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W"4'fL.,7,,,,W 4332, f'f0TfLf""'3"W 44 Z-M., -2 X 65 D53 fiksiszff GWB M 'W ew Zfovgfffgwh WWW ."41.,,.CQf QZQQQW ww 045 4591 if - 1 --- 1 .. QV777 j ' ' ' -, ,, W fjk K 14 I f X ,1- lx 1 11 1 Y fy, ,... ,-. Ang W, .. ., A Q- . L. ' 4 W",- F4 KJ if' .33 ,JR CL x"f'7""'Z Rift 'L ,,..fixl'-ffke' 4 w rw' xl cf4fL1U'L'lff'f7:11v Opt-fgr, ' 1.1 S'g X K tfj I fkfff XAJZZ4 L-4 Z ii 'WV' H MMM" ,. Q wa f Y 'x AJ 4hfVk4,fyZA,u' X4-" 'fK,7 . U' . f X' . , f X I QKXOIXLO , 1, XX ' fx A v 2 cy, fl-Afvk-f'sfc' fC' If Cir' , L11 ' A , ,X aj, H ' , V M f X I , PPNIMJQ lfvqf 4 ff U FIA NDREAU HIGH SCI-l00l xx 'ILA 2.57" -.. .' - fb ,MW 1, K - K 5 K f.i4,1.:,S, x S SL' N K .. 1 , x -- rm NDREA u, soum DA K0 IA bedication This year we are dedicating our book to a man who has for the last 15 years, with time oft to serve Uncle Sam, served the citizens of Flandreau and the surrounding area in a man- ner that no financial yardstick can measure. It is at best a difficult task to measure the contribution of any one person to the community in which he lives and works. In the case of Supt. Tracy this task becomes almost impossible. Who can measure the gain acquired by the hundreds and hund- reds of students that Mr. Tracy has served? Yet there is no question in the minds of people who have worked or studied under Mr. Tracy that his service was not helpful to the greatest possible extent. We, the Annual Staff of l956, hereby dedicate our 1956 Flyer to Mr. Neal Tracy, Superintendent of Schools. Fland- reau. S. Dalz. David Acheson Class President l-4 Student Council 1-4 Football 1 Football Letterman 2-3-4 Basketball 1 Basketball Letterman 2-3-4 Track Letterman l-2-3-4 FFA l-2-3-4 l FAA Treasurer 3 ai FFA Sentinel 2 5' King Candidate 4 Boys State 3 Future Teachers 4 Ronald Thoreson Student Council 4 Physical Education l Journalism 2-3-4 Football 3 Basketball l--2 Basketball Letterman 3-4 Honor Society 4 Senior Class Play 4 High Flier Editor 3-4 ENIORS Ohl Those seniorsl What a mark they have left on old F.H.S. The teachers have struggled with them for tour years and at times some of the seniors have wondered what was going on. Really, they aren't so bad as all that. Some of the proiects they have worked on have not come out so well as they might have but may- be it they had another year or so to try they would make the grade. To the graduating class of 1956 we wish the best of luck and hope they all succeed in their chosen vocations. Devonna Keith Class treasurer 4 Honor Society 3-4 Senior Class Play 4 Band l-2-3-4 All State Band 3 Chorus 1-2--3 Jim McAtee Class vice president 2-3-4 Football 1 Football Letterman 2-3-4 Basketball 1 Basketball Letterman 2-3-4 Track Letterman I-2-3-4 Homecoming King 4 Deanna Schult Class secretary 4 Debate l-3 Speech l-3 Library 2-3-4 Honor Society 3-4 Honor Society Sec.-Treas. 4 Chorus l Annual Staff 4 One Act Plays 3 F FA4 Sweetheart Candidate National Forensic League l Future Teachers 4 Future Nurses 3 Dramatics 3 Office Secretary 4 D.A.H. 4 Dean Alberts Class Treasurer 2 Physical Education 1 Basketball 2 LaVerne Anderson Football 2 Basketball 2 Track 2 F.F.A. l-2-3-4 LeRoy Anderson Physical Education 1 Football 2-3 Basketball 2-3 Track 2 F.F.A. l-2-3-4 Shirley Bessler Elmer Biteler Football 3 Basketball 3 Track l F.F.A. l-2-3-4 Dennis Brook Football l Football Letterman 2-3 4 Basketball l Basketball Letterman 2 3 4 Track Letterman l-2-3 4 Chorus l Annual Staff 2 Vergene Bullis Journalism 3 Senior Class Play 4 Honor Society V.P. Chorus l Future Nurses 3-4 4 Band l-2-3-4 Chorus l Annual Staff 4 Nancy BYTHS Band l-2-3-4 Chorus 1-4 Annual Staff 4 Darla Cade Speech 1-2 Library 2-3-4 Senior Class Play 4 One Act Plays I-2 Future Teachers 4 Dramatics l-2 Gary M. Chamley Physical Education 1 -2 Football l Football Letterman 2-3-4 Basketball I Basketball Letterman 2-3-4 Track Letterman 1--2-3-4 Chorus 3-4 Mary Lou Clark Senior Class Play 4 Chorus l Margaret Dawson Honor Society 4 Senior Class Play 4 Band l-2-3-4 Chorus l-2 Annual Staff 2-3 Cheerleader 2-3-4 Band Maiorette l-2-3 4 Girls State 3 Future Teachers 4 William Stanley Driscoll Physical Education l Football 1 Senior Class Play 4 Chorus 1-2-3-4 Jean Duncan Chorus 1-2-3-4 Annual Staff l One Act Plays 2 Phyllis Jane Ehret Chorus 1 Future Teachers 4 Darwin Ellefson Physical Education 2 Football 1 Basketball l FFA 1-2-3 Joyce V. Engelbrecht Library 2-3-4 Senior Class Play 4 Chorus 1-2 Janice Erickson Class secretary 3 Student Council 1 Honor Society 3-4 Chorus l-2-3-4 All State Chorus 2-4 FFA4 Sweetheart Candidate Dance Band l-2-3-4 Linda Fay Evans Band 1-2-3-4 Chorus 1 EmRoy Gehlsen Physical Education l Football 1-2-3 Track 2 FFA 1-2-3-4 FFA Sentinel 4 Lorelee Gullickson Honor Society 3-4 Chorus l Future Teachers 4 Nancy Hales Class Secretary 2 Band l-2-3-4 All State Band 2-3-4 Chorus 1-2-3 Annual Staff l Cheerleader l-2-3--4 Band Maiorettes 1-2-3-4 Frank Hanson Class President 3 Student Council 2-3 Physical Education 1 Journalism 2-3-4 Honor Society 3-4 Senior Class Play 4 Annual Staff 3-4 Annual Staff Editor 4 High-Flier Editor 3-4 Boys State 3 Future Teachers 4 Marcene Heineman Library 2-3-4 Chorus l Georgina Henderson Band l-2-3-4 Chorus l Don Jackson Basketball 1-2-3-4 Basketball Letterman 2 3 Track 1-2 Honor Society 3-4 FFA 2-3-4 Joan Jelliffe Speech 1-2 Library l Honor Society 3-4 Senior Class Play 4 TB Essay Winner 3 Chorus l-2-3-4 Annual Staff l One Act Plays l Speech 1-2 Girls State '3 Future Teachers 4 Dramatics 1-12 Office Secretary 4 Ron J ewett Physical Education 1 Football 1-2-3-4 Football Letterman 4 Basketball 1-2-3-4 Basketball Letterman 2 3 4 Track 1-2-4 Chorus 3-4 Leanne Johnson Class secretary 1 Senior Class Play 4 Band 1-2-3-4 Chorus 1-2-3 Annual Staff 1 Homecoming Queen 4 Robert .T ones Football 3-4 Football Letterman 4 Basketball 1-2 Track l-2-4 Band 1-2-3-4 FFA l-2-3-4 FFA Vice President 4 Helen Kucera Chorus 1 Leroy Lamp Honor Society 3-4 Football l FFA 1-2 Con Ludwig Debate 1 Speech 1 FFA 1-2-3-4 FFA Reporter 4 Linda Sue Maxwell Chorus 1-2-3-4 Cheerleader 3-4 Queen Candidate 4 Corrine Miller Library 2-3-4 Chorus 1 Thomas Millman Physical Education 1 Basketball 1-2-3 Senior Class Play 4 Band l-2-3-4 All State Band 3 Chorus 1-2-3-4 All State Chorus 2-4 Dance Band 4 SDEA Chorus 1 Arnold Wayne Moulton Physical Education 1 Football 2-3 Football Letterman 4 Track Letterman 1--2-3-4 Fl-'A 1-2-3-4 FFA Secretary 4 Wallace Myers Physical Education 1 Football 1 Football Letterman 2-3 Track Letterman l-2-3 FFA 1-2-3-4 FFA President 4 FFA Sentinel 3 King Candidate 4 Barbara Nass Library 2-4 Chorus 1-4 Future Nurses 3-4 Charles Nass Football I-3 Basketball 1-2-3 Senior Class Play 4 Band 1-2-3-4 Chorus 1-2-3 All State Chorus 1-2 Dance Band 1-2-4 Dorothy Peterson Library 2-3-4 Chorus l Annual Staff 4 Sharon Phelan Library 2-3-4 Chorus 2-4 Future Nurses 3-4 Jim Redman Physical Education 1 Journalism 3 Football 3 Football Letterman 4 Basketball 1 Track Letterman 3-4 Future Teachers 4 Peggy Scofield Class President 2 Class Vice President l Class Treasurer 3 Student Council rep. Chorus l-2-3-4 All State Chorus 2-4 Annual Statt 2 Queen Candidate 4 FFA 3S:veetheart Cand Helen Smalltleld Speech 1 Library 2-3-4 One Act Plays I Dramatics 1 John Smalliield Basketball 1-2-3-4 Track Letterman l-2-3-4 FFA l-2-3-4 Loren Smith Physical Education l Football 1 Football Letterman 2-3-4 Basketball l Track Letterman l-3 I-'FA I-2-3-4 FFA Vice President 3 FFA Treasurer 4 Monty Sorenson Physical Education 1 Track 1 Roger Story Physical Education 1 Track 2-3 FFA l-2-3-4 Darrell Taylor Physical Educatioz 1 Chorus 4 Jay Thomas Physical Education 1 Band l-2-3-4 All-State Band l-3-4 Chorus l-2-3-4 All-State Chorus 2-4 Jane Taylor Class treasurer 1 Speech I Library 2-3-4 Chorus l FI-'A Sweetheart 4 FFA3 Sweetheart Candidate Lovey Emette Wood Library 2-3 Honor Society 3-4 Senior Class Play 4 T B Essay 3 Chorus 1-3 Future Nurses 3-4 Jon C. Wade Student Council 3 Student Body President 4 Physical Education l Football I-2 Football Letterman 3-4 Basketball 2-3 Basketball Letterman 4 Track 1-4 Honor Society 3-4 Honor Society President 4 Band l-2-3-4 All-State Band 4 Chorus l-2-3-4 All State Chorus 4 Annual Staff 3-4 Annual Statt Bus. M One Act Play 1 Boys State 3 Future Teachers 4 Dance Band l-2 Rudella Weigel Journalism 3 Speech 3 Library l-2-3-4 Senior Class Play 4 Chorus l-2-3-4 Annual Staff 3-4 Future Teachers 4 Rosella Wlese Journalism 2-3-4 Library 2 Annual Staff 4 Future Nurses 3-4 Sharon Wilcox Speech l-3 Library 1-2-3 Annual Staff 1-2 Dramatics l-2 Bh- X Q4 I I X X 1' Q f,..,7 sfv 1 4 as sry fn ara nv "' '.,fUi N-P1 2 Nth , 4-V tv f' Top row: ileft to right! Keith Allen, Lois Bisson, Bernard Bowen, Rich Burns, Darrel Cloud, Dorothy Dierks. Middle row: Esther Erickson, Zada Erickson, Barbara Gage- by, Wilma Gitchel, Darlene Grating, Edith Green. Bottom row: Gene Gullicklon, Lynwood Hager. Traditionally. and this year is no exception. the junior class is the money-making class. Using every legal laheml means to make money. selling magazines and refreshments at games and after school. they were able to put on the banquet and prom. During the year the hard working adviser. Mr. Sullivan, hoped that every thing would come out even in the end lmoney wise. that isl. The class as a whole deserves a lot of credit not only for lasting the year through but because they showed the real school spirit. Top row: Ueft to right! Arlen Handberg, Kathleen Henderson. Middle row: Don Jacobson, William Janklow, Janet Jewett, Bill Jewett, Jean Johnson. Melvin Jones. Bottom row: Pat Keating, Lois Keehn, Diana Kroqman, Roger Lamp, Larry Larsen, Marjorie Larsen. -Q-I 5 P"5 - L 1' K .J LI' ,4f, X I an Ti ill - H4 eq! ui' xy Q, X 1 1 K l , .. l 2 I l r,'J rr- X' xa- iii xr' qc-37 'O .5 V. l can 4:1 bbln L' li til ' , l "" ' 5 7' , Y ' 35w or -KJ E' fy ', 4 -V1.1 - KQKY1' , 5 ages E 1- 4" A 1- . , ....A, ' -' - V , I X4 at .wir Top row: Janice Leuning, Marlee Maxwell, Jim McGIone, JoAnn McMahon, Eunice Meyers, Marlene Meyers. Middle row: Kent Miller, Jerome Neal, Bob Otto, George Peper Ellen Pottebaum Janet Price Botiom r J , , . ow: udy Prochaska, Nancy Robert- lon. .IIINIORS -Q. T5 Top row: Karen Rosheim. Middle row: Barbara Russia, Joyce Schliinz, Norma Stein, I, , Howard Stimaon, Ken Stimlon, Gerald Story. Bottom row: Wayne Taylor, Marilyn Willard, Patty Whalen, Dick Thompson, Doug Van Whye, Barbara Thom. X -5 is ,'- an .' V8 lo w X l ,,. .xx K Y ig wa Y ' QA n. ! C' A 45-' 1.1 1 Y "' l fa., l v ' K ' 'F A . ...r , 'd f fx 'gi if riff L x, me , V . .A Amr I.. 2 .yi-+' Top row: ileft to rightj Robert Allen, Janice Amdahl, Glen Austad, Helen Crow, Ralph Dougherty, John Westra. Middle row: Denny Driscoll, Gordon Duncan, Muriel Duncan, Ron Earley, Roger Ehlers, Marlene Ehret. Bottom row: Deanne Ellinqson, Marlya Eng, Janelle Erickson, Lloyd Erickson. Top row: fleft to rightj Ron Ester- gaard, Jerry Fisher, Mary Ann Fuller, Robert Goodnow. Middle row: Carole Graling, Sharon Grafing, Richard Grafing, Dene Gullickson, Janice Gullickson, Ralph Hansen. Bottom row: Ken Headrick, Richard Heeech, Ernest Hill, Judy Hurley, Roger Hurley, Betty Jewett. l -4" I J lf' ii" YE" W x xl X i , C! 'VT yo N Q 5. K - Q f J N yy- . 5' A fi - gift: sax . . 2.3: A lv 1 ' " Awqfl . 4, , ,Ii , A'4i1, ,, 'lr :A 'Q ,V WA . 3 11, KY' 3' fe' A 1 W K F X i f X x I .35 4, M X Q" Xe 1 wr X 73 'TTY 41-'Ds -.7-: ? 1 Q.. , we j ' 1 0 ' N J N 3 'i 5' ii 5 f' L ll. B 4 x "' K. .A ,ii Top row: fleft to rightj Jean Jewett, Doug Johnson, June Kautz, Harold Kneebone. Doris Kucera, Ron Larsen. Middle row: Mike Lovejoy, Judy Madson, David McCracken, Larry Miller, Linda Miller, Claudia Moorman. Bottom row: Jo Morrison, Barbara Nelson. Darlys Pugh, OPI-IUMORES Top row: lleft to rightl Walter Paulson, Nina Peterson, John Phelan, Tom Price. Middle row: Richard Riffel, Conway Schliinz, Delbert Smallfield, Fred Smith, ?"" Joann Snuggerud, James Suhr. Bottom row: Marlon Theilsen, Roger Thoreson, Dorothy Wade, James Weigel. Steve Wiese, Ron Zylstra. f 5 P . ex I Q, 'X 'ITJ X.. g, C ...F ' 7 if .f wif T 4 l Q I ra I , Ag 5 Nt L iq -' , i A 1' , 1 A w---Q' A i All , K . : - ' M l wk A Xl Q 'X-we QQ! Rx Y , I 'fuk J, -M x' N- . - ,Qs J I -A Q V X qt: r hw , ' Q i 1 l X X 'us M 1,4 xxx S X Nav wr? J X I Q n . "i Y-' 4 '5 4. X P ., 4 X if - E I 14 0 'Vu yi v 'iv' -fi F v, s M Mm v , - i Qi' I Top row: Claire Barthel, Leroy Benson, 'J , . wg. ,,'f Beverly Besseler, Joe Biron, Dale Bisson, S Lt .ii A Dean Biteler. Middle row: Joann Blan- Y T4 In-sv:-'E chard, Bonnie Bommersbach, Marilyn 1 1' ' Q Bothel, Roberta Bowne, Phyllis Cherney, N K ' W Sandra Christiansen. Bottom row: Bruce Y , Clark, Kathleen Collins, Don Cudmore, 5 aw L I Kathleen Dawson. an , . V . Q x L: X O Top row: Lloyd Duncan, Don Ehlers, in 7 Robert Emerson, Jean Engelbrecht. Middle ' an 6 row: Rosemary Erickson, Mary Ellen -'l Gaoeby, Dallis Englund, Howard Gitchel, Jie . , Janice Glaser, Ronald Green. Bottom 'L-gf row: Alvin Gullickson, Norman Hammer, Lawrence Hill, Lon Hoqle, David Hove, ? Eugene Hovland. x ' I t Q if -i i ' , I P-al " , Q, i A ' , f l i 1 , X y ' 'f l 1 fr . A fu-' 1, - x 'XJ' 'sf' 7 V' -Ax ' f xc-7: wry ,- I ' ' f 'V i . f , f. , X . , ff ' - I L. ,V 1 LQ. , A .K I A ri ig.: ' ' lf -.. N f ,M Qi . qi ., ,H ,X ! y , X - V2 ic .f ff' Y 'L 5 , Y A Y x f', gpg-4 'Wav-xv 1, L ! . , ,jj a ,i +G e , - . in ,-'A .1 Qi ,ir ...J i i rye , L41 'Cs' .-Q' 5 .v in 1- all S, 1.3 Ncfsd' fu . .R , E 1 . leg 'ffl' .,.c-x5 'S' vkwf. N5 1 'B 2 . 'ver 'b ', fx. X l Cie -lx U! 'fl . ' Q, 'wr 5' - J.. V , h 'NZ ,..,- K1 W 6:7 A J is 1 ,, V , . A f ' N A K J x V al 18 4 Q M 1, , N EA 6 m .H al 3 SH K f X 1 '9 Q'.- if- ll ' full L W? 5 V ' is f Top row: Arthur Janklow, Roger Jewett, Loye Johnson, Marlyo Johnson, Marvin Johnson, Noreen Johnson. Middle row: Claude Jones, Katherine Keck, Lon Kuehl, Delores Mulder, Joycelyn Neal, Dennis Newcomer. Bottom row: Laverle Peterson, Darrell Pulscher. FRE HMEN . , "' . , ew 5 Q , Top row: Linda Schmid, Share. ag, , Schramm, Judy Schliinz, Dottie Schult. , " P' Middle row: Sharon Scofield, Barbara ,TF K Scofield, Lynn Sorenson, Ronald Suhr, J Q r X Leslie Taylor, Jerry Thompson. Bottom row: Jean Van Hauten, Kaye Varns, . Richard whnman, Rouen wine, Jann Wilkins, Patty Willard. - J A 'Z if f: , 7 ' if 4 iff ,f l 1 N'g,,, .-A ix V7- X I if 1: 31" X ll gn z.. .,. ' K-, f Back row Het! to rxghtl Kent Mxller George Peper Lovey Woods Ron Thoreson, J. C. Wade Pres Frank Hansen Leroy Lamp Msddle row Loxs Keehn Darlene Grahng, Janice Erickson Wxlma Gnichel Vergene Bullss V Pres. Devonna Kexih Froni row Deanna Schult. Sec.-Trees Lorelee Gulhckson Margaret Dawson Ellen Pottebeum Janet Prxce Dorothy Dierks, Joan Jellxffe NA TIONAI HONOR 0011.5 T Y Back row ileft to rnghtj D Schull, L Duncan B Besseler L Johnson L Peterson D Pulscher. H. Gitchel, C. Jones L Taylor P Cherney K Keck N Johnson D Whutman Mlddle row B Scofneld K Collms S. Christensen, J. Blan chard J VsnHoulen R Bowne M Gageby M Boihel J Engelbrech! J Neal B Bommersbach, P. Willard. Front row J Thompson D Newcomer K Dawson D Mulder M Johnson J Glaser K Varns R Ernckson, 5.5co1ield. J. Schlunx J a X , 'V . , any Back row: Uett to rightl Steve Wisse, Janet Price. Dave Acheson, J. C. Wade. Ron Thoreson. Ken Headrick, Dorothy Dierks. Front row: Russell Eng, Larry Ehrichs. Art Janklow. Craxg Johnson. Jerry Thompson. Chuck Rewalt. STUDENT 6'0UNO l J. C. Wade. Student President. chats with Mr. Hass. K s,X.x1i,v' V. xp . aw., s The learned looks you observe on the tacos of this group have been imposed by hours ot concentrated study on the problems that con- front the students of I-'.H.S. This group meets periodically to mull over and solve the problems dealing with various student affairs. Lead by a very able student prexy. J. C. Wade and from time to time given wise counsel by their advisor, Mr. Hass: this group has attempted to serve you to the greatest extent possible. I-123 to righir Wally MYOB iPr08id09il. Con Ludwig lfleporterl. Loren Smith lVice Presidentl, Robert Jones I reasurerl, Emroy Gehlsen CSentmell. Arnie Moulton lsecreteryl. Back row: lLett to rightl Dave Acheson, Loren Smith. Con Ludwig. Don Jackson, Bill Jewett, Emory Gehlsen, John Smalltield. Front row: lLett to right! Roger Story. Elmer Biteler. Leroy Anderson Laverne Anderson. Darwin Ellefson, Wally Myers, Arnie Moulton. FFA. These smiling faces are those ot the sod-busters of FHS. The Future Farmers had time to take it easy, for they put on the Ag Barn Dance. Parent-son Mixer with help from the Chamber ot Commerce and won first place in the Peavey State Grain Sanl- tation Contest for the second consecu- tive year. With the guidance of the officers and their adviser, Mr. Sylvan Vigness. they have made a definite impression on the community. They sent a delegation to Kansas City for the 27th annual convention and many of the boys have been in contests throughout the state and altogether they have made a very good impres- sion. Back row: lLett to right! Pete Allen, Ken Stimson. Bob Otto, Gene Gullick- son, Gerald Story, George Peper. Larry Larsen. Front row: lLeft to right! Bernie Bowen. Jim Mc- Glone. Roger Lamp. Wayne Taylor. Arlen Handberg, Darrell Cloud. ww- N A 5 K ....... ,. -.-f ........ fhfi. N! ' Back row: Cleft to right! Alvin Gullickson. Dale Bisson, Robert Wiese, Don Cudmore, Claire Barthel, Robert Pulcher, Laverle Anderson. Middle row: Norman Hammer, Eugene Hovland, Dallis Englund. Lon Kuehl. David Hove, Lloyd Duncan, Leroy Benson. I-'roni row: John Wilkins, Lawrence Hill, Ronald Suhr, Dean Biieler, Roger Jewell, Lynn Sorenson, Ronald Green, Donald Ehlers. AGRICUI TURE Back row: llefi to right! Ernesi Hill, Dick Heesch, Ken Hendrick, Richard Riffel, Larry Miller, Dene Gul- lickson,'James Suhr. Middle row: Ralph Hansen, Conway Schliinz, Ron Barley, Jim Weigel, Richard Daugh- ertv. Mike Lovejoy. Front row: John Phelan. Marlon Thielson. Tom Price, Delbert Smallfield, Bob Allen. Ronnie Larsen. Q V. N- .sk K 5 . .. s.. 'qi V Q - I , ,SSW 1 ,...-Jasev-ff' , iw Nl f The boys on this page put Flandreau back on the map as far as the grid-iron is concerned. After dropping their first game to Madison by a score of 20-7. they came back and won seven straight. Mr. Cotton did a terrific job of coaching to these boys and Mr. Johnson deserves a lot of credit for shaping his boys into a very effective defensive and offensive line. The team was fortunate in having very good team speed and this together with great spirit and determination did much toward insuring the season's success. Counterclockwise: Iupper leftl Jim McAtee end: J. C. Wade. tackle: Mel Jones, guard: Denny Brook, right half: Pete Allen, quarter- back: Dave Acheson, fullback: Gary Chamley left half: Loren Smith, guard: Gene Gullickson tackle: Jim Redman, end. linsertl Jim McGlone center. Left to xight: Rich Burns, center: Bill Jewett, guard: Ron Jewett, end: Arnie Moulton, guard. Lett to right: Rich Riffel. end: Dick Heesch. end: Wayne Taylor. guard: Pat Keating. halfback. Joe Bixon. tackle Madison 7 Sisseton 12 F.I.V.H.S. 58 Vermillion 26 Canton 26 Pipestone 26 Cathedral 38 Canton Acad. 46 Total 239 They 20 0 0 0 12 0 26 13 'll Bob Allen, halfback Bob Jones. halfback: Harold Kneebone. halfback, Ken Headrick, tackle: Bob Otto. tackle. Lett to right: Pete Allen, Pat Keating, Jim Redman, Don Jackson. Ron Jewett. Ron A - D Thoreson, Gene Gullickson, Jim McAtee, Denny Brook, Dave Acheson, J. C. Wade, and Gary Chamley. ,,,,,,,,, BA SKETBAZZ Back row: Cleft to rightl Mike Lovejoy, Ken Headrick, Ron Zylstra. Fred Smith, John Westra, Gordon Duncan, assistant Coach John- son. Middle row: Denny Driscoll, Joe Biron, David McCracken. Rich Riffel, Doug Johnson, Richard Heesch, Delbert Smallfield. Front row: Roger Thoreson. Tom Price. Wayne Taylor, Dick Thompson, Harold Kneebone, Jim McGlone, and Leroy Benson. Here we have the hard-court wizards of F.H.S. Those boys that don the short pants and rubber soled shoes of their trade and then go out in an effort to tack up an- other victory tor the Purple and Gold. This years crew compiled an ll won. ll lost record on the season. Many of the defeats sut- fered by this fighting group were of the one or two point variety. This years losses off the varsity in- clude high scoring Jim McAtee. playmaking Denny Brook, outside shooter Ron Jewett. and hard driv- ing Gary Chamley. Among top reserves lost through graduation are Dave Acheson. Ron Thoreson. Jim Redman, J. C. Wade. Don Jack- son. and John Smallfield. Coaches , -as 3 Q ' . Cotton Johnson 4 n 4. Left to right: Gary Chamley. forward: Gene Gullickson, cenfer: Peie Allen, guard: Jim McAfee, forward: Ron Jeweff, forward: Denny Brook, guard. Brookings Madison Walnut Grove Miller Luverne Milbank Sissefon Miller Redfield Pierre Jasper W 45 49 44 43 82 61 61 64 69 55 57 They We 61 Arlington 52 53 Cathedral 67 50 Dell Rapids 58 45 Indians 5l 65 Madison Ko.t.J 48 41 Vermillion 54 56 Redfield 77 67 Cathedral 61 46 Vermillion 53 42 Indians lSeciionall S0 53 They Sl 61 44 67 50 55 47 51 56 69 RY,-F ' wa, 1 V, e . , . QQ lr ...Q 2 Jlq W I 51-Q Back row: John Smalltield, Gerald Story, Larry Miller, Jim McAtee, Gene Gullickson, Richard Riltol, Robert Jones, Jim Redman, Richard Heesch. Middle row: Dick Grating, Arnold Moulton. Mike Lovejoy. Mel Jones, David Acheson, Gary Chamley, Denny Driscoll, Pete Allen, Bobby Allen, Ralph Hansen. Front row: Con Schliinz, Skip Austad, Doug Johnson. Ron Jewett, J. C. Wade. Pat Keating. Harold Kneebone, Ken Head- rick. USTTERMEN TRACK Back row: Con Schliinz, John Smalltield. Gerry Story, Larry Miller, Jim .McAtee. Gene Gullickson. Richard Riifle. Bob Jones. Jim Redman. Dick Heesch, Ken Headrick. Fran! row: Dick Grafing. Arnie Moulton, Mike Lovejoy, Mel Jones. David Acheson, Gary Chamley. Danny Driscoll. Pete Allen, Bobby Allen, Ralph Hansen, Harold Knee- bone. yr A o--J q A L q L Q Q 4 X 1 .L .1 . , P X' ,s.f:, 4 . ee. at iw. Q ig ll Q 'X as th ggi? le .iii R K V M XX gk lib X. w l 2 I . 1 ' I I . f A H Q. ' X X I sl? 'Q 11- - gg Left to right: Nancy Hales, Marlee Maxwell, Linda Maxwell, Margaret Dawson. 6'l-IEERI EA DER rurulef TEACHERS owe Back row: Cleft to rightl Jim Redman, Frank' Hansen. Dave Acheson, J. C. Wade. Front row: Joan Jellitte Rudella Weigel, Deanna Schull, Margaret Dawson, Phyllis Ehret, Lorelee Gullickson. Patty Whalen. BA ND Nancy Hales Between 8:15 and 8:45 the west stairs are cleared for the strugglers of the "A" Band. These are the notorious noise-makers who work in the attic of F.H.S. Directing this band is no easy task for Mr. Samp -- look who he has to work with - no wonder he's minus some hair. The schedule for the band has in- cluded three concerts, five march- ing trips, a concert tour. and many appearances of individual and small groups at community func- tions. F.H.S. can afford to boast of the fine record established by its "horn-tooters." This year. as in the past, Mr. Samp is to be congrat- ulated heartily for a iob well done. '--,ax Clarinets: Kathleen Dawson. Janice Amdahl, Loye Johnson, Janet Price. Marlee Maxwell. Marilyn Willard. Clarinets: Patty Whalen. Leanne J ohnson, Ellen Pottebaum. Nancy Hales. 4 I gf. W2 f , -. ' .. . l I ' ,lift AX "wQx 'I , - V 55' Q5 ' . 1 K, ,X ,JA K. giant .Y Special Woodwinds: Marlys Eng. Margaret Dawson. Norene Johnson. Barbara Nelson. Clarinets: Janet Jewett. Darlys Pasch, Muriel Duncan. Kay Keck. Dottie Schult, Kathy Collins. Saxophones: Lois Bisson, Richard Whit- man, Larry Larsen, Judy Prochaska. Barbara Russie, Shirley Besseler. V Margaret Dawson French Horns: Nancy Criiser, Devonna Keith. Peggy Snyder, Kay Varns. Flutes: Barbara Thom, Geor- gina Henderson, Nancy Byrne. Wilma Gitchel, Linda Evans. lx C' 4.1 i'i Lois Bisson Percussion: Dennis Newcomer, Kath- leen Henderson, J. C. Wade, Fred Smith, Dorothy Wade, Jerry Thomp- son. x XM ? 1 E 'Q' E B .lf 'F'-in EW I J f Comets: Charles Nass. Gordon Duncan, Howard Gitchel, Dick Thompson, Kent Miller, Claude Jones, Ronnie Larsen. Trombones: J a n elle Erickson. Tom Mlllman, Doug Johnson. Nancy Robertson. Marilyn Willard Baritones: D e a n n e Ellingson. Roger Thoreson. Walter Paulson. Robert Jones. Muriel Duncan Basses: Arlen Handberg. Denny Driscoll. Steve Wiese. Jay Thomas. Dorothy Wade H' M-. D l I I xl " X W KN E X ,' I ' ,N 12 .N W? A " 'l , 'ff Q .. X 4 -QE' I 5 p 1 we ' ' f Janelle Erickson CHORII Back row: Cleft to right! JoAnn Snuggerud, Dorothy Wade, Bar- bara Russie, Doris Kucera, Muriel Duncan, Norma Stein, Claudia Moorman, Ellen Pottebaum, Bar- bara Nass. Middle row: Lois Keehn, Betty Jewett, Linda Mil- ler, Janelle Erickson, Mary Ann Fuller, Deanna Ellingson, Bar- bara Nelson, Rudella Weigel. Front row: Marlys Eng, Janice Gullickson, Jean Duncan. Nancy Byrne. Sharon Phelan. Pat Whalen. Have you ever been around the high school about 10:00 in the morning to listen to the song birds of Flandreau High School polishing up on their choral numbers? This very fine group is under the ca- pable direction of Mr. Ken- neth Rewalt. Eight of these people represented the chorus at All-State Chorus. which was held at Aberdeen, South Dakota last November. This is an organization Flandreau High can well be proud of. Hats off to the chorus! Back row: Cleft to right! Pat Mott, Janice Amdahl, Helen Crow, Dorothy Dierks, Darlys Paseh. Jo Morrison, Judy Madson, Nina Sue Peterson. Middle row: Marlene Eheret, Barbara Thom, Karen Roshiem, Carol Grating. Front row: Eunice Meyer, Joan Jellife, Linda Maxwell. Janice Erickson, Peggy Scofield, Kathleen Hender- son. BOY ' 6'HORU Left to right: Roger Thoreson, Jay Thomas, Bill Driscoll, Gary Cham- ley, Gordon Duncan. J. C. Wade, Steve Wiese, Ronnie Jewett, Tommy Millman, Ron Zylstra. ' i .fin xi' Folies Berqere. What are you waiting tor, girls? Tarzan. Who's Who of F.H.S. I use IPANA. Ain't it purty? Cave girl. Bonzo's biceps. Look at the birdie. Spike and the gang. Vig is happy. Siesta. Romance. Ain't we cute? , Q 5 A Q , I li ax 1 E, X, wax.. L YQ. . Q V, at . .kt X. :M - 3 . if . 4511. ' agrfwfi' ' ".J7 zLf,JE?E'?j1' V, B .my K. . .N 0 ,H S za U ' X91 1 Q 1 : ,chafing K 4 S A G fs Ab i I . , nr A .- nw- -! I Q., ,QM f ,A J gi 'dew if I I 1 l nibb- cgi . "wid 1' 'ww wax-f' I Q . f'. 4 N355 ,.,. . T' up --... Pig? WV. ... .X my X. fir Lett to nght Paul Rollins Lillie Rice, Clyde Cotton, Irene Engstrom. l Left to right Sylvan Vlgness Solvexg Rewalt, Eldon Samp. Esther Marble. Left to right Herschuel Howell Leo Sullivani ugene Johnson, Gloria Hausa, Here they are, the F.H.S. faculty. The rugged but- right people that direct our efforts that accomp- lishments. We sometimes hesitate to give them credit but in the lohg run most of us realize that they have given us a lot more than we can repay. We thank them and hope for their lake that the classes to come will see and appreciate the efforts. I'm sure we did. is 'ag . if S " ffm. . J Ewff L... 1 A v -, NL U 1-'jab -.3 . wana -'3 f .l5'Q 'X x C4 ji, , 16 . ix nn-sewmilvvvwf 'fe 1 ' k,,...XX 3,-v.-gps Everett Keck, Justin Jones, Leo Pottratz, Myrtle Ehrichs, Earl Larson. BOARD 0F EDU634 T ION This group of adults has the responsibility of giving the Students of I-'.H.S. a worth- while education. Their principal job is the disbursement of money and the making of policy. A guiding influence on the educational program of any community, this group rarely receives the credit due it. For this reason, we of the Flyer staff wish to thank these people for a iob well done. ADMINISTRA T ION Supt. Neal Tracy, Secretary Gladys English, Principal William Hass. 'UT X 'L s ,.-ee-W" A is . XM 'ssc WS XX +R ,x 'ff 1-if . "f yrs? S N., vivid 5 J:-4 , Q Nga .. wis- Vg, 'Tw . . SN , 5. X , ,454 . K' ' ,if .. - ,,.' - X, :Sai far , f X 1 x 1 . 1 .ik f 7 1152. ' is D Q -5 ., N, 3 ' A x .ng if ' Q Q ' Y . 42, 5' ' S QL S' f ' .2 'P Sag N riff. ' S, . . . as Qs 1. 1 -an . , 4? x vw . ., A ' 1' 1' 3 ff- u we-Q3 ' 5 , Q, 1 M3133 ' If ., 'A x S ,L ., 535:15 , Nfrffb. 'f ffm-' . . 'L , .. ...,1.. ,, - 1 1 , L . . ,. -w,,f,.,,f k .. iw, 5 4-A-"Q ,Sq k 'v,g::igx,1 'E L , . L, L vi . - 5 f Lx b v ,Q in ,Q f 7'zl4!'SE1L A. . ' g fa lx ,. 'er S K r gl. ,. . 1 5 . L4 d 5 ., ,else . 1- 5' hi ll: . - -gf, f it . , , l- -,fy V, W 1 :fe 4 R 'Q Q 1 5 ' of 'R K 4 V A I 5, " f i ,, 1 , A 9 1 1,-it ' ,ff 5- V ,Y ft r ' 'g i f . fe, :feb a n 5? if M ' Q 5 TF. . . c v v 2 ,S Yew! ,y X xx U ,ev 'Q RX , in 7-3 , pf' , X if if s Q 1'. 1 Y be A it Q Lett to right: Peggy Scofield, Wally Myers. Linda Maxwell. Dave Achesonf Leanne 501135011 lOl-leenl. Jim Mc- Atee lKingl. il A closeup of the newly- crowned king and queen. Their faces indicate their ioy. HOMECOMING Date: October 21. 1955 Place: Spaftord Auditorium Time: 8:00 P. M. A hush that precedes any momen- tous event fell over the capacity crowd that jammed Spafford Auditorium to witness the coronation of the 1955 Homecoming King and Queen of F.H.S. In a few moments all would know the answer to that question which had been in the minds of many people for the past week. A few endless moments later Jim McAtee and Leanne Johnson were announced as King and Queen and the place rocked with the applause that followed. y. ,i,X v, . va- ., K tl, N . 59161 'T 9 ,'.- 'f 54- N-' 'i 5.-TV' c i ' f'3. 'I 5 ' ' ' 4 fl ve. -sn .Q In-1 IBFJIL Senior's pride and joy. Stepping out. Beautiful lines Cin the band, that ill. They were crushed. . The royalty rides. Sophs captured first prize. Guess who entered this one'1 The freshmen cut them down to size. Gif! loli uf. Back row: Mary Ann Fuller, Janice Glaser, Sharon Schram. Corrine Miller, Judy Madsen, Sharon Phelan, Diana Krog- man. Janice Leuning, Doris Kucera, Barbara Nass, Deanna Schult, Linda Miller, Beverly Besseler, Nina Sue Peterson. Mariorie Larson. Front row: Edith Green. Rudella Weigel, Helen Smallfield, Joyce Engelbrecht, Marcene Heinemann Jane Taylor, Darla Cade, Jean Jewett, Dorthey Peterson. Barbara Gageby. IIBRARIAN The bookfinders-those girls that are constantly checking books in and out or frantically searching for anything that a student might want - pertaining to books. The librarians elect officers at the beginning of each year, electing a president, vice-president and secretary-treasurer. Mrs. Marble, our competent advisor, helps keep us going by thinking up new tasks and activities to keep us busy. Back row: Klett to rightl Lovey Woods, Ellen Potte- baum, Barbara Gageby. Barbara Ness, Rosella Wiese, and Sharon Phelan. Front row: Kathleen Henderson, Marlene Maxwell, Darlene Grating. Vergene Bullis, and Lois Keehn. ruruks J NUR ss This group consists of those young ladies who plan to make nursing a career. Attending reg- ular meetings enable these girls to become acquainted with cer- tain procedures and techniques used by nurses, as well ll learn- ing what eort of preparation le necessary to become a registered nurse. 9 Q 2? 3 'WAY' af 1 1 1' "i"' A 4 5? It ...Ji w 5 wkvfw x al' 3 c wx .f ,rr nl ' Pix i 91. on QM .,. . f. I , . I .4.F. 4-, LA' J 'smfjf I' .xl 1 I 5 'S in 1 2 -48. 16' Ax fl ' fi! iris Q .98 .3 I .W Don't wake em, the shock might kill em! The budding journalism of F.H.S. 3. The fresh air boys. 4. The office girl, Some study while Driscoll yawns! Wani a bite? Ford girl. Hasn't changed much, has he? Taylor on the side. Whafs the Joke, girls? Hen party. Hi, smiley. Hey girls, you forgot somebody. Smile pretty. Lorelee, Mr, Mainz second love. Farmer girls, wow! Two dears. Up and over. Competition for M. Monroe? Going somewhere? Phooey to you too! More Miss Dogpatch candidates. 4 24. Gene and Dene? or Dena and Gene? lux' , J how ilu, 000 JFK'-A fl- .dun n.,oQO5' vs 3, 5 4 I Q., x Pl . K ' s UTTZE ORPHEUM Pictured here are a few of the scenes from this year's version of Little Orpheum, a tra- dition that would be the envy of many other schools. This year's production rivaled those of past years in originality and humor. Reading down the left hand column we have Jerome Neal, guitarist extraordinary: F.F.A.'s bottle band: a trio of Juniors doing a doll dance: the Senior's Mr. Touchdown: the Junior's Kent Miller, as Ed Sullivan. Above we have the Music Dept.'s presenta- tion of America's dance traditions, followed by F.H.S.'s answer to Jerry Lewis, Darrel Taylor. Little Orpheum, like so many things in this wonderful country of ours, appears to be getting better as the years go by. Here's hop- ing that the future brings us even bigger and better Little Orpheum productions. Enterprise Publishing Co Temtes Flandreau Cafe Gambles Coopers Clothing Hayes Lucas Lumber McLaren Transfer Ekern Home Equipment Flandreau Bakery Sugar Bowl Ben Franklin's Holland Jones, Attorney Bidne's Shoe Store Deutsh's Clothing Pantry Cate Barker's Liquor Store Grinden's Variety Heiertz Rexall Nelson's Furniture Q Our Own Hardware Bar X Bar Dibbens Cafe Flandreau Motor Co. Hasvold's Insurance Don's Market Erickson and Wentzel Produce Kenney's Land Ottice Corner Cate Kasdan's Drs. Halverson and Ludgate Fuller Radio and TV S'ponAo Bennett Electric Firestone Beatty's Harlan Motor Co. Independent Lumber Co. Greg's Studio Ramsdall Implement Lloyd Nace Elletson Implement Havier's Jewelry Wiese's Parkway A. L. Store Jimmie's Grocery Johnson's Truckline Sunshine State Hatchery Westside Grocery Farmers State Bank Dr. Kallus Vogue Cleaners Coffee Cup Beatty's Jewelry Flandreau Cleaners F. E. Boyd Rolte's Sundries I-Iank's Hardware Cities Service I-'landreau Body Shop Flandreau Community Oil Lyle's Standard Station Faris Market Billiam's Grocery Paulsen's Tire Shop Tillie's Eat Shop Coast-to-Coast Pete's Playhouse Mallory's Jewelry Chamley's Bar Carl Miller, Atty. I. E. Locke Keck's Market Super Value Herb Lohnes Zarecky's Barber Shop Thorson Motor Co. Drs. Hurewitz and Otey Dr. Fisk Jerome Hogue R. V. Fadgen Sandy's Cafe Rudy's Welding Shop P.V. Elevator Pa1m's Chevrolet Co-op Creamery 8: Locker Spear's Service Flandreau Booster Duncan Elevator Bowling Alley Gay's Service Roy Julson Dr. Youel Farmers Union Oil Dr. Sampson Joe's Produce W AQJVC1 fgfbplja 7 'faffv UML, AC-M559

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