Flathead High School - Flathead Yearbook (Kalispell, MT)

 - Class of 1949

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-f...,-.- ., A. .. VM, gl V Ki x ff' . - ,J K 5 1 1 I J3 f A 'f . J if . '3' ffbmx' ,P qi Nik Lv' yi Ybvlabi J :ix J X K ' I 'fw K 1 If jlaqgwq 9,3 P 55' ,. 0 J ,QM SMVQ u-ff " 9l,,,,,wfYf I 5 J' if v E3 ., XY-vQ,n N I W f' X aww ?Q7 Nr sx 5 W S5 wx E533 i iM E 5523 ii Q 5 iw gig? QM 'B1fo35a 1 9 QQ K Lk KA f , .,, 1 .. f, - xL KX , , Q-- g .:k. f ,,,..-V , iv 7 5 ,5 -N . E x '-A- Q ' 2 'if' "" Q' f ' 4 I . . . ,. X Frm M K9 '15 X h mf, xt 45? LU L M QLWJ N. vw up V, , ymxfq M ,nw Zmiigww M! WWW Mal- . Jwxff - 'ij , ' :ATN L W 171-y A , WW .MM wa - 3 h 32,51 Q gg K i : i - XV JH? S A SW 2 Si? Wg 5 5 N 75 4, M ii Q23 WjjjiQ 3 amfxfffifflfy I gtk X 7 ?' in 'J' -ff-1-fy ',,'3mgf-ff7Zf 4961 f-W ff fzle 3 Q97 x fhixwwgf 4 M. . . 1 Q?-1 .Suk q Q 'ir- f"-a f-13 xg, 3-if ' z few ,fgjygw IWW Cffjw WTP, , . ,,,i,,,l,,,,,,, Villa! lf l1,llll1lW ' ' 1 J ' ll . My l ill lllllllllllllfl W We 'l 1949 seewmmd fl '1 , 1 1, 4: . ll ll 1, - ,I 1, 1, 1, K 4, '1 . . 1, :l 1- I - :n 1: I 1, 'I 1 1. Volume XLI ll 1: '1 1, . '1 1, '1 1, '1 1, O 'P lu . ll ll 'r 1 X 1, ,l li Published Amwlly 'QE by l e Senior Class K8 A 141 ffl fll'f3"'2j fMp1f"i?l1 FLATHEAD c:ouN'rY Hlg0blfSl2I MM , 'N ' Kalispell, Montana A , XQXQ lf -NN x' 51 "2155l?ff1M' agjllfl , ' Q LS. X is Xxx -fs x Xxbx ' N x X X X QSQQNV W . - 5 -Qi 's . Nw FLATHEHD COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL Page 2 Table of Contents AxdlllilliSt1'ilti011 . . . 5 Seniors ..... .. 13 Class llistory . . . . 35 Juniors ..... .. 37 SUDIIOIIIUVOS .. .. 47 L'I'GSi'l11ll'll .. .. 53 Athletics .... . 59 OI'QillliZ2ltilll1S . . . . . 77 Music and Ish-1111111 . . . . 99 Sponsors . . . . 114 llrchitecfs Drawing Showing Annex F o r e w o r d "The Future" is a fitting theme for the 1949 Flathead. not only ill respect to school, but also in regard to the great valley which is our home. With the development of the Hungry Horse Dam, residents of the Flathead are anticipating tar reaching beneficial agrie cultural. industrial, and eeonomie developments. NVith the authorization of the building program by the bond issue last November. Flathead students are assured ever wider educational opportunities. The Annex and the Industrial Arts Building will give Flathead the physical facilities for a varied and enriched program which should appeal to every young person ot' high school age in the valley. The annex will include a gymnasium seating 4,000 specta- torsg a eat'eteria seating 6503 and music rooms for both vocal, and instrumental music instruction. As seen in the sketch the annex 'will adjoin t.he present auditorium to the south. The Industrial Arts Building to be located on Fifth Avenue across from the present gym will enable the school to off'e1' mechanically and vocationally minded students a varied prac- tical program. Page 3 Dedication To the taxpayers at Flathead County tor their assumption ot the responsibiiity tor the educa- tion needs ot ali youth within this area as evidenced by their whole- hearted support ot the pond issue to provide adequate tcicilities tor a well - rounded and integrated program ot academic, vocational, ond extra - curricular activities. BNQN QSTRQES N ,. -., 1 7 .,, f DMEM? x 1 .x , 3 , .f' W KA ,ff 15,1 -M, ' 7 I X AJ O i if a m ,ff Q5 s,, t. Jai-, l ,K --f f 0 ""' f . fi . , A , "M g Kg? xg , 1 1 " H7 2 -Y.f'ff'g Q, u , U . Lihlighvg-1,1153 4 ' q . KV Q tx 'I . I , ' ' ' X Q . if 9 ' X o I f I X . 1 Q. X N ' , X . nib' Nm. so i K -:Rim SEATED: ELMER BEEMAN, MARSHALL MURRAY, CONRAD GILBERTSON, MRS. C. O. MILLER, MISS LULU BARNARD, LOU SCHIMPF, DR. FRED SUNDELIUS, STANDING: M. R. WOOD, CLERK: KENNETH A. RAWSON, PRINCIPAL. Flathead County High School Board Members of tho Flathead County High School board have given niuch time and energy to the oonsidorzition of problems pertinent to thc well being of the school. It was largely through the efforts of those public spirited citizens that tho successful bond issueto provide tho now units to the school was inziuguratod. Sincv tho passage ot the bond issue. members of the school board lmvo met wvokly with Mr. Rawson and otften with tho Citizens' Connnittoo to discuss plans for the new buildings. They envision an education plant. adequate not. only for thi- presvnt, but also for futuro noeds. The officors of tho board :irc Dr. Fred Sundolius, prosidontg Mairslizill Murray, vioo pro:-sidentg Miss liulu lien-naird, secretary. Elmer Bceinan is ClIilil'lIlElll of the auditinwf oonnnittoog Miss liulu Barnard. tho trans- l'3 , 01'ii1.tlOll cominitteez Mrs. C. O. Miller. insurance oommittoog Marslmll Murray, building and P , . . .. ro ertv urchasinv' coinnnttoeg Dr. Fri-d Sundehus, closinfv st:-out committee. Q C , C Page 6 KENNETH A. RAVVSON, Principal, FIJATHEAD COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL Senior Class of 1949 lt is customary in a message to a high school graduating elass to make predictions for the future and express good wishes. ' l eau say sincerely that 111y good wishes for you and your future are as sincere as any could be. As for predictions, we are now living in unpredictable times. If as a high school graduate you are trained TO THliNK for yourself. you will be well fortified against the many unpredictable problems you are certain to face. No matter what the future, you will face problems with confidence and courage. I wish to congratulate you upon your graduation and your opportunity for service now in a troubled world. May it be your lot to help rebuild a better way of' life for yourself and all people. KENNETH A. RANVSON. THE RAAXVSONS AT HOME lllaudia. Mrs. llawson. Mr. Rawson. Neil Page 'I i .lx Q W 5 K w X Q 3 X f I . X R X 3 gi . NN Ss sk x xx S ,e x N., Q i . M k . .XX X A ff 5 wx M Q N X X X X32 wx Q X.. .XX X X X XX X A X Xssxwems X xwv s . U E A gk Jtxvvfx. R 5 X mf k 5 f xXbX - R X 3 gggmw X . N NXXX ' rrgxxksx: Nw . sex-Q. 3 1 l wi i KSA X bw I MMWRQMN -vu XQ1. . . .,.,....C.,....... ROBERT OLSON, B. S. CHARLES ABBOTT. B. S. ' HENRY ROBINSON. B. S. VOCATIONAL AGRICULTURE: SPONSOR, MANUAL ARTS VOCATIOHAL AGRICULTURE: SPONSOR, !.F.A.: SOPHOMORE CLASS F.F.A.: DEAN OF BOYS VERNON DAY, B. A. ERTEL SIIATWELL. B. A. MATHEMATICS: MECHANICAL DRAWING: AGNES FIELD, B. A. LANGUAGE: SPONSOR. SPANISH CLUB: SPONSOR, STUDENT COUNCIL MATHEMATICS: SPONSOR, SENIOR CLASS USHERS EDWARD BECKSTRAND, B. A. JANICE HORTON, B. A. VIRGINIA LILLIE. A. B., M. A. INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC VOCAL MUSIC: ENGLISH: SPONSOR, SOPHO- MATIIEMATICS: SPONSOR. JUNIOR CLASS MORE CLASS Page 9 A if an an . ixx X K fi Km a . wiv xv-wx W M-- S ww ...Q x X ' 5 Q- Lfg rr f is 2. il ?i 555 3 x + ss -fi Q w Xxl 1 M if f - QSSQS x xikifgfs are: .ff X R - ' 93255 . rg Q Q . .K X X x N1 NS! if XXXNX I X . QNNN ,J www J. H. CROWE, B. A. LARRY WEINGARTNER, B. A. EDWARD SCHROETER, B. S., L. L. B. PSVCHOLOGYQ GUIDANCE COUNSELOR WORLD HISTORY AMERICAN HISTORY: DEBATE: SPONSOR, SENIOR CLASS OTTO GILBERTSONI B. A. FRANK LITTLE. B. S. SOCIAL STUDIES: ASSISTANT COACH ATHLETIC COACH F. E. WILSON, B. A. JOHN CHEEK. B. A. HISTORYQ ASSISTANT COACH C. SOCIAL STUDIES: SPONSOR, SKI CLUB wlNs'roN BORGEN, B. s. zcouomcsz socuomocv: Jounumsw srowson, Ammwg num. Ann scnoug COACH BASEBALL Page 11 A N MES QWSNENYS A g ix 'N W Ngswsg f f XY 'Xi Qfllgffff f 51 Mia f rg UV25 5363? FAN XX JS ,W ,CL J 222 sq Q Q Y I. 5153, I Ww R Y X x :xx X NI BEAT THE slsous soosrmc THE BOND ISSUE o HAPPY DAY! rmsr semesvsn HIGH HONOR nou. LATE ARRIVALS TO FLATHEAD Muuvs Hsnzoo nossm' Mcum CARLA GARRARD TRANSFER FROM SPOKANE, WASHINGTON TRANSFER FROM CASPER, WYOMING TRANSFER FROM POCATELLO, IDAHO Page I4 Merrit Cabins-CiIy Transfer-Fisher 6 Foy, Inc.-Kalispell Wrecking Company ROBERT B. ABBOTT "Rapid Robert" Boys' Octette 4: Quill 6. Scroll 4: Home Room Officer 2: Journalism Meet 4: Annual 4: Arrow 3, 4, sports editor 4: Broadcasts 2, 3, 4: Prom 3: Ball 4: Arrow Ball 3: Senior Play 4: Assemblies l, 2, 3, 4: Ski Club 3, 4: Football varsity 2, 3, 4: Baseball 2, 3, 4: lntermural Sports 1, 2, 3' "F" Club 3, 4: Rotary Representative 4: Teen Town Executive Committee 4: Key Club 4: Great Falls, Montana 1. ROBERT ADAMS ..Bob., Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Pep Band 1. 2, 3, 4: Con- cert Band l, 2, 3, 4: Music Festival l, Z, 3, 4: Home Room Officer 4: Football reserves 3: Baseball 3: lntermural Sports l, 2, 3. LOUISE AMUNDSON nsueu Home Room Officer 3, 4: Student Store 3, 4: Study Hall Monitor 3: Co-Op 4: Ball 4, CAROL ANN ANDERSON "Chick" Pep Club 2, 3, 4: Assemblies 3: Prom 3: Ball 4: Arrow 3: Annual 4: Study Hall Moni- tor 4: Home Room Officer 4: Student Coun- cil 2: Student Store 4: Poison High School, Polson, Montana l. DOROTHY 1. ANDERSON ..DodY.. Chorus 2: Music Festival 2: Student Store 4: CosOp 4. PHYLLIS ANDERSON :AndYu Band 1, 2: Music Festival l: Home Room Officer 2: Student Store 4: Annual 4: Debate 4: N. F. L. 4: Broadcasts 4: Prom 3: As- semblies 3, 4: Marionettes l: G. A. A. l: Inland Empire Radio Conference 4. RONNY ANDERSON nAndYu Boys' Quartette l, 2, 3: Home Room Officer 1: Youth Fair l, 2, 3: N. F. L. 3, 4: Broadcasts 2, 3, 4: Assemblies 4: Intermural Sports l, 2, 3: Inland Empire Radio Conference 4. DONALD E. ARNOUX "Edwin" lntermural Basketball l: Football l. Glacier Realty Company-Cornell Cabins Dickey Glass Shop-Kalispell Cate Page 15 HOWARD AUSTIN Youth Fair 3: Broadcasts 3: Ball 4: Senior Pl:1y 4: Assemblies 3, 4: Science Club 3, 4, vice-president 3, 4: College Club 4. MEREDITI-I BEAR "Meri" Home Room Officer 4: Student Store 4: Study Hall Monitor 2: Co-Op 4: Youth Fair 1: Annual 4: Arrow 4, bookkeeper 4. BARBARA IEAN BEEMAN HB. Ln Music Festival 2: Student Council Secretary 4: Girls' State 3: Office 4: Study Hall Monitor 3: Teacher's Assistant 4: Youth Fair 2, 3: Queen candidate l: Arrow typist 4: Prom 3: Eall 4: Senior Play 4: Assemblies l, 3, 4: Quiver 3: Scribblers 1: Masque G Dagger 3: F. H. A. 3, 4, treasurer 4: Appinokwis 4: College Club 4: Annual, senior editor 4. RUSSELL BELLER llnussu lntermural Basketball 2, 3: Whitefish High School, Whitefish, Montana l. BARBARA BERGMANN "Bobbie" Iunior-Senior Sextette 3: Triple Trio 4: Chorus l, 2, 3: Choir 4: Music Festival l, 2, 3, 4: Broad- casts 4. PATRICIA BERGMANN "Patti" Chorus 1, 2: Music Festival l, 2: Student Council l, 3: Class Vice-president 4: Home Room Officer 2, 3, 4: Youth Fair 3: Annual 4: Pep Club 4: Prom 3: Ball 4: Science Club 3, 4, president 4: Ouiver 3: Marion- ettes 1: Masque G Dagger 3: G. A. A. 2, 3. IOHN BIERY Band 4: Music Festival 4: Student Store 4: Study Hall Monitor 1: Co-Op 4: Senior Play 4: As- semblies 2: Ski Club l, 2: Football reserves 3: lntermural Sports 2, 3. 4 KATHERINE BISH 'Snooks" Youth Fair l, 2, 3: F. H. A. l. Blue and White Auto Court Page 16 IOHN BOWDISH Student Council vice-president 4: Broadcasts 4: F. P. A. 3, 4: lntermural Sports 3: Track 3, 4: Whitefish High School 1, 2. DONALD E. BREIMO unonn Boys' Quartette 3: Boys' Octette 4: Choir 1, 2, 3, 4, vice president 3, president 4: Music Festival 2, 3, 4: Appinokwis 3, 4, president 3: High School Week 3: Quill 6. Scroll 3, 4, president 3, 4: Student Council 2, 4: Student Council President 4: Home Room Officer l, 2: Iournalism Meet 3, 4: Youth Fair l, 2, 3: Annual 4: Arrow 2, 3, 4, news editor 3, editor-in-chief 4: Smoke Signals editor 4: Pep Club 3, 4, vice presi- dent 4: Broadcasts 3, 4: Prom 3: Ball 4: Arrow Ball 3: Senior Play 4: Assemblies I, 2, 3, 4: Quiver 2, associate editor 2: Scribblers 2: Marionettes 2: College Club 4. VIRGINIA BROOKS Youth Fair 2, 3: Annual 4. VERNON BUNYEA nvernu Home Room Officer 4: Assemblies l: F. F. A. 1: Football reserves 3, varsity 4: Baseball 3: lntermural Sports 2, 3: Track 4: "F" Club 4. HARRY A. BURNELL Home Room Officer 3, 4: Boys' State 3: Annual 4: Pep Club 4: Debate 4: Prom 3: Senior Play 4: Assemblies 2, 3, 4: Science Club 3: Quiver 2, 3, publicity manager 3: Marionettes 1: Key Club 4. SHIRLEY BURNELL Chorus l, 2: Choir 3: Music Festival l, 2, 3: Home Room Officer 4: Library 3: Study Hall Monitor 4: Annual 4: Pep Club 4: Assemblies 1, 3, 4: Science Club 2, 3: Marionettes 1, 2: G. A. A. l, 2. DELORES BUTLER mnouyu Student Store 4: Co-Op 4. DELLA CALBICK llshuggyll Home Room Officer 4: Study Hall Monitor 2: Youth Fair 1, 2, 3: Senior Play 4: As- semblies l, 3: Masque 6. Dagger 3: College Club 4: F. H. A. 1. I. C. Penney Co. Page 17 LOUISE MARIE CASADY IIHOPPYII Student Store 45 Study Hall Monitor 3, Co-Op 4: Arrow bookkeeper 4. ROGER CASTERLINE ucastyu Home Room Officer 3: Broadcasts 4, Ball 43 Assemblies lp P. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 41 Baseball 37 Softball 1, 2, 3, 45 Intex-mural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4: Key Club 4. SHIRLEY CHAPEL Study Hall Monitor 2, Senior Play 4. MARIE CHRISTENSEN "Chris" Chorus 1, 2, Science Club 2, 3. EVELYN CLARIDGE HEVY.. Study Hall Monitor 3: Assemblies 4. CATHERINE CLARK HKGY.. Girls' Glee Club lg Choir 4, Music Festival 1, 4: Youth Fair l, 2, 37 Assemblies 1, 47 F. H. A. 1. CLARA ELLEN COLLINS Triple Trio 4, Chorus 35 Band 4, secretary 4: Pep Band 2, 3, 4: concert Band 2, 37 Orchestra 2. 3, 4, secretary 3: Music Festival 2, 3, 45 Girls' State 37 Annual 45 Assemblies 2, 3, 45 Ouiver 2, 3, sales manager 2, editor 3: F. H. A. 45 Appinok- wis 41 College Club 4: Roundup, Montana 1. HERB CONKLIN Home Room Otticer 1, 2: Ball 4, Ski Club 3, Softball 3, Intermural Sports 2. Bi-Rite Drug Page 18 SALLY CONKLIN nsulu Chorus 2: Music Festival 2: Student Council l, 2: Home Room Officer 1, 2: Office 4: Study Hall Monitor 2, 4: Annual 4: Youth Fair 2, 3: Pep Club 4: Prom 3: Ball 4: Senior Play. 4: As- semblies 1, 3: Marionettes 1. 2: Masque G Dagger 3: Ski Club 3, 4, secretary 4: P.H.A. 3: G.A.A. 3. TIM A. CRAIL "T. C." Chorus 1: Choir 3, 4: Home Room Officer 1, 2: Arrow reporter 1, 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 3: Debate 2, 3, 4: N. F. L., president 4: Smoke Signals 1, 2, 3, 4: Arrow Ball 2, 3: All- School Play 1: Assemblies 1, 2, 3, 47 Quiver 1, 2, assistant editor 1, editor 2: Scribblers 1, 2, vice-president 1, 2: Marionettes 1, 2, president 2: Masque G Dagger 3: Youth Fair 1, 2, 3: Speech Meet 3, 4: Drama Meet 1: Key Club 4. V DEAN L. CROSKREY Choir 1, 2, 4, vice-president 4: Music Festival 1, 2, 4: Student Council 4: Youth Fair 1, 2, 3: Annual 4: Broadcasts 1, 2, 3, 4: Prom 3: Ball 4: All-School Play 1, 4: Senior Play 4: Assemblies 1, 2, 3, 4: Science Club 1, 2: Ouiver 2: Mario- nettes 1, 2: Intermural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4. ALICE CRUMLEY "Sparkie" Office 4: Annual 4: F. H. A. 1, 4: Youth Fair 1. WILLIAM M. DUKLETH ..Duke.. Assemblies 2, 3: F. F. A. 1, 2, 3: Intermural Soft- ball 2, 3, 4: lntermural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4: Track 2, 4. SUE EBERHARD Triple Trio 1: Chorus 1, 2: Music Festival 1, 2: Appinokwis 3, 4: Student Council l, 2, 3: Student Council Treasurer 4: Office 3: Annual 4: Prom 3: Ball 4: Senior Play 4: Assemblies 1, 3: Marionettes 1, 2: Youth Fair 1, 2, 3. AUDREY ENGSTROM Choir 4: Quill 6: Scroll 4: Class Secretary 4: Home Room Officer 3, 4: Iournalism Meet 3, 4: Office 4: Annual 4: Arrow 3, 4, business manager 4: Pep Club 4: Ball 4: Arrow Ball 3: Science Club 3, 4: G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Play Day 3: Ap- pinokwis 4: College Club 4: Youth Fair 2, 3. CAROL FLOTTMAN Chorus 1, 2: Music Festival 2: Office 3: Youth Fair 1, 2, 3: Annual 4: Arrow typist 4: Prom 3: Senior Play 4: Assemblies 1, 3, 4: Science Club 2, 3: Ouiver 2, 3: Mario- nettes 1: Masque 6. Dagger 3: G. A. A. 1, Play Day 3. Johns' Hardware-Laltayne Beauty Shop and Peterson's Tourist Court Page 19 MARGERY IEAN FOOT uleunu High School Week 2. LESLIE D. FOY nllesu Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Pep Band 2, 3: Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Band Soloists 1, 2, 3, 4: Band Ensembles 1, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra Soloist 1: Music Festival 1, 2, 3: 4: Student Council 1: Home Room Officer 1: Ball 4: Senior Play 4: Assemblies l, 2, 3, 4: Ski Club 3, 4, vice president 3, 4: Inter- mural Sports I, 2, 3: Track 3, 4: "F" Club 3, 4: National Ski Races 4. CAROL FRY Triple Trio 4: Chorus 1, 2: Choir 3, 4: Student Store 4: Co-Op 4: Senior Play 4: Assemblies 1. EDWIN GALLOWAY ..Ed.. Library 3: Annual 4: Assemblies 1, 2: F.F.A. 1, 2: lntermural Sports 3. DORIS GILBERTSON ,.Dee.. Center High School, Center, North Dakota 1, 2, 3. BETTY ZANE GINGERY "B1ondie" Youth Fair 1. BETTE R. GONSIOR Home Room Officer 4: Library 3, 4: Student Store 4: Youth Fair 1, 2, 3: All-School Play 3, 4: Senior Play 4: Assemblies 3: Science Club 3: G. A. A. 1. 2, 3: Play Day 2, 3. BOB GONSIOR Student Store 4. Emerson's Oval E Service Page 20 FRANCIS GRAHAM "Frank" Broadcasts 4: Assemblies 2, 4: F. F. A. 3, 4, president 4:' Football 3, 4, reserves 3: Softball 2, 3, 4: Intermural Sports 2, 3, 4: "F" Club 4. KEITH GRAHAM nnizzyu Home Room Officer l, 4: Football 1, 3, 4: Football reserves 1: Intermural Basketball 2, 3: "F" Club 3, 4. LAUREN GRANMO nLoru Student Council 3: Boys' State 3: Annual 4: Arrow 4: Prom 3: Senior Play 4: Assemblies 4: Football reserves 3: Softball 2: Intermural Sports 2, 3: Track 4: Missoula, Montana 1. IEANNINE HACKER Triple Trio 4: Choir 3, 4: Chorus 1, 2: Music Festival l, 2, 3, 4: Home Room Officer 1: Student Council 3: lournalism Meet 4: Annual 4: Arrow 2, 3, 4, circula- tion manaqer 4: Twirlers 2, 3, 4: .Head Majorette 4: Pep Club 3, 4: N. F. L. 2, 3: Prom 3: Ball 4: Arrow Ball 3: Senior Play 4: Assemblies 2, 3, 4: "Passing Parade" 2: G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Play Day 3, 4, Youth Fair l, 2, 3. 1 DONALD HALL Assemblies 1, 2, 3, F. F. A. 1, 2, 3. BERYL HANDFORD Appinokwis 3, 4: High School Week 3: Quill 5 Scroll 4: Student Council l, 3: Stu- dent Council President 4: Class Secretary 1, 3: Home Room Officer 2, 3: Iournalism Meet 4: Girls' State 3: Library 3: Study Hall Monitor 3: Youth Fair 1, 2, 3: Annual 4: Arrow 3, 4, feature editor 4: Prom 3: Ball 4: Senior Play 4: Assemblies 1, 4: G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Play Day 4. DELPHINE ANN HAN SON Chorus 1, 2: Music Festival 2: High School Week 3: Quill 6: Scroll 4: Student Council 3: Home Room Officer 4: lournalism Meet 4: Office 4: Study Hall Monitor 4: Teacher's Assistant 2, 3, 4: Youth Fair 1, 2, 3: Annual 4: Arrow 3, 4: Prom 3: Ball 4: "Passing Parade" 2: Senior Play 4: Assemblies 1, 4: Science Club 3: Quiver 3: Mario- nettes 1: Masque 5. Dagger 3: G. A. A. 3. LEE HARRIS Science Club 3: Intermural Sports 3. Beaman's Photo Shop Page 21 BETTY I-IAYEN Student Store 47 Assemblies 37 F. H. A. 37 Science Club 47 Hoqeland, Montana 1, 2. RICHARD HAZELTON ,.Dicku Palouse High, Palouse, Washington 1. LENORE HERRON ' "Moose" Home Room Officer 1, 2, 37 Student Store 3: Study Hall Monitor 47 Co-Op 37 Queen candidate 37 Annual 47 Ushers 2, 3, 4, secretary 2, presi- dent 47 Flag Twirlers 47 Pep Club 2, 3, 47 Prom 37 Ball 47 Senior Play 47 Assemblies 2, 3, 47 Ski Club 47 G. A. A. 1, 2. MARY ELLEN HESSE "Shorty" Student Store 47 Study Hall Monitor 47 Co- Op 4. - DORIS HEUSCHER ...Donyu E Student Council 47 Home Room Officer 37 Library 47 Student Store 37 Pep Club 47 Appinokwis 4. LEE LAVERN HILL Student Store 47 Co-Op 47 Assemblies 3, 47 Ski Club 3, 47 Choir 3, 47 Music Festival 3, 47 Brigham City, Utah 1, 2. MONA HOILAND Orchestra 47 Library 27 F. H. A. 47 Columbia Falls High School, Columbia Falls, Montana l. CHESTER HOWARD nchetu Pep Band 27 Band 1, 27 Concert Band l, Z7 Student Store 47 Co-Op 47 Annual 47 All- School Play 17 Assemblies 27 Marionettes l, 27 Ski Club 4. Woodland Flower Shop Page 22 I li, L N ,ii ,kt ikxizljw GU ,UH .lcnkvx 1 I X K w .L Q' , i Q lv iQ fx , QL f ,L I ' Lf Mn.Ll.1,r:,i2. HUGGINS L. l Stude'nt,Co cil. 4: Y ii A - ' l, 2, 3: Science l IX X , I fl L X' .HD ' ii Lliair C'uly3. A.-A. E, 3, l-4, secretary 4. .yr ,rr :tl Que: X bi l ul V' 1 U t nv: HUTCHESON "mach" Student Council 4: Class President 1: Home Room Officer 2, 3: Annual, art editor 4: Prom 3: Ball 4: Assemblies l, 3: Ski Club 3, 4: Football reserves 1, varsity 2, 3, 4: Softball 2: lntermural Sports l, 2: Track l, 2, 3, 4: "F" Club 1, 2, 3, 4, president 3, 4. ALICE LEE ISOM nlleeu Senior Play 4: Clover Park High, Tacoma, Wash- ington 1, 2, 3. DOROTHY IACOBSON ..Dody.. K Student Council 4: Home Room Officer 2: Study Hall Monitor 3: Assemblies 1: Scrib- blers 1: G. A. A. 1. NORMAN IACOBSON .Taken Home Room Officer 4: Arrow reporter 4: Broad- casts 4: Assemblies l, 2, 4: Science Club 3: F. F. A. reporter 1, 2, 3. 4: Football, varsity 4: reserves 3: Softball 1, 2, 3: Intermural Sports l, 2, 3: Track 3, 4: "F" Club 4. DAVID E. JOHNSON "Dave" Co-Op 4. EDITH I OHNSTON Chorus 1, 2: Music Festival 1, 2: Appinokwis 3, 4, secretary 4: High School Week 2, 3: Quill 6 Scroll 4: Student Council Secretary 4: Home Room Officer 1: Iournalism Meet 3, 4: Youth Fair 2, 3: Annual, associate editor 4: Arrow 3, 4, feature editor 4, associate editor 4: Prom 3: Ball 4: Science Club 3. 4, president 3, secretary 4: Ouiver 3: Masque 6. Dagger 3: F. H. A. 1: G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, president 4, Play Day 4: College Club 4. HERB KASSNER Choir 2, 3, 4: Music Festival 2, 3, 4: Home Room Officer l, 4: Senior Play 4: Intermural Sports 1, 2, 3. Hutcheson Cleaners Page 23 LEWIS KEIM ullewu Quill G Scroll 4: Class Vice-president 3: Home Room Officer 3, 4: Journalism Meet 3, 4: Boys' State 3: Annual sports editor 4: Arrow 2, 3, 4, sports editor 3, news editor 4, editor-in-chief 4: Pep Club 2: Prom 3: Ball 4: Appinokwis 4: Senior Play 4: Assemblies 3, 4: College Club 4: Basket- ball reserves 2, varsity 3, 4: Football reserves 3: Baseball 2, 3, 4: Intermural Sports 2: "F" Club 3, 4: Teen Town president 4: Missoula High, Mis- soula, Montana 1. HARRY KEITH uMikeu Home Room Officer 1, 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 3: Prom 3: Assemblies 3: Baseball 3: Inter- mural Sports 1, 2, 3. MERLE KINNIBURGH "Butch" Student Store 3, 4: Co-Op 4. NORMA KINSHELLA "Kinch" Triple Trio 4: Chorus 3, 4: Choir 2: Class Treasurer 3: Home Room Officer 3: Youth Fair 1, 2, 3: Annual 4: Pep Club 2, 3, 4: Ball 4: G. A. A. 1, 2. RCBERT L. KIRK nBobn Student Council Vice-president 4: Class' Vice- president 1, Class President 2, 3: Home Room Officer l, 2, 3: Boys' State 3: Arrow reporter 2, 3, 4: Prom 3: Senior Play 4: Assemblies l, 3: Basketball reserves 2, 3: Football reserves 1, 2, varsity 3, 4: lntermural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4: Track l, 2, 3, 4: "F" Club 3, 4, secretary 3, 4: Teen Town vice-president 4. DON KOMENDA Broadcasts 2: Assemblies l, Z, 3: F. F. A. 1, 2, 3. ROBERT C. LARSON ..Bob.. Student Store 4: Co-Op 4: Football reserves 2: Track 3. , ALBERT LEWIS uAlgie.. Assemblies 2, 3: F. F. A. 1, Z, 3, 4. l.arson's Grocery Page 24 GLORIA LOGAN G. A. A. 4: Winnebago, Minnesota 1: Whitefish, Montana 2. I OYCE LOGAN Appinokwis 3, 4, vice president 3: Hiqh School Week 3: Home Room Officer 1, 2, 3: Journalism Meet 4: Office 3: Library 4: Study Hall Monitor 1, 3: Youth Fair 1, 2, 3: Annual business manager 4: Prom 3: Ball 4: Senior Play 4: Assemblies l. 3, 4: Masque 6 Dagger 3: F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, district secretary 3, reporter 4. RONALD LYF ORD ..RonnY.. Boys' Octette 4: Choir 4: Band l, 2, 3, 4: Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Concert Band l, 2, 3, 4: Band Ensembles 3, 4: Orchestra 1, 2: Music Festival 1, 2, 3, 4: Home Room Officer 3, 4: Youth Fair l, 2, 3: Prom 3: Ball 4: Assemblies 3, 4: Foot- ball reserves l, 2 lntermurcrl Sports l, 2, 3. PATRICIA M. McDONNELL nputn Home Room Officer 4: Library 3: Youth Fair 3: Annual 4: Arrow typist 3: Assemblies l, 3: Science Club 3, secretary 3: College Club 4: F. H. A. 3. KEITH MCNEIL Baseball 3, 4: Intermural Sports 3: Warren, Michigan l, 2. HELEN MARTIN SON Chorus 2: Music Festival 2: Library 3, 4: Ouiver 3: Scribblers 2, 3. OPAL MARTINSON Library 4: Study Hall Monitor 3: Assemblies 3: Masque 6. Dagger 3. CHARLES MERCORD High School Week 2: Home Room Officer l, 2, 4: Boys' State 3: Annual 4: Arrow re- porter 4: Pep Club 4: Prom 3: Ball 4: Senior Play 4: Assemblies l, 3, 4: Ski Club 3: Basketball reserves 2: Football reserves I, 2: Intermural Sports l, 2, 3: Softball l, 2, 3: Track l, 2: Key Club 4. Greig's Lakeside Dairy Page 25 F RED MILLER Assemblies 3: Class Vice-president 2: Student Council 1: Home Room Officer l, 2: Prom 3: Intermural Softball 1, 2, 3: Football reserves 1, 2. varsity 3, 4: Basketball reserves 1, 2, varsity 3. IOHN A. MITTON F. P. A. 1, 2. s, 4. IO ANNE MOLLER ulon Assemblies 2, 3, 4: Ball 4: Annual 4: Youth Fair 2, 3: Music Festival 2, 3, 4: Band Ensembles 3: Concert Band 2, 3, 4: Band 2, 3, 4: Pep Band 2, 3. 4: Cut Bank, Montana 1. GEORGE MOW "Buck" Student Store 4: Co-Op 4. MARILYN NELSON 11M are.. Choir 3: Marionettes l. WILLIAM E. NOBLE ..Biu.. Student Council 4: Class President 4: Home Room Officer 4: Youth Fair 3: Annual 4: Pep Club 4: Prom 3: Ball 4: Senior Play 4: Assemblies 4: Ski Club 3, 4, president 3, 4: Intermural Sports 3: Track 3, 4: National Ski Races 4: Mt. Vernon High School, Mt. Vernon, Washington l, 2. MARIAN NUTTER .1Mimi.. Home Room Officer 3: Student Store 4: Co-Op 4. ALICE OPALKA Appinokwis 3, 4: High School Week 2, 3: Quill 61 Scroll 4: Student Council 2: Home Room Officer l, 2, 4: Journalism Meet 3, 4: Girls' State 3: Office 3: Youth Fair 2, 3: Annual editor-in-chief 4: Arrow 2, 3, 4, re- porter 2, 3, 4, associate editor 4: Smoke Siqnals 4: Prom 3: Ball 4: Assemblies l, 3, 4: Science Club 3, vice president 3: Spanish Club 3, 4, secretary 3, president 4: Senior Play 4: College Club 4. I-Iennessy's Page 26 VEREL OVERTON "Tarzan" Boys' Quartette 3: Boys' Octette 4, Choir 3: Music Festival 3, Home Room Officer 2, 4, Boys' State 3, Basketball 1: Football l, 2, 3, 4: Football re- serves l: Baseball 1, 3, Intermural Sports 1, 2, 3: Track 1, 2, "F" Club 2, 3, 4. EDWARD PAGEL ..Bud.. Library 2, 3, Intermural Sports 2, 37 Track 2, 3. BOB PARKER Student Council 3: Pep Club 4: Intermural Basket- ball 1, 2, 3: Football reserves 3: Intermural Softball 1, 2, 37 Track 2. LEONA PATNEAUDE .sisu Medicine Lake, Montana 1, 2. HAROLD PAULLIN Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Pep Band 2, Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 45 Music Festival l, 2, 3, 47 As- semblies 3p Marionettes lg Basketball 3, 4, re- serves 3, varsity 4: Intermural Sports 1, 2: Track 1, 2, 3, 4: "F" Club 3, 4. HORTON ALLEN PECKENPAUGH "Peck" Band l, 2, 3, 45 Pep Band l, 2, 3, 47 Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 47 Band Ensembles l, 2, Music Festival l 2, 3, 47 Home Room Officer 1, 4, Boys' State 37 Broadcasts 4: Assemblies l, 2, 3, 4: Marionettes 1, 2: Softball 2, Inter- mural Sports 1, 2: Key Club 4. VIRGIL PETTINATO nvirqu Student Council 4, Class Secretary 2: Basketball reserves 25 Intermural Sports 1, 2, 3. MARIORIE ANN PEDERSON uMari u Choir 3: Music Festival 3: Annual 4, Quiver 3, 4: Masque 61 Dagger 3: F. H. A. 47 G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Play Day 2, 37 Appinokwis 4. Peck's Texaco Service-Pay 'N Save Page 27 IEANNINE PHILLIPS Quill G Scroll 4: Student Council 1, 2: Home Room Officer 1, 2, 3, 4: Office 3: Library 4: Annual 4: Arrow 3, 4: Prom 3: Ball 4: Assemblies 3, 4: Science Club 3: Spanish Club 3, 4, secretazy 3, 4: Appinokwis 4: College Club 4. ADELE PIDWERBECKI u lDe1u A Band 3, 4: G. A. A. 4: Music Festival 3, 4: Ball 4: Prom 3: Home Room Officer 3: Pep Band 3, 4: Youth Fair 3: Triple Trio 4: Glasgow, Montana 1, 2. ALBERT L. PIERCE HAIU Student Council l, 3, 4: Home Room Oificer 2: Prom 3: Assemblies 3: Basketball 3: Football 2, 3, 4: Basketball reserves 2: Baseball 2: Inter- mural Softball 3: "F" Club 2, 3, 4. DONNA PILON Hoquiam High School, Hoquiam, Washing- ton 1, 2. WILLIAM PLUMMER HBH!!! Student Council 2: Football reserves 3: Softball l, Z, 3: Intermural Sports 2, 3. FRANK POUND "Budd" Student Store 4: Study Hall Monitor 2: Co Op 4: Annual 4. I UNE POUND "Slivers" Co-Op 4. DON REYNOLDS llsonnyll Assemblies 2: F. F. A. 4: Intermural Sports l. Kalispell Grocery Company Page 28 DONNA RICHEY Study Hall Monitor 2, 4: Assemblies 2., ALLEN RIEBE ,.Bm.. Student Store 4: Co-Op 4: Football reserves 3. GERALD C. ROBOCKER nl-en-Y.. Boys' Octette 4: Annual 4: N. F. L. 2: Broadcasts 2: All-School Play 1: Assemblies 2, 3: Mario- nettes l, 2: Football reserves 2, varsity 2, 3: ln- termural Sports 3: Track 1. INEZ B. ROGNLIE upat.. Girls' Glee Club 1: Music Festival l: Quill G Scroll 4: Home Room Officer 4: Iournalism Meet 4: Library 4: Youth Fair 3: Annual 4: Arrow 3, 4, exchange editor 4: Science Club 3: Quiver 3, art editor 3: Scribblers 3. ROSEMARY SANDERS uRedu Ball 4: Fergus County High, Lewistown, Mon- tana 1. LA VERNA SCHLEGEL "Bernie" Chorus l, 2: Choir 3: Music Festival 2: Home Room Officer 1, 2, 4: Office 4: Youth Fair l, 2, 3: Annual 4: Arrow 3, 4: Twirlers 2, 3: Pep Club 2, 3, 4: Prom 3: Ball 4: Arrow Ball 3: Senior Play 4: Assemblies 1, 3, 4: Marionettes l, 2: Ski Club 3, 4: G. A. A. 1, 2. DONALD SCHLENZ Assemblies l, 2, 4: F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: lntermural Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Softball l, 2, 3, 4. EDWIN SCHNACKENBERG ..Ed.. Intermural Sports 3, 4. Glacier Park Studio Cfobiasl Page 29 ROBERT SEVIER uBobu Student Council 3: Home Room Otticer 2: Student Store 4g Co-Op 4, Youth Fair 2, 37 C. A. P. 1, 2, 3, 4: Football reserves 2. CHARLES SIDERIUS "Chuck" Band 1, 2, 37 Pep Band 1, 2, 35 Concert Band 1, 2, 3, Orchestra 35 Student Council 45 Boys' State 31 Pep Club 43 Assemblies 4, Intermural Sports 1, 2, 3, ROSELLA SKARE F. H. A. lp Mosque G Dagger 3. LOIS IEAN SMITH "Smitty" Student Store 4, Study Hall Monitor 41 Co- Op 4: Youth Fair 1, 2, 3: Assemblies 1: Mcrrionettes 1: F. H. A. 1, 2. PHILLIS SMITH nphid.. Home Room Officer 1, 2: Student Store 4, Study Hall Monitor 2, 37 Youth Fair 1, 2: Assemblies 1: Marionettes lg F. H. A. 1. CAROL RAE SODERSTROM "Sodie" Student Store 45 Co-Op 4: Youth Fair 2, 3: Marionettes 1: F. H. A. 1, 2. EVAN SPEER Bond l, 2, 3, 4, president 45 Pep Band 2, 3, 4, vice-president 3, Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 47 Band Ensembles 35 Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Music Festival 2, 3, 4, Teacher's Assistant 45 Intermural Sports 1, 2: Appinokwis 4. HUGH E. SPEER Boys' Quartette 3: Band 1, 2, 3, 47 Pep Band 2, 3, 4: Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Band Solo- ists 3, 4, Band Ensembles 2, 3, 47 Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Orchestra Soloists 3, 4, Music Festi- val 1, 2, 3, 43 Senior Play 4, Assemblies 3: lntermural Sports 3. Super Foods-Anderson Theatre Co. Page 30 IOYCE DE ETTA STANG Home Room Oiiicer 2, 3, 4: Student Store 47 Study Hall Monitor 4: Co-Op 4: Federal Way High School, Rendondo, Vtlashinqton l. CAROL I . STEINMETZER Bremerton High School, Bremerton, Wash- ington 1, 2. RUSSELL STRODTBECK Sub--sonic Club 47 Bellingham, Washington 1. BERT SUCKOW Ronan, Montana 1, 25 F. F. A. 3, 41 Youth Fair 1, 2, Band 3. GERALDINE SUND :rGerrY:: Chorus 1, 2, president 1, 2: Choir 3, 4, secretary 3, 45 Music Festival 2, 3: Home Room Otiicer 1, 2: Student Store 4: Annual 45 Ushers 2, 3, 4, president 47 Flaq Twirlers 4, secretary 4, Pep Club 2, 3, 41 Prom 3: Senior Play 41 Assemblies 1, 3, Marionettes 1: G. A. A. 1. ROBERT SWEENEY ..Bob.. Home Room Oiiicer 4: Boys' State 3, All- School Play 3, Assemblies 4, Ski Club 3, 41 Football reserves 35 Softball 1, Z: Inter- mural Sports l, 2, 3, Track 1, 4, Key Club 4. EDNA SYKES "Sikie" Triple Trio 3, 4: Chorus l, 2: Choir 3, 45 Music Festival l, 2, 3, 4: Student Store 4, Youth Fair 41 Assemblies 3: Science Club 35 F. H. A. l, 2, 31 G. A. A. 1, 2. 3. AGNES THIBERT :1Aqgie1: Student Store 3, 45 Co-Op 4: Youth Fair 37 Prom 3: G. A. A. 2. Hollingsworth Electric Page 31 IEANNE THOE npinky.. G. A. A. 4: Pontiac, Michigan 1: Hill City Min- nesota 2, 3. ELIZABETH THOMPSON nllizzyn Chorus 2: Music Festival 2: Student Council 2, 3: Home Room Officer I, 3, 4: Youth Fair 1, 2, 3: Annual 4: Arrow reporter 3, 4: Pep Club 3, 4: Ball 4: Assemblies 3, 4: Science Club 3, 4: G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, vice-president 3, 4, Play Day 3, 4. EILEEN D. TOOLEY "Tooley" Choir 3: Student Council l: Home Room Officer 3: Student Store 4: Study Hall Monitor 4: Youth Fair l, 2, 3: Annual 4: Arrow 3, 4: Flaq Twirlers 4, head twirler, president 4: Pep Club 3, 4, secre- tary 4: Prom 3: Ball 4: Arrow Ball 2, 3: Senior Play 4: Assesmblies 1, 3: Marionettes 1, 2: G. A. A. 1, 2, 4. WILLIAM TRANKLE ..Biu.. Student Store 4: Co-Op 4: "Passing Parade" 2: Intermural Sports 2. PAUL R. TUTVEDT Student Council 4: Home Room Officer 2: Broad- casts 1, 3, 4: Assemblies 1, 2, 4: Ski Club 3, 4: P. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, secretary 4: Intermural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4: Softball 1, 2, 3, 4: Kansas City F. P. A. trip 4: Key Club 4. I AMES VANDEN BOS ul-ixnu Assemblies 1: Baseball l. QUENTIN VITT W Broadcasts 4: Assemblies l, 2: F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4. DOROTHY VERDEEN WAGNER "Dotty" Cardston, Alberta, Canada 1, 2: Columbia Falls, Montana 3. Kalispell Lumber Co. Page 32 IAMES WALTER nlinlu Boys' State 3: Pep Club 4: Football reserves 3: Intermural Sports 2, 3: Softball 1, 2, 3: Track 3, 4. GLEN WATTERS U. S. Army 1948 49. LELAND WEIGUM nlaeeu Student Store 4: Co-Op 4: Softball 3: lntermural Sports 1, 2: Track l. . , BARBARA WEIKERT "Barb" Concert Band 3: Orchestra 3, 4: Music Pesti- val 3, 4: Library 3: Annual 4: Science Club 3, 4: Spanish Club 3, 4: Masque 6: Dag- qer 3. FI.OYD WELTY . Student Store 4: lntermural Sports 3. MARIE WIDDOVVSON Choir 3, 4: Music Festival 3, 4: Class Treas- urer 4: Home Room Officer 2, 3, 4: Ball 4: Senior Play 4: Science Club l, 2, 3: F.l-LA. 4. AVIS WOLLAN Student Council 4: Office 4: Student Store 3, 4: Co'Op 4: Youth Fair 3: Assemblies 3: F. H. A. 3. I.loyd's Radiator Shop-Electril: Maid Bakery Flathead Motel-Iacobson's Foods Page 33 ii i,a.,t,,,3 , 7f':MfW'2 ,W '.,hwj,1'Vn,,, X . ' , .. .,,, . ,QW ,ff X NGN XXX X- X X XX ' S X . X .-X XX XQX- , X,XqXwXXXvX- XX XXX XX A X .X-XX,-ifX.m - 5. . Xxx X Q X Q X xx X .,,5,s:,.Q gg- ., K QXQQ X QNX xx X X XX Ali SX NX Q "7""Tl K X 'NS s WW' i X X X S . XX, V5 S EN Q 5 ' X2 Xe: -Nr if X X .x x 'if S e i Jr X. Ss k X wi- X-.1 e - X- I History of Class of '49 lf this book had been published four years ago and predictions for the success of future classes had bee11 made, no o11e could possibly have foreseen all the distinctions which have been garnered by the students of the class of '49. I11 September of 1945, a newrflock of Flat- headites were admitted to the fold. They chose Joe Bekkedal, president, Jim Hutcheson, vice president, and Beryl Hand- ford, secretary. After these officers were in- stalled, plans were immediately formulated for the Youth Fair which was held October 5. Barbara Beeman was chosen' as the Fresh candidate for queen, and although she didn't win, she was not very far behind. Joe Bekkedal was forced to leave school due to illness and Jim Hutcheson replaced him at this helm and proceeded to lead the class to greater heights. Dramatic talents of the class were presented in their assembly which was given April 12, 1946. I11 the stella.r roles were Carol Fry, Ger- ald Robocker, Don Breimo, Gerry Sund, Mildred Vick, Horton Peckenpaugh, and Beryl Hand- ford. The high honor roll was not ever complete without a long list of Freshmen scholars. Some of those who were there for most of the year were: Roger Casterlinc, Edwin Galloway, Edith Johnston, Alice Opalka, Robert Sweeney. Lois Smith, Edith Ewing, Donna Calbick, Sue Eber- hard, Carol Flottman, Margery Foot, Delphine Hanson, Doris Heuscher, Jeannine Phillips, and Beryl Handford. They returned on September 9 of 1946, and more steadily they advanced on the second step of their journey. To lead them, they elected Bob Kirk, president, Fred Miller, vice presi- dent, and Virgil Pettinato. secretary. Few sophomores ever attended High School Vlleek which was held at Bozeman, but in 1947 that class was well represented by Alice Opalka. Edith Ewing, Margery Foot, Charles Mereord. and Edith Johnston. XVith September, came the opening of school and the beginning ofthe junior year. They were upperclassmen now, and their step was firm as they made their presence felt throughout the third step of their journey. Exercising their right to choose their officers, the juniors picked Bob Kirk for president, Lewis Keim as vice president. Beryl Handford as secretary, and Norma Jean Kinshella as treasurer. Lenore Herron represented the class as candidate for queen. In November, Don Breimo was chosen as t.he only junior member of Quill and Scroll for his journalistic efforts. February 19, 1948, brought. one of the high spots of the year in the assembly presented by the Juniors. It was a minstrel show and the stars were Bob Abbott, Ronny Lyford, Lewis Keim, Al Pierce, Fred Miller, Charles Mercord, .Bob Kirk, Jim Hutcheson, a11d Gerald Robocker who were ably assisted by renditions of various musical numbers by others of the class. Bozeman was again the site of High School NVeek, a.nd once more the 49'ers left their mark. Those who attended were Don Breimo, Joyce Logan, Mary Lou Nickels, Edith Johnston, Alice Opalka, and Beryl Handford. The National Honor Society made their bid in May for the top students of the class, and they initiated Don Breimo, Joyce Logan, Edith Jolmston, Alice Opalka, Sue Eberhard, alld Beryl Handford. Sports at last began to be crashed by the juniors, and many outstanding records were made. Jim Hutcheson, who was a. trackster in his sophomore year, tied for first at the State Track Meet in the high jump. Many junior boys also were mainstays on basketball, foot- ball, and baseball squads. Although school was dismissed in May as usual, the ambitious juniors XV0l1t into the sunnner gaining further honors. At Girls' State, Barbara Beeman, Clara Ellen Collins, Beryl Handford, Alice Opalka, and Mildred Vick represented the class. Not to be outdone, the boys went- to Boys' State. They were Verel Overton, Charles Mercord, Bob Sweeney, Jim XValter, Lewis Keim, Bob Kirk, Lauren Gran- mo, Horton Peckcnpaugh, and Charles Siderius. After thus busily spending the summer, the class returned to school to take. with bold strides, the final step of their high school jour- ney. This was really the class of 49's year, and they made the best of it. First off, they chose their officers. Bill Noble was president, Patti Bergmann, vice president, Audrey Engstrom. secretary, and Marie Vtfiddowson, treasurer. First on the agenda was the Senior play. A rollicking comedy, "Abie's Irish Rose" was chosen. It was presented on November 20 with Hacienda-Byder'l Furniture Exchange Page 35 History oi Class oi '49 Bill Noble and Sully Conklin in the lending roles. The high school career of the class of '49 is now drawing to a close. The eliniax will come with the advent of Senior Week and its feastfnl activities. Appinokwis initiation was held and Bai-bam Beeman, Lewis Keiin, Clara Ellen Collins, Seniors Not LESLIE FREDENBERG llsll ll Student Store 4: Co-Op 3. IAY GOODWIN Libby, Montana 1, 2, 3. ROBERT IAMES "Bob" Boys' Octette 4: Choir 3, 4, Student Store 4, Cc-Op 4, Pep Club 3' P 3' B11 4' A B11 3' All-Sh lPl 3' A - , rom , a , rrow a , c oo ay , ssem blies 3: Track 3, Intermural Sports 3, Football reserves 2, 35 Baseball 4. Andrey l'lngst1'o111, Doris Heuscher, Marjorie Pederson, Evan Speer, and Jeannine Phillips were chosen. Vtlith a, mixture of feelings, this class will leave, but looking into the future they can be seen striding' firmly on the paths they may choose and maintaining their abilities to gain success. Pictured BOB HAFFERMAN UB B.. Home Room Officer 1, 47 Basketball reserves 2, 3: Football 2, 37 Intermural Basketball lg Track 2. RICHARD KEMMIS Youth Fair 11 Softball 3. JAMES SMITH Assemblies 1: F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4. HAROLD VAN RIPER nvqnu Basketball varsity 2, 3, 47 Football varsity 4: Softball 1, 2: Intermural Sports 1. Senior Class Officers N STANDING! MISS FIELD, SPONSOR: BILL NOBLE, PRESIDENT: MR. SCHROETER, SPONSOR. SEATED: MARIE WIDDQWSON, TREASURERQ PATTI BERGMANN, VICE PRESIDENY: AUDREY ENGSTROM, SECRETARY. Page 36 Sandy's Sales Service-Suverud Paint Shop I I 4: m Q23 A x we - '-Nl nnnnu Q' 1 X' 5543 x mm. - fl I 1 0 A - s ,.-0 ,e wf o I , Za-Q Et.: K-Xi' Q ' . W XX 5 , MX L 'AES 5,f'2'39'?13'w-e A, ' ' xl ' 'Hin 1' w dxf f Q M V " 4 M W" vVgff 3 X y,,,,,.,,, ,gF'!1 , " , .0 V100 - n ' xi iD QlII""'f .... uf? V f I if f - W , Avica? Im C L viii ? ' hill' L wx-4 ' 11, U q 14-,wwygir : I I NXWW M A 1 ww w W wg ' U IH v I : gs. nn ,K gn . ' ' . ff ' "5 " We U . "1 ' Y I . ' 2 A J '. 5 K f . A ' 5 A ' 1 . x CLASS or 'so CLASS OFFICERS Fmsr semesnn HIGH Howon STUDENTS: sPoNsons: MR. cunlsrlsou Ama Mas. LILLIE azuzosn LADY GETS A Sl-IAYE PM FELSMAN-TREASURER cscsns mom Jumon cuss Assmsun B'-ANCHE '-ARSON-SECRETARY noN non.:-rnzsmsn-r CAR' Kms' AND CREPE PAPER PHYLLIS TREWEEK1VICE PRESIDENT Page 38 Sykes-Union Service BARBARA ADAMS JAMES AKER HAROLD AMUNDSON DORIS ILEENE ANDERSON DORIS JEAN ANDERSON SIDNEY ARONSON FAYE BAILEY FLORENCE BARON JACK BECKWITH HELEN BERNER CAROLYN BEST MARILYN BIRD DELLA BLACK JOYCE BLISS CAROL BOBERG KENNETH BONDURANT PAUL BRANUM HARRY BROWN ROBERT BULL LUANNE BURCH FRED BUTTON DUANE CALBICK MAXINE CALDBECK STEVE CARLISLE Mountain Slaies Power Co. Page 39 JEAN CARTER ROBERT CARTWRIGHT JOANN CHRISTENSEN 1 ADELLA CHRISTIANSON PHYLLIS CLARK CLIFFORD COLLINS IRMA COOK .HAZEL CRAMER LOUISE DAWSON RALPH DE LANGE LETA DICKINSON DON DOYLE LEONARD DYBING NORMA ECKELBERRY WINONA ECKELBERRY BRUCE ELLARD JOHN ENGEBRETSON LANNIE ERICKSON BETTY FELSMAN PAT FELSMAN DOROTHY FENTON WILLIAM FINE FRANK FOOT DOROTHY FRANZ Page 40 Baller-Collins Real Esiute-Dickinson's Agency--Glacier War Surplus-Kalispell Motor Supply KENNETH FRASER BEVERLY GEDDES CHARLES GESTRING ALTONA GIESE PATRICIA GILDER I VIOLA GLAZIER DONNA GUY DONNA HAINES EVA HALLAM BETTY HAMILTON HAZEL HARTMAN RACHEL HARTSOCH JAMES HARTSON DALE HARVEY HELEN HAYTON JOYCE HEGGEN PEGGY HEINDEL LA DONNA HIEB PAULINE HOVEY EILEEN JACOBSON JAMES JACOBSON SHIRLEY JAMES ROBERT JASKEN ARLETTA JOHNSON Larson Implement Co. Pqgg 41 Page 42 ' Gamble Sion BETTY JOHNSON DONALD JOHNSON MYRON JOHNSON VERA JONES ROSELLA KAUFFMAN NANCY KAUS RONALD KIRKPATRICK AL LAND ANGELINE KUNDA BLANC HE LARSON ELAINE LA VALLEY ARLETA LEAC H ALVENA LEUBNER VELMA LEWIS LEE LINDSEI' ANDRE LIPPENS MARILYN MCCONNELL GRACE MCDONALD JOYCE MCKELLAR BEVERLEE MCNAMARA FHYLLIS MAIN MARJORIE MENDEL MARIAN NA ME RRITT NETTIE MILLER CHARLES MILLSPAUGH BONNIE MINTHORN LOIS MITTON ROBERT MOORE ROLENE MORGENSTERN WAYNE MUMMERT MARSHALL MURRAY JEAN NAUMANN FAYE NEAS DONNA RAE NORVELL MARY LOU O'FALLON COLLEEN OLSON ETHEL OLSON GERALD OLSON ALVA OSTROM BARBARA OWEN MARVIN PALMER GERALDINE PARKER JOANNE PATNEAUDE BETTY PATTERSON CLYDE PEDERSON EUGENE PETERSON CHARLES PHILLIPS NANCY PIERSON O1son's Barber Shop Pqgg Q3 ST Page 44 0'Neill Mcnuiacluring Corporation DELORES PILON EDITH PRICE MARTIN RADABAH FRANCES REDMAN PAT REDFIELD BILL REDMOND GARY REESE CHARLES REMICK JACKIE RICE MARGARET RICE BETTY RICHEY VIRGINIA RICHMOND DUANE ROBERTS RONALD ROGERS LA DONNA ROGNLI E BARBARA ROLL HORACE SANDERS ROY SATHER PHYLLIS SEEK SHARIE SEEKINS GLENMAR SI EVERS FERN SKIFTUN MARION SMITH JOAN SNYDER , L 1 DARLENE STAHLBERG JOHN STOCKWELL REVA STRATTON FLORINE SU NDELIUS JAMES SUTTON DAISY THOMAS EUGENE THOMPSON HELEN THOMPSON FHYLLIS TREWEEK JOHN VAN ' ARTHUR WEAVER DELPHINE WEIGUM IRENE WELTY IRVIN WELTY ELGIN WHEELER VERNON WHITE JOHN WHEELER KENNETH WILSON NANCY WILSON BETTY WINDIATE MARGARET WITTLAKE BOB WOLFE ROBERT WYMAN Mille:-Ford Co. Page 45 k X K N Nw s 33' X X X XM Q H W xx + x X Q N, X XNQ S Q x 5 Q 5 - x t. A , .wi A Q5 'FQ . 5:5 - Q '55 ' xx, x ix X .:. VM X . X X Q x .N M -Ax . . -xi M SX 3 f r M x .i , h K X NX X . a 1 s W., ""3l!'R' x 3 - - mgxifs E 552 it X K -we . gX --.. . .WM .N X .. 0. f gs- 115- x X Q W ,: 9-NIS,s,Z-,- 5 Qwmwsi sif qwwww wx ,,-v U.. x Y' 5 k x 4 X K S1 X xx... 1, A Q Q Q J XX as Q X Qi ' xv . N v "Ng xx. - X A ,Xu U 'AQ1 , f ' X X fy -"""' Xl, X- f'f7lfe,.A V? X ffjf . X ii if ii ' XX-TE fs Q , I H---- lm- , . . 222 --3 jnuuuxlun n ' S :ny l mv-X . 'I ff4y,- X- 1 tc 4 x V QL,J?j , ixlifsesglgsg ' , S ' + If .ll , f 9 , , , -S9 Q-ffwaafwz MIM I J 45- gg f . 5 v I u N N - - 1'.L--...I , X 1 f WW ' ' 1 V! A ', 'lf 'X P L p vxlgllfllillliyimx V K - 'Z 'V ' - L, ' 'I A 'Q N " 1, 0 XZ 'V Q N X D, ' I . O F - C , ff" ' Q ew: H osx Ge b, QLSQD zmmln XX www. .5 X rv X I L- 1 1 vi' s .0 ,A I P, 0 ,gin SQW W b fi SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS somomous D9 THHR 'ART TOM LITTLE. PRESIDENT RETA MCCONNELL, szcnennv CROWUED CUNNTWN I5 'UGHT5 MR. OLSON. MISS HORTON, SPONSORS O RAA Ll rmsr Ssmssvsn mon uonon nol.L: QYSZJNSLQVENZ,'vf::f,5:,'::,,,, ws ALL IN 'rue SPEECH counsi Page 48 Waggener 6. Campbell Funeral Hume-Wheelex-'s Ieweh-y Store SADIE AMUNDSON, EARL ARMSTRONG, FERN ARNOLD, DOLLY AYERS. GLENNA LEE BEAR, KATHRYN BIERY LESTER BLACK, DOROTHY BLOOM, HARRIET BOLME, MAYNARD BOLSTER, FLOR- ENCE BONDESON, FAY BOOTH OYSTEIN BOVENG, JOYCE BROOKS, BIRDENNA BRUNNER, LA VERNE BRUYER. FRANCES BUCK, JACK BUCK VERNA BUCK, DOLORES CARPENTER, CATHA- RINE CARRUTHERS, LEE CHAPIN, LAURA CHRISTENSEN, MARGENE CHRISTOPER RITA CLARK, SHIRLEY CLOUD, HARVEY CLOUSE. MARVIN COMB5. LOUISE COOPER, LELAND CORKRAN BONNIE COX, MARGARET DEGLOW, FLOR- ENCE DIGIOVANNI, DON DUNHAM, JIMMY DURADO. MARALYN EAYRS BILL EMMERT. KATHRYN ERICKSON. DELORES FARRIS, MAHLON FEHLBERG, HENRY FICKEN, DONNA FLYNN THERESA FRANZ, ELLIS FRENCH. BRADFORD GESTRING, DALE GILBERTSON, HAROLD GILBERTSON. TOM GOLDIZEN JOAN GONSIOR. ROGER GORDON- DONNA GROSSWILER, FRANK HAGEL- JO ANN HANSON. LE ROY HANSON DELORES HARDING. EMERAL HAUG. BEVERLY HAUGE, ELEANOR HAWKINS, BERNA- DINE HEALY, JOHN HEALY Kalispell Mercantile Company Page 49 X 'fis- Q' - 125' 5 B I X Y X s , i QA N N. i I A 1 sf rg-1 i 5 Lei-sii 'J X f A X . gx i- if K 6 S? x . Qijg C w W -: .515 . 56 A-wig x X S Q ,IN4 ' il I Q - 1 ,fx ' Fifi? NSY X X Ss XX A . ss PX xl, N A S ARES? A XNXX -EQ1 ss XX A 5 Q .i A , QV N , Qs I XX X X A X A : E. .r Q5 gg ww. Q X EN X mxf XX X? 5 ASQ S gs B A I KX mf S- - QR A XX A X 1 N xx 3 Y X X N Q . W Q X A- v -- ...XY A .Qnw X xxx?- 5 XS 2 HNF X Ss XXX xv' A 'Q' if 3 -J 5 ,S 11 Vyfy i 1' - ff iff 0 , ,ww Y I LN wi ,gy I 77 I 1:5131 V M , , , " " 452 1 I 222 3 I f ., , X. I - .X 1:5 I i' 1. .9 A mf . -vm S WiAAfl5 . si' ' ,tru s . . .- ' -, T .S - H .. .. .A .. -- .-V.,-1... AXA X X S K K . X .NM . . I W1 5 A X' . . 5 9 ' A i. , . . : N QTQXYNSQ XS A .K X. . K fi Nw? x RHI". ' X , X xx 511- A. A gi, Q3 .iS"'fL. - -yi.-yvvlff ii' 'Q .- ,-1 s -- f 51- . . X -jszg: . f fi Q. S gt 4,-33 8 , 'P I 'gi Sa S. - , . N953 - A 4. S .sr i S . . A w.. S K. .f . A HELEN HELLMAN, FIIILLIP HELLMAN, DONALD HENKEL, JACK HERRON, KAY IIERRON, DONALD HILL DOLORES IIISSONG, CORRINE IIODGSON. DICK HODGSON, ROBBIN IIOIJGH, BARBARA ANN JACKSON, ELAINE JACOISON PATRICIA JENNINGS, JEANINE JENSEN. RUTH JOHNSTON, ROBERTA JONES, CLARISE JORGENSON, CHARLENE KEIM MARY KEITH, BETTY KELLER, PATRICIA KELLEY. SHIRLEY KEMMIS, MARJORIE KEMNA, DONNA KINNEY JOANN KINSIIELLA, NANCY KINSHELLA, JOYCE KIRK, SALLY KIRKPATRICK, JAMES KORN, ELIZABETH KIJNDA ARLEEN LARSON, JUNE LEIGHTY. CARL LEYITT, ARDITII LINRUDE, GENE LIND- GREN, WILLIAM LINDSTROM DON LIPPER, TOMMY LITTLE, DONLEY LOF- GREN, JAMES LYONAIS, JANICE LYONAIS, GLADYCE MACMILLAN PAULA MACNIILLAN, ROBERT MCATEE, AR- LENE MCCARTNEY, GORDIAN MCCARTNEY, CLEONA MCCLELLAND, RETA MCCONNELL RUTH MCCONNELL, PATRICIA MCCULLOCH, PEGGY MCDONALD, NANCY MCGLENN, NANCY MCLAUGHLIN, JOYCE MCNEII. WILLARD MCPHEETERS,HARRIET MACDONALD, YIOLET MAIER, MONA MARQIJARDT, ANN MARTINSON, WINSTON MEBUST Andersorfs Style Shop Page 50 MacMillan Drug MILDRED MENDEL, LEWIS MICKELSON, DON MILLIIOUSE, SIIIRLEY MOELLER, CAROLYN MOIIN, GLEN MOORE HARRY MOORE, PATRICIA MORTON, YILA MUMMERT, CAROL MURRAY. ELSIE RAE MUSSELMAN, JEANINE MYERS LAVERN NELSON, MARILYN NORDQUIST, PATRICIA NORDTOME. ARTIIUR OLSON BERNICE OLSON, GEORGE OLSON LILLIAN OLSON, TOM O'NEIL, PEARL OPALKA, BEVERLY PARKER, JESSIE BELLE PASSMORE, EARL PATTERSON VIRGIL PAULLIN, EUNICE PECKENPAUGN, BETTY PEEBLER, GLADYS PERSON, JACKLYN PETERSON, JOYCE PINZ ARLENE POULSON. ALTA PRESTBYE, GARY QUALLS, RALPH RIDDLE, GLENN RIDGEWAY. ROBERT ROBBIN MARGARET ROBERTSON, ELLEN ROGNLIE, ELLEN ROOT, BETTY ROSS, JOYCE ROSS, GENE RUBY HENRY RUHNKE, CLAUDIA SAND. BETTY SANDERS. GLORIA SCHLEGEL1 PAT SCIIUMACIIER, KARLA SEARLE JAMES SEEK. KENNETH SIDERIUS. MARIANNA SIEGEL, PAULINE SMITH. GARY SPARKS, YYONNE STAHLBERG LILA STAUDACIIER, AGNES STENBERG, CAROL STENBERG, GLEN STEVENS, BOB STORAASLI. JEAN STORM Paulson Electric Bobbin 6 Bobbin Page 5l X Xi 1 K. f . A -QQ--I Xg sei ip - S X .. .Q-S -FXSPES X' - :if-xiii-ii I 5 - X X .. X ' X955 -sg-X1 zigww -: ESRI fi X ' - X A ' 1 i x LQN X X XXXX X 1 Q N X +5 XX I X . A X X XS X I Xg X N XX A X X 5 X X X S A 1 Q4 ' Fi i 3 WN' -Xiefi i . 1? W A . iv . SXX X-XX: VN . 'Q' I X . 25 ': 2 'F X i w X:-ir. S- 43 XX X - . -.AX5X5X.3.3 , . ,, . . K x , "WH X--'Qin Q - in s QQ QXXXN 'N Q g, .. S zk - 5. R Nw Q Q ii X3 , 3 X FF' N RSX . .- X - XS X X1 X S x, -Q JVY it X L. - X X XXX X X5 SX X Y X Sgwkff- 'i Xxx ig A'XX f ,k r 55.1 -I 2 YQ X XX SX X . - S51 hi if IJ? X N6 . wk .-L ra'- N we ROBIN STREET, MARY SWENSON, LEON SYTH, ADELAIDE SZYMANOWSKI. JOHN THOI., PATSY THOMAS ANN THOMSON, TOM THORESON, EDGAR TRIPPET, CATHERINE VALISON. BARBARA VAN ALSTINE, DANIEL WACHSMUTH CHARLES WARD, ROBERT WAUGH, EUNICE WEIGUM, DEAN WEIKERT. FRED WILKEN. VIVIAN WILKEN :umm Mn wlLsoN, asokcs WILSON. Manu wuss. mu. womre. :mu VIOLLAN, noun woouuoee JOHN ZAUNER Page 52 Kalispell News-I-'erqusson Shoe Store-Kalispell Laundry 6 Dry Cleaners -- X s.. S , I+ W . XM Q SZ 5 . N Q . g ,-4 s. ' I X X X . . . xx W!! 1 :,,-' H7 Y -H 'mf if ,f ' f f f -'f'-W1 . - ' ,J V, - lg ' 1 if ,fn ' I 7! 1 . , fu fi, ' If X A I , ,. U, .'A, A,M. ,J X F!! '45fZZ4'fLH'1?1flf7lWHWIWYIMKMKZZZWQWZK'ZY4lffl WllQ , , A f747!ff ,Q . .f , , 1 V , . ' , . 11,41 ff . "., ' . ,f 4 .f X45 v: - ff, V iff' .!? f z . . . . 2' ,kr ' L 1 X X 5 X. . ,e..Q,CWN 5-.go ,nf f 1 JL 1' X 1 W V6 f QM y 'A NF YE 1 ff Z Z ff fp I ' v f, ff xf If MZ! f ,WX 4 lg f 4 , ff 7 2 E X f I ' .1 'f I ' 6 5 " A 4 f ff f 1 I f f, f fy 37 , fi 0, ,Z f A, , E7 Wfiffy ff X .422 C f fa ,f f I7 ff f ff 'Q ff 'X fl ' "f 7 6 'f 4 '7' L fy 6 V 'Z i Z 1 ij f f X p f ,Z 6 if f, Al? 15,7 Q 5 ff X ff'f 'ff Z if Z we 4 n' ff If rf ': 'r , V PJ' LA .Z Z f M 4 K 'WX 5 5 f A og M ff '4 , , 5' A " Q5 Q ki Q f if " X V 7 ,. . M5 ! 2 nw' x .us I qrmfaii M0333 I I SALES if? FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS STANDING: Mass nossns. sronsong KENNETH surnam- LAND, vncsvnesnmm Rossmnv AKER, seen:-mm MR, YLINEN, srouson. GREENIES PLAN HMG TIMEH SEATED: GARY JYSTAD, rnlslunn. FROSH DRIVERS' TRAINING FRESHMAN HIGH HONOR ROLL: Page 54 Electric Construction and Engineering Co.-Northside Grocery and Market I J, I LILA ANN AABERGE, JAMES ABBOTT, SHIRLEY ADAMS, ROSEMARY AKER, DARREL ALBERT, DAVID ANDERSON LEWIS ANDERSON, MARIE ANDERSON, RA- CHEL ANDERSON, NOEL ARONSON, FRANCIS ASBRIDGE, GARY BADEN RONALD BAIDSKA, DELORES BEAVER, DELORES BELLMORE, JOY BEST, GARRY BISH, ROBERT BLAKE DONALD BLASDEL, BARBARA BLISS, LARRY BLUMMER, COLEEN BODING, MILDRED BOOTH, DOROTHY BOSTIC DONNA BROWN, GERALDINE BRUNO, JOSE- PHINE BRUYER, PHYLLIS BUCK, LUCILLE A BURNELL, EUGENE BURNS LOIS BYRNE, DIANNE CALBICK- DONALD CARIE, KENNETH CAVE, MYRON CHASE, SHIRLEY CHRISINGER CHARLES CLAPPER, EUGENE CLARA, THALLIS CLARE, GERENE CLARK, PATRICIA CLARK, DELORES COLE DONALD CRAIL. JAMES CROSS. FRED CROUSE, BILLY CYR, LESTER DE LANGE. WILLIAM DICKINSON LOUISE DONALDSON. IRENE DONNER, EVELYN DRAKE, CAROL DUNHAM. INA DYE, SHIRLEY DYER ANN DYGERT. MARY DZIVI, HELEN EDLAND, DOUGLAS EGAN, DARLENE EHERT, SHIRLEY EMMERT Flathead Motor Sales Company Page 55 . :ff 1 x y., QA SSX . 5 - A i N 2' A AS-SP tiff A -Q-kxfii K - QM. N X .WS . MSM - E SYXS A X A K :mis Q- M i N ' R I ' A . ,XX X X X XS xxx X Q X , N X K .. R5 K i I, I Q "LQ Q 5. :gm M E5 X: wx Q 6 xx y 5 ' I Q35 A T Q sf 5 - ' - ' S 3 wi Nx R' fx I ,X AAIA I5 AY R 'RF' J . saw? YQ? A A s. A gf . .E . S-'SIX X Vis.-1 N R ,V . fg. . an - X R i in QS, S. I :5 ' .S 3' 1 x f' f' m X Ri . I "K" ' S W A - A 4.1gI A ggi' . R K - I , vt .N is-.it .lv sa' I . 5 iffff 3 .1 S,-ff' 5 I ' 9 Ifqkif F' L I I N Q U Tff-5 ff? xp :K '- lv r A ggi . I , X Q ........I- A f -.QS .- 5 --fs: S Ss A , I I xm-h i f . . X' 26 R .qgx-A .Y 5- K5 Q -V SQA? X: I. fs! .X 1 A LX ' X X I I , Q Xxx X Sk Q X X X N xx X25 x XQSN X NSY X A . 1: ,X . 'N XX X S X 4 Q f X XLS mg-x:1N ' SS - N1-X swrx N. ix QFRQS : Q ff. Q- -9 gk:- K Im wi: .w w +- G. T1 xx I, 5 ' 5 K -w TI v wx wslwrf I g Q X lf! 2 A E X53 xQXgi E X . ' -XS Q DARLENE ENGER, BEVERLY ERICKSON, DON- ALD FAGERLAND, CARRIE FERGUSON, SYDNE FERREE, PHYLLIS FOLDEN OREN FORD, DELORES FOSS, WALLACE FOWLER, RUTH FRANZ, LEE ANN FRAN- ZEN, PHYLLIS FREDRICKSON NAOMI GAFFANEY, LEON GARDING, MAT- THIAS GARDING, YVONNE GEDDES, GERAL- DINE GILDERTSON, HAROLD GILLET FRANCES GOHN, GRACE GOODWIN, JACQUE- LINE GOULD, LAURA GRECO, RITA HALSETH, BETTY JO HANSES LOREN HANSON, WILLIAM HANSON, JAMES HARDER, KOTA HARTSOCH, RENEE HATTON, GLENN HAYEN BERYL HEGGEN, DONALD HELLMAN, DAVID HENNESSY, JOAN HERBALD, JUNE HEUSCHER, DONALD HINES NONA HOCHSTETLER, RONALD HOILAND, DONALD HOWARD, MIKE HOUSTON, BILL IIENTHAL, DOROTHY IVERSON BEVERLY JACOBSON, JEAN JACKSON, COVETA JAMES, JANICE JAMES, JIM JENSEN, RONALD JOHNS DIANA JOHNSON, FRANCILLE JOHNSON, GER- ALD JOHNSON, RODNEY JOHNSON, YVONNE JOHNSON, MARJORIE JOHNSTON BONNIE JONES, RAY JONES, YVONNE JONES, MARILYN JORGENSON, GEORGE KAHN, GLADYS KAUFFMAN Page 56 Johns' Buick JAY KILPATRICK. ANONA KIMES. RUTH KIN- NIBURGH, ARLENE KINSHELLA. BETTY KJOS. JANE KJOS RICHARD KNOX. PAUL KRAFTVZELDA KRUE- GER, FREDERICK LEACH. LOLA ' LEVITT, IRA LEWIS POLLY LINDGREN. MARGARET LOVEALL, CAROL LUKE, HELEN LUNDE. CONNIE- MCCOWN, BARBARA MCCULLOCH BEVERLY MCDONALD, FRANCIS MCELROY, KAY MCGLENN, ROGER MCPIIEETERS. RAY MANAGHAN, WILSON MANAGHAN MARLENE MANNING, JOANNE MARTINSON.. LOBERTA MAY, VIRGINIA MEEKS. LAWRENCE MELBY. ELEANOR MELLUM ROGER MELLUMQ PATTV MELTON. EWING MICKEN. BETTY MICHELS. JOANNE MILLER. NETA MINTHORN ELEANOR MORIN, LOYAL MURER. ELIZABETH NAUMANN. PATRICIA NELSON. RUSSELL NELSON. ARDEN OLSON DARLENE OLSON. DAVID OURSLAND, RONALD OVERBY. GAYLON OWEN. FERN PAINE, GILBERT PASSMORE JEAN PICKENS. DOREEN POUND. JEANNETTE PRICE, DOROTHY REDFIELD, JENETTE REDMAN. HELEN RHODES ARNOLD RIEBE. MAUREEN RILEY, GORDON ROGNLIEN, VIOLET ROLL. MARJORIE ROWE. DERALD RUNDQUIST Iuckson's Machine Shop A1's I-'ood Shop-Tip Top Cafe Page 57 iii H Gi Xxx ' 'vw 11s. Rfk- .Iw .A I Q www ENN , I xfxvggx Xx - X X X NX iifiififi w tm ,EIA Sie . ,. SQ-ix :SQ X I Q . iii-R5 A I :xv - Q fax ' X A wwf- . -N Q1 Q xx gg? Y ig, : L IS - Q + S A 5 x . A -- X S gy QA ,, Ni 2. X - 5. ELYA RUNDQUIST, JEROME SAND, ROSEMARIE SCHIKORA, SHIRLEY SCHLENZ, KIRK SEEKINS. GERALDINE SHAW ROY SIKES, MARY ANNE SISTOK, JOE SLITER, JOYCE SNOOK, GENEVA SONSTELIE, BARBARA SPAFFORD JEANETTE SPEER, JOANN STEIN, PATRICIA STOCKWELL, DUANE STOKES, DALE STORAASLI, JAMES STRODTBECK YVONNE STRUBLE, LONA SUNDBY, WALTIR SUNDELIUS, KINNITH SUTHIRLAHD, IONNII SWANIERGI MARCILLA THIIIRT CHRISTINE THOMPSON, DONNA TORDERT, SYLYIA TOTH, MARJORIE TRIPLETT, PATRI- CIA UFFORD, JAMES ULRICH DAVID YANDEN BOS, SHIRLEY WHEELER, LOUISE WILHELM, LUCILLE WILHELM, PATSY WILLIAMS, JONE WILLIS BRUCE WILSON, DICK WILSON, MARTHA WILSON. EDNA WINDIATE, ILENE WOODBRIDGE, JAMES WRIGHT MARY JANE WRIGHT, DOROTHY WUNDER- LICH, MADELINE YOUNG Page 58 O K Rubber Welders fD1ck Sirublej Propane Gas Company SIewarI's Siandatd Service-The Hu! .33 - ' M atm QaQS ...i--u 'iw-5 5 .5155 . , ix I . f s :-57 . 5 K: lf? X I I NVQ , W' F CRX ! 9 Q K R ' J 12 ' Q 11 4' - agxfx 2 Q7 'lm' If I " , Y fyfrrxx J"E"v 'Z' st-1. U X- X - 1 xx f 3 ,X ff bx X Q 'EF-"su W v.3 1: M2 E' Q Wag' .. , A 5 I . gl V14 Q I B' . I 6 , , X f , fb X 5-'TJ - X- Y lg X XXXNQ , ,g., XXXX X X X4 N -XS EX X iixi-iixzqasxsisisiww-:SX .x . H TF X Q, ' X Hifi? K X .. 'X 'E N . XXX - V. Xgx i eisi LX -' . - l . .XL X R X K M X-X f . X .X : .XX XX gwbgskff SX X k X X X X' .X-X XR . X X X . X X K X K A N X Q wtsfw -1ifX:.X-A-XXX: ,X if--QEXQ-gags pfgixs 5 Xggxf 1s . .Xu N ig . 1:mxfgXXQXl::-g.:fSififfgiragfis Qifrs-fXSXkf11ifiX' X.XXX.XXx. .XX. XX X XX X 4 X X. X .X X .X . .. Lexx. 5 E Z5 e I 1 5 Xi Sy Nt B x L X A K X2 Q-A' I X X . F XX X S m A X . X K ..XX.XQm. . X If . - -XX E- .I:X x f f nf EL f1X X: XX ,Xi .- SX wi X XXX-XXX X1-A -x . X 1 ' TA ff-swf iii rf if 'K Xx XX . 2. fwf Xg XX X X X X Nw . SX N X X b x YY Q SN X., X 'SSN1,, XX XXQXR. X Q X X X erwff- ri kmifs - -XX . X . XXX M X.-Xil'1.X9XX. K XXX- 1 IQ XHHFXFE-SB 31- X . X x gi X W X ,X X, S ENWXWX- . X X X .XXX. Y 5 ' X X ' X 52:35 X if R as XE-N X5 K Wx " f. X 'QNQN ,- V 'XX-.-. -f X S k' f' XX- -X X..X- . X.-- . XXXQXXHN XQYNE vi -.Sir NXTW ' Xxixrs x wi X in X X X X X Yum X ix- 'Ei XX X ' XX X L gi S X XX ,FX : -'Aff A ' X 1 . '::f, f A L N,X.:.- ..k2. -..X. X X X X xs1xgci:w.:f1.1 Q x X F MILLER, B B. ERICKSON. G C. PHILLIPS, T R. ROGERS MGR "GOOD FOR A GAIN" U Ancient Foes Lose Scalp XYith two straight sealps hanging from the Braves' warbelts. they met their aneient areh-rivals, the Whitefish Bulldogs, in the northern eity October 23. After a slow start, the Braves gradually found the pay dirt and proved too mueh offensively and defensively. The Whitefish erew was sealped 31-0. Braves Win Thriller After sealping the Copperheads and Bulldogs. the Bravestsharpened their t0Ill21ll2lXVliS for the Bengals from llelena. The invading Bengals met the determined warparty of Braves on the Flathead gridiron Oetoher 29, and found the Braves in a scalping mood. The Braves lifted the Bengals' pelts in a thrilling last quarter drive, 13-12. Deception, in the form of trieliy warfare, gave the llraves a hard earned victory. Breaks Give Spartans Decision liady liuek played a disastrous role November 5 at Missoula when the determined Braves ran up. against the Spartans and the breaks. The Braves found Dornblaser field to their liking as they constantly reeled off yardage on deceptive plays but the Spartans held the tricks up their sleeves and pulled them at opportune moments to steal the ball tsviee from the Braves and raee for pay dirt. Braves found the range and seored in the third period and threatened throughout. Missoula seored once more on a pass in the final period to give them a 21-7 deeision. Page S2 Egan Metal Products .gXX s : . X YNYWX- 1. W K K . SF Xwwf Swsgg ..X.-X.XX. x XXQXQXXSX X X ., i 'ffrff . Q X NXQEXSX SSX . SE: azX'X.a.gw?Q?1XX:-X . XL gf XXSXX.:X- SX :SXXX Q .SX X1 Q. 'N- Xr.,.f - N XF - i X iQ??:1i?fF'f i.2 :X .X. X .XX XX...X XXXSSSXX-XXXSXWXSS 'VNSXQQXQYQS XSXXXXXQXXQQXX XXXXXXXXSXXXXXXXX XXX.XXswX.XXX-XXXXFX X-XE XXX-wgXgXXiXQrX XXXXXSXXXX .X. S. , X X.3.gzXe: X: SS1- vii-X'bbX2XXXffi2:Xs 1. .XXqX::Q::gzs.fz -X-X:-XX. KXXfXXfE XfXfiXF-ESX . XXX-XXXX QL X.X X.XXXXX . XXX-. - - - X:sXXXXXSiXXff-ffX:.X YS YSXXYXFFV .5 ess-XX.XXXXXX .L X X X -XX-X-XX XX X. .... .... . W X X -X XXX X. . NX X .XX mg K . .sry .5 .hx ss: ..-.. -.X X. -iFkX'-2X5XfX9Y- 'TXXY XSSi5:5P5f?if'XXXFXS-XXSWX .X XX.. XX Q S if' xx X X X X S X X XXX. ...- .X.fXg.X-s.X.Xr . . -- X X XX X X X X X k - X.. .. X is xx X XX X XXXXXX q.XXi:XXXXigXW.5ig.:if., ' ' i s Q-l3X ' . fi" 'S XQXXXX XXXXXEEX EXIF? Q... X.. XXXXXXNNXXX X X X . X. .K .X x X5 XEXXIXX :.X. X X- - X .... ,SXXXX-XX XX .X X. X XQ SEXSX1. :Xi -1-sX.XsfiXXXfiX X.-X-rtfiiikii . .. .. .XXX X, - .- X. 1.X. .. . S S X . XM . SX NK XXX R X 5-iii X i.:.bq1T-Xtxgfzzle l Xen kli?.'Ef?'g5i5X X X K' X i a':f-rs X :r-1.23 ::..,..X .1 ,:.,Xg. RX., X.. F ' XX 553.5515 ' . gi N Q fs XXQXESX X X X X.X. X -Xl x . .W g I " F MILLER, B B. ERICKSON. G C. PHILLIPS, T R. ROGERS MGR "GOOD FOR A GAIN" Ancient Foes Lose Scalp XVith two straight sealps hanging from the Braves' warbelts, t.hey met their ancient areh-rivals, the Whitefish Bulldogs. in the northern city October 23. After a slow start, the Braves gradually found the pay dirt and proved too niueh offensively and defensively. The Whitefish crew was scalped 31-0. Braves Win Thriller After sealping the Copperheads and Bulldogs. the Braves sharpened their toinahawks for the Bengals from Helena. The invading Bengals inet the determined warparty of Braves o11 the Flathead gridiron October 29, and found the Braves in a scalping mood. The Braves lifted the Bengals' pelts in a thrilling last quarter drive, 13-12. Deception, in the f'orn1 of tricky warfare, gave the Braves a hard earned victory. Breaks Give Spartans Decision liady Luck played a disastrous role November 5 at Missoula when the determined Braves ran up against the Spartans and the breaks. The Braves found Dornblaser field to their liking as they constantly reeled oft yardage on deceptive plays hut the Spartans held the tricks up their sleeves and pulled them at opportune moments to steal the ball twice from the Braves and race for pay dirt. Braves found the range and scored in the third period and threatened th1'oughout. Missoula scored once more on a pass in the final period to give thein a 21-T decision. Page 62 Egan Metal Products "WHERE THE TEAM IS MADE - PRACTICE" HBRAVES ON THE WARPATH' Rogers' Tigers Claw Braves Coming back after a slow first half the Flathead Braves crossed the goal stripe thrice in the last half, but their efforts fell short of the desired goal as the visiting John Rogers prepsters from Spokane, Washington had demonstrated a superior attack from the "T" to roll up a four touchdown lead before the Braves could score. The final score of the Braves' closing game played on t.he Flathead gridiron Armistice Day was 20-26 in a touchdown happy fracas. Looking Back at A Successful Season Coach Frank Litt'le's Braves came from nothing to perhaps not the top in percentage records, but in the minds of those at Flathead, the Braxes came a long way. Their record indicates a strong determined Brave pigskin squad that fought to the limit to gain success. Coach l1ittle's capable tutelage paid off in three sealps and some outstanding ball games. The Great Falls, Missoula, and John Rogers games could well have gone in the Braves' favor if they had another chance. Little molded a great team which had some outstanding players. Al Pierce, versatile quarterback, Tom liittle, powerful fullback, Vern Bunyea, aggressive tackle, and Fred Lehman, rugged center, gained high all-state positions 011 the mythical all-state squads. IrvinlNVelty, Jim I-Iuteheson, Bob Adams. Marshall Murray, and Francis Graham, received honorable mention in all-state polling. ' All in all this year's rugged Braves climbed to a contending position on the rungs of Montana 's football ladder. First National Bunk Page S3 "FIGHTING RESERVES - EQUAL - RUGGED FUTURE BRAVES" PLAYERS Plcruksu FROM LEFT 'ro RIGHT: BOTTOM ROW: R. METZER. K. SUTHERLAND, W. MEBUST, J. RIENL, J. STRODTBECK, A. RIEBE. I.. GARDING, D. SUND, MANAGER. SECOND ROW: L. ANDERSON, M. BOLSTER, E. TRIPETT. J. ABBOTT. N. MOORE. THIRD ROW: G. OLSON, G. SPARKS. D. WILSON, R. RIDDLE, D. HODGSON. FOURTH ROW: B. STORAASLI, J. SEEK. Reserves Lese - Gain Experience This year's reserve squad was made up entirely of underelass eandidates, mostly fresh- men. The squad completed the "48" season with seven defeats and no vietories, but despite their losses they gained the valuable factor-experience. The scrappy Papeoses lost to Columbia Falls twice by narrow margins in hard fought tusselsg to liibbyg Enrekag Ronang Polsong and Whitefish. Although they were on the short end of the score these fighting underelassmen demonstrated aggressive ball playing and in the future will make the Braves a strong war elub. Capably eoaehing' them was John Cheek assisted by Otto Gilbertson. Cheek feels that his Reserves came a long way and many of them will be seen on the varsity next year. Page 64 "VICTORY BOUND" NLEAPING SNARE" X X jf Q x gs xx NN' X X , is 2 'FLAGS NORTHERN DNISIGN CLASS 8 1943 YYQ is .gg S N X a xx? xx N91 XSS , kRVx if , N x N XX Xb fi fwxfiz X, X XX XXX N: NQNXQM fs - x i SXNSFN NES x x if S fi 5, if Fi S Q s ,. 5 A xQxx: 'Riff . Q-sg NX XX X X XX Sw NNE , ,, s X , x X X NX YE 0, s Q sg 5 Q Q SN X X SX x S XS .11 , ,,,,, , I if -X tv: ,K . or 2 CHARLES PHILLIPS "VAN RIPER TIPS IT" BISON'S VICTORY SKEIN BROKEN Riding 11 teu-gauue win streak, the Great Falls Bisous met their match at the hands of the Littlvnieu. Brave sharpshooters downed the Rambling llerd 63 to 46 ou li'riday, Febru- ary 4. as Van Riper netted 29 points. LITTLEMEN SCALP LOCAL I-'OES Taking o11 the Applewny and City Transfer in ai March of Dimes benefit, the liraves walked ou the pick of the City league 44-30. Friday. Qldebruary 11. Felwilalry S saw the Whitefish Bulldogs take u terrific drubbiug' at the hands of the i'il'il-VOS. This time to the tune of 65 to 26, on the VVhitefish floor. Tull Charlie 'Phillips lead the scoring attack with 21 counters. BRAVES CONTINUE BENGAL DOMINANCE Journeyiug to Heloual, the Braves took :mother thriller from the Bengals G0 to 55 ,l"ehr11aII'y 18. For the third time this your the Braves nzlrrowly beat the BeI1,g'a.ls. MAROONS DOWN BRAVES Butte Central hzludod the Braves their third AA loss at Butte, Saturday, 1lf'ebruary 19. The Braves bowed to the Nzlroons 42 to 51. This loss dropped the liruves from the cou- tereuee eouteutioii. Page 68 Kalispell Hotel - Morrison Service Garage "EYES ON THE BALL" TOM LITTLE Rss so I .Q W1 "A PIVOT - A SHOT - A SCORE" '-EW'5 KEN Northern Trip Brings Win - Loss llavre was the next victim of the Brave rampage. The Blue Ponies went down under a 47-37 assault. 1Feln-nary 25. In the season 's tinale. the Great Falls Bisons handed the Braves a, 53-48 defeat despite Van Ripe!-'s aeeurate jump shots. Northern Divisional Tournament BRAVES TAKE SECOND IN TOURNEY Northern Division Tourney opening round had the Braves playing the hometown Great ,Falls Bisons and beat them 59 to 52 on March 3. Sfbllll-illll12llS found the Braves opposing the llutte Central Naroons and outelassing them 60 to 40. Gaining a shot at the 'Divisional championship for the first time, the Braves fought a nip-and-tueli battle with the Glasgow Seotties and lost in the final seconds 44 to 45 on a game-deeiding Free throw. Fuzz Fine and Harold Yan Riper were selected on the all-tourney team. GLEN MOORE UBRAVES BRING HOME HONORS" PICTURED BELOW ARE THE BRAVES AS THEY ARRIVE HOME FROM THE LONG GREAT FALLS TRIP. GREETING THEM IS A "WELCOME HOME" GROUP OF 2,000. AFTER A RADIO BROADCAST THE BRAVES WERE HONORED IN A CITY-WIDE PARADE. Page 69 X N N Nh.. JIM LANDON "UP AND IN" 'rom THORESON . State Tourney BRAVES GARNER THIRD PLACE HONORS After iuakinv' an impressive showing at the Northern Divisional tourue' tha hie' r: . C 3: L b Braves again were paired with the honle teaiu in the initial game at the State Tourninent tim-011 17, 13, and 19. This time. however. the Braves reversed their showing and lost to a red-hot Billings Brone quint 46-52. The hitter taste of defeat proved to be an incentive for the Braves. however. as they sealped Livingston 54-53 in Friday Elfi2Cl'1lO011,S thriller. New with a balance in the percentage column, the Braves decisively defeated Glasgow 56- 42. to prove they were superior. A Despite only a few hours' rest after Saturday 1Il0l'lllllQf,S tilt with Glasgow, the Braves rebounded in top condition and eopped third place honors in the eonsolation final Saturday night hy downing llavre's surprising Blue Ponies 64-46. MBRAVES RAID HABERDASHERYU Page 70 DURING THE BUTTE TRIP THE BRAVES TOOK A LIKING TO A HAT SALE. RONALD ROGERS DICK WILSON Season Summary This yeai-'s 11'lathea,d Braves went from rags to riches in coming all the way from the bottom of the hoop ladder to a contending position. Coach Frank Little once again reversed the plight. of the past to give Flathead the best team that ever seorehed the cords wearing the orange and black of Flathead. Improving with every win and taking their few losses on the ehin. they proved them- selves one of Montana 's top teams. The Braves posted 20 wins against 8 defeats, an achievement that tops the annals ol' Flathead hoop history. llarold Van Riper, All-State forward, time and again ealne through in the clutches and totaled up 442 points for the season. Fuzzy Fine, Clinch Phillips, Rich Debange. and 'Pom Little were the other members of the first quint that throughout the season displayed superior teamwork. sportsnianship. and the will to win. FLATHEAD RESERVES TOP ROW: DON NENKEL. LOUIS ANDERSON. LEE CNAPIN, BEN BAILEY, KENNY SUTHERLAND, KENNY SIDERIUS. AND BOB WESTON. BOTTOM ROW: DELMAR GRANMO. TOM THORESON. GARY JYSTAD. DICK WILSON. VIRGIL PAULLIN. AND DON LOFGREN. Page 71 ...--WN---uw--umm:N1-nsmu:-zzrgsuqmusssassssnsxuusswwzss -sszfw - HFLATHEAD FROSH" LESTER DE LANGE, CHESTER ALBERT, JIM STIIODTBECK, JIM ABBOTT, RONALD HOILAND, RONALD OVERBY, NOEL ARONSON, STANLEY GRONLEY, AND KNEELING: DICK METZER AND KEITH GUSTIN. - R e s e r v e s - Keeping pace with the varsity, the Papooses won 13 and lost only one game of a full season sehedule. Butte R-eds. Missoula Bombers, Xklhitefish Bullpups, Libby. and the Junior Varsity were all downed by the Papooses twice. Great Falls. Eureka, and Bigtork eontributed single sealps to the Reserves string. A perfect season was spoiled when they lost their final ganie to Eureka. - I' r e s h m e n - Coach Otto Gilbertson's freshman cage squad did their older brothers o11e better by posting a perfect season. Columbia Falls Kittens, Polson, and Central NVill'l'l0l'S fell before the ilfil'0Sl1 YOI1l2l,llilXVlCS. Future prospects look bright if these ho opsters keep up the good Work. - lunior Varsity - Seven Juniors composed a new team at Flathead known as the Junior Varsity. This squad played in the city league under the eoaehing of shop instructor Abbott. Although they didn 't fare too well. they gained valuable experience. 'Phe members of this squad were: Fred llelnnan, Bill lledinond, Roy Sather, Gene Peterson, David Cooper. Gerry Olson and John Stockwell. COACH JOHN CHEEK COACH OTTO GILBERTSON RESERVE COACH JOHN CHEEK IN HIS FIRST HIGH SCHOOL TASK AS A BASKETBALL COACH, JOHN CHEEK GAVE FLATHEAD A HUSTLING CREW OF HOOPSTERS. HE HAS CERTAINLY BUILT UP GOOD PROS- PECTS FOR FUTURE BRAVE QUINTS. FROSH COACH OTTO GILBERTSON ONCE AGAIN OTTO GILBERTSON TOOK THE TASK OF FORMULATING BASKETBALL PLAYERS OUT OF "GREENIES." OTTO'S MAIN JOB IS THAT OF STRESSING THE IMPORTANCE OF FUNDAMENTALS. . Payne G Wik Fountain G Grocery Page 72 Service Cleaners ASE LL -Braves Runners -Up In '48 - By virtue of a double win over Anaconda Central, the Braves moved i11to the State Championship play-offs in Great Falls, May 21 a11d 22. Flathead got a. first round bye and met Forsyth i11 the semi-finals. A seventh inning tie was broken up with back to back doubles by Overton and Abbott, se11di11g across four runs. Rain held up proceedings and the Braves won 10 to 6. Great Falls and Kalispell met in the first high school baseball championship held in Montana. After a shaky first inning that cost four runs, the Braves settled down a11d played -After a shaky first inning that cost four runs, the Braves settled down and played good ball. Great Falls tagged Braves' pitching for 9 runs and Braves bats garnered 5. The Braves wound up the season with 5 victories to 1 setback and copped the second place trophy. FRONT ROW: BOB KIRK. KEITH MCNEIL, BILL NOBLE, DON REYNOLDS, LEW KEIM, DON ARNOUX, MANAGER. SECOND ROW: BILL REDMOND, AL PIERCE, ART YOUNG, BOB ABBOTT, DON STEINMETZER, VERNON BUNYEA, VEREL OVERTON, BILL PLUMMER. BACK ROW: COACH C. WINSTON BORGEN, RONALD OVERBY. NOEL ARONSON, BOBJAMES, MARLOWE ALLERS, DICK WILSON, ARNOLD RIEBE, LEW ANDERSON, TOM LITTLE. KEITH GUSTIN, SID ARONSON. BOB BULL, MANAGIR. - Flathead Squad Preps For Playoffs - With last year's impressive record to shoot at the 19-L9 edition ofthe Flathead diamond squad took to limbering up for a. great season early in April. From a turnout of about 80 hopefuls, Coach Borgen surveyed them for two weeks then reduced his squad to twenty-four. After it was learned that Flathead had won the League One title, due to Anaconda and Phillipsburg decisions to forfeit, the Braves then engaged in several practice tilts. A team composed of former Flathead ball players met the Braves Sunday, April 24 on the local diamond and defeated the Braves 6-1. As a preliminary to this contest the Reserves ran roughshod over a Ronan crew to the tnncof 16-0. The Braves took their first road t.rip XVednesday, April 27. to meet a revamped Ronan nine. After trailing in the early innings the Braves tied the Reservation squad and then in the late innings let loose with a hit barra.ge to send across G runs. Braves won by a score of 7-I as Steinmetzer ehueked a one-hitter with Redmond and Adams leading the hitting attack. A ' Page 73 A X Q x I xxx Wm, v5x A h sf " 'MSW N- xacx QRNNEX 'S-' ,, :- ' - , x .'fUf IIQ5 I 5 LAST YEAR'S COVETEB HONOR THE BRAVES GARNERED AT GREAT FALLS: BORGEN ISSUES A CHALK-TALK TO EAGER BALLPLAYERS: BATTING PRACTICE AT GRIFFIN PARK3 RETURNING LETTERMEN OVERTON, REDMOND, AND KEIM, LETTERMAN ABBOTT WAS MISSING: PIERCE TAKES A HEALTHY CUT3 PITCIIERS ADAMS AND STEIN- METZER AND BATTERY MATE ABBOTT KNEELING5 RED- MOND SCOOPS ONE UPQ STEINMETZER LETS LOOSE WITH A FAST DELIVERY. Page 74 Ng ' - ...,. I S .1 Ig , , , ., I , . I I ,I : A ...- , J I N H+: ' ' " - ' ' 1g:5':2,-,ef -me-:-A ' .-was . Q -F' X , .Q X f :,,m .7 gi. I 1 , :R-1.--+ ..,.,.A 3 .t5,:g,.:-Q55 X f TRACK Review Q! '48 Season Mentor McLeod took a squad of six to the '48 Interseholastic track and field meet-Jim Hutcheson, Ken Erickson, Harold Paullin. Tom McLeod, Eugene Peterson and Hob Kirk. Hutcheson was the only point winner for Flathead, garnering 45 points in a first place tie for the high-jump. In the Polson Invitational, Bigfork nosed out Flathead for first place honors. Flathead took first plaee honors in a triangular meet between NVhitefish. Columbia. Falls and Kalispell. ROW ROW ROW ROW ROW TRACK TEAM BOB MOORE, JIM LANDON, BOB KIRK, GENE PETERSON, JIM HUTCHESON, JACK HERRON, TOBY ARMSTRONG, RONALD KIRKPATRICK. TOM LITTLE, GARY JYSTAD, DUANE KITTLESON, KENNY SUTHERLAND, ARNOLD RIEBE, RALPH RIDDLE, JIM ABBOTT, GERRY OLSON. FRED LEHMANLMARSN MURRAY, ED TRIPPET, MYRON CHASE, DICK HODGSON, DON JOHNSON, LEE HILL, MIKE STOCKTON. STANDING: LEW ANDERSON, JIM STRODTBECK, LESTER DE LANGE, GARY NAETHE, HAROLD GILBERTSON, LES FOY. STANDING: DON DOYLE, HARRY HOILAND, DICK METZER, OYSTEIN BOVENG, DALE GILBERTSON, FRANK FOOT, CHARLES MILLSPAUGII, LAUREN GRANMO, ROGER CASTERLINE, BOB STORAASLI, NORMAN JACOBSON, BOB BEKKEDAIIL, DALE STORAASLI, LEWIS MICKELSON. Hutcheson Paces '49 Thinclads Coach Frank liittle,s call to the cinders was answered by the largest track turnout ever recorded at Flathead. Returning from last year's squad are Jim Hutcheson, high jumpg Bob Kirk, sprintsg Eugene Peterson, distanceg and Bob Moore hurdles. Hutcheson is the only lctterman returning. At the Lake County Invitational Meet this year, Flathead took fourth place behind Pol- son, Ronan. and Vtlhitefish. Hutcheson jumping 5 feet 8 inches to gain second place honors in the high jump. Peterson placed second in the 440. Kirk gained a second in the century and third in the furlong. Millspaugh finished second in the mile. Overton, liehman. Riebe, Jacob- son, Phillips, Olson, Hill, Little. and Deliange also garnered points. Flathead sent only one representative to the Fourth Annual J ay-Cee Relays in Helena. Jim Hutcheson. the lone contender. did justice to F C l-I S by sailing over the bar at 5 feet 10 inches. Favre Eaton ot' Helena also did 5 feet 10 inches to set a new Relay record. Hutcheson is awaiting the Interscholastic with determination this year that he will again garner high-jump honors. Page 75 3- 4 XX A COACHES LITTLE, GILBERTSON, AND CHEEK CONFER WITH SPORTS ENTHUSIAST DR. LEITCH OVER TRACK COLUMBIA FALLS MEETS FLATHEAD IN PRACTICE SESSIONS AND KIRK SPRINTS FOR FIRST IN THE CENTURY WITH WILDCATS AND METIER TRAILING X ' 'ex X-:N-'xSx.s'S22 A P II' X Qi ITEE I I , X Q: T. 5, MQ., I . In I M K - wx R FN K I r I I. x-.. I LI,-.'I'iQ P Qs A 4' M- if MV' 'I ' I I' WI Ile 'Y I I Fit V Ef,,25R:E51ggf5'M :VESSQS ,N fs:-sei , I 'iii fax I -'i I K I xx Sm NORMAN JACOBSON DEMONSTRATES HIS JIM HUTCHESON, STATE'S TOP HIGH BROAD JUMPING TECHNIQUE JUMPER, TAKES TIME BETWEEN JIIMPS PROSPECTS HUTCHESON TRYING TO IMPROVE HIS SPRINTER KIRK AWAITS THE GUN HEIGHT OVER THE BAR THIS PAGE IN MEMORY OF WALTER HARTSOCH BY THE "F" CLUB ROW I MARSHALL MURRAY, JIM HUTCHESON, AL PIERCE, BOB ABBOTT, GARY REESE, VERNON BUNYEA. ROW Il HAROLD VAN RIPER, LEWIS KEIM, FRED MILLER, BILL ERICKSON, IRVIN WELTY. ROW III BILL REDMOND, CHARLES PHILLIPS, NORMAN -IACOBSON, JIM LANDON, BOB KIRK, VEREL OVERTON. ROW IV FRED LEHMAN, WILLIAM IFUZZYI FINE, BILL NOBLE, FRANCIS GRAHAM, KEITH GRAHAM. LETTERMEN NOT PICTURED ARE: DON DOYLE. LES FOY, TOM LITTLE, GLEN MOORE, HAROLD PAULLIN, AND RED ROGERS Page 75 NSN X Rf., Q2 ' Al iir ggw zfl , . Wf 1 f wu ' 1 X lg f , 'V 1-" X p. . ' . . Y ywhl-Bi Q ,Q 1. ,Q Q . -f Ar' , x ,, - - -L'-j.7:41t3-iig-rf-:-.121 ' -.-5:-fm ' is " Q 9 T ' ' -' 1 ., v F.:,...,- i ef- f '-s - -- i EEE-IEEIEIQEEEEEEE EEEEEI EEEEEE1 EEEEE, E555 GI EE 4.' :Viv -,WH VI gg 'i5 ?T 5 WW WE a ges-1 EE E E4 EE U ii W a E1E1Ea , ' al' xx ,gaswtgf wreak N 11-5 ..v F. F. A. IN ACTION osr T0 KANSAS cnv nuns smfn FIXING IT uv Mmxcumc nom: 'roormsn IN OFF WE Go! Anmsncs on numns Bosses couren wonxsnor scenes "R0V""G A 'UWT Page 78 Conrad National Bunk ROW I RAY MANAGHAN, WILSON MANAGHAN, JOHN SCHUTT, ALBERT LEWIS, LOYAL MURER, IRA LEWIS, GAYLON OWENS, GEORGE WILSON, JACK BUCK, RAY ARNO, DUANE STOKES, LOREN HANSON. ROW ll JAMES ARNO, ARTHUR MITTON, JAY KILPATRICK, ELGIN WHEELER, PAUL TUTVEDT, NORMAN JACOBSON, JOHN BOWDISH, FRANCIS GRAHAM, DON DOYLE, CHARLES GESTRING, DALE GILBERTSON, CLYDE PEDERSON, BILLY RAY, HAROLD GELBERTSON, BILL WOLFE, BILL HANSON. ROW III MR. ROBINSON, DICK PETERS, DON LOVELESS, PAUL RLVFF, DON LIPPER, DON DUNHAM, RAY JONES, LARRY BLUMER, LARRY GRAHAM, ORIN FREDENBERG, JIM COOMB, FRANK FOOT, ARDEN OLSON, GARY NAETHE, DON REYNOLDS, HORACE SANDERS, BOB WOLFE, CHARLES CLAPPER, DON HOWARD, DON BLASDEL, JAMES JACOBSON, LEE ROY VANDEBOS, OREN FORD, MR. OLSON. ROW IV EARL PATTERSON, DON PETERS, BRAD GESTRING, DON SCHLENZ, BILL EMMERT, ART WEAVER, MARTIN RADABAH, QUENTIN VITT, HARRY MOORE, LEWIS MICHLESON, JOHN MITTON, BOB MAY, RUDOLPH KAEDING, DUANE REED, ROBBIN STREET, HENRY FICKEN, JAMES WRIGHT, GILBERT PASSMORE. Flathead Chapter ot Future Farmers The Flathead Chapter of Future Farmers is the only ehapter in the nation to win six con- secutive gold medal awards in the National Achievement Contests. This year twenty-four ehapters throughout the nation plaeed in the Gold Medal Division at the National Conven- tion, which was held at Kansas City. November 14 through 18. Over 6.000 chapters in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii eom- peted in the event. A delegation of eleven members represented the Flathead Chapter at the National Conven- tion. These boys were Paul Tutvedt, Francis Graham, Clyde Pederson, Charles Gestring, Art NVeaver. Horace Sanders, Henry Fieken. Don Sehlenz, Don Dunham, Norman Jacobson, and R. A. Olson, advisor. XVhen the new Mechanical Arts building is eompleted. elassrooms will be moved into the new building. With these added shop and classrooms the Flathead Chapter will have a much better chance to keep its rating in the national organization. Manion Motors - Alton Pearce Drug Page 79 The outstanding aetivities this year were the Parent and Son Banquet, Parent and Hobby Night, F. F. A. Assembly, and the joint meeting with the F. F. A. Chapters from Polson and Ronan. F. F. I-I. Otticers ROWI NORMAN JACOBSON, REPORTER: FRANCIS GRAHAM, PRESIDENTQ JOHN BOWDISH, SENTINEL. ROW II DON DOYLE, PRESIDENT-ELECT: PAUL TUTVEDT, SECREYARYQ CHARLES GESTRING, TREASURER. Future Homemaker-s of America "Toward new horizons," the motto of F.l-LA., is the foundation for the purposes of the organization. Its purposes are to promote a joys and satis- emphasize the membership, to growing appreciation of the factions of homemaking, to importance of worthy home encourage democracy in home and community and family life life, to work for good home for all, to promote international good will, to foster the development of creative leadership in the home, to provide wholesome individual and group recreation, and to further interest in home economics. The annual pot-luck Christmas dinner heads the list of the year is major -activities. Another delightful meeting was Mothers' Night at which the club presented the "Horace Heidt" pro- gram which had previously been presented for an assembly. Following this, a delightful tea was prepared for the mothers and daughters. Flathead F. H. A. members were hostesses to the district convention last fall. At this time Donna Haines turned the district presidency over to Lois Freshour of St. Ignatius. Donna Haines, Joyce McKellar, Pat Redfield, Barbara V an Alstine, and Miss Hartman attended the state F. H. A. meeting at Bozeman. The events of the year are brought to a finale in the spring by a joint picnic with the F. F. A. One aim of the club is to teach the members how to knit. Each girl then turns in one square for an afghan which is used in the sick room. A project begun late in the year was the col- lection of coffee lids and labels to secure a fifty cup coffee maker for use in the school. Officers of the organization are Pat Redfield, presidentg Joyce Mcliellar, vice presidentg Donna Haines, secrctaryg Barbara Beeman. treasurerg Joyce Logan, reporter. Chairman of the special committees are Barbara Van Alstine, historiang Mary Swenson, parliamen- tariang Glenna. Bear, musicg Pauline Hovey, point system. - Torbox-I's Variety Store-Corsair Flying Service, Inc. ROW I EMERAL HAUG, GERALDINE BRUNO, MARILYN JORGENSON, DELPHINE VIEIGUM, LILA STAUDACNER, MISS HARTMAN, SHIRLEY MOELLER, ROW JANE KJOS, CAROL DUNIIAM, GLENNA BEAR, ARLENE POULSON, DONNA WOOLRIDGE, PAULINE HOVEY, IRENE DONNER, MELBA STORIE. II PATRICIA STOCKWELL, BETTY PEEBLER, CLARISE JORGENSEN, YVONNE JOHNSON, BARBARA VAN ALSTINE, BARBARA BEEMAN, JOYCE LOGAN, PAT REDFIELD, JOYCE MCKELLAR, MARY SWENSON, DONNA HAINES, BEVERLY ERICKSON, MARCELLA THIBERT, IRMA COOK, RENEE NATTON, LOUISE DONALDSON, DOROTNY REDFIELD, JOAN HERBOLD. ROW III RUTH MCCONNELL, MARIE WIDDOVISON, BARBARA SPAFFORD, VELMA LEWIS, SIIIRLEY JAMES, FRANCES REDMAN, MAXINE CALDBECK, PHYLLIS CLARK, JESSIEBELLE PASSMORE, DORIS I. ANDERSON, ALTONA GIESE, EDNA WOLLAN, MARILYN EAYRS, JOYCE PINZ, ROW GLADYS MACMILLAN, PAULINE SMITH, DOROTHY WUNDERLICH, JOYCE BLISS, LOIS MITTON, ETHEL OLSON. IV FRANCES ASBRIDGE, LUCILLE BURNELL, LOIS WILHELM, PAT SNYDER, MARJORIE PEDERSON, DONNA GROSSWILER, FAYE BAILEY, GENEVA SONSTELIE, MONA HOILAND, BARBARA ADAMS, VIOLA MUMMERT, BETTY KELLER, CLARA ELLEN COLLINS, BETTY PATTERSON, PAT KELLY, JOAN STEIN, ALICE CRUMLEY, BARBARA MOTICIIKA, LOUISE WILIIELM. Page 80 a iw' relX Q . X'ik1Y'EE.'?5R5xa?Q:iH ATTRACTIVE TABLE' A NECESSITY SCENES FROM F. H. A. DISTRICT BANQUET INITIATES H. A. GIRLS LEARN BY DOING BIG roun-.loves McxEu.AR. rn REDFIELD, JOYCE LOGAN. FAYE TIME FOR THE TASTE TEST AWAY FROM THE KITCHEN FOR THE ARMISTICE DAY PARADE WHAT! STILL EATING? Equity Supp ly Company DOING DISHES1' THE INEVITABLE TAKING THE PLEDGE TWO JOYCES BEAT UP SOMETHING TASTY ROW I Row Il Row III ROW IV gxS its final your in high school, ouch glwllllilflllg class puts forth its best effort fo produce thu BUSINESS ANNUAL STAFF CLARA ELLEN COLLINS, GERRY SUND, CAROL FLOTTMAN, ALICE CRUMLEY, INEZ ROGNLIEI SHIRLEY BURNELL. ELIZABETH THOMPSON. LEWIS KEIM, JEANNINE PHILLIPS, JOYCE LOGAN, ALICE OPALKA, EDITH JOHNSTON, LA DONNA ROGNLIE, JAMES HUTCHE- SON, DELPHINE HANSON. SALLY CONKLIN, DEAN CROSKREY, BARBARA BEEMAN, DON BREIMO, SUE EBERHARD, CHARLES MERCORD, PHYLLIS ANDERSON. LAUREN GRANMO, MILLIE HUGGINS. JO ANNE MOLLER, GERALD ROBOCKER, NORMAN JACOBSON, AUDREY ENGSTROM, DORIS HEUSCHER, HARRY BURNELL, MARJORIE PEDERSON, MISS SCHOKNECHT, SPONSOR, BERYL HANDFORD. EDWIN GALLOWAY, NORMA JEAN KINSHELLA, LA YERNA SCHLEGEL, CAROL ANDERSON, BOB ABBOTT. Annual EI lI16ll10I'l3l to its ilCl1lL'V01l1l'I1lS during wo1'tlm'l1ilc that was attained. MANAGER, JOYCE LOGAN USEES ALL. SNAPS ALL" CHAMPION ANNUAL SALESWOMAN1 SPONSOR. MISS SCHOKNECHT PHOTOGRAPHER, LA DONNA ROGNLIE PHYLLIS ANDERSON IN ACTION ASSOCIATE EDITOR, EDITH JOHNSTON EDITOR-IN-CHIEF. ALICE OPALKA THE PAINT BRUSH IS MIGHTIER THAN SHAPING UP THE SPORTS SECTION "OH. THOSE SENIOR ACTIVITY LISTS!" THE SWORD SPORTS EDITOR, LEWIS KEIM SENIOR EDITOR. BARBARA BEEMAN STAFF ARTIST, JIM HUTCHESON Page 82 yearbook-a recol-d of oooh member in school and his zlctivitios and EI symbol of 0vo1'ytl1i11H' D PARADING ON ARMISTICE DAY AWARD FOR ESPANOL ASSEMBLY KSPANISNI TOTING THE COLORS DINING OUT AT LA HACIENDA Spanish Club ln the seeond year of its exlstenee. the Spanish Club has done mueh to raise its status to that of one of the most active organizations in school. The meetings and activities eenter around the aim of the elub-to promote friendship with the Latin-American eountries by stimulating' in- terest in their attitudes. eustoins. and language. Members of the elub started the season last fall with a banquet in Spanish surroundings. On April 13. l949, the Spanish Flub pictured HA Day in Mexico" in their assembly. This was held in eommemoration of Pan Ameriean Day which is April 1-L, and an explanation ot' the significance of friendship between eoun- tries ot the two Americas was included. Th officers of first semester were Aliee Opalka. presideutg Carol Boberg. Viee presi- dent: Jeannine Phillips. seeretaryg Naney NYil- son, treasurer. Second semester's offieers were Alice Opallia. president: Marianna Merritt. viee presidentg Carol lloberg: secretary: Jeannine Phillips. treasurer. ROW I CAROL BOBERG, ALICE OPALKA. NARIANNA MERRIYT. now n :uname nmurs, vnonn nou., un snunscnzn, LA oomu nocsus, nn- mxu auss. Nsucv wn.soN. norms: msrnonn. U ROW Ill NETA MINTIIORN, BARBARA WEIKERT. JEAN JACKSON, SHARIE SEEKINS, MARJORIE MENDEL. HELEN NAYTON. MISS SNATWELL- SPONSOR. Himsl-Wohlwend Motors. Inc. Super Cream-Whecton's Page B3 MISSOULA BOUND TO ATTEND WORKING OVERTIME ON JOURNALISM CLINIC ARROW MAKE-UI' HOT OFF THE PRESSES APRIL FOOL'S PRODUCTION Flathead Arrow To provide a written rm-cord of important school cvc-nts and to reflect student opinion arc tlic nnlin objectives of thc "l"lnt.l1oznl Arrow. ' ' The Arrow is a ll10ll1ll0l' of tllc lntcrnaitionul Quill 8 Scroll Association of Northwcstcrn l'nivcrsity, Bllllllillltl Scholastic Prcss Associ- ation. thc National Scliolzlstic Press Association. ARROW Row und thc Pacific Slope School Editorial Associ- ation. In thc fortictli All-American Newspaper Uriticul Service conducted by the National Scholastic Press Association for 1948-1949 thc Arrow rcccivcd ai "1" or "first class" rating. Faculty advisors of the Arrow arc Mr. C. NVinston Boi-gen, editorial departnicnt, and KCIIIIOHI Cliristison, business. ICONTINUED ON PAGE BSI STAFF I BOB ABBOTT, SHARIE SEEKINS, AUDREY ENGSTROM. Al-ICE OPALKA, DON BREIMO, LEWIS KEIM, EDITH JOHNSTON BERYI. HANDFORD MARIANNA MERRITT. GARY REESE. I I ROW ll 10 ANN PATNEAUUE- ELAINE LAVALLEY. MARILYN MCCQNNEI-L. NANCY PIERSON, LORA PETERSON, JEANNINE PHILLIPS, CHARLENE KEIM, BARBARA BEEMAN, ELIZABETH THOMPSON. KARLA SEARLE, LA DONNA ROGNLIE, JONE WILLIS, PHYLLIS TREWEEK, COLLEEN OLSON, HELEN HAYTON. ROW III MARJORIE MENDEL, HELEN BERNER. FLORINE SUNDELIUS. CAROLYN BEST. JOY BEST. BETTY JOHNSON. VERA JONES, CAROL FLOTT- MAN. JEANNINE HACKER. EILEEN TOOLEY. LA YERNA SCHLEGEL. BEVERLY GEDDES, INEZ ROGNLIE. LONA SUNDBY. MARGENE CHRISTOPHER, DOROTHY FENTON. GERALDINE PARKER, DOROTHY FRANZ, JO ANN HANSON. ROW IV MR. CHRISTISON, ADVISOR, LAUREN GRANMO, CHARLES MERCORD, ROBERT KIRK. NORMAN JACOBSON. EVA HALLAM, JOYCE HEGGEN, BETTY FELSMAN, BONNIE MINTHORN, BONNIE COX. THERESA FRANZ, LOUISE CASSADY, MARIAN WISE, RONALD ROGERS, MARSHALL 84 MURRAY. BILL REDMOND, MR. BORGEN, ADVISOR. ARROW EDITORIAL STAFF Row I GARY REESE, MARIANNA MERRITT, SHARIE sesxms. ALICE OPALKA, DON BREIMO, LEWIS KEIM, EDITH JOHNSTON. AUDREY ENas'moM, sean. HANDFORD. ROW II MR. BORGEN, ADVISER, INEZ ROGNLIE, JONE WILLIS, JEANNINE PHILLIPS. JEANNINE HACKER, COLLEEN OLSON. EVA HALLAM, FLOR- INE SUNDELIUS, LA DONNA ROGNLIE, MR. CHRISTISON, ADVISOR. Flathead Arrow Quill and Scroll KCONUNUEN 1'lliliZll02ld,S Chapter of the Quill 8: Scroll International Society for fltligh School journal- I llilirst semester editors were Don Breiino, editor-in-chiefg Alice Opalka, associate editorg liewis Keim, news editorg Edith Johnston, fea- ture editorg and Bob Abbott, sports editor. Mpmbm-S of the Quill Members of the basic staff the second se- mester were Lewis Keim, editor-in-chief : fltldith Johnston, associate editorg Sharie Seekins and Marianna, Merrit, eo-news editorsg Beryl lland- ford, feature editorg Gary Reese, sports editor. Audrey Engstrom served as business manager its, was organized to give recognition to deserving students in the journalistic field. and Scroll Work on several projects during the school year. A connnittec from the club judges assembly pro- grams, and the organization presenting the best one receives a plaque. A Scholastic Writing Contest is sponsored every year for journalism students. Near the end ot' the year the Jour- tli e entire year. - nalistic Banqnt is planned. At this the staff for the following semester is announced. ' QUILL AND SCROLL Row 1 now snsmc. JEANNINE PHILLIPS, ALICE OPALKA, LEWIS KEIM. ROW ll LA DONNA ROGNLIE, DELPHINE HANSON. EDITH JOHNSTON, BERYL HANDFORD, INEZ ROGNLIE, AUDREY ENGSTROM. Chestex-'s Office Supply Page 85 W Y X. X X . as -A . A ,::.2,: . x..., Mwgix Q X - X . wi xx X xx Km nm SFS 'N' G? S 1-Nprfgx xvswx X . , ' 1-Q 5 S XWXX X x af L -L37QN SX'X'-K XSS ,W- ax X Wwwwmzaaw 1 N if X X x X QQRAYPLA X, xxx Xxx swf, www: xx. ww IXQ 2? Q X g Q 5 N Ng ll' A X ximihm :AX Q i WWW 'N X v ...A 'EPR "V 'X Q ' if 'SN Q ms new Q ai FIRST SEMESTER STUDENT COUNCIL ROW I JIM KORN. RONALD KIRKPATRICK, AL PIERCE, BILL NOBLE, KENNETH BONDURANT. MARSHALL MURRAY, DON BREIMO. ROW II JANICE JAMES, LORA PETERSON, SALLY KIRKPATRICK, EDITH JOHNSTON, BERYL HANDFORD, SUE EBERHARD, DELPHINE HANSON, FAYE BAILEY. Row III Mn. MERRITT, svonson, BEVERLEE MCNAMARA. DORIS IIEuscIIEIz, CHARLES SIDERIUS, JOHN ENGEBRETSON, JOHN BOWDISH, non STORAASLI, GARY JYSTAD, MILLIE HUGGINS, DONNA GROSSWILER, NIR. nn, svouson. now IV JENETTE REDMAN, CHRISTINE THOMPSON. 'roar ARMSTRONG, vmcn. PETTINATO, CHARLES GESTRING, FRANK HAGEL, EUGENE MURPHY, :Ames aaao'r'r. KENNETH SUTHERLAND, CORNELIUS RILEY, nokovnv JACOBSON, PAT FELSMAN. NOT PICTURED-J ERI SHAW. Student Council "Democracy iI1 action" is a fitting descrip- tion of Flathead's Student Council, which legis- lates and governs the activities of Flathead students. The offices of the Student Council, which must be filled by upperclassmen in the top third of their class, are those of president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer. These are elected by the student body at large after spirited and highly competitive elections. Repre- sentatives are elected from the home rooms. This group learns parliamentary procedure through actual practice and government func- tions by putting into effect the Wishes and reconnnendations of the home rooms. The council acted as the motivating force in planning the two effective student parades to advertise the successful bond issue and to assist veterans' organizations in commemorating Armistice Day. ' Other activities of the council included re- writing the outdated council constitution. Added to the constitution were.amendments condemning hazing at school, and setting the time for election of cheerleaders. The clause which ruled that the student council must approve all names submitted for F's by thc coach was revised so that it is not necessary. The council also took a stand against the wear- ing of other school emblems in Flathead High. Students belonging to t.he council gain valu- able practice in government and also learn how to judge carefully what is right and wrong. Although there are faculty sponsors, Mr. Day and Mr. Merritt, decisions are left up to the students and a truly democratic organization is the result. First semester officers were Beryl Handford. presidentg John Bowdish, vice presidentq Edith Johnston, serctaryg and Sue Eberhard, treas- urer. Second semester officers were Don Breiino, presidentg Bob Kirk, vice prcsidentg Barbara Reeman, secretaryg and Sue Eberhard, treasurer. Page 88 Buitreys STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS ROW I EDITH JOHNSTON, BERYL HANDFORD, SUE EBERHARD. BARBARA BEEMAN. ROW II JOHN BOWDISH, DON BREIMO, BOB KIRK. SECOND SEMESTER STUDENT COUNCIL ROW I MR. DAY, SPONSOR, SUE EBERHARD, BOB KIRK, DON BREIMO, BARBARA BEEMAN. MR. MERRITT, SPONSOR. ROW II TOMMY LITTLE, GERENE CLARK, ARLETA LEACH, EUNICE PECKENPAUGH, LAWRENCE MELBY, LORA PETERSON. DELMAR GRANMO, LO- BERTA MAY, DEAN CROSKREY, KATHRYN ERICKSON, BEVERLY MCNAMARA. ROW III NOEL ARONSON, CHARLES GESTRING, LOUIS ANDERSON, DON DUNHAM, RUTH JOHNSTON, CHARLES SIDERIUS, PAUL TUTVEDT, GARY QUALLS, MARSHALL MURRAY, LOIS BYRNE, DORIS HEUSCHER, PAT FELSMAN, AVIS WOLLAN, STEVE CARLISLE. Page 89 DEBATE SPONSOR, MR. SCHROETER, TIM CRAIL, DUANE CALBICK, PATSY THOMAS, DAISY MAE THOMAS, BETTY JOHNSON, BARBARA OWEN, ANDRE LIPPENS, FLORENCE BARON, ARDEN OLSON Speech Activities XVell-known throughout the school, com- munity, and the northwest is the group that makes up the F. C. H. S. chapter of the Na- tional Forensic League, under the leadership of Tom Richardson. liast October a great honor was bestowed on the local league by being chosen to entertain the Northwestern Educational Association which includes Wash- ington, Idaho, Oregon, and Montana at Spo- kane, Washington, during their convention. The two student radio demonstrations called "Interview Vtlith the Past" and "The Worst Boy in School" were highly received and many compliments were given to the group. Those who participated were John lflngebretson, Robert Robbin, Ellis French, Ronny Anderson, Tim Crail, Nancy Wilson, Kenneth Fraser, and Donna Flynn. The beneficial results of the league are the poise and experience which the young people N. derive from public speaking tllld the C1lt8l'tHll1- ment which the community is given. "Revision of the United Nations Organiza- tion into a XVorld Government" is the timely topic for this year's debaters. This group does all ot its research tllld practice work out of school. and it is rewarded for its efforts by debate trips to surrounding towns. Participa- tion in the annual district and state meets each spring also occurs on the debaters' agenda. Into the 1949 graduates' hall of fame will go the name of Timothy Grail for his ont- standing specch work. In the American Legion Oratorical Uontest Tim was awarded first place tor the presentation of his original oration. "Our Constitution, NVorth Having, Xhlorth De- fending." I-le then Cwith the same orationl took top honors in the district meet, and he received a well deserved third place at the state meet in Missoula. Montana. L. ROW I KENNETH FRASER, MARIANNA MERRITT, ARLETA LEACH, TIMOTHY CRAIL, BEVERLY GEDDES, PHYLLIS ANDERSON, JOHN ENGEBRETSON. ROW II TOM RICHARDSON, SPONSOR, ROBBIN HOUGH, CARLA GARRARD, LAURA RAE CHRISTENSEN, DUANE CALBICK, DOLLY AYERS, NANCY PIERSON, DONNA FLYNN, DAISY MAE THOMAS, JEANINE JENSEN, NANCY WILSON, ARDITH LINRUDE, PATRICIA JENNINGS. ROW III SIDNEY ARONSON. ROBERT JASVEN. CAROLYN BEST, FLORINE SUNDELIUS, HELEN CRAMER, HELEN HAYTON, SALLY KIRKPATRICK, SHARIE SEEKINS, RITA CLARK, NANCY KAUS, YIOLET MAIER, BARBARA JACKSON, ED SCHROETER. SPONSOR. ROW IV MARSHALL MURRAY, AGNES STENBERG, GLENNA BEAR, CAROL STENBERG, CLAUDIA SAND, EVA HALLAM, GLENN RIDGEWAY, RICHARD HODGSON, DONALD HILL, ELEANOR HAWKINS, ALTA PRESTBYE, RUTH JOHNSTON, ELAINE JACOBSON, CORINNE HODGSON, PEARL OPALKA, ANN THOMSON . Page 90 l CRAIL WINS LEGION CONTEST MR. WINTERS OF THE AMERICAN LEGION CONGRATULATES TIMOTHY CRAIL. ON THE RIGHT IS MR. TOM RICHARDSON. RADIO CAST INTERVIEW WITH THE PAST BEVERLY GEDDES, FLORINE SUNDELIUS, ROBERT ROBBIN, JOHN ENGEBRETSON, ELLIS FRENCH. PHYLLIS ANDERSON Service Groups OFFICE HELPERS RACHEL I'IARTSOCH,' AVIS WOLLAN, SHARIE SEEKINS. NANCY WILSON, BARBARA BEEMAN, PAT REDFIELD, NETTIE MILLER, CAROL BOBERG, AUDREY ENGSTROM LIBRARY ASSISTANTS ROW I HELEN MARTINSON, DORIS HEUSCHER, BETTY PATTERSON, PAT REDFIELD, JOANNE PATNEAUDE, JOYCE LOGAN. ROW II CATHARINE CARRUTHERS. MILDRED MENDEL. CARO ROW III CAROL MTRRAY. BEYERLEE MACNAMARA, COLLEEN LYN BEST, SALLY KIRKPATRICK, ALTA PRESTBYE, OPAL MARTINSON. OLSON, BARBARA ROLL, JEANINE JENSON, PNYLLIS TREWEEK, JOAN CHRISTENSON. KG EZ Page 91 -Q .wwwww xxx 3 .Q xxx. X ww . . I WILL THEY MAKE A TOUCHDOWN? N. F. L.-ERS SHOW THEIR OPINIONS SNAKEDANCE Page 92 HALF-TIME PROGRAM AT FOOTBALL GAME GIRLS' STATE DELEGATES PAT REDFIELD, BEVERLEE MCNAMARA, NANCY WILSON, PAT FELSMAN, DORIS J. ANDERSON. STEPPING HIGH BelI's Incorporaied-Coccr Colcx Company MARIONETTES ROW I BARBARA SPAFFORD, PAT NORDTOME, JANICE LYONAIS, GLENNA BEAR, JOAN GONSIOR, MARY SISTOK, YVONNE GEDDES. ROW II JERRY JOHNSON, FLORENCE DIGIOVANI, KAY HERRON, ANN THOMSON, DONALD CRAIL, JONE WILLIS, SHIRLEY WHEELER, DONNA TORBERT, ADELAIDE SZYMANOWSKI, JANICE JAMES, MARGARET LOVEALL, DIANNE CALBICK, JACQUELINE GOULD. ROW III LONA SUNDBY, NAOMI GAFFANEY, AGNES STENBERG, PEARL OPALKA, CAROL MURRAY, DOROTHY IVERSON, YVONNE JONES, EMERAL HAUG, MARCELLA THIBERT, FRANCES BUCK, ELLEN ROGNLIE, JERI SHAW, DONNA FLYNN, RITA CLARK, BEVERLY JACOBSON, BEVERLY HAUGE. ROW IV MISS CARR, SPONSOR, JANE KJOS, BETTY KJOS, LOIS BYRNE, GARY QUALLS, MARJORIE JOHNSTON, CATHERINE VALISON, MILDRED MENDEL, RUTH JOHNSTON, CORINNE HODGSON, ELAINE JACOBSON, CAROL STENBERG, CLAUDIA SAND, RUTH FRANZ, CATHARINE CAR- RUTHERS, MARILYN NORDQUIST, JEROME SAND, NOEL ARONSON, M arlonettes Open to freshmen and sophomores interested in dramatics, the Marionettes boast a member- ship of forty stude11ts. This organization took care of the pageantry in the Christmas program and sponsored an April l+'ool's dance as their activities for the 518- '49 year. Officers of Narionettes are Glenna Lee Bear. presidentg Patricia Nordtome, vice president: and Janice liyonais. secretary. Miss Della Ve Carr is the faculty sponsor. Jerry Johnson and Don Crail took part in the Christmas pageant with Janice Lyonais. Florence Di Giovanni, Marilyn Nordquist, and Barbara Spatford on the make up and property committees. Joan Willis, Bob Storaasli, Joan Gonsior. and Vivian Wilken made the attractive posters seen around the halls for the April Fool's Dance. Other committees for the dance were: decora- tions. Janice James. Kay Herron. Pat N0l'dl0lIl0, Florence Di Giovanni, Rosemary Aker, Dorothy Iverson, Mary Anne Sistok, Jackie Gould. and Ruth Johnstong entertaininent, Marilyn Nord- quistg food committee. Janice Lyonais. Lois Byrne. Marcella Thibert, and Florence Di Giovanni. O'Neil Lumbex Company Page 93 Science Club To increase his knowledge of seienee is the aim of each member of In-La-Sci, science club. To accomplish this end, every active member has during the past year given a comprehensive talk on some scientific subject. These talks included everything from reactions of pingpong balls to treatment for cancer. Time was also devoted to demonstrations in chemistry in order that properties of various elements and compounds might be observed. Patti Bergman is presidentg Howard Austin, vice presidentg Edith Johnston. secretary- treasurer. Mr. Ylinen. head of the science de- partment, is faculty advisor. SCIENCE CLUB ROW I HELEN BERNER, EDITH JOHNSTON, PATTI BERGMAN, HOWARD AUSTIN AUDREY ENGSTROM. ROW II DONNA NORVELL, CAROLYN BEST, ROLENE MORGENSTREN, FLORINE SUNDELIUS, ELIZABETH THOMPSON. ROW III NANCY KAUS, HAZEL HARTMAN, BARBARA WEIKERT, MILDRED MENDEL RUTH JOHNSTON. ROW IV PAUL BRANUM, MR. VLINEN, SPONSOR, LEONARD DYBING. 5 C ROW I SUND, CAROL ANDERSON. ROW II CONNIE MCCOWN, PAT FELSMAN, RUTH MCCONNELL, ELAINE LAVALLEY, RETA MCCONNELL, EILEEN TOOLEY, GERALDINE GERENE CLARK, SHIRLEY BURNELL, MARY O'FALLON, NANCY KAUS. ELIZABETH THOMPSON, AUDREY EIQGSTROM, CHARLENE KEIM, SALLY CONKLIN, SHIRLEY DYER, GERRY JOHNSON. MARY ANNE SISTOK. ROW Ill PHYLLIS TREWEEK, LENORE HERRON, DORIS HEUSCHER, FHYLLIS FREDRICKSON, DORIS ANDERSON. CAROL BOBERG, LETA DICKINSON, JEANNINE HACKER, BEVERLY GEDDES, PATTI BERGMANN, YVONNE GEDDES, PAT MORTON, PAULA MACMILLAN, DUANE HANSON, PHYLLIS ANDERSON. ROW IV MISS HARTMAN, SPONSOR: DON BREIMO, OYSTEIN BOVENG, HARRY BURNELL, SIDNEY ARONSON, CHARLES REMICK. LEE LINDSEY. NORMA KINSHELLA, JO ANN HANSON, ROGER FREDENBERG, JAMES WALTERS, EARL ARMSTRONG, CHARLES MERCORD, CHARLES SIDERIUS, MISS LAMBERT, SPONSOR. Pep czub Wearing their white sweaters with orange and black emblems, ineinbers of Tomaliawlis rendered their main service this year by usher- ing at the crowded basketball games and selling' programs. The sponsors of this club, Miss Lambert and Miss llartinan, along with club officers Pat Felsinan, Don Breimo, and Eileen Tooley, have worked to make this organization outstanding. A project started by the Club this year, was a " Basketball Banquet " for varsity players and their parents. Other services earried on by the club were sponsoring the eheer leaders and planning pep assemblies. A new constitution for re-organization was also drawn up. Cheerleaders ROW I RUTH MCCONNELL, ELAINE LA VALLEY. ROW II SIDNEY ARONSON, RETA MCCONNELL, RALPH DE LANGE. lt is the privilege of the eheerleaders to lead yells at sports events and pep assembliesg it is their duty to bring out all the pep from the crowd. Five cheer- leaders are elected annually. In addition to their cheering! at ball games they find new yells, praetiee yell routines, and teach the eaudidates for election how to eheerlead. Page 94 Sig Ludwig Agency G. A. A. ROW PATRICIA KELLEY, RUTH KINNIBURG. YYONNE JOHNSON, LEE ANN FRANZEN, JOANNE STIEN, JERI SHAW. JANICE JAMES. PAT MORTON, AGNES STENBERG, ALTA PRESTBYE. SHIRLEY DYER. ROW JEANNE THOE, CAROL STENBERG, PEARL OPALKA. LOUISE DAWSON. BEYERLEE MACNAMARA, CATHARINE CARRUTHERS, RUTH JOHNS- TON, RETA MCCONNELL, ADELE PIDWERBECKI. SALLY KIRKPATRICK, NAOMI GAFFANEY, MARY ANNE SISTOK. JEANINE JENSEN, CARRIE FERGUSON. ANN THOMSON. GLORIA LOGAN. - ROW ROW MARJORIE PEDERSON, HELEN EDLAND, MARGARET DZIVI, ELEANOR MORIN. DARLENE EHRET, MARGARET JOHNSON. PAT UFFORD, VIOLET ROLL. MARGARET RICE, BARBARA SPAFFORD, LAURA GRECO. PAT STOCKWELL. EDITH JOHNSTON, ELIZABETH THOMPSON. MILLIE HUG- GINS. ELAINE WILKE, MARILYN JORGENSON, JONE WILLIS, MARJORIE JOHNSTON, JEANNINE HACKER, BERYL HANDFORD. CLAUDIA SAND, BARBARA ADAMS, MILDRED MENDEL. CLEONA MCCLELLAND, EDNA WOLLAN, HARRIET MACDONALD, PAT NORDTOME. BARBARA JACKSON, AUDREY ENGSTROM. JANICE LYONAIS. FLORENCE DIGIOVANI, ELYA RUNDQUIST, YYONNE STRUBLE. JENETTE RED- MAN. CHRISTINE THOMPSON. SHIRLEY WHEELER. DOROTHY IVERSON, BETTY KJOS. LONA LEE SUNDBY, GERALDINE GILBERTSON. NETTIE MILLER, MARGENE CHRISTOPHER. DONNA HAINES, JOYCE HEGGEN. CAROL MURRAY, DONNA NORYELL, GERALDINE BRUNO. DONNA TORBERT, MISS LEWIS, SPONSOR. G. H. Il. For girls who find pleasure i11 sports there is an ideal organization. Girls' Athletic Associ- ation. The activities of this club included in the school program are team games of volley- ball, basketball, badniitton, and baseball. Credit is given for participation by a IIICIHIJOI' in any individual sport. Stripes, chevrons. stars. and "Tins" are awarded for consistent partieipation in athletics in or out of school. Ten upper class girls traveled to the Uni- versity of Montana for a. play day on April 30. This annual affair includes many sports and is sponsored by the vIT0ll1011,S Athletic Associ- ation of the University. G. A. A. boasts a nielnbership of eighty girls. At the initial meeting Edith Johnston was elected president. Elizabeth Thompson. vice president, and Millie Huggins, secretary- treas- urer. Miss Olive Lewis is the sponsor. G. A. A. svonrs on WINNING TEAM or ' sronrs- on TOURNAMENT TIME AND SCORE KEEPERS: GLORIA LOGAN, EDITH JOHNSTON MARJORIE PEDERSON REFEREES: BERYL HANDFORD AND LIZ THOMPSON IN ACT ION! Safeway Page 95 sM........... . . . .qfaslf - li 'f--- - V--E, .. . .fs - Swv, , ,, ,W . M .. APPINOKWIS ROW I ALICE OPALKA, JOYCE LOGAN, DON BREIMO, EDITH JOHNSTON, CLARA ELLEN COLLINS. ROW II JEANNINE PHILLIPS, BARBARA BEEMAN, LEWIS KEIM, SUE EBERHARD, BERYL IIANDFORD, ROW III MISS KURT2, SPONSOR, AUDREY ENGSTROM, EVAN SPEER, DORIS HEUSCHER, MARJORIE FEDERSON. A p pinokwis The National Honor Society has for its prin- ciples: cliaracter, scholarship, leadership, and service. To be eligible for membership in t.his national organization, one must rank in the upper fourth of his class and be approved by the faculty. The present membership consists of fourteen seniors, six of whom were chosen in their junior year and the remaining eight in their senior year. Officers of the group are Donald Breimo, presidentg Joyce Logan, vice presidentg and Edith Johnston, secretary. Miss Kurtz is the faculty sponsor. Y-Teens Y-Teens. an international organization under the Y. NY. C. A., has as its purpose to make better future citizens, to help others in all ways. and to bc of strong moral character. Their first activity was the NVhite Christmas. The whole student body cooperated whole- heartedly so that many gifts were presented to Major Broad of the Salvation Army. A Hobo Hop, lf'eb1'uary 11, gave the club a beginning for its treasury and proved novel entertainment for the students. The officers are Della Black, presidentg Elaine lla Valley, vice presidentg La Verne Bruyer, treasurcrg Luanne Burch, secretary. " Y - T E E N S ELAINE LA VALLEY. LA VERNE BRUYER, DELLA BLACK, DORIS J. ANDERSON, PAT FELSMAN, MISS CARR, SPONSOR, LETA DICKINSON, LUANNE BURCII, BEVERLY GEDDES. CAROL BOBERG, PHYLLIS TREWEEK Page 96 Guest Photo Ax-I Shop Q U I V E R ROW I EUNICE PECKENPAUGH, FRANK HAGEL, JOHN TIIOL, CORINNE IIODGSON, BLANCNE LARSON. ADELAIDE SZYMANOWSKI, COLLEEN BODING, DEAN CROSKREY, YVONNE STRUBLE. ROW II PAT KELLY, MARJORIE PEDERSON, PAT REDFIELD, HELEN HAYTON, LOUISE COOPER, NANCY MCLAUGHLIN, ELAINE JACOBSON, MRS. WELLS, SPONSOR, CLAUDIA SAND, SALLY KIRKPATRICK, DONNA DAVIS, JOANN CHRISTIANSON, LA DONNA IIIEB, JANICE LYONAIS, BERNICE OLSON. Quiver The Quiver is edited by the Scribbler's Club, a group of energetic students who are interested in creative writing and who are also interested in giving others the opportunity of being able to have their original stories, poems, and essays put into a literary magazine which can be read by all the students. This year the club published one magazine. It contained original writings from all of the worthy young authors of Flathead and it gave others the opportunity to read and enjoy these Ushers W NVith the precision of Rockettes, Flat- head's ushers. in their snappy orange and black uniforms. seat the crowds at all public and school entertainments held in thc auditorium. The ushers function as a club in that they sponsor mixers and school parties. The club also presents service pins to its members at the close of each year. Each spring, the club votes in freshmen and sophomore girls to replace graduating' seniors. First semester officers were president. lienore Herrong vice president. Carol Bo- ROW ROW bergg secretary-treasurer. lla Donna llieb. Second semester officers were president, Gerry Sundg vice president, Nancy Kaus: secretaryvitreasnrer. l-lazel llartman. Miss Ertel Shatwell is club sponsor. Wa1I's Auto Repair Page 97 selections. Dean Croskrey, John Thol, and Frank l'l.a.gel made the linoleum block' prints to illustrate the selections. These were all. original designs. The cover was designed by Frank Hagel. The editorial staff is composed of editor-in- chief, Blanche Idarsong assistant editor, Sally Kirkpatrickg sales and publicity manager, La Donna Heibg assistants La. Vern Nelson and Bernice Olsong art editors Nancy Mcliaughlin, Frank Hagel, and Pat Nelson. USHERS I PHYLLIS TREWEEK, DORIS J. ANDERSON, FAYE BAILEY, GERRY SUND IIAZEL HARTMAN, PAT MORTON, CHARLENE KEIM. II PAT FELSMAN, NANCY KAUS, FERN SKIFTUN. III CAROL BOBERG, ARDITII LINRUDE, LENORE HERRON, LA DONNA HIEB LA VERNA SCHLEGEL Page 98 SKI CLUB ROW I BILL DICKINSON, DAVID HENNESSEY, JAMES SUTTON, JAMES HARTSON, CHESTER HOWARD, JAMES AKER, LENORE HERRON, BOB MCLEAN, LESLIE FOV, BOB ABBOTT, BILL NOBLE. ROW II GORDON ROGNLIEN, BRUCE WILSON, SALLY CONKLIN, JO ANN IIANSON, CAROL BOBERG, BEVERLY GEDDES, RONALD BAUSKA. ROW Ill WILLIAM IBENTIIAL, WINSTON MEBUST, JAMES CRONKIIITE, JAMES KORN, PAULINE SMITH, LEE HILL, DOUGLAS EGAN, LAVERNA SCHLEGEL. ROW IV MR. WILSON, SPONSOR, PAUL TUTVEDT, JOHN STOCKWELL, OVSTEIN BOVENG, JAMES HUTCHESON, EDGAR TRIPPET, ROBERT SWEENEY. Ski Club To ini-rease interest in skiing among young people and t.o make skiing a major sport aetivity in Flathead is the objective of the Ski Club. Bill Noble is presidentg Sally Conklin, secretary-treas urerg and "Rip" Wilson, sponsor, of the organization. Bill Noble, lies Foy, James Hartson, Oystein Boveug, Bob lllellean, and La Verna Sehlegel comprised Flathead 'S ski team, The team attended the State meet at Bozeman. ln the Doug Smith Memorial Races at Big Mountain, the ,l'1l21lll02lll team placed third. Les Foy was second in the downhill race in whit-h professionals competed. Foy also raced in the National Ski Races held at Big Mountain. llavingg entered the contest for ski queen as Flathead Ski Club's candidate. lla. Verna Sehlegel eame out vie- torious-Queen of the 1949 National Ski Meet. FLATHEAIJ sKl TEAM JAMES HARTSON, BOB MCLEAN, LESLIE FOV, BILL NOBLE, OYSTEIN BOVENG . P I . 2 . Kafka ffl " 027.1 -wx- QQ r . . 7' W . we 3 3 y 2 lu H ' 1 I ' ww WA I ' - Wi - 2 2 -v 2 - A: '- 3 2 A , , 1 . f I W GRA N I v ' r ff IM M - 'QW 'N Q ffl. ,X V, . l1f.y4.Cf ff' MW :X- ' 1 . fy 5 sw .T X x xX 'bv 2 , ' f - 1 'K 'Iv' 1 Q. S iN 9 I 2 f1.1' 'Z 2. Ward ,- I A CAPPELLA CHOIR ROW I MISS HORTON, DONNA NORVELL, DAISY MAE THOMAS, FLORENCE BARON, MARIE WIDDOWSON, MARIANNA MERRITT, WINNIE GOHN, HELEN HAYTON, MARILYN MCCONNELL, AUDREY ENGSTROM. JOYCE MCKELLAR, CAROL FRY. ROW II DUANE CALBICK, NORMA JEAN KINSHELLA, JEANNINE HACKER, LA DONNA HIEB, BARBARA BOSTIC, EDNA SYKES, CATHERINE CLARK, BONNIE MINTHORN, PAULINE HOVEY, BARBARA BERGMANN, MARJORIE MENDEL, ETHEL OLSON, NANCY PIERSON. ROW III BOB WAUGH, TIM CRAIL, LEE HILL, ELGIN WHEELER, DALE HARVEY, HERB KASSNER, DON BREIMO, CLIFFORD COLLINS, RONALD LYFORD, DICK ROTH, TOM LITTLE, BOB JAMES, DEAN CROSKREY, CHARLES CLAPPER, ANDRE LIPPENS. A Cappella Choir The choir this year under the direction of Miss Janice Horton had fifty members, primar- ily upperclassmen. Underclassmen were ad- mitted upo11 audition. The choir presented a concert for the businessmen in November, and an a cappella Christmas pageant, several radio broadcasts. both recorded and live, and a spring concert. As their last public performance, a massed choir was used for baccalaureate and com- mencement. Participating in the class A festival in Kalispell April 23, the massed choir used the following selections: "Set Down Ser- vant," a negro spiritualg "Lost in the Night," and Hlilallelujah Amen," from "Judas Mae- eabaeus" both sacred numbers. From the vocal music department, repre- sentatives were chosen for the all state chorus held in Great Falls May 6-7 during the state music contest. They were: Edna Sykes, Norma. Jean Kinshella, Clara Ellen Collins, Leta Dickinson, Jeannine Hacker, Barbara Berg- mann, Carol Fry, Fern Skiftun, Nancy Kaus, Lora Peterson, and Don Breimo. Officers of the choir were Don Breimo, presidentg Dean Croskrey, vice presidentg Jeannine Hacker, secretary-treasurer5 and Bob Waugh, librarian. Don Breimo Don Breimo, senior bass soloist, at- tended the state music festival in Missoula last year and received a, superior rating. He sang "I VVa.lked Today Where Jesus NValked" and "Bells of the Sea." This year he attended the state music festival in Great Falls. He chose to sing "Le Carr" in French and "Caro Mio Ben" in Italian. I-le performed for many civic or- ganizations, school assemblies, radio broadcasts, and formal concerts. Manley Owen Betts Page IDU lMontancx Hotel, ROW ROW ROW ROW SOPHOMORE CHORUS DELORES FARRIS, SHIRLEY MOELLER, PATSY THOMAS, BARBARA OWEN, PAT KELLY, FERN ARNOLD, LORA JUNE PETERSON, DOROTHY BLOOM, BEVERLY HAUGE, PAT JENNINGS, KAY HERRON. MISS HORTON, LA VERNE BRUYER, RUTH MCCONNELL, ANN MARTINSON, LILLIAN OLSON, BERNADINE HEALY, MARJORIE KEMNA, LAURA CHRISTENSEN, DELORES HISSONG, ELLEN ROGNLIE, FAY NEAS. ARLENE MCCARTNEY, PAT MORTON, FRANCES BUCK. HARRIET BOLME, ARDITH LINRUDE, DONNA GROSSWILER, EMERAL HAUG, EDNA WOLLAN, RITA CLARK, ROSELLA KAUFFMAN, JO ANN HANSON, DONNA DAVIS, PEARL OPALKA, ANN THOMSON, HARRIET MACDONALD, MARALYN EAYRS, JESSIEBELLE PASSMORE, JEAN STORM. ' GLENNA LEE BEAR, PAULA MACMILLAN, AGNES STENBERG, CAROL STENBERG, VIOLET MAIER, ROBERTA JONES, JEANINE MYERS, PAT SCHUMACHER, BONNIE COX, GLORIA SCHLEGEL, ELEANOR HOLMQUIST, ELAINE JACOBSON, ELEANOR HAWKINS, CORINNE HODGSON, BETTY ANN ROSS, JOYCE MCNEIL, PAULINE LINDGREN. Sophomore Chorus The sophomore chorus, under the direction of Miss Janice l'l.orton, has sixty-cight 1110111- bcrs and a two year 1l1Cl11ll8I'Slllp. "The l1ord's PI-ayer" and "Snow Legend" were prcpared, illld radio broadcasts and a florinal conccrt were presented for thc public. The nicinbcrs of this cl1orI1s coinpriscd the basic persoucll for the 1l11lSiC festival in Kalispell April 23. Officers arc Jo Ann llanson. prcsidcntg La Verne Bruyer, vice prcsidcntg Mary licith. secretary-trcasurcrg aI1d l"raucis Buck, libarian. Freshman Chorus The frcslunau chorus, 2111 all girl organization of thirty-five ll10ll'1bEfl'S,. is under the direction of Miss Janicc Horton. The chorus participated in radio broadcasts and a spri11g concert. Members of this group were selected to aug- mcnt the sophomore chorus at the music festival iI1 Kalispell, April 23. Officers arc: Barbara Bliss, presidcntg Lois Byrne, vice prcsidcntg Jone NVillis. secretary- treasurerg and Marcella Thibert, librarian. FRESHMAN CHORUS now I GERALDINE skurlo, LOUISE WILHELM, I.ucII.I.s WILHELM, MARJORIE Rows. MARCELLA THIBERT, PATRICIA STOCKWELL, DONNA BROWN, GENEVA SONSTELIE, BARBARA SPAFFORD, BARBARA BLISS. HELEN RHODES, JONE WILLIS, SHIRLEY CHRISINGER, DARLENE MARVEL BUCK, MARY ANNE SISTOK, MISS HORTON. EHRET, ROW II ANA DYGERT, RITA HALSETH, DOROTHY WUNDERLICH, THALLIS CLARE, DELORES FOSS, INA DYE, JANE KJOS, JEAN PICKENS, DONNA PILON. DOLORES BEAVER, DOROTHY IVERSON, NETA MINTHORN, LILA AABERGE, CAROL DUNHAM, PATRICIA UFFORD, LOIS BYRNE, LAURA GRECO. PeurI's Beauty Nook Page 101 JUNIOR-SENIOR TRIPLE TRIO CLARA ELLEN COLLINS, JEANNINE HACKER, NORMA JEAN KINSHELLA, ADELE FIDWERBECKI, EDNA SYKES. BARBARA BERGMANN, LETA DICKINSON, FERN SKIFTUN, CAROL FRY, NANCY KAUS, LORA JUNE PETERSON, ACCOMPANIST Boys Octette Boys selected for their ability and voice blend coin- prise the boys octctte. This group perfornied for various city organizations such as the Rotary, Shriners, and church organizations. It also par- ticipated in radio broadcasts and pertorincd between acts for the senior play. The boys prepared sacred numbers, Negro spirituals, folk songs. and light nuin- bers. Among these were "Beautiful Savior," "Deep River," "Gospel Train," Cool Water, " 'S Kentucky Babe," "Toy Drum," and "Mosquitoes" ll junior-Senior Triple Trio l'nder the direction of Miss Janice llorton the junior-senior triple trio performed for many municipal organizations-Bust ness and Professional XVOIHEII, Rotary, P. T. A., and Naval Reserve Officers. The group also participated in radio broad- casts. May 6-7 the triple trio attended the State Music festi- val in Great Falls. Preparing both a cappella and accompa- nied selections, the triple trio performed such numbers as "Robin in the Rain," "Snow Legend." and "The Teakettle Sings." BOYS OCTETTE Lou JUN: Persnsos, Acconnmsr, nossm HOUGH, nos JAMES. GARY Reese, RoNNY urokn, VEARI. OVERTON, CLIFFORD COLLINS, DON BREIMO. NOT PICTURED-BOB ABBOTT FRESHMAN-SOPHOMORE TRIPLE TRIO R W I SHIRLEY CHRISINGER, BARBARA BLISS, BARBARA OWEN, LORA JUNE PETERSON. ROW II JO ANN HANSON. DONNA DAVIS, JEANINE MYERS. LOIS BYRNE. ROW III NETA MINTHORN, ELEANOR HAWKINS, ELAINE JACOBSON, MARJORIE KEMNA, BONNIE MINTHORN ACCOMPANIST. 5 Freshman- Sophomore Triple Trio Organized priniarily for the purpose of preparing the nieinbers for the senior or- ganization. the freshman- sophoinorc triple trio, under the direction of Miss Janice llorton, performed for sev- eral service clubs in town. Its meinbers are used as substitutes in the senior triple trio when necessary. Woodwurds-Winkler's Page I02 CONCERT ORCHESTRA SIIARIE SEEKINS, FRANCES GOHN, CLARA ELLEN COLLINS, CAROLYN BEST, KARLA SEARLE, THERESA FRAN1, SHIRLEY WHEELER, PHYLLIS FREDRICKSON, ARTHUR MITTON, LOIS MITTON. MONA HOILAND. MARIANNA MERRITT, JOYCE ROSS, EVAN SPEER, DONALD HILL, DOROTHY FRAN1, JAMES HARTSON, BILLY CYR, DEAN WEIKERT, JAMES KORN, BARBARA WEIKERT, HUGH SPEER, LES FOY, ELLIS FRENCH, BOB MOORE, MR, BECKSTRAND, DIRECTOR. Concert Orchestra School plays, assemblies, radio broadcasts, and a variety show were activities in which the orchestra performed. It also assisted the choir in presenting a Christmas pageant. The purpose of the orchestra. is to study great works of music and attempt to interpret them correctly. ' Attending the district music festival held in Kalispell, April 23, the orchestra. chose for its contest selections "Danse Macabre," "Angelus," and "Overture to the Bohemian Girl." The orchestra. plays the processional and recessional at the commencement services for eaeh graduating class. Q Eight delegates were sent to Great Falls for the all state orchestra meet. They were Bar- bara lVeikert, bassg Evan Speer, clarinetg Carolyn Best, Phyllis lflredriclcson, Mona, Hoiland, Clara Ellen Collins, Shirley Wheeler and liois Mitton, violins. Evan received the first chair in the second clarinet section, Phyllis the first chair in the second violin section, and Clara Ellen the second chair in the first violin section. Officers of the orchestra are James Hartson, presidentg James Korn, vice presidentg Karla Searle, secretary-treasurer4 and l-lugh Speer. manager. All State Orchestra Students from many Montana. towns composed the All-State orchestra at Great Falls. Page 103 CONCERT BAND MEMBERS ROBERT ADAMS, DARREL ALBERT, NOEL ARONSON, SIDNEY ARONSON, JOHN BIERY, KATHYRN BIERY, MERVIN BRUNNER, CHARLES CARTER, MARGENE CHRISTOPHER, HARVEY CLOUSE, CLIFFORD COLLINS, WILLIAM CYR, WILLIAM DICKINSON, JOHN ENGEBRETSON, WILLIAM FINE, DONNA FLYNN, LESLIE FOY, DOROTHY FRANZ, RUTH FRANZ, THERESA FRANZ, ELLIS FRENCH, HAROLD GILLETTE, ROGER GORDON, JAMES HARTSON, DONALD HILL, ROBBIN HOUGH, JOYCE KIRK, JAMES KORN, CARL LEVITT, MARGARET LOVEALL, RONALD LYFORD, MARILYN MAURER, MARJORIE MAURER, RITA MAURER, FRANCIS MEELROY, NANCY MCGLENN, ROGER MCPHEETERS, NETTIE MILLER, JOANNE MOLLER, ROBERT MOORE, GENE MORGAN, GERALD OLSON, HAROLD PAULLIN, VIRGIL PAULLIN, HORTON PECKENPAUGH, GENE PETERSON, ADELE PIDWERBECKI, GERALD QUALLS, JEANNETTE REDMAN, ARNOLD RIEBE, ROBERT ROBBIN, KARLA SEARLE, GERALDINE SHAW, PAULINE SMITH, EVAN SPEER, HUGH SPEER, JOHN STOCKWELL, LEON SYTHE, JOHN THOL, GENE THOMPSON, JOHN VAN, DEAN WEIKERT, MARIAN WISE, BARBARA WEIKERT Concert Band W The eoneert band ot? 1948-1949 is eoinposed of seventy 1l10ll1ll0l'S under the direction of Edward Beekstrand. ' Performing for assemblies. radio broadcasts. and 3111 exchange coneert with Central Junior High, the eoneert band highlighted its season with its annual winter and spring coneerts. They played sueh selections as "lla Reine de Saba" by Gounadg "First Movement of Symphony No. Il in B Minoru by Horoding "March of the Steel Men" which featured the Cornet and trombone sections by llelstringg FLAG TWIRLE RS 5 , 'Broadcast from Brazil" by Bennett: "Mexi- can Hat Dance" by Bennett, and "An1parito Raeo " by Texidor. The full band performed at all ot? the borne football games and entertained the appreciative sport fans with half-time shows, one of these being 4'The Gay Ninety Review." In Missoula the band performed "Uncle Sain Review," a fireworks extravaganza whieh was enthusi- astically received by the fans of our sister school. LEFT-GERRY SUND, DONNA GROSSWILER, IRENE DONNER. GLORIA SCHLEGEL. CENTER-EILEEN TOOLEY, PAT SCHUMACHER, MELBA STORIE, BONNIE COX. RIGHT--PAULA MACMILLAN, LENORE HERRON, ETHEL OLSON, JO ANN HANSON. Flag Twirlers Vtlith their gay orange and black costumes, the twelve girls who eonipose the flag twirlers eau bring out the feeling of festivity in any crowd. They furnish enter- tainment dnring halt'-time periods of both football and basketball games. Iverson Bros.-Kalispell Drug Montgomery Blacksmith Shop Page 104 Montgomery Ward G Co. i E xXX s --XXXX X -XX . , XX X X-QXQXX-X ,Xa X - XXX . X- X, X X XXX--.-X: 2- XX .ig-ifXEiE?g2g--XXX- N' .. A' k X , ,-'Gig x -'-X-2 -1- 2 X - SXXXQXXSEXS 2122-3 XX- 1 k - XXX " X - 1 X. .X -X -N2 N X-XSXX X -X-X-X2-2 X 1.3 X - X - 1- XX e --XXXXX'---X15-ser---XSSXLXEEXF XX - . -2 5 XX ' X - K ' . - ' XX -5-2 X2-.QNX-XNXFXY - XX- -z1X-.X .ss-'XYXXXX-:sXEXXgXX:XXX X XX-X .X - -- 1 X- X: -XX XX X X X X - X-EEXX--XE?-XXX- X X Q1Xg'--2 'X - W F X. . as X J LX ' XX X X X X "5 X XXXXX X. XXX-Xp -X A X X f X- X- X X Q X ' A - X X X X -- X X X X X X L.Xx X35-Q XXX- XSXXX QNX XX - -2 XXX- XX.X.XX-:XX X . fX X XXX - - - X XX - - .X . Xa--Xw X1- X2s---- X--X -XX .X -- X .J ' . . - X. 1 9 ' - - xii X-ff --Y -N 2-S X X-X X-' XX:XXLlX-EEXESE-EXXSXSX RX- XXX X Q :X -' ' X ' - XXX. - - -XXXX--XXX-XXXXXX-XX-XX - X - X -X - - X X X X - 1 - - X -x X XXX-SXXXXXSX-X-X-S X XX X X- A - 2 P ' .X .... . .... X X X ....... X . .X XX X X X N- 'S . X XXQXXQQXQ-XXEXEQEX -N1 Si - - X XX X -' '- -SXX12 XXi-X-is3X12X3i3XsEXiXs2- ' " x XX X 1 XX E - - XSS S XXXXXXXX X SSS?-3--XXS--Sam-X QX X N X X XX Q X XX - 3 X - X - X .NX X5 S X , S X - s X .X 1 X X K X - Nw X ' - X -X X x X - .X X XX - X X X - X X X s X N" -- --x S' 3 X :X-f X WX ' . . X - NX XSXX -X-XX-N X-X-XX XX X- tiXtX': XXX N :X-XX F XX . X . 3 - - . -- 1 -1 ---2- -XXXXs XX- s--XXX XX- - - X FXX X - -11. - . if. X.- X 3. -:if-:'x""E5' E--ii X55-5 x - . X . X1 X .X .. x SSESXST . 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Girls from all grades of high school are included in this lively organization. Major- ette Jeannine Haekev leads this group of girls. ROW I GERALDINE BRUNO, DONNA TORBERT, LUCILLE BURNELL. ROW II GLORIA FULTON, MARY ANNE SISTOK, GERENE CLARK, ANN THOMSON. ROW III MARILYN MCCONNELL, DONNA FLYNN, DONNA NORVELL. ROW ROW ROW V MARY O'FALLON, PAT MORTON. VI JEANNINE HACKER. IV MARJORIE JOHNSTON, HELEN EDLAND, PEARL OPALKA, LETA DICKINSON. Pep Band The 1948-49 pep band had a meinhel-ship of approximately 35 students. This band is selected by the director to play for basketball games and other events of a rally nature. lt PEP BAND is eolnposed pI'ill12Il'iIy of' juniors and seniors 'fl'0ll1 the eoneert band although ll11d8l'QIil,SSl1'lGl1 needed to round out the ll1St1'l11l16I1t2I,IZl0ll are selected. MEMBERS ROBERT ADAMS, HARVEY CLOUSE, CLIFFORD COLLINS, CLARA ELLEN COLLINS. WILLIAM DICKINSON, JOHN ENGEBRETSON, LESLIE FOV, DOROTHY FRANZ, RUTH FRANZ, THERESA FRANZ, ELLIS FRENCH, ROGER GORDON, JAMES HARTSON, DONALD HILL, JOYCE KIRK, JAMES KORN, CARL LEVITT, NANCY MCGLENN, NETTIE MILLER, JOANNE MOLLER, ROBERT MOORE, GERALD OLSON, HORTON PECKENPAUGH, GENE PETERSON, ADELE PIDWER- BECKI, GERALD QUALLS, ROBERT ROBBIN, KARLA SEARLE, PAULINE SMITH, EVAN SPEER, HUGH SPEER, JOHN STOCKWELL, LEON SVTHE, JOHN THOL, JOHN VAN, DEAN WEIKERT, MARIAN WISE Page 108 3 S S X ,QNX I . CAST OF ALL-SCHOOL PLAY BEVERLY GEDDES, BOB MCLEAN, JANICE LYONAIS, MARILYN NORDQUIST, EUNICE PECKENPAUGH, PAUL BRANUM, ROBBIN HOUGH, DOROTHY REDFIELD, DALE HARVEY, CAROL MURRAY All School Play Jay Tobias' "A Ready-Made Family" was ehosen by the drama elass and the director, Mr. Anderson, as the all-school play for 1949. This three act farce was presented success- fully three times. Its humorous plot moralizes the results of a, marriage with a "ready-made family." Agnes Martyn fBeverly Geddesj, a widow. surprises her children Bob fPaul Branninnj, Marilee CEuniee Peekenpaughl, and Gracie CDorothy Redfieldj by coming home from a vacation married to Henry Turner fBob Me- Leani a widower, who has a son Stlllllllle QR-obbin Houghj and a daughter Dorisf Janice Lyonaisb. The offspring of both parties are greatly grieved at the happenings. They go to great lengths to half ruin the marriage- and almost succeed. Agnes and Henry Turner, however, pull a few trieks out of the bag and ill the end every- one is satisfied with the arrangement. Marilyn Nordquist portrayed Miss Lydia, Agnes' sister- in-lawg and Dale Harvey and Carol Murray were Nieodemus and Begonia, the Martyns' darkie servants. SCENE FROM ALL-SCHOOL PLAY BEVERLY GEDDES, MARILYN NORDQUIST, CAROL MURRAY, JANICE LYONAIS, ROBBIN HOUGH Mercury Cleaners Monarch Lumber Co. Page 109 SENIOR PLAY CAST-ABIE'S IRISH ROSE SEATED: LEWIS KEIM, SOLOMON LEVYQ CHARLES MERCORD, PATRICK MURPHY. STANDING: DON BREIMO. RABBI nk. sAMutLsg LA VERNA SCHLEGEL, MRS. ISAAC COHENQ CAROL FRY, BRIDESMAIDQ CAROL FLOTTMAN. sRmEsMAlDg BILL NOBLE, ABRAHAM LEVV5 SALLY CONKLIN, ROSEMARV MURPHY LEVY1 DELLA CALBICK. BRIDESMAIDQ BARBARA BEEMAN. BRIDESMAIDQ HUGH SPEER, lsAAc CONENQ LAUREN GRANMO, FATHER WNALIN. Senior Play Abie's Irish Rose. a hilarious but yet thought provoking' eoinedy, was presented by the senior elass 011 November 18 and 19. The eonfliet in the play centers about the hereditary antipathy of the Irish for the Jews. To the thoughtful person. the amiable solution of the problem of prejudice as presented in the play would be applicable to all problems of raeial intolerance which exist today. lt is only through understanding of others as individuals that the nations of the world ean hope to main- tain peaee and happiness. The play was well reeeived by both students and patrons of the sehool. The production was under the direction of Mr. David Anderson of the English department. The east was in eharaeter throughout so that the audience lived every turbulent inoinent in the lives of the Levys and Murphys. The east included Abie, Bill Noble: Rose Mary. Sally Conkling Patrick Murphy, Charles Mereord: Solomon Levy, Lewis Keiing Father Whalen. Lauren Granniog Dr. Jacob Samuels, 'Donald Ilreiinog Mrs. Isaae Cohen. La Verna Sehlegtelg Mr. Fohen. Ilugh Speer. The stage and inalie up crew included Bob Abbott. Howard Austin, Della Calbielz, Dean Uroskrey, Betty Gonsior, Lenore Herron, Aliee lsoni. Gerry Sund, and 'Eileen Tooley. Page 110 Gene's Drive Inn-GIcx:ier Nesbitt Bottling Co. x .Q mf .. ix Q, - wx bv x A .wx aw- X x ' x x S x A X9 N . xmxx NS i . k r x X' x Q .. i X A x-N . gf XL Q S SS XX X Q isis? SSS' 9 es R5 is WT? KX ki A ff g Q 1 X -is si F Hx Q wxsd- X . Qf. .9 ff: Mk' G -Nxqw 'N SQ.: V 4 xx Q Qffxgix ,Q N x :QS :xii .. N S x EQ S Q Iwqx I wx X ,nw MCM ,,,, if, 1 Z M,W:fm W Wmfw as Hi.-1 sw-XXX X X N www x X Q 1 gs S' nn, S wxxxx Q X I :si K S X X N Q X ,,, rx, Rx X X s Annual Sponsorships The 1949 Flathead staff-wishes to express its appreciation to the business and professional firms who have sponsored pages. PAGE SPONSORSHIPS BEAMAN'S BI RITE BLUE Cr WHITE AUTO COURT BUTTREYS ' CHESTER'S OFFICE SUPPLY CONRAD NATIONAL BANK EGAN METAL PRODUCTS EMERSON'S OVAL E SERVICE EQUITY SUPPLY CO. FIRST NATIONAL BANK FLATHEAD MOTOR SALES CO. GAMBLE STORE GLACIER PARK STUDIO ITOBIASI GREIG'S LAKESIDE DAIRY GUEST PHOTO ART SHOP HENNESSEY'S HOLLINGSWORTH ELECTRIC HUMMER'S HUTCHESON'S CLEANERS J. C. PENNEY CO. JOHN'S BUICK INC. KALISPELL BOWLING ALLEY KALISPELL GROCERY CO. KALISPELL LUMBER CO. KALISPELL MERCANTILE K G E Z LARSON'S GROCERY LARSON IMPLEMENT MANLEY OWEN BETTS MONTANA HOTEL MILLER-FORD CO. MOUNTAIN STATES POWER CO. O'NEILL MANUFACTURING CORP. OLSON'S BARBER SHOP O'NEIL LUMBER CO. PEARL'S BEAUTY NOOK SAFEWAY SNAPPY SERVICE SENTER SIG LUDWIG AGENCY WALT'S AUTO REPAIR WOODLAND FLOWER SHOP Page 114 HALF-PAGE SPONSORSHIPS ANDERSON THEATER CO. ANDERSON'S STYLE SHOP ALTON PEARCE DRUG BELL'S INCORPORATED BUCKINGHAM'S COCA COLA CO. CORSAIR FLYING SERVICE, INC. CROSKREY CARLSON CO. DICKINSON'S MUSIC CENTER EAGLE SHOE CO. ECONOMY FOODS FLOWERS BY HANSON F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. GAREY MOTOR CO. GENE'S DRIVE IN GLACIER NESBITT BOTTLING CO. GLACIER DAIRY I-IACIENDA HANSEN'S CLEANERS HARRY HOILAND AGENCY HENRICKSON MOTORS HOWARD'S SHOE SHINE INTER LAKE IVERSON BROS. JOHN'S HARDWARE JOHNSON'S FUNERAL HOME KALISPELL DRUG KALISPELL HOTEL KALISPELL SHEET METAL WORKS IHUNDAHL 0 Co.: LA RAYNE BEAUTY SHOP G PETERSON'S TOURIST COURT MACMILLAN DRUG MANION MOTORS MERCURY CLEANERS MONARCH LUMBER CO. MONTGOMERY BLACKSMITH SHOP MONTGOMERY WARD G CO. MORRISON SERVICE GARAGE PAYNE Cr WIK FOUNTAIN 6' GROCERY PAY 'N SAVE PECK'S TEXACO SERVICE POULSON'S ELECTRIC ROBBIN G ROBBIN RYDER'S FURNITURE EXCHANGE SANDY'S SALES SERVICE SAVERUD PAINT SHOP SERVICE CLEANERS SUPER FOODS SYKE'S TOBERT'S VARIETY STORE UNION SERVICE WAGGENER Er CAMPBELL FUNERAL HOME WHEELER'S JEWELRY STORE WINKLER'S WOODWARD'S QUARTER-PAGE SPONSORSHIPS AL'S FOOD SHOP BELLER-COLLINS REAL ESTATE CITY TRANSFER CORNELL CABINS DICKEY GLASS SHOP DICKINSON'S AGENCY ELECTRIC CONSTRUCTION Cr ENGINEERING CO. ELECTRIK MAID BAKERY FERGUSON SHOE STORE FISHER C1 FOY, INC. FLATHEAD GIFT SHOP FLATHEAD MOTEL GLACIER WAR SURPLUS GLACIER REALTY CO. JACKSON'S MACHINE SHOP JACOBSON'S FOODS HIMSL-WOHLWEND MOTORS, INC. KALISPELL CAFE KALISPELL LAUNDRY Cr DRY CLEANERS KALISPELL MOTOR SUPPLY KALISPELL NEWS KALISPELL TYPEWRITER EXCHANGE KALISPELL WRECKING CO. LLOYD'S RADIATOR SHOP MCINTOSH MUSIC MERRITT CABINS NORTH SIDE GROCERY Cr MARKET OK RUBBER WELDERS DICK STRUBLE PROPANE GAS CO. STEWART'S STANDARD SERVICE SUPER CREAM G ICE CREAM FOUNTAIN Cr LUNCH SURPLUS SALES THE HUT TIP TOP CAFE WALT WOODS INSURANCE WHEATON'S CYCLE C1 TOY SHOP i""" '.' - ' I 4 1 Vi' 5, , if? 1 ,.,Q.1w-.. ...'1.vm....4.61

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