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1945 "EEHll" Plnminqtnn High Schnnl Flemington, N. J. TQ -.. A ' Published hy the Students nf FLEMINBTUN HIGH SIIHUIJI. Fleminqtnn, New Jersey Q46 ECHC 1 9 4 6 f,.....,-, .W :iiiif .-M-"L" x Wfl-IEN WINTER COMES lV'E'LL GATHER HERE IN THE SPRING 41 DH. HUBEHT M. WAYM!-KN WE, THE CLASS OF 1946, DEDICATE THIS ECHO TO Hr. lflnhertj . Wayman IN APPRECIATION OF HIS HEIPFULNESS AND UNDERSTANDING IN DEALINGSWITH THE PRO-BLEMS OF OUR CLASS AND SCHOOL DURING HIS FIRST YEAR AS PRINCIPAL A OF FLEMINGTON HIGH SCHOOL Q . FUHEWIJ-BD p During our years at Flemington High School we have in many ways represented a diver in search for the treasure of knowledge. Regard- less as to whether we go on to higher education we shall always Continue this search. We are now about to enter a world taken up with the problems that result from the after- math of wars. Ours shall be the responsibility of tolerance and understanding and since only through these shall we be able to maintain a better world and better relations with our fellow men. The most costly pearls of learning shall be ours to treasure but our greatest reward shall be the experience that knowledge brings. 3 . x 5 O Mr. Ralph Muller, Mr. Charles V. Weiler, Mr. F. Merton Williamson, Mr. D. Howard Moreau, Mrs. Mabel Carter, Rev. Edward C. Dunbar, Mrs. Mabel Mathews Mr. Arthur S, Pinckney. AIIMINISTHATIUN We the class of 1946 wish to take this opportunity to express our thanks to the Board of Education who have served us during our four years in Flemington High School. BIIAHII Ill? EIIUEATIUN MR. F. MERTON WILLIAMSON Preyidenl MRS, MABEL CARTER REV. EDWARD C. DUNBAR MRS. MABEL MATHEWS MR. D. HOWARD MOREAU MR. RALP MULLER MR. ARTHUR S. PINCKNEY Mr. CHARLES V. WEILER Dirlrifl Clerk DR. ROBERT M. WAYMANX, P1-iuripa! FACULTY We the class of 1946 wish to express our sincere thanks to the Faculty who have given us much to be gained by and who have guided us in many under- standing ways. i Miss E. ELEANOR SCOTT. Cafmfelm' MARY EICK, Student HELEN ANDRUS Qlj Prolilemr of Demorrary, Europemz Hi.rzf1ry, U. S. Hirlory B.A., M.A., University of N. Carolina MARY E. BARRE qzp Eiiglirh III B. A., Boston University MRS. HELEN BINDER Q25 Eizglifla II, III, Anrieizt Hirfory B. A., George Washington University Courses: New York University MRS. FRANK BODINE my ' Nurre R. N., McKinley Hospital, Trenton, N. WINIFRED C. COLE OJ U. S. Hirtory B. A., Mt. Holyoke College Columbia T. C. RUTH E. COMPTON C65 Englifh II, IV B. A., Drene University MRS. ELEANOR B. CREGAR UQ General Srieiire, Economic Geography B. S., Trenton State Teachers' College H, EARLE DAVISON qsy Bookkeepiizg, Comiizerrial Arithmetic, jr. Bmiizerf Training B. S., Rider College LOUISE ANTONINI D'EMIDIO Q9j Mfuic B. A., Morehead State Teachers' College, A Vloreheacl, Kentucky X Courses: New York University EVELYN lndiana State Teachers' College Rutgers University IATHERINE J. FANGET f2j P Lalin I, II, Frenrh I, II, III B. A., Wellesley College C lou rses: and E. DUANE Qlj Clothing Rutgers University MRS. MILDRED M. GODLEY GD English I B. A., Wilson College LEON F. HALL Q41 Manual Training, Mecharziral Drawing Rutgers University LLOYD D. HAND C51 Algebra I, II Ph. B., Muhlenberg College Lehigh University MRS. HELEN E, HUENECKE Q69 Steuograpby I, Typufrilifzg I, Cozlzmerrial Law, jr. Bzzrifzeff Training B. S., Trenton State Teachers' College MRS. BLANCHE P. LEMONN Q73 I1 Typesrrilifzg 1, II, Offife Prariife, Stelzograpby B. S., Bowling Green College B. S., Rutgers University JOHN C. LOCH CSJ Sl!p?I'l'iJ'0l' of Boyr' Phyriral Education B. S., Fordham University Courses: Rutgers University K FRED G. LODGE C9j Agl'i,All1llll'6, A grirzzllure Shop B. S., University of Maryland M. S., Pennsylvania State College NORMA J. MAGIDSON fly Cooking B. S., Massachusetts State College ELIZABETH P. NOTHSTEIN Q2j Englifh IV B. A., Duke University A . 12. X' R. EFFIE Rrooro Q53 Snperz'i.ror of Girly' Playfical Ezlncation ' B. S., Panzer College of Physical Education ' and Hygiene E. ELEANOR SCOTT My Guidance Counselor B. A., Wilson University Courses: Rutgers University HIRAM C. TINDALL QSQ Enielish, Ancient Hiilory B. A., College of Wooster Rutgers University MRS. HARRY D. WATERS Q6j Library Srienre, Librarian B. S., State Teachers College, Kutztown, Penn. Courses: Muhlenberg College, Allentown, Penn. ROBERT M. WAYMAN U5 Principal Sf M. A., Washington and Jefferson College , D. Ed., University of .Pittsburgh LOUIS ZABRISKIE Q8j Aeronaalicf, Manual Training, Mechanical Dfdwflfg 1. a Trenton State Teachers College Drexel Institute Lafayette College Rutgers University HARRY W. ZOLL C91 Claeiniftry, Pbyfirf, Biology B, S., Ursinus College M. S., University of Pennsylvania MRS. DOROTHY ZUEGNER QIOJ Solid Geometry, Trigonometry, Plane Geometry, Algebra II, General Malh- emalicr B. S., M, S., New York University 14 i L i Z r TE IIHEH5' SNAPS I, Mi, Imam- slwws "Lilly" and "lClaiue" how it's iloue. and ex-serviceiuau, Nr. lilcmlhill. U. Mrs, lliunler seems ull- J. llcrv,-'N lmukiiu: at you, Rose. J. The big two aud the livinus tu Van's grin. IH. Mrs, IVI-Qiuixlin and Mr. 'fimlall luvss, 4, "Fall in," says Miss Riggio. S, Future high smile for the camera. ll. "Now, as l way saying," says sclnml stusleuts have a gmwrl laugh with teacher. 0. Coach Mr. llancl our math llCWClVllIt'I', 12. It must have llccu a Loch in his "business" suit. 7. The power nf Concentra- busy clay for Miss Scutt. even tlmufzh she 1luesu'1 lmvk it. limi nu display iu the typing rmmi. S. Our new librarian li TEACHERS' SN!-XPS I. Music iiiznwllwu! J. XYzitrh the Iririlie, Cwzicli. 3. The S, A pretty smile frmn Mrs. Biiuler. U. XYhzit'Q so 1llIlllSillPf, lncginiiiiiyr of niiulhcr :lay :lt the sowing llI1lCilillC. 4. Dr. Mr. Zzibrixkie? III. XYhcu two pal-a meet. ll, l,FCSClllillg' xYIlj'lHIHl uhlillv' With an iiifmwiml pow. S. A welcome hack Mrs Maiiners nur fwrnici' Miss If. Ilzivcr. ll. "Hello" from v Mr. Imcrlf, nur mzmnzal tminillg tcacllvr. 6. "llow's Miss liarre. 1is?" asks Mrs, U11-:ip:cx'. 7. Nr. Timlnll in a typical purse. 16 M54 0 T9 2-' Tj' fx W ' oy -2 Q 0 J oo X 00 'Av' 0 Q 'kN OO 5 O If X! V, 'X O O J I 4 kk Qljffa X u gf O O iyijk E47 A .X D H' O o R f' I XJ" J o 0 0 O x- I If J O O 4 Y ,K . RU o o . M 3 l, , N oo O 0 0 X O 0 0 +15 X Q 0 0 0 X-A ' I 0 I G p 2 X o O C 9 .O X if A ff ,ff k 0,0 fo ' j J' XX- Fig' W U C..-,Co O X ,X N , l, 1' f- O fx 4 ff! 5'-f" V f xx X OWL, G TD f XV 0 0 0 ,,,.,f CI!! ,fx X " 9 " ' X X O O 0 O , 0 7 ' 0 o ,g 8 X ' X ,U gpg C , 1. Ki-J i f JA , i L- - .. VA' J KN N' s L! K xii! f ' 0 . xx ,W 4 " iago S -go" 17 A ff J. J r 2'XLffE,51 W M! , o L og X- - ifoaeo 5. A Q , -4gSA0.,f -52:3-, -'gszk-7 jg W -'JZ' ' 1 C: ? Al, 4 SENIOR CLAss OFFICERS Top row: Robert Ringer, Treasurerg Mr. Zabriskie, advisorg Michael Scheier, Sergeant- at-Arms. Bottom row: Fred Clemente, Vice-Presidentg Ray Richards, Presidentg Margery Hartpence, Secretary. Seninr Blass History The high school career of the Class of 1946 has been short but packed with important events. Despite the many emergency war measures, we were thoroughly acclimatized during our Freshman year and our St. Valentine's Dance went over smoothly. We contributed many top-notch athletes and dramatists to the school in our Sophomore year besides sponsoring a Hallowe'en Dance. The junior Prom was a huge success as was the Senior Christmas Dance a year later. Our Senior year saw the end of the war and the coming of a new prin- cipal, Dr. Robert Wayman, with whom we worked in close cooperation through our fourth-term president, Ray Richards. We hope to make Class Night a great event in F. H. S. history and to carry Baccalaureate Service and Commen- cement with dignity. We, of the Class of 1946, extend our thanks to all those who have made the past four years such profitable ones, not only in the making of life-long friends, but in learning self-reliance and good citizenship. ll, I JUNE E. ABEGG 415 "June" Flemington Junction "A laorre, a horre. My kingdom for a loorre Transferred from Greenbelt H. S., Md. in Feb. 1943. Language Club 33 Student Voice 3, 43 E550 3, 43 Honor Society 4. fl! EMMA JANE ALLEGAR qzp "Emma" A Three Bridges "Happy am Ig from care l'm free." Gift Club gg Mixed Chorus 3, Key Klickers 3, MARION R. BACHMANN 13D "Marion" Lebanon "Give the uforld flue bert that you have, and the leer! will come bark to you." Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3g Air Spotters Club 2g Lang uage Club 3, Key Klickers 4. CLORINDA BARBIERI f4j "Dolly" Flemington "Dark eye.r have a rtrange enrhafztmefzlf' Mixed Chorus lg Gift Club 2, Girls' Leader Corps 5. ARTHUR BARRICK CSD "Art" Pittstown "Good at fight, but belief al play." Model Airplane Club 1, Current Events Club 1' Know Your Money Club 2g Football 2, 3, 4, Basket: ball 3, 4. CHARLES M. BENTZINGER Q61 "Chi" XYhiteh0use Station "A erozvd of books klirlraetr the mind." Tumbling Club 2, journalism 2g Traflic Corps 2, 3, 4, Lab. Assistants 3, 4. RICHARD BROWN UD, "Dick" Sergeantville "Ez'e1z111ally, but not now." Current Events 1, Football 3, 4. FRED CLEMENTE C81 "Freddie" Raritan "A jolly lad, elauek-full of fun. He'r alufayr Hire to everyone." Transferred from Benjamin Franklin H. S. New York City in September 1945. Masque and Sandal 4, Eelao 45 Class Vice President 4. A. MARIE CONOVER CU "Connie" Pittstown "Stndiouf and thoughtful, hat what about?" Echo 1, 2, 3, 4, Commercial Club 1, 2, Victory Corps 1, Mixed Chorus 4, Key Klickers 4. GEORGE CURTIS qzy "Curtis" Flemington "Slow and eafy going, hat he getr there jtut the Janie" Current Events Club 1, Student Council 1, 3, Mixed Chorus 1, 3, Tumbling Club 23 Lab Assistants 3, 4. DONALD F. DALRYMPLE C30 "D D" Pittstown "Yon can tell he hnouu the oeean hy the ware in hir hair." Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Airplane Club 1, Game Club 1, 2g Tumbling Club 2, Basketball 2, 3. FRED DEEMER Q4j "Lover" Flemington "Tin1e.' I dare nottto dircotfer ,Inch a youth and meh a lower!" Masque and Sandal 1, 2, President 3, Arts and Crafts Club 1, 2, Class Vice President 15 Echo 3, 4. ROBERT DENBIGH 453 "Bob" Locktown "Fot'ez'er forenzoit in the ranks of fun." Tumbling Club 2, Model Airplane Club 2, Mixed Chorus 2, Lab. Assistants 5, 4. SUSANNA MADILINE DEVOE Qoj "Susie Qi' Ringoes "Gite everyone thine ear, hut few thy wire." Transferred from Wilton jr. H. S., Bronx, N. Y., February 1943. Knitting Club 2g Cooking Club 2. Lois D1CKsoN up "Lois" Flemington "She har many innorent partitnerf' Mixed Chorus 1, Gift Club 2g Library Club 3- DORIS R. DILTS C8j "Doris" Three Bridges "Fm quiet, but don't get me started." Mixed Chorus 1, 2g Gift Club 2, Library Club 2, 3, 4. ROGER DILTS flj "Joe" Sergeantville "I like work. it facinater me, I ran .fit and look al il for liomirf' Current Events Club 1, 2. WANDA DOBOZYNSKI C23 "She may look quiet, on! look again." Current Events Club 1 g Experimental Cooking Club 3. HELEN EMMONS "llel" XYliitel1ouse Station HSl96',l jim live qliiel kind, 1L'l70.l'6 llclfill? never 1'orieJ." Knitting Club 1 g Mixed Chorus 3g Red Cross Club 3. JACQUELINE K. FERRIS f4j . "Jackie" Ringoes "Here romer the lady. Ok, Jo liglal of fool!" Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Christmas Play lg Modern Dancing lg Library Club 1. JAMES R. FREE CSD "Jim" Flemington "Hif only labor wa: lo kill time." Art Club 1, 2, 3: Chef Club lg Mixed Chorus 4. BLANCHE GARBOW C61 "Shorty" Ringoes "She um born u'iflJ a gift of laughter 1 and 4 .renfe that fbe world um Nlddf Mixed Chorus 1g Current Events Club 1g Commercial Club 2, Key Klickers 4. WALTER GELLNER U5 "Major" Flemington "HiJ zvit if df Jlmrp ar lhe creafe in hi! penn." Current Events Club 1, 25 Know Your Money Club 2g Chemistry Club 3g Mgr. Baseball 3, 45 Mgr. Football 4g Asst. Mgr, Basketball 4g Echo 45 Stffdenl Voice 4. ELIZABETH E. GOODELL gay "Betty" Three Bridges "The pleamre of lore ix in loving." Mixed Chorus 1g Commercial Club lg Gift Club Library Club 3, QPresidentj 4. ROBERT GROFF qip "Bob" Flemington "Gite me time, I'll get there." Football 1, 2, 3, 4g Current Events Club 2, French Club 2, Student Council 3, Class Treasurer 3g Mixed Chorus 4. DONALD J. GULICK qzp "Don" Oldwick "1 have cl knork of doing what I ought not to." Current Events Club 1, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 43 Foot- ball 4g Erlao 4. DORIS GULICK C31 "A nzonf-lVbere?"' Gift Club lg Knitting Club 2. MARJORIE HAAS Q41 "Marge" Flemington "Wfby doern't .fornebody tell 'me there tlJingJ?" Transferred from Cranford H. S. in December 1944. Basketball 3, 4, Baseball 3g Erho 4, Student Voice 4, Traffic Corps 4g Student Council 4g Honor Society 4. ALEX HAR1Tos tsp "Hairy-toes" Flemington "Every mon if at Heaven made him and rometimer 4 great deal wane." Tumbling Club 15 Art Club 1, 2, Radio 23 Student Voire 2, Echo 4. GLORIA ELNORA HARRIS Q61 "Glo" Ridge "Fm dyed headed woman-look out for me" Commercial Club 25 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Key Klickers 3, QBusiness Manager1 4. ELIZABETH M. HARTPENCE Q71 "Betty" Stanton "It'f good to be merry and wife, it'r good to be honest and true." Mixed Chorus 2, Echo 3g CAsst. Ed.1 45 Honor So- ciety 4. MARGERY E. HARTPENCE Q81 "Gerry" Flemington "Forhioned .ro rlenderly, young and .ro fair." Student Council 1, 2, 3, Qvice-president1 4, Erlao 1 2, 3, Qbusiness mgr.1 4, Girls' Leader Corps 1, 2 Class Secretary 1, 3, 4, Foreign Language Club 3 Trallic Corps 3, 4g Student Voire 4g Honor Society 4. Q WALTER ROBERT HAUSMAN Q11 "XValt" Flemington "Eat, drink, and he merry, for tomorrow we may diet." Nature Study 1 , Victory Corps 1, Boy's Chef Club 1, Class Vice President 2, School Play 2, Echo 2, 3, Masque and Sandal 2, 3, 4, Christmas Play 3, Stn- dent Voiee 3, 4, Student Council QVice Presidentj 3 QPresidentj 4, journalism 3, Football 3, 4, Basket- 7 ball Assistant Manager 3, Manager 4. OLIVER WAYNE HEADLEY Q2j "Ollie" Flemington "PerfiJlenry lead: to .rzrrce.f.r." Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Current History 1, Basketball 2, 3, 4, journalism 2, QPresidentj 3, Traffic Corps 2, 3, 4, Masque and Sandal 2, 4, Slzrdenf Voiee 3, 4, Foo ball 3, 4, Echo 4 LOIS ANITA- HENZLER gap "I.oie" Flemington "An equal 77Il.X'll17'6 of good hnnzor and renfef' Nature Study 1, Arts and Crafts Club 1, Cheerlead- ing 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 4, Sfrrdenz Voire 2, 3, 4, Echo 4. 3, 4, Football 4. MARGARET HIGGINS Q45 "Peggy" Flemington ff C. EUGENE HILDABRANT Q53 "Ge I'n1 no angel!" Nature Study 1, Arts and Crafts Club 1, Sludenl Voice 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 2, Echo 3, Service Club 3. Whitehouse "Talk lo him ,of farolfr ladder and he would ark the number of Jtepff' Game Club 1, Current Events Club 1, 2, Smdenl Voire 2, 3, 4, Erho 2, 3, Lab. Assistants 3, Baseball ELEANOR HODULIK Q65 "Eckie" Pittstown "Neither a :inner nor a saint." Commercial Club 1, THOMAS' HODULIK Q71 "Tommy" Pittstown "An all round good fellow." Game Club 1, Art Club 1, Model Airplane 1, Radio Club 2. EVA M. HOFF Q81 "Eva" Pittstown "A cheery .rnzile if well worth while." Girls' Leader Corps 1, Commercial Club 1, QSecre- taryj 2,.Sludent V one 1, 2, Echo 3, QTyping Editorj 4, Key Klickers Club 3, QSecretaryj 4. ELAINE HOLCOMBE fly "Millie" Ringoes "Variety ir the .fpice of life." Library Club 1, Mixed Chorus 4. ELIZABETH KADEZABEK QZJ I iz" Copper Ilill "Her perromzlily mu' strihiizg- one iiiizch to our liking." Student Council 1, Girls' Leader Corps 1, 2, 3 J Mixed Chorus 1, 2, Siiicleizt Voice 4. Rose KADEZABEK gay '-Rosie" Copper Hill "Mighty like 4 foie." Sewing Club 1, Mixed Chorus 2, 33 Girls' Leader Corps 3, 4. 1 ANN ADELE KEMPF Q43 "Aim" XVhitehouse Station "Why do I laugh? Wfell lo he explicit, I fee fini where olherf ofleiz min il." Transferred from Ursuline Academy, New York in 1943. Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Girls' Leader Corps 3, 4, Key Klickers 3, 4. JOYCE E. KLINE Q53 "Klinie"' Readington Township "Laird, you done made lhe night too Jhorlf' Mixed Chorus 1, Knitting Club 1, Commercial Club 2, Girls' Leaders Corps 1, 2, 33 Key Klickers 3, fPresidentj 4, Echo 4, Student Council QTreas.j 4. GRACE KROM Q65 "The girl ivilh fhe Jmile is the girl worth while." Commercial Club 2, Library Club 3, Echo 4. ERMA RUTH LAMBERT UD "Ermie" Ringoes "Oh milor, you fend nie!" Key Klickers 3, fVice-Presidentj 4, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Honor Society 4. ROBERT LEICHTE Q81 -"Dutchie" XVhitehouse Station "I am at 4 lou to know how much of my ouvz .florief lo helie1ie." Nature Study 1, Tumbling Club 1, 2, Art Club 2, Basketball 3, 4, Football 3, 4. PAULINE E. LEVITSKY Qlj "Paul" Linvale "The ber! polirb for 4 face if a ruffle." Mixed Chorus l g Commercial Club 2, Current Events Club lg Knitting Club 2, Key Klickers 4. BETTY CATHERINE LINDABURY QZD "Lindy Mountalnville "A little mirrhief by Ibe u'oy, A liflle fill? lo .rlbire the doyf' Knitting Club lg Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4g Erho 2, 3, ,lg Sfllrffllf Voife 5, 43 Gift Club 2. MARY ANNE LYELL C35 "Aly own lhozfglolf are my ozwz fompan.io11r." Masque and Sandal lg Mixed Chorus lg Gift Club 3. JOSEPH SALVATORE MARESCA q-ip "Joe" Headquarters "A 1l'dl'l'f0l' bold on four! and yield, And an all rozmd good Jportf' Nature Study lg Future Farmers of America 2, 33 Football 2, 3, 4, Tumbling Club 2. DOROTHY MAY MCCORKLE gay "Dot" Ringoes "A true and good friend." Red Cross Club 3. VIRGINIA MCPHERSON f6j "Ginny" Flemington "S!11rdy and quick, aluuyf ready, z'ery patient, .md rery sleadyf' Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, Current Events Club lg Sm- denl Voire 2, 3, Echo 2, 3, 4, Foreign Language Club 3g Class Vice-president 3g Girls' Leader Corps 4. DORIS ANN MELICK Q71 "Dorie" Oldwick "There'.r cl lol we migbl ,ray of you. bill one word will Jlzjjzire-Hire." Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Knitting Club lg Gift Club 2, Erbo 2, 3, 4, Sfudem' Voire 3, 4, ROSE MAY MINA f8j "Ro" Flemington "IJ Jbe quiet and demlzre? Maybe, bu! don? be loo .rm'e." Mixed Chorus lg Hockey lg Current Events Club lg Key Klickers 3, 4, Cheer Leading 3, 4, Girls' Leader Corps 4. MILDRED A. NEFF Q15 "Minis" Olrlwick "Carefree and gay, I lore fo while flve lvofnif 1111271 Knitting Club 1, 2g Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 53 EIAPU Girls' Leader Corps 3, 4. JAMES E. OAKES 425 "Sam" Quakertown "A u'i.re lllrlll ialkf len and liffwzf more." Current Events Club 2. OLGA OLESKIW Q32 "Olga" Croton "If ,silence if golden fben berehr a 1111llio11aire." Knitting Club lg Red Cross Club 3. LOUISE ANNE ORASHEN MQ "Louise" Flemington "A rlwzgeable 11111 n likeable pe1'fo11." Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 4, Glee Club 2, journalism 3g Library Club 2, Key Klickers Club 3, 41 Girls' Leadrr Corps 4. JENNIE EVA oTTo 55 "Nie Nie" YVhitehouse Station "Why :work 11'l1e1z play if ro lllllfh flllI.9U Key Klickers Club 3, 4. RITA PAPASTERGIOU gap "Pappy" Flemington "She who Jmlferf myf of J1111.flJi11e Six e1'e1' u'elro1i1e." Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, journalism Zg Language Club 3- A GENEVIEVE PARZYCH C7j "Jennie" Croton "A good diJpoJ1tio11 1:J"?I0l' the leaf! of laer clm1'111f." Knitting Club 1g Erlao 1, junior Red Cross Club 3. EDNA PETERMAN CSD "Pete" Cherryville "I am cllillfhfl friglalenecl our of my .reren .re1z5eJ." Knitting Club 1, Red Cross Club 35 journalism 1, 2, 3, fAssistant Editorj 4. "To work, or not lo work? That ir the q11e.rtiozz." Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4g Nature Club 13 Boys Chef Club lg Victory Corps 15 Art Club fPresidentj 2: Christmas Play Z: Masque and Sandal 3g Football 43 Basketball 4. RICHARD PETERMAN QU "Dick" Flemington LUELLA PIELL qzp "Lou" Pittstown "She lozer if all-ber work, laer play. Mixed Chorus 2. HENRY PLESNARSKI Q35 "Hank" XYhitel1ouse Station "W'e mel him in Seplemlaer and liked him all lloe year." Transferred from Dickinson H. S., jersey City in September 1945. Lab. Assistants. 4. DOROTHY POTTS C45 "Dottie" Readingtou "Laugh and be gay, tomorrou' if 41lI0ll787' day." Gift Club lg Library Club 2, 3, 4. MARY ANN PYATT fij "Mary" Croton "Solver, but no! .Y6l'l0llJ',' Quiet, but noi idle," Knitting Club lg Red Cross Club 3. DORIS H, RAMALHO f6j "Dorie" Flemington "She ua: a rrlaolar anal a riglal good onef' Smdenf Voice 1, 2, 54 Nature Study 1, Mixed Chorus 1g Hockey 1, 25 Fresh. Basketball 1, Student Coun- cil 2, 3g Varsity Basketball 3, 4g Foreign Language Club 35 Girls' Leader Corps 4, Echo Qliditorj 45 Honor Society 4. HAROLD REAMER up "All great men are dying and I alofff feel Jo well llIyJ'8lf.H Pinochle Club 1g Lab. Assistants 3, 4g Eel: ELEANOR REPER gap -'E11en" Quakertown "Where lherebr a will llnerelr a u'ay.' Library Club 1, 25 Echo 4. is is RAY RICHARDS Q15 "Ray" Iligginsville .'Vll'giIZiJ,.f little "Ray" of 5in1.fhi11e." Forensic Club lg Model Airplane 1, Tumbling Club 2, Echo 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 23 Lab. Assistants 3, 4: Traffic Corps 2, 3, 45 Football 2, 3, 4, Class President 1, 2, 3, 4, Honor Society 4. ROBERT RINGER qzp "Bob" Ringoes iiG6IIill.f if lhe capacity for aroicliizg hard workf Current Events Club 1, Boys' Glee Club lg Class Treasurer 1, 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, Future Farmers of America 2, 3, QPresidentj 4, Echo 4, Traffic Corps 2, 3, 4, Football 4, Victory Corps 2, Honor Society 4. HARRY ROCKAFELLOW Q35 "Rocky" Ringoes "Fil walk 20 miles for Midge." Current Events Club 1, Future Farmers of America 2, Lab. Assistants 3, 4, Echo 4, Traffic Corps 4. MICHAEL JOHN SCHEIER Q45 "Mick" Stanton Station "Dark eyei. and dark laair, tall and lnaizdromeg girls beware." Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Cooking Club 1, Tumbling Club 2, Baseball 2, 3, 4g Football 2, 3, 4, Future Farmers of America 4, GERTRUDE E. SCHEPERS CSD ' Oldwick To 618110116 rbe brings good cheer, and ro we like to have ber near." Transferred from Clinton High School in October 1941. junior Red Cross Club 3. LOUIS GEORGE SERRIDGE QGQ "Lou" Flemington "1 IIETEI' let my .rtlidiey iiiierfere zvilh my education." Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4g Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Base- ball 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4g Tumbling Club 2, Future Farmers of America 4. RITA CLAI BARBARA SHINKEL f7j "Shink" Reaville "Mischief liirky in every dimplef' Library Club 1 g Chorus 2, 4, Girls' Leader Corps 4. Library Club 15 Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 35 Language Club lilzllijffllg high and happy." PHYLLIS SOKOL Q15 "Phyl" Flemington EUGENE SOLTYS qzp "Gene" Cherryville "Gr0u'lb fr Ike only eridezzre of life." Know Your Money Club 1g Current Events Club 1: Game Club 2g Radio Club 2. RosLYN M. SOMER Q53 "Rozy" Flemington "Your :vii makex olberf willy." Nature Club 1 1 Current Events Club 1g Student Coun- cil 2, 33 Foreign Language Club 3g Echo 2, 3, 4 journalism 3, 45 Smdezzt Voice 4. MARIAN STENABAUGH Q4j "Stinkie" Flemington "Ha1'i11g myrelf az lime." Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4g Art Club 1, 2g Library Club 1g Operetta lg Orchestra 2, 3, 4g Foreign Lan- guage Club 3g School pianist 2, 3, 4. JEAN TAYLOR Q53 "Jean" Croton "Sire Cdllll add, but .flue can dirlraflf' Transferred from Sewanhaha High School, Long ls land in September 1944. Basketball 4. .IEAN TEETS my "Jean" Oldwick ,ILVIUIIIEII of few 1l'07'dJ' are Ike inert." Knitting Club 2, Arts and Crafts 2g Language 3 Echo 4. JUNE DAY TIMBERLAKE up "Timber" Flemington "lY'be1z .the if 011 hand. ll1e1'e',r mirrhief afoolf' Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3g Echo 2. l JACK TINE QU "Jackson" Stanton "With graceful Jtepf he walks the Jtreetr and rmiler at all the girly be meetrf' Lab. Assistants 3, 49 Football 23 Tumbling 2g Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 35 Boys' Glee Club 23 Erho 4. MARGARET TRAYNOR CZD "Margaret" Readington "Ki1m'11e.s'J maker ber many frierzdrf' Transferred from North Plainfield High School in September 1944. Red Cross Club 33 Erlm 4. SHIRLEY VOORHEES Q53 "Blondie" XYhitehouse Station "Little uvmzen are datzgerom thitzgxf' Knitting Club 15 Mixed Chorus 1, 2g Girls' Leader Corps 1, 4g Key Klickers 3. 4. CONQETTA vUoNo 449 "Connie" Loektown "A flared mouth mtrher 720 flier." Mixed Chorus 1g Knitting Club 1g Gift Club 23 Cooking Club 3. RAYMOND ZIELSTORFI' fij "Ray" Flemington "Friend than art, but rtudent than weft never." Pichochle Club 15 Tumbling Club 25 Mixed Chorus 3, 4. ALBINA ZYLSTRA C61 "Al" Whitehouse "Youth :Omer but onre in ez life time." Knitting Club fPresidentj lg Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Student Voire 5, 1 1 First row: Betty Hartpence, Robert Ringer, Erma Lambert, Ray Richards, June Abegg. Second row: Margery Hartpence, Marjorie Haas. Missing: Doris Ramalho, The Hnnm' Smzinly The purposes of the Flemington High School Honor Society, which is a chapter of the National Honor Society, are to develop character, promote lead- ership and service, and create interest in scholarship. The upper fifth of the Senior class is eligible and the members are chosen by the Faculty Advisory Council and the high school faculty, who elect forty per cent of that fifth. The candidates are judged on the basis of Scholarship, Character, Service, and Leadership. The members are given an impressive inititation ceremony in assembly. Four members of the faculty speak to them on the requirements for member- ship. The members then light candles which form the letters "S" for Scholar- ship, "C" for Character, "S" for Service, and "L" for Leadership. After they light the candles, the members repeat the Honor Society Pledge and are given the gold key of the society by the President of the Board of Education. The members of the National Honor Society receive threefold benefits. First, the privilege of being a member of a national organization, second the opportunity to obtain financial loans to further their education, and third mem- bership in such an organization is a fine recommendation to college oflicials. Schnnl Hays IL. I l"1'wh1n- :mil XY:nIlffNIxilleml lnlmr, J. XYhcrc'Q the jzmitmy U, The ZHIYQIIIIIUJCN uf In-iulg zu rn-uplw111NlfUI1 Xlilllxf II :vs Xvnirc? 3. 'ltlww whllr cnllzu' wm'Ln-rxf 4. 'ltl1at'w :I "Iuzlfv:r" we cuvy yuuf lll. I"l':-dmllm' :mil XYAIK NM ulxzullxmx' uf ilu fur yum, l,inicY 3, I'1x'cl'y minute cvmnts. 0, Guess what? wczltlwr Ivy eating' wc ru-:n111. ll I' Il N ln-lwccll rlwwm lh:at'N night--ilb I". ll. S. :my way yfru Ifmk at it. 7. xvlltll IJ. Half 4- plump gm-lx tfvgcllun-1'. S. Uh llorlx! XYH11- lmppy! 4 sg sg 66 'H57 57 XF-U' f M , gocijfgffil flisffffyff ifcfffifflfifff fflffefdjffffgounfy Nz:1ff'azzv.izf,z'::1. dwg fm 'O be las' 'Tnlchq Schafer Ige7uea+h9 his fullback poslflon ffofhe School In hopesflflat Someone z,o1ZZ Ml if 39 well JS he. TommqHodu!1kbcquea1f13fn3 wauq locks fo DGFCCKUIZZIJMSON, Phqllls Sokol bcqueafhs Jfhree mches io Dolores Calla, Harold Pxcamev beqvcafm has bfomihalr fo any qfflwho Uses peropde, Rlcharrk bequea+hS has qr'H ofqab 'fo Hmy Sdrqenf, J cmaresca bequeaihs his bq oe fo Rvvhafd Yan Flea? . crfr de chepers be Ueaihs her So fhern ccenfio Wargarefjarmson, Earn c mbe and Shfrle oorheeg bequeath fherr hunks flC6 1' e ur who L, eg Fred Deemer bequedihg hs romanhc fooch -lo 57,-,G 77, ,nas ' Serrfdge and Dick Pefermarv hegueatkfhen- -fg,,1.Ma,Jf7o51'h H5 he capabl Jdg ee baskefeers lflrqlnld 7T?cPhPfS0fl beqvfdffvs hey 'fefephone numbers fo F oss: ers June dbgqq beyueaffw her drdwfnq panel s fo Tom, 7771 n a fioqeliddewbehb queafhs haplace In fOfl't of 4114 Dascm n+ mirror +o 777ar1an F J Euqenc Hr7dabr4nfbequga'fhS7TI1mq nl 'S r 4 Hell 'take hcr 5 ony BeH Lrnclaburzf be ueaih-3 her Jobsm Room Zu fofhc Jando:- Hcirnfos bequeafhs M5 bow le 1' Henry Kufvi weafler-5 -lo Edna 'f77c Pfrerson I-Calm LGU Serrzdge bequea I5 b Grofi' be9uea+hs 1 Shqness 40 A! 9 s+em we eave+ e on hope o ano-fhcr semor Chafmloq and obedfen-8 as Zeaue IS cLocumen+ +o be execu4'Cd Zol our loqal class advnsorsmrlabr' KIC and ' Snqnafure LJd'nes5 R011 o r J! C7 U 8 Z u O. I effvfo Y V o to h q Is, Y Sa ml, v, I I W 0 I ,ou ' o fo f e 'V , f e 777-1 . I ' . 6 f o 1 as. - or o r ! " I . Y 'Z ' A . H 111 -f o , Ms, hfs S . 0 h 5 a ffer , Tomr .Mow 1 h +' 4 if - dw SS we, we -H7 A + TH . asia: ' ' S 7r,- X X End! Kaaezabclf 8 Kaocezmlvek 7 LT 'VE DEAL IN MEN' Cfibfw Awww mke Scheiev- HLL nmemcmv -1950 5 me X-f 6 Richar-J5 RGVYTOWULO ! I PO'-ITIHN M 2 LL OMPQIEDICQLI RESEHRCH cv S MM 'W CL A55 RX Y IE X jackie F8 ' ? PRUPHECY G 1-my Mcfkzvsom ug!-x XX NURSE -H.....-. I f 135 f U p s M- ng: 4 i 1 ws 9 . R ' - nj e1 4w , wi ' Q' ' ? W W If 4- f '14 1 cn f A' Aj .ffxf ,W ' X Bd' Rm?" ' FARMER mmm CO B Q Q Q X W K Q7 N1 xx, ff ' . f 4 'Y i 1 652, ' X911 Kim, 3 N ,f"ii' If' 4 f V . 7 gp' Q 9, , 2' , Q , ' Z wmvm Z I .5 Hausgaqn -HN fl Fl-LHTIONI-YH M enlionin g LUW IJIJW Wor'rt Crime June E. Abegg ...... . Horses ....,,--,,,,,, ,N Emma Allegar ...... . Doing Homework ........ Marion R. Bachmann . Taking a year of Shorthand -. Clorinda Barbieri .... . Arthur Barrick ..... . Charles Bentzinger Dick Brown ........ . Fred Clemente ...... . A. Marie Conover George Curtis ...... . Donald Dalrymple Fred Deemer ....... . Bob Denbigh --- Susanna Devoe ..... . ---. Late Hours .... --- Doris Dilts ........ . Lois Dickson --- Late hours ...... --- Raising Cain ......,,,,,, Flirting with girls ........ Coming in after 3 A.M. --- Censored .............,.. .Wouldn't you like to know?- Not Doing Homework .... Neckmg ............ .,,. Getting in late at night .... Driving without a license Mine own modesty Staying out late --- Roger Dilts ........ . Getting home late -- Wanda Dobozynski Helen Emmons ..... . Jackie Ferris .... Jim Free .......... . Blanche Garbow .... . Walter Gellner ...... . Betty E. Goodell .... . Robert Grofl' ....... . Don Gulick .... Doris Gulick ..-- Marjorie Haas --- Alex Haritos .... Gloria E. Harris - Betty Hartpence .... . Gerry Hartpence .... . Walter Hausman Oliver M. Headley Lois A. Henzler .... . Peggy Higgins ...... . Eugene Hildabrant Eleanor Hodulik Tommy Hodulik Eva Hoff .......... . Elaine Holcombe ---. Liz Kadezabek ...... . Rose Kadezabek Ann Kempf ........ . Joyce Kline -- Grace Krom .... 36 Giggling ..... - .... Late hours ..... ---. Day dreaming --- Skipping school ..... ---. Gigglmg .... ........,. L ,, Whistling at Teachers ..... . Temper ............. --, Being late to school --- --- after lunch Getting caught playing .... 1 hookey in 1944 Da Dreamin Y 8 ------- - -- Driving ....,,,,,, ,--,- , - Getting demerits ..... ----. 1 ' ' ea , 1 I fall in love too sily 2A. M. ............ .... 3rd to reverse --- at 50 m. p. h. Making speeches --- --- Coming to school --- --- Draining the water fountains Driving .......... , ,,, Asking for the car --- ---. Which one? ....... ---. Watching the clock --- -,,. I forgot ............ ,-.. . ,. Wolfin' around ......... .. Being "Melick's Woman" Day dreaming .........., . Chewing gum ....... --- Getting home late .... --- I don't remember --- ---. Wenkzzerr Horses ........ - - - . Hamburgers -- ---. Marines .... ---. Men - .... ---. Women .... - ---. Girls ................ . Wine, Women, Song ---. Girls ................ . Baseball Games ....... . Cars ............ ---. Women -- ---. Blondes -- Girls ............... A real red headed boy --. Men ................. . .1 - yy Junie .............. . Not doing homework --. I can cry as fast as .... . I can laugh A Sailor ........ ---. Curley hair and ...... . Blue eyes Beautiful Girls --- ---. New York ...... ---. If I told you, you ...... . wouldn't believe me anyhow Ed. Corona --- -..-. Women .... Blondes -- ---. Tall men ............ . Lawrenceville Prep .... . Girls ................ . Marines, ........ - -- . john Garfield Sleeping late .......... . Strapless evening gowns Making speeches ...... . "Aggie" ........ ---. Football players ....... . Marine fD. HJ ...... . Mims .............. . Doing homework with -. the radio on Homework ........... . Don't mention it ..... . Men ................. . Oh! Boy! ..... Paratroopers ..... ---. Talk, talk, talk ....... . Square Dances --- -. Giggling ...... ' Famour For Horses ............... Bumping into people'--- Forgetting to remember --- ---- my locker combination Blushing ............. Came of Dealla Horses ------ Driving a car Ask the coroner after my funeral ------------- Somerville Nothing .......... ................. E nglish Coming home late ...... Talking ...................... Not doing homework .... Tall, lank, and lean figure Going to Lambertville ...... You worry too much .... .... Talking ............... Going to Lambertville .... Sweet smile, black ...... eyes, smallness Giggling .... - Freckles ..... Loafing .............. Cooking and dancing .......... Homework and Teachers English Teachers Homework and Teachers ------------ English IV Quitting the A 8: P Store ---- A Nurse --- Geometry ----- Demerits --- Pappy, who is always around ---- Somerville ----------- Boys ---- Mrs. Nothstein Fear and Worries Telling the truth ........ Having people lie to me Dancing .......... ............... O verwork Sleeping in class -s-- ....... Studying too much Height ........... ................ S ervicemen Managing Sports ...... I'll tell you when I'm dead Living in Three Bridges .... --- Heart-Break "Careful" driving ....... ......... D olores Talking in second --- ..... "Little Boy Blue and period study hall "Snowhite" Qpolice carl Gift of Gab .............. Too much homework Getting to school at 8:599Z4 .............. Driving Silly laugh ....... .- Mrs. Nothstein's English class Red hair, horseback riding, and low voice Jabbering ....... Making speeches ....... Doing nothing effectively Im not ................. ---------- "The Life I Live" ----- English Wee hours Making speeches Tired of living Blushing ................ --- Telephone Office Blonde hair ........... Going to Oldwick ....... ..... -------.. Dick Hall Heart Stopped Keeping quiet in English ...... Long Class periods That wave in my hair --- Bowling ........... Oh! Boy! ...... Those sweaters --- Long Hair ...... My laugh --- "Hic-cups" -- Corny jokes --- ---1st. Period English Homework "Liz" Elaine my sister Ice Cream Homework Men and ----------- Homework 'K Meulioning Erma Lambert ...... . Robert Leichte ...... . Pauline Levitsky .... . Betty Lindabury .... . Mary Anne Lyell .... . joseph Maresca ..... . Dorothy McCorkle ---. Virginia McPherson Doris Melick ....... . Rose Mina --- Mildred Neff -- James Oakes --- Olga Oleskiw ....... Louise A. Oiiashen Jennie E. Otto ..... . Rita Papastergiou .... . Genevieve Parzych Edna Peterman -- Dick Peterman ...... . Luella Piell ..... Henry Plesnarski .... . Dorothy Potts Mary Pyatt ..... Doris Ramalho ...... . Harold Reamer ...... . Eleanor Reper Ray Richards --- Robert Ringer ....... . Harry Rockafellow Mickey Scheier ...... . Gertrude Schepers Louis Serridge ...... . Rita Shinkel .... Phyllis Sokol --- Eugene Soltys --- Roslyn Somer ....... . Marian Stenabaugh jean Taylor ........ . jean Teets ..... june Timberlake .... . jack Tine ..... . .... . Margaret Traynor .... . Shirley Voorhees .... . Concetta Vuono .... . Ray Zielstorff ...... . Albina Zylstra ...... . LUW DUW W'orJt Crime I don't know .... Not a criminal --- Taking shorthand --- Talking ......... Not working ............ Swearing on Sundays .,.---.. School .................. I'll tell you sometime ..... It's a secret ....... Playing hookey ..... Staying out too late --- ---. Shaving ........... Forgetfulness ............ . Not getting homework ..... done Homework ............. - Having a big imagination Trying to miss the bus .... Dodging teachers .... Going to school ......... Talking on telephone ..... to long No homework --- --- Talking ......... --- Homework ........ --- Always being late .... --- Pills ............ -- -- - Day dreaming ........... Talking in English class --- Talking in classes ......... Wee hours ...... --- Going to English --- --- Eating .......... --- Going to English --- --. And how ! Making bets on --- football games Missing the bus .... --- Playing Hookey --- --- Being born ..... --- Talking ........ Day dreaming --- I don't know Talking ............. --- Yodeling ................ Day dreaming in P.A.D. --- Talking back ............ Spelling ........ Playing hookey - - "Crush:-s" .... -- Ilveakrzerr "Artie" ....... - Whitehouse --- Eating ..... My Buddy .... Ice cream .... Hamburgers .... Cake ...... Ray .... - "Walt" ....... -- Trying to get up - "Gene" ....... -- School teachers - - - 1 Brunettej Ice cream sodas -- Corny jokes ...... Late hours --- U. S. Navy --- "Johnny" -- Pickles .......... Miss Barre ...... My cartoonist man Beautiful blondes Sundaes ......... Marines ...... --- Chow Mein .... Pool tables --- Navy ...... "Ginny" -- Girls ..... "Midge" --- Miss Barre ...... Western stories - Miss Barre ...... A Lambertville guy Q Petej Dick ........... Women ......... Hanging around U. Maritime schools Eddie ........... A. A. F. ...... Chocolate cake --- "johnny" --.---- "Bobby" ...... -- Root Beer sodas - "junior" Huba! -- Huba! I-Iuba! Chocolate cake --- Women - .... --- Marines --- s. -Q Famour For Going steady --- Cause of DMU' --------- Navy 11 points ........... ----- W Omen I Wish I knew .......... ----- H Omewnfk janitress for Mr. Zoll .... .-.. B 10550111 Hill f 9 -------------,, ,,,- Homework Playing left guard ........ ------ W Omen R. L. V. ................. - .------ R. L- V, Pictures in Rogue's gallery Spare moments with Walt Shortness ........ ---.-.----- Laughing too much at times .... Piano Playing ........... - Sewing ...... Brown Eyes .... Giggling in school Gabbing .............- ------ Telephone othce Telephone office --nn ......... R. R. --- "Gene" --- Unknown -..---.. Old Age -- Full schedules School Worrying about my hair Huba, Huba, Huba .... Waiting for him to come Doing homework Talking in class -- Laughing .........---- - home --- ...... Teachers -------- Women --- Writing letters Trips to New York City --- --- Riding bus Dottie Pottie ............ --- P. A- D- Eating .......... ...... - -- Algebra Talking about anything, --- --- The E070 everything, and nothing Pills ........... ....... .-.----- P i IIS Nothing .......... ..... ---- E H glish IV Being class president ...... .... S till living Senior taking Agriculture .... -------- - - EH8liSh "Midge" ............ ---- Sports ........ Talking ........ Getting demerits -- -- Trip to Milford ----.. Women -..- joe's bus --.--- --- Women Only heaven knows ........ Waiting for the navy Writing notes in French class .... Driver's license Swimming .................. .-.--- E fl8liSl'l IV My brother ...... --- Chemistry Nickname "Stinky" - --- --- EngliSl1 IV 0 Boy! ..,.,,.... ............. L iterature Spilling beets .... --- Meeting Mrs. Binder without a pass Chewing gum --- ....... Q .... Mrs. Nothstein Corny jokes --- ....... English with Miss Barre Not famous ........................ Chemistry Having fun ...... Trying to keep up with someone Doing homework .... ..............- R fading Fishing .......... ................ Mush .... .... English Moonlight Becomes You QHeart failurej 37 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS First row: Miss Barre, advisorg William McCorkle, Presidentg Vivian Velehradsky, Vice President. Second row: Margaretta Hausman, Treasurerg Edna McPherson, Secretary. .Iuninr Class History The Class of ,47 spent its first non-war year in F. H. S. enjoying to the fullest the benelits of peace. We experienced many changes in school this year, not the least of which was the advent of Dr. Wayman as our new prin- cipal. Our class, the largest to enter Flemington High in many years, was always one of joiners, and we kept right on joining this year with barely a club or organization without some member of our group in it. We elected class officers and started to organize our class. We bought our school rings which were attractive and original. We sponsored the junior Prom and made it one of the most unusual and successful in years. The return to peace widened the scope of interscholastic athletics, and our class actively supported all the teams. As juniors we had plenty of work as our classes became harder, but we kept up the good scholastic record we had maintained in former years. We now are anticipating with impatience our fourth and last year as students of Flemington High School. 1 Hume Hnnm 21 First row: Lillian Borys, Frances Balik, -Ioan Bush, Betty Daggett, Marjorie Barrick, Betty Burmester, Mary Eick, Anna Dobozynski, Peggy Blank, Mary Fveritt. Second row: Guy Bell, Henry Desnos, Albert Balelx, hir. Earle Davison, advisor: Charles Curtis, Gilbert Carter, Rob- ert Claus, Morris Barrick. Third row: Melvin Dvoor, john BeIonsofT, Louis Bellera, Berlin Douglas, Wilbtii' Conner, Robert Berdy. Hume Primm 24 First row: Katie Hensel, Margaretta Hausman, -lean- ette Gingell, Anna Frederaka, Mrs. Binder, advisor, Rhoda Hughes, Louise Geczi, Laura Hart, Mildred Hagen. Second row: Harry Hults, Elinor Fleming, jo Ann Garis, Marion Fraass, Barbara Hagen, Virl ginia Ewing, Patricia Flaherty. Third row: Donald Fitzer, Francis Fillebrown, Dale Floyd, jordan Ewing, George Higgins, Robert Hill. Missing: Ann Fenton, David Haas, Ann Bonney Hall, Barbara Hartpence, Russell Hoffman. 39 531 I fy 39 Hume Hnnm 29 lnxl xnxx: linac l.cl1ll1lv:, Ifli1:ll:c1l1 Xlnvrrix, Yirpriniia l,an1cn- I,ixlXnxxnulxi, llnvrix lifnnnlnivr, 'l'l1n'1l rum: llnxxznwl l,n'Nwr. ml ls: llnlxx lglwslmz-, llvlvn vlnnglrlnt, Mus Mary lf. ll2l!'l'L', lurk Nl:-mu-.XX'uIte1' lizlnn, l'-l't'll Lvntinc, Rln'l1:u'1l Xlnlznmplly, ulx-:wry Xlzwgnrct Ilnuzu, Nlxngnrcl ,l!ll'lllNHI'I, lfmlnu 5lL'l'llC1'- lfrunlx Kznlcfnlmclx, lqlfllklfll Nlccllznl, xyllllillll Nlrk'-v1'Ixlv. nn, Xlzlry liciglu, llwrix Nlulllcnx. Srcnml rnw: Rlltll l,mlp:c, lf:-nx'tl1 rnw: limmlll Rnlmlxml, Ifrcql Nlnnnly, Xliwing: Xnm- xlUl'C1lll, liclsy Nlillcr, lllznlrlxe Rmlcnlmupll. Yirgnlia lllum-llc lizmiu. l,unml Iiinnxnul, Shirley I,:4'I'4un'n-llc, lly: :ly Mary l'ifi, llvlnn Kulirlxi, lllmlys llurnlxcrgvsr, llclrn Hume Hnnm 3ll Inxl row: Anguxl Ruth, Irene Slcclltwsky, Geraldine l'rlnCQ, Lin. llernzaral Rnnalmlcr l,m'ry Scluvcr, Rngvr Sargellt, XYH- lmlnzn l'lr:us, Amy Sargrnt, Xliw l1HYl!k'l'lllC Fang:-I, axlvismg liam Salm, l,uUlx McKay, xyllllkllll Sine, Miasingt Alnhn Ilwrvsa SCllVVt'lllll"l'Ill2Hl, lflxie Srlmamlt, llelen Sedlnwrki, Snnmllunrpz. L'lnn'lc- Stryker, Gran- Klcebe-rg. 'altrr Sallaymlak. Secnml rmv: john Sutphin, Stanley Raul- Hnme Hnum 31 Inxl low: lflilnlwlll XY1wx:u'i, Ylvizm Ycl1:l11':ulNlx5', Marie xxlllfrrt, lflxir XY:-ix-, linllahl 'l'nylc-1: 'llllinl ru-w: ,lnclx XX'iI- lYulxll Xlnlwl XYilxml, Xlr. llirznn 'l'n14l:lll, zulvisur: Klary wall, Yfayllc llmnnmw, Ricluuml Yun lflcvt, Nliclwy XYcliac nth, lncf Yicylvx, .Nun 'l'uliwl111s, .Xrlcnc Y2lll:xlllCll, Str- will Nlilfllll XYa141'11xp:u:l1Cr, licnmllm Tnllcn, 'lm' fllznlnn- nnml nvw: .lun xvlillllllxl'-, llv1'1'urL XY1llizunNnn, Xlilclrsrl XYil- 1-vrlxy. lfwnxtll rnw: XY1ll4nml .Xllcn, l'zn1l lllllllmv, lllsn un, k'l1au'lw1te xvL'l'lly, Kl:n'iv: Yurul rlnyvv Yz1l1.'Xl'vl:ale', -lime llnlfpclx Kliwing: .Xnitzl 'l':zylnl', .lavlx XIUIIIIC. I0 A Q Sphnnl llays I It umx nut lu' l'L-pvfl mln, but Ik'l'Qm'L wcnlx lu like lt. I. fllrlxfy-rl1'rc lnllghivlg. T. Uh-V-If:-r tha- :ulxrul of vwalulwlx slr-unc luck, Nlzuwlvxl. lIll'I1ll'IlIllllj than! nl-wt hccr Mar- N. Miko, Dick, :xml Art NUUIII lu hc XVJIIIIIIK for s1vl!lm'vvll1' :ul mn .xml llvrxy :ur mlrlnkiml. 5. ll cwulmln't he th:-y'rc slmlf the glrlx' clltrullfc. ". A row :Huong tha' llmrlls, IU. fhu mg lll'k'1illwL' wllfmll out f-ff ur rfvuhl il? 4. Gene :md lllul :xml Ruger are cllj-vying zu -luring QU day, ll. Time wut uc hmuulcml ful' tht NNFUIIQL clltrulxcc, 5. XYl1:it'N Hu' nlzittvr. fxwnm clan-nw, II. 'l'l1:u1'N thc wrmlg gul, Ray! Xl.u:v.' Knut um fowl ymuwlff' rx. The 1-11:10 muxt he buy-. ll SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS First row: Marjorie Voorhees, Presiclentg Doris Hampton, Vice President, Miss Andrus, advisor. Second row: Marie Taylor, Treasurerg Dolores Thompson, Secretary. Snphnmnrn Class Histury This year found our class returning to F. H. S. with a new zest for peace time activities. We had not faced the eventual leaving of our classmates for the armed services and with most of the class intact we entered school life with as much pep as ever. A few weeks after school opened we set the social ball rolling by success- fully sponsoring the Halloween Dance. The rest of the school found that we had had elected: Doris Hampton as president, Marjorie Voorhees as vice president, and Dolores Thompson as secretary, while Marie Taylor took over the treasury. Our hands dug into our pockets when we were asked to contribute to the Red Cross Drive, the Infantile Paralysis Drive, and other charity funds. With our Freshman year as the basis we entered wholeheartedly not only into studies, but also sports. Our Sophomore Class was well represented on the football, basketball, and baseball teams. We finished the 1945-46 school year with the knowledge that we had done the best we could at work and at play. We shall certainly look back on our sophomore days with satisfaction for many years to come, but now we look with confidence on to our third year at F. H. S. Home Hnnm 2' i First row: Dorothy Plesnarslii, Dolores Thompson, Lor- fest, Manfried Wimlf, Richard Zaweta. Third row: Louis raine Wfliite, Miss Duane, advisor, Marjorie Voorhees, Ulrich, Henry Strauss, Robert Zylstra, Alex WirszyI.i. ,loyce Trimmer, Alma Zielstorff. Second row: Louis Missing: Stanley Yard, Marjorie V.inl.ieu. Van Roy, jerry Lenfest, Nancy Trimmer, Marie Len- Hnme Hnnm 5 First row: Doris Cottrell, Angela Corona, Mary Barrick, Shirley Bramiclc, Miss Cole, advisor, Betty Brokaw, Ma- rilyn Cregar, Delores Cnlla, Carol Carter, Second row: Williiiiii Bird, joyce Buhel, Shirley Cole, Margery Case, Claire Caka, Marjorie Case, Catherine Bruckler, Twiarie Barabas, Thomas Black. Third row: Myron Brost, Clifford Creed, Clrence Owens, Brevoort Conover, jack Baker, Harold Dalley, James Barrick, Bennett Avila, Ro- bert Cronce. Missing: Wfilliam Alegar, Dorothy Bodine, Mildred Cary, Allan Case, joe Cole, Sherwin Dalley. -'l 3 Home Hnnm 5 l'irNt nuxri Ruger lfverill, Klarjurie lluaplland, Hetty llilts, llrulmx, 'llliiril row: .lark lfielll, vlatlx Ileiilmemgli, Ricllziril lllaine llynnls. Mrs, Fregar, advisnrg janet Fink, Mary lluuek, llnnalml xllllx, Ni-rman Hand, tiarl llwckenlnnry, lk-vm-, Alice l'attnn, Stanley lie:-mer. Second rnw: xvllllifllll Charles Leon, hluxeph Fnst. Miwing: llnris lll'llNUll, .'xllll'l'l Qverliardt, Anna llenlvf, Helen lffwter, Audrey llnlcrmilme, lfnea, Ruxsell lfiwlier, Harvey llarbmx, Henry flluvahlxy lnne Fink, Dori- llaniptnn. farul .lean llopper, ,lulm Oivvlex H1-rr, Frank Navarrri. Hume Hnum 7 I'irNt rrvw: -lusepll Kliller, Ylsvselvliinv Nell, lletty Klanx Mary Kistner, llrvria Kline, Mary Xlelirlx, 'llnny Hina. 'l'liiral rim' ulinxml, Mr. l,n1lge, zulviwrg lleralclnic Mill-N, lmlnre- lfarle lgawwnii, Marvin Knlil. Ruclnlpli Ku-l1N..lnliii l,iNlwmr- Xlvlmwpll 'l'l1g-renal Knlzllauwqiiv AHR.,.tMi11e,-- Seqmnl row: aclxi, .Xntlinny Xlarlzlelena, lialverl M1-4:l'm'. Kliviiiuj Xlzu' 'fniil Mai'v.'n'zi. Marie Malxzirirli, Shirley l,Hllll7l'l'K, Helly jl'l'lE' Nlalllexxx, Henry Knlll. Hume Hnum 25 llullmii row: .lark l'ain!er, lela Mac l'icll, Virginia Rhine- Rntll l'nrtei', lletty l'rvclnxinLle, Yvviice l':m'ifi, ,li-wpli llarl Greta Rixinger, -lean Snyrler. Xanry Teinlwleman, Irene Slwezl. Tliirml rnw: llifslx Ramalln-, Iflnyml l'rall, lfclwznml l'mlaylm, lfililli Reafmier, Rillli Qllillll, llfify RE11wHHEI', lid- Searle, lfrie Rnilin, Maier Snlf-ni-un, lfnueiie Taylor, Mn-rwn xraril Samuel. Secmul row: Kenneth Sclimnp, Nlanuelita Tmnean, ,li-lin Scliwenilerinan. .Xngn-1 IR-tm-iw. Xlisxing l'n'l'e7, Helen Rezixuiler, Xlarie 'I'a5lfur, Marp::ai'et Svliuilllw, .Robert Roper. ,lwan Rwxqerf. llvnry Snyiler, Helen Sfnlinl. 1-i Schnul Ilays I N -u um ccvlmllly tell xxlm is wiluliug thix gzullv. 2. Loup! in the yglllwlzaxlrc wfllruf S, XYIIJAI nwrc wrulml Huw .xx fm mu ll xmxcf .5 Ilmmmm. Must lu' 14 --Qr al, Hull, IH-gpm? 'L Thix gn-11pl1zu1'v.llly with-:I rlwwn hv lrmxvsww. Irv, Klux 1 l'll Y1vtL'!1.1 I,-wx :mul I"1'u:I ul'cH1L'llcxt ml1'cwcl'N In thu flaw. hum' bcvn in vrflcl 11.15 wut I-rr -luv Xln1'vw:u, II. Hub flzulx llzul N lmu .mul .Xllll wcum xxcll Ut't'lll!lCll, but what givvx wlth 4h'Ulllll'IX' xx-mx nut lu-rv, lj. Um poppy :mul dvlwuhlfvul flzmrm-n lllvxf ru. lMNtl'.u'liwllf 7. klvlllrllft fu' 11 fmlny lu--1L?7Xwt Nllxkr- 14 prvng pow wlxx uh umm- 4-thcl' than ,l.u'lxic I'l-rxix' .53 FRESHMAN CLAss OFFICERS Margaret Haver, Presidentg James Gess, Vice Presidentg Elsie Schulz, Sc-cremry. Missing: Ronald Osmun, Treasurerg Mrs. Zuegner, Advisor. Freshman Class History An interesting event takes place in Flemington High School at the begin- ning of every school year. That is, a new class is introduced to the ways of high school life. Our freshman class has found no trouble in becoming acquainted with F. H. S. We are well represented in the Student Council, some of our mem- bers went out for Masque and Sandal, and some joined the Library and the Public Relations clubs. Our class was also represented in the Student Coun- cil play. We planned and held the Valentine dance and it was a grand success. Many of the boys went out for football, basketball, and baseball. The girls participated in the intra-mural basketball games. On january 14th we held an election for our first year's class officers. When the ballots were counted we found that our president was Margaret Haver, our vice-president was James Gess, Elsie Schulz was our secretary, and Ronald Osmen our treat-- urer. We are confident that we, the class of 1949, have made a line start on our journey through four years of healthy, happy learning in Flemington High School. Hume Hnnm 1 First row: ,lack Bodine, -lane Curtis, Ann Christopher, haum. Third row: Victor Barhieri, Richard Fichlin, Martha Cronee, Mrs. Zuegner, advisor, Barhara Apgar, Frank Carter. Martin Faekleman, Salvadore Billera, W'ill- Cflela Bloom, Virginia Conover, Elsie Caleagno, Wfilliam ian Silvers, Rohert Diener. Fourth row: George Brin- Adams. Second row: Wfarren Dotterer, Floyd Bishop, ton, Charles Bush, Runlile Bush, Kenneth Fisher, Hugh Charlotte Black, Marion Wfinholt, Doris Compton, Betty Capelle. Missing: Donald Burrell, Carolyn Cressy, Ken- Cfompton, Betty Srhmelz, Vivian Bordueei, Martin Birn- neth Snyder. Hume Hnnm H First row: Richard Kennedy, Beverly Jones, Wfilma Krinic, Mary Ann Kelly, Mrs. Godley, advisor, Gladys Gerha Charlotte Alohn. Georgia jarmson, Henry Hornung, Second row: ,lack Free, Catherine Fpperly, Margaret Haver, Bernice DeConinelc, Shirley Foley, Joan Gregory, Rohert Higgins, Standish Hartman. Third row: Wfesley German, Arthur Kolakowski, Carlton Ferris, Fred Ko- phazy, ,lohn Herman, Charles Gutschmidt, Phillip Gamha, Franklin Holdridge. Fourth row: Archie Hilde- hrant, Williriiii Foster, Dean Guliclc, Harry johnson, LeRoy Fleming, Wfilliam Lang, blames Hall. Missing: james Gess, Dorothy Griffith, john Klaus. 17 Hume Hnnm 9 First row: hlatilda Longo, Dorothy Norwich, Elizabeth Headley, ,loyce Porter, Mr. Hand. advisor, 'loan Mat- thews, Helen Russell, lNlarjorie Saunders. Mary Marsh, Donald Peterson, Second row: Ronald Hotliman, Paul Yauerland, Rudy l.autner, Mary Luster, -lean Mencheli. -lohanna Mansch, john Mika, Frank Luster, Third row: Ronald Osmun, Freeman Leaming, Clyde Mount, Louis Pizi, Raymond Rosswaag, Freddie Redling, 'lohn Quick. XXfilliam Rinehart. Missing: Flossie Myers, -lames Os- micli, Helen Radonslii. Alice Rc-per, Agnes Roth. Home Hmmm llfl First row: Elsie Schulz, Evelyn Simerson, Martha Stover, Marian Sutphin, Mrs. Huenecke, advisor, Marilyn Zan- etti,, Nancy Totten, joyee Sine, Violet Szwed. Second row: Vlfilliam Mathews, Edward Wgilters, Margaret Es- cok, Edith Schroedel, Bernice Strimple, 'Iennie Slisz, Marilyn Zeliflt, Ronald Wetzel, Peter Tedeschi, Edward Yurowski. Third row:Rudolf Hudecek, Charles Sherman, 48 Paul Wlaldron, Paul Wfilliamson, Carl Zalizexxslci, -lacoh Suydam, HughZeliff, Kenneth Thompson, Norman Schultz. Fourth row: john Soltys, Maurice Coyle, How4 arcl Teets, Fred Hudecek, joseph Sowsian. Missing: Arthur Day, Peter Myers, Edna Wliitc-l1e.1cl, Mildred Schuetz. Schnnl Hays X11 mxuxxplq wt tlxvu Nlll1lI4lllN l?1 lwxx I. Slllllk' fm' IIV. The Viwl :url xxnx xxx'H in xuwlvl lxcrn' ilu! In-ml lull I IM hx 114 1 xxxlx 1 Y:-xx'H m'x'n-1' xxxzxlxc llxznl luxl lxcll cxrvlwxw lux lmvlx r11lxcx'. ll. llvlcxl -luxxglvlxxl Nlxuxxx I ' x mu 111-xml, 3. .Xcllxilx xxx the xxxmxl Huxlx hmx xt'- wzlllx xlfrm-, ll. .X xlxxxvl rx-xxxx-1' :II Stxxxlx Il ull lx-xp r XI mill xx xrrlxxlmg thx- lla 4-tk1'f4xr xxlxxx gvh I-x 1.1. AX xx'a't!x xxmtcr -cm-xxcf xxx In-1 xl Nnxxxx. lst xt Xllxrxx. lnl xt l I , xx xl! lux 1 I xxx llxn' urcut llxizxlwr. S. 'Hu' xlqxilx lxxw- Nmxxv. 411 1 Um L xl xx1l'1lx1: up .x Ixxl --wx xx lt ,lR'llllj'N11L'L'lx? TI-IF OLD LABORATORY PRESENT-DAY SCIENCE THE OLD KITCHEN PRESENT-DAY COOKING Gy X mf? X O X OJ 0 ,ffgfo F ,MM 5' 'O XQQ DNN "' f 6, Q7 u': -If F QQ 2 Q V 'T QL- .X QQ' ' -5 v ' ' 3 I 'Xe , t ' ' 1 ' w,QmN,s:'mg..--g,x ,Ap 1' xg - M iffy A f f Q41 A ' is 'ff O X' cgaw fm Q Jf Wi' ' Q ! M7 413 ,, Av ,WM W... News Y- V . mm -J.. Vin W -J' .M14,,1A,,J2 . .1 ' Y ' S55 ? jgjbiv-1-.4 Q ,MQ Q, - Q - 4-'1-.fig i Q X -Y: " , E Y 2 :-if fx T F 0 W Q G . , o,,. ,, b , 4 M " X ' ,ff J 1 C, w fi A L Q C X' R X Q 3 C d I C 0 .uw 4 ' : .k f Q V Aelvasor Editor Gym, hm 71685 4- . . Elinnal Gavls Spitz First row: lletty Lindehnry, Eva lloff, June Abegg, Miss Riggin, advisory XYalter Gellner, Betty llartpence, Virginia lXlcl'hersun, Marjorie llaas, Margery llartpence. Second row: Marie Rlakariek, litlna McPherson, Peggy Black, Ros' lyn Sinner, Doris Melick, Betty Kistner, Marie Conover. llclvn jungblnt, Anne Moreau, Barbara llartpence, Joyce Kline, Marzaretta llausman, Vivian Yelebradsky, Shirley Lainbert. 'I'hii'rl ruw: Tony Mina, Ray Richards, Jack Tinc. Guy Bell, Robert.Ringer, llenry Kuhl, Henry Rockafellow. Arthur llay, Donald Robinson, Donald Gnlick, Fred Deemer, XVilliam McCurkle, Fred Clemente. Missing: Charlotte Black, Betty Uilts, Jeannette Cinpzell, Oliver Headley, Lois Henzler, Grace Kroxn, Ifrina Lambert. Betty Preckwinkle, Doris Rarnalho, Bernice Strimple, jean Teets. june Abegg Guy Bell Charlotte Black Marie Conover Jeanette Gingell Marjorie Haas Charlotte Black Betty Burmester Marjorie Case Betty Diltr Barbara Hagen Margaret Haver Fred Clemente Arthur Day Betty Dilts Don Gulick Barbara Hartpence Margery Hartpence Echo Staff Ediforial Betty Hartpence Betty Lindabury Virginia McPherson Doris Melick Betty Preckwinkle Doris Ramalho Ci!'CIJlf1fi0I1 Helen jungblut Grace Krom Betty Lindabury Marie Makarick Eleanor Reper Adl'6!'fi.fi!Ig Margaretta Hausman Oliver Headly Ray Richards Robert Ringer Harry Rockafellow Roslyn Somer jack Tine jean Teets Agnes Ruth Amy Sargent Margaret Schomp Ann Tolischus Nancy Totten joyce Trimmer William McCorkle Edna McPherson Eva Hoff Doris Melick Betty Kistner Tony Mina Henry Kuhl Anne Moreau Shirley Lambert Marie Mal-tarick Vivian Velehradsky Typing Marie Conover Joyce Kline Eva Hoi? - Grace Krom Erma Lambert Ar! june Abegg Tony Mi-in Donald Robinson Fred Deemer Bernice Strimple Photography Virginia McPherson Doris Mclick Roslyn Somer Boys' Sporlf Walter Gellner Girls' Spar!! Lois Henzler 53 First row: Marjorie Haas, Agnes Roth, Joyce Kline, Nancy Totten, jack Baker, Paul Waldrimn, Williaiiii Mc Margery Hartpence, Edna McPherson, Marion Stena- Corkle. Third row: Eugene Hildebrant, Roger Sargent baugh, Mrs. Zuegner, advisorg Second row: james Gess, Missing: George Brinton, Marie Makarick, 'leanette Gin Louis VanRoy, Guy Bell, Doris Denson, joan Rogers, gell, Elsie Weiss. Student llnuncil The Student Council is the organization through which the student body cooperates with the principal and the faculty in meeting the problems of the school. ,ults main aim is to promote school spirit and leadership. Theofhcers of the Student Council for the year 1945-46 are the following: Preyideutz MARGERY HARTPENCE Secretary: EDNA McPHi2RsoN Trea.vu1'er: JOYCE KLINE During the past school year the Student Council has aided many public welfare. organizations. The Red Cross Drive, the Elwood jones Fund, and thealnfantile Paralysis Drive were held with excellent response from the stu- deiit body. The Victory Loan Campaign had a successful four weeks in the Flemington High School. The Student Council is responsible for school entertainment and during the course of the year it has acquired speakers and movies for assembly pro- grams. It also sponsored the mystery comedy entitled "The Red Lamp," directed by Mrs. Zuegner, council advisor. F The governmental group also has purchased many records for noon hour dancing and has reopened the Game Room, now equipped with new outfit- tings for which the council is responsible. This organization helps with school elections by having the ballots print- ed and by helping the faculty advisors tabulate the returns. A Lost and Found Bureau, where students can turn in articles found or reclaim lost articles, has a been of great assistance to the students. The Student Council has news boards in each homeroom upon which the events of the coming week are listed for the information of the student body. Locker inspections were made by mem- bers of the Student Council to aid in the protection of student property. This governmental group is a main factor in the organization of the school, without it the school could not function properly. 54 First row: Vivian Velehradslcy, Mildred Neff, Mary Pizi, Marjorie Hass, Margery Hartpence, Bebe Morris. Third jo Ann Garis, Barbara Hartpence, Elsie Weiss, Mildred row: Williain McCorkle, Harry Rockafellow, Robert Hagan, Marjorie Voorhees. Second row: Laura Hart, Ringer, David Haas, Mr. Davison, advisorg Ray Rich- Edna McPherson, Margaretta Hausman, Anne Moreau, ards. Missing: Oliver Headley, Betsy Miller. Traffic Enrps The Traftic Corps is composed of students whose duties are to direct and supervise traffic on the stairs and in the halls during the changing of classes. They also usher students to their respective seats in assemblies Each period a member of the corps is on duty at the main entrance to receive and direct visitors. Arm bands are furnished to the corps to designate members and are to be worn while on duty. Members are chosen by a committee of students and the adviser. They are selected on their scholastic standing, ability to take responsibility, and elli- ciency. If at any time a member fails to live up to these standards he is auto- matically dismissed. Meetings are held only in case of emergency. The group acts as a unit, therefore there are no oflicers. Mr. H. Earle Davison is the faculty advisor. 55 First row: Wzilter Hausman, Wzilter Gellner. Gloria Harris, Marjorie Haas, Ruth Lodge, Miss Barre, ad- visor, Anne Moreau, Mrs. LeMonn, advisor, Roslyn Somer, Peggy Black, Donald Robinson. Second row: -lune Abegg, Betty Lindabury, Doris Melick. Helen jungblut, Virginia Hynds, Barbara Hagen, Marie Walsli. Ann Tolischus, Barbara Hartpence, Betsy Miller, Ann Fenton, Vivian Valeradsky, Edna McPherson. Third row: Derrick Williiimscmn, Eugene Hildabrant, Laird Kinaird, David Haas, Richard Malanaphy, Richard Mec- han, William McCorkle. Missing: Virginia McPherson, Shirley LaTourette. Guy Bell, Margery Hartpence, Ronald Wetzel, Anna Fedaraka, Fred Lentine, Elizabeth Kade- zabek, Tony Mina, Nancy Trimmer. Student Vniizn The name of this magazine is symbolic of its place in the school because. through it, pupils have an opportunity to express opinions on many topics and propose improvements or changes which seem advisable to them. Material is prepared by English classes in connection with their regular studies. By writing original topics the students are given a chance to use their creative ability. Work on the staff of this magazine gives students an opportunity to gain a practical knowledge of the steps by which a school mag- azine is published. As there is no Art instructor at Flemington High this year, the Art Staff. under Donald Robinson, is responsible for the art work done. The Key Klickers are an important part of Student Voice. This group handles all mechanical details in connection with production, such as typing, stencil cutting, and binding. This work is supervised by Mrs. Blanche P. LeMonn. Miss Mary E. Barre is faculty advisor. Anne Moreau is editor-in-chief and Roslyn Somer, assistant editor. 56 First row: Mrs. LeMonn, advisorg Joyce Kline, Anna Ann Fenton, Ann Tolischus. Third row: Emma Allegar, Kempf, Emma Wrildrmwn, 'Iennie Otto, Eva Hoff, Frances Betty Burmester. Helen Sedlowski, Pauline Levitsky. Balik, Rhoda Hughes, Shirley l.aTourette, Doris Kroni- Marie Yard, Erma Lambert, Marie Conover, Helen naier. Second row: Louise Orashen, Rose Mina, Blanche Kozicki, jane Wurst, Irene Sledzewsky, Virginia Hynds, Garbow, Shirley Voorhees, Gloria Harris, Kate Hensel, Ruth Lodge. Missingi Marion Bachmann, Theresa Foray. Key Hlinkers The Key Klickers were organized in 1932 by Mrs. Blanche P. LeMonn. Since then the club has functioned splendidly under her leadership and guid- ance. Membership is open to all students of the Typing II class and those who formerly have completed the course. The Key Klickers meet Wfednesday during the Activity period. XXfhen work is plentiful, however, a member may work at all times during the day. The responsibility for the mechanics connected with the publication of the Sflzdwzl Voice. as well as the typing of material for our year book, the Eclw. has been the work of the club. Mimeographing examinations, play programs, announcements, and many other items needed by teachers and the school OlTlC6 are also the work of the members. The ofificers are: President, Joyce Klineg Vice President, Erma Lambertg Secretary, Eva Hotfg Business Manager. Gloria Harris. 57 4 First row: Williaim Sabo, Allan Case, Mr. Lodge, advisor, Robert Ringer, joseph Fust. Second row: Melvin Dvoor, Donald Fitzer, Vfalter Kaim, Floyd Prall, Earle Lawson, Robert Reper, Roger Evc-ritt, Edward Walters, Henry Desnos, Willizirn Mathews .Third row: Manfried Wtslfe, Carl Hochenbury, Robert Zylstra, jordan Ewing, Bre- voort Conover, Michael Scheier, Marvin Kuhl, Louis Serridge, Kenneth Snyder. Missing: Eric Rodin. Future Farmers Uf I-lmerilza Morro Learning to do - Doing to Learn Earning to live - Living to Serve The purpose of this organization is to inculcate a love of nature and coun- try life, promote thrift, develope leadership, scholarship, and to establish the confidence of the farm boy in himself and his work. The organization was founded in 1917 for farm boys enrolled in voca- tional argiculture courses throughout the United States and is a National club. The Flemington Chapter was formed in 1929, and has been operating since. The colors selected by F. F. A. are corn yellow on a national blue back- ground. For the symbols appearing on the emblem, the group selected the owl, which signifies wisdom, the plow, which signifies labor and tillage of the soil, and the rising sun, which signifies progress in agriculture. Only those enrolled in vocational agriculture are eligible to join. The Flemington Chapter has won many banners and cups in the past and hopes to win many in the future. It is now planning to enter several state agriculture contests. The club officers are: President, Robert Ringer, Vice President, William Sabo, Secretary, Joseph Fust, Treasurer, Allan Case, Watch Dog, Eric Rodin, Faculty Adviser. Mr. Lodge. 58 First row: jack Tine, David Fairbanks, Louis Billera. ard Van Fleet, Harry Rockafelow. Third row: George Richard Malanaphy, Waiyne Thomas, Henry Plenarski, Curtis, Robert Denbeigh, Mr. Zoll, advisorg Harold jack Verme. Second row: Ray Richards, Richard Meehan, Reamer, David Haas, Roger Sargent. Charles Bentzinger, Robert Ringer, August Roth, Rich- Lahnratnry Assistants The laboratory assistants of our school are junior and Senior boys who are either taking or have taken Physics or Chemistry. The boys perform various tasks in the laboratory such as mending equipment and making sure that the chemicals and the equipment for experiments in both the chemistry and physic classes are out and in their proper places on laboratory days. The boys also do such commonplace work as polishing the tables, clean- ing sinks, and making apparatus to replace broken equipment. Recently dark shades were purchased and installed in the laboratory. These shades help in making experiments and also enable movies to be shown to the club. When the weather permits the club enjoys out door sports such as foot- ball and softball. The laboratory boys generally challenge the Future Farmers Eof America to a softball game. The club's aim is to acquaint the members with equipment of the labora- tory, promote a greater interest in the sciences, and develop better chemists and physicists for the future. a The club is under the supervision of Mr. Harry Zoll. 59 First row: Betty Kistner, Emma Waldrtxn, Doris Hamp- ton, Betsy Miller, Shirley LaTourette, Miss Magidson, advisor. Second row: Anne Moreau, Vivian Velehrad sl-cy, Peggy Black, Elsie Weiss, Mary Fveritt, Ann Bon ney Hall. Third row: Oliver Headley, Kenneth Schomp, Walter Hausman, Charles Curtis, Donald Robinson, -lack Baker, Tommy Black, Fred Clemente. Missing: Fdna McPherson. Masque and Sandal The purpose of this club is to create a real appreciation of dramatic art in school and to give those interested in dramatics an opportunity to get a start. One way that the club attains its aims is by a presentation of a play of one or more acts during the school year. The method through which a person may become a member of the club is by giving a successful tryout before the faculty advisor. Members are cho- sen for their dramatic ability, property and stage managing, costuming and make up. This year the number of club members was limited to twenty to make a more facile working group. The schedule for this year includes work on speech, diction, staging, poise, actual production of a three act play and a one act play, a trip to New York to see one of the legitimate theatre productions, and social events such as a picnic. Masque and Sandal has a new faculty adviser this year, Miss Norma Magidson. The oflicers of the club are: President, Fred Clemente, Vice President, Edna McPhersong Secretary, Anne Moreau, Treasurer, jack Baker. 60 First row: ,loycc liuhel, Rose Kadezahek, Ann Bonney Rose Mina, Third row: Virginia McPherson, Elizabeth Hall, Betsy Miller, Doris Ramalho, Irene Podayko, Kadezabelc, Marjorie Haas, Anna Kempf, Elaine Hynds, Shirley Bramich. Second row: Miss Riggio, advisorg Erma Lambert, Rita Shinkel, Vivian Vclehradsky. Miss- l.ouise Ceczi. Dolores Colla, Shirley Voorhees, Mildred ing: Mildred Wilsnwn, Marie Taylor, Venice Patrizi, Betty Nc-H, Louise Orashcn, Doris Mathews, Bebe Morris, Goodell, Helen -lungblut. Girls' Leaders Cnrps The Leaders' Corps was organized in September, 1935. The girls who make up the corps are the gymnasium captains and squad leaders. These girls believe that there is a sport or game for every girl, not just for the few who excel. They believe that every girl should be given an opportunity to participate in sports according to her interests and ability. The purposes of this organization are to foster clean sportmanship, to promote active participation of all girls in Inter-murals, and to try to arouse an interest in games calling for team work. They supervise activities and keep order during class. Girls' Leader Corps members arrange to referee the games, keep score, and run intra-mural meets. Our Physical Education Instructor, Miss Riggio, acts as advisor. 61 First row: Esther Russell, Dorothy Potts, Elaine Hynds, Shirley Lambert Third row: Anna Herder, Mrs. Wa Betty Dilts, Doris Kline, Doris Dilts, Greta Risinger. ters, librarian: Doris Compton. Missing: Warren Dot Second row: Mildred Hagan, Rhoda Hughes, Paul Wil- terer, Betty Goodell. lianison, Louise Geczi, Alma Zielstorff, Dolores Curtis, Library Illuh The Library Club is composed of sixteen members, who perform many valuable services in the library, such as filing, straightening books, displaying books, helping to prepare new books for circulation, and any other tasks the librarian may have. The tasks these members perform free the librarian so that he may de- vote his time to reading, guidance, reference work, and other duties. The club provides experience and training for those interested in a li- brary vocation. The ofhcers are: President, Betty Goodellg Vice President, Rhoda Hughes: Secretary-Treasurer, Doris Dilts. 62 l-irst row: Marilyn Cregar. Doris Cottrell, Marie Yard, Louis Pizi, Donald Burrell, Arthur Day, Margery Cisc loscph Chaloupecky, Anna Herder, Henry Kuhl, Robert Marian Stenabaugh, Mrs. D'Emidio, advisor William Bcrdy Second row: William' Rinehart, Robert Higgins, Silvers. Missing: Jack Painter. Ntinlu Yard, Charles Gutschmidt, Carol .lean Hopper. llrchestra This year the orchestra, which is under the direction of Mrs. Louise A. D'Emidio, has acquired several new members. During the year the orchestra has played when the student body marched into the auditorium for assembly. It has furnished the music for the "Choral Club" programs during which everyone has had a good time singing old and new songs. The orchestra has played for several special programs during the year including the Parent's Visiting Night in November, a Pep Rally druing the football season, between the acts of plays, Parent's Visiting Night in the Spring, and for the marching of the Seniors at Commencement. Before the end of the year Mrs. D'Emidio expects to add more string instruments to it. The orchestra rehearses during the sixth period on Tuesday and Wednesday. The members are Robert Berdy, Robert Higgins, jack Painter, Stanley Yard, William Rinehart, Anna Herder, Arthur Day, Carol jean Hopper, Louis Pizi, Donald Burrell, Doris Cottrell, Charles Gutschmidt, joseph Chaloupecky, Marian Stenabaugh, Margery Case, and William Silvers. Other players who give their services are: Marie Yard, Marilyn Cregar, and Dorothy Bodine. Louis Pizi. Donald Burrell, Carol Jean Hopper, Arthur Day, joseph Chaloupecky, Henry Kuhl, Williiim Silvers, Robert Berdy, Doris Cottrell, Marilyn Cregar, Stanley Yard, Charles Gutschmidt, .lack Painter, Robert Higgins, Wlilliam Rinehart. Advisor: Mrs. Nothstein. Military Band A Military Band was formed last tall under the direction of Mrs. Noth- stein. The band meets every Monday and Thursday for practice. During practice periods marches and concert numbers are played. The members are looking forward to playing for different sports events and would like to give a concert sometime during the year. They have played for the student body to march into the auditorium several times this year. Members of the band are Donald Burrell, Carol Hopper, and Louis Pizl, clarinetsg Doris Cottrell, Marilyn Cregar, and Charles Gutschmidt, trombonesp jack Painter, Bill Rinehart, Robert Higgins, and Stanley Yard, trumpets: Arthur Day, saxaphoneg Joseph Chaloupecky, mellophoneg Henry Kuhl, Ro- bert Berdy, and Bill Silvers, drums. Seated: Carol jean Hopper, Robert Higgins, Robert Berdy, Henry Kuhl. Standing: Elsie Schaadt, Henry Snyder, Doris Cottrell, Mrs. D'Emidio, advisorg Arthur Day, XVilliam Adams Dance Band The Dance Band's requirements are that a member have an interest in music, be willing to co-operate with a group, and play an instrument well. The group enjoys playing the popular songs of the day and is a part ef the "Choral Club" programs. Its instruments consist of: two trombones, one trumpet, one alto saxophone, drums, string bass and piano. The members are: Carol jean Hopper, Arthur Day, Henry Kuhl, Robert Berdy, William Adams, Elsie Schaadt, Robert Higgins, Henry Snyder, and Doris Cottrell. The faculty advisor is Mrs. Louise D'Emido. First row: Marjorie Haas, Anne Moreau, Ann Bonney Second row: Roslyn Somer, Paul Sauerland, Henry lxuhl Hall, Miss Cole, advisorg Edna Peterman, Ann Fenton, Tony Mina, Margaretta Hausman. Missing: Robert Rm Peggy Black, ger, Venice Patrizi. llllfllll ISIII .I l' 66 Through this active club, news of Flemington High School is presented to the public, through the devices of the press. Membership is open to any pupil in the high school. Members are as- signed various school activities to write up, such as stories based on interviews with teachers,visitors to the school, assemblies, and athletic-events. Articles fare corrected by the editors and turned over to the Key Klickers, who are under the supervision of Mrs. Blanche P. LeMonn. These clickers of the keys type the articles which are sent to the Huzzlerdmz County Dezlzocml to be published in the 'iSchool News" section. In 1936 the group was formally organized under a written constitution. Mr. D. Howard Moreau, editor of the Huzztewiofz County Democmt, gave in- structions at one of the first meetings for novice writers. In the past years, Mr. Moreau has presented pins to those who succeed in having 25 inches or more published in the newspaper. The club's oflicers for this year are: Editor'-in-chief: ANN BONNEY HALL A.ffi.rmuf Editor: EDNA PETERMAN Faculty Advisor: Miss WINIFRED COLE First row: Elsie Weiss, Barbara Hartpence, Joyce ron. Third row: jo Ann Garis, Mary Eick, Betty Kist Buhel. Second row: Betsy Miller, Dolores Colla, Mar- ner, Miss Riggio, advisor. Missing: .Ioyce Trimmer glare! blarmson, Rose Mina, Lois Henzler, Emma Willtl- Edna McPherson. Cheerleaders Organized cheering plays a large part in the .fall and winter sports in Flemington High School. The Cheerleaders are required to practice every week, with extra practice before pep meetings. l h M The Cheerleaders this year have organized themselves under the leader- ship of Edna McPherson their captain. There are thirteen Cheerleaders, the most Flemington has ever had. These girls have shown fine sportsmanship and have added much to the spirit of the school. To become a cheerleader, austudent mustj Successfully pass tryouts. The applicants are chosen in accordance with their rhythm, gestures, and person- alityliby Miss Riggio, Physical Education Supervisor. An award in the form of a red and black chenille megaphone and F is presented to every cheerleader who fulfills all requirements. The 1945-1946 Cheerleaders are: Captain, Edna McPhersong Rose Mina, Margie Jarmson, Joyce Trimmer, Betty Kistner, -Lois Henzler, JoAnn Garis, Mary Eick, Betsy Miller, Bobby Hartpence, Joyce Buhel, Elsie Weiss, and Dolores Colla. 67 First row: Louise Oraschen, Edith Reasoner, Elsie Schaadt, Dorothy Norwich, Matilde Longo, Betty Rea- soner, Dolores Colla, Ann Bonney Hall, Peggy Black, Marjorie Saunders, Helen Russell, Marion Sutphin, Mar- ilyn Cregar. Second row: Betty Kistner, june Timber- lake, Anna Kempf, Rita Shinkel, Jacqueline Ferris, Ann Fenton, Elaine Hynds, Shirley Cole, Marie Conover, Shirley Foley, Doris Cottrell, Marjorie Case, Amy Sar- gent, Gloria Harris, jean Mencheck, Betty Klaus. Third row: Helen Sedlowski, Helen Reasoner, Shirley Bramich, Carol Carter, Claire Caka, Teresa Schwenderman, Ann Tolischus, Doris Kronmaier, Virginia Hynds, joan Greg- ory, Agnes Roth, Virginia Lamendola, Margaret Lucas, Gereldine Prince, Rose Lentini, Donald Robinson. Fourth row: jack Bodine, john Quick, Sherwin Dalley, Clifford Creed, James Free, Robert Groff, Richard Peter- man, Henry Snyder, Jordon Ewing, Brevoort Conover, james Barrick, Bennett Avila. Missing: Erma Lambert, Ruth Tripp, Helen Liskowacki, Charlotte john, .loyce Buhel, Gloria Harris, Louise Oraschen, Emma Waldrixn, Elsie Calcagno, Doris Melick, Betty Lindabury, Lois Henzler, Elaine Holcombe, Albina Zylstra, Ray Ziel- storff, john Hrubos, Morris Barrick, Martin Fackleman, john Klaus, Charles Curtis, Donald Gulick, Norman Hand, Michael Scheier, Louis Serridge, Richard Hauck, .lack Denbeigh, Mrs. D'Emidio, advisor. Mixed Chorus The Mixed Chorus combined with the Mixed Glee Club, and under the direction of Mrs. Louise D'Emido, worked diligently during the short time that was available to prepare for the Christmas Cantata, "The Lost Carol". Solists for this performance were: Helen Reasoner Brevoort Conover Bennett 7 7 Avila, Ann Tolischuis, and Marjorie Case. The piano accompanists were: Elsie Schaadt and Marian Stenabaugh. During the rest of the year, the chorus worked on four-part songs that were enjoyable to all. 68 f O 3 1 O ffxx i l .7 ia' Dc O S1320 l -1 -n 3 M -XSS 0 ff Z . . iN 1, Am 'rn Q ' 4 W I O 1 j . C' O O ? X, Q Q , pf fm A N 1. 0 xx v 2: O W L 'ya X IQ Q ox, Q9 I -. ' 210 x G C , fx No F Z4 N GK 1 U 1 x K Eb X zo 3 .' 'BX W 0 fd L "' M N , KN '- AQQLK6 six Xxx EI., .9 , V X.. xx Q53 ET45225-P930 -11 f ' P sf- , sa R ai?" . -skffr' First row: William Pedrick, Assistant Coachg Richard Peterman, Richard Brown, Eric Rodin, Arthur Barrick, Frank Navarro, Michael Scheier, Louis Serridge, Joseph Maresca, jack Wilson, Oliver Headley, Melvin Dvoor, Mr. Loch, Coach. Second row: Walter Gellner, LeRoy Fleming, john Quick, Wilbur Conner, Henry Glovatsky, Henry Kuhl, Kenneth Schomp, john Sutphin, Robert Arendt, Robert Leichte, Eugene Hildabrant, Jordon Ewing, Morris Barrick, Donald Gulick, Ray Richards, John Hrubos, Bennett Avila, Manfried Wcmlfe, Dean Gulick, William Sine, Robert Cronce. Missing: Stanley Yard, Walter Hausman, William Lang, Hugh Zeliff, Dick Ramalho, Wesley German, Charles Gutschmidt. Fnuthall This school year of 1945 brought about the return of football as a major sport for the first time since 1941. When the dust from the battles cleared the Red Devils had won four and had lost four games. Coach Loch, at the beginning of the season, was handicapped by the lack of experienced material, but he gradually put the team into shape for the first game. This lack of experience was evident later as the Red Devils played experienced teams and lost to them. Mickey Scheier was by far the most outstanding player on the team. Other top performers were Serridge, Brown, Maresca, Rodin, Dvoor, Wilson, Headley, Peterman, and Richards. Coach Loch will lose seven varsity men to graduation this year. The graduates are A. Barrick, Brown, Headley, Maresca, Richards, Scheier, and Serridge. Only Navarro will be left in the line with Wilson, Dvoor, and Rodin in the backfield. ' MW" ' ' ' ' ,,:,:.Pab..., xf 93 gg 9, L f as cw .mm ' All U, . af 4 .ish ' , ' i j ,. if ' -. f ' 'Z 'H 5 ,vw 1 " ' f-"N 151' ! v 5 -4' fs i.',:ul:, Q , . , Y, , ,f Q 11452 Q44 ,Dv B Q , Q . ive." 7' ' .1 '- '- '-DYB1' 1 ' 'I' - S ' - , V, i'r-wwf" Ill T .- -S ,, . ' y r cfs r- y f'.cfff'se ,+ jg: .. , ,fl ' f' 5 " Lid -f N ' , 1 v 1 -'A J l'VlMN7'mMiMil'liI'i Qzttzlfrfhi' Lf' Ulf if W 'f vlkwfslvifi' - fmvwsorftrxwaqflihi-Eigus 'mi' Wmffer ovoo:fmA'u"fM Kuulfvll' ' 'wlsineicwfh ' r""'c'r.iLNeoi wo! Suvfsi Ni' i ' .sau me 4' 70 First row: Oliver Headley, Richard Brown, Frank Na- varro, Ray Richards, joseph Maresca, Arthur Barrick, Louis Serridge. Varsity F FLEMINGTON 8 BELVIDERE O The Flemington Red Devils registered their first victory of the postwar season by scoring an 8--0 victory over a rather weak but hard fighting Bel- videre team at Belvidere, FLEMINGTON 12 RUTGERS PREP 0 The following week, Flemington looked im- pressive by easily beating a fairly strong Rutgers Prep. team by a 12-O score, HACKETTSTOWN 25 FLEMINGTGN 14 Hackettstown handed Coach Loch's fighting e- leven its first setback in a hard played game where the winner's greater experience proved to-o much for Flemington. SCOTCH PLAINS 36 FLEMINGTON 0 The light, but fast and tricky Scotch Plains eleven outcharged and out-played the Red Devils in all departments and defeated them to the tune of 36-0 - the worst setback of the entire cam- paign for Flemington. SOMERVILLE 26 FLEMINGTON 0 Flemington played its worst game of the season as it lost to Somerville, a team defeated five times Second row: Melvin Dvoor, jack Wilson, Michael Scheier, Eric Rodin. nnlhall in a row, by a score 26-WO. The Red Devils had no offense to speak of and its defense was very weak. FLEMINGTON 24 LAMBERTVILLE 6 Flemington surprised everyone by upsetting the highly favored Lambertville eleven in the tradition- al game of the season. The Red Devils staged a second half spree which resulted in the 24-6 rout. FLEMINGTON 19 METUCHEN 13 The Red Devils scored their second upset in as many weeks, as they traveled up to Metuchen and beat that slightly favored team in a hotly contested battle which saw Flemington give its best offen- sive performance of this season. WASHINGTON 21 FLEMINGTON O The closing contest on Thanksgiving day saw Washington's powerful and unbeaten team score the expected victory over Flemington. The 21-O victory was not obtained as easily as expectedg Flemington actually o utplayed Washington throughout the second half and part of the Hrst half. """'vmvsnAN "fr-sfwt scnovv 'Ulf'- 71 Fnnlhall Snaps- l, llacl:ettstuwn4'l'l1e whole center of Flemington line stops llackettstnwu runner. 2. Rutgers Prep-Rutgers has the hall. 3. Rutgers l'rep-Flemington carrying ball. 4. VVash- ingtun-l'erine Qarruvvj of Xlhsliingtun waiting for ball as l"lc-mingtun breaks through, 5. llackettstrvwn-Rollin makes 72 small gain on eml run while Sclimnp watches, 6, Hacketts- tuwn-Rmlin stopped on end run after putting one man out uf play. 7. NVashington-A tense moment for both teams iust before ball is passed tu XYashing't0n player. 8. xv8Sll- ingtunflfleniingtmi macle .2 yds. on this play. I . , Fnnthall I. lIziclmttativwii-Strykei' null M, llarrick stop llacketts- tnwii runner fur no gain, Rutgers Prpp-Sclieier is carry- ing thc hall for small izznn. 3. xYRSlllllKI4ill-fCDRCll john l,ucli. Cziptziiii Mickey Sclieiei' give NYasl1ingtun Coach anal Snaps Vaptain l'erini the evil eye' just before start of Yvasliingtmi pranie Referees limk un. 4. XYasliingtini-VVasliing!0ii kickx uff to ns In open Zml half. 5. llackettstuwn-Sclieici' jnxt before being tackled after 76 yard runvhack uf ball. 73 Mr. Loch, coachg james Vlahakis, Dale Floyd, Eric Rodin, Louis Serridge, Charles Stryker, Richard Peterman, Melvin Dvoor. Missing: Clarence Ownes, Earl Lawson. Varsity Baskathall The year 1946 in basketball circles will not be forgotten for years to come as Flemington High School produced another championship team for a second consecutive year. Probably not as powerful as last year's quintet, this year's team was the first basketball quintet in Flemington High School history to go through its league schedule undefeated. Only Metuchen and Somerville scored triumphs over us, but these were non-league games. Pre-season estimates revealed that Coach John Loch would have to re- build his team around "Lou" Serridge and "Skip" Rodin the only two experi- enced men left from last year's championship squad. Coach Loch reached into the five reserves of last year's jay Vee squad and promoted center "Char- ley" Stryker to a varsity post. At the forward positions there were "Lou" Serridge and a new-comer to the Squad, "Dick" Peterman. At the guard posi- tions there were "Skip" Rodin, veteran guard of last year's team and another new member of the team, "Peaches,' Ownes, a transferee from Trenton Cath- olic, who always played a fine defensive game. To round out the squad were the reserves: Earle Lawson, Dale Floyd, jim Vlahakis as forwards, Mel Dvoor and Art Barrick as guards. Any of the above boys could have made a position on any of the teams in the league. As this book goes to print the Flemington Red Devils are preparing to enter the State tournaments by playing their first game with South Amboy. Coach Loch is expecting to have just as fine a team next year as he had this year. The only men lost by graduation will be Serridge and Peterman. They First row: john Soltys, Bob Liechte, Brevoort Conover, Second row: Dick Ramalho, Floyd Prall, Bob Cronce Larry Selover, Art Barrick, Norman Hand, Jack Wilson, Stanley Yard, Wesley German, Bob Higgins. Charles Gutschmidt. Dec. jan. .Iuninr Varsity Basketball The Flemington 'lay Vees more than kept pace with their big brothers, the Varsity, by winning all of its 17 scheduled games. Scoring with remarkable ease in practically all of its games, this year's jay Vee squad is no doubt the best Flemington has ever seen. Ramalho and Yard, two forwards, and Leichte, a center, were the smooth working combination that scored most of the points in all the victories. Bar- rick, Cronce and Wilson, the three guards, formed a tight defense that was hard to crack. Reaching their peak in the middle of january, no one could stop the fine teamwork of the Junior Varsity squad. Cronce, Ramalho, Yard and Wilson are definitely assured of being smooth- ed to the varsity next year, with Ramalho giving some members on the varsity squad competition for a starting berth. Next year's newcomers plus this year's experienced players should com- bine to form another crack Jay Vee team. Only Leichte and "Art" Barrick, who also played on the varsity squad, will be lost by graduation. We They We --Pennington QAj 20 Fe -Pennington fl-IJ 29 Metuchen QAJ 19 -High Bridge QI-IJ 44 -Belvidere CHQ 15 8-Washington fHj 31 -Clinton QAJ 11 -Metuchen QHQ 24 -High Bridge CAH 3 -Frenchtown QAQ 18 -Washington QAQ 8 21-Bordentown CHD 19 -Frenchto-wn QHJ 7 -N. Deaf QHJ 18 -Belvidere QAJ 6 Dumb - -Clinton QHJ 6 Total 443 -Somerville QAJ 11 11 4 16 21 10 17 ll 196 7s First row Donald Dalrymple, Eric Rodin, Richard Haver, brant, George Barrick, Charles Knoll, assistant manager Louis Serridge, Melvin Dvoor, jack Wilson. Second Mr. Zoll, coach. Missing: Michael Scheier, john War row Walter Gellner, managerg 'Roger Sargent, Earle rick. Lawson August Roth, Robert Arendt, Eugene Hilda- Baseball Probably one of the best teams to play on the Flemington baseball dia- mond carried the Red and Black through the 1945 season to win the Southern County League pennant, only to lose out to High Bridge in the championship tilt by a score of 3 to 2. With a host of experienced players and a number of promising rookies, Coach Zoll gradually put the team into shape. As the season started, the Flemington nine seemed very unimpressive. But by the end of the scheduled season it became known as the surprise team of the league. . With the team batting at .272 and two .400 hitters in -Scheier f.413j and Barrick Q.412j, the Red and Black had the suH'icient batting punch it neederl, Haver, the batting champion of 1944, was the only other hitter over the coveted .300 mark with an impressive .350 average. Flemington was very weak on the defensive side of the ledger with a fielding average of only .882. In the pitching department, Flemington was "tops". Arendt and Haver being the mafnstays' on the mound with a remarkable earned run average of 0.63 and 0.55 respectively. This year will find Barrick, Haver, and Warrick, three of the regulars lost by graduation, but this will be made up by having Rodin as pitcher, Ser- ridge as the second baseman, Dalrymple at third and Scheier, an experienced receiver doing the catching. In the outfield Dvoor and Sargent will be back. First row: Vivian Velehradsky, managerg Joyce Buhel, Carol Carter, Nancy Trimmer, Marion Fraas, Helen jung- Doris Kronmaier, Bebe Morris, Jo Ann Garis, Marjorie blut, Marie Taylor, Helen Reasoner, jean Taylor, Betty Haas, Ruth Lodge, Miss Riggio, coach. Second row: Klaus. Missing: Doris Ramalho, captain. Girls' Varsity Baslialhall The girls varsity basketball team coached by Miss Riggio, Physical Ed- ucation Supervisor, was organized for the sole purpose of playing other schools and special groups in the vicinity. The girls meet Activity Period and after school for special practices in basketball. At this time the various skills and techniques of the game are worked out. Tentative plans have been made to play High Bridge, Clinton, Lambert- ville, the Faculty, and the Alumni. The first game was played on Lambertville's court. At that time two games were played, the Varsity and jr. Varsity, and both were won by Lam- vertville. Flemington won both return games on the home court. 79 Helen Sedlowski, Joan Bush, Betty Burmester, Marian Fraass, Marjorie Barrick, Peggy Black, Helen -lungblut Girls' Intramural Baslialllall Girls' intramural basketball, under the supervision of Miss Riggio, has been very active this past year. Each homeroom was represented by a team. The objective of this intramural program is to give each girl in the schocl a chance to participate in an active sport outside of the regular physical ed- ucation classes. These games are played from November to March, and consist of three roundsg the final round decides the champion of homerooms. A pennant is awarded the winning team. Students act as referees. scorers. and timers. The homeroom captains .were as follows: Homeroom 1. Charlotte Black Homeroom 24. Kate Heinsel 2. Nancy Trimmer 25. Ida Mae Piell 5. Joyce Buhel 26. Elizabeth Kadezabek 7. Betty Klaus 27. Doris Ramalho 8. Gloria Gerba 29. Doris Kronmair 9. Agnes Roth 50. Helen Sedlowski 10. Marion Sutphin 31. Vivian Valehradsky 21. Peggy Black Results of the final round, and teams still in the running, were: Room 8 vs. 9 24 vs. 27 21 vs. 59 8 vs. 21 2 vs. 7 7 vs. 24 Play off was between Room 21 and 7g final score, 19-16 in favor of Room 21 - champions 1945-1946 of Girls' Intramural Basketball. x xx AA A X x R lfg X X X i W Oo , Q X f x X ,XML I L XI X M 0000 - f i f X N J ' 2 R!! O Y 0 -2 ! O I CED ,M t If A f? 4 gi e 9 f I K i ' - Q iyijf 5,1 -v .XX L- J ,XAOO ff K 1 O O ff' E. A If ii, ,A Dfaif O ' o LX OO ff ff A 'Q 'Jfii O 1 V' ,J R ' 0 A 'Eff-X ,O Q X gf X '4- 7 ! A...,A Ou oo X V - M f f M I Ci I Z f' A' ' Nm . x "gg ' "X X E5 f X fl' X X fx ' ' N :V 'y f h I i XX ' 'f X' - Nl ., 1 jp 5? 1 an-rl-TMA X if I ' ' NN g Q l I .Q Q E A X E 'F L-X THE Eeuo QL nioioioioioiqxioioic ozooioiozozozozozc 1 ui I1 14 21 1 if 1 1 riuiniwiuxnil ii 11 if 14 in if 101 ioioioioioi. FLEMINGTON HARDWARE O COR. MAIN AND MINE STREET FLEMINGTON, NEW JERSEY David L. Levinson, Prop. A h'llb'll f ' I I d h Mother: "What are the young man's inten young I I Y rom an msoa e 'MC , H i bought an ice cream cone. walked outside to tion? eat it, then carried the cone carefully back to Daughter, nl dorm know Yet Hevs been the soda fountain. Handing it to the clerk, keeping me pretty much in the dmk.. he said: "Much obliged for the use of the in VGSE. SHUMAN'S DEPT. STORE 57 MAIN STREET VENABLE 8: THCMPSON WASHING-TON, NEW JERSEY Shoes and Cloihing For the Enfire Family Phone: Clinton l4O-R-I2 COUGHLIN'S FUNERAL SERVICE BODINE LUMBER CO. Lumber and Building Materials P.-aug and Bull Brand Feed OLDWICK xi CALIFON, NEW JERSEY PITTSTOWN. N. J. 030113 ioioioioinioi 11 ri 1 141 1-1 ini 2411101 21101 Quin lk Q 9,0 pioiuioii11011vioxxrj11o1o101o14r14xj4v14n1c:4x:4x14r:oi1r11r14vzr1x:4x11r3r1i11010101014xioinzoiuiox-rxsxjoiuzi Ozorja -..N I ms Cl gs ml I- C hr Sill fsmgi nl 9: ir 0 WI-lEN YOU BUILD YOUR HOME SPECIFY BODINE LUMBER l...g FLEMINGTON. NEW JERSEY Phone 7 Compliments of COTTRELL-ANDERSON Pessaroff Cleaning Shop CLINTON General Garage SOMERVILLE FLEMINGTON, N. J f f R BU! 1 X ,, dai ff Y. l 5 .-.I WEKTISEKS L J fm., STRYKER'S STORE for Waterman, Parlcer, Schaefer Fountain Pens and Pencils Autograph Albums and Scrap Boch Flms D elop d d Printed 130 MAIN STREET. FLEMINGTON, N. J. ii.. 86 THE Eciiu -,- 1 , , ,., ,,,. jf! ioioiciioicnioiuioix if iuiuioioi -.ga I Q You Can't Win Q , I i 8 - It a man runs after money, .hesvmoney-mad, I i it he keeps it hes a capital.st, it he spends l it, he's a playboy: if he cIoesn't get it, he's I i Contractors T Builders T nke'er-dpirkellg irfhf doetsnktt tryrtrto get itLAhe 3 ,, GC S GITI I IOU. C C S 1 WI OU WOI Ing Q for it, he's a parasite: gland if he accumulates I 7 it after a lifetime ot hard work, eo le call 5 FLEMlN6.l-ON' N' J' Phone A 373 him a tool who never got anythingpoutaot lite. E i lDaily Sketchl. i . I Q Typewriters I I Adding Machines 2 "SALES AND SERVICE Q i We Buy Used Adding Machines and Typewriters I ,. i A Complete Line of axx 1 . Pickup and Delivery Q Ribbons For ff E Any Make or Model I Service Q 'Y' 'f ll S l--- I Q AII Work Guaranteed I No charge for labor on work for charitable institutions g Q A variety of DESK AND PEN SETS. Ideal for christmas Gifts g I A Complete Line of STATIONERY, OFFICE SUPPLIES I 5 and EQUIPMENT 2 6 .. 2 CHARLES POTTER I I36 MAIN STREET Tel. 45I FLEMINGTON I I i Tel. Oldwick - 2 Auctioneer 3 SERVICE STATION Q CHARLES P. FARLEY I ROUTES 29 8: 202, RINGOES, N. J. l General Merchant I I A A U. S. Tires--Esso Products I E OLDWICK, NEW JERSEY Auto Accessories 2 g . I A. E. V, Enard, Prop. Phone 908RI5 l . I fb-xoinvi rx vi 1 nz rin: 12 vi rx sioinznaxnxoxozinzoznnxw 10: ning warrior - 0:0 14 14x14n1ev30:1vioi4r1oi1nio1erioi1nioi4 101011 ic 2011 11 14:10 THE Ecuo K COMPLIMENTS OF RARE CHEMICALS INC Manufacturing Chemists O FLEMINGTON. NEW JERSEY oi vim: 13: 2 101 vi 1010101 ri nininixioiu 103101 im :ui ni sin vjoiojw nj: liujnioi aio:-rink'-n 101011 Q lhwlnoingninqmz sz rin: 103010: 1: Tl-l,E ECHO Q 10101011 rioitbjcsioioitxioicricrirrioicvicricvioii LeROY B. BELLIS Insurance FLEMINGTO-N, NEW JERSEY BOND'S MILL RING-OES. NEW JERSEY Telephone Flemington 917-R-3 Compliments of O L D W I C K ESSO SERVICE STATION OLDWICK, N, J. Telephone 233-R O. H. GROEN Jeweler Diamonds - Watches Official Watch Inspector LVRR 26 MAIN STREET FLEMINGTON, NEW JERSEY WALTER P. BRITTON Nash Sales-Service FLEMINGTON, N. J. Oldest Agency in Town Compliments ot A R K A Y DEPARTMENT STORE A Complete Line of Sports Wear 'For Boys and Girls 27 MAIN STREET FLEMINGTON, NEW JERSEY Phone 224-R When the Old Blucher palace in Berlin was converted into a U, S. Embassy, architects in- cluded a "Powder room" tor visiting laclies. Gestapo agents marched into the Embassy with a copy of the architect's plan, accused the Embassy of storing munitions and de- manded to see the room. They were obedi- ently shown shown to the ladies' room. Phone Flemington 926-R-4 WILLIAM FIESS Jeddo and Lehigh Coal YARD FLEMINGTON JUNCTION RINGOES. NEW JERSEY 11 vi ri ri nimxirrinirrifuirviuvirui-14:11 'I 1 T H E E c H o 'l .lD.1PQlDQ1YQl7DflQ17QlPQ'.:' V rl Congratulations to the Q10 l ov 'W Class of 1946 Nw 9 Flemington Meat Market 1 - - -SQ X 'N.. .gf-2-,Q hx GEORGE K. LARGE Counselor-at-Law FLEMINGTON, NEW JERSEY The hard to find elsewhere is easy to End at the- VILLAGE GIFT SHOP Opposite the FLEMINGTON POST OFFICE Complim Norman A. Titus 81 Bros. 1011ri4vZrnZ02o2oi011xin1oi1nioinio1oi0io10i1ri4vZo1011v1oioicxi0i4 THE E pilnioiirirviiriinirviaxisviqvirrioifniaaioifvie if 11v31v11+11r11ri1r11r14rinu1uv1f.:o Compliments of HERR 81 FISHER O FLEMINGTON, NEW JERSEY Hunterdon County Democrat ESTABLISHED I825 For more than a Century 0 HUNTERDON'S BEST SELLER ETON BOYS' SHOP Authentic Styles in Boys' and Men's Apparel O I5 NORTH BROAD STREET TRENTON, NEW JERSEY 1014 viwwinirsifxioioioinimxzmsinvini nirnioioioioifrioia-iusizvioiunixni a fo I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I IIQHE Ecuo -. 1-gn CONGRATULATIONS MI To the class ot I946 of the Flemington I-Iigh School, we extend our most hearty telicitations and good wishes A X E L R O D ' S FLEMINGTON PHARMACY Q A. J. AXELROD, Ph. G. Q 55 MAIN STREET FLEMINGTON, N. J. FLEMINGTON GARAGE I I Authorized Buick Sales 8: Service Phone 74 2 SPRING STREET FLEMINGTON, N. J. HYLAN OIL CO. Q Distributors Texaco Products Fuel Oil Phone 74 George R. Parker '99 George R. Parker, Jr., '39 PARKER INSURANCE AGENCY Q Complete Insurance Service 3 Phone 38 FLEMINGTON NATIONAL BANK BUILDING FLEMINGTON, N. J. 1010101 vi mir if 20101 xi:riaxien1rn1uio1u2o1n2r 2 xi ni ioinioini vim 1 9 2 foo RL xiojojojroiojojc THE Ecrio 3010101 vi 101014 10101 vi 11111 if 1011 1014 14 if ioifrioioivioioic When in America, Dr. Wu ing-fang, the Grand Old Man of the Chinese diplomatic service in his day, was questioned sweetly by an American: "What 'nesc' are you-Japan- ese, Javanese, Chinese" WM. STOTHOFF CO., INC. Replying that he was Chinese, he aslred in turn: "And what 'Icee' are you-monkey. don- key, or Yankee?" HILL BROS. Dealers in Farm Implements Ontario Grain Drills - Blizzard Hay Choppers Harder Silo V. C. Fertilizer and Lime Coal Joseph I-IiII, Prop. Phone 266J Compliments of FULPER-STANGL PCTTERY CC. f 0200101011 riri xr: 111 101: IQ 0:4 11010101014 xzuienisrjoicsioiirjoierioioicnjcx 1- 11.111411 riojaxioiexjojoianioiwxjojaxienieniuic Q... T H 12 E c H o avi"- TRAIN FOR SUCCESS Courses in Accountancy. Journalism A U T O G L A S S l Secretarial Science. Commercial Teaching . 3 Business Administration, Medical Secretarial Installed In YOUI' CBI' l Bachelor Degrees while YOU wait l Catalogue Free on Request E We have channels and window regulators. Q RIDER COLLEGE W b d cl ' lr . 3 Founded :ass TRENTON, N. J. Z uv use an lun ws l LENTINIS GARAGE Q E' M' ""AY'NE5i 'JR' BETWEEN ELEWNGTON and RING-OES g Sinclair Refining Co' 3 miles south of Flemington on Route 30. i liel. Fl6IJT1lf1gtOf1 U Post Oftice: RING-OES, N. J. 2 Distinctive g Best Wishes to the Class and i of 1946 Greeting Cards 3 Pennington Gift Shoppe g 27 BROAD STREET FLEMlNGTON, N. J, I Batteries, Tires, Tubes, Accessories -,..,5Hg....- I JOHNNIE S GARAGE Q iioi-iN R. Tom, Prop.l General Repairs i 32 MAIN STREET FLEMINEGTON, N. J I4 COURT STREET FLEMINGTON. N. J. E One-Hour Battery Service Telephone 349-M ioioiuioiciioifrinioiisiuiriiiiiirioio if 0 'f ujnifv-101011 :Q 1014 95 bzaiaiqxznzxzqwiaxzeicrzxiimjcfiaricnimriexzvioxxI10:110:111014101011nicifiawzfniqriqvzcniaizqnzariqifvzfnzicxiextifvicicozo THE ECHU : f',,..Zf5 59 tip- G. B. TOMPKINS, M.D. 5,5505-12 'rm HUNTERDON C0-OP. G.L.F. SERVICE, INC. Compliments of Feed Seed Fertilizers JOHN W. SNYDER Farm Supplies Family Foods PITTSTOWN, NEW JERSEY Flemi gton 391 Cli f IOIJ CIRCLE DINER Charles DeFilIips - Prop. DOYLESTOWN, PA. Rts. 29 and 30 PAUL H. KUHL "Everything 'forthe Poultryman" FLEMINGTON, NIEW JERSEY Phone 905-R-5 1:1o3o2o2ari0ioi01m130101xi 3 31111512 1 1 1 ini 3010101011110 rzoozo 5 r:1ri010j01010j01enj4ri4i1cx1cnj1v10i4b:1bi:mj1:cr:i14xj410101 i101o1-110101011 0201010101014 GE: 5 Q i I Q I i 1 i 1 I 014 1011 I I I I I I I I I I THE ECHO ,,., ,. ...bv ieniviaiiaviriasiaiavie-3 COUNTY TRADING POST Hardware-Electrical-Plumbing Supplies Poultry 8: Dairy Equipment Silos-Milking Machines 8: Coolers I9-2I BLOOMFIELD AVE. Phone 409 FLEMINGTON, N. J. NEW JERSEY Compliments of TELEPHQINE COMPANY DRfBQi'RosENBLEETH Declrers Radio Sales and HUNTERDQN Service NEWSPAPERS iNc. Radios - - - Appliances 'I . Publishers of Service Puffs Tubes B If The Hunterdon Republican UNION HOTEL BLDG FLEMINGTON The Clinton Democrat The Hunterdon Independent Hunterdon Country's t p g essive newspapers d ost Compliments of mpleie job printing pl t A 6 SPRING STREET 5 EAST MAIN ST. FLEMINIGTON, N J CLINTON. N. J. vinirxioioioioirnioioirxiaria Tel. FI mingt lol I64 Tel. Clinton I35 iq.-rf' r11hZ0:4r1i-jo14n:fv:vv:rvio:4n1ui111-v11v101"I'Pi"i' 1101011 101011 rjoi4vjn:010joj0I011lj1 rin:-ni fi-ilu n:a 96 THE Ecx-ro GCI. r1o10141o1cn1o14n1o1014n14i:4n11n:1s:4:o14n1o:4vz4r:4o:o ,tarv:4x:014x11n11n1o1014x1cn11r:1xi4n1ojcm14r11:1rv10101010101014 inirici 1 21111 14101 1011 1 Best wishes to the Class of I946 FLEMINGTON STONE WORKS Memorial Craftsmen V Standish C. Hartman 6 COU RT STREET FLEMINGTON, NEW JERSEY Compliments of Greetings from Your Senator Flemington Auction Market SAMUEL L BQDINE DR. F. M. APGAR Dentist A man applying for a job was told by the manager that the firm was overstatfed. "Sure, you could start me," he replied. "The little bit of work l would do woulcln't be noticed." IRENE'S BEAUTY SHOP 11030111 11101 3 ni It 14 11 11 1 Quin? v Best of Luck GUS VLAHAKIS Sweet Shop 8: Stationery Store Telephone: 57 MAIN STREET 390-.l-9469 FLEMINGTON, N. J. 1103111 ri rioioioioininimrizx riuozo y vierj:sis:4n:cr:r14r:o:o1o1a:o1o11s:e5an:4r1454x14s:4r14nj4:4r:4n:az 0:0 TH: ECHO ,N lu 0' '14-1-via-1014901014 ionic 010101: 14sioio1o101o24 14 101 11 1020101 vi vi v1oio1rvioio1rvioi0:4 Edw. F. Bridgeman Motors PAT'S PHOTO STUDIO . Ford - Services 53 MAIN STR EET 74 MAIN ST, FLEMINGTON, N. J. Phone 84R ELEMINGTON. N. J. Phone -- Day 372 Night 298J-I BURKHART Direct Sales Agency 203 MAIN STREET Telephone: 352-J FLEMINC-STON, NEW JERSEY Plione-Flem. 290-J TIRPOK'S CLEANERS Hiqh Class Work at Low Prices Faultless Cleaning Assured We do all kinds of Tailoring and Repairing 28 MAIN STREET FLEMINGTON 24 BROWN STREET NEW JERSEY Men's Suits, Coats Ladies 'Coats and Dresses Dry Cleaned and PFCSSCCI Dry Cleaned and Pressed Phone Flemington 9l8-R-6 Ufert Auto Parts Service, Inc. JOHNSO-N'S Service Station S2 MAIN STREET FLEMING-TON, N. J. RINGOES' N. J- uioir if if 2 ri 1201 his 1 1010: 2030301010101 vi ui vi 1031 101112: rioirriojujevjojojojwnjojaxozo njcviojoioichzojoiojcz n1ojo1oj1rj4r14r:o14n11rjo101o11r11ricr14ri1bi1v14P11 . ,Q VOL 11010101011nio:o1oj0:o14101410:01-:jcvia11010101014r10i011n1fnio1o:4x14xio10i1x14s14x:4r:4s:4x:4rj1r1oi1n1c THE E CHO 950010191014g41ngq30g410g4gn142uia1111gn1 343 3 gq34g03u30g01. Mobilgas - Mobilheai: - Mobiloil H. P. WORLINEACO. Comphmm of CLINTON N J Ph 58 Hampfon's Auizo Service HELENE'S BEAUTY SALON I2 BLOOMFIELD AVENUE ROUTE I2 FLEMINGTONLN NEWA JERSEY BARNET BERKOWITZ NORMAN LATNDIS Dairy Cows. FLEMINGTON, N. J. j 'J HASKEY AUTO SUPPLY T4' These Jfx , Phone 328-R RCE K E T29 MAIN STREET FLEMINGTON 5 0:01014 vo. 'Y e 0111 2111103011 10101011 ini 1 11 riuiuiuiuiuiali 11 ininiuioievfg Inn Ecrro - E 1.5 Iv . .0 11:14 0101014 vjoifv1oioj4vi4r1o1o11v:1vjel:o1 2 BARZ BAKERY ' l Home Made Breads and Pasfries A E AH Bekins Done on Pmmim WISHES THE BEST TO THE CLASS OF T946 2 57 MAIN STREET Tailoring - 1 :Men's Haberdashery 2 QEMINIGTON' N' J' 35 MAIN ..sTREET, IFLEMINGTON, N. J. one Femington 366 b K I ELLIOTT-BROKAW CHEVOLET CO. g FOR ECONOMICAL TRANSPORTAIIOIIRI I Sales - CHEVROLET + Seriiice E PRODUCT OF GENERAL MOTORS 4 i Phones Flemington I Clinton I' 'I ' Milford I 5 Plwones Flemington I h Clirlfonjll I ' lMiIlord I J "J 3 Telephone 924-R-23 .Q in I I . ESSO SERVICE 2 STANDARD ESSO' STATION HUFFMAN and LaRUEJ ' 1 A j Metered Fuel Oil- Kerosene' E Esso, Essolene and Motor- fOil 3 ROUTE ao FLEMINGTON, N. J. E , Compliments of 1 M. Compliments of I R f' ' ' I "'Se'f'f"'n DR. JOHN E. FRITZ, JR. l Farm Equrpmenl: S Home Appliances 2 FLEMINGTON, NEW JERSEY . ,o 9 100 Ool"" 'Ill-IE ECHO ' in T BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS From 'l'he Class of '47 AUGUST ROTH "Gus" ROGER SARGENT "Sarge" BARBARA HARTPENCE "Bobby" JACK VERME "Jackson"' BARBARA HAGEN "Bobby" VIRGINIA HYNDS "Ginny" JOHN SUNDBURG "Johnny" JIM VLAHAKIS "Jimmy" ROBERT CLAUS "Bob" FRED LENTINI "Fred" MARGARET HAUSMAN "Maggie" EDNA MePHERsON "Mickey" RICHARD MALANAPHY "Dick" ANNE MOREAU "Anne" DONALD ROBINSON "Don" JO ANN GARIS "Je" ELIZABETH MORRIS "Bebe" BERNARD RONALDER "Berny" AMY SARGENT "Amy" RICHARD MEEHAN "Dick" WILLIAM MeCORKLE "Bill" JEANNETTE OINCELL "Ginger" DORIS KRONMAIER "Doris" LOUIS BILLBRA "Lou" KENNETH TOTTEN "Kenny" ROBERT HILL "Bob" DAVID HAAS "Dave" JACK MOORE "Buiiiiy" MARY EVERITT "Moe" STANLEY RODKIN "Stanley" VIVIAN VELEHRADSKY Hchug' GUY BELL "Guy" BETSY MILLER 'Beisyi' DALE FLOYD 'QDaIe" HELEN SEDLOWSKI "Helen" MARIAN FRAASS "Maiieiii" I1IIioi0iIr10i1r10i1viIri1ri1rZ4xi4ri1vi1ri1ri1r11ri1ri1 vxoxobwgo I OF '46 I riuiuiot wil THE ECHO 5101011 rjojoiois 'lfllfffmwuwwwwwfmffmlmmwi l ompimen s o Q FLEMINGTON BLOCK GARDENTTSTATE Q 81 SUPPLY COMPANY 2 HATCHERY i Mason Materials and Coal I T4 COURT STREET WHITEHOUSE STATION, N J 2 ELEMJNGTON, NEW JERSEY Ph L b 9 R 4 l l l Compliments of UNION HOTEL FLEMINGTON, NEW JERSEY Telephone Flemington 62 T JOHN B. CASE LUMBER CO., lnc. 3 Lumber - Masons Material 2 -Q- i FLEMINGTON. N. J. i Compliments of 2 A. W. PROTZMAJN Compliments of I Air Conditioned E Coolerator Refrigerator DR' ALBERT H' KCHN Q lce Service Optometrist E Phone I52-J 1 78 PARK AVENUE FLEMINC-3-TON, N. J. o oe, D1 ri0i0ioio1oi1r1fvi1r14bi1bi1li1Di0i0i011 lif 501011 THE Echo 'W an '.'0i0i0i0i1v11vi1vZ1ri0t011r11r1 rioioioioiozozni 11 ,301 xioioioinioirozg l Aih he hd: tl dd' th l first hirlf oil? fooiballl gggrljjyriiembgisnif thi D 1 team of Texas A. 81 M. College sat dejectedly l around the loclrer room waiting for a tongue- l I lashing from their coach, Dana X, Bible, He l I entered on the signal for the second half, '33 MAIN STREET Q 1 looked slowy around at each payer, and turned - l to therdoor. Then he paused, loolried back FLEMINGTON' NEW JERSEy ! I and said, "Well, girls, shall we go?" They g won the game. I 1 l l F Q 3 THE HUNTERDON couhiry 5 9 1 l i l NATIONAL BANK 5 l I l l I of Q 2 Q . I E Flemington, New Jersey j 1 l l 9 2 i i i capital sioo,ooo Surplus 8700.000 Q 3 1 l l l l l Flemin ton Aluminum 8: l Charles W. Hildiabrant 8 l Brass Foundry l E Highway ze xxfHiTEHousE, NEW JERSEY T. Sledzmky and S. Sul Q i Phone: Lebanon 53RI3 2 l Distributor of Esso Products l I Phone: 92eR23 Q l i OQPQUDUQUQUQOD HHDIYH QUQUQUQU. Ml QUQUQUQUQKVQUQ ,QQVQUQUDUQUQQO QQW- o uioiujnioioie nes- 1011 S TI-IE Ecno YEATON 81 YEATON A Q' 0 IW 5 :-' ' .. 0 Real Estate, Appraisals 5 Insurance I72 MAIN STREET f" , X FLEMING-TON, N. J. j Phone 376-I 'fkcf-fu Phone OIcI. 26-R FORD UNITED FURNITURE STORES I W SERVICE eRooERs Smce I89I Frank DarIing, Prop. ' Groceries Fruits Vegetables BELVIDERE WASHINGTON OLDWICK, NEW JERSEY General Motors Trucks HIGHWAY TRAILERS KENTUCKY TRAILERS Nemeth GMC Truck Co. IS6 MAIN srreser FIEMING-roN, N. I. Morris Weisberg 8: Son Dealers in Fresh Western Cows and Springers Route I2 Between Routes 29 8: 30 Telephone FIemington 924-R-I3 FLEMINGTON, N, J. 51020101011 YO XI E 0:0 QOL xioxeo' . rioicrioiuiojoioiojoicrioje vjoioioioioic-is I I I I I I I I I I I I I ! I I I I I I I I I I I I I I THB ECHO Compliments of FRANK G. LOTT Counsellor-at-Law DEATS BUILDING FLEMINGTON, N. J. CHARLES HCLCOMBE FUNERAL DIRECTOR I47 MAIN STREET FLEMINGTON. N. J. CompIImen'cs of Green's Rexall Drug Store -lAND-- Green's Photographic Siudio vinci: aiu I9 nifriwiujuif vi' vi'-101'-11-ini-rr 0:9 t:or1cv1ojo:oio14n1wj1s1o11n:fnj4r:4s1oj1v11n1oi1vj1nj1nj4n1n:o1o1-v1-r1un1oj4 14 -THF ECHO Phone, Lebanon 30-R-4 Compliments of ESTATE OF C. A. SKIILLMAN DeLUXE MOVING VANS Estimates Cheerfully Given Our References-Those We Move WHITEHOUSE STATION, N. J. B RKETT BROTHERS O. QUALITY MARKETS U C Groceries-Meats-Fruits Jeddo and Lehigh Coal Vegetables Farm Machinery U Washers and Cleaners - Fertilizers General Eleciric Refrigera! DILLON 8: SEIGFRIED MSCS -'Hd Rddiof WHITEHOUSE N J 37 MINE STREET FLEMINGTON N J ' ' ' Ph sa R Compliments of Compliments of FLEMINGTON HILDER'S CUT GLASS COMPANY FROZEN FOOD LOCKERS NEVIUS BROS., INC. "A Safe Place To Shop" v1ujo:u:o:o14 UIQ rin: -in 11 -viujnie I I I I I I I I IE I5 F6 Q-4 -o :Z Z ip I I I I I I I I THB ECHO UOF. 1 o:1u1o3o1o:oi0:c 1014 ioioiuxcxiesiexicxiariexicxzenioiavicrioiavzinienienxoxwio Q C E SNYDER CHARLES W. CONNER l potatoes for Sale Carpenter 8: Builder 2 Q D OLDWICK, N. J. i l PITTSTOWN, N. f. I f Advertisement of a new perfume by Circ: Phone Fleminsfon 9l7'R'l2 Stop, look, linger . , . with perceptions quickened, eyes lceener, breath just a little ' ' taster. For the scent ot Danger is in the air! a l ! Ciro has a really new note in perfumery-a g l fragrance distinctive in its tranlc emotional Feed 8 Coal ' i appeal. If you dare be daring, test your ' l mettle with Danger-it's not for the timid!-Y 6 i Quoted in Tide. ' RINQ-oEs, NEW JERSEY Q l 2 u l 2 AMOS THATCHER :J . I i Compliments of E Q Purina and Bull Brand Feeds I NV. E. MCCORKLE, M.D. ' I WILLIAMS STREET 1 g FLEMINGTON, N. J.-Phone Flem. 35-R 2 i l F J 5 Phone Flemington 9l6-R-22 g MATTisoN's GARAGE ! i J. H. CROASDALE, JR. RING,-OES, N. J. , - i Truclung U U Phone Flemington 9I8-R-3I 5 RINGOES, N, J. I bzoitllbniuioioiniui rioiirioiilini 510102 D1 ni :ini riiriisioiinie-iivioiiisg vu- Tnn Bono rioioioioioiois ioioioioioioioiclicvid 2011 30101010110 BLAHER'S "The Style Center of Hunterdon" COATS . . . DRESSES . . . SUITS I FLEMINGTON, NEW JERSEY Phone ZOI-R Flemington Lunch John I-laritos, Prop. "Good Food ls Good Health" 42 MAIN STREET FLEMINGTON, NEW JERSEY Compliments of DILLEY'S BUS SERVICE Fred J. Dilley, Prop. FLEMINGTON. NEW JERSEY Phones 924-R-4 Routes 29 and 30 n viojozojojoioic 1011 xiojoioioioie ,1o:o:o1oiujn14 nioiojojw 1101011 TI-Ln Ecuo lk 101011 it is ioioioicvirritlioirriuixxioirxirxioic 14 in in 1011 in 1020214-o BEST WISI-IES TO TI-IE CLASS OE I946 BAKER'S VARIETY STORES 0 FLEMINGTON - I-IIGI-I BRIDGE Telephone 83-J I. 'CASE Farm Machinery sc:-IOMP MOTORS DR- W. S- KNOLL ROUTE 30 AT CHURCH ST FLEMINGTON N J Compliments of McARTOR STUDIO Photographers I2 WEST MAIN STREET SOMERVILLE, N. J. 94-11 I I I I I I I I I I I ? I 3 I QL - 3. I 5 I No I XI I I niuioiozn 1014 .-xuxoxoirn:o1o1rn11n1u10gu1o1u1r v11n11pj4r14v:1v1fu1-sirnxrxx-nxrrxrtrvi szojoioxrxtojoioianirxjojfrierieuzm S 0.0.14 THB ECHO A CSN f-EEQED - - K tlfR6Um'5 Little, Wilson 8: Deats Co. A O O 'ls ' 4 f 6,6 O Feed, Grain, and Coal lfiyqff-114122 A 'vu' E713 I H Xl ' yi- Specializing in Baugh's Fertilizer .I ' i PITTSTOWN GARAGE REED'S LUNCH ROOM G I S ' Uzormerly Andis, enera ervuce Harry P. Britton RINGOES, NEW JERSEY and Chas, W. Hoagland Flemington 909-R-3 PITTSTOWN, NEW JERSEY Best Wishes to the Graduates All Material Washed. No Dirt from Tests show IOCX, stron er concrete ' with this G.. mi sand POSTMAN s LADIES sHoP FL2PH?'ill' A luxury in everything but the price For those who love nice things TRIMMER STONE CO' 36 MAIN STREET FLEMINGTON, N. J. Plant: Pattenburg: Office: Flemington Tel. Clinton arm TE., Flem. 392 J Te'ep'1O"e 374 Compliments of Vincent Mina FLEMINGTON, NEW JERSEY Phone I06 13101011ninioi-sisriwxioiasioioioi rioioi0i1ri1ri0i1vio1oi 91010101010 'i ninja:-vjuqini F1011 vissjcnjmvj-wifi-vi-14:1-vi1bj1n1nn1 109 V cf '-A X4 f:6J '-an kwzmgu.. lush..-.:4g ww lj.: J 9 4Q,f".ar9' nr Q ii Q M , - an ,Mus , .f6 3 Gf v Aff . aww, 'xjfgfhu 6 fn VW., JR!! M7""J1' J iso K. 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Suggestions in the Flemington High School - Echo Yearbook (Flemington, NJ) collection:

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