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T hu "iff: L" 3 .I - si I ' I ' Xe 'N '-Q. X X X SS XR X XX. X . ,1 .L N 1 .X .. x F XX X . .x X X,QeX XX Sf.l.NQl RR H A .. is-X. 1. X XXX . . A . .X :X KX . .. A X X N . XX ., .. La , K awp 1 ' iw. . ff .V Q, ,.., ,., 5 is ,. V , N , , Vw M ' . fi! if ,Q A' 's mffw' an ,ark ' A is Y .UL -'-- 4 'iff-, , lmw ff' I - fkQ:.H"fff.,,. , ff' 97 EQ ' xii", f 1 f ,, b4fw.w9.5,gfx g-,gf-fa , fiif ww' 53" 'WK' N - i k. J 1- L, ww' u -. tgzlqgff 1511 uf 'if-mg wwf --:gsggy Qi, igQ??Z,,jffg1?A .. ,. , ,, 5 f if. .LFF ws-.. 1'- THE BULLDQG ANNUAL 1961 Presented by the S Cl fFl HhShl Fl T Eunice Loth Co-Ed itor Douglas Mach l Bernadette Freytag Daniel Vyvjala Marcella Otahal l Lloyd Keilers Lloyd Steinhauser Annette Krhovjak Gene Niesner Myrtry Etlinger Andrew Svatek l ff!! Ioe Richter Gloria Rietz Frank Bridges fNor Picturedj Leslie Greive CNet Picruredj Billie Ann Warren Ernest Okruhlik Leonard Pokluda Elizabeth Parker Ray Bacak Charles Vana Evelyn Koopm ann Co- Ed itor 1 4 'W' L 90802200 We feel that we can not leave this year without thanking all the wonderful people who have made our Senior year happy for us. Although there are many who have done this we would like to thank one person especially. This person was our sunshine on a rainy day. When our hearts were low she boosted them with her radiant smile and her charm- ing personality. She has always been a loyal friend to the Seniors and aided us in everything we undertook to do. Because of the steadfast friendship she has given us, we feel we humbly and most sincerely dedicate this annual to our English teacher, Mrs. Maggie Webb. "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." Mrs. Webb, thank you for being patient with us, while we were striving to learn. What you have taught us will remain in our hearts forever and we will never forget you. THE ANNUAL STAFF ROBERT COOPER Pma VW E- FLATONIA PUBLIC SCHOOLS R. B. FROEHNER, Superintendent FLATONIA., TEXAS March 29, 1961 Dear Friends: It is again a joy and a pleasure for me to add a few words to your school annual. May I congratulate the staff and the sponsors for making this edition possible. To the seniors, graduation is an important milestone. You are stepping from one phase of life to another that is even more important and vital. If you took full advantage of your educational opportunities, the assurance of a successful future is more probable regardless of your future activities. I hope you have learned to think constructively, developed high moral and spiritual values, and are ready to assume adult responsibilities. I am confident that you will live up to your experiences and expectations, for tomorrow you will be the leaders of our society. As you go forth from this basic education that you have participated in - our sincere best wishes go with you. May I challenge the student body to continue with re- newed effort the benefits that are made available through this great institution, the public schools. Use this privilege well for the future depends on you. Sincerely, JP. HJ R.B.Fmwmwr Superintendent RBF:ws 5,690 ezdafezaafezafa dd0f6 MERCER Sec fz4Jw9be!3 Wleaaeye Dear Seniors, Congratulations to the Class of 1961. As you enter the adult world, make a place for yourself of which you will be proud. As Pope said: "Act well your part, there all the honor lies. H It has been a pleasure and a privilege to be your principal. Sincerely, Prentic e Charles Hickman Principal ciao! Zyl al0vf7k R. B. FROEHNER Superintendent LEON KAINER Agriculture WALTER BERMINGHAM Business Education MAGGIE WEBB English P. C. I-HCKMAN Principal CHARLIE CALLAGHAN Coach R. B. TOLSON Math ANGELINE NOVAK Home Economics ! I M534 Exfkoy ' y Qaeefa Annette Krhovjak m Q N ridges Myrtry Etnnger md za mm! me Deanna Hanna Wayne Hanna ,gf S?Q!!owfem Payeky Queen King Gloria Rietz Douglas Mach Faye! dm! 1 y mm Zaozdaa Marie B runne 1' Lenne rt Tupa - .-r! f mm 320mm Marcella Otahal Gene Niesner is3-B-lfdl-LL'-6'J"f .'!.U , 1'-'J' 1 - I . - . Soiolowoze 7200252194 Joyce Steinhauser Wallace Wehmeyer Zaoufea B etty Pec hac ek David King fwfea MISS BULLDOG I-IOMEC OMING QUEEN MR. FOOTBALL FOOTBALL SWEETHEART HALL OWE 'EN Q UEEN FHA SWEETI-IEART MR. F,H.S. MISS F.I-LS. FA SWEETHEART BAND BEAU AIN SWEETI-IEART ,fn ns?-Ofmf., "w15ff32f Q- n , S, 11 1 L. O X ' ,C P L , 'wa ' v rw ' v 'iv ,.. Z Gifmm-,.w.M?' : '13 'f J 2 4 QStandingJ Elizabeth Parker, Treasurer, Sr.: Ann Mueller, Fr.: Ken Mach, Soph.g Bernard Svatek, Jr.. CSeatedJ Becky Garbade, Secretary, .Tr.g Leslie Grieve, Vice-President,Sr.g Doug Mach, President, Sr.: Mr. Leon Kainer, Sponsorg Juanita Zapalac, Treasurer, Soph.g Kent Hanna, Fr. Knot picturedj. ca! Among the accomplishments of the Student Council this year was a successful homecoming. Music for the dance was provided by Jurecka's Orchestra, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. The council held a Frontier Day Parade in co-operation with the F.F.A. Prizes were awarded to the most appropriately dressed couple. Everyone enjoyed the good "Old West." We also conducted a Christmas party and entertainment was provided for both Flatonia High and Elementary Schools. The council also had inspirational and educational speakers for the benefit of the high school students. The council sent several of its members to the meetings of the Colorado Valley Association of Student Councils. Frontier Parad e Mr. and Mrs. Frontier C r o w n i n 8 C h r S Homecoming Queen , E wwe Wm W M Left to right: Miss Angeline Novak, Sponsorg Joyce Steinhauser, Parliamentariang Evelyn Koopmann, Voting Delegateg Juanita Zapalac, Treasurerg Eunice Loth, Vice-Presidentg Bernadette Freytag, President: Frank Bridges, Sweetheartg Myrtry Etlinger, Secretaryg Becky Garbade, Historiang Carol Brunner, Reporter: Annette Krhovjak, Song Leader. F.H.A. ACCOMPLISHMENTS The F. H.A. began the year with 36 members in the organization. The main events of the year included the F. F.A.-F.H. A. Sweetheart party and hayride, the Parent-Daughter Banquet, the annual Chili Supper and Talent Show. The "Moods', were the feature stars of the Talent Show. Several of the members and the Sweetheart, Frank Bridges, attended the District Meeting in Schulenburg. Eunice Loth represented the chapter at a Style Show in Waelder. All in all the chapter accomplished many of its goals this year. Marie Brunner Darlene Gosch Sue Cooper Kathryn Kolar Carol Brunner Juanita Zapalac Joyce Sreinhauser Nancy Byler Gayle Novak Myrtry Etlinger Becky Garbade Deanna Hanna Eunice Loth Evelyn Kooptnann Annette Krhovjak Joyce Ehler Kathleen Bacak Isabella Gutierrez Barbara Schoenweirz Frank Bridges Bernadette Freytag Sandra Keilers Lillie Svatek Betty Pechacek Ann Mueller Diane Rollig Bettye Lou Mica Janice Brunner Sandra Faltysek Mary Ann Gutierrez Evelyn Richter Donna Nelson Wanda Freytag Pearlie Loth Frank Bridges Virginia Hoffman Barbara Boehnke Geneva Jurek Miss Angeline Novak FTA FARM OF "'w.3? iw:-Jssammta ,A,,, ,si F. F. A. ACCOMPLISHMENTS The Flatonia High School F.F.A. Chapter began the year with 31 members under the capable guidance of their advisor, Mr. Leon R. Kainer. The two biggest events in the year for the members were the Fat Stock Show and the Parent-Son Banquet. Both were very successful. The chapter was represented this year at the district meetings and at the area and state conventions. The pig circle was continued and the Farm Skills Team placed second in district. National F.F.A. Week was observed by the chapter. A sweetheart party was held in conjunction with the F.H.A. Chapter.Awards were presented to members with outstanding accomplish- ments. This year the chapter raised funds by selling rat poison and troughs, collecting dues,operating the con- cession stand at the football games, and raising pigs. The chapter accomplished many goals that have been a credit to the school and the organization. Q. President Danny Beck Vice President Lawrence Schaffer 2nd Vice President Dennis Brunner Secretary Wayne Hanna Treasurer Ray Bacek Reporter I oe Richter Sentinel Jerome Charba fzezaaf Zrzgoabvad Wayne Hanna Zefrin Pospisil Billy Hutchins Lawrence Schaefer RESERVE CHAMPIONS Ride um' cowboy FFA Sweetheart Stock Show Sweetheart Party FFA Float Frontier . . . zaqvdlow FHA FIOHI Presentation of Sweetheart Skit Sweetheart Party FHA Sweetheart District Meeting s k 1 H t O b C 0 h I D 1 a s Y t i i s 1 i k f6i?'2w?Q9i'l693-WN' Z' ? , ' Q' W ' ' 21 fy ' V - 'Y " . H - x .su .M 3A,,, , ,lL- , ffi2?w:s?55?5 s7!'i4-552 X , Q , W si? 53531 , ,Efiiwxi 5 if 2 , ' 255123 K 54 , ,Sm fp: Qu vgffigzilgsw 7:'f'f'fvi5'-54212595 ,,.,M, , fszyfwwifzive 55-gzx V va 51559 M 94535 , . ,M :'Ms'V'i-Qwils iQp:fft'ffe'E:??ff -EJMQSY F2525 W W W? Rafpggs , .gwgm , Eisiigiiqwggg ff f-53127 ,nfs fifkf 15:55 ,mf pg ' KL 'l T 4' , iz . Jiri? ff 2 fax 1, ,-fy mi- 115-.iiviiig "EH Vi 'WTS -sig: .WTI 1:52 Eg.. ,. wx , ., SH! 536354 W5 .Q W, ms M, Msn 51,3 ,253 gs, :ws 43 F5 Ee y Exam' TEEN-AGE BOOK CLUB DRILL SQUAD OFFICERS BAND OFFICERS President Myrtry Secretary Evelyn S pons or Mrs. Webb Representatives Doll Parker Becky Garbade Juanita Zapalac Diane Rollig Etlinger Koopmann Treasurer Gloria Rietz President Becky Garbade Vice- President Deanna Hanna Secretary Ann Mueller Treasurer Carol Brunner Reporter Janice Brunne Sgt. at Arms Peggy Mueller Sgr.-at-Arms Eat, drink, and be merry. ' , . , , xv-,fyfffig Jrir i T , ,..,,., ,, , 4, af:r,,,, F .,,r ' Zllal ,W f 5 l s Burmng ------ W. , Qve ,ggi e f .- . Eb' r,,,r A .y Zgzvei , , , rrrrrr r,riQ, Q y A,,, ' E femgsz I 1 13- fe Qf Wi M '-a.1-ua:m- , L . " -, -1 L19 X A . X., Q2 Q ,f,,,:a.:. , f Q-f an I ,A ,. , Q lx. K Q I 1 :E 'KK 3: rl K. y ,o r Q s c mx, F resh FHS f Typical afternoon study hall as BOY FHS sweater girl Hello---up there Aw qult cheaung Senlors How bad off can you get? 3 AM coke break L o s I u I Memories are made of this and f o u n cl ""-J "",",I" """" Samba php fawbz - Serwbz Rm 0916! ZZ 19 61' To striveg to seekg to findg and not to yield Our praises now, to thee we sing Flatonia High, Flatonia High. Our talents now, to thee We brought Flatonia High, our dearest thought. With friendship, love and loyalty, We'll praise thee with sincerity, And follow thee in purity, Flatonia High, Flatonia High. NN I 5 ku xxx XX- fs-K an K 'ITFXW , X ' f Fffillq X xr ff' xy ' X as xg ,Z fi gsssp, . fxj X fl E 7 I l X ,, v ' f 52 foff' 'x "1,f f , 1 CLASS FLOWER--Rose CLASS COLORS--Maroon and White ANDREW SVATEK BERNADETTE FREYTAG EVELYN KOOPMA NN Valedictorian Salutatorian Salma p01-ian English Award Crisco Award Typing Award E UNICE LOTH RA Y BA CAK Rotary Award Rotary Award Homemaking Award DOUGLAS MACH MYRTRY ETLINGER DANIEL VYVIALA Math Award Girls Athletic Award Boys Athletic Award 7- -V-W My gg! Slmwcolwxzwi Jwjfpggbs MSN 54? 3 QNXOYQ Ygfsxg ' , is Q Qi OW 35152336 YQ Q2 QQ-E f . A QM GMM? My NWO' E? wif F3 yilfiw if SW wif 13 M ,hiv if 'LW W A s .y,L by W Q F R I2 . .L-. yy 1. Danny W" .,,, if 2. Frank Bridges 3. Gloria Rietz 4. Joe Richter 5. Lloyd Steinhauser 6. Leslie Greive 7. Bernadette Freytag 8. Elizabeth Parker 9. Billie Ann Warren 10. Douglas Mach 11. Charles Vana 12. Eunice Loth 13. Myrtry Etlinger 14. Gene Niesner 15. Leonard Pokluda 16. Marcella Otahal 17. Annetta Krhovjak 21. Ernest Okruhlik 22. Evelyn Koopmann 18. Ray Bacak 20. Lloyd Keilers 19 Andrew Svatek 5702414 f950 3?-ag-'Jeff S' mea! s I E s DYLV .W inf" XTIKPE 'iwflfff--V' .GIBERQCIY ?4f??WlHp'?4.. Z?94?i9i k"Sf'7M? Til 5, Q r A ' W2i'u?J5Xiiu'f 'k ' ' ,S :"!"ffa5Q?4E1..5ff'i?'7-M?HR'zlfWi I:l'N?Qf'?9ID'X' 7?'i'?iM?'S'f!,.k'v.fi'?L"Sfii'N'lJC? " Z-L I, " ' ' J J: -f5?S1Q,.,,,..3C'?!'l'2P'4eS I .. TEAM OFFENSE Joe Richter, Leslie Greive, Herman Baca, Dannie Vyvjala, Dannie Beck, Gilbert Alvarado, Lloyd Keil ers, Theodore Fajkus, George Sanchez, Cokie Cooper, Frank Bridges. COACH Charlie Callaghan LETTERMEN Team Defense Frank Bridges, Jimmy Johnson, Theodore Fajkus, Gi1bertA1varado, Pat Hanzelka, George Sanchez, Danny Vyvjala, Billy Krejci, Cokie Cooper, Joe Richter, Dannie Beck. TR1-CAPTAINS ALL-DISTRICT Vyvjala, Bridges, Richter Vyviala. Brides. Riehrer. Cooper. Sanchez, Fajkus, Hanzelka. Girls Basketball Squad TOP ROW: Carol Brunner fForward J, Juanita Zapalac QForwardJ, Gayle Novak fGuard 5, Sue Cooper fGuardJ, Kathryn Kolar fGuardy, Nancy Byler Cllorwardj, Kathleen Bacak flforwardj, Becky Garbade fGuardJ. Gloria Riem fGuard J, Myrnry Etlinger fGuardy, Joyce Steinhauser fGuardJ, Darlene Gosch LForward J, BOTTOM ROW: Marie Brunner CMgr. L Coach Charlie Callaghan, Betty Pechacek CMgr.J DISTRICT GAMES OPPONENTS THEY WE sheridan ---- 51 ---- ----37 Waelder ---- ---- 2 6 --' ""56 Garwood ---- ---- 3 3 --- ""37 Rock Island --- "" 23 "" "" 38 Sheridan ---- --U ---' 37 "" ""39 Waelder --- "" 31 "" "" 41 Garwood -'- "" 39 "" "" 35 Rock Island--- ---- 30 --- ----61 'Sheridan ---- 43 -----41 LETTERMEN TEAM CO-CAPTAINS Darlene Gosch And Myrtry Etlinger The Basketball team participated in two tournaments this season. They were at Waelder and Moul- ton. There was a three way tie for lst place in district. With Garwood being defeated, Flatonia played Sheridan in the Weimar gymnasium. MANAGERS- Marie Brunner and Betty Pechacek ALL -DISTRICT Myrtry Etlinger and Gloria Reitz Boys Basketball Squad Top Row: Leslie Greive, Cokie Cooper, Frank Bridges, Wallace Wehmeyer Lloyd Keilers Joe Richter Kenny Mach, Douglas Mach, Dannie Vyvjala, Bottom Row: Gene Niesner fMgr J Coach Charlie Cal laghan. OPPONENTS Sherid an- - - Waelder ---- Garwood - - - Rock Island - - - Sheridan -- Waelder- -- Garwood- --- Rock Island - - - District Games THEY ---58 ---- --- 50---- ---19--..- --- 27---- ---38---- --- 56-0- ---23---- ----28---- STA RTING LINE- UP TEAM CO-CAPTAINS Danny Vyvjala And Doug Mach The basketball team participated in three tournaments this season. They were at Waelder, Weimar, and Sheridan. Frank Bridges made the all-tournament team at Weimar. The team also received a con- solation trophy at this tournament. MANAGER, Gene Niesner ALL-DISTRICT Bridges f2nd Teamj Cooper flst Teamj E 0 d 6 J Q z K Jerome Charba Frank Bridges XZ 0 0 D anny Vyvj ala A ndrew Svatek DHHHY Vyviala Pat Hanzelka ff? my WX H Q fm 2 Vs? 1 f 3 Y V H J x 5 Q ,K W Q X. M. W- 1 4: suv. , T A 4 ff 9 . X? W is E' 4 1 fm 17 51 9,25 f f ft Q ,M K .,.l,.V,7 , ,Wig P ,gg H ' f' - 1-f1'iW,a4: A . ' Z Before After The day after the night before Hey Boys---over here! And stay I A If those f is f I A ' , 51 3 2 213215 P' 2 E . 1215- I 55 2 1 2' fFfsw z. 5 . It's all inthe game Token of Victory 3WaY f mm ,. it fag gb lit f if Did you say studiug iobtball plays ? '? ? ? Devoted to You gggw H g.: .gi Lg Cheerleaders 1960 O, K, You can play I' m leaving 998'ff-999 1 , 5? 6 w v s if i Do it right, we' having visitors! e h Mau 2114.94 BA CA K, RAY BRIDGES , FRANK ezaabz President ---- --- Daniel Vyvjala Vice-President ---- --- Andrew Svatek Secretary ---- -- beslie Greive Treasurer ---- ---- Ra y Bacak Reporter ---- - - -,T oe Richter ETLINGER, MYRTRY FREYTAG, BERNADETTE efwbzd GREIVE , LESLIE KEILERS , LLOYD LOTH, EUNICE MACH, DOUGLAS KOOPMAN, EVELYN KRHOVJ AK, ANNETTE OKRUHLIK, ERNEST PARKER, ELIZABETH 53 fe-ff I mx, fwfr, A MT' -. .mn f, .wp 1 , W riff! GSS' Wwzfixgfif. " f- f,w"". :wif W F7-ff - ' A A X , kkk, .ml Mmjfw ,xx My NIESNER, GENE OTAHAL, MARCELLA POKLUDA , LEONARD RICHTER, I OE RIETZ, GLORIA STEINHAUSER, LLOYD f 'gpg' A -,,. f 5, 4 I if WWE VYVJALA, DANIEL WARREN, BILLIE ANN SVATEK, ANDREW VANA , CHARLES Garbade, Rebecca Ann Gonzalez, Elena Gosch, Darlene Hanna, Deanna Hanna, Wayne Hanzelka, Pat Helton, James Hoffman, Larry Holley, Hulaine Jerome Charba Diana Sue Cooper Beck, Dannie Brunner, Carol Brunner, Marie Burger, Philip Cooper, Robert Fajkus, Theodore Futschik, Nelda I-lutchens, Billy Johnson, ,Timmy Kolar, Kathryn Krejci, Billy Kuchynka, Raymond Machac, Doloris Mueller, Peggy Munos, Mike Jr. Novak, Gayle Perales, Jane Perales, Julie Pokluda, Helen Ramirez, Gumecinda Sanchez, George Schaefer, Lawrence Schoenweitz, Leroy Svatek, Bernard Tupa, Leonard Doehring, Victor Ehler, Joyce Ann E Bacak, Kathleen Brunner, Dennis Gutierrez, Isabella Boehnke, Harold Byler, Nancy Delgado, Josie -my Merecka, John Wayne Mica, Felix Ir. Koudelka, George Mach, Kenneth Wehmeyer, Wallace Zapalac, Juanita Schoenweitz, Barbara Steinhauser, Joyce Wanda Freyrag Mary Gutierrez Kent Hanna Virginia Hoffman Geneva .Turek Sandra Keilers Gilbert Alvarado Herman Baca Ir. Barbara Ann Boehnke Janice Brunner -'lim QQ' Sandra Faltysek Dennis Freytag frgff 1884 Donna Nelson Betty Pechacek Betty Lou Mica Ann Mueller Davie King IH Pearlie Loth Diane Rollig Margaret Pokluda Zefrin G. Pospisil Evelyn Richter Jerry ,Toe Simek Lillie Svatek I UNIORS President Sue Cooper Vice President Lennart Tupa Secretary Gail Novak Treasurer Darlene Gos ch SOPHOMORES President Nancy Byler Vice President Juanita Zapalac Secretary Kathleen Bacek Treasurer ,Tolin Wayne Merecka Sgt. at Arms Ken Ma-:li FRESHMEN President Sandra Keilers Vice President Lillie Svatek Secretary Gilbert Alvarado Treasurer Betty Pechacek QA: a S Je aio 0' elm! em MR. MARVIN FINGER Grade School Prin. GILBERT KEILERS Seventh Grade MRS. ED. DOMS Sixth Grade GRACE WARD First Grade MRS . I . FRIERSON Second Grade MRS. D. MCCALL Second Grade 1 D-waiff' ,, . ' ii i ikiixgi- L' . r ' r ' - ffzr-eo:-7 f V, rar, U is MRS E L BIGLEY MRS. L. COWAN MRS. LOIS NULL Fifth Grade Fourth Grade Third Grade 5? Daniel Brunner Don Cowan Bobby Doehring Ray Faltysek Sandra Grieve Dick Johnson Judy Kallus Allene Koricanek Mary Ann Krejci Louis Loth HZ - J- G V, A ' Qfzew Serra Loth Ronnie Merecka Douglas Mica Glenda Michal Lucian Munos James Niesner Margret Novak Anna Maire Poklucla Claudette Prihoda Cleotide Ramirez Valentine Rosas Robert Schaefer Sandra Sewell Dennis Srryk Johnnie Taylor Simona Tenorio Frances Torres Willie Warren Janice Zapalac Gary Zimmerhanzel M0 Lupe Alvarado Larry Brunner Betty Byler Anita Cardenas Gloria Cardenas Georgia Cardenas Loyd Craig Steve Doherty I oe Gajdos Angelita Gonzales Elizabeth Hoffman Bonnie Holstein Susan Johnson Calvin Kurtz I o Ann Krametbauer Agnes Krejci Carolyn Malota Harold Mica Harvey Mica Virginia Needham Mary F. Novak Sandra Pavlica Terry Pechacek Maria Perales Tommie Perales Raymond Pustejovsky Amita Richter Patrick Rosenauer Eugene Schaeffer Patricia Schoenweitz Alicia Segura Judy Steinhauser Martin Svatek August Syrinek Lillie Syrinek Alice Wehmeyer Teresa Whaley Sam Wotipka Margaret Baca Alice Bacak John Edward Bidley Barbara Brunner Patricia Brunner Pete Delgado Shirley Ellis Linda Freytag Sherman Garcia Ray Hart Jeanette Jares Ronnie Kallus Catherine Knippel Larry Mercer Manuel Munos abd ww Dennis Niesner Carl Prihoda William Pustejovsky Jacinto Ramirez Robert Ritcher Rosalie Schroeder Darrell Scott Evelyn Syrinek Carl Gene Taylor Mary Turpin Gnadelupe Velasquez Joe Velasquez Ronald Wotipka Eugene Zouzalik ma? Alvarado, Robert Bartos, Dolores May Bermingham, Jamie Dell Brunner, Carolyn Ann Byrd, John Cardenas, Daniel Carclenas, Jenny Cardenas, Jessie Craig, Diana Fay Finger, Robert Fulkerson, Kenneth Gajdos, Frances Helton, Benjamin Koncaba, Daniel Krametbauer, Gene Mica, Patricia Munos, Valentine Nikel, Carolyn Novak, Linda Petrasek, Linda Sue Pokluda Patrick Richter, Walter Segura, David Steinhauser, Ronnie Stryk, Anthony Svatek, Gerald Syrinek, Allen Votaw, William Vrana, Florian Velasquez, Alijandero Whaley, Pamela Wiedemann, Cynthia Zapalac, Mary Ann lfmw Iva Lee Babmbach George Bartos Linda Brunner George Doehring Felix Estrada Betty Fajkus Gloria Faltysek Tony Florus l Jennifer Fieytag Linda Garoia .Tuan Gonzales Gary Hanna l Robert Hart Patsy Helton Cynthia Johnson August Kalinec Diane Kolwar Clayton Mercer Madeline yMerecka Becky Miehall George Munos l Mary Munos Agnes Nesrsta Dinah Niesner Johnny Perales Gabriel Ramirez ,Tolene Rietz Mike Robbins Maria Rosas Mike Shellman Travis Sternaclle Armando! Velasquez Gabriel Velasquez Carolyn Vrana Barbara Vybiral ,Timmy Walker . .--g -. iff' img J ,y ,U .Q if m-,:.. - .Z ,,. Gary Bigley Gladys Branecky Kenneth Bridges Lillie Delgado Gary Ellis Larry Fulkerson Billie Jean Garcia Larry J anak Walter Kalinec Dennis Kallus Bernice Kubecka Margaret Lev Morris Mach Janice Machalec Johnny Mica Adela Munos Ann Muras Max Nikel John Pechacek Polly Perales Barbara Pulkrabek Felix Ramirez .Toseph Schaefer Cheryl Scott Daniel Simek Emil Charles Stavinoha Yvonne Sternadel Dorothy Svatek James Syrinek Shirley Syrinek Alfred Velasquez Troy Votaw fzeafe 1-Ml 5 .5 - mm? 9-lm'-HW I emma' fmafe Glenn Bacak Betty Ann Broesche Linda Craig Michael Fajkus Thomas Finger Mark Gosch Jeanne Greive Robert Johnson Magdalene Machalec Steven Muras Freddie Pechacek Sue Pechacek Tommy Petrasek Sandra Robbins Paul Rosas Martin Sanchez Rebecca Simons Karen Stenseth Lillie Tenorio Pamela Wotipka James Bartos Daniel Branecky Evelyn Brunner Donall Dornak Donald Ellis Luciano Estrada Leon Krametbauer Anita Lev Suzanne Michael Andrew Munos Billy Niesner Carol Steinhauser Michael Steinhauser Dorothy Syrinek Kenneth Taylor Pearl Votaw Edwin Vrana Karon Wiedemann Darrel Zouzalik Robert Zouzalik mime? Charles Billeck Ir. Dolores Marie Brunner Barney Cox Roy Estrada Nolan Freytag Martin Garcia Lupe Gonzales Martha Gosch Dolores Gutierrez La Nell Helton Rodney Harris Carolyn Hart Sharon .Tanak Richard Kainer Kathryn Lev Ioan Muras Lupe Marie Ramirez Marie Rebecek Rebecca Robbins Gregory Robinson John Rosas Ir. Stephen Rosas Sylvia Segura Patti Shellman Gail Stenseth Michael Stenseth Mary Helen Tenorio George Velasquez Nina Velasquez Ruben Velasquez Walter Wotipka HI Q fa bn Q44 Daniel Brunner Don Cowan Bobby Doehring Ray Faltipek Sandra Grieve Dick Johnson Judy Kallus Allene Koricanek Serra Loth Ronnie Merecka Douglas Mica Glenda Michal Lucian Munos Glenda Welcome Margaret Novak y History N Janice Zapalac Prophecy Judy Kallus Will Michal James Niesner Margaret Novak Anna Marie Pokluda Claudette Prihoda Cleotide Ramirez Robert Schaefer Sandra Sewell Dennis Stryk Johnnie Taylor Willie Warren Janice Zapalac Gary Zimmerhanzel - I-tg-1:25.15 f his -I' y 9 Wi 'HW x, a 5 ni E 'wi M: , 44, Ch K - ,M H x ww: W npwswzf ,ww Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs Mrs. P. T. A. Local Officers W, E. Mercer -------------- .Toe Grieve --------- John J. Pechacek--- Cooper Johnson--- George Bridges--- Daniel Janak ------- H. H. Steinhauser--- Objects To promote the welfare of children and youth in home, school church, and community. To raise the standards of home life. To secure adequate laws for the care and protection of chil dren and youth. - - President - - --Finance Membership - - Program - - -Publicity --- Secretary --- Treasurer To bring into closer relation the home and the school, that parents and teachers may cooperate intelligently in the train ing of the child. To develop between educators and the general public such united efforts as will secure for every child the highest advan tages in physical, mental, social, and spiritual education. FLATONIA JUNIOR CHAMBER OF CCJMMERCE J 0 H N J. M QE R E C K A FLATQNIA LIVESTQCK COMMISSION COMPANY SMI TH PCL! LT RY FARM 6 EIDELBACH LUMBER CO. QXN G N4 7'4- v g wgfi z -xx e ' QQ: uwmamiilunl W 4' X X? V: 5, . era. ?'X WW xy u.' 3 GYEUQA I CS v 'ITU KLIE FLATONIA LUMBER CO. Telephone PR6-3392 ff? QMWWW nf E s9"'r , I . 1 1 is 1,15 A A"' 'f'uw.1" TUPA PHARMACY Eg Mah i W Z Moe Klein's Store S I fgs. m: "3 -'fflbf-SMF' -of. f m .ul QQWVATC HES if M. J. Neskqrik , THE FLATONIA RGTARY CLUB Cooper'-s Garage l l , Mueller Hardware and Plumbing lllllllflll Pl.lllll ll5 R -lg q" 'Mi E-E'r!'? x E. Mueller, OW FLATCDNIA STATE BANK H. H. Steinhauser Bulldozing Phone PR 6-3749 R.B.BUTLER,INC. C t ctor and Bridge Constructi Bryan, Tex ' Flatonia CNY Cafe Fire Insurance Miss Lorena A, Johnson Manager McKay Blue Bonnet Cafe Flower Shop Vrana's Ritter's Service Station Service Station 1 Mar-Lyd Fashions Kaspers ' 'Always First Quality' ' I Schulenburg T Schulenburg, Texas Phone 445 KIoeseI's Restaurant Phone l 16 Complime nt s of Dr. C. H. Meyer Dentist Schulenburg, Texas C mpliments wg. T0 THE f HITUR Herman Clle r F I a i a Gulf Distributor Argus Flt T City Market Grieve's Drive-In 'Zfaacan a H -vrf g ' ' A 41 V Jam if 1 f , K m,,L,1 FINE Foon ' "" T- , rnonucrs a F! Coca-Cola "For Better Schools "Congratulations" Seniors and Better Churches" Swanks Spoetzl Brewery Restaurant Shiner, Texas Shiner, TSX?-S q,g2,M, . V e Q ws i 5 5' 27 B 8: B Charcoal Pure Oak BSB PRACTICAL TRAINING for BUSINESS POSITIONS There are many good positions waiting forwell-trained secretaries, Richard Frank - C. F. Davis Flatonia, Texas accountants, and assistants to exec- utives. Our Placement De pt. receives many more calls than we can fill. College-level student body. Air conditioned. Modern equipment. Friendly teachers. Approved for Baldwin Business College Yoakum Phone AX 3-2542 Veterans. Herzik Studio Photographers Fine Portraits--Commercial Schulenburg, Texas Phone 174 Groce-Wearden Company 1908 Wholesale Distributors 1961 "Over Fifty Golden Years in the Golden Crescent" Local Representative A. E. Zapalac Sponsors of The 'G-W' Voluntary Modern Merchandising Group .ll, IMT BYKHWS p ul top Lg, mN ' " ' ' . Roo? Q .7 P ' ul Q, obo v '-'--4 -.1--, ,I 5 H .,.,.. v I We Appreciate Your Patronage! Flatonia F. F. A. Chapter !-.- Y V, The Friendly Tavern "The Place to Meet Your Friends" John J. Volden Edwin Pavlicek F latonia, Texas Dr. J. B. Cook Optometrist .limmie's Feed Mill Southern Produce North Side Company Market 1 4 ,, E Freytag Insurance Agency A Friend Distributor P d ts ff W 'PPV Don's MigI's Food Market Pressing Shop Flatonia Motor Company Your Friendly Dealer Phone PR 6-3522 Etlil'lgEl',S FH T Store N C pliments f The Flatonia Chamber of Commerce LY64641 Etlmgers Beran Gin Mill and Feed Co. M It n, Texas LY 6-4681 .X HP S i n Niemann's Service Station Niemann 3 Motor Company 5 ZCHEVRQLEIX Dairy Hart I LU WM Stein Hardware Company Supplle s Dress and Gift Shop M Pl by d ,R um mg and H d 5455555 ar ware Julle Beaute Salon m wswmf. Mrs. T. J. Marik , Compliments of: Parishioners of Sts. Cyril and Methodius Catholic Church Cistern, Texas Rev. Allen M. Black, Pastor Trustees: W. B, Rietz, Chairman John J. Beck Henry J. Migl Edmund Thiede Franklin Farek "Attend Church Every Sunday" Compliments of: Janecka S Vinklarek Store Grocery, Meats, Feed and Drinks "We Buy Produce" Phone PR 6-3655 Flatonia Cistern, Texas Q l ' 1 1 . l -1. Lf! f ' ' 2 JI 1- iw V Mu ! .JJ v Carnation Company For Neater Work and Higher Grades Students Use MASTER PIE CE SCHOOL SU PPLIES From Kindergarten Through College There Is No Substitute For Quality Practical Drawing Company Dallas, Texas me i5"f"'f 5 ' rumsuwa coumiv -15195 ww. al, ms x K-1 f f 'WW w5""-' 'RW ' fi 'WWW 'iff-ifri".4Ylfz-A'uUU.i'H:.:MM6klA5u!V' Lnmhzwwifissfixiiahailikhiiiffiiil-WL-l1l'1K 'f,if.,.. ., . QQ.--fzafitzx-NV ' ' " : f . , .V 'Www T K , .'Z2'W'9f5izW5i'L.ii'H52iv-'T5M1355?i55f6uif-E?'ff.w1l-:G'Z X ff, Z 3 ,W,if,,j aww ff ,VX , f, Wx, f ofa f inf 773, 2 " mf! wx, "n x. . , . ,, 4 ,, v 1 1 L, ,. X ix ,I rg rg -. . , i , , A. 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