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Jk fl ' t sti I1£M» I ■ ■ ,AXIFRAGE 4M ■ Katherine Moore ■ ■■■y,- ssHNUhvW Andy Cunningham SAXIFRAGE ■ 5 ,▼ Robert Thompson m ' ■.--:•■ ' - mi Katherine Moore SAXIFRAGE ■ 7 ■ ' . ■ ' ,£ ; SAXIFRAGE ■ 9 f ■ ». ' V ' ■ 4KSP , itiSJv . f .WV F S t C !-_ yjg Robert Thompson m .■■ ■-■■■■:■ ■IM Hi sinei ggilBg IB BE IE as is is B0 Chris Kiernan SAXIFRAGE ■ 11 Andy Cunningham •i m ur--y. Katherine Moore SAXIFRAGE ■ 13 Chris Kiernan ■ m Katherine Moore SAXIFRAGE ■ 15 Andy Cunninghan u ■■■:■ ' .■ Robert Thompson SAXIFRAGE ■ 17 ■ ur---y;- «c Free is the sun That warms the bay. Free is the water That feeds the hay. Free are the clouds Both purple and gray. Free is not my soul No price can it bear, No gold could care. But, if you ask, I ' ll share. Norman Thombs ■ ■ .:■ ■■ ' ■■:■■;■ SAXIFRAGE ■ 21 ' ' ■ ' ,£ -■■:■ ' ■ twist and shout Early Fall brought a warm transfor- mation to the campus. Beach Day sponsored by the Programs Commit- tee, featured free Ben and Jerry ' s ice cream, numerous dance contests, and music courtesy of Ray Boston. All that was missing from this paradise seemed to be the sand and sun . . . for it remained hazy the entire time. Life- guards presided over the affair, cast- ing their gaze over the scantily clad crowd. As additional entertainment. Twister games provided, for many, an hour of crazy turns. All in all. Beach Day was successful in holding off the Fall ... if only for a day. SAXIFRAGE ■ 23 : ■ ut ■■-:■■;■ It is the wind that I wish to capture so as to know such power that illicits trembling submission, It is the mountain, that I wish to scale so as to feel ultimate strength forbidding yet beckoning challenge, It is the sky that I wish to venture so as to bow before its face and become a vessel for its tears. — Stephanie Horosz SAXIFRAGE ■ 25 TOO 1 H ■ BBXwfe HAlffrjT, My best friend, I ' ve never heard When we pass by, there ' s not a word. A smile, a look, the meeting Of eyes. We are as close as I wish To be. It is closer than most ever get. — Norman Thombs ■ ' ,; ■■■■■■;■ I I I SAXIFRAGE ■ 29 r ' r n SAXIFRAGE A large crowd, both sitting and standing, gathered in Percival to see such big name performers as: Aerosmith, Run DMC, the Bangles, Janet Jackson and the T-Birds. Indeed, the transformations were convincing. Acts were judged on originality, costume, and all around performance. Needless to say, to the delight of the audience, there was plenty of all three displayed under the bright lights that evening. SAXIFRAGE ■ 31 ■i 32 ■ ' ,£ FPAGE My life is laid Like walls of brick Built by many Bit by bit. the wall is dirty Stiff and thick But it can be Damaged by a stick. Thank you, God For love of friends It is the mortar That let ' s me mend. - Norman Thombs SAXIFRAGE ■ 33 in the magazines, concerts are held, and still the problem of world hunger exists. On November 6, 1986 the students of Fitchburg e College did jething about it. n though the weather cold and raw, almost students turned out to benefit the hunger relief program, CROP. This year there was a new twist, as green and yellow balloons were released into the sky. the theme, not coincidentally, was " Up, Up and Away With Hunger. " Over 1,000 Balloons were launch the colors and letters of the fraternities an sororities. Music was played, peopl sang and for that brief hour people came together as one for a cause. — Ben Hampton k «• , . , • . ' " ■ ■ H Wasn ' t it Yesterday . . .? . that I was begging my mother to let me stay up just a few minutes later? . that I was standing in front of my house, nametag on my coat, waiting for my first school bus? that I got my first ball and glove, had dad teach me how to catch, hit and throw, joined a little league team and won the championship a few hours later? that I started high school, kissed a girl for the first time, took the SATs, and graduated a few hours later? joined the Army, left home, finished basic training served a few years, and was discharged a few hours later? that I looked back and seemed to feel that twenty -two years of my life had passed by in just a few hours! — John Churcher V ■ -.;• -■■■■■■;■ SAXIFRAGE ■ W INTER CARNIVAL ■ ■ ■■■■ A Tradition of Enchantment Winter Carnival here at Fitchburg State College has a tradi- tion of enchantment and night-life imaginable only in fairy tales and paperback novels. This year ' s evening of Winter Magic was no exception as the Ballroom at the Sheraton- Tara, Framingham was glowing with crowds of beautifully dressed people and a feast fit for a king. The band " Geneva, " led by Fitchburg State Alumnus Danny Gorman, played an electrifying set of music which kept even the shyest people moving their feet. King and Queen of the Court were crowned (all enchanted evenings have a King and Queen). As Winter Magic came to a close, it was easy to see that all the hard work put forth by the Class Officers of 1989 amounted to a wonderful success. The title page of the evening ' s program read: " Winter Carnival 1987 . . . Where magical memories are made . . . " Indeed they were. — David Altavilla •Mm k It 1 w n »|! v. 1. SAXIFRAGE ■ HV m man i H H will miss the laughter and smiles Of my many friends and peers. We each may have had different styles, But we shared the same tears, Tears of joy and tears of pain Woven together through the years. Old familiar things must pass To unfamiliar fears. Those we ' ve loved and lost, and those we couldn ' t find, Will fade into the past And serve only to remind us; Change will come despite the pain. People we ' ve known will slip away From us, into the rain, There ' s no way to hold them and make them stay. I ' m told change is good for the soul, And although it breaks my heart, It keeps life fr om getting old and it creates a brand start. — Kristine Carlson SAXIFRAGE ■ 41 £ " ' » .v- ' " A I WINTER ■■ A-G-l-C x •- ' t ■ •.•■ ■■■■■■ ' ;■ As I look up and see the moon Upon his golden throne, I watch him spread his reign Of night across the beaming floor. No interruption, no announcement, No knock upon the door. He leaves no evidence of his name; No earth does move, No trees do stir. The magic is all his. — Norman Thombs SAXIFRAGE ■ 43 It seems that I just said, " Hello. " Now I ' m saying, " Good-bye. " Oh, I never know just what to do When I leave an old friend like you. I guess I ' ll just have to try again And let the pain flow out. Oh, I ' ll just have to try again And go awhile without. Someday I ' ll settle down a bit And good-byes will come slower than before. Yes, someday I ' ll settle down a bit and I won ' t have to leave my friends Because they ' ll be right beside my door. — Norman Thombs M :: ■ ' :-• ' ■-:■ ' ■ Hl Vl " •• - ' ruiim, f»Cl«Trl SAXIFRAGE ■ 45 I U-V, . TV ' ■ « ■■■ » . WP WITH THE With Walk-man on and yo-yo in hand The Smiths help my blood flow as I bop to breakfast. Another attempt on my life (foiled again Daka-land!) Down to French Up to child-psych, then Math for morons. Hit the sack, Jack. do your laundry, it ' s starting to smell. Is this clean or dirty? I cannot tell. Hey, will you set the alarm for another 15 minutes? Buzz . . . Another 15? Your mother called. Someone probably died. Meetings here, meetings there. Run to work — I ' m late. Stupid people. " Could you help me? " No Library-bound Awake with the sun. — Corinne Haag SAXIFRAGE ■ 47 M HIH H ■■■-. ■ Away, away Away at last. Gone to the end Of the world Away to Find myself. Away to Know myself (What) — (Who am I)? I am a person Who hates goodbyes And Fears hello ' s. — Norman Thombs SAXIFRAGE ■ 49 . " V» I ■ r---y I HB H M K SAXIFRAGE ■ 51 II Finding Thompson Tunnel for the first time? Writing your first term paper? The First time you sat in the M M chairs? Trying to peer through those little mailbox slits? • Arriving at 7:00am to get a decent parking space — aj| ■ Raiding the bins at Heartland? Being told there was a pool at McKay — and believin, Telling the freshman there was a pool at McKay? Trying do decide if your professor was a " Dr. " or not? Checking your mailbox three times a day ... at least? Wondering why all those people were in G-Lobby? Being locked out of the dorm? Being shocked when you only got $4 back on a $35 boo Thursday night fire alarms in Russell? Finding out that no one cared if you skipped classes? Surviving on nothing but pizza, and popcorn for n jtting ticket 52 ■ SAXIFRAGE SAXIFRAGE ■ 53 Senior Ball h v» WW I .-. ■ ' rt " -y;- 1 • . . H H H MI SAXIFRAGE ■ 55 II I u ■ •.-•■ ■■■■■■■:■ MtSdMOK . _ . - ■■■ ■ ■■ ■M I! ' £r V . ' . U .-■• ::-;. ' .: ■HMH .V; ■ - 4 4 » H HHHB SAXIFRAGE ■ 61 :lt IFRAGE ■ Jf FRISBEES ■ ■ -.;• ■■■■■■■;■ ■■ ■ ■ ■■■H Hil MHBI SAXIFRAGE ■ 65 ■} m ■.:■ ■■■■■:■■;■ ■■i ._ FRIENDS SAXIFRAGE ■ 67 ■ ' .-• ■■■:■ ' :■ ■■ Hi _. ■ ' ..•• ■■■■:■ ' ■ ■MBHHi ._. .__ N TCVX. ■ Mfl MUSIC SAXIFRAGE ■ 71 in iim M V u : ■ ■.:■ ' ■--- ' :- SHADES ■ u (■■-:■ ' :• ■ ■RH H HMK .. ' ' SMILES 1 SAXIFRAGE ■ 77 " i LAUGHTER »♦ ' r? v ■ - ■H . _. m SAXIFRAGE ■ 79 ■ ■ r--y;- % t % t FREEDOM ( f SAXIFRAGE ■ 81 ■ ■ ur---ys M SAXIF-. ' ■ ■ ..•• ■■■■■■■■;■ i ■■B B HBH H ■■■ Vincent J. Mara President ■ ' .-. ■ ut ■■■:■■;■ H HH H Benjamin Andrusaitis Dr. George Babich Dr. Augustine Aryee Howard Besnia | C I TOW! 1 WiWB r i -— 4| r Jl ■ «| B?.. r JM p H Dr. George Bond John Boursy Business Administration John McKeon, Chair Dr. Ann Bogojavlensky John Boursy Diane Caggiano David A. Carey Sylvia Charland James Conlin Martin J. Cusack Robert Kelleher Joe McAloon John McKeon William Moriarty Francis Morrison George Murphy James Noonan Harold Schonbeck Charles Wellens SAXIFRAGE ■ 89 Human Services Dr. David M. Isaac Mary King Dr. David Maloney Dr. Richard Spencer Cynthia Tower Psychology Dr. Alan Bernstein Dr. Jefferson Breen Dr. John Dufault Dr. Arthur Garvin Dr. Carol Gay Dr. Paul Girling Dr. Mary Hanley Peter Hogan Dr. Anita Hotchkiss Richard Kruse Donna Lee McCabe Dr. Mabel Sgan Sociology Dr. Augustine Aryee Margot Kempers Patricia Macrides Dr. Harold Melvin Biology Dr. Stanley Dick. Chair Dr. Neal Anderson Dr. George Babich Dr. George Bond Dr. Stanley Krane Dr. Alice 0 ' Mai ley Dr. Donald Schmidt Dr. Howard Thomas Dr. Robert Zottoli Medical Technology Benjamin Andrusaitis Dorothy Boisvert Rosemarie Neunhert Shiela Steele Colin Bourn Dr. Jefferson Breen Dr. William Brown David Carey Norman Carson Dr. Judith Ciattone vi ■ ,;• ■-■■:■ l Hlt mm mrnKmrnM H Jo in C ar Robert Clark ' tisFx i M m Wa t n Cusack Dr. Stanley Dick Dr. Alex Donker Dr. John Dufault Chemistry Dr. Robert Strong, Chair Judith Clottone Pushkar Kaul Dr. Daniel Robinson Communications Gunther Hoos, Chair Dr. George Bohrer Dr. William Bowers Theresa Carsten Dr. Lee DeNike Elliott Hoffman Jacqueline LaCoy Peter Laytin Norman Locke Larry Maness Ann Mrvica Humphrey Regis Dr. David Ryder Helen Simmons Computer Science Dr. William Brown, Chair Michael Burke Gerald Johnson Diana Lafalam Frits Lander Theodore LaPierre Dr. Robert McGuire Robert Shaughnessy Charles Wilson Education Dr. George Miller, Chair Early Childhood Dr. Helen 0 ' Flaherty Irene Passios Elementary Dr. Patricia Barbaresi Dr. Rona Flippo Dr Anne E. Green Dr. Robert Greene Dr Howard Kingsley Dr. Robert Lee Dr. Elizabeth Ross SAXIFRAGE ■ 91 English Dr. Terry Grabar. Chair Dr. William Barker Colin Bourn Dr. Judith Budz Eugene Casassa George Case Joseph Finkel Dr. Irene Harris Dr. Leo Hines Dr. William Keough Dr. Marilyn McCaffrey Dr. John McGrail Irene Miranda Dr. Erwin Pally Dr. Lawrence Quigley Louis Shepherd Robert Tapply Dr. Robert Welch Nancy Yee Humanities Dr. John Burke, Chair Elmer Arsenault Donna Bechis Dr. James Colbert Dr. Richard A. Decesare Dr. Lillian Fagerholm Dr. Robert Fritz Dr. Robert Glidewell Dr. Jeanne Hambright Dr. Walter Jeffko Frank Patterson Pierre Pinet Jeannette Scharf Dr. Harry Semerjian Dr. Carol Gay Peter Hogan Dr. Anita Hotchkiss Catherine Humphreys Dr. Donald Isaac Mary King u Vfy V hbh h m h I HHB I . Pushkar Kaul Dr. Stanley Krane Richard Kruse Peter Laytin Dr. Claire McAndrew Dr. John McGrail Industrial Technology Dr. Philip Tardanico, Chair James Andrews Dr. Stanley Bucholc Dr. Jack Wescott Industrial Arts Howard Besnia Erling Hanson Dr. Lawrence Ovian Industrial Science Joseph Farias Dr. Lloyd Harte Dr. George B. James Dr. Robert Kokernak Dr. Edward J. Martens Steven Therrien Edson Phelps Mathematics Dr. Barry Light, Chair Robert Bentley Dr. Richard Bisk Robert Clark Nicholas Copoulas Dr. Christine Cosgrove Dr. Lucy Dechene Dr. Ernest Fandreyer Dr. Gerald M. Higdon Dr. Claire McAndrew Soudebah Vaghar SAXIFRAGE ■ Nursing Dr. Barbara Madden. Chair Lillian Bannon Michelle Brady Dr. Virginia Doyle Dr. Rita Driscoll Elizabeth Ann Fisk Dr. Shiela Fredette Dr. Phyllis H. Green Sophia Harrell Sara Hitchcock Catherine Humphreys Barbara May Linda McKay Jane Minasian Katherine 0 ' Conner Carol Picard Tanya Ratney Dr. Margaret Taylor A. Lynne Wagner Andrea Wallen Jean Worfolk Physical Education David Antaya Thomas Battinelli Lee Cunningham Joyce Downey Barbara Nole James Sheehan Caryl Sickul Physics Dr. Esmail Valanejad Dr. Norman Fredette Dr. Thomas Morrill ROTC William Allen Barbara Card Frank Markham John McKeon Dr. Harold Melvin Dr. George Merriam William Mori arty Rose Marie Neunherz James Noonan ■ ..• ■■■■■■;■ ■i HH Dr. Donald Schmidt Dr. Richard Spencer Sheila Steele Dr. Robert Strong Robert Welch Dr. Robert Zottoli Special Education Dr. Anne May, Chair Carta Borg Key Flynn Dr. Elaine Francis Dr. Rosemarie Giovino Dr. Lawrence Gomes Dr. Sandra Miller-Jacobs Dr. Hattie Moreland Dr. Donald Rapp Dr. Michele Tide Social Sciences Economics Alex Donkor Dr. Caroline Murphy Dr. Michael Turk Dr. Nancy Wiegersma Geography Dr. James Barbato Dr. Robert F. Champlin Dr. Robert Gardula History Dr. Lawrence Arnold Norman Carson John Clark Douglas Hebb Dr. George Merriam Dr. Pasguale Micciche Dr. John Moon Dr. Donald Norton Dr. Edmund Thomas SAXIFRAGE ■ ■ ' ..- ■■■■■ ' :■ I H ■IH HHH . .. _ ■ SAXIFRAGE ■ 99 a « ■ .:. ■■■■:■■: SAXIFRAGE ■ 101 vl • ■ .••• : ■-;■ ' . _ VMHVH H SAXIFRAGE ■ 103 . u ■ -.: ■ •.;• ■■■■:■ ' ;■ M SAXIFRAGE ■ 105 ■ r I A v ■ .-- :- • ' .: ■■ HHB H B W KS I V IfOl I cv SAXIFRAGE ■ 107 ■ ' .•■■ ■■■-;■ ' ■ • SAXIFRAGE ■ 109 110 ■ SAXIFRAGE SAXIFRAGE ■ 111 i »n! ■• ■ ' .:■ ■■■■■ ' :■ 4 SAXIFRAGE ■ 113 " V ■ SAXIFRAGE SAXIFRAGE ■ 115 ••: B .■ ■■■:.■;■ " " ' " ' I I II SAXIFRAGE 117 I! ■ I " " ■ " W ' iHIWlfe .:: SAXIFRAGE ■ 119 MEN ' S CROSS COUNTRY I y. ■ ' ,ur---y, WOMEN ' S CROSS LUUNTnY SAXIFRAGE ■ 121 ■u ■ SAXIFRAGE WOMEN ' S SAXIFRAGE ■ 123 : ■ U " -U ■ ' ■■ I VI 1 ; »r SAXIFRAGE ■ 125 ■ .. ' - ' SOFTBALL 00AmMma0tfmitmnmmmm m II is --- SAXIFRAGE ■ 127 I I Neasylon Society The Neasylon society strives to achieve love, unity, and sisterhood among it ' s members. This year has been an eventful one for the society. They celebrated their 20th Anniversary with alumni and sponsored an annual dunking booth to raise funds for their foster child abroad. The Neasylons believe that sisterhood draws from all and something from everyone. Mohawk Club The Mohawk Club was founded in 1924 and chartered in 1927, originally as the Berkshire Club. Our Costumes and rituals come from those of the Mohawk Indian tribe which inhabited this area many years ago. Our goal is to achieve unity through leadership and brotherhood, through this, members share a common bond with ties that will last forever, soangetahai Left to Right: TOP ROW: Ron Michaud, Marc Hoffman, Cleo Campbell, Chris Chrost, Kevin Ford, John Churcher. MIDDLE ROW: Al Murphy, Bob Cassidy, Sean McCann, Dan Reagan. bottom ROW: Peter Maher, Dana Harrington, Chris Parker, Anthony cardosi. NOT PICTURED: Bob McCarthy, Dan Richard, Norman Sardella, Phil Landry vi ' " ; ' ■ ■■ ■■■■■:■■;■ Esoteric Society The objectives of the Esoteric Society are to foster greater brotherhood among its members; to develop men of strong character who will accept the professional responsibilities of leadership in the college, community and life in general; to participate in intramural sports and other social organizations on this campus; to propogate a feeling of fellowship toward the members of social organizations on this campus and to create a more cosmopolitan attitude toward the administration, faculty, and the students of this college. Left to Right: TOP ROW: Carl Checkoway, Steve Firmas. Ty Mezzetti. Brian Day, John McLaughlin. MIDDLE ROW: John vandale, Glenn Murray, Peter Stack, Nicholas zechello, Anthony Tremblay, George Roberts, Mark Bourgeois BOTTOM ROW William vezina, Paul Palen, John Giles, Richard Hanagan inter varsity Christian Fellowship Inter Varsity is a non- denominational group of 50 members, striving to deepen their love and knowledge of Cod and Jesus Christ, through large group worship meetings, bible studies, prayer meetings, retreats, and weekly social events. Inter varsity appears on most college campuses across the country and has existed at FSC for about 5 years. SAXIFRAGE ■ 133 Dancin ' Club The main objective of the Dancin ' Club is to create and perform in a student dance concert in the spring. This is their opportunity to display what they have worked for since September. Each dance is choreographed and taught by different experienced club members. The Dancin ' Club also pays two professional dance instructors to teach dances and techniques to club members. Everyone who joins the club learns a great deal about dancing, but most of all they learn about themselves and each other. Society for Advancement of Management SAM is an international business organization with a chapter here at Fitchburg State. The goal of SAM is to offer its members a chance to gain both practical and professional business experience through various forms of community, social, and academic involvements that will not only help them currently but also in their future professional career. The diversity that SAM offers makes the club appealing to students of all majors. Left to Right: top ROW: Ed Loftus, Phil Moore, Mike Fuller, Louie Flerra (Treasurer), Chris Kinney, Joe St. Jean. MIDDLE: Neil Odams, Kim coyle, Jennifer Pesko, Karin Eddy, Julie Remondini, Sue Conway, Lynne Cariepy, Christine Maciolek. BOTTOM: John Mahan (Vice President Programs), Lisa Sheridan (Executive Vice President), John Churcher (President), Carolyn Kelley (Vice President Promotions), Maryanne Remondini (Vice President Membership) ■ ■ Karate Club The Karate Club, associated with the North American Karate Federation, is part of a nation-wide organization whereby students are taught the style of Shotokan Karate. The goal of the N.A.F.K. is to foster the growth and development of Karate-Do in the United States, and elsewhere throughout the world. The club instills in its members a degree of concentration and control, as well as exercising strength, flexibility, and balance. Scrimshaw Scrimshaw, FSC ' s literary magazine is published yearly and features poems, prose, graphic designs and photographs submitted by the students. This year Scrimshaw introduced a prose writing competition offering cash prizes for the three best prose submissions. Faculty from the English department juried the competition. Students from the Graphic Design department designed the magazine and prepared the selected work for publication. SAXIFRAGE ■ 135 WXPL wxpl is the college run radio station at FSC. In its second year of operation as an FM station, wxpl has seen many excellent days. Not only was wxpl Organization of the Year, WXPL had a banner year in public relations and sports coverage, wxpl plans to bring more of the same in years to come. WXPL has 100 watts of power and 90 plus members, striving to bring to our audience the newest music possible. Thanks to all who have listened . . . Pray for WAVES. Psychology Club This year the Psychology Club was active through their organization of socials and dances on campus, for the student community. They also offered tutorial help for fellow majors, and sponsored faculty speakers. The group ' s members also enjoyed their annual Pot Luck Dinner. Left to Right: Laura Minichello, Vincent Bevaequa, Diane Jean ; ; ■ .-- ■■■::■ Newman Association For 25 years, the Newman Association has been there as a vehicle to bring students together for the purpose of enjoying each others company, in the past, the association has sponsored activities such as dances, hayrides, the annual freshman barbecue and various theme parties such as Beach, Halloween, and valentine ' s Day parties. Providing an atmosphere where anyone is welcome, the Newman Association has and will continue to serve the college community. Nursing Student Association The Nursing Student Association is an organization made up of nursing students who are actively involved in the health promotion and health awareness of FSC Students. NSA is involved in a variety of community projects and on-campus activities. NSA helped raise $5000 for the Alumni Association during their annual telethon and collaborated with the Career Services Department to promote career awareness among nursing students. SAXIFRAGE ■ 137 Commuter ' s Board The Commuter ' s Board, a part of the Student Government Association, is comprised of students who live in the off-campus neighPorhood or in surrounding townships. The Boards purpose is to aid students who do not live on campus to Pecome more a part of campus life and its activities. Class of 1988 This year the Junior Class was Pusy sponsoring many fun activities. One of their key oPjectives was to unite the Junior Class. They worked toward this goal Py sending out a monthly newsletter informing students of upcoming events and activities and information concerning the student Pody. In the fall semester they sponsored a Halloween Cruise around Boston HarPor and ended the year with a Poom by sponsoring a spring break trip to Bermuda. Left to Right: TOP ROW: Shelley Smith, Kay Mann, Gary Fountain, bottom ROW: Peter Kristo, Joe wall, Tim Miller v ■ ' ■;-, ■ t-rtWii Class Of 1989 The Class of 1989 sponsored a variety of events, including a fun trip to The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Their main event this year was the preparation of the Winter Carnival at the Sheraton Tara in Framingham. Thanks to their hard work and dedication, a magical evening was had by all who attended the traditional event. Left to Right: Katie Welsh, Matt Datillo, Kate Heggarty, David Aitavilla, Kathleen Houie Human Services Club The Human Services Club is devoted to enhancement to the academic experience of the students in the Human Services Major. The goals of the club include developing the club ' s image as a resource for students in the major, foster networking with the Human Services delivery system, and to increase student awareness of contemporary human service issues. To reach these goals the Club coordinated the annual Human Services Fair; bringing together over 250 students and professionals in the field, to network and effect volunteer opportunity. SAXIFRAGE ■ 139 Townhouse Board of Governors The Townhouse Board of Governors ' purpose is to represent the Townhouse residents in Student Government and to provide events in which the residents can participate. Through numerous fundraisers they have been able to sponsor functions including a bon fire, a luau, and volleyball tournaments. They have also combined their efforts with the Newman Center and conducted a spaghetti dinner, a Halloween dance, and a turkey dinner. Russell Towers Dorm Council Russell Towers Dorm Council sponsored activities to benefit the residents of Russell Towers. This year the council ran Movie Nights and Trivia Nights, sold carnations, Easter and valentine ' s Day candy, and Red Sox Tickets. They also sponsored the popular " Roommate Game " and a Table Tennis tournament. The council has been working hard to prepare a recreation room for next years residents of " The Towers. " Left to Right: TOP: Jim — , Karen — , Marlene Bell, Andrew Dunn. BOTTOM: Susan Stone, Kimberly Hiltz, Dawn — i ■ ' ..•-. ' SGA Executive Board The Student Government Association includes all full time students at Fitchburg State College. The Student Government Association Council includes the Executive Board, officers and represen- tatives from each class, officers from each residence hall and a Commuter ' s Board. It is an elected college government whose existence is based on the need for student representation, administration, and the allocation of student provided activity funds, it is based on the needs of the students and is the students connection to the adminis- tration of FSC. Left to Right: TOP ROW: Patrick Mack. David McManus. Dana Harrington bottom row Andrea Bailey, Lisa Desrosiers, Julie Flynn Economics Club A banquet this spring helped the Economics Club celebrate the opening of the Psi Chapter of the Economic Honor Society and the induction of members. There were also guest speakers who talked to the club about the opportunities and careers available to students with a degree in Economics. The club ' s focus is turning toward letting more people know that economics is interesting, diverse, and yes, even fun! SAXIFRAGE ■ 141 Marketing Society The Marketing Society of Fitchburg State College is a popular organization on and off campus. The society offers students an affiliation with a national organization, the American Marketing Association, guest speakers, workshops and many social events. This year the club raised over $2000 in their annual tuition raffle. The funds contributed to guest speakers as well as local charities. Class of 1990 The freshman class spent this year looking toward their classmates and fellow council members for suggestions and ideas for future activities. A lot of time was spent with the sophomore class, gaining experience on how to sponsor a fantastic Winter Carnival 1988. v1 ■:- ■ -,••• ■■■■■■■:■ Math Club The Math Club is in its first year of reorganization. This year the club has acquired space in the Hammond Building for all members and math majors to visit or hold meetings in. it has been a productive year for the club. They have become chartered by the SCA and Campus Center, and look forward to new growth in the years ahead. inter Fraternity Sorority Council The purpose of the inter Fraternity Sorority Council is to establish and maintain a working relationship between the fraternities and sororities at Fitchburg State College. This year the council participated in the launching of balloons at CROP day, and also gave to the community with its involvement in " Bowl for Breath " for Cystic Fibrosis, and a blood drive at Children ' s Hospital. Programs Committee Programs Committee is a group of about 30 energetic students who plan, book, and work at most of the social events on campus. The movies shown in the Campus center Lecture Hall, the seasonal Performing Arts series, Sunday night Coffeehouses in the pub and the annual Halloween dance are just a few of the functions Programs has sponsored. The committee finished the year by bringing the Del Fuegos to FSC for the annual Spree Day Event. SAXIFRAGE ■ 143 Accounting Society The Accounting Society is made up of about 25 accounting students. The society brings together business students of the various concentrations to being them in contact with the business community. The Accounting Society now has a Student Charter of the National Association of Accountants, North Central Chapter, we have sponsored professional business people to come and speak to the student about current issues and through fundraisers we have raised money to have tours of operating enterprises. The Accounting Society also affords opportunities for its members to meet business students from other colleges. Strobe ■:: ■ ' ,-• ■-- ' :■ " Strobe Goes weekly, " announced the headline on September 17, 1986. And for the two semesters that followed, It stayed weekly. The Strobe, formerly published twice a month, had a potpourri of news items to cover and responded with superb skill and professionalism. Some names that were covered by the dedicated staffers included Irving R. Levine, Dr. Laval S. Wilson, and Dr. Tom Cottle. The Strobe followed up on its weekly claim to FSC students and has indeed proven itself a most valuable organization. Left to Right: bottom ROW: Laurie Flaherty, Jim Salman, Andy Baron, Ben Hampton, Kathy Moore. TOP ROW: Deb Donston, Al Bush, Ted Leppzer, Doreen PaPa, Alisa Andreola. MISSING: April Page, Tina Boucher, Melanie Perkins X Cjk Computer Science Club The Computer science Club is celebrating its 5th birthday this year. The Club is dedicated not only to encouraging a positive and enjoyable learning environ- ment, but also to the enter- tainment of computer science majors. Through lectures, trips, seminars and films the students experience wider variety of development than is possible in the classroom alone. Just as important, however, is its function as an outlet to get away from the books; a job we take seriously! teftto Right: TOP ROW: Dan Cormier, Heidi Slocum (Vice President), Nancy Bentley, Gary Moison Treasurer), Jim Johnson, Norm Staples. BOTTOM ROW: Jennifer Worcester, Heidi Klei nknecht Secretary), Lynn McHatton, J. Jansen, Jim Roieau (President), Dave vaiiiere international Student Union The International Student Union is comprised of students who are trying to hold their native culture at its present state. Even though they have become part of America ' s " Melting Pot " they still keep their own cultural identities. Fitchburg State ' s international Students see America as a great nation for education and although hard work is involved, you can spoil yourself with the many opportunities open to you. SAXIFRAGE ■ 145 Honors Club The Fitchburg State College Honors Club, was founded in 1985 and since than has been sponsoring activities for honors students, and the college community. This year the club saw several plays in Boston as well as visiting the Museum of Fine Arts. Through their activities, the Club has been a ctively recruiting members, and hopes to bring heightened cultural and social awareness to the college community. The club is registered with the New England Regional Honors Council and will begin taking an active role in it ' s activities. Tokalon Society The Tokalon Society was founded to promote friendship and unity with all of its colleagues, to lessen apathy and to promote a mood of cooperation among all people at FSC. Presently there are thirty active sisters on campus. The sisters were involved in several service projects over the fall semester, including the Alumni Telethon (they raised $7000), Alumni Day, and delivering gifts to pediatric patients at Burbank Hospital. Left to Right: TOP ROW: Lauren Hennessey, Maureen Costello, Annette Loverin, Johanna Cox, Kris Campbell, Kris O ' Brien, Missi Rubeck. Brenda Choquette, Glenda Cilleran. MIDDLE ROW: Ruth Durkee, Lisa Payne, Audrey Aronson, Karen Christie, colleen Baker, Sherry Moore, front ROW: Julie Cattozzi, Leslie Mcintosh, Sherry McLaughlin, Mary D ' Ambrosio, Kristen Daniels, Karen Allaire, Wendy Champigny w ' • :■. ■ ■■ ' ■■■:■ ' ■ Philodemic Society The Philodenmic Society is a women ' s social organization, joined together by mutual friendship, sisterhood, and cooperation. Their aims and goal are those which have been set down for them and for which they shall continuously strive to achieve. They include strengthening school spirit, participating in civic activities and aiding civic welfare groups. Left to Right: TOP ROW: Michele Fiore, Cathy Dimare. Dara Miklosovich, Terri Gavin, Sue Rogers, Pam Jackson, Joyce Pollinger. BOTTOM ROW: Michelle Burke, Suzanne Wy man, Doreen Legere, Patti Keane, Carolyn Foley Fenwick Society The Fenwicks, a very proud group of men at F.S.C. . . . Their pride is shown at all times on and off campus. They have a very active social schedule from throwing parties to doing things for the school and community. Their active participation in school athletics and the community has given them pride and the positive attitude they hold toward themselves. SAXIFRAGE ■ 147 Caveleer Society Nineteen Eighty-Six has come and gone as the Caveleer Society celebrated its sixty fifth anniversary at Fitchburg State. A college education is rewarding in itself, but without social activities it lacks the fullness a student might otherwise attain. The society provides the spring board from which the member may eject themselves towards broader horizons. Left to Right: TOP ROW: Kennan K. Brown, Maurice LaFerriere, Hugh Wax, Bruce Williams, David Lord, Frank Bianco, Edward Donovan, Joseph McMahon, Scott Forrest, bottom ROW: Daniel Jacques, Mike Mazeika, Dennis Lasell, Paul Newcomb, Scott Norton, Daniel LaBell - ' ■ ,■■ ::-;- ' SAXIFRAGE ■ 149 Yi riTTTT " si £: : i ■ ■■ ' ■■ SAXIFRAGE ■ 153 ■■■ . ■ V- ■■■;■■;■ SAXIFRAGE ■ 155 • ■ .•■• ' ■■■;■ ' ;■ SAXIFRAGE ■ 157 ■ ' -;-. ■ ut f aoe SAXIFRAGE ■ 159 Dawn M. Abbott Business Administration Regina A. Abreau Nursing Mary A. Abreu Early Childhood Education Douglas M. Ackerman History Brian J. Albushies Business Administration Karen A. Allaire Nursing James K. Allen Psychology Darlene M. Allessio Early Childhood Education Jodi B. Alter Early Childhood Education Susan E. Anthony Early Childhood Education Maureen Archer Special Education Audrey M. Aronson Human Services ■ .■• ■: Cynthia A. Arrasin Nursing Parnel L. Aubry Business Administration Kimberly L. Avery Special Educatk v David A. Bachant Industrial Science Christine M. Barrett Business Administration Adam L. Battaglino Industrial Science John J. Bean Economics Robin L. Beauregard Jursmg Michelle Beckwith Special Education Nancy E. Bedard Jursmg Linda L. Belliveau Early Childhood Education Nancy J. Bentley Computer Science Sharon L. Bishop Business Administration Janet A. Bisson Business Administration Betsy Blake Sociology Jeffrey Blondin Industrial Science Michelle E. Bolton Biology Raymond A. Boudreau Business Administration SAXIFRAGES 163 Pamela J. Boudrot Communications Lisa M. Boulais Nursing Stephen H. Boulas Business Administration Theresa M. Braley Business Administration Gerald Bramwell Business Administration John T. Brohei Best " " " ■ ■k 8L JH Business Administration it Lauren A. Brunelle Elementary Education Michelle M. Burke Human Services Christopher C. Butler Business Administration . ■ James N. Butler Business Administration Scott Campbell Communications Robert J. Caissie Computer Science Elizabeth T. Caplette Nursing Craig T. Cakouros Industrial Arts Paula Capobianco Human Services v Kimberly Carl Business Administration Colleen G. Carlisle Communications Ami Casareale Psychology Noreen M. Casey English William T. Casey Industrial Science Karen A. Cassels Computer Science Robert M. Cassidy History Deborah L. Chase Communications Wendy Champigny English Shelly A. Charbonneau Business Administration Carl Checkoway Business Administration Christine M. Chivers Nursing Chae Suk Choi Business Administration Cynthia Chorlton ipecial Education Kelly Clinton Special Education SAXIFRAGE ■ 165 Diane M. Cloutier English Christine J. Cohoon Medical Technology Nancy E. Colley Psychology Richard M. Comeau Business Administration Denise M. Connors English Edward M. Connolly ■pX ' Patricia Connor Business Administration La Elementary Education Stephen J. Cooper 1 -w «- ■ ■ V Eileen J. Costello English Biology Maureen A. Costello Nursing Gregory J. Cote Computer Science Linda J. Couto Business Administration Kelly A. Coutu Special Education Jeffrey C. Cox Biology Kimberly A. Crespo Special Education vi ■■■:-. ■ ' ,.•• ' -■-■:■ Margaret L. Crews Nursing Carol Cullen Business Administration Nancy M. Curran Special Education j Kathleen E. Curry P afc wt :r § Special Education Kathleen Dailey Special Education Dawn M. Cushwa Elementary Education Rhonda A. Dalesio Nursing Peter S. Daigle Industrial Science Bruce Damato Communications Mary K. D ' Ambrosio Jursmg Jim Davis Industrial Science Jody Davis Nursing Morisa Debowsky Human Services David Degrappo Industrial Science Cynthia Deitz Nursing SAXIFRAGE ■ 167 Susan M. Oelisle Business Administration Marlene L. Desautels Communications Tammy A. Oesjardins Early Childhood Education Lisa E. Oesrosiers Special Education Charlotte A. Dever Early Childhood Education Linda Dietz Nursing Catherine Diotte Medical Technology Barbara T. Doherty Economics Justine Doherty Business Administration Matthew J. Doherty Business Administration Maureen B. Doherty Business Administration Scott J. Donahue Communications Debra A. Donston English Lawrence S. Doyle Communications Margaret M. Doyle Special Education i ■ ■ ASJV - | Timothy P. Doyle Industrial Science Paul W. Duato Communications Rosemarie Dyer Elementary Education Sharon (VS. Ebbs Business Administration Christine T. Egan Communications Carol Emery Early Childhood Education Susan M. English Nursing Chiara Faiola Business Administration Angela Flaherty Nursing Thomas V. Flaherty Computer Science Ellen D. Flynn Special Education Donna M. Fogg Early Childhood Education Carolyn Foley Early Childhood Education Susan C. Foley English Kathleen Forgie Nursing SAXIFRAGE ■ 169 Terry A. Fournier Elementary Education Sheila M. French Business Administration Lisa Fulks Business Administration Pamela J. Fusaro Business Administration Michelle F. Gauthier Nursing Elizabeth Gelinas Nursing Jodi B. Gellatly Business Administration Stephen M. Gianetti Computer Science Gayle Gignac Elementary Education John W. Giles Business Administration Denise Gilrein Special Education 170 ■ SAXIFRAGE Glenda L. Gilleran Psychology Paul Giorgio Industrial Science Jeffrey C. Gillis Business Administration Susan M. Gonsalves Human Services Susan E. Goodfield Business Administration Karen A. Gordan Business Administration Charleen L. Gorman Nursing Susan P. Gourdeau Nursing John M. Gouveia Computer Science Miriam K. Grant Business Administration Susan M. Guertin Nursing Mary-Beth Gurney Nursing Jill C. Gustafson Special Education David S. Habeeb Communications Ellen L. Hachey Jursing Victor P. Haerinck Industrial Science Peter E. Hamel Business Administration Richard J. Hanagan Computer Science Susan B. Hanam Business Administration SAXIFRAGE ■ 171 Scott W. Hancock Communications Wendy Harding Business Administration Richard D. Hemlin Computer Science Manon Herrera Business Administration Christina E. Hill Business Administration Jon D. Hogue Psychology Ann V. Hohos Human Services Robert W. Hopkins Communications Mohammed S. Hossain Business Administration Kathleen M. Howard Nursing Deborah Howell English David C. Howes Business Administration Lori W. Howes Special Education Julia A. Hoy Communications Mary J. Hubbard Communications w 172 ■ SAXIFRAGE Heidi H. Hudson Nursing Christine A. Huska Early Childhood Education Karen P. Ingalls Biology Christopher C. Jackson Sociology John F. Jansen Computer Science Elena M. Jelescheff Special Education Nadine M. Jellow Jursing Wendy J. Jenkins Early Childhood Education Dana J. Joly Computer Science Nicole S. Joncas Special Education Cindy L. Jones Communications Michelle Jordan Nursing Maria E. Kannan Special Education Matthew E. Kauppi Computer Science Patricia A. Keane Special Education SAXIFRAGE ■ 173 Bridget E. Keegan English Joan E. Keirstead Business Administration Carolyn E. Kelley Business Administration Marianne Kenney Nursing Susan E. Kerrigan Economics Sean A. Kessler Communications Sandra M. Kessmann Business Administration Catherine M. Kimmel Computer Science John M. King Industrial Arts Kelly L. Kirby Elementary Education Heidi B. Kleinknecht Computer Science James C. Klock Elementary Education Kelly M. Knight Business Administration Laurie A. Knight Jursmg Peter F. Knudson Industrial Science RAGE Kristina A. Konrad Communications Sara A. Lambe Nursing Janet M. Lamontagne Elementary Education Anastasia Lampropoulos Early Childhood Education Kathleen Lamy Special Education Kathleen M. Lane Sociology Diane M. Lang Nursing Christine L. LaPlante Nursing Joseph P. LaPlante Industrial Arts Katherine A. Lapsley Special Education Ricky A. LeBlanc History Christina M. Ledford English Doreen J. Legere Nursing Steven M. Lennon Industrial Science Edward P. Leppzer Business Administration SAXIFRAGE ■ 175 Karla M. Lewis Special Education Susan B. Lindberg Mathematics Carol A. Linscott Special Education Kathleen M. Loftus Business Administration Elaina L. Loiselle Nursing Anne M. Lopresti Elementary Education Elise M. Lovely Early Childhood Education Annette M. Loverin Nursing Linda A. Luciano Special Education Robert Luszey Computer Science Maureen E. MacDonald Nursing Christine Maciolek Business Administration Sharon Mahoney Business Administration Judith A. Mahoney Jursmg Karen C. Malone Nursing 176 ■ SAXIFRAGE Marissa E. Manuele Jursing Thomas F. Mara Communications Angela M. Marotta Industrial Science Susan M. Marshall Jursing Lenice J. Martell Psychology Kimberly A. Martin Special Education Michael D. Martinelli Industrial Science Karen Mastico Nursing Michael C. Mazeika Industrial Science Sean R McCann business Administration Lynda McGuerty Business Administration Lynn E. McHatton Computer Science Rosanne L. McHugh Communications David J. McManus Business Administration Susan J. Membrino Human Services SAXIFRAGE ■ 177 Michelle L. Micalizzi Medical Technology Christopher M. Migliaccio Communications Kara Miklosovich Nursing Cynthia M. Mikula Elementary Education Paul H. Milner Communications Francis D. Mitchell Economics Maryfrances Mitchell Early Childhood Education Gary R. Moison Computer Science Rebecca A. Montuori Human Services ■ Lynne E. Moore Special Education Jeannie Morin Business Administration Lori M. Moquin Business Administration Pamela A. Morin Michael J. Moriarty Biology Stephen C. Mosco Mathematics m Brenda J. Moulton James M. Muchata Communications I Business Administsration ■y 1 Ellen M. Murdock Psychology Allen C. Murphy Business Administration Marilyn A. Meuller Jursing Francis W. Murphy Industrial Science Jerelyn T. Murphy Human Services Andrew E. Nadeau Business Administration Catherine M. Nagle Nursing Mark E. Neilly Industrial Arts Jane E. Nelson Psychology Holly B. Neumann Business Administration Thomas J. Newell Psychology SAXIFRAGE ■ 179 Ernst L. Nicolas Business Administration Glorianne A. Niemi English Lori T. Nigro Business Administration Susan M. Nosek Business Administration Susan E. Notaro Business Administration Maureen O ' Brien Elementary Education Michael P. O ' brien Early Childhood Education Robert J. O ' Grady English Patricia A. O ' Regan Industrial Science Catherine O ' Rourke Business Administration Christopher Page Business Administration Pamela L. Pagones Elementary Education Joanne Palermo Elementary Education Florence Paras Psychology Ann Pellegrino Jursiug i James M. Perry Communications Julie P. Phaneuf Nursing Kathleen A. Pickett Communications Stephen E. Pittman Business Administration Joyce A. Pollinger Human Services Camilla A. Pollock Communications Michele D. Porter Jursing Lorraine Powers Business Administration Pamela M. Pratt Special Education Sarah E. Prescott Elementary Education Thomas M. Proulx Communications Robert H. Purnell Business Administration Ronald J. Purnell Business Administration Brian X. Quinn Communications Lisa R. Quirk Psychology SAXIFRAGE ■ 181 H Joseph L. Raynor Communications Daniel C. Regan Business Administration Gary M. Reynolds Communications Lisa M. Reynolds Nursing Stacia L. Richardson Psychology Carmen P. Rivera Early Childhood Education Troy W. Roberts Industrial Science Tracey M. Rocheford Special Education Louis H. Rocheleau Industrial Science ■ Michael B. Rollins Industrial Science Sharon A. Rosenfelder Elementary Education Susan M. Ropiak Special Education Michael A. Rososky Communications Karen L. Rosa Business Administration Toniann Rougier Special Education x Jennifer Rucker Jursing Lisa M. Ruel Jursing Anthony W. Ruscito Psychology Robert J. Russell Nursing Susan M. Ryan Jursing Kathleen M. Sanderson Special Education Dennis P. Sargent History Annette J. Saucier Communications Lynn M. Saywer Business Administration Carol A. Schwalbe Business Administration Kari M. Scott English Brian J. Scully Chemistry Kenneth A. Sears Industrial Science Marianne P. Seeley Communications Patrick J. Sheppard Economics SAXIFRAGE ■ 183 Lisa M. Sheridan Business Administration Linda M. Slattery Computer Science Lisa Sherman Communications Arthur J. Smith Communications ■n Nancy Simpson HJ B? |p , i iC Human Services r Reak «■ Charles L. Smith PI - 1 tfcl Business Administration ■-. ' . U ' .A ' S-AOE Deborah L. Smith Nursing Keith St. Laurent Business Administration Gayle E. Strittmatter Nursing Francis T. Smith Industrial Arts Norman A. Staples Computer Science Christopher J. Sugrue Computer Science Elizabeth A. Soucie Nursing Susan M. Straitiff Industrial Science Jean Marie Sullivan Nursing v Michelle D. Suprenant Business Administration Patricia A. Tait Communications Cynthia M. Tassone Communications Lucy A. Taylor Computer Science John D. Tetreault Geography Keith J. Thibault Communications Norman R. Thombs History Robert J. Thompson Communications Jeffrey M. Thurber Business Administration Carol B. Tierney Special Education Mary E. Tighe Nursing Debbie Tremblay Business Administration Thomas M. Tremblay Communications Robert Trotta Sociology Richard J. Valente Business Administration SAXIFRAGE ■ 185 Joseph E. Vigeant Industrial Science Karen L. Viveiros Elementary Education Kim L. Viveiros Elementary Education Allison A. Vogt Early Childhood Education Joseph E. Walsh Computer Science Kathleen A. Walsh Business Administration Patricia J. Walton Human Services Maureen A. Ward Human Services Judith A. Wasil Medical Technology Sandra E. Watson Jursmg Hugh D. Wax Industrial Science Mary K. Wenninger Chemistry Joel A. Wetherell Industrial Science Sharon M. Wheaton Jursmg Sylvia Wheeler Business Administration i ■ SAXIFRAGE Karen A. Wiggins Psychology Nancy M. Williamson Nursing Jennifer A. Willwerth Nursing Jeffrey P. Wilson Computer Science Linda D. Wilson Economics Melanie T. Winter Special Education Karla J. Wise Nursing Andrea M. Woods Engli sh Jennifer L. Worcester Computer Science John E. Wornham Business Administration Suzanne M. Wyman Nursing Anne M. Zimbro Business Administration Alicia A. Zuscak Early Childhood Education Goodbye. In Memory Of Stephen A. Casey i ■■-;-. ■ ' : i ■ ' ■■:■ Pot Of Gold Laugh because you cannot cry Live because you wont die Look at the stars And wonder why Those royal jewels Are out of reach To a grain of sand Upon the beach . . . Stephen A. Casey SAXIFRAGE ■ 189 Judith Ann Dubour was an active member of the FSC community from 1 983 to J 986. She was known by many through her involvement in the following activities: counseling cancer patients, handicapped students, A.I.D. students and the education of the lay public on handicapped affairs. Many didnt realize the struggle Judy had since the diagnosis of cancer at age 14. She aspired to continue living her life to the fullest, which was seen through her pursuit of education and service to others. Throughout her life she touched many people with her vivacious personality and caring. She will always be remembered for her belief in the importance of the quality of life and not its quantity. She fought hard to maintain this quality for both herself and for others. Her memory will last forever in the hearts of her friends and in the history of FSC through the dedication of Honors Convocation 1 987, in her name. 190 ■ SAXIFRAGE In Memory Of Judith Ann Dubour SAXIFRAGE ■ 191 ■ Spreading The Word BOSTON CATHOLIC TELEVISION CENTER Steven Joyal Lloyd Sampson ' 84 ' 86 Associate Producer Production Technician 193 The Nation ' s Leading Supplier of Business Forms for Small Business NEW ENGLAND BUSINESS SERVICE, INC. General Offices — Groton, MA 01471 Townsend, MA Peterborough, NH Maryville, MO Midland, Ontario Flagstaff, AZ GeaffiS Bottling Co. of Lowell, Inc. 160 Industrial Ave. East TELEPHONE Lowell Area 459-9378 Lowell, Mass 01851 Fitchburg Area 342-1812 Congratulations Deb, Ted, Laurie and Alisa. Our Strobing Seniors! the STROBE OOO • O (617) 342-3855 342-7876 1-(800) 252-8097 Smith Brothers Office Equipment, Inc. Electronic Typewriters • Calculators Copiers • Furniture • Panel Systems 306 Summer Street Fitchburg, Mass. 01420 J ■■■ . m -.:■ ' -■■■■. Compliments of... nnoyationss 300 SUMMER STREET, FITCHBURG, MA -(617) 342-1 984 ARTIST MATERIALS SAXIFRAGE ■ 195 SQW tfil ON WW BIG f b- Fitchburg State College 160 Pearl Street Fitchburg, MA 01420 (617) 343-3817 IVe hope that in the years to come you will remain active and a major supporter of Fitchburg State College and your Alumni Association. Plan to visit the College as often as you can and take advantage of the many programs and benefits which your association has to offer you. Try to attend the yearly reunions, especially during your anniversary class years. As an alumni you are an ambassador for Fitchburg State College. Visit your local high school and talk " Fitchburg State. " Seek qualified students and encourage them to apply to Fitchburg State College. Enhance the reputation of your College through your successes and activities. And lastly, be proud! You graduated from one of the finest state colleges in New England. Good luck with your future educational and career endeavors. Please keep in touch with us so that we may keep you in touch with your classmates as well as the College itself. If we may be of any assistance to you in the years to come please don ' t hesitate to contact us. Welcome to the Fitchburg State College Alumni Association! , Jff OFFICE PRODUCTS, INC. 112 RIVER STREET • VALLEY WEST FITCHBURG, MASSACHUSETTS 01420 (617)343-3035 1-600-322-1075 YOUR COMPLETE BU8INE88 PR00UCT8 CENTER Eagle PRINTING 212 WATER STREET FITCHBURG, MASSACHUSETTS 01420 TELEPHONE 343-4647 •r, ■ ' .A IFRAGE Robert Gilmore Associates, Inc. 990 Washington Street— South Lobby Dedham, Massachusetts 02026 Telephone: (617) 329-6633 Robert Gilmore President VIDEO ' FILM PRODUCTION Compliments of... MAURICE " THE PANTS MAN " CAP. Plaza (next to Fuestation), John fitch Hwy. fitch., MA l ne lAuwwawam fwiiAe 466 JOHN FITCH PLAZA FITCHBURG, MASS. 01420 BOB MERSEREAU 343-4100 NEWMAN CENTER FITCHBURG STATE COLLEGE 281 HIGHLAND AVENUE FITCHBURG, MASS. 01420 REV. RICHARD P. LEWANDOWSKI - CHAPLAIN REV. MR. BENJAMIN A. NOGUEIRA - DEACON LOIS I. NOGUEIRA -PASTORAL ASSOCIATE (617)345-2688 WPL WXPL would like to express our appreciation to our graduating seniors. Rich Stefanowicz Rosanne McHugh Kieth Thibault Steve Everett Tom Flaherty Scott Hancock Maggie Crews Society for Advancement of Management Fitchburg State College Chapter Fitchburg State College Business Administration Dept. Fitchburg, MA 01420 Congratulations to the Society for the Advancement of Management (SAM) on an outstanding performance this year! Thanks to our dedicated members whose hard work made it all happen. SAM also thanks Mr. John Boursy, our advisor. To graduating senior members, SAM sends you off with its best wishes for a successful future. Good luck to all next year! Congratulations 1987 Graduates Campus Pizza + Campus Variety Next to Fitchburg State College 342-3727 342-3464 SAXIFRAGE ■ 197 ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 101 Union Street, Clinton, Mass. 01510 617-365-9721 TWX 710-347-1956 CONTRACT MANUFACTURING OF PRECISION PLASTIC COMPONENTS AND ROBOTIC SYSTEMS ... STATE OF THE ART TECHNOLOGY IN A RESTORED CIVIL WAR VINTAGE SETTING OOOOOOOOODOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO i ■y , ■ OA IFRAGE (617)342-2203 XEROX MEMORY WRITERS Allen Office Products SALES - SERVICE - SUPPLIES VIC ALLEN Owner 147 MAIN STREET FITCHBURG, MASSACHUSETTS 01420 J R GLASS SERVICE, INC, Aluminum Service Glass Service Paul Bessette Roland Bessette 860 Water St. Fitch burg, Mass. 01420 EMERGENCY NUMBERS 386-2239 386-5647 SAXIFRAGE ■ 199 1987 Saxifrage Staff Brian Quinn Photo Editor Meg Correia Treasurer and Seniors Editor Leslie White Corporate Advertising Manager Darla Martin Local Advertising Manager Becky Richards Faculty Editor Patty Ricci Sports Editor Stephanie Horosz Student Life Editor James Modafferi Photo Editor Adam Ludensky Photographer Angelique Kenney Co-Editor Mary Hubbard Co-Editor mi Without the contributions of the following people, the 1987 Saxifrage would not have been possible: The Campus Center Custodians Rick Jim at Shipping and Receiving Dave Ryder Helen Obermeyer-Simmons George Bohrer John Wegman Judy Thibeault Gerri Wennerholt Lon Vickers His Staff Norman Thombs Andy Cunningham Kathy Moore Robert Thompson Chris Kiernan President Mara The Alumni Association Bill Riley i ' . ' ,■ ■.:■ ' ■-:■ ' .■ M VA 3sW. : ' £ •• «

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