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M M W ' l ' ' ■ ! FITCHBURG STATE COLLEGE DONATED BY CLASS OF 68 I QAXIFRAGE H ■ ■VPPt HIGH RISE DORM HB Pi ; P a g; .. -, ■tST ' - : 1 " E • | 1 HJ w a S I H p t y r y ym - P - 1 f 1 ! i J| HERLIHY DORM SPRING . . . awakening . . . beauty . . . newness . . . memories. g FITCHBURG 9TATE FITCHBURG - MASSACHUSETTS VOLUME XLVIII - B ■ r !ig ■■ ' . » Gf % « »v 3p -, f .-Jpi HL I Of iime ou would make a stream upon . whosefanl you m ld sit and watch its flowing. f tf th Jmeless in you is aware of life ' s imelessnesK ' m ZmMd ino0 th m yesterday is bur today ' s WmtmSsy aHd tomorrow is today ' s dream. %Atd0tttat % ttch sings and contemplates in % t i you is still dwelling ithin the bounds of that $ ! your- mht you must measuft time into seasotfajtfvach season encircle all the ' o titer sa$ms, fAist ' wmrMrnrMiy iu ' rKmiirmiftMMn iitMM ' u i brance and the future with longing. Kahlil (jib ran . J| : %) i ! mm Bygia S v w ] IW ' " MB r i .4 11 1 r «» i HMr B TS ■ m ?V ■ - • 3? V HNV ,T - • , ft ' • ' 1 mm W C$i m 1 5v ■ ' 1 £ ■ • L V Vl li »«22 X A V W wm m V- F ■ A. ™ ■ Ww ■ t I fcwlj bkm ■ " a H i 1 mJJtS x„ 1 j jEVl 1 } 1 jk H » - m. t . kJ " K.t T! 1 1 y TVJ iAv« ttv v 7 »y - - TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 9 - - ! ' Tv •tfraaa : • " « ,db . FACULTY AND 4 . ADMINISTRATION . CLUBS . SPORTS . ACTIVITIES . UNDERCLASSMEN . SENIORS 4i r » V li 12 ■ ' v-»; " Dedication So many times we needed the extra lift to kelp us through a trying time, because he was always there with a word of wisdom, a moment of counsel and advice, and a bit of humor, we, the Class of 1969, dedicate our yearbook to M Karl CindquisL it ■ ADMINISTRATION FACULTY 15 DEAN OF WOMEN Miss Mary Louise Roache DEAN OF MEN Mr. William H. Fitzgibbon 253 I 16 ■ May the familiar places and faces recorded in this edition of the Saxifrage be an ever pleasant reminder of your undergraduate days at F.S.C. May your accomplishments as an undergrad be their own reward and may they serve as a bellweather for greater deeds of service and leadership. May your life beyond this institution be most rewarding with bountiful measures of success, happiness and peace. May your ties with Alma Mater unite you with those who are grateful, loyal and of lasting credit to this college. May we all see and hear from you often. W ' ; _ Wl ' U ' um ' I James J. Hammond President ADMINISTRATION DR. GEORGE H. MERRIAM Dean of the College DR. JOSEPH F. DURANT Dean of Students MR. JOHN J. BOURSY Assistant to the President MR. JOHN J. MAZEIKA Registrar MR. LAWRENCE W. ] ( KSON Direc tor of Admissions 19 INDUQTRIAL ART9 DR. EDWARD T. DONNELLY. Chairman fc MR. WALTER F. HARROD MR. RENE J. THOMAS MR. RAYMOND G. HOOPS 20 ' , MR. FREDERICK MILLER MR. JOSEPH E. CARPENTER MR. EVERETT N. ISRAEL MR. IOSKPH I RI S Mi; imw i:d I B1 SN1 MR. ERLING HANSON K T ■■ ■ H ■ ■ :j 1 ffiri wA ■ -Hi " kmm jA MR. DAVID F. RYDER DR. EDWARD F. DRISCOLL DR. HAROLD J. ENZIAN MR. ALFRED HOBBS 22 DR. WILLIAM J. GOLDMAN, Chairman DR. ANNE M. MAY SPECIAL EDUCATION mi: i i:i i; i in iikiiw 1 1 MRS. KATHERINK EF.YW 23 EDUCATION DR. ADELE DRISCOLL, Chairman DR. DORIS L. MOQUIN DR. FRANCIS P. POWERS 24 MISS PATRICIA N. BARBARESI MRS. AARON MR. WALTER J. RICHARDS l)R. ROBERT W. GRETA K 25 MR. THOMAS BATTINELLI, Chairman MM.-. .SHEILA HILL PHY9ICAL EDUCATION MR. DAVID N. SETTELE MR. LEE W. CUNNINGHAM 26 MR. NICHOLAS COPOULOS MATHEMATICQ MR. JOSEPH ANGELINI, Chairman MISS ELIZABETH II SKI S MR. IXWAU) FREEBURG Mi; Ri »B1 R i w ' I M!K 27 DR. KATHERINE SEHL. Chairman MISS ROWENA TAYLOR MISS EVELYN HAYES MISS THERESA DOWNEY MRS. MARY HALEY MISS LILLIAN LWVA MISS HOPE PARKER 28 NURQING MISS RITA DRISCOLL MISS BERNICE KRAWIEC MRS. VIRGINIA DOYLE MRS.MARGAR1 I 1 IYLOR MISS fOANNl S X NSON 29 BIOLOGY DR. ROBERT A. ZOTTOLI DR. FREDERIC DAVIS DR. FRANK E. WOLF DR. DONALD SCHMIDT MISS ROSE M. ESPOSITO DR. MARY RENGO ™ MR, GEORGE STEFI WIDES DR. GEORGE CONDIKE CHEMI9TRY DR. HASAN BEY DR. MICHAEL VIGNALE DR. [OHN v M M 31 MR. NORMAN FREDETTE MR. ROBERT SHAUGHNESSY MR. THEODORE LAPIERRE MR. KARL R..LINDQUIST PHYSICS MR. WILLIAM A. BOWERS 32 £0f£ GEOGRAPHY MISS CATHERINE COX MR. PETER OSTERROTH DR. PETER CORBIN 33 DR. JOHN F. NASH, Chairman DR. LAWRENCE J. ARNOLD MR. EDMUND B. THOMAS MR. DANIEL YENKEVITCH 34 90CIAL QTUDIES MR. DOUGLAS HEBB MR. NORMAN CARSON DR. MURIEL G. McAVOY MR, I (H I- I Ik! 35 DR. ORIN A. LEONARD DR. GRAINGER BROWNING PSYCHOLOGY AND SOCIOLOGY DR. HARRY L. CROWLEY, Chairman MR. VINCENT HALEY 36 . DR. RICHARD A. DeCESARE PHIL090PHY MR. MICHAEL CONLON MR. ANTHONY FEROCI MR. PIERRE PINE! LANGUAGE 37 HE7X MR. COLIN A. BOURN MR. DANIEL HEALY DR. AVIVA FREEDMAN Di! Willi m D. I ' l RCEL1 MR. JOHN McGRMIJR. 39 MR. GEORGE M. CASE MR. ERWIN PALLY MR. LOUIS P. SHEPHERD MISS IRENE M. MIRANDA 40 MR. JOHN J. BLACK 9PEECH MR. RICHARD KRUSK HOME ECONOMICG lis.- i ' ,i i: fi i i ni ininr 41 FINE ARTS DR. ROBERT FRITZ MR. ELMER ARSENAULT MR. HARRY SEMERJIAN DR. RICHARD L. KENT MR. DONALD M.ADAMS MISS LINDA J. KYLE MR. FRANK E. PATTERSON 42 i JUNIOR HIGH 9CHOOL MR. ROBERT S. TAPPLY MR. RICHARD F. CONDON MRS. FRANCES MARSHALL MR. JAMES W. BALENTINE Ml. ' . I 01 IS l ORB l MR. HAROLD F. DESMOND Mi: l RANI I- McSHl RRY 43 EDGE ANI Dll MRS. MARGARET BENTON MRS. HELEN CARNEY MISS MARION CUSHMAN MRS. HELEN FOOT MRS. IRENE PASSIOS 44 MRS. HELEN RILEY LY MISS ELIZABETH O ' CONNOR MISS BETTINA ASSELTA MRS. ESSIE MAE JACKSON 1K. KOHKIM Mi Dl i: lnl I MISS II IZABl :n M VNEY MRS. ANNE GREEN 45 46 NON TEACHING PERSONNEL 48 ■■ ' ■■ .■. ■•- ' ' J .+ ■a %. r to v_ -r m r 9 w 4 1 : •■.■:. ' .•■■• ' ..■• .- . • -:•.. ;•.■■ ,. ., .„■: -.■.■ . . . ' ... ' ■_ • ; . . ,. .... : ' . - . ' • ■ . ■ ■ ' . • HERLIHY DORM BOARD -Al ml P w - w I ' 4 B fr l ■|b;A mv. I m President Richard Dejnak Vice President Stephen Carder Treasurer Robert Macorne Sponsor Mr. Vincent Hayley HIGH RISE DORM BOARD President Claire Sullivan Vice President Jean Mulcahy Rec. and Corres. Secretary Karen Conway Treasurer Doreen Encarnacao Social Chrmn. Paula Brown 52 MILLER HALL DORM BOARD President Elaine Watson Vice President Pamela Barnes Recording Secretary Mary Ellen Harris Treasurer Sharon Olszewski Sponsor Mrs. Majorie McNally PALMER HALL DORM BOARD President Doris Hodgen Vice President Sharon Sevvell Rec. and Corres. Secretary Joanne Greene Treasurer Linda Humphrey Sponsor Miss M. Irene Miranda 53 9 TUDENT G OVERNMENT A QSOCIATION President Robert Audette Vice President Linda Hansen Treasurer John Marion Corresponding, Secretary Ann Miller Recording Secretary Sharon Colburn REPRESENTATIVES Class of 1969 Frances Azevedo Roderic Smith Lynne Sullivan Ronald Therrien Class of 1970 William Benson Ellie Jewett Dennis Picard Joan Sweeney Class of 1971 Eileen Budri Peggy Crawford David Iannacone Paul Romano Class of 1972 Suzi Anderson Stephen Finneron Mary Jane Morrissey Paul Sadowski Miss Tate SPONSORS Mr. Angelini Mr. Copoulos -A ■ " •I »r » f%9 President James Dodge Vice President Paul Carlotto Treasurer Carl Lehtonen Recording Secretary Thomas Haemer Corresponding Secretary Edward Emanuel Sponsor Mr. Raymond Hoops EP9IL0N PI TAU President James I ' " ' I ;e Vice President Richai ' I Pel i eaull Secretary Lee ■ I - 1 M-t I Treasurer I hai les I • ' ! ( " titer Trustee Mi . I .11 iaa Co-Trustr- s I )i . 1 ii Mi . ( .ii pentei 55 MUSIC CLUBS BAND President Stephen George Vice President Charles Ghiringhelli Secretary Carol Sande Treasurer Linda Fazio Sponsor Mr. Harry Samerjian GLEE CLUB Presidents Karen St. Cyr Constance Fanos Vice President Mary Healy Secretary Anne Courtney Treasurer Peter Pecorelli Librarians Candice Smith Constance Zandes CAR0U9EL r , U KJ 57 H09T AND H08TE8S CLUB President Susan LeSage Vice President-Secretary Marsha Bennett Sponsor Miss Roache 8PECIAL EDUCATION CLUB President Gail Worthen Vice President Claire Sullivan Rec. and Corres. Secretary Joanne Greene Treasurer Nancy Bartolucci Sponsor Dr. Anne May 58 WHO ' S WHO Susan Abatsis John Aho Robert Audette James Backus Barbara Christopher Anne Courtney Julian Doktor Constance Fanos Joanne Grant Joanne Greene Linda I [arisen Dolores Hummel Robert Hunter Patricia Jones Jacqueline Marshall Gary Mitchell Elaine MurpliN Richard Perreault Eileen Ouinn I ;i niil Ibiliin-dii Karen St. C r Kathleen Solomito Claire Sulli an Joseph antour Carla irsburger Gail Worthen Barbara ule LOGOS HONOR SOCIETY President HuImiI udette I ti President James Backus Secretin I reasurer Jan:. • ■. ine Sponsor I )i . I!i. hard 1 1 I 59 President Ronald Therrien Vice President Donnld Starr Recording Secretary Joseph McDonough Corresponding Secretary Daniel Lyons Treasurer Michael Shea Sponsor Mr. Lee Cunning MEN ' G INTRAMURAL BOARD WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION President Valerie Long Vice President Diane Fullonton Recording Secretary Gail Carey Treasurer Cynthia Kincaid Sponsor Mrs. Sheila Hill Volleyball Co-Chrmn. Kathleen Ellia Gail Maroni Swimming Chrmn. Ann Kathleen Spellman Special Sports Chrmn. Francis Azevedo Awards Chrmn. Carol Robin ' . i m SPORTS FOR FUN i 1 1 V? I ) 61 NEWMAN CLUB in ( J President Philip Barth Vice President Kathleen Solomito Recording Secretary Carla Wirzburger Corresponding Secretary Doreen Encarnacao Treasurer Donald Rousell Sponsors Miss Elizabeth Maney Mr. Rene Thomas 62 " Cheer up! Your troubles will soon pass away. Then you will have worse ones " Bill Smith ' o . 2 No. 16 Fitchburg State College Student Weekly Wednesday. February 5, 1969 Hold On am and Dave Are Conr Rules For SGA Council Election From February 3- 7th ONLY, nomination papers for Stu- BY RICH MAH The ' 68- ' 69 school I rought many change ' inter Carnival Weel jary 13-16 will also ! le tradition. Never be I istory of FSC has m I een spent on any sii id than will be spent irnival ' 69. Joint I reshman, Sophomc mior classes have i have one and po: (tra days of entertai) Thursday night will ie weekend with the il movie the " Card II alcon hoopsters will I ■ dual on th° court Fr : Uurday will bring ioulpture in the foren impetition in the aft ; e Ball in the evenir At 3 o ' clock on Si louble Dynamite of S ' , ill sway the walls of I: ymnasium. (The Cc of the blanket na ings of Soul will b( g before an expec 1,600 for 2V 2 hours. It ' s still not too lat : lase tickets for the ei id or individual eve :ople have worked dious hours trying t . ith the perfect weeke I me for the weekei oser, its success an •ss of future weekem i your support and teed And Scholarsh During the months of February lid March, Reed and Brto-i, merica ' s oldest major silver- niths, are conducting a " Silver inion Competition " in which ■iluablc scholarships totalling 1 050 are being offered to duly irollcd women students at a w selected colleges and univer- ses. Fitchburg State Col ' ege has ■en selected to enter this Com- ■tition in which the First Grand ■ ffard is a $500 scholarship; Scc- 1 id Grind Award is a $301 holarship; Third Grand Award a $250 scholarship; Fourth, ; fth and Sixth Awards are $200 holarships; and Seventh, i ighth, Ninth and Tenth are $100 holarships. In addition, there ' 11 be 100 other awards consist- B of sterling silver, fine china 1 id crystal with a retail value ' approximately $75.00. In the 1969 " Silver Opinion ■ mpetition " , an entry form ustrates twelve designs of iTling with eight designs of : th china and crystal. The en- mts simply list the three best mbinations of sterling, china, 1 id crystal from the patterns I ustrated. Scholarships and 1 i ' ards will be made to those i tries matching or coming f ssest to the unanimous selec- ns of Table-setting editors . m three of the nation ' s lead- ;J g magazines. the Competition rules. She also Ins srmples of 12 cf the most popular Reed Barton designs so that entrants can se3 how these sterling patterns actually look. Through the opinions on silver design expressed by college women competing for these scholarships, Reed Barton hopes to compile a valuable library of expressions of young American taste. Peace Corps Begins Spring Training WASHI NGTON — During the spring of 1969 the Peace Corps will train 1,465 Volunteers for service in 25 of the 59 nations where Volunteers arc at work. This represents an increase of 300 more openings than were available during the same train ing cycle in 1968. These Volunteers arc needed to work in 55 programs in such varied jobs areas as agriculture education, health, cooperatives, fisheries and community loDment. In many cases a portion of the training will take place in the country where the Volun- teers are to serve. Here are examples of the pro- grams: In Venezuela single women ministration Government Day SPRINGFIELD, Mass _ Wil- liam M. Burke, American Inter- national College Student Govern- ment president, announced that . ' leges from every section of the Bay State will take par) ' in Massachusetts Inti Government 1) March 20 and 21. Rurke of 8 Jen- nifer Rd., Darien, Conn., is orl ginator of the government sions and chairman of thi ecutive committee Mass. [nteri ment Days has received till port of the M E er Education and thi ment of both I and Senate, as Baj It will en to beco ■ Serving with Mr Finrk ' on the executive com: Path Junior College. Mi Blanchfield of Mani Conn.; Bo Cyr of Litchfield, C as treasurer of a Student Government recognized organization is to be elected from the freshman, sophomore, or junior class. On Wednesday. February 5th, a Candidates ' Workshop will be held at 7:30 p. m. (place announced on SGA bulletin board — Thompson Hall). Its purpose is to acquaint any interested student with the problems, responsibilities, and re- wards of serving on the Council: Officers as well as representa tives. Those students considering running for these pos:tions are urged to attend. The following regulations have been condensed from the SGA Constitution: " Qualifications for Membership on the Council. a. The members of the Council shall be members in good standing with the Association. b. Members of the Council with the exception of the Executive Board and the Class Presidents must not be on academic probation. Members of the Executive Board and Class Presidents must have a 2.2 average for the previous semester. Duties of the Student Council Officers a. The President shall preside over meetings of the Associa- tion and the Council and shall represent the student body in all Association dealings. He shall be an ex officio member of nil committers w thin the Counc.l. b. The Vice-President will assist the President in ajl his undertakings and will fulfill all the functions of the President in his absence. The Vice-President will also fulfill the Functions of College Coordinator in coordinating activities with other col- le: s c. The Treasurer shall be chairman of th ' I commit- tee and operate according to the pol.cics as set forth by the Constitution and the directives of the Council. lie sh.ill he responsible for all funds of the Association and submit to the Council a monthly report on the condition ol said Fut d. The Recording Secretary will keep the minutes of the meetings, the agenda, and the summaries of all the mi of the Council or the Association. 1 he Kei orduig S •• rel.iry will be responsible for the posting of the minute-- ..I .1!] V . , ition or Council meetings. e. The Corresponding Secretary sh.ill be r ble for giving to all the officers and members " I the oun 1 . l notice of the meetings. 1 he I • .1 • ponding Secret ■!! In - responsible for all correspondence From the Council " i ciation. Student Elections — I. Qualifications for holding office on the cil and all SGA recognized organizalio a. All candidates must meet the n |uired academii stand- Editor Diane Rahmb ••rim, Man. Editor Mai ■, 1 Busim i taru I relph) n Nourie ■lor Mitchell Dr. William Purcell 1 ■ 63 H hE 65 ADELPHIAN 90CIETY IAA President — Diane Fullonton Vice President — Julianna Faulkner Corr. Secretary — Jean McMorrow Rec. Secretary — Susan White Treasurer — Doris Hodgen Social Chrmn. — Patricia LeBlanc Lvnne Sullivan Jean Bergner Delores Hummel PrisciUa Bigold Virginia Krymowski Helen Boguslawski Andrea McKenna nn Boyle Mary McKenzie Anna Buscemi Anna Masciarelli Deidra Caderette Susan Milke Diane Clark Eileen Partanen Kathy Davis Patricia Parzick Trina Donahey Pollianne Player Kathy Dudek Donna Woodcomb Lynne Dudley Carol Wright Ann Fournier Sandra Wynacht Carol Grabus Karen Zoldak Joanne Greene 66 H 67 President Donna Fitzgerald Vice-President Joan Sweeney Treasurer Patricia Gallant Secretary Joyce Isherwood Corres. Secretary Linda Johnson Social Chairman Dee Mason KTfEll Joan Allard Norma Audy Dale Balog Patricia Belliveau Betty Ann Bezzozi Linda Blouin Linda Bonneau Pat Brennan Frances Burke Kathy Burke Jean Casazza Donna Clark Patricia Carter Lois Colburn Sandy DiCamillo Mary Sharon Fay Margaret Fiorentino Sharon Finneron Karen Fitzgerald Joan Garvey Eileen Gauthier Margaret Jonyeo Paula Groccia Maureen Grier Janet Hirons Eleanor Jewett Anne Jankowski Pat Lak . NEA9YL0N9 ony Elaine Leonard Diane Lomnie Mary Lovvney Betty McArdle Kathleen McCarthy Mar) McLaughlin Stephanie Milosh Phyllis McHugh Margaret O ' Brien Katherine O ' Connel Mar) Jane Pierce Jeanne Pietrasiak Klizabeth Poisson Marelyn Poitras Nanc) Quiqley Claudia Nehel Kate Reed I In csa Sci mi ' Kalhy Spellman Claire Sullivan Roberta Todd Chris run-tall Carole Vauder Diane Villani Jean Viscariello Joan Walsh Sue Welin Marilvu Kloza 69 PHILODEMIC 90CIETY A0A President Social Chairman Nancy King Barbara Robertson Vice President Editor Mary Anne Mathews Elaine Watson Treasurer Sponsors Ann Miller Miss Margaret Peterson Recording Secretary Dr. Aviva Freedman Patricia Scanlon Corresponding Secretary Joan McMillan Nancy Bartolucci Jo Ann Larkin Linda Blake Patricia Maher Mary Buckley Deborah Marhefka Kathleen Callahan Gail Maroni Paulette Charest Susan Page Sue Charette Kathleen Richards Corrine Corso Carol Robin Maureen Delaney Jean Savinen Elaine Dias Deborah Sarson Donna Duphiney Jane Stevenson Jean Estes Margaret Whitters Barbara Hart Christine Williams Priscilla Knowles 70 71 to ■ TOKALON SOCIETY TK President — Cynthia Kincaid Vice President — Kathleen McLaughlin Rec. Secretary — Karen Phillips Corres. Secretary — Rita Trevains Treasurer — Marie Barnej Sponsors — Miss Patricia Barbaresi Mrs. Helen Carney Sharon Colburn Sandra Dickson Kate DriscoU Susan Ferreira Norma Ellis Jean Hastings Joan Little Jan McMurraj Joan McMurray Carol McNeil Susan Nernej Elaine O ' Neil Alice Picketl Diane Rcnaud Pegg) Sawka Linda Saw j ei Barbara ule Constance Zangles President Richard Millington ice President Service Charles Tellier iee President Membership Salvatore Cioffetti ice President Fellowship Gar) Grad) (.ones, and Ree. Secretary Robert Maxwell Treasurer Stephen Dai srli Sponsors Mr. Karl Lindquist Mr. John Clark Jim Bonine Charles Corley Paul Duprey Nick Nicastro Torn Pepe Thomas Perez Bob Perry Ronald Pletschm Bert Ramgren Jim Rice Arthur Vienneau William White ALPH 74 i PHI OMEGA il ESOTERIC SOCIETY A4 n ' • sident — John Wright I ice President- -Frank Trocki Recording Secretary — Russell Adams Corresponding Secretary — John Avery Treasurer — Gary McCauley Social Chairman — Edward Walsh Sponsor — Dr. Michael Vignale Robert l es Ken nderson Dana Andrews Mike Baltier Bently Bloomberg Paul Carlotto Charles Carpenter William Clark Tom Coffin Richard Coleman Stephen Cornwall John Debassio Robert Dio John Dignam Robert Donahue Dan Farren Gerald Fedora Doug Gagne Tony Gallo Paul Gerrior Dan Grant Phil Gray Paul Grueter Peter Lind Peter Hertel Paul Howard Robert Hughes John Jarek Bruce Johnson Richard Johnson Brad Lawson Robert Macone John Malloy Edward Potts Wayne Smith Robert Steele Mike Sylvia Curt Willard Henry Wrigley 76 77 W: " Tj i 73 FENWICK 80C1ETY niY President — Donald Drew Vice President — Robert Morin Treasurer — Dennis Kelly Corres. Secretary — Robert St. Cyr Rec. Secretary — Roderick Smith Sponsor — Mr. David Settele Philip Airoldi Lee Benson Richard Bertuzzi Thomas Bissonette Mark Bresnahan Steven Brown Ronald Cocuzzo Richard Cole Harold Comerford John Connelly Charles Cooke James Craigen Kevin Demerit t Paul Dermatis Thomas Dickson James Dodge Ed Doyle Brian Ferman Charles Ferreira Lawrence Foshner Jerry Frances Paul Gagliarducci Frederick Gagnon Thomas Glioma Jeffrey (biddings Gregory Gill Robert Goss Timothv Hertal Robert Hunter Douglas Hunter Dennis Keency Daniel Lyons Richard Maiolo Raymond Marhefka Joseph McDonougli William McSheehey Gary Mitchell Jeffrey Mitchell Steven Morris James Mullins John Yiki Charles I ' ana cntes Richard I ' erreault Ed Pooli Daniel Pugh James Rodier Robert Seqin Mark Southworth Ken Standi Frank Stel fenedies James I nomas Ron Valente George Vane John aksmanski Larry Wells Joseph c--ling lil in c ii km, in ' a tic Zibral 79 GAVELEER 90CIETY A0Z President —Wayne Gallant Vice President — David Rahaim Recording Secretory— Mark Forgues Alumni Secretary — Michael Rinaldi Treasurer Peter Pecorelli Sponsor — Dr. Girling Bob n-tin Jim Beauregard (liarles Bedard David Bremner George Brown Joe Cabral Joe DeCaria Mike Forgues Mark Gendron Ernest Herbert Tom Kane Patrick Kelleher Bill Kao Dennis Mallet Mike Maxwell Dan McCurcher Bill McDonald Mike McShehee Randy Monette Bob Morel Randy Peters James Prescott Doug Rousseau Bill Sidebottom John Sukolos Bill Sullivan Bernard Tararra Gill Tardiff Bob Ward Leonard Wassaman Ted Whitten Doug Willis - - 81 MOHAWK CLUB President Patrick J. Murphy Vice President Charles Callahan Treasurer Richard Rockwood Rec. Secretary Donald Burnham Corres. Secretary James Miller Sponsor Mr. Robert Shaughnessy David Amico John Antonelli David Bean Dennis Belliveau William Benson Ronald Berthume Dave Bouvier Raymond Buhts James Burke Robert Catalini David Celuzza Bernard DiPasquale Thomas Donnelly Thomas Espie Barry Finneron William Flynn Robert Foley Richard Gates Kevin Crier Michael Jacques Paul Keating Richard I.avoie Charles LoPresti Dan Lovett John Marion Bruce Mattus James McColgen James McCormick Anthom McNamara Tom O ' Daj Richard O ' Donnell Steve O ' .Neil Robert O ' Reilly Tom Nowil Robert Pesce Tom Patterson John I ' icone Jim Salvidio Jay Sampson Michael Shea Richard Shea Fran Sho h Stas Slo ci Is Michael Smith Bill Sutcliffe Ralph Swanson Ronald I herrien Robert Thompson Tom White A J «? mS fl 1 ■» I M ■ ' ,., ' ' ' ' ■■■ ' ' ■ ' ' ' " " ' • • " • ' ' in " ' ' JK KSrn jj[ }L f u-J LJC I L:iA H ■ ' ' ' »- ' f ' ■ ' i ' V.IVl- Mi 8P0RT8 BASKETBALL VARSITY Peter Breton Steve Finneron 1 eslie Fisher Donald Kellj Maurice Legasse Phil Lagerstron James McCormick Patrick Murphy Peter Sardelis Kenneth Starrett CO-CAPTAINS Pat Murphy Don Kelly 34 1 86 87 Sharon Fay Nancy Brown Pat Buckley Jan Reidy Eileen Kamphus Leslie Joy Jeanne Schneider lary Ann Cunha Joyce Vitelli CHEERLEADER9 89 90 I »J 91 1 - 9 BASEBALL Mark Breshnahan Peter Breton Charlie Callahan Bernie DePasquale Jerry Erban Dave Hay Guy Helander Dave Kiernan Bill Mastarson Jim O ' Day Peter Sardelis Don Starr John St. Germain Ben Tocci Captain Dave Kiernan Coach Norman Carson 92 A n V - , W Tm {Kl lE a P " . - jfe i fe taiJ i ' ' • .v .JJ- ' ' • ' ,• fit- V i 9 I SCORES I. Bridgewater 9-0 9-5 2. Lowell 17-6 Farmington 11-5 6-6 4. Westfield 3-2 5. Curry 10-5 6. E. Conn. 6-3 7-6 in 10 7. Worcester 16-4 Castleton 22-8 9. R.I. 3-2 5-3 10. North Adams 4-2 11. Keene 6-5 12. Salem 7-1 93 SOCCER TRICAPTAINS Don Starr Theodore Rakes Stephen O ' Neil Richard Perreault Thomas Gralinski Leo Piro Thomas White Richard Shea Gregory Gill Brad Lawson Dennis O ' Connell Gary McCauley Richard Rockwood David Kiernan Paul Gagliarducci Thomas Donnelly Robert Catalini Thomas Brodrick Robert Thompson Thomas Fluet Wayne Rosa James Keeney Gerald Mahoney Daniel Lovett Edward Potts MANAGER Dave Hay COACHES Mr. Joseph Farias Mr. Frederick Miller 94 SCORES Alumni 5 FSC 2 R.I. College 1 FSC Lowell Tech 6 FSC Salem State 2 FSC 3 Gorham State 3 FSC 4 Castleton State 6 FSC Westfield State 5 FSC Keene State 6 FSC 1 North Adams State 4 FSC 3 Worcester State FSC 6 Nichols College 4 FSC 1 f J f: ; It in ,»»• • i •kf BS v5 ' W { lit lit- 1 E W1 95 yr 1 Sadie Hawkins 98 99 ». • 1 tff UT K -.-} W LOt y L W ' A s Wt col B . .. m lBMMgp|0HHI|[| H f ' " ' junior Weekend :o 4 Carnival King Md Queen 102 ' 69 Winter Carnival 103 li II ' j] " 2?% : 1 ■ K% fl J: ft -. ' H L. 4 2 1 s 31f I ss 46 ' «s» x Sal J V 106 i M Sam Md T)ave 107 Snow Sculptures ' 66 J " ' V 108 ' 67 J ' ■-.. Senior Cuau V! k I III I I i i 112 Kememhcr When 13 ■ 116 h • ■ j ldPS, ■■■ ■ ' : Iff ■Bi ' ft Lfwfcl iif .. ' .-» " (fri W i Ml v_ 121 I ri m « " 1969 Nancy King Assistant Editor Jay Sampson Business Manager Charles Callahan Art Editor Kathy Whiting Sports Kevin Demerit! Photography Jay Sampson STAFF Franny Azevedo Pat Botelho Gail Carey Cindy Kincaid Charlie Lopresti Ann Masciarelli Ann Miller Jimmy Miller Sue Moore Kathy Neuding Steve O ' Neil Bob O ' Reilly Carol Robin BUSINESS TYPISTS Joan Allard Patricia Brennan Marilyn Kloza Kathy McLaughlin Maryann McLaughlin Stephanie Milosh Jean Pietrasiak Teresa Secino Katherine Schub ach Advisor— Howard Ifonia ■w-w UNDERCLASSMEN ■ ■«tfltoF ■ ■ H a C m, ( 1 1 O 4b Q O FRE9HMEN President Robert Holzman Vice President Susan O ' Neil Rec. and Corres. Secretary Mary Dwyer Treasurer Deborah Villani Winter Carnival Chairman Kathy Courtney Sponsors Mrs. Elizabeth Kruczek Mr. Walter Harrod 126 m 127 SOPHOMORES President Richard Coleman Vice President Kathleen Remmes Rec. and Corres. Secretary- Carol Leger Treasurer Jean Savinen Pt f fl a r i • 129 Ml p 130 ' A JUNIORS President nt!ion Ic amara Vice Prcsiih ni James Crai en Rec. and Carres. Secretary Jean Blanchard reasurer Roberl Morin Spon nr.s Dr. iliiam 1 ' u.vrll Hi. I ouis Fike 131 Class Song tmm ft Wr ftp I With hope we face the future. J part of us remains, J part of us recalls, Zhe dreams we ' ve had together. We pledge these years to " truth, Mo nor, Coy alt y foundations of our knowledge. J part of us will heed Zhe streng th of truth which leads Us as we travel onward. Class Colors - Cight blue and navy blue Class Officers President John Marion ice President Patrick Murphy and Cor res. Secretary Barbara Flanagan Zreasurer Barbara Mas tings onsors Miss M- J rene M ' anda Mr. y. Walter Richard in » a f SENIORS JOHN R. AHO Physics PHILIP G. AIROLUI English ROBERT M. ALVES Mathematics JANICE M. ALZAPIEDI Elementary JAMES F. ANGEVINE Biology ROBERT H. AUDETTE Special Education 136 FRANCES M. AZEVEDO Nursing PHILIP BARTH Physics PAMELA K. BEEHLER Special Education NANCY L. BERUBE Nursing OFFICERS?? V ; ROBERT L. BLOCK History PATRICIA A. BOTELHO Elementary PAULETTE M. BOURQUE Elementary DAVID F. BOUVIER Industrial Arts " Will Bomeone please take the -. ' ' -■MM I 133 AA ■ BEVERLY M. BROOKS Elementary PETER F. BROOKS English PENELOPE A. BROWN Nursing MARYC. BUCKLE Special Education BARBAR I Bl I J EMI 1EI.I) Sp© I . ' luc .iiinii PATRIC1 M. M RN1 - Elementary 139 v X a » cfe. « ' " Who ' s a sissy? ' JOSEPH M. CABRAL History CHARLES L. CALLAHAN Elementary VERONICA A. CAMY Elementary STEPHEN J. CARDER Biology 140 GAIL T. CAREY (KERRIGAN) Elementary CYNTHIA L. CARVALHO Elementary ISABELLA A. CATALDO Special Education JANE E. CELATKA Nursing I l i I. ( HELMS Elementary CYNTHIA . CHEST1 R 0V1 ii sine 141 WILLIAM E. CLARK History JO CLARK Elementary RUTH ELLEN CLARKE (LAVOIE) N ursinp; RONALD A. COCUZZO Elementary SHARON L. COLBURN Special Education KATHRYN M. CONNORS Elementary 142 c TCHBl ? G s i ate; coli £ SANDRA M. CONTAXES Elementary JOHN R. COOPER Industrial Arts DENISE T.CORMIER Elementary CYNTHIA A. COTO Elementary £jP . 143 ANNE F. COURTNEY English PATRICIA A. CURNYN Elementary RICHARD P. DEJNAK Geography KEVIN L. DEMERITT Geography JAMES R. DODGE Industrial Arts ROBERT H. DONOHUE Industrial Arts 144 OLGA DREPANOS English DONALD F. DREW Industrial Arts ANDREA C. DR1SCOLL Special Education KEVIN M. DWYER Special Education Look Ma, no forks! 145 MARIANN EATON Special Education DONALD R. ELDRIGDE Industrial Arts KATHLEEN E. ELLIA Elementary NORMA G. ELLIS Special Education Dogs?? [PI ' ' V f Lr 1 jPvt . BBC ] 3 • E 146 Y ▼ 4T MARY C. EMMOTT Elementary JEAN E. ESTES Special Education ROBERT W.EWING Physics JAMES J. FAIR Elementary CONSTANCE FANOS Elementary JAMES J. FARRELL En " li-h 147 ' " y H What do you mean he won ' t be back for three days? J L ' LIANA FAULKNER Elementary JOAN M. FECTEAU Special Education LINDA D.FIORENTINO Elementary JEANNETTA.FOUGERE Mathematics 143 ARLENE FULLER Elementary JOAN E. GALLAGHER Elementary ANTHONY F. GALLO Industrial Arts JOANNE C. GAY Special Education ROLAND CGOULD Biology JUDITH K. GREEN Elementary 149 DAVID E. GREENE Mathematics MARY C. GRENDA English CANDY L. GULLSTRAND Medical Technology MARTHA A. GURL N ursine; DEBRA A. HALLSWORTH Special Education LINDA R. HANSEN History 150 MARY ELLEN HARRIS Nursing BARBARA A. HASTINGS English BARBARA J. HOUGHTON X ursiri " DAVIDS. HAY Elementary ' Nice day, hey! " GUY E. HELANDER DORIS A. HODGEN Geography PAUL F. HOWARD History LYNDA M. HUMPHREY Special Education T Oooh ! 152 I J. DOUGLAS HUNTER Industrial Arts ROBERT H. HUNTER History DEIDRA E. JOHNSON Elementary RICHARD E. JOHNSON Elementary MAXIM |() Mil Krii. ' li li PATRIC1 E. JONES Elementary 153 I " Show me where it hurts! " DENNIS G. KEENEY Industrial Arts VIVIAN A. KELLEY Geography JANICE M. KELLOGG Nursi DENNIS M. KELLY Geography 154 PAULA A. KELLY Elementary GENEVIEV C. KENT Special Education CWHII K. KINCAII) N ursing NANCY A. KING Elementary THOMAS .1. KIKK1.U SK Mathematii - JANE L. KIWERSKI Ri .! ' 155 PRISCILLA R. KNOWLES Special Education PHILIP E. KNOWLTON Biology PATRICIA KRULL Elementary CHERYL A. L ' ECUYER Elementary PENNY K. LABOMBARDE Elementary NANCY J. LANDRY Mathematics 156 - r ' t. Which one ' s Sadie? ; v N - ROBERT G. LAPOINTE English BRADFORD K. LAWSON Industrial Arts FRANCIS P. LEAHEY Biology PATRICIA T. LEBLANC Nursin " 157 EILEEN P. LECLAIR Elementary JOAN W. LITTLE Special Education MAUREEN A. MACEWEN Elementary JOHN MARION Elementary ENID MARTUS Nursing GAIL MARONI Elementary 158 vhH ANN E. MASCIARELLI Elementary MARY ANNE MATTHEWS Special Education MARION S. MATILAINEN Special Education MARGARET R. MAYNARD Elementary A dollar (or your thoughts! 159 ROBERT L. MAXWELL History JOSEPH B. McDONOUGH English MAUREEN G. McKENNA Special Education CAROL A. McNEIL Nursing 160 « JUDITH A. McTIERNAN Nursing SANDRA A. MECOLONDWO English KATHRYN 0. MERKEL Elementary SUSAN E. MILKE Nursing ANN MILLER Elementary NANCY L. MILLER Elementary 16! " What we need is a man around the house. ' ' RICHARD F. MILLINGTON Industrial Arts BRUCE C. MITCHELL Biology GARY C. MITCHELL Mathematics JANEN. MONTVILLE Special Education 162 » ■ DONNA J. MOORES Elementary SUSAN MOORE Elementary STEPHEN P. MORRIS English JUDITH M. MORRISEAU Elementary JEAN I. MULLIN Elementary ELAINE M. MURPHY Nursing 163 PATRICK J. MURPHY Geography JOYCE M. NADEAU Elementary SHARON J. NEAL Physics KATHLEEN M. NEUDING Elementary MARYALICE NEWELL Elementary MICHAELENE E. NIEMI Elementary 164 " ' ■..•- : ' " ■••■•. ■• Murph the Surf NIRJANA T. NIEUWEJAAR Elmentary MARY M. NOWD N ursine; DENNIS A. O ' CONNELL Elementary ELAINA H. O ' NEILL Special Education 165 SUSAN E. PAGE Nursing HELEN A. PARKE Special Education ANNE A. PATH Special Education ANTHONY M. PEPE Industrial Arts RICHARD L. PERREAULT Industrial Arts LINDA E. PETERSON English u ■ U I v ' w KAREN J. PHILLIPS Nursing ALICE F. PICKETT Biology CHRISTINE M. PIERCE Nursing BARBARA F. POLASKI Nursing Hope you find what you ' re looking for. BRUCE E. PORELL Biology JUDITH A. QUINTAL Biology DAVID F. RAHAIM History KATHLEEN M. REILING Nursing " I ddn ' t believe you really said that to HIM! " 168 v M CAROL A. ROBIN Special Education MICHELE G. RYAN English CORRINE M. SANTERRE Special Education LINDA H. SAWYER Nursing [LENE F. SCANLON Elementary JEAN L. SCUM ITT Elemental " ) V A 169 1 A few rays ... a few zzz ' s. V PATRICIA SCANLON i McGOWAN) Special Education SHARON M. SEWELL English STEVEN L. SHANGROW Industrial Arts II. LSIEGMUND Nursing 170 ■■ i rim REBECCA C. SIGALL English DANIEL J. SIGISMONDO History KATHLEEN H. SOLOMITO Elementary MARK A. SOUTHWORTH History BARBARA J. SOVA English RODERIC i. SMITH Elementary 171 MARY E. SPELLMAN Special Education DONALD J. STARR Elementary BARBARA STRAPAKAS Math FRANCES C. STRAUB A. LYNNE SULLIVAN Elementary RALPH A. SWANSON History 172 4 ■■■■■ " Are you sure regional Geog- raphy class was this way? " VIRGINIA M. THOMPSON Special Education BASIL N. TOLOS Biology !73 JONATHAN TRADER English JOAN M. TREMBLAY Nursing LEE R. TWAROG English KENNETH A. VAIDULAS History RONALD A. VALENTE History PATRICIA S. WALSH Special Education 174 . H J I w " ELAINE G. WATSON English BRIAN J. WASLOW B iology JOSEPH F. WESSLING Industrial Arts KATHLEEN A. WHITING Special Education The GDI ' S " 175 SUSAN G. WHITE Elementary DAVID H. WHITMORE Physics SANDRA E. WISWELL Biology HENRY P. WRIGLEY Math 176 ■ ! 1 A " ; . V H JOHN R. WRIGHT Industrial Arts CARL YANOFF Industrial Arts BARBARA L. YULE Nursing PAULA ZANIBONI (LAVALLEE) Nursing BONNIE J. ZIEMBA Elementary KAREN A. ZOLDAK Special Education 177 MARY M. D ' AMORE English DIANE R. FULLONTON Elementary LINDA V. KRAWCZYK English DIANE E. RAHMBERG English !78 - W» JOHN R. AHO 347 Townsend Hill Rd. Townsend Logos Honor Society KENNETH AHO 82 Overlook Rd. Westminster PHILIP G. AIROLDI 87 Pearl St. Fitchburg Class Pies., Fenwicks — Vice-Pres., Soccer, Intramural Sports Kampus Vue — Assoc. Editor; NewmanClub — Pub. Chairman; Special Ed. Club — Pub. Chairman GEORGE M. AWAD 188 Norfolk St., Worcester FRANCES M. AZEVEDO 2 Sonora Drive, Chelmsford S.G.A. — Rep., Social Comm. Chairman; W.A.A. Board; Intramurals; Newman Club; Nursing Club, Ski Club; Winter Carnival — Queen; Yearbook Staff MARION J. ALDRICH W. Main St. Westminster JAMES R. BACKUS 222 Oakland St., Springfield PATRICIA M. ALDRICH Center St. Ashburnham DARLEEN A. ALISAUSKA 53 State Rd. Westminster ROBERT M. ALVES 32 Woodlawn St. New Bedford Esoterics JANICE M. ALZAPIEDI Redstone Hill, Leominster PHILIP BARTH 337 Highland Ave., Fitchburg Newman Club — Pres., S.G.A . — Financial Com Host Hostess Club — Pres. DENNIS C. BEAN 85 Linden St., Boylston Esoterics BARBARA A. (BEAUDOIN) HATHAWAY Highland Ave., Fitchburg Nursing Club HELEN E. ANDERSON 728 Westminster St., Fitchburg MARGARET A. ANDERSON 98 Washington St., Leominster WILLIAM R. ANDERSON 98 Washington St., Leominster PAMELA K. BEEHLER 41 Unkamet Park Drive, Pittsfield Winter Carnival — Chairman; Class — Vice-Pres.; Tokalons — Rec. Sec; Spec. Ed. — Big Brother — Big Sister DONALD R. BENNETT 603 Main St., Wilbraham Intramurals; Winter Carnival Comm. BEVERLY ANDREWS 115 River St., Braintree JAMES F. ANGEVINE 20 Parker St., Fitchburg Logas Honor Society — Sec, Treas. ; Band; Biology Dept. — Student Rep. JUDITH I. ARMSTRONG Off Resevoir Rd.. Lunenburg BROOKE BERG 32 Lincoln St., Spencer Traineeship JEANNE BERGERON 54 Gordon Ave., Leominster NANCY L. BERUBE 1 Genera] Sherman Si., Taunton Junior eekend. Nursirm Club: Newman Club RLANA E. ASHNESS Matawanakea Trail, Littleton W.A.A. ROBERT H. AUDETTE 105 Snow St., Fitchburg Student Gov. — Pres., Logos Honor Society — Pres. LINDA R. BILLINGS 23 Lancaster Ave., Lunenburg JOSEPH J. BISCEGLIA 67 Clinton. hrev -bury 179 ROBERT] . BLOCK 16 Chestnut St, Fitchburg Glee Club JAMES BURKE 93 School St., Melrose Mohawks — Pledge Master HK1 ENC BOG! SI WYSKI 338 Deerfield St.. Greenfield Adelphians; W.A.A. ; Newman Club; Glee Club DONALD W. BURNHAM 27 Braeburn Rd., Hyde Park Class Pies.; Mohawks; Cross-Country; Track PATRICIA . BOTELHO 129 Cornell St., New Bedford Newman Club; W.A.A.; Intramurals; Winter Car- nival: Yearbook Staff BARBARA J. BUTTERFIELD 49 Carolyn Rd., So. Weymouth Sp. Ed. Club — Rep., Traineeship; Big Brother — Big Sister Assoc. PAULETT M. BOURQUE 115 Mechanic St.. Leominster Glee Club. Host Hostess Club PATRICIA M. BYRNES 93 Ellsworth Ave., Springfield Newman Club; Winter Carnival Comm. DAVID F. BOUVIER 2 Coolidge Ave., Fitchburg Mohawks PAUL BOWSER 58 Foster St., Everett JOSEPH M. CABRAL 366 Water St., Fitchburg Gavaleers; Intramurals DEIRDRE M. CADARETTE 187 Auburn St., Auburn Adelphians; Sp. Ed. Club KAYE E. BOYCE 55 Peach Hill Rd., Berlin JOHN S. BRADBURY 51 Gore St., Waltham BEVERLY M. BROOKS 50 Hale St., Leominster Host Hostess Club; Newman Club PETER F. BROOKS 35 George St., Fitchburg BEVERLY A. BROWN Marble Rd., Sutton Sp. Ed. Club; Logos Honor Society; Winter Carnival PENELOPE A. BROWN 10 Parkview Ave., Lowell Nursing Club; Intramurals MARY C.BUCKLEY 28 Roosevelt Ave., Springfield Philodemics; Newman Club; Sp. Ed. Club CHARLES L. CALLAHAN 1 Lincoln Place, Natick Mohawks — Vice-Pres., Varsity Baseball, Soccer; Yearbook — Business Mgr. ; Newman Club; Ski Club; Falcon Letterman Club VERONICA A. CAMY 287 Ashby State Road Fitchburg JOSEPH F. CAOUTTE 90 Main St., Ashburnham STEPHEN J. CARDER 94 Chester St., North Reading Band, Student Christian Association Intramurals CHARLES D. CARPENTER 6 Forest St., Wilmington Esoteric Society, Epsilon Pi Tau GAIL T. CAREY 1123 8th Ave., North Great Falls, Montana W.A.A. Board- — -Secretary; Logos; Sax Staff New- man Club LOUISE B. CARTIER 18 Heald Rd., Ashburnham RAYMOND BUHTS 2Tra;_ ' ia Ave.. Leominster Mohawks; Intramuml- CYNTHIA CARVALHO 198 Bolton St., New Bedford Newman Club; W.A.A. 180 v! ISEBELL A. CATALDO 11 Woodworth St., Leominster Commuters Board; Special ED. Club; Winter Carni- val; Jr. Weekend WILLIAM J. CAULMARE 114 Klondike Ave., Fitchburg JANE E. CELATKA 1782 Memorial Dr., Fairview S.C.A.; Nursing Club; Winter Carnival PAULETT L. CHAREST Main St., So. Royalston Philodemic, Intramurals, Newman Club LINDA CHELLIS Concord TPK, Lincoln CYNTHIA CHESTERCOVE 230 Chestnut St., Franklin Tokalon JO ANN CLARK 76 Elm St., West Townsend Sophomore Variety Show, Winter Carnival OPAL E. CLARK Baldwinville Rd., Philipston WILLIAM E. CLARK 655 Water St., Framingham Esoteric ; Intramurals ; Dorm Council DIANE M. CLARKE 2 Randall Rd., Peabody Adelphian; Nursing Club RICHARD A. CLASON 9 Pinewood W. Boyston RONALD A. COCUZZO 20 Concord Ave., Milton Intramurals; Varsity Track; Fenwick SHARON L. COLBURN 9 North St., Clinton Newspaper; Sp. Ed. Club; S.G.A.; Recording Sec; Tokalon KATHRYN CONNORS 193 Milk St., Fitchburg Intramurals; Junior Weekend SANDRA M. CONTAXES 121 Hollywood St., Fitchburg W.A.A. ; Commuters Board MARY CONWAY 52 High St., Worcester JOHN COOPER 104 Green St., Woburn DENISE T. CORMIER 55 Vernon St., Gardner Newman Club; Junior Weekend STEPHEN CORNWALL 1 Hayward Rd., Acton Esoteric; Tennis Team CYNTHIA A. COTO 75 Hanward Hill, E. Longmeadow ANNE F. COURTNEY 1-A Lyford St., Worcester Who ' s Who; Drama CL.; Glee Club; SGA Logos, Kampus Vue RUTH ELLEN LAVOIE CLARKE 2 Hilton Drive, West Haven Conn. Glee Club; Ski CI.; Newman Club; Nursing Club DIANE M. CIUFFETTI 210 Heywood St., Fitchburg GERALD T. CROTEAU Murkland St., Fitchburg JOHN P. CUNNINGHAM 87 Beacon St., Framingham Varsity Basketball PATRICIA A. CURNYN 197 Ashland St., Hollision Newman Club; Drama Clnli JOYCE A. DAMON 346 Maple St.. Winchendon MARY M. DAMORE 261 St., Fitchburg Student Handbook — -Co-Editor; Kampus Vue — News Editor- ssoc. Managing Editor: S.G.A.— -Financial Comm. JANET A. De FEUDIS I 01 Crntiiil Turnpike Rd.. Sutton 181 rempleton Dances; Big Brother— Big Sister; Winter Carnh a I RICHARD P. DEJN k 133 Wisdom Way. Greenfield Dorm Council— President Kl [NL DEMERITT i! Ueda St.. Saxonville Fenwiok — Sec: Commuter? Board: Yearbook; Intra- murals KATHLEEN A. DKISCOLL 77 East St., Whitinsville Tokalon — Pledge Master; Newman Club — Assn. Cones. Sec.; Nursing Club; Class Sec. SUSAN DRUMM Sunnyhull Rd., Lunenburg W.A.A.; Intramurals RAYMOND G. DUPHILY 408 Pask Ave., New Bedford LINDA R. DLMPSTER 81 Main St.. Townsend JUDITH DUPLEASE 107 Nashua St., Fitchburg PAUL DERMATIS 42 West St.. Fitchburg Fenwiok KEVIN M. DWYER 25 Wayside Lane, Lowell Spec. Ed. Club — Pres.; Big Brother — Big Sister FRANCIS V. DESPRES Eli Whitney St.. Westboro THOMAS N " . DICKSON 94 Court St.. Plymouth Fenwick NANCY M. DWYER 74 South Bourne Rd., Boston Nursing Club BARBARA A. DYER 27 Haynes Ct., Leominster JOHN F. DIGNAM 397 North St.. Fitchburg Esoteric; S.G.A. Rep.; Kampus Vue Staff PETER L. DIPAOLI 117 Lincoln Terr., Leominster JAMES R. DODGE 32 Maiden St., Everett Fenwick: Intramurals ROBERT H. DONOHUE 3 Bayedge Lane, Worcester Esoteric JEFFREY A. DORE ] 65 Wheelock Ave., Millbury MAIIANN EATON 40 Percy Rd., Lexington Spec. Ed. Club; Big Brother — Big Sister; Winter Carnival DONALD R. ELDRIDGE 52 Boston St., Middleton Intramurals » KATHLEEN E. ELLIA 79 Jerry St., Fitchburg Intramurals; W.A.A. Board; S.G.A. ; Commuter ' s Board NORMA G ELLIS Willow St., West Harwich Big Brother — Big Sister; Templeton Dances; Toka- lon RONALD J. DOWU 20 Croyden St., Millbury Spec. Ed. Club OJ.CA DREPANOS 49 Burbank St.. Fitchburg MARY C. EMMOTT 50 Third St., Lowell JEAN E. ESTES 32 Francis St., Worcester Philodemics; Special Education Club DONALD F.DREW 33 1 Lisle St., Braintree Fenwick — President: F.I. A. A. ROBERT W. EWING, JR. 42 Academy Rd., Leominster Alpha Phi Omega 132 M JAMES J. FAIR 32 Woodland Dr., Framingham CONSTANCE FANOS 270 Lincoln St., Fitchburg Glee Club — Librarian; Adelphians — Vice-President Vice-President; Junior Weekend; Winter Carnival — Class Song JAMES J. FARRELL 355 Church St., Marshfield Rifle Club; Newman Club; Ski Club JULIANA FAULKNER 425 So. Row Rd., Lunenburg Glee Club — Librarian; Adelphians — Vice-President JOAN M. FECTEAU 35 Cedar St., Hopkinton Newman Club; Special Ed. Club; Tokalons JOHN B. FINNERON 200 Highland Ave., Fitchburg Mohawk Club; Varsity Basketball BARBARA E. (FLANAGAN) CHRISTOPHER 1 19 Townsend St., Fitchburg Class Vice-President; Class Secretary; Ski Club — Treasurer; Junior Weekend; Newman Club KATHLEEN H. FLYNN 63 Lawrence St., Fitchburg Philodemics; Intramurals JANYCE M. FORHAN 359 Oak St., Clinton JEANETTE A. FOUGERE 352 Daniels St., Fitchburg Host and Hostess Club; Math Club; Junior Weekend DIANE R. FULLONTON 16 Piper Rd., South Acton Adelphians — President; W.A.A. — Vice-President; Dorm Council JOAN GALLAGHER 640 Central St., Leominster Host and Hostess Club WAYNE GALLANT 15 Way St., Gardner Gavaleers — Pres . RICHARD T. GALVIN Mason Rd., Dudley JOSEPH E. GAUDET 381 Oak Hill Rd., Fitchburg Intramural Basketball JOANNE C. (GAY) GRANT 787 Washington St., Norwood Special Ed. Club; Big Brother — Big Sister; Junior Weekend ; Logos Honor Society WALLACE GAY 54 Grimes St., Ludlow MARC W. GENDRON Leino Park, Westminster Track; Gaveleers SHIRLEY J. GOLDSBY 186 Pleasant St., Lunenburg LEE E. GOODSPEED 353 Chandler St., Worcester PHYLLIS GOUSLIN 46 Cedar St., Winchendon CAROL A. GRABUS 1 1 6 Devon Rd., Norwood Adelphians RICHARD C. GRANT 136 Oak Ridge Dr., Ayer ARLENE FULLER 303 Brownell Ave., New Bedford Newman Club; Winter Carnival JUDITH E.GREEN 596 Westminster St., Fitchburg uil ' -i ( ' ii ni al : New nun ' ilub MARIE FUSCO 55 Sylvan Ave., Leominster DAVID E. GREENE 12 [l;u ai.l v .. i!im| ANTHONY F. GALLO 13 Seward St.. Worcester Rifle Club; Intramurals; Alpha Phi Omega MARY C. GRENDA I I Marie St.. Tewksbury 183 CANEN LGl 1 LSTRAND 67 Cedai St, Fitchburg Philodemics: Jr. Weekend PAUL F. HOWARD 16 Hilton Ave., Worcester Esoterics; Intramurals MARTHA V. GIRL 262 Belair, New Bedford Miller Hall Dorm Council M VRY F. HALE 9] Wallace Hill Rd., Townsend DEBARA A. HALLSWORTH 21 Pacific St.. Fitchburg Sp. Ed. Club; Newman Club LINDA R. HANSEN 78 Hohnan St.. Fitchburg Logos Honor Society; S.C.A.; Student Gov. Rep.; S.G.A. — V Pies.; Host and Hostess Club; Scrabble Club— Pies. : Who ' s Who MARY ELLEN HARRIS 15 Quincy St., North Adams Newman Club; Nursing Club; Miller Hall Dorm Council — Sec; Winter Carnival LYNDA M. HUMPHREY 242 Hollis St., Holliston Winter Carnival; Sp. E d. Club; Logos Honor Society; Palmer Hall Dorm Council — Treas. DOUGLAS J. HUNTER 136 Boylston St., Shrewsbury Fenwicks — Sec; Intramurals; F.I. A. A. ROBERT H. HUNTER 1719 Memorial Drive, Fairview Varsity Soccer; M.I.B. Board; Dorm Council; Fen- wicks — Corresponding Sec. HELEN M. IMBERNINO 35 Evergreen St., Chelmsford S.C.A.; Newman Club; Nursing Club JOSEPH G. JANIKAS 176 Waterford St., Gardner RICHARD HARRIS Mason St., Pepperell BARBARA A. HASTINGS 67 Casey St., Norwood Kampus Vue; S.G.A. Rep.; Class Treasurer; Debating Club: Newman Club DEIDRA E. JOHNSON 381 Main St., West Townsend Glee Club; Winter Carnival RICHARD E. JOHNSON 170 Marshall St., Fitchburg Esoterics DAVID S. HAY Wheeler Rd.. Ashby Varsity Baseball; Varsity Soccer GUY E. HELANDER West Rd.. Ashby JANICE P. HELLMAN Jewell Hill Rd.. A-hburnham DORIS . HODGEN 260 Franklin St., Newton Palmer Hall Dorm Council — Sec; Adelphians; Cul- tural Affairs Com. GEORGE HOLMBERG 107 Highland Ave., Fitchburg BARBARA HOUGHTON 90 Pease Rd., East Longmeadow LINDA M. JOHNSTON 789 West Central St., Franklin Nursing Club MAXINE JONATH 12 Braman St., Danvers Drama Club; Winter Carnival PATRICIA E. JONES 8 Gay Rd., Groton Band; Glee Club MARIAMT.KARIS 14 Caldwell St., Fitchburg Dean ' s List DENNIS G. KEENEY 65 Houghton St., Worcester Fenwicks; Intramural Soccer, Softball 134 4 PATRICK G. KELEHER 29 Johnson St., W. Roxbury DONALD W. KELLEY 16 Neptune St., Shrewsbury Varsity Basketball; Intramurals LEONARD J. KELLY 43 Franklin St., Clinton PATRICIA KELLEY 2 Westwood Rd., Somerville VIVIAN A. KELLEY 127 Chase Rd., Lunenburg JANICE M. KELLOGG 27 Isabella St., Stoneham DENNIS KELLY 36 Nutting St., Gardner Fenwicks — Treas. ; Varsity Track, Basketball; Intra- mural Basketball, Football, Softball, Volleyball PAULA KELLY 686 Walnut St., Fall River Newman Club PRISCILLA KNOWLES 20 Pleasant St., E. Pepperell Philodemic; Sp. Ed. Club PHILIP E. KNOWLTON 18 Mary Potter Lane, Greenfield Track and Field ; Band PATRICIA KRULL 102 Cedar St., Fitchburg Glee Club ; Winter Carnival PENNY LaBOMBARD 368 Lenox St., Athol Dean ' s List STEPHEN F. LaVIE 24 Greenwood Ave., Hyde Park ARTHUR R. LABRACK 10 New St., So. Ashburnham MARGARET LANDIS 364 Peninsula Dr., Lunenburg NANCY J. LANDRY 34 Center St., S., Ashburnham Host and Hostess Club; Math Club SUSAN KENNEDY 7 Norman Place, Fitchburg LAWRENCE LAPIERRE 32 South St., Fitchburg GENEVIE C. KENT 469 Pleasant St., Milton Sp. Ed. Club; Glee Club; Big Brother — Big Sister CYNTHIA E. KINCAID 35 Rocky Hill Rd., Amesbury Nurses Club; Tokalon Society — V. Pres., Pres. ; W.A.A. — Pres., Treas.; Ski Club; Intramural Sports; Student-Faculty Athletic Committee; Yearbook NANCY A. KING 320 New Boston Rd., Fall River Philodemics — Pres.; Yearbook — Editor; Intramurals; W.A.A. Board THOMAS J. KIRKLAUSKAS 70 Upsala St., Worcester Varsity Basketball — Co. Captain ROBERT G. LAPOINTE 654 Mass Ave., Lunenburg BRADFORD LAWSON 11 Riverneck Rd., Chelmsford Esoterics; Basketball, Soccer, Tennis PATRICIA T. LeBLANC 26 Pleasant St., Chicopee Adelphians — Pres.; Newman Club — V. Pres.; Nurs- ing Club — Rec. Sec, Senior Rep. FRANCIS P. LEAHEY 47 Austin St., Leominster Logos Honor Society EILEEN P. LECLAIR 182 State Rd., Westminster JANE L. KIWERSKI 24 Rockland Ave., Maiden Basketball; Winter Carnival; I ntramurals CHERYL L ' ECUYER • 2 Jei i Si.. Fitchburg .Newman Club 85 SHERY1 D.l EONARD 85 Milk St.. Fitchburg PHD UM EFEBRE L30EhnSt,Winchendon VERONICA LETTNER 105 Blossom St.. Fitchburg GERALDI LEW Mitchell St., Leominster GAIL R. MAK0N1 99 Hapgood St., Athol S.C.A.; Intramural Sports; Ski Club; Philodemics; W.A.A. Board LINDA M. MARTINUK 202 Prospect St., Lawrence Nursing Club; Dorm Council; Logos Honor Society ENID MARTUS 167 Mt. Vernon St., W. Roxbury Glee Club; Drama Club; Nursing Club; Judea Club FRANK LINHART 26 Hawes St.. Fitchburg JOAN LITTLE 26 Maple St.. Holden Big Sister — Big Brother; Band; Tokalons; Sp. Ed. Club — Senior Rep. VALERIE D. LOUDON 198 North End Rd., Townsend THOMAS P. LOVETT 54 Glenham St., W. Roxbury Newman Club DANIEL E. LYONS 15 Milton St., Cambridge Fenwicks; Intramurals MAUREEN A. MACEWEN 461 Silverlake St., Athol SUSAN E. MAKI 328 Fisher Rd., Fitchburg DENNIS P. MALLET 459 Sanders St., Athol JOHN F. MALLOY 19 Townsend St., Fitchburg Esoterics N. MWDILAS 18 West St, Fitchburg JOHNM. MARION 20 Nernon Court. Fitchburg Mohawk-: Class Pres.; S.G.A. — Treas; Commuter ' s Board ANN E. MASCIARELLI 120 Albion St., Fall River Adelphians ; Women ' s Dorm Board — Dorm Council — Sec; Winter Carnival; Newman Club; Intramurals; Dean ' s List; Yearbook Staff VICTOR J. MASCIARELLI 29 Sterling St., Clinton MARION S. MATILAINEN 171 Minott Rd., Westminster Sp. Ed. Club MARY ANN MATTHEWS 262 Reservation Rd., Hyde Park Philodemics — V.Pres. ; Sp. Ed. Club; Newman Club ROBERT L. MAXWELL 32 Lincoln St., Ayer MARGARET MAYNARD 189 Pearl St., Fitchburg Newman Club; Ski Club; Jr. Weekend JEAN McMORROW 101 Hamilton Rd., Wrentham Adelphians; Intramurals CATHERINE R. McNALLY 146 Highland St., Southbridge Nursing Club; Newman Club daniel McCarthy 3 Maiden Lane, Lynnfield rita h. Mcdonald 221 West Street Dr., Leominster JOSEPH B. McDONOUGH 36 Central Ave., Braintree 8b ■ i • Fenwicks; M.I.B. — Corres. Sec; Intramurals ; Var- sity Baseball, Track; S.G.A. Rep. NANCY L. MILLER 5 Greenwood Terrace, Atliol JUDITH E. McFAUL 43 Wickman Dr. Gardner BRUCE C. MITCHELL 54 Franklin St., Athol DANIEL J. McKercher 100 Clearview St., Fitchburg Gavaleers MAUREEN G. McKENNA Farmers Row, Groton Sp. Ed. Club; Big Brother — Big Sister; Jr. Weekend GARY C. MITCHELL 33 Barthel Ave., Gardner Fenwicks — Pres. ; Track; Intramurals; Kampus Vue; Who ' s Who RANDY H. MONETTE 168 Mill St., Winchendon CAROL A. McNEIL 9 Valarie Circle, Ashburnham Newman Club ; Tokalons JUDITH A. McTIERNAN 19 Sherbrook St., W. Roxbury Nursing Club; Newman Club; W.A.A. Board SANDRA A. MACOLONDOW 335 Cape Rd., Mendon KATHRYN 0. MERKEL 46 Waterford St., Gardner JOAN B. MILBURY 135 Highland St., Townsend SUSAN E. MILKE 105 Burley St., Danvers Drama Club; Glee Club; Nursing Club; W.A.A. ; Adelphians RICHARD F. MILLINGTON 540 Northfield Rd.; Lunenburg ANN MILLER 59 Church St., Athol Philodemics — Treas.; W.A.A. — Senior Rep.; S.G.A. — Corres. Sec; Intramurals; Dean ' s List; Yearbook Staff DAVID A MILLER 40 Dudley St., Arlington IAMES D. MILLER Petersham Rd., Athol JANE N. MONTIVILLE 57 St. Peter St., Fitchburg Sp. Ed. Club; Newman Club; Jr. Weekend; Student Handbook; Winter Carnival SUSAN MOORE 26 Stearns Ave., Lawrence Dorm Council — Sec; Host and Hostess; Newman Club; Intramurals; Yearbook Staff DONNA J. MOORES Wales Rd., Monson W.A.A.; S.C.A. ROBERT B. MORRILL 140 High St., So. Acton DIANE M. MORRIS 124 North St., Fitchburg JUDITH M. MORRISEAU 323 Draper Ave, N. Attleboro Newman Club; Hosl and Hostess JEANMARIEI. MULLIN 33 Third St., Ayer Newman Club; W.A.A. ELAINE M. MURPHY 29 Charles St., Wakefield Nursing Club; Logos Honor Society; Newman Club PATRICK J. MURPHY 6 Morris St., Fitchburg Mohawks Prrs.: Class V. Pres.; Varsity Basketball —Co. Capt.; Winter Carnival — King: M.I.B.; Dean ' s List; Logos Honor Society Mohawks — Corres. Sec; Soccer — Capt.; Intramurals; Yearbook Staff PATRIC1 .1. Ml RRAY 20 South St.. Townsend 187 PATRICIA MURRAY 421 Vshburnham St.. Fitchburg Pfailodemics JOYCE M.NADEAU l 1 11 Richardson Rd., Fitchburg 1 OIS NAPOl 1 = Vrlington St.. Worcester Sp. Ed. Club: Newman Club SHARONJ. NEAL I Russell St., Franklin Math Club: Logos Honor Society KATHLEEN M. NEUDING 67 School St., Milford Nursing Club: Newman Club; Doitu Council — Treas- urer: Intramurals; Yearbook Staff MARYALICE NEWELL 14 Millett Ave., Leominster Tokalons ELAINA H. O ' NEILL 10 West Adams St., Lowell Tokalon; Spec. Ed. Traineeship; Big Brother — Big Sister; Spec. Ed. Club; Newman Club MARK D. O ' NEILL 127 Tyler St., Townsend S.G.A. Rep. SHIRLEY A. O ' ROURKE 21 Milford Ave., Worcester SUSAN E. PAGE 111 Taylor Ave., Dedham S.G.A. — College Coordinator — Rep.; Newman Club; Philodemic; Nursing Club; W.A.A. Board CHARLES PANAGEOTES 4 Gibson Place, Fitchburg Fenwick; Intramurals FREDERI PARADISE 12 Pleasant View Ave., Fitchburg ALICE A. NICHOLS Flat Hill Rd., Lunenburg Glee Club LOUIS A. PARADISE 163 Pleasant St., Winchendon Newman Club; Commuters Board; Intramurals NIRVANA T. NIEUWEJAAR Park St., Pepperell Drama Club DELPHVN NOURIE 35 Sargent Ave., Fichburg MARY M. NOWD 739 Cambridge St., Brighton S.G.A. Rep.; Newman Club; Nursing Club; Glee Club; Head— Pub.; W.A.A. KATHLEEN E. O ' GARA 42 Boylston St., Acushnet Kampus Vue Staff; Host and Hostess Club DEM- .0 ' CONNELL 6 Arlington St., Worcester Intramurals; Newman Club THOMAS F. O ' CONNELL 34 Kilmurray St., Clinton JOHN T.O ' GORMAIN 18 Loring St, Worcester DENISE M. PARE 97 King St., Fitchburg HELEN A. PARKE 45 Lexington Rd., Concord Spec. Ed. Club; Newman Club PATRICIA M. PARZICK Laurel Acres, Whately Adelphians — Pres. — Social Chairman; Intramurals EILEEN L. PARTANEN 81 Ashburnham State Rd., Fitchburg Ski Club; Adelphians — Corres. Sec. ANNE MARIE A. PATTI 52 Newton St., Leominster Newman Club; Spec. Ed. Club; Tokalon JEAN L. PECUKONIS Lowell St., East Pepperel Philodemic; Intramurals JAMES P. PENDER 788 Woodlawn St., Clinton Glee Club; Kampus Vue Staff 55 ANTHONY M. PEPE 224 Whitwell St., Quincy A.P.O. JUDITH A. QUINTAL 14 Cabot St., Fitchburg Winter Carnival; Jr. Weekend JUDITH A. PERLA 67 South St., Leominster DAVID F. RAHAIM 12 Pearl St., Gardner RICHARD L. PERRAULT 37 North St., Shrewsbury Fenwick — Treasurer; Who ' s Who; Soccer; Intramu- rals MERLE T. PERRY 58 Jerry St., Fitchburg A.P.O. LINDA E. PETERSON 11 West Main St., Ashby S.C.A.; French Club; Logos Honor Society KAREN J. PHILIPS 1 Dublin Ave., Wilmington Nursing Club; Tokalons DIANE E. RAHMBERG 161 Boutelle St., Fitchburg Kampus Vue — Editor CAROLE A. RECORD Box 186, Ashfield Sp. Ed. Club; Winter Carnival KATHLEEN M. REILING 200 Walnut St., Dedham Newman Club ; Nursing Club DIANE H. RENAUD 21 Fifth Ave., Tauton Nursing Club; Newman Club; Tokalons — Treas. ; Logos Honor Society ALICE F. PICKETT 27 Bucknam St., Everett Tokalon; Newman Club; Host and Hostess Club ALAN E. RICH 94 Wellington St., Athol Sp. Ed. Club CHRISTINE M. PIERCE 27 Barnard St., Marblehead W.A.A. Board; Nursing Club RONALD PLETSCH 64 Marlboro St., Quincy BARBARA F. POLASKI 68 Granite St., Worcester Nursing Club; Newman Club BARRY W. POLISHER 40 Valley Spring Rd., Newton A.P.O. CHRISTINE E. POOLES 5 Whitcomb Ave., Ayer BRUCE E. PORELL 62 Wendell Rd., Fitchburg Glee Club; Rifle and Pistol Club EILEEN M. QUINN 63 Congress St. Fitchburg Newman Club; S.G. A. Rep. CLARENCE J. RICHARD 46 Elizabeth St., Fitchburg DONALD G. RICHARDSON 19 Coolidge St., Fitchburg ROBERT J. RICHARD 37 Stafford St., Worcester MICHAEL A. RINALDI 8 Demarco Terrace, Worcester CAROL A. ROBIN 273 Sprague St., Fall River Philodemic Society; Dorm Council — Pres. ; S.G.A. Rep.; W.A.A. Board; Dean ' s List; Yearbook Staff DANIEL V. ROBINSON 212 Prescotl St., W. Boylston NANCY J. ROMANO LOO Maverick St., Fitchburg MICH l LC. in W 54 Summit St., Clinton 89 CORINNEM.SANTERRE l) Pilgrim St., Kingston Newman Club; Drama Club: Sp. Ed. Club PETER CSARDELIS 1305 Main St.. Fitchburg Varsiri Basketball A. LYNNE SULLIVAN 33 Gale Rd. Belmont Adelphian — Social Chairman; Class — Sec; S.G.A. Rep.; Newman Club; Glee Club BERNHARD W. SUND 12 Benefit St., Worcester LINDA H. SAWYER 1 10 Great Rd., Littleton Tokalons: Glee Club; Nursing Club; Band RALPH A. SUNDERLAND 71 Belmont Rd., Leominster Mohawk — Social Chairman; Intramurals ILENA SCANLON 200 School St.. Franklin Newman Club; Winter Carnival PATRICIA A. (McGOWAN) SCANLON 38 Cedar St., Wenham Sp. Ed. Club: Philodemics — Rec. Sec; Social Chair- man ELIZABETH SCHLICHTER 36 West St., Lunenburg JEANNE L. SCHMITT 7 The Clearing, Whalom Newman Club DAVID SENECAL 53 Mason St., Hudson LINDA J. SERATTO 165 Krysiak Ave., Fitchburg SHARON M. SEWELL 47 East Dalton St., Lawrence STEVEN L. SHANGRAW 391 Central St., Franklin LA. Club IRVING P. SHATTACK 44 Highland Ave., Fitchburg CAROL F.SHELDON 51 7 Elm St., Leominster VNDREA C. (DRISCOLL) SIDEBOTTOM 1 02 Melrose St. Arlington Sp. Ed. Club: Adelphians; Cheerleader; Traineeship KATHLEEN V. TALIX 229 Rollstone St., Fitchburg BERNARD F. TARARA JR. 3 Taylor Rd., Maynard A.P.O. JANE A. TARARA 155 Ashbumham St., Fitchburg RICHARD W. TAYLOR 97 West St., Medway CHARLES E. TELLIER 23 Russell St., Fitchburg A.P.O. BETTY M. TENNEY 4 Elm St., Townsend Glee Club ; Band ; Madrigal Singers RONALD THERRIEN 218 Franklin Rd., Fitchburg Mohawk— Athletic Director; M.I.B. Board; S.G.A. Rep. ; Intramurals ; Commuters Board VIRGINIA M. THOMPSON 34 North St., Sommerville Spec. Ed. Club; Newman Club ANGELA M. TOCCI 104 Lincoln Terr., Leominster Cheerleader BASIL N. TOLOS 59 Arlington St., Fitchburg RICHARD E. TOUCHETTE 51 Peabody St., Gardner rKW.K-C. STRAUB Laurelwood Dr., Ashby JONATHAN TRADER 99 Great Plain Ave, Wellesley Hill 190 ■•.« " ROBERT D. ST CYR 6 Arnold Rd., Leominster Fenwicks — Corres. Sec; Newman Club; Intramurals CHARLES E. TELLIER 23 Russell St., Fitchburg A.P.O. DONALD J. STARR 261 Cedar St., Fitchburg Varsity Soccer, Baseball; M.I.B. BETTY M. TENNEY 4 Elm St., Townsend Glee Club; Band; Madrigal Singers HELENE L. STARKS 17 Hott St., Fitchburg CAROL R. STOFFEL 46 Dahlia Dr., Littleton MICHAEL E. STOFFEL 46 Dahlia Dr., Littleton RONALD THERRIEN 218 Franklin Rd., Fitchburg Mohawk — Athletic Director; M.I.B. Board; S.G.A. Rep. ; Intramurals ; Commuters Board VIRGINIA M. THOMPSON 34 North St., Sommerville Spec. Ed. Club; Newman Club VALERIE G. STOWE 37 Westwood Dr., Worcester ANGELA M. TOCCI 104 Lincoln Terr., Leominster Cheerleader BARBARA STRAPAKAS 45 J. St., Athol Newman Club; Host and Hostess; Jr. Weekend; Math Club FRANCES C. STRAUB Laurelwood Dr., Ashby A. LYNNE SULLIVAN 33 Gale Rd. Belmont Adelphian — Social Chairman; Class — Sec; S.G.A. Rep. ; Newman Club ; Glee Club BASIL N. TOLOS 59 Arlington St., Fitchburg RICHARD E. TOUCHETTE 51 Peabody St., Gardner JONATHAN TRADER 99 Great Plain Ave., Wellesley Hill JOAN M. TREMBLAY 141 South St., Plainville Newman Club; Nursing Club BERNHARD W. SUND 12 Benefit St., Worcester RALPH A. SWANSON 71 Belmont Rd., Leominster Mohawk — Social Chairman; Intramurals FRANK R. TROCKI 145 Sherrin St., Hyde Park Esoteric; Intramurals LEE R. TWAROG 39 Pleasant St., Fairhaven KATHLEEN V. TALIX 229 Rollstone St., Fitchburg KENNETH A. VAIDULAS 147 Central St., Athol BERNARD F. TARARA JR. 3 Taylor Rd., Maynard A.P.O. RONALD A. VALENTE 68 Cherry St., Plymouth Fenwick; Intramurals JANE A. TARARA 155 Ashburnham St., Fitchburg JANET M. VAN WART R.F.D. 1, Gardener RICHARD W. TAYLOR 97 West St., Medway JOSEPH VAUTOUR 56 Claredon St., Fitchburg 191 VKTIU R D.VIENNEAI 1 lo Belmont St.. Fitchburg lPW VKP W VI SH L5 Pleasant St.. Littleton PATRIC1 VS. VI SH 102 Cypress St.. Brookline man Club; Spec. Ed. Club: Dean ' s List ROBERTS. WARD 13 Prospect Terr.. Leominster DONNAJ.WASKEWICZ 20 Farmer Ave.. Fitchburg Spec. Ed. Club; Yearbook Staff; Dean ' s. List Honor DAVID H. WHITMORE Ayer Rd., Harvard DOUGLAS J. WILLIS 14 Clayton St., Maiden ROBERT A. WILSON 20 Thurston St., Fitchburg SANDRA E. WISWELL Ashby State Rd., Ashby Drama Club; Host and Hostess Club; Logos Honor Society LEONARD E. WASSERMAN 64 Deering Rd.. Mattapan Gavaleer HENRY P. WRIGLEY 1 Lowell Junction Rd., Andover Math Club — Vice-Pres. ; Esoterics ELAINE G. WATSON 1133 North Pleasant St., Amherst Philodemics; Kampus Vue Staff; Debate Club; Dorm Council — Pres. : Dean ' s List BRIAN WAZLAW 29 Linehan St., Lawrence Intramurals; Rifle and Pistol Club; Winter Carnival JOSEPH F. WESSLING 186 Phipps St., Quincy Femvicks — Sargent of Arms ; Intramurals JUDITH WESTERMAN Otter River Rd., Templeton JOHN R. WRIGHT Forrest St., Middleboro Esoterics — Pres.; S.G.A. Rep. SANDRA J. WYNACHT 10 Jordan Circle, E. Braintree Adelphians — Social Chairman CARL H. YANOFF 27 Yale St., Milford A.P.O. BARBARA L. YULE 47 Winter St., Leominster Logos Honor Society; Tokalons; Nursing Club JANICE WESTERMAN Otter River Rd., Templeton SUSAN G.WHITE 10 Emmerson Rd., Cochituate Adelphians — Sec; Winter Carnival; Intramurals; Dorm Soc. Chairman SI . LEY R.WHITE 289 Shawsheen Ave., Wilmington WILLIAM A. WHITE 21 20 79th St.. Jackson, N. Y. A.P.O. PAULA J. (LaVALLEE) ZANIBONI 148 Myrtle Ave., Fitchburg hip ; Nursing Club; Glee Club; S.C.A. JEANNE M. ZIEGLER 50 Prospect St., Franklin, N. H. BONNIE J. ZIEMBA Depot Rd., Charlton KAREN A. ZOLDAK 460 Pleasant St., Gardner Sp. Ed. Club; Big Brother — Big Sister; Traineeship; Adelphians; Newman Club; Ski Club KATHLEEN . WHITING 501 South Main St., So. Bellingham PETER O. ZUMPFE 190 Blossom St., Fitchburg 192 . - - t T

Suggestions in the Fitchburg State University - Saxifrage Yearbook (Fitchburg, MA) collection:

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