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H' X w F Q Y ..,---A v-f-- . A ..- .... X' ---V-N--P' Q- "' 'Y "' A-15" , ' ., I 1' --A ' . V 5 hu Y.. ,rv , . . , 4 " s I M gs- .-WN I v - v' " -- , . 1 . -y 5 X , 9. Y . N . 1 M' HV'-D-r .-.Q N ' mu. l -1' is r' . ' , -4 - f -h ' 0 1.. J Y...--Q--- ' A '- . Q..- , A l . 1 M ---s. - YQN-V l. i . ,- v i-. .- T 1- - -Q'-""" X'v L ' "--. 11- .-Uuvv ""'V fww - Q 'N 1 , 1---' '---'Q v 'I-,,,,-. '- .1-... ' t 'T' ' f "T-"fn +I - L--. H,-U A U ., 1 V5 Q """' """" '45 Q-, P BX ' x 7... x . -. .. , 1 ---1 fy L V: , " A "A" Q C , , - "" ,,,' ... .F . J ' -W . I lr -an----4 ' X, If sv, U....4i' A 1 li-f-f W - i-in -LY y X A A Y , i . ---,,,,, -.W 5 l-W '--'- ' H . l L' I h 1 X 4 -. t. , ----. .--ff' w- 4 ' X ' r A Y.. j - 1 , 5 V- . ia--1 L . -. . l I W if , 1-I' -Q--- -- f -M .-.- .------ -""' .- ' .- ' x . , , . Q - A-.1-Q---vu, ,P Q-44 ,E-, 4 , W, ..- . -f l F, D I 'iuxuv-"" ' f pf , "f ... ,,,.-.,--- -W ' ' . . . Q l...Y:-- 111- 'ivq L., W-7-.,,.,,... A- "': N ' ,,g. up .-'Lei' , 1 .q 4, --,,,.ghn---- , -"" ,Ar ' ' N f I7 4 T . ., -i tn., V' ' ' , "' 'Y' .. .----Q., - W - FU! 'IBF' ..... . ...P 1 "v""" - - -' L ' 'nu . - -mm W 111-f n g I., M, M 4 Q A .vi 4, , X '. ':.,!.. , "1 -A A K f - ,f-- 1 ! 'Ml f ' fur f-1 -H, n b D , QQ. . ,, -V --1-""" 5 f .. ,., V 1 . H hx V r 1'-1--""' H ,M ,-."--,,,- 5. ,P AQ ' ,....-. -- J' ,....---"' ' 73..- 1 . v -li.-4 ,v ' " fy- X 1 ....-.-.-.4---., Y W. 5 Q-- , 4 -...L -,, 1--, 1 - Uv'-i-hm-. - xx x, 1 :M 0 . F if , . . ,L - - Q--IT-, ,ihvv V ,,,.-. A x if 'V , AA ,vi-AAI' -HL K' 'X 1 '--. -1 m ,A --,.,,,,.: - W H W, ...M P M, Q- .46 , f 5 ,-...v-- ,. ' --1 , -....-.-- - Y- ! - r ---san-nug- c ini --- Y' K 3 - """": I , -- 4 -Ju 3. K-Q--In V .-. . :V-,, R U , 4 J- iv-W ,,,.... - . - T. x J f-A "" ....-.. , Y- 'f - x fi... if ,J . - ,. - f --- 'W' ""' A ' . k - -N -1, J 7" - C' V, 1 A .-- .....+ F-' 1 --I ,Y V F'-,,,.- ' V 5 M-.,,,! - A , f -AA ...-fm ..-W-W i 1 , , U UMM -.... -r,,...-- , -- - ki - . .L E pm.-H My . - ' .xg A Q-"" ' ' , raw- - --" v--- H T H., 4- , 4 --- - ' ' . ' ,. , .M .,.--,--'f --"" ' ' .1 ' EJ W- 4, 1 Y ' ' ' ' 4-H ' arf: ,, - ' 1' TA al l --.P V.,-., ' - ---,,- ....-- n -Y X ...-J" an ,, - .--ff i , --. -7 t- - .--..,-- W 4 -. ' V' - IH, -- -i ax - .-f --- 1 - - --'- 1 M- ,. Q k 30- ,ii --I --- T A-3 , . x - X, ,,,N.x . f-r f-'A N' ' ' 1 x " - fx - hi,-wi 1 f X K D--' , ,.-.. -------- A 1, ' A . , ':j""" b, sl -- -'u-- i """' H' - U 1 ' I A F 4 9- If i V - ,...... .--,. Y Ai """.. , l -, F' " "' ,.f-- Bw s I - ,u vw-' rf A' - F K VQ- ' ' ---A -.-.',- .Q 1 " ll- , H - ,.. L--Y- U J---4-vi-" -- -s--.-.1- ""' x , B , f- " ' . L " -1 2 X c- A Q --- gig rp 1 y Y ' 5- - " - -pq! - 1 " N' ,,. pf-A - ,, 1 M, - M --- 1 J 5' 5 A V ' , 4' ' " - "LJ T --.f "Q, ' ' -X - 4 Ya' .U N3 ' . ,I I I-fl ,N U, 'CTI1....-.gg - ' 'tr' "' -- V ' ' -- ' ' . I 4 ll. I fp ,,, ,,....-- Af " ix ' ' 'Q X., 1-ut ' ' - 7 ' ' - ' 'i""" f Q-Q-, v-f 'gy A aku ..4n A Ni. . 3 Q 4 v.- -0" , .---...pe L. . a - .-ln-1 s- 1-4.-. - A. " 11 ... -. :ls-" -1 - L,,. 'xi' .-at "' Ending-- Q A - .-..a . 5 0- NH ......-4 -- ... . ..--41 ' , In ,,,,..,...,...---..- . . A ..-.-an-vu.. , ell- ' - .1-Qi ...-1 'i 1 .. ...-Q P'-' -' . . wi , . ' , ,,. x ,, ,tl I ' I -gl . N.. , , , I . .4 F ' . - 1- -'--'-1, . . t , 1, . - - -- N . 1' H- ,,..-v -.. 4 - -,in '1 . " 1 1 -ix ,-.. . ,. aus-.- sq , ' A -'lil c-1 4 4- 'J ,qs , " - 1 ,. . -- "" - 1 .1 . - M .. . ""4 I? rv--u ' 4 '4"" 'M ' A-' juli' 4 - ,,,-,gulig ......-U - ,- I I , .,...---Q,-, ' 'I' - in fX I .' " ' '.' 5 -'. Q y , X ' """"'S ., , Y I ,---- , 1 . W" fs .fig i '. D .. .-L -...-,,.,....4 .Q A Q T. - A. P i ' ---- 'K iv . 5- ' ' 7 7 , - ---' T ,A Y I --.nf ' -1 N-iclhl l h, ,Q H ' ' .. 5'-- 1 -4 M.. i...., ' rv q ,,, -,mv S -6 J E -.......-- ' , , , 'g.. -V .L-h - , . ' 4-.'- .gl 'f, '1 '-W-A-1 tv' I 5 ,f-"' " JI.. . -- --4 ' 'v - , 1 x -1 : V- .V A - " ' -- -- - 4--1 .qx 4 'Q . 1 N' ,V ...q 4' 'X - r- ' '1 ' , . -- J A 1 if Q 1 . Q , -J f ,. , , 9 A N -' . L ,X A ' s - " v- ...v-- ' ' 'I' " ' p,l-I-l'H'Y- -N . - " ' H ' ' -,v X , V ll r., ,,, ..- x L Q-'Ti -- v P nf", N Q - - X'-vp A ,Q-V -5 -A - x 0 , 1 4 N , Q.- , K N.. 19" , qu - , YM X-H -- x -jgq, ,. I , is 1 F 35"--' 9 ' wf 4 ,, Af- y r ,' , ,,.., --14' W . "U . if X j' b I """f --- ,L 0 , ,,. .vis N I 9.-4 i, --- - - - - -0 A lv K ' -...-.. v- 'suns' , ,-.. ' L' - - --"""' N v - -A , Y -G' ' - .mv n- vis-i Y t , . ..q' - x -- -'-- , .. 1 L f- P ' - ' ' ' 5' I rss-. 5' , "' -' X ' ,,.' -.-11. v - P -, K A -if Sadr' " ' I 5 -a - . ""'N" H ' ,' .-f-171 " ' --- ......-Jff,... 'FQ f -f- ' ---"' " , 5 I ,- .. M .. N ' NT ' Q- a . . I n --f"" :nr ' , .r-- N ', 71 - -v 4-' ' ' . U L ' , L A "' . L. - ,bv -- -- 2... u-..-, V' 'Q"""" 'I 1-----M-.. ... - Y iv 'Tin' """" --I' bv I'-A, ,r ' . sl 411-...... . . , !j iv 5- --A---"""TTf- A - ' 9 A -Y . ' px-n--1 - ' -W ' N -- r Ph H-Qui'-1 -Q - 4 ' X -., in-uv -.,,, " - ' ai" ,.. l 9.-.., ---,M , .-... As.-. .-. l-... ,,,, K ...-aaa- W ' - --- W, 11:-z-v: 1:1 'nr F- Qkgggmk It , 4 , QLJOQOISQHSJQIIQQAQQSIQEQQAQQIISQQIQQIIQQIISQIIQQ 23? 3? EIS Q SS E2 EEZ 36 THE EQHU 2354 ' VOLUME V E336 2232 x, E2 6955 If SS 'IQ 1 QQ 'II JG: 35 IS JG, QW 'EG' 03 gi S5 SI, 216 ci? EC? gg ' PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS gg 0,f,,,e 92 'BP FLEMINGTON HIGH SCHOOL gg I IFLEMINGTON, N. J. gg, 1933 - 1934 Z9 4 E2 IIE ISK SS JL w Q9Q?lET1QT JQ9Q 6Q56Q9?fMyWGjQCi if THE Ecuo TO MISS BLANCHE PARK Whose whole-hearted cooperation and mztifrierzg inte-rest fans in a large -measure assured the success of our sclaool activities, we dedicate this volzzme of the Echo. 2, THE ECHO vm NN Foreword HE STAFF of the 1934 Eclao presents this volume in the hope that it will be a source of genuine pleasure to you, and that as the years progress, it Will become a highly valued memento of days spent in Fleming- ton High School. Because the project has always involved a relatively large financial outlay, this year's staff, realizing the present need for economy has taken every precaution in planning a yearbook of moderate cost. It was our candid opinion that by elimination of lengthy, uninterest- ing description, and the substitution of high quality photography, the value of this book would be greatly enhanced. The motif chosen for the art theme was local history. Places of local historical significance have been pictured through the medium of linoleum block prints. Much tirne and energy has been consumed in the production of this volume, and it has required the Willing cooperation of the staff, the pupils, and the faculty. The labor involved in compilation has been paralleled by the pleasure of realizing that We were .producing an object which the student body desires and appreciates. 3 THE ECI-Io IN FOND MEMORY OF SIDNEY KAHN of the Class of 1933 Our school-mate and friend, who left us on August 8, 1933, the staf of the Echo dedicates this page. Sincere, courageous, courteous, and scholarly, he had the respect, aflmiratiorz, and afection of both fellow sturlents and faculty. His willingness to serve was matched by his ability in leadership. He was one of the Lord's true gentlemen, and "one who loved his fellow men." 4 Yi .THE ECHO I IW 1 w i 4 s IN MEMORY OF MRS. HELEN G. HALL Beloved teacher, counsellor, ana' friend, who was called away to her rewarcl on February 16, 1934, this page of the Echo is ajectionately dedicated. Courageous, willing, and untiring in her efforts in our behalf, she was a leader and guide whose memory we shall always revere. S 1 THE ECHO Table of Contents GY-S673 Qi'--1653 ADMINISTRATION . . . SENIOR SECTION .,.,,.O... . . CLASSES OF SENIOR HIGH .... I , ATHLETICS O...I...........4...,.. ACTIVITIES AND ORGANIZATIONS JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL .,A........ ADVERTISEMENTS ...... . . A6 IQHI w"'T U Lu ' Q 'H' I r 4. Administration 0: ,- .-..-. .,,,.,,, ..,- '---" 1 'QT ' , e---' C, X11 e n , I I I ' I K f Ill - A IIAQIV A - ' ':!liir'.r',an IW---.HH-I 1-r""'l i .' " - lv tt i 1 Nu, II H - 1 nl uv n u ' . I1lH'llIl1Tl of M I f .mv H' K "" " f f- I abil H7 0.5-ls.: - 1 1 I I W ' -i 53 ll ' C t i t 'f f 0 gg E15 i e ' ll Q .. - L1 D 'I .-. iq . v 5511 A 5 'L ' I dill- I1 C1 -A P ' L . X ., , t , , 1 ,K C e :N Fil 'TI County Court House Symbolic of the Coordinating and Directing Activities of the Junior-Senior High School. THE ECHO VW 16+ " -Elf Seated--fleft to rightj-Mr. Charles XVeilerg Mr. Earl Kinneyg Mr. XVallace Lee Mr. P. Insley Craigg Mrs. Nedwell Sutphing Mrs. E. A. Gaunttg Mrs. Guy Bell Mr. A. B. C. Bodine. Standing-Cleft to rightj-Mr. John McPherson, Dr. Paul H. Axtell. Not in picture:-Dr. Barclay S. Fuhrmann. Board of Education MR. P. INSLEY CRAIG President DR. BARCLAY S. FUHRMANN Vice-Prc'siz1c'm' MR. CHARLES WEILER Clerk DR. PAUL H. AXTELL Supervising Principal MRS. GUY BELL MR. A. B. C. BODINE MRS. E. A. GAUNTT MR. EARL KINNEY MR. WALLACE LEE MR. JOHN MCPHERSON MRS. NEDWELL SUTPHIN 10 DR. PAUL H. AXTELL Super' ' ' ,g Principal W THE ECHO IN MR. HARCLD S. GOLDSMITH Principal Senior High School 1 I -M. . , , . . 5 . F THE ECHO we mpg DR. MR. MR. MR. MR. MISS NIISS MRs. MR. MR. Mlss Miss MRS. MR. MR. MR. MR. Mxss Mxss MISS Miss Miss Mlss MRs. Miss Miss MRs. The Faculty PAUL I-I. AXTELL, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. ....,.........,,.,.,.........,,..-.. Supervising Principal HAROLID S. GOLDSMITH, B.S., M.S. ,,..Mdtb0l11HffCS, Principal of Senior High School XVILLIAM C. COFIPMAN, B.S. .,...,..L..,.,.,., ,,...,,.....,.......,...... ....,,.,.,.,,.,,.,.,....... S c ience ROBERT A. COX, A.B. .,,s.,.L,s,... ,,,,. S ocial Science and Mathematics H. EARLE DAN'lSON, B.C.S. ..,sL ,,,,..,,.,....,.,.,,L.s,s,,,s.,,.. C ommercial EVELYNE DUANE ,,.....,.,.... .....s, H ome Economics, Clothing FRANCES FOLEY, A.B. ,,,.......... ,,,.L,,.,......,s.....L..L...,..... F rencb MILDRED M. GODLEY, A.B. ---L .....,, .,,ss, L anguage Arts LEON F. HALL ..........,.......... .,,.,.............,,...,.,...,,.,.......... I ndustrial Arts FRED L. HEIFFERON, B.S, ....,,..... ....... S 1llIC'f1.'iS0f' of Boys' Physical Education RUTH E. JENKINS, A.B., M.A. ..,.v ..L,..,. S upervisor of Girls' Physical Eclucaiiolf MARGARET KENNEDY, B.S., M.A. ...L . ...,..,...,.,,,...... ,L.. H ome Economics, Foods DOROTHY D. LANDIS, Ph.B. ...... ........,...........,,...... E nglisb ALLEN H. LEARN, A.B. ..... . FRED G. LODGE, B.S., M.S. ..... Latin and Mathematics Agriciilture ana' Science JOHN NIACBAURRAY, B.S. ................. ...... Mathematics ami Science JOHN C. MILI.ER, A.B., M.S.Ed. - ....... ................. S ocial Science MARY MILLS, B.S. ......... ............. .....,...,. L a nguage Arts IRENE MOLSON, A.B. ........ .... S uper-visor of Music ANN MRAZ, B.S., M.A. .............. ...,,... S ocial Science BLANCHE PARK, A.C.A., B.S.Ed - ...... Commercial EDITH RATTRAY, B.S.Ed, .......... .,... C om-mercial A. HELEN SHAW, A.B., Ed.M. .................................................................... English ALWILDA R. STRYKER .................... Social Science, Principal of Elementary School ELIZABETH, VANDERVLIE1', A.B. ................................................ French am! English HELEN C. YEAGLE .......................... .......... L - Supervisor of Art DOROTHY B. ZUEGNER, B.S., M.S. .... ...,. M aibematics and Science r I ? A i I 'B- L.1........ ,,,,, W , Senior Album Section l H -gi Lui .-'Z-" 1 i I-II II la U-1 4 -" ii g 1-1- - "'..S" 1 q ill:-nn.. '0lvlliwwurnluuvuvnuulnnlllluuuun Wmllmliwfiumlim Lehigh Valley Railroad Station Symbolizing the Departure of High School Students to New Fields of Endeavor. HEI: THE Ecuo +A IW li-QA ll 5 STANLEY H. BARRICK "Stan" Flemington "A superior man is mozlrst in bis spccrb, lm! excels in his actions." Athletic Council 45 Football Manager 45 Base- ball 2, 35 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Musical Comedy 3, 4: Glee Club 45 Echo 3, Subscription Manager 4g Journalism 4. HIRAM I. BELLIS "Bellis" Ringoes "I will discou rxc' mos! CIOqllC'1lf 1nnsir." Student Council 25 Football 3, 43 Track 2, 35 Debating 45 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 45 Glce Club 35 Echo 45 Masque and Sandal 4. ZELDA BERKOXVITZ "Zay" Flemington "All ibc 'uforlrl knows me in my book, ami my book in me." Student Council 25 Debating 45 Musical Comedy 2, 3, 45 Echo 45 Journalism 25 Masque and Sandal 2, 4, Treasurer 35 Classical Cruisers, Vicc- Presidcnt 35 Le Ccrclc Francais 4. SIDNEY BIRNBAUM "Sid" Flemington "He's little, but bc-'s wixcg Hc's a corlzcr for his size." Debating 45 Stmicnt Voice 3, 45 Musical Comedy, Publicity Manager 3, 4 5Ecbo 3, 45 journalism 35 Masque and Sandal J, 45 Le Cercle Fran- cais 45 Dc XVitt Clinton High School, New York City 1, 2. GROVER BODINE JR. "Bodine" Copper Hill f'CUITI11l0SS is a grcnf aflm1nfug1'." Agriculture Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Agriculture judg- ing Team 3. . JOHN XV. BRELSFORD "jack" ' Flemington "What should a man do but be 1nrrry?" Student Council 25 Track 35 Musical Comedy 35 'Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 45 Band 2, 3, 45 Glcc Club 3: lKey Klickers 35 Sludcnf Voice 45 Erbo 15 Masque rand Sandal 3, 45 Airplane Club 2, 3. A VIVIEN W. BRITTON g"Vi" Flemington "I bam' an exposition of slvvp some upon me." , Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 45 Band 1, 3, 45 Glec Club 35 Key Klickers 35 Radio Club 4. LOUIS N. BROWN "Brownie" Sergeantsville Stanley H. Barrick Hirmn L Bemis "Tho booku-'arm boi little TL'Idfi01l to fl!! 'KUOTIIPS Zelda Berkowitz Sidney Birnbaum Wvfk-" Grofer Bodine Ir. John TV. Brelsford A Baseball 35 Agriculture Club 1, 2, 3, 45 F. F. vwlen lv' Bruton Lotus N' Brown A., Vice-President 45 Agriculture judging Team 4. 16 T1-1EEcHo V LQ , VM- Q, VAUGHN S. CARY "Swede" Flemington "Happiness rousixts of activity." Student Council 4, Athletic Council, Vice-Pi'es- ident 4, Football 2, 3, 43 Baseball 1, 2, 35 Musical Comedy 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 43 journalism 2, 45 Masque and Sandal 2, 4, Vice-President 3, Class President 4, Basketball 2, 3, Captain 4. EDWARD CATANIO "Eddie" Readington "Eyes bright mul as blnvk uml bllfllillg as a Coal." Airplane Club 3. MARGARET CHEREEK Margaret" Readington u "Lvl the speech be betta-r fbfm silvnrv, or ln' xi1cut.' Key Klickers 3. ROGER CLEMENS "Rod" Flemington "A man polisbeil fo the nail." Student Council 35 Athletic Council, President 35 Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 35 Baseball 1, 2, 3g Musical Comedy 2, 3, 4g Junior-Senior Play 3, Glen Club 43 Sl1m'cnl Vain' 2, 3, 43 journalism 2, 33 Masque and Sandal 2, 3, 43 Golf Team 2g Class Secretary 2. REBA H. CONIPTON "Re" Flemington "A good rlixpoxifion is not lbs' least of ber c'burms." Glee Club 1, 2. . MICHAEL DORIA i "Mike" Hopewell "All work ix noble." Football 3, 45 Baseball 2, 35 Agriculture Club 1, 2, 3, 4. ELSA MARTHA DRECHSLER HEISZID. N Flemington "Dr'voul, yet cheerful, uvfirc, yet 1'C'.l'iglIl'II.n Key Klickers 3, 45 Home Economics Club, Pres- ident 4. JESS W. EICHLIN UJCSSM ' A Flemington "By tbc work one luxowx ibc 1t'07'k.17lll12.,, Type-Setters 3g Plainfield High School 1, 2. l Vaughn S. Cary Edward 1. Catanio Margaret Chereek Roger Clemens Reba H. Compton Michael Doria Elsa Martha Drechsler Jess VV. Eichlin ISV THE ECHO tml. IW Barton A. Evans Harold A. Fiess VVilliam C. Fillebrown Charles R. Fisher Marjorie G. Fisher Daniel A. Foley Iohn B. Fuhrmann Mary K. Fullerton BARTON A. EVANS "Ike" Flemington "Thr only ruay fo have rr friend is lo he one." Basketball 25 Type-Setters 3. HAROLD A. FIESS "Ficssy" Ringoes "Charuz'fz'r is what nlukvs n funn." Student Council 3g Sllnivnt Voirc 45 Echo 4g Classical Cruisers, Treasurer 33 Airplane Club 3. XVILLIAM C. FILLEBROXVN "Bill" Flemington "A moral, sensible, and u'cll-hreal man." Glce Club lg Radio Club 45 Lc Ccrcle Fran- cais, Treasurer 4. CHARLES R. FISHER "Fisher" Ringoes "Whnl :lo we live for, if not fo nmhc life less dif- ficult for others?" Athletic Council 43 Baseball Manager 4g Echo 4g Classical Cruisers 3. MARJORIE G. FISHER "Marge" Flemington "For she was ics' the quiet kind." Glee Club lg Key Klickers 3, 4. DANIEL A. FOLEY "King" Flemington "He is Irish through and ihrongh, wilh Irish wit und humor, loo." Football 2, 3, 45 Basketball 3, 45 Musical Com- edy 45 Type-Setters, 3. JOHN B. FUI-IRMANN "Doc" Flemington "Noi by years but by d is posiiio n is wisilom uc'- qnired. " Debating 4g Musical Comedy 2, 3, 43 Echo 45 Masque and Sandal 3, Secretary 45 Le Cercle Francais 4g Classical Cruisers 3. MARY K. FULLERTON "Mary" ningoes "A generous sonl is sunshine lo the mimi." Key Klickers 4g Yamhill High School, Yamhill, Oregon 2, 3. 18 THE ECHO Vi-Ji' - - 0 VERONICA H. HARWICK "Veronica" Flemington "Il's a friemlly bvurf Ibm' has :Ilan-1' frirllzlsf' Glcc Club l. HAROLD L. HIGGINS "I-Iiggyh Flemington "A fu-irml is 'worth all fha bnzurils we can run." Football 3, 45 Orchestra lg Key Klickers 3. ISABELLF H. HIGGINS UIZZYU Flemington "Lvl nom' IIITKYUIIE' lo wear an 1mJcsc'i'1fr':l dignity." Student Council 35 Musical Comedy 2, 3, 45 Glcc Club 15 Er.-bo 45 Masque and Sandal 3, 45 Le Cercle Francais 45 Classical Cruisers 3. MARY K. HIGGINS "Mary" Ringoes "Be yourself nl all Iimesf' ' DOROTHY HOFFMAN "Dot" Clover Hill "Br gone, 111111 cure! Than and I sball 1ze'cr agree." Key Klickers 3. NORMAN W. JOHNSON "Red" Neshanic Station "Worry and myself buzz' uc'L'er mel." Band 25 Agriculture Club 15 Airplane Club 35 Radio Club 4. LAURA KAHN "Connie" Flemington "She is never less at leisure than when at lris1m:." Glee Club 35 Key Klickers 35 Band of Owls Klub, President 45 Sfuilmt Voir? 2, 3, 45 Echo, Ad- vertising Manager 45 journalism 3, 45 Class Secre- tary 35 Class Treasurer 45 Home Economics Book- keeper 45 Library Council 39 Art Club 3. SOLOMON KARROW "Sol" Flemington "I burr sairl evcryflzing when I have named lhc man." Student Council 3, President 45 Athletic Coun- cil 45 Basketball Manager 45 Debating 45 Stu- ilvnf Voirc 2, 3, 45 Echo 2, Advertising Manager 3, Business Manager 45 journalism 1, 2, 3, School News Editor 45 Masque and Sandal 3, 45 Class President 15 Le Cercle Francais 45 Musical Comedy, Publicity Manager 3. ' f19 Harwick Harold L. Higgins Isabelle H. Higgins Mary K. Higgins Dorothy Hoffman Norman XV. Johnson Laura Jean Kahn Solomon Karrow THE ECHO YDlL--- - uw GRACE KELLAM "Grace" Readington "W'e brim- lvrrn friends Iogallwr Ill s11nslJim' 1:1141 in xbmlef' Key Klickers 3, 4. ROSE A. KEREKES "Rose" Flemington "Goo:l fasle plus good jmlgmcnlf' Key Klickcrs 3. FOSTER LEWIS LIXNCE "Doc" Flemington Grace Kellam Rose A. Kerekes Foster Lewis Lance Linden C. I.a'1'ourette Bessie Lieberman C. Marguerite List NVesley H. Little Olga A. Lukshis "A gt'lIfl!'llltIll wilb fbc lualivs, a lcmlcr among lllf'II.,' Student Council 35 Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 2, 35 Musical Comedy 45 Glcc Club 45 Class Vice- Prcxizlcnt l, 2, Prcsiclcnt 35 Type-Setters 3. LINDEN C. LATOURETTE "Lindy" Flemington "W7ilb rollvjs of vferlml l1ubl11i'." Track 2, 35 Band 45 Masque and Sandal 3, 45 Type-Setters 4. BESSIE LIEBERMAN "Bess" Flemington "A u'i.'liug xmilc, ilcxirr Io plcusc, and avlionx lurk- ing bolb of them." Glcc Club 35 Band of Owls Klub 3, 45 Evbo 45 Journalism 3. C. MARGUERITE LIST "Marge" Flemington "Sfill nrbivring, slill pursuing." Student Council, Treasurer 35 Basketball 45 Glcc Club 45 Band of Owls Klub 4, Secretary 35 Erbo 3, 45 Activities Fund Board of Control, Sec- retary-Treasurer 45 Le Cercle Francais, Secretary 49 Class Secretary 45 Hasbrouck Heights High School l. NVESLEY H. LITTLE "Wes" Pittstown "Na!11rc, on bis imelnbarrasxra' brow, had written, 'gvnilc-nmu'." Athletic Council, Vice-President 3, President 45 Football 1, Manager 35 Musical Comedy 45 Glee Club 45 Le Cercle Francais 3. OLGA A. LUKSHIS "Olga" I Flemington "To know brr is to love ber, and everybody knows ber." Basketball 45 Echo 45 Le Cercle Francais 4. 20 THE ECHO RG!! MICHAEL MALASHEVITZ "Mike" Sand Brook "Thr world knows nofbing of ils grcnlcsf mcn.'l WILLIAM H. MANNERS "Bill" Ringoes Nlmifafa no mang be lby frm- self." Football 3, 43 Activities Fund Board of Control, Chairman 43 Radio Club 43 Airplane Club 33 Pen- nington High Scllool 1. HARRY E. MANNON "Harry" Flemington "Thai man srrks a liiile thing io flu, refs if, aml does it." Football 3, 43 Baseball 33 Type-Setters 4. JEAN K. MATHEWS "Smile:-" Flemington "The 'roralion of every 'man mul woman is fo serve olbvrsf' Student Council 2, 3, Secretary 4, President 43 Basketball 2, 3, Captain 4s Track 2, 33 Debating 43 Musical Comedy 2, 3, 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 43 sfllllfllf Voirv 2, 3, 43 Echo 2, 3g Art Editor 43 Masque and Sandal 3, Vice-President 43 Class Secretary 1, President 23 Arr Club 33 Classical Cruisers 33 Orchestra 3. GERALDINE C. MENCHEK "Gcrry" Ringoes "Tb:-rc is no harm, but somefimvs a grcul deal of good clone by laughing." Musical Comedy 23 Glce Club 23 Key Klickers 3. ELEANORE R. MILLER "Myer" Flemington "Thr happy only arc Ibn' fruly grealf' Basketball 3, 43 Track 2, 33 Key Klickers 3, 43 livbu 4. ELIZABETH S. MILLS 'lDibby" Flemington "A fair mul frivmlly lass is she." Basketball 2, 3, 43 Track 2, 3g Glee Club 23 Key Klickcrs 3, 4. RAYMOND S. MINNER "Star" Stanton "Hc'l1 fiml a 1uay.',' Athletic Council 4g Football 2, 3, 43 Baseball 1, 23 Basketball 2, 3, 4g Track I, 33 Musical Com- edy 3, 43 Glec Club 43 Journalism 43 Masque and Sandal 2, 3, President 4. 21 Michael Malashevitz Xxlllllbllll II. Manners Harry E. Maunon Iean'K. Mathews Geraldine C. Menclxek Eleanore R. Miller Elizabeth S. Mills Raymond S. Minner THE George S. Mount Ir. Frank I. Muller Maude E. Myers Marie C. Nielson Jeanette O'Hare Thelma M. Packer Frank I. Pavlica Ir. Jennie Q. Pegg ECHO KW! GEORGE S. MOUNT JR "Georgian Flemington "So much lo :log so lifilc done." Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 2, 35 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Musical Comedy 2, 4, Glee Club 43 Jour- nxilism 45 Type-Setters 4. FRANK J. MULLER "Scoop" Flemington "Yo11flz comes lm! ourc in a lifetime." Football 3g Musical Comedy 3, 44 Glee Club 33 Key Klickers 33 Masque and Sandal 3, Treasurer 45 Art Club 3. MAUDE E. MYERS "Maude" Sergeautsville "M0rlvsty and kimllwsx llltlkffll 1UfSlI0lll.U Library Council 4. 1 MARIE C. NIELSEN "Marie" Pictstown "W'en: Iberc oibrr: as reliable as she." Frenchcown High School l. JEANETTE O'HARE "Neue" Flemington ff ' - - - ' d IJ A plvrmng zounivmuu e IX no sllghl 11 vantage. Basketball Z, 44 Track 2, 3: Musical Comedy 43 Key Klickers 3, 45 Slmlmt Vain' 4. THELMA M. PACKER "Thel" Ncshnnic Station "Golden bail' like .vmliglxt streaming." Musical Comedy 4: Glee Club 2, 3, 4. FRANK J. PAVLICA JR. "Legs" Stockton "He believes in acliom, not words." Football 4g High School of Commerce, New York City 1, 2, 3. JENNIE Q. PEGG "Jennie" Ringoes "Happy nm I, from care I am free! Why ain't others content like 1lll'.,, Key Klickers 3, 4. 22 THE ECHO QQ! MARJORIE C. PETERS "Marge" Flemington "A goozl sporl uml a girl among girls." Athletic Council, Secretary-Treasurer 43 Track 24 Basketball 25 Musical Comedy 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 25 Key Klickcrs 3, 45 Slmlvnl Voivc' 3, Advertising Manager 4, Echo 2, 3, 4, Masque and Sandal 4. JOSEPHINE J. PHALL "jo" Flemington "Noibiug is so rligicnlt lmf fhnf if ran bv fouml on! by seeking." Glce Club 2, 43 Key Klickers 3. HAROLD L. PIMM "Piuuuy" ' Milford "lVbvu Nalliw' but work lo be flour, sbt' crcufcs a genius io do it." Student Council 2, 3, Secretary-Treasurer 4: Athletic Council 33 Simlrnf Voivv 2, 3, Editor-im Chief 45 Echo 3, Editor-in-Cllief 45 Activities Fund Board of Control 3, Lc Cercle Francais, Vice-Presi- dent 4. MAX A. PINHAS "Mamie" Rirxoes "I basfcn lo laugh ai cvvryfbingf' Football 3, 4, Baseball 2g Agriculture Club 2, 3, 43 Masque and Sandal 3, 45 judging Team 4. HARRY A. PRECKWINKLE JR. "Precky" Quakertown "An ulblz-fc who ucrvr knows rlcfculf' Football 2, 45 Basketball 39 Track 2, 35 Musical Comedy 4g Glce Club 43 Masque and Sandal 45 Type-Setters 3. ALLEN H. PYATT "Allen" Flcrnington "Quivf .mil lmaxsunliug, but trjfirirni for all Ibuff' Key Klickers 3, Vice-President 45 Echo, Treas- urer 4g Radio Club 4. PAUL PYLYPSHYN "Pilip" Linvale nAll'I'!'7' foo sr'rio1l.v, noi too frirolons, buf rr fare good fellow." JOHN REDLING "john" Ringocs "Silvllrv is fbr' grrafesi url of tom.'crsafion." Key Klickers 4. 23 Marjorie C. Peters Josephine I. Phall Harold L. Pimm Max A. Pinhas Harry A. Preckwinkle Jr. Allen H. Pyatt Paul Pylypslxyu John Retlling THE Ect-to WL---- Rexton Mathews Reed Arthur P. Rynearson Rose Saltzman Herbert Allen Sawyer Florence Schafer Marian E. Schlapfer WVanda A. Schmidt Eleanor Schomp ISV REXTON MATHEWS REED "Rex" Pittstown "He -who bnx rbamcfcr bas lwoxulmlgcg Hr who has lwozrlctlge has .wicca-rs." Football 1, 2, 3, Captain 45 Baseball 35 Track 35 Musical Comedy 45 Orchestra 15 Glec Club 43 Class Treasurer l5 Class Sergeant-at-Arms 4. ARTHUR P. RYNEARSON "Art" Flemington "Being giflml with a fougue I lm- iff, Basketball 3, 45 Musical Comedy 2, 35 Orches- tra l, 2, 3, 45 Band l, 2, 3,- 45 Glcc Club 3, 45 Erbn collector 35 journalism 2, 3, 45 Masque and Sandal 3, 4. ROSE SALTZMAN "Rose" Ringoes "Leave xilcnrc la flat- gods. I um bn! blllllzlll-H Key Klickers 3, 45 Slmlrul Voice 45 Library Council 4. HERBERT ALLEN SAWYER "Herb" Flemington "Klro1:.'lv1igr is my qurxfg my gniilv, u qncsfion llI1lI'k.,' Athletic Council 45 Track Manager 45 Orches- tra 3, 45 Band 35 Glcc Club 45 Class Vice-President 45 Bemidji High School, Bemidji, Minnesota 1, 2. FLORENCE SCHARER "Flo" Flcniington "The 'u"orlrl's 110 beifer if we 'Il-'0l'l'j'j Time's no shorter if we hurry." Glec Club 35 Journalism 25 Library Council 3. MARIAN E. SCHLAPFER "Matty" Flemington "Where :bak on baml, fbi-ru'r -nzisrbicf afoot" Athletic Council 45 Basketball Manager 45 Mu- sical Comedy 3, 45 Key Klickers 3, 45 Echo 45 Class Treasurer 3. WANDA A. SCHMIDT "Wanda" Stockton "The -mildest manners and five genflesl bz'r1rl." Haaren High School, New York City 3. ELEANOR SCHOMP "Schompy" Reaville "A quiet disposition tends lo rr higher posilionf' 24 THB ECHO 'M - a THERESA SCHUBERT "Tess" Three Bridges "Thy 1n0rlL'sIy's ix camllc fo fby 1rlcril." Glec Club 3. PAULINE A. SHARSHON "Polly" Rosemont "She smiles and smilcs, and will not sigh." Key Klickers 3. NAOMI A. SIPLER "Naomi" Flemington "HN bi-art is in lzcr work, um! Ibc bvart Gixfvfb grave 1l1lf0 every url." Musical Comedy 3, 45 Glcc Club 3, 43 Erbo 3, 43 Masque and Sandal 3, 4g Art Club 3. GERTRUDE SMITH "Gert" Flemington "Quiet fraibx are llllfIL'.u Musical Comedy 3, 45 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4: Band 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 2, 35 Key Klickcrs 3. HENRY SMITH "Smitty" Scrgmmrsvillc "Promise is mor! given wbcu fba least is mill." Agriculture Club 2, 3, 4: Agriculture judg- ing team 4. JENNIS SMITH "Jennie" Scrgenntsvillc "Cbrr'rful -ufbeuczfcr you meet ber." NATHAN H. SMITH "Nate" Flemington "Grca!cr men than I bum' lizicrl, But I rlorft believe it." Football 3, 45 Debating 45 Musical Comedy 2, 3, 4g Sfurlent Voire 3, 45 journalism 2, Masque and Sandal 3, 4. GENEVIEVE ALETTA SNYDER "Snyder" Pictsrown "I will sit flown now, but ibc time will come wben you will bear mc." 25 Theresa Schubert Pauline A. Sharshon Naomi A. Sipler Gertrude I. Smith Henry Smith Iennis Smith Nathan H. Smith Genevieve Aletta Snyder VN. THE ECHO - uw MARY ANNA SREDINSKI "Mae" Copper Hill "So qllicf, so lllldiilllllillg is sbt." Key Klickers 3, -lg Library Council 4. STANLEY JOHN SREDINSKI "Senator" Copper Hill Mary Anna Sredinski Stanley-I. Sredinski Elinore N. Stotholf Anna Elizabeth Stout Kathryn M. Stout Francis H. Strouse Marv Louise Stryker Marie Elizabeth Stuart "ll7ifb many a fricurlg tmrl mary rx foe." Track 3g Musical Comedy 45 Glec Club 3, 45 Key Klickers 33 Agriculture Club I, Secretary 2, Adviser 33 Masque and Sandal 3, 43 Radio Club 4, Airplane Club, Secretary 33 judging Team 1, 2, 3, 4. ELINORE N. STOTHOFF "St0ty" Flemington "The art of dressing is a science." Athletic Council 4g Basketball 2s Track Man- ager 4. ANNA ELIZABETH STOUT "lViney" Pittstown "Tim music fha! ran flrepest reach and Cure all ill, is conliul speech." Glce Club 23 Key Klickers 3. KATHRYN M. STOUT "Kate" Ringoes "!l's 'nice fo be natural ufbrn you arc 1mf11rally nice." Student Council 23 Basketball 4g Track 2. FRANCIS H. STROUSE "Strousey" Flemington "Consfuuf Cl1CL'l'f1llllI?XX is fl sure sign of a 'wisf 1mm.'l Student Council 3, 45 Football 2, 3, 43 Baseball, 33 Basketball 4g Track 3g Musical Comedy 2, 3, 4g Glue Club 4: Key Klickers 35 Simlvul Void' Z, 3, 4: Echo 45 journalism 33 Masque and Sandal 3, 4: Debating 4. MARY LOUISE STRYKER "Louise" Ringocs "Cbvr'rful aml plc-asant wlJc'r4'Ucr you 1Ilc'rl bmi" MARIE ELIZABETH STUART "Scotty" Flemington "Thr goul is obiainecl only fbrougb jn'rsisfcm'J'." Student Council 4: Musical Comedy 4g Erlro 4. 26 THE ECHO VBL1 RUTH G. SUYDAM "Ruth" Quakertown "Kimlm'ss makes ber many friemlxf' Key Klickers 3. KATHERINE NORMA THATCHER "Norma" Flemington "A -zvomun nlufays rhuugmrlzlc aml capricious." Home Economics Club, Vice-President 43 Art Club 3. GERALDINE WARNER VLEREBOME "jury" Sergcantsvillc "Happim'xs svvnzs 'maile lo be shared." Key Klickers 3. RUTH WHIPPLE "Whipple" Flemington "I am ur I um nml so I wifl bef' ELIZABETH WHITTELSEY "Whit" Ringocs "Ami o'vr fbat fair broad brow 'were sketched Ibn infcrscffccf lines of fbollgbtf' Student Council 2, Treasurer 3, 43 Basketball 3, 4g Track 2, 53 Sfmleuf Vain' 3, 43 Echo 45 Class Secretary 2, Vice-President 3g Classical Cruisers, President 33 Le Cercle Francais, President 4. MARTHA R. WIEDERKEHR "Martha" Flemington "Ta what the fum: ber buml, 'tis done." Glcc Club 1, 2, 3g Key Klickers 3, Secretary- Trcasurcr 45 Band of Owls Klub 3, Vice-President 4g Slmlvui Voice 4. ALDONA JOANNE YASUNAS "Adel" Sand Brook "A righl merry maid, sinrcrely true and ix good sport wifbalf' Key Klickers 3. BERTHA JUNE YASUNAS "Girdie" Sand Brook "She who smiles is flu' one uforfl: while." Key Klickers 3. 27 Ruth G. Suydam Katherine N. Thatcher Geraldine XV. Vlerebome Ruth I. Wipple Elizabeth VVhittelsey Martha R. Vlliederkehr Aldona Joanne Yasunas Bertha june Yasunas THE ECHO Q0 -IGN Parting Message I-IE years which lie immediately ahead of us are all-important. Each of us has, to some extent, been affected by the changing social and economic conditions and problems which have come forcibly to light as a result of the underlying currents of the Industrial Revolution. In a few short days most of us will, of necessity, face three problems to a far greater extent than heretofore. I fear that we as a group have not given sufhcient heed to the opportunities offered to become basically acquainted with these problems and to know as thoroughly as possible the evolving program for their solution. This is probably especially true with regard to the past two years of our high school course. Changes in our social and political structure are at hand, or at least they are definitely on the way.i This is the consensus of the opinions expressed by experts. If these changes and adjustments are to be brought about with a minimum of friction, the masses of people must give their intelligent support to themj or, where suggested changes are inopportune or vicious, they must be rejected by an enlightened public, through the peaceful pressure of mass opinion. The future is uncertain. Specific directions for, or a prophecy concerning the next several years are practically valueless because of the fact that the one permanent element involving the future is clarnzge. And that element will predominate until we have achieved the new socio-political set-up which seems destined to come. Let us hope it will be a set-up that will insure to the people of this country and of the world a greater share of well-being, both spiritual and physical, than has been enjoyed by the people of present and past generations. In so far as my words may carry weight with you, my classmates, it is my hope and request that we may make efficient and extensive use of the knowledge we have obtained in our four years together in Fleming- ton High School as a foundation on which, to the best of our ability, to help build the emerging netw social and political order. We who have benefited so bounteously at the hands of our government-that same government which is in process of profound change and readjustment-- liave mandated to us the solemn duty of using our foundation program of high school education as a basis on which to build that greater and more thorough knowledge of our universe which will enable us to be intelligent and discriminating followers, and, where opportunity offers, to be forceful, honest, and efficient leaders. With this thought, I wish you Godspeed and farewell. VAUGHN S. CARY Prresirlczzt of the Class of 1934 '128 THE EcHo VM--- lar Ellie iaiatnrg nf the Cllaan nf 1934 9' OUR YEARS ago a bewildered mass of one hundred twenty-Hve shy, but curious .H students assembled as the first ninth grade of the newly organized junior high school. None of us can forget our pride in the fact that ours would be the first class to graduate from it. We entered into the school life with zest and determination. It did not take us long to become acclimated to our new surroundings. Two of our members were selected for the football team and they have played with honor and distinction throughout their high school career. The expanding activities program of our school offered many opportunities for participation and a great many members of our class became active in the extra- curricular life of the school.. Various clubs were created which provided an opportunity for every pupil to become active in some organization of special interest to him. The outstanding feature of the club program was Junior High Night in which the newly- organized Pet Show was the most prominent element. This display of the work of school activities has become a permanent annual feature. Before we realized it, the end of the school year was upon us, bringing with it the final examinations. But after a severe struggle we weathered the storm and were indeed a delighted group on the June afternoon when we assembled for the promotion exercises. As in the case of our previous year, the succeeding one sped hurriedly along. The one cloud on the horizon of our first year in the senior high school was our inability to keep the class treasury well supplied. The first excitement of our junior year was the selection of our Class rings. This was a busy year, especially for those of us who had entered into the extra-class activities. Juniors largely composed the cast of the "Pirate's Daughter," the high school operetta. The Student Council, athletics, staffs of publications, and the various clubs and organiza- tions had more than a fair share of juniors participating. With the end of the year, came the Junior Promenade, the outstanding social event of the entire school year. The decorative theme was centered around a European sidewalk cafe. Color, gayety, and excellent music made this occasion linger long in the memories of those who attended. Our senior year set the high water mark for our class. Our efforts of other years began to bear fruit. New projects were sponsored and old ones revamped. As in our junior year, many of our members were holding key positions in the various clubs, organi- zations, and activities, both curricular and extra-curricular. In April, our class left for Washington by bus. The memory of the tl1YCC delightful days spent at our nation's capital will always remain with us. With spring has come preparation for commencement, we have almost ree-Chefl our goal. As this event approaches we look forward to the day of final parting with both pleasure and regret-pleasure that we shall have completed our high school course and will be ready to enter into our chosen life-work-regret that our pleasant school days together are over, that we shall probably never be together again as a class, and that close associations and friendships must.be unwillingly severed. 29 THB ECHO Eixfratis llirnm ,ZX Qllimfy GM 17411 Qwifb apologies fo Pcpysj 5 have newly taken a solemn oath about keeping a record of the happenings of J some old school-mates of mine, which I am resolved to keep, according to the letter of the.oath which I keep by me. At the end of the last and the beginning of this year I do live in one of the houses on High Street belonging to Mr. J. C. Miller, as one of the principal officers, and have done now about half-a-year. I take myself now to be worth three hundred pounds clear in money, and all my goods and all manner of debts paid which are none at all. January lst. At noon I carried my wife by coach to my cozen Roger Clemens' where we with the Lord Stanley Barrick and his Lady Jean, dined. Here I saw first my cozen's second wife the former Maude Myers, which is a very respectful woman, but his dinner a sorry poor dinner for a man of his estate. January 3rd CLord's Dayj. A most tedious, unreasonable, and impertinent ser- mon, by an Irish doctor, Daniel Foley. His text was, "Scatter them, O Lord, that delight in wart." January sth. The great talk of the towne is the strange election made yesterday for agents to England from the colonieg viz. Solomon Karrow, a very excellent man, and Michael Doria, that able statesman. january 9th. Early up in the morning to read "XVoolley's Handbook" revised by Manners, that professor from Oxford. January 12th. Lay and slept well till three in the morning. To Lord Redling and his lady the one-time Marjorie Fisher, to dine. There was Mr. Fuhrman and his wife Isabelle, a pretty woman and speaks Latin, Mr. Vaughn Cary, Mr. Harry Mannon and the two daughters of his, both very tall and the youngest very handsome, so much as I could not forbear to love her exceedingly, having, among other things, the best hand that ever I saw. After we had done eating, the ladies went to dance, and among the men we had, I was forced to dance, too, and did make an ugly shift. Mistress Jeanette O'Hare danced very well and seems the best humored woman that ever I saw. About nine o'clock many did go home and so broke the party up very pleasant and merry. Going home Sir Cary did walk with Mistress O'Hare and did seem to take the opportunity of kissing her very often. January 20th. To the Tavern, and there Mr. Herbert Sawyer, the mathematician, to us, and there he did by discourse make us fully believe that England and France were once the same continent. And at the table I had very good discourse wherein he did assure me that frogs and many insects do often fall from the sky, ready formed. And so I home to bed by daylight. February 4th. To Mistress Louise Stryker's, who is a great butter-woman, and I did see there the most of milke and creame, and the cleanest that ever I saw in my life. In our way, we had great sport to try who should drive fastest, Sir Harry Preckwinkle's coachbor Mr. Frank Pavlica's chariott. My friend Sir Harry did win. Being come home, I to ed. February 15th. Francis Strouse, Esquire and I went out with Sir Allen Pyatt to bowles in his alley, and there had good sport. After dining we went and heard musique at the Hall, played by the famous violinist Mr. Hiram Bellis-witsky. There we staid talking and singing and drinking great draughts of claret till twelve at night, it being moonshine, and so to bed, very near fuddled. April 6th. To Gray's Inn XVal,k all alone, and with great pleasure, seeing the fine ladies walk there finding a few of their names to be: Thelma Packer, Eleanore Schomp, and Genevieve Snyder, all very enchanting. April 17th. I went with my singing-master, Monsieur La Tourette, who had done with me this morning, to White Hall where he introduced me to his friend 30 THE ECHO R01 MV Mistress Martha NViederkehr, dancing-mistress, and her most nimble and graceful pupil Mr. Rexton Reed. April 27th. Wakeci this morning between four and five by my blackbird, which whistled as well as ever I heard any. Later, to sec a duel between Senator Sredinski, who did beat at all weapons, and one Jess Eichlin, who was soundly cut several times both in the head and legs, that he was all over blood: and other deadly blows they did give and take in very good earnest, till Eichlin was in a very sad pickle. Before I went to bed, the barber, Grover Bodine, come to trim me and wash me, in order to my being clean to-morrow, and so to bed. April 28th. Saw Mr. Paul Pylypshyn's lady, the former Naomi Sipler, who my wife concurs with me to be very pretty. Thence by coach, with a mad coachman, a hardy fellow named Pinhas, that drove like mad down byeways, through Toade Lane- everybody through the street cursing him, being ready to run over them. So home to bed. May 9th. QLord's Dayj. At church in the morning a stranger Bishop Barton A. Evans preached a good honest and painful sermon. To church Qagainj but slept part of the sermon. May 15th. Yesterday and to-day the sun rising very bright and glorious. Witli my wife to the shop where I laid out in clothes for myself and wife, viz. a black baize waist-coate, faced with silk, a new hat and silk tops for my legs from Brelsford, the haberdasher. Later, at my periwigg-maker's, Catanio's shop, and there showed my wife the periwigg made for me. Passing through the street my wife took a fancy to a strange monkey owned by one peddler, later learning his name to be Signor Birnbaum. May 16th. After dinner walked to my Lord Pimm's and there found him and much other guests at table at dinner, among them Mistress Hoffman, affable and engaging, methinks. It seems they have christened my Lord's young son to-day- called him Harold Jr. I got a piece of cake. Dr. Louis Brown showed me the manner of eating turpentine, which pleases me well, for it is with great ease. June lst. Up by four o'clock in the morning and read Cicero's Second Oration against Cataline, which pleased me exceedingly. By and by to Judge Little's oflice for consulting on my Lord's business. Being invited to a ball and it being twilight, I dressed in my new velvet cloak-that is lined with velvet, a good cloth the outside, and put on my best periwigg and my new silk hat. By coach to Lord and Lady Fisher's, who live in grandeur on Oak Lane. Lord Fisher, my former school-fellow, who is yet a merry boy, welcomed us. Being ushered into the grand ball room we were delighted to find a number of old acquaintances. Among those in prominence were Sir Minner and his charming Lady Marian, Major Lance and his Lady, the former Elinor Stothoff, Captain Mount and Mistress Kathryn Stout, Lieutenant Muller and Mistress Anna Stout, Sir Arthur Rynearson and Mistress List, and many enchanting young ladies. During evening very distressing scene when a lady, Mistress Wanda Schmidt, broke her thigh by her heels slipping up upon her partner's, Mr. Nathan Smith's feet. Most excellent musique we had in abundance, till two in the morning, with most complete content as ever in my life. June 17th. Up very betimes by candlelight again, and my business being done, to my Lord Pimm's, and there find Mistress Kellam and Mistress Schubert, but, above all, my dear Mistress Stuart, with whom I sang and in perfect pleasure I was to hear her sing, and especially her little Scotch song of "Barbary Allen," and to make our mirth the completer, Lord Pimm was in the highest pitch of mirth. XVeary to bed, after having my hair of my head cut shorter, even close to my skull, for coolness, it being mighty hot weather. July 3rd. Up, and to send up and down for a nurse to look to my wife who is sick. The nurse, Mistress Miller, newly arrived, who is a pretty good-bodied Woman, and not over thicke, as I thought she would have been, but full of freckles, though handsome in face. July 30th. My wife and I to church, where several strangers of good condition come to our pew and there did find one to be Mistress Josephine Phall. We did entertain 31 THE ECHO Vifiiir- IGN ourselves with a perspectiveglass up and down the church, by which we had the great pleasure of seeing and gazing at a great many very fine women, recognizing Mistress Nielson and Mistress W'hittelseyg and what with that, and sleeping, I passed away the time till sermon was done. August 9th, By coach to see my Lord and so home, buying a barrel of oysters at my old oyster-woman's, Florence Scharer's in W'est Mae Street. And so to bed. August 17th. My Lord's maid comes to me, and I did give the pretty maid, Pauline Sharshon, half-a-crown for coming, and had a kiss or two-ELLE being mighty JOLIE. To Lord Malashevitzis. Here I first saw and saluted his Lady Olga, a very fine-speaking lady, and a good woman. Here my Lady Smith tells me that she hath bought most of the wedding-clothes for Mistress Yasunas. Here 1 also, standing by a candle that was brought for sealing a letter, do set my periwigg a-fire, which made such an odd noise, nobody could tell what it was till they saw the flames, my back being to the candle. To my vintner's and there did only look upon his wife, Zelda, which is mighty handsome, and so to my glove and ribbon shop and did the like there, seeing Mistress Higgins. And there stopping against the door of shop, SLIW the one-time Rose Saltzman, now a widow, in a coach. I to her, and shook her by the hand, and so she away. Here I saw Mistress Jennie Pegg, who is grown mighty fat, but is very comely. August 24th. This afternoon I got in some coals at 23s. per chaldron. There I met with the pretty daughter of the coal-seller's, Gertrude Smith. Going home I did meet with Hne Mistress Suydam, who is a great beauty. There I had my full gaze upon her to my great content, she being a woman of pretty conversation. September 6th, To church in the morning and there saw a wedding of Mistress Mary Sredinski and Sir Henry Smith in the church, which I have not seen many a day, young people so merry one with another. I placed myself in the parson's pew under the pulpit, to hear Mistress Menchek singg of whom I have heard much, and indeed she sings very Hnely. After service spoke with several friends of the couple, viz. Mistress Chereek, Mistress Vlcrebome, Mistress Compton, Mistress Hai-wick, Mr. johnson, Mr. Fiess, and Mr. Higgins. September 18th. To XVhite Hall, thinking there to have seen the Duchess Fuller- ton newly come from London, to make her a visit since her coming to towne. The whole story of this lady is a romance, and all she does is romantic. ' September 23rd. To my Uncle Williaiii Fillebrown's where we dined with old friends among the others, pretty Mistress Peters, who indeed is a very pretty ladyg Sir Vivicn Britton did find it cost him l2d. a kiss after the first, yet he did adventure upon a couple. And so to bed. October soth. To the countrie, in the way meeting many milkmaids with their garlands upon their pails, dancing with a fiddler before them, upon conversing they told me their names were: Laura Kahn, Norma Thatcher, and Rose Kerekesg and saw pretty Elsa standing at her lodgings, door in her smack sleeves and bodice: she seemed a mighty pretty creature. Later to a Mistress Bertha Yasunas' houseg but she did not presently come homeg and there I did kiss her maid Bessie Leibei-man, who is a mighty belleg her other maid, Ruth NVhipple looking a little peeved I did up and kiss her alsog all very sweet. December 31st, Upon perusing my diary, many familiar names do seem to recall happy memories of ye old school days. And so to bed. 3-2 1 , A E. Q4 s E- - - 1 al'-3 N g 2-ge. pf?-j 'iz wsumn mwusvs f-'19 . 11 BE:-NE LIEBL RMAN F HHMH1 EELU5 m ! lag - 5 A mmm rfwu r x fx 5, y s 11 Q EQ . Q A 4 ,fnyxx . G' fmt'-is B ,Z A r V i . . WZ ' ' A LY . Mantua xvneUEnuEum NMMA TN V as ,. fi 'K HQ .1 5 Hex new W9 -fff 5" 2' mm conwnm' A -rf X fx... xg FHNNH l'F'NL1CH - ' --' . :Q L HEHUQUHKTCNS ,.f f 1 -S-5 WW? X HUFIXPTV vWTY ' Classes of Senior High ' ---A ' -W ..f .J --1 1 1 Q , .l 116. 9- Q' T I! :" -,ivy -J' Yiwu- .eng-ff' V-,, g,-f 1 F-25 0 RU LLQHL.: w-as-p-----li I V nz-1 -' '-r nn... ora.-ks f '----M . , -A ' r-,-125.57 :,,J1"" -'-WJ' ,., -ii? Q ggrJgwX1f13.u . Guide Post Symbolic of the Progressive Steps through The Senior High School. THE ECHO WI' IKM CLASS OFFICERS SENIOR V. S. CARY H. A. SAWYER M. LIST L. J. KAHN R. REED President Vice President Secrefary Treasurer Sergeant at Arms JUNIOR ALVIN COLLINS J. LAMENDOLA HELEN STOLL E. WILLIAMS President Vice President Secretary Treasurer I SOPHOMORE A B. MCCUTCHEON MARY CRAIG ALICE ROBERTS MILDRED CRAIG President Vice President Secretary Treasurer 3 6 THE ECHO HEI . ITS Senior Girls llolunn Run'-tleft to rightj Marjorie Fisher, Geraldine Menchek, Josephine Phall, Florence Scharer, llessic Lieberinan, Margaret Chereek, Marguerite l,ist, Laura Kahn, Miss A. llelen Shaw. Second Ron'--Veronica Harwich, Eleanor Schomp, Marian Schlapfer. Mary Fullerton, Louise Stryker, -leanettc 0'llare, Elizabeth Mills, Anna Stout, Mary Sredinski, Rose Saltzman. Third Row--Tlieresa Schubert, Ruth XYhipple, lilsa Drechsler, Geraldine Vlercbunie, Mary Higgins, Zelda llerkuwitz, Olga Lukshis, Naomi Sipler, Thelma Packer, Jennie Pegg. Fourth Row-Martha XYiederkehr, Iileanore Miller, Jean Mathews, Marjorie Peters, Elinore Stotlioff, Marie Nielsen, XVanda Schmidt, Aldona Yasunas, Marie Stuart. 'liup Ron'-Grace Kellam, Norma Thatcher. lsabelle lliggins, Elizabeth XVhittelsey, Ruth Suydam, Pauline Sharshon, Bertha Yasunas, Genevieve Snyder, Gertrude Smith Reba Compton, Kathryn Stout. Not in picture-Dorothy llofTinan, Rose Kerelces. Maude Myers, flennis Smith. Senior Boys llnttom Ron'-lleit to rightj Vaughn Cary, Rexton Reed, Sidney Birnbaum, Sol Karrmv, Henry Smith. Herbert Sawyer, Mr. Harold S. Goldsmith. Second Row-Charles Fisher, XVilliam Mangners, llarnld Pinlm, XVilliam Fillebrown, Linden l.a Tourette, Grover Bodine, Michael Malashevitz. JI Third Row--George Mount. Michael Doria, Max Pinhas, Foster Lance, Frank Muller, Norman oinsnn. I-'ourth Ron'-Allen Pyatt, Stanley Sredinski, Daniel Foley, lidward Catanio, Ferdinand Nosek, llarold Fiess. Fifth Row-Vivien Britton, john Fuhrniann, Arthur Rynearson, lliram llellis, Stanley Barrick. XYesley Little. Sixth Ruw-Raymond Minner, Harry Preckwinkle, llarry Mannon, Francis Strouse, John Redlinfr. llaruld Higgins. I U 'Fon Row-,less liichhn, Barton Evans, Nathan Smith, Paul Pylypsliyii, John llrelsiord, Franlt Pavlica. Not in picture-Louis Brown, Roger Clemens. 37 THB ECHO V93 4657 Junior Girls Bottom Row-Qleit to rightl Helen Stoll, Annie Curtis, Mary Vlerebome, Florence Levine, Anna Curflza, Mrs. Dorothy Landis, faculty adviser, Grace Bird, Anna Eurs, Marian lvins, Ruth Pyatt, Eleanor NVi iains. Second Row-Ruth Bohren, Ruth Knickel, Virginia lihrenfeld, Mary Brelsiord, Muriel Higgins, Evelyn lflardenburg, Blanche Gray, llelen McCrea, Pauline Clemens, lidna Smith, Third Row-Ruth Potts, Helen Sasor, Margaret Bodine, Bessie Smith, Virginia Ronalder, lilizabeth Tirpolc, Mary Nicholson, Julia- Kocsis, Kathryn Emery. 1 , Fourth Row-Anna Opdycke, Ruth Hageman, Aurelia Prato, Helen Gellner, Lillian Bodine, Eliza' beth liveritt, Catherine Heitz, Alice Hagan, Pauline Hellyer. - Fifth Row-Lois Strouse, Mildred Foley, lgdna Holcombe, Hazel Kellam, Victoria Bauhuhs, Esther Berkowitz, Marie Bourgart, Elizabeth lYhipple, Eleanor Bodine, Irene Horvath, Rose Beyer. Sixth Row-Virginia Miuner, Hilda Mansch, Ruth Sipler, Mae Lawson. Stella l'rato, Nlafgafel Higgins, Josephine Oaks, Christl Stangl, Uytendale Lovell, Laurence Ramsey. 7 'top Row-Martha Ransom, Margaret ltchmoney, Ruth Allen, Florence lVilson, Catherine Xoung, 'l'helma Kline, Margaret Castner, Madeline Schmitt, Dorothy Mathews. K ' Not in picture-Milula Polenz, Marian Porter, Gladys Rink, Grace Cesta, Justine Dilts. ' Junior Boys Bottom Row-ileft to rightj Joseph Lamendola, .Roger Snyder, Robert Culberson, Robert Hoduhk, Paul Venable, VVillian1 Toth, Stanley Hut, Arthur Miller, AlVl11-COlllllS,4lhlf. John.MacMurray. Second Row-George Fargo, Earle Cole, Stanley Bartles, Geoffrey Buckwalter, 'John Volk, Charles XVeber, Alexander Kennedy, Fred Hoffman, Charles Fabian Mr. John C. Miller. D I Third Row-Harold kitchen, Morris Cole, Edmund Cltilmonik, Charles Sauer, Frederick Dissler, Gordon Von NViegan, Thomas Higgins, Chester Schultz, Irving Factorwitz, Norman Fiess. . Fourth Row-Furman Boughner, Raimon Cary, xvllllillll Fink, Howard Higgins Jr., lVillia1n Pedrick, Stanley McPherson, Joseph Bennett, Charles Danberry, Stanley Etzel. . 0 A Fifth Row-Francis Hulsizer, Steven Cvetan, Steven Poletelo, Philip Robinson, VVilliarn Prall, XX llham Dissler, Edward Emery, WVilliam Lewis, Frederick Roclgalellow, Mr..XV1l.l1ani Cottman. D, , Top Row-VValter Edge, Robert Titus, Robert Higgins, Perle Kelderling, Adolph--Schlllberg, Pierson Case, Morris Selesnick, Humghrey Fullerton, Alan Suttphm. R . ' l 'Q Not in picture--Charles onover, John Coleman, lNathan Levine, John Pnuewski, Burton Smith. 'ss THE ECHO Wi KN Sophomore Girls lllottoni Row-Cleft to rightj Mildred Craig, Barbara McCutcheon, Sarah Beutell, Alice Bodnar, lidith Rnpell, Alletta Gnlick, Martha Galvin, Ruth Smith, Alice Roberts, Mary Craig, Miss Rattray. Second Row-Miss Park, Mary Race, Mary VVilde, Lottie ll'ilczynski, Florence lottcr, Lena Voor- hees, Lillian Gilbert, Elizabeth Stryker, Alice Bellis, Emma Mike. Third Row-Anna Fitzpatrick, Beatrice Rynearson, Florence Rowe, Julia Fabian, Helen Fihnon, Mabel Cronce, Florence Marion, Grace Shipman, XVinnie Kuntz, Ruth Woodside. Elsie llarwick. Fourth Row--Gretta Cox, Edna Nief, Margaret Serritlge, Mary Sahaydak, Grace Honsel, Margaret Bachzirtly, Katheryne Dektarovich, Leah Allen. Florence Anderson, Anna Staats. Filth Row-Helen hlaczko, Mildred Hopf. Marion Ringer, Mary Smith, Ruth Snyder, Irma Barth, XVantla Austin, Anna Washkevich, Margaret Sowsian, Frieda Saltzman, Dorothy Schomp. U Sixth Row-:Barbara lVeber, Florence Mader, Kathleen Kerekes, Ethel Horvath, Lucia Zanetti, hhzabeth Hill, Virginia Peters, Rosetta Case. Frances Tuio, Ruth Decker, Miss Frances Foley. Top Row-Jeanette liverxtt, Tillie Redling, Elizabeth Charles, Elsie Marks, Helen Drechsler, Helen Nychypor, Ilelen Van Fleet, Verna Locke, Marjorie Opclycke, Jean Nevins. Nut in picture-Mary Dean, Marion Decker, Barbara linea, Anite Factorwitz, Mary Hoagland, Nellie Rowe, Ann Sicak, Ruth Spangler, Helen Skerlick. I Sophomore Boys Bottom Row--Cleft to rightj .Porter Little, XVilliam Ehrenfeld, Michael Korbnlic, Peter Eckmayer, George Sauer, Edward Bealkowskt, Rudolph Tittl, Samuel Komisar, Mr. Earle Davison. Second Row-John Totten, George Herder, James Bondarovich, Bruno Bealkowski, Ellsworth Haver.'Daniel Batta, Michael llarwick, Leo Selesnick. ' Third Row-Alex Poletelo, Robert Nief, Joseph Mallick, Donald Reasoner, Allie Zanetti, John Sladden, John Fenwick, James Totten. . Fourth Row-Marcel Maranda, Vlfilliant Roe, Edgar Haver, Lester Suydaxn, Edgar Jones, Nom1au Miller, XVarren Case, Joseph Tesarik. Fifth Row-Milton Thatcher, Roineyn-Xvalters, John Cox, Donald Kuhl, Arthur Keating, Vincent Hamilton, Arthur Vlioodruff, Franklin Hamilton. Sixth Row-Milton Smith, Frank XVilczynski, Lambert Abel, Robert Dutcher, Chapin Lowe, John List, Robert Lewis, Stanley Xliielenta. Not in picture-William Christian, Russell Deemer, John Eisele, Howard Higgins, Joseph Hrubos. David Saltznlan. 39 THE ECHO ISV Who's Who in Senior High SENIOR Most attractive girl ...... Marjorie Peters..- Haurlsom-esf boy .... ,....... . Vaughn Cary ,..... C l e ve rest ..,...,.............. ...F rank Muller ...... Most popular .,...,......... Best athlete-girl ..... --. Best athlete-boy ........... Class bachelor ......,........ .jean Mathews ..... -jean Mathews .....,.... . ..,., .Raymond Minner ...,..,.,, -Allen Pyatt ..,....,. JUNIOR Helen Stoll ..g,..,,.,... SOPHOIVIORE Margaret Serridge ----.--.--Robert Higgins..-.....Robert Dutcher Ralmon Cary ........,.., R osetta Case -----.---Iosephine Oaks-.------.Craig twins Mildred Foley ,..r..,.. Margaret Serrid ge Roger Snyder .,.,........ Donald Reasoner Walter Edge ..,.. ,....... D aniel Batta Class ladies, man ........... R oger Clemens ,,............. Class wit .....,,..,...,...v...... .Frank Muller .......,.....,... Docs -most for scbool .,.. .jean Mathews .........,....... Alvin Collins Most brilliant ,,,............. .Elizabeth Whittelsey ..,. Biggest eater ..........,...., ... Most likely to succeed.-- Mosf courteous-girl ...,.. Qmctest ,.,,,,...,..,....,.. ...... N olslest .,.,...,.................. Most original ..,.............. .Harold Pimm ......... ...... Linden LaTourette ,,,,.,,. ,Jean Mathews ...... Roger Clemens ..........,... Fred Hoffman.--. ,Elizabeth Wliittelsey --.. Most courteous-boy ------. Wesley Little -....--..... -Ruth Pyatt .------- Maude Myers ...-....-.-.... - Norman Fiess William Lewis. -------.-. Chapin Lowe .Ralmon Cary -----------, Robert Nief Barbara McCutcheon --Alice Roberts Barbara McCutcheon -Norman Fiess --------- . Alice Roberts --Edna Holcombe, ----- Morris Selesnickg ----- Craig twins Robert Higgins .------ .Arthiar Keating -..-.--Ruth Snyder Robert Nief Raxmon Cary ------...--- Rosetta Case Haralest worleer .--....---.. .Harold Pimm -.,-...--.-..-.- . Class politician ----.---.----. .Sol Karrow --...--.. Norman Fiess -.------.-- Alice Roberts fred Hoffman .---------. Chapin Lowe Alvin Collins -----.-----. .Chapin Lowe Most busirmss-like ---..----- .Sol Kai-row ----.------------..- Nratvst ---.---.-----.-----.---.--- Elinore Stothoff .-...--...... Edna Holcombe Greatest social fame ..-..- .Jean Mathews ....-- Most basbful boy ......-.--. Allen Pyatt .-.-..... Biggest blujer -.------..-.-. Most all-around ------------, Nathan Smith .............. Best 1la1u'cr-girl -----..--..- .Jeanette O'I-late.. Best danCer-boy,mmm--Raymond Mmner .......... . . ------ .Porter Little Eleanor Bodine --,. .-.-.Rosetta Case John Volk. -----.-------.- .John Fenwick -Morris Selesnick -....-. .Chapin Lowe Jean Mathews -............... .Josephine Oaks. --.--.-- C raig twins Virginia Ehrenfeld ---, Julia Fabian Roger Clemens ....--......... Best actress -.--- ...--.-.. J ean Mathews.-.--- Bcsf actor .--..-- --..-.-.. Class midget ------- ------ - .Sidney Birnbaum. C lass giant -..-------..--.-.-- Most optimistic ----------.,- .Jean Mathews .........-...... ,Christl Stangl.. Most pessimistic -------.----. . -Paul Pylypshyn ........,.... Rose Kerekes. ---- - Raimon Cary .-.-------- .Donald Reasoner .-.----L,.Eleanor Bodine.--.-..--Rosetta Case Raymond Minner .... L .... .Raimon Cary .--....-.... Porter Little Nathan Levine .......... Samuel Komisar .Walter Edge .--..-.---.- -.Lambert Abel ..-------.Romeyn Walters Ruth Knickel. -...-.-..-. Frank Wilczynslii Favorite tcacber ......-..... Mr. Goldsmith .........-.... Mr. Coffman ..-.-.-...--. Mr. Goldsmith Favorite sport ...........-..... Basketball ..........-.. -.-.-..-.. B asketball. ..-........-.-..- Basketball Most a'ignifiea' senior .-.. jolliest junior .............-...,-.-. Isabelle Higgins 'Elinore Stothoif Sophis ticatval sopbo more ----.... 40 -..---.--.---.-------------------Helen Stoll --.--.---------..------.---.-..---.Emma Mike Athletics 1----v-- ...Q 5--..-c, , -Q ' D 'Q' b-,Q ,, i- - ...Q gb... '1 C , .-. -- -.........--..........-v:.-.- --- --- -...L -- . .-.,,,.. U.,--W S L. f' -.- g-Q... t Y-YV -Y. L ff- 1.-:,:,,..n.v.!w A :F Y A.. l '--f Q--:. Flemington Fairgrounds Symbolic of Athletic Activities, Sportsmanship, and Recreation. THE ECHO vase- iw Bottom Row-Cleft to rightl Joseph Bennett, Max Pinlias,'XVillia1n Manners, Geoilrey Buckwalter. Arthur Vlfoodruff, Charles Danberry, Vaughn Cary. Second Row-Foster Lance, Hiram Bellis, Vililliani Peclrick, Rexton Reed, captaing John List, George Mount, Michael Doria, Raimon Cary. Top Row-Nathan Smith Frank Pavlica, Daniel Foley, Harrv Mannon, Harold Higgins, Francis Strouse, Perle Keiderling, Robert Dutcher, Raymond Mimier, Stanley Barrick, manager. Not in picture-Howard Higgins, Thomas Higgins, John Cox. Robert'Nief, Robert Lewis, Chapin Lowe, Harry Preckwinkle. ' The Football Squad ' HE 1933 football teamycomposed largely of seniors, reached its peak in the :Hackettstown game, continued with mediocre success, and rallied togarner a victory in the Thanksgiving Day game with Larnbertville. The team possessed splendid defensive strength, but in the absence of a functioning backfield was offensively unimpressive. Since football was dropped by several of the customary opponents, Flemington necessarily faced two or three teams which were out of her class. Nevertheless the Red and Black made a creditable showing against these opponents. ' THEVSCORES . F. H. S. H Opponent 'F. Hi S. Opponent 0' .... .-- Linden ....... ...... 1 3 0 ..... .... C ranford ..-- .... -.- 41 13 .... ....... N ew Hope ...... ..... 2 0 ..... ,..... S omerville .,.. ..,.. 0 1 3 .... ...... W ashington ............ 0 1 2 ..... ,... M orristown ...,. ..... 1 4 0 .... .... H ackettsrown .... --- 7 6 ...,, .... L ambertville ..... -- 0 42 THE ECHO ' W aw llotunn Row-Qleft to rightj Mr. Fred llefleron, coachg Stanley Barrick, Francis Strouse, Vaughn Cary, Perle Keiderlinz, Sol Karrow, manager. Second Row-George Fargo, Raymond Minner, Frederick Rockafellow, Roger Snyder. Third Row-Furman Boughner, XYillia1n Fink, Arthur Rynearson, John List. 'Pop Row-Daniel Foley, William Peclrick, Chapin Lowe, George Mount, Thomas Higgins, ass't mgr. Not in picture-Howard Iliugins, Arthur Keating, Rainmn Cary, Ass't Manager. Boys' Basketball OR the third season in succession the boys' basketball team of Flem- ington High placed second in the Hunterdon County League. In each of these occasions the crown was relinquished to High Bridge. All league games but two Were victories for Flemington. The team which was responsible for this successful season was composed largely of seniors, who -will be lost to the school next year through graduation. A temporary captain was appointed for each game, and at the end of the season Vaughn Cary was chosen honorary captain by the members of the squad. THE SCORES F. H. S. Opponent F. H. S. Opponent -,- Alumni ..,.... ..,... F renchtown .......... -- 8 Washington .... ..... H ampton .... ..... 1 5 High Bridge High Bridge ..... 23 . Hampton ..... .... .... C linton ...... ..--- 16 -.. Clinton -- ..-. ....... Alumni ...,.... ------.- 23 Washington Frenchtown .... - ..... 20 THE ECHO W, .iw Bottom Row-Cleft to rightj Marian Schlapfer, managerg Elizabeth Tirpok. Margaret Serridge, jean Mathews, ca rtaing Julia Fabian, Miss Ruth Jenkins, coach. A Second ilow-Lucia Zanetti, Alice Bellis, Marguerite List. Barbara lVebcr, Olga Lnlcshis. Third Row--Jeanette O'lIare, Eleanore Miller, Barbara McCutcheon. Fourth Row-Jean Nevius, Elizabeth XVhittelsey, Kathryn Stout, Iflizzibetlx Mills. Top Run'-Mililred Foley, Helen Stoll. Girls' Basketball WO seasons in which girls' basketball flourished were followed this year by a season less brilliant, when measured in terms of games won and lost. The loss of several members of last year's team was keenly felt because of the lack of offensive power. A squad of sixteen players was coached by Miss Ruth Jenkins to develop a team for the current season while building a more experienced squad for next fall. Whatev'er the girls' team may have lacked in skill was more than compen- sated by the sportsmanship and friendliness with which they encounter- ed superior opponents. Six players-Captain Mathews, Whittelsey, Lukshis, Mills, Stout, and List--graduate, and it is hoped that the remainder of the squad will form the nucleus for a strong team. SEASON RECORD F. H. S. Opponent F. H. S. Opponent 12 ...... ..... A lumnae .............. 33 9 ..,..... Hampton .,..........., 2 2 2 6 ...... ..... H ampton ., ..... ,.,.. 3 3 3 0 ..... ..... C linton .... ..,. 2 1 45 .... ....... C linton ...,,. ...,. 1 6 18 ..... .... A lumnae ..... .... 2 3 1 1 ...,.. Frenchtown .... ..... 3 7 10 .,... .... F renchtown ,..... 19 44 THE ECHO KV Vit, . Bottom Row Ueft to rightl Alvin Collins, Raimon Cary, Ellsworth Haver, Thomas Higgins, Roger A 1 Snyder, Vaughn Cary. Second Row-Ravmond Minner, Robert Titus, Harold Fiess, Edward Catanio, Addlf Schillberg, XVillian1 Manners. i Third Row-Frank Vllilczynski, Francis Strouse, Stanley Barrick, Foster Lance, Michael Daria, John Redling. Fourth Row--Mr. Fred lleiferon, coachgt Charles Fisher, manager: Rexton 'Reed. Not in picture-Frank Pavlica, Perle heiclerlmg, ass't-manager, Norman Fiess, ass't manager. Baseball 19 3 3 SCORES F. H. S. Opponents F. H. S. Opponents 10 High Bridge ,.........,. 8 4 ..., ..... C linton --n--,-,,- -- S 1 -,- ,... Lambertville .... 9 S .... -,- Washington --,,.-,-,,- S 6 Clinton -,- 1 S ..... Hampton ---.. .--.- 0 4 ..., .... H ampton ...,. .... S S ..... ..,, F renchtown .... ..,.. 3 3 ,.,.. ,.,v H igh Bridge .... .... 9 4 ..... .... W ashington ..., S 0 ..., Lambertville S 11 .... ..... F renchtown 12 1934 SCHEDULES May 8-Flemington at Lambertville May 22--Flemington at Annandale Farms May 11-Flemington at Huh Bridge May 25--Flemington at Frenchtown May 18-Hampton at Flemington June 1-Clinton at Flemington June 9-Flemington vs. Alumni 45 1 I i , V Activities and Organizations p Fq2i'5gg 1 ' r ' 5 ,.t. T g izjf' ' ' A i - ii ' - N ., ,Q -1- 7 ' i -Y Y ll- " i g l f Q i V ' -F i I , , l, X I ,,'. ' . -liili ,H .- 1lQlf' 5 ? -gl 'x'.xiT.', A hi . I ., L 2. i , L all il :- 'S Eli: -f I , L b , 1 V Y - bv-Z.-- 1. ll-ff .. Q . ..j: ,'.V 4 ,-. ' . 1 -. wig' .- jul 11. . il. :- hz if 132 t 7' 3 5 - ' ' fs! 51:5 . gy ml . Vi., .. :A , ,, . -s ' , V g ' ' ' gig ' "l.' L1-' Km 191 -in' -'I 1' i L' r I .- A .D A. 1 'A ff' ..-i ..,, ...M . ink ' , .1,-.t e , R ' . Old Flemington Opera House Symbolical of Extra-Class Activities of the Senior High School. THE EcHo Val- KV Bottom Row-Cleft to rightj J. Mathews, l.. Karrow. Miss Shaw, I". Iiurs, S. Karrmv, A. Collins. Second Row-E. Kerr, D. Rink, G. Fink. Third Row-P. Little. R. Case, L. Zanetti. H. Craipr, A. liurs, G. Bird. Fourth Row-N. Balabas, H. Stoll, I. Sipler. li. VVhlttelsey, A. Roberts, J. Oaks. Fifth Row --A. Vllard, F. llamilton, P. Robinson, li. Strouse, V. Cary, II. Pimni, Not in picture-A, Bird. Student Council-First Semester O N F R O N T E D with numerous problems, the Student Council focused its attention upon three projects during the first semester, namely, revision of the constitution, determination of a method for checking and reducing absence and tardiness in classes, and establishment ofa means to deal with chronic offenders of council regulations. The constitution under which student participation had its begin- nings, two years ago, was rendered obsolete by the extension of council membership and activities into the junior school, and other changes appeared desirable. The constitution was revised in committee, and more directly, in council meetings. Revised and accepted by the council, the vote of the student body indicated complete approval of the docu- ment. The Council considered and accepted a plan for the control of absence and tardiness in classes. Handled by a student committee the system has been in operation since January. Late in the term, the Council directed its energies toward the erection of machinery to secure the enforcement of council regulations. A committee of ive, two teachers and three students, deals with persons who are not disposed to cooperate with the Council in the observance of essential regulations. The chairman of this committee - Court of Honor - is a council member. The plan was authorized by the student body, and is incorporated in the provisions of the new constitution. Council officers were: president, Sol Karrowg vice-president, Alvin Collins, secretary, jean Mathews. Miss Helen Shaw was faculty adviser. 50 THE ECHO WN 1 ...ISV Bottom Row-fleft to riglitj M. lliggins, I. Mathews, S, Birnbaum, A. Bai-biclie, B.. W'i1lte, H. Pimm, Mr. Cox. Second Row-E. Cole, P. Chantz M. Stuart, E. Mike, B. XVeber, Don. Higgins. Third Row- b P C' C 7 lt C M t B M C t heon T Ron 1' Rocha J. Neustatlt, P. Vena le, . iintner, 1. ,en'us. . ar yn, . 'c uc . op '-'. ' - fellow, S. Barrick, F. Lance, F. Strouse, XV. Case, M. Collins. Not in picture-R. Clemens, F. Rowe. O Student Council-Second Semester N HERITING a fairly complex organization with committees to care for a dozen or more services and functions, the Council for the second semester aimed not so much to add to its list of duties and services, as to improve the quality and efficiency of the existing system of control. Working toward this end, considerable progress was made in the estab- lishment of stronger homeroom contacts, increased participation in the junior high school, and more effective publicity. The duties and functions of several committees were revised to make the plans more workable, and with regulations, Were codified for use by future Councils. Marked progress was made by the Announce- ment committee, Election Board, and Absence and Tardiness committee. Several innovations and improvements were introduced by the Traffic, Sanitation, Lost and Found, and Reception committees. One of the greatest needs of the Council Was a varied and effective program of publicity-to bring definite information to the homeroom constituencies, to encourage cooperation of all groups in the improvement of the school, and to create a favorable attitude and respect for an activity which is by no means spectacular in nature, to Wit, student government. Wforking through the Assembly committee, the Council made small beginnings in the task of integrating and coordinating the activities of the school. Practically all of the activities had an opportuni- ty to present assembly programs of an informative and entertaining nature. Future Councils may Well continue these efforts toward coordi- nation in the activities program. The Council was headed by Jean Mathews, president, Margaret Higgins, vice-president, Harold Pimm, secretary-treasurer, and Mr. Robert A. Cox was the adviser. 51 THE ECHO VB! rl-'Di Bottom Row-tleft to right! Mr. Miller, lVhittelsev, L. Kahn, J, Matliews. S. Karrow, ll. Piinm, Miss Yeagle. l.. Axtell, S. Barrick. Second Row-N. Sipler, M. Peters, S. Birnbaum, l.. SCIESHIQK. I. Harwick, E. Nief, B. Lieberman, M. List. Third Row--J. Fuhrxnann, M. Stuart, E. Miller, O. Lukshis, E. Berkowitz, Z. Berkowitz, Britton, A. Barbiche. Fourth Row-H. Fiess, l.. Strouse, A. Collins, ll. McCrea, L. Zanetti, M. Higgins, J. Oaks, P. Venable, J. Rosswaag, M. Hagen, J. Fabian. B. Mills. Top Row-1. liiggills, R. Case, Wiilliams, II. Stoll. F. Strouse, M. Schlapfer. Not in picture-R. Cary. N. Fiess, L. Voorhees, R. Nief, H. Higgins, L. Abel, H. Bellis, M. Porter, C. Stangl, J. Slarltlen, J. Malliclc. The Echo Staff HE compilation of this volume of the Echo encountered unusual difliculties. Because of the depression the staff felt that a further reduction should be made in the price charged for the book. It seemed desirable that the same high quality of workmanship and material should be maintained in spite of the fact that printing costs remained on a level with those of the previous year. Therefore, the problem re- solved itself largely into how to get all of the essential pictorial and verbal records of the school activities into a smaller volume than heretofore. This was accomplished by taking close-focus group photographs and eliminating as much of the background as possible. This permitted the use of smaller half-tones, which, at the same time printed larger individual pictures than usual. By condensing the write-ups for each organization to their essentials, it was possible to represent two organizations on each page. Further savings were made possible by the use of linoleum block cuts for the printing of division pages. The extensive use of good amateurphotography greatly improved the athletic and club sections of the volume. The work of the staff was greatly aided by Miss Yeagle, Supervisor of Artg by Mr. Cox whose advice in editing and checking copy was in- valuable, and by Mr. MacMurray who expended much time and energy in taking , developing, and printing the snapshots used throughout the book. The editorial staff was headed by Harold Pimm, with Elizabeth Whittelsey, Marguerite List, and John Fuhrmann as assistant editors. Jean Mathews was in charge of the art work. The business staff was headed by Sol Karrow, and Laura Kahn was advertisingmanager, and Stanley Barrick was circulation manager, and Mr. John C. Nlillerfaculty adviser. 52' THE ECHO 'ffbl IGS: Bottom Row-Cleft tu rightl Miss Edith Rattray, Vauglm Cary, Marjorie Peters, lVeslev l.ittle. Second Row-Mr. liarle Davison, Marian Schlapfer, lilinore Stnthotf, Mr. Robert A. Cox. 'I'l ' tl Ru'--R ' C " Cl l 5 F'sl S I K' '. Alll' KX HUHOII RIN, IRI' ES I lef, O dfl'0XX l'ourtli Rmr--Raymond hlximer, btanley Barrick, llerbert Sawyer. Athletic Council OLLOXVING the general pattern and philosophy of activities in Flemington High School, the student body has an important share in the planning and control of the athletic program of the school. Membership in the Athletic Association is open to all students through the purchase of an activities ticket or through payment of membership dues. To the Athletic Council have been delegated the powers to de- termine athletic policies, to regulate athletic budgets, to sponsor inter- scholastic and intramural athletics, to regulate and award insignia, and to control and supervise the funds of the Association. The Council has completed a year which was only moderately diflicult. Since most of its problems are financial, matters were greatly simplified by the very successful musical comedy "The Belle of Bagdadng the new athletic field which, being inclosed, resulted in increased gate receiptsg and basketball games which were well-attended. A new plan of awards became operative last fall, a marked departure from the previous system. Players earning a letter in a recognized sport are awarded their letter but once. Should they fulfill the requirements in subsequent years, they receive certificates indicating second or third award. This plan possesses the double advantage of economy and in- creased appreciation of school insignia. The varsity baseball team was the outgrowth of an intramural baseball series inaugurated by the Physical Education department. Fi- nancing the varsity season, the Council also gave approval and support to the intramural program. , The Council was headed by Wesley Little, presidentg and was advised by Mr. Cox, Mr. Davison, and Miss Rattray. Managers of sports and two members-at-large complete the membership of the Council. The principals are ex-officio members. 5 3 THE ECHO vii' lm Bottom Row-Lleft to right, S. Karrow, M. Chereek, li. XVhittelsey, l.. Kahn, II. Pimni, M. Peters. J. Mathews, M. XViederkehr, H. Fiess. Second Row-R. Saltzman. l.. Lanetti, Miss Park, Mrs. Landis, C. Slangl. Tliirrl Row-J. Oaks, l.. Strouse, M. Ransom, Ii. XVilliams, ll. Stoll, Ii. Berkowitz. Fourth Row-F. Hamilton, P, Robinson, S, Birnbaum, I.. Selesnick. O'Hare, M. Craig. Top Row-R. Cary, N. Smith, F. Strouse, J. Brelsiortl. Not in picture-J. Nevius, P. Sokoluiif, R. Clcmens. Student Voice Stand' A medium for the recognition and publication of creative literary and art work was provided for by Student Voice, the bi-monthly magazine of the senior high school. Each volume of this magazine represented the cooperative efforts of the literary staff, the pupils of the Art department, and the Key Klickers. Mrs. Dorothy Landis, Miss Helen Shaw, and Miss Blanche Park were the faculty advisers. Bottom Row--lleft to rightj XV. Lewis. P. Robinson, Miss Molson, S. Barrick, R. Cary. Second Row-V. Minner, M. Higgins, A. Hagen, L. Bodine, li. Nief, M. Brelsford. Third Row-F. Lance, M. Buurgart. N. Sipler, 'l'. Packer, M. List, E. Bodine. M. Selesnick. Fourth Row-G. Mount, A. Sutpliin T. Higgins. A. Rynearson ll. Sawyer, XV. Little, V. Cary. Fifth Row-R. Reed, XV. Prall, S. Sredinski. H. Preckwinkle, KV. llissler, P. Keiderling. Top Row-R. Minner, F. Strouse. Not in Picture-F. Cregar, R. Clemens, J. Coleman, G. Rink, L. Bel, J. Dilts, V. Ehrenfeld, A. Fabian, 12. Glee Club A desire to stimulate an appreciation of vocal music and to furnish practice in choral work and part singing led to the formation of the senior high school Glee Club. This group met once each week under the direction of Miss Irene Molson, music super- visor of the Flemington Schools. Special programs were presented by the club at Christmas, Easter, and other special occasions. Mike, M. Porter, N. Saunders. 54 THE Eci-io 'Jil 'GV Bottom Row-Qleft to rightb N. Levine, ll. Maczko, L. Axtcll., J. Bodine. J. Allegcr, N. Dunbar. Second Ron'-G. Smith, M. Ransom, A. Sntphin, S. Bartlcs, T. Higgins. 'lhird Ron'--F. Hulsizcr. I.. l.a'l'0urette, A. Rynearson. M. Tliatcher, G. llerrler. Top Row-Miss Molson, R. Higgins, M. Korbnlic. The Band The Flemington School Band came into existence four years ago in response to a demand for training pupils in the use of brass and woodwind instruments. The band has performed Il very useful service in publicity campaigns for the support of school activities, as well as adding materially to the school spirit at athletic contests. This organization has been under the direction of Miss Irene Molson. Y. Britton. J. Brelsforrl. Bottom Row-Cleft to riglitj J. Bodine, I. Alleger, N. Dunbar, S. Bartles, Brelsford. F. Nose-k. A. Sntphin, N. Balabas. Second Row-N. Levine, G. Smith, M. Ransom, H. .Iaczko, I.. Axtell, H. llarnjick, B. Kerr, K. Emery. Third Row--F. Stothoff, H. Bellis, G. Buckwalter, E. Holcombe, M. Higgnish G. Herder, H. Sawyer. Fourth Row-F. Hulsizer, A. Rynearson, V. Britton, Miss Molson, T. Higgins. Top Row-I.. Abel, R. Higgins. Not in picture-G. Alleger, N. Cary, L. Higgins. The Orchestra Musically inclined pupils have added to their knowledge and ability, and have, at the same time made praiseworthy contributions to the success of public entertain- ments, as members of the school orchestra. These students willingly remained after hours to prepare musical interludes for the "Belle of Bagdadf' the "Prince of Peddlersf' and commencement week activities. Miss Irene Molson directed the orchestra. 55 THE ECHO EG! 459 Musical Comedy A On December eighth and ninth, "The Belle of Bagdadf' a musical comedy in two acts, was presented in the high school auditorium for the benefit of the Athletic Associ- ation. The plot centered about the endeavors of three Hollywood Photographers to find the unknown "Belle of Bagdadf' The caliph had issued a proclamation in the city that all persons having cameras were to be shot without trial. Clever lines and catchy tunes made the musical comedy one of the most successful in many years. The presentation was coached by Mrs. Dorothy Landis, assisted by Miss Irene Molson, Miss Ruth Jenkins, and Mr. Fred Hefferon. Once again Miss Helen Yeagle and Mr. Leon Hall were re- sponsible for the design, construction, and painting of the scenery. Bottom Row-Qleft to rightl Miss Shaw, Z. Berkowitz. J. Dilts, li. Bodine, H. Stoll. Top Row- F. Strouse, R. Clemens, S. Karrow, C. Fisher, H. Bellis. Not in picture-J. Brelsford, Junior-:Senior Play "Three Cornered Moon," by Gertrude Tomkouogy, a Broadway and recent cinema success, was the annual Junior-Senior play presented on May fourth, in the high school auditorium. Miss Helen Shaw, assisted by Miss Margaret Kennedy, coached the pro- duction. The plot of the comedy dealt with the crazy doings of the Rimplegar family which lost its money in the market crash and 'was compelled to seek work. A ' 56 THE ECHO W' new Bottom Row-Cleft to rigliti T.. Ramsey, F. Muller, J. Mathews, R. Minner, I. Fuhrmann, Mrs. Landis, S. Karrow. Second Row-l.. Strouse M. Peters, E. Bodine. S. Birnbaum, Z. Berkowitz, Nf Sipler. Third Row-R. Case. R. Cary, Ii. Williams, M. Ransom, M. Opdycke, V. Cary. Fourth Row- I. Higgins, H. Bellis, N. Smith, A. Rynearson. I.. LaTourette. Top Row-F. Strouse, S. Sredinski, H. Preckwiilkle, J. Brelsford. Not in picture-R. Clemens, C. Schultz, M. Pinhas. ' Masque and Sandal Club Membership in this organization was confined to those who demonstrated dramatic ability in stage productions, or to those who acted as publicity, property, or stage directors. This year's productions were "The Trysting Place," a comedy by Booth Tarkington, and "A Message From Khufu," a serious drama concerning archaeological exploration in an Egyptian tomb, by Cottman and Shaw. The oificers were: Raymond Minner, presidentg Jean Mathews, vice-presidentg John Fuhrmann, secretary, and Frank Mullcr, treasurer. Mrs. Dorothy D. Landis was faculty adviser. Bottom Row-Qleft to rightj Mr. Painter, M. Craig, L. Kahn. S. Kari-ow, Miss Foley, M. Craig. Second Run'-l.. Zanetti, l.. Stronse, lf. Bodine, L. Selesnick, V. Cary. Third Row-M. Foley, B, Mc Cutcheon. li. XYillian1s, F. Hamilton, S. Barrick, A. Rynearson. Top Row-R. Minner, G. Mount, P. Robinson, R. Cary. Journalism Club Through the medium of the School News section of the Hunterdon County Demorraf, Flemington and the surrounding communities were informed each week of progress made in the Flemington Public Schools. This information was prepared and edited for publication by the Journalism Class under the sponsorship of Miss Frances Foley. Sol Karrow was school editor. 57 THE ECHO Q60 KU Bottom Row-Cleft to rightl A. Pyatt, M. Chereek, L. Kahn, R, Saltzman, M. Peters, I. 0'I-fare. M. Vfiederkehr. Second Row-J. Lmnendola, U. Lovell, C. Young, I. Ilorvath, M. Schlapier, E. Smith B. Gary, R. Pvatt. Third Row-T. Kline, F. Xliilson, IC. XVhipple, K. Emery, M. Higgins. M. Fisher. Fourth Row-P. Robinson. H. Kellain, G. Kellam, A. Gurska, I. Pegg, R. Hageman, M. Sredinski, M. Fullerton, H. Stoll. Fifth Row-I. Volk, S. Cvetan, I. Redling, E. Mills, li. Berkowitz, li. Miller, M. Schmitt. Top Row--Miss Park, A. Collins, A. Sutphin, XY. Lewis. Not in picture-.l,. Ramsey. Key Kliclkers Club Pupils enrolled in Typing II course, or those who had previously completed it. were eligible for membership in this organization. They performed especially valuable service in typing and mimeographing the material for Sfudenf Voice, Pen arm' Ink, and La Liifvrairc. Gflicers were: Laura Kahn, presidentg Allen Pyatt, vice-presidentg Martha Wiederkelir, secretary-treasurerg Miss Blanche Park was faculty adviser. Bottom Row-fleft to rightj B. Liebernian, L. Kahn. I. Oaks, L. Strouse, E. Williams. Second Row-M. List, Miss Blanche Park, faculty adviserg M. Higgins, M. XViederkehr. Band Of Owls Klub This organization consisted of a group of girls trained for library work by Miss Elizabeth Turner, County Librarian. In addition to caring for the school library, the members prepared periodical book exhibits and maintained a newspaper clipping ser- vice as an aid to classroom teaching. Oilicers were: Laura Kahn, presidentg Martha Wiederkelir, vice-presidentg Eleanor Willianis, secretaryg Lois Strouse, treasurerg Miss Blanche Park was faculty adviser. 58 W THE ECHO Wil asv i Bottoiu Row-Lleft to riglitj F. Rockafellow, H. Smith, S. Sredinski, R. Lewis, D. Kuhl, Mr. Lodge. becoud Row-I. Bennett, 1. Boudarovich, G. llerder, Jas. Totten, P. Eckmayer, S. Hut, G. Bodine. Third Row-F. Pavlica, li. Ilaver. I.. Suydain. F. Dissler, A. Vx'oodi'uff, XV. Lewis. Top Row-M. Pinhas. XY. lfedrick, F. llulsizer, A. Schillberg. M. Thatcher, M. Doria. Not in picture-l.. Brown, XV. Christ- ian, -I. Coleman. Future Farmers Of America This is a national organization the ,purpose of which is to promote vocational education, thrift, cooperation, scholarship, -leadership, and a greater interest in agriculture. An agriculture judging team chosen from among the members of the F. F. A. received a high rating in ability from the State College of Agriculture in New Brunswick. The ofiicers were: Fred Rockafellow, president, Louis Brown, vice-presidentg Donald Kuhl, secretary, Robert Lewis, treasurerg Max Pinhas, reporterg Stanley Sredinski, adviser. Mr. Lodge was faculty adviser. Bottom Row-llelt to rightj M. List, Dr. Axtell, Miss' Folev N. Dunbar. Second Row-E, Mackey, Mr. Davison, Miss Mraz, A. Seber. Top Row-F. Rowe, XV. M'anners, I. Oaks. Activities Fund Board Of Control The funds secured from the sale of activities tickets formed the nucleus of student financial support for extra-class activities. Allotment and distribution of this fund, and the preparation of the activities budget for the ensuing yearconstituted the function of this organization. Officers of the board were William Manners, chairman, and Marguerite List, secretary-treasurer. Faculty members were Miss Foley, Miss Mraz, and Mr. Davison. S9 THE ECHO WRU 1 'IGN Bottom Row-Cleft to riglxtj XV. Fillebrown, li. XVl1iltelsey, M. List. Miss Foley, II. Pinnn. Second Row-XV. Edge, I. Higgins. Z. Berkowitz, 0. Luksliis. Tllirrl Row--I. Fuhrmaun, S. Karrow, M. Mal:-xshevitz, S. Birnbzmnl. Le Cercle Francaise Le Cercle Francaise carried out a special program designed to improve the speaking ability of its members, and to acquaint them more thoroughly with French songs, litera- ture, and customs. La Lifferaire, the French literary magazine was published by Le Cercle. Officers were: president, Elizabeth Whittelseyg vice-president, Harold Pimmg secretary, Marguerite Listg treasurer, XVilliam Fillebrown. Miss Frances Foley was faculty adviser. Bottom Row-Cleft to rightj A. Scliillberg, E. Cole, XV. Ehrenfeld, C. Schultz. Second Row-XV. Manners, I. Factorwitz. XV. Fillebrown, N. Fiess. Third Row-H. Fullerton, F. Nosek, li. Catauio, N. Jolmsnn. Top Row-V. Britton, A. Pyatt, S. Sredinski, H. Higgins Ir.. S. litzel, Mr. CUKIHHII. Radio Club Club meetings were largely devoted to construction of, and experimentation with battery and short wave radio receiving sets. During the course of the year several in- teresting programs built around radio themes were presented in the assembly. Ofhcers were: Adolf Schillberg, presidentg Chester Schultz, vice-president. Mr. Willialmi Coffman was faculty adviser. 60 THE ECHO vel My . ligulvlll RQW-Url! I0 rip:h0 li. Cole, A. Miller, C. Fabian, R. Culberson. Second Row-R, Snyder ll, Ihssler, Miss Beagle, li. I-Iinery, XY. Prall. Top Row-C. Sauer, 11. Higgins, jr., l.. La'l'ourette, ll. Mzmnun. Not in picture-RI. Cole, J. Piniewski. Type-Setters' Club Thc Type-Setters' Club was organized primarily to create a greater interest in the art of printing and to provide practical experience for those in the club. This ex- perience was acquired through the laying-out and priming of materials used in the con- duct of curricular and extra-curricular activities of the Flemington Schools. Miss Helen Yeagl: was faculty adviser, and Earle Cole was treasurer of the organization. Bottom Row-llel! to rightl M. llClllll0IlEy, H. Drechsler, Miss Kennedy, E. Drechsler, N. 'l'hatcher. Second Ron'-M, Galvin, K. Dektarovich. R. Smith, A. Gulick. Third Row-E. llarwick, D. Schomp, .-X. Slams, ll. lllathews. Top Ron'-J. lfveritt, l.. Gilbert, R. Bohren, R. Allen. ' M. K. Home Economics Club This club was organized in September 1933, by a group of interested girls en- rolled in the Home Economics course. Regular meetings were held on the third evening of each month. Problems of etiquette and correct dress were studied and discussed by the members. Oflicers were: Elsa Drechsler, presidentg Norma Thatcher, vice-presidentg Margaret Itchmoney, secretary, Helen Drechsler, treasurer. The faculty adviser was Miss Margaret Kennedy. 61 THE Ecx-ro W! Wi Bottom Row-Cleft to rightj S. Birnbaum, M. Higgins, Dr. Axtell. l.. Strouse, S. Karmw. Second Row-ll. Belhs, F. Strouse, N. Smith, J. Fuhrmann. Not in picture-I. Dnlts. Debating Club An inexperienced debating squad of nine members met Lambertville in an ex- temporaneous debate on the subjectg "Resolved: That the United States Should Adopt the Essential Features of the British System of Radio Operation and Control." Teams representing each school debated at Lambertville and Flemington. The debate was won by Flemington with a score of 88 to 128, the lower number of points determining the winner. The team was coached by Miss Agnes Shields under the sponsorship of Dr. Axtell. ' Y r A Bottom Rowffleft to rightj Bliss Shaw.,M., List, B. ljebverinan, D. Mathews, G. Smith. lf. Berk- owitz, R. Case. Second Row-l.. lxahn, I. lliggins, Z. Berkowitz, lf. XX'iIliams. li. Stothnlf, M. Castner. M. Schlapler, Mathews. Third Row-I". Scharer, I.. Strouse, F, Muller. I.. Selemiek, 0. Lukshis. Top Row-B. 'asunas, M. Peters, R. Cary, F. Strouse, ll. Sawyer. Reading Club Late in the year the Reading Club was organized by a group of pupils who were interested in recreational reading. Informal meetings were held at the convenience of the members, in which various books were discussed. A special library of loaned books was organized for the use of the members. Owing to the informality of the meetings the club elected no officers. Miss Helen Shaw was faculty adviser. 62 Junior High School .A ."',f '1 B J . . I l x'yil.','.1 if 1 I .qA. x H I i 7 ' I X . I if Dy --.gn to ' -- fn I :TW . 5 .13 55321 B -f-f--M ., 'S 'mt .lg i ofifvf 1' -2 LKQif""" ., ,L Y FM 'C'-7' 1 to ll: B Nl ,. ' 'A' e""4 ' - ,f Old Mine Brook Bridge Symbolic of the transition Between the Elementary School and the Senior High School. THB ECHO vat lem Ninth Grade Girls Bottom Row-Cleft to right? Miss Mills, Mrs. Zuegner, Alma Higgins, Florence Case, Katharine Schelnck, Virginia Sweeney, Eileen Mackey, Helen Harwick, l,ois Axtell, Dorothy Kennedy, Miss Van- erv let.. Second Row-Irene Harwick, Barbara Price, Elizabeth Berkaw, Jean Britton, Alberta Force, Cora Hann, Emma Fargo, Marion Queen, Margaret Leu, lrma Lawson. ' u 'lhird Row-Violet Cwik, Edna Danforth, Violet Hall, Betty Kerr, Emma Ewing, Evelyn Strnnple, Lillian Potter, Katherine Schlapfer, Mabel MacMillan, Elizabeth Simon, Katherine Foley. Fourth Row-Sara Cronce, Alice Hewitt, Emily Gellner, Dorothy Rink, Dorothy Potter. lffrllf Mathews, Katherine Sutphin, Judith Rosswaag, Doris Sawyer, Genevieve Fink, Dolores Luster. Fifth Row-Mary Maczlco, Julia Tirpok, Dorothy Tltontpson,-Clara Cohen, Ruby Ilaydu, llazel Barrick, Joyce Case, Marianne Xliasilewski, Margaret Krug, Anna Diemirt. bixth Row-Mildred Bateman, Muriel Keating, Harriet Britton, Catherine l,eon, Mary Natuk. Margaret Jack, Rose Sherak, Gladys Fenwick, Myrtle Haas, Ethel Cronce. Seventh Row-llelen Brown, Adele Stone, Anna Eskildsen, Rose Bartuck, Beatrice Schomp, Louanna Chamberlin, Mary Hagan, Geraldine Hopkins, Magdalene Simon, Jennie Pedriclc. Top Row-Grace Nadeau, Frances Edge, Mary Brown, Grace Zenkus, llelen Pyatt, Ruth llenry, Dorothy King, Martha lVrig'ht, Dorothy Scott, Adelaide Reed. - Not in picture-Gladys Dillon, Mary Dilts, Zuzy Kish, Josephine Konsek, Dawn Messmger, Anna Pohl, Lena Sherry, Rose Verme, Mary Bubriak. Q 4 Ninth Grade Boys A Bottom Row--Cleft to rightl Mr. Allen Learn, Clarence llall, XVilliam- McKean, John Morgan, llarry Fink, Laurence Johnson, Geil Croastlalef Lionel Hand, Alek Bodnar Norman Balabasf- Mr. Robert .-X. Cox. Second Row-John Shikoluk, John Kurylo, John Perehinys, hValter Natuk, Frank Mallick, Albert golcgmbe, John Macllroy, Steven 1-looretz, Donald Higgins, John Eschinain, George Scheier, Joseph ere 'es. '- Third Row-Raymond Buch, Douglas Volk, Thomas Fillebrown, Benjamin Calio, Louis Milan. Edward Henderson, Dorman Higgins, lVillard Parker, Roger XVilliams, Cedric Norbury, Gus llillebrand. Edward Brown. 1 ' ' - ' Fourth Row-Edward Naldi. Edward Samson, Peter Burger, Frederick Stothoff, Marshall Collins, lglllimert Ltchtfuss, Paul Gintner. Harold Perrine, Robert Allen, Charles Krehner, Samuel l.entine, David its. Fifth Row-Vtlilliam Eppele, Gerald Compton, George llnlts, Paul Pegg, Raymond Seillock, XYalter Hoffman, Jerome Kemmerer, Edgar Grey, Edward Norvish, Samuel XVaisempacker, Charles Stawski. Edward Felkowski. Sixth Row-Steven Kerekes, Charles Zolkauskos, Nicholas XYaranitsky, George Plum, Nicholas Val- entino, George Van Matter, Grattan Shields. Joseph Tirpok, Andrew Butkovsky, Nelson Merrill, Allen XVard, XValter Burget. Top Row-Paul Reno, Bradley Mills, Victor Droppa, Charles Schmitt, Yvilliam Minner, Clarence Martyn, Xyalter Alpaugh, Harold Smith, Frederick Reitze, Joe Rosania, Lawrence Eiek, Ilenry Alpaugh. Not in picture-Charles Rowe, XViIIiam Dilts. Joseph Gabovics, Milford Force, Joseph Sahaytlak. Eftrry Viyckoff, Gus Mansch, John Mason, ,lYalter Beyer, Linden Conkling, George Danko, Elmer emens 'y. 64 THE EcHo 'AN WV Eighth Grade Girls Bottom Row-Cleft to rightj Jeannette Sipler, Josephine Sherry, Elizabeth Schrimpe, Virginia Stuart, Anna Bird, Ada Keiderling. Second Row-Veronica O'Grady, Sara XYhipple, Jenny Paradiuk, Mary Glokner, Marv Muller. Third Row-Mary Mathews, Alice Johnson, Anna Horvath, Norma Houck, Margaret Langdon. Fourth Row-Edna hv0l'lll3ll, Marjorie Schenck, Gertrude List, Norma Tarantola, Jane Bodine, Miss Evelyne Duane. Fifth Row-Eleaamre Vocke, Elizabeth Stangl, Eleanor Pedrick, Martha Drechsler, Frances Peters. Not in picture-Eleanor Innes. A V ' Eighth Grade Boys Bottom Row-Cleft to riprhtb lilwoozl Jones, Robert XVilliams, Lewis Higgins, John Papas, James Dean, Vlfilliam O'Hare, Mr..Fred G. Lodge. D Second Ron'-George Alleger, Edward Ewing, Thomas Serridge, Leonard Zanetti, Andrew Selmer, ean Siplerq 4 ' ' Third Rong-Robert Chai-Ies,,Arthur Barbiche, Edgar Boughner, Douglas Reasoner, Steven Lucas, Norman Cary' lr- ' V . - 5' 'a -, V ' ' Top Row--john Hann, John Fihnon, kenneth Xoung, Barnet Wills, Larry Hall. , "1 Not in picture-David Factorwitz. i65 THE ECHO Val' alerp Seventh Grade Girls Bottom Row-Qleft to rightl Phyllis Chantz, Lydia Drecllsler, Shirley Berkowitz, Ru-th Higgins, Lucille Karrow, Johanna Neustadt. I 1 Q l Second Row-Elealnor Bohren, Marjorie Snvder, Jean btryker, Paula Austin, Marion l.a'1'ourette. Third Row-Rita Muller, Ruth Berkowitz, llettv Peters, Eleanor Higgins, Jean Strouse. Fourth Row-Mrs. Mildred Godley, Edna VVeibel, Margaret Cronce, Jeanette Alleger, Miss Ann Mraz. l 1 i Seventh Grade Boys Bottom Row-deft to rightb Mrs, Mildred Godley, facultv adviser: Norman Dunbar, Steven But- kovsky, Harry Reading. Harold Cregar, James Serridge, Frank Eurs, Miss Aim Mraz, faculty adviser. Second Row-Julius Dobrosky, Floyd Shurts, George Parker, Donald Butterfoss, Manuel Papas, Robert Eick, VValter Swales. Third Row--Lloyd Reasoner, Frank Hults, Herman VVeiss, Fred Lentine, Iohn Von lviegan, Marsh- all Vannatta, VVarren Ditz. . N' Fourth Row-Elmer Funk, VVilliam Evans, Robert Yard, Michael Horvath, Richard Vocke, Douglas iece. 66 - s 1 1 N x n 'e i I N E i THE ECHO V60 .... ... IG!-1 junior High Who's Who Most attractive girl ,.,.,, Hamlsonzcst boy .... .4...... Clmxcrest ......................x. Most popular .....,.......w.. Best athlete-girl ............ Best atblctc-boy ..,wN,...... Class bachelor ........... ...- NINTH GRADE Grattan Shields ,.........., . .Lois Axtell .................... .Clarence Martyn ..,......, Andrew Butkovsky-. ---- EIGHTH GRADE SEVENTH GRADE Muriel Keating A.,,.,...... --.Mary Mathews ........, .Betty Peters .Lois Axtell ...,.....,..,...... Mary Mathews ..,...... Dorothy Potter .........,... .Virginia Stuart .... ..... john Papas .............. Ada Keiderling .,..,,., .Thomas Serridge .... -- .George Parker -Lucille Karrow .Lucille Karrow .Eleanor Higgins -James Serridge .Barnet Wilk .......... --.George Parker .Harry Reading .Elmer Funk Ada Keiderling ......... .Phyllis Chantz Ada Keiderlin g ......... .Lucille Karrow Class ladies' man ............. W illiam Minner ........,.... J ohn Papas. .............. Class wit ....................... Ruth Henry ........ ....... . Barnet Wilk ............. Docs most for scbool .... .Lois Axtell ....... ....... Most brilliant ,................ Lois Axtell ....... ...... . Biggest eater .................. George Plum .... ....... Harold Smith ........... .Frank Hults Most likely to sncceea'. -.Lois Axtell .--L .......,.,.... - Most C011-rtcons-girl ..... .Muriel Keating. ....... Most courteous-boy ..... -Clarence Martyn .... ....., Eleanor Vocke. ........ -Kenneth Young ....... Qmetest ............ ----.-.---.Emma Fargo r............. ---- Nozsiest ...... ...... - ---.-.Martha Wri ht. ........ Most original ,....... ----- 's -.Lois Axtell. ....... . .Jeannette Sipler ....... .Veronica O'Grady--. Barnet Vfilk ............. .Lucille Karrow .Lucille Karrow Douglas Niece Floyd Shurts .Steven Butkovsky lviary Mathews ......... .Phyllis Chantz Hara' est worker ............. .G-race Zenkus ,,.... ..r.... Class politician ........,..... Most business-like ........ -Marshall Collins. .Allen Wax'd ......,,.......... .Barnet Wxlk ,....,....... Ada Keiderling ......... .Phyllis Chantz ' .Frank Eurs Andrew Seber .......... .Phyllis Chantz N eatest ................... .---.Roger Willianis ............ . Greatest social fame ...... .Lois Axtell ................... Kenneth Young. ....,. Most basbful boy ......... .Paul Reno .........e........... .Kenneth Young. ...... Biggest blujer- ..... -..Allen Ward ................... Barnet Wilk ..,....,..... Iolliest ................ -.---...Katherine Schlapfer ...... .Norman Cary ....... Most all-around ..., . ....,.., .Lois Axtell ...,,,.,,,..,.,.... Mary Mathews. ,,,.... Br-st rlancer-girl ............ Best dancer-boy ..... -. ...., Best actress ,................v.. . .Dorothy Rlnk ............... .Clarence Martyn ....c..... -John Papas. ............. . Eileen Mackey ............. .Mary Mathews ........ .Anna Bird ........ ........ .Jean Strouse Betty Stangl ............. .Johanna Neustadt .Floyd Shurts .John Von Wiegan .Jean Stryker -.jean Strouse -Lucille Karrow Manuel Papas Lucille Karrow John Papas. ...-.-... ----.Manuel Papas Best actor ...-..... ----.Clarence Martyn ...-..... Class 'llliflgef---. .....-.-..... .Alek Bodnar ..-...--.......... Lewis Higgins ..-.... Clair giant ....-.-...- .-....- . Paul Reno ..-----.---.-...-.---- .Kenneth Young. --.--- Most optimistic -........-..- , Most pessimistic .-......-.--. Favorite sport -...-...-....... . 69 Ruth Henry .-.----..-.-.----- Favorite teaclacr .....-.-..-.. Mrs. Zuegner -....... ..-... Basketball. .-.-.-.-- ------ - Lucille Karrow .Robert Yard Katherine Schlapfer .-.-.. .Mary Mathews ...-. -... . Betty Peters .Leonard Zanetti. ..... . Mrs. Zuegner ........-... Basketball ....... -....-. .John Von Wiegan Miss Mraz -Basketball Advertisements - ' --- 1-rw-Y. - 1 .N -.. -' . ' --- ..- 'lla-rv ww-fag fl-ff 1-ri' f n t Q v . Y'f f i i U .Y ' 'N -' ,,,, -T "- V iff: it ,' r' ' . ,j iff. ,Y . I ' :-7' L.. ..... xml L..-t V .x : N I ., A if-jlljm , ' , XX W Q ,ff .',.1 ifh ' I I uf 11. 'fr f --ei ,..---,J 'A L ' il 5 -Q 2 7 A .- N A. .all LLL A I .flew '-":M U. ' wiki A "1 W '-4 - L.: - Ng., NL 1 X ,r 'J' l A .. 7- "s 1 , - M . ,J . A- 4 ' ,Y A - - -'--- 1 rag" "ll" ' I. ll ll,ll 'l " 'Y' .EP- S-nn --nllnr -Sell -' -.'q 2252: i - V " a l l . - - 125- il ' all 4 ' ' , , N uf- ' I s "- . ' E:lu lll:", 57 :-.I ::nn F Q l ix E-ul-ll 145- Q I ip l 1: f fi' 2 4 -Ilan J A' it . L-E v' 1 H1121 t' A ll" "Ii" XSSIJ' " '1-:,..,..i...-.lg.iJ !A,1.llML.A. I . 'Lg 1 X .- .. .y. D ' J 1 Old Hotel Flemington Symbolic of the Commercial Activities of the Borough. THE ECHO I IW Appreciation The Stay? of the ECHO expresses its appreciation of the financial support gifven to this volztm-e hy the cutvertisers. . I t is our sincere hope and desire that friends cmd patrolzs of the high school will give their patron- age to those who have helped make the pnhliea- tion of this hook possible. Q GM 72 ricaiuioznini xi xioioioitrioiluioiniojoinioiuini rioi 1 tic 10101 24rioi01a1o14l11r14rilvifr14l1f1li4r11xi0i1li bini 30141 THE ECHO CONGRATULATIONS! To the Class of 1934 of the Flemington High School, We extend our most hearty felicitations and good Wishes. FLEMINGTON PHARMACY A. J. AXELROD, PH. G. 5 S Main Street Flemington, N. THE BODINE LUMBER CO. HEADQUARTERS for LUMBER FLEMINGTON, NEW' JERSEY GARWOOD 86 HAWKE Insurance Compliments of - -01 ' CHAS. S. HAVER sz MAIN STREET FLEMINGTON, N. J. 73 JUG!! xixximxjcbiarzericyiqricvjcxiarzo -1111014lislicriojoicxioicxjfriclioimlsiojfricxinxzdrit fini: rinjoioioiuza 5 Q mf. xiojoioiniojoicsioioioioicnjuicxioicniuxjojixifricvifaifgv 1101014xioioI4pj014sjojcx:o:1sIcn:o:4Iio1mI:1rixr14ri1 civic THE ECHO uioic 1 P1011 1011 it if it ioitvioioiniuioioi if 34 1 vinioin into C0112-pli111Ee11fs of Flemington. National Bank and Trust Company EEEMINGTQN, NEXV JERSEY CLASS OF '99 GEORGE R. PARKER INSURANCE IN ALL FORMS FLEMINGTON NATIONAL BANK BUILDING ELEMINGTON, NEW JERSEY M. Compliments of Class of '27 ATLANTIC 86 PACIFIC Attorney at Law TEA COMPANY Flemington, New Jersey H- L- MURRAY, MS"- ri riuiuxoxnioiulioix 3011 ixriuinininioiflioieri 101 14 1 ri 1 74 THE ECHO xxuinioi 1 sioinioi 0101413010101 vi: ioioiuioifrioioiuia C0111-17lill7UlZfS of C. LLOYD FELL CQUNTY CLERK DON7T F011GETi A , .'.x.. TO BOOST THE TOXVN THAT OFFERS SUCH A COMPLETE EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION FOR LIFE ' CHAMBER OF COMMERCE b 1 IFLEMINGTON, NEW JERSEY ALVATER 86, LANDIS Insurance Flemington, New Jersey Compliments of PURITAN RESTAURANT 57 MAIN STREET Flemington, New Jersey 01010101 r1oinx:oio1nio1o1n:4xi rioin nxmzo 5 vioiojoiojojx rjeajdxjfxissi 11014110-1010 1-30101011 x1-4xio1o:o:cx:4nioi1r1wx14r1cx1n1ax1n:4n14 v oo Val- :jamini:wifninja101014niojnioxzx:o11s14x:4vj0:o1cx-1o1o14s:oixn:cs:o11r14n:1x1o14g0 THE ECHO Complimezzts of ED WIN CASE Class of '16 Compliments of GRlEEN'S STUDIO YOUR ECHO PHGTOGRAPHER ami Greenfs Rexall Drug Store DRY CLEANING, PRESSING Phone 115-W AND DYEING GEO. B. BARRICK PAUL STRYKER '33 Will call at your door Studebaker HAVE YOUR WHITE FLANNELS SALES AND SERVICE CLEANED FOR THE PROIVLU Telephone 167-R-2 1 1 xioioioiuioirrioioiurioi ioioioioinioixxi r1n1o1o1uio14 76 3016 Main Street Flemington, rin 1 Q1 hi 101 li riniuioi xinioilricxiuiebioicxiczimbioiavilxioizx TH,E 'ECHO'- 77 if 5 501011 17010101010 Z9 E ' Jugum iw' Q ZPQQ 5 ' A E '2 J ' 555521 ii 1 ZZ!-np N. 7 U Z, 5 5 ' myxg- F1403 "I ' P120 bv w 2' Sgr? Q ' Q 'Z E' 2-2 E E 'Ti 5 'Tiff N CIT! 75 ' H wagon 3' 2 fv 5m i 2 ,-I 0 : scfwrf sf 2: ab 52m ! Qfific R 'mn Z,-3' ! mmmm 'N :yi-1 i E E E295 Q ggf-I Qmx i ag 2555.53 S M00 gaz a 1: U1 A S2 O D153 2, 5:4 L' w Q u cw M CH U fv L11 'P U1 Pr' H O W ! EZFUVJ SSE 2- F4547 Q li' . 'USQL-4 51-5115? 3 fa ' E F 1 20 5 cn 0 ,"4 o v-1 n-17qOf4C: ,-1U,.,s'-Jw Q Z g QDFQE' 7 To S Q n-1 N ZCDQ-1 F f- 0 Q 2 1 H12 UU 1-1 F4 N, 'rg sr' ZWCDH I '4 W 32 ' D-11 Q 5 Q F3 0 5 Q U rn ' s P-I 2:1 ,jg 111 11014 rioioioioioic 0911011 TI-LE EcHo illioioioioi ri 21101011rioixrjoioioioiuioillioinioioinioiuioi Karrww Sz. Small, Inq, Complete Line of MEN'S AND BOYS' FURNISHINGS WHITE FLANNELS FOR GRADUATES A SPECIALTY HFIC'll1IflgfO7l,S Lvadi-ng M6I1,S Furnisbilzg and Tailoring Establishment" 35 MAIN STREET Phone 234 Phone 40 I-IL. LC. STOUT Class of '82 ATTORNEY AT LAW HUNTERDON COUNTY BANK BUILDING FLEMINGTON, N. J. ESTABLISHED IN 1825 if xmierhnn Q'Ln1mtg 4 emnnrai IS 109 YEARS OLD ' STILL THE LIVELIEST THING IN HUNTERDON COUNTY 52.00 A YEAR ' 78 Qxixriexirirxicxinlitbixlicril 2 1101031114 1 24 1 rloini xiui 11 2 20102: TH.E ECHO 451- UW i UQCYQKQKPQOHDQOQIDQ Q DQ! QDQQPQCQQDQYQOQIDQIDQKPQOQIXQOQ Qwl if S Established 1858 3 i 5 11. R. EODJINE E soNS g 5 Dralcr in 5 I Hardware and Furniture Q 2 HOUSE FURNISHING GOODS PAINTS, OILS una' VARNISHES 2 j FLEMINGTON, N. J. Q Q I ! -4 l l 5 1 2 2 1 2 George Kg, Large Q . S Counsellor at Law Q E FLEMINGTON, NEW JERSEY l 2 2 l l I g 1 5 ECONOMY HARDWARE 2 i STORE Q Q Jos. BERKOWHZ, Proprietor C0mPHmentS Of V Hardware, Heaters, Stoves WALLACE E. LEE Q Q Majestic Radios and Refrigerators 1 S Tbor Washers, Electrical Appliances ni 0:1 5 E! i 3 FLEMINGTON, N. J. THEE EcHo USB W6 fa 10 ricxicxicrixxiqxjxnicnicxioicvtozcnifnzxnianxavioifrix xioioioinioioia riojoioio 0:4914 11011 ui iris ioioioioia 1011 iuioinioini 101411011 301 in 14 Z lic 11 ini COMPLIMENTS OF FULPER POTTERY Loren Murchison Sz. Co., Inc. 40 CLINTON STREET NENVARK, NEW JERSEY Official Jewelers W. T. DEMPSEY, Represeufafizfc I CLASS, FRATERNITY, CLUB AND SOCIETY PINS RINGS AND KEYS, MEDALS PRIZE AND LOVING CUPS, PLAQUES AND TROPHIES, ETC. ORIGINAL DESIGNS PREPARED Phone S-R-11 Compliments of o. K. FISHER I THE WASHINGTON MEAT MARKET S. WEXLER, Prop. Decorator PAINTING WALL PAPERING Flemington, New Jersey "Better Quality Meats For Less Money" 82 Main Street Flemington, N. j. xioioioiuioi 1 vi 1 via 1 101nicxi1rioinioloioioiuioiuiuioiuiui 'SO 4 THE ECHO .illiiii 1Ui0iU,0,1 i il il 1l710iKPi03U2UQ1lQUliYll5lPl49101131 Ifllfil g I b V'COlI1VPIi'lII61IfS of 4 P 2 A A SIDNEY KJLRSDHDN A i Q ATTORNEY AT LAW S Assoeiafed with George K. Large Q . l l Q . i TOYS - GIFTS - NGTIONS - STATIONERY Q 5 es Q P EE T JE R M A N Q Q VARIETY STURTE ! g SCHOOL SUPPLIES PARKER PENS AND PENCILS E ALUMINUM AND ENAMEL HOTUSEWARES 2 RADIOS AND ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES i A General Line of 5 and 10c Goods i 2 VOSSELLER BUILDING FLEMINGTON, N. J. i Q L . Q T UNION HOTEL GARAGE 3 EVERITT AND SCHOMP BARTON YOUNG Q DODGE ANDPLYMOUTH w H ! MOTOR CARS Plumbmg, Heating, XVuIer Systems I ' . Oil Burners i Dodge Brofbers Trucks E ,Sales :mdl Service 1 41 Maple Avenue Flemington, N. J. FLEMINGTON, N. J. in ioicviuzoxnvioinxoifriuioialxoinie-1011 urging lgkpiugoiqpqugogugugo 8-1 IN 3 0,4 bjuiojoioiaxjoioioioic ri4n:ojo:1r14r10:010:1ri1r:fx:4x10i1vj4b-101fxic ozorzc YN 2r111uioiclZlrZ111r141o21c11r:1v111u:11lZ4l0irio31o1c11:1r2 THE EcHo Conzplimcfzfs of TI-IE ELEMINGTON LIFE INSURANCE AGENCY Are you interested in your own welfare? I Get information now. My services are free to you. Write or telephone me to see you. MARCUS L. GLAZER 79 BROAD STREET Tel. 92 FLEMINGTON, N. J. C01rzplime1zts of C. C. SMITH GEORGE A. BERKAW RUFUS B. MATHEWS BERKAW and MATHEWS U GRAINS, FEED, FLOUR, sEEDs Dairy and Poultry Feeds and Supplies Mills at FLEMINGTON, LEBANON, and ANNANDALE,l N. l1cD3l11l1o14 bZ4n14x14li4L1uiQ7i12i livin 82 'ISV o 01011 11011 1:11 10:01 xioioiuxnioie sioioioifxjoiojoioie 0' THIE ECHO 5 5 xi07ojoI010j0:cr14b74 11014 111111 bi01o10j0:oi1l11 5 Witb fbc' Com plimcnfs of I BURKETT BROTHERS CO. 2 DISTRIBUTORS FOR HUNTERDON COUNTY I of Q GENERAL ELECTRIC REFRIGERATION I also S GENERAL ELECTRIC RADIOS AND KITCHEN RANGES I I I I gg o g Best Wishes of A Friend" I I I 2 ROAD TO SUCCESS - Finish high school first-then special- ! ize. That is the advice Rider College I oifers to young men- and women who Compliments of S :um to enter the busmess world. It 15 based on 68 years of experience in train- i ing business executives. It will pay you Abraham Garfinkel, M- D- l to follow it. 23 Broad Street I RIDER COLLEGE I Literature on Request 'phone 8111 2 Founded 1865 Trenton, N. J. I Q Compliments of Compliments of D AR E F O t. . I THE DURAL RUBBER ' P 2 CORPORATION' OPTOMETRIST I Peterman's Variety Store every Tuesday I I 0:4011 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 83 TH,E ECHO EGL- ISV 11011 go 110101014134 ' COMPLIMENTS OF A C. V. WEILER via xioioioioiluiojx vxniozoznzozf 0101011 The Hunterdon County Titles Abstract S. Mortgage CO. pl 92 MAIN STREET, ELEMINGTON, N. J. Q 2 TITLES EXAMINED MORTGAGE LOANS CONVEYANCING EVERYTHING PERTAINING TO REAL ESTATE EXPERT LEGAL ADVICE F. E. SUDERLEY, Secretary A. O. ROBBINS, PTf'SldC71f H E rr: Z Cf E E Z U1 :fi Z CU E Q U3 E El rf' l SCHOOL OF NURSING l i Offers a three year course of Training to High School Graduates l i having had the General Scientific Course and ranking in the upper i third of their class with a general average above 75 95. Highly I eiiicient corps of Instructors, delightful surroundings and pleas- l l ant social life. i i For illustrated booklet urldrcss: Q THE NURSING DIRECTOR 5 i MUHLENBERG HOSPITAL 2 Q PLAINEIELD, NEW JERSEY 1011 1011 i Compliments Of Q A. W. PROTZMAN . 5 I , Compliments of Q Ice and Cream i I G. B. TOMPKINS, M. D. E FLEMINGTON, N. I I Phone 152-J l '84 THE EcHo COMPLIMENTS OF FUEMIINGTON CUT GLASS CO. NICMULLEN 81 MULLER BUILDING FLEMINGTON, N. 1. FRED D. LESURE CO. WHOLESALE CONFECTIONERS TO SCHOOLS, SOCIETIES, CHURCHES, ETC. 76 LAUREL STREET FITCHBURG, MASS. Compliments of C 1. f THE LITTLE STORE omp 1ments o ON THE CORNER JOHN R. PAINTER F C HANN 28 Bonnell Street Flemington, N. J. 101011 1 1131110111 ioiuiuiuioioixmioi 2 Dioiuioiuiuif 1 if ini: 85 IGM Q Q I i l Q l ! l U Q ! ! Q ! Q Q l Q ! Q 5 i l l 5 xioiujnioiuic 1i1lioi0:010:0i0i1x11rZ1 bjoxoioi' xiojoioja WM vitiinjojoifnjaxioiojoioiois 1010101011 visit: Os Ozloioiuioinioioilrioiinic THE ECHO W. LUTHER STOTHOF F HARVEY J. STOTHOFF l Business Established 18 85 WM. STOTHOFF COMPANY llnc Q o fSucccssors to STOTHOFF BROSJ , Contractors for E ! ARTESIAN WELLS AND WATER SUPPLY PLANTS FLEMINGTON, NEW JERSEY ' Office Flemington Junction, N. J. Tclclbbonc i Flemington 909-R-4 l LAW OFFICES i HERR R FISHER 5 FLEMINGTON, NEW JERSEY RYMAN HERR LLOYD FISHER LESLIE MIKE Producer of T. B. Tested Raw and Pasteurized Milk and Cream Spring Water Ice Phone 902-R-12 Phone 3 2-R-1 2 i STANDISH C. I-IARTMAN l CEMETERY MEMQRIALS 6 COURT STREET FLEMINGTON, N. J. Successor to R. Reardon 85 Son olrZ1xi0i1bi lbi01oi4bioiel10i1JQQ 8 6 KV YN vxcoio 10101014 0:0-iuifaioioio 0:1110 Diojoioioinioic THE ECHO "Say it with Flowers" JOSEPH H. VOCKE Florist Telephone No. 9 FLEMINGTON, NEW JERSEY Member of Florist's Telegraph Delivery C om plimefzts of ROYAL EUR CO., Inc. ' DAVID KAHN, Manager FUR coATs and JACKETS MADE TO ORDER . ...0... All Workmanship Guaranteed -l-0.1- FLEMINGTON, NEXV JERSEY . . f T 3152" '..gEr1'E3i2f-.-.j,, I-'E2E? .g2'f M3225 . : I-ibn.. ,, Q:3::fg5qr:gQ:Q:q-Y. -qzjqz- .5115 A. .-he ' El:-:' 211:-: -14 1-211 ' "-1:if'. .-zz ' ' '- zzz,-.y,, 4.1.5- ,g.7--. :g.g.g- , '-14-rrzr: - fa-1 -:F . -.w+I'11. - 'Q-rr. ---:-1 :4-.r - wt.-' 4 1 4'+111:-. -1 '13 - V:-:A :.:,:. . . ,.'::.:f1114:4, ,ga-' f-14:1 J: --:'.-:Wk ' . 1 .-12+ -.ir , , .. , I ,- :5L:31:?Q' .2:i.-zfrf 1. ' ,1'3gi21E22?2Ei,,, 5, I gg-.,.1:..:L:. J-11.5, 1-Q-45:2 - 2.1 - -- .. -X, ' .t 5 H I L L B R O S. Distributors for F. E. MYERS Sc BROS. Hand and Power Spray Pump and Spray Material Flemington, New Jersey The AMBASSADORS Music For All Occasions Call George Lesser 36 MAIN STREET FIQEMINGTON, NEW JERSEY o View 5 bi0:0j0j0:oi0j0j1 xioioioioicxinicxiojoia rtniojojoiojoja 011 otoioioioioioiviioibiioitinieicrlxbiulieblioiatioiciaiiiqbio 87 V65 si4rjtx1o11r:014x1o1o:oi4,11xi1v1o11v1-1o:o vinjoioinioii 1011 THE ECHO vioxx 1 ioioioirxioioioioicli oinioiuillioilhioiirioioimnioii 1014 MCMULLEN S1 MULLER Azzzfloorized Sales and Service .ee-'ww FLEMINGTON, N. J. COMPLIMENTS OF Mutual Grocery Company STRYKER'S STORE for WATERMAN AND PARKER FOUNTAIN PENS AND PENCILS Autograph Albums and Scrap Books Films Developer! and Printed Three Doors South of Post: Offlce jo14xi1ri4rL1r14:Lcri1xi1l14ri1r1c litDi 010101 1101010101010 Compliments of FARMER'S SHOE STORE Flemington, N. J. 1014 :Ingo 5 rio:-fninxioiojoiozoioinxiczinrifrjf 1011 iujoioioiulifr rdboifx-ioioicvirrzoiuioxoiaz riirjojrrioioioioioiuzcxixnjc 02011 1101 3 1 ii si 3 101 I 14 101014 3010101014 3011 2414130101: THE ECHO :junio 5 COMPLIMENTS OF DR. W. B. MAXSON 1-P -1-P' A FLEMINGTON GARAGE A .T JOSEPH HYLAN, Proprietor T A-'J Day and Night "J "T' ""f' , GENERAL SERVICE f 'T Telephone 74 A--J PLEMINGTON, N. J. C. L. GODLEY JEWELER Compliments of Diamonds, Watclxes and Jewelry Rvjmiring a Sllcvialfy 60 IVIAIN STREET FLEMINGTON, N. J. 10101 xiuinioin 30:03 viuioioiulnioim 10141101 1301010101014 89 sjoioiuioiojoiz rioiojo-10101: WI' io 1:01014 011 nioio 9101014 011 111 10:4 THE ECHO THE INTER-COUNTY MOTOR CORPORATION , of CLINTON, NEW JERSEY Maintains daily service between Trenton, Belvidere, Easton, Somerville, Morristown, and all intermediate points. Connections can be made to all points in the United States. It is the company's desire to provide service which will extend to our patrons the best in safety, con- venience, and courtesy. 1 When chartering a coach We can assure you of a minimum rate with a maximum of service. Compliments of MAX D. SHUMAN Clothing, Shoes, and Furnishings The American Stores Co. GROCERIES - MEATS - PRODUCE Quality and Service our aim For the Entire Family FLEMINGTON CUT RATE FRANCIS REED XV. S. BISHOP STORE Meat Mgr. Grocery Mgr. 82 MAIN STREET 55 MAIN STREET FLEMINGTON, N. J. Sells for less BILL MOLINARI WILLIAMSUNS RESTAURANT and his ARISTOCRATS A Superb Dance Combiaation Home Made Pies featuying A1'lSt0CI'2.t Ice Cfeafn Harmony and Rhythm in cartons and in bulk phone 3,2-R-3 Furfzislaecl for all occasions. 90 ri010io11rioi1ni010icri4xio10icbi 1010101014 rioioioioioltbicrioiivioicvicrioicxioifsiolmriiritlicrit 14524 li 1101010101014 11010101011 01011 1011111 xjoiojoiuioiuix lioioioioiojuinioic 1101011 701014 0:01103 THE ECHO 5 1 I E FLEMTNGTON FAIR g 11934 Q 2 AUGUST za 29 so 31 SEPTEMBER 1 2 nd 3 ! 3 9 3 3 a Q LABOR DAY 5 l g All Sebool Child-rea Arlmifted Free Pony Day Q AUGUST 28 . i Q g Telephone 101-R I Q Q ! CENTRAL GARAGE 3 FRED J. DILLEY, Prop. S HUPMOBILE SALE ef SERVICE i Car Wasbi1zg, Repairing, ami Greasing - Storage 2 We carry a complete line of Q TIRES, TUBES, PATCHES, BATTERY CABLES 5 TOWING AT ALL TIMES Q 19 - 21 BLOOMFIELD AVENUE FLEMINGTON, N. J. Q I 4 - i I E 5 T 2 3 i l g Q i 5 I IN EVERY KNOWN TECHNIQUE I 5 5 i - oSn:o:4s:o1:x:o11x1c141c14r:s: r141o:ic11r:r11x1o1a14r:u:o 91 Kiki ,Q 4 ritbifxicxicrixxioioxoioiujoiivioioicrixmic xioioioiojoioic via rioioioioioioioio .2014 WJ I J T1-LE ECHo 11 1010301 12011 10101 uioioierioioioixrioin ini 3 14 1 11 11 11 rio: Complivlzveufs of Foran Foundry Sz M fg. Co. FLEMINGTON, NEW JERSEY , Gradl Bakery and Restaurant MEALS SERVED DAILY AND SUNDAY From 8 A. M. to 9 P. M. FRESH ROLLS -- BUNS - BREAD Daily at 11.30 A. M. Also Pies, Cakes and Cookies Birthday Cakes FORMER FRENCH BAKERY 16 MAIN STREET FLEMINGTON, N. J Phone Flemington 9 0 8 -R-3 H. D. BE LLI S HAY, STRAW, AND GRAIN RINGOES, N. J. Compliments of Compliments of BEAUTY -SHOPPE IRVIN VAN DEVENTER 57 MAIN STREET CONTRACTOR Sc BUILDER FLEMINGTON, N. J. Phone 5 8 -R-1 1 0101 lioinioxuioznioia 1 110101014 2 xiuinioiniui 1011 11111110 M THE EcHo K1 1 sioinioinioiuinioiniioinicrie CW 110201010101 :nz xx viozoiuzniozroio C011Zpli11l87ZfS of THE HUNTERDON COUNTY Yo Mo Co A' F Office: 108 MAIN STREET, FLEMINGTON, N. J. County Sf?l'l'L'fl1I'JV-LEON B. HUGHES Telephone 47-R-12 Compliments 0 f CHARLES HOTLCOMBHE FUNERAL DIRECTOR 31 CHURCH STREET FLEMINGTON, N. J. C. A. VAN MARTER Rear of Flemington National Bank Bldg. 17 Bloomfield Ave., Flemington, N. 1. Sbcft Metal Work ROOFING, GUTTERING 8: SPOUTING Pipe and Pipeless Hot Air Furnaces Galvanized 81 Black Sheets, Copper and Zinc Conductor, Gutter and Fittings VENTILATING Telephones Flemington 175 from 8 a. 111. to 6 p. m. Frenchtown 902-R-21 After 7 p. m. FLEMINGTON AUCTION MARKET CO-OPERATIVE ASSOCIATION, INCORPORATED S4 Park Avenue, Flemington, N. J. CLAYTON H. 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Suggestions in the Flemington High School - Echo Yearbook (Flemington, NJ) collection:

Flemington High School - Echo Yearbook (Flemington, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1930 Edition, Page 1


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Flemington High School - Echo Yearbook (Flemington, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 1


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Flemington High School - Echo Yearbook (Flemington, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 1


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