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.5 1 1' 1 ..e K' f - of Kei I - W . aff WE PR 0001 7 f0A9f5f!V7 7775 AQJ'-7 l. QW 1 M Z J' ff W L-N gf' ,..:' L-5 , f , X Z9 X ' V., -M 9' ,f '- 1 W.. ,f , ., X ff! f , , ,.f X H 114 f I 'M ' f' ,. 1' ,rv -H , - Lf" If,-V 1 ff I ftp' A, ,, L , , ' ' -N-..X,x -'i--...if ,, V. , , -4 If 1, K q --xxwsvi-ff 1' ." , A , xxx if 1, x- Xxwiif fr xg Rs 'x3: FOR HIS SUPERB COACHING FRIENDLINESS TOWARD EVERY STUDENT AND INVINCILBE SCHOOL SPIRIT THE , RAMBLER STAFF PROUDLY DEDICATES TO MARVIN "COACH" MITTLESTAT THIS 1954 ANNUAL. Dedication Besides his regular teaching duties which include classes in both gym and iunior high mathematics, Coach Mittlestat also serves as faculty advisor for the Varsity Club. He is well known for his promotion of school spirit, stressing that the ideas of good sportsmanship, fair play, and consideration for the other fellow be prac- ticed not only by the players but by the spectators as well. School spirit does not stop on the athletic field but should be carried over to the classroom, to school activities, to the organizations, and to everyday life. To "Coach" Mittlestat we express our deepest appreciation for the fine work he has done in athletics and in helping to promote good sportsmanship among the stu- dents of Flat Rock. The long hours he has put in working with "the team", his principles of fair play and his unfailing belief in "Flat Rock Spirit" have been a great factor in the athletic records of Flat Rock High School. Coach meets both victory and defeat with equal determination, the elations of triumph never over- shadow his criticisms for perfection. He interprets defeat as an experience in good sportsmanship and an incentive for improvement. Young men of Flat Rock gain much through these many fine experiences in athletics under his direction. Of the many fine records achieved by Flat Rock the most outstanding have been made by the baseball teams which over a period of thirteen years have won l6l games, lost 55, and tied 3 for a .745 winning per-centage. ln addition to this the Ram 9s have taken 8 Huron League Championships and twice finished second. The football records are iust as outstanding. In the last five years Ram grid teams have won 31 games losing only 9. ln his one year as basketball coach the Ram 5 posted a l0 game winning record while losing 5. xi y, 5. , Table of Contents Faculty Seniors Underdassmen Organizations R Sports Actrvrtres FA C UL TY AND ADIVINIS 779A Tl ON , WL .-f" If ,f-'f ,fjj!f pp, iff 1 f x S Faculty and John C. Kreger--President, Thurman S. Peacock--Trustee Ad P ' r ' Mrs. Ethel Bobcean--Trustee, Rollen M. Stevens--Treasurer Franklin H. Jones--Secretary THOMAS SIMPSON General Science, Junior High School Principal B. S. Michigan State Normal A. M. University of Michigan HENRY VAN WYHE Calvin College A B Degree University of Michigan A M Social Studies Principal of Senior High Degree JOHN BARNES Superintendent A. B. Western College of Education ' A. M. University of Michigan 113' LOUISE WEDDLE Flat Rock High School Secretary to Superintendent Jr. High Office Manager Sr. High Office Manager Office Clerk S S fn , ,W , I Y U , wgigm, ga f 114 nw, N5 , ff-, Luv MISS JEAN BARTLETT LAUREN TOWNSEND Woodshop A. B. Michigan State Normal College M. E. D. Wayne University THOMAS JONES Freed-Hardemon, Heuderson, Tenn. Murray State College B. S. in English English Y . Health Spelling Girls Gym B S Michigan State Normal College JAMES MARTIN Woodshop, Mechanical Drawing B. S. Michigan State Normal College MARVIN MITTLESTAT Boys Gym, Coaches football and baseball A. B. Michigan State Normal College LOUIS JAN EZECH B. S. University of Minnesota General Science, Geography, Biology DONALD MElKLE English, History B. S. University of Minnesota SYLVESTE R WOJCICKI Arithmetic, Coaches basketball B. S. University of Minnesota 19,1 'fi' MARILOU LEA Eastern Kentucky Teachers College A. B. Degree French, Latin, English, and Library MATTHEW MITTLESTAT General Mathematics, Algebra A. B Michigan State Normal College GEORGE GILLOOLY University of Michigan B. S. in Chemistry Chemistry, Physics, Geometry and Advanced Math RALPH RDUDI B. S. and M. S. Ithaca College Music Director GENEVIEVE RINGLER Ferris Institute, Western State and Michigan State Normal B. S. Degree Typing I and II Shorthand Il RONALD EDWARDS Ferris Institute, B. S. Accounting University of Tennessee, M. S. Degree Bookkeeping I and II Shorthand I General Business PAUL ATOR Grinnell College, lowa B. A. Degree in Ari University of Wisconsin M. S. Degree in Applied Art Art and Junior High English MISS BARBARA BERARDUCCI Home Economics B S Michigan State Normal College 5 FNIORS X' X j .1 LEO ANGLEOS 'ln the Hall of Fame, l strive to place my name. Band 'l,2,3,41 Band Concert i,2,3,4p Student Council 2, 3,45 Class President 4: Varsity Basketball 45 Athletic Carnival 25 Dance Band 2, Yearbook 'l,2,35 Ring Committee 31 Cl0SS Play 3,45 Varsity Club 45 Play Committee 4 OSCAR BECKNER 'Who says only sissies have curly hair?' Athletic Carnival 4 MARGARET BAIN "A happy giggle and oodles of pep.' Librarian ii G.A.A. 1,25 Office can 1,2,3, i i I if JUDY BEER 'That little touch of humor and personality. Class Play 4, Play Com- mittee 31 G.A.A. 'lp Year- book Staff 31 JOE ARTLEY 'No telling what he will do next." Class Play 4, Varsity Club Vice Pres. 45 Varsity Football 4, Ring Committee 3: Football Captain 4 JANET BEHM "Get thee behind me Satan but don't push.' G.A.A. 3,45 Yearbook Staff 4 Q 4 23 my V1 , , We s E? i PAT BlCK 'She has a winning way." G.A.A. l,2,3,4: Office 45 Yearbook Staff 3,45 Year- book Editor 4g Play Com- mittee 35 Athletic Carnival 2: Student Council 4 BARBARA BRIESE 'Talkative rather than eloquent.' G.A.A. l,2 A' .A 1 , . A57 1? -. , f rl! rfli fw V ' Milo" ' 'A 11 it 1 1 A H ,aigq,+ YA-it A , 'w-git i t -L1-'-2:34 K - vi ,V L, ,V 2, - 5, E- .s-,Eau gig., 4 , if S 4 MQQEL, 'Q KAY BLOOMFIELD 'Always happy and f'-'ll of fun." Class Play 3: G.A.A. l,2, 3i Prom Cbmmiifee 32 YCUY' book Staff 4 6 X MARGIE BRILLOWSKY 'A true friend once you know her." G.A.A. l,2,3: Glee Club 'l,2,3,4i Library 4: Stu- dent Council lf Assembly Committee 4 "1-bg. 'sr1'?""" -ws? mf 'LS BETTY BRIESE 'The shy, quiet type." G. A. A. 1,2 JANET BRITZ 'lf business interferes with pleasure---cut out the pleasure." G.A.A. l,2,3,4, Band 2,3,4, Band Concert 2,3,4p Assembly Committee 2,41 Student Council 3: Student Play Director 35 Class Play 4: Play Committee 4 Ps may 1 NELSON BROWN 'Why mother's get gray." Varsity Club 3,45 Varsity Football 3,45 Class Play 3,45 Band I,2,3,45 Band Concert i,2,3,45 Athletic Carnival 2, 45 Class Vice President 45 Dance Band 2 ROBIN COOK E "Don't argue with me5 I know l'm right." Varsity Football 45 Class Play 3,45 Varsity Club 4 'X' 4 I VIRGINIA CERNY 'Quiet like an alarm clock." G.A.A. 'l,2,3,45 Class Sec- retary 35 Class Play 3: Play Committee 35 Office 2 CAROLYN CROOKS "There's nothing like fun is there?" G.A.A. 'l,2,3,45 Student Council Treasurer 45 Yearbook Staff 2, 4 In "fi" If ,M xx 'U I 0 W0 w gggm., -,ii s af ,MSF +5 3 an is is 5 if za, 5 . 5- K A , A . i'i-1-1333. 3 , .5 1 I wt ' i hgi g ,,, I-. -. sy :Q My 9 ,vp ' IJ' JG , 1 ig,.- is , jf, NORMA COMFORT 'Rome wasn't built in a day so why should I hurry?" G. A. A. 'l,2,3,45 Assembly Committee 3,45 Class Sec- retary 25 Class Treasurer 45 Yearbook Staff 2,3,45 Yearbook Business Manager 45 Band 45 Office 25 Class Play 45 Ring Committee 35 Band Concert 4 MERLE DEATH 'Speak upl We ,can't hear You.' G. A.A. 'I,2,3,45 Library 4 F K gil- , sg? gif' - . ' I , K, 5 , 5 I I1 I "i" , ' 'ii' i tx GLENNA DUTTON 'Dynamite comes in small packagesl' Band 'l,2,3,4: Band Concert 'l, 2,3,4i Glee Club 'l,2,3,4i Class Play 3,45 G.A.A. 'l,2,3,4: Year- book Staff 45 Assembly Com- mittee 45 Prom Committee 3: Dance Band 2: BILL KAROLY 'Only two things in life that count---girls and fun!" Band li Varsity Football 4: Varsity Club 4: Athletic Club 2 ' 'lf , -"' ,si 'ie 1 H1 1 .1 ' if as ,. .- Q, WI 'Quai' TOM GRISWOLD 'You never can tell what these shy fellows will dal' Class Play 3,45 Track 35 Play Committee 4 MARGARET KENOSIAN 'Always in the midst of things." Class Vice President 3: Band 2,3,4i Glee Club 2,3,4p Band Concert 2,3,4: G.A.A. 'l,2,3,4, Play Committee 35 Class Play 3,45 Student Council 41 Assembly Com- mittee President 4 it CAROL JENKINS 'Efficiency Plus." G. A. A. 'l,2,3,4: Class Vice President 4, Glee Club l,2, 3,41 Band l,2,3,4: Band Concert 'l,2,3,4: Class Play 4: Yearbook Staff 2,45 Athletic Carnival 2 BILL KURTZHALS 'Wl"Y study? The more we know, the more there is to forget" Class President 25 Studenf Council 2, Assembly Cum- miffee 3,42 Varsity Football 4: Varsity Club 4, Play Cqm. mittee 4 DICK MMRIS 'Casanovaf' Track 3,47 Varsity Football 4: Varsity Club 4: Class Play 3,4 JANE MARTIN She takes life as nt comes Class Secretary 4 JERRY NORRIX 'Keep in line girls---you may get a chance." Class Play 45 Varsity Club 3,41 Student Council li Varsity Basketball 4: Varsity Baseball 3,45 Band 'l,2,3i Athletic Carnival 2,4 N, WARD ROWE Care has no place in my life." ss Play 41 Track 2,3,4p rsity Club 3,41 Varsity seball I1 Varsity Foot- l 41 Athletic Carnival 2, JERRY PICHAN "l've seen school now what?" Student Council 1,31 Assembly Committee 21 Class President 'I1 Varsity Football 2,3,41 Varsity Club 2,3,41 Track 21 Varsity Club President 41 Athletic Carnival 2,41 Football most valuable 4 L L. ' r , . ninja , 7 I VL -:K 'MJ' xii .4 . - 4 . be is Aefy y -- s e f 1 K , 9 X, ALICE SCHOEN Quletness holds its own dignity." G. A. A. 'l,2,31 Glee Club 'l,2,3,4, Student Council 4, Library 4i Picture Committee JOYCE RENAUD 'I dislike noise unless I make it myself G. A. A. 123 4' Stu ent Play Director 41 Class Play 31 Assembly Committee 'Un . .5 e ng X I I I I d 4 l 9 313, 1 1, Library 3,4 ,M ig 52 1 N" 'ix DONNA slMPsoN Lady Godiva would not appreciate the horse as much as 'Simp' would have." Class Vice President 11 Class Treasurer 31 Student Council 3,41 G.A.A. l,2,3,41 Glee Club 'I,2,3,41 Band Drum Maior 3,41 Office 2 Athletic Carnival 21 Class Play 4 i 1 f 5 SALLY SARVEIQ "These teachers don't I fool me." G.A.A. l,2,3,41 Glee Club l X I ,J MW 1-, ff' 'w,,,,J 'wvl FRAZER SIMPSON "School spoils my whole day Varsity Football 45 Varsity Club 45 Assembly Com- mittee I JEANENE TENNIER Papa don t preach to me G.A.A. 'l,2,3,4 HELEN VAUGHEN PHYLLIS SWAN 'The lady for whom the bells toll." c.A.A. I,2p olee club 1,2, 3,45 Band 1,25 Athletic Carnival 2 DICK VAN DUSEN 'Be careful I might do something sensationall' Class Play 3,45 Varsity Club 45 Varsity Football 41 Varsity Track 3 "She appears to be quiet--- in school!" G. A. A. 'Ii Athletic Carnival 2 ROBERT VAUGHEN 'Nothing is more valuable to a man than his courtesy." Band Concert 'I,2,3,4, Band I,2,3,4i Class Play 3,4 lx s"?5 'iff-4-Q19 K I Qi' 1 , 1 file SX lim CAROL WAGAR " 'The happy go-luxury type." G.A.A. 'I,2,3,4i Band 'l,2,3, 4, Band Concert 'l,2,3,4i Athletic Carnival 2,47 Play Committee 3,47 Play Student Director 3: Office 2: Glee Club 2,3,4 BARBARA WASHBURN 'She thinks twice, and says plenty." G.A.A. l,2: Glee Club l,2, 3141 Band 'l,2,3,4: Class Play 3,45 Student Council 4: Yearbook Staff 45 Play Committee 31 Band Concert 'I,2, 3,4 LOUIS WATSON 'It is better to be small and shine, than to be large and cast a shadow." Class Play 4, Band 'l,2,3,4: Band Concert 'l,2,3,4i Play Committee 45 Student Council 4: Athletic Carnival 2,45 Varsity Baseball 4: Prom Committee 3 DON WHISLER "Jack-of-all-trades." Band 2,3,4, Band Concert 2,3,4i Play Committee 3 Y' Uno l"1 LOIS WILLIAMS Silent, small and studlous G.A.A. 2 GRACE YOUNGLOVE 'Her hair has June's own brightness." G. A. A. 'I,2,3,4, G.A.A. President 4, Library 2,35 Class Play 3,4 - 1 im!! , 05' Tron slerred from Ri ver Class Will ETHEL YIELDING 'She would get around wherever she went." Cl os s Col or s----- -Blue and White Class Flower----- Class Motto ------- f Red Rose 'With the ropes ofthe past we will ring the bells ofthe uture." Rouge 1954 We, the class of 1954, of Flat Rock High School, County of Wayne, State of Michigan, being sound lnmind body do hereby will our most treasured possessions to the class of 1955. I, Leo Angelos, do will and bequeath my basket-ball fouls to George Collins. I, Joe Artley, do will and bequeath my pool table to Don Proud and my Adam's Apple to Pat Johnson. Margaret Bain, do will and bequeath my old clothes to Barbara Stillwagon and Sandy Beer. Oscar Beckner, do will and bequeath my attraction to girls to David Nelson. I Judy Beer, do will and bequeath my stupendous, tremendous, and gigantic vocabulary to Joanna Grosso and Richard Bielec. I, Janet Behm, do will and bequeath some of Jerry Pichan's biceps to James Briese. I, Pat Bick, do will and bequeath my baggy shorts to Nancy Lobdell. , Kay Bloomfield, do will and bequeath my love for bookkeeping to Sue Parker. We, Betty and Barbara Briese, do will and bequeath our gift of gab and gossip to Anna Mae Gilstorf. I, Margie Brillowsky, do will and bequeath the mole on my chin to Donna Hoeft. Janet Britz, do will and bequeath my old braces to-Pat Van Pelt. Nelson Brown, do will and bequeath my broken reeds to Douglas Phillips. Virginia Cerny, do will and bequeath my constant complaining and discontent to Maxine Morrison. Norma Comfort, do will and bequeath my physics grades back to Mr. Gillooly. Robin Cooke, do will and bequeath my firm conviction that I'm always right to Don East and Don Mathew Carolyn Crooks, do will and bequeath my job as Student Council Secretary to Lenida Holtz. , Merle Death, do will and bequeath my little "4l' Ford to Nelda Mallard so she can whiz around third and sixth hour study halls. Glenna Dutton, do will and bequeath a few hairs of my eye brows to Sarah Dorris. Tom Griswold, do will and bequeath my sinus to Andy Gricol. Carol Jenkins, do will and bequeath my high I.Q. rating to Bernard Hughey and Roy Humphrey. Bill Karoly, do will and bequeath my muffler to Art Terris. Margaret Kenosian, do will and bequeath my natural curly hair to Ellamae Watson. Bill Kurtzhals, do will and bequeath my bow-legs to Norma Thimmes. Jane Martin, do will and bequeath my sore throats to Janice McMann in hopes that it will keep her quiet. Betty Monske, do will and bequeath my ability in all sports to Phyllis Knope. Dick Morris, do will and bequeath my shining self to all the Junior girls. Jo Ann Neifert, do will and bequeath my shorthand grades to Carolyn Swartzbaugh. Jerry Norrix, do will and bequeath my levi's to Sam Pappas. Gordon Parker, do will and bequeath my chemistry ability to Mary Mayette. Jerry Pichan, do will and bequeath Janet Behm's ability to pass notes in economics class to Lynn Burge Joyce Renaud, do will and bequeath my great pep and vitality for school work to Joan Delmore. Howard Rowe, do will and bequeath my even temper to Kay Cole. Sally Sarver, do will and bequeath my ability to talk, talk, and still talk to Joyce Behm, Alice Schoen, do will and bequeath my soft feminine voice to Al Gardner. Donna Simpson, do will and bequeath my cinch belts to Marge Hargis. Frazer, do will and bequeath my wide awake manner in economics class to Bob Montry. Phyllis Swan, do will and bequeath my attendance record to Jim Hyatt. J eannene Tennier, do will and bequeath my old history books to Roberta Spoehr. Dick Van Dusen, do will and bequeath the corner stone of the Flat Rock Bank to Ed McKesson. Helen Vaughen, do will and bequeath free passes to the show to Al Lewis and Nancy Wright. Robert Vaughen, do will and bequeath my bubbling personality to Tom Burgoon. Carole Wagar, do will and bequeath my sun tan lamp to Sharon Barns. Barbara Washburn. do will and bequeath my fur earings to Beth MacLough1in, so she can keep her ears warm. I, Louis Watson, do will and bequeath the rims of my glasses to Fred Gladding and Daryl Ritchie. l Don Whlsler, do will and bequeath my slim physique to Bob Knott and Dan Burdick. Lois Williams, do will and bequeath my southern drawl to Mary Wenzel. Ethel Yielding, do will and bequeath my ability to get my way by fair means or foul to Nancy McFarlen. Grace Younglove, do will and bequeath my flirtatious manner to Agnes Lafler. This instrument was on the day of the date thereof, signed, published, and declared by the said testor, the Senior Class, to be their last will and testament in the presence of the said witnesses who at our request haven subscribed their names herein. by Margaret Kenosian, Testor Y -11' f O Class History 3, 1 F. In ? T Very soon now the Class of June, 1954, will be leaving Flat Rock High School. Three things we will carry away with us: our diplomas, a symbol of education, memories of the past four years, and the thoughts of what is before us. It was a warm September morning, when we left home in high spirits, eager to launch forth upon our high school career. Our enthusiasm vanished as we approached the bleak door, and were frightened freshmen. When we finally got to our home room and a little more accustomed to our surroundings, we again became the same old smart alecks. This was the first time so many schools had been fully represented at Flat Rock. This was a great opportunity for students to meet new and interesting friends from Flat Rock, Hand, Maple Grove, and Carson Schools. In all ninety-two students started at Flat Rock in the ninth grade, but with all the toil, hardships, and homework only forty-nine students have survived the last four years leading to graduation. Sixteen young-brave students have been in Flat Rock for a total of thirteen years. To get the boys and girls better acquainted with each other, we held our first Freshman Dance. The kids were a little bashful at first, but all ended as a gala affair. We elected .Terry Pichan as our president to lead us through the first year. Towards the end of the year we went on our first big trip. Our biology class took a trip to the Toledo Zoo, on a chartered bus, accompanied by Mr. Marvin Mittlestat. One short year later much to our amazement we were Sophomores. At last the boys and girls had classes with each other. Boy! What a change. We elected Bill Kurtzhals as president. This year a small portion of the history class went on a trip to Greenfield Village. Many of the kids furthered their interest in school by participating in band, glee club, Varsity Club, G.A.A., and Student government. After a short vacation we became Juniors. Quite a big year was ahead of us. Committees were chosen to take care of most of the important duties. Gordon Parker was elected as pres- ident. We received our rings from Josten and all the Juniors were walking around with outstretched hands. After much discussion and consideration we selected our play, 'Spring Green,' directed by Mr. John Barnes. It was given on May 7th and 8th. Toward the end of the year we got to- gether with the Seniors and gave our big dance of the season, the Junior-Senior Prom, called 'La Cabret". In June we gave the Seniors a very nice banquet and we escorted them during Bac- calaureate and Commencement. We finally became Seniors. The big year was here. Everyone seemed in a rush. Leo Angelos was elected as president to lead us through our last hectic year. Class pictures were taken, di- plomas and graduation announcements picked. Our last big play was put on, 'Home Sweet Hom- icide," directed by Mr. Thomas Jones. It was given on December 2nd and 3rd, To help us under- stand the system of courts, Mr. Henry J. Van Wyhe took us to Detroit to visit the courts. To increase the portion of the small pile of coins in our treasury, we sold Christmas wreaths, had bake sales, paper drives, sponsored dances, and had concessions, and sponsored various other projects. But to get the kids together for these projects was practically impossible, but all came out okay. At the present we still have many things to look forward to, Junior-Senior Prom, Fad Day, Teach Day, Skip Day, our Senior Trip to Washington, D.C., the Junior-Senior Banquet. And then we will reach the goal for which we have striven for four years--graduation. May our future days be as happy as the days we have spent at good old Flat Rock High. Ye Old Historian Janet Britz C ass Prop ecy The senior class of '54 had graduated on June 17th, and now ten years later, we were all to meet at Flat Rock for our first reunion. As I walked down the main street on my way to the high school, I couldn't keep from noticing the changes that had taken place in Flat Rock in the last ten years. The town had grown so that one would hardly recog- nize it. I had a little time before the reunion was to start so I decided to look around and see if I could recall any familiar names or places. The first building that I came across was a large department store. The sign over the door read Briese's Dept. Store, owned and operated by Betty and Barbara Briese. On a smaller sign to the right of the door was a list of the sales personnel, the names of Jane Martin, Kay Bloomfield, and Betty Monske being among them. Across the street from the department store was the Gerald Pichan Sports Stadium, named after the famous Flat Rock athlete. There was to be a special program tonight. The world famous Brownstown Globe-Trotters, managed by Robin Cooke and Dick Van Dusen, were to play an exhibition game. The team consisted of such famous basketball players as Donna Simpson, Margaret Bain, Lois Lee Williams, Virginia Cerny, and Alice Schoen. A little farther down the street I came upon the Flat Rock radio station, station F.R.H.S. In front of the door was a large poster advertising one of their radio programs "John's Other Brother-in-Law,' star- ring that famous radio personality Glenna Dutton. The program was co-sponsored by the Acme Sweater Company, owned by Margaret Brillowsky and Carole Wagar, and Watson's Shoe Center owned by Louis Watson. On the corner of the next block was a newspaper stand, and as I stopped to buy a copy of the local paper I realized how much Flat Rock had grown, for what used to be a small weekly paper was now a daily paper with a circulation of over five thousand copies. On the newspaper staff were some very familiar names: Joanne Neifert, editor-in-chief, Robert Vaughen and Pat Bick, co-editorsg and Barbara Washburn, art editor. Besides these, the paper also had such famous columnists as Grace Younglove, with her advice to the love-lorng Judy Beer, the famous dramatic critic, and articles by such famous reporters as Ethel Yielding and Tom Griswold. The front page of the paper carried a story about Joyce Renaud, the world famous explorer, and her recent trip to darkest Africa where she had been searching for the Zsa-Zsa head hunters. On the next page was an ad from the Flat Rock Super Service Station owned and operated by Jerry Norrix, Bill Karoly, and Don Whisler. The next building that I came upon was a large office building, which I might add had been built by the Nelson Brown Construction Company. In the building were the offices of several of my former classmates: Norma Comfort, the world famous brain surgeon and her assistants Phyllis Swan and Helen Vaughen, and Leo Angleos, the great criminal lawyer had their offices on the first floor. On the next floor was the office of the Easy Sleep Mattress Company, Fraser Simpson president, and the K. and M. Dancing School, managed by Bill Kurtzals and Dick Morris. This is a very famous school for among its graduates are such famous celebrities as Carol Jenkins, Jeanene Tennier, and Carolyn Crooks. On the third floor is the office of Sally Sarver and Janet Behm song writers extra-ordinary whose latest song hit 'Men, Men, Men' is sweeping the country. Also in this building are the offices of those world famous detectives Howard Rowe and Joe Artley. I hear that they're trying to track down that famous international gambler Oscar Beckner. Well here is the school and there just ahead of me are Margaret Kenosian and Janet Britz, who the last Iknew were teaching in Detroit. I guess I'd better hurry if I don't want to be late and miss seeing all my fellow graduates again. By Gordon Parker 77V .9455 L-4: XX tvs, Q.. f X K' gi? WX ?" f a d . xg , r ZX 4' Q ' 'Pe 5 W, 55 JUN I OPS Juniors First Row: Nelda Mallard, Lenida Holtz, Sandra Beer, Joyce Behm, Mary Mayette, Sue Parker, Nancy McFarlen, Donna Hoeff, Sarah Doris, and Barbara Stillwagon. Second Row: Robert Knott, Patricia Johnson, Lynn Burger, Nancy Lobdell, Phyllis Knope, Mariorie Hargis, Maxine Morrison, Nancy Wright, Kay Cole, Norma Thimmes, Anna Mae Gilstorf, Agnes Lafler, Mary Wenzel, and Daryl Richtie. Third Row: Patricia Van Pelt, Joann Delmore, Ella Mae Watson, Tom Burgoon Donald Mathews Fred Gladding, Carolyn Swarfzbough, Roberta Spoehr, Sharon Barnes, Joanna Grosso, Janice Mclnann. Fourth Row: James Hyatt, Richard Belick, Douglas Phillips, Donald East, AI Louis, David Nelson, Donald Proud, Sam Pappas, Dan Bur- dick, Robert Montry, Ray Hmphrey, and Andrew Gricol. my Qx X JOPH Sophomores First Row: Lincoln Ward, Jim Hounshell, Karl Miller, Dave Watson, John Moore, Gene Schoen, Lonnie Stevens, Bill Miles, Rodney Wenzel, Ray Konarske, Ken Harris Second Row: AI Hamilton, Margaret Humphrey, Alice Bartel, Phyllis Cerny, Patricia Dobbins, Jean Litwinski, Janice Whisler, Pat Reeves, Adeline Rhodes, Eldanna Horvat, Pat Rushlow Third Row: Terry Cooke, Judy Griswold, Faye Timmons, Dorothy Wampler, Theresa Wroblewski, Patricia Duffett, Nadine Holloway, Anne Kenosian, Mary Ann McGlathery, Patricia Jones, Gloria Burgess, Henry Diekman, Jim Ausum Fourth Row: Loraine Greenwalt, Thelma Lawless, Delores Severson, Mary Lou Thimmes, Gayle Campbell, Mary Ellen Bodary, Sharon Van Riper, Janet Tochalauski Nancy Forrest, Karen Artley, Sharon Messinger, Joyce Montry, Jim Boiack Fifth Row: Fritz Hill, Ron Dunne, Larry Berry, Marlene Brehmer, Connie Kreger, Shirley Crooks, Joyce Larkins, Esther Vaughen, Fred Chamberlin, Marvin Martin, Lloyd Ycncy, James Knope, Robert Brillowsky, Sixth Row: Tom Korleski, James Svaib, Dan Schwartz, Ed Taylor, Richard McMahon, Roy Doty, Ed McNeil, Douglas Boiack, Gerald Leppek, Bob Mann, Bernard Schaller, Earl Roberts, Richard Dluski j,ff1 4 if Ov 6X .X 57 ff! X X A effp' S FRESH iw Flfsf Row: LO'-1559 Ford, Karen Holflf M0"9le Haliburda, Nancy Delmore, Jackie Herzfield, Barbara Swann, Liz Konarske, Kitty Rowe, Gloris Moore and Maryann Kormos. Second Row. Brenda K d MUfilYn 30991 -loan l.-anas. Marv Leppek, Donna Thompson, Barbara Stults, Lindo cfampbeu Btilziqyiwanzbou h Peggy Griffin, Maxine Bone and Carol Wilson Third Row: Martha Vos, Elaine Gentis Donnla North C0f0lYf' 9 Lakmosl M'-"'llYn C'-'fmfofff Donna Spoehr, June Torok, Dorothy Wisler, Nita Townsend and Dorris Lient. Fourth Row: Kathy Simpson, Donna Dishon, Deanna Moore, Betty Musser, Mary Tackett, Patricia Welle, Sandie Murphy, Carole Lowe, Barbara Boyd, Helen Carroll' and Janice Van Whye. Freshmen First Row: Robert Cox, Robert Smith, David Bargowski, George Swaib, Cletus Hood, Archie Self, Don Cerny, Charles Gallagher, Harlan Robinson, John Hyatt. Second Row: Charles Fater, Thomas Fox, Joe Yielding, Tony Rea, Byron Good Delano Bock, Vans Sullivan, Lee Boggot, Steve McKesson, David Eagle. Third Row: Rudy Wenzel, Mark Wenzel, Gerald Wenzel, Marvin Severson, Gary Katz, Joe Ball, Lyle Vogler, James Stephen, Charles Butt, Robert LaBlanc, Jerry Simpson. Fourth Row: Eugene Machcinski, James Matthews, Gary Dorsh, Robert Farmer, Dennis Lincoln, Lonnie Bain, Herbert Gabehart, James Brammer, Bruce Jones. Fifth Row: Tom Hogberg, Glenn Dutton, Dave Schafer, Bill Chamberlin, Sam Butler, Dean Burdick, William Parker. I iw- V- - -W -- f- f Qu I I, TH ME 77 S X -A, , L ,f NX . . S KA xx DI ,l..1.4..x...L.4..4,L.f,.',,g,,,L1lfyff,1s GHSCHOO Seventh 8 Eighth Grades o Oc 4 QP. Zl!7ZF7I!771l? Y -V' Jeannette Julian Van Rip M. S. N. C. and U. of M. A. B. and M. A. Degrees Fourth Grade and Elemen The Gertrude C. Reading School is proud to have a part in the Rambler, published by students, many of whom have received their elementary training within it's walls. ln keeping with pro- gressive education it's curriculum and extra curricular program have been enriched to meet the pupils ever-increasing needs for present-day living. lt is to be commended for it's staff of well- trained teachers. It is the aim of the Reading School to serve the community always, by giving it's boys and girls training necessary for a solid foundation so they may continue their education and thereby enable them to develop into enlightened, competent citizens. To anticipate the educational needs of their growing community the citizens, through their Board of Educa- tion have provided for a second elementary school, the John M. Barnes, named in honor of their Superintendent. The faculty, pupils, and principal of the Gertrude C. Reading School extend to the staff of the Rambler sincere wishes for success. el' tary Principal GRADE SCHOOL TEACHERS First Row: Marian Willis--Sixth Grade, Louise Jones--First Grade, Lou Ella Simpson-- Second Grade, Sophia Taylor-- Fifth Grade Ann Roudi--Sixth Grade. Back Row: Ellen McClean-- Fifth Grade: Nelle Gormley--Second Grade: Christine Riesy-- First Grade: Mildred Burgess-Third Grade 41 gr Fifth 8 Sixth Grades Y V- Third 8. Fourth Grades First 8 Second Grades .I Kindergarten i 'N QX 'E 012 QAMZA Dams r Y , inf' M- 45- "' ji' W.. 1 Q' 1 QSQXN gk f so Pqf Bick---YEARBOOK EDITOR Norma Comfort---BUSINESS MANAGER Yearbook S tu ff First Row: Gloria Moore, Barbara Swann, Janet Behm, Sharon Messinger, Nancy McFarlen, Donna Hoeff, Glenna Dutton, Nancy Delmore, and Barbara Sfillwagon. Second Row: Janice Whisler, Sandy Murphy, Janice Van Wyhe, Donna Spoehr, Marilyn Com- fort, Nancy Lobdell, Sandra Beer, Joyce Behm. Third Row: Phyllis Knope, Donna Simpson, Anne Kenosian, Dan Burdick, Al Gardner, Jim Hounshell, Carol Jenkins, Carolyn Crooks, and Mary Mayeffe. JUNIOR EDITORS Below Theresa Wroblewski Connie Kreger Lenida Holtz Gloria Burgess Below Nancy Forrest Joann Delmore kg 'FN we Below Beth MacLough1in Barbara Washburn Norma Thimmes Janice McMann L Y 'C' vi 'WP Gordon Parker---STUDENT COUNCIL PRESIDENT First Row: Emily Hannan, Danny Bodary, Nancy Delmore, Louis Watson, Mary Mayette, Barbara Washburn, Margaret Kenosian, Alice Schoen Dolores Hqlaburaa, and Jerry cabbens. ' Second Row: Mr. Van Wyhe Sponsor, Phyllis Knope Carolyn Crooks, Bobby Stevens, DonnoSimpson, Pat Bick, Marlene Brehmer, Norma Thimmes and Donna Spoehr. Third Row: Don Proud, Sam Pappas, Leo Angelos, Don Mathews, Larry Berry, HerbGabehart Butch Collins, and Gorden Parker- " -Q... f,,.,,.. 11? X. V g f R Margaret Kenosian---ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE PRESIDENT ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE First Row' Timmy Good, Margaret Brillowsky, Betty Monske, Margaret Kenosian, Mr. Mat- thew Mittlestat-Sponsor, Glenna Dutton, Barbara Kamin, Sally Simpson, and Johnny Hyatt. Back Row: Bobby Bennett, Janet Britz, Donna Spoehr, Tom Korleski, Don Mathews, Tom Burgoon, Bill Kurtzhals, Anne Kenosian, Norma Thimmes Nancy McFarlen and Dot Whlsler Louise Weddle-Secretary, Nancy Lobdell, Joann Delmore, Janice McMann, Sandra Beer, Pat Johnson, Pat Bick, and Betty Monske. First Row: Miss Lea Librarian, Mary Ann Mc- Lathery, Agnes Lafler, JoAnn Neifert, Thelma Lawless, and Joanna Grosso. Second Row: Merle Death, Pat Dobbins, Joyce Montry, Lorraine Greenawalt, Dorothy Wampler, Lynn Burger, Nancy Forest, Margie Brillowsky, Sarah Dorris, Alice Schoen, Margaret Humphrey and Jeanene Tennier. Office Girls librarians 74' 'fn Flrst Row Mr Roudn onsor, Hugh Town send Bruce Jones, Cletus Hood, Joan Longs and Joan Bobcean Second Row Linda Cook Sue Langs and Sharon Whnsler Fnrst Row Mary Mayette Robert LeBlanc Nelson Brown Duck Van Dusen Bob Vaughen and Gordon Parker Second Row Mr Janeznch Sponsor Carolyn Swarfzbaugh Conme Kreger Bob Burns and Mr Glllooly Sponsor m '78 as ., , z V ' 7 'V' L , lf" . I ' V I ' A I, V V nw L' 1 ' "" Wm ,, . . Wm, : . ' Sp - I . . I C Z , , I I . I 0 A l l I I . t Y t I7 Donna Simpson--Drum Maior Muiorettes First Raw: Barbara Sfults, Nancy Stulfs, and Sharon Messinger. Second Row: Thelma Lawless, Karen Artley, and Joanna Gros so. Sponsored by Crook's Super Service L,f"""w 'lllvfsei ? s W I' " I . Wf wi ,K ' ' f-1 if B551 a-f rw-Y: .1-ei.-- arf'-v. LMP? 4 M ' 9 : 'I Y -.W-. fm .-M1 s v a 'Wi my K flaky! 8 in 5 Q 6 mcg his I i is IA, away , N Q.. r SFLQ., qs' -15 5' ' 54 ' D , fi W K Q 5 , 1 F M ,,, K Y L19 M' V V I N ' In 1 4 5? 1 ' A , 4 rg , X' .Anas wx ,A ' 153,21 J fs SE ,fx 4 A 6 4w-4 1 -J ' X 3 is K 'Y' ' g X ,J4 " 5' A ' ' ' Q lf . S sf fy J FY it 59:5 . U +-.fr La,,.x Q +L? I I . X g' 4-'K if Q ar 1 ' 4 x X ' ' 1 ! fjffffni , A J,,. 3 ,..:x:. 'W X ff .J v- 2331 .Q , N -:Tx ,V V ,,' ,- inf? A I V r .. K Q ,P ' ' ' gg, .x v fatal 3 Qc' x is H .x U Q r w X 1 1 . ' Q . X2 1 if 4 . . f-wi, xy-.X is , , ,V 1' raft, s v - , lt, 3 zu 1 Q ,,, www N A 4 I 'M 4 'fn 6 fx A wsu, 5 gh gg .' fe N' 4" if f 1 4' Q A 1 ' - t if . , -- . - . -ll- ,1 C54 t if .X " iff, -1598 s 3 J in xx V Q- . I 1, f L ' -.. h :A .. :W V .W . r. 1 f A -1' I X ' . ff, cf 3,51 1 " K fgi f "' .f si. Al if -S it I ,,. 'EN W ' 2 A 'i 3"f " J' g A N0-'f . ' ' ,. , Q e 5: 6"-52 .. f 7' fi x ' 'f 2 if 72' ' Ak' j U ' is L""w: m K, , , . QXZ: : an 2 , i . . 'TJ ,L XL, A A X A ' ,Mi W zlq 5 ix . L1 ff""" ip' ,, Q 'gi ,fi 1 ff. fl t Q if a ,, Qfx ,Xi Q ' V+., K w. fwfr, 'T x 1 V X K3 lk 6112-ff-1?'1l af Q F151 "5 QQ - Z g ' 'X Y Z f L' 'Vg 9+ 'AVF ,E 4 - '-... E' , 5 f dv '3?Nl4'f"YXQ- ' ' 4. W ra, XX V 1 1"7'S ... w 42 X' Mar' fwligw 9' A ' fav 'ff- ,L H ' A I ,W f ' MQ 5' 2 , ul 1-nah' z Z A fu ' ,,4 3,f K 'LA Q W fi A: rd 3341 9 I Agux , al, a 1' Jug F " :P ini,-v ... x ' 0 K, lr I J nj' X Q M' ., V- 1 ' A " 7fi 4 Ci. -Q' , ' ' 13 ., jf ff? A.. - 'pf , v Q' ' .. fu.- ,i,Qf2, N., 4 f 2 7 - - Ns' Y if-4 Q5 M 1 fn. ra ,X ,ff ff if-X f A 1 Q X ,lf 4, wg, A K f M 0 W: '?v'x" H 5 " vi, db if A ' f A My 5 5 if O' ' . A , M 1623 ' if., K yn or V -H' ,yy ' Q43 """' in f " J 0' 1' A f" J, .,f fn-5 4 .ii X 1 W f Lf f 51.6 r . . ,,J Q1i:mw , :M W n Q M x gk , ,QK qw -1- gf wg yvgy KV.: ' A I w my rx hw i Glee Club First Row: Alice Schoen, Kathleen Rowe, Sarah Dorris, Gloria Burgess, Donna Thompson, Janice Whisler, Elain Gentis, Barbara Stults, Jean Litwinski, Glenna Dutton, Pat Jones, and Karen Holtz. Second Row: Sharon Messinger, Pat Duflett, Norma Thimmes, Kay Cole, Margaret Kenosian, Barbara Washburn, Phyllis Swan, Dorothy Whisler, Joan Langs, Mary Lou Leppek, Martha Vos, Sue Parker, Lenida Holtz, and Mr. Roudi-Director. Third Row: Carole Wagar, Mary Ellen Bodary, Donna Dishon, Sharon Barnes, Roberta Spoehr, Ella Mae Watson, Maxine Morrison, Janice McManr1, Pat Van Pelt, Marilyn Com- fort, Sandy Murphy, Margaret Brillowsky. Fourth Row: Pot Reeves, Peggy McFarlen, Barbara Boyd, Donna Simpson, Carol Jenkins, Anne Kenosian, Deanna Moore, Kathryn Simpson, Mary Ann McGlathery, and Sharon Van Riper. First Row: Byron Good AI Hamilton, Don Proud, Robing Cooke, Bill Karoly, Jerry Norrix, Nelson Brown, Sam Pappas, Fraser Simpson, and Bill Kurtzhals. Second Row: Daryl Ritchie, Bob Knott, Larry Berry, Don Matthews, Tom Burgoon, Fred Gladding, Leo Angelos, George Collins, and Coach Mittlestat. Third Row: Douglas Bojack, Joe Artley, Jerry Pichan, Gordon Parker, Dick Van Dusen, and Tom Korleski. Varsity Club VARSITY CLUB OF FICE RS Left to Right: Gordon Parker, Jerry Pichan, Joe Artley and Donald Matthews fl gf fm, fi X , 1 A'f+3i'53i ? r- 1 Jw 1 5 5,4 ,. A ,,.,A W, K . 1 0- J . " 4 5 ,Q Fl 3 245- 3 2, 2. 9 K B.. gg Vxsgpza., ,, ' W vmn N 1 I 4 Gil Q 'U' Q . . y fwagawwwagx QQ' --' 5 E355 2? + W, "" ' X A. , Q. K 4 J A X ,QQQWW 3?1' X ' ..Q.l:,,', Q53 L 1 - s , W E mf ws' - 3 , vrww, ' E M- , , , ,,..WL 51, .gmwmp-, www-M L,A, . 'ff V, vm, First Row: Connie Kreger Second Row: Joanne Delmore, Mary Ellen Bodary, Sandy Beer, and Maxine Morrison. Reserve Cheerleaders 1 ., .2 Q K 553 G.A.A X1 First Row: Esther Vaughen, Gayle Campbell, Donna Hoeft, Donna Spoehr, Betty Musser, Janice Van Wyhe, June Fork Kathryn Simpson, Donna Dishon, Sandra Murphy, Gloria Burgess, Norma Thimmes, and Mary Ellen Bodary. Second Row: Nancy Wright, Janet Tochalawski, Sharon Barnes, Janice McMann, Maxine Morrison, Marge Hargis, Delores Severson, Carolyn Labatos, Sharon Van Riper. Third Row: Joyce Renaud, Agnes Lafler, Donna Simpson, Carol Jenkins, Joanne Neifert, Virginia Cerny, Shirley Crooks, Joyce Larkins, Ellamae Watson, Pat Bick, Carole Lowe, and Joanna Grosso. Fourth Row: Janet Britz, Norna Comfort, Carol Wagar, Grace Younglove, Mary Tackett, Carolyn Crooks, Betty Monske, Margaret Kenosian, Sally Sarver, and Marilyn Comfort. First Row: Margaret Humphrey, Margie Halburda, Kitty Rowe, Karen Holtz, Jackie Harztfield, Pat Jones, Judy Griswold, Elizabeth Konarske, Barbara Swan, Nancy Delmore, Louise Ford, Gloria Moore, and Jeanene Tennier. Second Row: Marilyn Comfort, Glenna Dutton, Barbara Stults, Donna Thompson, Linda Camp- bell, Donna North, Pat Quick, Helen Carroll, Mary Lou Leppec, Barbara Swartzbough, Elaine Gentes, Janet Behm, and Jean Litwinski. Third Row: Pat Reeves, Phyllis Cerny, Pat Dobbins, Lorraine Greenawald, Joyce Montry, Sharon Messinger, Janice Whisler, Lenids Holtz, Nancy Lobdell, Thelma Lawless, Dorothy Wampler, Faye Timmes, Nita Townsend and Sue Parker. Fourth Row: Nanc McFarlen Sarah Dorris, Nelda Mallard, Carol Collins, Mary Ann Mo 'Q Y I Glathery, Karen Artley, Marlene Brehmer, Connie Dreger, Ann Kenosian, Theresa Wrobles- wski, Nancy Forest, Adeline Rhodes, Carol Lowe, Mary Mayette, Mary Wenzel and Sandra Beer. G. A. A. OFFICERS Nancy Delmore, Kathleen Rowe, Karen Artley, Grace Younglove, Roberta Spoehr and Janet Britz. xx, fx 1? wvip 3 ., xgggr W Ea il' ,vw f . ., ,,. if v 5 gf 1 5,5 Fax ' 3 J I ,I N 5 Q :uf W2 1 'QT 1 Ns' N51 if nl ,S v wif We .L , i 65.314 x'p""k ia! me 4 -1 -V WW 35 41 iggkfgl 'Q Ny? Q Slbw vi ,tg YJ 1, XM ' LA ?f X ,Q 'L N , . if K 512 P , Q , 1t,,k'14 I X iv 'I Q if g 3 ' N ,,1. S 0 .Xb N . wi' 1 f 'ij 5 1 4-f WFS" . A f if Most Valuable Jerry Pichan COACH WOJClCKl onsored by Flat Rock Bakery Honorary Capfain 3? Joe Arfley wf"N Y All 'x:::g' ,rlyd RESERVE FOOTBALL First Row: Gerald Simp son, Jim Ausum, James Brammer, Eddie McKesson, Delano Bock, David Schafer, Jim Boiack and Rudy Wenzel. Second Row: Tom Korleski, Tom Hogberf, Eddie McNeal, Lloyd Yancy, Marvin Martin, Ronald Dunne Lonnie Bain and Coach Woicicki. I W Q ,. 7' f nk 0- E' 0 '?'2"' 0Q .35 'Xf- n 1 ,Q 3 1. s s , '30 K L ,wa ati' ' iw I I X Juv? -4, 1 ... WWW? 'P . 'F m-ww-. whim VUFSWY Basketball Honorary Captain Jerry Norrix 42 field goals 15 free shots 99 total po I nts. Most Valuable 98 field goals 54 tree shots 250 points. He is next years' captain 'ffznnv First Row: Don Proud, Leo Angelos, George Collins, Don Matthews, Jerry Norrix, and Sam Pappas. Second Row: Herbet Gabehare, Tom Burgoon, Al Gard- he GH Don Mathews Flat Rock To r, Fred Gl adding, d Coach Woicicki Opponent Opponents Chelsea Milan A. E. Smith Dundee Ypsi. Roosevelt U. High Grosse Isle Saline Ypsi. Lincoln Chelsea Milan Dundee Ypsi. Roosevelt U. High urnament Game s Wayne St. Mary Huron Grosse Isle as X we 141 u x-M . QQ X, 17 'lan 'iii 'Aj K mf ' T21 5 S 9 1 1 1: gk . 52 A VF? 5, X- 'w,M. ii,- ?"L' gif, f -41 .4- ,gs ui 13 5 f QA if K Q., of 14, f lla? igg is S 'FE 42 if ' W fkfb xi fs G6 10 A, wi W Y .J fy' QQ gag xx Q w Q. A-rf' E Q 5 j ., X1 H852 X . 2 .5 3,02 fFg . 4 4 Q ,f , N :' , 1 q- Q .W ... , ,T few, .W -W . ,, ,, Varsity Baseball A-.... First Row: Sam Pappas, Eddie McNeil, Larry rl Berry, Fred Gladding, Ron Dunne, Robin Cooke, A Bryon Good. All Second Row: Coach Mittlestat, Bob Knott, Don Matthews, Tom Burgaon, Alvin Gardner, I,-,X Jerry Norrix. April April April April April April April 7 I 2 15 20 26 29 30 1 , Q- Monroe Dearborn Saline Chelsea Grosse lsle Roosevelt Catholic Central There There There Here Here Here There May May May May May May Dundee Saline Chelsea Lincoln Grosse Isle Milan Here Here There Here There There 'H Reserve Baseball First Row: Fred Chamber- lain, Jim Hounshell, Ken Harris, Glenn Dutton, Joe Ball, Don Cerny, Bill Smith, Gene Schoen, Ray Konarske Second Row: Coach James Martin, Rodney Wenzel, Rudy Wenzel, Charles Fater, Dick Oestrike, Dave Watson, Lonnie Stevens, Jim Ausum Third Row: Lee Baggot, Herbert Gabehart, Gary Dorsh, Bernard Shallar, Fritz Hill, Lloyd Yancey. The Ram baseball teams under the direction of Coach Mittlestat have in the past thirteen years won 131 games, losing 55, and tieing 3 for a .745 winning percentage. They have taken the Huron League Championship 6 times and have finished second twice. In addition to league competition the Ram mound schedule regularly includes games with class A and B high schools. ll Track Team FLAT April 9 14 21 28 May 3 5 12 ROCK RAMS TRACK SCHEDULE 1954 Dundee 8- Lincoln Saline 84 Milan Grosse lsle Airporf 8. Monroe C. C. Monroe Reserves Chelsea 81 Ypsi Roosevelt League Meet Triangular Triangular Dual Triangular Dual Triangular -12? 'rv .iw Ac 77 V17 lfls, Z mo X fa fl S? o tt st, 5 A Margaret Kenosian . . . . . . . Mrs. Carstairs Carol Jenkins ....... Joella Judy Beer ..... ........... B efh S ' Barbara Washburn . . Mrs. Clwerrington y Grace Younglove . . .......... Meg Norma Comfort . . . . Polly Walker Joe Artly ..... .......Riley Dick VanDusen ........ . Mr. Cherrington Leo Angel os ...... ......Lt. Bill Smith ., SS A 5 W"'i x.. . ' 'E NNW fx 5 L' 2 bf-'Vins' 1 Q HOME SWEET HOMICIDE Dick Morris . . . . . . . . ....... Flashlig Robin Cooke . ..... J Glenna Dutton . . . . Bet Janet Britz . . . . . Din Louie Watson . . Arcl' Donna Simpson . . ...... Ap Slulc HowardRowe.. ........ . . Rupert Van DUS . . . . Sergent O'Ho . . . . . Wally Sanfo Jerry Norrix . Nelson Brown Tom Griswold Robert Vaughen ............... Pet gg 1 E2 ,, e, ,Q -. ,LM - ' K ,L 1 .9 Z U' f lf? K ' s HIGH SCHOOL AT WORK ELEMENTARY AT WORK JoAnn Neifert---NEWSP APE R EDITOR NE TPAPER smfr Flat Rock High School has this year organized a news- paper. This school has not had a paper since l937. All the students have wanted the paper to start again, so on February l5, 1954 a meeting was held for all students who wished to work on a paper. At this first meeting we elected officers, decided to have a contest to name the paper, and decided when the first edition was to come out. The contest was held for one week, and over eighty names were submitted. The staff chose "Rockazette," after careful consideration. The papers first edition was to come out on March 4th, The staff co-operated nicely and worked hard to make the first edition a huge success. At the present time we are using the Ditto machine to print our paper. On Thursday morning the news room is full of action. If you ever come in this room you will probably see flying fingers typing the last page, people counting papers and others scurrying in and out getting supplies. As the clock approaches 'l'l:3O students get staplers ready, line up the papers and begin clipping them together. Deadline is 'l'l:45, so the whole staff is very busy. As the lunch hour bell rings our sales- men begin selling the paper. When the last few papers are sold, the staff can relax again, but that is only for a short time, because they must start again preparing for the next edition. l The newspaper staff hopes to purchase its own duplicat ing machine. This machine which is very much needed will help us make a bigger and better paper. lf the students next year, and the year after that like working on the paper as much as we did, we know that Flat Rock's "Rockazette," will always be a success. Jo Ann Neifert First Row: Sharon Messinger, Margaret Bain, Carol Jenkins, Connie Kreger, Joanne Neifert, Jerry Leppek, Grace Younglove, Janet Behm, Janice Whisler. Second Row: Mr. Edwards, Nadine Holloway, Anne Kenosian, Theresa Wroblewski, Karen Artly, Donna Simpson, Shirley Crooks, Roberta Spoehr, Virginia Cerny, Helen Vaughen, Norma Comfort, Kay Bloomfield, Mary Mayette, Eldonna Horvath. Third Row: Jerry Hickerson, Linda Forrest, Phyllis Cerny, Carole Wagar, Lonnie Bain, Carolyn Crooks, Judy Reed, Jim Ausum, Jim Hounshell, David Wroblewski, Judy Von Riper. lfhamer Shaw William Reeves Cha res Strembou gh Thomas Leyshon Custodians 'I' , MAHONEYREALTY INSURANCE AGENCIES COMPLETE REAL ESTATE AND INSURANCE SERVICE ST - 2-2788 BbNTE3 DEPARTMENT STORE Henry Farr John Gillespie LUTZ WC. YOUR FORD DEALER TELEGRAPH RD. ST - 2 2133 FLAT ROCK Around School FRYELS BEVERAGES Fort 8. Church ROCKWOOD K. HERMANS HARDWARE 26346 E. HURON a Margie Seventh inning stretch! VAUGHEN'S BIRD 8. FLOWER SHOP Plants, Corsoges, Floral Work gifts, Pottery, Parakeets tropical fish 26249 St - 2-2266 Huron River Drive A Q' I SPOEHR BROTHERS KAY 0 BEAUTY SALON Complete Beauty Service St 2 2080 PLASTEz ING SERVICL Free Estimates 27l85 Sibley Road Romulus St 2 3403 h FORREST L- ' ' ' ' -31-tiff. , g N 1 D, ,. 3 x ' ' g l vgwgv ga Y , ' ' MM X, V , ii' .. 1 Sf d 1 C I P dents resi Ki!! 77" ' i iiih 'fi EAGLE CAFE 'The Best in Fine Foods Telegraph Rd. Sf. 2-9217 Just Plain Bill Don's Masterpiece 0 h CRISPINS SERVICE S ertzer Jewerly Store 28732 Detroit St Flat Rock FEFFFGCK K ffft 5 1 qfhf 1q0" J 17 Zwkf f LEES BARBER SHOP ff J , -'z 'E K' 'C M ' . 62,5 'jr' .7-1 -1 v f , "' ' M , .V 5 ,,. as 1 I 1 P v- - I I In Ji' YM? of Expert Wrecking Rockwood DPOLHLLARDS TH REXAL STORE X , State Savings Bank at Flat Rock 0 IA ON F' STAURANT DAWNS GIFT SHOP FUGMANN5 SWEET SHOP I s Funeral Home WATSONS ShOE STORE Autographs 'rv , A 5 1 , ,1 f - 'S 'lim-" . ,413 'T' H -. .4 .,. , -, 5 1 . C tif ig? a. . 2 ff, :L . e , - rg F I ,gp -.. , Ja as 'r. 121-Q A . , 4? Vw - 3 14 . ., ..: ,v , ga? T 'I Xp .y lc' v'E? Q 41 :fs f., , ' 3 5 A ci 1 Wi J 1 T5 ff D , Fe' , X ff 6 9' Y.- br , , .4 51. -' Qi- ug- 4 ,,, .1"' -I -- 1 - f E

Suggestions in the Flat Rock High School - Rambler Yearbook (Flat Rock, MI) collection:

Flat Rock High School - Rambler Yearbook (Flat Rock, MI) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Flat Rock High School - Rambler Yearbook (Flat Rock, MI) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Flat Rock High School - Rambler Yearbook (Flat Rock, MI) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 65

1954, pg 65

Flat Rock High School - Rambler Yearbook (Flat Rock, MI) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 5

1954, pg 5

Flat Rock High School - Rambler Yearbook (Flat Rock, MI) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 59

1954, pg 59

Flat Rock High School - Rambler Yearbook (Flat Rock, MI) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 66

1954, pg 66

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