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The Yearbook Staff Off The Flyer Runway 1981-82 Flyer Flandreau High School 600 West 1st Flandreau, S.D. 57028 Volume 45 Title Page 115 » Table Of Contents I Student Life (Sports Classes 3 11 31 45 59 63 — □ c=L — InJ Student Life 3Money Earned For Sparetime Money seems to be the talk everywhere these days; everything from commercials wanting people to buy products, to inflation, or putting money away for college. Students try to beat inflation by holding jobs. Students have jobs for various reasons. It may be to help or meet people. However, money is usually the major factor. The money that is made is spent on spare time items, cars, or saved for various reasons. Top is Darcy Johnson "clerking" at Chucks' Foodland. Middle Right is Stacie Cranston adding a bill, while working at the Flandreau Cafe. Above is Joe Broghammer washing dishes at Walker's. Right is Lisa Burns while working at the Rexall cash register. 4 JobsBreaks Ad To School Life You mean there's life outside of classes? You bet! Every time that familiar bell rings ending class, the student body wakes up and springs back to life. Whether it's lunchtime gossip, cruising in the halls, or just plain "shootin' the breeze," there's always action to be found within the walls of FHS. Top is Robin Fisher and Carol Dietrich posing in their "Grub Day" attire. Middle Left are Connie Emery, Richard Haugen, Cindy Bouldin, Denise Clark, Lisa Ludeman, and Ruth Reiter putting the final touches on their homecoming togas. Above is Brian Green, Kyle Johnston, and two other freshmen in the library for "study hall." Left is Colleen Mulder and Sue Walker taking a breather after lunch. Student Life 5Daily Routine Plays Active Part Some of the normal, but not quite everyday activities that occur are birthday celebrations at lunchtime, face painting for Halloween, spe- cial-occasion dressing, and the wearing of pur- ple togas by seniors during Homecoming Week. A few of the quieter day-to-day happenings are playing chess in the library, relaxing in the halls after lunch, or "quiet" conversation in study hall. Top is John Broghammer concentrating on his next chess move. Middle Right is ''artist" Diane Dietrich working on model Connie Emery. Above is Carol Bisson showing off her "Ziggy" birthday cake. Far Right is Richard Haugen practicing scientific experiments. Right is Gerald "Beaver" Ailts at a bas- ketball game. 6 Student Life4H’ers Get Involved During the year, the activities of 4-H have led many students in the school and community into public speaking giving demonstrations and Fairs. One major highlight this year was the 4-H rec- ognition banquet in which the 4-H'ers were presented Achievement Awards for accom- plishments. Top is Tammy Dappen giving a demon- stration on household cleaners in 4-H. Above Left are Cristie Thomas and Alan Eikmeier preparing their animals for show. Above is Alan Eikmeier showing one of his animals. Left is Kris Reed showing cattle at the Fair. 7Weekly Routine Includes Church Wednesday nights are set aside for church ac- tivities that students may participate in. The youth groups become involved in a wide variety of activities. They watch films, play games, and plan parties. Some attend camp in the summer or participate in youth rallies in their area. Regular devotional meetings and planning fund raisers are also an important part of the activities. Top are Patti Buck, Jill Johns, Dave Meyers, and Dave Ziebarth concentrat- ing on a game of chess at Presbyteens. Above are Darcy Johnson, Jill Johns, Steve Void, Chuck Derdall, Linda Schreier, and Lisa Weigel at the Luth- eran Lenton breakfast. Middle are Bob Dolan and Eric Thiel- sen, not quite awake yet, at the Catho- lic breakfast. Right is Wendy Sutton doing her share of the painting in the Methodist base- ment. 8 Church GroupsSparetime Keeps Students Busy Various activities keep students busy during their sparetime. The Teen Center seems to be a place where students can go to play coin oper- ated machines such as Pac-man, Space Invad- ers, and pool. Top is Matt Burns wrestling with Wyman Cageby. Everyone can guess who will win! Middle Left is a radio-cassette deck, which plays a big part in sparetime enjoyment. Above is Sue Walker and her guitar, another popular leisure time activity. Far Left is Wyman Gageby trying to beat the video game. Left is Greg Brandli. Watch out for that ball, Greg! Sparetime 9Various Activities Make-Up Spare Time When the Teen Center isn't open, that's when the Crystal Theater and stereos come in handy to pass time. Other things to occupy sparetime are wrestling for the fun of it; making your own music; or, sometimes it's just as enjoyable to sit around and watch everyone else goof-off. Top is Connie Emery standing outside the Crystal Theater checking out the showbill. Above are Todd Scofield, Tab Peper, and Jim Eich playing pool at the Teen Center. Far Right is Brian Johnson at the Teen Center "holding up the pop machine." Middle Right is Murray McGlone "clowning around." Right is Blaine Tirrel "watching the ac- tion." 10 Spare Time Sports 11Playoffs Missed By .175 Points South Dakota got its football playoffs for the first time this year. FHS narrowly missed the playoffs by .175 points. The playoffs divided the eleven man teams into three classes and the nine man teams into two classes. FHS competed with eitht other teams in Region I. Beresford won the Region I title but lost in semi- final action to DeSmet, the eventual Class 11A winner. Top are Dave and Wayne Ziebarth cheering on the Fliers. Above is the defensive line getting ready for action. Right is Tom Hansen carrying the ball while the rest of the offensive team tries to get block. 12 FootballFliers Capture Second Place The Fliers finished the conference in a second place tie with a 4-2 record. They had a chance at the championship but couldn't beat Dell Ra- pids. 1981 FOOTBALL SCHEDUIF Team We They Sioux Valley 22 19 Garretson iz A 23 Tri-Valley 28 7 Harrisburg 33 Salem 20 14 Parker 13 8 Dell Rapids 6 12 Canton 6 16 Top are Mrs. Georgia Adolph, Danny Mutchelknaus, Steve Christensen, Dave Ziebarth, and Brian Emter giving the team some encouragement. Middle are the junior and senior foot- ball players. They are, back row, Tom Hansen, Todd Peper, Dave Ziebarth, Dennis Pasch,, Steve Ailts, Matt Burns, Barry Zephier, Brian Hammer, and Rich Haugen. Middle row are Merlin Knut- son, Gene Taylor, Brad Keith, Greg Brandli, Dave Meyers, and Alan Eik- meier. Bottom row are Steve Clark, Steve Christensen, Dave Reinhart, Bri- an Johnson, and Jim Eich. Left is Dennis P. attempting to catch a pass against Salem, while Tom and Todd wait to help out. Football 13JV Team 3 - 1; Seniors Get Awards The JV football team had a record of 3-1. The freshmen had a rough season. They failed to record a win in four games. Ten seniors led the 1981 team. Four were named to the All-Conference team, and three received honorable mention. Also, one re- ceived the "Unsung Hero Award" from the Cocoa-Cola Company in Sioux Falls. Top are the seniors. They are, back row, Dave Ziebarth, All-Conf.; Dennis Pasch, All-Conf.; Steve Ailts, Honorable Mention; Matt Burns, All-Conf.; and Barry Zephier, Honorable Mention. Front row are, Dave Reinhart; Todd Peper, Honorable Mention, and "Un- sung Hero"; Tom Hansen, All-Conf.; Richard Haugen, and Brian Hammer. Middle Right is Todd P. making a tack- le. Above are the freshmen and sopho- more players. Back row are Tom Jor- gensen, Brian Emter, Daron Ailts, Craig Johanson, Mark Uilk, Troy Sherff, and Gordon Jones. Middle row are Danny Mutschelknaus, Paul Hess, Blaine Tirrel, Jim Cochran, Lew Sherman, Tab Peper, Kyle Johnston, and Bob Dolan. Front row are Eddie Eich, Bill Parsley, Mike Johnson, Tim Schipper, Todd Rose, Danny Heyduk, and Eugene Johnson. Right are coaches, Steve Stanforth, John Evans, Jim McGlone, and Bruce Porisch; athletic trainer, Georgia Adolph; and, student manager, Aaron Schultz. 14 FootballMore Girls Run; 3rd In Conference The girl's cross-country team this year in- creased their membership. Last year there were nine members including three seniors. This year there were five returning letter winners and seven new members for a total of 12 run- ners. The girls participated in eight meets. They placed third in the Conference meet at Dell Rapids and eighth in the Region meet at Brook- ings. Other standings were: first at the FIS meet, fourth at Salem and West Central, fifth at Sioux Valley, and seventh at Clear Lake and Arlington. Top are Laurie Schoneman, Marietta McGlone, and Kym Cecil stretching out. Middle Far Left is Trudy Dappen in competition. Middle Near Left are Sonja Bock, Col- leen McGlone, and Marge McGlone preparing to run. Above are Colleen McGlone and Tammy Dappen on their way to com- pete. Left is the 1981 girls' cross-country team. Back row are Amy Peterson, Sandy Bergjord, Laurie Schoneman, So- nja Bock, and Linda Schreier. Front row are Linda Svendson, Tammy Dappen, Marietta McGlone, Trudy Dappen and Kym Cecil. Girls Cross-Country 15Cross-Country Has Young Team Nineteen members came out this year, the lar- gest team in seven years. The varsity team consisted of three seniors, four juniors, and two sophomores. The junior varsity team was made up of one sophomore, six freshmen, and two students from junior- high. The boys placed fourth in Conference action at Dell Rapids and fifth in Regions at Brookings. Other standings were: third at Salem, West Central, and Flandreau; fourth at Arlington and Sioux Valley; and ninth at Clear Lake. Top are Murray McClone, Louie Schreier, Barry Zephier, Joe Brogham- mer. Bob Barnes, Rick Gullickson, Chuck Derdall, Matt Iverson, and Todd Krantz running in competition. Near Right is Barry Zephier. Far Right is Bob Barnes overtaking an opponent. Above are Louie S., and Todd K. bat- tling for position. Right is the 1981 boy's cross-country team. Back row are Todd Krantz, Barry Zephier, Louie Schreier, Bob Barnes, Rick Gullickson, Matt Iverson, Chuck Derdall, and Arlin Hobbie. Front row are Steve Thielsen, Brian Green, Joe Broghammer, Murray McGlone, Ste- ven Void, Russell Colder, and Troy Pulscher. 16 Boys' Cross-CountryGirls Earn Second In District Ten The varsity girls' basketball team tied last years record of 9-10. They improved their District 10 placing fourth to second. The girls placed fifth at the Big Sioux Confer- ence Tourney. Their ''revenge" win over Salem to take fifth was the highlight of the season. The varsity team will have to replace six seniors, three of them All Conference. When practice begins next fall, five letter winners will pace the Fliers. 1981 GIRLS' BASKETBALL Team We They Dell Rapids 42 44 Garretsor 65 56 Tri-Valley 28 54 West Central 42 51 Harrisburg Deubrook 47 44 26 Salem 38 59 Egan Parker Sioux Valley 44 50 54 28 61 59 Flandreau Indians 47 52 Elkton 38 32 Dell Rapids 33 35 Big Sioux Conf. 5th Col man 38 35 Dist. 10 Tourney 2nd Top is Coach Dale Tjarks giving the girls a pep talk with Lisa Burns and Peg Far- gen looking on. Middle Far Left is Carol Dietrich drib- bling the ball at the Dell Rapids game. Middle Near Left is Marla Johanson guarding her opponent. Above are Robin Fisher and Cheryl Auren, during a game. Left are the members of the girl's bas- ketball team. They are, back row, Jill Dougherty, Kim Nass, Marla Johanson, Tracy Peterson, Kris Reed, and Carol Dietrich. Front row are Robin Fisher, Mary Dolan, Cheryl Auren, Janice Arm- strong, Claudia Olson, Sonja Sheppard, and Coach Dale Tjarks. Janice, Kris, and Carol were named to the All-Conf. team. Girls' Basketball 17Girls Ha Trying Season The girls' JV team had to cope with a losing season. They failed to win any of their fourteen starts. Half of the team were freshmen, and they will have a year's experience behind them to im- prove their record next year. Top is Dawn Redwing guarding an op- ponent. Above is the girls' JV team. They are, back row, Sonja Sheppard, Coach Peg- gy Fargen, and Tammy Nussbaum. Mid- dle row are Karol Birnbaum, Lisa Jew- ett, Jeanine Christenson, and Patti Buck. Front row are Susan Schiefelbein, Geriann Headrick, Diane Dietrich, and Tracy Petersen. Middle Right is Diane shooting against a Dells opponent. Far Right is Geriann attempting a free- throw. Right is Lauri Ernesti defending the bas- ket. 18 Girls' Basketball“A” Team Goes 10-1 1;Six Lettermen Return The varsity basketball team finished the year with a 10-11 record. They placed sixth in the Big Sioux Conference Tournament and fourth at the District 10 tourney. They outscored their opponents 1197 to 1175. Five seniors will graduate leaving six letter-win- ners to guide the team next year. These under- classmen had many minutes of playing time this year. Because of this experience, they are look- ing forward to next year's season. 1981-82 BOYS BASKETBALL Team Flandreau Indians Garretson West Central Tri-Valley DeSmet Arlington Colman Big Sioux Conf. Tourney Harrisburg Clear Lake Salem Parker Canton Elkton Sioux Valley Dell Rapids Dell Rapids St. Mary's District 10 Tourney We They 50 48 60 45 48 51 69 66 51 65 66 55 46 31 6th 50 52 94 39 51 68 48 61 V54 J 48 61 53 58 88 47 50 76 46 4th Top is Merlin Knutson, who doesn't seem able to "find the handle." Middle Far Left is Tom Hansen driving for a layup. Middle is Todd Peper trying to make a difficult shot. Left is the varsity basketball team. They are, back row. Coach Steve Stanforth, Merlin Knutson, Dennis Pasch, Rick Gullickson, Nathan Johnson, Barry Ze- phier, and Wyman Gageby, student manager. Front row are Tom Hansen, Todd Peper, Gene Taylor, Bob Barnes, and David Myers. Boys' Basketball 19JV’s Gain Experience; Build For Next Year The "B" team had the best record of all the boys' basketball squads. They finished the year 9-7. Five of the "B" teamers, this year's juniors, gained experience on the varsity squad. These five and seven sophomores will provide the nucleus for next year's varsity and "B" squads. Top Left is Gene Taylor going for a bas- ket. Top Right is Matt Iverson looking for someone to pass the ball to. Above is Nathan Johnson attempting a layup. Middle Right is the boys' "B" basketball team. Back row are Stephen Mengen- hauser, Matt Iverson, Brian Emter, Rick Gullickson, Nathan Johnson, Bob Barnes, and Coach Dale Tjarks. Front row are Mark Uilk, Chuck Derdall, Roger Herrera, David Meyers, and Gene Taylor. Right is Rick getting ready to rebound Matt's shot. 20 Boys' BasketballTop are Tab Peper and Lew Sherman "challenging" the competition. Far Left is Kyle lohnston going for a "two pointer." Above is the freshmen basketball team. Back row are Tab Peper, Lew Sherman, Kyle lohnston, Jim Cochran, and Troy Johnson. Front row are Dan Heyduck, student manager, Troy Pulscher, Greg Utech, Brian Green, Steve Void, and Coach Bruce Porisch. Left is Coach Porisch talking to the freshmen boys during a time out. Freshmen Stress Basics; Work To Improve The freshmen used their first year of high school basketball to work on their basics and get ready to replace graduating seniors on the varsity squad or play "B" team ball next year. They had a record of three and eight with a third place finish at the Arlington tourney. They, also, participated at the Tri-State tourney in Sioux Falls where they placed second in their division. Boys' Basketball 21Varsity Strong; JV Members Needed This year's varsity team finished with a dual record of 6-7, but the high points of the year were the team positions in the varsious tourna- ments attended. Seven wrestlers made it to Regions with three qualifying for the State "B" at Watertown. The JV team could not fill all the weights to make a complete squad, so all their matches were exhibition matches. Top is Bill Parsley pinning his oppo- nent. Above is Jim Caulfield getting ready to ''reverse" his opposition. Middle Right is Steve Christensen working for a pin. Right is the wrestling team. Back row are Todd Rose, Bill Ramsdell, Matt Burns, Craig Johanson, Jim Eich, Brian Johnson, Jim Caulfield, and Dave Rein- hart. Front row are Jesse Hansen, Mur- ray McGlone, John Broghammer, Todd Krantz, Bill Parsley, and Steve Christen- sen. 22 Wrestling 1981-82 WRESTLING Team We They Flandreau Invitational 3rd Garretson 13 40 Beresford Invitational Tri-ValU Arlington 3rd 13 24 42 28 Dell Rapids 37 V 15 Clear Lake Dual Tourney 6th Sioux Valley 48 15 Harrisburg 45 26 Big Sioux Tourney 4th Clear Lake 13 47 Salem 43 13 West Central 21 41 Parker 32 21 District 3 Tourney 5th Region 2 Tourney 6th Top Left is Matt Burns trying to get an Top Right are the wrestling coaches, Brian Bergjord, Erwin Schaefer, and Jim McGlone. Coach McGlone is retiring, this year, as head wrestling coach. Middle Left is Murray McGone going for a ''takedown." Left is Todd Krantz working to better his position. Wrestling 23Bench Gives Team Moral Support With most of the moral support coming from the players on the bench, the "A" volleyball squad finished the year with an 8 and 13 record. As a member of the Alpha-4 group, the squad played Tri-Valley, Sioux Valley, and FIS through- out the year. For the first time, the girls had to compete on a regional level to attend the State tournament at Brookings. They were eliminated by Sioux Falls Washington in the first round. Top Right is Beth Barnes practicing her serve while Connie Emery, Sonja Shep- pard, and Pam Kneebone wait in line. Top Left is Cristie Thomas bumping the ball. Above is Connie Emery setting up the ball while Cristie Thomas and Chris Thompson prepare themselves for an assist. Middle Right is Peg Wilts returning a serve. Right is the volleyball "A" team. Back row are Coach Georgia Adolph, Carol Dietrich, Marla Johanson, Linda Schreier, Connie Emery, Peggy Wilts, manager, Julie McMahon, and assistant coach, Ms. Marissa Dolan. Front row are Pam Kneebone, Cristie Thomas, Colleen McGlone, Beth Barnes, Chris Thompson, Sonja Sheppard, Darla Min- nick, and Jill Johns. 24 VolleyballTeam Works On Basics To Improve Skills This year's "B" squad learned a few new drills along with the basics. They put them all togeth- er to end the season with a match record of 4- 9. Top is Melanie Grating bumping the ball while Leona Thompson and Lori May watch. Middle is the "B" volleyball team. Back row are assistant coach, Georgia Adolph, Trudy Dappen, Marietta McGlone, Diane Dietrich, manager, Ju- lie McMahon, Coach Marissa Dolan. Middle row are Michelle Bonde, Susan Schiefelbein, Leona Thompson, Marge McGlone, and Jill Hurley. Front row are Marcie Wakeman, Melanie Grating, Lisa Jepsen, Linda Svendson, and Lori May. Above is Lori May getting ready to hit the ball. Lett is Susan Schietelbein bumping a return while Leona Thompson, Linda Svendson, and Mary Dolan prepare themselves to assist. Volleyball 25Young Team Shows Promise A strong group of underclassmen led by four seniors made up the 1982 girls' track team. The daily workouts of mileage, quarters, and running in the halls aided the girls in placing at six of their seven meets. Seven members of the team, also, qualified for the State. Top is Laurie Schoneman long jumping at the Brandon Valley Invitational. Lau- rie attended the State meet to high jump and as part of a relay team. Above is Marietta McGlone finishing a race at the Region meet. Right are the participants in the girls' track team this year. They are, back row, Jill Lahr, Linda Schreier, Janice Armstrong, Laurie Schoneman, Marla Johanson, Wendy Sutton, and Susan Schiefelbein. Middle row are Dana Wentworth, Tammy Dappen, Sonja Bock, Karol Birnbaum, Linda Svendsen, Julie Schatz, Mary Eikmeier, and Mar- ietta McGlone. Front row are Trudy Dappen, Tracy Petersen, Kym Cecil, Gerianann Headrick, Lisa Jewett, and Melanie Grafing. 26 Girls' TrackGirls Run Well; Seven Go To State The team's best placing of the year was at the Region III track meet held in Flandreau. Seven girls qualified in either field events or relays. Underclassmen were the main runners in the relays that qualified for the State meet held in Sioux Falls and Brandon Valley. Though the girls did not place at the State meet, four of the seven qualifiers will be re- turning for the 1983 season. 1982 GIRLS TRACK Meet Brandon Invitational Madison Triangular Flandreau Invitational Beresford Invitational Big Sioux Conference Canton Invitational Dell Rapids Invitational Region III State Place No team pts. 2nd 4th 8th 4th 4th 3rd 2nd No team pts. Top are Diane Dietrich and Melanie Grafing handing off in the 400 meter relay. Middle Left is Kym Cecil running in the 3200 meter relay. Left are Linda Schreier and Trudy Dap- pen "loosening up" before their races. Girls' Track 27Seniors Lead Team To Successful Year The boys' track team, lead by six seniors, won the Dell Rapids Invitational. The team, also, placed second at five other meets. The void caused by graduation will be filled by five returning juniors and twelve other under- classmen. 28 Boys' TrackSecond At Regions: Eight Go To State The Flier track squad, running in front of a home crowd, placed second in the Region III meet. Injuries to several runners kept all but one relay team from attending the State meet at Sioux Falls and Brandon Valley. At the State meet, the 3200 meter relay team placed fifth. In an individual event, the two- mile run, a Flier placed fourth. 1982 BOYS TRACK Meet Place Brandon Invitational Madison Triangular Flandreau Invitational Canton Invitational Dell Rapids Invitational Beresford Invitational Big Sioux Conference Region III no team points 2nd 2nd 2nd 1st 8th 2nd 2nd Top is Louis Schreier high jumping. Middle Far Left is Barry Zephier run- ning the two-mile. Barry placed fourth at the State meet in this event. Middle Left is Matt Iverson as he hits the pit in the long jump. Left is the 1982 Flier squad. They are, back row. Matt Burns, Merlin Knutson, Nathan johnson, Rick Gullickson, Louis Schreier, Bob Barnes, Todd Peper, Craig Johanson, and Gene Taylor. Mid- dle row are Dave Reinhart, Brad Keith, Matt Iverson, Barry Zephier, Joe Brogh- ammer. Chuck Derdall, Bob Dolan. Front row are Russell Colder, Arlan Hobbie, Troy Pulscher, Kyle Johnston, Bill Parsley, Steven Void, and Tab Peper. Boys' Track 29Boys Place Fifth In State Competition The boys' golf team capped its season off with a fifth place finish at the State meet During the regular season, the Flier team had a three and one dual record. They, also, placed second in the Elk Point and Region tournaments. The Fliers did not field a girls' team this year, but the one girl, who did compete, attended the Regional and State meets. Top is Greg Brandli watching his drive. Middle Right is Randy Tollefson pick- ing up his ball, after sinking his putt. Above is the 1982 golf team. They are, back row, Steve Christensen, Greg Brandli, Coach Jim McGlone, Gordon Jones, Brian Emter, and Randy Tollef- son. Middle row are Patti Buck, Todd Rose, Paul Hess, Jim Cochran, and John Broghammer. Front row are Steven Void, Blaine Tirrel, Erik Thielsen, and Troy Johnson. Far Right Blaine Tirrel kicks up some dirt as he tees off. Right is Jim Cochran getting ready for his tee shot. 30 GolfClass«i 31Freshmen Face New Adventures High school begins a new adventure for fresh- men. They wonder about what their new teachers will be like; where their new rooms are; and, how upper classmen will treat them. Homecoming week found the freshmen facing another problem. They were initiated by upper classmen by being showered with shaving cream and rotten tomatoes at the bonfire pep rally. During Little Orpheum, the performed a skit, "Popeye the Flierman." Bergjord, Sandy Birnbaum, Karol Bock, Wendy Christensen, )eanine Cochran, Jim Collins, Laura Cranston, Shawn Damm, Dawn Duffert, Debbi Eich, Eddie Eikmeier, Mary Colder, Russell Grafing, Melanie Green, Brian Hagel, Rochelle Headrick, Geriann Heyduk, Dan Hess, Paul Hobbie, Arlin Jenkins, Kris Jepsen, Lisa Jewett, Lisa Johnson, Troy Johnson, Eugene Johnson, Michael Johnston, Kyle Krantz, Michelle Lang, Elizabeth May, Lori Nussbaum, Laurie 3 32 FreshmenPank, Denise Parsley, Bill Peper, Tab Petersen, Sally Pulscher, Troy Reiter, Susan Rice, Mae Rose, Todd Schatz, Julie Schiefelbein, Susan Schipper, Bryan Sherman, Lew Solem, Nora Stoll, Tony Svendsen, Linda Thielsen, Erik Thompson, Leona Tirrel, Blaine Utech, Greg Void, Steven Top Opposite Page are the freshmen class officers. Back row are Lew Sher- man, secretary; Tab Peper, treasurer; Greg Utech, student council represen- tative, and Dan Heyduck, president. Front row are Dana Wentworth, stu- dent council representative; and Linda Svendsen, vice president. Left is the freshmen class rehearsing for their skit, "Popeye, the Flier Man," presented on the night of coronation. Freshmen 33Sophomores Revise TV Commercials During homecoming, the sophomores pre- sented their version of the Dr. Pepper com- mercial. They, also, did several other versions of popular commercials. Twelve sophomores served as waiters and wai- teresses at the Junior-Senior banquet. The sophomores, also, decorated the gym for graduation and baccalaureate. Ailts, Daron Barnes, Beth Barron, David Barthel, Lorraine Bauer, Julie Bennett, Roger Bonde, Michelle Buck, Patti Carson, Brad Cecil, Kym Collins, Theresa Dahmen, Tom Dappen, Tudy Delaney, Dale Derdall, Charles Dietrich, Diane Dolan, Robert Emter, Brian Grating, Denise Greve, Kameo Hammer, Jeanne Herrera, Roger Hurley, Jill Iverson, Matt Johanson, Craig Johnson, Nathan Jones, Gordon Jorgensen, Tom Lahr, Jill McGlone, Marietta 34 SophomoresMcGlone, Marjorie McMahn, Brenda McMahon, Julie Mengenhauser, Stephen Milne, Bill Minnick, Darla Mutschelknaus, Dan Nickey, Jeremy Nussbaum, Tammy Petersen, Tracie Price, Lisa Redwing, Dawn Reinhart, Stephen Scherff, Troy Schulze, Debbie Stephens, Dion Sutton, Wendy Uilk, Mark Utech, Victor Weigel, Cindy Willard, Loretta Ziebarth, Wayne Not Pictured Mike Souders Top Opposite Page are the sophomore class officers. They are, back row, Daron Ailts, student council rep.; Brian Emter, vice president; and, Julie McMahon, treasurer. Front row are Marge McGlone, student council rep.; and Lauri Ernesti, president. Far Left are Jill Hurley, Dan Mutschelk- naus, Debb Schulze, and Tom Jorgen- son performing the "Dr. Pepper" skit for Little Orpheum. Left is Wayne Ziebarth in speech "act- ing normal." Sophomores 35Juniors Earn Money For Prom The junior class is involved in may activities throughout the year. Beginning with Ho- meocming they presented the skit "The Flier- izer." Raising money for Prom is the biggest junior venture of the year. They raised this money by selling magazine subscriptions and operating the concessions stand for home games. This money is used to pay for the Prom and Banquet. Albers, Ardean Auren, Cheryl Barnes, Bob Bennett, Daryl Bisson, Carol Bock, Son}a Brandli, Greg Broghammer, John Burns, Lisa Christensen, Steve Clark, Steve Cranston, Stacie Dailey, Erin Dappen, Tammy DePietro, Danette Dickey, Dawn Dixon, Yolanda Dougherty, Jill Eagle Elk, Wendy Eich, Jim Eikmeier, Alan Elverud, Doris Emter, Jan Gullickson, Rick Hansen, Karla Hemmer, Kevin Herrera, Brenda Johns, Jill Johnson, Brian Johnson, Darcy 36 JuniorsJohnson, Kyle Jorgenson, Fern Keith, Brad Kneebone, Pam Knutson, Merlin Krantz, Todd Long, Lisa McGlone, Colleen Mulder, Colleen Myers, David Nass, Kim Neilsen, Jeff Olson, Claudia Pank, Dianne Reinhart, Both Schreier, louis Scofield, Todd Sheppard, Sonja Stoll, Mark Taylor, Gene Thomas, Cristie Thompson, Chris Tollefson, Randy VanHill, Dawn Weston, Cindy Zephier, Nelson Top Opposite Page are the junior class officers. They are, back row, Jan Emter, treasurer; SJacie Cranston, student council representative; and Steve Christensen, student council represen- tative. Front row are Colleen Mulder, vice president; John Broghammer, sec- retary; and Erin Dailey, president. Left are Tammy Dappen and Darcy Johnson in a deep discussion over a new Algebra II assignment. Juniors 37Susan E. Ahlers Gerald S. Ailts lanice M. Armstrong Cindy L. Bouldin Above is Carol Dietrich going in for a layup while lanice Armstrong watches. Carol and Janice started all four years during their girls' basketball careers. Right are the senior class officers. Front row are Mindy Petersen, student coun- cil representative. Matt Burns, presi- dent, Steve Ailts, student body presi- dent, and Murray McGlone, vice presi- dent. Back row are Robin Fisher, secre- tary, Todd Peper, student council re- presentative, and Tom Hansen, treasur- er. Seniors Search For Lost Time As graduation nears, the seniors look back and reflect ' where has the time gone?" This question would, of course, be answered differently by every senior. But if each were to think about the question carefully, they might find these possible answers: The painting of the parking lot. Homecoming, the fight at Mobil, painting of the park bathroom, Prom, parties, dances, home games, away games, or band trips "Where has the time gone?" It has gone to fill the senior year and make it complete. 38 SeniorsAbove is Brian Hammer taking his turn at painting the school parking lot dur- ing Homecoming week- left is Todd Peper being distracted by something while cheering at a basket- ball game. Seniors 39Carol 1. Dietrich Mary B. Dolan Connie 1. Emery Kelly M. Erickson Robin L. Fisher Wyman P. Gageby Brian E. Hammer Richard L. Haugen Marla 1. Johanson Not Pictured: lenny L. Fyten Tom A. Hansen 40 SeniorsDelwin L. lohnson Kristen A. Johnson Kelly Jo Jurgens Lisa J. Ludeman Murray M. McGlone Wade R. Nielsen Seniors 41Todd T. Peper Top are Gina Schatz, Ruthanne Reiter, Robin Fisher, and Dave Ziebarth riding in the pickup designated for the King, Queen, and candidates during the Homecoming parade. Opposite Page Far Right is a memorial to Dennis Auren and Troy Schipper. These two classmates of the 1982 graduating class were killed in a car, motorcycle accident in 1980. Mindy M. Petersen Dennis J. Pasch Kristine D. Reed Fred A. Redwing David I. Reinhart 42 Seniorse Ruthanne Reiter Laurie L. Schoneman Rollie I. Rydell Cina M. Schatz In Memory Of DENNIS AUREN ANO TROY SCHIPPER Their Footsteps And Voices Will Long Be Heard Throughout The Hails, Ano The Memories Of Them Will Be Treasured In The M'nos Of Fheir Classmates And Friends - Forever Semors 43 Linda M. SchreierSherri M. Scofield Janet S. Sutherland Sue M. Walker Lisa R. Weigel Richard M. Wilkins Peggy 5. Wilts Denise R. Wolterstorff Barry V. Zephier David A. Ziebarth 44 SeniorsFaculty 45Credits Received For Job Training East Central Multi-District is a vocational opportu- nity offered to juniors and seniors. Those students attending Multi receive two credits in the area they choose to attend. The students leave for Brookings at 9:25 a.m. and stay in classes until 11:50 a.m. They attend Multi with students from Deubrook and Brookings thereby learning to meet and work with different people. Above is Mr. Les Kor explaining an as- signment on an overhead projector. Top is Mr. Brad Bonde explaining a work sheet. Right is Mrs. Pat Bortnem demonstrat- ing how to make a hospital bed. 46 FacultyTrades Made Available Health Occupations gives a wide view of hospitals and other related health careers. Sales and Service is an on-the-job training exper- ience and also involves classroom work. Business and Office Practices is a daily routine of how an actual company may operate. Electronics offers a chance to experiment with the flowing of electrical currents. Building Trades gives the students a chance to work with materials to build a house. Auto is an area in which the basics of mechanics are learned. Top is Mr. Chris Davis, electronics in- structor. Left is Mr. Marvin Iverson testing equipment used in Auto Mechanics. Top is Mr. Dennis Blocker measuring beams to be used in a building. Faculty 47Activities Vary in Language Arts Tapes, films, slides, records, research centers, and a one-to-one basis are a few of the tech- niques used by the Language Arts instructors. Term papers, journals and book reports are some of the class requirements students must complete throughout the year. Octoberfest, festive singing, bake sales, and participating in the Flandreau Follies are a se- lection of the out of class activities that stu- dents also participate in. Top is Mrs. Leigh Gipp, resource room instructor, correcting a paper. Middle Right is Mr. Lowell I. Linder receiting German for his German II class. He also teaches English Literature. Above is Mrs. Mary fames, teacher of English I and IV, giving one of her "well known" lectures. Far Right is Ms. Gail Swensen, who's in her first year of teaching English II and III. Right is Mr. Dale Johnson, high school librarian and audio visual director. 48 FacultyMath, Science Challenge Minds These teacher's main interests are in the areas of science and math education. During the year, labs, workshops, guest speak- ers, and a vegetation field trip were made avail- able to students to make them aware of what is happening in various science and math fields. Top is Mr. Bruce Porisch, writing out his plans for the day. Mr. Porisch teach- es Biology and Physical Science. Middle Left is Mr. Erwin Shaefer. He works with students in Algebra, Geom- etry and Senior Math. Above is Mr. Keith Burns. Mr. Burns teaches Chemistry, Physics and Physical Science. Left is Mr. LeRoy Benson, who works with freshmen students in General Math. Faculty 49Vocational Courses Guide Students Visual aids, slides, independent study, and guest speakers are all part of the learning pro- cess provided by these teachers. Their areas of study, business, agriculture, home economics, art, and industrial arts, pro- vide knowledgeable and useful skills. Top Right is Mrs. Holly Langenfeld pre- paring materials for her next Art class. Top Left is Mrs. Linda Siebrasse going over some paperwork. She teaches Home Ec. classes. Above is Mr. Dewayne Siebrasse look- ing at some FFA material. He is respon- sible for all classes in Agriculture. Middle Right is Mr. Clifton Sutton, who teaches the business courses: Typ- ing, Shorthand, and Bookkeeping. Right is Mr. Brian Bergjord, during a classroom lecture for Industrial Arts. 50 FacultyCommunity Used In Classroom Students broaden their perspectives of the community and surroundings through activi- ties presented by these teachers. Students take field trips to funeral homes; learn about death and dying; observe school board and city council meetings; learn of activities to fill leisure time; or, have a local law enforce- ment officers speak on the ten amendments. Top is Mr. Dennis Rhead helping Lisa Ludeman in Psychology. Middle Right is Mr. James McClone preparing a lecture. He teaches World History, Physical Education, and Gov- ernment. Above is Mr. Eldon "Gus" Barnes lec- turing. He teaches Soiology, U.S. Histo- ry, and Senior Problems. Left is Mrs. Peg Fargen planning sched- ules for her Physical Education classes. Faculty 51Scheduling, Lessons Part Of Day Band and chorus teachers are kept busy during the day with regular classes, first and seventh hours. They also work with junior high students and give lessons throughout the day. Guidance is given to many students including seniors with career or college plans, under- classmen with scheduling problems, and others with personal problems. Top is Mr. Larry Wilske preparing to join the chorus for the Winter concert. Above is Mr. Kevin Masemann leading a seventh hour band rehearsal. Right is Mr. John Evans, guidance counselor, filling out some of the nec- essary forms that go with his job. 52 FacultyAdministrators Make Decisions Okaying bills and trips for extra curricular pro- grams of the school is one of the jobs of the administrative unit. The superintendent and the director of the multi district are the chief buying agents for the school. They also work with their boards close- ly on any school related problems. The principal gets involved with students as an advisor of the National Honor Society and stu- dent council. He, also, supervises detention students, along with the lunch room by keep- ing an eye on "Them Thar Kids." Top is Mr. Robert Andrea, multi-dis- trict director. Middle Left are Mr. Klapperich and Mrs. Keck handling a matter during lunch hour. Above is Mr. Sylvan Vigness, superin- tendent, filling out a form for a school report. Left is Mr. Larry Klapperich on the phone talking to parent. Administration 53Secretaries Help Greatly Bookwork and recording grades are two of the special jobs the office secretaries have to do. Besides these, there are odd jobs to be done such as answering phones, making change, and collecting absentee slips. Top is Mrs. Beverly Burchill, the Multi secretary. Above is Mrs. Jeanne Keck at her desk checking the absentee report. Right is Mrs. Gladys English doing some of her paper work as business manager. 54 Office Help- I School Board Meets Regularly Board members meet in the conference room on the second Monday of every month. Some of the subjects discussed at the meetings are scheduling of the school year, senior dismissal day, and the budget. Top are Mr. Sylvan Vigness, superin- tendent, Mr. Dann Cecil, board mem- ber, and Mrs. Judy Johnson, board member. Middle Left are Mr. Gene Gullickson, board member, Mrs. Gladys English, business manager, and Mr. Gary Lutt- man, board member. Above is Mr. Hammer in thought about a motion before the board. Left are board members Mrs. Betty Keck, Mr. Stan Hammer, and Mr, Conaway Lee. School Board 55Cadet Teachers Gain Experience A few of the regular teaching staff get a break during the year while student teachers gain ex- perience and introduce new methods of teach- ing. This year, also, the Art classes had a visiting artist work with them on the subject of anima- tion. Top is Mr. Bob Miller teaching an art class about animated films. He came from Rapid City and spent a week with all the art classes. Above is Mr. Daniel Dvorak identifying crops for one of his Ag. classes. Middle Right is Mr. Dennis Northrup leading the daily typing practice- Right is Ms. Marissa Dolan writing out a test for her P.E. class. 56 Student TeachersCooks, Aids Appreciated School cooks get very little credit for their long work day starting at 7:00 a.m. and ending at 2:00 p.m. They put together a well-balanced meal containing breads cereal, meat, fruit vegeta- ble, and milk. Some jobs that must be done during the lunch hour are punching lunch tickets, taking money for extra milk, and keeping track of the stu- dents who eat. The laundry lady washes anything from towels to uniforms, while listening to country music. Top is Mrs. Pansy Bachman in her usual spot, the laundry room. Middle Left are- Mrs. Joyce Jurgens, Mrs. Doris Solem, Mrs. Barb Grafing, and Mrs. Wadie Becker, the cooks. Above is Barb cutting buns for hambur- gers. Far Left is Joyce counting buns. Left is Mrs. Camilace DeNure punching tickets during the lunch hour. Cooks Aides 57Noncertified Help School Running The custodians and bus drivers are an often overlooked, but much needed part of the school system. The custodians keep the halls and classrooms neat and clean, clean up after ball games and other events, help the cooks, and maintain the heating and cooling systems. The bus drivers spend a good deal of time haul- ing students back and forth. These trips include to and from school for rural students, Multi- District in Brookings, ball games, and other special events. Top are Mr. Ole Wilts and Mr. Derwin Headrick, janitors at the high school, holding their trusty brooms. Above are the bus drivers. They are, back row, Mr. Edward Uilk, Mr. Ver- man Auren, Mr. Albert Schmidt, Mr. Al Powers, Mr. Les Schrecengost, Mr. Les- lie Riffel, and bus owner, Mr. Bob Fuller. Front are Mr. Delwin Laughlin and Mr. Bob Christiansen. Far Right is Mr. George Buresch, checking on the electrical system. Right is Mr. Walter Sundermeyer, groundskeeper, mowing the Flier foot- ball field.Math, Sciences Keep Students Busy Students are offered a variety of science and math courses. Juniors and seniors can choose from chemistry I and II, biology II, physics, alge- bra II, and senior math. Freshmen and sopho- mores can take biology I, general math, algebra I, or geometry. Top arc Richard Wilkins, Chris Thomp- son, and Wyman Gageby in physics. Right is Greg Brandli working on a book problem in Biology II. Above are Nora Solem and Beth Lang in physical science, going over problems. 60 Curriculum Language, Social Courses Offered U.S. History, senior problems and government are the social sciences taken by juniors and seniors. World history is also offered as an elec- tive. The basics of our English language are taught to freshmen in English I. Sophomores have a se- mester each of literature and speech. A re- search paper is the big project of English III for juniors. Seniors have a run-down of grammar and literature in English IV. There is also the added flair of foreign language in the electives of German I, II, III, and IV. To Left is Dawn Redwing giving a dem- onstration in Speech class on.how to plant a flower. Top Right is (anet Sutherland at the teacher's desk to hand in an assign- ment. Middle Left is Laurie Schoneman frowning on a problem while Tom Hansen tries to figure it out in Govern- ment. Above is Beth Barnes reading a book | for a book report. Left are Dawn VanHill, Lisa Burns, Fern Jorgenson, Jim Eich, and Jeff Nielsen doing an assignment in English III class. Curriculum 61Vocational Courses Give Varied Choices FHS has many vocational-type classes to choose from, such as, home economics, agriculture, the business classes: typing I and II, shorthand, and bookkeeping; art, and industrial arts. Some of the more relaxing classes where you can unwind are band, chorus, and physical edu- cation. P.E. is only offered to freshmen and sophomores, but band and chorus are open to all. Top is Beth Barnes in P.E. doing CPR. Middle Far Right are Debbie Duffert and Wendy Bock in home ec. I testing their final project. Middle Right are Peggy Wilts and Col- leen Mulder in their independent art class. Above is Darla Minnick at work on her typing assignment. Right are Jim Cochran, Todd Rose, and Darren Walker in industrial arts work- ing on their projects.Awards Given Deserving FHA ’ers The FHA Chapter helped plan and support the Christmas dance, along with holding an awards banquet. At which time outstanding members were recognized. A new project this year was to adopt a ''grand- parent" from the community. Holidays, special events, and birthdays were some of the activi- ties spent with these "grandparents." Top are Linda Svendson, Michelle Krantz, Jeanini Christensen, Karol Birn- baum, and Dana Wentworth having lunch after a meeting. This was a regu- lar and important event after the meet- ings. Middle Right is Kris Reed pinning Car- ol Dietrich with a corsage given to sen- ior members at the last meeting of the year. Jill Johns and Carol Bisson are in the background. Above are Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus, Mindy Petersen and Dave Ziebarth. They were selected at the Christmas dance sponsored by the FHA and FFA organizations. Right are new officers, Karla Hansen, Tammy Dappen, Carol Bisson, Diane Dietrich, and Julie McMahon being in- stall for next year. 64 FHATop is the FHA group. They are, fourth row, Robin Fisher, Denise Wolterstroff, Danette DePietro, Erin Dailey, Doris El- verud, Diane Dietrich, Julie McMahon, Jill Lahr, Wendy Sutton, Michelle Bonde, Trudy Dappen, Jill Dougherty, and Cheryl Auren. Third row are Cindy Bouldin, Patti Buck, Denise Grating, Tracy Petersen, Gerianne Headrick, Linda Swenson, Sandy Bergjord, Susan Schiefelbein, Dana Wentworth, Dawn Dickey, and Dawn VanHill. Second row are Cindy Bursch, Michelle Krantz, Jeannine Christensen, Susan Reiter, Lisa Jewett, Shawn Cranston, Sally Petersen, Wendy Bock, Lisa Jepsen, and Mae Rice. First row are adviser, Mrs. Linda Siebrasse, Jill Johns, Karol Birnbaum, Chris Thompson, Yolanda Dizon, Tammy Dappen, Darcy Johnson, Clau- dia Olson, Kris Reed, Mindy Petersen, Carol Bisson, Denise Clark, and Carol Dietrich. Middle Left are Kris Reed, Marla Johan- son, Rick Gullickson, Mary Parsley, Car- ol Dietrich, Dave Ziebarth, Robin Fish- er, Wyman Gageby, and Mindy Peter- son at the FFA Awards Banquet. Kris, Marla, Carol, Robin and Mindy were FFA Sweetheart candidates. Kris was se- lected by the FFA Chapter. Above is Mrs. Siebrasse, FHA adviser. Left are Claudia Olson and Dawn Van- Hill at the FHA Awards Banquet. FHA 65Fund Raisers Held; Chapter Places 29th Members of the FFA Chapter participated in fund raising projects, such as, selling fruit and magazines; held banquets honoring members; co-sponsored a Christmas dance; and, held a hog roast. Throughout the year, individual members at- tended judging contests. They judged land, cattle, crops, etc. They, also, tested their lead- ership and speaking abilities. The year came to a climax with the State Con- vention held in Brookings. The Chapter fin- ished with a ranking of 29th. Their meats judg- ing team placed first in the State. Top are Todd Peper, Richard Haugen, and Mr. Dewayne Siebrasse, adviser. Todd and Richard received State Farm- er degrees. Middle Right are freshmen and sopho- more members. Sixth row are Troy Scherff, Mark Uilk, Vic Utech, and Greg Utech. Fifth row are Roger Bennett, Tom Jorgenson, Tab Peper, and Todd Rose. Fourth row are Bill Parsley, Lor- raine Barthel, Eugene Johnson, and Troy Pulscher. Third row are Russ Colder, Mike Johnson, Bryan Schipper, and Bill Milne. Second row are Chuck Derdall, Bob Dolan, Nathan Johnson, and Brad Carson. First row are Arlin Hobbie and Matt Iverson. Above Mr. Siebrasse, Allen Odden, and Lorraine Barthel, who is being "sold" at a "slave auction." Left are Louis Schreier and Tammy Dappen going through the lunch line. 66 FFATop are the junior and senior FFA members. They are, back row, Todd Scofield, Merlin Knutson, Daryl Ben- nett, Jim Eich, Alan Eickmeier, and ad- viser, Mr. Dewayne Siebrasse. Front row are Richard Haugen, Rick Gullick- son, Delwin Johnson, Todd Peper, Dave Ziebarth, and Sonja Sheppard. Middle Left is Russell Golder receiving a trophy for 1st place in magazine sales. Behind Russell are Richard Haugen and Bob Dolan, who handed out the maga- zine awards. Above is Eugene Johnson concentrat- ing to identify crops at Little "I" in Brookings. Left is the first place meat's judging team. They are adviser, Dewayne Sie- brasse, Lorraine Barthel, Nathan John- son, and Bob Dolan. FFA 67Twelve In Dedam; Debate Out Declam had twelve students participating in the Sioux Forensics League. The season ran from October through March with the finals in Mitchell. The team attended eight meets with eight indi- viduals making to the Districts in Rutland and four attending the State meet. There was not enough interest shown to form a debate group this year. Top is Ms. Gail Swenson, declam coach, going over some literature. Above is Russell Golder going over his humorous interp. piece. Middle Far Right is Lisa Ludeman re- hearsing a serious extemp, piece. Middle Right is Dawn Damm giving a speech in the novice extemp. area. Right is the forensics team. Back row are Susan Ahlers, Mary Dolan, Joe Broghammer, Lisa Ludeman, Matt Burns, and Peggy Wilts. Front row are Russell Golder, Dawn Damm, Jill Johns, Dawn Dickey, Debbie Schulze, and Jan Emter. 68 DeclamDances Held Throughout Year Dances are held throughout the year for var- ious occasions. They are held in the lunchroom of the high school, Spafford gym, and, at times, the Teen Center. Different bands, along with records, supply the varied styles of music. Top are Jeanine Christensen, Ardean Albers, Pam Kneebone, and Steve Clark doing their thing. Middle Far Left is Gerianne Headrick. Where is your partner, Gerianne? Middle are Mindy Petersen and Dave Ziebarth at the Christmas dance. Above are Richard Haugen and his partner at the Sadie Hawkins dance held in the Spafford gym. Left are Marge McGone, Debbie Schulze, Ruth Reiter, Marietta McGlone, Kym Cecil, Patti Buck, and Denise Grafing doing a group dance. Dances 69Few Show Make Time Count "Off The Flier Runway" was the theme carried throughout the 1982 yearbook. Time was the main element involved. The few people inter- ested in the outcome of the yearbook spent nights after school, as well as, after supper, put- ting the pages together. The price of the annual almost doubled, so the staff tried to make this yearbook something special to remember. They attended work- shops, to look at other annuals, to get ideas. Above are the members of the staff. Back row, are, Peggy Wilts, Ed Eich, Jill Johns, and Dawn Damm. Front row are Russell Colder, Karla Hansen, Wendy Sutton, Chris Thompson, and Denise Grating. Right are Karla Hansen, Denise Grafing, Debb Schulse, Wendy Sutton, adviser, Mr. Clifton Sutton, Sue Walker, and )an Emter doing their share of the work. 70 AnnualTop Right is Wendy Sutton typing some copy for the yearbook. Top Left are photographers Sue Walk- er, Susan Ahlers, and Trudy Dappen. Sue and Susan earned All-State ratings for their work in photography. Above are Karla Hansen, Jill Johns, Russ Colder, adviser, Mr. Clifton Sutton, Peg Wilts, and Marge McClone going over some general things at a meeting. Left are Chris Thompson, co-editor; Mr. Sutton, adviser; and, Jill Johns, co- editor. Sitting is Peggy Wilts, editor. Annual 71Drill Team Shows Spirit The drill team worked out routines to a few of the more popular songs and performed them for the public at home games. The girls, learning new moves, participated in a workshop put on by a student from SDSU at Brookings. This year's drill team, also, performed at the boys' district in Brookings and the State B's in Sioux Falls. Top is drill team. They are, sixth row, Denise Clark, Ruthanne Reiter, and Kelly Erickson. Fifth row are Gina Schatz, Carol Dietrich, and Cindy Boul- din. Fourth row are Darcy Johnson, Sta- cie Cranston, and Sonja Bock. Third row are Colleen Mulder, Carol Bisson, and Colleen McGlone. Second row are Marge McGone, Diane Dietrich, and Beth Barnes. First row are Dana Went- worth, Susan Reiter, and Linda Svend- sen. Above is Colleen McGlone during a "practice run." Far Right are Kelly and Marge during a performance. Right are Gina, Carol, Marge, Sonja, and Linda performing at Districts. 72 Drill TeamCheerleaders Get Crowd Going The varsity cheerleaders are selected in the spring, while tryouts are held in the fall for "B" team members. The cheerleaders held pep rallies and got the crowds going. Top are the "B" boys' basketball cheer- leaders. Top is Debbie Schultz. Front are Lisa Jewett, Geriann Headrick, and Julie Schatz. Middle Left are Erin Dailey, Chris Thompson, and Cindy Buresch cheer- ing at a home wrestling match. Above are the wrestling and girls' bas- ketball cheerleaders. They are Doris El- verud, Cindy Buresch, Erin Dailey, and Chris Thompson. Far left are, standing, Yolanda Dixon, Kym Cecil, and Danette DePietro. Sit- ting is Tammy Dappen. These girls lead the cheers for the football and boys' basketball games. Cheerleading 7374 Musical Being A “Teen”; What It Is Like In place of a "Spring" concert, the high school chorus presented the musical play, "Teen". The swing chorus performed their program be- fore the play gt underway. "Teen" is a play within a play about a teenager's life from Friday to Monday. It involves such teenage experiences as first love, dances, birth- day parties, teenage rebellion, and feelings of independence. Top is Matt Burns, Cindy Bouldin, and Rick Gullickson backstage at the musi- cal. Middle are Denise Clark, )an Emter, Ruthanne Reiter, Lisa Ludeman, Cindy Bouldin, Sonja Sheppard, and the other swing chorus members in their grand finale. Far Right are Sonja Bock ("Lisa"), Gina Schatz (")enny"), and Ruthanne Reiter ("Mary") in their main roles. Right is Jill Johns, introducing the plot of the play.Top Left are those chorus members who had lead roles or who danced in the musical, "Teen." They are, back row, Rick Gullickson, Matt Burns, and Steve Christensen. Middle row are Ruthanne Reiter, Debbie Schulze, Yo- landa Dixon, and Sonja Bock. Front row are Gina Schatz, Cindy Bouldin, Dan- ette DePietro, and Tammy Dappen. Ruthanne, Gina, Sonja, Rick, Matt, and Steve had lead roles. Not pictured Kym Cecil. Middle Left are Danette DePietro, Lisa Jewett, Melanie Grafing, Gerriann Hea- drick, Linda Schreier, Cindy Bouldin, Sonja Bock, and Doris Elverud during a dance scene. Above are Jan Emter, Ruthanne Reiter, Richard Haugen, Mindy Peterson, Lisa Ludeman, Wayne Ziebarth, Julie McMahon, Cindy Bouldin, and Sonja Sheppard practicing their routine be- fore the play. Left are Lisa Ludeman, Richard Haugen, and Murray McGlone getting ready to perform in the Swing Chorus. Musical 75Classes Unite In Musical Effort This year, the chorus put together a concert, a musical, and music for Baccalaureate. The winter concert presented on December 6, consisted of several Christmas selections, in- cluding "Carols for Christmas." The chorus put on the musical "TEEN" about the problems of being a teenager. The group finished the year by singing at Bac- calaureate the songs," Son of the World" and "So Many Bright Tomorrows." 76 ChorusOpposite Page Bottom is, fourth row, Kym Cecil, ]an Emter, Gina Schatz, Ruth Reiter, Denise Clark, Lisa Lude- man, Cindy Bouldin, Denise Grafing, and Steve Christensen. Third row are Carol Dietrich, Jill Johns, Chris Thomp- son, Karol Birnbaum, Melonie Grafing, Lisa Jewett, Jeanine Christensen, Cindy Weigel, and Bob Dolan. Second row are Michelle Bonde, Darcy Johnson, Tammy Dappen, Yolanda Dixon, Doris Elverud, Stacie Cranston, Danette De- Pietro, and Steve Void. First row are Lori May, Julie Schatz, Susie Reiter, Debbi Duffert, Linda Svendson, Mi- chelle Krantz, Dana Wentworth, Debb Schultz, Beth Barnes, Patti Buck, and Left are Chris Thompson, Jill Johns, Steve Christensen, Bob Dolan, Wayne Ziebarth, and Brad Carson at a morning chorus rehearsal. Above is the other half of the Chorus. Fourth row are Matt Burns, Rick Gul- lickson, Daron Ailts, Mindy Petersen, Robin Fisher, Peggy Wilts, Kris Reed, Kelly Erickson, and Sonja Bock. Third row are Wayne Ziebarth, Dan Muts- cheiknaus. Brad Carson, Greg Brandli, Marge McGlone, Jill Hurley, Brenda McMahon, Denise Wolterstorff, and Marla Johanson. Second row are Mur- ray McGlone, Richard Haugen, Ger- iann Headrick, Wendy Bock, Marci Wa- keman. Dawn Van Hill, Dawn Dickey, Darla Minnick, and Fern Jorgensen. First row are Nora Solem, Sandy Berg- jord, Rochelle Hagel, Lisa Jepsen, Mary Eikmeier, Tracy Petersen, Kim Nass, Ju- lie McMahon, and Linda Schreier. Chorus 77Performances Given; All-State Chosen Swing Chorus tryouts were held early in the fall. The group performed at various functions throughout the year, including the Spring Con- cert, a supper for Governor Janklow, and graduation. Members of the Chorus, also, had major roles in the musical, "Teen." All-Staters were chosen in the fall, also. They went to Sioux Falls and performed a concert with All-Staters from across the state. Top is part of the Swing Chorus group at a Concert. They are, back row. Brad Carson, Daron Ailts, and Rick Gullick- son. Middle row are Linda Schreier and Geriann Headrick. Front row are Mary Eikmeier, Rochelle Hagel, Nora Solem, Sandy Bergjord, Brenda McMahon, and Darla Minnick. Above are the All-Staters and their al- ternates. They are, back row. Matt Burns, Richard Haugen, Steve Chris- tensen, and Murray McGlone. Front row are Ruthanne Reiter, Gina Schatz, Kelly Erickson, Sonja Bock, and Kim Nass. Ruthanne, Sonja, Steve, and Rich- ard were the All-Staters. Right are Swing Chorus members Brad Carson, Linda Schreier, Kris Reed Mary Eikmeier. 78 ChorusBand Members Receive Superiors Band students must practice to play well and some, because of this practice, are rewarded with various honors throughout the year. A few received awards for superior ratings at a con- test, two from each grade received outstanding band member awards, and the outstanding sen- ior received the John Phillips Sousa Award. Top is the clarinet quartet, Kris Reed, Tammy Dappen, Denise Wolterstroff, and Marla. Johanson. This group re- ceived a superior at the music contest. Middle Left are Ruth Reiter and Kelly Erickson, whom received first at con- tests. Above are Colleen McGlone, Ruth Reiter, and Chris Thompson. Colleen and Chris were named outstanding ju- nior band members, while Ruth re- ceived the John Phillips Sousa Award. Left are Bill Parsley, Arlin Hobbie, Julie McMahon, and Wendy Sutton, fresh- men and outstanding sophomore members, respectively. Band 79Uniforms, Concerts Highlight Year Seventh hour rehearsals, as well as several dreaded early morning rehearsals, were held throughout the year to prepare the band for its public performances. Three concerts, "Christmas," "Pops," and "Spring," were held during the year. The band marched in the Homecoming, Hobo, and Veteran's Days parades. New uniforms, which had been ordered in the summer, finally came in time for the band to wear for the Vet- eran's Day parade. Above are a few band members show- ing off their new uniforms. 80 BandOpposite Page Top is the woodwind section of the band. Fifth row are Susie Reiter, Peg Wilts, Karla Hansen, and Denise Clark. Fourth row are Ruth Reiter, Brad Carson, Kelly Erickson, Debb Schulze, Julie McMahn, and Fern Jorgensen. Third row are Cindy Boul- din, Michelle Bonde, Darcy Johnson, and Dawn Dickey. Second row are Marla Johanson, Laura Collins, Marcie Wakeman, and Lisa Jewett. Front row are Kris Reed, Tammy Dappen, Denise Wolterstorff, and Colleen McGlone. Opposite Page Bottom is the flute sec- tion. Back row are Dawn Redwing, Debbi Duffert, Shelly Krantz, Julie Schatz, Jeanine Christensen, Beth Barnes, Jill Hurley, and Marge McGlone. Front row are Sonja Bock, Carol Bisson, Cris Thompson, Yolanda Dixon, Gina Schatz, Jin Emter, Lisa Lu- deman, and Carol Dietrich. Top Left are the brass and percussion sections. They are, back row, Mr. Kevin Masemann, director, Patti Buck, Dan Heyduk, Joe Broghammer, Steve Clark, Brian Emter, Karol Birnbaum, and Dana Wentworth. Middle row are Theresa Collins, Murray McGlone, Mindy Pe- tersen, Steven Void, Kym Cecil, Mar- ietta McGlone, Diane Dietrich, Denise Grafing, Lisa Jepsen, and Arlin Hobbie. Front row are Russell Golder, Jill Johns, Bill Parsley, Troy Pulscher, Bob Dolan, Daron Ailts, Trudy Dappen, Wendy Sutton, and Mary Dolan. Top Right is Steven Void practicing his horn. Middle Left is apart of the flute section at a concert. They are Marcie Wake- man, Lisa Jewett, Michelle Bonde, Cin- dy Bouldin, and Darcy Johnson. Bottom Left are Mindy Petersen, Mur- ray McGlone, Kym Cecil, and Theresa Collins. Band 81Rib-tickling All-School Play The all-school play was put on for the commu- nity April 30, 1982. This year's play was entitled "The Skeleton Walks" with a mystery-comedy plot. The plot was about an evil doctor who tries to find hidden money in a house visited by a fam- ily looking at their inheritance. He will go to any extreme to find it. However, he is caught while trying to escape by private detectives. Top is Matt Iverson checking out the floor for "hidden money." Above is Russel Golder and Trudy Dap- pen acting out their part in an en- trance. Far Right is the skeleton's arm (Matt Burns) stabbing at an actress." Right is Jill Johns doing make-up on Russel Golder. 82 AII-School PlayTop Left are Lisa Weigel and Susan Ahlers getting dressed before the play. Middle Left is Matt Iverson arresting Joe Broghammer at the end of the play. Above is the play cast. Back row are Russell Golder, Connie Emery, Lisa Lu- deman, and Matt Iverson. Middle row are Joe Broghammer, Susan Ahlers, Lisa Weigel, and Matt Burns. Front row are Dave Reinhart, Trudy Dappen, and Melanie Grafing. Left are Trudy Dappen, Susan Ahlers, Lisa Ludeman, and Lisa Weigel. All-School Play 83Special Days Encourage Spirit During the Fall, Homecoming highlights school activities. Special days, role reversal, slop, suck- er, purple and gold, and 50's provide different settings for each school day. On the eve of Homecoming, Little Orpheum is presented. During the Orpheum skits, students have a chance to display their "theatrical abili- ty." A bonfire pep rally follows Coronation. Homecoming day finds the band marching in a parade, and the "big" game taking place that evening along with a dance. Top is Queen Kelly Erickson and King Barry Zephier. They were crowned on Thursday evening after Little Or- pheum. Above is the band performing for the community during the Homecoming parade. Far Right is Mr. Barnes dressed as a housewife for role-reveral day. Right, as the "dancing Hee Haw pigs," are Todd Peper and Tom Hansen in the senior skit. 84 HomecomingTop, back row, are Joe Broghammer, Lauri Schoneman, Peg Wilts, and Con- nie Emery. Front row, are Lisa Lude- man, Janet Sutherland, Mindy Peter- sen, Carol Dietrich, Robin Fisher, and Cindy Bouldin posing in their toga sheets around the class rock. Center is Wyman Gageby painting the rose on the class rock. Left are Michelle Krantz, Gene Taylor, Trudy Dappen, and Troy Scherff at Homecoming dance. Homecoming 85Magical Setting For Banquet, Prom The Junior-Senior Banquet and Prom were held on Saturday, April 24. The Banquet took place in the basement of Our Saviors Lutheran Church. Pastor Void gave a prayer before sup- per, which was catered by Walkers. The Banquet area was decorated in maroon and silver with yellow roses on the tables. This year's theme, "Hold on Tight To Your Dreams," corresponded to a magical setting. Top are Carol Bisson and Ardean Albers painting one of the castle walls. Above are the servers for banquet. Back row are. Bob Dolan, Chuck Der- dall, Wayne Ziebarth, Brad Carson, Matt Iverson, Danny Mutschelknaus, Daron Ailts, Brian Emter, and Craig Jo- hanson. Front row are Kym Cecil, Diane Dietrich, Marge McGlone, Tracy Petersen, Beth Barnes, Wendy Sutton, Marietta McGlone, Patti Buck, and Tru- dy Dappen. Middle Right and Right are Darcy Johnson, and Yolanda Dixon decorat- ing the church for the Banquet. 86 Prom, BanquetProm Provides Lasting Memories The Prom was decorated in pink, silver, and blue. During the dance, pictures were taken in front of a rainbow setting. Punch was served inside a castle, which was gotten to by crossing a silhouette drawbridge. Music for the evening was provided by "Cloudburst." Top are Prom Queen, Denise Clark, and King, Steve Ailts. Above are Marietta McGlone and Dave Ziebarth, Ardean Albers and Pam Kneebone, and Sonja Bock and Louis Schreier at the dance. Far Left are Sonja Bock and Louis Schreier, Amy Relf and Rick Gullick- son, and Bob Thompson and Cindy Buresch enjoying a slow dance. Left are Pam Kneebone, Dave Meyers and Tammy Dappen, and Stacie Cran- ston and Alan Carson dancing. Prom, Banquet 87Tears, Laughter Part Of Farewell Top are Matt Burns, Richard Haugen, Todd Peper, Murray McGlone, and Tom Hansen awaiting the start of the graduation exercises. Above is a portion of the senior class listening to Craig Hoogestraat give the commencement address. Far Right is graduation speaker, Mr. Craig Hoogestraat. Mr. Hoogestraat had taught at FHS in the Midle School when the graduating seniors were sev- enth and eighth graders. Right are Barry Zephier and Fred Redwing soon after receiving their di- plomas. Father Jerome Durzirtscki delivered the ser- mon to the 1982 seniors at Senior Vespers on May 16. He talked of loving your neighbor as yourself, doing unto others in the name of God, and showing concern for your classmates and friends. A former FHS teacher Mr. Craig Hoogestraat, spoke at graduation exercises. The graduating class of 46 carried yellow roses in memory of two classmates. Laughs, tears, and reminiscing were all part of the farewell event that took place on May 23rd. 88 Senior Vespers, GraduationStudents Honored At Graduation There were four main scholarships awarded to seniors this year. They were the George Rice, Wittern, Alice M. Rusch, and the Jelleffe. Other awards such as American Legion, B PW, Masonic, O.E.S., P.E.O., and Knights of Colum- bus were awarded to students who excelled in various social and academic activities. Top are Linda Schreier, recipient of P.E.O. award, and Mindy Petersen, re- cipient of the B PW award. Middle Left are Gerald Ailts, winner of the Masonic award, and Murray McGlone, who received the Knights of Columbus award. Above are Matt Burns, and Susan Ahlers, recipients of the American Le- gion awards. Susan, also received the O.E.S. award. Left are the scholarship winners. They are, back row, Susan Ahlers, Alice M. Rusch Scholarship, Murray McGlone, Wittern scholarship, and Matt Burns, George Rice scholarship. Front row are Dave Reinhart, Alice M. Rusch scholar- ship, Kristine Reed, Wittern scholar- ship, and Lisa Weigel, Jellffe scholar- ship. Senior Awards 89A Activities, 63-90 Adolph, Mrs. Georgia, 13, 14, 24, 25 Ahlers, Susan, 38, 68, 71, 83, 89 Ailts, Daron, 14, 34, 35, 77, 78, 81, 86 Ailts, Gerald, 6, 13, 14, 38, 87, 89 Albers, Ardean, 36, 69, 86, 87 Andrea, Mr. Robert, 53 Annual, 70, 71 Armstrong, Janice, 17, 26, 36 Auren, Cheryl, 17, 36, 65 Auren, Dennis, 42 Auren, Mr. Vermon, 58 Awards, 89 B Bachman, Mrs. Pansy, 57 Band, 79, 80, 81 Barnes, Beth, 24, 34, 61, 62, 72, 77, 81, 86 Barnes, Bob, 16, 19, 20, 28, 29, 36 Barnes, Mr. Eldon "Gus", 51, 84 Barron, David, 34 Barthel, Lorraine, 34, 66, 67 Basketball, 17-21 Bauer, Julie, 34 Becker, Mrs. Wadie, 57 Bennett, Daryl, 36, 67 Bennett, Roger, 34, 66 Benson, Mr. LeRoy, 49 Beigjord, Mr. Brian, 23, 50 Bergjord, Sandy, 15, 32, 65, 77, 78 Birnbaum, Karol, 18, 26, 32, 64, 65, 77, 81, 82 Bisson, Carol, 6, 36, 64, 65, 72, 81, 82, 86 Blocker, Mr. Dennis, 47 Book, Sonja, 15, 36, 62, 72, 74, 7 5, 77, 78, 81, 87 Book, Wendy, 32, 65, 77 Bonde, Mr. Brad, 46 Bonde, Michelle, 25, 34, 65, 77, 81 Borthem, Mrs. Pat, 46 Bouldin, Cindy, 5, 38, 65, 72, 74, 75, 77, 81, 85 Brandli, Greg, 9, 13, 30, 36, 60, 77 Broghammer, Joe, 4, 16, 29, 39, 41, 68, 81, 83, 85 Broghammer, John, 6, 30, 36, 37 Buck, Patti, 8, 18, 30, 34, 65, 69, 77, 81, 86 Burchill, Mrs. Beverly, 54 Buresch, Cindy, 39, 65, 73, 87 Buresch, Mr. George, 58 Burns, Mr. Keith, 22, 49 Burns, Lisa, 4, 17, 36, 61 Burns, Matt, 9, 13, 14, 23, 29, 38, 39, 68, 70, 74, 75, 77, 78, 82, 83, 88, 89 C Carson, Alan, 87 Carson, Brad, 34, 66, 77, 78, 81, 86 Caulfield, Jim, 22, 39 Cecil, Mr. Dann, 55 Cecil, Kym, 15, 26, 27, 23, 69, 73, 77, 81, 86 Cheerleading, 73 Chorus, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78 Christensen, Mr. Bob, 58 Christensen, Jeanine, 18, 32, 64, 65, 69, 77, 81, 82 Index Christensen, Steve, 13, 22, 30, 36, 37, 75, 77, 78 Churches, 8 Clark, Denise, 5, 39, 65, 72, 74, 77, 81, 87 Clark, Steve, 13, 36, 69, 81 Cochran, Jim, 14, 21, 30, 32, 62 Collins, Laura, 32, 81 Collins, Theresa, 34, 81 Cranston, Shawn, 32, 65 Cranston, Stacie, 4, 36, 37, 72, 77, 87 Cross-Country, 15, 16 D Dahmen, Tom, 34 Dailey, Erin, 36, 37, 65, 73 Damm, Dawn, 32, 68, 70 Dances, 69 Dappen, Tammy, 7, 15, 26, 36, 37, 64, 65, 66, 73, 75, 77, 79, 81, 82, 87 Dappen, Trudy, 15, 25, 26, 27, 34, 65, 71, 81, 82, 83, 85 Davis, Mr. Chris, 47 Debate, Declam, 68 Delaney, Dale, 34 Denure, Mrs. Camilace, 57 DePietro, Danette, 36, 65, 73, 75, 77 Derdall, Charles, 8, 16, 20, 29, 34, 66, 68 Dickey, Dawn, 36, 65, 68, 77, 81 Dietrich, Carol, 5, 17, 22, 38, 40, 64, 65, 72, 77, 81, 82, 85, 86 Dietrich, Diane, 6, 18, 25, 27, 34, 64, 65, 72, 77, 81, 82 Dixon, Yolanda, 36, 65, 73, 75, 77, 81 Dolan, Miss Marissa, 24, 25, 56 Dolan, Mary, 17, 40, 41, 66, 68, 81 Dolan, Bob, 8, 29, 34, 66, 67, 77, 86 Dougherty, Jill, 17, 36, 65 Drill Team, 72 Duffert, Debbi, 32, 62, 77, 81 Dvork, Mr. Daniel, 56 E Eagle Elk, Wendy, 36 Eich, Eddie, 10, 14, 22, 70 Eich, Jim, 13, 32, 36, 61, 67 Eikmeier, Alan, 7, 13, 36, 67 Eikmeier, Mary, 26, 32, 77, 78 Elverud, Doris, 36, 65, 73, 75, 77 Emery, Connie, 5, 6, 10, 24, 40, 83, 85 Emter, Brian, 13, 14, 20, 30, 34, 35, 81, 86 Emter, Jen, 36, 37, 52, 68, 70, 74, 75, 77, 81 English, Mrs. Gladys, 50, 55 Erickson, Kelly, 40, 72, 77, 78, 79, 81, 84 Ernesti, Lauri, 18, 35 Evans, Mr. John, 14, 52 F Fargen, Mrs. Peg, 17, 18, 51 FFA, 66, 67 FHA, 64, 65 Fisher, Robin, 5, 17, 38, 40, 42, 65, 77, 85 Football, 12, 13, 14 Four-H, 7 Fuller, Mr. Bob, 58 G Gageby, Wyman, 9, 19, 40, 60, 65, 85 Gipp, Mrs. Leigh, 48 Colder, Russell, 16, 29, 32, 66, 67, 68, 70, 71, 82, 82 Golf, 30 Graduation, 88 Grafing, Mrs. Barb, 57 Grafing, Denise, 26, 34, 65, 69, 70, 77, 81 Grafing, Melanie, 25, 27, 32, 75, 77, 83 Green, Brian, 5, 16, 21, 32 Greve, Kameo, 34 Gullickson, Mr. Gene 55 Gullickson, Rick, 16, 19, 20, 28, 29, 36, 65, 67, 74, 75, 77, 78, 87 H Hagel, Rochelle, 32, 77, 78 Hammer, Brian, 13, 34, 40 Hammer, Jeanne, 34 Hammer, Mr. Stan, 55 Hansen, Jesse, 22 Hansen, Karla, 36, 64, 70, 71, 81, 82 Hansen, Tom, 12, 13, 14, 19, 28, 38, 61, 84, 88 Haugen, Richard, 13, 14, 40, 56, 66, 67, 69, 75, 77, 78, 88 Headrick, Mr. Derwin, 58 Headrick, Geriann, 18, 26, 32, 65, 69, 73, 75, 78 Hemmer, Kevin, 36 Herrera, Brenda, 36 Herrera, Roger, 20, 34 Hess, Paul, 14, 30, 32 Heyduk, Dan, 14, 21, 32, 33, 81 Hobbie, Arlin, 16, 29, 32, 66, 79, 81 Hoogestraat, Mr. Craig, 88 Homecoming, 84, 85 Hurley, Jill, 25, 34, 35, 77, 81 I Iverson, Mr. Marvin, 47 Iverson, Matt, 16, 20, 29, 34, 66, 82, 83, 86 J James, Mrs. Mary, 48 Jenkins, Kris, 32 Jepsen, Lisa, 25, 32, 65, 77, 81 Jewett, Lisa, 17, 26, 32, 65, 73, 75, 77, 81 Jobs, 4, 5 Johanson, Craig, 14, 22, 28, 29, 34, 86 Johanson, Marla, 17, 24, 26, 65, 77, 79, 81 Johns, Jill, 8. 24, 36, 65, 68, 70, 71, 81, 82, 74, 77, 82 Johnson, Brian, 10, 13, 22, 36 Johnson, Darcy, 4, 8, 36, 65, 72, 77, 81 Johnson, Mr. Dale, 48 Johnson, Delwin, 41, 67 Johnson, Eugene, 14, 32, 66, 67 Johnson, Mrs. Judy 55 Johnson, Kristen, 41 Johnson, Kyle, 37 Johnson, Michael, 14, 32, 66 Johnson, Nathan, 19, 20, 29, 34, 66, 67 Johnson, Troy, 21 30, 32 Johnston, Kyle, 5, 14, 21, 29, 32 lndex 91Index Jones, Gordon, 14, 30, 34 Jorgensen, Fern, 37, 61, 77, 81 Jorgensen, Tom, 14, 34, 35, 66 Jurgens, Mrs. Joyce, 57 Jurgens, Kelly Jo, 41 K Keck, Mrs. Betty, 53, 55 Keck, Mrs. Jeanne, 54 Keith, Brad, 13, 29, 37 Klapperich, Mr. Larry, 53 Kneebone, Pam, 24, 37, 69, 87 Knutson, Merlin, 13, 19, 29, 37, 67 Kor, Mr. Les, 46 Krantz, Michelle, 16, 32, 64, 65, 77, 82, 85 Krantz, Todd, 23, 37, 65 L Lahr, Jill, 26, 34, 65 Lang, Elizabeth, 32, 60 Langenfeld, Mrs. Holly, 50 Laughlin, Mr. Pat, 58 Lee, Mr. Conway, 55 Linder, Mr. Lowell, 48 Long, Lisa, 37 Ludeman, Lisa, 5, 41, 68, 74, 75, 77, 81, 83, 85 Luttman, Mr. Gary, 55 M Masemann, Mr. Kevin, 52, 81 May, Lori 25, 32, 77 McClone, Colleen, 15, 24, 37, 72, 79, 81 McClone, Mr. James, 14, 23, 30, 51 McClone, Marietta, 25, 26, 34, 69, 81, 86, 87 McClone, Marjorie, 15, 25, 35, 69, 71, 72, 77, 81, 86 McClone, Murray, 10, 16, 22, 23, 38, 41, 75, 77, 78, 81. 88, 89 McMahon, Brenda, 35, 77, 78 McMahon, Julie 24, 25, 64, 75, 77, 79, 81, 82 Megenhauser, Stephen, 20, 35 Miller, Mr Bob, 56 Milne, Bill, 35, 66 Minnick, Darla, 24, 35, 62, 77, 78 Mulder, Coleen, 5, 37, 62, 73 Mutschelknaus, Dan, 13, 14, 35, 77, 86 Myers, David, 8, 13, 37, 19, 87 N Nasa, Kim, 17, 37, 77, 78 Nickey, Jeremy, 35 Nielsen, Jeff, 37, 61 Nielsen, Wade, 41 Northrup, Mr. Dennis, 56 Nussbaum, Tammy, 18, 35 O Olson, Claudia, 37, 65 Odden, Mr. Alan, 66 92 lndex P Pank, Denise, 33 Pank, Dianne, 37 Parsley, Bill, 14, 22, 29, 32, 66, 79, 81 Parsley, Mary, 65 Pasch, Dennis, 13, 14, 19, 42 Peper, Tab, 10, 14, 21, 29, 33, 66 Peper, Todd, 13, 14, 19, 18, 19, 34, 38, 42 Petersen, Amy, 15 Petersen, Mindy, 38, 42, 65, 69, 75, 77, 81, 82, 85, 89 Petersen, Sally, 33, 65 Petersen, Tracy, 17, 18, 26, 35, 65, 77, 86 Play, All School, 82, 83 Porisch, Mr. Bruce, 14, 21, 49 Powers, Al, 58 Price, Lisa, 35 Prom, 86, 87 Pulscher, Troy, 16, 21, 29, 33, 66, 81 R Ramsdell, Bill, 22 Redwing, Dawn, 35, 61, 81 Redwing, Fred, 18, 42, 88 Reed, Kris, 7, 17, 42, 64, 65, 77, 78, 79, 81, 82, 89 Reinhart, Beth, 37 Reinhart, Dave, 13, 14, 22, 29, 42, 83, 89 Reinhart, Steve, 35 Reiter, Ruth, 5, 42, 43, 72, 74, 75, 77, 78, 79, 81 Reiter, Susan, 33, 65, 72, 77, 81 Relf, Amy, 87 Rhead, Mr. Dennis, 51 Rite, Mae, 33, 65 Riffel, Les, 58 Rose, Todd, 14, 22, 30, 33, 62, 66 S Schaefer, Mr. Erwin, 23, 49 Schatz, Gina, 42, 43, 72, 74, 75, 77, 78, 81 Schatz, Julie, 26, 33, 73, 77, 81 Scherff, Troy, 14, 35, 66, 85 Schiefelbein, Susan, 18, 25, 26, 33, 65 Schipper, Bryan, 33, 66 Schipper, Tim, 14 Schipper, Troy, 42 Schmidt, Albert, 58 Schoneman, Laurie, 15, 26, 27, 43, 61, 85 Schrecengost, Les, 58 Schreier, Linda, 8, 15, 24, 26, 27, 43, 75, 77, 78, 89 Schreier, Louis, 16, 29, 37, 66, 87 Schultz, Aaron, 14 Schultze, Debbie, 35, 68, 69, 70, 73, 75, 77, 81 Scofield, Sherri, 44 Scofield, Todd, 10, 37, 67 Sheppard, Sonja, 17, 18, 24, 37, 67, 74, 75 Sherman, Lew, 14, 21, 32 Siebrasse, Mr. Dewane, 50, 66, 67 Siebrasse, Mrs. Linda, 50, 65 Solem, Mrs. Doris, 57 Solem, Nora, 33, 60, 77, 78 Spare Time 9, 10 Stanforth, Mr. Steve, 14, 19 Stephens, Dion, 35 Student Life, 3, 5, 6 Stoll, Mark, 37 Stoll, Tony, 33 Sundermeyer, Walter, 58 Sutherland, Janet, 44, 61, 85 Sutton, Mr. Clifton, 50, 70, 71 Sutton, Wendy, 8, 26, 35, 65, 70, 71, 79, 81, 86 Svendsen, Linda, 15, 25, 26, 33, 64, 65, 72, 77, 82 Swenson, Gail, 48, 68 T Taylor, Gene. 13, 19, 20, 19, 37, 85 Thielsen, Erik, 8, 30, 33 Thielsen, Steve, 16 Thomas, Cristie, 7, 24, 37 Thompson, Bob, 87 Thompson, Chris, 24, 37, 60, 65, 70, 71, 73, 77, 79, 81 Thompson, Leona, 25, 33 Tjarks, Dale, 17, 20 Tirrel, Blaine, 10, 14, 30, 35 Tollefson, Randy, 30, 37 Track, 26, 27, 28, 29 U Uilk, Ed, 58 Uilk, Mark, 14, 20, 35, 66 Ulech, Greg, 21, 33, 66 Utech, Victor, 35, 66 V VanHill, Dawn, 37, 61, 65, 77 Vespers, Senior, 88 Vigness, Mr. Sylvan, 53, 55 Void, Steven, 8, 16, 21, 29, 30, 33, 77, 81 Volleyball, 24, 25 W Wakeman, Marcie, 25, 33, 77, 81 Walker, Darron, 33, 62 Walker, Sue, 59. 44, 70, 71 Weigel, Cindy, 35, 77 Weigel, Lisa, 8, 44, 83, 89 Wentworth, Dana, 26, 33, 64. 65, 72, 77, 81. 82 Weston, Cindy, 37 Willard, Loretta, 35 Wilkins, Ric hard, 44, 60 Wilske, Mr. Larry, 52, 77 Wilts, Mr. Lowell, 58 Wilts, Peggy, 24, 44, 62, 68. 70, 71, 77, 81, 85 Wolterstorff, Denise, 44, 65, 77, 79, 81 Wrestling, 22, 23 Z Zephier, Barry, 13, 14, 16, 19, 29, 44, 84, 88 ephier. Nelson, 37 Ziebarth, David, 8, 12, 13, 14, 42, 44, 64, 65, 67, 69, 82. 87 Ziebarth, Wayne, 12, 35, 75, 77, 86 m

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