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 - Class of 1958

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I2-r ? v ggfvg + -Q 3 H ww, ww W, io , 'Jr M., ,1 Q, 'es s - ML., .W . -, 1. 34'-ff. M ': , .N Y W ' 'TIBM af' .,, , ' 'TY .gf , Lb, H' 'L -Ea '- : - nr' u A - , L A i . - Agn -N K! 2 'K' K, I, 4 .QM . V- 3,91 W ,mrMW'f1"V2' . nf, N 4, ', "J ,.'ia5Kw ,W Y . ' , , A ,, ' , "'2if,' 1, '- N ' L 'x Q ,H H , f Ai- , 5' - -u L ' r ' ' , ' N fm- ' 'NW--'QS-:seam K 'WH ' , A 2 f ' V, 5 .. l U ' , 4u.gwLQem1f..w--X - . ' ,gf x 1 ' ' 1: 5 5' : , Z . i Vibr Y M ,Q,qzifaewHaa1muwm:n,MH1a1aWmaag-swwwwwmwwwwiuhr ., 3 ,, , - y H'-L 5 - Q ,, 'ff W Qjf, ,,,,Mw.,lg3A-5 ' f . . 52 V ' i ' V ' Y 'T x ' bfiwiffyg 5- -A 4 , ' " ji, ,- T ' U M- ' 12, f j I'-122-453, '-M 3fN59'H'f'fL..,..g.g1i'i',3 ' ' -4 , V . , - f N A " ? ' A X- Q 3 "EW-w-f-:A.-.L-'T 'J M - ' ' 1-Jiri, W' ' ,. ,M kg if Q ' - : ' .W.,,m:" ,W,y.,!M 1 V " fr'--aww' W., , ' f - 5 .., V, W, -, " K, v- ,. 1 V 4 1 , M ,g ,',p! w,,1X'3n1-M4 , M 4 ,f V f 1 , ' 1 1 ,w. 1 ww A , 1 X! ,wux:',,!,1 1 W, 1V,'1Lg1uwV,1v3 M,.M,,:'3v: wqgliim ,W W ,N ,NV Z ALMTWW ,,,,,,qywYWw,L VN, M fit: 1: V lim 1 1 . . ,P 4 5 X ,F , r ' 1 , ",,-, V M '- W wi' 6152 fy 'L " ,, H, v 'WJ ww ,S , " " " 'V , "TW W 'Q ' :M ' ' - ' , 1 MMW..,, myImiwww,-37,5., TWQQMRWQXM H, T!! ,V N M 'FM Xu M1 , X 1 A .yr ,, f I H -rl , V- H.g+3,4 ,, . , JN mfg, I k f LA V ,N .., .- ' ""'f" "W" ' V 41326. 3 Q, 5' gl '1 - s 7 A , 1-V ., , 'P' A -3- ' N, ' f 1 ' -1, ,,,,, 1:1 ls QE: I ' I Y 2 ' y ' .J 111 W w i - ' 1 ' - ' V ." - ..1-X-'W'-'t' fQl3??fs' , J' 4" X p5MM?"1'1.'f:,. U' N V, V '1 , 'sQ:i'f-fQT'wH'N1'1fN" M W nw" , .i""'uL,- i g ik A -N A, 1 4 , H x. j 1 ' ' Q w g-5,2j,, I ,, 4 ,,,. H H! ' " ' ' 'V ' . .. 33 5' ' 1 . , 2 W 'r f Y ' M' ' Ummm ww V ax Wg, 'ff g , 1 - A 'wx iw -5 E N ' M W wh ' - " . , , , F W Jw' -'fm ' f fra H - , 3' Wg ' Y - . f - , tina , fi u 1,141 "' ' Q A 11' 1 ' :Y Q JJ' . ,V 1 I g- ' -2' 1 '- ,ig " f l . . . 1 , 4 5fE' , my 'KY -' Y ,M "Ai K -f . . - 1? K. wb ' , ' 'fi V -,' ,mu , .v,1f5:F," 'K ,f' AV , f mx f V' .K ' . 'mv , I - W N Lu X, alfa K ,I K, w I V I 1 A ,1 . , , 1 r Q' f ' 1' 'N Q ' ' , '- ' "MH , " " , - lk , I '19 If K , , Q X? gy 3 , Jw ,M l' jigs 43 A53 N ME, WX ' ' V 1 5' , 4- " gif ff, - +3 ' gf 1 :K , Y sv f ' ' , 4 J , - Y -, V , ' I ' I ' , - V. - , V 5 ' X 4 ', f ' . 1 1 V , V, 9 5 Eff f 1 , ' A E , N N fy 1 N 1' , 4 L AT FLAGSTAFF HIGH.. wcMemMiam 4-5 wumziicaiiou, 5 mFw35mi 7 wu CQaMezx I3 Smue, w Malee M Qdww "Tam wu Qpofdfa 52 wa O 64 wa Band. ami Clwilb 75 wa 82 wa H2 Diapllayf own 9clwoQ Spifdt A i I . PQWQWLQM PWM N X 'K , X, Zhi- 3 R H W S2 4,2 N4-R K-'aff 'Pmezxenizx L ...W W ifj A,-g Www -2- W, 52, Q -il A. , .f TEM f . .ying , - p I ,,..,4 ,wmym , mA""' A,,,, j, 51 K , gay , w sw miie 1, f l yufwvm-vu A ZE. ,.. A , .. .,,,.,auni......ggil"""Q ..A: .,,:: ,VQ: V. ' vw' Q J W,:ff,:,, Lwtefu isifswivi ,f2'5i2w21P?ew Z as K, f,e,n15,,w,sh:w, 2 f A wff,,w4ff.m,":s,- a1mwQ,M- Q. W 2 Z 12141113241 -4- It is a better world because he lived in ity and a poorer place because he has left. Clarence J. Brooksby, head of the English Department at Flagstaff High School, died on December ll, l957. He had taught a quarter-century, of which 21 years were spent in service to the young people of Flagstaff. What kind of man have we lost? Ask the many hundreds of students who studied in his classes. Ask those who worked with him on the Kinlani, Green and Brown in dramatics, in speech. Ask his fellow teachers and his friends in the community. They tell you that he was patient . . . fair . . . helpful . . . friendly . . . highly skilled in his profession . . . always demanding of the student his very best work. No greater tribute can come to any man than that earned by Mr. Brooksby: "He was a good teacher." .. 5 - l 4 Leadership is a necessary ingredient of progress. Flagsfaff High SchooI's place among The top is not an accident. Much credit must go To Mrs. Lucy Walkup, to whom we, The Senior Class, proudly dedicate This 1958 Kinlani. -5- V 1 Sturgeon Cromer, Superintendent Mary Lloyd, Secretary Virginia Boyd, Secretary l Left to Right - Standing Sitting: John Stilley SCHOOL BOARD OF EDUCATION The Flagstaff school system is for- tunate to have a group of men so tal- ented and with so much insight into our present and future needs as we now have serving on our board of education. People interested in the betterment of society through schools will continue to have faith in their integrity, wisdom and judgment, not only for the present but for any future decision put before them. Ma rga ret Fugate, Secretary E B. Tollefson, T. M. Knoles, Jr. Neil Christensen. The Flagstaff Board of Education de- serves immeasurable thanks for their time and effort put forth in our ex- panding city of Flagstaff. Through their guidance and inspiration our school system has shown superiority .in Arizona. They know the students of today will take their place in world affairs in time, and want them to be prepared to do so. Thus, they strive to do their best for our future in society. Dolores Black, Secretary tfff f". . . ws,-iz - ,. . U V ,,fr:uL.,,,, ...W , ,....... ,xv -x ,, I W. F. Killip, Assistant Superintendent Paul Schreiber, Principal R. W. Wheeler, Dean 77, , 7, ,,-T DOROTHY BRIERLEY VIVIAN GRAHAM English English THOMAS PARKER English D. L. SKAGGS English ANN SUGHRUE LUCY WALKUP English English EDlTl'l DOUGLAS WALTER DAVlS Librarian Social Science JAMES SAN DE RS Social Science ILDEFONSO VALLEJO Spanish f-h ueii.v-A-1 - - -' -- wins--M F - WILLIAM PICKETT Social Science I A JACK WALLACE JOHN ALLEN 35, , Social Science Marhemaficg 1 -.V. I I' .' IA HERBERT HANKS Mathematics DWIGHT PULLEN Science WADE PRESTON Social Science GEORGE MURRAY Mathematics HARRY MICKE CHARLES OSTERBURG Science Science -Il- - ---Y GILBERT CORONA Commerce , ., R.. ...,m,..f.a.Q...a.fH LAVENA WILSON Commerce JOHN W. PLY Physical Educaiion MILTON EVANS REX FOSTER Commerce Commerce RUTH LANE LLOYD PIPES Home Economics Music DORIS DUNFORD Home Economics REGI NA ROUSSEAU Art You boys should have Rave on, Mr. Schreiber. stayed in last night. -12- -v 1 4 QE AUTOGRAPHS SENIORS Senior Class Officers Cleft Yo rightl Mike Drvggs Phllllp Lucero Nora Hayley, Noreen Mason. CLASS SPONSORS MR. PULLEN MR. PIPES MRS. LANE MR. MICKE MR. OSTERBERG MR. ANDERSON -15- AURORA AYALA, Band 25 Old Spanish Club 2,35 Girls lnterscholastic Volleyball l5 Choir 2,35 Festival 2,35 Glee Club 2. CHARLES ABBOTT. JOANNE BABBITT, Ski Club 25 Latin Club 2,3,45 Drama Club 3,45 F.T.A. 253,45 Astronomy 3,45 Secre- .tary 45 Choir l,2,3,45 Festival l,2,3,45 Madrlgal Choir 45 Glee Club 253,45 Senior Play 4, production staff5 Junior Play 3, prop. Manager. BILL ALLEN. HOWARD ASHLEY, Math Club 3,4, secretary5 National Honor Society 45 Boys State 3. ROSALIE BACA, Girls lnterscholastic Bad- minton 3. PETE AUZA, Lettermen 2,3,45 Football 2,3,45 Track 2,3,45 Basketball l,2. PILAR BARELA, Letterwoman-2,3,45 Old Spanish Club 2,3,4, secretary 45 Girls interscholastic Volleyball 3,45 Badminton 35 Choir l,2,5 Festival l,2. 5 iz. J, if JEANIE BOWMAN, Math Club 45 Latin Club 45 National Honor Society 45 Astronomy 4. PAUL BABBITT, Band l,2,3, social manager 35 Ski Club l,2,3,4, Vice-Pres. 45 Latin Club 2,3,4, Treasurer 35 Drama Club 3,4, Treasurer 45 Astronomy 2,3,4, Vice-President 35 Pep Band 35 Festival 25 Kinlani Staff 3,4, Photographer 3, Editor 45 Senior Play 45 Thespians 4. EILEEN BROOKS. JOE BAER, Madrlgal Choir 45 Glee Club 4. ...Ib- 1 TONY BACA. BILLIE JEAN BROCK. BARBARA BROOKTER, Drama Club 1,25 Girls interscholastic Basketball 3, Volleyball 3 Choir l,2g Glee Club l,2. DAVID BOJORQUEZ, Glee Club l,2,3, Choir l,2,3g Basketball 2,3, Football lg Rifle Club. 2. CHARLES BREWER. CLAUDIA BRYSON, Choir l,2,3,4, Festival l,2,3,4g Glee Club 2,3. RICHARD BROWN. ROSIEBELLE CALNIMP- TEWA. K G MAXINE CLAYTON, Letterwoman 3,49 Girls lnterscholastic Volleyball 3,4, Choir 2,3,4, Festival 2,3,4, Glee Club 4. JOHN BUNCH, Art Club4g Chess Club 4, Choir 23,45 Festival 23,45 Glee Club 2,4. CYNTHIA COLE, Art Club 4, Festival. HENRY BUSCH. V 1 -17- GENEVIEVE CRUZ, Girls' League Council Alternate 35 Benchwarmers 354, treasurer 35 Old Spanish Club 2,3,4, treasurer 2,35 Kinlani Staff 45 Green 84 Brown staff 45 National Honor Society 3,45 New Spanish Club 25354. JOHNNY CABRERA, Math Club 45 Old Spanish Club 35 F.T.A. 35 Choir 45 Glee Club 2,3,45 Green 8. Brown Staff. LINDA DAVENPORT, Choir l,2,3,45 Madrigal Choir I,2,3,45 ALVIN CHARLIE, Art Club I5 Letterman I5 Foot-ball I, Co-captain I5 Basketball I, Co-captain lg Baseball I, Co- captain I. ISIDRO CHEVEZ, Old Spanish Club 2,3,4. PEGGY DAVIS, Art Club 45 Glee Club 4. DEAN DESPAIN, Astronomy 3,45 Football I. JACKIE DEVEREAUX, Rifle Club 3. JOAN DORSEY, Senior Council Representative 3, I,2,3,4, Letterwoman 2,3545 F.T.A. 45 New Spanish Club 253,45 Girls lnterscholastic Volleyball lj Softball lj Choir I,2,3,45 secretary-treasurer 45 Orchestra 25 Pep Band 3,45 Festival I,2,3,45 Glee Club I,2,3,45 Senior Play 4, production staff5 Junior Play 3, production staff. RAMON DIAZ, Band l,2,3,45 Old Spanish Club 4, Sergeant at Arms5 Orchestra 2,3,45 Pep Band I,2,3,45 Dance Band 253,45 Festival I,2,3,4. JUDITH EDSON, Freed High lg Central High 25 Choir 3,45 Festival 3,45 Madrigal 45 Glee Club 3,4. PHILIP DOWNUM, Chess Club 45 Math Club 3,4, President 45 National Honor Society 45 Astronomy 2,3,4, Vice-president 45 Rifle Club 1,2,3,5 Hiking Club I,2,3,45 Junior Play 3, Production Staff5 J.V. Basketball Manager5 Boy's State Rep. -18- 5 iv "et ASUNCION ESPINO, Benchwarmers 3,45 Letterwomen 2,3,4, Treasurer 35 Old Spanish Club 2,3,45 Girls lnterscholasic Basket- ball 35 Volleyball 2,35 Softball 2,35 Badminton All State 2,35 Kinlani Staff 45 Green 8. Brown 4. MIKE DRIGGS, Senior High Council senior class president 1,45 Letterrnen 3,4, treasurer 35 Rifle Club 35 Football 2,45 Basketball l,2,3,4. ELENA FAVALE, Foreign Exchange Student, F.H.S. 4. DANIEL DUNLAP, Astronomy 35 Track 2,35 Festival I,2,3,45 Madrigal Choir 3,45 Glee Club I,2,3. STEVE ESTRELLA, Lettermen 2,3,45 Old Spanish Club 45 Football l,2,3,45 Basketball 25 J.V. Track 2. MAGDALENA FIGUEROA, Letterwomen 3,45 Old Spanish Club 2,3,45 Girls interscholastic Volleyball 2,3,45 Choir 2,3,45 Festival 2,3,4. JOHN FARNS- WORTH. MARY LOUISE FIGUEROA, Band l,2,35 Letterwomen 3,45 Old Spanish Club 2,3,45 Girls Interscholastic Basketball 35 Volleyball I,2,35 Softball I,2,35 Orchestra 2,35 Pep Band 35 Festival l,2,3. CONNIE FRY, Commerce Club 45 National Honor Society 45 Kinlani Staff 4. BILL GARBORINO, Math Club 3,45 Football J.V. 1,25 Basketball J.V. lg Baseball 3,45 Green 81 Brown Staff 4, Sports Editor. INEZ GARCIA, Old Spanish Club 35 Choir 45 Festival 2. WALLACE GARDNER, Chess Club 45 Astronomy 45 Boys State 4, -19- CHARLENE GARRETT, Senior High Council 2, CPresident 4D5 Letterwomen 3,45 Commerce Club 3,45 Festival 1,25 Madrigal Choir 1,25 Senior Play 45 Junior Play 35 J,V. Cheerleader 2. MARVIN GORDON, Basketball 1,25 Track l,2,4. ROBERTA GILBERT, Choir 45 Festival 4. JERRY GORE. NICK GONZALES, Band I5 Old Spanish Club 45 Baseball 2. CECELIA GOMEZ, Old Spanish Club 2,3,45 Choir l,2,3,45 Festival I,2,3,4. LEANORD HAGEMAN. PETRA GOMEZ, Old Spanish Club 2,3,45 Choir l,2,3,45 Festival l,2,3,4. DOROTHY GREENING, Letterwornen 2,3,4, Vice-president 45 Old Spanish Club 2,3,45 Girls lnterscholastic Basketball 35 Vol- leyball I,2,3,45 Badminton 3, All State5 Choir 3,45 Festival 3,45 Green 84 Brown 45 Pom Pon Girls lp Benchwarmers 4. STEVE HARRIS. TERRA HARENBERG, Art Club, president 45 Choir 45Glee Club 45 Band 3,4. JOHN HEAL: -20- gi .si A J . 3? - . ' ir v ' 'ff I NORA HAYLEY, Senior High Council l,2,3, Band l, Benchwarmers 3,4, secretary 3, Letterwomen 2,3,4, Commerce Club 3,4, Ski Club 2, Latin Club 2,3,4, President 4, Drama Club 2,3,4, National Honor Society 4, F.T.A. 2,3, Volleyball 3, Softball 2, Kin- lani Staff 3, Green 8K Brown 3, Senior Play 4, Pom Pon Girls l, Merit Awards 3. MANUEL HERNANDEZ, Old Spanish Club 4. JEAN HEAD. SEFER HERNANDEZ, Old Spanish Club 4, Football l. JOHN HIRNI, F.T,A. l. ESTHER HERRERA. FARRELI. HOOSAVA, N.A.S.S, 4, Lettermen 3,4, Basketball l,2, J.V. 2, Treasurer l, Track 2,3,4, Commerce Club 4.MARlLYN HERSINGER, Girls' League Council 2,3,4, Representative 2, Vice-President 3, Pres- ident 4, Latin Club 2,3,4, Vice-President 3, Secretary 4, F.T.A. 3,4, Vice-President 4, National Honor Society 3,4, Vice-Pres- ident 4, Astronomy 2,3,4, Social Manager 4, Choir 3,4, President 4, Orchestra 2,3,4, Vice-President 2, President 3,4, Fest- ival Glee Club 3 President Denver Colorado l. it'- BOBBIE HICKMAN, Band l,2, New Spanish Club 2,3,4, Girls lnterscholastic Basketball 3, Volleyball 3, Softball 2, Choir 2,3,4, Festival 2,3,4, Glee Club 3,4. TOM JAMES. SUSAN HORR, National Honor Society 4, Choir l, Festival l, Senior Play Produc- tion staff. ROBERT JOE, Lettermen 2,3,4, Football l,2,3, J.V. l,2, Varsity 3, Basketball l,2,3,4, Freshmen l, J.V. 2, Varsity 3, 4, Baseball l,2,3,4, Varsity l,2,3,4. ...2'I... , . 5 .lt -..... 5 M is 5 5- r NORMA JACKSON, Drama Club 45 National Honor Society 45 Choir 45 Glee Club 45 Senior Play 4. BILL JOHNSON, Senior High Council l,2,3,45 J.H. President 15 Sophomore Vice-President 25 Student Body Vice-President 35 Letterman 3,4, President 45 Football J.V. 2, Varsity 45 Basketball J.V. 2, Varsity 3,45 Baseball 2,3,4, Co-Captain 3. LINDA JUNE, Senior High Council 2,3,4 Social Manager 45 Band 2,35 Benchwarmers 3,45 President 45 Commerce Club 3,45 F.T.A. 35 National Honor Society 3,4, Secre- tary lst semester 45 Choir 1,25 Festival 1,2,35 Green 8- Brown Statt 45 Senior Play 45 Junior Play 35 Girls State 35 Twirler 1,25 Cheerleaders 2,3, J.V. 2, Varsity 3. ROBERT JONES, Band 253,45 Latin Club 25 Drama Club 3,45 National Thespians treasurer 4- Festival Senior 4 production statt Junior staff Merit Award 3 1 1 CHARLES KIRK. COLEEN KELM, Delta High School 1,25 Synchronized Swimming 3,45 Kinlani Staff 4, KENNETH LINCOLN, Ski Club 3545 National Honor Society 4.KATY KIMBALL, Senior High Council 1,2,35 Freshman class secretary 15 Sophomore class treasurer 25 Junior class treasurer 35 Band 1,2,35 Drama Club 2,3,4, treasurer 35 National Honor Society 3,45 Astronomy 3,4, treasurer 45 Basketball 35 Green 81 Brown Staff 45 Senior Play 45 Junior Play 3. SHANNON KIRLEY, National Honor Society 45 Choir 25 Festival 2. CHESTER LOCKWOOD, football 4. SUE KITTREDGE. PHILLIP LUCERO, Senior High Council 45 Senior Class Vice-President 45 Band 1,2,3,4, treasurer 3,45 Old Spanish Club 2,3,4, president 45 National Honor Society 45 Orchestra 2,3,4, treasurer 3,45 Dance Band 1,2,3,45 Pep Band 2,3,45 Festival 1,2,3,45 Glee Club 45 Green 84 Brown Statt 35 Boys State 35 Merit Award 3,4, -22- EVELYN KLUGE, Commerce Club 45 National Honor Society 45 Choir 3,45 Festival 3,45 Glee Club 35 Kinlani Staff 45 Green 81 Brown Staff 4. BRUCE MAY, Band 35 Ski Club 1,2,3,45 Chess Club 45 Math Club 3,4, Vice-President5 National Honor Society 45 Astronomy 3,45 Football 15 Track 2, Manager5 Orchestra 35 Pep Band 35 Boys State 35 Merit Award. CAROL LEYPOLDT, Band 1,2,3,4, Society Manager5 Commerce Club 45 Ski Club 1,2,3,4, President 45 Drama Club 3,4, Secretary 45 F.T.A. 3,45 National Honor Society 3,4, Treasurer5 Choir 1,35 Orchestra 2,3,4, Social Manager 3,45 Pep Band 1,2,3,45 Dance Band 1,35 Festival 1,2,45 Glee Club 1,35 All-State Band 2,35 Girls State 4, Treasurer5 Senior Play 45 Merit Award 2.35 United Nations 3. ALLEN MULHOLLAND. LEO MUNOZ, Track 1,2,3,4. CAROLYN LINDSEY, Band lg Choir 1,2,3,45 Glee Club 1,2,35 Pom Pon Girls 1. LEON PARKER, Football J.V. 25 Basketball J.V. 25 Baseball J.V. 3. SHIRLEY LITTLEMAN, Choir 25 Festival 2. ROSALIE LONGBOTTOM, Choir 1,2,3,4. JACK PETERS, Lettermten 3,45 Football 3,45 Basketball Freshman 1, J.V, 3, Varsity 3,45 Track 2,3,4, Varsity Captain. MAYBELLE MARTIN, Band 2,3,45 Commerce Club 45 Ski Club 3,45 Drama Club 2,3,45 F.T.A. lg National Honor Society 45 Choir 1,3,45 Pep Band 3,45 Glee Club 3,45 Green 81 Brown Staff 45 Senior Play 4, production staff5 Junior Play 3, production staff5 Merit Award 354, C. J. PIGG, Football 35 Basketball 35 Baseball 35 Choir 1. 1 MARGARET MARTINEZ. BOB RAUDEBAUGH, Lettermen 3,4, Football J.V. 2, Varsity 3,4, Basketball J.V. 2, Varsity 3, Track 2, 3,4, Glee Club 3. NOREEN MASON, Senior High Council 4, senior class treasurer, Band l,2,3, Commerce Club 4, Drama Club 3,4, National Thespians 3,4, secretary 4, Girls Interscholastic Volleyball 3, Choir I, Festival l,2,3, Kinlani Staff 4, Senior Play 4, Junior Play 3, Merit Award 3, Twirler I, Lieutenant 2, Head Twirler 3, Drum Maiorette 4. MIKE REDMAN, Band l,2,3,4, Assistant Director 4, Ski Club 2, Drama Club 2, Choir l,2,3,4, Orchestra I,2,3,4, Pep Band l,2,3,4, Dance Band l,2,3,4, Festival l,2,3,4, Madrigal Choir 4, Glee Club I,2,3,4, Senior Play 4, Junior Play 3, Merit Award 3,4. BERNADINO REYES, Old Spanish Club 4. DIANNE MAYNARD, Art Club 4, EDDIE REYE5, Old Spanish Club, Basketball 2, Track 2,3 .IO ANNE MCDERMAID, Art Club 3,4, Vice-President, Benchwarmers 3,4, F.T.A. 3,4, Girls lnterscholastic Volleyball I, Choir l, Kinlani staff 4, Senior Play 4, Junior Play 3, production statt. MARILYN MICHELBACH, Senior High Council, sophomore class secretary 2, Junior class vice-president, student body secretary 4, Band I,2,3, secretary 4, Benchwarmers 3,4, Drama Club 2,3,4, F.T.A. 3,4, secretary 4, National Honor Society 3,4, Astronomy 4, Outstanding Sophomore Award 2, Synchronized Swimming 3,4, Festival l,2,3, Kinlani Staff 4. DAVID RICHARDSON. HELEN MONTOYA, Old Spanish Club 2,3,4, vice-president, GORDON ROGERS, Ski Club 3,4, Lettermen 3,4, Drama Club 3,4 vice! president 4, Thespians 3,4, president, Football Varsity 3,4, Choir 4, Festival 3, Quartet, Madrigal Choir 4, Glee Club 3,4, Green 8- Brown 4, Senior Play 4, Junior Play 3. -24- . 54 LOLITA MULTINE, Art Club 3,4, Band 2, Commerce Club 4, Girls interscholastic Volleyball 2,3, Basketball 2,3, Choir 3,4g Music Festival 3,45 Glee Club 3,4, Kinlani Staff 4, Sales Manager, Green 81 Brown Staff 4, Reporter, WESLEY ROLLEY, Band l,2,3,4, Chess Club 4, National Honor Society 3,4, President I semester 4, Astronomy 3,4, Basketball J.V. 2, Choir 3,4, Orchestra 2,3, 4, Sgt-at-Arms 4, Pep Band l,2,3,4, Festival l,2,3,4, Madrigal Choir 4, Glee Club 2,3,4. JANET NATT, Letterwomen 2,3,4, Girls interscholastic Basketball 3, Volleyball l,2,3,4g Softball l,2, Choir l, Pom Pon Girls 3,4, JOHN RUSSELL, Glee Club 3,4, Green 8- Brown 4. Old Spanish Club 2,3,4, Football l,2. BEVERLY NORTON. BILL SAVORY, Latin Club 2,3,4. MILDRED PEARCE, Ski Club 4, National Honor Society 4, Girls State 4, Alternate. SUE ANN PECKUMN, Band 3,4, Choir 3,4, Festival 3,4, Pep Band 4, Nladrigal Choir 3,4. DANIEL SIROKY, Rifle Club l, Letter- men 2,3,4, Math Club 4, Football 3,45 Track l,2,3,4g Festival 3,4, Glee Club 3,4 ETHEL PETERS, Lettervvomen 3,4, Girls Inter- scholastic Basketball 35 Volleyball l,2,3, Softball l,2, Festival if Glee Club lg Pom Pon Girls l. DAVID SIROKY, -25- GERRY SCAI-F, Band 1,2,3,4, Choir 1,2,3,4, Festival I,2,3,4, Glee Club l,2,3,4, Kmlani Staff 4. GRANT SMITH, Lettermen 3,4, Football l,2,3,4. EMILY SEDILLO. RAYMOND SOTO, Lettermen 2,3,4, Old Spanish Club 2,3, Football l,2,3,4, Basketball 3,4, Track 2,3,4. EDWINA SHEEHAN, Girls' League Council 3, Junior Representative, Band l,2,3, Choir l,2,3,4, treasurer 3, vice-president 4, Pep Band 3, Festival l,2,3,4, Madrigal Choir 3,4, Glee Club l,2,3,4, Senior Play 4, production staff, Junior Play 3, production staff. RONALD USSERY. FRED VERNON, Ski Club 3,A, Latin Club 2,3,4, Drama Club 3, Astronomy 3,4, Football Manager 2, Choir 3, Festival 3, Senior Play 4, Junior Play 3, Merit Award 3. JULIA ROSENOGLE. ELLEN ROWLAND- JOE WALKER, Letterman 3,4, Basketball 331, Baseball 3,4 STELLA RUSSELL, National Honor Society 4. DOUG WILSON, Ski Club l,2,3,4, Choir l,2, Festival l,2, Glee Club l-,2, Senior Play 4, Junior Play 3. BARBARA SANDOVAL, Girls' League Council 4, Representative 4, Old Spanish Club 2,3,4, Treasurer 4, Choir l,2,3,4, Festival l,2,3,4, Glee Club l,2,3. DAVID WONG, Senior High Council l,2,3,4, Vice-President l,2,3, Student Body Vice-President 4, Let- terman 3,4, Vice-President 4, National Honor Society 4, Football 3,4, J.V. 2. MARGARET SIMPSON, Pom Pon Girls l. RICHARD WREN, Band l,2,3, Sgt.-at-Arms 3, National Honor Society, Football l,2, Basketball l,2,3, Baseball 2, Track l,3, Kinlani Staff 4, Senior Play 4, Junior Play 3, Boys State 3. DICKINSON WRIGHT, Ski Club 3,4, Drama Club 3,4, National Thespians 4, Choir l,2,3, Festival l,3, Glee Club l,2,3, Senior Play 4. LINDA SOVINSKI, Band 2,3,4, Colorguard, Commerce Club 3,4, Drama Club 3,4, President 4, Thespians 3,4, Vice- President, Junior Play 3, Senior Play 4, Choir 2,3,4, Festival 2,3,4, Glee Club 2,3,4, Kinlani Staff 4, Green St Brown 4. BUDDY YOUNG. SANDRA STEELE, Girls' League Council 2, Secretary 2, Commerce Club 3,4, F.T.A. l,2, Nat'l Honor Society 3,4, Girls' lnterscholastic Badminton 3, Choir l,2,3,4, Festival l,2,3,4, Madrigal Choir 4, Glee Club 2,3,4, All State Choir 4, Green 81 Brown Staff 4, Editor-in-Chief, Jr. Play, Girls State 4, Merit Award 3. MARILYN THOMAS, Art Club 4, Latin Club 2,3,4, Choir l, Festival l. SUZIE TROXELL, Band l,2,3, Benchwarmers 4, Choir I,2, 3, Festival l,2,3,4, Glee Club l,2,3,4, Senior Play 4. FLORENCE VALDOVINO, Letterwomen 2,3,4, Treasurer 4, Old Spanish Club 2,3,4. GLORIA VASQUEZ, Choir l,2, Festival l,2, Old Spanish Club 2. ..27... MARY LOU VAUGHN. MARY WATKINS, Girls Interscbolasfic Basketball 35 Volleyball 2,3,45 Choir 2,3,45 Festival 35 Glee Club 45 Pom Pon Girls 2. VALU WEBB, Globe High School and FHS 45 Art Club I5 Commerce Club 35 Choir I,25 Festival 1,25 Glee Club I,2,35 Green 81 Brown Staff 45 Junior Play 35 Twirler I. JUANITA WHITSON, Green 81 Brown 3. n SUE WILLIS, Girls' League Council I,4, Treasurer5 Band 2, Colorguard5 Commerce Club 45 Drama Club 45 Thespians 45 Girls Inter- scholastic5 Softball 35 Choir 2,35 Festival 2,35 Glee Club 2,35 Kinlani Slaff 45 Green 81 Brown Staff 45 Senior Play 45 Junior Play 3. ANNA LEE WONG, Ari Club 2,35 Choir 3,45 Feslival 35 Glee Club 3. SANDRA YAHNKE. -23- J' . Junior Class Officers, from left to right: Edith Heflin, Bob Yates, Elaine Gibson, Raymond Wong. ek , "The Twins" Karen Wilson and Peggy Sharfzer. L29- ii iz , 5. ' 1, x Preparations for Junior Play I I I LEAH HOFFMAN ARTHUR WILSON JOHN SCHELL jg .. -. ,351 EDDIE PIPER Q S x JUDY MCMAN US FRANCES OUOTSKUYVA SHARON STANFILL CAROL MCFALL N . . , I BOBBY BREWER FRED GARDUNO JOE VALVERDE PEGGY ROMERO SHARTZER CONTRERAS GERALDINE LASSITER SHIRLEY BANKS KAY COSBY ff' Vi BILLER ANLEY COX YNN JANICE LEON MERLE BEUERLE MANTZ OSBORN ALVIN COLE STUART HOUSTON CHRIS VICTORIA GALLARDO LONGFELLOW JOHN DECKER JOHN COCKRILL 3 .W ..W.,,,.Q..1..w--.H OSCAR ACEDO KAREN FRIEND "Wl'1ere'S WiIIY" If ,J EDITH HEFLIN RAYMOND WONG JERRY BUCHANAN NEILS MICI-IELSON BARBARA RICHARD MCGILL SANCHEZ MIKE EDWARD CROMER NIETO KATHERINE MORTENSEN LU PITA WALTERS JACQUELINE BUCKMAN I 1 NANCY I EPLER BESSIE NATACHES FELICITA KEMPTON RONALD BRENDT MIKE ANDREA TOM WOLF SPANGLER ELAINE GIBSON DENA MAE -In 'E A U 45452245 3 X -nj 'M Q? ff s E af . I- "-H53 ' Y 1. X 1 Q,- All zfQ'g'S,'Lq"M7 S ,g.,g.K-ur, Q 4 gg wig DENNA DICKINSON .ik.M,fQ,.i 7 W, My RALPH JOHNSON T W ':" If A ' .'.'Z ,i I EUGENE BOBADILLA SLOAN SHEEHAN HICKEY BETTY WESTER B WEBSTER THOMAS WEEMS MARION GARY DENNY ANDERSON 33' FRANCES CATE GERALDINE MULTINE iff? BENNY DAY VERONICA COFFMAN M I LD R E D N O FC I-I I SS E Y Sl ,L,--,L" ,,:-kg, IAI 'f-21. , 5 II'2 R O S A L I E R E Y E S CLOTEAL PIGG D O N A L D WA L T E R S . ..i'f1fig227 I A mi? . , ""' WE A Zffmz E My . ., . BRUCE DUNFORD JOHN LEVERING WALLY RHOTON KENDALL DERIFIELD NED BRITT LEROY WILLIAMS LARRY WESTOVER LOUISE HOLMES ffm-92 'Sify ' . :fb is LIQQI- - , . ' ALI as? 3' L J L K K - ,,' VfFf42?13213f Aff-twifm . ..,,. L ,QIL LLILII d.,1,L gg.. :,. , I L - REX KING ERLINDA TERRY GRIEGO MAI-IAN SERVITA ALFARO Lf, M 'Meal I Kiiim L wa A - . MARGARET ROMERO CAROL Lou . BEAN BARBARA BOB SMITH ALFRED I , FRED BOJORQUEZ GENICE RUSSELL B GAY TRUMAN LUPE "Did your conscience FIGUEROA ge, you down -33- VViIIY?" BILL RUSSELL CHARLENE r T T Q E T E P P 2 T I T 7 T I T BONNEY k..N......U,A........, ,, BOB YATES X. 3, '-:L X A ,KX , 'N , R Q, ':'P V'l2:f - 7 5, .XM -:..k:g:-':m ,.,:- . 31 , ,Q u w L..f fy ,ff ,v,, ..W::T1::a.:.,.,:f- . my if me-F M.-T. . - 'fwffiiii' -1 , :,, ,,,:. 1 .:,. ....,, T . ., k,, 1:-srx' 'T . - T ff -- Y' T QT ,V QT -I T -'xllw ::x--ma5:55?2:l'E' 533 LM xx W -. T- vii? gm. 1 Qs 'U' A TP N e. ., T ,Tag A 4 2 X . 1 T RUTH MORGAN WT I . ay LL, - SHARON BUDDY PARKER CRAWLEY MARGARET BETSY ' WETSEL GREGG ngggvgeaszvuf- .T LUTHER MAE CLAYTON "Hot Dog!" "You Dorf! Say!" -34- V W--.,.-,.,,,,, .,,.,-.-.,.-,K CAROLE PURCELL "Juniors Work?" T as ' A A QTTET -'-- . 5. ' iff" , zfkfzkl T T T T MARGARET PARTSHER T T T T J SECRETARY KAY WALLS TREASURER RUTH AVOTS x PHILLIP TYLER SHARON STOUT MONTE HENDERSON JANE LANGLEY ILENE ALLSUP RONNIE LAWRIE LINDA PAXTON FRED COLMENERQ Jef' L -.3 PHILLIP MARABLE BARBARA EOREMAN DONALD DORMAN MELISSA MILLS BARBARA YOUNG JIMMY PITTS BARBARA LABER JIMMY MOORE Sw STEFANIE HOAG 'ZORHAYDA BREWER f MAC HECK I Uii.IE.R.RJ-N ' ' LUCILLE HONGEVA JOHNNY SULLIVAN SANDRA CARROLL CAROL CHRISTENSEN ROBERT RUNKE DOROTHY EYRICH TIPTON CUMMINGS EMMETT PARISHER CHLOE CARSON JERRY SHUGARS BILLIE PERCY I GEORGE HOWELL GLORIA WILLIAMS REUBEN LOMAYESVA JUDY THOMPSON JEAN CLARK RONALD PARKER LINDA DILLOW TOM HILL WAYNE SANDERS FRANCES MORALES STEVE CRNKOVICH LINDA RYBERG SUE KEITHLEY WELDON DOUGLAS NORA QUINN ELMER JAMES JERRY RICHARDS SHIRLEY PRINCE RICHARD HOFFFMAN ELEANOR GOMEZ DENNIS MILLIGAN MEG BILBY LANGEL MORIAILES- SANDRA DICKSON MIKE MCLAUGHLIN CONNIE WILSON ARTHUR GONZALES LINDA LLOYD I -37- STANLEY CARSON FADLEMJPAPRKER SCOTT DENNING DORENE BYRD KAY WALLS HERBERT BABBITT JUSTINE PRADO ALFRED JAUREQUI J. W. BRANTLEY THELMA WHITE ERNEST CASTRO RUTH AVOTS RHODA KING LARRY FORREST KATHLEEN BUSHEY MIKE ZAHARIAS BECKY LAUGHMAN JOHN MCGUIRE LINDA CROSSMAN PAT NEWBERRY TONY SEDILLO HELEN FAJARDO JhQIjbL..AUZA MARCIA RIORDAN EUGENIA LOBATO RONALD TURNER VICKEY LUCERO JOE NAVARRO LESLIE KIRK LINDA MANGUM ROBERT DRAKE MERRY LEE WITHER w.!l!.,- -- 1 ,,,,,...J.L .H-,, .' Marie Contreras Ricky Wright Mary Hernandez Marcia Magee Priscilla Anderson John Avots Sharon Parker Ernesline Boiorquez Harvey Taylor Ruth Hunfer Jim Durhan Charles Barreras Diane Anderson Earl Lockbridge Jean Beck Judy Jones Waldon Lomayesva Johnnie Ziegler Gerald Diehl Jean Kay Sannes Frank Costey Christine Pigg Alan Stricklin Ola Denham Owen Bullock Elfreida Nez Gene Gyger -39- DOROTHY SULLIVAN BARBARA KEDLEY MARTHA MCDONALD NANCY WESTOVER EARLENE MAYNARD GARNET THOMPSON JUDY KIMBALL JANET TSOSIE JANET CONNELLY PAT BAGWELL DEA JAYNE GODFREY IRENE JACKSON CHARLOTTE PHELPS VIVIAN VIGIL AURORA ARCHULET EDNA CHAVEZ FRANK DORSEY MARILYN SMITH LESLIE WOLFE OCTAVIA LARGE SHARON ROGERS RONNIE PARKER BETTYE BOLSEY JOE DUSHEK JAMES NATATCHES LUCILLE GARCIA MELTON WILLIAMS ORLA GAY ZABRISKIE LYNN WILLERFORD BILL KNIPE THERESA JIMENEZ JOHN COOK - ---..--V., EMMA JEAN MCNEAL SHARON O'NEIL CHRISTINE WATKINS ROBERTA MULTINE JULIA GARCIA RALPH NEWTON GEORGIA GARBARINO NEILL HILLMAN JACK O'NEIL ANGELINE BOJORQUEZ JAMES MC GILL ELVIRA LUCERO DIANNE SHARTZER FRANK FARNSWORTH RUTH SALAZAR HENRY SEWEYESTEWA NORMA HEWETT PEGGY WHEELER ? MARGARET WILLIAMS ,XX I :O , , M ' ,L I L 1 f X X L JOLCE,EA,R,LC,.E,R ' j X L' VITA WYTEWA -E . -- I ,I BARBARA GORDON ' I "w K xx , xi , I I - 'Q - 7 MARY WOLFE 31 ' --4, L, ELVETA LLLLLAN NEAL ' ' - 1 BEVERLY HYDE ' JOY SEUMPTEWA DEANNA DEAN GEORGIA RENNER -41- "1 1 I L , -.J AL PITTARD MARGARET SHAVONIS RAY GONZALES JULIA GARCIA HERBERT BABBITT JIMMY HENSCHEID VIRGINIA GARCIA NICK LUCERO JOHN KILLIP LUCILLE HONGEVA TED ABBOTT VICTORIA VELASCO CAROL WELLS JOHN BRANDIS SHARON DAVIS JO ANN EARL ANN DWIGGINS WAYNE SANDERS TONI JOHNSON MICKEY STRACHAN ROBERT PALMER ELVIRA LUCERO LARRY POPE JULIA LITTLEMAN PAYE PARKER JAMES LANGSTON EDNA CHAVEZ GERALD RUSSELL ROBERT ORNELAS MARTHA KAY MORGAN SPEARS HENDERSON ALPHA PARKER STANDING: Veep, Sandra Rosenogle and Sec. Marcia Leypoldt. KNEELING: Pres. Larry Runke and Treas, Charlie Wong. r F Freshman class Talent! Study Hall? t Work B -43- F NANNETTE VAN SICKLE HENRY VALDIVIA TERRY ANN TODD JERRY STONEBERGER JIMMY SMART RONNY SLAYTON ELAINE SLAYTON PAUL VAUGHN JAMES TROXELL BILL SUTCLIFFE PHILLIP SMITH HARRISON WELLS DAVID TRUJILLO YVONNE TAFOYA KATHRYN WOHLSCHLEGEL GERALD SNEED LARRY SLOCUM ROGER WESTER ROSETTA WALLACE HUGH THOMAS DAISY YELLOWMAN LORRAINE YAZZIE CHARLES WONG SUE WILSON WOODROW WEEMS BERNICE WALLACE LOUIS VEGA MARY JANE YAIVA STEPHEN WRIGHT DIANE WILHELM TROY LEE WATTS MADELINE VIGIL -44- ... , ..,...,.. , ,L J I, ..J!l, MILES SHEPPARD EMILY SERNA JENNIE SEDILLO DELBERT SAN DE RSON ROBERT ROWE FELIX ROCHA NANCY RIVAS MARCIE SEDILLO DICK SEDILLO JOHN SANCHEZ SANDRA ROSENOGLE EARNEST ROBINSON GEORGE PRICE CLARENCE SANDOVAL JO ANN SANCHEZ BETTY ROMNEY , L.-.S.....a.nn.A......J,,-.....L..............,.. ,.,,, W LARRY RUNKE - 45 JOHN REED RUTH ANN POLIVEMA BETTY PHILLIPS CECILIA REYES SARA REDMAN GORDON PIRTLE MARVIN PHELPS SHARON PETERSON SHIRLEY RHOTON SANDRA REED RODGER PRIVATT JOE PICKETT LARRY PHELPS MELVIN PETERSON KENNETH PETERSON THOMAS PALMER CECILIA PADILLA ROBERT O'NEIL DORA PENA KENNY PARKER DELORES PADILLA MOLLY ORNELAS GREGORY O'CONNELL LINDA ANNE PERKINS PAUL OSBORN GARY NORTON CHERYL NEQUATEWA DIA DOUGLAS NEWTON ROSEMARIE NAVARRO FRANCINE MORTENSEN SOLOMON MONTOYA NORMA NELSON LARRY MOWBRAY PATRICIA MOYER GENE MOORE JACK MILLER CONNIE MULLINS ROBERT MORRIS NA LEIGH MITCHELL VICKY MIER GARY MC PHERSON DARLIN PEOPLES RUTH PARKER MARY EVELYN PAGE BARBARA OSBORN SHARON OLSON PAUL NUNEZ -46- I .- M ...,wr..,L. W.,-Y -L-. JAMES IEDDIEJ MCLAUGHLIN LINDA JOYCE MCGOWEN CAROL MASSEY JAMES MARTIN MARJORLE LUTHER PAT LUCERO DALE LONGBOTTOM BELVA MASE DAVID MARTIN TRINIE LUNA MARTHA JEAN MATLOCK DORELLA LOVATO LYNN LANGSTON KATHREEN MARTIN MCKINLEY MARSHALL RAY LUCERO ..L,mmLA ....,.,, ,. ,..,,,, , LORENZA MACIAS - 47 - SHARON LEVERING JOHN LANE NANCY JORDON SANDRA LINK LYLE LEAS MICHAEL LAYEDO PATSY JOHNSON CAROL JOHNSON ROBERT LOMADAFKIE MARCIA LEYPOLDT SYBILE LAWSON DAVID KENT DONALD JOHNSON CLYDE JOE SANDRA JAMES PW T BEVERLY HOOD MARY JAKLE LYNN SANDRA HUNTER GUY HOUSEHOLDER CLYDE HOLMES ROBERT HENDERSON DONNA MAE HEIMER IMOGENE HUTCHESON ROLLAND HUFF KAY HOLMGREN LYDIA HERNANDEZ RUTH ANN HELSEL TONY NEAL JAMES HILL SHARON HAYES PURDY HART RAY HARENBERG GLORIA GREENING DELIA GONZALES SUE GLADE FLORA GILSON BEVERLY HAUMONT PAUL HARPER TESSIE GUTIERREZ COLLEEN HOLLINGSWORTH HENDEN LOUISE GYGER - 48 - SHARON GRANT MELVIN HARLAN HELEN GRIEGO PAT GONZALES DANNY GODAC A A,-g,wL..,.:..L.,,.., .. .... LOUIS GARDUNO RAMONA GARCIA JAMES GARCIA GLENDA FLOWERS FRED FIELDS JOHN EARNSHAW PATRICIA DUNFORD ISABEL GARCIA TAVIA FOSTER PRISCILLA FLORES BILL FENNELL BERNIE DURAN JESSICA ANN DANSON WANDA FOREHAND MIKE FINNEY LOUIS ENCINIAS MANUEL DOMINQUEZ NARCISO CORDOVA DOLORES FIGUEROA PRESTON DAGONS HELEN DORSEY DAVID DOBRINSKI SUSAN CREIGHTON TONY CONTRERAS ROBIN COLTON CAROLYN DOWNUM GEORGE DONALDSON -49-. BOBBY D'MURA GAYLE CREEDEN EMILY CONTRERAS MARY LEE COLEMAN EDDIE COLE DANNY COLE BARBARA COLE SHERYL COFFIN BOBBY CLARK BETTY CASTILLO KAREN COGDILL PHILLIP COCKRELL JERRY CHAVEZ CHARLES CARROLL DANNY CANCINO MARLENE CARNAHAN IRENE CASTILLO GERLENE CLAYTON CECELIA CEBALLOS MICHELLE KAY CARR MARY ELIZABETH BUCK MARY ANN BURTON TOMMY BURNS BEVERLY BRYANT BILLY BROWN BARBARA BUSHEY TOMMY BURRIS JOHN BURGETT CRAIG BROWN PATRICK BRITT INA BETH BOYD ROBERT BOSWELL MARY CALDWELL -50- ,, ...iggdm W-,....,,..,,L,..,.-,,,-hwa-..,..M...,,..,.. ,..L,,..,. Jah I I BARBARA BONNER JUDITH BLAKE JEFFREY BISHOP JACK BETCHER ERNEST BERGERON ,,,, I JIMMIE BEELER LEO BARELA ALBERT AVELAR PATSY BEEKMAN MARY BAKER DONNA AUSTIN JOHN BEEKMAN VIRGINIA BAER JUDY ARTLIP SHARON BECKENDORF FREDDIE BACA EVA ARNWINE THOMAS BATES JAMES AVERY MARY ARAGON Busy Place! -51- SHARON ANDERSON JAMES ALLEN RAMON ALFARO CATHY ACKERMAN ..V:4..L:,-..,.- - A - ,.. PRI NCI P L ' I 'N ' Q III sr 5. I II .X I Q3 I I -1 x Y c Q . . Rafi yew vfwsrrg FOOTBALL BOTTOM ROW: L to R H Mgr. F. Boiorquez, D. Jones, P. Halsey, G. Rogers, S. Estrella, R. Soto, J. Miller. SECOND ROW: Lto R - D. Wong, M. Driggs, M. Williams, B. Flick, F. Ramierez, C. Biller, J. Peters. THIRD ROW: L to R - C. Lockwood, B. Raudebaugh, A. Castro, B. Johnson, N. Mickelson, G. Baca, L. Williams. FOURTH ROW: L to R - A. Lee, R. Sanchez, P. Auza, B. Al- fred, E. Piper, G. Smith, R. Drake. FIFTH ROW: L to R - Coach Ply, B. Young, Coach Corona. We Opponents They CO-Captains: 0 Winslow 39 S. Estrella, D. Castro 0 Glendale 37 21 Prescott l2 19 Chandler 6 6 Tempe 7 26 Washington 6 l3 Globe 46 6 Winslow l8 -53 Coaches: John Ply, Gilbert Corona BOTTOM ROW I. to r., F. Farnsworth, J. Valverde, H. Taylor, Cancino, R. Lockwood, J. Auza, J. Dushek, T. Terrin, O. Acedo. SECOND ROW, Coach Murray. THIRD ROW I to r., D. Hamilton, B. Yates, L. Horne, C. Torrey, A. Juarequi, M. Altaro, G. Anderson, P. Perkins, E. Castro, Assistant Coach Boldenegro. FOURTH ROW I. to r., N. Britt, J. Garcia. FIFTH ROW l. to r., R. Hoffman, J. Sanchez, Coach Shneider. .IV FOOTBALL Opponents Prescott Seligman Winslow Prescott Winslow They 6 6 12 6 O BOTTOM ROW I. to r., B. Westover, B. Clark, R. Wryatt, D. Cancino, T. Bates P. Britt, T. Leadoetter, D. Jaurqul, SECOND ROW I. to r., J, Durham, F. Vega B. Young, R. Miller, THIRD ROW I. to r.,E. Williams, W. Weems, H, Thomas R. Lucero, FOURTH ROW I. to r., L. Garduno, J. Garcia, A. Baca, L. Eucinias B. Fronske, L. Runke, M. Harlan, C. Joe, Coach Evans, Mgr, P. Harper. FRESILMAM FOOTBALL 1 L We Opponents They 6 Prescott 6 33 Holbrook 6 6 Prescott 6 I9 Winslow O E 4 4 , KATHY BROWN STEFANIE HOAG CAROL BLEDSOE ba , 2, 1 dw . gg i: : 1 iw 'Q ., r f. V V 'N X ' H Q,-1 15- K .. ' ' 5 i 14 ' 1-illlrgk ! 'P , ., gf - 2 V : . S m .. 'A yt ' L' -, ig , 2 ,H 'r ,, ,L N V fi, '45 '- , wifi' f' : .f fv'- A.,, ,f " M .. W Y W' . ' ' K - . if W 'Qflf Q W A., . mb' ,X - A f,f'7?g1E:w,LEaQiip,.wm5 AKKL V . ?i :fJ'kf. -gsffax jylfff fwfr- 1 m i Funk .4 -w ' 'm" Y vkmsfi ins, 5 NW, ag! .Qin ag-ffglgy agg-g,3,gg'Q:'5LelqiEyfiI .1 ,4 , A i A 2 ff: -,Q-f.,3zga, f 1' , pw -s w hymn 'Af ff 3 A wffv5A'fKQ --" 1 "' WW i 'fffwx if " ' ffsiwim 'ff 23,1 is ww ' mm' " W' ' Jack Peters off and away"! 1 s 95: ff , ' I , " g 'L - 'kit 1 'A f 1 ' Y M H, Wfff ,SLM A jk Lv L,', A - W ' 'M ,M fx f aww .V A, for , ifjwj Q3 ,., 3 f U . -M.,-hw Z, 5.3 f...,.,.,f..w Lv f- - W , . I' N Q -Y-' .mx "'f'f.f Jifmwfnx 1, fx, mwwwzv M , -W, af I 'f - Q.. -. Howdy, son"! 1 1 f 1 fi -ki ,Q MW-1-1 3 M3 C afwiiw L. to R.g Mgr. Stuart Houston, Jack Peters, Henry Busch, Chuck Biller, Bill Johnson, Joe Walker, Bob Runke, Bill Webster, Ray Soto, Robert Joe, John Crawford, Leroy Williams, Earl Jacobs. WE 66 46 39 47 50 48 69 57 61 66 53 46 43 49 60 53 85 40 Coach Fred Anderson ? , ROAW. ...........a. OPPONENTS Williams Holbrook Snowflake Winslow Snowflake Prescott Tolleson Buckeye Williams WON TOURNAMENT IN WINSLOW Prescott Chandler Tempe Sunnyslope Agua Fria Washington Glendale Phoenix Indian Winslow CLASS A NORTH TOURNAMENT Championship game Flagstaff 22 Tolleson 33 STATE TOURNAMENT Flagstaff 57 Casa Grande 59 Flagstaff 44 Morenci 55 THEY 29 40 29 39 33 37 51 30 27 38 41 41 72 46 41 72 57 30 JMB Front row, l. to r., D. Peoples D. Cancino, P. Vega, J. San- chez, L. Runke, F. Baca, J Miller. Second row, T. to r. O. Brown, C. Joe, T. Palmer, R. Lucero, T. Contrerras, B Clark, J. Avery. Third row, I to r., Coach Frank Cosse boom, J. Betcher, M. Peter- son, J. Allen, J. Garcia. Front row, I. to r., R. Luna, N. Mickelson, S. Denning, P. Tyler, M. Williams, A. Lee, R. Drake, R. Lowrie. Second row, l. to r., J. Auza, J. Or- tiz, R. Sanchez, T. Mahan, H. Suestewa, C. Hoggro, Mgr. D. Dorman. Third row l. to r., D, Hamilton, J. Shugars, Coach E r n e st Mickelson. Fourth row, l To r.g J. Dur- ham, C. Durham, J. McGuire, C. Newman, J. Vega, F. Dor- sey, G. Dash. JM CHEERLEADERS L, to R.: Georgia Garbarino, Kay Walls, Dorothy Sullivan Bettye Bosley. FREQLLMAN CHEERLEADERS L. To RJ Sharon Grant, Betty Romney, Karen Cogdill, Shirley Rhoton. -59.. Pom PM C' AI. L. to R.-Front row-Sandy Rose-nogle, Sharon Stanfill, Mary Jakle, Sharon Levering. Back row- Georgia Renner, Linda Mangum, Dena Sheehan, v Joe and Johnson accept second place for Flag- staff' All Tourney second team-Robert Joe of Flag- staff at far right. All Tourney first team-Bill Johnson of Flag staff at far left. Front row l. to r., D. Jones, E. Castro, C. Kirk, B. Flick, P. Auza, M. McLaughlin, A. Morales, L, Williams, C. Hoggro, J. Auza J. Valyerde, B. Fronske. Second row l. to r., T. Bates, L. Osborn, B. Raudebaugh, A. Gonzales, P. Perkins, H. Taylor, O. Acedo B. Drake, G. Baca, J. Peters. Third row l. to r., B. Alfred, E. Jones, D. Wong, M. Harlan, E. Cole, E. Piper, M. Cromer, A. Lee W. Rhoton, D. Castro, J. Busack. Fourth row I. to r., D. Milligan, B. Yates, M. Zarharias, L. Munoz, G. Dash, F. Hoosava, A. Wil son, D. Hamilton, L. Buerle. Fifth row l. to r., S, Smith, T. Terrin, A. Pittard, J. Miller, Dan Siroky, M. Driggs, Dave Siroky J. Dushek, J. Ortiz, N. Britt, B. Webster. J. V. BaAebaQQ Front Row l. to r., T. Palmer, F. Colemanaro, H. Spears, C. Holmes, E. McLaughlin, B. Clark, M, Peterson, J. Langston, J. Rus- sell. Second Row l. to r., N. Hillman, A. Juarequi, T. Contrerras, D. Cancino, C. Barreras, R. Lucero, O. Blalock, J. Avery, W. Sanders. Third Row l. to r., Coach Stockhaus, D. Johnson, H. Suestevva, J. Sullivan, F. Vega, J. Garcia, P. Tyler, B. Acker- man, D, Murray, L. Runke, R. Hillman, F. Farnsworth, R, Parker, B. Dumbroski. vf-iiesrrg BASEBALL Front row l. to r., Mgr. J. Troxell, John McGuire, Earl Jacobs, John Crawford, Bill Johnson, Buddy Young, Clyde Joe, Mike Alfaro, Albert Castro, Freddy Ramirez, Charlie Magana. Back Row l. to r., James Clampit, Frank Dorsey, Wayne Forshee, Jerry Zaharias, Richard Sanchez, Richard Wren, Robert Joe, Neils Mickelson, Fred Vernon, Bob Runke, Chuck Biller, Joe Walker, Coach Gil Corona. l957 BASEBALL SCORES WE 5 Washington 6 Glendale 5 Winslow 2 Sunnyslope 3 Winslow 8 Prescott 4 Holbrook 16 Seligman 3 Seligman I Prescott 8 Winslow 2 Prescott 8 Winslow 3 Chandler 6 Henderson, Nevada THEY 9 3 ll 5 5 11 l 3 2 4 6 l 6 8 l Not even snow can stop the Eagles The Eagles' fine pitching staff, l. to r., Magana, McGuire Crawford, Johnson, Biller. SPORTS IN ACTION gg :f-4?-55 sf? Q -63- wg' fin., Ewa In Sr'- VFP' 'sp fi' 5 ' , Q 'V' T 1 r 3 Q l 4 . X fs-A hwy I ,,,. f , 1. ffmsfkwgggw - M -- , W, - .,,, ., . we msn, 1 ff . if ' ' I f 12 1 541: ,Fw 9 GREEN AND BROWN STAFF SITTING Sandra Steele, TO R Lolita Multine, Genevieve Cruz, Evelyn Kluge my f kwm2e FIRST ROW: Katy Withers, Maybelle Mar- tin, Sue Willis, SECOND ROW: Dorothy Greening, Cnonie Espino, Linda Sovinski, THIRD ROW: Valu Webb 'ti' I MM Our president and his cabinet have been extremely busy this year running the government and making decisions. Madam president and her coevvorkers have also been busy vvith all the problems of girls and as you know this is quite a iob. -66.- OFFICERS Bill Johnson President David Wong Vice President Marilyn Michelbach Secretary Henry Klopplrtg Treagurer Lynda June Social Manager SPONSORS Mr, Wheeler Mr. Evans BACK ROW I. to r., Larry Runke, Bob Runke, Marilyn Michelbach, Mike Driggs, Henry Klopping, Bob Yates, Philip Lucero, MIDDLE ROW I. to r., Sponsor R, W. Wheel- er, Raymond Wong, Stephanie Hoag, Kay Walls, David Wong, Bettye Bosley, Dor- othy Sullivan, Elaine Gibson, Ruth Avots, Nora Hayley, Noreen Mason, Sponsor Mil- ton Evans, FRONT ROW I. to r., Sandy Ros- enogle, Karen Cogdill, Marcia Leypoldt, Charlie Wong, Edith Heflin, Lynda June BACK ROW I. to r., Kay Holmgren, Diane Shartzer, Sara Redman, Elena Favale, Bare baira Sandoval, FRONT ROW I. to r,, Donna Austin, Linda Mangum, Sponsor Mrs. Ruth Lane, Carol Bledsoe, Marilyn Hersinger BOTTOM ROW: l. to r., B. John- son, D. Wong, D. Stewart, M. Heck, F. Hoosava, E. Reyes. 2ND ROW: I, to r., L. Williams, J. Pel- ters, B. Alford, B. Runke, J. Mil- ler. 3RD ROW: l. to r., F. Boior- quez, B. Lee, J. Dushek, R. Joe, B. Drake, B. Piper, C. Biller, B. Flick. 4TH ROW: l. to r., M. wil, liams, G. Smith, D. Siroky, R. San- chez, R. Soto, B. Jones. 5TH ROW: l. to r., G. Rogers, A. Castro, J. Walker, B. Raudebaugh, D. Siroky, M. Driggs. l. to r., D. Greening, M. Figueroa, M. Figueroa, C. Garrett, N. Hay- ley: Sponsor, Mrs. Risius gr' ' .',, 'i -' T 1 b, -wuvavaw.ii.1.iSH.:,.:... J.. :::. we QBH Dl: K ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. 2, ' if 3 ., f '- , ' ,Q . , . . . ,I 1xmo4f-" W- .- o'w'Vzffw..'.z.:. 11.-, V Vggiiii., . nga 1 1. i A JM., .ra .f.f.,..w.wN-.4 . r V x is - - .J J wfsfmmmaww' W7 M vi7k,.m.m 7 V1 M' 'F l. Lettermen with their brown sweaters and green letters worked hard with the Freshmen and grade school tournaments and as a reward held their annual dinner-dance at the Elks club and their pic- nic in Oak Creek. Lettwuuomew Although not publicized like the boy's interscholastic competition, these girls must work harder and put Out more effort to become 3 letterwoman. The oustanding senior letterwoman receives 6 blanket in reward. .. iku. .':. ga fi -67... TST ROW: L TO R, Linda Ryberg, Sharon Stout, Betsy Gregg, Meg Bilby, Carol Bledsoe, Kathy Brown, Sharon Stanfill, Barbara Evans, Mrs. Brierly, Sponsor. 2ND ROW, Orla Zabrinski, Elena Fav- ole, Carol Purcell, Katy Withers, Stefanie Hoag, Denna Dickinson, Andrea Wolf, Nora Barden, Linda Sovinski, C a rol Leypoldt. 3RD ROW, Jacque Buckman, Marilyn Michelbach, Jeanie Clark, Linda Mangum, Elaine Gibson, Maybelle Martin, Linda Benson, Noreen Ma- son, Peggy Wheeler, Linda Ferris, Alan Stricklin, Bob Jones. 4TH ROW, John Killip, Wayne San- ders, Benny Day, Henry Klopping, Dick Wright, Paul Babbitt, Mike Redman, Gordon Rogers. I l 1 4 T - 5-Z You've seen most of these "great" actors and actresses at our local auditorium. One of -, X2 their productions was "Which ls The Way To Boston?" Their famous director, Mrs. Brierly, -Q Q H is shown with them. iana BOTTOM ROW: L TO R, Noreen Mason, Linda Sovinski, Gordon Rogers, Robert Jones, Mrs. Brier- ly, Sponsor. 2ND ROW, Carol Ley- poldt, Carol Purcell, Marilyn Mi- chelbach, Meg Bilby, Barbara Ev- ans. 3RD ROW, Paul Babbitt, Mike Redman, Dick Wright, Benny Day, Henry Klopping. fmev. wus fi t AiutCQu.b Dance decorations? Posters? You name it and they will supply it. The art club was kept busy this year and should be congratulated. Bench llllwwwus Pep Merchants - lt took a lot of hard work and sore throats, but these kids really made Art Club: FRONT ROW L. TO R., Sponsor, Miss Regina Rousseau, D. Maynard, L Henden, K, Hollingsworth, J. Seumptewa C. Cole, M. Burgess, S. Prince, M. Denny A. Charlie, J. McDermaid, BACK ROW L TO R., E. Maynard, J. Earl, M. Vaughn M. Thomas, S. O'Neil, P. Davis, M. Hage man, B. Potts, P. Wheeler, R. King. gd b l I if .f I, 3 'I i ,f t t . gi ' I . ,Q-Q., 5 L! i x' -A - ,Qs f - 2 ' - - My 5 wav ' Q 1 -Ti :- 'xil' - Q X ... 7 , 1,-O, ,4 :f Benchwarmers: FRONT ROW L. TO R., J. McDermaid, D. Greening. 2ND ROW L. TO R., B. J. Thomas, B. Bosley, 3RD ROW L. TO R., S. Troxell, K, Brown, S. Stanfill C. Purcell, Sponsor, Mrs. Ann Sughrue. ATH ROW L. TO R., G. Garbarinb, D. Dick- inson. 5TH ROW L. TO R., K. Walls, S, Hoag. BACK ROW L. TO R., D. Sullivan A. Wolf, M. Michelbach, L. Ferris, E. Gib- son, L, Benson, L. June, N. Barden. 1 1 1 C0145 "Don't let the stars get in your eyes," is the popular saying of many, but the "Star Gazersu better known as the Astronomy Club have spent many a moon-lite night building a three inch telescope for their proiect this year. Fmtww Teaclwna ol! ' The future of tomorrow lies in the future teachers of today. Setting a high standard of knowledge is essential in a good teacher of tomorrow, so seems to be what the Future Teachers of FHS have been saying. -70- FRONT ROW L. TO R., Joanne Bab- bitt, Marilyn Michelbach, Linda Benson, Marilyn Hersinger, Jean- nie Bowman. BACK ROW L. TO R., Mr. Bill Pickett, Sponsor, Mike Redman, Bill Flick, John Shell, Bruce May, Arthur Wilson, Wesley Rolley, Philip Downum, Paul Bab- bitt, Fred Vernon SITTING L. TO R., Marilyn Her- singer, Carole Purcell, Nora Bar- den, Elaine Gibson, Barbara Potts. STANDING L. TO R., Denna Deck' inson, Phillip Lucero, Carol Ley- poldt, Edwina Sheehan, Nora Hay- ley, Shirley Prince, Gerri Multine, Susan Horr, JoAnne McDermaid, Marlene Carnahan, Betsy Ann Gregg, Benny Day, Mrs. Wilson, Sponsor FRONT ROW L. TO R., M. Martin S. Horr, N. Haley, E. Kluge. MID DLE ROW, C. Fry, S. Kirley, J Bowrnan, 5. Steele, M. Hersinger C. Leypoldf. BACK ROW, R. Wren P. Downurn, B. May, W. Rolley H. Ashley, P. Lucero, D. L. Skaggs Sponsor NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY NX 7 f 2 4X1 xg FRONT ROW L. TO R., W. Rolley W. Douglas, MIDDLE ROW, Mr Pullen, Sponsor, P. Downum, S Wright. BACK ROW, R. Wren, B May, D. Kent my New Spanish Cllulw The New Spanish Club has been kept busy this year. They raise money selling hot dogs and this money is used for their Christmas party each year. Conversation in Spanish is the rule at all their meetings. SITTING: Miss McNerney, Sponsor, STANDING L TO R: B. J Thomas, Carol Purcell, Denna Dickinson. -72- MailuCQttl-t There are times when the "Depressed Equation" is a very appropriate name tor this club, but it's "do or Die", so these kids keep plugging away, mistake or no mistake. FRONT ROW: L TO R, Howard Ashley, Ned Britt, Wayne Sanders, McArthur Hill, Weldon Douglas, Carol Christensen, Jeannie Bowman. BACK ROW: Philip Downum, Bruce May, Ender James, Wayne Gardner, Bill Webster, Wallace Gardner, John Cabrera, Arthur Wilson, Mr. Allen, sponsor LatmCQui-i Latin Club dead? Perish the thought! Very lively members make Latin more enioyable and interest- ing. Miss McNerney and the members of the club have had many enioyable social evenings together this year. BACK ROW: L TO R, Henry Klopping, Ralph John- son, Arthur Wilson, New Britt, Miss McNerney, Bill Flick, Fred Vernon, Paul Babbitt, Stuart Hous- ton. FRONT ROW1 LTO R, Joanne Babbitt, Carol McFall, Barbara Smith, Edith I-letlin, Carol Bled- soe, Nora Hayley, Wilma White. ,,, A. v,.. . ,ws se, .W , - i "Wfe23e'iiL5g:tzvg ,,',25fi, " Z 7113- at Fa : 'wr -i gf 'i ig J 3 v is , , 5 , , , lf fe . ,ff i 5 3 ij! ffl 'i Old Spanish Club: lt's really swell! That is, the new hi-fi phonograph that was bought by the Old Spanish Club this year. This was iust one of the things the Club did this year in their long line of activities. Synchronized Swimmers: You've seen these "Cool" cuties in the pool practicing their strokes at noon and after school. They are doing a swell job and should be congratulated on their performance. -73- Front Row, left to right: Durella Lovato, Magdalena Vigil, Rose- marie Navarro, Mr. Valleio, sponsor, Irene Castillo, Barbara Sandoval, Helen Montoya. Back Row, left to right: Phillip Lucero, Dorothy Greening, Magdalena Figueroa, Lupe Figuero, Feli- cita Bodabilla, Erlinda Griego, Mary Figueroa, Meguelita Mon- toya, Genevieve Cruz, Roman Diaz. Front Row, left to right: Louise Gyger, Sharon Parker, Marilyn Smith, Sharon Stantill, Kay Walls, Marilyn Michelbach, Kay Sannes, Linda Benson, Coleen Kelm, Back Row, left to right: Linda Perkins, Deanna Dean, Judy Black, Katy Withers, Judy Kimball, Bernice l-lyde, Linda Ferris, Sara Redman. Every weekend during the ski season members of the Ski Club participate in winter sports at the Snow Bowl. The Commerce Club is composed of about thirty commerce enthusiasts who have taken three or more commerce subjects. The purpose of the club is to promote more interest in commerce professions. -74- Ski Club - Standing left to right: Frank Costey, John Killip, Bruce Dun- ford, Jimmy Clampit, Stephen Wright, Eddie Cole, Bruce Baseman, Alvin Cole, John Schell, Jimmy Hen- scheid, Bob Alfred, Kay Walls, Jim Pendelton, Doug Wilson, Fred Ver- non, Bruce May, Ken Lincoln, Dick Wright, Wayne Sanders, Mr. Parker. Kneeling left to right: Kay Holmgren, Mary Jackle, Marcia Leypoldt, Paul Babbitt, vice-president, Andrea Wolf, secretary-treasurer, Carol Leypoldt, president, Maybelle Martin, Diane Wilhelm, Linda Mangum, Carolyn Parrish, Elena Favale. Commerce Club - Standing left to right: Sandra Steele, Marilyn Michel- bach, Linda Sovinski, Carol Purcell, Carol Leypoldt, Noreen Mason, Sue Willis, vice-president, Lolita Multine, Mr. Corona, sponsor. Sitting left to right: Connie Fry, treasurer, Linda June, Nora Hayley, Dorothy Green- ing, Evelyn Kluge, secretary, Victoria Gallardo, Genevieve Cruz. 9ewLwLCkom GULQA Che CM -76- M. . W R4 'J nf 1'-"5 - 'Q K f 'zxz ' ' ' ' .z,5gfVlf:?1' jk Q I 'QY3,5i" " -l:fi"s 'XI' V f'3i'Q" ' LJPVL.. ff-H ,7':-,,.-XQQFZ5'-QZ vii' Ag'-ik leiisxgfgV3lg5Zjg,,lPf3-TNQ il. rx "' ,V -' gf Y ew 5, . K Q f ,, Q-'N ,5i.'::?g'.?i , , .M , , 'LW . ,f f s ,. v- 1. i W yA,8-D' J'Cl1,6iJL -W -77... Bogb GQee CM Orwkmbm Pep Bm ..73.. 7 if l A Drum Maioretie Noreen Mason l BATON9 OM PARADE TWIRLERS Back Row I, to r., Beftye Bosley, Kay Walls, Dorothy Sullivan, Front Row I. To r., Barbara Evans, Sharon Parker, Judy McManus 2 Head Twirler Joan Dorsey -30- 55 , v.,.,1- I i957-'58 BAND AND CHOIR ACTIVITIES The Flagstaff Eagle Band has had a very busy and successful T957-58 school year. The band performed as a marching band and as a concert band. The band meets as a class 4th period every day and as a club on Wednesday mornings. The officers of the band are Ronnie Ussery-President, Benny Day-Vice-President, Noreen Mason-Secretary, Philip Lucero-Treasurer, Wesley Rolley-Sergeant-at- Arms, and Carol Leypoldt and John Pittman-Social Managers. The Flagstaff Eagle Band performed at all the football games including the Veterans Day Game at Winslow which was a combined football show for both schools for the first time. Along with the band parading at the football games, the band paraded at the Coconino County Fair. The band members also helped with the March of Dimes Polio Drive and the Easter Lily Drive for Crippled Children. The Flagstaff Eagle Pep Band was an added attraction to school spirit by performing at all the basketball home games. The rnain event for the band was the annual Music Festival held at Arizona State College at Flagstaff, April iith and 12th. The choir this year has been a success along with the band. The choir officers are Marilyn Hersinger-President, Edwina Sheehan-Vice-President, Joan Dorsey-Secretary-Treasurer, and Andrea Wolf and Ronnie Ussery-Social Man- agers. The choir performed along with the band in the Easter Lily Drive for Crippled Children. The choir for the first time performed for the National Honor Society Spring Induction Assembly. The top feature of the choir this year was the operetta "Masquerade in Vienna." The operetta was a big success. The choir participated in the Music Festival and received one of the highest ratings in the Festival. The highlight of the year for both the band and the choir was their tours which they took the last of April and the first part of May. The band and choir have done a swell iob this year, but without the patience, hard work, and good nature of Mr. Pipes, this year would not have been the success it was. Carol Leypoldr Mike Redman Edwina Sheehan Music Festival Scholarship Music Festival Scholarship Music Festival Scholarship " i wp 1:62553 1 , Ms, b '99 M2520 1' :SESLW A . WM. 1 V 5 EW-. 'MW SWASHHMWL , MW,,m , m "ff??wmmL' F ,. wfywbff 'SLU film ,. ,..- , -83... .,...n..a Y, Q. .Maw Qewim The first comment, "We'll never fin- ish" did seem to be true. But when the bright moon came out, the soft flowing notes of Deep Purple could be heard in the gymnasium and all worries of decorating were soon for' gotten. The seniors have really enioyed the pleasures of "their" benches. On days that the benches are occupied to the full extent, the left out sen- iors have no trouble finding room in the halls. Team Cheating wouldn't help a bit this day! Either you could fit the wash- ers, punch pegs, choose the correct obiect, answer the right question or you couldn't. After a day of hard quizzing your interests in a career should have been selected, -84- IAIIIAT IF - JOE were a WOLF Instead ot a BAER? JEANNIE were a RIFLEMAN instead of a BOWMAN? CHARLES were a PREPARER Instead of a BREWER? RICHARD were GREEN instead of BROWN? JOHN were a CLUSTER instead of a BUNCH? HENRY were a HEDGE instead of a BUSCH? MAXINE were a MUDPOUND instead of a CLAYTON? CYNTHIA were WOOD instead of COLE? GENEVIEVE were a VOYAGE instead of a CRUZ? DEAN were THISACHE instead of DeSPAIN? GEORGE were an EYEACH instead of an EYRICH? CONNIE were a BAKER instead of a FRY-ER? WALLY were a JANITOR instead ot a GARDNER? CHARLINE were an ATTIC instead of a GARRETT? DOROTHY were RIPENING instead of GREENING? JEAN were a FOOT insead of a HEAD? JOHN were a TOE instead ot a HEAL? MARILYN were a MALE-VOCALIST instead of a HERSINGER? BOBBY were a CITYMAN instead of a HICKMAN? JOHN were HISARM instead of HIRNI? LINDA were JULY instead ot JUNE? SHANNON were WAVEY instead of KIRLEY? KENNETH were a DODGE instead of a LINCOLN? SHIRLEY were a BIGWOMAN instead of a LITTLEMAN? CHESTER were a KEYSTONE instead of a LOCKWOOD? MAYBELLE were a WEASEL instead of a MARTIN? NOREEN were a CARPENTER instead of a MASON? BRUCE were JANUARY instead of MAY? JANET were a MOSQUITO instead of a NATT? MILDRED were a PUNCTURE instead of a PEARCE? C. J. were a COW instead of a PIGG? MIKE were a PINKLADY instead of a REDMAN? WESLEY were a VICEROY instead of a ROLLEY? JOHN were a NOISE instead of a RUSSELL? BILL were FLAVORLESS instead of SAVORY? DANIEL were a LADYALRIGHT instead ot a SIROKY? DAVID were a MALE-TEXAN instead of a SIROKY? SANDRA were IRON instead of STEELE? ERNEST were a ROCKSANDWICH instead of a STONEBERGER? JOE were a RIDER Instead of a WALKER? VALU were a SPIDER instead ot e WEBB? JOHN were DAYS instead of WEEKS? KATY were SHRIVELS instead of WITHERS? DAVID were RIGHT instead of WONG? RICHARD were a ROBIN instead of a WREN? DICK were LEFT instead of WRIGHT? BUDDY were OLD instead of YOUNG? RUTH were an ALLEY instead of a LANE? LLOYD were a FAUCET instead of a PIPE? DWIGHT were PUSHEN instead of PULLEN? RAMON were DOS instead of DIAZ? DAN were DIDLICK instead of DUNLAP? JERRY were a PLEAT instead of a GORE? -35- AMEIQICAIIIS ABROAD Elena Favale from Italy These four finalists were c h o s e n through specific qualifications and a personal interview. One of them will be selected to represent our school in a foreign country for three months this summer. He for shel will spend six to seven weeks with a foreign family and the remaining time traveling to and from the unknown country. Dear Flagstaff High School Members: What I feel to tell you is far from being formal or untrue. In very few lines I will express a feeling by which I formed my new life, my future. To all of you I promise heartily a perennial remembrance, the deepest gratitude, the new stream of sympathy between two different nations whose friendship may and will be the pro- gressive help for building a world of equal men with equal rights. We young people must want a better world, a deeper feeling of comprehension among all nationsg among ourselves, since the American and Italian peoples live the same human nature: love and heartinessg faith and confidence. Now we are the faith. Now we are the confidence to everybody. Your works may be a vital organ of the world we are going to live in. I hope your efforts may elevate your individ- ualistic confidence and that our friendship may live forever. M2234 Elaine Gibson Arthur Wilson Chris Longfellow Donald Jones - 86 - ...MW ----4 -I 4,-,..,.,,,,,,m,,... ANNUAL BLUE NOTE DANCE The Eagles showed that they could fight, By defeating The Phoenix Indians ionight. The band knew that we all cared, And had a dance for,us prepared, The records started us lo hop, Chicken, Rock 'n Roll or Bop. Of course the dance drew quite a crowd, And all band members were really proud. It was no failure by any chance, We'll all remember the Blue Note Dance. -37.. 4 sijstf or xr- " - K ine We Sophomores, unio rs, and Seniors, leave OUR BABY BOOK to Baby's name: Freshies Baby's birthday: September 3, 1957 Baby's first step: Fresh. initiation Baby's first sentence: Give us time Babys first tooth: Get Acquainted Dance Baby's weight: Great to ourselves, insignificant to others Baby's height: About 250 feet Cstudentst Q th is year's freshmen. Gifts Advice from everyone Orders from Mr. Killip Razz from Sophomores A little help from the teachers Encouragement from the Juniors and Seniors Baby's first scrap: With the Sophomores Babys first srnile: Santa Claus Baby's first wail: Six weeks report cards Baby's first thought: is Miss McNerney looking at me? .. K.-...f wp'-ft -' f' - 5-,rw-fav-V--...W , ,,, . wg, i.. 4, Qenim PW Back row left to right: Dick Wright, Paul Babbitt, Richard Wren, Fred Vernon, Doug Wilson, Sue Willis, Norma Jackson, Linda Sovinski, Gordon Rogers. Front row left to right: Noreen Mason, Carol Leypoldt, Nora Hayley, Marilyn Michelbach, Charline Garrett, Linda June, JoAnne McDermaid, Edwina Sheehan, Joan Dorsey. ' ,:.g,a: f gg, 5' ,W ,,,, . ,.,. ,,,, . , . . i,,,,it ,i,, 1 i,,, ,ily , 5 1:,,,,, ,,s, 1 . W A it ,f ,MM 4 . 5205! .. - K.. rf rs " 5 M Q .. 5'5" 403 k A A ,, ,, . W1 .' Jfvrgzws 1'-::-l7'5JEfE.5iF"'4g K sfwf, W , ,, . F if ..,f51.!i. .',.. S. -P ' : "W : :.m:"5Z' ' -,ff a w qf gfr f . 522 22 , w - ----' .1 ,. '52 . 1 1 -1 F, A2 1 iw ,-,,,1 L, ,ff17i.,-ngyeit w i':T'I..: 'f 2:-'f'5f f5 .. l , F V. - Linda and Charline if? f rn ,wr Je if buiieitf ri? if my Doug Wilson, 'BM DlNO 6? 3' if YJ. Vva xx, gf ls, 'Wm 5352 -114' Q 1:24,-V 4129225 2"fif'ffff3 zffiifliggs-w gigs' rag!-Ez wi fx? 2 wif' - - is ff: gd , . F'si1fL7ii:l:?f' - f2'fiirf-Sifs1L,1?5ir, SQA NIL , in ' ., ffff -, 41 .,i. , - -f.,.54..,, .' . M i ..-.,,.:s- .. iff F ' c ' - F7' f fi ,, ,L , A if ,, N i ff I ?ri'Ii1."1',gQy,-5 Q ' is ' , 11? ' 115 His" f,srifiiyxfifx,i.s55ff"lS-if ,fp X . ,- . - '- E., ,Q -. iii. Y -- ,iirarff -it 3 if kiislgz- J. f T - 'f-"Jil 9 ' '-Qfitffiff Katy Withers Noreen, Sue, and Fred -89.- J, ,, 5559 533-yan ,sg Paul Norma Doug and Dick St 1: sri Wx, t Mit 5 VS: Nora, Richard -- W L Charline, Marilyn, Carol and Mike. Director, Bull Pickett Fred, Bob, Mike, Mr. Pickett Paul, Doug and Dick Bob, Production Manager John and Gordon Jmefm Peggy and Karen were quite the sisters! -QQ- Henry and Linda who's shyest? Laws lllliflliy 3 4 ? T I 5 JUNIOR PLAY CAST FRONT ROW l. to r. Carol Purcell, Henry Klopping, Polly Langley, SECOND. ROW l. to r. Betsy Gregg, Kathy Brown, Stewart Huston, Carol Bledsoe, Linda Farris, Peggy Schartzer, Karen Wilson. BACK ROW I. to r. James Sanders, Director, Benny Day, Arthur Wilson, Jimmy Wong, Dena Dickenson. Henry and his lnner Willy, Arthur, a r e having it out! The fight's on, with Henry, Arthur and Benny Make-up crew at work. -91- 'Melody L'Mour" Anybody for some "Cool Water? Don't Mess up my hair. "You were only fooling." And the lamp went out. Dizzy fingers are at it again. OPERETTA "Masquerade In Vienna" was presented by the Flagstaff High School music department on February 19, as the first operetta in ten years, The operetta was lead by Wesley Rolley, Mike Redman, Elaine Gibson, Andrea Wolf, Joe Baer, and Edwina Sheehan. Others in the cast were made up by a select group from the Junior and Senior Choir. -93- Carol Leypoldt Sandra Steele 02 sf? 'Q ,-3 w f M fr V,-k, Q M " " Marilyn Hersinger Marilyn Michelbach Girl's State, which was held in Tucson, was the scene ot much activity and many new friend- ships. The five girls that went to Girl's State this summer enjoyed themselves and will have some- thing to remember all their lives. Not only was it a lot of fun, but there was much to be learned that will be of importance throughout their lives. Mildred Pearce Linda June Bruce May Philip Lucero Wallace Gardner M Phillip Downum The boys attending Boy's State this past summer were chosen, as in past years, by the teachers at Flagstaff High School. X Boy's State was held at Arizona State College at Flagstaff and those attending were not only taught something about students in the student government, but had a lot of fun and made many new friends. Richard Wren Wesley Rolley Howard Ashley l - 95 - 'PGM Best Dressed-Sandy Yahnke, Allen Mulholland Most llkely ter Succeed-lvlarilgfnvHersinger,VBill Johnson Best Dancers-Charline Garrett, Ronnie Ussery Best Athletes-Janet Natt, Jack Peters - 96 - Wittiest-Mildred Pearce, Marvin Gordon Friendliest-Marilyn Michelbach, David Siroky Best all Around-Nora Hayley, Bill Johnson PERSONALITIES: These personalities of seniors were chosen as a result of ballots filled out by other seniors. We feel that this is an honor, and would like to congratulate you for your wonder- ful achievement in high school. Industrial Arts, W. Killip D F Pullen nd Science twsmg games Aco ,kay , Professor Pullen Girls lntramurals in action! Old Faithfull Plesldeml Ol Jumol' prom' Senior Clas Junior Play, "The Lucky Accident" COMMERCIAL HOTEL S'l.00 - Rate - 52.50 Highway 66 Opposite Depot HENRY BOSLEY, Mgr. Killip, Assistant Co N Ffwgm Y 5 "Oh shame, oh degradation!" Oh, Adam, save my child!" "Ah, my proud beauty, now I have you in my power." i fi "Oh, save him, save him!" i MI X 1 X , X S ci i ff Queen Marilyn from the House of Michelbach Princess Coleen from the Prince Mike from The House of Kelm House of Driggs Princess Elena from ihe Prince John fFOfT1 The H0059 of Favgle House of Crawford 0-. King Bill from the House of Johnson Princess Linda from Prince Pete from the House of June the House of Auza l 1 1 X Z un i xx Princess Edwina from Prince Joe from the the House of Sheehan House of Walker iDC5j' Qi DAR Award Nora Haley 'S SZ Homemaker of Tomorrow Peggy Davis , MMV XT? OraTorical Comes? Wesley Rolley X9 ,CW T blk --'l02- 'N "Freedom of Religion" Wes Rolley, ist O "Our Constitution and Human Unity" Arthur Wilson, 2nd , . ...r,a,,,,. ... "C0ngrafUla1iOn5 Wes" "The Constitution, Reflection of the People Marilyn Hersinger, 3rd V -- 103 - . II. 9. SPRING UIIDIICTIOIII Principal Paul Schreiber gives the oath to old and new members of the N H S BVUCS May lights The candle for Character Bottom row I. to r.: C. Longfellow, S. Houston, V. Gal- lardo. Middle row I. to r.: E. Gibson, N. Britt, D. Jones. Top row I. to r.: B, Flick, A. Wilson, B. Webster. Right to Left - Carlon Beadle 'IQ Joyce Smith IO Virginia Gayle IO Barbara Gayle Ii, Sharon Dunn Ii Johnson Badonie I2 Skiing on the slopes ot the San Francisco Peaks is among the many activities ot students at F.H.S. Here you will find the ski area cluttered with "snow bunnies," "trail-apes," and "schussboomers," ot all manner and description. Ask any skier around school, and he vvill tell you that all you need to become a skier is the determination, the skis, and a heavy pair of that bright red underwear. iniefrFm Gy- " Getting set tor a big day on the slopes are, from left to right, Marcia Leypoldt, George Price, Herbert Babbitt, Carol Leypoldt, David Siroky, Bruce Duntorcl, Daniel Siroky, Stephen Wright. 'L Ken Lincoln shows his form while, from left to right, Snow Bunnies! from lett to right, Doug Wil- Bruce May, Mr. Parker, Diane Wilhelm, Mary Jakle, son, Daniel Siroky, Mr. Pickett. Caroline Parrish, Linda Mangum look on. -105- N Mr. Gilbert Corona Sponsor Marilyn Michelbach K- i V' k . . b X . 1 - . f 4 K? K s. 1 lk ' if -Q r " v A if Y' - aj ' xx A8 'SJMQ4 -. W' ,S 'S Nome" Mason ,b , i 11"'H'M,-ibbrbrr i f.4?:fl?'I'4s':5.W - , ei 1' fv'f1?'fJ11,-M I., ' ' I' 9!-151 ff-'fx ,17f,1" i f 'Z rsfw-5 I .W -, L W "fv,ifL,. i ' 5 A, f. ,,,Q,M -mi b , 4 ' f+ ,-gi: Y A A ,, .ff f ,!.4f.1,teiinii iii,TZ,v5E,,, x sg, 1 Q1 Q i L' i i .rg 5 X Q ,i M , .xx y 'id h5gi7,,,5,z,. we A ei! . . W 'K , L R A it wfg Paul Babbitt Editor Linda Sovinski - 106 - Connie Fry Jeri Ann Scalf r Sue Wiiliss Richard Wren Phoiographer Lolita Multine Evelyn Kluge I Jo Anne McDermaid Ariist Genevieve Cruz Asuncion Espino ' -107- h.. .i.-xuufn., 7 Mr. Corona isn't that mean, is he? ,W .. . K Ak.,. , ,k.,,!,,Q5www V ,V l A wk, N' '. Q1 . . H x.-sn s X K 3 3' . 7 5 J I ,,,,V,,m,m , 11' ' M Et Nm' we f - , ffffw' V "- M'---M.. .. X Mfr ' '- H W- wt was we . .,., 'L 7 ..... 4, 3. L if " .,. . 5 1' Jyww ,, ' ' Y 3 1 ' 'WW Y ' Y me as l if sw? l What boy is it now? Homework in Kinlani Staff?'?? This is work? Our editor! CYou couldn't tell by Iookinglb Could this possibly be the reason why the Kinlani didn't meet its deadline? This year's annual staff hopes that you, the students and the faculty of Flagstaff High School, enioy looking at this yearbook as much as we enioyed working on it. Every page in this annual has been carefully and individually planned. We sincerely hope that the i958 Kinlani will contain some of the happiest and most treasured mem- ories of your years in high school. - 108 The Kinlani Staff 1 kids ffli ysfw W H y i l . gggly 1 Ok! To Se, Qoungf Again! it 'R I 1 Carol Leypoldt Wes Rolley Juanita Whitson Richard BFOWU Age 2 First day of school in first grade "That white stuff is cold" "YES Carvtai nu Diane Maynard l "lt's iust Root Beer" Susan Herr Mike Redman "l don't see any bird on your head" "Trang end" l I tg l in l L, to R. Linda June, Marilyn Michelbach, Juanita Whit- Buddy Youn HJUST Us llampsu son, Betty Bosley, Mildred Pearce, Jo!-Xnne McDerrnaid, Edwina and D905 Mae Q 'Ahoy Sailorft Charlene Garrett lcenterj. Sheehan - 109 -i "Let's pretend" TlLl1AfM-Gflllflbt 9clwoQ llleleafmlw Home Economics Dept. Cookin Room Scleme Depl' Chemistry Room Q . Sewing Room Biology Room Commerce Dept. Industrial Arts Dept. . Art Department Library ATypir1g Room Shop Art Room Music Dept. 4 i iff Band 81 Orch. Room Choir Room Swimming Pool Auditorium View of Flagstaff High School building and auditorium, View of Flagstaff High School gymnasium. X '- ,t A V awunmffsm-1n.i,,3,g.i,515e1y,X+tgm5f,A,: ,, ., , ,f21eg..affW.ew.W:s.m i SOMETHING TO REMEMBER FOR MOST SENIORS high school will soon be a memory ...ot fun with the gang . . .yelling at the football games ...dancing with that dream boat blonde at the Prom . .. or was she a brunette? THESE WERE MY FAVOIRITE TUNES OF 1957-58: Nl xi 'u 'Q . I L l 15' 'Lil t '1 x 1 R K 11,2 y Q C- ,EXE HEEL k . f Q1 Y. 1 i I X ,L ,X A f rf ' . , 'af X 1 A- it K' g f 1, 1- g 1 ,1 .:l, - f.a, :,,,Lrg.,:1 Most Exdiiiilio EOOTYBAQLL GAME: scone BEST DANCE: Q gl X f ,- V L Nu x MY DATE I , 7 A. l'LL NEVER FORQET THESE PALS: A I M 1 7.7 A A efr' T f?a:gf':1",.V1t 1 24' 'ff A . A' Qi S E L- I K ",t , , p :-, If L' . 'A by ,if gi: rr, I . iff df THESE PALS OWE ME MONEY. l'LL REMEMBER THEM TOO: I , T ,. ,W 4Ag: 4 H V T ,E in w ' li Aff- , THE BEST MOVIES OF 1957-58: A lf" , X -Vf, f 1 V TEACHERS l'l.l ALWAYS REMEMBER: i E1s"Ea', 'P - I l ' . 5a.i1k"f , 1' 1 cg" ,L-j -111- a.....,.... xr' K N 1 2 i 2 S V s p v A z i I I MILLERS dm - L if I .J 75:-2' .. . -.,, Yf': -: grg.,-Q -.:-1-gf-I-,: :--: - -I-:-' --.2-:-1"-5 1575.4-7 - Ig 5: ' .-.5t,':.- ' :" rv:-I-23:5-I-L-:B , . ..,, ww- ffsfff1f:sfsfsfff,.. f IX R 3:g1gg1J5f15f.1 f::fg55f::-f .I 5-5 'AL -.eg-"::.:+-Q4 :i , Q -"' v-IKM-.s,,.. 1 -355 ' g5-55,51-5524515555:f'fs?5351,:,:5, -g :fs 1: " 'fs5s5:5:s:55ff5?rs.-..+. N '12 'fiffiffisfffisifi' '5F3555E55ff: , irErZ:5:355555. 45 J, H ' :fffQQ5'5' If Q.7.313-r1:1:::a,,,fZfSf3'Z-,g---1 f::g:5:f?7fff1EA '5:5:i:2E1Erf:f:2:IfIE'E' ffS:f:5:7fIEf5 i'5:I:1 0 -' :f:5:g,:5f:-:5:: -5:-fI?5:j:j:j:Ef?f, ,.,...j:j:j15::E5:5:f.A -ig-i::.3:g:1E511:5:5:5:f.-.-.- ...-1.5rE:f:5:j35EfE:f.f.:.::-:.g,g.5- ff ,' iff''THESE?-fiff:ffffZ5:ff5f5f5fffff:2 5f3fE:f:f:5:ff5f1fZ5j:- Ifizigzjziitffififrfifffff .4'fffffIfIf:f:2:5:5f3f5CZ5:5f7f31 F- , 'P 5515151151 as:sis::5:3::5:s:5:s55S55:s:f:54s?Jf5-5r::15:Ssfff:::f1::2:1:ffs:ss2E''1:ss?f1'5':f.sf:-4:ff5:f:s:s5?23?P'f2:ssS1ff?-5-541:-:. .J - .-:-:-:-:-:.-:-:-:-:-:-:':-'--.-:-:rx-'.-1-1-:-:-:.'--.-r':-:-:-g-.-:-:-:-rr:-Pkg'I-:-:-:-:-:-32C-:':4:-:-','.-.- '- 'i ':'2r295:5E5EgEri:5:'-rgE5Er5:5:5:535'Ef5r5r555555rE1I"5:,SErE15r5:5:5E1'-1'f.,'352525315g5if2Ef5rE55Ef5- 'ffrffrfrfrf-. . -- ' ' :-:-:- r-:-:-:i:2g:53:g.:2:2:1grg:::::::I: g:3:I:I:7:.g:::-:1:?:fIgE:5f:1g:g:g:- '-2 2455: 0 . 1 ' ' ' - 'X ,,., ::.f:ssEsEs5s5:5:s E Q-friffffifl l flffifis ' Q, II2 W. Birch Next to Safeway NEW AND TELEFUNKEN HI FI RADIOS INTERCOMMUNICATION SYSTEMS TAPE RECORDERS AND RECORD PLAYERS USED RECORDS CONTINOUS MUSIC SYSTEMS NORTHERN ARIZONA AMUSEMENT CO. PR. 4-470I I07 W. Aspen FIcgsfcff, Ariz. COIN OPERATED MUSIC 8- VENDING MACHINES BONNEY'S T.V. NORGE APPLIANCES "Where T. V. is a business - - - Not sideline" CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1958 E.D. BABBITT MOTOR HUTCHISON MOTORS Northern Arizona's Largest Pontiac and International Dealer 22 South San Francisco in Flagstaff, Arizona COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. Flagstaff, Arizona Baawnfi eww ,away "A Little Down is Enough for Brown" Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, China, and Silverware Phone P R. 4-6152 Flagstaff Prescott For Styles of Tomorrow Visit Henderson's Today HENDERSON? LAD AND LASSIE SHOP 106 North San Francisco St. Complimmifs F OAK CREEK STORE Groceries 0 Meats o Vegetables Doc wlllICI'l1S Camping, Fishing and Picnic Supplies saddlery 1 Ds. 6 ' Sedona, Arizona WHOLESALE f 532 RETAIL vifimag--f 106EtSfF F' as ana e J A Q MASTER CLEANERS Ja' 4? .. X DRIVE-IN SERVICE , I , hr A 1 , .A , 'l24 North Beaver -'l'l 4,- , s OFFICE EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES 10 West Aspen Flagstaff J ,M .3' , i ,A Serving FLAGSTAFF and ALL ARIZONA VAIIEY NATIONAL BANK 50 Friendly offices. ' Best Wishes from ff., N.. A sEDoNA PHARMACY mc. To serve You ls Our Pleasure FLAGSTAFF BUILDERS SUPPLY Gratz Harlen, Manager PR. 4-6571 I24 E. Phoenix Av. WEATHERFORD HOTEL Steam Heat, Center of Town, Free Parking Ann Hall--Owner Telephone PR. 4-273I HOVERMAN'S ART SUPPLY Sedona, Arizona A . --'II5- CLARK'S SPORTING GOODS, STARLITE LANES Q Northern Arizono's Finest Bowling Center Hobby Shop, 7 North Leroux, .9 Three MIIeS East 0fF'0QSff1ff IMERRITT CLARK, Proprietor . d on HIQIIWUY 66 and 89 'I PR. 4-6862 Flqgsfqff 47 FLAGSTAFF FLORAL "Say It Witb Flowers" STUDENT RATES Monza Vista Hotel Phone PR. 4-3702 AMERICAN LAUNDRY PR. 4-69II I2 San Francisco Fred Montoya, Prop. HANSEN'S BREAD VALDIS PHOTOS DOUNUTS - ROLLS - PASTRIES WHOLESALE - RETAIL Wedding 8: Birthday Cakes Made To Order in Our Bakery At PORTRAITS PHOTOFINISHING 104 E Santa Fe av Flagstaff---PR 4-2831 FILMS CAMERAS fwzsfztn Wea! Squazz Banca gags gifts gina Q Umflan crafts S l P Authorized Dealers P. on Box 134 phone 627 Chevrolet Buick Opel 6 fa f .Sa fa 9 9 slag, '71 A " ' L7 A 04"""" 302 w. sam Fe ' PR. 4-2794 1 fast on alflggwoy 66 Flagstaff HAROLD J. Ann BILLIE QUICK ' - 116 Y A V . As Flogsfoff Progresses s f 1 . . . We Progress! ? 7 A 1 If-, lk M 'Hx SOUTHWEST LUMBER X J f MILLS, Inc. 1 nh 'II7 MOORE DRUG Rexall Corner of San Francisco and Aspen , FlNE's De VANEY'S READY BOOTERY 40- WEAR 'IS North San Francisco "There is no substitute for good insurance-through a dependable agency" MCCULLOUGH INSURANCE AGENCY 39th ANNIVERSARY! 108 North San Franclsco -118- i 17 o TH L oux o 1. sr A I o NORTHERN ARIZONA memes, mc. JQ T 9 f.,,,,feL,,,, .fpaofogmpsfc Orpheum, Mf. EICISFI Drive-In W - cus'roM W A i . BLACK 2:3 wHrrE "Movies Are Your Best Entertainment" I' I TISSAW ELECTRIC and SPORTING GOODS CO. COMPLIMENTS OF W.R. PRESTON'S CHEVRON SERVICE Your Friendly Chevron Dealer FLAGSTAFF REALTY AND INSURANCE CO. Q Homes - mms - nANcHss,- Mo1'zLs . nusmess orroxruumzs Q mvssmeurs P H 0 N E Flagstaff J A "1 rn 4-7133 sv: N. LEROUX rmcsnrr - II9 The Best Dressed Boy s in School Trade ut ---- BLEDSOE'S MEN'S SHOP Greetings From H olsum Bakery ev f -Q,-f,65' . uv 4- A Q 'vous sv. i X. 4 , .. - nm 1 'Sv ' , ,lu I ' A un4"'9 ll V ,rf-f' I Be Holsum - Look Holsum Buy Holsum Arden Fresh Milk Arden Ice Cream QQ? DILLARD CRAWLEY FOOD DISTRIBUTORS 107 South So F Complimenfs of PEPSI-col.A Bottling co. I3 EAST COTTAGE AVENUE -121- ,, , PHONE PR 4-635' Congratulations Seniors HUBBARD REFRIGERATION SUPPLY ' JIM GALE COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE BUTTER KRISP FOUNTAIN Featuring Lily Ice Cream and lr SOUTH SIIGREAVES Duncan Hines Ice Cream FLAGSTAFF ARIZONA Jucobis Breakfast and Lunch owners NORTHERN ARIZONA GAS SERVICE Phone PR. 4-6842 Box 479 Flagstaff, Arizona LIQUIFIED AND NATURAL GAS APPLIANCES LIQUIFIED GAS DISTRIBUTION STORES AT FLAGSTAFF AND COTTONWOOD INSTALLATIONS o HEATING o COOKING o REFRIGERATION o WATER HEATING "Gas is Our Business Not u Sideline" BLUE HAVEN CAFE 50'CE'BAKER to the Graduating Class of "SS" 10 N. San Francisco Phone PR. 4-4753 Complete Home and Auto Supplies Radio Repair Service Your Headquaters for Reading Material 108 N. Lemux Flagstaff 6 N. sun Francisc Formerly Babbifts SPENCER INSURANCE AGENCY SERVING FLAGSTAFF SINCE 1926 Fire - Automobile - Liability - Bonds 18 NORTH LEROUX STREET PH. PR. 4-4292 FLAGSTAFF, ARIZONA -122- V, I I I TI 1' 'J , 1 h R' I K : I If .' I ga.: f KX. fy. L ..,ll.. Wnul , - I: V WNW .,., ,. .,.,,..,,,,..,,..,,w3',l,,,,,,,,T .,., , fc.--.. .-1-,-vena I 'I 6. f'k X4 -1' F FOOD TOWN MARKET NORTHERN ARIZONA'S LARGEST, FINEST, AND MOST COMPLETE SUPER FOOD MARKET R. E. BARNES o M. S. SAUER o E. C. COGDILL FLAGSTAFF, ARIZONA The wagwam I I Sears Roebuck and Co. ' 18 E. Santa Fe OPEN EVEWNGS FLAGS TA FF occasins, Indian Jewelfy, Squaw Dresses, Southwestern Gifts I H TS T TS P P TS -K Minaoas PHONE Office: PRospecf 4-3132 TABLE Tops PROSPECT 42161 RITA H. QUACKENBUSH N A ' 8 D ' C REAL ESTATE orthern nzona ass aint 0. ELSIEIJAKLE M. K. LEAIDBETTER FULLER 4" W- SANTA FE AVE- 0 95 0 es PAINTS Home: PRospecf 4-2269 Home: PRospeci 4-3490 M yLt FLAGSTAFF' AR'ZDNA SCHOOL SUPPLIES Q OFFICE SUPPLIES JAMES BOOK 8g GIFT SHOP Exclusive Gifts For All Occasions 3 East Aspen Avenue ...A - . M. ,-,, c. ,. ,,. ' 4 -123- I iI. ,,, .. .,.. ng ,. ,-T.. 'ff-""'f . fe THE CANDY BOX HIIHUIUHIHU Swans Smnun 14 W SANTA F Fl 1249 PENN EYS THE STORE THAT THRIFT BUILT QUALITY CLOTHING FOR THE ENTIRE F A REAL SAVINGS FOR YOU J. C. PENNEY CO. INC. F Iagstaff, Arizona Where Northern Arizona Shops and Saves AMILY Students in The "Know" SKI Arizona Snow Bowl J . e-.,V,.Y , COCONINO CLEANERS 20 N San Francisco St. Phone PR. 4-2931 FI g taff A THE FRONTIER SHOP Western Wear and Sportswear Ma ion S. Lyday Sedona, Ar z lITTlE BROWN JUG 109 South Siffreaves -'l24- O H- vm Q., M W A KWWL Mxrgk ' 4 5 I , ,..k ,,,, BABBITTS' Established 1889 N 125 2 W Y,W Y, .,,,..,..,,.,,. ,.V, ,Y iiwii AS your servant seven ways- seven days a week! 3 , fiQ"'jf5"5:.1::.,, , I --:,::f,,:5: T uu i H ,. .. V .- .,,4 ., ,..... , . , WATER HEATING ' COOKING 0 REFRIGERATION ' HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONING ' CLOTHES DRYING ' INCINERATION SOUTHERN UNION GAS COMPANY HARPER FURNITURE COMPANY s.f.LloQ'QQf,I.e TV 8- Appli Congratulations to you, the Class of '58 LEAMoN,s APPLIANCES ACROSS FROM SAFEWAY Furniture you Iike at prices you Iike to pay D. E. LEAMON 111 WEST BIRCH AVE Sedona and Flagstaff Ph ne PR. 4-4311 FLAGSTAFF Amz E. A. SPROOSE FLAMINGO and EL RANCHO MOTEL Mikes Pike Flagstaff, Arizona HIWAY HOUSE East of Flagstaff P South western Ind i an Crafts CLARK'S SPORTING GOODS NAVAJO-HOPI TRADING C0 Hobby Shop 7 North Leroux MERRITT CLARK, Proprietor 'IO East Santa Fe Flagstaff, Arizona HAND HAMMERED SILVER - NAVAJO RUGS -126- 4 I ,yy 0 fQ3"!f fqr, 5 "A4 f P Flagstaff 4 A D. V. Merrick Phones PR. 4-2739 PR. 4-9816 THE EQANDUINIQ UEBCQN LUNG'-EY'5 BARBER Western Wear for "Eagles" Q Opposite Santo Fe Depot Amggrxgge BEAUTY SHOP -127- l A.M.F. AUTOMATIC SNACK PINSPOTTERS COUNTER Sfuf-JH .fanefi Flagstaff, Arizona The Home of Family Bowling Where Good Friends Meet PR. 4-3511 M Block North of Rt 66 "Len" 8 "Ida" Sonka on Main Street il' I v"'S 4:-:I F.S. 8 C00 eg ' ' BROWNIE'S INDIAN SHOP, 2 M, j Monte Vista Bldg., X I ""' I ,WL Authentic Indian Jewelry, I f "nk Pofiery, Baskets, 4 So. San Francisco Sf-I 8 Rugs, and Kachina Dolls. Flogsmffl Arizona ' I '- 5 - I0 - 254 4 gb Real Value Real Savings 40 For Every Banking Service Think First of First National 'K' "Q Fl RST 1 S 1 3 NATIONAL I 'noun ,r' K OF Amzoms 128 - iv E .,.... eww NORA HAYLEY MARILYN MICHELBACH Best All Around Girl Ffiefldliesf Girl SANDRA YAHNKE Best Dressed Girl W MILDRED PEARCE Wittiest Girl MARILYN HERSINGER Most Likely to Succeed FRUHSHFS STUDIO -'I29-- L LL CHARLINE GARRETT Best Dancer JANET NATT Most Athletic Girl DAIRY QUEEN Where YOU and your FRIENDS go for those wonderful Sundaes, Shakes, Floats, and Cones! FLAGSTAFF FURNITURE COMPANY Your Home Should Come First MODERN TRADITIONAL EARLY AMERICAN MORROW MOTORS CADILLAC, OLDSMOBILE, GMC Fm DeCo"'H"9 Advice SALES and SERWCE Flagsraff PR. 4-3101 Arizona -130- fi Y WV' THE FLAGSTAFF PHARMACY "Everything in Drugs" Phone PR. 4-4341 ETHICAL PRESCRIPTION DEPARTMENT COMPLETE COSMETIC DEPARTMENT SODA FOUNTAIN Spotting Ggoeh andgl1ackagegStoreg 23 N. BEAVER A A A FLAGSTAFF, ARIZONA Aunt summ PHONE 'HO 2 PINE TOP FOUNTAIN, I T2 E. Aspen Serving Hot Lunches with Complete Fountain SPRQUSBREITZ CQ" INC- Flagstaff Music Center 'I South Beaver Flagstaff, Arizona Your Largest 5 and I0 Cent Store in Flagstaff and Nothern Arizona EVERYTHING IN MUSIC Fairest of Them A11 MICHELBACH Insurance and Realty ALL LINES ALL PROPERTIES PR' 4'663l - H2 East Aspen Flagstaff ,Ag -131- A: f Q X fn. N -14.15 ,.,.. wth-N r Q! if ag. N., f -W. ,Q 5 f-ax A f 1 lv .5552:3:3:a:5Ei?E?E?iEiif'4,ff 7? gg' 1-, .4 ...X .,gig5s532:2:z:1: f" ' i Ig get .,w. 'Q 53 R A' sw 1' 'Q K' if fx' V' l , . 'Qi , f x ' X T' ' 'X 1 ifliffiii. " ' ll - lf? L ,'.- '-Q"---- X ,4'E'.,.f f ' ,, . ii reiszssss.. . lm-ff ss 'N 74 A' i , .. I 7-. s ' We 1- 9 s 1' . 1' lf M ' ---ef" I "- "" ,Qfff.5 N x'i'3'l Q . : :::':':5EQEQ:7:"' I I MW' -"' ""' "" " WNW' . l iff' "Someda l'd like a business of m own!" That's a natural ambition if Y Y . ii 'LYS for an one - et even to dream of it would be re arded as ' g.-f ridiculous, and even dangerous in many nations today. But in if America, you are free to travel any road of endeavor you choose, and to follow it as far as your abilities will carry you. Our system of free enterprise makes this possible. Yet, some would curb this system - through ignorance or malicious intent. Protect free enter- prise! For the sake of your future - the future of your country! -' A R I Z 0 N A 4 ublic Service YOUR LOCALLY MANAGED TAXPAYING UTILITY -132- 4. CONGRATULATIONS, GRADUATES' from the following Professional Men of Flagstaff MEDICAL DOCTORS DR DR DR DR DR DR DR DENTISTS DR. DR DR DR DR DR LF. CURRIN HUGH DIERKER C. HERBERT FREDELL KENT O. HANSON DAN W. KITTREDGE CHARLES W. SECHRIST ROY O. YOUNG FRANK J. BARDEN PJ. LINDEMAN, JR. JOHN STILLEY LEO WALDHAUS WAYNE E. WARD H.C. WREN OPTOMETRISTS DR. C.E. TOD LAWRENCE DR. E.B. TOLLEFSON LAWYERS F .M. GOLD STEVENSON, BROOKS, BABBITT -133- mai. A Ufographg CMM.- l,J jmdn, 9 95: L gwahk KC: 3 yfjjfm LW? LJBH 590 HM. I ff AL D jilwog ' a4. n1f7Qsa QW W ,OO 'V 0 Dyes, SWL" X ' U Our, KP"p'NS my ?Y ,Yr-m5 Ltaaff r'TR'Tl5 E fl, "5 l7Yf1lJBf5'g "WV Ran DN G fbi- Od 9 A993 1, 300 New Nowm vgup 611214 G' new TF we , Ujali. qadifff -134- Autographs Autographs

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Flagstaff High School - Kinlani Yearbook (Flagstaff, AZ) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Page 1


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