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I Is ; iy» -...«,.•: ' ..% •, ; 4 -- Si • r • ■THMrrri ,■ £■■ ,, • | v . if - m 1 • - ' -v.; ?f ia ly5 i V I r i . ■. " ■ - ■• ■■ ■ ■ «; .•■%►. ' s - «, -- s Hw?B I rj ' ■»..■ J ■•f ' V ' 1 r £ fv 1 j • 1 . : ? r. ■a fe »; t " v 4 - • V- JJ- ' U. . . - : SP I f ' • ' m ; : : ; . . ' 17 III " FITCHBURG STATE COLLEGIANA ARCHIVES COLLECTION " ■ : 2i ■ ■ ■ M FITCHBURG STATE BURG STATE MILLER HALL 1930 I y m |- IT ' ' ' - Br ' ; n ,. " V ' ■ • si -r- Fitchburg State a place to learn, to love, to form lasting friendships, and mostly for us to grow. We ' ll long remember our years at F. S. C„ and even when the memories of the finals, the mid-terms, and the bad days are faded, we ' ll retain the happy glow that we have developed in knowing we ' ve become all we can . . . and sometimes more. HHB TTAEILIE ®F COMTTEKITr IP®®© @© MD© o(o (Si o FACiUTY ©M 1P@U© H @ ACWIT Education is capital invested for the future. MBMHBHHMMIuHBSi ' . V " i ■ - ; Ml 1 «f0 " k l4 g-r-. P Father Jim Houston, advisor to the Class of 1981 was an integral part of Fitchburg State College from 1974 to 1980. Newman Chaplin, Fenwick Sponsor, Class Advisor, he was all of these and much more as he reached out to all at Fitchburg State College as priest, brother, father, friend. He touched many with his gentle presence, his per- vasive humor, his genuine caring and his healing love. Father Jim ' s influence during our college years will continue as we leave Fitchburg State and it is with much love and gratitude that we, the Class of 1981, dedicate our yearbook to him. «. . ■ i ■ ?$w fi i 1 A v£l Bk J) MUsi ( z i9 iL P RnJ Wi w j»_ — » , »s- «H- M " A ship in a port is safe, but that is not what ships are made for. " 9 J " l Greetings and Godspeed This book with all its color and smiling faces will grow more important, more dear to you as time passes. Since assuming the leadership of Fitchburg State, I have begun to acquire a collection of yearbooks, which I keep in my office and occasionally review. It is a delight to remember old friends, former students who have worked with me and with whom I have shared experiences in learning and living. If all of the prognosticators are correct, the world you are entering as college graduates will be significantly different from the one I faced. Your world, it is said, is growing smaller, more dangerous, less affluent. Tough times. But, I wouldn ' t waste too much time worrying. You have a good education and, from what I have seen, the values and the vivacity to achieve the rewards and happiness that life has always offered in good times or bad. So go forward in search of your grail. Look back occasionally through this book and enjoy your memories. Come back occasionally and visit us. Here you will always be welcome, always be important, always be someone who has made a difference and is remembered with fondness and pride. Vincent J. Mara 10 rHE ««.oo VOur Yearbook boo , II " If you can imagine it you can achieve it, if you can dream it you can become it. " 12 ■ 14 k es stock ol what he is? " A P sopne ' °- S S , e , or gre otness unti. he " HoW C ° „ fou r years provides an eto mod Vou -SK Y . of e pas, Ha- a M »■ , vou success rthYo uU J Congratulations and May God Jj Q ton S Viewers ■ Lmm£ D Emm T ° " » C.o ss of 1981 . Christ me Cos Qrove 15 BV ■ fl ftl Mm fl AMflH H Bf XB6 1 kgM .. ' " HH nHk 4 16 ■ ■ i» Wm EJBHv ■■ 1 ■ , Ml K UB1 rf ' ' I ' To understand people I must try to hear what they are not saying, what they will perhaps never Pe able to say. " twm 4 m H ■ .- . ' " Keep your face to the sun- shine and you cannot see the shadow. " m r i. ' A ' J " Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all vfllL ■ ViOb.._ II ■ £ u £ I twm m 1 r STUDENT GOVERNMENT OFFICERS front row: (r. to I.) Barbara O ' Brien, Elaine Baci, Kate Golden, back row: (r. to I.) Brian Bowen, Mat Kenslea, Tony Bratton SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Ann Begley, Bob Quinn-Class Reps. Marianne Morrison-President, Elaine Bad-Treasurer, Mark Swidler-Class Rep., Janet Chap- man-Vice-President. Missing: from photo-Deb Mulholland- Secretary, Pat Murphy-Class Rep. 34 Junior Class Officers Fred Abraham, Brenda Bates. Michelle Colbert. Jeff DeCoste, Patty Londergan, Steve Paschal. Dot Pepin. Mary Sullivan Sophomore Class Officers Sandy Bedard, Joanne Crowley, Patty DeSisto, Maura Frechett, Patti Morse, Ralph Nashawaty, Jennifer Schuler, Bob Weiss ? Freshmen Class Officers Lynn Annaian. Sharon Feeney. John Foley. Laurie Salerno. Carol Souza. Todd Stanwood. Lisa Wagner. 35 COMMUTERS BOARD Lori Briggs, Janet O ' Neil, Kelly Smith, Jim Sullivan, Rich Sullivan, John Tarmey 36 NATIONAL SERVICE FRATERNITY ALPHA PHI OMEGA front row (r. to I.) Gino Ellison. Joe DeRose. Tim Cournoyer back row (r. to I.) Brian Erickson. Don Carlton. Bill Ahern not present: Dave Harvey, John Nanlon, Joe Rizzo. Ward Hollister. Rich Murray GAMMA SIGMA SIGMA The Epsilon Phi Chapter of Gamma Sigma Sigma was officially chartered on April 27. 1979 They are the only national sorority on campus and are basically a service organization Gamma Sigma Sigma believes in friendship, service, and equality. front row (r. to I.) Susan Ming. Diane Grymrek. Sharon Sundstrum AneMane McCabe back row (r to I ) Joyce Livingstone, Judy Ferwerda, Linda O ' Neill. Dawn Michaud. Maroa Mooshagian I I V i 1 1 EPSILON PI TAU FITCHBURG INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY ASSOCIATION (I. to r.) John Decicco, Joel M. Floss, M. Peter Jay, Anthony Wilberti 4 I I KAPPA DELTA PI The Xi Psi chapter of Kappa Delta Pi was founded last year at Fitchburg State. It is a national honor society that is open to any education major who achieves a cummulative average of 3.5. Dr. Frances Powers serves as the society ' s advisor. S ESOTERIC SOCIETY The Esoteric Society was tounded to develop men of strong character and to increase the feeling of fellowship towards the members of the society and social organization on campus. front row (I. to r.) Ron Crump, Dave Kasheta, Steven Folan, Kenny Barker. Bill Hayes, back row (I. to r.) Larry Simpson, Jeff White, Jim Scanlon, Scott Alcock, Tim Dooley, Tony Freitas, Bob Hadley, John Handzel NEASYLONS The Neasylons Society, the youngest social club on campus, was founded in 1968. The main ob- jectives of this club are to unite all women inter- ested in community service, social activities, sportsmanship and other collegiate functions. front row (I to r.) Cindy Potter. Mary Anderson. Sue Hunt Back row (I to r ) Brenda Bienvenue. Kelly Frederick. Martha Maskelenko. Jody Ste- vens missing: Julie Woomer » I J. : 2« PI SIGMA UPSILON The Fenwick Society, is a social club on campus promoting " social unity " . It was established in 1966 by a group of indivi- duals with the intent of establishing positive relations between students, faculty, and administration. MOHAWKS The Mohawks originally known as the Berkshire Club, was chartered by the college in 1927. The goals of this club were to achieve unity through leadership and brotherhood. Jim Fleming was this years Presi- dent. 40 v PHI BETA SIGMA front row: (I. to r.) Pedro Loca, Kenneth Daniels, Jimps " G " Louis back row (I. to r.) back row: Larry D. Edmondson, Fred G. Johnson Ian " Ice " Cotterell, Fred Henry PHILODEMIC SOCIETY The Philodemic Society is the oldest women ' s social group on campus. Founded in 1948, the aims of the group are to develop greater school spirit through active participation in work, sports, and all social affairs, as well as to cooperate with civic welfare groups. FUBARS front row (l to r ) Keith Lancelots. G. Chute. Paul Monahan 2nd row (I to r.) Dick Donahue. Tom MacDonald. Tom Shahood back row (I to r ) Paul Mar- shall. Dave Fongeiio. Mike Ohanssien. Dana Nemis. Mike Swan 41 THE ACCESS STAFF The ACCESS Staff is the peer counseling group on campus. The ACCESS Staff helps students to develop skills such as goal setting, group process skills and group interaction. Trained in listening skills, and communication skills, the ACCESS staff is able to aid a variety of students with a variety of problems and concerns. Mr. Raymond Bryant serves as the ACCESS Advisor front row (I. to r.) Nancy Gaudet, Maureen Desmond, Nancy Doherty, Sharon Mowder back row (I. to r.) John Cannon, Laurel Olsen, Marie Racine, Judy Richardson, Liisa Johnson, Phil Felton Band BAND OFFIC ' RS President -John J ' .e-President Matt Sheils Secretary-Mau- reen McDonald P ' X iicity-Elizabeth Stanley Absent from photo: Bob Alegretto. Ketth Phillips. Kathy Wylie Cyndie Stringfellow ■ ■ ! ' i 1 1 1 i 1 I BIOLOGY CLUB front row (I. to r.) Janet Chapman-Secretary, Cindy Hay-President, Marie Chiarameda- Vice PResi- dent back row (I. to r.) George Babich-Advisor, Heather Peterson, Diane Gymrek, Bill McGrew- Treasurer EARLY CHILDHOOD CLUB Kathy Moylan-President, Carol Taylor- Treasurer, Lynne Chaput-Secretary, Anne Calzetta Absent Members: Joe MoMahan-Vice-President, Patti Mur- dock, Jodi Mundy, Snady Wesson, Erica Antonelly, Karen Townsent, Carol Riddle. II HUMAN SERVICES front row (I to r ) Ellen Gavin. Doreen Dunton. Barbara Cohen back row (I to r.) Diane Swanson, Richard Suckau, Chris Quartarone missing: Ann St. Dean, Lisa Salerno. Sharon Graham. Kathy Carol. Doug Connores. Chris MasWade 43 MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY front (1 to r.) Susan Thibeault-Programs Director. Ste- cvn -President, Sandy Gaines-Secretary. Sharon Per- -, esn Rep. back (I. to r.) Roberta Hagin- Susan Zer- decki-Program Committee Martha Jackson-Assistant Programs Director. Heather Peterson-Public Relations Committee. Barbara Picard-Jr. Rep. nor present; Mrs. Rosemane Neunherz. Advisor I.V.C.F. front (I. to r.) Ann Marie Tisevich, Sandra Rabinovitz, Christine Cardogno back row (I. to r.) Linda Koch-President David Teubner, Laurel Olsen, Cathy Racine 44 NURSING STUDENTS ASSOCIATION The Nursing Student ' s Association at F.S.C. is a service organization which provides programs to promote and maintain health and to in- crease awareness by offering various lec- tures, films, workshops and clinics. It provides the opportunity for students to apply and ex- pand their educational experiences eithin the health field. Membership is open to any stu- dent attending the college, and active par- ticipation is urged for maximum benefits. NEWMAN ASSOCIATION OUTING CLUB front row (I to r.) Cathy Opolski. Chris Ham- mond, Joanne Leonardo. Debbie Dunkle back row (L to R ) Jack Garnty, John Ciarcia. George Lukes. Steve McDonough, Mike Coo- kish Missing-Ann Wright, Tom McNair II S.N.E.A. The Student National Education Association (S.N.E A was organized this year under the di- rection of Karen St Amand Affiliated with M.T.A., the club was organized to serve as an aid to students in the Human Services, and in Educa- tion SPECIAL EDUCATION CLUB Front row: (I. to r.) Patty St. Peter, Kay Colette, Maryann Sullivan Doreen Herlighy Sharon Sand- strum. Paul Labrecque, Francine Pericotte, Terri Kimball back row: (I. to r.) Betty Hebert, Katy Lawndes. Pat Murphy, Linda O ' Neil, Trayce Taras, Kevin McMullen Carrie Jackson, Joyce Living- stone, Liz Hennessey At urn FITCHBURG STATE VOLLEYBALL CLUB front row (I. to r.) Sheila Sheehan. Donna Rice, Bob Murray-Coach, Donna Camber, Maureen Healy, 2nd row (I. to r.) Kevin Wilson, Cathy Shea, Jean Bernhardt, Julie Woods, Karen Ryan, Jamey Hasbrouck, back row: (I to r.) Gary Kelly V.A.C. front row: (I. to r.) Ellen Gavin, Mathew Perry, Barbar Cohen back row (L. to r.) Judy Richardson Diane Swanson 47 Rhetoric Staff Adelphians: front (I. to r.) Donna Reidy, Kathy Pellitier, Nancy Silvan, Lori Cosentino, Leslie Smith, Diane White middle (I. to r.) Katey Lowndes, Barbara Blest, Pam Foto, Maryanne Cormier, Penny Roth, Suzanne Bourque, Linda Owens, back (I. to r.) Nancy Gabrick, Sandy Lahey, Ellen Fe ' lkel, Tracey Taras, Muriel Thompson, Patrice Daly, Julie Retelle, Jackie MaCrystal, Karen Anantuonio, Martha Finn Missing: Denise DiCicco, Dana Klang, Theresa Leone, Patti Murphy, Theresa Naab, and Renee Remillard Ml II m rfi ' at fc Aim For A Star! Never Be Satisfied With A Life That Is Less Than The Best, j - i • . ki li$ j iMte fr ■ ' ■!■■■ fc feJL ««3l ILLARD BROOK STATE FOREST DEPARTMENT CNVIROMMENT tMAMAOEMENT ■ ' r .«■ Make Each Tomorrow A Better Today And Don ' t Be Afraid To Dream. - A •X 4 ifffl A « B ■ Aim For A Star, And Keep Your Sights High! With A Heart Full Of Faith Within, 56 ■ Your Feet On The Ground, SMm o ' ' -•» ' ■ r JriK - 1 II ■ ■! ttU . come stomp- 5IQMPER5! v 5v S Patrick Alfieri Karen E. Aldred Medical Technology Sherrilynne A. Almeida Nursing Mary J. Ambrose Early Childhood Ida K. Assaly Young Children Wrrh Special Needs 66 Bernice S. Aster Psychology Karen M. Allard Nursing Nina B. Angeiis Mathematics Ray A. Atkinson Human Services Robert S. Allegretto Industrial Arts Elizabeth G. Armstrong Nursing Cynthia L. Ayer Mathematics Gregory C. Babcock Nursing Paul Baptiste t icia L. Barlow : cher of Young Children with i cial Needs Elaine Ann Baci Special Education Katherine L. Barber Special Education Sally A. Barry Nursing Diane M. Bak Computer Science Linda L. Barber Nursing Lisa M. Bartelloni Nursing Jeffrey A. Balboni Communications Mark E Barrows Human Services Krisanne M. Barton Human Services 67 ■ I I •-»„ Susan Irene Basque Computer Science Muriel M. Beauregard Special Education Marie J. Behre Early Childhood Craig B. Baxter Industrial Arts Susan E. Beauregard Early Childhood Robert S. Belcher Industrial Science Paula J. Beaulieu Nursing Marybeth A. Bedard Human Services Jean L. Beauregard Human Services Ann M. Begley Special Education Diane E. Bellis Communications Arthur James Bertonl Industrial Science M Debra Ann Berube Nursing Donna Blacker Nursing Dennis Bibeau Computer Science Linda Blanchard Teacher of Young Children with Special Needs Janice Bourdreau Nursing Michael Boulay History Cynthia Bilotta Special Education Lynne Borden Special Education Brian Bowen Marc Bingham Business Administration Jane Bottiggi Nursing David Braga Industrial Science 69 r fc Patricia Brennan Medical Technology Barbara Brousseau Human Services I s u David Burt 70 Ann Marie Brighenti Nursing Nora Brown Special Education Thomas Butler IV Industrial Arts Samuel Briguglio Biology ) t Steven Brown Computer Science Donna Camber Nursing Gall Broderick Computer Science Elizabeth Burnham Teacher of Young Children wi1 Special Needs Kathleen Campion Nursing Denise Campagna Nursing Judith Carlson Nursing Kathleen Carr Nursing Robert Canary Industrial Arts Sheldon Carnes Jr. Industrial Arts Cheryl Catano Nursing Joan Capodagli Special Education Jo Anne Carpenter Special Education Peter Cattaneo Human Services Cynthia Carbone Biology •Catherine Carpenter Debra Chagnon Special Educ 71 Helen Champagne Nursing Wende Chapman Nursing Susan Childs Elementary Education Richard Champion III Business Administration Michelle Charest Special Education Teresa Chory Nursing Janet Chapman Biology Louise Cheeney Nursing Ronald Chpaman Industrial Arts Marie Chiaramida Biology George Chute Industrial Arts Human Services vi s David Clark Communication Joyce Coffin Special Education Noreen Cleary Medical Technology Sandra Collette Medical Technology Janer Collins Biology Kathleen Clough Communication Mary Connolly Special Educ Kevin Coakley Industrial Arts ■M P Mary Coleman Gilman Cole Nursing Kelly Colby Industrial Science Special Education Marybeth Connolly Etem BV ' lfl Robert Connolly Industrial Arts Kathleen Conway Special Education Russell Cook Business Administration Judith Coomey Special Education Kimberly Cottone Catherine Coughlin Mathematics Cheryl Cook Biology Amy Cooperman Special Education Annalyn Courtney Special Education Katherine Cook Nursing Maryanne Cormier Special Education Anne Corrigan Special Education 74 Lorna Crump Human Services Ronald Crump Computer Sciences Christine Dangio Business Administration Clinton Davis Sociology 3 Peter Demers Computer Science .,,v r Oscar Derderian Jr Communication James Culkeen Industrial Arts Helene Descot Nursing Janice r er oche Nurs • Doreen Cullen Psychology Paul Demello Industrial Arts r Joseph Derose Special Education 75 . « v. Nancy Devlin Human Services Nancy Doherty Psychology Lorraine Dube Special Eaucation Paul DiBenedetto III Business Administration Edward Doherty Industrial Arts Richard Donahue Industrial Arts Carol Doyle Medical Technology Bonnie Ducanson Industrial Science Eileen P. Duffy Elementary Education 1 ¥ t-rf Kathleen Doherty Sociology Mary Dubbs Psychology Martha Duffy Teacher of Young Children With Special Needs Debra Dunne Beth E. Epstein Human Services Mary E. Dunn Nursing Robert P. Ewell Computer Science Kathleen M. Finneran Nursing Carol A. Finney Mathematics Catherine L. Dykes Special Education Steven M. Ferry Business Administration ..!% ' Mark D. Fisher Business Administration Pamela J. Edwards Teacher of Young Children with Special Needs Martha A. Finn Industrial Arts •Catherine J. Fitzgerald Human Services 77 Marie S. Fitzpatrick Teacher of Young Children With Special Needs Karen A. Flynn Industrial Arts Lynne M. Fontzine Eileen P. Flanagan Communications Lillian M. Foley Special Education Kay M. Forman E lementary Education Joel M. Floss Industrial Arts Paul Foley Industrial Arts Claire A. Fortln Human Services Donna J. Flynn Nursing Theresa Foley Medical Technology Brenda H. Fortunate Medical Technology Diana M. Frabotta Nursing Jean M. Gailunas Nursing Judith M. Garneau Special Education Sandra J. Frederickson Special Education Roberta J. Gallant John Garrity Business Administration Sandra L. Fuhs Industrial Arts Richard J. Garcia Geography Ellen L. Gavin Human Services Jane Gagne Nursing Jacquiline M. Gardner Mathematics Michael G. Gill Elementary Educatton 79 ■ ■ Kathleen A. Girard Elementary Education Katherine M. Golden Human Services Cheryl A. Grace Biology Susan E. Grady Nursing Colleen A. Gritfin Elementary Education James P. Griffin Computer Science Peter Goldstein Communications , loo, pS Linda Gormley Special Education Lori L. Greenway Special Education Deborah J. Greenwood Elementary Education Lisa Grogan Special Education June M. Guarente Nursing 80 David C. Guernsey Communication Deborah J. Hall Special Education 9» r Gary J. Guilbault Industrial Arts Corrine E. Hansbury Special Education Cynthia J. Hay Biology Nancy L. Hayter Early Schildhood Education Susan E. Guilmette Human Services Carol J. Hars English Walter L. Helliesen Special Education Jill Haley ! ZZ Mary A. Hathaway Nursing Lorraine M. Henault Business Administration 81 • ■ Jeffrey L. Hendel Biology Bessie L. Herbert Human Services V A Elizabeth A. Hennessey Special Education Ann Marie Herlihy Human Services Brenda M. Holmes Computer Science Kathy L. Houran Human Services Peter A. Hennessey Industrial Arts James J. Henry Special Education Kathleen M. Hession Nursing Ward R. Hollister Industrial Arts Lori Hunt Psychology Brenda L. Hunter Special Education 82 Catherine M. Hurley Nursing Carrie S. Jackson Special Education Liisa C. Johnson Teacher of Young Children with Special Needs Jeanine A. Hurley Nursing Ann E. Janiak Nursing Annmarie Jones Special Education Dominco Ingemu Jr Judy L. Jefferson Computer Science Ann M. Jordan Nursing Evelyn F. Itz Medical Technology Ewa M. Johansson Human Services Christopher J. Jordan Computer Science 83 ■ ■ James M. Jordan Computer Science Kerry A. Keating Human Services Kathleen M. Kendall Elementary Education Robert A. Jordan Jr Industrial Arts Annmarie Kane Psychology Mark W. Keene Industrial Arts Kathleen A. Kelly Computer Science Karen A. Kashgagian Special Education Robert Kenney Mathew Kenslea Philip B. Kelton Industrial Arts Marsha J. Kent Nursing 84 Patricia D. King Speical Education ' ■■ . I Barbara M. Kiotz English Florence T. Kimball Teacher of Young Children With Special Needs Laura E. Knowles Special Education Joyce M. King Medical Technology Glenn R. Knowlton Elementary Education Susan E. Kling Nursing John A. Korbut Industrial Arts David W. Koulouris Business Administration Nancy J. Kryzykowski Nursing Debra A. Kulvette Special Education Lois R. Lachapelle 85 iir Shawn E. Laflamme English Cheryl A. Langone Special Education Marcia J. Learmonth Early Childhood Education K David S. Lage Industrial Arts Lynn A. Laramee Medical Technology Robert Leary Industrial Arts John S. Lambe Computer Science Clarisse Lashua Business Administration Sandra A. LeClair Computer Science Diane P. Lane Business Administration Michele A. Lavallee Special Education Siobhan M. Lecuyer Business Administration ;-?. Cathleen A. Lemoine Nursing Monica J. Leonard Special Education Joynce Livingston Special Education Karen A. Leopold Early Childhood Education Anne-Carol Leone Human Services Carla D. Lombard Human Services i Cynthia A. Leslie Human Services « V Lillian H. Linde Human Services ( A i Pauline A. Lopiano Special Education Cynthia E Levine Special Education Dean M. Little Elementary Education Roxanne, M. Lord Bology 87 Anthony J. Lucci Industrial Science Richard J. Lucier Computer Science Elizabeth M. Lucius Nursing Lynne A. Lyko Biology Helen Maculatitis Special Education Cynthia A. Lyons Nursing Karen I. MacDonald Elementary Education Christine M. Macwade Human Services Anne Marie Maguir Nursing Robyn J. Lynds Human Services Thomas E. MacDonald Industrial Science Paul R. Maguire Business Administration Kathleen S. Mahoney Human Services John E. Mara Special Education Karla ML Majewski Industrial Arts Patricia R. Marini Human Services Ardith L. Martin Nursing Diane M. Martin Elementary Education Peter M. Manijak Communications Paul V. Marshall Human Services ,-M, Craig R. Mayfield Computer Science David B. Manzella Industrial Arts Janet M. Martoski Early Childhood Education Lynn E. McConnell Special Educo 69 Maureen K. McDonald Elementary Education Virginia McDonnell Special Education Beverly A. McGee Nursing Billy R. McGrew Biology Karen M. McGovern Special Education Deborah A. Mckee Special Education Lisa M. Mcgivney Nursing Thomas J. Mcloughlin Industrial Arts Terese J. McNulty Special Education Judith M. Meehan Communication Dorothy; E. Meilingher Special Education Thomas R. Menard Psychology 90 Susan K. Merchant Nursing Mark S. Micalizzi Computer Science David J. Montville Industrial Arts Gail S. Mercier Special Education Dawn Michaud Special Education Diane W. Morgan Nursing Charlene A. Merola Teacher of Young Chiiaren with Special Needs Dana Minich Communications Patricia A Morgan Human Services Mark R. Merry Industrial arts Lisa A. Mitchell Nursing Patrick J. Monarty Jr. B»otogy 91 ■ ■ m. Ellen A. Morrison Special Education Patricia A. Muicahy Business Administration Brent J. Murphy Communications Deborah J. Morrison Nursing Debra R. Mulholland Human Services Maureen V. Murphy Nursing Marianne Morrison Human Services Mary C. Munroe Early Childood Patricia J. Murphy Special Education Janice L. Morvillo Psychology Patti A. Murdock Early Childhood Barbara A. Nassif Special Education SBKifa Gayle M. Natichione Nursing Judith L. Noddin Biology Mickey C. Natoli Industrial Arts Steven A. Norman Business Administration k Gregory G. OBrien Psychology Michael F. OBrien Industrial Arts Betsy A. Nickerson Special Education Richard A. Norton Elementary Education Patrick J. OBrien Industrial Arts Theodore Nickole Industrial Arts Paul F. Norton Communications Catherine M. O ' Conner Nursing Margaret O ' Doherty Geography Linnea G. Olson Nursing m Janet E. O ' Neil Special Education Cathleen A. Opolski Human Services Elsa Olmedo Elementary Education Jean O ' Regan Nursing Margaret A. O ' Toole Human Services Joanne M. Panicci Nursing Cheryl Pantapas Laurel J. Olsen Human Services Donna M. Oswald Nursing Debra Parlengas Nursing Michele A. Patterson Nursing Joyce A. Pelrine Special Education Katherine C. Pettengill Nursing Walter J. Paton Jr. Industrial Arts Maureen T. Perkins Special Education Thomas R. Petzy Elementary Education Sheila M. Paul Early Childhood Education Donna L. Peterson Special Education Van T. Phan Mathematics Pamela A. Peevey Communication ii Nancy E. Peterson Psychology Nina E. Phillips Eler -lucatton ■ w% Suzanne M. Picard Nursing Paul A. Pisarski Nursing Rosaline Pomroy Human Services Sharon Pichette Nursing Michael A. Piwarunas Industrial Arts Wanda M. Pierce Special Education Maureen A. Polewarczyk Medical Technology Linda Powell Special Education Marie A. Primeau Teacher of Young Children With Special Needs Heather M. Pinkus Special Education e Beverly D. Pomeroy Nursing Elaine M. Proko Nursing iMLMii aihiui — - Thomas Ptak Computer Science Katherine E. Quirk Human Services Melinda A. Pulisi Special Education Patricia J. Quinn Medical Technology Janet R. Ramsey Early Childhood Education Cheryl A. Ray Human Services Molly Queralt Elementary Education Patricia L. Quinn Human Services Lucille M. Reed Special Education Cheryl A. Quiet Special Education Robert J. Quinn Medical Technology Donna J. Reidy Communications ■ Xtsr • " » Renee A. Remillard Nursing Daniel S. Riley Industrial Arts MaryElizabeth Rogers Teacher of Young Children with Special Needs Jean M. Robichaud Mathematics Stephen P. Robinson Business Administration Nancy J. Rosa Human Services David M. Rudick Geography Alma R. Rodriguez Computer Science Patricia ML Russo Special Education Robert A. Salvatore Communications Laurie A. Sazama Nursing Melinda Serverson Nursing Patricia A. Sarstield Nursing Randy D. Schacht Computer Science Mary Seymour Human Services Andrea Savaris Early Childhood Education Susan P. Sciacca Special Education Thomas W. Shaood Jr. Industrial Science Nancy J. Sawyer Computer Science Beth A. Scola Special Education Donna L. Sharpies Psychology Mary P. Sheahan Communications Nancy J. Silun Nursing » trmt ¥ ••■■ y Robert Sleboda Industrial Arts Wendy A. Shepard Special Education Sharon L. Simon Nursing Suanne Smiaroski Nursing Nancy H. Sheridan Special Education Joseph Sinasky Sociology Leslie A. Smith Nursing John W. Sherrer Communications Russell Sherwood Industrial Arts Claudia Soares Special Education Stephen Sousa Business Administration Jean M. Stafford Special Education Kevin J. Souza Industrial Arts Karen J. St. Amand Teacher of Young Children With Special Needs Eric D. Starbard Geography Janet L. Staub Nursing MaryJane Sprague Special Education Theresa M. St. Germain Medical Technology Kathy Stratton Industrial Arts Robert Stadolnik Special Education Barbara J. Stannard Human Services Cheryl Stuart Medical Technology Denise M. Sullivan Nursing Diane R. Swift Human Services Sheila P. Sullivan Humans Services Betsy Stringer Human Services Michael B. Swan Industrial Arts Susan A. Underwood Teacher of Young Children With Special Needs Mark S. Swidler Communications Cathy A. Valade Medical Technology Virginia Vecchiarelli Special Eaucation Lois Ventl Elementary Education Mary Taitano Human Services Beth Tata Human Services James W. Tedolodi Industrial Arts Janet E. Tosi Human Services Patricia A. Vaughn Psychology Lisa A. Telxeira Communications Jean M. Tozlowski Business Administration Bruce I. Wahl Computer Science Gwendolyn Thomas Nursing Susan A. Turner Nursing Valerie Y. Waite Medical Technology Kathleen M. Thunberg Medical Technology Jo Ann Tyler English Carol Webb Nursing ■ ' « ■ ' -% . Laurie S. Weiner Business Administration Patricia Weir Nursing Karen M. White Nursing William F. White Industrial Arts Gary B. Wolfson Elementary Education Julie A. Woods Computer Science Gail Weisman Teacher of youn Children with Special Needs Daryl S. Williams Mathematicas Kathleen J. Wylie Special Education Diane Weschrob Special Education Larry R. Williams Business Administration Andre Yoshida Computer Science S M? Marion Young Special Education Mary Young Nursing Vicky Zaring Teacher of young Children with Special Needs Catherine A. Zellner Biology Melanie A. Zwolinski Communications Thanks Gang!! Michael (Duncan) Owens Computer Science » ■. ' t ►. I ' I ■ ,» V;i R i ' m «. ■ 1 . ' f fMini •ii 1JB m YH H BB ■ f « ■ ! L fi r» r. fi BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE, front: J. Breen, C. Gay, E. Garvin, D. McCabe, A. Leonard, H. Crowly, M. Hanley back: D. Bakken, A. Bernstein C. Streff, J. Dufault, P. Gurling, R. Spencer, D. Issac, G. Browning, C. Tower, H. Melvin f I 1IOLOOY: G. Bond. B. Babich, S. Dick, S. Krane, D. Schmidt, N. Anderson, A. O ' Malley missing: B. Zottole, E. Davis, R. Nuenherz vl 1 I BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS MEDIA front: P. Laytin. T Carsten. J Meaney. B Powers back: D. Ryder. J. Magnasco. W. Thibeault. L. DeNike. B Fitzgibbon 115 I I I COMPUTER SCIENCE: Peter Spoerri, Ted LaPierre, Bob Shughnessy, Jerry Johnson ■ EDUCATION: front: H O ' Flaherty, F. Powers, R. Lee, R. Houston I. Passios, back: G. M f. E. Ross, R Barbarisi- James, A. Green 116 ENGLISH front: M. McCaffrey. I. Miranda, R. Tapply. E. Pally back: W. Keough, J. Butz. R. Welch, J. Mcgrail, W. Barker INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY: front: R Thomas, I Perry. S Baldwin. J Carpenter. E Martins. P Tardamc. G James. J Farias, back; J. Previti. E. Phelps, R Kobernak. G Merriam. J Andrew J Wescott. H. Besniz. F. Miller NURSING: front: J. Doyle. J. Minasian, S. Harrell, L. Emery, back: E. May, C. Tilton, B. Madden, C. O ' Connor, E. Sjoberg, R. Taylor, R. Driscoll, B. Fisk, C. Seavor, S. Fredette I PHYSICAL EDUCATION: front: J. Downey, J. Onuska, T. Battinelllj back: L. Cunningham, J. Sheehan, B. Nole t I m .• ■»»■ : V PC » ' . ■ J S 1 I 1 iySJ 122 ' J.1 WOT FOOTBALL - 1980 PC •. TO tii wL :fli JL 74 29, 63 35 65 4 , ci The F.S.C Football team, now in it ' s fourth season, under the leadership of Coach Sullivan, is showing more im- provement each year. The team is fortunate in having a young team which shows great potential in the 1981 season. Key players for the FALCONS this year were, Dave Fallenstrom, halfback, Richard Lofters, fullback, and tight end Tom Simmous. Players chosen for the All- Ameri- can team were Paul Cory, and Randy Briggs. SOCCER - 1980 The 1980 F.S.C. Soccer team with first year coach. Bill Miller, had a very successful season, going undefeated in 18 games, The team lost a heartbreaking 5 overtime game to S.M.U. in the E.C.A.C. playoffs 1-0. The team was led by Captains Tom White, Bill Stone, and MVP Lee Martins. The returning lettermen were complimented by a good crop of 11 freshmen. The team ende it ' s season at 9-0-9 and is looking forward to the future and the NCAA playoffs. WiB mSSk mm I WOMEN ' S CROSS-COUNTRY- 1980 I i MEN ' S TENNIS 129 X mUnwMyhuti Il Tfritd. ' I M.D.C. V ru [■ Mlkf H ftfttA : A ns ' I M ! % ' 7 . 1fcfi4 JI41P ■ H I I ■ ■ FITCHBURG STATE Photography and design pgs. 130-144: John Nelster-Josten ' s American Yearbook Company Representative. -M Il MflMTIO The Stompers The Shades The Stompers and the Shades appeared at Wes- ton Auditorium In October and returned again for a Halloween party in the cafeteria. They were en- joyed by all who had the opportunity to attend these activities. 14 Convocation — September 24, 1980 s A m i 148 HOMECOMING Fitchburg State College ' s First Annual Homecoming Cele- bration was celebrated on October 4 5, 1980. Activities that were included in the festivities were a bike race, a pep rally, and a football game against Roger Williams College. The Homecoming activities were enjoyed by alumni and F.S.C. students. Jijt, ? V II R ISO ■ M » _r.. STUDENT ORGANIZATION LEADERSHIP SEMINAR- Saturday November 1, 1980 Presentor: Matt Kenslea, President, S.G.A. The Campus Center Resource Office sponsored this student organization leadership seminar focusing on imple- menting new ideas, and brainstorming creative talents, for successful pro- gramming. The Leadership Seminar proved to be very informative for all who attended. 151 I ■■ I I ■ ■ - . r p KV . I -V -Aja iW : iC i 7 1 II HALL . iv ' .- !« ' , ' W ,J -I Newscaster Jim Boyd of Newscenter 5 in Boston visited Fitchburg State this year to speak to the members of the newly-formed Radio and Com- munications Club. Mr. Boyd offered many helpful suggestions to the club members, based on his professional experience in the field of Communi- cations. Congressman Barney Frank 155 • r iting Game 1% Intramural Soccer Champs The Fenwick Society Olympic Foolery 157 HOT CAMPUS CENTER k4. Crafts Room p lf £ 4 (J ° S (3 y Tty Mec 8-a campus center v, Residence Halls Russell Towers Aubuchon Hall ± ' i?o. m P35 X A relaxed attitude lengthens life Mi " Friends make happiness happen " 167 " Wake Me In Time For The Weekend! " H I ; K«A.i I Over the next several pages you will read some quotes and maxims. Some are profound, some are not, but they all convey a message. It is the Class of 1981 ' s way of saying how much their friends at FSC have meant to them, how we ' ll all miss the good times and the good friends, and just one more way to say good- bye. I- (C A ray of sunshine has the right to penetrate anywhere ii i vv To live your life your own way, to reach the goals you have set for yourself, to be the one that you want to be ... . that is success. " FITCHBURG g i lE ' l!«l | iimi| gbiKfal M.3B.T : 9 1 W JHlW ' C.j 1 K. £ ' J ■■ ■1 9 ki 1b i 19 • F " W£ 8b ft Y p- fin s ft " • ■ ti ■ - w i-i , h " The Smallest Good Deed Is Better Than The Largest Good Intention. " 180 " Give a man a fish - feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish - feed him for a lifetime. " " There is only one way to be hap- py, and that is to make someone else so. " " The human heart, whatever age, opens only to the heart that opens in return. " WT- " Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. " ' " Endeavor to be perfect in the calling in which you are engaged. " 185 " Take care of the little things and the big things will take care of themselves. " I 1 1 m J . Ill » gfl 5 S tSv BB I fie r » « r f % i I i 1 1 1 1 " The mountain of success does not come to us, we must go to it step by step. " 187 a A Person Is About As Happy As They Make Up Their Mind To Be. " " You cannot teach a man any- thing, you can only help him to tind it within himself. " UddbUI October Z _ nd lr- ■ I I v. H " I think that you may have somebody waiting outside in the rain, to take you away. You got places to go, you got people to see, still I ' m gonna miss you. But anyways, I wish you good spaces in the far-away places you go. If it rains or it snows, may you be safe and warm and never grow old. And if you need somebody sometime you know I will always be there. I ' ll do it, although I ' m not supposed to care. " Ji TCHBURG STATE year-in-review ww i VOL. V. No. 15 State Teachers College, Fitchburg, Mass. Friday, February 16, 1940 Ex-Chancellor of Germany Todd Lecturer SENIORS LEAD ON PRESIDENTS LIST With thirty-three of its mem- bers sharing in the honors, the Senior Class led all others on the President ' s List, as an- nounced at last Tuesday ' s as- sembly. Altogether, eighty -one students achieved the honor, including fifteen Juniors, twen- ty-one Sophomores, and twelve Freshmen. The complete list is as fol- lows — Senior Class: Phyllis Batterson, Helen Gibson, Helen Hartnett, Frank Houghton, Francis Luok- kala, John Murphy, Virginia Schmidt, Lester Aldrich, Walter Vorse, Barbara Baldwin, Eerni e ves, Mary G; gnon. Mary Gibbons, Florence H zel, Ruth Hughe ' . Vera Kenney, Dnris Wil- s, Ruth Lag-din, Nellie Mes- kinis. Flizabeth O ' Connor, Mary Owers, Edith Fr.oston. Dorothy Sopr-. Miry She=», Eva Trafton, F lvi Wint ' uri. Eenj-min Mason, Tbor ?s Passios, I ui c e Baldwin, 17 d w a r d Donnelly, Rnymn d ■■. William Donovan, Howard Hill. Jurvor CI st Claire Andrews. Continued on Pai-r Four — PLACEMENTS FOR ' 39 CLASS ANNOUNCED Placement statistics for the class of 1939 have been com- pleted by the office for the De- partment of Education. This re- port is compiled on the basis of a postal card survey. There were 85 graduates in 1939. Of that number 62, or 73% received full time teaching posi- tions, and 9, or 10.5% are doing substitute teaching. Of the grad- uating class, 83.5% are actively engaged in the teaching pro- fession. Of the 85 graduates, 7, or 8.2% went into other fields of work; 2 of the number, or 2.5% are taking graduate work; and 6, or 1%, are either unemployed o: failed to send in a report. Alice R. Algeo Substituting, Lincoln James F. Baker West Springfield Chester W. Bercume Ipswich Edith P. Bixby Fairhaveu Toscph H. Bragdon Whitinsvillc Continued on Page Three — BREUNNING TO SPEAK ON ' DEMOCRACY ' It has been announced that Heinrich Breunning, ex-chancel- lor of Germany, and now on the faculty of Harvard University will deliver the Todd lectures at the Teachers Colleges of Massa- chusetts this year. It is not defi- nitely known as yet just when Mr. Breunning will appear at Fitchburg. The Todd lectures, financed by a fund from the estate of Henry Todd, have proved very popular and enlightening in the past. Dorothy Canfield Fisher, Zona Gale, Rev. Micjhael J. Ahearn, S.J., a panel discussion among a Catholic priest, a Protectant min- ister, and a Jewish ribbi, and Dr. J. Anton De Hass have been the rresent ticr s in p -?t years. All have ! ecn cn lr ii i- ' all " received, and the Tcdd lecture NOMINATIONS FOR 1010 SAX EDITOR MADE • r r rr r-n prpv " Nev?n, E r- ' i Driscoll were nom- ] ■I for the editorship of next c ' ' rrv ■■{ .- ' t the meeting: of tlv- Junior class last Monday. ] ti ke place early • week. R.I.C.E. DEFEATS FITCHBURG, 50-41 The fast traveling Rhode Is- land College of Education basket- ball team added another con- ference victory to its record by defeating the hard-fighting F.T. C. team 50 to 41 in a thrill-packed g roe at the B. F. Brawn gym last S-turday r ' ght. A for the Green and White bat- tled for three periods to keep within striking distance of the R T. team, it tied the score at 38 with " nly five more minute to play in the final quarter. At that Continued on Page Four — CLASSES ACT ON SAX COVER QUESTION The yearbook cover de ign i such as was used for the Sax- i ifrage Directory, w s accepted j only by the freshmen and seni ' r : l»st Monday at the class meet- ' ngs. The sophomores and jun- iors have formed committees to . consider other designs The Council recently decided to nav for a d ; e for the " Saxi- frage " cover so that ther mav a sandard ccovr for every issue of the book. They have re- ouested each class to give its opinion on the design of such a 194 ■■ H ■ %: • -life v -- mm Italy suffers devestating earthquake. Regan took home the roses in a landslide I be.-..:. Eric Heiden took home 5 gold medals I ■ j } - Mt. St. Helens makes an ash hole of itself Afganistan take over by USSR, forces. Abscam plays on home TV ir ' Polish workers ' leader Lech Walesa 195 • A Galtm , to W-rrwrnher ostages wiw jhemi i% 197 MEM - «• ' - Pica by suung. " Under 20-year- Jack Conway, Chain! B 11 CASHMAN . ruar 1 1 the ter Pub reopened its the over-20 population ol PSC 5 .t new name, The lni conveys a totally ;erent image Irom its he Pub and has a otter FSC. " When asked how he envisions the Union Stop, Manager Raoul Reb.llard replied. This is a social gathering place where people can sit and talk sometimes and have a loud time others. " Variation is the big advantage that The Union Stop holds over the Pub The Lnion Stop presents different forms of activities every n.ghi ranging from Big Screen TV on Mondav to Live Entertainment on Friday. Tuesday night is devoted to Video Visions, which are essentially the same special -u„t are video tap shown campus. " Just U elabora comme sort of friend " Opcr such i n D o n ah u e was i n attendance foi a short time on opening night. When asked why the renovations took so long to be completed, he answered, funding and bureaucrat state level, a major projec up to seven years from finish. " Rebillard addet Dean ' s words by commei could have taken longer, until next September! " Quite a few studem exercising their drinking r opening night. When ask. his first impressions of T i« Stop were. Garnet Ricks s neat, but plain except for i with the framed pictures. 1 where the mural used to b needs something. " C Howarth added, " 1 think take a while to really I something. " Heather Eichkern comrr -»cit way for students plC a by stating. ' Under 20-year- olds can only be admitted on Wednesday nights and to Coffee i to " ' nN weonesuav ■ " £ " " »•«■ Senator Addresses FSC Alumni i..,M,- on Senator John V . f tne herst, addressed men , alumni - cV obe, on the campus vtstvnuc 0n{ nC reorgan auc IJ and public higher nl colleges- to ■ ' e " o, ji way lKJl a • » •- n Vni °n Leade niver a member of the Senator Oiver, a MeaIiS po ulSen Sm tS Massachu- Committee, sad aiture Jot • " V " Sion was °° e of the higher Ration Noling ,.,esi of the fifty mem . a0 l !,-c are gradu- the r ' vs e b etter organised to «-■ theil colleges. iaciUtj Sen r; M ss and a poWfl melDbe I Ired nendlv to highe cianconsidereo marks , educanon, ga e B Uege Pr« Fitchburg State ai v {Qt v dent Vincent • mtv a etlorts to build ■ " " » ?TtS « « . •There is a , ares al « Stgeft Ptesi public college Mara is change ' Senal in the 13 interest SS3Chuse,i Pmof R p ? a e S Group J r ■• . rieht thin Mass Pirn group Fitch ' en Drew p ear •. " •C 1 " s, gDa(u t,c 0 fjap CO y , One ?. econ o ofdo ' hat - ,££=! « Prod lu ra » ' se their „ and PnCCS on j an ° r,d Price JJ respond ««j a ,„_ —c.v SlnPo „ u _-- Mac _ _ j ajj respond to h Hostages Welcomed grap] m i knowledee - 0 ( ' acco By I AP peor The subject " i pi k one of By N MARIE T1SEVICH On January 20. NS1. fifty-two American hostages were released after -l4°Ma s of captivity in Iran Fitchburg Mate Colli orated at with a short service m the Quad, at 1 30 P M. on Thursday, January Approximately fiftj students came to celebrate the returr. the hostages the eight men who lost their !:■ dangerous rescue attempt. Fhe ened with a leaver ! iher Don Baker. He ir)e other coned speech. President Mara oice his and everyone ' s happiness ov« the occasion. The service close alter about fifteen minutes wit the song. -God Bless America, sung by all who were preseni Drding to one student, " th song united everyone in th crowd. " Student coordinator. Richart Sullnan was " a little disappoint ! that there wasn ' t a better tu but, was also pleased to see iha pie really cared and we able to over tin »n. " Sullivan said. " I ■ me an those wljd wanted to but couldn ' t. " He 7 ial thanr %illl i Jates on spending limits November 7 general election to finally blow the whistle on runaway taxes in Massa- chusetts. " He pointed out that the grass roots citizens committee. - .he heads, gathered more than 67,000 signatures this summer to nlare on the ballot a referendum diate property " It is vitally important, " he said, " to find out during the next several weeks where each and every candidate for public office stands on this issue. " Conway noted that the Cor Carlson Tax Cap Referendum will probably be the last item listed on a long list of ballot questions. " However, " he said, " our recently completed ■ - " iw campaign aft F referendum advocates limiting government spending by putting an immediate lid on state and local tax rates; freezing them at the present share of total per- sonal income Any further growth in government spending would be strictly limited to future growth in the economy. It would relieve property taxes by turning back to the cities and towns a larger percentage of -t-ate revenue ... with the • • ' •ocii additional umhayden ' ■tnatc v sn ■ • o Z£ X l J, at 7- in •il a J0 - a (he " ent s- A thoueh th ' H ' T I " ™ - ■ ; f,, r ' tne ' orum ab °w drafts lnd Man lews ° r " m held be to insist that the state and local governments be required to live and work within the framework of a reasonable budget ; the same as we must do in our own lives. " • ' The Conway-Carlson works. " he said, ' " because it is a total package of tax relief We can only regain control of runaway taxes and provide lasting tax relief by establishing limits, across-the-board, on «H local tax 1 rtiat all bu ] n wh carn paign b ' as( )ne at kerned lilr e a Political be gi Ca ner «1? " egan bv Carte draft- - Ihe pla 3 - he told of old, u an due Policies are bein out„i Bu sA d « On for „;; " 1 VOte ' n ' t hat Echoini 1 ! of hk to loing . anvourha . that C " ° tha ' Ex-von ' bem « as d t0 Profits. He Can higher r t— «t a o„° a « wf is. C n ■• ' - year he ng) ote. t0f npiained. T hc e too aec ' sioru. " sajd - " Die, i , ' he «». he bUy «•• Ken ' ,1 kn ° fd °n1 a PPeaJ, ne l " 3 finished ' Solved, vl. Pe °P Je to nc u Sl0n _ Thof he eiyone 0Wes i -. L " a 1 n« that country alt wheth s °methir vote. and by gei Wr ' te to c °ngre xs mer, f n in favor . fhat hates u n flr b i an ° sayi n °; with comm.,„;,_ m P ar ' ngw ar ,n « «o this ernat ' sendee ' , ' mjJUar so ? h e e d-:; can p Thc ' ' nal speak ' r C Sa,d !f Jiln Carr,TvSL nthefor «« -hohadbeenar c NamVetCran [° r a " ti- ar dem ' " B 969. dcr nonstrat He joined thr , P rc mise nt anr f geu g i0l0 Ung in the an be hi una bit Uasaa Be w It j| to g ct Pre Kenslea and the can there fn . Pro Life vs. quality of life K tion . implete ex and outright ban--no qualifying, mitigating, or extenuating cir- cumstances, even for rape or incest Of course, this attitude does not apply to the Third World. oh m up must send economic iennedy takes mock primary The. biologically mandated span of line is for only so long as needed for continuation of the species, not proliferation The mandated life span is for oi long as is needed to insure that increased from the 40 ' s to 70 ' s within the space of a half- century ■•Push-button war " has changed the survival of the male most ph - ' and ranafa s it a mockery One hundred p seventy-eight students 1 rt to think so h half page ad in the Rh, 1 ly announcements on the enter P . posters and didatc stands in were » ' l of the effort to inform the L ients of the mock prima ' ne ol the maioi goals of the t:kpnmar was to gct an idea of ' ■■rt the candidates stood from •vudents point o! view 1 ■ e interested. To et peopk t o know who s running tor PreMdent these candidates want to run our country for the next lour our lues Mo t of them no • s-pcakmgone was or another aKmt the draft, which is detir. mutually concerns all ol Of these candidates are in fa the draft and the re not saving it ad " it the mock primary turned 1 Mock fNualta Kdwa d keaiu ' dy »11 79 Ju»my itiet . [» 21 J rr Brutta »D 14 Jofcn M Nmom )K» 13 Howard Kaiec ,H. 5 Ronald Reagan t R» malnutrition w ithin the permanent one Cultur enhance perpetuation problem In this cou gene: r one The probler pounded b; i ich pop . uffic I he; s rencc le li tr»c lenis stage and now hasc control oser our degree), and might think it ' s time we dealt with the future and thd ren «K ' Mass bottle bill to pass ji Massachusetts po helming reo» Bvenunent officio n ironmentalist ical citizens group promote a states Airnables S d Norman SU aft person, " W« •gislature to a »is election yea ottle bill The ent over back Bottle Bill the bottle bill, an act which would egislative co- put a five-cent minimum deposit — « - on all glass and metal beverage •ontainers sold in the state of wholeheartedly. Testifying in favor of H4182 today were Howard Smith, Secretary of Economic Affairs, Evelyn Murphy, Secretary of En- Affairs, and STRI Massachusetts Bottle Bill filed by 101 legislative CO- ponsors. received over- helmins s unno ' " w " wintainers sold in the state of Economic Affairs, fcveiyn F aw ,: — •« q Murphy, Secretary of En- lj m ■ ' Affairs. and a Common Cause combats c Bi nt energy crunch Common Cause " a ' ,. ),:, . " formation lh " ■ •5-1 ac.ion organiza, ' 2 t " ! . 5 R™» urse ,e„, „„.. . I .! ' " .««■• 60 »„ , b IP. . Photo from h it Bv FRancisna Common Cause " a citi ze ' mformat °n. latthetranT.Uc to ™ ™ Persow T? ,egal COsts ' or ottle bill is pa on E ™ Actoon Program s °™ and organizations mooth anc f nmmnn P-:, according ,„ ., e " » " =»—•■ ----- Commn Re ' 50.0f task I f Ofc v 1 —. auun. nas person ZIT edi COs « for sources thif o, » energy DPU hearing concerning j Seabrook funding held ? ' fy f ,V)er « m tne Fitch- al Planning Commission, which nuclear power p " ! ■ )_, Of. ;% 2% ' Q s i ' . . ' ,. v,, " ► « h V if - e - V ' her 19, in the Fitch- 1 ibrary, commis- " partment of " d over a or O, Q y • ' v " .,: . ' i He 4 -7? r ' VJ fy ar .ew . " v, % ' f - ' 1 VI ' ft ' IT , " kt " k yrofe ited 1 oy chair gs of tht .e fourteen re an audi- recommend- mt invest in " - « , : « „:?« u :K? », ' V • recommend- . li . A I " " " not invest in «? 1 «» Teachers. A FT. price index r- G cons " mer linn Sentativ « a ™ g ,8,4 Lnem P ' °yment l ,n g TJ-Bosfnm „_-. " g . I8 - 2 ' ' year nMo :_ .. al Planning Commission, which is making a survey of possible energy alternatives in the Fitch- burg area; the Montachusett Clamshell Alliance; the Monta- chusett Opportunity Council (MOC); and Energy, Incorpor- ated, a local company. Joseph Cormier, president of th»» cently-formed F ' ■• spok ' e Ye eV . plants. He said radiation is one of the most difficult things in the world to control. There is no sub- stance that will stop every par- ticle of radiation from pen - u- ing through it on . -c sP c " vUvo o rt left 1 vn 1 BJ in ' tf y?L mote dr ,Le I e V-vt cow jte oot d e H ppresentatives I ,n « ' DBoston, and Boston) have ' " at would ■ residents to nrst two years at a ?« r university free r ; un " We ,m ' " g a luxurv- f ' nannal means of " d middle mcome r dmg to the Statistics. a ' ' " « »9 196 a W) pend udinn sixties. - |T,. a „J Percent in MaSch,° is 10 °ver 55.700 w,houtth SeftS W,th percent of , « q JObs - and 194 ' " come familL l middJe share of fho », L pa - V tn e heaviest • " « thev rn ake taX burden d since of alth. an e,,te P ri i m. For mnpo . .r. ' social distin r VH making collet m,Ued to available to If, °PP f ortunit P i «ntsand„o?an?. , ? ' ,fied ap ' of wealth n ° tanel,te Privilege e ves an ° c n V w r ct oi f e hve • v VW6 r »nd " t»N ,, nvo , ■.- , ,uvO el iV 0« ' —nd a; c ul m ' ; r r tJy ' u ' " on reductions WPOnSive to JJ Public da „ s VO c " ' « we » re realm fr " exe r ' nave a tvd ' n v ing. co tact hnTn? in orm ion Carl M , ' man Walsh or 1 Ugisla a ' e .■der " , «ne» i« -a these ' , vbe iu Uv c de ot ll - " r vm " - lS ane a ; and ft iter voo - iet1f ol c0 « v | i.- J tC tus W« 1 s CS " n« vhe « OS On E MAY HIT F.S.C. h»to F«e The last time a strike hit FSC was a few years ago when faculty members, angered thev had not received pay increases ed off the job. For the last month rumors have been flying throughout the State College System a boa; a possible strike on Nov. 1. ! press time that possibility still exists, however it seems less likely three year period. Bargaining in d faith, the State College ulty, through their union, ac- cepted the same contract terms. Goverac ouever pocket etocd :he contract. Earlier this month union mem- bers voted that if no contract h. been reached by Nov. 1. work action could take place. With the deadline dra -.: represents night in Worcester. At the time of this writing, the results of that meeting were not known. leaders ha . sured SGA that they will go along with the decision made at the meeting in ■ deni Matt Keiw UKeiy l| In ' i- «. q Africa conference II £i%4%» " f iftil OT Jl nH ,VM current divestn I ll PrHVllJ!l " " W " vuth active Xroeople-ho concerning the l l JIJvl a ,IW " ucv re ar ding hopetobnng e peop .« ftf Massachusetts at uS foreign pohcj reg are already invrtveo investP .- L c nts ?? £! " ££. ° " J Southern Mrica y lne apartheid c-- . . - ,d Yale as well Representativ _ noul uss c«nn»» Vl , Committee on liberation movement- ..5 as i 1 - Student people from all £t are expected Terence at ale j.wch 31 through , Jliz e opposition to nt in Southern j S of the con „be to organize pport (or Black ' n southern Africa j, the dozens un ,ersities of Ma S Amher fVlaS aiS Valets well -- m fJ ' cot Ser Collective at the university Massachusetts-Amher ft, PAX, National Stu Against University Representative. houl nation move m nL T FroU in Zimbabwe Patriotic tr0 " l . he sp,.»v " .Rhodes and the pi! ts n h» v ' ,s;vU asters t C V v ? a . . 10 ° ' . " , " » - t A M o o-v V t •not " ascsO , tt »t o N«df ftl S tu to ' suV ttO 1 o . vne (1° vi n sr v .o OOP ft to»t£« Voc»v veV voV °V fm Z B- New Board of Regent. V- - ■ - -ihavemei to l et , vc • v kiamaua pv the Governor and ;ted by she alums e Vse ' Dear Seniors As this yearbook comes to a close, so do our days together at Fitchburg State. The pages preceeding this one are filled with only a sample of the many happy memories each of us of Fitchburg State Col- lege and it ' s Community. When you leave Graduation, and it is time to as- sume a new position with new responsibilities look back and always remember the happiness you found here, and the friends that made each day worthwhile. Perhaps, in the years to come when time takes away the clarity of these memories, you can once again, look back upon these pages and relive your years at " the Burg " . Best wishes to each of you, " and until we meet again, May God hold you in the palm of his hand " . Sincerely, Gary 8c Liisa - Editors s v 4 STAFF GaryWolfson ED|TQRS Liisa Johnson Karen St. Amand-Layout Editor Dave Clifford-Photography Editor PHOTOGRAPHY Peter Goldstein Tim Miller Linda Ulisses 1 11 T -5§ r ' J «. v.- 1 1 LAYOUT Patty Duggan Susan Furey Chris Kagan Debbie Miller Karen Shepherd Charlene Merola MM - y 9WM Bob Mead Tom Couture John Kimbar mm f MmmW vi - - •■ V 1 m V A 207 1 ■ +yL M i _ i " Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations . . . I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead. " Louisa May Alcott A Karen E. Aldred 122 Hathaway Wewe An Wareham Ma 02571 Patrick F. Alfieri 6 Audrey Street Quincy Ma 02169 Karen M. Allard 56 Galvin Rd N Adams Ma 02147 Michael E. Allegretto PO Box 41 Ashby Ma 01431 Robert S. Allegretto 2 Evergreen Ave Burlington Ma 01803 Diane M. Allen 908A Oak St Ft Devens Ma 01433 Sherrie A. Almeida 30 Herbert St Taunton Ma 02780 Peter Altman 12 Colonial Rd Apt 8 Milford Ma 01757 Lauren K. Ambrose 46 Eaton Dr Hudson Ma 01749 Mary J. Ambrose 14 Donald St Lexington Ma 02173 Nina B. Angelis 90 Lisle St Braintree Ma 02184 Donna C. Aprea 26 Winfield St Dedham Ma 02026 Robert J. Arcell 72 Skyline Dr E Hartford Ct 06118 Cheryl A. Arcese 36 Parker Rd Chelmsford Ma 01824 Elizabeth G. Armstrong 1 Flint Locke Ln Medfield Ma 02052 Leonard G. Arsenault PO Box 173 Winchendon Ma 01475 Ida K. Assaly 30 Diamond St N Chelmsford Ma 01863 Maria G. Ataya 229 Mechanic St Fitchburg Ma 01420 Ramzi T. Ataya 229 Mechanic St Fitchburg Ma 01420 Ray A. Atkinson 380 Elm St Fitchburg Ma 01420 Cynthia L. Ayer 269 Highland Ave Leominster Ma 01453 s Susan K. Babaletos 28 Kent St Dracut Ma 01826 Gregory C. Babcock Bixby Hill Rd W Groton Ma 01472 Elaine A. Baci 2 Harding St Milford Ma 01757 Barbara J. Baczkowski 27 Paul Revere Rd Acton Ma 01720 Brian E. Badger 32 Lake Warren Dr Littleton Ma 01460 Diane M. Bak 60 G St Turners FIs Ma 01376 Stephanie A. Bakker 69 Massasoit Ave Barrington Rl 02806 Jeffrey A. Balboni 6 Old Mill Rd Agawam Ma 01001 Bert M. Baldarelli 121 Prescott St W Boylston Ma 01583 Vanessa A. Banyas 36 Middlesex Rd Tyngsboro Ma 01879 Paul M. Baptiste 26 Talbot Ave Taunton Ma 02780 Katherlne L. Barber 134 School St Chelmsford Ma 01824 Linda L. Barber 576 Onota St Pittsfield Ma 01201 Patricia L. Barlow 400 Newton St Northboro Ma 01532 Kevin J. Barrett 13 Smith St. Townsend Ma 01469 Mark E. Barrows 5 W Main St. Westminster Ma 01473 Sally A. Barry 11 Ray St Peabody Ma 01960 Lisa M. Bartelloni 2 Lincolnwood Dr. Franklin Ma 02038 Krisanne M. Barton 7 N Border Rd. Stoneham Ma 02180 Susan I. Basque 43 Mckay St Leominster Ma 01453 Brenda D. Batzinger 8 Carriage Dr Lexinton Ma 02173 Craig B. Baxter 12 High St Wareham Ma 02571 Joan M. Beauchamp 10 Denver St Lexington Ma 02173 Paula J. Beaulieu 124 Hillside Rd Dracut Ma 01826 Jean L. Beauregard 86 Wallace Hill Rd Townsend Ma 01469 Muriel M. Beauregard 30 Irving St Bellingham Ma 02019 Patricia A. Beauregard 22 Bancroft St Gardner Ma 01440 Susan E. Beauregard 58 Causeway St Medfield Ma 02052 Edward T. Bedard 7 Dana Rd Oxford Ma 01540 Marybeth A. Bedard 54 Marden St Fitchburg Ma 01420 Ann M. Begley 24 Brookfield St Lawrence Ma 01843 Marie J. Behre 4 Maplewood Terr Fitchburg Ma 01420 Robert S. Belcher 40 Neponset St S Walpole Mo 02071 , Diane E. Bellis 29 Sandra Ln Methuen Ma 01844 Martin E. Belliveau 20 Wilson St Fitchburg Ma 01420 Virginia L. Berger 88 Arlington St Fitchburg Ma 01420 Gregg M. Berkeley 56 Simpson Ave Somerville Ma 02144 Arthur J. Bertoni 21 Ocean St Squantum Ma 02171 Debra Berube 295 Church St Northboro Ma 01532 Dennis p. Bibeau 11 Farm St W Upton Ma 01587 Cynthia A. Bilotta 59 Manchester St Leominster Ma 01453 Marc A. Bingham 68 Center St S Ashburnham Ma 01466 Susan A. Bird 92 Wilder Rd Fitchburg Ma 01420 Donna M. Blacker 12 Edwin St Reading Ma 01867 Gerard Blackwood 19 Oconnor Ave Holyoke Ma 01040 Michele M. Blais 36 Burlington AveA36 Lowell Ma 01851 Mary E. Blakesley 24 Vassar Dr Feeding His Ma 01030 Linda J. Blanchard Thompson St RFD 3 Middleboro Ma 02346 Colette L. Blanchette 139 Blackstone St Blackstone Ma 01504 Lynn L. Blood 126 Youngs Rd Fitchburg Ma 01420 Beatrice T. Bodiford 38 Jackson St A7 Ayer Ma 01432 Lynne Borden 740 Central St B6A13 Leominster Ma 01453 David J. Borowy 83 Sussex Ln Worcester Ma 01602 Jane M. Bottiggi 636 Commercial St Braintree Ma 02184 Janice M. Boudreau 12 Brainard St Hyde Park Ma 02136 Michael R. Boulay 85 Eastern Ave Leominster Ma 01453 Alan J. Bourgault 90 Harvard St Fitchburg Ma 01402 Lawrence J. Bourgoine UPR Union St Peterborough NH 03468 Stephen S. Boursy 10 Love well St Gardner Ma 01440 George D. Bozicas 16 West St Fitchburg Ma 01420 David J. Braga 23 Maple St Hudson Ma 01749 Philip D. Breault 160 Burr age St Lunenburg Ma 01462 Patricia A. Brennan 39 Airport Rd N Grafton Ma 01536 Peter J. Brennan 44 Mayflower Rd Leicester Ma 01524 Rodney C. Briere 16 Adams St Littleton Ma 01460 Ann Brighenti 55 Calvin St W Springfield Ma 01089 Samuel A. Briguglio Meadow Rd Townsend Ma 01469 Gail L. Broderick 36 K St Turners FLS Ma 01376 John J. Bromback 7 Bentley Terr Pittsfield Ma 01201 Maryann E. Brosnihan PO Box 881 s Dennis Ma 02660 Barbara A. Brousseau 580 Ashburnham St Fitchburg Ma 01420 Nora L. Brown 27 Appleton St N Quincy Ma 02171 Steven A. Brown 90 Gardner St Groveland Ma 01834 Thomas A. Brown 99 Gleason Rd Lexington Ma 02173 Christine M. Brunelle Red Rock Rd W Stockbridg e Ma 01266 Carolyn Bryant 25 Montrose St Fitchburg Ma 01420 Elizabeth M. Burnham RFD 385 Oakdale Dr Edgartown Ma 02539 David K. Burt Hall St Dunstable Ma 01807 Paul J. Burzenski Main St Sterling Ma 01564 Thomas P. Butler IV 8 South St Salem Ma 01970 Patrick S. Bzdula 19 Dartmouth St Pittsfield Ma 01201 John M. Cadegan 76 Harvard St N Quincy Ma 02171 Martha A. Caldwell 94 Marshall St Fitchburg Ma 01420 Cathy A. Caljouw 30 Norway Pk Hyde Park Ma 02136 Jane G. Callahan Foster Rd Ashby Ma 01431 Donna Camber 1505 Lancaster Ave Lunenburg Ma 01462 Denise B. Campagna 56 Edge wood Ave Chicopee Ma 01013 Kathleen M. Campion 10 Old Conn Path Framingham Ma 01701 Robert S. Canary 11 Cooper Rd Natick Ma 01760 Thomas F. Candito 175 Heard St Worcester Ma 01603 Harold H. Caplin 26 Mc Adams Rd Framingham Ma 01701 Joan S. Capodagli 31 Atlantic Ave Fitchburg Ma 01420 Cynthia M. Carbone 44 S Park St Bradford Ma 01830 Peter J. Cattaneo 35 Barry St Quincy Ma 02169 Debra A. Chagnon 399 Front St Winchendon Ma 01475 Helen T. Champagne 367 Water St Leominster Ma 01453 Aileen L. Clancy 28 Norman Rd Melrose Ma 02176 David Clark 50 Pacific St Fitchburg Ma 01420 Martha C. Clark 32 Western Ave Gloucester Ma 01930 Elaine E. Carlin 240 Kings Grant Rd Marlboro Ma 01752 Barbara L. Carlsen 28 Daly Dr Stoughton Ma 02072 Judith A. Carlson 31 Bruce Ave Shrewsbury Ma 01545 Donald E. Carlton Jr 9 Moore Dr Ayer Ma 01432 Paul Carnazza 17 Einhorn Rd Worcester Ma 01609 Sheldon Y. Carnes Jr 70 Myrtle Ave Fitchburg Ma 01420 Carmella M. Caron 30 Hamilton St Leominster Ma 01453 Jo Carpenter 60 Lothrop St Beverly Ma 01915 Richard G. Champion III 129 Cedar St Fitchburg Ma 01420 Robert J. Chaple PO Box 514 Lancaster Shirley Ma 01464 Janet L. Chapman 10 Irving St Reading Ma 01867 June Chapman 29 Highland Pk Rutland Ma 01543 Ronald E. Chapman 14 Bliss Ave Mansfield Ma 02048 Sally A. Chapman 24 Water St Ashburnham Ma 01430 Wende S. Chapman 16 Longwood Ave Fitchburg Ma 01420 Michelle B. Charest 94 Ashley Rd Centerville Ma 02632 Noreen E. Cleary 31 Ward St Fitchburg Ma 01420 Kathleen D. Clough 68 Larson Rd Stoughton Ma 02072 Kevin J. Coakley 553 Grafton St Worcester Ma 01604 Joyce M. Coffin 22 Lemire Ct Bellingham Ma 02019 Kelly J. Colby 58 Low St Newburyport Ma 01950 Gllman E. Cole 42 Hale Rd E Walpole Ma 02032 Mary T. Coleman 29 Martha St Leominster Ma 01453 Sandra J. Collette 1 Meridian Rd Wenham Ma 01984 James F. Carr 42 Stonehurst St Dorchester Ma 02122 Theresa J. Charette 253 Providence Rd Linwood Ma 01525 Jane A. Collins 96 Barker Rd E Wareham Ma 02538 Kathleen N. Carr 13 Mount Ave Worcester Ma 01606 Denise C. Chausse 47 Gleason St Medford Ma 02155 Roberta Connell Box 2002 Abbott St Westford Ma 01886 Elizabeth A. Carroll 10 Bryn Mawr Ave Auburn Ma 01501 Margaret T. Carroll 11 Doane St Fitchburg Ma 01420 Mary J. Carroll 37 Sydney St Somerville Ma 02145 Karen J. Caruso 197 Prospect St Lawrence Ma 01841 Cathleen Case Bolton Rd Harvard Ma 01451 Louise A. Cheeney 6 Beech St Townsend Ma 01469 Paul J. Cheney 68 Bel Air Rd Hingham Ma 02043 Marie A. Chiaramida 5 Ridge Rd Methuen Ma 01844 Susan L. Childs 135 North St Andover Ma 01810 Theresa J. Chory 10 E Prospect St Methuen Ma 01844 Edward T. Connolly 31 Pleasant Cir Canton Ma 02021 Mary B. Connolly 25 Lawton Ave Fitchburg Ma 01420 Marybeth Connolly 417 Pond St Franklin Ma 02038 Robert J. Connolly 67 Kings Rd Canton Ma 02021 Kathleen P. Conway 32 Water St Lawrence Ma 01843 James R. Casperson Page Ave Ashburnham Ma 01430 Cheryl M. Cataldo 4 Pleasant St Fitchburg Ma 01420 Michael W. Churchville 292 Main St Townsend Ma 01469 George E. Chute 36 Everit Ave Framingham Ma 01701 Cheryl L. Cook Hill Province Rd Williamstown Ma 01267 (Catherine D. Cook 135 Parsons St Brighton Ma 02135 Russell P. Cook 367 MT Elam Rd Fitchburg Ma 01420 Judith A. Coomey 19 Tarrytown Ln Worcester Ma 01602 Amy L. Cooperman-Gould 42 »j Bemis Rd Fitchburg Ma 01420 Glen M. Copatch 31 Strattord Rd W Newton Ma 02165 Jeanne A. Cormier 147 Park St Gardner Ma 01440 Jeannine A. Cormier 10 Myrick St Ayer Ma 01432 Karen Cormier 90 Coburn St Lowell Ma 01850 Maryanne Cormier 14 Butternut Ln Methuen Ma 01830 Michael Cornacchia 28 Campbell Ave Leominster Ma 01453 Anne Corrigan 35 Rosedale Ave Haverhill Ma 01844 Gregory A. Costa 400 Charles St Fall River Ma 02724 Brian C. Cote 38 Lilly Dr Leominster Ma 01453 Kimberly M. Cottone 477 Broadway Methuen Ma 01844 Catherine M. Coughlin 55 Newport Dr Westford Ma 01886 Kathleen W. Coulombe 88 Hey wood St. A2L Worcester Ma 01604 Annalyn E. Courtney 305 Beauchamp Terr Chicopee Ma 01020 Susan D. Cowles 41 Monroe St Shrewsbury Ma 01545 Mary F. Credit 37 Clinton St Fitchburg Ma 01420 Reese Crispen Bolton Rd Harvard Ma 01451 Madeline L. Cronin 30 Boxwood Cir Fitchburg Ma 01420 Lorna G. Crump 24 Oberlin Rd Brockton Ma 02402 Ronald R. Crump 24 Oberlin Rd. Brockton Ma 02402 James R. Culkeen 41 Endicott St Danvers Ma 01923 Doreen F. Cullen 12 Burnside St. Medford 02155 1 Brenda J. Dabney 532 Fairmont St Fitchburg Ma 01420 Sandra A. Daggett 297 West St Leominster 01453 Linda J. Dahlberg Reedy Meadow Rd Groton Ma 01450 Christine P. Dangio 27 Brewer Ln Reading Ma. 01867 John P. Dassau RT, 159 8th St Leominster Ma 01453 Nancy J. Davidson 7 Bridge Rd Lancaster Ma 01523 Clinton Davis Cross Rd Ashburnham Ma 01430 Ross C. Davis 328 Partridge St Franklin Ma. 02038 John U. Degiggo 187 N Main St Leominster Ma 01453 Helene L. Decot Spaulding Rd. Shirley Ma 01464 Brian T. Dee 57 Riverside Ave Concord Ma 01742 Raul Demello 101 Fort St Fairhaven Ma 02719 Peter J. Demers 54 Coolidge Rd Danvers Ma 01923 Eleanor M. Demont 50 Parson Cir Fitchburg Ma 01420 Oscar Derderian Jr. 112 Pacific St Fitchburg Ma 01420 Janice G. Deroche 36 Broadway Haverhill Ma 01830 Joseph M. Derose 4 Darby St Tewksbury Ma 01876 Nancy M. Desgroseilliers 81 Stickney Rd Fitchburg Ma 01420 Elaine P. Desrochers 43 Donahue Rd Dracut Ma 01826 Guy H. Desrosiers 23 Newman St Springfield Ma 01105 Richard D. Dever 41 Hamilton St A- 13 Leaominster Ma 014f Nancy L. Devlin 7 Sunnyfield Dr Jaffrey. NH 03452 Kerry J. Diamantopoulos 60 Prospect St Winchendon Ma. Paul F. Dibenedetto III 110 Granite St Fitchburg Ma 01420 Mary C. Digeronimo 31 Ash St Fitchburg Ma 01420 Douglas K. Dodge Main St Ashby Ma 01431 Nelson H. Dodge Sterling Rd Lancaster Ma 01523 Edward F. Doherty 345 Tilden Rd Scituate Ma 02066 Kathleen Doherty 26 Atwood St Wellesley Ma 02181 Nancy J. Doherty 39 Longwood Ave N Andover Ma 01845 Joanne K. Doiron 230 Franklin Rd Fit chburg Ma 01420 Richard J Donahue 467 Chandler St. Worcester Ma 01602 Susan M. Downey 781 Page St Lunenburg Ma 01462 Carol A Doyle 11 West wind Rd Andover Ma 01810 Nancy J. Eisnor 14 Gifford Dr Worcester Ma 01606 Mark D. Fisher 38 Braeland Ave Newton Ma 01420 Paul E. Drapeau 9 Dale Ave Auburn Ma 01501 Margaret M. Dreger 35 Richard Eger Dr. Holyoke Ma 01040 Paul M. Drugan 27 Parker Rd Wakefield Ma 01880 Mary L. Dubbs 82 Dover Rd Wellesley Ma 02181 Lorraine M. Dube 79 Nesmith St. Lawrence Ma 01841 Eileen P. Duffy 3 Locke Rd Chelmsford Ma 01824 Martha E. Duffy 3 Locke Rd Chelmsford Ma 01824 Cynthia A. Dunbar 81 State Rd West Westminster Ma 01473 Deborah A Duncan 25 Clarks Rd Amesbury Ma 01913 Bonnie J. Duncanson 95 Beech St Clinton Ma 01510 Mary E. Dunn 67 Gates Ln Worcester Ma 01603 Robert W. Dunse 379 New Boston Rd Fall River Ma 02720 Lorraine D. Durllng 30 Hawley Ave Leominster Ma 01453 Catherine L. Dykes 17h Mark Dr Milford Ma 01757 £ Diana Elder Sandy Pond Rd Lincoln Ma 01773 Robert Endlcott 52 Prescott St Somerville Ma 02143 Jayne J. Enos 835 Chandler Tewksbury Ma 01876 Beth A. Epstein 10 Tarrytown Ln Worcester Ma 01602 Robert P. Ewell 159 Linwood St Abington Ma 02351 3 Denise C. Early 15 Stilloway Dorchester Ma 02124 Pamela J. Edwards 2 Arbutus Ave Chelmsford Ma 01824 David A. Farnsworth 21 Arlington St Leominster Ma 01453 Michael F. Feldmann 871 Leominster Rd Lunenburg Ma 01462 Gary L. Feltham 29 Lido Ln Bedford Ma 01730 Karin Fenijn Conant Rd Lincoln Ma 01730 Patricia A. Ferragamo 23 Leland Rd Norfolk Ma 02056 Michael D. Ferreira 20 Groton School Rd Ayer Ma 01432 Steven M. Ferry 5 Janet Cir Shrewsbury Ma 01545 Martha A Finn 15 Abbott St Greensfield Ma 01301 Kathleen M. Finneran 20 Lanesboro Rd Worcester Ma 01606 Carol A. Finney 5 Groton Rd Westford Ma 01886 Cedric E. Fisher 37 Greenwood St Gardner Ma 01440 William R. Fisher Box 221 46 Longwood Fitchburg Ma 01420 Katherine J. Fitzgerald 312 Pine St Gardner Ma 01440 Thomas F. Fitzgarald 91 Pay son Rd Belmont Ma 02178 Marie S. Fitzpatrick 123 Arlington St Brighton Ma 02135 Eileen P. Flanagan 56 Concord Pky Pittsfield Ma 01201 Kathleen J. Fleming 95 Duck Pond Rd B826 S Dennis Ma 02660 Diana J. Fletcher 29 Groton-Harvard Rd Ayer Ma 01432 Joel M. Floss 70 Myrtle Ave Fitchburg Ma 01420 Donna J. Flynn 1286 Main St Worcester Ma 01603 Karen A. Flynn 55 ElmknolIRd Braintree Ma 02184 Lillian M. Foley 288 Princeton St E Boston Ma 02128 Theresa Foley Box 213 S Ashburnham Ma 01466 Lynne M. Fontaine 30 Exchange St Lawrence Ma 01841 Kurt C. Foresman 43 Pearl Hill Rd Fitchburg Ma 01420 Kay M. Forman 831A Birch Cir Ft Devens Ma 01433 Claire A. Fortin 1 16 Mt Vernon St Fitchburg Ma 01420 Brenda H. Fortunato 140 Hollywood St Fitchburg Ma 01420 Karen L. Fortune 146 Burrage St Lunenburg Ma 01462 Debra A. Fournler 15 Barclay St. Worcester Ma 01604 m i Stephen Fournier PO Box 1015 Leominster Ma 01453 Diana M. Frabotta 12 Hemlock Ln Milford Ma 01757 Karen D. Fraser 93 North St Tewksbury Ma 01876 John J. Fratturelli 73C Manchester St1 Leominster Ma 01453 Sandra J. Fredrickson 158A Viscoloid Ave Leominster Ma )1453 Sandra L. Fuhs 18 Wood St Fitchburg Ma 01420 (S Margaret L. Gibson 264 Bouchard Ave Dracut Ma 01826 Susan M. Gilbert Townsend Rd. RFD Groton Ma 01450 Anthony F. Gilberti 110 Elizabeth Ave Westfield Ma 01085 Kathleen A Gilchrist 6 Hobson Ave Worcester Ma 01603 Michael G. Gill 69 Young St. N. Quincy Ma 02171 Bette J. Gilmartin 7 Homer St Worcester Ma 01602 Kathleen A. Girard 35 Jackson Rd Holyoke Ma 01040 Diane E. Gmyrek 636 Lowell St Lawrence Ma 01841 James P. Griffin 94 Middlesex Ave Reading Ma. 01867 Brenda P. Groce 48 Osgood St Gardner Ma. Lisa A. Grogan 807 Mott HI Rd S. Glastonbury Ct. 06073 Marc H. Groom Bradbury Rd Lancaster R D Ma 01523 June M. Guarente 53 North St Tewksbury Ma 01876 David C. Guernsey 16 Autumn Ln Amherst Ma 01002 Martha E Gugger 86 Howard St Reading Ma 01867 Gary J. Guilbault 748 Grattan St. Chicopee Ma 01020 II Verna M. Gadoury 3 Mainning Ct Coventry Rl 02816 Jane M. Gagne 47 Babbs Rd W Suffield Ct 06093 Jean M. Gailunas 22 glenrose Ave Braintree Ma 02184 Roberta J. Gallant 49 State Rd Westminster Ma 01473 Mary A. Gannon 16 Sunset Ave Chelmsford Ma 01824 Eileen P. Ganong 73 Boutell St Fitchburg Ma 01420 Richard J. Garcia 5 Wildwood Ave Worcester MA 01603 M. Gardner P O Box 372 Ayer Ma 01432 Judith M. Garneau 64 Lancaster St Leominster Ma 01453 John Garrity 79 Ravens wood Rd Waltham Ma 02154 Kathleen M. Gates 156 Stuart St Leominster Ma 01453 Ellen L. Gavin 147 Ellsworth Ave Springfield Ma 01118 Bernard F. Goguen 119 Clarendon St. Fitchburg Ma 01420 Katherine M. Golden 12 Warren Ave Woburn Ma 01801 Deborah R. Goldstein 9 Lagrange St. Worcester Ma 01608 Peter J. Goldstein 20 Warren St Beverly Ma 01915 Linda J. Gormley Oakland Rd N. Reading Ma 01864 Cheryl A. Grace 5 Vi Highland PI Plymouth Ma. 02360 Susan E. Grady 56 Flagg St Clinton Ma 01510 Kevin J. Grassa 11 Rosselerin Rd Boston Ma 02122 Eugene R. Gray Jr. Powder House Rd Groton Ma. 01450 Lori L. Greenaway 11 Field St Maynard Ma 01754 Deborah J. Greenwood 2 Juniper St. C helmsford Ma 01824 Colleen A. Griffin 11 Hale St Lawrence Ma 01843 % David R. Hackett Stanjoy Rd Holden Ma 01520 Marcia Haimila 6 Scott Road Fitchburg Ma 01420 Deborah J. Hall 23 West St Westboro Ma 01581 John C. Hallahan 11 Celia Rd W. Roxbury Ma 02132 Keith J. Hamel 37 Anna Rd Woburn Ma 01801 Jeffrey M. Hamilton 6 Idal St E. Pepperall Ma 01437 Susan R. Hamilton 844 Summer St Lynn Ma 01905 Michael J. Hannon RFD Scott Rd BX32 Fitchburg Ma 01420 Corinne E. Hansbury 72 Murray St Chelsea Ma 02150 X ' l Coby L. Hanson 43 Westford St Chelmsford Ma 01824 Laura R. Hanson 146 Arbor St Lunenburg Ma 01462 Sharon L. Harless 36 Roper St Lowell Ma 01851 Kenneth R . Harris 1318 Liberty St Braintree Ma 02184 Carol J. Hars North Rd Groton Ma 01450 Lori A. Harter 82 Seminole Rd. Acton Ma 01720 David A. Harvey 451 Dipping Hole Rd Wilbraham Ma 01095 John E. Haskins 13 Park Ave Natick Ma. 01760 Mary A. Hathaway 68 Grant St. Concord Ma 01742 Cynthia J. Hay 176 Willow St. Lawrence Ma 01841 Nancy L. Hayter 51 Lincoln Ave Lynnfield Ma 01940 Carol F. Healy 1228 Hill Rd Boxboro Ma 01719 Mary T. Healy 58 Sixth Ave Lowell Ma 01854 Timothy A. Hebert 45 Lenox St. Athol Ma 01331 Walter L. Helliesen 36 Whittier Rd Reading Ma 01867 Maryellen Helpa 11 Marshall Terr Dudley Ma 01570 Lorraine M. Henault 57 Pierce St W Boylston Ma Jeffrey L. Hendel 272 Joshua Jethro Rd Chatham Ma 02633 Elizabeth A Hennessey 35 Reard on St Quincy Ma 02169 Peter A. Hennessy 26 Norland St. Holliston Ma 01746 Suzanne Henrlques 724 Main St Lancaster Ma 01523 James J. Henry 1579 Centre St Roslindale Ma 02131 Bessie L. Herbert 6 Prospect St E Brookfield Ma 01515 Ann Herlihy 142 Trull Rd Tewksbury Ma 01876 Jeannette R. Herr 38 Mechanic St Winchendon Ma 01475 Kathleen M. Hession 41 Avery St Dedham Ma 02026 Craig R. Hill 161 Marshall Rd Fitchburg Ma 01420 Karen A. Hill Baldwinville Rd Templeton Ma 01468 Virginia A, Hogan 17 Brookside Pk Milton Ma 02187 Ward R. Holllster 126 Blossom St Fitchburg Ma 01420 Brenda M. Holmes 15 Thorndike St Nashua NH 03060 William S. Holmes, Jr. 7 River St Westford Ma 01886 Kathy L. Houran Jackson Cross Rd Pownal Vt 05261 Cheryl J. Howard 127 Lowe St Leominster Ma 01453 Richard G. Hoyt Fairmount P1 A11 B41 Leominster Ma 01453 Lori M. Hunt 100 Deerfield Rd Sharon Ma 02067 Brenda L. Hunter 85 Depot Rd. Westford Ma 01886 Catherine M. Hurley 24 Easrman St Nashua NHO 03060 Jeanine A. Hurley Mountain St EB214K Worcester Ma 01606 3 Marisa L. lacoboni 293 Abbott Ave Leominster Ma 01453 Evelyn F, Itz 6 Twin Brooks Ctr Andover Ma 01810 9 Carrie S. Jackson 6 Quimby St. Haverhill Ma 01830 Stephen R. Jackson 34 Nichols St Norwood Ma 02062 Steven R. Jackson 40 Richardson St Leominster Ma 01453 Paula Jacobs 12 Woodrow St Hudson Ma 01749 Ann E. Janiak 21 Livoli Rd Frammgham Ma 01701 Judy L Jefferson 41 Yerxa Rd Arlington MA 02174 James W Jeffries 23 Stuart Ave Fitchburg Ma 01420 Clarence J Jenkins Jr 115 Myrtle Ave Fitchburg Ma 01420 Lauren J. Jerzylo 25 Elm St Hyde Park Ma 02136 Karen M. Jochym 5 Meadow St HaOley Ma 01035 Ewa M. Johansson 137 Marshall Rd Fitchburg Ma 01420 Denise M. Johnson 50 Blossom St A1 Fitchburg Ma 01420 Kim Johnson 351 Water St Bridge water Ma 02324 Llisa C. Johnson 2 Hedlund Ave Braintree Ma 02184 William M. Johnson 107 North Ave Weston Ma 02193 Kevin J. Johnston 39 Rankin St Worcester Ma 01605 William W, Joiner 179 W Broadway Gardner Ma 01440 Annmarie Jones 156 Lynnfield St Peabody Ma 01960 Ann M. Jordan 9 High St Dorchester Ma 02122 Christopher J. Jordan 7 Lucille Ave Westford Ma 01886 James M. Jordan 29 HollyHock St New Bedford Ma 02740 Robert A. Jordan Jr 59 Green St Chicopee Ma 01020 Robert E. Joyce 53 Depot St Westford Ma 01886 2CIII Nancy E. Kelly 45 Hill Rd Reading Ma 01867 Philip B. Kelton 32 Lawn St Roxbury Cross Ma 02120 Kathleen M. Kendall 231 Highland Ave Leominster Ma 01453 Marsha J. Kent 14 McClelland Rd Halifax Ma 02338 Mark A. Keyser 71 Academy St Fitchburg Ma 01420 Elizabeth A. Kilmer 211 Causeway St Medfield Ma 02052 Florence T. Kimball 113 Central Ave Braintree Ma 02184 Gregg R. King 74 Hampshire St Springfield Ma 01151 Joyce M. King 60 Converse Lane Melrose Ma 02176 Patricia D. King 478 Spring St Cheshire CT 06410 Wanda E. King 193 Russell St Carlisle Ma 01741 Mark S. Kublc 1488 Garland Rd Lancaster NH 03584 Thomas J. Kulis 86 Winter St Clinton Ma 01510 Debra A. Kulvete PO Box 319 E. Templeton Ma 01438 Frederick Kush Jr 249 Route 140 Sterling Ma 01565 a Robert H. Lacasse 39 Pearl St Leominster Ma 01453 Lois R. Lachapelle 1905 Salem St N Andover Ma 01845 Patricia A, Lacki 19 Vine St Fitchburg Ma 01420 David E. Lacombe 30 Pacific St Fitchburg Ma 01420 Shawn E. Laflamme 150 Goodrich St Winchendon Ma 01475 Annmaire Kane 30 Hig Ridge Rd Worcester Ma 01602 Karen A. Kashgagian 211 Fairview Ave Brochton Ma 02401 Carol A. Kaukoranta 360 Blossom St Fitchburg Ma 01420 Francis D. Keane Jr 25 Rangeley Rd Arlington Ma 02174 Annemarie Kearns 78 Ridge wood Dr Norwood Ma 02062 Kerry A. Keating 80 Maverick St Fitchburg Ma 01420 Mark W. Keene 29 Brown St Billenca Ma 01821 Kathleen A. Kelly 322 Theresa St Fitchburg Ma 01420 Susan E. Kling 1440 Andover St Tewksbury Ma 01876 Barbara M. Klotz 45 Rolling Ln Hudson Ma 01749 Laura E. Knowles 74 Tyngsboro Rd N Chelmsford Ma 01803 Glenn R. Knowlton Hemlock Park Dr Groton Ma 01450 Lorraine B, Kokoska 94 Marshall St Fitchburg Ma 01420 Carol L. Korb 22 Pearl brook Rd Lunenburg Ma 01462 John A. Korbut 64 Ames Ave Chicopee Ma 01013 David W. Koulouris 132 Summer Ave Reading Ma 01867 Nancy Krzykowski 253 Ash St Gardner Ma 01440 Sandra L. Lafrance 3 Joslin PI Fitchburg Ma 01420 David S. Lage 9 Monmouth St Acushnet Ma 02743 Thomas H. Lague 204 Candlewood Ln Hanover Ma 02339 John S. Lambe 13 Maple St E Weymouth Ma 02189 Walter R Lambert 84 Pacific St Fitchburg Ma 01420 Sally E. Lamport Proctor Rd Townsend Ma 02469 Diane P. Lane 16 Henry Ave Lenoxdale Ma 01242 Cheryl A. Langone 18 Palmer Ave Saugus Ma 01906 Michele E. Laporte 7 Cliff St Attlebord Ma 02703 f Lynn A. Laramee 23 King St Watertown Ma 02172 Clarisse Lashua 79 Fitchburg Rd Ashburnham Ma 01430 Michele A Lavallee 26 Martin Farms Rd Hempden Ma 01036 Martin J. Lawless 13 Hunt Rd Bedford Ma 01730 Richard A Lawrence 198 White St Lunenburg Ma 01462 John S. Lazanski 55 Acrebrook Dr Chicopee Ma 01020 Marcia J. Learmonth 40 MATAWANAKEE Trail Littleton Ma 01460 David J. Leary 39 West St Fitchburg Ma 01420 Robert J. Leary 129 Cedar St Fitchburg Ma 01420 Kym Leblanc 119 Tisdale St Leominster Ma 01453 Sandra A. LeClair 8 Elm St Middleboro Ma 02346 Tammy S. Leclerc Bald win ville Rd Templeton Ma 01468 Siobhan M. Lecuyer 16 Highland Ave Moringdale Ma 01530 Walter V. Lee 82 Forest St Winchester Ma 01890 Denise A. Lefebvre 878 Broadway Rd Dracut Ma 01826 Paul U. Lefebvre 10 Maynard St Winchendon Ma 01475 Jeffrey P. Leger 503 Gardner Rd Hubbardston Ma 01452 Elizabeth L. Legros 67 Pratt St Lunenburg Ma 01420 David S. Lehtonen 169 Mt Vernon St Fitchburg Ma 01420 Marilyn C. Leighton 33 Norseman Dr S Dennis Ma 02660 Suzanne T. Leland Goodnow Rd Princeton Ma 01541 Barbara L. Lemaire 37 School St Sterling Ma 01564 Cathleen A. Lemoine 21 Scenic Dr Leominster Ma 01453 Monica J. Leonard 17 Hillsview St Canton Ma 02021 Sheila E. Leonard 25 Old Coach Road Hudson NH 03051 Anne-Carol P Leone 76 Central Ave Everett Ma 02149 Karen A. Leopold 210 Meadowlark Dr Longmeadow Ma 01106 Cynthia A. Leslie Concord Turnpike Lincoln Ma 01773 Cynthia E. Levine 39 Cloverhill Dr Stamford CT 06902 Elizabeth J. Lewis 35 Rolling Ln Hudson Ma 01749 Gail D Lilly Westcott Rd HarvarO Ma 01451 Lillian H. Linde PO Box 2034 Fitchburg Ma 01420 Dana E. Linnehan 28 Evergreen St Framingham Ma 01701 Dean M. Little 8 New St Newburyport Ma 01950 Joyce A Livingstone 1152 Washington St Stoughton Ma 02072 Carla D. Lombard 4 Maverick St Fitchburg Ma 01420 Jon A. Lonnovist State Rd Ashby Ma 01431 Pauline A, Lopiano 19A Boston St Lawrence Ma 01841 Roxanne M. Lord 34 Crescent St Shrewbury Ma 01545 Jonathan D. Lothrop 57 Maine St Westminster Ma 01473 Richard H Lovett 14 Arlington St Fitchburg Ma 01420 Anthony J. Lucce 34 Auburn St Clinton Ma 01510 Richard G. Lucier 62 Brigham Ave Marlboro Ma 01752 Elizabeth M. Lucius 141 Birchland Ave Springfield Ma 011 01119 Karen F. Lund 17 Kerrycraig Cir Northboroough Ma 01532 Brian D. Lurvey 89 Whitcomb Ave Littleton Ma 01460 Lynne A. Lyko 36 Faith Ave Dracut Ma 01826 Robyn J. Lynds Baker Hill Rd E Brookfield Ma 01515 Cynthia A. Lyons 99 Samuel St Springfield Ma 01109 M Karen I MacDonald 302 Vermont St W Roxbury Ma 02132 Thomas E. MacDonald 1 7 Laurel Dr Medfield Ma 02052 Helen A. Maculaitis 21 Windosor Rd Hamden CT 06517 Christine M. Macwade 194 Cohasset St Apt 8 Worcester Ma 01604 Annemarie Maguire 75 Norman Rd Brockton Ma 02420 Paul R Maguire Sherbert Rd Ashburnham Ma 01430 Kathleen S. Mahoney 116 Pine St Gardner Ma 01440 1 Robin A. Majcher 35 Sheridan Dr Apt 8 Shrewsbury Ma 01545 Karla M. Majewski 1295 Main St Fitchburg Ma 01420 Anthony J. Mancini 49 Tampa St Worcester Ma 01604 Donata M. Mangini 131 Lincoln St Leominster Ma 01453 Peter M. Manijak 258 Simard Dr Chicopee Ma 01020 David B. Manzella 129 Beaver St Framingham Ma 01701 John E. Mara Juniper Rd Fitchburg Ma 01420 Joann R. Marabello 97 Newton St Fitchburg Ma 01420 Theresa E. Marien 133 Maine St Westmindter Ma 01473 Patricia R. Marini PO Box 604 Sterling Ma 01564 Paul V. Marshall 256 Grant St Framingham Ma. 01701 Ardith L. Martin 87 Forest Dr Holden Ma 01520 Diane M. Martin 307 Pleasant SfrLeominster Ma 01453 Janet M. Marioski 126 Burma Rd Athol Ma 01331 David R. Masiello 14 Woodland Dr Boylston Ma 01505 Robert L Masse 42 Arlington St Lowell Ma 01854 Susan M. Mayer 140 Ross St Fitchburg Ma 01420 Craig R. Maytield New Boston Rd Sturbridge Ma 01566 Beth M. McCabe 48 Summer St Stoneham Ma 01801 Shawn P. McCadden 105 Sylvia St Arlington Ma 02174 I « ' I I » Frances M. McCarthy Jr 2 Edgbaston St Billerica Ma 01866 Luisa A McCarthy 823 Main St Lancaster Ma 01523 Lynne E. McConnell 7 Moody St Amesbury Ma 01913 Pamela A. McCormick 21 Linden St W Boylston Ma 01583 Marianne McCullough 10 Ludlow St Worcester Ma 01603 Maureen K. McDonald 108 Forest Rd Stoughton Ma 02072 Virginia McDonnell 9 N Border Rd Stoneham Ma 02180 Beverly A. McGee 19 Tretton Dr E Braintree Ma 02184 Lisa M. McGivney 3 S Meadow Rd Plymouth Ma 02360 Charlene B. McGough 9 School St Shirley Ma 01464 Karen M. McGovern 198 Washington St Peabody Ma 01960 Paul L. McGovern 96 Phaeton Rock Rd Lynn Ma 01904 William C. McGrath 29 Moran Hts Fitchburg Ma 01420 Billy R. McGrew 5 Rosewood Ave Ayer Ma 01432 Karen A. McKay 17 Whiting Way Needham Ma 02192 Deborah A. Mckee • 35 Dunbar Rd Reading Ma 01867 Elizabeth T. McLaughlin 7 Hilltop St N Grafton Ma 01536 Thomas J. McLoughlin 22 Avon St Saugus Ma 01906 Thomas D. McNair 17 Curve St Bedford Ma 01730 Terese J. McNulty 42 Leonard Rd Melrose Ma 02176 I Scott B. McPherson 501 Park St Gardner Ma 01440 Judith M. Meehan 7 Cross St Townsend Ma 01469 Judith H. Megura 1228 Hill Rd C5 Boxboro Ma 01719 Dorothy E. Melllnger 38 Pond Ct Clinton Ma 01510 Thomas R. Menard 93 Culley St Fitchburg Ma 01420 Susan K. Merchant 66 Newton Rd Fitchburg Ma 01420 Gail S. Mercier 322 Franklin St Braintree Ma 02184 Charlene A. Merola 215 Salem St Andover Ma 01810 Mark R. Merry 6 Bond P1 Saugus Ma 01906 Mark S. Micalizzi 427 South St Reading Ma 01867 Dawn L. Michaud 70 Highland Ave Fitchburg Ma 01420 John V. Miller 52 Orchard St Leominster Ma 01453 Donna M. Mills 40 Roberts Rd Cambridge Ma 02138 Dana Mlnich 5 1 Rolling Hills Lenox Ma 02140 Lisa A. Mitchell 392 Albee St Fitchburg Ma 01420 Sheila A. Mitchell 81 Laurel St. Leominster Ma 01453 David J. Montville West River Rd Uxbridge Ma 01569 Ann M. Mooney 391 May St Worcester Ma 01602 Diane W. Morgan 141 Stock Farm Rd Sudbury Ma 01776 Patricia A Morgan 51 Myrtle Ave Fitchburg Ma 01420 Sherrie Morgan 90 1B Plum St Ft Devens Ma 01433 Patrick J. Moriarty Jr 94 Lakeside Dr Shrewsbury Ma 01545 Ellen P Morison 20 School St Salem Ma 01970 Lawrence M. Morris 18 Loxwood Worcester Ma 01604 Deborah J. Morrison 581 Shawmut Ave New Bedford Ma 02740 Marianne Morrison 115 Berkeley St Lawrence Ma 01841 Sheila M. Morrissey 12 Hemlock Ln Action Ma. 01720 Janice L. Morvlllo 5 Kathleen Rd Hudson Ma 01749 Martha A. Muehe 15 Lakeview Arlington Ma 02174 Patricia A Mulcahy 17 Milk St Essex Ma 01929 Debra R. Mulholland 51 Ambie Rd Chelmsford Ma 01824 Michael W. Mulkern 14 Prospect Ave Norwood Ma 02062 Brian B. Mullahy 369 Main St Leominster Ma 01453 Michael P. Mullins 28 View St Fitchburg Ma 01420 Mary C. Munroe 24 Smart Rd Acton Ma 01720 Patti A. Murdock 238 Oakland Ave Methuen Ma 01844 Brent J. Murphy 376 Central St Winchendon Ma 01475 Deborah R. Murphy 35 Leyte Rd Fitchburg Ma 01420 Maureen V. Murphy 9 Old Worcester Rd Oxford Ma 01540 Patricia J. Murphy 80 Vale St Worcester Ma 01604 Patricia Murtha Vaughn Hill Rd Bolton Ma 01740 Peter L. Mushroe 549 Nort St Fitchburg Ma 01420 Jeffery H. Nutting 807 Canton Ave Milton Ma 02186 u Christopher C. Nash Main St Ashby Ma 01431 Joel F. Nash 8 Main St Ashby Ma 01431 Brenda J. Nason 213 Andover St Andover Ma 01810 Barbara A. Nassie 8 Clarendon St Worcester Ma 01604 Gayle M. Natichioni 62 Yorkshire Rd Dover Ma 02030 Mickey C. Natoli 30 West St Lenox Ma 01240 John Nicholaides 19 Highland St Brockton Ma 02041 Betsy A. Nickerson 5 Gleason Rd Bedford Ma 01730 Theodore Nickole 819 Broadway St Saugus Ma 01906 Judith L. Noddin 34 Bradford St Needham Ma 02192 Lisa S. Norman 301 Hanks Hill Rd Storrs Ct 06268 Steven A. Norman 69 Ridge wood Dr Leominster Ma 01453 Robert P. Normandin Lancaster Rd Shirley Ma 01464 Paul F. Norton 89 Casey St Norwood Ma 02062 Richard A. Norton 3 Eubar Cir Billerica Ma 01821 © Daniel A. O Brien 20 N Ashland Worcester Ma 01609 Gregory G. O Brian 24 Hazelwood Dr Hingham Ma 02043 Karen L. O Brien 88 Marshall St Braintree Ma 02184 Michael F. O Brien 22 Codman Rd Norwood Ma 02062 Patrick J. O Brien 52 Wycliff Ave W Roxbury Ma 02132 Brian E. O Connell 34 Ninth Ave Haverhill Ma 01830 Catherine M. O Connor 2 Forest St Leicester Ma 01524 Margaret O Doherty 377 Lewsbrook Rd Concord Ma 01742 Maryjean O Halloran 1 Victoria Ln Stoneham Ma 02180 Michael C. O Hanesian 230 Fountain St Framingham Ma 01701 Kathleen T. O Keefe 35 Blease Dr Tewksbury Ma 01876 Elsa Olmedo 78 Heritage Ln B13A1 Leominster Ma 01453 Laurel J. Olsen 42 Birch Dr Concord Ma 01742 Llnnea G. Olsen 68 Christine St Worcester Ma 01606 Mark S. O Malley 73 John St Clinton Ma 01510 Janet E. O Neil 477 Mam St Stoneham Ma 02180 Cathleen A. Opoiski 46 Summer St Danvers Ma 01923 Gail A. Orben 3 Elvira Rd N Reading Ma 01864 Jean A. Oregon 14 Dominic Dr Chelmsford Ma 01824 Neil H. Orenstein 215 Kenmore Dr Longmeadow Ma 01106 Donna M. Oswald 9 Rockwell St Worcester Ma 01603 Margaret A O Toole 4 Elkway Ave Norwood Ma 02062 $ Marcia A. Padovano 15 Norman P1 Fitchburg Ma 01420 Joanne M. Panicci 30 Cedar St Hanover Ma 02339 Matthew J. Pdpianou 37 Nash St Chicopee Ma 01013 Michael J. Parent 150 Pleasant St Dracut Ma 01826 Janet T. Parks 37 Church St Westminster Ma 01473 Debra Parlengas 272 Cherry St Holyoke Ma 01040 Walter J. Paton Jr 38 Payson St Fitchburg Ma 01420 Michele A. Patterson 175 Cedar St Fitchburg Ma 01420 Robert J. Patterson 175 Cedar St Fitchburg Ma 01420 Sheila M. Paul 179 Mill St Winchendon Ma 01475 Pamela A. Peevey 1450 Calle Fidelidad Thousand Oaks Ca ' i ' ■■ ;. Joyce A Pelrine 15 Melbourne Ave Melrose Ma 02176 Maureen T. Perkins 57 Macomber Ave Springfield Ma 01119 Michael P. Persons Box 2031 Fitchburg Ma 01420 Donna L. Peterson 29 Sandra Rd Chelmsford Ma 01824 Nancy E. Peterson 76 Lynn St Peabody Ma 01960 Katherine C. Pettengill 74 Huntington St. Lowell Ma 01852 Thomas R. Petzy 91 Mt Vernon St Lawrence Ma 01843 Van T. Phan 57 Sydney St Dorchester Ma 02105 . ..:-;; Martin J. Phillips 64 Backman Ave Pittsfield Ma 01201 Nina E. Phillips 819B Bates Service R Ft Devens M a 01433 Suzanne M. Picard 35 Chestnut Ave Auburn Ma 01501 Sharon M. Pichette 250 Massasoit Rd Worcester Ma 01604 Wanda M. Pierce 14 Woodside Ave Leominster Ma 01453 Heather M. Pinkus 218 Woodland Rd Milton Ma 02186 Christine M. Pirrello 60 Fountain St Medford Ma 02155 Paul A. Pisarski RFD 2 Palmer Ma 01069 Michael A. Piwarunas 35 Pilgrim Terr Marshfield Ma. 02050 David J. Polanik 16 Meadowbrook Rd Auburn Ma 01501 Maureen A. Polewarczyk 36 Grove St Clinton Ma 01510 Beverly D. Pomeroy Smith Rd Chesterfield Ma 01012 Rosaline Pomroy 119 Oakridge Dr Ayer Ma 01432 Linda E. Powell 63 Hobson St Saugus Ma 01906 Marie A Primeau 80 Valdalia Ave Fitchburg Ma. 01420 Elaine M. Proko 794 Worcester St Southbridge Ma 01550 | Thomas Ptak 89 Leyte Rd Fitchburg Ma 01420 Melinda A. Puglisi 740 Central St B6A13 Leominster Ma 01453 Marya U. Pyrek 70 Bulat Dr Springfield Ma 01129 Paul Quattrociocchi 8aldwinville Rd Templeton Ma 01468 Molly Queralt 75 Bickford Hill Rd Gardner Ma 01440 Cheryl A. Quiet 232 Sixth St Leominster Ma 01453 Michael S. Quinlan 111 Anita Dr Newark De 19713 Patricia J. Quinn 27 Lafayette St Newburyport Ma 01950 Patricia L. Quinn 76 Dudley St Fitchburg Ma 01420 Robert J. Quinn 20 Bancroft St Watertown Ma 02172 Peter A. Quintin Whiting Ave Groton Ma 01450 Katherine E. Quirk 79 Granite St Fitchburg Ma 01420 v s Michael A. Racine 816 Main St Leominster Ma 01453 Jeanne S. Rainville 115 Barnes Rd Berlin Ma 01503 Janet R. Ramsey 434 Prentice St Hilliston Ma 01746 Cheryl A. Ray 36 Berlin St Springfield Ma 01109 Cathy A. Raymond 7 Alice Ave Fitchburg Ma 01420 Lucille M. Reed 15 Ferdinand St Worcester Ma 01603 Ann Regopoulos 57 Linda St Leominster Ma 01453 Donna J. Reidy Merriam Ln Sutton Ma 01527 Renee A. Remillard 40 Drury Ln Worcester Ma 01609 Melissa A. Remiszewski 35 Kazbeck St Indian Orchard Ma 01051 William O. Renaud 6 Barker St Three Rivers Ma 01080 Lisa L. Reynolds 828 Lancaster Ave Lunenburg Ma 01462 Donna M. Rice 18 Louis Way W Harwich Ma 02671 Stephen L. Richard 24 Clearview Ave Worcester Ma 01605 Susan M. Richard 211 Bemis Rd Fitchburg Ma 01420 Edward F. Richards 1579 Valley Rd Lunenburg Ma 01462 Judith A. Richardson 2 Warden St Worcester Ma 01604 Michael E. Rigney 57 Chandler St Marlboro Ma 01752 Cathy J. Riley 37 High St Gloucester Ma 01930 Daniel S. Riley 138 Aldrich St Roslindale Ma 02131 Michael J. Rinaldi 476 Jackson Ave Brick Township NJ 08723 Paul L. Rtoux 26 Hill St Fall River Ma 02723 Jerri C. Roach 5 Doane St Worcester Ma 01607 Jean M. Robichaud 104 Sylvester St Lawrence Ma 01843 Michael J. Robichaud 22 Snow Dr Littleton Ma 01460 Betty-Jane Robie Ashby Rd New Ipswich NH 0307 1 Stephen P. Robinson 12 Bates Park Ave Beverly Ma 01915 Paul M. Rodolico 13 Michael Rd Beverly Ma 01915 Alma R. Rodriguez 94 Woodruff Rd Clinton Ma 01510 Maryelizabeth Rogers 12 Third Ave Leominster Ma 01453 Thomas F. Rogers 23 Paris St Marlboro Ma 01752 Nancy J. Rosa 16 Rumford Rd Lexington Ma 02173 Susan M. Ross 122 Sanborn St Fitchburg Ma 01420 Thomas D. Roy 20 Boutelle St Leominster Ma 01453 David M. Rudick Caswell Ct E Douglas Ma 01516 Cheryl A. Rumley Lake Shore Dr Ashbumham Ma 01430 Patricia A. Russo 3 Mac Intosh Rd Bedford Ma 01730 Lucille M. Sabella 121 Belle Ave Medford Ma 02155 Robert A. Salvatore 28 Florence St Leominster Ma 01453 Thomas H. Sarault 38 Hawley, Ave Leominster Ma 01453 Robert M. Sargent 60 Willard St Ayer Ma 01432 Patricia A. Sarsfield 469 River St Hudson Ma 01749 Andrea Savaris 35 Gold Finch Ln E Dennis Ma 02641 Lucille T. Sawyer 119 Billings St Lowell Ma 01850 Nancy J. Sawyer 557 Newtown Rd Littleton Ma 01460 Laurie A. Sazama 9 Morris Ave Turners Falls Ma 01376 Randy D. Schacht 37 Albin Rd Stamford Ct 06902 Barry W. Schomacker 47 Princeton St B1A105 Leominster Ma 01453 Susan P. Sciacca 131 Spruce St Lawrence Ma 01841 Beth A. Scola 42 Abbot Ave Leominster Ma 01453 Scott C. Richard 4 Chapel St Wilbraham Ma 01095 Janet L. Scribner 10 Drury Ln Sfoneham Ma 02180 Melinda Severson 15 Surplus St Duxbury Ma 02332 Mary T. Seymour 21 Waverly St A5L 2F Fitchburg Ma 01420 Thomas W. Shahood Jr 18 Crest Rd Framingham Ma 01701 Donna L. Sharpies 66 Procteor Rd Chelmsford Ma 01824 Mary P. Sheahan 79 Ardell St N Quincy Ma 02171 Maureen B. Sheahan 12 Prudential Rd Worcester Ma 01606 Stephen P. Sheldon Box 249 Townsend Ma 01469 Joseph G. Sinasky 8 View St Worcester Ma 01610 Robert M. Sleboda 28 Magnoli Ave Holyoke Ma 01040 Suanne Smiaroski Mill Village Rd Deerfield Ma 01342 Leslie A. Smith 531 Lowell St Lynnfield Ma 09140 Robert F. Stadolnlk 11 Montcalm Ave Brighton Ma 02135 Jean M. Stafford 29 Beverly St Oxford Ma 01540 Barbara J. Stannard 3 Whitney Dr Paxton Ma 01612 William F. Stanton 17 Allen St Newbury port Ma 01950 Michelle D. Shepard 146 Charles St Fitchburg Ma 01420 Wendy A. Shepard 875 Main St Lancaster Ma 01523 Sandra E. Shepherd Lunenburg Rd W Townsend Ma 01474 Nancy H. Sheridan 34 Bay State Rd Tewksbury Ma 01876 John W. Sherrer 18 Putney Rd Willesley Ma 02181 Nadine L. Sherwin 217 Minott Rd Westminster Ma 01473 Russell P. Sherwood 172 Main St Townsend Ma 01469 Dianne T. Shugrue 8 Milton St Worcester Ma 01605 Gail A. Siart 385 Summer St Fitchburg Ma 01420 Nancy J. Silun Purgatory Rd Sutton Ma 01527 Rocco Simari 343 Fellsway West Medford Ma 02155 Eugene L. Simeone Jr. 18 Batherick Rd Apt5 Westminster Ma 01473 Sylvia J. Simmons 49 Compass Ln Tewksbury Ma 01876 Sharon L. Simon 279 State St N Adams Ma 02147 Mark Smith 113 Highland Ave Leominster Ma 01453 Peter H. Smith 36 Cross St Westfield Ma 01085 Bonnie J. Snow 62 Putnam Ave Wakefield Ma 01880 Claudia Soares 2115 County St Somersar Ma 02726 Sarah A Sodano 38 Woodworth Ave Fitchburg Ma 01420 Stephen M. Sousa 12 Cliff St Salem Ma 01970 Kevin J. Souza 26 Crescent St Fitchburg Ma 01420 Henry J. Spadano Jr. 33 Old Lowell Rd Westford Ma 0188 6 Margaret Spagnuola 23 Winch St Fitchburg Ma 01420 Melissa L. Spinney Barre Rd PO Box 52 Wheelwright Ma 01904 Mary Jane Sprague 36 Kathleen Ln Norwood Ma 02062 Kevin M. Spurr 91 Hart well Ave Littleton Ma 01460 Karen J. St Amand 143 Barnard Rd Worcester Ma 01605 Theresa M. St Germain 23 Colburn St Waltham Ma 02154 Janice M. St Laurent 29 Sayles St Southbridge Ma 01550 Eric D. Starbard South Rd Holden Ma 01520 Dianne E. Starr 244 High Rock Rd Fitchburg Ma 01420 Nicholas B. Staszko 181 Springdale Rd Westfield Ma 01085 Janet L. Staub 74 Beach St Revere Ma 02151 Julia D. Stevens 3 Long Ridge Rd Acton Ma 01720 Barry M. Stewart 296 Beech Ave Melrose Ma 02176 Cheryl A . Stewart 130 Elm St Fitchburg Ma 01420 Marc I. Stewart Lionsmith Rd Amesbury Ma 01912 Jane E. Stoll 124 Meadow Rd Townsend Ma 01469 Kathy J. Stratton 12 Fox Lane Milford Ma 01757 Catherine H. Sullivan 132 Highland Ave Apt Fitchburg Ma 01420 Denise M. Sullivan 112 Summer Ave Reading Ma 01867 James R. Sullivan 56 Cottage St Randolph Ma 02368 Patricia J. Sullivan 12A State St Leominster Ma 01453 Sheila P. Sullivan 2 Forest St Worcester Ma 01609 Michael B. Swan 27 Stearns St Newton Ctr Ma 02159 Karen E. Swanson 475 Water St Apt 2 Fitchburg Ma 01420 Mlndy S. Swartz 12 West St Milto n Ma 02186 Carol M. Sweeney 27 Court St Lowell Ma 01852 Joseph M. Sweet 1 19 Robert Dr S Windsor Ct 06074 Janet C. Swerdlin 2 J State St Leominster Ma 01453 Mark S. Swldler 14 Grandview Rd Danvers Ma 01923 Diane R. Swift 32 South St Fitchburg Ma 01420 William J. Sylvester 128 N Main St Oakdale Ma 01539 David M. Tennyson 45 Burnham Rd Lowell Ma 01852 Colette Tetreau 58 Grove Ave Leominster Ma 01453 Lois R. Theroux 12 Washington St Fitchburg Ma 01420 Gwendolyn Thomas 10 Usher Rd Apt 1 Medford Ma 02155 Kathleen M. Thunberg 48 Sussex Ln Worcester Ma 01602 Jeanette L. Tibbetts 50 West St. Fitchburg Ma 01420 Melzlnia Tidmore 106 East St Fitchburg Ma 01420 Sharon M. Tferney 53 Dillon St Leominster Ma 01453 Suzette T. Tlllet 87 Wood Ave Hyde Park Ma 02136 1 Susan A. Underwood 46 Brentwood Rd Chelmsford Ma 01824 1 Cathy A. Valade 7 Wason Ave Nashua NH 03060 Kenneth J. Valera 157 Manchester St Loeminster Ma 01453 Jo B. Vass 21 Steven St Lunenbrug Ma 01462 Patricia A. Vaughan 15 Arcadia Rd Billerica Ma 01866 3 Mary Taitano 83 Snow St Fitchburg Ma 01420 Douglas S. Tapply 161 Pleasant Lunenburg Ma 01462 Michael F. Tarmey 11A Cottage Ave Somerville Ma 02144 Christina S. Tartaglia 28 Garnet St 2R Fitchburg Ma 01420 Beth A Tate 70 St Jean Ave Leominster Ma 01453 James W. Tedoldi 68 High St Needham Ma 02194 Lisa A. Teixeira 65 Mt Vernon St Apt 4 Fitchburg Ma 01420 Malcolm J. Tinkham 79 Sunset Dr Taunton Ma 02790 Patricia M. Toomey 24 Simonds St Fitchburg Ma 01420 Janet E. Tosi 3 Partridge Hill Rd Billerica Ma 01821 Barry K. Tourigny 182 S Main St Gardner Ma 01440 Jean M. Tozlowski 201 Winter St Ashland Ma 01721 Donna M. Troest 260 Lincoln St Fitchburg Ma 01420 Wayne A Tuiskula 386 Stafford St Cherry Valley Ma 01611 Susan A. Turner 11 Fair Way Pittsfield Ma 01201 Jo Ann Tyler 38 Rowley Rd Sterling Ma 01564 Virginia A. Vecchiarelli 40 Lexington St Holyoke Ma 01040 Lois T. Venti 136 Wollaston Ave Arlington Ma 02174 Monique A. Viau 52 Frothingham St Lowell Ma 01852 W Bruce I. Wahl 128 Woodland Ave Gardner Ma 01440 Peter A. Wahlstrom Carleton Rd Millbury Ma 01527 Valerie Y. Walte 16 Rainbow Cir Peabody Ma 01960 Leonard E. Wall Jr. 32 Summer St Saugus Ma 01906 Bambi M. Warner 101 Gtenwood Rd Somerville Ma 02145 Paul F. Watkevich 153 S Man St Athol Ma 01331 Carole A. Webb 102 Buffington St Swansea Ma 02777 Steven L. Webb 50 Walnut St Ft Devens Ma 01433 Warren M. Weeden 138 Myrtle Ave A1 Fitchburg Ma 01420 Laurie S. Weiner 87 Henry St Maiden Ma 02148 Patricia M. Weir 5 Brookfield Rd Methuen Ma 01844 Gail A. Weisman 75 Leigh St Framingham Ma. 01701 Lauree A. Welch 48 HMis Road Hyde Park Ma 02136 Steven P. Wentworth 47 Whiting St Lunenburg Ma 01462 Diane E. Weschrob 37 E Riverside Dr Dedham Ma 02026 Cathy A. White 93 Prospect St Fitchburg Ma 01420 Karen M. White 13 Ash St Natick Ma 01760 Mark J. White 38 Emma Ave Taunton Ma 02780 Susan 0. White Mar St S r?oyalston Ma 01331 John M. Wiater 67 Yale St Ludlow Ma 01056 Allen J. Wiederlight 25 Blanchard St Leominster Ma 01453 Richard J. Wilder 384 West St Leominster Ma 01453 Dawn Wiljanen 15 Muriel Rd Chelmsford Ma 01824 Daryl S. Williams Groton Rd Shirley Ma 01464 Laurence R. Williams 11 Colony Dr E Longmeadow Ma 01028 Pamela A Williamson 30 Meadow Rd Seekonk Ma 02771 Wesley H. Wilson Chace St Ext Bolton Ma 01740 Gary B. Wolfson Sandwich Rd Plymouth Ma 02360 Julie A. Woods PO Box 1190 Heritage East Dennis Ma 02641 Moses E. Wright 4 72 High St Newburyport Ma 01950 Kathryn J. Wylie Pleasant St Middleboro Ma 02346 I Ann L. Yeaple 83 Cedar St Fitchburg Ma 01420 Andre W. Yoshida 60 Pacific St Fitchburg Ma. 01420 Marion L. Young 18 Hillside Dr Hudson NH 03051 Mary A. Young 6 Upland Rd Morningdale Ma 01530 1 Vicky L. Zaring 267 Sudbury Rd Stow Ma 01775 Catherine A. Zellner 6 Allen Dr Salisbury Ma 01950 Maria E. Zmetra 291 High St Webster Ma 01570 Melanie A. Zwolinski 24 Mechanic St Winchester NH 03470 William F. White 124 Turtle Pond Pky Hyde Park Ma 02136 Leslie A. Yates 10 Delaney Rd Nantucket Ma 02554 ■ fe •v£; «9 - , ■jjfe : --. ,JL. ,- -- ' ;-• " 1 o,. ■ - -. ft ;; lit £3 w

Suggestions in the Fitchburg State University - Saxifrage Yearbook (Fitchburg, MA) collection:

Fitchburg State University - Saxifrage Yearbook (Fitchburg, MA) online yearbook collection, 1978 Edition, Page 1


Fitchburg State University - Saxifrage Yearbook (Fitchburg, MA) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Page 1


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Fitchburg State University - Saxifrage Yearbook (Fitchburg, MA) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Page 1


Fitchburg State University - Saxifrage Yearbook (Fitchburg, MA) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Page 1


Fitchburg State University - Saxifrage Yearbook (Fitchburg, MA) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Page 1


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