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.. A . T W , , F 95 K , J,,. 1 , , . , E J J , gt . 'V FJ., ,. ,Q .,, , 1. 1 -'iii Fx I f 1 t 12 V ,7":,, f 1425 5" M X ' Q X ' A: XX . X. . XX 12, HH. if Xtzc f N X1 v . Y Q jztghww .QE, 1a.,,', L ,-. 4532- ' N7 il ' 1 . , vf rs lepfi .- 1 . HV .. . X-. 6 fig ' 1 me 1 . , . -' N, ,,, bw, , l - V fj ' " -.-V' - . , ' '1 'f-,QT 2. 1 f., -1 'Trl - f, , V -. ,:,4, -V 5. f 1 -,:' 5, 'av g-I 1 Q., ' - f-V T , ' . ur '-1' , V - , "Y-' -, is . - iv i x F ,L E'- ' VP -'wwf ' H ,, 1 -I f -,M F -5 , 1 - 1 2 M -V V! 1 - fn fu n '-'- J r av. , I ' ,e-Wu . - J. I , L ,a T. Ye' fx ,,, -- 4- w :ma . fi T71 is I , Ai-,T ,. bg ' Luz, ,,,,, 4 V 2 -f 45,1 EQ f' if ' .Tk , 'Q 7 1' ' .1 . , lf'- 1., , f . 'A-Ye af: , - 5 . Ny., ,jf . 'H 'L , -A Liz' , W JL, f - In '35 T, f fk- 1 NS , 2 'TQ g-CQ, y.:,A,:uu X ,f '- f .X-1 fm- f 1 , - ,nf,," 3' W-1,-,.,p ' fxfffy ' new w'Pi-.25-XFf""X' ac" W .ps-....'.,.g'f..,, ,r,,.v.,f . 1 1 gtg , N 1 -,sqm 1,31 . mx x gh lin I- .gif agp., .'- ,. Z .055 ":i3x gg, at uf N ,Q Nw .fu fy Y mf, . . 14' v 'nf LQ 4 hi. L wg? If ,- ,X ' Q. 'I l , I a " - Q4 5 ,pf .-fx f iff ' 4,5 'fp 11 'iff .gy W - f ,y ' , ,gy ' gk, 3 My " 1.3 -,,, . ,NL We - gl if X ' "ig " L : EWU' n-"' if '+Cfy!r. '- 'I , Tff . 95 s ,gg T I 'E ' , A 'Li-L 32, ref iw N , Qf- ' Q16 A . lv -V WL . n ii' -I" N 1 r A S . ivffri W' ' il. -.5 1 -4 ' ,- A I ,.. -,A ff wx . :gk ,.- , tv' fig M, ,gf M-ff . - ' E Km, U ' jj 'gf' H 2' A fa-' Q gr ,v , Wir MQ-x ' J 4 -A mga ' The Class of I947 presen+s T H E E C H O H SCHOOL ECHO Published by +he S+uden+s of FLEMINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Flemingfon, New Jersey MRS. M. V. CRENSHAW MR. C. TETKOWSKI MRS. H. E, HUENECKL Editorial Adzfiior Art Adififor Bufitzeff Adflrof Anne Moreau, editor Joan Bush Carol Carter Mary Everitt Charlotte Black Barbara Boyd Betty Burmester Doris Cottrell Pat Hall Margery Case Dolores Curtis Francis Fillebrown Louise Geczi Mildred Hagan Mathew Herman Henry Kuhl Frances Balek Marjorie Barrick Betty Burmester Photography Staff JoAnn Garis, editor jack Baker Robert Cronce Dick Malanaphy THE ECHO STAFF Editorial Staff Guy Bell, arrirtarzt editor Betty Miller, editorial rkazmzan AnnBonney Hall Margaret Haver Doris Kronmaier Cirrulatiorz Stag jane Wurst, editor Doris Hampton Laura Hart joan Hartpence joan Mathews Josephine Neff Adtfertifirzg Staff Barbara Hartpence, editor Shirley Lambert Doris Mathews Tony Mina Elizabeth Morris Audrey Obert Venice Patrizi Typing Staff Ruth Lodge, editor Kate Hensel Shirley La Tourette Geraldine Miles Art Staff Donald Robinson, editor Peggy Black Virginia Hynds Bill McCorkle Margaret Moreau Ann Tolischus Marjorie Saunders Elsie Schaadt Irene Sledzewsky Marjorie Voorhees Marjorie Yard Mary Pizi Ruth Quinn Betty Reasoner Marjorie Saunders Peggy Schomp Barbara Vlearbone Marie Yard Irene Sledzewsky Marie Walsh Lorraine White Boyr' S ports Dick Meehan, editor Girlr' S portr Vivian Velehradsky, editor D E D I C A T I O N WE, THE CLASS OF 1947, DEDICATE THIS ISSUE OF "THE ECHO" TO THE VALIANT STUDENTS WHO ATTENDED OUR SCHOOL AND LATER GAVE THEIR LIVES THAT WE MIGHT CONTINUE TO LIVE IN A WORLD MUTUALLY WORKING FOR A BETTER AND FULLER LIFE FOR EVERYONE REGARDLESS OF RACE, CREED OR COLOR ikilvilvik FLEMINGTON HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS WHO DIED IN WORLD WAR II JAMES BROWN STANFORD BIRNBAUM GEORGE CAKA HOWARD CLAREY PETER COLLA JOHN DOBROSKY FRED DISSLER WILLIAM EPPELE STEPHEN GARBOSKI GEORGE HARITOS DONALD HIGGINS ANDREW HODULIK FRANK INGRAM ARTHUR KEATING JOSEPH KEREKES SAMUEL LENTINI PORTER LITTLE ARTHUR O'HARE ROSE OLENIK HAROLD PERRINE EARL SAUNDERS AUGUST SCHEIER EDWIN SEHMIDT CLIFFORD SEALS NORVILLE STRONG ANDREW WELISEWITZ GEORGE WILSON PROLOGUE All the world is a stage, and for the past four years our high school class has been pre- paring to take its part in the intricate play of life. Some of us will be featured players, acting our roles with courage and zest. Others will our roles with courage and zest. Others will hnd peace and happiness in an ordinary way of life. Some few, may, in the years to come, find themselves dangling as puppets, depending for their very existence upon the fingers of the master who pulls the strings. We have all had equal opportunity through- out our school years. It is up to each one of us to make the most of his abilities. The chal- lenge is here. We accept it and march on to great achievement as the curtain is drawn on Act I. W. 4 'Yi Q H155 'W ns, yy 1 D ll Q J 0 WW W FACULTY The members of the Class of 1947 wish to take this opportunity to thank the Faculty for their understanding and guidance. I t 1 1 xt-0f"'A MR. HARRY CQ. NUIZSSLIZ, lhizzrifml ss li, l2l,lzANon SCQO'I"l', Gkfidtumf Admm- MR. HARRY C. Nmissuz, l'm1fij1.zl Board of Eclucalion MII. If, MliR'l'ON WILLIAMSON I'n'I!Ifw1l MRS, MABIEI. P. CIARTIZR RIZV. IZIDWARID Ci, DUNISAR DR, XX!II.I.IAM Y. HIGGINS MRS. MAIIEI. MATHIIXXIS MR. D, HOXXIARD MORIZAU MR. RALPH MULLIZR MR. ARTHUR S. PINCKNIIY MR. CIHARLIZS V, XWIQILIIR IJf.IllfI'l f.'fc'l'f' l.I-II lI11'I5.1lIli Nlr, II. llI1wIII'Il Klum-IIII, XII: lizlllvll ,l. Xlllll I III XXII lllllll N, lllggmx, XIV. KlI:1I'lI-s X, XXI-IIcI', NII1 l', XII-It Il xxllllllll ll NIIN. NIIIIII-l l'. L2llAlk'l', RI-xg l-.Ilxx':II'Il I, IIIIIIIDIIV, Xlrx. Xl Il l Nl IIII xx XIII .'XI'lllllI' S. l'lIlk'lilll'X. ADMINISTRATION The Class of IQ47 wishes to thIIIIl4 thc IIIcIIIheI's of thc IIOLIIII of IRIIIQIIIIIIII who have served us IlIII'iIIg our four years at I3leIIIiIIgtoII High School, Mus. MARII2 R0llNSAVll.l.lf lN1IIs.jI2AN2I"I'IQ HAl.l. Mus, liI.sII: MANN I WI x., ' Miss HELEN s. ANDRUS European Barkgroundr, Ameriran Hiftory II, Mod r Euro ean, History fault- Q.: Y' B.A., M. ., niversityioii North Carolina . X fx. MR. HOWARD APGAR English III B.S. Rutgers University MRS. FRANK BODINE Nurse R.N. McKinley Hospital, Trenton MR. MICHAEL T. BOZZO Ameriran Hiftory I, Modern European History B.A. Notre Dame Courses: Rutgers University MISS CATHERINE A. BURRUS Foods I, Il A Q B.S. St. Elizabeth College X MRS. ELEANOR B. CREGAR Geography, General Srienre B.S. Sta Teachers College, Trenton MRS. RGUERITE V. CRENSHAW Librarian, Englirb IV A.B. University of Michigan M.A. Columbia University MR. H. EARLE DAVISON Bookkeeping I, junior Bufineu Training, Perfonal Bookkeeping, General Metbematirr B.S. Rider College MR. STANLEY DRESWICK Pbyriral Eduraiion Imtrurtor B.S. Rutgers University MISS EVELYN E. DUANE Clothing State Teachers College, Indiana, Pa. Courses: Rutgers University l ,. MRS. CATHERINE LLOYD Latin I, 11: French 1, II, III B.A. Wellesley College Courses: Rutgers University MR. SWEN GILBERG Agrirlilllne 1, ll: Relaled Mallaemalirfg Relaied Biology B.S. Rutgers University MR. ROBERT GLEDHILL Lifzrarian B.S. State Teachers College, Kutztown, Pa. Courses: Lehigh University and University of Minnesota MRS. MILDRED M. GODLEY English I B.A. Wilson College MR. LEON F. HALL Manual Training Rutgers University i' MR. LLOYD HAND Xllgeizra I. II .' Plane Geomelry: General Mafhenzalirf Ph.B. Muhlenberg College Courses: Lehigh University MRS. HELEN E. HUENECKE Typing I.' Slenograploy 1.' junior B1i.rir1e.rr Training: Lau' l3.S. State Teachers College, Trenton MR. JOHN KRAUSS Mmir Supervisor B.S. State Teachers College, Trenton Courses: Columbiag State Teachers College, Trenton MISS ANNE LACKO . fl' Biology General Srienre f ' 1 I' U, 1 B.S. New jersey College for WomenKV' MRS. BLANC!-IE P. LEMONN Typing If Stenography 1, I1,' Tmnffriptiong Ojfire Praftire B.S. Bowling Green College . B.S. Rutgers University F, MR. JQHN C. LOCH llfllblefir Cnafb. ElIf0ff?llle7lf Offirer ,X B.S. Fordham University Courses: Rutgers University MR. FRED G. LODGE ' X Agrifzflllzre, Agrirflllzlre Shop B.S. University of Marylandg M.S. Penn. State Courses: Rutgers University MISS HELEN M. MALONE Ezzglirh IV AB. State Teachers College, Montclair MR. EARL MACPHERSON Azzlerifmz Hixmry 1, ll: Gieueml Sriwzfe B.S. Rutgers University MISS HELEN MAYO MESCHTIZR Girly Phyriral Edlzrafjrm A.B. Earlham College, Indiana B.S. Ithaca College, New York M.A. Teachers College, Columbia University MR. HARRY C. NUESSLE Prizlripal B.S.., M.S. University of Pennsylvania Courses: Temple University, Rutgers University MISS WANDA PETTIT English II, Azzrient Hjmzry B.S. Rutgers University, School of Education MR. W. HARVEY SCHARRER Elll'0P6'dII Bm'l2gf'0u11d.r,' Ezlglixla I. lI,' I 'yoj Frenrh I B.S. State Teachers College, Stroudsburg, Pa. Courses: Duke University, Rutgers University MISS E. ELEANOR SCOTT Gkzidaure C0llI1.l'6'l!N' B.A, Wilson College Courses: Rutgers University MR. FRANCIS STROHABER Phyfirr. Cbezzliftry Moravian College for Men Courses: Rutgers University MR. CLEMENT TETKOWSKI Ari B.S. State Teachers College, Newark Courses: New York University, Columbia University, Teachers College MR. LOUIS ZABRISKIE Aeronalztirn Mechanical Drarving I, II, III State Teachers College, Trentong Drexel Institute Lafayette Collegeg Rutgers University MR. HARRY W. ZOLL Chemistry, Ph ysirs B.S. Ursinus College Courses: University of Pennsylvania MRS. DOROTHY B. ZUEGNER Solid Geometry, Trigonometry, Plane Geometry Algebra I, General Mafhematirs B.S., M.S, New York University REMEMBER WHEN Betsy Miller got a valentine from the Georgia Yodelers? George Higgins came to school wearing a goatee? Anne Moreau was the brat in "Ever Since Even? The Whitehouse Gang wore long white shirts? Peggy Black walked into English class followed by 3 ex-sailors? Mr. Zoll called Bonney "Poison Pen" Hall? There were no Vets? Dull, wasn't it? Goldy fMr. Goldsrnithj used to lecture in assembly? Betty Kistner gave the selection, "I'm Only Three Years Old" in assembly? The "Red Dragons" held an initiation? Dick Meehan hit Mr. Lodge with an orange? Laird Kinnaird was in Mrs. G'odley's Current History Club? Ruth Lodge gave the Dagger Scene from "Macbeth"? Effie Flovin wore dungarees to school? Guy Bell puffed on a Virginia Rounds cigarette in "The Red Lampn? lleannelte Gingell told Mr. Zoll she hated him? 4 FACULTY SNAPS I. XYlmt xtuilcnt iluimtml thu apple-5 to Miss Meschter and Mtv l.aelw? J. Min lluunc repeats "A Ntitvh in time saves nine." 3. Miw llurrus list:-in tn Arthur Murray for danc- ing lllNlIllk'flllllS, 4. Xuw things zlreu'l really that hail, Mr. Zahriekig, M,-A Znll, Vcrlmpx l"k-ininutini will pull this game nut nt' the tirv in the last rpmrtrr. S. A picture of contrast- ing iimuflx, M r. IIHVINUII zippcaiw to he slllllllllllyl'U!lfl'll1lVli'lflllg the increaee in receipts for :A recent football game. Mr, Ap- I4 gzlr, lmwever, SCCIHN tw he thinking almut Muna' prolvlrlns III rmivleetirwii with the "Student Yuic'r." 0, Larry secs to it that Mrs. Zueguer ge-tx tu wlimfl, T. Mr, llillu-rg llllllilllfl the lung trek from his house tu svlmi-l in two Necmuls llnt. X. A we-lcunle ummtime respite frvnn Clawrnmn rlmrcs is vn- jnyed hy Mr, llnno, Mr. Zahrixkic. Mr. Znll, Mr. llaufl and Mr, llall, CLASSE w A . A :iw mm I ?q'fl"+F-Aw Y X N A! Hf a N' if ff 4 X ' .f gfffg- X w R ,f I + X! X X W I I 97 N ! KX ,J 4 g f Z I f N A ,7+m 5' !f' fi 0 '19 - ijzhi hl fi off 1 - 11 ffcgf If I I ik. J A F I ig SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Top row, left to right: Doris Kronmaier, vice-presidentg Helen jungblut, treasurer. Bottom row, left to right: Vivian Velehradsky, 'presidentg jack Wilson, sergeant-at-armsg Edna McPherson, secretary. 4 ' SENIOR CLASS HISTORY The fall of 1943 found us, a large and very much bewildered group of freshmen, entering the halls of F. H. S. QWe had received our hrst idea of what it was like on Rural Visiting Day when we were shown a typical day at F. H. SQ Having forgotten exact directions, however, we were properly "assisted" by the upper classmen. 'F Wheii we became more settled, we joined manygof the clubs. Our lowly class was even represented in the junior-Senior Play. We also pitched in during the "Emergency" to help pick tomatoes and other crops.. Schoolwork, Student Council elections, and election of class otlicers kept us increasingly busy. In February we came through with great success in our St. Valentines Day dance, which pleased even the Seniors. Report cards in june, vacation in july and August were fond memories in September, as we returned to school. Feeling like veterans we lorded it over the "little" Freshmen. After an early election of officers we began preparations for the first so- cial function of the school year, the Sophomore Dance. This Halloween af- fair with its weird and frightening decorations provoked much fun and praise. Many of us were represented in the various clubs organized that year. Several members of our class turned out for interscholastic football fit had been discontinued for sometimey, as well as for basketball and baseball. We contributed generously to the Red Cross Drive, the Infantile Paralysis Drive, and the drives for War Bonds and Stamps. ' . U di ., By this time we felt more sure of our courses and aimed for the Honor Rolls. Many of us hit that target of high marks. Another summer came and passed and we joined the ranks of the upper classmen. The under classmen were made well aware of this fact. Our first non-war year was fully enjoyed. We had a new director, Dr. Wayman. Once more we were represented in all clubs and organizations. Class officers were elected and we began organizing our plans for the year. In April most juniors could be found dangling their left hands very obviously, especially in the faces of the under classmen. The reason was the all-important new class rings which just had to be shown off. We were the first to get the new all gold standardized class rings. Our other important event of the year was the Junior Prom. After much work and fine assistance from many of the teachers, the Prom was a great success. Unique and very beautiful were the decorations, which simulated .1 southern plantation. The auditorium abounded with all-kinds of realistic crepe paper flowers on trellises. The evening was complete when the,Prom Queen was crowned with all the attendant pompand ceremony. With the ending of the war, inter-scholastic athletics were expanded and all teams were given our full support. Work fthat dreaded thingj pressed down on us harder than ever. But we rose fand fellj and tried. Nevertheless we maintained our high marks. As the end of the year arrived, we reluctantly watched the Class of '46 leave F. H. S. Then we began to anticipate our own last year when we should be the "upper" upper classmen. 1 For once we returned to school readily and settled ourselves in the post of Seniors. By this time we were beyond recognizing Freshmen. Of course we directed a few gullible souls to the wrong elevator, but we spent most of our time trying to be dignified. One of our first privileges was walking down the center aisle to the front seats in the auditorium. This we did with heads high and what we hoped was a dignified step. We again were directed by a new principal, Mr. Harry C. Nuessle. We wanted to give a memorable Christmas Dance since it was the last we would give. The novelty of Toyland, the theme for the decoration, helped to make the dance most popular. We again joined the Polio drive, the Red Cross drive, and actively sup- ported school sports. We even smiled benignly on happy juniors with their new rings, and began to feel older. In March our class helped to make the school play "Junior Miss" a hit. When this was over we worked harder than ever to produce one of the best Class Nights F. H. S. ever had. After this we were properly dignified for Baccalaureate Service and Commencement. We, the Class of 1947, wish to thank everyone who has helped in any way to make our four years at F. H. S. so profitable, and so replete with fun and pleasant memories. K' 5 r . 't wi K I7 .ik WW Q .p R 'Q ' .fy ef' CECILIA AVETA "Sissy" Flemington "Klt7d7l6.f,f makes het' many friet1d.r." from Kerhonkson High School, New York in 41946. ALBERT BALEK "Bugs" Flemington portmzity will knock many timer-fu'hy hurry at the fzrirf knock?" Art Club 1, Hill Billy Band 4. FRANCES BALIK "Fran" Saud Brook "To blurb if beautiful, but not alm1y.r cm11'e11ie11t." Mixed Chorus 1, 2, Masque and Sandal 2, Cooking Club 2, -Key Klickers 3, journalism 4. A . MARjoRu2'y BARRICK 5 . "Marge" J' Pittstown "She'lt50klr mort shy, hujlthereeif mischief in her eye." Commercial Clul:t"19PExperimental Cooking Club 2, Stu- : I CJ dent Voice 4. 'C -- , 'K MORRIS K. BARRICK N. H 4 "Barrick" Pittstown "He woulel he itzd11.rtt'io11.r,' but nh. that Il'0Nlr1ll.lH h Tu li 1Qg-xChorus 2, 3, Football 1, 2, 3, 4. Q ' GUY BELL, JR. " ' 'V Fleinington SJW flare lily ll .' li -'B' he g' ter men than I, but I do tml he 'ere in them." Foreign Language Club 2, journalism 2, Christmas Play 2, Student Council 1, 2, 3, Student Council Play 3, Student Voice 1, 2, 3 4, Q sst. Ed. 23, Echo 1, 2, 3, 4, QAsst. Ed. 4j, squiand dal 4' Honor yx ,ao ,amafw .OSI JOHN BELoNsoFF, JR, 7? "Yitch" Rinproes "If Jiletzce if golden, then hereff 41 t11illi0t1aire." Q, Know Your Money Club 1, Football 4, Tumbling 4. ROBERT M. BERDY "l5erfly" FlClTllIlQZt0ll "Quiet pathr are mine." Chorus lg Orchestra 4, Band 4. LOUIS BILLERA "Lou" Iflemingtmi "They my he'.r like er .rozzzzet lzemme he haf fourteen liner." Football Manager 1, Mixed Chorus 2, Laboratory Assist- ants 3, Student Council 4, Baseball 3, 4, Echo 4. PEGGY ANNE BLACK "l'. ll." Flemington "Ven1z.r, thy eternal .f1l'dy, all the race of men obey." Masque and Sandal 1, 2, 3, Student Council 1, 2, Class President 1, Girls' Leader Corps 2, Chorus 2, 3, Journal- ism 3, Student Voice 3, 4, Echo 3, 4, Hill Billy Band 4, Girls' Basketball 4. .8 . Mkvfxgvyyfll We ..r',.fllm!?l 'Y al: " ,Zu W fi3f--Aff.. .CQILU ..-".- 1 141 1 .C Av f' , . A 4. y',,1fl, 61 A' Ypr? uL40"'?0'..4,,,...4.1.l U' - f.. 44.49. -1.f...,:f fit 4.1 jp RCDST' . . l. H fl1m'ly R1-el1tmv11 T1 . 'V YM 1 mn lc'1l 111111 iz gwlflwmuz af all liu1e.r." st! u. s . Foot 11ll 2, 5g ..e .1ll lg Tumbling 1, 23 Boys' Cooking R Cl11b -l. PAUL M. BUGYI "1 131010, I mir. .vlw 1'm1q11w'Lwl." Serveil in U. S. Navy. Mixed Chorus lg Hill Billy Band 2, 5, vi. f l0YCl2 M. BUHIEL ' VM "-Iluluel l"l1-1x1i11gt111 ULIAXYL' uulwy in Qqtfjll if fricml L1 lu lie e." i Mixetl Chorus I 5 Girls' l.e111ler Corps l, -3 1 ee. .u Girls' liasketbnll l, 2, 5, 'lg Masque and Sandal 2, 'Cla lending 2, 5, -i. y -IAMIZS O. BURK HCil1Ill'L'f-1' lm lzurwmf an .11'f,' 1' flu' are kQt,'llflL'l1lL'lI.H Served in U. S, N11vy l l , Boys' Cooking Club U 11 if flux ' .ff 'rip ll if .e ' ll lwrzrl. LISCIL 1l S' nl lg xe fl1 . l, 2, Glee Club 2, I 'ing Cl ' Cer' , -'ig limo 5, 4g Girls' If. f eWr1s -lg ' ul- V T 6!- Y-' I l , ",l ' 11- A I 1 V f ' '- ibm .er 1 l 1 eilm'.1l1f1f1." fr est r11nge'Higl1 School in April, 1943. lic' 10 -3. Q 'lv HU only labor lim' fn kill limia' S vin U. S. Navy. Boys' Cooking Club 1, Jig Airplane Club l, Club 2g Basketball Sha, ,L . 43? A' GIYIBIEITT 12. CARTER "Gil'lk NYl1ilcl111use Station "Sn lHll1'l1 in cln: .10 lilflc' Julie. 2, Pinochle H Tumbling Club I, -lg Chorus 2. RUDOLPH CEDRO "Rudy" l'ilCl'lll1ljIIU1l "There if :work in be tlmle bn! izwrk uw zmilf' Served in U. S. Navy. Current History Club lg Nature Club lg Hill Billy Band 2, Future Farmers of America 2, 3. josrzvu 1. CHALOUPECKY "joe" l,eban0n "I-Ie kept lair f!7llll.l'6'l and went his Il'd-y." , Band 1, 3, Lig,Orchestr.1 3, 4. , r f C 1 ffcwl yilw' f 11- if -'f F aft, J -Q J , afar x' Wi 1' A ,L -X!! W, K-1 4 L 7' .., ,0.,'f ' 1 -1 "Bob" Copper llill " 4-1' '11-QQQ ship:-""" 3 31 A ,U em ,u'zAL.0..,,,,,, ff gf .:4f'a.,, M0 "' A+ 'K-ff J 'f - . 4 - ROBERT PAUL CLAUS J J ' I l ,. IV! 5 . 97. MERLIN DOUGLASS A u "Doug" Pittstown ,MOM if fzerer fully d1'e.f.red 1111le.v.r he zvearr a .l'lllll?.H "Newer foo .ferio11,r, not foo friz'olonr. lm! if rare f good fellow." Club lg Future Farmers of America Qlrensurerl lp d Chorus 23 Tumbling Club rig Echo -1. WILBUR CHARLES CONNER " 'illiur" Ulslwick "Be not dere' 'ed by hir lIlllflL'L'Ilf rIf7fIL'Jl'tIl1l't','l wall 3g B eml 3,V4g Echo 3, Qig journalism -i. It is lf I 1 nil 1 2 who arrow liilf 1.'1fn'l1." f ,fl nc lg Mixed Chorus lg Foreign l.All1gll.lgL' 5 3 Q all' m lg Chorus 4. fll l 1' I VV me Y JANE DAGGIQTT 1 Bet" XVliilelmuxe ma if fwrff P I l n V Ji 49 . A , Y o. oisswos. Din, l. -"Ili ,z5"' Vlierryvillc ' ' en aerer and a male." N Your oney Club lg Current Events Club lg Fu Farmers of America 2, 3, Al. GLADYS I. DIRNBERGER --ve' i W "Glad" VYl1iteliouse Station A "Open-111imlea', frank. and fair, lwerefi .1 girl -' 10,64-A iljffflflllf a rare." l' J ' School, New York City in 4' ' ' c 5 by G-cqftat, , 1 ' An., . "f"'v-J ZYNSKI -I' s 0 C4A"fi,vp.'1JJoby" Stanton " 'be good ir obtained only llrrozzgln ll7t.'I'.l'l.lflllg." 'H . b 1' journalism 1, -1, Foreign Language " , ' i 21 'I 2. "CHD-spy, ' bk be Baseball 3, 43 Tumbling 4. MELVIN DVOOR "jakie" l'llEl'llll'IfllUll "An athlele who krzouxi' zzol defealf' Agriculture Club 1, 2, 3, 4g Football 2, 2, 3, 4g Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. MARY ELEANOR EICK "Sis" VVl1itel1m1sC "Her perrorzalily ir .ffl'lkllIgf!llI6 Nlllfh lo our liking." 3, 4, Basketball Masque and Sandal l, 2g Foreign Language Club 2g Chorus ff 1, 2, 4g Cheerleading 1, 2, 3, 4. 0 MARY N. EVERITT , "Moe" Flemington V "Generally rpeaking, rlaeff generally rpeaklrzgf' Masque and Sandal 1, 2, 3, 43 Masque and Sandal Play 1, 3, Christmas Play 2g School Play 4, Student Voice 4, Echo 3, 4. 3 v ' , , . v - 1 , .gfyf 1 v 5 eyjf .1 urn' P X 1 'A if X Q A ,144 rf-uv j-" 'fx- if rdf 41. MW. .,J Milf 1 . In ra we an 7-PM' VIRGINIA EWING - "Ginny" Stanton P4 aff' "Neill1er mo l'd!'?1L"J'.f nor 100 rad, ff Nor ina ,rfiidiwzr nor fao glad." , W Echo lg Gift Club lg Mixed Chorus l, 2. ,L 0' 4 ANN FEDERAKA A "Rocky" Whitehouse Station M "Good .l'fNN'f, grind friend, good 77dflll'9d.H Knitting Club lg Current History Club 1, 25 Student Voice 5, 4g Key Klickers 4. g 75 ANN ALICIA FENTON ' "Ann" Ringoe "Wd, "She may Jeenz quiet, but Jbe IJ - 'Q 3-414.-. Mis ue 'md S'1nd'1l 1 ' Glee Club ' 'cke ' -Gi ..q . . f , F Mixed Chorus 31 journalism l, 3, 3 in ent Voic H Echo 4. FRANCIS FILLEBROWN "Filly" Flemington "Sile11z'e if the ber! url of 4'oi11'erfati0i1." Echo 4. "Si Art Club 1. M ?V4r SEIL A. IFE R f . , iock if dj' greal az I af ypeeflof' DONALD W. FITZER "Don" Flemington '44 ZW 0 ' "ll"m'ry and I bare never mei." I-Llll Billy Band 1, 2, 4g Future Farmers of America 1, 2, 3. R T 1, m 'f GEORGE N. FITZER "G eorge" Flemington "Sober, but rm! .reriomq quiet, but no! idle." Served in U. S. Army, ' Hill Billy Band 2. W, . f' r' v -. 1 -.17 , f , " - . . 1' ' .4 .I 1 . ATRIUYTL 'HEBASPQ-f y, eff'--f 'jQfhl..f 4 Npityf' 5 ton ' 7' kg- "She nlafy-look qnief, ll I ok Q, G A .17 f gX,M'.azge z1nd'S'ariGHI' lg Cehorus , ud oicefi , e XJ' Club 44 Echo 4 f ' " A A, , ' Rh ,V K .,,L,,A1,,fC!, 'J 'A ELINOR GRACE FLEMING gl . 1, -miie" oiawiek iffy "Silenre har many adz'antageJ." , Chorus 1. Ll . EFFIE FLOVI W2 "lime" "Her air. her warmer, 0 .ra ." N , LJ, I Entered from jamaica High ool ' t er 6. w Y f g journalism 4. I 3 ikff' '16 W' ' .ee ff if QW' f L. ,f' CR , ff? ' VV. x 'P .5 2.1 if if Q-mf , q 1' .Han 1, ,f r . ry XN .fi I limi A 1 fi, A '11 A, uf 1 - . ' 1--JG.: 'ps : vl t " all' 'lf ff 57,14 V flyffi "i W uvbv 2 .1 yy. DALE FLOYD "Hale" Three Britlges "G1'e11l ill ,fll70l'f. KQVLQII' ill 111111i!. A 1111111 of the fi11e,1l kiwi." Transferred from Somerville High School in October, I9-li. Football 4g Basketball 2, 3, 4. THERIESA M. FORAY "'l'ei'ry" NYllitelio we Slzlllun "Lillie 11111114111 me J A 111111 ll1111lql." Girls' Leader Corps lg Libra Cl A 1 Key Klickers -l MA ASS l l Ll l t " 911' 7 1: N in 1 on imc' . 11 ga ',l'0ll e kqfwfflf 11111111 " ag 14g C rus l 3,,1f1,, X ' I 'J jo EN' ARIS "jo" lf miugtuu 4" air l1'e.r.l'e,r Nlxllllel i111f1e1r111l Villit' e11.l11. Girls' Leader Corps 1, 2g Student Council l, 23 Foreign Language Club 2g Christmas Play 23 Trallic Corps 2, 5 Cheerleading 2, 5g Girls' Varsity Basketball 2, 5, -i Echo 3, 4. LOUISE GECZI "lieezi" lflelumgton "Spe11k111g nf .1j1r11'l H .md Il'l7fl LlflL'lll'l.,l' Echo l, Lfg Student Voice l, 2g Girls' Leader Corps l, 5 Hockey lg Mixed Qhorus 21 Library Club 2, S, -I tPresi dentjg Gir ' Basketball. . 1. , 1 as pdf!! yd f t I, , x P Q, it 11 ' nv ,I . 1 i ' 19' la" y' Tr rrec r 1r g W Wy ffm , W my . " JEANNETTE GINGELL 1 ' - A r ff' "l1inprer" Vleminirtmi , " "Tu be 111e1'1'y fiL'L'0lll6.l' Jlflfl, for lhere 1.1 1 11 ll 111el1111rl111ly 111 yan." ' Chorus lg Masque and Sandal l, Zg Christ as Pla 2 licho 5, 43 Student Council 3, 4g Student Voice Leader Corps 4g Honor Society. , DAVID L. HAAS "Have" lflemingtoil 'Ge11r!e111e11 f11'efe1' l1lf111de.r." Transferred from Cranford High School in 1944. Basketball 2g Tratlic Corps SQ Laboratory Assistants 5 Student Voice 2, 5, 4g Echo 3, 4. MILDRED E. HAGAN "Millie" lflemiugton 'Ll"111'l1 ll 1111! 111e11r111ed I1 rlze " ','. .' . ' y , . - Library Club l, 2, 3g Traffic Corps 2, 33 Experimental Cooking Club 2g Girls' Leader Corps 4g Echo 4. BARBARA HAGEN "Hubby" l'le-asant Run "Si111p111'1ly .md eme are Ike ffey1111le.r of erery 1111z.r1e1'p1ece." Mas ue and Sand l CPlayj 4g Mixed C lg Glee Christmas P N - 1 ir d r ras 4g hoo a fl Club Zg Ec 2 lo rnalis 2' Student ' Honor Soci t 'Vs TW' 1el,2,3, K, 1 l y4 Y K 'N 22 A s it ' ' .sw . X' Q K , i . . Nifxl 'rf Yplj 1511 Roselle ...EV SL"x 'A' ' , , , f vig!! V s N ' . S J, iY P 'I J - A' 4 y ANNBONNEY HALL X y "Bonney" Flemington "W'he11 .l'l1l.".l' on hand. llvere 5 llll,l't'hiEf afoot." journalism 1, 2, 3 fEditor-in-chiefj, 43 Masque and San- dal 1, 2, 3, 43 Girls' Leader Corps 2, 35 Student Voice 33 Chorus 3, 43 Girls' Basketball 4. RICHARD HALL "Dick" . Flemington ' "Dont u'orry,' lf may Jborlen your life." l Served in U. S. Marine Corps. , X xl y Young Ofiicinls l, 23 Football 2. i 1 LAURA HART gil" v , 1 "l,aura" X Three Bridges ' ' , ' ,, -1, ,f:Sl lJ'"fll0I'8x'L"l0WEI'1l-'.fDd7f'lf'b7'd.l'.Ui ' , ' ' A R Gift Cliff Tru ic Corps 2, -33 Chorus 23 Red Cross Club , f YI ' 23 Libraryflub 4Q'EChO 4. ' ML P, V I. ,,- 3 BARBARA I-IARTPENCE ' ' ,X I J I I " Robby" Flemington i 1" f f ' "lift Hire fo be Ildfllfdl when one IJ' flalnmlly nice." 1 A! I Student Council 13 Arts and Crafts Club QPresidentj 13 ' Ed-V. Girls' Leader Corps 1, 25 Traffic Corps 1, 2 33 Cheerlead- ,J Q I' ing 1, 2, 3, 43 Echo 1, 2, 3, 43 Foreign Language Club QPresidentj 23 Christmas Play 23 Student Voice 3, 4g Bas- ketball 43 Honor Society. I ' . MARGARETYFA HAUSMAN f- , 'fM.aggie" Flemington I "I o illflll' her lx lo lore bel and ez'ery011e,M1o1w',buff Arts and Crafts Club 13 Class Treasurer 2, 33 Echo 1, 2, 33 Girls' Leader Corps 23 Foreign Language Clufb CSecre- tary and Treasurerj '2'3 Chrisgmas.Play 23 Traffic Corps 33 ' journalism 33 Student Voice 4. , ' KATHERINE R. HENSEL 'Katih Flemington and f2flIdII85J' makefh 1 3 Mixed Chorus 1, I 'Mfr - if-It 'GEORGE HIGGINS muff L .jr w "Higgins" Stanton J ,J "Life ii lo fire, not lo llviuk doom." ,0jZEir1bwA.?I.dur Money Club 2, Hill Billy Band 4. ff ROBERT HILL f? "Bob" Flemington ' - "A good hear! lareaki' had lime." Tumbling Club 1, 33 Glee Club 1, 2, 33 Student Voice 3 Student Council QVice-Presidentj 4. A USSELL W. HOFFMANN " "Russ" Klinesville " fielzgfir mind kII01l'.f not defeat." Radi , 13 Iigrylg Hill Billy Band l. laj VH teh Ju e M "E lJl7lk, and be merry, for lomorrou' we diet." Mi KAIWEGLENN F. HooPER rp ,N-"IN 'or" 'ii 4 s Chemistry Club 3g Football 4. 23 QQ' erred from Madison High School in February, 1946. W., B, , I i ,uf 'I lm y I . sd? 06005, of' AY ygodu aux fl' 2011 L56 W . ,lzoeefg ff, i , A 'J ,bio 1 www 'X wfypw' weft? i A g Jw! BERNARD I. HUDECEK - "Hudie" Stanton A A " "Never do Ioday what yon can pn! aff llllffl lolmn'r'nz1'." 'ln 1 A Served in U. S. Navy, ' ,i Hill Billy Band 4. HARRY HULTS "lIorsie" Flemington "He'.i' lillle. bill lneff u'1.ie.' H KEY L1 cprker for hir size." Know xYour Money.'Club Ilg Current History Club 1. l- , . Q' 1 v 46 I. .i ,-,xAt7ns?HYLAN xxbx N tl N ' a I lxnxlli-ho" X Flemington l LX -, , h'Fll7Q6'1'6'P' f0l'L'l1.l0J'I in the fllllkj' of ffm." X l X xxx 'Current Eslents,Elub12'Z Foreign Language Club 2g Echo 2 Wi " 1 - - A , VIRGINIA' HYNDS A 1 l4', . il! ,J .L- ', i ,- A 4 ' f l -1 l i 'M i Q' F .V 0 , .fx V I 1. ful ' . 5 4 H PFRANK KADEZABEK Z E G' "Frg1lf" ' ox Copper Hill . X , MIJ1711 at I dllhldfki .vo I will be." - ' Cgreent Event? :Club IQAEQO 4g Tumbling Club 4. WALTER Bx KAIM "XYalt" Reaville "1 hare 41 knack of doing rebar 1 nngbl zmf fo d Future Farmers of America I, 2, 3, 4, KENNETH D. KINNAIRD "Ken" Flemington ki Q "A litfle learrziug it 11 da11gem1r.u thizlggu' Ky Served in U. S. Navy. Jr, ' 4 XX U ' N r 5 LAIRD D. KINNAIRD 'fl J "l,airil" Flemington ,'Hlllllfll' if one of the 6.f.f6l7ffdl.li of g6I1lll.l'.H Student Council 1, 31 Current Events Club 1, 23 Christ- mas Play 23 Student Voice 3, 4g Hill Billy Band 4. Ka ' . 4 V s x A I I "t?inhy'Z N 1, Readington , x"Nimble ujtlv flbqlrws and .rkillfnl zwifh bl'll.ff7.H x 1 .A'rtsz1nd Crafts Club lg Mixed Chorus l, 2, 33 licho I, 4 Foreign- Language Club 2g Girls' Leader Corps 2g Student Voiseilf 3, 4g Key Klickers 3, 4 fSecretaryj. I y , MARGARET JANE JARMSON ' ' -rmafgia' omwack f' Q" A ' FW but elite mailers if you are lucky in lore. Chortktl, 2g Cheerleading 2, 3g L' rary Club -1. -"Her Very f'l'0N'7I.t' are Girls' Lender' Y 'Girls' Varsity urerjg Class T A xy " 'Hi2LEN.jU GB "Sling" t on 111.111 .mlilei of oliver 2 33 Student Voice 3 Council 2, -1 QTreas 24 ll ul Nix X J N ,X ,Y ' x J 5 E I X 8 ht N ' x A ' NVQ Q ', YN .4 " Q b . ,I tv, ' le ly , KS ' tl N A A X ' E I V "Bet " nnsto . X'-TX 5 I X ine ry r na ,h cb rfzil llmldl ek t FS! lent 0' I' J rfu s 1, cho 2' . que NS. laflg 2, , Q S , , e let ' , 3 X R 2 ' E E l Q V " X'k Flen ' ton I D. dl ngne fil, and yel zmi' never land." I Masque and Sandal 1, Girls' Leader Corps l, journalism 1, 2, Glee Club l, Z, Student Voice 2, Foreign Language Club 2, Key Klickers 3, 4, Echo 1, 4. DORIS KRONMAIER "Krmnty" Flemington R. IJ. "A fair and friendly larr if the." Girls' Leader Corps 1, Hockey l, Girls' Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Masque and Sandal 2, Foreign Language Club 2, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, Key Klickers 3, 4 QVice-Presidentj Echo 4, Class Vice-President 4. VIRGINIA LAMENDOLA "Ginny" Flemington "A friend to all, an enemy In none." Gift Club 1, Chorus 2, 3, 4, WALTER C. LANG .-Req-. R my "Lore and learn. and wi Sm' 1 to geiman . of eizrnerl reign. , , Served in U. S. Navy. Football I, 2, Tumbling 1, 2. SHIRLEY JEAN LA TOURETTE "Sltirl" YYhitehonse Station "O le :nike hir own lnzppizzerr only by takin ripe if of nthery' fJr1ppi11e,r.r." A Q andal , 2, 3, journalism , tugdeJVoiice 1, iJ3,'5' Echo Key K ' keriva, 4 . , , I -4 w- 3 f".1l ,af et.: vw 1 r 1, c tw ' ROSE MARY LENTINI it ' -1 - A Rosle I'lem1ngtun "W'l9er'e .t'I1t't.'6.f.t' beginf, 4 face with a .rnlile u'in.r." Gift Club 1, 5, Hockey 1 , Library Club 1, Echo 1, Mixed Chorus 4. DORIS LAWSHE . "Davie" Flemington "If noi.:-e were made by qliief. the zvrnfld be 11 fini." 'Glee Club l, 2, Chorus l, 2. f7'f,e.,5'2,a1eLEN ANN LISKOWACKI e , I fy 1 X A -l5iet,'b.,,,54r1ei 7f"A'g' ' znerry bear! daeth ggoodf' f r Q0 ,ymqiewd A . .lrf5'TT5fc?f X gf'f"'f"i IJKUTFQI, I oBf5E'ff""' I HRW' ,..f,mwfm- - ,fc4,,, "Can'f fha! M done by pure n1athen1alic.s'?"l if 1 Current History Club l, Masque and Sandal 1, Girls' Hockey 1, Girls' Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Girls' Baseball 3, Echo 1, 2, 4, Student Voice 3, Foreign Language Club 2, Key Klickers 3, 4, Honor Society. 75 iff 1 tfftwa .nf X IV 5 W--'47 P' 434454445 MARGARET LUCAS "Dickie" Fleiningtnn "Wfe are proud 10 fall h7t'l'r1!l'fKIld." Masque and Sandal 15 Chorus 1, 2, 35 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. RICHARD MALANAPHY --nick" lures Min "For even though I'd1lql1f.fh7Bd, he could dfgllc' Mill." Current History Club 15 Traffic Corps 25 Foreign Lan' guage Club 25 Student Council 1, 2, 45 Student Voice 35 Laboratory Assistants Club 35 Echo 4. DORIS B. MATHEWS "Il-iris" I'itt-.town "Small of Jlaflze, full of fllll, fmt ,the jx liked by e1'erym1e." Glee Club 15 Library Club 25 Girls' Leader Corps 35 Key Klickers 45 Echo 4. WILLIAM EVERETT MCCORKLE, jli. ' "Doc" - Ringnes 'Nvffffffs gfeal um erer dL'l716'I'6'd iflfhflllf ef1llm.i111w1." Echo 1, 3, 45 Traffic Corps 2, 35 Student Voice 35 Class President 35 Baseball 35 Student Council 3, 4 flfresidentjg Band 45 Honor Society LEWIS MQKAY ' 1 I "Lou" will on ' T0 he .wlenl hurts z 0 .11 re 1' e Z t I Transferred r ville ' ool ' -1 Future Far s a . . Mc "Mickey" nxii1gtmmiC I2 .e'.r loo mm lh fllll III .er I J bn 4 1 h yy ' I and Cr. t 15 Cla cret 1gl2Q 3, "5 -que C and Sandal 1 , uden V , , 5 ic Co ' 1, 2, 35 Cheer n 2, fl 5 Girls' et Corpsj1Eq5 e s2Qa tC c if retaryjg c o 2, 3, 5 Schoo ays 1, 3, f Society. I ,i ,, 'il IL J I r ' f ' ' . ' - " ' RICHARD P. MEEHAN " , -1 - ' - -4 5 H. "Dick" Ringoes "' ' ' ' ' ' "The man who hfllrlhal' if not qllflf a brine." Tumbling 1, 45 Class President 25 Foreign Language Club , I 25 Chemistry Club 35 journalism 35 Baseball 3, 45 Student Voice 33 Echo 3, 4. - 1' BETSY ANN MILLER ' V - "Betsy" Flemington - A 1 "ll'flty Iliff and freqlzezzl .fllllffkf make a frzendrhzp well worth while-" Echo 3, 45 Traffic Corps 2, 35 Student Voice 2, 3, 454 Masque and Sandal 1, 2 QTreasurerj 3, 45 Gita Isemdeig Corps 32 Cheerleading 2, 3, 45 Current Histor lub 15 ' - Student Council Play 35 School Plays 2, 45 Hono.SoUetye I ANNE MOREAU - 1 4 . A "Annie" Flemington . .,, ' 'A pleawzg mznzlenazzre IJ' no .flight ad1'a11tage'." Echo 1, 2, 3, 4 QEditor-in-chiefjg Student Voicejl ,2, 3" fEditor-in-chiefj, 4 QAssistant editorj 5 Class Treagurwlg Masque and Sandal 1, 2, 3, fSecretaryj 45 Scho0ilfPlaQ'15L journalism 1, 2, 3, 45 Traffic Corps 2, 35 CllristmagPlaLj5 Girls' Leader Corps 25 Honor Society. '5 ' C' I. if 4 ELIZABETH MORRIS , .1 " V "liebe" Fleniingtmi A U' 0 "A H0r.re.' A Hmzref My kingdom for hf2'5f.r" . 'X Girls' Basketball 1, 2, 35 Girls' Leader Coi' 1, 3 I, fl My " 4 v . ' " 'Q 1' ' I M ' ze P f J In . 'W Qlqb. EN ,, 5: if " ' I 'i 'I t'f'xX5' WMI' S ta .. ' u J "' "' ' Y N .A X '1 f- 111' 'i"'1Q-'f'l 1' .- ,-v , 1 7,14-" -'. K 'F kewl 25 C' ' W .ls out .1 Wt- XGA 'lax 9 " - i. .,.,.'.,.7i71 ' v FRED MUNDY "Mundy" Stanton "A ,llldll mzmng men: a g6'IIfl6'l1lc1lI amwzg ladies." CLARENCE L. OWNES, JR. "Bud" Flemington Hlrflllllg feufllllf will be yomzg fellouxrf' Transferred from Trenton Catholic Boys High School in 1945. ' Football -'ig Basketball 3, 4 fCaptainjg Baseball 4. MARY A. PIZI E: ' "IH-Pe" XYliitelmnse Station ' L 'LM "A cheery .smile if well zmrfb while." C ' M'f"-I Student Council lg Masque and Sandal 1, 2g Foreig n- D ' "-141, , guage Club 2g TraHic Corps 3g Echo 4. 4. '.J,':'4'4Q4s., GERALDINE PRINCE lk Q, K, ff "jerry" lfleiiiiiigtori I 4 "2 HCQlll'fC'Qll.l' fZ70llgl? my." f .., 17 Chorus 1, 2g Glee Club 1, 2, 3. NJ! l 4 EDITH HAARRIET REASONER ky "Edie" Flemington V 1 , Wllze good of Iver Zwearliffgfe' e Q her smile." S Cl , 2, W5 0" Club 2g -N A at A ' 7 was Q V "hyd , nvual X fwlgfrl ffl I of 1 and frzeu len." , ' Transferud from Pennington High School its ptgnber 1944. Girls' Leader Corps 2g Mixed Chorus 2. X? EUGENE F. RINGER "Ilene" Ringoes "He Il'UI'l'jL'.l' fluff he bflH'f6.l' Hof." Served in U. S. Army. Future Farmers of America 1, 2, 3, 4 QPresidentj. BLANCH13 RQFMENBAUGH l 40blIl.incl1e"',,,, Sergeant iw 1 .I t' 1rwq'keL51yI. nd .rpm-r." Chorfffiik " - 0 DONALD ROBINSON '- "lJon" Flemington "Dancing ix his par.ri011." Echo 3, 4g Student Voice l, 2, 3, 4g Masque and Sandal 1, 2, 3, 4g Mixed Chorus l, 2, 35 Christmas Play 45 School Play 4. WALTER ROBINSON "XYalt" Flemington "I 11ez'erle.f .frlwrzl zwrlr inferfere zvifln fini." ervecl in UNC. Navy. Coolci Club 4. 27 s ? as , ,au-7' rt!" 113' ffe: 'F K elf 10 fl erase 'QD .X .9 ROGER N. SARGENTBVEP "ling" VVhitehous E "B1'r1u'11 eyes, hrnzwz hairg fall and hamlJ0111e,' girlf' beware 'li Tumbling Club 1, 4g Baseball 2, 3, 4, StudentfCbuncil 3 Football 4, Echo 4g Basketball 2, 3, 4. ' ELSIE SCHAADT "Shot" Clierryville "Liltle-but oh my!" Knitting Club lg Chorus 1, 2g Dance Band 35 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4. - Q ,4 ,f ,ll .J V , Al NL! V .fyl-fl p 1 .X if QM1- ,S ' , "C an" eavi e " STANLEY RODKIN j sf R ll "He hath a 111alhe111a1i1'al 111i11d." Tumbling Club 2, 4g Foreign Language Club 21 Football 4. BERNARD FRANK RONALDIER "Blackie" llupewell "Sile11re if 11'i.fdr1111 and geli' 11 1111111 f1'ie11d.i." Current History 2, Baseball I. .f AUGUST s. ROTH "Gus" Flenlington ' "You jlul fdllll help liking him. fm' he ir .1 fx jolly good fellow." hbling 1, 4g Foreign Language Club 23 Chemistry Club 5' Fo tbal 45 Baseball 2, 3, 4g Echo 4. WILLIAM SABO A-Bill" chefryville f HQlljEf and lHll'0llt'L'l'll?d. " Kn w Your Money Club 1 g Future Farmers of America 3,-1. WALTER SAHAYDAK "VValt" Sand Brook "Wharf ha.: .rrhool la do u'ilh 1l'0l'h.3H Tumbling Club il, 4. ULU MFQMY SARGENT Amy Lou W'hl!elxouse and goodflefi' in her jrerfwz Masque and Sandal l S. ff .- , AUL SCHOMP 6-iff -ami" Oldwick ta' 1' - rlal, mihle, and iwell bred mail." Served in aYy. Transferred from Red Bank High School in November 1942. THERESA A. SCHWENDERMAN "Tess" Croton "The milder! 111a1z11er.f and the ge11lle.s'l hea1'1." Chorus 1, 2, 3, Masque and Sandal lg Glee Club 4. L. I s Ji I"-1 if ,J fa r 28 " T' V 1 '4 fl X . Q I I I r YYKS. W' T nik ' L LOWSKI ' e Flemington Ver foo bzzryxo join in fuzz. dl1l'dy.f ml hand ulven 5 tlrerelr work to be done." Chorus 1, 2, 35 Key Klickers 3, 43 Echo 1 4 Student Voice 4g Masque and Sandal 1, 25 Honor Society LAWRENCE SELOVER "Larry" XYhitehouse Station "1l'li,rrhief often lurkr where it if lem! ex ezled j, V. Basketball 25 Tumbling 4. WILLIAM SINE "Bill" Flemington "Tl1w'e if fm lmrry: you will ge! llaere 111 due lime Arts and Crafts l, 2g Football 3g Tumbling 1 4 Boys Chorus 4. IRENE E. SLEDZEWSKY "Ike" Flemington "She ir 41 rrnlrlluzl friend: 41 friend rare and bald lo d Chorus l, 23 Foreign Language Club 25 Masque and San dal lg Key Klickers 3, 4g Echo 4g Basketball 1 2 3 4 CHARLES M. STRYKER "Stretch" Flemington "Gad bleu the man who ifzreured Football 3, 45 Basketball 2, 3, 4. JOHN SUNDBURG "johnny" Pleasant Run "lf1'el1ll1ally?b11I 1101 Hou Foreign Language Club 2g Laboratory Ass bling 1, 4. WX. ,t I 1. if .. . 9 J, , I I I..,J J F N .A ' J f . , 6 f ,- .- -.", . L X M' QW 09 MY" 53,0052 9 rv in U. S. avy. lf '. J' 1 X 1 .4 1 1 ANNE TOLISCHUS , -' L ' ' "'l31lish" f 'Reazli-npzton ' ' "Tl9ere'f a deal of dezillry beuealb fha! mild exlcriw'." , Student Voiee 2, S, 43 Chorus 1, Club 23 Foreign Language Club 23 2, 33 Echo 3, 43 Art Key Klickers 3, 4. MARY l. TOTH "Mary" l'ittstnm'u "There ix a .vnre reuard fm' faillvffzl .rifw1t'c." Glee Club lg Mixed Chorus 1, 23 Knitting Club l. KENNETH TOTTIZN "lieni1v" Ringues H1II1l0t'L'lll'U.9 lf'.a' bard In tell." Football 13 Glec Club l, 23 Tumbling I, Ai. ll K f o J 4 ES WKIMMQ 7' 1 ' . fwdrfexuwg 152110 lihdflllfqiflf' 1116. l 0' I ' H NANCY S. TRI ER "Trim" Fleininxztmn HThjIIKQ.f fnrlziddeu bare a .tener r'l7t1I'llI.'l Masque and Sandal lg journalism 2, 33 Student Voice 3, 43 Basketball 3, 43 Baseball 3, 4. f 'SJ I ' jOYCE VAN ARSDALE SM I 6 , Y "Joyce" uillitellouse f- 11 I df .Why at I ,fL'yl1l.'i A f- 9, Fibre ' ubgk Chorus 4. 'fl , A - J A nfiaw xv x I , 1 LAP Q , .Ai 'X' ARLENE VAN AULEN . 'X if Y "Red" XVhitehouse - "She 1l'!1llld rather laik lo a man llrfazz all angel any day." Mixed Chorus 1, 23 Library Club 2, 4. RICHARD VAN FLEET "Dick" vVllilEll0ll!fQ "Many a man har rifen almre his al1l1rez'ia.fed beighff' Current Events Club lg Tumbling Club lg Glee Club 23 Chemistry Club 3. VIVIAN H. VELEHRADSKY "Q'hup:" l:lC!NlI1llI0ll "Charm fha! .rlri,6e.r fhe .s'igh.f, and mer!! llaal Arts and Crafts lg Masque and Sandal 1 43 Student Voice 3, 4g Girls' Leader Basketball 43 Manager 3, 43 Student C Play 23 Class Vice-President 1, 2, 33 Class Traffic Corps I, 2, 33 Honor Society, ' CHARLOTTE M. VER A 6 kid llaptistowix if , "Leave .filefzfe to the godf: I am buf l7lH7ld7Z. Masque and Sandal lg journalism lg Mixed Charm 1 f ,iv m- aft 30 1 x J 1 Agifs' 06 T av ' I v M J 4 ,"- 3 IJAMES VERME I A J' 'X .ji "jack" Flemington Ag' "Alu'ay.f in laigb and billing 071 all eighlf' 'Mixed Chorus lg Tumbling 15 Christmas Play 25 Foreign Language Club 25 Laboratory Assistants 35 Baseball 3, 45 Football 45 Echo 45 Student Voice 4. Q JOHN E. VROOM 'llwf "Slim" Oldwick "ll"e do 1101 1421111 him any loiigerf he if long enough already." ' , Served in U. S. Navy. X if Boys' Cooking Club 45 School Play 4. c-X KSMKQV5 I x - lv MARTIN E. WAISEMPACHER IIOV gy fy 'I "Marty" Sand Brook W X 5 y Xf, Xi! "A liglvl hear! lifes longeirfsl -fc f Rf, ,lf Tumbling 1, 4. 'Nix ,xo 4 ,ST 'I ,,l" .If 3 4 MARIE AGNES WALSH by QI "Marie" Reaville J - "To do well 117110 albert if a pleawre to me," Foreign Language Club 25 Student Voice 39 Echo 45 Li- brary Club fVice-Presidentj 4. I ELSIE WEISS 8 ' 6 " Ifssie" Flemington X WW Simerily and good uafme are el Q A Masque and Sandal 1, 2, 3, 45 Cheerleai1nQ2?? Leader Corps 35 Student Council 1, 2, 3iJ'GfH5NCof 2, 35 Echo 4, tc? NICHOLAS WELISEWI13 "Mickey" Reaville "ll"orry kills men: why die?" I Current,Event.s Club 15 Future Farmers of America 4., i- f , 'X v r' f fi DERECK B. WILLIAMSON "Slug" Flemington "None but himrelf can be bit parallel." Current History Club 1, 25 Hill Billy Band 1, 45 Masque and Sandal 3, 45 Student Voice 45 Christmas Play 25 Stu- dent Council Play 3. ' fa f fs-P fa - 71 ff .,.t.fLl -- fwfr-fa 4 JOHN ORVILLE WILSON im, . I "jack" Flemington 5 . 4' 'JI , ,L "QzzillerJ newer 1l'll1,' zvimzeri zzeifefi q11il.", y, ' . 5 g Future Farmers of America 1, 25 Football 2, 3, 45 Basket- ball 2, 3, 45 Baseball 2, 5, 45 Class Sergeant-at-Arms 4. MABEL L. WILSON "Mae" NVhitehouse "Laughler and chatler are my COIYCEVILU Chorus 1, 3, 45 Girls' Baseball 2, 3. MILDRED WILSON "Millie" VVhitehouSe "Full of fllll and mi,rrbief."' Girls' Leader Corps 35 Chorus 2, 4. I JJ Oi I-md, ot- L--I'-K 4 D"u'V'5 to "' 9 'Tu' AA' ' M ' '5la5ocas.i' 3l f,if...i we I JANE WURST "Janie" Flemington "A cheerful difpoyifiorz if 41 great a5.ret." Orchestra lg Arts and Crafts Club 1, 2g Library Club 2 Chorus 1, 23 Key Klickers 3, 4, fPresidentjg Echo 4 Honor Society. MARIE YARD "Cheerful whenever you meet ber." Club 1, 2g Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 1, 2 Clu 13 Dance Band 2, 4g Key Klickers 3g Band 4. QQ J? CAN YOU I UAGINEY Mr. Loch crocheting doilies for the men teachers' room? David Hendershot with a handlebar moustache? Mr. McPherson in a zoot suit? Mrs. Godley with peek-a-boo bangs? Effie Flovin with AnnBonney Hall's figure? Miss Andrus in dungarees and a plaid shirt? Betsy Miller without a glib tongue? Mr. Strohaber without his sharp jackets? Mr. Davison doing a bubble dance at the junior Prom? jakie Dvoor as a scholar, not an athlete? F.H.S. with a beautiful athletic held? Going out the driveway without losing an exhaust pipe? Miss Scott really angry? Ruth Lodge without a high I.Q.? Bebe Morris using bobby pins? Bobby Hartpence and Dave Haas without that smitten look? Mary Everitt when the cat has her tongue? Helen jungblut without a comb, lipstick and mirror? Frank Thompson without his arm around at least one girl? Harry Hults 6'1" and Johnnie Vroom 5'2"? Paul Schomp and Bobby Hagen in an argument? Betty Kistner not going somewhere with some guy? Mickey McPherson minus giggles? The boys' locker mess cleared up? Wilbur Conner with a steady girl? Everyone enjoying himself at an assembly? Dick Meehan not temperamental? Ken Kinnaird walking all the way to school every day? Dick Pape with a full-sized convertible? Dale Floyd bellowing with rage? The front steps without seniors in the springtime? Having Benny Goodman's Orchestra for noon hour dancing? Dean Gulick on the honor roll? ' The French III class learning French? Louie Billera bald? Frank Kadezabek driving a muddy truck to school? Walt Sahaydak without a beard? Sand Brook without Martin Waisempacher? Benny Avila as the principal of Flemington High? A basketball game without Dick Malanaphy's horn? 3 32 I , H ',,.4lJ-17.4 -"Lu, 5f'?i'TZA??fw"f1f" ij!! -,,, I Row one: james Burke, Bernard I-Iudecek, Paul Row three: john Vroom, Paul Schomp, Donald Bugyi, Frank Thompson, 'lack Butt, Richard Chap' Turner. Missing: Richard Hall, Robert Hall, ple, Alex Brost. Row two: Walter Lang, Rudy David Hendershot, Ernest Oakes, Seymour Cedro, ,lack Davenport, Walter Robinson, james Toberisky, Robert Higgins, Herbert Furstcnburg, Trimmer, Eugene Ringer, Thomas Cavanaugh. john Pulkowski, and Michael Santo. VETERANS AT F.H.S. Wie have seen many changes around F. H. S. this year, but the one we have probably noticed most was the presence of veterans in our classes. Many of these fellows took advantage of the "G. I. Bill of Rights" to further their education. Some had already completed high school, but enrolled in post graduate courses to facilitate entrance to college. Others completed their sen- ior year which had been interrupted by World War II. Those who returned as seniors graduated as members of the "Class of 1947", Many returned veterans have participated in various activities, such as the Student Council and the Hill Billy Band. They have also produced a basketball team composed entirely of veterans. With a bit of ingenuity they have converted the former print shop into a place of their own called thc "Flemington Foxholef' The schoolwork of the "Vets" has indicated that the years spent away from school have given them a more serious attitude toward education. ALEX EROsT PAUL BUGYI JAMEs BURKE JACK BUTT THOMAS cAvANAGH RUDY CEDRO RICHARD CHAPPLE JACK DAVENPORT GEORGE FITZER HERBERT FURSTENBERG RICHARD HALL ROBERT HALL DAVID HENDERSHOT ROBERT HIGGINS BERNARD HUDECEK KENNETH KINNAIRD WALTER LANG ERNEST OAKES JOHN PULKOWSKI sl EUGENE RINGER WALTER ROBINSON MICHAEL SANTO FRANK THOMPSON PAUL SCHOMP SEYMOUR TOBERISKY JAMES TRIMMER DONALD TURNER JOI-IN vRoOM Row onc: Edna McPherson, Vivian Velehradsky, Row two: Guy Bell, jane Wtrrst, Barbara H igcn Anne Moreau, Barbara Hartpence, Betsy Miller, Mrs. Cregar, sponsor, Helen Sedlowslxr Ruth eannctte Gingell. Lodge, Willialin McCorl-ale. HONOR SOCIETY The Flemington High School Honor Society is an affiliate of the Na' tional Honor Society. The objectives of this national organization are to encourage development of character, to promote worthy leadership, to foster a desire for scholarship, and to stimulate an enthusiasm for rendering service. Each year candidates for admission to the society are nominated from the upper twenty per cent of the Senior Class by the faculty, who in turn select forty per cent of this upper fifth. To qualify for membership, each candidate must receive the approval of all faculty members on Character, Lead- ership, Scholarship and Service. Election to this organization is one of the highest honors in high school. This fact is iirmly impressed on everyones mind by the elaborate initiation ceremony in assembly. The group of new members is conducted to four suc cessive stations representing Character, Scholarship, Leadership, and Service. At every standard each member places a lighted candle, this forming the letter C for Character, S for Scholarship, L for Leadership and S for Service. At each station a lesson from the ritualistic key is taught. After eacli mem- ber pledges himself to uphold the principles of the Honor Society, he re- ceives the gold key of the society, which is presented by the President of the Board of Education. Following the ceremony, a reception is held in honor of the new members. Not only is membership in the National Honor Society an honor, but it may facilitate a financial loan to further education, or provide an effective recommendation to college ofhcials concerned with entrance qualifications. I I I I I I I I I I I I I 9 3 x 9 1 1 5 1 s 9 1 1 I I I I I I I I I I J 1 7 1 J 1 9 y v 1 We, We 1 We, We, We, We, And Witn Dale Floyd, bequeath my shyness to Allan "Hopeless" Bonney Hall, leave my undying love for Benny "Coo" CLASS WILL , Betsy Miller, leave my sharp wit to Paul Williamson. Glenn Hooper, bequeath my third pair of gym shorts to all incoming freshman boys. Gus Roth, leave my good nature to Mr. Davison. Helen jungblut, leave the prom queen's crown to the belle of the junior class. Gil Carter, leave my scholastic abilities to Maier Salamon. George Higgins, bequeath my goatee to Tony Mina. Peggy Black, leave my gym clothes to Shirley Foley , Anne Moreau, am taking everything of mine with me-I need it. Case. Avila to Flossie Myers. Guy Bell, bequeath my collection of sweaters to Marion Mount. Bud Ownes, leave my clean-cut basketball playing to future players. Dick Meehan, bequeath my Irish temper to Mrs. Lloyd. Lou Billera, leave my "E"xcellent work in solid geometry to any unfortunate who may follow in my footsteps, jack Verme, leave my way with women to Mike Brost. Laura Hart, leave my shyness and modesty to Elizabeth Headley. Wayne Thomas, bequeath by briefcase to Norman D. Cunningham Ur. or III?j. Ann Federaka, leave my love to stay home on Friday to any future fwisej freshman. Henry Desnos, leave my blushing ability to Marvin Snyder. Ann Hylan, bequeath my red hair to Emma Hensel. Rosie Lentini, leave my harlequin glasses to Mr. Strohaber. "Ellie" Flovin, leave the fellows of F. H. S. inspired. Doris Kronmaier, do not bequeath my ring. I want it, who wouldn't! Chug, leave Roger. I, Roger, leave Chug. No-Sargent and Velehradsky are tak- ing each other! Jeannette Gingell and Mickey McPherson, leave our giggles to Frank Navarro. Kadezabek, Sahaydak, Waisempacher and Welisewitz, leave our names to Kuhl, Lawson, Fields and Houck. Laird Kinnaird, Slug Williamson, Russ Hoffman and Dick Malanaphy bequeath our "all for one and one for a1l" attitude to the United Nations. Mabel and Mildred Wilson, leave our family affection to Faith and Carol Cav- anaugh. Charles Stryker and Larry Selover, leave our experienced ability of playing hookey to Charlie Dodge, Dean Gulick, LeRoy Fleming and "jiggs" Sheppard. the Halls, leave! May the school rest in piecefsj. lastly, We, the Class of 1947, leave our respected reputation as an excellent ex- ample for all future seniors. VIVIAN VELEHRADSKY, Prexident. esses : , , Doris Kronmaier, Vice Preridenl Edna McPherson, Secretary Helen jungblut, Trearurer jack Wilson, Sargeant-at-arm: Name BACKSTAC-3E BRIEFS Current Gripe Mr. Davison's favorite -- Aveta, Cecelia .... .... Balek, Al ...... saying" "What brand is it today?" ----Too much homework -- Balik, Frances --- .... Pat .............. ---- Barrick, Marjorie Barrick, Morris --- ---- Bell, Guy .... - Belonsoff, john .......,. Berdy, Bob -..-- Billera, Louis -- Black, Peggy .... Bugyi, Paul -- Buhel, joyce ...... .... Burmester, Betty Bush, joan -- Butt, Jack .... Carter, Gil -- Cedro, Rudy ...... .... Chaloupecky, joe ....... Claus, Bob ...... .... Conner, Wilbur Daggett, Betty Jane .... Tests .............. Homework .......... Getting my hair cut -- Homework .......... Homework ....... Voted class lover ...... The Oakland ............ Too much homework and not enough Doris Cooking .................. Being called "Liz" - ----Miss Fanget's "little" -- French quizzes ----Check in transit -- P. A. D. .......... Too much homework ...... 50c for lockers, innocent .... or guilty I'm satisfied .............. Homework -- ---- -This ! ...... Desnos, Henry ......... The draft ....... Dirnberger, Gladys ..... Where's that new --- Plymouth? Dobozynski, Anna ..... Over eating ....... Douglass, Merlin Mr. Mac Pherson's -- queer tests Dvoor, Melvin --- .... Homework ----- English Class ------ Eick, Mary .... Evgfirt, Mary --- .... Being called "infant" -- Ewing, Virginia -------Homework ---------- Fedaraka, Ann --- .... Coming to school on -- Fgntgn, Ann ,,..... .... E xperimental chemists -- Fillebrown, Francis .... Fischer, Russell Friday -Women drivers - ...... - -------Homework -- Fitzer, Donald --- --- Fitzer, George --- --- Flaherty, Patrica Fleming, Elinor Floyd, Dale ..... --- -Teachers -- -Homework -- -------Fran ------ -------P. A. D. ----- -Health class -..-- -Not enough sleep --.. Foray, Theresa --- --- Fraass, Marion --- ..-- Being late every day -- Garis, jo Ann --- ---- Geczi, Louise Gilmore, Paul Gingell, jeannett 36 Late Irishmen -...--...... Square Dancing --- .-.. George Higgins' cowboy C S0085 -----Max Block ---------- ----Loud ties ----- Being thrown off horses--- ----Giggle -- Oulrtanding C haraclerirlic Chewing gum ----- Selling cars --- ---- Laughing --.-- ---- Gum chewing --- ---- Footall .-..- --- Long hair ------------ Quietness .--------- Trying to play music --- Hair -.-.-... .. ----- - Gym clothes ----------. My honey --- Singing -- Height ...-.-- Sioux and Rusty -.-... Wolfish tendencies ---- Sleeping, day dreaming in class Elaine Hynds --- --- Walking --------- --- Favorite Exprenion Current Crurb Mr. tall, dark, and bow-legged -Well Ill be-- - ---------------- Dottie -You know --- ...- That would be telling -Eh, What! ..--..-.-.-...--.....- "HIM" -How about that now? .....-..-..-.. Chip -Hot spit ----..----.--.---..----..- Katie -"Yes, sir" ---- I don't know who she is-yet How 'bout that now --.....-....-. M-m-m! Holy cow! -----.-.-.. --..-..-...-. L ee Hell's bells -.-----....-.- Kenny, of course -Giddy up, whoa, back! ----.---.----- Doris Oh! Gosh --- ..-...-.-..-.-...... Coyet It's terrific ---.--.. For me to know and you to find out -Ah men, God's gift ........ A person of the to women opposite sex, that is -Me? I didn't do it .... 865 subsistence check -"Man"! ---...--.. ..-.-..- O range crush -Elaine Hynds ----.-.- --- Elaine Hynds A happy disposition ---Oh, if I had the wings Curly hair --.--..--.-. Long fingernails ..--.- Forgetting to remember Walking on a cloud -- of an angel--.D.M.H. .You wouIdn't know .-.. "just a regular guy" .---.. They're all o.k. That would be telling -Oh, my goodness! ------.- That'd be telling -Are you kidding? -- -Oh! joy ----.--. --- Football games --- Who knows? Studying at noon time ---Do you not .-..-.-.---- -----,,,, S fan Always alone ..---.-.-.. The heck with women ------ Infant women Sports ---- -.-. W hat do you say? ----- ,-,-,,,, N Une Jack -... .... O h! Honey ......... .... J ohn Orville Talking -- - .--- Oh, for pity sake! --- --- Hard to tell Freckles ..--..---...- Fillinilly --------- ,,,,,,,, N one Doing square sets ----.. Gum chewing --- --- Hair ----.....-- ---- Model T Fords --- ---- ----Model T Fords --- ---- ----Being tardy ---------- ----Talking -------------- Getting out of study -- halls ----Dimples --------- ----- I w0uldn't know -.-.... -My bangs ----- -Oh, I don't know --- --- U. S. Army --Ah, hi-Rh! -----....... - "Influence" -----That's a Ford for you --- --- Brunettes -Why? ---------------.. ........... N one How do you do? ..----,,,-,, -,,,,, N gne Im tired ..-.... --- French-fried potatoes -You know --- - -----.,,,,,,, , F, W, .Oh! brother .------- ,,,, R U55 -What d'yuh say? --- --- None Oh! dat!! ----- ........--..- F rankie Boy, I'll say! --- .---.----- --,,,,,, 5 tag Piffle ------.- -- Basketball team captain Danny, boy ...... ........... L ife of Riley ----Legs ----------- -----None ------- -----Dah-h-hling --- ----------- ? ? -- I think he's cute a .N .rg Q Name Haas, David ..... Hagan, Mildred ...... Hagen, Barbara ........ Hall, Ann Bonney .... Hart, Laura .......... F-lartpence, Barbara .... Flausman, Margaretta -Iensel, Kate .......... -liggins, George ...... -lill, Robert ...... loffman, Russell --- -looper, Glenn .... 'ludecek, Bernard .... iults, Harry ...... -lylan, Ann .... -lynds, Virginia ...... armson, Margaret .... ungblut, Helen ...... Iadezabek, Frank ...... Iaim, Walter .... Cinnaird, Laird ...... Iinnaird, Kenneth - Iistner, Betty ..... Iozicki, Helen --- Qronmaier, Doris ...... amendola, Virginia a Tourette, Shirley awshe, Doris ..... entini, Rose ....... iskowacki, Helen - odge, Ruth ...... ucas, Margaret --- lathews, Doris --- fcCorkle, Bill .... icKay, Lewis .... cPherson, Edna --- eehan, Dick -- iller, Betsy .... oreau, Anne .... orris, Elizabeth ...... undy, Fred .... wnes, Bud --- ll V ,M 5 i t BACKSTAGE BRIEFS Current Gripe ----Helpful sisters ------ - Homework - - - -Homework - - -My brothers - - - - Homework ........ - Moving to Pittstown ..... - --My little sister - - -- - -No letter today ! .......... Outrlanding C lmrarterirlic ----Backwardness ----- ----Shortness -- ----Hair -------- ----My driving --- ----Quietness ---- - Blond hair -- ----Blond hair ------- Blushing ......... -Demerits ................ Having plenty of fun ----If you can't speak well of anything, don't speak at all ----Never enough time --- ----Athletic field --- -Stay awake all day --- ----Not enough privileges - for seniors People who dislike ....... horses -Open the door, Richard -Chuckie knows --.---- -Being late with Marion -Typing ---...... .... -Basketball gam ----Talking too much ----- Being prompt -------- ----Large economy size - Corn - ----- ---- ---- Favorile Exprenion Current Crurb ----Thanks for the car tonight, Mom ------ Mary ----Honey ---------------------- Sonney Boy ----Oh, nuts! ---- --- Don't you know yet? ----Ben-ben coo --- ------,,,--, Marine ----Oh, nuts! ------- --- Writing letters ----How 'bout that? --- ----? ? ------------------ Fore the love of Mike! --- --------- D. H. --------- D. H. --- A certain sailor Who you think you is? .-----.- Alaskan trip there's a way know Where there's a will ---. -- That's for me to and you to find out -Huh? --..---.--- .. -.--.---...---.- Violin ----I don't believe it ------ Not to be divulged at this moment Egad ! --.--.---..--.-------.---.-- Gerry -----Blue eyes ---- ----Threats of violence make --- ---- My family me tremble -Red hair -- -..- Dear Lord --- -- Rusty ----Blushing -- ----Yes, yes! -------------------------- ? ? -----My smile ---- ----Gollies! That would be telling ------ Chuckie Dimples .-..----- --- Sr hool ,, , .--.-----..--- -Flirting .------- - -The cussedness of --- inanimate objects ----No money ----------- ----Getting up in the --- morning -- - -Homework - - -F. H. S. ...--..----- - ---Homework .----- --- ---Few good contributions for Student Voice ----Homework --------- P. A. D. --...- - - --My thoughts - - -- ----Locker jam ----- - - --Getting up early - - - Ialanaphy, Richard .-.-- - -- -Two-minutes between - Teachers -..-------- classes ---V. P. -----.- --- - - -Doing homework - - - -- - ---Unfair criticism of - -- cheerleaders ---Some girls -.-. --- Damp weather .........--- People who scrape -------. fingernails on black-boards -Nothm' -......... ..-- ---- - --Homework ---. - - - Life and the future --- 'll' ----Only one head --- --- The Oakland --- --- Always hungry --- --- Tall --- ---- --- Smiling --.-----.----- Always on time --..-.- ----Being deep in a dream CS ...... -Goody, goody gum drop ------.-.. Dimples -Blank ---.--.---.---.------. Walt, Marty ----Oh, yeah? - -Oh, my! .----. -Get off me back -- -God love 'em --- -Aint it? -.---- --- -Yeah? --....----. Don't you think so? .-.. ---Oh, fudge! -...-- --- Talking ---.-------.--- Hubba, hubba! -- - Sweaters -- -- -- Oh, brother --- -------- None -- "Wimmen" ---- Peggy --- A. Bros! ---- Ice cream ---- Chip ------ ? -- Tommy - -- -..- johnny ---------------- Eddie Laughing ---- Sooner or later .-.--- That would be telling Brains ..-----.----.-- Why? .--..--.- .-..-- T hat is my affair Hair do ---.---.------- Opposition to teachers Shortness -.--.-.--.. Getting home early --.-- Un the A.M.J ?? ---.-------- -.-- Never on time --- ---- Irish temper .-.-. ---. Those glasses --.------ That raised eyebrow -.-.- Talking .----.-- ---- Slow but sure --- --- What is it? .--- Blank! ----- --------- Honey chile ------------- J. D. Paul --- --- That's no crush! Buddy ..--.--.-. -- You'd be surprised How about that? -.----. -....-- N avy Pinch me, I'm dreaming .-.-.. Quarterback Excuse me for breathing ------------ Pip Oh, my Lord! -.--.-..-.-- I love them all Oh, go soak your --- --- Guy Lombardo's head ! Nuts ! ------.---- -Oh ! --.-.-.-----.. Hair .--...-. ---- N one in particular --- orchestra ---- None -- Anyone -- Jo Ann 31 V A Name BACKSTAGE BRIEFS Current Gfipe Pizi, Mary A. --- .... Homework .... ---- Prince, Geraldine ...... Reasoner, Edith ....... Reigle, Mary ........... Ringer, Eugene ........ Roadenbaugh, Blanche --- Robinson, Donald ..... Rodkin, Stanley ........ Ronalder, Bernard ..... Roth, August ......... Sabo, Bill ....... .... Sahaydak, Walter ....... Sargent, Amy --- ---- -P. A. D. -- History ...... Homework - -Girls ....... My brother --- School ..... -Kneebends ........... 50c donation ............. Foolin' around Uokell English periods ........... School ............ Sargent, Roger --- .... M. V.s ---- Schaadt, Elsie ......... Schomp, Paul ......... Schwenderman, Theresa Sedlowski, Helen ....... Selover, Larry --- Sine, Bill ....... Sledzewsky, Irene ...... Stryker, Charles Sundburg, john Tests .... Sleep ? ..... Ben Gun ......... P. A. D. Class ............ ----Only a dog could love the life I lead ----P. A. D. ---------- -Coming to school .... Too short a hunting ....... season No comment ...... Sutphin, john --- .... Homework ----- Taylor, Don .... .... Thomas, Wayne Tolichus, Ann --- Toth, Mary .... .... Totten, Kenny --- ---- Trimmer, james None, the Ford's -- running just now Getting up early -- School buses --- Homework .............. It gets late too early ..... French II ................ Being late to school Trimmer, Nancy ....... Jealous people ...... Van Arsdale, Joyce ..... P. A. D. --- Van Aulen, Arlene ..... English ....... Van Fleet, Dick ....... Homeroom 21 --- Velehradsky, Vivian ..... Missing bus --- Verity, Charlotte ....... Verme, Jack ........... Waisempacher, Martin --- 4. Walsh, Marie --- ---- Weiss, Elsie -.--..-.. Welisewitz, Mickey ---I Williamson, Dereck ---- Wilson, john O. -.---- , Wilson, Mabel L. ....... Wilson, Mildred -..-.. Wurst, Jane --.. ---- Yard, Marie .--. ---- Sl School .---.-- Same old story ---------.- Too young to grow a --.-- beard I-iench -....-..- School --.------..- Not being able to ----... drive at noon -People in a hurry ----..-. Class clown --- ----- Too much homework ------ English --..------.- -English -.-.-------. Getting up in the ....--- morning Being called "Maggie" Conditional license - - - - - -- Outrtanding C bamcterirlic Mary Reigle --..---..- Dark eyes --- ---- Talking ---. -.-. Faroriie Exprerrion -Eddie -----.-.-.... -Kill it --- -Oh! .---------. Current Cruxb ------ Eddie -- Brownie ------- A. J. ----Mary Pizi --- -----Oh! My g0Sh ---- -------- L- C- ----4th Period --- -----Who? ----------- -- Driving truck ----Talking --,- -----Are you kiddin? -- ----- -l-' ----Jokes OJ -------------Idjit ---------- ----------- MC' -----Remarks -------------.l'm Worryin' --- ------ None VCI -Unknown knowledge ---Why? .......... --- Th3f'S mY Hffail' -,--Smile ,,,,,,,,,,,,,-,Ah-go home --- ----- Anne Marilyn -Saying too much -..-.-- Why? .......... ------------ B londs ,Beard ,,,,,,,,, ..,,, Y ea! Sand Brook ...--- "Farmer's Daughter" ----Freddie -- -----Oh, Freddie! ----- ----------- Freddie! ----Chug ---- -----Chug ------ ---------- Chug ----Shortness --- -----Oh, Gosh! ------ ----------- M. D- ,-,,I-leigh: ,, ---UI-lo! I-I0 !---------------- You should know -----Hair ---- -----Oh, Christopher! ---------- D.M.S. Rt. 30 Laughing --- ----- Oh! For goodness sake .----.--.- That guy ----Wave in hair - -----I is sick ------------- ---- Trip to Alaska Talking -- - --- Blushing -- ---- -I dont know -------.- -Oh, for heaven's sake! -Speed ----..--------.-- I'll say --........-.. Always eatin' candy ---- Weight ---.-..-...-. Bashful grin ----...---- I, yi yu! ---------- That would be telling Formal arguments --.-- - ------ S. H. - .-.- Not saying ------- Alaska -How about that? -- ------ No such animal Good for him -.--.---.----.-...-. Food -Do a good job, don't --.-.. Strawberry blond Overdue slips from .--.- Ugga, ugga boo -- library -Dimples ---.--.----.- Snapping gum .------- work too hard cupcakes --- Digger O-dell -Oh, shucks! -.----- ---. K ilroy What say kiddo? ----.-...-.--- M. C. H. ---I wouldn't say that now My rocking chair --.-.-- I could say something, but ----Laughing ------- Red hair --------.--- Being with girls --..-. Roger ------.-....--- -For Heaven's sake! ---.. I won't --- Horses --- j. T. Uimmyj -Oh, you're such a dope -------. You tell me -Shes so nice -.---.-.--- Work! -.------- -.-.. Y ea, two of them! -- -Playing M. V. --- ---Hey, speedy! ----- --- -Cow lick ----- --.-- H ell no! .----.. --- Blushing --.. ---- Smile ---.----.. -.,, -Oh. my goodness! -Cheese and rice -- -Muscle bound --- ----- Hey, Indian ---- Mary E. Eick -- ----- -- --- Mary Melick Roger -----...---..--..- You should know --- Clarence Carver --- College Boards Slim lGuess who?j ------ I'm bashful - A guy named joe ------------ Katz Subsequently ------- --- l'm not particulal Stop that, I l0vC it --------.. Mary E, Eid M06 ......... .---. B ut definitely ..--...--.--...,,, ,,,, M or Teeth ..... ..-.. Y ou name it-I'll feed it ..,.-...,, "Red' -Blond hair --- ----- Oh, my! ,,,,,-,----- ---g- - H That bo! "True friend" --- --... That's tough ---- ,,, ? n 'Vik WHO'S WHO llest Natured: Class Lover: l,uuis liillem B L k' est oo mg: Most Sophicticated: l ulnnn Ilngvll Mus Ruth Lass S h ' 7- " ' weet eqrt. lX.llllt'lll lotteu, llelczm juuglllul hug Hell lgthe lflnv x'IVIHll Yelelmradsky Peppiest: ' Best Dressed: lh-n liulmius.-n Best Mannered: lxxm-s lfmlnu Xlcpllvrsml lNl:u'iuu l'.I'Jl2lws llill Slut'-nltlc X'ix'1:m Ya-lvlntumlslty Most Talkative: Mary l':Vl'I'lll llml Owxlcs Quietest: Best Athletes: B D est ancers: Most Popular' I una ll url Russel llllllflllflll li l M ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' eae urrls jake Ilvour Betty lxlstner lluu Rolunsun llull Rlviurkle l',1l1mMlrl'l1ers- VOL.75 No.6 FLEMINGTON , FRIDAY, JUNE 1,1957 25 CENTS The former Miss Vivian Velehradsky, prominent motion picture executive, lost a 325 bet recently when she married Roger Sargent, the mad chemist. Miss Mary Iiveritt, comedy star of the new Broadway hit "Speechless" is in danger of losing her job. The producer, W. Ever- ett McCorkle, jr., claims that her tendency toward talkativeness is ruining the show's reputation. Miss lidna McPherson is using her cheer- leading ability in training the new all-male "Rockette's Chorus" at the Radio City Music Hall. Martin Waisempacher, Frank Kade- zabek, NVJalter Sahaydak, and Mickey Welise- witz are star-members of this dancing team. Miss Amy Sargent, virtuoso of the piano, made her debut at Carnegie Hall last Wednesday night, playing her brilliant ren- dition of "Chopsticks." The cameras are facing two new romantic discoveries this season the enchanting Ellie Flovin playing opposite the heart throb of nillions, Louis Billera. Merlin Douglas and Robert Claus, world famous quoit hurlers, will hold a champion- ship match at Madison Square Garden next Saturday evening. Manager-owner Laird Kinnaird announced yesterday that tickets for the event have been completely sold out. Kenneth Totten is employed by the Gin- gell Modeling Corporation. He is current- ly working with Miss Helen jungblut to boost the sale of Lodge Cosmetic Products. 40 "jake" Dvoor and "Bud" Ownes announce the opening of a new gymnasium on Third Avenue, where they will specialize in re- ducing overweight theatrical stars. The new slim, streamlined Glenn Hooper will vouch for the course. Miss JoAnn Garis will act as sales-manager and receptionist. Wayne Tnomas gave a private reading of his latest poetic compositions at the last meeting of the exclusive Westchester Coun- ty Republican Women's Club. Miss Ann Hylan, executive president of this organiza- tion, reports that the club was extremely en thusiastic about Mr, Thomas' works, The next program will include clarinet selections by Miss Barbara Hartpence and a few well chosen remarks on "The Effect of Radio-Ae tive Waves on Hippopotamin by Professor Richard Van Fleet. George Higgins, blonde film star, is grow- ing a beard this season in preparation for the starring role in "The Alaskan Trapper." The picture, which will be filmed in Nome, Alaska, will be directed by Eugene Ringer and produced by multi-millionaire Guy Bell. The party will leave from San Francisco on july 29 aboard the SS. john Vroom, and will include the two eminent authorities on Alaska, Larry Selover and Richard Meehan, who have spent several years selling refrig- erators and bathing suits near Nome. Lady Elizabeth Morris-Vanderbuilt, prom- inent society leader and president of the Local "400" of New York, surprised the society world recently when she galloped down Broadway on her horse., "Windy," while wearing a black strapless gown. Talented Charles Stryker has the title role in the production "The Deep Sleep." This play is now being produced in Boston by Bernard Ronalder. Sets were done by Rose Lentini and costuming by Virginia Hynds. Jack Verme, swaggering owner of the Sar- atoga Racetrack, is wintering in New York. Rumors have it that he is interested in ac- quiring some of Dale Floyd's string of money-winners. "The Life and Loves of Stanley Rodkin" is the title of a new motion picture concern- ing the life story of one of America's most famous song writers. Starring in the title role will be Richard Malanaphy, playing op- posite Tess Schwenderman. john Belonsoff, opera impressario, was taken suddenly ill at his home in Bucks County, Pa. Dr. Robert X. Hill, M.D., Ph.D., and D.D.T., was hurriedly called back from a vacation in the Fiji Islands to attend him. Due to prompt application of a new wonder drug, Liscowackathane, named for the eminent chemist who discovered it, Mr. Belonsoff's condition is reported rapidly im- proving. The marriage of Miss joan Bush, scenario writer of Hollywood, California, to her sec- retary, August Roth, took place at the Little Church Around the Corner, on May 3. The Right Reverend D. Bradford Williamson, Bishop of Mozambique, officiated at the cere- mony. The wedding party included Coun- tess LeBoutillier, the former Miss Gladys Dirnburger, as matron of honor, and Harry Hults, history professor at Vassar, as best man. Other prominent guests seen were Miss Cecelia Aveta, the Hon, Lewis McKay, Lady Virginia Lamendola-Smith, and john Sundburg, local lunch-wagon proprietor. The Wedding March was played by Miss Elsie Schaadt, and Mr. Paul Gilmore sang "I Love You Truly." The Robinson Brothers, Berdy, and Balek's Circus has announced the addition of several star performers to their troupe. Among them are Mary Eick and her trained seals, glamorous Helen Sedlowski, bare-back rider, and the Kozicki-Mundy acrobatic aerialists. The jacob's Pillow Dance Festival, which was held recently, starred Francis Fillebrown in impressionistic dances. Miss Louise Geczi kindly consented to donate her services as square set caller. Word has been received from Ann Dobo- zynski, who is touring France with the Rod- enbaugh Traveling Players, that "Bubbles" QBonneyj Hall, formerly of this country, is currently appearing with them in a specialty act in the famous Follies Bergeres. Laura Hart and Russell Hoffman, rollick- ing comedy team of the West Coast, came East recently to appear in a command per- formance at the White House. President joe Chaloupecky and members of his cab- inet attended the extravaganza. jack Davenport defeated Rudy Cedro at the Paris to Geneva Bicycle classic in May. Davenport rated third among feather weight competitors and came in two days before Cedro, Misses Betsy f"Cutie"j Miller and Anne f"Slim"j Moreau are working their way through dramatic school by appearing night- ly at the Empire Theatre in Newark. David Haas is doing absolutely nothing! 4I SENIOR SNAPSHOTS I IIIIII I. Anm- Inn :I turn: IIUIII -In lluml "'I'r0:n 'cm Ruuglf' Uwmw. ph- nut uuly I-Imtcr up Mum Stu-cl, Inn -II-mumlv IIN' pam J. IIUIJL' :xml ,Knnv ,... su WIIQII? 3. "Uh, Imvcf Ilnw yilll :xx wvllf 'R Um' rlznw w-III, I"r.mIx 'I'Iw1111wmI, .II xx-'III 'IK-I lnIkf" Ilulyhy Nm-ln, gnuuwal. 4. Arc Ilnln' :mil -IuI1m1y IIy- rx IIHIIN NntlxI1L'rI, IIIIIIUJII. III. Surll lluluxllx' III.Im'Ilv wh mg kitcx. or :Irv thuw r-lrillgx satlswlwxl tu gas Imllmnn? :I gmul rxznnph- Im thc rut ul nd II. It muxt Irv .I:.SII 3. Nita' srcllvsry, mv?.IuA11x1 :HMI IIIHUI lzikc it why. lv. Nlzig- I1'm.u1w NI.u'lc :xml NI.1l'j-run' I lvwu IX Nu 1vIm',4xx'zI. IJ. IH-IIN gnu! mv, Mm' :mel Mivlxvx, "'I'Iw Iliyf 'I'I1l'va'." 7. IZIIgL'r'N IIl'l's'u I'zmI. I'zu1I :xml Ihvru ., nw IIIZIIIVI hmm um mx xl 11 zulmlx vxprewion L-nudn't bi' fhugk fault, would lt? N. 'Fhefe pen- up In .I swell tw-N-nm-, 42 AIUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS l.c-tt to right: Dolores Thompson, secretaryg Mar- jorie Voorhees, vice-presidentg lfarl Lawson, presif tlcntg lXlarie 'l'.iylor, treasurer. JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY September 6, Well. lt may not have meant much to you, but to us Juniors it was one ot the most memorable days of our lives. Yes. we were real live Fresh- men confused. but happy, First came the Wzlr Bond Drive. then our Valen- tine Dance. At last our "superiors" had a chance to see what we could do. Our dance was a great success, needless to say, Finally came june, the last report cards, and a fast summer. 'l'hen lo and behold, we were Sophomores. Our October dance-it had a football theme - was also well attended and enjoyed, Wife contributed wholeheartedly to the Red Cross and Polio drives, and many of our members participated in football, basketball, and baseball activities. Another year drew to a close and now we are Juniors. At last we have underclassmen looking up to us. But tragedy struck in the fall when "Cliff" Creed. our classmate. was killed in a plane crash. Our class offices showed lfarl Lawson as president, Marjorie Voorhees as vice-president, Dolores llillUl11PSOIl as secretary, and Marie Taylor as treasurer, Xxfe got our class rings early in the year, and our prom was a terrific success. The guest really thought they were in heaven. As before, we are great sports enthusiasts and very good students. Our members have taken part in the various plays and we are represented in many of the clubs. We have again aided the Red Cross and Polio Drives. As another successful year draws to a close. we fully realize that next year we, the Class ot l9Al8, will be high and mighty seniors. Home Room 29 Top Picture Row one: Dolores Colla, Marilyn Cregar, Betty Brokaw, Dotty Bodine, Angela Corona, Doris Den- son, jessie Arendt, Shirley Bramich, Carol Carter, Mildred Cary. Row two: Stanley Deemer, Albert linea, jack Denbigh, Harold Dalley, jack Baker, Billy Bird, Myron Brost, jim Barrick. Row three: Mary Barrick, Mary Devoe, Claire Caka, Mar- jorie Case, Catherine Bruckler, Betty Dilts, Doris Cottrell, Margery Case, Row four: Bennett Avila, Brevoort Conover, Mr. Howard S. Apgar, Will- iam Allegar, Robert Cronce. Missing: Sherwin Dalley, Shirley Cole, Roger Everitt, Allan Case, Tommy Black. 44 'i l.. . A Home Room 25 Bottom Picture Row one: Margaret Beers, Marie Makarick, Do, lores McDowell, Theresa Kolakowski, lrene Hom- mer, Miss Helen Andrus, Emil Maresca, Harvey Garbo, Tony Maddalena, joe Fust, Charles Leon Row two: Carl Hockenbury, john Hruhos, Henry Kuhl, Earl Lawson, Richard Houck, Mary john- son, Marjorie Hoagland, Shirley Lambert, Carol Hopper, Elaine Hynds. Row three: Doris Kline, janet Fink, Anna Herder, Audrey Holcombe, jean Zelinsky, Helen Foster, Gerry Lenfest, Norman Hand, Ted Holmsen, Marvin Kuhl, Henry Glo- vatsky. Row four: jack Field, john Liskowacki, Rudy Krebbs. Missing: Carlton Ferris, Frank Moldenhauer, Marjorie Mathews, Doris Hampton. 'IKE .NAKFFX ' 8.81 l M.-D181 g :angina 5 it li! 11 li BIDS' Home Room 3I Top Picture Row one: jean Snyder, Edith Reasoner, Dorothy Plesnarski, Betty Reasoner, Ida Mae Piell, Miss Wfanda Pettit, Tony Mina, Albert Miller, Calvert Moore, jack Painter, Dick Romalho. Row two: Helen Reasoner, josephine Neff, Manuelita Perez, Ruth Porter, joan Rogers, Henry Snyder, Henry Strauss, Fred Soltis, Frank Navarro, Kenneth Schomp. Row three: Mary Melick, Virginia Rinehart, Irene Podayko, Robert Reper, Geraldine Miles, Betty Preckwinkle, Venice Patrizi. Row four: john Sehwenderman, Floyd Prall, james Omick, Peggy Sehomp, Richard Pape, Maier Sala- mon. Missing: Fred Mc Gilveay, August Peters, Richard Chapple. ,it-, , Home Room 2 Bottom Picture Row one: Nancy Templeman, Marjorie Voorhees, Alma Zielstorff, joyce Trimmer, Carol Cavanaugh, Helen Szulim. Row two: Miss Evelyn Duane, Laura Van Nuys, Dolores Thompson, Lorraine Wllite, Marjorie Van Lieu. Row three: Robert Klechner, Alex Wirsyla, Eugene Taylor, Louis Van Roy, Manfried Wolf. Missing: Robert Zyls- tra, Marie Taylor. 45 JUNIOR SNAPSHOTS I. juan anal Lnuil' relax. Must hc a pretty imlu-rtant rnnverf satirm. 3, That tent crwuldn't he pitched mi the school izlwvtlluls. Y11tt'll have' tu ask Ruth, farnlyu, .hula and Bet' ly ahfvut it. 3. Hank and jusly are takiup: life very seriously thix aftcruruvn. 4. Mary and llivk lead the parade hack to thc nhl grind. Strikz' up thc hand! S. It looks as though farnl aurl Angela were going clown a chimney, hut it's just 46 the girl! eutranu' during umm huur. rw. Marilyn M-miie doubtful, jurly determined, 7. IN-uuy fur y--ur thuught-. .lark Or are they worth it? R. Yoke :mul ,luyvr tlmmmxtratc at pair nf tuutllpaste-ami smiles. ". Sli-vwlmllx ami xlii1'tslct-vw are quite a Cmuhinatiuu. Sillflvy, l,1llll'Jl Ruth :mrl llnlmxu seem tn have a detiuitv: target in sight, lll. llntty ducks. ll. Statistirs show tw out ut IU prefer loaf:-rx, SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Row one: Margaret I-Iaver, secretaryg Charlotte Black, vice-president. Row two: Ronald Osmun, treasurerg Ronald Wetzel, president. SOPHOMCRE CLASS HISTORY This, our second year of readin', 'ritin', and 'rithmetic at Flemington High School, began rather strangely for us. Below us were freshmen and we, the Class of 1949, were now one step closer to graduation. Shortly after school re-opened we sponsored the Hallowc-'en Dance which was a great success. Although this is only our second school year, we have joined many clubs, among them -Masque and Sandal, journalism, and Future Farmers. We are also well represented on the Echo staff, Student Council, and the Student Voice. Moreover, girls and boys have participated in all lines of sports. We have boys on the football, the basketball, and the baseball teams, and girls on the school basketball team and the intra-mural teams. Some of the girls arc "j. V." cheerleaders. This year our election results were: president Ronald Wetzel, vice-presi- dent Charlotte Black, secretary Margaret Haver, and treasurer Ronald Osmun. Now, we sophomores who have experienced two years in F. H. S. look forward with confidence to two more- successful and happy school years. ' i 4 1 Home Room 5 Top Picture Row one: Salvatore Billera, Carolyn Cressy, Mar- tin Birnbaum, Clela Bloom, jack Bodine, Anne Christopher, WLIFYCD Dotterer, Elsie Calcagno. Robert Diener, Barbara Apgar. Row two: Donald Burrell, Martha Cronce, Floyd Bishop, Vivian Bor- ducci, William Foster, Charlotte Black, Bill Adams, Margaret Escok. Row three: Dolores Cui' tis, Dick Eichlin. Katherine Epperly, Charles Bran- er, Bernice DeConinck, Doris Compton, George Brinton, Row four: Charles Bush. Virginia Con- over, Shirley Foley, Alberta Crist, Mr, Michael Bozzo. Missing: Victor Barbieri, Hugh Capelle. Arthur Day, Martin Fackleman, LeRoy Fleming, Sylvia Hulse. 48 -Fi'-I , li C Home Room 7 Bottom Picture Row one: Dorothy Griffeth, Beverly jones, liliza- beth Headley, Betty Houghney, Georgia jarmson, Charlotte john. Row two: james Gess, Pat Hall, Margaret Haver, Gladys Gerba, joan Gregory, Henry Hornung. Row three: Charles Gutschmidt Harry johnson, Mr. Fred Lodge, Dean Gulick, Wesley German, Standish Hartman. Row four: jack Free, Robert Higgins. Missing: Charles Dodge, Franklin Holdridge, Rudolph Hudecek, Fred Hudecek, Selma Stefel. w x .., Home Room 4 Top Picture Row one: Ronald Osmun, joan Mathews, Donald Peterson, Wilma Krinic, Mary Ann Kelly, William Mathews, Matilda Longo, Arthur Kolakowski: Row two: Catherine Timmerman, Mary Marsh, Mary Luster, Flossie Myers, jean Mencheck, joan Slocum, joyce Porter, Alice Reper. Row three: Donald Mills, john Mika, Mr. john Krauss, Free- man Leaming, Louis Pizi. Missing: Fred Red- dling, Rudy Lautner, Dorothy Meyers, Fred Ko- phazy, Richard Kennedy, William Lang, john Quick, Frank Luster, Clyde Mount. Home Room I0 Bottom Picture Row one: Elsie Schultz, Marion Sutphin, Violet Szwed, joyce Sine, Marjorie Saunders, Helen Rus- sell, Marilyn Zanetti, Nancy Totten, Evelyn Simer- son, Martha Stover. Row two: Kenneth Thomp- son, William Rinehart, Donald Carman, Paul Sauerland, Paul Williamson, Edward Walters, Pe- ter Tedeschi, Ronald Wetzel, Edmund Yurowski, Carl Young. Row three: Edith Schroedel, Betty Schmelz, Dolores Hooper, Bernice Strimple, jen- nie Slisz, Ramon Rosswaag, joseph Sowsian, Ken- neth Snyder, Norman Schultz, Hugh Zeliff. Row four: Howard Teets, Agnes Roth, Shirley Holm sen, Mrs, Helen Huenecke, Stanley Roever, Wil- liam Silvers, Paul Waldron, john Soltys. Missing: Helen Radomski, jeanette Kenny, Marilyn Zeliff, Carl Zakzeski, Merwin Touzeau . 49 ...av gr ' wo' ,wr 'Q AWN A ,Fl K if... at i I I. Jun flux auil Rvuuiie llblllllll start the clay with a Smile. a variety uf cxpresfiuux: llarry jnluumi ls xurprlwfl. john- lliwl you ilu that lmuicwcwk, luxy-5? J. Two nf F.ll.S.'s fair- uy Quick appr-an plcaeetl, whilc llill Lang glvew us a l.aureu t-xt wlllilvillfwiww xtrilti' 'i www fur the rauivrauiau: Mary Auuf' llacall lunk, rv. Um' uf our lnuxt zuulutu-ux intramural bas- Ki-lly aucl Apzuc- Ruth. 3. Martha Stews-r Nevins tn he doing kethall tvauix Spike Suyeli-r out ru frnui. 7. lluris llfllsilll a lut of ll0llif'L'l?RlllllfI. 4. llcvvrly juries ruulrlu't he mak- and Aggie Ruth all rlrc-sul up in Sunday he-xt. 3. NVatrh mg cunkies, could alle? 5. A ulecliauical drawing class shows 1-ui. ,lfaiilicttcg what will llwl-t Nay? 50 f .. ,ff- Wi V FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Judy Gingell, vice-presidentg Rita Cedro, secre- taryg Emma Hansel, treasurerg fmissingj Walter Levitsky, president. FRESHMAN CLASS HISTORY The history of the Class of 1950 may be short now, but it can hardly be called uneventful. Our first taste of F. H. S. came when we took advantage of "Visiting Day" and met each other for the first time. When school opened in the fall, we spent much time "getting acquainted." After active campaigning and speeches by all the candidates, we voted for our class officers. When all the ballots had been counted, we found that Walter Levitsky was president, Judy Gingell, vice-president, Rita Cedro, secw retary, and Emma Hensel, treasurer. Many of the boys who went in for sports ably represented us--especially in football and basketball. Girls participated in inter-mural basketball games. We were well represented by our Student Council members and it was not long before Freshmen were actively participating in other organizations. The Valentine Dance, the Freshman Class contribution to the social life of F. H. S., was a success. NX'e all feel that our first year in F. H, S. has been a grand one and anticipate that the next three years will be just as successful. Home Room 8 Top Picture Row one: Gladys Brelsford, Frieda Beers, Cath- erine Houghney, joan Bush, Rita Cedro, Mrs. Mil- dred Godley, Harry Ingaro, William Bishop, David Franks, Richard Case, johu Cregar, Row two: Lois De jonge, joyce Conover, josephine Borys, Ethel Cole, Lois Crane, Henry Barabas, Henry Daniel, Charles Campbell, Bill Curtis, Peter Campbell. Row three: Charles Barrick, Thomas Cesta, james Conner, Betty Anne Cromwell, Laura Lou Bullock, Barbara Boyd, Gordon Botsford, Edmund Abegg, George Cole. Row four: Fred- erick Abel, Roy Compton, Donald Bacorn, Charles Augulis, Andy Devoe, Frank De Marco. Miss- ing: Alex Belonsoft. 52 Home Room 6 Bottom Picture Row one: Mary Holdridge, Alice Fraass, julia Fnea, jean Dhulster, Mary Anu lnglin, limma Hensel, joan Hartpence, judy Gingell, joan Har- wick, Peggy Dietz. Row two: Fred Hulwach, jack just, Louis Escok, Mickey Herman, George Kuehn, jerome Foray, Lloyd Hoover, Alf Hughes, Clarence Hand, Bob Hailes. Row three: Bryan Ingram, jo seph Castoro, joseph Kanack, Stephen Hernick, Allan Goldberg, Sally Grey, Helen just, Martha Dittbrenner, Charlotte Kerr, jean Hoffman, Row four: Lester Hall, joyce Fackleman, Mayona Gregory, Barbara Hiukel, Olga Glovatsky, Betty Horn, Eileen Godown, Margaret llernick. Row five: Mr. Swen Gilberg. Missing: john lfkholm. Kenneth Fisher. .ram- Home Room I Top Picture Row one: Harold Snook. Abram Quick, William Potts, Lewis Sanders, john Maddalena, Mary Mathews, Anna Lesko, Mary Rake, Bertha Schnei- der, Helen Schuster. Row two: Hugh Coll, Mar- tin Rojcok. Martin Roth, Lawrence Shepherd, Stan- ley Lake, Emma Smith, Inge Meyer, Arlene Mahl- stedt, Barbara Sporysz, june Prince. Row three: Ed- ward Perkovich, Walter Levitsky, john Drake, Wolfgang Miesner, Arthur Scrosoppi, Dolores Por- ter, Virginia Samuel, Audrey Murray, Audrey Ohert Bertha Manscli. Row four: Norman Cunningham, Arthur Porman, Marvin Snyder, Alan Sharp, Mrs. Eleanor Gregar, judy White, Margaret Moreau joyce Liptak. Missingi Charles Sherman, Mar- lan Polhemus, Marian Mount. , Home Room 9 Bottom Picture Row one: Marjorie Yard, Edna Whitehead, Eliza- beth Van Stone, Barbara Vlearbone, Wilma Wais- empacher, Ted Roever, Faith Cavanagh, Constance Virga, Betty Toth, jean Van Deveer, joan Stewart. Row two: john Stryker, Richard Yard, Allen Wal- dron, Robert Zachar, Craig Wayman, Dominic Virgalito, Ted Taylor, Robert Waelan, Sam Stot- hott, Steve Toth. Row three: Adell Wieczerak, Arlene Waldron, Anita Ulrich, Nelda Wyckoff, Betty Sutphen, Mr, Lloyd Hand, Frank Voorhees, Dean Toberisky, Erick Vorwerk, Howard Suydam, Lester Wilson. Missing: Marion Winholt, Ches- ter Swider. 53 FRESHMEN SNAPS l. llcrcl Nlztrttn Ruth in llrzttnnlgu' Srlltmnl tlayx .... lliilillll fltztngt-tl .t lrit, lm- ln-F J. lflxir St'lllllll, Alice: Rent-t', Nanry 'I'-lttcn, -Ivan fllcttvltt-lt, Yirgtttizt ll-tnwcr :tntl Shirley Foley rclztx. 3. liutlt llnt'lm1'gtx, lrnt two tlifferent numtls. Vlear- lr-uw ltlltlx stunctlnnp vt-ry zunnxing lmnt ws wuntler wltmn lltnltvl tx tlryzmting nl. 4. Nhat tlu you frev.lnnen mean by tnvzttling the Settitux' front wteps? 5, Turn upsidedown and yun'll tltwfwt-1' fatlterlnt- llmtgltney during her early days. 54 tt. A onto lrnnrh ul gals tlUn't ytvn ttgtt-ri l,.tnr:t lpn tx c-wltilvitlltg 3 -lmpcly leg. 7. .X twmxtzutt lxxtt-mttv. .llgtrlmlt lluycl :tntl llult lltggntx. S. frztig XY:txln,tt1 annul Ulggt llluv xlty po-e atlurttntmlcly un tllr lrunt -tcpx. 'f. ,lntlv rcrtztit wclnx stlrprlsull lll. l,mvlt uni, lh-tty, Yun'Il gr! fztt. lim-N A, lirust luke 'nm thnx? ll. A tcnw mt-tm-nt tlnrtng at v ley ball game. lx ,l-wltnny Quwls Nwalluwtng tltu lrall an Catclting Hits. llwllullliln!Hnlmlllnllll HIllulInlI"" "'I"lI'III umr !4irff"l- ' A N Q v "L X " V I -. NP - f 1 7 ' F sa 5.35392 ,xxx D 8 L I I I -.s+:,-.aw-, 1. - -- 4 r',-M:-M X 'S A A .Y 32135 'fx Q ' . ,-K . ' '4 ,v ,, , ' l E 52. ' f W1 5 :5::fq::g.f'. ,qhqf l fi " - jp -. 3-Pfliqlw ' A: gf- w.g.Q, fl ak . 22.1, -'- f"' T i lQlQ?kl4fflri1: T: 'qib I ' 1 I " 1 -am I I ,qlili 5- uiglwl 1 I Qgiun U' 1 ' I H a' 1 1 ' ' ' 5 W I ' 'MI .. J JL '!L' -.gpffl 171634 1 1 h mm 'AN M A v1" z' , ' , se..-a . ami? lf' 4l'l.,zV R QQ, U. EANEZA. WHS E- "ox l'irltit'e li. lit-ll, R. larrlge, ll. XYilliamson, l,.vll1irt,. Nl. llaver, l'. l I Row one: .X. Moreau, M. llzigen. Nl. lfveritt Nl. Yoorlievs. Srliornp, Nl. kase. Nl. l,ut'as, R, Quinn, 5. l,.imlirit, li. l. l'rim'e, Xl. Saumlers, ll. Nlntlwws, ll. lie:1s1viier, lf. fur- l'lesri:irslxi vl. llziltvsr, ll, l,isltow:ielti. Row six: ll. Knlil, tis, lf. Srliamlt, l'. lllaelt, .X1ml9. llall. Row two: -lo.Xui1 Xl, llzirrirk, ll. Nlalallzipliy. A, Roth, ,l. llnsli, ll, vlunglnlut. liaris, Nl. llermail, lf, XYe1ss, V. Ki:ii'tm'1', ll. YlL'al'lmilf: ll, Y. l':iti'lll, M. Xloreau, rl. llartlveuer, ll. lloyd, li, tlottrr-ll, Nlrrrils, li. lllzrelt, l,, llveli ll. A. Miller, Il. Neff. Row three: Row seven: ll. llzias, ll. Xlrtiorltle. rl. Yrriile. ll. Kilails, lb, Rollin-oil, Y. llylirls, N. lfielt Nl. l'l7l, l'. l'.l2Ill0l'1y, l,. ll. Klechziu, V. Yelellrarlslty, R. Sargent. lt, k'roiit'r'. XYliile, Rl. Yard, vl, XYIIIWI, .X. 'l'olist'lius, ll. llartpeilre. Row tour: Nl, Xtalsli, I. Sli-illewsltjq, ll. Kistuer, S. l,z1 llottoiu l'ieturv 'l'our'ette, ll. llurt1l1'ster, ll. lirouliiaier, ll. Kolirlti. Row l,eft to right: Rit'll:i1'rl Nlevlian, lletsy Miller. .Mine Mulvinl, ture: R. llolifiiizin, lf. I"illelvrowu XY. Kauu, XY. foniier. Io.Xnii llaris, Iloualrl Rolmisori. Hui lin-ll, The litlio is the Fleinigton High School yearbook. tures were taken along with the lioinerooni and rlulw It is written and edited hy the senior glass of F. H. S. shots. and is published annually in the spring. Serving as a After the Christmas holidays, work was lwegun in literal and pietorial record of the current school year, the earnest in the editorial department. lfarly in Martli lielio in later years will he a gentle reminder of school the hook was sent to the printers. friends and activities. This year, the evervpresent question of linanting the The staff tor this issue was selected last Alune hy annual was a lwig prolvleni. lt was partially solved lwy the laeulty advisors. Meetings were held and assign- the sale of Christmas eards, pennants and shields of ments were made so that the group mould start function- flannel, and lierchiets, to the student hody. ing in Septelnl1er. The staff and eo-worl-:ers are tonlident that the Consequently, the executive stall had awarded the Fcho for this year is one of the lwest annuals ever puh- photography tontrart in Alune. ln the tall senior pit- lished by the school. 56 THE ECHO STAFF ,Q -Q ANNE IWOREAU GUY BELL BETSY MILLER VIVIAN VELEHRADSKX Edifllf'-ill-Ciblzff A.r.s'i,nl.111l Edilw' Edllrnizl Girfj' Sjfrnm RICHARD INllflfHAN AIANIZ XVURST ISARABARA HARTPIENCIIZ RUTH LODGE Iifgym' Sjmrlu c..jl'l'llIJfjIHl Hnmim -A 'I'-yfvifflq lfdilnr DONALD ROBINSON PEGGY BLACK .IO ANN GARIS ELIZABETH MORRIS Ar! lfdilm' fig-fl. Art lidilrn' Pl7flffIAQl'.1f7jJ.K ALV1. Pl7UfU.Q7'.lf1l7Q 1 L MARY EVERITT CAROL CARTER MARGARIZT HAVIER NTARGARRT IWOREAU Sclljllr' lljlfllf-1 fllllfflf' lli,ul1n'j Sufrlmrfzun' lliulrng 1frUlu11,1,, llislurvy limi une: Nlzirjuriie Nl:ilx:ii'u'lx Mrii'j4+rie Yum'lii'es, lillllil Me- llill ML-t'ui'l4le. Run' hiiir: Xl:u'i::ai'el Klureaiii, ,lean xll'Ilt'lIl'lx, llierxun, Yixinii Ynleliisulslq. Rivw tw-ri ,leziiiiielle liiilgell, lflxie Sflllllil llwrlx liviivfil, l,-unix liillcm. Rum' tive: Al vlliilx lliiigell,'lw.i1l linger-N, Ilg-li-n jiiriglrliit, 'l'wi1y Mina, Row lierlzi Cirixt, lietly .Mme lirilliwell, Xlrx, fiiegiier tzirlilh ml lliiee: .Xgm-N R-itll, lflifzilietli Yilll Stniie, .Imin llitrtpeilee, vivur, XY:ilter l,ei'iixlXy, 'l'-rniniy lilaielx, Alziiln-N lie--, The Stuilent Cinuneil, apnmurul lwy Mrs. Zuegner, similiar prnlwlems are rliseussetl. Any triticixni ur pruli ix the gm'erninentnl gruup tuinpusetl nl inemlwers from lem gi stutlent hm, lilly he tliseusserl with his S. CQ. ineni mth ul' tlie liiuneiwiins in the high sclilml. Iigich home- her, whim, in turn, presents it git the Cjuumil meeting for rtvuiii hultls .in election nt the beginning nf the scliuul iliwtusxiun ur pmsible solution hy the entire fluuntil. yetir inil elects one ur twin repreSentaitives, .ieeurtling to Tu please the stutlents the Student Clnuntil spuiismwiw the nuinlwer ul' pupils in the liuinerimin, tu represent gi g.lll'lL' rsmin, noun-liuur thinning, nntl the ptmlmxiiig nl tlieni .it Student Clnumil meetings. Repivrtm un these new reeurtls. lt also takes tlmrge of .meinlwlit-N, lust .intl meetings .IIC listetl every uther lfritlny, .intl are given the fuunl articles, lurlcer inspeetiun, Llumtes Pulwlit Speaking lulluwing Mwmlgiy inurning in the liuiiieimmiiis. The Contest prizes, takes cxire of scliunl elettium, .intl Retl wining events nl the week .ire pustetl on the SC. news- Cram .intl Infuntile Paralysis Drives. These .ire only .1 lw.irtl in erieli rimin. few of the nmny Lliures thine by the Stutlent Clniimil tu At tliew S. CQ, meetingx the rleinerit systein, the help the stutlentx uf Flemingtnn High Stlitml .intl in srlwul lu-ll systeni, milk .il luntlitiine, .intl many other futulty. l,efiI l'ix4'riitive xtzlllg XYillirtiil fXls'l'1-rltle, pre-iilenlg lleleu Nlrl'l1eiwuii, wrrvlzirxg lluli llill, xieefpizwitleiit Qliinglmliil, iie.iN1ii't-rg Mix, Zin-giier, Ilsiflilly :ulviNm'g liilnza Right: l,m'lxer iiixpieetitin. 58 low one: Donald Robinson, Virginia Hynds, Annlion- ney Hall. Row two: Anne Moreau, .lack Verme, Mary lfveritt, lidna McPherson, Elizabeth Morris. Row three: 4IoAnn Claris, lNlargaret Moreau, Robert Cronce, Vivian Veleliradsky, Marga1'etta Hausman. Row four: Mr. Ap- gar, faculty advisior, Nancy Templeman, Audrey Ohert, .Iudy Gingell, Ann Federal-ca, Shirley l.aTourette, Peggy lilack, Row tive: Betsy Miller, Nancy Trimmer, Char- lotte Black, Barbara Hartpence, l.aird Kinnaird. Row six: David Haas, Guy Bell. STUDENT VOICE Witli Mr. Apgar at the helm, the good issur. Stmleu! Voice, has weathered a line year. Tony Mina, liditor-in-chief, and his assistants, Anne Moreau, Betsy Miller and jeannette Gingell guided the issue quite successfully. Wfith the help of the "Key Klickersn and the satellites of Mr. Tet- kowski, the rest of the crew did a splendid job seeing that the issue kept on its course. The cargo, proudly displayed by the Sllrdenf Vnire. was prepared by the English classes. Then it was sorted out by staff members of the issue. Finally, the Key Kliclsers, under the guidance of Mrs. LeMonn, played an important part in asf sembling the material in the order designated by the staff. The ability to create new and better ideas has not only continued, but has improved among the students of Flemington High School this year. The Sllrdeuf Voice, acting as a vessel for their talent has not only been successful, but has pro- vided a gratifying existence to all concerned. Lett -typists at work. Right-members of the Student Mina, Mr. Apgar, advisorg Anne Moreau. Row two: Voice staff at work. -leannette Gingell, Betsy Miller, Tony David Haas, Guy Bell, jack Verme, Don Robinson, 59 Row one: Miss Pettit, advisor, Anne Moreau, Peggy Black, AnnBonney Hall. Row two: Bennett Avila, Peggy Ditz, Marion Mount, Rita Cedro, Matilda Longo, Alice Fraass, Elizabeth Headley, Mary Anne Kelly, Ed- na McPherson, Mary Everitt, Mary Mathews, F rieda Beers, Frank Navarro. Row three: judy Gingell, Mar- iorie Voorhees, Dorothy Griffeth, Flossie Myers, Mil- dred Cary, Charotte Black, joan Harwick, julia Enea. Ifmma Hensel, Ronnie Wetzel. Row four: Betty Horn, .lean Dhulster, joan Gregory, Gladys Gerba, Doris Hampton, Marie Taylor, Elsie Weiss, Margaret Lucas, ,lennie Slisz, Bernice Strimple. Row tive: Sam Stohoff, Fred Huhach, Mickey Herman, Bill Curtis, If d m und Abegg, Adell Wieczerrik, Iiileen Godown, Nelda Wyc'- kotf, Margaret Haver, Betty Anne Cromwell, Betsy Ann Miller, judy Wfhite, Shirley Foley, Inge Meyer, Bernice DeConinck, Constance Virga, Barbara Boyd, Laura l.ou Bullock, Helen Liskowacki. Row six: .loyce Buliel, Kenny Schomp, Margaret Fscok, -lack Denhigh, XXfaIter Levitsky, Dick Houck, Dereck XViIliamson, V i r g i n ia Rinehart, Barbara Hagen, Catherine Houghney, Barbara Hinkel, Olga Glovatsky. Row seven: Don Rohinson, Wayne Thomas, Dick Pape, George Brinton, Clarence I-land, Fred Soltis, Henry Strauss. MASQUE AND SANDAL In 1952 the Masque and Sandal, our dramatic club, was formed to creat' a real appreciation of dramatic art in the school and to afford students the opportunity to get a start in dramatics. In December of this year, "No Christmas for Horace," a one-act comedy, proved a great success. On March 28 and 29 "junior Miss," a three-act play presented by Flem- ington High School and directed by Masque and Sandal, provided an evening of mutual enjoyment. This year the club has two faculty advisers, Miss Waiidzi Pettit and Mr. Harvey Scharrer, who have willingly donated their time to help make Masque and Sandal productions a complete success. The officers are: president, Doris Hampton, vice-president, Kenneth Schompg secretary, Marie Taylor, and treasurer, Clarence Hand, 60 QB LTU f Boys' Cooking Club Top Picture Row one: Rudy Cedro, john Vroom, Willter Robinson, jack Davenport, Miss Burrus, jack Butt. The Boys' Cooking Club, which consists of vet- culinary masterpieces perfected by the boys are erans only, meet every Friday in the kitchen un- creamed tuna fish, Spanish rice, ginger cookies, der the supervision of Miss Burrus. Some of the and broiled T-bone steaks. Journalism Bottom Picture Row one: Allan Goldberg, Willwtir Conner, Bill Bishop, Henry Kuhl, Paul Sauerlaud, Edmund Yurowski. Row two: Peggy Black, AnnBonney Hall, Shirley Holmsen, Sylvia Hulse, Alberta Crist, Barbara Vlearbone. Row three: Frank Car- 'Fhe journalism Club, which meets on Fridays during activity period, has two purposes: to ac- quaint the people of Flemington and adjoining districts with the social functions and activities of the students ot' F. H. 5.3 and to help pupils who aspire to writing careers. The stories, which per ter, Lois Dejonge, Betty Sutphen, Anna Dobozyn- ski, Betty Daggett, Mr. Michael Bozzo, Ellie Flovin, Venice Patrizi, Anne Moreau, Henry Hor' nung. tain only to school activities, are written by stu- dents and are printed in the Hunterdon County Democrat and in the Hunterdon Republican. The ofhcers are Henry Kuhl, editor, and David Hendershot, assistant editor. Mr. Bozzo is the faculty advisor. bl i-mi Billy Band Top Picture Row one: Laird Kinnaird, Peggy Black, Derecli Xlifilliamson, Bernard Hudecek, Paul Bugyi, Rus- sell Hoffman. Row two: Albert Balek, Donald Taylor, Donald Fitzer, Stanley Deemer, Henry lilovatsky, XXfilliam Silvers, Wiirren Dotterer. The Hill Billy Band, organized and led by Mr. -lohn Loch, blasts out with numerous western and modern tunes every Friday during activity period. There are fifteen members including violinists, as well as harmonica. guitar, banjo and accor' dian players. Together they harmonize to pro' cluce some pretty Shep" tunes which formed the basis of the program The Hill Hilly Band pre' sented to an appreciative assembly in March, Future Farmer of America Bottom Picture Row oiie: Lewis Sanders, Harold Dalley, Robert' Reper, Row two: Henry Desnos, Willitim Potts, Fugene Ringer, Roger liveritt. Row three: jo- seph Kanaclc, Bill Sabo. Frank Thompson, Allan Case. Standing: Mr, Fred Lodge, advisor. 62 The Flemington Chapter F.F.A. was organ ixed in 1929, and since that time has won sev- eral cups and banners, This year our FFA. won first place in the State lfgg Grading Cfontest at Trenton. The purpose ol' this organization is to create farm leadership and cooperation, to promote thrift, to develop character and to train for lead' ership. For its emblem the F.F.A, has selected the owl, the rising sun, the plow and the cross section ol' an ear of corn, set on a background ol' national blue and gold. For its motto it has chosen: "Learning to do Doing to learn Farming to live 'Living to serve." During the school year the club sponsored i variety of sports including baseball games with other clubs, two outside speakers, and three mo, tion pictures pertaining to agriculture. The chapter has a total membership of twenty' three. The oflicers are: president, liugene Rin- gerg vice-president, Brevoort Conover: secretary, Carl Hockenbury: treasurer, Kenneth Snyder: Wfatch-Dog, Roger Fverittg News Reporter, Henry Desnos: and Advisor, Mr, Fred Lodge. The members this year are: Carol llopper. l,ouis Pizi, llmmlil llurrell, ,loan Sl0K'lllll, 'lllwmas lllack, aml ,lolm hlrylter, clarineisg jack Painter, Robert lliggins, lirie Yor- werk, llill Meforkle and llill Rinehart, trumpets: lloris fottrell, Marilyn fregar, Charles Gutschmitlt, and llenry Suyiler, iroiiilmnesg llill lliril, baritone lmrng Marjorie aml Marie Yaril, aml Arthur lla". saxopliunesl ,lnsepll flllilltvll' in-clay, French llorng Richard Yard cymbals: Victor llarbieri, llill bilvcis and Robert llerdy, ilrumsg lftlwaril Perknvicll, and XYaller l,c-vllislxy, lubasg llill Adams drum major: Ua- tlwriue 'l'iimuciman, chief maj'-rette, BAND Top Picture September 19-16 brought many changes to F. H. S. One of these was the organizing of a band under the inspiring leadership of Mr. Krauss, a discharged veteran who led the Army Band at the signing of peace in Tokyo Bay. The F. H. S. Band, composed of thirty mem- bers, has a varied program, Plans for the band during the football season are: a uniformed organ- ization, drum majorettes, color guards, and differ- ent marching formations. After the football season the band started practicing concert numbers with the idea of presenting concerts. The members are: jesse Aremlt, Margery Case, Belly Sut- lvhen, piano: Rose llarbic-ri, ixllllii lleriler, violins: XYilliam llartman, cello: Yiclor llarbieri, bassslrumg Robert llerily, XYilliam Silvers, snare drummers: Richard Yard cymbalistg Xvilliam lliril, baritone: joseph flialnupecky, lneloplumeg Klarjoiie Yard aml Arthur llay, sasapliimeg llnris Cottrell, lihailes Gulsehmidt lrinuboues: Carol llopper, llmialil llur- rell Louis l'iyi, ,lnlm Stryker, clarinetsg ,lack Painter, Ru- bert lliggins, lfric Ynrwerk,:n1il llill Rinvllart, lflllllllelx ORCHESTRA Bottom Picture ,The 251-piece orchestra, under the leadership of Mr. Krauss, has progressed rapidly since it was organized in September, Well supplied with a variety of musical selec- tions, the group has participated in several pro grams, each of which has combined the elements of good music with excellent interpretation and rendition. One of the selections which was es- pecially successful was "The Christmas Overture", presented during our Christmas holiday program. Parents, townspeople and students thoroughly en joyed this rendition. 63 ilockwise. starting at the top: lidna Mcl3hersOn, lflsie Weiss, .loyce Trimmer, Mary liick, Ali :lures C,oll.i, Betsy Miller, Barhara Hartpence Buhel, Betty Kistner, VARSITY CHEERLEADING liarly in Septemher the Varsity Cheerleading Squad assemhled with Cfapr stain lidna McPherson, The girls were oft to a tlying start with the toothall season right at hand. Several new cheers were introduced at the numerous 'pep rallies. On Thanksgiving live, a hon-tire pep rally was held to spur our team on to defeat XXfashington in the final game of the season. The highlight ot the evening occurred when the captain of our team burned a dummy of a XVash- ington player. Wfith haskethall season in full swing, the cheerleaders were once again leading the student hody in rousing cheers to inspire the team to further vice tories. 64 KEY KLICKERS Top Picture The Key Klit'ker's Cilub was organized in lllil by Mrs, lllanthe P, l.eMonn, and has been under her line supervision ever sinee. The primary purpose ot' the elub has always been to serve the sehool, lt is through the Key Klitkers that the nteehanies of Student Voice. various announeements, Student Cfouncil reports, examination papers, Township reports, and mueh ol the typing work for the lieho is Carried on, The otlieers are: president. .lane XX'urstg viee- president, Doris Kronmaier: secretary, Virginia llyndsg business manager. Shirley l.a Tourette, assistant business manager, Helen Sedlowski. LIBRARY CLUB Bottom Picture The Library Cflub. advired by Mrs. Crenshaw, ellieiently attends to the many incidental jobs around the library. These tasks performed by the members permit the librarian to have tnore time tor reading, doing relerente work, and supervis ing the library. The students ot' l". H. S. need have no fears about linding "Inside Asia" or a map of New Mexico ia the library, for due to the indirect ser- vices of the Library Cflub, these books are ready and waiting, Far from being an "all work" organization this group has attended plays and visited various li' braraies to see how the other halt lives, l 65 J. V. CHEERLEADERS Last November the Varsity cheerleaders chore four girls from the Freshman and Sophomore classes to be their understudies, V. cheerleaders. Charlotte Black, Betty Reasoner, Dorothy Grif- fith, and Helen Reasoner, the four talented girls that made the grade, first appeared at the Prince ton game. Garbed in black skirts and white tur- tleneck sweaters, the girls led the cheers for all the V. basketball games. Next year these four girls hope to find them selves on the Varsity Squad. Here's luck, 66 JUNIOR VARSITY CHEliRl.lZADliRS Top Picture Row one: Betty Reasoner, Dorothy Griffeth, R o w two: H el en Reasoner, Charlotte lilack. CHORUS hl. linrys. wl. liush, S. Cole, D. Colla, tl. Conover, l.. Crane, B. Da g ge t t, bl. Dhulster, M. liick, P. Fla- herty. A. Fraass, M. liraass, U. Glovatsky, M. G reg- gory, S. Grey, li. Hagen, A. B. Hall, ,l. Harwick, V. H y n d s, M. johnson, H. Just, D. Kline, T. Kola. kowski, D. Kronmaier, S. La m lv e r t, R. l.entini, M. 1. u ca s, A. Mahlstedt, Nl. hlenchek, Ll. N eff, li. Reasoner, li. Reasoner, V. Rinehart. A. Sargent, lf. Schaadt, T. Schwenderinan, A. Ulrich, -I. Van Arsdale, bl. Van Derveer, M. Wil- son, M. Wilstvii, A. Ziel- storff. CHORUS The Mixed Chorus, organized several years ago, has a somewhat different setrup now under the direction of Mr. john Krauss. At present, the chorus is actually mixed only on Mondays and Wednestlzlys. Chorus on Tuesday is reserved for the boys, while Thursday is for the girls. There are 75 memhers in the joint chorus. In addition to community songs, the Chorus has undertaken four-part singing. At Christmas they presented a candlelight program which included carols from many lands and was highlighted hy the tenor solo of john Quick. A backdrop of stained glass windows and varied lighting ef'- fects, provided hy Mr. Tetkowski's art classes, en- hanced the total effect. The Chorus this year was very proud to have received an invitation to attend The All State Choral Festival at Trenton, in May. Under Mr. Krauss's expert guidance, The Chorus has developed into a very successful organization of which the student body is justly proud. 5 S 'Fd' 9 Li LJT- fl Row one, left to right: 'lack Wilson, Melvin Dvoor, Row two: Kenneth Schomp, Bud Ownes, Herbert Fur- stenburg, Morris Barrick, Henry Glovatsky, Henry Kuhl, llennett Avila, Glenn Hooper, Roger Sargent, Bill Foster, 1 W Ted llolmsen, Charles Stryker, Bill Lang, Brevoort Con- J-fha Klmafhi Chmflcs lawn, .loscpll Mist' Jllhn Hfulnme over, Clarence lland, Norman Hand, Ramon Rosswaag. FOOTBALL The Red and Black, playing a hard, rough game, came through with six wins and four defeates for a fairly successful season. The four horsemen, Fullback Wilson, Halfbacks Furstenberg and Dvoor, and Quarterback Schomp showed great strategy on both offensive and defen- sive tactics. Flemington's eleven was rocketed mainly by speedy Dvoor, who caught the perfect jump passes thrown by Furstenberg. Frank Navarro, the sparkplug of the line, proved to be a great asset to the team. Avila, Maresca and Barrick were other linemen. Coach john Loch broke several new players into the squad this year. The outstanding rookies were: Bud Ownes, who played substitute center, and Rav Rosswaag whose educated toe sent the ball flying on all kick offs. Most of the tallies this year were due to the combined efforts of Dvoor, Furstenberg, and Wilson. Dvoor's glue fingers and shifty gait accounted for his great playing ability. Herb Furstenberg pitched the football with deadly accuracy. jack Wilson bulled his way through the center, ends, or any place he felt like. Bud Ownes was another player who hit the line with defiance and destruction to the other team. Lang, Sargent, Conover and Stryker filled in the end positions. Lang proved to be an excellent player to have on the defense, bringing down many of the opposition with daring tackles. Sargent's long arms pulled in some beatuiful passes. john Sutphin, Glenn Hooper and Henry Glovatsky were Other linemen. Stanley Roc-ver, Frank Navarro, john Quick, Standish Hartman, Wesley German, Spike Snyder, Steve Hernick, 68 ' AILLI. I Y 1 P Row one: Richard Romalho, Earl E. Lawson, Clar- ence Ownes, Melvin Dvoor, Brevoort Conover. Row two: Ronald Osmun, managerg Floyd Prall. Fred Soltis, Norman Hand, Dale Floyd, jack Wil- son, Mr. Loch, coach. VARSITY BASKETBALL Digging into the reserves from the "46" quintet, Co a c h john Loch pieced together another crack varsity. Bud Ownes, veteran guard of the "46" league leaders, was unanimously chosen cap- tain. jake Dvoor took over at the oth e r guard position. Lanky Charlie Stryker was again Flemington's pivot man at center. The two forward berths were taken by Earle Law! son and Dick Romalho, Bud Ownes was an outstanding player on both the offense and defense. His shooting, feinting and dribbling were the performances of a great ball-handler. Whenever the go- ing got tough, his ability as a leader shone brightly. Earle L a w s on, the sharpshooter of the team, was the pacesetter. His one-handed shots eased themselves through the basket, barely touching the rim. Dick Romalho was always a sure bet un- der the basket. He often took the ball right out of the hands of a rival player, and made beautiful creeper shots. Charlie Stryker outjumped and outplayed most of the rival centers in the league. His height made it possible for him to grab the rebounds, giving Flemington the possession of the ball. jake Dvoor played a great game at guard position, preventing many of the rivals from scoring. Dale Floyd, Norman Hand, Bob Cronce and Floyd Prall were other first stringers. Working together as a single unit, the Flemington Quintet will again be the league leaders. lf, H, S, Visitors 27 U- ,H Princeton -- --- 34 26 --- --- Somerville --,---- 41 31 Bound Brook 44 29 High Bridge 24 29 -,- --- Belvidere -- --- 28 56 High Bridge 29 62 Washington 25 ,O F. H. S. Visitors 23 .... Easton Catholic .... 19 - - - - - Frenchtown 42 v , , , - - Bordentown 20 ,,---,-- Clinton - 30 ---,-- Pennington 414 H- ,L Belvidere 26 ------ Bordentown 24 Row one: Ronald Wetzel. Art Kolakowski, john Soltys, Frank Navarro, Clarence Hand, Bob Hailes, Marvin Snyder. Row two: Manager Ronnie Os- Fackleman, Craig Wayman, Wesley German, Bob Higgins, Bill Adams, Stan Hartman, Coach john Loch. , i V4 D I' mun, Charles Barrick, Harold Dalley, Martin ,L-Za-f , A'-L if . J.v. BASKETBALL .ifffa frwff' Because of graduation and promotion to varsity positions, the .I.V. had to be practical'- ly rebuilt. Coach john Loch had only one player from last year's quintet. Art Kolakowski and Clarence Hand, who worked well together, were chosen to take over Romalho and Yards positions as for- wards. johnny Soltys played guard on the j.V.'s of "l9-16," but this year he was as- signed to the center spot. Frank Navarro and Bob Hailes formed the defensive curtain at guard positions, The first few games in which this ne-.v team played proved to be ill-fated contests F. H. S. Visitors 7 ub.. Princeton V. .... 26 7 .,..e, Somerville - .,,, - 26 20 ,e.... Bound Brook ,,---, 19 Z3 .,..,, High Bridgeg, -- 8 li ,,,,,,. Belvidere --- -- 18 li ,u.... High Bridge . ..... 7 20 ,A.... Wiisliington - - - , lfi I0 ,.u.. Easton Catholic ..... ll 8 uuuu.. lfrenchtown -- ,- 21 16 ...... Bordentown -- v- 14 1 with Flemington on the losing end. Kolakowski and Hand scored most of the tallies for the Red and Black. Both were good on creeper shots and on one-handed shots from the sides of the basket. Navarro and Hailes made some long, long shotsg these two boys did not believe in touch'- ing the rim. Soltys playing center worked hard at per- fecting the pivot shot. He was an excellent shot from half court. Witli a host of new players in the coming Freshman class, the j.V.'s of "48" should have an untarnished record. lf. H. S. Visitors 20 .... ,-- Clinton -, H-- ll Z0 -e ,- Pennington --- --- 19 22 ......, Belvidere ,...... 18 22 ,.,. Easton Catholic --'-- 28 17 .,,,,. Bordentown ...... 15 17 ....,. Frenchtown ...... 21 ' 16 -- N. School for Deaf -- 21 20 .,e,.,.. Clinton .Y...... 13 I9 ,..,,. Wiishington ...,.. 12 7l Row one, left to right: Manfried Wimlf, Floyd Prall, Brevoort Conover, Frank de Marco, Coach john Loch. liarl Lawson, jack Wfilson, jake Dvoor, Bud Ownes, Row three: Wesley German, Spike Snyder, Arthur Por- August Roth, Roger Sargent, Hugh Zeliff, Merlin Doug- man, john Kanach, Bob Hailes, Floyd Bishop, Chester lass. Row two: john Quick, Charles Leon, joe Fust, Swider, Ronnie Osmun, manager. Fred Soltis, Dick Romalho, john Stryker, Dick Kennedy, BASEBALL Coach john Loch, with a few vets from last year's squad, put together a smooth-working, hustling nine. Augie Roth, last year's sparkplug, was back at first scooping up zooming throws. jack Wilson took his berth at third and proved to be a great bail handler. Merlin Douglass was the glue-fingered back stop of the team. Earl Lawson and Chester Swider were two of the outstanding pitchers on the squad. Bob Granzen, Bud Ownes, Bob Hailes, Manfred Wolf and Charles Leon all took turns on filling in at short and second. jake Dvoor was again the outfield master, snatching sure hits with the ease of a great ball player. Roger Sargent's powerful arm caught many run- ners who taxed fate and chance to stretch a double into a triple. Augie Roth led the team in batting with a slugging average of 420. Mer- lin Douglass hit the ball with defiance and sure hitting ability. Witli this well balanced team and many rookies, Coach john Loch should have little trouble in copping the honors for Flemington. 73 Row one: Ruth Lodge, joAnn Garis, Doris Kron- Row two: Vivian Velehradsky tmanagcrj Mirion muer Nancy Trimmer, 'loyce Buhel. Fraass, Helen jungblut, Marie Taylor, Annlionncy Hall, Miss Helen Meschtcr. coach. GIRLS' BASKETBALL Basketball again this year proved to be the most popular and outstanding sport among the girls at Flemington High School. Members of the teams were chosen during tryouts in which the main enthusiasts of the game par- ticipated. Practices were held on Tuesday and Friday afternoons in the gym under the supervision of Miss Helen Meschter, Girls' Physical Education In- structor. At this time, the girls diligently practiced the skills and techniques of the game. The team played against other schools of this locality and the Faculty. The games were not on a competitive basis, but were played wholly for the social aspect. Losing the lirst game to their outstanding rival, Lambertville, gave the girls a rather poor start for the season, but they soon rallied and though not undefeated made an impressive record. The schedule for the year was as follows: january Lambertville away February Washington away February Lambertville home February High Bridge home February High Bridge away February Faculty home February Washington home T4 Row one: Venice Patrizi, Barbara Hartpence, Row two: Vivian Velehradsky fmanagerj, Louise Helen Reasoner, Peggy Black. Geczi, Bernice DeConinck, Doris Denson, Marilyn Cregar, Miss Helen Meschter, coach. GIRLS' J.V. BASKETBALL After a series of tryouts the junior Varsity team was chosen. This team, also under the supervision of Miss Meschter, practiced with the Varsity and provided stiff competion for them. Some of the most promising players F. H. S. has had for some time were girls of this team. They had a very suc- cessful season and displayed an excellent brand of teamwork, sportmanship. good judgment and clean play during all games. Next year's Varsity team should prove promising as only two of the J. V. players will be lost by graduation while the rest of the players will take their positions on the Varsity squad. 75 -.4 in iN n ?' X vw g. SNAPSHOTS I 'I'luN .nu-'N Ulvxwll- lfmlllx X1uImlrl1llullL'l', liml Uwlu-N, null mul, In ilu' lllnmlx wlllcx nl--un, 1- lil 4-.wx I-v wx- Mlrlxrx llm-vu l,u'11l1-NI nmlllng lllmulwxx 1:1 llxrlllwlu-N. J ,IHJXIIHK :xml KLM- llsul llwil "XYl1v.nwx" llnx nu-unnug Q' 'l'lu I1-gx Im-Il p:utu'ul.ulx Nlmprlx In llux puw. .X NU, llux ix "vnm1l" luv-X gn wvm-lwlul lx-nv nlul .4 lm-:ulx 5-lpll gm ul In-I ilu- lmlnm 14-pw lrlrlx I'.mI Snllvuluml :md ,lvflm MILA Ill:-rv? X .X fzumllul -run' ul llw "I"-rxlwlr." Sn-ynmul .ulnl .nv mx! pxllllnutlrully llxxmlvml. 1 li:f111n'y'N "l.uw Nlzm un vllm sn-vin cllgnwxecl Ill tlwu ggulllv xxlnln' ,lark Hull .xml lfrnie llw 'llwh-H1 l'nrlm"'1llIN Iumx .Xnm', livlxy, Klux .mxl l.1ur4l nw kllmlcx XYlxa!'N tllv joke, Vllnlt? 'I Mr llerrp nmlxcw it zulnnc' llvx 9 Xlrx. l'l'm'llNl1uvn'- Vlgllillliil H-'lzuex :u Ill? lm! for ua. 76 5' I AWP -, n -vlv. Z N if 3 f 1 I kr, 1 . f M I ' W 4 W J f If I l X f ' , I , X57 fi 4 f 51 Q , Q mv Q l j BJ r l X w ifi X ' A ,1 M',y' - , Y N vffxig MW f Q 4 , . .?vf14"' f '9M'm5 M I' 144, ban,-!c,5f.cv': Q "gf -,ywrfl i 313-7 . 4, 7 L W +5 if XY A " 13'? V'Q J '." V MW f w if qw sw' fax , V f 1 ' ,E-,7' 5 ig x 'Wi' . W DM. 'Xl nu f Z 1 1 wi ' M I A K! I U hi X 'I V ? .ATI , J , . ,,' f 3, ! J! 63 v,g5,L,ll-iii.. 'NI If ww' W 5 ' 2' il ' uwLJ.' ' 2Y I 1 il5"f- I f A I 1-5 . Lid? ZFX .- "', .,, IAZ 57 s 3 gag Q 1.1 fqiifdiffa f , Q -ix 'I ' 73 U51-Y X Q.-,, ,' Y ,vplx J ' Vg lil I I I I I I I ! ! I I I I I I I l I I 910101-.1o1rvi4 THE ECHO Compliments of THE FLEMINGTON NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST CO. CHARLES HGLCOMBE sjujoioil I I I 7 FUNERAL DIRECTOR IN STREE E NGTON. N. Qpjoiujojojw T1-In Ecl-xo Fil I Compliments of BUSH DAIRY FARMS 49 EAST MAIN STREET FLEMINGTCN. N. J. Phone - 2 I0 i 352 BERGEN STREET Tos HARRISON STREET PLAINFIELD, N. J. FRENCHTOWN, N. J. Phone 6-8l95 Phone 97 1 . li014bioi4b14r11li01oi010i0i1lZo1oioi4 79 1 COMPLIMENTS OF RARE CHEMICALS INC. his m faciudng Clhe Il U H 6 um I I FLEMINGTON, NEW JERSEY I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I Q T E :gu1o1uv1o1o11v:aa14v21v1o10g1v1o11v1o14.1n1e 11.11-zqcqaqczcnquvxe Compliments of UNION HOTEL FLEMING-TON, New JERSEY THE HUNTERDON COUNTY NATIONAL BANK of Flemington, New Jersey O Capi+al SI00,00 Surplus S800.000 NEVIUS BROS., INC. "A Safe Place To Shop" FLEMINGTON, N. J. ni: 3 ri 11313 bi 1201 Z ri li 1111111 si 1010101 li xi 110301020 K n:o njcxiojevlnioiujoinjcrjariwxif v 1014 50: ull ....g. ,jot-010111011vjoj011x11r:c11x14v1oj1i1v1a14r11n11r11xjcx1avio11:o1a1o14vi: I THE Ecuo Compliments of FLEMINGTON FLORAL CO. Vincent Mina FLEMINGTON, NEW JERSEY Phone IO6 Compliments of STANGL POTTERY CO. PARKER SALES 8: SERVICE, INC. Ford Cars and Trucks ROUTE 29 - 30 CIRCLE FLEMINGTON, N. J Phone - Flemington 72 QOL- ...- Tun Ecuo 1 wioif 3011 101011 14 1031 1oio3o1o1oio11 10:1 11 is 1011 ic ioioioioiw? 114:14 rioiarioirrifuioioicviavifriarioiojojfxia gt.. I I I I I I I I I I I I ! I ! I I Compliments ot Compliments of HOWARD DRINKWATER W. E. MCCORKLE, M.D. Typewriters Adding MaCI'lIn6S SALES AND SERVICE We Buy Used Adding Machines and Typewriters I I P k p d Delivery ! I Any Make or Model I I I AII Work Guaranteed No charge for labor on work 'For charitable institutions A Variety of DESK AND PEN SETS. Ideal for Christmas Gifts A Complete Line of STATIONERY. OFFICE SUPPLIES and EQUIPMENT CHARLES POTTER Congratulations to the Class ot I947 Flemington Meat Market STRYKER'S STORE for Waterman, Parker, Schaefer Fountain Pens and Pencils I Autograph Albums and Scrap Books Films Developed and Printed l3O MAIN STREET, FLEMINGTON, N. J. oioioioicsioiuioioizximnirvivc 0 QQ! O nicrjaniojoifvjaniojojfnioiq 10101011 ionic I I I I I T1-is Ecx-ro George R. Parker '99 George R. Parker, Jr., '39 PARKER INSURANCE AGENCY Complete Insurance Service Phone 38 FLEMINGTON NATIONAL BANK BUILDING FLEMINGTON. N. J. GEORGE K. LARGE Counselor-at-Law FLEMINGTON, NEW JERSEY PAUL H. KUHL "Everyihing 'For I:I1e PouIfryman" FLEMINGTON, NEW JERSEY Phone 905-R-5 0101014 2010201 vis 101 1o1o1o1o:oio1o:4 ioiiiiiobiiifioiieii IO! niogzq 1 rx ,101-,11n:4::w1o:o:nvjcn::r1o:4r:1rjo:c rjo14n:o1o1u1o:o:ujo xioiozojoxuierjoifrioiuxrngoioinioxf-11:11 o'o I THE EcHo WALTER P. BRITTON Nash Sales-Service FLEMINGTON. N. J. Oldest Agency in Town is 11 i01111c11e11c1:o:o1o111i411o1Q VIC-MARK CORPORATION Manufacturers of Venetian Blinds FLEMINGTON, N. J. Bulldozer General Hauling Driveways-Cellars Top Soil-Sand Land Cleared-Grading Gravel 8K ALPAUGH - SCHILKE M-odern Shoe Rep-air - Hats Cleaned and Blocked K, Alpaugh O. Sclnllre Lebanon 3-R-I2 Belle Mead IOI-F-5 LEBANON, N. J MILLSTONE, N. J. - -JAMES BAILEY - - Real Estafe - Insurance I36 MAIN STREET FLEMINGTON, N. J. FLEMINGTON RADIO HOSPITAL Expert Service on all Makes of Radios phone 230.M 6I BROAD STREET Phone 89-R FLEMINGTON, N. J. DAIRYMEN'S KARROW CO-OPERATIVE LEAGUE ASSOCIATION, Inc. 05111111 121111111 1 1 1 2111111 WISHES THE BEST TO THE CLASS OF I947 Fine Men's 8: Boys' Wear 35 MAIN STREET FLEMINGTON, N. J. 1102010101413 124 i111111u1u1u1o1na 54020 3 P' I I 1031 oi: 9103110101 ri ini-1 1 1 ri 1011 ri1ri1ri4xio11n1oi1 TH ECHO PITTSTOWN GARAGE General Service Harry P. Britton ancl Chas, W. Hoagland PITTSTOWN, NEW JERSEY nifioioioifi 141 34141 1 3111211 Telephone 83-J J, I. CASE Farm Machinery SCHOMP MOTORS ROUTE 30 AT CHURCH ST. FLEMINGTON, N. J. Compliments of Dr. James A. Frazee Dr. Sperry C. Kinton Practical Blacksmithing HAI..I.'S BODY SI-IOP Commercial Bodies Veterinarians Built and Reparred Lebanon BRUNSWICK AVE. 79-R-2 LEBANON- N- J- Phone 248,J PLEMINQTON. N, J, BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF I947 BAKER'S VARIETY STORES FLEMINGTON - HIGH BRIDGE THE BEAUTY .NOOK I33 MAIN STREET FLEMINGTON, NEW JERSEY Whitehouse Roller Mills Manufacturers ol PURITY FEEDS WHITEHOUSE STATION NEW JERSEY ---...,..,.'.- 5 1:1014 I-1-rcpnxuxnioxoi nj4n1en14nioi1n11n:1r11r1cr:ax11x:4r:o:r:4:r:o:o:1x3r1o14:4vioioierx. iz I1 o o TH.: ECHO vet'- U 1 4 Ol aqnifminicvisviclcritrlritvinlsicslrirlxiricmini vxuvienzcninitvicnierjoxnh Congratulations to the COA-N POULTRY FARM Class of '47 by the gang of Phone -- Sugan ZI46 DOYLESTOWN, PA. "COPPER HILL INN" reputation for producing lnside Service the Year Round Hish Q'-'BIIIY BaI9Y Chicks "EVERYTHING FRESH EXCEPT THE HELP!" Tel. Flemington 903-R-2l STEVE'S FARM I CROTON-RINCSOES ROAD I Livestock Hauling A Specialty STRSTENSKY J. TRSTENSKY Owner Manager Batteries - Tires - Tubes Accessories - Used Cars W COU6HLlN'S JOl'lNNlE'S GARAGE I 1 h R T h o n . ot - Andrew Toth - Props. General Repairs 74 MAIN STREET FUNERAL SERVICE FLEMINGTON- N- J- OLDWICK 8: CALIFON. NEW JERSEY ! One-hour Battery Service Telephone 297-J BERKAW 81 MATHEWS I Grain, Feed, Seeds, Dairy and Poultry Feeds, Poultry I Supplies, and Farm Hardware MILLS AT FLEMINGTON AND LEBANON. NEW JERSEY 87 E :Q viuioioioioju E11 n1010j0j0i010:1 v1010j0j010101o11 -if 1014 ifvioitsiojeuic THE Ecuo 020101011 101010101014 if if is 1 TINY TOWN RING-OES, NEW JERSEY Notions Children's Wear 1 o 10:4 rininir-10101011 viuiuzuioinog HUNTERDON CO-OP. G.L.F. SERVICE, INC. Feed Seed Fertilizers Farm Supplies Family Foods Flemington 39J Clinton IOIJ HARRY S. YARD 81 SONS Slaughtering 8: Processing of Meat Meat Market- CHURCH ST. between RT. 29 8: 30 Slaughterhouse- PENN. AVE. EXTENSION Ph. 9I2-R-5 290-W FLEMINGTON RINGOES ESSO STATION AUTO PARTS 8: EQUIP. George Errico, Prop. Open hours Phone Flem. 9l7-R-ll l56 MAIN STREET FLEMINGTON, N. J. A Scotch Traveling Salesman, held up in the Orkney Islands by a bad storm, telegraphed to his firm in Aloer- deen: "Marooned here by storm. Wire instructions." Reply: "Start summer vacation as from yesterday." 10101011 11101 1011101 1 1 WHITEHOUSE JERSEYS J. H. Hance vicfjoiozaviujoiojozoiozozoiozarjozfrrwvjepzozoiojoioioiojcrioiozq ! ,joy i ,101 :mimic r:1s11r:4n:1r:1s14v1ax1anj1nj1l:f use 011 3 QE. THE ECHO Best wishes to the Class of I947 FLEMINGTON STONE WORKS Memorial Craftsmen Standish C. Hartman Dorothy W. Hartman 6 COURT STREET FLEMINGTON, NEW JERSEY Tcl. Oldwiclc - 2 Auctionee VAN-LIEU 8: VAN-HORN CHARLES P. FARLEY Contractors - Builders General Merchant FLEMING-TON, N. J. Phone - 373 OLDWICK, NEW JERSEY YEATON 8: YEATON REED'S LUNCH ROOM Real Estate, Appraisals I llzormerly Andy'sl nsurance RINGOES. NEW JERSEY l72 MAIN STREET FLEMINGTON, N, J, Flemington 909-RV3 Phone 376'J BURKETT BROTHERS CO. Jeddo and Lehigh Coal Farm Machinery, Fertilizers General Electric Refrigerators Washers, Cleaners, Ranges and Radios 37 MINE STREET ELEMINGTON, N. J. Phone 53-R rioiojoioiojfxioicricrjsxjoicxis 020101011rj:114sirx1o1oio::o:x:1n:ojcr1cv1411icnj1njoi1x14xjcri4r11nj1:erj1x 1 'o xiojojoioiojojoiw sioioiojoioia nioioiojoiojoioic .gpic T1-In ECHO 50301021 ir 11 if if init 11 ioioioioioirsim if if in ini 101011 14 1011 Compliments of Green's Rexall Drug Store --AND--- Green's Photographic Studio Phone-Elem. 290-J TlRPOK'S CLEANERS Hiqh Class Work at Low Prices Faultless Cleaning Assured We do all kinds of Tailoring and Repairing 28 MAIN STREET ELEMINGTON 24 BROWN STREET NEW JERSEY Men's Suits, Coats Ladies 'Coats and Dresses Dry Cleaned and Pressed Dry Cleaned and Pressed MlLLER'S 5c 8: I0c STORES FLEMINOTON CLINTON HOPEWELL FRENCHTOWN Telephone Flemington 62 JOHN B. CASE LUMBER CO., Inc. Lumber - Masons Material igi FLEMINGTON, N. J. 114 0:0 x -x1o:o1o1oirx1oi1r:o14 01 rifriojoioioiaxiamzoioif. 10: bioioioioioicxirbiarioicriojarifxifrjf 6 ,Q 'll T1-LE ECHO FARM SERVICE RINGOES and READINGTON Phones: Flem, 9I8R4 - 9OIR6 Spraying and Whitewashing MM 81 Fox Farm Machinery C. L. GODLEY Jeweler eo MAIN STREET FLEMINGTON. NEW JERSEY DIAMOND JEWELRY A R K A Y DEPARTMENT STORE A CompIe'le Line of Sporis Wear for Boys and Girls 27 MAIN STREET FLEMINGTON, NEW JERSEY Phone 224-R DR. W. S. KNOLL IN 101111011111 0:5 '--0 :s-Q. U' 2072, 520 Sm! r-1-ogy DJ3'gQ0 I 04252 UH-9+-33 i I flaw 23222 if Q- 1Q .. i .2 En. QMEER--H C ""'3 '14 I'E J, Ii 77 Xffgw gn , Z U 5 E 77 lo ' 'iff 3 I 1 1' -.O - we o in 5953 sing 3 1 Z ,- C wgmc :jg cu rn m '- rw 1+ ' av 70 m z -ew M 2 ! U' U' 701m '+ 5 Q 2 5 JS- N E! -1 "" O -T Z Q-go' TO DJ E I .. C cv: :0J'O Q,-0 3 4 OFT: - O ' 2 O 20524 Q11 : - 'wmv 5- fr! 'r1 W N ' O CU? .0 ! C 2-0 I E. 2'-30 Z Q as v-29 3, 17: '25 IP - on Q --. Q PFS Q Z X 00 .-V n.-v- SU gm av.-. 3' Z1 m 0 rI1 hgh' s'g,1 ur W Q4 i 0 W Eg 'Tab go m 'U ' 3 m f-'gn 0 -I 2- ' 1 13 Ewa :I 2 Je E 3 O S- S05 L N C Q m WG -on w 2, O on Zag m 5 -I Q 'I' I" :gn Q32 Q.. , O O -Il"' 703 ma- C 70 i "' 75.11 mn FYR.. 0 "VI .Om ago Q! 11 Q11 Zm C --c 4+ I- H N .,, - -- m C O 3? "3 0 Z I'l'I Ong- -U Z '-2w-- 3 - ' 9.95 Z 'U I Z ni- CD I" . lm -I ! g- 2. O Z FQ! .Q 2 i i its o -1:1 9.1 T1-LE Ecu-io 314 14 is121121ri:rioioinicxixwicxioicxiasimvxozogoia1101011 if 4:1 101020 an-4 H. P. WORLINE CO. Mobilgas Mobilheat Mobiloil CLINTON - Pl-lll.LlPSBURG,N.J. Piqgnej Night Phone 80 om iments of C PM counr STREET FLoRisT ALTAR and ROSARY I4 COURT STREET Phone 435.1 FLEMINQTON, N. J. of St. Magdalene Church HARRY'S Cleaning - Tailoring - Cold Storage AT KARROWS Services rendered: Moth Proofing - Dyeing - Water Proofing - Reweaving - Ladies' Custom Tailoring Fur Repair i-larry Santirocco, Prop. Phone 2OI-R Best of Luck Flemington Lunch John l-laritos 81 A. Chimikics, Props. 'Good Food ls Good Health' Sweet Shop 8: Stationery Store 42 MAIN STREET FLEMINGTON, NEW JERSEY 390-J-9469 FLEMINQ-Tow, N. J. Telephone: 57 MAIN STREET Ol 1 leavin:- -14.1014-1010101411014 vi--is THB ECHO Compliments of KRIES AND TEMPERLEY Jewelers and Watchmakers Engraving Phone Flemington 390-M FLEMINGTON. N. J. "Your unions here in England are Iilce ours in America." "Yes, the resemblance is striking." "How's your wife getting along with her driving?" "She toolc a turn for the worse last week." CONKLING ESSO STATION EMMETT D. TOPKINS Counsellor at Law A. H. HOFFMAN, INC. Farm and Garden Seeds FLEMINGTON BRANCH Phone - 69 Cy. Biechler, Manager WM. J. COGGINS Real Estate Broker Farms, Homes and Estates OLD HIGHWAY 28 WHITEHOUSE. NEW JERSEY 1014 11 0 0.0 4 uiuiuzuiavingcaiuirvioiarjoiaxiojoirviavicuiaxjoiariw xjojoioioioifs:4s:1s:o1ojojcr11u14v1o1o1as1u1 xjoif T1-in Ecuo 110301 1 1 2 1 111 iriniui 1 1:1 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 11111 1:201- ETON BOYS' SHOP I5 NORTI-I BROAD STREET TRENTON Compliments of JOHN W. FIELD Coal, Lumber, Millworlc, Hardware Paint, Masons' Materials WI-IITEI-IOUSE STATION, N. J. Phone Leb. 51-R-22 Compliments of WM. STOTHOFF COMPANY INC. Artesian Wells - Water Supply Systems FLEMINGTON, N. J. v oemj4 uioioioioirrioi 14 1 11014vininiuiuioioir 1 1 1 1 ni vi nz ic ini I 1011 111 11:0 5 10:1 01 11014 oforjfxifricxicrjenjfrifriwifx11xiiviarj1n14xio1o3o:1rio11r1o1u14:i4x11r1u1i '11 '11, 11:10:51 I1 T1-LE EcHo ROUTE - 29 81 30 FLEMINGTON. N. J. Hunterdon County Democrat ESTABLISHED I825 For more than a Century 0 HUNTERDON'S BEST SELLER f rjoiujojs 010101011 as Q sg K G m'iQ'l:6U29":6U' Z I Q Wifi! Q P 3 12.-wi! O 71 21 ff. Szgfgg O m f- U' 212'-33' cn A 53553 Qrsvgw! C O E gg 31 m X Dipl 'rr ' 3m Q- DJ- g 5 3,35 Q Kg - f-F Ng. gww 1 5 gf, fur PQ 5 m '31, F if 70 Z Q 1 W -UZ:-I 1 Z II: 5 Q! Q, . Qvr.. gm P 3 ?! WWI - m ! 3,063 gg 213m iz 9 -rg mugs K3 2 5 1, an 2 Zgn 2923 'oz Q! Zm I 11913 3:-56 Sl az - 2921 cv' QQ, ' -4 G5 :ff 21 zxf-0' 3' I gg Q 2 Mfg! ff' "' W3 Q 5:52 O! P O, M: Z:-mg -1 ego- F, Qnam -1. gi I of "'l 32 io Q 5: Q. ! 'Q ! mnoxf 'J D14 niniojoioiuinir 10:01 njoiojojr E THE Ecuo QT? Y 'Q 0i4b11li01o2o31b11bi4r11ri1ri014:i1x10i4ri01o1o14riari4uioi4rioioicrioio14 114 QQI14 TARANTOLA TRUCKING CO. Flemington, New York Express a Tarantola Phone 40-J R lph THE COLONIAL T. J. CAST-TMAN, Prop. The Place to Meet Your Friends For A Tasty Sandwich, A Delicious Soda or Sundae Made With JANE LOGAN DELUXE ICE CREAM Schratfts Candies Cigarettes Cigars C pl t of VOGUE'S BEAUTY SHOP WHTTEHOUSE STATION FRANK W. VENABLE 81 SON SERGEANTSVILLE, N. J. General Merchandise Ph L b Tau 92441-I2 10101 rio: vi rioiuioinioioioi 101 ri xi 11010101 11 sioioiniui-aiu lk 0:0 i I l l Q r i I Q I Q l l l l l Q ll H U ! U o 50 Of o'o viojoioioiozoie- viozoioza nioinzoia THE ECHO bicrioioiviificrioiqlilrioioioic vioiqf J, BARTON YOUNG MATTISON'S GARAGE Plumbing and Heating RWGOE5' N' J' Phone Flemington 9l8-R-3I I FLEMINGTON, N. J. l i FLEMINGTON GARAGE ' l l Authorized l Buick Sales 8: Service Phone 74 2 SPRING STREET FLEMINGTON. N. J. Q i I-WLAN oiL co. , Distributors Texaco Products Fuel Oil Phone 74 i l Morris Weisberg 8: Son Dealers in Charles W. Hildabrant Q Fresh Western Cows U and Swingers Highway za wi-iirEHousE, NEWJERSEY Q Phone: Lebanon 53Rl3 J Route I2 Between Routes 29 8: 30 1 Telephone Flcmmgion 924'R'l3 Distributor of Esso Products FLEMINGTON, N, J. ozorxuini xinnioioiuiuiuiui xi 111 203 31111 i iuiuiui-fini: iuiuioiu o 50 si4x:oiui1n:oi0ioi4xiui1 1011 ioicrinioioioifxiasia rioioioioioioilri1ni1ri0i1riqi0imni4ri1rioZ0i4ni1ni0i4x1lli1 THB Ecx-xo BLAHER'S "The Siyle Center of Hunierdon" COATS . . . DRESSES . . . SUITS . , FLEMINGTON, NEW JERSEY FLEMINGTON HARDWARE O COR. MAIN AND MINE STREET FLEMINGTON, NEW JERSEY David L. Levinson, Prop. Compliments of DILLEY'S BUS SERVICE Fred J. Dilley, Prop. FLEMINGTON. NEW JERSEY 924-R-4 Routes 29 and 30 .bv I I 5 vjojoiws p:4nj'ri4vj4x1o:o14yjoi1x14rj4njoj1r11rio1' -if -joioiojoiojojf WE.-- vzozoiozuzo D14-ic 11011 10101014 P1011 ricnicvieriavirviojoioioiniarioioix 1101011 10101011 w T1-ua E Phone Flemington 926-R-4 WILLIAM FIESS Jeddo and Lehigh Coal T34 341101014 1011-1111010102014 CHO sirriaxiniqxioioioianirvirnioivvioiqgto COLEMAN'S i SUNOCO STATION Auto Repairing - Greasing - Tires Batteries - Accessories YARD FLEMINGTON JUNCTION COPPER HM RINGOES, NEW JERSEY Pl, FI gi 905 R21 CHESTER H. HERDER 2 JOHN G. LAWSHE I I I nsurance Machine Company ! THREE BRIDGES, N. J. 5 RAYMOND H. MILLER Mason and Contractor WM. McCREERY 81 SON Plumbing, Heating Radiant Heat FLEMINGTON, R. D. NO I N J TeI. 9OI R 4 Compliments of GEORGE B. SEALS ANDY'S SERVICE STATION ROUTES 29 81 202, RINGOES. N. J. U. S. Tires-Esso Products Auto Accessories A. E. V, Enard, Prop. Ph 908RI5 101 linvioirlioirxioiclioioioiltiarialioi lidioiclioioioioioi 11010100 IN T1-1,2 Ecno 0l.-...- njoioiojoii rjtriojoiujfrihicritvicicvjoifxioilxirjoiirjtriipjtnjcihjoinitrjirjiniojcnjt I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I nju1o:o:o1oju11r11nj4n1o11nj1nj4njc piwioi v1w1en:oj4n1ojojoj4vj1nj1r14v1crj4njo11 Phone I42 C P FLEMINGTON BLOCK 8: SUPPLY COMPANY Norman A. Titus 8: Bros. Mason Materials and Coal I4 COURT STREET FLEMINGTON, NEW JERSEY Telephone 924-R-23 ESSO SERVICE STANDARD ESSO STATION HUFFMAN and LaRUE Metered Fuel Oil-Kerosene Esso, Essolene and Motor Oil ROUTE 30 FLEMINGTON, N. J. GEORGE F. BLOOMER Landscape Contractor OBERTIS PRODUCE MARKET T93 MAIN STREET FLEMINGTON N J Ph 64M Compliments of WILLIAM Y. HIGGINS Veterinarian rio rjojoiqjo1u1o:4 S1014 oznxoiojuie vol: rjoimnioifiin-goingpozuiesicnj vioinioioicvia 6 v34vio1o2oiuinirnio: :L xi 1 T1-in Ecx-xo rioiujoioiwxioioioic 101011 Compliments ot Compliments of Phone: Clinton l4O-R-I2 A. W. PROTZMAN BODINE LUMBER CO. Air Conditioned Coolerator Refrigerator Lumber and Materials lce Service Pratts ancl Bull Brand Feed Phone l52-J rs PARK AVENUE FLEMING-ToN, N. J. PIWSTOWN- N- J- WHEN YOU NEED PRINTING can Lebanon ,WR-3 A very thin man met a very tat man in the hotel lobby. "From the looks ot you," said the tat Quality Job Printing man, "there might have been a tam- at ine." , "Yes," was the reply, "and from the Moderate Prlces looks ot you, you might have caused it." WHITEHOUSE STATION. N. J. COUNTY TRADING PCST Hardware-Electrical-Plumbing Supplies Poultry 8: Dairy Equipment Silos-Milking Machines 81 Coolers I9-2l BLOOMFIELD AVE. l2'l8 BELVIDERE AVE. FLEMINGTON, N. J. WASHINGTON, N. J. Phone 409 Phone 984 1 101 3 11 1 3:30102 1 1u2u1-rioiu 0101014 itat o 1 'Q THB Ecx-xo, YB! , 1.- i 5 u u -n ! Q ! ,U ! U I 'rl a C i 70 i Z i In i C i FU i ""' n vw u " a O i 70 a n., - ,,, s u 1 u ! ! I v1n11vioio1o1ojo11r:1mj1 Since l89l sjfujfxjojoioioiojoiuvinjnif 4 BELVIDERE WASI-IINGTCDN xj1rj1xj1nj1sjc1:urj4u:1r1c-11:11 .inte 10101014 DANBERRY'S GARAGE Compliments of RINGOES, N. J. DR. B. ROSENBLEETH Phone Flemlngfo 9I6R4 CONGRATULATIGNS To the class of I947 of the Flemington High School, we extend our most hearty felicitations and good wishes AXELROD'S FLEMINGTON PHARMACY A. J. Axeuzoo, Ph. ca. S ss MAIN STREET FLEMINGTON, N. J. Qsivioioioifrioioioioioi bioioioioloi ri ri rioirricrioioioioioioic vio14r:0ioi4v1o1av1o1oio1u1o:4 sioiojojoioiarioivvjaaioiniamioioiq ricrioifvjoioxaviariavioioioiavioiwzo in: v2010io101o10i1 10101011 i4x14li1lll14 li1li1li4 w1o1oi1vio1o11v3oi4r14xi1x14xi1 is 11 if ic 11 11 201010301011 C I I VANCO ENGINEERING 81 MANUFACTURING CO., Inc SO I-I BROAD ST E TRENTON. NEW JERSEY 1010! li011x1cri0j0j4 110101014 7101011 11010101014 oil: THE Bc:-lo C P, t THE HILL-TOP BAR of and V. F. ROCHE RESTAURANT Compliments of DURAL RUBBER CO. l N 'C O R P O R A T E D Manufacturers of RUBBER PRODUCTS Household : Plumbing : Automoiive Specialties : Heels : Soles : Molded Rubber Goods FLEMINGTON, N. J. Compliments of FRANK G. LOTT Counsellor-at-Law DEATS BUlLDlNG FLEMINGTON, N. .l 101011 viuiutmliuinioioirim1 1:1 11 111 1 2 iliuiuillilliuininiiD101 T1-in Ecuo DD nioicrioilvitriivjtxitritritxjoiiviixjcvitxjesitniibiilii Co-ed: "Daddy, there's a girl in one of my classes with a hat exactly like my new one." Father: "I suppose that means you want money for another hat." Co-ed: "Well, it would be cheaper than changing schools." FLEMINGTON FURNITURE SHOP Appliances. Floor Coverings, Bedding Philco Radios and Refrigeraiors Best Wishes to the Class of I947 I GEORGE'S MARKET I VILLAGE GIFT SHOP WI-IITEI-IOUSE, NEW JERSEY I I6 MAIN STREET FLEMINGTON, N. J. JACOB CHANTZ Compliments D of C-ounseI'Ior at Law JOSEPH BIRINBAUM 9I MAIN STREET ELEMINGTON NEW JERSEY I I ' I I AMOS THATCHER VISIT 2 Purina and BuII Brand Feeds IORI0 GLASS SHOP 2 WILLIAMS STREET MUSEUM I FLEMINGTON. N. J.-Phone Flem. 35-R ioioiaaioioioioioiciicxic 101:13 vi IZ 14 101010101 I1 101011112 Z4 THB Ecu-xo Compliments of Uferlz Auto Parts Service, Inc. DR. ALBERT H. KOHN Optomgtfist FLEMINGTON. N. J. 52 MAIN STREET Compliments of HERR 81 FISHER I FLEMINGTON, NEW JERSEY Phone, Lebanon 30-R-4 Complimenis of ESTATE OF C. A. SKILLMAN DeLUXE MOVING VANS WHITEHOUSE STATION, N. J. Esiimafes Cheerfully Given Our Refrences-Those We Move Good Luck 'ro Class of '47 ECHO STAFF rin :zo viojojoxoiuie vioiojoics:11o1r:4n:v:en1111v3s1e:j1v11n141wn:1v:oj4v:n14:4nioi-x:4u-1-aio:-11-v1o:4 ill wg. Q ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! U ! 2411011-is ii l Q ll Q ii i i l T1-LE EcHo BARZ BAKERY 1010111 3 is 301011 in 3910101 Compliments of Home Made Breads and Pasfries All Baking Done on Premises 57 MAIN STREET FROZEN FOOD LCCKERS FLEMINGTON, N J Ph Flemi gt 366 Greetings fm' CHARLES W. CONNER Your Senafor . Carpenter 8: Builder SAMUEL L. BODINE OLDWICKK N' J. Ph ne Oldwiclc 27-W Flemington Aluminum 8: E. M. HAYNES' JR' Brass Foundry r. sieazmiy and s, se.: Sinclair Refining Co. Phmf 926R23 Fieminerow, N, J. Phone 7 QUALITY MARKETS COTTRELL-ANDERSON Groceries-Meais-Fruits PONTIAC CO. Vegetables General Garage riemimeron. N. J. DILLON 8: SEIGFRIED xxmirei-iouse, N, J. l11b11DllIl1lllll1l vi4v11 Tx-Ln Ecno vilxjojlvihjoioii :jot I Best Wishes to the Graduates from POSTMAN'S LADIES SHOP A luxury in everything but the price For those who love nice things 36 MAIN STREET FLEMINGTON. N'. J. Telephone 37-J NORMAN LANDIS FLEMINGTON, N. J. HAMPTON'S AUTO SERVICE ROUTE I2 FLEMINGTON NEW JERSEY Compliments of B 8: B FUR MANUFACTURING CO. Fu rriers 26 BLOOMFIELD AVENUE FLEMINGTON NEW JERSEY Phone 65-W A. Birnbaum Distinctive Gifts and Greeting Cards Pennington Gift Shoppe 27 BROAD STREET FLEMINGTON, N. 1. CHRYSLER Sales PLYMOUTH Service BURKHART MOTOR CO. 203 MAIN STREET - FLEMINGTON, N. J. Direct Sales Agency 1010101010101 ii ii 1 vii is 101 Tel. 352'J ini 111 ioioioicxioiniiriixioioiu ii U J I in II U I II I riojozojcnioioiojoicnzozfE11rg1T14wif'11vioxx:o:41o11n1o1r:o1o:o1o1a:14v:v:c1c5cn1rv11v11n14u1c1c1cv:c 030011 T1-rn CHO DVOOR BROS. CattIe Dealers FLEMINGTON, N. J. Phone I25 HENRY A. LUBSEN Insurance FLEMINGTON. NEW JERSEY FLEMINGTON CUT GLASS COMPANY HELENE'S BEAUTY SALON Phone Old. 26-R I2 BLOOMFIELD AVENUE FLEMINGTON. NEW JERSEY GARDEN STATE HATCH ERY WHITEHOUSE STATION, N J Ph L b 9 R 4 ri ri ni nzrinioiui xi xi li 101 ni: UNITED SERVICE GROCERS Frank Darling, Prop. Groceries Fruits Vegetables OLDWICK, NEW JERSEY D1 10101 1101 101 111121 203011: nioiois r14r14li1ri011.r:ozo:o:4vj1n:1ni4r11r:o:cn14 o 000101011 T1-Ln Ecno nl Portr its C mmercial Photo r h I J. EDWARD CROWL Filins " 'P ' l Engineer and Land Surveyor BLAHER PHOTO STUDIO I 68 MAIN STREET 136 MAIN STREET FLEMINGTON, N. J. i FLEMWGTON' NEW JERSEY Photographic Supplies and l Phones: Equipmeht g N. J. License Residence 902+R-22 No. 3252 Otiice 347-R Telephone 230-R l I I Toys - Novelties - Candy - Cigars BRITTANY SPANIXEL I School Supplies 3 use ideal bird dog WAYSIDE l CQVE USUALLY ON HAND FOR SALE 5 Peanuts Roasted Here I Aristocrat lce Cream W' A' BONNELL l 232552, N. J. 322' 21 Eiiili WHWEHOUSE SWON l A lot of women who look like pros- perity have husbands who look like the depression. i "You drive nails like lightning." "You mean l'm a fast worker?" "No, you never strike twice in the same place." House Furnishings - Radios - Electrical Appliances I TROEBER'S DEPARTMENT STORE 3 Wearing Apparel for all the Family l 2 w. J. TROEBER l I Q P. O. BOX 348 WHITE!-IOUSE STATION NEW JERSEY 14 nz: -11x:1ri1nj4x14n14rj1ri1x:4r:4rj4 1101010101014vjo1o1o1oj4r1o:1x1ojcxj4rj1n11rjo14r14rjoicrcpuirxzoxuinjf 0:0 VII- THE ECHO I BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF From 1'he Class of '48 HAROLD LENFEST "Gerry" TONY MINA "Tony" DORIS HAMPTON "Happy" ANNA HERDER "Annan JOHN HRUBOS "Johnny" CAROL CARTER "Chippy" MARIE MAKARICK "Mack" NANCY TEMPLEMAN "Nancy" JACK BAKER "Baker" MARJORIE VOORHEES "Midge" MYRON BROST "Mike" DOTTY BODINE "Bodie" TED HOLMSEN "Ted" HENRY KUHL "Kuhlie" MANFRED WOLF "WoI6e" BETTY BROKAW "Betty', DOROTHY PLESNARSKI "Dotty" SHIRLEY BRAMICK "Shirley" FRED MCGILLVRAY "Cy" HENRY STRAUSS "Heinz" FRANK MOLLENHAUER "Mo1dy" ELAINE HYNDS "E1aine,' AUDREY HOLCOMBE "Aud" CARL HOCKENBURY "Hockey" HAROLD DALLEY, "Dalley" JOE FUST "Joe', RICHARD ZAVETA "Rabbit" MARGARET SCHOMP "Peggy" MANUELITA PEREZ "Mannie" JOSEPHINE NEFF "Jo" THERESA KOLAKOWSKI "Terry" FRANK NAVARRO "Cisco" DORIS DENSEN "Doris" MARGERY CASE "Margie" JACK PAINTER "Jack" HENRY SNYDER "Hank", Pi1Dlfll1 l3Qill1il1l11 3 :renin sxojf 0' I-fr ig nhfl' All 79, A ,- I ' fd nzvwa I f - 10.2. F SQ w2W ,M WW Wgfwfwsigi ,,,, Qffay v PW WM +s Z: ' ' ix-i' 13, X ' ggi Wi' fd e l 35 Q37-an ' 7 .. '7 1' ,, :Six 66 sk LITO 77,4161 1 I yd TW? aac4Qn user O6-px : E , k if 0 ., fcmgxfl at Bywg 5, M 1 .Oy-rf ffMf3,,g wr FF ig R dee . Sp. ve Q,,f-5.199 xl QJM1 A117655 LGN1 cop 6 "5'f7t'--f-'W 'KJ M 455' '1 by-ga rx QW! vu LW 4 r f J" 'i lf- ,W Q .. Af ' Ez. 60 ' 'l' ff CWLWARQLN Hg 3x Ny " cv E 0.8 190'-Xy'Q ,,.f"'Mi2x S cL.mu.17f,,,, ' 3' 29,5 1, Ji O8 ,,- oji Z-332' Wu E25 ' H 5?-?1,h'Af,8'ipf' "7 QNGQ 40 ls' Q, A' M' ,J Q25 X M' ' . 1- .,,1 V Q' 1' nv-'. Qggh I N1d qD4pQq11QQ,3,3iiQfjjLEgUL?,5i? S ,Q x fwwvyeffwkgozis 6 ,iggu :Ei S 'IWW' it hu. 'K 'A . - 951,41 mvg I W 14. Xp, Iwi XX , Q x j LV, L Se. H . gf .,uP,L1w'j E E fo. Q5 9 , W UPF wfilggxgmgi ? .gk is 3 1 9fY"f,pv-:.:e4:1 Q4 Q 52? Q G J iw A D., ,Ks-Q, M "'f"PH 3- 1255 aw' fi-13W f-. W 3 -M ,vii Eiga - .,3g?XHf?44di2QWWMQl,WSU'4.q WWW, 'w W5 - 2 I vf , W Q 2 3 566,54 vu ff' 4? aa: ' 'Wo '35 QF P- - -, V , wwf? 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A, KY A x U I 2' A' 1'r""x M JJ J Vgvx 9,-+WY3"' MW if M o 'pP sax: X .,-' -"fa5f'f-5,3 W , I it , ,..m"" 0. .' f Qkbffuja -' 'fx Q A . Wy!! My -N 1: .f yd' M - 'W,cwfm -gf? rf fo jf!-10534, OKVYL : J ie.. ,L Q WJ':j1 ,pn ?..- K HWY, :N 2? ,Q 4 Je- ffQ1w....u vc My - 5:3 X www JSV- '35, X Qi? I 'tix , Q w4f9L,5QfS7f.AV' 6u,y,:"'. '35, M -W fffaf 1 Wwiii .. 'W f"W7M"1'lQQ www WWW Wy 'gif gk ?J4,,n"' Mzfjy E Q lzdsxda 1 M fEN?iQ fiffw wP'?4f',jQT'f" N- - Q, 5 ww fs 1. ' 'I . ,4 lv: E If J! EQN 1 I 1 XNFQ N ,fry fha!!! N m qt , QQ' ,QA U Q 5 GV I W ' 9 xy 0 Us ' Q + g 3 ' y GQ' of .5 5 ,gl X9 d5 'DJ' -s55s XSL X .21 ,G if 54 v5Wwi WWw HQ M I O " .5 U., 'gk r ,?fz7.,f2?Z fw-if iffy - J,,CZe4::!-J 4:41, X n-X ll .' 7.5 - Q. ' v mug ji' f ' X l' xx 'Q l X613 X ff 4173144 W "' """""'g 'Q gf Q 1 in ' X f K X KH 1 A E3 , In 11541 My 'Ea X -I .QW '9' 3- "1 ,F ' -X ' 'Y' . 9+ 4 .-4' 1' . , V f v f - 573' ' M a ' x b QW ' N 'QM A . tl 2 . 1 X X , 1' "r: - f '1?f1e" wi f X . ' A -- B X xwg -' 'x ,Q Q? ga. 'X

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