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, . g-..f.:..- ,,,.. .-4. Y,. ,,,-- M .,.-- ..,,, kg. . , ,, Y , U, YW...-,:.....,f.- ,,,- - -qi 7 ml . 4,7 9 'Q L Qgjibvuwj MQW, O off4LNJb'59 Vx? Vw 'H wX6y YSYQQVYXAJQYY Zf4fH uMM is Wmjiwfii . 'J f 'Q X 3 KW? Rf ww- , if xi Qiyfjwi jf Xi? ig? i" My X535 , iw Wff ff' R MWKQQMWQ x xiii M V ' R Q W 6 ' . f 'T 'I ,QQQQQ ai1 qak gygfafiif QMWH 4 MQ! QkQMWmfPMM4Q gk W VW Hx ' ,wo N C ffm ff Wx KifU WMQf Wwwdfiyifgiw Q??Q2Kgi Aygmi wgfgf q qwylbwb i tyyfjwgg Q wf5?f 'sE?QK3 XEQVQTNJMQQ 5. J , COURTESY GREAT NORTHERN RAILROAD WHHE HMPHMEMJ PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS OF FLATHEAD COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL. KALISPELL. MONTANA! I J ' 'E ' ' ' I I r , js. ' 1 1 WA- , - 'I A,' Y v1 'N 'B ff' 1 9 5 3 Volume XLVII H 1 in QQ E XE? Bfiigxxf INTRODUCTORY FACULTY ,,,7... I SENIORS ,, ,, ,, ,, IUNIORS ,,, ,.,..,, , SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN .,,w7A,.. ORGANIZATIONS MUSIC 7II,....,,III.,,, DRAMA ...w,,,.,. FOOTBALL .,,Y SKIING ,.,,.... ,,,L, BASKETBALL I..., I TRACK ..,.7....,..V, GOLF .v,,7,,.,,7,.....7.I.. TABLE OF CONTENTS SPONSORSHIPS 7,,,. FOREWORD Within the confines of the following pages, we, the annual staff have endeavored to make this not merely another annual, but a book of memories .... a book that will call to mind and memory the many happy activities of school days at "the Home of the Braves." lt is our hope that each of you will cherish and preserve this memory book so that in years to come you can re-live your high school days with a sense of pleasure and satisfaction. However, your annual staff could not have arrived at any degree of success without the guiding help of Miss Dorothy Schoknecht and Mr. Richard Nelson, whose efforts were untiring. ln closing l would like to leave a thought with each of you: seniors, as you go out into the world and underclassmen as you finish your high school career. l would like to quote from the works of Edgar Guest. "Life is a gift that the humblest may boast of And one that the humlolest may well make the most of. Get out and live it each hour of the day, Wear it and use it as much as you may: Don't keep it in niches and corners and grooves, You'll find that in service its beauty improves." Betty Millhouse, Editor-in-chief l953 FLATHEAD , xx : KENNETH A. RAWSON, PRINCIPAL FLATHEAD COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL TO THE CLASS OF 1953 There are so rnany avenues of life open to all of us that it is easy, when the going gets tough iand it always doesl, to quitffand go another way. You have not quit in your struggle to obtain for yourself a high school diploma. Therefore to you l extend the heartiest of congratulations upon your present achievement. May it be only the first in many of lite's successes in store for you. You now have a good start in developing your ability to do things. However, it is only a start. Remember the world judges you and pays you not for what you decide to do but for what you actually do. Dreams don't count until they begin to work themselves into reality. Don't expect something lor nothing. Work for what you want. No amount of talent or no amount of influence will carry you very far unless you work. An accident may put you into a responsible position, but nothing but fitness and work will hold you there. May the best of liie be yours. Kenneth A. Rawson DEDICBTION To those Whom We love best and to Whom We owe most Our Parents ...... we dedicate the 1953 Flathead. Father, our strength, protection and care. Mother, our comforter, counsellor and guide. They have always been our fortress in need and they have been considerate and forgiving in our mistakes. God bless them. i i l I Navi 4 SEATED: MR. IAMES MURPHY, MH. ELMER BEEMAN, MRS. C. 0. MILLER. MISS LULU BARNARD, MR. OWEN SOWERWINE, MR. CONRAD GILBEHTSON STANDING: MR. KENNETH RAWSON, MR. M. R. WOOD, MR. MATT HIMSL School Board Aims to Maintain High Standards of Education at Flathead Behind the scenes at Flathead worlcinq to maintain a modern physical plant, and above all to develop nn educational institution to serve the needs of the younq people ol the area, are the members oi the school board. Since Flathead is a county hiqh school, board members are appointed by the coun- ty commissioners instead of beinq elected by the taxpayers. The men and women ol the board qive many hours of their time in public service. They work with Mr. Bawson to formulate the policies which will best serve the students and patrons of Flathead. Mrs. C. O. Miller is chairmanp Mr. Matt Himsl, vice chairman, Miss Lulu Barnard, county super- intendent, secretaryg Mr. M, B. Wood, clerk. Dr. Fred Sundelius was a member ot the Flat- head County Hiqh School Board for eleven years. For nine ot these years he was chairman. Dr. Fred, as he was affectionately called, was deeply con- cerned and interested in everythinq that pertains to Flathead High. As a token of appreciation ot his deep interest in the weliare of this school, members of the board and faculty members have placed a bronze mem- orial tablet in the Annex-Gym. lt was at the dedi- cation of the Annex-Gymnasium that Dr. Sundelius made his last public appearance. THE LATE DR. FRED SUNDELIUS PRESIDING AT ANNEX-GYMNASIUM DEDICATION 1 i i l t i t 1 C uli -an.a1nf" ',1i -- M fin: nz was LIVELY VOLLEYBALL GAME ENTERTAINS OPEN HOUSE CROWD The Annex, a tunctional building including the cafeteria, music department, classrooms, and the large gymnasium, was dedicated March l0, with a program by the music department and demon- strations by the students in physical education. Following the program "open house" was held in all departments of the school. The Annex is a most valuable addition to the Flathead plant making pos- sible a much wider curricular and community pro- gram. The foresightedness ot the taxpayers voting a bond issue in 1948 made possible this 3520000 building, boasting one ot the finest gymnasiurns in the state. OPEN HOUSE FEATURES ANNEX DEDICHTION VISITORS INSPECT PROJECTION EQUIPMENT STUDENTS TEST PARENTS' REACTION TIME HOWARD AND TOM DEMONSTRATE PROPERTIES OF HY- DROGEN AND OXYGEN BOYS GYM CLASS TUMBLES I-'OR PARENTS MR. SOUDER DIRECTS A CAPPELLA CHOIR ky. -A s g s ZZ., - A g53g.: .g:,g4f ' - 5 ,1 S1 .4 x 1 -hifgi jr. f - -5 . . x M il' fgfgfa- I: W . f LJ, wx" Q , 1 9 41 ' rv km Q 3 S: 3 wg u 5 - Q J 0 S Ci L 4 M.,- X . 2 X x ' 'Str' :wif ' fy , . Q ,--. V Ji f :P Y :QQ 2- Q 3 ,J xf f 7' gg, wg' M N MM,,,,A,..x wa -. sq- . is 5 2 32 , EEE 515 .4 E 33 fi 1 I Ann--Zag. X A 6:4 'A O xi . H I ' Q1 v , x wt . . o-'f 45 .- , Q, .' g F- x , 3355 If 9 'z TSE wi HX Qs 'f I X x. Y - sl? 9 f g M.. . k sw 5555- if KW , ' f ,., L .W Y f X ..,: ,. i ,. wxsi' 1 0 wx' 1 xg R K Q if I W, .M - -- S ,,....- + 1.1 4 -5. fn 1 ? 1.- , 4 Hia , ,ifqi ' 2 SERVICE wmi A SMILE BRINKMAN 'rw1s'rs ARM AS cnoox COLLECTS Around the Clock with Flathead Students VLASAK AND MEBUST HAVE AN ROBINSON SLAVING AWAY IN THE ARROW OFFICE ANGEL HAIR PULLING CONTEST IO IN THE PARTY? Page 10 Y TEENS DECORATE FOR HARVEST BALL HAPPY CONCERT GOERS f :,f:,,fm Y IOGAN PASS TUNNFL COURIFSY OV RNCHARD NFLSO1 'a 'I P I I I I .'. .1 A .-:.. .vw MR. FRANK C. MCELWAIN: B. A.-Teaches gen- MRS. RUTH MacDONALD: Registrar for F.C.H.S. eral math: Director of Guidance Department: favorite hobby is sports. Guidance Program Prepares Students Page ll MISS DELLA VE CARR: M. A.-Teaches psychol- oqy and Montana history: sponsors senior class. Bible Club and is girls' advisor. Favorite hobby is music and fishing. Q 'if 3 . STUDENTS PLAN FUTURE BY STUDY- ING GUIDANCE BULLETINS for Living MR. VERNON DAY: B. S.-Teaches gen- eral math and advanced algebra: Dean of boys and is assistant principal. Favorite hobby is hunting and fishing. egg, MR. LARRY W. WEINGARTNER: B. A. MR. MITCHO PAPPAS: M. A.-Teaches -Teaches history and Americcmism: American history, Montana History, and sponsors model Airplane club, hockey f K O 'J-e 5-5 QQ Spanish: sponsors sophomore class and and golf: favorite hobby is hunting N.F.L.: favorite hobby is fishing. and fishing. Social Studies Build Attitudes for Citizenship STUDENTS PRACTICE VOTING PRIVILEGES IN MOCK ELECTION . NN W J MR. STUART E. FITSCHEN: B. A.: M. E.-Teaches sociology, economics and social studies: spon- sors Pep club, freshman class. and is assistant director of guidance: Favorite hobby is travel. A, . ' ' Q, 1 ft' x ew-,if rs? 'wifi :3I"cfM ' W 71' M ' 53 K Y 'L ,Ab -4 ' .W fvwil, '. N' " ., ,. ,, -i .gl ffftff: vsifr-ef x,i'f -v' lwfyxlg 35,45 f www EW. Lge' 0 3 'Gifs-we 4 M.. iles.- X 'J""'Td' MISS LELA SCHROLUCKE: B. A.-Teaches Amer- ican qovernment, psychology and remedial Enq- lish: sponsors Y Teens. Favorite hobby is hat making. Page 12 we 'fat"""X or ngwgf f , .abt Z MH I G HUGHES B 5 Teaches commercial MR RUSSELL MERHITT B A Teaches book- course sponsors dxstnbuhve education favorxie keepxng and general busmess sponsors Studen! hobby ms square dancmq Councxl and Key club Favonte hobby xs iishinq. IVERA TOLLEFSON AND MARCELLA MATHIASON LOOK AT STATE DIS- MR KENNETH CHRISTISON B S Teaches typ MRS IEBNNE PHLAIN B S Teaches commer- mg sponsors the Student Council IS fxnancxal cxal and socxal sclences Iavonie hobby is land- MR. DAVID T. ANDERSON: B. A.-Teaches Eng- MISS DOROTHY ROGERS: B. A.: M. A.-Teaches lish and iourncxlism: sponsors the Arrow: iavor- freshman English: favorite hobby is going io ite hobby is interior decorating. her cabin at the lake. DRAMA STUDENTS PRACTICE APPLI- CATION OF ARTISTIC MAKE-UP English Department Strives to Enrich Living MISS H-A GRACE HAGIE3 B- A--TGGCHGS iunior MR. PETER PRLAIN: M. A.-Teaches English English: sponsors Quiver club: favorite hobby and drama: sponsors h-eshmcm class und Cam- is the farm. era club: favorite hobby is "hot rods." Page I4 MR. TOM RICHARDSON: B. A.-Teaches speech. radio and literature: Sponsors N.F.l... Key club and the public relations broadcast: favorite hobby is photography. STUDENTS PRACTICE RULES OF ETIQUETTE WQFWN-..,, lf ""'bq,,6 . MRS. CLARA YOUNG: A. B.-Teaches English: SPonsors Y Teens, sophomore class and Future Teachers club: tavorito hobby is travel. Through Effective Communication of Ideas Page 15 MR. AI. I. GEHSTENBEBGER: B. A-Teaches Enq- lish and Latin: favorite hobby is hunting and fishing. MISS LONITA KUBTZ: B. A.: B. S. L. S.-Librarian: sponsors Appinokwis: favorite hobby is textile painting. -. MISS AGNES FIELD: B. A.--Teaches mathematics: IRENE NELSON AND IEAN ANNE CHESTER FIND sponsors Ushers club: favorite hobby is spend- THE NORMALITY OF AN ACID ing summers at the lake. "I'M SPYING ON YOU, LITTLE ATOM- IC NUMBER!" Aim of Science-Math Department is to Develop MR. LEONARD LUST: B. A.-Teaches algebra. geometry. solid geometry and trigonometry: spon- sors senior cluss: Favorite hobby is church act- ivities. "IS IT ALL ON THE LEVEL. BOYS?" Page 16 ,Q lla 1 5 'I ,plain l' lxllllllll Zlfwfg, jx ,.. .' ir' M- I .2f..1l.'!fQg..x..,..'Xl MR. WALTER YLINEN: B. A.-Teaches biology MISS DOR0 Y SCHOKNECH ' A. B.: and qeneral math: sponsors visual education M. SL-te c s chemistry biology: and Proiectionists club: favorite hobby is bugs sponso e Annual: rite hobby and craytilh. is "c inggafd en."A!,- I 'Ill x fl '. ll ln ' .5 h ' f I 55419 'ly ' .fl f ,W ' ' L- , A ,X 1, jr I In ,rr .- If I I 1, .J X4 I I BIOLOGY CLASS INSPECTS CHEMISTRY APPARATUS Understanding and Scientific Thinking Page 17 MR. RICHARD M. NELSON: B. A.-Teaches chem- istry, physics and algebra: sponsors Ski club, Annual, senior class and coaches the ski team. THE FULBHIGI-ITS MAKE "DOUBLE TROUBLE" IN Favorite hobby is skiing and photography. PHYSICS MR. EDWARD BECKSTHAND: B. M.-Teaches CLARINET ENSEMBLE "TUNING UP" FOR CHRISTMAS PROGRAM band: sponsors the dance hand and ensemble groups: favorite hobby is golf. A CAPPELLA CHOIR ROBING FOR CHRISTMAS CONCERT SOUDER GETS "IN THE MOOD" FOR CHRISTMAS CAROLS Music Department Aim is the Development of Musical Talent and Appreciation MR. EDWARD L. SOUDER: B. M.: M. M.-Teaches MRS. SANDERS: A. B.-Teaches stringed vocal music and chorus: favorite hobby is house msirumenis. building. Page I8 if GERRY KRAUSE DRAWS A MOVIE STAR MR. EDWARD BAILEY B A Teaches art und social studies sponsors the Ari club and lumor class: favorite hobby is photography and paint ing. GIRLS MAKE NEW OUTFITS YOUNG GENIUSES DABBLE IN OILS Home and Fine Arts Prepare for Gracious Living MISS CATHERINE SWEENEY: B. A.gTeaches home eco- nomics: sponsors F. H. A., cmd junior class: iavoriie hobby is music. MR. HENRY ROBINSON: M. S.-Teaches agri- MRS. IRENE DUKLETH: Vo-Ag secretary: Favorite culture cmd sho : s F.F.A'. I 't h bb ' p ponsors , avone o y hobby is housework. is hunting. Vo-Ag Aims for Skill in Scientific Farming CLEANLINESS IS OUR MOTTO WATTERS MAKES A CLEAN SWEEP MR. LUTHER LALUM: B. S.-Teaches vocational agriculture: sponsors l-'.F.A. ond Young Farms MR. R. A. OLSON: B. S.-Teaches agriculture and ers' club: icxvorite hobby is hunting and fishing. shop: sponsors F.F.A.: favorite hobby is iishing. Page 20 MISS OLIVE LEWIS: B. A.-Teaches physi- THIS MIGHT BE REAL COMPETITION FOR THE VARSITY! cal education and biology: sponsors G. A. A. Favorite hobbies are fishing and raising roses. BOYS CLASS PERFORMS CALISTHENICS DRILL FOR OPEN HOUSE Physical Education Develops Skill for Leisure Time Page 23 MRS. MARIORIE ANDERSON: B. A.-Teaches physical education and commercial course: spone sors tumbling and Pep club: favorite hobby is RICH MAN. POOR MAN, BEGGAR MAN. THIEF sewing. F PAPPAS GIVES MCELWAIN A HALF-NELSON NELSON DOUBLES FOR TRAPEZE ARTIST IT'S A SAD, SAD STORY, GIRLS WORKING THEIR WAY THROUGH SCHOOL SLINGING HASH DQS-I Page 24 TOP: MR. LUST AND A BEVY OF FEMALES TEACHERS WORK. FOR ONCE! BOTTOM: PRESIDENT CHRIS. "YOU'VE HAD ENOUGH! MR C I KUSLER B S M A Teaches ad MR. W. E. McCULLOCH: B. S.-Teaches auto vonced and general shop Favorite hobby ll mechanics: sponsors Model Airplane club: favor- wood turning ite hobby il fishing. Skill and Technique Page 21 MR. LLOYD W. WILSON: M. A.-Teaches printing and drafting: sponsors Model Airplane club: fav- orite hobby is hunting and fishing. ffl .asx MR. F. E. lRipJ WILSON: B. S.-Teaches MR. FRANK LITTLE: B. S.-Varsity football and physical education and driver's training: basketball coach: sponsors F club: favorite hobby sponsors Square Dance club and Ski is fishing. club: favorite hobby is fishing. Physical Education Promotes Health and Good Living "TIP IT IN THERE, BOYS!" MR. RALPH BERGSTROM: B. A.-Teaches Ameri- can history and algebra, and is assistant var- MR. SPENCER E. KOPPANG: B. S.-Teaches phys- sity football and basketball coach: sponsors the ical education and health, and is freshman coach: F club: favorite hobby is golf and fishing. sponsors Pep club: favorite hobby is golf. -Q., -A nf-ff2m1.::- My 1 s w Page 22 6 T'r WW mmm " '84, , wWW?w af' wh Rig, ,.' in 'U .I f' f mf in , X- 26 gfgiggw Ji' EQ 5 1' if H. WX K EV mzkff ,J A ffwfwwfgfpww if gfff GARY CARL AKLESTAD HGGIH lntmMurrrl Sports 3: Bfmd 3, 4: All School l'lf1y 3: llmmx Rmsru Otltvor, Secretnry fl, Vtre l'r1-rrrlvrtt fl, Pu-fttdorrt 4: FFA l, fl, 3, 4: Speech tittntwfzt il, Il, 4: Svmor Bull 4: Iumor Prom 3: Ytvuth l':r1r l, 7, 3, 4. NORMA IEAN ALBRITTON Mufut- f'v:'ttvf1l l, fl, 3: A Cfrppellcx Chou' 4: Girls tihtmtfz fi: Elf-nor Chou 3: Freshman Chorus l: 'l'rt1tlf' 'Frm 3: Asscfmhly El: Student Council 4: filer:-an Ollw -"- v, Trorrstttm 4: Home Room Ofircer ' 9 s l 7 3 l, Z., 3: Study Hull lol:-lpor 4: Y-Tfuu , ., I Tw-rt Cvntm 4: Pop Club 2, 3, 4: Merit Point Kr-wpffr 4: Sqttfxrv ID:1ut'e2 Club 2: Se-ntor Bull 4: lumm Prom 3: Prom Queen 3: Youth Fair l, ZZ, 3: Iumrxr Clrxss Murshfrll 3. ELMER ALLERS llnmv- Rrwwm Ollrwrl, Pts-Stdvfrtt 4: FPA l, 2, 3, 4, l,olmmttu-f- f,llt1lIlllUIl 3: Youth Frm l, fl, 3, 4. SHIRLEY L. AMDAM l'f-5- llfxurl fi, 3: Mrrrlrmtrl Llhotr 3, 4: Llorrfott , lltuwl l, 23, 3, 4: lumcl l, 2, 3, 4: l,rhrtrry 4: Y 'l'm-ttf: 4: llthlor Clulv 3, 4. FLOYD ARNOLD Intro-Mural Sports 1, Zi, 3, 4: Squurv Duuco Club 3: Arrow 4: Feature Reporter 4. MARIE ARNOLD All-State Band 3, 4: Convort Bond 1, CZ, 3, 4: Pop Band l, 2, 3, 4: Bond l, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4: Music' Festival l, fl, 3, 4: Christmas Ccrrrtztvr IZ: Wultz llrocrrn l: llosert Souq 2: Sonior Plnv 4: Assfombltes 4: Souior Ball 4: Iuuior Prom 3: Youth Farr l, fl: Arrow 3, 4: Woodwind Quin- tet 1, 2: All-Girl Dance Band l, 4. EILEEN BAILEY GAA 2, 3, 4 ,Plny Duy IT: Otvlwstru 3: Musto Foshvol fl: Y Toons 2: luntor Prom 3: Blblo Club 4: Futrliold High School, Futrltvld l. ADDISON BAIN Proioctionists 2: lw'lodr-l Alrpltmv Club 4, Howard I. Poston, Contractor: Inter Luke 0. K. Rubber Welders: Dr. Curry Page 25 HOWARD I. BEAR "Griz" Football, Freshman l, Reserve 3, lntra-Mural Sports 1, 2, 4, Ski Team 3, 4, State Tournament 3, 4, F Club 3, 4, Band 4, Music Festival 1, 2, A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3, Vice President 3, Boy's Octet 3, Christmas Cantata 1, Z, 3, Waltz Dream 1, Desert Song 2, Assemblies 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 3, 4, Home Room Officer 4, Key Club 4, High School Week 3, Spanish Club l, 2, 3, Vice President 2, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 3, Square Dance Club 2, Senior Ball 4, lunior Prom 3, Youth Fair 4, Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 3, Appinokwis 4, lunior Class Marshall 3, BEN IAMIN LEE BENNER nBennYu Student Store 4, Co-op 4, Deca Club 4, FFA 4, Billings Senior High, Billings 1, 2, 3. DONNA LOUISE BENNER Student Store 4, Coeop 4, Deca Club 4, Billings Senior High, Billings l, 2, 3. KENNETH D. BIERY nKenu Football, Freshman 1, Reserve 2, 3, Varsity 4, Track 2, lntra-Mural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4, Inter- scholastic Meet 2, Band 1, 2, 3, Spanish Club 2, FFA 1, Youth Fair 1, 2, 3, 4. Anderson Theatre Co.: Cummings Standard Station Blue 6 White Auto Court: I-'erqusson Shoe Co. Page 26 SHIRLEY ANN BAIN ushh-In Ouiver 3, 4, lunior Prom 3, Annual 4. MARTIN PAUL BAKER Music Festival l, 2, 3, A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3, Section Leader 3, All-State Choir 3, Christmas Cantata 1, 2, 3, Waltz Dream 1, Desert Song 2, Student Store 4, Senior Ball 4, lunior Prom 3. CHESTER BARNETT uchet.. Football Reserve 3, Basketball Reserve 3, Var- sity Basketball Manager 4, lunior Prom 3, Great Falls High School, Great Falls 1, 2. PHYLLIS DARLENE BATTLESON Hphyl.. Senior Play 4, Backstage 4, Assemblies 4, Home Room Officer 3, Teen Center 4, Senior Ball 4, Iunior Prom 3, Annual 4, Kintla Girl Scouts 2, 3, 4, Ski Club 3, 4, Art Club 3, 4, Scobey High School, Scobey 1, 2. - DONNADELL BIRD Student Store 45 Arrow 45 Deva Club 45 Bible Club 3, 4. DARLENE BITNEY Muzzit' Fr-sztivnl l, 7, 35 A Cappella Choir 35 Girls Chorus l, 25 Freshman Chorus lg Christmas Cantata 35 Desert Sonq 25 Study Hall Helper 45 Y Teens l, 2, 35 Square Dance Club 2, 3, 45 NFL l, 24, 35 FHA l5 Senior Ball 45 Iunior Prom 35 Youth Fair l, fl, 35 Annual 45 Skl Club 2, 3, 4. ROBERT MORRIS BLAKE "Bob" Fzmtbfxll, Fit-st-rvv 2, 3, Varsity 45 F Club 45 Mrxdiiqrxl Chou 45 I-Itmm Room Otllcer, SeCref t-ny 4' Pop Club 4. IACK L. BRINKMAN Tm-'k 35 lntmfMural Sports 25 Concert Band l, 12, 3, 4, President 45 Pep Band 2, 3, 45 Band l, IZ, 3, 4, President 4: Music Festival 1, 2, 3, 4: Asst-mbltf-S l, 7, 3, 45 Student Council 3, 4, Presif dent 45 Home Ronin Otttrer 2, 35 Key Club 3, 4, Tic-txsiimi 4, Deleqate National Convention 35 Teen th-ntr-i 35 Buys State 3, Clerk of Supreme Court5 Pep Club Ilxecutive Board 45 Square Dance Club T15 Sr-mor Ball 45 Youth Fair l, Z, 3, 45 Annual 4, Mnsir Editor 45 State Solo and Ensemble Meet Il, 3, 45 German Rand 2, 3, 4, Leader 3, 45 Grad' nation Cftviinnittm- Chairman 35 Northern Division 'lkiiiinrrmviit Planmnq Committee 4 5Appinokwis 4. R RONALD A. BRONSON nnonn Student Store 45 FFA 1, 2, 35 lunior Prom 35 Youth Fair 2, 35 Co-op 45 Deva Club 4. DALE BROWN FFA 1, 2, 3, 4. EARL W. BROWN Orchestra I, 2. VIRGINIA BRUCH Home Room Oftirer, Secretary 45 Student Store 45 FHA 45 Co-op 45 Deca Club 4. Alton Pearce Drug Company Flathead Electric Cooperative. Incorporated Page 27 SHIRLEY CABBAGE Music Festival 2, Girls Chorus 2: Assemblies lg Student Store 45 Y Teens ly Co-op 4, Deca Club 4: Bible Club 3, 4. KENNETH CAVE nKennYu Football, Freshman l, Reserve 25 Track I, 27 lntra-Mural Sports l, 2, 3, Home Room Officer, Secretary 35 Square Dance Club 3. IEAN ANN CHESTER FTA Historian 4, Annual 4. PATRICIA I O CHRISINGER npm., Music Festival l, 2, A Cappella Choir 35 Girls Chorus 2, Madriqal Choir 4, Freshman Chorus ly Desert Song 2: Assemblies 45 Y Teens 1, 27 Square Dance Club 2, 3, Iunior Prom 3: Annual 4, Dona1dson's Men's Wear: G 6 E Grocery Page 28 LAWRENCE BRUNNER nllarryu Assemblies l, 3, 4, Student Store 4: FFA l, 2, 3, 4, Chairman of Earnings and Savings and Safety Comrnitteesg Co-op 4: Deca Club 4. NADINE BUNKER Orchestra 35 Music Festival 27 Girls Chorus 2, 35 Backstage 41 Assemblies 2, 4: Y Teens 2, 47 FHA 2, 3, 4, Youth Fair 2: Bible Club 4. IACK BURR Football, Freshman 1, Reserve 2, Varsity 3, 4, State Championship Game 3, Basketball, Fresh- man lp Track l, 25 intra-Mural Sports 3, 41 F Club 3, 4, Assemblies l, 2, 3, 4, Iunior Prom 35 Youth Fair 3, Annual 45 All-State Football 4. BETTY IO BUSCH "Betty" GAA ly Music Festival 2, 37 A Cappella Choir 3, Girls Chorus 2, Freshman Chorus lp Senior Play 4, Assemblies l, 2, 3: Home Room Officer, Vice President 27 Y Teens l, 2, 3, 45 Hiqh School Week 37 Square Dance Club 2, 3, 4, NFL 27 lun- iot Prom 3, Youth Fair 2, 3, Annual 47 Arrow 2. CHARLES CONRAD "Charlie" lntxaMuml Sports 3. CHERIE CONRAD Clnnt-r-il Band l, 2, 3: Band l, 2, 37 Student Stole 4: Square Danve Club 4: Debate l, 2, 3: NFI. l, 2, 3, 4: Smoke Slqnals 2, 3: Speech Trip I, 2, 3: lntozsrholastic Meet 2, 3: Senior Ball 4: lunior Prom 3: Youth Fair l, 2, 3, 4: Co-op 4: Deco Club 4. ERNIE COOPER ucoop.. Football, Freshman 1: Music' Festival l, 2: A Cappellri Choir 1, 2, 4: Madriqal Choir 3: Waltz lin-run l: Assemblies l, 2, 3, 4: Deca Club 4: Coop 4: Student Storv 4: lntraAMural Sports l, 7 3 SHIRLEY CRAMER A Cappella Choir 4: Girls Chorus 3: Assemblies 37 Student Store: Y Teens 1, 2: Ouiver 3: Square llfIYl4'P' Club 2: Youth Fair l: Coeop 4: Deva Club 4. ROBERT A. CROOK "Bob" Intro-Mural Sports 2, 3: Assemblies l, 2, 3, 4: Student Council l, 2: Home Room Oftirer, Piesif dent, Vice President 4: Key Club 2, 3, 4, Exerv utive Board 4: Teen Center 3, 4: Pep Club 4: Square Dance Club 2, 3: Senior Ball 4: lumor Prom 3: Youth Fair l, 2, 3, 4: Annual 4: Ski Club 3, 4, DALE CROSKREY Concert Baud 1, Z, 3, 4: Pep Band 2, 3, 4: Band 1, 3, 4: Dance Band 1, 3: Music Festival 2: A Cappella Choir 1, TZ: All-State Choir 3: Mndixqal Cho.r 3 :Boys Ortet 3: Christmas Can' tata 2: Waltz Dream 1: Senior Play 4: Bavkstaqe 2: Assemblies 3, 4: Student Store 4: Square Dante Club 2: FTA 4: Co-op 2: Dena Club 4. WAYNE CROSKREY Assemblies 45 Student Store 4: Coop 4: Deva Club 4. WILLIAM T. DAWSON "Bill" Football, Reserve QT: Convert Band l, 2, 3, 4: Band l, 2, 3, 4: Music Festival 4: Student Coun- cil ly Homo Room Oilirer, Set-rotfiry l, Presi- dent 3, Vice President 4: Youth Fair l, 2, 3, 4. Croskrey Motors: Adams Drug: Wheeler Iewelry Hi1lsteud's Page 29 DONNA LOU DOUGLAS .,Douq.. GAA 1, 2, Assemblies 4, Home Room Officer, 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 1, 2, 3, President 4, Li- brary 3, Hiqh School Week 3, Quiver 1, 2, Youth Fair 2, Annual 4, Appinokwis 4, West Valley High School, Spokane, Washington 3. IOHN DURADO mluonyu Football, Freshman 1, Reserve 2, Varsity 3, 4, State Championship Game 3, Basketball, Fresh- man 1, Reserve 2, Varsity 3, 4, divisional tour- nament 3, 4, State Tournament 3, 4, Track 1, Z, 3, F Club 3, 4, Student Council 1, Home Room Officer 2, 4, Senior Ball 4, Annual 4. KATHLEEN EAYRS "Kathy" A Cappella Choir 4, Girls Chorus 2, Madriqal Choir 3, Freshman Chorus 1, Student Store 4, Y Teens l, Z, FHA l, 2, Co-op 4, Deca Club 4. IOHN B. EBERHARD "Buck" lntra-Mural Sports 2, Assemblies 1, FFA 1. Eagle Shoe Company: Flathead Motor Sales Page 30 EARL W. DENNISON "Wayne" Football, Freshman 1, Varsity 3, 4, State Champ- ionship Game 3, Track 2, lntra-Mural Sports 1 2, 3, 4, F Club 3, 4, A Cappella Choir 1, 3, 4, Waltz Dream 1. GEORGE DENNISON Hloio., Football, Reserve 2, Varsity 3, 4, State Champ- ionship Game 3, Track 1, 2, 3, Intra-Mural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4, F Club 3, 4, Sergeant-at-Arms 4, A Cappella Choir 4, Madriqal Choir 3, Assemblies 1, 4, Student Council 2, 4, Home Room Officer 1, 2, Key Club 4, FFA 1. ANN LOUISE DENZER uAnnu Assemblies 4, Senior Pla Student Direc r 4- ' Y, to . Senior Ball 4, FHA 4, Twirlers 4, Pomeroy Sen- ior Hi h ch 1 P ' q S oo, omeroy, Washington, 1, 2, 3. GENE DOTY "Dopey" Backstage 3, FFA 1, 2, 3, 4, Youth Fair 2, 3, 4. MARILYN IOYCE ENGLISH 111-1111- 111111111 fJ1111'111 1, 43 Y T1-11115 13 '1'rzP11 CR111101 11 '1'w11111:1 fl, 111111 '1"N11'141IS L13 SP111111 BC111i4: Y1111111 11111 13 A1 111111. 1, 11. 11111111 43 LT111111 43 10111111 f11'1 LOIS IO ERICKSON NIO.. .f1"'1111111111-11 '13 111111111 R1'111111 O1111'111', iwv-14rOt111y 37 !1111r1y 11111 111-111-1 43 131111111111 S1010 43 C0011 113 11.1111 V11111 4 THOMAS E. FATHERREE 1.1-ornn 111111114111111 1111111111 .i, 11, 43 Cfr1111'11r1 Hand 22, 3, 1 1 1 1 1-,11 1 :mi L' 3 4: 1V11s1f' 1'PS1f 1,111111f1.,.',4,131 , , 1 111111 .': 1111111111111 11111111 4: Assvrnbllps 43 S111- 111 . ., .11- 11 . 1 Sr 1111161 D011 P Club 1.11 1'1,111f1 11I1y 1:11111 ., .1 - .- '3 " 1111 1'1111 4, 11111101 13111111 33 Lf1'yS1f11 Clly 111111 1111111 111c11:1, l. MARIDONNA FISHER "Fisher" MAA 1, 1l1111:11' 1'11:111v111 1, 11, C11115 Qfliorus 1, 113 111-::I1111111, 11111111., lg lf1111S111111S Cnnlutfx 13 livsmt 11111111 "3 1111111111 1'111y 4 1i111'kS111qv 3: ASS11111b11Pf: 1 111.11151 111111 111-1111-1 43 St11dP11t Stow 43 Square 11111111- l'I1111 lf, 3, 43 NF1, 12, 3, 47 FHA 1: SPNIOI 15111 43 Y1111111 11111 1, IT, 3: Iumor PIOIII31 Anr1uf11 11 1111111 4 L,111111-111 1111111 4: 1391411 Chlb 47 Ski lf11111 1, 1, -1, T Sb MARGARET FLACHMEYER FHA 1, 11. BESSIE LEE FLANSBURG uBessu AsS111111111m: 43 Study 111111 111411111 11' Box Eldmi 1111111 Sdmol, Box Eldor, M11111111111, 1, .13 L'o1111111J111 1':x11:s 1111111 School, CO11111111111 1'111ls 3. DAVE F LEMING 1'1'A 1, LT, 3, 4. IOANNE FLYNN NIO.. C111111111 13111111 1, QT, 3, 4,1'1111 111111ci .', 3, 11: 15111111 1, 11, 3, 4, S111'1'11tc11y"1'1'o11s111v1 4' O1'1'1111s1111 fp 1V111S11' 171'-S11v111 T, 3, 11: 51116111111 k'1111111'11 1: H011111 Room O111k'LNI 1, LT, -1- Y Towns 1, Li' A111111111kw1s 3, 43 C1115 511110 A111-1111110 33 Yo11l11 11111 1, l', 3, -'13 A111111111 43 A1'111xv T, 3, 113 11111111 U11111 3, 113 QU111 111161 511011 -1. Tip Top Drive ln: I. C. Penney Company Page 31 EDWARD F UNK .,Ed., Intra-Mural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4: Assemblies l: Stu- dent Store 4, FFA l, 2. ROBERT CHARLES GASSERT ..Bob., AllfState Band 1, 2, 3, Concert Band l 2 3- Band l, 2, 3, Square Dance Club 2, 3, 4 ,,Columl bia Falls High School, Columbia Falls l. BETTY I O GIBNEY GAA l, 2, Play Day 2, Music Festival 2, Girls Chorus 2, Senior Play 4: Assemblies 1, 2, 3, 4: Home Room Officer, Vice President 1, Office 4, Y Teens 1, 2, Square Dance Club 2, 3, 4, NFL 2, Iunior Prom 3, Youth Fair 2, 3, Annual, Co-B:s- iness Manager 4, Quill and Scroll 4, NANCY IEAN GILCHRIST GAA 1, 2, 3, 4, Play Day 1, 2, Music Festival I, 2, 3, A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4, Freshman Chorus l, Triple Trio 3, Christmas Cantata 1, 2, 3, 4, Desert Sonq 2: Senior Play 4, Backstage 2, 4, Assemblies 2, Student Council 4: Home Room Officer 1, 2, 3, 4, Study Hall Helper 4, Office 4, Y Teens l, 2, 3, 4, Square Dance Club 2, 3, 4: NFL l, Senior Ball 4: Youth Fair 1 2, 3, 4, Iunior Prom 3, Annual 4. Nash-Finch Company: Saverud Paint Shop Montana Sport Shop: Hutcheson Cleaners Page 32 VERA FORD Study Hall Helper 4. CHARLES RAY FORDHAM "Chuck" Intra-Mural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 2, 4, Home Room Officer 3. SHIRLEY MARIE FOURNIER All-School Plays 3, 4: Senior Play 4, Assemblies 1, 2, 3, 4: Student Council 1, Y Teens 1, Flaq Twirlers 2, 3, Senior Ball 4, Iunior Prom 3: Youth Fair l, Ski Club 3, 4, Art Club, President 4. ROBERT A. FRASER "F earless" Class Officer, Secretary 3: Home Room Officer, Vice President, President: Student Council 3 4, Teen Town l, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice Presi- dent 4, Senior Ball 4, Iunior Prom 3: Cheer- leader 4. RICHARD GROSSWILER Fnotbstll, Rosorvo fl, Vctrstty 37 Brxskotbnll, Froslx- nxcxn 17 Reserve il, 37 Trcxvk 1, LT, 3, 47 lntvr- svholrxstir Mcwt 3, 47 F Club 2, 3, 47 A Cup- Volln Choir 47 Student Counvtl 47 Hmno Room Otflvor 3, 47 FFA 1, 2, 3, 47 Knnsns Ctty Trip fl. LE. ROY GUNDERSON Football, Fxoslunun l7 Cmtvvrt Band l, fl, 37 Pvp l-land Il, 37 Bnnd 1, fl, 37 llmtvo Fwnnd 3. BERT GUY Assmublms 17 Homv Flofun Ottivor, Vxvo Pmsl df-nt l7 Student Storc 4: FFA 17 Youth Fun' 1, 3, Co op 47 l'lm'r1 Club 4. RICHARD E. HADER "Dick" Footlvctll, Frm-slxnmn l, Rusmsvo T7 Buskotbcxll F'IkF'SlUllflH l, Rvservn il, State Tmxrnurnmtt l, fl A Cmwpollu Chou 47 Boy's Outut 37 Class Otli rm, Vivo Pte-sidwnt I. B 6. B Food Mart Page 33 I OAN HERBOLD "Iocmie" GAA 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 4, Study Hall Helper 4, Ouiver Club 3, 4, FHA 1, 2, Home Room Officer, Vice President 3, Marionettes 1, Glee Club 1, 2, Chorus 3, Music Festival 1, 3, Youth Fair 3, 4. I OAN NE HERRON Assemblies l, Home Room Officer, Vice Presi- dent 4, Study Hall Helper 4, Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, President, Square Dance Club 2, 4, Iunior Prom 3, Youth Fair l, 2, 3, Art Club 4, FTA 4. IOAN N M. HOHMAN ulosieu Home Room Officer 1, 2, 3, Office 3, Student Store 4, Twirlers l, 2, Youth Fair 1, Co-op 4, Deca Club 4. ALMA HOYT Home Room Officer, Secretary 4, Student Store 4, Y Teens 1, 4, Square Dance Club 3, Iunior Prom 3, Co-op 4, Deca Club 4. Bi-Rite Drug Page 34 SHIRLEY ANN HALSETH GAA 1, Music Festival 2, Girls Chorus 2, 3, Assemblies 1, Student Council 3, Home Room Officer 2, 3, 4, Y Teens 1, 2, FTA 4. CAROLYN HANSES Girls Chorus 1, 2, Assemblies 1, 2, Home Room Officer, President 2, Secretary 3, 4, Library 1, Office 3, Student Store 4, Y Teens l, 2, Ushers 2, 3, 4, President 4, Square Dance Club 2, 3, 4, lunior Prom 3, Youth Fair l, 2, 3, Coeop 4, Deca Club, President 4, Appinokwis 4. IIM HANSON Orchestra 3, Backstage 3, Assemblies 1, 2, FFA l, 2, 3, 4, Sentinel 4, Youth Fair l, 2, 3, 4. LOLA HEDIN Music Festival 3, A Cappella Choir 3, 4, Girls Chorus 2, Freshman Chorus l, Ensemble Group 3, Assemblies l, Study Hall Helper 4, Y Teens 1. M 132 1 K ,K M , ik .1 .wfvaai CAROL HUGGINS ..Huq., Study Hall Helper 3, 47 Student Store 47 Y Teens 2, 37 Teen Center 47 FHA 2, 37 FTA 47 Senior Ball 47 Iuntor Prom 37 Co-op 47 Deca Club 47 Biqfork Hiqh School, Biqfork, 1. MARILYN HUMMEL GAA 1, 27 Music' Festival 2, 3: Girls Chorus 2, Sm'retary7 Madriqal Choir 47 Freshman Chorus 17 Ensemble 37 Home Room Officer 1: Library 37 Student Store 47 Y Teens 1, 2, 37 Square Dance Club 3, 47 lunior Prom 37 Youth Fair 1, 2, 37 IJer'a Club 4. ROBERT HURLBURT mroby.. Hmm- Room Officer, President 37 Teen Town 37 luntoi Prom 3. EDWARD ILGEN ..Ed,, Football, Freshman Manager 1, Reserve 3, Var- sity Nlfinfiqei 2, 4, State Championship Game, Manager 27 Basketball, Freshman Manager 17 Reserve Manager 3, Varsity Manager 4, Div- isional Tournament Manaqer 47 IntraAMural Sports 37 Tmr-k 2, 37 Band 1, 2, 3, 47 Home Room Officer 1, 2, 47 F Club 2, 3, 4, infill xx L1 I .ir IAMES IVERSON nlknn Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 47 Pep Band 2, 3, 47 Band 1, 2, 3, 47 Dance Band 2, 3, 4: Music Festival 27 Student Council 2, 47 Home Room Officer, Vice President 1, 47 Key Club 2, 3, 47 Boys State 37 1-liqh School Week 37 Youth Fair 1, 2, 3, 4: Arrow 1, 2, 3, 4: Ski Club 27 Appinokwis 47 Quill and Scroll 4. ALLEN IACOBSON nkxke.. Football, Freshman 1, Reserve 2, 3: Orchestra 37 Assemblies l, 2, 37 Library 27 Proiectiontsts 17 Ouiver 1, 27 FFA l, 2, 3, 4, Renorter 4: Senior Ball 47 lunior Prom 37 Youth Fair 1, 2, 3, 4, BEVERLEY MARIE IENSEN uBevn Student Counvtl 37 Home Room Officer, Secretary 2, President 47 Study Hall Helper 4: Student Store 47 Y Teens 17 Pep Club 3, 47 Square Dance Club 2, 47 Youth Fair 37 Co-op 47 Deca Club 47 lunior Class Marshall 3. SHIRLEY LOUISE IERROW GAA 1, 47 Library 27 Student Store 4: Y Teens 1, 2, 37 Square Dance Club 1, 3, 4: Senior Ball 47 Iunior Prom 37 Youth Fair 1, 2, 37 Co-op 47 Deca Club 4. The Conrad National Bank Page 35 JERRY KELLY Intro-Mural Sports, 1, 2, 3, Cc-op 45 Deco Club 4 JAMES KINNIBURGH Track 25 Intro-Murcxl Sports ly Assemblies 25 FFA 1, 2, Youth Fair 1, 2. FRED KIRKPATRICK "Kirk" InfrcxAMurcl Sports 1, 2, 3, 45 Home Room Offi- cer lp Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 47 Iunior Prom 3, Youth Fair l, 25 Cheerleader 4. MARION M. KLISIS Assemblies l, 45 Home Room Officer 45 Office 35 Y Teens 1, 27 Hrqh School Week 31 FHA 45 Annual, Co-Business Mcmoqer 41 Appinokwis 4. Quill ond Scroll 4. Elks Dining Room and Hennessy's Page 36 HARRY KOCH "Cookie" lV1f1-11113111 Chozr 3, 47 SOIIIOI' Ball 47 Tutnblors 4, 1111711111117 f1o11zuqa Hugh School, Spokane, Wa::l1- Illfllfjll, 1, IZ, 3. DOROTHY IANE KOENIG ..Dot., ' 1 " 3 4 Pla D11 9 M11's1C F1Qt1val 1 MAA 7 ,., ,, , y y ,.7 . x , Ll, 37 A tlfrpyfvlllx Chou' J, 37 All-Stato Choir 3: l'1f-sh111f111 Chorus 17 Christmas Cantata 1, 7, 3: 157,571-11 5111117 27 As:w111l:l1c-S 27 Home ROOIII O11i- vm 1, Ll, 37 Student S1010 47 Y Teens 1, 2, 37 lSf1111111- 131111111 Club il, 37 ILIDIOI' Prom 37 Senior Rall 47 Youth Fmr 1, 2, 3, 47 Annual 47 Co-op 47 12111711 Club 47 S111 Club 1, 2, 3, 4. MARILYN KORB GAA 17 111115 Chorus: 37 Student C0un1'11 27 1'1o111O Rumn 011117111 1, 2, 37 Study Hall Holnor 47 Y 'IV-1-11:1 17 M11s:11- F11st1val 37 Iunior P10111 3. REINHOLD KRAF T "Reine" I'f1ot11f1ll, Vw-sl1111r111 1: T1'oc7k 1, 27 Intra-Mural Sports 2, 37 C'o11t7s11't Band IZ, 3, 4: Pep Band Il, 3, 47 R4111r'l il, 3, 47 Student Counril 17 Horne 11110111 011117111 3, 47 Square lJanr'e Club 27 lumor 11111111 3. 1 .,:. A 1 FRANK R. LANDON Football, Frc-shrnan 1, V1II'SllY 3, 4, Stain QIIIFIIIIPIOIISIIIIJ Game 2, 37 Basketball, Fresh- 111an 17 Rosmvo 2, Varstty 2, 3, 4, Dwlsional Tou1'na111ent 7, 3, 4, State TOUI'IlCIIIlPIIl 3, 4: Track 1, Z, 3, 47 F Club, P1'es1dent 47 A Cap- pella Choir 47 Madriqal Choir 37 Backstage 47 Student Counril 37 Home Room O111Ce-1' 3, 4: Sen- ior Ball 47 All-State Football 3, 47 All-State Bas- ketball 3. RAYMOND GLENE LINRUDE "Bud" IIllIKI-IVILIIG1 Sports 1, Home Room O1111'u1', Vwv Pres1dont 27 Student Storo 47 FFA l, 37 Youth Fon' 17 Coeop 47 Dora Club 4. CHARLES LITTLE "Chuck" Square Dante Club 27 FFA 37 Youth Fatr fl: I-hah Srhool, Spokano, Waslnnaton and l.ibl1y, Montana I. SUE LITTLE GAA 17 All-Srhool Plays l, 11: Sonior Play 47 Assornbhes 1, 2, 3, 47 Class Oiticor, P1'Ps1dont 17 Horne Room Ottiror 17 Y Toons 17 Pep Club 2, 3, 47 FI-IA 17 Se-11101 Ball 47 IIIHIOI' P10111 37 Youth Fan' 1, 2, 37 Cl1QE?I'19IIdOI' fl, 3, 4, Choor Queen 47 Annual 4: Arrow 1, 4. Guest Photo Art Shop Page 37 ar""N div DONNA M. MCPHEETERS Y Teens l, 25 FHA l, 25 FTA 45 Iunior Prom 35 Youth Fair 15 Annual 4. SHIRLEY MAIN All-School Play 45 Senior Play 45 Home Room Officer, Secretary 25 Guidance Office 45 Student Store 45 Ushers 2, 3, 4, Secretary 45 Square Dance Club 2, 3, Secretary 35 Twirlers 25 Co-op 45 Deca Club 45 Bible Club 35 Appinokwis 4, LAURABELLE MARQUARDT "Laura" GAA 1, 25 All-Northwest Choir 45 Music Festival 2, 35 A Cappella Choir 45 A11-State Choir 35 Girls Chorus 25 Madriqal Choir 35 Freshman Cho- rus 15 Ensemble 35 Library 45 Student Store 45 Y Teens l, 2, 35 Square Dance Club 3, 45 Iunior Prom 35 Youth Fair 1, 2, 35 Co-op 45 Deca Club 4, CHARLES L. MARVIN "Chuck" lntra-Mural Sports l, 25 Youth Fair l, 2, 3. Equity Supply Company Page 38 LINDA IEAN LOWMAN "Ieanie" All-School Play 25 Senior Play 45 Assemblies 2 45 Study Hall Helper 45 Y Teens 15 Ouiver 1: FHA lg FTA 45 Senior Ball 45 Iunior Prom 35 Youth Fair 1, 2, 35 Annual 45 Arrow 2, 3, 4. I OANNE LYNCH nl-oeu Music Festival 25 A Cappella Choir 25 All-State Choir 35 Madrigal Choir, Secretary 35 Fresh- man Chorus l5 Christmas Cantata 25 Desert Sonq 25 Backstage 45 Assembles 1, 45 Library 25 Oifice 45 Y Teens 1, 2, 35 Junior Prom 35 Youth Fair 3. 45 Annual 45 Arrow 3, 45 Bible Club 3, 45 Ap- pinokwis 4. DORIS MCBRIDE "Dode" Band 1, 25 Music Festival 1, 25 Assemblies 2, 35 Student Council, Secretary 45 Class Officer, Vice President 25 Home Room Officer 1, 2, 3. 45 Office 3, 45 Y Teens l, 25 Teen Town 2, 35 Teen Center 3, 45 Girls State 35 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 45 Square Dance Club 25 Senior Ball 45 lunior Prom 35 Youth Fair l, 2, 35 Annual 45 Arrow 3, 45 Appinokwis 4. MARLENE MARRIAM MCDONALD ..Red.. Music Festival 35 Assemblies 45 Study Hall Helper 45 Student Store 45 Y Teens 15 Twirlers 2, 3, 45 Iunior Prom 35 Youth Fair 1, 25 Co-op 45 Deca Club 4. . 4 , CLARA MARCELLA MATHIASON CIAA 2, 3, 47 Play Day 2g Study Hall Helper 4, Y Toons 1, 2, 33 FHA 3, 4, Vice President 4: Twirlr-is l, 12, 4, Btblo Club 3, 4, Vice President 4. IANIS MAURER Conn-rt Band I, 2, 3, 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Music Festival 2, Y Teens 3, 4, Youth Fair 1, 2, 3. I AMES ROBERT MEBUST .,Iim.. Football, Reserve l, Varsity 7, 3, 4, CofCaptam 4, State Championship Game 2, 3: Basketball, l'i1-shxnan 1, Res:-rve 2, 3, Track l, 21 Intra-Mural Sports: 47 F Club Il, 3, 4, Treasurer 77 All-Srhofil Play 37 Assomblms 2, 3, 45 Student Council l, 3, 4: Class Ottivr-r, President 2, Vibe Prest- cir-nt 3, Home Room Otficer 3, 47 Key Club 2, 3, 4, Sorrt-tary 3: Appinokwis 3, 4, Vice Presi- df-nt 4, Omll and Scfroll 3, 4, President 4: Boys State 35 Hiqh Srhool Week 35 Senior Ball 45 Iuntor Pram 37 Youth Fair 3: Annual 4, Arrow l, 2, 3, 4, Co-Editor 4: Ski Club 4: Tournament Curxttlttttm- 4. LOUISE MEEKS GAA 7, 3, Play Day ily Assemblies l, 4: Student Clmttiwtl l, Zig Library 2, 35 Study Hall Helper 43 Studf-nt Starr- 4: Y Towns l, 2, 3, Youth Fair YZ, Cosop 45 Decu Club 4, Bible Club 3. , ., Z 3 ,ff ' sf Q35 ANITA KAY MELBY UN-itau Music Festival 17 A Cappella Choir fl, Madriqal Chou' 3, Christmas Cantata 2: Desert Sona 2: All-School Play 35 Assemblies 1, fl, 3, 47 Student Council ly Student Store 45 Y Toons lg Ushers 3, 47 Secretary 47 Pep Club 1, Q, 3, 47 NFl. 3, 4, Speech Trip 2, 3, interscholastic Ms-ot 3: Senior Ball 45 lunior Prom 3: Youth Fair l, 177 Animal 4, Co-op 4, Deva Club 4, Skt Club DARLENE MELBY GAA l, 2, Play Day 73 Music Festival 3: A Cap- pella Choir 3, 4 Girls Chorus 27 Senior Choir 4, Freshman Chorus lg Desert Sonq fl: Ensemble Group 3, Asseniblios 17 Y Toons lp Co-op 4: Deca Club 4. SHIRLEY MELLEM GAA lf Girls Chorus 27 Freshman Chorus l: Madriqal Choir 3, 45 Student Store 4, Y Teens ly FHA 35 Deva Club 47 Youth Fau' ll: Co-op 47 Music Festival Il. LOIS MARY MERRITT All-Northwest Choir 45 Consort Band l, 3, fl: Pep Band 2, 4: Band 1, fl, 3, 45 Mustr Festival 2, 3, 4, All-State Chou 3: Madriqal Choir 3, 4: Triple Trio 35 All-Srhool Plays ll, 3, 47 Quill and Srrall 3, 43 Girls State 35 Qutver fly NFL ll, 3: Speech Trip 2, Senior Ball 47 lutuor Prom 3: Youth Farr l, 2, 3: Arrow fl, 3, 4, Co-Editor 43 Solo and Ensemble- Mont Il, 3, 4: Symphontt Band 2, 3, 4: Appinokwis 4. Clam 6. Muble's Cate: Woolwor-th's Page 39 BETTY RUTH MILLHOUSE Music Festival 1, 2, A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, 4, Section Leader 3, 4, All-State Choir 3, Freshman Chorus 1, President l, Christ- mas Cantata 2, 3, Desert Song 2, Assemblies 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 3, 4, Secretary 4, Home Room Officer 1, 2, 3, 4, Y Teens 1, 2, Ushers 2, 3, 4, Vice President 3, Appinokwis 3, 4, Sec- retary 4, Girls State 3, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Sec- retary 4, Square Dance Club 2, 3, Secretary 3, NFL 2, 3, Secretary 3, Speech Trip 2, Senior Ball 4, Iunior Prom 3, Youth Fair 1, 2, 3, An- nual 4, Editor 4, MIEA 4, Journalists Pow Wow 4, DAR Good Citizenship Award 4, Quill and Scroll 4. DONA LD MITCHELL "Red" Football, Freshman I, Reserve 3, Track 1, All- Northwest Choir 4, Music Festival 1, 2, 3, 4, A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, All-State Choir 3, 4, Boys Octet 1, Christmas Cantata 1, 2, 3, 4, Waltz Dream 1, Desert Song 2, Student Council 4, Home Room Officer, Vice President 2. FLOYD MITTON FFA 1, 2, 3, 4. DICK MOCKBEE "Skip" Football, Reserve 1, Varsity 2, 3, State Champion- ship Game 2, 3, F Club 2, 3, Home Room Offi- cer, President 1, 2, 4, Annual 4. Payne 6 Bolton: The Shanty Page 40 LARRY MEYERS lntra-Mural Sports 2, 3, Backstage 2, 3, Assem- blies 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 3, Home Room Officer, President, Vice President, Secretary, l, 2, 3, 4, Teen Town 4, Pep Club 4, Square Dance Club 2, 3, FFA 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4, Senior Ball 4, lunior Prom 3, Youth Fair 1, 2, 3, 4, State FFA Officers Training School 4, FFA Bas- ketball 1, 2, 4. ARVIN MILLER "Buck" Football, Freshman 1, Reserve 2, Basketball, Freshman 1, lntra-Mural Sports 3, 4, Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Dance Band 3, Music Festival 3, 4, Home Room Officer 1, 2, 3, 4. IACK MILLER All-State Band 3, Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Dance Band 2, 3, 4, Music Festival 1, 2, 3, 4, Home Room Officer, President 3, Key Club 2, Youth Fair 1, 2, 3, 4, Appinokwis 4. MARVIN MILLER "Birdseed" Band l, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 1, Home Room Officer, Vice President 3, Deca Club 4. ELIZABETH MOORE HI-.iz-1 111.11111111111'111111:1 1 1'1111:111111:1171111111111' 511111111 1'11-,- 11 lX.1:1111111111-:L 1, -1- 1111 1 1: Y '1'-11111 1, 1, 11 '1'-1111 IV-1111-1 -- 1,l'11v1-1 1, 11, .17 3r111'1lf- I 111-11 "i1111 .3 11141, ., -I Y1111111 11111 1: A111111111 '1'y11:11 -1- l1,5:111111:-.-.-11 -1 fj1:111 11':'1 E?-11111 11. MARILYN MARIORIE MOORE 11 1 5 1' 1 .': f'1,1,- -1111.115 l, 'K -1- 111111111111 1' 11 1, ' 111: 1 11 11:1 1111 11, V11-- 1111-111 1 1 Y '1 --.1 1, 1'1'1.1. 11-,-5 ,1 -I, 11- 1111111 1 'v".'1- ' 14 1: 1,11 1'1111 1, 1, 17111-111111y 1 ','1. 1 . l','11-1-1'111'1l'11111., 1,-'1,511-1- 1-1: .1 11-1 '1".-1'1:1111 . 1411.1 1 1-11111 -1- 1111101 1' - 'v' -111 1111 1 .' -1 .1'11.1111 11, l'X11:1,1.-11110 111.' 1 11 f11:1 1, 1 '1'111:11-1:1 1: 11115 P11111 1 111' ' ' :1, .11 11-,- 3, E.111lA 1- 1.111111 111111 1211111 1 CHARLOTTE LUCILLE MORRISON 271 ' 1' 1 . 11' 1-111111 1 A C1111-111 1 1 11 1 f'!111 VI 11 Url: V1 11111 LE, 1:- 1 .1 , -1 :111111-,- 111111 111111111 4' Y 1 1. 1, T1-1:11 1 11, "1'.11 11, .1 1'11f11 1, 11? 11 1 1 111-1111 11' 11111 13111 1 A111111111-1. MARY ESTHER MUNRO "Esther" 11 :'1 11111 1 1 1' 11. -1' 1111111 :I 11 1'1111 11111111 L 1111.11 1, 11 1-:,1 1i11.11 -1- 111'-1.1-:'11: 1 1 1, 1: 11 ,1 ' 11 1.1 1'-.1111 :1 ' 4' '.'1"111'1' :1 I ' -11 , V '1'--11.1 1, ,: 1'11A 1- 1 E 1'1 11 1 1,111 11 :1. -' T11-1111 1' 111 1 1 '.:- , '1 111L111'11111- 1'1:1 11111111 521111111-1 , 1- V121 111111 1i11:.11l111111 1111111 1, -1, i1'y1111111111111 121::1f1 -1 in ARLENE MURER O11-110511-11 1: Study 1:11111 HP111111 11: Stxlduul S1011 11: Cofnp- 11: D1-1-11 Club 11. ROSE NELSON "Rcsie" 1111111111 RQ11111 O11:1-111, Pxo:11z111111 -1: O1111-11 3: S111 dont Stow 4: C11-1111 11: 11111-11 K111117, SOCIICIUYY 4 A1111111ok'.v1s 11. ROBERT NORDQUIST "Bud" 1'1f11:11111c111 111111111111 1: 1111111f1V1111k11 SVOIIS 1, f1 3, fl: 1-11111111 111111111 O1111'v1 115 3111111111 111111-sr L'1111J -I IO ANNE OLSON "O1e" 13111111 1: P1111 1111111 A5sv1111b11vs: A1159 Oiflvvx' S111-1111111y 4: Hmxxe- Room 01111-ol, S111-1'111111'y Z' 3, 4: Study Hull 11111111-1 11: S111C111111 Stole 3 Uslwxs 1, 11, 3, 4, Plwsidoxmt -1: '1'01111 Cv11111r 3, -1 11011 CT11111 1, 11, 3, -'1' Q111v1f1 3: Sonmr P-1111 4 1l1111OI1 Prom 3: Y011111 FKIIIA L1, 3- 11111111 Club 3, 11 Morrison Service Garage: Northside Grocery Page 41 DONALD EUGENE PETERSON ..Don.. FFA 1, 2, 3, 47 Youth Fair l, 2, 3, 4. ROSAINNE WANDA POOR Orchestra 2, 37 Music Festival 2, 37 A Cap- pella Choir 3, 47 Girls Chorus 27 Freshman Cho- rus l7 Triple Trio 37 Student Council 37 FHA 47 Youth Fair 27 Bible Club 2, 4. MICHAEL POSTON "Mike" Football, Reserve Manager 2, Varsity Manager 3, State Championship Game Manager, 37 Bas- ketball, Reserve Manager 2, Varsity Manager 2, 3, 2, 3, Divisional Tournament Manager 2, 3, State Tournament Manager 2, 37 Track Manager 2, 37 Interscholastic Meet Manager 2, 37 Orches- tra 27 Assemblies l, 2, 3, 47 Student Council 47 Home Room Oificer 47 Key Club 3, 47 Pro- jectionists 2, 37 High School Week 37 Square Dance Club 2, 37 Iunior Prom 37 Youth Fair l, 2, 3, 47 Annual 47 Arrow 2, 37 Appinokwis 47 FTA Vice President 4. WILLIAM PRITCHETT ..Biu., lntra-Mural Sports 4. Greig's Dairy Page 42 DORA LEE OSTROM "Tuffy" GAA l, 2, 3, 4, President 4, Vice President 37 Concert Band l, 2, 3, 47 Pep Band 2, 3, 47 Band l, 2, 3, 47 Backstage 47 Assemblies 47 Stugy Hall Helper 47 Youth Fair 2, 37 Ski Club 2, , 4. ALLAN OVERTON ,.Ape.. Freshman Football l, Reserve Basketball Man- ager 37 lntraAMural Sports 2, 47 Square Dance Club l, 2, 3, 4. HOWARD PAULLIN lntra-Mural Sports l, 2, 37 Concert Band 3, 47 Pep Band 47 Band 3, 47 Youth Fair 4. SHIRLEY PERRY GAA l7 Student Store 47 Y Teens l7 Co-op 47 Assemblies 47 Deca Club 4, EDWARD PHOEFROCK nEdn Mflflwl Allylllllf' Cluh, Sr-fxvlcuy-Trvuzlu ELAINE RASKIN 'l'xl1u5:l1'Ix:-rl tu Mzum-rxpulls, Mmm-:so RUDOLPH RHODES uzipf. Zhwmwx lIl:n:.:: Vu-:szrl--ul 4: Kr-y Cluh 4: Bcxskwtw , Vfugzuly 4, Sffrulu Pluy 4: Slate Basket n 'lhxlrlllxznnflll 1. Ilrux-1lr1::5 Hugh School, Brlltlmoto, Mluyllulml l, ll, fl. WILLIAM W. ROATH nBiuf. Vu ulmll, Rv-:sv-rvw l, Vvxxslty 2', li, 4, F-into Chluup- nmrzlllpl Civxmr- lf, 3: 'l'rm'k l, ll: Y' Club IT, 3, 4: All Nfulhwr-:sl kfhol 4: A Cfxppwlln Cholr 2, 3, 4: f'lul::tum:: lfvuuntn Sl, Il, 45 Desert Sonq IZ: Buck- zzlvmf- I', 4 Aasfvr-xuhllr-5 l, 'l, 3, 4: Student Coune l'1l l, Lf, 3, llrvuv Rr-mu Ofhvor 1, 2, 3: Kvy Lfluh il, fl, 4: S+-vxolfxry 4: Prolochonists 2, 3, 4, llrvfsurlwul "l, Ayqfxmfkwlsa ll, 4: Hugh Svhorvl Week '43 l'l'A lg fir-xuur Bull 4: huuox Pmul 3 :Youth lhlll l, .', Axuuml 45 AIINW 4. CARI. ROBBE Square Dcmce Club 3, 4: FFA 3, 4, ALEXANDRA ROBBIN "Sandra" Guls Chorus 1: Assomblios 3, -lg Sludvut Cmun ml 2, 4, Vice pIlPSldC'Nf 4: Olhvu 4: Study H-:ll Helper 2, 3: Y Toons l, 4, pl'K'SldPIll 4: Amuu- okwrs 3, 4: G1rls Stain 3: Glrls Nntaml 3: Hxqh School We-wk 3: Oulvc-1' 'l'rvc1surOr: llobute fl: NFI. 3, 4, Vive Prosldmu LZ, Prvsrdout 3, Sec- retary 4: Symovln Trrp fl, 3, 4: lrmtorsvllolustu' MOM Il, 3, 4, Third Plnvv Ornhon 3: FTA 4: Youth Fm! fl: Arrow 2, 3, 4: l4lS!I'lVl Spovvlx Mm-I fl, 3, 4, Fust Place Orcuiou 3: Cilhllflllilll Mock ElfN'llOIl 4. REXANN ROCKWOOD nRexn Frvsluunu Chorus 1: All Svlwml llllrya 3, ll' Afzzuuu blms 1, Q, 4: Homo Room Olhvm, S-wwtnxw' l, 2, 3: Oflivv 3: Y TOONS l, 3: Tvvu Cmxlox f', 3: Appinokwis 3, 4: Grrls Stulv Alu-xunto 3' Pup Club 4: Square Dunco Club ll, 3, 4, Vxvv Prvsv' dvul 3, Pxesldent 4: Sc-mor Bull 4: huuor Prom 3- Youlh Full' 1, Q, 3, 4: Aruuml, Assoxmlu lJfl1lO!' 4: Ska Club l, 3, 47 lVllHA -1: Qulll and Scroll 4, ARLEN ROLL "S1im" Football, Freshxuuu l: Bnskothnll, l'rv::lum1u lp Illllflllvlllfill Sports 1, fl, 3: All-Nrullmw--:al Chou fl: Pep Bxmd 1: Bciurl 1' Muslv Fwshvlll l, ll, 3: A Cru-polln Choir 1, LT: Mcldruml Chou 3: Boys Oclel l: CllYlSfIllf1S Cuutulu l, T, 3: Wullz llrwmu l: llosmt Sonny 2: Sl-rum Play 4: Hnvkslnqo l, fl, 3, 4: Assmublms l, fl, 3, 4 Squruu llnmwx Club 9, 3, 4: lumor Prom 3: Yuulh IH111 l, l', 3, 4. Rockwood 6 Sykes: Seven Up Co.: Temple Service Wheu1on's Cycle 6. Toy Shop Page 43 RICHARD SAVAGE ,.Dick.. Football, Reieive 3, lntra-Mural Sports 2, Ski Team 1, 2, 3, 4. All-State 1, 2, 3, 4, State Tour- nament 1, 2, 3, 4, F Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Home Room Officer 1, 2, 3: Teen Town 4, lunior Prom 3, Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 1, 2, Presi- dent 3, 4, Iunior National Ski Meet 3, IOE SCHUMACHER Football, Freshman 1, lntraAMural Sports 1, 2, 3, Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Art Club 3, 4, Vice President 4, THEODORE I. SCOVEL uscoop.. St. loseph High School, Dunlap, Iowa, 1, 2, West High School, Waterloo, Iowa, 3. ELAINE S. SHOBERG Backstage 2, Y Teens 1, FHA 1, Co-op 4, Art Club 3, 4. The Spot: Robbin 6. Bobbin Page 44 ROBERT ROSS ..Bob.. Football, Freshman 1, Basketball, Freshman 1, Bible Club 3, 4: lntra-Mural Sports l, 2. HOWARD RUBY "Ruben" Football, Freshman l, Reserve 2, 3, Varsity 4, Track 1, 2, 3, 4, lntra-Mural Sports 1, 2, F Club, Vice President 4, A Cappella Choir 4, Madriqal Choir 3, Student Council 4, Class Otfi- cer, Vice President 4, Home Room Officer, Presi- dent 3, 4, Key Club 3, 4, Annual 4. HARVEY RUEGSEGGER Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 3, Music Festival 1, 2, 3, Appinokwis 4. SHIRLEY SAND GAA 1, 2, 3, Chorus 1, 2, Co-op 4, Student Store 4, Deco Club 4, Y Teens l, 2. 2 isiffvwsmf asmwmmerwanwwn IEROME D. SIDERIUS Hleny.. Frmthfxll, Fu-sl'uuan l, Rc-serve 2, Varsity 3, 4, Stun- Chanuuonship Game 37 Basketball, Fresh- man 1, Rose-rvv 2, Varsity 3, 4, Divisional Tour- uauu-ut 3, 4, State Tournament 3, 47 Track 1, 2: F Club 3, 47 A Cappella Chou 3, 4, President 47 Student f:0llI1K"ll 2, 3, 4, Vice President 47 Class Oltefui, Vivo President 2, President 37 Home Ronin Ottivor 2, 37 Key Club 3, 4, President 47 Ar-iunol-cwis 3, 47 Boys State 37 lunior Prom 37 Annual 47 luniot Class Marshall 3. MARY MILDRED SMITH Assvnthlios 47 Student Council 47 Class Officer, St-wx:-tary 37 Home Room Otttcer 2, 3, President 3, Svwxotaty 27 Tr-on Centor, Vive President 47 Ayfpunrskwts 3, 47 Hugh School Week 37 Fl-IA 27 FTA, Presidf-nt 47 Senior Ball 47 lunlor Prom 37 Youth Fair 2, 37 Annual 47 Arrow 3, 4, News Ifclltor 47 MIIIA 47 Quill and Scroll 47 Independ- 4-nfw-, Mussmtttl, l. ROBERTA IO SMITH "Betta" Musu- Vmativrxl 27 A Cappella Choir 27 Freshman Chorus 17 Christmas Cantata 27 Desert Sonq 27 Aszsmublu-s l, 2, 3, 47 Home Room Ottiver, Vive President 47 Library 37 Study Hall Helper 47 Stuclnnt Stow 47 Y Teens 1, 27 Ushers 2, 3, 47 NPI, 37 St-niot Ball 47 lunior Prom 37 Youth Fair I, 27 Annual 47 Coop 47 Deco Club 47 Ski Cltllu ll, 3, 4. VERDA MARIE SOMMERS Sauuto Donut- Club 2, 3. DALE SONSTELIE "Sonse" Intro-Mural Sports 1, 27 Assemblies 1, 37 Home Room Ottxcer I7 FFA 1, 3, 3, 47 Appinokwis 4. CHARLES SPINDLER Student Store 47 Prolevtionists 37 Square Dance Club 3, 47 Coop 47 Deco Club 4. LAURA LEE STENBERG Musu' Festival l, 27 Girls Chorus CT, 37 Fwslx- rnon Chorus 1, Se-cretary7 Assemblies 27 Y Tom-1: l, 2, 37 luuior Prom 37 Youth Fan' 1, 37 Annual 47 Co-op 47 Camera Club, Serretary 47 Deva Club, Vive President 47 Ski Club l, 3, 3, 4. ALICE STORAASLI GAA 1, 27 Girls Chorus 17 Madrtaal Chou 37 Christmas Cantata 2, All-Svhool Play 47 Back- staqo7 Assemblies 2, 37 Y Tee-ns l, 27 Quiver 47 Square Danre Club luniot Prom 37 Youth Fair I, 2, 37 Annual 47 Art Club 47 FTA 4. Hall Motors, Incorporated Page 45 IVERA TOLLEFSON Music Festival 2, 3, A Cappella Choir 3, 4, Girls Chorus 2, Freshman Chorus l, Christmas Cantata 3, 4, Home Room Officer 3, 4, Study Hall Helper 4, Square Dance Club 2, Youth Fair 3, Co-op 4, Deca Club 4. DONALD THOMAS TRELOAR nTon1u Football, Freshman l, Reserve 2, 3, Varsity 4, lntra-Mural Sports 1, 2, 4: Ski Team 2, 3, 4, State Tournament 3, 4, F Club 3, 4, Secretary 4, Music Festival 1, 2, A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, Senior Choir 4, Boys Octet 3, Christmas Can- tata l, 2, 3, 4, Waltz Dream l, Desert Song 2, Senior Play 4, Assemblies 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council 1, 2, 3, 4, Home Room Officer 2, Key Club 4, Teen Center 3, 4, Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4, Senior Ball 4, luriior Prom 3, Youth Fair 1, 2, 3, Annual 4, Arrow 4, Ski Club 1, 2, 3, 4, All- State Football 4, Appinokwis 4. AUDREY TREWEEK Music Festival 3, A Cappella Choir 2, 4, Treasf urer 4, Assemblies l, 2, 3, Student Council 2, 3, Home Room Officer 1, 2, 3, Library 3, Study Hall Helper l, Y Teens 1: Ushers 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, Vice President 4, Teen Town, Secreary 3, Girls State 3, Pep Club l, 2, 3, 4, Quiver, Ed- itor 4, Square Dance Club 2, Senior Ball 4, lunior Prom 3, Youth Fair l, 2, Annual 4, Arrow 4, Ski Club l, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, 3, Appinok- wis 4, SHARON I. TRI "Sharie" Music Festival l, 2, A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4, All-State Choir 3, Girls Chorus 1, Triple Trio 1, Senior Play 4, Library 3, 4, Study Hall Helper 4, Y Teens 1, 2, Teen Center 4, Ouiver 3, Senior Ball 4, lunior Prom 3, Youth Fair l, 2, Annual 4. KGEZ-1000 W: 800 kc.-Don Treloar Milam Floral Page 46 SIDNEY STOREY usid., Music Festival 2, A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 4, Madriqal Choir 1, Christmas Cantata 2, 3, Desert Song 2, Junior Prom 3, Arrow l, Model Air- pane Club, President 4. IOHN SZYMANOWSKI ulack.. lntra-Mural Sports 1, 2, Boys Glee Club 2, Mad- riqal Choir 3, 4, President 4, Home Room Officer, greiident 4, Student Store 4, Co-op 4, Deca u 4. E. LOUISE TENNANT "Weeqie" A Cappella Choir 2, Madrigal Choir 3, Student Store 4, Y Teens 3, FHA 1, 2, 3, Co-op 4, Deca Club 4. FRANCIS A. THIBERT Band 1, Senior Play 4, Projectionists 2, 3, 4, Boys State Alternate 3, Square Dance Club 2, 3, 4, FFA 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4, Youth Fair l, 2, 3, 4, Assemblies l, 3, 4. Q1-fv 'if VAVA VAN DE MARK lbrrnvn Hand 3: Music' Festival l, 2, 3, 4: A Cap- ri:-lltr Choir fi, 3, 4, Sertion Leader 3, 4: Fresh- Illflll Chorus l: Triple Trio 1, 2, 3: Christrnas Can- tvrtrr 3: Desert Sonq 2: Barkstaqe 2, 3: Assemblies l, 2, 3, 4: Honra Room Ottic-or, Vice President 2: Library 4: Y Toens l, 2: Ouiver 4: Senior Ball 4: Iunior Prom 3: Youth Fair l, 2: Annual 4: liiblrr Club 3, 4, Sovretary 4: Appinokwis 4. KENNETH VEIGEL nxenny., Stud:-nt Connvil 3: Home Rofnn Othvor, Vice Pres' irlr-nt 7: FFA l, ii, 3, 4, Cornnnttec Chairman 4: Youth Fair Z, 3, 4.: VERNON A. VLASAK Footlsrrll, Frwslunan l, Reserve 3, Varsity 4: F fflulv 4: Sf-nzor Play 4: Student Counvll, President 4: llorno Room Oll1t'r'r l, 2: Key Club 3, 4, Vice l'rf-sidont: Proir-rtionrsts 2, 3, 4, President 4: Ap- punokwis 3, 4, President 4: Hlqh Svhool Week 3: lloys Statr- 3: Sonior Ball 4: lunior Proin 3: Youth Fair 2: Annual 4. VERA MARION WALTERS Fr--:alnnfrn Vhoius l: Horne Room Oltirer, Vive llwsirient 3. GENEVIEVE LOUISE WARKINS "Genne Lou" Music' Festival l, 2: A Cappella Choir 3, 4: All- State Choir 3: Senior Choir 2: Freshman Chorus l: Desert Sonq 2: Ensemble 3: Student Council, Treasurer 4: Youth Fair 2. IACK WARNER Track 2: Intra'Mural Sports l, 4: Senior Play 4: Assemblies l, 3, 4: Student Counml 4: Key Club 4: Teen Center 3, 4: Vice Presrdent 3, President 4: Boys State 3: l-Iiqh School Week 3: Pep Club 3, 4, President 4: Senior Ball 4: lumor Prom 3: Youth Fair 2, 3: Annual 4: Arrow 1: MIEA 4: Tournament Planning Committee 4, GENE WATTERS "Whitey" Football, Freshman 1: Basketball, Freshman l: lntra-Mural Sports 3, 4: Assemblies 3, 4: Stu- dent Council 3: Home Room Oltifer 3: Square Dance Club 2, 3, 4: FFA l, 3, 4: Youth Fair 2, 3: FFA Basketball l, 2, 3, 4. EARL E. WEED uBrudu Football, Freshman l, Trark l, fl: Intra-Mural Sports 1, 3, 4. Al's Food Shop Page 47 DNOVAN DEAN WHEELER "Mike" ntball, Reserve 3, lntra-Mural Sports 3, 4, semblies 3, Square Dance Club 3, Froid High iool, Froid, Montana, 1, 2. Y WILLIAMS sic Festival 2, A Cappella Choir 2, Section der, All-State Choir 3, Madriqal Choir 3, 4, rsurer 3, Freshman Chorus 1, Triple Trio 2, ne Room Officer, President 3, Library 2, 3, 1 2, lunior Prom 3, Youth Fair 1, 2. ILLA MARIE WILSON emblies 4, Library 4, Y Teens 4, Girls State Square Dance Club 4, Senior Ball 4, Annual Whitefish High School, Whitefish, 1, 2, 3. LRGARET WUNDERLICH emblies 4, Study Hall Helper 3, Student Store Iovop 4, Deca Club 4. T. I. Landry, Distributor Pcxqs 48 KENNETH L. WEED uKenu Football, Freshman 1, 2, Track 1, 2, 3, Intra Mural Sports l, 2, 3, 4, Home Room Officer, Vice President 3, Secretary 4, Ski Club 3. IAMES AUSTIN WEIKERT 'Track 1, 2, 4, A1lvNorthwest Choir 4, A Cappella Choir 3, 4, Square Dance Club 2, 3, 4, FFA 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club I. RICHARD A. WEHR "Dick" Pep Club 4, Senior Play 4, Assemblies 2, 3, 4, Home Room Officer, Secretary 3: Square Dance Club 2, 3, 4, NFL 2, Speech Trip 2, Senior Ball 4, Iunior Prom 3, Youth Fair 3, Annual 4, Ski Club 4. I OYCE A. WELLS GAA 1, Assemblies 1, Student Store 4, Y Teens 1, Youth Fair 1, Co-op 4, Deca Club 4, Colum- bia Falls High School, Columbia Falls, 2, 3, x l'A SENIORS FILL OUT ACTIVITY LISTS xl R ' " x nr :- , ,..,.. X " 1 . , Y 1 1 is LATE ENTRIES-Seated: Shirley Wheeler Hug- qins, Sarah Newman. Siandingc Robert Gon- sior. Iamel Wagner, Bill Grunner Many Activities Make Senior Year the Most Enioyable YELLING THEIR HEARTS OUT FOR THE PEP IUG THEY GET BIGGER EVERY YEAR Page 49 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS TRY ON CAPS AND GOWNS: Ioanne Olson, secretary: Norma Albritton, lreasurer: Howard Ruby, vice president: Zip Rhoades, president. CHEERLEADER RHOADES IN ACTION Ai. Soit lights, sweet music, and winter decora- tions combined to make the Senior Ball a night to remember. Music was furnished by Rozzie Young and his orchestra. Committee chairmen were Sue Little, planning, lean Lowman, buy- ing: loAnn Olson, invitations, Shirley Fournier and Phyllis Battleson, decorations. Entertainment was provided by Harry Koch and Lois Merritt: lack Miller: and a girls' quar- tet consisting ot Anita Melby, Roberta Smith, Betty Millhouse and Vava Van de Mark. "THE WALTZ YOU SAVED FOR ME" AUDIENCE APPLAUDS AS LOIS MERHITT AND HARRY KOCH SING "I'LL BET YOU SAY THAT TO ALL THE GIRLS" Page 50 "Winter Wonderland" Theme of Senior Ball THE GRAND MARCH IN FULL SWING SENIOR CLASS PRESIDENT AND DATE LEAD OFF tif' 3 9 3 3 S i 2 2 fl 5 -X 1 sb Q. 5 . OBIISANCF Cf5URTffuY OF VCNRRISI f2OCKXN'OOD I ' I r QI, l I n ' rnzva-..u f I:-mis vs' ,- DELORES AADSEN DIXIE ABELI. LOUISE AMUNDSON GENE ANDERSON DOTTIE ANDREWS HAROLD ARCHIBALD LILLY ARNO FAYE BADEN AVONNE BAHNER ARLENE BAILEY DAVID BALLENGER LYNN BENSON A I Y. iw ,A . 2 gdxfi x iff' - I Noise Parade is Tied by Iuniors and Seniors .. F' 5 . 1 A f ianw-nl LYLE BIRKY GARY BLACHLY PATTY BOLTON LIV ANNE BOVENG DELORES BOWER MARIORIE BOYD DELMAS BROOKS DOROTHY BRUYER First Naiionul Bank Page 51 SHAROL BUCK SHIRLEY BUCK LAVERNE BURKE DONALD BUSTARD JIM CAREY IOHN CARTER IERRY CASEY LLOYD CHAPIN DONNA CHRISTOPHER CHARLES CLARK WAYNE COLE DENNIS COUSINEAU Six Iunior Girls Nurses Aids at Local Hospital MAY COVERDELL IACK COX SHIRLEY CRUMLEY SUE CURRY JERRY DALEY ROGER DALEY LARRY DAVID RICHARD DAVIS Flathead Coca-Cola Bottling Company Page 52 T ? -. ff' W' - 5 , x Q, . X SHIRLEY DEVITT WALLACE DONALDSON LARRY DURADO CAROL DURHAM LARRY DUROCHER JIMMY EAYRS SHARON EKLUND DON ELGIN LORNA EVERETT IIM FARRINGTON IOANNE FENSKE DON FRANKLIN Iunior FFA Members Assume Leadership Responsibilities smszzsfmw MARLIN FRENCH ARNOLD FULBRIGHT DONALD I-'ULBRIGHT MARGARET GASSERT CAROL GEHLE PAT GIBNEY ROBERTA GIBSON ALICE GIESEY Iohns Buick. Inc. Page 53 JIM GILBERTSON MARLENE GOODMAN ANN GORDON HAZEL GORDON DARLENE GRONLEY RUTH GROSSWILER GAYLE HALSETH WAYNE HALVORSON MARGARET HANES LUANN HANSON ROSE MARIE HANSES AVA HARDER Ten Iuniors on Varsity Football Squad WORDEN HARDY NANCY HARMON FAY HARRIS MYRNA HASTINGS LARRY HAUG DENISE HAUGE CHRIS HAYEN SHIRLEY HEGGEN Gurey Motor Company Hacienda Page 54 RONALD HEHN BOB HEITZIG SHIRLEY HENKEL BILLIE HERBOLD FRANK HERRON RENA HISSONG JIM HOSFORD ETHEL HOUSTON RONALD HOYE SHIRLEY HUMMEL HERBERT IVERSON BEATRICE IACKSON 5 u - Three Iumors Selected for Girls State KATHRYN IASKEN AVIS IOHNSON ROGER JOHNSON DONNA IOY AMBER KARSTETTER SANFORD KAUFFMAN GARY KEIERLEBER IOYCE KEIERLEBER Glacier Dairy Flowers by Hansen Page 55 CHARLOTTE KEIM VELMA KELLEY LEONARD KENT IOHN KINNIBURGH BARBARA KINSHELLA PATSY KINSHELLA ALDONA KLISIS CARL KNUTSON BESSIE KOCAR HARLAND KRAFT ALICE KRAUSE BETTY KRAMER Two Iunior Boys Gain Editorships on Arrow IIM LANKTREE LQVON LGVALLEY LuVON LAW GAYBETH LEARN PAT LeDUC CECIL LEITCH DENNIS LENON DARYL LEVITT Valley Realty Agency Electrik Maid Bakery Iordei Clothing Siore Kalispell Motor Supply Page 56 he- WL N 'wif - ' ' IIM LEVITT NAOMI LEWIS SAM LEWIS LARRY LOCKHART IOI-IN LOVEWELI. BEVERLY LOY ARLIS LUCKOW DORIS LYONAIS IOHN McrcMILLAN BILL MCLEAN CAROL McLOU'l'I'I CAROL MCNEIL Q 'Q S! M N -ik, f I ix of il 5 Y FCI-IS Cheerleaders Beast Two Iunior f. I I .- gag ,. ' A 5 .21.5 K . ,. , S .4 av' -F I 9 'L XX X X, ,SWS 3 1 Girls EDDIE MALSTROM BOB MANAGHAN ELAINE MANNING EDDIE MARQUETTE SHIRLEY MARTINS DELLA MARTINSON MARION MATHIASON ARLYSS MAZE I-Ienricksen Molors. Inc. Smitly's Triple XXX Drive In Page 57 SHARON MEACHAM BRICE MERCORD LUCILLE MERO MARIE MERO ROGER MICHELS EUGENE MILLER MARILYN MILLER IOE MILNER ADRIENNE MILLS DAN MITCHELL IEANNE MONK CAROL MORRISON Iuniors Entertain Seniors at Traditional Prom ELMO MOWER CHARLENE MUDD VERNON MULLINS DAVID NAETHE DEAN NAYLOR IRENE NELSON ROBERTA NEUMAN BILLIE IEAN OLSON I-Iimsl-Wohlwend Motors, Inc. Iohns Hardware Page 58 .agmsv.Nmm.sI:, memsgwai 1 DARRYL OLSON NORMAN OLSON IACK OVERBY CAROL OVERTON EDNA PARKER ANNA PATTERSON MIKE PEARCE CARL PEARSON EVA PHILLIPS SHIRLEY PHILLIPS EILEEN PRESTRUDE DELORES PRICE 1 5 3 juniors Tapped by National Honor Society 7 A EUNICE PRICE KATHLEEN PRICE BETTY RAMESZ RAY REMINGTON CARL RHODES IOSEPHINE RILEY LUCILLE ROBBINS SHARON ROBBIN Kalispell Grocery Co Page 59 KEITH ROBINSON PEGGY ROLL CAROL RUEGSEGGER BURDETTE RUGGLES BERNARD SAND IOAN SCAMMAHORN PAT SCI-IENCK RAYMOND SCHNACKENBERG CLIFFORD SCI-IOENING SHIRLEY SCHONENBERGER GEORGE SCHULZE VIRGIE SHOEMAKER Four Iuniors on Arrow Sta!! Attend MIEA MAXINE SIDERIUS DONALD SIEVERS SHIRLEY RAE SMITH IERRY SOMMERS PETE SPURZEM ARLEN STEUBS IRIS STOKES IEAN STRODTBECK Kalispell Lumber Co. Page 60 lis1ml sxv ARDELLA STRYKER GYNEL STUBBS ROYDEN STUBBS MARTIN SUNDBERG CONNIE SUNDE REIMON TALLADA PAT TINNEY IACK THERRIEN DOUG THOMPSON ALLEN TROMP SHIRLEY TURNER EILEEN UELAND ins- 5' "Wk Iuniors Manage Pom-pom Concession at Tournament I I .r mmm CONNIE VALISON LAURA Van ALSTINE BEVERLY Van RINSUM DON WEAVER WILLIAM WEAVER SUE WEBSTER IIM WEHR MILDRED WEIKERT Robinson Radiator Shop Pay G Save Marks! I'Icxd's Union Service Pacific Fruit and Produce Co. Page 61 a 1. 45 fm GEORGIA WENDT CLYDE WILSON RICHARD WILSON BONNIE WISE SHIRLEY WISHERD JAMES WITTLAKE IO ANNE WOLFE ELIZABETH WOLLAN DAVID ZAUNER Four Iuniors on Varsity Basketball Squad JUNIOR OFFICERS TAKE TIME OUT T0 RELAX MAXINE SIDERIUS , ,,,,, SECRETARY BRICE MERCORD ,. PRESIDENT DOUG THOMPSON, VICE PRESIDENT The O'NeiI Printer! Mountain State Power Company Page 62 SDPHDIIIUBES Dick Adams, Hugh Adams, Charles Alter, Barbara Anderson, Dick Arnold, Regina Arthur Iimmy Barker, Anson Barnes. Delilah Barnett, Warner Bartleson. Stanley Benner, Betty Biegler Claire Bieqler. La Roy Bell, Marlene Birnel, Howard Blachly, Ted Bowers, Iohn Bruyer Berl Buck, Marie Buck, Donna Burns. Eugene Burn. Thomas Carter. Roger Charbonneau Sophomores Take Q- .- A , 'ix i W ...K V. , ' . F' - y Q, ,. 'M 4 E QL W , . ilu W! Q ,Q x as as QW so iw ii Charge of Ice Cream Concession I1 I ' -'sf X' el- if if It I wk -zllti V- .,:, F lug X Q Iohn Chase, David Clack, Ioyce Clark. Albert Clarke. Ralph Clolze, Barbara Cole Noel Coleman, Phil Cook, Patsy Cork. Robert Cornell, Carlyle Croilettier, Robert Cummings Virginia Cyr, Faye Davis, Frances Dern, Eleanor Dygert, Kenneth Elwood. Phil Farr Pat Farris, Chuck Ferree. Virginia Ferree, Gary Fischer, Marge Fleming. Susan Flottman Virginia Ford, Gene Fordham, Marshall Frazier. Vernon Fredricks, Rod- ney Freeman, Leroy Funk The Propane Co., Inc. Monarch Lumber Co. Page 63 X -Q , f ,. . , " We 'P F M Q fi 1 Maureen Gallaney, Charlolte Gates, 1 Q. Lucille Gibson, Elmer Giesey, Dele Q ores Gilbertson, lames Gilbertson ald Graham, Harold Grainger, - Connie Green, Ioyce Greve F' i 5 'S' ff' 2 Leroy Gilbertson, Avis Gingery. Hon- Rii' Q 3 "' Virgil Griepp, Lois Grimsrud, Dorothy ., Hader, Lynn Hadley, William Hagerman, Dale Hall Grace Hanes. lim Handford. Lorraine Hannon, Carol Hanson, Lona Hansen, Stanley Hanson Frosh-Sophomore Party Said to be Best Yet Darlene Hartsoch, Elva Haven, Iudy Heaton, Bill Hegg, Gordon Heindel, Ioanne Hellman Shirley Heuscher, Aliean Higgins, Co- lene Hilden, Kaye Hinman. Kay Hodgson, Billy Hoiland lerry Holombo. Dallas Holsl, Gary House, lim Huggins, Nancy Hughes, Iune Hulchins Marcene Iverson, Imadell Iames, Bruce lellison, Deanna Iensen, Larry Ierrow, Bette Iohns Iean Iohnson, Loris Iohnson, Shirley Iones, Clare Ioy, Karol Kaus, Georgia Kelso MacMillan Drug Co. Kirkpatrick Kourl R Page 64 I m Wbiowf , I Dorothy Kemp. Gene Kilpairick, Betiy Kinniburgh, Ioyce Kinshella Iean Kirkland, Mearl Kirkland Arlene Kraii, Kenneth Krueger. Karol Krueger, Gerry Krauss, Linda Landry. Dick Lang Sandra Lasater, Sue Laiterel, Kay Le Fevre, Laura Leighty, Allan Lemon, Donald Lindbom lean Livingston, Ronald Lockhart, Ruth Lovring, George Lund, Carol Lykins, Bill Lynch 4 RA, X f il Frogs and Craylish Give Sophemeres a Bad Time Y, B531 , v 'c 8 . - I i W D 5 .,, N 551, '3 - 5 C J . -J A2 ki 'P 2 , mf N I 1 "f i v Mg" - 4 A I 4' iff G, 1 8. J i? ,. ' .L.- K TL A I .3 Ma' A f 'Q Q I ,X 4. K Q M, 5 .M K '. , gk? 'Q X' 'f xi' A! Z' mx' . sig ,. 1.: Gail Lyonais, Dick McDevill, Arlene McElroy, Gerald McFarlane, Bonnie McKellar, Bennie McKinley Robert McClin!ick, Beverly McPhee!ers, Kay Mahlum. Ruth Managhan, Betty Mallheisen, Rebecca Meeks Dick Miller, Alla Minihorn, Pai Murphy, Ray Murphy, Duane Naylor Beverly Nelson Sharon Nichol, Larry Nolan, Darlene Nordquist, Donald Oesch, Lureiia Oman, Donald Osirooi Teddy Page, Theora Paola, Gloria Parker, Don Pearson, Levaughn Peterson, Lois Peterson Kalispell Realty, Inc. Kelly Furniture Co. Page 65 Wayne Pedersen, Gail Ptohl. Beverly Phillips, Donnis Phillips, Peggy Platts, Hazel Prestrude Patsy Pronovost. Mary Hadabah, Doris Reid, Phil Rognlien, Mary Ellen Rosecrans, Norma Ross Clarence Rydeen, Io Ann Ryder, Andy Sampson, Thomas Sandwick, Mary Ann Schad, Joni Schumacher Larry Scovel, Ierry Sexton, Dale Shaw- han, Donna Siblerud, Pat Siderius, Robert Skaggs Varsity Basketball Team has Three Sophomores Mary Margaret Slack, Dorothy Smith, Shirley Smith. Ruth Soderstrorn, Anna Sommers, Bob Sparling Clinton Spindler, Ruth Staab. Carol Stangeland, Delores Stenberg, Lou Ann Stuehs, Lee Ann Stone Ioyce Strassburg, Burnell Strom. Helen Sundby, Stewart Swenson. Ianet Szymanawski, Ioan Taylor Vernon Tennant, Franklin Thomas, Gonelle Thompson, Rosemary Thomp- son, Maryle Tracht, Yvonne Treat Bill Turner, Eddie Tysko, lean Van Blstine, Betsy Vlasak, Patricia Wagner, Virginia Wagner Glacier War Surplus Main Street Texaco Service Miller-Ford Electric The Spudnut Shop Page 66 "SUP , Q all : 1 'H 1 ,,a ,, 4 he s P Q 'ff rt, w b. Q D , ,A S Ri K ' , Mig X 49 S 'Q , if E, 1,4 it Nik 7, Ronald Wachsmulh, Dick Wanq, Ro berta Weller, Iudy Wells, Vergene Welton, Gordon Wilcox Marioan Wilken, Shirley Willette, Al- elha Willis. Barbara Wilson, Dennis Wilson, Larry Wilson, Iudy Wood, Duane Worth, loan Zahla, Ioan Zimmerman ge , wr . N -' ,O , .,. Q , 'rf ' 5' Q1 0 'M ' ' Q, Q H W .,k' 30 134. , M as Q' P P fl . , ':.1..f,:.:4...f A Two Sophomore Girls on Flathead Cheering Squad SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS vxcz PRESIDENT, VERN TENNANT: sscm-:'rAnY, 1.1-:nor GILBER'I'SONi PRESIDENT, RON LOCKHART A-. L1 if Gr' .f- j,f7! SOPHS ENTERTAIN FROSH AT FROLIC SOPHOMORES AMASS FORTUNE SELLING ICE CREAM Mercury Cleaners Page 67 X Ai' Q iw 5 r I 5 is I-IEAVE HO! RANDY LEADS FROSH IN NOISE PARADE UNDERCLASSMEN EXERCISE VOTING PHIVILEGE Tobias Portruii Studio Page 68 FROSH LINE UP FOR VERDICT "OH, DO I LOOK LIKE THAT?" M,-mlm x. gn ".vm-rumen Lux' 1 asvwmmmlmm wel gl.f.s1 FBESHIIIEII Donna Aaberge. Marlene Allen. Virgil Allen, Iudy Ames, Rene Amundson, Dale Anderson Darrell Andrews. Marianne Rune, Bonnie Baker, Laura Ballenger, Betty Barnes, Loneta Bartlett Willis Battleson, Ioyce Bauska, Ion- athen Beaier. Ray Bear, Carl Benner, Margaret Berger Laurence Bern. Ruth Best, Katherine Betcher, Robert Bird, Phyllis Bostic. Lester Brown "Little Fresh" 'ua -tt :I , J, Largest Class in FCI-IS History -'ax s - , 1 Y ig, g Q'.' o B fo o v t e . Q' li' ' "Q ,. R! I I If 1 X ' - e x In . ,.. , -.....X....C.... 'F a a ,F . :: .ig .':.,. E . . L' 2 sit. ' in , N W' S X s' , it , tl l"'x e Q Neurita Bruner, Ronald Buck, Shirley Buck, Don Buckingham, Donald Bunker, Mark Bunker Earlene Burcher, Gene Burke, Paula Bustard, Brit Catron, Torn Caudill, Bob Clapper Eugene Clark. lanice Clark, Tippy Clark, Kenneth Cleqq, Sharon Cody. Thomas Coher Lyle Connor, Iune Creighton, Bill Croisettier, Roger Dahlke, Adele Davenport, Carol Davis Herbert Deglow, Charlotte Deitrich, Bob Dickinson, lorry Di Giovanni, Edwin Donaldson. Lyle Doty B. O. Waller. General Agent Western Life Insurance Co. Page 69 Argol Drollinqer, Dick Dukleth, Jerry Duncan, Linda Duncan, Joanne Dzivi, Jean Egan Carol Elgin, Sylvia Elleison, Don Ellis, Leland Everett, Barbara Fatherree, Antoneite Ferqusson Judy Ferguson, Harold Ferris, Char- lotte Flanigan, Sylvia Fordick, Frank Freeman, Garry French Ray Fritz, Charles Funk, Webb Garey, Russell Garvin, Sandra Gibson, Rosemary Gonsior Many Freshmen Placed on Flathead Honor Roll Shirley Good, Lowell Goodman, Don- ald Granger, Carol Grant, Robert Greenland, Wayne Gryde Mike Guest, Marshall Guile, Lenora Guy, Wilma Hake, Andrew Hall, Kathleen Hanses Jim Hanson, Mary Hansen, Frank Harbin, James Harmon, Harold Haven. Judy Hendrickson, Jack Herbold, Karen Holand, Kay Hrabik, Laura Hummel, Robert Iverson, Roger Jacobson Jackie James, Darlene Johnson, Janice Johnson, Milo Johnson, Doris Jones, Ray Jones Hollingsworth Electric Iacklon's Machine Shop Page 70 I .,--' is J L.. It W Pl... , Terry Iones, Anita Kair. Laura Kelly, Shirley Keller. Ioe Ann Kinder, Kent Kinniburg, Carol Kinshella, Dor- othy Kinshella, Laura Kipp, Eddie Kolstad Lornee Krueger Pearl George Klisis, Donald Koiord, Iimmy , 5 ,gig W , . f Georgia La France, Don Lanktree. Mildred Larson, Idell Larson, Martha Larson, Pete Larson Q, Y Teens Club Beasts Thirty Freshman Members 'Q vi D 1 K Y X t 1- 1 r I i 1 ,.,.....l.-.- AQ La Vonne Lauteret, Lonora Lauman, Marlene Laws, Laura Leib, Anna Lou Little, Roger Livdahl Carole Logan. Gerald Longacre, Patty Lyonais, lack McClarty, Larry McCubban. George McDonald Ginger McDonald, Charles McWhorter, Faye Managhan, Carrie Main, Frances Main, Ervin Madsen Harold Mallo, Annette Malstrom, Mar- iorie Marsh, Connie Meacham. Donald Mero, Beaneita Meuli Dick Michele, Terry Milaney. Bob Miller, Wendy Miller, Sheila Mitsch, Darrell Moller Iosten Manuiacturinq Co. Main Street Furniture Co. Page 71 Diane Moore, Bernard Morin, Harriet Morgan, Carol Morton, Roberta Motichka, Frances Mullins Freda Mumbower, Barbara Murphy, Mary Lou Murray, Terry Nauman, Betty Nelson, Nita Nelson Carol Nordtome, lack Novak, Kenneth Nyquist, Lorraine O'Boyle, Larry O'Connell, Harold Oitedahl Everett 0'Hare, Delbert Olds, Frances Olson. Hank Olson, Wayne Olson, Marie Ostroot Sixty Fresh Go Out for Basketball and Football Neil Overby, Shirley Paola, Donald Parker, Robert Passey, Joyce Pauli, Larry Peebler Allan Peterson, Marilyn Peterson, Mel- vin Peterson, Leonard Plohl, Darrell Price, Gerald Price Raymond Rasmussen, Claudia Rawson, Iohn Reimer, Charmain Rein, La Von Rexford, Ella Mae Rhodes Donna Richards, Ronald Richards, lean Richardson, Lois Richmond, Carley Ridenour, Patricia Roatch Rand Robbin, Donna Roberts, David Robertson, Delores Rohrer, Dan Roviq. Bruce Ruby Dr. C. M. Anzion, Optometrist Woodward's Page 72 s.sslewel.rmel A . was 7 .v f e s1 wsawml w, Maxine Ruqqles, Wallace Rundhauq, Karen Rydberqf lack Sanders. Mur- iel Savage, Everett Sawyer lane Schroeder, IoAnne Schroeder, Iohn Shoemaker, Verda Sheiferd, Kay Shoberq, Minta Shryock lim Slack, Iohn Slack, Everit Sliter, Eleanor Spencer, Andrew Spindler, Eddie Spring Bill Spurzem, Robert Stahlberq, Iohn Stein, Donna Stokes. Charles Stone, lim Steneback en .-' M Us Q Q K Nl x il' le 3 A ik ' 1 w , V , R 155 N313 n i, 4 fa: N, S 0 ,..,. .,... S4 Many Freshmen Take Drivers Training ,, ,V -me -I s is X , as X ., ll L 'K Dale Streit, Iohn Struble, Phyllis Sullivan, Don Sundt, Donald Sutherland, Cliiiord Swallow Wesley Swallow, Iohn Taylor, Blll Tennant, Ronald Thibert, Bob Thompson, Pat Thompson Ro-:ie Thompson, Dawn Titterud, Rol- alie Tollefson, Ted Tolley, Lloyd Tracht, Iacque Tunnicliff Ronald Turnacliil, Calvin Tulcher. Si- mon Tvedten, Charlotte Ueland, Sharon Vick, Marilyn Walter Lyle Watters. Richard Watts. Dick Wedel, Karen Weed, Barbara Weqan, Archie Weiqum Page 73 Gary Weingartner, lane! Weller, Le Roy Wells, lim Werre, Luann Westerhaus, Isabella Wheeler Leroy White, Yvonne White, Gerry Williams, Bobbie Lou Wilson, Mar- lene Wilson. Gene Wohlschlcger Deanna Yerkes, Marilyn Young, Wes- ley Young. George Zcmon, Dick Zeismer, Greta Zinke F" IS Pamted in Fine Style by Class of '56 "BUCKETS AND BROOMS" sYMBoL or Pnssx-:MAN Ton. Page 74 COURTESY OF G DBBi1I1lZI1'l'lDI1S . n: ,' '-1 4,1 - -Y ' M1-...Q-N " ,LA .. ...hwy .H-2. +wfj, Qesfw"'g,y-gqfvl . -1 W.. mv . W--v 5-wa " f 'L . 1, ,N film , ,V my uf-' -Hx--A me -- 1 wh - Iv ,x 1,u' .11 I Y Y.. A . N 1 .1.,,iQ,'?ffif 1- 125-' f" 5' 51' F ghf4f5' fHLfI'1? ZF' ' . - " 7183. X ,gg 1,-W, . 4 , 3- U., - - ,E ,-gpm, Ei.. f.fa1-,..i36L 1, fy I' 5' is b , , gl! L '24 "H" P222 is riff' .. . 4' f fi Af . f. ,V -: fe-,U-w x.:--. ' if Y j' -J' ' .g" f1' 7'5t'117f qwffi, '. ' H' ' i X M ...Q Y 5... .L , , f - Y iw a ,F V- P K, ,-f , , 1 1 . if-L ,Q "wa ' dgj.,,-,gfw '11' ' 1 Him 1 'fm 11 ' , 14 Q v 1 ,T D. FW? ' , Hp' 5' .tv A, j .V 135' 1 fi! ' I " w ., F an . .. .. . 1-,L W 1' A af Y 4 C I V , X, u , t ' . H I 1 ' , L '.?f.g.,?'1 - , ., JF, I. U, "Q: v, ,, 4 34:18 41 T3 H+ E 5 1 HF L., 5 d . Z,- I X ' , 1 1-.121 Row 1: Audrey Treweek, Doris McBride, Mary Smith Marilyn Moore Betty Millhouse Rexann Rockwood Marian Klisis, Betty Io Gibney, Elizabeth Moore, Ioanne Flynn Sharon Trx Row 2: Nancy Gilchrist, Roberta Smith, Laura Stenberq Willa Marie Wilson Donna Douglas Betty Io Busch, Vava Van de Mark, Pat Chrisinger, Alice Storaaslr Dorothy Koenig Row 3: Miss Schoknecht, Phyllis Battleson, Shirley Bain Marcella Mathiason Sue Little lean Lowman, loanno Lynch, Marilyn English. Row 4: lack Warner, Vernon Vlasak, Mike Poston Howard Ruby lack Brinkman Irm Mebust Bob Crook, Bill Roath, Dick Mockbee, Ierry Siderius, Tom Treloar Dick Wehr Mr Nelson Annual Sta!! Edits The Flathead Tradition at Flathead is that the senior class publish the yearbook. The statt has aimed to record the hiahliqhts as well as the every day events ot the 195253 school year. The pictures which appear in the 1953 FLATHEAD have been culled from some 900 shots taken durinq the year by Mr. Nelson. Since THE FLATHEAD has its own photoqraphic equipment, many "on the scene" shots are possible. The statf is headed by Betty Millhouse assisted by Rexann Rockwood and Marilyn Moore. Seniors who have assisted with mounting pictures and write ups are Pat Chrisinqer, Charlotte Morrison, Donna McPlieeters, Audrey Treweek, Alice Storaasli, Vernon Vlasak, Mary Smith and Willa Marie Wilson. The sports staff is headed by lim Mebust with Tom Treloar, Howard Ruby, Dick Moclcbee and Ierry Sidorius as assistants. lack Brinkman and lo Anne Flynn worked on the music section. Betty Io Gibney, Elizabeth Moore and Marian Klisis kept the books and did the typing. ln all, about titty seniors worked on the bookg many working on sales and sponsorships. Tho laculty sponsors are Mr. Nelson, photog- raphy und Miss Dorothy Schoknecht, production. TRELOAR, RUBY, MEBUST, BRINKMAN AND MOCKBEE CHECK PIC TUBES FOR MUSIC AND SPORTS SECTIONS A..-1.4. Row 1: Jim Iverson, Charlene Mudd, Leland Mebust, Mary Smith, lim Mebust, Lois Merritt, Keith Robinson, Sue Curry, Ioanne Flynn, Beverly Loy. Row 2: Pat Schenck, Doris McBride, Floyd Arnold, Doris Lyonais, Marilyn Moore, Ioanne Lynch, Lona Hanson, Mildred Weikert, Mary Slack, Mr. Anderson. Row 3: Kay Le Fevre, Tom Treloar, Teddy Page. Bill Roath Susan Flottman, Wayne Halverson Lind 1 1 C! Landry, Marcene Iverson, Dorothy Smith, Iudy Wood. Row 4: Beverly Phillips, Iohn Lovewell, Beverly Nelson, Liv Anne Bovenq, Ruth Soderstrom, Amber Karstetter, Audrey Treweek, Shirley Smith, Laura Van Alstine, Donna Christopher. How 5: lean Lowman, Sue Little, Sue Webster. Mary Esther Munro, Ioyce Grove, Iudy Wells, Donna Siblerud, Connie Green, Sharon Nichol, Marilyn Peterson, Lois Grimsrud. Arrow Sta!! Publishes School Paper THE ARROW, Flathead's bi-weekly publication, published since l9l3, is headed this year by co- editors Lois Merritt and lim Mebust, News editor is Mary Smith, assisted by Charlene Mudd. Heading the feature staff are Keith Robinson and Sue Curry. Taking care of the sports pages are Leland Mebust and lim Iverson. Beverly Loy is circulation manager: loanne Flynn, ad manager, and Dolores Aadsen is the bookkeeper for the ARROW. Mr. David Anderson and Mr. Kenneth Christison are the advisers. The aims of the ARROW are to report the school news, to further high school lournalism and to en- large upon the knowledge of school activities. ARROW EDITORIAL STAFF Seated: Iim Iverson, Leland Mebust, Keith Robinson, lim Mebust, Mary Smith, Charlene M Standing: Beverly Loy, Ioanne Flynn. This year the paper sent six delegates to MlEA, held in Missoula last fall. MIEA is a state- wide iournalism meet held at the University of Montana. Students from publications staffs around the state meet for round table discussions and to receive ratings for their school papers and annuals. This year, the ARROW received a superior rating. Students who work on the ARROW for two years receive their ARROW Outstanding mem- bers of the staff have an opportunity for member- ship in Ouill and Scroll, journalism honorary. udd, Sue Curry. is Hansen's Cleaners Summit Lumber Co.. Columbia Falls Page 76 IOURNAUSM CLASS FOLDS PAPERS -Q-. co-Emron Mmmrrr conrrzns wmi nooxxnsvsn 35,3225 AADSEN AND AD MANAGER rommr: Ui' Y FAM, PHYLLIS BUCK. MARCELLA MATHIASON, AND AMBER LOIS AND MARY WATCH LINOTYPE OPERATOR SET ARROW COPY KARSTETTER Usher Club Gives Many Hours of Service to School Usher Club is rin old trcidition in Flotheod County Hicih School. The rittroctive orcmqe ond block iinitornis, which were new in 1952, qive cr trim, pro- lessioncil cippefircince to the qirls os they perform their countless duties for the school. Since the Usher Club is ci service orqonizotion, the rnoinhvrs have rneny duties ond responsibili- ties. Seine of these cire usherinq in the ouditorium und fiyinrirrsium for school ossemblies, public en- tertcxinments, hcisketbell qornes ond the other veri- ous cictivities sponsored in or by the hiqh school. Uno yo:1r's service in the club merits the oword ol ci pin, rind qrfidiicrtiriq seniors ore replaced edch sprint: hy underclnssmen. Officers of the club dur- infi the first semester were lo Ann Olson, presi- dent' Andre Treweelc, vice president: ond Anita f Y Molhy, socretrrry-trerrsurer. Durinq the second sem- cwstor, Ccirolyn Hcinses was president: Audrey Tre- woelc, vice presideritg find Shirley Mein, secretory- trofisiirer. Miss Annes Field is the fociilty sponsor. Page 77 Row 1: Shirley Main Row 2: Roberta Smith, Anita Melby. Doris Lyonais Bow 3: Rose Marie Hcrnses, Dorothy Bruyer. Beverly Phillips. Betty Millhouse Row 4: Liv Anne Bovenq, Charlene Mudd, Bar burn Wilson. Audrey Treweek, Carolyn Hunses Row 1: Iim Mebust, Ierry Siderius. Vernon Vlasak, lack B Row 2: Thomas Falherree, Mike Pearce, Don Franklin, Dennis Lenon. "Zip" Rhoades. Row 3: Tom Treloar. Howard Bear, Iames Farrington, George Dennison. How 4: Larry Durocher. Howard Blachly, Cecil Leitch, Iim Iverson, Larry David, lack Warner. rinkman, Bob Crook, Bill Roaih. Howard Ruby. Leland Mebusi, Keith Robinson, Mike Poston, Dennis Wilson. Bruce Iellison. Dick Adams. Brice Mercord, lack Overby, Virgil Griepp, Key Club Aids Downtown Coaches Membership Drive Flathead Key Club, sponsored by the Kalis- pell Kiwanis Club, is an active organization for outs standing sophomores, juniors and seniors who are in the upper third of their class. KEY CLUB MIXER DRAWS LARGE CROWD The primary cbiect of the Key Club is service to the school and community. Projects have been many and varied. Per- haps the most extensive one was the drive ior Downtown Coaches Club mem- berships. Others were selling programs at basketball games, a mixer after the Great Falls football game, and assisting the FFA in landscaping the campus. During last summer two members were able to go to Key Club International con- vention in Chicago. They were lack Brinkman and lim lverson. This year Brice Mercord and Cecil Leitch were chosen to represent Flathead at the l953 convention in Los Angeles. Officers for the i952-53 term have been lerry Siderius, president: Vernon Vlasak, vice president: Bill Roath, sec- retary, and lack Brinkman, treasurer. Page 78 Row 1: Helen Sundby, Bette Iohns, Iudy Heaton, Shirley Buck, Virgie Shoemaker, Karen Rydberg, Frances Main, Doris Lyonais, Sharon Robbin, Phyllis Sullivan, Marlene Allen, Marilyn Young, Mary Ann Schod, Ardella Stryker, Dorothy Smeltzer, Mae Coverdell. Row 2: Mrs. Youg, Ioyce Pauli, Iacque Iames, Delores Rohrer, Shirley Main, Ruth Staab, Sandra Robbin, lmadel Iames, Gloria Parker, Claudia Rawson, Ruth Loverinq, Miss Schrolucke. Row 3: Mariorie Boyd, lean Strodtbeck, Eileen Ueland, Betty Kramer, Shirley Paola, Arlene Bailey, Shirley Devitt, Avis Iohnson, Charlotte Ueland, Pat LeDuc, Charlotte Gates, Bonnie Baker, Janet Weller. Marcene Iverson, Doris McBride, Delores Stenberq, Beverly Phillips, Susan Flottman, Carol Strassburg, Donna Douglas, Donna Houseman, Iean Kirkland, Theora Paola, Gail Lyonais, Mary Ellen Rosecrans, Pat Siderius, Betty Ramesz, Roberta Gibson, Sharon Nichol, Ianice Mauer, Nancy Hughes, Connie Green, Shirley Amdam, Dorothy Hader, Linda Landry, Carol Overton, Irene Nelson. Row 4: Teddy Page, Kaxol Kaus, Eleanor Spencer, Sandy Gibson, PGCIQY Roll. Darlene Hartsoch, lean Zimmerman, Elizabeth Moore, Nancy Gilchrist, Colene Hilden, Alma Hoyt, Betty Kuhn, Lgnenq Bartlett, Mary Hansen, Patty Lyonais, Kathleen I-Ianses, Carrie Main, Alta Minthorn, Row 5: Iudy Wood, Dorothy Smith, Barbara Collier, Kay Le Fevre, Barbara Wilson, Genelle Thompson Aliean Higgins, Willa Marie Wilson, Frances Dern, Betty Busch, Kay Malum, Darlene Nordquist' Carlyle Croisettier, Barbara Anderson, Ioyce Greve, Iudy Wells, Donna Siblerud, Lois Grimsrud' Lois Peterson, Marilyn Peteson, Bevely Nelson, Mary Margaret Slack, Lee Ann Stone, Nadine Bunkeri Rebecca Meeks, Maryle Tracht. Y-Teens Sponsor Annual White Christmas YTEENS PACK CLOTHING FOR SAVE THE CHILDREN AGILE AMAZONS QFLATHEADI ANNII-IILATE COWER FEDERATION ING FFA TEAM II-IELENAJ IN PEP ASSEMBLY LOIS TAKES AN OVERALL VIEW SANDRA PRESENTS WHITE CHRISTMAS GIFTS T0 WELFARE DEPARTMENT OF Y-TEEN MIXER DECORA REPRESENTATIVE TIONS nm I n-n1n xsmzs.mnuizz1ze2 Q, FIRST SEMESTER ST UDENT COUNCIL Row 1: Mr. Merritt, Gene Kilpatrick, Minta Shryock, Genevieve Warkins, Doris McBride, Mariean Wilken, Vernon Vlasak, Betty Millhouse, Ierry Siderius, Ruth Grosswiler, Iackie James. Row 2: Howard Bear, Ronnie Lockhart, Vernon Tennant, lim Mebust Naomi Lewis, Loneta Bartlett, Mr. Christison f Row 3: Virginia Cyr, lim Iverson, Howard Ruby, Burnell Strom, Claudia Rawson, Ioyce Bauska, Wendy Miller, Ioyce Keierleber Row 4: Gayle I-Ialseth, Mary Smith. Chuck Fordham, Dale Hall, Dennis Wilson, Bob Sparling, Melvin Peterson, Donald Graham, Dick Arnold, Dick Dzivi, Gary Blachly, Sue Webster, Tom Treloar, Sandra Bobbin. Student Government Organization Puts The Student Council, composed of one repre- sentative from each home room and one from each class, is a student organization to assure the stu- dents a democratic form of government. The Stu- dent Council officers are elected from the upper classes and are nominated by student petitions. Of the four officers elected, all serve a term of one semester with the exception of the treasurer who serves for the year. Campaign fever hits a high pitch as the signs are put up in the halls and candidates make speech- es before the election. The first semester council led by Vernon Vlasak, president: Ierry Siderius, vice president: Betty Millhouse, secretary: and Gen- evieve Warkins, treasurer, supervised the election of cheer leaders and awarded concessions and mixers for the football and basketball games. It also appointed a committee to revise and amend the constitution. CONSTITUTION HEVISION COMMITTEE Some amendments that were proposed were: Cll qualifications of student officersg C27 extra-curricular loadp C33 election of cheer leaders: and C47 student council election. The first major task of the second semester Student Council was a discussion of these amend- ments. With the exception of one, these amend- ments were passed. Occupying much of the officers time was the Northern Divisional Basketball Tour- nament. The officers, Iack Brinkman, president: Sandra Bobbin, vice president: Doris McBride, sec- retary: and Genevieve Warkins, treasurer: spent many hours after school in the preparation of and planning for Flathead's first divisional tourney. To achieve better conditions at Flathead, the council officers have set up numerous committees composed of student council representatives. A few of these committees are the senior privileges, build- ing and grounds, hall receptionists, constitution re- vision, and student assembly com- mittees. Becommendations and motions from these committees are forwarded to the council. Every student has an opportunity to vote on these recommendations in his home room. Each representative then votes the home room choice. Page 80 SECOND SEMESTER STUDENT COUNCIL Row l: Bob Miller, lack Warner, Tom Treloar, Mary Ann Schad, Mary Smith, lack Brinkman, Genevieve Warkins, Sandra Bobbin, Marilyn Miller, Frances Main, Loneta Bartlett. Row Z: Mr. Merritt: Ron Lockhart, Bob Fraser, Iim Mebust, Liv Anne Bovenq, Lois Grimsrud, Ioyce Baulka, Ianet Weller, Nancy Gilchrist, Sylvia Ellefson, Mr. Christison. Row 3: Iim Iverson, Mike Poston, Larry Wilson, Iim Carey, Norma Albritton, Maxine Siderius, Minta Shryoclc, Ianice Iohnson, Beverly Loy, Virgil Griepp. Row 4: Ierry Daley, Clinton Spindler, Red Mitchell, George Dennison, Iim Handiord, Ronald Thiberl, Henry Olson, Rand Robbin, Gene Burns, Frank Tetrault, Leland Mebust. Democratic Ideals Into Practice X4 C'MON GALS, IT ISN'T AS BAD AS ALL THAT! Page Bl FIRST AND SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS: lack Brinkman, Vernon Vlasak. Betty Millhouse, Genevieve Warkins, Ierry Siderius, Sandra Bobbin and Doris McBride. ,E gg :vw Seated: Shirley Buck, Carol McLouth, Arlis Luckow, Kathleen Price, Ioanne Hellman, Betty Kinniburqh Willa Marie Wilson, Vava Van de Mark, Adrienne Mills. Standing: Avis Johnson, Dorothy Hader, May Ccverdell, Charlotte Gates, Betsy Vlasak, Virqie Shoemaker Library and Office Assistants Receive Valuable Training for Future Careers 'qs' Row 1: Shirley Main, Ioanne Lynch, Iosephine Riley. Denise Hauqe, Nancy Harmon, Nancy Gilchrist, Doris McBride, Patsy Kinshella, Rose Marie Hanses, Betty Io Gihney, Carolyn Hanses. Row 2: Ruth Grosswiler, Sharon Meacham, Ioyce Keierleber, Shirley Phillips, Liv Anne Boveng, Charlene Mudd. Quiver Club Publishes School Magazine Lett to right: Carol Gehle, Alice Storaasli, Lona Hansen, Alta Minthorn, Gynel Stubbs, Page 82 Miss Hagie, Pat Tinney, Luann Hanson. Row I: Tom Richardson, Mike Pearce, Leland Mebust, Keith Robinson, Sandra Bobbin, Cherie Conrad. Mildred Weikert, Barbara Collier. Row Z: Shirley Phillips, Mary Ellen Rosecrans, lean Livingston, Verqene Weston. Gerry Krause. Dolores Gilhertson. Arlene Kraft, Ioyce Clark, Le Vaughn Peterson. Row 3: Bette Iohns, Lois Grimsrud, Marcene Iverson, Lona Hansen, Nancy Hughes, Gloria Parker, Betty Parker, Virginia Ferree. Row 4: Delilah Barnett, Ioanne Hellman, Beverly Nelson, Karol Kaus, Kay Le Fevre, Delores Stenberq, Clara Ioy, Elva Haven, Yvonne Treat. Dorothy Smeltzer. N. F. L. Strives to Promote Effective Public Speaking DEBATE TEAM Herbert Iverson, Mike Pearce. Tom Richardson, sponsor: Phillip Farr, Keith Robinson, Leland Mobust. NFL helps an individual to speak effect- ively and teaches him the correct use of the English language, This club is open to any student interested in public speaking with the only require- ment that of maintaining a three average or above in his studies. Officers for this year are Leland Mebusi, president: Keith Robinson, vice president: and Sandra Bobbin, secretary. DEBATE Debate is also a branch of NFL. The topic debated this year was, That the Atlantic Pact Nations Should Form a Federal Union. The members of the debate team visited various schools and also went to the inter- scholastic meet. Officers ior this year are Leland Mebust, president and Mike Pearce, vice president. LELAND MEBUST WAS WINNER OF THIS YEAR'S DISTRICT AMERICAN LEGION CONTEST WITH KEITH ROB- INSON WINNING SECOND PLACE Page 83 Sfiiklffl' . im. . . . 2. sum: ,ew f M it, 2 'ziwtek :wig 'A Y" The Vocational Buildinq, completed in l94l, has graphic arts, and metal shop, as well as vocational made possible an expanded industrial program at agriculture. Flathead. Classes are offered in auto mechanics, Industrial Program Develops Vocational Skills FRESHMAN BOYS LEARN RUDIMENTS OF METAL SHOP TRADES AND INDUSTRY PROGRAM PREPARES BOYS FOR MECHANIC CAREER FUTURE ARCHITECTS DEVELOP SKILLS IN DRAFTING FFA BOYS HARVESTING BROM GRASS ww..-qpq.-s-N Y- ., , Row 1: Ronald Thibert, Donald Bunker, Dick Grosswiler, Kenneth Clegg, Lyle Connor, Frank Harbin, Leland Everett, Ted Gibbs, Robert Bird, Iames Hosiord, Iames Wittlake, Lyle Birkey. Row 2: Ronald Richards, Gene Wahlschlager, Pat Thompson, LeRoy Bunyea, Ted Tolley, Wesley Swallow, LeRoy Wells, George Klisis, Lyle Doty, Larry Loher, Eugene Clark, Roy Iones, Kenneth Nyquist, Richard Watts. Row 3: Kenney Elliot, George Schultz, David Ballenger, Charles Clark, Kenneth Veigel, Iimmie Eayrs, Larry Meyers, Donald Graham, Francis Thibert, Allen Iacobson, Iimmie Hanson, Don Iones, Sanford Kaufman, Gene Millet, Donald Sievers. Row 4: Mr. Robinson, Mr. Lalum, Duane Worth, Austin Weikert, Mickey Guest, lohnny Bruyer, Billie Hoiland, LeRoy Gilbertson, Don Oesch, Dale Sonstelie, Gary Aklestad, Ronald Graham, Gene Watters, Lawrence Brunner, Gene Kilpatrick, Willis Battleson, Warden Hardy. Darryl Olson, Melvin Oftedahl, Robert Iverson, Cliltord Swallow, Mr. Olson, Dr. Leo Knuti. Row 5: Mark Bunker, Mearl Kirkland, Clinton Spindler, Warner Bartleson, Lee Little, Don Buck, George Lund. Gary Keierleber, Carl Rhodes, Norman Olson, Lester Brown, Donald Fulbright, Iohn Taylor, Ora Norvell, Arnold Fulbright. Ronald Longacre, Larry Peebler, Gerald Longacre, Ierry Duncan, Darrell Andrews, Bob Mack, Francis Egan. Row B: Bennie McKinley, Kenneth Krueger, Donald Peterson, Elmer Allers, Dale Brown, David Fleming, Charles Little, Bruce Iellison, Floyd Mitton, Bennie Benner, Larry O'Connel1, Ronald I-loye, Carl Rebbe, Rand Robbin, Ed Kirk, Dick Lang, Harold Farris, Andrew Spindler, Art Farris, Charles McWhorter, Stanley Benner, Russell Gardis, Ronald Buck, Vernon Mullins, Edwin Donaldson, A. Members Display Prize Winning Projects LEE LITTLE PREPARES FOR 4-I-I DRILL FFA MEMBERS PREPAR- ING LIVESTOCK EXHIBITS Page 85 RAND ROBBIN EXHIBITS IUNIOR YOUTH FAIR FLOAT GRAND CHAMPION HEREFORD BULL L W r,smly.mK, vwn:+"mn.7x:!i : -so., DON GRAHAM RECEIVES GOLD EMBLEM AWARD LOCAL FFA MEMBERS EXAMINE WORKBOOKS FROM OTHER CHAPTERS LOADING THE BUS IN KANSAS CITY MR. ROBINSON AROUSING l?j ALLAN IACOBSON Y ........- .-. .. . .. , -.. F. F. A. Wins Tenth Consecutive Gold Emblem Award Flathead Chapter of the FFA has the distinction of being the top-ranking chapter in the United States, having been awarded the gold emblem for na- tional achievement for ten consecutive years. The tenth award was made at the annual FFA conven- tion in Kansas City this year which was attended by 20 Flathead members. Upon their return from the convention, the FFA members gave an assembly in which the officers and committee chairmen gave talks explaining the aims and objects of FFA. The officers are Donald Graham, president: lames Eayrs, vice presidenty Francis Thibert, secretaryy Larry Meyers, treasurer, Allen lacobson, reporterg lim Hanson, sentinel. Mr. Henry Robinson is chapter sponsor. The past year the chapter entertained the dis- trict meet, sponsored a parent-son banquet, and participated in the annual seed show held in the Vocational building. For recreation, the members of the local chap- ter play basketball. At times, they challenge other chapters in the state. As a practical project to give members actual experience in farming, the local chapter has leased 96 acres from the county. Here the members grow certified Lincoln Brom grass. The local chapter of FFA was organized in l93U with its goals development of agricultural leader- ship, cooperation, and citizenship. These are still the aims today. To help the boys attain these goals, the membership is divided into committees, each with a definite objective and responsibility. The various committees are supervised practice, coop- erative activities, community service, earnings and savings, conduct of meetings, scholarship, recrea- tion, safety and citizenship. By working on these committees, younger FFA members gradually learn to assume responsibility and develop qualities of leadership. Each FFA member has his own farm project about which he must keep careful records, thus training him for a future vocation. Row 1: Francis Thibert, Larry Meyers, lim Hanson, Don Graham. Iim Eayrs, Gene Waiters. Row 2: Arnold Fulbright, Ronald Hctye, Gary Keierleber, Don Fulbright. as How l: Ierry Siderius, Tom Trelour, lim Mebusl, Frank Landon, Earl Dennison, George Dennison, Iohn Durado, Don Franklin. How 2: Ed llgen, Bill Roath, Gene Anderson, Cecil Leitch, Vernon Vlasak, Howard Bear. Mike Poston, Howard Ruby. Row 3: Dick Grosswiler, Douq Thompson, Mike Pearce, Vern Tennant, Dan Mitchell, Eugene Fordham, Dick Savage. Row 4: lim Handiord, Dick Dzivi, Iohn MacMillan, Ray Remington, Brice Mercord, Gary Blachly, Bill McLean. Bob Blake. F Club Men Assist Athletic Program Through Purchase ol Whirlpool Bath and Other Needed Equipment Mon carnina letters in basketball, football, track, slziinfr and qolf are members of the F Club. The rthint objective of the club is to further the athletic rtrofrrarn at Flathead. The F Club had the soft drink concession at basketball frames and the Northern Divisional Tour- namcrnt. Profits from this venture are used to finance F CLUB HANDLES POP CONCESSION the whirlpool bath which the club purchased for the athletic department. Officers are Frank Landon, president: Howard Ruby, vice president, Tom Treloar, secretary: lim Mebust, treasurer. Coaches Little and Bergstrom are the sponsors. Page B7 HALFBACK RUBY TASTES HIS OWN COOKING 1 M... 'V ou Row l: Mr. Fitschen, Dorothy Smith, Elaine Manning, Norma Albritton, Doris McBride, Bob Fraser, lack Warner, Betty Millhouse, Sue Little, Mrs. Anderson. Row 2: Kay Le Fevre, Karol Kaus, Beverly Phillips, Doris Lyonais, Maxine Siderius, Billlie lean Olson, Ruth Grosswiler, Teddy Page, Arlene Kraft, Helen Sundby, Mariean Wilken. Row 3: Tom Treloar, Howard Bear, Bob Crook, lack Brinkman, Rexann Rockwood, Dick Wehr, Dorothy Bruyer, Audrey Treweek, Anita Melby, Beverly Iensen. Row 4: Arlyss Maze, Arlen Steubs, Dick Arnold, Bob Blake, Larry Meyers, Leland Mehust, Carl Knutsen, Larry David, Dick Wilson. Pep Club Encourages Good Sportsmanship Pep Club is the service organization for ath- letics. The club has three main objectives. The first D is to improve the sportsmanship of spectators at games, the second is to promote a better Flathead cheering section, and the third is to act as ushers at athletic games. To promote better sportmanship among the crowds at games, the club members met with the Downtown Coaches to formulate a code. This was much publicized through the press and radio. The well mannered crowds at the Northern Divisional were evidence of the effectiveness of this venture. The cheerleaders together with Pep Club mem- bers plan new yells and routines for games. Mem- bers of the club act as a nucleus to get the students "into the swing." The biggest job of the club was ushering for Northern Divisional. Several thousand people had to be shown seats, many of these reserved. Through the sale of Brave hats and programs at games, the club was able to send the cheer- leaders to the State Tournament. The officers are lack Warner, president, Bob CHEERLgAI?EILiS PROMSTE SCSOOI5 PEPSHNTQS-ANAiCg543-6355535 Fraser, vice president: Betty Millhouse, secretary, gliifhy g:nuhYo""'s' mn' 'mmng' ue I 9' 'Y ' Doris McBride, treasurerp Norma Albritton, point keeper. BILLIE JEAN AND ELAINE MAKE NOISE SENIORS SHOW SCHOOL SPIRIT HEAP BIG Cl-IIEFS MAKE-UM PLANS FOR IUNIORS Lelt to right: Ierry Price, Marilyn Moore, Darrell Andrews , Billie lean Olson, Elmo Mower. Ianice johnson, Sharon Robbin, Kenneth Clegg, Ruth Loverinq, Harry Koch, Iudy Wood, Everett Sawyer. Tumblers Present Half Time Shows MRS. ANDERSON HELPS IUDY AND ELMO DOUBLE FLIP FLOPS WITH POSE POSE: FINISHED PRODUCT WHAT GOES UP MUST COME DOWN! Tumblers l'lutheud's nowost "town," the turnhlors, wds orounized this your under tho diroction of Mrs. Mciriorio Anderson. Tryouts wore hold in the foil und Cl tindl todin of Six boys find six iiirls was vhoson. The tennis first public on iiodrcnico was ut tho EPIQIRXIS Hull for the Edqlos Auxiliury. Since then they hdvo pro- svntod hulfftiine shows at Pio Helena qdnio und tho Northern Divisional tournd- inont, Hiqhliqht ot the year wus their trip to Missoula to tunihlo ut tho qoino there. HUMAN PYRAMID .x Muni Row I: Pat Tinney, Charlene Mudd, Mary Smith, lean Ann Chester, Mrs. Young. Row 2: Mike Poston, Sandra Bobbin, lean Lowman, Row 3: Ioanne Herron. Alice Storaasli, Alta Minthorn, Colene Hilden, Shirley Halseth, Ronald Wachsmuth. F. T. A. Promotes Interest in Teaching Profession The Flathead chapter of the Future Teachers reorganized after a year of inactivity. The purpose of the club is to give any students interested in the teaching profession a chance to get acquainted in this field. Officers elected at the beginning of the sem- ester were Mary Smith, presidenty Milce Poston, vice Bible Club Wins Float Contest Row 1: Marilyn Walters. Ioanne Flynn, Virgil Griepp. Marcella Mathiason, Ioanne Lynch. How 2: Doris Iones, Donna Lee Richards. La Vonne Lautaret, Betty Matthiesen. How 3: Pat Schenk, Mildred Weikert, Gail Ptohl, Elva Mae Haven, Frances Mullins. Row 4: Eileen Bailey, Edna Parker, Carol McNeil. Kathleen Price, Patty Bolton. La Vonne Rextord. Row 5: Hazel Prestrude, Wallace Donaldson, Miss Carr, Edwin Donaldson, Vernon Mullins. president: Charlene Mudd, secretaryg Pat Tinney, treasurer: and lean Ann Chester, historian. The club presented an assembly for the student body. The program included reports by members on noted educators and several talks by local teach- ers on teaching as a profession. Hear.-nf. ,wif 2 l T 'if The Bible Club started out the year by winning first prize on their float in the Youth Fair Parade. They also sponsored a school assembly. The quiz team defeated the Miss- oula quiz team twice, Two formal banquets were held during the year, one at Christmas and one during the spring. Several informal parties were also given. The purpose of the club is to help the Christian young people to realize their re- sponsibility of living a Christian life every day. Officers are Ron Lockhart, presidentp Mar cella Matthiason, vice president: loanne Flynn, secretary, Miss Carr is the faculty sponsor. Page 90 'X-.vfy '-sl. 3 5 45 L W gi v X ' 5 1 H' i ' 1 'N' 5 1, 5-q K 2 lp Q T9 ik 'K M :K X nrt' Y- Q Nfl' Q ff dn-ws ,A-Q.. xxw 0 ,- I 4 , I Q ' s x 'Q h if ,Q-QB 5 fii x 2 is . M 'fi ' Q4 'GX K fa bk f e M x Wie N - w 9 ,Tx .L X 'K' K w g w 1 ' . , f EE i 5 f3"wW.., A- f MM JT: N ,. 5 Q A mt in jg S , JA' - fi .aa-A 57' , -Q' A 355255 it kfmvnsx A WMNY' 'f 1 , is A -x i' +"?"x 3551 - Y wiv ,. Lil? 6 3,,k ,5g,i5 nf ?Q ma Row l: Larry Wilson, Katherine laslcen, Laura Stenberq, Dale Shawhan, lon Schumacher, jimmy Huggins, Mickey Guest. Row 2: Roger Livdahl, Wallace Rundhaug, Edward Tyslco, Iohn Chase, Larry Nolan, Wayne Peterson. Dan Roviq. MEMBERS CHECK COATS AT TOURNAMENT Camera Club Plans to Furnish Darkroom Camera Club was oraanized at Flathead this year to qive the flash bulb enthusiasts an oppor- tunity to exchange ideas and to learn steps in devel- opinq and printinq pictures. The officers are Larry Wilson, president: Dan Roviq, vice president. Mr. Peter Prlain is the faculty sponsor, To earn the necessary funds to furnish a dark tnoin below the auditorium staqe, the club ran a t-oat crheckina concession durinq the basketball SOCISOU. To stimulate interest in photoqraphy amonq the students, the club held a contest with cash and mer- vhandise given as prizes. ,Y Proiectionists Operate Varied Visual Equipment Row l: Francis Thibert, Dick Freeman, Larry Wilson, Vernon Vlasak. Row 2: Bill Heath, Bob Cummings, Robert Coleman, Roger Livduhl. How 3: Gary Weingartner. Lloyd Chapin, Stanley Hanson, Chris Hayen, Bob Heitzig, Mr. Ylinen. f'lathead's varied protection equipment includes two l6 mm. mound projectors as well as sev- eral film strip and slide projectors. Boys interested in learninq to operate this equipment may join the Projectors sponsored by Mr. Walter Ylinen. During their unassigned peri- orls, the members of Projectionists 'issist teachers by operating this equipment. Page 93 Q. , 1 , .. , . -. 1 ...... - , M... Row 1: Diane Moore, Doris Reed, Imadel Iames, Iodie Kinder, Frances Main, Marion Mathesion, Billie Iean Olson, Iean Monk, Shirley Phillips, Rexann Rockwood, Marilyn Moore, Willa Marie Wilson, Darlene Bitney, Ioyce Keierleber, Harold Archibald, Wayne Halvorson. Row 2: Kathleen Hanses, Lee Little, Ianet Weller, Larry McCubbins, Bonnie Baker, Karen Rydberg, Dale Streit, Betty Io Gibney, Shirley Good, Everit Sawyer, Sylvia Elletson, Allan Overton, Rose Marie Hanses, Carolyn Hanses, Bennie McKinley, Betty Io Busch. Row 3: Gene Kilpatrick, Phil Rognlien, Sharon Vick, Marilyn Young, Phyllis Sullivan, Mary Gonsior, Carrie Main, Phyllis Bostic, Barbara Anderson, Lona Hansen, Mary Ellen Rosecrans, Shirley Paola, Greta Zinke, Theora Paola, Berl Buck. Row 4: Iim Farrington, Gloria Parker, Arlene McElroy, Ruth Loverinq, Donna Aaberge, Iackie James, Katherine Betcher, Iean Livingston, Muriel Savage, Russell Garvin, Ronald Thibert, Ioanne Herron, Don Mero, Dorothy Kinshella, Henry Olson. Row 5: Virgie Shoemaker, Shirley Buck, Karen Weed, Mary Hansen, Patty Lyonais, Mary Margaret Slack, Bobbie Lou Wilson, Kay Shoberg, Ioanne Hellman, Marianne Aune, Sandra Gibson, lean Richardson, lack Therrien, Bob Cummings, Chuck Aker. Row 6: Marilyn Hummel, Laura Hummel, Pearl Kunda, Dorothea Gohn, Wilma Hake, Brit Catron, Wally Rundhaug, Ierry Holombo, Barbara Fatherree, Raymond Murphy, Eddie Malstrom, Frank Herron, Elmo Mower, Austin Weikert. Row 7: Wayne Pederson, Le Roy Bell, Dick Wehr, Bob Gassert, Ierry Di Giovanni, Carl Robbe, Arlen Roll, Marlin French, Gary French, Linda Landry, Susan Flottman, Marcene Iverson, Irvin Madsen, Fred Mumbower. Row 8: Barbara Cole, Anna Lou Little, Carol Elgin, Don Ellis, Franklin Thomas, Burnell Strom, Roberta Gibson, Dolores Rohrer, Carlyle Croisettier, Gene Walchli, Roger Koiord, Francis Thibert, Leroy Gilbertson. Square Dancing Promotes Good Fellowship and Fun For the 'third consecutive year the Flathead Square Dance Club has played an active part in Flatheads extracurricular activities. The officers for 1952-1953 are president, Rexann Ptoclcwoodp secretary-treasurer, Marilyn Moore, and a planning committee consisting of Willa Marie Wil- son, Shirley Phillips, lim Farrington, Gail Lyonais, lim Gilbertson, Harold Archibald, Darlene Bitney, and Ioyce Keierleber. The club meets on Thursday every two weeks at 7:30 p. m. the doors are closed at 8:00 and SHE'S REALLY UP IN THE AIR ABOUT HIM square dancing continues until 9: 30. This year the members worked hard and faith- fully to put on an excellent exhibition at the Square Dance Festival held on March 14. However, the club would not have been the success it now is if it hadn't been for our sponsor, Mr. Rip Wilson. lt is through his interest and effort that the club has continued to function. This club offers fun and good fellowship to all those who participate. AWAY THEY GO IN THE TEXAS STAR Page 94 'FU' Row l: Peggy Roll, Eileen Bailey, Nancy Gilchrist. Dora Lee Ostrom, Carol Stangeland. Marcella Mathiason, Ioan Sager. Muriel Savage, Martha Larson. Row 2: Min Lewil, Carley Hidenour, Claudia Hawson. Carol Ilgen, Minta Shryock, Betty Mattheisen, Dorothy Klnlhella. Shirley Paola, Rebecca Meeks, Dawn Titterud, Mrs. Anderson. Row 3: Io Ann Kinder, Mildred Larson. Iudy Wood, Darlene Nordquilt, Barbara Wilson, Kay Hodgson, Marilyn Peterson, Mary Margaret Slack, Ruth Lovorlng. G.A.A. Oilers Varied Sports Program GAA was organized on a recreation basis to stimulate an interest in sports for girls. Playdays are sponsored, rather than interscholastic competition to develop a wholesome spirit of sportsmanship. its chief objective is the promotion of team and in- dividual sports as an extracurricular activity for girls. The present officers are Dora Lee Ostrom, presidenty Eileen Bailey, vice president: and Carol Stangeland, secretary. loan Herbold was vice presi- dent during the first semester. Regular meetings are held Monday and Tuesday nights from 3:15 to 3:45. The highlight of the year is the annual Play Day, sponsored by the Women's Athletic Association of Montana State University, held in Missoula each spring. Letters, stars and chevrons are issued for achievement in a point basis. Activities included are volley ball, basketball, badminton, softball, ping pong and shuffleboard. ' Kintlas Promote Senior Scouting Kintla Girl Scout Troop was created tour years ago, becoming a high school organization in 1951. Senior Girl Scouts is a world-wide organization, acting to promote international friendship and in- terest in the out-of-doors. During this school year, the Scouts took a 10-day, l,8O0 mile excursion to the West Coast, visiting Victoria, B. C. ln December they held a rummage sale and have conducted several outings. Two Kintla girls were honored during President Truman's dedication of Hungry Horse Dam as they presented a bouquet of roses, on behalf of Flathead County, to Miss Margaret Truman. Liv Anne Boveng, club president, was sent to a regional conference in Seattle, Washington. The other officers of Kintla Senior Girl Scout Troop are Phyllis Bat- tleson, vice presidenty Shirley Rae Smith, secretary-treasurer and Kay Le Fevre, reporter. Page 85 Row l: Theora Paola. Claudia Rawson, Bonnie Baker. Georgia Parker, Ruth Staab, Miss Sweeney. Row 2: Miss Schrolucke. Colene Hilden, Imadel Iames, Ioyce Sh-qu. burg, Charlotte Gates. Shirley Smith. Row 3. Darlene Nordquist, Marilyn Peterson, Ioanne Hillman, Barbara Wilson, Barbara Anderson, Phyllis Battleson, Marilyn English. Row 4: Diane Moore, Kay Malum, Kay Le Fevre, Liv Anne Boveng. 1 ml -uuol7k Row 1: lim Mebust, Betty Millhouse, Vernon Vlasak, Miss Kurtz. Row 2: Doris McBride, Carolyn Hanses, Ioanne Lynch, Shirley Main. Row 3: Mary Smith, Marilyn Moore, Donna Douglas, Rexann Rockwood, Vava Van de Mark, Sandra Robbin. Row 4: Elizabeth Moore, Ioanno Flynn, Audrey Treweek, Rose Nelson Marian Klisia. Row 5: Harvey Rueqsegger, lim Iverson, Don Graham, Iack Brinkman Bill Roath. Row 6: Mike Poston, lack Miller, Howard Bear, Tom Treloar, Ierry Siderius I-lppinokwis Appinokwis, from a Kootenai lndian word meaning "in the morning," is the name giv- en to the Flathead Chapter of the National Honor Society organized in l928. The Society was established with the in- tention of stimulating scholarship and to counteract a growing tendency to place too much emphasis on athletic and social ac- tivities. Two assemblies are presented annually in which new members are tapped and in- itiated in an impressive candlelight cere- mony. Those eligible are juniors and seniors in the upper third of their class who have been approved by the faculty. The Society has as its emblem the key- stone and flaming torch. Letters at the base of the keystone represent Character, Schol- arship, Leadership and Service as the four principles of the organization. Pins bearing this emblem are worn by all members. The officers this year are Vernon Vlasak, president: lim Mebust, vice president, and Betty Millhouse, secretary. The Flathead chapter is sponsored by Miss Lonita Kurtz. MEMBERS TAPPED IN IUNIOR YEAR INITIATE 17 MEMBERS IN FIRST ASSEMBLY. Left to right: Jerry Siderius, Ioanne Flynn, Iim Mebust, Rexann Rockwood, Marilyn Moore, Betty Millhouse, Mary Smith, Vernon Vlasak, Don Graham, Sandra Robbin, Bill Roath. Outstanding Students Tapped for Honor Societies Row 1: Keith Robinson, Leland Mebust, lim Iverson. Row 2: Betty Millhouse, lim Mebust, Lois Merritt, Rexann Rockwood. Row 3: Miss Schoknecht, Sue Curry, Mary Smith, Charlene Mudd, Marian Klisis, Betty Io Gibney, Mr. Anderson, Joanne Flynn, Marilyn Moore. Not pictured: Elizabeth Moore. lx: 'v .sian 2 A f4"Sw Quill and Scroll The National journalistic Honorary Society was established at Flathead in 1930. lt has been the goal for all Flathead students interested in journalism to gain admittance into this society. Members are chosen from the upper third of the junior and senior classes. Members elected during their junior year were jim Mebust and Lois Merritt. The remaining twelve were elected this spring. rrxtrrrn blrrtrrz rat ftrrrfvrirrrr, un orqrrrrixotion ot stu- f1 rl" In lVltllllIl'l frnrl writes rlfrsses. The object of ltr wlrnlt 1" tw rrornoto onftlrwjolv trcrintnq, All morn- li Vol tlrr- Pl l IJ,-f-fr rt: tlw ftlJlJIHVl!lllKDtt lor Distritlurrtivo Edn- f'ltl"" trfrrnrnfr. Ar mf-fttrntrn rrrrvrrrlvvrzs 1-xulifrrme rob oxport- Row 1: lack Szymanowski, Rose Nelson, Laura Stenberq. Bert Guy. Dale Croskrey, Ray Linrude. Don Iones, Ioann Hohman. Carolyn Hanses, Bob Goldizen, Iimmy Hellen. Row 2: Ronald Bronson, Beverly Iensen, Lois Erickson, Anita Melby, Roberta Smith, Darlene Melby, Shirley Cramer, Margaret Wunderlich, Marilyn Hummel, Marlene McDonald, Marvin Miller, Wayne Croskrey. Row 3: Martin Baker, Shirley Mellem, Louise Meeks, Laura Marquardt, Shirley Perry, Virginia Bruch,Donnadell Bird, Louise Tennant, Shirley Ierrow, Maridonna Fisher, Alma Hoyt. Row 4: lvera Tolleison, Shirley Main, Marcella Mathiason, Carol Huqgns, Elaine Shoberq, Bennie Benner, Lawrence Brunner, Charles Spindlor. Deca Club Offers Retailing Experience Through Part-Time Employment the onrployors. These reports ore studied with the crtrn of irnprovinq the porsonolity of the student, os woll as his value to the employer. 1 I Members ol Deco Club fixed the bockqround tilt ttrrvo port lllllfx' work which correlates mud Grmnqcd mg trophies in mg Spgcml trophy room in the foyer ol the Annex. Members also op- erate tho two student stores. rrvr-1:. 'Vlrw 11rfrn:'or, Mr. llnqlros, gets reports from ANITA. BERT AND CHERIE ARRANGE TROPHIES Page 97 Row 1: Donna Siblerud, Barbara Anderson, Theora Paolo, Lona Hansen. Shirley Smith, Liv Anne Boveng, Billie lean Olson, Pat Bolton, Dora Ostrom, Phyllis Battleson. How 2: Colene Hilden, Lois Peterson, Marcene Iverson, Lois Grimsrud, Nancy Hughes, Bette Iohns, Virginia Ferree. Luann Hanson, Kay Shoberq, Elaine Manning. Row 3: Iirn Mehust, Tom Treloar, Maridonna Fisher, Darlene Bitney, Roberta Smith, Rexcnn Rockwood, Dick Wehr, Audrey Treweek, Barbara Wilson. Row 4: Dick Lang, Webb Garey, Ed Spring, Howard Bear, Bob Crook, Phil Rognlien, Dick Savage, Bob Cummings, Chuck Akor, Bob Holtlig. Skiing Furnishes a Healthiul, I-lctive Sport for All Those Who Participate Skiing is one of the major activities at Flathead. Any student interested in skiing is eligible for membership. A ski bus, driven by one oi the spon- sors, Mr. Dick Nelson, Mr. Peter Prlain, or Mr. "Rip" Wilson, goes up nearly every Saturday, leaving the school at 8:30 a. m. and returning at 4:30 p. m., thus giving a full day ot enjoyment. Page 98 SKIERS DON SKIS FOB TRIP UP THE MOUNTAIN V . kr, v,..,t.s - as MQUP-M. "J 'widow-ay . W. -..- An annual event oi the Ski Club is the Bill Barnum Memorial Ski Races held at Big Mountain. Oiticers ot the Ski Club this year are president, Dick Savage, and secretary, Liv Anne Boveng. Anyone in the Ski Club has a winter full of tun at Big Mountain. NANCY HELPS LIV ANNE WITH KICK-TURN .... '.1r""'f "" Hi Row l, seated: Eddie Marquette, Ioanno Herron, Marilyn Moore, Shirley Fournier, Ioe Schumacher. Row 2: Dennis Lenon, Robert Gonsior, Shirley Halseth, Suo Little, Phyllis Batllolon, Shirley Huggins, Patricia Cork, Gerry Krause, Carol McNeill, Eileen Prellrudo. Art Club Buys Equipment for Ceramics Lab Students of the advanced art class make up the FCHS Art Club membership. Officers for the 52-53 season were Shirley Fournier, president: Ioe Schu- macher, vice president: and Marilyn Moore, sec- retary. This club has several activities in which they participate 'each year, including the Youth Fair, painting stage backdrops, and buying new equip- ment for the Art Department. This year the Art Club float in the Youth Fair parade was a large mobile sculpture representing "A Well-Rounded Personality Through Education." Later in the year the Art Club raised money by holding a mixer after the Helena basketball game. With this money they bought equipment for the new ceramics laboratory. Flathead Airplane Fans Build Scale Models A familiar "whir" on the front campus usually means a member of the Flathead Flying Students is trying out his latest model. The Flathead Flying Students was first organ- ized as the Model Airplane Club, but is now affili- ated with the national organization sponsored by the Plymouth Corporation. The purpose oi the club is to develop an interest in model aviation. The members meet every two weeks in the Vocational building to work on their models and to exchange ideas on model aviation. The officers are Sid Storey, president: Ed Proe- lrock, secretary. Larry Weingartner, Lloyd Wilson, and Wallace McCulloch are faculty advisers. Page 99 Seated: Don Ellis, Raymond Rasmussen, Gary Weinqartner, Darrell Price, Lloyd Chapin. Standing: Richard Zeismer, Mr. Weingartner, Addison Bain, Larry 0'Conner, Marshall Guile, Ed Proeirock, Sid Storey, Larry Ierrow, Bill Croisettier, Mr. McCulloch, Allen Peterson. ., l' ,e1'f ' - .WJ Row 1: Miss Sweeney, Pat Tinney, Irene Nelson, lmadel Iames, Lee Ann Stone, Laura Van Alstine, Marcella Mathiason, Mary Ann Schad, Helen Sundby, Ruth Staab, Dorothy Hader. Row 2: Eva Phillips, Arlis Luckow, Faye Managhan, Anna Lou Little, Roberta Motichka, Carlyle Croisettier, Mary Ellen Rosecrans, Karol Krueger, Marian Klisis, May Coverdell, Pat Cork. Row 3: Arlene McElroy, lean Van Alstine, Frances Dem, Laura Hummel, Iane Schroeder, Marva Milton, Nadine Bunker, Rosainne Poor, Betty Mattheisen, Kay Hodgson, Ioanne Penske. Row 4: Iocmne Ryder, Ioe Arm Kinder, Shirley Paola, Roxanne Thompson, 'Phyllis Herbkersman, Rosemary Gonsior, Margaret Berger, Martha Larson, Carole Logan, Aldona Klisis, Eugenie Egan. How 5: Anne Denzer, Shirley Crumley, Anna Patterson, Laura Kipp, Mildred Larson, Katherine Betcher, Darlene Iohnlon, Lorraine 0'BoyIe, Isabella Wheeler, Shirley Keller. F. H. A. Girls Carry Out Ideals of National Organization "Forward, New Horizons" is the motto of the Future Homemakers of America. To promote dem- ocracy, happier family life, international good will, leadership, and wholesome recreation are all im- portant objectives in the study of home economics. Home Economics education workers met in Chicago in March, 1944 and drew up plans for a national FHA. In Iune, l945, delegates met to com- plete the provisional constitution. The Flathead FHA holds regular metings the third Tuesday of each month. Special meetings are held to hear professional speakers tell about voca- tions in home economics. ln October, a scavenger hunt was held as a "get acquainted" party for new members. At Christ- Page 100 mas time, a pot luck party was given. The entire club attended a sub-district meeting at Bigfork. May Coverdell was elected district song leader at this meeting. This year, Flathead installed the Whitefish FHA officers. Four members also attended the State Con- vention at Havre. The officers are Laura Van Alstine, president: Marcella Mathiason, vice president: Lee Ann Stone, secretary: Mary Ann Schad, treasurer: Helen Sund- by, reporter: lrene Nelson, parliamentarian: Dorothy Hader, historian: Ruth Staab and lmadell Iames, song leaders. The sponsor is Miss Katherine Sweeney. ANNUAL CHRISTMAS PARTY IS POTLUCK DINNER , - -.t . ' Q-ius3at s-fifwii . Aw s. COURTESY OF GUEST PHOTO ART SHOP Q IIIUSIB E1 DBIIIIIH UWWMW bf W 01 ggimgwfxw NyfxYi5C"Crb0ffD W MW ,W , Llxaw Wg? Wfff,ff"u,w',7,w W W ,fob MP TLD WIj,u0J , ,z,,4'5 ' L, i j1f'bLZ'UM"!3f'4i,K1iyWJ,lff"'9'p WW - ,LPf1,w ,4ff1.uff1f,,,w'l JP -AFQXWD fly' ,iff 1,'amfdLbl,cLjjj94.J Jani !n,rM fff W ,myJj1l'fL1w4 ag Ay, ufvffgw-0,,Qf"'k,ff""5f,u,l'0" " WWMSNJQNMWJ M O46-S W Wfbfw W' 1 K 1 ranklin, Bill Dawson, her, Don F CC gen. Ioe Schum Il Ed e Rugqles, GN Burd McClarty. ck r. Ia ch Duro Larry Halvorson. ayne Peterson. W Iverson, Lois Rl .Ii Marie Arnold 1 How Iohnson, Ierry Casey, Roger Ioanne Flynn. Dora Ostrorn. Dennis Wilson, Virgil Griepp, Robinson. Beverly Loy. Beverly Nelson. Sue Curry, Marvin Miller, Claudia Rawson, Keith lack Brinkman. Iverson. Bette Iohns. Marcene Iohnson. Loris Christopher, Donna Crolkrey. Dale f9f, CU M nice oore. Ia M Che s. Di Westerhau Luann rench, F YY Ga 4: Row anice Sihlerud. I Donna 1799. I-'e ginia Vir Margaret Gassert. nshella, Xi Dorothy 2: Row Lois Dallas Holst, Mary Esther Munro, Carol Ruegsegger. Ierry Sexton, Eugene Eisenman. Iohn Reimer, IIIOI1, Le Allan Tetrault. acobson, Frank I Roger ra Lasater, nd son, Sa hn Io Paullin, Clarence Rydeen, ward Ho Kraft Bear, Reinhold eed. Howard W fell Merritt. Ka Lauteret, Lavonne Paola. Roger Dahlke, ances Dem. Darlene Dodd, Theora ero, Fr Lucille M lack Overby. Brit k Arnold. Dic Blachly, Y Cf apin, G Ch Bob Sparling, Ronald Hehn. Lloyd rnuth, achs W Ronald kinson. Dic Garey. Bob ebb runer. W taB Neuri McDonald, nger Gi Weikert. dred Mil Catron, Carol Morton, Tom Fatherree. Sid Shrauger, Harvey Ruegsegger, Iames Gilbertson, Ervin Miller. Larry Scovel, Durado. Larry chol, Ni Rinsum. Sharon y Van Beverl lack Miller. 3 Row Sides: Patty Bolton, Director Ed Beckstrand. lim Wehr. Gary Weinqurtner. Ierry Holombo, Iudy Ames. Barbara Fatherree. Bob Miller. Dickinson's Music Center Ierry Daley, Kittleshy, In erett O'Hare. Ii Ev lden, Hi Oh Cole Beyer, David Ruby, Bruce Dennis Wilson, Virgil Griepp, Iim Iverson, Keith Robinson, lack Brinkman, Harvey Ruoqlogqor, James Gilbortson, Lloyd Chapin. German Band Combines Music with I-Iorseplay The German Band, Flathead's most colorful musical organization, performs many times during the school year in school sponsored events and parades. The band with its collec- tion of German polkas and waltzes receives many invitations to play for local service groups. lts antics while on parade, entering stores, snarling traffic and an occasional Ger- man oath add much to the hilarity of the group. Band Re-Enacts Year's Events in Colorful Pageants The concert band composed of lO5 members under the direction of Ed Beckstrand, started the year with four field shows for the football games. The pageants written by Mr. Beckstrand included School Days, 'which the band put on during the University of Montana and Utah State College football game in Wissoula, an Election Review, and Thanks for the Memories Show, thanking the public for the trip to Portland. A highlight in the lives of most members of the band was to play before President Truman and re- ceive compliments from him. In May the band traveled to Spokane to take part in the Lilac Festival. The band was featured at the Rose Festival in Portland last spring. In Multnomah Stadium, the band put on a show, My Home is in Montana, which was broadcast and televised. The band gave three formal concerts during the year and took part in the Music Festival held in Kalispell April 25. Their part of the program was to give a concert and variety show for the parti- cipants. Officers were lack Brinkman, president: Marvin Miller, vice president, Ioanne Flynn, secretary-treas- urerg and Bill Dawson, manager. Pep Band Adds Zest for Student Cheering Row l: Iim Iverson, Wayne Halvorscn. Beverly Loy, Sue Curry, garet Gassert, Marie Arnold, Keith Robinson. Row 2: Mildred Weikert, Ronald Wachsmuth, Bob Dickinson, lack Betts Iohns, Loris Ichnson. Row 3: Virqil GriePP. Dennis Wilson, Ioe Schumacher, Ioanne lack Brinkman. Row 4: Carol Ruegsegger, Reinhold Kraft, Harvey Ruegseqger, Gilbertson, Howard Bear, Ierry Sexton, Howard Paullln, Mary Beverly Nelson, Lois Peterson, Mar- Miller, Dale Croskrey, Larry Durado, Flynn, Dora Ostrom, Roger Iohnson, Arvin Miller, Tom Fatherree, Iames Esther Munro. , t l 4 s l 1l r. .A 1.44 'ww IM xx, IIM IVERSON, clarinei: IACK BRINKMAN, bcxriione: JACK MILLER, saxophone PIANO FORMATION FROM THE ELECTION DAYS PAGEANT-PRESIDENT TRUMAN PLAYS PIANO IN THE WHITE HOUSE FOR THE LAST TIME LOIS MERRITT, marimbu: PATTY BOLTON, marimba: DALE CROSKREY, saxophone Page 103 BRASS QUARTET IL GRIEPP IAMES GILBERTSON. S ROGER IOHNSON, buriione ID SHRAUGER IOANNE FLYNN, VIRG . " BAND L MILLER Page 104 ARRY DURADO, DALE CROSKREY, BEVE EANT-"BEYOND THE BLUE HOHIZON, THE FORMATION FROM THE PORTLAND PAG TRAIN TRAVELS TO PORTLAND SAXOPHONE QUARTET RLY VAN RINSUM, IACK LLOYD CHAPIN, buss horn ' Q! . . , f C 9 J. T4 ' K K X -,L pl xffwkg X , ' 'E A 4 S lu 15435- 5 x . K I - 'S x m . W Q E N. . 'z Q 3 M3 'ig 1 X X gtk " R' ml 5 K I . X 2 'X ' S gi L .X iff: I Q X rf" ' K 1' 4 v ard fx - ff' N , Q '?" - :iT'::,- K X 1 6 L . H Nu. I Xxx Q WK ,f Q, N f , f x,-y x ' x up S' 'T ?: f ' Y, X Wf-t'i"3fQH Q 'X YI-'fi X K X I qvff 'X' A Lx? S X 1 X .-1-ww, fzgf 1 5 +., WM 'T' JL X Q Q ,Z x RW! , ., ., A if , Ii, IACK MILLER ROW 2 IOE SCHUMACHER, DON FRANKLIN GARY BLACHLY IAMES GILBERTSON IERRY SEXTON Dance Band Members Offer Toe Tackling Rhythms for Student Mixers PEP BAND LIVENS UP STUDENT ASSEMBLY DANCE BAND HOLDS IAM SESSION Orchestra Oilers Training in String Instruments Tho orohestra Composed of hfteen students, made Ofhcers were Mary Esther Munro pre-sldeht and thexr IITSI pubhc. appearance of the year by play- Wayne Halvorson vlce I7fGS1dGI'1l mq for the one act plays durmq open house. They also took part m the Musto Festlval held in Kalis- Ed Spnnq Shlrley Paola, Ioyce Greve Lors Gnmsrud Imadel Iames Wendy Muller Ruth Best Martha Larson LeVaughn Peterson, Dorothy Smelser Ed Brodmack Mary Esther Munro Wayne f' lx Row 1: Billie lean Olson, Marlene McDonald, Barbara Cole, Barbara Wimer, Mariorie Marsh, Shirley Deviit, Shirley Braaten, Doiiie Andrews. Row 2: Amber Karstetter, Ann Denzer, Marcella Mathiason, Barbara Wilson, Connie Green, Barbara Anderson, Laurel Ladd, Ioedy Kinder, Karon Holand, Anita Kair. Twirlers Perform Authentic Indian Dances IAPANESE DANCE AT NORTHERN DIVISIONAL INDIAN HOOP DANCE Page 108 BAND IN DRESS PARADE IUST A FEW SOUR NOTES BAND MOTHERS SERVE EATS "SILENT NIGHT" lx 11.111 iv-Xmnnnmmimz iifnasxwifmvlhimisn 1 I . iii' Row l: Shirley Cramer, Rosanne Poor, Vava Van de Mark. Susan Flottman, Genevieve Warkins, Gynel Stubbs, Della Martinson, Roberta Weller, Carol Gehle. Shirley Phillips, Kay Le Fevre, Sharon Tri, Nancy Gilchrist, Ruth Grosswiler, Ivera Tollefson, Nancy Harmon, Virqie Shoemaker, Mary Margaret Slack, Ioan Scammahorn, Mr. Souder. Row 2: Carol Morrison, Bonnie McKellar, Patty Pronovost, lean Monk, Sharon Meacham, Arlis Luckow, Elaine Manning, Lou Ann Steubs, Luann Hanson, Charlotte Morrison, Betty Millhouse, Karol Kaus, Nancy Hughes, Linda Landry, Alta Minthorn, Teddy Page, Norma Iean Albritton, Laura Marguardt. Row 3: Karl Knutsen, Mike Pearce, Don Mitchell, Duane Naylor, Gene Anderson, Larry David, Larry Nolan, Arlen Steubs, Dennis Lenon, Howard Ruby, Ben McKinley, Herbert Iverson, Frank Landon. Dan Mitchell, Sharon Robbin, Phyllis Buck, Audrey Treweek. Row 4: Gary FiSCh9r. ROD I-OCkhdl'i. Leland Mebust, George Dennison, Dick Grosswiler, Alfred Ostroot, Sidney Storey, lack Therrien, Dick McDevitt, Earl Dennison, Marlin French, Ierry Siderius, Bill Roath, Tom Treloar. Dean Naylor, Dick Hader, Elva Haven, Darlene Melby. A Cappella and Madrigal Choirs lhrv A Uippelifi Choir, under the direction of Mr. llfiwairl l... Sauder, is composed of eiqhty members. At apart house the choir made their iirst public fipprvarancfe of the year. They also sanq for the Thanksciivina Assembly and the Chamber of Com' iiifeicii Banaiiet. The choir recorded a thirty minute ytroiirani at Christmas time. May l, the choir trav- filiifl to Missoula for an exchange concert. They also l!lOl'1 part in the Music Festival April 25. The rrlioir ended their busy year by sinqinq at the Senior Baccalaureate Service. Seated: Marilyn Peterson, Minta Shryock. The Madriqal Choir is made up of sixty-five stu' dents from all four classes. The choir provided the Christmas Assembly for the school. They also made recordings of Carmen and Christmas music which were played over the local radio station. A Kiwanis luncheon and the Soil Conservation Banquet were some of the many thinqs for which the choir per- formed. They also took part in the Music Festival held in Kalispell, April 25. Row l: Mary Ellen Rosecrans, Shirley Smith, May Coverdell, Sue Webster, Pat Chrisinqer, Pat Tinney, Gayle Halseth, Arlene Kraft, ludy Heaton, Iudy Wood. Peggy Roll. Lillie Arno, Carol Overton, Shirley Martens, Peggy Ferree, Joy Williams, Lona Hansen. Charlene Mudd, Mr. Souder. Row 2: Lois Merritt, lean Sager, Delores Stenberg. Clara loy, Gail Lyonais, Betty Kramer, Helen Weaver, Carol Hanson, Arlyss Maze, Doris Lyonais, Mariean Wilken, Avis Johnson, La Von Law. Ioanne Wolfe, Marie Mero. Row 3: Karl Knutsen, Don Mitchell, Don Buckingham, Bob Blake, Harold Archibald, Ed Proefrock, Tippy Clark. Don Mero, Bob Clapper, Arlene Kelly, Shirley Mellem, Shirley Hummel, Ann Gordon. Row 4: Fred Mumbower, Harold Haven, Sanford Kauffman, Eugene Miller, Tom Futherree, Reinhold Kraft. Roy Nelson, Roger Michels, lack Szymanowski, Dale Streit, Everei Sawyer, lack Sanders, Henry Olson, Bob Cummings, Frank Gano, Leonard Pfohl. Dick Michels, FBESHMAN GIRLS CHORUS Seated: Karen Rydberg. Row 1: Genie Egan, Mary Hansen, Laura Ballenger, Nita Nelson, Marie Ostroot, Kathleen Hanses. Mary Lou Murray. Carol Logan, Iudy Ferguson, Patty Lyonais, Doris Iones,Mary1e Tracht, Rosalee Tollelson, Annette Malstrom, Mildred Larsen, Mr. Souder. Row 2: Luann Hanson, Pearl Kunda, Sylvia Elletson. Isabella Wheeler, loyce Bauska. Paula Bustard Jacqueline Tunnicliif, Donna Auberge. Darlene Iohnson, Earleen Burcham, Loneta Bartlett, Margaret Berger, Sharon Vick, ldell Larson, Marva Mitten, Freda Mumbower, Pat Wagner. Choral Groups Give Musical Relaxation Boys Chorus lim Iverson, Dean Naylor, Robert Cummings, Dennis Lenon, Keith Robinson, Larry David, Harold Archibald, Wayne Halverson, Leland Mebust, Mike Pearce, Harvey Ruegsegger, Dick McDevitt. Bob Crook, Mr. Souder. Second Hour Ensemble Seated: Herbert Iverson. Standing: Mr. Souder, Dick Grosswiler, Dean Naylor, Linda Landry. Maryle Tracht, Betty Ramesz, Avis Iohnson, Phyllis Buck, Paula Bus- tard, Duane Naylor, Arlen Steubs, Larry David. Third Hour Voice Class Seated: Ruth Grosswiler. Standing: Arlen Steubs, Arlyss Maze, Dick McDevitt, Mari- lyn Peterson, Lona Hansen, Don Mitchell, Arlene Kraft, Dennis Lenon, Iudy Heaton, Marlin French, Ann Gordon, Leonard Pfohl, Mr. Souder. Page 110 Seated: Arlon Roll. Shirley Fournier, Dick Wehr. Sue Little, Phyllis Battleson, Maridona Fisher. Dale Crolkrey. Standing: Vernon Vlasak. Elizabeth Moore. Ioan Lowman. Tom Treloar, Francis Thibert, lack Warner. Sharon Tri, Zip Rhoadol. Mystery Comedy "Finders Creepers" Presented by Senior Class With a novel setting, rooms in a mortuary, and a star cast, "Finders Creepers," a thrilling mystery comedy, was one of the best senior plays ever presented at Flathead. The story revolves around two teenoqe boys who travel to an uncle's house for a short visit. The boys are unaware that the uncle's new job is that of undertaker. . lt is not lonq until thinqs start happening in ways that would put brave men to lliqht. For one thinq, Mr. Quiqley, supposedly awaiting burial, climbs into bed with the boys who are mortally terrified. But--Mr. Quigley isn't really dead. No doubt he had a qood plan but he failed to reckon with Wilbur Maxwell and Hercules Nelson. They set out to solve the case and thinqs went from bad to worse to terrible. This hilarious comedy was directed by Mr. Peter Prlain. Student director was Ann Denzer. GRANDMA WANTS TO MARRY SHE'S NOT HERE Tl-IE "DEAD" MR. QUIGLEY WATCH OUT DAPHNE WILBUR AND HERCULES Page lll FACE GRIM REALITY CAST RELAXES AT REHEARSAL I- . . .Y , f?" THE HERO AND HIS HORSE STAGE CREW BUILDS SCENERY Hal!-Time Skits Entertain Basketball Crowds HERE COMES THE CAVALRY THE LITTLE WHITE CLOUDS THAT CRY Two One-Act Plays Presented tor Open House "Take a Letter," is a comedy about a young author in search ot a secretary. Although he inter- views many applicants, they are all either too dumb, too beautiful, or have some other glaring "tault." Larry Wilson takes the part of the harassed author. Would-be secretaries are: Beverly Nelson, Sue Curry, Shirley Fournier, Alice Storaasli, Avonne Bahner, and Phyllis Battleson. Page 112 The second play, "The White Lawn," is a dramatic fantasy which brings a young wife and her soldier husband together in dreamland. Lois Merritt plays the young wife, Loneta Bartlett, her motherp Arlen Roll, her husband lohng and Franklin Thomas, Dr. Brownle. The stage manager for the two plays was Dennis Lenon. Larry Nolan acted as crew chief and lohn Chase supervised the lighting. TAKE A LETTER SCENES FROM THE "WHITE LAWN" Ioanne Lynch, Mildred Weikert, Shirley Fournier, Bessie Flansborg, Larry Nolan, Connie Valison, Eunice Price, Shirley Henkle, Hazel Gordon, Kathy Iasken, Marilyn Miller, Nadine Bunker, Shirley Wisherd, Phyllis Balileson. On the bus: Roger Livdahl , Wayne Pederson, Franklin Thomas, Dallas 1-Iolsl, Dennis Lenon. ' Childrens Theatre Stages "Aladdin and His Lamp" As Aladdin rubbed his lamp and brought wonders io his friend so ihe drama class has rubbed its maqic lamp and brought new things to Flaihead. Throuqh a class project the class wrote and produced a childrens ENTER THE WICKED MAGICIAN ACTORS PAUSE FOR GAB SESSION play, "Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp." Mr. Peier Prlain was director and Avonne Bahner was the Student director. BEHIND THE SCENES ALADDIN ASKS SULTAN FOR HAND OF PRINCESS Page 113 CAST POSES FOR CURTAIN CALL THE MILLER'S DAUGHTER CAN SPIN STRAW INTO THE KlNG'S SON DEFENDS HIMSELF IN A DUEL GOLD "Rumplestiltskin," Second Drama Class Production "Three times backward, round my pot And I shall be where l am not. And nobody knows from whence I came Or that Rumplestiltskin is my name." This is the song chanted by Sue Little as Rumple- stiltskin in the play ot that name. This was the second play produced by Flathead's new Childrens Theatre, I directed by Mr. Peter Prlain. The only traveling children's theatre of high school students in the United States, the group is composed of students from the regular drama class. Students alternate in the role of actors, makeup artists, crew members and stage managers to produce the plays. They have given the plays for the school children oi the Kalispell city and rural schools and have traveled to Whitefish and Colum- bia Falls. WHAT WILL YOU GIVE ME FOR THE GOLD? All School and lnterscholastic Plays Feature "Murder in Rehearsal" and "Sorry, Wrong Number" Page 114 MEMBERS OF "SORRY, WRONG NUMBER" CAST LOOK ALL SCHOOL PLAY REHEARSAL OVER THE SCRIPT Q it GETTING READY TO BOARD SHIP Slow Boat to China. Theme of Iunior Prom I , I' 4., . ' V k xv 1 "' , .Ns , W , , 1' , I ' Ego, , A , V 5, we V A I s Yi BHICE MERCORD CHOWNS DELLA MARTINSON TIME OUT FOR TEA Woodland Flower Shop DECORATING COMMITTEE HANGS LANTEHNS DANCERS THIHSTY? WANTEE PUNCHEE? Page 115 X -NL- -,,-N hs----., N'-1 W-..... A I xxii. I' sm--.. 1 lmwmvmm V Qanm' n wo if ,ww 'Y ' THE "BEVY OF BEAUTlES," B. ROATH, G. DENNISON, H. RUBY, I. SIDERIUS, T. CLARK, F. LANDON AND D. NAYLOR PRESENT A BALLET Spotlight Revue Provides Hilarious Entertainment for District Music Festival DIANE AND MARILYN MOORE REGRESS TO THE l920'S GEORGE AND EARL DENNISON SHOW MONTANA SPIRIT WITH WESTERN TUNES Page 116 GIRLS DANCE BAND IACK MUSCLEBOUND, R. KRAFT, STAGGERS Lois Peterson, Marie Arnold, Carol Morton, Barbara Fatherree, Colene Hilden UNDER ONE THOUSAND POUNDS Sharon Nichol, Karen Weed, Beverly Van Rinsum. i lIl1 li SPORT i...,,!, , v viif' ' X 'fl T Y I ,p Ig,QfQg- '5.i:.-,ein-2 - . 1 - , .1- I, 1- ' I -v3.22 -iifjjgl ?ff,I7..lErf2fg,'.1'i 'ff ' ' .,,, . Ig:" f 1i'i"I 'ga- kf' 5 'F-ff' 1? '25-s.-H , W- --'---u?,-- .. '7' V . . ILE? ' , -E . 7 I- -Q-i.,'u . 13- - D. A -. .1 .V .,,- 1 0 .u- U. .. " ' 3 . , MJI4- II,-.. , I - II I I f' .. "fxf. 1.'f - 4.- , - N11-:V f vu ' :.'.:-'vg-iff ww H 1 . 12- W. -- H-iks,---Eff ig 1 .n 11,5 .. NIJ , ga .,. , . .I .. . - , 'xi '-:fvh-gf-,. .49 , -fw- f ":.:ii"f' ,1- yr ,as f H . 3 was- .1 . - 4 -I:1.1 M5'Uw?'fXf, -.1 ,X MI .Q u 1 - Q " H 1' 5 - .I . I I '-a-- .r 14' . -33,11 4' Q.,-I 'png-' 'III -' 1 3.,, R43 .9 ,yu -5, I..-. 5-, AI 'M jj. I. .MI - 1J.rI4-1" 4. '-P FTW 44? rl 'L it Y QQ . f 1?-31.2 Q .' 'cf' 'fl - I , f HF' .1 I ww, -1 56':.g,,?I x ' 1 ,I .914 It Ml- ' ww- - ,. xt 'v ,k 1 A1 -15 .f : Q, I I ' . :mf-fl . .L-I'ffi2? LM , . ,IIA I Q 1:31. - . . ., I I ' f n I ., 1 'e Y .x"'.M"5 .I -! -ag -I.-ig QI4? I 1'1?5ff'7-Tw il II LUl.IiY:f3?'iI: 1. . -'lflyf' " g' L32 5 '1 '- H ' .kan - ,.,, . In r..g r P7 B L- fzf: 'E T a LF ' . f ' arf-II QI . ' an f 5.'Tw:', ,I 'I.I'uI , uI.-,..fI ,. - I I A lr . - af. f ...,-. . Q. . - Y' -"'aS ":'-dj. '- ' ' I zv gki' If .-r ' A . . vw' . .rv , -'.- -: 5 ,Is . .. -- ' 112-- 1 , ' Igg y .. . ' I 1 -r' I' -M1 ,fn-QI . J. AI ,' I, -'J m. , IIA1- 1'-.,I . I ., Iii: . I I I -IEI ' 1I,.: -Li.n.:.:g.I - - 11' ,,,- .-f . ...Im ' .N BRAVES WIND UP SEASON WITH 2 WINS 3 LOSSES IN BIG SIX CONFERENCE FLATHEAD HITS IVIISSOULA SPARTANS IN CONFERENCE OPENER Braves Chosen 011 All IN MEMORY or IACK Bunn .Dwi ., 1 i S 5 M' x" wx QQ N AST. L luck Burr, Gil-siciio guard OII thu Fiiiliiurui Braves football Tohru, lost his lifu iii QI imiiiv riccideni on the day ho received rioliiicuiioir of this honor. Iovk wus cm oiitstuiidiuq mom- ber of ihv ciuss of '53 und wiis viiciily iiiioi- ested in sports. Ill n-'I n-1 F 1952 -- .- U 0 O 1: It E u - ,- E u U E I O ua n.. 0 'U an r: an U picture were Dick Grosswiler, the I .: O .. :S ::: .ac r: c In lu : o Q 1: u ..1 .ae c U M I+. 3 O u S ... 4: U u ... an -o I1 u ui 5 .... 1. an 'U ..- In P4 I-1 I-4 0 n- 5 ..-. N Q .M u E ni U O .-1 GJ I-1 E-' E o P' :Z IE U E an :- in u U 5 2 -I U U M E O 'U E 0 1-1 lla 3 o I oi time the Missing at Ul'Ce. Pe ke Mi Leitch, 'ri ll O ... -rs L: u I E L2 .ai u UI u ... ? n: ll an 5 E O ... u- n ... E GJ DS hell, Brice Mercord, Ray Mite I U Q ery. Bi d Ken UD Thompson Doug Tennant, EY!! aih, V Ho Bill Ruby, rd Howa ebust mM Ii ckhurt, Lo Middle row: Ron lohn Durado, George Dennison. Fordham, Earl Dennison. Gene lack Burr, e', :F x 1 X 4. 'ar'- J i Id 5? A ii' ,, - 'QQ A A I K a fm' jp: fi A z we N A g 'V , gf J' Aw U Y .Y - IOHN DURADO, end: FRANK LANDON, halibacki HOWARD RUBY. huliback: IERRY SIDERIUS. end FRANKLIN GAINS YARDAGE IN OPENING GAME GEORGE DENNISON, Quckli: EARL DENNISON, quard: IACK BURR, guard: BILL ROATH, tackle Hummel-'l Q F:- Paqa 119 N yy A , x S gig .P vi ',., 1. 5, Q Q RNQ. N K 1 1' . 'Y Y ,. km Page 120 . . A 6. is x ? 75. -f ' X 7 X, if A xt, ' Ni LL I ws W? , uv , KEN BIERY, tackle: VERNON VLASAK, center: TOM TRELOAB, center. RAY REMINGTON, Tackle FRANKLIN AROUND END DON FRANKLIN, hallhnck: DICK GROSSWILER, end: IIM MEBUST. quarterback. ,.,, Qu Y f Q 53 I , I s I "- 1, , N ,' v J V 1 . I ? I x I W U 59" 7' get f ' Q, . ,. Y iff I 'Rf ' 'xl H. K .z ' mi A A ,SL x , f If ix If I 4 K", ' N xx, rp, IOHN MGCMILLAN. halfbacky DOUG THOMPSON, end: BRI OFF TACKLE POWER PLAY WITH FRANKLIN CARRYING GENE ANDERSON, guard: GARY BLACHLY, canker: DICK DZIVI. tackle: CECIL LEITCH, en CE MERCORD, quarterback: DAN MITCHELL. end d Paqu 121 I "" N M 1 1 4Q 1 'Q : S . 5 ' ' . f . NN.. "' q. y ww' ,-1: Q ' if 1 fa 1- ', W 5 i , +8 E ? Q X I N X 5 .l VERN TENNANT. fullback: HOWARD BLACHLY, end: GENE FORDI-IAM, halfbuck lIM HANDFORD, tackle: MIKE PEARCE, fullback DURADO SMASHES ONE OF THE SPARTAN THREE HORSEMEN ED ILGEN, manager: RON LOCKHART. halfbaek Page 122 Kalispell Drug: Manions Braves Take Fnrst Scalp of Season--Swamp Kellogg l8-2 Flathead's defending co-champs gave sports fans their first chance to see them in action as they crushed Kel- logg, Idaho, 18-2 in a non-conference game on the Brave's home field. Frank Landon hit pay dirt three times for the Braves, behind a strong playing forward wall, from the 15, 23 and 12 yard lines. The Braves started moving when lack Burr intercepted a Kellogg pass. Howard Ruby and Vern Tennant ad- vanced the ball to a scoring position and the first TD was scored. The Braves scored 6 more points before the half ended. LANDON GALLOPS FOR TEN AS SIDERIUS HELPS OUT Flathead Plows Under Old Rivals BY ALL sv HIMSEI-F mms In Annual Football Fracas ln the seasons second fracas, the Braves scalped the Whitefish Bulldogs at Whitefish 26-U, in a warm- up battle before hitting the conference trail. Ruby scored twice, Mac- Millan and Franklin once each. Landon converted twice. Page 123 SPARTAN END RUN ATTEMPT PLOWED UNDER BY DURADO MISSOULA DUMPS FLATI-IEAD 34-6 IN FIRST CONFERENCE TILT On September l9, the Braves traveled to the Garden City for their first conference game of the season. The Braves had four bad breaks which the Spartans quickly cap-- italized on, and then went on to win 34-6. Halfback Landon made the Braves' only touchdown with a few minutes left in the fourth quarter. Landon took the ball on his own 47, charged through the line and on to paydirt. The try for point failed. Spartan Back Bobby Powell was the first to score for Missoula. Taking advane tage of a Flathead punt that fell short in Brave territory the Spartans quickly moved the ball to the Flathead 3 where Powell took it over for the tally. BRAVES SHOW IMPROVEMENT AT BUTTE BIG BUCK SNAGS ONE IN THE BUTTE GAME Wake ,V DURADO RETURNS KICKOPF 60 YARDS, OTHER BRAVES SHOWN ARE TENNANT AND MEBUST Braves Fall Beiore Butte Iuggernaut 39-19 Seven plays after the opening kickoff, the Butte Bulldogs pranced over the goal for six points. Tak- ing the return kickoff, lohn Durado raced 50 yards to the Bulldog l8. Three plays later Howard Ruby scored from the six yard line and the game was tied up at one touchdown apiece. The scoring set- tled down to a less furious pace with Frank Landon scoring twice and adding an extra point. The Braves were quite an improved ball club from the previous Friday. Added to this the Braves threatened late in the first half and were only stopped on the seven yard line when time ran out. While the Braves were racking up their three touchdowns the Bulldogs, co-holders with the Braves, of the State championship, were tallying six touch- downs for 39 points to the Braves' l9. LANDON FACES BENGAL HORDE BY HIMSELP BRAVES THROTTLE FLYING FOOT- BALLS AS BENGALS TAKE TO AIR In a wide open game with few scores, the Flathead Braves edqed by the Helena Benqals 12-U. Scorinq once in each of the second and third quarters, the Braves fouqht a defensive qarne to protect their score for the entire fourth quarter. Hel- ena, in a final bid to wrest the laurels frorn the Braves' hands filled the air with last minute passes and three times the Braves held inside their own ten yard line. Flathead Wins First Conference Game: Deleats Helena 12 0 BRAVES LINE UP T0 PLAY FOLLOW THE LEAD- ER AS RUBY TACKLES HEI.ENA'S CAPTAIN CLASSY A TEAM FALLS BEFORE BRAVE ATTACK Picking up every break that came their way and usina it, the Braves stacked up a 26-13 victory over the Butte Central Maroons October ll, at the FCI-IS ratrrdiurn. Srgoriritr fell strictly into Flatheads hands durinq the first half with Franklin carrying one over in the first quarter and Vern Tennant and Franklin each addinq one to the score in the second period. That, with the hr-lit of Lcrndons extra point after the second touch- down added uri to a substantial l9f0 lead as the qun Ctlflfxfl the first halt. The srrtrirpy Maroons staaed a comeback in the firnt of the tliirrl quarter with Boches score. The try for roint was aood rnrrkina the score l9-7 with 5 minutes rnruuiriirirr in the third period. Bofrlin scored aaairi for Butte leavinq the final score ut 7513. The brrll exchanqed hands several times rluriur the rrirnarninfr rninutes with Butte tryinq again rrncl urrfriri to rrornrrlete passes. 'Z Msiausr Bixcxiuc UP rr-is um: s'roPs comm: onn, Mrssoum l1 LANDON AGAIN WITH A LITTLE HELP THIS TIME Braves Deieat Butte Central 26-13 COME TO BUCKIE LITTLE PIGSKIN. WHOOPS!!! ze . .w'K'hnmv.fs . Qui' if x --'M-qui Flathead Humbles Bisons 7-0 on Brave Reservation PERCENTAGE RAISED TO .500 IN BIG 6 Flathead Braves chalked up their second conference win to even up their conference record at 2 wins and 2 losses. The Braves tacked up the tanned Bison hide with a 7-0 score. The onlookers in the jam-packed stadium came to life in the third quarter when the Flathead eleven pushed across the only score of the game. Frankie Landon started off the scoring drive with an inter- ception of a Bison pass and then capped it off by driving over from the four yard line. The favored Bisons tried to even the score by flinging last minute passes but they ran out of downs on the Brave l0 and then looked on helplessly as the Braves ran out the remaining time, BRAVE CO-CAPTAINS FRANK LANDON AND IIM MEBUST SHOW OFF THE SCORE OF FLATHEAD-GREAT FALLS GAME dvamnmafwwwww, r 5,2 ' M IT'S A FUMBLE AND HERE COMES BUTTE! BRAVES BUMPED OUT OF TITLE CONTEST BY 19-13 LOSS AT BILLINGS Fighting hack after the Billings Broncs scored three quick touchdowns in the first half, the Flathead Braves almost won the right to playoff for the State champion- ship for the third year in a row. A fumlole in the fourth quarter stopped a drive by the Braves after they had marched 40 yards to reach the Broncs' 30. With a min- ute and a half remaining on the clock the Braves got hold of the ball again and took to the air in a desperate attempt to gain a final touchdown. But the clock running out still found the Braves on the lower end of the score in their final conference game. BRAVES SWAMP WALLACE BY SIX TOUCHDOWNS. WIND UP SEASON WITH NON-CONFERENCE WIN Putting a smashing climax to the l952 football season, the Flathead Braves rolled to a 37-0 win over the Miners from Wallace, Idaho. The Flathead regulars scored four touchdowns and the Reserves added two more for what proved to be an easy win. Frank Landon tallied four touchdowns for the Braves and Vern Tennant and , Don Franklin each added another one. Most spectacular run of the game was the kickoff Frank Landon returned for a touchdovm in the second half. Landon returned a punt for a touch- down also, only to have it called back by a penalty. LANDON RECEIVES A MINER PUNT AND TAKES OFF FOR THE GOAL LINE Braves Hold Six Win. Three Loss. Season Record Winding up their season with a 37 point win over the Wallace Miners, the Flathead Braves copped two-thirds of their season's games losing only three and winning six. Eleven lettermen were lost to the team by graduation in the spring. They include George and Earl Dennison, lim Mebust, Frank Lan- don, Ierry Siderius, lack Burr, Iohn Durado, Vern Vlasak, Howard Ruby, Tom Treloar, and Bill Pioath. Three year lettermen are lim Mebust, Frank Landon and Bill Roath. Two year lettermen are George and Earl Dennison, Ierry Siderius, lack Burr and Iohn Durado. Up until the end of their last conference game the Braves were in contention for the state title, but they came out on the short end of a 19-13 score. SEASON'S GAMES AND SCORES Flathead 18 Kelloqq Flathead 26 Whitefish Flathead 6 Missoula Flathead 12 Helena Flathead 19 Butte Public Flathead 26 Butte Central Flathead 7 Great Falls Flathead 13 Billings ' Flathead 37 Wallace, Idaho In the five conference games the Braves won two and lost three to place fifth in the Big Six but had the distinction of beating the fourth place team, Great Falls, 7-U, at Kalispell. The four non-confer- ence games all wound up with Flathead on the big end of the score. On the all-state teams the Braves had seven players mentioned, and had the distinction of having the leading scorer in the Big Six, Frankie Landon. When the coaches voted for all-state players Frank was unanimously chosen on the first string. COACH LITTLE LAYING DOWN THE LAW AT THE WHITEFISH GAME HALFTIME LYNN BENSON RACES TWO LIBBY TERRIERS TO THE GOAL LINE OVER THE BOMBERS' HEADS AND INTO DOC'S ARMS Future Braves Train for Varsity Duties Under the direction ot the new reserve coach, Ralph Bergstrom, former head coach at Columbia Falls, the Flathead "B" squad turned out a highly successful football season. Several of the reserves moved up to the varsity during the middle of the season after receiving valuable experience on the reserve squad. A big part of the reserve's job was to learn the plays oi the teams opposing the varsity and to use them in scrimmage against the bigger team in practice. lohn MacMillan, junior quarter- back had the distinction ot making a touchdown against Flathead's old rival, Whitefish, in a regu- lar season game. ln their two games against reserve squads of Big Six schools the Flathead reserves beat the Mis- soula Bombers once and lost once to the same team. 1952 FLATHEAD RESERVE FOOTBALL TEAM Back row: Stukie Swenson. David Nuethe, Ierry Casey, Howard Blachly, Al Ostrooi. Roger Iohnson. Dale Hall. Dale Shawhcm. Front row: Bob Sparling, Brice Mercord, Harold Grainger, Lynn Benson. Phil Roqnlien, Bill Lynch Gene Fordham. Bill Turner. ' "Jf5?1"9g3 l" :ff.'?f'1gg,5.- f f 'Burl f -' 'gjiii " LQ.. .hc M,-'53 N-,Q - I Y Y fi. -W 1 Lal.,-A ,N W 1:1 9.1 , f ,, . nw -, ff FRESHMEN ATTEMPT A PASS IN SCRIMMAGE F ROSI-I HOLD ROUSING SCRIMMAGES A biq Dart of the football season for the Freshman team is the scrim- maqe held every niqht after school to Clive the boys valuable experi- ence and to shake the squad down to a workable size that can be more easily handled in qivinq in- structions. No Freshman that wants to play football is excluded or dropped from the squad. No sophomores are included on the freshman squad and the fresh- men who continue football move up to the reserve squad in their sophomore year. 1952 Freshman Football Squad X Jai, , .-yi vi- I S I., "v 'fl -.flip if " -all 'i,2g'5i1.Z.'7'?1v INRAV- 'tel' "3"l5'Kifli'1X'f5 L44 in ,:. f., .J , ,4RNdQ.,g:,,.LA1,'., .. M Back row: Pete Larsen, Evy Sliier, Don Mero, Ed Kirk, George Zannon, Harold Haven, lorry DiGiovanni, Chuck Funk, Andrew Spindler, Ron Buck, Don Sutherland. Front row: lim Slack, Harold Mallo, Delbert Olds, Mel Peterson, lol-in Taylor, Bruce Ruby, Dan Hovig, Gordon Mero, Ron Richards, Iohn Slack. FRESHMEN GAIN VALUABLE EXPERIENCE Playina tearns from Central Iunior Hiqh School, reserve squads from Class B schools around the valley and the freshman football team from Missoula, the Flathead Papooses or freshman football team had a very successful season. They capped their season against other toarns by scorina a 31 to 7 triumph over the Missoula frosh. Bill Turner, Eddie Kirk and Don Mero ranq up the 3l points for the frosh with Turner rnakinq the extra point. Twenty boys made the trip to the Garden City. FRESHMEN MOVE TI-IE BALL AROUND END AGAINST LIBBY BILL MCLEAN. Downhill Bill McLean, 21st in combined results in State Ski Meet traced in 3 eventsb, lst lvIen's Class C Rocky Mountain giant slalom. 1 HOWARD BEAR, Slalom Howard Bear, l2th in combined results in State Ski Meet, llth in Rocky Mountain giant slalom Men's Class C. Tom Treloar, 13th in com- bined results in State Ski Meet, 7th in giant slalom Men's Class C. DICK SAVAGE, Downhill Phil Rognlien, l8tl'1 in combined re- sults in State Ski Meet, 5th in Bill Barnum Memorial Race. Dick Savage, 8th in combined re- sults in State Ski Meet, 7th in Men's Class A giant slalom. TOM TRELOAR, Slalom lnu1:ml2x H'2 Qt: .- wxwmnmnc-fta 14:w:s'w 1 Meridian Grocery 6 Dairy PHIL ROGNLIEN, Slalom X ll 'g,il A X-id.: ' SJ W ,Jw 3 W if 1 i, 4 , . - X - 1 Q tee? A 5,15 3 on SKI COACH NELSON l Loft to righi: MCLEAN, BEAR, SAVAGE, TRELOBH, ROGNLIEN FLHTHEAD SKIERS COP FOURTH PLACE IN INTERSCHOLHSTIC SKI MEET Alter holdinfi down third plfice in the interscholfistic ski tnfvf-t lor two years, the Flcithecid Connty Ski Teom dropped to lonrth plficre, yieldinq to Missoulci by 9 tenths ol Ci point. The rrieriil'irvr':: ot this yecir's ski team were, Bill Mcldeon, ri junior who will return next year: Phil Roqnlien, CI sophomore, who will filso return next yecirg three seniors, l-loword Beer, Dick Sovciqe, rind Torn Trelocir. The teom members competed in opproximotely 1 , -X ' -E ' our r inns ripieaa, hut only one motor event which w th . , , os e state iritorsfrliolristir: meet in which they took fourth ploce. Whitrwlissh won the meet, ond was closely followed h B y ozemon. Vlfitlir'-rid find Whitefish were hosts to the meet which wcis held fit Bifi Moiintrriri Fehrtiriry l4 cmd l5, 1953. Bill lVlcl.efin, one ol Flotheride top skiers took t l' , , , wo irsts rind two fil'CCJIlflS thronqhoiit the season which wos qood enouqh lor liiin to rio to the Iiinior Nnxtionuls. Dick Scivcifie, ctnother top-lliqht :sl-:tor from Flrithecid qrecrtly ciided the Flotheod teom in points in the :shite meet, Scorinq conntinq points in every event. Howard Burn :scored 317.9 points cmd Phil Roqnlien scored 2709, Tom Tre- lfzrir f1t'CIf?l 3028 ' ' ' i c points und Bill McLean, who rcrced in fill events lint the cross country, scored 253.6 points. 1- E, '.'. Q K I 4,4-il Q Mia -'iw L 'gf o A Q ffm' PM ,AX F , 51517 ,A . W n.: M s ,Aww :f Frank 'Q S Topjo Bottqm Q M I 2 KX x x L ,g , ,Q , N Qg ,Blgoadn fmvmagxuuy vmiwdfoid Slam' Miiclnll -ssh . . I 1 i i i W 5 ma.mcoA xff umpx aasqfgaamf I S W- -ax 'ml S R, f 1 if X 1 A A'-fa. 'M 'f 2 . sq is K 1 V an kg x v- M wa . A 911 xXA5 A 4' 5 Af' s P af, a 3 f 'M QS 'i 3' 5' N YT ,,,, .H A, f W t if F. Y JA ,N Kaz.. 'Q-n N, Z Nei. W Qf. . 0 1 .-f A WX .s 5 + --WXWWW 19 5 C s 3 gi F x Xi 23 1' E ff SM B N . ,R 2 K vnu- if S 0 4, ,tk ,Q -ff i A -A 1 , . W. bv 3 A , .5-X 3 "5 Q? 4 V W if H 4+ ' M Q Zlv iw . as N xr N if Nw., D X ww V 9 -s .. ww 5. iff: N.. hy. In W, in my in N4 wa v vcr. ig 0 'L ....., f 5 and A PPY if 1' IT .1-4. is 'H V jc , .Hmm ,T 1 1 1 at.. I 1 iff 55" - . Q i a 'N A? w . Y-W A EQ, av . Wifi-" AK'L ' V MQ - :A x x I 1 I l 7'1- W . . Q - ' A A . l 5 QS- 694. -1- -. 1' A' A 'X 'ffiux f' , Q . .... A 3 ? 1 -nr, W f gwfg K 5 mmf? k W I F in Q! figs A 7 6 K si , A ti. x .gag 54 FQ 1 M F UN .-2 :Q if xg S ' A Vi QQ -, N ..., ,' ' K x. 5 N ' Y 3 2' k Q' Y , 17 A j , .Q ggagwgfiigzw-kgi may 556 Vlifmw X S ' X g J - , J, iw? M X -X ' Q - ' , if - As Q-5 1 -A, 'Qf 5 ,fav Y , W , ..,.. A , 5 ng f '-,Na .'K'f L? , mil fl- 'ff 5 ig, i W . . KW, f 5 xfvll A 9 Q- fsf 1 , 9 .3 ea ff f ww + 55:5 'Bm-V ' Q-'P' 1 as. vi . . N g 4 THOMPSON TRIES A IUMP SHOT AGAINST HOWARD l'lr rthf Ptalltt Tllatlit l'lathn lllatht l'lfttlte lrllatht ljlf tthf l'latht l'lath4 Flatht Flathri l7'lath4 lilrttlie I ad arl att flfl ad rtrl flfl flfl ad ad ad ad ad ad U , HANDFORD TIPS OUT TO DURADO Braves End Season With ll-3 Record CONFERENCE RECORD 58 Bozernan 47 Butte 45 Bozeman hh Helena 42 Butte Central 54 Havre 37 Great Falls bfi Havre 63 llftlfxtltl U8 Butte Publir: 50 Missoula 57 Missoula E53 Butte Central 60 Great Falls MANAGER ILGEN WITH WHIRLPOOL BATH The Flathead Braves, who took third place in the State Tournament at Butte, did just about the same in season play, winninq ll and losinq only 3. lerry Siderius, Douq Thompson, Zip Rhoades, Frank Lan- don, Don Franklin and Dan Mitchell composed the first strinq for the Braves this season. Rhoades, who set some new hiqh school records, came to Flat- head lrom Baltimore, Maryland, at the beqinninq ot the school year, but could not compete in sports until the second semester ol school. The Braves beat Missoula once and lost to them once. They beat Butte twice, both times by two points. The Braves beat l-lelena once in conference play but lost to them two other times. MANAGER HOLDS IMPORTANT IOB Ed llqen, varsity manager, has many important jobs which he must do every niqht. Washing towels is his main duty, and takes up most ol his time. Durinq foot' ball season Ed is always there with the tape, medicine or anything else that is needed to help the boys. Durinq basketball season he is either tendina the whirlpool bath or washinq more towels. When track rolls around Ed is relieved ot his duties and takes it easy. Managers, indeed, have important duties and are essential to every successful team. ff 8 ,Win an ' 'MIN A 4 . 1 ,, J , I ,Mfg : xl' 4' ,- ,.,,m ,? i if I A M MK m. as FQ Q Q gf' F 5 W I A 2 ':::'vx' f 2 f A'A: T l 1' . if V 7. M1- 5 L ii 'W' f . T We Mg 'M 3? .,.. , X HANDFORD SHOOTS AGAINST BUTTE CENTRAL LANDON GOES IN FOR A LAYUP AGAINST MISSOULA DOUG SETS AND SHOOTS TWO-HANDED OVER JIM POWELL l.anclo11, Dona 'l'ho1nr'son and Dan Mitchell all hart thoir qood nights in the tournament. Tho frhoorloadcrs are to bo congratulated 1111 tlif-ir -rood work durinq the tournament 111 ptroniotinfr school spirit and pep. Iinnny Powoll, a sophomore from Mis- soula, almost niatcthed Rhoades' scorinq fiflort i11 their aarno by dromwinq 35 points tl11o1111l1 tho nets. Ontr of tho tliinqs notiood at tho Stato I1:111111f1111r'-11t was that thr-oe of the tour teams in tho Northorn Divisional tournament rtlayvfl in tho final two qarnos and took tht- throw tori 1vlf1t'-ml. FRANKLIN SCORES AGAINST HELENA TOURNAMENT GAMES PLAYED Helena Glasgow Flathead Missoula Lewistown Butte Central Helena Flathead Glasqow Missoula Missoula Helena 83 Havre 48 Lowistown 79 Butte Central '77 Great Falls 63 Havre 63 Great Falls 87 Glasfrow '77 Missoula 56 Butte Central 82 Lewistown 87 Glasgow 77 Flathead 53 37 59 44 61 62 55 67 4l 57 45 60 'W is 'ff wwf A uigzvzylgg We , . , . M, mxgav A g,.,X 3-kmgfggwg, . , . gvgfcf-Zigi, as gk Q fi - sa Q S A ,4 Ri 5, A , X 2 S KW ,g ,1 4 . Q Lfaif 6- :1 44 i l i"'l M ,ilk I1 A WAITING FOR THE REBOUND REBOUND SCRAMBLE IN GAME WITH BUTTE "REDS Reserves Complete Season with Successful Record LEITCH LAYS IT UP Top row: Nuethe, Blcxchly, Chapin, Ostroot and Sparlinq Bottom row: Ruby, Overby, Leitch, Swenson Hall and Gilbertson Fldthec1d's reserves hud cr succosslul season despite CI lew losses. They showed lots ol rvromisirm mutericrl for future use on Fldthedd tedms. Cecil Leitch dud Howdrd Bluchly, two reserves, moved to the versity fIl3Olll mid-sedsou. The Missoula Bombers, the old loo ol tho reserves, bout them in cm overtime fil Missoula 52 to 463. They ulso deledted the reserves here. The reserves heel the Butte Reds lu Butte by CI slim rudrqlu but lost to them when they come here. They olso played El1TQliCI cmd Libby. Page I43 Top row: Harbin, Tennant, Funk, Larson, Garey, Zannon Buckmgham Bottom row: Clark, Iim Slack, John Slack, DuPuy, Waggener Sutherland Kirk, Mero. Freshman Team Future Braves The freshmen, who got off to a fast start by beating Central, were a very capable and willing team. They were coached by Spence Koppang, who last year coached at Bigfork. Mr. Koppang also coached the freshman football team this year. ln two of their games the freshman defeated the DeMolay and ski team basketball teams by a good margin. The freshmen have some good material for the reserves. Gary Waggener moved up to the reserves about mid-season. Webb Garey, Pete Larson, George Zannon, Don Sutherland, Eddie Kirk and Don Mero are all likely prospects for the reserves next year. I-AHSON GRHBS THE REBOUND VIRGIL ALLEN TRIES TO HIT THE BUCKET Bottom row: Biery, Hall, Mitchell, Sommers, Leitch, Landon. MITCHELL LEADS PACK IN FINAL TURN OF MILE Mlddlo row: Grainger. Tennant, Blachly, Lockhart, Ilgen. l-landlord. Top row: Marquette, Ovorby, I-Iollt, Hader, Chapin, Bustard. TRACK 1953... .f AW N X , T' 'ppnxis ' Q' Asia ' Ll ss 25 'A."Q ,'.- R u ua-,,,...4 , LANDON, hurdles OVERBY, hiqh iump ! i Q sw.. HADER, discus LEITCH. hurdlol FRESHMAN TRACK Bottom row: Mero, Taylor, Slack. Miller, Ruby, Sutherland Mddle row: Allen. Garey, Buckingham, Zannon, Funk. Spindle: Wagner. Top row: Kotord, Peterson, Farris, Sliter, DuPuy, Slack. FRANKLIN RUNNING THE 440 LEITCH SPILLS IN MEET GOLF 1953... GOLF CANDIDATES Bob Spcxx-ling, Dick Miller. Shirley Chrisinger, Dick Mockbee, Wally Rundhuug. lack Miller. Britt Cutron, Dave Robertson Bob Dickinson, Charlotte Morrison, Coach Spencer Koppang, Joyce Keierleber. On April 16, ll candidates answered the call of Coach Spence Koppanq for the qoli team ot FCHS. On May 8 and 9 the student tournament was held at the local qolt course to determine the qolfers that would represent Flathead at the lnterscholastic IUST A BUNCH OF AMATEURS DICKINSON TEES OFF ON NO. 1 in Missoula. A number of golfers this year have been playing the links for quite some time. This is the first year that a number of girls have tried out for the qolt team. GOLF INSTRUCTOR MILLER P'wklmn:'tss..:-:1 M 5 :s:"':s1rvr"sr"mmia1m-nf r wwwuwvwswx -sslwi lw.e "wm .'aa The 1953 FLATHEAD stait wishes to express its appreciation to the business and professional firms who have sponsored pages ONE PAGE SPONSORS A Friend ............................ 140 A1's Food Shop ............7... 47 B 6- B Food Mart ................ 33 Bi-Rite Drug .....s.. ........ 3 4 Conrad Bank ...................... 35 Dickinson's Music Store .... 101 Elks Dining Room and Hennessy's ............ 36 Equity Supply Co. ,vs.....,... 38 First National Bank .,..,.,... 51 Flathead Coca-Cola Bottling Co. .................... 52 Greig's Dairy ............,....... 42 Guest Photo Art Shop .... 37 Hall Motors, Inc. ............ 45 I-lummer's ...- .......... -- ..... -119 I. Neils Lumber Co. Libby, Montana ............ 134 Iohns Buick, Inc. ............,. 53 Kalispell Grocery Co. i.,s 59 Kalispell Lumber Co. .... 60 Kalispell Mercantile Co. 135 T. I. Landry, Distributor. 48 Mercury Cleaners ,......... 67 Tobias Studio .......,,.,...,..... 68 R. O. Waller, Gen'l Agt. Western Life Ins. Co ..... 69 Woodland Flower Shop 115 HALF-PAGE SPONSORS Alton Pearce Drug ......cc 27 Clara G Mable's Cafe ,,.... 39 Donaldson's Men's Wear 28 Dr. C. M. Anzyon ....,......... 72 Eagle Shoe Co. .............. 30 Flathead Electric Cooperative, lnc. .......,.. 27 Flathead Motor Sales .... 30 Flowers by Hansen ........ 55 G G E Grocery ................ 28 Garey Motor Company ..., 54 Glacier Dairy V.......,.,....... 55 The Hacienda ......,........... 54 Hansen's Cleaners ............ 76 Henricksen Motor Co. 57 Himsl-Wohlwend Motors, Inc. .................. 58 Hollingsworth Electric 70 Iackson's Machine Shop 70 Iohns Hardware ................ 58 losten Mfg. Co. .............. 7l Kalispell Drug .,.............. 122 Kalispell Realty, Inc. Kelly Furniture Co. ....... . 65 65 KGEZ, Don Treloar ........ 46 Kirkpatrick Kourt .....,...... 64 MacMillan Drug Co. ........ 64 Main Street Fumiture 71 Manions .,..,....,,................ 122 Milam Floral ...,.....,.......... 46 Monarch Lumber Co. 63 Morrison's Service Garage .,...,.....,,......,...,.. 41 Mountain State Power Company ......... - ............. 62 North Side Grocery .......... 41 O'Neil Printers ................,.,. 62 Payne 6: Bolton Fountain 61 Lunch ......,.....,.......,,.... 40 I. C. Penney Co. ..,,.......,.,,. 31 The Propane Co. ,........... 63 Bobbin 61 Robbin ....,..... . 44 The Shanty ........................ 40 Smitty's Triple XXX Drive In ........,..........v....., 57 The Spot ......,...................., 44 Summit Lumber Co., Col- umbia Falls ....,..........,.. 76 Tip Top Drive In , . ........ .. THE O'NEtL PRINTERS. KALISPELL ONT 'Q' 3 1 ANA Woodward's ...... ......... 7 2 Woo1worth's .,.. ......... 3 9 FOURTH-PAGE SPONSORS Adams Drug .................... 29 Anderson Theatre Co. .... 26 Blue 61 White Auto Court 26 Croskrey Motors ....,........... 29 Cummings Standard Service ............................ 26 Dr. Curry .......,,.,......,,....... 25 Electrik Maid Bakery ...... 56 Fergusson Shoe Co. ........ 26 Glacier War Surplus ,..... 66 Had's Union Service ...... 61 Hi1lstead's ............... .........- 29 Howard I. Poston, Contractor ........ ---... ..... .- 25 Hutcheson Cleaners ......., 32 Inter Lake ...............,....,....... 25 Iordet Clothing Store .... 56 Kalispell Motor Supply --- 56 Main St. Texaco Serv. .... 66 Meridian Gro. 61 Dairy.-..130 Miller-Ford Electric ........ .. 66 Montana Sport Shop ...... 32 Nash Finch Co. .,.............. 32 O. K. Rubber Welders ...... 25 Pacific Fruit 61 Produce... 61 Pay 61 Save Market ..,..... 61 Robinson's Radiator Shop 61 Rockwood 61 Sykes ...,......., 43 Saverud Paint Shop ...... 32 Seven Up Company .1.... E 43 Spudnut Shop ..................,. 66 Temple Service ,......,........ 43 Valley Realty Agency ,... 56 Wheaton's Cycle G Toy .... 43 Wheeler's Iewelry .......... 29 Page 147 Z9,g,w7,,,,,7- - .. ,. , ,A V-- Cimmmwwhfvzbabmw -'DU-r'74Zfj 560,64 fw.,fn',?,,,.4' fmudfffzlufff fu-06,D4,fLz4!,aa,4f66pa,Z234Y+mc4if hmwjwhafaenwbwahvf If NV A . P N , X, ' W-X 4 ,M V,-uf! fu, , XM A-L l, C Y I , ' A ' 5 D V . M K X ffgwfjy if MK ff! if W y ' , B X N, W Wy , fv Q9 .Y My FTM ,wwf N X If ' L 5' . ' 5 2 Q9 bfi? . Q s . . X. g ,,ES,, W VAN an I ""'5T4'f' 25 'QQWQWJD M01 R"W'?'71'y"2W+n-15 - A- V -3453381 -Q-.-Kiasma-.H -4- m M W OWFQJY- M if ,KA Q 'V WM' ,A . qy sff f ' ' er lf' '. I , ,5 I o 5 ,Ab " x ,cg 'J ., ,f ff! ll . fp ' ' 1 ,f - ' ' W' iff! 7 ' A. ,V

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