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Fleetwood High School - Tiger Tale Yearbook (Fleetwood, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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WC J K gp f W K f wif gflx weigh 'fxk '11 : A 'Eff I ,fleefwoob Jani' d111nrm'f5wI01' BI! 5 Il I 37IecI'x?:ob,i!pf1,i1IfZIV21Ura A ---- - - ' 4 .A I -. 7 j , . ln TO.. J WQQ! v, JIM - -.X ' 1' W-I ' P . - - z x ,ue,,s X ,I 5 ' ' 0 7 s . 1.30 ,X 0 X Y Q :Q ' 's 5 1 ,x,- Y .1 .- K 5 at A 1 N A L S . tl A 'l 'A , , M I f l ' A . f 0 D lnxxmnn' 2 .gs f , Z - 'Dum X-. X ' ,W , , 5+ , A nfymlx I 1 I Q. 111,54 2, A, A , xg YV!! ' X fl 'Z ,J ' . Q ff X V AJL2' , ks A X I O ' -nf ,W 'W'!11' ' I I ' 5 . il. 5a I- lvl- 61- -4' N F :. , 4 X - - I F3 E . 'si-, v :AJ 1. 5 ll 0 x Y Y 1 WM, x f , 0 'J I . Q J ',' o f : is we - , . - :- .." , ' 1 ,f .sf 1 qi' L Q 5 I 2' ' xo 'o"' 7 4 4 O v ' ' ' Q ' 1 O 4 n 'IH518' . , K ' 1 xi- f -rf ' ' ' Af " Z .v',v r:0.,'1.1l:.':":-:: U f V IWO nmzwnrh S45 'N 3 : Jutiavx . Hear ye! Hear ye! Thts wrlttng IS presented by the Class of 1958 of Fleetwood Jo1ntIun1or Semor Htgh School Through thls announcement w w1sh to present to you the aspects of the ed ucauonal program act1v1t1es and soctal funct1ons tn whlch we have pamcxpated throughout our apprenttceshtp mhtgh school After leafmg through these pages whxch contam our past hlstory we hope you w1l1 have found enjoyment and satlsfactlon tn our publtcatlon We, the Semors thank you E553 R f A? 'a E1 ii Fx fl f 'ot X r W Y, o o Eirhlc of Qinrlen FAC ULTY ADMINISTRATION SENIORS SPORTS ACTIVITIES CLUBS ADVERTISEMENTS 9 22 23 42 81 104 105 three UNDERCLASSMEN 43-50 51-68 69-80 four Debieatiou We the class of 1956 wxsh to dedlcate thls lssue of the TIGER TALE to our class advtsors Mrs Yoder patience generoslty msplratlon thoughtfulness and loyalty to us 5- and Mr. Daniels. These two people have shown great ,zgtppreciztf 1011 The Senror Class of 1958 wlshes to express our heartfelt thanks to Mr Robert Haag our yearbook advlsor and chref supervrsor We only wlsh there was some other way we could express our gratltude and smcere thanks for your dxlxgent wcxk and patlent gurd SJICC 4 X ff W f1Ve ll wfhwy R ZETTLEMOYER r Edrtor M SA NDERS T MA HLE Arr Edrror K HECKMAN Sports Edrtors T KOCH A s B EASTLAND Co Edrtor R NEIDER B WAHL B DELCAMP Lrrerary Edrtors SIX R BA ER Copy Reader MR HAAG Advlsor L GREENAWALT D WOODLING Photographer Busrness Manager M PHILLIPS R PETERS A JUDD Actrvrues A s Sw J HINKLE Co Edrtor E REED Typrsts R RARICK A s E WILLIAMS B ZETTLEMOYER D MEALS L Klme R DAVIS D MOYER Patron Managers Subscnpuon Managers Af g N L L- .6 I 1 ,u Fx' . Q Au xg B Atyx A,t M . Q b . . ., A ? W if A f 1' Y A ' 9 A '- ' -, 11 B i. Q S L CLASS JACKET CLASS HAT lltfll tl 'gnbf 154 J' Ty:-df? "A 1- 'J 8.55 4, 4 ', 55,16 E ykxde fb ff Y "' f f 9wf,rfSi1mevf n CLASS MOTTO The future IS for those who prepare for OUR SCHOOL CLASS FLOWER Deep Red Rosebud CLASS RING SCVBU ..nv"""""N' 1 Fleetwood Joint Junior-Senior High School School ties can ne 'er be broken when our school days are over Formed at Fleetwood High And our ways shall part Far surpassing wealth unspoken, . Still in thee we'll be united, They'1l forever be. Still be one in heart. Chorus Fleetwood High School Hail to Thee! Thou hast been kind to us, Ever shall we cherish for thee, Sight Thoughts of love and trust. faculfy Abmlnlfdratrun H1116 7 'fir CII -----...ff-" '59, Q ' -4 X Seated, left to right: George Schuler, Myers Balthaser, John Adam, Richard Homan, John Mengle, Standing: William L. James, Arthur Heckman, Samuel Sehl, Wilson Cramer, Lawson Burgert, Jay Barto, Wilson Reeser, Paul Edelman. Absent: I. Paul, Kehm william, Ebert Edwin Kutz, Phillip Hoch, Charles Mertz. President -'-- - -JOHN MENGEL Vice President - - - - - SAMUEL SEHL TFGBSUTEI "" ' NTYERS BALTHASER S01iCiI0f ' ' ' ' ' PAUL EDELMAN We wish to thank our school board for their work in managing our school. It is the purpose of the board to get public schools managedg not to manage them themselves. Their work is to get things done rather than do them. lt is with deep appreciation that we give them this page. MISS KELCHNER and MR. JAMES To the Class of 1958: My very best wishes to all of you on your graduation. After twelve years of working to- gether, playing together and sharing each other's successes and failures, you are about to enter into a new phase of your young lives. You are arriving at the point where your happiness will depend more and more upon you alone. Whether or not you find it is very much your responsi- bility. I would like to leave with you a quotation from the eminent Dr. Albert Schweitzer, "One thing I knowg the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who will have sought and found how to serve." lt shall be extremely gratifying to me to know that many of you find happiness thru service to others. Supervising Principal 4 eleven twelve 'Q-C Q., M... -.-,S V I' fm 1 , W SQ, I To the Class of 1958: Whenever a class graduates from high school, I wonder if they have secured the amount of knowledge that is needed to carry them onthe road to success in their chosen occupations. I am thinking of the BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE in all its aspects, but I am also thinking of truthful- ness, friendship, religion and many other characteristics that each will need, With the great charges that are taking place in the world today, you will lead the world of tomorrow toward an understanding of each other or to complete useless distruction. Man by his power to think is endeavoring to leave the earth and explore the vast spaces of our universe. You, as graduates must do your utmost to see that every achievement that takes place is put to upholding the brotherhood of mankind, In so doing you will achieve for your- selves and your children a world population that will live together in peace, Principal MR. FRANK E. DANIELS "All right, people!" Plays the fiddle expertly. . .studying for his Ph. D. . . ex Air Force pilot. . .drives a Hillman and a friend of all students. . . Senior Class and Student Council Advisor. . .teaches Safe Driving. . .Senior Hi-Y advisor. . . has many female admirers. . . spends his spare time in the summer at picnics. . .nicknamed "Frankie, " MR. JOHN A. BURGGRAF "Good grief! " Drives a big red Buick. . .spends his spare time playing basketball. . .teaches commercial subjects. . .first year at Fleetwood. . .caretaker of the Sophomore Class. . .hobby is sports. . . sChool banker. . .neat dresser. . . hails from Hazleton. . .well liked by the Seniors. . .nicknamed "Bur- gie. .. Mercury. . . MR. HERBERT ERB "Hey, you guys! " Usually seen supervising the Hotel. . . teaches Junior High math. . .director of Senior Class Play. . .married, has four children. . . drives a green Oldsmobile. . .sings bass in the church choir. . . coaches the Debating Team. . .sponsors the Freshman Class. . .sang "Stout-Hearted Men" in the Minstrel Show. . .nicknamed "Herb. " thirte en MRS. MARGUERITE M. FREY "All right' Married. . .teaches Junior Chorus. . .organist for Re- ...qs formed Church. . .has a son who has studied Music. . .lives on Locust Street. . . drives a beige car. . . gives private Mu- sic lessons. . . good pianist. . . our commuting musician. fourteen MR. ROBERT G. HAAG "A word to the wise is sufficient! " Yearbook advisor. . .drives a hot red Eord. . . married. . resides at Green Terrace Acres, Reading. . . directed the Halloween Social Play. . .supervises the 7th grade. . .his favorite food is Lobster Tail. . .terrific dancer. . .snappy drum major. . .nickname "Haagy. " MR. CATELLO A. GEMMA "All right, keep it down!" Bom in Paterson, New Jersey. . . drives a green Dodge. . teaches social studies. . . our new basketball and baseball coach. . .Junior Class advisor. . .married. . .has a baby boy named Jimmy. . .plays basketball for the Reading Keys . . .nicknamed "Cardy". . .spent two years in the Armed Forces. . .resides in Fleetwood. . .favorite food is spaghetti X 1 K 4 MRS. BARBARA E. HISSAM "Where 's your permit?" Married. . .originally from Allentown. . . . .owns a truck and Ford. . .planning on . . .teaches English and Library Science. . Sir18IIa. . . detests hearing chewing gum crack. . . dislikes having dirty hands. . .likes to talk. MRS. JEAN K. HANLEY "Now, let's get quiet!" Former librarian at Fleetwood. . .married. . .has a baby boy, Leo John. . .hobbies are bowling and reading. . . eighth grade advisor. . .teaches history and geography. . . favorite food is spaghetti. . .hot rodder. . . commutes from the country. . .taking Mr. Ho11enbach's place. . our librarian building a house .likes Frank MR. DALE M. HOLLENBACH "Au right, gms!" Former teacher at Fleetwood. . . teaches Junior High Social Studies. . .Co-Advisor of Student Council. . .born and raised in Richmond Township. . . former student at Fleet- wood. . .fulfilled his military obligation through the six month plan. fifteen MR. PAUL C. KERCHER 'Come on, Sawyerl' "Kerch". . . our favorite math teacher. . .born and raised in Kutztown. . .J. V. and Golf coach. . .married. . .has two children. . .ardent chess player. . .drives a green Dodge . . . advises the Junior Class. . .director of Junior Hi-Y. . . bug on reading problems. . . enjoys working hard math prob- lems. SIXICCH MR. THOMAS A. KLOPP "All right, let's gol " MR. RALPH W. IGHTFER "Now, girls!" Born in Shillington. . .resides in the Bank Building in Fleetwood. . .drives a green Chevy. . .tennis coach. . . loves to travel. . .was an exchange teacher. . . camera fiend. . .language teacher. . .loves Latin Myths. . .spon- sor of Bowling Club. . . married. , . excels in punny jokes. Favorite food is fillet mignon. . .shops at Acme. . .teaches Guidance, Shorthand and Adult Education Typing. . .hails from Freeland, Penn .... resides at Main Street. . . married . . .has two children. . . drives a gray Chevy. . .hobbies are sports, big game hunting and golf. . .supervises Archery Club . . .television fiend. . .pet peeve is too many study halls and nothing to do. 1? VN MRS. IOANN A. LANDIS "Now what are you doing? " Cafeteria supervisor. . .Y-Teen advisor. . .hails from Lincoln, Pa. . .drives a green Chevy. . .resides in West Lawn. . .pet peeve is waste and tmtidiness. . .teaches Home Economics. . .can usually be seen in the cafeteria. . .neat dreser. . . makes most of her own clothes. MR. HAROLD KUNDIS "Okay! " Hails from Shamokin, Pa. . . devotee of classical music . . .abhors rock and roll. . . married. . .has a baby daugh- ter. . .drives a pink and black DeSoto. . .shares Mr. Ker- cher's homeroom. . . teaches commercial subjects. . . Press Club advisor. . .often seen with Mr. Burggraf. . .resides at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jones. MR. DAVID MELL "Lets, get busy!" Dislikes boiled cabbage. . .teaches art. . .bom in Mohn- ton, Penn. . .supervises photography club. . .loves to play ches. . .camera bug. . .married. . .has two boys. . .drives a blue Ford. . .helps to direct the Stage Crew. . .resides at Washington Street. SEV CIIICCII MR. RICHARD C. MENGLE "What kind of jam session do you call this?" Played football at Penn. State. . . drives a green Chevy station wagon. . .hobby is sports. . .lives in Orwigsburg. . . teaches Indusuial Arts. . .neat dreser. . .quiet type. . .can usually be seen going through the halls wearing a Shop apron . . .Sponsor of the Stage Crew. MR. CURVOUS P. STAUFFER "Quiet! " MR. RICHARD I. POSTETTER "Al1 right!" Soccer coach. . .nickname "Possy". . .worked for Met- ropolitan Edison Company. . . teaches physical education and health. . .drives a Dodge. . . married. . .pet peeve is people who can't follow directions. . .favorite food is ham . . .hobbies are camping and breeding tropical fish. . .served ir1 the Armed Forces. . . most ardent chess fiend. . .resides in Reading. Favorite food is Lobster Tail. . .played Rec A basketball for Fleetwood. . . directs the Junior-Senior Band and Senior Chorus. . .drives a blue Ford. . . married. . .has a daughter, Sandra Lee. . .bom and raised in Topton. . .plays bass horn in a Polka Band. . .ardent Robin Hood fan. . .hobby is sports. . .pet peeve is people who don't practice. . .played the bass hom in the Topton Parade. . .resides at Main Street, Kutztown. eighteen MR. DOUGLAS A. STAUI-'l-'ER 'You see!" Served in the Armed Forces for two years. . .directs the Junior Class Play. . . teaches Senior High English. . . married a South Carolina girl. . .RED AND WHITE and Sophomae Class advisor. . .resides in Fleetwood. . .drives a Chevy. . . majored in speech ccrrection. . .neat dresser. . .dignified appearance. . .loves to argue. . .well liked by the Seniors. MR. WILLIAM D. WENTZEL "Get awakel Bom and raised in Stony Creek Mills. . . teaches Senior High sciences. . . noted for his pet expressions. . . married . . .has three girls. . .drives a gold and white Plymouth. . . Sophomore Class advisor. . .Sponsor of Science Club. . . grandfather. . .speaks Pa. Dutch fluently. . .can throw rub- ber stoppers acc urately. MRS. JANE M. YODER "Question number onel " Senior Class advisor. . .cheerleading coach. . .guidance counselor. . .bom in Reading. . .resides in Hamburg. . . favorite food is ice cream. . . drives a pink and black Dodge . . .Det peeve is accusation without justification. . .teaches health and physical education. . .has a wonderful sense of humor. . .has intramural spctts. . .good wctker. . .married. nineteen .g,. L N1 F 1 iv ga, i, '. S , ' Z, :M Q 4 WS'- fw ,Q A ' 4 A u .J w E gf 'gg 5 3 Mg 'ig Fiji .M f .fi in I 1 . if Spur' 'wr' if 'RQ 4 6 , O 'o iz. K: Y ,X We are very grateful to you the yearbook staff for wrthour your help consrderauon mme and pauence thrs yearbook could not have been a success Many times have we been drscouraed but you proved rr was for no reason The work shown ln thrs book has proven that we were wrong Sfluiarg ff, 1 Jr! X A Paifilii, 5ggg Mme' 'iishvaaa . ,x,..w f S if 2' as if l ll- -L. 1 15: :rr--.,,:-'1'ilQ: W f :ig QR? ,ff v L!.."l' '!'H . fm' X Q , 1 'Q "iam H, if? - - :."'s...,-: I- N if - , N01 . RUTHANN SCHAEFFER BAER May 19, 1940 "Ruthie" The flighty member of the Senior Class . . . fre- quently seen at the hotel . . . remember the tennis court and the red can-can??? dislikes people who horn in on jokes . . . "blob" is her favorite expres- sion . . . likes to listen to the song " Ruby." Intramurals 1,2,3,4g Chorus 2,3,4g Y-Teens 1,2,3, 4g Class Play 3,4- Debating Team 4- Yearbook Staff 4- Press Club 4 sz -sv - sw-xl' REMEMBER OUR FRESHMAN YEAR9 ROBERT RONALD BAILEY June 10 1940 Beetle Staunch member of the Stage Crew spent his recent vacation working rn Canada passes his time goofing off 1n the secretarial room com1 cal and m1sch1evous favorite ex premon Use your head it s the little things that count Automobile Club 1 Stage Crew 2, 3 4 Property Commrttee Class Plays -5 I twenty five MIRIAM BORRELI. November 18 1939 Mim Born in Fleetwood but usually seen with Blandon kids tall statuesque brunette devotee of dancing abhors classical music make up a.rt1st for class play pals with Drane spaghetti and meat balls are her favorrte food Intramurals 1 2 Gym Club 1 Photog raphy Club 2 3,4 Chorus 2 3 4 1 1 'K , . . H ll ' YI 9 1 1 . . . , I . u 1 , , , . . . . O O I ' I I 0 ' ' ' - Q o s ' . . . - l U I ' ' - ll ' I ' - . 1 . . . 4 n . ' n ' 1 . . - - - . . : - 3'4' 1 1 1 1 1 T 5. . ,QB , 12 " ' ' K ' , 511111 A Y f f f' ' U' in' KENNETH ROGER BUCKS October 25 1940 Kenny Mad mathematician??? avid picnic-goer admires the Air Force quiet senior can usually be seen with two girls working physics experi- ments enthusiastic German student mem ber of the bowling club loves to eat Chili Con Carne basketball fan Intramurals 3,4 Class Play 3 Bowling Club 3 4 MEETING NEW FRIENDS CLASS DIANE JEAN CONRAD Iuly 1, 1940 Diane One of the smaller seniors future ambition IS to work for the American Casualty Company prrzed possession ls her engagement ring found most of the t1me at home or traveling with Ronnie outstanding commercial student her favmite game is Beat the Clock to School Band 1 2 Student Council 2 Chorus 2 3,4 Junior Chorus 1 Photography Club 2 3 4 RUTH HELEN DAVIS March 20 1940 Ruthie Active member of the 4 H Club favorite expression Geesum always smiling and cheerful member the two years your steers got first prize at the f3l.!'7'77 this versatile miss does her studying in the cow stable pet peeve people who can t con trol their temper in classes Gym 1 2,3 Chorus 1,2 3 Class Play 3 4 Y Teens4 Yearbook4 GIAA 2 Intramural 1, 2, 3 4 twenty six BARBARA ANN DELC AMP OCIOb6l' 3, 1940 Delly Usually seen laughing at or arguing with Mr Kundis collecting records is her hobby dislikes conceited people and cafeteria food adores Pat Boone favorite expression "Who took my purse? Yearbook 4- Chorus 2 3,4- Press Club 3 4- Gym Club 1 2 Class Play 4- Intramurals 1 2 3 4 HATS AND OUR CLASS TRIP BARBARA BELLE EASTLAND DALE IRWIN FEGELY January 23 1941 Bobby May 5, 1940 Dale D1S11kCS IOCR H r011 1YTics Talkative character enJoys pleroghl and grape leaves are her favor roller skating and hunting tens H6 foods C311 be f0ll.Ild Wlth Champ Qgfny Jgkgg member of the Stage or in the library remember the time you almost hit a kid in the driver training car'P'7'P has an extra large rec Class Play 4 Yearbook Editor 4 Press Club 1 2 4 Intramural 1 2 3 4 Li brary Club 2 3,4 GAA 1 Debatmg 2 crew bashful'P"'P plans to be an accountant Senior purse stealer attends church regularly Automotive 1 Senior H1 Y 2,3 4 Stage Crew 3,4 Intramural 1 2 3,4 fWE-Ilty SCVCH 'S . . .. . .. X y o 5 n 9 o 9 1 1' 9 Ord C011CCIi0I1- jovial . . . argues with MI. Burggraf. 1 9 P 9 0 I 3 ' I p g Q . : : ' . 3,4, ERNEST ADAM FINK August 13, 1940 Tmker Noted for hrs red harr drummer rn the band mathemat1cally mcllned usually late for school quret S6l'l1Ol'9'79 always flghts wxth the grrls remember the car you passed comrng home from County Chorus Senror H1 Y 2 3,4 Intramurals 2,3 4 Band 2 ,4 Senror Chorus 2,3, 4 OUR SOPHOMORE YEAR A NEW LARUE MAE GREENAWALT February 8 1940 LaRue German enrhusrast does beauu ful leather work yearbook photog rapher plays the prano spent her elementary years rn country school owns a classlcal record collectron don t forget that test rn mnth grade general scxence LaRue Iumor Chorus 1 Photography Club 2 3 4 Inuamurals 1,2 3 Senror Chorus 2 3 Class Play 3, 4 Yearbook 4 Press Club NORMAN HENRY GUNDRUM September 4, 1940 Gunrue Works at the Greasy plays the trumpet l.l'l the orchestra for the Grange class clown doesn't get angy easrly pet peeve srlence lxkes to play tucks Gunnre, re member the trme you set Mr Danrel s Hrllman on the srdewalk. Automotrve Club 1 Student Cormcrl 1 2,3,4 H1 Y2 3,4 Band2 3 4 Intra murals 2,3 4 Semor Chorus 2,3 4 A twenty exght KATHRYN LEIGH HECKMAN March 22 1941 Kathy Usually seen at home study1ng'7"" VICC Presldent of Y Teens has a specral mterest 1n the Va.rs1ty Bottom drop don t forget that fatal gym class color guard m the band Y Teens 1 2 3 4 Intramurals 1 2 3 4 Semor Chorus 2 3 4 Student Councrl 2 3 4 Class Play 3 4 Year book 4 Band 4 Halloween Soc1al Play 4 BUILDING NEW TEACHERS AND RUSSELL LAWRENCE HEITER December 31 1940 Helter Ardent huntmg fan occuples a seat on the school bus dog lover drlves a 50 Chevy P13115 to be a farmer pet peeve sCh001 purse snatcher eats uptown hard worker'P'P'P always on t1me for school can t wart untrl report cards are 1ssued??? Automotrve Club 1 2 Intramurals 1 2 twenty-nine JOYCE ANNE HINKLE Sept 3 1940 Hmky Dmk Dances well queer glggle partner 1n crlme w1th Delly you clown IS her pet express1on cheerful and frlendly co edxtor of the yearbook her hobby rs playlng the organ Chess and Checker Club 1 Yearbook 4 Class Play 3 4 Press Club 3 4 Senror Chorus 2 3 4 Intramurals 1 2 3 4 Homeroom Secretary 2 3 4 C LINCOLN AARON HOFFA December 5, 1939 Hoffa Occupres a seat rn homeroom 103 Commer ctal student very attent1ve'7'P'P ardent drag race fan sports a crewcut can be found wrth the Moll town gang owns a pau of engmeer boots whrch he constantly wears can t wart for graduatxon Gym Club 1 Chess and Checker Club 2 THE TRIP TO GETTYSBURG THOMAS HOST Aprrl 23 1940 Hosty Funny sense of humor plays the trombone rn the band great phys 1C1Sl9'7'7 swell fellow Tommy how about the trme you almost got your nose caught rn the elevator door when we went to the court house'7'P'P yearns to make hot dogs IH Physrcs lab flsherman played soccer whlch way d1d he go IS Tommy s pet expressron Jumor H1 Y 1 Semor H1 Y 2,3,4 Band 1 2 3 4 Intramural 1 2 3 4 Chorus 2 3 4 ANN SUSAN JUDD Nov 19 1940 Susre Ex worker of the Hotel talka ttve works at the Reading Farr ground market w1th her uncle part1c1pated rn the class play takes Shorthand well took June place as secretary on Student Day lrkes swmg Y Teens 1,2,3 4 Yearbook4 Inna mural 1 2 3 4 Press Club 2 3 4 De batrng 3 4 Class Play 3,4 Semor Chorus 2 3 4 Junror Chorus 1 thtrty DENNIS ROGER KEIM July 6 1939 Kermy Hard worklng member of the stage crew dnves a hot Studebaker member of the Fleet wood Truck Crew partxcrpates m sports recexved a medal for hrs bravery ambmon rs be a truck dnver Va.rs1ty Basketball 3 4 IV Basketball 1 2 Stage Crew 1 2 3,4 Gym Club 1 Semor Chorus 2 3 4 "'f?Egf LAST YEAR AS J UNIGRS LILLIAM MAE KLINE Aprrl 20 1940 L1lly D1sl1kes Jazz and norsy chrldren future housewlfe works at Pome roy s as a salesgrrl usually seen 1n Northhampton coolung and col lectmg stamps are her hobbres Lrbrary Club 1 2 Yearbook4 Irma murals 1 A 3 Semor Chorus 2 3 4 Bowlmg Club 3 Photography Club 4 were thrrty one THEODORE JOHN KOCH July 21 1940 Ted A three letter man regular v1s1tor to Rrchmond Street lxkes to study'P'7'7 known for h1S basketball abrlrty d1S11k6S loud norses enjoys danc1ng'7'7'P hunnng enthusrast drrves a hot DeSoto Soccer 2,3,4 IV Basketball 1 2 Varsrty Basketball 3,4 Baseball 2 3,4 Senror H1 Y 2 3 4 Yearbook 4 I n - n . . D . . . . . . . I I I I . I I ' f ' ' , Il ' ll 4 , ll ll , . . - . . ' . : : - K' . ' . I . ' I I I I I I ' ' ' ' Q , I 1 P ' I' I I I . K . 5 L? , Vi I , FRANK KOSMERL March 28 1940 Koss Devoted hall walker comes late to school Commercxal student dedicated worke.r""'7 dnves a 41 Ford french fnes and pork chops are Frank s favorrte foods EIVIS Presley of the Semor class Intramurals 1,2 3 4 Automotrve Club 1 Study Hall 2 3 4 CLASS RINGS STATE CHAMPS JOHN EDWIN KUTZ IR. NOV 23 1940 KUIZIC Lrves near Crystal Cave pa S mth Dons John remember when you recerved your drxver s 11CSl'lSC799 does beautlful woodwork enJoys plckmg gn gn-ls spends h1s trme at Rudy s drsllkes commercral sub jects took over Mr Kl1I1d1S bus1 ness law class on Student Day Intramurals 1,2,3,4, Bowhng Club 2, Gym Club lg Study Hall 3.4- THEODORE CLYDE MAI-ILE Ian 14 1940 Ted Artlst of the yearbook does beautrful water color pamnng devotee of readmg How about that' IS lus f3V0l'1IC expresslon et peeve Jazz plans to be an artist d1d the o1l paintmgs for the 11 brary classrcal musrc fan d1s11kes rmpudent people 1l'lIC111 gent boy. Yearbook Staff 4g Natronal Honor So cxety 3.4. Intramurals 1, thrrty-two moms ANN MEALS May 11 1940 nom Pmt s1ze Semor fantastrc gxggle patron manager of the yearbook attends Lenhartsvllle skatmg rmk took the dnver lrarmng course very Jumpy regular patron of the p1cn1cs remember the mp to the slaughter house? Yearbook 4 Photography Club 2 3 4 Senior Chorus IN BASKETBALL AND OUR DOROTHY ELSIE MOYER Works as a Key Prmch Operator at Amerrcan Casualty sports an gagement rrng r1des the Blandon bus to school adores her mrddle name'P"9 can we ever forget the tr1p to Gettysburg Dot1'7 Yearbook 4 GIAA 2,3 Press Club 3,4 Gym Club 2 Senior Chorus 2 3 4 Class Play 3 Student Councrl 1 MERRILL GENE MOYER Walks the halls owns cleated shoes steals Bobby s breakfast lost h1S class r1ng 1n the snow works at hrs father s feed m11l contrn ually frghtmg wlth Mr Danrel s charge of cafetena tokens. Stage Crew 2 3 4 Soccer 3 4 Sen1or Chorus 4 Varsrty Basketball 3 thuty -three ,l 2.3: '- -'f' ' 2 K February 25, 1940 "Doti" November 11, 1940 "Squirr1y" ' . . . en- . . . ' . . . 5 u v 3 I ' ,4, X fl' , . 't f g RUSSl1L ION NEIDER April 18, 1940 '-R,,Ss-- Student Council President . . . works at the Acme . . . affable fellow . . . has trouble with his Mercury . . . announces the bulletin at 12:50 , , , has hopes of entering Air Force Academy . . , one of Mr. K8l'ChCf'S b1'8iI1S . . . member of the 58'ers. Student COUDCU 1.2,3,4: Class President 1.2: Senior Class Play 4- Stage Crew 1 2 3 4- Junior Class Play3 CLASS PLAY NOW WE RE PELLEGRINO JOHN ORLANDO August 11, 1939 Pelly Punctualrty IS h1s downfall spends 98010 of h1s trme m the barber shop pet peeve Beef attends school regularly'7'7'7 I was framed IS h1s pet expressron memorable mcrdent sorry that s matenal for a best seller Student Councrl 1 Bowlmg 1 2 3 4 Soccer 1 2 3,4 Intramurals 1 2 3, RICHARD ARLAN PETERS November 4 1938 Pete Plays Rec A basketball boss of the Senror Class H1 Y Vrce Presrdent lrkeable fellow spends most of hrs trme w1th Helen all around athlete always late for school act1v1t'y ed1tor of the year book Gym Club 2 Varsrty Basketball 2 3 IV Basketball 1 Class Play 3 4 Year book 4 Soccer 3 thirty four MARILYN MAE PHILLIPS August 22, 1940 "Maggie" Treasurer of the Senior class . . . captain of the color-guard . . . favorite male singer is Pat Boone . . . co-editor of the Red and White . . . unpre- dictable . . . picturesque red head . . . funny sense of humor. Y-Teens 1, 2,3,4g Yearbook 4g Band 3,43 Senior Chorus 2,3,4g Intramurals 1,2,3,4g GIAA 1,2,3,4g Press Club 45 Class Play 3,4. SENIORS --- AT LAST RONALD CLAYTON RARICK February 23 1940 Ronnie Collects coms one of the few who took two languages taught English on Student Day does his French homework'7"'P detests tests how about the time Woody Hosty and you caught chickens for the French dinner? Gym Club 1 2 3,4 Intramurals 1 2 3,4 Class Play 3,4 Yearbook 4 Halloween Social Play 4 EL EANOR CAROL REED October 31 1940 El y Secretary to Mr Gemma Woody s mother in the Class Play by the way does anyone remember what happened at the Senior Class Play mat1nee'?'P'? Carol s companion can we ever forget the good times we had with the Plymouth? Y Teens 1 2 3 4 Press Club 2 4 Library Club 3 Intramurals 1 2 3 4 Chorus 2 3 4 Yearbook 4 Senior Class Play 4 '1 thirty five 1 v 3 A ' as ,lag rw? V ?'f3w- 5. . ,,v' ,sms ,ij t CAROLYN DAWN RISSMILLER September 4, 1940 Rigsy Known fu her driving around delivers papers in her hot Chevy supplies the class with chew ing gum . talkative person hangs a.round" in Kutztown . does her homework faithfully goes home for lunch eats cold chili con came for breakfast a riot in Mr Kundis' classes Library 1,2,3,4 Intramurals 1 2 3 4 REMEMBER7 CLASS JACKETS MARLIN RUSSELL SANDERS Jury 4, 1940 Goose Catcher for the baseball team yearns for Chrcken Pot Pre trou bled w1th car trouble born with a bang works hard on the Schaeffer farm Homeroom President what s this I heard about you putting Tinker in the shower? Iumor High Y 1 Senior Hr Y 2 3 4 Press Club 4 Intramurals 1,2 3 Baseball 3,4 Senior Chorus 4 Year book 4 thirty six ROBERT SANTANGELO Apr11 24, 1939 Beef' Attends 58 parties has a hot' Oldsmob1le star of the tennis team has a tendency to bang on typewnters one of Mr Kerffer s bowlers seen with the gang' at the Amoco Stauon always in trouble memorable mcrdent the time you went bowling and got caught Bowlmg Club 1 2 3 4 Tennis 2 3,4 Intramurals 1 2 3 4 LESLIE BERNARD SAWYER June 23, 1941 Always found rn the mlddle of everythmg gives the teachers a rough trme drxves a beat up Dodge has a handrcap m typmg a leucally mmded tall, lanky senror blushes eas11y sharp dresser what happened m Washington when you almost fell out of the wm dow'7 Chess and Checkers 1 Int1'amurals 1 2 3 4 Bowlrng Club 2 Gym Club 3 Basketball 2 3 4 Baseball 3,4 -qs-4 SENIOR CLASS PLAY CLASS TRIP JOHN M SHEETZ IR October 22, 1940 Sheetzy Plays mtramurals never lll school sports a curl on lus fore head quret and bashful Trger rooter pals arotmd wrth the Pncetown k1ds after gradua non Sheetzy expects to enter the serv1ce the flrst day of huntmg and frshrng season Sheetzy 15 usually not seen in school Bowlmg Club 1 3 Automobrle Club 2 Intramurals 2 3 4 Bowlmg Club 4 CARLIN IDELL TANEY IR- December 18, 1939 Carl Works m h1s father s general store manages the baseball team plays mtramural sports l1ves tn the country orxgmally from Norustown amb1t1ous worker plans to Jom the All' Force bu11ds models likes to eat always at home rooter of the basketball ICBH1 Senror H1 Y 2,3 4 Intramurals 2 3 4 Bowlmg ' 'K 1 Soccerl Baseball Manager 1 thuty seven BARBARA MAE WAHI. January 21 1941 Babs Head majorette accomplrshed p1an1st ex employee of Kresge s drrves her father s Chrysler one of the few who does her French homework favorrte food lobster tall wrth plenty of butter appeared too soon 1n the Semor Class Play f1VC mmutes for question1ng'7'7'7 Y Teens 2 3 4 Senror Chorus 2 3 4 Gym Club 1 Band 3 4 Yearbook 4 SENIOR PROM COMMENCEMENT ELIN WILLIAMS CARL CHARLES WINK December 11 1939 W111y Only Senror not born Ln the Umted States born rn Huyton LIVBIDOO1 England edxtor of Red and whrte May Queen her weakness 1S buymg clothes works at the Hotel desprses people who brag Elm how do you eat french toast'7'7'P favor1te food Chlle con came and chrcken Press Club A 3 4 Intramurals 1 Senror Chorus 2 3,4 Yearbook 4 Gym Club 1 GIAA 1 July 27 1940 wmky Always frghts w1th Zetts hkes people who tell lum what to do seen often at West Mam Sueet member of Stage Crew ways after Mr Damel s frsh rr Force 15 Carl s future ambmon 11k6S Ice Skaung Stage Crew 2 3 4 Senror H1 Y 3 4 Intramurals 1 2,3,4 thrrty elght ' .. .. 1. ' 9 1 I . n 9 I 2 'D ' u - n , Iv . . . ' ' . . . dis- I , I . I ' l , , , ' ' . . . has blond hair . . . mechanic ' . . - . 0 I 1 . . . 31' . . . ' . ' ' ' . . . A' l 1 I ' t' 1 Q '. . : .2.3: . . 1 I 3 we DENNIS LARRY WOODLING Iune 7 1940 Woody Takes over fust seat U1 trumpet sect1on of band one of the star asketball players always on txme for French c1ass'7'7'7 Mother rn the socral play woo woo klss klss plans to go to college busmess manager of the yearbook has an aversron towards loud no1se Basketball 2 3,4 G0lf2 3 4 Class Play 3,4 Year book 4 AND ALL THE FUN WE VE HAD BARBARA HELEN ZETTLEMOYER November 10 1940 Zetue NICE personalrty quret Semor blushes easxly 222 Food Market 1S Zettres s place of employ ment very good German student loathes Elvis Presley tended country school taught Mrs Moyer s Englxsh classes on Student Day always at home Press Club 2 Chorus 2 3 Lrbrary Club 3 4 Yearbook4 Intramurals 1 2,3 4 Bowlmg Club 1 ROBERT LEE ZETTLEMOYER January 21, 1941 Zetts Class strmulus pantomrmed to You are my Desuny for the talent assembly plays varsrty basketball scream rn the class play May Km buddres w1th Wmkre and Norman don t ever forget the trme you and Wrnkle threw the bubble gum 1nto Mrs Landrs f1Sh bowl Senror H1 Y2 3 4 Chorus2 3 4 Basketball 2 3 4 Yearbook 4 Student Councrl 1 Class Play 3, thrrty nme af .., -Pura . up A-Apple. Band 1,2,3,4g Chorus 2,3,4g Senior Hi-Y 2,3,4g 9 l I, .D I l I I Z I I I 4. I ' .A THE ADVISOR S ADDRESS TO THE PASSING SENIORS Be tt known that thrs publlcatron was produced for the pur pose of presenttng a ptcture of scholasttc and soctal actrvttles of those who are attendtng thts edtfrce of learntng Be tt also known thatthose who have reached the fmal stage of trarnrng Kmghthood or Semors are about to embark on an even greater adventure that of lrfe and all tts trtals and trtbulatlons It ts the hope and desrre of all the teachers that these people wrll succeed rn whatever they may attempt to do tf they have the destre to search for therr place rn ltfe Thts search may be trrrng and even seem unendlng but the wtll to succeed will never stop tf the destre ts strong As one ofthe members of the great roundtable of mstructors I hereby proclarmthat thrs book be used for the purpose of re calltng those memorles whtch each student wtll enjoy relrvtng as he pages through th1s volume of past adventures May your path rn ltfe lead you to the goal which you de srre Gilffd 2461 CLASS WILL Ruthann Baer s grft of gab to Geraldrne Schlegel Robert Barley s thmness to Robert Bllger Mlrtam Borrell s clupmonk to Mary Lou Krtner Kenneth Buck s typmg ab1l1ty to Joan Kramer Dxane Conrad s long walks to school to Ann Dretnch. Ruth Davrs 4 H steer to Joan Seaman Barbara Delcamp's laugh to Mr Douglas Stauffer Barbara Eastland s handwrmng to Marlon Long Dale Fegely wrlls Mr Kundls to whoever wants htm Ernest Flnk s Volkswagon to Richard Hottensteln LaRue Greenawalt s shop ab1l1ty to Mr Kxeffer Norman Gundrum s dnvrng abtlrty to Mary Ann Camrlh Kathryn Heckman s French newspapers to June Phrlllps Russell Helter s trapplng ab1l1ty to Jensen Adam Joyce Hmkle s dancmg ab1l1ty to Wellrngton Strause Lmcoln Hoffa s engrneer boots to Harry Borrell Thomas Host's good goal klcks to Kenneth Bmgaman Ann Judd s Shorthand ab1l1ty to Joanna Miller Dennrs Kerm s permxts to Ronald Delp Llllian Kl1ne's d1amond to Susie Dasher Theodore Koch s basketball ab1l1ty to Paul Burgert Frank Kosmerl's dnvmg ab1l1ty to Danlel Serdel John Kutz busmess law problems to L1ll1an Rrssmrller Theodore Mahle s art ab1l1ty to Larry Althouse Dons Meals fnendlxness to Roy Madenford Dorothy Moyer s mrddle name to Joan Gehert Merrrll Moyer s roammg tn the halls to Ronald Stump Russell Nerder s grrl troubles to Delbert Emertch Pellegrlno Orlandos tardrness to Rlchard Koller Rrchard Peters class troubles to next year s Pres1dent Manlyn Ph1ll1ps bluslung to Donna Dunkelberger Ronald Rartck s physlque to Alston Brooks Eleanor Reed s herght to Barbara Phillips Carolyn R1ssm1ller s chewrng gum to Carolyn Trexler Marlm Sanders car troubles to Dallas Keller Robert Santangelo s bra1ns to Darryl Wentzel John Sheetz' curl to Albert Rauch Leslre Sawyer s car to anyone who ll take It Ca.r11n Taney s flat top to Melvrn Barley Barbara Wahl s marchmg abllrty to next head maJorette Elin Willrams petxteness to Mary Melvrlle Carl Wrnk s speedrng uckets to Joan Kramer Dennts Woodlrng s trumpet to Joby Constetn Barbara Zettlemoyer s daydreamrng to Robert Schnable Robert Zettlemoyer s pantomrmlng to Dale Conrad The 58 partles to the fellows of 59 The gurls of 58 wrll themr studrousness to the guls of 59 The yearbook staff w1l1s thelr ab1l1ty to get rnto trouble to next year s staff forty one g . . o . 9 . . o .. g . . 0 , . .. s . , . . ..- u o u ' .. . c o a 'i n , .. . o a I .. .. .. o g .. u . ' . .. o . ' . .. . a . . . s Q y .. a . .' . a Q ' .. 1 u . . .. . . Q 5 .. 1 o . g. . 0 . . a . g . . . g . . o . ' . . Q . ' ' . n . ..g . 0 .' . o g . 0 . . ' . Q ' I o g . u a . g g . o . g - . . o ' . . . o . . . . o .9 . . c . .q . s ' . o g .. e I ' I s . . . . . . ' a I u - x I lf' gr-1 . is l 1 + i Tod cnnss ,gc RUSS Rilthit g ,W M I Z 'Q Q ---ef fr 4: J Q ' Q' s . my Q , W A fr , as at M ,, Nl ,ff vi' za' W ' Y " WW' wr 11 APT, Q M1 Hnhcrclaifgmcn OFFICERS J ADAMS L ALTHOUSE BAILEY R BUCKS T,-f R DELP DUNKLEBERGER forty four Q If M CAMILLI D CONRAD JU IOR K BINGAMAN H BARRELL N BAUER I CONSTEIN S DASHER EMERICH E EMORE I GEHRET D WENTZEL LONG W STRAUSE 'T' A BROOKS G BRUMBACH L DAVIS F DELILLO xx 4' I L GLAUSER D HELLER Q' - , , Vp .157 A7 AA I 4 xv fi . A , V, W "X Lf" ' :rin X' . . M. . A , , J 6, aff . L I E' ' ,, ,H is TX' 'T' 15525 iigf - A A Hia A gf A , . I .Vw ' , t 1 2 L s D! Q, , In Q A 'V X ,A . 2.1 " I. ,Aw-in . D. D. . . . . 11:5 ' A. 1 Q 'LL - 1, , xg' Wy' 4, .gg 'f Q ' X1 sr, A X ' , 1 ' K, HENRY L, HERBEIN M. HOFFMAN P, BURKERT L. HUYETTE D, KOLLER R. KOLLER UNIORS 1'-1 Q T I KORB I KRAMER .kg 5, Y Us " 5-any ilu 'lm Nut R MADENFORD M MELVILLE MILLER I MILLER R MILLER ,gi vs i 'inf RAUCH RIEFINGER RISSMILLER "W" S K D SCHEIDT G SCHLEGEL R SCHNABLE I SEAMAN 3 1: '53 I C TREXLER C WAGENHURST T WAGNER WAHL WAHL E YO M KRINFR H KRUMANOCKER '00 L ONIEL B PHILLIPS 1 VV I SCHAEFFER N SCHAEFFER a 'V D SEIDEL SEYLER R STUMP B R WESSNER forty flve 1 1" . ,,, I Q , ' 5' I A A i -8 'kk I e I ' ie-an 1 s, I A , ' 1 3 V ,ff 6 I 9 4 - E , 14 M N, V f ,ff 425 , ,, 4 8 4 Q" - IV- ' ' A x 14,1 ,, , . I , AJ' V1 , I My . . I. . . - ' - I 4 .4 ' . , If W- i I I 'IX A ' ,V . 'N , I 1 ' -. I ' , , K H 4 , 9? 7' l ,, A Q -- Q.. A ' , V ,D A. , .V ,S f- , hi, A . 7 I . 5 I E W X . . . t ' ,T I - . . B . D, PHILLIPS J. PHILLIPS A, K. L, , , . z J M Z I' 0 , A , " - ,P f - ' L- - g f I' 1 ' - x -, ' Y Q: we Q, 7" f 'I ' A - .. I ' N' 5? ' 1 ' AIPP 51 35 'A Y . I L L' ' I A 2 4. f is . . 0' . . . . . A. . F' tg. L s-5. ' J xi if A ' X ' g 5 'Q -v . , , ,. V 4 . 2" pl '55, " . D A . I P I ,.x A : I ' .J ' I l - 1 . . . I. V. . . OFFICERS 'S K Adam R Bossler M Drerrrch P Gordon forty srx SOPHOMORES E Shuman K Schlegel P Marks E Schaeffer Ahrens E1 Brown B Dremch K Heck R Barley D Becker 'V' fix: A B Burkerr M Burndt D 'T' i Drreblebrs Dunkle L Berber Camllll KPN C Folk 1- ' 1- 1 -'31 Adams wr? aff? ,J R Bllger 12 356 93' Adams I Bortz E R Delp A Dretrrch R-r 9 "7 B Frrtzmger N Gehrls Q? A Heffley D Heffner S Heffner E Hrnkle L Ihnkle SOPHO ORES ,rf R D Kerper Klemsmlth 1-7 B McKemly R Manmlller 'bn V Hoch war E? ir C Koller Kopfcr Lorah XI , Moyer Murray F Nester avhq an 17 "' " n L Rhoads C Rothcrmel I Schaeffer S Schaeffer S Scheldt K sg J Hume: R Huyette I ush McCul1ey Radar Shankweller Reese: 5' ' S Shlldt YE J Schmld D Smxth L Smuh M Smlth R Spengler C Stull G Stump va' 127 SY: ii L Taney W Waters L Weaver D Weldner S Weldner forty seven FRESHMEN are 51 oFF1CERs ll -f Q x I Balsbaugh D DeAngelo E Fegely L Fegely Gundrum S Hellman I MDNT KAY! A HONG VO WEA! 6 Q' .. H Weber Snyder T Beard P ro R Brunner G Delong Heller Heller N-I 'EY' I Helter A Zertlemoyer I Althouse D Bubbenmoyer M Burgert D Conrad '49 U Delp L Drreblebr A Dretrrch G Ebllng T Englebrrght P Frshpaw Gehrer F Grerrnger T Gottschalk Gundrum L E ss L V ss E Herrzog L Hoch W Hoffa K Hoffman D Hohl S Hoyer W Kachel K Keller forty erght 'MII f f .1 J . J. , ' . . vo B, oy ,- N ,.- .. A N "via Q lk A 15-ref! QE L 3 . , , B wn , , . , Aw. M1 A .-. 2' . 'ix L. A 14 .' 1, ,X ,X vh h V l 35 -- - L if V f gf" , , A V Aa. A I4 ,, X of A Y - . . ' D. . ' ' . I. 5 sf A I, f le,,",' q 1 , . , Lk , gf 4' f , ... xl X , Q Q .fx . ',---Q on I J. . ' D. D. . . He . . He . A an 1 r G if . E P S: g K A gf! - A fx? L A as -A r A 1+- 4 N A 'fx' W A . x . f S, A A A .L A. a ll . f' IX lil -sa Absent when pxctures were taken D Adams C F1zz D Bedard I olk D Chnst S Snyder J 1 E Madenford D Relmert FRESHME ' 1. Kemmerer E Koch R Llndermuth n-, YYL Mayer T Meals Meltzler D Mertz Reltnauer Sands R Santangelo G Seldel 49 tis-.J B Schnable W Smith R Spangler J Spatz S Stahler SL 'H-J' T Moyer Cao 77 Sheetz T Sweltz er lf I utz Noll xx lv G Shank H 1 'rx 5 Weldner D Weidner S Weller L Wessner L Wessner L Woods I Wnght A Yenser forty nine Q n X h z ' - I . Al I Q, ' 'U ,U ' in , ff,- " , 7 '. 3 BX X xv ,fx ' I X'- lxx I A ' a 1 ' ' if K ' '1- J .gf -My A 'fi' I' ' HA I IW ff!!! A R r If A , , H' "" "" 'ig' ' rf?" V 1' 5' 1 .+f"' fi! if 1? 1' A ' ': W 'IA F" 'S I-f , , --1 fifty-one xkx 75 Q 59 j i I , ll. fs-C' ,Ng I '-sr' ,. , -,.!" 1 . 1 I VARSITY 5 - CHEERLEADERS i i - J V 5- g l i I 4 First row, left to right: D. Camilli, N. Bauer, S, Weidner, Second row: R, Rhodes, V. Wahl, M. Rader, The Fleetwood High Cheerleaders, coached by Mrs, Jane Yoder, did a splendid job cheering the teams through their '57-'58 season, They will be dressed in red skirts, white blouses with black vests, These lasses are to be highly commended for their efforts in trying to keep the crowd cheering the teams on to victory, The girls who made up the squad were Nancy Bauer, Vivian Wahl, Delores Camilli, Sylvia Weidner, Regina Rhodes and Mary Rader. rr 5 Q x, 7Hf A Nancy and Vivian Delores and Regina 5Y1V13 afld MHFY fifty-three -19 v SOCCER TEAM 1' 3P"'x'v- P "'i .F K -5134 ' Ax ' ' 1 f. . f . -1. '- 1 ' V- . .q-g'.,4 if ,-, .V . . -. . ,, , - A , , N . gf- S ffr. .Q . . -4 A '95 ,- -.., nf'-7' V . .,s ' - .Am-U A I. , ' -' WW --'eff ..a.asfu-'MJT- ' -. . '1 rub. 'fFm , 11' ,,.-.1 . f ,. First row, left to right: P. Orlando, E. Fink, T. Koch, R. Santangelo, L. Sawyer, D. Keim, R. Rarick, T. Host, D. Woodling, M. Moyer. Second row: F. DeLillo, R. Schnabel, D. Keller, R. Koller, R. Madenford, K. Binga- man, F. Gieringer, T. Gottschalk, K. Adams, A. Rauch, R. Delp, manager. Third row: W. Waters, L. E. Hess, E. Shuman, D. Mayer, MI. Postetter, coach, R. Stump, J. Constein, L. V. Hess, E. Hinkle, R. Peters, score- keeper. The Fleetwood High School Soccer Team under the coaching of Mr. Richard Postetter had a mild season. Due to the strong competition this year, the team ended the season with a fair record. Although it was not up to par, the boys showed their good sportsmanship in every game. ki' W Iles .X -5 Ol 5 il fifty-four MERRILL TED LES 6 SOCCER SCORES Woody OPPONENTS FHS VISITORS Brandywine 1 2 Oley 0 1 Conrad Weiser 1 2 Keimy making Kutztown 1 1 a goal Penn Bernville 1 0 Mt. Penn 0 1 Bethel 2 1 Perry 0 3 Schuylkill Valley O 1 Reading 1 1 Hamburg 2 4 Daniel Boone 0 4 J Pete Eddie making a save INDIVIDUAL SCORES Koller 1 Koch 1 Madenford 4 E. Hess 1 Sawyer 2 Tom, Ron and Les The Team R. Madenford Ted Tom and Ted fifty-five 4 Q N . ,1 ' Q 3 A Qzm l ff " f' if-A M' 'f f " Z. ' Q1 , ,aff 'V y ., 6 'Vi fi gaaf ., .df ,Q Q '-f i: 2253? V ,. 5, , fly ' -li 'iii di' Q, . .-.e!.-- gy, a-'gk ' 9 Q, Q., , n 'fa' A ,V 'Q 5 D 15,4 . ' 5 - 'fl , XML' ' 5 5?-'gsk 2 I , g ily' i ' if , X 4 xr 3, X, K--'jx-I s Q f :S 5 7 4 , li A: X :Ji M 1 M 1 ,W , lb J KA f " K f I ., :Q , ,f ' 8 A iijfag fg it ' , '-at X K 'W' .Lv-' 5 2 1, - 1 ,lr K D' F. ,fp J Kia .it 5 , il g 1 dy Mr Gemma Ted f 3? 'P CS 4 fam C 1 4 hX K' .w 'f V04 Q Svmr' '- Q , hy H-.mg 43N I. Q 'na' Eel? bill! 9 P' ,-J' ls .I lm i E T' 4, 3 . Ti' 7 . IT -0 - Q. 'T',,..-'Lf' Mi' X gm g 1 O Q , , 5' Y 4 gfs . I x -1 ,fl 15 Iv? f! 4 W .W 'I JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL P A i ' 1 J Q Q , 1 SCHOOLS West Readlng Gov M1fflm Wyomlssmg Muhlenberg Kutztown Exeter Brandywme A1umn1 Twm Valley Gottschalk E Hess Shuman Bec ker Constetn West Readlng Gov M1ff'lm Wyomxssrng Muhlenberg Kutztown Exeter Brandywme Faculty Twm Valley SCORES AND POINTS Koch Zettlemoyer Woodlrng Sawyer Kerm Moyer FHS FHS 41 INDIVIDUAL VARSITY SCORES SCORES Madenford Wentzel Mayer Barrell Del1ll1o SCHOOLS Mount Perm Danrel Boone Boyertown Oley Kutztown Exeter Brandywme Mount Penn INDIVIDUAL IUNIOR VARSITY SCORES Stump Waters Emerlc k Koch Gertnger Mount Penn Dan1e1 Boone Boyertown Oley Kutztown Exeter Brandywine Mount Penn FHS Me 1tzl er Stump He 11 man Wessner Weber FHS SCORES srxty one T. 252 R. 77 R. 190 D. 17 D. ' 205 D. 6 L. 134 H, 13 D. ' 17 F. ' ' 9 M. 3 V V ' 55 35 65 79 . ' ' 57 49 ' 57 40 ' ' 56 55 56 52 54 53 45 41 42 55 47 49 68 50 45 48 ' 49 56 ' 67 50 ' 56 58 51 79 ' 58 51 R. Spangler 211 L. V. Hess 33 E. Hinkle 4 T. 110 R. 12 R. ' 4 L. . 99 W. 11 G. 3 E. 84 D. ' 7 S. ' 3 D. 42 E. 6 R. 2 I. ' 32 F. ' 4 H. 1 V V ' 35 22 36 43 . ' ' 51 47 ' 52 32 ' ' 21 43 36 23 27 29 46 28 28 37 50 28 49 42 35 31 ' 43 40 33 35 50 55 38 44 ' 23 Sixty-IMO ' 'ren xocu A nos z 348311 Weigh! 'Ulm e'1' 15 un. 5'8" Guard Senlos Forward ' MERRILL MOYER Height Weight 5'10" 160 lbs. wap: 150 un. Class Senlos ' LES SAWYER. I-leight Weight 165 lbs. Posltlon Class Center Senior Position Class DENNIS WOODLING Gund Senior I-lelght Weight 6'1' ' 150 lbs. Position Class b Forward Senlot DENNIS KEIM Height Weight A 5'8" 135 lbs., Position Class Foswssd Senlos DAIKYL WENTZEL KENNY KNGAHAN 1-high: Weight Height Wclgrt 145 llll. 5'10 160 lh Pditkll Clll Politloll Chl Forward limit! Guard Jllllillf ngilux msuwo Height weigh: uelgm weigh: ' 150 lbs 5'10 160 lbs Porttlou Clan Position Clan Forward Iunlor Guard Sophomore BASEBALL P Nl- 4' F x T -if i First row, left to right: D, Emerick, E, Schuman, M. Sanders, R, Madenford, R, Koller, D, Wentzel, Second row: R, Peters, manager, R, Spengler, L, Althouse, L. Sawyer, T. Koch, R, Rarick, K. Bingaman, Mr. Catello Gemma, coach. Baseball, which is one our spring sports, is also coached by Mr. Catello Gemma. With Coach Gemma at the helm, the boys learn that baseball is not only a game which offers stiff competition, but requires fast and accu- rate thinking and perfect timing. ag? D if : i T sixty-four GOLF First row, left to right: D. Keller, D, Heller. Second row: R. Dietrich, D, Woodling, D. Mayer, Mr. Paul Kercher, advisor, Since we've had a golf team, it has been doing very well, All of our marches, played at the Berkleigh Country Club, are with other Berks County schools. With an ardent golf fan like Mr, Kercher supervising them, they can't lose, TE NNIS First row, left to right: L. Smith, L. O'Neil, K, Schlegel, Second row: R. Santangelo, F, Delillo, Mr, Ralph Kieffer, advisor, A. Rauch, T. Host, We hope that this year our tennis team will have a more successful season than in the previous years, Under the very able coaching of Mr. Ralph Kieffer, we are hoping that the team will go far in the Berks County Tennis League. sixty-five CARYL STULL IOAN KRAMER ROSALIE MANMILLER MRS JANE YODER MARY ANN CAMILLI LORRAINE HUYETTE LINDA WEAVER Amred rn whrte blouses red vests and skrrts our cheerleaders make a smkrng prcture on the fl . gym oor These gurls work very hard to support our I V 's Under the dlrectron of Mrs Jane Yoder the grrls make u P rherr own cheers The members of the cheenng squad are Mary Ann Camllh Caryl Stull Lrnda Weaver Rosahe Manmrller Lorraine Huyette and Joan Kramer sixty srx - - Q " 'A ,. 5' Q .3 - ,. A .mf who-wvivs I 9 . - . 1 - r n 1 r u 9 1 - A TRIBUTE TO THE 1957 STATE CHAMPIONSHIP BASKETBALL TEAM Fleetwood has a team tlus year It takes all others wrthout fear From the frrst w1th Muhlenberg To the last wrth Wrllramsburg They have fought and won and lost But are good sports at any cost Burkett 15 the prvot man Lenhart makes theu skrn tum an Gardner gets the hrgh rebounds Whlle Peters moves so fast around Koch and Hoch are two great shots Frrst three teams for DISUICI Three Proved they weren t as good as we Then came the defendrng state team But our boys showed us they were on the beam One more w1n and now thxs rs the work Come on Txgers beat Wxlhamsburg' Ronald C Rarrck www srxty seven I I . I . . ' l . . I . . O I These "Big Six" are a terrific lot. ' IV ' ' . ll I ' D 1 A .Z ,...v-ai, 3 JB O9 99112195 ? Qwahw Our Senior Class play was entitled "The Able Miss Cain" and was directed by Mr. Herbert Erb. The hilarious story unfolds when the Prescotts learn that Leaper's rich, eccentric Aunt Molly Cain is visiting all her kin in turn, with the object of leaving her fortune to the most needy nephew, In order to capture Aunt Molly's hundred thousand dollars, Elinor Prescott commands that the family must play poverty-stricken. At last Aunt Molly arrives - and the moment she takes over, hilarity rocks the rafters. Elinor Prescott - - Leaper Prescott - Cheryl Prescott - Petey Prescott - - Mary Jo Jennings - - Mamie Magoon - Gussie Smoot - - Jed Lawford - - - Orpha Van Ostade Alvie Van Ostade Mrs. Pilsburg Livermore - - Aunt Molly Cain ----- Issy Finklestein - Mille. Fifi ---- CHARACTERS ------ ANNJUDD - - - -RICHARD PETERS - - LA RUE GREENAWALT ROBERT ZETTLEMOYER - - - BARBARA WAHL - - - -RUTH DAVIS - - MARILYN PHILLIPS - RONALD RARICK - - - -ELEANOR REED - - DENNIS WOODLING - KA THRYN HECKMAN - BARBARA EASTLAND - - RUSSELL NEIDER -' - RUTHANN BAER What a day that was! The last minute checks for your properties, studying your lines and wishing everyone good luck, Finally the time for our matinee came, Everybody was nervous, the tension was high, then the cur- tain opened with Zetts and his hypnotism book on stage. From then until all the chairs fell and the coffee table broke backstage, everything was all right. But we soon recovered and the play progressed, We thought that the matinee was a dismal flop, but we worked all the harder for the "big" night when our parents and friends would see us, That night soon came. We broke tradition by beginning the play a few minutes ahead of time, All the nerves that were on edge were soon calmed by the apparent success of the play at the end of Act I. Act II came and went with Mrs. Livermore and Aunt Molly on the scene. Finally Act III and the climax, Our "apparent success" proved to be definite success. The jubilation showed on our faces as we left the school for the Jolly Roger Restaurant for something to eat. We will long remember that night of nights, when a thought-to-be flop turned into a huge success. seventy THE SENIOR CLASS PL Y 1 X,"-' a-K Jn Ronme and Zetts The Entire Cast Ann and Bobby '?2 ,x Pele Bobby Ruth1e Zetts and Russ Zetts Zetts and Baba Seventy one Ruth Zetts LaRue Woody and Ruth Ruth Ron Babs LaRue Bobby Zeng and Babs Zetrs and Ruth Ann Babs and Maggy , A . L n-5 S U , pf' ' f . I! I . , I. Pm- , so X ,vp . f , 'if 'S 'ir- g, ,, xi i X 2 y ' ' Q ' I 'Q . . V , , x ' 'A ' , ,, 1 1 iris-M W , 2 r I , + A qs? V , 1 1 V Q A , X A , I I fl S ' , H. f 3' fA'Y' Q .S ik M ,, ,b S 1 - 5 2 - I? s, ' .- K ' i 3 I X f L. 3 5 1. Vi 5 5, if ' Vi f, Q . ' 1246 3 5 ,. " 1 H1 ' 7 . 1 A , f ' ' . 1 . A , .K X . , 4 . rr- Ay :J v f 'Q I5 4.4 G4 " i , i ... Y ' x- - , 1, I V , , v . . A V K, I f :K Q 3 A g t , TA jf 1 J A ' , 5 3 " L , "f 4 , ' 3 ' 1 , g '. 9' " A, f ll? Ei . : ' 'V - I I ,J A UNIOR CLASS PLAY Barbara Dowson is the director and Prime "motivator" of a group of young people trying to raise money for a Youth Center to combat 'juvenile defeceincy, " as Myrtle, one of the group, calls it. Poor Myrtle! Her foot is rarely out of her mouth. Also aiding and abetting Barbara are Nancy, the wise- crackerg Rosalie, who was born with a dessert spoon in her mouth: Marye Anne, the local prima donna: Joe Pepperoneg a transplanted tree from Hooklyng Jim and I-lildy, opponents of the dull momentg and Sven and Squid, Barbara 's mcre-or-less steadies. When a sudden rain storm breaks up the first rehearsal of "A Midsummer Night 's Dream, " their choice of a play, the young people take refuge in a long-deserted theater on the estate of Norman Courtenay, the town's eccentric millionaire. 'Long-deserted?" By humans, yes! But not by a ghost which plagues rehearsals, and nearly keeps the show from going on. But the best laid plans of mice and ghosts gang agley, when such determined ladies as Barbara enter the picture. Bucking Mr. Courte- nay's refusal to permit use of his theater is a different matter, though. How Barbara unmasks the villain, who turns out to be not such a villain after all, and the hilarious presentation of the 'Pryamus and Thisby" portion of Shakespeare's beloved comedy, form the climax of this test-performed play. Rosalie Tobin - - Barbara Dowson - - Joe Pepperoni - - Squid Collins - - - Nancy Newcomb - Hildy Dowson - - Sven Svensen - - lim Eldren ----- Marye Anne Reeves Norman Courtenay Edwin Drew ---- Tanya ---- CHARACTERS - - KATHY HECKMAN --------ANNIUDD BOBBY ZETTLEMOYER - DENNIS WOODLING - - - RUTHANN BAER - - MARILYN PHILLIPS - - - -RUSS NEIDER - - RICHARD PETERS ' ' JOYCE HINKLE - - KENNY BUCKS - - - RONNIE RARICK ' - 'BARBARA WAHL SCVCHIVIW0 Joyce and Kenny Ann, Kathy, Woody and LaRue Joyce and Ann dl The Halloween Social is designed forthe purpose of obtaining suf- ficient funds for the Senior Class. The grades from 7 to 11 sponsor different concessions for the enter- tainment ofthe towns people prior to a one-act play and a dance pre sented by the Senior Class. This year the play was "Mama's Getting Married" by Jay Tobias. The play and dance was a big success due to the co-operation by everyone. We, the Senior Class, would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their help and support, .4 u .4 Mimi Pete Ruthie fu! Ruthie, Pete, and Ann Barbara, Doris, and Kathy Dennis seventy-four Y'- and friend Mary Lou and Merrill ZCIIS Silld Ruth Qu... .i X I-xi ln ., Ill 1 5 WY f m 5 A-dau... 2'-'F' yawn-ua ...H 4'- usa 4.2, ' '? aff' ' , fy .52 if "" ,1 3. 7 L -vie c. fb ll v,. 4. ll 1 ll A Fl . ".L,E1Dl'1.1. ,4- Lx f K 1 ,Ji .K ., , . Xl ' , . . 13 Q?-f 1 X l,g Nxt Y l an-v ' ' ' T DE T DAY Every year Student Day is held under the auspices of the Student Council to give the seniors experi- ence in teaching. The seniors more or less "take over" the school. The following seniors assumed the duties of the different departments: Barbara Delcamp, Eleanor Reed, Dennis Kiem, John Kutz and Carlin Taney - Businessg Barbara Eastland and Ruth Davis - Social Studiesg Kathryn Heckman, Les Sawyer and Marlin Sanders - Physical Educationg Dennis Woodling - Musicg Russell Neider and Thomas Host - Sciencesg Barbara Wahl and Ronald Rarick - Englishg Robert Santangelo and Merrill Moyer - Industrial Arts: Miriam Borrell - Artg LaRue Greenawalt and Lillian Kline - Home Economics: Norman Gundrum - Driver Trainingg Barbara Zettlemoyer - Library Science Marilyn Phillips - Guidance: Emest Fink and Ruthann Baer - Languagesg Richard Peters was Supervising Principal: Robert Zettlemoyer was Principal and Ann Judd was Secretary. ' A X 1 5 L ' .u X-sf f - Y. xflmux 3 I K nfiv-.. E 'Ex E 4. 'N' Se -,ss 1 9 4 41? 1 .il Q! if g 5. ., A in 'J . ' - -L ', , M, ,V A y,?yiww,,:f'-Y L3 Q xx' , 4. -Y 'xx JW Q " ' 937' mt ' 1-Nr 'Q' 1. QQ , .. 'gf .sf Q 'I in Q ,' Q' Q4 ' xx .., i . yur A A S ,1 ,- K- . v P s Y i V ' : wigs, - -, . F H. ,, 3 2, , -1 0 4 U V , . i I II: I BOOSTER D Y A special day is set aside every year to encourage school spirit. This day is called Booster Day. It is customary to wear red and white on this day. Booster Day is sponsored by Student Councils The cheer- leaders take charge, leading the entire student body in cheers. The J.V. and Varsity teams participate in activities bestowed on them by the Student Council representatives. The new teachers are then infor- mally initiated. Mrs. Landis and Darryl Roy Madenford The Band Merrill wemzei jitterbugging Skipping rope d0ir1s push-ups Les in the The Color Guard W00dy in 21 Delly and Joyce in stockade Cookie eating homeroom contest Keimy doing 3 Kenny in homeroom Russ in homeroom Mum in cheer homeroom seventy-eig,ht- Seated: Robert Zettlemoyer, May King, Elin Williams, May Queen. Standing, left to right: Doris Meals, K Joyce Hinkle, Ruthann Baer, Marilyn Phillips, Kathryn Heckman, Maid of Honor, Barbara Wahl. The King, Queen and Court are chosen from the Senior class by the students from grades seven to twelve. These eight are generally conceded to be the most popular in the class. Their duties are to preside at the Senior Farewell Prom and at any May festivities. This year the queen is an attractive little English miss, Elin Williams. The king, who is the class comedian and, in addition, very handsome, is Robert Zettlemoyer. The court consists of Kathryn Heckman, Maid of Honor, Ruthann Baer, Barbara Wahl, Joyce l-Iinkle, Marilyn Phillips, and Doris Meals. -seventy -nine 'TWX 0966, 1 x li f..-fP'i:" '21 i-.xx 1-Lxgj f X .HRMOQERS Gunn - 70110 ,..f lx 9 4 I li XI 1 BQNEQ' X I gx , F 'f V Q V9 I ,Q I i A:-li K 1 I J I I " l K ' E u Jlflffi 9' ' , W Q ' V211 1 v ff X ' 5 Q Q 5 xl"' , M 4 A p- ' N Vv' R . N C 0 o 751. - 'P I k., u ' in O Qu A' U 7 2 x 1 0 R - 5 Y . ..., MI ENT AUNCIL Seated, left to right: R. Peters, B. Wahl, R. Madenford, M. Camilli, R. Neider, L. Huyett, K. Heckman, N. Gundrurn. Second row: T. Rathman, B. Natress, R. Greenawalt, A. Yenser, K. Kehm, S. Hoyer, D. Camilli, C. Fizz. Third row: W. Kachel, J. Kramer, J. Seaman, E, Schaeffer, J. Hoch, S. Sands, Mr. Daniels, Advi sor. Fourth row: D. Bubbenmoyer, R. Delp, K. Bingaman, D. Wentzel, S. Young, B. McKently. W- OFFICERS - President ---- ------------ R USSELL NEIDER Vice President - - - MARY ANN CAMILLI Secretary - - - - - LORRAINE HUYETTE Treasurer - - - - - ROY MADENFORD The purpose of the Student Council is to foster better student-faculty relationships, to uphold school spirit and good sportsman-appreciation for our way of life and to maintain fellowship among students. fl. eighty two Rnss CT TB l d T First row, left to right: R. Baer, A. Judd, E. Williams, M. Phillips, E. Reed, J. Hinkle. Second row: B. East- land, N. Bauer, D. Moyer, B. Delcamp, G. Brumbach, I, Klinesmith, J. Humer, D. Reeser. Third row: Mr. Stauffer, advisorg K. Schlegel, D. Emerich, L. Althouse, H. Borrell, R. Peters, M. Sanders, Mr. Kundis, ad- visor, Absent when picture was taken: L. Greenawalt, M. Melville, W. Stzrause, C. Stull, M. Rader, S. Dasher. M. Hoffman, J. Schaeffer. Editor - - - - ELIN WILLIAMS C0-Editor - - - - MARILYN PHILLIPS C0-Editor - - - - MARLHSIE HOFFMAN The purpose of this organization is to inform the students of events, past and present, through the Red and White, our school paper. S eighty-three 1 , 1 Q 1 l QQ' First row, left to right: M. Long, K. Heckman, R. Baer, M. Kriner, Mrs, Joann Landis, advisor. Second row: C, Wagenhurst, R. Davis, B. Wahl, E. Reed, M, Phillips, A. Judd, N. Bauer. Third row: R, Kerper, L. Huyette, J. Gehret, V, Wahl, J. Seaman, S, Dasher. Fourth row: N. Schaeffer, L. Davis, C. Rothermel, J, Kleinsmith, J. Kleinsmith. Fifth row: C. Stull, C. Trexler, T, Wagner, J, Phillips, M. Camilli, - GFFICERS 0- President ---- ----- R UTHANN BAER Vice President - - - - KATHRYN HECKMAN Secretary ---- ----- lv 1AR.lON LONG Treasurer - - - - MARY LOU KRINER The Y-Teens members are an ambitious group of girls interested in the welfare of school, home and community They promote friendship, build character and establish a Christian way of life in the afore-mentioned. "To build a fellowship of women and girls devoted to the task of realizing in our common life those ideals of personal and social living ro which we are committed, by our faith as Christians" is their creed. eighty-four SENIOR HI-Y .4 , -..Q by, ,.,.-4-4'-Qf'ul,,,4 l i First row, left to right: R, Peters, Mr, F, Daniels, advisory H. Borrell, M, Sanders, W, Strause, F. Delillo, Second row: R, Madenford, N. Gundrum, R. Zettlemoyer, D. Woodling, E. Fink, T. Koch, T. Host, K, Bing- aman, Third row: R, Keller, W, Waters, L. Althouse, A. Rauch, A, Brooks, L, O'Neil, D, Wentzel, Fourth row: T, Beard, D, Adams, R. Stump, D. Becker, I. Constein, G. Stump. Fifth row: R. Ahrens, R, Dreibelbis, K, Shankweiler, K, Adam, - OFFICERS - President ---- - MARLIN SANDERS Vice President - - - - - RICHARD PETERS Secretary ---- - WELLINGTON STRAUSE Treasurer - - ----- HARRY BARRELL Chaplain - - - - FRANK DELILLO "The purpose of this organization is to create, maintain, and extend high standards of Christian character thoughout the school and community, and I hereby subscribe to the principles of the organization and agree to do my best to further the above," An annual event of the Hi-Y is Christmas caroling by the combined Hi-Y and Y-Teens. They also attend different denominational church services and professional basketball games, eighty-five T I JUNIOR Hr-Y 'T' First row, left to right: T. Gottschalk, R. Santangelo, Mr, P. Kercher, advisorg F Geirrnger I Althouse Second row: J. Ging. I. Weidner, A, Link, S, Lowry, W, Wentzel, G. Wert. Thud row E Hinkle R Meitzler, L. V. Hess, L. E, Hess. J. Lush, G. Ebling. Fourth row: D, Weidner, D Bubbenmoyer A Eckroat R. O'Neil. OFFICERS - President - - - - -RICHARD SANTANGELO Vice President - - - - FREDRICK GIERINGER Secretary - - ----- I AMES ALTHOUSE Treasurer - - - - THOMAS GOTTSCHALK Junior Hi-Y is an organization for the boys of junior high school age. The principles of tht club are formulated by the Y,M,C,A, Membership, affords social, recreational, and character-building advantages Mr Paul Kerchcr directs thc group. ighty-six LIBRARY CLUB 1 First row, left to right: B. Zettlemoyer, B. Eastland, Mrs. Barbara l-lissam, advisor, L. Herbein, N. Gehris. Second row: B. Phillips, A. Dietrich, D. Phillips, D. Scheidt, J. Schaeffer, L. Rissmiller, E. Emore. Third row: J. Gundrum, S. Rhoads, S, Shildt, B. Mayer, I. Balsbough. Fourth row: N. Trexler, M. Dietrich, K. Naugle, M, Burgert, S. Reitnauer. Fifth row: W. Counts, P, Williams, J. Messersmith. - OFFICERS - President - - - - - BARBARA EASTLAND Vice President - - ------ LINDA HERBEIN Secretary ---- - -BARBARA ZETTLEMOYER Treasurer - - ------ NANCY GEHRIS The Library Club, guided by Mrs, Barbara Hissam, makes good use of its club periods by cleaning the library, reading, reviewing new books, mending old books and shelf-reading. Each year the Library Club sponsors a dance for the benefit of CARE. Through CARE, they send books to foreign countries. eighty-seven L 6 s . if 4 - l A 924 First row, left to right: M. Melville, E, Yob, Mr, William Wentzel, advisorg J. Adams, M. Bailey, Second row: T, Sweitzer, H, Moyer, D. Seidel, D, l-leffner, K, Heck. Third row: L. Bieber. J. Burnham, D. Mayer, E, Kerper, This club is under the direction of Mr, Wentzel, In it the members learn more about the facts concerning science by performing experiments, reading material on the subject and by viewing science movies. Science is so much a part of our world today, that without a knowledge of it, we would be unable to cope with the problem of our daily life, I ff' First row, left to right: M. Borrell, D. Meals, L. Greenawalt, L. Kline, D. Conrad. Second row: J. Keller, R, Greenawalt, J, Lutz, W, Smith, C. Fizz, R. Landis, M. Noll. Third row: C. Stull, M. Radar, C, Rothermel M, Smith, K, Moore, E, Schaeffer. Fourth row: P, Rabena, T, Moyer, D. Gehret, D, Christ, S, Young, G, Shenk. Absent: Mr. David Mell, advisor, The students' interests are created and stimulated in photography, They learn the fundamentals of taking and developing pictures. eighty-eight W? I sy .ffl , V ,, xxx I4 ,509 , ' . gym '4 l ' f " 1 M1-' E'-in B' 5 , x i 5 t , 1 VV , F5 .:1 ' 1 4 " L., as J I M 'K Q' ,, K . ff f K fy., , -1,1 wk. E- wb, L' in 1 ,, X I ? K 52 -f ' 52 f if , 5 g E W 1 ix . , 9 ' ci' , 1 ' lf" + ' 4: I ' if , 3 ' , In 1 . x g - ' , xff mf ' , , W ,. .0 L! 'A-L,,,.-'L M' ff 5 M, A-fl-10 1 for I 4 AQ44 'A xi ,gd , " 'LT'-i ' 'A -' . - k 4... ff, N ,k i1u,..,, .' 9' 1 JW? .Q f. f 'W ,, 3, ' 1 v ' rv 'v T9 1- rw 5 N S If X J A Y , 1' ig' ' Q I g 17 1 v 1 si v m xg, f - 5' UTQ " 'Y' .jif V 2 if 5 'fi' V Ek ur "--'f x f 5 fa , .-'Y if V V ' C Y I A , X Q Q f , . E g 'QA jg iff K, f? , YU' ' Mt, JE If ' i 4 Yi f , Y J In f, - A. , " , xv , , , .vfwllill -f """ f f'vf? MW M- mx IL i, my Q U I- xm .E W' sig .V ,.M, ,Q .Qa-fr L - ,ww 'T 9-E A ,, : g fl A 595 3 s '1 w X 'Q Y mi! Wai 113 'N L.:-l4fs.sA.x1r..vlk.i,.Laf .vvwvn , ii-at-rT9z2v's-":,W ii' G.I.A.A. BOARD . at , 3'- 1? First row, left to right: V, Wahl, R. Baer, M. Phillips, I. Schaeffer, Second row: S, Weidner, P, Fishpaw, M, Dietrich, P, Williams, D, I-lohl, Third row: P, Marks, M. Melville, D, Dunkelburger, Mrs, Yoder, advisor. 4 OFFICERS A- President - - - ------ MARILYN PHILLIPS Vice President - - - - RUTHANN BAER Secretary - - - - - JANICE SCI-IAFFER Secretary - - - - - VIVIAN WAI-IL The purpose of the Girls' Intramural Athletic Association is to sponsor cooperation and sportsmanship among the youth of our school, Under the direction of Mrs. Yoder, the girls compile the points received in the intra- mural games which go toward a chenille letter after your Senior year. ELIIN BARBARA and KATHY MAGGY and ELLY ninety-one '41 ICWCU First row, left to right: Mr, Kieffer, advisorg R, Dietrich, P, Orlando, D, Dunkleberger, K. Bucks, J, Sheetz, Second row: M, LaFaver, J, Phillips, R, Bucks, J, Korb, H, Krumanocker, R, Santangelo, L. Glausser, K. Reifinger, Third row: L. Bossler, B, Burkert, M, Burnt, A, Dietrich, R, Bailey, J, Hoch, R, Manmiller, Fourth row: J, Snyder, D,'Adams, D, Emerich, J, Dietrich, L, Sawyer, R. Spengler, S. Hoyer. The bowling club is designed mainly for the purpose of teaching the art of bowling to the beginners, and to entertain those who already know how to bowl, With Mr. Ralph Kieffer at its head, everyone has fun. g N- 'lv ,gdb l First row, left to right: M, Melville, B, Eastland, Mr, Herbert Erb, advisor, R. Baer, A, Judd, Second row: L, Althouse, D. Emerich. There is one negative and one affirmative speaker from the participating schools on the panel. After the panel has concluded their argument, they are then open to questions from the floor, ninety-two 2 T 2 l N TIONAL HONOR fix First row, left to right: Mr. Thomas Klopp, advisor, Theodore Mahle, Barbara Eastland, Ruthann Baer, NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The emblem of the National Honor Society is the Keystone and Flaming Torch. The keystone bears the letters S, L, C, and S, which signify the four principles of its organizationg Scholarship, Leadership, Character and Service. The keystone is placed by the builder to symbolize the high ideals of this society. The flaming torch is the emblem of its purpose, to bear forward the light of truth, to lead that others may follow in the light, to keep burning in our school a high ambition for the enduring values of life. The National Honor Society is under the supervision of Thomas A. Klopp. ninety-three SENIOR CHGRUS 'Qing QR A First row, Wahl, C. left to right: 1. Kramer, S. Dasher, J, Seaman, G. Brumbach, A. Seyler, T. Wagner, V. Wahl, J. Trexler, I. Phillips. Second row: B. Phillips, D. Koller, L. Rissmiller, M. Hoffman, M. Camilli, M. Kriner, E. Emote, N. Bauer, C. Wagenhurst. Third row: L. Huyett, D. Dunkelburger, J. Gehret, K. Reifinger, M- Long. Schaeffer. Althouse, ninety-four L. Davis, N. Schaeffer, M. Melville, D. Schiedt, E. Yob, L. Herbein, J. Miller,'D. Phillips, I. Fourth row: L. O'Neil, A. Rauch, K. Bingaman, H. Borrel, D. Seidel, R. Stump, J. Constein, L. K. Henry, D. Conrad, R. Koller, W. Strause. The students in Senior Chorus, under the direction of Mr. Curvous Stauffer, learn to pro perly harmmize their voices when accompanied by others. Included in the functions of the SENIOR CHs0RUS ' -., ,,,i First row, left to right: P. Gordon, M. Borrell, D. Moyer, K. Heckman, A. Judd, E. Reed, B. Delcamp, L. Kline, J. Hinkle, L. Hinkle. Second row: B. Wahl, B. Burgert, E. Williams, D. Conrad, J. Humer, S. Weidner, C, Rothermel, D. Reiser, M. Lorah, N. Gehris, L. Weaver, A. Dietrich, J. Hoch, M. Phillips, R. Baer. Third row: K. Schlegel, R. Ahrens, R. Huyette, G. Stump, W. Waters, E. Fink, R. Delp, N. Gundrum, B. McKent1y, L. Smith, D. Adams, Mr. Stauffer, advisor. Fourth row: R. Kopfer, E. Shuman, C. Wink, I.. Sawyer, R. Neider, T. Host, R. Zettlemoyer, D. Woodling, R. Peters, D. Keim, M. Moyer, M. Sanders. Senior Chorus, this year, was to raise money for chorus gowns. They also participated in county chorus, presented concerts, and sang at high school assemblies. ninety-five J CHORUS viii Q, I if 5, -Q - 1 Y First row, left to right: T. Sheetz, T. Sweitzer, B. Schnabel, I. Althouse, W. Kachel, R. Meitzler, H. Weber, D. Smith, D. Weidner, A. Weidner, J. Adams. Second row: S. Hoyer, D. Bedard, J. Heiter, P. Fishpaw, I. Snyder, M. Burgert, A. Dietrich, D. Kemmerer, J. Gundrum, I. Lutz, W. Smith, L. Woods. Third row: I. Gun- d.rum, S. Stahler, J. Spatz, U. Delp, J. Englebright, D. Hohl, A. Zettlemoyer, J. Schaeffer, R. Spangler, P. Brown, E. Hertzog, K. Moore.. C. Fizz. Fourth row: T. Meals, E. Hinkle, G. Ebling, E. Koch, L. E. Hess, S. Heilman, L. V. Hess, T. Gotrschalk, F. Geiringer, K. Hoffman, E. Madenford. Absent from picture: Mrs, Frey. Under the supervision of Mrs. M. Frey, the Junior Chorus learns to harmonize properly in order that they may be prepared for the Senior High Chorus. This chorus participates in concerts and ninety-six JUNIORACHORUS wmv ,, it First row, left to right: L. Arnold, S. Adams, J. Brown, L. Erb, D. Koch, S. Grimm, F. Keiffer, S. Mathias, M. Henderson. Second row:'S. Kuzan, S. Schlegel, A. Rhoads, I. Messersmith, P. Williams, I. Schlegel, D. Long, I. Braucher, W. Counts, N. Trexler, M. Lutz, E. Moyer. Third row: C. Dreibelbis, R. Landis, G. Koch, I. Mertz, M. Eckroat, S. Rhoads, K. Kehm, P. Hohl, K. Naugle, P. Spatz, R. Greenawalt. Fourth row: G. Weidner, G. Wert, L. Spayd, R. Delp, T. Kachel, W. Stoudt, J. Keller, H. Sheetz, T. Rathman, D. Rathman, R. Huyette. Absent from picture: Mrs. M. Frey. high school assemblies. ninety-seven SE ron-Bl D Rv-lwVT'lF' First row, left to right: M. Phillips, S. Dasher, C. Fizz, L. Weaver, B, Wahl, R. Rhoads, S. Weidner, M. Long, K. Heckman. Second row: L. Huyette, A. Rauch, D. Smith, J. Gehret, R. Wessner, N. Bauer, S. Kurtz, V. Wahl. I. Wahl J. Seamen, R. Huyette. Third row: S. Heffner, M. Camilli, L. Erb, L. Woods, C. Trexler, W. Kachel, L. Davis, L. Althouse, J. Adams, I. Schaeffer, I. Brown, B. Fritzinger, N. Schaeffer. Fourth row: S. Stahler, K. Kehm, J. Schlegel, U. Delp, M. Hoffman, R. Koller, N. Giuidrum, R. Stump, S. Heilman, D. Woodling, K. Bingaman, R. Huyette, K. Schlegel, L. Hinkle, T. Sheetz, T. Rathman, D. Rathman. Fifth row: D. Kemmerer, H. Sheetz, J. Kramer, B. McKent1y, R. Schnabel, I. Stump, E. Fink, T. Host, D, Conrad, D. Wentzel, L. Smith, J. Kel- ler, D. Conrad, Mr. C. Stauffer, Director. The purpose of the Fleetwood High School Senior Band is to teach the students the art of working together musically. Some of their activities include marching in parades, presenting concerts, participating in County Band, and playing in the school assemblies. First row, left to right: D. Deysher, R. Boyer, B. Seaman, L. Shade, L. Strauss, S. Lenhart, D. Smith. Second row: C. Wilson, T. Kurzweg, T. Yeich, D. Smith, B. Fies, K. Brown. Third row: Mr. Stauffer, Advisor. D. Woodling. T. Wmsner, R. Wanner, I. Smith, L. Sheetz, D. Smith. In Junior Band the students, under the direction of Mr. C. Stauffer, learn how to work to- gether musically, and in this way they are readied for participation in the Senior Band. ff 3 in 5, ff I-, ,fd 1- . . . , -mfr. X at QU iL Q. - f- r, 1 'T' 5 ri Q L- ,. L A ", X ',i Mgln Ann and Doroth wa f1':,fM A A :U Moczctarirl ,TQCtiI9 E Y- I-. f- -,D Q 'NX J--.,, ,L ,..,, . S crrill ind ,em4iS Zehts and John txsx gs LJXUXYA Pete aus T3 lp., x 7.1: xr 'u -L4-L-'Jx1l.ll X 1.3 AML f 'I f'f'h,.fnl'4 Q- 'VO Queens Q 3 -ss,-saivsdhxlgdk Qczwbtfw HQ ig nad uf Ava-1 , we-ng I wx ,pf S ' Triiwirgvmegis xx on 'C' Q, Efqbww Y, Zvi f QM X,-4, X Algiis ' . i y l 24 ' XS 5 X 2 xx i ' LX 1 . ,N I Q ., , if X .z Q" R A. J' I .qv I. ' K ,ff , X -r wx M fl. ,. 6 . x, N-4'N4"Xi .. A I X 5, 0, V7 . 1 . - b QV, Z 1 QGWJQ 'f964'N J , -fn 'I qi 05, . . , I X X Q "5 'lt 7. t Q 1 :Xxxxx .gl ,.'. .' 4 , XA X i . Q X h "l . W A X3 , , U 4 4 t Leg' pg 6 ' 'x " - f f- ' x ' X xx-sf., .gr 1 s nn L, A rd- Pf"I J V V 4 I 1 , X Q ' A 1 4 L x A, V4 XD, A ma- In .. A - 0 one hundred five RP TRO M188 Lajoyce S Adam Mr Charles Anderson Dr M A AUSt1n MISS Ruthann Baer Dr Thomas Barnett Mrs Bess1e Bartholomew Dr Roy Bast Mr Rodney Beard Mr and Ivlrs Arthur Borrell MISS M1r1am Borrell Mr Earl Bossler Mr Jack Burggraf lvhss Mary Ann Cam1ll1 Nlr Dan1el Chr1st MISS D1ane Conrad Dr H S Cook Dr Thomas Cosgrove Mr and Mrs Carl Cronarth MISS Josephlne Cronarth M183 June Cronarth M1ss Sarah Cronarth Mr Frank E Dan1els Mr and Mrs Luthur T Dav1s Ivhss Ruth Dav1s M1ss Barbara Ann Delcamp and Mrs W1ll1am Delcamp r Rlchard B Delp r Ralph D1etr1ch r James Doherty r Edward Dunkelberger Nhss Barbara Eastland Dr and Mrs Theodore Eastland Mr Theodore Eastland Jr MISS Jane L Englebrlght r and Mrs Herbert L Erb Mr Dale Fegely and Mrs Irw1n Fegely Mrs Lester Fegely r Ernest Flnk 1' and Mrs John F1nk Ivlr Lamar Fltzgerald Dr John Focht Nlr Thomas Gallagher Dr W1ll1am Glasser M1ss Leona Glauser Dr S P Gl1Ck Mr James R Gottschalk M1ss LaRue Greenawalt 1' 1' I' and Nlrs Lester R Greenawalt and Ivlrs Aaron Gundrum Norman Gundrum and Mrs Robert Haag and Nlrs Earl HaWklHS and Mrs Arthur J Heckman M1SS Kathy Heckman Mr Russell L Helter Mr James H1nkle M1ss Joyce Hmkle r r r Dr Llncoln A Hoffa Floyd Hoffman John Hoffman Dale Hollenbach S S Huntsberger Mrs FIQHCISW Hussey M1ss Lorra1ne Huyett Dr C C J1mmerson M1ss Ann Judd 1' 1' 1' and Ivlrs Harry E Judd Sr Denms Ke1m and Mrs Paul C Kercher Ralph Kleffer M1ss L1ll1an Kl1ne Mr and Nlrs Thomas A Klopp Ivlr Ted Koch Mrs Paul Koller I' 1' 1' Carroll Kr1ng Harold Kundls Fred Kunkel P S Kutra Russell Hmkle W1ll1am Kl1ne John Kutz Jr . M. . . . . M. . . M. . ' . . M. . M. . M. M.' , M .... M. .. M- . . M. M. . . M. . . Dr. ' Mr. . ' M. . Dr... M. ' M. ' M. . ' M. " ' r Sydney Sattensteln 1' I' CUR PATRO and Mrs R H Leh D K L6SS1g Robert Levan M L Leyme1ster Andrew L1nk and Mrs Harold Llnk Mr Marlm Sanders M1ss Nancy Sanders r and Ivirs Russell Sanders r and Ivlrs Joseph Santangelo r Robert Santangelo M1ss Anna Machrner lvlr Theodore Mahle Dr T J Manuszak 1' Les Sawyer Aaron Schlechter Rodney Schlottrnan Mr and Mrs Clyde Meals M1ss Dor1s Meals Mr and Mrs H1ram Meals Mr Kenneth Meals Mr Terry Meals M1ss Barbara McKentley Dr W1ll1am Mc Klnney M1ss Joanne Nhller Mr John Mlller M1ss Dorothy E1 Moyer 1' I' Mrs r r r r and lvlrs Elmer H Moyer Ronald Moyer Vlfglnla Moyer and Mrs Harold Ne1der Russell Ne1der Pellegrlno John Orlando Joseph S Pendleton III r Robert Schnabel A J Schwartz r W1ll1am B Snfuth Mrs Fr ed Snyder Mrs Paul Snyder M1ss Suzanne Snyder MISS Helen Spayd John O Stolz r Paul K Stolz r and Mrs Curvous Stauffer Jr r Douglas A Stauffer r Warr en Stuber Harry S Troyen M1ss Barbara Wahl Mr and Mr S Mr and Mr s Mr and Mr s Warren Wahl Leroy K Weldner W1ll1am D Wentzel Dr. . . ' ' Dr. . . ' M . . M . . ' Dr. ' ' M . . Dr. ' ' Dr. . . ' ' Dr. . . ' D . . M . M . Mr. and Mrs. Russell Moyer Mr. Carlin Taney Jr. . ' ' ' Dr. . Rlchard A Peters Dr G E S Pett1S Mr and Mrs Andrew Ph1ll1ps M1ss Mar1lyn Ph1ll1ps Dr Lewls Pollack Mr and Mrs Rlchard D Pr1ce Mr and Mrs Clayton S Reed M1ss Eleanor C Reed M1ss Kathleen Relflnger Nhss Carolyn R1ssrn1ller Mr and Mrs George RObaSk1 M1ss Carol Rotherrnel Dr Stanley Rozanskl Dr Herman Rudolph M1ss Conme Ann Wesner Mr Robert Wesner M1ss E1111 Wllllams Mr Carl W1nk Mr Dennls Woodlmg Mr and Ivlrs Lawrence WOOdl1n0 Mrs Edythe Yoder Mrs Jane M Yoder M1ss Arllne Zettlemoyer M135 Barbara Zettlemoyer Mr and Mrs Calv1n Zettlemoyer M1ss Nancy Zettlernoyer Compllments of a Frlend Mr and Mrs Franc1s W1ll1ams Mazza Luncheons Dlnners Banquet Serv1ce Fleetwood Pennsylvama Conplln e4vE 01' Y 171-.s. 0165 ,llmml Bulldlng Th1S Year 'P Mm Let Us Excavate Your Basement Grade Your Lawn Pave Your Drlve Past urlzed Mllk and Cream WILSON K NOI-JL Chocolate Mllk Phone 6586 Fleetwood TE16V1S10D Appllances A1r COHd1t1OT11f1g Home Furnlture Floor Cover1ng Beddmo Phone -1701 Fleetwood Penna o I ' I I 9 : Q . . Dig Your Ditches 0 WH-4-3 671 1 , Q Q Sales - Service - Installation Appointment Television and Appliances Se1'ViCe for Y East Main Street our Convenience .zffyfifiadw Fleetwood, Pa. Mf"1 ttee P EAST PENN MANUFACTURINL1 COMPANY INC Lyons Station Pennsylvania ' 0 0 o - A Quality Product for Every Purpose - fan n-reN7S h gMh R WH-48409 F tw dRD .wlfzaa 210770 Q M 0 0 o Necc iSewin ac ines 5 Q Sales and Service Sh p ' - - lee oo . .53 O wZf Zae4 iafmmei G- iamzwce? C' JV Gu, yfacc.!0za0-' fvrru Jw. ' ,ziwar 0? .Qfaaf Zffcaaaf Speclahzlng 1n Investments and Tax Work Representatlve of PENNA FUNDS CORP Ph11adelph1a Pa Investment Banker .4fJ'l:w 0 0 ' O J, WALTER BAELR, J. P. Compliments of I..ubr1cat1on Repau' Work We P1Ck Up and Del1ver Phone 8463 Fleetwood Perma Oleuuv 0 ROOFING SIDING CONTRACTOR Roof Pa1nt1nG Spoutlng All K1ndS of Repau' Work Phone 8026 241 El Arch St Fleetwood C'0frflfn807' 19 W Maln St Fleetwood Perma See, 6rAY00rUf gn? aeuimz. Tnluradct merff 177011. 17 W Maln St Fleetwood eaurf Ghga 33 Elast Locust St Fleetwood P Phone 4111 W Ma1n St Fleetwood Penna BARBER SHOP 41 W Mam St Fl etwood Pa 09 G EZNERAL. MERCHANDISE Walnuttown of 1' R 1 ,4f4f ' ZQIIVMCM Colgallfrewk Manufacturer of Seamless Hoslery S1nce 1900 Tleetwood Pa NWa1TfQ.1if f STNH USE 5 ood ArkfT a 16 18 Washln ton St bleetwood Penna Fleetwood Pa Phone 3221 Phone 2261 I VST 47700941 HNK A Member of the Federal DGpOS1t Insurance COTpOTat1OD '72, Hai? 2 DEALER ZOZ.i?etw135ggmgZ1d St Bu11de1 s Supphes Etc O I I l Q . . B '4 , . Q I ... 'U O . - , . 1 - C 2 J 1 , . , . DRUG STORE: CD ! Drugs Gifts 44 W, Main St. Fleetwood Cards Dolly Madison Ice Cream 131 West Ma1n St SW EET SHOP Fleetwood Pa Fleetwood Penna .pxnusa 06 JUSTICE OF THE PE Insurance Used Cars AC E Plymouth Dodge T Phone 2 521 Fleetwood Brown Manufacturers and Dealers 1n Feed Graln Coal Fuel O11 Flour Fleetwood Penna ' 0 . A Fleetwood, Penna. 0 O M. fgwuwl Q'3D3i."tifw 25217 'V 0Rl Swap! 4mm-ml WW Slarraaanw 4:wa D 'aeaflariafim 074Qa22'zfuu-rf, Cggglaafrwa Cb7r9aZf1n0mZ'5, 99' ,J 4.,,Z7fu'!Z -Solvs o Main sr. Fleetwood, Pa. . Q O - HOME '- Main St. Fleetwood, Pa, C I ' 1 o o 0 " MTU, 0 QJZLZL Esmfs 7 LEHIGH -WWW? Qzmv BEST Zwsfffs '-EMA 34' QUMEULEX 6212 I D COMMERCIAL REFRIGERATION MANUFACTURERS Fleetwood, Pa. I Yorgey s Store Vf i- Semor G1r1s Barb Bobby Mag 8: Elly -01, 76Jdm6 I! tl 1 s' A Q' . I . A S ' , 'F '51 ' H' 1 . 1,1 A 0 ., 1 X f f K ,, FQ R514 b b L. 'Ah' O 9 O G' KL uve JZWQQZZ EI BACHMAN FJHS EX TEND "N3k,7'I-IEIH Oaeat Malcolm Srgchers c!7.ea2faE WM www gffafumv CJ !I1!PbQv Emu rr sawn WW fzzfma iv- gf ,.Q, 2 94 lumzolsm 'F 4514-Iv GlE'N A157965 gcygagaa, RESTAURANT 3 F7 UN l"7 A '5 dcwem Y 's"f,Z',L" 6' 5 T005 RIUDIU Q PA 'im ww I O - 148 North Ninth Street Route 222 Reading, Pa. 2 Miles North of Temple l U 1 0 -if 2' '- F 5 ! : m5 .4 ' ' 0 YEARBOOK PHOTOGRAPHY -fum., Crrsrn I. Bock :ICA form 'Paaabidatdfnghw -But W'-4041-df 't' Sdazmv- dr P ff I 699' ZLNCERE O 0 O C O 1. Q "The Completely Photographic ore Cameras - Projectors - Rentals - Darkroom Supplie ' 617 Penn Street Rea , , M 1' O O O O ' 1:01159 'blguse wssrsaw 5115 Aura DIS ELFINK REEZE 45.1300 NICK RESTA UHANT SWS? mwfn 5 nm nf sous 066051005 I "Specializing in Take Home F00d5" Soda Fountain Groceries - Can Rt- 222 KemP5Vi11e Moselem Springs, Pennsylvania I B PONTIAC A Full Line of Foreign Cars in Stock Now! Kutztown Pa 601 Main St. Dodge - Plymouth Virginville, Pa. .Phone 7123 Kutztowng Pa. F JOSEPH C. ILARDONE N V 'I' Hhmyxfymg fo' Francs cuevnozsr eiavv goamgnwrzaaoo-v'8 Gwsvouzrnr g 163 W. Main St. Kutztown, Pa. Arrow Shirts Stetson Hats Florsheim Shoes O C Wholesale and Retail CHARTERED BUS SERVICE Phone CO-Z-3832 Call Kutztown 7333 Vine and Baldy Sts. Kutztown Pa. YRANK Ku 'rz'rowN REE SER saw' nzsrAvRANr """P""'-V' Zvfggazggbnafr, EGDCQD MARKET CAM: udwe Qu-Zola. BUICK CADILLAC Phone 9-9043 Pottsville Pike R. D, 142 110 W, Main St. Reading, Pa. Kutztown, Pa. Q Q Temple, Pa. Q Q by TAYLOR PueusHuNG coA 1 , ,, l 51 I J' 'x r .'. 1, 1 1-'55, xiii'-3' ,, .y Milky? W" .ff '1 3' it . 1 MOV ,.. .syisl ft wi.. ,-'93, v Agp., 1 'Lf' f', 1" 1 . 'A v M, ::d",'yw4. 4- '3 Y J W H. . af " I 4? La uxwvi v ' 69. , , . 'fn lr I, . . .Am xx, su.. fx 1 .Hcp r 1 a . -f? 4 J I 'x 1" 1 I' K Vw I 4' fi? . 141, 'ig A , IX , N 'R J: A ' . M 'F I 1 4. by 5, ' f., .1 '-1 Q , , Favs 1 s A ., K H . f' Q ,1 A, 4 .Y 1 1 r J' . . . X . . is 9' I 4' H . K ' , 4 . V ff, I,-" t , L l , , E li P ., fy' ' . . 9- x . ' I , E ' ' 4 F' ff 'X f I M0 'i- -'- L' ' V 1: 4' A iif"."N , ' .' ' ,Q 4.3" ir 1 Qs Q Y A 2. 1 if 4 1' + 21 41. A, x fi f4"?'ff1 f w,. Ny f is ,gi 'I' x r mn? QA Y 2-M, fini I 1 f 2 W 0 A .1 2 elk '1

Suggestions in the Fleetwood High School - Tiger Tale Yearbook (Fleetwood, PA) collection:

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1958, pg 131

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