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 - Class of 1977

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Text from Pages 1 - 232 of the 1977 volume:

Ill 1 .... V v W3 L_ 1977 SAXIFRAGE Fitchburg State College Published by the Yearbook Staff f ■r FITCHBURG STATE COLLEGE NEW STUDENT RECORD Welcome The purpose of this book is to present you, the New Students of FSC, with a pictorial representation of the campus life here. Specific information about various aspects of campus life can be gained through the Student Handbook, which is distributed each Fall, or through the Student Government Office. This book has been sponsored by the staff of the 197 7 SAXIFRAGE Yearbook Staff. ■ ■■MBHH H From the Staff of the 1977 SAXIFRAGE New Students: It is our pleasure to welcome you all to Fitchburg State College. The Class of 1977 witnessed many changes during its four years on campus and assures all that the changes are to the benefit of the present students and all incoming students. Along with our relatively new and enthusiastic President, there are newer buildings, a more united faculty, and more student organizations which have secured stronger foundations. The staff of the 1977 SAXIFRAGE Yearbook has done a great deal to bring to the students a better yearbook and the creation of a stronger organization. With its theme being ' PARTICIPATION ' it is hoped that you, the new student will do your part to bring Fitchburg State alive through your own participation. Whether through sports, clubs, dorm activities, committees, student government, student publications, or a variety of other areas, it is the students who participate here at FSC who not only make their stay more enjoyable, but also add to the quality of campus life. May you all find greater personal growth while here at FSC and be willing to share that growth with others. Have a good year! wm ( i ■ !? • ■■ ■M ■H I ' Y«mr YiiiHxMikv J (hi (h k) " 8 ' «w $ J. i_ «. ' ,». ». , ,„... j_ u _„ h- .1 ,,. ,«,,.■ , ..,, UJ p. y«, U » ? l " «f «i .v,., C • ' M t »4.. b«i Ik ■».... J 1M •.- u.l ,( ,„ U. - .,»J . „ w «i, ,4 1 k., j_ „,,,_„ ,. fi h l r i ll»M Main -, . -i ' .-, ,, . ..,, ,;« SAXIFRAGE « -L -I ■ ' A J i f xiFft d flfttr 12:0$. rro- r t ,y A Il , MKr ffc e: in ■ TIM ■i HH 10 £E H A Q - • " ( ? H " s • 4 KAREN M. ALLARD North Adams, Ma Choir, People ROBERT S. ALLEGRETTO Burlington, Ma Music, Piano SHERRI-LYNNE A. ALMEIDA Taunton, Ma Bicycling, Dancing MARY J. AMBROSE Lexington, Ma Art, People NINA B. ANGELIS Braintree, Ma Animals, Astrology IDA K. ASSALY Chelmsford, Ma Animals, Music JENNIFER M.AUSTIN Fitchburg, Ma Basketball, People GREG C. BABCOCK West Groton, Ma Football, Soccer Nursing Industrial Arts Nursing Early Childhood Education BERT M. BALDARELLI W. Boylston, Ma Basketball, Music VANESSA A. BANYAS Tyngsboro, Ma Art, Dancing PATTI L. BARLOW Northboro, Ma Horseback Riding, Skiing JANE H. BARON Webster, Ma Hiking, People DAVID E. BARROWS Ipswich, Ma CHARLES B. BAUMGARTNER Merrimac, Ma Art, Hiking CRAIG B. BAXTER Wareham, Ma Football, Golf PAULA J.BEAULIEU Dracut, Ma Music, People SUSAN E. BEAUREGARD Medfield, Ma Guitar, People DEBORAH A. BEILFUSS Plymouth, Ma Dancing, Music LORI J. BENNETT Framingham, Ma Skiing, Swimming ARTHUR J. BERTONI Squantum, Ma Basketball, Chess DENNIS P. BIBEAU W.Upton, Ma Hockey, Music KATHY M. BILODEAU Lawrence, Ma Dancing, Swimming MARK A. BISCEGLIA Shrewsbury, Ma Bicycling LINDA J. BLANCHARD Middleboro, Ma Animals, Hiking Special Education Nursing Psychology Special Education Early Childhood Education Nursing Computer Science Industrial Arts Russell Towers Industrial Technology Nursing Early Childhood Ed. Human Services Biology Industrial Arts Herlihy Early Childhood Special Education Industrial Arts Special Education HiH ■M ■ ■ ■i DEBORAH L BLUNT Bromtree too Film Reoding FAITH E. BOOTHMAN Fitchburg, Ma JANEM. BOTTIGGI Brointree Ma Football. Gymnastics JANICE M. BOUDREAU Hyde Park, Ma Bicycling Dancing DENNIS C. BOURASSA Worcester, Ma Swimming, Water Skiing BRIAN G.BOWEN Hudson, Ma CATHERINE J. BOWMAN Medfield, Ma Bicycling, Swimming YVONNE M.BREAU Fitchburg, Ma Dancing, Music PATRICIA A. BRENNAN North Grafton, Ma Basketball, Swimming ANN MARIE BRIGHENTI West Springfield, Ma Music, Publications PATRICE M. BRODERICK Dedham, Ma Horseback Riding, Photography THOMAS A. BROWN Lexington, Ma Camping, Fishing DONNA CAMBER Lunenburg, Ma Horseback Riding, Science DENISE B. CAMPAGNA Chicopee, Ma Animals, Bicycling JEAN M. CARBONETTI West Yarmouth, Ma Animals, Dancing KERRY P. CARWEVALE Springfield, Ma CHERYL M.CATALDO Peabody, Mo Mountain Climbing, Music PETERJ.CATTANEO Quincy, Ma Music, People LYNN F.CHADERJIAN West Springfield, Ma Animals, Art HELEN T. CHAMPAGNE Leominster, Ma Camping, Dancing JUNE CHAPMAN Rutland, Mo People, Reading RONALD E. CHAPMAN V an ' field. Ma Photography, Track SALLY A. CHAPMAN Ashburnhom, Ma Gymnastics, Swimming WENDES. CHAPMAN Falmouth, Ma Camping, Hiking Special Education Human Services Nursing Nursing Industrial Arts Accounting Early Childhood Ed Special Education Biology Nursing Nursing Special Education Nursing Nursing Human Services Biology Nursing Human Services Computer Science Nursing Nursing Industrial Arts Nursing Nursing MICHELLE B. CHAREST Milford, Ma Basketball, Bicycling THERESA J. CHARETTE Linwood, Ma Ballet, Gymnastics DENISEC. CHAUSSE West Medford, Ma People, Reading MARIE A. CHIARAMIDA Methuen,Ma Art, Music SUSAN L. CHILDS Andover, Ma Bicycling, Football GEORGE E. CHUTE Framin gham, Ma Golf, Guitar AILEEN L. CLANCY Melrose, Ma Baseball, Music MAURA K. CLARK West Roxbury, Ma Cheerleading, Football ROBERT W. CLEMENT JR. Chelmsford, Ma Baseball, Golf KATHLEEN D. CLOUGH Stoughton, Ma Camping, Photography JOYCE M. COFFIN Bellingham, Ma KATHLEEN M. COLBERT Boylston, Ma Horseback Riding, Swimminc KELLY J. COLBY Newburyport, Ma Glee Club, People GILMAN E. COLE E. Walpole, Ma Bicycling, Golf PHILIP D. COLELLA Medfield, Ma Basketball, Fishing JANE A. COLLINS E. Wakeham, Ma Animals, Swimming CAROL A. COLTHART South Hadley, Ma Cheerleading, People DANIEL M. COMEAU Littleton, Ma Basketball, Hockey MARYBETH CONNOLLY Franklin, Ma Baseball, Choir LAUREN L. CONH Canton, Ma Art, Piano KATHERINE D. COOK Brighton, Ma Bicycling, Horseback Riding MICHELLE COOLEY Westford, Ma Camping, Student Government MARYANNE CORMIER Methuen, Ma Basketball, Bicycling KATHIEM. CORRIGAN Framingham, Ma Ballet, Drama Special Education Early Childhood Special Education Biology Ele. Ed. Industrial Arts Human Services Early Childhood Ed Biology Communications Special Education Nursing Special Education Industrial Science Comp. Science Biology Biology Business Administration Elementary Education Early Childhood Education Nursing Nursing Russell Towers Special Education Aubuchon Towers Nursing 15 MH HBHH PATRICIA A COSTA Sterling Ma Dancing Hockey KIMBERLYM.COTTONE Methuen. Ma Dancing Reading MARY PAT COUIG Pittsfield Ma Reading, Swimming ANNALYN E.COURTNEY WesHield, Ma Animals People JAMES R.CULKEEN Danvers Ma Football. Mountain Climbing ROBERTS. CULKEEN Danvers, Ma Baseball, Skiing PETER C. CUMMINGS Reading, Ma Baseball, Golf NANCY ANN CURRIER Salisbury, Ma Horseback Riding, Music KATHLEEN A. DACEY Fitchburg, Ma Ballet, Doncing DEMISE M. DECOST Nashua, NH Art, Gymnastics DIANE M.DELROSSO Haverhill, Ma Photography, Skiing RAULDEMEUO Fairhaven, Ma Camping, Fishing PETERJ.DEMERS Danvers, Ma Baseball, Soccer BARBARA L. DENNEN Melrose, Ma Ballet, Dancing JUDITH L.DESMOND Fitchburg, Ma Art, Music ELIZABETH C.DIVINCENTIS Lawrence, Ma Mountain Climbing, Photography KATHYDOHERTY Wellesby, Ma Animals, Swimming ANTHONY M. DOREIKA JR. Worcester, Ma Guitar, Music CAROL A. DOYLE Andover, Ma Camping, Mountain Climbing MARYL. DUBBS Wellesley, Mo An, Bicycling JOYCE A. DUBE Methuen, Ma Doncing, Horseback Riding MARTHA E. DUFFY Chelmsford, Mo Animols, Cheerleading STEPHEN G.DUFFY , ' , -Tester, Ma BONNIE J DUNCANSON Clinton, Ma Art, Choir Elementary Education Nursing Early Childhood Education Psychology Early Childhood Ed. Elementary Ed. Industrial Arts Industrial Arts RICHARD A. DUQUETTE Leominster, Ma Basketball, Golf MARY A P. DURBEN Acton, Ma Hiking, Horseback Riding ROBERT P. EWELL Abington, Ma Camping, Hiking SUSAN C. FARR Charlton, Ma Art, Camping MARK G. FAULLER Hudson, Ma Baseball, Hockey CHERYL M. FAY Brookline, Ma Cheerleading, Gymnastics KAREN B. FINCH Hanover, Ma MARIE S. FITZPATRICK Brighton, Ma Art, Skiing CRAIG EDWARD FLANAGAN Gardner, Ma KAREN A. FLYNN Braintree, Ma Camping, Water Skiing BRENDA H. FORTUNATO Fitchburg, Ma Dancing, Poetry WILLIAM J. FULLAM North Brookfield, Ma Basketball, Scuba Diving KATHLEEN M. FURBUSH Saugus, Ma Camping, Hiking JEAN M. GAILUNAS Braintree, Ma Guitar, People KAREN A. GALLAGHER Leominster, Ma Animals, Hiking ELLEN L. GAVIN Springfield, Ma Bicycling, Hockey MICHAEL G.GILL North Quincy, Ma Basketball, All Sports RICHARD A. GOFF Ashby, Ma Animals, Languages RAYMOND G. GOFF Ashby, Ma Animals, Swimming KATHERINEM. GOLDEN Woburn, Ma Art, Basketball UNNEA GOODALE Worcester, Ma Bicycling, Cheerleading LINDA J. GORMLEY N. Reading, Ma Art, Bicycling DAVID P. GOULD Wilbraham, Ma Animals, Camping CHERYL A. GRACE Plymouth, Ma Gymnastics, Music Math Biology Computer Science Biology Computer Science Medical Technology Human Services Aubuchon Hall Special Education Management l.a. Medical Technology Biology Special Education Nursing Biology Human Services Elementary Education Computer Science Industrial Science Human Service Russell Towers Nursing Special Education Industrial Arts Medical Technology 17 ■■■ ■■ I SANDRA A. GRACEFFA Berlin, Mo Bicycling Camping LORI L. GREENAWAY Mav nard. Ma Camping, Scuba Diving LISA A. GROGAN South Glastonbury, Ct Camping, Music DAVID R.HACKETT Holden, Ma Gymnastics, Soccer SUSAN C.HADLEY Waban, Ma Bicycling, Camping DEBORAH J. HALL Westboro, Ma Animals, Choir CORINNEE. HANSBURY Chelsea.Ma Publications, Baton Twirling ELLEN M. HARDING Worcester, Ma Bicycling, Music MICHAEL A. HARE Lunenburg, Ma Baseball, Basketball CYNTHIA J. HAY Lawrence, Ma Hiking, Mountain Climbing NANCY L. HAYTER Lynnfield, Ma Basketball, Choir WALTER L. HELLIESEN Reading, Ma Baseball, Basketball ELIZABETH A. HENNESSEY Quincy, Ma Languages, Poetry THERESIA N. HENSON Dunstable, Ma Cheerleading, Debating BESSIE L. HERBERT East Brookfield, Ma Choir, Music ANN MARIE HERLIHY Tewksbury, Ma Dancing, Music KATHLEEN M. HESSION Dedham, Ma Camping, Hiking NANCY E.HIGGINS Hanover, Ma Cheerleading, Skiing AMBER R. HILDRETH Winchendon, Ma Camping, Chess BRENDA M. HOLMES Nashua, NH People, Swimming SHEILA M. HOLMES Westford, Ma Horseback Riding, Skiing CHERYL J. HOWARD Leominster, Ma People, Swimming GAYLENE HULSE Sterling, Ma Dancing, Mountain Climbing SUSAN E.HUNT Peobody, Ma Basketball, Dancing Human Services Special Education Early Childhood Special Education Special Education Medical Technology vl OEBRA M. IANNOZZI Franklin, Ma Choir, Music WENDY K. INGLE Shrewsbury, Ma Animals, Basketball VALERIE F. ISENHART Pittsfield, Ma Dancing, Swimming CARRIE S. JACKSON Haverhill, Ma Camping, People ANN E. J ANIAK Framingham, Ma Bicycling, People LINDA I. JANIAK Holliston, Ma Bicycling, Camping NELLIE M.JENKINS Roxbury, Ma Basketball, Photography EDWARD J. JENNINGS Methuen, Ma Music, Swimming LIISA C. JOHNSON Braintree, Ma Cheerleading, Dancing LYNN M.JONES Adams, Ma People, Skiing ANNMARIE KANE Worcester, Ma Music, Publications GLENN V. KARIAN Natick, Ma Bicycling, Golf KAREN A. KASHGAGIAN Brockton, Ma Dancing, Gymnastics CLARE A. KEENAN Canton, Ma Bicycling, Camping MARKW. KEENE Billerica, Ma Animals, Fishing KATHLEEN M. KENDALL Leominster, Ma Music, Tennis ROBERT F. KENNEY Quincy, Ma Fishing, Hockey MARSHA J. KENT Halifax, Ma Dancing, Music SUSAN E. KLING Tewksbury, Ma Bicycling, People JOAN M. KOKOCINSKI Webster, Ma Art, Guitar JOHN A. KORBUT Chicopee, Ma Baseball, Basketball NANCYJ.KRZYKOWSKI Gardner, Ma Bicycling, Camping JEAN L. LAFLAMME East Brookfield, Ma Animals, Camping JOHN S. LAMBE East Weymouth, Ma Baseball, Football Special Ed Psychology Special Ed Special Education _ Nursing Medical Technology Computer Science Psychology Special Education Sociology Psychology Medical Tech Special Education Biology Industrial Arts Human Services Industrial Arts Nursing Nursing Industrial Arts Nursing Special Education Computer Science I HHHHBH CHERYL A. LANGONE Saugus Ma People Reading NANCY M.LAUGHREA Burlington, Ma Science. Skiing MARCIA JEAN LEARMONTH Littleton, Ma Music, Volleyball DAVID F.LEBLANC Westminster, Ma Bicycling, Music LILLIAN M.LEBLANC Milford.Ma People, Swimming SANDRA A. LECLAIR Middleboro, Ma Art, Gymnastics NANCY J. LEES Ipswich, Ma Bicycling, Camping DAVIDS. LEHTONEN Fitchburg, Ma Animals, Baseball SHARON A. LENNON Tewksbury, Ma Hiking, Mountain Climbing CLAUDETTEM. LETENDRE N. Chelmsford, Ma Hiking, Mountain Climbing GREGORY G. LEWIS Drury, Ma Music, Reading JOYCE A. LIVINGSTONE Stoughton, Ma Bicycling, Music SANDRA M.LIZOTTE Fitchburg, Ma Horseback Riding, Swimming JON A. LONNQVIST Ashby, Ma Languages, Skiing CHRISTOPHER A. LOPES Somerset, Ma Debating, Golf LESLIE A. LORMER Duxbury, Ma People, Swimming RICHARD G.LUCIER Marlboro, Ma Baseball, Golf ELIZABETH M.LUCIUS Springfield, Ma CYNTHIA A. LYONS Springfield, Ma KARENI.MACDONALD West Roxbury, Ma Bicycling, Reading ROBERT A. MACDONALD Newburyport, Ma Footboll, Golf MELINDA A. MACLEOD Concord, Ma Gymnastics, Tennis ANNEMARIEMAGUIRE Brockton, Ma . .. Baseball DAVID L.MAHER Arlington, Mo Basketball, Golf Special Education Medical Technology Early Childhood Ed Physics Special Education Computer Science Biology Industrial Science Environmental Biology Psychology Psychology Special Education Elementary Ed Elementary Education Biology Special Education Computer Science Nursing Aubuchon Hall Nursing Industrial Arts Special Education Nursing Herlihy Hall Industrial Arts r CAROL J. MAKEPEACE Som erset, Ma Hiking, Skiing ANTHONY J. MANCIN! Worcester, Ma Jazz, Music DAVID B. MANZELLA Framingham, Ma Animals, Horseback Riding GAIL P. MARIANO Tewksbury, Ma Ballet, Drama HELENE L. MARKS Weymouth, Ma Bicycling, Guitar VALERIE A. MARSHALL Middleboro, Ma Football, People ARDITH L. MARTIN Holden, Ma Dancing, People LEE V. MARTINS Cambridge, Ma ROBERT J. MASSE Bedford, Ma Baseball, Basketball ELIZABETH D. MCCANN Millis, Ma Animals, Glee Club PAMELA A. MCCORMICK W. Boylston, Ma Cheerleading, Dancing PHILIP MCDONALD Braintree, Ma MAUREEN K. MCDONALD Stoughton, Ma Camping, Music VIRGINIA MCDONNELL Stoneham, Ma Cheerleading, Football LISA M. MCGIVNEY Plymouth, Ma Football, People CHARLENE B. MCGOUGH Shirley, Ma Music, Skiing PAUL L. MCGOVERN Lynn, Ma Baseball, Swimming ROBYN F. MCGRATH W. Boylston, Ma MAUREEN A. MCGRORY North Adams, Ma Skiing, Swimming TERESE JEAN MCNULTY Melrose, Ma Animals, People JANEE. MEEHAN Gardner, Ma Math, Music CYNTHIA S. MEOLA Worcester, Ma Ballet, Tennis JAMES R.MERKH Acton, Ma Baseball, Tennis CHARLENE A. MEROLA Andover, Ma Camping, Hiking Special Ed Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Psychology Nursing Nursing Nursing History Computer Science Elementary Education Early Childhood Industrial Arts Biology Special Education Nursing Human Services Biology Special Ed Elementary Education Special Education Special Education V. MARK R. MERRY Sougus Wo Fishing, Hunting PATTY MICHAELS Notick. Ma Music, Skiing DAWNL. MICHAUD Fitchburg, Ma Bicycling. Music STEVEN J.MOORE Gardner. Ma People Photography JOHND. MORAND Leominster, Ma Music, Piano PATRICK J. MORIARTY JR. Shrewsbury, Ma Hockey, Student Government DEBORAH J. MORRISON New Bedford, Ma Bicycling, Reading MARTHA A. MUEHE Arlington, Ma Astrology, Music PATRICIA A. MULCAHY Essex, Ma Bicycling, Tennis MARY S. MULLER Northboro, Ma Basketball, Reading MAUREEN V. MURPHY Oxford, Ma Drama, Mountain Climbing PATRICIA J. MURPHY Worcester, Ma Cheerleading, Swimming NOREEN F. MURRAY Lynnfield, Ma CHERYL A. NAGLE Woburn, Ma Art, Basketball RHONDA ANN NAGLE Haverhill, Ma Cheerleading, Gymnastics BRENDAJ.NASON Andover, Ma Art, Dancing CHRISTINE L. NEAL Rutland, Ma Hockey, Horseback Riding CHERYL A. NELSON Fitchburg, Ma Gymnastics, Swimming PAMELAS. NEWCOMB Ashland, Ma Animals, Art JOHNH. NICKERSON Wilmington, Ma Skiing, Surfing LAURIE M.NIGRO Brockton, Ma Dancing, Drama JUDITH L. NODDIN Needham, Ma Ballet, Horseback Riding JON J. NORCROSS Londonderry, NH Music, Reading MELINDA A. NORDELL Chelmsford, Mo Animals, Art Industrial Arts Special Education Special Education Computer Science Computer Science Biology Nursing Early Childhood Education Human Services Med. Tech. Nursing Elementary Education Computer Science Special Education Ech Aubuchan Hall Nursing Early Childhood Psycology I. a. engineering Special Education Biology Sociology Medical Technology RICK A. NORTON Billerica, Ma Basketball, Music MARY V. NOWAK Adams, Ma Languages, Skiing DANIEL A. O ' BRIEN Worcester, Ma Camping, Horseback Riding GREGORY G. O ' BRIEN Hingham, Ma Animals, Hockey CATHERINE M. O ' CONNOR Leicester, Ma People, Piano JAMES W. O ' LOUGHLIN Methuen, Ma Baseball, Basketball LAUREL J. OLSEN Concord, Ma Animals, Music JANET E. ONEIL Stoneham, Ma People, Student Government ROBERT J. PAOLINO Methuen, Ma Golf, Soccer DANIELLE E. PASKOW Littleton, Ma Animals, Dancing CATHERINE J. PATCHELL Shrewsbury, Ma Hiking, Skiing WALTER J. PATON JR. Fitchburg, Ma Chess, Soccer SANDRA L. PAULEY Leominster, Ma Football, Student Government JOYCE A. PELRINE Melrose, Ma Basketball, Bicycling JEAN M. PERSICHETTI Lawrence, Ma Animals, Bicycling JOYCE M. PERSICHETTI Lawrence, Ma Animals, People SALLY J. PETERSON Holliston, Ma Art, Photography KATHERINE C. PETTENGILL Lowell, Ma Animals, Ballet DENISEM. PETTINGILL Stoughton, Ma Fishing, Sailing SHARON M. PICHETTE Worcester, Ma Camping, Dancing WANDA M. PIERCE Leominster, Ma Music, Track HEATHER M. PINKUS Milton, Ma Bicycling, Skiing PAULA. PISARSKI Palmer, Ma Camping, Hiking MICHAEL A. PIWARUNAS Marshfield, Ma Scuba Diving, Surfing Elementary Ed Psychology Russell Towers Human Services Aubuchon Hall Nursing Human Services Human Services Special Education Geography Special Needs Education IA Communications Special Ed Human Services Special Education Special Education Nursing Human Services Nursing Special Education Special Education Nursing Ind. Arts » in WtWRV — ■■■ wtm MAUREEN A. POLEWARCZYK Clinto- ' . ' o Dramo Tennis Med Tech BEVERLY D.POMEROY Chesterfield, Mo Aubuchon Hall Drama. Glee Club Nursing MARIE A. PRIMEAU Fitchburg, Ma Hiking People Early Childhood Education JAMES A. PROIETTI Leominster, Ma Baseball, Guitar Bus Administration ELAINE M.PROKO Southbridge, Ma Basketball, Languages Nursing THOMAS J. PTAK Fitchburg, Ma Drama, Jazz Computer Science CHERYL A. QUIET Leominster, Ma Art, Swimming Special Education KATHERINEE. QUIRK Fitchburg, Ma Mountain Climbing, Swimming Human Services KATHY L. RAPACKI Chicopee, Ma Baseball, Reading Nursing ANNKEVE REGOPOULOS Leominster, Ma Drama, Hockey Special Education RENEE A. REMILLARD Worcester, Ma Dancing, Skiing Nursing MELISSA A. REMISZEWSKI Indian Orchard, Ma Bicycling, Tennis Elementary Education BILLO. RENAUD Three Rivers, Ma Art, Guitar Industrial Arts RANDI L. RESSNER Fitchberg, Ma English LORNAJ. RHODES Shrewsbury, Ma Russell Towers Photography, Reading Computer Sciences DONNA M.RICE W. Harwich, Ma Art, Camping Nursing MICHAEL J. RIGGIERI Worcester, Ma Football, Music Chemistry DEBORAH A. ROBERT Holyoke, Ma Dancing, Guitar Human Services LESLIE J. ROBERTS Braintree, Ma Baseball, Music Nursing DOREENM. ROBIE Ashland, Ma People, Reading Human Services ALMAR. RODRIGUEZ Clinton, Ma Bicycling, Dancing Computer Science MARY ELIZABETH ROGERS Leominster, Mo People, Skiing Human Services JIUK. RONNEBERGER Fitchburg, Ma Animals, Music Special Education DAVID B. ROSALES Hert ' ' . Mo Camping, Hiking I.I. « ,r KATHY A. RUEL Fitchburg, Ma Ballet, Cheerleading PATTI A. RUSSO Bedford, Ma Gymnastics, Student Government WILLIAM S. RYAN South Benton, Ma Hockey, Soccer PATRICIA A. SARSFIELD Hudson, Ma Art, Dancing JOHN S. SAVAGEAU Shrewsbury, Ma Guitar, Music ANDREA SAVARIS East Dennis, Ma Choir, Photography JONATHAN H. SAWYER Holden, Ma Camping, Hiking LU SAWYER Lowell, Ma Drama, Hiking RANDY D. SCHACHT Stamford, Ct Camping, Scuba Diving SUSAN P. SCIACCA Lawrence, Ma Bicycling, Hiking DEBORAH A. SCIONTI Methuen, Ma Basketball, People BETH A. SCOLA Leominster, Ma Basketball, Music THOMAS W. SHAHOOD Framingham, Ma LaCrosse, Photography JOHN J. SHANNON Leominster, Ma Skiing, Tennis CATHLEEN M. SHEEHAN Leominster, Ma Camping, Horseback Riding M. SUSAN SHEEHAN Norwood, Ma Bicycling, Camping SANDRA E. SHEPHERD Townsend, Ma Dancing, Gymnastics JOHNW. SHERRER Wellesley, Ma Baseball, Football SUSAN H.SHURMAN Stoughton, Ma Photography, Reading NANCYJ.SILUN Sutton, Ma Basketball, Drama SYLVIA J. SIMMONS Tewksbury, Ma Cheerleading, Dancing JOSEPH G. SIHASKY Worcester, Ma Art, Glee Club GREG A. SMART Wellesley, Ma Basketball, Swimming SUANNESMIAROSKI Deerfield, Ma Animals, Art Early Childhood Ed Special Education Psychology Nursing Industrial Arts Early Childhood Education Special Education Computer Science Special Education Math Special Education Industrial Science Special Education Biol °gy Psychology Human Services Communications Mass Communications Aubuchon Nursing Business Administration Sociology El. Ed. Aubuchon Nursing 25 MMH LESLIE A.SMITH Lynnfield Ma Bicycling Guitar ROBIN ELAINE SMITH Barre. Ma Art Camping BONNIE JEAN SNOW Wakefield, Ma Animals. Bicycling DEBRA A. SNOW Brighton, Ma Camping, Math SARAH A.SODANO Fitchburg, Ma Music, People RICHARD J. SONTAG Clinton, Ma Golf, Hockey DONNA M.SOUZA Hudson, Ma Guitar, Horseback Riding KAREN J.ST.AMAND Worcester, Ma Cheerleading, People JEAN M.STAFFORD Oxford, Ma Camping, People BILL D.STONE Marlboro, Ma Basketball, Skiing ANDREW STURTZ Carlisle, Ma Camping, LaCrosse KAREN D. SULLIVAN Tewksbury, Ma MICHAEL B. SWAN Newton, Ma Baseball, Basketball WILLIAM JOESEPH SYLVESTER Oakdale, Ma LISA A. TEIXEIRA Woburn, Ma Drama, People MICHELLE A. TERVO Berlin, Ma Art, Gymnastics KAREN L.THALIN Paxton, Ma Animals, Baseball LOIS R. THEROUX Wakefield, Ma Bicycling, Sailing EDWARD J. THOMAS Leominster, Ma Guitar, Music JANICE THOMPSON Acton, Ma Animals, Dancing JAMES F. TIERNEY Stoughton, Ma Baseball, Tennis Ind. Arts MALJ.TINKHAM Taunton, Ma Basketball, Music Communications JANET E.TOSI Billerica, Ma Art, Cheerleading Biology SUSAN A.TURNER Pirtsfield, Ma Doncing, Student Government Nursing Special Education Nursing NANCY LEE TWOMEY Milford, Ma Bicycling, People JO A. TYLER Sterling, Ma Guitar, Poetry SUSAN A. UNDERWOOD Chelmsford, Ma Animals, Horseback Riding PATRICIA A. UPDYKE Pepperell, Ma Art, Skiing PATRICIA A. VAUGHAN Billerica, Ma Camping, Music VIRGINIA A. VECCHIARELLI Ludlow, Ma Camping, Gymnastics MONIQUE A. VIAU Lowell, Ma Skiing, Water Skiing JOAN M. VIGNEAU Westboro, Ma Publications, Swimming BRUCEI.WAHL Gardner, Ma Baseball, Basketball BETH J. WARNER Westfield, Ma Drama, People CAROLE A. WEBB Swansea, Ma Gymnastics, Publications LAURIE S. WEINER Maiden, Ma Baseball, Bicycling GAIL A. WEISMAN Framingham, Ma Camping, Reading DIANE E. WESCHROB Dedham, Ma Choir, Student Government DANIEL E. WILLHITE Royalston, Ma Baseball, Fishing BEATRICE TO WILLIAMS Shirley, Ma People, Reading DARYL S.WILLIAMS Shirley, Ma Baseball, Basketball JAMES R. WILLIAMS Shirley, Ma Basketball, Football ROBIN L. WILLS Holden, Ma Music, People MICHAEL P. WIRZBICKI JR. Gardner, Ma Skiing, Track DEBORAH A. WITHINGTON Fitchburg, Ma Animals, Music DONNA R. WOOD E. Longmeadow, Ma Baseball, Skiing KATHRYN J. WYLIE Middleboro, Ma Mountain Climbing, Music JENNIFER M. ZABRISKIE Newburyport, Ma Dancing, Gymnastics Special Education Computer Sciences Human Services Special Education Special Education V ?7 HHH CATHERINE A. ZELLNER Salisbury, Ma Baseball Swimming MELANIE A. ZWOLINSKI Winchester, NH Baseball, Film Medical Technology Communications SOME OTHER NEW STUDENTS EDITH K. AMBURGEY Leominster, Massachusetts; 87 Priest St.; Medical Technology; Fishing, Sewing, Reading JEAN M. ANDERSON E. Pepperell, Massachusetts; Psychology; Bicycling, People, Ten- nis BRUCE R. ARBO Leominster, Massachusetts; Business; Baseball, Skiing, Tennis BERNICE S. ASTER Sharon, Massachusetts; Human Services; Art, Dancing, Horseback Riding CYNTHIA L. AYER Leominster, Massachusetts; 269 Highland Ave.; Math; Horseback Riding, Math, Swimming BARBARA BATES Clinton, Massachusetts; Human Services; Guitar, Horseback Riding, Photography ANN M. BEGLEY Lawrence, Massachusetts; Special Ed; Dancing, People, Piano JUDY E. BILODEAU Springfield, Massachusetts; Early Childhood; Horseback Riding, Swimming, Tennis DONNA M. BLACKER Reading, Massachusetts; Fitchburg State; Nursing; Dancing, People, Poetry CLAUDETTE R. BOISVERT Lowell, Massachusetts; Special Education; Art, Camping, People DIANE S. BOUVIER Fitchburg, Massachusetts DAVID J. BRAGA Hudson, Massachusetts; In- dustrial Science; Bicycling, Guitar, Hockey JOHN HENRY BRITT Leominster, Massachusetts; Sociology; Astrology, Film, Reading PATRICE M. BRODERICK Dedham, Massachusetts; Nursing; Dancing, Horseback Riding, Skiing LYNDA M. BROGIE Marlboro, Massachusetts; Sociology; Camping, Swimming, Water Skiing MARY ANN E. BROSNIHAN Worcester, Massachusetts; Aubuchon,- Nursing; Horseback Riding, Languages, Science WILLIAM H. BRUNELL Worcester, Massachusetts; 64 Vi Highland Ave.; I. A.; Cam- ping, Photography, Motorcycling JOANNE BUNNELL Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts; Nursing; Drama, Glee Club, Languages KENDRA L. BURLIN Foxboro, Massachusetts; Human Services,- Jazz, People, Travel ELIZABETH M. BURNHAM Edgartown, Massachusetts; Special Education; Animals, Art, Baseball ALFRED H. BYRNES Milford, New Hampshire; English; Camping, Music, Poetry LINDA A. CAISSIE Fitchburg, Massachusetts; Spe. Education; Astrology, Dancing, Tennis JOYCE M. CANTINO Littleton, Massachusetts; Bus. Adm.; Animals, Motorcycles, Auto Racing LISA C. CARNEY Fairhaven, Massachusetts; Ac- counting; Music, Swimming, Field Hockey MARY J. CARROLL Somerville, Massachusetts; Special Ed.; Animals, Dancing, Student Govern- ment MAUREEN A. CASON Lynn, Massachusetts,- Special Education; Bicycling, Camping, People KEVIN J. COAKLEY Worcester, Massachusetts; I.A.; Animals, Fishing, Hunting SANDRA J. COLLETTE Wenham, Massachusetts; Medical Technology; Science, Student Govern- ment, Tennis JERRY COLLINS Clinton, Massachusetts; In- dustrial Arts; Music, Track DAVID W. COLVIN Acton, Massachusetts; Elementary Education; Bicycling, Music, Track ELIZABETH C. CONLIN Pepperell, Massachusetts; Elementary Art Ed.; Art, Ballet, Hiking KATHY P. CONWAY Lawrence, Massachusetts; 22 Gage Street; Special Education; Horseback Riding, Music, Travel ANNE CORRIGAN Haverhill, Massachusetts; Special Education Elementry Education; Animals, Drama, Track SUSAN L. CROSS Paxton, Massachusetts; Special Education; Animals, Baseball, Bicycling LINDA D. DANCA Maiden, Massachusetts; 157 Green St.; Business; Baseball, Skiing, Water Skiing WILLIAM (JR) DEJESES Lawrence, Massachusetts; Human Services; Hiking, Languages, Student Government CHRISTINE A. DE MARTINO Lawrence, Massachusetts; Human Services; Gymnastics, Stu- dent Government, Tennis JANICE G. DE ROCHE Haverhill, Massachusetts; Nursing; Drama, Hiking, Student Government KATHLEEN S. DRISCOLL Fitchburg, Massachusetts; Psychology DEBORAH A. DUNCAN Amesbury, Massachusetts; Early Childhood Ed.; Camping, Skiing, Tennis SUSAN L. ELLISON Holyoke, Massachusetts; Nursing; Animals, Art, Film PATRICIA A. FEENEY Holliston, Massachusetts; Med. tech.; Bicycling, People, Science KATHLEEN M. FINNERAN Worcester, Massachusetts; Nursing; Animals, People, Tennis VINCENT FINACCLUARO Braintree, Massachusetts; Industrial Arts DENISE P. FORTIN Lowell, Massachusetts; 423 Wilder St.; Special Education; Animals, Drama, Horseback Riding EUGENE P. FRIEH Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts; Industrial Art; Football, Hunting, Swimming MARY A. GEOGHEGAN Framingham, Massachusetts; Horseback Riding, People, Swim- ming MARY L. GLCASUN 4 Wilton ur.; Nursing; Cheerleading, Student Government, Tennis GAIL E. GOLDBERG Fitchburg, Massachusetts; Human Services; Art, Cooking, Yoga PETER J. GOLDSTEIN Beverly, Massachusetts; Und Communications; Music, Photography, Skiing MARGARET F. GURL Hudson, Massachusetts; Home; Psychology; Animals, Horseback Riding, People JILL E. HANSEN Medford, Massachusetts; Biology; Camping, Horseback Riding, Scuba Div- ing LAUREN G. HATCH Braintree, Massachusetts; Special Education; Animals, Horseback Riding, People SONDRA HEBERT Augusta, Maine; Apartment; Computer Science; Basketball, Camping, Skiing MARY M. HEHIR Northboro, Massachusetts; Coachhouse Motel; Nursing; Animals, People, Swimming PETER A. HENNESSY Holliston, Mas sachusetts; Industrial Arts; Camping, Golf, Skiing 28 LORI M. HUNT Sharon, Massachusetts; Psychology; Art, Music, People JOAN E. HURD Westminster, Massachusetts; Commuter; English — Education,- Bicycling, Foot- ball, Sewing EVELYN F. ITZ Andover, Massachusetts; Med. Tech.; Animals, Horseback Riding, Music JOHN J. IZBICKI Hudson, Massachusetts; Business Mgmt.; Golf, Skiing, Tennis MARY E. JANSKY Lawrence, Massachusetts; Sociology; Drama, Glee Club, Volleyball JUDY L. JEFFERSON Arlington, Massachusetts; Aubuchon; Mathematics; Drama, Skiing, Swim- ming KARL N. JOHNSON Chelmford, Massachusetts; Business Adm.; Art, Astrology, Basketball, Bicycl- ing KAREN A. JOHNSTON W. Somerville, Massachusetts; comp.; Psychology; People, Swim- ming SUSAN M. KELLY 5 Columbine Rd. ; Special Educ; Basketball , Dancing Disco, Swimming KATHLEEN A. KERRIGAN Hudson, Massachusetts; Early Childhood; Mountain Clim- bing, Music LAURA E. KNOWLES Burlington, Massachusetts; Special Ed.; Animals, Bicycling, Camping ELIZABETH A. LAINE Plymouth, Massachusetts; Elementary Ed.; People, Poetry, Student Govern- ment CATHLEEN A. LEMOINE Leominster, Massachusetts; Commuting; Nursing; Guitar, Ski- ing, Tennis ELLEN I. LEWIS Brookline, Massachusetts; Early Child. Dev. ; Astrology, Reading, Travel l ROXANNE M. LORD Shrewsbury, Massachusetts; Biology; Cheerleading, Photography, Travel LYNNE A. LYKO Dracut, Massachusetts; Russell Towers; Biology; Animals, Drama, Mountain Clim- bing CHRISTINE M. MAC WADE Worcester, Massachusetts; Special Education; Baseball, Foot- ball, Gymnastics KARLA M. MAJEWSKI Lawrence, Massachusetts; Psychology; People, Skiing, Swim- ming JO ANN R. MARABELLO Fitchburg, Massachusetts; Medical Technology; Baseball, Basketball, Student Government LORNA E. MARTIN Natick, Massachusetts,- Human Services; Art, Bicycling, Dancing SHAWN P. MC CADDEN Arlington, Massachusetts; Industrial Arts Ed.,- Camping, Guitar, Photography MARGARET C. MC FADDEN Dedham, Massachusetts; Special Education; Guitar, People, Track KATHLEEN M. MCGRATH Fitchburg, Massachusetts,- Special Education; Music, Choir, Drama LYNN E. MCGRATH West Boylston, Massachusetts; Commuter; Special Education; Art, Gymnastics, Tennis MICHAEL MENDOZA New Bedford Massachusetts; Industrial Arts; Photography Astronomy, Fencing LISA A. MITCHELL Fitchburg, Massachusetts Nursing; Drama, Skiing X-Country, Swimming JANICE L. MORVILLO Hudson, Massachusetts Psychology; Horseback Riding, People, Soccer MARY C. MUNROE Acton, Massachusetts Special Ed.; Bicycling, Tennis, Volleyball BRYAN R. NELSON Rutland, Massachusetts; In- dustrial Arts; Music, Water Skiing JON J. NORCROSS Londonderry, New Hampshire; Sociology KAREN L. O ' BRIEN Braintree, Massachusetts; Aubuchon Hall; Special Education; Poetry, Sculp- ture, Water Skiing MARCIA A. PADOVANO Fitchburg, Massachusetts; 15 Norman Place, Elementary Education; Art, Dancing, Swimming HELENE C. PALANO Pittsfield, Massachusetts; Special Ed.; Astrology, People, Swimming KATHY E. PARKER Dalton, Massachusetts; Human Services — Early Childhood; Animals, Peo- Dle. Travel JOHN H. PATTERSON Leominster, Massachusetts; Nursing; Golf, Politics, Swimming DONNA M. PEREIRA Fall River, Massachusetts, Human Service; Horseback Riding, People, Travel MICHAEL F. PERKINS Leominster, Massachusetts; B.A.; Gymnastics, Hockey, Hunting BETH L. PHILLIPS Medford, Massachusetts; Special Education; Camping, Photography, Piano MICHELE C. PIERCE Braintree, Massachusetts,- Human Services PAULA A. PITKIEWICZ S Ashburnham, Massachusetts; Commuter; English JOHN J. POWER Somerville, Massachusetts; Herlihy; Biology; People, Track, Exploring Inner Space KATHLEEN L. PREEPER Leominster, Massachusetts; 70 Eastern Ave.; Special Educa- tion; Horseback Riding, Reading, Spec. Ed. Club MARGARET C. OUEENAN Westford, Massachusetts; Commutor; Undeclared; Dancing, Music, Poetry PATRICIA J. QUINN Newburyport, Massachusetts; Medical Technology; Animals, Horseback Riding, Travel PATRICIA L. QUINN Fitchburg, Massachusetts,- 76 Dudley St.; Early Childhood; Basketball, Bicycl- ing, Football ROBERT J. QUINN Watertown, Massachusetts; Medical Technology; Basketball, Mountain Clim- bing, Soccer JANET R. RAMSEY Holliston, Massachusetts; Teaching (Early Childhood); Cheerleading, Moun- tain Climbing, Skiing CATHY J. RILEY Gloucester, Massachusetts; 5 Holt Street; Nursing; Animals, Swimming, Travel DONNA F. ROBERTSON South Weymouth, Massachusetts; Dietetics,- Horseback Riding, Tennis, Travel LYNN E. ROGERS Newport, New Hampshire; Commuter,- Psychology; Art, Drama, Hiking THOMAS F. ROGERS Marlboro, Massachusetts; Computer Science; Camping, Football, Swimming ROBERT A. SALVATORE Leominster, Massachusetts; Baseball, Basketball, Hiking LAURIE A. SAZAMA Turners Falls, Massachusetts; Nursing; Photography, Reading, Tennis BETTY J. SCHLOBOHM Nashua, New Hampshire; Special Education,- Camping, Horseback Riding BARRY W. SCHOMACKER Sterling, Massachusetts; Accounting; Golf, Math, Soccer KAREN M. SCOLA Worcester, Massachusetts; Elementary Education,- Art, Gymnastics, Piano DANIEL J. SEGARRA Framingham, Massachusetts; Physics; Guitar, Music, Karate (Nechi-Ryv) KATHRYN L. SHIPPEN Acton, Massachusetts, Elementary Ed.; Bicycling, People, Weaving DEBORAH A. SIMON No. Adams, Massachusetts; Nursing; Animals, Bicycling, Gym- nastics CLAUDIA SOARES Somerset, Massachusetts; Special Education; Baseball, Bicycling, Dancing MARYJANE SPRAGUE Norwood, Massachusetts; Special Education; Drama, People, Travel BARBARA J. STANNARD Paxton, Massachusetts; Russell Towers; Human Services; People, Swimming, Philosophy of Religion ERIC D. STARBARD Holden, Massachusetts, In- dustrial Arts,- Choir, Glee Club, Music RANDY M. TALLMAN Ba I d w i n v i 1 1 e , Massachusetts; Psychology; Basketball, Fishing, Mountain Climbing ELIZABETH V. TAUARES Canton, Massachusetts; Longwood Ave.; Human Service; Music, Piano, Skiing MARY THOMAS Springfield, Massachusetts; Nursing, Bicycling, Horseback Riding, Swimming SUSAN K. TRICANCO Holbrook, Massachusetts; 51 Arlington St., Fitchburg, Massachusetts; Physiology; Dancing, Horseback Riding, Scuba Diving MARYANN M. TRZCINSKI Worcester, Massachusetts; 155 Snow Street; Early Childhood; Horseback Riding, People, Swimming ANITA M. VIAU 52 Frothingham St., Lowell, Massachusetts; Special Ed.; Film, Photography, Swimming PETER A WAHLSTROM Millbury, Massachusetts, Industrial Arts; Baseball, Hockey DAVID F WALUS Westfield, Massachusetts; Fishing, Hockey, Music M JACQUELINE WALSH Hudson, Massachusetts; Special Educotion,- Art. Reading MARY A YOUNG Mornmgdale, Massachusetts; Aubuchon Hall; Nursing; Gymnastics, Swimming, Field Hockey 29 • ■ ■■i H ■■■ f

Suggestions in the Fitchburg State University - Saxifrage Yearbook (Fitchburg, MA) collection:

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