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fl U 4 3 5 4 I I I -2813+ -P32234 Pm -SHEE- eczffs fm 55 Q H234- -3 WE? 9:43, Hif- iiiiiiiii 52235 iiiiiiiiiiiigi zaahzq Q5 We Q 'GH 533+ 'FECH4 W eggs- P 1: d by th ' 4522+ 459' iw SENIOR CLASS 1 'PHH4' 3 ff-'1 t ' H'ghS h 1 , fig? 353' E? 2? F1 1: ' T Ei' '?? E EE 'w 3? SQEEEEQQEEEEEEE EDITOR Judy Olle ASSISTANT EDITOR Lanette Pavlica BUSINESS MANAGER Cynthia Robinson OTHER ST AFF MEMBERS Dorothy Fajkus Ruth Stoever Connie Perales Victor Mach Henry Barnick Joe Doms Bernard Charba Mary Gail Gosch Emil Hajek Mary :Ann Rietz Donald Mica Jacqueline Robins Botchey Cook Audrey Lowe Charlene Davis Blanche Bridges Earline Needham Mildred Keilers Bobby Byler SPONSOR James Sheffield l W4 7 The years fly by on winged feet. Time erases all but the deepest scarsg only the good is re- membered. And to help us recall the school days of 1958-1959, we give youthis memento of an es- pecially endearing school year: THE BULLDOG. The Staff DEDICATION 9 A sense of pride and pleasure fills our hearts as we ded- icate our 1959 BULLDOGQ The persons whom we wish to honor are oneps to whom honor is due. They are men who are always on the move. Energyradiates from them--energy that could move mountains. Because oftheir endless efforts, they le'd our brave and faithful football team all the way to Regional Champs. We,'I'h-e Staff are proud to dedicateithis, the 1959 Bulldog, to our coaches--Head Coach Bobby Ander- son and As'sistant,,Qoach James Sheffield. 9 l 6 I I DR. J. B. coox, Pres. W. W. MCUELLER, Sec F LATONIA PUBLIC SCHOOLS ' R. B. F ROEHNER, Superintendent , FLAZIDNIA, TEXAS Feb. 27, 1959 Dear Friends: - H May l congratulate the staff of the Bulldog Annual, their sponsors, and the student body for the publication of this the ninth edition. Recognition of the many achievements that have come to our School this year clearly become evident as one turns thewpages. To each graduate goes my best wishes in all of your endeavors. It is my sincere hope that you W will continue to take advantage of the educational opportunities that challenge you and thereby ' reflect credit to yourselves, your parents, and to your school. You have demonstrated the cour- age and the capabilities which are so necessary for success. We are proud of the vital part that you played in making Flatonia High School what it is, and ' ask your continued interest in helping to improve our school. Sincerely, W ig. I ' R. B. Froehner Left to Right: R. B. Froehner, Frank Novak, Dr. J. B. Cook, Pres.g W. W. Mueller, Robert Cooper, B. W. Hutcher Barney Wotrpka, W. E. Mercer. R. B. Froehner Superintendent J. W. Bowman High School Prin. Marvin Finger Grade Snhnnl D.-in Saba! gddftd '--f J wt B BB... , l kktl '.,, M rr or grre R , 1 , gf ,. f fi - Q, W I f ."?5'? 5 - - ' 1. 3 "" ni flzi5l:i57U' "'- SQLT . . Q , K , X f K Jw ' ini' t.,- 4f7???7 .V ,'.., ' " - rrrf ffzq , B B X B -' B f B "'-' ..kh-' l . P . an . 5 ,. xy V -5 H L k-fk.- ki - A K gf. 3 1' ' Brrrt. A W 1 f .ws 7 Maggie Webb English Bobby Anderson Coach and Social Science James Sheffield Asst. Coach and Commercial Stella Meyer Math Leon Kainer Agriculture Ioan Agricola Homemaking Gus Striethaff Band Director Wilma Steinhauser Secretary Sway? J, Grace Ward Mrs. Dora McCall Mrs. J. Frierson Mrs. Lois Null First Grade Second Grade Second Grade Third Grade I f ..',, ,"' ' 5' V' ,esi'.'. s, F ,f ,,r, - "i.i 4 2'1" ' Q, QVo.VWf ffwff ' Y rrlr I S4 szqiwfss , x .Z Mrs. L. L. F. Parker Beatrice Kasper Mrs. Ed. Doms Gilbert Keilers Fourth Grade Fifth Grade Sixth Grade Seventh Grade Om Weame BUS DRIVERS IANITOR LUNCHROOM WORKERS Egiiiiiiiiii 4534- EQ E? ggi, ig? -fm W' ftiqif 455+ ,iw fm mass We ,Egg 'PERS- .,g:g:3,, 1293+ 5334 +3539 ' 'PERT- QEXS4- 5553+ E? Ei ig E 5223+ A '10QQ kfDnQ ' Ei X Cf E? Q-eegghf, R fm I4 gif iw 006591 X fsiwq 453+ -:sais 35 fm:- 'fgiif 'Hif- -fwf +331- wif 'SEH- 'PEXSGQ ' fwf- 'fgiiff fgliff H343 452139 Ei E? +5315 55539 455534 'egg' fgfgqg fwf- fmg, -233+ -:sais fm' -235+ W limi' ftiib Ei E? 555, , . QQ egg? EESEEQEEEEEQQ 776. ii' ' 735. Mary Ann Rietz Donnie Mica --- V . 7,45 L. I ,., 7714. fi' 77414. S Helen Mathis David Tauch yvvv i vyvvvvv Myrtry Etl ing e 1' ,A - ' ili Qfamecamiaq Qaeed' Helen Mathis I 1 IQ M....... .1 gaze! gecm Mad Sweetdeczzt Lanette Pavlica Bobby Fajkus mem Emi Mollie Jean Farek Ronnie Beck endow, Jacqueline Robins Joe Doms -f:r,3':. 1 .v S Q Els. 1 fi: lift? , if.. Vennia Hoffman Gary P0-SpiS11 'IW' Q 'A' vf. wg, ,551 5 Y fk gl-Y' 3 1 , . Q I' " ff I "' -Z3-Hsu... ' Gayle Novak Wayne Hanna Mr. Football Nominees Mr. 85 MISS F. H. S. Candidates Representatives to the Waelder Carnival Band Sweetheart Nominees FFA 8: FHA Sweethearts Football Sweetheart Nominees Homecoming Queen Candidates Band Beau Nominees FFA 85 FHA Sweetheart Candidates Miss Bulldog Nominees Q dk, ,mQQ KJDnQ 3 C W-5? f4cZwoz'cea +456-2+ WQi' 6N9 -Ha was arise- aire- im me fascia fasza- mesa we me -fezfre -fears mf wa- -fm- wx -:sea -few was me +W- mf- mf- +Hfa+ :fam :few Haas: new was ig Q gg 3 W 0 +026 i j E , 2 M W gwaxgziiiigawwwiwiwiMggigiiiggi Vennia Hoffman, Secretary, Sophomore: Mr. Leon Kainer, Advisor: Victor Mach, President, Seniorg Botchey Cook Vice-President, Seniorg Mildred Keilers, Treasurer, Senior. Randolph Mach, Junior, Douglas Mach, Sophomore Amelia Huff, Junior, Peggy Nell Mueller, Freshman: Kenneth Cooper, Freshman. Among the Student Council accomplishments this year was a very successful homecoming. Blume's Orchestra provided the music for the dance and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. The council prepared games for the Frontier Day festivities. Prizes were awarded to the winners and a prize was also awarded to the most appropriately dressed couple. A Christmas party and entertainment was provided for both Flatonia High and Elementary Schools by the council. An informatlonalprogram for' the P. T. A. was held. It gave some information about the aCCOmp1iSh- ments and history of the Student Council at Flatonia High. The council sent some of its members to the Colorado Valley Association of Student Councils' fall meet- ing which was held at Brenham. Bulldog booster stickers were sold by the Student Council representatives. eemge gawk Q15 OFFICERS PRESIDENT Bernadette Freytag SECRETARY Lanette Pavlica TREASURER Cynthia Robinson SPONSOR Mrs. W. A. Webb TWIN DRUM MAJORS Lanette Pavlica Judy Olle Q Praise goes to Lanette and Judy for doing a fine job in leading the band and drill squad in their many fine performances this year. Lanette and Judy are seniors. game! Flatonia was proud to see the Bulldog Band march this year. The band presented a Christmas program, a spring concert, played at the Veteran 's Day services, and marched in the Halloween parade. Mr. Gus Striethaff is the director. f 'Es ,rg 1 ff' is CHEERLEAD ERS Helen Mathis Pam Wotipka Mollie Farek Ricky Kainer Myrtry Etlinger Helen, a senior, was a cheerleader at Flatonia High for three years. Mollie, a junior, and Myrtry, a sophomore, served their first year as cheerleaders. 'Life Under the capable direction of Mrs. Herbert Agricola, Ir. and Mrs. Bobby Anderson, many drills were executed by the drill squad. The drill squad also participated in the Halloween parade. The secretary was Cynthia Robinson and the treasurer was Jacqueline Robins. ?coz'me W Of ' PRESIDENT Cynthia Robinson VICE PRESIDENT Jacqueline Robins SECRETARY Lanette Pavlica TREASURER I udy Olle REPORTER Mary Ann Rietz HISTORIAN Earline Needham PARLIAMENTARIAN Eleanora Schoenweitz SONG LEADER Helen Mathis VOTING DELEGATE Mildred Keilers SWEETHEART David Tauch SPONSOR Mrs. Joan Agricola lush Irlitiating the "Fish" Closing Initiation Hicks from the Sticks Main Speaker Banner received from Honorary Working Hard! or Hardly Working? Members Pzagfmm af7Uafz6 7oz 77557-57 The 1958-59 school year was very active for the FHA. On September 23, the chapter sponsored an Irish Stew Supper. After the supper, Freshman candidates were initiated into the organization. Thirteen members attended the State Fair in Dallas on October 4. This was a new and exciting activity for the chapter. Flatonia was in charge of the color guard and a skit at the District Meeting in Weimar on November 8. November 1 was the date of the Sweetheart Party at which David Tauch was named FHA Sweetheart. During the month of December, Christmas cards were sent to the T. B. Hospital in San Antonio and toys were sent to the or- phan 's in Austin. The FFA and FHA Christmas Party was held in the gym. The chapter sponsored its third an- nual Chili Supper and Talent Show on February 17. On March 21, a large number of chapter members attend- ed the Area Meeting at the University of Houston. The Mother-Daughter Banquet was held on March 31. At that time, Cynthia Robinson was presented with the Homemaker of the Year Award. Degree pins were pre- sented to Mollie Farek, Eleanora Schoenweitz, and Cynthia Robinson. FHA Week, April 5-11, was observed with the traditional activities. Local officers for 1959-60 were elected in April. The Senior farewell party and open house for the eighth grade girls ended a successful year. 7 7 05 ' ,MQW ,-aaa' ,, Y " 0 f7 so p:1Q1o,,, fp QN X N my A lt, i J' Il " firms J A V Q 5 9 l lv -ff . ' fda! ,- x XC, R, 'Y A C V771 ':7',f a C - -:E .5-f 3 -Q '.:Z -'- f' Q - V X- The Flatonia High School FFA Chapter began the new school year with 56 members and each member ready to assume the responsibility of accomplishing the many goals the chapter program of work has de- veloped. Due to the high degree of material and resourcefulness of our members our project program has been quite successful. Last year the coveted Lone Star Farmer Degree was awarded to one of our members. The Chapter delegates attended the district, area, and state meetings. The fat stock show and sale was very successful and the Parent-Son Banquet soon followed. Four new members received registered Dutoc gilts and these students are to continue this program by furnishing breed- ing stock to future ag students. The students with the highest degree of achievement received plaques in recognition of their work. Many of our goals have not yet been completed, but our accomplishments are a credit to our school, community, and organization. OFFICERS and SWEETHEART PRESIDENT David Tauch lst VICE-PRES. Ronnie Beck 2nd, VICE-PRES Douglas Mach SECRETARY Jimmie DeWitt TREASURER Otto Hoffman REPORTER Andrew Svatek SENTINEL Randy Mach SWEETHEART Helen Mathis ADVISOR Leon R. Kaine: From Left to Right: Kainer. Mach, Hoffman, Mathis, Tauch, Beck, Mach, Dewitt 77:4 Saczfaaialc Working hard? ?? Get to work, Sophs. Goofing off, as usual! 77 .7411 MMM Richard and his bull Grand Champion calf owned by Bobby Byler JF: b at r D I9 Qt, If A x - J 0 ,fi d V so V W, -9 - 'lf-'fri' C C David Tauch and the top swine Grand Champion and 2nd place Grand Champion Broilers owned by lambs Jimmy Dewitt Judging of the bulls Lamb line-up David and Andrew with their hogs F. F. A. F. H- A. PARTY SWEETHEART SNAPSHOTS REPORTERS Kathryn Kolar Sue Cooper Deanna Hanna Mollie Farek La 'Verne Fulkerson Becky Garbade Amelia Huff Julie Perales wwgial Publishers of The Bulldog Barks EDITOR Joe Doms ASSISTANT EDITOR Judy Olle BUSINESS MANAGER Connie Perales GRADE SCHOOL EDITOR Peggy Mueller ART EDITOR Bobby Byler SPONSOR Mrs. W. A. Webb GIRLS SPORTS Mildred Keilers BO YS SPORTS Harvey Bauer Cnot shownj TYPISTS Dorothy Fajkus Lanette Pavlica PUBLICITY Myrtry Etlinger DISTRIBUTION Annette Krhovjak Judy Zimmerhanzel MIMEO OPERATORS Henry Barnick Kenneth Cooper REPORTER Vennia Hoffman 6 President . . . Vice-Pres. . Sec. -Treas. . Reporter . . Parliarnentarian Sponsor . . . OFFICERS Botchey Cook Harvey Bauer Victor Mach . . Joe Doms . . Joe Burger Mr. Bowman w M, vw H , w I . . 1 5 K Z X,.,,,r,, im S, S SN 2 4 S Man, dig that band! Sitting this one out? 0 1 -Seam zum April 18, 1959 'SONG IN MY HEART" , Time out for punch. I , i Q f 1 3 x e nnii 1 -f p 1 t :e 511-if , J l Yum ! Yum! i You want T some? , n p ,,J, M , ,gf ' 'T A + I 1' m V .' "': " ,Jw if g ff, M '11 W 3 f M T ,. awk i ,. H , 11 if 'N H im.. 1 is J' wi u ' iilfw' ,, M ,,ii , X: in ml ' N "' ili:1"Wl ik ZH e QW , ee ,Q- in pi- ,,,, LL qw A at ' fl- 'ff' I x. ' :uf Pause Resting I' W, ,xxxxfeg fe V Y' iw .rf.."f 'H' for a and n ' picture. dreaming. KJ. ., . W, . 1 -Q 'ff ' V 111 x WW my s 2 Vyir 5 f V ',L- Q ' K r 57? ' sr 5 "f L r fiisfl iif 'g g f-ff f.: s,,, 1 ,gel-3 . I 5 V, g Y, 'isp s gixgxj r r -iii-fi -'S L , .Ii TY? ., I ' 4- rf ? - Vgfggs. M 1 .vw - K rsss B ' . ' ' 'fr f .' E x ' Wyhh 41, V k , x -- , ,V ku,,,f- 'F . 1 1? V 1...-aa.. --wt. Five hundred dollars! Calm down, Ju-Ju. 'Y . f ' Iii I 4 'S if Ui N ' -f V gn i "V-an , iil 3' . ,, f-..s4,k r .L ' A is Q is B X B rr 2 L 1 2 . , I 5, Q6 if , , 5 , ' -V s ' .... V 1 w gy--4' ' a X uf ,I f , .jf . ft: af in i, Nix-'5'l ' .. :I ,-Ti ' . fa. wa r ef f . -,gy Q. , 32 ' ' 'Q Walk ab0l1f STIOHS- Me get 'CHL You're the real Ju-Ju? Me kill 'em. mica! CAST She wants to eat me!! Ju -Ju From the Seniors Robert Fremont --- Mary Fremont --- Allen Kent ---- Bruce Clyde ---- Julia Boyd --------- Daisy Mae Comfort -- Lucious Long ------ Brenda Day -- Martha Craig --- Mildred Wade --- Miss Sherwood -- Uncle Cornelius -- Ju-Ju --------- Director - - Gary Warren Mary Gail Gosch Victor Mach -- Botchey Cook -- Mary Ann Rietz Mildred Keilers Bobby Byler -Jacqueline Robins --Blanche Bridges - - Lanette Pavlica Earline Needham --- -- --Joe Doms - - - - Harvey Bauer Mrs. Allen Webb .Q ' 'E' li ig 'S' -Q' 'R " XSL fha. I 3 ' Ax . K Q, Y YK .4 1 'Q , K ' W . - . ,,,., Q. , 33 Q 4 - ,5 w . fr . W .my 1 w 1 -A is lg Q, i,E, ,l .Z ,.:,- A . M K1 . Q - H few- ,, f f V ' A f ' ' . ' 'W v'w' . , . 2. Smmmm Jennings B. Cook, .T I Joe Doms W A 3 i 1 ASW 'iw' Breakfast at the Red Cardinal in Refugio Lazy people taking it easy fs gps ,ws X is Q s , , 'f ,ii vi gg, Lzgiwirisz Ziibibig L , 1 at Q .Q-Wi, Q f s .- ' 1 4, JI Q , S2 Q if ' -, 1 s 'i2gz:srf z' , - wg s-- - T ' . . ff . 3 t H K X. . I "L :A f 1- Mr. Bowman at Padre Silly girls S . 7 . On May 1, 1959, at 3:30 a.m., twenty-two seniors, four room mothers, and three sponsors left for Corpus Christi, Texas. They stayed three days, arriving home on Sunday, May 3, at 5:30 p. m. They enjoyed touring the waterfront, the Buccaneer Days Carnival, boat parade, dancing ona hired cruise boat, a tour of the King Ranch, swimming at Padre Island, bowling, skating, playing miniature golf, and seeing a movie. Tired senior resting while bus is un- What's the matter? Nothing to do? Ready for church loaded 35 .e,s...s , s , ---sw -. is ffglieaf fwssvfiiswf?ss4tmef:vs1rss.sfA . 1 I ' ,a- Itt, - Q '4" gif' , ,,, , t an Q 566 6 555 66 66 66 6 66 '66 66 66 66 66 66 66 66 66 66 66 66 66 66 66 66 66 66 66 '66 66 66 53 66 .169 65666666566 6666 1666666666666 55 +55+ -55+ +55 +5 6 +5 -55+ 55+ +55 +5 +5 +5 +5 +5 +6 +5 -55+ 6+ +5 +55 +5 +5 6+ +5 +6 5+ +5 55 ma W 6w w 5655+ Spam 5555.5 66 6 66 66 66 66 66 66 66 66 66 66 66 66 66 66 gg i 'Fw SG 66 'sm' Q, 9 fbxs 66 N 936 , 5 1' +66 5' 1.0 A Q 66 OMQQZFQHNQ 58233, lik 6 +y 66 66 66 66 66 66 66 66 54, 5 66 by 666 ii 66666 6 6 66 6 6 CENTER: Botchey Cook FULLBACK: Gary Warren HALFBACK: Danny Vyvjala HALFBACK: Robert Cooper QUARTERBACK: Jimmy Dewitt BLOCKING BACK: Donald Mica WING BACK: Danny Vyvjala TAIL BACK: Joe Burger OPPONENT Bastrop Del Valle Wallis Weimar Manor Leander THEY WE O 12 0 22 O 30 12 0 O 26 8 39 19567 1--aura,-uv.-fm-B-fzmnqg-,a.a1-Q :la OPPONENT TH EY Cresent 0 Garwood 14 Shiner 8 Sheridan 8 Orchard " 6 Runge " 0 " Bi-District and Regional WE 40 19 14 48 8 24 TACKLES David Tauch Fred Hanzelka Harvey Bauer ENDS Willie Schacherl Frank Bridges Bobby Byler GUARDS Gary Pospisil Sixto Perales Richard Steinhauser COACHES Sheffield and Anderson 4 My These boys made A11-District. First Team--Donald Mica, Gary Warren, Botchey Cook Harvey Bauer, Richard Steinhauser, and Willie Schacherl. Second Team--Fred Hanzelka, Joe Burger, David Tauch and Ronnie Beck. co-CAPTAINS Donald Mica and Botchey cook i MANAGER Victor Mach ' F E sn I 5 f I V T -T if .- "5-1221 Q41 lf -' ' "fi --5-If" 'V COACH JAMES SHEFFIELD Top Row: Earline Needham fForwa1-dj, Mary Ann Rietz fForward3, Jacqueline Robins fGuardJ, Mary Gail Gosch fGuardJ Kathryn Kolar fGuardJ, Sue Cooper qForwardJ. Bottom Row: Mollie Farek Qlzorwardj, Judy O11e fForwardj, Myrtry Etlinger fGuardJ, Cynthia Robinson fGuardJ Venme Hoffman CGuardJ, Evelyn Mica fGuardj. CAPTAINS Flatonia Waelder Garwood Shiner Sheridan Waelder Garwood Shiner Sheridan STARTING LINEUP TROPHY WINNERS INDIVIDUAL SCORING Mollie Farek ---- ------------------------ - - - 148 Mary Ann Rietz ---- --------------------- - - - 112 Earline Needham ----- --- - ----- ---- - -- 70 The basketball team participated in two tournaments this season. They were at Waelder, Moulton, where a trophy was won for consolation, and Sheridan. ' Myrtry Etlinger made the all tournament team in the Sheridan tournament. COACH SHEFFIELD MANAGERS Left to Right: Daniel Vyvjala, Vic Mach. David Tauch, Lloyd Keilers. Gary Warren, Willie Schacherl Jimmy De Witt, Donald Mica, Richard Steinhauser, Kenneth Cooper, Douglas Mach, Leslie Grieve. CAPTAINS Flatonia DISTRICT GAMES ....Wae1der Garwood Shiner Rock Island Sheridan Waelder Garwood Shiner Rock Island Sheridan TROPHY WINNERS AND COACH SHEFFIELD INDIVIDUAL SCORING Jimmy DeWitt --- ------------------- ---- Willie Schacherl - - - Donald Mica -------- Richard Steinhauser -- - Gary Warren ------------------------------- -------------- The basketball team participated in three tournaments this season. They were at Waelder, Weimar, and Sheridan, where a first place trophy was won. Jimmy, Willie, and Gary made the all tournament team at Sheridan, Jimmy and Willie made the all district team. LETTERMEN STARTING LINEUP ,t ' 4 R sd .tif G f fi G2 'V R .3 if Y . .1 . ' -'fill S A F ll K if We -. ,V K .J "X, fi- . 5 5 A .- 2 as i s-Ea, fav .wr at -7.f K- L,.: , ., 2 ., . -W ff. i g ,fi - .1,: k ip., 3, -, -' 2-:E K ,ni - 23 , 1 1 L? ' ' -1:f:. 'ffiin' .:.' "' ' 3.4 4. grin . . -F fan- Q INFIELDERS: Mach, Schacherl, DeWitt, Steinhauser, Perales. OUTFIELDERS: Niesner, Vyvjala, Cooper, Mach, Cook. THE TEAM . .... ,.., Q , ,H i 4,1 si v 11f'g,..g 1: .f A -we v.. ff w.-1 -'-- -Q1--f,g, , f W., , ., ., 5. 1 , -My W.-vf,L...fr :Fi r - 2. 3. . 5 5 2 w...,...M.,.,.,,. , ,,..,......,,.. . ., 5 g ., f' gr zgellff - Mlm - -- rn 'bz - i,' H11-.+gg'aa1. - . n ,,,, , .Q P - .V ::, .if T xref' gf- X 1 rfna, Meffgf, -. f . f. 11. ' ' 9 A . .X ' T ffwf 5341- 5, w L' 'id' Y ,M X , , K , if in ,A Q 3. '52, Q Q ,. , f r 'ge if 515350. -g? f ' Va, 53 ix 'Q 9 fr g .f . f. -fr" ' - '?'1.lz9 . -A wwf - 4' J F rf ,Qi , X, , , Q,,, . . MJ - . I W- 9521, A J. 5 V, xv Qi. . 2 , . V . ,,. , , .5 , J' ,,, .Qi Z, Q, A 'iw gif ' .1 , -.... q w riff. ,. J' f . . ,Q 3. wg? . W L . v iigg. .WW , . fs -. . Z- -. -, ..,,v-, T, . .- .7 it .. , , . . an P- fissrgu ' 3' 1 V - 4... ., rg, ,L P ff W. V: ., ,.. Q QQ " as q. - Q M, M." X . , , , W , me -f M ,,.- , . 4 . 5 g P P f Qiriffa M 57.3-ff , 1 . 1 M 3gx.Gg3lxv , ,Ewt,x,ygM.q ig : ' 1 ,"AL.,l.. 'Liv ' f ?'f'f:lP1 'Gi ' g - 6 K , A. ,.....W PITCHER: Ronnie Beck OPPONENT THEY WE Orchard 4 12 Garwood 5 3 Shiner 2 3 , Sheridan 10 6 Orchard 3 3 Garwood 17 3 Shiner 17 3 Sheridan 5 1 CATCHER: Donald Mica 911341 wsfm.mzvmnm'azi' wunwrliawsvv ww fu. z 3 . 1 3 Flatonia High School track team Kick -off at Shiner LCIICIITICH Go, man, go! Ready, down, . .. W3I'1'1'l1Hg UP Jump high, Willie P r e t t Y S h o I umwmma-mrum-awww After game with Weimar at Sheridan Tournament Grade School track team Jackie Nervous, Myrtry??? nnm.mvwm.1wmgmwk,nWq-ffrfffiv .ff .raavnmanuu .M nf. J..-Wu-4- -V 7 ff- - - Main speaker at banquet Loves football High Steppers F I I' i 9 C 1'1 Y d o u o I h a f P O P C Y After the Shiner game. wx,- t,'.', X, Tf lf , . L Q 1, - L 1 O f lf l tttee s o 6 gp k A S -',,' 5 1 Q' . ibjzilg, 5 a d sv " ' ffzls TWH' " 5. "SYM 5135113 5 J ,I 5 .',,. LA , . 5? : , we Ready to p1ay'??? 1' ' "" L"I.' ""'J " Friday during football season. uh, thanks. " The genie Funny m face ,rf--l fezaaff 4533+ -fw -fm scales Q-3+ assi- M we- was Ei E? -was 14584 +5545 63+ 1253+ +8251- rfaem W .gg fiffgf .fgggf -233+ -few H91 .swf few .fggf fees! fsaafa +234- 'FSH 'PW' 4332+ Q26g?Qk.9 +8224- E? Ei ww Q-P'-E140 Hamm +226 wwf- fwf H X cfm- rfaafr +53 ii if 5CfcmQ f-iowa few- 9-G fm aw 4 G9 Ei Ei few Haf- Ei E? maker feasi- +5315 freef- Hzaf fees! Eiiiiiii EEEEEQEE EQEEEEQQE EEEQEEQQS - . Oi C iiiiiiiiiiQEQEEQSE CLASS OFFICERS President ------- --- Jacqueline Robins Vice President ---- -------- D onald Mica Secretary ------- ---Marv Gail Gosch Treasurer ----- --- Victor Mach, Jr. Reporter --- -------- Joe Doms Henry Barnick, Jr Harvey Bauer Blanche Bridges Bobby Byler Bernard Charba Botchey Cook Charlene Davis Joe Doms Dorothy Fajkus Mary Gail Gosch Emil Hajek -- ! x v U v v 5 1 . Steam 'ff' 1 Sally Helton Mildred Keilers Audrey Lowe Victor Mach, Jr. Helen Mathis Donald Mica Earline Needham Judy Olle Lanette Pavlica Connie Perales Mary Ann Rietz Jacqueline Robins Cynthia Robinson Ruth Stoever Gary Warren K A '41 Hn, M Wm CLASS ROOM ADVISOR Mrs. Joan Agricola Fulkerson Huff President - - - Secretary ----- Vice President ---- Treasurer ----- Farek - - - - Doris Johnson - - - - -Mollie Farek - - - - - - Amelia Huff - - - -Laverne Fulkerson Johnson Fred Hanzelka Amelia Huff Joe Jasek Daniel Johnson Doris Johnson Kenneth Kuchynka Ronnie Beck Joe Dan Burger David Charba Jimmie Dewitt Mollie Farek LaVeme Fulkerson Willie Schacherl Eleanora Schoenweitz Richard Steinhauser David Tauch Frankie Tupa Gilbert Wetjen Randy Mach Evelyn Mica James Novak Kenneth Otto Sixto Perales Edward Richter S Zhu CLASS ROOM SPONSOR Coach Bobby Anderson Etlinger Zimmerhanzel Mach Freytag President ------- ---- D ouglas Mach Vice President ---- ----- M yrtry Etlinger Secretary ------- --- Bernadette Freytag Treasurer ----- ---- J udy Zimmerhanzel Evelyn Koopman Alice Krause Annette Krhovjak Eunice Loth Douglas Mach Errol Maeker Ray Bacak Frank Bridges Myrtry Etlinger Bobby Fajkus Bernadette Freytag Leslie Grieve Vennie Hoffman Billy Hutchens Lloyd Keilers Lloyd Steinhauser Andrew Svatek Charles Vana Daniel Vyvjala Billie Ann Warren Judy Zimmerhanzel Bernadette Nesrgta Gene Niesner Ernest Okruhlik Marcella Otahalh Gary Pospisil Joe Richter William Richter Gloria Rietz 65444 CLASS ROOM SPONSOR Miss Stella Meyer f Beck Garbade Tupa Hanna President ------- ---- W ayne Hanna Vice President ---- ----- D anny Beck Secretary ------ ---- Be cky Garbade Treasurer ----- ---- Le nnert Tupa Danny Beck Carol Brunner Marie Brunner Philip Burger Jerome Charba Kenneth Cooper David Faltysek Theodore Fa Jkus Carolyn Fleck Nelda Futschlk Becky Garbade Bonnie Gxbson rww ul Larry Hoffman Darlene Gosch Jerry Gosch Deanna Hanna Wayne Hanna Patrick Hanzelka James Helton Jimmy Johnson Billy Krej ci Kathryn Kolar Millie Koricanek Raymond Kuchynka Dolores Machac Charlie Jasek .J Qw- Glen Rietz Peggy Mueller Gayle Novak Jane Perales Julia Perales Helen Pokluda Gurnecinda Ramirez George Sanchez Leroy Schoenweitz Jeanette Sladacek John Sovadina Bennard Svatek Lawrence Shaefer lennert Tupa Dennis The graduation class Kenny WWW The Eighth Grade class held its graduation on the morning of May 22, 1959, in the gym. The top four students were, in order of rank, Dennis Brunner, Kenny Mach, Kathleen Bacak, and Joyce Ann Ehler. Dennis read the prophecy, Kenny gave the welcome, Kathleen the history, and Joyce Ann the will. Joyce Ann WM Officers: David Kocian-President, Kathryn Davis-Vice President, Joyce Steinhauser-Secretary, Nancy Byler-Treasurer, Kathleen Bacak-Reporter, Victor Doehring-Sgt. -at-Arms. Gilbert Alvarado Kathleen Bacak Dennis Brunner Nancy Byler Kathryn Davis Victor Doehring Joyce Ann Ehler Paul Fulkerson Isabelle Gutierrez David Kocian George Koudelka Qt Kenneth Mach David Maeker John Wayne Merecka Felix Mica, Jr, Raynell Mosley Valentine Ramirez Barbara Schoenweitz Edward Simcik Joyce Steinhauser ' Wallace Wehmeyer Juanita Zapalac Louis Loth Pearlie Mae Loth Bettye Lou Mica Ann Mueller Abundio Munos Betty Pechacek Zefrin Pospisil Bobby Richter Evelyn Richter Diane Rollig Reyes Rosas Jerry Simek Lillie Svatek Frances Torres Dora Velasquez Herman Baca Linda Boehm Barbara Boehnke Janice Brunner Ysabel Delgado Sandra Faltysek Dennis Freytag Wanda Freytag Mary Gutierrez Kent Hanna Virginia Hoffman Geneva Jurek Sandra Keilers David King Allene Koricanek ,-..., sq-gf Daniel Brunner Anita Cardenas Don Cowan Ray Falrysek Lupe Garcia Sad David Velasquez Charles Votaw Willie Warren Janice Zapalac Gary Zimmerhanzel Sandra Grieve Judy Kallus Mary Krejci Serra Loth Cleo Ramirez Valentine Rosas Teresa Schlick Dennis Srryk Ronald Merecka Douglas Mica Glenda Michal Frank Molina Lucian Munos James Niesner Margret Novak Claudette Prihoda if -any Wi Alai? Elf ffl ix 7414 Lupe Alvarado Jo-Dora Baird Larry Brunner Betty Byler Georgia Cardenas Gloria Cardenas Morris Commander Lloyd Craig Steve Doherty Joseph Gajdos Elizabeth Hoffman Bonnie Holstein Stacy Howerton Susanna Johnson Jo- Ann Krametba uer Agnes Krejci Calvin Kurtz Carolyn Malota Harold Mica Harvey Mica Domingo Munos Virginia Needham Mary Novak Sandra Pavlica Terry Pechacek Lupe Perales Tommie Perales Jacinto Ramirez Anita Richter Robert Richter Patrick Rosena uer Patricia Schoenweitz Judy Steinhauser Martin Svatek August Syrinek Lillie Syrinek Alice Wehmeyer Guadalupe Velasquez Sam Wotipka Alice Bacak Margaret Baca John Edward Bigley Barbara Brunner Patricia Brunner John Byrd Ray Commander Pete Delgado Shirley Ellis Linda Freytag Sherman Garcia Ray Hartt Ben Helton Jeanette Jares Ronald Kallus Mary Lou Melchor Lawrence Mercer Enes Munos Paula Munos Dennis Niesner Carl Prihod a Darrell Scott Evelyn Syrinek Johnny Tenorio Simona Tenorio Mary Turpin Alijandero Velasquez Joe Ve lasquez Ronald Wotipka 0405 nf -for I Robert Alvarado Delores Bartos Steve Bowman Carolyn Brunner Daniel Cardenas Jenny Cardenas Jessie Cardenas Diana Craig Bobby Finger Kenneth Fulkerson Frances Gajdos Donnie Koncaba Gene Kra metba uer Patricia Mica Carolyn Lynn Nikel Lind a Nova k Linda Petrasek Betty Rebecek Roy Richter Walter Richter Ronnie Steinhauser Anthony Stryk Gerard Svatek Allen Syrinek Florian Vrana William Votaw Cynthia Wiedemann Ma ry Ann Zapa lac Linda Brunner Anthony Florus Linda Garcia Gary Hanna Margaret Lev Morris Melchor Madeline Merecka George Munos Mary Jane Munos Mary Susie Munos Agnes Nesrsta Dinah Niesner John Pechacek Maria Rosas Mary Rosas Travis Sternadel James Syrinek Hope Tenorio Alfred Velasquez Carolyn Vrana fMrs. McCa ID George Bartos Iva Lee B3ll1T1b3Ch Gary Bigley Betty Jean Fajkus Gloria Fa ltysek Jennifer Freytag Robert Ha rt Patsy Helton Peggy Jackson August Ka linec Diane Kolar Janie McCurdy Clayton Mercer Rebecca Michal Johnny Perales Gabriel Ramirez Jo Lene Rietz Mike Shellman Arma ndo Ve lasquez Gabriel Velasquez Troy Votaw Barbara Vybiral James Walker fMrs. J. L. Friersonj di X www Tommy Bowman Kenny Bridges Gladys Branecky Rudy Cantu Gary Ellis Larry Fulkerson Billie Jean Garcia Martin Garcia Barbara Jackson Larry Janak Walter Ka linec Dennis Ka llus Bernice Kubecka Morris Mach Joe Melchor Johnny Mica Adela Munos Andrew Munos Ann Marie Muras Max Nickel Jr. Polly Pera les Barbara Pulkrabek Felix Ramirez Shirley Ann Schuenemann Cheryl Scott Daniel Simek Karen Stenseth Yvonne Sternadel Peggy Stovall Dorothy Svatek Shirley Syrinek Lillie Tenorio Allyn Weiss 1 1 3 5 2 2 2 3 E S 14dawz!c4emwZa .4- Mr. Marvin Finger . . - - PTCSWCUT Mrs. Bryan Robinson .... ---.- F inaflce Mrs. Edward Doms . . . -- - Meff1bef5hiP Mrs. Robert Shellman - - - Program Mrs. F. X. Brunner .. . ---- Pub1iCitY Mrs. E. L. Bigley .. . ---- Secretary Mrs. H. F. Maeker . .. --'- Treasurer One of the main objectives of the Parent-Teachers Association is to promote better un- derstanding between the home and the school. The Flatonia P-TA has 340 members. Meetings are held on the third Thursday night of each month during the school term. The local organization has sponsored a number of worthy projects which include the summer roundup for future first graders, eye testing for first graders, innoculations for dip- theria and whooping Cough, the hot lunch program, and it has helped finance many other worth -while projects. THE FLATO IA ROTARY CLUB Rotary is a world fellowship of business and professional executives who accept the "Ideal of Service" as the basis of success and happiness in business and community life. In Rotary, thoughtfulness of others is re- garded as the basis of service, and helpfulness to others as its expression. Together they constitute the Rotary "Ideal of Service". The local Rotary Club is composed ofl8 members. The Club meets on Thursday at 12:15 in the dining hall above the City Cafe . The meal is served and is followed by a program. One of the big community projects of the local club is the awarding of a fine watch to the outstanding boy and girl graduate of the local high school. Through an elaborate rating system, the local teachers rate the members of the senior class. The rating sheets are placed in a sealed envelope and turned over to a com- mittee of the Rotary Club to compile the final score. The name of the boy and girl selected to receive the watches is kept secret until time for them to be presented at graduation exercises. The President of the Flatonia Rotary Club is Mr. W,D, Johnson, the Secretary -Treasurer is Mr. Leon Kainer, and the Vice President is Mr. R.D. Zapalac. SMITH PCULTRY FARM FLATONIA STATE BANK EIDELBACH LUMBER CO. DR. PEPPER BCTTLING C0 JOHN VJ. MERECKA FLATONIA LUMBER C0 BRASHER MCJTOR CO. g??Vz L M if ffm in WaIker's Bakery CityFeedandProduce Zouzalik Insurance Zouzalik's Agency Service Station Dairy Hart L. L.KOIar J, 1 I X f I f K ew' K f, , t if r Cooper's Garage Southern Produce Vrana'S Station FIOQANZFZLOP Moe Klein MigI's Food Market J. L. EtIinger's Store Freytag Insurance Agency - -.-1.--q if . , 4 My ,, , xiii 2 I I K qw ,...,.,m, Q.-- F , X ,. . . f ' , . XM.,-.Ns ,,....N, ,,,,....,,N Ben Franklin Store City Cafe W . W. Motor Co. NEsQSn?A jr Q INSURANCE AGENCY ' Nesrsta Insurance Agency " ',.- , t.4:f"'f"W"""W?wW7 S Syler -'Ones' Drug Store Service Station , ' Western Auto Don s Pressmg Shop Associate Store Dr. J. B. Cook Thulemeyers , if Compliments of Southern Ice o COYQQQ City Market 1 r Dress and em Shop and .IuIIemBeFa51tNe Skalon Wm. Stein Hardware Co Flatonia Flour 8 Feed mf, , Kasper'-s S hulenburg T Dresses Made by Mrs. Zefrin Pospisil Compliments of Future Farmers of America Kalinec Grain Company FEED and GRAIN August Kalince, Owner Compliments of M rp. Gus Richers Q0 T, if ,C 22 ifff ig ik gipigpgfnw IH-553.112 'f X A '. Jawzfnsp q I ' un ' . 'Eb V fm -' R 1 ,. p Q X X f com? Bm xo , A X? CHIPS 1 . mm - . -'mmzn ,sf - , M .AWMLYM1-L dm V MORTON FOODS- DALLAS .FORT WORTH .gugggcx You Can Depend On Morton's FINE FOOD PRODUCTS .limmie's Feed Mill Compliments of Fernau's Furniture m Home m ml Il'l sh iff' o Phone PR 6-3505 FLATONIA TEXAS The Flatonia Argus "Your Weekly Newspaper" I' Flatonia Motor Company Your Friendly Ford Ed' or, mask f ,i C' Q - ' DISTRIB UToR PRODUCTS EY? T 4 Z 3 ' -ii e GQO- W- Bridges Phone PR 6-3522 Owner 8: Publisher Phone PR 6-3510 FLATONIA TEXAS FLATONIA TEXAS Compliments of D Insurance Agency r. R. L. Morehead Office Phone PR 6-3572 Residence Phone PR 6-3529 FLATONIA TEXAS General Insurance Edwin E. Zapalac Agent Flatonia State Bank FLATONIA TEXAS Flatonla Flawnia Fire Insurance Oil Mill Co. Agency Manufacturers of . COTTONSEED PRODUCTS W "" I Manager Miss Lorena A. Johnson Manager ELAToN1A TEXAS FLATONIA TEXAS Compliments Laux Flower Shop of ' . l , ,1 .N . I f " R. F.Mueller E j N T - N X ' l ' K . X T Furniture an FLATONIA TEXAS FLATONIA TEXAS Compliments Compliments of of Shellman Wallace Cherry Drilling Co. FLATONIA TEXAS , Commissioner of Precinct 593 Compliments M. J. Neskorik of I .0 .6 Q , , C-3ln,Mlll 8 Feed Co. if MOULTON TEXAS FLATONIA TEXAS Compliments N I g S O n f Grain Co. Rudy and Max Nikel Herman Phone PR 6-3514 5 a rp 1. - ' ' 'Ma Gulf D lstrlbutor FLATONIA TEXAS FLATONIA TEXAS C0mPufneUtS Compliments of of Mrs. Frances The Mereeka Holsum Bread Co. What happened, Vennie??? P r e t t Y P o s i n 8 , s X Crowning of Queen of Halloween Halloween Carnival Q1 Mr. Bowman, you send me way out. " Middle Ground King Ranch Thoroughbred Happy Co Captains Crazy mixed -up feet Cool Cats Gues at Klng Ranch WW OF FRIE N N- won-can un . '6 'jrf ummm? oumvu 1 1 1 1 1, , ' vw, w nn 1 'u 'tfifmu - I lnuaw :- ' l F' ' fl" rf: XX' 5... I ,. . .L E J, '.. 'r"' Pgbn Q V 15.21.-yy ' ' 3 vL ,J,.I.r , 11 A '. lr. 1 "T 19 Rib: b. '-Q Ig W f J' 1' wgfwq .V .33-, ,,, P. , .1 w dk'- I 'V fl , 'lkgv 5 1 n Z ,. .xl'.'Q' :Y '.' 'T H Arg: 'MIL' 131 ' QQ: I. l . 'r J' fi -?.1Q,!3-:Lp 1 N n - .P V is ' :ft tg?-'gif-r f J. Y .f . 1 A , " u -- - lv' ,, 5 +P , . , . WE' 7w'l r ' ' ' ya P- K r 3' 1 'mg vin ' L w . ,J . L x ' 15: 9'f.-Libj' -1 ,fi 3'1'2J'J . 3-' , ,nv fl. b V - '4 ,. . : 'x ...V w , a . e PF-, ' 1 ix' '1 'f. 1 . f n- ' 1 1 a ,v -. , ,J ,. ' fu, W t o-L".-, JF, 'QL 'Yu--lf... r if-316 -'I-Y' ' A-r'. , g faint. FEE. L 1 . . .fs :,,'w -. k - , 11 HJ .44 U' , ' ii . '-3fT.x .vgt Jwf' . .A ,. mn,-L ,. Y-. '- ' iff' fa ' ,-.I -F,,gl'1:, il?Q317.ba. .1 ugrg f"f:f.h' , ',.,i33iR . .,. 5,-3-. -I ' TA... . . fr M- .. V if . ' I X -I . X ' , Qfl' .nw I 1 tl 4,' X , ,, .4. 1.33-, A A f , "K, 1331. iff-'fs 3.1 , . VV ,ish , . : 11 y I f 4 .' '1 . - ' 1 J4'l - ' '.d ll W iQ 6 ' l . , , 1. . w . ,un .- 5 ' BJ? 4, .- J , V 1-wh ' VV!! 1: "LJ, 1, ' . W. 4" ff., 4 U M. M . Ft VP: fum .FH - 1' 5 A 1... . A. an .- 1 ' ' . I Mi ' ' 1 X 71-1 xg' .4 1:1 ,.,., 1 . .i.. J 'J'iglJ-xkgig J :,? l -. 4,511 A' A .2 may pf. 1Qr,.,-- - f.- ,V gi Yrs 7 .j.3f3j.IL 1 is1,- . Vg . bfkl 1 V 4 rv V . M,-wal.. 41 1 ' . -. in . . .wi -' T -4. 1..v. f' 1 -"-'mu " 'r,:,1.'i, . .1 1- V.. u ,-wgf'1'- -'-IJ '- .QA rw, L, , A -'f::.53ff'ff?-QQ 1" 3- . 'I 1 A " J I "'i3gf!iT'-- f , . s!.rJSfb'?" ' . Q . . ' 154- ' 1. ,wx .9 - v - ' rf' .N '11-A+. if 4. ' ' Nd I'VF " x - - ' .- , 1 - ' "5 -SA 1 K ---1 ' Wi' uf' .. Y . 1'1 - "'A: 5 NA -1 R , 'ufij T 1 ' . ' 'ff-Hg' na. '.'+- ' '+ '- r ' ' ,V f . f1,f'v . , V M . .,- - .-E Q, ,. fi, . I - 9 A . 5,1 W .v . . . .rx - yy, yu .I .A A if H13 V 'vig I 1

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