , FX Ceremonies e e Q X lf A The oldest and youngest crewmember along with the Captain take the Hrst slice out of FLETCI-lE'.R's birthday cake. The boys from WE Division chow doum. WL i--h ' ' sv moms' Fantail Cookouts Cookouts were a chance for all of us to get together and break up the boredom of the many long days at sea. They gave us a chance to relax,... considerably. l V' "Good Burger!" "It's not just a job...and it's better than flipping burgers at McDonald's." ww "No! I'm not a tourist!" GSMFN Bloomlield. "ls it lunch time yet?" S The 'Ho Down' in full swing. "Hey XO, where did all this food come from?" I Fantanl Cookouts f2 ET2 Hammack scarf's down. "Yes mom, I cleaned my plate," says SN Cargill Swim Call or ,lg 'f 014, we 4 While cruising in the Indian Ocean the only way off the ship .N or was over the side and into the water. Tropical climates provided 'f near bathwater temperatures for those who took the plunge. 47 The motor whaleboat was cast off to protect swimmers from sharks and the elements, while the Captain's gig supplied beer T for thirsty swimmers on occasion. IC2 Fletcher takes theabig plunge. Just what the Doc prescribes, HM3 Donohue A ik is -. as N. if T , cool-I Sakgxqaa . l The local beer boat 4 X X 0 , ...x. fwffiiffi 05,7 , x , x I ' K x K K 1XY3iE-ig . If i k N f x . V40 , f w , . E f XX- X , XX .35 I 1 ,,V, 17 X -A , I , A ' , , 'ff ' EQ f , I IIIMWXX I Q Q jf, X X VV I 3 I ,K V Z! X , X ff fZZZ,f2,',, , , X .5 I, .X-CSEXTQ .xii J? if WX X X X 'ff fb I Q 4 , E , X Q X X X Q XX X ZX MW J fy XXX X 7 f KW! W, X N X Wifx f X f X if Q WW XX Q XXX Z Q NZ f X X - XX ,, SX x4 , ' , J TX Xi 'Q .l- X. XX , X f- X ,f f fo WX X, .Q , f, XX Xe f X- X f 4 ff ,I . Hz , X W X yffiyff M f,. .f fZ?Q ,,, ff Z, ff 2 1 af f Ng X X ! Z X X W mX if X M WXNWQXX Nfi XXWW sw! fW 7WfM f WW? mx QXZW ZZX7 J X! , f X ff 1 XQX nay JZ' 22 ,fm if W W AW W P f 5 g X '44 QW XX X f f, XXX ff Wx XX W f fi X Q! X wwf X X f ZX WW Nz Q X X! N if Wf MXN 1 WX? Z f X ZX fx WX X Ny M ,Z f f Wm ZX Z W N "if ZW W M f S f f W Q Q24 f X f XV f XZ! W XX! NX X X 472 XXV X X X WX X fwf fWXXf W wx WXf WX! NW X1 fNf WXNW ff XX X X X X X X W XS fXXXww SXJXXXW ZNW XNAQW AY zQf iN7X fXXfXJ fww XX X X X 5 , X f XXX f X ff X X X f XXZ X X X M Z7 nw , X XXX X ff W f V f W W f ff 4 X X X X 5 f W ff f jf X X f X W ff X? ff 7 f f Xfx N X 0 Q4 NZ! Z4 XY f X Xf! W QXXXX figf XM 7 7 X NX ,XXXXX W f 4f if XX xxx WXX fX X XX Xp N RN X X ESQ X XXXX M X XXX f X f , S Q N wx X X X WWA Q Wm X X XXX X NX X XX 3 0 M m A N f fff W4 ff Q W 7 H was M Sr xx X WX Xx 7 . V. M X fx . ,S N WN ..............MX SN S 4 ff f Z xv X ggxgx f xx X ,X X wx. "'wwu,y4f1w ,- N N S X X X"' x : px-11:-:S , Q L guy S1 'W Q Xxx, N W X N w wg w X EQ. wx mx Q W A X Afffy N XXm,y"'Mf..mm W w X X ,S A. ff f J' ff X .j"""' Leisure Leisure Leisure Off duty time underway was spent doing many different things such as? writing letters, reading, watching movies and SITE-TV, playing l-lacky Sack, Saturday Bingo or telling sea stories. The crew would do just about anything imaginable to pass the time- Jammin' out to the tunes. ...ur""f "Qi-4' ms - 'i if-' 'i -4.,.' ' f' -""'-iw-ff A -for,-ggyg ' 'f""'--- "r- N -. - .:'-"- f-:. --f'..,,f.f7 - -,S is -NS----1' nur ' -o--n-a ,. . MN.---f - -. ,,w -- ,- . :Ng N 1 '-- " ,lmflifffk - 'fab-""-T-5 VY T .-S- , TT'-'t' :QA -,- I W' TQ . , , - sua VA- , V.. ,,.,,,, - E 1- - W' 'gilt'-,H si-:Q - fm. F"-12.1.2 - v 5 ""-Ai'-'Z"'s43'-75f "- '---sg-': -,111-14-5. ,W W..- .K 221:--...dbam--, f ,-'--, . '- at .- L-'+-'Q--i'iLf 'Nec ,-,fr ..-"'e,.-- T""T -.Q T-'i :ein-W'-"-i1iP:'A"?5 -"ff'1,'?,f'i'If.,i"S,-1+-r--ffr'-E' ' A ' . 1ww...1'-T-'-Q--J-1 .-v-4w11'-f'--l"'- 2? N., .. .-. f Y 'Ch , Vg...- TA'-..-gf 1-as. 5-fr 1-.W 0- - - 5"-"M:'... - " fi" T4 -J .,w, wagon? ' ff , - -4-'l .. ,- .45..2a, - - ff:-2-L',,, ., ' . .,.,, .. . - - 1 A ,, -5 Quang: ' -- ...,.,,,f' ?, -P xigg- Q -,Ly :,...,..qa:',. - -.- - Q-:QJQ bmw- iq ... 'QF-.--.E . K, -f , f"'1.1f" --:ld " -- f" " - -S-.f-? i.K - i - ...war - .,-,rs-uR,39E'5.' - ...Q ' ,, ' W fag.,-,D .M -'-A Q asm -14. e, m , ,-an-awp: ,vu L- v Y, Ak A . ,.. .V ff. A ,M 4- -'S . L Q ',.- 5 ' Y .,,: M, . , AE , -:. X' 5.-"- ':Q,,4,q we.,-,-:risk nfs . f ' . -ff i - - . A e - fax Sat...-of 'N-X 'P 'rr .1,5E7"' A- rfiif' ' " ' ,, 3 ff d-X' ' 'f--MJ' L ' n -,:" 'ff T 1-.2-s'Gs,..s-has-t ' X-V -Q.:-. -' H a -, ' 4 .A , -l- 'f '- " "" 's --- 1 . -" ,- f' "' -A 4-1'hsN...' 'XXX - 4- :T N - v-Cifm ' - k. .f.-.,--t,,.- ' """ 4' -Ai' 'Z arse- -4 -ra r -- K fs- was M: ..1.., +f,.g-.Qfs..:' . ' Q - f - t Y, ,, , W , -, . , ,,,,, , , - fr-12113 41:-5,11 L1 'fs-4'N-asia--'-Q4"" e i"K'f-' '21, . e-11 1 ii -Q fi ' xx I: flfri.--T" 'f.M"- f""" T- K", ' - N . ' , ' . -- -. fs. fees- sew fe . if 'T +f..f..-...,.-' as - -L 'y-: fjskiux sk :5i: -,.,-f,,,.,,- -V A e - Z -5 , '-' ---5.7 ' -1 N ul.: s h, . ,i UQ , 449--nnfnw x - ,,s,Y.-- A: .1 f . -V , X S is . . . - V : - , ,N -,Ago V Y Q IE: N . , p-:K ax, 4 "-of ,1 -'Q ' f 1, --, ' -1 K ' Q..-.Q i ' , ' 'Ig1:f4-af-A- -Ar., - -Z' + M----: 1 -- ' " " ' ' x, , - 1 , - ' .:- -" ' ' .'-Q-"1-4 -N .. :H YT Y V. A, ,. V 'sg k .. -x, . . A .A A V 5 1 -A.:-:.?Iv1,h-,:5.. L., , Zia 1 , Mg?-95' "- . 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' X ' -Tr ' " ' N ew tg:-3i7Z" 7- Iwi! - ' 54 ' 'Q - L . ,X '- K 4 B X ' . fl 'X i , s f. 'ijff ' L --S. Nqgs... fs - f - -.Qing 3 t f . g - - . .Y . , t t ....- , ...f ..,....h ,.,,-ll It had been so long that FN Abernathy forgot how to drink a been Commodore Chesborough enjoys a beer with the crew. , ll r E. l , e I . 1 ,Q Z 'Q ' 2 " ' - 3 a -,r , . 5 g Q. if as Y ' Q s . s if U..- f ' .-.. .2 ,t.t .ers Q-X f 5 S 'K Q - V . K- '33 . L ' 5' Q, V Y Ni gg -, 5.5 K. .N 'J . 3,15 .wsu it ,Q glut. . .. V .Z '- l i M n' ,fri-pf Q 'vsxiixs .writ x A. ig .. . 4' . ..,. 1 -. if-, X7 A t M' .b "-1:'irii.iiif..1:'fu: .ff 5' , f ,, kms" Any day is good for Hacky Sack on the flight deck, Saturday Bingo on the mess decks. X X .. i Q SN Soultanian clowns around Q, 5 f- ZA f . . Q Q A " , Q,XX We , M n Q AV W fl,g-gas " ' -- Y ' X 9 'T' Q ' f .X.x ig, X e L' -.W-.. , yf .-X, . 1 , -er. fp, , -' .., x -Ji Q 4 N-xx SN W11 b ' ke, 'wh r' ,, ,, with a S up Hey! Is that e shark down mere? NAYYYY. . L - al Crewmembers never showed as much effort as when they swam to the Captain's gig for a beer. DS2 Richert loses at Bingo again. U4 211 '1 If ffIlf Ti'3 32 D1'LXJ.iLiSSSS?SN x.15WL'Z'.lA H Y'Q i1l Q ,fs if ff sv 3 2 ,sn ,if X if ss Z 3 ii" .s, 3 i K ? ,f if V ,U ,cy iff 3 ff ii if gl Q S 2 I :f 22 1, 9 W SZ! 55? 1 1 .Q 35 R S 3 sf 1 i ff ,, slid - of 23 ng fs :A FFG2 Bradley takes it on for all to see. is A. 5 V' as "Eff i f 5 ' 5 1 5, l Q Z Another candid shot of the WE Division boys chowing down. SKB Maye and SK2 Wheeler 1056 it in the Crews rec. Hanging out on the fantail. X -xi GMG2 Gloria, STG2 McCarthy and IC2 Hall listen to FTG2 Haupr tell about his Chevy Luv truck. Taking it easy in the crew's rec. 1 X 1 c 'ffrrcfi Honorable Shellbacks ensure the Wogs are cleansed of their slime. Crossing e Line BEWARE The equator is no place for the unwary to cross. Be you captain or recruit, each will be at the mercy of the King. The seas that girdle this globe are the sovereign domain of Neptune. Before him each must kneel in tribute, as his is the true demo- cracy where all are treated the same as his servants. There are two ways to survive his wrath, as Neptune believes in being fair. The first is sport. VVhereby the day before the crossing is one on which those who are unworthy of belonging to his court may try to seize control of the ship. lf this be done-meaning none of Neptunes own are free-then the ship may cross the equator unscathed. Good chance, but none have been successful during the centuries man has dared think he has challenged the sea. The other means is to accept the scum yea be, and crawl before the King, when he comes to hold court. lf, with his omnipotent benevolence, he sees a grain of worth, you will be given a chance. But this chance is paying penance for all your crimes to past. If you survive this tribute, then yea shall sail freely and proud, and become an Honorable Shellback. Wog Queen Virginia Struss and her escort, fashionable ETl Flores X , Crossing the Line I o 1 K .Q- sf ix ! H WV? X 1 i King Neptune's Court charges another Wog. The Queens come out of the closet in Engineering berthing. Y S i X I l ThAirD art t t't' best, frt t1,'t , ,, Waim goilgl eligighfen I S un 0 una e y 1 Doc Wog gets a taste of another kind of medicine. i I i i i TM2 ' ' FN Bloomfield watches as his luscious date teases the crowd. Mayes Stresses Obedience to his Wog dogs' - WWW fu r g A fy 1' Kg X N X Aw: D 1 4 HT2 Allen getting to send someone else to the end of the line. FTG2 Baker..."It's a tough job, but somebody has to do it!" -M--N' ,J X ttttt W "' 9 1 - 1 " "' ""' www W ,NS t f ,ff:"" x " aff' VJVYQS Q Q f V ' 'I l , t to " WMM, X X of .W 1- S . Q , at X Q, X N- ' ' Qs- 4" X --:N f' 5 ,. . 15 Y, 1- 1 f ff ' S W I , . Q f i -wif M ag N-Wi 2 ': "1 Wi" Q if tffafisik-v f, ..if1qff xss sNw, ., ez Qs ,,-.,x!Q-4.1 x.. r- S 1 ,Q N X x N-f,,.N-W . .ut M ' ,,-we ,f I, I X 'I 1, L, ,:'g,g,3N5, ,,,',5 ffff X x Qu Q-ax W X Q X X Xx -sg ff, 'tem , we Qi nf wie fit' vi? .. 1:5 f 5--sv yn wt. , S- f. ,Qty figs, V 1 ' ' ,"f X l XX , A vi 0 K fr X lx K Q Q, L . 2 , o Q, y t W Q. . N t N,,:f+..burf,1 ,Lisa . . HOW bad do you Want to be a Shellback? A young venturing Polywog dines at one of King Neptune's restaurants The Royal Dentist takes care of another patient. MS3 Dennis loves the Navy this much. E 1 1 SN Ploof emerges as a Shellback 'Ln Taking a swig from the Royal Punch Bowl. 5' f EN3 Barter shows off his best side. QM2 MCAYCHG busts 3 W08- It wasn't so bad afterall, Hmmm!!! King Neptune and his Queen. A 'Q .- Q -, 'Q,? .- ,jp ---ff ' ,f lm V 9 W .. "-1. 'J' ,V ...K Z, .I f W H W , A X ,mf ' ,. . ,egress I ff 1 f' W m , STGSN Sandoe appeals to the Royal Court. ?' if A f Q Q XX x S 'S Q if 9 Xx X f xy xx' The Wog Boss is led by his master. Another Wog is cleansed in the Royal Bath OS2 Seiber lambastes Senior Chief Wog. King Neptune addressing the Honorable Shellbacks and Slimy Wogs. Rgyal punishment at the Stocks. That s the funnxest lookxng Queen I ever seen. You can te Phenxx enyoyed Wog stomplng l'm getting the hell out of here before they send me through agaln Okay, so the moustache ain't real, what you gonna do about it! awry' FLETCHER crewmembers enjoying African safari. Port Visits During WestPac the most enjoyable thing to do is pull into port. We spent many enjoyable hours in some of the finest ports of the world. We started off with Hawaii and ended with Hawaii. We spent 14 enjoyable days in the Philippine Islands, six days in Mom- basa, Kenya, three days in Singapore and last but not least three days in Hong Kong, one of the most exciting places in the world. We may forget the long hard hours we spent at sea but l'm sure we'll never forget the foreign countries we visited. Wctoria Peak, Hong Kong Mooring in Mombasa by a Russian tanker, interesting to say the least f ' f f J T if i. f 5 Pulling into Mombasa Hawaii The picture says it all .,,.... T1 4. vm, 1 4 LVPMNIMH Wfiiiifalsvgisix , - ' 'N U ..,f3'- L .. , ,V L.-eW,:M . 1 'N' ' ' - 5"L'.-L-?3Q'i'5' f1f"""f,, ,LQLQ T"'2' I 'f -51:51 '51, ,fs -, 1':.4g:,gc ,IJ .L ' 111 1-,hJ.f'EIf,l! "3 1 Q-.2 J- " 3.9. ,v f-IJ Life's a Beach. 'F a 'wc' , -41.1-vu 41 Singapore if 'x 'Iv' 9 Abig: Q I """'-3 -em? ' Singapore "Excuse me, do you speak english? V V' ' I ' b '- lg -3 - '-Jr. jr,-Ag1.2-,,-,L-:N-,.jga'pry,-. -i'f,..-,Q , 5. -'I , X ,, - . -. - , -. , :.- .3 Y. A ., V . , . ,.. -- ..--.h1:..,Y.,L K-fig? ,M-.1-, -,E .gf ..- .LLLL ,,'5Q:-Tqggg-LY ?,,.,...,.,,.,.' 9--L,.J.7...-- I 4 I We I :gli 1 Wx I HIC! ly, "" ',:sL:' ll l 1 uri - Qmmm! FTE-,511 4 ,g 3 3, , 4. 2. 'Q ,.e.nllITlHmu: Singapore Sony guys, no resemblance. STG2 Sorenson, not knowing that thls plcture was golng to ?I"NFdZSeo5-.fg,:-ag- ?"?W Y 'nn '5?'Wf"A 1 rm --M1 ' N ' " ' ' My W. ,, .. ,, , " 'Q o n ww mm F n ,,,.,....W.,.,,,,,, A A , , N- x ---......., wf':N"-.ww',,:.,,NW., 'M W. -N ' n W n fmu-Yann: M ,o,f,25fza'W f-" argl ' ' ' I f4lf?7iJ .urn r My , , .W HQ ' , t W L ' L-' H ' . Li: ' n , gffizf . 1 M . u.. Q ,,,41ww.w. - v'- -ymqy V sq' " N ' 2295-', af-fig gy. 35322: f" ' -we ,- fzfs,-. - -- wi. ,e...wL2.a-L.:1,,.f::f.t-:,:.b,Ats,A4.:.f3.12..1?5, , I if n vfffl, , v 'W-1, w V 1 ! N Via. pi' w' A I . if 2 4 1 I I 4 fy K fi' f, f WJ' in , ff f 7 ,N QS' 1 ' W? if .Q-s X X v R is W gf ' A 2 .if 2, fx: ., tx gsx -S R is xl N S is Q xxx x , x N fu? 5. 17 X? I 6 'x W 1 7 xx fi a 21 'Q S ,. xx x f, 1' A fi 4 . ' Qxxl xxkkx E NR X N X , si 'f ff ff lf' ,,,,f ' jfff ,fm ..... 7, .. ,,,,,,,, f 'f A , f f Q f 1 ' h"f W f , f f ... x W ff ' M ,,A ' Q A, QQ , f frf, ,h K S A,, ,, ff , , , 4 Q lv vw, 5 X - A. NL X V 5-XM fy 1' Q51 ig, k jwgj :gd x ff Xi Xixp Ss QQ , K' ' , fw2e55Q:XS'f 5 Q x '. 1 'X 2 f we ' - X - W N ? Z -Q K Y Q 1 X , ' ' ' Q Q 5 '22 546 4 f : 'WQYX EX W Q' W :I HS A 'X-X , Wxx if 'WM mlx x x x x '-: X 315224 ' ". QNS 5 ii' "1 ifjx .Q Q E7 553 f ixgyzx yigfgi V fx , , " W K x , f 1? ,,,f f f fS 3i ,4 N ,, , Q iw , 22- : 4 .A I J ' , Q L 5 X . Q l i ,7 I ' Q ,Xue X xx 2 : z q ' 'V R X MK ff sim? Rvws A N .X x in Q N: X wx z S 2 ' is 1 , XX Xxx, X 5 if N' Nm s A ,, "MM 'fff S QQA. XLXX L P N ,, H X XX f 2 1 si Xl' X11 1 X f-- 15505 NNN if v W 'QS Nr' 4 4 9' X, W ci 1, ,QR Y XXQQR X 'qi 7' f HRW ff AxN'AX'x"x fwxkkf Q fi, X'2NX'b?4'fW"X3XRx WWW? "" "'f ' "NX fgyzfw 'QQ SNC' N3ff5W" 1 ff x. - x fg E, 1 ' ' xx XWWH YN U, yo xxx? iqswk W 'S X X ' - X L L'XX,t 4 W t X xf., ,, X Q ,f ,x . ff ,ff N17 ,,,,, , ig.,WM:.w,vlv.wZ:, T,g,LQ,,, IX, 3x5W,,,rX WY, f..y,Z,,i ww, SW ,,,, jx X3 fxlyfw, I,r7,,Q: fy Sywfgz f ,f W is Z' , , V ,f, fwgw , ff Wg ,,,, Q mf x Q 4 .-:-- l 1 ' 'WQW f H ww 'fails xx fffw f ffff , Q fm X, fwf, N-x. sl K wv 2 ' my cQfwf. ,M wb' ANY--,gf , Aww i , 1 w Q Qi A ff X Q ' I ' f l ,, A . , . rl! ' ' H ,, ,f . -V ' 1' - ' ' ' 'Xxx s 5 I Mombasa, Kenya Q a l 9 W I f J aaa 7 1 ,, .w .71 1 LJ all .'3 ff' 1" I 5 1 Hong Kong There is more to Hong Kong than four million people and the red sails of junks on the horizon. Much more. lt is a throbbing world in miniature. Today, "the piece of useless granite" of 1841, as it was described in Queen Victoria's time, is a showcase of pro- gress and prosperity. The land that once had no water, and little more than a sheltered harbor is now a must for every traveller and on the lips of all who have been there. Founded on the trade of tea clippers and merchant adven- tures, it now plays host to mammoth container ships, ocean going liners and dozens of international airlines. Hong Kong is a port for all shoppers. It offers the traveller a shopping experience unlike any other. If you can get past the nightmare of the number and variety of shops you can see why Hong Kong is one of the busiest ports in the world. After a long day of shopping, the dazzling Hong Kong lights will mezmerize you. Hong Kong by night will take your breath away with its lights and night clubs. Although it is not "down under," Hong Kong offered the crew a well deserved port visit with its culture Cantonese with a slight British influence. Upon leaving, the FLETCHER sailors noticed she appeared to be riding low in the water, due, no doubt, to the tons of china, crystal, and clothes brought aboard in Hong Kong. The Blues Brothers hitting the beach. What H Sight' A full moon sneaks a look at the lights of Hong Kong Harbor. Wewing the Wan Chi District across the harbor from Kowloon "'1T 1 f ,mx . M P . 1 -4. ,E , , Haw .. 1 - -uw. 1 -Y' Q .U-'-'I -, .MY .3 r A vigrx-,-A , u 21 I -E7 Fic.-L V H11 cgi! if - , Q., ... --- .um if pr, ,,f . 1. , .,1 J w W.:-V ' vi' L ' ' ,..., V., M3 ff 1 'gk 1 yr, Wifi 'Ewan-'2 . .Jn ., L., . J...- 'M w -. TH Lf fx Ly f-z rm ,. .M ' f " faigirvf.--.q" 5 ' . . , 41"'v,A -' 'rv , . V A ff, Maw-m ' ' rx ,. 3 "L.,,: 2' Q H ' ' Q'.5ijf:F1V'Y': -5 If E Q ww' ' 1' Qc? l 11.5, FF! 0' Q n -A w -if ,. 3 A . ,Q :E 1. fu-3- 'F . f ,. ,, ,'Fiiz-'5'Ti- '- -- Wifi-E'-E' J' 3 . 3, 55 '1 2 2 , "ish E - A LJ, Q .Tin :E H-, 3 F f ' M I . - . Lv ' -x ' L , b , .45 .1 ' ' .- K 122.15 - , .T1f'?g,':'i'2'fQ A ' 'md Q in-f Q.. 'N 1 A '.. 4 if N N fx f- f"?'. ,,-gqfff-L' Q. , V- v N 1. -ff .- W ' 1 ,,- sa, T- -- Hint.: ' 1. - ...-. -".u u" ' fn' . fp' , ' I I f f p Hi. fb , . . -fry. .1 ,f 0 A-zz ' W. . . nw iff? -u in -va--15:3..' ' F" A-1:5 4. no w A 1 My , . . 1' It N . .9 N 13: J, ' ,Vx ',,. swf' --- -1 -Qu, ,. 'ef .. ,,- 4 fb: -f V Q M .,,,,,l,. , M J' ' ' " 'IH J . . .W 'Mn' -v. .' ,.. , 4b. ' X-9-T -I., ' ' 5 , .. fx, "" N' -af - ffgff ' ---37 1p,.,,- ,-w,- , ,M ,,,Mw,uuuvv-32, - 4- 1, . ,,.,- .vw- 'Kw--mg V... , ... 4 K, ,X 1 FR 2' .. N S , gf x x ' ,Vg wr-.NN I ,.. - W-I if Nsm. X 1 M X M 'z QU . FN rwx S - , - ,X e MWA xg A wNV,,z4ff,,,fX-, x ' lf .QW WVYM XMQAS x , m-nsxwg x A .. W NNNSL iS1QeiYX fx Si""""L' wmv ,f fi, Y QSXNN 5 . xzbff. s s wf, WWW 1 , 11-I ' Wi f-fi f 'A ' N .,,. 'Q gjgp gg ,,,Mh,,qxgXgx f ,xxxgw ,iff Q qqzmzzzzmxx X"' m , , --.MN -, -M...,W,.X sq , :S S5952 sw' img , . X , f w iw , X - wt f "1-1 ' f Q lm wx x Qz?q1k'f'a'?if x x N2 x i 13" I: ,Sf I ,. xmwzfafiwx 54,-.L3z5,g,m,Y,,5j' 'WYQYYN-Lgxgxsfggswi ww I Q 52 -N W 5 QW ggmgfmw . XX M X 1 W .. .M ,. , r i I, -.':::.,,::.xQf. Ns, gg' f ' v ul: g rx W' 5 7 -.X S . 0'N!-in-..NNW'i'N'-'.N .x......x,..x ..., x A X ff f Q . , 3 is V N 5 Q I , a Q- s X -,M ' Q ,....... iw .v .- """""i'g i , X xv 1 K' JW N :TF NNW., X 5 t 4 ,gf . ff x' Q , f xx! 9 ' ............,QizQWZL.,.w.ssmA x X N Q, Q4 vii, ,, .. .1 f, -s-' CSIS wr: 1 L Not Pictured: LT Gay Uljg McCloskey L'lHg Cain LTig Orenstein LTig Malloy f f fm -fa, f ' 1 , ,. L, , 4 f '-f f , 1 4 W f ENS Korenegay ENS Kellen LCDR Ruehe LT Roncolato LT Anduze LT Fisher LT Darr LT Anderson LT Bigelow LTjg Boothe Lflig Hale L'ljg Thompson Uljg Maschke L'ljg Arnt L'lig Maschke driving the ship. i Ulig Orenstein N gals 0 I 5 33521 -J 0 X W fu sg ' X x ff 1 X GI EERI G DEPART E HT's talking about damage control equipment on their break. He is walking away leaving me to do all of the work R Division S X s Q Y 'I just love it when he nibbles on my ear!" He is just U'YiU8 to 100k busy for this Iwish I k-new what H1-C5 is talking about picture. ' ' GOOCI thins this is Only 3 dfiu- Hey this is my buddy Hound Dog Ulrich. R Division T fl " f fd, 1 f ' X f A 4 'I if ' I f ff f A ,Wi ,,,, Q97 Z 1 wiv -. Q QW ,, , A M fx, ,ZW 1 Z! WJ fxa if Z i Ik Q lklznuu il 2 l 4 , WN' ' , A , P 'F i.Q . F - 1 ff. . ' 1 ' f , , x My ' A W HTFR Abernathy f 2 , ' T':zW-. N , ,fag V' " V' .ffZf.:g.f:" 11. 2, d w f , The men of R Division work on the ship's sewage plants and perform many damage control checks on the ship's dam- age control equipment. Life can get real lonely at times. uf X 1 if f, K 'Z ,, it ij f me ..l 1 ajlg T f y ' ,f IK! ff f Q fi 2 WK We i ff fffi-' f 22 ff f if .WM ,, ,V w ig, , X ci Q ::- 1.-:TQ x fm! 7 X W'5w fm ,Q . 7 w ' 2-we-.M ' I " ciyfg 267 1 D e 'lf X 6 41115. 2 f " L53-ff,-.if jf' 7 I W, 2' ,X wp j M X-1 f'f7f 1, 5 X 1 ,Rf 3'f'f gg! f M 1 ! 4 452 WNW-w....,,. W , W fha ,, Aww , X l Q-was X5 Z Q E Z HTCS Amon HTI Blow MR2 Shutes HT2 Cooper HT2 Norton HT3 Allen HT3 Sims HT3 Ulrich HT3 Hibert HT3 Handshaw HTFA Flucker HTFA Madrid HTFA Hackason HTFR Bradley HTFR McNeal HTFR Slater E Division EMC Kromer EMI Aclvincula lCl Szipszky EM2 Hoffman iff, KU1 , 'ima lC2 Hall EM3 Buado IC3 Hoffer iii X 1 :fag 5. IC3 McCormick lC3 Everett EMFN Careyette FN Decastro EMFN Townsend I 'lieu ' f 1 W , 0 X ZQ!'W f f, QAM , 05 0 f .Q I . '- J 41524. 1 N 4 U Life in the Navy can be real tight at times. Okay fellows, it's Movie Time. E Division The men of E Division are of two rates, IC's and EM's. The IC's keep the shipls telephones, Gyros, underwater logs and ship's enter- tainment systems working. The EM's take care of shore power, electrical powered meters, batteries and insure that the ship has lighting at all times. Dreaming of the good 'ole days. 1 6 I Q5 Q6 X 5 . t I don't know why I am doing this because I don't know what to do first." I Hope he doesn't hit the stop button this time. 4 ti. s I QV I, I Hey if somebody knows what to do in Hey the Navy really delivers. S211 gee lffendiflg down q0in8 51031518 Can here, please let me know. a Dam In the bflck at hmgjs' Division EN1 Mattingly EN3 Garrison EN3 Bennett EN3 Barter :AIM EN3 Ditto EN3 Stacey ENFN C. Thomas ENFN M. Thomas 6 X W is , Z7 C W 57 Y ENFA Rodriguez 0 FN Clark A ,, ,QV .. ENFA A Atherton U FN Malis " , EN2 Mowan FA Smallwood FA Winn Q i .4 ,,,,.,,,,.W' . ' wa V or 9 S 5 5 wr 3 :- l if "All I do every day is what I am doing now." Oh well, time to raise the pressure a little. N. tioning plant. This one is mine! The Wild Bunch" at the "C0ve". Paint, paint, paint, that is all we do is Paint. A Division The men of A Division, better known as "A Gang", make sure fresh water is avail- able throughout the ship at all times. They also maintain the high pressure air com- pressor CHPACD and the ship's air Condi- He really thinks that I am a girl! i GSCS Henry GSMC Berry GSE1 Duvall q GSMI Humphrey GSM2 GSM2 GSM2 GSM2 Westegaard Parker Liggett Jordan GSE2 Lefler GSE2 Farrell GSM2 Clark GSE2 Drelick GSE2 Miller GSE3 Close GSM3 Gudgell GSE3 Figaro GSE3 Samuelson GSM3 Johnson GSM3 Crean GSMFN O'Brien GSMFN Strange GSMFN Bloomfield GSMFA Guidry FN Clark M Division 44 - f, '5i!V ,K f ,ffy ff ,M X 'ff , .f I! jf f 5,4 f f f lf ni . WK Z if f f 1 fl , 7 Q Z ' f E f f x , .Way ,via . X f"L'5f " Cf W f A, Cin: f If f m . rf 'X 'X fe? f X f ,M ' gffw f 1' dimly!! 5 w 1 if 1, F Wi ' films! 'l A 7 3 Q X xl! wfy 4 fx x , ,,,, fu Za , nf f M3 ,WWW x . r,,f ix ff 7 f Af we , -'Y Lijg, 7 N J fi X fn w f fx Q Qs W f , fp f Z :tif f N Xi 0,5 , F115 I N Sf X 5 ,4 K 4 X . ,f f f,, 0 IA y it -' f 4. fx.. 7 f hz is if X S 'Nb " ,af , 'fv F f f F Q WY D f WAN ll WILLIQ Gumby at Steel Beach Q9 SNL-Q. ilu M Division The men of M Dlvrslon operate and marntaln all of the mam propulslon systems on FLETCHER rneludlng her four LM 2500 gas turblnes the three shlps service gas turbrne generators and all of the assoclated electronlcs The look only Sam's mother can love. Another 2 am. sm u x a-. ,, fx s Q- B "Are we having fun yet!" UNREP. OI OPERATI I I I Dlvl lon Ewcs Bam OSC Carrol OSI Johnson OS2 Romero OS2 Chifulio GS2 Valverde OS2 Sieber OS2 Soltis OS2 Vickers OS3 Capps OS3 Sharp OS3 Tatro OS3 Hancock OS3 Nottingham OS3 Soultanian OSSN Onder OSSN Phenix OSSN Carey OSSA- C Dittebrand OSSA Flores OSSN Chapman EW2 Neigel EW2 Donovan EW3 Cooks f 2 f M, V0 f xv ? 'V 4 k ,,, ZX , 1 X , 24. -f I IZ -.fwvinzsv 57' f 0 Wf 171 Z' 2 , V H 1 f I .fl il f W ' F ' f X um . K3 , ,,,,,,,,....i,,W,h, 5 , ,, ,, Y , WW C gif 1? Q nf fs U P 'ab ,H X cnnn n f 7 ' ' W WH r S 1 e , 2 H NS 7 f Q f f X WX in X " X if Rf f f Q 5 , EPARTMENT Y mf nf , ,f X , sf. www mafia Q rf X 3? 4 , W Q. 7 W ? 4 may . f , aw! f W' f Z fc Z f 2 X 1 x X! .,,U' ,i Aff, f Z Z X Z 'Z nm' i if-. 'f,fx Xhef' 4 'ci,,Q livin 2 2 f f '6- 7 f ,,,, Q, , Ol Division ,Q EW3 Scott EWSN Kaczmar EWSN Simons EWSN Hickman ay V ,,.A., X.,U W A ., fff' W" , f f fm, V,,..W Wy if ' QWWQQ. aggs M Wzgyg mp c Z X . ",. I :ming I 7 I 7f f I . X g f if Eff SLS! e son My... X Q C I .fag OS2 Chewy and OS3 Nott, "Just hanging around in combat". Ol Division consists of OS's and EW's. OS,s work in the Combat Information Center CCICD track- ing all surface and air contacts by using various ships sen- sors such as radar and IFF. The OS's also monitor the radio circuits we have on board and keep the Officer Of the Deck on the bridge, advised of the current tactical situation being displayed in CIC. The Electornic Warfare Technicians operate and maintain the ANXSLQ-32 which is the ship's anti-ship missile defense system. They also take care of all "Snoopy" operations per- formed on board FLETCHER. "So you want to be an OS. "This Bud's for you!" EW2 "EWSN Kaz at the SLQ 323' "Are in port,yet?" OSSN like me!" OS2 Valverde Neigel Phemx Cheese RMCS Pacheco RMI Claxton RMI Langston sivu singleton RM2 Jackson RM2 Graham RM2 Halbrook SM2 Mullins RM2 RM3 RM3 RM3 Chisum Ward Holub Madrid sl' W ccoc . f ' 7 we M f i as W "' is X W 7 1 f 1 f 4 1 f 7 4 0 ff Z f 5 f X X iff X W f , K f ' flag -QQ .. if , M,,,,,,f f , ffff Q X ,, f 1 ,,,Ww,.w ' fi 5, Mig? ,, f f W , - l , nf s ff WWW 'S WW X , N 7 , K0 M X , ff ff! zum' xii. 2' ,V f , f' f 5 t f T if f Z, ,Zi Division ZW WW M W K if 1 A f Z W! 7 s mf f Ag V g r f I , . f pgs Q , '- , . f ,.,.. -I WWW - W, f f 1'J',' dbh ' gs X X ff A ,,,,,,,, Wm Radiomen Signalmen W' RM3 Butcher SM3 Haskel RM3 Carter RM3 Bohannon SMSN Gausmann RMSN Jones RMSN Esquivel RMSA Weaver X 7 , f fx W W 2 fn f f f f ,l , , .: , f4f f f ,gyw if 'f f f rf E , M Z Q 5. A Q. . ,ff , N f Qs, V 42? N r M of iii-'f Q: , ,ff ..:- ff ,V 2 I I if x f I ,fy X. f 1 ff Q f f W! y f X f f M X ?, W , ,X f Off, 4 Z iff W 1' X , fm ,f . A V ff ff . 2 4, f l A M, 4,2 ,fm Q, ,L V ww, lhguaf ,AL sk Division Fighting Jack's own radiomen and signalmen proved that they were Battle Group DELTA'S best during WestPac. Receiving the communication Green "C" was proof of the high level of Pride and Professionalism we had. CDR F. K Holian with RMCS and Mrs. Pacheco and RM2 Jackson during reenlistment ceremonies on the Arizona Memorial. BMC Kantor BMI Doolittle BMI Box BM2 Brandon BM2 Santoro BM3 Fonseca SN Robell SN Lucas SN Birmingham SN Shepard SN Creech SN Johnson SN Cabal -SN Ramey SN Durso SA D. Sorenson SA Hawley SA Upton SR Hunter SR Kennedy SR Moore SR Porter SR Chapman SR Clemmons .ff 1 f R ff at XX Q X' vi W, ,, X C NX M x XC X N yy X .J is , -'ful xx 5 1llnsxXg,,, X I Y -.Ev f i A 7 Aesop f, nigiii y 'W ' 91 S A lst Division vu, P f 3 E S f or K, me X lulk i 5 sv f X 'R , , S s i R if " xx N ww - :si w e 3 5 Q cry fx S! A x X in X f:-..- X :E J' L ,fm E fi X N XX is X X X XX gf Se Lf: X X f, 2. kg -Q4-,. xx xc , 'W 1 S '- XX X SX Ns Ns sw u S S XX N ,, iii i .. NX YN. Q x 12 R X R 1 S lst Division 444 'f' , X f W W! ,HU f f yy, ee ,f fu V' bg X. 3.1 SR Marsh SR Dempsey SR Dunford SR Francis SR Razo SR Reynolds rfsix 3 ' S Q ss S 2131. . ,. -4. .,-, . , . .- . '- M AT SYSTEMS DEPARTME 1 Zia WE Division Picture WE Division DSCQSWD Brown enjoying a little sun. ETIQSWJ Flores dreaming again. WE Division representative for WQ8 Queen and the winner of that contest, Vagina Strussp Hey Hammack, dig those shades. Don't let the coke fool you, WE Division showing midshipmen how sailors really spend their spare time. Division .N-.f-.t.,sX.. its 5 ' ' - N fi , . t S 1 S W M f b QQ V fqeg ifgy 2 QS? 3 ZF , ' ,ff it K-I si 5.4 9, .X W . Q, Q. J '55-fi iz- if A f M ' Q y' f sf X I xi f x I , 5 S 1 X4 i , , ? .Qin 424.0 gf- "" f t. 7 1 t T ffm , A ff , A ,Q . Wi ,I 4 ff X ,, X f ff ls V fe 'f f X f 7 if ff f 5, , f ' f is f J si 4 f 'f 73 'X Q ' Q! , w .,,, ' QQ Oy ZZ f xQ 'Of W! 4 77 7. ,.' 'ff . .f-Wag Q Way 24 MQ' 4 4, . l f , , Xml if ..,. ,Xx,, - We sf, -,fftysnw ,V .W X K f, Wil w X S Va, Yu f ff f W, M f , f' . ggi it Z W 5 '0' X. 4 img If S ,f ' X 6, Xt, 'Wf if X ff 'I 1 ' fx , 4 W f WM? XfS X 7 W f ff i 1 ' st zfffv f , rf' f JN' f NM 4 S W fps? 4 ,, X f 44 V4 WZTW .,,,, , ,X 2 W f M 2 I If K Q. fx ff f ff M , ,MZ f ' f 1 f f Q Qs, if Z X W 7 f X f QW f is ,ffsfs ef ' 0 X 'f 'Q f 'E-if f Z iii f l f X X f 7 , ' V. , ' M W f 'Z f X! ff' Q ff f 4, ,f ,. , 2 ,. I' 7. 'V 012,229 'E f , 'Isl WE Division is made up of the Data Systems and Electron- ics Technicians. They are responsible for maintaining all the search radars, communications equipment and combat sys- tem computers aboard FLETCHER. They also helped support the "Sharks Coven in Subic. X f ha , ,, X M. may f ' , if f' li , Qw ff w g! 1 QS f A, f , W f Ar Q, i X 'Q , fp 2 W W 7 , If ,iff K f kyv f X rf ff I ,. f""'m , s wi ET3 Barrow DSIBCSWJ Bishop DSCCSWD Brown ET1 Eller ET3 Fallon ETICSWD Flores DSI Fox DS3 Hall ET2 Hammack ETCCSWD Hammerle DS3 Hendon ET3 Hensley ET2 Jeffries DS3 Miller ET2 Pirozalli DS2 Richert ET2 Robine ET3 Sink DS3 Struss DSI Tidball TMSN Anstead STGSA Billetter GMTCCSWD Brown GMTSN Carver GMTZCSWD Casses GMT1 Davis STG2 Duncan STGSA Dennis STG3 Ernst STGSN Etheredge STGSN Filemoni TMI CSWD Greenfield STG3 Justis STG3 Legg 'TM3 Leiataua TM3 Lyons GMT3 Maines i 5 TM2 Mayes s srczqswji Mccanh STG2 Norfleet STG2 Ogburn GMTSN Oniel STG3 Phelps X f , xiff i.' X 32,229 ff? Q , Z , X of as f f M jkw 1 f , f Q f l if , 'lin I Miz Iliff ,D iia i ,, iiii aaaa,s , irrr STGSN Sandoe i 'iff ff f , A W-'va ,V M V ..,,. ,,., N .,,,..x .,,. . mf- W f-fmf-1 ,W 0 fm it W 4 STG3 Smart f 1 -, f KW W -4 '4 fi f f, Wfff w i 14 ,f ff 45 orenson y y sTG2 Tangim f f ' ' T GMT2 ss v 9' OSS ff f f J, if 'U' 1 IWW' V ... W 2 , if Z ,Ziff " 4 5' ' 3 5 Y QW! A, .V gg5f'Q Wm: 'A 2 :Wit 4 A -J Division WA Division is made up of the Sonar Technicians, ASROC Gunners Mates and the Torpedomen. They operate and maintain all of the equipment comprising FLETCHER's ASW battery. The sonar techs are FLETCI-lER's "Sub Hunters", operating a variety of underwater detection gear in search of an elusive enemy. The ASROC Gunners Mates and the Tor- pedomen operate the ASROC launcher and the torpedo tubes, ready to launch a weapon at a hostile enemy. STG's ready and willing to head out for Pac. v 1 P l X f ,X '- uae WA Division in front of their "Baby", the sonar dome, while in dry dock. , ' M WL "See what seniority gets ya", says STG2 Walsh to STG3 Phelps Would you trust this sailor with your daughter? , ,.,,.:, yr. K Technicians C Under the watchful eye of their senior chief and division oflicer, the Fire Control Missilesj, load the Seasparrow missiles for maximum combat readiness D If iffy, ii Y A5 if ff' S H' is 0 Q t XX RCN FCSN Vwllenbring showing us that cute baby smile. GMT3 Rapaport, "Whats up with that?" WF Division WF Division consists of Fire Control Technicians and Gunners Mates who maintain the following systems on board FLETCHER: MK 86 Gun Fire Control Sys- tem, NATO Seasparrow Surface Missile System, Harpoon Missile System, 2 MK 45 5" 54 Caliber gun mounts. The Gunners Mates also maintain all small arms on board. WF Division is responsible for providing anti-air and surface defense, along with Naval Gun Fire Support forilmphibious units. Y C Not pictured: rt. QMS , , . ,X . t Wt K N 1 C x v ,-53 I sw . as QS .QQ YN x i is - . X I f 'S ..- L F X x NN. . K K ttttt..s- Q O it X X QS it LSFQTFE i x E iQ S C, ,S s X 4 F . X t l xt .- Taking a breather between Peso shows. FTG2 Womack FTM2 Collins GMG2 McKinney FTM3 Middleton FFGSN Kroth Forty-iive haze-gray and underway. WF Division W wr A, W f fl W7 6+ A F X, f 1 f , ff f R f iw X, 1 X W 5 fl W ' if if ,JON V in R. 5523 f 1 A X, v 1 iffy , if wg! X ,, f ,f f fl X. X , 1,26 fy! M X" , , , X7 ,, 6 ff X , ,,,, ,,.,.i Q' fly 72 fb 7 ,f a 4 , X f R fm. M 4 If 4 X 1 Z1 W I f King Qing' H! f 3, um 4, Gina i 1 f it V 1 Wy 'hm' M, A fi ' , 7, ,f j X . 'I X 'ff lf 3- f 7' x W if f ww Mu, , 7 f , 1- MW , 4 ,- W fy? 7 wx f K ff ff , W M f f 9 W Q if g , Sw , f. iw f , WZ . f,"" v ,Q ff QAQTM' f Q 2 1 If 4 , ff fam. -KA I 4 1 LTjg Savich FT CS Laite FT GC Frey GMGC Clink GMG1 Henderson GMG2 Gloria FT G2 Bradley Pl' G2 I-laupt GMG2 Twigg FT G2 Baker Pl' G2 McKee FTG2 Mindermann FT M2 Robertson FTM2 Raymond GMG2 Weitzman GMG3 Rapaport GMG3 Kenyon GMG3 Bailey GMG3 MacDonald FT MSN Arminiak GMGSN Burnette FTMSN Willenbring FTMSN livin FTGSA Geneva UPPLY Another fine meal by the FLETCHER's MS's. DEPARTMENT EUESS WHO5 QDQSQSS G I NO7' WWQ257 mgwc AN THE LJ ei ie as , Z y 4 Ay f. t f , ,V f 4 f 4 ,, A 5 f V, ' V I r, fm. ' 2 I ' fxg I wif W Q fx' it "Hurry up with the picture, so I can resume my duties", SN Frey. V2 f ix., g f f Y X 4. i' ,fri f , f ,fc,f5.Qf?',5'p I .K I ff " .: " - I . Qmixl ff!! if S S "Everyday is a 'Ney' Day", MSSN Jones. If Z Z 5 X5 MS3 Dobose with his new friend. mr zpf-2 :V 1' .Q ff or will this do?" 1:4 ,. i , ff FLETCHER's Supply Department personnel take care of all of us onboard in one way or another. They are responsible for everything from a pan for the radar to sodas from the machine. The SK's maintain the shipis supplies, the MS's feed us, and the SH's clean our clothes, cut our hair and sell us pogie bait Ccandyj from the ship's store. - All in all a vezy important group of sailors. SKSN Phelps. "Do you want me to smile Suppl "Ya, I got a hang over, so what..." SIC5 Skully. "See what me and this cookie have in common?" - MS3 Dennis. SKSN Phelps SKSA Arlando MS3 Nooner MS3 Angud SH1 Dechko SH2 Pidd SH3 Walton DK1 Herrig lt's only green paper - SHI Dechico. SKSN Arlando SKSN Scully my ,,,Wff,,,,. . .WW T l ' efz l ' ' 7 ff ,f ,N I 41 I A I f ,W f 7? 4 "You want how many AA batteries" - Sl-l2 Pidd. ri--5 s 4 ,....m. ,..yr'WM,,, , XX..x. ,,,,,,,,,- is fn , SKSN Scully keeping Supply support safe from all evil doers SKSN Phelps, the Pepsi Generation MSC Aranas SKC Alvarado MSI Quwaurl DKI Herrig SHI Dechico SKI Goncher MSI Angud IVISICSWD Tolentino SH2 Pido SH2 Segrest MS3 Nooner MS3 Jones MS3 Dubose SH3 Carvajal SH3 Cambell MS3 Chunko MS3 Dennis SK3 Ebalo SK3 Maye MS3 Noel DKSN Frey MSSA Deckaut SKSN Phelps SKSN Arlando 1 U x E V.. T1 4 f! Supply ,W Q .,...., wfj + gsm QQ K' iff , 1 f' Q WW 21, 7 9 ,I gl T Suppl M x' kw4 7 fl X ,V , ' "- MT' ' A Eff.- S ff" TL W! 1 hw., V - .L SKSN Scully SKSN Evens A relaxing evening aboard FLETCHER. YN3 Johnson and SH3 Cambell enjoy Wog Day. I M2 0 WD SH3 Cambell giving GMT3 Macdonald another line Navy haircut. SKC Alvarado realfly getting i the Wog celebration. IltO PNC Bakanoff MAC Wise QMI Connell NCI Gann I-IMI Misenko YNl Robbins PC2 Laughlin QM2 Mcardle HM3 Donohue QM3 Lawrence PN3 Berlin YNSN Ploof YNSN Johnson YNSN Nord QMSN Kluesner l Z VIGATI N! EXEC ' f ,, r M rf - ff V 7 mf O W ,, j4 M ig 4. , Wfff f f T f X T, f M, I 4 ' ' ',fr',, 1 Q"-' Q 1 1 14241, I , C A Navigation! Executive Department personnel come from a number of ratings and perform a myriad of jobs. The quartermasters perform navigational duties in support of the navigator. While underway, there are a variety of aids to navigation used to maintain the ship's exact position. The yeoman and personnelmen work in the ship's office and are responsible for the tonsof paperwork and corres- pondence generated by a ship. The postal clerk takes care of FLETCHER's mail and the Master-at-Arms are responsible for ship's discipline. 63'- ilu' 'Gsm f wr DEPARTME kms. . W if . Q .1 1 Q I A X sf ., 5' ,M Q51 rig: Q ' x '-M2 J Nav! Ex Department partying down in P.I. Chief VWse plays sheriff even on Wog Day. A IW SN Ploof doing a normal days work. r Sa "Shhh we don't want to interrupt P01 Robbins train of thought." E 'N W AE3 Curtis ASM2 Durden AW2 Ebersole AMHCCAWD Gallardo AE2 Gilmartin AD2 Green AXAN Haro AWI Kenney AW3 Martiniz AEAN Willson AX1 White AIR DETACHME WM ., , Q Z X V ' n X Q ZW W W7 12 V x f 4' IZ' MW! X ,, WNY! ,f ,, ff' f nnnn , f 'illvlm W 11" , Q.. 2, 1 V, h f 4 Q iff I X f f f , X Q W, y. , , + REQ X 5 2' W. Ml nu, M1421 9 Not Pictured: AD2 Prevost AMH2 Spindler u . ,, , ww Q et ' X X Nt Fi Top row: AE2 Gilmartin, AWI Kenney, LT Gay, LCDR Roehe, AMHCCAWD Gallardo, LT Murphy, Ulig McClos- key, AXI White, AMH2 Spindler. Bottom row: AW3 Martinie, AD2 Green, AEAN VWllson, AD2 Prevost, ASM2 DLu'den, AE3 Curtis, AXAN Haro, AW2 Ebersole. 4 Dolng a full check on the helo IS part of the everyday rouune of the A1r Department De dlcauon boys, Dedication Sub-Busters' A tltle well deserved The A1r Detachment personnel and thelr blrd MAGUS 34 came aboard ln February They are a hlghly tralned team of pllots and mechamcs who provlde a vltal addltlon to FLETCHERS combat system They speclallze 1n antl subma rme warfare but also provlde FLETCHER wlth a set of long range eyes for antl surfacewarfare Whlle deployed our helo made hundreds of launches and landlngs haullng mall parts and passengers The Alr Detachments outstandlng performance durlng WestPac helped FLETCHER earn the tltle of The Blggest L1t tle Deck 1n Battle Group DELTA H d kn what these extra nuts and bolts are fora Doing PMS whlle lI'1 Pl before bnnglng Helo back on board ey o you guys ow L While conducting operations in the North Arabian Sea, FLETCHER was called upon to lend assistance to the BURAK-M, a Turkish registered tanker that had been struck by an Exocet missile which failed to explode. The Persian Gulf War takes no prisoners but someone was overlooking the BURAK-M the day she was hit by that missile. An Explosive Grdanance Disposal CE.O.D.j team was transferred by helo from the USS CAMDEN CAOE-25 to FLETCHER. Our mission included a cruise up into the Gulf of Oman, a day and a half wait some 300 yards away from the BURAK-M, and finally a fast cruise back to the Battle Group with pieces of the missile and warhead on board. The mission con- cluded when the E.O.D. team and pieces of the missile were flown off to the CAMDEN. ll l Exocet Missile damage to the hull' of BURAK-M. a k M , g itlt E C p qv Q ff fpirwv n -,fax N ., ....... ..... . ..,.t . Communication plays a very important part in E.O.D. teams success in locating and disarming the warhead. F it 5 I l x w i i. Q 1 mf K was wt -.-V, X X t i l -ra :ewes s i H, X Y sl ' 1 l l it N2 x slums? ov r N X Lifting E.O.D. team member after successfully disarming on the Exocet missile. if! if W nl ul i Q x x K, 14 xxx X ,-ol" E.O.D. team prepares for disarmament. Airlifting supplies to BURAK-M for E.O.D. team. E.O.D. team preparing to debark FLETCHER in motor whaleboat. Q Kris Kristopherson USO Show Uv,wxmi'i1fS Si A Q af ix . !-A-'IOM' Kris Kristopherson and band on stage aboard the USS JASON. 10 WQ KRIS KRISTOPHERSON S , 441 ET3 Barrow poses with the lead guitar and bass players of the band. Kris playing the acoustic guitar and smiling at the crowd USO Show The band that comprises "The Kris Kris- topherson Band" is a talented bunch of musicians from various southeastern states that write and play their kind of music. The USO Show brought the group to us while we were anchored off of Oman in the North Arabian Sea. Two shows were held on the USS JASON s forecastle A large majority of the audience enjoyed the show even though it might not exactly have been their kind of music The morning after the second show Kris and his band boarded FLETCHER for a tour of our gracious ship and to be transported on to their next destination FLETCHER crewmembers gave his band a warm welcome This was one of many memborable occasions during WestPac . . . . . . '85, l ' I Kris accepts a FLETCHER plaque from the I now know why they call these L'ljg ,Cain chats Wlth KDS O11 Commanding Officer on behalf of his band. time Big EYGSH- the Signal Bndge 7' qfwf , 5 I , 1 5 5' , L if rn A MQ, ' o or .E 1-fo if E 4 2. ,af , 3, .. E7 ,v A 1 ' L M f as 'k 'iw QW -fr X 3 I I 5. Y Some of the best seats in the house? fi 'ii "Look! Even FLETCHER officers take time out to party! OS2 Seiber gets a band member to cough up an autograph. The Commanding Officer raps with the boys in the band. 4 USO Show KRIS KRISTOPHERSON FT G2 Bradley makes a buddy f W2 . The Commanding Ofiicer and Kris stop for a publicity photo. -- SN Cargill poses with the main man on the bridge. n i GMT2 Casses and STG2 Ogbum converse with the star of the show. 2, SN Sorenson gets an autograph for his wife. - The band readies for departLu'e by he Q l-lTCS Amon gives a lesson on damage control. GSE3 Samuelson and father smile for the camera. Tiger cruise A Navy "Tiger" is a male relative or friend of a crew- member who is invited to join the crewmember in Hawaii and ride the ship back to San Diego. During this last week of the deployment, our Tigers were taken on tours of the ship and were permitted to participate in many of the daily shipboard evolutions. ' Many demonstrations of FLETCHER's capabilities, includ- ing a night gun-shoot using star-shells, were shown to our Tigers. Possibly most exciting was the air show put on by the CONSTELLATlON's air group. Who can forget the F-14's going supersonic as they passed down FLETCHER's port side at an altitude of about 800 feet. GMG3 Rapaport's brother takes in the view of the Coronado Bridge. 'Z ggi 1. .CD Q I gf' si l N Saas e .,.... w, + fQ to V 1 aa a 1 'f ttot - Q fi V? " t T N P i f it f , , - , .XX 1 x, xxxxxxv ----- f--' ,' N A s "Did someone say there was a full MOON out?" x FCSN Geneva awaits the word "Moored, shift colors". FLETCHER rowdies in P.I. Downtown Mombasa rx 'W X HTFN Flucker in his "cool man" get up QU H BIRDS AWAY' I ' "Now is that a happy bunch of Boats, or what?" A View of FLETCHER from the aft mast' Line handlers for underway replenishment stand by to 'heave around." d 4 Award ceremony while underway. f X Soviet "Bear" aircraft escorted by F-14 tighter. U. S. Navy tug readies to direct FLETCHER to pier. 7 i Manning the rails. GSE3 Samuelson is readjusted. Z f Z OS 2 Valverde takes a few candid shots ,V l lu VW How great it feels to be back home. Homecoming The happy faces of reunited friends and family. Quick! Get the brow acrossfl haven't hugged that special person in six months! Family and fnends of STG2 Walsh relaxing in crews mess hall See you guys he looks yust like me' says FC2 Baker Y .. Y, Q if f it 5 ' ' ' ' cc - . ,, ' v 1 . , fi X 5 S Mark Brown, a ex-FLETCHER crewmember, comes on board to STG2 McCarthy relaxing with family. FCFN Kroth with his wife hear how we did and where we went. and baby are in the background. f ,,,' rra: f HTF N Clark with his wife and brand new, never seen before, beautiful baby. "Heck, he even has daddy's smile Homecoming Old crewmembers, friends, family and even never before seen new babies smile and rejoice at their sailors return. Ha! America the Beautiful. It really is! Aff , ,,,,,, , , ,,V,,, , WZWH ff! 7 WV , , ,X , Value Sw x Ns -- Zi I o o' 6 Vo", ,o o, aio o , ff , ,, y , ,ylf I f 72 2 ! gf f , 0,3g42f ix Q W M4 X jg js: X 17 :K mm w. wlff J Mn W f ' ! W f f f Z I ,Mui .......2,700 V kg, o oo oonooo oooooo gf X0 ooo oo . . f l X I 7 4 Q4 PPFOXJ nj' ivff 0 oooxoxqooo Q I T oaooo osooo o 0 ooooo o c L Miles Travel ?ApproXj . land' S ' oooo o o o o o o o g bf Q W Q 0 ,, 2 .f ff S S 1,294 www SNES NV YN A N N 4 , V . , . , V - A'- fs ' A H 7 'xhgzjwxx i WALSWQRTH Cruise Book Sales Office PUBLISHING 912 Skylark Drive COMPANY La Jolla, CA 92037 MARCELINE, MISSOURI, U.S.A. This brought to you by DS3 Nathan Struss A 'r -Q , f ff' ,g -.Qt L-' . . ,jx AN 4 f-,Qs uf , -" s , . nu . Q. K. 1 Vw, x -. , ,M W , ,H ,..f I ,. f Mc!" ' 1' . -59, Q -"""'4 . F- N 4'-'LL 2 va l, ' m., .hh ug, ,iw

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