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' L-U' Q, . w I . O L-Aki . ' N ,,'If..,i1Xi Qi " I 2 L 4 4 S772 A? 1 vf! 4' Y I nga P 94 ff ,, 1 NR' xv I :wm- sQt 9 Xx x ka' Q 'U' g' 1 .iq A K I 21 ki' .1 i.M..q fgg vu, i .- W uxi 'I r- N W I? 4 fl ff wif In fm H WW j ,. 'A -A . X-.9 New H X , V I 1.2413 -51' W f A ,2?lQ:l? "::2 x mg xi? UN 1. ,Q 'ylibig ' . ,fx ,M X fp f 3 , 4 32" 4 M5395 ,,,, 2,5 '-.-Q if -1 7 , l ,.- lx ,X .-nd .X 'I S X AX i , iv' J xxx 'vw A -Y 1- jw l Y ' Un. , ', if - V iiiri g-Y ms ?"' 'ji V Y--Y-iiz, 5 I 1 L 14 N515 Al 52, U if 15 'T . . 4 I A r ,M sf J, , ' HB5 in 'uf 5' ,"'-j""5 " -" 4. f 'fu .' -Q '-Tye-rw'-nw ' , - ,rl 1, ,,, .H P , U 6 .. ,L . 1 Qf"?'t1:.f 3'x-rgp"'g1FmU. . i'gyHe: - . fu ' ,' ' , .-1, i'7'if4, , 4 .Hn I 4 v Ye- ,-rw: . ... V ., 7? P' 'rep Fifi. 41 .1Lff V Vrftlfi' i ' 1 1 A 'A V , f L I new ' ' : 1 1 ,I . VL N 4 , .,, , - 4 Q , .7Lh'f-. 'v XM '- 3 ' WQEP . f ' 1 'X J5pa T .. Av V ' ' .1 L, I .1 fix If-A, n M ,J w i Il W .' Ev. 5 U, ' ' i.5.J.f.-Q01 liirwxliqf ummm..--k4n.4. x -1.-wr va 9 ' - 4.1, . Aa - . x. . !.L Q.. Q ,'?,'LPv 71? ' 1' W ,:, dn' , vfrfsf . I QT ,-31.3" Q, jr. , An 'L 'ff-1 1 ,. 'Ffa'- N. 'r '-..h 'w 'L " s - I" "ff 1 .1. 1 s ,. '53-VJH'vf Tl 7-AS' ., , ri- 1 f I .. , Lvl V, M -uh. - ,wa +111 -- . A 'Y'- ., ' . ,- XQTL' ' V 'vgwg ,. 'I W - I f - -X rm M, W .-Q H Qi!!-, , Q Q ,ru :N ,l D W " rwfjl r j V' ?'- "' H ,,, V A 94 wa . 1 N an .- . 4 x l... ui 'J' v 1 V -4 ,U - X ... V, xwf' I . I , - , ,t X .- ,n -x fx - -4,5 rf.-H . r - 4.N,f -'1HvhH.-4 'f.,iFf A ,. 'QW ' i,.Q , q,m!2-1VgW,imw4 M ,,' N3,,y- ' '.:' ' 'qa.' pnvywvf a ' m,q,-q'1 , . ,- ,,, , . ,M- ., ,.., , , ,,, .W ., ,,u ,:,, J mv' Aw . - . . - Y A 33,235 -Q. 'mf g,,-' V , -r .2 1'-'pf ..'. ' ' ' '-'Q ' u A ' - . , L- N-i F 6 n. U . A ,1 , , .1 , W .. m , , 1 J r 1 1 :- . , - 4 . THE ECHU Volume VIII T i' ffl ', g f Pg----- l , 1 :1fE'5P:1- :f3f:it9'.-,655 12522 Z:g:17S:.:2,Q?I' 5322522-2 -....3g::.:iE ?Eg:.,..- , . ,I ' ' , , ,, - .,., sr 'E ? 4, 8 A ,. f Published by the Senior Class of the FLEMINGTON HIGH SCHUOL FLEMINGTUN, N. J. I936f IQ37 MANY HAVE COMEg AND MANY HAVE GONE +234 Ye Order of Events Eg Administration and Faculty Classes' Organizations Activities Athletics Advertisements Ye Editor's Page One of my duties as editor of this, the eighth volume of the Flemington High School Echo, is to offer a word of greeting, and of farewell to you. The purpose and aim of any yearbook is to portray and interpret the life and spirit of the particular school. The staff of the 1937 Echo has worked hard to ac- complish this purpose. Words, once read, are not often re-read. Pictures, on the other hand, have a charm and appeal which brings one back to them, time and again. They provide a stimulus to recall which no amount of words could provide. With this fact in mind we have endeavored to produce a volume largely made up of informal portraits and snapshots, the more to help you recall the pleasant associations and activities of your high school days. Circumstances beyond our control have, this year, necessitated several revisions of the book before going to press. Nevertheless, the staff has, I feel certain, produced a volume which is a rather complete pictorial summary of the year, and which will, as the years go by, acquire increased value as a treasure storehouse of fond memories. DOROTHY KENNEDY Editor-ifz-claivf -' we A TRIBUTE TO Miss Sara V. Gordon ufm fnls fangfwf ns ilu' joy of singing- lrlvosz' fl1S1Jjl'tIfi0l1 bus liffmz' us fo bigbr' lvzwls of ilmzzgllf mm' f'01Itl,IIt'f, zu' flu' sing of flu' 1937 Evbo, .Yjl1l'f'l'l'l-Y zlmlinzff' Ibis zfollflmf. " 'J .- -- 9.1712 Ye Symbols Flemington, with its beginnings stretching back to the early days of New Jersey's history, still retains many marks of the colonial period which followed the establish- ment of permanent settlements. From this section came many men prominent in colonial annals. Their memory and accomplishments still live, and much of the work of their hands remain as monuments to their efforts to build a civilization in a new world. These memories and associations have been further commemorated in the theme of this volume. The colonial schoolhouse, and the colonial church with its pastor pointing the way to a better life, have been used to introduce that portion of the volume dealing with the administration and faculty. A section dealing with the classes is fittingly intro- duced by sketches of a colonial school room, the school- master, and the poor fellow who has incurred the master's wrath-the "dunce.', Organizations and activities of this early period of our history were simple, and even crude when compared with our modern commercialized life. These early groups however, as portrayed by the quilting party, the taffy pull, minuet, stage coach, and military drill, present a composite picture of people who were able to provide their own leisure-time activities. Colonial sports as such, were not as organized or as numerous as the activities included under that name today. The hunt, for men, croquette and skating for both men and women, form the prelude to the athletic section. The courier and the town crier were chosen as fitting subjects to represent the space devoted to advertisements. ADMINISTRATIUN and FACULTY YE ALMA MATER. NIR. IQDXVIN VAN KIZUREN Sl1jn'1'1ixi11g P!'fIll'fIJNI HUGE!! 1741? IX-mul --1' Ilfmluunli---' mln-fl ru rixlnb I url Il, Klnnex, II11 XIIAIIIH S. Ku'-II, XYQIIIACQ' If, I,a:c, L'ImliIn'N X XYNIW. Ilvxirlrt llerlxg IfwIxx'm Yan Kulrcn, N1pcl'x'lN111g, -v "- g, ' ' wie Q 3 -.4 '-4 wg Q vhill I11m11v.1I. I, In-IQ, Kun lu, l 111 XI: XII ll .1111 Xlrx. Ilevry II. Z4I1IvIvI-, Ywv I'1'cwnlvntg KIM. Iluy R. Ik-II II1 XIII U L 1' 'XIHIIQI I In I XIKIINI ll -., A ,yn 4 .II ', . " --NH, R. HAROLD S. GOLDSMITH Hilq lr Srfmol P rirlrijnll 'Jgflgff lb 15qf'9lI,,:L!'Ll'I4,J v4,,I'.f- . 1 , Nn'v'vl.nxv4X, IILII lu xs:Illl Huw XI:Il'9i4l'u1 IIm'I1.u1z.1r, Hu, II:u'v-II! x, NHMIIIL-. 4-M I: 'K ff, F A C U L T Y 411-ff 111 1-fgfffy SOCIA2 5351312125 I ', ,fi ' -'. ' " M11. ll. Ii.-XRUIID Coxwma Mus. A1 xx Il 11,1 S1'1n'1x11a MR. lloux C. XIII 1 1 li MR. 1111111111 .X. Cox IQNCZLISH AND 1,.'XNLSU.'XG1iS Mlss -l.xx1 TIIII 1:1111 Mus. Alll lllll I3 CQQ1111 1 1 Mlss M11111' Nlll 1 s MR. lil3XX'.'XlilH SKIIUI ll 1 11 Mus. l7u1m'1A111 D. l,.xx111s Mlss l'.fx1'111c1.1 Mu111m1' TX1lSS1XNXPm.XllNlX ITINIC ARTS M1wII111x Y1 14,1 1 Mlss 8.11111 Y. Go111xuN PHYSICAI, IZUUCATION M1ssRos,x1s11 S11 1N11.x1 1 li MR. 1711111 H11 1 1'1a0N I 1 LL MR. C1lu111,1 l.XONflll,:vg, ', ,I , ' - -1 1' ell- F A C Ll L T Y gh-ff ff, nlqlwfp MATHEMATICS AND SCIENCE MR. LEONARD FRANK MR. ALLEN LEARN MRS. DOROTHX' ZUEONFR MR. HAROI.D S. CSOLIDSMITH MR. XVILLIAM C. CSOFI-'NIAN PRACTICAL A RTS MR. LEON HALI. MR. FRIED LODGE MR. ROBERT FOLRER HOME ECONOMICS MIQS. CLAIRE MULLER Miss EVELYN DUANE COMMERCIAL SUBJECTS MRS. BLANCHE LEMONN MR. H. EARLE DAVISON Mlss HELEN Guucx 41313-1- K 5 16' ..ff"" 1.4A.efmmy ,,g5,offffLD ZMUQRASI go. EFFERou Snuekou SATRYKFR ll-GUUGK V. 5 mow e.ooLosM'm1 ?.LYoN 41. DWANE WQQS 7.-A .f'-new K 2, G-ODLEY 5. STEINIINJEFZ 4.'DAvu-lsou 5,LEARR, 25 ' ' E, Y- Science and Mathematics 1. Biology is the study of living things. Physics and Chemistry appeal to boys and girls who are interested in finding out how and why things work as they do. General Science gives an overview of the whole Held, and Agriculture trains in the application of science to farming. Junior high mathematics aims to prepare the students for useful citizenship, and to lay the foundation forthe advanced topics-Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry, taught in the senior high school. Commercial Subjects Utilitarianism necessarily dominates the aims and purposes of this department. Efficient service in the commercial fields demands skill in arithmetical computations, the acquirement of more than the fundamentals of bookkeeping, the ability to take dicta- tion rapidly and accurately, and transcribe it in approved form on the typewriter. Those who, in various capacities direct the commercial activities of the country must have a background of law 'as applied to commerce, and have a wide acquaintance with the geography of nations. Fine Arts ' Practically all people can learn to appreciate the beauties of art, and the charm of good music. Life is richer for all who acquire these appreciations. It is not a function of the public schools to produce finished artists, or musicians, but it is a function of education to help mold well rounded individuals who can make their com- munities better places in which to live. Appreciation of the fine arts is a big step in the solution of leisure time problems. Practical Arts The shop is a place where the students learn good citizenship, honesty, and pride of ownership. 'They develop a sense of realization of the value and work needed to produce the world's economic goods. This course serves, to some students, as a guide toward the choice of a life occupationg to others it gives the necessary hand techniques essential for practical repairs. Mechanical Drawing, making use of accepted methods, helps pupils to develop and put into concrete form, their ideas of construction. Household Arts Throughout the program in this department the aim in both junior and senior high schools is to develop responsibility, and to have the knowledge acquired in School carry over into the home. Cooperation and initiative are developed through the work of the classes. The making of clothing by girls in the sewing groups, the serving of school lunches to faculty and students, as well as to special groups on occasion, by girls in the foods classes, contribute effectively toward the objective of this department. Physical Education Healthy bodies are essential to sound minds. A well rounded course in physical education should include instruction in hygiene, first aid, and the basic principles of or- ganized play, as well as instruction in formal exercises. Emphasis should be placed on those activities which may be carried over into middle life and beyond. To this end intra-mural sports and those games of a distinct recreational nature should receive major emphasis because of their importance from the standpoint of leisure time. English and Languages Appreciation of our mother-tongue depends, to a considerable degree upon a knowl- edge of the languages that have contributed to its perfection. Proficiency in the use of our common speech, and the inculcation of good reading habits is a dominant aim of the English department. The effective study of foreign languages involves more than a knowledge of grammar and vocabulary. This department attempts to inculcate in the minds of pupils the elements of basic culture which will make for better international understanding. Social Science Training in citizenship is the accepted goal of education in the United States. This is the particular aim of the Social Studies department. Pupils in the history courses acquire an insight into their past heritage, and study the basic cultures upon which our civilization rests. Only through a knowledge of past human relationships are we able to plot a course for the present and future. Problems of Democrary and Economics acquaint pupils with the large present issues, social, political and economic, facing our nation. +5-f1ey3+ CLASSES If f gf X 77 7 XV X, , f ' ' ,f f ' " f fr A ? XX Xxx -l ' X N R X XM ffl!-'-'ff A' Ki ! df XXX Y f f X X My f -.!,e Q Q N fy t+ 3 v?-i V .. 1 45 1 Kffl ' A Q5 TQ 3 5- if f W G-E5 if 5 1 ' ' !Ai,"'1-J' 1' Q, f' ' ' WWW4' f lx X 2'5" -mwfxy I 15713 .A " ,fl ' . -1 iiifwc 4 , rjwl UML .Y W ,f i'73fj?w If NP'--'gI'Sq ffzmgfff W A , lffffy f .Q jr. ,,,. Af' 0Vilfi,.J-2-X fc 4 ,f4vkf4v:5:Af f W If -I x AX x 'ji n KA 5 . 1 P f In W , au, ,z w77E?r '1?'Vf All L! lf- ' 5 'Qs t ' f 'I 6 1 A534 WM 9 Q q A 1 - , ff, ,1 3 ,J f Y f.. X , . f W my ., , ' "I My M ,,,,..'- X W A ' " ,, ' ww fs gl X 'NEI-NA, N A 1 fkvr. fe l 'fx' 4W', l SimgS5,f f 11-6 SIIQ1 M ,','f'.!N, V 'f 1? W, , ' ifvhgij , RQMJ mf' '1,M ff ,fa f f wu l"9::f 'w W f' VT Mffff-sxiwem iff,M,W' fl 1 I, 'llljqv X 94 gil X513 .wxigia-.ff7lmL,., lm V V 1 L ,fff,' f-xi ffm L-'wif Jjxx Las.-f-1-.' 1, ,N ,W ,111 .QM ,Mi ,,, ,Nb ,V ff! N f , H' f 'V It 'Lg.'f.f"lT .x'S"" l , , Xl! T- 'I V fum ffizflv. tgibl VA fx i'7l"WQq ,ffwoff 11 ' x 4, F K CLASS OFFICERS CLARENCE MARTYN Pl'l'.NI4ll'lIf DOROTI-lY KEN NEDY Vin' PI'l'KItI,l'llf HELEN HARWICK Srrrhzijy MARSHALL COLLINS Trvaslzrvr LOUIS MILAN SvrgvanI-al-arms It A. ll It ti rli.:litJf-llori-iliy lXL'llllClly, llelun llarxxiclt. 1 I il tt 1 tl in ri-ill' Q'l:u'eili't: Xlztrlyzv, Klzirsllzlll K'-illinc, lnrlliw Xlilzm. Ye Senior Class Historie The Ninth Grade Party, Junior High Night, the production of "The Prince of Peddlersf' an operetta with a cast composed almost entirely of ninth graders, and the publication of the Pen amz' Ink and Ink Drops were the main achievements of our last year in Junior High. In our sophomore year, members of our class participated in various extra-curricular activities, particularly athletics. Our contribution to the social life of the school was the Christmas Dance. During our junior year, publications and athletics occupied most of our extra class time. The selection of our class rings was an extremely im- portant event because we were the first class to have the new school seal on our rings. With the end of the year came the Junior Promenade. An Oriental theme with gay, colored lanterns and festoons, made this a memorable night for all those who attended it. This, our last year in high school finds us participating for the last time in extra-class activities. The fruits of our experience are jobs better done. Our social contribution was the Football Dance, with the audi- torium resembling the gridiron. There will always be in our minds a vivid memory of the delightful days spent in Washington, D. C. in the spring. With spring, also, has come preparation for Class Night and Commencement-We have almost reached our goal. XVe look forward to the day of Hnal parting with both pleasure and regret-pleasure that we shall have completed our high school career and will be ready to enter into our life-work-regret that our pleasant school days together are over-that we shall probably never be together again as a class, and that close associations must be unwillingly severed. The past four short years have given us much pleasure and many memories which only the Class of 1937 may share. And so, in a few short days the Class of '37 will join the Alumni of Flemington High School. -. 1 3 "Fuzzy"lYjH ,AN 0 'fog ffft' Pittstown , - JU NF IJ! 140 1 ROBERT E. ALLEN dlis onlyqzbor was to kg! time." MMIHG Athletic Council 4g Football 3, 4, Typesetters Club 4g Future Farmers of America 2, 3, 4, Service Club 3g Baseball, Assistant Manager 3, Manager 4. GLADYS E. ASHBURY "Gladys" Stanton "So quiet, so unassuming is sho? Student Council 35 Band of Owls Klub 3, Treasurer 49 Handbook Committee, Chairman 3, 4. Entered from Clinton High School, October, 1935. NORMAN C. BALABAS "Heifetz,' Flemington "All wrapped up in his music." Athletic Council 25 Orchestra 2, 3, 43 All-State Orchestra 3, 43 Glee Club 3, 4, Stuzlont Voice 4, Class President 25 Masque and Sandal 4- O eretta fo its Hlffmx - HAQEL M. BARRICK "Hazel" Al-FHED J'HAB'R'55N Pittstown R b F All 4 A hh , H d . I b f H o ert Q.. en E. s Bury M0 F-dy 15 tn' P5 P0 Icy- fNOl'1I13U C.. Balabas Hazel M. Barrick Key Kliekers 4g Journalism 4. Mildred If. Bateman Alec Bodnar C. Jean Britton llarriet E. Britton H , H MILDRED E' BATEMAN , Gertrude T. Bross Edward G. Brown Md Rlngoes "A good sport and a girl among girls." Operetta lg Key Klickers 3, 45 Band of Owls Klub 2, 35 Student Voice 2, 3, 43 Echo 4, Cheer Leaders 45 Girls' Leaders Corps 45 Masque and Sandal 4. ALEC BODNAR "Bodnar" Q Linvale "Will be ever grow up?" CHARLOTTE JEAN BRITTON "Jeannie" Flemington "Do a good turn daily." Student Council 35 Athletic Council 4g Basketball, As- sistant Manager 3, Manager 4, Track 2, 3g Hockey 4, Student Voirc 45 Journalism 2, 45 Girls' Leaders Corps 3, 4. HA1MIQ'g1Ll gl'TON Pat'i- U-f'Hk'A E55 Flemington And laer deeds the erboes fill. Operetta 45 Glee Club 3, 4, Girls' Leaders Corps 4. GERTRUDE THEODORA BROSS 3 "Trudie" E Stanton "All that you do, do it well, or not at all." Key Klickers 3, 4, Band of Owls Klub 3, 4. EDWARD G. BROWN "Eddie" Whitehouse "I travel in books." Football 35 Baseball 3. -...ggf19Eg..... Her songs new souls shall tbrill, if HELEN DOLORES BROWN "Helen" Whitehouse "Is she so quiet and lit'IllIlYl'? Maybe, but zl0n'f be loo sure." Key Klickcrs 3, 4. U 70 wr 1-1,1741 r MARY E. BR WN "Mary"HE NH'-y E Sergeantsville "Be fhysvlf,-four! no greater gift." N Culinary Arts Cotcrie, Treasurer Zg Girls' Leaders Corps 4. RAYMOND BUCH "Buch" Pittstown "The mimi's Ihr' stamianl of the man." Track 3g Band 45 Typesetters Club 4g Band of Owls Klub 3, 43 Erho 4g Future Farmers of America 3 Re orter 4' ,--f 1 P, n Journalism 43 Radio Club 2. BENJAMIN CALIO ll !l ' Ben RL l I ,fl tl ,, Whitehouse Helen D. Brown Marv I-I. llvnwn Fssons ton 70 'wr Wie' Raymond C. Buch llenjamin Calif: Football 2, 3, 4g Baseball 3, Track 2, 3g Echo 4. F. Joyce Case Florence I.. Case lilizabeth S. Charles Marshall l.. Collins ,, ,, I Gerald l.. Compton john G. Croasdale Joyce Rcavllle I "The girl with fha smile is the girl worthwhile." FLORENCE L. CASE "Nalurz"s firsf great fiflf'-lllfllllg, Control 25 Service Club 4, Class Treasurer 4, Tu N! 2 11114 . GERALD L. coMP ON Operetta 1, 23 Glee Club 3, 4g Key Klickers 3. JOHN GEIL CROASDALE "Crow" Typesetters Club '3. Band of Owls Klub 3, 45 Echo 4g Girls, Leaders Corps 3, 4. NCIISCYH Ringoes "A light hear! lizrfh Iougf' Culinary Arts Coterie 3. ELIZABETH S. CHARLES : "Betty" Flemington "What sweet ilelighf a quid life afforfisf' Culinary Arts Coterie 3. MARSHALL L. COLLINS "Marty" Three Bridges Student Council 2, Football 3, 45 Baseball 3g Band 25 Future Farmers of America 2, 3g Activities Fund Board of "Jerry'wl A 0 U6 Flemington agapphrrzlt-fronzllrarc I am. free."Fl-Elwlfffi Athletic Council 3g Basketball, Assistant Manager 33 Rin goes "Carefree and gay, I love fo while the hours away." 6209..- v'fL.f fi fir! . ETHEL L. CRONCE 1. ri PLBE 3 'I ff -'P l "Ethel"f'1ILl.Aff7p H, 'Tap D Flemington "Life is not to live merely, but to live well." FEB gl P f.. 511! Hsaliyngoyt-Kr Vnkwseviius FRERl:gtg1T Olav "Silence is the perfect heralrl of joy? Key Klickers 45 Culinary Arts Coterie 2. VIOLET FRANCES CWIK . Pleasant Run "Kindness makes her many frienrlsf' Hockey 4, Operetta lg Glee Club 43 Key Klickers 3, 49 Band of Owls Klub 2, 3, President 4, Echo 2, 3, 45 Journal- ism 2. EDNA DANFORTH "Boots" Flemington "Worry and I have never met." Basketball 2, 3, 45 Track 3, Hockey 3, Captain 45 Girls' Leaders Corps 3, 4. Iithel L. Crmice Sara E, Cronce Violet F. Cwik Iidua Danforth Mabel V. ADani Mary-C. Dean N ,, R- Anne C. Diemirt David Dilts MaPeS mgoes John s. Dilts Mary H. Dilts "A goorl hearfs worth gold." Glee Club 35 Key Klickers 45 Journalism'3, 4g Girls' Leaders Corps 3. MARY CATHERINE DEAN V "Deannie" Flemington "I never let my studies interfere with my e1lueati0n.'3 I Track 2, 33 Hockey 4, Girls' Leads? Corps 4, Basketball 4. au 1.3616 4 AAR c IE IR ppl'-t'J'flWN i.Anne,, 70 Pittstown "Modest in 11 ure am retiring in zlenzeanorf' Key Klickers 4. DAVID DILTS "Doc" Three Bridges "A sociable, friendly, honest man." Athletic Council 4g Football 3, 4, Basketball, Assistant Manager 3, Manager 4, Stzulent Voiee 4, A. A. Play 35 Or- chestra 2, 3, 43 Band 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 3, 45 Eeho 4g Journal- '- ism 43 Masque and Sandal 4. JOHN SPENCER DILTS i "Diltsie" Pleasant Run "The ploughman homewaral plocls his weary way." Band 2, 3, 4, Future Farmers of America 2, 3, 4. MARY HOAGLAND DILTS "Mary3' Pleasant Run "My own thoughts are my own eornpanionsf 3? Culinary Arts Coterie 4. Entered from Somerville High School, March, 1934. 1 l - - f -..gf 2 1534..- VIA-Mccl. ni A U ei 4, 17.97 WILLIAM NEWELL DILTS "Bill" yo U Pl asant Run "A youth, ligbi-bearinl and c'r1r1ff'f1i."plTTJ'rf WN Band 2, Future Farmers of America 2, 3, President 45 Service Club 3, 4. VICTOR D. DROPPA "Vic" Quakertown "Meek but mighty." Future Farmers of America 2, 3, Secretary 4, Judging Team 3, 4. FRANCES C. EDGE "Frances" Flemington "Griffin of spvvrb, l1w1c'j5m'i1f of rnim1.'3 Echo 4. LAWRENCE EICK "Eicky" XVhitehouse "Noi foo serious, noi foo guy." Typesetters Club 3. ANNA ESKILDSEN "Anna" Flemington "A true and a good friend." JPRI I-Q1 I 44 IE 7 EMMA BAR ROFT WING "Emma' 0HNJ0SfPH 0' I Flemin ton "Art is the right Lof61af1irr'."rREN1'gN Operetta 2, 45 A. A. Play 3, Echo 3, 4, Journalism 2, 3, 4, Xvilliam N. llilts Victor ll. Drnppa 1 , , Frances C. 1-:age Lawrence J. 1-pick Key Klickers 4, Masque and Sandal 3, 4g Press Club lg Girls Anna liskilfi-en lfmma B. liwim: Leaders Corps 3, 4g Sfucicfnz' Voice 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 4g All- State Chorus 4. M A R o H I K. IN 7 Gladys P. Fenwick Genevieve lf. Fink ucsladn R Clover Harry Fink llmnias l'. Fillelirowu "She may look quiet-but look again!',Nf5HA NIC Echo 3, Girls' Leaders Corps 3. J'U1-J! 1 I 4 J 711 7. GENEVIEVE ELINOR FINK "Gen" 0 A' ly' Sf f Raritan "o'i1fw1fb the :li 015031 i5zi'Zri?gvd Student Council lg Basketball 2, 3, Ogeretta 2, 4 Club 4g Key Klickcrs 3, 4g Eriao 43 Girls' Leaders Corps 4 pid. 36 lflll! HARR FIN "Finkic"DORyfyJ! DUNIUQ M "Lillie, but ob my!" Tennis 3, 4g Glee Club 4, Band of Owls Klub 25 Journal- ism 3, 4g Masque and Sandal 4, Operetta 4, Student Voice 4. THOMAS F. FILLEBROWN H-I-ornn "Quiet paflvx are mine." Band of Owls Klub 2g Service Club 4. "TA'TIaN Flemington Flemington -..gf 2 2 -..gf 2 3 Ea.- DEG. Q I1-ff KATHERINE FOLEY ' "Kate" Fd BDOHIY 0.300911 NER Flemington "I am as I am and so I will be.'j5aME,1'V,,,,g Track 2- A A Play 3' Erbo 4- Girls' Leaders Cor s 3' 1 - - 1 9 P 9 Culinary Arts Coterie 2. ALBERTA L. FORCE "Bertie" Whitehouse "Good humor is fbc' bmllb of fbc soul." Key Klickers 3, 4, Girls' Leaders Corps 4. MILFORD V. FORCE "Mil', Whitehouse "Vc7isdom is more fo be f'nz'ir'd fban rirbcsf, Future Farmers of America 2, 3, 4. EDWIN LAWRENCE FORMAN "Eddie" Readington "I am wbaf I seem fo bvf' Service Club 4. Entered from Jefferson High School, Elizabeth, New Jersey, September, 1936. PETER F. GARBOSKI "Pete,' Ringoes "Being gifted with u fonguc I use if." Baseball 35 Basketball 3, Track 3. Entered from Pen- nington High School, November, 1935. EMILY GELLNER "Em" Ringoes "A 77ll'ffy bran' maketh a claecrful counfcfnancef' Student Council 35 Hockey 4: A. A. Play 3, Glee Club 3, 4, Band of Owls Klub 4, Journalism 3, 4, Masque and Sandal 3, 45 Operetta 45 Basketball 4. Katherine Foley Alberta I.. Force Milford V. Force Edwin L. Foshan Peter F. Garboski Emily Gellner Paul Gintner Edgar Grey Myrtle Haas Mary li. Hagen ,,Gintner,, Raritan "To the industrious belong the spoils." Student Council 1, Service Club 3, 4 ' EDGAR GREY lQEdl! Three Bridges "Nofbing is more useful than silence." Future Farmers of America 2, 3, Sergeant-at-Arms 4. MYRTLE S. HAAS "Myrt" East Amwell "The sunshine comes along with leer." Key Klickers 4, Pet Club 1. MARY ELIZABETH HAGEN "Betty" Pleasant Run "She was a scholar and a rigbf good one." Student Council 2, A. A. Play 3, Band 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 4, Band of Owls Klub 2, 3, Secretary 4, Student Voice 4, 1 Echo 1, Assistant Editor 45 Journalism 45 All-State Chorus 4. CLARENCE L. HALL "Hallie" Stanton Tennis 25 Ba "Slill zuafrrx run alc'z'1J." nd 2' Ty esetters Club 3. .TAJII HELEN ACNQS 1l2l1lw1cK "HClCn'YfA'NNf'l JVLFALGJNE I "A znrugvl, svnsilalr, 1c'rll-11115 ju'rxor1." Student Council 2, Basketball, Assistant Manager 3, Op- erctta 43 A. A. Play 3, Glee Club 4, Key Klickers 3, Presi- dent 4g Slmlwlt Vain' 2, 3, 43 Evlw 4, Masque and Sandal, Vice President 43 Girls' Leaders Corps 3, Class Secretary 1, 3, 4g Orchestra lg All-State Chorus 4. RUBY R. I-IAYDU Jain 4 N "Cookie" Flemington "Thr mvuliwz of vzrry man aml zuwmzn ix in seru- nfbrr ju'oplz'." Key Klickers 3, 4g Iirlm, Student Treasurer 4g Girls Leaders Corps 4. " I. C." JOHN MARTIN HENRY "TVll.Yf not fu appraranc'r'x." Football 41 Track 3. Entered from Somerville High School, September, 1935. RUTH MARIAN HENRY Potterstown "Ruth" Potterstown "WU are flu' lIIllXlt'-HItIl1l'l'X.U Hockey 43 Glee Cltga ?6ncLgJwls'Klub 4. I 'ALMA "Higgy" b I ' Ringoes r'Hdf1lIv1' dll! I, fffllll PHE' Iegflfm Clarence l... llall Ilelen A. llarwiek Wflzy arrfff flJr'y all !'0lIfPl1fl'lI' like mc?" Ruby R- UP'Y'l'1 J"l"' M- "e""F' Culinary Arts Coterie lhonaltl R. lllggflils hnslav j. llillehraml 2. llornum C. lliggiu. Walter ll. Hoffman Ruth M. lleury Alma llimrius JY? N. IZ I 94 ,Q DONALD RUSSELL HIGGINS .fsquawnglngliin ELS NI 'TH Flemington To fry Ilgdlll IS offan fb: My fo xzrrnsx. I-QMEERI v14,,,t Student Council lg Football 3, 45 Basketball 3, 4, Track 3, Operetta 15 Typesetters Club 3. DORMAN C. HIGGINS "Dorm" Flemington "Gla1lurss of lwarf is the lifz' of man." Student Council 3, Football 2, 3, 43 Baseball 3g Basket- ball 2, 3, Captain 45 Track 33 Operetta lg Typesetters Club 34 Future Farmer of America 1. GUSTAV J. HILLEBRAND "Gus" Readington "S-mall in Sfllfllft' lim' ln' vxcvllml in worlhf' Athletic, Council 4g Football 4g Baseball 2, 35 Track, As- sistant Manager 3, Manager 4g Orchestra 29 Band 2, 4, Future Farmers of America 2, 3, 45 Journalism 4. XVALTER HOWARD HOFFMAN "Bottle" Whitehouse "My laingrlom for an airplane." Typesetters Club 3. -...,5f241g....- 131-Q Albert O. llolcfnnbs Robert llolzapfel Steve llfmretz Genrxre C. llults xl3l'L!'HTCt Jack lawrence XY. Inluiscm EDGAR K. JONES lQEd1! "Quiet, 501011111 and 111z0htr11sivr' " ROSE KAZIMER "Rose" "Shr's just the quiet kind, whose nature 11ever 'Utl7'i0S.,, Key Klickers 3, 4. Entered from Frenchtown High School, September, 1934.3-UUE 19,74 MURIEL M. KEA ING 30M E K VML5 "Sidy" Three Bridges "Life is not so sJ01'. 'ut that there is always time enough for courtesy." Student Council 2, 3g Debating Club 25 A. A. Play Sflltlfllf Voice 3, 4, Echo 2, 33 Journalism 23 Masque and Sandal 3, 4, Press Club, President 1. JEROME E. KEMMERER ujerryss "The pen is the tongue of the mi11a'." Football 43 Echo 4, Service Club 3, 4. -. ,EEZ SEQ..- ALBERT O. HOLCOMBE Sparrow" Ringoes "Let some what may." Football 3, 43 Baseball 3g Typesetters Club 3. ROBERT HOLZAPFEL Red" Raritan 'rTi7l'16 elaborately thrown away." Future Farmers of America 3, Treasurer 2. STEVE HOORETZ "Hoots" Whitehouse "If you nuff ser' him, you can hear him." Baseball 35 Typesetters Club 3. GEORGE C. HULTS Horse" Flemington "A jolly gooa' fellow with friends galore." Typesetters Club 3g Service Club 3, 4. MARGARET JACK Jack" Locktown "As pleasant as the day is long." Key Klickers 3, 4g Band of Owls Klub 2, 3, 4. LAWRENCE W. JOHNSON Lawrence" Delaware "Youth now flies 011 feathered foot." Future Farmers of America 2, 3, 45 Journalism 45 Judg- ing Team 4. Edgar K. jones Rose Kazimer Muriel M. Keating Jerome E. Kemme e Flemington Franklin Whitehouse iii ,XX DOROTHY ELEANORE KENNEDY "Dotty" Whitehouse "Always willing to leml a helping hand." Student Council 25 Band 25 Glee Club 45 Key Klickers 45 Stznlent Voiee 3, 45 Handbook Committee 35 Eeho 2, 3, Editor-in-Chief 45 Activities Fund Board of Control 25 Jour- ent 45 Class Treasurer 1, 35 Class Vice President 45 Advisory ahsm 2, 3, Editor-in-Chief 45 Girls' Leaders Corps 3, Presi- 5g I I 53 , l Dorothy lxemlvilx' lflizzabeth H. Kerr Zuzy-PM. Kish i Mzu'p:aret T. Krug TONY S. KRYCH llT0nyYl "Men of few wonls are the best Entered from Seward Park High School, December, 1935. I JOHN KURYLO "Kurylo" "Slow aml easy going, hut he gets there just the same." Football 3, 45 Track 3. 0 0GuJ'f I 11749 IKMA E. LAWSON 00145855 "Irma"EL Wooa ,G K uakertownl' "A girl who lazi 'hs and a ks away the vacant hours 3, A . SAMUEL LENTINE, JR. usarnn "Never :lo today what you can fmt of till tomorrow. Typesetters Club 4. CATHERINE LEON "Thea" "Pleasure and aetion make the hour seem short. Basketball 2 3 4 Track 2 Hocke 3 1 9 3 i Y 9 3 P 9 2 Glee Club 45 Key Klickers 3, 45 Band of Owls Klub 2, 3, 45 Journalism 45 Girls' Leaders Corps 3, Vice President 4. DOROTHY A. LEWIS 1?Doti! "There's lots we might say of you But one worla' will sziffiee-'niee'!" I Entered from Woodbridge High School, Cabinet 4? OPEETEZMM l-SXRIRHEEQ ZERRf1yMuufH WWA "Betty'70jfPH H, as pa K yg Flemington' ' "The art of dressing makes the woman." Student Council 35 Athletic Council, Secretary-Treasurer 45 Basketball, Assistant Manager 35 Operetta 2, 45 A. A. Play 35 Glee Club 45 Key Klickers 3, 45 Siuzlent Voiee 2, 3, 45 Masque and Sandal 3, Treasurer 45 Girls' Leaders Corps 35 Echo, Advertising Manager 4. 0 1 I ZUZY MAQY M4 01:,'fA'!,p Mn "Sue" H, W Stoc ton "Her elxterior e ies her so11l's immensityf' Key Klickers M RGARET T. KRUG "Marge" TUH N N 0 hitehou e "The milalest manners and the gentlest heixh Tony S. Krych john Kurylo Irma lf. Lawsml Samuel Lcntine Ir. Catherine l.eon Dorothy A. Lewis Q Locktown men." Rocktown A Copper Hill Flemington 'i V 4 0 eretta 2 4 Wertsville September, 1936. l ' MHJHZII-37 D LO ES EVELYN LUSTER 5lANf0 N 3' ' "Dolor" 8 H25 fa R H ALL Pleasant Run " 'Tis the quiet ami zlimssuming who go the highest? Glee Club 3, 4, Echo 3, 4, Girls' Leaders Corps 3. EILEEN HARRIET MACKEY "Mackey" Whitehouse "She's Irish through arm' through With Irish wit and humor, too." Glee Club 4g Key Klickers 4, Student Voice 3, Assistant Editor-in-Chief 4, Echo 2, 3, 4, Activities Fund Board of Control 1, Journalism 3, 4, Masque and Sandal 3, 4, Girls, Leaders Corps 3, Secretary 4, Operetta 4. - M.QBlff5'sdEHi5J141LLAN "Skipper"z5 R131 F5 'fl CG I NJ Stanton "Old-fashiouea' poetry but choicely gooc1."l'EBJ Nw Echo 4. MARY E. MACZKO "Terry" Flemington "She smiles aim' does not care." Bllsketball 2, 3a C3Pt3-in 43 Track 2, 35 Hockey 3: 43 OP' Dolores E. Luster Eileen eretta 2, Glee Club 4, Key Klickers 3, 4, Band of Owls Klub Mabel s. Maclllillan Mary 12. Maclko 2, Echo 4, journalism 4, Girls' Leaders Corps 3, 4. Sllillff Qlsllilill liifiiisnkiliiiiiiiib TPM L H 4-Z llrailley R. Mills John G. Morgan W- . , - "Bud,'ELEH NOR RHI' MILL Flemington . "A true sport in every sense of the word." H Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Operetta 2, 4, A.A. Play 3, Glee Club 3, 4, Key Klickers 3, Vice President 4, Echo 4, Masque and Sandal 2, 4, Vice President 3, Service Club 3, 4, 2 Class Vice President 2, Class President 3, 4, All-State Chorus 1. 4- guna' 4 :Z .3 5 v . T ll "Renie" Bb lllll- 1135 WS Reaville 1 "A girl full of fun and friendliness." 4'REEBXl'cE'S . Basketball 3, Track 3, 4, Hockey 3, 4, Key Klickers 3, 4, Echo 3, 4, journalism 4, Culinary Arts Coterie 2, Girls' Leaders Corps 3. J' N.JL I A WILLIQM G. MCQEZDN . "Mac"M 7 Q, AQ V Flemington I ny "His istflife of jollityf' U Typesetters Club 3. LOUIS GRAHAM MILAN "Lou" Whitehouse "He believes in actions, not wordsf, Football 2, 3, 4, Baseball 3, Track 3, Echo 4, Masque and Sandal 3, President 4, Class Sergeant-at-arms 4, Basketball 4. BRADLEY ROSS MILLS "Millsie,' Flemington "Hair! Hair! What's on your head?" Operetta 2, Typesetters Club 3, Glee Club 4, Echo 4, I Press Club 1. JOHN G. MORGAN "Morgan" Raritan "He will find a way." Typesetters Club 3, Service Club 4. -- +if2713a--- GRACE ELIZABETH NADEAU "Grace" "Ab, awry infb a W' 4: WALTER NATUK "Tarzan,' Delaware "As a man is, so must you humor bint." Key Klickers 3, 4. CEDRIC A. NORBURY "Ted" Ringoes "The style is tba' man laiuzselff' Football 2, 3, 4g Band 3, 4, Efbo 4. JOHN PEREHINYS "Prunes" Ringoes "Imitate no man, ln- tby frm' s Football 3, Captain 4. john L. Peterson George Il. Plum ' Anna Pohl Dorothy D. Potter Lillian Putter lleleu L. Pyatt Basketball 2, 3, 4, Hockey 3, 4g Glee Club 4g Key Klickers Band of Owls Klub 2, 3, 4, Girls, Leaders Corps 4. elf. Pleasant Run Grace E. Nada-an XYaltei' Natuk Cedric A. Norhury Jolm l'erehmys JOHN LEWIS PETERSON 'lackn Whitehouse "The goal is olftainml only ibrougb prrsistm1c'y." Masque and Sandal 45 Tennis 3, 45 Glee Club 4g Ecko 4. 6 1- ' Entered from Rahway High School, April, 1936. .A.. -if , ,. .QF 3 - A h '- GEORGE H. PLUM "Plummie" Flemington "An honest man is tba noblest work of God." Typesetters Club 4. ANNA POHL ' HAIIHU Raritan "A faithful worker Jivwr failsf' Glee Club 45 Band of Owls Klub 4, Secretary 3g Hand- book Committee 1' Jo l' 4. ' I DOM 1R?Dl"P0?'l'ER'4 0 UDOFH lemington "Come ana' trip it as ye go, H jLljfl-PHIA On the light fantastic toe." Student Council 3g Athletic Council 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4: Track 35 Hockey 3, Manager 4, Operetta 25 Glee Club 4, Key Klickers 3, Secretary-Treasurer 4, Handbook Committee 3, Ecko 4, Cheer Leaders 2, 3, 4g Girls, Leaders Corps 3, 4. LILLIAN POTTER "Lil" Flemington "A likable c'o1nlJi11alio11 of athletic strength and femininity." Athletic Council 4, Basketball 2, 3, 45 Track, Assistant Manager 3, Manager 4g Hockey 3, 4, Operetta 23 Masque and Sandal 3, 4, Key Klickers 3, 45 Student Voice 45 Echo 4g Cheer Leaders 2, 3, 43 Girls' Leaders Corps 3, 4. HELEN L. PYATT "Helen" Delaware "It's nice to be natural, when you are naturally nice." Key Klickers 3, 45 journalism 4. -..45f2 gg.-- APRIL 8517.37 l MARION EVELYN UEEN QtM3fl0H,,mHN L S Ringgeg "She is a wise person who talks but little." Tl WN I Orchestra 2, 3, 43 Culinary Arts Coterie 4. CHARLES QUINN uQUiUf1', Whitehouse "just one of the boys." 197 . 1 ADELAIDE R.lfED A UTOOYSH ' D, E Hf5H Whiteliiouse "Be yourself at all times." PAUL RENO "Reno" Readington "Big oalzs from little aeorns grow." Track 2. Marion E. Queen Charles Quinn Adelaide Reed Paul Reno DOROTHY RINK YQDOUH Raritan Dorothy Rink Judith II. Rosswaag "As merry as the Jay is long." Student Council 23 Operetta 23 Key Klickers 3, 43 Student Voice 4g Class Treasurer 23 Echo, Business Manager 4. JUDITH HELENE ROSSWAAG "Judy" Ringoes "Her dark brown eyes smile constantly." Student Council 23 Glee Club 3, 4g Echo 2, 4g Journalism 43 Culinary Arts Coterie 3, President 4g All-State Chorus 43 Operetta 4g Service League 4. EDWARD SAMSON "Spike" Rocktown "A noisy man is always rightf, Football 3, 4g Track 33 Glee Club 43 Band of Owls Klub 33 journalism 3, 43 Operetta 43 Masque and Sandal 4. ' ROBERT LAWRENCE SARGENT "Bob" Whitehouse "A quiet lad but one with plenty of ambition." Track 4g Stiiiieizt Voice 4. Entered from New Bruns- wick High School 1936. KATHERINE SCHENCK "Kay" Pleasant Run "Lauri every man thy voice, but few thy ear." Glee Club 3g Culinary Arts Coterie 4g Girls' Leaders Corps 4. KATHERINE MAY SCI-ILAPFER "Kate" Flemington "Why do I laugh? Well, to he explicit, I see fun where others often miss it." Student Council 2g Basketball 2, 3, 43 Track 3g Operetta 1, 23 Key Klickers 3, 43 Cheer Leaders 2, 3, 4g Girls' Leaders Corps 3, 4g Saturday Morning Club 3. -,.,i+2913..- Edward Samson Katherine Sclienck Robert L. Sargent Katherine M. Schlapfer o SL ttDotsy Key Klickers Secretary 2. "Galway" "Sedlock" zeLeen "Chiclets" "Good , Football 2, 3, Beatrice M. Schomp 'l'. xlfflllllii Seals Lena M. Sherry Dorotlly YV. Scott Raymmul Sedlock john Shikoluk Pfavff 1 4-11 JOHN H. SLADDEN -'slataf-91111 M. .S M AT I1 Fleminfton "Coil bless the man who first imfented sleep."' Football 2, 3, 45 Baseball 2, 35 Operetta 2, 45 Glee Club 3, 45 Sfzmlenf Voiee 2, 3, 45 Eelm 2, 3, 45 journalism 25 Masque and Sandal 4. 71 EDITH M. SMITH "Scotty"f9 17 'J H, SL. ADDZM Flemington "A milzl-mamzeretl maid." 'I Basketball, Assistant Manager 45 Key Klickers 45 Echo 45 Cheer Leaders 4. Entered from Franklin K. Lane High School, Brooklyn, N. Y., October, 1935. , CONRAD STALHUT "Conrad" Lebanon "Pm an easy goin' fellerf' Service Club 3, Lieutenant 4. Entered from Textile High School, New York City, N. Y., September, 1935. CHARLES STAWSKI "Charles" Franklin "Pleasure before eueryibingf' Baseball 35 Typesetters 3, 4. I Key Klickers 3, 4 Uczaaa 1141 BEATRICE MAE SCHOMP 'Bean N ' hit house Medicine for the soul." No H DOROTHY WHITNEY SCOTT Whitehouse "She creates an atmosphere of smiles and friendship." 45 Erbo 45 Girls' Leaders Corps 45 Class THYRA VIRGINIA SEALS Whitehotlse "Fine mzlures are like fine poems." Entered from Somerville High School, September, 1934. RAYMOND SEDLOCK Delaware 'Describe loim who ran." Feaaaffs Y LENA M. SHERRY SHE'-'80 lemington "Always merry and bright." RIYAN l Track 25 Hockey 3, 45 Operetta 15 Glee Club 3, 45 Culin- ary Arts Coterie, Publicity Manager 45 Girls, Leaders Corps 4. JOHN SHIKOLUK Whiteliouse lbings rome in small paeleagesf' 45 Track 2, 35 Typesetters Club 45 Glee Club 3, 45 Echo 4. john II. Slarlilen Edith M. Smith Conrad Stalllllf Charles Stawski -..M3 gtg.-- "Fred" Flemington "Such sweet compulsion floth in music lie. Operetta 2, 43 Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Band 2, Secretary 3, . ia Librarian 4g Glee Club 3, 4, Band of Owls Klub 2, 3, 45 gi Stzulent Voice 4g Echo 4, Journalism 2, 3, 45 Masque and 5 Sandal 3, 45 Press Club, Treasurer lg Radio Club 2. "Ev"0KVI L- f H0 LL Pleasant Run Band of Owls Klub 4. "Sw:ickey" Whitehouse Football 3g Baseball Captain 33 Stuzlent Voice 3, 45 Echo, Art Editor 4. VIRGINIA MAY SWEENEY "Sweeney" Whitehouse "Witty lively, and full of nn." DOR OMPSON "Dorn E 3 Rin oes "good nature is her nhlt-:ig name." 1-Mlintf Glee Club 35 Band of Owls Klub 4, Echo 45 Journalism 43 Culinary Arts Coterie 4. . "Pebbles" Whitehouse "It's a friendly heart that has -many friends." Key Klickers 4, Echo 4. ADELE STONE FREDERICK S. STOTHOFF EVELYN STRIMPLE "Cheerful whenever yon meet her. FRED SWACKHAMER "He will honor the arts." Adele Stone Frederick Stothoff Evelyn Strimple Fred Q. Swackhamer Virginia M. Sweeney Dorothy VV. Thompson Bernard F. Turnicy John H. Totten Douglas' P. Volk Nicholas XVa.ranicki I 3 Qg..- BERNARD F. TORMEY "Tormey" Three Bridges - "Little said is soonest mendedf, ' Football 4. Entered from Bryant High School, Long Island City, N. Y., October, 1936. JOHN H. TOTTEN "Totten', Ringoes "What wonders hath science wroughtf, Football 25 Operetta 25 Band 2, 3, 4, Band of Owls Klub 2, 3, Vice President 45 Echo 4g Service Club 3. DOUGLAS B. VOLK "Doug" Cherryville "The blessing of the earth is toil." Football 4g Baseball 3g Future Farmers of America 2, Vice President 3, 43 Service Club 4. NICHOLAS WARANICKI "Nick', Raritan "Youth is wholly exjierirnentalf' U Em 'fij BEATRICE WEISBERG YN Flemington "A womazfr work is 11e1,'er donef' Key Klickers 4. Entered from Metuchen High School, Deceugber, 1935. "Beatt G. ROGER WILLIAMS "Rod" Flemington "Nature, on bis urzembarrassed brow, load written 'gentlr'ma'n'." Student Council 35 Athletic Council 3, President 4g Foot- ball, Assistant Manager 3, Manager 4, Baseball 35 Tennis 2, 3, Basketball 3, 4, A. A. Play 3, Key Klickers 3, 4, Student Voice 45 Echo, Subscription Mn nager 4g Activities Fund Board of Control 43 Masque and Sandal 3, 4, Service Club, Vice Chairman 3, President 4, Class Vice President 3, Advisory Cabinet 4. J GRACE ZENKUS "Gracious', Q N Raritan "A daughfer of the gods, divinely tall." Student Council 2, Secretary 3, Operetta 4, A. A. Play 33 Beanie' Weisbefg G- R'-'Ke' Williams Orchestra 43 Glee Club 4, Student Voice 2, 3, Editor-in-Chief Gmce Zenkus Clmles Zolkauskas 4, Echo 4, Journalism 3, Editor-in-Chief 43 Masque and Sandal 3, Secretary 4, Service Club 3, 4, Press Club, Vice President lg Girls' Leaders Corps, Corresponding Secretary 49 Advisory Cabinet 4. CHARLES ZOLKAUSKAS "Charlie" Raritan "I like work it fascinates me, I can sit and look at it for hours." Typesetters Club 3, 4. 606- ' M94 o ' ELWOOD M. BR CK "Bud" 5 llqsbly Quakertown "Such as be will forge 'beadf' QVA Entered from Leonardo High School, September, 1936. uulackn JOHN D. MAcILROY , 'Pittstown t "Duties well performed and days well spent." Typesetters Club 3, 4. -..H3 Zig..- A 1 ,Liu ,- Q' uv... llj llewrge llultx zinrl "Rell" llul7apfel lmvl: 'em over, Q21 llere the law Il1ZlliC1'h gather. C35 The lnnnnrlzil i,incuh1. L43 lfthel l'i'nnce alnl Gertrucle 151-055 pause in the day", uceiipatimi. t5J llrzulley :incl "l!zu'i1cy' . stick clww tu the ti'aiis1m1'tzxtin11. my Mil liateimnv, Kate Finley, jlnlith Rnvxxuzigl, zunl llc-t 'Vlnnnpvfn Senlors laugh at war, UD The Putter twins. llelen llarwick, anal Betty Keri' learn hmx' ai pnlite lfivilb XYQU in i- funght at tif-t lmncl. QN1 XYQ lint nn the Huge bag, QU Mary Mgtcylg-1, Thea l,eun, lfinily llcllnci . :intl Irene Rlatlxcws refuse In he lull-it-,gi-ziluliexl. llllj Mr. Yan Kenren clciiiun-trzntvss 1-lrl rn1:u'tv:r-lmvlt Washlngton signals with Ilrziclley. LIU NYE ilu nut believe that thih act of jr-hn Shikwlult amlslcml tu the l5I'CNtl1JC nf 4.111 rclnml. 4123 Grace Zenknb, lint Kennedy, and liileen Mackey appear sulnewliat snnxller than they 1lClll2illj are. U37 Turn ynnr hezul, lid, and pay attentiun tu Mabel. ll-lj The CllZl1lQ'l'tlIla will Nunn he riclnlg, - high. LISD The capitnl at night reflectetl in the pool. U65 john Peterson, Iermnc Keminercri lint ""'7il33lff""' llmck, zunl fell Xwrlniry :luring sa nlnll innnicnt, pure fm' the 11l1utugi':11ml1ci'. I . IIJ I'lxx'-irixlx in thu nlukinpf. 1.25 Mr. L'r:f't'n1:u1 :xml Ucu qliwxmv xzalvxlfv, 435 l'rwy:n-W in ilu- "NI:-the Senior iffmguxvf' 1-H .Mlv:1m'wl Hx'4IlIIC1'-11IlI1.KllK',u 455 Ilnlulwuf and lhw-wn, play-ici-ly gr-5 'IH-ll Stuwxki :md at work flux fr!lm'iul lv.u'u 11: 1l1'nw NIYHIXIIII Iimw. KTJ XYQ ullprnvc cuch Nllil!iIlg' llll!lllIx'. 1X3 l'n-un-W in Ill? Qlfilllllli' :xrl-. W3 Ulfvcry mln-bit culry nmxt have :A vrcdlt entry." -' '+Ef35l'3+ Ye Moderator Speaks You have honored me, my fellow members of the Class of 1937, as your president. In accordance with my ability, I have endeavored to serve you, but my best efforts were, I feel, far too inadequate. It devolves on me, as we face the prospect and reality of closing our years together as a class in Flemington High School, to give you some message of faith and hope to carry with you as we go our several ways. W'hen we leave the auditorium with our diplomas, it will not be a festive occasion for most of us. It will be the last time, perhaps, that a few of us shall meet. That is a prospect which we dread to think of. but which we must face. We have labored together as a group for several years. Some have accomplished more than others-that was to be ex- pected. All of us could have, no doubt, accomplished much more than we have to our credit. Our teachers have attempted to set up, t eat a degree as possible in the school, life situations, in order that w ight be the better pre- pared to meet the harsher and greater problems of actually helping to perform the work by which men gain their daily living. In these days of change-and I do not say this lightly, for we, with our comparatively small experience, have sensed this condition-we need, it seems to me, to formulate a faith or an ideal to which we can cling, and for which, if need be, we can sacrifice our selfish interests, as did the founders of our nation. Knowledge we have in varying degrees, though all of us have far too little. Facts and skills are of no use unless they are applied, and they are a detriment to social advancement if they are used or applied for wholly selish ends. Do not let the end of your school years be the end of learning. Wfe have secured a firm foundation on which to build, if we choose, a life of useful citizenship. Continue to seek the facts of life and of living. Gather them, sift them, and apply them, not only for your own personal benefit, but for the purpose of making the World a better place in which to live. Adopt a creed of faith and hope-a creed you can live up to-a creed you can be proud to acknowledge, and which will reflect honor to its followers. In bidding you farewell and Godspeed I offer this sug- gestion: Learn To Love God, Your N eigbbor, and Your Country. CLARENCE MARTYN, i President of the Class of 1937 111 x1l1I'1K'1 1--111 121.111 111 1111111-1 l'1111CJ1111'll, 1.11 .X-1'11111111' -11 11111- 1-g11'11111uN. 131 11 1-1--11- :111111-X1 11111 11'1111r1'1111':1111111. 111 'l4111'1'1'Y 11 11111111111 111 '.'S11':11'1w" 11112 131 111111 11c11c11w 11. 11111 111-1 1111--xxx 11 1N11't 11'11c 1111 '1'111' 111-111-11111111 11:11'11 111 1111' x111'1'1w5 111 11Il'k 1'1'1 f1111111'. 171 1711111 111 .1 1111111. 1X1 111' 1111111111 11 111' 11111 1111 111111' 1-1 11111111 11-1'11111'11 pslwvx. 1"1 1111111111111-'1111' "u111111111:114." 11111 1101111 11:11'111'1111' 1l:11'1' 11'1111111'1'r1 School 111111111 11. 1111 "NW-11 111:11 1411 1111011 11111 111'1' 111110111111 111:1111-xml." A11l1 R1111411cx, S1'1'1:c:1111N1'11l1-, 11111 111111111-1'1111111, 111'1' 1-111-1111111 111111-N 111 11'1111'11 111 111111: 11.11 II11' 1.11111 111 1111- .X1111111'11111 111 11 11u1l11'1' 111111111 1 5 H A U, 1141 11 1-11-11N l1I11- .1 111c111'1' 1'1111111 uz1111c. 11:11 'fIJ111111 ,IL11111 wh 11 11111. 11111 N111 XX1'11N 111.110 1110 C111111'1'.l e 111 1111-131-. 1171 1111111-1111111111 1-11w1'1N. 1181 1111-11 1111- 1111 1'111 1111 111'c1' 11111 1I1C111liL'. 1l'11 51111111111 11i11N 111-cl 1'11'lIlI1lj:11'lI, 11 111 1. 11111 ,111 11111111w 1-11 11111 g111111- 51111 1111: 1311 111111 511111 l'1111 gn 111 Nlccp -111, 1111' 11'111'c ,1 1 - - - V 1--J A11 111'111111c11 1111 111 1-11111 111111'r. 1-31 1311 11:11 51111111011 1111I11111:. 11-1 1-11111011 11c111111' 111111 111 11111111 1151 .X111111 111111 1l1'111. 11111 141111111115 M1111 111111 11'1'1IL'. 11.271 .X C1141 111 1111111 :11'11'1't11111. 1lS1 XXX' 111'1111, '1-111 11111'11 111111: -. ,313 613, .- l -gfwyaw WE GO INTO REVERSE Name ROBERT ALLEN - GLADYS ASHBURY-II: NORMAN BALABAS HAZEL BARRICK --- HARRIET BRITTON JEAN BRITTON ..... ELWOOD BROCK ........ GERTRUDE BROSS ...... EDWARD BROWN ....... HELEN BROWN ......... MARY BROWN ........... RAYMOND BUCH ........ BENJAMIN CALIO ....... FLORENCE CASE ....... JOYCE CASE ............. ELIZABETH CHARLES MARSHALL COLLINS --I GERALD COMP ON ..... T GEIL CROASDALE ETHEL CRONCE --III SARA CRONCE .......... - VIOLET CWIK ........... EDNA DANFORTH MAB EL DANI ............ MARY DEAN ....... ..... ANNE DIEMIRT --- ------ DAVE DILTS ..... JOHN DILTS --- MARY Dir-Ts ..... WILLIAM DILTS - VICTOR DROPPA .1111 FRANCES EDGE ........ - LAWRENCE EICK EMMA EWING ........... Ye Towne Gossippe Usually Found Gabbing ........... Working ........... Flunking French --- Smiling shyly .... MILDRED BATEMAN-:T -Talking ......... ALEC BODNAR .......... Studying ................ In Lambcrtville ........ -- ln.Miss Steinhauer'S office- With Irma .............. Resembles Excels In -Pyramid ...... -... . Doing nothing -----Solitude ----- ----.Worrying -----A maestro ----- -----Violin -----A farmerette ---- ----.Silence -----A housewife -------- -Acorn .......... ...... - - -Last days of Pompeii .... .Miss Steinhauer ----- -A gentleman ........ Minding her own business--A glorious evening -- Making noise ............. Talking .... --- With Alma --- Disagreeing --- Agitation ........ .-- ----Autumn sunset ---- -----The dawn ------ lfarmcr ........... -- .Being heard -Being wise .Voice ' .Helping Miss Steinhauer .Being neat .Frowning .Hitch-hiking .The future .Keeping to herself .Talking Sleeping .... -Jimmie Durante ........ .Football Dozing .... -VVreck of the Hesperus--.Science Smiling ------------------- Kate Smith ............. .Good nature Staring ................... Herself ................. .Getting by Doing crossword puzzles---Anticipation ............ .Studies With Norma .--........... The King's Jester ....... .Ushc-ring ln trouble .... -- -Destiny's Tot ..... .... . Being absent Anywhere .... ..... A ll Outdoors ............ .Jollity Sitting .......... ln the library ..... Rushing around Grinning ......... On her way out .... Looking .......... Making speeches --- Shuffling along --- On time ......... With Doris -- Being shy --- -Studying .... Fooling ....... Boredom ................ What??? - .... An all-around girl ..... -- -Tombov ................ .Doing library work .Eating candy in classes ----Her nationality --- ----.lntellectuality -----Activity -------- -----Athletics Sh maiden .... .Listening - y ..... -----A royal flush ------ .Being popular ----.A dream walking --------.Being absent ----.Women's Home Companion Smiling .Service with a smile ----.Stop and go sign .... ---- ----.Prosperous farmer .------ -----Earnestness ------------- .Agriculture .Being naive .Holding his own -----A roaring lion ---- ----- ANNA ESKILDSEN :::'With Ethel ........ ' With Spence .............. Goldilocks ...... ----..The pioneer ---- .Own blonde hair .Art GLADYS FENWICK ...... Listening graciously ...... -A kid sister ....... .... . Wondering GENEVIEVE FINK ....... VVriting notes ............ -The gay nineties ........ .Getting there HARRY FINK ............ VVith Goldie .............. .A peanut ............... .Alibiing THOMAS FILLEBROWN -On the stairway .... .... . Noonday sun ............ .Effacing himself KATHERINE FOLEY .... ALBERTA FORCE ..... --. MILFORD FORCE ........ EDWIN FORMAN ........ PETER GARBOSKI EMILY GELLNER EDGAR GREY --- MYRTLE HAAS .... ..... BETTY HAGEN .......... CLARENCE HALL HELEN HARWICK RUBY I-IAYDU ........... - ..----.. .Argument On her way .............. .I-assitude ............... Where she belongs --------The freshness of the country -Good nature ..........-. Rushing around ..-.---..- -Politician -- Paying attention -.-... --- Talkmg .......-..-....--. .Where the crowd gathers-- PAUL GINTNER --- ----- Stud in A yu iz ----- 7 ----------- Matching pennies -........ With Ruth -....... Listening .-----.-.--...-- Staring .....-.-....-.-. -- ln Mr. Folker's office -----Sweet music -Speed -... - ,Seriousness --..-.- Doing her work .Using common sense .Arguing - .,,, .Track -Innocence ....... --.. - Flirting ----.Keeping to himself A likeable fellow ..-..... .Good manners -----A fraulein ---------------.Her complexion -The perfect student .--.- Innocence ..-.....-...... .Coon-hunting - .Accomplishments ------------Typing .Bookkeeping Working .....--.....-.... -Secretary ...-. -..-. In his ear -.-....-......-. .Adolescence --- .--.- The dawn of a better day RUTH HENRY .-.--.-.... -With Myrtle .-.. ALMA HIGGINS .-.-.--.- .VVith "Priccy" -- JOHN HENRY ..... ..... DONALD HIGGINS DORMAN HIGGINS -.-... GUS HILLEBRAND WALTER HOFFMAN .... ALBERT HOLCOMBE --- ROBERT HOLZAPFEL -- STEVE HOORETZ -...... GEORGE HULTS .-.--..-. MARGARET JACK -.-..-- LAWRENCE JOHNSON -- With a crowd --- With Mabel ...-- Wise cracking .... With Red -.---- In trouble .... Talking -...- Grinning ..-... Having fun --- Anywhere .--..-- Making excuses --- ----.Her brother -Laughing gas --- ---,Dorman ------ .Donald ...-.. - ----.Barefoot boy -----Silence ------- -----Puzzle -------- -Ants -.-.--..--.. -----A Revolution -A boys' pal --In ----.Modesty ------ -----Ol' man river --- Diagnosing "Cases" .The age old story .Sports .Sports .Baseball . .Making airplanes .Kidding .Raising "Cain" .Putting it over .Being polite .Long nails ----Rolling along 4389-- Name Ye Towne Gossippee Usually Found Resembles EDGAR JONES ........... -Out of school ............- Thunderstorm --- ROSE KAZIMER ......... .In back of the room ....... Immobility ......... Excels In ---.Being absent -Staying there MURIEL KEATING ...... -Milan "now" .............. Peaches and cream ...... .Culture JEROME KEMMERER ---.On duty ............ .... . Gentleman .............. .Poetry DOROTHY KENNEDY ---With Mr. Miller .... ..... S unshine ................ .Keeping Turk BETTY KERR ............ Keeping records .... .... . Her Scotch ancestors .... .Dressing ZUZY KISH ..--.......... With a coat ...... ..... W inter ................. .Frowning RIARGARET KRUG -.--.-. Quiet .....---.-- ----- S tudy .-................ .Paying attcntign TONY KRYCH ..... .... W ith slick hair .... .... - Trouble .... ---.Laziness JOHN KURYLO .... .... W ith Prunes .... ..... D istress ...... ---.Football IRMA LAWSON .-..--.... With Bud ...-.- ..... G racie Allen .-.--.- ---.Waiting on tables KATHERINE LEON --.-. Looking around --- ...- -Senorita .-.------------- .Hockey SAM LENTINE .-----..-- Making Noise -.---- .--. - Trouble On Wheels -.--- .Argumentation DOROTHY LEWIS .-.---. Paying attention -... ..... C omfort ..-------------- .Hopes DOLORES LUSTER ----- Powdering .............-.. The light that failed ---- .Broken Promises JACK MacILROY .... . ..-. Playing ping pong ----..-.. Suppressed desire -..-..- .Printing EILEEN MACKEY --.---- When you want her .---.. .An Irish Colleen --- ---.Moods MABEL MacMILLAN -.-- Scowling ..............-.. .Worry -----.--.--.- ---.Tiny Writiiig MARY MACZKO -...-.-.-. Fooling .--.----...-...-... Tropical moonlight ------ .Basketball CLARENCE MARTYN ---- With a sense of humor .... Football Hero ----- ---Singing IRENE MATHEWS ------. .Doing the wrong thing .... Athlete --.-.-.--.------. .Sports BILLY MCKEON -.------- .Laughing .-......- L ---..-. Barrelled Sunshine ..---- .Convulutions LOUIS MILAN ----------- .With Muriel ...---....-... A Don ----.------- ---.Dramatieg BRADLEY INIILI-S ------- -lWiIh llflr. Folker ------.-- An atlas -----.--..- ---.Getting excuses JOHN MORGAN ...- --.- C onspiring with Bill --...- A deep voice ...--.-...-- .Knowledge GRACE NADEAU -- .... Among books .-----.------ A work of the Gods ....-. .Helpfulness WALTER NATUK .-...-. Punching ----------- ---- . Mischief .......-.......- .Making noise CEDRIC NORBURY ----- Around corners ........... Orator --..---- ---.Excuses JOHN PEREHINYS ------ VVith Kurylo .........-... J'Do or die" .-.. ---Football JOHN PETERSON -------- Expressing his opinion .-.. Independence -- ---.Tennis GEORGE PLUM ---------- Helping Mr. Schofield .---- C onfidcnce ..-- ---.Efficiency ANNA POHL ..-.--------- Busy -.----.---..--.....-- .Shy maiden --- ---.Courtesy DOROTHY POTTER ----- .Dancing .........-........ Lillian ..-.----. ---.Hockey LILLIAN POTTER ---.-. A good s ort --- ----. Dorothy ......... ---.Athletics HELEN PYATT ---- MARION QUEEN -- CHAR-1-Es QUINN ........ ADELAIDE REED .....-. PAUL RENO ............. DOROTHY RINK ...----- JUDITH ROSSWAAG ---- ED SAMSON .-.---------- ROBERT SARGENT --.-- KATE SCHENCK ----.---- KATE SCHLAPFER BEATRICE SCHOMP-Z .... DOROTHY scorr ..-... - P Sitting ........ .-... A summer breeze --- Looking --- ---- .Absent ----- .--.- ---. Peaceful ................-. -Good cheer ...-.----.-.. -The quiet of the evening-- .The path to glory - ---- -- -----.Making Friends .A pleasant disposition .Loafing .Saying little Studying ...-.-............ Height --.....---------- .Diligent studying Flirting .....-....-.......- T he west wind --- Making Echo collections-- Puntching someone ------- Gazing .........-... Chattering ------ Wisecracking --...------. With Sweeney ------------Sense of humor --- -Hollday .....-- -'- -Roughneck ----..--- - .... D reamer .....-.---.-.... ---.Getting her way ---.Kidding Stothoff ---.Tonal depths .Poetry -----That powdered look -----.Scowling -Athlete .....---..--.---- With Beatrice --..----..-- .Aloofness --..... --Farmer ------- - VIRGINIA SEALS --..--.. -Answering Gen. Fink's notes RAY SEDLOCK --- ---. -In trouble .......... ---- LENA SI-IERRY ---- Grumbling ------ JOHN sH1KoLUK .... Illnakang noise JoHN SLADDEN ......... EDITH sM1TH ....... .... CONRAD STAI-HUT ....- CHARLES STAWSKI .-..- ADELE STONE .......... FRED sToTHoFF ..-.... EVELYN STRIMPLE ...-. FRED SVVACKHAMER VIRGINIA SWEENEY DOT THOMPSON ----.--- BERNARD TORMEY JOHN TOTTEN ..-....... DOUGLA VOLK S .------- NICK WARANICKI -.----- BEATRICE WEISBERG-u ROD WILLIAMS --... .--- GRACE ZENKUS ...-.-.- - Napping ----.- Chattering --- On duty --- The North Pole ---- Hurry -.-..-.--..------- Good-nature .-.---..-.-.- -----Knowledge of the ages--- .Sports ---.Giggling ,Looking pleasant ---Keeping Louanna amused ---.Visiting Goldie .Telling the truth .Common sense .Art A halfpmt ...----------- .Robbing the cradle --Bashful boy --------.--. .Bullying Striding ------ ----- S lang --...-..- ---.A viking joking ---------- -.--- F un -------- ---.Chaperoning Dot Playing music ---- ---- -A pun ...........- ---.Piano Busy --------------- ----- H ousewife --------- ---Cooking Sketching --.-..----------. Man-about-town --- ---.Portraits Crossword puzzles -------. Glenda Farrell --- ---.Being everywhere Hurrying ..--------------- .A calm sea .---- ---.Posture Dozing -----.---.--.-.---- Boredom ----- ---.Persistence In the Chemistry Lab. ---. Aviator ----- ---.Friendlincss Paying attention ---------- Gentleman ---- ---.Agriculture In an argument --- ----- Good-nature --- ---.N0nchalantnCSS With books .------- ----- S aleslady ----- ----Being polite All over -----.---.---.--.- College lad --- ---.Managing Writing sob stories -------- Mannequin --.- ---.Proficiency -Himself .---- ---.Betting CHARLES ZOLKAUSKAS-Listening ----------- -.-- --,gig 913.- CAN SPRING BE FAR BEHIND?" +Ef4of:h CLASS OFFICERS CHARLES OBERT P resident BETTY STANGL Vin' PI'PSiI1C'llf ADA KEIDERLING Twamrcr MILDA ROBINSON Sl'l'l'l'flIl'Jf' liottrnn Row-ikleft to riglitj-Ada Keitlerliuir, fllilcla Second Row-Lleft to rightj-Betty Stanizl, Charles O ext Ye Junior Class Historie In the fall of 1934, two hundred strong, we began our work as pupils in Flemington High School. For those of us who resided outside of the Flemington district, it was a new experience to be grouped with such a large class. Our president, Norman Cary, was the moving spirit in organizing the Hallow'een party. This was a genuine "get together," and was enjoyed by all who attended. September of 1935 found us, as Sophomores, facing the stricter regulations and routine of the upper school. It was an anxious period, but the transition was less diflicult than we had anticipated, and we readily adapted ourselves to our new environment. The sponsorship of the traditional Christmas dance fell to our lot this year. The greater activity program of the senior high school afforded a large number of our class opportunities to express their talents to good advantage. Both boys' and girls' basketball, as well as football had more than a fair representation from our class in the present year. Publications and other activities provided outlets for the energy and ability of other members. Under the sponsorship of Miss Ann Bahniy, and Mr. Robert Folker, our faculty advisers, a committee selected our class ring at their first meeting. The rings arrived in time for distribution shortly before the Christmas holidays. AS the second semester of our Junior year passed rapidly along we were busy with the operetta, baseball, and intra-mural sports. The crowning social occasion of this year was the Junior Prom held as the last oflicial function of the school year. The importance of the Prom as a social event stimulated us to select a umilitaryl' motif both distinctive and attractive, which set the occasion off as one that would linger in the memory of those who attended. -. 1 Ep..- IUI' l'lC'l'l'RI'1: I-t liuwfflcfl in riglllj-lf. xYlHlt'!'lIlllt?. I", Miller, lf. Allen, A. llirml, M. Nullcr, ll hung, Y. Stuart, Mu, Ilrlmtluy I.:m1lis. Jud Row: M. lllatlxews, R. llnl'1'm:m, lf. junglulut. N. XV0lSll l U wvlw xlcll, A. Kulluvl, If. Little. 3l'Ll Ruvw: C. l"l5l16l', l'. llllK'liN'ilIt'1', lf. llumn-lly, lf. llzallwtlx, lf. lmulxvl' lf. vlmuw, R. llsntemzm. l". lfurtiw, li, Lumlxert. 4tlx Row: M. llrufa, J. llmliuu. lf. Ynclw. li. Stzmgl. lf lzlrc. lf. i'l1llrL'l'v+11, M. Stiles. 5ll1 Row: 1. llrmlcl, N. l'mllmixl:y, XY. Ncllmvc-ll. lf. Nnlsli. A. Kffllg I XY. Gray, I.. Smith. Mlm Rum: N. fury. C. Allefrer, ll. NYiclxl1:un, ll. Nyvllypor, I, llelxtzuwwicll, N Kurxllzz, R. l':m'l1:mlw'. NlllDl7l.lf l'lf'l4l'Rlf: Ixl R1-xv-Qleft tu 1'lLfllt5fl':. MvClm1gl1:1n. ll. llzwturlc. A. King. lf. Sclxrimpv ll. llri-ku. A, l'lm:ut. IC. Brewer, M. Ferris, M. Drcsclxlur. Qual Ruwz I". l'c!c1's, H. Luftvr, lf. Lvzlver l, llfrlllxtwll. M. Kglim, Rl, Queen, lf. Yullmlmy l.. Stlml-IH. Sul Rmv: li. lliggins, If. l!lll'l'li'li, J. l,:u'H0 N. Kuulixsnr. l". lYivn'n-1'1:alc. ll. .Xmlm ll. 1lzal'mx'alci, Mis Ann llllllllly. -itll Rmv: G. Pyntt, XY. gllRl'Sll0l'l I. XYil-nn, S. Wlmilvplc, A. Kieclerlimr, M. l,:4l15:4l4-11, lf. Lzmce, lf, Fryer. Sth Row: Y. lfwliil1lQ0n. R llmrln-N, Nl. Kellum, l'. liylllilll, I.. Crvnlaling, ll, K1-wicll, If. llurnlcr. li. U'll:1l'v. mln Huw: C. Ulu-rt R. Willinmx. I.. llnll. A. Pvvlcnz, G. Sclxvsicr. Ttlx Row: IC. liwiufr. C. Rcvsml, F. 1'cnlxomly, R. Gary L. 'l'11l'u. 'l'. Stzuxxlli. l U'l"l'lJM I'lL"l'l'Rl'f: Ist Run'-Cleft t-I rigrlltl-R. Om, K. l,Ill1'j'Ill1bl0, ll, lliprginx, lb. linlxcr, A. Cnliu NI. I',rvrln:u'rll, N. llzmrk. lull Row: I,, llljl'l.IlllS, H. bnncr, I'.. XXm'n1:u1, l,. Clucfn, A. Jllllllvlll, Y HI.:-zulx, I.. ll:u'v:nll1. 3111 Rmv: j. llrvrm, l'. l,lllll!0WC'I', ll. 1iL'il5l'llCI'. A. Sclwr. C. l':llC1l. -X. l"'l'-'IW X. linrlniclu-. -ith Huw: K. Ilummlt. ll. Mcfutclzcrm, J. Zulmjcwicz. lf. Yviluw, 13. C'4'4'1'0Y. K- YUUUIL Ill Ruw: il. llovix, M. Cuoper, XV. XvIll1lxlilI'lCl', Rf. Dilts, lf. Jones, J. Strzl, IK. l'fp1wlc. Oth Rmv: ll iI1H'L'l. Nl. l'mlmN, j. licrvlxw. J. XYicn'rcrlnlQ, l.. lliggius, J, K2llllX'lC'll. ----qIf42f1-A- Junior Jingles A is for Anne, a Bird blithe and gay- She sits in her classes and talks all day. B is for Bill, for speed he is noted- He would be a senior if he wasn't demoted. C is for Charles, a "Chip" off the block- He presides at our meetings by Watching the clock. D is for Dalrymple, Dreschler, and Dean- Three of our classmates whom we think are keen E is for Everhardt-Martha to you- A sport and a pal-and a great talker too. F is for Ferris, a prim little miss- Who's love for Dorman, fills her with bliss. G is for Goodell, she's intelligent and sweet, But considering food, she certainly can eat. H is for Higgins, Lester, Betty, and Kate- Tall, thin, and plump is the order they rate. I is for Irvin, as precious as gold- To Naomi he's attentive, so weive been told. J is for John, in sports he rates high- In many a game he has broken the tie. K is for Keiderlingg she's brainy quite true, She types, takes dictation, and talks everyone blue. L is for Little, whose clothes are superb- She's neat and polite, and we mean every word. M is for McDowell who plays the guitar- With Miceli to help him, they're heard from afar. -...,5f431g,.- N is for Nychypor who does likes to dance- And his violin playing throws all in a trance. O is for O'Hare, very seldom in school- Because "plenty of sleep," is his Golden Rule. P is for Pinhas whose 'resistance was bad- And also for Pappas, a happy young lad. Q is for Queen, quite regal by name- And her smiling face, has brought her fame. R is for Ryman, whose feet measure nine- And Reed, whose appearance, proves he likes to dine. S is for Stra, he's handsome, 'tis true- And many's the heart he has made blue. T is for Tufo who flirts without care- But alas, the poor fellow gets only the air. U is for us in the junior class- We'll all be seniors next year-if we pass! V is for Vocke, in art she's supreme- Get her in class and she sure is a scream. W is for Williams a bashful young fellow- And Whipple who shines with her hair a bright yellow. X is for X-ray and Xylophone too- We have no x's, but this poem will do. Z is for Zanetti, last in our line- Hels a lazy young fellow-but yet he is fine. - - h IIB fum x'vIlllc1llpl.llc- ilu' vnlllcx uf 11lvxliI:l111v11, L13 l,ilu':u'3 fluff Ill gm 1-IT In-rlmllt, L31 IN lln- 1 Sem0rH1g , A, - -, . 1 - A ., ,. nw1ln.nl -111415 lmll. 415 .Xmly ulxjmlcml I-I thnx pullllc, ku? llxlllfnlwn .ulxnlucx lllluxly nn thc luv at work ul cxpvxum-111.111-um. H-P Ulu' -llllllllllllllx Iullclln-N in null'-0 uf pn-p:nl'.n1w1l. UH IN thclc 'Q 11-1-ml lp-r5 fm 11.11 l.uruh5nLgf QS! 'l'I1l- Nhullhl acl ylill in xlilclwv. -rif-+414 CLASS OFFICERS JEAN MCCUTCHEON Prcsidffn If PHYLLIS CHANTZ Secretary MAGDALENA LEFFLFR Vice President LUCILLE KARROW Treasurer Sitting-Kleft to riprhtj-Lucille Karrow, Magdalena Leffler Standing-gleft to riglltj-Phyllis Chantz, Jean fllcCutche Ye Sophomore Class Historie Our class was first formed in the Fall of 1936 when one hundred sixty freshmen entered the portals of F. H. S. Many of our members came from country schools, and after a short period of adjustment to new surroundings and new regulations, we proceeded to the election of class oflicers. Under the leadership of XValter Leffar, our class presi- dent, we participated widely in the activities of the junior high school. Our class played a large part in making the junior high operetta, the 'Mikadof' a success. The annual I-Iallowe'en Dance was our chief con- tribution to the social life of the junior high school. ln the Fall we were sophomores, one hundred fifty strong. We readily adjusted ourselves to the routine of senior high school, and looked forward to a very successful year. We were well represented by sev- eral of our class members on the athletic teams, in the operetta,"H.M.S. Pinaforef' and in the glee club. The outstanding social event was the Christmas Dance, which, under the leadership of our able president, Jean McCutheon, was one of the finest and most original Christmas dances that had been held in the Flemington High School auditorium in many years. That same Fall we voted to purchase, at the appropriate time, our class rings with the school seal, from the same concern which has fur- nished them for the past two years. Spring is rapidly drawing to a close, and with it, the end of our time as the Sophomore class. As we look back over our record of ac- complishments and participation in the varied activities of the school, we feel very well satisfied with our record. We have made only a beginning, and are looking forward to our Junior year which, we hope, will see the great majority of our members participating widely in the varied program of curricular and extra-Cur- ricular activities provided in the Flemington High School. -,..,if4 5 Et..- 13 H M E TDI' P1C'1'l'Rli: lst Row:-Qleft to rightj-M. 111111, 11. 1,1-1111, G. Seilluck, 1,. 1Jl'eSC111Cl', I". Kuntf 1. Ilzuiko, li. Tittl, li. 1'1'i111ece1'i. 21111 Row: If. 1l01l1'Sl1, A. A121l'Zl11f11l, N. S1l21l'1l5C'll, 0. F11'i111111o1'1c11 R. Iliprgins, K. 1'1'i111ece1'i, 1,. Karrimxv, lf 11m1:111ia, J. 1'ast111'i110. 3111 Row: 1. Neustzult. N. Villhiiiiil lf. Potts, F. 1Yick11:1111, C. 1'1ll111C1i. l-'. Shurls, R. Dilts, XY. 1N1cC'1'eery. 4111 Ruw: A. Uiitt, I. Sc1'ri11H'C N. Rusziiiio, ll. 1'211'1x91',- li. Snyder, R. liick, D. Niece, J. Regisuuer. Sth Row: C. Todd. 11. Cregar, VV. 11:11'1'ick, l'. '1'111111. 11, XYur111:111. N. 1,l1ll1lR1', I". Pnlficsek. 11111 Row: Mr. Miller, Adviser: Miss blllffilj' .Xilviserg C. 1101lH1il11l1, 11. Peterson, XY. Evans, I'. McGuire, R. 1"is11e1'. 511111113111 1'1L"l'l'R1'f: lst Row-Qleft to riglitlill. 1,11'1'u111'ette, M. 1,nwsm1. A. Smith. M. 'l'ut11. I 111'e11'er, N. llmst, ,1. Stmme. 2nd Row: Y. lleutell, l'. Austin, M. Snyder, Ii. Sanders, IC. 1.an1bert. S 11e1'k1+11'itz, C. Klueller. 31-11 Row: 11. 112111, 111. Register, l,. L'1e111111z1, lf. llissler, hl. Gnskill, M. 1,e111e1 Il. SIl'y1xt'l'. 4111 1141111 A. Kline, 1.. 111akz1ric1c, G. I-lick, XY. 15e1o11s1+1T, 11. XYeiss. I. Sovinee. 5111 Row .X. Mcllmvell, -1. llulwwsky. XY. Rubus, R. Almiis, '1'. fwik. M11 Row: lf. 1111ltz, 11111 1.yUll, Anlviseri R N1aye1', 11. fase, X1. 1':111pz1s, S. 11z11'b11s1ci, ,1, K'111'istia11, R. Yard. 11O'1"1'UN1 1'1R"1'1'R1'.: lst Ruvv-fleft tu r1g110-If, Allen, Y. 11u11ruws1:i, C. Able. li. 11asse1, G. 1.ist I". 1,H11'j'l'llIi18, M. k'1'1v11ce, j. A11eg'er. 21111 Row: 1,. 1li1ts, lf. 1'E211'5Ul1, F. XYa11e, IC, llimrins, IC. Peters J. x1CClXlC1l91ll1, R. Muller. P. Chantz. 3111 Row: R. Rerkmvitz, II. Kennedy, S. Slisz, 1,. Robbins, A Appzni, I". lizirrick, 1.. 1.Hl'llElll1013, 11. Kennedy. 4t11 Row: 11. Matliews, 11, llopf, lf. 11aver, 15. Russell IJ. Crmice. lf. 11'11ite. C. Collins. Sth Row: J. 1:il1l'1J81l1'iS, li. Czitaiiiu, j. Iizmko, K. Sl1j'l1E1l'I'l, A, l.ez1ver ll. Iiutterfoss, XV. jacqnieiu. 6th Row: I". liurs, R. Kerr, F. Kzalevicli, 11. 111CCl'8I1, lf. x'121l11C1l, 1111's 1,eMm111. Adviserg l'. Michisk, M. Vanettu. 7111 Row: S. 1111t1mvvs'ky, li 1.e11ti11e, Mr. llzivison, Adviser A1. 11e11111esky, V. Syhlowsky. -.. 46kg.. .. 1 e+Sl47l3+ U Name JEAN STROUSE ,.w, , LUCILLE KARROW ,7, ,,.,.. .,,, , ,, JEAN MCCUTCHEON .., ..,..7 . Blushing ,,.--- VIRGINIA BOBROWSKI .....,,w . ,. Sophomore Ailments Ailment Remedy Fickle ........., ............. .. -.Disillusionment -Giggly ....... ,.... .. - ........ Something to laugh at ,lumpiness .... -----.. -Age -,,--.,,Try a date GEORGE PARKER LL-- ,,,Ev....,,,,, Girl Shy ,,,g, DICK GOODELL ,,,,,,, .,-,,,II, S awed Off ,,,Ww,-,-- FRED P01-ACSEK --,,--,------.fw.- --Too Handsome ......,,,,... .. .... ADRIAN MGDOWELL -- .....7.ff- Failure in Flirting ---E-.. ........ Dark Rouge vf f ui, .-------.-.Wheaties -,-False Face -,-----------.-.A New Line CATHERINE PRIMICERI ..,....,,. Rotundity ,E,,,,,,,,,--,,, ,,,,,,,, S top Laughing NICK ROSANIA .ggf..g...aa,.g....a., Cuteness ....,.E,.E,.... ...... . .Grow Up ELEANOR BOHREN ....Af...f..,f.. Peaches and Cream ...., v....., . Spooning ELEANOR HIGGINS ...4 ...-..... T ardiness .......,.,.........,.,,,... z:--.Sleep at Night FRANK EURS ,,7,...,...... .,....... N oisiness ...I,........,.,.,............ ...Less Noise HAROLD PETERSON w,..... ,..... ' 'Our Handsome Football A Broken Nose MANUEL PAPPAS , ...,,,. 'J PI-IYLLIs CHANTZ E,a,.,I,......I ,. DONALD BUTTERFOSS ,,.,. . ,,,EE ,. JEAN STRYKER ,,Y,.,,... CHRISTINA MLTLLER ,,E,,,.oo..,,e WILMER BARRICK ,,..,, RICHARD VOCKE GLADYS HASSEL, ,,,w L BUD WORMAN ROBERT YARD ..,,.. Hero" Putting on the dog ..,,,...,,,,..., Bring it hot Foods of Salad Spirit ,,.I,...... Enlargement of the pedal No isolation Take his weight off his feet extremities A....,f.Tonsorial hair dressers strike Slimness ...,....,......,..,,.... ....... V --More food A voice from the deep, ,,.....,,, A cough drop Fickleness ..I,,,,..,.......,,.......,.., Absence makes the heart gI'0W fonder Beautiful Blond Hair ,..,,,,.... Prisoners Hair Cut ..,... Superciliousness ,Come down to earth .--..-.-.Speeding on a bicycle A good spill RITA MULLER -. ..,..., .,....... A continual smile ...,,,, ,.,,,. . BETTY PETERs ..,. . ......e ..e..,eee N ight work ,...,.I..,. . LILLY LAMENDOLA ,,,t,t..,,,.... Ambition ,,,..,.,. HAROLD CREGAR ,,,,.. ..,,,.,, G oo goo eyes ,......,. JIMMY SERRIDGE EDGAR HAVER .,...,,.. BESSIE LEON .......I..,,, . MARJORIE SNYDER .u..... RAYMOND KERR .s,...,. FRED LENTINE ,,...., DOUGLAS NIEcE .....,., JEANETTE ALLEGER .... ...,,, - -s GERTRUDE LIST ....... HARRY READING .,... STEVE GARBOSKI ,I.,. HIRAM CASE .,,..,. A.. Extreme mildness .... Voice ......... ......... -,,-.-.,,Full of tricks Blase ,..,.......,..,.,,,..... ,Crocodile tears Homework -------.A good job "shiner" .,.,,,,.,RoughhOuse ,----.--Training ---.--..Somebody to play them on --------Pep pills Being out of place ,,,,,,. ....,.., G etting wise to himS6lf Whiskers .....,,........... shave ---.---.Harmlessness --------Assocition with men -Gossiping ,,.,..... ..-..... B low her OWII horn -------..Good nature -,----.-Get mad once in awhile .--..-,..Retiring ,---,--.Strut your stuff ,--,.--.Energy ----,-l.-------- ..---,-- --------Basketball -------.Stepping Form ----- monastery N 1 Senior tl! 'l'Iu- 1uu.1lXv-n-.uiv ggznlxg' guce-iuln :wth-11, ill Miw IIuI1n.i5K Fr-lllp Ntxuliv.-N gum! llfzegv, 1,33 Xxlltu-N ul lluwluvlmu 1-xplguuul nv lst. jlL'l'I1Hl lfwvrwllllmw. L41 t-111 pc1'1-ul lgc--nl-llmw 111 :nn zwluvu 111 -lxl sl. UH Mu- at work 1- 11--I :ml-mu 111 Imxillu rlxilrm. gui llcrv! thc ulllvr lHll'l :rf Nur, 5. L73 H11 lfrxmk cxplzullx thc mli1Ycrn'llu lI4'lNK'K'II llvcllvx ,mul a'I'rlXx'wgu'l1uN. lNJ ,lf-Im, Nick, Xlyrtlc, lrunc :mml 11m-rlrmlv. QW Ihulgvlx nlwnl mlvrrxl Ilvlm-Il. -- f2f48izf- T H R D E TOI' l'IC'I'l'Rl'I: lst Row-Cleft In rightl-I. llarvath, I. Spimrysz, XY. XYei:-5, li, Savicz, A. ll'urft, S llnlmzyiir-Iii, I.. Ilarilenhurg. .Zncl Ri-w: I. I.ane, S. 'I'uiliI, I". Ingram, I.. Slaililen, J. Gulick, lf. Mar Millan, A. Knispel. 3ril Row: J. llunt. M. K:-zicki, I.. I-,n'ing', A. Smith, XY. Naileau, J. Carrol, I.. Krebs 4th Rnw: hl. Kochi, R. Cole, J. Higgins, V. Surrentinu, M. Schuppan, C. lfnumms, A. Bures. Sth Row G. Strimple. j. lliilewell, If. Ilerkmvitz, Y. llnagland, II. Rickoff, A. Rink. 6th Row: Mr. I,ml1:e, Atlvirer G. llalley, M. Ilupt, I.. l.ang, G. Stra, ,I. West. I MllJllI.lC I'IQ"I'l'RlC: lst Row-ileft tn rightj-I.. llean, j. NX'arle, ll. Perri, A. lloilulik, A. Gulmvir- ll, lliggins, ,l. Ilillun, ll. Yan Fleet. .End Row: P. Colla, M, llrittun, ll. Coleman, A. Ilaughtun, A -Innes, R. Mannera, Y. Mazzucco, ll. Patten. 3rd Row: ll. Sclwnlp, IC. Higgins, l,. Lentine. G. lllaclc well, M. llarvath, N. Ilel Paggiu, C. Schubert. 4th Row: Y. Mathews, A. Perehings, M, Mina, C. Coon lf. Geiger, R. Carwn, XY. Case, j. lluwh. Sth Row: A. Goranski, J. Pruwaznilc, ll. Ellicott, j. llelesky hl. Peterami, M. German, If. Masker. 6th Row: J. Ilunt, A. Sahaydalc, Miss Mills, Adviser, R. Harden burg, J. llubrnwki, ll. Chereek. BO'I"I'0M l'IC'I'l'Rli: lst Run'-ileft to rightb-M. Manginelli, S. NVilson, L. Kanak, VV. lftzel, ll Clemma, lf. Stout, IC. Morgan, XY. Goclley. 2nd Row: I.. McCrea, I". Rynearson, F. Foltin, ll. Green ll. lluber vl. Saltyf, lf. Tnbias. 3rd Row: ll. Davis, IJ. Dilly, J. Miller, M. NVeisburg, J. Bloomer, I' llullman, M. Vreelaml. 4th Row: I, Puletelo, J. Milan, V. Van Fleet, B. Tereskn, A. MacFie, F. Cwik li. XYaldrun. R. Packer. Sth Rnw: J. Podayko, J. Picks-ll, VV. Vail, ll. Bimlenberger, R. VVilcnx, j Ingram, ,I. Smith, F. Scheier. oth Row: l,. Vegl, Mr. l.earn, Adviser, V. Newman, A. Schlott, Y, De Cnninck. J. Ililty, ll. l.avunn, ll. Cronce. -- -i149ff-l-- E I G H T H G R A D E III 12R,XIJIiiSIRI,S I I Iifwu'-III-It In 1'Ig1IlIIf.Xllll1'II1' II1lllglIl1nll, IJc1l'uIIly Ifiizvr, IIQ-nc ZcIIII,J"Iurc!lCn I mfvr, Rosa- 'I'irpoI4. 'nfl R hcl I Un, I311 9 '-l'IIl Q1 vw: I.m1isv VN'rigI1t, Czlrul RIcCl1tcIu-on, I701-U1I1y Curtis, 'l'I1m-gl 'lymgm-, Iftlwl Iidgc ans, Adviwr: Mrs. Gmlluy, fXcIvisvr. JILXIJIC IIOYS I I Huw-III-I'l in 1'igI1tI-lffccl Sclmuppzul. XY:1Itn'1- XX'I1i1mpIc, XYiIIi:1m Rczumwr, XX'iIIi:un uv. Ruflolpll Mallick, Ncvilh- ,-Xnstiu, 7mI Iirmi Gl'1wX'l'l' Hmm, XViIIi1u11 XYIIISHII, Hnrolcl XYiIIi:u1lsnm, I:1'1IIlIi Tirpuk, I'z1uI I I il'IlIL'Ilk', Zignnnlcl Ifmcry. WLI Huw: Keith SCIIl'I'Il'IL'1'I1UI'lI, jzxnws I'04I1'ICk, XYIlI'l'l'II IiL'itIc1'Iil1g, Ga-urgc Iizlku I-ruun Iilinu. IiwIJcrt H:1II. 1 Rnw: Ifrnvst Unkvs, XYiIIiam Iiv1'stm'r, IXI11 Conncr, .-Xclvism-1'g XYIIIIIIIII Ilxlwku IIUOI1 I.isl. -- xfsokf mx: Syhizl Hass. C:1tI1c1'im- U'G1':xcIy, :Xunic I.k'IltIllL', Irnlzl ,ILIIIIISUIL May Bush. S E V E N T H G R A D E 7tli GRAUIC GIRLS lst Row-lleft to riglltl-Ruth Ann llrittrm, Dorothy Lake, limma Dreseliler, Mildred Yard. Joyce Zeliif Frances Culla. Zml Row: .Xnnu Clizmtz, Doris Hriycl, Frances Primieeri, lsalwelle Klullenllzluer, Tllerc-sn Vim Roy, ,loan llaker, lilezmor Vreeland, Dorutlly Lisle, Shirley Van Dcventvr. 3rd Rmv: Ruth Hults, Sophie Filmrm, Hazel Sliepparcl, -ltll Row: .lane 'l1lL'l'Ill'j', Mrs. Grfclley, Aclviserg Nancy Maguire. 7'l'll GRADE BOYS l5tRow: X'N'illi1un Dean, Donald Slluman, Iiclxvarcl Zum-tti, Stephen Santo, Rifllilril Lfrmmee, Ralph Snyder. 2nd Rmv: Robert ',l1llfllCllCl', Paul Krwlmlie, George xxvllflllllll, Austin Xllwriuzin, Iiclwzwcl Xlialsli. 3rd Row: Herlmert Dvour, Joel Hawke, ,Izunes llurley, Milton Hanson, Rielizlrcl Curtin. -ltli Row: Mr. Conner, Aclviserg Robert Denyse, Leslie Fisher, Thomas Simon. -. ,gig lbw- L W P Iunior wif Nix, I,v,1lu mix!---11mIx ilu' x.4Ium'x 111 Xrquul X. 115 MIX. I -4-4 llrx N un-+1111 nlurvunwx :tx x-w.4lulI.n'x - Nil 11111 In-xx--11 Mvwlm-lux V1.4-5 Ivllx MIN, llwgqln-I ll- lrvwnl .un .mulv 1-li Numa: rulxfvnx uv lmvunug, at Work uwhv X11, tkuxwl, IH Huw Xllllx xnxx lzcmglxngc lx llu- I4-umlzulu--u -'I rlx1llf,u1.,1l. xr-I .m-I mv XI: Ll 1-'l11pm-tw xxllll Ml. K'-rlvwrr vu lvfululnu I:fr'4'1ll1L'Hxllvp, 1X1 Mx. l,wlu:' Xulxvxx lux llvln-ml 5rlv11u- MUNI' - 4152+21- ORGANIZATIUNS "Student Voice" The English classes provided a natural setting for the production of this bi-monthly magazine. All material was produced in these classes by pupils as part of their regular class work. The staff, under the supervision of Mrs. Dorothy D. Landis, edited and selected those stories, poems, editorials and features which made up the Student Voice. The editorial staff was composed of one member from each Eng- lish class in the senior high school, augmented by pupils at large who tried out for positions. The ma azine was a ain awarded "All-American" ratin b the 0 g o g n n gn y u National Scholastic Press Association. Grace Zenkus was editor-1n- chief and the business mana er was Ro er Williams. 8 g JOURNALISM lst row-tl. to r.D- R. Goodell, li. lliggms, 1. Mathews, C. l.eon, E. Gellner, C. Hauania, I.. Karrow, N. Komisar. 2nd row: E. Higgins, D. Kennedy, E. Ewing, A. Pohl, E. Peters, J. McLutcheon, R. Muller, J. Strouse. 3rd row: K. llalrymple, C. Fisher, M. Dani, Il. Barrick, J. Rosswaaz, E. Ilagen, ll. I' 'att, P. Chantz. 4th row: li.. llaver, Stothoff, I.. Milan, D. lhlts, G. llillebrand, li. Samson, XV. Barrick. Sth row: NV. Mcllowell, R. Buch. A. Seber, I.. Johnson, Miss Murray, Adviserg G. Zenkus, M. Bross. STUDENT VOICE lxeaung, r.. Ewing, J. tioodell, D. Rink, .n. Uuckwalter. 3rd row: P. Chantz, M. Mathews, E. liiggins, C. Fisher, D. Kennedy, K. Dalrymple, M. Kellam, lu. Hagen. 4th row: H. Mathews, A. Bird, Al. Bross, E. Stangl, F. Stothoff, A. Seber, XV. Barrick, M. Bateman. Sth row: G. XVilson, N. Cary, M. Pin- has, li. Vocke, P. Ryman, G. Zenkus, R. Sargent. 6th row: Mrs. I.eMonn, Adsiserg IJ. Dilts, F. Swackhamer, R. Vxfllitnis, XV. McDowell. 7tl1. row: Miss Yeagle, Mrs. Landis, Advisers. Journalism As in former years the Hunterdon County Democrat maintained the School News Section in each issue during the school year. Dorothy Kennedy and Grace Zenkus, co-editors, made assignments to members covering all school activities. In collaboration with Miss Patricia Murray, faculty adviser, all assignments were corrected and turned over to the Democrat for publication. Each Friday, Alan Painter, assistant editor of the Hunterdon County Democrat, provided one-half hour of instruction in journalism to the members of the class. To insure correct journalistic style on the part of class members, Mr. . ' F' "1 Qiza ,pre n 42 H' if ' I Sf?'f": 'A Fffwg N2 Cigar' :TWV ff .I 24? lv .. 7'f1 55765 EEC '1 ...D- O"'mq G .. friir F'-UF 'U c .- 0 0 5' P' 71 2. Q. ID 1 E, F F 71 N '1 I' 7 E' Painter carefully checked all articles submitted for publication. Glee Club Increased evidence of the high quality of work performed by this organization was apparent, when eight of its members, in addition to Miss Gordon, supervisor of Music in the Flemington Schools, were selected for the All-State High School Chorus in November. At the Christmas season the club presented the cantata "Childe Jesus" written by J. W. Clokey, and in the spring a special concert for the public was given by the group. Gilbert and Sullivan's operetta, "H. M. S. Pinaforen was also pre- sented by the members in March. The entire cast of the play was chosen this year from the Glee Club. The "Echo" ' IQCIIO lst row-Cl. to r.D-R. Condell, ll. Ilarwick, G. Fink, ll. Rink, I. Mathews, J. Rosswaag, N. Komisar, C. GLEE CLUB lst row-Ll. to r.J-M. Vreeland, li. Gellner, C. Leon, A. Jones, J. Ross- waag, I.. Sherry, M. Langdon, l.. Karrow. 2nd row: H. Harwick, D. Curtis, E. Ewing, P. Chantz, Ii. Peters, J. Strouse, M. l.eH'ler, M. Mina. 3rd row: Isl. XValdron, V. Cuik, M. VVelsh, fi. Fink, ll. Kennedy, A. Appan, I.. l.2llll6l'ICl0lEi, M. l.aTourette. 4th row. li. Zenkus, li. Yocke, D. Potter, M. Kellani, G. Nadeau, R. lloffmau, lf. Mike, A. Pohl. Sth row: lf. Ilaver. ll. Crrgar, F. Stothoff, li. Samson, A. Bird, J. Bodine, J. Aileger, M. Cronce, A. Johnson. oth row: F. Polacsek, C. Martyn, J. Peterson, Ii. Kerr, M. Mathews. XV. Barrick. 7th row: Miss Gordon, Music Supervisorg B. Mills, lf. Naldi, ll, Ililts, N. Balabas, F. llultz. Sth row: J. Reasouer, A. l.eaver, M. Piuhas, II. Green, A. Bar- hiche. The Echo received for the fifth consecutive year, the First Class Fisher. 2nd row: Il. Luster, ll. Luster, V. Cwik, li. liwiupr, li. lIageu,ij. Kerr, I.. Potter. D. Potter. 3rd row: IC. Smith, A. Pohl, S. XVhipple, M. MacMillan, IJ. Scott, D. Kennedy, R. llaydu, M. Bateman, li. Ilaver, F. Swackhainer, P. Ryman, li. Vocke, A. Stone, G. Zenkus, J. Case. 4th row: A. Seber, ll. Dilts, F. Stothoff, C. Martyn, J. Peterson, I. Kenimerer, J. Shil-coluk, M. Bross. Sth row: I. Goodell, I.. Milan, F. Edge, R. IVilliams, Miss Helen Yeagle, Art Adviser: Mr. John C. Miller, Faculty Adviser. 6th row: B. Staugl, M. Mathews, A. Bird. award from the National Scholastic Press Association. The large number of extra class activities participated in by students has stim- ulated and maintained the demand for a permanent word and picture record of those organizations, associations, and productions which have contributed to the formation of good citizenship habits, associational living, and lasting friendships. Toward this end, the Echo staff has faithfully worked. Subscriptions, advertisements, and miscellaneous activities were again the basis of publication finances. Officers were: Editor-in-chief, Dorothy Kennedyg Business Man- ager, Dorothy Rinkg Subscription Manager, Roger Williamsg Adver- tising Manager, Elizabeth Kerrg Faculty Adviser, Mr. John C. Miller. ---+s+s4+sf-- ' '11 U - , - ': ,gQ X1 5 , I C IMI!! if ' i hmul- K y 5 Y .,, ,xg 5 71 1 0 , I ' , I , io I -wf F 1 I 1 6 3 ' Q 0 ,, 1 ,. f .K , I i V' I, f, i id x ' 4 , ' .-f Xb," til' ' m4..f...L. M in 1 M..-4. -A . ..., , ew.,-f . X ,, Xg.: -f ' " N' N, . .. . -H '.-.9-F. zr. r ww, T11 ' I E I 1 353 ...Q Q ff? Km, 9 9,45 r f x f jsh X 1 Q 1 1 BAND lst row-Ll. to r.J-J. Zuhajewicz, G. Alleger, IJ. Butterfoss, J. Stra, E. Hagen, J. Fairbanks, R. Grabel, E. Leaver, J. Bodine, J. Alleger, F. Stot- hoff. 2nd row: R. Manners, W. O'IIare, C. Obert, D. Dilts, I. Hunt, R. llardenburg, V. Mathews, J. Carroll, B. Thatcher. 3rd row: VV. Dilts, VV. Barrick, W. Vail, E. Wilcox, F. Cata- nio, VV. Nychypor, R. Snyder, R. Charles, YV. McDowell, student leader, B. VVorman, R. Buch, R. Wilcox, J. Ilorvath, A. McDowell, R. Curtis, F. Pnlacseck, E. Snyder. 'T' 911.-4. Band Fifty members composed this well rounded organization. Each section had the requisite :number of trained players to make it effective for both concert and parade work. Prospective players were in training throughout the school year, and took regular places in the group when, in the estimation of the instructor, Mr. Hamilton, they had made suflicient progress. Two assembly programs given by the ensemble were enthusiastic- ally greeted by the student body, and the football games were greatly enlivened by the band's participation during the games, and between the halves. William McDowell, the student leader, deserved much credit for his efforts. Service League To replace the traffic squad, the Service League was formed in December 1936 under the direction of George C. Lyon. Members of this organization act as monitors in the school, and patrol the building during social functions and athletic events. Membership in the organization is obtained by recommendation from a member or a teacher. At the beginning of the school term, junior high teachers recommend to the organization, reliable students from the ninth grade who have served as satisfactory monitors for a probationary period. Oihcers of this organization were: Roger Williams, President, John Stra, Vice-president, Elizabeth. Kerr, Secretary, Arthur Barbiche, Treasurer. Advisory Council SERVICE LEAGUE lst row-fl. to r.D-A. Keiderling, M. Mathews, A. Johnson, H. Ando, J. Rosswaag, C. Coon, M. Harvath, L. Karrow, N. Komisar. 2nd row: D. Scott, G. Zenkus, C. Tufo, A. Polenz, R. Eick, J. Morgan, N. Dunbar. 3rd row: E. Kerr, A. Leaver, B. VVorman, F. Scheier, M. Kozicki, P. Gintner, J. Kemmerer, T. Cwik, H. Cregar. 4th row: F. Polacsek, R. XVilcox, D. Niece, P. Hoffman, V. Sorrentino, M. Dilts. Sth row: VV. Barrick, T. Fille- brown, R. Charles, YV. Sharshon, E. Forman, F. Catanio. 6th row: C. Martyn, R. VVilliams, VV. VanMarter, K. Young, H. Case, A. Barbiche. 7th row: Mr. Lyon, Adviser, G. Hults. L. Lang, E. Wilcox, WV. McDowell, D. Volk, J. Stra, C. Stahlhut. The organization of any student group should come as a felt need f 'l t' ' t' . ADVISORY COUNCIL or pup! PM mpg lon The Advisory Council met at the call of Supervising Principal, ORCHESTRA lst row-il. to r.J- Mr. Edwin Van Keuren, Faculty Adviser, Dorothy Kennedy, Florence Lesser, Jean Mc Cutcheon. 2nd row: Roger VVilliams, Mary Mathews, Grace Zenkus, George Vl'orman. 3rd row: Clarence Martyn, Charles Obert, Eugene Berkowitz. Orchestra The efforts of this organization, and of Miss Gordon, supervisor Edwin Van Keuren, to consult with him about such problems or school procedures in which he felt the student body should have a part. The failure of the Student Council to function this year, had left a gap in the student government program which this organization filled temporarily. Membership was composed of the heads of student organizations. The group discussed relevant problems affecting the student body, and interpreted problems and decisions to the students. of music in the Flemington Public Schools, were rewarded again this year by the continued and greatly increased interest in music shown throughout the school, and by the hearty approval of the community. One full hour rehearsal for the entire ensemble was provided each week. The twenty seven members composing the orchestra furnished the music for the commencement program. A genuine demonstration of the competency and ability of leading players was given by the special ensemble of seven members who fur- nished the musical numbers for the operetta "H. M. S. Pinaforef' -.,.,gf 5 79..- lst row-Cl. to r.J-N. Balabas, VV. Nychypor, R. Britton, K. Stothoff, D. Curtis, J. Zuhajewicz, D. Butterfoss, J. Alleger, J. Bodine, F. Stothoff, M. Levine. 2nd row: J. Thatcher, S. Bass, M. Buckwalter, L. Wright, M. Queen, R. Curtis, R. Snyder, F. Polacsek, J. Fairbanks. 3rd row: Miss' Gordon, Music Supervisorg.G. Zenkus, D. Dilts, I. Stra, W. Barrick, C. Obert, R. Charles. .- 5-1. ui4 Milne fic I 'A 'W 7 --Q---Q Top Row-Cleft to rightj-If only the dust could remain on these books. Nobody to ask us fi Sllfflfflel' :4Ck'llllll Row: lt win here the youthful wmuil-Carvers plied their trzule, Xulmmly kicking the seat Renclimr Acuileiny name plate. Tirne Third Row: Mechanics and bugs will be explained here in Septemlner. Samitzitiun lH6!'s0Illll0Kl. Bottom Row: Many a blowout wus' held here. Noiselesf typewriterw. VI' ii money irmiml ACTIVITIES Masque and Sandal Any pupil who has had a leading role in an operetta or Senior High School play is eligible for membership in this organization. Property, and stage managers, or their assistants who have shown ap- titude and ability, may apply for membership. A successful tryout before a senior high assembly is another avenue through which others may become members. The aim of the organiza- tion, to promote serious dramatic appreciation in the high school, is partially attained through the staging, by the members, of at least two one-act plays during the school year. Mrs. Landis organized and sponsored this organization. KIQY KLICKERS lst row:-tl. to r.D-A. Kuhnel, E. Brewer, M. Welsh, G. Fink, D. Potter, K. Schlapfer, D. Rink, C. Leon. 2nd row: Il. Ilarwick, E. Ewing, D. Ken- nedy, D. Scott, A. Keiderling, M. Lange don F on s I. Mathews. 3rd rovi Key Klickers, MASQUE AND SANDAL lst row-fl. to r.J- Mrs. Dorothy Lauclis, Adviser, l.. Potter, II. llar- wick, E. Mackey, li. Gellner, C. Han- ania. 2nd row: M. Mathews, A. Bird, l,. Chamberlin, G. Fink, E. Ewing, D. Potter, E. Kerr. 3rd row: N. Cary, R. VVilliams, C. Martyn, G, Zenkus, M. Bateman, M. Keating. 4th row: W. Barrick, A. McDowell, I. Peterson, If. Samson, C, Tufo. Sth row: F, Stot- hoit, M. Pinhas, VV. Nychypor, W. McDowell, D. Dilts, L. Milan. The Key Klickers Were organized in 1932 by Mrs. Blanche Park . .. J e , ': 142. Schrinipe, R. Cox, M. Ferris, M. liverhardt, M. Dreschler, A. Chwat, E. Smith, 4tl1 row: E. Kerr, II. Brown, D. Baker, l,. Chiesa, li. Culberson, D. Lambert, K, Higgins, ll. Corawski. Sth row: l,. Potter, A. Force, G. llorvath, R. Bateman, M. Muller, E. Lance, E. Jungblut. 6th row: V. 0'Grady, M. Jack, ll. Pyatt, ll. Barrick, E. Barrick, E. Looker, M. Dani, M. Haas. 7th row: Mrs, Le- Monn, Adviser, V. Cwik, A. Stone, G. Bross, G. Nadeau, A. Diemert, R. LeMonn who has been its sole faculty adviser. Membership in the club was open to students of the Typing II classes, and to those pupils who had formerly completed the course. Since its inception, this or- ganization has had the responsibility for the mechanics connected with the publication of Student Voice, Pen and Ink, pupils handbook, and other miscellaneous material such as play programs, announcements, and mimeographing, connected with subject examinations. Officers were: President, Helen Harwickg Secretary-Treasurer, Dorothy Potter, Kazimir. Sth row: G. Pyatt, E. Naldi, J. Stra, A. Seber, J. Dorio, C. Reed. 9th row: E. VVilcox, VV. Natuk, R. XVilliams, C. Obert. Business Manager, Roger Williams, A Band of Owls Klub This club met every second Tuesday to receive instruction in library techniques from Mr. Edward Schofield, school librarian. Prac- tice was provided in such library skills as proper shelving, book repairs, cataloging, and numbering, desk practice, checking library attend- ance, clerical work, caring for special collections such as magazines, files and catalogues, preparation and care of bulletin boards and special cxhibitsg and in making the library more attractive and serviceable generally. Library services have been greatly enlarged and modern- dvertising Manager, Elizabeth Kerr. B. O. O. R. lst row-il. to rj-H. Bartuck, II. Grisl-fa, C. Leon, E. Gellner, II. Young, E. Strimple. 2nd row: M. Jack, G. Ashbury, V. Cwik, F. Curtis, G. Bross, J. Case. 3rd row: G. Fenwick, E. Hagen, F. Peters, II. Gorawski, R. Henrv. 4th row: J. Totten. A. Marauda, G. Nadeau. Sth row: G. Fenwick, Mr. ized under Mr. Schofield's directions. Edward Schofield, Adviser, R. Buch. Officers of the club were: President, Violet Cwik, Vice President, John Totten, Secretary, Elizabeth Hagen, Treasurer, Gladys Ashbury. F. F. A. lst row-Cl. to r.J-J. Fairbanks, H. Mathews, I.. Smith, A. Krebs, C. Enea, J. Dilts, G. Hillebrand. 2nd row: A. Leaver, L. Makarick, E. Grey, F. Shurts, M. Force, R. Fairbanks. 3rd row: D. Niece, H. Case, W. Belonsolf, F. Catanio, G. Ringer, P. Michish, VV. Dilts. 4th row: A. Barbiche, M. Cooper, l.. Johnson, R. Buch, R. llolzapfel. Sth row: W. VanMarter, V. Droppa, R. Allen, Mr. Fred Lodge, Faculty Adviser. Future Farmers of America The Flemington chapter of the Future Farmers of America de- voted its activities to the judging of agricultural products and live- stock. A team representative of the group participated in the State Judging Contest, at the State Agriculture College. The purpose of the organization was to create a love of nature and of country life, to promote thrift, to develop leadership, scholar- ship, and to establish self confidence in the farm boys. Motto: Learning to do-Doing to learn-Earning to live-Living to serve. President, William Diltsg Vice President, Douglas Volk, Secretary. Victor Droppag Treasurer, Adolph Krebs, Sergeant-at-Arms, Edgar Greyg Reporter, Raymond Buchg Faculty Adviser, Mr. Fred G. Lodge. 4609..- wa- 4 is N 'I 3 f, . if ' , A ff ' NK ,D K, - "-- ""'1""" ' . ....v.-, .......- 5i K nl f"""" 3' ' :',::: 'Q I w ,mmm illslllll 'mjll' M SR , enflfrsll T 1 ,,-..fl5c"4s vc A Q' Z K ff A M' 349' ' A ' ,Q :gag 1 f. ' 7, TYPESETTERS lst row-Ll. to r.J-J. Shikoluk, S. l,entine, C. Stawski. .Znd row: J. Macllroy, C. Zolkauskas, R. Buch, G. Plum. 3rd row: Miss Helen Yeagle, Adviser 5 R. Allen. Typesetters The work of this club included various combinations of funda- mental principles of typography and printing. Much of it required the application of artistic judgment in its planning and composition. Mem- bers gained practical experience thru the production of actual work which created an interest and incentive of a high order. From an ordinary class in printing techniques, the club became a service or- ganization to the Flemington Public Schools. Blank forms and other material required for the proper conduct and records of extra-class activities were set up and printed by the members. The club treasurer lst row-Ll. to rj-M. lVelsh, G. Fink, was John Macllroy. C M KfI3 Membership in this group was confined to pupils in the senior high school who were in the Advanced Cooking Class. The group had for its avowed purpose, the development of increased interest and ability of its membership, and appreciation of the importance of home economics in modern society. C M K-18 met each Friday during the second period, under the supervision and sponsorship of Mrs. Muller, instructor in Home Eco- nomics. Meetings were largely devoted to discussions concerned with such subjects as consumer education, child care, and family relations. The group presented a one-act play in the high school auditorium. Girls' Leaders Corps l.l'lAlJliRS CORPS 18-C. M. K. lst row-fl. to r.J-J. Rosswaag, L. Sherry, F. Kuntz, E. Potts, 2nd row: E. Bohren, J. Alleger, M. Queen, M. Paustian, H. Griska. 3rd row: G. XY'lson, R. Berkowitz, lll. Dilts, K. Schenck. This group was organized and sponsored by Miss Rosabel Stein- OPERETTA ll. Putter, C. Leon, l.. Karrow, K. Schlapfer, l.. Sherry. Znd row: J. Goudell, lf. Peters. li. Ewing, A, Keiderling, Y. Stuart, J. Brewer. 3rd row: lf. lliggins, D. Kennedy, D. Scott, G. Nacleau, G. Zenkus, Miss Rosabel Steinhauer, Faculty Adviser, K. lligpzins, J. lNIcCutcheon. 4th row: li. Schrimpe. ll. Young, D. Baker, C. Abel, J. Britton. M. Keating, E. Vocke. Sth row: lf. Little, N. llauck, M. Ferris, M. Dreschler. 6th row: S. VS'hipple, M. Mathews, E. Danforth, R. llolifnian, li. Fenwick, J. Case, B. Stangl. Operetta Members of the cast for "H. M. S. Pinaforef' the senior high hauer, in September, 1935. Captains of girls' sports, team managers, gymnasium class captains and squad leaders composed its membership. Bi-monthly meetings were devoted to a discussion of girls' sports and other forms of recreation in which girls were, or might have been in- terested. In addition the corps acted as a training coterie to explain the physical education program to the other girls, and to assist them in becoming proficient in sports. Officers were: President, Dorothy Kennedy, Vice President, Cath- erine Leong Recording Secretary, Eileen Mackey, Corresponding Secre- tary, Grace Zenkusg Treasurer, Naomi Komisar. school operetta were chosen from the Glee Club. The wisdom of this decision was evident both from the standpoint of improved singing and discipline of the members during rehearsals. The plot centered around the beautiful daughter of Captain Cor- coran, commander of the British Navy, who was in love with a com- mon sailor, but whose father wished her to marry a naval officer. Leads in the operetta were taken by John Sladden, Bud Martyn, Wilmer Barrick, Betty Kerr, Emily Gellner, Norman Cary, Mary Mathews, and Edward Samson. -Mrs. Zuegner and Miss Gordon coached the play, assisted by Mr. Hefferon in sailor dance numbers. -. 6 3 lg..- Kneeling: E. Samson, NV. Barrick lst row: C. Leon, G. Fink, M..NVelsh A. Bird, H. Britton, E. Ewing, D Kennedy, M. Kellam, C. Martyn, E Gellner, M. Mathews, N. Cary, E Kerr, J. Sladden, G. Zenkus, R. Hoff- man, M. Robinson, A. Johnson, J Rosswaag, H. Harwiek, A. Pohl, E Mackey. 2nd row: N. Balabas, E Naldi, F. Polacsek, R. Charles, A Barbiche, M. Pinhas, D. Dilts, G Alleger, F. Stothoff, H. Clarey, D Butterfoss, H, Cregar, H. Fink. Det Club The work of this group reached its climax in the annual Pet Show held in the high school gymnasium in the spring. The first show, held in the spring of 1931, had somewhat less than one hundred en- tries. Increased interest was evidenced by the fact that almost three hundred pets were catalogued in the last show. General interest on the part of pupils of the community, in a friendly little Boston terrier-"Merrie Pattern-adopted by the club as mascot, was responsible for the origin of the club. Mrs. Stryker has been sponsor of this organization since its inception. Press Club I'1i'l' CLUB lst ron'-Ll. tn r.7-llunuld Sclnnnan, Ralph Snyder, Robert Thatcher, XVIII. Maison, llarold XN'illia1nson, .Znd row: Austin hhllflllkill, Edward XYalsh, Anna Lenline, .lznnes Pedrick. George NYM'- mzin. 3rd row: l,eslie Fisher, Marilyn lll'2J.g21l', Mrs, Alwildzl R. Stryker. lfaculty Adviser: joel llzxwke. Robert llzlll. lienrge Rake. This organization has published Pen ana' Ink, Flemington Junior PRESS CI..l'B lst row-ll. to r.J-l,illian Dean, Lois hlrfrea, llnzel l.awsnn, Anna ,lones- jane lllunnler, Muriel Yreeland. lnd row: lillen MacMillan, lfvelyn Tobias. Muriel llorvath, Mary Mina, Eleanor XValdrnn, I,ucretia liwing. flrd row: VVni. llawke, Al Gnrawski. james VVade, john llnrvath, llarvey Rieknff. 4th row: Frank Cwik, James llunt, Miss Mary C, Mills, Faculty Adviser: Robert Carson, llenry Patten, George Schuyler. High School magazine since it was started in November, 1930. This organization also Published a graduation number of the magazine un- der the title of Ink Drops. The Pvn and Ink, started originally as a six-page newspaper and has now grown to a twenty-page monthly magazine which aims to depict and interpret to the pupils and community, the life and in- terests of the Junior High School. President, Muriel Horvathg Secre- tary, Muriel Vreelandg Treasurer, Mary Minag Faculty Adviser, Miss Mills. Treasurer, Pen and Ink, Eleanor Waldrong Editor-in Chief, Harvey Riekoff. old Reading "Old Reading" is the affectionate term by which the older graduates refer to their local alma mater. This building, the gift of Daniel Reading to the borough in 1862 was razed in 1915 to make room for the Flemington High School. The original stone name plate of the academy decorates the entrance to the present building. -..gif 5413, ..- l Junior High School Girls' Chorus -, 4365159 .- Uuttuiu rowgdeft tu rigllxtj-llmvvtliy Fitzer, Margaret Urittun, Anna Clianly, Annette llanglmin, lillllllll llrescliler, Ruth llritt-nn, jean llillun. Virginia Matlienw. lml rmv: Ruse 'l'1rpul4, l,nniwe XYrii1l1t, lfnnna lllurgan, Clirietine Schubert, llurrvtliy Lake. Florence Lesser, l,iris Mcfrea. flrcl row: l-Lallclle Ynrmvski, Agnes llaclfie, Irma Johnscm, Frances Frrltin, Carnl McCntclienn, Anna lanes. Iilennni Xvl't't'lilll4l. Annie Lentlnc. -ltll row: lla7el Sclhnnlm, lflllilllll Savivlz, XYillettv: fame. Maile Blullginrlli. llarriet llnlser, Muriel Vreeland, Marie German, Miss Sara Y. Gurdon. Sth rmv: Juan Sporyz, lillqn lllaclllillan, Nancy Maguire, Charlutte Coon, Eleanor lllaslcer, Victoria Mazzaccu, lmrntliy Cnrtu, oth row: lYinifre4l Nallean, llorntliy llinilenberger, lfvflyn Tuljias. Sylvia llaw, Rntli llnlts, 7th rnw: .Xlicc llurex, june llirlewell, Virginia lluaglanil, 'lm-an Kuelil. l,ucrc'tia lfwing. lfleailnr XYalilrmni, Mmlcline Sclliippali, Twp ruw: Gladys llalley, hllulitll lliguins, Muriel llarvatli. Mulzel lllrpi, litliel lf1lH'C. Marilyn lli'ay.::u'. .....,.u.-. , .... f, ,1 5 A , .... I .--1. -. ...-.. U... E-" E 'Eff' Mit I p -A ff! National Srhnlaatir Press Aznnriatiun P451 AI.I..AMIiRIK'AN YE,-IIlIIOOK fR.I'I'ICAI. SERVICE X, 1 -':, Z. . X -:E A ivumm H:4'3,iliM I. - Q X 1,-. .-- .0 . JI 'V I fgff' . ' 1, IIIILX. -gjqjhf SIM , 'I SKA g' :I--.': M. ' . I ' -x , Vx, -fr I I .I g , ., I ' , x 1 Tar, Lcuo I f z Q7 ,II -IF53 . ,first mass ilpnnnr Rating I ' . . 21: . . jf .1,.I 1l..,.....,A N..,..,,...H ..., 1 .,,., Aan. ..., 1.s ,.,..., ..,f.l.,N...f..,...1s.1...L...,.. " I " ' . . I W 5 1',,,. .l.., .I n,,,..,.,..,,.. ..1 - , .- :Lu fini Jay uf N-1:-wJ-rr. NIS Aman, . vw I I 5-ij, .4 'ffII4fx"1 -...- w-- . . , Z 6. M. . Lk, 1 W K I A Y: ' I ' ' I I . I I I I I Wmbim Scfwfilfsfie 353, I . ' I 11 " J . . ,J J I I I 639 ff Asswmtww ve-em I Agri, I CERTIFICATE OF MEMBERSHIP I 6714, ,Q wpzilyg M me I fre' A : K - , ..I, ,.,, , .'f,N i Ha 'fi AMA. Lnmdu, ymawmummgmmmwm :A I M I faux., M193 K UIRE ON 1 I . . . I I Naiinnal Srhnlaattr Xirrzu Aaanrmiwn I , .... XX was ALL.AMEmfAN MAGAZINE cxuncm. SERVICE I A "W ,gil a? H'iu.?-9 , I 'Iii : ' I I Iis . ' I I W ' Qu IT rf , I , I , W ,N ,AQ R-IL STUDII-KIT VOICE- . I INN Y if In ,...,...,,.., ..r ... ..,IL.'., .....,4.4 I I I b Qlwrmriran bunnr Rating, I H. :Lf l'l'hf2-ml' N.mf-WI M.5.mf-1 Cfm..,l Smxiff ,If fl., Nan?-:ml S.fl...la,m. - ,9 Y Pr-rw I-I -.-- mnlmn .n-- :Lf Umv-ruflv --I Mfrlfnfvaua, Dr,-ummm: flfjl-urndffivm, A IL... I-mf .l.,,. .J May. 1955 AMI' I mums Apu mm WINNFR nnfuuoron man sruool UI LEHIGI-I ' ' ' SIMM MIK P265 MNFEIIENIE -.: ....:: , 1 -:M -I ...... . I-5 ,.., ...N ...,,,.... M... .-, ., - ,, THE SCRIBES HALL OF FAME +Ei6613+ , , ,..-L.. Appretialima 'CH' 5111110 K wa 5' 1:5 97' Sclwulx 5? , Zfoollighis rs H Crochet W xe' Clubs' I' cQ,,,l,Q 1 f . sible Q", Gi' ihe Eluuioz' Ejigh School '41 W N ws -'Qian 5, ,Y , 2.1 'Q' 'J nfnmcrnn scnuoga AMGE 1 . I ! Y I Ll- - nu, - IQ In Ali!! 1:71 . - ll. 11 li S l - - Kill !1T' 111 Q A-mer-I-cQ,Ia.nd of Uwe ira,Home of ihe true aw! Imivc, Uiih - Y . ' ' - ' d. TL 4 .I IIa oI recI and uh te. ani LI eI.lIuch does mosl prourIIy wave, Her .. .... 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Because of the revival of the Activities Ticket, a definite though inadequate fund was available to meet im- mediate expensesg but if this body is to accomplish its purpose in this regard, provision for adequate sources of income must be provided. A new control over the Work of this organization was instituted when Mr. Harold S. Goldsmith was appointed faculty manager of athletics. - 417214- X'1'11l1-"1'11'1'11l'Y111 1s1 11111 11. 1-1 1 1 11111 X1.11111'11s, X11'1- l'1'1w111111 l1'1-.1s111'1'1'1 11111-11111 1 1111 1,1111.111 1111111 ,1111 1 11 1111141-1' XX1111.1111s. 1'11-s11111 Miss I'.11111'1:1 Nl1111.11, 11 11111 .X1l11se1'g 1.11s1.11 111111 111':11111. X112 11. 1'..1111- 11111 Review of Athletics Inter-scholastic and intra-mural sports constituted the major portion of the extra-curricular program of Flemington High School. Football, basketball, hockey, baseball, and track offered a well balanced selection from which interested students might choose. Again our football team enjoyed only a mediocre season, being out- classed in most of the games played. Coach Frank devoted much time to basic fundamentals looking toward the next season. A "pep" meeting before the Lambertville game inspired the traditional spirit that brought victory to Flemington. Mayor John F. Schenk presented a trophy to the winning team. This award will become the permanent property of the team which first wins it five times. Practically the whole first team will be lost by graduation, and Coach Frank will be faced with the pro- blem of building from the ground up. Basketball was a repetition of last season. Again the boys' team came to the front by tying Hampton. The play-off resulted in a one point victory for Flemington, and won for them their second consecutive Hunterdon County League Championship which Coach Hefferon's teams have captured twice since their first championship in 1931. As with foot- ball, Mr. Hefferon is faced with the problem of building an almost com- pletely new team, due to the fact that graduation will take four of the first men. The Girls' Basketball Team, in spite of the loss of six regulars by graduation last June, came through the season with a score of eleven victories out of thirteen games played. Coach Steinhauer's players again had their greatest opposition from Frenchtown. The official season ended in a tie with this team, and the resulting play-off on the neutral Penning- ton floor brought, as in the case of the boys, a one point victory, and the Hunterdon County League Championship to Flemington. True to predictions, girls' hockey, this year, came to occupy an im- portant place in the athletic program of the high school. This sport organized in the fall of 193 S , by Miss Steinhauer, director of Girls' Physi- cal Education, became immediately popular, and this year a large squad of trained players participated in a series of seven games both in and outside of Hunterdon County. The fact that the team won ive of these games played against experienced opponents, is indicative of the progress the sport has made in the period of two seasons. Baseball and track did not receive the attention given to other sports. The ball team enjoyed only a mediocre season. The one official track meet held at Lambertville was won by that team. This spring, under the direction of Coach Frank, the baseball team has gotten off to an early and enthusiastic start which promises good results. l73jEf-e'- F. H. S. O .......... Scores FOOTBALL SCORES Falls Township .......... 0 ................ Netcong ................ 0 7 .............. Washington ,....... , ...., 1 2 0 ............ Hackettstown ..........., 2 7 13 ........ F. H. S. 10 ........ 15 ..,.... 18 ....... 27 .,...... 26 ...... Pemberton 6 Opponent F. H. S. 20 0 Opponent Sommerville 27 6 ..,... ....... P rinceton ...........,.,.. 3 3 13 ...... ..... L ambertville ,.......,..,.. 6 0 ..... ..... M orrisville .....,..,.,,,, 1 9 BOYS' BASKETBALL SCORES Washington Clinton 17 10 .........,.... Frenchtown ............,, 6 High Bridge 20 Hampton 10 Clinton 6 Frenchtovwn 14 24 ........ F. H. S. 19 ....... ...... 32 ................ 16 ....... 25 .,.... Opponent F. H. S. 35 14 Opponent Hampton 17 3 0 .....,...... High Bridge ...,......i, I 5 26 ...... .,.,... H ampton ..,.......,..,.. 2 3 23 ,............... Alumni .,...........,.. 3 7 20 ........,. 14 ..........,. Falls Township ..,....... 18 Washington .,..,.. ..... 2 1 2 2 .............. Pennington .............. 33 GIRLS' BASKETBALL SCORES Alumni ................ Clinton .,.. ., ......,..,. 1 5 Morrisville 19 N. J. School for Deaf ...... 13 2 6 ............ F renchtown ..,,........ 2 0 26 .............,,. Belvidere ....,...,,. ., 1 5 33 ....., F. H. S. 5 ....... 1 ........,,.... 0 .............. 1 ....... F. H. S. 2 .,.... 2 - .,.,. , 4 ...... ....,.. 9 ................ Hampton ........ ..... 3 .. April 20 April 29 May May N. J. School for Deaf ...... 1 Opponent F. H. S. 15 21 Opponent Morrisville 1 5 3 2 ...... ....... H ampton ................ 1 3 41 ..... ......... C linton ........ ...... 7 25 ............ Frenchtown ........,,,, 26 27 .............. Hampton .............. 23 22 .....,...... GIRLS' HOCKEY SCORES Opponent F. H. S. Frenchtown New Hope Frenchtown iifufii 1 Buckingham 5 1 8 ......,.,,,,,,,, 0 4 Frenchtown .......... .. 21 Opponent High Bridge ...... , .v,,, 0 New Hope 0 6 ........ ....... C lmton ,....... 0 19 3 6 BASEBALL SCORES Opponent F. H. S. Opponent Annandale 6 12 Lambertville 9 Frenchtown 14 8 Clintgn 4 Clinton ..... .... 2 3 ....,,....,,.,., Hampton ,,,,,,.,,, 9 High Bridge Frenchtown .... . 6 9 ............ 5 13 .,,..,,,.,.. 18 1 .......,....,. Washington ll High Bridge Lambertville 17 19 3 7 BASEBALL SCHEDULE -Flemington at Washington -Flemington at Annandale Ref. 7-High Bridge at Flemington 11-Hampton at Flemington May 14-Flemington at Clinton May 18-Frenchtown at Flemington May May 25 May 27 May 21-Lambertville at Flemington Flemington at High Bridge -Washington at Flemington 28-Flemington at Hampton June 1-Clinton at Flemington June 4- Flemington at Frenchtown 'il74E3v Football Squad lloltlml ruwfllclt lu rigllll. Mzmucl l'up1ma. Ilormzm lllslxiux. klllllll llarlpoxki, lmnulll lliggiue, llcnjallliu klulin, Iilxx'-I-ul ,llvlltg Iimlwzml Nulmli. IM-nalml -l2l!lNSL'lI, lfrzmla lfurf, Albert llolC4u11lrc. Sccoml rowfllell to Vlflllln Roger XYilli:uua, l'll2lll2lJICl'Q ,lwlm liurylo, Cellric Nor- lmry, llluruucc Xlartyn, Vlolm Slfil. Xlzlrwlmll Collins. -le- uunc liCH1l1lCl'C1', liouglsu YI-lk, l'.1'e4l l'olacfelx, ,Xzlrrvn Kline, Rolmcrt Yanl, Nlr. l,v:m1:u'nl lfrzullf. cuzlcll. 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Roger Gary, 'l'l1emh11'1- S11111'Nki, 131111141115 Volk. john lilxryhw, Mo1'g'.111 Li001XUl'. -- -rjf76fir- Girls' Ba 11111111111 sketball Squad Wm'-1 11-ft 111 11111115 L':1111e1'i11e 1,e1111, Mary M111- 111:ws. 11111-11111y 1'11111'1', Mary Maczkn. 1'1111e1', 111111111011 111111111115 1.il1i1111 1-Q11 ll El 111111fr11'111, 1 SIHIIH1. 566111111 1'1111'-11011 111 11111115 1i?11.1lCl'1ll 1? SL'1'l121ll1Cl', 1':ll111y 1161111611 X111111'c11 1ie11a111, 11 1' 21 1' vs X1111e1111, 1f1c1111111' Y1-rke, 11'c11c K1 H1110 11' S. 111111161 xYL'141l, ,1e1111 111'i111,111, 1111111111:01': S1111y XY11111111e. 2lsN151Rl11 ,1'1111'11 1-1 X1 1 s s 011110113 B 111115111111 111gp1111s. 111111, 111111 x1ll11L'l'. 1'11y11is R1'111111l. 1.11111c11111 !'l1?111HKCl'. M71 11:11 10 11111111- R11-1111e1 Stei11111111e1' 1111'g:111'cl 11llC1iXX'H1lCl', 1111111111!e1', 1f1e1111111' X1111'y 1162-111. A1111 1'1111'1s11ce 4X11e11, 1,11y 1111, R115111111 1111Ff- 11!2H1, 1i'N1N1?111l 'l11El11HKCl'. Action '1'1-11 1'1C 111111111115 lure: A 1411111 111 1116 11111111111 1'11'1111'C11c1t 111 11111111 111111 111-111111-1' 1111cs11'1 keep - 1 1 1111- 1111c111'y 1e11111 1111111111's. 1110 1111c11 11 N111111'c11 111111e1' 111 the SCI'H1111J1C. f r Glrls Hockey 13111111111 rmxftlcfl 111 11111113 M 1 5 5 R11-111101 S1L'11l1l?lllt'1', 1'1111c11g X'i1111't Cwik, Alice ,11-1111N1111. 1':1C2lll'I!' Y 11 Q k 6, ,1111111111111 NlSllNl2l111, H1111 21 1P1111f111'l11, 1,11y 1,11111c111111111, M111'1:111'c1 1 !111'11w1111e1', 101111 111'1111111, .Xl111H 111111, 1l111'11111y 1' -1 1 1 c r, 1.i1111111 111-tier, 1'11x111f K.112iI1ll, H1111 116811, K12111lCl'1llC 1, c1111, 1,11c111c K111'1'1111. 5c1'111111 1 'wwft 11-it 111 11111111 11c111' 511111141 11l'ilL'C N1111c1111. 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IN-ul Slumling ktlmlllpxvulx, Senior lliglx, +Q7Sl+ f I s Q . i yt' ' - Q LEFT HAND GROl'PSg1top to bmtmnl-Junior lligh Intramural VVinners, Class C. Junior High Champirma, Class D. Senior High Champions, Class C. Junior High, Class A, Champions. Intfa- RIGHT HAND unovifs-m.p to bottnml-Senior nigh, Claw B, Champions. Swim uigii, Class A, Murals Champions. Junior lligli, Class B, Champions. Senior High, Class D, Champions. -. 79 4 Athletics ll? 'I'l1L- Inq! lFZIl1l ww- iulw :I lluwlnllc with K'-Izlvh Ilcilcl'-Ill. lil! lfll Xnlllx :mul lu llllllluyulll lull !lw lllulls wut HI thru urmx. lil "lhmtN" lmuhv1'll1 Nlwxw l.1ll1:m l'llllm' I1-In nut l mill gl lvqullll Snapshots ll? lint l'vltIl-1' :null Xlxlry 0-1ullln'1 Ilccp thu-ir lfyux MT lllc k'llIllt'l'1l. l55 lid ,rl-tx rl-.ull lu luuru um- ml lvl k4'v:nl'l1 Stl-111h.411ur' xxwlll- -'llt llw wlrzllcuy. lf! 'lkwl Lxuill lrxllxlx llwll lmwlmll. -fifslwfw - 1 'U ' x hy. rl ll A I l'I'IfR l'lk"I'l'RIf4pIlullmn Ruw, left tw1'ighO-l,illial1 Potter, K1llll6l'illC Schlnpfer, Ilmwvtlly l'HlIc'I'. Qlnp Rww. lett In riulllifjezul Strmue, Norman Cary, lfclith Smith. The Cheer Sj'llChl'0IliZ8l's Wwe Cheer nmllp. Leaders 1HVl"I"l'UXI I' l L"lAl' R Iii The cI1cer'lc:ule1'w put pep into the vruwql by rcaclxing fm' the sun. -138 lfkf- -- 55 fe 5 . THE BATTLE GRO UND" 'Ef82lH+ School Life -. .- ll Fine Arts rests. Q21 Sturm and strife. L31 Better get a support fur that wall. L41 The Maylil"s ilaughter Qlmttniii leftl at the l'et shuw. 155 A safe Llriver and a gmul friensl. lhl "Sissy" grants ns une nf her rare sllliles, Q73 llnlures anil Fretl lumped this picture would appear. LSB She lnults like llelAen lirnwn. UU lletty anal Anna take the wither lletty and Mabel for a rimle. U03 lion gets a dillerezit vieu. llll l,llLlis takes his ease. Llll Eileen struts her stuff. U35 Violet believes every word you say, john. l-U On a bicycle built fur une. U51 Phyllis exhibits a giiml nntlerstantling. llbl Sain CUlliCIlllll3.lCe the fntnre. ll7l Mabel and llolores are held down by liertrucle, "Sissy," and Yinlet. USD l,nis Axtell pax-s ns a visit. 1,l'1l Mabel gues into reverse with Violet at the cuntrnls. lllll lrene smiles it liver. pill Ifmily and Kate are here again. Q25 Dot seems tn believe yfin, Adrian. 4335 Ilmrhmls Lfllliillllft za pleasant arlnful. L2-U -luhn Kerekes gives Oscar a mouthful. QZSJ Mabel and l.ihby, las't but not least. lliil Presirlent Martyn emphasises his remarks. 1271 l,nis' and Muriel meet again. QJXJ XYhat we must look forward tu. Ye Log Book SEPTEMBER 9-Gathering of the disciples. -Faculty begins to put on pressure. We might as well get used to it. 12 14-Mr. Hall and Mr. Miller burn bacon at the teachers annual pilgrimage to th: Old Oaken Bucket. 17-Dedication of the school flags. , 22 25 OCTOBER 5-9-We put out fires. 9-Netcong holds us to a scoreless tie. ' 16-Washington does not hold us to a scoreless tie. -School closes in order to let our teachers get a few pointers. -Assembly Forum. Many men in one. -First day of reckoning. Why did I get an "E"? -Hackettstuwn takes us over. -Senior Class sponsors an indoor football game in the auditorium. -Pemberton wins. -We catch up, on the Landis Spring Organ Recital. -Football team falls for Falls Township. 19 21 23 23 30 31 NOVEMBER 2-Students take a "straw ballot." No bets placed that we know of. 6-Same as September 29, October 16, October 23, and October 31. Somerville was the victim. -Mr. Parker talks on Armistice Day. -16-Our song-birds sing in the All State Chorus at Atlantic City. -See item under November 6. This time Princeton was the victim. 20-Miss Turner and Mr. Schofield hold the spotlight. Children's Book Week. ll 13 13 16- 20-See item under November 13, Morrisville visits us. 26-Turkeys strut their stuff. So does the football team over Lambertville. Mayor Schenck's pep talk takes effect. 'DECEMBER Mayor Schenck presents football trophy. "Prunes" makes elaborate speech, in accepting football from Coach Frank, "Prunes" said, "Thanks!" 7-First of the chronic postponements of Masque and Sandal "tryouts," 8-Lyceum Program-Lessons about honesty from the Eskimos. -Movies for the benefit of the movies. 10-Al Bennet takes us across the Pacific in the "China Clipper." 18-Continuous Glee Club. We get ready for Santa Claus on the last date. 3 9 14- 20-The Glee Club proves its quality: Under Miss Gordon's direction they sang the cantata "Childe jesus." JANUARY 4-New Year and a new marking period. "Goldie" describes our ailments for us. S-Junior class proves its superiority in Choral Club singing. 7-Mr. Van Keuren talks in assembly. 8-First league games-Boys sore, the girls soar. 11-Masque and Sandal aspirants sign "On the Dotted Line." 15-Girls' Basket tossers lose tight game to Morrisville. 19-Girls win silent victory over Deaf School. 25-28-We are put to the test. We hope and pray. FEBRUARY 1-We see snakes in the assembly. 2-Girls get revenge from Morrisville. Boys take "fall" out of Falls Township. 4-We ge up steam for the Hampton game. 5-Double victory over Hampton. Operetta cast takes shape. ' 11-Audio education makes its bow. 12-We give praise to Lincoln for a Holiday. Echo-Alumni draws deficit in the exchecker. +C-f8-413 15- "Doc" Cary tells the "Dear Lady, Ctoj Be Brave." 16-Pennington takes the boys for a ride. 18-More movies for the movies. The law is defended. 19-Boys and girls hit their strides in Clinton games. 23-Lyceum Program-We swing with the "Dixie Melody Mastersf' 24-Boys on top in Frenchtown game. Girls earn a play-off by losing. 25-Miss Murray,s Latin classes give us an excellent view of Roman life in "Andro- meda." 26-Girls defeat Hampton. Boys take a licking. MARCH 1-The North Pole comes to Study hall-No heat!! 2-Mr. Hoover sends a "G" man, to explain the mysterys of crook catching. 4-Mr. Van Keuren describes New Orleanls beauties. "Sam" Jones learns about his ancestors. S-Boys take High Bridge over. 10-Girls clinch County Championship by defeating Frenchtown by 1 point. 11-Signs of Spring. Miss Bahniy gives "A Marriage Proposal." Second team clinches County Championship for boys over Hampton. 12-Victory assembly. "Pen and Ink" and "Student Voice" share honors. 15-We got our first real snow storm. The buses come through. 16-Howls, Barks, Meowings, Groans, and Yappings. The Pet Club puts on a "Doggy" show. 17-We see green-thanks to Saint Patrick. 19-Operetta cast gets to school in time for the Lyceum slight-of-hand performance in the afternoon. 19-2 0-"Sailors from "H, M. S. Pinafore" and their ladies give us rare entertainment. 22-Tearful Glee Club gives last concert under Miss Gordon's direction. 25-Senior English classes cast shadows just before we leave for Easter vacation. APRIL 5--6-Seniors rest in preparation for Washingtoii trip. 7-10-Seniors give the Capitol City a treat. 12-Seniors start resting for graduation. 14-21-We ponder the future. Course of study for next year made up. 19-24-"Stop kickin' my dog arounclf' "Be Kind To Animals Week." 24-The flowers that bloom in the spring-tra-la, tra-la. National Wild Flower Day. 28-29-We put our learning on display. . 30-May 1-Another convention for our teachers, they migrate to New BrunSW1Ck- MAY 3-7-Singing and sounds of trumpets. National Music Weelt. 9-Mothers' Day. 12-We celebrate Florence Nightingale's Birthday. 13-Unlucky us! The sacl story appears again with Report Cards. 14-Some people are luckyg Choir School graduates. 18-Peace is with us with World Goodwill Day. 28-Signs of the end. Copies of all final exams made ready. 31--Memorial Day celebrated with a school holiday-for a change. JUNE 3--4-7-Its all over as far as classes are concerned. Senior exams. 9-14-The rest of us hope we'll pass our exams. 13-Baccalaureate sermon. 14-We get back at the faculty on Class Night. 16-The Constitution passes in review. Commencement Pageant. 17-The sad day is upon us. XVe get our diplomas. 18-The senior mantle falls on Chip Obert. Moving up exercises. XVe have our final gathering as a class at the Prom. 19-We dine as Alumni. sissjsfw- ?60 V. ., H, Clgigfcq Reed 1 1 'f jf hx 'x "6 4 af if 534 JY wg vt, . J wmg ' 4 Wm A PW W if -x2:.", ' ,od xx mp., 'lrqziv , iLjgM"fif?W,fyW ,Y + fry! ADW fwfr? My ,fm My Mffvow W W0 4 ADJ M2951 is JY y gyvwlwf' 7 Sw M ff M cw GEM My Wfvw WW ,. B VW Mfmfw W- U XM UAW, u s ,HMI -.L.,1-M H .17 MfJ'Vvs4" ""M"'1ff y,,wf5"'20P,f , Q f5fg 5E" fl 0 0 . ' ,37,. W GYLQQ WW? JL 1'AA' H3fvv33?3'5f' BJQWJA E QR A ' WAfNfWx'2. iffy! 'SN .lg oy".-'pgr?lQa1l 37 W' WIA Jfwvimm, .,,, . - K9 . :- ' , ' 433-, My Rohm. 7 5I1,,,.T-31 V- uf TYWJK yhmfgsl " ff ff -vi AM1' get V. gU'xivuAgLA"x ms.5'K,.S, if O 'QI . QPWV ibgijfgbsykqygjjxqqk AW' vm'-fm -5 4 .?Q'?"' I' ,Q SQAfX,,qQ3M'L,,wQf" Zgliwfmmjofdig ' 275' Q42 0 52:91 C6 zv.vaNBQil','Vow'- "' Q -fifwffdfapgng ff , AMA, Lb-...J'51' wI,ZZ0,A!fJhj?i. 5 7 "iEf86f W M . , ,E 3' 5 M' 4' W Wfguhsufu' 'l,gfvfd1f.v . ' ,L XE ff '35 f J' QE E nh Q N3 "lJwJ- -114.-...-.423-Ef.7,A!-17" WHA:-.. LL' . - 4 -M... 'N fWyif,4 rw 54" :Q Q'firi'k'y W My Wy M V CX fr 1 ll if Navy ,ff 1,1 A lqwwifp Qu .M ,ysgfx -2. .EXE ' ,Wm Miawi MW,-, ga 51 o 441-np, ...sp 4 M197 ,q F X1 PM JF NR-1 X325 K Wiuwpa tw X 'MM rf, NGNMWNN is In ly 11 V ,U .VY ff ff df Kin qv 3 , WJ f.:21Af:mf W6 wp 55MiQJ6b"M,V6A 5 M7 6 w, f2qe , '-0? eww f A 6171444 465 U 65-P' '34ffZ1?9v ,XM Al? J , jf Gig exif Q H? o . . 'N ' Lwglobu A 1 siijilmmw- 1+ A '9- V -- " Mud 5 OWS- ,wig lk.,-.Jr ,, . 'I 25 Wpxa ,Q,GAN K uilmmd If i" 7AVjW0.9y:9+"TIjs E ufwp "X" 1 Wzaf 21 Sosdfg-VZ ZVVHQZQ 4 .ww 3, ,P OJ, I .JL 'JY' 52624540 Jr My ,J WWE KVQVJLL Iwvikqv '13-e s , ,Cf ,ff in MQIIVW ArlgJ""8 mf I 940 4 fi- Q., yfwx , Uf'J,fN LX f X 45 W 1 'X . I -P MQQW WML vggggy I ,, XX W 'Q Q W 2 25372 QSM if W fZQ' QW?2Q E . 1 . 5 J , S 34110-4f'3o 3? MM If "feq.,,,K5 '55 V10 La' Mg! ww Gif Wi XS, "g37Ew- - .1 ,- ng- ,q-' -..gg l.. 1- -I-'-'ln -.li wil- 'if --- 1,....a-nf' nf Q - ...-- -4: . P' 1- - ----uns'-" ' 3-1- rv Jann-- ' 50 "2,,.:-,El-IL, 1-7.-" "1-3' 55" ... EF.. -- ,,.-i..'5T" " , gs- -invw .unf- ,,4.4v -HZ- ..-... -w-- IV1 d -vrvrl :ln V - A, AA 7-" V ff- -A -.. f -:' ,. i ian' 5 HAIL AND FAREWELL One of the great problems facing the people of the United States is that of maintaining our democratic form of government. Since the days of NVashington, public policy has called for an educated, enlightened electorate in order that the demagogue and partisan leader should not lead the people from the path of democracy. XY'ith the exception of the fundamental issue of slavery, rhis policy has enalaled us to accept peacefully the will of the majority to luring about far-reaching economic, social and political changes. Cherish and guard this heritage of free education. Learn the facts, filter the facts, apply the facts, and make decisions in accordance with this procedure. Learn to love God, your neighbor. and your country. Set this as your goal, and American democracy is safe. THE AMERICAN LEGION -V -:il S s lik- ADVERTISEMENTS To Our Patrons The students of Flemington High School are very thankful indeed for the financial assistance you have given them in the production of the 1937 Eclao. Without your advertisements and compliments this record of school life would necessarily have to be curtailed and abridged---A thus defeating the purpose of the publication. We feel that it is just and proper that the people of the Community served by Flemington High School, help to continue this Worthwhile student venture by giving their patronage to those merchants and others Who have, in so large a measure, insured it success. 4Ef90E+ -ii 9 1 Ew- THE EcHo min-141111103 1 1 1 1 111110102 1:41411 in 1111: isis: 1 1 10101 C077Zpli1116l1fS of GR1ElEN9S STUDIO YOUR ECHO PHOTOGRAPHER and GRJEJENS Fin-sm Rate DRUG STORE ON THE CORNER" FLEMINGTON, N. J Ellfftlllfk' fo GREEN'S PHOTO STUDIO" thru our store ozouioioioiniu 1 vi vi ri xioioioini- 1:11 11010101 wi ri xi vi in in 30101 VN v:ojo1oio101fv:4r1oio1ar:1nio11 xiotuioioinjoj- -10112014 vioioiuinioiavioxoia -14 0:4 014 TH,E ECHO ui 1 14 is is 103014 inin1oio11u1mr1zuiu1u14102011 if if is 1 vi 1141101105: CONGRATULATIONS! To the Class of 1937 of the Flemington High School We extend our most hearty felicitations and good wishes. IFLJEMINGTUN PHARMACY A. J. AXELROD, PH. G. 55 Main Street Flemington, N. J. Conzplinzwzfs of Charles Holcombe FUNERAL DIRECTOR 47 MAIN STREET FLEMINGTON, N. J. COMPLIMENTS Ol: FRANK G. JLOTT ATTORNEY-AT-LAW PosT OFFICE BUILDING FLEMINGTON. N. J. 0 ninioiuini 11 if 1 in 11 :nicniuiuiniuinini ni 1:11:11 11: 1 ni -101113119 ...gfgz 9 3 ozonioini 10101 121:11 THE ECHO 1:11024 1011 10: rianioioierioicwioiuuinnioioi ri ni vioic in in 11 1111014 THE BODINE LUMBER CO. GY! WHEN YOU BUILD YOUR HOME SPECIFY BODINE LUMBER 5x2 FLEMINGTON, NEW JERSEY Compliments of Flemington Garage JOSEPH HYLAN, Proprietor BUICK and PONTIAC DayandNight GENERAL SERVICE Telephone 74 FLEMINGTON, N. J. Telephone Bound Brook 605 EFINGER SPORTING GOODS CO. Distribufors for A. G. SPALDING 81 BROS. BOUND BROOK, N. J. rioioioioiexicxiarisvinieliuxioiesiarioimxif 1021111 ON xj4n:oj1xj1r1o1o1o14x11r1o14x11x14r:g rjoininis r11v1noj4nj1xj1n1ari1vj1s11r11xje xi0j01u:1v:1r1uj1vi1bi1n1crj1r1oi1n101n xoxox: YM vioicrjcsioioioiavioicviuicv 0:0 193 1101010101-1x14vjo14rjar1o:4v14v1cv1an14 rioioiozoininiojavin THE ECHO DRY CLEANING TAILORING REMODELING Ben Karrow MEN'S CLGTHIER, HATTER, FURNISHER Q Carrying a complete line of quality proven brands in 1l1C'l1,S wear SMITHSON SUITS, STETSON HATS, ARROW SHIRTS INTERYVOVEZV SOCKS, CHENEY CRAVATS, HICKOK BELTS Phone 234 Free Delivery Service 35 MAIN STREET FLEMINGTON, N. j. PARKER INSURANCE AGENCY GENERAL INSURANCE FLEMINGTON, NEW JERSEY "A SAFE PLACE TO SHOP" NEVIUS BROS., Inc. FLEMINGTON, NEW JERSEY .L....,.1 Largest Department Store In Hunterdon County O:0lZ0i0i0i4 ri102011nioioioioixrifxixriwxierifnxunixvisvisvzsvifuievxfnifxixviaue' +Ef94fE3" +3959 9-f L ' gg, . v X ,. .14 ,Y Iti- ni- Z: - A A , V , 1 1. , Q,A . . ...'. K , L . Y e, -. - .,.l 'il .Q Z 4, Y , In in yy 4 I Tgvyq .. V ' I I ii! 1 S :ii nine. 4 3 - , Ql3,-I- - V , 5 F- ,,,. f- . ' , i x A -'R ur 175- -l .yi X. Y-A P-4 wa ' ,Av ,.f.:,.w5. , . V, , g,- , A . ,- 1 1- 1' S?" i . ,,..-.v- ,- I Q -4 I: I. C I .. .. ,.-5 " I ll Q 'I ,' , ' 1 M A' llll , , V - Q3 i , llll .- - r '44 1' 7 - ' x ,. .gp L, A f .ji X 1 xi.. f l t - A . E. -' N U., .,.. Y.---. 1 , X ...N , V .'-, -. , -34 'xf 1 A tu U N: . mx U A 'n.,,,,,,JI2gL K , f h A, D . .H Q ' , , 1 5 Old Flemington Opera House YEL, 0 geo s1o1cv:o:o1oicxicv:4v:1ni4v:4r1cv14v1o11si4v14v1c vifv1oioioioics14n1ojam1ani1r1o1o1av1ui4rimjojexioiojojxrix .g.... THE ECHO C0lIlIlli'NIC'llfS of Compliments of AMERICAN STORES CO. THE BLUE BOWL MEATS GROCERIES PRODUCE A. V. WALDRON, Proprietor FLEMINGTON, N. J. LITTLE, WILSON SL DIEATS, Luc. FLOUR, FEED AND GRAIN Makvrs Of "MlTY NICEU AND WILLIAMS SUCCESS PANCAKE AND BUCKWHEAT FLOUR PITTSTOWN CLINTON MILFORD FLEMINGTON C0mPllmcm75 of Compliments of A. W. PROTZMAN Pure Ice and Cream G. B. TOMPKINS. M. D. FLEMINGTQN, N. J. S2 Broad Street Flemington, N. J. Phone 152-J Com plimenfs of ROYAL FUR COMPANY, Lnc. DAVE KAHN ioioiaiuinif Iinlicviihitricximniexienimrianixvicvicrimozo -H96 WE"- THE ECHO HILL BRUTHERS FLEMINGTON, N. Phone 35 R 13 Gemge KE. Large Counsellor at Law ITLEMINGTON, NEW JERSEY 1101411 1:3111 101014 3 vi 1 vi 1 li ri ri 11 111511 ri 1 the Director. JS ,violavi:vimV11visV1114n2oioioi1v1oi1l10i1li1li1Di1Dioi4li4li4ri4Dixbi0i4r11 THE ECHO xiniiiioiiniarioinioivi vieuioiniuioioini vinicviiriuimxioiarioioioixgr VAN DEVANTER GENERAL CONTRACTOR Window Frames a Specialty Phone 18-R-12 31 East Main Street: COWZpIi1ll6IIfS of 22 Prospect Street East Orange, N. J. " Tel. ORlnge J-IZB6 " COLLEGE lraining in the cul- tural and practical arts. A two-year course-for col- C h d C : lege credit-academic or : scfrezariul. E An Intensive one-year course, E A fvrufmring ymmg wmncn lliglx school gmcluutcs exclusively : for preferred secretarial E positions. Courses are given by univer- sity professors of recognized - X V 1 standing. Technical subiecls are taught by experienced E college graduates. E Charmingly a p poi nied roof : garden studios. Restricted en- : rolmenl. For bulletin address ITN -ll Ulm I EASTON, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of Flemington Exempt lFiremen's Ass'n :icuii vio:o14i:1x14n1o14sio:cr11vj1i1ojo1o:an1-x:e:j4n14x:: 1101014 ,Q ...QH9 3 ' 1 ,..,, , ....,,.f,,K:--- r V- h X. mv qi- :iff 1-jjfqlfl' I . Z - " Q -,. . - I ' 1 .-Jai 'QE' r pt - , ' -......4v .. "' 'U Ik X xx lv' tp' j J., ,Q Ki N-of X1 -l f L f' ' v, ' ' .-..f .,.,X--fmrq-,Mtn IQ! .Mk x U il ri . .. ,.,,-1-auf' - f L V 2 r vfq J lg.-If. 4 X . x - 'S' ,XJR fn ' J g X . ,A, - ' 'U' ' 1 '. 1 . 1 I , u A I I l f hu , . ,,.,-a-qc Mlxxw i NRA x "' Q 3 Nf T' '-'Pl' 4,-fffM tx - i -. I Lil .- JW V - r ' -V -' .-, ff- U-, ,f" rf f .4 ....1" '-' , -5 X . ...Ili 1 rl vlvliljcq -His.---:fi A-N V . I . ,, I .JAN u ' gl ---1-':."" l' . Y 1 411, , .. ' . ' " "-3 ' ' V". ".22.fFf.':.- 5:1-1 W . in - f: V - I gg --: :':'.l .:.: ..":':lr:-r..-I aiw.. ':':", ,:::::. 2:--r ,,s:s1'5,:m-' Ffi5I"'7"" , Lu 'E. ,, '-- . - I I ',m 'm!f :1 5 W13' 1 U - I ""-- -I 'l -' .' Q, 2- 1. 31.-tl" ' -Hf21Ef?f Qul"fff"fl iii!-w . t,f.4.l..,,,,lfJ L-1.li...l.. ' ,- -"Al-fllfhllhxk J "Ef99Ef-f-- - -Q 1 Old Flemington Hotel THE ECHO Z..- .... .-..-.-...-1-.-..-.,--------.-.--.- -1- - -- --2 3 5 2 Brookside Poultry Farm g g and Hatchery Q l 2 DAY OLD CHICKS STARTED CHICKS Q i EDWARD C. BROWN, Proprietor Sergeantsville, N. J. ' 2 l l I TRENTON - LAMBERTVILLE BUS LINE E INCORPORATED of TRENTON. NEW JERSEY 1 CHARTER SERVICE 3 2 MODERN PARLOR DELUXE MOTOR COACHES g A dependable old established line offers you the most ad- l i vanced provisions for passenger comfort, convenience, and safety. Reasonable and satisfactory transportation for your organization. Phone Trenton 4501. E Carriers fo fine classes of 1935, 1936,1md 1937 , for the Wasbilzgtolz Trip l l l Hunterdon County Paint Store Compliments of JOHN C. STRYKER,'Pro11. i Main Street Flemmgwn, N- J- T I R P O K 7 S Green's Taxi Service CLEANERS fe DYERS HARVEY D. GRTEN., PMP- Ladies and Gents i Phone 170-J Femlngton, N. CLEANING AND 3 compzfmmfs of SHOE SHINING PARLOR M . St R?W6 Autgl N J 12 Bloomfield Ave. Flemington, N. J. alll ree efnln On, . . 1101010101014P1011l101010I0I0101"101"1"1"1''1"1"1"1"1"1"1"1"'9"':0 -e+Ef100f3+ .ppp- e I e a 110101011 riuiujoioiojc mioioioicxioioioioicr 1014 :iz n-A C r-A ? 02014 p1oi4x1:vi1vio10:o1o1o:oi r:o:o1o11ni1xioimx11x1oZ1x1oi4vi4r21si1vZ4 TH,E ECHO Compliments of DR. W. S. KNOLL DENTIST Flemington National Bank Building NEW PALACE THEATRE ELEMINGTON, N. J. "The Very Best in Motion Pictures" Operated by IMPERIAL THEATRE INC. Phone 204 ROYAL BLUE COACHES Serving the "Hub" Cities and Towns in Central New Jersey. EASTON, PHILLIPSBURG, CLINTON, HIGH BRIDGE, WASHINGTON, BELVIDERE, SOMERVILLE, MORRISTOWN, TRENTON, FLEMINGTON AND INTERMEDIATE POINTS. Special DeLuxe Coaches for private Charter trips Phone Lebanon 25-R-31 Congratulations to the Flemington High School Senior Class of 1937 Compliments of Flemington Water Company uzmzo ! v1oi1xjenj0jo1oi4ni4x14r14ni4x1fs1Ln11x1cr10j014 'E K' T1-LE Ecuo Compliments of William Schomp Sheriff l1oi0i4l10ioirr11111vi010ioi1 101 rioioiotf HOTEL CONTINENTAL WELCOMES THE 1938 SENIOR CLASS OF FLEMINGTON HIGH SCHOOL TO WASHINGTON, D. C. C. J. CooK, Manager Complimcnls of Gaston's Store SOMERVILLE, N. J. Qnioioioioioiui 11010101011 10ioioi0i4si1riul1cri:vi4bi1l11ri1li01cbi1r1n x:o1o:o:o14njo1o1n1n1 11: 111 riojo1o1o11nio1wnioi1x:4r14njoj4ojcxj1n1a vial ,419 2? X , I Y g ',VA Vw F ' 'i' ' Q ii. ' eg It rg 'sqm A l Y ik ur , In " Sm WWW W ' "f ... -.fl-..-3 5! -- ff : 'N -s '-.Q f ,, I4 :- , W A T3-3'?d'Q,:::-1 Qld Mine Bro k B 'dg .,.,5f10313,..,.- 6 THE ECHO l- If MCMULLEN SL MULLER 2 l Authorized Sales and Service Q l 567' Om, 1 FLEMINGTON, N. J. Q l I l l COMPLIMENTS OF Q DR. . B. MAXSON l l W. LUTHER STOTHOFF HARVEY STOTHOFF i Business Established 1 8 8 5 WM. STOTHOFF COMPANY, Inc. 2 QSuc'cessors to STOTHOFF BROS., Contractors for' ARTESIAN WELLS AND WATER SUPPLY PLANTS i AND QUIET MAY OIL BURNERS Q Office Telephone l Flemington Junction, N. J. Flemington 75 J l TRAIN FOR SUCCESS Q Rider College offers a practical program i M, of business training for high school gra- i duates who are ambitious to succeed. Q . . Sc t - h ' d d ' Elffffffffl Aeelffmffs Accfuitiilyfrgfcfetaiiieiciffffeiouli 2 nalism, Business Administration and Commercial Teaching. 32 MAIN STREET Interesting literature on request l FLEMINGTON, N. J. RIDER COLLEGE Founded was TRENTON, N. J. 1 201:12 13010101024vioioioiflioioioioioioialiilicriflifricriiliarinsioiel fo --+af1o4f3+ JSI 9.0 via viuiniuixviixjcsicvjaxilyjoicrjujlvitviojtvi 0141101010141101014niojuiujojuioiznicrioifsiarioioiclxniuioiujf THE ECHO GEORGE A. BERKAW RUFUS B. MATHEWS BERKAW and MATHEWS PAINTS of FEEDS , FLEMINGTON PENCING SEEDS POULTRY SUPPLIES GRAINS HARDWARE FERTILIZER Compliments of ITALO TARANTOLA LAW OFFICES FLEMINGTON, NEW JERSEY MARCUS L. GLAZER Life Insurance Adviser Representing THE STATE MUTUAL LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY OF WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS Organized 1844 When you want to know anything about Life Protection, Retirement Incomes, or Annuities, consult 1ne. 79 BROAD STREET Telephone 92 FLEMINGTON, N. J. 020310211101411011510101:rim11:xioi1ri1n2oi0Z1x10Z4ri0ifrioirmiini1xZ1ni4ui1 iflosjsf- ON o 010101014 miniuinjoi 01011:11sin111sio1oi011si1bi4rjo1nri1xj1nj1ij1njo11o11ri0i1x14njc I 0 I 1101010101011 THE Ecl-Io "Best Wishes of A Friend" IN 101150 Phone 1 15-W GEORGE B. BAIRRIICK DE SOTO Sw. PLYMOUTH SALES AND SERVICE 30M MAIN STREET FLEMINGTON, N. J. TRY BAKJER'S FIRST AND SAVE VOSSELLER BUILDING FLEMINGTON, N. J. Enjoy fbe Orebesfra at fine OLD OAKEN BUCKET A. 85 J. FORMAN, Mgrs. Swim ming, Camping, Picnicing Hines and I,lIlll0I'S Orrlresfra Every Salurday Nigbt PETER LACOPO EXPERT SHOE REPAIRING Highest Quality Maierials at Lowest Possible Price Open Week Days 8 a. rn. to 7 p. Saturdays 7 a. m. to 9 p. m. Ji' QQQQQ I I I I I I I I I E I I I I 5 I I I Route 30 Between Flemington and Clinton, N. J. 137 Main Street Flemington, Next to Salier's Garage 101011 m. N. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I --asf 1 osI3+ v0"-, g R isa...- Q..- 7. i'- ...4 ' x .....-1-g F ,, -v f 4 J 's xv' ---.4 ign-----f - , N':,,..4.si --1' --cgnpg lu. -14 '---- f ,Q -.-gf,,.,,,i.., -on-v.-W - ----- ' .,--- g+1o71z5f---- -..... ,....g.-1-:v.----- -4 - qv-N. - 77-7-77 - YY...-:,.?A,p-LY ,A AJ --.-..K,,-.--v-1J.k-. ...J-..--.. ,. ,1- Flemington Fairgrounds THE ECHO is is 1 ui 1014nicrio10i1rio14ri1x1oin1rrimn11:11vio1oi4 iuinioioiuioil COMPLIMENTS OF IOSEPH BIRNBAUM Compliments of FLEMIN GTON LUNCH STEPHEN PAPASTERGIOU, Prop. COUNTY REAL ESTATE AND ALL TYPES OF INSURANCE Yeaton andl Yeaton GREEN BUILDING FLEMINGTON, N. J. u n rio20ioi4n11v14xi0i1b11xi1l1o1:ni1rioi1b11li1ri1b14 -- 1 rioiuioxs Q ! 1 I Q I I I ! :E .... I? THE EcHo .M w Qs: xi 101:11 1:11014 1 +11 1 vioiuioioioioi 2 nic :mini si xi 1 2 rio: -r5f109lE1- Compliments of Foran Foundry 81 Mfg. Co. FLEMINGTON, NEW JERSEY STRYKER'S STORE for WATERMAN AND PARKER FOUNTAIN PENS AND PENCILS Autograph Albums and Scrap Books Films Developed and Printed Three Doors South of Post Office BURKETT BROTHERS CO Dealers in JEDDO AND LEHIGH COAL Farm Machinery-Fertilizers Masons' Materials Electric Washers and Cleaners Stromberg-Carlson Radios OFFICE 37 MINE STREET Bell Phone S3-R-11 CHARLES KERSTING MARKET Prime Meats and Fancy Groceries Vegetables 145 WEST MAIN STREET SOMERVILLE, N. Phone 12 3 -124 We Deliver 1010102010101 li xi xi 21010101 PRICE 86 COMPANY Ready-to-Wear Apparel 80 MAIN STREET SOMERVILLE, N. J. 9101 1020101 viuiuiuioi 1101 72014 3011 20103014 11 if ir it ini 1011101 is 3011 if 11 1 if loin? TH.1z Ecno IN 101050 L. G. BAALFOUR COMPANY Attleboro, Massachusetts exn Leading Mnnufactzzrvrs of CLASS RINGS CUPS COMMENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS MEDALS DIPLOMAS TROPHIES SPECIAL INSIGNIA GX? Maker of Rings for the classes of 1937,1938, 1939 and 1940 Of Flemington High School A. F. HUBER - Representative 5 35 FIFTH AVENUE NEW YORK, N. Y. ! ! ! l l I l i Q ! ri bin: niuiuioioiois if 3031 Z4 1021 1 xioioicxicrifxicnicbiclioinioiorzt ---43110130 0 0.0, LJ Y MWf.,1Z4!f,flf,fl,1f.l!!!!'W.lW 41 1 ll31-w- Lehigh Valley Railroad Station YM' io '11 vjoioioiojojoiq .14 mimic 92011 THE ECHO Q' gguntemzhnn Gnuniy Elellrurrat ESTABLISHED IN 1825 Read by every generation of students since Flemington has had a public school. One of New Jersey,s oldest and finest weekly newspapers. COMPLIMENTS OF WM. H. FULPER, Inc. REAL ESTATE - INSURANCE ONE WEST STATE STREET TRENTON, NEW JERSEY SUITE 206 PHONES 5341 - 5342 3. B U S ll-ll D A ll R Y 5 A., llkk Pasteurized and Raw Milk and Cream S For Pure Safe Milk Use the Best M I BUSH'S PASTEURIZED MILK Phone 210-J 49 EAST MAIN STREET 1011 1 ninii 10101 xi ni mini ni xi 141141103111 xiinifsiarialalaniininrixi IN i ne. -Q51 123-QM. Veil THE ECHO 'OO' 02uiqxifrgugogvgniugngnif-34,3014 14 iiiiiz 11 :nie xuxoioiuzoxcoi I g Compliments of g i - Q JLEROY E. EELLTS 5 l 4 E INSURANCE - I i i FLEMINGTON, NEW JERSEY I U 1 5 ! E C017'Z17Ii1M6IlfS of E i I SAMUEL STOTHOFF CO. g g CONTRACTORS FOR E I ARTESIAN WELLS 6' PUMPING PLANTS Q 2 FLEMINGTON, N. J. i Telephone 86-J I 3 i I I 3 i 5 Q ! I Q D 0 N ' T F 0 R G E T 2 5 TO BOOST THE TOWN THAT 5 ' 2 2 OFFERS SUCH A COMPLETE EDUCATIONAL Q I FOUNDATION FOR LIFE 1 2 I I i E CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 2 FLEMINGTON, NEW JERSEY I Q 2 Q Li0i0l1l14llli0i1D11Dll1liD10llll1Dl0lDl4ilDllDlD1l011l1bl O -rEfl13fZ+H-- 41 , . ' FLEMINGTON CASTLE --f+Efl 1413'- THE ECHO W as g Phone Lebanon 41-R-4 Q A- 0- ROBBINS HESSEMAN BROS. ' COUNSELLOR-AT-LAW Service Simon 92 MAIN STREET FLEMINGTON, N. J. 1 Free Craiikcase Service STATE HIGHWAY No. 29 X WHITEHOUSE, N. J. Compliments of ROBERT L. WURST Phone Lebanon 8-R-12 i THE WHITEHOUSE INN Early American Antiques Furniture-Glassware-China Wrought Iron GERARD LEE DIMOCK i WHITEHOUSE, N. Plwne Clinton 103'R Phone Lebanon 10-R-IS CLINTON POINT INN O S M U N i S WHARTON BROS. BROOKSIDE REST "EssO', Reservations for Parties Large or Small CLINTON, N. J. Accessories - Tires - Batteries Verified Lubrication WHITEHOUSE, N. J. STOP HERE FOR FINE FOOD LINDY'S RESTAURANT U. S. Route 22 ANNANDALE, N. J. NORMAN A. TITUS CSuccessor to Titus and Hipplej 4 Body ana' Fender Repairs Glass Installed Top Work Refinishing 1 Spring Street, rear of Union Hotel FLEMINGTON, N. J. go1oic141cr:1elc11z2v: 14i1r:n:x1s:n1e -wEfl15J9v viuozo - iiuzvivif-ioicioif 11115111111 vicxioioioioioioioxr-.ici vjo1o14u11r14n1o14rioi1vi1xi1:1oio:1-1o:cr1aw-:1w1e ,Epic W Tl-LE ECHO mini: 11114 ini: 1 goin: iiuioininiui C 0 nz plim cufs 0 f UNION HOTEL BOYD AND PEDRICK, Proprietors ALVATER 86 LANDIS Insurance Flemington, New Jersey Compliments of J. BARTON YOUNG Electrical Appliances Plumbing, Heating, Wah-r Syxlcnzs, Oil Burners SPRING STREET FLEMINGTON, N. J. Complimcnis of HERR and FISHER E. G. BUCHANAN Sales and Service Maytag Washers Westinghouse Ranges Leonard Refrigirators R.C.A. Victor Radios Flemington, N. J. Ringoes, N. J. Phones 84-R-12 and 918-R-3 EVERYTHING FOR THE FAMILY Compliments of POTTER DEPARTMENT STORE GRADL BAKERY 1 AND RESTAURANT Department Store of Quality , Q , 16 MAIN STREET Z7 Main Street Flemington, N. J. FLEMINGTON, N. J. Mrmlzer Frdrralrd Stores of America ECONOMY HARDWARE STORE Norge Electric Refrigerators, Poultry Equipment Hardware and Paints FLEMINGTON, NEW JERSEY niuiuiniuz 114:11-in 1 1 21101: NV 020 nioimxioloioioioioioiixi si 1: 1:41158 1 1 6Jj, o T H E c H 0 v-JL. we Q 0.01 QUQUQQII -015: al IDIlQl'lYQllQfPQfl8lYQlYQ1-4-Kl,iYDUQUQ1 QQQCUE. !Phone49R g Compliments of E 2 THE WASHINGTON Newspapers and Magazines : TOWN TALK ICE CREAM : ! High Gradc' Cdllti-1' : S' WEXLER' 'Op' M. D. BRAGAR, P1-opffffof ! . "Better Quality Meats For Less Moneyn 57 MAIN STREET Q 82 Main Street Flemington, N. FLEMINGTON, N' -I' ' A i i -BB i : Compliments of 3 : l ' i 2 Compliments of M R S' P A I N T E R 7 S V H Q CHAS. s. HAVER Beauty Shop Q i Phone 18 R 14 U Q 5 East Main Stret Flemington, N. : I ' I i Phone 18-R-21 1 l l ! RAYMOND H. MILLER i l Compliments of i Mason and Contractor Q l GEORGE WEBSTER , n j i Plastering, Brlck and Cenzent i Work. E 21 EAST MAIN STREET i FLEMINGTON, N. J. 5 . S i Compliments of i i Compliments of i i DR. B. ROSENBLEETH s 2 1 R E N E ' S i BEAUTY SHOPPE Dentist g Tarantola Building S7 Main Street ! 1 S9 MAIN STREET Q if 1 17f21-o-- ozoxoz uxoiuxnzognzoiuxoxuzozoz sz vifzerzfrimxzusinnzmsimnitvinxunx xioiufo 'sf' an 1 tgalfs ,,,.,.. -- -W- . ..,.... YW. -...,, . 1 I l , YIM-'vwf' ,.,.ff"""'W4 Kgs x.,Q fm. -.gk-NNN Luk in ,,, if ' f J.,-Q ar K P -. rl-.,d,,,f F iw X'--. . Xxx - 5 ..- COUNTY COURT HOUSE -+31 1813'- .- FOI TH, E Ecl-Io Ozvnioicriflcisitloitloitriflolvitvioioiliitiiititpjmitltltritnjoif i Compliments of SMITH GROCERY NIECE AND TIRPOK FLEMINGTON, N. J. Compliments of A FRIEND Conzpliments of JACOB CHANTZ ATTORNEY-AT-LAW MAIN ST. FLEMINGTON. N. Compliments of LESLIE MIKE DAIRY Producers of Q T. B. Tested Quality Pasteurized Milk and Cream FLEMINGTON, N. J. J- Phone 207 DANBERRY'S GARAGE A. O. DANBERRY, Prop. NEW AND USED CARS ALL MAKES REPAIRED Visit our Safety Lane Free Inspection RINGOES, N. J. i Compliments of B. J. MCKEON PLUMBING - HEATING TINNING Rear of Democrat Office FLEMINGTON, N. J. EVERITT 86 SCHOMP Route 30 and Church Street DODGE and PLYMOUTH MOTOR CARS DODGE BROTHERS TRUCKS Sales and Service Flemington, N. J. Compliments of RINGOES LUMBER CO. 020110103011 r14vi4xi4ri1ni4ri1r11 0ir:1mx11li:xj17Z1x14bi4xi4ri111r1ri4 -'Ef119J3l---- ioiuinxoianinxui nioioiuiuio THE ECHO SI-IARPLESS - HENDLER ICE CREAM CO. o DELAWARE MARYLAND NEW JERSEY PENNSYLVANIA O The Velvet Kind I , ICE CREAM 5 in in-Tif mm ,. In , I I iniui IW 031:111011111xifuicmicxisxicriaxiunxrsa PACE INSTITUTE Cultural-Occupational Courses The programs of day school and eve- ning school study include the following: ACCOUNTANCY AND BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ACCOUNTANCY PRACTICE fNe'wYork C.P.A. prepurnlian accred- ited by Slat: Edumlizm Department, CREDIT SCIENCE ADVERTISING AND MARKETING SELLING AND MARKETING SECRETARIAL PRACTICE ADVANCED SHORTHAND SHORTHAND REPORTING A Junior or Senior high school student may make tentative reservation of class place to be available after high school grzuluntiou Cnc ohligationb :md be placed on mailing list of THE PACE STUDENT-otlicial magazine of Pace Institute. A copy of the General Bulletin :md occupational booklets will be sent upon request. PACE' INSTITUTE CONGRATULATIONS To the students of Flemington High School For Better Furniture Values Always Visit WINITURE COMPANY Q lb? Whlnluanu AVI.. wnnlnsvon. u.J. 121 Main Street fBodine Buildingj Flemington, N. J. Telephone 266 C0mplimc'1zts of the New Jersey Northern Gas Co. 01014 nioioioif r1o:o14u1o1n:o:o1o:4s:o1o:sr:oz1x1o1o:4x:4n1cx:cn:o:cn14v:c::o1uu1,,10101 ,ioini 050:11 -...g,f12of3+ V6 n THE ECH U 0.411011 1 1 11 1011 ioioioirxioioixxinimxix +g412119-W Compliments of CHARLES LLOYD FELL COUNTY CLERK Best Wishes of a Friend Phone 32-R-12 STANDISH C. HARTMAN CEMETERY MEMORIALS Compliments of A Friend 6 COURT STREET FLEMINGTON, N. J. Successor fo R. Reardon 86 Son Compliments of NashHLafa'yette THE SALES SL SERVICE FLEMINGTON CANDY INTERNATIONAL KITCHEN MOTOR TRUCKS ANGELAKOS BROS. BYtIl1l'bt'S af Raritan Somerville Bound Brook Walter P. Britton FLEMINCTON, N. J. 0510101 111minxi0:uioioiuxinxioiuinirximxioifri ri xi 11011110201 111 10101 2011 1 mir 1011 1 .f ,z. '. . , U' -as l 1 1 R 1 L' i Tun Ecno VOL - Telephone 10 1 -R CENTRAL GARAGE FRED J. DILLEY, Prop. HUPMOBILE SALES 6? SERVICE Car Washirzg, Repairing, and Greasing - Storage We carry a complete line of TIRES, TUBES, PATCIFES, BATTERY CABLES TOWING AT ALL TIMES REAR OF AMERICAN STORE FLEMINGTON, N. MAarket 5-0712 Newark Photo Engraving Company PHOTO ENGRAVERS Elzgrafvers for ibe ECHO -IV' O 72 - 74 SPRINGFIELD AVENUE NEWARK, NEW JERSEY MArket 2-8475 JOHN E. SHYERS CO. EDITION dvr CATALOG BINDERS Binders of the ECHO O 55 LAFAYETE STREET NEWARK, NEW JERSEY Ozovicxioiwxioivrioioiuniuioimnixvi xioifbinbioioioisrievilsidliojfvioicrioic 1 2 3 E+..- 1 'IT . . 'N 'U' A sl .ixg'1's'i3Q . g .ni .. H Fl . .Y W. .gf i . 1 , J Q T I-L 15 E c H o 1 1 'U of , 1 In Q 1 ' N' 5 6 :Q QQHH QKDKPQKPQPQ QDUQUQUQC QOQUQllQOQilQ0,0Q0,flQOQOQOQOD0a0di. 4 l 3 ' l 1 + - - 1 Q 5- 1 1 . i. ' Q l 1 . , l g ' ' ' 1 A. tw- . Q' ! W e vzopreczafe H 4- L 'o . I 1 ff l the confidence reposed in us by the.Flemington Q High School in affording us the opportunity of producing the l ' S 1 9 3 7 E C ll 0 2 l A complete plant, dedicated to the highest quality of school publications and personal Q service, has tried mightily to please you. I l ' 1 . l JERSEY PRINT Sll0P " i "Where Good Prinfing is Produced" 1 THREE HUNDRED MAIN STREET Q i ORANGE, NEW JERSEY 2 Telephone ORange 3-4258 4 l r l l ,' ' Q . IF' .A Q I l l Q Q WWPQw lQWQUln HYQUQQUQQWDWI ,U v "'Ef12?!F" 'Y ' W' .iff it-' L A .. 1 A

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