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 - Class of 1957

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' S -uf1f- ' --'? 'A 4 -.A ,-1- . -E-T- M. f - - ' 'a,'5'L: -12.-" " '-. Af . nw- 3'-,-5:,,j gf H,::'.w 1 wav 5 Au, rd, , . N wg : T - , I' A , ,. 5, I, I , fg - -3 .-.'..,,.,.1-zf',,-,.Q,,,:M-.I 4. . M 1' A',,4 - 16551 5' 1 , wp H,-.:'-JM' , ,... .g im gvfqfvggl? :I 3 -. 1 +V: "'-A-,3,'J',,f-".f1"v.'.f.L,'1,1 ,1rqw,.j1..!HuE5, 4. ' ' 'Q'-I ,Ui1"gr.:,1'-S-Ig'Q','Q45'g-'ffll '34, ' A ' "- r V-'F1.r-Ji-315-l'-N11-5 '2"1M:'f" - 1' ' , f. . gig-X5 i,,,w1,,,'- 155: 5?-i-,.yhr..,5': -' 4. , : 412-4+ia3?ii5fEygA,?"4s 'fc?,?: .,, 42 - . jv-"1.-,-j.21fi.gg24?:.:y 'g31Z.5,sj,'b-1-'fp-1,-'- . ,Q l'.,E,tir5 M wgg.5f.w ,. ,. , , ,J .,Ya-.T,,j-mpdi 5...-,Zn -A' 3.-,f1,, , zu. ,Q 'M'-Q ',3'ff9-W'M5'siA5jB, - T if 1 1- 1-'.'-16,5 .i Q l x '.. ".4?.0,fap-rv , . - 332-ff'i,53,?fi?2Iff.''R+ - . --f,gg.v5.xJ,1akq.,fm x J N 'SQ556 1 1 A I ...xl y . V A M A -. . af: ' '. - - - .- if!! ' "'f-VI' 1-. ff' aw-' ,ff . -. ' "fja1J'f'f.'i1W"51-mw-1:'f-f,- if. " "Y r"-1'3.:,fg,'f1' , . ' ,f ,jifl W . qty, , 1 -.1- Lf A- f't,g. " 1. :.""?" V qu 3982 - "' M-f-15' . if"W'-','9?i'4'S"i'14-f4:'1-4 .g,,,.,fH4 4111, -. ,4"Z5v',r4e,-,1rg.... , .Eg ""'f. fp" H1bf'f1'a',4-.' . V - g 'QE''ff''.-"w"".f-f:1':'uT1,:'.FQ-,gi Mg. ' 1w+em+w.':' f -51. ' V A . 2 , - fgf.HL: I , V, ,W h HSN, ng-4, I., ,I . . kv, --W ,W hi ',.i,,,2,5 .A?,3Q,,. 4-.g , 1 4,6 LN, . , X. , 5iE?'f1'-4.,Au-Nw,-'A,'.55''' 4 gf- 'I - 9, - ,.p, ,in..4ifx wr. . . K: v..',- ' .I . '- Tim' I ' ' -r Q 1 Q, A z 1 w 1 l Y lg-1421! . rich ,Li-gl :F , 11524. fi. 2 . -:Lv .-1 3 , ,,. .7917 A '-t- .-vi iv -3 , ' 52- viii? '15 TC 1'7- ,K I 4'- 'H Q mg i . 1 x ,Q T' ' sam- i , J : sn- - AMBLER 195 FLAT ROCK HIGH SCHOOL Jackie Herzfeld, Editor-in-Chief Dona North Judy Reed FLAT ROCK, MICHIGAN With sincere appreciation for the many services, sacrifices and interest which have made this school and our education possible we, the yearbook staff of 1957, gratefully dedicate this volume of the Rambler to the constituency of the Flat Rock School System. If in the distant future, these pages bring joyous memories of those happy days spent in this high school, the ultimate aim of the yearbook staff of 1957 will have been ac- complished. Students Administration and Faculty Organizations Sports , 2 x ., , .X , f 1? udents 7- "5 rv. magawezqwu Wa LEE BAGGOTT "I-le puts his worries in a pocket with a hole in it." LONNIE E. BAIN tune on his lips and a song in his heart." DELANO BOCK "lf a car is my only trouble, give me a thoxsand troubles." MARILYN BOGE "Quiet outside, who knows what's imide. " BARBARA JEAN BOYD "Some think she's quiet. . .others know better! " HERB BROWNING "All women are evils --yet necessary ones. " LEE BAGGOTT Varsity Club 45 Baseball, Reserve 1,2, Varsity 3,45 Class Play 45 Play Committee 3. LONNIE E, BAIN Newspaper 15 Varsity Club 2,3,45 Football, Reserve 1, Varsity 2,3,45 Track 1,2,3,45 Reserve Basketball 25 Class Play 45 Play Committee 35 Athletic Carnival 1,35 Dance Band 4. DELANO BOCK Student Council 35 As- sembly Committee 45 Varisty Club 2,3, President 45 Football, Reserve 1 ,2, Varsity 3,45 Basketball, Reserve 1, Var- sity 3,45 Track 1,25 Class Play 3,45 Play Committee 3,45 Prom Committee 3,45 Athletic Carnival 15 Class President 35 Class Secretary 2. MARILYN BOGE Play Committee 4. BARBARA JEAN BOYD Student Council, Secretary 25 Band 1,2,3,45 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Play Committee 3,4. HERB BROWNING Play Committee 3,45 Career Confer- ence Representative 45 Yearbook 35 Newspaper 4. 4 saddle' dddddwigdddffdl I DEAN R. BURDICK "He has bumed the nidnite oil but not for study. " JANET BUSSINGER "Little I care if little I am, I c just as much as big girls c LINDA CAMPBELL "A giggle, a dash, a shriek, and a crash." DONALD CERNY "Don't worry about him, He'11 take care of himself." If MARILYN COMFORT "A smile for every girl and two for every boy. " FRANCIS LYNN COOK "School is like home, he was never there." DEAN R, BURDICK Reserve Football 25 Play Committee 3. JANET BUSSINGER Library 3,45 Girls Chorus 4. LINDA CAMPBELL GAA 1,2,3,45 Play Committee 3,4. DONALD CERNY Athletic Carnival 1. MARILYN COM- FORT Student Council 2,3, Vice President 45 Assembly Committee President 45 Yearbook 15 Newspaper 2, As- sistant Editor 3, Co-Editor 45 Band 15 Glee Club 1,2,3,4g Cheerleading 2,3,45 GAA 1,2,3,45 Class Play 35 Play Com mittee 3,45 Prom Committee 3,45 Athletic Carnival 1,35 Class Vice President 25 Student Council Delegate 3,45 Career Conference Representative 4. FRANCIS LYNN COOK No Activities. 5 P azawcae4faepwp4aedfofzanew4fep,q. ROBERT COX "A bit bashful, a bit shy, you couldn 't find a nicer guy." WILLIAM F. DAVIS "I can be serious but I'd rather not." 5 - NANCY DELMORE "Short and snappy, attractive and happy- " DONNA DISHON "She 's just like the weather, always changing." GARY DORSCH "For every why, he has a wherefore." GLHXIN C. DUTTON "He leads the pack, wolf that is." ROBERT COX Class Vice President 1,3. WILLIAM F. DAVIS Transferred from Pellston, Michigan in the fall o '56. NANCY DELMORE Student Council 1,35 Yearbook 1,2,45 Newspaper 25 Glee Club 3,45 Cheerleading 2,3,45 GAA 1,2,3,45 Class Play 3,45 Prom Committee 35 Athletic Carnival 1,35 Class Treasurer 3. DONNA DISHON Newspaper 3,45 Drum Majorette 4, Assistant 1,2,35 Glee Club 1,2,35 Library 45 Office Girl 45 GAA 1,2,3,45 Play Committee 3,45 Athletic Carnival 1,3. GARY DORSCH Varsity Baseball 45 Reserve Football 15 Reserve Baseball 1,25 Athletic Carnival 15 Science Club 1,2. GLENN G. DUTTON Band 1,2,3,45 Athletic Carnival 1. 6 maze ROBERT FARMER "I've seen school now what? " CHARLES FINLEY "I'm willing to be convinced, but I'd like to see anyone do it." ROGER FOLEY "Better people than me have lived, but I doubt it. " f"""'sn- WILLIAM FORD "Great men are dying every day and I feel sick. " HERB GABEHART "A tall physique leaves room for a big heart." CHARLFS GALLAGI-IER "Wine, women and a "98" Olds." ROBERT FARMER Athletic Carnival 1. CHARLES FINLEY Student Council 45 Newspaper 45 Varsity Club 45 Football, Reserve 3, Varsity 45 Class Play 35 Play Committee 45 Student Cormcil Delegate 4. ROGER FOLEY Var sity Club 3,45 Play Committee 3,45 Football, Reserve 2, Varsity 3,45 Track 2,3,4. WILLIAM FORD Transferred from Kinston, Michigan in the fall of '56, HERB GABH-IART Student Council 1, Pres. 45 Yearbook 3,4, Varsity Club 45 Varsity Basketball 3,45 Class Play 35 Play Committee 35 Prdm Committee 3,45 Athletic Carnival 1. CHARLES GALLAGHER No Activities. f 4 ,akaaaubdezmdfudez 3614, MARY LOU GEISLER "I honestly believe it iz better tew know nothing than tew kpow what ain't so." ' ELAINE E. GENTIS "Not too serious, not too gay, just reserved in every way." V7 tf. . 1, :2-2 "Having keen senses, common sense, yk H ,V and yet room for nonsense." A 'S 'oe" Ef. - , . zz I Myyy L N , E , ,E A JACQUELYN H. HERZFELD "Live only for today, and you ruin tomorrow." J UDITH ANN HOBBS "Of all the little words of tongue and pen Judy likes best the little word , "men." KAREN HOLTZ "She's a little tornado with a big twist." MARY IDU GEISLER: Newspaper 45 Office Girl 45 GAA 2,3545 Class Play 4. ELAINE E. GENTIS: Band l,2,3,45 Glee Club l,2,3,45 GAA l,2,3,45 Class Play 35 Play Committee 35 Athletic Carnival l. BYRON GOOD: Student Council 25 Assembly Committee 35 Yearbook 2,35 Newspaper 35 Varsity Club l,2,3,45 Varsity Football 1,2 ,3,45 Basketball, Reserve l,2, Varsity 3,45 Varsity Baseball 1,2 ,3,45 Class Play 35 Play Committee 35 Athletic Carnival 1. JACQUELYN H. HERZFELD: Yearbook Editor 45 Newspaper, Distribution Manager 25 Band 45 GAA l,2,3,4. JUDITH ANN HOBBS: Library 45 GAA 3,45 Athletic Carnival 3. KAREN HOLTZ: Glee Club 15 Girls Chorus 35 Cheerlead- ing 3,45 GAA l,2,3, President 45 Class Play 45 Play Committee 35 Athletic Carnival 1,35 H1-Y 2. 8 'THA CLETUS HOOD "Why worry? Today is the tomorrow that you worried about yesterday. " D. BRUCE JONES e'd stop St. Peter's roll call to ask a question." VIRGINIA I.. JONES "She can mix wisdom with pleasure with profit to both." A EIIZABETH KONARSKE "No one knows it but I once was bash- ful." MARY ANN KOSCHER "She appears to be quiet--in school!" CAROLYN E. LAKATOS "If words were money she'd be a millionaire. " CLETUS HOOD Yearbook 25 Class Play 33 Newspaper 4. D. BRUCE JONES Band 1,2,3,4g Athletic Carnival 1. VIRGINIA L. JONES Newspaper 45 Library 35 GAA 45 Play Committee 3,4 5 Prom Committee 35 FTA 4, Librarian 45 Class Treasurer 4. ELIZABETH KONARSKE Girls Chorus 33 GAA l,2,3,45 Athletic Carnival 1. MARY ANN KOSCHER No Activities. CAROLYN E. LAKATOS Glee Club 1,23 GAA 1,2,3,4g Class Play 3,45 Play Committee 3,45 Prom Committee 3. 9 DENNIS LINCOLN "Not that I like study less, but fun more." UGENE E. MACHCINSKI en joy and studies clash--let studies go to smash." tlwdaqafwddcdwe daeeome JOAN LANGS "Easy to know, easier to 1ike." CHARLES L. LAURA "He puts his problems aside for a brainy day." ROBERT J. LEBLANC "Nobody believes me when I tell them the truth." MARY LOU LEPPEK "Get thee behind me Satan, but don't push' ll J AN LANGS Glee Club 1,2,3,43 Library 1,2,33 Class Play 3,45 Athletic Carnival 13 FTA 4g Hi-Y 2. CHARLES L LAURA No Activities. ROBERT J. LEBLANC Band 1,2,3,43 Athletic Carnival 33 Class President lg Dance Band 4 ' MARY LOU LEPPEK Assembly Committee 33 Yearbook 2,3,43 Newspaper 3, Distribution Manager 4g Band 1,25 Li- brary 2g Office Girl 33 GAA 1,2,3,43 Class Play 33 Play Committee 3,45 Athletic Carnival 13 FTA, Parliamentarian 4' Hi-Y 2. DENNIS LINCOLN Varsity Club 3,45 Football, Reserve 1, Varsity 3,45 Class Play 33 Play Committee 3 43 Athletic Carnival 1. EUGENE E, MACHCINSKI Athletic Carnival 1. 7h 1 10 1 qua, Me , JAMES J. MATHEWS "Friends, Romans and Countryman-- lend me your girls." STEVE McKESSON "lt's not what you do, but what you get away with. " DEANNA KAY MOORE "A smile for all, a frown for none, a peppy girl and lots of fun." GLORIA MOORE "She'd never worry for lessons not done, she's much too busy looking for fun. " SANDIE MURPHY ll "Generally speaking, she 's generally speaking." DONA J. NORT "She has more fun in a year, 0 people do in a lifetime' JAMES J. MATI-IEWS Student Council 2,3,45 Assembly Committee 15 Varsity Club 3,45 Varsity Football 3,45 as- ketball, Reserve l,2, Varsity 3,45 Track 2,35 Class Play 35 Athletic Carnival 15 Class President 2,45 Student Council Delegate 3. STEVE MCKESSON Varsity Club 2,3,45 Football, Reserve 152, Varsity 3,45 Track 1,25 Play Commit- tee 35 Prom Committee 45 Athletic Carnival 1. DEANNA KAY MOORE Student Council 45 Assembly Committee 35 Newspaper, Co-Editor 45 Glee Club 2,3,45 Cheerleading 253,45 Library 25 GAA 45 Play Committee 3,45 Athletic Carnival 15 FTA, President 45 Class V. President 45 Career Conference Representative 3. GLORIA MOORE Year- book 15 GAA 1,2,3,45 Prom Committee 35 Play Committee 45 Athletic Carnival 1. SANDIE MURPHY Assembly Committee 35 Yearbook 1,25 Newspaper 25 Glee Club 1,2,3,45 Cheerleading 3,45 GAA 1,2,3,45 Play Committee 3, 45 Athletic Carnival 15 FTA 4. DONA J. NORTH Student Council, Treasurer 45 Yearbook 2,3, Art 8rPhotography Editor 45 Newspaper, Editors, Humor 3, Art 45 Glee Club 2,35 Cheerleading 3,45 Library 25 Office Girl 3,45 GAA 1, 2,3,45 Class Play 3,45 Play Committee 3,45 Prom Committee 3,45 Athletic Carnival 15 FTA, Treasurer 45 Class Sec retary 35 Hi-Y 2. ll daaededpedfaqtde RICHARD G. OESTRIKE "Casanova in Khakis." WILLIAM L. PARKER e any amount of money just to e these years again." TONY REA "Hown eyes, brown hair, the answer to a maiden's prayer." KITTY ROWE "None but herself can be her parallel. " DAVID D. SCHAFER "He turns his back on girls, and then he runs backwards. " MARVE SEVERSON "He stays up nights trying to figure out how to get more sleep." RICHARD G. OESTRIKE Newspaper 4s Varsity Club 3,43 Football, Reserve 1,2, Varsity 3,43 Basketball, Reserve 1, 2, Varsity 3,43 Class Play 3,43 Athletic Carnival 1. WILLIAM L. PARKER Track 3,49 Play Committee 3. TONY REA Band 2,3,4g Varsity Club 3, Treasurer 45 Football, Reserve 2, Varsity 3,4, Valuable Player 2,45 Track 33 Class Play 45 Prom Committee 43 Athletic Carnival 15 Class Treasurer 15 Dance Band 4. KITTY ROWE Newspaper 25 Majorette 2,3,4g Glee Club 2, Library 4, GAA 1,2,3,4g Treasurer 25 Play Committee 3,45 Prom Committee 3, Ath- letic Carnival 1. DAVID C. SCI-IAFER Varsity Club 3,4g Track 2,33 Reserve Football 15 Class Play 3,43 Play Com- mittee 4g Prom Committee 35 Athletic Carnival 1,3. MARVE SEVERSON Student Council 43 Varsity Club 2,3,4g Football, Reserve 2, Varsity 3,45 Track 1,2,3g Athletic Carnival 1. I2 JERRY SIMPSON "Sports and women DO mix. " KATI-IRYN SIMPSON "She is friendly but not shy--th mischief in her eye." WILLIAM L. SMITH "Happy am I5 from care I'm free, why aren't they all contented like me?" VALENTINE STANLEY SOLAK "Rome wasn't built in a day, so why hu-n.y?n DONNA SPOH-IR "Laughing eyes and pretty hair, pro- nounce her a girl beyond compare." JOYCE STEWART "Sweet as sugar but much more interesting. " JERRY SIMPSON Assembly Committee 15 Band 1,25 Varsity Club 2,3,45 Football, Reserve 1, Varsity 2,3,45 Cap- tain 45 Basketball, Reserve 1,25 Varsity 3,4, Captain 45 Track 1,2,3,4, Valuable Player 35 Athletic Carnival 15 Dance Band 4. KATHRYN SIMPSON Glee Club 15 GAA 1,2,3,45 Play Committee 35 Athletic Carnival 15 Class Secretary 1. WILLIAM L. SMITH Varsity Club 45 Play Committee 35 Athletic Carnival 1. VALENTINE STANLEY SOLAK Yearbook 45 Varsity Club 45 Varsity Football 45 Track 35 Play Committee 35 Athletic Camival 3. DONNA SPOEI-IR Student Council 15 Yearbook 15 Cheerleading 2,3,45 GAA 1,2,3,45 Play Committee 45 Prom Committee 35 Athletic Camival 1,35 FTA 45 Class Secretary 45 Class Treasurer 2. JOYCE STEWART GAA 3,4. I3 fbdhtkiddddidddlw BARBARA LOU SWANN "I only know that we belong together chat it will be one of the perfect marriages of all time. " 7 ai is O is iii QP -.nm fi ES :Z -2' rf O rr N I-4 W' rv O 9 MARY E. TACKETT 'Her heart is like the moon, there is always a man in it." DONNA THOMPSON 'A ring on her finger and I-logue in her heart. JUNE ANNETTE TOROK 'To the horizon she looks, for the future she plans." NITA TOWNSEND "Her hair is too dark to be a good angel." BARBARA IDU SWANN Student Council 35 Yearbook 1,2,45 Cheerleading 3,45 GAA 1,2,3,45 Class Play 35 Play Committee 45 Prom Committee 3: Athletic Camival 1: Hi-Y 25 Newspaper 4. BARBARA SWARTZBAUGH Year- book 2: Band 1,2,3,45 GAA 1,2,3,4g Class Play 45' Plav Committee 3.4: Athletic Carnival 1: Hi-Y 2. MARY E. TAC Yeax book 2,35 GAA 1,2,3,45 Newspaper 35 Class Play 45 Play Committee 3.45 Athletic Carnival 15 Drum Majorette Assistant 1,2,35 Camera Club, Treasurer 3. BOB TERRY "I never say much, but who knows what I think." Trans- ferred from Jackson, Ohio in the fall of '56, No picture available. DONNA THOMPSON Band 45 Glee Club 15 Girls Chorus 3,45 Library 45 GAA 1,2,3,45 Play Committee 35 Prom Committee 35 Athletic Carnival 1. JUNE ANNETTE TOROK Yearbook 45 Newspaper 25 Band 3,45 GAA 1,2,3,45 Athletic Carnival 1. NITA TOWNSEND GAA 1 2 3 4- Cl Pla 3 4- Pla Committee 3,4- Athletic Carnival 1- Hi-Y 2. :anna-Ss Yr: Y s x lll l06,m464l6U'54,M4lteQdd. Y JANICE VAN WYHE "She likes pleasure, she likes fun, she can amuse most anyone." PATRICIA WELLE "Sometimes quiet, sometimes shy, but the rest of the time, Oh My! " JERRY ROY WENZEL "Why study? the more you know, the more there is to forget." MARK B. WENZEL "This lad is neither quiet nor loud, but you'll usually find him in the crowd." RUDY WBSIZEL "You can never tell what these shy fellows will do! " DOROTHY M. WISLER It's nice to be natural when you 're naturally nice. " JANICE VAN WYI-IE Yearbook 1,2,45 Library 35 GAA 1,2,3,45 Play Committee 35 Athletic Carnival 15 FTA 45 Ca- reer Conference Representative 35 Hi-Y 2. PATRICIA WELLE Play Committee 4. JERRY ROY WENZELL Var- sity Club 2,3,45 Baseball, Reserve 3, Varsity 35 Class Play 45 Play Committee 45 Prom Committee 3. MARK B. WENZEL Library 25 Play Committee 3,4. RUDY WENZEL Reserve Football 1,25 Res rrve Baseball 1,25 Athletic Carnival 1. DOROTHY M. WISLER Msembly Committee 1,2,45 Newspaper 45 Band 15 Glee Club 15 Office Girl 45 GAA 1,2,3,45 Class Play 45 Play Committee 45 Prom Committee 35 Athletic Carnival 15 FTA, Secretary 4. 15 1 Iii ,ozoadykmwu--new aeauhu JUNIORS - STANDING left to right: Tom Knderik, Keith McMann, Larry Kurtsel, Betty Helms, Gary Jeffers, Larry Karoly, Roger McGif:fin, Willetta Kelly, Fred LeBlanc, Jim Mell, Al Luce, Al Loeschner. SEATED: Chuck Litwinski, Dolores Haliburda, Floyd Mathewson, Mary Lou Knopp, Bob Limbright, Marion Machcinski, Ken Hoeft, Peggy McFarlen, Barbara Lafler, Andrea Mattie, David Jones. JUNIORS - STANDING left to right: Joe Burchfield, Jeannette Berry, Gene Batway, Jane Burgoon, Butch Col- lirs, Vivian Allen, Larry Dobbins, Deanna Ferguson, Dan Bodary, Carol Butt. SEATED: Eugene Gabehart, Janice Hackney, Tim Good, Violet Coppock, Willie Banks, Janet Gardner, Gary Coais, Irene Gilstorf, Herb Coffee, Dot Crooks, Richard Farmer. l JUNIORS - STANDING left to right: David Wroblewski, Ursula Sausele, Roy Vreeland, Ann O'Connell, Pat Easto, Barbara Kamin, Bill Spears, Judy Reed, Ken Smith, Bob Carter, Arthur Rose. SEATED: Hugh Towrsend, Sharon Schaller, Cnarles Parker, Elma Van Wasshenova, Cloyd Stith, Rosemary Younglove, Richard Wenzel, August Wenzel Judy Sigler, Bob Schwartz. - -,Q-,,,.J 4 -dalfaaaqnmfzeofafowzqewzcfciwl SOPHOMORES - STANDING left to right: Jim Wild, Sally Simpson, Tony Lawnichak, Linda Cook, Jerry Gib- bons, Joan Bobcean, Ron Jones, Sharon Taft, Paul Oestrike, Betty Jones, Jaunita Parker, Ralph Shermack. SEATED: Bemadine Lukasik, Denny LaClair, Helen Rogers, Bill Supple, Mary Jablonski, Mel Larson, Arma Jen- nings, Ed Gedert, Anita Mansfield, Jim Gricol, Alice Yocum. SOPHOMORES - STANDING left to right: Gerald Witte, Mary Burley, Larry Lykins, Floyd Comerford, Ida Wil- kins, Bob Stevens, Jo Ann Bartell, Steve Kereluk, Mary Ellen Foley, Ronald Keiffer, Sharon Vifhisler, Barry Ritchie. SEATED: Bertha Carey, George Wick, Joan Carpenter, Roger Oram, Diane Stroupe, Joel Nutt, Kay Button, Karl Quednau, Lillian Smith, Ivan Eagle, Wilma Taylor. SOPHOMORES - STANDING left to right: Judy DuVall, Judy Smith, Bonnie Berkes, Johanna Tkach, Sherrie Rowell, Ralph Wisler, Molly McClure, Ron VanHouten, Sue Langs, Ray Porath, Barbara Stasko, Emily Hannon, Ruby Jones. SEATED: Phyllis Jones, John Edwards, Donna Cannon, Bill Wilson, Sandra Runyon, Skip White, Karen Gentis, Larry Pappas, Shirley Fehr, Dennis Russell, Carol Graves, KNEELING: Ken Cady, Ron Parker, Tom Harrington, Gerald Roberts. 19 Jqfzeaduwnwh- SOPHOMORES - STANDING left to right: Mary Brown, Lynn Sullivan, Sylvia Roberts, Nick Toombs, Carol Mathews, Ron Hoffman, Peg Angelos, Bud Brown, Ilene Porath, Dick Fonda, Ruth Shields, Don Williams. SEATED: Carol North, Jerry Hickerson, Linda Forrest, Bob Giampagne, Barbara Schirillo, Fred Timmons, Pat Watson, Joe Moffitt, Barbara Keith, Danny Stewart, Marilyn Brow. FRESHMEN - STANDING left to right: Diane Kenosian, David Beaty, Margaret Besonen, Jerry Hickman, Susan Brandt, Earl Dickman, Susie Clapp, Henry Herzfeld, Stephanie Crooks, Don Koscher, Marjorie Jones, Jim Cord- . . . . d D er. SEATED: Donna Gabehart, John Bullowski, Sandy Francis, Sid Spoehr, Beverly Csokasy, Raymon e- Witte, Karen Heiss, Chester Jones, Fay Thomason, Jack Goebel, Beverly Crenshaw. FRESHMEN - STANDING left to right: Marlene Martin, Terry Sheren, Patty Wash, Henry Brillowski, Nancy Romack, Gerald Rnotsala, Norma Stahl, Ronald Scott, Elaine Schwartz, Vance Baker, Phylis Porath, Dave Kish. SEATED: Phyllis Mattie, Richard Hinkle, Janet Sweeney, Leonard Bruce, Joan Wiseman, Llovd China- vare, Helen Ondrris, Frank Ford, Helen Montry, Clyde Ernst, Dawn McNeil. 20 40l6lf00K466M6Cf4440ff960 FRESHMEN - STANDING left to right: James Carter, Stuart Dutton, Ann Litwinski, Burt Griswold, Larry Kusz, Carol Supple, Jim Kreger, Barbara Moffit, Frank Laura, Gary Dunne, Carolyn Rogers, Bill Rupp. SEATED: Rosemary Ramiresz, Jimmy Reeves, Jean Scott, Duane Brow, Mary Lee DeChant, David Quick, Donna Mol- nar, Woodrow Parker, Sandy Messenger, Ted Smith, Carol Magyar. +G V FRESHMEN - STANDING left to right: Marve Phelps, Marion Cassini, Larry Sheer, Bobbie Lou Cosby, Frank Marvaso, Louella Konarske, Joe Sharpes, Mary Lou Hooten, Frank Palmeri, Gertrude Greene, Ed Roberts, Judith Allen. SEATED: Pat I-Ialiburdia, Gerald Momke, Rosemary Coppock, John Clark, Michelle Krewiec, Jim Short, Barbara Kereluck, Jim Proxrnire, Sandra Fraze, Neal Buck, Marie Darty. FRESHMEN - STANDING left to right: David Eilers, Barbara Simmons, Margaret Morrison, Betty Mittlestat, Ann Riesy, Joe Kish. SEATED: Barbara Helms, Jeri Lou Swan, Nikki O'Lynnger, Connie Laird, Gale Robbins, Judy Magnuson, Catherine McGuire, Irene LaPere, Carol Leppek, Virginia Mathews, Geneva White. 21 !0ff0wf44fff4v4dfM'94'W4'ff'?4f49e44e FRESHNIEN - STANDING left to right: Opal Ford, John Mentzert, Judy Isabell, Gary Jackson, Lynne Abar, Ron Coffee, Pat Hacker, Ron Koscher, Donna Armstrong, Fred Neal, Joyce Ducll, Bud Sommerville. SEATED: Carol I-lorvath, Myron Vaughen, Kathy Doty, Wayne Younglove, Shirley Hackney, Jim Bass, Sandy I-lamlyn, Bill Dayis, Judy I-lamlyn, Frank Duty, Pat Coats. EIGHTI-I GRADE - STANDING left to right: Barbara Palmeri, Ted Brann, Dorothy Cryer, Dave Smith, Judy Crooks, Roland Majewski, Sharon Matthes, Jim Neifert, Loretta Harroff, Arlen Fadely, Gary Follbaum, Marilyn Appner, Betty Sanders, Connie Riley, SEATED: Margie Jones, Bob Taylor, Juette Tittle, Sparky Cunliffe, Sharon Duford, Evelyn Sawers, Linda l-lance, Flash Willis, Dorthea Davis, Dennis Mulligan, Judy Reeves. KNEELING: Larry Hehl, Parks Pyle, Bill Elias, Joe Guy. 11, :N we 4 EIGHTI-I GRADE - STANDING left to right: Kathy Crooks, Pat Anders, Carol Rowell, Mike Alexander, George Feltner,M Warren Bradbrmg, Rosemary Baum, Larry Stahl, Annell Ivey, John Draft, Harriet Ray- mond, John Bryant, Linda Wood, Erwin Saucrs. SEATED: Sabine Quednau, Gerald Renner, Judy Reynolds, Phil Lykins, Charlotte Morrison, Douglas Dishon, Vivian Ballinger, Mickey Williams, Donna Armstrong, Jim Gilbert. KNEELING: Cecil Patrick, Bruce l-lauke, Alek Neal, J.B. Schafer. 7 wldcddzazgaaetatdeeeaentdgaade EIGHTH GRADE - STANDING left to right: Leslie Harrington, Donald Schafer, Karen l.aClair, Lee Bobcean, Linda Boggs, Marty Fowler, Pat Hall, Lorene White, Robert Newton, Mary Kubat, Ed Cooke, Karen McClure, Tom Calkins, Neva Ford. SEATED: Gardner Smith, Rita Netza, Charles Hammond, Jill Parker, Dick Taylor, Nancy Simpson, Kathy Myers, Sylvia Watson, Pat Anger, Thelma Kuderik, Ted Ferency. KNEELING: Jim Douglas, James Hobbs, Bill Taylor, Bill North. SEVENTH GRADE - STANDING left to right: Robert Shermak, Jacquelyn Koscher, Roger Stevens, Kathryn Tindall, Ted Kucz, Diana Schroeder, Robert Dietz, Judy Bryant, Joanne Schafer, Joyce Allen, Mike Kiley, E- lizabeth LeBlanc. SEATED: Billy Cannon, Sandra Taft, Keith Baker, Kathryn Monske, Harold Harris, Arlene Missler, Kenneth Sweet, Sandra Walker, Dayle Webb, Bonnie Kepes, Ronnie Sharpe. STANDING left to right: Alva ttowning, Robert Wild, Ullis Norris, Carl Fowler, James Hickman, Robert Ford SEATED: Tim Litwinski, ' , Gerald Ammeman, Mickey Cong-gt, Edward Greene, Ronnie Kittle, Charles Humphriss, Billy O'Lynnger, Casmir Karnowski, Carl Romack, James Routsala. 215 mdalazag SEVENTH GRADE - STANDING left to right: Ronald Melton, Wanda Hudson, Ronnie Reeves, Sharon Clark, Jeff Moorhead, Naomi Doty, Bill Holler, Bonnie Bennett, Robert Abar, Shirley Radadcliff, Dennis Ferency, Patty Castle, Ted Karnouski, Janet Dubbelde. SEATED: Darlene Grassel, Bobby Timmons, Jo Ann Wilson, , LSanma Cytil, Gerald Brow, Kathryn Luke, Charles Sworden, Sandra Carlton, John Raymond, Judy Quick. af' ll ,M 1, eaweedgeaazqzdedafdmzde SIXTH GRADE - Mrs. Roudig STANDING left to right: Sharon Diekman, Earnest Norris, Kathleen Brown, Judy Lowe, Robert Runyon, Robert McFadden, Stephen Vincze, Carol Vaughen, Douglas Carter, William Kornowski, Janice Isabell, Lawerance Morris, James Bobcean, Terry Reeves, Lona Jones, Nancy Ratcliff, Diane Mansfield, Billy Gailey, David Robbins, Ronald Bain, Lynn O'Connor, Sharon Brammer. SEATED: Michael Wagner, Arthur Luke, Thomas Swann, Lois Neifert, Larry Edmunds, Roger White, David Morre. K gps SIXTH GRADE - Mrs. Whitney, STANDING left to right: Donald Harvey, Barry Jones, Sharon Parisien, Carl Stewart, Terry Follbaum, Richard Warden, Nancy Church, Patrick Moore, Diane Simpson, Darlene Nickerson, Richard Jones, James Tangeman, Gordon Hom, Charlene Beaudry, Donald Carter, Kathleen Edwards, Sue Ann Willis, Beverly Karoly. SEATED: John Hogberg, Louis Leitao, Charles Dorris, Darryl Leonard, Arthur Gracon, Wendell Hickman. SIXTH GRADE - Mrs. Willis, STANDING left to right: Ralph Case, Diana Garrett, Donna Majewski, Ronald Alexander, David Dishon, Rinda Boggs, Lenwood Brinson, Bradley Hackney, Linda Schultz, Marie LaBo, Linda Douglas, Margie Rankhorn,'Russell O'NeaI, Barbara Clark, Jacqueline Billing, Robert Holtz, Charles Brady, James Simmons. SEATED: Frederick Baker, Charles Clark, Jean Hatala, Herbert Mell, Sharon Ernest, Gilmer Roberts. 26 Pwdfmwffffldl FIFTH GRADE - Mrs. Adams, STANDING left to right: Louis Molnar, Marilyn Meyers, Larry Mann, Gail East, Lee Jackson, Billy Clapp, David Brandt, Daniel Hines, Carol Shackleford, Jenny Bates, Diane Swan, Barbara Farmer, Lynda Grady, Nadine Draftz, Sandra Penland, Ronald Quick, Marilyn Stahl, Laura Spoehr, Sally Car- ter, Barbara Walker, Garry Newsome. SEATED: Billy Darty, Vivian Schmidt, Steven Orange, Allen Kuderik, Wade Harrison, James Moorhead, Edward Wood, Ruth Darty. FIFTH GRADE - Mrs. McCleang STANDING left to right: Karen Raymond, Carol Marion, Bobby Flowers, Larry Sweet, Susan Reed, Robert Ballinger, Donald Stinnett, Sandra Mullens, Michael Dudek, Donald Sworden, Jerry Smith, Dorothy Case, Terry Tomlin, Richard Gamache, Leslie Neal, Rita Sartori, Randall Kruse, Larry Maxey, Betty Schultz, Linda Monske. SEATED: David Ammerman, John Bryant, Keith Baker, Michael Ewing, Charles Sileskie, David Pyle, Jimmy Kusnierz. FIFTH GRADE - Mrs. Taylor, STANDING left to right: Douglas Reeves, Elaine Watson, Terry Scott, Bonnie Majewski, Sally Kepes, Ronald Cameron, Thomas Ross, Richard Reynolds, Bruce Glatter, Billy Ward, Arlene Fater, Lois Stuck, Russell Schram, Robert Fater, Donald Leibenguth, Claudia Ostrander, William Jacks, Thomas Simpson, Sandra Brinson, Ronald Colburn, Richard Dietz. SEATED: Kathy Baker, Jerry Patrick, Donald Ford, W.C. Williams, Robert Berry, Pamela Hartsell. 27 ,burma-aqgowatoqeand-- FOURTH GRADE - Mrs. Ansumg STANDING left to right: Sus an Sheer, Marsha Christ, Charles Jacks, Carroll Baxley, Martha Bradley, Wayne Kimbrell, James Crooks, Vincent Palmeri, Karen Broughton, Marilyn Groves, Gregory Padgett, Marie Caulkins, Victoria Rogers, Gregory Saxton, David Dubbelde, Ronald Pritchard, Virginia Wright, Billy Tarr, Gilbert Faford, Charlotte Horn, Candace Church. SEATED: Joseph Moran, Beverly Mc- ' ' ' ' Th Paula Greer, David Bagwell, Andrew Nagy. Donald, William Smith, April Duff, Lee ompson, FOURTH GRADE - Mrs. Batwayg STANDING left to right: Gary Summerfield, Cynthia Ostrander, Stephen H d Jeannine Mazo Richard Marion, Myrtle Dorris, Daniel Gilbert, Laura Hammond, David Short, Michael an e, Hall, JaJuan Luce, Randy Zinn, Julianne Van Riper, David Penney, Philip Cornell, Darlene Guzenda, Willard Willis Barbara Colburn, James Clark, Joyce Alberts, Diane Tuttle. SEATED: Elaine Alter, Richard Bone, Nancy: Reynolds, John Rothenberger, Kathy Ritchie, Douglas Thompson. FOURTH GRADE - Mr. Bohacg STANDING left to right: Sandra Boland, Gloria Warden, Melvin Norris, Ronald 'll' T cholke Anna Lee Roberts, Daniel Chase, Irene Fater, Robert Bennett, Robert Fisher, James Wyatt, W1 1am u , Wisler, Jack Carmode, Robert Goepfert, Sandra Laird, Cynthia Mittlestat, George Krrzan, Gary Brown, Tommy Hackney Alan Bodary, James Griffin, Sharon Hurst, Baulette Stewart. SEATED: Clifford Griswold, Beverly Balogh, John Keiffer, Naida Wirgau, William Magyar, Dawn Walker. P pd? to WM FOURTH GRADE - MIS. Hannan, STANDING left to right: Raymond Schmidt, Judy Brown, Carol Toth, Edith Blunk, John Laird, Gary Campbell, Lillian Kornowski, Roberta DeBacker, Robert McComb, Deborah Fruits, Susan Abar, Karl Bell, David McGiffin, Winifred Hamilton, Jimmie Simmons, Carlene Tucker, Nickolas Cos- tea, Robert Luke, Julie Fiscus, Henry Giraud. SEATED: Jean Rutkowski, Darrell Sukon, Jimmie Sue Glover, Charles Jones, Jessie Groover, Edward Labato. FOURTH GRADE - Mrs. Smith, STANDING left to right: Allen LaClair, Philomene Strite, Margaret Kuderik, Lilah Reeves, Mary Alton Glover, Wallace Gunderson, Linda White, Roy Farmer, Mary Ann Toombs, Fred Droge, Laura Thacker, Yvonne Newsome, Laura Grady, Lawerance Ratcliff, Joe Carroll, George Guy, Glenn Renner, Dennis Riley, Daniel Litwinski, Richard Neifert, Jerry I-lutson. SEATED: Tommy Cormter, Harold Greer, Mary Jane Mittlestat, Ronald Bone, Linda Moore, James Edmrmds. THIRD GRADE - Miss Burgess, STANDING left to right: Diane Felt, Dale Hakala, Rebecca Whisler, Michael Searcy, Barbara Tangeman, Shirley Blackbume, Susan Allen, Trevor Schram, Thomas Schafer, Ronald Schroe- der, Donley Townsend, Norman Bresinski, Robert Nagle, Sharon Ammerman, Janet Hatala, Linda Marion, Gary Coen, Diane Huddleston. SEATED: Kathryn McConchie, James Vajen, Cheryl Fowler, Gary Brady, Nancy Carpenter, James Hepler, 29 weizednetafeafw THIRD GRADE - Mrs. Dayg STANDING left to right: Tony White, Francine Jodlowski, Mark I.aRue, Charles Kimbrell, Daniel Whisler, Donna Masse, Shelia Laird, Michael Brklacich, Martha Jacks, Sandra Wysocki, John Guy, Randy Sworden, Frank Lowe, Jerry Bunch, Barbara Ritter, Penny Ziesmer, Brenda Walker, Carol Kelley, James Okdie, Teddy Schoen, Bruce Chapin, Judy Harttung, Roberta Fater. SEATED: Yvonne Smith, Kathleen Lobato, Karen Norris, Daniel Parker, Ramona Schmidt, Dwight Campbell, Connie Hyatt, Dreddy Maxey, Ellen Rutkowskve, Linda Graves. THIRD GRADE - Mrs, Gabehartg STANDING left to right: Judy Nauman, Edith Brown, Diana Wilkins, Russel Stuck, Randy Schoen, Clarence Fater, Joseph Hood, Johnny Simmons, Rickey Sands, Barry Reeves, Mary Ann Smith, Donald Hicks, Nancy Swartzbaugh, John Lawson, Tommy Wojcicki, George Schmidt, Nancy Abar, Ker- mit Buck, Richard Brown, Valerye Keyhan, Paul Spoehr, Davie O'Neal. SEATED: Roger Rosentreter, Donna Kay Neece, Tommy Toland, Marilyn Brammer, Joe Okdie, Phyllis Luce, Glen Elmore, Kathleen Lewis, Peggy North, Raymond Hunt. 1 THIRD GRADE - Mrs. Matthesg STANDING left to right: Donna Kusnien, Becky Grant, Claudia Smith, Michael Taft, Todd Sturgeon, Douglas Christ, Larry Wiseman, Anthony Palmeri, James Oestrike, Paul LaBo, Kathleen Krizan, John Florek, Robert Cameron, Cheryl Bass, Janice Roberts, Ray Greene, Barbara Abbema, Frank Ross. SEATED: Barbara Leibenguth, Ronald Smith, Cynthia Robertson, Charles Beynon, III, Sherry Ward, Maurice LaFrance. 30 zdaazdeldfe SHIOND GRADE - Mrs. Dubbeldeg STANDING left to right: Cynthia Meyers, John Lewis, Donald Quick, Jean- nine Kleinow, Melvin Draftz, Dorma Brown, Constance Luke, Carole Isabell, Karen Rust, Marjorie Baxley, Sha- ron Wood, Larry Reeves, Dianne Tittle, Nancy Schafer, Susan Lake, lviichael Qrter, Gayle Howe, Kenneth Marks, Frederick Abar, Lucinda Fossett, Linda Bunch, Betty Lou Tucker. SEATPD: John Criteser, Francis Smith, Joyce Newsome, Carol Ann Johnson, Mary Spence, Susan Costea, Lelond Scott, Paul Jacks. SECOND GRADE - Mrs. Gormley, STANDING left to right: Cynthia Hayes, Bruce Raymond, Gary Hicks, Dar- rel Eldridge, Wally Rojem, Nancy Lichko, Linda Bohac, Suzanne Toepfer, Gloria Johrston, Jeffery Whitney, Ronald Wemberg, Stephen Balyo, Paul Strong, Michael kick, Terry Fisher, Larry Mathison, Jack Cole, Sherry McGinness, Nellie Nyden, David Allen, Ronald Cooke. SEATED: Timothy Bradley, Betty McDonald, Robin Barden, Brenda Summerfield, James Thompson, Judith Duff, Larry Brady, Guy McConchie, Aton Nagy, Mar- garet Schultz. SECOND GRADE - Mrs. Simpson, STANDING left to right: Roger Momke, Arnold Torres, Sue Struges, Brenda Ernest, Larry Wright, Wendy Willis, Preston Green, Leonard Drouillard, Edmund Roberts, Dennie I-lande, Richard Miracle, William Allen, Lorne Smith, Ronald Felt, Ronald Jones, Karen Schramm, Charles Stedman, Dennis Hakala, David Patrick, Mary Ann Vack, Wendy Ward, Judy Alberts, Steven Felis, Deborah Simpson. SEATED: David Marion, Daniel Grostick, Linda Brazer, William Nagy, Beth Pierson, Michael Smallwood, Alinda Col- burn, Gloria Robertson. 31 Z6dZemc2zd4canetofze-- SECOND GRADE - Mrs. Vincze, STANDING left to right: Dennis Estep, Margaret Zanella, Richard Kornowski, Stephen Peiffer, Ralph Skeer, Michael Armstrong, Robert Castle, Stephen Clapp, Carol Wojcicki, Linda Deck- er, Richard Brklacich, David Parker, Susan Meikle, Michael Jackson, Gerald Nauman, Penny Sweet, Ann Hert- zler, Marsha Van Pelt, Christopher Caines, Barbara Howe, Dennis Clark, Christine Greer. SEATED: Michael Brarnmer, Diane Litwinski, Ruth Kelley, Yvonne Hyatt, Eugene Groover, Patricia Reynolds, Loraine Roza, Janice Brow, Michael Kruse. FIRST GRADE - Mrs. Baker, STANDING left to right: Paula Jackson, Sandra Graves, Faye Van Riper, Russell Sands, Walter Harttung, Donald Trout, Rebecca Vincze, David Schultz, Michael McComb, Richard Burkmier, Clifford Mittlestat, John Kornowski, Steven Moffitt, Krista Coltson, Janice Cameron. SEATED: Maryjane Davis, Joanna McLaughlin, David Lnbato, Deborah Smith, Robin Riley, Linda Criteser. FIRST GRADE - Mrs. Grovesg STANDING left to right: Larry Fiscus, Patsy Ritter, David Bunch, Barbara Brown, Martha Wilson, Peggy Fater, Dianne Norris, Brian Giraud, Richard Rajda, Sharon Laird, Garnet Campbell, Jan- ice Rosentreter, Linda Re olds, Timothy Callahan, Dale Wood, Charles Hackney, Myron Lake, Tornrny Vree- land, Gwen Rust. SEATFE? Jamie Sue Beer, Dicky Kittle, Mary Smalley, Toney Chacon, Judy Peacock, John Dvonch. fi 2 acaaqafofaf FIRST GRADE - Mrs. Hill, STANDING left to right: James Johnston, Raymond Raymond, Carolyn Manor, Laura Johnston, Walter Sisler, James Danley, Ruth Rothenberger, Terry Kelley, Katherine McCartney, Dickie Sharpe, Kenneth Kezeli, Ralph Armand, James Groves, Nancy Pyle, Steven McConchie, Susan Theisen, Linda Kelly, Steve Ruotsala, Linda Stock, Glendia Eldridge, Nancy Bone. SEATED: Kathleen Gomey, Craig Balling- er, Christine Coen, Randy Saxton, Loletta Lloyd, Bruce Carpenter. FIRST GRADE - Mrs. Riesyg STANDING left to right: Brenda I-lawn, Michael Boyd, Terry Mathison, Sue Tarr, Deborah Rogers, Bruce Taylor, Regina Gholson, Thomas McCuish, Lynn Taylor, Terese Balone, Gerald James, Patricia Short, Carol Bresinski, Albert Brick, Janis Martin, Susan Allen, Mark Pyle, William Pritchard, Douglas Duford, Gail Voss, Michael Vigilanti, Roger Bohac. SEATED: Gayle Kephart, Chester Kozinski, Thomas War- ner, Carl Kopsi, Terry Berkes, Janet Thompson. FIRST GRADE - Mrs. Miller, STANDING left to right: Nancy Kruse, Barbara Droge, JoAnn Stahl, Sidney Sworden, Johnny Sweet, Bobby Woodward, Roberta Sclunidt, Kay Van Riper, Janet Marovich, Cynthia Swor- den, Karl Toth, Mitchell Frazier, Randy Abbott, Roy Parkinson, Sandra Simmons, Edward Comfort, Elizabeth Finkel, David Carr, Larry Horning, George Rowell. SEATED: John Counter, Shirley Toland, Terry Glover, Joan Jabe, Joey Crenshaw, Barbara Van Pelt. 3 fi 'eaae4oze,ma.qle- KINDERGARTEN A.M.--Mrs. Burns, STANDING, Left to Right: Mary Arnold, Marcia Parkinson, Randell Bit- her, Sharla McKenzie, Linda Parkins, Gregory Mulligan, Michael Dishaw, David Saxton, William Walker, Laura Sjoberg, William Taylor, Keith Greene, James Martin, Janet Broughton, Robert Sisler, Susan Zalewski, Janet Griffith, Rick Balyo, Joseph Theisen, Lee Scafidi, Nancy Jabe, Barbara Taylor. SEATED: William Mil- ler, Sandra Smallwood, Layne Robertson, Gayle Greenfelder, David Gomey, April Feerer. KINDERGARTEN P.M.--Mrs. Bums, STANDING, Left to Right: John Johnston, Thomas Hodges, James Rojem, Connie Ritchie, Cathy Simpson, Karen Tigue, Stephen Whitney, Lynn Ferns, Ronald Baker, Richard Drouil- lard, Janet Grant, Daniel Florek, Kathryn Zerkel, Kathleen Reich, Connie Paolucci, Kathy Tomlin, Penny LeBlanc, James McCol1an, Joseph Gronda, Bruce Billing. SEATED: Kenneth Patrick, Teresa Hayes, Robert Hickman, David Douglas. KINDERGARTEN A.M.--Mrs. McFarlane, STANDING, Left to Rigit: Terry McNeil, Patricia Yanke, Dennis Swan, Michael Saros, Barham Okdie, James Isabell, Karen Bates, Susan Grassel, Darlene Carter, Linda Wysocki, Gerald Kimbrell, Timothy Newsome, James Jackson, Rebecca Bost, Debra Wilkins, Mary Reynolds, David Dorris, Johnie Kilgore, Danny Quick. SFATED: Susan Trout, Patricia Banyas, Danny Riley, Raylean Brush, Robert Franklin, Michael Warner. 3 -1- wouldaakfoadca ' KINDERGARTEN P.M.--Mis. McFarlane, STANDING, Left to Right: Dolores Silva, Jerry Soudeer, Michael Balowski, Mark Valentine , Jeffrey Howe, David Neal, Deryl Gunderson, Kathleen Brklacich, Dixie Costea, Bar- bara Kleinow, Charles Vreeland, David Brown, Glenn Trent, Christine Hatcher, Michael Moreland, Fred Clapp, Sharon Campbell, Gregory Fater, Timmy Evans, Mary Lake, Catherine Johnson, Julie Missler. SEATED: Char- lene Smalley, Stanley Edmunds, Susan Moore , Dale North, Denee Kuderik, Gearry O'Neal. KINDERGARTEN A.M.--Mrs. Van Peltg STANDING, Left to Right: Elizabeth McCuish, Michael Hamois, Kurt Tuttle, Robert Pethke, Mark Lewis, Susan Summers, William Abbema, Lynn Litton, Donald Reilly, Richard Martin, Ronald Boyll, Jeffery Elias, Jane Van Ripe-.r, Ray Reese, Jacqueline Parldns, Ann Kennedy, Mary Bag- well, Allison Groves, Susan Felt, Blaze Barden, Kathleen Collins, Denise Saxton. SEATED: Pamela Humphrey, Richard Nagle, Geraldine Duvall, Raymond Luce, Mary Keeton, David Gronda. KINDERGARTEN P.M.--Mrs. Van Peltg STANDING, Left to Right: Neil Ernest, Paul Blower, Steven Ross, Diane Smith, Gloria Jaborowski, Thomas Jackson, Thomas Myers, Howard Poole, Craig Smith, Gerald Penney, Bruce Allen, Diana Kovack, John Collins, Eugene Hoffmeyer, Michele Wilber, Rita Sisler, Linda Stedman, Gretchen Lawrence, Richard Alberts, William Sturgeon, Claudia Bradley. SEATED: Donna Colburn, Craig Burkmier, Jan- et Spade, Alvin Eavou, Valeria Diamond, Thomas Stanek. K5 'TW' Xe vw --sv 4 ...Q 1,1 57 ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY ROLLIN M. STEVENS JOHN C. KREGER FRANKLIN P. JONES Treasurer President Secretary fy? AH iJ ' if as .yi in viz 1 LIZ. L. V issrtr r rriil 9 N. . 5 A -'.' 4' K ' , L CAPJ- NEIFERT Mrs. ARTHUR BOBCEAN T1'l1StEe Trustee doa,-ado! The Board of Education is a group of five qualified persons of the school district, who are elected by the people to serve the community. The main purpose of the Board is to formulate policy. They also approve the contr acts being offered to the teachers and supervise the use of school funds. In July, the people of Brownstown-Berlin Fractional H1 School District go to the poles to vote on school issues. Board members are elected to serve a three -year term, and there is no limit to the number of terms one person may serve. On November 9, 1956, bids were let for thc construction of a new elementary school. This school should be in use by September 1957. Since the census predicts a sutdent body of at least 2200 by September 1959, further ad- ditions to the John M. Barnes School and the High School are now being planned. 38 THOMAS SIMPSON JOHN M. BARNES HENRY VAN WYHE Assistant Administrator Superintendent Senior High Principal Junior High Principal QQ ? f . 5 Q " ' .mae-':i:,',..' rs' Q-rt.: A lx sgfrafrrsl asgg ,'iP5ii???i'ffs: fl- - A 'sf' ' L- fguisitiririesi MATTHEW MITTLESTAT JEANETTE VAN RIPER Reading School Principal J, fum School will be nearly over by the time you receive your yearbooks. This year has been another year of opportunity for you. Have you profited as much as you could have from this year of school? M. Barnes School Principal To the Students of Our Schools: You could have made great progress in your subjects. Have you grown in dependability in school? Have you made more friends in this school year? Is our school a better school because of your presence as a student? Ask yourself just what you did? Did you participate as a member of a team, in aplay or in another group which helped to make our school better known and more respected in our community and nearby communities? The world of today, and of tomorrow, is eagerly awaiting your arrival as an active participating member. Jobs and careers await you. Prepare yourself now for the golden opportunities that can be yours. All of the songs have not been written. Much is yet to be achieved and the youth of today will be the doers of tomorrow. Your teachers join with me in extending to you wishes for your continued happiness and success. John M. Barnes Superintendent of Schools 39 MARILOU LEA Lib rarian LUCIUS McHARGUE English JAMES MARTIN Mech. Draw., Shop DONALD MEIKLE Social Studies PAUL ATOR Art JEAN BARTLETT Phys. Ed. FELECIAN BRIGHT Ind. Arts LOUIS GRAPP JACK HENAGER Chem. , Physics FRANCES JOHNSON Home Economics WALTER KOSESKI World History EDWARD KREUTZ Commercial ELAM HERTZLER Math., Joumalism HAROLD JACKSON Driver Training Music 45412 -f 40 fm Q, Y ff Hrsgu, is px V RQLL 1- K K A sv, A in In M ,Si ig! K y . fy O L ry.y i ' ',:. f ,, .3 K, kk,,h,VV skhk i ,,.,k. A A N is f ' f , in ,i Q' :iii 54 E , ,W x if , mQh',. Vkyvglf X MARVIN MITTLESTAT Athletic Director JOHN MURRAY English RICHARD NAVARRE Fnglish, Latin ev RAIPH ROUDI V S Music Q in :EV ,gg Q? R Q R f-ff ,V:,: V 1' 5 Q' I x 1 It 1 im 1 firm? V L ,. la 4. M, X 5 if '51, , x H 2 QQ? ? 1 f fmt 1 I 5 I U. r 4 S 1 PW l 1 PERRY SMITH Fglgush DALE PEIFFER Biology LAUREN TOWNSEND Industrial A115 . :Q , -..,,.,:, H Q 5 ,, f- it rw kk . Maw fa 9 :S 45212 kg Amy! fa ,z ., W,..,,, ,. 7' E 1, 1352515 K i 41 MARIE WEAVER Commercial RICHARD WEAVER History, Government ALLEGRA ADAMS Fifth Grade DOROTHY DAY Third Grade ALETHA DUBBEIDE Second Grade IMOGENE GABEHART Third Grade DOLORES GROVES First Grade Q , J fr ANN ROUDI Sixth Grade MARY VINCZE Second Grade ELIZABETH AUSUM Fourth Grade KJ. M. BJ CAROLE BATWAY Fourth Grade KJ. M. BJ MIIDRED BURGESS Third Grade U. M. BJ MARGARET BURNS Kindergarten IJ. M. BJ A MARY HANNAN Fourth Grade SALLY MCFARLANB Kindergarten DOLORE5 MILLER First Grade EDITH SMITH Fourth Grade ma1.LE GORMLEY M A J 1 Second Grade QJ. M. BJ , Ag dp J WT :Ef DoP:r1-ILA MATH-rss , A A ' Q., Third Grade CJ- M- B-J .x,:, ff J A mm MCCLEAN ,fm , :AJ G A G Fifth Grade 4.1. M. BJ , A rf , A Q at CHRISTINE RIESY V A A GGAZ G eaee eaee Tede ' ": g First Grade QJ. M. BJ 5 1 J 'arr B' A Q, E ,rf ' 2 'tdeaa J it e.a f f - 5 at Jaeddr , G U gp as A at 42 LOU ELLA SIMPSON SOPHIA TAYLOR CLAUDINE WHITNEY MARION WILLIS JOHN LATHERS Second Grade Fourth Grade Sixth Grade Sixth Grade Jr. High Math. KJ. M. B.j KJ. M. BJ KJ. M. BJ KJ. M. B., Pictures of the following teachers were not available: Syl Wojcicld, Boys Phys. Ed.5 Ermice Hill, Frist Grade KJ. M. B.jg Ruth Baker, First Gradeg Joseph J. Bohac, Fourth Grade KJ. M. BJ5 Pearl J. Van Pelt, Kindergarten KJ. M. BJ. 3 a lf- as '13 FLAT ROCK PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION: JOHN M. BARNES PARENT-TMCI-IER ASSOCIA- STANDING left to right - Mrs. R. W. Fowler, Mr. TION: STANDING left to nght - Mrs. Charles Donley Neese. SEATED: Mrs. William Carter, Taylor, Mr. M. H. Wirgau, Mrs. William Harnois. Mrs. Don Stinett, Mrs. Edwin North. SEATED: Mrs. William Whitney, Mrs. Don Wilber, Mrs. M. H. Wirgau, Mrs. Eugene La.France. SECRETARIES2 STANDING left to CUSTODIANS: STANDING left to right - right - Estelle Kane, Betty Monske. Thomas Leyshon, Chief Engineer, Andrew Na- SEATED: Sharon Barnes. hors, Knudt Jorgensen, Weston Dayton. -ll KL VOT 'Qin--J ORGANIZATIONS aafzadn-foledvz mwlowzacloof STANDING, Left to Right: Bob Wild, Elizabeth LeBlanc, Diane Schroeder, Karen McClure, Larry Hehl, Barbara Helms, Anne Reisy, Fred Timmons, Emily I-Iannan, Joan Bobcean, Peggy Angelos, Jerry Hickerson, Bill Spears, Judy Sigler. SEATED: Marve Sevelson, Dona North, Chuck Finley, Marilyn Comfort, Mr. Van Wylie, Herb Ga- behart, Deanna Moore, Karen Holtz, Dan Bodary. The purposes of Student Council are to unify student organization under one general control, to aid in the in- ternal administration of the school, and to promote and regulate student activities. Each class, grades seven through twelve, is represented by two students elected from the class as well as its Class President, chartered organizations are entitled to one representative each. Herb Gabehart, President, and Mr. Van Wyhe, sponsor, led the group throughout the 56-57 school year. The Student Council has power to plan and carry out activities which pertain to the classes represented, make and enforce laws governing dress and conduct at the dances and games, and arrange, through a bus committee, transportation for the students to the away games. Three representatives were sent to the 12th Annual Student Council Conference in Ann Arbor. Representatives help plan and arrange the Career Conference and help or- ganize the Huron Association of Student Councils of which we're a member. Inthe spring of each year, the Council sponsors a magazine drive. From this, they get the money to help them carry out the projects for the year. With the money from this drive, a duplicator and two typewriters were bought for the Rockazette. From this money, S200 is given to the Assembly Committee for professional assemblies. The council is ever expanding as the school increases its enrollment. The Student Council will always remain, "the voice of the students." ABOVE: Herb Gabehart, President. RIGHT: Council members aid the March of Dimes drive. 46 oafz'c2zz'o 'cuwlto , STANDING, Left to Right: Marilyn Brow, Jeri Lou Swan, Joe Burchfield, Bob Stevens, Dorothy Wisler, Sally Simpson. SEATED: Elma Van Wasshenova, Jill Parker, Dawn McNeil, Jo Ann Schafer, Marilyn Comfort , Mr. Van Wyhe, Dolores Haliburda, Vivian Ballinger, Ron Sharpe. How would you like to come to school day after day, week after week, and go through the same classes with no change in your schedule until you graduate? I'll bet there would be a lot of complaints, and among the complainers we might find you. Yes, four years of your life could be pretty dull and monotonous, when you look at it. Fortunately, our school isn't operated that way. Our school, like many others, has different committees to make school life more in- teresting and enjoyable. Among these organizations we have the Assembly Conunittee. Do you realize that from every grade in the Junior and Senior High School, there is at least one person re- presenting you and the other members of your class? These representatives have meeting whenever necessary to decide on various assemblies that would be in- structive and educational, but also entertaining to the audience. The student participants get good training by getting up in front of a large group of people without getting nervous or frightened. The assemblies are in two main groups--pep and professional. At the pep assemblies, held for coming games, the committee in charge has one or two skits, and pep talk and some cheers. The professional assembly covers a wide variety in the field of entertainment. These might include an edu- cational speaker, a vocal quartette, or a magician. These types are found to be among the ones enjoyed by the students and teachers of good old Flat Rock High. ,s s W' ,KX Committee of members along with Mr. Van Wyhe Marilyn Comfort looking over possible assemblies. Vice-President of Student Coun- - cil 'll Chairman of Assembly Commit- tee. Jackie Henfeld Editor-in-Chief The cooperative effort of many students since A last fall has resulted in bringing the 1957 Ram- bler to you. This year, with the best effort put forth toward a wider coverage of all phases of high school life,it has been better than ever. We have come along way since the first yearbook, we are proud of our accomplishments. As the school grows in size and prestige, so grows our yearbook. This past year the Rambler was underthe leadership ofJackie Herzfeld and spon- sored by Mr, Elam Hertzler. To some students, the Rambler is a book which can be purchased in the fall for 32.50 and re- ceived in the spring, but to the staff, it is a time and interest consuming project which demands attention every day and even during vacations, The Rambl erisa mirror of our high school days which shows traditions, activities, organizations, and fellow classmates who might be forgotten, but whowillbe brought to mind long after grad- nation' Art and Photography Editor We wish to take this opportunity to thank all those who had a part in making this book a suc- cess. Dona North STANDING left to right: Peggy McFar1en, Jeanette Berry, Betty Helms, Arm O'Conne1l, Gary Jeffers, Herb Gabehart, Valentine Solak, Janice Van Wyhe, June Torok, Bonnie Berkes, Joan Bobcean, Sally Simpson. SEATED: Elma Van Wasshenova, Kathy Sigler, Linda Forrest, Dona North, Jackie Hemfeld, Judy Reed, Mary Lou Leppek, Barbara Swann, Emily I-Iannan. LEFT to RIGHT: Outstanding staff members, Barbara Swann and June Torokg Jackie and Mr. Hertzler in con- ferenceg Judy Reed, Business Manager. will ww of During the second semester of the '56 and '57 school year, the Rockazette will cele- brate its fourth birthday. These years have passed, and we find the Rockazette still be- ing published with many more improve me nts and a new staff. Many of the improvements are due to the new, modern equipment. Du.r- ing the fouryears thatthe paper was publish- ed, it has continued to sell at five cents per bi-monthly copy. The co-editors-in-chief are chosen by the newspaper staffand are approved by the Stu- dent Council. The Rockazette includes such columns as: senior high news, junior high news, sports, and humor. Each staff member is appointed to write a special column for each issue. The Journalism class is partly made up of the newspaper staff. Newspaper work is done in classwith only a few exceptions. All arti- cles are first approved by their sponsor, Mr. MARILYN COMFORT Hemlel DEANNA MOORE C0'Ed1t0I The main purpose of the newspaper is to C0'Ed1t0I inform Students, parents, and anyone who reads the Rockazette just what current e- vents are happening in Flat Rock High. STANDING, Left to Right: Dorothy Wisler, Jeanette Berry, Betty Helms, Shen'ie Rowell, Judy Reed, Chuck Finley, Bob Stevens, Cletus Hood, Dick Oestrike, Mary Lou Geisler, Rudy Wenzel, Chuck Litwinski. SEATED: Nancy Simpson, Sylvia Watson, Dona North, Deanna Moore, Marilyn Comfort, Mary Lou Leppek, Virginia Jones, Barbara Swann, Lillian Smith. .X ' Meeting copy deadlines. MARY LOU LEPPEK Meeting production deadlines. Production Editor ,19 li FIRST CIRCLE from Left to Right: Kay Button, Arme Riesy, Donna Molnar, Carol Mathews, Sharon Whisler, Peggy Angelos. SECOND CIRCLE: Bob LeBlanc, Peggy McFarlen, Molly McClure, Ed Cook, Sandy Francis, Karen Gentis, Elaine Gentis, Patricia Hall, Barbara Swartzbaugh, Ken Thompson, Tom Calkins, Barbara Keith. THIRD CIRCLE: Barbara Boyd, Bruce Jones, Judy Isabell, Glenn Dutton, Ralph Shermak, Neal Buck, Donna Gabehart, Linda Cook, Lonnie Bain, Roger McGiffen, Joan Bobcean, Eugene Gabehart, Myron Vaughen, Lee Bobcean, Anita Mansfield, Larry Kusz. BACK ROW: Jackie I-Ieizfeld, June Torok, Dick Fonda, Barbara Kamin, Tony Rea, Mr. Roudi, Director. The Flat Rock High School band,led by alternating drum majorettes, one assistant drum majorette, and six ma- jorettes,makes an impressive sight as it furnishes halftime shows for all of thc home football games. Their uniforms ofgreenand gold show off to advantage when it goes through its various marching routines. The band,under the dir- ection of Mr. Ralph Roudi, was one of the two hundred bands chosen to assemble at the University of Michigan to attend the Annual Band Day. These bands formed to make the world's largest massed band. In August, 1956, one drum majorette had the opportunity to attend a majorette's convention in Indiana. Some regular band members are also included in a dance band, directed by Mr. I-lenegar. This dance band enter- tains during assemblies, parties, and a few dances. After the football season, the band turns its attention to concert work. During the year, several fine concerts are presented which provide musical entertainment of a fine quality. ln the spring, the band turns its attention to outdoor practice, in order to prepare itself for various parades. As each year passes, the band increases in size and improves. Donna Dishon Marv Tacketf Carol Butt STANDING left to right: Pat watson, Irene LaPere, Kitty Rowe. KNEELING: Nancy Simpson, Marilyn Brow, Sandy Messenger. 50 "?9:E.:15iiP5'N WSJ!-fif.-5, iyfffl i ' - ad an , . V i y if 1 ee- f or fe L J, r "'," 5' -V "Lh. gf I ' ,,,, . I L, r " is li' Ti. ,E ssr. r is y at r n S y fr , . ,. ii? V r ,, -f, JW' .FQ f - f 3.. rf ..,..z::F,v.:-:',:f"'f , Qi., in . , fl: 5 gg 1, , ' f wi Z 553 Qs.. Y ' 2 5 J 'W I Bl lr, :H I , - .5, ,X A 1 ' A ' . si! . T 5 '25, W ,.-- . V LI' K . ' , In 3 is .E , f if 3,9 - H If M, . 15, g, s . ,. , . - J i e 1- E Q5 - -'.' ' fi jf-,555 V 'S Q, 73? ' E "h' 4 iii! .1 il - ' , 2 ,-..' ,QI .2 62. 5 51 , , ' " H 7' ill ' , 5-as' ',L 5,1 'EH iz V - - 1- wfigfgg, m r , .V I V..- ,,h' -"' ix AE .:1:s:: , 3 - vw-.N .tn ,, 1 ,ww -i s- r: -- L' H gy, -' . L,fL ref, -W sr '.f.1.,..-,sf ' , 3 rr-L f f -1, : ,r 5, rf V GLEE CLUB: BACK ROW left to right: Betty Helms, Barbara Boyd, Ann O'Connell, Dona North, Linda Cook, Barbara Kamin, Joa.n Bobcean. SECOND ROW: Karen Gentis, Nancy Delmore, Johanna Tkach, Judy Smith, Kay Button, Sandy Murphy, Ilene Porath, Sue Langs, Mr. Roudi. FIRST ROW: Donna Gabehart, Sandra Run- yon, Barbara Chrillo, Carol North, Joan Langs, Elaine Gentis, Peggy McFarlen, Marilyn Comfort, Peggy Angel- os. The primary functions of the Glee Club, Girls Chorus, and Seventh and Eighth Grade Chorus are: to appear before the public, to furnish music for assemblies, graduation, and other school activities, and to give the participants a chance to learn how to sing in a group. Mr. Ralph Roudi conducts the Glee Club while Mr. Jack Henegar directs the Girls Chorus and the Seventh and Eighth Grade Chorus. These groups annually give Christmas and Spring Concerts. The groups meet separately twice each week to rehearse. The members are graded on how well they learn the music as well as the way they sing. One fourth of an academic credit is given for each year of membership in the Glee Club or Girls Chorus. Each year, the new members of the Glee Club Canbuytheir Glee Club pin and after the second year their letter. In May, tryouts are held for anyone who wishes to become a member of any of the three groups. I gk l GIRLS CHORUS' BACK ROW left to ri ht Mr , ' S 2 . SEVENTH R AD . Landf Susle CJ-aPP, Sue Brandt. Anne Rieslfr Kathy Meyers, linda Boggs Leslie Harrington glgaglpn glciaaller. SIECOND ROW: Lilliarn S1?1if1'f, Joann Schafer, Pat Hall. SlEZCOND ROW: Nancy S 3 , mP50n, 011.Y MCCIUIE, A1111 Llfwmskl , Simpson, Jill Parker, Darlene Grassel Rita Net- SfePh2f1H1e Crooks, Jen Lou Swan. FRONT ROW: za, Elizabeth LeBlanc FRONT Row- ,William 9-HCIY MeSSenger, Sharon Whisler, Margaret Taylor, Sylvia Watson, JoAnn Wilson Sandy Besonen, Barbara Keith, Janet Bussinger. Chytil, Janet Dubbelde. , 51 we 0-sq-aclczfofaqf acbtcnq! ucttomy! XIARSITY CHEERLEADERS, Left to Right: Donna Spoehr, Nancy Delmore, Emily Hannan, Marilyn Comfort, Deanna oore. RESERVE CHEERLEADERS, STANDING, Left to Right: Jane Burgoon, Dona North, Sandie Murphy, Judy Reed. KNEELING: Karen Holtz, Judy Sigler, Delores Haliburda, Barbara Swann. What is a cheerleader? A cheerleader is a small, bright package of enthusiasm and energy that can be found leading the cheers through all kinds of weather. A cheerleader controls and leads the people with sportsrnenship and spirit to help the teams to victory. Flat Rock's Cheerleaders are made up of two squads,Varsity and Reserve. This past year, the Varsity has had four Seniors and one Sophomore, The Reserves had had four Seniors and four Juniors. Each squad had a repre- sentative at Student Council and Assembly Committee. To be a cheerleader, one must be neat, mannerly, love cheering, have cheering ability, and a C average in her studies. She must be enthusiastic and peppy with good school spirit, She should hold no rivalry against the other teams. Under the guidance of Miss Jean Bartlett, the cheerleaders can be found practicing, faithfully, in the halls of Flat Rock High every fourth hour during the football and basketball seasons. Each year, the cheerleaders attend the Annual Cheering Clinic for the Huron League which was held in Ypsilanti this year. The purpose and the aim of this organization is to promote a feeling of good school spirit and pep at the games. The students ha ve given their overwhelming support, and the girls have had a successful year. nyleqeandrkeqfendadand. LIBRARIANS3 STANDING, Left to Right: Linda Forrest, Janet Gardner, Sylvia Roberts, Shenie Rowell, Betty Helms, Wiletta Kelly, Bernadine Lukasik, Sally Simpson, Sandra Runyon. SEATED: Mary Grier, Deanna Fer- guson, Donna Thompmn, Miss Lea, Librarian, Donna Dishon, Vicky Allen, Judy Wenzel. OFFICE GIRLS5 Left to Right: Mary Lou Giesler, Sherrie Rowell, Donna Dishon, Dot Wisler, Dona North, Sandra Runyon. How many times have you gone into the library this past year? Probably, if you had counted them, the final answer would be quite surprising. Now ny to imagine one of the times, and just think about what you saw when you first went through the door. The windows in the library were always shiny and clean: the books were neatly in their places: there were many magazines, newspapers, and reference books for the students' use. But the li- brarians were also among the things you saw. They were probably the most important accessory in the library. They always were there to help you find the things you had to find. They have been a big help to all of us throughout the past year, and we hope they will accept our thanks. The office girls have done a Very good job, too. They have helped the teachers when they needed help, and did a score of other things. They tooktime from their regular schedule of activity to help when they were called upon. Not only did they work in the downstairs office, but they were in the Reading Building to assist the grade school teachers. We owe a lot to these girls who have been a help to the students and faculty of Flat Rock High. 53 Cn V We VAlkSl'l'Y CLUB, BACK ROW lert to ngnt: Dan Bodary, Fred LeBlanc, Dave Schafer, Charlie Parker, Ken Hoeft Byron Good, Valentine Solak, Tim Good, Roy Vreeland, Chuck Litwinski, Jim Mell, Cloyd Stith. SECOND ROW: Hugh Townsend, Lee Baggott, Steve McKesson, Tony Rea, Dick Oestrike, Mr. Marvin Mittlestat, De- lano Bock, Marve Severson, Joel Nutt, Ed Gedert, Bill Smith. FRONT ROW: Jerry Simpson, Larry Dobbins, Herb Gabehart, Roger Foley, Gene Batway, Chuck Finley Bob Stevens, Lonnie Bain, Jerry Wenzel, Dave Wrob- lewski. 4' , , s N W if AWK., ,QQ W -. g S 1 Swv, ,S p . N 5 V N The Varsity Club was or- mar, ganized in 1926 under the guidance of Mr. Thomas Simp- Delanp Bock Son. Coach Marvin Mittlestat President .M 903 L' is the present sponsor. Out of the group of thirty five, seventeen were lettermen returning from last year. This year we had eighteen new members joining the Varsity Club. The 56-57 club officers were Delano Bock, President, James Mathews, Vice President Dick Oestrike, Secretary, and Tony Rea, Treasurer. The purpose of the Varsity Club is to promote a better athletic program by installing ideals of good sportsmanship, loyalty and self-discipline. The club activities are social as well as athletic. ? l r-A 54 aawdlacd-uukec, BACK ROW left to right: Toni Russell, Ann O'Con.nell, Jeanette Berry, Connie Laird, Lynn Abar, Ann Lltwinskl, Susie Clapp, Carolyn' Rodgers, Peggy Agnelos, Mary Tackett, Jane Burgoon, Ilene Porath, Sharon Schaller. THIRD ROW: Carol Horvath, Helen Montry, Bette Ann Mittlestat, Margaret Morrison, Barbara Simmons, Beverly Csokasy, Louella Konarske, Phyllis Porath, Donna Molnar, Sandy Francis, Donna Gabehart, Pat Coats, Sandy Hamlyn. SECOND ROW: Barbara Kereluk, Pat Haliburda, Barbara Swann, Donna Dishon, Carol North, Joan Bobcean, Carol Mathews, Donna Cannon, Delores Haliburda, Judy Sigler, Judy Hamlyn, Bobbie Lou Cosby. FRONT ROW: Judy Isabell, Nancy Romack, Sandra Fraze, Nichole O'Lynnger, Carol Leppek, Norma Stahl, Karen Heiss, Pat Wash, Judith Allen, Carol Supple, Diane Kenosian, Anne Riesy. BACK ROW left to right: Bemadine Lukasic, Sherrie Rowell, Sylvia Roberts, Sally Simpson, Judy Wenzel. THIRD ROW: Dorothy Crooks, Barbara Chirillo, Lillian Smith, Linda Forrest, Karen Gentis, Carolyn Magyar, Janet Sweeny, Joan Wiseman, Carol Graves, Joan Carpentar, Jean Scott. SECOND ROW: Stephanie Crooks, Barbara Helms, Mary Lou Geisler, Janet Gardner, Judy Duvall, Marilyn Brow, Dona North, Deanna Moore, Mary Lou Leppek, Jackie Herzfeld, Irene Gilstorf, Judy Smith. FRONT ROW: Sharon Taft, Helen Rogers, Alice Yokum, Sandy Runyon, Bonnie Berkes, Barbara Keith, Sharon Whisler, Pat Watson, Diane Stroupe, Ida Mae Wilkins, Mary Burley, Elaine Schwartz. The Girls'Athletic Association, established in the fall of 1946, is spon- sored by Miss Jean Bartlett. The girls in grades 9 through 12 have little time to be bored, thanks to the athletic and social activities that are offered to them throughout the year in the form of volley ball, basketball, soft ball, and the mat team. ln these noon hour activities, competition and enthusiasm run high among the girls. The G. A. A. develops good sportsmanship and promotes recreational activities. It encourages and develops leadership. The point system is used in receiving stripes, letters, and emblems. A Karen Holtz point is given for each game played, and the time played in each game to President earn the point is fixed accordingly. The officers for this past year have been: Senior, Karen Holtz, president, Junior, Barbara Kamin, vice president, Sophomore, Carol North, secretary, Freshman, Donna Gabehart, treasurer, Peggy Angelos, Student Council rep- resentative, and Marilyn Brow, Assembly Committee represenative. With sweating hands, knocking knees, and palpitating hearts, sixty-two freshmen girls headed for Flat Rock High to be initiated into the Association. October 3 is the date to be remembered by these girls. After a game of volley ball,the Senior girls had prepared a few stunts for the initiates. Re- freshments were served and dancing began. This was just one of the many social activities of G.A.A. other than sports. 'K 55 aeeadiaatadmf FUTURE TEACHERS OF ANEERICA5 BACK ROW, Left to Right: Donna Gabehart, Joan Langs, Anne Riesy, Susan Brandt, Barbara Helms, Stephanie Crooks, Joan Bobcean, Sue Langs, Carol North, Carol Graves. MIDDLE ROW: Dolores Haliburda, Margaret Morrison, Mary Lou Leppek, Dorothy Wisler, Peggy Angelos, Mr. Richard Weaver, Deanna Moore, Dona North, Virginia Jones, Jeri Lou Swan, Judy Sigler. FRONT ROW: Judy Isabell, Susan Clapp, Sandie Murphy, Donna Spoehr, Nick Toombs, Bob Stevens, Jerry l-Iickerson, Ann Litwinski, Jan- ice Van Wyhe, Bette Mittlestat. The Marvin Mittlestat Future Teachers of America Club, named in honor of our coach, was formed in Octo- ber of 1956. Its enrollment of thirty-five students is headed by Mr. Richard Weaver, the faculty advisor. The purposes of this FTA Club are to learn about the teaching profession, its opportunities, responsibilities and its important role in our democracy, to explore our own interest and abilities in relation to the various fields of teaching, to cultivate in ourselves the qualities of personality, character and leadership which are essential in good teachers, and the last purpose is to learn how and where teachers receive their training, the cost, scho- larships available, the number of years required, certification requirements and standards. This leaders of this year's club are: President, Deanna Moore: Vice-President, Peggy Angelosg Secretary, Dorothy Wislerg and Treasurer, Dona North. R-at DRAMATICS CLUB, STANDING, Left to Right: Beverly Csokasy, Sharon Whisler, Mary Brown, Bill Spears, Ralph Shermack, Floyd Cumberford, Bill Wilson, Judy Smith, Don Williams, Kathy Sigler. SEATED: Pat Hali- burda, Kay Button, Lillian Smith, Barbara Helms, Sharon Schaller, Mr. Donald Meikle, Judy Sigler, Dolores Haliburda. The Dramatic Club attempts to provide an opportunity for the high school students of Flat Rock to take part in creative activity. The club builds its own scenery and plans and develops the plays. Members take part in various activities in order to finance the club and to further its work. Members are given an opportunity to develop their talents by participating in the numerous activities which go into building a production and in the art of presenting a play . The officers are: President, Sharon Schallerg Secretary, Delores Haliburdag Treasurer, Betty Helms, and Club Sponsor, Mr. Donald Meikle. 56 Q' ,Vg ,. KM? ,Ay 1 ATHLETICS qoaiaaetofefewgl. VARSITY FOOTBALL, BACK ROW, Left to Right: Bill Tillman, Bob Stevens, Roger Foley, Dennis Lincoln, James Mathews, Chuck Finley, Lonnie Bain, Butch Collins, Jerry Simpson. SECOND ROW: Assistant Coach Wojcickig Joel Nutt, Fred LeBlanc, Charles Parker, Delano Bock, Tim Good, Dan Bodary, Byron Good, Ken Hoeft, Valentine Solak, Coach Mittlestat. FIRST ROW: Bill Smith, Manager, Dick Oestrike, Jim Mell, Roy Vreeland, Marve Severson, Tony Rea, Dave Wroblewski, Cloyd Stith, Hugh Townsend, Steve McKesson, Larry Dobbins, Manager. ,MJ ., Q-fr-S Jerry Simpson Captain The Rams football team had a 5-2 record in the Huron League Standings. The record, as a whole, was 5-3 with a non-league game against Grosse He. This year the captain wasjerry Simpson and Tony Rea as most Val- uable playerx Lonnie Bain was the team's leading scorer with eight touchdowns. The 1956 Rams were a very determined group after losing three of their first four games. Just when it looked as if they were in for a Very bad season, they pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and proceeded to win the last four by playing a good brand oftough, hard football. At the end of the season, they would have compared favorably with top notch Ram teams in the past. Grosse Ile - 17-19 Lincoln - 6-27 Dundee - 14-0 Milan - 23-15 Ypsi Roosevelt - 20-6 Saline - 46-7 Chelsea - 35-21 U-I-Iigh - 20-7 61 Tony Rea Most Valuable Player VARSITY BASK.ETBALLg Back ro Oestrike, Byron Good, Jim Mell. vw-'ii Jerry Simpson Captain and Most Valuable Player J rg Kil ey s 1 , 1- ,. f 5 . w left to right: Fred LeBlanc, Dan Bodary, Ken Hoeft, Leon Wilkins, Dick FRONT ROW: Coach Wojcicki, Jerry Simpson, Butch Collins, Jim Mathews, Herb Gabehart, Bob Stevens, James Proxmire. Coach Wojcicki's Varsity cagers had to battle all the way down to the final game, with their position in the standings depending upon the outcome ofthe last game. By beat- ing Saline 54 -49, the Rams finished in a three way tie for third placeg a losswonldhavc meant fifth place. Captain Jerry Simpson received a second vote of confidence by being elected the season's most valuable player. The team suffered a serious blow when James Mathews, injured in a hunting accident, lost his ring finger from his left hand. The Rams finishedwitha 6-6 lea- gue recordg however, the overall season record was 7 won 9 lost. Flat Flat Flat Flat Flat Flat Flat Flat Flat Fl at Flat Flat Flat Flat Flat Non Rock 41 elf Riverview 39 Rock 58 Milan 34 Rock 42 Dundee 64 Rock 39 Ypsi Roosevelt 67 Rock 63 Ann Arbor University 39 Rock 36 'lf Grosse Ile 64 Rock 46 Saline 56 Rock 56 Lincoln 35 Rock 45 Chelsea 66 Rock 41 Milan 36 Rock 40 fkGrosse Ile 54 Rock 50 Dundee 80 Rock 51 Ypsi Roosevelt 65 Rock 52 Ann Arbor University 47 Rock 39 if Riverview 55 -league gamesrlf 62 latcaeaeaezaagdcb. BASEBALL, TOP ROW, LEFT to RIGHT: Coach Mittlestat, Larry Kurtsel, Rudy Wenzel, Larry Dobbins, Chuck Finley, Bob Stevens, Joe Burchfield, Ken Hoeft, Roy Vreeland, Dick Oestrike. BOTTOM ROW: Man- ager, Bill Smith, Ed Gedert, Joel Nutt, Jerry Hickerson, Byron Good, Ron Jones, Dan Bodary, Chuck Litwin- ski, Gary Coats, Manager, Roger Stevens. Since theRAMBLER is printed before the baseball and trackresults are final, we can- not give you a very good picture of their accomplishments. We will let you know of last season's wins and losses. Our track team was third in the Huron League. The 3, J, Rams baseball team came out second with 13 wins and 5 losses. We are proud of these teams even though they have very little coverage here. Dick Oestrike Jerry Simpson Baseball Captain Track Captain TRACK, TOP ROW, LEFT to RIGHT: Jim Kreger, Steve McKesson, Hugh Townsend, Lonnie Bain, James Mathews, Rodger Foley, Dave Wroblewski, Jim Mell. SECOND ROW: Coach Wojcicki, David Beaty, Charles Parker, Bill Parker, Tim Good, Jerry Simpson, Burt Griswold, Tony Rea, Barry Ritchie. BOTTOM ROW: John Bryant, Manager, Jim Bass, Valentine Solak, Richard Henkel, Ron Parker, Wayne Younglove Robert Champagne, Daivd Quick, Mickey Comfort, Manager. 63 r 4fZe'za6ettm,weZZ6'eaww6tq F eff? RESERVE FOOTBALL, BACK ROW left to right: Coach Martin, Gary Jackson, Ron Jones, Charles Coffee Joe Sharpe, Joe Burchfield, Bud Brown, Jim Carter, Ron Coffee. SECOND ROW: Myron Vaughen, Jerry Giblgons Dave Kish, Gary Coats, Jerry Hickexson, Bob Limbright, James Corder, Mel Larson, Fred Timmons. FRONT , EOXQHT JirnbWild, Larry Lykins, August Wenzel, Skip White, Bill Spears, Jim Kreger, Joe Kish, Burt Griswold, ic oom s. RESERVE BASKETBALL, BACK ROW left to right: Fred Timmons, Jerry Gibbons, Tim Good, Joel Nutt, Gary Coats, Jerry I-lickerson. FRONT ROW: Floyd Cumerford, Hugh Townsend, Ron Hoffman, Joe Burchfield, Ron Jones, Bill Wilson, Coach Martin. Reserve Coach- Jim Martin has the job of producing future Varsity gridders and cagers. Through reserve sports, these athletes gain the needed experience and knowledge for future Varsity players. Coach Martin's guiding hands have produced these respectable records. Football Basketball won lost tied won 105g 4 2 1 1 1 5 64 dthtlelcftiethhgatdalcamzt. JR. HIGH FOOTBALL, Back row left to right: Gerald Renner, Roger Stevens, John Bryant, David Smith, Gary Follbaurn, Marty Fowler, James Nerfert, TedBrann. SECOND ROW: Coach Jackson, Tim Litwinski, Mickey Comfort , Mike Tetlow, Bob Wild, Ted Kornowski, Billy Davis, Billy North. FRONT ROW: Bob F ord, Billy Elias, Flash Willis, Bill Taft. Larry Hehl, Douglas Dishon, Demais Mulligan, Ronald Reeves. Flat Rock 6 Gross Ile 1.8 Flat Rock 18 Grosse Ile 26 I 4 , i , L ,MN ,. , , , , S, if FRESHMEN BASKETBALL, Back row left to right: Jim Bass, Joe Kish, Dave Kish, Larry Swan. FRONT ROW: Coach Jackson, Larry Kezeli, Joe Sharpe, Frank Peari. SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADE BASKETBALL, Back row left to right: Larry Hehl, Joe Kuy, Dennis Morgan, Douglas Dishon. SECOND ROW: Ted Bright, Roger Stevens, Lee Bobcean, Marty Flat Rock won Grosse Ile Fowler, Coach Jackson. FRONT ROW: Mickey Flat Rock won Airport Comfort, Tom Calkins , Billy North, Bob Ford, Flat Rock l0St Airport Bob Timmos. Flat Rock won Grosse lle Flat Rock lost McCann Flat Rock won Grosse Ile Flat Rock lost River Rouge Flat Rock won McCann Flat Rock won Airport Flat Rock won Airport Flat Rock lost Grosse He Flat Rock lost River Rouge '35 Ax was-"J ox., McGIATI-IERY'S PHOTO SERVICE Portraits - Commercial - St. 2-2500 Compliments of FLAT ROCK CAFE SAM'S SHELL SERVICE STATION Sf of I M' i I Q I a fl E TOMEY'S PLUMBING 8: HEATING 27518 Telegraph, Flat Rock Good Luck to the Seniors of ' 57 - JIM BRICK - Diamonds 5 M. ,Sr x 1 I ' fx 4 I T Good Luck - Seniors of '57 - IvfE.L OESTRIKE - LOCAL NEW YORK LIFE INS. AGENT. For your floral needs. VAUGI-IEN'S 26249 Huron River Dr. Congratulations - Seniors '57 66 wg Cplif MICHIGAN PORTRAIT STUDIOS Compliments PEOPLES of Trenfon Rockwood Riverview Gibraltar Success to the Class of 57 ETHEL 81 ARTHUR BOBCEAN Flat Rock, Mich O' Compliments Best Wishes to ofthe the Senior Class ANODYZERS INC. STATE SAVINGS BANK Huron River Drive Flat Rock, Michigan of F Iat Rock d P: HOF FMAN'S SUNOCO SERVICE - Flat Rock X:-:-: " K Compliments :I i of 1 I Compliments ' ART BEAUTY SALON f 0 Special in Permanent Waving I , and I II DROUILLARD S DRUGS I Artistic Hoir Styling I II -- Il y .. 1 T. A Compliment Compliments MEDICAL CENTRE PITTMAN'S FRIENDLY SERVICE STerIing 2-29257 28465 Detroit Street Flat Rock, Michigan J. W. Hillyer, M.D. R. H. Proud, M.D. - R. F. Proud, M.D. X Compliments Congratzlations an of Best Wishes 'I VROLE f RfI'IA-LL Success3'iilaFutu,re .1 in RIPE INC- roph Mick' PETROLEUM SPECIALTIES 7500 Tam ki INC. FIM ROC FOGG'S THRIF-TEE Success MARKETS To The Senior Class Nationally Advertised Foods Compliments Rockwood 8. Flat Rock - A I FLAT ROCK COLLISION Compliments of HILLCREST MOTEL HURON BUSINESS SERVICE INC. 26068 E. Huron River Dr. Flat Rock, Mich. Phone ST. 2-3952 Insurance and Bonds Best Wishes from Roger .I. Remer, Walter .I. Remer Walter F. Remer I BRANDT'S PARTY SHOP 26324 Huron River Dr. Flat Rock, Mich. For Delivery ST 2-2466 GENE'S BARBER SHOP 3 barbers no waiting Gene Florios, Prop. I V JAMES MCUMBER PHARMACY l "The store with the clock 26I57 E. Huror River Dr. Flat Rock 51100958 To The r CIGSS T1 INC. D aild wllroiihliiiis dealef Sef1i0 I LLOYD C. AFFHOLTER Boat 8. Motor Sales 26416 Telegraph Owens, Chriscraft Thompson 81 Evinrude Motors Compliments Compliments of of BUNTE IMPLEMENT CO. FLAT ROCK 26447 lnkster Rd. -5 8, 10. Farm Equipment and Trucks ..I. A. Mayette Compliments of SMlTH'S FLAT ROCK HOTEL l at i' C gee X 2 .-- -4,5 4" g ,I kK I , I I ' ' 1 ll .vlmliml Cnurlervli if Lv S an bylplzon Dm.-mm 5 1-txhaw-F ll C 1 I Cu. There's satisfaction in meeting a challenge Working at Edison. thereis challenge in the very air you breathe. Itis logical. This is a growing company in a growing industry. And growth always creates problems. This is also a pioneering company, constantly challenging the accepted ways of doing things. Challenge, opportunity, progress . . . they're like steps. The steps that lead to a satisfactory career. And advancement within the company is the standard practice rather than the exception. We have heard it said that Edison is a good place to work. True! One of the reasons that makes it so-particularly for high school graduates entering the business world for the first time-is that Edison people are friendly, sympathetic and helpful. If you reside in metropolitan Detroit, we invite you to visit our Employ - ment Department, 2000 Second Avenue. Elsewhere, job application forms are available at any Edison customer office. THE DETROIT EDISON COMPANY 71 I Compliments of 'II F. w. RITTER I and soNs tl CLUB BARBER SHOP 3 Barbers No Waiting Ralph Cameron, Prop. CALGON COMPANY Division of HAGAN CHEMICALS 81 CONTROLS INC. Rockwood, Michigan ERVING BROWN Compliments Excavating - BuIIdozing of Trucking 25861 East Huron River Drive INSURANCE Phone STerIing 2-2844 Fire 81 Auto I v -v N Congratulations To The Class of '57 FLAT ROCK REALTY AND INSURANCE Compliments of VRE ELANDS Compliments Of TWIN PINES DAIRY Doug MCG inn Independent Distributor Congratulations To The Class of 1957 DIAMOND RESTAURANT Cocktail Lounge O Compliments 0 MAHONEY O REALTY 8. INSURANCE AGENCIES DR. GILBERT J. RUTH Complete Beal Estate 81 I Insurance Service Optometrist ST 2-2788 f T 24 hour Wrecker BUNTE'S crzoolcs SUPER SERVICE DEPARTMENT 5 Sterling 2-25l5 - 2-9245 STORE - Flat Rock, Mich. Q N A + E "Compliments of' Compliments to HERMAN'S HARDWARE Flat Rock Carleton '57 Class of FLA T ROCK HIGH WESTERN AUTO 8. UNITED DAIRIES Compliments of SPO'EHR'S "Store across from School " ' RICHARD OESTRIKE INC. 1V1ichigan's Oldest Flat Rock is Chrysler - Plymouth Dealer proud of these Sales 8. Service professionals: 28851 Detroit St. Flor Rock Michigan Phone ST 2-2411 y y liil Dr. Au sum D. D. S. . "5 J Dr. Besterman D. D. s. vshhs !L feyw 4 N R Dr. Comfort M. D. A I A V, , . 4 to A 5 D" Gubne' D' D' S' FLAT Rock AMBULANCE SERVICE Dr' Lundls D' 0' 1 Night gl Day Service Trained Attendants ST 2-9248 corner of Telegraph and West Huron River Drive. -Ji ,. I I Compliments f Of 'J I 1 EDDIES f SUNOCO y SERVICE I1 1 .I- Compliments 3 Of FRANK F. GAZLEY Congratulations From PATS BARBER SHOP 5 s K . Q Q ix 1 Ji ,F Q .sf it ry is All s Here 's why for 7 important home uses! Gas is the modern, clean fuel that gives you luxury living at bargain prices! Gas is automatic, fast, dependable, silent-gives you unequalled comfort and convenience. You'll find that Gas is best for: f , Q House heating: Gas heat is clean, automatic, economical, safe. No worries about fuel shortages. No fuel bins or storage tanks. Cooking: Modern Gas ranges make cooking almost completely il automatic-with automatic top burner, automatic controls, - smokeless broiling. K' 55.53-?? ,,i Water heating: Automatic Gas water heaters give you hot water around the clock. Gas heats faster, replaces used hot water EJ faster. A W Clothes drying: Gas clothes dryers end weather worries, heavy lifting of wet clothes at low cost of only two cents an hour. ' burnable trash indoors, saves you trips outside in bad weather. Incineroting: A Gas incinerator gets rid of both garbage and X , I iz ce Refrigerating: A Servel Gas Refrigerator gives you silent opera- lg tion, balanced cold, automatic supply of ice cubes, low operating cost. l W7 Q X Air conditioning: Gas a1r conditioning IS qluet, economical, W i efficient. One basic unit heats in winter, cools in summer. , ,, il " Check the many advantages of Gas appliances and you'II see why Gas is best for comfort, convenience and economy! MICHIGAN CONSOLIDATED GAS COMPANY Serving 835,000 customers in Michigan .RQ gs Os ff The 1957 Rambler staff would like to thank all those who have put their time and effort in the completion of our yearbook, We wish to express our appreciation to Michigan Portrait Studios for all the pic- tures and the Monroe Evening News for the pictures on one page. 76 H- is 99 h ' '6f55'!f.37f - 4--F g:fmpz.f- U vm -4- A ..1 1 f e v 4 i 1 S'-3'-"-V ., J .at-,,,- , Y -1- - i. 'fi:2f'f,-.1 w , , , f rf,--'23-,a A-7.:- Q ". ,, V- ., , . ' ' ' ::4'f.:n:. .ng ,,. 4 ' C rf ,H '-1-,-g. .- .jr-,ar ,sw .. ,,:N,, , , .f 5:5--:m'.,..-F11-fg-ff:-" '-- - 'Jr '-1' v ,X A xx , ., . -, :UF " -45T: "T73'5"?"T'f-?"1"'J"' fi-. V - - - ,, , -,qu-.,. ' G- -: P ft -M-v. :uw wen ' N f J.-,Mi P ,W ., , -.,, -1 , .pg-s. , Q 'wit ,. ' ., ,xf-9. A, -. Q -'.5.A'?-'gi , -,,:. - -1 1 7- 1 -.r'3-+111 :Q-" .1-an , ,-X.. iff an X' F,'.',L1'.,1:! -- 'V ' ' ' 3 Q" ' S,,.i ,Ff.,,.., ,. Q- ff ....

Suggestions in the Flat Rock High School - Rambler Yearbook (Flat Rock, MI) collection:

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Flat Rock High School - Rambler Yearbook (Flat Rock, MI) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 24

1957, pg 24

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1957, pg 46

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1957, pg 38

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