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u i ' v ? ■ V » f-Ml:. Mti K Uc-r ' -S 1 » ' :»» •« ' . y - ? A.. f ' ?v T ! ' ., .. ;i- ' ' . 1 - ■ •. :, ■ • . • ' • 1. ' vi, !■ •. ■■ SOUTH I 2. i $1 WEIUNOION ;- ) PORT CALLS FEB 19-22 PEARL HARBOR. HAWAII MAR 6 GUAM MAR 12-18 SUBIC BAY. PHILIPPINES MAR 20-26 SUBIC BAY, PHILIPPINES APR 3-7 PUSAN, REPUBLIC OF KOREA APR 7-11 SASEBO, JAPAN APR 13-26 YOKOSUKA. JAPAN 1 MAY 22-12 SUBIC BAY, PHILIPPINES 1 JUN 15-21 HONG KONG JUN 24-1 SUBIC BAY. PHILIPPINES IFIC JUL 1-6 MANILA, PHILIPPINES JUL 6-8 SUBIC BAY. PHILIPPINES JUL 10-15 SUBIC BAY. PHILIPPINES JUL 22-25 PORT MORESBY. PAPAU N NEW GUINEA JUL 27-28 CAIRNS. AUSTRALIA AUG 9 PEARL HARBOR, HAWAII AUG 16 SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA m 4..: ,;v,j? M ' - KMrn ' ► ' j ' iii . ' , ' j " miim - BtSjKSiaaK iJr ?- ' " ' - ■ USS Fletcher ' s First Deployment WEST PAC 82 CRUISEBOOK STAFF EDITOR Andrew Fletcher FTM2 Kenneth Kaiser FTG2 J P ' ' A " ' ' ' ' _ Frederick Collins QM2 ffTANTEDITO PHOTOGRAPHERS Andrew Fletcher FTMJ Kenneth Kaiser FTG2 ADVISERS Christopher Raya FTM3 LT Mark Kuharik Anthony Matone ENS Mr. Glenn Miller CONTRIBUTORS WRITERS Marshall Hunerkoch FTG2 - Advertising Marvin Dietz STG2 Douglas Cox FTG2 - Advertising Joseph D ' Attilio BM2 Robert Winters FTM3 - Photos Edward Farron QM2 LT Robert Borowski - Photos PAGE LAYOUT Frederick Collins QM2 - Research Kenneth Kaiser FTG2 ' " ' " " ' ' ' ' " " " ' TABLE OF CONTENTS SHIP ' S HISTORY 4 CO 6 XO 7 DEPLOYMENT DAY 8 HAWAII 12 GUAM 15 SUBIC BAY 16 PROJECT HAND CLASP 20 OFFICERS 21 OPERATIONS 24 NAV X 31 RECREATIONAL THERAPY 33 KOREA 37 JAPAN 41 KEEPING FIT 44 ENGINEERING 49 SUPPLY 55 MEMORIES MILESTONES 59 HONG KONG 60 MANILA 64 KJAK NEWS 67 ESWS 68 COMBAT SYSTEMS 69 HELO DETACHMENT 75 PORT MORESBY 77 CAIRNES 79 GOLDEN SHELLBACKS 81 HOMECOMING 88 CHANGE OF COMMAND 92 ODDS AND ENDS 94 SHIPS COMPANY 95 US$ FLETCHER (00-992) USS FLETCHER (DD-992) is the thirtieth SPRUANCE Class Destroyer to be designed and built by the Ingalls Shipbuilding Division of Litton Industries, Pascagoula, Mississippi. Homeported in San Diego, FLETCHER is assigned to Destroyer Squadron FIVE. The SPRUANCE Class Destroyer is unique among today ' s warships in that it is the first major class to be powered exclusively by gas turbine engines . . . four General Electric LM-25CX) engines which produce 20,000 shaft horsepower each. Twin controllable-reversible pitch propellers work in conjunc- tion with the engines to move FLETCHER through the water at speeds in excess of 30 knots and give her a degree of maneuverability unequaled by any other warship her size. Built with future growth in mind, FLETCHER ' S design is modular. This allows for easy installation of entire subsystems within the ship. This ease of installation also will allow new weapons and electronics systems to be placed on FLETCHER, thus allowing the ship to be used as a proving ground for new military technology. FLETCHER is truly a ship of the future as well as the present. Crew comfort and habitability were also prime considera- tion in FLETCHER ' S design. Berthing areas are spacious and considerable care has been taken to equip the ship with features uncommon to most destroyers. Such features include: a ship ' s libraryi a crew ' s loungei a gymnasiumi a hobby shopi and many other features which enhance crew comfort. In addition to these specifically designed-in comforts, the many automated weapons and engineering systems onboard FLETCHER aWow for reduced manning levels. This results in more space and easier living conditions for all. As a highly versatile multi-mission destroyer, FLETCHER is capable of operating independently or in company with amphibious or carrier task forces. Although equipped to handle a wide variety of mission areas, FLETCHER ' S primary mission is that of Antisubmarine Warfare. FLETCHER carries the most advanced ASW equipment in existance to facilitate her accomplishment of this complex and demanding task. The ship is equipped with a sophisticated sonar, the SQS-53, which is directly integrated with a third generation, digital computer system, the Naval Tactical Data System. In addition to her sonar, FLETCHER ' S SW weapons suit includes an Antisubmarine Rocket (ASROC) and two triple barreled Mark 32 torpedo tubes. This integrated combat system provides FLETCHER with an enhanced target information processing capability and an extremely fast threat reaction time. FLETCHER also boasts two 5 inch 54 caliber Mark 45 fully automatic gun mounts controlled by the digital Mark 86 Fire Control System. Also integrated with NTDS, these systems allow FLETCHER to excell in her secondary mission areas of Naval Gunfire Support, Surface Warfare, and Anti-Air Warfare. In conclusion, USS FLETCHER constitues a destroyerman ' s dream. She incorporates the best of modern technology. Her exceptional propulsion system and fully integrated combat system combine with her modular construction to make FLETCHER a platform not to be surpassed. Ship Des ign Characteristics Built by ... Ingalls Shipbuilding Division of Litton Industries Complement Officers 19 CPO ' s 16 Enlisted 259 Pascagoula. Mississippi Armam ent Two 5 " 54 Cal. MK 45 Gun Keel Laid ... 24 April 1978 Mounts Christened ... 21 July 1979 MK 112 ASROC Launcher Commissioned .. ... 12 July 1980 Two MK 32 Torpedo Tubes Sponsor ... Mrs. Harry D. Train NATO Sea Sparrow Missiles Length ... 563 Feet Harpoon Beam ... 55 Feet Aircraft One SH-3, Two SH-2, or Two SH-60 Antisubmarine Draft ... 29 Feet Displacement ... ... 7800 Tons Helicopters Speed ... 30 + Knots Propulsion Four General Electric LM-2500 Marine Gas Turbine Engines (Total - 80.000 Shaft Horsepower) ,.«. ■• . ' •• :;— : :x«4t« IN COMMAND K I (ii " f COMMANDING OFFICER Commander Steven C. Saulnier •-V j 1 EXECUTIVE OFFICER Commander Thomas R. Mooney Deployment Day The day started like any other. Reveille went on time, breakfast was served and the crew mustered . . . but it was a different day unlike any other for FLETCHER, for it marked the first day of her maiden deployment . . . K) SO loved ones were kissed, teary good-byes said, and all lines cast off for WEST PAC ' 82. y X HA WAN • - .sT t: NORTH SHORE WAIKIKI BEACH PEARL CITY ARIZONA MEMORIAL Hawaii 14 HICKAM WATER TOWER Guam I ' T ' SSSfp rs BH » . Subic Bay Ja, majfo --- ««9! .9il4 -«J « ' Hh ' V - ' »- ' r t ' rv Subic Bay Continued Project Handclasp Project Handclasp is an ongoing project of the US Navy to help the less fortunate living overseas. In May FLETCHER crewmembers distributed food, toys, medical supplies, and other goods to the town of Dinalupihan, Bataan, Republic of the Philip- pines. Other crewmen aided in the painting and revitalization of the local schoolhouse. A par- ade and party were held by the towns people to show their appreciation. It was a fun time and a learning experience for all involved, giving them a better understanding and a closer relationship with people from another land. 30 DEPARTMENT HEADS .ii.: a . -? . Jf 1 Combat Systems LCDR Santos Engineering LCDR Frank 4 f Detachment HSL 36 LCDR Worms " Vjp Supply LT Boggio . Operations LT Smith • f n NAV X LT Kuharik ir ■ r Wardroom Front Row: Lt. Clark, Ens. Tex Darr, LtJG Pinkerton. Second Row: Lt. Rosenberg, Ens. Peters, Lt. Kuharik, LtJG Preisendanz, Lt. Penaflor, Lt. Hernandez, Lt. Bella. Ens. Wheeler I Lt. Huharik, Lt. Smith, LtJG Ogden, Ens. Thompson, Lt. Bella, Ens. Wheeler. I k 72 .$1 Lt. Borowski. Lt. Kuharik. ,L., Lt Borowski. LtJG Ogden. Ens. Thompson LtJG Pinkerton, Lt. Geis, Lt. Hernandez. LtJG Pinkerton, Pace Instructor, Lt. Bella, Lt. Clark, LCDR Boggio. Lt. Hernandez. t iTt mJf A LCDR Reeves, Capt. Quast, CDR. French Lt. Hernandez, Lt. Clark, Lt. Austad, LtJG Pinkerton, LtJG Preisendanz. OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT FIRST DIVISION ' ' SA Durham BM3 Martinez. BM3 May SN Bettger BM3 Younce Manila Highline 24 BMC Navarette o U t I I m SN Fonseca. SA Duncan. SA Baca, SN Madden, SR McCord V BM2 Dattilio, BM3 Trujillo BM3 Kincade SA Miller, SA Kelly. SA Allen SA Huefner. BM3 May 25 First Division 4 EN3 Clayton, SN Parrington 36 BMI Maclntyre h SN Johnson BM2 Dougherty. SA Ledbetter, BM3 Martinez i SA Miller f SA Huefner, SA Ledbetter, SA Duncan. SN McKibben SN Campbell. BM3 Kincade 27 01 Division OSC Waugh, 0S3 Myers -. ' 69 1 OS3 Seastrand 38 FRONT ROW OSSN Rowe. 0S2 Dalton, OSI Zajac, OS3 Pettus, 0S2 Bartlett, 0S3 Seastrand, LTJG Bella. BACK ROW 0S3 Lightner, 0S3 Finney, EW2 Edwards, 0S2 Stadler, OSI Blaylock, 0S2 Riall, OSSN Beike, 0S3 Wiley. OSSN Babich. OS3 Valverde, 0S3 Seastrand. 0S3 Myers. OS3 Pettus FRONT EWSN Tracey. BACK ROW EW2 Edwards, EWCS Montez, EW2 Scoggins EWSN Tracey, EW2 Scoggins EWSN Tracey. EW2 Edwards, EW3 Scoggins OSS Blackwell 39 OC Division r ' f: FRONT ROW RM3 Moorer, RMI Snyder, RMSN Pacho, RMS Smith. RM3 Turnquist. CENTER ROW RM3 Havesworth, RMSN Culpepper, RM2 Freiman, RMI Latch BACK ROW RM2 Daniels, SMS Nelson, SMS Stanford, SM2 Perkins, RMI Ranney. SM2 Shaw i t %m SM2 Perkins, SMS Nelson, SMS Stanford, SM3 Shaw RMS Smith 30 RMI Snyder, RMC Northrup NAV EX nrnwnissfid HM3 Tisdale ■ I CV GSE2 Holt. HMI Guido ! NCI Rodriguez !5 -,X " 9 EMCS Stedman Front Row: YNSN Johnson. PN3 Parrish, PNI Reyes. Back Row: YNSN Byrd, PNSN Karkheck. Recreational Therapy STEEL BEACH Being underway for any length of time is often boring and monotonous, with Unreps, exer- cises, and normal underway watches. FLETCHER personnel have devised several ways of coping with this situation - Sunbathing, Swimming, and Flight Deck Cookouts - are several of them. FLETCHER has space for any class of sunbather, it ' s just a matter of finding where and when each class practices. The true professional never misses a nooner on the Oi level (top), while the beginner takes a more relaxed attitude and catches a few rays on the fantail, and is often heard saying " I can get a tan wearing anything. " (middle) Inter- mediates at least realize the less clothes the more rays and usually are found worshipping 3 out of 7 days, (bottom) jrfiwt ' " " " " " " " nil . M - ,A, r- ir_-: - In AtJ- i} Swim Call w ' . V 34 f W % ■..-. V . 1 992 it A i Unlike most ships in this day and age, swim call is not unusual on FLETCHER, but on this particular day the place was. Only 100 N.M. north of the USS INDIANAPOLIS disaster of World War II. The place was sobering, but all went to work at having a good time. From the look-outs, to the shark watch on deck, to the shark watch in the motor whale boat, all including the swimmers enjoyed the sun and the SO ' ' water. I 35 Cook Outs Back yard barbecues are one thing, but in FLETCHER the turn out ranges from the ordinary to the not so ordinary. Each Recreational Therapy is fun and eases the boredom, but the most important part is the raising of morale and gained friendships. 36 Korea ■ ' l« l l»»«.a;-«iJ ' £ Korean Ancient War Monument Pagoda Traditional Wedding dress Korea Continued ■ Korea Continued World ' s oldest observatory Japan Japan Continued 43 KEEPING FIT HT3 Mllstead. FN Lewis, HTFN Griffith, ENI Seiner. 44 DSC Nick ' ? FLETCHER SOFTBALL HIGHLIGHTS - Record 15 Wins 3 Losses - Defeated previous 7th Fleet Champs USS Francis Hammond - Most points in over seas 7th Fleet Division - Defeated University of Papau New Guinea - Trounced FLETCHER ' S Wardroom into meaning- less insignificance. ' - mj . - - ET2 Mahoney ' " 1 ' _ ■ 1 • flh . P H 4 . Fi fl l V V i v H . -«»s Sf DS2 Davis OS! Zaiac 45 4 1t DS2 Davis .4.. " ' fti i RMI Snyder, DS2 Dase (mouth), MS2 Fredricksen, DS2 Davis, STG2 Long, ET2 Mahoney, 0S2 Blaylock, DSC Nick, SN Jones. i ■■m Left Row: HT2 Farreli, DSC Nick, SN Parrington. Ellen (Bill ' s Honeycoe). Middle Row: Ens. Cain, Lt. Hernandez, RMI Snyder, STG2 Long (Ellen ' s Honeycoe). Right Row: OSI Zajac, ET2 Mahoney, DS2 Dase. f NO SMOI ' ;« {$ k» FLETCHER Basketball Highlights Second in points in over seas division Record 33 Wins 6 Losses Played University of Manila OSSN Blackwell. EN3 Cooper. SA Durham. Kneeling: EN3 Oneal, SN Durham. Leaning: SN Wyatt. FN Rogers. HTFN Allen. Standing: STG3 Harrison. TM3 Crawford, FN Riddle. GMJ2 Thomas, EN3 Cooper. SN Edwards. GMT2 Larrabee. SN Kincade. 0S3 Blackwell. MS3 Watson. SN Durham GMMSN McEntyre, FTMSN Kober. FTM2 Azevedo. GMMSN McEntyre. DS2 Davis. ET2 Wheeler, FTM2 Azevedo. SN Wyatt 48 Engineering " R " DIVISION FRONT ROW HTI Mullholland, HTI Dawes. HTFN Noon, HT3 Tolbert. HT3 Mayfield. HT2 Parrel. BACK ROW. HTC Johnson. HTI Stonebraker, HTFN Riddle. HTFN Krug. HTFN Allen. HTFN Lewis, HT3 Milstead. HTFN Luther, MR2 O ' Brein. HT3 Brady, LT Hernandez MR3 O ' Brein HT3 Mayfield HT3 Milstead, HTFA Rogers HTFN Luther HTI Shimelonis f ' i HTFN Krug, HTFN Griffith " E " DIVISION 50 IC2 Varin ' E ' DIVISION 14»w FRONT, ENI Inigo. BACK, EMS Rogers, EM3 Cooper, EMS Lucero. EMFN Espiritu, EMS O ' Neal y SI I- ' ' - FRONT ROW, ICI Smith. ICC Attaway, ICS Lozano, BACK ROW, 1C3 Carroll, ICS Fletcher, IC2 Varin, ICS Jenkins, ICS Davis 51 " A " DIVISION FRONT. FN Mowan, FN Craft, EN3 Erwin. BACK ROW. ENI Espino. ENFN Sanchez, EN3 Foley, ENFN Matone EN3 Erwin, ENI Seiner, ENS Peters, ENI Espino, EN2 Paramore EN3 Trelstad, EN2 Paramore 52 ENI Gulen " M " DIVISION GSE2 Melton FRONT ROW. EN3 Clayton, GSM3 Noon MIDDLE. GSM3 Schwartz, GSM3 Parker, GSM3 Krieger BACK ROW. EN3 DeClerk, GSM3 Tyler. GSM3 Henderson 53 FRONT. GSM2 McClellan, GSM2 Murphy BACK ROW. EN3 Matone. GSM3 Stahlnecker. FN Wilhite FRONT. GSM3 Clark, GSM3 Lane, GSM3 Jordan. MIDDLE. GSM2 Holt BACK ROW. GSM2 Vermillo, GSM3 Westegaard, GSMI Turner, GSM3 Liggett, GSMFN Guidry, GSMFN Hokanson Supply Department S-l. S-2. S-3 :i-vii:t-i)-(i Fn-i!u:i-v 2 s-i m _a. vVi-. i MS3 Watson 0S2 Bartlett. SHSN Vitug 55 SK2 Shummon, SKI Cabunoc. SKI Nichols Supply Department 56 Front Row: DKC Famatid. MS2 Milian. Second Row. MS3 Acosta, SKI Back Row: SKI Cabunoc, SK3 Maye, -7 SKSN Arino SKCM Corner J «§ . . 1 ■ jr- ' " - ' iT r x. J w4 , -? V iMAl! N Tizuela. MS3 Watson, SHSN Carvajal. SHI Marquez, SKSN Wheeler, MSCS Nichols. SHSN Vitug. MSI Daganzo. SH2 Stanton, MSI Elefane, SKCM Corner. DK3 Leberman, SK2 Shummon. DKC Famatid 57 Supply Department 58 MS3 Fernandez SH2 Stanton Memories 3 Milestones FEBRUARY 2 Liberty expires for WEST PAC 1982 2 Payday 14 Retard clocks one hour 19 Moor PEARL HARBOR. HAWAII 20 Underway 22 Surface gun shoot 23 Fire exercise torpedoes 27 Retard clocks one hour 27 Payday MARCH 2 Retard clocks one hour 4 British Falklands confrontation begins 6 Flight deck cookout 6 Moor GUAM for fuel 6 Underway 6 Retard clocks one hour 7 Swim call 9 Retard clocks one hour 10 Enter San Bernardino straits 11 ENCHOPEX (BLUE ORANGE FORCES) 12 Moor SUBIC BAY, PHILIPPINES 15 Payday 18 Underway 20 Moor SUBIC BAY, PHILIPPINES 26 Underway 30 Payday APRIL 3 Moor PUSAN, KOREA 7 Underway 7 Moor SASEBO. JAPAN II Underway 13 Moor YOKOSUKA, JAPAN 14 John Belushi died 15 Payday 19 Frocking ceremony 26 Underway 27 Nataly Wood died 30 Payday MAY 6 Dual carrier exercise 8 Triple carrier exercise 9 Retard clocks one hour 11 Retard clocks one hour 13 Personnel inspection 15 Payday 22 Moor SUBIC BAY, PHILIPPINES 25 Scuba class begins 28 Payday 30 Scuba qualifications JUNE 7 3M inspection 12 Underway for NGFS 13 Lybian jet incident 14 Payday 14 Frocking ceremony 15 Moor HONG KONG 21 Underway 25 Moor SUBIC BAY. PHILIPPINES 28 Payday JULY I Underway I Moor MANILA, PHILIPPINES 4 INDEPENDENCE DAY US PHILIPPINES 6 Underway 6 Moor SUBIC BAY, PHILIPPINES 8 Underway for missle exercise 11 Moor SUBIC BAY, PHILIPPINES 12 FLETCHERS 2nd Birthday 14 Payday 15 Underway 16 Enter Basilan straits 17 Enter Celebes straits 18 Crossed equator at 000-138 21 Advance clocks one hour 21 Enter Torrez straits 21 1st malaria pill day 22 Moor PORT MORESBY, PAPAU, NEW GUINEA 23 Remembrance day parade 23 FLETCHERS open house (ship raided) 24 PAPAU. NEW GUINEA fantail fish fry 25 Underway 27 Moor CAIRNS, AUSTRALIA 29 Underway 31 Advance clocks one hour AUGUST 2 1st national smile week begins 3 Advance clocks one hour 4 Retard clocks 24 hours 4 Crossmg the equator ceremony 000-180 5 Fantail cookout swim call 6 Advance clocks one hour 8 Advance clocks one hour 9 Moor PEARL HARBOR, HAWAII 10 Underway 13 Payday 15 Advance clocks one hour 16 Moor SAN DIEGO. CALIFORNIA Miles traveled 35,000 Fuel burned 3.430.172 gallons Cash payroll $1,184,643. Ships store sales $102,296. Video game net $11,845. Gallons of milk consumed 1,202 Cans of soda consumed 62.852 59 Hong Kong Reenlistment Ceremony, Victoria Peak 60 ii€ii7 ' ' • ' " i M ' ! ' .» • Repulse Bay 61 Hong Kong Continued W W ' T? Manila .- Manila Continued IC3 Lozano, YN2 Trebel -rr: - i -— ,, f c i GSE2 Phipps IC3 Fletcher KJAK News Up to the minute, fast breaking news. Who cares if you hear it three days in a row. it ' s news of home and in English. The news teams aren ' t pro ' s, but bright and witty, and each night everyone not on watch gathers around the tube for KJAK News. ENS Trelstad S- DSC Nick. CPO Nicks brother, SN Culpepper. FTM2 Azevedo 67 ESWS Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist is a symbol of a highly motivated Petty Officer. One who knows his job and has taken his spare time to gain an overall knowledge of the operation of his ship. FLETCHER s proud to be the command of many of these dedicated men. During their off hours previous ESWS personnel conducted classes to aid others in the achievement of this fine goal. GSMI Turner, SH2 Ginder, SH2 Stanton, GSCS Henshaw FTM2 Azevedo, HTI Stonebraker, YNI Nabors. SKCM Cotner RMI Rainney, GMTI Merat SKI Knutson. STGC Iverson Combat Systems Department WE DIVISION ETD Saldiveri, ET2 Mahoney, LTJG Hernandez, DS3 Davis, ET2 Dermody DS2 Davis, DS3 Priest WM and WG DIVISIONS .1 : f; m .JL Front: GMMSN McEntire. First Row: FTM2 Azevedo, FTMSN Kober, FTM2 Weaver, FTMSN Raya, Ens. Pinkerton. Second Row: GMM2 Dungan, FTM2 Fletcher, FTM2 Durbin. Top: GMMSN Hancock, FTM3 Kemper, FTM3 Robey, FTMSN Winters. m ' ' ' 1 Front Row: GMCS Duthorn, FTG2 Hunerkoch, FTG3 Bryant. GMGI Ertzner, GMG2 Thomas, GMG3 Gloria, LTJG Kuharik. Second Row: FTGI Schmidgall, FTG3 Hughes, GMG2 Cronhamn. GMG2 Greenwood, FTG3 Kaiser, GMG2 Green, FTG3 Prewitt, FTG2 Cox. 70 FTM3 Weaver, FTG3 Kaiser FT(V13 Robey, GMG2 Green FTG2 Hunerkoch FT63 Prewitt, F TG3 Hughes, FTG3 Bryant FTG2 Biddle, FTMSN Winters, FTM2 Azevedo FTG3 Prewitt WM and WG DIVISIONS GMG2 Green FTM3 Kemper 72 WA DIVISION o O r V LJi Front Row: STG2 Long, STGSN Brown. TMSN Poulton, TM3 Thomas. TM3 Crawford. STG3 Hollinger. STGSN Perez. STG3 Bruso. Middle Row: LTJG Clark. GMTI Merat. STG2 Dietz. STG2 Chesler. TM2 Glenn, STGSN McElwee. STG3 Harrison. GMJ2 Larrabee. GMT2 Thomas. GMTSN Edwards. STGI Stepo. Back Row: STG Brown, SJG2 Garren, STGI Paxton. GMT3 Smith, STG2 Morack, STGI Osborn. STG2 Long, STGI Osborn, STG2 Dietz STGI Walker 73 WA DIVISION TM3 Thomas STG3 McElwee, STG3 Paulino. STGI Osborn GMT2 Thomas STGI Paxton. GMTI Merat, GMG2 Thomas S TM3 Poulton, TMI Glenn 74 STG3 Paulino, STG3 Bruso Helo Detachment HSL 36 !WHW| Front Row: AW3 Carnivale, AW3 Evans. AE2 Jones, AMS3 Stewart, AE3 Adams, AD2 Kistner. Back Row: LT Rosenberg. LT Austad, AEC Picard, LCDR Worms. AMSI Hernandez. AT2 Clay, LT DriscolL AE2 Jones 75 LT Austad. LT Driscoll. AW3 Evans LT Driscoll. AMS3 Stewart. AW3 Evans. LT Rosenberg. AW2 Bufford . AW3 Evans. AW2 Bufford, AMSI Hernandez. AE3 Adams HSL 36 76 AE2 Jones, AE3 Adams, BM3 Younce Port Moresby 11 78 Port Moresby Continued Cairnes ' ;. Sis.,-- M t ' siMIHflliDBmHOt tARimuyn, t . 1 ■ ¥ 11 If « n n ' 79 Cairnes Continued 80 Since The Vikings, Stiips And Men Have Paid Homage To Neptune Although a crossing the line ceremony is like a flicker in time, waiting for the day to arrive seems to encompass an eternity. Word leaks out early about some of the bizarre initiation rites that have been handed down from mariner to mariner. Right from the beginning, you know where you stand. Either you have crossed the equator, or you haven ' t, and there ' s no middle ground. Salty old chiefs and senior officers alike, wince at the thought that perhaps they have lost their " shellback card " . their sole defense against having to undergo the ritual as a lowly " pollywog " . The shellback population maintains a smug silence until the " day of reckoning " arrives. Long before the fateful day arrives, pollywogs are forewarned that they should set aside their worst uniforms for the days ' activities and stubborn sailors seek every means, including bribery, to be exempt from the ritual. As the day approaches, various clues intensify the suspense. A menu is distributed offering a normal cuisine for the lucky shellbacks and a variety of suspicious-sounding dishes for his counterpart. Shellback meetings appear in the ships ' plan- of-the-day. Then, a frightening silence descends, leaving three or four long days for the pollywogs to imagine the rest. In FLETCHER, pollywog under- grounds sprout up everywhere, from a diplomatic call-to-action from COMWOGFLEET, to inflam- matory graffiti scribbled during a visit to the ships ' head. The ships ' THE MEETING OF THE GOLDEN SHELLBACK LINES. The actual equator: Latitude QCO x Longitude 180° CO West. usually routine newscasts are modified to include pollywog happenings and propaganda for those who tune in to hear an encouraging word. By the eve of " the day of reckoning " , the crew has worked itself into a state of frenzy. Pollywogs begin a very active campaign for justice before their time draws near. Ambushes are common, eggings frequent, kidnap- pings rampant. A civil war is brewingi a modern-day mutiny threatens. The wogs stage a ' " Miss Fair Wog " contest for the enjoy- ment of the Honorable Shellbacks and the lucky winner is allowed to be seated at the royal court beside King Neptune. Each and every pollywog is summoned to appear before the court, with no exceptions. A summons is to be issued to all those whose very presence has incurred the wrath of " " His Majes- ty " , Neptunus Rex. Many sailors go to great lengths to charm or offend the enemy shellbacks, or perhaps even claim the superiority of their own species. Some highly- colorful shirts are designed, but in most cases, the language is too salty to repeat. As befits the occasion, the ship ' s Plan- of-the-day calls for early revielle, separate chowlines, hoisting of the " Jolly Roger " and the frightful words: " Commence Shellback ini- tiation. Continue initiation until the fair ship FLETCHER s no longer contaminated by having in her a single pollywog. " Miss Fair Wog 8 CROSSING THE LINE The Royal Executioner " Faithful " Wog Dog 83 More Crossing The Line t % Pollywog dance contest Royal Dentist 84 Former PLO Leader (Pollywog Liberation Organization) 85 King Neptune ' s Royal Court Royal Baby 86 Crossing The Line Continued Royal Barbers The thrill of Victory 87 COMING HOME 1 ».4ff» ' Wj wlm THIS CELE THE USS Home CO Brought FLET 1 Just a few signs of how we ' ve been missed b 88 ?ATION OFi ETCHERS NG AS 3 YOU B ' ' )ved ones, gone but certainly not forgotten. k ' - u 1 l S9 ■Mi ,r,l£ ' M - . i r. ' i ' 90 l ' X fe -- » f a i ' is After six months and 35,CXX» miles thus ended FLETCHER ' S Maiden Deployment. 91 Change Of Command On August 21, 1982, Commander Steven C. Saulnier was relieved as Commanding Officer of FLETCHER by Commander Gordon H. Rheinstrom. It was a golden day in San Diego and a golden day for FLETCHER as we exchanged one fine Captain for another. ' Rm CDK ..AULNItK rt y-- . l»Ol ' « , r 9 - 44r- mililL-,.— - 4 lK= Ji, JkC. . ' 93 V I ! vHf ' ' . ' T »y 93 RMSN Culpepper, ENS Trelstad AND ENDS FTMSN Winters, GMMSN Macintyre. FTMSN Kober GSM2 Holt FTM2 Fletcher SHIP ' S COMPANY MS3 ACOSTA AE3 ADAMS SN ALLEN FA ALLEN VN3 ARGENTE SK3 ARINO ICC ATTAWAY LT AUSTAP MS3 AXEL FTM2 AZEVEDO OSSN BABICH SN BACA GSM2 BALTAZAR 052 BARTLETT OSSN BELKE LT BELLA BMSN BERMEA SN BETTGER FTG2 BIDDLE 053 BLACKWELL 052 BLAYLOCK LCDR BOGGIO LT BOROWSKI HT3 BRADY STG2 BROWN SN BROWN STG3 BRUSO 053 BRYANT FTG3 BRYANT AW2 BUFFORD YNSN BYRD SKI CABUNOC ENS CAIN SN CAMPBELL FA CAREYETTE AW3 CARNIVALE IC3 CARROLL SHSN CARVAJAL DS3 CASTRO STGI CHESSLER ET3 CHRISTY MSSN CHUNKO LT CLARK GSM3 CLARK AT3 CLAY EN3 CLAYTON QM3 COLLINS SN CONLEY EM3 COOPER SKCS COTNER FTG2 COX FN CRAFT TM3 CRAWFORD ADI CRENSHAW STG3 CROCKETT GMG2 CRONHAMN SN CULPEPPER MSI DAGANZO 0$2 DALTON RM3 DANIELS ENS DARR DS2 DASE BM2 DATTILIO DS3 DAVIS IC3 DAVIS RMSN DAVIS HTI DAWES EN3 DeCLERK FTG2 DERMONY ENS DESPAIN STG2 DIETZ FR DODSON BM2 DOUGHERTY LT DRISCOLL SA DUNCAN GMM2 DUNGAN FTM2 DURBIN SA DURHAM GMCS DUTHORN EWI EDWARDS SN EDWARDS MSI ELEFANE EMI ELENCOLIN OS! ERICKSON GMGC ERTZNER SA ERVIN ENI ESPINO EM3 ESPIRITU AW3 EVANS DKC FAMATID HT2 FARRELL FN FARRELL QM2 FARRON SN FERGUSON MSSN FERNANDEZ 0S3 FINNY FTM2 FLETCHER IC3 FLETCHER EN3 FOLEY SN FONSECA LCDR FRANK MS2 FREDRICKSEN RM2 FREIMAN MAAI GALANG STG2 GARREN BM3 GAY LT GEIS SH2 GINDER TMI GLENN GMG2 GLORIA SN GONZALES QM3 GOODEAUX GSE3 GOYETTE GMGI GREEN GMGI GREENWOOD FN GRIFFITH GSEI GUBE HMI GUIDO FN GUIDRY ENC GULEN SN HAIRSTON EN2 HALL GMM3 HANCOCK ET2 HANSEN FR HANSEN CW02 HARRELSON STG3 HARRISON RM2 HAYNESWORTH GSM3 HENDERSON MS3 HENDRICKSON GSCS HENSHAW LT HERNANDEZ AMSI HERNANDEZ QMI HESSLER FA HIBBERT FN HOKANSON BM2 HOLCOMB STG2 HOLLINGER GSM2 HOLT EN3 HOOPER SA HORNSBY ETC HOWELL SA HUEFNER FTG3 HUGHES FTG2 HUNDERKOCH FN HURLEY EMI INIGO EN2 IRWIN STGC IVERSON RM3 JACKSON IC3 JENKINS HTC JOHNSON YNSN JOHNSON SA JOHNSON AE2 JONES SA JONES GSM3 JORDAN FTG3 KAISER PNSN KARKHECK SA KELLY FTM3 KEMPER SA KENYON 052 KIMBRO BM3 KINCADE AD3 KISTNER GSMC KLOKOW SKI KNUTSON SN KOBER FN KRIEGER FA KRUG LT KUHARIK STG2 KURSON SN LaCOMBE GSM3 LANE GMT2 LARRABEE RMI LATSCH DK3 LEBERMAN FR LEWIS GSM3 LIGGETT 053 LIGHTNER STG2 LONG IC3 LOZANO EM3 LUCERO GSM3 LURES MS3 LUSTINA HT3 LUTHER GMM3 MACINTYRE SN MADDEN QM3 MADSEN ET2 MAHONEY SHI MARQUEZ BM3 MARTINEZ EN3 MATONE BM3 MAY SK3 MAYE HT3 MAYFIELD osi McCarthy GSM2 McCLELLAN SR McCORD STG3 McELWEE BMI McENTYRE BM2 McGHEE SN McKIBBEN GSE2 McNAIR GSE2 MELTON GMTI MERAT MSCS MILLAN 0S2 MILLER SA MILLER HT3 MILSTEAD CDR MOONEY RM3 MOORER EWCS MONTEZ STG2 MORACK FN MOWAN HTI MULLHOLLAND GSM2 MURPHY 0S2 MYERS YNI NABORS BMC NAVARETTE SM3 NELSON SKI NICHOLS RM2 NICHOLS DSC NICK GSM3 NOON HT3 NOON RMC NORTHRUP MR2 08REIN ENS OGDEN EM3 O ' NEAL STGI OSBORNE RMSN PACHO ET3 PANKO EN2 PARAMORE GSM3 PARKER SA PARRINGTON PN3 PARRISH STG3 PAULINO STGI PAXTON SHI PEEVY BM3 PENA LT PENAFLOR STG3 PEREZ SM3 PERKINS ENS PETERS OS2 PETTUS GSE2 PHIPPS AEC PICORD ENS PINKERTON TM3 POULTON ENS PREISENDANZ FTG3 PREWETT GSE2 PRICE DS3 PRIEST MS2 QUEMUEL RMI RANNEY FTMSN RAYA EN2 REED YN3 REED PNI REYES 052 RIALL SN RICE FN RIDDLE SN RILEY PCSN RHODE FTM3 ROBEY NCI RODRIGUEZ EM3 ROGERS FA ROGERS ETI ROLZ LT ROSENBERG OSSN ROWE MSI SAGUINSIN ET2 SALDIVERI EN3 SANCHEZ SA SANTISTEVAN LCDR SANTOS MSI SANTOS CDR SAULINER FTGI SCHMIDGALL GSM3 SCHWARTZ EWI SCOGGINS 053 SEASTRAND EN3 SEELEY ENI SELNER EN3 SHANNON SM2 SHAW STG3 SHEFFLER HTI SHIMELONIS SK2 SHUMMON LT SMITH ICI SMITH RM2 SMITH GMT3 SMITH DS2 SMITHING RMI SNYDER OSI STADLER GSM3 STAHLNECKER LT STANFIELD SM2 STANFORD SMI STANLEY SH2 STANTON EMCS STEDMAN STGI STEPO AME3 STEWART HTI STONEBRAKER QMC SYLVIA STG2 TAGLIALAVORE HTFN TASETANO FN TERRY GMGI THOMAS GMT2 THOMAS TM3 THOMAS HM3 TISDALE MS2 TIZUELA HT2 TOLBERT YN2 TREBEL EN3 TRELSTAD BM3 TRUJILLO GSMI TURNER RM3 TURNQUIST GSM3 TYLER SH3 ULUTU OS3 VALVERDE ET2 VANCE IC2 VARIN GSM2 VERMILLO SH3 VITUG STGI WALKER SA WARD BMSN WATERMAN MS3 WATSON OSC WAUGH FTM2 WEAVER ET2 WEED SN WEITZMAN GSM3 WESTEGAARD ENS WHEELER ET3 WHEELER SKSN WHEELER AXAN WHEELER 0S3 WILEY FN WILHITE GSMC WILSON FTM3 WINTERS LCDR WORMS SN WYATT GSMC YATES BM3 YOUNCE ENS ZAJAC EN3 ZERNICKI Staff Capl. Quasi CDR French LCDR Reeves LT Haseman LT Stansfield RPSN Aylesworth 95 THE MEN WHO WENT TO SEA THE SHIP WAS PREPARED FOR HER JOURNEY ON THAT WARM AND SUNNY MORNING. THE RAILS WERE MANNED AND EYES WERE MOIST AND MANY HEARTS WERE SOARING. FOR MANY IT WAS A FIRST AND FOR SOME IT WOULD BE THEIR LAST. IT WOULD ALL BE IN THE LINE OF DUTY AS WITH ANY FLETCHER TASK. THE PASSAGE OVER TO OAHU, WAS CALM WITH LITTLE RAIN. IN LATER MONTHS WE ' D KNOW THE WRATH OF NEPTUNE ' S RAGING MAIN. PEARL HARBOR WAS A WELCOMED SIGHT AMIDST AN ISLAND OF SO MUCH GREEN. THE ARIZONA A SAD REMINDER OF WHAT AGGRESSION REALLY MEANS. THERE WERE MANY UNREPS AND REPEATED DRILLS AND A DAY THAT EVEN LEAPED. WE SPENT SOME TIME ON THE ISLAND OF GUAM AND FOR SOME IT MEANT SOME SLEEP. WE FINALLY MADE IT TO PI WHERE THE BARGAINS RUN GALORE. BE IT SUBIC OR IN OLONGAPO, THERE ' S A SMILE BEHIND EVERY DOOR. YOUR LIVES ARE SO MUCH DIFFERENT FROM THE EASY LIVES WE ' VE LED. EVERYDAY LIES THE WORRY, OF MAKING SURE THE CHILDREN GET FED. CULTURE SHOCK CAN BEST EXPLAIN WHAT MANY HAD DESCRIED. ' ' MANILA WAS A HAPPIER STORY WITH PEOPLE JUST AS KIND. A VISIT TO PUSAN, KOREA BROUGHT MEMORIES OF EARLY SPRING. WITH CHERRY BLOSSOMS AND SMILING FACES. YOU CERTAINLY COULD SING. THEN SASEBO AND YOKOSUKA IN THE LAND OF THE RISING SUN. A COUNTRY WITH IT ' S ANCIENT HISTORY BUT STILL A LAND OF FUN. HONG KONG WAS SO CROWDED. IT MADE NEW YORK SEEM LIKE A TOWN KOWLOON AND ABERDEEN WERE MUCH EASIER TO GET AROUND. PORT MORESBY IN NEW GUINEA WAS ANOTHER CULTURAL EXPERIENCE. WE WERE WELCOMED IN A JOYOUS WAY WITH EVERYONE QUITE CURIOUS. ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY AND ZERO ADDED UP TO A GOLDEN SHELLBACK. A CREW OF MOSTLY WOGS. WOULD WITNESS NEPTUNESS MERCILESS WRATH. IT WAS NOW A TIME FOR REFLECTION AND TO REMEMBER THE MILES OF SMILES. AT JOURNEY ' S END WE WILL HAVE TRAVELED THIRTY-FIVE THOUSAND MILES. FLETCHER COMPLETED HER TASK IN THE TRADITION OF " FIGHTING JACK " . THE MEMORIES WILL LAST US A LIFETIME AS WE JOURNEY ALONG LIFE ' S TRACK. EVERYONE HAS THEIR STORIES AND WILL REMEMBER WHAT NEEDS TO BE. SO ENDS A HAPPY TALE OF THE MEN WHO WENT TO SEA. 1 « » EDWARD A. FARRON 96 WALSWOBTHYWW Cruise Bi».k Sale- (lllire PUBLISHING I I I KHH Crand Aven.ie Office E COMPANY AAA.. I, ,,, u„,,,a ' jui A f y iM ' ' % " ' ' A •mmmm. :t-f :X! f K

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