Flat High School - Jacket Yearbook (Flat, TX)

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Flat High School - Jacket Yearbook (Flat, TX) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 60 of the 1956 volume:

I N' E Q mf Scuiar 611155 F LAT 4-I I CH-I SCHOOL Ji r"fbf"'x fl 'TSS i xx' A h x xx x gs? Cfaufeuts Dedication FOREWORD STAFF MESSAGE BOARD FACULTY CLASSES FAVORITES ORGANIZATIONS ADVERTISERS Because she is loved by all who know herg Because she always has a smile and word of encouragement for her students and fellow teachersg Because she has inspired her pupils to high accomplishmentsg Because she creates and maintains a pleasant, cooperative spirit during play ground activityg Because she is understanding and sympathetic towards the trials of othersg We wish to dedicate this, the eighth volume of The Yellow Jacket to Mrs. Ray Brookshire, Flat School Elementary Teacher, ANNUAL STAFF Zfreward As you turn through the pages of this book, may you wander once more through the memories of the past years, recalling the happiest hours, the best-loved scenes, the valued friends, and may the pictures which we have chosen help to make your memories more vivid throughout the passing years. Annual taff MRS, FRED ELLIOTT - - - - - JEAN DIXON - - - JANE LAWSON - - - CIDVIS BOTKIN - - - - - KERMIT, DOYLE, ELMER - - DOROTHY SMITH, 'MYRNA WOLFF - - Yearbook Advisor - - - - - Editor - - -Assistant Editor -Business Manager - - Sports Editors - - - Salesmen SCHOOL BOARD WATT PALMER, President JAMES TIPPIT, Secretary ELBERT STUTEVIl.LE IESS TOM BLANCHARD H.D. GANN DOC BARNARD JESSE BROWN Superintendent? ,Message Another year of your school life is fast drawing to a close. To some of you this means credits gained and views broadened so that you may have been helped to build a bridge between your childhood and adulthood and may not be confused and uncertain about what to expect in future life, It is my hope that your efforts have been rewarded. Each of you - graduates and undergraduates - has helped to make our record what it is. ln the future it will become a reminder to you of much that you would otherwise forget, Perhaps these annual pages will recall joys, sorrows, successes, and failures that you have experienced. But what ever memories this book may bring back to you, I can only wish for all of you that your joys may become fuller and your successes greater as time goes on, and that your sorrows and failures may become stepping stones on which you will rise into manhood and womanhood. Sincerely yours, ' I ... Qpe-1.1-.J Fred J, Jones acuity FRED I . JONES Superintendent MRS, FRED ELLIOTT English MRS, MONNIE HAYES Elementary gi g P R, L, MCELHA NEY Agriculture S, O. STILES Science , Typing LP. DONALDSON History, Algebra MRS. JAMES YOWS Homemaking MRS, DICK PAYNE Elementary MRS, RAY BROOKSHIRE Elementary eniors Seniors DOYLE TIPPIT Football 4 Years Baseball 4 Years Basketball 4 Years Captain Class President 2 Years Class Favorite All-School Favorite FFA Officer Senior Play Annual Staff ELMER ARLDT Transfer, Belton Senior Play Annual Staff FFA CLOVIS BOTKIN Charter Member Cheerleader 2 Years Basketball 4 Years Senior Play 2 Years Class Officers 2 Years Annual Staff 2 Years FHA Member and Officer Assistant Editor Basketball Captain I EAN DI XGN Basketball 4 Years FHA 2 Years Class Favorite Pep Squad 4 Years Annual Staff 2 Years Class Officer Assistant Editor Senior Play 2 Years JANE LAWSON Cheerleader 2 Years Basketball 3 Years Senior Play Class President FHA Member, Vice President Annual Staff 2 Years Assistant Editor 2 Years Carnival Queen KERMIT WALL Football 4 Years Baseball 4 Years Captain 2 Years Senior Play Annual Staff FFA Class Officer Class Favorite f 1 .J ,il-, Z "' g fe , , w. it U1 SEX MYRNA WOLFF FHA 4 Years Officer 3 Years Annual Staff Senior Play Carnival Queen Pep Squad Class Officer Class Favorite Prophecy af 1965 On a warm day in June, Doyle Tippit, the famous Hot Rod driver of New Jersey, came sliding around the corner of the Main Street in Flat. Not knowing of the newly installed street light on the sharpest curve it happened. The highway patrolman, Kermit Wall, spotted him first, His hot rod was in a heap in front of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Collins'fthe former Myrna Wolffy NITE Club, Rushing him to the Flat hospital, patrolman Wall left him in the care of two former class- mates, He found them to be the same two old maids, Jane Lawson and Jean Dixon, who are now registered nurses in the States most modern equipped hospital here in Flat. Upon much inquiry, nurses Dixon and Lawson informed Doyle of Elmer Arldt's great success as a stock farmer near The Grove. Meanwhile back at Elmer's ranch, he receives word of Doyle's little mishap. Sending his regards, Elmer regrets that he is unable to visit Doyle today, due to his participation in a State Stock Show in The Grove. Phoning Karl Calhoun at his elaborate Mobile gas Station, the nurses explained that his wife fthe former Miss Clovis Botkinj should be notified of the accident of her classmate. Leaving her three small boys with a next door neighbor, she calls her chauffeur to drive her down in her black and white Cadillac. Upon arriving at the hospital, Mrs. Calhoun bumps into Jean who directs her to Doyle's room. Here Jane is trying to persuade Kermit to keep his voice down so that he and the other members of the class of '56 would not be asked to leave the room. Soon the class meeting adjourned and all were assured of another reassembly. ,Cast LW!! and Cestamcnt We the Senior Class of 1955-56 being of sound mind, and not wanting to be forgotten, do hereby make this our Last Will and Testa- ment. 1. To Mr. Jones and Faculty, we leave our sincere appreciation for all efforts on our part as students as well as friends. 2. To the Iunior Class, we convert that title of Seniors, hoping that they will carry on the good work, with that same air of intelli- gence and superiority. 3. I, Myrna Wolff, leave my secluded little desk in the office and great ability as a seamstress to, Bennie Brown. 4. I, Jean Dixon, leave my headaches over annual deadlines and position as a fifth and sixth grade science teacher to one who might be so unlucky. 5. I, Kermit Wall, leave my big mouth and great ability to dis- turb to some quiet person like Marvin Whittenburg. 6. I, Doyle Tippit, will my ability to learn algebra and readiness to learn poetry to Max Lam. "I, I, Elmer Arldt, will my ability of creating hair styles and posi- tion with the ladies to Jim Clawson. 8. I, Jane Lawson, leave my quiet ways and ability to say exactly the right thing at the wrong time to some quiet person like Cookie Graham. 9. I, Clovis Botkin, leave my great interest and enthusiasm in homemaking to Ann Parish, in hopes that she will keep up the good work. ' We Do Hereby Make, Constitute, and Appoint Mrs. Elliott to Be Our Executor of This, OUR LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we the Class of Fifty-six hereunto sub- scribe our names on this first day of January, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and fifty-six. THE SENIORS uniors N-,f .va yf, x fa DEAN DIXON SARABETH FISHER BENNIE BROWN TIM CLAWSON iq! LEON JONES MAX LAM J. W. LATHAM ANN PARISH K CAROLYN SMITH DOYLE SMITH JOE SHIRLEY T. A. WILLIAMS HENRY PERKINS MARVIN WHITTENBURG I 1 l in 1 'H 31 'Hu H 1 4 ul AUTWTERAPHS dv W 070 WWW bfi, QLMQMWWM M Mfg! M Q W W9 WWWMW M5Wwii3D'5W fw NJ VWMM ff mf awww pdf? W Wifi ophomores Svphamores Betty Bruton Cleda Egger ,ff Richard Ashby Life Barnard V ill A Melba Graham Nevelyn Graham 'E - vx . '55 rg 1 RJ 4' ,f 'M , Y? .Jen . is W fr 2 , x T: f if 1 XX Carolyn Mayberry W June Neatherhn Rodney Whaley X N L reshmen 5'resl1mer1 X. x 6: - 191 'N Johnny Ribera Kathyrn Sohns Naoma Wolff Donna Ba nkhead Sherman Barr Butch Botkin Daniel Brinkman Carl Drosche Homer Lawson Mendle Mensch Winston Morgan Travis Moore Io Palmer an ., ' ff fi Q 23- Lxw I 'Eif- Q f 1 lementaru Wim K - Q ii Q 9 5 Y "" 'Q D D , all 'A 1 DN ,W 5 . D . . 1 p x D 4' fl 1 ' A .A ,HM K , Y is ve, X s A - ' W 1 ' m ov, N so T233 'Y 53 Vestal Ashby, Dianna Bamard. Lana Barr. Linda Botkin, Shirley Boyd, Jerry Dixon, Wanda Egger. Charl Dean Gatliff, Carroll Penny, Nadine Smith. Bonnie Stuteville, Duane Tippit, Tom Whaley. William Wilkins. Seventh dyhllz David Bell, Pete Bird, Agnes Brinkman Doris Evans, Sandra Gann, Donald Gould Danny Mayberry, Sammy McFar1in, Robert Whaley ai SE lb Ja' , ii isa is M YQ 1 V ,D Q Ask: ', 313315 , in V , 4. -if K I W e . ml. 1---n PQ Q' V " gi we "' . x .A x Q ,6!4Qg:agiaJ'.m . N A f'Z.1s.c,1'-'.fP,,I5. "' Nh g 5 - as' 'lf'-'n "dl 9' ,I ,, L. grsfw ' . , 111 . If J Q i 4 fi nf' aw D010 Ikluaildln Darrell Alexander Ronnie Barr B, B. Botkin Everett Cox Doyle Gould Harry Ingram Roy Palmer Donald Walker Clarence Waller Roy McDavid Jimmie Evans Mecca Gann Zfflz .-70urfh Tommie Brown Larry Brown Jonnie Brown Donald Elliott Kenneth Hancock Iarrell Neatherlin Paula Thompson Fred Wolff I 43 fr 'E 2 i Uzird 0 B Joe Ashby . Jerry Ayres g ll fl. ,. j if if Emmett Barnard a t ' f B T Neta Murray ' Q . 4 P ir, Peggy Brown 1 'ig V g 4 Darwin Geiselbrecht ' 1' r , T B , B .- Eusevio Reves C 1 if K. 1 5 " r Carol Ann Smith 4, ' Betty Stuteville W ar if 1 Margie Taylor if 4 Cecilia Wolff 'W Sw! at rj 4 'H is W I, Li r 4' ri V.f, 5 0 x B '.'. .. rgyr Y? B gl' .i.. f B ,fa 1 5' as ri I V 9 B4 fi jisiy. ir-rg ' . Y P Q1 1 . 5 ":' ' 7' L N,,,.er whirl 'H 5 Kenneth Bird Lonnie Bird Jessie Blanchard Sandra Boyd Ronnie Brown William Brown Phylis Campbell Gloria Ann Cox Glennis Egger David Ingram Gayle Lawerence Bobbie McDavid Jim Moore Lynda Palmer Peggy Shelton Donna Taylor Doris Taylor Sandra Terrel Lila Waller Tommie Wolff Q c JS. 4' 'Y 14g C..-' 'S 1 u w g 9 D 4 V9 ' ' 'A K f, Q 2' rf "gb , X1 -W' I-sin.. , 1 i far. it ' at 1, n p . ' Q f .. Ax if of M 4 , : v J ' L 1 l :NJA f .FA-R Y . 1' -' N '.-.- at . 3' V5 '75 ft Lx ' Y- ' 4' Francis Ashby Roy Cole Ronald Evans Betty McDavid Betty Shelton Alta Jean Smith Tommie Taylor Wayne Taylor Sharon Wall Patsy Smith Kyle Botkin Hrs! Mary Ann Brinkman Victor Dutschmann Kathy Gallaway Io Geiselbrecht Janice Graham Jerry Ingram Mike Leija Martha Doll Mensch Lee Weathers Lillie Wilkins 124 Iii 1 School Nurse .. , Qi L -E 1 ' lisa L- 41 , t :L 3 g ,AY V . 513: ,ff ' rl E A Q to he 4 p ' ' 5. fi 'li . 'F Q 7 Qy- -X - k , , V Q R, r ' 5.3: X' A K Q ' X -7" . f u 2 Guen Bob Nora Leo Murray Murray Donaldson Donaldson Fifth Eighth Eighth Ninth Prize Winning Float Pep Squad M, . he tw 1? 1. I I I Rhythm Band Homemaking Girls .V V.-qi 'Y MLQML4 Cafeteria Supervisors ai - Q 4 sri' I W . yr- - ,,,, f Teddy Bears Picnic HQ ',,e,, In-.. ivifaeifs . Lymkx 1 wmv as ,tkww .- - i i...r--2,9 7- ,,,..f-ff-,.....,, N WM ' ww avorites Seniors MYRNA WOLFF KERMIT WALL ,411-Salma! Qawrifes SARABETH FISHER DOYLE TIPPIT R52 v Q 9 QDX1 Z BENNIE BROWN MAX LAM fuuiars CAROLYN MAYBERRY RODNEY WHALEY M M ,es Sophvmvrcs J ,. g 1, 1 U U5 3' "" IO PALMER HOMER LAWSON fi, I Qrcshmen QQ -J '5......-.- juniors Reporter - - ---------- Max Lam Secretary - - - - - Sarabeth Fisher President ---- ---- Be nnie Brown Vice President - - - - Marvin Whittenburg .Weshmeu President ---- - - Jackie B0ikil1 Vice President - - - - - Jo Palmer Secretary ---- - -Homer Lawson Treasurer - - - - - Travis Moore 6flL9S 0Mccrs Seuiars Elmer Arldt -------- - - - President Jane Lawson - - - - Vice President Myrna Wolff - - - - - Secretary Clovis Botkin - - - - Treasurer 'iq ' . w 'W' Saphamares Betty Bruton ------------ President Melba Graham - - - - -Vice President Cleda Egger ---- ---- S ecretary Carolyn Mayberry - - - -Treasurer rganizations Qaotball Coach Donaldson Manager Bennie Brown Melba Graham Cleda Egger Ann Parish Carolyn Smith Sarabeth Fisher Jean Dixon Jane Lawson Clovis Botkin Betty Bruton - f Top row: Leon Jones Coach Stiles Doyle Tippit Max Lam, Captain Second row: Life Barnard Marvin Whittenburg Rodney Whaley Bottom row: J. W. Latham Kermit Wall, Co-Captain Henry Perkins Dean Dixon Kasketball L V 1 U oo -ng A, ., , 'v 'U lid Z ZA. I Top row: Arldt, Smith, Ashby, I Tippit, Clawson, Lam, Dixon, Moore. Middle row: McElhaney, Wall, Whaley, Williams, Drosche, Bot Bottom row: Barnard, Lawson, Brinkman, Donaldson. Back row McElhaney Barnard Wall Front row: Ashby Tippit Whaley Lam 11104. Front row: Sarabeth, Bennie, Myrna, Cookie, Back row: Mrs. Yows, Jane, Clovis, Ann, Carolyn, Melba June, Carolyn. Mrs. Fred Elliott Sgmgf Elmer Arldt Clovis Botkin Jean Dixon M Jane Lawson I9 y Doyle Tippit Kermit Wall Myrna Wolff Khcerlcadcrs CLOVIS BOTKIN PHYLLIS CAMPBELL BENNIE BROWN SARABETH FISHER JANE LAWSON duertisers fgyfgfm GQOCLHY Z M1412 KET The Best Quality Merchandise Lowest Price Your Business Appreciated B. B. BOTKIN, Owner Phone 4002 0774575 LLJNAQETQ. CCD. Where Customers Send Their Friends Lmnber - Building Hardware Kulm's Paints and Varnishes Doors, Windows, Cabinets First In Quality and Service Phone 3331 Flat, Texas ' frr' e ! 1' Xiu, Xxfi f", I". ' Xxx N A K Sql' pf, " ' R' "Q f V N 'Nl 1' x 'N ' NZ? X , ?! :if N95 LET US H ELP E 'UWM lmuuu mv nv r New and Used Cars If You Are Buying or Selling zeal Ecu Wdllldd . Main St. Gatesville, Te Plate Lunches - . I5 V 'V Short Orders L' ' I Tj I 1 Best Hamburgers CQ. Fountain Service General Merchandise Best Home Style Cooking We Appreciate Your Business Telephone 3302 CAFE Flat, Texas VV! N I4 1.1212 RA .-.7 11 T at PECAN AND HONEY FARMS mg 5 y .: Growers and Packers of ,,tS:E5? FOP' ' Pecans and Honey p' 1'-rl OU! I E 5 Appliances - Television GROCERY Sewing Machines -Air Conditioning qv' ' AND Rf- 1 af SERVICE STATION Moody, Texas " , Watches - Diamonds - Gifts Mobil Tires Batteries M C COW N L' JEWELRY COMPANY SERVICE STATION E. L SMITH. mg "Gatesvi1le's Exclusive Jewelers" Gatesville, Texas East mam sc. - Hwy. 84 and as - Phone 99 305 East Main Phone 57 Fishing Tackle - Scott-Atwater Motors , Gatesville, Texas FIZEU DYER SERVICE STATION Hwy. 36 and 84 at the "Y" Gatesville, Texas Phone 1008 J.'l2.GT2A4-I Lurnber - Shingle s Hardware and Plumbing Quality Merchmxdise ANI '-Sens for Less" JD!-I N GIZA4-IAM 0 GRO. G General Merchandise l QE :IEE G M,A. wa is "The Friendly Store" . The Grove , Texas MAYE sf Compliments of RADIO 8: MAYTAG CO. DE Philco Refrigerators and Freezers Ele ctr ic Appliance s 131206. ds Phonograph Recor Phone 219 Gatesville, Texas W Gate sville , Texa s Be st Wishe s, Graduates A1.vus-em4N1:14 GMM +V CO. The Dependable Store U! -QE-4 N Ll Congratulations to Seniors of Your Patronage Appreciated T Courtesy of Phone 92 sHER1FF's DEPARTMENT BILL MCMORDIE WINDY CUMMINGS Gate sville , Texa s f4f?M'Z DEPART MENT STORES Gate sville, Texas E stablished 189 8 Phone 150 CUIVI IV! 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Home of Complete Building Service 904 E. Main St. Phone 15 Gatesville, Texas Salesman E . I-I . .J O N E5 CA F E DRY CLEANERS Good Food Reasonable Prices Cooked to Order Managed by SGT. THOMPSON AND WIFE Pick Up and Delivery Phone 141 716 E. Leon St. Gatesville, Texas ZZiy4W4M4 BEAUTY SHOP Specializing in All Types of Permanents JACK I-lEAL.E12 SERVICE STATION Telephone 95 419 Main Phone 208 703 1fZ Main Lewin Perry Bessie Logan Gatesville, Texas Gatesville, Texas SERVICE WHEN YOU NEED IT BEOT HE125 REGAL PALACE RIT Z CIRCLE S Enjoy a Night Out Go to the E R N I - S B E Movies ... E. SY IVI NYS ll L GENERAL REPAIR SHOP - and SERVICE STATION The Grove, Texas CORYELL COUNTY NEWS MATT JONES, Publisher 1 may wean Mans PURE-IVIILK-CO Sundaes Sandwiches DAN MCNIEL, Owner QuALrrv Gatesville, Texas CHECK ' D Main Street MILK AND ICE CREAM I Pg R T Compliments to H O D the Flat School GARAGE From J. F. TIPPIT AND SON VV.T H l X Phone 636 MZ Hwy. 36 Route 2. STORE Gatesville, Texas Gatesville, Texas 13 E A 12 5C N SERVICE STATION JEWELRY I-l..J. A Wide Variety of Ph' 267 the Fine st Jewelry Gate sville, Texas Downtown Gate sville W Z4 WW Zami CONGRATULATES SENIORS '56 Waco, Texas X ' '7 I ,VH i1fJGR.fKPHEI3 BY TAYLOR PUBLISHING co 51- 9 I

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