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X- Q 'N AQ ,V XM I M , fjwg. , A A Qiw wav Q! X , , 1. f . x v. J .P in jj f ,. , wf,,, W ' ,fi t li ff W JT ft ' ' 4 U5 diff A N! v . J 1 X W3 N f r E s Xa K wif'- 13 QXA A 5 1. If is .- ' v 'KH mm N Nj 5 4,0 ,C A, 1f'fl61E!rMK"dE K Q A if fi "4' ffl 4 l in ,fwug fe, 35.53 1? 7 17 :'fr1f2"k. QE-ve' 14- 5 ,Qf-mf af-f.ggw Tris P1124 lg V9 g -,A. X5 ww nj f 21.2 l ' Q Mb I MEI ig! 1 'X A FD 51 . 3w1 1 -vm g R W. 1 , H M Q I ' ' f Y , ' 13 b ' ,f I ws W mg f YB ft' 1 'QL V X, ' I xg ,Y" fi-' ' 1, ' 70 fi WW , NU u .Q ti' E jf I l X I if 1 I uw ,. 1 cm f X iqkw V VZ f ' N, " 44 Y Xxx- p Lf' ' E xg 'B ' 7:, f71 Q, S X E .vLQ0g,,, A aw gba? if If ws -!.L. i ,ti wg ,ff V I I 1 ,L L' 3 . ' ' W fa WIJIL f ! r ,Nj , M UNM" fl. . ,X , X .D U . ,V f,, ' V fsgx K X. fggfk QM Wy fvmy My ,fx-Z 1 . A ' i IW m Wifi P-xx I- P IRL V JN ' Rf ff 'V 1 ' f f . V 6-J 5 f f A X Yi? ku N A2 X Yi 1' 6 U NVD. X K ww K J ay , f A ,JA If , " 5 XVOMQW ' C 2? czqlffffpog have 'eeffff 72 fm' E'1C"f0eh:f fffffrf Coggfdf have A , ,iffcf-Qfef 5 A - f 6 efgk l44OC1:1f' I, ffjdfi 5, fqafyfjiy bw' gy. N M SQ if Mfcwwo wf , 437 A 9 -Heifmgk I C u ff 0, A'ZQf6 Q' QMS MM Qgliffwfa K , l "s , .A , . xr N lux, 1 , 1 K, -' x1 W 'j 1 Q7 , QC.,- ' 5 ' XJMPHM' Y D A .. ' .,.' 1' ' 1, f X . Lg 1 'R-., - of I, wk xix , - ,J W Rx xx L-I f 4 ' FJ 'V W R I I Sf' EW .U , 1 v A S' x ,U X N K- A '-,Q ' xi' TJ 'X' K ' -.vi xg, ,xr 47- N' I5 N 15 xg M -QQ - Vx. Gr 32- ,, -X21 -L , ,-' w-- 'I VHP, 5 If P Y! FX" , 17 E K x, AXTYNTV, K l X N, 'K-J,-F4 JJ . V . D l , A . V 1 . K.-f 'V 'gf U 5 1 ' X gi, . ...if 'gg' v.f'g-f?- V V N - ,V in Y :I J E .- ' ,xgxii V ,V A ' 'Q fy ' ' A '54 ., Ji ,, , 9 f w R ' -. ' F lfsvk X V L1 ' C131 .hr xl' B . 1 ., sf nf mx -v"A" ' kj vu xy H" Y' 1 X 'x s wk D , h -gxxx-M ' K , The KIINLANII of x A li. 5 X Wayne Shield 'LIU . N-,. x ' PRODUCTION STAFF V Xxx X FR-Q Edi'ror Business Manager XXLORA QHIAPPETTI LORRAINE BELLWOOD N R X ' Phofographer K- Ari Edi+or X , WAYNE SHIELDS BRUCE BERGER N n fn w v f 5 TX f "'n N ,V-P f' In ff' V!! Y " f . Rx 'x . X 1 I, I: . ' ' ' If fl X1 X X X X A Cl ff "' ,ff 3 fl f A I if ' f :LX I I 25 XJ gi I x- 1, V!! f A RE-INTRODUCING BUTCI-I Remember Butch? l-le's here 1 'I'I 'l'l'I again! Last year you saw this little -I1 -I eagle popping up all through the Kinlani. Since he seemed to have the sympathy and appreciation ot all, we thought you would like to have him guide you through your Kinlani this year. We glady intro- duce to you Butch the Eagle. FUREWURD As you look through your 1947 Kinloni now, it is o review of the events ond offoirs ofthe closing school yeor. It is now only o hoppy reminder of the post nine months spent ot Flogstott High School. But it, in the future, thisonnuol chongesinto ci golden spot in your memory, o book wherein you con recoll the happy doys ot Flogstoff High, its purpose hos been accomplished. TABILIE OIF CONTENTS ups! s ADMINISTRATION - 5 Gm? moe amy:-yei Your CLASSES ----- 9 IKQW-I3wy" 'ICJIS yew ag! IDSL SIOQ CLASS WILL - - - 15 Ywf Qwqitf 'MO If M I wxamew-."VCvHe W S CLASS PRGPHECY - 17 Awww ds 40 wI,,Q,, yw SPORTS ----- 31 MIT 'ITAL QIMQIXALM ,Aug ORGANIZATIONS -LISOUAM OM lelg. Ss I . IUNIORI-IIGH- - -SWIM ggw Mex-1' qi . cog LNG K ADVERTISEMENTS - 75uLcve-YN QIBIQS Jsuvm Q USS. uxgvm-.5 ' DIEDIICATIION In sincere appreciation and gratitude for all the many things he has done - both for our class and school and for all the schools in Flagstaff - for being such a-grand friend to all, and for being such a firm supporter in all our sports and other activities, the senior class dedicates to Doctor Charles W. Sechrist this l947 Kinlani. Q Q H6 ,agp X G' 63102 1? 65 ly IX i HNQ3 el RNA A Q.. . N Z W 22? , P9 1 X 0 Of X by ...mx-1 MDLU 'U'- Q MW ADMINISTRATION sis X JOI-IN THOMAS SuperIrI'Ienden+ OHIO NORTHERN UNIVERSITY, B.S. CHICAGO UNIVERSITY, PI'I.B. STANFORD UNIVERSITY, A.M. ,. IQ "-rg.. .. ,. ., Ij, f'DyyI -fI:3E. PU LLEN I' YI.f :X Jjipficnpal KALAIIIIAZOQ. COLLEGE, A.B. UNIVERSITY OF NECHIGAN, M A MATHEMATICS ND SCIENCE BOARD OIF EDUCATION J. C. DOLAN C. W. SECI-IRIST I-I. C. MCQUATTERS Member Presidenf SecreIary . X VL. UILTY " -,ff R. W. WHEELER Colorado State College Education, A.B., M.A. History OLIVE A. McNERNEY Cornell University, A.B. Languages I'I. W. IVIICKE Colorado State College Education, A.B., M.A. Science J -1. IN 0 . of IV rv1Rs."D R T Y ' I Trinity Uni er ty, A.B. A.S.C., Fla Q' aff, M.A. English and Dramatics All Iggfiilk Q,lQiQaL ,C J. S. AILLEN U.S.C., L.L.B. Mathematics isfory glish and ram tics IX 1 of X I RS. J U N E WI A.S.C., aff, A.B BERTI-IA MAY WHITE University of Redlands, A.B. Scarritt College, M.A. Health and Physical Education CLARENCE J. BROOKSBY A.S.C., Flagstaff, A.B., M.A English and Journalism JFMQUJLUFY Q CATHERINE M. HENSON U.C.l..A., B.E. U.S.C., M.A. Su pervisor of Art ,Md 153+ JAMES WILLIAMS A.S.C., Flagstaff, A.B. Supervisor of Music WW' EDITI-I DOUGLAS X I A.S.C., Fiqgsmff, AB f X Ui U.S.C., Los Angeles, If B.S. in L.S. FIDEL G. BACA A.S.C., Flogsfuff, A.B MA Commerce JEANNE McCAULEY A.S.C., Tempe, B.C. English and History I i W S N A P S I T' EF CEUJZXSESEEE Pl-lYLLlS OVERSON NINA GERMAN BILL TlSSAW Secretary-Treasurer President Vice-President SENIOR On a morning in September, l943, we seniors gathered to begin a four year journey through high -school. We have over- come the trials of our high school days and are now looking forward with eager anticipation to what the future may bring. We go forward with full confidence in our ability to conquer any problem that may arise in order to make this country and the world better places in which to live. We wish to extend grateful thanks to our sponsors, Mr. C. J. Brooksby and Miss Olive McNerney, who have devoted their time and effort in making this year a true success. We will always look back on the fun we have had and the learning we have gained a-s the things which have made up four of the happiest years of our lives. NINA GERMAN Class President 4, Constitution Commit- tee 4, Assembly Committee 4, Dramotics 3, 4, "Bond Between" 3, Student direct- ed "Stoney's Brides" 4, "The Girl With Two Faces" 4, Hiking Club 3, 4, Com- mercial Club 4, National Honor Socie- ty 4, Drum and Bugle Corps 3, 4, Intra- murals l, 2, 3, 4, Green 81 Brown 4, Carnival 2, 3, Circus 4, Office Orderley 3, Point Award 3, 4, Class Play 4. CHARLES EWING Lettermen's Club 3, 4, Letterman 3, 4, Intramurals l, 2, Track 3, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Football l, 2, 3, 4. LORRAINE BELLWOOD HONOR GRADUATE Student Body Secretary 4, Point Award Committee 4, Assembly Committee 4, Council Convention 4, Kinlani business manager 4, Dramatics 2, 4, Class play 3, Red Cross l, Ski Club 3, 4, Secretary 4, National Honor Society 4, Vice-pres- iclent 4, Science Club 4, New Spanish Club 4, President 4, Girl's Hiking Club 3, 4, Vice-president 4, Music Club l, 2, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Girl's Glee Club i, 3, 4, Music Fes- tival l, 3, 4, Accompanist 3, 4, String Ensemble 3, Orchestra 3, 4, Clarinet quartette l, 2, 3, 4, "Chonita" 2, Car- nival 2, 3, Circus 4, Point Award 3, 4, Junior Prom queen attendant 4, Class play 4. GEORGE BURNS Class Vice-president 3, Dramatics 2, 3, "Be Home By Midnight" 3, Class play 3, Science Club 3, Lettermen's Club 3, 4, Chess Club l, Intramurals l, 4, Football Manager 2, 3, Basketball'2, 3, Circus 4, Class play 4. DONNA KINCANNON Home room officer l, Dramatics 2, 3, 4, Christmas Tableau l, 2, 4, Christmas play l, Ski Club 4, Commercial Club 4, Secretary 4, Red Cross l, Drum St Bugle Corps l, 3, 4, Glee Club l, Girls Choir l, Band l, Music Festival l, 2, intra- murals l, 2, 4, Carnival 2, 3, Circus 4, Student physical education teacher 2, Class play 4. FRANK Sl-IAFER Desha High School l, 2, Intramurals 3, 4. EDWARD ANDREWS North Phoenix High School l, 2, Letter- man 4, Basketball 3, 4, Carnival 3, Tennis Singles Winner 4. MANUELA LUNA El Aguila Club l, 4, Home Economics Club 4, Red Cross l, Carnival 3, Circus 4. BRUCE BERGER Ashland High School, Wisconsin l, 2, Lettermen's Club 3, 4, Kinlani Art Editor 4, Letterman 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, Cap- tain 4, Carnival 3, Circus 4. LUCY CHAVIRA El Aguila Club l, 3, 4, Secretary-treas- urer 4, Home Economics Club 3, 4, President 4, Red Cross l, Circus 4. ELMER HUBBARD Home room president 2, Dramatics 2, 3, 4, "Be Home by Midnight" 3, "Stoney's Brides" 4, "Softhearted Ghost" 3, Ski Club l, 3, 4, President 3, Chess Club 2, 3, Vice-president 3, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Choir 3, 4, Swing band 3, Vocal Soloist 3, 4, Orchestra 3, 4, Brass ensemble l, 4, Boys Choir 3, 4, Male Quartette 3, 4, Music Festival 2, 3, 4, Brass Choir i, 2, 4, Horn Solo 4, Music Club l, 2, Football l, Basketball 3, Ski team 3, 4, Ski letterman 3, Track 3, lntrarnurals l, 2, 3, Christmas play 2, Circus 4. EDlTl-l ALLEN VALEDICTORIAN Scottsdale High School l, 2, Class Play 3, Girls' Hiking Club 3, 4, Secretary- treasurer 4, Science Club 3, 4, National Honor Society 4, Conversational Spanish Club 4, Red Cross 4, Band 3, 4, Girls Glee Club 3, 4, Choir 3, 4, Orchestra 3, 4, String Ensemble 3, Music Festival 3, 4, Intramurals 3, 4, Circus 4. TOM SCHERMANN Student Body President 4, Class Secre- tary-treasurer I, Class President 3, Traditions Committee 3, Point Award Committee 4, Student Body Convention 4, Dramatics 2, 3, Secretary-treasurer 3, Class Play 3, Lettermen's Club 3, 4, Chess Club I, Red Cross I, National Athletic Honor Society 4, Band I, 2, 3, Music Festival 2, 3, Brass Ensemble I, Orchestra 3, "Chonita" 2, "Trial by Jury" 2, Letterman 3, 4, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, Tennis I, Intra- murals I, 4, Christmas Program 2, Juni- or Prom king's attendant 4, Point Award 4. GLORIA GARRIDO Home Room play 2, Chess Club I, 2, Red Cross 2, Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4. JOHN BURNS Class President 2, Class Secretary- treasurer 3, Point Award Committee 3, Dramatics 2, 3, Chess Club I, Red Cross I. MARY l-IILBISH Dramatics 2, 3, 4, Vice-president 4, "Frank 81 Erna" 3, Student-directed "Soft-hearted Ghost" 3, Home Economics Club I, 2, 3, Red Cross I, 2, 3, Art Club I, Letterwomen's Club 2, 3, 4, Drum 81 Bugle Corps 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Girls Choir I, 2, "Chonita" 2, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Home Room Skit 2, Green 81 Brown Staff 4, Assistant Librarian 4. FORREST HULLS Dromatics 2, 3, Intramurals l, 2, 4, Green 81 Brown Stall 3, 4. JOSEPHINE THOMPSON Dramatics 3 ,4, "Stoney's Brides" 4, "The Girl With Two Faces" 4, Student- directed Radio Play 4, Home Room Skit I, Commercial Club 4, Vice-president 4, Red Cross I, 2, Green SL Brown Staff 3, 4, Christmas Tableau 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4. LORA Cl-IIAPPETTI SALUTATORIAN Student Body Treasurer 3, Home Room Vice-President 4, Kinlani Editor 4, Dra- matics 2, 3, 4, President 3, 4, "A Sol- dier tor Susie" 2, "Frank 8g Erna" 3, Student-directed "Frank 81 Erna" 3, "The Girl With Two Faces" 4, "Nine Girls" 2, Student directed "The Girl With Two Faces" 4, "Sweet Sixteen" 4, Class play 3, Commercial Club 4, Pres- ident 4, Hiking Club 3, Ski Club 3, 4, Letterwomen's Club I, 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Drum St Bugle Corps I, 3, 4, Head Maiorette 4, "Cho- nita" 2, Glee Club I, Girls Chorus I, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Ski letter 3, Christmas Tableau 2, Junior Prom queen's attendant 4, Point Award Com- mittee 3, Carnival 2, 3, Circus 4, Point award 3, 4. MACK CHRISTY Chess Club 2, Intramurals 3. ALICE GOLSARRY Home Room President I, Ottice Orderly 3, Dramatics 3, 4, Class Play 3, Stu- dent-alirected "Sweet Sixteen" 4, "Bond Between" 3, Assistant Director ot Junior High Dramatics 4, "Tl-ie Girl With Two Faces" 4, Drum 81 Bugle Corps 3, 4, Green 8g Brown Staff 4, Intramurals I, 2, Carnival 2, 3, Circus 4. BILL TISSAW Class President I, Class Vice-president 4, Dramatics I, 2, 3, 4, "Sweet Six- teen" 4, Ski Club 3, 4, Lettermen's Club 4, Chess Club 2, Home Economics Club 2, Band I, Glee Club I, Intramurals I, 2, 4, Captain I, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, Track 3, Letterman 4, Ski Letterman 3, Circus 4, Junior Prom King's Attendant 4. BARBARA JEAN CONRAD HONOR GRADUATE Julian Union High School, California I, 2, 3, Orchestra 4, Circus 4, Junior Prom Queen's Attendant 4. DICK LEEDS Home Room Representative 2, Letter- men's Club 3, 4, President 4, Intramur- als I, Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, National Athletic Honor Society 3, 4, BILL JAMES Tucson High School I, Ski Club 3, 4, Stage Manager 3, 4. NEVADA MURPHY HONOR GRADUATE Winslow High School I, 2, 3. Camera Club 4, Home Economics Club 4, Cir- cus 4. EDWIN POTTS HONOR GRADUATE Dramatics I, 2, 3, Class Play 3, Christ- mas Play 2, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, Brass Choir I, 2, Music Festival 2, 4, "Choni1a" 2, Brass Quartette 4, Accom- panist 4, Orchestra 4, Piano Soloist 4, Music Club 2, 4, Chess Club I, Council Representative I, Intramurals I, Circus 4, Class Play 4. JEAN HUFF Home Room Social Manager 4, Drama- tics 3, 4, "Sweet Sixteen" 4, "The Girl With Two Faces" 4, Letterwomen's Club I, 2, 3, 4, Commercial Club 4, Red Cross I, 2,, Drum 8. Bugle Corps 3, 4, Drum Lieutenant 4, Green 8g Brown Staff 3, 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Christmas Tableau 4, Carnival 2, 3, Circus 4. DEAN PALMER Glendale High School I, 2, National Athletic Honor Society 3, 4, Lettermen's Club 3, 4, Football 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, Letterman 3, 4, Point Award 3, 4. BILLIE PRATT Citrus Union High School, Azusa, Cali- fornia I, 2, Christmas Tableau 4, Green 81 Brown 4. . .wr X -it 55555555-:-: 'W 1 if - ' gg1..i:,: -' I . ::-- .. 1 '-.,'t.i ' L'- ,sa ' , YH, X ,. A .... : :1S!:?-:I V .... in ,its I , , ., ,W I-sm.. , ..-.Ee In III' in Ii A ff . e ,Q 1 'lifigu 2, I S! . it, I N, ,,:5,:.:::I::. K ... : A E I L ,, 5, . . . M , - .--- Q . Illii lui 'fi I I in lim ill, I gm 9 f'i...m-Sill-,iii ELIZABETH HOFFMAN HONOR GRADUATE Student Body Social Manager 3, 4, Class Secretary 2, Yell Leader 2, Assem- bly Committee 3, 4, Social Committee 2, 3, 4, Chairman 3, 4, Council Convention 4, Dramatics 3, 4, "Frank 8K Emo" 3, Student-directed "Be Home by Mid- night" 3, "The Girl With Two Faces" 4, Class Play 3, National Honor Society 3, 4, Ski Club 4, Drum 81 Bugle Corps I, 3, 4, Letterwomen's Club I, 2, 3, 4, "Chonita" 2, Music Festival 2, Intramur- als I, 2, 3, 4, Christmas Tobleau 2, Green 81 Brown Staff 3, Oratorical Con- test 4, Carnival 2, 3, Circus 4, Point Award 3, 4, Junior Prom Queen 4. NORMAN MILLER Memphis, Missouri I, 2, 3, Choir 4, Green 81 Brown Stott 4. VIRGINIA PULLEN HONOR GRADUATE Red Cross I, 2, 3, 4, President 4, Sci- ence Club 3, 4, Secretary-treasurer 4, National Honor Society 4, Secretary- treasurer 4, Girls Hiking Club I, 3, 4, President 4, Conversational Spanish Club 4, Glee Club I, 2, 3, 4, Music Festival I, 3, 4, "Chonita" 2, Girls Chorus I, 3, 4, Class Play Property Manager 3, Substitute Physical Educa- tion Teacher 2, Carnival 2, 3, Circus 4, Class Play 4. EWIE KENWANWYTEWA Intramural Basketball I, 2, 4, Captain I, 2, Football 3, Art Club I. JEANE HULSEY HONOR GRADUATE Carlsbad High School, New Mexico I, Green 81 Brown Staff 3, Commercial Club 4. FRANK MARTINEZ Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 4, El Aguila Club I, 3, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 4, Swing Band 2, 3, Brass Choir I, 2, 4, Trumpet Trio 4, Orchestra 3, Intramur- als I, 2, 3, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4, North-South Football Game 4, Letter- man 2, 3, 4. BRIAN CHAMBERS Bellarmine Preparatory School 3, Dra- matics 2, Ski Club I, 2, 4, Commercial Club 4, Intramurals I, Football I, 4, Letterman 4, Lettermen's Club 4. KATHRYN MATHEWS I-lame Room Secretary 4, Dramatics 3, 4, Student-directed "Sweet Sixteen" 4, "The Girl With Two Faces" 4, Hiking Club 3, 4, Letterwomen's Club I, 2, 3, 4, Commercial Club 4, Drum Br Bugle Corps I, 3, 4, "Chonita" 2, Green 8g Brown Staff 4, Intramurals I, 2, 3, 4, Office Orclerly I, 2, 3, Christmas Tableau 4, Carnival 2, 3, Circus 4. WAYNE SHIELDS HONOR GRADUATE Kinlani Photographer I, 2, 3, 4, Dra- matics Club 2, "Frank 81 Erna" 3, Camera Club 3, 4, Science Club 3, 4, President 3, 4, National Honor Society 4, Intramural Basketball l. BETTY ROPER Woodlawn High School, Birmingham, Alabama, l, 2, Yuma Union High School 3, Home Economics Club 4, Song- leader 4, Talk for American Education Week 4, Circus 4, BILL HUBBARD Beniamin Franklin High School, Los An- geles, California I, 2, 3, Flagstaff High School 4. BESSIE THOMPSON Litchfield Park High School I, Home Room President 4, Office Orderly 4, Dramatics 2, 3, 4, "Be Home by Mid- night" 3, Student-directed "Stoney's Brides" 4, Hiking Club 4, Green 81 Brown Staff 4, Drum 81 Bugle Corps 3, 4, Student Physical Education Teacher 2, Oratoricol Contest 4, Circus 4, Point Award 4, lntrumurals 3, Assistant Li- brarian 3, Commercial Club 4. NELDA DRYE RUDDICK Durango Junior High, Colorado I, Home Economics Club 3, 4, Red Cross 2, 3, 4, Intramurals 2, 3, 4. JAMES VANDEVIER l.ettermen's Club 3, 4, Chess Club lf National Athletic Honor Society 3, 4, Class Play 3, Bancl I, 2, 3, 4, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, Intramurals I, 4, Carnival 3, Circus 4. PHYLLIS OVERSON HONOR GRADUATE Class Secretary-treasurer 4, Council Representative 2, Red Cross I, 2, 3, 4, Vice-president 4, Hiking Club 2, 3, Sci- ence Club 3, 4, Secretary-treasurer 3, Vice-president 4, National Honor Socie- ty 3, 4, President 4, Glee Club 2, 3, Girls Chorus 3, "Chonita" 2, Music Festival 3, Intramurals 3, Chess Club 2, Class Play 3, Carnival Queen Candi- date 3, Assistant Librarian 4, Substitute Physical Education Teacher 2. Carni- val 2, 3. ARTHUR FLEMIN6 Ski Club 2, Red Cross I, 2, Class Play 4, Intramurals I, 2, 4, Football I, 2. DAISY WOMACK Commercial Club 4, Dramatics Club 3, 4, Drum Corps 4. KENNETH WEBBER Dramatics 2, 3, 4, "Frank 8- Emo" 3, Class Play 3, "Sweet Sixteen" 4, Ski Club 3, 4, Red Cross I, Green 81 Brown 3, Education Week Program 3. PI-IILLIP WILSON Oak Ridge High School, Oak Ridge, Tennessee 2, Milan High School, Milan, Tennessee 3, Intramurals I, Chess Club I, Conversational Spanish Club 4. FLORENCE SASS Lincoln Park High School, Detroit, Mich- igan I, 3, Home Economics Club 4, Social Manager 4, Christmas Tableau 2, Glee Club 2, "Chonifa" 2. JUNE BROWN Dramatics 3, 4, "Soft-hearted Ghost" 3, Home Room Skits i, Archery Club 2, Art Club 2, Camera Club 3, 4, Chess Club I, 2, 3, Commercial Club 4, Drum 8. Bugle Corps 3, Choir I, 4. GENEVIEVE LOBATO El Aguila Club I, 3, 4, Home Economics Club 4, Secretary 4, Letterwomen's Club 3, 4, Glee Club I, Circus 4. BILL PETERSON Medical Lake High School, Washington I, 2, Foster High School, Seattle, Wash-- ington 3. LILLIAN PIPER Dramatics 2, 3, 4, "Soft-hearted Ghost" 3, Home Economics Club 4, Red Cross I, 2, Band I, Choir I, Circus 4. CARL GUTHRIE Jerome High School I, 2, 3, Band 4. BLY DENI-IAM Phoenix Union High School 3, Intra- murals 4. GEORGIA KAVATHAS Dramatics Club I, 2, 3, Commercial Club 4, Drum 81 Bugle Corps I, 3, 4, Green 8K Brown Staff 4, Intramurals 2, Library Assistant 4, Class Play 4. PI-IOEBE GREEN BEAVERS Married and living at Clark Homes, Flagstaff. LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT From the out-going seniors 'lo the in-coming seniors. I, Josephine Thompson, will my calm attitude toward life to Jackie Sykes. l, Barbara Conrad, will my 5'2" charm to Mitzi Ellsworth, who already has the size, ' l, Charles Ewing, will my ability in football to Raph Goitia. l, Phyllis Overson, will my ability to decide on one man to Ramona Oster- feld. l, Bly Denham, will my casanova personality and my pipe to Eugene Blocker. l, Edith Allen, will my hiking endur- ance to my sister, Juanita. l, James Vandevier, will my ability to stay out of trouble to Roland Ander- son. l, Elmer Hubbard, will my ability to close only one eye at a time upon seeing a girl to Charles Corey. I, Ken Webber, will my dancing ability to the junior boys. l, Elizabeth Hoffman, will my place in all phases of school life to Betty Sim- mons, l, Billie Pratt, will my quiet manner to Lorraine Kavathas. lWhatl Again?i I, Bill Tissaw, will the physique that goes withmy height to John Whipp. l, Bill l-lubbard, will my out-look on life to Carol Douglass, who takes it so seriously. We, the "Kinlani" staff, will Betty Roper to the proper boy in Yuma. I, Kathryn Mathews, will my ath- letic and twirling ability to Florence Begay. l, Jean Huff, will my never-ending energy to Chuck Knoles. l, Lora Chiappetti, will my position as head majorette to anyone who is willing to work five years to get it. l, Jeane l-lulsey, will my ability to graduate from high school and into married life at the same time to Cath- erine Cohenour. I, Bill James, will my ability to in- sult people and still have them like me to Lyndella McLc1ws. l, Frank Martinez, will my trump- et's swoon-notes to Ken Pearsall. l, Brian Chambers, will my skiing ability to l-larvey Wright. l, Bessie Thompson, will my ability to go steady to Charlotte Webber as her interests seem to be along that line. I, Lillian Piper, leave my hefty right arm to the junior girls for the purpose of self-defense. l, Georgia Kavathas, will my "extra" diamond ring to Sybil Martin until such time as she has one of her own. l, Bruce Berger, will "Butch" the eagle to next year's art editor. l, George Burns, leave my quiet manner of getting what I want to Bill Jakle. That goes for blondes too, Bill. l, John Burns, will Winifre-d to any junior who thinks he can get her. l, Wayne Shields, will the darkroom to Mr. Pullen so that. he too can have peace, quiet, and hotdogs. LAST I WVIULIL AND 'IFIESTAMIIENT I, Dean Palmer, will my athletic ability to Bob Knoles. I, Lorraine Bellwood, will my mus- ical ability to Tony Tachias. I, Dick Leeds, will the junior "twins" to anyone who can tell them apart in the dark. I, Tony Nunez, will my curley hair to Angel Martinez. I, Edwin Potts, will my shy but sly way with women to Gilbert Sechrist. I, Mary Gloria Garrido, will my abil- ity to roll my eyes to Harriet Deaver. I, Art Dendy, will my ability to get things said to Freeda Johnson in case she should ever have to talk fast. I, Mack Christy, will my retiring manner to Dirck Rotty. I, Genevieve Lobato, will my red- rimmed harlequin glasses to Myrtle Smith. I, Irma June Brown, will my high heeled clogs to Mary Lou Betts. I, Manuela Luna, will my quiet, sophisticated manner to Lorretta Sedillo. I, Alice Golsarry, will my long, con- stantly curly hair to Beverly Wensel. I, Frank Shafer, will my ability to forge excuses to Harry Van Court, who needs it. I, Donna Kincanon, will my jitter- bugging ability to Mary Ann Wald- haus. I, Nevada Murphy, will my height to Lesta Piper. I, Ed Andrews, will my ability in basketball to Tom Soto. We, Florence Sass and Lucy Cha- vira, will our title of Future Home- makers of America to David Greer. I, Daisy Womack, will my quiet, un- assuming manner to Sophie Gallegos. I, Virginia Pullen, will my ability to concentrate on deep subjects to Jane Chapman. I, Nelda Ruddick, will my ability to ae-t the man of my dreams to Irene Vasquez. I, Forrest Hulls, will my long legs and way with women to Kent Etter. I, Phillip Wilson, will my Tennessee license plates to Jack June. All you have to do is find something to put them on, Jack. I, Gene Miller, will my ability to do nothing to Elias Sandoval. I, Art Fleming, will my navy fatigue clothes to Bernerd Jackson, so that next year's seniors won't miss them. I, Tom Schermann, will the joys and headaches of studentbody president to Milton Evans. I, Velma Loyd, will my giggle to Eunice Ayers. I, Joe Garcia, will my white sidewall tires to any junior who can find a car to put them on. I, Nina German, will my ability to get things done to next year's senior class president. May he rest in peace. I, Carl Guthrie, will Carol Flint con- tinued success in mathematics. I, Mary Hilbish, will my ability to "dig up" stories to next year's "Green and Brown" staff. CLASS PROTPHTECY l went to the door on this fine morning in I957 and piclced up the newspapers that had iust been left by the newsboy, Wayne Shields lll, Little Junior is a pretty good friend of mine as he has been delivering papers since he was three and is always able to show me where my name, Nina German, is in the paper. l-lis father, Wayne Shields II, had falcen over the Coconino Daily Sun years ago and now Jr. is worlcing for his father. Bessie Thompson, my friend and roommate, came in then and, after a hard day at the Coffee Shop. which Bessie owns and operates with my assistance as special boolclceeper, we both settled down to read the Coconino Daily Sun of l957. l-lere are some of the items that came to our eyes as we scanned through the paper: Flagstaff, Arizona COCONINO DAILY SUN Moy 29, 1957 TWO WELL KNOWN BUSINESS MEN DECLARED LOST LOCAL WOMAN GIVES BIRTH TO SEXTUPLETTES Mrs. Mary il-lilbishi Jones today gave birth to three girls and three boys at the Flagstaff City Hospital. She has employed as nurses Mrs, Phyllis iOversonl Cameron and Miss Billie Pratt, to assist in caring for the six children. HARRY JAMES DIES: MARTINEZ TO TAKE OVER Frankie Martinez has iust taken Harry James' place as head of the well known band. Mr. Martinez has added several of his own players to the band. Miss Lorraine Bellwood, at the piano, Mr. Elmer Hubbard, drummer, Mr. Jimmy Vandevier, saxophone: Mr. Tommy Scher- mann, trombone, and Miss Alice Golsarry, soloist. MISS BARBARA CONRAD PICKS FASHION MODELS Several new models were chosen for the Barbara Conrad Dress Shoppe yesterday after several hours of judging. The most important of these new models are Miss Kathryn Mathews and Miss Daisy Womack. Costumes used in the contest were de- signed by Mrs. Jeane Hulsey and Miss .lune Brown. MISS CHIAPPETTI GIVEN GOOD RELATIONS MEDAL Miss Lora Chiappetti, famous celebrity and secretary to the well known South American plantation owner, Mr. Charles Ewing, was called to Flagstaff several weeks ago from Rio De .laniero to be :worded the good relations medal because of all she has done to better relations between North and South America. FIRE DESTROYS PART OF FLAGSTAFF CITY PARK The small fire left by the Woman's Society after a picnic held in the park yes- terday, proved to be disasterous. The Fire Prevention Department, under the direction of Mr. Forrest Hulls of the Forest Service, saved the biggest part of the park. The president of the society, Miss Lillian Piper, made no statement. BURNS REFRIGERATION INSTALLED The well known Burns Brothers, John and George, are opening a refrigeration shop of their own in the near future. Open house will be announced later to those interested in all types of electrical appli- ances. 0 BUSINESS MEN GIVEN UP AS LOST Brian Chambers and Kenny Webber, wealthy local business men have been de- clared officially lost. Their fiancees, Elizabeth Hoffman and Donna Kincannon, have become fabously wealthy overnight. They both plan, strange as it seems, to leave immediately on a iourney around the world. HIKERS RESCUED BY PHILLIP WILSON Two Flagstaff hikers, Edith Allen and Virginia Pullen, were rescued yesterday by Phillip Wilson after being lost in the Woody mountain region for two days. Both of these women are teachers in FHS's athletic department. Mr. Wilson is manager of the local bank. POTTS CONCERT SCHEDULED TONIGHT The famous Edwin James Potts, concert pianist, is appearing at Carnegie Hall to- night. Mr. Potts is a former student of Flag- staff High School and has made a name for himself as a composer. Tune in on any popular radio station to hear him. PALMER APPOINTED OUTSTANDING COACH Dean L. Palmer, Flagstaff High School graduate, was recently chosen to coach the all-American line up for the'coming year. Mr. Palmer was chosen, because of the outstanding ability he has shown in this type of work. Coconino Daily Sun Page Two THREE NEW TEACHERS ADDED TO FHS FACULTY Miss Manuela Luna, Mr. Bruce Berger and Mr. Carl Guthrie were recently em- ployed in FHS to teach. Miss Luna will teach commercial studies, Mr. Berger will be art director, and Mr. Guthrie will instruct students in flying. RARE DIME FOUND While on duty at Babbitts, Miss Mary Garrido, secretary to Mr. Bill Hubbard, found a very rare dime. lts origin is not known, but the dime is very valuable. Miss Florence Sass, special collector of rare coins, purchased the dime from Miss Garrido. HUFF WINS JITTERBUG CONTEST AT THOMPSON LODGE At the well known Oak Creek Lodge, owned by Miss Josephine Thompson, Jean Huff was awarded the cup as the most outstanding iitterbug in Coconino County. A party was held and the contest was the main interest of the group. FIRE CAUSED BY OIL STOVE EXPLOSION ln the out of town restaurant owned and operated by Mr. Bill Peterson, an oil stove explosion caused considerable dam- age, The direct cause of the fire is not known at the present. 0 0 PURELY PERSONAL Mr, Bly Denham returned to Phoenix aft- er a week end visit in Flagstaff. Mr. Den- ham ownes a grocery store in Phoenix and does very well in the grocery business. Mr. Denham was visiting Mr. Dick Leeds of the Flagstaff Drugs, Inc. Mr. Norman CGeneJ Miller, wealthy ranch owner in Oak Creek Canyon, has return- red there after purchasing several horses in Flagstaff. l --.-- Mr. Edward Andrews left for New York today where he will begin his practice as a lawyer. He was accompanied by his wife and three children. Mr. William fBilll James secured his pri- vate pilot's license yesterday and will now begin giving lessons at ASC to those inter- ested in learning to fly. Miss Genevieve Lobato was employed at ASC several days ago to teach piano les- sons. Miss Lobato has written several pop- ular compositions with the help of Lucy Chivera, her musician partner. Miss Nevada Murphy left today for Hollywood where she will start her career in the movies as a dancer. Mr. Mack Christy and Mr. Frank Shafer have returned from Chicago with one of the new i957 cars made of glass. They are putting the car an display at their garage. Mrs. Betty lRoperl McGinnis left today to ioin her husband in Chili where he has been for the past five years. She will travel by plane. HOLLAND WINS FIGHT Bob Holland, after winning his fifth con- secutive fight last night, has decided to make fighting his career. His next opponent will be Mr. Ewie Kewanwytewa, manager of the Flagstaff Museum. RUDDICK INVENTS STEAM CARRIAGE Mrs. Nelda lDryel Ruddick, mother of four charming children, has helped lighten her work considerably by inventing a baby carriage that is run by steam. This carri- age will soon be put on the market far all lucky mothers to purchase. ADMIRAL FLEMING HOME ON LEAVE Admiral Arthur Fleming returned home for a thirty day leave today. He has been serving in the Navy for the past eight years, but he plans to take up an- other career as soon as his time in the Navy has expired. TISSAW'S LODGE TO REMAIN OPEN The famous ski lodge owned and oper- ated by Mr. Bill Tissaw will remain open for the summer months from now on and, as soon as the new swimming pool is com- pleted, horseback riding and swimming will be offered. GARCIA DESIGNS SAFETY BRIDGE Mr. Joe Garcia, well known electrical engineer, today completed his drawing for safely wiring a bridge with a new lighting system. Mr. Garcia is to be highly con- gratulated for his supreme work well done. Miss Helen Kavathas, owner and opera- tor af a chain of well known restaurants here in Flagstaff announced today that she has invented a special sauce for ham- burgers which she has named "Kavatha Sauce." These are some ofthe items that met our eyes. Things like this have been going on every day for the past ten years. These students who graduated in the class of '47 have gone out into the world and are lust plain everyday citizens of America doing the iobs that have been clone by others before them. Bessie and l were awfully tired after we had finished reading the paper so we solemnly went to bed thinking of that day in I947 when we had parted from all of these fine friends. BERNERD JACKSON RALPH GOITIA RAMONA OSTERFELD Secretary-Treaurer President Vice-President Q.. Three years ago one hundred fifteen of us came to Flagstaff High to reach one goal, graduation. Although there are only sev- enty-six of us left, our goal is well in sight. Now that we are near that goal, we can more fully realize the importance of a com- pleted high school education. We will devote our last year in high school to the task of learning what is necessary for us to know in order to be better citizens. We wish to express our thanks to our sponsors and class officers for their work in helping to make our junior play, skating party, and junior prom the successes they were. LYNDELLA McLAWS KENNETH PEARSALL BETTY SIMMONS HARVEY WRIGHT JUANITA ALLEN DEMITRIO MORALES MARJORIE WARFIELD JIM ROBERTS BETTY H EW ETT CHARLES COREY GLORIA YOUNG HELEN HARPER ELIAS SANDOVAL ANGEL MARTINEZ JANE CHAPMAN TONY TACHIAS MARY ANN WALDHAUS EUNICE AYERS BOB KNOLES LUIS SANCHEZ ELLA MAE SEASTRUNK JACKIE SYKES RALPH GOITIA MILDRED ELLSWORTH TONY NUNEZ LOR RAIN E KAVATHAS PATRICIA HARR EUGENE BLOCKER HARRY VAN COURT MARY LOU ISAACS VELMA FANNIE HARPER ANN HUBBS LOYD LOIS BURMAN BERNERD JACKSON MICKIE LOU SCHMITT KENNETH HARKEY CAROL DOUGLASS CAROL FLINT BILL JAKLE KENT ETTER MARY LOU BETTS IRENE VASOUEZ LESTA PIPER LOR ETTA PO RTI LLO SUSAN MARTINEZ TOM SOTO CHARLOTTE WEBBER HARRIET DEAVER LEONA YARNELL JOHN HIGDEN DIRCK ROTTY CATHERINE COHENOUR FLORENCE BEGAY BEVERLY WENSEL DARLENE KRAAI HELEN TINNIN SYBIL MARTIN CHARLES KNOLES ROMONA OSTERFELD BETTY LEE ISAACS MARJORIE C-BODWIN MYRTLE SMITH DOROTHY STRICKLAND RAUL GARCIA SHIRLEY BOOKS Vice-President President Secreta ry-Treasurer I I Now that we, the sophomores, have reached the half-way mark, we are looking forward to the honor of being upperclass- men. Last year we took our punishment from the sophomores, but this year we, in turn, won the victory of field day. Our dance, the annual sophomore sport dance was held in October and was a real success. We wish to thank our class sponsors and officers for making this such a success. As we go into our third year, we will try to be a credit to Flagstaff High School. MARGARET MARTINEZ JOE BABBITT PATTY SUE NEWSOME DICK DEAVER FRED MONTOYA LUPE NIETO DAVID GREER PATTY ANN MEAD AURELIA HERRERA ALEX JACOUEZ ANNA MARIE SHAFER JERRY CROCKETT TONY GABALDON HELEN MARTINEZ BILL ETTER RUTH HERRINGTON MARY JOY FISHER CARLOS MAYORGA MARY SCOTT KEN COGDILL MICKEY MARKS DENEEN CLARK THOMAS LANDETTA SALLY GARCIA BETTY BARNES EDWIN WOMACK CHRISTINE TABOR DON BIRD MARGARET PESSARRA SHIRLEY BOOKS RAUL GARCIA IVA MAE CRAWLEY BOB RENNER DARLENE ANDERSON WINIFRED PEARSALL MARGARET ISON NELLIE SOTO MARSHALL KNOLES PHILLIP DE MIGUEL GILBERT SCANTLAND JACK WALLACE HELEN THOMPSON VERNE HULL LEOLA GORE ISABEL GOITIA FRED TONGE DON GUTHRIE DALE BARNEY THOMAS MATHEWS JEAN BLACK ANGEL GOMEZ PAUL HUBBARD LA RENE MILLER BILL HOSTETTER TOMMY PEREZ JACK SHAW rw'- ......... .5311 G' ,, If f " ..... . 12533 if .I I ff Q- - I I ' wwf' - w . --,5.5:.5:I5:1:,:.:,:.:,:,:.:.:.:.:.: 5-lilfnfijig ,f I, , I, .wig 'IIIIIIIIII ' N AIA" IH I lla 5.4 5 ., gg WIIIIIIUQ '1g I LZ 1 Q1 11.1, ,QQEIF ,IJ EDM Wu ,. ., YW 32, .!fl5lw2FWi?FF,5 mm Nm I I I In I I I 5 mwgrq 1 1 1 f'f'ft-m,,I? A gI5EI"'IlI'Ii'9fi"'- -M .wsfI,I-II:I'-mr-I533i:':: ...1 AIIIIJIIIFIQMI 'R A if-'44wi,ii1??' ,. A 'JI 'X -. .l If If K V- .MI .... , . W I I I III I kmkf ' W ""': 'tw 1- " 555i.SEiiZ26.ii?E'2?'Tf Psngfwf' nw I, 1: f?iM"'Je-1:0-,' IJ' ., If:-'5: " E,lt':lf.IE':a5ff 'ix S ?3'U" ?f2iI3IIIII2I2IIIII ffm T22 'I W fi? if" I?Zig5YJ5iJ'III,f -IYVIAI 1.11 I 1 ., I qy q . I k , L ig 2 11111 K Zi gl ga 5 'Zn me Af W . I. ARIN 5 ' 'A A wa W an , .l,IIussggg,k 11 I W E zi z iiifffifn-.: '- CEL-':'mfx5rR' ' -,cf 1,4 I r F3-if - .1 mf! JOHN BRADFORD DELPHINE GARRIDO TED WILLIS PETRA VERGARA ROMAN GUARDIAN ISABEL SANDOVAL LEONARD OWEN MARY MELENDEZ JOE PERKINS EARL PALMER VIRGINIA MARTINEZ MARGARET VASOLJEZ DOROTHY STRICKLAND WADE BARNES PAT MARTIN BUSH NATT IBERALDINE RICHARDS HENRY NAVARRO HELEN BLACK ROGENE ROSS JOYCE COCKRELL CHARLES ASHLEY MARY NAVARRO FRANKIE SATRLJSTEGUI J. C. SEITZ MARILYN OVERSON BOB WILLARD ILA MAE DRYE 41 MARJORIE WONG CONNIE LEE HUFER MIKE YBARRA Secretary-Treasurer President Vice-President I I As freshmen, we have at last become a part of the high school. We have shown our good sportsmanship during our initiation and our willingness to co-operate and accept guidance from our teachers and fellow students. During field day, the annual con- flict between theusophomores and the freshmen, we learned what it meant to suffer defeat, but we are certain that next year we will be the victors. We wish to express our deep appreciation to our sponsors and to our class officers for helping us to make our annual Barn Dance, which was given on February 16, a success. .Q Swv! .san .Q uumwlzgf Q3 : - , ,IM 2-1 . . ..... . iii? ' ,EFI -'-' ':" if is .,,...,....,.,.,., , , I I' ' fi ""f W3 I ' by I ' : : 'A I M W 9 iff-vw ,nz QQQK-Yiifeg KEE ' YQ IEE me Q I z , ,.:EEEE?E,,.EEEEEE EEEEE mm ET W I2 IIIIIII ,, I I Ik III I 'mf I --:-' -,.,: QSM I ii? W' - I 'j,.f,Z':"1:,., 225515 -, . .: ' . -if fm-, W -I X . 4 X4 ' " ' , -2-':'5':':::': 5 H E in E A ' Ag :': .. :EI EI' ' :I f ii, :s 555 .:- '-: 1 5 wr' Q I II I 52 ,I www' , f A V 'QI Q iw, , I gmax, Q5,,w. W A W I ...... H EVELYN JORDAN SILVER BARRERAS RUTH LUKUS JAMES THAMES LLOYD WARFIELD MARGARET BABBITT KENNETH SCHUBERT CONNIE LEE HUFEER SALLY NEER WILBER THOMPSON CLAUDETTE LOCKRIDGE SPEEDY CASTILLO ROBERT CAYLOR MARGARET VAN DEREN DILLARD CRAWLEY GLORIA ABBOTT DOLORES FERNANDEZ RAYMOND JONES FRANCES RODRIOUEZ JULIAN TAYLOR DOYLE RICHISON CAROLEE EK FRANK PATTON ANN MQVEY ANN VAPLON BILL CORNFORD ETHEL GODWIN MELVIN SANDERSON DAVID GOMEZ MARJORIE WONG CONRAD RAWLS EDITH WALKER RUTH ANN LEWELLEN PAUL LINK FERLE AYERS MIKE YBARRA ROGER ARDREY OTILLA CASADOS ANN ELLIS CARL SECHRIST FAY COREY JOE CHAVEZ GEORGE IVORY CATHERINE VAN COURT RODNEY CLEVELAND RACHEL VALDEZ MARGARET DAVIS DON SKAGGS MATILDA CONTRERAS ROBERT OHNLEITER BOB BAKER BILLIE RUTH RICE DWIGHT HANCE PATTY SWEITZER CARMEN MAYORGA TED MCCREARY FRANCES GABALDON NED CAGLE GENE ETTER PAT STARR BOBBY FELTS ALICE MARTINEZ K...,..,..,.,,.,?,, ....... WW ,.V., Ri- V 5 I I vga 'II gn , , , ffl' I3 KI STI I E 5 2 5 Q 1 ' I I V ,. I T f I ,,v . ....., ,M ,.,x,,,, :.:.:.: ,.:. ...,...-. , .:.: ...-. 1 A VL? 5 -VVVV :M A 2 ' 'Xa . , U Awswf' '33, - V3 i' , -YN' 65E.'I"::1'5:5..E:5' 'qi , U I If Q SIIVIVIVIEIE -W LDJ IIIII .V 1 -. ,W .,., EI I TT,T A b I..S. Q: 1 K'KB i'IiIfIlI'fK IEBV iz il I :li . I I f 1 :': f I V. I if f Vf "" "I' ..-' I :-: I I j .,.,: 5 "" 3 f,. j E. TTS K'K KA K 'K QII IKW I 'zzzzz V ,.,. 'V ., 'III' I? - .G . wx R I! I M,,,,,ni,. . gk B I .?"""""t2In Q' ' 'Q-. .W 1 . .... m,,y,f ,. ., ........ . -58 's . Z If if : I I'- I! "Iliff Y p. . fav I V 521 VV gh ., , A,,,,,,, , , lu .xmmf . , M., ., . gl.- . V - -lzf ,..... , .. A . . ME ,M . " " in , MM -- -.En - - nw .+L ....,, - . .. , --:ff ,,,, 4, gg f . ' .s races: VVVVV " - - 'K . ,: .H :: V E455 H .. S I -4. Lg ag - if If-In a 3:':iEE: ff' EEZ 'Ilkff P , Zi fzg .2 If II I'--- 'V lm 1 QI 5P"V? F ' Xa ig 3 X YP I s 2 gy ? REQ IIIIII I T III E I , ,Igxwgu 5 Q VV "'f' 'J IME z B w ' asasasm , ,. B, . , 1' saa.:.f: asaaassf: Q 51, QI ii It 5 if nigga? H3 3 2 E BB 'iff ? .mB..I..1 . . . .... V I H. -:-::..:-W - E195 :vig-:. All . ---:aag:,' . im-:. ' 2 4, 'll' ., , .YL 5: . , wr 10 z.. V V15 V V V 'E' .ff Q ai? gg, I gg E V gmxxii -N--' V V EAI. MI" ' ,L ,,.I...,,I,-I.. .: :s:.:.:.:.:.,,...:.-.:.-V:-.- Q.. IV,,V,TBu, ei .5-:- V4,4,4gg:::f'z+vWu ,.,, , .I . IP :ll f 5 II if W I I I I ISII ':.:igI-r -. " I-21 IIIIIII Vs II , TTTTTTTTTT, . ...., ,,,: 5, .,:::. i 5 V- m.Ig:. :As ,,,, ,, , Nm-wma, . INN QA.. v f-mx -:s::.:.a.::s:a.:.s:s" , .,VM.amf. ,, H .. .. If mmm, , ,, .....,. Q V'-IL mmm LAW! If ' - ' V' .,.,. .,., I ,.,.,., vii: V i 2 2 I 5" -wiv I QI.: MW' 5::.5,:.,,1.. I Q , V if "'- . ..,.,,., .li , VVVV II I QB e .WET 'Ish . ,,,ITf v: , i , ,......... 3 :.:5a5V:,::a-a:,-, :Liv : 2 'w'.'gi,gf -.-1 fga,qVV ,,VvV I I 3 ,XXX-. :l:l:I:I:I. Ill?" . R iiiff - I Eff A .,,, W 'WQHH H Wm, W' Q ,. 5 ! if 5 M .W wwf ,S , 11 EW' mf 'Hu ff m gx Qgfiwk xiqfmf MM7M7?fMf"'3M aww WJ I lvnl L51 I FRANK MARTINEZ "Frankie" Height: 5'8" Weight: 150 Position: Right Guard Experience: 4 years Senior All-Northern - A - it illlllillllii X . D ICK LEEDS Height: 5'8V2" Weight: 145 Position: Quarterback Experience: 3 years Senior Honorable Mention BERNERD JACKSON "Jack" Height: 6' Weight: 165 Position: Tackle Experience: 2 years Junior BRIAN CHAMBERS "Beaver" Height: 5'1 1" Weight: 150 Position: Tackle Experience: 2 year: Senior :S 2 GI L B ERT S EC I-I R I ST I Height: sfioff Posi tio n : G u a rcl Expefienfef 3 Yew TO N Y N U N EZ Height: 5'6" Weight: 132 Position: Lett l'Ialf-back Experience: 4 years Senior RALPH GOITIA Height: 5'9M" Weight: 147 Position: Guard Experience: 2years Junior BILL JAKLE Height: 5'8" weighf: 140 Position: Left Half-back Experience: 3 years Junior TOM SCI-IERMANN UDOCH Height: 5'9" Weight: 140 Position: Center Experience: 4 yea rs Senior BILL TISSAW "Tisket" Height: 5'4" Weight: 130 Position: Right Half-back Experience: 4 years Senior I DON BIRD "Birdie" Height: 5'1o" Weight: 165 Position: Guard Experience: 1-,fear Sophomore JAMES VANDEVIER "Vancly" l'lSlQ1'Ii: 6' weaghfz wo RAUL GARCIA "Eskie" Height: 5'3" Weight: 124 MILTON EVANS I I M H+!! Height: 5'1OW' weight: uso Position: Fullback Experience: 2 years Junior Honorable Mention FMMM ..... ,, ,,,. .QA .. x m wi? " It , , , , , , , xa::a:s:s:s:5:-:. , ee? we 221, l MW 2: iv vir- .: i--ii " it e .. r ' . 4215: . ,. xy. ,.,., It N: , .,.. , , , gm I ' A g.'e.:.. ::ff-.5-f2::,"'E::Y'f. ' iffy z fmgii. ':2sEsisisis2:::f:eq:. - 3-:.:.i,5x .5308 K " '-Q':Esi:s:a:3-2-:-:-2-5-225 - ,-Elmer 5:2 EE:Qiiiiiiiiiiiifiiifiiig12,21 '. if' 'f f ....3s:szsasasss::sa-::+:::' l 1 Position: Tackle Experience: 4 years Senior JAC K J U N E I IJ U nel I Height: 5'7" Weight: 140 Position: Halt-back Experience: 2 years Junior Honorable Mention TONY GABALDON Height: 5'9" Wei l'1f: 150 9 Position: Right Half-back Experience: 2 years Sophomore CHARLES EWING "Charlie" Height: 5'8" Weight: 145 Position: End Experience: 4 years Senior Second Team-All-Northern BOB KNOLES Height: 5'8" Weight: 135 Position: Quarter-back Experience: 3years Junior Position: Right Half-back Experience: 1 year Sophomore CHARLES CGREY "Charlie" Height: 5'9" Weight: 160 Position: Tackle Experience: 2 years Junior DEAN PALMER Height: 6'1" Weight: 175 Position: Right Encl Experience: 3 years Senior Honorable Mention TOM SOTO Height: 5'iO" Weight: 135 Position: Tackle Experience: 2 years Junior DAVID GREER "Dave" Height: 6'3" Weight: 160 Position: Tackle Experience: 2 years Junior ' 'Q M ' :1z,.,-7755: " .2 KN' ,-: ewzii- , ..... I f- 'fam - , ,..,, P - ,T- U V -' " QT ..,, A ' 'Wi W Bi' , , 5 'Ai . 5 " ......... , 'wif :.. A- , A . isn t' 5- Ai:-Af' "1-A ? - . "-sem : -'V''::Gems-saeE:2a::f:::' .,.,. f.: ,., 1' , ' , -.W A A ' f -:Af ,. '- : AA'5:2:2:-:E-:-:-:-L .Akai 1 2 :- - - S "" l, ff , .N . 'ff .ing 4-aw fi: f .- ..... """" " '- '- -N -- .a"'Q.: f E" 1.f- l v? f- "" . f- f .........,,,, 3:21:41 -'--- .1-:,.-- " 1 -'-' : ' inf ---- -.,'f'f5I, A-'I'-Q -"A'1.5:2:::'.- fA"""1A!'-'fa"': fffft "..t1-,..-:::e::-I--f.1 ,- ' A ' , . .. Hz:-Ala: I Af' f' ....................... - 335152 ....: .:.-:Eei:aia::.::a2i2i2a2i2a2a.... ,Q J - ?5 , Q 'R U fpw V 1 4 . v . . ---- fa' , , --W 2:1-"As5sasaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaa: 3f-5'fU ?-1!A,gf-.- , ,fha 5 .,.,T '. .-gi 5, U ,,,. esasasafafa... HU ! , ,. 'a , :AI ':':T.1.,: 2":iW2iq5f:::,, 5,-'A -, ' "" " ' ' A ' -- J -4 . x-.1 '::'fff: -A ' A-59-'IA ------ X .-.. ..... . ' If A'A'A: A .. ... mi .... ' " aaa ................... ,Q 552, if A 2 ' I . W .. ,... A T -"" "" Y V AN, Tffxm .:. ---:ze . 'W fY-J M"-W':,'!1mE2zf -V 5: Sli? - . 1-1fiSk,f+' ...Aa-:sf -Q--- f - N1 6 A A ' ' X A 1 PV , " 1 V "H 5 M Q12 ag, -----A-A, 1zL,,1,,:,,, ,i?ij,?Qi3g5 4 25- ,,,,.,,,, 1E , I f',, 7:15 us vv- 'kkk 1: -' n- ' '-' ---------'-v ' X, x EM A My . ----- f 'ww .WH Q I -',Av ..,.-.-,. - .::::-3. ,Z I, 1: W . ' ,,,,,,.m5 ...,. .,1 'V +4 1- I A .v s Q I gn :gm 3 Z X . A if A :1 3: Q A Qt. in Q K if , 5 H nf 9' lv A i., A Q , 1 SXW' ' , rw X W ,....."7lLan?bf-mf:QM---, , . , , mliiikff-'. 1 f4J'1-Us! f V WZ ,-' f A A W .. ,.,. ,. 2 , hex X Q ---- z .ew hh. ,x,,X , 0 1 .sf . Y - x .- ff - HW af' .W DON C. C DALE BA I A BASKETBALL ...fe , Coach F l Manager ' Manaqef Flagslafl Flagsiaff Flagsfaff Flagslafl Flagsfaff Elagsiaff Flagslraff BASKETBALL SEASON RECORD I946 I947 Jerome Flags+aff Clarkdale Flagslaff Snowflake Flagslraff Holbrook Flagsiaff Williams Flagsraff Clarkdale Flagsfaff Winslow Flagslaff N. A. l. A. TOURNAMENT Flagslaff Jerome Flagsfaff PrescoH Flagslraff Round Valley Flagsfaff Winslow Flagslaff Snowflake The Eagles go+ off To a slow sfarf in regular season play 'rhis year buf al The end of The season 'rhey had buih' up inlo a faslr moving, close working group as was shown in The number of games won a'r The Norfhern Arizona Tournamenlr. Tom Malhews was chosen on Jrhe All-Norihern second ream, and Dean Palmer was given honorable menfion. 355.f.,.. 1 Hg., ' BASKETBALL 'AMW Ufjlwf 'ill 1 A' 1 7 " 'M ,W ' --.- . 1 Mzniiii ill1-m'4i.:T?EE.E S NQNNN- Q 1 6 F Wil 'HV M ill' lslilf. Mg... :QL 1 ivw.....lx51, x aim A 55555125 W V ,ill . ., 1 Hlllifll V 3: :lui V 'llllllllwsz e.f:':::.3'. eg. ,- 'J ll . - ff - . 1 pgs. "'- ' X Q. slllkif' H ' H ...if . 1 . ' 'f:'z'f'?1T'?UfMifl3132L,, Q Q Viifgiili " , 2, -- :',: faiiiivm.-1, . -- , gsm-fi-: 1.1 ,S ,.:.. ggi. . I. A 1, fi' A -' UW-Wim k-k-9 S-Jw " 'N""W" , ' "" ' 'N-if ff Sfiigli- if-1 in '1.-'. .i,,,f.. . nw-.3 .gm bg. . 11 .,,, .- 1 ,1,,.,.... .1avf3-fi-Zeal 1lyiMg 4,fg,w: L . .. --,,, :, Q, S o :L '3gg3 g,iff,i. ri -1 .5 ' 'A ' i . BGLQ1 , , W1 5,53 Q . ,rggrgjfs , , 5 A U L.. ' 8 955551-ff! U1L.!..W 7. ..?3i W ,f 13 ' K . 1. 4 I easasassg ,..... V k .-gi? miimq, ki! 4'.:,1i' . ...IV qsiagiissg, 1 1 A gm """' ' A V- ff, Y ' r QL?" ii 1 - 5 7 'J j Q" 33 ' "" ff .,.,, . TifQ?Elii5il1lf'f , 4,,..,.,............:.,.:.:.,.,.,...:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:..f. mmm . .. A .Mimi J ..., , V. V . Bruce Berger Tony Galoaldon Tom lvlalhewls Tom Soro 'C vsvq Captain Guard Forward Guard Forward 150 lbs. 5'1O" 125 lbs. 5'8" 135 lbs. 5'1O" 165 lb . 6'3" s Sophomore Sophomore Junior Senior 1 1 l'-5-if . sl TG"""' ,M . .3 .W ' '35 gi adv' f-" ""' 2 or fi U 'E llllmilf 5 Qlsssmii if I ll' - A ' 1 w f 'Ziggy , . . .L - .:: f k ,M K 4 g E ,li F- ,ii 5' K ' 1' if . 2 Yiefef .3312 N Q 'ff' x 1. it-2? i all . .f Q Fred lvlonioya Forward 140 lbs. 5'1O" Sophomore x 'I ' fx . N .11 .e t 5 :Sim ' ' -1.11 ' ' fiflffff .,., 9 W ills-i14.Q' IQ ! l Q , um- A, -. ,Z ..., 1... Dean Palmer Angel Marlinez Ed Andrews Guard Guard Center 180 lbs. 6'1" 150 lbs. 5'8" 170 lbs. Senior Junior Senior Q .4 ,er .1 . ,.,. . ,,,, . wlllli 'llllff . ' - 5 .J n ' 1' +1 X: 5 rf?" 11 1 Mx- Q. .'.s'frl:.1.1sl1 f S -- f-rr' ill 1 " LZ 'iii UQQTQK . A .wffw '- 8..1.,f . , .. 1 ...gg R. , . hifi.: 3.5 M., fi in-,' 'l' '1 .a..:. ..ss:::-af'is- if ,g 5 . 'E fs. X 'fx '-if 1 3' if Z f 8 5 Z was fg gg s laik as 4' ' if S K ll l lil as if ix . 5 . 1 S W ,,.,. , ,.,..., ,... . wi , " 2 -""' 'Q ,.,, . 6.3M .'-'3'5l- -..v. I f'f5f5f5f5flE5 t gn- lybfjff Milfon Evans Forward 165 lbs. 5'1O" Junior x r fl Q ,ik 12 f 2 IT W- , .:ffj.f'fQfif.f. ee,ew-we B Raul Garcia Bill Jakle Jack June Paul Lopez Forward Guard Guard Forward 122 lbs. 5'2" 140 lbs. 5'8" 140 lbs. 5'7" 148 lbs. 5'9" Sophomore Junior Senior Sophomore BOYS? INTRAMURALS Winners I2-A BILL TISSAW, Capiain Arr Fleming George Burns Frank Shafer Diclc Leeds Bly Denham Forresr l-lulls Tom Schermann Jim Vandevier Ewie Kewanwyrewa .:V,Q ii' 9 Second Place I0-A Fig' , gg M. iz ll M f:2'EA:l E Amen eomez, oapean if F J Lorenzo Fernandez Alex Jacquez Jerry Crocker? Edwin Womack George Andrealos Dale Barney Earl Palmer ' fiih fi ' F TOM SOTO. Ca pla in K A 5' David Greer L Ke n Pea rsa Il Kennelh l-larlcey Luis Sanchez John Fligclen VOLLEYBALL WINNERS Sophomores MARGARET MARTINEZ DARLENE ANDERSON Caplains Isabel Goilia Nellie Solo Belly Barnes Helen Blaclc Sophie Trujillo Pal Marlin Winilred Pearsall Helen Marlinez Helen Thompson Mary Melenclez Dorollwy Jean Slriclclancl Margarel Hulclwison Volleyball All-S+ars lsabel Goilia Nellie Solo Darlene Anderson Florence Begay Elizabellu Hoffman Kallwryn Mallnews Jean l-lull Juanila Allen Subslilules Lora Clwiappelli Susan Ma rfinez Mary Ann Walclhaus Eclilln Allen GIRLS? TNTRAMURATJS SKI TEAMS Boys' Second Team Bill Tissaw, Elmer Hubbard. Bill Jakle, Ken Webber, Paul Hubbard ancl Marshall Knoles were members of 'rhe second Team. which won ihe Miclgeley Trophy in This year's Ski Carnival Girls' Team Mary Ann Walclhaus, Carol Flint lvlargarei' Babbiii. Elizabeih Hoffman, Beverly Wensel and Lora Chiap- peiii. Boys' Firsl' Team Silber? Sechris'l'. Dirclc Roify, Harvey Wright Bob Knoles and Brian Chambers. -.,.,,. 'U ..., ,,,-.. Q. Q A x 1 531. , 1. " ,Mm -ff , L 'mi JW Q Www Lg mf 'we :::-: 5 ::-.:.-., .,. 4?v'+vvH ' .,.-::E:. 5:12 ,Q f " J 'W 'i l h E , QP 73 8 ? 4- -.., 'T '-ml-an - 'H ...gl 7 ' Nl- - ' ..llg as E'.I'."..' ----f--' 1- . -- , 'si '1 'T"':-an-all f l' 1' 5- , LORA CHIAPPETTI Editor LORRAINE BELLWOOD WAYNE SHIELDS Business Manager Photographer Members of this year's "Kinlani" staff have spent a great deal of work and worry in order to edit this book, but, at the end of the year, as the final product is viewed in its completed form, the effort seems well worth while. Editing the "Kinlani" was handled differently this year. This year most of the written material was gathered and written by members of the journalism class. They were selected to do this because they have learned how to search out and write up the activities of the school. lt was the editor's job to see that all material was correct and that every phase of high school life was represented in pictures and in writing. The responsibility of the business manager was to secure enough advertisements from Flagstaff businessmen to finance the publication of this '.'Kinlani." Wayne Shields, photographer, had the task of taking all the pictures which appear in this year's "Kinlani." STUDENT GUVTETPRNMTENT This year marked fhe eighfh anniversary of fhe Flagsfaff High School sfudenf body governmenf. which was organized for The purpose of giving fhe sfudenfs an opporfuniry fo experience +he procedure in democracy and fhe basis of self-governmenf. The sfudenf council has confribufed a greaf deal in malcing fhe year a success by faking an acfive inferesf in all school acfivifies and problems. This would have all been in vain, however, if if had noi been for fhe consfanf help of fhe aculfy sponsors, Wilfred Killip and Don Clarlc. The poinf award sysfem was improved upon fhis year and has furfherecl inferesf in parficipafion in acfivifies and has encouraged The sfudenfs fo mainfain a higher scholasfic sfanding. For fhe firsf fime in fhe hisfory of our high school, an all-school circus was held. This was a change from The previous carnival, and fhe circus proved fo be a greaf success. Money falcen in from fhe circus was spenf for new band uniforms. council convenfion expenses, iunior high loaskefball uniforms, an all-school sledding parfy, and an all-school slcafing parfy, all of which were sponsored by fhis year's sfudenf council. COMMITTEES Assembly: Chairman, Elizaloefh Hoffman: Lorraine Bellwood and Nina German. Social: Chairman, Elizabefh Hoffman: Lora Chiappeffi and Marshall Knoles. Tradifions: Chairman, Bob Knoles: Senior members, Dick Leeds and Phyllis Oversonq Junior mem- bers, Bill Jalcle and Mary Lou lsaacs: Sophomore members, Tony Gabaldon and Paf Marfin. Consiifufion: Chairman, Bob Knoles: Ralph Goifia, Nine German and Marjorie Wong. Faculfy adviser, Don Clarlc. Poinf Award: Tom Schermann, Lorraine Bellwood and Milfon Evans. Faculfy sponsors, C. J. Broolcsby and D. E. Pullers. ASSOCIATED STUDENT BODY OTFTFTICTERS TOM SCHERMANN BOB KNOLES President Vice-President President - - - TOM SCHERMANN Tom was elected to this highest student body office. He carried on all council and associated student body meetings cmd called special meetings. Tom discussed the problems of the school in the regular weekly meetings and put forth new ideas and problems. He has done a good iob of carrying out his duties this year and has proved very capable. Vice-President - - - BOB KNOLES Bob was elected to the office of vice-president of the student body. He handled all meetings of the student council in the absence of Tom. As chairman of the traditions committee, he was in charge of the freshman initiation and carried it out with a great deal of success. Secretary - - - LORRAINE BELLWOOD As secretary of the student body, Lorraine has attended all meetings and kept accurate minutes. She also handled all correspondence for the student body and for the council. Because of her dependability, other business matters were carried out successfully. Treasurer - - - MILTON EVANS Milton was elected to the office of treasurer of the student body. He was in charge of all money 'taken in and given out for school purposes. Milton kept an accurate set of books and had them up to date in order to give his financial reports. Social Manager - - - ELIZABETH HOFFMAN Elizabeth served for the second time in the office of student body social manager. She attended all meetings of the council and made many reports on social events. Elizabeth was in charge of the entire circus and handled it very efficiently. As chairman of the assembly and social committees, she presented many interesting and entertaining assemblies to the students. l LORRAINE BELLWOOD MILTON EVANS ELIZABETH HOFFMAN Secretary Treasurer Social Manager DRUM AND TBUGTLTE CORPS Under fhe sponsorship of Mr. James Williams, fhe Drum and Bugle Corps was very acfive fhis year. The purpose of fhe Corps is fo encourage good sporfsmanship and sfimulafe morale af all sporfs evenfs. This year fhey have carried ouf fhis purpose by performing af all foofloall games, faking parf in The all-school circus, and parficipaf- 3 ,, ing in acfivifies fo aid fhe band uniform fund. ln February fhe Corps presenfecl ifs annual formal dinner-dance, which was held af The Monfe Visfa l-lofel. MARY LOU ISAACS BETTY LEE ISAACS Flagbearers were lva Crawley, Romona Osferfeld, Paffy Sweifzer and Georgia Kavafhas. Maior- effes were Kafhryn Mafhews, maioreffe lieufenanfg Donna Kincannon, Beverly Wensel, Mary Ann Waldhaus, Paf Marfin, Lyndella McLaws, Elizabefh Hoffman and Winifred Pearsall. Head maioreffe was Lora Chiappeffi. Drummers were Mary Hilbish. drum capfain: Jean Huff, drum lieufenanf: Rogene Ross, Lorraine Kavafhas. Shirley Boolcs, Joyce Coclcrell, Bessie Thompson, Daisy Womack, Alice Golsarry, Nina German and Margie Babloiff. Buglers were Dorofhy Sfriclcland, bugle capfain: Jackie Sykes, bugle lieufenanf: Belnfy Barnes, Connie l-luffer, Margaref l-lufchison, Efhel Godwin, Mariorie Wong, Calla Mae Schrniff, Gloria Abboff, Paf Sfarr, Ann Ellis, Paffy Sue Newsome, Donna Thompson, Edifh Walker, Rufh Ann Lewellen, Margie Pendley, Cafherine Van Courf, Maxine Crawley and Carolee Elc. Cheer leaders, Beffy Lee and Mary Lou Isaacs, lead all cheers af fhe foofloall and baslcefball games and also 'raughf fhe sfudenfs new yells. 7,52 . QM- S - -s-W , . -ffxih w X ....L. X X igfkfgfwgw L. I 5 N. mm X 1 3. gm W, -w ,mx M , wx -ffm ,','. . ,W M ifiii, JW www k 1, Q 'JMBS s 'M 'sw 5?"? 421133333 Qin' 'H K ,sssz:ai.1i1i , V' , , ,Qi 5 3,3 5 V' uf WMM ! ?235QQu5b3!u"f i f? f i? . W Kil t . -I? fll lfflfi- . , -1 . My "Green and Brown" The publication of the "Green and Brown" every two weeks is an event anti- cipated and enioyed by the students of Flagstaff High School during the school year. The iournalism class is open to iuni- ors and seniors only. The entire school paper is written, edited and published by the class. This year not only did the staff publish the school paper but were respons- ible for the collecting and writing up of material which appears in this year's an- nual. The staff was under the sponsorship of Mr. C. J. Brooksby and members were Kent Etter, Ralph Goitia, Gene Miller, Jane Chapman, Lora Chiappetti, Nina German, Alice Golsarry, Mary Hilbish, Freda John- son, Kathryn Mathews, Helen Kavathas, Billie Pratt, Betty Simmons, Bessie Thomp- son, Jean Huff, Josephine Thompson and Daisy Womack. El Aguila Club El Aguila Club, organized by the Span- ish-speaking students of Flagstaff High School to foster better understanding be- tween the English and Spanish speaking people of FHS in regard to their customs and languages, has gone a long way to- ward its goal. Even though the member- ship is not large, the club has been active this year. This year's social events included a picnic and dance and the singing of Christmas carols in Spanish. The club also participated in the all-school circus. Officers were Ralph Goitia, president, Tony Nunez, vice-president, Lucy Chavira, secretary-treasurer, and Margie Martinez and Tony Tachias, social managers. Other members were Elias Sandoval, Irene Vas- quez, Loretta Portillo, Genevieve Lobato, Manuela Luna, Elisa Rocha and Sophie Gallegos. Miss Olive McNerney and Mr. Fidel Baca were faculty sponsors. National Honor Society Each year the high school faculty elects to the National Honor Society fifteen per cent of the senior class and five per cent of the iunior class. In order to be eligible to this organiza- tion, a student must meet the requirements of character, service, leadership, and scho- lastic ability set forth by the National Asso- ciation of Secondary School Principals. Seniors elected during their iunior year were Phyllis Overson, Lora Chiappetti and Elizabeth Hoffman. Seniors selected for membership this year were Lorraine Bell- wood, Edith Allen, and Virginia Pullen, and iuniors selected this year were Bob Knoles, Juanita Allen, Jackie Sykes and Harriet Deaver, Wayne Shields and Nina German. Officers were Phyllis Overson, president, Virginia Pullen, vice-president, and Lor- raine Bellwood, secretary-treasurer. Club sponsor is Mr. R. W. Wheeler. The club sponsored senior day, during which the seniors taught all classes and handled the offices of superintendent and principal. Two N. H. S. members took the national test for scholarships, and the club as a whole sponsored the binding of this year's "Green and Brown." Ski Club The Ski Club was re-organized this year and took part in the following ski activ- ities: Thunderbird Meet, Williams High School Meet, State Meet, annual Ski Bowl Carnival, and also sponsored an inter- state meet. The purpose of the Ski Club is to create interest in skiing and to en- courage those who already ski. Skiing is classed as a minor sport at FHS, and a large number of students participate each year. Fred Anderson sponsored the club, and officers were Gilbert Sechrist, pres- ident, Bob Knoles, vice-president, and Lor- raine Bellwood, secretary-treasurer. Mem- bers were Roger Ardrey, Margaret Babbitt, Brian Chambers, Lora Chiappetti, Kenneth Cogdill, Bill Cornford, Dick Deaver, Harriet Deaver, Bill Etter, Carol Flint, Elizabeth Hoffman, Connie Huffer, Elmer Hubbard, Paul Hubbard, Bill Jakle, Bill James, Danna Kincannon, Chuck Knoles, Marshall Knoles, Ruth Ann Lewellen, Ted McCreary, Ann Mc- Vey, Dirck Rotty, Carl Sechrist, Julian Tay- lor, Bill Tissaw, Catherine Van Court, Mary Ann Waldhaus, Ken Webber, Beverly Wen' sel, Edwin Womack and Harvey Wright. Girls' Hiking Club The Girls' Hiking Club of FHS has been successful this year, and each member had lots of fun in participating in the hikes. Miss Olive McNerney, sponsor, led the girls on hikes to Woody Mountain, Tunnel Springs, Lake Mary, Observatory Hill, Schultz Pass and a number of hikes to the Museum of Northern Arizona. The club has admitted a number of new hikers and has lost several of its old members. Wading through snow and trudging in mud were memories of hikers at the end of the year. lt was always great fun to start out on a long hike, but it was even more wonderful when the last mile was reached on the iourney home. Boys' Hiking Club Members of the Bays' Hiking Club have hiked more than a hundred miles this year. After a boy has joined the hiking club, he may be called upon to participate in a hike at any time including the very early hours of a Saturday morning. The members-Tom Soto, Don Skaggs, Ted McCreary, Roger Ardrey, Carl Sechrist, George Ivory and Dick Leuker-took part in hikes to Walnut Canyon, Devil's Chair, Angel Mountain, Picture Canyon, Wupatki, Wilson Mountain, twice to Mt. Elden, and to different parts of Oak Creek such as Devil's Coffee Pot, Grasshopper Flat, Grasshopper Cave, Green Flat, Balanced Rock, Cathedral Rock and Devil's Kitchen. A three day hike has been planned to the Grand Canyon for May 30-June 2. The club will take the Yaki Trail down and camp near Phantom Ranch. While at the bottom, the bays will see Ribbon Falls and do some fishing in Bright Angel Creek. On the return trip, they will camp at lndian Gardens and explore Plateau Point. ' WTR w-- . .. -... i.-..,......,. .................,.-... DRAMATICS CLUB The Dramatics Club is one of the largest organizations in FHS, having titty members. This year, under the sponsorship of Mrs. Dorothy Brierley, the club presented the one-act plays, "Who Gets the Car Tonight?", "Stoney's Brides", "Sweet Sixteen", and one three-act ploy, "The Girl with Two Faces". Various members of the club performed at business clubs downtown, and also presented skits and readings in both the high school and college vaudeville shows. During the year the club held a Chinese dinner, and also the annual club picnic at Oak Creek during which new members were initiated. Officers were Lora Chiappetti, president, Mary Hilbish, vice-president, and Betty Lee Isaacs, secretary-treasurer. Members were Joe Babbitt, Shirley Books, June Brown, Joyce Cockrell, Ken Cogdill, Mary Joy Fisher, Delphine Garrido, Nina German, Alice Golsarry, Elizabeth Hoffman, Elmer Hubbard, Jean Huff, Mary Lou Isaacs, Lorraine Kavathas, Donna Kincannon, Marshall Knoles, Pat Martin, Kathryn Mathews, Lyndella McLaws, Mary Melendez, Ramona Osterfeld, Lillian Piper, Rogene Ross, Nellie Soto, Dorothy Jean Strickland, Jackie Sykes, Bessie Thompson, Josephine Thompson, Bill Tissaw, Mary Ann Waldhaus, Charlotte Webber, Beverly Wensel, Daisy Womack, Edwin Womack, Betty Simmons, Lorraine Bellwood, Sally Garcia, Winitred Pearsall, Eunice Ayers, Celia Tachias, Ken Webber, Bernerd Jackson, Tom Mathews, Fred Tonge and lva Mae Crawley. The Girl with Two Faces Miss Runyon - A Nina German Delphine - - - - - Jean Huff Patty - - Kathryn Mathews Dolores - - Lora Chiappetti Jenny - ---- Liz Hoffman Liz - - - Josephine Thompson Alberta - - - Betty Simmons Zip - - - - - Pat Martin The Girl ----'- Alice Golsarry A three act mystery comedy, student di- rected by Lora Chiappetti and assisted by Nina German. Sl'oney's Bride Stoney - - Elmer Hubbard :harley - - Earl Slipher Nancy -- - - - Daisy Womack Virs. Smith ---- Josephine Thompson Nannette Detour - - - Ivo Crowley Vladam Detour - - - Lorraine Kavathas Guests to the party - Marshall Knoles Kathryn Mathews Pat Martin Winitred Pearsall A one act comedy, student directed by Nina German and Bessie Thompson. Sweet Sixteen Mrs. Davis - - Ramona Osterfeld Mr. Davis - - Kenny Webber Janie - - Mary Ann Waldhaus Jean Hutt Lieutenant Franklin - - Bernerd Jackson Bobbie ---s---- Connie Marshall - - - Lora Chiappetti Steve Crawford - - - - Bill Tissaw A one act ploy, student directed by Kathryn Mathews and Alice Golsarry. Square Dance Club For the first time a Square Dance Club was organized in Flagstaff High School and for its beginning year, it has been extreme- ly successful. The purpose of the Square Dance Club was to provide recreation and to create interest in square and all other types of old fashioned dancing. Under the sponsorship of Miss Bertha Mae White, members performed in the all- school circus and also during the intermis- sion of the freshman Barn Dance. Officers of the club were Bill Etter, president and Harriet Deaver, secretary-treasurer. Mem- bers included Dorothy Strickland, Carol Douglass, Mariorie Godwin, Betty Jean Barnes, Juanita Allen, Charlotte Webber, Carol Flint, Ruth Herrington, Florence Begay, Eddie Womack, Dirck Rotty, Gene Etter, Carl Sechrist and Julian Taylor. Camera Club Membership in the Camera Club increas- ed a great deal this year. The meetings of the club provided a place where those interested in photography could discuss dif- ferent methods and techniques of picture taking and developing. The Camera Club was sponsored by D. F. Pullen. The club's supervisor was the school photographer, Wayne Shields, and Pat Martin held the office of secretary. Members of the club are Winnifred Pearsall, Darlene Anderson, Marshall Knoles, Rogene Ross, Joyce Cock- rell, Margaret Hutchison, Mariorie Godwin, Donald Skaggs, June Brown, Velma Loyd, Ann McVey, Nevada Murphy, Julian Tay- lor, Robert Ohnleiter, Kent Etter, Gene Etter, Charlotte Webber, Jackie Sykes, Carol Flint, Harriet Deaver, Betty Simmons and Audrey Wells. Lette rwomen All meetings of the Letterwomen's Club this year were held under the sponsorship of Miss Bertha Mae White. The purpose of the Letterwomen's Club is to recognize out- standing ability and continued interest in girls' athletics. Officers of the club were Kathryn Mathews, president, Elizabeth Hoffman, vice-president, and Mary Ann Waldhaus, secretary-treasurer. Members were Edith Allen, Juanita Allen, Darlene Anderson, Lora Chiappetti, Mary Hilbish, Jean Huff, Lorraine Kavathas, Genevieve Lobato, Velma Loyd, Pat Martin, Susan Martinez, Margaret Martinez, Phyllis Overson, Nellie Soto, Josephine Thompson, Sophie Trujillo, Beverly Wensel and Isabel Gaitia. Members who earned a thousand points and who received a gold pin award were Lora Chiappetti, Mary Hilbish, Elizabeth Hoffman, Jean Huff, Velma Loyd and Kathryn Mathews. Science Club The Science Club was organized for the purpose of furthering the interest of science as it affects the high school student and to aid those who are planning to make science a career. An example of their activ- ities is their annual visit to the Lowell Ob- servatory at which time they study the fundamentals of astronomy. This year their initiation exercises were held February i2. The club is under the sponsorship at H. W. Micke. The Science Club's officers were Wayne Shields, president, Phyllis Overson, vice- president, Virginia Pullen, secretaryetreas- urerf and Dirck Rotty, sergeant-at-arms. Other members are Edith Allen, Jackie Sykes, Ramona Osterfeld, Juanita Allen, Harriet Deaver, Lorraine Bellwood, Carol Flint, Kenneth Harkey and Joe Perkins. Commercial Club The Commercial Club was started this year for the first time and was very suc- cessful throughout the year. The club held discussions on current business problems and several speakers from the college and business houses talked on "How to Get a Job" and other subjects related to busi- ness. The purpose of the club is to further interest in commercial work and to help students realize the responsibilities of a job. Activities in which the group participated were a skating party, a skiing party, and picnics at Oak Creek Canyon. A play, "Boss vs. Secretary", was also presented at a club meeting. All meetings were under the sponsorship of Fidel Baca. Club officers were Lora Chiappetti, pres- ident, Josephine Thompson, viceepresidentg and Donna Kincannon, secretary. Members were Kathryn Mathews, Nina German, Brian Chambers, Bessie Thompson, Dean Palmer, Jeane Hulsey, Jerry Crockett, Tommy Mathews, Jean Hutt, Alice Golsarry, Ken Webber, Daisy Womack and Georgia Kavathas. Junior Red Cross The Junior Red Cross is organized to aid those who are in need or distress. The members have made cartoon books, covers for magazine stories, and done knitting for atghans for veterans in hospitals. Virginia Pullen is president, Phyllis Over- son, vice-president, Catherine Van Court, secretary-treasurer, and Gene Hilbish, iunior high representative. Miss Regina Rousseau sponsors all meetings of the club. The membership numbered forty-tour, be- ing so large that the group was divided into two sections, one meeting on Thursday, the other on Friday ot every week. Mem- bers were Edith Allen, Janice Baker, Ann Bergman Carolee Ek, Ophelia Espinoza, Bertha Estrella, Joan Foster, Nancy Gras- rnoen, Bobbie Lou Henry, Evelyn Jordan, Ruby Keith, Claudette Lockridge, Mary Lopez, Ruth Lukus, Josephine Magana, Vir- ginia Martinez, Patty Montgomery, Phyllis Overson, Mary Padilla, Wanda Lee Ridge, Valerie Sanderson, Betsy Sheldon, Celia Tachias, Margaret Vasquez, Patsy Montoya, Willa .lo Dwiggins, Mona Primrner, Lucy Sandoval, Dolores Enciso, Carmen Espinoza, Patsy Gilpin, Norma Brown, Carol Beck, Shelley Dickerson, Margeruite Jenson, Fran- cis Seitz, Joyce Miller, Lena Chavez, Rhoda Dent, Lupe Nieto and Anthona Hackett. Stamp Club To encourage interest and enthusiasm among FHS students in the collection and study of stamps of all kinds, the Stamp Club was organized, and this year's officers were Margaret Hutchison, president, Kent Etter, vice-president, Roger Ardrey, secre- tary-treasurer, and Don Chiappetti, reporter. All meetings were held under the sponsor- ship of Miss Regina Rousseau. Members were Julian Taylor, Dick Lueker, Ann Mc- Vey, Dick Wensel, Dwight Bliss, Bruce Mc- Quatters, Sandra Ellis, Bill Howe, Jim Per- kins, Eugene Hilbish, Ray Henry, Jim Chap- man, John Drake Jr., Ted Pender, Jim Fowler, David German, Manuel Hernandez, Roy Castillo, Charles Roper, Charles Rucker, Helen Herrera, Gene Slayton, Lena Chavez, David Rotty, Ray Baca, Jeanne Ellen Ard- rey, Ted McCreary, Ann Ellis, Don Austin, Billy Tinnin, J. T. Baker, Vern Hull, Ruth Ann Lewellen, and Shelley Dickerson. Conversational Spanish Club The Conversational Spanish Club is made up of Flagstaff High students who have taken or are taking Spanish, and the purpose of the club is to give members practice in speaking Spanish. Sponsored by Miss Olive McNerney, the club met twice a month on the first and third Fridays. Once a month the group met at the home of one of the members and had a social. Lorraine Bellwood was president, Phillip Wilson, vice-president, and Ramona Oster- feld, secretary-treasurer. Other members were Edith Allen, Virginia Pullen, Betty Simmons, Dirck Rotty, Harvey Wright and Kent Etter. F. H. A. Club The Future Homemakers of America Club is affiliated with both state and national organizations. At a district meeting held at the college in November, the club acted as host to other clubs in the state. The World Christmas Festival was observed in Decem- ber with an all-nation party, and just before Christmas vacation a tea was given for faculty members. To celebrate the birthday of Ellen H. Richards, founder of the organ- ization, a party was held in January. Funds for the organization were raised by selling lunch items at the noon hour. Patty Ann Mead and Lucy Chavira attend- ed the state conference in Tempe in February at which time Patty Ann was elected to the office of state treasurer. The purpose of the club is to help its members become better citizens and home- makers. Officers were Lucy Chavira, pres- ident, Mary Scott, vice-president, Genevieve Lobato, secretary, Patty Ann Mead, treasur- ery Florence Sass, social manager, and Manuela Luna, historian. Members were Fay Corey, Jennie Rameriz, Otilla Casados, Nevada Murphy, Velma Loyd, Audrey Wells, Nelda Ruddick, D0F0fl"Y -lofdflfl, Doris Jordon, Alice Martinez, Matilda Con- treras, Barbara Conrad and Lillian Piper. Mrs. Mable Nettle was club sponsor. ww.. , . ,,3i Q, i . 3, Y 1 JIUNIIUIPK PRUM CUUIRT BRIAN CHAMBERS ELIZABETH HOFFMAN Prom King Prom Queen COURT ATTENDANTS King's Awurendanfs ,- Queen's A+Iendan+s BILL TISSAW BARBARA CONRAD TOM SCHERMANN LORRAINE BELLWOOD KEN WEBBER LORA CHIAPPETTI NAPS I SENIOR PLAY THE CURSE OF AN ACHING HEART OR Trapped In +he Spider's Web! Melody Lane, 'rhe beauiiiul. young heroine, is an orphan and has iaughl herself The rofession oi leaching. A+ 'rhe rime +he play opens, she has a iob in a small couniry school. She iglls info ihe vicious clurches of Windermere Highiower. Windermere and Melody are married in a false cere- mony, and she becomes an unwilling pari io his criminal schemes. She ihen meeis and falls in love wiih Lucius Goodenough, The slalwari, young hero. Windermere schemes io gel' a hold on ihe Abernaihy ranch, and Jrhe play ends as Aloysius. son oi Jrhe Aberna+hy's comes home wi'rh good news and enough money io pay 'rhe morigage on ihe ranch, and Melody is freed from Windermere l-ligh+ower's evil snare forever. CAST Melody Lane - Lucius Goodenough - Windermere Highiower Hiram Abernaihy - Sarah Abernarhy - Red Wing - Baiile Axe Annie - Nellie Blyihe - Muriel Ailcins - Aloysius Abernaihy - Sally Abernaihy - Direcior - - - - - - Barbara Conrad - Edwin PoHs - Arrhur Dendy - George Burns - - Virginia Pullen Georgia Kavaihas - Mary l-lilbish - Nina German Donna Kincannon Kenny Webber Lorraine Bellwood Dororhy Brierley Oogie Pringle - Hannah - - Judy Foster - - Randolph Foster - Mrs. Foster v - Mr. Foster - - - Barbara Winsocket Mitzie Hoffman - Mr. Martindale - Mrs. Schultzhcirnmer Mrs. Hotchkiss - Eloise Hotchkiss Rex O'Conner Susie O'Conner Director - - Gilbert Sechrist - Beverly Wensel - - Jackie Sykes - Bill Jokle - Carol Flint - - - - Bob Knoles - - Lyndella McLaws Charlotte Webber - Arthur Fleming - Betty Simmons - Harriet Deaver Moriorie Godwin - Harvey Wright - Mary Lou Isaacs - Dorothy Brierley JUNIICQDR LAY "A DATE WITH JUDY" "A Date with Judy" is a three-act play centered around the lovable Judy Foster. As a result ot her determination to be queen ot the dance and to beat Tootsie Whitemen by getting the most subscrip- tions to the Community Reliet Funcl, she has the town thinking that Mrs. Foster is a bigamist, and that Mr. Foster has Hkissable lips". ln the process, she almost loses her boytriend, Oogie Pringle. ln the end Tootsie wins the contest, lout Judy still gets to be queen because her opponent catches hives. 9 lll iliiiliililflflfliri Bras. 'Ya ,puns ....,.,'- ' .ff.f:., ,,., .... 1 , : i i' r b Qt m mm: f .,., E? ,M....mw-nw-.- img Wm Wim 'E s. ? , 'fm,M Laws' iQ" 52 a v fgg . XA ,,,, W- , Q .W , :,.,:gw,Q .- I A '. Q iff ,fs K ,, f , ' 9 , -:ss ..,. ' -Yagi, fb rf' " 1:25 ,, ,, M ' , Q :ga - """ A - f , . 8 J i A 7 " Q, Q '1-1a'3fQffz "' ,N J . :I Z 5 .- I ,L A Vic ? V ,gg i .. , 8 , Xl, K M ' ,L 'ia 1 ' - . 5 " . - --,- f ,Pls g, mf, . g- ' iL,,,-Q. A "" .' ' , ' ' FSE. ' . -F ff 1 :4"" -'-:.p-I-'v':'f'.-: -.'.: -::.., M' 'W -- ,: N g ' ' f H Q , Y :ZQ A5'..A: E ,,L: i Q 6 I , V ak -JM -.-.-.- . National Athletic Scholarship Society . This Society ,to foster high scholarship among boy athletes, was organized in February, 1925, by a group of secondary school principals in Washington, D. C., in an attempt to elevate the ideals of sportsmanship, to stimulate a desire for balanced training, and to develop more outstanding leaders in the secondary schools of the United States. Any boy in the tenth, eleventh, or twelfth grade is eligible if he has earned an athletic letter. His aver- age for three consecutive semesters upon earning his letter must be equal to or higher than the general average of the school, and he must have exemplified a high type of citizenship and sportsmanship. Members were Charles Carey, Don Bird, Milton Evans, Tony Gabaldon, Raul Garcia, Ralph Goitic, Bill Jakle, Bob Knoles, Dick Leeds, Dean Palmer, Tom Schermann, Gilbert Sechrist, Tom Soto and Jim Vandevier. The local Society is under the sponsorship of Coach Don C. Clark. Le'H'ermen The Lettermen have been very active this year and have held a football raffle, the annual Lettermen's dance, sold cokes, donuts and candy during noon to pay for new basketball uniforms for the lunior high, and have also sponsored an all-city grade school basketball tournament. A boy must have earned one malor letter in football, basketball or track, or two minor letters in golt, tennis or skiing before he is eligible to become a member. The minor letter must be earned in the same sport in consecutive years. To promote better sportsmanship among club members and between schools is the purpose of the club. All activities and meetings were under the sponsor- ship of Coach Don C. Clark and the officers were Dick Leeds, president, Gilbert Sechrist, vice-president, and Bernerd Jackson, secretary-treasurer. Members were Bruce Berger, Frank Satrustegui, Milton Evans, Frankie Martinez, Don Bird, Brian Chambers, Charles Corey, Charles Ewing, Tony Gabaldon, Raul Garcia, Ralph Goitia, Bill Jackle, Bob Knoles, Tony Nunez, Dean Palmer, Tom Schermann, David Greer, Tom Soto, Bill Tissaw, Jim Vandevier, Jack June, Kenneth Harkey and Dale Barney. Oratorical Contest The Oratorical Contest, sponsored by the Arizona Republic was entered by all English IV students. Each participant wrote and delivered an oration in class, and from this group the class selected the three best speakers. These speeches were then delivered in assembly, and the winner was chosen by three busi- nessmen. ' Each speaker was judged on his oration plus an extemporoneous speech. The winner of this contest then took part in the district meet. Elizabeth Hoffman, who won first prize in the school contest and second place in the district con- test, spoke on "Our Constitution, Basis for World Peace", and third place winner in the school contest was Barbara Conrad, who spoke on "A Constitution of and for Free Men." Elizabeth Hoffman received ten dollars for winning the school contest. SENIOR HIGH BAND This year The band seT a new goal-Thaf of obfaining new band uniforms. Through- ouf The year They held everyfhing from food sales To rummage sales To reach This goal. and managed To secure Them in Time for spring performances. The band played for The following programs: junior play, senior play, dramaTics play, circus, "Cornzapoppin", boTh The college and high school vaudeville shows, Norfhern Arizona Music Fesfival and commencemenf. The band also played aT various clubs in Town. The securing of The uniforms and all performances were under The direcfion of Mr. James Williams. GLEE CLUB The Glee Club This year, under The direcfion of Mr. James Williams, was a mixed choir of boys and girls singing in four parfs. All acTiviTies sponsored To hel secure new band uniforms were aided by The Glee Club. The Glee Club performejaf several funcfions held aT The high school and aT civic clubs, organizaTions and churches. The Glee Club had an imporTanT parf in The Chrisfmas program, where They sang Chrisfmas carols and hymns, and differenf groups from The Glee Club answered requesfs for singing carols aT differenf Flagsfaff homes during The Chrisfmas holidays. ELM ER HUBBARD French Horn BETTY BARN ES Clarinef EDWIN POTTS Trombone DOROTHY STRICKLAND Soprano RUTH ANN LEWELLEN Cello EDWIN POTTS Accompanisf If- 3 wma? 2 'iii . 'ASB Wi7i1f1"mT'V'E T'f'T"" T ' H , T. M - rrrr "" z ' W was lm pews 96' W H 5 A ei aw W if www T? 53' ITL 'T E Q Q Dirck Rorlry Marga rel' Davis Violins Frank Marrinez Ken Pearsall Bill Jakle Trumper Trio Edwin Womack Elmer Hubbard Bill Eller Ken Cogdill Male Quarlelie Paul Hubbard Lorraine Bellwood Berry Barnes Ken Cogdill Clariner Quarlelre George Complon Bonnie Lou Swiir George Kavarlwas Junior High Trumper Trio Elmer Hubbard Edwin Polls Bob Knoles Bill Jalcle Frank lvlarlinez Marshall Konles Brass Choir Dick Luelcer Roger Ardrey Elmer Hubbard French Horn Trio Don Chiapperri Clariner Solo 1 Y w P r Y L l +V. 1' u u .1 HILL REDMAN A.S.C., Flagstaff, A.B. Literature, English, Spelling Principal of Junior High School D. L. SKAGGS A.S.C., Flagstaff, A.B. Literature, History, English and Social Science REGINA ROUSSEAU A.S.C., Flagstaff, A.B. Geography and Science MRS. RUTH LANE A.S.C., Flagstaff, A.B. Mathematics ERNEST MICKELSON A.S.C., Flagstaff, A.B. Science, Mathematics and Spelling PAULINE LINDEMAN S.T.O., Iowa, A.B. Geography and History MRS. KATHERINE MILLER A.S.C., Flagstaff, A.B. English JUNIOR HIGH TFACUILTY V.,.,,.. I I FRED ANDERSON A.S.C., Flagstaff, A.B. Physical Education, Mathematics and Spelling I KL . -f 813.515 JUNIOR HIGH CUUNCIUL Junior High Council provides 'rhe needed parliarnenlary Training which will be useful lo ils members in fu+ure school years and life. I+ no'r only 'reaches s+uden+s +o be good leaders, bul also Teaches Jrhem lo 'l'alce orders and be good workers. Acfivilies eilher sponsored enlirely or aided by Jrhe council were gel'-acquainlecl dance. Halloween parly, slcaling parly, annual valenline parly, all-school circus, band uniform fund, purchase of junior high baslcelball suils. council convenlion in Holbrook, coas+ing parly, iunior high assemblies and 'rhe annual iunior high formal dance. The council also purchased a book on parliameniary procedure and aflempled +0 follow il in 'rheir meelings. The council was composed ol Don Chiappefli, president lvlary Ellen Roberlson, secrelaryg Bill Wilhers, 'rreasurerg Barbara Rice and David Kincanon, social manager, and Charles Ruclc- er, Carol Spencer, Manuel Hernandez, Ray Baca, Oscar Espinoza and Frank Marin, home room represenlalives. Council advisors were Fred Anderson and Regina Rousseau. www? 360 'X Q2-ff ,W JUNIOR HIGH DRAMATICS The Junior High Dramatics Club was organized for the first time this year. Under the direction of Mrs. Julianne Winters, the club presented a Christmas play, "WiIdcat Willie Plays Santa". The purpose of the club is to aid in dramatic training, to develop poise and presence and to provide practice in organizing and running a club for students. Only eighth graders are eligible to join and prospective members must have a good scholastic rating before they are ad- mitted. Officers were Carolyn Burman, president, Bob Cornford, vice-president and Bonnie Bradford, secretary. JUNIOR HIGH BAND The Junior High Band has given no public perform- ances this year, but the experience they have gained in their practices twice a week will stand them in good stead in future years. Some of the members performed with the Senior High Band this year. Clarinetsz Don Chiappetti, Billy Russell, Bruce Beckley, Herman Jaromillo, Leola Butler, Lucy Vergara, Louise Williams, Ann Bergman, Garry Flint, Patty Montgom- ery, Carol Spencer, Jean Douglass, Patsy Gilpin and Sandra Ellis, trumpets: George Kavathas, Ray Baca, Bonny Lou Swift, Bob Cornford, Jeanette Sego, Bob Villalva, Hollice Marcum, Charles Compton, Olga Navarro, Jackie Hokanson, Don Leamon, Fred Haynes, Dwight Bliss, Tom Davis and Charles Rucker, French horns: Betty Richey, Agnes Harper, Donna Godwin, Jim Pickens, David German and David Rotty, bari- tones: Virginia Baker and Charles Huff, saxophones: Steven Aginiga, Ray Macias and Jerry Hensley, base horns: Bill Howe, Dick Wensel and Neil Herman, snare drums: Bobbette Lockridge, Bonnie Bradford, Maxine Polson, Jane Plummer, Vivien Parker and Janice Baker, base drums: Mary Roberson and Vera May Beamer, trombones: Paul Jaromillo, Charles Butler and Jimmy Fowler and accordion: Bobbie Lou Henry. Junior High Intramurals Winners 8-A TRINI GARCIA STEVEN AGINIGA JIM PICKENS RAY BACA LOUIE CANCINO JOE BUSTAMENTE BILL HOWE ROBERT VILLALVA NICK ANDREATOS DAVID KINCANON I we f Q ,gg II s 2 I gk - ' - I-2,39 ss,,I-R kw in ,xii 'IQ , I 'A I I . 2 ff ,f ..... - .. 5 N412 I Is I I I L - .. --L' I . , H K , -u- II I I T rx . :zz ,, B :: : 79 XI ':a: ........ 'TTLII x ffl -w I A , I II, .,.,.,. I IEVT' TTT H W Ii 'I I I I - :',:,, f' E . A., I Q if gf LLLL gil?-in :AR X -, Af ,M,gIg5I, -- I I - as .l . AAI W , E --:' ' "I , 'I A-I - -W "" s:a:s:s A T,MIvId?I,IiIfIiIiT ::': III. II + II f I -L?I,2Iz IzI A f IIIIIIIIII HIIIIIII' "R sx I.,.I,, ,,,, . .- , I 4 fp-If 5, . A ., , I I II, ""'f id I 'B II gi II T .... I, 5 Z I lik gui I I A I I I. 64' I iz .....,..i...,1....---B. W? I ,fix I, -RIIIII-II-II 5- I ' E ns s " 'f' :2: ' , ,,1',- 253' 3 ',:-, F3 N I ,, L! n 5' s-:E-I. H . -:-::5,:.:.-:. fs' " '- .. :I ..... K gg ,.,. :.:.:,:.., ::,,,. ,:,.,.,.,:::,:,:::...:.:,...::f:::.., . . , . . , , Rum I 2 1:.i2?'ff?'?ff-I ,,,, E 5555555 ,,,,, H ,... jglg KT ---I- L Ham 'S' LU -:.- ,4...huL IEIIGHTII-II MARGARET CROCKETT GEORGE KAVATI-IAS PAT MAYS CHARLES COMPTON BRUCE BECKLEY LOUISE WILLIAMS DAVID KINCANON BONNIE BRADFORD .JUDY SUTTLE GENE SLAYTON LEOLA BUTLER DON CI-IIAPPETTI GILBERT RODRIOUEZ JUANITA SEDILLO PAUL JARAMILLO SUE SHAW VIRGINIA DOWDY ALFRED TACI-IIAS KAY WEDIN ROBERT BARNES BUDDY KRAAI ARMIDA SANCI-IEZ CECIL I-IOGGARD LUCY CANCINO MAXINE POLSON EUGENE I-IILBISI-I MARILYN LOKKEN ROBERT VILLALVA BILL ROWLAND VIVIAN PARKER TRINI GARCIA CAROLYN BURMAN GRADE JANE PLUMMER FRED KUHN MARY ELLEN ROBERSON MANUEL JIMINEZ DOROTHY HALL BILL JOE WRIGHT FERN LOMAYESVA CARMEN SANCHEZ ROBERT LEE BETTS PAT SAMMIS NICK ANDREATOS BILL HOWE BETTY JEAN DRYE RAY BACA BONNIE LOU SWIFT BOBBETTE LOCKRIDGE JAMES SANSOM LUCY VERGARA LES DRYE JR. ROBERT ELVEY DORA GONZALES BOBBY RODRIOUEZ JEANETTE SEGO STEVEN AGINIGA JIM PICKENS MARVA HOEL FRANK FEGAN HERMAN JARAMILLO OSCAR ESPINOZA GERALD CRUZ BILLY RUSSELL f... f r -wg, f, ...Q :I I .:.: I , zbzb ,I,.R """' -""":' 1 . J NYSY ,-..1.. ,,,, , ':-K5.-f I All, '--Vvl, - VU A ---- T :I I "'f 'U' :W -,II .. ,vm WMM , W, IIABIMLBW My ,:, ak I 'I 95 .,. -' ' W, - 'I S .,....., Q i M I .. fp ,III ' A :::: f :':' I '-'. , I 5 gm -f H :"3 ig ' K. , . 1 ul I :If If I 'z2af'::.?' . .xg , ?3 M F . 4 1 + II, -Y? '.:: : 5, ,UDV II E . A 2 I 5 I ff sei, A z 4 'I . .... .. N.. in II ' wa , f ,, 'aw I Izn .gg If ve as giiiw., In , M ,,J.:E Eqiu I AWA' ..v..' :-I if Q-. .::::: 5' W III - :--e::::::::.:.:.:. , , I QQTZIIII l Wm Iwxmxgm 'X H 1 V, , 1 'mli'-4 I FIJI :.:f - i If I -I I . i ...,., 5 Wg X ESM- 53 5' z ......, ' ' 1 .'.,.::...::::s-1: '-" -:ak ,'.. ' ' Q-2-2- M", R L zlmf ' I zzzzz b I-z ,.,.. I WMA I ,:.: 5 z wr-f ,Q I E s , ---- f I' mf I ..,.,.,.,.,.,.,.: , . ..-, :IQ L F j-.rf my T ----3 'D I I ::5:f us, U... I' il 'WIS . .. Q? sn .LV . XL H gmc . 'Is bfi :if " 'I'-'III E' I MI. T ' Zi v2 gtk G2 ss Hina! rw QM ,, W I A9 f L19 f m wiff, WI I ,F ----v'- ,.. .- - I. . ...g........., . ,-.-. ,,:..x... v ,....I...w.,.a, .--...,.,. ,,,,, ,,,-....... .' ' Sf-viii 'Q 'frE5E5E5E5:5:5:5:5.3 - 53 I I R-mam: ......, .I ,, an W . ' I' I I Q Q HS .... : 11ii1'.11fg gg Tw me " 'M xv . if I Aw ' " --.5 I: ::: 1-. '- 5 I P' . . A -: -W A 3 2 ,wx P ins-an-all-EQ 'Sh R. R hav W My jg V 5.5 Eznawi ' ,. . , .. A:.:,,.,. ,.,.,. ,.,, 3 1 L '5::::x'-:1:.: '::: ...... -.- I ' ,. R CD :- , . ' IIQII SALLY RUSSAU SIEVIENTIHI DON LEAMON mv? WANDA RIDGE X .P ,. 5 V wA in Ll' : :::.EEsI.1Q1 :,. :..,. zzz JIMMY BRYAN W jk? ---E X T VALARIE SANDIERSON I :" ' 'f zz- 1 -----:-:-A.,.: I BRUCE MCQUATTER5 fir , ':3j,:flI:'l RIIIIQ JOLENE JACKSON PATTY MONTGOMERY DWIGHT BLISS GERALDINE REKOS DAVID GERMAN MARGARET THOMPSON FRED HAYNES GO ,, ' ESWIIJSQ? .Of K pi ,Ii II-i R IHA MII " I I Iikuffrsmf GLORIA TRLIJILLO RICHARD BRANHAM T HELEN HERRERA CLIFFORD PARMENTER MAXINE CRAWLEY PAUL RUSSELL PHYLLIS LEISENRING DALE ROUNDTREE LUCY SANDOVAL JACKIE HOKANSON BETTY SANDERSON 1552535 VIRGIL ELVEY PATSY GILPIN VIRGIL SCHUBERT FRANCES SEITZ JAMES CHAPMAN LE ETTA ROWLAND JOHNNY GOMEZ INEZ WALKER LEO DVORAK VERA MAE BEAMER ORIOL LOZANO SHELLEY DICKERSON ROBERT SHAFFER VICTORIA LOBATO RICHARD CLARK NANCY GRASMOEN TED PENDER SANDRA ELLIS .,., .... . ,w s xmg:g::":'1'fgA , my W3 r :Sw 2 , , .. ,,.,. 1 --': 'HH . fl, .,,. : .5':2'I:-' ,',. .. E mf P5 A BOBBIE LOU HENRY , ,Q-.,: , , "1 F .,,,.:: Q :. . .--- :gi i,fi.iQ.g j' 5i2 V' RAY HENRY "' 'vrv : : . BETTY BURNS ' 21'A 1" " n Y my EE! , if A as "' A I 1 f 4 . I m ix E si gi I 2 I CQ 2 S uv uk Bw X A ,mi Avb- 1 ziz izlf all W .QQ M QQ Q gm K w is P ,. : iff I ! 22121 7 N :Q is ::.., ' 1 :.f z . ..,. . I t M 2222222222 -1-:-:-:-:- V Y, -in - hfbv E :-::::: E EEE ::::::::::::::.- 1 JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL img, 'rn tl W, ?'?Ti'?992s55, E MX? li! 52 -e -:-:-mn..-,: , Mme, K im.. --.l , ll. ww f -'-:.:e:se:ae:1:-1:--: 1 l. - -- , f QJW- .... af " ,, Saw 3 1 Y ,W . 4 K We ' ' Wd. JM.: 'mf slag-'iff ifvi fgyenrrr G , Bb all - -.-., "W Y ------- 1 fu- ...V 'L H' l G r -vvv V. 2 Qiflfft' .,,,, wi -'-'-', ,.,.,,,. Z 31? A ,,,,,,,, 1 gpifgillll ' ,:,,1::1.,,g1,3'.' sf f M 'H ...... "" G' ' f5!'lil5v'i X, , ,.., - My fgsyizjitkguik 3 r ............... rl . , iz ww Nxgrux y y, , , i 1lilfl5l5l 'f'f f ,, ., z 5 all igflfia K Q ,.,:x b , 'QQ Si J' , 5' hf'N,3 '5 ,, .... : X l ' .,.,.,.,.,. Y 55216521 5 ..QQ ., ' --as -----' - -- " ""' .. 'go -' - 1 mm ""' ' 4-2' x Q1 . .1 : M., -:.:.Q.:,. - ,fa :1 Top Row: Robert Barnes, Forwardg Ray Baca, Forwarcly Don Chiappeffi, Center, Manuel Hernandez, Forward: Neil Herman, Forward. Bottom Row: Roy Castillo, Forward, Ray Macias, Guardg Paul Jaramillo, Villalva, Guard, Steven Aginiga, Guardp Charles Compfon, Forward, Joe Sedillo, Forwardg David Kincanon, Guard Jam Pickens Guard, Joe Magana, Guardf George Kavathas, Guard Robert Manager. I -5 COMPLIMENTS OF FLAGSTAFF CHAMBER OF COMMERCE FLAGSWF PHARMACY DRUGGISTS CHEMISTS FLAC-STAFF ARIZONA Pl-IO N E 64 Heleno Rubinstein -- Le-ngheric O PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES 0 Y llLlc U Compliments of BUSHEY'S FOUNTAIN CAFE "THE EAGLE'S NEST" Where the gong meets before cmd offer the game. DOUBLE CIRCLE CRESS BROS. 20 N. San Francisco BONNEY'S FOUNTAIN MOTORS and emo TRUCKS LUNCH OLDSEAHOBILES CONGRATULATIONS and THANKS P Q o U R A 1' L R I A T I T s Y FLAGS TAFF MOTORS Dodge ond Plymouth SALES, SERVICE and REPAIR Corner of Sanla Ee and Beaver Phone I! WEBBER BROS. STANDARD ou. PRODUCTS Wholesale and Relrall CRAWLEY BROS. FOOD DIST. PHONE 4-I4 FLAGSTAFF, ARIZONA Pototo Chips Birdseye Popcorn Frosted Food Bokery SwifT's Ice Creom Products I-lolsum Breod Compliments of SEARS, ROEBUCK G CO. lO5 North Leroux St. FLAGSTAFF - -- - ARIZONA This space cledicalecl by the following civic clubs and professional men who helped make this bool: possible. E. B. Tollefson A. G. Pilcher Andy Wolf 20-30 Club INSURANCE Business and Professional Women COQMPLIMENTS OF MONTE VISTA COFFEE SHOP CARSON STUDIO Portraits That Please - Everything In Films We Specialize In Babies Phone 62 - I5 Easl Aspen T. E. McCU LLOUGH FLAGSTAPFS EXCLUSIVE INSURANCE AGENCY Life and General Insumnce - Bonds - Cheshire M ofors Buick - Chevrolet SALES - SERVICE 302 W. Sanfa Fe PIan'rs: I 26+h ANNIVERSARY Phone 66 Office: I4 W- Aspen Ash Fork, Arizona P- O- BOX 179 Flagsiaii, Arizona Flagsfaff. Arizona Phone 745 NORTHERN ARIZONA GAS AND PLUMBING SERVICE Liquified Gas - Appliances - Au+omo+lve Servicing - PIumbmg AUTREY BROTHERS DENvEIz,coLo. ENGRAVERS JEWELRY ANNOUNCEMENTS - CAPS ANDGOWNS COMPLIMENTS OF WILSON G COFFIN FRANICS PLACE PLUMBING . , Fine Liquors I I I2 E. Aspen Phone I I8 FRANK QUIRK. Mgr. Shop cn' our Complefe Deporfmenf Sfore in fhe following deporfmenfs LADIES READY-TO-WEAR SHOES DRY GOODS MEN'S FURNISHINGS I DRUGS FURNITURE HARDWARE INDIAN CURIOS GROCERIES MEATS VEGETABLES O I x- o 9 1 Q ESTABLISHED i869 I. JAMES BOOK and GIFT SHOP "Gifts of Quality" J. C. PENNEY CO., INC. - COMPLIMENTS OF T H E STANDARD DRUG CO. COMPLIMENTS OF BLACK CAT CAFE NAVAJO-HOPI GORDON'S LIQUOR and TRADING CC. SPORTING GOODS R. K. Douglas Phone 555-W 23 N. Beaver Sf. IO E S + F A FLAGSTAFF, ARIZ. Fl g ff A Gordon E Mg COMPLIMENTS TO LI-OYD.S CLASS OF '47 Ben Franklin Sfore "Every'rl1ing in School Supplies" N U -WA Y S H OE A Home Owned REP R Slope Bno+wNlE CLEANERS COMPUMENTS OF Phone '7' Andrews' Coffee CLEANING - PRESSING Shop 3l2 Sanla Fe ALTERING phone 435 'S C' as Elec fic Plan Walk-In Coolers Kohler Petersen Electric Plants S2115 TSETQSS - , Copeland Cold Tables H .' ' "::l::: I 4 Refri9e"9l0"5 We Corry o Complete Stock of Ports for Most Any Refrigeroting System HUBBARD REFRIGERATION SUPPLY IOS-IO7 W. Aspen Ave. ' Phone 354 SALES with SERVICE COMPLIMENTS OF THE PEPSI-COLA BOTTLING CO. I3 E. Co++age Ave. E. D. BABBITT F , N E. 5 MOTOR CO. READY-TO-WEAR Always Something Finev at F'ine's" MERCURY-LINCOLN Expert Repairing phone 195 I5 N. San Francisco SI. RADIOS REFRIGERATORS SWEEPERS WASI-IERS DISHES FLOOR COVERINGS FLAGSTAFF FURNITURE COMPANY FLAGSTAFF, ARIZONA Complimenfs of HUFFER'S SHELL SERVICE CompIimem's of HARRY MOORE READING AND WRITING AND 'RITI-IMETIC ARE TAUGHT IN SCI-IOOL Learning to put your "Best Foot Forward" by Proper Dress is taught at BLEDsoE'S MENS SHOP BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '47 HARPER FURNITURE CO. "Everything for the Home" FURNITURE and APPLIANCES A Furniture You Like At Prices You Like To Pay Compmso, HaSK1NS SALES ACME CLEANERS COMPANY I GENERAL WI-IOLESALER CARTERSWOI Flagstaff Northern Arizona's Most Exclusive Shop for Women Saginaw 8m Manistee U ,, fl 'VF,',Q,I,, J-W ARIZONA SOFT PINE Lumber - Timber - Box Shooks cmd Luth Flags+aff A COMPLIMENTS KNOLES PEERLESS BAKERY OH PURE FOOD BAKERY T. M. Knoles, Jr. Som M. Richardson H U T C H I S O N ' S Complefe Food Marker' We Keep Prices Down IOI W. PHOENIX PHONE 548 SNACK BAR Maid-Riie Sandwiches Chili - S+ew Frozen Cusiard - Maiis - Shakes Homemade Ice Cream CECIL G' PETE 8 W. Sania Fe Wigwam Indian Curio Mexican, Indian Xi Wesiern Curios I8 E. Sania Fe , Fiagsiaff, Arizona Turquoise Peirified Wood Jewery Jewery Studebaker Studebaker Motor M0+0r Trucks Cal-5 VAN COURT'S GARAGE Flagstaff, Arizona CONTRACTING FIXTURES TISSAW ELECTRIC AND SPORTING GOODS CO. U Established I9I9 I-IOT POINT APPLIANCES - G. E. RADIOS - TI-IOR WASI-IERS LAUNDERAL AUTOMATIC WASI-IERS WILSON SPORTING GOODS 84 EOUIPMENT REPAIRS - GUNS - SUPPLIES - TACKLE ISHAIVI-SPENCER INSURANCE AGENCY ALL KI-NDS OF INSURANCE Inclucling Life and Bonds Compliments of DU BEAU'S MONTE CARLO E'ue'ry Room With A Bath CAFE Hotel Cottages Compliments of ' FLAGSTAFF AUTO SUPPLY THE FOREST ALSO FIGHTS ON LAND AT SEA IN THE AIR ON THE SUPPLY LINE IN TRAINING IN INDUSTRY Name any phase of the war-there you will find WOOD playing its vital role. We are proud to be o port of this great' industry. O SOUTHWEST LUMBER lVlll.l.S, INC ' Flagstaff and McNary, Arizona COMPLIMENTS OF C A F F E Y B R O S . 6 SouI'I'1 Sifgreaves RUSSELL CHEVES GAS SERVICE SHELL GAS - PLUMBING - HEATING Soles ond Service 4l8 NO. SAN FRANCISCO Friendly pause 72 If I , I qmjz'0EWQ I ' X C ca Cola Bo'rIIing Co, Box 44I Phone 400 FI g I If Q staff A HOTEL MONTE VISTA mwiuim QE El' - l E E ll!! FIZO TO THE YOUNG MEN AND YOUNG WOMEN OF THE CLASS OF '47 The very fact that you are graduating is enough of a sermon . . . the best kind of sermon . . . the kind that you give yourself. You know the world you are entering hangs together today mostly because the United States has been graduating sveral million solid-thinking young citizens from high schools and colleges every year for a generation. You are going to become part of the world's balast. lt's your ship . . . keep it steady! THE ARIZONA POWER COMPANY FLAGSTAFF LUMBER COMPANY 23 SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO ST. FLAGSTAFF, ARIZONA C. J. HOLLINGSHEAD, Mgr. FRANK BENNETT PIX Cggjm2'5Z'LEN Q U Photography GAS - GH' COMPLIMENTS EEED Gnd EUEE COMMERCIAL HOTEL NORTHERN ARIZONA THEATRES, INC. ORPHEUM FLAGSTAFF THE BEST IN DRUG STORE MERCHANDISE t S -DRUG CQ. N Q "wx Dm., RES. I' Pnsscmprlon q Pl-IARMACISTS - FLAC-ss'rArF fa AR I zo NA - TH E s'ron.s: Always An Eagle Boosfer THE BEST IN DRUG STORE SERVICE Eaaauld eaecflll' fewefefzd Since I'-700 I9 E. Aspen P. O. Box 58 O EXPERT WATCH AND JEWELRY REPAIRI-NG O Phone 343 Flagsfaff, Arizona "A Little Down Is Enough For Brown" FLAGSTAFF STEAM LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING PHONE I84 SWITZER'S HARDWARE HARDWARE - SPORTING GOODS PAINTS - OILS - GLASS Phone 94 COMPLIMENTS OF CASH MARKET Bigges+ LiH'Ie Siore in Hagsfaff IIO E. SANTA FE AVE. BURN'S JEWELRY HOUSE OF QUALITY AND DEPENDABILITY I4 E. Sanfa Fe Phone 380 THE BANK OF ARIZONA PRESCOTT Esfablished l877 Branches in FLAGSTAEF CLARKDALE WILLIAMS A ' DE SOTO PLYMOUTH BURNS 5 SONS General Elecfric HAGER'S JEWELRY SHOP Diamond Seffing A SpeciaI+y and Norge Appliances I5 N. Leroux SI. FIags'IaIf, Ariz Complimenfs of D. D. m U D E U 7 D H U FIogsfoff's Exclusive Shoe Store O 915 E. Aspen Something New Each Day When You Eat Here . . . You Feel Ot Home EL PATIO CAFE FLAGSTAFF'S FINEST FOODS O WINES AND LIQUORS SPROUSE-REITZ co. 5-IO-I5 CENT STORES 8 East Santo Fe 6-IO East Aspen WHOLESALE RETAIL Help The Indian Help Himself i. Lv in f . N f 1.- GENUINE INDIAN JEWELRY JOE s LILES P O Box mos COMMERCIAL HOTEL BLDG. FLAGSTAFF ARIZONA COMPLIMENTS Of WILSON, COMPTON XL WILSON MOTOR SUPPLY C0 Headquarfers 'For GEORGE BABBITT Aufomofive ancIA IncIusI'rIaI Parfs SUPPLIES and EQUIPMENT O STROMBERG - CARLSON 0 RADIOS I3 N. Agassiz Phone 425 Compliments of ARIZONA SUPPLY CO. IO7 N. LEROUX PHONE 89 FLOWERS for ALL OCCASIONS POTTED PLANTS NOVELTY GIFTS CORSAGES 84 BOUOUETS SUTCLIFFE FLORAL Phone I34 4 N. Leroux MODERN BEAUTY SALON CARMEN LAY, Prop. I3 N. Leroux Phone IOI N. JL SHAIUM Cr SON ELECTRICAL WIRING and REPAIRING Phone 258 I8 N. Leroux Complimenfs of COCON I N0 MOTOR CO. Cgawyfaamkvy SOUTHWESTERN ENGRAVING COMPANY S S G S Worth Texo X, I I F 1 'Ill' LSI 'err f fl ' 'frx A"f ' ,E :ef fffy ,I mv I Fl I' K I , - ' 1 f sqlrzirq x Ivy- I 'VA X, 'Vi VV,' -S.'jlfy, . Q ,.I -x V. "1 1 , I r I. gig, W- Y JI, I , I. PRINTED IINUTHE OOMPIIETELY EOUIPPED SHOP OF THE eacanina San a O LETTERPRESS PRINTING OFFSET PRINTING O Publisher of ARIZONA DAILY suN ' Northern Arizonais Home Evening Newspaper 0 0' If , qgpfi 4115! , , ' P V 'E t S' L 7' ., ,, 9 Ulf' ,ML ' y F ,iffliw b ' i Jw Q 1 J 3 2 62, P J f ' fi -. ,..,, ' f ' " 1 , , Q , , 'Ar g,Q.'j.f ,112 'F 5? . if ' L .'F,f'df- f 1 lg ,AM V, .Y . .,-- 1 W , . I K , f ff, K Q n 'G 1 ff .- ' .'.' ,1 .-', -"V ' V . 57' 4' ' ,ffffl 1 V- f" ' 4 JN 1 I ., f 1 fi' , 4 . Af, jfhlfr V 1 F i .' .J ' IIA' t i .rr N 1 I i fl 1 'I' , , j:"v-- .S P-gmt 1 lftuf ' ' XXXNN' Y 'XX -,- ' ' X' I . .. H .af A r v 1 w 'w f -' . , , I . if -, N .. V , J I Q . 0 ,gcf-P' I f .Vw 'Ss f 117 J A Offfx' 5 ff"'1:f'0fi7i' . 11 I Y N, ' Q Is s.-1, , ii-5 l!"":"l'JK'LT9'fx' Txiijr-If Ei! Ax Vw 31,5 4 1:Px2YJf. wE A V 1 ir- V ,gf 0 V J I . A 'gy' if 'w li-V116 !-1 4 if .f xyw fW I pgdawmasab My Q wQq,w QW J3' f K ' f fg' : 3 i Wm MW? 345 ! ,A l J Ek Qfwf' Q4 N' ', QL' iff f A ! ff f l4l , J X 'A 1 39 h 0, 4! II5 I' 1V,1 7 A' ' QM WJ Q? f U ' ff 'W U 4195 wi, Ax' ' ll ' ' ,.Wl 'f fl 'H N - , I 4 H., i ,. ,4 , , . -. A , , .Q - r.,-.. , . .uv X - . 'Z " YL '. ' if R, . .., ,I sl- 1, , H , f WM xx X, ., .X , 5 Q fx, 1 4 .KE-l xx' . 7- X .ffriff ff' J .Q I J. xkq 'I A . M Y V .1 1,- X E, '41,- ' ,,.4 -R -X .Z , Ti Xa -4, ff 1- f A ' , x 'xx f' .J-1.,11"" " ix 'RTL , , ' FXL '-N -N ,fs X . ' 1 ,A , 3'-W E X: g 3 4 ' " x , In ,V----., I ' V - x A -1 ff., . "df" 'iff' 'f5""" "'F'7'TH - . - - ,:-ff' I ,fl W 4 ' . - , -F' 'A 'f?"7' 7aF3wi'f.f?4f'i3 iff ' 5 Q 3 'X X X Q' t ' X K K W A I 4 ,- .5471 5- A7444 f fp! 'VJ' """gJ 1? if 5 Q55 5? J' ' 1' of . Q A ,' U ' w - . I, gal I '-I - ' , K " 'R H" 'hi' I-1'-1 -1- -,-' ,: W Y Y H l'?g' Q - V A z x - 3 Si X W A R105 R n t Q S E932 jp-fx ov' MJ Z - JNJVJ ""4"A" x,,-' V ' ol , Lum,-M .NL X , 0 " x .. V,J,,,,. r ,,,, A V, ' WW WW . I V I ll Wifi!! 1 X ' MBV fry, 5114! Luffy 2 , . 'J,i.,. A ,,,, V- I ,fymg 4 1g.,,+lg' w4!,i f A ' Wi 3 H W W I ov ffgfy i 1.

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