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Hifi ,again-an zz ' an ' -'--1-I Whispering i Hills 1 982 s q X , A The Izod falligatorj is a sign of the finest quality. Like time, the style will pass away. As memories, they will return. We hope that this 1981-1982 annual will bring back memories of your year spent here at Fletcher Academy. 2 i TABLE OF CONTENTS Foreward .... Dedication School Song .... Faculty .... Appreciation Seniors .... Juniors .... Sophomores Z5 , kgwt Freshmen .... ....................... Clubs Gymnastics Snap Shots Messages Places We Work .. Advertising Academy Roster 2 4 6 7 12 15 33 37 41 45 54 59 72 75 85 108 i Um' 'DaoEwTDi0n JVX1f'Dcwmllf Q jfwffb, As the annual work goes on and on, there is always someone standing in the backgroundg unidentified and working away. The many years of hard steady labor have shown through in the work that you do. And now when those years of work are about to end, we want to say Thank You Mr. Hunt for pitching in! Donald 8a Genella Hunt English, Librarian 5 School Song where tre French the School and K . , ,,....., I ,V gfsplw' K . -F. . my , 2. . ,Q , ,E W In 5 N 6, A mv, -L ,f X ,m ,gf N 7 5 X X QVN Carl Ashlock, Chaplain Gordon Brown, Religion Work Co-ordinator Penny 8a Wesley Follett Music Appreciation Elsia 8a John Hall Art, History, Photography Roy Jorgensen, Math . - 'WW 7 9 J' f Gary 8a Sharon Lewis X Secretarial, QSorry No Picture Available, 19 S Doug' 8a Carol Macomber Choir, Keyboard Don 8a June Mathis Dean Of Boys, P.E. Paul 8a Bonnie Musgrave General Shop, Wood Working Tim 8a Janet Novak Registrar -,swf ,yi 5 L , Q' so Q 1 QR A ........... .. 12X.fffIfeA ,Nix ..,. 3. ..,,............. Mgmr 55:e,fA-Lg-fi 3 is K L A Ni. i . ..., f f E'iA'EEEifvxiE::: .... f, 5555- His .-::'W - 2Qg::,z,--::QXfsM1s7 ri ' --'- - Y 'kkkk in K .5 . ,zb V X . ,,,,,,,,, . - :T .Si'1.-io : , , L .:- f EEWIQQQLQ 'Ugg i ' . f ' " .S X s -Q ' fi' W' Richard 8z Jane Science Nielsen Carl 8z Debbie Shaw Home Ec. Fa Claude 8a Becky Visser Religion Glenda Weir Dean of Girls Mr. 8a Mrs. Willis 8: Family Principal ' fr Sue 85 Brent Yingling' English -naug- I Appreciation This year instead of a certain individual appreciation we have decided that it would be most appropriate if the appreciation was made to all of the faculty, considering you have all made Fletcher a special place to us. 5 fl KC IW it ff 3 W 'IM l if Q- M ...fl K c 12 E it -i ..,. ww.:v,- :f my . ., 'F KX Qi 5 5 + as K 1 Q' . Q 1'1" is gggy A . 3, . J EER 'Q 5 4 Sb O X X14 K3 ! 'gg' L N sf 09 1 X as Y.. f. 1 ,, 7 , .ff jf ZX! f xi X, lm-F A m1. i n Q M I A Ms! 'f X '55-syg'1sffQ:.M K i .qw ,- K ,t,,f,K,'q-iw' ' .9 K ., f-., - P. f ' ' :- 1, fvvnx 3. -f k ' - - "' if 1,522-g',v 1 :' " ' , f L Hn I fe.,g . , , . A V ,S L... vi: 1' ""',."2f.f I From left to right: President - Jeff Eytchesong Secretary - Penny Eberhardtg Pastor - Randy Conner Treasurer - Melanie Jackson: Parliamentarian - Luther Walkerg Mr. Willis, Mr. Follet and Mr. and Mrs. Mathis's fVice-President - Annette Whitmillj, not pictured. 15 Jeffrey Alan Eytcheson President S Andrews University E Gymnastics, Sports N KlJeffy77 Smart mouthed people! I Marine Biologist 0 North Carolina R O O I Annette Marie Wlutmill Vi ce-Presid en t S Blue Ridge Tech Art E Annette l N Conceited people. Secretary - cg Fletcher, NO' R Penny Mar1e Eberhard t Secretary S E UNCA Water Skiing, Music N "Eber" I Closed Weekends! Certified Public Accountant O Cleveland, GA. R . R Melanie Linette Jackson Treasurer S UNCA E Sports, Gymnastics N "Beamer" People who are two-faced. I Special Education O Fletcher, NC R Randall Eugene Conner Pastor S Technical College E Football N Hzacff Smart-mouthed Rebels I Academy Principal 0 Mt. Home, NC R Luther Conley Walker III Parliamen tarian S SMC E Sports, Being with friends. "Luther" N Being told what I 'm going to do. Building Contractor I Asheville, NC O R Marla Leigh Ayers S E SMC' Backpacking, Gymnastics N Marla I Being pestered by "les cretins Elementary school teacher 0 Fletcher, N0 R Richard Lee Bankhead S E Andrews University Rock Climbing N Rich I Stuck-up people 0 Undecided R Berrien Springs, Mich. if E S3 5 S' S.. Q. 5' m 'JUG'-lztqfn SMC Singing Mr. Bill People who don 't smile Industrial Arts teacher Charlotte, NC l,........ - Carlton M. Boudreaux III S E SMC I N Sports, Reading Carlton ' I Inconsistent people 0 Undecided R Cleveland, Tenn. David Alan Brackett S UNC E Tennis N Dave Not enough time. I Pharmacist 0 Fletcher, NC - R Frank M. Brown II S SMC E Mustangs Frankie N Wrecking my Mustang. I Undecided 0 Hendersonville, NC R Dona Kay C'0g'di11 S E i UNCC N Getting off campus. Pickle I Invasion of my privacy! Psychologist O Charlotte, NC R Henry Wallace Cowen, Jr. S E Union College N Running Skip I Noisy Classrooms O Pastor R Fitzgerald, GA Helen Melissa Cox S E . . SMU .. N Accomplishing something after diligent effort! Missy I Interruption when I study. Registered Nurse O Elm City, NC R Terresa Lillian Davis S E SM C Horses N Tree I Sin ch y horses O Veterinarian Galax, Va. R David Scott Edwards S E UNCA Making fun of Nielsen. N Dave I Smart mouth Rebels O Civil or Aerospace Engineer Naples, NO' R I Steve Richard Green S . Undecided E Gymnastics, Football, Singing N Steve Paramedic I Baltimore, MD. O R Karen Pa trioia Haesche S E Kettering College Talking, Reading N Granny I Loud music Nursing O Groton, NY R I Lisa Joy Hamby S E SMC N Playing the piano, Reading Lisa I People who talk to me in the morning. Registered Nurse O R Covington, GA. S E N I O R Stephen Anthony Haupt SM C' Sports Steve Gossipers Horticulture Henderson ville, N. Ol S E Adirondack Community College Music N Bonnie Lou I Conceited people Registered Nurse 0 Fort Ann, NY R S Davidson County Comm. College E Reading, Gymnastics Marty N Slow drivers, long faces I Machinery Salesman 0 High Point, NC R Bonnie Ellen Holt Lori Elizabeth Johnson S SMC E Tennis, softball, going out. Honey N Being told I can 't do something. I Interior Design O Hendersonville, NC R Ira Martin Jones Z 1 w l 1 Stephanie Ann Krishingner S SMC' E Sports, playing the bass. N Steph Constant complaining. I Undecided 0 Hendersonville, NO' R I Priscilla Ann Lothian S E SMSM Letters, usic N Anabelle I Messiness O Registered Nurse R Cleveland, TN. Shelly Jean McClellan S E Forsyth Tech. N Roller Skating Helly I Not having my car here! 0 Respzratory Therapist Winston Salem, NC' R in l 1 Dale M. Montgomery S E University of Michigan Sports N Weasel I Two faced people. Lawyer O Augusta, GA. R Helena Sue Pedersen S SMC' ennis, orse ac ri mg E T ' H b lf 'd' So-So N Being in debt. I Interior Designer O Sarasota, FLA. R Bruce Edward Pendleton S SAC E Putting the most in all I do. N Bruce People who never wash their cars. I Landscape Architect O Hendersonville, NC R S E N I 0 R Lori Port W0 U Talking, Swimming Snort Being broke Undecided Morgan ton, N C' Joseph Burgess Robertson III S Florida Inst. of Technology E Women, Cars, Acting crazy, Art .I B. N Wimpy people I Space Shuttle pilot 0 Canton, NC' R :- an Cb lb: H S? '.:. Q. 8' E' wbwzmm SM 0' Sleeping Mickey Studying Undecided Fletcher, NC' Juliette Margueritte Smith S PUC E Watching the Pittsburg Steelers Win. N Dewey Immature people I Lawyer O Vandalia, MI R Barbara Ann Stone S sMo E Playing the piano, Talking Barbie N Unhelpful people. I Social Worker Columbia, SC 0 R Cheryl Denise Talbot S SMC E Skiing Ch ' N People with inilated mouths. I Registered Nurse 0 Fletcher, NC R S E N I 0 R Robert R. Wells S Kettering College E Singing, Soccer Mr. Bob N Egotistical people I Biomedical Electronics 0 Douglasville, GA R R Timothy A. Watkins Andrews University Vacation Tim Stuck up people Machine Engineer Fletcher, NC' Tech Pa trioia Lynn Willingham S SMC' E Sports, Joking around N Patti Conceited people I Physical Ed. Teacher 0 Charlotte, NC' X Xx bfi? S ESQ f' 65 Z j N W Q Q -W f G! YQ t iicymj KJ 1 "ev iff' Nm ' 'N iff0.gfaf fff1'ff?fV ' 0 A ck X' "X 'B XV ffflfv I' 1 , Q 1523. O W ' 5WLQPkWCWfm ner 'fb 54 .afgfli x J 1 Q l V ,f 4.513 1 sf' 1 ' f Q4 fi ..f'., '2 ' C17 . f,,,f Cf QM Q, f , Mr A Y' QQ i jf' . ft ,ffm ' K' A , . 4.1 ,f N -Q v- ,Y-7-11744-f'A"Zv Awe Ma k S Q wg MJF 752 N Y ! ww W Z!! Q Xi m wQNlU'Xk5Lf I M630 Q 7 P, Q7 K9 gww 5 W 0 ,L l'::i" f WW W Marla Ayers Richard Banklzead Bill Bass Carlton Boudreaux Dave Brackett Frank Brown Dona Cogdill Randy Conner Skip Cowen Melissa Cox Terresa Davis Penny Eberlzardt Dave Edwards Jeff Eytcheson Steve Green Karen Haesche Lisa Hamby Steve Haupt Bonnie Holt Melanie Jackson Lori Johnson Marty Jones Stephanie Krishingner Ann Lothian Shelly McClellan Dale Montgomery Helena Pedersen Bruce Pendleton Lori Port J. B. Robertson Mickey Sandborn Juliette Smith Barbara Stone Cheri Talbot Luther Walker Tim Watkins Bob Wells Annette Whitmill Patti Willingham "'11!s':4l:'-'YH' , Q4 vi Wx , is M X 4 'ls ., ,.,:,,u,-V.5m lag. . ..,A ,4-1 bw 'F ""' -w ' '51 V. :V In ,.- ,pi X. fu k? -. , . ' A . Y 4 X ' ' +L ? WM- .N .,!F7,1..,. fm.. X 'S ig .. -N.. - 5 ,N .', I. , 3- ' "..vz1 -. Q14 Q-KDS '- a j ' "1 ' .1" G .ei .1- nj sf y"'Y.E.- "' -H5 516 4 ..-'f' . 1 V -,,,: :pi Hmm- , Ja: ,W . ' fe' . ' 1' '. 4 '-: . In -Ji . . 0.41, I if ' er - -? Q L I' W rw. Y. PY f j eggtfg A g f Y 4 e ff 1 s o f f, , ,Q ' 1 'J' , .r-' Y ki , , V' 1 'W 5:1-'R ' 4 Q xg Y Q. -' m fl fn ff"'wf .Zi President - Matt Mathieseng Vice-President - Marcella Ayersg Secretary - Theresa Brockway: Treasurer - Jsney Jones: Pastorette - Brenda Goffg Psrliamentarian - Jon Carithers Sponsors - Mrs. Novak and Mr. Yingling. l.II'lIIIIl" I I , 6.15-T Brent Adams Marcella Ayers Gina Baker Renata Ballard Roy Bama Mike Battistone Eric Benson Paul Botelho Theresa Brockway Sandy Brooks Leonard Brown James Buchanan Jon Carithers Sheri Clark Mary Collins Francell Durham Shari Ealy Scott Esh Cheri Gant Doug Garey 'SI' JG' KW nn, -1 Lorie Garriclr Robert Gentry Kristy Gimble Brenda Golf Dede Heinlein Gene Hill Donna Hodges Julie Holyoke Joey Joiner Jansy Jones John Kelly Cheri Kimbro Angie Knox Bert Linebarger Sharon Lockhart Esther Mc0arter Matt Mathiesen Jack Milholm Sandy Monteperto Danny Morton Cindy Peel Maryann Penkala Jet? Powers Brenda Roberts Melanie Roberts Jill Sadler Jimmy Shinn Johnnita Summerton Dennis Swinney Ivey Vreeland Bob Wall Juanita Weaver Marva Willis Cindy Wynn Diana Yurth President - George Pendletong Vice-President - Brian Jamesg Secretary - Theresa Butmang Treasurer - Kelly Baldwing Pastorette - Melinda Crissupg Parliamentarian - Daphene Rakestrawg Sponsors: Mr. Hall and Mr. Nielsen f-YYYN Janel Adams Traci Allen Bub Ashloclr Debbie Baker Kelly Baldwin Loucretia Ball Kathie Benson Kristie Brown LaTonya Brown Becky Buchanan Dawn Burger Steve Burris ,X Theresa Butmau' Jodi Christy Julie Cochran Melinda Crissujrff' L , Tim Davis Sonia Eberhardt Dan Edwards Marji Edwards A Q, W, Lori Engel Beth Eubanks Edward Gimble Rob Hensley Angie Holdsworth Gary Hoover Brian James Paul Jenks Laura Jongberg' Wendy Jongema Tracy Kline Becky Krishingner Richard Kysor Valerie Lewis Kevin Lockhart Sharon Martin Leah Mullingan Kim O'Guinn Shannon Parker George Pendleton Daphene Rakestraw Dixie Reed Kyle Root Donna Scarlett Robyn Scbwalm Jody Scroggins Salli Spaulding Bobby Stepp Cheri Summerton Suzanne Thomason Todd Trace Pagett Van Hooser Tom Wbidden John Zill X R f.--' K' ewefri' .RF Front 8: Center: President - Jimmy King: Vice President - Janet Conleyg Secretary - Amy Burgerg Treasurer - Monica Sandborng Parliamentarian - Ted Huskinsg Sponsor - Mr. Visser qv Q, ' 4102A Pastor - Ron Newtong ,Q Rhonda Bailey Roxanna Benson Gary Bradley Amy Burger Karen Butman Mercedes Clarke Janet Conley Dave Cromwell Glen Cutchens Randy Denton Reggie Diggs David Edwards Kim Fuqua Wesley Garven Bonnie Hamby Dee Harning Juanita Hayes Arla Heinlein Bill Holt Trinity Holt Sheri Hunt Ted Husklns Chris Johnson Sally Keller Jimmy King' Dawn Llppert Angie Lockhart Scott Mahrle Paula McCray Christy Mentz Joe Milholm Sher! Morton Ron Newton Clive Posslnger Debbie Reynolds Diane Ringer Frank Roberts Denise Rolfe Becky Rowe Monica Sandborn B. J. Smith Renee St. Clair Ava Sunderland Wade Sutherland Jeff Wilkie Pam Willis Steve Willis Sarah Wolbe t W2 fbelated photoj Jimmy Rathof -S ,N fm? wjlik fobwo C2 Q9 ii gs 5. Q3 J 27 If 3 1QSN' X -Mig K 55' Q ie President Pattl Wllhngham Vlce President Karen Butman Secretary Sharon Martxn Treasurer Helena Pedersen Chorister Sallx Spauldmg Pastorette Bonnie Holt Sponsor Glenda Wier S.A. Officers President - Marty Jones Vice-President - Bruce Pendleton Secretary - Belli Spaulding Treasurer - Frank Brown Rec Co-ordinator - Tom Whidden Public Relations - Debbie Baker Parliamentarian Jodl Christy Pastor Steve Burris Sponsors Sharon Lewxs Sz Craig Willis S A Representatlves Seniors Stephanxe Krxshlngner dz B111 Bass Junlors Donna Hodges 8: Gene H111 Sophomores Bub Ashlock 8z Loucretla Ball Freshmen Joe Mllholm 8z Renee St Clau- .QCZFN Wwk French Club President - Marla Ayers Vice-President - Stephanie Krishingner Secretary-Treasurer - Marcella. Ayers Sponsor - Mr. Yingling Grnithology ef Z 1 1th Hour Choir President - Leonard Brown Secretary-Treasurer - Cindy Wynn Pastor - John Zill Sponsor - John Hall utdoor Club Caving Club President - Mike Battistone Vice President - Steve Burris Secretary Treasurer - Marla Ayers Public Relations - Paul Jenks Sponsor - Claude Visser Annual Staff Editor - Donna Hodges Advertiser - Steve Burris Photographer - Mr. Math fnot picturedj Secretary - Dona Cogdill Not Pictured Artist - Bruce Pendleton Sponsor - Mr. Hunt S.S. fficers is 8a Jeff Wilkie Orchestra, 532 53 S5555 gy 525 5 3 F5 555955 is kS??i? k Ag ANN S My Egg? S gfgxsy fl Q-- .4 'RL ei, fig GYMNASTICS " i N' ,,.,:'p. H. V 4. V Nw. X F ,Tx 333 3 kE:' .' : ,.,. g S. " 1 'L 'xx 'rw X :rf ' Y, g V 3 W mb- A N si' 5 fa 1 I I .X .:,. K Q i :pawn-uw Ei: 1 M Y- A .....,, ,. Q A i W. gr, h -Nxw Q NMMWHWN "". - . X 5: .L -Iiwixw. .. Q, - ' 1 :S in-3:4 5515915359l?iE'llSI":55ixk SX N A we T hffgg X NX X XQX X LY -Sm -r. X ...N N ' , .W .W --1 ug, W gnu! 'ku-n 011' san' pun! f shun e-nal .-. Q J ,, .m. A 'ESQ 3 Q is 'Q 'ni 5 1 ff all u sw , . -IIQ fLifg Q... .. i l I I S in 57 ,S Win 563 ywjfflpwwv M W if 9313?-Wgiw W WSCWIW if W5 W fwmw 58 M wffijiw wfQMjf MJD 9 x wb TY M I - Yay? v L 'ISIS' gi N4 Superman What a mou th! ,Ha X . K if k Ji L ,,L. Lmm.X , - - - f ,fx-ff J 4 N 1 My xx X ' Q E1 4:5 X 'Sag Escape the greasies! Hey Baby! K1bbe1.s cb Bzts St-f A vii 61 ,aww an Q"'f . M ,s 1415. Nw , M231 f . . f S1 J in J, 'lv ,. fa an 9 Ewa-ef X1 1 5 v we i VVVK N KVWN Wy! I don't Want to hear it! 'vm' ,,,....--1 7 K -1-A mtg , I Th1s IS the p1ttsI 2 '10 Aren 't we cu te? 64 Kool and the Gang. , .W I K ' f , 1 4 gp ,, V. 7 ' , ' f 1 , Q K 'K Ay ky ? ' ' " Q 4' f f ' T8 74 'S3 ' E 'Eh Q-W Ex sf If Nw' f 2 ff What a f..W....wwwW Mmm mou thfull 'H 1' . f ' gf, kk "Teg1ina. Q ' ,,,.xw , w"""Q ,, L N. ,EW 2 'W f r 1 al iff? "ig ww 'fi ., uh, , A 2' fG2+ if Q v"' nv, fm if gu .dunk F3 wr if S.. 5, M f uuuu s ' 'Beam er ' ' ,pxyu 5 3,3 Q i1 RQ - -E That's using your head! , R , vi N pk .. , A Bosom Buddies li ..,Q , .. 951- 'Q-56? .K S35 "Cheese" E SOCIAL! "Pri vate Eyes" Y ' Hello, Hen House, Stop those kids! f Like wow, man You got it, "Sister ,Q . "The peanut gallery" W . .... ff-- f 7 A-mr. 'IIS Eiiwiiii: ' ,aim " ::5E. I, .. ' "Q L N: L , f-1-2211: ..... 211 i f ' . :Si m --j:gf:,A- g,N...g.'+ lv ' . X " Q rx fm egg-. t' . gqhg' m ,mL1 A 9, X . Aunt Jem1ma 5 Q E ,fi s 4 .f 'Wx 1 sri. I i 1 ,. is. RX .... ,, 1 V Y N N v I ,f A'?A -V 'I i Wifi , mf' 69 Q! ,fe9f,1i ASH, "" : 1 t. X52 fi 'Yes K 70 55 .qv 17" QKJZL 1, 71 YK - E PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE Congratulations to the class of 1982 for the achievements your graduation signifies. We thank you for the contributions you have made to the progress at Fletcher Academy. To those who have not completed their academy career We present the challenge of a greater dedication to the cause of righteousness so that the qualities of true nobility may be seen in your life. To each of the new faculty members and the students we express sincere appreciation for all they have done to make this an enjoyable year of many achievements. We are grateful to the Board of Trustees, our pastors, and our constituency for so willingly supporting Fletcher Academy through another year. May the accomplishments of this year find their full fruition not in the further acquirement of factual knowledge, but in the helping each student in his quest for happiness in this life and the blessings of life eternal. May divine guidance be ours as we all join in planning to reach the high goal the Master Teacher holds before us. O lie 9 S I Craig S. Willis l i I .I 3 C re - 'E .K PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE Each year you spend in academy includes great achievements, moments of despair and days that disappear into grey fog. Some classes work well, some not so well - work can be great, or not so great, classmates can be with it, or not. All this and much more goes together to make a year at Fletcher Academy. An outcome of education is that this process begins to make some sense. I believe that adding a Christian perspective to the process of education facilitates the whole endeavor. The understanding of . your Life, your abilities, your potential, and yes, recognizing the parts that don't work so well, all enable you to fulfill the role that God has for you. The goal of this school is to aid you in defining that role and preparing to make it a success. I hope that each one of you during the 1981-82 school year have progressed in this quest. I want you to be the success that is possible with God's help. X , K I I Herbert Coolidge You Are Unique! When God made you, he made you unique. No one was made like you. That makes you special. Sometimes we try to be like someone else, but that was not God's intention. To be excited about life and to appreciate ourselves as God made us is very important. In fact the sum total of what we get out of life will be in direct proportion to how we esteem the worth of ourself. It is conceded by most of the world's connoisseur's of great music that Walter Toscanini was the all time best orchestra director. Toscanini's son was recently asked what he deemed his father's most distinguished achievement. He replied, "For him there could be no such thing. Whatever he was doing at the momentfwas the biggest thing in his life, whether it was tackling a symphony or peeling an orange." Such a person knows how to live each moment given him. How about you? Are you bored most of the time? l Being bored is usually the fault of no one but yourself. The person who is easily bored is generally unimaginative, narrow minded, and selfishly expects others to entertain him. Broaden your world. Make more friends. Enjoy the stars, the clouds, the birds, the trees, and a thousand other amazing phenomena in God's world. Learn to think and to meditate on the great themes of life. Don't just sink into the crowd and be another little person who wastes his life away doing what everyone else is doing, or worse still, what they are not doing. Shakespeare once said, "to be or not to be." Thoreau said, "most people choose not to be." How about you? Jesus said, "I came that they may have life . . . more abundantly. The clear mandate of life is to live every moment to the fullest. To do less is to cheat ourselves and others of the gift of a very unique creation - yourself. Carl Ashlock " mmm - - , ' , L 'if Lofmz 190, 3 260' I 'JUmm.J?w wwf lea. ATQHEDSS M fLWPLACESMi3jm ulowi Lg 5 - WQIAX ,CL M M,m3WMhMwMMJwfi3gTMf bOlfwJL,Qo-WN-14 oLe'tK?umu,tf:mLyLQ,,Qa,m7 AMfi2E6!LfLfLf3Dm,lmaiUk ,Ol4,xLLvLlmbk,,Q? I SQRATCHED A ,QW QJLIDJQQQ, JZXAJNM-Q,oa. EO-fQfww4i,5w-eixfwbofffz K lmwwiwwwmwmwmjmmg mlLA1m7x'LF5J,,,4,,,,k ,MJ-nabvf MAHAX MQZWCRKMWWS C4 , ' jefw-pf adm x' QEUUJQ T WW K xdgfmf-Q, X IM 'ff WM CCMMUW .5 Purchasing' 'fm' -'7" H -afwmwm-fuff Um Accounting xx Data Processing X-ray x ix 13610 fx' E ,--...,. ,J I I I i i F - I Business Office '5 Housekeeping Laboratory Central Supply W Purchasing Laundry ...S Wx I I. , f Switchboard l all E 14 i Q 1 517 5.3 T 153 i 2 . 1 1 5 k A M, , 3 r - nfafx a 'W g ,V , :, - A 4'-1-4'-'Q X S S Respiratory Therapy physical Therapy 1n-service 6 6 121 fe.: 52.0.2 6 52.0-3 Store and l'lVl 711 amy THIS' 570125 newofwsowvmf N l'l Ill? vnu mnuh: V H511 H -V S259 Bio-Medical Bakery a nag' U' Print Shop wmv H uwvmfmn' San Kitchen v i. ,, f Nurses Aide Q K . , ., 43,69 5WLW,,gL.,,nsxff1vzQ x w+5v.ssiw:2k11j1vAP'-- ' KH' , L,:.2, , ...L L K " 3'h,'f,'s 'NM-fM:w.v . T-,f5Q'w zlxnxnzialkeqzgfn fi 115,uzxgyzgig'fw-,Qw' . 5 ,aeaaamxfieimi - ixxeazuzszaameilfl-ww f wwf-we ..W'f'.AMmzzzaamxaaawe i:ilU?9?ii5i'si112gWl'g??ii231?iii.ii1.1'V''vii N zmaafzai-sian ,qw fSm,aa.M , ,,,n:,,MQ11,3gQ -14.1-.,l 535, ,V fetssvltlfliiwm - ' " .ar Front Desk Medical Center W I '- f- , 'IZ-. -. ..--1- Pharmacy Doctor's Aide Medical Center 'V fm. I -',,, X ,,,. ' ln J' ' f-W ,rw A 1 k ,. ,.,,,, ,, ,,,A , ' f q.---.....:4::.Qh...g,-- - Insurance Medical Center .f , E if l if M64 I 2 I! -' n Z1 1 ii N3 ,x i , thi 1 1 ,SP 3 . Medical Center Filing fly QW ..... Academy Office gm? ' 'Wu Library POV qt, i W' yw.g,, T Custodians 1... School of Nursing Library Teachers Reader Physical Education , X ,1' X x Media Center iw Maintenance Cafeteria Grounds Department Snack Bar 85 CLASS GF 1982 CONGRATULATIO S A Q- will 6 ff' 3 We lil if. 51 JE Q inum.-v'----M..,h 86 GE ECO, I C. "Quality Homes By Gene Wilkie" Fletcher Hills Sub-division Large wooded lots with paved streets. Phone: f704j 692-9629 2 YEAR PARTS S LABOR SYLVANIA A.C.S., Inc. Builders Developers 131 4th Avenue East Hendersonville, NC Discount TV Sales and Service 47045 684-3589 Authorized Sylvania Dealer Earl Haydock Main Street Owner Fletcher, NC Antiques - Paintings - Furniture - Silver China - Glass - Bric-A-Brac We Buy and Sell Antiques The Next to New Shop 144 Third Avenue West Hendersonville, NC 28739 Lloyd Cox Company Hardcover - Paperback - Blank 433 N. Church St. Hendersonville, NC 28739 692-9883 .4- -0- -- - -- , Hendersonv Ile N C 28739 O' Flowers by KINLAW H 443 North Church Street i , . . .QQ . ENC: 704l692-4233 "A World of Difference" REALTY WCRLD International Referral Program Professional Trained Sale Staff Latest Visual Marketing Methods 8z Tools Market Analysis of Your Home Investment Analysis 8z Appraisals BRYSCN REALTY CCMPANY 693- 1 72 1 206 3rd Ave. W. Corner of Church 85 3rd Ave. 87 Custom Draperies 86 Upholstering Visit Our Workroom Anytime Serving Hendersonville For over 40 years The House of Books and Bibles 506 North Main Street Hendersonville, NC 28739 , Larry Justice Office Ph. 692-1 159 The W1Hd0W Manager Home Ph. 693-1825 300 N. Main St. Wide Selection 3 8 Custgm Madg Spreads Bill Walker's Tire Centers Rods shades an Blinds GENERAL Awnings mf Canopies 86 Woven Woods ' . Installations 7 ' C er 04-255-8200 704-684-2368 692-3565 Computer Alignment and Balancing House of Towels Top Quality Merchandise At Discount Prices Monogram - Towels - Sheets - Bedspreads - Blankets 1971 Asheville Hwy Hours: 9:00-5:30 Hendersonville, NC 692-9489 Woods Workshop 142 3rd Avenue West Hendersonville, NC 28739 704-692-6663 5 Quality Musical Instruments Ward's House of Music 5 fl New 86 Used Pianos 86 Organs 2026 Asheville Highway Hendersonville, NC 28739 88 692-4755 Tomcat Recording Studios 142 3rd Avenue West Hendersonville, NC 28739 C7045 697-6663 1 voun ndependem' lnsurancge XAGEN1' A Q SERVES YOU FIRST STATON INSURANCE AGENCY INC. TED N. REESE INSURANCE 85 REALTY CO. MORRCW INSURANCE AGENCY, CO GUARDIAN INSURANCE 8a REALTY CO. EWBANK 85 EWBANK CONGRATULAIONS TO SENIORS OF 82 89 New and Factory Returns Mens' Harness Boots Loggers Insulated Hiking Cowboy Rubber Goods Casual Tennis SAME IN LADIES NORMS SHCE STORE 8z Repair Shop 210 N. Main St. Hendersonville, NC 28739 VQWe're if Organs 8. Pianos Organs .Pianos .Gifts .Framing Y AND I "A Congenial Place to Meet and S Eat" DOLLS Styling Salon 9 Creative and Personalized .QW Suulmigh Hair Care F Kat EWMW MEN, WOMEN, at CHILDREN 'I STYLING ELECTROLYSIS 5 2 :jg OPEN Submarines a Specialty 'O' 1 MON,FRI 1419 Asheville Highway 9 Evenings by Hendersonville, NC 28739 App01I1l3l'Il6I1l3 692-5813 90 Brookside Camp Rd. 692-3179 KEN JoNEs Llc. BUILDER Skilled Hands Makes the Difference KEN JONES im 31 .pumizz ' Xl 1lTfhi'iiEfW2 V ,M M bolfblh? Personal Service By the Contractor CONGRATULATIONS TO Stephanie Krishinger and the CLASS of 82 91 "TSB 'I9 Luv , pu, , , , , 9 Nathan Benson Builder , . . A , n v AL' .1 K .. A ' ry . V ,. Q if -gzJ-my - N-f---sf N. A A fa A frm , V M sum.-if H- W 4, ., si-emi? M, K f Houses and Apartments 145 BROCKSIDE Business: 693-4909 CAMP ROAD Home: 693-5493 Phone 704-693-7853 437 N. Main Street Added Touch Gallery of Gifts Custom Framing Gifts - Greeting Cards Pictures Art Supplies Limited Editions Home-made Fudge SHERMAN 'S SPORTING GOODS 340 North Main Headquarters for Athletic Shoes Nike Pony Adidas Asatis Converse Puma "Fashions for Ladies and Men" Personal, courteous service, Always! Nsdlfiam S1 wary cyf fhfker 704-684-6255 Fletcher, NC Telephone 693-3294 Skyland Motor Inn Skyland Beauty Shop 542 North Main Street Hendersonville, NC 28739 -, .Lr3?fi1 ??' ..- nm L X' PX .lf xl XR " x H -, 1- X xu Ex . , -, , j , ,f , f -l , ,' f Q 'gf' I N- .., J . - f!"f-1'-5 .W i .Y ' nl e U xfw:,'X,- , I w P at ! tl' 'Z' fr -3: .51 4 . ' K, , X f l A "More Than Just a Parts Store Brinkley Dist. Co. 1928 S. Hendersonville Road Arden, NC 28704 704-684-2236 Ace Hardware Midway Lumber 8z Supply Ace Hendersonville Rd. P.O. Box 156 Fletcher, NC 28732 704-684-7161 1 1 CGNRAD Hoxrr JEWELRY y 531 North Main St. ii Henaeneenville, NC 28739 f 3 LJ Phone 692-5225 U! BULOVA and CARAVELE 'hi Qfaljl Watch Repair and Jewelry J' ,e COMPLIMENTS OF Manicures by Evelyn of Specialized Haircare Esther Chapman Located at f 693-4313 Lamb's Grocery 9 i Telephone 693-5183 Nationally Known Brands 507-511 North Main St. at Discount Prices BLUE RIDGE AUTO PARTS CO. 2314 Asheville Hwy. Hendersonville, NC 28739 JWQAMW FURNITURE COMPANY 692-3715 l I' 'I "3 Hendersonville, North Carolina 'f Q 3 28739 94 L. C. WALKER Avondale Rd. Asheville, NC Phone 1704, 298-3063 CERTIFIED BUILDER OVER 30 YEARS EXPERIENCE CUSTOM BUILDING REPAIR OR REMODELING BUILDING RESTORATION REAL ESTATE CONSULTANT BUILDING INSPECTION SERVICE "THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTION FOR INTEGRITY" CONTRACTOR LICENSE 310766 REAL ESTATE LICENSE 44505042 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 82 WHAT IS A CPA? The Certified Public Accountant - CPA -- is an advisor to business, government, and individuals. if To be licensed, a CPA must: 0 have passed a comprehensive examination ' have been employed by a CPA or designated government agency ' abide by the profession's Code of Ethics These strict requirements are imposed on CPAs to insure quality service. A CPA is a professional who prepares tax returns, audits financial statements and 'Q' it provides sound business advice. A CPA's senrices are important to everyone because they lend stability to the financial community. rx For more information call a CPA at our office. 7041692-9176 Wood Stoves W Wood Furnaces Chimney Sweeping Stainless Stove Pipes REED MCNUTT Rudolf H. Haug Manufacturing jeweler WW' BAT CAVE BOBBIE MCNUTT DiSll'ibUl0l'S OF 432 North Main Street X Hendersonville, NC. 28739 2091 Asheville Hwy- Telephone 704 X 693-1030 Hendersonville, NC 28739 17041 693-0933 .g.. ..m-9-IW QUALITY FLOOR iAflT1S'l:rOl"lg Sinclair Office Supply I fi 'eii riel ,. DIAL 692-2576 HENDERSONVILLE, Nc SERVICE' Zigi-J? lil-ig "Office in distress Call S.O.S." CARPET INSTALLATIONSICLEANING fl I E PAROUET FLOORING-FLOOR FINISHING P lm I HEL8sz:ss:J,'fI,s "' A "" V ' ' , 385 Best wishes from Owner: Jim SL A. Sinclair Office Supply ,ofwfp N-MNW A 0 ff Sy I fy ' eff 3 eeee ppl he W-A I I x eww' QD V 13 pw ' Gp 'Sex 'X' N N. I Q' wwe sewn. ' Mfg xy W , I , eff ,mm x f! C ' lo X I H WV fy We X I W7 Q5 ' lit Offices to Serve You. rye? 38 X - Q B 'b l I 'f ' A'l'U LA'l'IONS Elk b x-N ,rj 5 xt " 05' if A , 30 wa' I ' O O QNL W0 I. wg? 5 XxbP A! iw' xr if Northwestern Bank nonAI.ozrosI1INsunAnccconrouIIoN P'O' Box 909' Hendersonville' N'C' 28793 97 I-1 K , Zi' N869 A 0 .Q CCNGRATULATICNS T0 THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1982 PEARSUN 8z ASSCCIATES PA GARY M. PEARSQN E. Ross LYMAN PAMELA B. MULLNAX LORNE R. WEIS LINDA DINGEE LAWRANCE BROCKS 135 4TH AVENUE E HENDERSONVILLE NC 692 1404 44 N FRENCE BROAD AVENUE ASHEVILLE NC 692 5613 gii I ii .N 5 x fin i V f fl 1,557 I ij ji 21 , , rss l uthern MISSIODHPY College if Collegedale, Tennessee 37315 7? ' X ' X an VM J .Vee fe, 34 io AMQM-352 Mxiir sawn ftlA'Lgj LgjQ?4fU eil! 17 ,444dfZ2?ji!f1?611f Cf7c1fi21Z?Zy QffZd,4L, K ,Z64QQ9ff ,4Z2,4ai?y e fzfirbfkf? ,4L4fZ3Zgf5 gffefkj-4iA4Z?65Ee2i?f4jUp? fidfg g fgiD,Lpdz!,ZfW! afwffyf . To all of t st gspts bac? at Flet er: ffm Jifigamp A L'f'?f'3 Z 7Qe e ffocf ' 'C f Just think, it won't bgilong until miny of you wilI?Zh9QmW? graduate! And, of course, you are all planning to do what most Adventists should do--go to S.M.C. Right! Well, last year I had some serious doubts about the validity of a Christian college education. The expense can easily become overwhelming. Since I've been here, though, I have become convinced that it is well worth the cost. The thing that really changed my mind was realizing how many of my friends were here, friends not just in the class of '81, but friends I made in grade school and new friends I've made, too. That's something I'd never find anywhere else. SMC is one of several excellent SDA colleges. A few of its outstanding characteristics are the recreational facili- ties, Saturday night occasions, and broad curriculum. What impresses me so much about SMC is that it is very similar to Fletcher in a lot of ways. The campus is nestled in moun- tains, the grounds are landscaped well and meticulously. The atmosphere really is one of Southern hospitality. I have found the students to be warm and friendly, and the faculty members to be genuinely interested in each student and his or her particular needs. Maybe not all of you will attend SMC, but I believe many of you will. You will find that it is a most enjoyable and fulfilling educational opportunity. I hope each of you can experience it! 'LCN-Q Write: Director of Admissions Southern Missionary College Collegedale, Tennessee 37315 Y..-xq.-f. , Y- , .... JL , Y Pitta .. , ,.- , , , N-11 Lester's Barber Shop 1704, 692-8109 OFFICE EQUIPMENT Brookside Camp Road COMPANY Howardagd R d SALES, SERVICE, RENTALS, ap Ga SUPPLIES LESTER SIMONS 6924623 MARVIN HAYES 144 THIRD AVE. President HENDERSONVILLE, NC I I I A it I I I I 47049 693270118 COMPLIMENTS OF STATE FARM Hendersonville L- CAMHOUN KEN Credit Bureau Inc. 'NSURANCEQ Agent HENDERSONVILLE I NC , Hendersonville, NC 28732 Feed Fertilizer Seed Liquid Nitrogen Dairy Supplies Insecticides Sheet Music Band Instruments v Guitar, Banjos, Mandolins All Band Accessories t I S ring nstruments and Accessori Harmonicas MUSIC CENTER INC. 177 5th Ave., W., Hendersonville, NC 28732 Garden Supplies Wayne Dog' Food FLETCHER FEEDING SERVICE, INC. Box 96, Fletcher, NC 28732 Dial 684-8934 Quality and Service are First 101 MILL END STORE 85 FABRIC CENTER, INC. Piece Goods - Sewing Accessories Ph 693 5033 315 North Ma EdthE Rp AdyES d O lliirsi Union Congrutulufes The Class Cf '82. F N Martin Heating and Air Conditioning INCORPORATED FLETCHER P.O. Box 767-307 IFNNHXQ 102 Quality Dry Cleaning- Fletcher, NC Phone: 684-0346 - 'Y PHOTOGRAPHER Specializing in CITIZENS. T RUSS JOHNSON SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHY c oo Day Pictures - Class groups enior ortraits - Yearbook Pictures P P ctures - Weddings THE CAN D0 BANK. EF2'61"r?o'ii'h'E1'ii3'!Hii5 ' MEMBER Prof al school photographers f A CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1982 Lf ff' 103 lf' WSW i j Nfl' 'F fe. ,.f f. LW' QQ--P L qv :N G f H, ., M.-in1,..ff-fs t 4 ,. Nfl OF P5-' KN f R 1 X, XAAAAW A BOX 123 BC HOMES NAgg,gs6gc. A BUIIDING CORPCXATION OF NAPLES. N.C.. INC. x , 5 I O MORE HOME FOR YOUR MONEY X-.O HOWARD PENDLETON OFFICE: 704!692-5488 HOME: 704!692-9119 OSS A Us '--... Q-w.,-vm-...,N.uN S+-. -., L A T 5 I 1 n fr I I C L A S S O F 1 9 8 2 1 L 5, W' 'Y COMPLIMENTS FOX RIDGE "A beautiful, planned mobile h me community . . . design d 'th you i mind." 0F Paved R Water Power a NO MONEY DOWN DISCOUNT F Why Rent When Ownership I So Affordable! WEIGHUVIEI MERRILL A MPANY Bank81Trust L ND Co REALTORS 693-6556 228 N. Church St SUE'S FAS1-11oNS P.O. BOX 926 FLETCHER, NC 28732 DRESSES GUNNIES SKIRTS BLAZERS 5, SLACKS 'roPS H ll l , EVERGREEN 5 r L'mdmp'ng LTD Walker's Jewelers x :f x A E 120 Sixth Avenue West Hendersonville, North Carolina ?:5:fZs2iLiffs O C it Phone: 692-8825 TIARA Beauty Salon 416A N. Main Hendersonville THe BROCK AGENCY Health 8a Life Insurance - Real Estate Bill 8a Terry Brock 426 N. Church Street Hendersonville, NC 28739 692-5728 10 Jenks Contractors Custom Houses Rentals Framing Services Paul Jenks Owner Rt. 8 Box 201 Hendersonville, NC 28732 Phone: 17041 692-9963 6 MICHAEL WITT Builder 4' i A': J 693-6700 E, " Lic. No. 13384 P st Office Box 194 Fletcher N th Carolina 28732 G4- 54 Let Me Do All Your Home Work! 1 5 Stylette Beauty Shop 439 North Church Street Hendersonville, NC 28739 Phone 692-8854 Compliments Of VILLAGE REALTY CONGRATULATONS- TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1982 CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR SENIORS Melissa Cox Helena Pederson Karen Haesche Juliette Smith Lisa Hamby Cheri Talbot FLETCHER MEDICAL CENTER I .,,jDf!J,LUUk up A Jfufm Cla Q Q, QCUL Qvff C CLQ 'oasis A' 1 . A 0 no ., Limit, hmmm Cxuk fikioafs fmomf ee aal View jeg Q af J is fl eff DJ col: ma Ck xml jfmmlm WM 5LC'7W"72 We W Wilt V2 OJ.,tx j Uqleififfaafkgljf of C effjlo GLC no QQ A V ,L Q-, ti' ,ha -Jian 'ECNZ C41 'ITU l,VV5,,L, LXR C jtwbf 'bf J ff V A 5 1 JAM WMMQ A 2 A law WSWS T xii f 1 " ' 5 Q W flL2ook QQ M31 wwvwuob O-WK fl MLM? L bm, ,M,QoCf7,U4o ,IZLLWL Lfif' Ls O 5 if 0 U? ff, X 4 KJK K 107 Adams, Brent Adams, Janel Allen, Traci Ayers, Marcella Ayers, Marla Baker, Debbie Baker, Gina Baldwin, Kelly Ball, Loucretia Ballard, Renata Bame, Roy Bankhead, Richard Bass, Bill Battistone, Mike Benson, Eric Benson, Roxanna Blackburn, Margie Boudreaux, Carlton Brackett, David Bradley, Gary Brockway, Teresa Brown, Frank Brown, Kristin Brown, Leonard Buchanan, James Buckner, Michael Burger, Amy Burger, Dawn Burns, Pat Burris, Steve Butman, Karen Butman, Theresa Carithers, Jon Christy, Jodi Clark, Sherri Clarke, Mercedes Cogdill, Dona Collins, Mary Conner, Randy Cowen, Skip Cox, Melissa Cutchens, Glen Davis, Terresa Davis, Tim Diggs, Reggie Durham, Francell Eberhardt, Penny Edwards, Daniel Edwards, David D. Edwards, David S. Edwards, Margi Esh, Scott Eubanks, Beth Eytcheson, Jeff Fuqua, Kim Gant, Cherie 48133842-3424 18135842-3424 13155926-5704 f704Q684-0389 17041684-0389 18035489-8485 qso4p 877-8695 17041692-6047 47045684-1765 17045692-4979 f616j471-4337 47043536-9448 17041692-4392 48139253-2532 q919pe55-4804 17045684-2844 47019684-8495 47049692-7973 12091533-0271 17045692-4217 17041692-4217 42169499-2696 17031669-7595 47049684-6499 46155887-5 461 16155887-5461 q3o5y29s-8572 16151942-5156 16155942-5156 46155784-9829 47045524-7527 17041684-6493 C919j867-3387 C704j375-9714 17045684-2694 17041693-8778 47043423-2944 q919p291-5090 47049 684-4761 17039236-5172 0031236-5172 C803j773-4704 191918 67-6729 14041865-5057 17041684-3979 Q704j 693-3349 47045684-3979 47047693-3349 46165471-1700 19195542-2389 17041692-7350 47045 684-3613 44043436-7794 417-E Gulf Dr., Newport Richey, FL 33552 417-E Gulf Dr., Newport Richey, FL 33552 P.O. Box 37, Webster, NY 14580 P.O. Box 478, Naples, NC 28760 P.O. Box 478, Naples, NC 28760 Rt. 7, Box 407, Gaffney, SC 29340 574 Turnberry Blvd., 54, Newport News, VA 103 Richards Dr., Hendersonville, NC 28739 Rt. 3, Box 40, Fletcher, NC 28732 Rt. 5, Box 103B, Hendersonville, NC 28739 320 West Sagamore Ave., Clewiston, FL 33440 108 Berry Street, Berrien Springs, MI 49103 8424 Amelia Dr., Charlotte, NC 28212 222 Kimberly Ann Dr., Hendersonville, NC 28739 Rt. 14, Columbia Dr., 42, Tampa, FL 33606 Rt. 1, Box 56-B, Delco, NC 28436 Rt. 3, Box 82, Fletcher, NC 28732 2250 Spring Place Rd., Cleveland, TN 37311 P.O. Box 5314, Fletcher, NC 28732 111 Glenwood Ln., Hendersonville, NC 28739 11076 Harrison Dr., Sonora, CA 95370 2114 Old Kanuga, Hendersonville, NC 28739 2114 Old Kanuga, Hendersonville, NC 28739 8285 Southwood Dr., NE, North Canton, OH 4472 359 Wolf Run Rd., Briston, VA 24201 436 Royal Pine Dr., Arden, NC 28704 Rt. 2, Box 423, Englewood, TN 37329 Rt. 2, Box 473, Englewood, TN 37329 Laurelbrook School, Dayton, TN 37321 5906 Paradise Lane, Orlando, FL 32808 P.O. Box 787, Jasper, TN 37347 P.O. Box 787, Jasper, TN 37347 P.O. Box 118, Jellico, TN 37762 Rt. 8, Box 336, Franklin, NC 28734 Rt. 8, Box 170, Hendersonville, NC 28739 6307 Fanning Cir., Fayetteville, NC 28304 2027 Ibis Ct., Charlotte, NC 28205 Rt. 3, Box 20, Fletcher, NC 28732 P.O. Box 5326, Fletcher, NC 28732 RD ffl, Box 540, Fitzgerald, GA 21750 Rt. 3, Box 110, Elm City, NC 28722 Rt. 3, Box 218, Fletcher, NC 27822 122 Middleton St., Galax, VA 24333 122 Middleton St., Galax, VA 24333 1009 E. Sherwood, Sumter, SC 29150 6305 Glenlea, Fayetteville, NC 28301 Rt. 4, Box 435, Cleveland, GA 30528 P.O. Box 216, Naples, NC 28760 6 Lexington Lane, Hendersonville, NC 28739 P.O. Box 216, Naples, NC 28760 Box 114, Naples, NC 28760 750 Timberland Dr., Berrien Springs, MI 49103 Rt. 3, Box 221-A, Pittsboro, NC 27312 1317 Hyman Ave., Hendersonville, NC 28739 Rt. 2 Box 2650, Fletcher, NC 28732 3869 Redbud Ct., Smryna, GA 30080 0 Garey, Doug Garven, Wesley Gentry, Robert Gimbel, Edward Gimbel, Kristine Goff, Brenda Green, Steve Golden, Glenn Haesche, Karen Hamby, Lisa Haupt, Steve Hayes, Juanita Heinlein, Arla Heinlein, Dede Hensley, Rob Hill, Gene Hodges, Donna Holdsworth, Angela Holt, Bill Holyoke, Julie, Hoover, Gary 1 Huffman, Jana Hunt, Sherylyn Huskins, Ted Jackson, Melanie James, Brian Johnson, Chris Johnson, Lori Joiner, Joseph Jones, Marty Jones, Janie Jongberg, Laura Jongema, Wendy Keller, Sally King, Jimmy Kline, Tracy Knox, Angela Krishingner, Becky Krishingner, Stephanie Kysor, Richard Linebarger, Bert Lippert, Dawn Lockhart, Kevin Lockhart, Sharon Lothian, Ann McCray, Paula Mahrle, Scott Matheisen, Matt Milholm, Joe Montgomery, Dale Morton, Sherie Mulligan, Leah Newton, Ron O'Guin, Kim Parker, Shannon 17045693-5533 47019684-5561 47049 684-1876 46155784-9221 46155784-9221 46075753-8905 13015323-3086 17041693-8746 46079838-8210 46153949-3904 17041 697-7615 48033229-6070 14045 284-4837 14045284-4837 42095957-5089 48139685-3195 46153772-3926 46155878-5841 45185639-8605 4704369313177 0045693-0923 19191441-6842 17045393-5088 C7043 684-8403 47049 693-3199 C916j272-5847 17041692-9583 17045692-5827 16155325-9639 19191869-5816 47049684-0162 47045433-4615 44045755-9711 16152775-3878 15152287-6687 48139746-6644 19195243-2028 47049693-1729 47045693-1729 13051896-7325 19042733-0387 qe15p45s-5440 17031228-2587 47039228-2587 46155479-1850 Q704j 684-5163 48135443-1684 16155639-8545 47045692-7369 44045738-1183 47043 684-3131 17042 692-2159 48175645-seos 18041877-0732 17045693-8998 Rt. 8, Box 25, Hendersonville, NC 28739 Box 5356, Fletcher, NC 28732 5355, Fletcher, NC 28732 Rt. 2, Box 252, Pioneer, TN 37739 Rt. 2, Box 252, Pioneer, TN 37739 163 Penquin Park, Cortland, NY 13045 846 Bradhorst Rd., Baltimore, MD 21212 Rt. 1, Box 359, Flat Rock, NC RD94 2 No. 93 Ogden Rd., Groton, NY 13073 380 Conley Ditch Rd., Covington, GA 30209 172 Circle View Dr., Hendersonville, NC 28739 Rt. 3, Box 312-C, Greenwood, SC 29646 P.O. Box 1011, Covington, GA 30209 P.O. Box 1011, Covington, GA 30209 1553 Douglas Rd., Stockton, CA 95207 Rt. 6, Box 610, Plant City, FL 33566 Rt. 1 Box 214, Roan Mt. TN 37687 404 Gaffney Rd., Bristol, TN 37620 So. Bay Rd., Fort Ann, NY 12827 Rt. 8, Box 331, Hendersonville, NC 28739 504 Overhill Dr., Hendersonville, NC 28739 P.O. Box 4, Collegedale, TN 37315 3451 S. I. - 85 2-A, Charlotte, NC 28208 Rt. 4, Box 123, Arden, NC 28704 515 Whispering Hills Dr., Hendersonville, NC 28739 15313 Old Auburn Rd., Grass Valley, CA 95945 P.O. Box 44, Mtn. Home, NC 28758 102 Tanager Lane, Hendersonville, NC 28739 Rt. 3, Box 264 B, Portland, TN 37148 P.O. Box 114, Thomasville, NC 27360 Box 5374, Fletcher, NC 28732 Rt. 4, Box 663, Morganton, NC 28655 P.O. Box 42155, Atlanta, GA 30311 Rt. 3, Box 214, Dayton, TN 37321 33 Southview Dr., Camming, IA 50061 701 27th St. E., Bradenton, FL 33808 Rt. 4, Box 408, Wilson, NC 28793 Rt. 8, Box 81-A, Hendersonville, NC 28739 Rt. 8, Box 81-A, Hendersonville, NC 28739 41 E. Hazel, Orlando, FL 32804 3731 Jose Terrace, Jacksonville, FL 32217 Rt. 1, Box 325, Sevierville, TN 37862 Rt. 2, Box 152, Wytheville, VA 24382 Rt. 2, Box 152, Wytheville, VA 24382 3536 Oakcrest, Cleveland, TN 37311 P.O. Box 5333, Fletcher, NC 28732 1522 Nursery Rd., Clearwater, FL 33516 Rt. 1 Box Rt. 5 Box 142B, Greenville, TN 37743 82, Hendersonville, NC 28739 441 Waverly Dr., Augusta, GA 30909 Rt. 1 Box 221, Fletcher, NC 28732 Rt. 8 Box 125, Hendersonville, NC 28739 Rt. 4 Box 442, Cleburne, TX 67031 244 Mona Rt. 5 Box Dr., Newport News, VA 23602 58, Hendersonville, NC 28729 0 Payne, Suzie Pedersen, Helena Peel, Cindy Pendleton, Bruce Pendleton, George Penkala, Maryann Port, Lori Possinger, Clive Powers, Jeff Rakestraw, Daphene Rathof, Jimmy Reed, Dixie Reynolds, Debbie Rimmer, Sharon Ringer, Diane Roberts, Brenda Roberts, Frank Roberts, Melanie Robertson, J. B. Root, Kyle Rowe, Becky Sandborn, Monica Scarlett, Donna Schwalm, Robyn Shinn, Jimmy Smith, BJ Smith, Juliette Barr mg, lli fSt. Clair, Re e M:Stel5l52 43495331 Stone, Barbara Summerton, Cherri Summerton, Johnnita Sunderland, Ava Sutherland, Wade Swinney, Dennis Talbot, Cheri Trace, Todd Van Hooser, Pagett Vreeland, Ivy Walker, Luther Wall, Robert Weaver, Juanita Wells, Robert Whidden, Tom Whitmill, Annette Wilkie, Jeff ,Willingham, Patti Willis, Marva Willis, Steve Wolbert, Sarah Wynn, Cindy Yurth, Diana Zill, John 110 f704j684-3605 qs13y355-4423 17041693-5482 47049692-91 19 f704j692-9119 0041692-5115 17041584-1309 C704j684-3454 46153396-2232 44043865-3442 47045693-9925 f704j697-1052 49193852-3651 47049 693-1263 f704j891-3619 f704j891-3619 qvosp 346-2653 17041235-8312 C704j684-0412 47043692-9042 47049692-9177 48093352-2669 19041255-9870 44043992-0533 46165476-2301 46163476-2301 44049546-8255 C803j574-4450 47043692-8761 qsoapvss-1822 C704j697-7144 47049 697-7144 16091298-1689 46153422-7528 14041253-6364 47043 628-1565 C704j 692-5682 47035523-0447 43155488-osaa 47043298-aoea 48139973-1901 47039728-7773 44045949-2081 17041697-2649 451.29256-7919 17045692-9629 47049568-7097 47045684-5418 47019684-5418 C7045 684-2435 C7045 692-9713 17041693-0530 13095737-7419 Carolina Hills, Fletcher, NC 28732 5321 Evora Ave., Sarasota, FL 33580 P.O. Box 5264, Fletcher, NC 28732 238 Dunn 238 Dunn Rt. 5 Box Rt. 1 Box Rt. 8 Box Deve Circle, Hendersonville, NC 28739 Deve Circle, Hendersonville, NC 28739 10-A, Hendersonville, NC 28739 64, Morganton, NC 28655 159A, Hendersonville, NC 28739 4927 Scenic View Dr., Ootthaw, TN 37363 P.O. Box 1105, Cleveland, GA 30528 P.O. Box 193, Millers Creek, NC 28651 Rt. 8 Box Rt. 8 Box 239B, Hendersonville, NC 28739 185, Hendersonville, NC 28739 3544F Lynhaven, Greensboro, NC 27406 113 Joyce Rd., Hendersonville, NC 28739 16 Quail Ridge Rd., Fletcher, NC 28732 16 Quail Ridge Rd., Fletcher, NC 28732 Rt. 3 Box 190, Jonesville, NC 24263 Rt. 2, Canton, NC 28716 Patty's Chapel, Fletcher, NC 28732 Rt. 5 Box 52, Hendersonville, NC 28372 117 Tanager Lane, Hendersonville, NC 28739 P.O. Box F11UZ, Freeport, Grand Bahama 617 Vermont Avenue, Daytona B each, FL 32018 4559 Glen Forest Dr., Roswell, GA 30075 P.O. Box 147, Vandalia, MI 49095 P.O. Box 147, Vandalia, MI 49095 115 Saxon Woods, Athens, GA 30607 330 Quietacres, Spartanburg, SC 29301 Rt. 5 Box 64R, Hendersonville, NC 28739 285LDog'wood Circle, West Columbia, SC 29169 Rt. 8 Box Rt. 8 Box Rt. 1 Box 23 E, Hendersonville, NC 28739 23 E, Hendersonville, NC 28739 199, Columbus, NJ 08022 Rt. 3, Mosheim, TN 37818 Rt. 2 Ragesdale Road, Sharpsburg, GA 30277 Rt. 7 Box , 1160, Fairview, NC 28730 P.O. Box 280, Mountain Home, NC 28758 Rt. 2 Box 278-A, Big Stone Gap, VA 24219 500 Willis Avenue, Syracuse, NY 13204 Avondalle, Asheville, NC 28803 32 Clearview Drive, Zephyrhills, FL 83599 Rt. 1 Box 175-A, Woodlawn, VA 24381 4843 Old Briar Trail, Douglasville, GA 30135 Box 5365, Fletcher, NC 28732 5448 Plainfield Road, Dayton, OH 45439 201 Newman Drive, Hendersonville, NC 28739 3840 Colebrook, Charlotte, NC 28215 Rt. 3 Box Rt. 3 Box Rt. 3 Box Rt. 8 Box Rt. 5 Box 29, Fletcher, NC 28732 29, Fletcher, NC 28732 41, Fletcher, NC 28732 178, Hendersonville, NC 28739 64, Hendersonville, NC 28739 175 S.E. 31 Ave., Boynton Beach, FL 33435 KQQQQ Q Qf 536 Q2 82 Q Qxgwikgggfgy Q2 6J?Qi5Q?QQQffQliCQ, QQ K Qi VQQQ 2,913 QQJUPCQCC ff MQW Q QQ? Q 2 GQYQE? Q59 69690 f 99 1 L 2 WALSWORTH PUBLISHING COM PANY MARCELINE. MISSOURI, If S A

Suggestions in the Fletcher Academy - Whispering Hills Yearbook (Fletcher, NC) collection:

Fletcher Academy - Whispering Hills Yearbook (Fletcher, NC) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 103

1982, pg 103

Fletcher Academy - Whispering Hills Yearbook (Fletcher, NC) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 96

1982, pg 96

Fletcher Academy - Whispering Hills Yearbook (Fletcher, NC) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 61

1982, pg 61

Fletcher Academy - Whispering Hills Yearbook (Fletcher, NC) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 12

1982, pg 12

Fletcher Academy - Whispering Hills Yearbook (Fletcher, NC) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 41

1982, pg 41

Fletcher Academy - Whispering Hills Yearbook (Fletcher, NC) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 14

1982, pg 14

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