Fitchburg State University - Saxifrage Yearbook (Fitchburg, MA)

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Fitchburg State University - Saxifrage Yearbook (Fitchburg, MA) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Cover

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v-.» •tfr mam ■ Hi. n P h Ha ma ■ . ! %tP?Pi ■ . ' -.. ■ •. :• £ 1970 saxifrage Btchburg c college BtchbtlTg m.iss.u htuetti ■ ■ BS I IKHi am rv,,. ■m kmm . ■ I a- - 7 f MM • ;i . ■ ■ m IH I V M I X 4 " " ■ n»; yy • " V S Jf Ti»S I ■ I ■ 4 ' jli , ' »iLl i( ' J iAiffi Tf W KJk T- ' |i ■ m r , t m m . m i»i Vf»»r — " V V Y i r J ' 1 ' . ' N f ■ t ' 7 ♦ $ rV ■ ' " .,9. ■i II ■■ ■■H x I! H ■■1 si H ■ H MB ' - . --. „ jrf - 9 - £ ■ P , i — ' r L ' A« .V ■ — - iM- " HS FT ' jljihs -. - n « V " v ' » » 4 - - . " •ft 4ft 1 1 I -.% I • I - : ' . ' 4. ' J ■ J.I I! HHfi ,a-- - y J ■J .- J ir I ■ .- J ' , •■ !» ' , wm mt. ■J ' J r (S « , « » ' •• Jfc rl ' Wl . 1 mfci : H SH I ] ™ ' f d • r 1 ■ i » •»•♦•• • m I M ■m I l ■ HH HHHHHHHHi y r •7 el ' J d n E (►, ■ 3i ■ »W.- I ■ .4, ■ i jp r Iw3 i i% " iSSl i L l=s V P J ' • ■ ■■ , yjJJ it. , t fi] I •fr a : i r t . . an f ... ' S HHBBBHHHVHi ■ ■■■■■i HMBHMi H w " N ;?. tf ' rfj I I ■ ■o H « ' : A M p + i-w™ € 0 " ' H ■ I s» «5 ■ -. 1 Vf •• ' u m V ' 1 r feL I 1 f • t i ,_ i s » t i 1 I [■ •d ' • » = - _ l r -« ■ : r vi Mi nr »1 ., 2 ' ▼I 7 2 i lJ|il •; k l ' L rv t) W ' . ' j l ' toy 1 - ; ■I % a « ' - : ■ v ' 4 A • l i ' I ■! ■ r» ■ THEC ANDOjl VSU R.WA I ■ ■ ■ I T X «K -. . W fK «»i : tf f m m rt !A« ' fj ' • ' ' si K ' y 1 vD v ' i V ' v v n 1 LII Uv«M ' V t fil-3hffi MH - •U.N - XVIl l f V» ' U4»r ,. il wM " WlnNldKr " Bff w$s,w v y " 11 s, w£ v MaE i JlmSil fc mSjr ' B« -V . Y B B V M£imC ' n£i " ' ■ ' ' • Sm " $Wc Rj£ TvJ ■ v • Vfti i» L fjBli lffi $HJk ' $ Oh 0 31 HBr ISjBftv r 1 ' vx% , v X ffJ iy»580 B Rph y v lj I ti i jJ t wS r " 9£j0 var9SS94299c9QLj 1 • M ftjitH r m HBP S Vf 1 ■• ■J ' " " aB- 5 : | xS| jsSBBSZf ' 1 " " B " P ' Tf ' ' - ' C Aln 09 7 C ™-» [i_ ■ ' ini i • ■ " K P : lfe — -W7V [HI BittflP I M _ J ' J p • -. L» m9I •r- rjcs i ly tgfl . •■ ' ' -■ ' ■ H ■..• ' " ' ■ -W ifW muz ' ••■ ' v-V ■ ■ ■m I i ■I -v w ff l . CjgMWj . w ' Atf ey fes — - , , „ ■ ■ I ■ i jk Edit ors Notes on the Passing ot the Academic Year 1969-70: 1 ■ r t ■ ■ 4, ... ■ . This past year we saw the cultural and political revolutions intertwine so closely that it seems evident they must either function as one or snap from their own opposing pressures. We watched while Woodstock captured the emotional drive of many of the apolitical hips, and they traveled to Washington on Moratorium Day in search of their lost Woodstock Nation. What they found, mixed in with the sensual pleasures, were the responsibilities a community comprised of so many diverse individuals must face. We felt this education become much more involved during the tour of the Chicago Circus as the self-proclaimed leaders of " the " revolution verbally assaulted every power structure in American-establishment-society. Out of the Chicago Conspiracy Trial came the heros and the villians of a human comedy entitled simply American Justice. We listened as inept leaders preached hazy ideals and censured dubious idols and institution . . . Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, Julius J., The Capitalist System, Ted Kennedy, Red, White, and Blue, Clean Gene and the list goes on And Rudd went on and is still going. And James Simon Kunen is still cashing in. And Easy Riders seem much more plentiful than shotgun wielding rednecks. In any event Harley Davidson sales are up considerably higher than Remington firearms. And Kent State made the respectable American populace keenly aware of a national student strike and the reasons for it. And Jackson State received notably less attention in White America than the slaying of white middle class students. And Fitchburg State people flowed in the mainstream of the misin- formed uninvolved. " Final Exams Will Be Held As Scheduled " And Eldridge Cleaver is no longer studied in Black Author Class. And Bobby Seale is still confined in a prison cell. And the voters of Fitchburg are willfully paying for the livelihood of Gerry Lombard and Philip Philbin. And Harold James Shea Shot And Killed Himself. And Graduation was held as scheduled. And a national student movement was formed to campaign for peace candidates. And Robert Drinan ' s student support in Fitchburg is next to nugatory. And the school year 1970-71 will be performed as scheduled . . . And we ' ve stopped watching and listening and feeling, for a while, anyway. i Senior Portraits Henry Abbott Industrial Arts Russell Adams English Joan Allard Elementary James Andrews Industrial Arts Rosemary Andrade Elementary Kathleen Andries English Dennis Austin Industrial Arts Marilyn Austin Special Ed. John Avery English Stephen Bahde English Barbara Baldwin Special Ed. Deborah Bargeron Elementary James Beauregard History Priscilla Beauregard English Marcia Bennett Elementary John Lee Benson Elementary William Benson Medical Tech. Mary Biros Elementary Jane Blanchard Elementary Jean Blanchard Elementary Janet Blouin Elementary Mary Borowski Elementary Jan Bohlin Math Gerald Boudreau English David Bremmer Elementary Gerald Breton Biology Stephen Brown History Shirly Buja Medical Tech. Kathleen Burke English Kathleen Callahan Nursing Paul Carlotto Industrial Arts David Celuzza History Jane Charette Elementary Sandra Chiavaras Special Ed. Richard Cole Special Ed. William Cole Industrial Arts Kathleen Collette Elementary Mary Conlon Special Ed. Karen Conway Nursing Lauren Cote Math James Craigen Elementary Francis Crowley Elementary Lynn Daley Nursing Carol Darling Medical Tech. Maureen Delaney Special Ed. Robert Deisle English Roger Densmore English Edith Dery Elementary Sandra DiCamillo Elementary Jane Dickinson Math Julian Doktor Industrial Arts Trina Donaghey Special Ed. Edward T. Donnelly Industrial Arts Edward Doyle Special Ed. Katherine Dudek Special Ed. Patricia Dwight Elementary Janet Dyer Elementary Paul Gagliarduci Elementary Doreen Encarnocao Nursing Sharon Fay Special Ed. Rosemary Fennell Math Charles Ferreira Industrial Arts Margaret Fiorentino Elementary Michael Forgues Medical Tech. Anne Fournier Elementary Angela Franciosi English Priscilla French Nursing Gail Gallant Elementary Patricia Gallant Elementary Janet Gallo Elementary Joan Gaughan Elementary Marcia Gelas Nursing Phillip Giers Industrial Arts Cheryl Glenn Special Ed. Jean Goodell Nursing Joanne Green Special Ed. Maureen Grier Elementary Paula Groccia Special Ed. Mary Haaker Elementary Ellen Hantzes Medical Tech. Michael Harney Industrial Arts Jeanne Hastings Nursing Mary Healy Elementary Ernest Hebert Biology Jane Hebert Elementary Laura Henrickson Special Ed. William Hicks Special Ed. Janet Hirons Elementary Marylou Houle Nursing Dorothy (Hummel) Fair Special Ed. Joyce Isherwood Elementary Anne Jankowski Special Ed. Donald Jeffery Industrial Arts Paula Kelly Elementary David Kicrnan Math Marilyn Kloza Nu rsing Virginia Krymowski Elementary Lawrence LaBrack Industrial A rts Patricia Lak Special Ed. Elanic Landry Elementary JoAnn Larkin Special Ed. Donald Lawrence Biology Linda Lawrence Biology Kathleen LeBlanc Elementary Jean Leonardi Elementary Dianne Lomme Special Ed. Valorie (Long) Coope Elementary Charles Lopresti Industrial Arts Daniel Lovett Elementary Patricia MacAloney Elementary William MacDonald History Richard Maiolo Industrial Arts Jacqueline Marshall Nursing Diane Mason Elementary Kathleen Mason Elementary Richard Matson Math Christine Mazmanian Elementary Eliza beth McArdle Special Ed. V Maureen McCarthy Elementary Gary McCauley Industrial Arts James McCormick Elementary Judy McFarland Elementary Phyllis McHugh Elementary Kathryn McLaughlin Nursing Joan McMillan Special Ed. Joan McMurray Elementary Janet McMurray Elementary Anthony McNamama History Eleanor Miller English Stephanie Milosh Elementary Jacqueline Morin Elementary Robert Morin Special Ed. Sandra Morin Elementary John Nacke Biology Claudia Nebel Special Ed. Susan Nerney Special Ed. Linda Nichelson Elementary Thomas Nowd Elementary Kathleen Nutting Elementary Ann O ' Brien Elementary Walter O ' Brien Special Ed. Richard O ' Donnel History Susan Oliva Elementary Joseph Olsyak Industrial Arts Peter O ' Malley Special Ed. Constance Pappas Elementary Laura Parker Elementary Paul Parker Biology Lorraine Patenaude Special Ed. Theresa Pedini Math Robert Pesce Industrial Arts Barbara Petrin Elementary Jane Pierce Elementary Jean Pietrasiak Nursing Cynthia Pochini Elementary Elizabeth Poisson Elementary Adrian Pokki Elementary Nancy Poliks Elementary Edward Popoli Elementary Kathleen Quill Nursing Suzanne Regali Special Ed. Kathleen Reid Elementary Margaret Reilly Elementary Robert Ritacco Medical Tech. Barbara Robertson Special Ed. Judy Rodiquenz Elementary , Ann Marie Rondeau Elementary Victoria Rose Special Ed. Donald Roussell English Alan Ruuska Biology Sheila Ryan Medical Tech. Linda Snatavitta Elementary Margaret Savery Elementary Katheryn Schubach Elementary William Sidebottom Industrial Arts Patricia Seaver Elementary Diane Stanholtz Special Ed. Richard Shea Special Ed. Ronald Smith Chemistry Carol Soares Elementary Helene Starks English Dorothy Staveley Elementary Roger St. Jean Special Ed. Ellen Sturtevant Elementary Constance Talbot Elementary Rita Trevains Nursing Linda Underwood Elementary Carol Vander English James Vincent Math F A$. Beverly Walenziak Math Susan Welin Elementary Carla Wirzburger Elementary Carole Wright Medical Tech. Jean Wyzga Elementary Wayne Zibrat Industrial Arts Jan Cloutier Industrial Arts Elaine (Dias) Avery Biology George Goodwin Industrial Arts Thomas Kane Elementary Lorraine Ostrowski Elementary Lauren (Verrier) Dignam Special Ed. Donna Clark Elementary Thomas Gherna Industrial Arts Margare Gonyeo Elementary Janice Lis Elementary Susan McCurry Medical Technology Anita Maurier Special Ed. Raymond Marhefka Industrial Arts William Marsh History Nancy Quigly Special Ed. Richard Rockwood Industrial Arts James Salvidio Industrial Arts Lewis Scott Industrial Arts 4 Claire Sullivan Special Ed, Frank Tokas Industrial Arts Dianne Villani English SENIORS - CLASS OF 70 Names and Addresses Abatsis. Susan G. Billodell Rd. Stow. Ma. 01775 Abbott, Henr 1 . 150 Walton St. Fitchburg, Ma. Abvsalh. Charles G. :: Ball St. Worcester, Ma. 01603 Adams. Russell C. 1192 Main Acushnet, Ma. 02743 Aho. Janice L. 82 Overlook Rd. Westminster, Ma. 01473 Aho, Hilary A. 20 Poplar St. Fitchburg, Ma. 01420 Albert. Donna C. 20 Williams St. Ayer, Ma. 01432 Aldrich, Marion J. W. Main St. Westminster, Ma. 01473 Allard, Joan L. Goldwaite Road Whitinsville, Ma. Allen, Marilyn L. 171 Gilbert Ave. Springfield, Ma. 01119 Andersen, Bruce S. 4 Abbey Road Quincy, Ma. 02169 Anderson, Margaret 98 Washington St. Leominster, Ma. 01453 Andrade, Rosemary 105 Belmont St. Taunton, Ma. 02780 Andrews, James 1 1 Rose Circle Peabody, Ma. 01960 Andrews, Dana R. 67 Day Street Fitchburg, Ma. 01420 Andries, Kathleen J. 26 Main Street Pepperell, Ma. 01463 Austin, Marilyn A. 452 Franklin Rd. Fitchburg, Ma. 01420 Austin, Dennis J. 21 Waverly St. Fitchburg, Ma. 01420 Avery, John P. 17 Beacon Street Fitchburg, Ma. Avery, Elaine M. 17 Beacon St. Fitchburg, Ma. Babineau, George R. RFDNo. 271 Hubbardston, Ma. Bahde, Stephen J. 180 River St. Fitchburg, Ma. 01420 Baldwin, Barbara A. 15 Elm St. Leominster, Ma. 01453 Bargeron, Deborah A. 650 So. Main St. Athol, Ma. 01331 Barney, Marie L. 1183 Mass. Ave. Lunenburg, Ma. 01462 Barnicle, Patricia A. 203 School St. Athol, Ma. 01331 Barsamian, Albert G. 19 Lyon St. Lowell, Ma. 01852 Beaudoin, Judith A. 150 Hawthorne Rd. Waltham, Ma. Beauregard, James E. 86 Wallace Hill Rd. Townsend, Ma. 01469 Beliveau, Priscilla T. 1 Myrtle Ave. Lee, Ma. 01238 Bell, Jr. Albert O. 71 Austin St. Leominster, Ma. Belliveau, Dennis E. 58 Silver St. Fitchburg, Ma. 01420 Belliveau, Pauline J. 44 Pratt St. Fitchburg, Ma. 01420 Belliveau, Patricia A. 79 Cedar St. Leominster, Ma. 01453 Benjamin, Elizabeth A. 284 High St. Ext. Southbridge, Ma. Bennett, Marcia L. Norwood Ct. Fitchburg, Ma. 01420 Benson, John L. 133 Essex St. Marlboro, Ma. 01752 Berry, Richard G. 29 Taylor St. Saugus, Ma. 01906 Bertrand, Kenneth J. 39 Gilmore St. Quincy, Ma. 02170 Biros, Mary D. 103 Linwood St. N. Uxbridge, Ma. 01538 Bisceglia, Joseph J. 67 Clinton St. Shrewsbury, Ma. Blanchard, Janet T. 326 Water St. Leominister, Ma. 01453 Blanchard, Jane A. 317 Brooks Rd. Athol, Ma. 01331 Blanchard, Jean M. 317 Brooks Rd. Athol, Ma. 01331 Blouin, Janet P. 25 York Ave. Fitchburg, Ma. 01420 Bohlin, Jan A. 35 Bellview Hgts. Ashland, Ma. Bonine, James L. 33 Crawford St. Leominster, Ma. Borgmann, Igrid Wayside Trailer Pk. Shirley, Ma. Borkowski, Mary 164 Sherman St. Gardner, Ma. 01440 Bosselman, John W. 275 Marshall St. Fitchburg, Ma. 01420 Boucher, Helen M. 127 Graham St. Gardner, Ma. Boudreau, Gerald C. 239 Cambridge St. Worcester, Ma. 01603 Boudreau, Gerard J. 370 Daniels St. Fitchburg, Ma. 01420 Boxill, Linda L. 148 Oakridge Dr. Ayer, Ma. 01432 Bremner, David B. 96 Pinedale Ave. Athol, Ma. Breton, Gerald R. 15 Hillside PI. Gardner, Ma. 01440 Breton, Peter G. 12HurdSt. Fitchburg, Ma. 01420 Brown, Stephen J. 83 West St. Lunenburg, Ma. 01462 Brown, Beverly A. Marble Road Sutton, Ma. 01527 Brown, Frank J. Massachusetts Ave. Harvard, Ma. 01451 Bumpus, Susan J. Gardner Rd. Hubbardson, Ma. Burke, Kathleen P. 96 Peck St. Franklin, Ma. 02038 Cabral, Joseph M. 1 Montana Court Leominster, Ma. 01440 Cahill, Maureen A. 12 Longview Way Peabody, Ma. 01960 Caisse, Mary E. 91 Highland Ave. Leominster, Ma. 01453 Callahan, Kathleen A. Boston Post Rd. Marlboro, Ma. Callahan, Kathleen T. 89 Pine St. Medfield, Ma. Callinan, John P. 7 Grout Ct. Worcester, Ma. Candelet, Gary J. 117 Central St. Acton, Ma. Carlson, Susan R. 549 West Street Gardner, Ma. 01440 Carlotto, Paul E. 464 Ventura St. Ludlow, Ma. Carter, Marilee J. 16 Washington St. Leominster, Ma. 01453 Carter, Patricia E. 53 Fairview St. Fitchburg, Ma. 01420 Celuzza, David 23 Hobson St. Fitchburg, Ma. 01420 Charette, Jane S. 109 Charlton St. Fitchburg, Ma. 01420 Chestercove, Cynthia A. 230 Chestnut St. Franklin, Ma. 02038 Chiavaras, Sandra S. 86 Grove St. Clinton, Ma. 01510 Christopher, Barbara E. 119 Townsend St. Fitchburg, Ma. Clark, Donna M. 655 Water St. Framingham, Ma. Cleary, Robert J. 195 BoyceSt. Auburn, Ma. 01501 Clifford, Thomas R. 46 Marshall Ave. Brant Rk, Ma. 02020 Cloutier, Jan S. 3 Hobart Ct. Danvers, Ma. 01923 Cloutier, Sheila A. 1873 River St. Readville, Ma. 02136 Cole, William T. 74 Bedford St. Concord, Ma. Cole, Richard C. 34 Hilltop Rd. Weymouth, Ma. 02191 Collette, Kathleen L. 260 Turnpike Rd. Fitchburg, Ma. 01420 Comerford, Ralph L. Water St. Ashburnham, Ma. Conlon, Mary B. 816 Lakeview Ave. Lowell, Ma. Conway, Karen S. 57 Preston St. Wakefield, Ma. Cormier, Alyre J. 147 Whitney St. Leominster, Ma. 01453 Cormier, Denise J. 34 Walker St. Leominster, Ma. Cornacchia, Marilyn B. 16 Orchard St. Leominster, Ma. 01453 Costello, George T. 37 Franklin St. Clinton, Ma. 01510 Cote, Lauren F. 60 Whitney Ave. Lowell, Ma. 01850 Coulter, Deborah M. Central Ave. Fitchburg, Ma. 01422 Courtemanch, Susan J. 103 Starr St. Leominster, Ma. 01453 Craigen, James B. 234 Boutelle Fitchburg, Ma. 01420 Crosby, Sally A. 16 Omena Place Fitchburg, Ma. 01420 Daley, Lynn M. 128Hadley St. Maiden, Ma. 02148 Darsch, Stephen G. 3 Mt. Pleasant St. Plymouth, Ma. 02360 Debski, John A. 55 Rainbow Ter. Salem, Ma. 01970 Decourcy, Paul Pleasant Dr. Peabody, Ma. Delaney, Maureen 53 Crescent Ave. Newton, Ma. Delisle, Robert N. 34 Walnut St. Fitchburg, Ma. 01420 Densmore, Roger A. 23 Top St. Clinton, Ma. 01510 Dermatis, Paul 42 West St. Fitchburg, Ma. 01420 DiCamillo, Sandra A. 25 Worsted St. Franklin, Ma. 02038 Dietz, Ruth M. 94 Culley St. Fitchburg, Ma. 01420 Dignam, John F. 397 North St. Fitchburg, Ma. 01420 Dinardo, Louise C. 304 Lancaster St. Leominster, Ma. 01453 Docekal, Donna L. 720 Blossom St. Fitchburg, Ma. 01420 Doktor, Julian J. Carl St. Warren, Ma. 01083 Donaghey, Trina E. 52 Park Dedham, Ma. 02026 Donnelly, Edward T. 225 North St. Whalom, Ma. 01420 Doran, Donna M. 30 Maple Grove Rd. Pittsfield, Ma. 01201 Doyle Jr., Edward F. 25 Fendale Ave. Dorchester, Ma. 02124 Dwight, Patricia D. 52 Douglas St. Uxbridgc, Ma. 01569 Dyer, Janet A. 8 Pincdale Ave. Pinehurst, Ma. 01866 Dziokonski, Carol A. 10 Ledge Ct. Clinton, Ma. 01510 Ekberg, David 26 Deer Pond Dr. Leicester, Ma. Eldridge, Donald 1005 Main Street Fitchburg, Ma. Emmott, Mary C. 50 Third St. Lowell, Ma. 01850 Encarnacao, Doreen M. 147 Rockland St. N. Bedford, Ma. 02740 Eng, Thomas H. 27 Charter St. Salem, Ma. 01970 Fair, Dolores H. 103 Snow Street Fitchburg, Ma. Fairbanks, Patricia M. 3 Otis St. Clinton, Ma. 01510 Fay, Mary S. 10 Milk St. Lexington, Ma. 02173 Fennell, Rosemary E. 207 Dalton Rd. Chelmsford, Ma. Ferreira, Charles W. 10 Plum St. Chelmsford, Ma. 01824 Fiorentino, Linda D. 34 Beekman St. Fitchburg, Ma. 01420 Fiorentino, Margaret V. 63 Timothy Cir. Springfield, Ma. 01 1 19 Firmin, Bryant J . 30 Woodland Rd. Leominster, Ma. 01453 Fish, Paula M. 925 Center St. Jamaica Pi., Ma. Fisher, Bruce A. Maiden St. W. Boylston, Ma. Fisher, Dana M. 1 74 Lovewell Gardner, Ma. 01440 Fitzgerald, Donna M. 214 Blossom St. Fitchburg, Ma. 01420 Fitzgerald, Phyllis R. Circuit Dr. Stow, Ma. 01775 Foley, Robert J. 25 Atlantic Ave. Fitchburg, Ma. 01420 Foster, Glenn R. 4 Eaton PI. Leominster, Ma. Fournier, Anne M. 243 St. Joseph Ave. Fitchburg, Ma. 01420 Franciosi, Angela R. 173 Middle St. Leominster, Ma. 01453 Francis, Michael T. So. Shore Rd. Westminster, Ma. Francis, Dorothy R. 400 School St. Boylston, Ma. Francis, Gerald J . 23 Locust St. N. Bedford, Ma. 02745 French, Priscilla M. East State St. Granby, Ma. 01033 Gabis, Theresa A. 375 Pleasant St. Gardner, Ma. 01440 Gagliarducc, Paul C. 246 Mill St. Springfield, Ma. 01108 Gallant, Gail J. 495 Pleasant St. Leominster, Ma. 01453 Gallant, Patricia A. 119 Graham Gardner, Ma. 01440 Galvin, Richard T. Mason Rd. Dudley, Ma. 01570 Garccau, Louis A. 202 Charles St. Fitchburg, Ma. 01420 Gaughan, Joan M. 14 Coyne St. Clinton, Ma. 01510 Gelas, Marcia M. 77 Circuit Rd. S. Weymouth, Ma. 02190 Gendron, Burton P. 305 Pratt Rd. Fitchburg, Ma. 01420 Gendron, Marc W. Leino Park Westminster, Ma. Gherna, Thomas 1). 107 Pin Cushion Rd. Framingham, Ma. 01701 Gaidone, Paula M. 1 I Prospect Ave. Leominster, Ma. 01453 Giddings, Geoffrey A. Morton St. Stoughton. Ma. 02072 Giers, Philip M. 10 Kenwood Chelmsford, Ma. 01824 Glenn, Sheryl 48 Lawton Street Brookline, Ma. Going, John 1. 73 Lowe Leominster, Ma. 01453 Gonyco, Margaret M. I J9 Acadia Rd. Gardner, Ma. 01440 Goodell, Jean L. Colrain Rd. Colr.iin. Ma. 01340 Goodwin, George M. 9 Grovcr Ave. Hull. Ma. 02045 Goss, Robert M. 116 Cottage St. Leominster. Ma. 01453 Gould. Roland C. 207 Chapin Rd. Hudson, Ma. 01749 Grabus. Carol A. lib Devon Rd. Norwood, Ma. 02062 Grautski. James E. 217 Seventh St. Leominster. Ma. 01453 Green. David P. 82 Oxford St. Auburn, Ma. 01501 Greene, Joanne E. 531 King Philip St. Fall River, Ma. Grier. Maureen A. 150 St. Bernards St. Fitchburg, Ma. 01420 Groccia, Paula L. 15 Caspar Worcester, Ma. 01604 Haaker. Mary J. 22 Matthew St. Fitchburg, Ma. 01420 Haemer, Thomas J. 37 Crown St. Clinton, Ma. 01510 Hale, Mary F. 91 Wallace Hill Rd. Townsend, Ma. 01469 Haley, Michael D. 53 Pierce Ave. Lunenburg, Ma. 01462 Hannula, Joyce I. 79 E. Rd. Westminster, Ma. 01473 Harley, James E. 183 North St. Fitchburg, Ma. 01420 Harney, Michael F. 97 Corning Beverly, Ma. 01915 Hartness, Donna M. 7 Abington St. Worcester, Ma. 01603 Hastings, Jeanne M. 67 Casey St. Norwood, Ma. 02062 Hathaway, Barbara A. 168 Highland Ave. Fitchburg, Ma. 01420 Hatstat, Margaret M. May St. RFD Leominster, Ma. 01453 Hayes, Robert E. 46 Ainsworth , .lindale, Ma. Healy, Mary M. 42 Breezy Ft. Road ver, Ma. Hebert, Jane C. 53 Spruce Street Fitchburg, Ma. 01420 Hebert, Ernest H. 53 Spruce St. Fitchburg, Ma. 01420 Hedlund, Betty N. 64 Esther St. Worcester, Ma. Henrikson, Laura A. 128 Marshall St. Fitchburg, Ma. 01420 Hertel, Peter A. 12 R. Granite St. Fitchburg, Ma. 01420 Hesketh, Thomas 21 Waverly St. Fitchburg, Ma. 01420 Hicks, William R. 81 Washington Leominster, Ma. 01453 Hirons, Janet A. 18 Highland St. Gardner, Ma. 01440 Hodgen, Doris A. 260 Franklin Newton, Ma. 02158 Hohl, Irene T. Webster St. Ext. Clinton, Ma. 01510 Holden, E. Lorraine L. 147 Biscayne St. Leominster, Ma. 01453 Hollien, Lynn S. 96 Main St. Shelbourne Falls, Ma. Hopfmann, Alwin E. Tuttle Rd. Sterling, Ma. 01564 Horan, Dwight F. 4 Wheeler Rd. Ashby, Ma. 01431 Hughes, Robert A. 8 Victor Ave. Worcester, Ma. 01603 Hunter, Elizabeth A. 91 Ryefield Rd. Fitchburg, Ma. 01420 Huot, Donald P. 326 Lunenburg St. Fitchburg, Ma. Isherwood, Joyce C. 380 Alden Rd. Fairhaven, Ma. 02719 Jacques, Denis R. Sutton St. Northridge, Ma. 01534 Janas, George J. Johnson Rd. Sterling, Ma. 01565 Jankowski, Ann E. 106 BeechingSt. Worcester, Ma. 01602 Jette, Joseph Nashua Shirley, Ma. 01464 Jewett, Eleanor F. 326 Rockland St. Hingham, Ma. Johnson, Bruce M. River Rd. Haddam, Conn. 06438 Johnson, Linda M. 104 Pond St. Leominster, Ma. Jordan, John Q. 14 Adams Rd. Framingham, Ma. 01701 ' Kane, Thomas J. 4 Congress Pi. Fitchburg, Ma. 01420 Kao, William D. Fitchburg Rd. Townsend, Ma. 01469 Karelas, Paula D. 59 Highland Ave. Arlington, Ma. Kelley, Paula M. 15NashobaRd. W. Acton, Ma. 01720 Kelly, James C. 226 Laurel St. Fitchburg, Ma. 01420 Kemp, Susan M. 45 Clinton St. Fitchburg, Ma. Kenney, Clifford O. 10 Gibson Leominster, Ma. 01453 Kiernan, David P. 215 West St. Lunenburg, Ma. 01462 Kinniery, Anne M. 22 Paton Rd. Shrewsbury, Ma. 01545 Kloza, Marilyn J. 203 Pleasant St. Lowell, Ma. 01850 Kluz, Sieglind 57 Pearl St. Ayer, Ma. Knowles, Doris H. 21 Carriageway Dr. Fitchburg, Ma. Kohler, Diane M. 7 Mt. Vernon St. Fitchburg, Ma. Kosier, Jane 155 Blacksone Fall River, Ma. Koski, Linda M. Litchfield Pines Leominster, Ma. 01453 Koski, Dawn M. 20 Main St. Townsend, Ma. 01469 Krawczyk, Linda L. 190 Mountain St. E. Worcester, Ma. Krymowski, Virginia A. 161 Euclid St. Gardner, Ma. 01440 Krysiak, Kathleen A. 14 Bristol Ave. Clinton, Ma. 01510 Labrack, Lawrence V. 10 New So. Ashburnham, Ma. Lacomfora, Jean S. 17 Shrine Ave. W. Boylston, Ma. 01583 LaFortune, Lawrence F. 435 Nashua Rd. Dracut, Ma. 01826 Lajoie, Sally J. 27 Hill Gardner, Ma. 01440 Lak, Patricia J. 7 N. Common No. Brookfield, Ma. Lamanna, John P. 290 Pleasant St. Leominster, Ma. Lamanna, Lucia M. 454 Elm Street Fitchburg, Ma. Lanciani, William M. 221 West St. Leominster, Ma. 01453 Lanciani, Gary P. 121 Union St. Leominster, Ma. 01453 Landry, Elaine D. 69 Tolman Ave. Shirley, Ma. 01464 Landry, Ernest J. 59 Tolman Ave. Shirley, Ma. 01464 Large, Kenneth 122 Walnut St. Stoughton, Ma. Larkin, Jo Ann 91 Mishawum Rd. Woburn, Ma. 01801 Lawrence, Linda M. 53 Richardson Dr. Fitchburg, Ma. 01420 Lawrence, Donald J. 25 Packard Lancaster, Ma. 01523 Le Blanc Patricia T. 26 Pleasant Chicopee, Ma. 01013 LeBlanc, Kathleen M. 188 No. Main St. Leominster, Ma. LeBlanc, Frances B. 63 Harrison St. Leominster, Ma. Lee, Kathryn M. 74 Warren St. Fitchburg, Ma. 01420 Lehtonen, Carl E. 590 Pearl St. Fitchburg, Ma. 01420 Lemmo, Anne C. Hale St. Fitchburg, Ma. 01420 Leonardi, Jean A. 49 Obery St. Plymouth, Ma. 02360 Letourneau, Joseph F. 124 Warner Ave. Worcester, Ma. 01604 Lind, Peter C. Ill Willow St. Quincy, Ma. Lis, Janice M. Liberty Otter Riv., Ma. 01440 Lombard, Kristen M. 73 Lancester Ave. Lunenburg, Ma. Lomme, Dianne M. 28 Cane St. Fitchburg, Ma. 01420 Lopresti, Charles S. 45 Broadway Raynham, Ma. Lovett, Daniel V. 2 Halsey Rd. Hydepark, Ma. 02136 Lyons, Daniel E. 15 Milton St. Cambridge, Ma. MacAloney, Patricia A. 6 Academy St. Westminster, Ma. 01473 MacDonald, William C. 42 Prospect St. Clinton, Ma. Macken, Patricia J. 148 Bartlett Ave. Winthrop, Ma. 02152 Madigan, Dorothy A. 3 Moore Dr. Ayer, Ma. 01432 Maiolo, Richard P. 251 Oakland St. Springfield, Ma. 01108 Marcoux, Russell P. Box 335, Cottage Lane Templeton, Ma. Marhekfa, Raymond E. 633 High St. Clinton, Ma. 01510 Marsello, Paul H. 1 1 Rockland Rd. Auburn, Ma. 01501 Marsh, William R. 102 Elm St. Winchendon, Ma. 01475 Marshall, Jacquelyn 331 Marshall Rd. 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Clinton, Ma. 01510 Zeiner, Diane E. 2 Oak Street Fitchburg, Ma. w Editor Jay Sampson Assistant Editor John Antonelli Associate Editors Paul Carlotto Julian Doktor Stevie Milosh Barbara Robertson Eleanor Jewett Robert Pesce Robert O ' Riely Mark Rice Advisor Mr. Howard Besnia Special thanks to Arthur Kohler— Woodland Publishing and David Santoro— Massachusetts College of Art ■r H ■£] ■H ; ' -■% Sit H9 v m m ■ I ' ?S- -.. ' BT » :T-m ' ■ ■ ' ■m

Suggestions in the Fitchburg State University - Saxifrage Yearbook (Fitchburg, MA) collection:

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