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Text from Pages 1 - 240 of the 1972 volume:

r - « l . 1 . SAXIFRAGE 72 M HH ■ ■■■Hi CAMPUS SHOTS ■■ ■jM ' J ra ■H 5 ?; - : 5 w ft p. I 1- % J ■■MHHH1HH ) " ] - ' ■ " h»wi i«sa — iPi ii m nrrrmV ' - - »a i I ' i ■■■M J - V; FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION SBS «ffl ■■ ■l HH H ADMINISTRATION James J. Hammond, President George H. Merriam. Academic Dean 10 SW Lawrence Quigley, Executive Vice-President Joseph F. Durant, Dean of Students John J. Boursy, Assistant to President S53J?. George Aziz, Registrar 5 William Fitzgibbon, Dean of Men Louise Keenan, Dean of Women 12 Michael Rivard, Bursar ■ i ♦ J ♦ -♦ ♦ J Mary A. Lenaway. Director of Laboratory Experiences Robert W. Greene, Director of Placement Francis X. Guindon, Director of Planning and Development Wilfred E Paro. Assistant to Admissions 13 ■ wsm, i MH Duane Armstrong, Financial Aid Officer David Ryder, Instructional Media Patrick Meaney, Instructional Media John Magnasco, Instructional Media Philip A. McMurray. Director of Evening College John F. Nash, Director of Continuing Studies 14 Florence Scarpaci Robert Fritz ART Elmer Arsenault Linda C Iversen 15 ■ H BIOLOGY f sSl Albert A. Dunlap 1 Donald J. Schmidt Frank Wolf i Alice T. OMalley George Steffanides 16 Rose Marie A. Esposito Neal Anderson Frederic W. Davis Robert Zortoli 17 ■i Hl mmtOM George F. Condike CHEMISTRY Hasan Bey Lv Michael Vignale John A. McNaney 18 ■M HI H mm H Judith Schifferlle Helen W. Foot James W Balentine Francis McSherry 20 John Gaumond Margaret Benton Marion Cushman 21 ■HM " y wT Elizabeth O ' Conner Helen Carney Johanna Baer 22 ' Jite, Helene S. Riley Francis E. Marshall Mildred L. Vinskey David J. Rousseau 23 ELEMENTARY ED. Elizabeth S. Ross Anne E. Green Walter J. Richard 24 Gertrude Cormier Francis Powers Irene Passios Adele M Dnscoll 25 ■■ ENGLISH Robert Tappley John McGrail Lillian Tater Leo J. Hines 26 fjfc Colin Bourn James F. Whitehead William R. Keough Terry Graber George M. Case 27 Irene Miranda Louis Sheperd i Erin Pally Mary McAllister 28 rwfc Jeanne Hambright Pierre Pinet FOREIGN LANGUAGE Anthony F. Feroci M Burke 29 I HH H M H GEOGRAPHY Douglas Hebb Earle P. Clere h Hiranya D. Dias. Cathrine Cox E. B. Heylmun 30 HISTORY Caroline Murphy mm Edmond Thomas f 1 John Clark Norman Carson 31 k U 111 ■■■■■ ■■ ■■■ ■i H h Munal G- McAvoy Carlton H. LaPorte 32 Mary C. Foster Daniel Yankevich Pasquale Miccihe 33 I ■■■■i . ! • % H INDUSTRIAL ARTS Dr. Edward T. Donnelly Neal W. Andrews Howard J. Besnia 34 ,r-f Erling Hanson Dr Harold J. Enzam 35 ■■■■i : ' • • ' «• ' ?. m H Frederick Miller George B. James Rene J. Thomas 36 He I Raymond G. Hoops Walter F. Harrad Ernest Pike 37 ■ HMBH ' % ■1 ■■■■■ ■ ■ H NURSING Rowena M. Taylor Bernice M. Kravier 38 Elizabeth T. May Mary A. Hale Margaret Taylor Kathrine O ' Conner 39 ■■■K ■■ ■i . Jo Anne Granquist Marilyn Bushnell Jane A Kerr 40 -- ■• Virginia Doyle Lillian F. Bannon Sophia B Harrell 41 ' . ■■■ MI MI MHI H MATH Ruth Ripley Butler Ernest Fandreyer 42 ritft»%riM inv Nicholas Copoulos Robert Clark 43 ' ■ V S frali ■MI H MUSIC Linda Kyle Dr. Richard L. Kent BH BMiiHI ■iv l David J. Rousseau Harry Semerjian Frank Patterson 44 PHILOSOPHY Richard DeCesare Walter Jeffko Reginald O ' Neill 45 : ' ' ■■IH1H ■■ ■M H PHYSICAL EDUCATION ■■.;■•;• . ;: David N. Settele SHE Lee N. Cunningham 46 ' PHYSICS % Robert A Shaughnessy Theodore L. Lapierre 48 PSYCHOLOGY Dr. Berstien Everett Garvin Harry L Crowley 49 ■MHH M 1 ' 3 ,f Paul A. Girling Donna Lee McCabe David C. Maloney 50 SOCIOLOGY Harold Melvin Orin Leonard Granger Browning 51 . SPECIAL EDUCATION 52 m -r»- " " , nm E smt ■ .. AZW ■ Kathrine Flynn, Anne May Bernice Lothrop 53 i ■ ■ SPEECH John J. Black 54 i€r TS J unmAi ■ k- » STUDENT WELFARE Alice Segull, Mike Kurgan FIAA mWm Jr am m mm mm life ' " «c H H ■ B ■ III ' ll J f gjj 58 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Top Row: Mike Shields, Carleen DiMassa. Bottom Row: Mary Ann Slapic, Judy Galatis. 59 t » DEBATE CLUB FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS 60 ■ FSC BAND FSC CHORUS 61 f JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS 1 m ' M ■ ' » ' i l i ' " " •j J jT 1 1 llt wi y! . " - " " ▼ m WW j ...r Karen Heil, Joan Swanson INTERDORM COUNCIL 62 i ■ THEATRE WORKSHOP 63 v ■ wuhhw md ICT £. ' m •iPV 65 ' ' 3«aiisHE 67 ■ ArX ' •». ■ -? ' -» ■ ? y XM So c The Adelphian Society was founded in 1949. The club was formed for the purpose of uniting girls of similar in- terests and objectives in a cohesive organization whose purposes are two- fold, one to further the development of the individual member by supplying beneficial activities, and two, to devel- op the individual to be an active and influential part of the college. 72 7 fK MW mm Top Row: Maureen Robinson, Lois Brissette, Ann Donahue, Gail Walker, Claudia Nyman, Kathy Fanos, Karen Vail, Colleen Dwarska, Lee Ann Martin, Patricia Photo. Second Row: Mary Ellen Garlic, Kathleen O ' Connell. Seated: Eileen Cormier, Francine Vautour, Bobbie Falkner, Lynn Dudley, Jeanne Grant, Debra Symonds. 73 ft i. A mm Alpha Phi Omega is a national service fraternity with over 500 chapters. It has a national magazine, a national coat of arms, and a national and sec- tional conventions to which members are invited. The principals that guide this fraternity are friendship, leadership and service. The brothers of this fra- ternity provide service to the campus, the community and to the chapter it- self. This past year the fraternity completed building a ski slope for the col- lege which is located behind the soccer field. In addition to service, social activities including parties and pledge banquets are also encouraged. Pledg- ing is open to all male college students regardless of any other organization they may belong to. Pledging is composed mostly of service, and becoming acquainted with the fraternity and its brothers. It does not include any haz- ing. 74 Top Row: Lenny Leblanc, Charles Crompton, John Boisvert, Nick Nicastoro, Ron Gagne. Seated: Ken Williams, John Schlichte, Ken Stevens, Charley Corley. 75 ' The Esoteric Society is an organization on campus whose primary goal is to foster broth- erhood within the college community. In doing this they believe that honor, charity and zeal are the necessary components for a good character and that these elements should be well developed with- in each individual. At the same time the Esoteric Society tries to promote social activities for the college as a whole in an attempt to develope greater student relation- ships. 76 -££ Jb3 Wm Top Row: Tony D ' Ambrosio, Paul Farren, Jack Barry, Andy Keith. Middle Row: Phil Walent, Rich Courtney, Keith Maynard, Mark Jarvis, Bill McComas. Bottom Row: Nick Gianakis, Ed Hadded, Tony Holway, Al Cioffi. BROTHERS OF 77 r mm • . to . ' 4 AT THE FENWICKS 78 .v mm 79 " ' ;•• JSfok t Aftfl ftmlJBfcfr Founded in 1921, the Gavaleer Society is the oldest fraternal organization on campus. The So- ciety was organized with the intention of supplying college social activities which would enrich the ex- periences of its members. The purposes have been more than realized and the Society has bound a group of young men together with ties that are not easily broken. 80 Top Row: Brian Cote, Bruce Whitney, John Fratturelli, Mike Turney, Mike Tocci, Tom Curran, Bob Huhtala. Seated: Dana Wilson, Allan Bell, Andy Wohlanter, Dave Finklestein, Randall Cambon. 81 : . : One of the oldest and more hallowed men ' s organi- zations on the campus, The MOHAWK Club was founded in 1924 and officially chartered by Fitchburg State College in 1927. The club was organized by a group of young men from the Berkshires who were interested in hiking, running, and other athletic activi- ties. The idea of getting together with the closest of friends and to be in the outdoors was dear to their hearts. Over the years, the idea of brotherhood and unity has grown. Today, at the age of 48, the club is as ac- tive on the campus as ever and the spirit of the brothers is dauntless as we look forward to a 50th anniversary. 82 Top Row: Joe Kramer, Peter Johnson, Peter Meyers, Mike Quinn, Mike Shields, Harry McLellan, Bill Nasta, Eric Scanchez. Middle Row: Clitf Hakim, John Harrington, Roger Jubinville, Steve Porier. Front Row: Mark Leonard, Craig Miller, Ron Ber- thiaume, Mike Kenney, Dick Sharkey. 83 ' . i k By its founding in 1968, the Neasylon Society brought to three the number of women ' s clubs at Fitchburg State. Realizing the increasing size of the female popu- lation of the student body, the individuals who initiated the club felt the need for another women ' s organization on campus, now and especially in the years to come. 84 , fmH • •ffltf«tM«M I Seated: Carol Sobelman, Su Tieuli, Diane Krzywicki, Elly Rizzo, Donna Travers, Jane Hardy, Carol Mahoney. Second Row: Joanne Martone, Sheila McKean, Anji Themes, Louise Mikaelian, Linda Holland, Maureen Hill, Eileen Meagher. Barbara Turcotte. Top Row: Carolyn Slowe, Diana Mancinelli, Rosalyn Walczak, Ann Karpawich, Karen Heil, Donna Rutkowski, Nancy Morrissey, Cathy Minassian. 85 The Sisters of the Philodemic Society have spent an- other active and enjoyable year at Fitchburg State Col- lege. In the Spirit of sisterhood they have involved them- selves in academic areas, community services and so- cial functions with other clubs. With the sadness of departure, graduating sisters and the remaining sisters are looking foreward to another successful year with memories of their own to build. 86 ■ swi ■ First Row: Ellen Metterville, Monica Shipee, Barbara Hamel, Jan Reidy, Donna Donahue, Martha Sullivan. Middle Row: Gayle Robinson, Liza Radigan, Carol Drescer, Ginnie Burgan, Winnie Jordan, Sue Willey, Paula Hindle. Back Row: Linda Budd, Jean Botelho, Karen Murphy, Sue Burrell, Judy Kaeton, Sally Smith, Mary Cantwell, Denise Stevens, Judy Tuttle, Sue D ' eon. f T - j w m 1 ■ i ■f Ji ■ — ■ ■Mi A If 87 ■ H Soccer Left to right; first row: John Corneilo, Jaques Marchand, Tom Fluent, Al Cioff, Bob Ber- ube, Ronald Blaze Berthiaume (Capt), Tom Gralinski (capt) Jim Kenney, Leo Piro. Second row: George Moulberger, Peter Tracy, Steve Finer, John Crowley, Peter S. Meiers, Jim White, Tony Holway, David Durell, Stanley Motyka, Joyn Telepiciak, John Soldeno, Mike Kenney, Coach Farias, Coach Miller, Brian Farias. SOCCER 90 91 92 ? 93 94 HV Jm i mm 95 : « vr B . 98 x " K BASKETBALL I mfl2,aMtai 100 mm WAA FIELD HOCKEY 101 : r GIRLS BASKETBALL k 102 103 . ■■ ■B GIRLS VOLLEYBALL T ■nun Sfli 9 r i 104 v ■ H %. Top Row: Mark Molloy, Joe Rosado, Fran Doyle, John Crowley, John Moore, Steve Klupski, John Perry. Middle Row: Coach David Settle, Rex Mescouich, Tim Erickson, Bill Abruzeese, Ken Paul, Eric White, Peter Tracy, Ron Berthuim, Man- ager Mike Shields. Bottom Row: Jeff O ' Neill, Gary Belanger, Marty Sivular. Tri-Captains— Gary Belenger, Marty Sirula, Jeff O ' Neil TRACK 106 107 ■Di 108 -, I HB INTRAMURALS . wm 1 r I M.I.B. FOOTBALL ■■ Ji 114 A 115 ' ' . ' ■ • MBSBttF! W 0- •9 ' M % £ -A t, £ 116 117 M.I.B CROSS COUNTRY 118 119 • ■■1 •nRKflVMl 120 BASKETBALL 121 HOCKEY 122 - v " ' FILL IN CANDIDS MlWiHg I 125 ■ -v. 55,000 voters won ' t make it to the polls this year. tTMSF 126 I 127 ■;.:: ■ ■ttff 128 i ,a V 1 i 1 R ■fciii w ms " 1 I 1 J H ■ 1 B j V 129 I 130 BROTHERS V kmm ' ass of - i w 131 «: } " 132 133 135 137 JUNIOR CLASS SUNDAE SMORGASBORD |W WF K jpM h I ' 138 139 ■r- I SEA TRAIN 140 ONWARD JAMES OPENING ■ ■ ' : 142 (I IT f W i L ' 2 ! i » V i " f « V 143 A • 4 : DOWNWARD BENJAMIN 145 ■01 o 146 -Bill 147 ' . ' ■1 WINTER CARNIVAL BALL Jeff and Carlene— King and Queen of Winter Carnival 1972 151 " .. SCAVENGER HUNT ROCK AND ROLL I h IS HERE TO STAY SHA-NA-NA 1«5 if i ■ r. §P p g53 FREE BOWLING ORCHESTRA AND CHORUS CONCERT 157 SENIOR PICTURES ' SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS ■■■P CLASS EVENTS 1968-1969 Orientation- Winter Carnival- Freshman Weekend- Parties— Beanies, Signs, Meetings, and Speeches " Shades of Blue " ball, class colors Blue and Gold, a Peace Sign snow sculpture dinner at the Old Mill, a wet picnic at Willard Brook dances in the gym, rooms at the Thunderbird 1969-1970 Orientation for Class of 73— Dances- Winter Carnival- Movies— Peace Week- Spaghetti Suppers— a picnic, a field day at the soccer field, the best Orientation ever planned Halloween costume party, mixers at Siama B.J. Thomas and the Turtles, Raindrops fell on our heads! " Wait Until Dark " Teach ins and workshops, silent marches for a better way of life Mrs. Vitelli ' s famous sauce in the Commuter ' s Cafe 160 Il 1970-1971 Mixers- Winter Carnival- Movies— Junior Weekend- Outdoor Concert- first mixers at the Four Seasons Olympic Foolery, A Rabbit stew snow sculpture, " Brothers All are We " mural painting " Inside Daisy Clover " , Christmas Cartoons first one in years, movies, mixers, roller skating, bike race, Paul Butterfield Blues Band concert Sunday afternoon at the soccerfield 1971-1972 Mixers Winter Carnival- Junior Weekend- Graduation— Four Seasons, Siama Park Jeff and Carlene as King and Queen, " Freedom begins with Love " mural painting Olympic Foolery sponsored by our class Barbecue, Yearbooks, Goodbye 161 : Deborah Adamsky Biology Barbara Anderson Nursing Deborah Anderson Elementary Jane Amorisi Donna Armstrong English Rosanne Arruda Elementary 162 • I Janice Arsenault Elementary Marcell Bacewski Elementary Cathrine Babba William Arsenault English 4 s r _»», 163 Robin Baird Elementary Janet Ball Mary Barrows Physics Cynthia Bataitis Elementary 164 Brenda Belisle Nursing Rainell Belliveau Elementary Donald Benere Industrial Arts Ronald Berthiaume Math Marcia Bigelow Elementary Loretta Bissell Medical Technology ' H B k. ■■• _ 165 .. Beverly Blackwell Elementary Joanna Blasetti Elementary Jean Botelhu Elementary Antoinette Bourgeois Nurse Herman Bowden Special Education John Brady Industrial Arts 166 Ann Breen Medical Technology ' Wit " Susan Burrall 1 M Elementary Barry Call Elementary Mary Cantwell Special Education 167 Peter Capodagli Biology Margaret Carey Special Education Gail Carle English Donald Carlson Biology Pam Celuzza Special Education Joseph Chilton Industrial Arts 168 Cheryl Ciechomski Nurse Phillip Cincotta Industrial Arts Alfred Cioffi Industrial Arts Evelyn Clark Special Education 169 .• Janet Coleman Elementary Anne Concanon Nurse Joyce Condon Special Education Charles Conefrey Elementary A Richard Cormier History Sharon Cormier Elementary Kathleen Courtney Nurse James Covello Industrial Arts Madeline Craig Medical Technology James Creed English 171 MHiMH ■ Nancy Cronin Nurse Thomas Crosbie English Susan Davieau Elementary Barbara Day Elementary 172 Carleen Dimassa Elementary Debora Dominici Elementary Janice Downing Special Education Nancy Marsden English Maureen Dube Elementary Lynn Dudley Nurse 173 m mm . Claudia Ellis Nurse June Evans Elementary Barbara Faulkner Special Education Stephen Finneron Elementary Thomas Fluet Math Andrea Foss Elementary 174 Harry Foster Elementary Ronald Gagne Math Judith Galatis English Paul Gallant Industrial Arts m " 1 175 WWtfl ffUK r . I Ann Gale Elementary Susan Gammell Elementary Roberta Gardner Math Mary Ellen Garlick Special Education Gail Gawlic Nurse Mary Gayton Special Education 176 Bradford George Industrial Arts Phillip George Special Education Martha Gibbs Nurse Mary Barbara Gilrein Special Education 177 I _ 1 fN.- fg m 1 1 ». .. 1 Elizabeth Goguen Elementary J ■■■ ' y Thomas Gralinski Industrial Arts Judith Grant Special Education Nancy Greenwood Nurse Edward Hadad Industrial Arts Susan Hale Elementary Barbara Hamel Elementary John Hannon Industrial Arts Sarah Hardy Elementary David Hebert English 179 ■MBBHIHMMH John Heimo English Jo Anne Helander English Victoria Heroux Elementary Gail Howe Medical Technology Janet Hunt Elementary Sheila Humphreys Elementary 180 Jane Jackson Special Education David Johnston Psychology Mary Joyce Medical Technology Saverio Kaczmarczyk Elementary Judith Kaeton Elementary Mary Kamphaus History Sandra Kazanjian Elementary Joanne Ketola Nurse Mm .i. -i .«r c Anne Killelea Elementary Barbara King Special Education Roberta Kirk Special Education Helen Korkala Elementary James Krymowski Elementary Michael Kurgan Physics 183 ■■■■HHH Marie Laconte Nurse Jeanne Lagoy Elementary Janice Lamore Elementary Virginia Lorion Elementary Duncan MacEachern Industrial Arts Elaine Maciejewski Special Education 184 Bonnie Mackie Elementary Margie Maquire Nurse Patricia Maloney Elementary Lois Marketka Elementary 185 ■H mM - i v - ijii l i I 1 William Martin Special Education Elyse Massicotte K Mawry Marcia Maynard Special Education Cathrine McCarthy Special Education Jeannette McDermotte Elementary 186 Frances Metzgor Elementary Jane Mickola Elementary Louise Mikaelian Elementary Irene Miller Elementary ■• Jeffery Miller Biology John Mistier Industrial Arts Linda Moison Special Education Mary Moore Elementary 188 Mary Moss Special Education Louise Moreira Special Education Lynne Murphy Nurse Walter Murray Elementary Alfred Neimi History Tschawdar Nikolow Geography 189 Rick Niles History Andree Normandin Elementary William Nutting Biology Claudia Nutting Biology Linda Oakes Nursing Karen O ' Leary Special Education 190 Allan Oily History David Olszewski Industrial Arts Jeffrey O ' Nei Elementary Dorothy Ordway English r -- 4 Barbara Orszulak English John Page History David Pearson Industrial Arts Nancy Pearson Special Education 192 Robert Perry Industrial Arts Marcia Peterson English Robert Pica Industrial Arts Rodney Pica Industrial Arts Carol Pistorio Nurse Ann-Maureen Pliska Elementary 193 Sheila Pochirii Math Peter Pollock Industrial Arts Robert Portrie Geography Phyllis Pratt Special Education Kathryn Putnam Special Education Barbara Quinty English Darlene Ragusa Elementary Diane Regan Elementary David Reid Math Janet Reidy Elementary 195 . . — L M Kathrine Remmes Rose Rivett Elementary Donna Robichaud Elementary Philip Robinson Industrial Arts David Romano Industrial Arts Paul Romilly Industrial Arts 196 Paul Sadowski Biology Theresa Santangelo Elementary John Schlichte Special Education Holly Schoolcraft Nurse 197 ■H 3 K ' C 3 R W Carole Seaver Elementary John Shanahan Special Education Margaret Shea Elementary Jane Sigismondo Elementary 198 Martin Sivula Math Charles Skillings Elementary Mary Ann Slapic Elementary Dennis Slattery Joyce Smith Elementary R Sousa 199 nr r j l Tx jdn m 1 Virginia Spinney Elementary Geraldine Sproul Elementary Keith Stafford History Charlene Strepakas Math Kathleen Sullivan Special Education Edward Sweeney History 200 V ' Christina Sxostek English Earl Taylor Elementary Robert Thibodeau Industrial Arts Steven Thompson History William Tukka Geography Anne Trifilo Elementary Barbara Tynan Medical Technology Deborah Villani Elementary 202 Marguert Vincent Medical Technology Patrice Vipraio Elementary Joyce Vitelli Elementary Rae Ann Voutila Elementary Kathrine Walczyk Special Education Richard Ward History 203 Nancy Wade Biology Carol Walosewicz Elementary Mary Lou Ward Nurse Susan Ward Elementary Marsha Webb Nurse Lawerance Wenz History Mi, Ralph Wilson Industrial Arts Richard Wise Industrial Arts J John Witek Special Education 205 - T tLAM 1 J»j | » Barbara Anas Special Education John Condon Industrial Arts Louise Dhimitri Special Education Richard Drake Biology Margaret Fournier Nurse Nancy Gaze Nurse 206 George Harvey Industrial Arts Bonnie Haselton Elementary Dwight Horan Industrial Arts Leslie Joy Elementary ' • r w» James Kenney Special Education Martin Kibbe Industrial Arts Penelope Koski Elementary Deborah Krauss Nurse 208 Diane Krzywicki Nurse Fred Laberge Biology Constance Lincoln Medical Technology Linda Lowe Elementary James Maattala Math Margaret MacFarlane Elementary 209 _ William Mason History Janet Maynard Special Education Maureen McCarthy Special Education Elizabeth Moran Math Mary Moran Physics Dolores Moretto Elementary Patricia Norris Elementary Mary Ellen O ' Brien Special Education Robert O ' Reilly Industrial Arts Robert Peobody Industrial Arts 211 Jeanne Schneider Elementary Michael Shields Industrial Arts Thomas Smith Industrial Arts Don Sontick Industrial Arts Ann Marie Sullivan Special Education Sherry Tetrault Elementary 212 In Appreciation! In a person ' s life, the most important people are usually those who are honest, open, and genuinely concerned with events around them. Ms. Rose Marie Esposito and Mr. Dave Settle have given many unselfish hours to the class of 1972 in their roles as class advisors. Thank you both for teaching us free- dom, involvement and love. Mac Judy Michael Carlene Class of 1972 213 " For what is it to die but to stand naked in the wind and to melt into the sun? And what is it to cease breathing, but to free the breath from its reatless tides, that it may rise and expand and seek God unencumbered? Only when you drink from the river of silence shall you indeed sing. And when you have reached the mountain top, then you shall begin to climb. And when the earth shall claim your limbs, then you shall truly dance " — Gibran 214 IN MEMORY OF KATHY MILLER A 1 215 MM m.i CAMPUS CANDIDS um a 5t Ah W a s 219 220 ■ H 221 M ■■■■ 223 224 « - 225 226 227 228 SAX. STAFF v 3 A 229 ___ 230 231 Editor-in-Chief— Michael Shields Coordinating Editor— Duncan MacEachern Secretary— Cyndy Van Amburgh Photographers— Mark (Pumpkin) Leonard— Bob Quance Mascott— Charmin Sponsor— Mr. Howard John Besnia And special thanks to; Joe Madden Jack FitzGerald Cindy Moore Janet Hunt Joe Donovan Karen MacEachern Dick Sharkey Rick (Fat Frenchman) Lavorie The Camera Shop and Darmanin— Adams Studio Fitchburg, Mass. Mr. Raymond Hoops Barbara Orzlack Paul Sadowski Craig Miller Apologies to people whose names were not placed with their team or organization pictures. 232

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