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x....4,- . 1 v V 1 I E 5 3 i i i t 6 N 1 9 I I - ,,,, fkly .rf 'A ,HH 0 Mfjlhlll A 700 f 1 fl' f ' IZ :',. I, ' , " I 17731 1? 17, 'JK I Q46 QE? f ffffom, 'W I V jg 0 f kv Zi fr- 4 kXXW ff1'f T5 EW tw hiviilt X" 9 ANNUA.. PTJBJCATION OF TI-IE SENIGR CLASS FITCI-IBIJRG STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE X CHE Fommwommn Each year the Teachers College has issneal an annual clevotecl niainly to sentinzental recollections of existence or to some one ofthe splenclicl qualities epitoznizecl hy our tiny ftoiver. We, the class of 1937, give to you a portrayal of life. We are not ecstati- cally 'fo-college' nor are we Qjzist as ecstaticallyj stark in an ejfort to attain the heavy realism of the psiieclonriocl- ernists. We have enrleavorea' to repre- sent triie life at the T. C.-the ora'i- nary, ctaily routine of class ancl lesson plan, the lights, the flowers, the ac- claim of extra-curricula activities. CQNGMWS Dedzbafion College Claffef OrgamZai1'0m zfffif 617-61 F6dfZ!7'6f EDHCZLTHCDN T0 Harry F. Percival In appreciation of his wealtla of elyzzelaling laztmor, lots depth of selyolarsloip, lots spirit of freedom aml of inquiry we, tloe class of 1937, gratefully a'ea'ieate tlyts book. HARRY F. PERCIVAL 419285 SENIOR CLASS SPONSOR Psychology, Measzwemezvt, Ottawa Uvzivefrsity, A.B., University of Kansas, A.M., Harvard Uzziversity, Ed.M., EcZ.D Saxifrage Staff ANNE WARD, Editor-in-Chief JOHN ENGLISH, Business Manager Art Barbara Whitmore, CE'ditorJ Earl Roseen Priscilla Griflin B z'0g1'aph ies Cecelia Callanan, CEditorJ Ellen Funaiole Alice Feehan Donald Buckwold John Lavelle Athletics Elaine Cleaves, fWornen's Editorj Kenneth Ladner, fMen's Editorj Six CARL MATSON, Assistant Business Manager DOLORES SULLIVAN, Associate Editor DR. PERCIVAL AND MR. HAGUE Sponsors Bus mess Donald McCaffrey Alan Kempainen Thelma Parker Joseph Mahoney Eleanor Goulart Ann Hyland Donald McNeil Dominic Bacarro Photo g mph y Donald McCaffrey fEditorJ Eleanor Cronin Pauline Papacolas Orgcmizations A. Herbert Henrickson fEditorJ Marjorie Knight Howard Hirst Irma Person Features Dominic Bacarro fEditorJ Martha Gay Albert Caswell CGQJmmmcf3.m '5"vQ.,, . was WSW YSBIQS 'iw W Fight f ,- ,f- -1 tr-1 , .gf Nzne Ten qgwi, X5 f ' ' 1 ' f X nv.. 1,1-,ligf f , W, f xg M., ,.,..V., - Aff' .'vQ1Y4MJ' t 1. ' ,J M, 1 ,, , ,ff-"' . ,ff : Si- fl ..:'f:,f'?" , . 1. ,QM ' ,. , ,H V . Y ,5A,. 14 . ,...,-an A3i,p, ., .... ,ul - -."- ,. .,,.....-J.. .M 1. ff A - ' X""'jig - ' ' fi ---- - . A :H-:gl 4 ..,. , , . - 1 2,3 1.5. ' 5-af ,. V i, V f L' f A t ' I, --3 1 '...,. , A M, g-,,,...,',g, A wr I K 1 H- ' ' 5' .h 5-" -W -1 ' ,qw 1 . F ' "' x , . Add, " 'T 4' -,Aj f ' ,.j.,,' 59 fsuiwl U V 'WM 2'-545 -gb i ff Kf'-W-342 1 , '5' ? ?i?7'e 5.1: 1 '- 'a -ry -Q '.,fgf1'+ .,,W,, '. , L5gz,,..,.g fv ' 'fiff 1 1 j . , , Qi! ,gs 151' 41. .:. ' 155, '..,. H' 'W , . mg. Nfl jg- 5 1 7 3 '- " '.,..g , nf". ' ., . .3'f'gQ, ff, H " ' .1 '.4 5 5- .' 71-'rv'-1""Mw""3'-5--M-V2 ,..,2.-. PI gag, -' , f""W"'f4 'fwfr' L -ff ?ff1!'X.5A,,v ', - , A i? -, 14' ' 1--af-ff -5.,1. 'vg+,v.4,-VM.....fL - ,+,.WMf-1fM-f-',- R , ,. . A - . 4 ra. . Qwww.. - 5 f-WM ,iw '32ffZiw" 2 'Ai ' 1 v 3 3541: is Q Y' ':,m.-- 1- M 1 . f - . - . ,z. J W. ,K 1. Q Jwfv fm, W Lg-,,f'S,?gy..w,.' 4.- ,. fc. f , 2- 1 'ff ' L 'F"'NQ' 1,4 f' 'fl W -ywwvzpn' 1 " 7 F Q m,w,vf'f : Z ' , i 'E M'1liM:T:.?.f5fQf"iMf if ' S EYES? - i ' ,Mn ,1, g'?,,,.,-w,.."'f" - -' -4, ,-x--My-mf. - ,g ,. A . v 5 -IWW., ..2,,..v . J J.. Z.. ., ' C V. ff --Q L-W' 'Tp ""f'1s.x,1:5-Q-W ' ' :f f -53 I i f . . W nz, ,-noun? NNN! NMA . X -E 1 . b ,, ,,., ., QW' ,, . , Q. " ' '31 9" i' .M fqfw 5-i 2 1 f'Q""3'I 2 5' '92 ' ' 'a sf A V M V . 'lily Www f-...J Iiigvlrifft.. , , yll l W, .g "Q " " V Aa-13" ' 4 ? 5. .252 F mg Ry 3" 1- - '- " f f 'IMT M---:,-, . "Qi, 1 .35" ' .wg ujf wt -,s, g, ., .fx -' ., .fy ', ' -J, 3, ,- .A F ,f f-' W ,A A -1.-..... V: 'V F . WMA , ., . -'3.Ewlx x 5,. ... - K -- - fr. ' -ov-.1-Q . '1 -+-, f v'i'l!"1 ,I - R . V.. ' f - ,,3,3,W 1 ' ,- 1 .Y '!5'g".' l'l!' 5: " , 'Q' M4 1" 5 .3 f W 5 , 2 2 v-. 'XWXIH 7 " 2" -5 -1" Gl'3'fl:vW,, Q' is-53 PT L1 '. . 1: -F ::',...'i'g5,:rr?gf5:'.5w 32 1' 373-Z4-"11'Z4v'f'Agfz:3Q2f7,KfH4:'9T1 . M Lvmgg -H---41 A 'i ..3':1....f",'f W... V ---- ' .. r-2215?-46 Q A ' ' - - q i I Z iggllzl!-ill I " I g Q i ,-f.......7:- - , , i Z- a I , , ,,. , NM .eg-r . s . gr, .3 .,,,m -1,-Q.. , g ' ' , yw-1-34'-r-.iA?'.. 2 1'-5 - , 'iam-5' ' : - P-" Elf' Ur n CHARLES M. HERLIHY 119277 President Ethics, History of Education Boston Normal School, Diploma Boston College, A.B., A.M., L.L.D. Boston, Harvard Universities, Courses THE Class of 1937 entered college in the year when the economic discouragement of the depression was very acute. The parents of these young men and Women displayed extraordinary faith and cour- age in assuming the financial responsibilities of college training for their children at this period. The records show that these students have kept faith With those Who trusted them. We are confident that they will continue to demonstrate in their positions as teachers the traits of industry, optimism, and high purpose which have marked their undergraduate Work in the State Teachers College at Fitchburg. 'lit JOHN L. RANDALL 119205 Dean of Academic Men Biological Science University of New Hampshire, B.S., M.S GERTRUDE -E. BRADT 119275 Demi of Women Ethics, American History Columbia University, B.S., A.M. i fi Q I Pj! WILLIS B. ANTHONY 119095 Dean of Practical Arts Men Director of Industrial Arts Education Massachusetts School of Art, Diploma Massachusetts School of Art, B.S. CHARLES E. AKELEY 119105 Woodfinishing Business College, Diploma Army College, Fort Leavenworth, Officers Training School, Courses Resigned in December, 1936 JOSEPHINE A. BOLGER 119295 Physical Education Sargent School of Physical Education, Diploma Harvard Medical School, Bode School 1Warvemunde, Germany5, Courses Boston University, B.S. RACHEL S. BRUCE 119275 Edgerly Training School Fitchburg Normal School, Diploma Columbia University, B.S. CLINTON E. CARPENTER 119285 Education, Director of Training Schools Bridgewater Normal School, Diploma Boston University, B.S., Ed.M. EDWIN R. CLARK 119315 Junior High School Clark University, A.B. University of Illinois, A.M. Harvard University, Boston University, Courses FLORENCE D. CONLON 119195 Fine Arts Fitchburg Normal School, Diploma Boston University, B.S. Columbia, University of Chicago, Courses GERTRUDE M. CUNNINGHAM 119285 Junior High School Fitchburg Normal School, Diploma Boston University, B.S., Ed.M. Boston University, Advanced Courses MIRIAM ELDRIDGE 119355 Music Boston University, B.S. Boston University, Advanced Courses ,L Scverlteeu GERTRUDE L. FISKE 119313 Junior High School Connecticut State College, B.S. Columbia University, A.M. MARIE M. GEARAN 119223 Dillon Training School Fitchburg Normal School, Diploma Fitchburg Teachers College, B.S. Boston University, Courses llfcmz l CLIFFORD W. HAGUE 119333 Printing Lawrence College, A.B. University of Minnesota, Harvard University, Courses ARTHUR C. HARRINGTON 119193 History, Civics, Sociology Boston University, A.B. Clark University, A.M. CORA M. HASSELL 119223 Librarian, Library Economy Hyannis Normal School, Diploma Simmons College, Boston University, Courses HENRY P. HEALY 119293 Junior High School Holy Cross College, A.B. Boston University, Ed.M. JOSEPH HEALEY 119363 Physical Education Niagara University, Ph.B. ELMA M. JOHNSON 119193 Edgerly Training School Fitchburg Normal School, Diploma Harvard University, Adj.A. EDWARD T. KNOWLES 119303 Junior High School Bridgewater Teachers College, B.S. Harvard University, Tufts University, A.M. SARAH E. LAMPREY 119083 Fine Arts Fitchburg Normal School, Diploma Columbia University, B.S. Boston University, New York University, Courses LAWRENCE E. LANDALL 119233 Woodworking Bradley Polytechnic Institute, Courses C. BLAIR McLEAN 119203 Drafting, Guidance Stout Institute, B.S. University of Michigan, Clark University, Courses M. CHARLOTTE MAHONEY 119323 Dillon Training School Hyannis Teachers College, B.S. Lowell Teachers College, Diploma Columbia University, Courses KATHERINE M. MCCARTY 119113 English Fitchburg Normal School, Diploma Northern University, Emerson, Boston University, Courses KATHERINE F. McCONNELL 119183 Dillon Training School North Adams City Training School, Diploma Columbia, Rochester, Harvard Universities, Courses MARY A McCONNELL 118973 Arithmetic and English North Adams City Training School Diploma Boston University BS Harvard Columbia Rochester Universities Courses N nciecn BELLE M. NIXON 119325 English University of Chicago, A.B. Columbia University, A.M. George Peabody Teachers Col- lege, University of Chicago, Washington University, Courses ARTHUR E. PURINTON 119265 Metal Working Bradley Polytechnic Institute, Courses ELIZABETH QUATTLANDER 119355 Edgerly Training School Fitchburg Normal School, Di- ploma Boston University, B.S., Ed.M. ANNA E. SIMMONS 119255 Junior High School Clark University, B.Ed., A.M. IRENE L. SMITH 119255 Edgerly Training School Worcester Normal School, Di- loma P Harvard, Rochester Universities, Courses PRESTON SMITH 118955 Physical Science Bridgewater Normal School, Diploma Harvard, Clark Universities, Teachers School of Science, Tufts, Courses DOROTHY STAFFORD 119325 Assistant, Physical Education Sargent School of Physical Education, Diploma Boston University, B.S. MARION L. WEBSTER 119235 Geography Bridgewater Normal School, Diploma Columbia University, B.S., A.M. Harvard, Clark Universities, Courses RALPH F. WESTON 1192.63 Mathematics, Economics Fitchburg Normal School, Diploma University of New Hampshire, A.B., A.M. Harvard University, Courses VERNA WHITE 119363 Junior High School Wheaton College, A.B. University of Michigan, A.M. LOUISE WINGATE 119293 North Adams ,Normal School, Diploma Boston University, B.S. Harvard, Boston Universities, Courses RALPH H. COLSON 119353 Physical Education Boston University, B.S.E. Resigned in October, 1936 CHARLES G. HAPGOOD 119343 Junior High School Fitchburg Normal School, Diploma Boston University, B.S.E. Resigned in January, 1937 JAMES J. HAMMOND 1937 n 1 3 WILLIAM J. RINEHART 119363 Home Mechanics, Woodfinishing I Penmanship Fitchburg Teachers College, B.S. University of Pittsburgh, B.S., Harvard University, Courses A,M, JOSEPH E. UNDERWOOD, Jr. 119373 Junior High School Holy Cross College, A.B. Fitchburg Teachers College, B.S. IU Twenty-fzuo MAUD A. GOODFELLOW 118983 -Chief Clerk, Registrar Fitchburg Normal School, Diploma Fitchburg Normal School, Payson Heights, Simmons, Harvard University, Courses HELEN M. O'HORO H9213 Senior Clerk, Secretary Fitchburg Normal School, Diploma RAUHA WAYRYNEN 419293 Clerk, Secretary Fitchburg Normal School, Courses MARY BARNICLE 119343 Resident Nurse Burbank Hospital Corey Hill Hospital MAE WORTHINGTON 419343 Dietician Columbia University, M.A. CORNELIUS GEARY, M.D. Medical Examiner Harvard Medical School FACULTY Exwivmcmzmvnas H33 Til? PET JE LQJLEH SSHQDNS "BY THEIR SPEECH YE SHALL KNOW THEM" The wages of sin are death." By and large." I like that. I was never so intrigued." Other things being equalf' Easily unidentifiedf, Do you get my point ?" I wonder if it's your voice I hear?' Who is missing?" And that's the story of that region." "So there you have it." In other Words, to boil it all down." I think itls lovely, don't you ?" Now, I just want to interject here." We want thought provoking questions." The history of the individual recapitulates the history of the race Speak louder! Please repeat." I 'Until-j'orLr EIZEASSES unify Senior Class OFFICERS JOSEPH RUSH P resz'dent ETHEL CRITCHLEY Vz'ce-President ELLEN FUNAIOLE Secretary JOHN LAVELLE Treasurer umsmmmaum DOROTHY BARTON "Dot" "Dotty" ' Elementary 3 "Work before play"-almost inhumanly ever - cheerful-soothing cl1uckle-shy- Yankee twang-robust good humor. Glee Club 12, 33, Baseball 11, 295 Soccer 13? 1 1 - DOMINIL' W. BACCARO "Dom" Practical Arts Technical and artistic ability, witness- fine sets for dramatic club plays-reas- suring, pleasant smile-not shy, but almost - sure in expressing opinions- his word carries weight, diminutive giant-a camera expert. M. S. A., Treasurer 133, Dramatic Club 13, fljg Gaveleers 12, 3, 495 Secretary 1335 President 14jg Typo Club 12, 3, 41, Epsilon Pi Tau 13, 4Jg Secretary 141, Art Club 11, 2, 3, 43, Hockey Trainer 13, 43, Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Base- ball Trainer 12, 3, 475 Saxifrage Feature Editor. ' mm I wrnlif-rvulll' ll DEBORAH BLAZO czDebu Elementary 4 Poise plus, but in informal moments, that giggle!-knack for accomplishment -after six courses, where is thy alt, Debbie?-faithful to Wednesday and Friday night dates-one of the Gold Dust Twins. Art Club 13, 455 Treasurer f-lj, Hockey Il, 2, 31, Basketball Cl, Zig Bowling fl, 2. 3, 47 ,,5, flfu DUNALD RUCKWULD HDOHJY Elementary 4 Smooth - sociable - talkative - not too studious - confidential smile - reliable - hobby: raising poultry. Intramural Athletics 11, 2, 3, 455 Art Club 12, 3, 453 Dramatic Club 1453 Mohawks 13, 455 Assembly Committee Q45 TlI'l'lIfll- n if CECELIA C. CALLANAN "sign ffoeiiar g Junior High School Unassuming but eflicient to a high degree - mathematically minded-sees more than one suspects-not easily aroused-whiles away time by listening and tglking-method of sarcasm: Caustic remark with a smile. W. G. A. Dormitory Council, Treasurer 1415 W. A. A. Board 143g Debating Club 11, 2, 3, 413 President 1455 Saxifrage Writeups, Chairmang Senior Prom, Co- chairman. Th irty LAWRENCE R. BUTTRICK KlIJarry!7 Junior High School Extraordinary vocabulary-subtle humor beneath those staggering onslaughts- aloof - extremely independent-literary talent-enviable self-assurance. M. S. A. Council 129g Debating Club 1435 Tennis 149g Baseball 13, 41g "hickory Stick" Feature Editor 1475 Write-ups 135 GEORGE E. CAREY, Jr. Elementary 4 His boisterous "I'll tell everyone" Won dramatic approval-conceals not his indignation-imitative ability-manner often reminds us of the 'tproblem child" -ever neatly and nattily dressed- presidential success. M. S. A. Council 11, 2, 3, 435 Dramatic Club 12, 3, 43, President 1435 Mohawks 12, 3, 43, Art Club 12, 3, 43, "Hickory Stick" Feature Editor 1333 Intramurals 11, 2, 3, 43, Baseball 11, 23 ALBERT F. CASWELL HCaS7! Practical Arts Carpentry's his trade-says little- seems to have a good time by himself Watching others-gifted with persever- ence-not partial to desserts, except ice cream. Dramatic Club 13, 43, Mohawks 143, Typo Society 12, 3, 43, Secretary 1333 President 1435 Soccer Manager 133, Intramurals 11, 2, 3, 435 "Hickory Stick" Feature Staff 143 T11 irty-mu: kj OLIVER COLLARD "Collie" Junior High School Whatever his cause, he pleads it with intense enthusiasm - argumentative - incorrigible tease-makes troubles lighter by infectious laugh-individualist. Glee Club 113g Intramurals 13, 43g Varsity Baseball 13, 43 'l'h irfy-two ELAINE CLEAVES "Snooney" "Cleavesie" Junior High School Four years a commuter up through the wilderness-boundless energy-in the class, the youngest chronologically, but not mentally-likes Indians and Poe, which may account for her wild laugh- unexcelled in dancing. Glee Club 1133 Hockey, Soccer 11, 2, 3, 435 Hockey Head 1335 Tennis Head 1435 Volleyball 1235 Sports Editor, Saxifrageg Library Committee 13, 435 Assembly Committee 13, 43 ETH EL CRITCHLEY HEth!7 llcritchii Junior High School Sportsminded with capital S-outstand- ing athlete-unbounded energy escapes in bursts of victory or defeat-top- notch interest: modern dance-plays "innocent girl" to perfection-enhances comeliness by good-looking clothes. Class Vice-President 11, 2, 3, 45, W. A. A. Board, Vice-President 125, President 145, Dramatic Club 13, 45, Hockey, Soccer 12, 3, 453 Basketball 11, 2, 3, 455 Baseball 11, 255 Bowling 11, 25 ELEANOR G. CRONIN HEI!! Junior High School Stately blonde-enviable poise and social grace-administrative ability-attractive -perfect complement to the "pres". W. G. A. Dormitory Council, Vice-Presi- dent 135, President 1459 Dramatic Club 1453 Saxifrage Staff 1453 Art Club 11, 2, 353 New York Conference 1355 Ring Committee '1'hirty-three ALICE M. DEMPSEY HA177 6GDempS77 Junior High School Never complains of insomnia-decep- tively quiet and serious appearance- unruFHed throughout training-expresses assurance by "You bet your boots!"-oft heard saying: "Listen, I never hurried in my life and I don't intend to now." W. A. A. Board Q3, 45, Treasurer C455 Hockey fl, 2, 313 Soccer 12, 3, 455 Volleyball fl, 25g Softball 11, 25g Bowl- ing Cl, 2, 3, 43 Thirfgf-four' DOROTHY L. CULLINAN llDOt1! HCuHy!7 Elementary 4 Happy-go-lucky - efficient bus-man - accomplished story-teller - star saxo- phonist-always willing and helpful- for herself--why work? Dramatic Club fl, 2, 3jg Orchestra fl 2, 3, 43 PEARL DUNCAN "Dune" Elementary 4 Paints, sketches, writes poetry-dresses uniquely-has a suite-ful of odd items from everywhere - coiffure artiste - favorite study: geography - favorite pastime: catching you unawares with a camera. Art Club fl, 2, 3, 45g Nature Club 121g Women's Sports fl, 2, 3, 43 JOHN ENGLISH "Junior" Practical Arts Suave - lackadaisical Wisdom - play boy - competent - resembles Grandpa Owl - Irish wit - Ancestors first put the Blarney Stone in place - he'll get the big potato in life. M. S. A. Board 43, 433 Dramatic Club Q3, 495 Debating Club QQ, 335 Mohawks 13, 415 "Hickory Stick" Staff C415 Saxi- frage Business Managerg Intramurals Cl, 25 Th iffy-fi PF ALICE M. FEEHAN HAI!! E Elementary 3 Waxes enthusiastic about teaching - keen, piercing eyes-decided set of mind -meets situations certainly and sensibly -immense capacity for fun. Tennis 125g Saxifrage Stal? Thirty-si.r MITCHELL FAVA "Mitch" Practical Arts Hardworking business man - always reserved and self-composed -amiable when the surface is broken-ambitious. Mohawks C455 Typographical Society C3, 41 BESSIE C. FISK "Fiskie" Junior High School Dynamic energy in work and play- eificient and amiable-wide-awake-fond of a good joke and a good time-impos- sible to put anything over on her-dies hard. Glee Club C153 Hockey 12, 355 Volley- ball C2, 453 Bowling Q3, 45 GEORGE W. FORGUES "Forguey" Practical Arts Keen-sighted - Keen-Witted - capable organizer-good student-baseball fiend -favorite tune: "Marjie"-source of much hearty fun. M. A. A., President C455 Gaveleers C453 Typo Society C2, 3, 455 Vice-President 6353 Soccer f45g Basketball fl, 2, 455 Volleyball 11, 2, 3, 453 Baseball 11, 2, 3, 45, Coach Q45 Tlzirty-sc vc I1 MARY GARGULINSKI Elementary 3 Short and chubby-real desire to learn -that big brief-case full of books has yet to cloud her sunny disposition- took training like ice cream,-did away with it in good style, too. Glee Club 1155 Art Club 11, 253 Bowling 125 'l'll1'1'fy-Ciglli ELLEN R. FUNAIULE HEI" "Duchess" Junior High School Fiery little class secretary - decided beliefs-would buck fire and brimstone to uphold them-outstanding athlete- makes a cheer-rousing political speech- favorite pastime: horseback riding. Class Secretary 13, 45, W. G. A. Council, Day Girls 13, 45g W. A. A. Board 12, 3, 453 Debating Club, Treasurer 1253 Glee Club 115, Hockeyg Soccerg Bowling 11, 2, 3, 45, Basketball 12, 455 Tennis 12, 3, 45, Baseball 12, 353 Volleyball 12, 3, 45, Saxifrage Write-ups, Orange Team Captain 145 MARTHA GAY c:Martyra Elementary 4 ' Study-Cluber - decorative ability par c excellence - omnivorous reader-mar- f tinet desire frustrated by own intelli- gence. Women's S orts fl 2 3 45' W. G. A. Q '50 p 7 3 ! 7 Dormitory Council, House President 141 N :XX ,2 sh i! Q 2 fit I f, y ff: ELEANOR GOULART "Goulie" Elementary 3 Uses extraordinary fund of knowledge- doesn't talk about it-keen judicial mind -ideal council member - among us, always with a smile and funny story- training record proof of serious side. W. G. A. Dormitory Council fl, 2, 39, Vice-President Q31 Thirty- 71 1 nv MARJORIE HARKNESS "Marje" "Harkie" A Junior High School Essence of pep, vim, and vigor-tops in studies and teaching, too-happy person- ality - robust - combined efiiciency in General Office with remarkable observa- tiong purpose-spying for Campus Chat- ter. W. A. A. Board f39g Glee Club 1195 Hockey, Soccer, Bowling fl, 2, 395 Hockey Captain C39g Volleyball fl, 29 Forty PRISCILLA GRIFFIN HP. Gy? Elementary 4 Also elongated - well-dressed-artistic ability-offers original and convincing excuses-effective frown-glides quickly through corridors intent always on get- ting somewhere. Dramatic Club Cl, 295 Debating Club 6495 Glee Club fl, 295 Art Club C495 Hockey tl, 293 Soccer 119g Basketball fl, 29 BETTE HARRIS Junior High School Diminutive, but literally a pocket edition of all the learning she has come in contact with--Little Yankee-reserved but admirable self-confidence. HERBERT HENRICKSON u'UCkyn Practical Arts Ever see him without a smile ?-ingeni- ously witty-likably frank-unhurried- always time to chat - proprietor of Harold-Teen-like Vehicles. Glee Club 11, 2, 3, 45, Vice-President 1315 Typographical Society 12, 3, 453 Intra- murals 11, 2, 3, 43g Gaveleers 12, 41: Saxifrage Staff, Secretary Men's Ath- letic Association, Treasurer Men's Student Government Association. Forty-:mc vga. PAUL F. FOYE "Da Di Ya" "Fooey" . Elementary 4 Elongated-combines wit and sincerity -accomplished conversationalist-corre- spondent-dancer-heart of gold. Dramatic Club 141, Gaveleers 13, 43, Basketball 11, 45, Baseball 11, 3, 47, Captain 1433 Senior Prom Co-chairman Forty-two HOWARD HIRST "Howie" Practical Arts Cooperative to the nth degree-bounds busily about -- conscientious - all- encompassing interest-desire to advise -great energy. Typographical Society 12, 3, 415 Epsilon Pi Tau 13, 45, President 1415 M. A. A. Board 13Jg Hickory Stick 1355 Intra- murals 11, 2, 3, 49 ANNA C. HYLAND llAAnne7! Elementary 3 Red hair: fiery disposition-enviable pink and White complexion-broad knowledge of life-sociable and friendly but doesn't mind own company-poetically gifted- frank. Glee Club fljg Art Club fl, 2, 35, Secretary L33 "" Am -,if,mfM xx -fs 'W ' .3-arts . .ggzsfflie , - '- Q T' j 'fi -- Q 'gy A in uk, f .5 6 'J ."f'! 'f L4 .,,, f ' . it - ..,. . .51 -L " ' KAINO JALAVA HKayl7 Elementary Can "trip" to any time in music-hits the books hard-ruffled by the attack: "You fickle blonde"g there is a charm at Northeastern-or maybe a charmer! - lured by our greatest metropolis-aspires to teach in distant lands. Glee Club Cl, 2, 335 Hockey 1115 Volley- ball Q1, 21 Forty-thrcc ml 1 . f ' . Y . N-F fi. ,..,p . A A ' I 'iff' . A W jfg. 'A , hzxb , i f" , ALAN ,KEMPAINEN llKelnpy77 . Junior High School Buoyant, effervescent spirits, our rhythm man-or is it "swing"?, accomplished fiddler and base-violist-tennis enthus- iast-when "Kempy" leads cheers, the crowd goes wild, sincere and thorough in his studies. lVIen's Student Association Council 1153 Men's A. A. Board 1155 Dramatic Club 12, 3, 45, Mohawks 12, 3, 45, Basketball 115, Tennis 11, 2, 3, 45, Captain 135, Coach 1455 Volleyball 11, 2, 3, 455 Soft- ball 135 Forfy-fou r CORINNE JOHNSON "Johnnie" Junior High School Ruddy complexiong boisterous laugh, but slow to see a joke-opinions evident- interested in business-enjoys reading- likes to act the tomboy-adds emphasis by "By Gee!" W. G. A. Day Girls Council Secretary 135, President 1455 Dramatic Club 13, 453 Assembly Committee 135 MILDRED KILCOYNE UMillieY! HDOCYY Elementary 4 Attractive dresser-unconcerned about the men-a smile can completely erase her usual pout-looks equestrian in her riding habit which she really uses. Glee Club 11, 213 Debating Club 12, 31 X ffl, T GEORGE KING Junior High School Never says what he actually thinks- books his choicest morsels-Makes a speech or dramatizes a part with equal ease-favorite sport: plaguing people- delights in being individual--keen mind. Dramatic Club 13, 415 "Hickory Stick" 135g Intramurals 13, 4j Fort!!-five luv' KENNETH LA DNER "Ken" A Practical Arts Enterprising - likes Fitchburgers - socialite Beau Brummel abilit to - - y lead and to cooperate. Men's Student Association Council 125, Vice-President 1355 Dramatic Club 13, 45g Debating Club 12, 35, Treasurer 1355 Typo Club 12, 355 Mohawks 13, 453 Hickory Stick, Business Managerg Soccer 13, 455 Baseball 13, 45, Intramurals 11, 453 Saxifrage Staff Fort 11-Siflf MARJURIE KNIGHT "Marjie" 'fKnightie" Elementary 4 Merriest of the merry-good, all-around sport-sweet and cuddlesome-un-eco- nomically bent. Women's A. A. Board 1453 Glee Club 11, 25, Treasurer 1255 Hockey 11, 2, 3, 455 Soccer 1255 Volleyball 12, 35g Bowl- ing 13, 453 White Team Captain 145, Saxifrage Staff JOSEPH MAHONEY liJ0e!7 Elementary 4 Likes the Irish-plays a good game of basketball-relishes brownies-staunch Democrat - cynical - likes the sharp- Witted and those who are not too serious. Dramatic Club 1455 Mohawks 13, 45, Vice-President 1455 Soccer 1455 Basket- ball 13, 455 Captain 1455 Intramurals 11, 2, 3, 455 Chairman Intramural Sports Board 145 CARL MATSON "Matty" Practical Arts Pleasant personality - "smoothie" - likes to dance - favorite occupation: relaxing. Dramatic Club 1355 Debating Club 11, 2, 355 Typo Society 1255 Epsilon Pi Tau 1455 Saxifrage Assistant Business Man- ager F0l'f1l-St'l'f'lI GERALD McDOWELL "Gerry" "Old Boy" 4 Elementary 4 Blithe spirit - athlete - hero - merci- less parliamentarian - clever vaude- villian. Gaveleer Society C2, 3, 43g Basketball 11, 2, 3, 43, Coach 1433 Volleyball 11, 2, 3, 43, Captain 133 For! If-CI.1jILf DONALD MCCAFFREY c4D0nvr uMaCva Junior High School Ambitious and enterprising - neither amount nor kind of work phases him- supremely self-confident but has earned the right - emphatic speaker - "stature is not the true measure of a manf' Men's Student Association Council 41, 2, 335 Debating Club 12, 3, 43, President 1333 Geography Club Vice-President 1135 Basketball 113g Assembly Committee 1333 Saxifrage Photographic Editor SARAH McNALLY Elementary 4 One of the "Clintonites"-bubbles over with fun-contends vigorously for place on D. G. "studio couch"-typical "colleen" Debating Club 12, 353 Glee Club 11, 2, 35 ix .ww ti' T' DONALD MCNEIL HMaC77 6lCOaCh77 Practical Arts Never found wanting for Words-manner carefree but sure-"kidding" his delight -truly Celtic temper-man about town. Men's A. A. Board 13, 453 Mohawks 11, 2, 3, 45, Secretary 125, President 145, Glee Club 1153 Hockey 11, 25, Coach 13, 455 Soccer 11, 255 Basketball 1155 Baseball 115, Saxifrage Staff F'0I'f1l-'Vlllll ROBERT NORTON HBOb7! Junior High School Quiet, but holds in reserve plenty of spice-lover of the open road-displays fine athletic ability - generous - Hgure and poise of a statesman. Hockey, Baseball 11, 2, 3, 43, Intra- murals 11, 2, 3, 435 Gaveleers 13, 43 Fifty HOLLIS MOORE "Holly" Practical Arts Rugged individualist - husky athlete - neat, well-groomed appearance-quietly enjoys life and a good laugh-sportsman -thinks deeply-staunch and dependable. Men's Student Association Council 12, 3, 43, President 143, Gaveleers 12, 3, 43, Vice-President 143, Epsilon Pi Tau 13, 43, Vice-President, Treasurer 143, Soccer 11, 2, 3, 43, Coach 143, Hockey 12, 33, Baseball 11, 2, 3, 43 PAULINE PAPACOLAS lKPappy77 Junior High School Easily disgruntled-fine sense of humor soon extricates her-never found loiter- ing with one of the opposite sex-enjoys dancing-insists that we notice and laugh at her wit-takes life easy. Debating Club 13, 415 Vice-President 1415 Art Club 1435 Saxifrage Photo Committee N N THELMA PARKER Elementary 4 Class student-quiet with-a sort of plain- tive voice that comes to life in the class- room-fond of children-enjoyed training -gift for accomplishment. W. G. A. Day Girls Council Secretary 1253 Glee Club fl, 21g Soccer, Hockey 1215 Saxifrage Business Staff Fift If-on 9 p -A - -Q ii , , - 3 1 .511 VIOLA PERRAULT KiVi!! 5 Elementary 4 The eternal jester - enviable artist- conscientious sincerity - dresses with excellent taste - happy personality - easily acquired Worries quickly van- quished. W. G. A. Dormitory Association Treas- urer 1455 Dramatic Club 4455 Glee Club 1155 Art Club C455 Hockey 11,255 Soccer 1255 Volleyball C2, 355 Baseball, Bowling C25 Fifty-two ELLEN K. PERNAA Elementary 4 Sports hold her interest-knows what a hockey stick is for and how to use it- Ice-skater - enjoys drawing - hobby: planting flowers-one of those people we don't nick-name. Glee Club fl, 2, 355 Hockey fl, 2, 355 Captain i355 Soccer fl, 25, Captain f255 Volleyball fl, 2, 35 IRMA PERSON Elementary 3 Went through training as through every- thing, with keen interest - engaging smile - one of few lucky ones with a car - no interest in our boys - good fixer-upper - swimmer. Saxifrage Staff CARL PETERSON lKPete!7 Junior High School Booming voice - "Mr, Junior High School" - efficient teacher - slide- trombonist. Debating Club 1253 Glee Club fl, 219 Volleyball Cljg Orchestra 12, 3, 433 Band f37 Fifty-thrcc 'BQ 'Q' HAZEL RIDGWAY Elementary 4 Meticulous dresser - bowling fiend - exceptional social poise and grace - thinks and speaks with ready precision- tlie other Gold Dust Twin. W. G. A. Dormitory Council C233 Glee Club il, 215 Art Club 13, 495 Hockey 11, 235 Soccer 1115 Volleyball C215 Bowling fl, 2, 3, 45 Fifty-four ANNE REIDY Elementary 4 Irish in her eye betrays mischievousness -all questions must have clever answers -time weighs heavy at school-intimacy enfects friendship-never a curl askew- main attraction at school: the Spa- -outside interest: Greendale. ROBERT M. ROONEY ClBOb!! Elementary 4 "One track" minded-the smallest man with the biggest laugh-lingua Franca par excellence-has a subtle reason for disliking teddy bears-can dismiss any- one or anything with "okle dokle"-out- does Chaucer in art of story-telling. M. S. A. Council 11, 2, 3, 453 M. A. A. Board 1455 Mohawks 13, 453 Secretary 145g Track 12, 3, 453 Captain 1355 Coach 145 EARL ROSEEN KKROSYVY Practical Arts Pudgy-undoubted ability as a worker and teacher-versatile mechanic-has a melodious baritone - made a superb Ko-ko. Gaveleer Society 13, 453 Glee Club 11, 2, 3, 45, Treasurer 135, President 1455 Typographical Society 13, 45, Saxifrage Staff Fliffjl-fill? JOSEPH RUSH HJ0e77 ' Practical Arts There's a smile in his eyes-protruding lower lip means business - the sailor becomes a teacher-actor and singer- leader among his fellows-subtle humor -has cute manner of getting his Way. Class President C2, 3, 413 M. S. A. Dormitory Council Cl, 2, 3, 45, M. S. A. Vice-President C215 Dramatic Club 13, 43, Gaveleers 12, 3, 45, Glee Club fl, 2, 3, 45, Soccer fl, 2, 3, 43, Assembly Com- mittee f3, 45, Library Committee Q35 Fifty-sir ROBERT RUULEA U llBOb7! Junior High School Thorough student - earnest - efhcient teacher - tireless worker - wide read- ing contributes to interesting fund of knowledge. Glee Club fl, 21 AUNE SALO "Haune" Junior High School Exceptional athlets-the athletic phys- ique-smacks of the rugged-favorite sport: basketball-formulates and up- holds ideas of her own-interested in political science-reads poetry because she likes it-always has balanced diet. Glee Club 1135 W. A. A. Board, Head of Basketball C-45g Hockey Cl, 2, 3, 45g Soccer Cl, 2, 3, 41g Basketball fl, 2, 3, 493 Volleyball fl, 2, 3, 43 MORRIS SOMMES "Sornsie" Junior High School The friendly approach-store of infor- mation-atternpts the juvenile appear- 31166. iffy-scum f r ROSE SULLIVAN Elementary 4 'Modern Dance enthusiast-veteran at Holy Cross dancing - knowledge, not persistency makes her always right in an argument-connoisseur of comfort- able divans. Debating Club 133g Glee Club fl, 225 Saxifrage Q33 Fifty!-vfglhl DOLORES SULLIVAN usullyu Junior High School Breathes independence - has decided philosophy of life-expresses opinions with complacent finality - versatile actress-her eyes express what her voice does not say. W. A. A. Board 129g Dramatic Club 12, 3, 413 Glee Club Cl, 2, 3, 435 Presi- dent f2Jg Soccer Cl, 2, 3, 435 Captain fljg Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball fl, 2, 3, 435 Head of Baseball 125g Saxifrage, Associate Editor DORIS A. UPTON zcUppievr Elementary 4 Time is long, why hurry?-ever see her serious?-"Gee, kids", and she's of? on another story, but, seriously, don't believe it-claims to be a good cook-is. Art Club 11. 2, 35, Glee Club 11, 25 BARBARA L. WHITMORE "Barbie" "Grathie" "Babs" Junior High School Unhasting, except for a date-aversion for toboggans-skilled Violinist-favor- ite: LARGO-feigned cynicism-gives up with a plaintive "AW gee!" W. G. A. Day Girls Council 12, 313 W. A. A. Board Secretary 131, Dramatic Club 13, My Glee Club 11, 295 Orchestra 11, 2, 3, 435 Secretary, Treasurer 1355 Class Marshall 1255 Saxifrage, Art Editor Fifty-nz'mQ JOHN LAVELLE Junior High School Intelligent-everybody's friend - jovial -not always "Johnny-on-the-spot" but he gets there-chides his passengers and takes their chiding with a characteristic grin-witty Walter Winchell. Class Treasurer fl, 2, 3, 459 Dramatic Club fl, 2, 3, 453 Debating Society C235 Intramurals Cl, 2, 3, 45 Sirfy ANNE C. WARD 'tAnnie" Junior High School Bursting with pure Gaelic fun and wit -peculiarly soft but powerful voice- adept mimic-mentally superior-braved Whalorn on April 10th. W. G. A. Girls Council fl, 2, 395 Treas- urer f2bg Dramatic Club fl, 2, 3, 41: Treasurer i455 Debating Club fl, 2, 3, 453 Vice-President 61, 335 Geography Club fljg Hockey, Soccer fl, 255 Volley- ball Q2, 3jg Bowling 141g Hickory Stick Reporter 1333 Saxifrage, Editor-in-Chief Class History SEPTEMBER 1933 Verdant shyness . . . Hello, are you in my class? Sh, look, they're Seniors "Hey you, sing the alphabet backwards." Let's go to the library, there won't be any upperclassmen there . . . Introduction to Education and sit-on-the-edge-of-the-chair listeners. Hunt for the right word . . . Psychology of Education with the Comic Spirit . . . Bernice Anoris, "Want a banana '?" "What's wrong with it ?" . . . The inspirational charm of Miss Hawley. Her smile and our earnest desire to live better that we might merit it . . . February 14, our song and dance . . . Spring, lunch at the brook . . . June parade. Don't let that arch flatten . . . Say goodbye. SEPTEMRER 1934 Verdant foolhardiness . . . "'Dja have a good summer '?" "'Dja work?" . . . Sports-Kempy and tennis . . . Ellen, Elaine and hockey . . . The Stage -Sully and Bernie Roth . . . We shout for attention. We get it. Partly . . . President, Sailor Joe . . . The Geography Major and the History Major- "My course is harder than yours" . . . The Math Major with a pussycat grin . . . Basketball championships . . . Wish we didn't have English with the Juniors. "Have you read the book '?" She never asks the Juniors that. Just wait 'til we're Juniors. SEPTEMBER 1935 Surface sophistication . . . Dolores "Abby" Sullivan . . . Nicky's chuckling smile. Sincerity and good counsel. Someone on whom to unburden your troubles . . . Dramatic Club meetings-argue . . . Mr. Harrington's wit and depth . . . Freshmen Party-Penguins and ice . . . Bunny Gravel-laugh and dream . . . Class meetings-argue . . . Bridge- water game . . . Promenade, shimmery, glittery, modernity. Orchids to Babs . . . Baseball's Southern Trip . . . Cynicism, the Junior Pose . . . Training. "How's it going?" "Carpy came today" . . . Spring. Keep off the grass . . . New York Conference . . . Track perks up . . . Goodbye and good luck, Bernie. J S t 3 SEPTEMBER 19:36 Acme of intelligence . . . Smear the Freshmen. Ignore the Sophomores. Pity the Juniors . . . More training. More '.'How's it going ?" . . . NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH. Louder George . . . Presidential confiscation of Donald Ducks . . . SAXIFRAGE Stunt Night. Larry "Clinton C." Buttrick. Freshman villain. Prize winners, Men's Student Government, graceful, exquisitely gowned . . . Christmas Cantata . . . Winter Carnival, How are the skaters' feats, Mac? Queen Ethel . . . The trip to Bridgewater. THE TRIP HOME . . . Stodlar Boompa . . . The MIKADO. Cast in good voice. Roseen the Mick . . . The Reverend Mr. Kapp. "How to win friends" -Systematic Pussybumping . . . New York Conference . . . Mr. Quimby and the Redmen . . . Carl Sandburg . . . The STICK. The Inquisitive Reporter, "What do you think about it?" Senior Spring . . . The hush before the storm . . . Romancefsj . . . Full days . . . Lazy days . . . Reminiscent days . . . Happy days . . . Sad days . . . Dreamy days . . Hopeful days . . . Sixty!-I1 Class Song Thirty-seven does rise and sing To the school we cherish and love. Proudly we sing and heaven rings With loyalty true as God above. Hearts are happy when we raise Our voices to heaven on high, Our school we love, our school we praise, Her ideals shall never die. With loyal hearts and souls brave, Thirty-seven strong and true Will stand forever, give all We have To our college fair as heaven's blue. The earth may tremble, skies may rave, And though our number is fevv, We will stand forever, give all We have To our college good and true. Words by Francis Hanley M'Z,lSI'F by Alan Kcmpcziznczz Si.rf11-H1 rv? Alma Mater In days ago when life we dreamed, Was ideal as it seemed, And tho'ts of untaught youth soared high While only joy came nighg 'Twas then with vision clear we chose, And to that choice we rose, With courage strong and hearts of song To carry thy ideal on. In days to come, if life laid bare, Seems far more gray than fair, Or if success with us climbs high While only joy comes nighg ,Tis then in plight or might we'll rise- Thy spirit never dies- With courage strong and hearts of song To carry thy ideal on. So Hag of Alma Mater float, On eternal Wings of praise, For thee unnumloered hosts today Their Willing voices raiseg Throughout the World their tiny flame From thy quick light still gleams, While youth and age united claim The home where fortune beams, The home Where fortune beams. The I936 Junior Prom Senior Residences DOMINIC BACCARO ...,..... ....,.., 1 6 Dartmouth Street, Maynard DOROTHY BARTON, ..... DEBORAH BLAZO ....7V..... ....-...68 Marshall Street, Watertown DONALD BUCKWOLD ........ ,...,,,,.... .... H e ywood Road, Ashby LAWRENCE BUTTRICK ...... . ........,.. 2 State Street, Worcester CECELIA CALLANAN .... GEORGE E. CAREY ....... ALBERT CASWELL ........ ELAINE CLEAVES ....,.. OLIVER COLLARD ..,..., ETHEL CRITOHLEY ...... ELEANOR CRONIN .,...... DOROTHY CULLINAN ...,... ALICE DEM PSEY ....,.. PEARL DUNCAN .....,,. ....,..,.......... Central Street, West Acton .....--..245 North Lake Avenue, Worcester Pleasant Street, Natick ....---.-.-.--......--....,.Harvard ..---.........Allen Street, Northboro ...... 105 Snow Street, Fitchburg -......88 Prospect Street, Springfield ........Tucker Park, East Pepperell Middle Street, Fitchburg Davis Road, Belmont JOHN H. ENGLISH ..,,.,.. ......... 9 3 Providence Street, Worcester MITCHELL P. FAVA ......... ALICE M. FEEHAN-.-,,-.. BESSIE C. Fisk ............ GEORGE W. FORGUES ...... PAUL F. FOYE ............. ELLEN R. FUNAIOLE ........ MARY E. GARGULINSKI ........ MARTHA K. GAY ........,..,. ELEANOR H. GOULART ....... PRISCILLA GRIFFIN ......... MARJORIE HARKNESS ........ ........ . ........ - BETTIE M. HARRIS ....... ...... sr Water Street, Fitchburg ---..,....Stow Road, South Acton --......----100 Cheney Street, Orange .--.....95 Houghton Street, Worcester --.....1065 Bridge Street, Lowell ....,..-.-..-.--.-----..-...-.--Townsend Berkeley Street, Springfield Rindge Terrace, Cambridge ..---.179 West Street, Leominster 191 East Street, Fitchburg .115 North Main Street, Leominster Senior Residences CContinuedJ AXEL H. HENRIGKSON ..... ,,,. ......Vwe....,.. . .....,.,.... 1 1 Olga Avenue, Worcester HOWARD L. HIRST ........ ..,. . ..... 1 66 Pleasant Street, Leominster ANNA C. HYLAND ......... ...... 8 0 Wendell Street, Cambridge IQAINO JALAVA ..........,.. ..,.............. . ...... S tate Road, Ashby CORINNE E. JOHNSON ....... .- ,... ....29 Harrison Street, Leominster ALAN KEMPAINEN .,..s. MILDRED KILCOYNE .....,r ....,.... 214 Rollstone Street, Fitchburg Main Street, Clinton GEORGE L. KING .....,....,. .,.. . H98 Bradford Street, Lawrence MARJORIE E. KNIGHT ,..,..... ........ 5 1 Richmond Street, Gardner KENNETH LADNER ......... ..,...... 9 8 Brookline Street, Worcester JOHN LAVELLE ..........., ,........ 2 20 Sterling Street, Clinton JOSEPH MAHONEY .....,,,. -- CARL E. MATSON ......,.... .. DONALD MCCAFFREY ........ ..... GERALD MGDOWELL .... SARA MCNALLY ....,..... DONALD E. MCNEIL ....... .,,.. HOLLIS MOORE ........ RUTH MOORE ............ ROBERT J. NORTON ...... PAULINE PAPACOLAS ..,...... THELMA L. PARKER ......... ELLEN PERNAA .......... VIOLA PERRAULT ........ IRMA E. PERSON .....,.,. CARL PETERSON .... ANNE T. REIDY ....... ----..10 Duxbury Road, Worcester ..--.-141 Lincoln Street, Worcester -...62 Boutelle Street, Leominster ---,.....150 Milk Street, Fitchburg Pleasant Street, Clinton 126 Monmouth Street, Springfield A188 Palfrey Street, Watertown -------...--..-..Park Street, Pepperell ...... 112 Sanborn Street, Fitchburg Main Street, Clinton Snow Street, Fitchburg .-...--.193 Logan Street, Gardner -.-..Wachusett Street, Leominster 185 Washington Street, Gardner View Street, Worcester Sixty-sevefn 1' Senior Residences fContinuedJ HAZEL RIDGWAY ........ .... . H29 Church Street, West Springfield ROBERT ROONEY ....,... ROBERT ROULEAU ...., , JOSEPH RUsH ....., AUNE R. SALO ......,.., DOLORES SULLIVAN .....,.. . ,.,.,. 118 Norfolk Street, Worcester ...,,....Gass Lane, South Lancaster ...-...197 Wachusett Street, Boston -....-.18 Florida Road, Maynard .--M15 Winter Street, Fitchburg ROSE T. SULLIVAN ....... .....,.,..,.......r........., 1 8 Maple Street, Clinton DORIS A. UPTON ......... ,..... 3 0 Fairmont Avenue, East Weymouth LOUISE MOORE WALLS ,..... ....,....,,.....,.....,..,... P ark Street, Pepperell ANNE C. WARD ....,...... ....... L akeview Avenue, Lunenburg BARBARA WHITMORE ,...., ..----,-367 South Street, Fitchburg Ex-Men and Ex-Women of I937 BERNICE ANORIS Athol, Massachusetts MARGARET GRAVEL BRENNAN Ayer, Massachusetts KATHLEEN GARVEY DORSEY Worcester, Massachusetts PRISCILLA KENNEY Fitchburg, Massachusetts ALFRED LAVERTY Worcester, Massachusetts BEIRNHARD ROTH Athol, Massachusetts VERNA BUCKLEY Fitchburg, Massachusetts DOROTHEA GILMORE New Bedford, Massachusetts Sixty-eight LUCILLE PAYEA Fitchburg, Massachusetts FRANCIS HANLEY Fitchburg, Massachusetts JAMES MILLER Ashburnham, Massachusetts HELEN YAPP Littleton, Massachusetts ROBERT COPELAND Townsend, Massachusetts PHILIP MAHAN Leominster, Massachusetts WILLIS FOURACRE Northboro, Massachusetts Junior Class OFFICERS EVERETT MCDONALD President DOROTHY DOLAN V ice-Pfresident RUTH MARCY Secretary VINCENT GLENNON T1-easurer Sixty llll"' i STANLEY A. ANDERSON J. Practical Arts 205 Moreland Street Worcester, Mass. Worcester Boys' Trade M. S. A. Council 2, 3 Gaveleers 3 Glee Club 1, 2, 3 Treasurer 3 Intramurals 1, 2, 3 Epsilon Pi Tau 3 WARREN ANDERSON Practical Arts 117 Walnut Avenue Roxbury, Mass. Wentworth Institute Mohawks 131 IIockey, Soccer, Basketball Baseball Trainer 2, 3 Class of I938 Roster DOROTHY COUKIS RUBY CAGE Elementary 49 Abbott Street Gardner, Mass. Gardner High School Dramatic Club 3 Glee Club 1, 2, 3 Elementary 18 Haynes Street Leominster, Mass. Leominster High School W. G. A. Vice-President 3 Glee Club 1, 2, 3 President 3 DOROTHY DOLAN AMELIA GALLUCI Junior High 74 Congress Street Fitchburg, Mass. St. Bernard's High School Class Vice-President 2, 3 W. A. A. Vice-President 2 Council 2 Nature Club 2 3 Glee Club 1, 2 , V Hockey 1, 2, 3 "Hickory Stick" Staff 3 Captain 2 Soccer 2 MARION BURWICK Basketball, Volleyball 1, 2 Junior High 117 Day Street . Fitchburg, Mass. LUCILLE DOLLIVER Hockey, Soccer, Basketball, Elementary Volleyball 1, 2, 3 Baseball Head 2 Baseball 1, 2, 3 Bowling 1, 2, 3 FEDWARD D. BUSBY Practical Arts 59 Rotch Street Fairhaven, Mass. Wentworth Institute M. S. A. Secretary 3 Tennis Manager 3 MARY CLARK Junior High School 72 Westminster Hill Road Fitchburg, Mass. Fitchburg High School W. G. A. Treasurer 2 Council 1, 2 W. A. A. Board 2 Debating Club 2 Orange Captain 2 NELLIE CLARK Elementary Montague, Mass. Turners Falls High School EMILE COMEAU Practical Arts 9 Cherry Street Belmont, Mass. Boston Trade School Mohawks 3 Seventy 50 Prospect Street Winchendon, Mass. Thomaston High School Thomaston, Me. WILLIAM DONOVAN Elementary 21 Longwood Avenue Fitchburg, Mass. Fitchburg High School Art Club 1, 2, 3 Debating Club 2 Glee Club 1, 2, 3 M. S. A. Council 1, 2 Intramurals 1, 2, 3 WORSLEY FARDY Practical Arts 945 Waltham Street Lexington, Mass. Lexington High School Typo Society 2, 3 Secretary 3 Hockey Team 3 CLIFFORD FEINDEL Practical Arts 379 Lowell Street Methuen, Mass. Methuen High School Mohawks 3 Typo Society 1, 2, 3 Junior High 82 Blossom Street Fitchburg, Mass Orchestra 1, 2, 3 Naugatuck, Conn., High School Glee Club 1, 2, 3 INCENT GLENNON Elementary 5 Wachusett Street Worcester, Mass. North High School, Ware M. S. A. Council 2 Dramatic Club 3 Moliawks 3 MATTHEW F. GODEK Elementary 321 Pearl Street Fitchburg, Mass. Fitchburg High School M. S. A. Council 1 M. A. A. Vice-President 3 Gaveleers 2, 3 Hockey, Soccer, Baseball 1, 2, 3 Hockey Captain 3 Intramurals 3 Assembly Committee 2 PAUL GOODWIN Practical Arts 31 Warner Street Gloucester, Mass. Gloucester High School M. S. A. Council 1, 2, 3 Gaveleers 2, 3 Secretary 3 Epsilon Pi Tau 3 Glee Club 1, 2 VIRGINIA GOULD Elementary 146 Hemingway Street Boston, Mass. Orange High School MARY HAMER Elementary 89 Cottage Street, Leominster, Mass. St. Bernard's High School, Fitchburg W. G. A. Council Q33 MARY HANIFAN CLAUDE A. LACOUTURE RUTH MARCY Junior High 352 Princeton Road Fitchburg, Mass. Practical Arts 573 Millbury Street, Worcester, Mass. St. Bernard's High School C01T1f1'19l'Ce High, W0I'C9S'C9T W. A. A. Board 2, 3 Nature Club 2, 3 Glee Club 1, 2 IIockey, Soccer, Baseball, Volleyball 2, 3 Head of Volleyball 3 Baseball 1, 2 E. SIGURD HEDIN Practical Arts 16 Huntington Road Shrewsbury, Mass. Shrewsbury High School Typo Club 3 Orchestra 2, 3 MARY HOFFMAN J. Elementary 20 Carter Place Leominster, Mass. Leominster High School Hockey, Basketball, Bowling 2 Glee Club 1 MILTON JEFFREY Practical Arts 381 Chandler Street Worcester, Mass. Worcester Boys' Trade School M. S. A. Vice-President 3 Mohawks 2, 3 Basketball 1, 2, 3 Track 1, 2, 3 Typo Society 2, 3 Intramurals 1, 2, 3 CHARLOTTE LAIRD Elementary Main Street South Acton, Mass. Acton High School BRADLEY LEONARD Junior High 125 Harrison Avenue Fitchburg, Mass. Fitchburg High School M. S. A. Council 3 Debating Club 1, 2, 3 "Hickory Stick" Exchange Editor 2 Assembly Committee 2 EVA LEONARD Elementary 125 Harrison Avenue Fitchburg, Mass. Fitchburg High School Debating Club 1 FLORENCE LOVELL Elementary 21 Linden Street Fitchburg, Mass. Fitchburg High School Hockey, Soccer, Volleyball, Softball 1, 2, 3 Head of Swimming 3 Captain 3 gaSib?lll21, 2, 3 D. FREDRIC LYTLE ap ain 1 "Hickory Stick" Sports Wgfciggeftziggs Editor 2 ' KALERVO KANSANNIVA Junior High School Abington high School, A Abington, Mass. Dramatic Club 3 Debating Club 2, 3 Elementary 40 Haynes Street Leominster, Mass. Leominster High School Class Secretary 1, 2, 3 Glee Club 1 Art Club 1, 2, 3 Vice-President 1 President 3 JUNE MARONI Elementary 99 Hapgood Street Athol, Mass. Athol High School Glee Club 1, 2 Hockey, Soccer, Volleyball 1, 2, 3 EVERETT A. MacDONALD Junior High 50 Monarch Street Leominster, Mass. Leominster High School M. A. A. Treasurer 2, 3 Mohawks 2, 3 Soccer Captain 2, 3 Class President 2, 3 CHARLES MINNICH Junior High 157 Cedar Street Fitchburg, Mass. Fitchburg High School M. S. A. Council 2, 3 Gaveleers 3 Nature Club 3 Soccer 2, 3 RLENE MOLAGHAN Elementary 274 South Street Fitchburg, Mass. 6 Beacon Street Gaveleers 3 Fitchburg High School Maynard, MHSS- Glee Club 2, - l Hockey, Soccer, Volleyball lvlaynayd High School "H1ck.ory.St1ckf' and "Stick" Basketball 1, 2, 3 Dramatic Club 1, 2 A Edltolhuighlef 3 W. A. A. Secretary 3 Secretary 2 SSiSt3.nt it0I' 2 gfafgefgiaihfer 1 2 3 HELEN E. MAHONEY FRANCES MORIARTY Intramurals 1, 2, 3 Elementary Junior High 7 Tremont Street 39 Henry Street Stoneham, Mass. - G'i2iZ2,fIlfi1NG Chiftienne Academy Islilclligillfidlgaiilgh Fitchburg a em, ass. ' 129 Whitmarsh Avenue Debating Club 2, 3 OrCh,eStra lf 2' 3 Worcester, Mass. Hockey 3 President 3 Worcester Bovs' Trade School Soccer 2 Glee Club 1, 2, 3 Debating Club 2 Basketball, Softball 2 Debating Club 1, 2, 3 MQhaWkS 2, 3 Volleyball 1, 3 Secretary 3 "Hickory Stick" Staff 2 Bowling 2, 3 Band 3 Scrvnty-ov c LEONARD NISULA Elementary 16 Nichols Street Fitchburg, Mass. Fitchburg High School Debating 1, 2, 3 Vice-President 1 Treasurer 3 Nature Club 2 Assembly Committee 3 ANDREW OWENS Practical Arts 15 Waterman Street Worcester, Mass. South High School Debating Club 2 Mohawks 2, 3 "Hickory Stick" Staff 2, 3 Associate Editor 3 Track 2, 3 Intramurals 1, 2, 3 ADAH PARKER Junior High 125 Pacific Street Fitchburg, Mass. North High, Worcester Hockey, Soccer 2, 3 Volleyball 2 Head of Hiking 3 HELEN PAUL Junior High 234 Oak Street FRANCIS RUDENAUER Practical Arts 75 Grove Street Belmont, Mass. Boston Trade School Dramatic Club 3 Hockey, Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Baseball Trainer 2, 3 LEONARD SAVIGNANO Elementary 15 Hale Street Newton, Mass. Newton High School M. S. A. Council 3 Dramatic Club 3 Gaveleers 3 Hockey 2, 3 Intramurals 1, 2, 3 ERNEST SAVOY Elementary Athol, Mass. Athol High School Dramatic Club 2, 3 Secretary 3 Gaveleers 2, 3 Glee Club 1, 2, 3 Hockey 1, 2, 3 Intramurals 1, 2 Clinton, Mass. Track 2, 3 Clinton High School ' W.SE2ri2eal35a5?3 Girls Council STANNARD SYLVIA Glee Club 1, 2, 3 Practical Arts Secretary 3 21 Kimball Street Library Committee 1, 2, 3 Newtonville, Mass. ASS9mblY C0mU1itt69 2, 3 Concord High School "Hickory Stick" Reporter 3 Epsilon pi Tau 3 Scvcnly-t IUO SIPRI J. TASTULA Junior High 14 Nichols Street Fitchburg, Mass. Fitchburg High School W. A. A. Council 3 Glee Club 1, 2, 3 Treasurer 3 Hockey, Soccer, Basketball 1, 2, 3 Head, Soccer 3 Volleyball 2 CAROLYN TUTTLE Elementary River Street South Acton, Mass. Acton High School Soccer, Hockey 1, 2, 3 PAUL K. WARING Practical Arts 266 Franklin Street Holyoke, Mass. Holyoke Vocational School Mohawks 3 Typo Society 2, 3 Hockey, Soccer 1, 2, 3 AILIE K. WARIS Junior High 84 Marshall Street Fitchburg, Mass. Fitchburg High School W. A. A. Board 3 Glee Club 1, 2, 3 Hockey, Soccer, Volleyball 1, 2, 3 Basketball 1 DORIS WILEY Junior High 154 Pine Street Fitchburg, Mass. Fitchburg High School Sophomore Class OFFICERS JOSEPH CUTLER Pfresz'dent ELLEN DORMIN Vice-Pre sz'de'nt MILDRED SLATTERY Secretary AUBREY HASTINGS Treasurer ty-tl Class of I939 Roster ALICE ALGEO Elementary Virginia Road Lincoln, Mass. Concord High School Hockey, Soccer, Volleyball 1, 2 JAMES F. BAKER Practical Arts 80 Vernon Street Norwood, Mass. Norwood High School M. S. A. Dormitory Counc" 1, 2 Gaveleers 2 Glee Club 1, 2 Orchestra 1, 2 Intramurals 2 Band 1, 2 Soccer 2 EDWARD BASSETT Junior High 23 High Street Leominster, Mass. Leominster High School FREDERICK E. BAUER Junior High 1 13 Belknap Street Dedham, Mass. Dedham High School Hockey 1, 2 Intramurals 1, 2 CHESTER BERCUME Practical Arts Rawson Street Leicester, Mass. Worcester Trade School Hockey 1, 2 Intramurals 1, 2 EDITH J. BIXBY Elementary Pepperell Road West Groton, Mass. Groton High School EDITH BUCKINGHAM Elementary Main Street Groton, Mass. Groton High School W. A. A. Board, Vice- President 2 Glee Club 1 Soccer, Basketball 1, 2 Hockey, Tennis 2 SP'Ul'7ZCIl-f0ll,7' MARGARET BURKE Elementary 58 Chatham Street Worcester, Mass. Westboro High School Basketball 1, 2 Hockey, Soccer 2 EUNICE CAPLAN Elementary 146 Boutelle Street Fitchburg, Mass. Fitchburg High School MERILIS COTE Elementary 70 Grant Street Gardner, Mass. Gardner High School Art Club 1, 2 Hockey, Soccer 2 RAYMOND CREAMER Junior High 5 Forbes Street Worcester, Mass. MARY E. DISKEN Junior High 19 Cottage Street West Concord, Mass. Concord High School ELLEN V. DORMIN Elementary 256 Water Street Leominster, Mass. Leominster High School Dramatic Club 2 Glee Club 1, 2 Orchestra 1 2 Basketball 1, 2 KATHERINE CARR Junior High 119 Summer Street Clinton, Mass. Clinton High School MARY CHASE Elementary North High School, Worcester 5 Prairie Street M. S. A. Council 1 West Concord, Mass. Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Concord School Intramurals 1 , 2 JOSEPH E. CUTLER Practical Arts West Groton, Mass. Groton High School M. A. A. Council 1, 2 Gaveleers 2 Intramurals 1, 2 JOSEPH DANIELS Junior High 95 Ward Street Worcester, Mass. Commerce High School, Worcester Basketball, Intramurals 1, 2 Soccer. Mohawks 2 Glee Club 2 M. A. A. Board 2 M. S. A. Board 1 CONSTANCE DAY Junior High Willard Street Leominster, Mass. Leominster High School Hockey, Soccer, Basketball, Bowling 1, 2 Softball 1, 2 Head 2 Hickory Stick Staff 2 Hockey, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball 1, 2 EUGENE CIAVOLA Elementary 30 West Street Clinton, Mass. Clinton High School M. S. A. Council 2 Glee Club 1 Baseball 1, 2 ANNA CLIFFORD Elementary 13 Summerhill Avenue Worcester, Mass. North High School, Worcester W. A. A. Board 2 Tennis, Volleyball, Softball, Hockey, Soccer, Basketball 1, 2 Bowling 2 Captain 2 Hockey Captain 2 MARY COOMBS Elementary 284 Mill Street Fitchburg, Mass. Fitchburg High School RUTH COPELAND Junior High Park Street Townsend, Mass. Townsend High School Glee Club 1, 2 Debating Club 1 ESTHER GATES Elementary Acton, Mass. Acton High School Glee Club 1, 2 Basketball 1 JOHN GEARAN Junior High School 132 Oak Street Gardner, Mass. Gardner High School Mohawks 2 Hockey 2 Intramurals 1, 2 JOHN GUILFOIL Junior High 7 Rodney Street Worcester, Mass. North High School, Worcester PAUL F. HAIRE Junior High R. F. D., Mechanic Street Leominster, Mass. Leominster High School Orchestra 1, 2 Stick Staff 2 CHARLOTTE HANSON 11 Summer Street Orange, Mass. Orange High School Soccer, Hockey, Basketball, Volleyball 1, 2 AUBREY HAS'TINGS Elementary 14 Lawrence Street Fitchburg, Mass. Fitchburg High School Gaveleers 2 Basketball 2 Soccer 1, 2 RITA M. HASTINGS Elementary 12 Coachlace Street Clinton, Mass. Clinton High School Glee Club 1, 2 LAWRENCE H. HOULE Practical Arts 342 James Street Worcester, Mass. South High School, Worcester Glee Club 1, 2 Intramurals 1, 2 Mohawks 2 GROVER HOWARD Practical Arts 64 Auburn Street Chicopee, Mass. Chicopee High School Typo Club 2 Rifle Club 2 ROBERT HUPPER Practical Arts 942 Grove Street Melrose, Mass. Melrose High School BERNARDINE JOHNSON Elementary 80 Madison Street Chicopee Falls, Mass. Chicopee High School Dramatic Club 2 Glee Club 2 HENRY A. LAMBERT, Jr. Practical Arts 12 Joy Terrace Methuen, Mass. Methuen High School M. S. A. Dormitor Council, Y Secretary 2 Gaveleers 2 Band 1, 2 Director 2 Orchestra 1, 2 Secretary 2 MARGARET M. LANIGAN Elementary 71 School Street Stoughton, Mass. Stoughton High School Glee Club 1 Hockey, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball 1, 2 STEPHAN LESZUK Practical Arts 19 Scott Street Worcester, Mass. Classical High School, Worcester Orchestra FRANCIS LUPIEN Worcester Road North Grafton, Mass. Grafton High School Intramurals 1, 2 DONALD F. LYTLE Junior High School 1 Young Street Worcester, Mass. Abington High School Dramatic Club 3 Debating Club 2, 3 Gaveleers 3 Glee Club 2 Stick, Editor-in-Chief 3 Assistant Editor 2 Debating Club 2, 3 Hickory Stick News Editor 2 Editor-in-Chief 3 GERALDINE LYONS 12 Bancroft Street Worcester, Mass. Commerce High School, Worcester W. A. A. Board 2 Hockey, Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball, Softball 1, 2 Hockey Head 2 ROBERT MacDOWELL Junior High Chester, Mass. Chester High School PAUL MARTILLA Junior High School 30 Fountain Street Worcester, Mass. North High School, Worcester M. S. A. Board 1, 2 M. A. A. Board 2 Debating Club 1 Basketball, Assistant Manager 2 Stick, Circulation Manager 2 Intramurals Board 2 HELMI T. MATILAINEN Elementary 171 Baker Street Gardner, Mass. Gardner High School Nature Club 1 Glee Club 1, 2 JOHN MATYOSAITIS Practical Arts North Road Bedford, Mass. Mechanic Arts High School, Boston M. A. A. Board 2 Gaveleers 2 Typo Club 2 Orchestra 1, 2 Orchestra Librarian 2 Soccer, Acting Manager 2 HELEN MCAULIFF Elementary 2 Oak Street Fitchburg, Mass. Fitchburg High School Debating Club 1, 2 Hockey 1, 2 Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Softball, Bowling 1, 2 Soccer Captain 2 Bowling Captain 2 Stick Sports Editor 2 ELEANORE MCCARTHY Elementary 107 Summer Street Fitchburg, Mass. St. Bernard's High School W. G. A. Day Girl's Council Treasurer 2 Soccer, Basketball 1, 2 Bowling 1, 2, Captain 2 Sc'z'm1ty-five ANN MCINTIRE EDWARD A. O'SHEASY ALICE SILVERBERG Junior High School 23 Wonson Street Gloucester, Mass. Curtis High School, New Glee Club 2 LLOYD MINER Practical Arts 702 North Main Street Leominster, Mass. Leominster Hi h School g M. A. A. Board 1, 2 Intramurals 1, 2 BEULAH P. MITCHELL Junior High School 140 Worcester Road Westminster, Mass. Fitchburg High School Dramatic Club 1, 2 Glee Club 1, 2 Hockey, Soccer 2 Basketball 1 JOHN MITCHELL Practical Arts 74 Plantation Street Worcester, Mass. High School of Commerce, Worcester Glee Club 1, 2 Secretary 2 Intramurals 2 Assembly Committee 2 HARRY W. MOOR.E Junior High Junior High School 10 Sturgis Street Worcester, Mass. York Commerce High School, Worcester Hockey, Intramurals 1, 2 THORNTON PETTEE Practical Arts M. S. A. Dormitory Council Treasurer 2 Gaveleers 2 Typo Club 2 Orchestra 1, 2 Tennis 1, 2 ESTHER RICE Elementary Fitchburg, Mass. Fitchburg High School Glee Club 1, 2 Orchestra 1, 2 Band 2 NORMA RICHARDSON Junior High School 216 Cedar Street Fitchburg, Mass. Fitchburg High School Debating 1 Glee Club 1, 2 CLAIRE SALMON Elementary 92 Longmeadow Avenue 8 Marshall Street Worcester, Mass. Clinton Mass. North High School, Worcester Cli,,t0n'High School Intramurals 1, 2 FRANCIS M. MORIN Practical Arts 8 Crown Street Fitchburg, Mass. Fitchburg High School LEONARD MURPHY Practical Arts 17 Princeton Street Holyoke, Mass. Holyoke High School Mohawks 2 Hockey Manager 2 MARIE C. NEUDORF Elementary 264 Walden Street Cambridge, Mass. Cambridge High and Latin School Hockey, Soccer, Basketball 1, 2 Volleyball 1, 2 Captain 2 Dolliver Seventy-sir Glee Club 1, 2 Hockey, Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Softball, Bowling 1, 2 ELINORE SCULLY Elementary 24 Oak Avenue Leominster, Mass. Leominster High School W. A. A. Board 2 Glee Club 2 Hockey, Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Bowling, Softball 1, 2 "Hickory Stick" Staff 2 Black Team Captain 2 E. EILEEN SHEEHAN Elementary School Street South Acton, Mass. Acton High School Basketball 1, 2 "Hickory Stick" Staff 1, 2 Junior High Williams Street Baldwinsville, Mass. Templeton High School Glee Club 1, 2 Art Club 1, 2 MILDRED SLATTERY Junior High 126 Myrtle Avenue Fitchburg, Mass. Fitchburg High School Dramatic Club 1, 2 Basketball 1 "Hickory Stick" Staff 2 DOROTHY SLEEP Glee Club 1, 2 EVELYN STRAND Elementary Main Street West Groton, Mass. Groton High School Nature Club 1 Glee Club 1 MARY WALSH Elementary 126 Lawrence Street Fitchburg, Mass. St. Bernard's High School Fitchburg Glee Club 1, 2 Soccer, Volleyball 1, 2 LOIS L. WHITE 548 North Street Fitchburg, Mass. Fitchburg High School Dramatic Club 1, 2 Glee Club 1, 2 Hockey, Soccer, Basketball Volleyball 1, 2 MADALYN WOLFSON Junior High School 358 Broadway Chicopee Falls, Mass. Chicopee High School Dramatic Club 2 Glee Club 1, 2 LOUISA J. WOOD Elementary Concord Road Acton Centre, Mass. Acton High School Art Club 1, 2 Freshman Class OFFICERS WESLEY AYKROYD President DOROTHY SEARS Vsz'ce-Pressident HELEN NORTONEN Secretary ROBERT GEDDES Treasurer JE- S tj Class of I94O Roster LESTER ALDRICH LAWRENCE A. COLSON Winchendon, Mass. Murdock High School Varsity Track E A ADANIAN Practical Arts 23 Wiley Road Belmont, Mass. Belmont High School BERG . V T po Society, Glee Club, Practical Arts 36 Dartmouth Street Watertown, Mass. Watertown High School T o Societ ' Dramatic Club, YP Y, Glee Club, Track THOMAS E. AYKROYD Practical Arts 117 Gordon Avenue Hyde Park, Mass. Hyde Park and Mechanic Arts High Schools Typo Society, Hockey WESLEY AYKROYD 2 Warden Street Worcester, Mass. Y Hockey MILDRED COOLIDGE West Acton, Mass. Acton High School MARY DEMPSEY 236 Broadway Somerville, Mass. Somerville High School HELEN DEVECIS Ashburnham, Mass. Cushing Academy Hockey, Soccer EDWARD T. DONNELLY Worcester South High School PF-3ClSiC2l Arts - - 4 James Street M. S. A. Board, Glee Club, Hockey, Soccer, Track, Class President BARBARA BALDWIN Massachusetts Avenue Lunenburg, Mass. Lunenburg High School Glee Club, Hockey, Soccer, Basketball PHYLLIS L. BATTERSON 54 Grove Street Fitchburg, Mass. Glee Club ALF BRACONIER Practical Arts 19 Pleasant View Avenue Brockton, Mass. Brockton High School M. S. A. Dormitory Council, Art Club, Basketball, Tennis VIOLA E. BRUSO 494 Main Street West Concord, Mass. Concord High School PAUL A. CARROLL Practical Arts Greenfield, Mass. Greenfield High School Typo Club, Glee Club BERNICE CLEAVES Harvard, Mass. Taunton, Mass. Taunton High School WILLIAM J. DONOVAN Practical Arts 295 Pierce Street Leominster, Mass. Leominster High School HERBERT DOWNS Practical Arts 24 Grove Street Reading, Mass. Reading High School Typo Society, "Hickory Stick" Staff-"Benny" STANLEY ENGLISH Practical Arts 73 Lincoln Street Worcester, Mass. North High, Worcester ANNA B. FISHER 211 Allen Street Athol, Mass. Athol High School Glee Club, Orchestra ANNIE FRANZEK Main Street Groton, Mass. Groton High School 1 PAUL FRIZZEL Brattleboro, Vt. MARY GAGNON Mill Street East Pepperell, Mass. Pepperell High School GRACE GAUDET 138 Cedar Street Fitchburg, Mass. Fitchburg High School MILO F. GALBRAITH Northfield, Mass. Greenfield High School M. S. A. Board, Glee Club ELSIE GATES Ashburnham, Mass. Cushing Academy ALICE GAY Lowell Road Groton, Mass. Groton High School RUSSELL F. GEARIN 9 Fifth Avenue Worcester, Mass. Commerce High School, Worcester Glee Club, Orchestra ROBERT W. GEDDES Practical Arts 674 County Street Attleboro, Mass. Attleboro High School M. S. A. Council, Band, Orchestra, Basketball, Baseball LEO V. GETTZUS North Road Bedford, Mass. Concord High School MARY GIBBONS 33 Acre Street Clinton, Mass. Clinton High School Glee Club HELEN GIBSON Lunenburg, Mass. Lunenburg High School Dramatic Club, Debating Club, Glee Club, Hockey "Stick" staff M. VIRGINIA HAMILTON 28 Auburn Street Clinton, Mass. Clinton High School WALTER F. HARROD Harvard, Mass. Ayer High School Brattleboro High School Glee Club Glee Club Worcester Boys' Trade School Seventy-eight HELEN HARTNETT 31 Exchange Street Leominster, Mass. St. Bernard's High School FLORENCE HAZEL Weis Hill Road Sudbury, Mass. Sudbury High School HOWARD P. HILL Practical A1-ts 16 Pond Street Methuen, Mass. Methuen High School ROGER D. HOLT Arts Practical 141 Laurel Street Fitchburg, Mass. Fitchburg, High School Orchestra, 'tStick" Staff MARIE G. HOPFMANN 21 Orange Street Clinton, Mass. Clinton High School FRANK HOUGHTON 15 Linden Street Fitchburg, Mass. Fitchburg High School RUTH HUGHES 21 Highland Street West Concord, Mass. Concord High School VV.A.A. Board, Hockey, Soccer, Basketball CLIFTON HULBERT 105 June Street Worcester, Mass. Commerce High, Worcester Glee Club, Track DONALD JOHNSON 250 South Street Fitchburg, Mass. Fitchburg High School Orchestra, Track, Debating Club, Intramurals URSULA JURGA Shirley, Mass. Ayer High School Glee Club VERA KENNEY 29 West Main Street Orange, Mass. Orange High School Glee Club KENNETH C. KILLAY 21 Holt Street Fitchburg, Mass. HENRY J. KOSCIUSKO Practical Arts 231 Millbury Street Auburn, Mass. Auburn High School RUTH LAFRENNIE 720 Main Street Leominster, Mass. Leominster High School Glee Club RUTH LAGSDIN 82 Richdale Avenue Cambridge, Mass. Cambridge High and Latin School Glee Club ARTHUR LANIDES 34 Winter Street Fitchburg, Mass. Fitchburg High School Basketball PRISCILLA LEIGHTON 286 Pleasant Street Leominster, Mass. Leominster High School Glee Club, Bowling, Captain JOHN LOIKO Practical Arts 14 McKinley Street Maynard, Mass. Maynard High School Soccer FRED V. LOVE Practical Arts Atwood Street Chatham, Mass. Chatham High School RAYMOND N. LOWE Practical Arts 114 Magnolia Avenue Magnolia, Mass. Gloucester High School Typo Club, Glee Club FRANCIS E. LUOKKALA 78 Mt. Vernon Street Fitchburg, Mass. Fitchburg High School ROBERT C. MANNING East Templeton, Mass. Templeton High School Track BENJAMIN MASON 126 Blossom Street Fitchburg, Mass. Fitchburg High School PARKER MATTHEWS Practical Arts 290 Waverley Avenue Watertown, Mass. Watertown High School FRANCES MCCARTHY Gardner, Mass. Gardner High School Glee Club, Art Club, Ilockey Soccer, Bowling NELLIE T. MESKINIS 77 Conant Street Gardner, Mass. Gardner High School Hockey, Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball, Glee Club RUTH MORAN South Ashburnham, Mass. Cushing Academy MAVIS MORIARTY 23 Carew Street South Hadley Falls, Mass. South Hadley High School Glee Club JOHN F. MURPHY Practical Arts 26 Donnybrook Road Brighton, Mass. Mechanic Arts High School, Boston Soccer, Basketball, Baseball Trainer M.A.A. Board HELEN NORTONEN Lunenburg, Mass. Lunenburg High School Glee Club, Art Club, Hockey Soccer, Basketball Captain Class Secretary MARY OWENS 15 Waterman Street Worcester, Mass. South High, Worcester THOMAS PASSIOS 11 Caldwell Street Fitchburg, Mass. Fitchburg High School EDITH J. PRESTON 1094 Main Street Fitchburg, Mass. Fitchburg High School VIRGINIA SCHMIDT 445 Cottage Street Athol, Mass. Athol High School Glee Club, Art Club DOROTHY M. SEARS 73 St. James Avenue Chicopee Falls, Mass. Chicopee High School Dramatic Club, Glee Club St'l'l"Ilfll-'Yli1lC Y MARY SHEA 70 East Street Fitchburg, Mass. Fitchburg High School St. Bernard's High School Basketball SARGENT STANLEY Practical Arts 43 Pickett Street South Portland, Maine South Portland High School Dramatic Club ETHEL STONEHOUSE Main Street Groton, Mass. Groton High School MARGARET SULLIVAN Fall River, Mass. Durfee High School, Fall River W. G. A. Dormitory Council, Soccer Eighty THOMAS SWEENEY Practical Arts 172 Myrtle Avenue Fitchburg, Mass. St. Bernard's High School EDITH TIILIKKALA Fitchburg, Mass. Fitchburg High School Glee Club EVA L. TRAFTON 16 Orchard Stret Leominster, Mass. Leominster High School ALFRED TURNER Practical Arts Water Street Lee, Mass. Lee High School WALTER J. VORSE 158 Central Street Leominster, Mass. Leominster High School MARY W. WARD 23 Linden Street Fitchburg, Mass. Fitchburg High School Basketball, Assembly Committee HELEN V. WHITCOME Bow Street Townsend, Mass. Townsend High School Basketballg Glee Club ROBERT J. WILSON 122 Laurel Street Fitchburg, Mass. HELVI WINTTURI Westminster, Mass. Fitchburg High School Glee Club, Basketball, Bowling QRQANHZATHQNS Men's Student Association OFFICERS HOLLIS MOORE '37 President MI.LTON JEFFREY '38 V2'ce-President EDWARD BUSBY '38 Secretary A. HERBERT HENRICKSON '37 Treasurer MR. WESTON Sponsor The Men's Student Association is composed of all men attending College. It is represented by a Council made up of the officers of the Association together with one commuter and one resident student from each class section. Each year the Association carries on a number of activities calculated to make the year more pleasant for the students of the College. The Association also rewards those men who are outstanding in scholarship and in extra-curricular activities. Last year silver-etched wall plates were awarded to three Senior men. I' Jltjl' Commuting Women's Association OFFICERS CORRINE JOHNSON '37 President RUBY GAGE '38 V 1.66-P'V6S2'd6'7Zf HELEN PAUL '38 Secretary ELEANOR MCCARTHX' '39 Tfreasurer Miss BRADT Sponsor Since 1928 when comfortable headquarters were set up for them, the Commuting Women have played a large part in the life of the College. The fine cooperative spirit of the organization is evidenced by the success which has characterized their every undertaking. The organization does everything within its power to make the campus life of the commuter easier and more pleasant in every respect. During the past year a variety of teas and informal parties were held in addition to the formal Banquet held in conjunction with the Dormitory Association. Eighty-H Womcn's Dormitory Association OFFICERS ELEANOR CRONIN '37 President ELEANOR GOULART '37 Vice-President MARTHA GAY '37 House President VIOLA PERREAULT '37 Secretarry CECELIA CALLANAN '37 Treasurer The year 1923 marked the beginning of the Dormitory Government Association as an organization of the Fitchburg Normal School. The purpose of the organization was then, and is now, to promote growth in character of all the students by having each girl assume both individual and collective responsibility. It has proved itself one of the strongest forces in our school life in developing initiative, responsibility, and self- control. It has been shown that loyalty to this lesser organization has strengthened our loyalty to the greater organization - our College. Aside from its governing angle the Women's Dormitory Association, like other organizations, hold many social affairs during the year. Teas and demi-tasses, along with the Kiddie Party and the Christmas Banquet add much to the joys of campus living. I' 'ghty-four Men's ormitory Association OFFICERS JOSEPH RUSH '37 President MILTON JEFFREY '38 Vice-Presfdernt HENRY LAMBERT '39 Secretary THORNTON PETTEE '39 Treasurer When the men students first began to occupy Palmer Hall in Septem- ber, 1933, the Men's Dormitory Council was organized under the sponsor- ship of Mr. Weston. The Council is composed of two men from each classg the sponsor and proctors are ex-officio members. In general the duty of the Council is to provide a "happy home" for the men who live on campus. During the past year it joined with Miller Hall in making the traditional Olde English Christmas Banquet a great occasion. Various tournaments in such activities as ping-pong, basketball, bridge, etc., are conducted under its auspices. The Poverty Party given annually by Palmer Hall, always warmly received by the College, was again the source of fun for many. The Men's Dorm has proved itself an important factor in the estab- lishing of a more stable social life at the Teachers College and happily looks forward to completing 1937 under the spell of true collegiate enthusiasm. Eighty-ji vw Combined Glee Clubs l P OFFICERS OF WOMEN'S CLUB RUBY GAGE '38 President MARY CLARK '38 VICE-P7'68'Z'd67Lt HELEN PAUL '38 Secretary SIPRI TASTULA '38 T1'easw'er OFFICERS OF MEN'S CLUB EARL ROSEEN '37 President ERNEST SAVOY '38 ViC6-P7'6S'l'd6?Zt JOHN MITCHELL '39 Secretary STANLEY ANDERSON '38 Treasui-er OFFICERS OF COMBINED CLUBS EARL ROSEEN President RUBY GAGE V 1'ce-President The Glee Club has been an organized society at Fitchburg Teachers College for a long time but this year the Men's and Women's clubs were combined so that they might do bigger and better things under the capable leadership of Miss Eldridge. the Club has always endeavored to develop a fine spirit of fellowship and cultivate a knowledge and appreciation of the best in music. TRIAL BY JURY, a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta, was presented last year, setting a high standard which the organization has successfully upheld in the current year. A Christmas Cantata, CHILDE JESUS, by Clokey, was the first offering of the year. Progressively higher standards have been set this year so that the final event, the production of the Gilbert and Sullivan operatic comedy, the MIKADO, was outstanding in the musical year of the community. Eighty-SLU The Band In number of years of service the band is still in its infancy for it was only a year ago that Ernest Bono organized the Teachers College Band. From the point of view of quality of service, however, this body has been outstanding in its performances. At basketball and baseball games that much-talked of elusive, school spirit, has been stimulated and supported by the music-makers. After regaling us with hill-country songs in an Assembly program the band proceeded to culminate the year with the lovely memories of Class Day melodies. Robert Geddes Donald Hayden Edward Busby Esther Rice Danna. Goodwin Thornton Pettee Paul Haire Roger Weeks Danna Peeves Russell Gearin George Stannard Quintino Rollo Edwin Hedin John Matyosaitis James Baker Robert Landall Frances Moriarty Stephen Leszuk Arthur Purinton Carl Peterson Director: Henry A. Lambert, Jr. Eighty-seu n Orchestra OFFICERS FRANCES MORIARTY '38 President HENRY LAMBERT '39 Vice-P1-esident STEPHEN LESZUK '39 Secretary JOHN MATYOSAITIS '39 Treasurer MIRIAM ELDRIDGE Sponsor Under the capable leadership of Miss Eldridge the Orchestra has made rapid progress and during 1936-37 has attained a position of high rank in the College. At Christmas time the spirit of the season was beautifully interpreted by the Cantata which the Glee Clubs, accompanied by a selected string Quartette, presented. An entirely different emotion was shown in the comic presentation of Handel's Toy Symphony and the six outstanding guest artists. The goal of the musical season was reached when the combined Orchestra and Glee Clubs gave Gilbert and Sullivan's inimitable operetta, THE MIKADO. lllf It Debating Club l OFFICERS CECELIA CALLANAN '37 President PAULINE PAPACOLAS '37 V ice-President FRANCES MORIARTY '33 Secretary LEONARD NISULA '38 T1'easurer The Debating Club has concerned itself with topics of social and economic interest to the people as a whole, and has enjoyed discovering, organizing and delivering-with considerable success-the pros and cons of subjects of national interest. The schedule for 1936-37 included teams from Keene, Lawrence Academy, American International College, Nichols Junior College, Bay Path and Salem Teachers College. The members of the club Worked intently this year to attain victory in the radio debate with Bay Path Institute on May 18. Eiyhfy-ni Dramatic Club i OFFICERS GEORGE CAREY '37 President KALERVO KANSANIVA '38 V2'C6-P7'68'Z'd67It ERNEST SAVOY '38 Secretary ANNE WARD '37 Treasurer' BELLE M. NIXON Sponsor NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH held the Dramatic Club up to the position it has held for the last live years-the position of the richest and one of the rnost active clubs in the College. A new policy was started by the club this year. The annual play is to be chosen at the end of the preceding school year along with the selection of the cast, instead of waiting until October of the new year. Tryouts for membership to the club are also to be held at this new date. The class plays came forward this year with flne results. The plays were: Freshman-SO'S YOUR OLD ANTIQUE. Sophomore-WHERE BUT IN AMERICA? Junior-WHO AM I? Kalervo Kansaniva. Senior-THE FATHER, dramatized by Dolores Sullivan from the story by Bjornson. Ninety Donald Buckwold Eleanor Cronin Paul Foye Corinne Johnson John Lavelle Dolores Sullivan Anne Ward Dorothy Coukis Vincent Glennon Kal Kansaniva James Baker Ellen Dormin Bernadine Johnson Russell Gearin Helen Gibson Kenneth Killay ramatic Club Members CLASS OF '37 George Carey Ethel Critchley John English George King Donald McCaffrey Joseph Rush Barbara Whitmore Gerald McDowell CLASS OF '38 Ernest Savoy Donald Lytle CLASS OF '39 Beulah Mitchell Mildred Slattery CLASS OF '40 Dorothy Sears Sargent Stanley Joseph Mahoney Viola Perrault Earl Roseen Dominic Baccaro Albert Caswell Kenneth Ladner Carl Matson Adah Parker Leonard Savignano Francis Rudenauer Lois White Madalyn Wolfson Paul Haire Berge Avadanian Harry O'Connell Maivis Moriarty NzzetJ me The Art Club OFFICERS RUTH MARCY '38 President ANNE HYLAND '37 Secretwry In four years at the Teachers College the Art Club has striven successfully to fulfill its purpose of stimulating an interest in the three great branches of art - painting, sculpture, and architecture. An exceptionally high quality of work is maintained by the strict system of testing whereby new members are admitted. The annual Art Club assembly is always a high point in life with its presentation of tableaux of great paintings with criticisms and biograph- ical sketches by members of the Club. This year one of the outstanding activities was a demonstration lecture on finger painting given by a representative of the Shaw Finger Paint Company. In addition to these special activities the College utilizes the Art Club in the preparation of posters advertising every event held during the year. 'V fit Mohawk Society OFFICERS DONALD MCNEIL '37 President JOSEPH MAHONEY '37 Vzre-President ROBERT ROONEY'37 Sccndary GEORGE KING '38 Treasurer GEORGE CAREY'37 Aluwu2iSccnMary SPONSORS MR. RALPH WESTON MR. ARTHUR HARRINGTON HONORARY MEMBERS Mr. lfVillis B. Anthony, Mr. Charles Hapgood, Mr. Frank Crosier, Mr. Henry CLASS OF '37 Albert Caswell Donald Buckwold Mitchell Fava Allan Kempainen John Lavelle John English Kenneth Ladner MEMBERS CLASS OF '38 J. Warren Anderson Emille John Comeau J. Milton Jeffrey Charles Minnich Everett McDonald Vincent Glennon Claude Lacouture Andrew Owens Paul Waring CLASS OF '39 Raymond Creamer Edward O'Sheasy Joseph Daniels John Gearan John Guilfoil Paul Haire Harry Moore Lawrence Houle Leonard Murphy Clancy HSOANGETAHAH The Mohawk Society was organized in 1924 to promote cooperation within the College and with the Alumni, to increase social welfare in student life and to foster professional improvement. This year's production of MURDER ON THE CAMPUS by George MacKaye was another typically fine Mohawk presentation. The annual Gav-Hawk formal, held on March 9 in the College Library, was one of the most colorful events of this year's social calendar. NI'llf'f!l-fl! rec Gaveleer Society OFFICERS DOMINIC BACCARO '37 HOLLIS MOORE '37 PAUL GOODWIN '38 EARL ROSEEN '37 C. BLAIR MACLEAN CLASS OF '37 George Forgues Paul Foye Axel Henrickson Gerald McDowell Robert Norton Joseph Rush MEMBERS CLASS OF '38 Stanley Anderson ClifTord Feindel Matthew Godek Kalervo Kansaniva Donald Lytle Francis Rudenauer Leonard Savigano Ernest Savoy President Vrz'ce-President "Amici usque ad aras" Deep graven on each heart Shall be found unwavering true When we from life shall The sound of the gavel has rung out the end Gaveleer Society. The Gaveleer Society was founded in 1921, the the campus. Its aims are to encourage scholarship relationships among the men of the College. part. Secretary Treasurer Sponsor CLASS OF '39 James Baker Joseph Cutler Aubrey Hastings Henry Lambert John Matyosaitis Thornton Pettee of the seventeenth year of the first organization of its kind on and further social and fraternal The outstanding social event of the society's year was the presentation of Carl Sandburg, who addressed a large and appreciative audience in the College auditorium on the evening of April 27. Ninety-four Epsilon Pi Tau OFFICERS HOWARD HIRST '37 P1-esiflent HOLLIS MOORE '37 Vl'06-PI'6Sl'd6IIf DOMINIC BACCARO '37 Secrctrr1'y-Trrrzsvzrw' MEMBERS CLASS OF '37 CLASS OF '38 Carl Matson Stanley Anderson Howard Hirst Paul Goodwin Dominic Baccaro Stannard Sylvia Hollis Moore EPSILON PI TAU this year initiated four new members from the rolls of the Industrial Arts course. These men are the outstanding mem- bers of their class, and Epsilon Chapter welcomed them cordially. As has been the policy of the Fraternity in past years, four outstand- ing members of the profession who are making names for themselves in this field of Industrial Arts were initiated into membership. Ninety!-jI1'e Typographical Society OFFICERS ALBERT CASWELL '37 Presidemt CLIFFORD FEINDEL '38 V z'ce-President WORSLEY FARDY '38 Secretary MR. HAGUE Sponsor The Typographical Society was organized in 1934 with the purpose of promoting an interest in and furthering the knowledge of the field of printing among its members. Activities of the club consist of trips to paper mills, newspaper con- cerns and various other institutions related to the printing industry. Periodic revision of the constitution enables the club to keep abreast of progress in the Held. Ninety-si.1 The Stick EDITORIAL BOARD DONALD LYTLE '38 Editor-in-Cl11'ef ANDREW OWENS '38 Associate Editor ADAH PARKER '38, PAUL HAIRE '39 New-s Editors LAWRENCE BUTTRICK '37 Feature Etiifor Sports Editors HELEN MCAULIFFE '39 EMILLE COMEAU 738 KENNETH LADNER '37 Bfasincss Manager CLIFFORD FEINDEL '38 Shop Foreman This year saw our otlicial College publication, under leadership as sound and efficient as it enjoyed during its initial appearance last year, undergo a radical transition. The plan of publishing a monthly magazine containing a complete summary of student affairs and endeavor was dis- carded. A weekly newspaper, of altered name and nature, appeared. A bi-annual supplement for literature rounded out the policy. It was a new and unusual experience to find a paper in the post otlice every week. When it was realized that this paper, together with its supplement, not only was prepared and edited upon campus but printed here as well, it was even more of an unusual happening. An expression of appreciation to the officials and contributors who created and made this new publication possible should be extended. The reorganization of policy and system was a commendable advance. May it improve and continue to serve as well under succeeding directors as it has during its inauguration. Ninety-sz 1 '4-t'.h.,.e'- X j f ' 1.3.3 ' ' '51 9 Q. Q ' A '2""i!'m5i.",j,g, Q , J O if I ,, 1 x.-f"' J x 'S , . 'rg-hw ' -...., af . 4 'W ,sn -,g--11In-m,..- '.... 7 159 ' ' . +5 --Q iw-Q. 4 14:-' .-X3 '-, 4, -- , Jn.--, rg. .ina-is Zlimmammirucs Men's Athletic Association OFFICERS GEORGE FORGUES '37 Clzczirmfui MATTHEW GODEK '38 Vi'fv-Clzcmnifizz A. HERBERT HENRICKSON '37 Secretary EVERETT MCDONALD '38 T'r0asurer The Men's Athletic Board controls all of the athletic endeavors of the men students of the College. The Board is composed of the coaches, managers and captains of each varsity sport, the men's athletic director and the faculty sponsor. This year the Board welcomed both a new physical director, Mr. Healy, and a new sponsor, Mr. Weston. This Board approves the appointment of coaches by the athletic director. It elects managers and assistant managers for the varsity teams, draws up the athletic point system, determines the awards and handles all problems concerning varsity athletics and intramural sports. This year Track was added to the schedule as a major sport, thus increasing the varsity sports to six. One I1 zmdrcrl Varsity Track OFFICERS ROBERT ROONEY '37 Couch C0-Captadlzs ANDREW OWENS '38 CLAUDE LACOUTURE '39 FRANK LUOKKALA '40 Manager Inaugurated this year as a major sport, track had an auspicious beginning. Overcoming the handicap presented by the fact that there is no good training field available in the immediate vicinity, Coach Rooney undertook the job of coaching the fifty students who were vitally interested in the sport. The events stressed this year included cross-country, relay, and dual meets. - The team finished second in the New England conference meet at Leominster last year and it is expected that they will make a fair bid for the first position this year. One hundred one Varsity Soccer OFFICERS HOLLIS MOORE '37 Coach EVERETT MCDONALD '38 Captain JOHN MATYOSAITIS '39 Acting Manager Coached by Hollis Moore '37, one of the finest soccer teams that has represented the Teachers College in several years, overcame the problem presented by numerous injuries, to fight its way to the conclusion of a highly satisfactory season. With a nucleus of six veterans and with numerous other enthusiastic candidates Coach Moore turned out a well conditioned and able squad. Despite the graduation of six stars - Hollis Moore, Kenneth Ladner, Joseph Rush, Joseph Mahoney, and George Forgues-a brilliant season is predicted for next year. SOCCER SCHEDULE Alumni F. T. C. Bridgewater T. C. F. T. C. Harvard J. V's. F. T. C. Harvard J. V's. F. T. C. Clark University F. T. C. Dartmouth F. T. C. American International College F. T. C. One hunzdred two Varsity Basketball OFFICERS GERALD McDowELL '37 Coach, JOSEPH MAHONEY '37 Captain LLOYL MINER '39 Mcmager PAUL MARTILLA '39 Assistant Manager Building a team with but two veterans and four reserves was a difficult task and, although the players from the rest of the school and the entering class were not up to the high standards of previous years, Coach Gerald McDowell did produce a fighting array. The team was subject to frequent changes. Several different com- binations were tried during the season. While the record of the club does not look good on paper, the men showed ability many times. We played a total of thirteen games, winning two and losing eleven. This was a year for building and although the record does not show superior strength it will reap results in years to come. BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Dartmoutht 69-14 F. T. C. St. Anselmst 40-20 F. T. C. Hyannis T. C. 34-54 F. T. C. Bridgewater T.C.t 43-21 F. T. C. Assumption 38-36 F. T. C. Assumptiont 25-27 F. T. C. Worcester Techt 57-27 F. T. C. Bridgewater T. C. 34-33 F. T. C. St. Anselms 47-17 F. T. C. Keene Normalt 32-22 F. T. C. Salem T. Cft 28-25 F. T. C. New Britain T. CF: New Britain T. C. 43-46 F. T. C. 51-32 F. T. C. tGames away from home. One lLlLlldl'l'd tlirve Varsity Hockey OFFICERS DONALD MCNEIL '37 Coach MATTHEW GODEK '38 Captain LEONARD MURPHY '39 Manager PARKER MATHEWS ,410 Assistant Manager The best prospect of the year in the World of sports at Teachers College was the 1937 hockey team. But King Sol kept busy most of the time keeping the ice soft so that We were able to play but three of our eight scheduled games. Coach Donald McNeil and a large group of enthusiasts Worked dili- gently throughout the season to produce a team that Was rated highly in New England collegiate hockey circles. . The enviable record set up this year makes the Fitchburg team a serious threat in the years to come. This can readily be seen when we realize that such teams as Union, University of New Hampshire, St. Anselm's, Middlebury and Massachusetts State have already been con- tracted for next season. HOCKEY SCHEDULE Becker College 0 F. T. C. 7 Nichols Junior College 0 F. T. C. 3 Middlebury College 1 F. T. C. 1 O hzmdrfrd four Varsity Baseball OFFICERS GEORGE FORGUES ,37 COCLCIL PAUL FOYE '37 Cuptmn THOMAS PASSIOS '40, FRED LovE '40 Co-Managers As We go to p1'ess it is still too early to foretell the outcome of the season for the Fitchburg Teachers Baseball team. However, from all indications We believe that it will be one of the best in several years. Coach George Forgues has six veterans to build upon and with this a good team is looked for. Coach Forgues started his men working shortly after the close of the basketball season. With eight weeks work for the battery men a better than average pitching staff is anticipated. Several prominent freshmen are expected to break into the lineup, bringing the name of Fitchburg Teachers College high in the standing of the New England Teachers Conference. SCHEDULE New Britain T. C. F. T- C- Assumption College F. T. C. KQGHQ NOI'IT12ll SCl100l F. T. C. Bridgewater T, C, F, T, C, Alumni F. T. C- Keene Normal School F. T. C. ASSUIUPUOH College F- T- C- Salem Teachers College F. T. C. Lowell Textile F. T. C. U e hzuzdrrrl jim- Varsity Tennis OFFICERS ALAN KEMPAINEN '37 Coach EDWARD O'SHEAsY '39 Captain EDWARD BUSBY '38 Manager JOSEPH DANIELS '39 Assistant Manager The tennis outlook for 1937 was the best in many a season. Alan Kempainen, crack player and coach, had last year's numbers two and four men as well as Thornton Pettee and himself to build upon. Although Ray Creamer, number two man of last year's team broke his ankle several weeks after the basketball season ended it was healed sufficiently for him to go right into action. Eddie O'Sheasy, number four man of last year's team, took over number two position with Coach Kempainen taking number three. The competition for the other positions was keen. The new candidates showed so much promise that high hopes were entertained for aasuccessful year. Alf Braconier, freshman fall tournament winner, lived up to the line things expected of him. Forsaking baseball for tennis, Matty Godek was a great aid to the team. Others who were by no means out of the running were Lawrence Buttrick, Grover Howard, John Guilfoil, Lawrence Colson, and Edward Busby. TENNIS SCHEDULE Holy Cross College F. T. C. Assumption College F. T. C. American International Bridgewater T. C. F. T. C. College F. T. C. New Britain T. C. F. T. C. Bridgewater T. C. F. T. C. Keene Normal School F. T. C. One lumdred sir Intramural Board A new deal in intramural athletics at Fitchburg Teachers College this year saw the inception of an athletic program never before attempted. Under the capable and energetic direction of Joe Mahoney the Intramural Sports board, an offshoot of the M. A. A., was placed in control of all such sports and many interesting features were to be found in the carrying out of the program. For the first time in years the various schedules were carried through to completion and to the satisfaction of the students and faculty as well. A system of double elimination was used in the playing off of the sports contests, softball was introduced and met with much favor, and for the first time in the history of the college an athletic day Was carried through successfully in which the men and Women held their competitions on the same field to make an interesting and stimulating spectacle. g PERSONNEL JOSEPH E. HEALY Faculty Adviser JOSEPH F. MAHONEY Student Director Seniors GEORGE E. CAREY, JR. ALBERT CASWELL Juniors EDWARD BUSBY WALTER WASINK Sophomores PAUL MATTILLA CHESTER BERCUME Freshmen EDWARD DONELLY WALTER VoRsE One' hzuzdred sew' Intramural Champions The class of '37, Intramural champions for the last three years, came through with flying colors under their novel system of coaching. Each year, after the Freshman year, they were not only successful and cham- pions, but were undefeated in all games. An unusual circumstance made it possible for the class each year to contribute their best man to the varsity where he excelled as he had in the class games. ln the second year MacDowell was sent up to the varsity and he coached the class team through an undefeated season. Last year, Mahoney, star of this year's varsity went along to the school team and he also had an undefeated class team under his tutelage. Foye, in turn, was sent along and this year's team owed much of its brilliance to his direction. Carey and McCaffrey were selected this year on the all-star intramural team. The members of this year's team: Coaches, Joseph Mahoney, Gerald McDowell and Paul Foyeg players, Oliver Collard, Donald McCaffrey, Robeit Norton, George Carey, George King, Lawrence Buttrick, Allan Kempainen. Um' lL1mrr'rrrl f-ight Womcn's Athletic Board OFFICERS ETHEL CRITCHLEY '37 Presidenz' EDITH BUCKINGHAM '39 Vz'ce-P1-eszdent ARLENE MOLOGHAN '38 Secretary ALICE DEMPSEY '37 Treasurer MISS BOLGER Sponsor A PRESIDENT LOOKS AT THE W. A. A. The purpose of the Association is to cooperate with the department of physical education in promoting and standardizing ideals of health and sportsmanship for all. Sportsmanship as defined in the W. A. A. handbook is, "What is a good sport? A man who wins honestly, who loses cheerfully, who hopes increasingly, who bestows quietly, who receives naturally, who differs fairly, who agrees warmly, who lives liberally, who dies modestly, whose play-fellows are mankind. - The New York Herald." As a freshman member of the Association with Mabel Clark as President, I enjoyed the recreational opportunities offered and at the end of the year at the annual banquet saw Virginia Robbins and Peg Splaine receive the blazer-the highest award offered by this organization-for their teamwork, leadership, individual activities, classwork, and health habits. In my sophomore year the Association, headed by Peg Splaine, entertained the members of the M. S. T. C. A. - remember the fun at the Om' llll7lflI'1'fl 'nim' Country Fair? The blazer winners that year were Kay Benson, Alice Kyte, Alice Lee, and Cappy Disken. Anita Leighton led the W. A. A. during my junior year and, for the iirst time, I went to the Keene Normal School to participate in their Play Day. Blazers were won by Esther Evans, Anita Leighton, Lucille Harrington, and Rosanna LaCroix. As a senior I participated for the second time in the Keene Play Day and wished, after it was over, that I could look forward to one or two more years. This year, also, the basketball team entertained Keene here. This was the Hrst time in many years that we had played an outside team on our own court. In the winter of my senior year W. A. A. Day was observed with a trip to the clubhouse of the East Jaffrey Outing Club. Here a large number of girls took advantage of the available sporting facilities to spend an enjoyable day skating, mountain climbing, eating, and snow-balling. Late in the spring the Association sponsored an Hostel hike in which the Teachers Colleges of the state participated. With the new system of awards and the revision of the handbook, the interest in W. A. A. in the years to come should go steadily forward. BLAZER WINNERS OF 1936-1937 One hundred ten Black Team The Blacks continued their superlative performance of last year by achieving victories in Hockey, Bowling and Basketball. The splendid spirit of its members together with playing ability, assured them of again winning the W. A. A. shield for the fourth successive year. The team consists of the following forty-eight girls: ELEANOR SCULLY '39 Captain CLASS OF '37 Deborah Blazo Cecelia Callanan Ethel Critchley Dorothy Coukis Lucille Doliver Amelia Galluci Mary Hoffman Alice Algeo Edith Buckingham Ruth Copeland Mary Disken Barbara Baldwin Phyllis Batterson Mary Gibbons Helen Hartnett Kaino Jalava Marjorie Harkness Mildred Kilcoyne Viola Perrault CLASS OF '38 Florence Lovell Helen Mahoney June Maroni CLASS OF '39 Rita Hastings Margaret Lanigan Helen McAuliffe Eleanor McCarthy Esther Rice CLASS OF '40 Ruth Hughes Vera Kenney Ruth Lagsdin Mavis Moriarty Mary Owens Aune Salo Anne Ward Barbara Whitmore Arlene Mologhan Helen Paul Aile Waris Mary Clark Eleanor Scully Evelyn Strand Mildred Slattery Madalyn Wolfson Mary Shea Anna Fisher Eva Trafton Helvi Winturri One hundred eele Orange Team The Orange team, of forty-eight girls, hammered continually upon the bulwark of points heaped up by the Blacks. Determination and pep certainly were not lacking. Orange attained second place in all thiee sports, Hockey, Bowling and Basketball. ELLEN FUNAIOLE '37 Dorothy Barton Elaine Cleaves Alice Dempsey Alice Feehan Marion Burwick Mary Clark Edith Bixby Anna Clifford Mary Coombs Merelis Cote Bernice Cleaves Virginia Hamilton Florence Hazel Ursula Jurga Helen Nortonen One lzumlrcrl 1l1'r'l1'r' CLASS OE Bessie Fisk Ellen Funaiole Eleanor Goulart Corinne Johnson CLASS OF Dorothy Gould Charlotte Laird Ruth Marcy CLASS OF Mildred Lyons Helmi Matilainen Anne Mclntire Beulah Mitchell CLASS OE Elizabeth O'Connor Edith Preston Virginia Schmidt Dorothy Sears Edith Tiillikkala Captain Sara McNally Pauline Papacolas Thelma Parker Hazel Ridgway Adah Parker Doris Wiley Dorothy Sleep Mary Walsh Lois White Mary Ward Ruth LaFrennie Helen Devecis Annie Franzek Mary Gagnon. White Team The newest team of the Women's Intramural Athletic Organization is now nearly two years old. There are forty-eight girls in the group The steady improvement in the playing of this team in the basketball series made it a strong competitor with the Orange team for second place Although seldom victorious, the sportsmanship of the team is of a high level. MARJORIE KNIGHT '37 Eleanor Cronin Mary Gargulinski Priscilla Griflin 'Martha Gay Dorothy Dolan Ruby Gage Mary Baldwin Margaret Burke Kathryn Carr Mary Chase Constance Day Viola Bruso Mary Dempsey Maria Hopfmann Priscilla Leighton CLASS OF '37 Bettie Harris Ann Hyland Marjorie Knight Ellen Pernaa Anne Reidy CLASS OF '38 Mary Hanifan Eva Leonard Frances Moriarty CLASS OF '39 Ellen Dormin Esther Gates Charlotte Hanson Bernardine Johnson Maria Neudorf CLASS OF '40 Frances McCarty Nellie Meskinis Helen Whitcomb Margaret Sullivan Mildred Coolidge Cap tain Dolores Sullivan Rose Sullivan Doris Upton Dorothy Cullinen Carolyn Tuttle Sipri Tastula Norma Richardson Claire Salmon Alice Silverburg Elizabeth Sheehan Louise Wood Helen Gibson Clara O'Toole Ethel Stonehouse Ruth Moran Om' lzunrlrcd flz f fn Black Hockey Team Orange Hockey Team White Hockey Team GERALDINE LYoNs '39 Head of Hockey lWARY DISKEN '39 Black Captain ANNA CLIFFORD '39 Orange Captaziz DOLORES SULLIVAN '37 White Captam This, a major sport for the women of the College, Was even more strongly emphasized this year, because of the International Hockey Meet in the United States. A large group from the W. A. A. Went to Worcester to see the Irish Hockey Team in action. Two members of this noted group visited the College, refereed, and gave playing instructions to the Women. In November, hockey teams from Lowell, Framingham and Keene were invited to Fitchburg for a Hockey Day. Disappointment Was Wide- spread When bad Weather made it necessary to call off the activities. Hockey, ever popular among our women, attracted large numbers to practices. As the result of a Round Robin tournament of five games, the Black vvon three, the Orange two, the White, none. One hundred fifteen Black Baskeiball Team Orange Basketball Team White Basketball Team AUNE SALO, '37 Head of Basketball MARY DISKEN '39 Btaclc Captain HELEN NORTONEN '40 Orange Captain ELLEN DORMIN '39 White Captain AUNE SALO '37 Varsity Captain Basketball, the other major sport for women, lasting from December through February, Was headed by Aune Salo. There was the usual large turnout for practices. After the Orange, White, and Black teams were chosen, a Round Robin was played, in which the Blacks won four games, games, the Orange two, and the White, none. A varsity team was chosen which played Keene Normal School on March 12. The score was 24-15, in favor of Keene. One hzmdrccl sevent Athletic Conference M. S. T. C. Westfield played host to representatives from the Massachusetts State Teachers Colleges at the annual Athletic Conference on November 6 and 7, 1936. Delegates from Fitchburg, Ethel Critchley '37, President of W. A. A., Elaine Cleaves '37, Marion Burwick '38, and Mary Chase '39, were accom- panied by Miss Stafford. At the opening session of the conference the delegates were greeted by Dr. Russell, President of Westfield Teachers College, and the President of W. A. A., Mary Homicki. Framingham gave a report on "Junior and Senior Participation in W. A. A. Activities," which was followed by a report by Lowell on "Outing Facilities Available in New England". This was accompanied by practical maps and definite information about the subject. In the afternoon at General Assembly, Miss Ernestine Perry, lecturer and writer from Springfield, and Mr. Reynold E. Carlson, National Recrea- tion Association, New York, were speakers. Miss Perry's subject was "Hosteling - A New Adventure in Recreation." Her first-hand experience in Hosteling in Europe and America animated her topic. Mr. Carlson spoke on "Nature Appreciation in Outdoor Activities." He further illus- trated his points during a hike on the following day. The delegates were guests of the Dramatic Club on Friday evening, when they sponsored the Classic Guild of New York in "Great Scenes from Shakespeare." At the business meeting on the second day, Fitchburg agreed to plan a Hostel trip in the spring of 1937, in which the Teachers Colleges of the State would participate. One Itundrrd rights' Feaiure One lLll,7ldI'1'd 'lli7lCtCUH J Ju 6' L ,, I if Fm Z aj' 1. , :gi A ! va 4 Q 111 V W Zi?-1 U. - Ez?-5' fl ' 3 '- gyw ..',1' f-1 x X Y . I ., J , . 3 if ' I 'inf' A . KWH . - if -- .'7-en-' 4-'P-.fs 1 -f qv-.4-r --.4 -up f Q gg : B7 fi w rbi .f-"" f " ' 9' .wx W wi WM Eff WITH! J F ,Q 'A-jgf. jf 1 0 "' .J'- 'f M' f ' J." " ' .4- f. in ,n. Q Q?'7'1,Q'-'Eff' is 'ff' w fw- r' , f V' 1 A .f -"-?'L?' V ' 'I ' 1 If . A ' , 1, . ., 'v- .LQ I lfifiwfx '-1 0" 'ax 1.4-'H ' umm-f I 6 W -1' -L.,",, . Jam. 'Qi wzf 'ff Q I. ,Iyq.',a,,.:.,.f .CA was ,W I xy an QQ ,, f9 gf Qs. YNW5 NPL E A vf x L2 1 -uf' - 33 X- 'lf ' 2 :fi ' .,,, A M99 f ,msffwiw-vi3?H Ab' ndbif'-' N' W I V ,. uf' ' 45 ,B mf' uf? . I - . 'A ' - :Wu , 5 I 5 K i , M W ,.., fT.Q.,'f M y . fairs-wv""" '- , wi Done Most for F. T. C ...,........ Best All-Around ..,,,.,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,, , Senior Balloting "O wad some Pou"r the giftie gie us To see oursels as zfthers see us" Robert Burns-To A Louss Dominic Baccaro, Barbara Whitmore and Anne Ward Joseph Rush Best All-Arourlcl Athlete ,........ Hollis Moore Most Brilliant ..,....,..,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, George King Most Likely to Succeed .....,,,.,, Donald McCaffrey Busiest ..............,..... Wlittliest ....,...,..,,,,,, .....,--......-.,,.,Dominic Baccaro .Joseph Rush Haizdsomest Mau .....,..........,..,,, Robert Norton Most beautiful woman ....,...,.. Best Dressed ....,.. ,R ..,.....,,,,.se..,,., George Carey Smoothest ...............,.....,.,.......... .George King Best Natured .......... ......... . Paul Foye Luclfziest .,.,....,, ,Donald McNeil U nluclctest ....,..r .....r... R obert Rooney Laziest ...,,........,e... .....,... A ll 69 of us Woman-Halter .....,.....,.., ......e. . None Man-Hater ..............,..,....,r......,., None First to Get Married ......,.....i.. Robert Rouleau Most Popular ..............., ......,.. Least Appreciated .....,. ..,,..... Musician ......,.... Best Actor ...,.... Best Actress ....... Alan Kempainen .Mitchell Fava Robert Rouleau .Alan Kempainen --...,...George King Most Serious .......... ......... L awrence Buttrick Most Loquacious ...,... , .,.....i - Most Sincere ....... Best dancer .,...,... Most Original ........ Cloufu .....,,........,... Cutest ....,,.......,,, One hundr Pd twentyafour George Carey Oliver Collard ...,....,None ..-.--.,,Paul Foye .--..-..,.Alan Kempainen Robert Rooney Ethel Critchley Ethel Critchley Cecelia Callanan Marjorie Harkness Bettie Harris Anne Ward Pauline Papacolas Ellen Funaiole Hazel Ridgway Ethel Critchley Alice Dempsey Corinne Johnson Priscilla Griflin Bessie Fisk Deborah Blazo Ethel Critchley Cecelia Callanan Barbara Whitmore Dolores Sullivan Thelma Parker Dolores Sullivan Corinne Johnson Elaine Cleaves Pearl Duncan Marjorie Knight Ellen Funaiole F avorite Favorite Favorite Favorite Fav onite Favorite Favorite Favorite Favorite Favorite Favorite Favorite Sport ,......,,........ Dance Band .....V,w..,. Radio Program ......,.. Screen Actor .....,.,. Screen Actress ....,tt, Stage Actor ......... Stage Actress .....,.................. Way of Wasting Time ,,..tit... Book ..........,...,.............,.,...,.... Magazine ........ Study ,.....,.... Radio Star ......, Basketball, Tennis, Modern Dance Guy Lombardo, Benny Goodman Kraft Music Hall, Jack Benny Leslie Howard, Gary Cooper, William Powell Myrna Loy, Joan Crawford Brian Ahearn, Walter Hampden, Burgess Meredith Katherine Cornell, Helen Hayes Spa-ing, Lobbying, Attending Classes -SAXIFRAGE LIFE, TIME Stars, Modern Dance Fred Allen, Jack Benny, Bing Crosby One hundred tIl'6"71f!l'fi ve l Y THE STONIa The Saxifrage is not called the 1'OCli-l'J1'63.liG1' because of the Way it entwines its lovely delicacy about a rock, crushing it to bits, but be- cause, in colonial days, it was an herb much prized for its potency in crushing gall-stones. Fo re word "in fun Without rancor-' Dedication To President Roosevelt and the N. Y. A. We, the clause of naught 3, dedicate this book in appreciation of the glorious vista of hope opened to us and, more directly, of the golden ducats which gave us the opportunity of going on that We might finally pour forth our knowledge into the eager minds of future great Americans. O I d I CAWK US WAMMLHW SYLVESTER P resident B.A.B.S. University of Multi-Interest, Purevue, West P. K. DR. PUNCH Professor of Oral Express.ion B.A.R.K University of Much Hamburg, Raw, Germany TAM Professor of Swing F.L.I.T. University of Rawnose, Rockville, Me FRITZIE Professor of Carpentry J.O.B. University of Rugby, Ralphton, Mass JOCKEY Professor of Clzz'ldZz'fe J.R. University of Suburbia, Saskatchawan Ashby e 11 u ndrf d t :ren t .11-c' ight QW SW! i 1 1 Li?'i"3"- ff, 3' CLASSES Sneniurs CICERO East Cupcake, Mars Woodchopping Course Dogged perseverance, peculiar voice, favorite hangout- tree, corner of Pearl and Snow Streets. Dunking 1-10, harmonica band 5, hiding in subways 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 SNOOKIE Gass Trail, Cleghorn Industrial Arts Course Boisterous, loiters in corridors, personal magnetism, alert spirit. Modern Dance 3, eating-continuous, chaperone 5-7 GADELLE GRAD UA TE Apres Vous, L. I. Intermittant Course Made it a point to visit the library once each year, athletic, noted for clean white shoes. Fish-hawking 3, 9, 2, signing into Dormitory-once, lobby- ing-no limit, bridge 2, 3, 4 SUSIE AND HER TWIN SISTER Trailer Pre-Nursery School Course Youth Hustlers, admit to having read a book, promise to write letters of application on scrap paper. Spying for CAMPUS CHATTER-all night long, commut- ing-all seven years, typewriting, attending classes UNDERCLASSES The underclasses are omitted as being unworthy of notice. Proof-they have shown that they are capable of helping to publish the SAXIFRAGEX 1' all we ask is that they buy it. One hundred tzventy-'nine QRGANIZATIGNS Day Hops fFcLmriZicw'Zy called the D.D.G.j This elite group is best beloved by our faculty because of the ability of its members to make themselves welcome in all parts of the campus. Although they contribute nothing of value to college life, still, they perform an indispensable oliice with their sunny dispositions and their ability to "take it." Sizodlar Boompa This newly formed organization immediately took its place in the active life of the College. The Club purpose-to acquaint prospective rural school teachers With the use of the stodlar and the boompa-is rapidly being realized through a series of teas and dansantes. The club is so popular with the student body that it was necessary to restrict membership to 75 people. Of this number fully 56 attend meetings regu- larly and it is rumored that 32 members have paid their dues. One hzmdrrd thirty Pie All Gone This is a professional organization of all flunking students. It strives to inculcate in its members a knowledge of and a desire for the proper use of leisure time. The purpose of the club, succinctly stated, is - to attend every social function within a radius of 45 miles without fee and to return to classes the next day able to stand. Kennel Club Professor and student meet in this organization on equal terms for that high type of intellectual exchange which is so seldom found in the layman. Topics of general interest in the arts, sciences, politics, and the world of affairs, as well as subjects closely related to the profession, are discussed. At each meeting of the club some gentle stimulant, such as sassafrass tea, is served by the College Dining Hall. After this such vital conversations as the following take place: . "Dja see LESS MISERABLES? "Ya, djoo? "Ya, dja like it? "Ya, was swell. "Ya, that's what I thought, too." One hundred thirty ATHLETICS There are in the world today many persons who subscribe to the traditional theories which exclude sport, holding that the prime function of education is the stuffing of the victimls head with a varied assortment of facts. But we, in the light of our greater knowledge, realize that, while the classes may be thrown to the winds, it can never be true that an "excess number of extra-curricula activities" can sap the energies of students. We assure THE STICK, extra-class work does not "impair the ultimate standing of our graduates in professional circles," rather, it tends to "maketh the full man." In this belief, so much time is given to athletics that it would be quite impossible to describe them in a volume of this size. This is, furthermore, wholly unnecessary, for students may take Professor Buttrick's course in Memory Training, then they will have no need of a book to recall past events to their minds. Om' hundrf d Ilzirty-t Feature S 6612011 This section was intended to be a simple travesty of a college year book, but When We realized the tremendous amount of Work involved in such an undertaking We decided to leave the page for autographs. AUTOGRAPHS ADVERTISING o -he -f, WANTED Three superintendents for the town of North Halifax Corner, Kentucky. Duties - if you wish. Salary-f1S30,000 per annum. No interview necessaryg just come down in September. Inexperi- enced graduates of the class of 1937 preferred. 49 TEACHERS TEACHERS WANTED 43 modest, conscientious, hard-working, punctual, humble, studious, persistent young men and Women to instruct the young of Wildsofmaine in charcoal sketching. Healthful country, invigorating climate. Average temperature-381 Salary - 3527.08 per month. Qw- The world, in its Worship of youth, is clamoring for the Class of 1937. In every sector of the globe there are positions for YOU. Register with us and take your pick. Registration fee 5525.03 plus 437 of your first three years' salary. Q XX Ona hnnrlrrd flzirty-four. Acknowledgments L. G. Balfour Company The Montachusett Hairdressers' Association Brockelmans Grocer Dramatic Club Ye Olde Oyster Bar Gaveleers Society Turunen's Motor Coach Service Veterans of Foreign Wars Post No. 794 Dr. H. A. Weed Worcester North Savings Institution James Heslam Co. Fitchburg Co-operative Bank Cary Teachers Agency Parke Snows Department Store Junior Class City Cleaners 8: Dyers Hitters Flowers Combined Glee Clubs Cumings Theatre W. C. Goodwin, Inc. Mohawk Club A. S. Hyland KL Company J. G. Flynn A. Z. Goodfellow Sophomore Class E. M. Lowe's Universal Theatre Fitchburg Savings Bank George Ginsburg, Linotyper Nichols XL Frost, Inc. Woman's Athletic Association Independent Cab Company The Stick Kendall Catering Company Miller Clothing Co. Harry Grand, Linotyper Roy S. Wyman, Optometrist Fitchburg Music Store S. M. Nathan Mathew's Motor Co. Emily Shop Helen Ladies Shop Art Club Leisure Florist Model Fur Shop Yellow Cab Company Fitchburg Creamery Brigham's Bakery Falhman's Bakery Rice SL Company Baylin's Fur Shop C. A. Cross Sz Company Freshman Class Wright Sz Ditson Girls School Dept. Fitchburg Hardware Company Typographical Society Holt and Bugbee Company Fitchburg Gas and Electric Light Co Men's Student Government Association Grace M. Abbot Teachers Agency Fitchburg Mutual Fire Insurance Company Your Esso Station Murphy Drug Company Canton Restaurant City Cab Company Cranes Clothes Fitchburg Coal Company Ward's Quality Shop A. J. Wilkinson 8a Company Jennison Company Di Lucci, The Tailor Kimball Sz Son Company Iver Johnson Sporting Goods Co. Waid Studios One hzuirlrcd thirt t1 Farewell from the President To the Class of "37", We, my dear classmates, started four years ago and along the road were all sorted out - you there, me here, the other fellow some place else. Congratulations to those of us who forged their way to the upper group, honors to those strong, unmalleable souls whose strength made them maintain their own philosophies. We judged also, those who judged us- they, tho' sometimes We may not think it, have impressed us indelibly. Well, soon we are to pass on, and the road gets tougher as we go. 'Tis said, "anything worth starting is Worth Hnishingn - a maxim Well founded, - so, let's turn back now and again, and recall together our songs, classes, parties, dances, assessments, meetings, friends, roomies, rivals, loves, hates, games, assemblies, hay-rides, snow-carnivals, teachers, -that all together make us - Classmates of '37. Thanks for all the trust and faith you've had in your class officers, remembering Well Gerry and Priscilla. Yours, JOE RUSH, The Presiclevzt Um' hu ndrfd thirty-s One hundred thirty-seven 'XX li If IVIERCANTILE PRINTING CGIVIPANY SIIQIESAQSE GRAPI-IIC ARTS BUILDING WORCESTER MASSACHUSETTS 2gjg2gjg2gjgjg2g2X ne hzmdred thzrt ZQAUTQQLRZALPEQS ZAAUWQDCQLQZAAPHQS 4 1 I w 1 7 , S i l 4

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