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1, SX. "T, .tr ,-. x, - .J 1 1 'WU Gt 2- -1.1 '92 ,,: 7: ' L .. , K. I1 f.:' vw! , V f, ', 2 af f :qw , . . . , I. Av U . . I . , X f , Ni . -- ,, I 4A 5, , ':' ' f 'J 27.7 1 FA" . 'R --L 'J' gg, , ' , lx '. 'VI' ,ir Ak, ,L t ,,.!. , .V ,, . , ,U 1' ' 4" , -x1i'?' 1-ef? 1-31' ,mx 54, ' - -4? 5155 Q"' ' - -1 s , 1.-xx: , 1. m , 'H W ,. .. , A- . MW L , H 33 ', ' . . , 1 w. z,'..: --.u. 1- . 1 wumfnruwm ssumn-:m1nrv:n1:4.1n:n.n:nrr,1,-.p- .M f.m-:v.1.m- funn msn u.. .Lns J-'X K. 1 I fi!-. K U. if I 2 va XY. 1 4, 9 E, ' -i E A , I' , E 'gy Y AQ A ,Y , J . l by fi Fx I . -f . .. 6 YL .lg ' X l v , ZS " K Q 'Q . Ay '4'Q , Q 1 W f ' . 'fw I o X V- N L? "W y L' my QQ t ., 5 .1 ' , A 3 ' g.f's-Wi! . 71. -w --tl. 'il 380' . x ui .,'i. 'I I. A A A. ,.., ..........4 Q' s 5 'xg U' ,AM A L Qian., 1" P' 'fV:'ffi ,, -Y i i T"'T'V"9nl Rams HALL V w -1-N11 -mf:- In-1-E A New Name Known as "Desiderata" since its in- ception in 1972, the Flagler College annual was rechristened this year as "The Towers." "Desiderata" means goals to attain, peace and tranquility to strive for. "The Towers" expresses the same ideas and, we believe, is more repre- sentative of Flagler College. Flagler's twin towers, thrusting ever upward, also signify goals to aim for - the heights we endeavor to attain. The elegant spires, which so long have dominated the St. Augustine sky- line, are fixed in the mind of every Flagler alumnus, representing the sense of peace that goes with the fa- miliar and the well loved. l x 'Inf'-4- ' ' 1 4... 7, 1 ' 1 's , .",,4. -fa gp fix, .W k ' UMW-v' ' ---V I A jen janv lr 5 f' 'J V A .v rl ' Y -4 ' A., - 4' g"' . , 0 '..,,, .. 53, J-:Lai ,L Opening People Activities Academics Sports Organizations Graduation Dedication A New Facility The gift of Kenan Hall means that for the first time in the history of this college we have a facility that matches the work and the effort that the faculty and staff have contributed for so long to the academic program. lt means that we have a facility that by its very nature permits us to look forward to improving that program. It means that by any standard and any measure we are a sound, stable, great institution, and that's a great gift. Dr. William L. Proctor Speaking at the Dedication of Kenan Hall Q iii 7"'f'r'-ra Largest Enrollment Ever Enrollment topped the 940 mark as students flooded into Flagler for the opening of the 1982f83 year. Freshman received a warm wel- come from staff and orientation guides, all of whom offered plenty of help in lightening the rigors of the strange new experience that consti- tutes the first few days of college life. Orientation guides seemed to be ev- erywhere at once, conducting new stu- dents and their families anywhere they wanted to go on campus, answering questions, explaining the ins and outs of life at Flagler. Guides and room assistants had a chance to relax at a party just before the hectic orientation weekend began. Then it was on to the business of meet- ing and greeting, and making students feel at home. L ,Iii ,r,,.j,,sl -M-A:3,,.-K X l'-g-:Q t:'fS!!..75g..',.f .-.T 'fl F aff" Annual party for orientation guides and resident assistants was successful as always. Left: Vicky Worth tleftl, senior class president, chats with Darlene Celano, resident assistantg and Lisa Almeida, an alumnus of the Class of 1980, Above: Lining up for dinner are orientation guides Lynne Sparks lleftl, Anne Ledbetter and Jim Towers, along with Mr. and Mrs. Ray Hull. Life Resumes at Flagler it Orientation guides lin special red-trimmed white Tvshirtsi are on hand in the rotunda to take students and their parents through the rigors of their first weekend at Flagler, At the table are Will Verbits lleftl, Rick Bartl, Delphine Jordan ISCA social chairman, president and secretary, respectivelyl, Emery Szekely, Cheri Cramer and Vicky Worth. Students immediately discovered the marble steps are the place to con- gregate, The sign-in table also was popular as freshmen picked up their orienta- tion packets and donned name tags which proclaimed their identities to the rest of the Flagler population. Once again the old rotunda hummed with noise and activity below the eight carved caryatids which ob- serve everything, but remain silent about what they see. The courtyard returned to life after its summer vacation, as students and parents passed beneath the welcoming arch and into a new world - the world of Flagler College. -,..-f 13. I 1 '- if Forum Views Caribbean Flagler Forum '82, held in conjunc- tion with the Kenan Hall dedication, featured Dr. Max K. Morris and Dr. John G. Stoessinger on the subject of "Communism in the Caribbean." Morris is executive director of the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations. Stoessinger is professor of political sci- ence at Hunter College of the City University of New York. Discussion lasted two hours and was followed by questions from the audi- ence. Rlght: Dr. John G. Stoessinger debates topic as Dr. Max K. Morris and Dr. William L. Proctor listen. Below: Sharon White McKinnon lClass of 19811 translates speech into sign language as Don Martin videotapes the program. XF "I have always believed a good education is the most cherished gift an individual can re- ceive." With these words, spoken by his great-uncle, the late William R. Kenan, Jr., Lawrence Lewis, Jr., dedicated Kenan Hall. Present for the ceremony on Oct. 21, 1982, were the members of the Flagler College Board of Trustees and the William R. Kenan, Jr. Charitable Trust. The impeccably landscaped lawn was filled with invited guests, including faculty, staff and students. Members of the Flagler College Alumni Board of Directors presented to Frank Kerman and John Gray, two trustees of the Kenan Trust, an original watercolor painting of Kenan Hall. ANW2 Frank Kerman llefll and Dr William L Proctor urlvell the bronze Lawrence Lewis, Jr., chairman ofthe Board of Trustees of Flagler College Plaque honofmg William Rand Kenan JY f0Y Wl'l0m Kenafl Hall IS named dedicated Kenan Hall, Office of College Relations sent more than 2,100 invitations to the dedication. -mm v .sl X P . L klfx an ,d lx il S r X Zim Y r Wi, W , 3 la, , Null :sg df .Z A- yy . i l lx . ,l . A, 'imag- . s V Hum. , .3 l Shawn Holmes and Suzanne Tyrrell demonstrate the arm-lock method of romance. ,fi N l .1 rqrvryiiepli ff' 1 r .,, , Q1 Henry Flagler keeps a sharp eye on Michelle Wilbur and Doug Gass fleftl while Lawrence Benta Kbelow rlghtl checks the surf boards for a trip to the beach. Note how cleverly Mark Hunter gets into the picture by checking him mirror. ZG8L Edie Edelburg tleftl and Ann Sagraves, 1982 Lewis, Jr., chairman of the Board of Trustees of Lewis Scholars, are congratulated by Lawrence Flagler College. Constants Names and faces change from year to year, but traditions remain the same. Studies are taken seriously - well, most of the time - but there's time for fun, too. Classes, tests, clown- ing around - for most students, col- lege is the last precious moment be- fore the "real vvorlclu intervenes. 'Q 1 ' i balancing on Pam Kolonia's shoulders. x :L- fi fs: 9 F F .-'-Z' GARGOYLE Editor Fenella Burns Qabovel doesn't believe a word Paul MacDonald is saying, but Janine McAllister tleftl tries the tricky maneuver of rising above it all by L Above: Posing can be fun, as Mead Torrey flefti and friends demonstrate. You never know who you're going to run into at an armory dance. This likelyslooking foursome? Frank George llefti, Chrisje Mays, Janine MCAIA lister and Ken Schneider, of course. Above: Angelia Pressley and Xavier Lyons share a quiet moment in the midst of the crowd. ,A "" f Mil' I i. MH stag. ,. ,, I W r K ,.x,,'5"5'. Games Day balloonophiles line up to test their pitching and catching skills, R dx 1 Victor Petriella lstanding, leftl, Willy Clark and Kevin Welch are intent on the actiong but Anthony Catoggio lkneeling, leftl Erik DeSando and Kim Purnell would rather mug for the camera. C4 1 51 L ' , Karen King models the latest sw ,V fv im wear Above: Once you've been caught, you might as well smile. Dean White and two of St. Augustine's finest strike a cheery holiday pose, Wonder what they found in their Christmas stockings? Below: Cast members for fall drama production, "The Rules of the Game," emote on stage in Government House Theatre. That's Laura Best looking sorrowful in pink, as Lynne Harper lleftl, Sam Ramirez, Toine Benton, De- cember Laurentano and Roger Genovar try to help out. Right: Serious actors have to relax now and then. Mark Hunter lwho starred in "Rules"l dances with JP. Preston at the Christmas formal. , l i l, 1 fi'Qme!Q i Ns g yi XXEXXA X l X WJ" V4-2..x"x 2,"'9 Left: That famous dance step, the Flagler Dip, expertly executed by Neil Pollock and Vilia Bottorf. Below: What - Paul MacDonald, again? Oh, well, Ed Richardson lleftl doesn't seem to mind. ' Up, Up and Away: Kirk Brown 1111 dem- onstrates point-scoring flare, with Carlton Green l55l and Brian Dearden l22l in on the action in a Saints' home game. li 1 gig... I Whether or not you remember Arthur Murray, his sage advice - "To put a little fun in your life, try dancing" - has transcended time, Just look at Lisa Parchment and John Kennedy. Lining up for the goodies at the orientation guides' party are Pat DeBlasio lleftl, Kevin Smith, Lori Yourell, Carrie Valente and Jodi O'Barto. AQQ xx Jackie Mills lleftl, Dawn Dragwa, Kathryn Zick and Lori Wright: The Gang From Room 169. Lady Saints take on the Lions in a home game. Donna Schnorr 1131 passes the ball as Stephanie O'Mahoney 1301, Cindy Dawson llefti and Sta- cey Snead keep the opposition at bay. Soccer Saint's impending kick stops the visiting team in its tracks, Jon Brunson 131 is ready for whatever comes next. And now for a word from Rita Theodor: Take it away, folks. It's been another great year. Today Is Yours There are many fine things which you mean to do someday, under what you think will be more favorable cir- cumstances. But the only time that is surely yours is the present. Hence, this is the time to speak the word of appreciation and sympathy, to do the generous deed, to forgive the fault of a thoughtless friend, to sacrifice a little more for others. Today is the day in which to ex- press your valuable qualities of mind and heart, to do at least one worthy thing which you have postponed, and use your God-given abilities for the enrichment of some less fortuante traveler. Today you can make your life sig- nificant - and worthwhile. The pre- sent is yours to do with as you will. Grenville Klelser 'T ,, .1 1 vw -5. - R 9 . I . I 1 ll'5'!f k ,,"'-- .-.LW -. "FE" Tv:--Q . wi. " X 'x People Farewell To The Seniors 1983: On behalf of the College Communi ty, l wish to extend congratulations upon the successful completion of your undergraduate studies. lt is our hope that the work you have accom plished while a student at Flagler Col lege will serve you well in the years ahead. During the time in which you have been enrolled, Flagler College has achieved considerable progress. We are congizant of your contributions to these efforts that made these accom plishments possible. Even though you will soon be alumni rather than stu dents, we trust that you will continue to derive a deep sense of satisfaction from the growth and development of your Alma Mater just as we expect to experience increasing pride in your fu ture achievements. With every good wish, l am, Cordially, I fx 2126.22 Q William L. Proctor President ' ash? ,. ,. ng '1.,r"' ' Ellie R. Aikens Valerie Jane Albury SPAXLAS EDDXEEL St. Augustine, FL Cape Coral, FL Frances Lenore Allen Patricia Ann Armour Bus BUS St. Augustine, FL Breezy Point, NY Judith Lynn Berg EDDXEEL Silver Spring, MD Jeffrey Scott Alfano BUS Lloyd Harbor, NY , v' it i Y'- i X Rs A Richard Charles BUS Ontario, NY l Bart Q sQSsswsY1 X, ! lx Y . 7 'QKQ E lx A Lori Jean Berglund EDD! EEL BUS Largo, FL Christopher Morrison Bisbee Houston, TX .. , . , . w..z,.M ES ' ' 'NxNl.t f- 1 1 X.-.Vx , Nina Turlington Blount EEL! SLD Hastings, FL Denise Louise Boblit Alison Anne Brooks Gladys Mary Brown PSY PHE SPAXLAS Sidney, OH Port St. Lucie, FL Tampa, FL Thomas Clarke BUS Cincinnati, OH Laurie Jane Collins EELXSLD Melrose, FL ..,q Q X X A A isz -i Jeffery Lynn Crouch SOC SCI Lorton, VA Mark Frederick Coursin BUS Orlando, FL flies Mary Anne Cullen EDDXEMR North Miami Beach, FL X. X X i l E "x l 'X Harvey G. Dickson BUS Troy, NY Mimi Jo Craig DRA St. Augustine, FL Q' 95 if Y Thomas Joseph Davis BUS Bayville, NJ Jolinda Driggers Mary K. Durden Thomas Richard Dyer EDDXEEL PSYXSOC SCUREL BUS Wildwood' FL Oklawaha, FL Alexandria, VA Reid Barton Estes Anne-Marie Evans Janice Faber RELXPHI ARC EELXEDD Anderson, IN Winter Park, FL Spring Green, WI Madeline Feliciano EDDXEEL St. Augustine, FL Janette Hariett Fincher ENG Atlanta, GA John Keith Freeman, Jr. BUS Orange Park, FL "' W' ' H W 'l"'x7'iF:V'. 'S Mary Johnson Ford EELXSLD Green Cove Springs, FL Mary Lee Friese EDDXEEL Shippensburg, PA .175 , Q' Q X' -1 ki R in N! -1-"1 -5, h i f I, vu , J - 1 49 X' waxy, 5 ' "5 t . .an A if :K ' ...V 4 Bethany Dian Garwick BUSfPre LAW Brandon, FL Barbara Lynne Forrest EDDXESEXENG New Smyrna Beach, FL Alice Funderburk BUS Ft. Lauderdale, FL Mary Jane Green PSY Surf City, NJ Nancy Ellen Halter PSY DeWitt, NY x - . Q Susanna Marie Griffin EDDfEEL ARC Fort Pierce, FL Tequegta' FL Jessica Louise Gunther in "C5""'s Mary Lynne Harper Stuart Lee Harrold DRA ENG Sf. Augustine. FL Little Switzerland, NC Susan Modzelewski Harroun BUSXPSY St. Augustine, FL -G Penny Holloway Rachel Beth Hallowell Debra Faith Hope PSY ARC EDDXEEL Palatka. FL St. Augustine, FL Gainseville, FL f if S:-qfqt-j'1'4-",f V799 ': Diane Hornback EELXEDD St, Augustine, FL Mark Alton Hunter DRA Seminole, FL - A K -rf i X 'ln Carole Henson Joranlien ESEXENG St. Augustine, FL 1 N A N X . Pixie , -'-' . F N . Nx- Qu Q xf'.4Qv..H X ' Uv ?-il ft' X 51.4 H532 TJ '2W,z'A?. Q7 tx 1 'Qsofv 1' xi H , 3:0 ' A ng-ffhgflm Maryann Cynthia Johnson EDDXEEL St. Augustine, FL .gg ,Ez -,wh wqx-X I Diane Jean Kelly Karen Ann Kimball Deirdre Elizabeth Kirwin EELXSLD PSY PHE Punta Gorda, FL St. Augustine, FL Lake Ronkonkoma, NY Susan Nancy Kittredge Matt Kozak Eugene Krzynefski EDDXEEL Vergennes, VT BUS PSY Deer Park, NY Newark, NJ Anne Marie Ledbetter BUSXART Smyrna, GA gf SS ts' ' fs. 'U' Tammie Jane Leedham SPAXLAS Waterford, CT Amy Reavis MacDonald PSYXENG Ormond Beach, FL Catherine Ann Lewandowski EDDXEEL Merritt lslancl, FL , .-.-YV, M .. xy. Q 'Q - .tw A X KA X , N s 4 HN r. xxx x X X F Q A we X xxx X 1 MW ,,.r, A i.-1 -Q:-:x-.. t Paul Brian MacDonald RELXPHIXSOC SCIXPSY Pittsburgh, PA Theresa Lynn Massey EDDXEEL Cocoa, FL N .,:.x ttx,.:,,fN. Susan Kathleen Lindstrum SPAXLAS Green Bay, Wl Denise Rene Malin ART Jacksonville Beach, FL Nh-f qt? X.Kx Donna J. McKillop Kathryn Ann McLean PSYXENG PSYXPHIXREL Jenson Beach, FL West Simsbury, CT Bernard Patrick Meehan David Paul Menges BUS BUSXPHIXREL 5. Augustine, FL Pittsburgh, PA Elizabeth lrene Millard SPAXLAS St. Augustine, FL sxfbkw r t Theodore William McLemore BUS Louisville, KY Susan Kay Miceli SPAXLAS Pompano Beach, FL x 1 ' -if-.i Daniel Kirvin Moye Debra lean Moyer ARC PHE St. Augustine, FL Keystone Heights FL XXX X .J ,.,x. Q , Y"""? James Douglass Nelson Suzanne Darlene Oberheu PHIXRELXSOC SCIXPSY EDDXEEL Memphis, TN Roswell GA VI! Franklin Darrow O'Rourke BUS St, Augustine, FL 'N James Frank Podriznik BUS Euclid, OH Jacqueline Provencher EELXEDD Winter Haven, Fl. Charles Powers EDD f EEL Miami, FL 1 . ,Ai A f . N -.t.':'1i'l ..,, I . Q-- :rr-rx zr-rs . sw- f :ks P Dominique Marie Queen PSYXDRA St. Augustine, FL Joyce Anne Reeves BUS Avondale Estates, GA Jeanne Page Preston PHIXREL Virginia Beach, VA Valerie J. Rapp PSY Doylestown, PA 'A 1 qv R, , Xl V , , Q, A jf, Karen Riedel EEDXEEL Clearwater, FL ' r e --, . Carlin Robbins Lynn Ellen Roberts EELXEDDXREC ENG St. Augustine, FL West Hartford, CT 'BS e 'F sa.,- fi.-L is Aldyn John Reyes Mildred J. Russell Sandra Salmon BUS EDDXEEL EELXESE F014 Lauderdale- FL Pulaski, NY Crescent City, FL Thomas Charles Schelfhout PHIXREL St. Augustine, FL Katherine Holly Scott RELXPHI Maitland, FL S 1 J. ,. Margaret Catherine Sloan ENG Daytona Beach, FL Patricia Ann Shaw EDDXEEL Big Pine Key, FL ' '3f:2:f:If:1: S-Erirf: . .2 :'-1 :f:v::., . -f-:'z.::rf5 J.. ri ' Deborah Anne Spear BUS Waterloo, Belgium ' ' "i.'-:FIf"1?."5 . -t ,-.f f iilfififz it 3 "ff if 2:12 "2- Ef'11'5E?:Sf a f . 4 rm, f2""-'ff Janice Lynn Thoele EELXSLD Wilton, CT J 'M-I r '?Tl" Paula Lynn Sklenar BUS St. Petersburg, FL Ellen Story EELXSLD Virginia Beach, VA Heather Lynne Thompson Lnsa Ann Thompson EDDXEMR BUS Jacksonville, FL Mnclland Park NJ Sarah Jane Todd EELXEMR Bishopville, MD l X lx l I if James Darryle Towers ARTXARC Melbourne Beach, FL f V l Q A Kenneth Walter Van Leuven Deborah Ann Varela BUS ENGXSPAXLAS Cranston, Rl Hoboken, NJ I Ulu' 1 o o Vik 'v- ll ' E :. . f .N I Joseph Velona BUS Kearny, NJ 'a:ls0.l .0.0'e'i Tamara Anne Vezina James Anthony Vita Mark Gordon Walker BUSXSPA SOC SCIXPOS BUSXENG Peterborough, NH Norfolk, VA Alexandria, VA. i :Q .,.-:-:g- .:, ,gl Robert Bruce Walker BUS Middleburg, CT Jennie Weeks Kevin A. Welch Victoria Louise Worth EDDXEEL BUS EELXEMR Savannah, GA Absecon, NJ Proctorville, OH Barbara Yaeger Stephen Young Suzanne Lynn Zelles EELXSLD BUS REC Cranberry Lake, NY SI. Augusline. FL Butler' NJ XW Sh 6' IN MEMORY Warren Hugh Shaw Seniors Not Pictured Deborah Lynn Moore - Adams EELXSLD St. Augustine, FL Jonathan Waverly Anderson, Jr. HIS St. Augustine, FL William Bradley Angyalfy BUS St. Augustine, FL Robert David Barnett PHE Jacksonville, FL Thomas David Beck ART St. Augustine, FL Kevin William Brown PHE Jacksonville, FL James Bruining PHE Lodi, NJ Lloyd Christian Carrera EDDXEEL Tampa, FL Christopher Lamar Carter PHE Fort Myers, FL Julie Lynn Castillo PSY St. Petersburg, FL Julie Cramer Conoscenti ENG Richmond, VA Brian David Dearden BUS Tallahassee, FL Julie Ann Diehl EDDXEEL Plantation, FL Nancy Philbin Dushame BUS Covington, VA Yvonne M. Foit SOC SCI Port Orange, FL Steven Shawn Fortner HIS Hastings, FL Susan Elaine Gray ART St. Augustine, FL Russell Dean Gremillot, Jr. DRA Bronx, NY Lauri Anne Hageman PSY Port Charlotte, FL Roberta Anne Paiva-Hawkins EEL! EDD DeLand, FL Debbie Mayo Jacobsen Psy St. Augustine, FL Mark Conrad Jacobsen SOC SCI f PSY St. Augustine, FL Richard E. James BUS lronton, OH Katherine Jo Johnson PSY St. Augustine, FL Harold Walter LeRoy, Jr. REC St. Augustine, FL Henry John Kulig BUS Longmeadow, MA Harold Walter LeRoy, Jr. REC St. Augestine, FL Conseulo de Lourdes Lippi SPAXLAS St. Augustine, FL Lynnda Carole Logan PSYXENG St. Augustine Beach, FL Diane Lenore Martin EELXSLD Daytona Beach, FL Paul Anthony Massaro ENG Coral Gables, FL Lisalyn Masters BUS St. Augustine, FL Charles M. McCuen, Jr. HISXREC St. Augustine, FL Curtis Ray Miller PHUREL Solon, OH Hasan Mohammed Moosa BUS Sultanate of Oman Charles William Morten BUS St. Augustine, FL Cynthia Ann Muntean PSY Sherrodsville, OH Ann Kathryn Nelson EELXEMR Orange Park, FL Richard Scott Paulsen BUSXHIS Sykesville, MD Tami Mary Peeples ENG St. Augustine, FL Geoffrey David Proper ENGXPHIXREL Clearwater, FL John Robert Raffaele BUS Danbury, CT Catherine Rae Rieman EDDXEMR LaPlata, MD Thomas Joseph Rodish BUS St. Augustine, FL Robert Davis Sherrick, Jr ENG St. Augustine, FL Edward Owen Spencer PSY St. Augustine, FL Janette W. Stone EDDXEEL St. Augustine, FL Robert A, Toomey ENG Naples, FL Charles Elliot Walker BUS Hilliard, FL Charlene Lindsey Ware ENG Mulberry, FL Joseph Edward Warren SOC SCI South River, NJ James F. Watson REC New City, NY Ralph Kenyon Weaver EEL St. Augustine, FL Julie Anne Wood ENG St. Augustine, FL Q l s 1 1 5 55' ' y, Juniors lf anyone says "nothing ever happens at Flagler", the Junior Class can certainly prove him lor herl wrong. Many changes have taken place in and around Flagler College in the last three years. Do you remember how it was when we were freshmen: only half the dorm was renovated, we used the recreation room off the Breezeway, the old dirt parking lot that became a lake whenever it rained, and-Kenan Hall before it was Kenan Hall housed the laundry room and the art rooms. Spring Break lasted for ten days, the drinking age was 18, and you could legally drink on the streets and on the beach! And do you remember a breezeway that you could drive through, you know the one that always flooded? Now look at what we have: classrooms that were built to be classrooms and a library in Kenan Hall, Markland House is restored to its 1900's appearance, and a landscaped campus. So, if you want to know what has been happening around Flagler, just ask the Juniors! s "" ' P i L2 ti: , N, g is ev 7 ' f l K ,Q ,gv ig, V " 'wax-' 1 , disk, i I 'F' ' f Tony Accetta Robert Axt Melissa Balbes Jeannine Beck Sherri Benton Angela Berg Debra Brewer Cynthia Bryan Kim Buhk Lynda Burkholder Fenella Burns Susan Calamia Patricia Camarote Elaina Capalbo Darlene Celano Samuel Coachman Lyne Harper and John Kennedy dance their time away. Christopher Comfort Kevin Conway Cheri Cramer Colin Crothers Andrea Crowley Barry Curley Kristin Cyr Carol DePiro Alison Duff Michael Duffy Douglas Dvorak Walter Ferstand Daniel Foley Anne Furry iw " 'W' ' f 'Tix .+512f2E22:?5i ' ,J - ,. -if ' ? ' -0 'f ar 1' .J .1 - ,- f sl l 'fl . V1 fliflgg ::f , ' i s ,- . 3.14 ' if '- N gi V wi Mia? ' " f V ET ' HA' 1 V' V V, 4 l 5 if -ia D- A " ig. e-54-ww : ,qsgsgsggfglg fwvgevff-'f'-,zf.: ' qv wg- AAIV . , .Z .,,,.t.:,:Z 5-1 ,b yy.-255 : :ni if-' . ff: ' ' . -- 1 A ' 'l '13 ! 5 ,fear ff,-. f 11.-1-2221.1 . 2 '1 'kai-Q'-1: ,ii 2? 1 , I -e., ,i.f , 'K-f jlliiglilffr : V, k Www, ,. ' f ,- - 5:1.',1- ' ' 125252251 , , . ' s r 1' , - V-1.:a.if, .gf QQ ' 5 i Fi' 1. - . e . r 'L . gy, H ',,v, 2.3-. R' 2 i., : r 24. - ' .V .si in Sa 1 M53 x l l '19 iiimlxli 5' ,J-Eeritiiawf fy vm 2.1,-.35 t--,qvyyg 1: j'rr1:155,-gimp: ,Y fl P l " k xg , ' i I ' xx 'X , 5 Q . N Q N 4 A, , Q , . 5 ,- in , r T. 1 4 1 a 1 I is , ... 3 1 ' KX X N S135 wit.. ff-ts.f1': r -ln' x,..A,. 9 N SN. 'f3i51fs.11, 1 as G' X: A as , 1 xx X i TX tx A Q 'N X x Q X os- .X s ., l S , ,.. K... 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Q- Jodi O'Barto Glenn O'Brien Guy Olney Alexandria Patterson Gina Pisco Kim Pumell Samuel Ramirez Dawn Robinson Susan Ross David Row Mary Scheiderman Patricia Scott Lori-Ann Selander Michael Sivels Larry Banta listens Flagler Assembly. David Slawson Herrick Smith to speaker at Janet Smith Nancy Stacy Linda Stone Zenia Talavera Deborah Tapley Kelly Tarazewich Rita Theodor Clifford Tompkins Nancy Tuttle Teresa Turner Carrie Valente Jaymie Valone Matthew Wall Marianne Webb Laura Best and Mike Sivels perform in "Rules of the Game." Marc Williar Amy Wilson Smit ' , WA xx N X F X N S 5 .-:Se 5 S X.- ,., 5 wr iX t X Xa X XW wx X - tX .X X S X, NX . SF,t,.::,jt,,5 S, is Q l ':a-1l""' X . 5 5-Q L ' Qc' Y - 'sri-'-ixzwa X ,,,,. if-' N I .,.. 4, AA. - ' -x X' X X feslgiiif K 1 W, 5, ., t :: XXX X f WW XX XX ., . XX X ji 'R Q X X x xi X 'i i Q, X I ' ll 1 2:222E3525E5Si:5,:f::EEQaf" ' 5: 1. -22 ' ""' i C, v it Q as g: I E X S f l :N ' i5:iE1:iI1.'. 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Upperclassmen no longer referred to us as the babies, it was our turn to be the experts on college life. We tried our best to help the "uneducated" freshmen fit in. With our second year in college, we began to take courses re- quired for our majors. With the end of general education, our classes became interesting. The long hours in the library seemed shorter now that we enjoyed our studies. The new year also brought, for most of us, a new social opportuni- ty. As we turned nineteen we became legal, and could now enjoy Scarlett's, Dan Jan's and other local bars along with other students. Finally, we were no longer excluded from one of Flagler students favorite pastimes. Good times and lots of hard work filled our sophomore year, but take heart classmatesg after this year we are half way there! ' - ffsmgrqi.. fi .:: 1, 2. , . le W so 9 af ,5 34 ' fb. , gs .1 "Z2.l3Qg:1E3L-v '. . 5 - ' ' ' , ,,fg5f3,l- 'fn so Q , y 'B , I . . - . -i.'.:2TeSv0i if ' ,. rg, W' PV- fi , if Q 'Og f 9 I i X i R. , Q , Y 1 ii S .E W 4- 92' 61322:-:f.52:." mx me to 5 .W AVR' ,Q V M., . -fr . -,..f.Q:- -. . -?t -5254? 'Y' lim . ' . - f 1 vt. -'rv-. '- . - 1 Q - ,I "f . .. I N ,g "Fi: ' 5.4. " . , ' ,. -li? -kqfg-15--ti., N . , 'Ht -' -f , . ts: -.: ,b w -- ,.. as .. s1I2:..+.1.I 33932124 "" 'sIZfrf2f?sf':'Sxe3 'istsaariiii -31. Y' -f' , " I i . .. . 197' If I 1 A I 1 va , 4 .. " - -4 ff ft 5 ' 5 '71 I , L 11, . , -s 9 1:+55:,-,U L . r , 1 I Q I V, 1 I 4, z K Q Iv H I 5 .,,. . 1 ..4 ,.:5. 1f..1.,..4., .. .. l ' ! f f my 1, 5 ,. I ff , X 1 I' , I ,J ff l l --"1 Jennifer Ackerman Audrey Anderson Marianna Aquila Carolyn Bachman Elizabeth Barrs Vilia Bottorf Kellie Carter Patricia Chesley Michelle Cowan Cindy Crawford Kathleen Cummings Holly Dandridge Darrell Davis Desiree Dederick Tim Huben helps mo Judy Degenhardt Kostadin Donev William Donovan Brian Dumphy Nancy Dundatscheck Donna Dupes Douglas Dyer Renee Evans John Federico Kimberly Flanagan Rena Flood Kathleen Foley Mary Forster Johna Foxworthy ve Flagler Library to Kenan Hall. Edward Fredryk Nancy Freedman "' 1 3 K4 - ,I K4-fr ..,, .. , 'V " ' ' " f'?EE5gEE:E:' , ,,' f , ff ff .1 5' 3 7 f ' 1 , 1 . 1 2 l 9 l f V . X 2 6 Q Hz A , E f 5 if , wi, , 4 3" 5' xx, sf .N X rv 1-,fl :igigfa-E :,.-Qi: sr- ' .-r,:sf.ff?,:g::'5'525Z,fg:5:f"'f1 if: F11 3 'Z5gQegs53g'g2fff::.5 gg., ,V - gf,-L I Z.. -,-.r::::f1::f.:,ff.' 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Lynne Gambardella Vincent Gonzol Karen Grant Kostadin Donev thr Debra Grutkowski Darla Hankel Jennifer Harty Bernard Heeke Pamela Henshaw Janet Hirsh Julie Hirsh Jeffrey Holmes Teresa Horten Timothy Huber Richard Hyland Rena Ireland James Johnston Lisa Jordan Patricia Kaufmann ows the ball back into play 45 Georgia Kulish David Slawson Walter Mazzolta, and Howard Groshel discuss surfing strategies. Victoria l.aRusso Jill Madley Joanne Mays Janine McAllister Owen McCaul Steven McClelland Donna McCIurken Lisa McCrossan Kim Meiggs Kay Mijou Diane Motley Nancy Noble Joan Noeldechen John Norclinger John Norris Suzanne Novak is ' frsrfx fv:'1?E Sill: 1 . ,xy K ,..- 'l'. fi' J ' i . i ix .'- tgfggg x 5-AQQN W Xt X S. Wi! iz: g , , vsxkzgx g U .xxx .r SAX N X Q " Y f x Q . .' 'ia , . Q xxQ,4r sl ii. ox , , Q Q g x xx xg A N S X X M Q? 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E25 I l f' 2,41 .5 I-1'9:i:::':j gin V4 j"r:!fjfj1f " FZ 'Z W.:-' ' 7 5 .V , .r ' 1 l' 1 - ' j 2' lf 'spill , I' 2 -1 l 131' ' PET" " " H -- LZ A, ' ' 1 1 f , 1 2 fa- - , 51sfff115g,"- 1' 7 3 If c if , ' V T rfwfmf ' - A P 12 l, 43+ ij.. - ,z-5, :f -' ,y ' ' " " W1 5 ., A 1 V' ge f ix 2 W 'f ' fir, ',I:f'jQ:'::7f ' ' 21 . 51523224-5qjj24 , I . .,., b- 3: ,,,: 2 ' L M , -1- ' .vvm-K- ,ai-fvfvf:-az 3.-A ' 3 ek, ' f:1:,'.w v .. -, V :si e an A-:.,.,.,,,.A ,QV-:I 1,2 'ff - i ,ff fr NM.Lv. .4 4: f ,,,1 , V "W " 5 ' fjlllii Kar' ' pf' fvs. Stephanie O'Mahoney Stefanie Pacetti Tina Paoline Donna Parker Diane Peters Krista Phelps Debbie Polio Neil Pollock Stacey Potemken Angelia Pressley Troy Roarke Dennis Rodriques Thomas Rooney George Russell Ellen Schubert Sheila Stopher performs with Spirit in the Ponce de Leon Mall. Bonnie Scott Arthur Selclner John Shallenburg Edwin Shelton Kiwanis Short Judith Shouss Lynne Sparks Sheila Stopher Nora Stroop Elizabeth Stuart Emery Szekely Ann-Frances Testa Donna Marie Thompson Lauren Tobin Todd Troyer Jennifer Wetzel Leonard Yankelunas Lori Yourell Michelle Vendrone Will Verbits Linda Verneau Darlene Celano relaxes in the rotunda. ' .i123-w:1Z22E2f2i2PW? I al" W , - f i 4' f 9' , M W. 4 , ,, J i, l 5? ' 'Av , 3 r I ' 3 i X t 5 ,f ke 444 If-V - 1 ' 1 I M ff 1 , if , 1-1' ., 5 I .4 I' 25,3941-.-:,:451i-,':,1v,,f-:gig 4,-.-9:.f,,:,mA 1 gg, 1 , f ff? f af 4 9 ,gg , I., if " - 341, A X 45 QA ' ,, X 1 0 :fi 2-:gg e . mi ' A l - P .. ,Xiu I amz:-.:, ig: H h 3,54 'xo . I' iff V N ag?-i,.' - Q. : V A I1 :X s ---' ' af al 1 .' . ., ff Z - 1- , gl 4 Q we ,:,..,l, 4 , -r 5,1 ,. Z -45 PV: 1 .. H 1 A if E f T- .i.. .. "YES I ,Q ...A V - A A. T .zrj 'V T' A 221' , .. .Q an 6 - . get -f-3 Z .tj , 2 1 1.15 -' 7' .4 A it 2 ,,yg""fJ i f- ' , f A 5 .:,, I I f, ' 'r X' T' . f X X 1 gs? i 1 i . E 'i-' 4, V' A . it I Y' l '1 1-35 ff" 'T rx, .V-i ,lazy ll .li f V .1 'dr' 7' ..,,. ,ifj 'fl ' I, Y 'x V' V -A ' ' in X . f . A " 1' . lf i li 52 ,4 ,L I A Q - ...., i CQ" bl ' E 0 ,ff , W Z?.-sy yin, a 4.14.-':g - ' "W, H421 -if-if Q 1111 B mmf 5 , if 4 VZ' my -'ij-,i QW .I 4 ,. ,lr if , V 11 f as I I , , , I 1 1+ 'wiv , gf - ,. ,f - . 1, , gf "N 5 l 4, X ,, , I 2' 4' ,- I T1 -1 1 if I Freshmen September fifth marked the arrival of the largest freshman class ever to come to Flagler College. We appeared with our worldly belongings in one hand and Mom and Dad following close behind. When the time came for Mom and Dad to leave, there were many tears. We were left to fend for ourselves and handle the fears of really being on our own. For most of us, we were made welcome by the orientation guides and quickly formed friendships with our new roommates and neigh- bors. Soon enough, we were forced to deal with the insurmountable homework and horendous fights with our roommates, concerning who did not put the cap back on the toothpaste, or who left hair in the sink. As for academics, we soon learned which professors to avoid or how to deal with them if they could not be avoided. We also were made aware of the various clubs, organizations, and sports available here at Flagler, and how these avenues led us to form more numer- ous friendships. Our year has gone by too quickly, but we can now look forward to treating the incoming as we were treated. Fi'--mls? 4 1. S" :rw-:"fv,ez2'-3 - , '- ' caring at 2 W A ' f-vm'-'a ,W U 1 A-M . . if ' it 'a. I rfw- .- "" ,Y . f f , , 3::44:f,r1,4,.,g5 .,:g,r5g3-3:3 33. ' i55E':5ff2I'.' Eli ,, , I - 935 ' ' f WJ Q ..-,A 1 if Fi- '4 . f I ' i,fQ: ::2z:1:- , -1 ,-.- a ,L 4 'ix Polly Allegro Donna Anderson Keith Anderson Nancy Anderson Lisa Anwyll Anna Auth Kathleen Bailey Jeanne Balliet Deena Barnett Kenneth Bauer Kenneth Bell Lee Ann Berg Donna Berry Stephen Bersani Laura Best Dominic Biondi Rotunda sign welcomes new students. Charles Black April Brader Lynne Breden Linda Brekke Sandra Butterfield Cathleen Callahan Danette Callahan Laura Carter Terrill Chalfant Thomas Chapman James Chesness Andrew Clapperton Patrick Clark Beth Clausnitzer ?E"'Fa ,."1,?.V??:1? "' " , ,., ,. f,f,1.31 V ,gl V I f Ia' , V:V'f ' 9 ' ' '-' ,Z-222. it wwf ff V 1 f ' if af f 4 I , f 'f' rf X5 A 4 , 1 :, gl I F , - gf 4"Hzf:fr:r-:- far. 3 , :f, - I H'-':yE':j.q' .fqqzjzifi-E-SZ1,V. ' V L '2:52i2fff131L,- V , - -"' 1535"-7, 1535-1, "'f?Z7f5:E:2.fEj ' U z ' -5, Zag: - Qi V f- 1 , 2 V' ,'1.":f.-1'--15.219 V:,.:1:- , :J ,,.ff.,z1,3.l ., fn-42, - V--:V-f'stg::gf-giv , V:,..gf, fi .5 ' ff " v ' i , fi? is .254 ,f' Q 553 -. 'f 4 '1fff2:, '44 I ,G 6 X'-kitry r,.,, mf. xi V- mggi it S rx' , is X 'E W.. ww., Y' -v-' .f-f- - ,.., ' ' 1'-5,5,5i,V,,, . V- Sy S . -iv 4- - "si Q, K, . -,AQ Vs lil: . Q , QW V -mf-H..-:' - -, +2-srarsf X -ws- ' x . .f7.,:., x :yah l Q Ex U all X J 1 -P ,- were .A .W , X ' A X tw X X 5513? 2. A.-X t .Win -sf. ' fb 1: iff. :+V fx. 4 ' " .. i QQ L N i ..., ,,,,., , r. ggQli. g.ma X if L is Q 4' . 1 -fy " f w7?.:?'--x--W'4f'1 zfs- fi:-,:. If -11 ' ' ' 221 1-5.52: if ' '- A Q 'ffizi- ' ' -,I 51553 g. . , --1. 4 li X ' . , C 1- fi ' 1 -1. . , H' .ral if - 1f"'f - .. j ' Q- ' ff' 1. 'F , , iz , lf 0, ' ' s , . , ,.1,ffW..,W -Q. ' 1 'f - ., f 'fl 7 if is 'N ' Ql QQ f ng 1 Cathleen Colman Carol Craig James Craig A, Frank D'Annunzio Elaine DaSilva l' . Jac ueline De lomine . ., ,, , Q Q I . 1' ' 1 ., ,I ff f f . , 1 515 , ' I Lisa Delnegro Susan DeRozario Erik DeSando Patrick DeSormier A 1 Donna Diaz 341 f- ' . Philli D' k '-J:.w- ':m2.rf.:r.1..',r '-".2:,z,-fr P 'C en - G ff . 'zfswi . , . ,gi - Tracy Driscoll 5 g N, if f , 1' 1 4' -t v? X I ,. - Y :I W1 f 4 l X i 1 i ' ' at .- V 1 , 4, ,V Q Andrew Dubin Dorothy Duffy Edie Edelburg Lee Ellenburg Linda Eller Joseph Evers Patricia Farmer Arlene Finkel Julia Fish Babette Fisher Julie Foster Brent Frei Lynette Freitag This year's scholarship winners, Edie Edelburg, and Ann Sagraves, meet with Mr. Lewis. Julie French SZ . , N A 4 52 1 if Y 2 ' i . wr- - fi - JZ: , f. N , ' I ' l 'J IE,-,FZ ig .... fp . A - I :V -1-.- N-f . " -'.,-,1.5,,:.Q' 3? .vV. ,..V , 1 .w:::1:'-2. - ,N -' -f' , - V l , , , - 31,1-Z lr -X 5 1 1- 'I ,f X , , ' V, Fl ' fi-x,5 ' J ., Q X X51 X x ' w , "Ill-'M y .K .A QXQ. N X XX X xxx X N X X? X X X X l X XX X K P xx x X X ',g. -A 'K gy ' 'QFTIETF' -3:53 ' .. NXR: A-X w. , ' Elf ,bi 1' ' XX V X , .V J X fx X I X .,X- f X X ' f Y X - QEXaXX,XXi"X::X - .... 1 1 :gr . ,XX tx x NX .x. Y , XXX S X .X . Xi YX :I K X XXX. . l 5 l 5 .,-...W MW' I X x X x ' Nm V i I .-"fx I - ..-W s ,.,X X, 1 ' Q, ' '.. ' E I : L Kimberly Fuller Frank George Lisa Goldberg Erika Gray Gilbert Greene Kevin Guthrie Jacqueline Harris Kevin Harris Anna Haynes Patrick Heaney Amy Higgins Denise Hilgeman Daniel Hirsh Debbie Smith moves into the dorms Joanna Hofer Leigh Holbrook James Holland Laura Holland Michael Holley Timothy Horan Aimee Hueston Kevin Hussey Kimberly Jackman Cathleen Jackson Pamel Johnson Wendilee Johnstone Richard Kaminski Robert Kellner Karen King Michelle Kocher Timothy Korte lngemar Lanevi Robert Lang Andrea Larson David Lathrop Q..- 'x'X-- J it --i NY: 91555 . K Q -sp, -x .QE Q it S 4-but X X L F' XS NS X lx Q E . M:-swag :- 3, 5. Ns tw Q N tix-M NS X XX X X X X X Q , N N x X X x X xxx 5k Y 1 1.5: N.: N X ,A l XX is ' Y'i'G' LQ x -- Y v X xxx W A S X X X N l: 3 l v E S Q X x .S B if 4 l' 4. .,,, M or AA 1 E E Q .,,,.,,W..W.. ,. .. ., if , X 'bq f' l7 -5-jflflg ,X ,f gill Y? ' Wvwmxxwxxwegw, Wffiwfl . ., A .., Q . 1 . K. aux? S t , a, A ,but '.' . ,rw or . liar. . 4 ' 'Q' " AH F NI'-.. A. N ' : . R X XQN 'X we X ., .L- : X i' . , Tv t Nm- , Miha ,Q New Qizg-QLXQ X , LQ- ,SSV ' ' " 'T' SN I L Rn X ., 1. ,,,-.1 4 -xg., 51-:y2.,:::,5:, , .V W9 .,,.,, -I .4 ,f 11:-V.: :-:W .i , . fr- ,4f-' , V fb- S Aj ZZ jf 1457 -2 A , December Lauretano Marybeth Leedham Laura Lewis Sandra MacDonald Susan Makowski Michelle Malson Robert Marks Joanna Marowits George Massialas Nancy Mau Rebecca McElroy Kim McGinley Ronald McKinley Amy Cunningham and Dave Lathrop find mov ing into a dorm more work than expected Jacqueline Mills Patrice Monaco Lisa Morin Glen Northrope and Jeff Troyer rehearse for an upcoming drama production. Daniel Morrissey Robert Moseley David Moses Charles Muchow Dana Murphy Andrew Musselman Sharon Myers Tammy Naugle Kerry Nelson Steven Ofenstein Kelly O'Neill Sandra Orman Lisa Parchment Jennifer Parker AX W N gi 0 sfff123.'f?"""' V' "ff I .vrv ' 1, x Q J , b.,, ., ,, . ., 1 ' ' r Qrsl ,,.. . A ' ' 3 y "' J E N I .X V m WX. X x 'Z ....,. . 7' Y V,. ,D I , , ,hi f. 5 D D -ay ,..4 N , Uk Ex ' , ,. '. J'1-:sf515:59.11-'41-:vg,g5gf' 4755124551:- i '-f51'ff5'.-3551"-"' ' , . 3 . V Q ' . 'G I Q fl f-53? ' 4521. R I . ,, ' i .. +f?I'v-f,,:,. 55' - " ' f at ' 21, ' . 1' ' 'fe' i f-: V' - ' - i fffzam mimi -, M.: ga:-:,. A, nm' . ,, X f, r --. - .rf va 1 ' , ..,. ,Q , VZ' 'K 1 - 141' 0 -5-'-1, 'V-:M-:,,,,, R. Beth Payne Bernard Pflum Laura Best takes time Charles Phillips MaryBeth Pontarelli Michele Prindle Mary Proeschel off from her studies Catherine Przybyszewski Richard Puttick Kim Riedman Ronald Riggins Penny Rosenblum Kathleen Rowe Bonnie-Jean Russell Thomas Russo Andrew Rymarquis Ann Sagraves Julianne Sattes Dina Scotti Andrew Shoemaker Dale Sieber Grant Simon Debra Smith David Snyder Suzanne Snyder Elizabeth Somerby Cynthia Spurgeon lan Stake Allison Stehr Keri Stewart Dave Hirsch watches his games day team. Maria Stroop lm ' Q Q X x B R Qxxg xi by X 9 Q Q XX Wt , at A 2 P ' ,tfggig N X N 4 X., Skis X X Q X , XY t K ,, . t x Q XX Y 4 Q sl t X N? ' v M wi? it rr tw vxxxxi It X X M X Y X X N X X S X SX x X as X N BX XX X Q X Q XXX xt tg 4 - if Q32 Q, LK h Qztfx 434 A QQ- C' SX Q Y X XX I it X 3 - 33 5,3211 ' v - - 1:52 -QQ:--:ax V' A ,3,'T:1!i:5Yf:. 5. ' " ' k-51:-z-SYS: i :L-V -ei"-:r:r,A " :fx V .wa 93: -fist 335, Q , 1 1 E N ww NN xx xx X xx X XX X X X Sl N X Y' ix Qt N S X Q K X - 1555: X N Xxx Nix S ,. N, sg S . ar.rlr V' , Lt? A X N' X YW' Kelly Templm 'ix 'N ' ff N 3:5 Laura Then RX xx u J ,Q is V X XX Q r Michael Toepp 8 ' 1' x R f 5:.Eri'f Q XXX X NX X x ,, , x X 6' 5 Q vb xv A w. , -Y ,. X F 1 Q. 1 ,V ' ' ' .vw P - X - ,QQ 55 . .T if vm ,rn 'M' +1 7? A , Kimberly Watts Wendy Wickens John Wilgis Pilar Willis Bart Wofford Lori Wright Suzanne Yevtich Kathryn Zick Activities Riel,-,--kv '. we X 5 fb + may , Ns is UI fgsglsz-.-fl'1N Q nhttqx. - ey fx ' ,f + ' N. N-S Now Hear This Games Day, held during Fall Week- end, was very successful again this year. Altogether, 15 teams joined the fun at Flagler Field. Events included a water-balloon toss, a wheelbarrow race, a run- around-a-bat race, pyramid building, a pie-eating contest, among other activi- ties. The day closed with contestants participating in a tug-of-war over a mud hole. Though players ended up wet, dirty and exhausted, all agreed that the fun was well worth the mess. Left, Somebody always has to be in charge. ln this case, it's Will Verbits. At least, everyone can hear him. What's heard at the inevitable pie- eating contestlabovel is a lot of snuffling and chomping by the eaters, and a lot of shouting by the cheering section, More shouting lbelowl for the leapfrogsball-pass contest. - X. 355 LS 'X jv.w:,s X:-.,,g,',v f A rs , ' " ,' ' Above, left, The spectators watch expectantly, just waiting for the first tug-of-war victim to wind up in the mud hole, but Cindy Spurgeon isn't going in without a fight. Above, right, no fight here, as David Snyder hoists Debbie Roach for the wheelbarrow race. Below, J.P. Preston rests up for the next event. I' JJ Ui Q if 1 Yi' -ll ! .Hi 11, K? Awsw, KX Special Olympics The Special Olympics are always a big event for the mentally handicaped, but in St. John's county, they are also a big event for Flagler College. Olym- pics are held both in the fall and spring, with student volunteers becom- ing involved in all phases. The fall games were held at the Flagler gym and outdoor basketball courts. Events included dancing, bas- ketball and tumbling. Also, the clients and volunteers alike were treated to a visit from an alligator courtesy of the Alligator Farm of St. Augestine. After the competition finished, McDonald's donated lunch to participants and vol- unteers feasted on peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. After lunch, a basket- ball game between Special Olympics participants and the Flagler men's team put a close to the day. The Spring Games were held at St. John's Academy. Events included fris- bee, soccer and track. The highlight of the day was a visit from boxer Michael Spinks, who was training at the Florida School of the Deaf and Blind. s 6 . fa- is-if 2 u -1 - Q 1. f "Wong-W, 1 Q Q Above, Clients and volunteers learn how to clog to the song Elvira. Right, Heather Lyn and a client talk, before the games begin. Below, clients spend time on the dance floor. Q .gig ,. wi-V ., ,. i-stag... www' ' ,Ns W 1' 'iz 4 - 2' ' , 2 W V, x'n,,.-iw 2 .Ay 5' QQ. as 3, ,ef A 1411 9 . 3+ ---,, ,....,....,. - f mf Above left, Guy Olney and a client dance on the raquetball courts behind the gym. Above right, Spe- cial Olympics participants dance during fall olym- pics, Left, Andrea Crowley helps with basketball toss. Below, post olympics basketball action. 1 y ' r ' 'Q "irc.v'-n" 'Kwai f ss N53 ,t , I X S 4 N A All f ' ,3'gx.,....... xt. ...., .... Q S , Q is I ei Clients admire an alligator, courtesy of the Alligator Farms. ,Ima , . ,cttw Q . N . Flagler Follies . . This year, the Spring Follies cen- tered around the theme, "That's En- tertainmentf' Hosts Lynne Gambardella and Mike Lucas connected together in logical or- der many seemingly unrelated acts. These included company numbers: "That's Entertainment," "It's a Hard- Knock Life" and "Body Electric", as well as songs by Renee Evans, Mau- reen Dupes, Delphine Jordan and Deb Tapley, and Jim Podriznik and Mi- chelle Wilbur, Other acts included a skit and songs by the Not Ready for the Not Ready for Prime Time Players, the Beaver Patrol, Epicure and faculty members, among others. Flagler Follies certainly lived up to the billings. Everyone enjoyed a night of ENTERTAINMENT. Above, left, Renee Evans sings as lbelow, leftl Mike Sivels controls the lighting. Above, the Follies Company performs. Above, left and right, Darlene Finkel lfore- groundl, Renee Evans, Lisa Jordan and Darla Hankel sing. lmmediate left, the Follies Com- pany makes a political statement. Parents' Weekend Right, Joanna Hofer discusses college life with her mother. Below Left, Gary Hogard, Kim Buhk and her father try to chat over the blaring band at the dance. Below Right, Michelle Wilbur flirts with John Jusino in the Spring Drama pro- duction. Parents' Weekend took place in March this year and was a busy time for everyone. On Friday, parents ar- rived and were welcomed by the stu- dents and Dr. Proctor. The weekend was filled with inter- esting events including an exhibition soccer game, a tennis match and a baseball game. The parents were also provided an opportunity to view the Spring Drama production "School for Scandal" and were invited to a dance at the Riverview Club. Most important was the opporunity for the students to spend time with their parents and acquaint them with their friends and way of life here at Flagler. ri ,ifil l ' er' Above, Ian Stake spends time with visiting parents. Left, Patti Scott participates in the fashion show. fifix K 1 ' 91 - 3 i .v.-::::3, , ki, ye 56 , , fg:5:7:at-'z-tif: I Q 4. 1' Q new ., 4, Above, Kathy Zick, Janet Hirsh, Denise Kocher, Wendy Wickens, Rick Hankey, and Debbie Grutkowski gather at the refreshment table during the dance. Right, Charles Black, Mike Sivels and Andy Greenwald trip across the stage. Below, Lynne Harper, Sam Ramirez, Laura'Ann Best, Toine Benton, De- cember Lauretano and Phillip Genovar discuss their problems. I 4 i . 1 si.. B Above, Mark Hunter and John Kennedy practice their lines during a rehearsal. Left, Glenn Northrup and Jeff Troyer sort through a doctor's bag. nn if L. 'f I 5 Drama Pro Top Left, Peter Scott and Jeff Mays discuss the problems of married life. Top Right, Russell Gremillot and Doug Gass share a tankard of beer. Left, John Jusino and December Laure- tano disagree. Above, Mimi Craig, Lynn Harper, Andy Greenwald and Michelle Wilbur spread town gossip. ductions The Fall and Spring Dramas for the 1982-1983 year were both successes, drawing students and administrators to the performances. The Fall Production, "Rules of the Game," starred Mark Hunter, Laura- Ann Best and John Jusino and was directed by Thomas Rahner. The plot centered around an estranged wife, Best, her husband, Hunter, and their problems. The action culminated with a duel. The play was suspenseful and very entertaining, all who saw it en- joyed the production. Keeping in pace with the Fall Dra- ma, the Spring production was also entertaining. "School For Scandal" was a light, eighteenth century com- edy. The general idea of the play was to portray the foolishness of the Eng- lish Upperclass. The production was directed by Phyllis Gibbs and Gail Compton and featured students, facul- ty members and townspeople. Be- cause it was held during Parent's Weekend, many mothers and fathers were priviledged to see the quality of Flagler's Drama Department. F I , Q -1 ,Z V. Q 9 " 1 'f , 1 1, , W: A n 1 ' 1 A x if I 9:24:45 , k - , . , " 'Sir mxas pt-gfw meP142-:-X2'.e-aww"ww ' -P535 VW,-1 , , X' "gi 1 wigs' f2'1.-,2:2s,'-'.:f.r-mlSf. . s' -' -Ii V' .h .A X , L. 2 ' - " i , ,S ,1 ..,, .L w - Q X ,zgi 1.6 ,- - N,,,,:.::k ,. Awards Night was held in the East Venido Room. Dean Carberry pre- sented the academic achievement awards. These students were honored: Eliza- beth Millard, SpanishfLatin American studies, Stephen Young, Paula Sklenar, Frances Allen, business ad- ministration, Amy MacDonald, psy- chology, James Nelson, social science, Kathryn McLean, philosophy and reli- gion, Scott Paulsen, history, Daniel Moye, visual arts, Mimi Craig, drama, Carole Joranlien, Amy MacDonald, English, Suzanne Zelles, recreation management, Heather Thompson, education of the hearing impaired and mental retardation, Carol Naschke, education of the hearing impaired and elementary education, Deborah Moore-Adams, elementary education and specific learning disabilities. Rick Bartl received the Presidential Award of Excellence from Dr. Proc- tor. Bethany Garwick was presented the Wall Street Journal Award. SGA made three awards: Dr. Fran Farrell, most outstanding faculty mem- ber, Peter Meehan, most outstanding administrator, and Anne Rogers, most outstanding staff member. Twenty-three students have been named to "Who's Who Among Stu- dents in American Universities and Colleges": Deborah Moore-Adams, El- lie Aikens, Frances Allen, Alison Brooks, Lloyd Carrera, Mimi Craig, Barbara-Lynne Forrest, Bethany Gar- wick, Roberta Hawkins, Mark Hunter, Carole Joranlien, Deirdre Kirwin, Don- na McKillop, Kathy McLean, Elizabeth Millard, Charles Morton, Carol Naschke, James Nelson, Catherine Rieman, Janette Stone, Heather Thompson, Lisa Thompson and Ste- phen Young. Marc Williar received the Alumni Scholarship from Peter Meehan, Top, Rick Bartl gets a standing ovation as he receives the Presidential Award of Excellence from Dr. Proctor. Vicky Worth and other stu- dents applaud. Center, Dean Carberry presents award to Carole Joranlien. Bottom, Pat DeBla- sio lleftl and Glenn O'Brien display the Beaver Patrol banner awarded by Dr. Proctor. Vicky Worth seems pleased. Athletes Garner Awards Trophies, letters and other recogn- tion were heaped upon FlagIer's sportsmen and sportswomen at the an- nual Athletic Awards Program, held in the dining hall. Dan Stewart, athletic director, pre- sented special-recognition plaques to Alison Brooks, Gladys Brown, Jeff Crouch and Deirdre Kirwin for their efforts with the various teams, which they served as trainers or student as- sistants. The evening climaxed with the much anticipated announcement of the most valuable players llisted on opposite pagel. Top, Allen and Karen Sapp present most-valu- able-player award to Sharon Walrath, pitcher for the softball team. Center, Jan Fincher ac- cepts the Tang Soo Do most-valuable-player award from Dr. John Kistler, Below, left, Coach R. Glenn Aspinwall congratulates Scott Mendez, most valuable baseball player. Below, right, Coach Tom Graham lrightl and Troy Holland display his most-valuable-player plaque for cross country, is l 1' - Letter Certificates Presented Student-athletes singled out for letters and other awards were: Cross Country - Coach Tom Graham, David Biros, Ali- son Brooks, Charles Culbreth, Patrick DeSormier, Brian Dumphy, Troy Holland, Jeff Nethery, Glenn O'Brien. Women's Volleyball - Coach Fitch Hasbrouck, Jennifer Ackerman, Dana Ellis, Maria Estrada, Lynette Freitag, Donna Schnorr, Patricia Wasloski, Deborah Woltmann. Soccer - Coach Bob Moulling Wayne Barbour, lan Brun- son, Jon Brunson, Brian Clark, Mike Deluliis, Kostadin Donev, Andy Ford, David Griffiths, Lance Landis, lngemar Lanevi, Francisco Manfredi, David Menges, Brandt Moser, Matt Mur- asko, Guy Olney, Joe Pein, Rick Puttick, Dennis Rodrigues, Troy Roarke, Aldyn Royes, Len Yankelunas. Men's Basketball - Coach Bo Clark, Asst. Coach Joel Luszg Kirk Brown, Brian Dearden, David Dizney, Carlton Green, Donnie Harris, Rick James, Rufus Jenkins, Steve Kels ly, Bernie Pflum, Charlie Williams. Women's Basketball - Coach Dan Stewart, Asst. Coach Debbie Drabinskig Alison Brooks, Patti Camarote, Cin- dy Dawson, Karen Grant, Debra Moyer, Stephanie O'Ma- honey, Donna Schnorr, Michelle Vendrone, Sharon Walrath. Men's Tennis - Coach Peter Scott, Colin Crothers, Barry Curley, Glenn Gagnon, Michael LaPierre, Charles McCuen, Paul Nagle, Peter Ryan, Paul Valois. Women's Tennis - Coach Walter Shinn, Asst. Coach Tamara Vezina, Elaina Capalbo, Judy Carlin, Kimberly Carter, Maureen Dunn, Alice Funderburk, Sharon Hamilton, Joanna Marowits. Golf - Coach A.H. Tebaultg Brad Brewer, John Norris, Thomas Rooney, Kenneth Van Leuven, Mark Weeks, Jamie Zimmerman. Softball - Coach Allen Sapp, Asst. Coach Karen Sapp, Anna Auth, Cindy Dawson, Linda Evans, Deirdre Kirwin, Kim Meiggs, Carol Morin, Suzanne Novak, Kelly O'Neill, Donna Schnorr, Suzanne Snyder, Cynthia Spurgeon, Belynda Tharpe, Sharon Walrath. Baseball - Coach R. Glenn Aspinwallg David Benedict, Tim Bukar, Louis Calabria, Thomas Clarke, Jim DiPofi, Kevin DiPofi, Art Eld, Paul Erickson, Robert Godfrey, Matt Kozak, Kirk Kreuter, Kevin Kussow, Joe LaSpina, Mark Lasser, Scott Mendez, Chuck Morton, David Peters, Tim Reiner, Tom Ro- dish, Robert Santo, Joe Shakar, Jim Shaw, Kevin Smith, Bob Vinciguerra. Cheerleaders - Cathy Biggerstaff, Erika Gray, Denise Hilgeman, Pamela Kolonia, Janine McAlister, Cathy Osburn, Dina Scotti, Lynne Sparks, Deborah Tapley, Carrie Valente, Lori Yourell. Bat Girls - Cathleen Colman, Chrisje Mays. Student Assistants - Jennifer Ackerman, Alison Brooks, Gladys Brown, Jeff Crouch, Maria Estrada, Lynette Freitag, Debra Hope, Deirdre Kirwin, Harold LeRoy, Karen Neverton, Bill Rogers. ' f N 1 3 Most Valuable Players - front row: Alison Brooks lleftl, cross countryg Sharon Walrath, softball: Cindy Dawson, women's basketball, Jan Fincher, Tang Soo Do, Kim Carter, wom- en's tennisg back row: Dan Stewart, athletic di- rector, Troy Holland, cross country, Peter Va- lois, men's tennisg Scott Mendez, baseballg Brad Brewer, golfp Peter Meehan, master of ceremo- nies, not shown: Deborah Woltmann, volleyball: Rick Puttick, soccerg Brian Dearden, men's bas- ketball, gf'-. Dances ln the past, Flagler has held a host of dances at the armory and this year was no exception. SGA and various school organizations got together to sponsor theme and other dances. One of the theme dances was the Luau dance. Getting into the spirit of the even- ing most students wore hawaiian print shirts and leis. Another such event was the Halloween dance. Students appeared in costumes, some home-made, some bought and some rented from the drama department. Other dances included the Fall Week- end Dance, and the Parents' Weekend Dance, Also, there were other dances which had no special theme, other than fun. At one of these dances a new idea was tried, a disc jockey. This was a huge success and she was invited back for an- other dance. Also, the traditional Fall and Spring Formals were held at the Riverview Club. These events provide students with a chance to pull out their best clothes and take that special someone for a nice even- ing out. Above, Howard Groshell and John Elkins make a toast. Right, Ellen Story glances over her shoulder while Hugh Shaw and JP. Preston have a conversation. Below, Cathy Biggerstaff and Jim Nelson talk to Debbie Brewer and Dan Kozart. E 3 siaisi- N10 Right, Linda Stone and Marc Williar dance new wave during the parents' Weekend Dance. Below, Sandi Butterfield passes time on the dance floor. Above, Carrie Valenti and Mark Coursin talk during the Christmas Formal. Left, Allison Stehr, Julie Fish, Debbie Hefferon and Patti Kaufman consider the atmosphere at the Luan Dance. 'N-Q5 Student Center Opens Flagler opened its new student cen- ter this spring. An immediate hit, the center gave students a place to get a late-night snack, meet friends, study, or just avoid eating in the dining room. Thanks to Mrs. Molly Wiley, who donated the funds, the old snack bar was renovated into a new facility. Al- though the work took longer than ex- pected, it was worth the wait. Back when Flagler College was the Ponce de Leon Hotel, our new student center was the popular Gay Nineties Bar. ln years to come, the Flagler pop- ulation is sure to use the student cen- ter as a source of entertainment and nourishment. Above, During renovation, student center looked like this, but ttopl spiffily refurbished, the center filled with students like Michele Prindle tleftl and Beth Clausnitzer, who were eager to eat, or trightl like Greg Lund, who wanted to do mundane stuff, like study O sn- Muslcal Makes Amerlcan Debut "Cruel Tears," the hit Canadian musical by Ken Mitchell, made its American debut at Flagler this spring. Described as one of the most origi- nal and inventive theater pieces ever staged in Canada, "Cruel Tears" of- fers certain intriguing parallels to Shakespeare's "Othello"g but the jeal- ous hero, Johnny Roychuk lplayed by Mark Hunterl, is a Ukrainian truck driver from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, not a Moor of Venice. Billed as a "country opera,', the play is written in the idiom of country and western music. Kathy Jensen lDebbie Tapleyl is "Cruel Tears"' equivalent of Shake- speare's Desdemona, and Jack Deal lJeffrey Troyerl is the Iago-type char- acter. Other cast members were: Flora- zarea Deal, Mimi Craigg Earl Jensen, Bruce Oxford, Ricky Yates, Russell Gremillotg Roy Carter, Michael Lind- say, Debbie Lou Belinsky, Joann Sper- anzag Filthy Phil and the policeman, Michael Sivelsg mime chorus, Toinette Benton and Pamela Koloniag the band, Mike Roberts, Joe Warren, Eddie White and Joan Noeldechen. "Cruel Tears" was directed by visit- ing drama instructor Jack Boschulte. Top Mark Hunter as Johnny Roychuk and Debbie Tapley as Kathy Jensen Taking a break from the rigors of work, the pledge their love in song Above Mike Snvels lleftl Joan Noeldechen and truckers e Michael Lindsay lleftl, Jeffrey Russell Gremillot musically describe the problems of modern life Troyer, Michael Sivels and Russell Gremillot - compete in a fooseball game. Relaxing On Campus gxi -as QR ra... Yes, friends, believe it or not, your four years at Flagler College do not have to be devoted en- tirely to scholarship. Every once in a while you can take a break. There are a variety of ways to do this. You can take the active approach labove, leftl as lan Stake does. lan uses the tongue-inelips rather than the tongue-in-cheek method of skateboarding. Then, of course, you can simply relax with a friend, as Joe Zabrosky does labove, rightl. On the other hand, some people prefer creativity during their leisure hours So, you could take up a hobby, such as bicycle mechanics. That's what keeps Erik De- Sando lleft, foregroundl occupied, with a little help from Vince Gonzol. Whatever your choice, it's sure to enhance the quality of your life at Flagler, Academics Gffices Cf The President Q.. 1 wwf lu. "'. sl '-ww-.am-an A NN x N. Above, left, Dr. William L. Proctor, president of the college, Above, right, Robert A. Honiker, director of campus planning, Below, left, Helen C. Amato lleftl, administrative assistant for institutional research, Elizabeth M. Hudson, executive secretary, Anne F, Craft, secretary to the dean of the college, Below, right, Robert F. Carberry, dean of the college. And Academic Affairs N N352 V, wg. .N W X -.f,5N.,K.,NNsr N S X wx . X M ., . x X x Q ml, X ,X rf X .i .' .ry P N N X x Nx . ' X v- ww Wfwfxw x " "t N wifww--x N - - xx FN Y. if M Q.: t x Q X e R s "R X A xx xx mx X , f x X X L fm' Ei V v. N V+.- G., rev, Y Q, kg , N MX . x - . ..Q: .,.,. ' k-wlzw, j , ' A Q X ,. - .x , 311, I Stu f-1,5 j QQ: Q f r ' RX ' wgwr. , We x 'X MX N Ng X Nr X N N N Q 5 x t X it S N X K'-it A ibm H. t wif stag fix X we x X V N - is . ,fax XP X. QQ X Q gr ' 1.35354 fi .4 , A .Q -X, ,, . 'X' 1.4m .-Q X ,xg - -N t www :J XY ' :j:2:'3 tgw ' +1XSL..,t. :MQ :SJ Ski 'N A Above, Henry F. Lloyd, registrarg Below, left Teresa Jacalone, secretary to the registrarg Be low, right, Ernest F. Jones, college recorder veterans' affairs. Office Of Development Library I A nu Left, A.H. Tebault, vice president for college relationsg Center, Josie Griffith, coordinator of alumni affairsg Above, Joanita M. Nellenbach, director of information services. Health sri' Q W ,QR Nm' is 2 ig- Above, Judy Clayton lleftl, assistant librarian for technical servicesg Joan R. Lohr, secretary to the director of library servicesg Glenn E. Platt, director of library servicesg Louise White, assistant librarian for reader servicesg Eileen Priddy, clerical assistant. Right, Virginia M. Braune, college nurse. Services Na. Uffice Cf Student Services 1 -' imbml Left Darwin L White dean of student services Center, Patricia J. Blair, college counsellor and placement officer Right Gail Sitton secretary to the dean of student services, l '1," if ' ' I 'L 2.71391 57" x ', I 1- , 9 ' ya A if , 1 Q im . Left, Walter and Martha Shinn talk with Dr. Proctor, Shinn is director of youth ministries, coordinator of Young Life, and women's tennis coach. Above, Daniel Stewart, women's basket- ball coach, and physical education instructor. 'gsm 3 .- . .tak-,, R NN 3 ,v . . . s -ss. , X? f Ni: N Cffice Cf x., . , .. Q k Q' .Y M ' ' x fm xy, . .3 A ,M A, ,,, . ',.,, .V .. if 4 ,, 2,45 V. . 1 .- ,.,, . Q Q, if .vx P lx f. Q ,X li 2 K l sf 'M 4' x 52 2 -"P ,f Yah .-fires 5 ' ' 'Wm l X gsm' Quia . Q . E ' 1 :L im, s. X S' . mm' L 1 Q f -X L...- Left, Jack B. Lakes, director of business services. Above, Joan Murray lleftl, secretary to the director of business services, Barbara Beckham, college accountant, Judith Lyden, accounts payab- lefpayroll. fx ,AV 'Q-w..,. QD" 4 , 5 fx " X -xl -new , .. , ' . W.-K , 'f'fv.g....a-if .is Left, Margie Lynch, college cashier and financial aid clerk. Above, Bob Smith, bookstore manager, with assistant, Susan Miceli. Business Services lr xl' ll' gf fre., ' l x vw' if K sl , gg hi 6 5 gi ii ,934 Q 1 f si i' ani nj: .1 '-' t 3 af, ' , if A A Left, John Gradick, chief of security. Above, Reuben Sitton, supervisor of mail and duplicat- ing services. Right, George E. Patthey, superin- tendent of plant and grounds. g Epicure Front row - Kelvin Jackson ileftl, Leroy Clarkson, Wyverne Conner, Richard Thorpe, Emily Smith, Francis Floyd, Dotty Henry, Sadie Hardy, Back row - Debbie Roach, asst. manager, Paula Odom, Kay Polek, Harry Pope, Juan Lawton, Charlene Wright, Wanda Thomas, Frank Reid, Louise Preston, Willie Wilbur, Edith Rawlings, Nancy Leisner, Mary Dobson, manager. xx' Admissions And Financial Aid ii 2 xl, 4 r ,:.1sg.:. M Z . ,,,,,..a I ? .,.. ,LQ-' ..,,.e is " ' J-fi 7 ,limit 3 i. Top, left, William T. Abare, Jr., director of admissions and enrollment planning, Top, cen- ter, Stuart W. Reid, director of financial aid, Top, right, Roger D. Kline, assistant director of admissions, Above, left, Shirley Kiger lleftl, ad- missions secretaryg Anne Rogers, secretary to the director of admissions and enrollment plan- ningg Donna Kay Williams, admissions secretary, Above, right, Peter Meehan lleftl, associate di- rector of admissions, Susan L, Ollivier and Ray Hull, assistant directors of admissions, lmmedie ate right, Ann Green, secretary to the director of financial aid. .X i i wfifhmgeye ,. ,,. po ,ffm 411.4 4 -er English Top, left, Dr. Gail H. Compton, associate professor, English, Center, left, Valerie D'Ortona, assistant professor, Englishg Bottom, left, Vincent D. Puma, assistant profes- sor, English, Below, right, Dr. Constantine Santas, professor, department chairman, English, Bottom, right, Dr. Andrew Dillon, professor, English. 'fn' Av 5 5 s XR N QE:-.: -:ra-sz A., i -ng'-r' Education And NNW' Top, Dr. Anne R. Shreve, associate professor, department chairwoman, education, Above, R, Glenn Aspinwall, assistant professor, physical education, baseball coach. X xi H, XX K, X -.Q N Top, center, Paul B. Crutchfield, Jr., assistant professor, coordinator of deaf education, Top, right, Patricia Weddle, secretary to the educa- tion department, Above, center, Dr. Frances Ei Farrell, assistant professor, education, Above, right, Dr. Winona E.C. Schulte, professor, edu- cation, Immediate left, Dorothy Rooney, secre- tary to the athletic department. Physical Education , W' r-' ""'l....... A ,ff V Top, left, Karen Sapp, assistant professor, acting department chairwo- man, physical education and recreation management, assistant softball coach, and Allen Sapp, softball coach, Top, center, Louise C. Fahrney, associate professor, coordinator of learning disabilities and mental retarda- tiong Top, right, James "Bo" Clark, instructor, physical education, coor- dinator of recreation management program, men's basketball coach, Above left, Peter L. Scott, assistant professor, education, men's tennis coach, Above, right, Robert Moullin, soccer coach, awards plaque to Kostadin Donev of the soccer team. fv- 91 LAS, Social Science .fbibbh N rt '51 I y, li PAM I Afdrgs V :rr Q. 5: N'-X Z I Q.. A Top, left, Michael J. Sherman, associate professor, department chairman, social sciencesg Top, right, Dr. Dawn A. Wiles, professor, Latin American affairs, department chairwoman, SpanishfLatin American studies, Above, left, Dr. Thomas S. Graham, associate professor, history, Right, Dr. John M. Kistler, associate professor, geography. Philosophy, Religion, Psychology -' N-N, . '--4 i I ld ": 3? V A 'f ,fl f,,.fwwP"" -1-A U -aj""" 'foals-4v,1f-nw..-..,-..-v-....4.-.4,,., 'E 1, Top, left, Dr, Jerry Noloboff, associate professor, psychology, Top, right, Dr. Mattie E. Hart, assistant professor, religion, Above, Dr. Douglas R. Taylor, assistant professor, philosophy, Right, Dr. Stephen P, Willard, assistant professor, psychology.. fix N xw 1 Business Administration V--. .,4 I I ,. . .. I. . . ,if --,- . - -Q , 5 if '-'fi faves, , . ' I:r ' , ' QITI '. ,I , , , 1. , 4- fag, " t V ' A H' 55 D- -""' ,. 'f - 9? I lg ' 1 'wr:s.-,5'.'-'rr' ' A ' ' QI ,.: ' - I 'Q Q ' 1 - -i f1',f35" ' f :lf 'i , ,. . .f, ,, ,,,q,:III,f . i . ' II l-SW WG '1- f , - . - N: , f - 2 . 'Y II. f.,,.,33-W ..., A I i 'i ' llfiff , ., 4 ,Q ,f .I 1 ' . I 53,23 if e-3 , , t- , rifgggn I III AI 'I V . III I II - t Yfhgf, --A- .- . V s P , , ,Wg ' , A- " ' , , i-4-' . - t - -t 1 ' 1, ,- . :', . , 'rf 2,4 - ' ,,:-:,- Q ,, K "4'5:f:'5 s if 13 nw' 'll' fi: , , f" -Y! Y-t lfb v -1-i2, i5' 1. I I , ,.f., .K ,r II, , If,-1 i-f ' '1 'a r.I'f'fa'? .-'- -' . lr 1 ' " .i-"vm '-'. . , , '- , wr 'V-N-..4 r-i -' wig, .fw.,. vt, . ,A .- - " , ' , .Y 5,-.5 3 -' ,f"'ff' ' 4-32vr'15I, . I -, 1,541 I--3-: xr- was 11,3 ' - f ' -,,t'4's I ' -Q, ?'i'-gf1,"'?g -,f "rg I T ix-A - , - .rr w, t" -J ' 1:9 593 7'f'Mss, fx .ig-.4 swi jw. . i, " '?,fjs,'.'QI -' "rg,-J .. af' ,' .- vm: N. . f'. M1.".Q7.-, Q. s lag I ffigf. pe , .M 5: :I , .I 52552 s 'lm' i?3ia33fATst ' W 3, 'i' Y: 554' 'f' ' , V 4 Fri,-. if wiki. y:gKf-gjvffimh gs, ,. Q nt.: -. ,,t,. 1?gn f- . 43 , wxsgvv. 4.3 ,sf-, maiimzzsz . 2, - ass .- mf- an - ,wx .ya- fnsxx Ig- I 1 r -X III, IWIIQI ""'-Q-...IM "' -. ., A "'MifsE2f55:gI f ......f- so Jr""' I Top, left, Edward Balis, assistant professor, business administration, Top, right, Louis R.F. Preysz, lll, assistant professor, business administration, Above, left, Dr. Richard Dusenbury, assistant professor, accounting, Right, Stanley R, Leavitt, assistant professor, business administration and economics. er- i 't Siu f 'v-of 3 N Math, Natural Science -fry "cw-f-Mm ww-1,-,.,,, "gsm---w-. ,mwwm 'mQg9?'tf2'1::f-W. . ....4...5 Af Q5 N. 4"-N g .. , Top, left, Dr, Peter J. Lardner, professor, department chairman, natural science, Top, right, Dr. Robert E. Osteen, assistant professor, mathemat- ics, Above, left, Dr. George F. Green, associate professor, mathematics, Above, right, William C. Kearney, assistant professor, mathematics s 2 '3 f if XA: v, 'A . K 96 ' 1 W -Q S K , NQSN XX .sk t i Art, Drama, Dance or Ll, lt, 5 MX QT. Top, left, Enzo V. Torcoletti, associate profes- sor, art, Top, center, Donald C. Martin, assistant professor, art, Top, right, Robert M. Hall, asso' ciate professor, department chairman, art, Above, left, Thomas P. Rahner, associate pro- fessor, department chairman, drama, Above, center, Phyllis M, Gibbs, assistant professor, drama, Above, right, Pamela and Larry Leon- ard, visiting instructors, dance. -4- . ...:,. rr-rf nuy.. W 1 H" - Z . ' " uv 3... . "Wt, , ...,..,.. nrrre . -Av 1 'A r 4 .ef 4 1 , 'dv J. , K.: .vfx 4 4 sl-X 1 CQ' 4, A f H v s 1 fe iii 4, hay. 4. Vg -xg v. are s r-.. . ..... . www.. N-an ' X - ,ef Sports Netters Third In Nationals Flagler's 1982f83 men's tennis team: front row - Glenn Gagnon lleftl, Paul Valois, Peter Ryan, Paul Nagle, back row - Michael LaPierre, Emery Kansas City's becoming a second home for Flagler net- ters. The men's team was off to Missouri again this year for the NAIA Championships. Flagler's 19-16 season was marred by injuries, but that didn't stop the netmen from garnering Flagler's seventh district championship. In Kansas City, the team captured 27 points, making that the second highest point total in its history. In addition, the Saints defeated five seeded players and finished two places Szekely, Michael Padvorak, Charles McCuen, Coach Peter Scott, not shown - Barry Curley, Colin Crothers. above their fifth-place ranking. In another record for the tournament, Flagler retained American players in competition longer than any other team. Colin Crothers, although unseeded, was named Academic All-American lour fourthl and All American lour eleventhl, The Saints are looking to come back strong in 1983f84. Even though we lose Chuck McCuen to graduation and grad school, Colin Crothers and Barry Curley will be back to enhance the team. E A - 5 'EI To ' ' xkxg.. " i X Wm ' ,, -K N ww ,, ,,,, Q m iwNN-gqewxmwxxm A k ,RQsRQ:v:wexwmmRxmmmx 'TS Above, left, Chuck McCuen in action. Above, right, Pete Ryan serves. Left, Paul Nagle reaches for the ball. Lady Saints In NAIA Tourney Flagler's 1982183 women's tennis team: front row - Maureen Dunn lleftl, Judy Carlin, Joanna Marowitsg back row - Asst. Coach Tami Vezina, Alice Flagler's Lady Saints netters headed for Kansas City this year for their first NAIA Championship tournament. This was their first year of membership in NAIA, although they'd placed in AIAW competition in past years. Elaina Capalbo, Judy Carlin and Maureen Dunn all went two rounds in singles play. Sharon Hamilton, Karen Never- ton and Kim Carter made it to the second round. In singles and doubles competition, the team captured eleven points. -qw-if , I Funclerburk, Elaina Capalbo, Kim Carter, Sharon Hamilton, Coach Walter Shinn, Walter Shinn, in his fourth year as women's tennis coach, felt he had a strong team going into the tournament. Earlier in the season, Flagler compiled some impressive victories, including a complete sweep of the NAIA schools in Georgia. "We found out how strong we really are," Shinn said. Flagler was the only school invited to participate in the NAIA district tournament in Atlanta in mid-May, Shinn said. W' -v WM' .- - ' -Q -v N A . ,Y .- . ., , . 3 4 i . ' - .- ' - r ' - i ' A J 1 1 13 ., X ' '- i ' . I ' " . 'v' ' ' r 1 we." ' ' A I Q Q ,yx.vNi5p.L Wfxf. .V-ff tg- f gf Rr Us 5 3 -. f qpwsgwxw-pr-Q-Q tt . r , fwgfQgfa"J :JFS S 1--6--4-.. , t wr, 5 1. 3.x .9 A f i ' r""'Q'+"' -514. , All 'fi My-f--A' --XP fr- ' Hr H+--,-i , X r 1- 1 F . - A Q 5 W . ' ' 5'-f .,, .,, ' .gi - f f A N 2 - rg. , + , ,,,.'..,.. 3 r ' 15' f 1 t- 4- , i ' et- " f" ?l'tl W: e v , . , ,r . ' fl A ' f f ' r 1 . 1 X -?ff."Lfff '-,..:-iifsff' a l t , V , S 1 , V s Y 4 3- -- :Nh-Q W , U 5 f r , . Q X W ' F' A' ' 5 - N l f J 5 A ' 1 F Ni 1 ' ' ' - 4 , ' 1 1 Q "ir-7525261.55-v ffflf' x- ' 1 ' ., ,I 1 i 2 i . r X V A V 1 A P I' .N 3 . rl .X ' Q' r, , M. , - M .,n.........-.e. ,,... M .N . A V Top, Alice Funderburk lleftl and Kim Carter in action. Above, left, Elaina Capalbo, backed by Sharon Hamilton, rushes the net to return the ball. Above, Judy Carlin is ready for action. Immediate left, Sharon Hamilton races in to scoop one up. , ,a..,,,.-, l,,..,,,,,,, Saints Take Third T75 102 Flagler's 1982f83 baseball team: front row - Jim DiPofi, Chuck Morton, Scott Mendez, Kevin DiPofi, Joe Shakar, Tom Rodish, Bob Vinciguerra, Matt Kozak, Coach R. Glenn Aspinwallg middle row - Kevin Smith, Thom- as Clarke, Kevin Kussow, Tim Reiner, Kirk Kreuter, Louis Calabria, Robert Saints baseballers headed to NAIA District 25 competition for the third straight year, following a season which ended with a 26-19 record. This year's tourney was held in Boca Raton. Armstrong State took revenge on Flagler for the Saints' three-out-of-four wins against them during the regular sea- son. The Georgia team defeated Flagler 10-5 in the last game of the tournament. The Saints finished third in the tourney. Flagler beat Southern Tech 6-3 in the first game, and then went on to take a close 3-1 victory over Georgia College tseeded No. ll. The Saints lost 7-2 to Florida Atlantic fseed- i Santo, Trainer Bill Rogersg back row - Mark Lasser, Art Eld, David Peters, Robert Godfrey, Joe LaSpina, Tim Bukar, Paul Erickson, Jim Shawg not shown - David Benedict. ed No. 2l before finally losing out to Armstrong State lseed- ed No. 41. R. Glenn Aspinwall looks forward to strong action, with 12 players returning in the fall. Bob Santo, for instance, had an outstanding freshman year, batting .400-plus, and racking up eight homers along the way. Scott Mendez, this year's most valuable player, will be back for his senior year. Other top players are Tim Bukar, southpaw who transferred to Flagler this year, and Joe Shakar, catcher, will be a senior with three years of exper- ience to contribute. xt Q-.rr-ffs -Q-an in -3--37-Q--j-www Q ., ,f .X . . . 1 ' " ' 5 ,Nba L' 'tk f. X, Q! 4 X v 1 , Q, 1. N5 ' 'Q iw K ., ' . X 1 4' x Q as A .swf . -Q ',.' K ,. my -- ' 1 af xi it My 3 .YQ Q Q. 2 1 - N . . -.f..:, .M . , X. -tw .E "-S ' -' 'atv Pax -. tg: -xt, x..,..w M 9. wx A .Q -- 'f+.1Q-x ., ,QQ N, Ns Ee N U " f W -nn . , ii' y -,QQ45 iv In 'W ' N :Q ' '. v p ' -. KS H vs.,-.,3.t , 'f X is - .- ' 1 na M! J , N, -Oqvsxz...--i rx , .. , , ,. Q A Q. N ,f - ' -.till , , yifigfiw .,,.,f-V -'Num ' ' :-' ,-.ri A ,L M .uauqsiuwf '1 f .Q A'-1-Tri M . ,V ,--sarah-.19-..'-Av, l-.MT J,:5,,,,,. , , , .Q V-K-, - -- ' iff' far:-:xi .5 QD' 'fm -'X f 1 5 'MIWJ1-K'X.egff?:ff.r1f'- aw. 'rr fx ?T??.:,tzs'7"56: . "' ' -L . " x 'f',.f1,igZ5i'.',.-f-,ffsf ,,:A",55?q"',fii-'-V2 Aj . .. 'Y YF".-MMF.--'.u ' Jf"'f:r'-",:- ttffif-'5':-' A flwii- :R -L , Y e - -,kgwixs-wf,,,f,:,,Q,,q59,,Nk,-:I xxx. 35.4-R,.+.-yfv,,,, wk? :iffy f Q.. M ,Q ' fi, x3.fe1v-wvreiv., 4,112-tw ref-' 'K FQ9 .-.wm..w, W --W-. ...V f,.. M.. ,f Q' Qt- f . ,Z , ,.,p,,v W 1 5,,,.W...N-M., , ,, va . I ' . Q , . if Jaw. -1 Left, Kirk Kreuter Uefti confers with first-base coach David Heise. Above, David Benedict displays pitching form. Below, Scott Mendez dives back to first after a pick-off attempt. 103 4 Above, Rich Puttick and Dave Menges watch as Dave Griffiths steals ball from opponents. Right, Saints Kos Donev, Joe Pein, Rich Puttick and lan Brunson rejoice after a goal. Above, Flagler player lan Brunson tries to beat the opposing team to the ball. Right, Wayne Barbour rushes down field in an attempt at a goal. Soccer's Best Year Ever This year the soccer team had the best season in its history. The Saints overcame the handicap that results from having only two home games. Flagler went through the season with a record of twelve wins and five losses. ln post-season play, the Saints per- formed very well. They advanced through district play-offs defeating At- lantic University by the score of three to one in the final that was played at Flagler Field in front of 250 fans. The team won many awards and earned many honors because of their v -. Back: Bob Moullin, Andy Ford, A.J. Royes, Joe Pein, Francisco Manfredi, Dave Menges, lnge- mar Lanevi, Troy Roarke, Rich Puttick, Mike Deluliis, Lance Landis. Front: Guy Olney, Dave Griffiths, Brian Clark, lan Brunson, Lenny Yan- kelunas, Kos Donev, Bradt Moser, Dennis Rodri- gues, Wayne Barbour, John Brunson, Matt Mur- asko. Left, Brian Clark and Wayne Barbour give their all in a game. ' performance. They were voted num- ber 20 in the nation for NAIA colleges and number six in the nation for scor- ing goals per game, with an average of 3.86. On the state level, they were voted number seven for all Florida four year colleges. The Saints also re- ceived the Bob Wilson Award from the Florida Referees Association for fair- ness in play, character and outstand- ing sportsmanship. Many players won awards for indi- vidual performance. Among these was team captain Kos Donev who made 2 .lr..-.A. the first team, all district. Richard Put- tick also made first team, all district as well as first team, all area. Another Saint who won honors was Wayne Bar- bour. He made both second team, all district and all area. The biggest honor won by Barbour was being ranked number five in the nation for assists, by te NAIA. First year coach Bob Moullin also won some awards. He was named dis- trict coach of the year and Florida In- tercollegiate Soccer Coaches Associ- ation coach of the year. .5-if A Q... Kos Donev prepares to kick the ball downfield. X 'lv I .... fi B-Ball The 1982-1983 men's basketball team specialized in pulling out last minute victories, earning them the nickname of the Karidac Kids. The basket on the buzzer style won 18 of their 31 games. The team won important victo- ries over Rawlings, Armstrong State and Georgia College among others. Coach Bo Clark felt that the Saints "had a fantastic year with the tough schedule that we had," and he was "especially pleased with the dedication and hard work that the players put forth. This was a team that did not give up, to me this is a sign of character," The fighting spirit of the team was shown through player awards. Kirk Brown made first team All Dis- tricts. The never give up attitude was partially inspired by Brian Gor- don who won the leadership award. Though only a few were singled out for honors, it was the entire team's efforts that made the Kardiac Kids. v gg Kirk Brown dribbles past an opposing play- M Q cz ' 'F 5 . I K '::!n . Right, Kirk Brown makes a shot at the basket. Above, Sam Coachman puts the ball in the hoop with the help of Rick James and Pop Lemon. Srl 3 ,U '.b,,'svaPliU"""". ggggga, ,wvtv ws M X tv--ffm flfixfix-V . . ' "'k pats '--- sigsmss 's'yxgX x X x X XXX XX XXX XNXQXX B X NX NX xx X Kms Xxx XX X X N fsrwx Xxvss X ts 8 SNR' C ' SKK N" XkQwX,. A . S3 ' x but-skit g 5. Qg-Xw,53Q,5wX,a- Q wQN5mgSxkmSwswvtlf. . ' Q35 -exfqg! ix':x1sg.f s'1N?i3L:Y5 . 'N ' x XX X -xx-.5 New gsy5sgwt.3X,5 X XNQX 1 X .tt XX -5-if: QNX mamma xt-.. tg, Yagi! 3 Top: Bo Clark lcoachl, Sam Coachman, Rick James, Steve Kelly, Carlton Green, Bart Wof- ford, Brian Dearden, Harold Leroy lGrad Assti, Joel Lusz lAsst. Coachl. Bottom: Kevin Harris, Charlie Williams, David Dizney, Antoine Lemon, Kirk Brown, Bernie Pflum, Rufus Jenkins. Right, Charlie Williams makes a shot while Nova Play- ers try to catch him. Saint Player Rick James waits for a pass while opposing player covers him WM- . . lo 'fl f. r v ",f , ii Women s This year was a building year for the women's basketball team. They had a tough season, ending with a record of 4 and 22. However, next year should be a good one for the lady Saints. The team is a young one, losing only two players to graduation. Towards the end of the season faithful fans began to see the potential of the players as they began to gain confidence in their ability, pulling three of their wins in end of sea- son play. These late wins helped the team to feel more positive, which should help them to have a better start in the 1983-84 season. One person who helped the Saints to their victories and who inspired others to give all they could was the most valuable player, Cindy Dawson, who is a junior and a forward. This year's Lady Saints had a difficult schedule, playing five teams that are ranked in the nation. Next year, they are looking forward to an easier schedule and a better season. ' B-Ball: Building Year ,,.. Above, Karen Grant and Donna Schnorr look over their shoulders as ball approaches. Right, Cindy Dawson waits for a foul shot. Below, Sharon Walrath looks for someone to pass to. ... 4 . :f5,f:i11.f-LIZ E '22 'Y ffm, , ,.,,r, Standing: Michelle Vendrone, Allison Brooks, Patty Camarote, Sharon Walrath, Cindy Daw- ' son, Jenny Ackerman, Stevie O'lVlahoney, Sta- cey Snead, Julie Fish, Karen Grant, Donna Schnorr, Gladys Brown lmanagerl. Sitting: Dan Stewart lcoachl, Debbie Drabinski. HERE? x l 2 , Q r ,. .,X.t t ,A i as S rt,l X Left, Saint Stacey Snead attempts a basket. Right, Donna Schnorr shoots over others in a long basket. Cross Country Has Great Year The 1982 Flagler Cross Country team enjoyed its best season ever, compiling a record of 37-12-1. Led by the record breaking l efforts of freshman Troy Holland, the Saints consistently beat A large universities and placed well in invitational meets. Holland was pushed by junior Charlie Culbreth and freshman Pat DeSor- mier. Junior Glenn O'Brien and sophomore Dave Biros rounded out the top five. Although hampered by the loss of the team captain, junior Marc Williar, the Saints ran strongly and missed the National Championship meet by placing second to Berry College of Georgia in the District Championships. In this race, Holland qualified for the All-District team. Flagler will lose no runners to graduation and is looking forward to national competi- tion in 1983. The women's team was led by senior Alison Brooks, who proved one of the top runners in the Southeast. Unfortunately, the female Saints could not build a full team, but the aggressive running of Brooks, senior Joy Reeves, and sophomore Jeanne Balliet made for some of the most exciting racing in Florida. Above right, Troy Holland and Charles Culbreth run through a park. Above, Saints race down a dirt road near St. Augestine Beach. Q.,-nuts M-.u.,. A' , -twsveasrxsggpgrs-.gg1Qmw::ze.r A .,.t:+r-a,-.rf , ..., ...ff ' i' ... - tt , .,1.:- ,,,. ,,, , ,.,,, I -- . 1.-1-isef-:3::-5-3-f-.-ffm--5, f " " ll ' r - " "'--"' - K , W - WW,-, ttf., 4 . :.-.zssm -5tg:,,' , j ,, ,srzrg-:-zgrj,-2,-gp! : ' ' '-1-' ,. . ,gas ' - rtfrsfr' .ff . . t, ,. ' "Yf?-'51-325 ' ' ,. , , H , A .1,,:1g,,,f1,.:5'.f5.2.g,U3,.-2... . , . s H P . ,t-, , ::r.f efssf" x M-a . - 'r e t' '-:1:,rm,s X .'5'jE:: . l'5' , , . H ,, ,:,::.:--- .,'1' -rfltfkr . , . . .t - 5915.4 '.,:--:2- 'Peg'-V-:L-Lgf-511:Jiri fiirfiifi- t " Right Glenn O'Brien strides down the beach, . . ' , . . ., 1f1'ff?:Q,-j Above, Standing: Rob Kellner, Jean Balliet, Alison , - -5 " Brooks, Brian Dumphy, Jeff Nethery, Glenn .g.4.,-3,1,,351,fs.4.,j.1- , W, O'Br1en, Marc Williar, Dr, Graham. Front: Jeff "'ff:Q":fl:2E.--'i,. -:.1,1'1,,ses:g-wg, , :f, t. . . ' 1 4' " Troyer, Dave Biros, Pat DeSormier, Troy Holland, N-.,,,,,A.:,,. , Charlie Culbreth, ' -- ., ..,.. t-11f1fS:E: .f:Se1t.- Y '1 it -frs ' ff- '4'7f' 533a .1. NGS?-5-, "ff-:issikkkirfi ,,,. : ' ' . "l ' : 'i5I:51:5Q'i'., - . ' -1,7"S'ssWs f 1 'law-1-11' ' -1 ' -wr f.-'.:,-:N . W1 r-fs.:-w - Volleyball: A Year Of Change 3 6' 8 Front Row: Jenny Ackerman, Lynette Freitag, Don- Ellis. na Schnorr, Maria Estrada, Debbie Waltmann, Dana Q ll rf. gt X gs I Q vs " 3 k ik S .0 ,Hump il' gt 'Sl The 1982 volleyball team was a young one with a new coach. The team consisted of mostly sophomores and no seniors. After a slow start, the team began to perform at a higher level. Returning players had to adjust to the new coach and his new playing techniques, while new players had to adjust to the team. However, the Saints overcame these hinderances and others, such as injur- ies and a small team, to place third in Districts. Back Row: Fitch Hasbrouck, Scott Brownell. ?W'7" sm. Left, Patty Wasloski and Jenny Ackerman prepare to return a volley. Above, players discuss strategy with the coach during a break in the action. Golf Team W-Y-1.-we Kuff-' A AE Left, Tom Rooney attemps a putt. Above, Flagler's l982f83 golf team: Brad Brewer lleftl, Tom Davis, Tom Rooney, John Norris, Jamie Zimmerman, Asst. Coach Dale Wiggins, not l Z S is fe 1 shown, Mark Weeks, Coach A.H. Tebault. Be- low, left, Brad Brewer lines up a shot. Below, right, Tom Davis checks the angle of the green. , ,.,. , - l ll I A -Q 3 ' Q ,V ,. - 2 . , - f'fffmw:.-: fi-Nw, mfg , - , .4 ' gm , A ., Q-IQ,-1 "ff: , x O wr V i:,i,,,fv:aw?'iC 95, :I L ' ' ' ..., , if 4 - ' ' ' " In A ,, .1..:,, flux K 2 H ii . Milf ,, - V .. sw-,.:,:-M M. ., . e I r 3 5 2: , ll ll Softball Saints Unstoppable Flagler's 1982f83 women's softball team: front row - Cindy Dawson lleftl, Linda Evans, Sharon Walrath, Anna Auth, Suzanne Snyder, Kim Meiggs, Suzanne Novak, back row - Asst. Coach Karen Sapp, Deirdre Kirwin, Nothing seems to stop the Lady Saint softball team. Off to a late season start, and with a 19-30 season record, the team headed for NAIA District 25 competition in Savannah. The Lady Saints definitely left their mark, placing fourth of nine teams participating in the tourney. Flagler came from behind to beat Rollins 6-3 early in the competition. Although West Georgia won the tournament, Flagler had the satisfaction of knowing they had beaten the Georgia team 1-O earlier in the season. Although the Saints lose Dee Kirwin to graduation, Sharon Walrath will be among the players returning to what should be a great season. Walrath handled pitching chores admira- bly this year. ' Cynthia Spurgeon, Kelly O'Neill, Belynda Tharpe, Carol Morin, Donna Schnorr, Coach Allen Sapp. "She came in and filled in fas pitcherl even though she would probably rather have played somewhere else," Coach Allen Sapp said. "She pitched every game, sometimes five a day." Dee Kirwin's versatility will be missed. "She played a lot of different positions," Sapp said. "We could put her wherever we needed her." The team members have a very special relationship. "We're literally a family," Sapp said. "They are like sisters and they even call us fMr. and Mrs. Sappl Mom and Dad. "lt's a lot of fun when you have that kind of relation- shipf' Cheerleaders Support The cheerleaders squad performs at the men's basketball games. They help inspire the team during all those close matches. The squad is led by captain Carrie Valenti and co-captain Debbie Tappe- ly. These two help to keep spirits up during the practices and perfor- mances. The cheerleaders do more than just lend their voices to the basketball team, they also lend their time. Most of the rotunda signs and posters hung in the gym, are created by the squad. ,f"""'X Flagler Lion, Lori Yourell, cheers on the men's basketball team. Saints Above, Denise Hilgeman and Carrie Valenti prac- tice a cheer before a game. Left, the cheerleaders make a pyramid. W6 ? xii. .. An M -- Six 'E V' f-. M.---0 N 1 A,-:v x:.-aSia.'-+1-Qebw, , w YKSXAX kmifsvav ::::"N--f- get r.. ,pxasvff ...LQ S A was ' NkW' QA My i my A N yi 1 vl Qi las. - -wi wi f'-gf,,- Above, Troy Holland races down the stretch. Above Right, Kirk Brown tries for a jump shot. Below Left, Jon Brunson and Wayne Barbour move ball downlield. 4 , gg.. .ve w"9?5'- L..,...- ,,-,,g, 5 Q Above, Stacy Snead and Donna Schnorr wait for a foul shot. Left, Scott Mendez slides safe into first base. Knew-....q...,,..,,., , , , A 4 '- ...A -Mir " tiki Grganizations Student Government Association ,Q ., --v V. X, 1 J ., if 4 Q ti A Above, 1982183 SGA Executive Board - Richard Bartl lleftl, presidentg Glenn O'Brien, vice presidentg Delphine Jordan, secretaryg Will Verbits, social chairpersong Darla Hankel, com' munity relations chairperson. Right, Rick Bartl pins executive board pin on Pat DeBlasio, 1983f84 SGA president. ,.... fb - -Q ,N 536 A .Ml R t. t.,,,,, up-1-rbeX . .. . . ...WY M- . Q . 'f Senior Class i Swv 'R -SSS X N. Senior Class Executive Board: Front row - Deirdre Kirwin lleftl, treasurerg Janette Fincher, secretary, back row - Victoria Worth, president, Peter Meehan, adviser, Joyce Reeves, vice president. This year, women's lib hit the senior class, which sported an all-female ex- ecutive board: Victoria Worth, presi- dent, Joyce Reeves, vice president, Deirdre Kirwin, treasurer, and Janette Fincher, secretary. We started out trying to make this a worthwhile year. On a serious note CC sharpl, the senior class worked hard this year. Even though there wasn't always the largest turnout at the meetings, there definitely was a special comraderie among us. Our first activity took "root" in a plant sale. We held one each semes- ter. Sponsoring a "New Waven dance selling coupons for Wendy's, deliver- ing doughnuts, staging free-throw con- tests at the basketball games, selling Flagler caps and collecting our senior class dues, all brought in needed funds. The money raised was used for the Spring Formal, our senior class party and our senior class gift to the school. The S5400 gift was used toward the purchase of outdoor furniture. These tables and chairs will be placed among the trees by the pool, and will provide students with a place to sit and study while enjoying our beautiful campus. A special gift from the funds we raised was a redbud tree which we planted near Kenan Hall in memory of Hugh Shaw. We would like to thank Peter Mee- han, associate director of admissions, who was adviser to the 1983 senior class. y Beta Alpha Epsilon Front row - Rena Ireland lleftlg Lynne Sparksg Cathy Przybyszewskig Gina Piscog Gladys Brown, publicity chairpersong Rita Theodorg back row - Anne Ledbetter, vice presidentg Jim Podriznik, presidentg Lisa Ann Thompson, secretaryg Patti Kaufmanng Patrice Monacog Nancy Andersong Rick Bartl, treasurer, Alpha Chi I ,qw 5, N 1 . MC.. , 5 ifu . Milam' fd.. xgxg... Front row - Janette Fincher lleftlg Melissa Balbesp Paula Sklenarg Mary Scheiderman, secretaryg Marc Williar, vice presidentg Charles Culbrethg back row - Dr. Peter Lardner, adviserg Carol Naschke, president and treasurerg Katherine Johnsong Laura Lottg Amy MacDonaldg Heather Thompsong Cindy Fialkovicg Donna McKilIopg Patty Masters. Deaf Education Club I N x .f , . Ay, -' a - Sw. -' ,.-. :rv X , x g Q Front row - Beth Payne lleftl, Linda Eller, Donna Marie Thompsong middle row - Lisa Jordan, Lisa Morin, Heidi Lindemood, Keri Stewartg back row - Linda Vemeau, vice presidentg Cindy Bryan, presidentg Lynne Gambardella, treasurerp Laura Lott, secretary. Q x x X- 1.3 ab s 5ilF? QVIRJ Front row - Marianne Webb lleftl, treasurerg Kim Flanagang Carol Millerg Karen Riedel, man- agerg Karen Loderhose, directory back row - Pat Blair, adviserg Jill Madley, historiang Will Verbits, chauffeurg Karen Stephensg Sheila Stopherg not shown - Ann Sagraves, secre- taryg Kim Buhk, pianistg Jim Towersg Maureen Dupesg Kermit the Frog, Q-QIH1 I G Student Recruitment Corps Front row - Cathy Przybyszewski lleftlg Douglas Dyerg Judy Degenhardtg Kim Wattsg Ellen Schubert, president and overnight coordinator and admis- sions liaisong Susan Ollivier, adviserg Donna Marie Thompson, secretary and treasurerg Deena Barnettg Lloyd Carrerag middle row - Wendy Wickensg Denise Kocherg Lisa Ann Thompsong Kathy Zickg Michelle Vendroneg Geor- gia Kulishg Kim Meiggsg Lynne Gambardellag back row - Beth Clausnitzerg Marc Williarg Linda Verneaug Charles Powersg Dori Laurinog not shown - Donna Andersong Rick Bartlg Patrick DeBlasiog Linda Ellerg Babette Fisherg Ruth Ann Flemingg Kim Fullerg Debbie Grutkowskig Darla Hankelg Jim Howardg Veronica Johnsg Delphine Jordang Jeanne Littleg Jill Madleyg Andy Musselmang Glenn O'Brieng Kiwanis Shortg Cynthia Spurgeong Will Verbits. Fellowship 0 Christian Athletes ww'- Sa 19W . V. ' N' if-'.,,Q,,,,,, . ,. .. 4 . . , 'Z q,.a 1 ,. '1 ":":7f"Q.f f".sZ,f if ,'f'iil'2' '7j5?5z"'Qf,.??f', I ,, " 1. i , Front row - Deena Barnett fleftl, chaplaing Dana Ellisg Patrick DeSormier3 second row - Daniel Hirsh, treasurerg Peter Ryan, vice presidentg Suzanne Snyderg Jeanne Ballietg third row - Janet Hirshg Bart Woffordg Michelle Vendroneg Karen Nevertong fourth row - Julie Hirsh, lan Stakeg Bruce Smithg fifth row - Judy Degenhardt, Alison Brooks. Ponce Players Front row - Linda Eller lleftl, social chairper- son, Joan Noeldechen, historian, Mimi Craig, treasurer, Dominique Queen, secretary, Tim Korteg back row - Jennifer Harry, vice presi- dent, Laura-Ann Best, Andrew Greenwald, president, Phyllis Gibbs, adviser. all ... .av N W. XM ' NXQ N r XX M lg S ,Fixx - N, Q' smxxsaawsSxlQxivs Xk , Circle K Front row - Cheri Cramer lleftlg Michelle Mal- son, secretaryg Robert Moullin, adviserg back row - Lisa Martin, presidentg Barbara Yaeger, social chairpersong Mary Beth Pontarelli, vice presidentg Charles Muchow, treasurerg Tom Riv- ers, Kiwanis Club representative. l Y? 9 2 ii 95. 5 1 4, E ,U-..mf 'l 28 .2-.. X Above, left, The intrepid Gargoyle staff takes a well-earned break at the end of a tough year. Catching a moment in the shade are Charles Muchow lleftl, cartoonist, Fenella Burns, editor, Patricia Scott, advertising manager, Andrew Musselman and Karen Grissom, reporters, Guy Olney, photographer. Above, right, "ls that how you put out a newspaper?" Karen wonders, as Andy cranks out the next issue. Immediate right, During pastevup, the staff finds there's a place for everything and everything in its place. This is also known as, "All the news that fits, we print." Karen lleftl, Fenella, Guy and Patty get down to business, encouraged by Chuck. The Gargoyle an , ' lr, fi ij 5'- Jv 1 ,, ,If f. 4 ,,. , 'KM be ' " Q. v fs ii 4 .f . we - 'Syl vw-. ttwmxmxxmmxcwwxwwwww N , ....'-sz".-: l X ........-s-'.,.....- , 1.,.....,..... ,.,,.t....,. F 1 5 1.-----"1.: A ' 1 31 : Q E:'t'...:'1-53r""..,""... 5 ,.,... - -:,L..w.-.- 1 1-,g -w . -,,,:-:.."""'..----W-3-.:-ga..f - tt - , tri? 4' 11' , N g :f - 4 f' tst u m w .'.. .1 - X 'N , tum' ,..-nf' 'leon . ,mn , vegffh - The Towers ,Z ,ev :Z Pm it J Above, left, Our dauntless editor, Patricia Ches- ley, smiles slyly as she diagrams yearbook pages. Above, right, What's a yearbook without pictures? Rich Kaminski checks negatives, look- ing for just the right ones to print. Immediate left, Yes, there really is a Towers staff - small, compact and hard-working: Patricia Chesley lleftl, editor, Laura Holland and Richard Ka- minski, photographers, and Joanita M. Nellen- bach, adviser. ,Zz Women For Future Service Front row - Cheri Cramer lleftl, president, Donna Marie Thompson, secretary, middle row - Lisa Ann Thompson, Josie Griffith, sponsor, Gladys Brown, vice president and treasurer, back row - Lisa Jordan, Lynne Gambardella, Marie Middleton, Debbie Polio, Denise Kocherg not shown - Kim Watts, Pilar Willis. Zh ff e I v...-+n,assmx'l ..- ...,t International Awareness I A Q-ry .Qa- f X -f , ,if fm, Q X v six 1 ' YQ 't'T..,...,f-,M- E -if s l O 3 . K . ' wx . N ' ' ,f ,. Q I i, .. ' s ' 've 9.N'ej-N'-' N , N W -'-JSWNINW9' :.w:9j'i'-, - L - .:. uw --- -tae. Aw- - w .xy xxwfkfii .. T . Y ' NNN-.. .QXWX ,i , -1 -3. F - , Q- h as 3,-wc iw S V x X xox ,Q Q X - - . ,fail-1--i K t w.,fvmg-, , , ' jst I 5 . - .. mmm-s I' X ' . " - N' k X i ,la Q .Ww- K ,- t . ,X 1 ?',ly2,., . , Q M -N N iw, N 'A ' A V xv-Qlbmvwr' isyx Av '- to X s.wm..QriK3rr :bf "" .. Front row - Lisa McCrossan lleftl, secretaryg Maria Estradap Gladys Brown, presidentg Lynda Burkholder, vice presidentg back row - Tony Grantg Ricky Hankeyg lngemar, Lanevip Louis Preysz, adviserg not shown - Jerry Stud- dard, treasurerg Kristin Cyr, social chairperson. Computer Science Club l. Qxlqg. .K M ,,. ' '4.v. rg X w A -- xl T03 QSNNY Nx X i 10 X X . XX ' X M .NS Xi lixx X X ' ,gc 'N E . W X ' AX - :f55? " ,Q Nm"N'NNX ii 'P .Nw -L 'Q NN Y 'Q-F Xkhvx. ' ,. f Q Xi c-SNQ0. . A N W i-FN 4 A gi, 'N' iw X Nw X N -A f 'Z A I is 5- ,QTL Xi Y .. , 3 Nfl, cr Q, Y, XNXXAXQ, vwq XAXSKNXXX . Mx, Q ,, ,B , X xi, 5 gg, - N, X 4- . X XX, :M i G i i Qc i i W W N NM' l '-NK . A AH ff..-me ,, .A X, X kkw .. M Front row - Stephen Bersani lleftlg Kevin Husseyg Grant Simong Rick Vassallog Tim Huberg Bart Woffordg Ken Bellg Glenn O'Brieng back row - Jon Brunson, presidentg lan Brunsong Aldyn Royesg Paul Fortunatog Cynthia Spurgeonp Heide Forbesg Francisco Manfredig Emery Szekelyg Mike La- Pierrep Richard Puttick, public relationsg Paula Sklenarg Dr. George Green, adviser. ,. V, 1 A, J 4 Newman Club Lynne Sparks lleftl, Laura Lott, Mary Scheider- man, Lisa Parchment, Patricia Mitchell. f Clu b NK sg, N X ax X, N X 7 N . X X - K. Last-Minute Preparations A graduate slips into her gown. Top, Sarah Jane Todd fleftl and Barbara-Lynne Forrest borrow Helen Amato's mirror to check the positions of those mortarboards. Above, Tammie Leedham lleftl and Liz Millard check appearance - tassels straight, small adjustment needed on a gown. lmmediate right, Eugene Krzynefski lleftl, Chris Bisbee and friend, :SNRS-, . .X .N - WEN vga:-Qs. :ski E5-LSP' 9 Q XXX ,S .f 'T' Last Student Moments an fm .1-,,, ,W . , we ,A '. 1 "? ' n-.QV ' .ft A .,,5 R 'X-"Q A-!'j.S :A H' "ff-Q, -.SQ-N. lk? Moments frozen in time - preserved as long as film and yearbooks last, preserved in the memories of those who live them. These are the last moments of studenthood for the members of the Class of 1983 While they cluster in the Rotunda, they are still stu- dents. ln a short two hours, however, they are trans- formed into graduates, people who have achieved bachelor of arts degrees, who now embark upon the world. For them, these moments are instant replays of bright spots in the last four years, and, at the same time, a last-forward look toward the fu- ture, Each graduating class is unique in the talents, aspirations and potential of its members. but all are linked by one common bond. They are graduates of Flagler College. The Grand March M6 e..f""""'v-W'-WN'-muh-whs"""--R r -4 I "'e-3. s, Ap,,,, 'A ' ff Top, left, Leading the procession, Glenn O'Brien conveys the college ban- ner as Marc Williar carries the American flag. Top, right, Helen Amato walks beside Dr, Peter Lardner, who bears the college mace. Ellie Aikens and Valerie Albury walk just behind. Above, left, The procession enters the gymnasium, Above, right, Lynne Roberts, carrying a spray of roses, and Tom Rodish are all smiles as they move toward their seats. Q i ,I -. 1 .V '41 3:5151 f . -- , - sf: xg. f +5 'EL Q xl 1 Q u 'X G+ x 0 X "X N s Q f X 'X x Q x- Q A QNX " -x N .rf :.i ' x imc. X Q N X NX Nx Q0 Q X - K 3 xxx x A Ls A i.. X fb :.,hn li, Aix. . f f.. 11 s , 1192, v " 1 at res? 1 -A' g. f 'Z51fifK,23,5'?fi ' 31:22 V T fi Xu -15 L xp 1 W3 ...--I 41 'lc ' 4 .- 2 2 A 'Fl' v. X0 A Whole New World X . Top, Jeff Crouch shakes hands with Dr. Dawn Wiles. Above, Dan Stewart lrightl congratulates Chris Carter. Immediate left, Lynne Harper is obviously happy to be among the newly graduated. I QWith Gratitude M f 1 .,, 1 9 Q ,2 . E: ,.,w.4m, ' ' ff?v+!. .X ' 232: xfwi tt - , ,S if John Gray lleftl, Dr. William L. Proctor, Frank Kenan, and A Board of Trustees of Flagler College, Mr. Kenan and the late Lawrence Lewis, Jr., on the occasion of the dedication of Mr. Gray, the only members of the William R. Kenan, Jr. Kenan Hall, Oct. 21, 1982. Mr. Lewis is chairman of the Charitable Trust. - I It is with deep gratitude that we honor these men: the magnificent gift of Mr. Kenan and Mr. Gray which was instrumental in making Kenan Hall a reality, the bold support which Mr. Lewis gives to Flagler College, and the unfailing leadership of Dr. Proctor. Dedication Mrs. Molly Wiley lcenterl as she receives appreciation award Hankel, Rick Bartl, Delphine Jordan and Glenn O'Brien from the SGA Executive Board: Will Verbits Ueftl, Darla For her continued support of and confi- dence in Flagler College, the 1983 edition of The Towers is respectfully dedicated to Mrs. Molly Wiley. ' ' Producing a yearbook takes a lot of time and effort, and could not be done without the support of the student body. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff, Rich and Laura, and Joanita, our advisor, for all their help and support. Also, many other stu- dents helped with production. I would like to give a special thanks to April Brader for getting the staff started. Also thanks to Guy Olney for all the pictures he took, to Andy Dubin for his photography, and to Linda May Halcus and Lori-Ann Selander for help with layouts and copy. This year has been a wonderful learning experience as well as lots of fun. I hope that you enjoy the book as much as we enjoyed producing it. Trisha Chesley Editor, 1982-83 I ,qlymw .wsqmy i .Jn Q ,fi mn . ' '-We-iii . , ' - , , Wu' XM 1 W. I-A . ,wmv I V- . I A ,A 5,3 is . nk e N K! ' ' L' 'lx G-Jlif, 11 -.I 'A jab ' 1 1 1 pr , 1,, . fl xv . I 11 Q7u"Y. '03 'L V Q' ' A ,, U Y V R' .nf-. 9 " ' W ,I 's fx! :B 1 n x. , h F' ,F .4 'ur' , . "1 I . fam g 5 I Ah, ,lx Nix, 15 a u C xv v ' .nu I bpm N Q My-.b H 'pr '.f 4 ' H' .. :5Q.,..+Q My 1 'Q 1 I .0 'A ,.'9"'! V .y., v. , 1 4 . -3, 'f,i4,.-vw y 4.1.3, I I su. -A x M,-'f,l' x, -01.15 I.. ,V L-. , - ,VJ I. . . W. x sul, .V N' -Ng 1 . r . L3 j if V.-' Q fy.: - . . am ...N Ann-1 1, SX. "T, .tr ,-. x, - .J 1 1 'WU Gt 2- -1.1 '92 ,,: 7: ' L .. , K. I1 f.:' vw! , V f, ', 2 af f :qw , . . . , I. Av U . . I . , X f , Ni . -- ,, I 4A 5, , ':' ' f 'J 27.7 1 FA" . 'R --L 'J' gg, , ' , lx '. 'VI' ,ir Ak, ,L t ,,.!. , .V ,, . , ,U 1' ' 4" , -x1i'?' 1-ef? 1-31' ,mx 54, ' - -4? 5155 Q"' ' - -1 s , 1.-xx: , 1. m , 'H W ,. .. , A- . MW L , H 33 ', ' . . , 1 w. z,'..: --.u. 1- . 1 wumfnruwm ssumn-:m1nrv:n1:4.1n:n.n:nrr,1,-.p- .M f.m-:v.1.m- funn msn u.. .Lns

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