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?•■• n ■ ■I Saxifrage 1980 Fitchburg State College Fitchburg, Mass. I jb f jbw . • » r». r.f ■ TABLE OF CONTENTS CLUBS SENIORS ACTIVITIES SPORTS FACULTY lM ■■■■■■■ ■■■■ Hi - HH I Greetings and Godspeed . . . H ere is your book of memories freed from the time and order in which they have been constrained. I hope in the years ahead you will look back often on the smiles and the color and the spirit of youth contained within its pages. These have been good times. You have grown into leaders of your generation and have helped the college to grow in a similar fashion. Looking through this book you will be able to remember how much growth did occur and to remember that in a period of challenge and trial there were moments of fun and pleasure and love. Such knowledge is invaluable in a changing world and this book gives it to you: so refer to it often. You will be missed — even as others take your place in the lineal progression of the genera- tions. For in you is our sense of achievement and our pride. We hope that you will remember us and value our contribution to your life and maintain the constancy of your affection for Fitchburg State College. I wish you good health, abundant joy and Godspeed. President June 1, 1980 Ka[ m R or three quarters of a century student clubs and organizations have been the cement which have given Fitchburg State College its sense of community. They are the spirit, the leader- ship, the conscience of collegiality. On occasions they are the negative, the status quo, the last to respond. Sometimes they distract more than they focus, take more than they give. But, more times than not, it is a student organization which starts a decade of traditions, leads a charge, or quietly lends a helping hand. Student groups, be they academic, service or social, offer the association and the friendships which allow individuals the opportunity for expression, social experience and interpersonal development. In many cases they lead to expanded career opportunities and professional growth. To the institution they offer lasting communication, a history of support and a binding legacy. They assume an enormous responsibility by offering a promise of potential. ' The Saxifrage, more than any other student organization, carries the weight of chronicling for their peers and for their successors this important story. I ' m pleased to join the Saxifrage in dedi- cating the 1979-80 yearbook to the student clubs and organizations at Fitchburg State College. Sincerely, %s e Bill Donohue Vice President Student Services " SJ. I c L U B S 12 mf MM ■ STUDENT GOVERNMENT T A. he purpose of (he Student Government Association as set forth in its constitution is; " ... to encourage responsibility and cooperation in democratic self government; to form an official body for expressing the judgements of students and fostering the activities and matters of general student interest; to promote full understanding and cooperation among students, faculty, and administration in order to further the wel- fare of the college. " A special ' thanks ' to all SGA members who have freely given their time and energy to further the welfare of the students at Fitchburg State College. Bob Conner President of SGA Row 1 — Elaine Bacci, Janet O ' Neil, Patti Toomey Row 2 — Mike Goff, Robert Conner, Wayne Horton u Hftl M .u jMRLteJ - 9w 4v C 4 ' . . - " «: 15 ■■■ HH I HI BHB JUDICIAL BOARD The Judicial Board, sponsored by the Student Government, has completed its second year in existence on campus. It has proven to be strong and successful under the guidance of Lon Vickers, their advisor. The main function of the Board is to provide students with an alternate course of action other than facing the administration when they have broken campus policies. With the support of stu- dents, faculty, and staff the Judicial Board will continue to provide its important function at F.S.C. Row 1 — Diane Mallon. Brian Bowen, John Parker. Maureen Everett How 2 — l;r Vickers. I ony Ippohti. Wayne Horton. Patti loomey 16 COMMUTERS BOARD 17 K- --■ ■■ ■■ H R U S s E L L T O W E R S DORM COUNCILS FRONT: C. Tassone, J. Consedine, R. Schacht, T. Tucker, J. Pappie, N. Fitzpatrick, L. Ulisse. BACK: B. White. T. Kelly, K. Moylan. P. Belair, S. Smith, J. Mudge, A. Saunders, D. Malvers, M. Shepherd. AUBUCHON =5 RONT: D. Mulholland. J. Chapman, J. Keefe. : J. Stevens. M. Hathaway, C. Coughlin, J. Hathaway. HERLIHY FRONT: L. Crump. L. McGivney. D. Peppin MIDDLE: B. Boneafaunt. M. Want. E. Morrison BACK: J. Tatarczuk. N. Vecharelli, R. Poitrast. M. Sulli van. P. Pisirski T O W N H O U s E FRONT: J. Parker. B. Nassif. S. Almeida. F. Abraham MIDDLE: P. Scalley, M Scott. R Stewart. I .Cornwall. B Gay, M Chiaramida BACK: S Paschal. L. Hemmer. B. Crowley. R. Puccini. K. Golden 19 H FRONT: D. Mallon. C. Osborne. M. Marini. E. Turner BACK: J. Sullivan. S. Nelson. D. McCann, B. O ' Connor SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS ' , JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS FRONT: M. Kenslea. M. Gill, J. Sweel BACK: .1 Chapman. E. Bacci, M. Morrison. K. Clough I ■■ ■■■■■ H SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS BACK: K. Shepard, J. Richer. C. Kagan, B. O ' Brien FRONT: D. Appicella. T. Bratton KM ' - -mL !•,« ■» it 1 ADELPHIANS Founded m 1 949, I he Adelphian Society began as an organization to unite col- lege women of similiar interests. I he Society encourages its members to become an actn e and influ- ential pari of the life at itchbure Stale. FRONT: D. Berard. C. Chinard, Pete MIDDLE: Ziggy.B. Pacheco. L. Smith. P, 1urph BACK: N. Silun, D. Reidy, R. Remilard. T. Naab. I Owens.J Haggerty. M. rrizinski.M Deelv 23 NEASYLON SOCIETY The Neasylon Society, the oungest social cluh on campus, was founded in 1968. The main objectives of this club are to unite all women interested in community service, social activities, sportsmanship, and other collegiate functions. This ear ' s activities included the spring and fall formals, ice skating parties, intramural sports, and service projects. " Though we give of ourselves only time and dedication, we receive in return an invaluable growing experience; we emerge fulfilled, knowing a true sense of belonging and the immeasurable pride of being involved. " — anonymous FIRST ROW: M. Shahabian, M. Leconti, M. Martino, K. Savukinas, T. Vautour, J. Broadhurst SECOND ROW: E. DeAngelis, C. Stewart, C. Harhen, P. Felteau, M. Mulligan, B. Nason THIRD ROW: J. Donohue, J. Stevens, B. Bienvenue, M. Maskalenko, K. Fredrick, M. Anderson, J. Woomer I ■ GAMMA SIGMA SIGMA The Epsilon Phi Chapter of Gamma Sigma Sigma was officially chartered on April 2 I, 1979. They are the only national sorority on campus and are basically a service organization. Gamma Sigma Sigma believes in friendship, service, and equality. They provide service to the Chapter, the college, and the community in the spirit of those beliefs. FRONT: D. Michaud. S. Beauregard. S. Hargadon. A. McCabe, R. Lord. J Tcrwcrda. f I ink. S Sandsl BACK: E. Turner. S. (Toilette. A. Taylor. J. Charest, J. Livingston, D Gmyrek MISSING: A. Greenberg. L. O ' Neil 25 BHH1 HH HIMi HI H PHILODEMIC SOCIETY wnrn FIRST ROW: K. O ' Keefe. K. Brown, M. Clancy, L. Cornwall, C. Smyth, J. Torres, M. Letourneau, H. Smith, D. Mallon, A. Clancy SECOND ROW: N. Hayter, W. Chapman. M. McDonald, A. Janiak, H. Bishop, J. Collins. J. DeRoche, D. Sullivan. B. Nassif. K. Majewski, L. Bartelloni, D. Blacker, D. Hall, V. Banyas, S. Glynn THIRD ROW: B. Kilmer, E. Gibson, D. Morgan, D. Silva, P. Mulcahy. S. LaMusta, S. Bush-Brown, L. DiBurro. D. Miranda, L. Diaz, L. Timledge, C. Brown. A. Begley, A. Corrigan, S. Smiaroski The Philodemic Society is the oldest women ' s social group on campus. Founded in 1948. the aims of the group are to develop greater school spirit through active participation in work, sports, and all social affairs, as well as to cooperate with civic welfare groups. I he Philodemic Society has shown to be very active on cam- pus. The involved themselves with the community during Barrel Da) and gave their support to FACE and the Brain Injured Cen- ter. In addition they sponsored their annual McKay Christmas Party. The club also enjoyed their own social functions such as formats. ha rides, socials, caroling, broomhockey games, and intramural sports. ' . FRONT: P. Berdos, D. Pinette, G. Tardanico, J. O ' Neil BACK: G. Plummer, M. Frizzel, J. Wescott, D. Lavin MISSING: B. Gnbbons, B. Longmuir, D. Charubini, P. Rourke EPSILON PI TAU Epsilon Pi Tau is the international honorary professional fraternity in industrial arts and industrial vocational education. It was founded in 1928 at Ohio State University to promote communication between leaders of the profession so that the profession would continue to grow and progress. It is based on three precepts, to esteem the function of skill in industrial arts and industrial vocational education, to promote social and professional efficiency, and to foster and reward research. The Epsilon Chapter at Fitchburg State College was founded in 1932. 27 FUBARS ..V ,Y ' 28 FRONT: E. Domaney, B. Donahue, M. Swan, M. Ohaneson, B. Gustavson, T. Shahood BACK: D. Costa, E. Peterson, D. Donahue, G. Chute, M. Carreriro MISSING: P Marshall FRONT: T. Menard BACK: A. Albee, D. Montville, W. Kumpu, M. Kenslea. M. Diagle GAVELEER SOCIETY The Gaveleer Society is the oldest fraternal organization on campus. It was founded in 1921. The Gaveleer Society was organized with the intention of supplying college social activities which would enrich the experiences of its members. The Society provides the springboard from which the members may eject themselves toward broader horizons. 29 (■■IMi HI HHi H ESOTERIC SOCIETY Front: J. Scanlon. R. Crump. J. Handzel. A. Deegan, G. Fehham. B. Hayes. J. Antanu Back: J. Page. J. Cartagirone. S. Menzel. M. Penta, B. Hadley. B. Bowen. L. Simpson. S. Folan. T. Silva, C. Sampson. M. Owens Missing: B. Balderelli. D. Whitney. B. Johnson The Esoteric Society was founded to develop men of strong character and to increase the feeling of fellowship toward the members of the society and social organizations on campus. This year ' s club activities included a formal, camping and ski trips, intramural sports, and sponsoring all- college parties at the Oyster Bar. During the intramural season, the Esos performed well and were awarded the football championship. y, MOHAWKS The Mohawks, originally known as the Berkshire Club, was charted by the college in 1927. The goals of this club were to achieve unity through leadership and brotherhood. The Mohawks were very active on campus as well as working in cooperation with various charity organizations such as Toys for Joy and the American Red Cross. FIRST: G. Cross. D. Proulx SECOND: D. Chouinard, M. Monopoly. P. Moriarty, T. Coohcoran THIRD: J. Fleming. C. Cabral. M. Campell. D. Caughlin. M. Movalli FOURTH: B. Renaud. L. Capuano. B. Canary. T. Errico. G. McDonald. J. Sullivan. FIFTH: D.Tighe. P. McKay. 31 ■ flp ■ H ■■H PI SIGMA UPSILON The Fenwick Society. Pi Sigma Lpsilon. is a social club on campus promoting " social unit . " It was established in 1966 by a group of individuals with the intent of establishing positive relations between stu- dents, faculty, and administra- tion. The Fenwick Society would like to wish all the graduates of 1980 - Health. Happiness, and Best Wishes . . . Good Luck! ■ TOKALON SOCIETY TOKALON SOCIETY The Tokalon Society, previ- ously established on campus in 1946, was recently revived in the Fall of 1978. The purpos e of the Tokalon Society is to promote friendship and unity, to lessen apathy and promote a mood of cooperation among all people on our campus. The group partici- pates in social and athletic events. Membership is open to sopho- more junior, and senior women. M. Brosn Olsen, K. ihan. A Allard Maguire, E. Proko. J. Gailunas, N. Rosa, L. Winter, S. Turner, D. Campagna. V. Angis. L. 33 ■ ■■■i HHH H H BHHH H L.I.V.E. 1 he I eague for the Investment in a Viable Environment was established to make students aware of the environment in which we live. Through such activities as canoe trips, mountain hiking, field trips, clinics and a host of other ventures. the add to their appreciation of their surroundings. The club has many social functions such as their annual Christmas Party, Fall Reception. Senior-Faculty banquet and occasional " spur-of-the-moment " events. The L.I.V.E. organization is helping the campus and the community develop a cleaner future. 34 ■ MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY CLUB The purpose of the Med Tech club is to provide students in the major with an insight into their chosen field. In addition, it helps them keep on top of developments in Medical Technology which occur on cam- pus, in the hospital, and elsewhere. Activities include such things as workshops on basic laboratory skills and films on everything from safety in the lab to how to draw blood correctly. Films, guest speakers, and workshops allow students the opportunity to learn from other ' s experiences, which will be invaluable in the future. There are many active members who are continuously working to make the club what it is. 35 CHORAL ARTS ASSOCIATION The Choral Arts Association is a group of organizations designed to let the students express their creativity through singing. They are comprised of a Mixed Chorus, a Women ' s Chorus, and a smaller Madrigal Group. The Choral Arts Association performs semi- annually for the college. The time and effort put into both the Christmas and Spring Concerts is applauded by the school community. ' : ' . GEOGRAPHY CLUB I he Geography ( ' lub was established in September, 1974. lis purpose is to familiarize ( icograph majors with opportunities for graduate school and emplo) menl possibilities. I he club is also concerned with spreading geographic aw areness to the studenl bod) . I hese goals are aclnc ed bj the club sponsoi in. ' speakers in the Field, fieldtrips, and conferences. 1 hej e i ignize the impoi tance ol field work in both physical and cultural areas, and Feel thai the abilit) to identify a Feature in the landscape is essential to the stud) ol ■ ih) FRONT: R. Arcell. M. Caldwell. K. Lund. A. Yeaple BACK: R. Champlain. A. Bourgault. M. Flynn. S. Morgan. L Kokoska 37 ■ B ■i CAMPUS VOLUNTARY ACTION CENTER I " he Campus u . a division of the United Way, is an organization which recruits, interviews and refers college students to appropriate agencies for volunteer work. Placements are provided for course practicums and for field experiences. The office is staffed b college students who receive assistance from consultants of the Leominster VAC. FRONT: D Brown I Perry. K O ' Keefe BAC K: Vt linula;.. J Bonnehour. L, Teixeira, A Clancy . M. Perry WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The purpose of the W.A.A. is to promote interest in all women ' s intramural and intercollegiate sports. The Association provides the leadership and organization for all intramural sports. They encourage all female students to become involved in college athletic events, and sponsor a welcome part) in the fall to stimulate interest. FRONT: K. Kashgagian, K. Aldred. A. Janiak BACK: S. Marshall, S. Fuhs, P. Brennan, L. Reed, D. Rice — -A 39 ■ M NURSING STUDENT ' S ASSOCIATION FRONT: A. Bnghenli. K. O ' Connor. E. Proko. A. Taylor. T. Chory KNEELING: J. DeRoche. M. Kaczowka, P Dolan. D. Morgan BACK: D. Sullivan. K. Dziura. L. Palen. R. Beckman MISSING: K. Gregg. J. Boucher. K. Porter. D. Gillespie. S. Allaire The Nursing Students Association at F.S.C. is a service organization which provides programs to promote and maintain health and to increase awareness by offering various lectures, films, workshops and clinics. It provides the opportunity for students to apply and expand their educational experiences within the health field. Membership is open to any student attending the college, and active participation is urged for maximum benefits. 40 ACCOUNTING SOCIETY The purpose of the Accounting Club is to satisfy the specific needs and interests of the accounting students and to focus primarily on learning as much as possible about the accounting profession. They achieve this by offering tutoring services, guest speakers from different aspects of business, a supplemental reference library, and various socials. 41 ■§■■1 ■ R.O.T.C. The ROTC program at Fitchburg State College is available through the establishment of an Extension Center. It is staffed and operated by personnel from the United States Army ROTC Instructor Group from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. The organization enables Fitchburg State College freshmen and sophomores to participate in Army ROTC on campus. © O 42 Front: S. Richard, P. Jay, D. O ' Connor. B. Gibbons Back: J. DeCicco, M. Frizzel, S. Fuhs, K. Coakley FITCHBURG INDUSTRIAL ARTS ASSOCIATION The F.I. A. A. is an organization whose primary purpose is to acquaint Fitchburg State College students with the purposes. functions, and ideals of Industrial Arts. 43 ■■ ■B MH I JF W CULTURAL SOCIETY FOR MINORITY STUDENTS The purpose of the Cultural Society of Minority Students is to bring together the var- ious minority students of Fitchburg State College, in a union where they can interact, function, and perform in the college community. The organization is open to all stu- dents of the campus. This year they put together an entertaining musical performance that was well received by all who attended. FIRS! ROW:f Sickle. M.Scott, I. Phifer.T. Thurn. K. Harris. G. Calder, J. Forum. M.Jerome SI ONDROW: R Diaz. C. Ray. A. Hayes. R. Kinney. M. Barrel], L. Phillips. K. Quaries rtilRD ROW: K Daniels. C. Bruzil. I . Johnson. I. Cottevell. C. J. Williams. G. Layne KAPPA DELTA PI The Xi Psi chapter of Kappa Delta Pi was founded last year at Fitchburg State. It is a national honor society that is open to any education major who achieves a cummulative average of 3.5. The organization holds monthly meet- ings to plan activities for the college community. One of this year ' s activities included a resume writing workshop for seniors. ■ FRONT: S. Bullcv. V. Smith. M. Robichaud. II. Smith, 1 Deeny. BACK:M. DeCarolis.G. Babine.C. Brickett. M.Marini. I. fatarczuk. B Covel. P Wainslock. D Mai 45 ■■■ ■ ■■ H FRONT: V. Smith, D. MacGarigal. M. Carrol. K. Collette, BACK: K. Dunn, L. Hennesey, D, Malvers. T. Foster, P. Labrecque, J. Livingstone. a ' . SPECIAL EDUCATION CLUB The Special Education Club was one of the most popular clubs on campus. Activities included dances with men from the Temple- ton Colony, enjoying the experience of being a big brother or big sister, volunteering at a special needs girl scout troop, or spending a weekend at a special needs camp. Monthly meetings with guest speakers and conferences helped enrich the knowledge of ideas and opportunities. The Special Education Club was a great chance to uork with specail needs children and adults. FRONT: M. Taylor. J. Ryan, M. Childs. S. Carty BACK: Dr. H. Melvin. K. Doherty. R. Comeau. Professor B. Fisher. J. Christopher. Dr. Browning. Ulllll s o c c L u B " 1 ' - « f I % » --«-•—• v -?. " ! 2£ r I £ »« The Sociology Club ' s purpose was u promote interest in the field of Sociology and encourage interaction between the faculty and students. I tic year ' s man) functions took place in conjunc- tion with the Psychology and the Human Service clubs. Activi- ties included banquets, guesl speakers, a spring conferance, and a social foi graduating seniors. Anticipation for future interac- tion of the Behavioral Sciences encourages involvement of stu- dents w ith their majoi 47 ■ ■■i t. ' fc m Seniors 1980 49 ■i HM ■■ k 50 Claire G. Ambrosino Human Services Susan J. Anderson Special Education Debra L. Andrews Special Education Patricia A. Angelina Psychology Cheryl A. Arcese Special Education Denise L. Ash Special Education Alice M. Assaly Psychology Barbara A. Avery Elementary Education 51 m ■ r 1 1 .- ■■ ■ ■1 ■■ Paul G. Barba Industrial Arts Maureen E. Barry Special Education Lisa Marie Bazzinotti Special Education Rita J. Beckman Nursing Peter Berdos Industrial Arts Jane E. Bartolomei Nursing Christopher P. Bird Special Education Colette L. Blanchette Biology Naomi Blood Business Administration — . - 52 $3 «,t 7. V Brenda M. Boisseau Human Services Cindy L. Boutell Elementary Education Cathy J. Botts Biology Carol T. Bouchard Nursing i mm. w Jennifer A. Bouley Early Childhood Laura D. Bown Nursing Mary E Boyd Nursing Sharon L. Brass Medical Technology 53 i- ■ I J Kimberlee A. Brown Nursing Mary A. Brown Biology Sharon J. Bulley Special Education Ann M. Burke Special Education Cathy A. Cabana Biology Steven M. Cain Business Administration Barbara A. Cantin Nursing Steven A. Bulley Communications David M. Callahan Psychology Patrick Care Eleme k Carey ntary Edu cation 55 56 Mary K. Clancy Nursing Cynthia R. Chouinard Nursing Donald L. Chouinard Industrial Arts Annette M. Clermont Special Education John P. Cliffe Industrial Arts Karen J. Cochrane Special Education A Christine A. Colbert Special Education Edwin R. Colon History Jose I. Colon Communication Roberta E Comeau Nursing 57 ■ M Alan M. Couturier Business Administration Barbara A. Covel Special Education Kathleen M. Crafts Special Education Carolyn Crowther Medical Technology Sandra J. Crowther Medical Technology Joan P. Culgin Nursing Eileen T. Cronin Biology Linda C. Cunningham Special Education Elizabeth A. Daley Human Service Stephen C. Dauphinais Communication 59 ■ ■ Susan A. Demar Special Education Oscar Derderian Jr. Communication T 60 Denise D. Desroches Special Education Timothy J. Doherty Business Administration MMHM Richard C. Dewhirst Mathematics Louis Diamontopoulos Industrial Arts Mary C. Digeronimo Sociology Patricia A. Dolan Nursing Richard Dolphe William F. Donahue Jr. Industrial Arts Margaret M. Dreger Nursing Edward J. Domaney Industrial Arts Sandra L. Doyon Nursing Gloria T. Ducharme Special Education 61 ■ M HMI Dianna E. Dugas Elementary Education Kathleen A. Dunn Special Education Gail O. Duplease Business Administration Mary L. Fernandez Elementary Education Patricia A. Ferragamo Biology 62 Elizabeth A. Fitch Medical Technology John C. Flannagan Jr. Industrial Arts Michael B. Flynn Geography Thomas F. Fitzgerald Elementary Education Jamini C. Fleming Psychology Virginia R. Flint Nursing Susan J. Floyd Special Education Terese Flynn Nursing Jane L. Follett Nursing Michelle Foote Nursing 63 Patricia S. Garcia Computer Science Paul F. Gariepy History Cathy P. Garrett Special Education Kathleen Gates Communications 64 4k . _ James R. Gazzaniga Industrial Arts Debra I. Ghilardi Business Administration Cathy J. Gianakis Human Services Annette Gilardi Nursing Patricia A. Gilraine Medical Technology Michael P. Goff Communications Donald Gonzalo Communications Caroline E. Goodrich Elementary Education Arlene E. Greenberg Elementary Education Kathleen A. Gregg Nursing 65 H M H M Mary E. Gynan Special Education Deborah A. Had ley Elementary Education 66 Judith Haemer Elementary Education William A. Hafker Jr. Communication Julie E. Halstead Business Administration Mary K. Hamel Special Education Susan M. Handy Elementary Education Pauline Hanks Nursing Cathleen P. Hanley Early Childhood " Sharon P. Harrington Nursing Catherine L Hawke Nursing Annmane Htytl Nursing 67 w ■■ ■■■ ■■II M Peter C. Joyce Industrial Arts Paul A. Jussaume Jr. Industrial Arts Janet L. Karlson Early Childhood Annemane Kearns Special Education 69 ■H H HHH Nora Kohler C. Koukoranta 4 70 Martin H. Kszepa Industrial Arts V1T Donald E. Kurtyka Nursing Geralyn L. Lacoste Nursing Tamre E. Lafond Nursing V KirtT. Landherr Psychology Cheryl A. Lanford Nursing Lynn A. Laramee Biology Donald G. Lavin Industrial Arts Joan C. Leary Nursing Cheryl A. LeBlanc Special Education 71 l Hi B Hi ( Leonard A. LeGrand Industrial Arts W ' — - Maureen T. LeConti Nursing Ann Legal Medical Technology Renee A. Leger Special Education Mary Lentz Special Education Dean E. Leonard Industrial Arts Marlene M. Letourneau Nursing Curtis G. Lizotte Biology Carmen Lopez Nursing 72 I lL John E. Lucchini Industrial Arts Karen F. Lund Geography James R. Lynch Medical Technology Linda Maclachlan Early Childhood David J. Lucier Industrial Arts Donna J. Mahoncv E-lemenlary 73 M HH QB23 M Michael N. Maynard Industnal Arts Deborah A. Maypother Psychology Daniel P. Mcauliffe Computer Science Donna B. McCann Special Education 74 Mary J. McCarthy Nursing Paula J. McDonough Special Education Patricia A. McCarthy Human Services Susan M. McCleary Special Education Donna McGarigal Special Education Thomas P. McGinn Jr. Business Administration Brian E. McCluskey Industrial Arts Deborah A. McGrath Nursing Philip P. McKay Special Education Patricia E. McManus Earh Childhood 75 L " H m H HHH Maureen A. Minkley Nursing Raymond A. Mirabella Industrial Arts 76 Stephanie A. Moler Early Childhood Frances S. Moran History Nancy J. Moran Human Services Ralph P. Morse Chemistry Richard A. Moses Industrial Arts Michael A. Movalli Computer Science Shauneen A. Moriarty Nursing Laura Mozie Special Education 77 MIM H HI HH ■- Therese C. Murphy Human Services Peter L. Mushroe Industrial Arts Scott E. Nelson Biology Lisa C. Niebel Early Childhood Education Mary Margaret E. Nolin Special Education Nancy D. Nadeau Human Services Janet L. Norman Nursing Elizabeth J. O ' Connor Elementary Education Maureen O ' Doherty History 78 Denise T. O ' Donnell Industrial Arts Michael O ' Hanesian Maureen M. O ' Hagan Special Education Kathy O ' Keefe Mark S. O ' Malley History David J. O ' Neil Business Administration Jeremiah A. O ' Neil Industrial Arts Sharon 1 O ' Neill Nursing Christine B. Osborne Psychology Roberta A. Osborne Nursing K.irt-n I Parker Education J. nn M Parzich ing 79 imi ■■MH Lisa C. Pelletier Elementary Education Patrick G. Perkins Industrial Arts Michael A. Penta Industrial Arts Patricia A. Penta Nursing Mary Pepin-Kennedy Special Education Francine Perruccio Special Education Leslie J. Perry Human Services Angela M. Perscehini Nursing M gv • , Bruce R. Peterson Industrial Arts Eric L. Peterson Biology Lisa M. Petitto Early Childhood Education Marianne F. Pezwick Communications Robert R. Pierce Communications David W. Pinette Industrial Arts Mark Petulia Melanie A. Piro Nursing Robin D. Porter Special Education Judi A. Provost Special Education 81 M wm m MaryAnn P. Provost English Claire M. Rabbitt Elementary Education Catherine M. Rasmussen Early Childhood Education Mary P. Richard Elementary Education Stephen L. Richard Industrial Arts 1 n Elaine M. Rivard Business Administration Bernice M. Roach Nursing Mary D. Robichaud Special Education Rosalyn D. Roden Special Education Joseph M. Rizzo Business Administration Carolyn M Rodent, k ursing Diane M. Romano Special Education Mark A. Ross English Patricia A Russik Nursing I ' cicr S Rmjrkc Arts 83 ' v:Y I Joseph R. Russo Special Education Elizabeth A. Rutledge Business Administration 1 Carol Sacchetti Human Services Lila M. Sanabria Nursing Deborah A. Sanborn Special Education David T. Saunders Industrial Arts 84 Mary Ann Shahabian Human Services Kathleen Sherman Nursing Kathleen M. Sheehan Nursing Cathy A. Sherrill Psychology Sarah A. Sheeran Special Education Anna L. Shepherd Human Services Donna L. Short Medical Technician Mary Ann Shumski Special Education 85 ■■■i l Mary C. Spalding Early Childhood Education Janice M.Stanton Medical Technician . II Margaret M. Stapleton Human Services Marilyn M. Starkey Elementary Education Judith E. Sterner Medical Technician Carrie L. Stewart Nursing Margaret P. Stuart Biology James R. Sullivan Industrial Arts Dennis J. Sweeney Industrial Arts Gregory J. Tardanico Industrial Arts ( ffy i Michael F. Tarmey Nursing J. im . " J I aurczuk Arts Jean rhibodeau Nursing Virus I Business Administration 87 A» $3$! ■ H Cindy A. Torrance Special Education Frank L. Todesco Business Administration Julie M.Torres Human Services William F. Tracey Industrial Arts Barbara Tomaiolo Nursing Gregory P. Treantos Industrial Arts Marie A. Trottier Business Administration Elaine M. Turner Nursing Mary A. Ullenbruch Early Childhood Education Norman P. Vangel Industrial Arts 88 Sandra L. Varney Mathematics Giselle A. Vasialka Special Education Therese R. Vautour Sociology Andrea C. Vaz Mathematics Pamela J. Weinstock Special Education Lauree A. Welch Biology 89 Susan J. Wilman Special Education fcfc •► ' 1 Carlene D. Wilson English Lori J. Wilson Nursing - M Robin J. Wilson Early Childhood Education Donna L. Wolfson History Susan K. Woundy Medic al Technician Lora D. Winter Nursing Deborah E. Wordell Sociology Emma N. Wright Human Services Cheryl A. Withers Nursing Laura J. Zasadny Special Education Leslie A. Zonghetti 1 arh Childhood Education 91 ' .ak f- ■ FALL CONVOCATION DAY CONVOCATION Don ' t be dismayed at Good-byes . . . A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. 92 A nd meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, Is certain for those who are Friends. 93 ■ v« 3n Jty[zmo%y Of . . . r 2 I (cmoxici uriLL roLLouj ms. joxlusx -J no D know that axzami cannot corns, truz. crfLL tnoi.£ fixzcLOUi tninqi. ice ihaxzA toqe.tns.1 -Jims QO£i bu, D LL itiLL xemzmtrEX you . . . ' Buddy My ■ ■ ■ £)uian J.. Wilman who away on January 2Q, I gSo at the age of 22 due to cancel. juim wai a senior pecail Education major. On addition, she held a degree in Occupation -therapy pom cJVorth c£ hore Community College. Dn memory of z uian, her parents have estab- lished an annual scholarship in conjuction with ■I ' ethuen c righ School for a senior itudent plan- ning on majoring in either special education or Occupational Oherapy. . . . -J evin z v[umfiex who fxassed awau on crffixiL 22, fgyS at the age of 20 due to Cystic DilriOi.ix. -J evin was an Dndustxial Science. zJV afox, a mem- bet of the Jitchbuxg Dndustxial czrpits c fssociation and a xetixesentative to the Student ovexnment c fssociation council. { ' While at 7 . - .(!. D evin dem- onstxated outstanding academic achievement as well as the ability to helb. students, in theix evexudau Lives. Dn memoxu of D evin the .{ . in confuction tuith D evin s haxents have established a $200.00 scholax- dip to he awarded annually to an outstanding council membex. 94 Curtis K. Abbott 30 Hartshorn Ave. Worcester, MA 01602 Michaele W. Abel 182 Chestnut St. Florence, MA 01 060 Kathleen F. Ahern 288 Bellevue St. W.Roxbury, MA 02132 Kenneth J. Ahern 16 0menaPl. Fitchburg, MA 01420 Margaret A. Ahern 10 Highland Ter. Randolph, MA 02368 Judith A. Airosus 184DaltonRd. Chelmsford, MA 01824 Mojtaba Akrami 42 May St. Worcester, MA 01608 Kathleen A. Alicandro 35 AirlieSt. Worcester, MA 01606 Julie A. Allen 15 Bertram St. H Beverly, MA 01915 Peter Altman 85 Dexter St. Maiden, MA 02148 Claire G. Ambrosino 85 Tuttle St. Dorchester, MA 02125 MaryAnn Anderson AFE Yongsan Box 1188 San Francisco. CA 96301 Debra L. Andrews 1 Paxton Rd. Spencer, MA 01562 Patricia A. Angelina 23 School St. Beverly, MA 01915 Doreen A. Arbo 86 Cottage St. Leominster, MA 01453 Cheryl A. Arcese 36 Parker Rd. Chelmsford, MA 01824 Denise L. Ash 101 Battersea Rd. Ocean City, NJ 08226 Alice M. Assaly 30 Diamond St. N.Chelmsford, MA 01863 Paul G. Athanas 40 High St. Cambridge, MA 02138 Mary L. Auger 75 Billerica Rd. Chelmsford, MA 01824 Barbara A. Avery Route 1 Box 10A Colrain. MA 01340 Patricia G. Avis 6 Dolan St. Worcester, MA 01606 Patricia A. Bahde 180 River St. Fitchburg, MA 01420 Gail Babmc 25MacySt. Amesbury,MA01MI3 Kathleen A. Babineau 44 Eaton St. hburg. MA 01420 Karen M. Bahlkow 8 Tanbark Rd. Sudbury. MA 01776 Robert H. Bailey 34 Saturn Dr. Shrewsbury, MA 01545 Paul G. Barba 133 Madison Ave. Watertown, MA 02172 Dorothy E. Barnes Curtis St. Hinsdale, MA 01235 Joseph S. Barrett 51 Stratford Rd. Norwood, MA 02062 Charline M. Barron Still River Road Harvard, MA 01451 Maureen E. Barry 57 Gladstone St. Brockton. MA 02402 Virginia M. Barrv 40 Union St. Watertown. .VIA 021 Jane E. Bartolomei ■ nkel Dr. Dudlcv Ro 2 - A 01718 Lisa M. in ' tti Icwkshury. MA 01 ichman l9Tecumseh Dr 1 ongmcadow . M A ul ](Ki r»h vl Susan J. Anderson 12KostaSt. Worcester, MA 01607 Valeric I. liaer 35 Janice St. Clint- Rita. I Bee ' Karl H. Andrek 72 Fox St. I Fitchburg, MA 01420 Bonnie I kolk Fitchburg. MA 01420 Pcpp 9s Alan E. Bennett 2 Jenny Lind St. New Bedford. MA 02740 I •fiune M. Bera r d « • 100 Main St. Boylston, MA 01505 Robert C. Berndtson 102 Stearns Ave. Uwrence. MA 01841 Timothy T. Bice Box 215 E. Pepperell, MA 01437 rtj Christopher P. Bird 3 S. New St. Haverhill, MA 0183 Denise Bissonnette 201 Pasco Rd. Indian Orchard, MA Colette L. Blanchette 139 Black stone St. Blackstone,MA015 Naomi Blood 7 Groton Shirley Rd J Ayer, MA 01432 Kathryn A. Bloom Lorenzo B Way W. Chatham, MA 02669 Carol A. Bohnet I 419D.CaviteSt. Ft. Devens, MA 01433 Brenda M. Boisseau 1 10 Central Ave. Ayer, MA 01432 Lynne Borden 740 Central St. B6A 13 Leominster, MA 01453 Cathy J. Botts 223 Center St. N. Easton, MA 02356 Carol T. Bouchard 10 Murray Ct. E. Longmeadow, MA 01028 Jennifer A. Bouley Northwest Rd. Spencer, MA 01 562 Alan J. Bourgault 90 Harvard St. Fitchburg, MA 01420 Cindy L. Boutell Baldwinville Rd. Templeton, MA 01468 Laura D. Bown One Daniels Rd. Wenham, MA 01984 Mary E. Boyd 43 Meadow Ln. N.Andover, MA 01845 Sharon L. Brass " UNilesRd. Randolph, MA 02368 Susan F. Breen 43 High St. Natick, MA 01760 Patricia A. Brefnan 2 Norman St Clinton, MA 0|5 Linda A. Bretz 3 Sunset Rd. Maynard, MA 10 Barbara R. Brewer 83 Leyte Rd. Fitchburg, MA 01420 Cinda L. Brickejtt 19 Maple St. ArftrW Amesbury, MA 0191 Cheryl A. Briggs 28 Phillips St. Greenfield, MA 01 301 JoAnne K. Briggs 15Saxonia Ave. Lawrence, MA 01841 r " — John J. Bromback 7 Bentley Terr. Pittsfield,MA01201 Margaret A. Brophy 80 Bancroft St. Dracut, MA 01826 Dennis J. Brosnan, Jr. 40 Viele Ave. Worcester, MA 01605 Nancy J. Brosnihan 45 Collins St. Worcester, MA 01606 Diana C. Brown 468 Chestnut St. Lynnfield, MA 01940 JDonna M. Brown 29 Mt. Pleasant St. Plymouth, MA 02360 Kimberlee A. Brown 3 Minuteman Rd. Acton, MA 01 720 Mary A. Brown 68 Parson Circle Fitchburg, MA 01420 Norman L. Brown 35 Cedar St. Clinton, MA 01510 Sharon J. Bulley 250 South St. Reading, MA 01 867 Steven A. Bulley South St. MA 1867 Ann M. Burke 66 Rowe Ave. Portland, ME 04102 Howard P. Burnham Stonewall Farm RFD 2 Peterborough, NH 03458 Michael F. Burns 78 Rich St. Worcester, MA 01602 Cheryl A. Bursey 12 Pine Acres Rd. Lunenburg, MA 01 462 Scott A. Butterfield 6 Brooks Ave. Westminster, MA 01473 c Delores M. Brown 38 Pleasant St. Lunenburg, MA 01462 T Cathy A. Cabana 60 Summer St. Leominster, MA 0145j John M. Cadegan 76 Harvard St. N.Quincy, MA 02171 96 . ' ' ,V ' Steven M. Cain 4 Taylor Rd. Holliston, MA 01746 James F. Caisse 23 High St. Ashburnham, MA 01 466 Sheldon Y. Carnes, Jr. 70 Myrtle Ave. Fitchburg, MA 01420 Michael J. Carreiro 1 1 Beach Rd. Gloucester, MA 01930 Donna M. Chartrand 27 E. Prospect St. Fitchburg, MA 01420 David J. Charubini, Jr. Monomonac Dr. West Winchendon, MA 01477 Diana O. Calistro 221 Bennington St. E.Boston, MA 02 128 Elizabeth A. Carroll 10 Bryn Mawr Ave. Auburn, MA 01501 JoAnn G. Chateauneuf 264 White St. Lowell, MA 01854 David M. Callahan 18 Freeport Ave. Methuen, MA01844 Kathleen M. Callahan 6 S. Rhoda St. Tewksbury, MA01876 Kathleen A. Carroll 24-255 North Rd. Chelmsford, MA 01 824 Michele P. Cashes 24A Scott Circle Bedford, MA 01 730 Paul J. Cheney 68 Bel Air Rd. Hingham, MA 02043 Rebecca A. Chiurri Chicopee Row Groton, MA 01450 Christopher G. Calnan 5 Cutler Ave. Cambridge, MA 02 138 Judy A. Caster 4 Augustus Rd. Lexington, MA 02173 Cynthia R. Chouinard 18 Winter St. Natick, MA 01760 Jean M. Calvert 259 Brookline St. Cambridge, MA 02139 Denise L. Castonguay 45 Boynton St. Clinton, MA 01510 Donald L. Chouinard 70 Lake Ave. Framingham, MA 01701 Robert C. Calway 6 School St. Shirley, MA 01464 Robert S. Canary 1 1 Cooper Rd. Natick, MA 01760 Carlo N.Cataldo 46 West St. Terrace Lunenburg, MA 01462 Gloria A. Ceballos 216 Marshal St. Fitchburg, MA 01420 Catherine M. Cignoli 53 Gillette Ave. Springfield, MA 01 118 Mary K. Clancy 28 Norman Rd. Melrose, MA 02176 Karen M. Cannavino 60 Princeton St. Leominster, MA 01453 James V. Cerce 121 Walnut St. Brockton, MA 02401 Paula J. Geary 48 WilHston Ave. East Hampton, MA 01027 Barbara A. Cantin 17 First Ave. Leominster, MA 01453 Joyce M. Cantino 150AyerRd. Littleton, MA 01460 Sandra B. Chaet 422 Water St. Fitchburg, MA 01420 Karen M. Chamberlain HIS. Main St. Clinton, MA 01510 Annette M. Clermont 148 Pine St. Fitchburg, MA 01420 John P. Cliffe 10 Kingdom Terrace Pea body. MA 01960 John M. Capps 16 Rangeway Rd. N.Billerica, MA 01862 Kim M. Champagne 521 Lowell St. Peabody, MA 01960 John H. Clifford 260 Walton St. Fitchburg. MA 01420 Allen C. Carito 685 Hale St. Beverly Farms, MA 01915 Robert J. Chaple PO Box 514 Lancaster Shirley, MA 01464 Karen J. Cochrane 139 Beverly St N.Andover. MA 01845 Patricia E. Carlin 240 Kings Grant Rd. Marlboro, MA 01752 Joanne M. Charest 4 Princeton Rd. Burlington. MA 01803 Christine A. Colbert One Colonial Rd Woburn. MA 01801 Margaret L. Carlson Chase Rd. RFD 3 Londonderry, NH 03053 Naomi C. Charest Main St. S. Rovalston, MA 01374 Arete H. Collins ft Jefferson Rd Peabody. M " I960 97 ■ Edwin R. Colon 31 Elm Hill Ave. Leominster. MA 01453 Mark A. Corbett 41 Farmington Rd. West Roxbury, MA 02 132 Kathleen M. Crafts 9 Latch Rd. Chelmsford, MA 01824 Jose I. Colon 31 Elm Hill Ave. Leominster. MA 01453 John R. Colton 15 Clementine Park Boston. MA 02124 Roberta E. Comeau 494 Haverhill St. Lawrence, MA 01841 Ross W. Comeau 52 Manchester St. Leominster, MA 01453 Gail E. Condon 32 Sunrise Ave. Fitchburg, MA 01420 Linda B. Cone Cushing Academy Ashburnham, MA 01430 Kevin F. Conley 47 Warner St. Medford, MA 02155 Robert M. Conner 183BemisRd. Apt. 14 Fitchburg, MA 01420 Alan F. Connolly 96 Perham St. W. Roxbury, MA 02132 Nancy A. Connors 38 Barton St. Springfield, MA 01 10 Miriam L. Cook 4 School St. W.Chelmsford, MA 01863 Judith A. Coomey 1 9 Tarrytown Ln. Worcester, MA 01602 Brian R. Cooper 382 Green St. Clinton, MA 015 per Doretta M. Coo 16 Ponderosa Dr. Townsend, MA 01469 Glen M. Copatch 31 Stratford Rd. W.Newton, MA 02165 Karen A. Cormier 90 Coburn St. Lowell, MA 01850 Rebecca E. Cormier 64 Pacific St. Fitchburg, MA 01420 Linda M. Cornwall 16 Pierce Ave. Wakefield, MA 01 880 Shirley A. Cosner 7 Douglas Dr. Ayer, MA 01432 David W. Costa 20 Linden St. Newton, MA 02164 Kenneth P. Costa 6 Laurel Ln. Burlington, MA 01803 Jean M. Cotter 113 Olive St. Ashland, MA 01 721 Patricia M. Cotter 260 Temple St. W. Roxbury, MA 02132 Donna L. Coulter 20 Tisdale Ave. Leominster, MA 01453 Donna M. Cournoyer 99 Charles St. Fitchburg, MA 01420 Mark E. Courtney 4 Pleasant St. Fitchburg, MA 01420 Andrew D. Cousins 22 Gibson St. Leominster, MA 01453 Marsha L. Cousins 10 Pine St. Leominster, MA 01453 Alan M. Couturier 248 Ashby Rd. Ashburnham, MA 01430 Barbara A. Covel 14 Lennon Rd. Arlington, MA 02 174 Eileen T. Cronin 31 Wheeler Ave. Rockland, MA 02370 Madeline L. Cronin 30 Boxwood Cir. Fitchburg, MA 01420 John P. Crosby 35 Holt St. Fitchburg, MA 01420 Gregory N. Cross 5 Wagon Wheel Dr. Bedford, MA 01730 John P. Croteau Sawyer St. Box 149 E.Templeton, MA 01438 Carolyn Crowther 14 Dudley Rd. Bedford, MA 01730 Sandra J. Crowther 20 Phyllis Rd. Foxboro, MA 02035 Joan P. Culgin 53 Marshall St. Needham, MA 02192 Linda C. Cunningham 54 Hobart St. Danvers, MA 01923 Christine M. Cura 41 Dartmouth St. Belmont, MA 02178 Mary S. Currie 69 Rose Hill Way Waltham, MA 02154 Michael R. Currie 53 Millers Falls Rd. Turners Falls, MA 01376 © Elizabeth A. Daley 10 Bacon St. Westminster, MA 01473 ?8 Christine P. Dangio 27 Brewer Lane Reading, MA 01867 Stephen C. Dauphinais 27 Main St. Townsend, MA 01469 Karen L. Davidson Bald win ville Rd. Phillipston, MA 01331 Bonnie C. Davis 807 Lees River Ave. Somerset, MA 02725 Robin F. Davis 219 Blossom St. Fitchburg, MA 01420 Elaine M. DeAngelis 28 Delano Ave. Revere, MA 02151 Marcia A. DeCarolis 36 Dale Ave. Leominster, MA 01453 Alan D. DeCato 24 Metcalf St. Gardner, MA 01440 Andrew R. Deegan 95 Williams Ave. Hyde Park, MA 02 136 Maura F. Deely 63 Florence St. Roslindale, MA 02131 Theresa A. Deeney 5 Blackhawk Rd. Billerica, MA 01821 Beth Delaney 18MarlandRd. Worcester, MA 01606 Susan A. Demar 17 Winter St. Apt. 8 Fitchburg, MA 01420 Robert P. DeMaura 8 Arcadia Ave. Fitchburg, MA 01420 Eleanor M. Demont 50 Parson Circle Fitchburg, MA 01420 Oscar Derderian, Jr. 112 Pacific St. Fitchburg, MA 01420 James Derma tis 125 Spruce St. Leominster, MA 01453 Jerome J. DesJean 18 Railroad St. Fitchburg, MA 01420 Denise D. Desroches 35 Henry St. W.Boylston, MA 01583 Richard D. Dever 41 Hamilton St. A- 13 Leominster, MA 01453 Richard C. Dewhirst 15 Hidden Rd. Methuen, MA 01844 Louis Diamontopoulos Box 2275 FSC Fitchburg, MA 01420 Mary C. Digeronimo 31 Ash St. Fitchburg, MA 01420 Diane L. Dilling Asby W. Rd. Box 2024 Fitchburg, MA 01420 Joy L. DiMaggio 95 Concord Rd. Acton, MA 01720 Ann M. DiMarzio 9 Cobb St. Mansfield, MA 02048 Theresa D. Dodge 10 High St. Erving, MA 01344 Timothy J. Doherty 1 Fairlawn St. m Everett, MA 02149 Patricia A. Dolan 1 194 Mass Ave. Arlington, MA 02174 Edward J. Domaney Star Rt. 70 Box 18A Gr. Barrington, MA 01230 William F. Donahue, Jr. 467 Chandler St. Worcester, MA 01602 James P. Donnelly 225 North St. WD Fitchburg, MA 01420 i SW I V Martha M. Doonan 1005 Iberville St. Lakes Charles, LA 70605 Nora W. Dougherty PO Box 491 Sheffield, MA 01257 Susan M. Downey 781 Page St. Lunenburg, MA 01462 Sandra L. Doyon 30 Morton Rd. E.Freetown, MA 02717 Margaret M. Dreger 35 Richard Eger Dr. Holyoke, MA 01040 Gloria T. Ducharme 87 Temple St. Lowell, MA 01 851 Dianna E. Dugas 56 Goddard St. Athol, MA 01331 Jacqueline Dumont 182 Clarendon St. Fitchburg, MA 01420 Kathleen A. Dunn 31 Hayes Rd. Tariffville, CT 06081 Robert W. Dunse 379 New Boston Rd. Fall River, MA 02720 Gail O. Duplease 30 Rose Ave. Leominster, MA 01453 Pamela J. Dupuis 56 Fitchburg St. Watertown. MA 02172 Peter R. Durso 6 Randolph Rd. Stoneham. MA 02180 Thomas F. Duval 35 Russell St Melrose, MA 021 76 Kathr%n I D mek 182 Highland Ave. hburg, MA 01420 99 CE Patricia A. Earnest 52 Manchester St. Leominster. MA 01453 Heather Eichkern 80 Field St. Taunton. MA 02780 Michele A. Eldredge 15 Pine wood Dr. West Boylston, MA 01585 Linda H. Elliott 48 Frank St. Dracut. MA 01826 Mary E. Elliott 846A Birch Circle Ft. Devens. MA 01433 David J. Eramo 3 Loxwood St. Worcester. MA 01604 Michael F. Feldmann 871 Leominster Rd. Lunenburg, MA 01462 William H. Fellows 122 North St. Leominster. MA 01453 Paula M. Felteau 8 Reynolds Rd. Peabody, MA 01960 Mary L. Fernandez 51 Colonial Dr. Montpelier. VT 05602 Patricia A. Ferragamo 23 Leland Rd. Norfolk. MA 02056 Arthur N. Ferraro 9 Walnut Ave. Cambridge, MA 02140 Thomas Finstein 19ArdenSt. Allston, MA02134 Elizabeth A. Fitch CTL Berkshire Blvd. Pmsfield, MA 01201 D Susan .1. Floyd 3l0PmeHilIRd. Westford. MA 01886 Michael B. Flynn ft- 23 Shellev Ave. Fitchburg, MA 01420 Terese Flynn 59 Roslin St. Dorchester, MA 02 124 W avid G. Foley 300 Laerange St. oston, MA 02 132 Mary L. Foley 20StrattonHillRd. Westford, MA 01886 Paul F. Foley 19Crowningshield Rd. Worcester, MA 01604 Jane L. Follett 7 Greenacre Rd. S.Hadley. MA 01075 Ann M. Fontaine 77 Euclid St. Gardner, MA 01440 Pearl M. Ewell 201 Daniel Shays Hay Pelham. MA01002 cp John D. Fagan 23 Russell St. Winthrop, MA 02152 Richard L. Fales 22 Victoria Lane Stoneham. MA 02180 Paulette Farra 14 Nichols St. Fitchburg. MA 01420 Kevin J. Farragher IflVorcester St. Clinton. MA 01510 Laura Farrell 1 1 Yarmouth Rd. Norwood. MA 02062 Richard A. Fitzgerald 9 Forest Hill Dr. Shrewsbury. MA 01545 Thomas F. Fitzgerald 91 Payson Rd. Belmont, MA 02178 John C. Flannagan, Jr. 4 Bristol Ave. Clinton, MA 01510 Ferris R. Fleming 22 Oak St. Medfield. MA 02052 Jamini C. Fleming 70 Wampanoag Trail E. Providence, R I 02915 Virginia R. Flint 832 East St. Mansfield, MA 02048 Diane M. Florio 18 Mohawk Dr. Acton, MA 01720 Michelle C. Foote 6 Barnes Ave. Lebanon. NH 03766 Holly N. Fordyce 867 Curve St. Carlisle. MA 017 Richard R. Forest 34 Youngs Rd. Lunenburg. MA 01462 Kay M. Forman 83 1 A Birch Circle Ft. Devens. MA 01433 Leroy H. Fortin 59 Huntington St. Lowell. MA 01 852 Robert A. Foster A 1 Essex St Fitchburg, MA 01420 yt j Stephen Fourni -i POBox 1015 Leominster, MA DM53 Carol S. Flouhouse 22 Putnam Rd. Bedford, MA 01730 Diane M. Fragale 269 Sixth St. Leominster, MA 01453 r j Robert J. Frattallone P.O. Box 1089 Leominster. MA 01453 John J. Fratturelli 73C Manchester St. Leominster. MA 01453 Charles A. Fredette 13 Paula Circle E. Brookfield, MA 01 5 15 Lori A. Frisch 27 Bagley Ave. Fritchburg, MA 01420 Mark E. Frizzell 43 Howland St. Brockton, MA 02402 Susan L. Fuller Brooks Village Rd. Templeton, MA 01468 G Thomas J. Gaffney 15WvolaDr. Worcester. MA 01603 Edward J. Gallant 39 I.oiselle Ave. I- itch burg. MA 01420 Leah M. Gamm I Common St. Wakefield. MAO Daniel C. Gannon 105 Paul Revere Rd. Concord, MA 01742 Mary Gannon 16 Sunset Ave. Chelmsford, MA 01824 Patricia S. Garcia 34 Longfellow Rd. N a tick. " " MA 01760 Richard J. Garcia 5 Wild wood Ave. Worcester, MA 01603 Paul F. Gariepy 16 Nimitz Ave. Fitchburg, MA 01420 Cathy P. Garrett 30 Avenue A Lowell, MA 01851 Kathleen Gates 1 56 Stuart Sw Leominster, MA 0145! 4 Randv P. Gates 1 19 Prichard St. Fitchburg. MA 01420 Terrence J. Ga ice J. Gauvin :amvSt. 159Leai Gardner, MA 01440 Lllen L. Gay tel. 8 Edlin St. Worcester, MA 01603 James R. Gazzaniga 135 Longview Terrace Williamstown. MA 01267 Neil D. Gear 705 Stevens St. Lowell. MA 0185 1 Richard G. Geddes RFD2 1 12 Willey Hill Rd Londonderry. NH 03053 David J. Gendall 23 Milton St. Arlington. MA 02174 Debra I. (Ihilardi 15 Bam ford Ave. Fitchburg. MA 01420 Cath J. ( iianakis UObcrlmSt. Worcester. YIAOIOin Annette (iilardi 15 C (Minn Ave Gloucester. MA 01030 Kathleen A Gilberl 76 F.llis Ave Whitman. 1 02 Susan 1 ( rilberl rownsend Rd Rl D Groton. M 01450 I Leslie D. God in 36 Crest view La Fitchbure. MAO Michael P. Goff 68 Oxford St. Revere. MA 02 1 Bernard F. Gogu H9Clarendon St Fitchburg. MA 014 urg. ma oi Caroline 1 . (ioodr 133 Pleasant St. Leominster. MA Stephen P. Good 69 Clover St. Worcester. MA Michael S. Gorre 99Willard Rd Ashburnham. M Ann.Marie ( . (io 43 Jason St. Putsfield. M A 01 201 Curtis J. Grabowsk l6Grandview St. Auburn. M 01501 Robert A. G rani MillvilleRd Mendon. M A 01 756 Josepd P?GravaII( l 1 Manchester St I eominster M (U453 Julia M ( ira ioso 4 Douglas c. Leommstei M 01453 Allelic I ( iiccnlxTg , lOStrathmore Rd N Dartmouth 1 n2?9R Deborah ( ireenwood 2 Junipei s ' Chelmsford, M 01824 Kathleen ( il Swan St I awrence, MA 01 W I v illiam M G ribbons 50 Vines Si w irc« lei M 01604 it m John Gargulinski 3 Wilder Rd Sterling, MA 01 mo Patricia iilrame I l6Weslview l)t Norwood. M 0206 Carolyn M ( rriTftn M Si Randolph 1 ii. 101 Stephen D Griffin 8Culhbeit Rd West Ro hur . MA 02132 Judith A. Haggertv 334 Osgood St. North Andover, MA 01 845 Catherine L. Hawke Sherbert Rd. Ashburnham, MA 01430 I ynne Griffin-Shea 31 Winter St. Fitchburg. MA 01420 Marv Ellen Gross 1 15 Highland Ave. Fitchburg. MA 01420 Miehael J. Grow 278 Park St. Gardner, MA 01440 Michele A. Guerino 34 Harding St. Milford, MA 01757 David C. Guernsey 63 Hale St. West Springfield, MA 01089 Jane F. Guilfoil 46 Jackson St. Aver. MA 01432 Laura A. Gurley-Mozie 37B Winter St. Fitchburg. MA 01420 Laurie J. Gurney I I Depot Rd. Oxford. MA 01540 William D. Gustafson 19 Dean Rd. Wayland, MA 01778 Marv E. Gynan 15 Middle St. Merrimac, MA 01 860 9 Deborah A. Hadley 1 1 1 Steadman St. Chelmsford. MA 01824 Judith Haemer 37 Crown St. Clinton, MA 01510 William A. Hafker Jr. 1501 Main St. WestChattam. MA 02669 ■ Julie F. Halstead High Rock Rd. Fitchburg, MA 01420 Mark K. Hamel 20 Sycamore Rd. Methuen, MA 01844 Arthur R. Hamilton 92 Chestnut St. Haverhill, MA 01830 Susan M. Handy 230 Circuit Ave. Pocasset, MA 02559 Pauline Hanks 7 Winthrop St. Fitchburg, MA 014 Cathleen P. Hanley 235 South Rd. Bedford, MA 01730 Coby L. Hanson 43 Westford St. Chelmsford, MA 01824 Christine M. Harhen 36 Day Ave. South Hamilton, MA 01982 Sharon P. Harrington 82 Phillips Rd. Holden, MA 01520 Catherine M. Harris 15 Shirley St. Ayer, MA 01432 Ann M. Hart Brooks Station Rd. Princeton, MA 01541 Jane A. Hartwell 87 South Rd. Pepperell, MA 01463 Mark W. Haschig 315RollstoneSt. Fitchburg, MA 01420 Joyce N. Havenook 12 Charlotte St. Peabody, MA 01960 Lorie J. Haviland 307 Linda Lane Palm Beach, FL 33404 Ann Marie Hayes 19 Roseen Ave. Weymouth, MA 02 1! Karen L. Hayes 1 Marshall Rd. orth Easton, MA 02356 Mary T. Healy 58 Sixth Ave. Lowell, MA 01854 Hillary A. Heath 19 Port Norfolk St. Dorchester, MA 02122 Ricky J. Hebert 36 Third St. Leominster, MA 01453 John F. Heenan 1 1 Clarendon St. Worcester, MA 01604 Suzanne Henriques 724 Main St. Lancaster, MA 01523 James J. Henry 1579 Centre St. Roslindale, MA02I3 Marianne Henry Clark Rd. Shirley, MA 01464 Susan Hibbard 75 Sandy Pond Rd. Ayer, MA 01432 Irene M. Hicks River St. Box 72 Colrain, MA 01340 Amber R. Hildreth 5 17 Central St. Winchendon, MA 01475 Diane J. Hill 20 Western Ave. Winchendon, MA 01475 Karen A. Hill Baldwinville Rd. Templeton, MA 01468 Joan E. Hine 492 Burncoat St. Worcester, MA 01606 Barry T. Hixon 108 Main St. W.Upton, MA 01587 Richard M. Hobza 1 1 Portland St. Fitchburg, MA 01420 John L. Hodson 124C Litchfield Pns. Leominster, MA 01453 Elizabeth A. Holden 1299ShawsheenSt. Tewksbury. MA01876 William S. Holmes Jr. 7 River St. Westford, MA 01886 Laura M. Homer 15 Wilderwood Ave. Fitchburg, MA 01420 Ruth M. Hook 34 Willow St. Whitensville, MA 01588 Wayne J. Horton 251 Walker St. N.Dighton. MA 02764 Patricia A. Hughes 387 S. Main St. Hopedale, MA 01747 Therese L. Humphreys 919 Mass Ave. Lunenburg, MA 01462 William G. Huovinen 3 Marilyn Dr. Canton, MA 02021 Joan E. Hurd 21 Nichols St. Westminster. MA 01473 Donald Hutchins George Hill Rd. Lancaster. MA 01523 Marianne D. Isabelle 21 WaverlySt. Fitchburg, MA 01420 7 °i Laura R. Jackson 40 Richardson St. Leominster. MA 01453 Steven A. Jackson 40 Richardson St. Leominster, MA 01453 Paula Jacobs 12 Woodrow St. Hudson, MA 01749 Mary T. Jameson 55 Railroad St. Lawrence, MA 01842 Judy M. Jangel 19 Langseth Ave. Claremont.NH 03743 Joanne Janowski Poulin Drive Lancaster. MA 01523 Karen M. Jochym 5 Meadow St. Hadley, MA 01035 Corey M. Johnson 47 Normandy Rd. Fitchburg, MA 01420 Elizabeth Johnson 193 Central St. Hudson. MA 01 749 Gary L. Johnson 165 Berlin St. Clinton. MA 01510 Kathleen M Johnson Baklwinville Rd. Templeton, M 01 U - Matt Johnson I akewood Park Westminster. M V Susan E. Johnson 10 Cayuga Rd. Tewksbury. MA 01876 William M. Johnson 107 North Ave. Weston. MA 02 1 93 Joseph F. Johnston 28 Summer St. Fitchburg. MA 01420 William W. Joiner 179 W. Broad waj Gardner, MA 01440 Amy C. Jones 1601 Canton Ave Milton. MA 02186 Robert A. Jordan Jr. 59 Green St. Chicopee, MA 01020 Peter C. Joyce 128 Fro nt St. Weymouth. MA 02188 Victoria J. Jurga Oakmoni Dr. Shirley. MA 01464 Paul A. Jussaume Jr. 90 Seventh Ave. Lowell. MAOISM °K Michael I Kaake 27 Runup Si Fitchburg, MA 01420 William P Kalagher 161 landers Rd. Westboro. M 01 Nanc) I K ill. is V 1 ell. MAO i •[ 1 Karlson S iss.iil.t- I Westford. MA 01 l.snne A. Iaccanno 164 W. Boylstbf) St. W. Bovlston. MA 01583 Patricia I lohnson 683 V tfi Filchbuii; M " l 120 H K ifm.inn S 103 Carol A. Kaukoranta 360 Blossom St. Fitchburg. MA 01420 Francis D. Keane Jr. 25 Raneelev Rd. Arlington, MA 02174 Anne Marie Kearns 78 Ridgewood Dr. Norwood. MA 02062 Joseph G. Keeffe Jr. 3 4 Temple St. Arlington, MA 02174 Anthony F. Kelley 10 James St. Watertown. MA 02172 Kathleen S. Kelley 299 Page St. Lunenburg, MA 01462 Barbara A. Kelly 33 Corbett Ave. Dedham, MA 02026 Kathy A. Kelly 127 Eleanor Dr. Braintree, MA02184 Patricia A. Kelly 45 East Rd. Westminster, MA 01473 Michael K. Kemnitz 40 Laurelwood Rd. RFD Leominster, MA 01453 Catherine A. Kennedy 101 Forest St. Fitchburg, MA 01420 Sajjad H. Khan 72 Mount View Leominster, MA 01453 John K. Kiely 144 Lowell Rd. Pepperell, MA 01437 Kevin J. Kille 20 Cedar Ave. Stoneham, MA02180 Lisa A. Killeen 26 Fremont Ave. Everett, MA 02149 Laurie M. Kindall 76 Leighton St. Fitchburg, MA 01420 Barbara A. King 729 Northfield Rd. Lunenburg, MA 01462 Gregg R. King 74 Hampshire St. Springfield, MA 01 151 Kathleen A. King 182 Theresa St. Fitchburg , MA 01420 Glenn R. Knowlton Hemlock Park Dr. Groton, MA 01450 Mark R. Koenig Maiden St. Holden, MA 01520 FCHH Martin H. Kszepka 55 Brainard Road Wilbraham, MA 01067 Joanne M. Kurklen 436 Neck Rd. Lancaster, MA 01523 Donald E. Kurtyka 9 Lancaster Rd. Shirley, MA 01464 John T. Kymalainen 490 Rollstone St. Fitchburg, MA 01420 L Paul M. Labowicz 9 Munson Ave. Shirley, MA 01464 Robert H. LaCasse 445 Hawes St. New Bedford, MA 02745 Susan H. Lacey 6 Whitcomb Ave. Littleton, MA 01460 Lois R. LaChapelle 1905 Salem St. N.Andover, MA 01845 David E. LaCombe 38 Pacific St. Fitchburg, MA 01420 Geralyn L. LaCoste 30 Berwyn St. S.Hadley, MA 01075 Cynthia M. LaCroix 2 Hampshire Circle Methuen, MA 01844 Michele A. LaDouceur 161 Valentine Rd. Pittsfield, MA 01201 Tamre E. LaFond Shattuck Rd. Russell, MA 01071 Cynthia Laggis 45 Pearl St. Ayer, MA 01432 Richard H. Lajoie Box 93 Gardner, MA 01440 Elizabeth A. Lambert Box 651 Townsend, MA 01469 Walter R. Lambert 107 Cedar St. Fitchburg, MA 01420 Sharon T. Landers 6 College Lane Methuen, MA 01844 Kirt T. Landherr 49 Jacques St. Elizabeth, NJ 07201 Cheryl A. Lanford 26 Church St. Westminster, MA 01473 Carl R. Lannquist III 14 Paul St. Watertown, MA 02 172 Raymond S. Lanzilotti Jr. 50 Fairbands St. Fitchburg, MA 01420 Lynn A. Laramee 20 Wilson St. Fitchburg, MA 01420 Holly S. Larkin-Maki 43 East St. Fitchburg, MA 01420 Dennis J. Lauricella 9 Lakeview Dr. Leominster, MA 01453 104 Michele A. LaVallee 26 Martin Farms Rd. Hampden, MA 01036 Donald G. Lavin 12 Chestnut St. N. Brookfield, MA 01535 Lori E. Lavoie HOLinebrookRd. Ipswich, MA 01938 Richard A. Lawrence 198 White St. Lunenburg, MA 01462 Susan A. Lawrence 424 Hale St. Winchendon, MA 01475 John S. Lazanski 55 Acrebrook Dr. Chicopee, MA 01020 Joan C. Leary 129 Birch Hill Rd. Agawam, MA 01001 Cheryl A. LeBlanc 172 Chester St. Fitchburg, MA 01420 Jean-Paul J. LeBlanc 35 Laurel St. Leominster, MA 01453 Maureen T. LeConti 45 Cherry Place West Newton, MA 02 165 Ann Legal 18BartlettDr. Georgetown, MA 01833 Renee A. Leger 34 Woodcock Lane E.Dennis, MA 02641 Leonard A. LeGrand 1 Lafayette Circle Wellesley, MA 02181 Kathleen M. LeHane 16 Darmouth St. Lawrence, MA 01841 Pamela LeMieux-Murphy 48 Cedar St. Fitchburg, MA 01420 Dean E. Leonard BemisRd. Apt. 12 Fitchburg, MA 01420 Jeanne M. Leonard 137 Parkwood Dr. Pepperell, MA 01437 Marlene M. Letourneau 31 Williams Ave. Brockton, MA 02402 Denise J. Levasseur 304 Lovell St. Worcester, MA 01602 David T. Lewis 1 16 Bumble Bee Circle Shrewsbury, MA 01545 Jill W. Lewis Plum Island Blvd. Newbury, MA 01950 Thomas J. Lewis 4 Palmyra St. Winthrop, MA 02152 Joanne Liatsis 1201 Main St. Fitchburg, MA 01420 Frances L. Link 98 Oak Hill Rd. Pittsfield, MA 01201 Ryna M. Lipkind 402 Lindell Ave. Leominster, MA 01453 Curtis G. Lizotte 372 N. Farms Rd. Florence, MA 01060 Charline L. Lloyd 54 Gilchrist Rd. Townsend, MA 01469 William M. Longmuir III 330 Lebanon St. Melrose, MA 02 176 Carmen Lopez 76 Tyler St. Springfield, MA 01 109 Nancy Lord P.O. Box 274 Westford. MA 01886 Jonathan D. Lothrop 57 Main St. Westminster. MA 0I T1 John E. Lucchini 16 Curtis St. Reading. MA n I.- David J. Lucier 50 Second Ave. Leominster, MA 01453 Karen F. Lund 17 Kerrycraig Circle Northborough. MA 01532 Anna M. Lunetta 55 Canton St. Fitchburg, MA 01420 Leslie M. Luppold 533 Newton Rd. Littleton, MA 01460 James R. Lynch 32 Dellwood Rd. Worcester. MA 01602 M Michael J. Maciak 753 Summer St. Lynn, MA 01905 Bruce G. Macinniss 329 Salem St. Maiden, MA 02148 Linda MacLachlan 40 Holland Rd. Melrose. MA 02 1 76 Dale R. MacLeod 41 Clinton St Fitchburg. MA 01420 Helen A. Maculaitis 21 Windsor Rd. Hamden.CT06517 Marv J. M.iL.i 1 128 Main St. Athol. MA 01331 Mar) M.iher 313 Elm Si Fitchburg, MAOI420 Donna J Mahone) intonSi Stoughton, MA ' . Richard M.nchlc Rocks Hill Rd PKmouth MA 02360 105 Ann M. Majka Hardwick Rd. Gilbertville, MA 01031 I aurie A. Maki 255 Evereiireen Ave. BraintreeJvIA 02184 Diane M. Mallon 25 Youle St. Melrose. MA 02176 Dennis C. Malvers 45 Ninth Ave. Haverhill, MA 01830 Michael S. Manekas 15 Wagon trail Rd. Chelmsford. MA 01824 Kathy A. Marcil 40 Riverview W Apt. 8 Pittsfield, MA 01201 Mary-Ellen Marini 232 Ventura St. Ludlow, MA 01056 Anita M. Marino 43 Westboro St. Worcester, MA 01604 Anthony J. Marotta 100 Belmont St. Fitchburg, MA 01420 Laura J. Marsh Turnpike Rd. Bl A 133 Townsend, MA 01469 Irene L. Marshall 19 Ontario Dr. Hudson, MA 01749 Sheila M. Marshall 1 5 Saxon Rd. Worcester, MA 01602 Marie A. Martino 35 Circuit Rd. Dedham, MA 02026 |fl Craig R. Mayfield New Boston Rd. Sturbridge, MA 01566 Doreen A. Mayhew 73 George St. Westfield, MA 01085 Martin N. Maynard 94 Myrtle Ave. Fitchburg, MA 01420 Michel A. Maynard 16 Dexter St. Nashua, NH 03060 Deborah A. Maypother 93 Highland St. Clinton, MA 01 5 10 Daniel P. McAuliffe 1 1 Bristol Ave. Clinton, MA 0151 Beth M. McCabe 48 Summer St. Stoneham, MA 01801 Donna B. McCann 196 Saratoga St. Lawrence, MA 01841 Mary J. McCarthy 8 Summit St. Peabody, MA 01960 Patricia A. McCarthy 189 North St. Stoneham, MA 02180 Patricia A. McCarthy 259 South St. Fitchburg, MA 01420 Francis M. McCarthy, Jr. 2 Edgbaston St. Billerica, MA 01866 Susan M. McClary 169 Blossom St. Apt. 5 Fitchburg, MA 01420 Susan A. McCumber 189 Hall St. Leominster, MA 01453 Paula J. McDonough 17 Sherbrooke Ave. Braintree, MA02184 Donna McGarigal 8707 Mercedes Ct. Alexandria, VA 22308 Thomas P. McGinn, Jr. 22 Mello Pky. Danvers, MA 01923 Elizabeth M. McGonagle 193 Central St. Hudson, MA 01749 Deborah A. McGrath 1 1 1 Clark St. Worcester, MA 01606 Lynn E. McGrath 20 Edgewood Ave. W.Boylston,MA01583 Paul M. McGrath 18 Grove St. Milton, MA 02187 William C. McGrath 20 Moran Hts. Fitchburg, MA 01420 Mary Christine Mclnerney 136BurnhamRd. Lowell, MA 01852 Philip P. McKay 72 Dix St. Dorchester, MA 02 122 Deborah A. Mckee 35 Dunbar Rd. Reading, MA 01867 Karen E. McLaughlin 1 1 Wall St. Everett, MA 02149 106 James R. Matroni 52 High St. W.Springfield, MA 01089 Sara E. Mattie 8 Overdale Pkwy. Hopedale, MA 01747 Mary F. Maxwell Mass Ave. Harvard, MA 01451 Carol S. McClellan 155 S. Acton Rd. Stow, MA 01775 Brian E. McCluskey 45 Tremlett St. Dorchester, MA 02124 Joseph P. McCoy 49 West St. Fitchburg, MA 01420 Nancy M. McMahon 17 Doran Rd. Brookline, MA 02146 Patricia E. McManus 52 School St. Fitchburg, MA 01420 Bette A. McNabb 231 Main St. Townsend, MA 01469 Thomas D. McNair 17 Curve St. Bedford, MA 01 730 Mary R. McNulty 24 Sturbridge St. Mattapan, MA 02126 Elisa C. Medeiros 22 Dartmouth St. Somerville,MA02l45 Julie A. Merrill 33 Otsego Rd. Worcester, MA 01609 Cynthia J. Meuse 23 Euclid Rd. Tewksbury, MA 01876 Michael W. Meyerson 2443 Cadillac Dr. E. Meadow, NY 11554 Donna K. Miganowicz South Rd. Templeton, MA 01468 George E. Migrants 10 School St. Ayer, MA 01432 Susan S. Miles Greystone Farm Mil lbury, MA 01527 Thomas A. Miller S. Main St. E. Templeton, MA 01438 Bryan R. Millett 10 Howard Rd. Hudson, MA 01749 Christine M. Mills 82 Hemlock Dr. Gardner, MA 01440 Maureen A. Minkley 544 Hampden St. Holyoke, MA 01040 Raymond M. Mirabella 23 Vane St. Revere, MA 02151 Brian M. Mitchell 121 Myrtle Ave. Fitchburg, MA 01420 Stephanie A. Moler 8 Alamo Cir. Chelmsford, MA 01824 Deborah A. Monroe 12 Milk St. Fitchburg, MA 01420 avid J. Montville West River Rd. Uxbridge, MA 01569 Marshall R. Moore, Jr. 1012 Main St. Leominster, MA 01453 Frances S. Moran 34 Wrentham St. Dorchester, MA 02 124 Nancy J. Moran 195 Common St. Braintree, MA 02184 Roberta A. Moran 241 Varnum Rd. Dracut, MA 01 826 Shauneen A. Moriarty 14 Farm Ln. Hadley, MA 01035 Judy K. Morris 29 Anderson Rd. Framingham, MA 1 701 Lawrence M. Morris 18 Loxwood Worcester, MA 01604 Ralph P. Morse 122 Day St. Fitchburg, MA 01420 Richard A. Moses 771 American Legion Hwy. Roslindale, MA02131 Dennis J. Mossey 155 Myrtle Ave. Fitchburg, MA 01420 Michael A. Movalii 107 Highland Ave. Fitchburg. MA 01420 Laura R. Mullane 17 Laurel Terrace Somerville. MA02143 Martha M. Mulligan 28 Wentworth ' Mil, MA 01852 Therese C. Murphy 215 Lexington Rd. Concord. MA 01742 Peter L. Mushroe 29 Paul Dr. Lee, MA 01238 Joseph Musico 279 Washington Ave. Westwood, NJ 07675 W 36 A va Ion Rd. Nancy D. Nadeau 95 Eudora St. Haverhill, MA 01 830 Christopher C Nash Main St. Ashby, MA 01431 Joel F. Nash 8 Main St. Ashby, MA 0143 1 Jonathan J. Nash Main St. Ashby. MA 0143 I Paul R. Neilan 1 12 Highland St. Marlboro, MA 01752 Scott E. Nelson 835 Wareham St. Middleboro, MA Teresa J. Newell Queen Lake Rd. Philhpston. MA 01331 RisaY. Nichj 102 Alma Rd Falmouth. MA 02540 Theodore Nickole 8I9Bhkk! Saugi. 1906 I is.i ( Nicbcl 2l0WhiU Lunenburg, MA 014 2 Mai ilin 110 ' ..r ' ni420 107 J. hum 1 . Norman 20 Harwood St. Dorchester, MA 02124 Carl J. Norton 10 Latham St. Williamstown, MA 01267 Jeffrey H. Nutting 807 Canton Ave. Milton, MA 02186 o Michael F. O ' Brien 22 Codman Rd. Norwood. MA 02062 Patrick J. O ' Brien 52 Wycliff Ave. W. Roxbury, MA02132 Thomas J. O ' Connell Lancaster Rd. Shirley. MA 01464 Barbara A. O ' Conner 2 Forest St. Leicester, MA 01524 Daniel S. O ' Conner 271 Salisbury St. Worcester. MA 01609 Elizabeth J. O ' Connor 47 Kingston St. N.Andover, MA 01 845 Robert S. O ' Connor 191 Vernon St. Worcester, MA 01607 Maureen O ' Doherty 377 Lawsbrook Rd. Concord. MA 01742 DeniseT. O ' Donnell 102 Pearl St. Sioughton. MA 02072 Bruce F. Oetinger 35 Shawnee Rd. L. Pepperell. MA 01437 Maureen M. O ' Hagan 17 NeedhamSt. N. Chelmsford. MA 01 863 Michael O ' Hanesian 2M) Fountain St. Framingham, MA 01 701 Kathleen O ' Keefe 29 Gage St. Fitchburg. MA 01420 Barbara J. Okerman 125 Gilchrist St. Lunenburg, MA 01462 Mark S. O ' Malley 73 John St. Clinton, MA 01510 David J. O ' Neil 220 Wilson St. Clinton, MA 01510 Jeremiah A. O ' Neil 200 Springs Rd. Bedford, MA 01730 Maureen O ' Neil 29 Abbott St. Greenfield, MA 01301 Kevin T. O ' Neill RFD 1 Box 667 Mashkee, MA 02649 Sharon M. O ' Neill 37 Eastern Promenade Holyoke, MA 01040 Fernando Onfray 62 Narrow Ln. S. Lancaster, MA 01561 Christine B. Osborne 532 HosmerSt. Marlboro, MA 01752 Roberta A. Osborne 182 Lakewood Dr. Athol, MA0133 Mary Ostiguy 7 Wood St. Fitchburg, MA 01420 Diane J. Ostrowski-Nawro 6 Carver St. Worcester, MA 01604 Nigel P. Oughton 22 Salem Rd. Nabnassett, MA 01861 cp Michael E. Page 64 Maple Pky. Lunenburg. MA 01462 Karen E. Parker 50 Blossom St. A 1 Fitchburg, MA 01420 JoAnn M. Parzich 44 Moseley Ave. W.Springfield, MA 01089 Danielle E. Paskow 407 Newtown Rd. Littleton, MA 01460 Lynne Marie Pastore 93 Ash St. Leominster, MA 01453 Ruth B. Pastoriza Conant Rd. RFD 1 Lincoln, MA 01773 Charles T. Patrolia 9 Cedar Acres Ln. Cohasset, MA 02025 Mark G. Patrolia 9 Cedar Acres Ln. Cohasset, MA 02025 Darlene J. Patten Rowley Hill Rd. Leominster, MA 01453 Jayne A. Pelc 27 Nichols Dr. Greenfield, MA 01301 Lisa C. Pelletier 1 1 Bellevue Ave. Attleboro, MA 02703 Michael A. Penta 1 1 Lexington Ave. Somerville, MA 02144 Patricia A. Penta 1 1 Lexington Ave. Somerville, MA 02144 Mary Pepin-Kennedy 1359 Pawtucket Blvd. Lowell, MA 01854 108 P. Perduta 31 Shelby St. Worcester, MA 01605 Patrick G. Perkins 178 North St. Leominster, MA 01420 Francine Perruccio 24 Allston-St. Lawrence, MA 01841 Leslie J. Perry 54 Union St. Manchester, MA 01944 Angela M. Persechini 53 McCoy St. Avon, MA 02322 Jean M. Persichetti 12 Crescent St. Lawrence, MA 01841 Joyce M. Persichetti 12 Crescent St. Lawrence, MA 01841 Bruce R. Peterson 419 Prospect St. W.Boylston, MA 01583 Donna L. Peterson 29 Sandra Dr. Chelmsford, MA 01824 Eric L. Peterson 149 Grant St. Framingham, MA 01701 Lisa M. Petitto 16 Salisbury St. Leominster, MA 01453 Marianne F. Pezwick 329 Sumner St. Norwood, MA 02062 Karen M. Pfau 71 Western Dr. Agawam. MA 01001 Martin J. Phillips .Milac k manAv£ Id. MA012( levin f. Pence Pea eh tree In. )anvcrJMA 01923 R. Pierce 227 St. Joseph A " Mtchburg, MAO David W. Pinette 15 Yale Rd. Arlington, MA 02174 Melanie A. Piro Box 73 Fitch burg. Christine M. Pirrello 60 Fountain St. Medford, MA 02155 Allison P. Plouffe 446 Maple St. Winchendon, MA 01475 Susan M. Plourde 86 Congress St. Salem, MA 01970 Gregg G. Plummer 29 Main St. Pepperell, MA014 Robert D. Pope 30 Stone Leigh Rd. Holden. MA 01520 Linda M. Porazzi 436 Franklin Rd. Fitchburg, MA 01420 Robin D. Porter 44 Main St. Northboro, MA0I5: Sidney A. Pouteniv Jr. Squanacook Rd. Shirley, MA 01464 Judi A. Provost I Liberty St. Bellingham, MA 0201 MaryAnn P. Pro 15 St. Blackstone, MA 01504 MelinJ 740 ( Lcomnistei M 4:0 • Sheila J. Pust Paul Quattrociocchi Baldwinville Rd. Templeton, MA 01468 Linda K. Qumn 1759 Northampton St. Holyoke. MA 01040 Peter A. Quintin Whiting Ave. Groton . MA 01450 Brian M. Quirk Elmuood Ave. Watertown. MA 02172 Claire M. Rabbi tt 58 Lautniew Dr. Bramtree. N|A 02184 Caron V Rafferlx S3 Sandra Dr. Worcester. M. 01604 aiu I Ragonesc 53 euhurySt. rence. MAO! Sher lA Rapjsardi 7 Red (i. ne Dr. Met hue n. MA k ( iiheriiu- M. Rasmusscn 4 Karen Mcdway. fmi2 t i Rd HM Maurice G. Reidj 55 Courl Si. Winchendon. MA 01475 Albert J. Roach 442 W. Main St. Northboro. MA 01532 Jacqueline A. Russell 328 Chestnut St. Clinton, MA 01510 ■ Elaine M. Ricciardi 93 Mernfield St. Worcester. MA 01605 Kristine M. Rich 133ConantSt. Danvers. MA 01923 Dolphe J. Richard 174 Clark St. Gardner, MA 01440 Lisa A. Richard 2 Prichard St. Fitchburg, MA 01420 Mary P. Richard 163 River St. Fitchburg. MA 01420 Stephen L. Richard 24 Clearview Ave. Worcester, MA 01605 Anna Richards 163 Sherbert Rd. Ashburnham, MA 01430 Edward F. Richards 1579 Valley Rd. Lunenburg, MA 01462 Daniel S. Riley 138 AldrichSt. Roslindale, MA02131 Annette L. Rinaldi 1 1 Forest Ave. Everett, MA 02149 John P. Rines 168 Walton St. Fitchburg, MA 01420 Karen S. Rittgers 28 Wood St. Fitchburg, MA 01420 Elaine M. Rivard 25 By St. Lowell, MA 01 850 Joseph M. Rizzo 10 Beech St. Townsend, MA 01469 Daniel P. Rizzo, Jr. 147 Stuart Ave. Fitchburg WD, MA 01420 m Bernice M. Roach 26 Marquette St. Gardner, MA 01440 Alan R. Robertson 73 Pelican Rd. Quincy, MA 02169 Mary D. Robichaud 22 Hodges St. Attleboro, MA 02703 Normand J. Robichaud 27 Lancaster St. Leominster, MA 01453 Valerie H. Robinson 45 Howard St. Haverhill, MA 01 830 David A. Rochefort 18 Glen Forest Ln. Methuen,MA01844 Rosalyn D. Roden 177 W. Mountain Rd. W. Simsbury, CT 06092 Carolyn M. Roderick 44 Dellwood Rd. Worcester, MA 01602 Paul M. Rodolico 13 Michael Rd. Beverly, MA 01915 Diane M. Romano 40 Elmcrest Rd. N.Andover, MA 01845 Mark A. Ross 122 Sanborn St. Fitchburg, MA 01420 Patricia A. Rossik 12 Springbrook Rd. Auburn, MA 01510 Peter S. Rourke 267 Milk St. Fitchburg, MA 01420 Daniel J. Roy Royalston Rd. Phillipston, MA 01331 Rosalba Rubinaccio 47 Wilcox St. Springfield, MA 01 105 Jennifer Russo Jj 44 Lake St. Shrewsbury, MA 01545 Joseph R. Russo 300 Maverick St. E.Boston, MA 02128 Maria L. Russo 350 W. Broadway Gardner, MA 01440 Mary E. Ruth 46 Corey Hill Rd. Ashburnham, MA 01430 Elisabeth A. Rutledge Mechanic St. Ext. Leominster, MA 01453 , Carol Sacchetti 83 Hartwell Ave. Littleton, MA 01460 Sandra G. Salamone 137 Summer St. Fitchburg, MA 01420 Jean Salvatore 28 Florence St. Leominster, MA 01453 Craig S. Sampson 20 Woodside Ter. Woburn, MA 01801 Lila M. Sanabria 28 Blossom St. Fitchburg, MA 01420 Deborah A. Sanborn 17 Chestnut St. Leominster, MA 01453 Daniel A. Sargent 149 Greenwood St. Gardner, MA 01440 Mark R. Sasseville 1 1 Prosp«ct St. Spencer, MA 01562 no David T. Sanders 9 Curtis Rd. Canton, MA 02021 Michael J. Sauvageau 17 Harlan St. Leominster, MA 01453 Karen J. Savukinas " 41 Mark Rd. N.Andover, MA 01845 Mark F. Schena 5 Blossom St. Haverhill, MA 01830 Susan L. Schnugger 88 Bardwell St. S.Hadley, MA 01075 Barry W. Schomacker 47 Princeton St. B1A105 Leominster, MA 01453 Mark P. Sheehan 35 Kensington Dr. Box 479 Sandwich, MA 02563 Sarah A. Sheeran 3 Lakeshore Dr. Beverly, MA 01915 Anna L. S hephers 84 Craigie Cir. Carlisle, MA 01741 Martha L. Shepherd 30 Main St. Shelburne Falls, MA 01370 Kathleen Sherman 99 Williams St. Mansfield, MA 02048 Cathy A. Sherrill 164 Richmond St. New Bedford, MA 02740 Catherine M. Simonelli 25 Pebble Rd. Melrose, MA 02 176 Mary Ann Slattery 9 Cornell Rd. Framingham, MA 01701 Nancy F. Slowe 162 Walter St. Roslindale, MA 02131 Helen M. Smith 2 Hayes Lane Dover, NH 03820 Jimmy L. Smith 55A Terrace Dr. Leominster, MA 01453 Matthew L. Smith 10 Flanders Lane Westboro. MA 01581 Diane E. Schroeder Governors IS Building 1 1 1 C2 New York, NY 10004 Nadine L. Sherwin 217MinottRd. Westminster, MA 01473 P.Smith 232 Payson Rd. Belmont. MA02178 Neil E. Schwartz 9 Wachusett Ave. Ayer, MA 01432 David C. Scott 3 Woodcrest Dr. Tewksbury, MA 01876 Richard C.Scott 4 Chapel St. Wilbraham, MA 01095 Janet L. Scribner lODrury Lane Stoneham, MA 02180 Robert K. Seery 572 Centre St. Jamaica Plain, MA 02 130 MaryAnn Shahabian 14 Park Ave. Foxborough, MA 02035 Paul F. Shea 17J Hampshire Rd. Nashua, NH 03060 Patrick S. Shean 6GlenRd. Falmouth, ME 0410: Kathleen M.Sheeh 209 Milton St. Dorchester, MA 02 1 24 Donna L. Short 3 Radcliff Rd. Beverly, MA 01915 MaryAnn Shumski 29 Water St. Hudson, MA 01749 Nancy J. Siedliski Rodman Ave. Shirley, MA 01464 Stephen G. Sifakis 27 High St. Ayer, MA 01432 Donna E. Silberstein 21 Field Rd. Leominster, MA 01453 Anthony J. Silva 654 Waverly St. Framingham, MA 01701 Carol E. Silva 139 Varnum A Lowell. MA 01854 I Middl Steven W. Smith 8 Castle Rd. Millis, MA 02054 Vicky R. Smith 42 Chartlev Brk. Lane Attleboro. ' MA 02703 lua L. Smyth 33 Lexington St. Burlington, MA 01803 Nancy J. Snook 154 Ebony St. Fairhaven, MA 02719 Debra A. Soroka 19()akhursi Ave. Ipswich. MA 01938 Kevin J Souza 1679 Elm Dighlon. M 02715 ( Sp ld litchburg. MA0I42O John ! Norm. in I . St. Onge M5 I I1KM1 St. Leominster, MA 01453 Diane M. Stabile 2 S Webster St. Haverhill. MA 01830 C ornne A. Stacey 208 East St Fitchburg, MA01420 Robert F.Stadolnik 11 Montcalm Ave. Brighton. MA 021 35 Richard A. Stander 42 Riverneck Rd. Chelmsford, MA 01 824 Robin E. Stander 42 Riverneck Rd. Chelmsford, MA 01824 Janice M. Stanton 294 Warren St. Waltham. MA021 Colleen M. Staples 75 Sayles St. Lowell, MA 01 851 Margaret M.Staplet 22 Standish Dr. Canton, MA 02021 Marilyn M.Starkey 56 Highland Ave. Fitchburg, MA 01420 Eve L. Stelzner 200 Sheffield Ave. Salisbury, MD 218 Judith E. Sterner 639 Essex St. Beverly, MA 01915 Carrie L. Stewart 59 Bradstreet Rd N. HnS MA Cheryl A. S 130 Elm St. Fitchburg, MA 0142 Jonathan Stewart 130 Elm St -burg. MA 014; Marc I. Stewart Liorismith Rd. AmeVoury MA 01913 Jane E. Stoll 124 Meadow Rd. Townsend, MA 01469 James A. Scott 162 Pleasant Terrace Leominster, MA 01453 Kathy J. Stratton 12 Fox Lane Milford, MA 01757 Margaret P. Stuart 9 Cambridge Terrace Cambridge, MA 02140 William A. Stuessy 126 SomersCt. So. Moorestown, NJ 08057 Edward D. Sullivan 17 Station St. Weymouth, MA 02189 James R. Sullivan 56 Cottage St. Randolph, MA 02368 ildred M. Sullivan 64 Fletcher Rd. Belmont, MA 02178 Scott C. Sullivan 25 Nebo St. Medfield, MA 02052 Jane K. Sunderland 49 Heritage Lane C-5 Leominster, MA 01453 Laurie B. Sundman 27 Woodway Dr. Shrewsbury, MA 01545 Attaphol Suntatkolkarn 186PrichardSt. Fitchburg, MA 0142C Dennis J. Sweeney 55 Pilgrim Rd. 11, MA 01 830 Michael F. Tarmey 1 1 A Cottage Ave. Somerville, MA 02144 Beth A. Tata 70 St. Jean Ave. Leominster, MA 01453 James J. Tatarczuk 62 x h Thompson St. Amesbury, MA 01913 Richard S. Tatem 5 Evans Ct. Huntington Sta., NY 11746 Peter L. Tatro Jolicover Ave. Spencer, MA 01562 James R. Tautfest 36 Sawyer St. S.Lancaster, MA 01561 Deborah A. Taverna 1371 Pawtucket Blvd. Lowell, MA 01854 Elizabeth Taylor 34 Cottage St. ; Leominster, MA 01453 William G. Tenczar 16Reney sWE Fall River, MA 02723 ff jregory J. Tardanic 100 Ann Lee Rd. Harvard, MA 01451 Beleine F. Thibeault iMSpruceSt. Leominster, MA 01453 Mary Jean Thibodeau 62 Washington St. Peabody, MA 01960 Martin R. Thomas 1 1 Boylston St. Fitchburg, MA 01420 Nancy J. Thomas 57 Burnap St. Fitchburg, MA 01420 William T. Thomas 38 E. Main St. Ayer, MA 01432 Glenn W. Thompson 34 Independence St. Canton, MA 02021 Raymond C. Thompson 3 Rindone St. Holbrook, MA 02343 12 III Jeanette L. Tibbetts 50 West St. Fitchburg, MA 01420 Melzinia Tidmore 63 Congress St. Fitchburg, MA 01420 Sharon M. Tierney 53 Dillon St. Leominster, MA 01453 Susan M. Tierney 70 Trenton St. Melrose, MA 02176 John W. Tierney, Jr. 64 Mill St. Apt. 4 Pepperell, MA 01463 Diana L. Titus 233 Summer St. Lunenburg, MA 01462 Thomas E. Tod 14 Anthony Dr. Rutland, MA 01 543 Frank L. Todesco 35 Arlington St. Franklin, MA 02038 Barbara Tomaiolo 35 Karousel Drive Millbury, MA 01527 Susan M. Tomaiolo 9 Echo St. Worcester, MA 01604 Patricia M. Toomey 13 Greenwood Ave. Dedham, MA 02026 Cindy A. Torrance 34 Newfield St. Plymouth, MA 02360 Julie M. Torres I Richardson Ct. Westborough, MA01581 Fred R. Tousignant 76 Church St. Leominster, MA 01453 Patricia J. Towne 14 Shepherd Rd. Westboro, MA 01581 William F. Tracey I I Sessions St. Wellesley, MA 02181 Gregory P. Treantos 10 Robinson Rd. Beverly, MA 01915 Robin L. Tremblay 12 Warren Rd. Townsend, MA 01469 Donna M. Troest 260 Lincoln St. Fitchburg, MA 01420 Marie A. Trottier 147 Pleasant St. Gardner, MA 01440 MaryAnn M. Trzcinski 12SuffieldSt. Worcester, MA 01610 Eugene E. Tully Lowell St. Dunstable, MA 01827 Elaine M. Turner 39 Lori Lane E. Longmeadow, MA 01028 u Mary A. Ullenbruch 9 Spruce Rd. Medway, MA 02053 cy Kenneth J. Valera 157 Manchester St. Leominster, MA 01453 Norman P. Vangel 73 Draper St. Springfield, MA 01 108 Sharron A. Vargo 52 Longwood Ave. Fitchburg, MA 01420 Sandra L. Van 12 Village St. Somerville, MA02I43 Giselle A. Vasialka 128 Clifton Ave. Brocktonn, MA 02401 Jo B. Vass 21 Steven St. Lunenburg, MA 01462 Therese R. Vautour 65 Maple St. Gardner, MA 01440 Andrea C. Vaz 26 Hamilton St. Plymouth, MA 02360 Barbara T. Venincas 35 Carousel Dr. Millbury, MA 01527 Barbara M. Visconti 639 Washington St. Braintree, MA02184 w Nancy E. Waite Slough Rd. Harvard, MA 01451 Laurey A. Wajda 6 Goulding Rd. Sterling Jet.. MA 01565 MarkS. Walkup 42 Boxboro Rd. Stow. MA 01775 Leonard F. Wall. Jr 32 Summer St. Saugus. MA 01906 Mary I.. Wallace 139 N. Main St. Natick, MA 01760 Susan J. Walsh - v Main St. ::. M D2122 James G Wurhurton High St, Milford, MA OP Beth C Warren 45 Forest St. k field. MAI " •■ " " 113 r Jeanne M. Weeks 216 Marshall St Fitchburg. MA 01420 Pamela J. Weinstock 1 16 Sharon St. Brockton. MA 02402 Lauree A. Welch 48 Hillis Road Hyde Park. MA 02 136 Christine L. White 9 Parmenter Terrace W.Newton, MA 02165 Kathleen A.White B411 Rocky Gutter St. Middleboro. MA 02346 Dean W. Whitnev 1295 Main St. Fitchburg, MA 01420 Donna G. Whitten 76 Prichard St. Fitchburg. MA 01420 John M. Wiater 67 Yale St. Ludlow, MA 01056 Michael J. Wilczynski Jacob Gates Rd. Harvard, MA 01451 Stephen S. Wiley 733 West St. Lunenburg, MA 01462 t L Ann Williams 75 Silver Lake St. thol, MA 01331 Laurence R. Williams 1 1 Colony Dr. E. Longmeadow, MA 01028 Paula J. Williams 25A Shawnee Rd. E.Pepperell. MA 01437 Pamela A. Williamson 30 Meadow Rd. Seekonk, MA 02771 Lisa M. Willwerth 75 Stratford Rd. Melrose, MA 02 176 Susan J. Wilman 178 Hampstead St Methuen, MA018 Carlene D. Wilson 204 Mill Rd. N. Andover, MA 01845 Lori J. Wilson Bond Rd. Charlton, MA 01507 obin J. Wilson 66 Highland Ave. Fitchburg, MA 01420 Susan H. Wilson 105 Wallace Rd. Fitchburg, MA 01420 Marjorie A. Winship 58 Highland St. Clinton, MA 01510 Lora D. Winter 379 Cedar Brook Rd. Lynn, MA 01904 Cheryl A. Withers 458 Mattakeesett St. Pembroke, MA 02359 Rosemary A. Worlfel 65 Washington St. Ayer, MA 01432 Donna L. Woldson 3 M. State St. Leominster, MA 01453 Deborah E. Wordell 685 Sanford Rd. Westport, MA 02790 Susan K. Woundy 5 River St. Newburyport, MA 01950 Emma N. Wright 37A Terrace Dr. Leominster, MA 01453 Karen M. Yapchian 20 Pinegrove Ave. Fitchburg, MA 01420 Anne L. Yeaple 83 Cedar St. Fitchburg, MA 01420 z Lisa M. Zamparelli 4 Doane Rd. Medford, MA 02155 Laura J. Zasadny 26 Broad St. Plainville, MA 02762 Patricia L. Ziegler ID Alder Ct. Jaffrey, NH 03452 Leslie A. Zonghetti 6 Westview Rd. Framingham, MA 01701 But anyway, I wish you good spaces, In the far away places you go . . . ii And if you need somebody sometime, You know I will always be there. 119 ' rwL • r. i ■ fMj. twrj 121 h m i 123 124 A C T I V I T I E S S 88 126 %tilJ SSI ; fil S Lrp.,- r y _- - . . - ■ FITCHBURG STATE STUDENTS welcome WK MEET MAIN STREET The Fitchburg Chamber of Commerce and Fitchburg State College co-sponsored " Meet Main Street Day " on September 14th. The program was aimed at improving relations between the college and city communities. The idea was for students to become familiar with the various stores and services offered in the downtown district. The merchants offered discounts and free gifts for the students, while the S.G.A. Programs Committee and the Campus Center sponsored a cookout and entertainment. A good time was had by all who attended and plans for similar events are hoped for the future. ' % 129 APRIL FOOLS! 13! CAMP MIDDLESEX BIKE RACE I ho Second Annual Camp Middlesex Bike Race saw main enthusiastic participants. The event was initiated b the Programs ( ommittee in 1 78 and looks forward to a long life on Fitchburg ' s campus. It was open to anyone who wanted to ha e fun. work hard, or who just needed an excuse to ride their bike. Joe D ' Eramo ' s winning time of 24 minutes 30 seconds, was tops for the 7.2 miles course. He was awarded a pair of tickets to the October 1 8th Bonnie Raitt concert, for his outstanding performance. Overall, the event was a success and a good showing was made by all the participants. Keep on cycling! 132 133 o c T O B E R F E S T Knockwurst, sauerkraut. German chocolate cake, and beer were enjoyed by all who attended the Octoberfest on October 4. 1979. This celebra- tion of the Octoberfest. a Ger- man holiday, was jointly spon- sored by the seniors and jun- iors. Approximately three hun- dred people absorbed the sun- shine, food, and beer that was supplied for only three dollars at the Elliot Athletic Complex. Music was provided by the band. Tracer. The whole event can be summed up with one sentence according to senior class president. Scott Nelson: " We lost a lot of money, but we had a hell of a time! " 134 ■ ■1 BONNIE RAITT Bonnie Rant made Fitchburg State her first stop on her American tour. Over the past years, we have established a reputation for treating groups well ... in fact. Liv Ta lor had suggested she come to F.S.C. because of the excellent stage crew and audience. This time pro ed to be no exception, because once again the Programs Committee outdid themselves. When Bonnie saw the t-shirts worn by the stage crew, she said she felt right at home and wanted one herself! Weston Auditorium was filled with excited people waiting for Bonnie to come on stage. She brought her own warm-up. Chris Whitehead, who lead off the evening. The crowd was very receptive when Bonnie came out and played several songs from her new hit album. Glow. After her final song, the audience convinced her to do two encores ... so she then played " Runaway. " It was a great concert! Thanks to the Programs Committee for brining Bonnie Raitt to F.S.C! v. 137 i ' 1 wL m ■ m -a " ' ' Fitchburg State celebrated Halloween to the fullest this year! It was the first non-alcohol party to be held on campus since the drinking age went up . . . the students proved that alcohol is not necessary to have a good time. At one point the floor felt like it would cave in and many thought that it would. Of the people that attended, at least 90% were in costume. It was estimated that 250 people had to be turned away at the door. Music was supplied by the Stompers. 139 HERLIHY HALL GONG SHOW J V % The Herlihy Hall Rec. Room saw a lot of action on Sunday. October 21sl when the members of that dorm put on their version of the Gong Show as part of Parents 1 Da The show was planned bv the Dorm Council and was made a big success b everyone ' s participation. There was a three-judge panel, appropriate!) dressed in robes, who had to use a ureal deal of discretion with the large variety of acts. They ranged from such tilings as [he Unknown Comic and Happy Hippo to the Weedster ' s Five and the Village People. When the scores were all tallied, the first prize of $12.75 was awarded to the Village People. Stan Weiss did a great job as M.C. for the show and homemade refreshments were supplied by Ellie Morrison and Company. There were a lot of laughs and a good time was had bv all who attended! 141 142 SENIOR CLUB NIGHT 144 An alternative to the old " beer blast " was explored by the Senior class on December 7. It was called Senior Club Night, hut was open to anyone of drinking age. A club atmosphere was created by decorations and entertainment, featuring singer Tim Danahy. Food and drink were plentiful ' The officers of the class along with the reps and friends I worked hard on the event to make it a big success. Being the first of its kind, it went off very well and led to more such par- ties. The Class of 1980 gratefully acknowledges the help of all ■ those who helped to make Club Nights a welcomed event! U5 w DISCOVER FITCHBURG Organized by Matt Kenslea and Joe Sweet, " Discover Fitchburg " was a day of Frisbee fun. On October 27th, the Class of 1981 hosted seven teams from Fitchburg State, along with teams from UMass, Hampshire College, Holy Cross, Roger Williams, Central Connecticut State, and the eventual winners of the Ultimate Frisbee tournament, the " Dukes of Mute " from Connecticut. The inter-F.S.C. tourney was won handily by the Lake Lodge team, who took $50.00 for their efforts. A freestyle demonstration was performed by The New England Frisbee Disc Athletics and Krae Van Sickle. Scott Slezinger was the overall winner in the men ' s distance-accuracy competiton; Karen Savekinas and Kathy Girard won the women ' s events. An estimated 300 people attended. 146 vA« CULTURAL AND MINORITY SOCIETY SHOW .-. On November 29th. the Cultural Society of Minority Students sponsored a show for the Fitchburg community. It was held in Percival Hall Auditorium. The purpose of the show was to demonstrate dances, skits, and poetry from different cultures. Included in the program were: an African dance, a belly dance, an act from a Broadway play, and selected poetry and readings. Members of the college community performed as well as children from Three Pyramids. The show lasted about one hour. It was admission-free with a reception in the lobby following the show. There was a good turnout and those who attended really enjoyed themselves. 149 SOUTHSIDE JOHNNY AND THE ASBURY JUKES On Thursday. December 13th, sbur Park. N.J. Came to Weston Auditorium. We were one stop in their 60-eit tour. Southside proved to be the first band to have Fitchburg Staters rock- ing ' n rolling in the aisles ' I he crowd cheered them on For three encores and the place was wild! Hats off I " the road creu foi unloading the Rider and 1 ort looter. 151 ■ ' ml 152 The Newman Association is one of the largest student organizations at F.S.C. They have meetings in which students get together with their suggestions and make plans for various activities. The activities held by the Newman Center are always in accordance with the student ideas. Some examples of this are: Coffeehouses, prayer meetings, walk-a-thons, Bible study, retreats, and several others. The Newman Center is a very positive force on this campus and we hope to see students ' continued enthusiasm and involvement! 153 SIMON SEZ... 154 RA ISE YO UR HA NDS! 155 1 " IS SERVICE J A l» " 103E i _ L w f | ' v • ff. -i n m J 1 7$ ' .v. ? - J Ufr mHih l p Mfv -w H t?V 1 V-- l n LA . ' 1 : ' . PROGRAMS COMMITTEE k T J I 157 ■ s% 159 ' , 161 163 ) f ' MWii II 1 1: 1 I hope the day will be a lighter highway, For friends are found on every road. Can you ever think of any better way, For the lost and weary travelers to go? v. 165 iS 167 169 fJE T ■ 170 171 ■■«?? n 173 174 ' . ' • ' . «rt ir Lm hL I " Ml II s p o R T S ' . - k ' iV •; ..■. ; ' , TO v ' V,; v ' " ' :- 1 ' " .V : M ■ ■ . m m 1 1 ■ s I , ' ' ;•. t -. j 7% FOOTBALL This year ' s Football team had as its Tri-Captains Jeff Nutting. Andy Deagon, and Paul Crory. The team was young, with only four seniors. They were hampered by injuries and they lost key players such as Frank Licata and Gerry Murry. The per- formance of the team was slow at first but the Falcons persisted and won Fairfield 13-6. This sent them to play a championship game against Lowell. We lost 19-13 in a very close game. Players nominated All-American were John Vitale. Scott Wilson. Shawn Sullivan, and Bob Jordon (Duke). The team will be losing key play- ers due to graduation such as Wey- mouth. Vitale. Licata. and Lemiux. but the slack will be taken up b such players as Dennis Medeiros. Steven Douglas, and Mike Gowa. Next year the Falcons plan on being in a Club Football Conference, not an independent team. Most Valua- ble Player awards went to Kevin Weymouth and John Vitale. 179 I ... t f s Top Row: Jim Jellison (coach), Leanne Marciano, Lisa Gaines, Marianne Pezwick (co-capt.), Lyn Connors, Rose MacDonald, Heathei Pinkus. Bottom Row: Eileen Murphy, Bev Clayton, Karen Aldred (co-capt.). WOMEN ' S CROSS COUNTRY The Fall ' 79 season was an excellent one for the Women ' s Cross-Country team. The team was made up of mostly inexpe- rienced runners with the fresh- men showing steady improve- ment during the course of the season. The Team Spirit was tremendous and has been car- ried over to the Indoor Cross- country team. According to the coach, Jim Jellison, each woman must psych herself in an individual manner. How- ever, team spirit is high while doing calisthenics and when they stay together as a team while running. They placed fourth at the Williams Invitational and Amherst Meets, and second at the Holy Cross Invitational. The meets were highlights of the season with Karen Aldred, a Junior, placing first at the Amherst Meet. They also won meets at Stonehill College. Emanuel College, and Fram- ingham State. The team entered the Bonnie Bell Mara- thon, an annual event held in Boston. The women did well both as a team and as individ- uals. 181 ■ FIELD HOCKEY The 1979 Field Hockey season was very inspiring, but full of many hardships. With injuries removing two starters for the entire season, an all new defense was compiled. Under the leadership of goalie Mel Zwolinski, the defense pulled together and proved to be overpow- ering for teams such as Endicott and Anna Maria. The offensive attack, although off to a slow start due to injuries, came on strong in the end, led by high scorer Jo-Jo Gigure. The team attended the Northeast Field Hockey Association Tourna- ment in Williams. MA. The Falcons placed two players on the Northeast team, a first for Fitchburg! Congrat- ulations to Jean Beauregard and Donna Vanderlinden on their out- standing efforts. The future for the Falcons looks very bright. The spirit and effort of the team was excellent. It was a young team and they are looking forward to next season. Keep your tails up you ' Foxes ' . . . 183 TRACK Successfully coached by James Sheehan, the Track Team had a very good season with a record of ten wins as opposed to one loss. Self-disci- pline and team spirit were important factors towards the successful performance of the team. They were the number one ranked N.C.A.A. Division III Team in New England. As coach Sheehan stated. " There is a pride factor among the team members, and they cer- tainly have something to be proud of. " The highlight of the season was attending the Nationals at Baldwin-Wallace College in Cleveland where the team fin- ished eighth, had three Ail- Americans, and seven National Qualifiers. There were two seniors on the team: Dave Farnsworth. who proved he was the best this year as he became the only person from a New England College to ever place in the 100 meter dash at the N.C.A.A. Division III National Championship and Bob O ' Connor, who only in his third year of throwing, became a two time All American. 185 ] ii First row: G. Wolfson, J. Sullivan, M. Hefez, P. Demers, J. McGrath (co-captain), B. Stone (co-captain), K. Carnevale, J. Ricciuti, S. Demeo, C. Crane. Second row: Coach Fred Vona. T. White, E. Chaplin, L. Martins, F. Brandolt, W. Paton, G. Kubic, M. Gill, F. Reidy, B. Costigan, B. Ryan, G. Ellison. M. Carney, D. Neary, J. Baganski. -. ' . SOCCER The 1979 Soccer season would have to be deemed a rebuilding one for the Falcons. Nine members of the 1978 squad, three of which were all-conference players, were lost to graduation. In addition to the loss of nine seniors, the Falcon ' s Soccer Team encountered its toughest fall schedule in the teams ' history. The Falcons found that five of their six- teen games were with teams involved in N.C.A.A. and E.C.A.C. post season soccer tournaments. This year ' s co-captains were Jim McGrath and Bill Stone. Both were solid ball players who helped the team with their leadership qualities. The Falcons will be a top contend- ing team for the next few years. Playing quality teams, acquiring new players, practicing in the off season, and their strong desire to win, will make the Falcons " win- ners " in the near future! 187 FRONT: George Chute, Jeff DeCoste, Mike Landry (Assist. Coach), John Morand BACK: Marc Bingham, Dave Guernsey, Bob Sargent (Capt.), Fred Henry, Steve McCulloch MISSING: Jim Bittle (Coach), Mike Ferreira, Tom Lauy, Bill Renaud H TENNIS 189 ' ' , .Top Row. Gail Todd (coach), Linda Muello. Maureen Healey. Andrea Marattoli. Claudia Soares t Bob Murray (assistant coach). Bottom Row: Julie Allen. Sheila Marshall. Mag gl e OTJoherty (co- captain). Donna Rice (co-captain). Sue Tomaiolo. Missing: Donna Camber VOLLEYBALL The Volleyball Team has always been a spirited team and this year the trend continued. Many players went to a summer camp where they developed better skills and a win- ning attitude that was carried over into the season. This year, for the first time, the Fitc hburg State College Volleyball Team was asked to play in the Salem State College Invitational Tourna- ment. It was their first taste with tournament play against some strong teams. It can be said they did well with their fourth place finish. The seniors were Sheila Marshall, Julie Allen, and Susan Tomaiola. All worked hard, enjoyed playing and contributed to the overall success of the team. The team ' s psych slogan was. " Be Aggressive! TSUNAMI! " 191 WOMEN ' S TENNIS The 1979 season was one of rebuilding for the Tennis Team. Coach Joyce Downey was left with only two seniors, co-captain Lisa Pelletier and Annie Hart. There were three returning players, co-captain Denise Campagna, Kerry Regan, and Valery Marshall. New members to the team that showed promising potential were: Kathie Stoughton, Diane Chisolm, Karen O ' Ma- ley. Pam Fortunato. Sharon Mowder, Sue Hunt, and Brenda Fortunato. Although they did not have a winning season, they had spirit and drive. The slogan. " Go! " , helped sustain the team through the long twenty game season. They acquired a team mascot, " Buck, " who helped cheer the team on. The season can best be summed up by the profound words of coach Downey, " Everyone who par- ticipates is a winner. Those who do not participate are the losers. " 193 t£ V -% ' . ' . HOCKEY Coach Jim Carman ' s second year as head coach has proved to be a successful one. After a great first season at Fitchburg State, Coach Gorman has been an inspirational leader to his players. Led by seniors Mike Maynard, Dick Lawrence. Tom Fitzgerald and Pat O ' Brien, the Falcon Ice Men have vaulted to a record of 11-6 overall and 7-2 in the division. Fitchburg ' s Tom Morrisey has proved himself the most talented Falcon player with his unselfish style of play. The Falcons who are captained by Dana Demers and Dick Donahe boast other fine young players such as Paul Moynahan, Guy Angers, Jack Page. John Andrews. Bob Hadley. The Falcons are looking forward to a spot in the Division III playoffs. 195 X 197 BASKETBALL - ' . 199 IV « " 4 m 202 203 F A C U L T Y %, X. 204 %« M • ' -. , , PHYSICAL EDUCATION J. Downey L. Cunningham. J. Onuska. J. Sheehan. B. Sole. T. Battinelli FACULTY 1 980FACULTY 1 980FACULTY 1 980FACULTY 1 980FACL U YS. ® B © BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE FRONT: J. Breen, C. Gay, E. Garvin, D. McCabe, A. Leo- nard, H. Crowly, M. Hanley BACK: D. Bakken, A. Bern- stein, C. Streff, J. Dufault, P. Gurling, R. Spencer, D. Issac, G. Browning, C. Tower, H. Melvin 1 980 FACULTY 1 980F ACULTY1 980F ACULTY 1 980F AC ULT Yl 980 INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY Front: R. Thomas, L. Perry, S. Baldwin, J. Carpenter, E. Martins, P. Tardanic. G. James, J Farias Back: J. Previti, E, Phelps, R. Kokernak, G, Merriam, J. Andrews, J. Wescott. H Besnia, F, Miller 207 COMMUNICATIONS MEDIA Front: P. La nn. T. Carsten. J. Meaney, B. owers Back: D. R der. J. Magnasco. W. Thibeault. L. DeNike.B. Fiizeibbon FACULTY1980FACULTY1980FACULTY1980FACULTY19 80FAC1 1 L1_J NURSING FRONT: J. Doyle. J. Minasian, S. Harrell, L. Emery BACK: E. May, C. Tilton, B. Madden, C. O ' Connor, E. Sjoberg, R. Taylor, R. Dris- coll, B. Fisk, C. Seavor, S. Fredette Y . EDUCATION FIRST ROW: H. O ' Flaherty, F. Powers, R. Lee, R. Houston, I. Passios SECOND ROW: G. Miller, E. Ross, P. Barbarisi-James, A. Green 1980FACULTY1980FACULTY1980FACULTY1980FACULTY1980 ENGLISH FRONT: M. McCaffrey, I. Miranda, R. Tapply, E. Pall) BACK: W. Keough. J. Butz. R. Welch. J. McGrail. W, Barker 209 BIOLOGY G. Bond. G. Babich.S. Dick.. S. krane. D. Schmidt. nderson. A. O ' Mallev MISSING: B.Zottoli.E. Davis. R. Neunherz FACULTY 1 980FACULTY 1 980F ACULTY 1 980FACULT Y 1 980FACI L -I ' , BUSINESS ACULTY 1980 FACULTY 1980 FACULTY 1980 FACULTY 1980 211 rf . J X7 212 213 Dr. Lon Vickers Associate Dean of Students 2M Dr. Patrick Delaney V.P. Academic Affairs Dr. Christine Cosgrove Dean of Undergraduate Studies 215 Residence Halls Tom Kelly Head Resident 216 217 CAMPUS CENTER A place to . . . share a friendship, 218 concentrate. share a few laughs, 219 smile. research, shoot a little pool, read, 220 check the news, and your mailbox, and just enjoy yourself! 221 222 223 224 225 226 V re an e are the 70 ' s! . . . there is alot to be said about a decade we all did so much in . . . besides graduating from high school and coming to Fitchburg State, alot was happen- ing to the world around us . . . The withdrawal of troops in Vietnam and the return of P.O.W. ' s . . . Watergate and the resignation of a President ... the Women ' s Movement has gained legitamacy along with the Gay Rights Movement . . . early in the decade we saw demonstrations at Kent State and later at Seabrook . . . streaking as a fad gave way to jogging ... we witnessed the dev- astating effect of a religious leader in Jonestown and the charismatic power of Pope John Paul II . . . inflation went wild, especially with the price of fuel oil . . . the Tall Ships sailed into many ports, always followed by enthusiastic crowds . . . with the release of Saturday Night Fever, disco became popular as did the " fever " for designer clothes — Yves St. Laurent, Calvin Klein, and Gucci ... we bid our last farewell to many famous people in the last decade, among them were Arthur Feidler, John Wayne, Elvis Presley, Bing Crosby, and Groucho Marx . . . and yes, Saturday Night Live introduced us to Mr. Bill A ,nd what about Fitchburg State in the last decade? There has been considera- ble growth . . . The destruction of Palmer Hall in order to build the Campus Center . . . the closing of Miller Hall as a residence hall instigated a protest in the form of a Sleep-Out ... the open- ing of Russell Towers and a new concept of student living was introduced . . . the induc- tion of women into Herlihy Hall . . . the construction of the Townhouse Apartment Com- plex . . . the opening of a Pub on campus . . . the Newman Center was new, as well as Father Jim and Sister Katherine ... the Fine Arts Building was built and housed with some outstanding equipment . . . McKay School was built and was the most modern teaching facility of its kind in this part of the country . . . the student population increased from 2300 to 3700 students . . . the availability of equipment such as canoes, skis, and backpacks offered new outlets for students . . . various exhibits displayed in the Gallery added still another dimension to F.S.C. . . . also we welcomed a new President as well as an almost entirely new administrative staff ... the relationship among the college com- munity and the city community have had vast improvements . . . The list could go on and on, but we ' ll stop here. Now that you ' ve had time for some reflection, we want to share with you " fantasies " of some of our fellow Fitchburg Staters . . . turn the page . . . 227 Mojtaba Akrami — Industrial Science (1980) My fantasy? To go home to Iran, settle down, get a job in Indus- trial Science. For the world, kind feelings for each other. And for F.S.C., improved relations between students and teachers. improved dorms. Scott Nelson - - Biology (1980) My fantasies for the future are (1) to be an environmental scientist in wild life for the EPA involved with fisheries management, and (2) to become governor of Massachusetts in ' 82 or ' 84. Michael Movalli — (1980) My dream for the future is to become filthy, filthy rich in the world of computers. Mohammed Valane- jad — Computer Sci- ence (1983) I hope to graduate with a computer sci- ence major, and get a job in the field. I want to go back to Iran per- manently! By 1986, I see myself with a wife and two kids. Ed Domaney (1980) I A How about a three-some in Hawaii or my pic- ture on the next new American coin . . . well, let ' s be serious. I will settle for alot of money, a black Trans-Am and a beautiful blonde. J Valerie Baer Laurie Maki Linda Maclachlan -- Early Childhood (1980) Our fantasy? To set up a day care center for those that can ' t make it through F.S.C. Lee Martins — History (1982) In 1987 I see myself teaching high school, and coaching the State Championship team in soccer. I hope to leave Massachusetts — maybe marry. For the world, I dream of NO WAR, a straight-forward and honest government, and the leeway to travel from country to country without worrying about the government. Before leaving Fitchburg State, I ' d like to see the soccer team win the state championship title, more majors added, and a more open-minded faculty. How about a sports complex, and more concern for athletic teams? More dorms would be a good idea. And safer streets. Kathy Gates — Communications Media (1980) My fantasy? To be working with a film company. Red Cloud Productions, Inc., making mov- ies. I plan to be in productions in three years. But my big fantasy is to make a film that will be benefi- cial to society ... to be aired over national television. Jack Garrity -- Business Computers (1981) My plans and fantasies include a major in Business, a minor in comput- ers, and a well paid job in the field. I see myslef travelling, skiing, living on my own in Massachusetts. Perhaps marriage in the future. By 1986 I ' ll own a Mercedes Benz sportscar, and have an executive job with many people working under me. Gerald Higdom - Math Depart- ment Mv outlook for the future is very pessimistic. We ' re all in for hard times and difficulties coping with them. My feeling is that we ' ve had it too easy for the last thirty years, and one of my main concerns is secunt for myself and famil) in the upcom- ing troubles. 229 Marianne Provost — English (1980) I hope to be rich, working in Prov- idence. R.I. in the field of Health Administration. Bertha Arsenault Bookstore Clerk My own fantasies include travell- ing through Europe and Canada — fishing, hunting, and swimming. For the world, I hope to see the hostages released, and Carter back in office. I see F.S.C. as having nice stu- dents, and feel it ' s a good school. It brings in money for the city. Jayne Gagne — (1981) One of my dreams is to perform as a guitarist at Chuck ' s Steak House in Suffield, Connecticut. It ' s my favor- ite club! 1 Linda Cornwall — Special Education (1980) A fantasy, huh? Well, I ' d like to go to Graduate school to get my masters in Special Education. When I get out, I hope a teaching job will be waiting for me! I would like to be in love for life, but not forever because forever never happens. At some point, I ' d like to buy some land in the country and build a log cabin. R. W. Clark — Math Department I don ' t believe in fantasies. I ' m too old for that sort of thing. I would like to see more math majors in this college . . . it ' s a necessary kind of thing. Additional faculty and more courses would be an asset, and would fulfill student ' s fantasies. In 1986, I picture myself here doing the same job and as far as seeing anything change, I ' m not a philosopher; I ' m a mathematician. My world is rather small. 30 v, Mary McNulty — Nursing (1980) My fantasy is to become the first woman Fenwick! I want to get rich and famous quickly, discover 100% fool proof birth control for women. Also — I ' ll discover a birth control method for men. For F.S.C., I ' d like to see the campus expanded, no arrests for open beers, a new police force, and a sports complex. The world? I hope it will still be here. Jim McGrath — Math My fantasy for the new decade is to have no war. I hope to see the problem of world hunger solved, and everyone achieving what they want from the 80 ' s. I plan to get a job somewhere in the country, teaching math on a Jr. High or Sr. High level. Mrs. Flynn — Eng- lish Department My only wish is for world peace. I have three sons and wouldn ' t like to see the draft reins- tated! In 1985, I expect to still be here, at F.S.C. with ADD DROP cards up to my neck. Patty Hughes — Nursing (1980) My fantasies? To marry Dennis and own Campus Pizza! By 1988, I ' ll be working in a hospital — living in California with two kids, a dog, a few cars, lots of money, and lots of friends. Cathy Garrett — Spe- cial Education (1980) I see myself spend- ing a few years in VISTA, working in the Appalachian Mountains with cul- turally deprived chil- dren. My long term dreams include: start- ing a chool for special needs children, spe- cializing in learning disabilities, opening my own vegetarian restaurant in Califor- nia, and maybe I ' ll get married somewhere along the way. 231 r -N Lisa Reynolds — Special Education (1981) For starters, I ' d like to see the hos- tages released. I plan to move out of Massachu- setts, but stay in New England. I ' ll be happy if I ' m financially secure, not necessarily rich. Eventually my dream is to get married, have kids. Richard Wiater - - Computer Sci- ence (1982) I would like to see the college improve its academic status, and ensure good education at a reasona- ble price. F.S.C. will continue to grow. I see myself in five years searching for and finding the best job for me. Maybe I ' ll teach college someday. Christine Brunelle — Special Education (1982) For myself, I ' d like a trip to Europe. I ' d like to teach pre-school own a BMW, and climb Mt. Everest. I ' ll probably live in New England. For F.S.C, an adequate gym and indoor track would be nice, more student responsibility and input, broadened courses, and improved housing. Dr. William Barker — English Department I would like to run 1300 miles per year, snorkel on three of the best coral reefs in the world. I want to have found an improved infancy by 1985 (see Hartcrane). And of course, universal peace. Chris Colbert — Special Education (1980) My fantasy is to be rich but not famous. And of course -- to be experienced in all things. I see myslef travelling, but I don ' t know where. I fantasize about finding some place better than Cape Cod as I ' m convinced Cape Cod is not long for this world. This is where my house will be. That ' s if any of us are even around to see 1990. Geroge Chute — I.A. (1981) I may student teach for the next ten years, but I ' ll graduate from F.S.C., dodge the draft, and become the king of I.A. Ed Sullivan - - Computer Science (1980) My fantasy for some time in the future is to be out on an island with someone . . . enjoying the sunset. Brian Mitchell — Communications Media (1980) I hope to get a permanent job at Mass. General, and be financially independant. I would like to see the American hostages released, would not like to see the draft reinstated. For F.S.C., I ' d like to see the Communications department better organized, with better facult) . In 1985, I ' ll be helping people, and working to express creativity 233 235 236 237 ■H SAXIFRAGE Well, it is finally time for us to put an end to this book . . . We have spent many hours helping this Saxifrage to develop and grow. Now it is your responsibility to care for it. What exactly is a yearbook? It is a pictorial representation of the people, places and activities that make Fitchburg State distinct and different. We have had our staff at many of the events that are important to F.S.C. In addition, we have also tried to share with you our interpretation of school pride . . . not school spirit, anyone can show that, but school pride. We are proud of Fitchburg State and want to share this feeling with you. There are buildings, places and people that are unique to F.S.C. — it is these things of which we are proud. When people complain about the things we aren ' t, we want to point to those things that we are. It is only with spreading this attitude that Fitchburg State College will reach its potential for being the " best college of its size in New England! " Diane Mallon Deb Wordell Co- Editors PHOTOGRAPHY: Dave Costa Martha Duffy Peter Goldstein Don Gonzalo Jim O ' Laughlin Mary Ann Pezwick Jim Sullivan Carlene Wilson Gary Wolfson i m " S Maureen O ' Hagan Diane Romano Vicki Smith CONTRIBUTIONS: Katie Ahearn Donna Aprea Sharon Bulks Barbara Covel Nancy Moran Pair Weinstock STAFF 239 Dn QIA Wac£u±ett ' ± SLxAo )J i±cilLa —JauLox 63 low Dn old Wach.ui.Ett 1 hhadc (Duz c rima zA [at£.% Standi. cyjE.% fixoud Aievj cZnqland Hannzz — n.E Lifti to all tnz Land. zHaiL to arflma J J[at£xl LJn h.xa.i±£. nzx namz! csflvjaus. mau nzx ±on± and dauantzxi uitifu nzx rams. ' ■k 8 ±L ,. ' i

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