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4'-X C xl ' 351 I i I If 3 xv sent thi , M' fi ,""Nwx7 . 7 k Q 4 b Q A , A J., .-.ran psHared tbgethLer, -vgvnvmi expenences Wh1Ch we have ' . M' 1 ,U ,p - . 4 - ld Q . , , , T z , .QQ . M b Q h w , W my A 6, ,, H , f ' N . if - W 1' -. ,. - , - .-my M A, .. Y V 4 , I - 4 , rx. ,, 1 L V ' th- A' irq, Q A As wie' jak?.1-gf place. 'In hfe, ., , , 'gg ,.s'Tb+.Q',r " . V- ,-M 4 ,,,,5,.a- J A , l ah, "9 'fwi " F' if?-'.: ' , J .b,w.er s1ncere1y,hope,rHIBi1 tba bsok W . gm: Q, ,,, 4. ' ' t J X 'Y Q 'P .w'Hi1'3sei9i're 5:5222 lasting remern- 34 ' 'Q A 4 ., ' 1 A Q Q. ' av K A brance for the athievemeds which '31 ' .A ' ' U ' A " A L 1 we have str1yen-Q to gccgmphsh. M W, H: Y vi is , , I K QQ," Q ' 3 . lj, NA ' 4, 1' winks f' Al I -i I - 1"."', fu. Y., , sn ' - 'W' ' . v ' ' ", ' 1. - Q, 9 x"i--H .- - .. ' ., .rl ff- fgv- "wr - . f 1' -.,.. . ,J , -my-f R i 4 l'Q Ai IL, Q 'K 1 A -.Ml-X K Gnu. X ,Mi ' A .-.1 ' 1 .6 W-gy "w . 1 5 . . A as . X + v V I Q sf 9'-01 qw ' A ,T Q f n f hi "' , gl .N ks., ' , A ir, , K fi I g Y,- N5 A xp an f - I - , y -f '.. . ,,f , I I ji . , A I I 1- f tw vm 4 F OREW OR D DEDICATION APPRECIATION AD MINIST RAT ION FAC ULT Y SENIORS UNDERCLASSMEN CLUBS , ,. ,, VA R, 2k,.,, HLETICS -EES A, ii N .,W.-, .,1...w-......g,.,,,- ,,,, K W 'v',,2naxmq9,,if1 .-up - "':f""'a"N ',f'Z'7' --'Cx3"'f T1 V- Q vu ' 1 ye. A -f Aiy ,mf -B '.k M, I 'f HY I wif. ii fm: ' 'UVZ'-Q " " , , ' Nun v 4" ww 'T -'E R - ,. N- m -4- X- ps? -' N. . , ,, A.. ,. N1 4 3. - . N ' , ,Q ""'f .- , . , -j .. , . M ' . - . , O ' ' , , , V -f " "-: QV ' ,4, ? I' 34 - ' . . ', , f , - , , VY . ,. .1 X fd 'N ' .5 'W , Q . , A, Y . ,, 1 , W , . ' Q' .s.- 1 . ' ' ' .f ,, f " ,f .- 1, 1 ' . . A R ' ,., J. 4 Q H'-tfvqv . ,rr L, 3 fx U ? F, 1: A ,ali , Q 5 'M - ' 'I Av w h ,L ." " -:A J' 0 M ' ' L, - -.. s",,,N' " T ' 'Q ' ' ' V ' ' -j"'Lr J S A s , A ' 'A .. A ' " ' A K- 1 . f - t L - , " -FQ . 'bn , 1 ' . , ' . - M ., J i",""" "E" , X A '.':1-4 t ' ':..- ',,z'gv'6, ' -6- A .I 4 ? I - g,,.Jb :Ai ,gxxfqgfciv bd. Tn- 4 f 5 - A . in f-.-5 ',,v, , ' ' - . A., 5 4" 'rv-s, A ,.' -"' -' " . ' ' Q' , N , - M' R'-.."'v :Wh-M :RW .mf . , . , Q". , . may 'jx 5 .iw ls P' ' ' V ' O-v.,,r ar o ' A n jk ov a 1 ' - L. ' ' , . 9' ' , 'A ,,, , . ,. 3 ' - - , -+ +.,. 'ffui-"5'7-1.1-, ' la I M J 5 ' R I y L. is I ' I s '- . X5 Q3 4' 4-"'hf- 1 " 21' 'fig Q L' . ' A .' u l, A 6 A, . J ., , ' . f' f . , A 1 . Q , . t t JI I R Ox i L , s .M ,V . Q" 4 "' AS V 3' J " , 'lay - p s . 1 l', ' y -.f . "1 . 1 . ,VER :V fl J 1 K 3 y J 1 . , A .Y A . K 4,4 1 Nfl .X . . . , 4 .- .-ali , 'Me Odd V viv- K V'w-, K -f W lfvzflffiill and 74a 7Zew ALMA MATER FIRST VERSE SECOND VERSE School ties can ne'er be broken, When our school days are over, Formed at Fleetwood High And our ways shall part Far surpassing wealth unspoken, Still in thee we'1l be united, They'l1 forever be. Still be one in heart. CHORUS Fleetwood High School hail to thee, Thou hast been kind to us, Ever shall we cherish for thee Thoughts of love and trust. C5 111 it ,.,. 1 'TY 3 We the senior class of 1956 wish to dedicate THE TIGER TALE to our high school faculty for the years of service they rendered to us as underclassmen, for their patience and understanding with us as individuals, and for their loyal support in our many school activities and social affairs. We sincerely hope that this book will be a lasting memento of our appreciation to those who have helped us along life's pathway and have given us encouragement when we needed it most. The preparation of every yearbook requires hours of plannmg and hard work Mr Robert Haag has grven generously of hrs nme to ard us wrth thrs plan mug and work It rs w1r.h srncere apprecratron for hrs effort that we d drcate th1s page of the Trger Tale to hrm V M WK WW Q sv 1 y v JEUL rg Aflmiuisttuii U Eowwl af l Seated left to right Mr W L James Supervising Principal Mr Jay Barto Rev J Paul Kehm Mr Wilson Cramer Mr George Schuler Mr Sammuel Sehl Mr Paul Edelman Standing Mr Raymond Deisher Mr Rea Weisner Mr Neven Dries Mr Philip Hoch Mr John Mengel Mr Herbert Erb Mr Charles Mertz Mr Edwin Kutz Mr Myers Balthaser Mr William Ebert Mr Wilson Reiser Absent OFFICERS OF FLEETWOOD JOINT JUNIOR SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL BOARD President MR GEORGE SCHULER Vice President MR JAY BARTO Secretary REV J PAUL KEHM Treasurer MR SAMMUEL SEHL Solicitor MR PAUL EDELMAN You are at one of the greatest milestones in your young lives, that of graduating from High School You have reached this milestone thru honest effort hard work and fair play These are all attributes of the successful man, where success is not measured by abundance of material wealth. May you carry these qualities with you in all of your after school life realizing that for the first time your future is now your responsibility, Mr. George W. Schuler, President Joint School Board S Els. fe X, 3 np.- .., J -L-Al-A --- 'B Q 'Kb- z MISS KE LC HNER Secretary """""""' WM L JAMES To the Class of 1956 Congratulauonsl Whenever Iam asked to wnte thrs message I have feelrng of both joy and sorrow I amjoyful over the fact that you have completed your formal publrc school educauon and are ready to move out mto socrety Many of you for the frrst ume wrll be enurely responsrble for your own success I am a b1t sor rowful because I realxze that the fellowshlp we shared durrnb your hrbh school days w1ll be severed I know when I say these thmgs I am spealuug not only for myself but for many of your faculty We have med to prepare you to enter SOCICIY as worthwhlle and contrrbuung cruzens May the few prrnclples of rlght hvrng whrch we have brought to you have Lherr carry over rn your after school hfe Remember that your school does not forget you when you leave II If we can be of servrce to you at any Supervrsrng Prlncrpal mme, the door to the offrce rs always open 9 L - M ,PPWS OSwa1nL LUerm, Eehiov-3 APT EJ Tov -B SUUESS fY1gNf5Ghlr Co EAI-I-IT 'T' 1-C-llf 93055 Jon T524 Chnl' eS Mo N L, frm- gpm-TS EJ Tin' EJ x'ToV- "BumS INESS m RNR5 Ey. 'PluoTo7rRpkEr- fi 3T"'BfcKr:L12mLnr.!.HnnnlToN dmuce NoLL Dean Kp. gp. .gi -Q 4 f U, 00 A Q9 ' ' E' N ' 53 T 'I H L 5 , g VV VA J I .i, , J1: . 1 xf"P1.:l FF J Na UC F Q -,Q 7? 5444467 94 3 MRS, LORENA CARLSON MRS, RUTH ADAMS MRS. ESTHER RABENA MRS. FRANCIS FEGELY MISS ESTHER SCHLEGEL MRS. MARGUERITE CHAMBERLIN MRS. MAUDE STOUDT 'J MR. RALPH KIEFFER Muhlenburg, A.B., Columbia University, M.A. , Vanderbilt, Middleburg University, University of Pennsylvaniag German, Latin, French, Tennis Coach, Freshman Class Advisor. MR. RICHARD LOCKE Bloomsburg State Teachers' College, B.S., Temple Universityg Shorthand, Typing, Bookkeeping, Secretarial Office Practice: School Treasurer, Junior Class Advisor. MR. RICHARD SCHWARTZ Bloomsburg State Teachers' College, B.S., Penn State Universityg Typing, Shorthand, Commercial Law, Business English: Advisor of Red and White, Student Council, and Senior Class. MISS KATHRYN MILLER Kutztown State Teachers' College, B.S.: English, Readingg Advisor of Red and White, National Honor Society, and Seventh Grade. MR. ROBERT HAAG Kutztown State Teachers' College, B.S. , Muhlenburg College, Bucknell Universityg Englishg Dramatic Club, Advisor of Yearbook and Junior Class. MR. WILLIAM WENTZEL Schuykill Seminary, Franklin and Marshall, B. S., Columbia University, M.A.g General Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Sophomore Class Advisor. MR. ARTHUR HECKMAN MR. PAUL KERCHER Kutztown State Teachers' College, B.S.g Geography, Algebra, Plane Geometry, Solid Geometry, Trigono- metry, JV Basketball Coach, Advisor of Junior Hi-Y and Freshman Class. MR. JOHN STENGELE Moravian College, B. S. , Temple University, Kutz- town State Teachers' Collegeg Mathematics, Algebra, Advisor of Hi-Y and Sophomore Class. ,-,a,t .,.f in-NWVJA I 2 3 4 S ,M C, WT N zz 145 1 .Malls F' lsf East Stroudsburg State Teachers' College, B.S., University of Pennsylvaniag History, Social Studies, Director of Athletic Association, Senior Class Advisor. MR. FRANK DANIELS Kutztown State Teachers' College, B.S., Temple University, Social Studies, Driver Training, Junior High History, General Science, Automotive Club, Class Plays, Eighth Grade Advisor. MRS JEAN HANLEY Kutztown State Teachers College B S Librarian .3 00 o0,, 0 'ii ,, .2-. gf ,ll are v xVf fy, D k You ns-vd H HID 1 need - J MR. DAVID MELL Kutztown State Teachers' College, B.S.g Fine Arts. MR. RICHARD MENGLE Penn State University, B.S.g Industrial Arts. MRS. JANE YODER East Stroudsburg State Teachers' College, B.S, , Kutztown State Teachers' College, Lehigh University, Health, General Science, Physical Education, Freshman Class Advisor. MR. RICHARD POSTETTER East Stroudsburg State Teachers' College, B.S,: Physical Education, Health, General Science, Soccer Coach Freshman Class Advisor MRS. IOANN LANDIS Albright College, B. S. , Kutztown State Teachers' College: Home Economics, Y-Teen Advisor. g t 3 ! l l J MRS . MA RGUERITE FREY Kutztown State Teachers' College, B.S, , University of Pennsylvania, Lebanon Valley, Elementary and Junior High School Music, Junior Chorus. MR. CURVOUS ST AUFFER West Chester State Teachers', B. S.: Senior Chorus, Junior and Senior Band. I5 ,...a ,..- 1...,,Nq 544445 MRS, DOROTHY M. KISSINGER Oral Hygiene Department, School of Den- tistry, University of Pennsylvania, Albright College. MRS. EDYTHE YODER Albright Collegeg Allentown General Hospital, Lebanon Valley, University of Pennsylvania. 4 D . MR. THOMAS KLOPP Bloomsburg State Teachers B, S, , Bucknell University, M. S. Sedum? MR. IRWIN KLINE MR LLOYD F KLINE vJJ U cache 0 ,Z ,, Q gvxv f Qt" 'R V M ,lar gl-fu. 'Sf' SAM CHARLES MOHN GEORGE GUNDRUM Treasurer President NANCY ZETTLEMOYER DAVID DOHNER Secretary Vice President CLASS COLORS Red and Gray CLASS MOTTO Nothing Succeeds Like Success CLASS FLOWER Red Rose Bud at A Q A ,, . ,g,.' Y w f' 1 ,- 1 - 1 fi? A I j LUCILLE MAY ADAMS "Lucy" Ambition - Secretary Lucy is a laughing lass whose favorite subject is shorthand. Comes Sunday morning, you can see her playing the organ at church. Typing Club 1, 2, President 2: Chorus 2, 3, 4: Library Club 3: Press Club 4g Yearbook Staff 4. 3 Q 'l fir f RONALD W . ARNOLD "Ronnie" Ambition - Coach Ronnie puts his athletic ability to use in his spare time. He is often seen with a blue duffelbag that contains his equipment. Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 45 Baseball 1,2, 3,4g IV Basketball 1: Varsity Basketball 2, 3,4, Co- Captain 4g Science Club 1: Bowling Club 2, 3, 4. i "T""Mw 2 5 2 L vii' as r.. , D lfgnf-J., "W 4 1 Jan? Wg? 1 2 gp, 3 5. , . ' 3 i V f""f" i,,.ZV' Q, 104, 4 ,: -wal Gfx C-wwf fN.,.I,tz': -. .. - 5' wtf., faltffffll. -1.w:'f,'f , stag ,V Av, L ".,.,.,, .M 'f C ' 4"-f'NN"'sh-.Hs.l'1w.,w.. 1 l if ki DOROTHY RUTH BECKER "Dottie" Ambition - Secretary She is one of the "222 Gang" who has a pleasant smile for every- one. Dancing is her favorite pastime Typing Club 1: Gym Club 2: Library Club 3: Photography Club 4: Chorus 2, 3, 4. ww-H' ww""" .TAY CLARENCE BECKER .Jay .. Ambition - Mechanic Although small, Jay is one of our mighty baseball players. He can usually be seen driving a green truck. Science Club 1: Gym Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4. J IUDITH KAY BECKER Hludy.. Ambition - Home Economics Teacher Iudy's mind is usually slow to "catch on" to a joke, but in her academic studies she excells. Library Club 1: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4: Chorus 2, 3, 4: Band 2, 3, 4: Press Club 2, 3, 4: Class Vice President 2: National Honor Society 3,4: Yearbook staff 4: Class Play 3: Basketball Manager 2: GIAA 4. CA RL ROBERT BOSSLER "Carl" Ambition - Store Manager Carl is well on the way to his future ambition. He is a very dependable worker at the "222. Gym Club 2, 3, 4: Baseball 1, 4: Science Club 1. hi gp KENNETH GENE BURKERT "Whitey" Ambition - Golfer "Whitey" is the future Ben Ho gan of Fleetwood. He's also the "off-duty" cop who signs his name 1.1, on the red parking tickets he places on parked cars. Gym Club 2, 3, Press Club 4, Golf Team 3, 4g Class Play 3, Basketball Manager 3, 49 Bowling 4. X if E. Robmsy BURKERT "Rock-' Ambition - Undecided "Rock" is a tall, lanky lad whose height is of great value to our basketball team. If you should spy a two-tone blue Ford coming down Washington Street, you can be sure "Rock" is at the wheel, Soccer 1, 2.4: I. V. Basketball 2, Varsity Basketball 3, 4g Science Club lg Bowling 2, 3, 4. X R 4 CHARLES EMERSON DERR "Junie " Ambition - Game Warden "Junie" is a great, outdoor sportsman whose specialties are hunting and fishing. His hobby is hot rods. Skull Club lg Science Club 2, Automotive Club 3, 4, Vice President 4. E DELMAR EUGENE DIEHL "Diehly" Ambition - Mechanic Although small, "Diehly" plays a very important part on our tennis team. He is an enthusiastic fan of all the school sports. Gym Club 1, 2, 35 Bowling Club 4, Tennis Team 3, 4. r DAVID EDMUND DOHNER "Dave" Ambition - West Point Most of Dave's spare time is spent preparing art work for school activities. He is often seen whizz- ing by in a "hot" Packard, Gym Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Press Club 3, 4, J. V. Basketball 2, Tennis Team 3, 4, Class Vice President 3,45 Class Play 3, Student Council 3, 4, Treasurer 4. LYNN LAWERENCE EMERICK "Lynn" Ambition - Undecided Lynn is a quiet fellow who hails from Walnuttown. He never com- plains about anything and is very easy to please. Science Club 1, 2,3, 4, Vice Pres- ident 3, 4. l yr ..: ' 'f A ' ' ' Y f "N-f' 9. g, Raw '. f PHYLLIS MARIE FICK "Ficky" Ambition - Medical Secretary "Ficky" is a very capable Y-Teen officer who can be seen busily en- gaged in her duties as president. Class Secretary 1: Typing Club 15 Chorus 2, 3, 4: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4, President 4: Class Play 3g Student Council 3, 4. JAMES R. GOTTSCHALK uhm.. Ambition - Electrical Engineer Jim is the latest addition to our class, and one who participates in the many school activities. Elec- tronics is the key word to Jim's future. Chorus 4g Bowling Club 4. GEORGE CLAYTON GUNDRUM "George" Ambition - Cadet George has inspired and led us through our senior year as class president. He is an outstanding academic student. Class President 3, 4g Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Science Club 1: National Honor Society 3,45 Student Council 2. RICHARD CARL H.-wm.roN "ruddy" Ambition - Sports Writer He is an enthusiastic fan of the Yankee Baseball Club. He will always argue to the end on any topic. Baseball 2, 3, 4: IV Basketball 1, 2: Class Play 3g Bowling Club 2, 3, 43 Yearbook Staff 4g Varsity Manager 3, 4. DIANNA MAY HENRY "Dianna" Ambition - Housewife Dianna is a short, senior miss who was the first to receive a diamond. Dianna enjoys sewing and cooking. Typing Club 1: Chess and Checkers Club 2: Press Club 3: Chorus 2, 4: Y-Teens 1, 2. IANICE MARIE KAYS "Janice " Ambition - Secretary Janice is one of the ambitious girls who spend her after-school hours working at Levan - Gehrke's. Cabbage and turnips are among the foods she considers least appetizing. Home Economics 1: Secretary 1g Y-Teens 1, 23 Chess and Checkers Club 3: Chorus 3s Library Club 4, President 4. f 9 BARBARA ANN KERSHNER "Kersh" Ambition - Medical Secretary Beware! Here comes a grey Chevy down the street. Oh, it's only Barbara! She is very skillful behind the wheel as well as in her school activities. Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 4 Chorus 2, 3, 4g Typing Club 1, Class President 1, 25 Yearbook Staff 4g Class Play 3. x Jw DONALD H. KLINE lvcapll Ambition - Coach "Cap" is one of the better ath- letes of the class. His spare time is spent improving these talents. Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 45 J. V. Basketball lp Varsity Basket- ball 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain 4, Base- ball 2, 3,4-g Class Play 3: Library Club lg Bowling Club 2, 3, 4. CHARLES L. KOPFER "Charlie" Ambition - Farming Charlie's dependable taxi ser- vice certainly comes in handy to a great many of the seniors. One of Char1ie's favorite hobbies is duck hunting. Science Club 25 Chess and Checkers Club 33 Automotive Club 4. yuan DEAN WILLIAM KRINER f.Dean.. Ambition - Television Station Manager Dean's prides are his green Ford and photography. He spends all of his evening hours working at "Wa11y's. " Hobby Club 1, 2g Science Club 35 Stage Crew 3, 4g Yearbook Staff 4. ,, ,, "si ' I ' 'A of X ,P BETTY T. KUNKLEMAN "Betty" Ambition - Nurse This peppy miss can be found at Mount Pleasant on a Saturday evening participating in the square dances. Betty is right in step in marching as well as in other school activities. Home Economics Club 1g Y-Teens 2, 3, 4g Chorus 2, 3,45 Band 4g Press Club 3, 4. ROGER A, LEASE "Roger" Ambition - Mechanic Roger has a great interest in hot rods. He is a quiet lad who spends most of his time at No1l's Garage. Science Club 2g Automotive Club 3 4. ,, I Msi'T'f7i,if? f ,ati ji f 53:3 s gwugjf ff.. 1. ,J '-,s ' .. 3, ,. 1- , A as va. Z? liek A, , I 1 vw' I ' . nf, I if' BARRY LEE MANWILLER " Barry" Ambition - Public Accountant In his leisure time, Barry oc- cupies himself with reading. He is very industrious as he participates in commercial as well as academic studies. Chorus 3g Chess and Checkers Club 39 Typing 1, 2g Dramatic 4. Q . , J HAYWARD S TEWART MELVILLE Il l! Ambition - Electronics Engineer "Dew" is a terrific Indian dancer and active boy scout. He also does a fine job of leading the Student Council as its president. f Wire: 5 4- WA egg, W Science 1, President 2, 3, 4, Stu- dent Council 3, 4, President 4g Stage Crew 3. . 5 df' RICHARD L. MILLER "Dicky" Ambition - Auto Mechanic "Dicky, " who hails from Virgin- ville, is the class stimulus and is known for his jazzy piano playing. Dicky's hobby is hunting. Class Vice President lg Baseball 1, 2g J.V. Basketball 2g Varsity Basketball 3, 45 Science Club 1g Bowling Club 4g Class Play 3g Red and White Staff 4g Gym Club 2. -,tc ROBERT J, MILLH2 "Red" Ambition - Air Force "Red" is appropriately named and is easily noticed by his red hair. He can often be seen driving his dad's blue Ford. J. V. Basketball 1, 25 Varsity Basket- ball 3, 45 Science Club 25 Bowling 2, 3, 4. I ? CHARLES NATHAN MOHN "Charlie" Ambition - Engineer Charlie is quite experienced at handling money. Al through high school he has been our reliable treasurer. Class Treasurer 1, 2, 3, 45 Tennis 1, 2: J. V. Basketball 1, 25 Varsity Basketball 3, 45 Baseball 3, 45 Soccer 45 Skull Club 15 Chess and Checkers 25 Bowling 35 Senior Hi-Y 45 Year- book Staff 4. LARRY L. MOYER "Larry" Ambition - Salesman Larry dislikes any other home- work except business law. Larry enjoys working on his dad's produce truck. He is a great baseball and basketball fan. Science 1, Secretary and Treasurer 2, Vice President 3, 45 Student Conn cil 4. INN li IANICE MAE NOLL "Noodle" Ambition - Nurse Did you see a flash of yellow go down the hall? It was probably "Noodle" scurrying to class. Yearbook Staff 4, Student Council 3g Home Economics 1: Press Club 2, 3, 4: Chorus 2, 3, 45 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4g Hockey Team 1,2, 3g Basket- ball 1,2: GIAA 1, Vice President 35 Band 1, 2, 3, 4. fi 'Ui PATRICIA ANN OSWALD "Patty " Ambition - Executive Secretary A very active senior lass who is the capable editor of the yearbook staff. Patty can usually be seen bustling in and out of class rooms. Yearbook Editor 4g Student Council 1: Band 1,2, 3, 4: Library Club 13 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4: Hockey Team 1, 2, 3: Basketball 1: GIAA 1: Class Play 3. JANET MARIE PHILLIPS "Janet " Ambition - Undecided Janet is one of our commercial students and has suddenly taken a great interest in shorthand classes. Home Economics Club 1: Chess and Checkers Club 2, 3g Photography Club 4: Chorus 2. JOAN ELIZABETH REED ...lem .. Ambition - Attomey's Secretary "Joni" is the talented art editor of our yearbook. Aside from her art work she is a great lover of dogs. Yearbook Staff 43 Press Club 3, 4: Typing 1: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4: Chorus 2, 3, 4. RONALD LEE RHOADS "Ronnie " Ambition - Pet Shop Proprietor Ronnie has many favorite pastimes which include skating and music. However, the one he enjoys most is working with his pets. Typing 1, 2: Chorus 3g Chess and Checkers Club 3g Dramatic Club 4. ARLENE M. RISSMILLER "Rissy" Ambition - Factory Worker A girl with whom it is very easy to get along. "Rissy" has a great liking for homemaking, but dislikes homework. Home Economics 1: Typing Club 23 Press Club 4: Photography Club 4. 4.9 ,ex CHARLES S. SCHAEFFER "Charlie" Ambition - Coast Guards Charlie's most outstanding characteristic is his curly hair. His spare time is spent tinkering with autos. Gym 1: Automotive 3, 4, President 4g Science Club 2. nfl? 14. , A ,mm ta JULIA MA RIE SCHAEFFER "Jewels" Ambition - Elementary Teacher Julia is sure to make a good teacher because of her patience and under- standing. Her favorite subject is " Deutschl' " Home Economics 1, 23 Gym 3: Chorus 2, 3, 4: Photography Club 4. MA RY LOUISE SCHLEGEL "Schleg" Ambition - Phamiacist If you need pink pills for your ailments in the future, Mary Louise will be able to fill your prescription Home Economics 1g Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4: Chorus 2, 3, 4: Press Club 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2. M. IEANETTE SNYDER 'Nettie " Ambition - Secretary "Nettie" has two things in common her gray streak of hair and the gray streak of the butcher truck as it goes whizzing down the street. Typing Club 1: Chorus 2, 3, 4: Y- Teens 2, 3,41 Press Club 3, 4: GIAA 4. 3 X ,.ina 'a- LEE F. STITZEL "Lee" Ambition - Navy Lee's favorite dish is fried chicken and his spare time is enjoyably spent hunting and working on the farm Automotive Club 3, 45 Red and White Staff 4. .mP"'Ht DARLENE E. WEHR "Darlene Ambition - Wacs One of our busy academic students is Darlene, who is also a great fan of the auctions. She can often be seen driving her car to school early in the morning. Typing Club lg Home Economics 2g Secretary 2: Gym Club 3g Chorus 3, 4: Photography Club 4. LOLITA ANN YAEGER KATHRYN S WEIDENHAMMER Toppy Leda Ambition Stenographer Ambition Secretary Toppy is known especially for her ability to tickle the ivories She serves the school in the music field as she plays the piano for Leda has a great many abilities and applies them to her commercial studies enthusiastically Leda enjoys spending her Wednesday evenings chorus at the Leesport auction Home Economics 13 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, Home Economics 1, 2, President 2g 43 Chorus 2, 3, 4: Press Club 3,4g National Honor Society 3, 4g Press Class Play 3: Basketball 1: Band 4. Club 3, 45 Chorus 4. CINDA CLA UDETTE YODER ..Cmdy,. A rnbition - Novelist Cindy likes to imitate singers and greatly values her record collection. She also has a great interest in dramatics. Y-Teens 3, 4g Chorus 3, 4, Dramatic Club 4. Hu . '15 l l PATRICIA ANN YOUNG "Patsy" Ambition - Medical Secretary Aside from being co-editor of the Yearbook, Patsy is one of the classes' working girls. Most of her spare time is spent working at her grandfather's store. Yearbook Staff 4, Co-Editor 4: Band 1, 2, 3, 4g Chorus 2, 3, 4: Y- Teens 1, 2, 3,45 Typing Club 1: Class Play 3, Hockey 3g Basketball 1, 2: Press Club 3,4. NANCY ANN ZETTLEMOYER "Zettie" Ambition - Beautician Nancy is' kept quite busy in her senior year, as she is serving as the class secretary. Besides her school activities, Nancy is a pert waitress at the "222. " Typing Club 1, 2g Gym 3, Chorus 2, 3, 45 Y-Teens 3, 4, Class Secretar 2, 3, 4: Press Club 4. .agile Ei "ll" Y IK 4 Hr' M rs- NAME Lucrlle Adams Ronald Arnold Dorothy Becker Jay Becker Judrth Becker Carl Bossler Kenneth Burkert E Rodney Burkert Charles Derr Delemar Drehl Davrd Dohner Lynn Emerrch Phyllrs Frck Iarnes Gottschalk George Gundrurn Rrchard Hamrltorr Dranne Henry Jamce Kays Barbara Kershner Donald Klrne Charles Kopfer Dean Krrner Betty Kunklernan Roger Lease Hayward Melvrlle Rrchard Mrller Robert Mrller Charles Mohn Larry Moyer Jamce Noll Patrrcra Oswald Janet Phrlllps Joan Reed Ronald Rhoades Arlene Rrssmrller Charles Schaeffer Julra Schaeffer Lee Strtzel Mary Lourse Schlegel Jeanette Snyder Margaret Weber Darlene Wehr Kathryn Werdenharnmer Lohta Yaeger Crnda Yoder Patrrcra Young Nancy Zettlemoyer FAVORITE FOOD Pumpkln Custard French Frres Lobster Tall Pot Pre Lobster Tall Spaghettr Duck Wrld Rabbrt Macarom Lobster Tall Lobster Tall Hamburgers Turkey Steak Crab Cakes Lobster Tall French Frred Shrrmp Spaghettx Potato Frllmg Shnmp Ice Cream Steak Ice Cream Spaghettr Baked Beans Lobster Tall Steak Potatoes French Frres Steak Sandwrches Spaghettt Spaghettr Frred Potatoes French Frres Apple Pre Chrle Con Came Frred Shrrmp Frred Chrcken Chrcken Pot Pre Frlled Noodles Cherry Pre Turkey Aprrcot Pre Chrle con carne Salads Pot Pre Steak LIKES Musrc Sports Musrc Frshrng Cookrng Hrs work at 222 To play golf Trapprng To hunt Huntrng To work Loafrng Home Economrcs Chess H111 brlly musrc Yankees Danclng Swrmmlng The Army Sports Huntrng Cameras Hoe downrng Cars Campmg Talkrng Fords Sports Law Skatrng Dancmg Work Letters Parakeets Reading Frshrng German class Huntrng Skatrng Drrvrng TYPWS Dnvrng To type To luke Golfrng Studres P? Hatr styhng 603604 I Barry Maflwillel' Lobster Tail Reading NO TED FOR Pl ying organ Athletic Ability Freckles Baseball Outfielder Catching on to Jokes? PP H1s flattop Blond hair His tallness Hot car Red hair Working at the Acme Quretness Y Teen President Being late for school Class President Ar uing Diamond Blushing Typing speed??? Hot Ford Sharp green car Sense of humor I-Irs low voice Talking Indian dancing Wise remarks Blue eyes Class treasurer Shortness Jrtterbuggrng Talkmg Quietness Art work Chauffering Pleasing Disposition Curly hair Long hair Scientific Intelligence Crazy laugh Gray streak Being busy Quietness Playing piano Typing Dramatic abrhty Chewing gum Singing USUALLY SEEN G1 ling Loafing At the 222 Food Market Driving a green truck With the gang At 222 Food Market Uptown Driving to school With the fellows At the Gulf Gas Statxon Chaufferrng kids to school At the Blue Room In Blandon Driving a green Dodge Rushing about Uptown At 222 Food Market At Levan Gerhke Wresthng w1th Puddy Driving around Working at Wally s Mt Pleasant At Nolls Driving in his yellow Chevrolet Doing Student Council work Making noise At the Greasy In a Dodge On Huckster route Collecting money With the gang At Levan Gerhke Hot roddrng At the aucuon Typing At Hamburg At home On the farm Sympathrzing with others At the market Working on Red and White At the auction At the Hotel At the auction Around the house With the klds At 222 Food Market 3 . .gg . g . Writing letters Driving a grey Chevy LUCY ADAMS RONALD ARNOLD DOROTHY BECKER JAY BECKER JUDY BECKER CARL BOSSLER KENNETH BURKERT RODNEY BURKERT CHARLES DERR DELMAR DIEHL DAVID DOHNER LYNN EMERICH PHYLLIS PICK JAMES GOTTSCHALK GEORGE GUNDRUM RICHARD HAMILTON DIANNA HENRY JANICE KAYS BARBARA KERSHNER DONALD KLINE CHARLES KOPFER DEAN KRINER BETTY KUNKLEMAN BARRY MANWILLER HAYWARD MELVILLE RICHARD MILLER ROBERT MILLER CHARLES MOHN LARRY MOYER JANICE NOLL PATTY OSWALD JANET PHILLIPS JOAN REED RONALD RHOADS ARLENE RISSMILLER CHARLES SCHAEFFER JULIA SCHAEFFER LEE STITZEL MARY LOUISE SCHLEGEL M JEANETTE SNYDER MARGARET WEBER KATHRYN WEIDENHAMMER PATSY YOUNG LOLITA YEAGER CINDA YODER NANCY ZETTLEMOYER We!! Long mormng walks to Helen Spayd Slenderness to Wrlham Klrne Freckles to Mary Ann Schlegel Drvrng skrll to another swrmmer Sewrng abrlrty to Faye Hertzog Wrlhngness to work at 222 to Rodney Beard Golfrng abrlrty to George Mayer Tallness to Arlan Conrad Bookkeeprng abrhty to a Junror class whrz Red harr to another blond Art work to Grace Schmrd Quretness to Kenny Snyder Y Teen questrons to next year s presrdent Physrque to Cralg Bossler Troubles to next year s semor class presrdent Yankee rootrng to Donald Gardner Dramond rrng to someone else rn love Body coordrnatron to Sandy Stoudt Love letters to Donna Prrce Flat top to Larry Hoch Huntrng abrlrty to Donald Heffner Photography skrll to Nelson Wrsser Dancrng steps to Artena Yenser Manners to Donald Grammes Indran dancrng to Arthur Murray Wrse remarks to Janrce Helter Blue eyes to Barbara Keller Countrng money to another treasurer Shortness to Arlan Burkert Hot roddrng to Barbara Rentschler Responsrbrhtres to next year s Yearbook Edrtor Energetrc power to some lazy folks Nightly prn ups to Deanna Zerbe Taxr servrce to Roger Anderson Frrendlrness to many people Curly halr to Leshe Sawyer German marks to the future German II students Farm work to some ambmous lad Twrrhng abrlrty to a new majorette Gray streak of harr to Janrce Krntz Troubles to next year s Red and Whrte Edrtor Pranrst abrlrty to Donna Dunkelberger Natural wavy harr to Malcolm Hoyer Her commercral abrlrtres to any commercral student Dramatrc abrhty to Patrrcra Howard Femrnrne charm to Barbara Eastland I ROGER LEASE Mechanical ability to Daniel Christ. N FS 111211 KW, 'Maf- 4'-ig? ga 1 iw 'U-00' ,QV E fmfaxl. 'M IN 'Nik ,Q hx' an if wud F1rst row Janet Althouse Roger Anderson Rodney Beard Craxg Bossler Arlan Burkett Second row Dan1elChr1st Arlan Conrad Larry Emerlch Margaret Fegely Donald Gardner Thrrd row Sandra Gortfned Jerry Gottschalk Donald Grammes Donald Heffner Monroe Heffner Fourth row Iamce Hreter, John Hoch Larry Hoch Mary lane Kexm Janrce Krntz Frfth row W1ll1am Klrne Joanne Krrner, Nancy Krumanocker, Ela1ne Mae Kutz Rrchard LaFaver Slxth row Thomas Lenhart, Thomas Brown, absent. Y'-v 1? "wif ,ff-Q.. lv Yi' v--.V X ,N an '27 ,Q Q 3,3 17717 1491 -..,,,' 'Q QQ, 1r'1 N--7 ff' 4' 'Q ,AV Q' -fi? 'fam-M ,wi 410 'CZ7' """'7 -mm-gg, fry C' 3-:raw 91 -an F1rst row Barbara Lotz Phyllrs Manmrller Wrlliam MBHVIIICI Bar bara McKently Kenneth Meals Second row Rrchard Mertz Ruth Ann Mertz Beverly Moyer Sandra Moyer Nancy Ph1ll1ps Thrrd row Donna Pnce Patr1c1a Pnce Wrlson Reeser, Sandra Re1mert Barbara Rentschler Fourth row Joan Schlegel Mary Ann Schlegel Grace Schmld Loulse Slevers Kenneth Snyder Fxfth row Helen Spayd Sandra Stoudt Ethan Werdner Patu Wrlllams, Nelson Wrsser Srxth row Artena Yenser Deanna Zerbe -rf 4l , Q B V 4 ,. V . A 13 W - Vn I , " V l . 0 L, WV, 3 1 ,,. 44, ,, ' 5 'Q as 1 Q kxyiw X 9 H ' M 2 I W A B B A 29 VV., ,4 I1 A V f, , l 'f ..-1 at V x X W ' , Q , Vw W ff ' QV ,V V ,kg he M Q 1 ' 4 ,B 2 B n 6 A' W., V ','. , V , ,Th T 'N 'M' xi '. "', , , ,Jf an 'M' K . l il' V' V 'w N 0 R ' 1 ., ' ' ? "... 2 . ' I ' af' i aary B B 4, , AVL if ' :E Vzfiifgj' Vf --if 'E V ...V VV, , , V 1,. e.. 4- Q 5, M , ' ,,"V V ,,f 4g4-V .y',, ' V ' " , , wg , 'B f ' . V ., V N. in " 5 V 4 ' f H ma . V V . . V . . V - a ' : . I A , , , ' ' . ' : V V. Vi, N . V . . . V . . V A, fV V' ' . Z p 9 V VTMH, . f Q - f . . : I XV ,V VV V . V . . . . V . 'Q 2 , o YL? 'UN 50-v 1:-y ,Q ,fin v-..., is M '69 'U vv it-V 'G 'QSP 5 Q, fm M no-4' ff.-KK rw Mia Q0 ?! "'N"'f 1221? fxff L. J,-r"1-Q an art C 'rv- Frrst row R. A Baer R Barley M Borrell G Bossler L Chrrstman D Conrad Second row R. Davls B Delcamp B Eastland D Fegely E Fmk R Folk L Greenawalt Thrrd row L Gulmello N Gundrurn K Heckman R Helter F Hertzog R Hlmmelberger Fourth row J Hrnkle L Hoffa M Hottenstem R Hottenstem T Host M Hoyer Frfth row A Judd D Kerm B Keller L Khne T Koch Srxth row F Kosmerl I Kutz Absent M Derr mf ,VVV A' Q! , V My 'M vu- -W if' L. fr. Q... - 'vN. - my Q LCA' Qld? Vw.,,1 I U K 4 2 , 4.69 ,wwf K Q A ., A h , R iwx -Vw an V ..Q.. I ',.,i , ' L ' n k 2 xx X I K W mf? Tlx - .1 R: K i ' 4 ' ,,,A i 4 we 'WJ Q.. .L , RL L i 2 L Oy I I 'V .. A A " 2 5 A f L 'V' .1 L' .- v R ' -- I 2 "Sf T 'A'2 Q A 'ii - "N 4 , 4 ' Eg, - L. H gW.' If ,V 3- if M I L :lv V f 3 7.1--va.. - - s , H Q R , . 5 I if L x A L 1 L K , rw? 1,: Aa-sa A Q I ' A . I 0 , o I , a , 0 , n X - l I , o o : , , 0 , Q QF - Vt! 1 , T , 5 , s , I to 'I T. I o 9 0 9 ' n ' l ' . ig ' , . D , . , . Q I 2 . r - . ' v - ' ' - - - - x - 4 V xx , Q o , 0 Q 'hm u EQ '42 'li 1:17 X W7 'uf . if F1rst row N Luckenb1ll T Mahle D Moyer M Mernll R Nerder Second row M Noll P Orlando, R Peters M Pll1ll1PS E Prersol Thrrd row R Rarrck E Reed C R1ssm1l1er M Sanders R. Santangelo Fourth row L Sawyer J. Schaeffer, B. Schollenberger, C. Taney, B. Wahl. Flfth row' M. Wemer, E. W1l11ams, C. Wrnk, D. Woodlmg, M. Yerger. Srxth row- B. Zettlemoyer, R. Zettlemoyer. Absent G. Moyer, D. Meals, J. Scheetz, M. Stufflet. xv I. Z" 8 Z A 1 , C ,,.. QRMSSS 5 5' A 0, 5' V S M :... AV I, K4 " W W I 'L A VA., ' , , lrgil ,A , Y Y as 4- il l ' is S ' ws A 'Q 'va-...x 54" shi iw W N-gs iq? .-.9 W' mea I Ax "V 'hr "'e"""rHsf '--Q 'ny 'Q-fr' fly i--7 3 11' 'W' 1' ka. at xi ,,.... -x Q:-aff Flrst row left to rrght Jensen Adams Larr Y Barrell Second row Glorra Brumbach Paul Burgert, Mary Ann Camrllr Dale Conrad Edna Conrad Jon Con stern Thud row Lmda Davls, Susanne Dasher, Ronald Delp, Frank De Llllo Ralph Dretrrch Donna Dunk l e berger Fourth row Delbert Ernench, Eleanor Emote Jean Eptmg Jane Folk Joan Folk, Flfth row Joan Gehret Le G1 ona auser Kenneth Henry L1ndaHerbe1n, Joan Hoch Marlene Hoffman S1xth row Pam cra Howard Lorrarne Huyett, Dallas Keller Robert Keller Claude Khne Dolores Koller Seventh row Rrchard Koller Joan Kramer Absent from pzcture Ray B11ger Robert Folk ,4 E , Z,4 H ilh a Q Q-A' . R. as 3 N Ai" ,4 ri Mr., E h AVXW y V , Nh P ' 1 zugu V M. Q in ., M ni if - . :AA . 59 ' s :-' f V E, , 'P K i w fr A H , - 1 1 e X. a a, W.. D ew- ,,,,, V , 1 :,, Iiv K 1 -,-. 2, K, - H ' , ' 1. 'N . I - I s. Q -. he ,, sly L D 3? ,.-r 1 ,4 C ,lq , , n la.ls Q Q 'B ' , ' : , y Althouse, Melvin Bailey, Nancy Bauer, Kenneth Bingaman, Harr 17? f 1 5 Sv!! ,W f n.-. ' ' " u' 5 r Q '31 5' , : L, as PM ,M .L my w ,fi J 'V 2. A , ,f ml hi ' yy QM If hh 1,,A 1. 221 H , if i an 'xl "A' g A fl r , , ,., Y , .,. I . x it x V,,L ' ' xx A I R ff.: .,, ' -. xx ' V 5 , ,, A w iz. I vu-my ' 1 Vlvv H J e 6 zfi .. ill , A ,f M Q .,, X HC W ' 45,4 'af First row, left to right: Henry Krumanocker, Leslie Kurtz, Dennis LaFaver, Mary Ann La Faver, Marion Long, Roy Madenford. Second row: Mary Melville, Joanna Miller, Joanne Miller, Helen Moatz, Larry O'Neil, Bar- bara Phillips. Third row: Deanna Phillips, June Phillips, Albert Rauch, Warren Rauenzahn, Kathleen Reifinger, Robert Reitenauer, Lillian Rissmiller. Fourth row: Joy Schaeffer, Nancy Schaeffer, Darlene Scheidt, Geraldine Schlegel, Rodney Schlottman, Robert Schnabel. Fifth row: Joan Seaman, Daniel Seidel, Anna Mae Seyler, Wellington Strause, Ronald Stump, Carolyn Trexler. Sixth row: Carol Wagenhurst, Trula Wagner, Joyce Wahl, Vivian Wahl, Darrel Wentzel, Mary Ann Wilson. Seventh row: Emma Yob, Barbara Young. Absent from pic- ture: Donald McKay, Eli Weaver. 45 ll Cl Lg ,ef Q ' X Aoiwtiw: f Seated, left to right: Hayward Melville, Donald Gardner, Margaret Weber, David Dohner, Sandra Stoudt, Patricia Williams, Mr. Richard Schwartz, Advisor. First row, standing: Arthandria Yenser, Diane Conrad, Barbara Wahl, Suzanne Dasher, Dorothy Moyer, Phyllis Fick, Linda Weaver, Mary Ann Camilli, Joan Seaman, Margaret Fegeley. Second row: Richard Peters, Kenneth Schlegel, Stewart Heilman, Norman Gundrum, Jon Constein, Russell Neider, Darrel Wentzel, Larry Moyer, Kenneth Meals. ' glances ' 'dffb Seated, left to right: Miss Kathryn Miller, Advisor, Lolita Yeager, Margaret Fegely, Sandra Stoudt, Janice Kintz Standing: Patricia Williams, Thomas Lenhart, Judith Becker, Barbara Rentschler, Mary Ann Schlegel, George Gundrum, Louise Sievers. 48 Emma 704412 Stagg .K rreigf Mila.. Seated, left to right: David Dohner, Patty Oswald, Patsy Young, Sandra Moyer, Helen Spayd, Joan Reed, Hay- ward Melville. First row, standing: Judy Becker, Joanne Kriner, Lucille Adams, Sandra Gottfried, Grace Schimd, Kathryn Weidenhammer, Eleanor Reed, Betty Kunkleman, Lolita Yeager, Edna Conrad, Barbara Mc Kently, Sandra Stoudt, Janice Noll, Mary Louise Schlegel, Nancy Krumanocker. Second row: Elin Williams, Barbara Zettlemoyer, Jeanette Snyder, Janice Hieter, Nancy Zettlemoyer, Lee Stitzel, Donald Gardner, Richard Miller, Mary Ann Schlegel, Artena Yenser, Janice Kintz, Barbara Keller, Patty Price. Left to right: Donna Price, Co-Editor, Margaret . Weber, Editor, Miss Miller, Mr. Schwartz, Advisors. FlKN392?-fr 'saw 1 E ' ' ..-, T i 'Q' es Q- ...LX Third row: C. Trexler, K. Heckman, L. Davis, E. Yob, M. Schlegel, H. Spayd, S. Stoudt, K. Weidenhammer B. Kunkleman, M. Melville, E. Reed, A. Judd, R. Baer, J. Noll, P. Oswald. Second row: V. Wahl, S. Dasher, I. Gehret, N. Krurnanocker, T. Wagner, J. Kriner, B. Young, K. Reifinger, F. Hertzog, M. Schlegel, N. Schaeffer, M. Weber, I. Becker, B. Wahl, H. Moatz, P. Young. First row: L. Huyett, M. Camilli, J. Seaman N. Bauer, C. Wagenhurst, M. Kriner, D. Price, S. Moyer, P. Price, J. Snyder, S. Reimert, G. Schlegel, J. Epting. Seated left to right: J. Phillips, M. Long, J. Reed, P. Manmiller, R. Mertz, B. McKently, I. Hieter, I. Althouse. O MARGARET FEGLEY ------ - - Secretary BARBARA KERSHNER- - - - Vice President MRS. HANLEY ---- - - - - Advisor PHYLLIS FICK ---- - - President MARILYN PHILLIPS - - - - Treasurer MRS. LANDISfSeatedj - - - - Advisor T45 F ' X mm Wa- Tb 5-.J Dig 71' Second row D Fegely T Koch T Host E Wxedner R Mertz K Snyder R Peters R. Anderson C Mohn E Flnk M Sanders Frrst row I Constem R Zettlemoyer N Gundrum, H Borrell I l-loch L Althouse E Prersol T Brown C Taney J Gottschalk Seated left to nght G Bossler R Folk R Keller F DeL1llo D Conrad D Keller 096054 ARLAN CONRAD - - - - - Vice DONALD GARDNER - - - - - - ARLAN BURKERT ' - - - - DONALD GRAMMES - - - - TOMMY LENHART ------- - - - MR. JOHN STENGELE L5eatedj - President President Treasurer Chaplain Secretary - Advisor 1 G . 'S L4. 1 ,Z Seated, left to right: Dennis Heller, LaRue Goodhart, Doris Meals, Mr. David Mell, Advisor, Joan Schlegel, Deanna Henry, Kenneth Schlegel. Standing: Julia Schaeffer, Arline Rissmiller, Miriam Borrell., Lucille Christman, Dorothy Becker, Janet Phillips, Darlene Wehr. if Seated, left to right: Dennis Adam, William Waters, Henry Krumanocker, Warren Rauehzahn, Kenneth Henry Jensen Adams, Kneeling: Ray Bilger, Robert Hoch, Russell Heiter, Leonard Gulinello, Robert Folk, Robert Schnabel, Lee Stitzel. Standing: Lincoln Hoffa, John Sheetz, Larry Hoch, Robert Wentzel, Charles Derr Charles Schaeffer, Roger Lease. Larry Emerick, Rodney Beard, Melvin Bailey, Rodney Schlottman, Mr. Daniels Advisor. -3 ,fill fav ,, 1 ' - ifwgil fe an ,. . "V , W V- Ik ! i 7 gfif fwgi 6, "4 5e efwgwew Left to right: Mr, Postetter, Advisor, John Lush, Jay Becker, Carl Bossier, Kenneth Meals, James Lush, Ronald Rarich, David Dohner, Ralph Dietrich, Wilson Reeser, Absent, George Mayer. ,Wm Left to right: D. Moyer, B, Delcamp, A. Dienich, M. Zettlernoyer, L. Weaver, R. Rhoads, R. Spangler, L. Glosser, A. Dietrich, S, Snyder, J. Folk, I. Folk, W. Smith, L. Woods, J. Balsbough, D. Bedard, Mrs. Yoder Advisorg A. Yenser, J. Hieter, D, Camilli, S. Weidner, C. Angstadt, S. Schaeffer, S. Stahler, L. Spatz, D, Dunkelberger, B, Schollenberger, A. Yob, I. Hoch, R. Davis, E. Kutz, D. Hohl, D. Heffner. 'uf ,,. .6596 5? eq rf' 5' gyba , v , 'ln F ,'3C'! M f , 'ak ff W Q A O 711149 W X ff V 'U' h +.ii:k4513?'54' I' faacafzkfzae ' "" - f"m"f,".1 0 " 3 N3-19 .549 . Q5-'BQ' 1 Q Samba gazed :f MARY ANN SC HLEGEL L CIP ggzztx' Sci' MARGARET WEBER -Us-2:1 PATTY OSWAID Jkt., A PATSY YOUNG MARY LOUISE SCHLEGEL make 'grand CJ qv :alumna 251, First row, seated, left to right: Mr. Stauffer, Directorg David Woodling, Lorraine Shade, Judy Schlegel, Cather- ine Kehm, Linda Erb, Suzanne Stahler, Linda Woods, Terry Kurzweg, Kenneth Brown. Second row: Daniel Riemondi, Jay Smith, Lynn Sheetz, Charles Wilson, Gerald Weidner, Terry Wessner, David Rathman, Herbert Sheetz, Bruce Nattress, William Adams. Third row: Ray Wanner, David Smith, Robert Waters, Richard Huyett, Terry Rathman, John Adams, Dennis Conrad, Edwin Hinkle, Terry Sheetz, Fourth row: Walter Kackel, William Stoudt, Jon Keller, William Waters, Dale Conrad, Gerald Stump, Kenneth Schlegel. IN x .-. 1 , iw ,- L1 .Q 4 ,n .2 1 !', .....J....' ":..,..-an ,L H . y Hu, lf! ' ' Q ' 4- y I 'P if! nf ' ' .f V78-M ' 2-,Sy , gf ff if .Pg ,Aff M-355 , I - v Q-" xg-eff, 'z - Q, at ,, 5' nf 2-W? I H , 7 ' I J e:'fgj,,43f ,fi ' 'kigxfi ,. f W - 3 'QA , L, ,.. My W, ,..,,,...n - ,X . f-:J ,K .Q Q., ' ri ff? f- , ' , , 4 fx: v M if J W' I 2 'Q Q 33.555, Wm we it' 2. Ji? x e W ,? K xg xxx 3 QA X58 'ali Q 2 i ,i 1 3. W if ff. :W A . K Ax I ' ei ' QS? , ,,, is mf W' , HM ,ji f ' b , W D wg as , 3 A If W- . 2, Q If 3,552 A wlldfd ' Av ix vp. 75 -warn .M ., A fz7'Wm?9!X"?wWW1, 2' TQ ffl" 2... . N... J, ...ae-""" ' . , .vJ"' A Left to right: Rodney Burkett, Arlan Burkert, Donald Gardner, Ethan Weidner, Charles Mohn, Ronald Arnold, Robert Miller, Richard Peters, Jackie Hoch, Richard Miller, Donald Kline, Tommy Lenhart, Mr. Stengele, Coach. Absent from picture - - Daniel Christ. For the fourth straight year, Mr. Stengele and his basketball team won the division championship without suffering a loss. The Tigers have now won 42 straight league games. There were six seniors on the team: Ronald Arnold and Donald Kline, who were the co-captains, Rodney Burkett, Robert and Richard Miller and Charles Mohn. Arnold, Line, and Burkett were starters. The Tigers started the season by losing four out of their first five games. Then they won 14 straight games before they entered the county playoffs. But the Tigers didn't have much luck in the playoffs and lost to Mr. Penn in the first game 59-51. Next they played Lykens in the PIAA state playoffs, and again Fleetwood lost - - this time 49-41. We would like to congratulate the 1955-56 basketball team and their coach, Mr. John Stengele, for the way they represented Fleetwood Joint High School on the basketball floor. f,,- The PIAA will Lebanon Berks Lebanon School Both In Class 70 50 Lykens has a 20.3 The with are starts. Record The Tige' ihey ern-. High. 11051, - lineup. pn o g VV 5 .13 mt Car- 'clock. round I edged ' 4 Fosf ii rrent pl io- . cham- . record .ir last 37 fern V e Upper Feb. 21 . .Dauph- which McGovern. Ly. -ting connected for 51 points, also' circuit standard, erasing hfis own of 50 set a year ago. It was Clyde Messner, a 58 however, who outscored., 6-5 McGovern, 25-22, in the game with Green Park. pulled, in 14 rebounds a slirfht ankle injury snff in the first period. John Daniels, another rebound Ed Messner and Joe Mc- will round out Lykens' Fleolwood, with a season-al lr' 15-5. has been idle since F 1 when Coach John Stengo oiluzes dropped U fi Mount Penn the Berks Lfndefeat - A The Tigers sw title in Divisioi heel with an 12 svtraimlil vi 'erngoci 70.84 league st.:irlQ Q51 dere firsff -f 'ii .3 f 2 li-' H umv fi. 1 6I'S CCt Tfilllllllh oo n l e ' pper fleetwnud Tumhles Exeter From Unhe' 2Qlggs, 54-37 X, ef Fleetwood Jag 5 hi J HZ:-Iii Mules, 60-4 Fleetwood High the Muhlenberg High last night at Laur eg ?Burkert sparked the . 25 points. The score hafftimo. Muhlenberg the prelim, 38-37. 1 Muhlenberg G, F P. 5 Oxcnreidk 1 B 7 23 Kim Schsvharh 1' G O 0 Arn' Schoener f. 1 :I 4 Deilooth c . 1 O Gable c . 4 4 12 Len Thompson g 0 2 G Ga 'x Herblne g.. 1 4 Pe: Albright g. O 0 0Mo Non g ..., o o omni ..- .. -A XVei Totals 13 X5 45 'T Referees-Young and s Dirhm g . .R 4 Feeg z .... 5 Henfchler g M 6 Zlleistcr g .. , , A rp? 4i'1n:1:nin ,I .0 0 0 Totais , . -, -. H1 0 2 ilu Mhz 'J :rio o o 1- Dixiric' i ..:7 17 vi -'WS ,Wil 5 .ren-C. B-:healer and J. Oamio. lm 111 le at Lol lcehvood JV! Conrad Weiser G. F. P. G. F. over 1 5 4 14 Moore f .. 4 Q ver 1 0 0 0Adnms 1 ., 1 4 6' If,ng.f15 16 GibS0l'l C ., 9 5 24 4 3 1 113.2 3 7T.Dgckz.. 11 12 ing g 4. 0 Sspemcherg-. 2 I-Q 'hae WU 1' Umm' 5 -. 42 iL.l.ln i ffiil i '11 whil in ..16 15 47 'roma ..2o 14 avi? 'L , ' U-ing K, erees-C. Helm and A. Kissinger. V Rf' lloafml ' if strung? ,J . A ' .iininol Q ! 5 1 v ""'1""""gJgfP x h 7lLEU to Broaulvasl P LI, inn' " N , M2295 lleetwood Lontesl 1 gg ,V Hiffifxee W 'Radio swoon wnnif. 850 Penlm your dial, will broadcast Tw Xl " night'-s Fleetwood-L y k e n fa I L,...ne from the Lebanon High u -'rg 1 W, . - gymnasium starting " 7:45 Ur - o'cIock. Q' ef . Town Inf-cts Scotia" f'2iI'liSl4" The two winner 1 for 'h 411133, I S i'a1fir1xn Q-iv .mp If:-1454, , A A ., .is llfishe -. fleotwood High 'Tigers x . X2 , , L , ielfiluhlonherg High Mu i 1, N"'ff ffln 1V'U"U . f . asa night az Fieoiwood , Y . Q ' V , 5w,,Q,3-.- Wim., Legriflold' ATEN Burke: and ' 'fm if ,fix 15 riffiirzliie sei. 3 0 ers Com ine-ci for 37 Q .. , - W hail. Captain Don Kline 2MUhl0UbPI'H JYS won th fheezef 93 63' 9 N iured and ou! of :actin f39'3" X4 gP5 Amlwf 403 ' .fgers howml to Moun i Vifflwvvd Mom . .FT V: ' l in tha- first ronrif .. Nw il 11 G H1231 7355.35 fi! I xx ' c'h.i:iinmn5?'iip, wif' Uflim.. L fl :rf L iplon to lllfrlff' a nc x 2 .:f"'f"ym'r U .3 xy: 5 po S -I, lo ihe Boris I.0zi::w', f"sn"'x"n X' !fI'1"l 'Q' ' A " fi f' of Title in Division 3, " "' ' 'IW 'X' LU" ,NI A I. jf. fi W 11 ,,A .: Q 15... ., ., fr ' 'IUY1' imnli VI " 1 Burkort KL'ril'Cfl 27 W Pffhilllln TO 4' . 'A M irc the lll'lklPl1'.iiL"fl use iff.. 'QQ F ix! Arlnn Burl Nil X f u Y 1 is inth win. The llzillf- r .1 li. Q, f'!, L 1,4 e nmrksmf yin 'i"" y . 174 :fa ..: . hr-ic! io 18 p " H A J A on Campai Ah low-'F doz q " -A . ' on flihiff :Rim 'i"?'00fl S A t I - F' od Buxvi hi: l? ----. J b y Q , ayznalj n 76, R ri. fif-'llxsnfl oi A, 5 'i" "ir ---- Q I ' st strinz. Kline "" r the Noun? Pom A -'-- ,Ei ' 5 a ,J ling ankle hut xvi ffff. 0, h 4 1' duil' ffmilhf- 'A "4' il Jd lligh rnckofl up it in 111.-jzm-Lf? 2 IIUOHYWZ Q Qiaskcrllmiill Conference nv Slwiioelk' rim-iwmd ,,,k,,,, - RUN ..,..... .. f ixneci hack Brzinfl5'v.'1n0.. SX mil- on Ihn n Kline ...V P' .mm naming '74-"ran, , " ' " "---A ---' e l hurclwood. Ki ,QUAQIYGW A .-.- fgm Hf'1fff5" Nff':SH"f flhffonrao .vezscr f..ff11 """ .Nh TiiICrS.WCre irallin . .. fanvn when District 3 Vlass C plat-off Ai Shade new c Burke for the . 39-31. ' Fleetwood Reeder White .Zine Z mold f 4 4 10 Burker' Y 4 T li Tuck .Burkett ff? 1 5 enharl g 4 0 3 rs g . l 0 2 Totlll 13 12 50 Joseph Fleetwood .Y.V. Mount G F P. I 3 5 ll Arzolffia 1 1 3 Grrha Il 5 ll Haas f . 1 0 L! Swffen c 0 0 O Hibschdn 0 0 fl Rf-mlej' z " " Rutkovirki 0 4 .. ft 0 0 Marlozt g 0 0 0 Lanfz g . ' 0 2 - -- v- Tozais N18 Toillfs 0 13 3l Lebanon. Nlarch 5 -0- Towel errv McGovern was 'ithe tonight as Lyken Fleetwood High from til. 4'-141, before l.2lll'l parii A is gym. The 65 Lykens lad. who axer ini' h- lleetwund Keeps Rolling With 81-29 Nod Uver On Friday night l-'leetwood High Schools m defeated Schuylkill Valley. 6044. lt in just another victory: for the Division ll . n the Tigers' 36th straight in Berks Scholastic .iference play under the guidance of coach John Since Stengele came to Fleetwood in the has fashioned one of the most outstanding ess stories in tne annals of the countv. His champions of their league the past three oss in loop competition sutfered by a :red in the playoffs for the title when Oley feat in the 19.31-1992 campaign. bince ers have never been stopped by is true Fleetwood has lost 'turing this period but they 'ainst teams from other ln over all competition Stengelos 'amos while S quick to tiieiuioins 5 game. 5532.. Alumni ' iof hop followers ot' the two teams in lkethall 'very inim. l ' ' 1' . He then wc .. 'ba . t 4 t 4- --fs fa ,.i p 18 tier than 30 points per na Y there has been notl., t ., ry about his clit s fl at eetwoo . -. K' .5 NW i nen Meet Penn Friday Rig it at Albrightg lnheaten in League By BQB RIEGNER Eagle Sports Writer ,Ne're a much better ball clu f' f than we were back in Decem 1'hat's the way John Stengel ims up his Fleetwood Tigers wh ill meet Mount Penn Frida ight in the opening round of th Serks County Champiomhip Play offs at the Albright field house. In December, the Tigers wer far from impressive. droppin four of their first five games Since then, however, they hav acquired polish and have shake up ll straight opponents to tak a 15-4 book into the playoffs. "Cnr shooting has improve 500 per cent," Stengele sal "Early in the season when we firs moved on our new and miie bigger court, we just couldnt hi The kids had heen used to play ing on the small floor and it too them a while to get accustome to it." ,gg Imac-h qg,a,,rg0 1,y.Nf,,.tQ C Hlddont hveixiexe in s ' ' 55 'Q f,.Q Teams Top Scorer ted l'riperDaiinhin l,f':'i11ie ' 'OO maimqii' iq Wi I , I . ci. ,- , Umm mm l...,H4,,i . .Wm fpm l hate heeo .gicki 1 Fleffillfl 5 A-P 'Wu be A D. . ' . V i ' ' ' 'anced att .tl its 6-1 junio tire cirwf U'1'1i' "Wifi Two Yctei l""""' 'V' center 1 ' Sikert Barker to 25mi1l"e" him Tm-n gpm- IQ , A Pj Rf :who Sion he rtvoulcln the story He wa iiiiileri 5 ' A ' it i f 1 h ., . 1 . . i un as an exam' . V309 -01' fi: ill 1 0 LOJD Y, hoih banking hi entre-i'ii. J . ' . ,V , if . . "This team is 4 0. R t .Ib fhef fmt! if and be .nen entant. ,.nk.,. 1 , ,i mute ever Q Sslno Ou S rety sent ,mrs wer 'ririlfkerts 16 ily., r if ,Q on the 'V od i xj gt ieagu 4, H. .. P bhr , : - V he to . . . -L 69 Q . A I li was an Arnold ,W H.. MW, Hoya Division I the iinroie' V M A ' K ' '."' Q 'WC EQ-kgtba ' A 'O 11 Bare paced llvii- 5" 7' . 'he game' F ,A .: MV 21. .1 I V . if A7 rt whipped 1 tt- .. 1 ' H - t.i.skctoa.i team MH hw re Arlan . ,. . Y . :nt a :rent de 431 iomo mei Hee.- :fme late . ,, ,,g,1w, .h .he bench whe Hz, 61.0 ,Wd Vi. Y ...dn li... .t Im i B, ,kg U . . .ph ' 1' orfl V"'oiiiissinf"s fd inf' mer I intermission to git 4 to ,' -, 'f . . f' H W rub! n - ' "fi tiie orcliniinar' ' 3 he 3 Ce 0 16 edge at halftime. ' Af V A ' " " 1' ' , ,. 1 Lykens Takes g' w . I i wmmwm tion, Plectaood x . r ' 'as an ll-poin Althouffh neither " i V "and 'wine 164-53 e- -wa, Ki , , , f I l Q , more than a four-pA 9 ll .firmi Q A i f 3? 'fried decision was a 'ni' the first' 16 mi f . ' 1 i - 5 5 Owl- pdmhicgq Amit- Dmmpill' bull! HP g A X fjujf . A -- piiyeti only six minute 24-16 advantafff on HMS QQQQQZQ Q ' f 5 j ,g i one, l,l1DQ Jftllll Dafllflli lifzxhiirx : . git- X VK Z Jr: Mums WAHI brothe . , . , P'-'r . 1 . w 1-i . A , WND f0lUi bi -100 f fyqjvp ft 0 0 zz' - e i a 643 senior, Ron Arnol Arnold stemmed t 7 K iiifi: a 1 'fi li '-Y 'W Y '7 .lzzi Kline. 5-9 and Tom Le fffffil' Wllh 5' 'HW' . ,H . V, T-Vai: , :i f- ' 'i inf.. 1-. A 5-8. as sinriers for Stengel lflhfml' Pell and 1 eff' 'Tp - , Hf'f"I"T'f'FAHCifiY5'7 ani: izyf-fm, Mu Fleetwood Bias one ot' the e til? lxkens :min ir .4 ..- 'gg' .' g V ' num-ood Jw wyomisqnz l3lS of' it Wifilllllgiv bali Clll if' . it ' A fl Q' 5 G, F N r -ii'erl'ui bench. btengelc' ca : 3' I My 1 iggglfeftig f Q, 54,-W I - om Dick Peters. Bob Mille , ..v, El . , ee I I I Koch! Q 2 if-imfii r . .. Hlionn and Don Gardn S i s Y 2 fl Kfrler f , Z ' Y 1 1 1 l bu' u9gLGd'2fT,g C 4 2 UTD C 4 A E tni,..v' weakening his flo lu'af1t-pmrd C Erumrfrh c 4 2 IE 'IJ.f6llgll'l. Uley Lyr' Far-ell g l- rim 5: Totals ny 11-43 Marginirefii Adaiiis 3 0 !-lrdman g , 0 Hue:-:it ag . 0 Mcinig g ,. 0 0 0 0 0 Totals . 30 l 0 Chance for Revenge Friday night's affair will giv o Fleetwood a chance to avenge on D' ' 7461066 - ,Nasa iw Left to right: Kenneth Bingaman, Harry Barrell, Leslie Sawyer, Mr. Kercher, Coachg Ronald Stump, Dale Fegley, Dennis Keim. Kneeling: Darrl Wentzel. Absent from picture: Bob Zettlemoyer, Ted Koch, Dennis Woodling, Roy Madenford, Merrill Moyer, Marlin Sanders, Pelly Orlando, Ernest Fink, Frank De Li11o. For the second consecutive year, Mr, Kercher and his fine LV, basketball team have won the Divisional Championship. This year, the Baby Tigers were entered in the strong Division I1 League. After a slow start, they won eight out of their last nine games, and compiled a 13 and 6 record. Then, they journeyed to Albright College Field House to meet the strong Boyertown Jayvees in the semi-finals for the County Championship. After a relentless uphill battle the Baby Tigers defeated Boyertown 47-43. Last they entered the final game against Conrad Weiser, but lost 53-26. The starting team was composed of five sophomores. They were Ted Koch, Bob Zettlemoyer, Les Sawyer, Dennis Woodling and Dennis Keim. The high scorers of the team were Ted Koch and Bob Zettlemoyer. Congratulations to Mr, Kercher and his fine team for the way they represented Fleetwood on the basketball floor. 066616406 ?.iL'?f First row, seated, left to right: Arlan Burkert, Donald Gardner, Ronald Arnold, Co-Captain, Donald Kline, Co-Captaing Pelligrino Orlando. Second row: Thomas Lenhart, Roger Anderson, Ethan Weidner, Dennis Keim, Kenneth Bingaman, Albert Rauch, Robert Keller, Edwin Hinkle, Manager. Third row, standing: Lee Hess, Manager, Theodore Koch, Thomas Host, James Gottschalk, Rodney Burkert, Ernest Fink, Charles Mohn, Richard Mertz, Gerald Stump, Mr. Postetter, Coach. Under their new coach, Mr. Postetter, the 1955 soccer team had a very successful season. The team, lead by co-captains, Donald Kline and Ronald Arnold, along with three other seniors, Rodney Burkert, Jim Gottschalk and Charles Mohn, won six league games while losing only two, and finished in a first place tie, for the second straight year with Kutztown and Hamburg. The Tigers drew a bye, then lost to Ham- burg 1-0 for the title, Fleetwood again played in the Northern Division which included Oley, Brandy- wine, Kutztown and Hamburg. The scoring results for this season ended with Tommy Lenhart and Arlan Burkert having five goals apiece, Charles Mohn having three, and Dennis Keim and Ted Koch having one each. We would like to congratulate Mr. Postetter and his team on the fine way they represented Fleetwood on the soccer field. G, I, A, A, Board First row, left to right: Mrs. Yoder, Barbara Lotz, Miriam Zettlemoyer, Sandra Schaeffer, Nancy Bauer, Second row: Darlene Scheidt, Janice Hieter, Jeanette Snyder, Judy Becker, Vivian Wahl, Third row: Marilyn Phillips, Dorothy Moyer, Ruth Davis. -1 -N::'?g4," ,fwgvf iffy 'amy-mf , ry' ifwl'-4:.z,,j211Q,,,g gw fg. . , .-,2 ,. , , V bw- -11 17?-f, ,f4.:":Fl. , ' - . V ., . A ' M A rw f , An, ,K - 4 H f - 1 1. - ., b, , . , , , ,, 1,2 pg 4. .,'V ll .:,,.J Z V , Y , i 7'-1'g' 5 'Lx 5, ff Jwx uw , , , I U- xl .lah f f f 13, .U I 5 . ' I ' s A I 4-..... v--vw Q I +, V ' " li' E, 4 "" L 1 I, 'lf CUM? 2 it g Q 1 v Q, f, 5 1 W 2 , w,4..,... 4 'R NANCY BAUER PATRICIA PRICE DO NA RRICL PATRICIA WILLIAMb N1 0 , , , . - f I f ,Q : , , Q, ig 'M Q - 5 X W I ...N S,LM....,M,W.,.,,,,,,A N., ,,,, ,VMMWWMM Q Qi A K. 'wx 1 2 1' I ,E ' ' Q: ' 7 i v ' I , X C 'I O ' I 1 1 af' I A, I ff"v Ain! I I A 4 -'GQ' - HELEN SPAYD MRS YODER COACH XV. SANDRA MOYER Bluff 25 ' " ,X my Avlmms f jff N HN DEADLY ERNEST By Donald Payton The name Ernest 1S an ordinary name except to one person Henry Grlcrest Just the name Ernest sends Henry rnto shock It all started when h1s boss frred hrm, h1s grrl frrend left h1m, and hrs Aunt Ethel ordered hrrn out of her boardrng house Henry went to the park to frnd comfort and then he met Mr Bumpus He poured out hrs troubles and Mr Bumpus told hrm that for only S17 83 a frrend named Ernest puts down trodden souls lrke hrm out of therr mrsery He pays the money and goes home to frnd that Aunt Ethel IS ready to forgrve hrm, h1s glrl wants another chance h1s boss has grven hrm a rarse, and lrfe was never better There was only one thrng wrong he pard Ernest to get hrm out of thrs world He really was rn mrsery now and especrally when practrcally everyone he meets IS named Ernest Even Margre who 15 Aunt Ethel s daughter has a beau named Ernre There are two old mard srsters, one Clarrssa and the other IS Ernesune who are woven rnto the plot Then there IS Aunt Ethel s gentleman frrend C E Grrmm, head of the Grrmm Harvester Co and h1S mrddle name 1S Ernest Also there 1S the doctor called rn to treat Henry and you guessed II hrs name IS Dr Ernest As fate w1lled rt, Mr Bumpus and h1s cohort, Sleepy came lookrng for a room and when Henry saw hrm he nearly went rnto shock Thrngs reach a hrgh pornt and Henry weak from frrght frnally went to Mr Bumpus and demanded payment rn full whrch took Mr Bumpus by surprrse because he never planned on seerng Henry agarn rhrnkrng the deal would be Just a srmple way to get money Henry meets them rn the drnrng room and thrnks Mr Bumpus frrend Sleepy rs Ernest and so Mr Bumpus makes ar rangements for Sleepy to extermrnate Mr Bumpus and poor Henry Mr Bumpus then grves hrm what rs left of the S17 83 and Sleepy leaves to use the money on Poor Henry Later on Sleepy returns and Mr Bumpus and Henry gather courage to be put out of therr mlsery to frnd that Sleepy put the S17 83 on Poor Henry a horse runnrng rn the thrrd race wrth a hundred to one shot, grvrng them each S500 Gladys Aunt Ethel and the rest of the famrly frnd out what was botherrng Henry and everythmg turns out frne I u H g . Q . . ' 1 1 - .. . . . , . . , 1 - . , . . . I 0 0 n a , . . I 1 I I 1 ' ' u ' n ' 1 . ' 1 . . , . . . , , ' - . . v . ' 1 ' I o ?64qS "The boy tries, Stella. " Look at that gory expression. ' Iv :QA I, -X Let's go people! K We're here to see about gettin' a room .4 X sk gb , , 5.15, ss -7- r dnl. .- w 'fn u if I. f nl 4 ' V V .v ,, If :If li "Go after him, Ernie" '1 Yes, Mr. Dingle. Gee! Hi. "What a man" 73 Wrlham Harrrson Glorra Wlloughby Henrretta Wrloughby Ann Andrew Barnes Patches Mother Blake Sandra Soleless Sam Rebecca West Jean Roget, M wwwa THE GHOST HOUSE By Robert St Clarr DAVID DOHNER PHYLLIS PICK KATHRYN WEIDENHAMMER PATTY OSWALD RICHARD MILLER BENJAMIN KOCH PATSY YOUNG JUDY BECKER DONALD KLINE BARBARA KERSHNER KENNETH BURKERT The entrre play takes place 1n the l1v1ng room of a deserted old homestead some where down South W1l11am Hamson, young, adventurous, and Just out of college has learned that he rnherrted the old famlly homestead Hrs father has told hrm many stones, but not of the curse on the Harrrson famrly Glorra, B111 s sweetheart her enure famrly and Mr Mellon the lawyer, all arrrve to warn hun of the curse B111 scoffs at all the1r fears untrl he hears the story of the famlly curse From thrs pomt on thmgs really begrn to happen strange norses, ghost, and even mysterrous people However, everyone found out rt was just a story made up by Dr Jean Roget and Patches because of a secret treasure that B111 s father had hrdden rn the house Rebecca Dr Roget s srster tned to warn the Harrrsons but nothrng was found unul Andy Ann s boyfr1end, found a clue to the treasure Soleless Sam a detectrve, uncovered Dr Roget s plot and arrested hrm B111 strarghtened everythrng out and all was calm once more - ,ZD Oliver Mellon -------------------------- RICHARD HAMILTON . D. ------------- ------ ----- 204.4 wanna 5:44 VF? 'vm ' +2-'i f' wail -'WWC 'R gli' ,Q F13 1:--gl' if i 1 RY 'W MARGARET WEBER PATTY YOUNG JOAN REED PHYLLIS FICK DEANNA HENRY IUDITH BECKER RONALD ARNOLD PATTY OSWALD NANCY ZETTLEMOYER "King" "Queen" "Maid of Honor" 76 .Q H V-4155. F W-W mm , , W ,,. M t f- , +1 Q -55 r--ff 5 5' ,1 " af? F ,l A . - 1 4"fP'E'-54745. l '-ww fs 43- ,pw ffhx sf. 0 'Q'-. Q , 2, r i w :A V , ue. , v what s Gomg On? Macbeth says Let me check 'link Teachers Conference 9-.1 L That S ve funn Watch your fmgers' et S get busy YJ' MUST I POSCP Llttle M1ss Effxclent !-.L A 'WLC39 W . hlch books d 5 cxackiwi' .. Maw This W CH" tice these lin those VCV " N o CS 0 you Pfefer? u "Now th . e obJect of this is., NOW Hear This.. I7 ...Yum so 9326 gm Same 'J ' H "Out Counsdot "Do you have the Y Qian WD ,iw --........,., 5 W 1 ,Mr t ,vfiif ? W X ,, xl 'Tx Y H 4 ' 1.2 N s 2 , f- s ., 1 E . Kimi Y 'Q D9 Nr R448 M- V . i 61, ,J i --1343 N ,ff Z Wa U l.m""""'w ff' Wu Bad A3 'Q bl- vww, WW L .MMA P ,.,.nn! ' 1' x 4 N"""wn.-.- x x, xi m A Jvertuemnm: K U N Mr and Mrs Alfred W Acker Mr and Mrs John L Adams Lucrlle Adams Mr and Mrs Arthur A Arnold Mr and Mrs Leroy Arnold Ronald Arnold Ruthann Baer Mr and Mrs Clarence Becker Dorothy Becker and Mrs Harel Becker and Mrs Jesse T Becker and Mrs John E Becker and Mrs Irwrn Berk and Mrs Robert Bossler Jr Arlan Ray Burkert and Mrs Harry Burkert and Mrs Paul Carlson and Mrs Paul R Dav1s Mr Ronald P Dav1s Barbara A Delcamp Mr Rrchard B Delp Mr and Mrs John E Dohner Mrss Marrlyn A Dohner Mr and Mrs Wllbuffl Duff Mr and Mrs Danrelj Frck Phyllrs F1Ck Mr and Mrs Warren Frey Mr and Mrs John F Gardner Rev and Mrs A M Gottschalk Mr and Mrs Aaron Gundrum George C Gundrum Mr Robert Haag Dr and Mrs H D Hamrlton Rrchard Hamrlton Mr and Mrs Arthurj Heckman Mr and Mrs Earl Hehr Deanna Henry and Mrs John W Henry and Mrs Edward Herbern and Mrs Hugh W Jones Janrce Kays Rev and Mrs J Paul Kehm Mrss June Kelchner Mr and Mrs Paul C Kercher Mr and Mrs Samuel A Kershner Mr and Mrs Ralph W Kreffer Donald Klrne Mr Irwrn Klme Mrs Mable Klme Dean Krrner Joanne Krmer Mary Lou Krrner Betty Kunkelman Z47 Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Border Mr. and Mrs. William L. James Mr. . , . Mr. . . fgfwmd Mr and Mrs Clarence Kunkelman Mr Rrchardj Locke Nan Spangler Luckenbrll Phyllrs J Manmrller Barry Manwrller and Mrs Paul Manwrller and Mrs Charles J Melvrlle and Mrs Clyde Mrller and Mrs Warren J D Mrller and Mrs Charles H Mohn Charles Mohn Mr and Mrs John F Moyer Mrss Phyllrs Moyer Mr and Mrs Wrlson K Noll Mr and Mrs Howard W Oswald Patrrcra Oswald Rrchard Oswald and Mrs Glenn Phrllrps and Mrs Arthur Rauch and Mrs Clayton Reed and Mrs Clayton Reed Mr and Mrs Edward B Rhoads Ronald Lee Rhoads Arlrne Rrssmrller Mrs Paulrne Rrssmrller Mr and Mrs John Schaeffer and Mrs Rrchard Schwartz and Mrs Herman W Schlegel Leonard D Schlegel and Mrs Joe Shlvers Mrss Harrret Snyder and Mrs Lloyd Snyder and Mrs Curvous Stauffer Jr and Mrs John M Stengele and Mrs Charles Strtzel John Strtzel Lee F Strtzel Sandra Lee Stoudt Mr and Mrs Albrrght Strause Margaret Weber and Mrs Wrllram Werdenhammer and Mrs Earl Wehx and Mrs Wrllram D Wentzel John Yeager Lolrta Yeager Crnda C Yoder Mr and Mrs Claude S Yoder Mr and Mrs Russell F Yoder Mr and Mrs Nerl Young Patrrcra Young Mr and Mrs Ca1v1nJ Zettlemoyer Nancy Zettlemoyer Mr. . ' Mr. . Mr, , , ' Mr. . , . Mr. . . . ' Mr. . ' Janice N011 Mr, and Mrs. Carl F. Weber . . . , Jr. Mr. . ' ' ' Mr. . ' . Mr. . , Jr. . . . Compllments From V ORLANDO SHOE REPAIRING OZ 'Z 5 A11'P1ane K1t s and SuPP11es Z Z5 West Maln St Fleetwood Pa C74 E i Z E JC-5 A Q9 AMMES Compllments From 12,5 Washmgton St Fleetwood, Ph 2461 T Realtor Bu11der Fl ASS OF , '58 5-'JL-v ul --""'.-- DEKA BATTERIES A Quahty Product For Every Purpose EAST PENN MANUFACTURING COMPANY INC Lyons Stat1ons Pennsy1van1a PAUL 1. GR ' W 4 T- TZ E IF lT'S GOOD FOOD VCU WAl'l'-- Q W, . L ' gf ML I ' JZZWQQ wi Moselem Springs Hotel Famous For Seafood - Tourists - DELONG: AND TQEXLEQ FURNITURE Topton, Pa. SC. 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WZpfZf4 IF l'l' S GOOD FOOD YOU WAIT flfmf QUDYS Wi RESTAURANT Kutztown R D No 2 Open 24 Hours a Day at . ai J lx 4 F1e'eM,d, pa. ' 1 gu i ' 0 a Compliments From THE CLASS OP: Q P hone 2440 310 W Ma1n qirfvfii JZJZZ DRESS SHOPPE Sportswear L1nger1e and Dresses yiezffdfyf STORE Fleeiwvood Pa Z0 West Mam St For M1sses and Lad1es Kutztown Pa LVV B GRO Har Spo Dry C A VVANNER U Q! ""',1g'1rY all CERIES 1 0W dwar e Lfmcz rt and Goods Manufacturer of Seamless Hos1ery S1nce 1900 Fleetwood Pa phone 2251 Fleetwood Pa '5 ' 'IINIC. 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Suggestions in the Fleetwood High School - Tiger Tale Yearbook (Fleetwood, PA) collection:

Fleetwood High School - Tiger Tale Yearbook (Fleetwood, PA) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


Fleetwood High School - Tiger Tale Yearbook (Fleetwood, PA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Fleetwood High School - Tiger Tale Yearbook (Fleetwood, PA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Fleetwood High School - Tiger Tale Yearbook (Fleetwood, PA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Fleetwood High School - Tiger Tale Yearbook (Fleetwood, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Fleetwood High School - Tiger Tale Yearbook (Fleetwood, PA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 25

1956, pg 25

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