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The Flyer is a record ofthe past which will help us understand the present and prepare for the future. Published ' by the yearbook staff of fi Flandreau Public High School Flandreau, South Dakota The city which celebrates its ninetieth anniversary this year of 1959 I is proud of its TABLE OF CONTENTS Homecoming ............ 6 Basics of school ......... 7-20 Work and play . . . .21'34 Dreams of futLu'e . . . . 35-45 Dreams come true . H . . 47-59 Dedication . . . . . 69 Sponsors . . . . . 70 Index . . . .71-72 We present to you the people and events that tell the story of our school. You may not agree on what is the most important and what should be skipped or skimmed over so we have tried to pick and choose the most essential facts- those that will give meaning to this school year. We hope you will enjoy the FLYER, a yearly report of what has happened to us and those who shall follow in our footsteps. ,sf 13.5 . .1 av M.: 9 Q JERRY THOMPSON DALE BISSON DAVID Hove LYNN SORENSON 'llii , 5 V iff' K .1 ' 5 ,le ? C' 1 A ' s Q3 if 'H---' J 7 'SCS' A I Qlw Q RICHARD WHITMAN Sw ay 13515: EH W uw: vig if if x Q all Y A K A 4, M 172 ,.z Hg,Kmg-.ny .L pta 1- 5 , N my 1 L Mm A ,Vw A ,A 'Eliza 2g,giv'. ,K 'vw , 3 xi K 5 ,Qff5?5',g:5 ' - - , 4, x- ss, ff? 115. f. - fm Q Q s fx , Q 'wisfssw . MW EQ? 5 9 1 Mis' Z? K., qi 11 .if 1 : 4 Ks nk L leaders 7 aw' ' A-auf' F .Q Wm 5 ? The youngsters of P. H. S. , freshies , won first place in the most original division for floats with "Pluck the Tanagers . " The juniors economized-a twenty-three cent float-"Cage the Tanagers. " The parade i made beautiful through brain and labor. The librarians entered with "Books the Gateway to Learning." "We Pick Winners" was the F. F. A.'s on home- coming day. 'FHS the Heart of Education' was favored by the judges as the most beautiful float. This giant red heart with pulsatory sides moved down the street beating its way into the heart of each on-looker. The senior class dreamed this one up. pr-rw-f ... An iron which gave forth bursts of steam represented the sophomore class in the parade. The regal couple-Jerry Thompson and Dottie Schult. "It's Time for a Flyer Victory was the theme of the Yearbook float ms, ' t X Qsffkat ,- t Zi is H at 3 W X sq y Y 'w 5 il . . W mm A' Nt ,. "N .na as 1 , t 1 Plea ure ha a place In good teaching. "Tom" Collins has been out shootin' tanagers so teacher, Joe Bironr isn't going to scold. That's the best skip excuse anyone could use at F. H. S. Rosemany Erickson and lean VanHouton reminlscc. 'lf ag,..f M if Sandra Christensen works to pass her arithmetic examination. w Little Pat Willard gets in line for a drink of water. Now let's see, is she five feet tall in heels? It takes three seniors- Kathy Collins, Claude Jones, and Lynn Sorensen- to TRY to win from sophomore-David Peper. Rita Donelan and Linda Schmid are pretty but tired and uncomfortable on senior dress-up day. mx,-me 1. mama, - . I l-...li Q Johnson puts grease paint on Ron in speech class. Judy Weigel to put Oh SOI'l1e H1016 lDUSf.BCh8. QL .. A2 4 3. ft if Prim and pretty are the five ga-ls-Bonnie Bommersbach, Dottie Schult, Iudean Snuggerud, Mary Ellen Gageby and Kathy Collins-who are responsible for directing a lot of school spirit to worth-while channels. e L . 1 In telling our tow we tan with the basics. Richard Whitman struggles for victory. Dale Bisson proves 'chat seniors -cg study u Superintendent Principal GEORGE V. WEBBENHURST WILLIAM V. HASS ' . -K Q , Q E' Lia f I V -L115' . . E, ,'.' sheE15fssirfwsweteg '.- 2Ezr5fgpte4,,: 5 A fig' X 'f ' . 'K SeCYefafY"C1efk Office secretary GLADYS ENGUSH IEAN ENGELBRBCHT Students desire securit and authorit which come from a strong school program. Chairman EARL LARSON Vice-chairman EVERTT KECK ANDOR NEISEN IUSTIN IONES MYRTLE EHRICI-IS Algebra Algelra is fun for Iarry Barron, IaVonne Otto, ani Tom Iewett as Principal William Hass teaches it Geometry Mr. Charles Prochaska helps the geometry students-Alice Penske, Lloyd Duncan, Roger Bommersbach-understand geometric figures . Biology Now in the know about frogs are Guy Erickson, Ron Hammer, Janice Dahl, and Paul Phelan who are members of Mr. Ralph Cook's biology class. merican Hi tow American history students-Mike Phelan, Roger Johnson, and Evelyn Nissen- are told about territorial acquisition by teacher-Mrs. Solvelg Rewalt. Government Mr. Don lkosz explains the department of defense to Loye Johnson, Ron Smith, and lim Johnson in government class. Economics Mr. Merril Olson, economics teacher shows Darrell Pulscher, Iohn Wilkins , and Patty Willard where money goes and comes. Agriculture "This space could be sold to a sponsor of our calendar," were the words of Mr. Sylvan Vlgness as he told Iim Peper, Loren Blankenhorn, and Ioren Leslie about the year's plans in vocational agriculture. Bookkeeping mf Mr. I-Ilden Samp instructs Ierry Hiller, Rita Donelon, Ida Redwing, and Jim Peper in bookkeeping. Home Economic What makes baked goods good? Kathy Gulllckson, Janice Dahl, Sharen Nass, and Danna Price observe as Mrs. Irene Engstrom evaluates cakes and breads ln home economics class. EngH h H o -. h Shakespeare's Julius Caesar is explained by Mrs. Li..11e Rice to Roger Johnson, Bill Halter, and Judy Klingbile who are English II English III students- Chuck Rewalt, Iohn Vanderhoof, and Iudy Weigle- find that poetry can be interesting as Miss Audrae Visser points out the meter of iambic: verse. students . Speech A Mrs. Margaret Ratllff asks Sharon Kemp, "Who was buried in Grant' s tomb? "Larry Headrick and Gary Scofield walt for a chance to answer in Englishl class. "It is you, Iohn Vanderhoof , you who are to blame, " shouts Sheila McG1one as Mss Gloria Hause forces a gesture on the statement. Dan Daily and Mary Vanderhoof seem to enjoy the discomfort of speech class. Driver Education Superintendent George Webbenhurst exposes the truths about flat tires to Audrey Nisson, Dorothy Johnson, and Estella Crow- driver education course . 'X J K Mr. Duane Podoll helps Larry Ehrichs get untangled from the typewriter ribbon. This is something that does not happen to girls think Nancy Estergaard and George Ann Faris-typing students . Engli h I General cienee That water just won't boil, will it, Mary Weigel? Sally Scofield, Patty Dawson, and Mark Ekern wait hopefully for Mr. Roger Kern's laboratcxy experiment in general science to work. V x I' , Wave! 5 lea mst., in , 5 I W ' b l A nf we Fre hmen build up their knowledge. 9 L' Q, IW ' 4 .g -eszi 551.3 zigifkff FL fit:-7 J 1 'S ""'k . .,:, I I , A , e e I :..,. i iv l I n , " 1 ' , "" , I ee .f " I D ..e.: ' fe +A-rf' 'ez' ' " if iff, , .. fi fe? e,,' V I my feta .4 1 ,f I N A RM Class President, Larry Headrickp vice-president, Mary Lynne Reid: secretary, Marlene Hammerp treasurer, Pat Dawson: and student representative successfully lead the freshmen through "Hillbilly Hit Parade" for Little Orpheum. I ,K ' l fgigy C 3 r er AMDAHL, ANITA 5 l A " li ' 5 ik 1 H .IQ e . ZEPHIER, EVON , f .I A A I 3 BARRON LARRY It H" ' .0 t fl' BLANCHQXRD, DIANE , I , it ,eg BLANCHARD, LINDA ew is ,fl BOONE, RICHARD K M, I in 5-t j' J It it A J, A X' f " if I - 5, ' - A ' , ,I I R+ A CRow, ESTELLE I , M, - I DUNCAN, DAVID ffg giw I , E' ,y A-,I ELLEFSION, TOMMY we ' U' ERICRSON, CRAIG wife , If, PARIS, IER1 LYNNE 5. ky I , A . KVLFK Nt 'fi , A . ,.,:,, 4 , M54 1 I I.-,Q I Q , " I-'i I I, I. EUHS, RICHARD ff? It 2 " , GRAPING, DAVID ,I A -H-A GREEN, LEONARD , V ,I I g .1 . X- .Q ot- 5 4, I GULICK, KENNETH D? .yly li, V A HAGEDORN, IUDITH "' ' 'I A HAGEL, IAMES I ,- lyll if Iii, 571 .. iii.. . I' I' new 'E j , si A HAMMER, GARY C HASVOLD, JANET It - ,. I , , , , HOLVIG ROGER at 'If",f,2V'r, gt Jw A 'Q HOVLANID, NORMA I A li. S- ' in 4, ,W K A M It ,,. nf I ff f Ji I HURLEY, IAMES ' ' IANSSEN, ANNA - -. IEWEIT, THOMAS I IULSON, CHERYI. . .,..Afi":V -M ' , 'ST ,Ea if ,, E ?f+rR ,V v ., A- '1-wgfge P , Z W, If R KEMP, SHARON 4,5 S , ' V A 'W KUCERA, TOMMY A 2, LARSON LINDA ' A xt ,Aff ns. LUTTMANN, GAIL MEEKER, CAROLYN - ' I MORRISON, SANDRA 'E , A -www' ue x ,T , REQIR-', ,E L RA. QP' NASS, IRAN MARIE A NEPRUD, JAMES ' NISSEN, AUDREY 4' E YQ E ,, RN If O Q., , I OCKENGA, LINDA OTTO, 1.avONNE REFER, BEVERLY PITTERSEN, GORDON PETERSON, BURDELL PRICE, ROBERT ROARK, JUDY ROBERTSON, CAROL SCHAPPER, JOHN SCOFIELD, CAROL SCOPIELD, GARY SCOFIELD, IOIAN SCOFIELD, SALLY SMALLEIELD, KAREN SMITH, RICHARD SNUCCERUD, LINDA STAACK, MARY DEE sTIMsON, BECKY SUNDERMEYER, JAMES VANDERHOOF, PAUL WARRICK, DENNIS WAXDAHL, GORDON WEIGEL, CURTIS WEIGEL, MARY IEAN I ,RAV I ,r a . qf . ,, - . ., In , Lg TQ K' ' ' Q 1 I M7 A ff 5 iffy: ' I w f -2269? If A i A -"::. w J' If .3 " x ""N I 1 ,J v ' if - 7, 1 I 1 T K v ff? , I f Q' A 'I 3 I - 4 MA I 5 ,S -, , I., K , mi. N IV 6 f J 2- .15 Rx S I 3 yi ,I if 2 U, T' -1:3 1 , I , Q T Q wus A L' Q A O 3' " ,pq I ' " ' A I Y 3 A ' sg M U 1' ' Vi '-9' 23 Y X ' .,, If uf I - -my Siu ,,.,, I Q! J R . Q W A. I hs Experienced Debate Seated Kathy Collins Dottie Schult Iohn Vanderhoof Richard Whitman Leroy Benson Standing Iudy Kroeger Bonnie Bommersbach Larry Ehrichs Ieanne Temte Discussion lean Van Houton Ieanne Temte Iudy Kroeger Mark McDowell Anna Janssen Loye Iohnson Gordon Waxdahl Inexperienced Debate Seated Mark McDowell Gordon Waxdahl Rollyn Samp Burdell Peterson Standing Dan Daily Gary Scofield ff fi Kathy Collins, Bonnie Bommersbach, Donna Westra, Claude Jones Karla Miller, and Loye Johnson act in "The Rector. " Peg Snyder, Iudean Snuggerud, Mary Jean Weigel, Iudy Roark, and Judy Weigel in the one act play, "The Burglars." IUDY KROEGER RICHARD WHITMAN KATHY COLLIN Three students who got to the State Forensic meet because ot their ability to speak were Iudy Kroeger who did girls' extemporaneous work, Richard Whitman, and Kathy Collins . Richard walked off with the state's second place honours in boys' extemporaneous speaking: while Kathy netted a second place in the state's original oratory contest. Kathy rated among the top six of the state in the Amer- ican Legion State Oratory contest. They exercise the freedom of speech. 16 Richard Whitman, Arlys Thoreson, and John Vanderhoof acted their way to the state one-act GLORIA HAUSE play contest with the farce, "Marriage Proposal." Coach Mark McDowal1 and Kathy Collins receive congratulations for their success in the district declam contest. Other declam students are Florence Waxdahl, Judy Kroeger, Karen Alberts, Iudy Weigel, Donna Early, Pat Dawson, Bonnie Bommersbach, Anna Janssen, Ianet Hasvold, Noreen Johnson, Ioye Johnson, Dottie Schult, and Kathy Keating. Local winners- Mary Lynne Reid and Barbara Scofield-are seated with Kathy and Mark. LEROY BENSON Halfhack Senior IOHN VAN DERHOOP Halfback Iunior RONNIE VAN BUREN End Ju mor JIM IOHNSON Tackle Senior DAVID D UN CAN End Pre shman C RAIG IOH NSON End Sophomore Victory i due to determination RUSSELL ENG Quarterback Sophomore NORMAN HAMMER Guard Senior DALLISS ENGLUND Guard Senior and per everance. RIC HARD WHIT MAN Quarterback Senior WARREN JONES Halfback KENNY ZYLSTRA Sophomore Center Sophomore LARRY M ORRIS ON Fullba ck Sophomore Y BOB ERICKSON Halfback Junior BOB BURNS Center Junior 127 JERRY HILLER Tackle K me Junior LYLE LOWE End Senior TOM PEPER Fullback Juni or DAVID PEPER Guard Sophomore Sv., W C HARLES P ROC HASKA Center Junior CLAUDE JONES End Senior Under the direction of coach, Roger Kerns , these members of the varsity football team come back to F. H. S. one week early in the fall for practice. The boys know the bone- crushing jolt of a jarring tackle, the countless exercises , long practice in heavy equipment, and the heat or chill of the autumn evenings. They know the dlscouragement of defeat as well as the taste of victory. They love the game and when the season is over, they are both relieved and sorry. Co-captains for the year are Richard Whitman and Leroy Benson. . lrrr --..i, ,. W , yy K' - I gt SCORES Pliers Opp. Pliers Opp. 20 Sisseton 6 3l Indians O 14 Brookings 46 20 Pipestone 13 7 Vermillion 37 0 Cathedral 33 y ' 2 . 5 7 Madison 0 FX, Good lookin' freshie squad 52 5 it 3 gf i ., -I -A t -I 5 -5 ,,,v r 5 my it . . , . -- . J 'A' io' . 1 ' iro. ' M - , ' -'ii it ... T 1 . T T - it ' ,V i . p ,M -. 1 ig., H u ' ' A G ,, T E -A tg-Q ggi. . ' , f W S h f i 2' " , Y T 55 - o 1 T 'R R T . J ' i'.,, 7 -- 4' o'oo f . rf ,. , . o.- o is .. f - T- ' "C TS A ' S65 IT' ",' :ff KW? ff ', -mm ox ie '..r - f , N X T H .,,.lo ' it roio'o Y T L ff 5 -om .. K K 1 ..,i,V A 7 N we k if- P ' fi To T L A- T '-ioti"- A T oaio is T 5 T if 5 as i is T .T ,un . L Freshman football squad- FIRST ROW: Kenneth Gullick, Larry Headrick, 'Mark Ekern, Gordon Waxdahl, Tommy Iewett. SECOND ROW: Gordon Petersen, David . Duncan, Tommy Ellefson, Richard Fuhs, Dick Smith. THIRD ROW: Bobby Price, .. Curtis Wei el, Roger Holvig, Iames Hurley, Gary Hammer, David Snyder. T 9 i RU 1 - I . J is RALPH C OOK Coacn DALE BISSON LOREN LESLIE Tackle Guard Sophomore Senior sz we is Serene without but there is plenty of agitation for learning within W ex an ,Eng dribbles Peg Weigel and Donna Price ' Ulm the tree for the yearbook Work is disguised a pla . 'Leave some for me"l That is Delores Meyers worry as Ioyce Kroeger fills her plate. A I Even the cook gets tired. Eownie points stack up for Karen Alberts ard Sheila McGlone as they trim G'andpa Dan Dailey's whiskers. w " -ll-1 - : 'tr T5 E ru ,Q Suki 4 fl VVS 1 u .E ? onr 5' ' A I 1 E- A ' Y Lg.: A A A L 'M' A . . V T sr f o gz, A Iqhn V . , , , KDVH WL J 8 .la-.wax Lx 'W In l AL iw, . A, W .Tw gr , Q F Aff' gg VK K i, .. , RE at if A ,-A: V ,A ,Y .. R I was 'fig-L, L kkzk I: ,K M .M .,1,- ,. A fEi h A rf E 'V' A Ay- Q4 74 , A sk . , ,k-Vk ,KVV X ,, 4 L OALT ,. -vi" , , .Au .. , Iil f A .M E ,ww . T L if ' . Q 7 f 'L K V AV ,,,- u N: , F , fy ,V A K 1. fra-NNW' M A LR-4. T l T , My A F' 7 ff ' If ,,, 2?-A .HIE if . W at I f f A ' sie A f f A K t wif? A A ,ff T j ' A T '-1,, , 3: W ir ff Di 'W 4 O fn 'ff' ,w n -1- f QQLTK i ,gh ,, A if 'f Y fs Q Qi T E ,gs x Gr 3 -4 H I , Q ,f 'L'h' 5 In :., Y Q k O 1' sf 'Q w ,Wy . -. X' fl" ' I Sophomore class president, Charles Chamberlain, mimics Liberace for a Little Orpheum skit, while vice-president, Russel Eng, acts as Master of Ceremonies for the "I've Got a Secret" skit. Rita Headrick is secretary, David Peper, treasurer, and Paul Phelan is the student council member for this class. W2 'sq' ' F Pf- ,. if K A 3- 'KI , -nw rv .Wg ' we if ' 'vu T ALEERTS, GLENDA ALLEN, IUDITH ANDERSON, LEON ASTORINO, DIANE ASTORINO, PATSY BLANKENHORN, LOREN BOMMERSBAOH, ROGER OHAMLEY, DANIEL CLOUD, SHARON DAHL, JANIOE DAILEY, DAN DR1scoLL, JOANNE ENG, IERRILYN ERICKSON, GUY FULLER, RICHARD FULLER, ROBERT GULLICKSON, KATHLEEN HAGEL, HUGH HALTER, WILLIAM HAMMER, JOANN HAMMER, RONALD HEADRIOK, GREGG IOHNSON, CRAIG IONES, WARREN KAUTZ, ARDITH KECK, TOMMY KLINGBILE, IUDITH KROEGER, CAROL KROEGER, IOYCE KUEHL, VERLYN LAMP, LARRY LEE, GLENDA LEsL1E, LOREN LOUGHLIN, DARLENE LOVEIOY, SHARON LUTTMANN, IEANNE Here we are. Halfway through high school MCGLONE, SHELIA MEYER, DELORES MILES, ROBERT MORRISON, LARRY MULDER, JAMES NASS, RICHARD NAss, SHARON NEAL, MARY NELSON, ANDREA NEWEERN, DARRELL NEWEERN, HAROLD NEWCOMER, DEANNA PAscH, RAY PAULSEN, JOAN PEPER, DARLENE RxrrEL, MARGARET SAME, ROLLYN SCOPIELD, BONNIE SPIDER, DOROTHY SUNDERMEYER, IANICE TEER,- CATHRYN TEMTE, IEANNE TOLLEFSON, IAMES THOM , MARY DEAN ULWELLING, LO1s VANDERHOOP, MARY vARNs, PAUL wAxEMAN, BARBARA Nurse, JOYCE KROEGER, helps tanager, ROGER BOMMERSBACH, after the-homecoming game. WAKEMAN, MONA WBIGEL, PEGGY WILLARD, BILL ZYLSTRA, KENNETH '15 REDWING, IDA MADsON, SHARON MCDOWALL, MARK 4. vwimq M 1 L. -Awen 6- - ' E ff, 'f X ' X Dir my Q , Y I 'Q up 1 fx rv 1 5, wx E I 2' mme' 7 RQ, L, W 1 5 A , W fig H V' N 11 Q A R . f , ,g 'My .5 -, s A A I it it 1 X xg x , K' X., 1 A Q Q' K X N 2 L XX Q A 5 of M, -er. . X A h f'-as fy W ffl? ' "' 'www Q, .E ,K E1 , F? ?'t'V " iii -fl' A " Y, ,A 'Elf o I atv Qv - 1 ,pf--, 'QZ 7 -1- L ,.,,, 1' ' 'Y fp. A x- .M .,. .L rv- , E X , . n Mona 1 , . I ' R '- E! 1:3 . sk 'a 64 .,, 'vi ix , f .iii ' W, pf 'f six, 1 -f f A . E ik f .,,,. F., 529' --......L A ,f X 4 222' R-I 1 fu S.. 1 QS- 1 Aa I x , i 'Wi vt fam A M A 'W-sat ng, x ' 2 s SEATED: Claude Iones, Ierry Thompson, Ioe Biron, Ray Pasch, Ierry Hiller, Lyle Lowe, Lloyd Duncan, Tony Kucera. FIRST ROW: Ken Zylstra, Russell Eng, Leroy Benson, Charles Prochaska, Mike Phelan, Bobby Erickson, Craig Iohnson. SECOND ROW: Don Brosz, Loren Leslie, Tom Peper, Dalliss Englund, Dale Bisson, Ilm Johnson, Norman Hammer, Roger Kerns. THIRD ROW: Iohn Vanderhoof, Richard Whitman, Ronnie Van Buren, Bob Burns, David Peper, Larry Morrison. Lettering ln any major sport-football, basketball, or track- is the qualification necessary for membership in this club. Chosen to head the sportsters were Leroy Benson, president: Lynn Sorenson, vice-president, and Richard Whitman, treasurer. Ignoring per onal whim make good Iettermen. RALPH COOK - Coach is . "B" Squad it ,X .- ,Wf M.,- Bob Burns and Leroy Benson paint toys Q for a Christmas welfare project which the lettermen do each year. ROGER KERNS C- 3 Coach Freshmen ictorie and defeat teach the "B" team and fre hies FIRST ROW: Bob Price, David Snyder, Larry Headrick, Kenneth Gulick, Gordon, Mark Ekern, Dick Smith, Tommy Iewett, Gordon Waxdahl, Curtis Weigel. SECOND ROW: Gary Hammer, Bobby Erickson, Richard Fuller, Guy Erickson, Tommy Kucera, Craig Johnson Rollyn Samp, David Duncan 54 'tr of Q 't 5 in-1, i K ,MMV , i Q if Q , . ' S' . 5+ 15?-155. , L, ii.. ,. . . , ' f , fi iz. ,:. Y f . Neg 'lk ttf . - f' A K U' if E A . . K 45 l fir to t ff' W is E sir! in . , ' L h DON BROSZ Coach E 'M Q, 52, JERRY THOMPSON Q EZ A ,L Captain i to Boys find leadership in team captain and coach Beating the Brookings Bobcats in the first game of the tournament was the most rewarding part of the season's program. This allowed the Pliers to play in the final game of the regional basketball play-off. The year's players pictured clockwise are Ioe Biron, Tom Peper, Ray Pasch, Craig Erickson, Leroy'Benen, Russell Eng, Bobby Erickson, Dick Fuller, David Duncan, Ierry Hiller, and Carter Wiese. N55 -:aa in In if V lz g W e grzzil f , g rooo co,.,. ,o,rr,r.r,,rr,rrr it r W c,.,, 5 i 55? i f se' V wwe: .. if. g , SC ORES Pliers Opp. Pliers Opp. 26 Milbank 36 21 Webster 51 28 Watertown 83 Vermillion 36 Parkston 38 Brookings 37 Augustana Cathedral Academy 54 IGSDGT 25 Sisseton 46 Arlington 47 Madison 49 Madison 38 Iasper 66 Miller 27 Brookings 41 Beresford 4 l Cathedral 42 r , , - --r'- f'- 're if .2 r,r . 1 , A I 3 c d , i i',, fi :.r ff r,f1"i' - -.,, rir a Q ' 1 i " Q 3 r , aasi iia o i :I7 .. zlt K 'A 7 Ai 'e ac : - Ji riir to 'i-U i r-wg is r f he .6 . if or or ,.:Qg 1?i"':1 xiii r ,,,r, r , WW .. ffiri V ' RW The students who are responsible for the weekly edition of the H1gh.Fl1er- Lynn Sorensen, Noreen Johnson, Guy Erickson, Ronald Suhr, Ieanne Luttmann, Ioyce Kroeger, and Leona Gehlesen-are supervised by Mrs. Lillie Rice. Three seniors become members of the Quill and Scrol.l. Mrs. Rice pins Noreen Iohnson as the co-editcrs, Lynn Sorensen and Ronald Suhr, walt for their pin. E 5 N rs 3 e 953255 2432: if lg Xp ie, U 6 q ' - 4911" I' 3 lt rf 1 A fl...-X' f f LILLIE RICE Advisor Newspaper and earbook taff practice freedom of press GLORIA I-IAUSE Advisor X. 1 if lf i ,fx NOREEN JOHNSON Editor Co-assistant editor George Ann Faris teaches the students to mat: while Donna Price, art editor, works with the pen, and assistant editor Judy Sorensen types copy. Yearbook workers-Delores Meyer, Darlene Peper, Ioarme Discoll, Sandra Ieanne Luttmann, Rita Headrick JoAnn Hammer, Sheila McGlone, Marilyn Bethel, Ioyce Kroeger, Ioan Paulsen, Mary Dean Thom, Andrea Nelsen Kathy Gulllckson, Peggy Weigel, Jean Engelbrecht, and Loye Iohnson. . WT' -x 5 :.. gk r ev . . re-H' 'Sl L ,er AUDRAE VISSER Supervl sor SEATED: Marlyn Bothel, Sally Scofield, Marlys Johnson, Ianice Glaser, and Iean Englebrecht. STANDING: lean VanHouton, Pat Willard, Sharon Tordoff, Loye Iohnson, Linda Schmid, and Rita Donelan. These girls spend their working hours in the library by mending books, cleaning shelves, and keeping records straight. librar'an pre e t d t' d' t ' I ' ei ' 2' , si ,, My 1 5, I 'ly . Chosen on the basis of character, leadership, citizenship, and scholarship, these senior boys-Lynn Sorensen, Ron Suhr, Ieny Thompson, Richard Whitman, Clair Barthel, Leroy Benson, Claude Jones, and David Hove represent the school as Kiwanis boys of tlhe month. K0 o I- o n o :wa ms and eglon recognize merit. iw , n , W e as : I , .- ,. Iohn Vanderhoof, Iudy Kroeger, Iudy ff g Sorensen, and Tom Peper to represent 5 . G P. H. S. in the American Legion Girls' 3 - . Z Tri , and Boys' State program. A Q ET' If as , me ,r 3 f lv' s I ELDEN SAMP Director me naw-Z M at .,,,g,.s ful-, M . Under the direction of Elden Samp, the band students find that they are the center of many activities. Football and basketball observers are entertained at the half. Concert goers hear them perform twice a year, townsmen listen to a weekly outdo concert in the summer, neighboring cities watch the group on parade, and then the many small ensembles and solo players furnish many hours of pleasure to the people of Flandreau. Those students who once again won top honors: at Huron College' marching contest are BACK ROW: Ierry Thompson, Dennis Newcomer, Nancy Cook, Robert Fuller, Charles Chamberlain. SECOND ROW: Iudean Snuggerud, Loye Iohnson, Linda Schmid, GeorgeAnn Faris, Mary Vanderhoof, Becky Stlmson, Deanna Newcommer, Cathryn Teer, Darlene Loughlin, Karen McConnell, Sheila McGlone, Arlys Thoreson, Linda Ockenga, Pa Varns, Mary Neal, Warren Iones, Richard Whitman, Russell Eng, Glenda Lee, Judy Sorensen, Paul Vanderhoof, Roger Holvig Early American con idered mu ic Dottie and Jerry are AII- tate bests Fourth year All-State band member, Dottie Schult, is first chair solo clarinet player oi the state. She and Ierry Thompson, third year first drumma, have feature rolls ln the All-State concert. Kay Keck receives a two year medal: while Kaye Varns takes the one year medal. These students ln the picture are Kay Keck, Dottie Schult, Jerry Thompson, and Kaye Varns. eon Anderson, Mark McDowell, Dennis Warrick, Greg Headrick, Marlene Hammer, David Duncan, Craig ohnson, Eugene Hovland, Rollyn Samp. THIRD ROW: Sharon Amdahl, Jean Handberg, Mary Dean Thom, Cormie orman, Carolyn Meeker, Donna Westra, Betty Kansanback, Dorothy Iohnson, Pat Dawson, A.nita Amdahl, lorence Waxdahl, Peggy Snyder, Joanne Driscoll, Andrea Nelsen, Nancy Critser, Kaye Varns, Bob Miles, erty Iohnson, Claude Jones, IoAn.n Hammer, Janet Hasvold, Carol Scofield, Rosemary Erickson. FOURTH ROW: ttle Schult, ,Kay Keck, Kathy Collins, Bonnie Bommersbach, Linda Snuggerud, Cheryl Iulson, Mary Dee taack, Norma Hovland, Nancy Estergaard, Iean Temte, Beverly Bessler, Sharon Lee, Karla Miller, Richard itman. part of public chool training too. In trumentalists receive superior . five insnfumental soloists bring home superior awards from the Regional Music Contest. Eugene Hovland, trombonep Karen McConnell, bass clarinet: Rollyn Samp, bassoony Ierry Thompson with an original snare drum solo: and Dottie Schult, clarinet. KE, , . .M-f , 1 , FLUTE QUARTET Beverly Bessler Sharon Lee Dee Staack Norma Hovland BRASS ENSEMBLE Craig Iohnson Ieny Johnson Bobby Miles Eugene Hovland The have the knowledge together with FRENCH HORN QUARTET Peggy Snyder Andrea Nelsen Kaye Varns Florence Waxdahl bilit MDCED ENSEMBLE Claude Iones Kaye Varns Eugene Hovland Rosemary Erickson Florence Waxdahl Rosemary Erickson to put that knowledge to u e. ye Mira Q PERCUSSION ENSEMBLE Ierry Thompson Nancy Cook Charles Chamberlin Robert Fuller CORNET TRIO Claude Iones Ierry Iohnson Bobby Miles . ,J 'Gli- use zigzag , f I ffm .' A , K V IUDY SORENSEN 9 J of l yi in if IUDEAN SNUGGERUD LINDA SNUGGERUD Seven leaders are prett , polished and pluck Y. Senior twirler, Dottie Schult, and six underclass gals take turns working as head majorettes for the marching band. These gals not only plan new routines, but also play an instruunent in the foot- lifting group when they are not in the Strutters spot. moms SHULT' WT 3934 MARY DEAN THOM C. x V5 r x l sf le NANCY CRITZER ak T GLENDA LEE Contest Victors Rosemary Erickson Eugene Hovland - U Norma Hovland Mi ' Jeanne Luttmann Seven notable persons make All-State Chorus: Rosemary Erickson, Florence Waxdahl, Rosemary Erickson, Claude Jones, Kaye Varns, Sharon Lee, and Betty Kansanback. Mu ic it elf i the pure t expression of emotion. ' sy- Flfty-three female voices ring forth for the concert. FIRST ROW: Sharon Cloud, Cathryn Teer, Ardith Kautz, Janice Sundermeyer, Sheila McGlone, Florence Waxdahl, Evelyn Nissen, Sharon lovejoy, JoAnn Hammer, Sharon Erickson. SECOND ROW: Karen Schliinz, Judy Kroeger, Delores Meyer, Joyce Kroeger, Rita Donelson, Kathy Gullickson, Andrea Nelsen, Diane Asterino, Noreen Johnson, Kaye Van-55 , THIRD ROW: Patsy Asterino, Deanna Newcomer, Judy Schuyler, Rosemary Erickson, Sharon Lee, Rita Headrick, Peggy Weigel, Sharon Nass, Betty Kansanback, Sharon Madson, Janice Glaser. FOURTH ROW: Darlene Peper, Mary Dean Thom, Jeanne Luttmann, Mary Vanderhoff, Rosemary Erickson, Donna Early, Frances Smallfield, Joanne Driscoll, Carol Kroeger, Judy Weigel, Sharon Tordoff. FIFTH ROW: Darlene Loughlin, Glenda Alberts, Bonnie Scofield, Lois Ulwelling, Mary Neal, Margaret Riffel, Barbara Scofield, Beverly Bessler, Jerrilyn Eng, Janice Dahl, Judy Klingbile. l l i Fre hman gurl vocahze. First Year Students Sing: FIRST ROW: Linda Larson, Mary Jean Weigel, Joan Scofield, Sally Scofield, Audrey Nissen. SECOND ROW: Becky Stlmson, Norma Hovland, Mary Lynne Reid, Judith Hagedorn, Sharon Kemp, Carolyn Meeker. TI-HRD ROW: Anita Amdahl, Marlene Hammer, Beverly Peper,Jer1 Lynne Faris, Gail Luttmann, LaVonne Otto, Karen Smallfleld. FOURTH ROW: Jean Nass, Janet Hasvold, Mary Dee Staack, Judy Roark, Carol Scofield, Linda Snuggerud. M, Nancy Cook pauses to pose. It's Q the morning after a slumber party Who sand that brams and beauty don t go together? Judy Kroeger 15 the living proof. " Eating comes before pl ying for Mary Lynne Reid. Mark Ekern and Gail Iuttmann must fimsh this hand before supping. Sophomores picnic-Richard Fuller, Roger Bomm Eng and Mark McDowal1. 1 , ' X , 'S . 'Fig ' AQ3- xy? 1' M ' wi sg ill Z The re not camera Three Little Maids from school are we. . . Nancy Estergaard Leona Gehlsen, and Arlys Thorson wants the big one. It's real. . . Bob Burns and Iohn Vanderhoof. . . Lemon juice. . . that is We dream of fhe future. Just feedin' their faces Florence Waxdahl and Georqe Ann Faris . 6 LK L NISSEN, WELYN PEPER, JAMES REFER, THOMAS PHEIAN, MIKE PRICE, DONNA PROOHASKA, CHARLES REWALT, CHARLES SCHLIINZ, KAREN -ill iii .S . ,., A X ,pf P 5 'S tis 1' Sak sh, X si 4 if 5 H' My ? , . , A g X 4, el 7 i QQ f .fW'A',fX if uf . E 3' kffife' U ww- ' f . Al fffif' in A K , " " N -ff. 'l d 'V iff' R' gee-f.fi 'ew nl- K 5 . 55' 5 .f " eo? -A . S .. . Q ,. Y Af if N? 4 X, i A Tiff" We work for world peace and our own securit . 'K A 1-A A f el.. D.. W ,iiiffi -"ALf any . ,K . . E ,. . .- A R. ' 'N V ' A V in l V A ,ii 1, if. 7? F I A SOHUYLER, IUDITH SMALLFIELD, FRANCES SORENSON, IUDITH THORI-ISON, ARLYS TORDOFF, SHARON VAN BUREN, RONALD WAXDAHL, FLORENCE WEIGEL, IUDY WESTRA, DONNA wuzsz, CARTER "Miss America Pageant" presents Ron Van Buren, Ken Leuning, Roger Dougherty, Bob Burns, Carter Weise, and Miss America him lopsl herself, Ierry Hiller. 'J W J ' aw , ' "" . ' wiv f 7 A . J M W, ' J' 'W , N, J 2 Y-N., aff M W W W lww if ' I if 1 m ,J ,fhy if, ,Q W1thIOhnVanderhOof at the helm, the juniors sailed through the storms of the voyage to a very smooth and fitting conclusion- the Nbonllght and lbses banquet and prom. Helping to keep the sails aloft were vice-president, Iudean Snuggerudg secretary, Peggy Snyder, treasurer, Iudy Kroegerg and student representative, Bob Burns . A1.sER'rs, KAREN AMDAHL, SHARON DOUGHERTY, ROGER DRISCOLL, BRUCE COOK, NANCY CRITSER, NANCY EARLY, DONNA ERICHS, LARRY ERICKSON, ROBERT ERICKSON, ROSEMARY ERICKSON, SHARON ESTERGAARD, NANCY EAR1s, GEORGE ANN PENSKE, ALICE FORMAN, CONNIE GEHISEN, LEONA HANDBERG, JEAN HILLER, JERRY JOHNSON, JERRY KANSANBACR, BETTY KUCERA, TONY LEE, SHARON LEUNING, KENNE1-H MCCONNELL, KAREN MILLER, RARLA Ref. Ei- " 'arm Q A vi A 9' Q - I, X - K' kin , Y? Q. ' ' Af X A , r- K, f A A J, 5 .s.- El J I E , , , ' 1, E ' 45 gf. if ' ff' 5 ,..fl iff, AJ ,fl JI 45 A M A 155 3 . Aw, N 5 U ,. M R h .,.. .8 I gi, 55 H M' A xkwffg ' Lian f X , 1 A on A 'ghwi Y gg, gw , -. lll A A A A wg 'ft AJA ff ' ' A , A ,.-,ve Y' ' A 'W K 1 A A E. lL'l J A I 1- , .,.,, X Qifflrif J YHA 'Y T ., FTA" ' P ,M . 'EW Af Nancy Cook, Frances Smallfleld, Karen Schliinz, Iudean Snuggerud make roses and gossrp. ,,,k Iohn Vanderhoof and Bob Burns WORK? Lynn Sorenson expresses thanks on behalf of the seniors. MLM' l' Karen McConnell makes ready for the banquet. z Driscoll and McConnell fill the punch bowl 7 U ' 'V if After Sharon lee and some twenty juniors finished decorating for the banquet, they cleaned the McConne11's cupboard. Bxhausted. . .That's Vanburon. Driscoll, Prochaska, and Burns have another mxnute s worth of energy to use. I - Affable junior entedain enior Wishing? Andrea Nelsen and Chuck Rewalt. MAME' Frances Smallfield and Iudy Kroeg Larry Miller. Iohn Vanderhoof keeps it in the family. Swings with Karla, and chats with Kent Miller. er sit this one out with Iim Weigel and 7,,,,,-, N-rs Primping-Peg Snyder and George Ann Faris. V .v,1l'r ,.. ,nl Bob Bu.ms and Delores Meyer chat in the moonlight. Ierry Iohnson and Mary Dean Thom drop in a coin to make a wish. K aw. is W' I ' 2 -.,g5il'ij,,'N 5 A ik A af sl it Q a 'K - , SYLVAN VIGNESS X Instructor , YQ3 3. ' fi? l Af- , 'Q 5 c fy 1. F. F. A. boys choose Mary Ellen Gageby as Che pter Sweetheart, Sweetheart Butch. Farmingi and always ha been our countryfs ba ic indu try An organization which teaches cooperation, leadership, and citizenship is the Future Farmers of America. These boys learn about crops and soils, farm shop, animal husbandry, farm management, the feeding of livestock, and the marketing of livestock and crops. Officers for the year were: Clair Barthel, president: Leroy Benson, vice- presldent, Lynn Sorenson, secretary, David l-love, treasurer, LaVerle Peterson, reporter: Nomwan Hamma, sentinelp Darrell Pulscher, chaplain: Roger Iewett, parliamentarian. J, Sewing is Mayor Willis Ellefson and receiving is Roger Iewett. Civic and Commerce sponsor the Parent-Son Mixer for the Future Farmers. has Mr. Vic Penne' and Supt. George Wehbenhurst receive honorary Chapter Farmer Degrees. Miss Gloria Hause was given a :special award for help given the F. F. A. in :speech and literary work., Iim Sundermeyer shovels cement for Iim Hagel, Gordon Waxdahl, and Gary Scofield. Loren Leslie at the P. F. A. pouluy judging school. aa IASKKT gas! F. F. A. business meeting. . .Ken Leunlng, David Peper, Bob Erickson, and Tom Iewett. Some chicks-Mr. Hass, Mr. Brosz, Mr. Vigness, Mr. Webbenhurst, and student teachers, Larson and Walker, at the P. F. A. invitional picnic for graduating eighth grade students. in Future Farmers work and play. All those in favor signify by raising his right hand. . Warren Iones, and Larry Lamp exercise voting privileges. Food! Password for P. F. A. picnic. Bill Willard points out the good workmanship done on ms cedar-chest to other agriculture boys-Gene Hammer, LaVerle Peterson, Lyle Lowe, Clair Barthel, Lynn Sorensen, Darrell Pulscher, and John Wilkins. F. F. A. boys-Roger Iewett, Don Ehlers, Ron Green, Lonnie Kuehl, and David Hove prepare for farming. Busy workers-Norman Hammer, David Peper, Larry Lamp, Tommy Peper, and Leroy Benson. A-F' rf , 129' if 7 1, N' E V' v' ic no DON BROSZ coach "F, ' X Thin clads choose Tony Kucera and Leroy Benson as Co-captains. Regional track ?f::1f,., .N wx .wi ' Contenders are: Tom Peper, Loren Leslie, Ray Pasch, Lynn Sorensen, Richard Whitman, U g g an Bob Erickson, Leroy Benson, and Tony Kucera. ,T r-wg: .E ,gl I f,.,.,. - .j Lcgjm ,f.h i S, Q. A sf - at fix," '- B ' in ...LJ gig.. I ii' LTB 7 ' Qi -" ' -- 3+' . f Wui,iL16Q5 A ry 5:5 .'a-fwfr,-" , 'I'. , ' , cr ax' ' ' lffffifgawff-gig' A it .. Q, A' Zhi Tony Kucera qualifies for state 100 yards. Trackster concentrate on a physical building program. Dalliss Englund and Ierry Thompson, members of the Lettermen'sC1ub, repair a child's toy car. These boys under the direction of Don Brosz and Roger Kerns were host to quadrangular track meet in which the Indians won first place. TRACK BOYS - FIRST ROW: Gary Scofield, Bobby Erickson, Gary Hammer, Leroy Benson, David Snyder, Jim Peper, Mike Phelan, Mark Ekern. SECOND ROW: Rollyn Samp, Gordon Petersen, Craig Iohnson, Guy Erickson, Tommy Kucera, Ray Pasch, Richard Fuhs , Tommy Ellefson, Claude jones , Loren Blankenhorn, Tony Kucera. THIRD ROW: Iames Hurley, Curtis Weigel, Roger Holvig, Larry Morrison, Richard Whitman, David Peper, Richard Fuller, Tommy Iewett, Paul Vams , Gordon Waxdahl, Tommy Keck. FOURTH ROW: Tommy Peper, Lynn Sorensen, Ron Van Buren, Darrell Newbern, David Duncan, Loren Leslie, Dick Smith, Kenneth Gullick, Paul Vanderhoof, Kenny Zylstra. H- -M u W --wi' f-'cruz-f-K -nr -1 f -1- gl enior uperlatives are recognized. Valedictorian RONALD SUHR Salutatorian LYNN SORENSON Ronald Suhr and Lynn Sorenson lead the "Smart Set" in the acquisition of knowledge fa' the four years they spent together in the classrooms at Flandreau High School. Other honor graduating seniors are: Dottie Schult, Ieanne VanHouton, Rosemary Erickson, Leroy Benson, Kathy Collins, Bonnie Bonnersbach, Patty Willard, Clair Barthel, Marlys Johnson, Iean Englebrecht, David Hove, Noreen Iohnson, and Kay Keck. 'M VK Ma t vi Shi I is , k f xxig 8 Y fi r . ' ,- t K . xl' Flay: H: 1 60 all ,mon An Honor Society project was the posting of fire-escape signs in all classrooms. Iudy Kroeger puts this one up in room 201 . salt President, Dottie Schult, serves at the semi-formal dance given by the society. Students choose David Hove and Kay Keck as god and goddess of spring for the N. H. S. sponsored spring party. 4 NATIONFL HonoR socltrr XX I ,- Q ' rf' ei learned one of FH are influential citizens. Principal WILLIAM HASS Advisor FRONT ROW: Judy Weigel, Iudy Sorensen, Florence Waxdahl, Bonnie Bommersbach. SECOND ROW: Charles Prochaska, Noreen Iohnson, Donna Westra, David Hove, Iohn Vanderhoof, Bobby Burns, lean Englebrecht. THIRD ROW: Jean Van!-Iouton, Frances Smallfleld, Karla Miller, Ron Suhr, Judy Kroeger, larry Ehrichs. FOURTH ROW: Peggy Snyder, Rosemary Erickson, Lynn Sorensen, Kay Keck, Dottie Schult. ik' QB? 'mi' so A' CII Y? ,J The moonlight scene for the prom. In the spring studies are forsaken for sun bathing. Donna Westra and Sharon Lee. Peaceful ways todo oppo ite aetivitie 'N ' 7 ' y 3 n 9' Z " . V by si I 7 I I l tu .mf kr xwaiialli: 3 11. ....,, ff? O , ff , " a 1 fr J' 4: .. 'F 1 V Mi' ' V L W 1 . 1 ,V -ee- I One of those rich farm girls- France s Smallfield . lx! lust before the boys started cooking that three a.m. lunch- GeorgeAnn Faris, Ray Pasch, Peg Snyder, Larry Morrison, Sharon Lee and her Eganite. A slumber party for nine ninnies. Always ready and willing to lead the cheers is Iudean Snuggerud. There were real fish in the pond. Y ' ' QS 'A r We av 'H ,Q Q r Q ll 1 Guy Erickson fights with the wind at the sophomore picnic. Food! Englund, Chuck Rewalt, and Cart Wiese did. Dig in. . .That's just what B111 Willard, Dalllss Dream come true do not fn 'S r Leon Anderson, Roger Loren Blankenhorn, and B111 Halter attend the sophomore picnic. Paul Iohnson served punch . Pretty is as pretty does. Ioyclyn Neal leaves the dining hall after the banquet. "Don't breathe a word of this to anyone. . . but. . . " Marlys and Loye Iohnson spread the gossip during lunch hour. x Mrs. Rlce supervises the building of a campfire. Bobby Miles with stick in hand is ready to roast his dinner. ju t happen. Rain drops, umbrellas , and floviers fumlshes the back ground for the spring dance. Dottie Schult and Noreen Class President LYNN SORENSEN f f e I ' f 'J r l ,I A lxkxz ' "K . ff x ' K I I I f 795 X 1 If .l ,' Ubdmry Uk' X A ' E L. fl Xw ,Q ' ,Q jf , L vfa l I' V L ix ' A LV , ,N ,. X U We L 5 1 I K L e 'X K N2 1 e f XJ ! if I ,f ,ff ,J f ' 1 I 'XA A 48 I , W x 1 4 r X!- ! f' A Vice-president KZ! MARY ELLEN GAGEBY W enior executive board leads Secretary KAY KECK the graduate to uccess. Trea surer NOREEN JOHNSON Class Representative RICHARD WHITMAN Student Body President DOTTIE SCHULT CIAIR BARTHEL LEROY BENSON Mm The future of merica Iiei DALE BISSON DEAN BITELER BONNIE BOMMERSBACH PHYLLIS CHERNEY MARILYN BOTHEL -4' 'wif the hands of me educated. BRUCE CLARK LLOYD DUNCAN RITA DONELAN KATHY COLLINS 'Z' From twelve years 1 DONALD EHLERS of work IEAN ENGELBRECHT DALLISS ENGLUND RONALD GREEN ROSEMARY ERICKSON IANICE G1-P-SER GEN II HAMMER we receive our just reward. NORMAN HAMMER DAVID HOVE EUGENE HOVLAND ROGER IEWETT ARTHUR IANKLOW IAMES JOHNSON LOYE IOHNSON By this same cooperation we shall bulld a sound future MARLYS IOHNSON CLAUDE IONES KATHY KEATING LONNIE KUEHL IOYCELYN NEAL DENIS NEWCOM LYLE LOWE In the past we have worked and played together. D S IERRY THOMPSON PATTY W'ILLARD IEAN VAN HOUTON CLASS FLOWER Red Rose CLASS COLORS Aqua and White Forever Climbing is our motto. Men from Mars. . . senior Little Orpheum skit 'ww If KAYE VARNS IOHN WILKINS V I , ,,,. ,,,, - W, , p n is ' ' 5 '-31 I i 2 f"'.i,,.. - ia 5 . w by Q , 0' - 0 . ,, Ev . eg Q . ' 'lf 3 i ii " 1 V q , , , Q. if 5 !,.,g,,. . , , ,A 9 s Q .3 '. -5 ' ' ' Q, A .1 ,. e + Seven wonders of F. H. S. have a party. V Merry making are the three leans- Van Houton, Hammer, and Englebrecht. Grease paint, flood lights, and theater-in- the-round makes the senior class play. f:"!lv!"'A! W -"'!""w5,n..,...., , MW rf: """ if' Burning the candle at both ends is Linda Schmxd We appreciate the opportunities given u April Showers bring John Vanderhooi and Donna Westra. Bonnie Kathy Dottie YEA! FLIERS Kay Keck gets congratulations from her escort Lloyd Duncan. 1 . ' wc ,I ir s Q 1 I .. in-L , Margaret Huntley shows Sandra Christensen, Kaye Varns, Sharon Schramm, Kathy Collins, Mary Ellen Gageby some of the duties of the registrar of deeds. W. 1 Govern ment days afford the spirit of democracy. Richter, county treasurer, puts Lynn Sorensen, Rita Donclan, and Ioyclyn Neal to work on the treasur-er's report. Selma Severson, county superintendent of schools shows Ianice Glaser, Sh91'iff Fletcher F5115 has D319 5155011 Working the P01109 radio. Noreen johnson, and Leroy Benson look over their made record. 4 in Dennis Newcomer and Ron Smith are glad that they are on this side ofthe law. Vi ' DON Bnosz . Instructor Ierry Thompson, Kay Keck, Kathy Collins, Dale Bisson, Joe Biron, Bonnie Bommersbacn, David l-love, Richard Whitman, Barbara Scofield, Leroy Benson, Beverly Bessler, Eugene Hovland, and Lloyd Duncan are the lucky winners of the government day election. The work of the clerk of courts, Opal Nass, becomes the know- ledge of Phyllis Cherney, Kay Keck, Linda Schmid and lean Engelbrecht. County Commissioners-Albin Erickson, Ralph Dickson, and Harold Smallfield-busy themselves with routine work for Beverly Bessler, Lloyd Duncan, IaVerle Peterson, Dalliss Englund, Eugene Hovland, and Norman Hammer. Down among the old files of the auditor are Bonnie Bommersbach, Ron Suhr, Tilman Gulbranson, Darrell Pulscher, and Loye Johnson. Judge Benedict explains the fine points of the law to Ron Green, Richard Whitman, Marlyn Bothel, and Kathy Keating. V7 Lonnie Kuehl, Clair Barthel, Lyle Lowe, and Ed Hemmelman, Highway patrol- 4.-lf. man, return from highway patroling. Darlene Peper exercises Richard Whitman and David government day campaign. g A Hove jest through the David Hove, Rosemary Erickson, Patty Willard, Iean Van Houton, and Don Ehlers learn of the county treasurer's duties from Boyde Headrick. 5 ,sis f, 1 , 1 fee it ' an old American privilege E ff - voting. Q , Ellis Thomas discusses the duties of a mortician with Bruce Clark, jerry Thompson, Claude Iones,andArtIanklow. Anything you can do we can do better is the idea behind all campaign strategy. in up It takes party unity for a victory. Tom Peper works in to get the ball. American learnin' include more than book wormin'. Do you recogonize them? 1t's the seniors. Dottie Schult gets fifteen cheers for the team. Rita Donelan, Marlys Johnson, is better no vote PEDERALIST. ' Plan the Party Campaign. Dale Bisson will tell you why it sq Q and Loye Johnson Seniors harmonize? Claude Iones, Eugene Hovland, and Bfuce Clark. ,fi ww x XXX , 'Lf W6 ,J xf lx sf , I L M '1 , iw MW Y: , Wy W A .ffm A Noreen Johnson is recognized as P1and.reau's D. A. R. student . we : L. s sy - 1 f ti, A 1 1 Per onal achievement pla a large part in 1- wm, " , f slid' 'J is A ' . 'swf' e ie X , X ...,ffV?"' W X ig ' .Q ,J , . rr . The PFOud possessors of the F. P. A. Chapter Foundation Awards: Leroy Benson, speech: Clair Barthel, State Chapter Farmer: Darrell Pulcher, farm mechanic: and Tom Peper, dairy farmer. T V '. f -5 Y X A ,Xw 'H The DeKalb award which is awarded for scholarship, supervised practice projects and leadership in agriculture is given to Clair Barthel by F. F. A. instructor, Sylvan Vigness. X , A-. making a nation great. QF? 9M -- 1-K 12, 'ln -NL R ."" .Wh . Nr, i 'Se , - 1 Leroy Benson's name was placed on the Masonic plaque because he was recognized as the young man who achieved most in social, civic, and intellectual development from his four years of studying. i ""s. S ,,,...wa-wx, Legionaire George Webbenhurst presents the American Legion Award to Ronald Suhr. Noreen johnson was awarded the girls' Legion award. These students were chosen on the basis of courage, leadership, honor, service, and scholarship. f E .1 4 sf Wm at The right to have her name upon the plaque and a cash gift of five dollars was a surprise for Rosemary Erickson as Mrs. Carl Miller presented the P. E. O. Award. Lynn Sorensen, Clair Barthel, and Leroy Benson win State Farmer Awards in the Future Farmer program. E fn 1 Q uv- -Q ,t A, hx, n ' . ' . 'v FJ,-"f...,' 40 How's this for a family portrait? SEATED: Barbara Scofield, Ioyclyn Neal, Kay Keck. STANDING: Kathy Collins, Ierry Thompson, Leroy Benson, Lloyd Duncan, Dottie Schult, Dennis Newcomer. "The Family Nobody Wanted" i pictured in picture nobod wanted. Photographer, Lynn Sorenson,wants a picture at any expense. "Now let me tell you this. . ." Rita Donelan speaks to Kaye Varns and Marlys Johnson. daughter. Ioe Biron and Noreen Johnson are most concerned about the future of their Mischievous Leroy Benson is at work. Members oi the Doss family: FIRST ROW: Jean Englebrecht, Jean VanHouton. SECOND ROW: Rosemary Erickson, Pat Willard, Ron Smith. THIRD ROW: La Verle Petersen, David Hove, John Wilkins, and Dale Bisson. AQ if GLORIA HAUSE Director W'oalthy Texans in the play-Ron Suhr, Loye Johnson, and Bonnie Bommersbach with little Gregory. e 0 I 0 p Y Student manager, Dallis Englund, B' b - ' - ' ' ig rorther Dale Bisson practices the play while . manages au things. baby sitting. a perfect expression of the highe t ideals of the nited ation racial tolerance. Bashful Bonnie Bommersbach babbles. "Dill Arthur Murray teach you that stop?" Bonnic Bommcrsbach and Lloyd Duncan. 5 F' iii s Time out-Kathy Collins and Da.1iss Englund -r-N' Q? A1 D1 ii ,M- A forrrigncr from Egan with Bruce Driscoll. attend s the prom School stcadies-Bev Bessler with Dale Bisson, and Butch Gageby with Art Ianklow. Dennis Newcomer cane stag. The faculty goes to thc prom-IVLr. Prochaska, Mr. and Mrs. Hass, and Mr. Podoll. In a etting of moonlight and roses, students struggle toward independence. 1:2 Nw Q, X1-,Qgg ,, Swinging are Ron Smith, Connie Forman, Rosemary Erickson, and Ronnie: VanBuren. Waiting their turn are Roger Iewett, Kay Keck, Noreen Johnson, and Claude Jones Vdti Making good use Jerry Thompson. e ,Q- K Y' of the swing are Iudean Snuggerud and Richard Whitman brought a Salem gal. 14 f ,.f it to L, g J Their happiness is showing. Leona Gehlsen and Iohn Wilkins . Brookings invades with LaVerle Petersen. 'Y NNY Q , , YLA, 155' X... fi They strive to make dream Arlys Thoreson, Iohn Vanderhoof, and Richard Whitman express their joy over the one-act play victory. 1..oye johnson displays the new band uniform. in K come true. :JA Beaming Bonnie Bommersbaceh bounces out a cheer. nn? How you have changed! Ronnie VanBuren and Dan Dailey. Sweat clothes . . . but no sweat for Pete Petersen. How those purses clutter up the lunchroom Former grads Pat Whalen and Kent Miller entertain at the banquet and prom. doorway. ,lg 2552791 If 1,5 ? fzg vw X ,efgga iw We give thanks to our yearbook sponsors FIandreau's representatives of private enterprise Iimmie's Red Owl Store Flandreau Electric R. V. Fadgen Agency Bidne's Shoe Shop P. V. Elevator Crystal Theater Sunshine State Hatchery Gregg's Studio Leroy Iulson Ben Franklin Store Norman R. Johnson Ahler's Body Shop Rolfe's Sundries Lavern Ekern Phillip A. Ekern Flandreau Cleaners Firestone Store Lyle's Standard Service Ellefson Independent W. F. Iohnson Economic Service C. C. Donaldson McCracken Service Dr. Boyd Anton Kuhle Erickson Produce Flandreau Body Shop Lloyd Nace Ioe's Produce Keck's Market Enterprise Publishing Company Flandreau Motor Company Corner Cafe Flandreau Cafe Maggie's Cafe Urban Iewelry Dr. Sampson West Side Grocery and Billiams Drs . Otey and Hurewitz Thomas Funeral Home I. E. Locke Agency Farmer's State Bank Temte's Skroch's Funeral Chapel Carl Miller Flandreau Community Oil Co Flandreau Co-op Creamery Produce Independent Lumber Company Hayes Lucus Lumber Company Bob's Drive-Inn Gambles West Side Farm Store City Service Duncan Elevator Dr. Vanderhoof Terrace Park Dairy Dr. Kallus Hillagross Shoe Repair Rolland Iones Charles Schultz Windy's Texaco Sugar Bowl Rudy's Welding Faris Meat Market Havier Jewelry Coast-to-Coast Bob's Service Station Flandreau Grain Company Fuller Radio and T. V. Zarecky Barber Shop Morris Hasvold Insurance Heiertz Rexall Drug Kinney Land Company Cooper's Apparel Flandreau Booster Vogue Cleaners Hanson Clothing Flyer chronicles the years great events. Erickson, Sharon . . . . 33,37 Estergaard, Nancy . . . 13,29,35 37,61 Faris, Jeri Lynne .... 14, 33 Faris, GeorgeAnn . . . 13,23 35,37 39,46 61,68 Penske, Alice . . . . 9,37 Forman, Connie . . .... 28,37,67 Fuhs, Richard . ...... l4,20,43 Fuller, Richard . . . 22,24,25,29,34,43 Fuller, Robert ........ 22,28,3l Gageby, Mary Ellen .... 1,3,7,40 47,58 50,66 Gehlsen, Leona . . . 25,35,37,67,45 Glaser, Janice .... 1,27,33,52,57,55 Grafing, David . ........ 14 Green, Leonard . . . . 14,42 Green, Ronald . . . . . . 42,52,59 Gulick, Kenneth .... 14,2U,24,43 Gullickson, Kathleen . . 1l,22,26,33,70 Hagadorn, Judith . . ..... 14,33 Hagel, Hugh . . . . . . 22 Hager, James . . . . 14,41 Halter, Bill . . . . . 12,22,47 Hammer, Gary . . . 14 20,24,43 Hammer, Gene . .... 1,42,52 Hammer, JoAnn . . . . 22 29,33,34 Hammer, Marlene . . . . 14,29,33 Hammer, Norman . . . . 1,18,24,40 42,53,59,6l Hammer, Ronald . . ..... 9,22 Handberg, Jean . . ...... 28,37 Hasvold, Janet . . .14,17,29 33,34 Headrick, Gregg ..... 22,29 Headrick, Larry . . . .l2,l4 20,24 Headrick, Rita . . . 22 26,33 Hiller, Jerry. . . 11,19 24,25 35,36 37,70 Holvig, Roger . .... 14,20,29,43 Hove, David .... l,2,27,40,42,44,45 Hovland Eugene . Hovland, Norma Hurley, James . Janklow, Art . . Janssen, Anna . . 53, 2a,z9, Alberts, Glenda . . . . . 22, Alberts, Karen . . . 17,21, Allen,Judy... Amdahl, Anita . . . 14,28, Amdahl, Sharon . . . . 23, Anderson, Leon . . . .,22,29, Asterino, Diane . . . . . 22, Asterino, Patsy . . .... 22, Barron, Larry . . .... . 9, Barthel, Clair . . . . 1,27,40,f42,44 50,60,62, Benson, Leroy . . . 1,15,l3,20,24,25 27,40,42,43,44,50 58, 59,52,63,64 Bessler, Beverly . . l,3,29,30, 50,59,66 Bifon, Joe . . o 116124125150 58,64, Bisson, Dale . . 1,2,7,20,24,50 58,61,65, Biteler, Dean . . . . . . .1, Blanchard, Diane . . .... . . Blanchard, Linda ...... . . Blankenhorn, Loren . . 1l,22,42,43, Bommersbach, Bonnie . . 1,7,16,l7, 35,44,45,50, 58,59,6l,65,66, Bommersbach, Roger . . . 9,22,34, Bothel, Marlyn ..... l,26,27,5l, Burns, Robert ..... l9,24,33,36, 38,39,45, Chamberlain, Charles . . . 22,29, Chamley, Danny . . . . . . . Cherney, Phyllis ........ 51, Christensen, Sandra . ,6,26,5l,58, Clark, Bruce ....... l,51,60, Collins, Kathleen . . . 1,6,7,16,17, 35,44,5l,57, 6l,64, Cook, Nancy . . 28,31,34,37,38, Cloud, Sharon ......... 22, Critser, Nancy . . 29,32, Crow, Estella . . .... 13, Dahl, Janice . . . . 9,ll,22, Dailey, Dan . . . 12,16,2l,22, Dawson, Pat . . . . .13,l4,l7, Donelon, Rita . . . l,6,ll,Z7,33, 58,6l, Dougherty, Roger . . .... 36, Driscoll, Bruce . . . 37,38,55, Driscoll, Joanne . . . . 22,26,29, Duncan, David . . l4,l8,2O,24, 29,43, Duncan, Lloyd .... l,9,24,25,57, 60,64, Early, Donna . .... l7,33, Ehlers, Don . . . . . 1,42,52, Ekern, Mark .... 13,l4,2O,24,34, Ellefson, Tom ........ l4,2O, Eng, Jerrilyn .... I ..... 22, Eng, Russell . . l8,2l,22,24,25,29, Englebrecht, Jean .... 1,3,27,44, 52,57,59,61, Englund, Dalliss .... l,18,24,25, 43,47,52,59, 65,66, Ehrichs, Larry . . . l3,16,37,45, Erickson, Craig .......... Erickson Guy . . . 9,26,22,24,43, Erickson, Robert . . . . 19,24, 37,41,43,70 Erickson Rosemary ULD . . . 29,3l,33 34,37, Erickson Rosemary CSr.l. .1 6, , 31,a3,44 4s,s2,s7,eo,e1,e3,ss 58,60,61,65,70 30,33,53,59,6l . l4,29,30,33 . . .14,20,43 l,53,6O 61,66 . . . 14 16,17 Jewett, Roger . . . . 1,40,42 53,67 Jewett, Tom ..... 9,14,2O,24 41,43 Johnson, Craig . .18,22,24,Z5,29,30,43 Johnson, Dorothy ........ 13,28 Johnson, James ..... l,10,13,24,53 Johnson, Jerry ..... 29,30,31,37,39 Johnson, Loye . . .1,10,16,17,27,23,47 53,57,59,6l,65,68 Johnson, Marlys ..... 1,27,44,47 54,57 61,64 Johnson, Noreen. . .... . . . l,3,7 17,33,44,45,47,49 58,61,62,63,64,67,70 Johnson, Roger , , , , Jones , Claude , Jones , Warren , Julson, Cheryl Kansanback, Betty , Kautz, Ardith , , , Keating, Kathy , Keck, Kay , 57 Keck, Tommy Kemp, Sharon , , Klingbile, Judy . . . lO,l2,42 ,20,24,27,29 . 1,6,l6 31,33,43,54,60,6l,67 . .19,22,29,41 . . . . 14,28 . . 28,33,37 . . . . . 22,33 . . l,'l7 54,59 . . . 1,3,2B,34,44:45,48 ,5e,59,64,s7,7o . . . . 22,43 . . . 12,15,33 . 12,22,33 Kroeger, Carol. . . . 6,22,33 Kroeger, Joyce . . 2l,22,26,33 Kroeger, Judy. . . . l6,l7,27,33 34,37,39,45 Kucera, Tommy. . . l5,24,43 Kucera, Tony . . . . 24,37,43 Kuehl, Lonnie . . . . l,42,54,60 Kuehl, Verlyn . . .... 22 Lamp, Larry . . . . 22,4l,42 Larson, Linda . . ..... 15 ,33 Lee, Glenda ........ Z2,29,32 Lee, Sharon. . . 19,30,33,37,38,46 Leslie, Loren . '. . . . 11,20,22.24 41,42,43 Leuning, Kenny . . 36,37,41,70 Laughlin, Darlene ..... 22,28,33 Lovejoy, Sharon. ...... 22,33 Lowe, Lyle. . . l,l9,24,42,54,60 Luttmann, Gail ....... 15,33,34 Luttmann, Jeanne . . . . . 22,26,33 Madson, Sharon . . ..... 23,33 McConnell, Karen .... 27,28,29,38 McDowell, Mark. . . 16,l7,23,29,34 McGlone, Sheila . 12 21,23,26,28,33 Meeker, Carolin ...... l5,28,3,3 Miles, Robert .... 23,29,30,3l,47 Meyer, Delores. . . 21,22,26,33,39 Miller, Karla. . . 16 29,34,37,39,45 Morrison, Larry . . . 19,23,24,43,46 Morrison, Sandra . . ...... 15 Nass, Jean Marie . . . 15,33 Nass, Richard. . . .... . . 23 Nass, Sharon . . .... 1l,23,33 Neal, Joyclyn . . . l,47,54,58,64 Neal, Mary ........ 23,28,33 Nelson, Andrea. . 23 26,29,30,33,39 Neprud, James . . . . . . . . 15 Newbern, Darrell ....... 23,43 Newbern, Harold ......... 23 Newcomer, Deanna ..... 23,28,33 Newcomer, Denis . .1 28,54,58,64,66 Nissen, Audrey ...... 13,15,33 Nissen, Evelyn . . . l0,33,35,36,46 Ockenga, Linda. . . .... 15,28 Otto, LaVonne ........ 9,15,33 Pasch, Ray .... 23 24,25,43,46,70 Paulsen, Joan ......... 23,26 Peper, Beverly .- . . .... 15,33 Peper, Darlene ...... 23,33,6O Peper, David. . 6,20 22,24,41,42,43 Peper, James ....... 1l,36,43 Peper, Thomas ..... 19,24,25,27 36,42,43,61,62 Petersen, Burdell ....... 15,16 Petersen, Gordon .... l5,20,24,43 Petersen, LaVerle . 1,35,40,42,55,59 6l,65,67,68,70 Phelan, Mike . . 10,24,36,43 Phelan, Paul . . . . 9,22,47 Price, Donna . . . . l1,21,26,36 Price, Robert . . . . . 15,20,24 Prochaska, Charles . . . 20,24,36 38,45,70 Pulscher, Darrell . . . 1,l0,40,42 55,59,62 Redwlng, Ida. . .... 11,23 Reid, Mary Lynne . . . l4,l7,33,34 Rewalt, Charles . . . 12,36,39,47,70 Rlffel, Margaret ....... 23,33 Roark, Judy .... . . . l5,l6,33 Robertson, Carol ......... 15 Samp, Rollyn . . . .16,23,24,29,43 Schaffer, John . . ...... 15 Schliinz, Karen . . . 33,36,38,46 S, -.I ,Mal IHC IIIEIEHII umsqf-pmannmaby wnuwonm Munir-Jn.Ma,u.aA Schmid, Linda. . l,6,27 ,28,55,57,59 Schramm, Sharon ...... 1,55,58 Schult, Dottie . .1,3,5,7 16,17,28,29 32,35,44,45,47,49 53 57,61,64,70 Schuyler, Judy ..... . . 33,36 Scofield, Barbara . 1,17 33,55,59,64 Scofield, Bonnie . . . . 6,23,33 Scofield, Carol . . . . 15,29,33,34 Scofield, Gary .... 13 l5,16,41,43 Scofield, Joan ........ 15,33 Scofield, Sally ..... l3,l5,27,33 Smallfield, Frances .33,36 38,39,45,46 Smallfield, Karen ..... 15,33 Smith, Richard . . . 15 20,24,34,43 Smith, Ronald . . 1,10 55,58,65,67 Snuggerud, Judean . 7,l6,28,32.37,33 , 46,67 Snuggerud, Linda . . 15 28,32,33,34, Snyder, David ..... l4,20,24,43 Snyder, Peggy . . 16,29 30,35,37,39 45,56,70 Sorenson, Judy . . 26,27,Z9,32,36,45 Sorenson, Lynn . . 1 ,2,6,27,38,40,42 43,44,45,48,5l,58,63,64 Staack, Mary Dee . . . 15,Z8,30,33 Stlmson, Becky ...... 15,28,33 Suhr, Ronald . . l,26,27,44,45,55,59 63,65 Sundermeyer, James . . . 15,41 Sundermeyer, Janice ..... 23.33 Teer, Cathryn ...... 23.23133 Temte, Jeanne ..... 16,Z3,29,35 Thom, Mary Dean . 23,26,28,32,33,39 Thompson, Jerry, , 1 ,2,5,24,25,27,28 29,31,43,56,58,60 64,67,70 Thoreson, Arlys . . . l7,28,35,36,68 Tollefson, James ........ 23 Tordoff, Sharon . .... 27,33,36 Ulwelling, Lois ....... 23,33 VanBuren, Ronald 7,l8,24,36,38,43 67,68,70 Vanderhoof, John , 12,16,l7,18,24,27 33,37,38,39,45,47 Vanderhoof, Mary .... 12,23,28,33 Vanderhoof, Paul .... 15,29,34,43 VanHouton, Jean . . l,6,l6,27,44,45 56,60,65 Varns, Kaye . . 1,28,29,30,31,56 58,64 Varns, Paul . . . . . . 23,28,33,43 Wakeman, Barbara . . .... 23 Wakeman, Mona . Warrick, Dennis . ..- n.. Waxdahl, Gordon . 15,16 Waxdahl, Florence Weigel, Curtis . . . .17 Weigel, Judy. 7,l2,l6,l7 Weigel, Mary Jean . . . Weigel, Peggy . . . .20 Westra, Donna . 16,28,35 Whitman, Richard 1,2,7 24,27 Wiese, Carter . . . . Wilkins, John . . . 1,10 Willard, Bill . . .- . . . Willard, Patty .1 ,6,10,27 Zephier, Evon ..... Zylstra, Kenny . . Mulder, James . ....23 . . . 15,29 zo,24,41,43 2a,3o,31,33 3s,3e,45,4e . 1s,2o,4s 33,ae,4s,e1 13,1s,1s,a3 z1,z3,zs,33 3e,4s,4s,s7 1e,17,19,2o 29,34,43,49 s9,eo,e7,ea zs,3e,47,7o ,42,56,65,67 . z3,4z,47 ,44,5e,6o,es . . . . .14 19,23,z4,43 .- .23

Suggestions in the Flandreau High School - Flyer Yearbook (Flandreau, SD) collection:

Flandreau High School - Flyer Yearbook (Flandreau, SD) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Flandreau High School - Flyer Yearbook (Flandreau, SD) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Flandreau High School - Flyer Yearbook (Flandreau, SD) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 48

1959, pg 48

Flandreau High School - Flyer Yearbook (Flandreau, SD) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 36

1959, pg 36

Flandreau High School - Flyer Yearbook (Flandreau, SD) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 9

1959, pg 9

Flandreau High School - Flyer Yearbook (Flandreau, SD) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 16

1959, pg 16

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