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DEDICATJION 2 gl l lglill xg l A -J.ausA...h- rs. .ll-ll" Because ol his umliring ellorls +o bring aboul lair play and sporls- manship, because of +he counlless olher services he has rendered for 'rhe loenelil of our school and Hs sludenls, because he has guided and help- ed us during our high school career . . . We, The class of "49," dedicale To Coach Don C. Clark lhis Kinlani. .dr , .,.-, , I A+ +he Fooi' of 'Frisco Mouni' Under Skies of Blue, ain Sfands Our Noble Alma Ma+er Glorious To View. INLANJI STAFF JACK WALLACE Editor MR. C. J. BROOKSBY Sponsor To us, lhe "Kinlani" slall, The job of puf- fing our Jrhis book has been fun, and if is our hope and wish +ha+ you derive as much pleas- ure and enioymem' from il as we did. Of course we losl a lol of sleep, buf lhrough lhe cooperalion of all lhose who gave 'rheir rime and abilily, plus some hard work, we found our 'rask To be an exciling one. To 'rhe journalism class and 'ro all orhers PAT MARTIN who in any way assisled in The producrion of Busmess Manger lhis book, we are sincerely gralelul. The slall wishes To lhank Mr. Brooksby, our sponsor, who helped us mosl of all. From slarr lo lin- ish he has guided and helped us +o make lhis yearbook a realily. PAUL l.lNK DARLENE ANDERSON CHARLES ASHLEY Photographer Art Editor Photographer Qx f:-5:52 4 .+ A . , .1 s 1 Q ,su . 22 3 g ,RCJmarx Kilim? Q ...xx ' 7 X if CncgL-536 1 M Ml"Im'I'I'2"""'S , - , A ADMINISTRATION STURGEON CROMER SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS A. S. C., Flagstaff, A. B. University of Arizona, M. A. WILFRED KILLIP PRINCIPAL A. S. C., Flagstaff, A. B., M. A. MRS. MARY LLOYD MYRTISE WARNOCK Secrefary to The Secretary to the Principal Superintendent BGARD OF EDUCAT ON H. C. MCQUATTERS Q. W. SEQHRIST T. M. KNQLES HARRY W. MICKE SCIENCE Colorado State College of Education: A. B., M. A. EDITH DOUGLAS LIBRARIAN A. S. C., Flagstaff, A. B. U. S. C., B. S., in L. S. R. W. WHEELER HISTORY Colorado State College of Education. A. B., M. A. FIDEL G. BACA SECRETARIAL sc1ENcE s. c., Flagstaff, A. B., M. CATHERINE M. HENSEN SUPERVISOR OF ART U. C. L. A., B. E. U. S. C., M. A. FACULTY JAMES R. WILLIAMS SUPERVISOR OF MUSIC A. S. C., Flagstaff, A. B., M. A. J. S. ALLEN MATHEMATICS u. s. c., L. L. B. BERTHA MAY WHITE HEALTH 8: PHYSICAL EDUCATION University of Redlands, A. B. Scaritt College, M. A. ROBERT B. MOORE . HISTORY, AVIATION SCIENCE University of Redlands, B. A. MRS. RUTH LANE HOME ECONOMICS A. s. c., Iflqgsfoff, A. Ia., M. A. DWIGHT F. PULLEN PHYSICS, SOCIAL SCIENCE Kalamazoo College, A. B. University of Michigan, M. A. MRS. DOROTHY BRIERLEY ENGLISH, DRAMATICS Trinity University, A. B. A, S. C., Flagstaff, M. A. JAMES L. SANDERS ENGLISH Washington University, St. Louis, B. S., Jurisprudence A. S. C., Flagstaff, B. S. Education DON C. CLARK HEALTH 81 PHYSICAL EDUCATION A. S. C., Flagstaff, A. B., M. A. OLIVE MQNERNEY LANGUAGES Cornell University, A. B. A. S. C., Flagstaff, M. A. MRS. EDITH IRWIN COMMERCE A. s. c., Hqgsmff, A. B., M. A. CLARENCE J. BROOKSBY ENGLISH, JOURNAUSM A. S. C., Flagstaff, A. B., M. A. ROY SMITH INDUSTRIAL ARTS A. S. C., Tempe, A. B. TROPHY CASE Through lhe pasl four years, lhese symbols of Jrhe aocomplishmenls of our own and preceding classes have been familiar sighls lo us, The class of '49, We will miss seeing lhem when we leave Fl-lS +his year never again To look upon ihem as a parl of our daily surroundings. EAST HALL WEST HALL 'T3i:fT,, .....g. - W 3 ,x .vw W L:- 'i' lx' . 5 E ,s .1 asa- p" 0 1 it 'N -'-5'7" .,.. ' 1, .---T' - Q 1 Q., - 4 1-A v ... '53- Ag W WWII x Binh . - "High and Migh+y" ACK WALLACE J President SPONSORS c. J. Breookssv DOROTHY BRIERLEY DON MD vice-Presidenl NN MEAD Pglgxarfvv-T'e"5u'e' Q Our goal, Seniors in Fl-IS, has been reach- ed and now wilh gradualion upon us, we look back upon Jrhe four wonderful years of 'fun and learning we have had in Flagslaif l-ligh. Vife would like +o feel lhal noi only have we beneiiled from our experiences buf +ha+ we have helped improve lhe school Through our pariicipalion in sporis, music, dramalics, slu- deni government and club aclivilies. This year's lheme, "The Foriy-Ninerf' was chosen by The Senior Class io exemplify 'rhe era known as The gold rush of I849. Thai movemenf was responsible lor lhe ihriving Wesl which we live in Jroday, marking a cena' 'iury ol progress in Jrhe sunny Soulhwesi. AURELIA I-IERRERA FHA 4, Library Assistant 4. KEN COGDILL Football I,2,3, Junior Varsity 3,4, Band I, 2,3,4 Choir l,2,3,4, Clarinet Quartet I,2,3, 4, Boys' Quartet I,2,3,4, Dramatics Club I, 2,3,4, Science Club 3,4, Ski Club l,2,3,4, Ski Team "B" l,2,3,4, Chess Club I, Madri- gal Choir 3,4, Swing Choir 4, VIRGINIA MARTINEZ Choir l,2, Music Festival l,2, Carnival I, FHA 3,4, Junior Red Cross l,2,3,4, Green and Brown 3, Baseball, Volleyball, Basket- ball 2,3, Basketball Captain 3, Fashion Show 3,4. DON BIRD Clarkdale High School, Clarkdale, Arizona I, National Honor Society 4, State Conven- tion 4, Lettermen's Club 2,3,4, President 4, State Convention 4, Football Letterman 2, 3,4, All-Northern 4, Baseball Letterman 3,4, National Athletic Scholarship Society 2,3,4, New Soanish Club 3,4, Secretary 4, Senior Class Vice-President 4, State Student Coun- cil Convention 4, Superlative. AUDREY WELLS FHA 2,3, Social Manager 4, Carnival l,2, Camera Club I, Intramurals 3,4. RALPH BARNEY Football, Basketball, Baseball Manager 2, 3,4, Lettermen's Club 2,3,4, Dramatics Club I,2,3,4, Senior Play, Christmas Tableau 2, 3, Intramurals 2,3,4, , SHIRLEY BOOKS ,Camera Club I, Drum and Bugle Corps I, 2,3,4, Lieutenant 3, Captain 4, Dramatics Club I,2,3,4, Glee Club l,2,3, Music Festi- 'val 2,3, Point Award l,2,3,4, Intramurals l,2,3,4, Class Vice-President 2, State Stu- dent Council Convention 2, "Almost Eigh- teen", Homeroom Officer 3,4, Commercial 'Club 4, Letterwomen's Club 4. GEORGE ANDREATOS Bond 3,4, Rod and Reel 4, Intramurals 2, 3,4. DARLENE ANDERSON Band l,2,3,4, Play Day 2, Camera Club I, All-Star Basketball 2,3, All-Star Volleyball 2,3, Letterwomen's Club 2,3,4, All-Star Baseball 2,3, Circus 2,3, Carnival I,4, Kin- lani Art-Editor 4, Music Festival 2,3,4. BRUCE CROZIER Tombstone High School, Tombstone, Arizona I,2, Benson High School, Benson, Arizona 3, Flagstaff High School 4, Superlative. DENEEN CLARK Commercial Club 3,4, FHA, Girls' Intra- murals 2,3,4, Camera Club I, PAU L BRAN HAM Intramurals 2,3,4. WINNIFRED PEARSALL Student Body Social Manager 4, Homeroom Officer 3, Drum and Bugle Corps 3,4, Lieu- tenant 4, President 4, Choir 3, Dramatics Club 3,4, Camera Club I, Cheerleader 3,4, Junior Prom Queen's Attendant, Junior and Senior Play Intramurals 2,3,4, Carnival I, 3,4, Circus 2, Commercial Club 3,4. WADE BARNES J. C. SEITZ Carnival 3, Intramurals 3, Circus 2. IDELL SIMMONS McNary High School McNary, Arizona l, 2,3, Flagstatt High School 4, Green and Brown 4. LORETTA PORTILLO spanish Club l,2,3,4, FHA 3,4, Green and Brown 3. BUSH NATT Track I, Intramurals l,4, McCloud High School, McCloud, California 3, Football 4, Christmas Tableau 4. PAT MARTIN-Salutatorian Kinlani Business Manager 4, Drum and Bugle Corps l,2,3,4, Lieutenant 3,4, Cap- tain 4, Glee Club l,2,3,4, Swing Choir 4, Dramatics Club l,2,3,4, Student Director 3, 4, National Honor Society 4, State Conven- tion 4, Circus and Carnival l,2,3,4, Point Award l,2,3,4, Junior and Senior Play, Ski Club l,2,3,4, Camera Club I, Secretary, Commercial Club 2,3,4, Social Manager 4, FHA 4, Intramurals l,2,3,4, Salad Bowl Queen 4. MARY JOY FISHER Choir l,2,4, Drum and Bugle Corps 3,4, Science Club 3,4, Dramatics Club 2,3,4, Girls' Hiking Club I, Junior Play, Circus 2, Senior Play Property Manager, Music Festival 2,4, Carnival l,4, Pep Squad I. DELPHINE GARRIDO Drum and Bugle Corps 4, Commercial Club 4, Dramatics Club l,2,3,4, Operetta 3, "Al- most Eighteen", Intramurals l,2,3,4, Carni- val 4, Circus 2,3. BETTY LOU WIERMAN Joplin High School, Joplin, Missouri l,2, Volleyball Tournament 3,4, Letterwoman in Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball 3,4, Letter- women's Club 3,4. DEAN PATTERSON East High School, Denver, Colorado, l,2,3, Ski Team 4, Choir 4, Swing Choir 4, Ski Club 4, Football 4. CARLOS MAYORGA Football Letterman 3, 4, Co-Captain 4, Hon- orable Mention, All-Northern Basketball Let- terman 3,4, Lettermen's Club 3,4, National Athletic Scholarship Society 3,4, Secretary 4, National Honor Society 4, State Conven- tion 4, Intramurals I, Spanish Club 4, Christmas Tableau 4. MARY MELENDEZ Commercial Club 4, Letterwomen's Club 2, 3, Social Manager 3, Old Spanish Club 3, 4, FHA 4, Glee Club 2,3,4, Dramatics Club l,2,3,4, Operetta 3, Music Festival 2,3,4, Swing Choir 4, Circus 2, Superlative 4, Basketball Captain 3, Vaudeville Shaw 3, Intramurals 2,3,4, BILL ETTER-I-lonor Graduate Band I, Choir l,2,3,4, Operetta 3, Senior Play, Track l,3, Commercial Club 3, Circus 2, Boys' Quartet l,2,3,4, Ski Club l,2, Point Award l,2, Homeroom Officer 2,3. TONY OABALDON National Honor Society 4, State Convention 4, National Athletic Scholarship Society 2, 3,4, President 4, Band l,2,3,4, Choir l,2, 3,4, Music Festival l,2,3,4, Operetta 3, "Al- most Eighteen", Point Award l,2,3,4, State Student Council Convention 2, Junior Prom King's Attendant, Lettermen's Club 2,3,3, Football Letterman 2,3,4, All-Northern 4, Honorable Mention, All State 4, Basketball Letterman 2,3,3, Honorable Mention, All- Northern, Football Captain 4. RAUL GARCIA Class President l,2,3, National Honor So- ciety 4, State Convention 4, Senior Play 4, National Athletic Scholarship Society 2,3,4, Secretary 3,TVice-President 71, Football Let- terman 2,3,4, All-Northern 4, Honorable Mention, All-State 4, Basketball Letterman 2,3,4, Track Letterman l,2,3, Lettermen's Club 2,3,4, Vice-President 4, State Conven- tion 4, State Student Council Convention 2, Boys' State 3, Spanish Club 2,3,4. HELEN MARTINEZ Honor Graduate Choir 3, Intramurals 2,4, Baseball, Basket- ball, Volleyball 3,4, Play Day 4, Christmas Tableau 4, Letterwomen's Club 2,3,4, FHA 4, Old Spanish Club 3,4, National Honor Society 4, State Convention 4, Junior Red Cross 4, Treasurer 4, Green and Brown 3, Office Assistant 4. DON KELSEY Carnival 3, Intramurals 3,4. BARBARA SCHNEBLY Barrington High School, Barrington, Illinois I,2, New Spanish Club 3,4, Vice-President 3,Carnival 4, Circus 3, "A Widow's PIight", Junior Play, Prop,Manager for Senior Play, Intramurals 3, Fashion Show 3,4, Superla- tive. JOE BABBITT-Honor Graduate "Be Home By Midnight", Christmas Tableau 3,4, Music Festival 2,3,4, Square Dance Club 2,3, Dramatics Club I,2,3,4, New Spanish Club 3,4, Rod and Reel 4, Camera Club I, Chess Club 4, President 4, Ski Club 2,3,4, Intramurals 2,3, Carnival 2,3, Boys' Quartet, Choir 4. MARGARET HUTCHISON Student Body Secretary 4, State 4, Class Secretary-Treasurer I,3, Council Conven- tions 3,4, D.A.R. Representative 4, National Honor Society 3,4, Vice-President 4, State Convention 3,4, Commercial Club 2,3,4, President 4, Drum and Bugle Corps 2,3,4, Stamp Club I,2,3, President I,2, Secretary 3, Dramatics Club 2,3,4, Secretary 4, Sen- ior Play, lntramurals I,2,3,4, Junior Prom Queen's Attendant, Freshman Queen, Car- nival I,3,4, Superlative. PAUL HUBBARD Football 2,3,4, Letterman 4, Basketball I,2, 3,4, Letterman 4, Track I, Commercial Club 3,4, Ski Club I,2,3,4, President 4, Ski Let- terman I,2,3,4, Homeroom Officer I,3,4, Lettermen's Club 2,3,4, Green and Brown 4, Baseball 2,3,4, Letterman 3,4, Boys' Quartet 3,4, Band I,2,3, Choir I,2,3, CIar-- inet Quartet I,2,3, String Ensemble. 1 MARY NAVARRO Old Spanish Club 3,4, Junior Red Cross 4, Commercial Club 3,4, Choir I,2,3,4, Vaude- ville Show 3, Library Assistant 4, Intra- murals 4, Christmas Tableau I,2,3,4, Office Orderly 4, Superlative. 'wif ANGEL GOMEZ Football 2,3,4, Letterman 4, Basketball 2,3, 4, Letterman 4, Baseball 3,4, Intramurals I I,2, Lettermen's Club 4, Junior Varsity 3, Camera Club I, Rod and Reel 4, Choir 4, ' Music Festival 2,3, Superlative. ANNA MARIE VAN COURT Honor Graduate I I tive. I Commercial Club 3,4, FHA 3,4, Superla- FRANK SATRUSTEGUI Football 2,3,4, Letterman 4, Basketball 2,3, 4, Letterman 4, Co-Captain 4, Lettermen's Club 2,3,4, Track Manager 2, Intramurals I, Christmas Tableau 4, Camera Club I, Music Festival 3, Choir 3, Baseball 2,3,4, Letterman 4. RUTH HERRINGTON Honor Graduate Chess Club I, Junior and Senior Play, Square Dance Club , Girls' Hiking Club 2, Glee Club I,4, "Almost Eighteen", Christ- mas Tableau 3, Music Festival I,4, Super- Iative. MARSHALL KNOLES U FHS and State Student Body President 4, Delegate to National Association of Stu- dent Councils, Washington, D. C. 4.-.Student Body Social Manager 3, Track Letterman 2, 3,4, Captain 4, Junior Prom King, National Athletic Scholarship Society 2,3,4, Band I, 2,3,4, Captain 4, Drum and Bugle Corps 3,4, Drum Major 3,4, State Student Coun- cil Convention 3,4, Arizona Boys' State 2,3, Dramatics Club I,2,3,4, Science Club 2,3,4, Ski Letterman I,2,3,4, Captain 4, Ski Club I,2,3,4, Point Award l,2,3,4. ' ROGENE ROSS Dramatics Club I,2,3,4, Drum and Bugle -, Corps I,2,3, Glee Club I, Commercial Club' ' 2,3,4, Secretary 4, Homeroom Officer 4, Circus and Carnival I,3, Camera Club I, Christmas Tableau I,3, Superlative. ALEX JAQUEZ Intramurals 2. THOMAS LANDETA Hiking Club 4, Football I, Intramurals 2, 4, Carnival 3. MARILYN OVERSON Commercial Club 3,4, Choir 2,3,4, Swing Choir 4, Senior Play, Operetta 3, Chess Club 3, National Honor Society 4, State Convention 4, Art Awards 2,3,4, Circus 2, Carnival 3,4, Green and Brown 3, Music Festival 2,3,4, Dramatics Club ' Student- Director 4. FRED MONTOYA Basketball Letterman 2,3,4, Lettermen's Club 2,3,4, Intramurals I, Commercial Club 3,4. CELIA TACHIAS Choir 2,3,4, Intramurals 4, Basketball Cap- tain 3, Christmas Tableou 2,3,4, FHA 2,3,4, Letterwomen's Club 4, Operetta 3, Old Spanish Club 3,4, Dramatics Club 2,3,4, Commercial Club 4, Junior Red Cross 2,3, Green and Brown 4, Music Festival 2,3,4, Office Orderly 4, Vaudeville Show. VERNE I-IULL-Honor Graduate Junior and Senior Play, Baseball 3, Intra- murals l,2,3,4, Camera Club I, Superlative. OFELIA LOZANO Junior Red Cross I, FHA 3,4, Old Spanish Club 4, Green and Brown 4, Carnival , Fashion Show 2,3,4. "4MARTINH'ENSEN'f Flagstaff High School 4, Swing Band 4. JENNIE RAMIREZ FHA 2,3,4, Treasurer 4, Junior Red Cross 4, Commercial Club 4, Choir 3, Music Festi- val 3, Christmas Tableau 3, Choir Concert 3, Intramurals 2,,3, Green and Brown 4. BILL MOXLEY Gardena High School I, Holbrook High School 2,3, Flagstaff High School 4, Ski Club 4. PATTY ANN MEAD I-lonor Graduate FHA I,2,3,4, Treasurer 2, Vice-President 3, President 4, Homeroom Secretary-Treasurer 2, Choir 2,4, Music Festival 2,4, Intramur- als 2,3, Arizona Girls' State 3, "A Little Honey", Drum and Bugle Corps 3,4, Secre- tary-Treasurer 4, Science Club 3,4, Secre- tary-Treasurer 4, New Spanish Club 3, 4, Vice-President 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Secretary 4, State Convention 4, Senior Class Secretary-Treasurer, State Student Council Convention 4, Superlative 4, Jun- ior Prom Queen. TED WILLIS Football 2, 3, Junior Varsity 3, Rod and Reel 4, Intramurals 2, 3, 4, Captain 3. SALLY GARCIA Commercial Club 3, 4, Old Spanish Club 3, FHA 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Dramatics Club 2, 3, 4, Swing Choir 4, Music Fes- tival 2, 3, 4, Circus 2, Carnival 3, Red Cross I, Intramurals 2, 3. PAUL LOPEZ Intramurals I, Football 2, Basketball Let- terman 2, 3, 4, Captain 3, Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4, National Athletic Scholarship So- ciety 3, 4. ,gf LAg5EN E MELER i Drum and Bugle Corps 4, Dramatics Club 4, Square Dance Club 2, Glee Club 2, Choir 3, 4, Music Festival 2, Junior Play. PETRA VERGARA Spanish Club 3, 4, FHA 4, Commercial Club 4,'Red Cross 4, Intramurals 2, 3, 4. DON GUTHRIE Football 3,4, Letterman 4, All-Northern Sec- ond Team, Honorable Mention, All-State, Intramurals 2,3,4, Junior Varsity 3, Letter- men's Club 4, Band I,2,3,4, Music Festival I,2,3,,4. LUPE NIETO Commercial Club 4, Choir 2,3,4, Music Festival 2,3, Choir Concert 2,3, Junior Red Cross 2,3, Spanish Club 4, FHA 4, Intra- murals 2, Christmas Tableau. CHARLES ASHLEY Honor Graduate Intramurals 2,3,4, Kinloni Photographer 2, 3, Circus 2, Superlative. ISABEL GOITIA Homeroom Vice-President I, Letterwomen's Club 2,3,4, President 4, Junior Red Cross I, 2,3,4, President 4, Old Spanish Club I,2, 3,4, President 4, FHA 4, Choir I,2,3, Christ- mas Tableau 3,4, "Almost Eighteen", Ju- nior Prom Queen's Attendant, Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball 2,3,4, Music Festival I, 2,3, Play Day 2,4, Captain 4, Superlative. ARLENE OPPLIGER Kingman High School 2,3, Glee Club 4, Dramatics Club 4, Music Festival 4, Swing Choir 4, Green and Brown. MARGARET VASOU EZ Old Spanish Club 3,4, Commercial Club 4, Choir 2,3,4, Music Festival 2,3,4, Intra- murals 2,3,4, Letterwomen's Club 4, Red Cross I,2,3,4, Carnival 3,4, Circus 2, Office Assistant 4, Vaudeville Show 3. JERRY CROCKETT FHS and State Student Body Vice-President 4, State Convention 4, Freshman Vice-Presi- dent, Safety Club 3,4, Dramatics Club 2,3, 4, Christmas Tableau 4, Music Festival 3, Band and Choir I,3 Green and Brown 3, Intramurals I,2,3,4, Football I, Camera Club I, Circus and Carnival l,2,3,4, Super- lative, PATTY N EWSO M Drum and Bugle Corps I,2,3,4, "Almost Eighteen", Glee Club 3, Music Festival 3, Dramatics Club 3,4. JACK WALLACE Honor Graduate Lindblom Technical High School, Chicago, Illinois I, Senior Class President, State Stu- dent Council Convention 4, National Honor Society 4, State Convention 4, Kinlani Edi- tor 4, Junior Prom King's Attendant, Foot- ball Letterman 3,4, Honorable Mention, All- Northern, Baseball 3,4, Letterman 4, Na- tional Athletic Scholarship Society 3,4, Let- termen's Club 3,4, Commercial Club 3,4, Point Award 4, Green and Brown 4, Christ- mas Tableau 4, Intramurals 2,3,4, Super- lative. ILA MAE MONTGOMERY Carnival I,2,3, Circus 4, Superlative, Com- mercial Club 3,4, FHA 3,4, Dramatics Club 3,4, Drum and Bugle Corps I, Intramurals I,2,3,4, Christmas Tableau 3,4. PHILLIP DE MIGUEL Choir 4, Football 2,3,4, Letterman 4, Rod and Reel 4, President 4, Lettermen's Club 4, Junior Varsity 3, Old Spanish Club 3,4, Secretary 4, Intramurals 2,3,4, Music Festi- val 3,4, Superlative. TOM MATH EWS National Honor Society 4, State Convention 4, National Athletic Scholarship Society 3, 4, Football Letterman 3,4, Basketball Let- terman 2,3,4, All-Northern, Second Team 2,4, Baseball Letterman 2,3,4, Captain 3, Lettermen's Club 2,3,4, Secretary 4, State Convention 4, Junior Class Vice-President, Junior Prom King's Attendant, Arizona Boys' State 3, Band l,2,3, Choir 2,3, Mu- sic Festival l,2,3, New Spanish Club 3,4, President 4, Commercial Club 2,3, President 3, Intramurals I. MARY SCOTT Girls' Hiking Club I, FHA 2,3,4, Vice-Presi- dent 2, President 3, Science Club 3,4, Choir I,2, Music Festival I,2, Point Award 2. LORENZO FERNANDEZ Christmas Tableau 4, Junior Varsity 3,4, ln- tramurals l,2,3,4, Football ,3,4, Basketball 3, Carnival 2,3, Kinlani Assembly. NELLIE SOTO-Valedictorian Dramatics Club l,2,3,4, Old Spanish Club 3,4, President 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, President 4, State Convention 3,4, Let- terwomen's Club 2,3,4, Secretary 3, Vice- President 4, FHA 4, Play Day 4, Commer- cial Club 4, Girls' State 3, Girls' All-Star Volleyball, Baseball, Basketball Team l,2, 3,4, Office Orderly 2,?,4, Point Award I, 4, Superlative. JOHN BRADFORD Football l,2,3, Ski Club 4, Science Club 4, Junior Varsity 3,4, Band I,2,3,4, Intra- murals 2,3,4, Trumpet Trio 2, Brass Sex- tette 4, "Almost Eighteen", Music Festival l,2,3,4, Christmas Tableau 3,4, Carnival 2, 3,4, Special Affects for Senior Play, Circus 2. SOPHIE RODRIOUEZ Commercial Club 3,4, Choir 2,3, Music Festival 2,3, Circus 2, Carnival 3,4, Old Spanish Club 3,4, Junior Red Cross i, Let- terwomen's Club 2,3,4, FHA 4, Library Assistant 4, Volleyball, Baseball, Basketball All-Star Teams 3,4. DON KRING- Football 3,4, Rod and Reel 4, Junior Var- sity 3,4, Intramurals 2,3,4. -CARL FERRELLW ED NAUMAN Fenger High School, Chicago, lllinois l,2,3, Flagstaff High School 4, Senior Play. DONNA THOMPSON Commercial Club 3,4, Senior Play Property Manager. DICK DEAVER Football 2,3,4, Letterman 4, Honorable Mention, All-Northern 4, Science Club 3,4, President 4, Choir l,2,3,4, Boys' Quartet 3, 4, Bays' Solo 3,4, Swing Choir 4, Operetta 3, Dramatics Club 3,4, Ski Club l,2,3,4, Ski Letterman I, Band l,2,3,4, Intramurals l,2,3,4. GERALDINE RICHARDS FHA 3,4, Secretary 4, New Spanish Club 3, 4, Square Dance Club 4, Vice President 4, Choir l,2,3,4, Intramurals 2,3,4. JIM BACKS Junior Varsity 3, Lettermen's Club 4, Foot- ball 3,4, Letterman 4, Baseball 3,4, Rod and Reel 4, Vice-President 4. MARGARET PESSARRA Circus 2, Girls' Hiking Club 3, Carnival 3, 4, Choir 3,4, FHA 3,4, Music Festival 3,4, Commercial Club 4, Green and Brown. - GILBERT SCANTLAND - Intramurals 2,3,4, Captain 3, Hike Club 3. TONY GEABALDON MARY MELENDEZ BEST PERSONALITY SUPERLA CUTEST ' MOST LIKELY TO SUQCEED Anna Marie Van Court Verne Hull Ru'Hw Herringfon, Jack Wallace f B E S T L O O K I N C5 TIVES Ile Mae Monhgomery Angei Gomez BIQGEST FLIRT Barbara Schnebley, Don Bir MOST ORIGINAL d Ken Coqdill, SIwirIey Books QT sf gg, MOST DEPENDABLE Marqarel l-lulchison BEST DREssED l IE' E A Rogene Ross, Phillip Miguel MOST STUDIOUS MOST POPULAR Nellie Solo, Charles Ashley Wfinnilred Pearsall, Jerry Crockell MOST DEPENDABLE Bruce Crozier TI I i MOST ATHLETIC lsabell Goilia, Raul Garcia 5 BEST ALL AROUND Pally Ann Mead, Marslwall Knoles 1 1 w W JUHIUHS CONNIE HUFFER ROGER ARDREY FRANCES GABALDON Vice-Presiclenl Presidenl Secrelary-Treasurer Upperclassrnen . . . As Juniors, we realize llwal our school days are coming lo an end, and we loeqin +o lliinq seriously of making a place for ourselves in llie world. MARGARET PESSARRA PHILLIP COOK FAY COREY DILLARD CRAWLEY LOIS STEIDL TALMADGE RUSSELL VAUDINE DIAL MELVIN SANDERSON HELEN THOMPSON SILVER BARRERAS BEVERLY BUIRGE NED CAGLE CATHERTNE VAN COURT ROBERT OHNLEITER MARJORTE VVONG CHARLES REYNOLDS LUCY APODACA RICHARD YBARRA THERESA ANAYA CARL SECHRIST GERTRUDE BOYCE BILL RICE LILY SEDILLO SPEEDY CASTILLO RAMONA LUNA C. J. PITTS DOROTHY COX ROGER ARDREY MARY RODRIOUEZ DANIEL ALVARADO CAROLEE EK GENE ETTER MARGARET DAVIS BOB EELTS ANN ELLIS DAVID GOMEZ ETI-IEL GODWIN ROBERT MORALES I-IALLIE GREEN MIKE YBARRA FRANCES GABALDON JULIAN TAYLOR BOB MCCORMICK RUTI-I ANN LEWELLEN RUTI-I JONES ALICE MARTINEZ GEORGE IVORY ANN MQVEY DONALD SKAGGS SANDRA SCOTT EVELYN JORDAN CLAUDETTE LOCKRIDGE RUTI-I LUKUS BILL CORNFORD RAYMOND JONES CONNIE I-IUFFER MARGARET BABBITT MARY SMITI-I MARGE PENDLEY MARGARET VAN DEREN GEORGE SEDILLO EREDDY RUIZ JAMES JENSEN TED IvIcCREARY JOE MARTINEZ MATILDA CONTR ERAS BARKER SUTTLE ELIZABETH LUEVANO DICK LUEKER MARGE PENDLEY JOHN VALLEZ ROSEMARY GERKIN FRANK PATTON ANN JENSEN LOUIS GONZALES CARMEN MAYORGA LLOYD WARFIELD EDITI-I WALKER PAUL LINK f JIIv'fTI-IAMESE BILLY BACA , if 155 ,ML SUPHUHIUHES DICK ZANER ROBERT ELVEY MARGE SAUER JERRY KNOWLES Vice-President President Secretory Treosurer More serfleol and perhaps more c:onfiden+ 'rhan in our Freshman year, we Sophomores begin fo +ake a iarger parr in school ac'rivi+ies. We have found 'rha+ school is made up of more +han jusr our srudies. BARBARA RICE GEORGE I-IOLT JLIANITA SEDILLO JACK MORROW DONN DURIO CRUZ SEDILLO FRANK MARIN PATRICIA MAYS MARVA I-IOEL JOE SAMPSON MAXINE POLSON BILL RUSSELL GEAN SLAYTON MARYANNE BARTON GARLAND NEAL DARLENE ANDERSON PAT SAMMIS JOE WORISCI-IECK A VIRGINIA BAKER DON SPRINGER ROBERT BETTS EERN LOMAYESVA LUPE ALONZO ALICE SANDOVAL MARTI-IA I-IERNANDEZ I-IERMAN JARAMILLO DOROTHY MESA LARRY HALL ,,-: a 2 I ,J 3 ! .:,,:,: I em YES ww :'-' I If J, S , I vig ,. EEE, ,S wi- N .,.: ,.,1 DON STEIDL WILEY B. WILLIAMS JOHNNY MONTOYA INEZ JOHNSON I-IELEN ESPINO JAMES RAWLINSON ALICE MONTANO STANLEY NELSON EORTUNATA MARTINEZ GEORGE KAVATIFIAS LILLIAN PRINCE DICK ZANER DON CI-IIAPPETTI LEOLA BUTLER IDA BELL EMERY ALICE I-IANSON BONNIE LOU SWIFT BENNY PURTYMUN VIVIAN ADAMS DARRELL MILLER ROLAND GRANNEN LILLIAN NAKAI BRUCE BECKLEY MAMIE DUKE PAT MAYS NICK ANDREATOS BILLIE YARNELL TIM CORDOVA DORA GONZALES ' BOB SMITH JOANNE PRATT BILL MCCULLOUGH BILL WRIGHT EAY LONG ELMER ARMIJO MARY JEAN JONES LUCY VERGARA MANUEL JIMINEZ ROSARIO DIAZ JACK BEAMER BILL WITHERS SOPHIE ESPINO WALTER BURTON RACHEL VALDEZ BONNIE BRADFORD LOUIS CANCINO DAVID KINCANON MARGARET CROCKETT BILL ROWLAND BETTY JEAN RITCHEY DICK JOHNSON ARMIDA SANCHEZ AGNES HARPER JEANETTE SEGO BOBBETTE LOCKRIDGE CALVIN LUALLIN Cow' 11 fi '.f.-:z:a:a:s-saw - 1,-:5:::::::::::.,T5 , ,,,,,,, Q1 55---. I 'I QM " fiw- e,ff: ::.1-:-- 1 ::2': V 'f-f1-'112:2-""",. I mx -fksiisiaiaiisisiaf ' f w:s:s:a:a:::::-- W? ,.::.::f::,, . .:.:.:.:.:.. ,H was I Q W I S 2 'K' 'Sw 5 W 'B ,IW 1 Q X X , R 1 L Q W ,Ja A I MW . in I - WSW A , -"-'- A Q15 , I I ....... ' QT? fi MARTHA HERNANDEZ CAROL BURMAN TRINI GARCIA GRACE LUNA BETTY DRYE ' DON GARBARINO MARY KLOPPING JERRY KNOWLES STEPHEN AGINIGA MARGIE DALE HELEN JACOUEZ BILL HOWE MARGIE SAUER ROBERT ELVEY MARY FIELDS CHARLES COMPTON BOB CORNFORD BILLIE DIXON PEGGY COBB RAY BACA LENORE FUENTES JAMES JONES CHARLES GLASPIE DOROTHY HALL SIMMIE BECKHUM MARCENA WELLS HENRY GABALDON BARA PENA SCIENJICC SET CRATER 'ERISCO PEAKS OAK CREEK IFJLAGSTAJFJF SNOW-BOWL ? MONTEZUMA CASTLE SPORTS Swing H' To fhe Le'H, Swing H' To fhe Righ+ MARGIE BABBITT A CONIXHE HUFFER WINNIE PEARSALL ffxd rw N, ,Q??f'CZ,ff?7LgwM .V JYQX, 'N f-GN kx ro'-f7"iN-x ....,,.. x ,B+ I. .- ,. if 'xr 1 fi A ' 1- f N, f-vxx.,--x W' A, l Jqp fs gym ,,5l1 , , . V . ,- ..N ,, PX. ,Z 'f'5'?Vf'1f'ixi' Aj-'Qjfa 'fi' 422: '2'E:Q-QA f ,E 'gg' -gigs 4- M ,,Q2l:, W , 'Y,1,-,f f U.-V'.il:eP7g 1 ., ,- , 1, I I V A I' 1 , QV, in E N! 7 Juli 9 -xff,f'1f., v f Q! ' 1, ' 1' 9. 'Jig' ,-,Qi J ' I 1 . K 'lil-Y - W I JK w A ' ' "X: V? I 'P "I I ff vc, X' . -1 ,ff 3,-f f ' , V-LA 8 fad! 1,'i . Ng. ff A- .Q l f I! 1 1 ,-. i ' --1, W .1 Ffa-y 2 4 N X-ig!! H M , u N , L ,. f , - K - - - f x X -I Y ' N K 1 QNX X N X, V 1 N Q H x ' ' 1 f A far- I A , f, wh A XX X f I X ATm'1"f , X A , ix X. 1 ' 1' N I xi. N' J Y ." . "fs X X - I , . 1 1 xx X ,Y N ,rig . 1, QAM ww X --.., E: f X-A QF X LQ if '--Q LEA 1 5 6: L-' ' Ni, XX, .Xxx K ,V QQ. I , L., I Ig . ,f if-rf , x QI . . ' 17' f X- ' " W! 1-I. 'Uv lf I - - , 1 1 " X ', I N 372, gf: , , ,Xen K1 ' fx -F' ,r I , T A if -S fr ' 2 5:1 YQ , , K 4 ! ov' ef' c VI, x 'ez gen gg-3223 fl DON CLARK . Head Coach "LeT's Look AT ROY smiw ,, FRED ANDERSON fXssisTanT Coach The ReC0rd- AssisTanT Coach Under The TuTelage OT Coach Don Clark The Eagles came Through The season wiTh Tive wins, one Tie, and Two losses. The season opened wiTh a bang when The Eagles sank The Vikings of Williams, I3- 6. ln The second conTesT, FlagsTaTT Traveled To Holbrook where They Trimmed The Roadrun- ners, T8-O, and in The Tollowing baTTle The Wolves OT Clarkdale sTopped howling when The home Team walked over Them by a score OT 50-6. The nexT week was black Tor The Eagles when The PrescoTT Badgers nipped Them I3-6 in a non-conTerence game. STill suTTering Trom This deTeaT The TirsT eleven barely held The Jerome lvluclqers TO a deadlock which ended in a 6-6 Tie. Recovering quickly, The Eagles swooped To a 40-7 win over The hapless SnowTlake Lobos Tor Their TourTh win OT The season. JubilanT over This vicTory, The home Team shuT-OuT The Kingman eleven, 26-O. Then came The Tinal and mosT hearTbreak- ing cOnTesT - The Winslow-FlagsTaTT TilT. The Eagles TOughT hard buT Tell To Their TradiTional Toe, 6-0. WiTh The loss OT This game wenT The home Team's hope' OT becoming NorThern Ari- zona ConTerence Champions. MANAGERS DON ci-HAPPETTI DALE BARNEY BOB CORNFORD With two more years to play for the Eagles, Garland can be counted on to carry the brunt of power and running plays on next year's team. Another probable regular on next year's squad is John Vallez. John is an asset to any team and will be greatly needed to bolster a strong backfield next year. Playing his first and last year for the Eagles, Don has proven to his opponents he is a hard-hitting guard. Because of his ability to play clean, but aggressive football, he was elected to the All-Northern second team, All-State, honorable mention. Although small, Paul could be de- pended upon to fill any backfield position when called on-and fill it well. He ran hard and smooth and proved difficult to tackle. Joe quarterbacked the Junior Var- sity to its long string of victories. When Tony came out of a varsity game Martinez filled in. He will be back next year to call signals for the first team. Daniel was a regular starter on the first eleven, but due to a leg in- jury was out of action most of the season. While on the playing field, his adversaries found him hard-hit- ting and aggressive. FOOTBALL Tony Gabaldon, co-captain of this year's team, quarterbacked the Eagles through their winning sea- son. Tony is a three-year letterman and was elected to the All-Northern, first team, All-State, second team. Stephen, like Garland and John, is another returning letterman for next year's squad. He is a stocky, hard-hitting pigskin toter and u sure starter on the next Flagstaff eleven. Angel was a regular starter on this year's team a nd will be greatly missed by next year's first eleven. He tackled hard and effectively, and his opponents will long remember him for his blocking. Frank is a senior, also, and play- ed his final year for the Eagles. A tall end-he could pull down any pass in reach and'was called on many times to gain yardage or a first-down. I Playing his best on defense, Rob- ert stopped many an opponent from long end-around runs. ln any game he gave a good account of him- self and can be counted on to play again next year. Playing his last year for the Eagles, Jim was called upon fre- quently to fill in the guard posi- tions. A good, clean playing lines- man-he was always a threat to running plays. LETTERM E To the dismay of his opponents, Carlos was a demon on offense and defense. He slashed through any line to throw ball carriers for a loss. Because of his determination and hard playing, Mayorga was awarded All-Northern, honorable mention and elected co-captain by his team mates. Jack was a fast, driving guard on the first eleven that could always be depended on to halt running plays. lt was he who led his team- mates in calisthenics. A two-year let- terman, he was awarded All-North- ern, honorable mention. Tom was a tall, glue-fingered end who could snag any pass-some of them being the opponents. He is a senior, and, although a one-year Ietterman, set up or caught many a piqskin in the end-zone. Speedy was the boy who bottled up many of the ball carriers who tried sweeping end-around runs. This and his pass-catching brought him All-Northern, honorable mention. The team will greatly miss the ab- sence of this two-year letterman. Bill was an open-field running back. Whenever yardage or a touchdown was needed-in went Bill. A iunior-he will be back again next year to earn a three-year letter- man's stripe and a reputation. Garcia was cne of the three Flag- staff boys to make All-Northern, first team. Because of his ball car- rying trickery and passing, he also received a berth on the All-State team, making honorable mention. Playing his first year for the Eagles, Roger doubled in the tackle spot. He hit hard and stopped many of the opponents' plays before they had a chance to develop. A junior-he will be back next year. A three-year letterman-Don was a regular, playing tackle. A stal- wart to the right side of the line, Bird will long be remembered for his tackles. He also filled in the backfield to do most of the punting chores. His work is summed up in four words--All-Northern, first team. Sure fire aim that always found its target was Dick Deaver's ability. He is a senior and a two-year let- terman. A center with a quick snap and accuracy, earned Dick All- Northern, honorable mention. Richard doubled as a center or an end. Rich' lettered two years and was equally good on offense or defense. His adversaries found he hit hard-but clean. Another hard-hitting, d r i v i n g guard was Lloyd Warfield. He filled in and could be depended upon to plug holes or fill his bocking assign- ment. Lloyd, a junior, will be back again next year. Phillip played either guard or tackle equally well. Although a one-year letterman, he was respect- ed by his opponents because of his sportsmanship and ruggedness. LETS EAT, IM HUNGRY EAGLES gain' "HH 'Em Again, Harder! Harder!" FIRST TEAM GOMEZ NEAL GARClA GABALDON MATHEWS BIRD WALLACE DEAVER Q-UTHRIE MAYORGA CASTILLO SECOND TEAM VALLEZ HUBBARD ALVARADO MARTINEZ MORALES MIGUEL WARFIELD YBARRA BACKS ARDREY SATRUSTEGUI Nw., ,, . V. .. JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL SCORES Flagstaff J. V. .,... Williams J. V. ..., . Flagsfoff J. V. ,,,. . Winslow J. V. .... . Flagstaff J. V. .... . Prescott J. V. ,.,, . Flagstaff J. V. . 'Cottonwood ......, Flagstaff J. V. ,... . 'Seligman .mv is. . ' L Flagsfdfflf'J. V. Winslow J. V. .... , I3 6 I6 7 25 0 I9 6 I4 27 I3 kVarsifies "Sl-IARPENINO THEIR TALONSI DON CLARK Coach :RANK SATRUSTEGUI-SPEEDY CASTll.LO Co-Captains S-T-R-E-T-C-l-l Under the skillful coaching of Don Clark, the Eagles had their most successful season since 1945. Much to the dismay of their opponents, the home team chalked up 12 conference wins and 3 losses, making themselves a second place berth in con- ference standings. The Cottonwood Devils found the Eagles too hot to handle when the Green and White tallied 41 points to their 11. Wil- liams High was knocked off its pedistal by a 38-20 score. The Flag quint then swamped the Jerome Muckers 38-31 for their third conference win. lt took the Bulldogs of Winslow to halt the high soaring Eagles after losing 36-30 to Winslow, the local five snapped back to their winning ways and trounced the invading Williams Vikings 32-21. The Roadrunners of Holbrook proved too much for the Green and White and won 45-31. The next night a fighting Snowflake five was dropped 30-27 in an overtime period. Still going strong, the Eagles winged on to another win and sent the Ashfork Spartans home on the short end of a 45-29 score. The Cowboys of Camp Verde cried, "Oh, how l miss my hoss," when Flag hoopsters turned in a 44-19 win. Seething from an earlier defeat, the Eagles swooped to an impressive 35-23 score over Winslow. Pouring on the coal, the Flag five scorched a traveling Jerome squad 57-42. ln two Flag-Kingman tilts, the Eagles emerged victorious by 54-39 and 43 3.5 scores. The sharpshooting Sellgman Anlelopes put the skids under the high flying Eagles and "horned in" to win 38-37. Undismayed, the home five were a howling success when they lashed the Wolves of Clarkdale 50-19. ln the N. A. l. A. tournament, the Eagles took second place as well as a nice new, shiny trophy for their collection. ln the first tournament game the Eagles edged out Williams 28-27. The Elks of Round Valley took to the woods when Flag hotshots tallied 37 points to their 25. Holbrook learned that a determined home quint couldn't be beat and went down 35-31. The unde- feated St. Johns Redskins took the Eagles 28-27 and won not only the game but the N.A.l.A. championship by a single point The following week found the Eagles bound for the State Basketball Tournament in Tucson. The home five was matched against the Chandler Wolves in their first tilt. The Green and White DALE BARNEY Manager trailed most of the game but came back strong to overtake the Wolves and win 34-33. Pitted against the highly favored Aio Red Raiders, the Eagles went into action on the hardwood. The half-time period found Flagstaff behind 29-18. For a while it seemed as though the predicted would happen, but the Eagles started a last-quarter spurt and turned defeat into a one point 43-42 victory. The Green and White had battled their way into the semi-finals of the championship bracket - a feat which no other team from Flagstaff has accomplished! A strong Nogales quint halted the fighting Eagles 53-35 and went on to win the championship. FRED MONTOYA Senior - Forvvord BHSHETBHLL TOMMY MATHEWS Senior - Forword All-Northern, Second Teom All-Store, Second Teom PAUL HUBBARD Senior - Guard FRANK SATRUSTEGUI QARLQ5 MAYQRGA Senior A GUOFCL USOME OF THE BIGGER BOYSM Senior - Cenfer CCVCUPLGLV' All-Northern, Honorable Menhow ASHFORK WILLIAMS PAUL LOPEZ Senior - Forward LETTEHIHEH TONY GABALDON Senior - Guard Ali-Northern, Honorable Mention "SO PROUDLY WE HAIL" SPEEDY CASTILLO Junior - Center Co-Captain ANGEL GOMEZ RAUL GARCIA Senior - Guard WINSLOW Senior 4 Forward i-IOLBROOK PHUUU CHHHIPIUHS J. V. Coacln Flagsfaff J. Flagsfaff J Flagslall J Flagslafl J 3 Flaqsfall J Flagslalf J Flagslall J Flagslalf J Flags+a1flJ Flaqslaff J Flagslall J. Flagslall J. Flagslall J. Flagsiall J. V Flagslalf J. V J. V. BASKETBALL SCORES 33 Coffonwood I6 Jerome I6 Winslow I3 Williams 26 Holbrook 243 Snowflake 33 Camp Verde 2! Winslow 30 Jerome 50 Kingman . 33 Kingman 25 Seligman ., TOURNAMENT 24 Kingman 29 Williams . 3l Winslow LUIHTER SPORTS SKI TEAM Marshall Knoies Paul Hubbard Dick Wensel Jack Beamer Dean PaHerson Margaref BabbiH Janice Baker Vera Mae Beamer Bobby Lou Henry Margie Dale FRED ANDERSON Ski Coach SK! TOW SLUGGERS ALL" EAGLE THINCLADS f INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS Verne Hull Don Gulhrie Don Talas Don Kring David Confreras Gilberl' Scanlland Tom Landela Marlin Jensen Jaclc Wallace Marshall Knoles Phillip Miguel I2-B RUNNER-UPS I2-A Lorenzo Fernandez Don Bird Bush Na++ Jerry Croclcell George Andreafos Dale Barney Bill Efler John Bradford Bruce Crozier Diclc Deaver Ken Cogdill THIRD PLACE Waller Burlon Wayne Benally Louis Cancino Nick Andrealos Simmie Beclchum Don Springer CONSOLATION Franlc Valdevina Dale Rounlree Carlos Valdivia Marlin Salran Russell Welch Dick Wensel George Kavalhas IO-A 9-D GIRLS, INTRAMURAL VULLEYBALI. nA.. WINNERS Dora Gonzales l-lelen Jacquez Juanijra Sedillo Mary Jean Jones Alice Sandoval Sophie Espino Eorlunala Marlinez Alice lvlonlano Lucy Vergara TEAM Nellie Solo Isabell Goilia Belly Wierman l-lelen Marlinez Fay Corey Mamie Dulce Dora Gonzales Cruz Seclillo Barbara Rice Lillian Prince Marva l-loel TEAM Dorollwy Cox l-lelen Jacquez Belly Jean Drye Margie Dale Carolyn Burman Alice lvlonlano Rosario Diaz Fern Lornayesva Coolcie Barlon Lenore Fuenles Gwendolyn McBride PROM COURT KING, QUEEN Marshall Knoles Pally Ann Mead Tony Gabaldon, lsaloell Gallia ,, ATTENDANTS Jaclc Wallace, Margarel l-lulclnison Tommy lvlallwews, Winnilred Pearsall ...J XX K. , yn-1 1. DRAMATTIQC' Ermo Lowrie ...., Aunt Sophia Y,,,, Arthur Hole ,,,,, Moclntosh Peggy Von Ess ,,., Oswald Kerins ,A.,.. Mrs. Murdock Yami ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , Thompson ..,.......... ,,,,,,,, "Mystery Woman" "Tiger Mon" ........ SENIOR PLAY... "TIGER HOUSE" Winnie Peorsoll Mcrgoret Hutchison Bill Etter Verne Hull Pot Martin Ed Noumon Ruth Herrington Raul Gorcici Dole Barney This year's Senior Class Play, "Tiger Housefi was a spine-tingling mystery with a touch ot hilarious comedy written by Robert St. Clair. The plot revolves around an isolated and supposedly haunted country estate called Mystery Manor, inherited by Erma Lowrie, the charming young heroine. A series ot grip- ping situations, eerie ettects, and hair - raising incidents - beginning when Erma establish- ed her residence at Mystery Manor - led up to a thrilling climax. Thanlcs to the able di- recting ot Mrs. Dorothy Brierley, the play was an outstanding success. mi 35 Q Miss Fielding ,, Laura Crowder Dorothy Russel Mary Lee ,..... Miss .lettries Mrs. Reed .,,.., Earl Loyles ,, Victor Reed .,.. Paul Butler .,,, Joe ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Jack Howard , Jason Shaw JUNIOR PLAY... "THE HOUSE OF TERROR" CAST Carolee Ek Margaret Babbitt Ethel Godwin Ann McVey Evelyn Jordan Catherine Van Court ,,,,...... Dick Lueker ,,,,,,,James Holland Raymond Jones Talmadge Russell Carl Sechrist Joe Martinez "THE HOUSE OF TERROR," a three-act mystery comedy by Robert St. Clair, was se- lected as this year's Junior Play. This mys- tery was a play within a play, the action tak- ing place on a high school stage where stu- dents were holding a dress rehearsal. Howev- er, betore the rehearsal was completed, a real mystery which involved all who were concern- ed developed. From there on kidnapping, trightening situations. and near murders threw the entire cast into a state ot panic and anx- iety up to the surprise ending. Elements ot suspense, excitement and terror combined with hilarious comedy made the play a thrilling and enjoyable one, an WSW MUSIC' JAMES WILLIAMS Music Direcfor .ff NSW MARSHALL KNOLES Band Caplrain "The Drums Go Bang, 'rhe Cymbals Clanq, Hwe Horns They Blaze Away." .. CHOIR RM" H CHA MUSIC HM ROSE Sf R A RD udenf Dffecfciy MUSIC FESTIVAL SWING BAND R 1 The Swing Band, under The sponsorship of Mr. Fidel Baca, was called upon fre- quenlly lo play al school dances and "gel logelhersf' Members are as follows: Dick Lueker, Piano: Dick Zaner, Mike Ybarra, David Go- mez, Trumpel: Roger Ardrey, Bass Fiddle: Marlin Jensen, Drums: Freddy Ruiz, Don Skaggs, Slephen Aginiga, Sax. MUSIC FESTIVAL SOLOS Brass Ensemble-Dick Zaner, Mike Ybar- ra, Roger Ardreyl, Jerry l-lensley, John Bradford, Marshall Knoles. Girls' Trio - Marilyn Overson, Maxine Polson, Carolyn Burman. Trombone Solo ,,,.,c...,,,.... Jerry Hensley Cello Solo .V.,,, .,cc.. R ulh Ann Lewellen Tenor Solo .... ......... J oe Babbill' Flule Solo ..,,,. .,.,.,. M argarel Davis 'Barilone Solo ..,, :g ...,... Dick Deaver- Clarinel Solo c.,.. cu,.,,. D on Chiappelli Violin Solo ,...,,,,..., Margarel Davis French Horn Solo ,,,,.,...... Roger Ardrey Conlrallo Solo .,.,,...,.., Delphine Garrido Dick Zaner Cornel Solo .V,,.,, Soprano Solo ..c,,,,c..,,,,,. Arlene Oppliger Boys' Quarlelle-Joe Baloloill, Ken Cog- dill, Bill Eller, Dick Deaver. Clarinel Quarlelle-Don Chiappelli Ken Cogdill, Evelyn Jordan, Ray Jones. L.. ...jf l - W N 4. T W "WhaT, No Digs?" The Drum and Bugle Corps was one oT The mosT acTive organizaTions in l:lagsTaTT T-ligh during The pasT school year. The corps marched aT all home TooTball games, besides Traveling To Williams and Winslow To parade. They noT only supporTed The Team l3uT Turnished ushers Tor The band and choir during The "Music FesTival," sTaged a campaign To raise Tunds wiTh which To buy new uniTorms, and numerous oTher proiecTs which -Q in one way or an- oTher - beneTiTed our school. The annual "Drum Corps Formal Dancefl held lasT spring, was one oT The mosT successTul oT all school dances. lvlarTin and Pearsall Marshall Knoles LieuTenanTs Drum Maior Musa- TLUBS Rod and Reel This club was organized Tor huniing and fishing enlrhusiasls. Siudenis learn how io use a rod and io casl, malce lures and lac- kle, and gel belier acquainied wilh sporl- ing equipment OFFICERS President ,...,.,, A..........,,,.,........... P hillip Miguel Vice-President ....... ,,..,... J im Backs Secretary ..A........ ..,,,, .,..... ..,, .,........, C a r o lee Ek Drama+ics Under The sponsorship ol Mrs. Doroihy Brierley, The drama club has been one ol The mos? aciive organizaiions in school. The primary purpose ol This club is io slim- ulaie an inieresl in dramaiics and encour- age aciing. OFFICERS President ,....,,,,,,,.,.,. ..,, , ,, Roger Ardrey Vice-President ..,,,.,,u, ......,,,,.,., D ick Deaver Secretary-Treasurer ,,,.... Margaret Hutchison i i Square Dance Club The purpose ol This organizaiion is To provide recreaiion and creaie an inleresi in square dancing. OFFICERS President ,..,........,,,.,.......,,,,, Raymond Jones Vice-President ,,.. Gerry Richards Secretary-Treasurer .... Carolee Ek Social Manager ., Fay Cory Junior Red Cross The Junior Red Cross is orqanized lo give aid io The needy as well as io irain lor leadership and increase pariicipalion in communiry aciiviiies. OFFICERS President ,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,s...,,,,... Isabel Goiiio Vice-President ,,., ,,,. D ora Gonzales Secretary ...,,, Jo Ann Praft Reoorier ,,,. ..., B arbara Rice Treasurer .v.,,. Helen Martinez LeHerwomen's Club All meelings ol lhe Lellerwomens Club were held under The sponsorship of Miss Berlha Mae While. The purpose ol lhe club is lo recognize oulslanding abilily and conlinue irileresl in girls' alhlelics. OFFICERS President ....,,....,...........,,., Isabel Goitia Vice-President ,,,,.,.,,,, Nellie Solo Secrefary-Treasurer . ,,,,,,.. Pat Martin Social Manager Mary Melenuez Nolional Honor Sociely Each year lhe high school lacully elecls lo lhe Nalional Honor Sociely lilleen per cenl ol lhe senior class and live per cenl ol lhe iunior class. ln order lo be eligible lo 'rhis organizalion, a sludenl musl meel lhe requiremenls ol characler, service, lea- dership, and scholaslic abilily sei 'lorlh by 'lhe Nalional Associalion. OFFICERS President ..................,.......,,...,....,, Nellie Solo Vice-President ,,,,... ...,,.. M orgoref Hulchison Secrelciry-Treasurer ....... Patty Ann Mead LeHermen's Club Membership in lhe leilermen's club is allained by earning a maior leller in loo?- ball, baslcelball, lraclc, or baseball. Two mi- nor lellers in goll, lennis, or slciing which are earned in lhe same sporl lor lwo con- seculive years also conslilules eligibilily. To promole beller sporlsmanship among club members and beiween schools is lhe purpose ol lhis club, OFFICERS President ..........................,.,,,,,,.,.., Don Bird Vice-President ......,,. ,........., R ciul Garcia Secretarylreasurer ............... Tom Mathews Ski Club The Slci Club is open lo all sludenls who have an inleresl in slciing or learning lo slci. Skiing is classed as a minor sporl al Fl-IS, and a large number ol enlhusiasls lurn our each year. OFFICERS Presidenl vv.....,..,,,,v..........,.,... Paul Hubbard Vice-President ...... , ...... Jack Beamer Secretary-Treasurer .,.,, Margie Dale Safety Patrol This year marks the Satety Patrol's sec- ond year as an organized group. The pri- mary purpose ol this body is to improve school bus conditions, keep order on the busses and report tratlic violations. OFFICERS Coptoin ,,,,,,,,..........., Charles Glospie Co-Copfoin .. ,,.,......, Carl Fcirrell Secretory ..... ..,., J czmes Sonsom Science Club The Science Club was organized tor the purpose ot stimulating interest in science and helping lurther those who are plan- ning to make science a career. OFFICERS President ,,,.,.........,,,,,,,,,,,,, ..... K en Cogdill Vice-President ,,,..., ...,,, J cick Beamer Secretory-Treasurer ,... . Morgie Dcile 2 5 2 S Old Spanish Club El Aguila Club, organized by the Span- ish speaking students ol Flagstatt l-ligh, promotes better understanding between the English and Spanish speaking people in regard to their customs and language. OFFICERS President ...,,....................... Nellie Soto Vice-President ......,.. Steven Aginigci Secretory-Treasurer ....,,... Phillip Miguel Social Manager .. ...... Isobel Goitiu New Spanish Club The New Spanish Club is made up ot FHS students who have taken or who are taking Spanish. lts purpose is to give mem! bers practice in conversational Spanish. OFFICERS President .. ................,....... . Tom Mathews Vice-President ....., Patty Ann Mead Secretory-Treasurer ...,...... Don Bird Junior Varsily Club The J. V. Club is lhe lalesl club io be or- ganized in Fl-IS. Any boy who has earned a J. V. lerier in a maior sporl is eligible for membership. OFFICERS President . ., .....,... . ..,.... David Gomez Vice-President .,.., Robert Morales Secretary-Treasurer ..,..... Ken Cogdill Commercial Club Any siudenl who has laken or who is lak- ina any phase ol commerce and who has a "3" average or beller is eligible. The pur- pose of lhe club is lo iurlher inleresl in commercial vvorlc and lo help sludenls rea- lize lhe responsibililies of a iob. OFFICERS Presidenf ...................... Margarel Huichisan Vice-President .. . ..... .. . Jerry Crocketf Secrelary-Treasurer . . Rogene Ross Social Manager .. .,..,.. Pai Martin Fu+u re Homemakers Of America The Fuiure I-lomemalfers ol America club I is ahcilialed wilh bolh slale and nalional or- ganizalions. The purpose oi The club is lo help ils members become beiler cilizens and homemalqers. OFFICERS Presidenl .............,,,...., Paifv Ann Mead Vice-President ............ Margaret Van Deren Secreiarv ...... Geraldine Richards Treasurer .....,..,. ....,...,, J ennie Ramirez Social Manager ...... ..... A udrey Wells Hiking Club To provide an opporiuniiy lo explore Ihe scenic areas of Norlhern Arizona and lo observe The archaeoloav and geological characlerislics oi our dislricl is Irhe Clubs goal. OFFICERS I-like Masier ....,...,.,..,. ...... B ob Morales Asst. I-like Master . ....... Carl Sechrist RGCOVGISF .......... ...... T ed McCreary NaTional AThleTic Scholarship SocieTy This socieTy is open To boys who have a beTTer Than average grade Tor Three con- secuTive semesTers and who have earned a leTTer in a maior sporT. OFFICERS President ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,.A,.,... Tony Gabcildon Vice-President ,,,,,,,. ,,,,,., R oul Garcia Secretory-Treasurer ......,, Carlos Moyorgo OraTory This year's oraTorical conTesT Tound Two able conTesTanTs ready To deliver speeches on some parT oT The U. S. ConsTiTuTion. Joe MarTinez was chosen To represenT FlagsaTT in The disTricT conTesT where he placed sec- ond. Don ChiappeTTi, a sophomore, has Two more years To prepare himselT Tor oTh- er oraTorical conTesTs, while Joe has only one year. Chess Club MeeTings oT The Chess Club are held aT The home oT Mr. D. F. Pullen, sponsor. To encourage chess playing, To sTudy opening moves, and To improve chess playing is The goal oT The club. OFFICERS President ....... ..................... . . Joe Babbitt Secretory-Treasurer ..... . Raymond Jones Office and Libra ry AssisTanTs Girls who wish To help in The oTTice or in The library can gain valuable experience and aT The sarne Time help sTudenTs and OT- Tice secreTaries by doing some oT The sim- plier duTies. These girls deserve crediT Tor giving service and Their Time To The school, so To Them we give our Thanlcs. T l STUDENT GOVERNMENT l MARSHALL KNOLES JERRY CROCKETT Presiden+ Vice-Presiclenr "LAYING DOWN THE LAW" The Senior High Council is composed of Associa+ecl Sludenl Bocly Officers, home room represenlalives, and class officers. This year The council was confronlecl wilh planning a Slrale Convenrion in which all members parlicipaled. Dances, assemblies, an all-school carnival, ancl many ol'her acfivifies +ha+ helped bring aboul closer s+uden+-school relahonship were all carried oul successfully wilh Jrhe cooperalion of council members. MARGARET BABBITT MARGARET HUTCHISON WINNIFRED PEARSALL Treasurer Secrefary Social Manager FIFTEENTH ANNUAL CONVENTION OF ASSOCIATED STUDENT BODY OFFICERS REGISTRATION ORATION I-lighlighlmg Ihis school year was lhe holde Slale Officers for Ihe convenlnon were ing of 'rhe I5lh Annual Arizona Sludenl Coun- Marshall Knoles, Presidenl Jerry Croclcell cil Convenlion in Flagslall on December 3rd Vice-President Margarel I-Iulchison Secrela and 4+h IT was allended by 4l3 represenla- ry: Margie Babbill Treasurer and Winnilred lives ol schools lhroughoul Arizona. Pearsall, Social Manager As Presidenl, Marshall presided al all rneelings and proved he was capable of con- ducling a successful convenlion. Jerry Crock- ell greeled The guesls and assisled Margarel I-Iuichison, who handled all correspondence. In making plans for lhe convenlion, Margie Bab- bill was placed in charge ol financial dulles while Winnie Pearsall clirecled The social lunc- lions. LEGISLATION DELEGATION I , 1 , w I 1 1 N 1 w N N W N N 1 SCHOOL DAZE ,- A R T SCHOOL DAZE S T E N O G R A P H Y S P A N I S H B I O L O G Y 'Trx xg ... w K ' fx f-fx fq ZX i- Zixf--.,- -,J S., ff gi? f-slcx' fs llllbl 'fhf 'I fx Wx- ,ffxff I-ff ,,.... V f--'NJ , .,-if-i 2 R. T- X X i4'h QUUNJIOR HIGH FACULTY l-llLL REDMAN Principal of Junior High English A. S. C., Flagstaff, A. B., M. A. MRS. MARY CLUFF RAY J. BRADSHAW REGINA ROUSSEAU EDWlN J. FLEMING Home Economics Social Science Geography, Science Social Science, Math A. S. C., Flagstaff, B. S. University of Arizona, B. S. A. S. C., Flagstaff, A. B., M. A. A. S. C., Tempe, B. A. ERNEST MlCKELSON D. L. SKAGGS PAUL SCHREIBER FRED ANDERSON Science, Shop English Math, English, Science Physical Education, Math A. S. C., Flagstaff, A. B., M. A. A. S. C., Flagstaff, A. B. A. S. C., Flagstaff, A. B. A. S. C., Flagstaff, A. B. JUNIOR HIGH COUNCIL ,,.....-.-1 ., ....w,,M. SWE, ,mv . .., , wi--S A JUNIOR I-IIGI-I STUDENT BODY OFFICERS Roberl Shafer, Presiclenlq William Bliss, Vice-President Le Roy Kincanon, Secrelaryg Charles Rucker, Treasurer: Gayle Vlfesl, Jersuey Woo, Social Manager. I LOPEZ ESPINO ESPINOZA TRONCOSO NAIL VVENSEL ARIAS LINK QUISENBERRY LOBATO LONG TI-IOMAN BRYAN BAKER LOBATO MARTINEZ REES SATRAN TAYLOR GOMEZ ENCISCO MCELROY GRIEGO DAUGHERTY MONTOYA MIGUEL POWELL PRIMMER ELVEY WALKER ESPINOZA ESPINO GODWIN YARDIC RYBERG HAUKELI ARMANDAREZ JONES FOX GERMAN MCALISTER KILGORE LOMELI HACKETT MCCAULEY VALENCIA KLOPPING MCBRIDE ESPINO BUTLER SYKES BRANHAM SOTO TURNER NOFCHISSEY CANCINO CAMPBELL SANDERSON DAVIS RODRIGUIZ MCQUATTERS JENSEN JOHNSTON MORALES VALDEZ MORRISON THOMPSON ELLIS LOZANO GOMEZ PENDER HOLLIMAN HUMETEWA BIRD JAMES HOKANSON DIXON ASHLEY ROTTY HENRY JUAREZ FAJARDO PARSONS ROUNTREE DUFFY BERGMAN WELCH SPENCER HAGER AUSTIN KEITH MONTOYA RUCKER GRASMOEN DVORAK MILLER GONZALES HENSLEY DOUGLAS MANUEL KELS EY DWIGGENS ANAYA TRUJILLO LEAMON HUCKRIEDE JOHNSON BRIERLEY TINNIN ELLIS VALDOVINA CROVVE FLINN CHAVEZ CAST! LLO RECKOS CRAWLEY REKOS RODRIGUIZ MAGANA SHAFER OWEN CHAPMAN DIAL YORK BURNS BEAMER BARRERAS ARDREY YBARRA DAUGHERTY MACIAS FISH LEAMON GRAVES PRIMMER GOMEZ DICKENSON SEDILLO MONTGOMERY STEELE BAKER FOWLER TURNER Cook Suemptevvo Barclen Cordova Gore Survaunt Brooksloy Martinez Goitia Bottleman Hernandez Sanchez Beck Valencia Kropp Cltiappetti Sanchez lvlazon lvlifchell West Andrews Forehancl Yarnell Thornton Drye Harmon Deaver Srasmoen June Lukas Funkhouser Cogclill Coleman Stoneberger Franke Long Sammis Longfellow Suemptevva Barreras Maders Green Rees Butchart Butler Harenburg Alvarado Kay Begay Gallegos Mongrum Bobadillo VASQUEZ Graves Yates Johnson McBride Lloyd Rod riquez Woo Kirk Jones Walker Frances Rowland Encisco Earon Norman Kleclc Long McGoL'gl1 Hester Sansom Penzlergrass Brewer Ulrey McCauley Gale Williams Barnard Young Moore Jordan Reeves Link Faorolo Aslwworrh Herrara Hall Chapman Encenias Green Brown Schoolcraft Micke Bustamenfe Pridemore Rodriguez Ceballos Gore Sykes Rodriguez Richardson Kring Arias Bliss Hart Pierce Goalinez Miclielbach Cotney lvlcGrew Lucero Deason Clifton Sedillo Sampson Klinkner Quiros Kincanon Gregory V I I SHORT, JUARIQUI, GARBARINO, BAKER, WHIPP, GERMAN, WILLIAMS, GICLAS, STEVENSON, JOHNSON, TRUJILLO, GADDIS, CORTEZ, HUDSON, ROMERO, BARRERAS, GARCIA, STEPP, GARCIA, DALEGOWSKI, GRIEGO, DASH, NORTON, PENA, SEDILLO, GIBBONS, CRAWLEY, CHAVEZ, WRIGHT, STEWART, MALDONADO, GILL, GOMEZ, YOUNIS, HEWETT, BYRD, CRAWFORD, DALE, JARAMILLO, REES, SEDILLO, OWEN, PHELPS, VEST, JENSEN, HALL, NATT, WILLIAMS, MARTINEZ, JARAMILLO, GRAHAM, HANCE, SANCHEZ, MARLBOROUGH, PADILLA, PIRTLE, HANSON, FRY, THOMAN, CRUZ, MANGUM, RUCKER, JONES, FLORES, BOREN, WELLS, BECKLEY, ALMARAZ, GREGG, MONTOYA, THOMAS, MAYS, MILER, PORTILLO, HARRELL, HJORT, ENTNER, FOREHAND, PRINCE, DORSEY, ESCH, LOMELI, ESPINOZA, TETTLETON, MARSH, KLOPPING, MARTINEZ I ' . ,. '::' I t::2a::2-222222, 'f W PHELPS, REES, PEARSALL, LOVELESS, SPRINGER, RODRIGUIZ, SEDILLO, ROJO, GLASSCOCK, CONLEY, COOPER, FOREMAN, HESTER, FOOTE, RANEY, DAVIDSON, HEWETT, ALLEN, WYATT, LOPEZ, FLOREZ, CREIGHTON, OVERSON, KRAUSE, AYALA, MILER, P OCHEMAS, GREER, JONES, COREY, RUIZ, GONZALES, MARTINEZ, ALMARAS, TRUJILLO, ORNELAS, REYES, PIERCE, RICHARDS, JAMES, LANGSTON, HERRERA, PERSINGER, GRAHAM, HODGIN, HARELL, KOURY, DEREFIELD, WOOD, CONLEY, LUCERO, MARTINEZ, ORDIWAY, HERNANDEZ, RICHARDS, LOPEZ, RUIZ, ORNELAS, BACA, BRUMLEY, HERRERA, BEAN, RUSHING, PESHLAKAI, HOFFMAN, THOMPSON, DOLLARHIDE, WILLIAMS, WILLINGHAM, GARCIA PARKER, LUNA, DAVIS, LUNA, PHELPS, MICHELBACH, JARAMILLO, LUEVANO, WILLIS, FLOURNOY, BARKSDALE, RHODD, VALLEIOS, WITHERS, CLINE, COBB, ADAME, CONTRERAS. IIUNIIOIR II-IIIIGT-II IFOOTIBAILIL BASKETBALL SCORES Flagsiaff Colionwoocl Flagsfafl Williams ,..,,.,.,, Flagslafli Jerome .,.,,,,,,.,, Flagslalf Winslow i,,,,,,,.. Elagsiaff Williams ,..,...... Flagslaff I-Iolbroolc ...,s,,, Flagslaff Winslow .,,..,.. Flagsfaff Jerome .,......s, Flagslall Seligman ,,s,.,s, Flagsfaff Clarkdale .,.,.... JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL TO U RNEY 'Flagslaif s,s,.. I8 Prescoh' .L,.,, 26 Elagsialf .,.,,, 29 Holbrook ..,s I4 Flagsfaff ,,s.., 26 Winslow ,,,,,, I7 'ConsolaIion Champions , W. FOOTBALL SOUAD JR. HIGH FOOTBALL SCORES Jr. High ...s,,,,,,.,s,,,.v., 20 Prescoil Jr. High ,, Jr. High .,,,.s,, ,,,,. O Prescoli Jr. High .. BASKETBALL SOUAD JUNIOR HIGH BAND JUNIOR HIGH INTRAMURALS WINNERS Bill Bliss Jesse Williams Jerry Ulrey Jolwn Francis Onolre Espinosa Herman Lucero Ray Bradshaw, Sponsor RUNNERS-UP Marlin Salron Olin Balmer Billy Tinnin Dale Rounlree Claudy McAlis+er CLUBS CHESS CLUB TWIRLING UNIT I-Iead Maiorefie ..v..... Shirley YaI'es Lieulenanr ....,,...... Pa+ Pe-ndergrass Lieu+enan+ .........,...... Deene Kring STAMP CLUB Presidenl ,,,,.,,.,,,,...,.,U, David Rolly Vice-Presiclenl ,,,7,......, Gayle Wesl Secrelary .,......,7,,.,..,,,, Peggy Long Social Manager ..A, Pal Penclergrass I-IOMEMAKING CLUB Presidenr ............ Maxine Crawley Vice-Presidenf ............ Inez Walker Secy.-Trees. ........., Yvonne Cogdill SKI CLUB Presiclenf .....,.......... Jim Chapman Vice-President Jimmy Richardson Secreia ry ........ Bobby Lou Henry SEVENTH GRADE MUSIC SEVENTH GRADE DRAMA Presiclenf ................ Roxie Loveless Vice-Presideni ........ Marie Brierley Secrelary ,,...,,Y......,. Sally Elournoy Treasurer ,,,.,,,, Doroilwy Miclwelbaclw EIGHTH GRADE DRAMATICS Presideni ........ Joanne Clwiappefli Vice-Presidenl ....., Kallwleen Miclce Secrelary ,,,,,E....,,,,..., John Francis NINTH GP ADE DRAMA Pre-siolenl .,,.,,,..,V,,,.,,, Jim Chapman Vice-Presidenl .,7..,., Carol Spencer Secrefary ,,,,.,,..,., Jackie Holcanson Treasurer .,..,,,........... Nona Wallaer LETTERMEN'S CLUB Presiclenl' ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Oriol l.OZanO Vice-Presidenlr ,..,........ Joe Seolillo Secrelary ..,............,.. Joe Maqdna Treasurer ,,,,,,,,,,-,..., Ruben Sanchez VALENTINE DANCE f f l , ff 'FLQFTELELS '52 f ' Q? 122' ff if X W 0 Lb, f4'f7f3K Rlffi' Z X Www! 1 VIZI4 ising BEST WISHES TO CLASS OF '49 FROM FLAGSTAFF CHAMBER OF COMMERCE FLAGSDXFF PHARMACY DRUGGISTS CHEMISTS FLAGSTAFF ARIZONA PHO N E 64 Heleno Rubinstein - Lentheric Y O PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES O "Y0u'Zl Like Us" CompIimenI's of Harman? Candy Store Compliments of BUSHEY'S FOUNTAIN CAFE "THE EAGLES NEST" Where the gong meets before cmd offer the game GMC TRUCKS CASABLANCA DINING ROOM and u OLDSMOBILES Spam h k .. C ic en M o R R o W M M O T O R S Dinners FOR GLAMOUR PORTRAITS IT'S IFIRONSKIE WITH HIS ELECTRONIC MAGIC ALL NORTHERN ARIZONA SHOPS AND SAVES CLOTHING VALUES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY COMPLIMENTS OF PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING CO. I3 EC Ph ohkaqe Ave. 25 Complimerds of MODE QI DAY QLVZ E. Aspen y EXCLUSIVE SHOE STORE SOMETHING NEW EACH DAY OFFICE EQUIPMENT SCHOOL SUPPLIES IFIRIIIENIDYS I0 I ASPEN AVENUE Food Town Super Market Northern Artzortws Largest Food Market Merle S. Sauer Robert E. Barnes E. C. "Bud" Cogdill HAGER'S JEWELRY SHOP Compliments of Diamond Se++ing A Specialty HUFFERIS I5 N. Leroux Flagstaff, Ariz. SHELL CCRAWILIEY BROS. ,jf . . . W.. 'if-I' I I I Food Distributors L X K , I gl " NI PHONE 4:4 N FLAGSTAFF, ARIZONA Potato Chips Birdseye Popcorn Frosted Food Bakery Swift's Ice Cream Products I-Iolsum Bread COMPUMENTS Longley's Barber and Beaufy Shop N. J. SHAUM Cr SON ELECTRICAL WIRING and MOTOR SU PPLY CO. REPAIRING Phone 258 I8 N. Leroux Headquarlers lor Aulornofive and Incluslrial Parls COmP'imen+S of SUPPLIES and EQUIPMENT COCONINO MOTOR CO. . STROMBERG - CARLSON RADIOS FRED'S RADIO SERVICE I5 N. Agassiz Phone 342-W I3 N' Agasslz Phone 425 BEST WJISHIES Grads of '-493 We wish you 'folks all fhe good forlune and success in +he world! And Remember . . . Every House Needs Westinghouse HUBBARD REFRIGERATION SUPPLY 105 Wesl Aspen Ave. Phone 354 Sales WITH Service Hufchison-Johnson M ofors INTERNATIONAL Trucks McCORMICK-DEERING Farm Machines PONTIAC Aufomobiles Phone 285 P. O. Box I I6O 22 So. San Francisco ELAGSTAFF, ARIZONA F I N E' S READY-To-WEAR "Always Something Finer at Fine's" Phone IO6 I5 N. San Francisco S+. June Brofhers Furnifure Co. "The Homemakers' Haven" FLAGSTAFF PHONE 493 COMPLIMENTS OF See Us For Gas Service A 6,45 AND APPLIANCE co. 3 Sou'I'I1 Beaver Gordonas Liquor 86 Sporting Goods Phone 555-W 23 N. Beaver SI. ELAGSTAEE, ARIZ. Gordon Evans, Mgr. T. E. McOULLOUGH FLAGSTAFFS EXCLUSIVE INSURANCE AGENCY Life and General Insurance - Bonds - 29th AN N IVERSARY COMPLIMENTS OF C A F F E Y B R O S . 6 Sou+h Sifgreaves Flag stef HOTEL MONTE VISTA MQTESL UNITE WSIB f Fx wa s ' hi m f T. M. K COMPLIMENTS KNOLES PEERLESS BAKERY ond PURE FOOD BAKERY noles, Jr. Som M. Ri h d RAGLE'S USED FURNITURE WE TRADE, BUY AND SELL I5 Soufh Sifgreaves PI1one 783-NW CompIimenTs MONTE VISTA COFFEE SHOP For Banque+s or Special Occasions CALL I95 COMPLIMENTS ARIZONA AUTO SUPPLY CO. AUTOMOTIVE PARTS PHONE 89 IO7 N. LEROUX SCHOOL SUPPLIES OFFICE SUPPLIES JAMES BOOK and GIFT SHOP EXCLUSIVE GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS 3 Easf Aspen Avenue Cheshire Mofors Buick - Chevrolet SALES - SERVICE 302 W. Sanfa Fe Phone 66 NA VAJO-HOPI I TRADING CO. R. K. Douglass IO E. Sanfa Fe Ave. Elagsfaff, Ariz. RUFF'S PACKAGE STORE Wilson G Coffin Fine Liquors PLUMBING HEATING 8 NORTH SAN FRANCISCO APPLIANCES J, K, RUFF' Mgr. II2 E. Aspen Phone IIB RADIOS REFRIGERATORS SWEEPERS WASHERS DISHES FLOOR COVERINGS Flagstaff Furniture Company FLAGSTAFF, ARIZONA COMPLIMENTS THE TURQUOISE HORSE TRADING POST Gifts for Every Occasion E. D. BABBITT SNACK SHACK HEINTZ SOUPS - CHILI CO. FRENCH FRIES - STEW SANDWICHES - MALTS CECIL FORTNER 8 W. Sarnia Fe Expert Repairing COMPANY PHONE 26 GENERAL WHOLESALER Arizona Sfockmens DOUBLE CIRCLE GARAGE Loan Company ES+abIISI1ecI I926 ROY WENSEL Painfing Confracfor Auflworized Du Ponf Painf Dealer COMMERCIAL PAINTING - DECORATING - SIGNS X UTI-IIN AND PRESTON f cn-IEVRDN GAS STATION Shandard Oil Producfs ATLAS TIRES TUBES BATTERIES ACCESSORIES LUBRICATION EXPERTS ERNIE,S USED CARS BOUGHT AND SOLD "AIways A BeH'er Buy" 0 8 West Santo Fe Phone 262 Roy A. Curry Shoe Repair NATIONAL o kk in nd cm U oi ns EQUIPMENT B O mfg? Smnifsiniiis " 'O . H. L. WORISCHECK, Licensee ZI NOHI1 San Francisco Phone 366 iosV2 N, Leroux sire 1 I FLAGSTAFF Auro SUPPLY co. Courtesy SERVICE Quality 12 No. BEAVER PHONE 25 FLAGSTAFF, ARIZONA EL PATIO CAFE and COCKTAIL LOUNGE Where The Besr in Food and Drinks Is Served PHONE 448 FLAGSTAFF, ARIZONA ARROWHEAD MOTORS WILLARD AND JOI-IN SIMPSON Lincoln-Mercury Sale-s and Service COIVIPLIIVIENTS OF Indian Curio Andrews' Coffee Mexican, Indian X1 Wesiern Curios I8 E. Sania Fe I3IagsIaII, Arizona 3I2 Sania Fe Turquoise Pe+riIied Wood JeweIry Jewelry Phone 435 BEST WISI-IES TO THE CLASS OF '49 Harper Furniture Co. "Everything for the Horneu FURNITURE and APPLIANCES Furniture You Like AI Prices You Like To Pay THE ROUNDUP , FOUNTAIN - CAFE Sandwiches Ice Crea Special Noon Lunches Flowers for All Occasions Potted Plants NOVELTY GIFTS CORSAGES 81 BOUOUETS Cornpliments TONY'S STEAK HOUSE Where the gang meets Come in after the gem U ' f HARRY cness 8. son Su I Cleaners I Yuilon One-Day Service I Pick-Up Delive Phone I 4 Leroux I2 N. Sun Francisco - Phone 5 - Flugsial, A CQMPLIMENTS or BLACK CAT CAFE SWII'II"ZIEIR'S HARDWARE HARDWARE - SPORTING GOODS PAINTS - OILS - GLASS Phone 94 Sfudebaker Sfudebaker Mo'ror Mofor Trucks Cars VAN COURT'S GARAGE Flagstaff, Arizona CONTRACTING FIXTURES TISSAW ELECTRIC AND SPORTING GOODS CO. Es+abIIsI1ecI I9I9 I-IOT POINT APPLIANCES - G. E. RADIOS WILSON SPORTING GOODS 84 EOUIPMENT REPAIRS - GUNS - SUPPLIES - TACKLE Isham-Spencer Insurance Agency Au. Kmos or nNsuRANce Including Life and Bonds NORTHERN ARIZONA GAS SERVICE Box 497 FLAGSTAFF ,ARIZONA LIQUIFIED GAS AND APPLIANCES Serving INSTALLATIONS FLAGSTAFF HEATING WILLIAMS COOKING ASH FORK REFRIGERATION SELIGMAN WATER HEATING FREDONIA SIPROUSIE IRIEIITZ CO. 5-I0-I SCENT STORES 8 Sost Sonto Fe 6-I 0 East Aspen A BOOSTER FOR FLAGSTAFF I-IIOI-I CHAPMAN'S MARKET Quahiy Meais - Vegeiables - Groceries 409 Wesi Sanfa Fe Phone 880 Complimems Complimenis I prochnowk Henderson s LAD and LASSIE SHOP I06 N. Son Francisco Sf. BROWNZS Credit Iewelers Since I897 I9 E. Aspen P. O. Box 92I C 1 EXPERT WATCH AND JEWELRY REPAIRING 0 Phone 343 FIags+a'Ff, Arizona "A Little Down Is Enough For Brown" Complimenrs GENERAL ELECTRIC NORGE Doc Williams HART 5' SONS YOUNGSTOWN Saddiery Phone 73 320 Wesi Birch FLAGS TAFF MOTORS YOU R LOCAL A DODGE a nd PLYMOUTH DEALER Comple-Ie Service for Any Mofor Car IO2 W. San+a Fe Ave. Phone I I NORTHERN ARIZONA THEATRES, INC. ORPI-IEUM FLAGSTAFF COMPLIMENTS OF Wilson, Compton 6? Wilson THE BANK OF ARIZONA PRESCOTT EsIabIIsI'1ed I 877 Branches In , FLAGSTAFF CLARKDALE WILLIAMS COTTONWOOD JEROME FLAGSTAFF STEAM LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING PHONE l84 Special Rales lo Sluclenls Are Given Wiih Complimenfs From FLAGSTAFF FLORAL and GIFT SHOP l"lo+el Monfe Visla Bldg. Phone 534 Clofhes and Educafion make +he mon: Fine quoli+y educcdion is +clugh+ a+ Flogslcff High School: Fine qualify clo+hes may be 'Found of ' mem WEBBER BROS. STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS Wholesale and Relail Compllmenis RUDY'S RADIO SERVICE LYLE 4lf2 N. 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