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r - - -A - v. -S Gopyright 1929 by Fraxcis J. Cav ' ANAGH, Business Manager Hexry M. Browx. Editor-in-Chiei. ■A V -A. CV s SAXIFRAGE OF MEMGRIE V. Q V. w w X h Saxifrage Memories Published by the CLASS OF 1929 State Normal School Fitchburg, Massachusetts Volume Number Eight dedication To Mr. Harrington, whose wholehearted friendship will be cherished as one of our most pleasant memories, we affectionately dedicate this book. Mr. Arthur C. Harrington foreword WE have endeavored to submit for your approval a yearbook worthy of the title " The Saxifrage of Memories " . The book ob- tains its name from a little flower which may be seen growing on the campus. This little flower, the Saxifrage, has been selected as the school flower. The theme " Memories " has been chosen because of its sympathetic appeal to ideals. We have tried, as far as possible, to follow this theme throughout. The colors of the school, which are white and gold were chosen by the first class, and signify wisdom, inspiration, purity and perfection. The school pin is a circle of gold with a con- ventionalized blossom of the early Saxifrage in white in the center and with a golden wreath of the leaves of the same plant, about the circum- ference. Purple and gold are the senior class colors selected because they are symbolic of loyalty and sageness. School history THE year 1895 saw the establishment of a teacher training institution in Fitchburg. This institution, the State Normal School, first held classes in the old high school building which be- longed to the city. The next year, 1896, the Normal building was completed and the school moved into its new quarters. In conjunction with this the state took over the Day Street and the Highland Avenue buildings to be used as schools of observation and practice. Several model schools were later opened in the Normal School building. In 1909 a Practical Arts Department was established. This course proved to be successful in attracting students until at the present time many applicants have to be turned away for lack of quarters for them. The aim of the school is to teach the history and theory of education with observation and practice in the training schools. Associating with this aim is the teaching of child study and psychology and the academic and practical art subjects of grades from the first through the junior high school. V fa CO THE Si XIFRAGE BOARD EJifor-m- Chief Issisf nf EcMor m Chief ' r meaics Di Rrl Music OA £- Socials 4 Ki Son V - »- fllkkliu C UCMk. Clufc JSisrisC ' da lo-voaure- Sl ff PkoloGrapker flssisf. Business Secretary - 7 HisforKLii aavaLOcr vslc. A y Advisor Contents 1. CAMPUS 2. ADMINISTRATION 3. CLASSES 4. ATHLETICS 5. CLUBS 6. HUMOR 7. ADVERTISEMENTS 4 i4Wffw WCW Gampus There ' s the same old campus Where we met each morn; Those were happy days we spent, Pray tell me where they ' ve gone. V v V v w v vy a vv 1 v v- " " s " y y v v LONG WHITE LINE When you are old, and even you must change, And be no longer perilous and young ; When all save peace within four walls are strange Follies and risks that you must live among. When you are old and grey and all alone, And no guests come because of stormy weather, Remember all the gay parades you stood ; That Time has swept into the dust together. And so remembering what year on year Has dealt with justly, though with all its care — Let Normal appear, as all lost things appear More lovely and bewilding, more fair. Than any other place you knew your whole life through To bring you disillusion in the end all over. And in that hour may you not regret that you Forsook Normal to accept another lover. (with apologies to west point) Practical Arts Building Edgerly Building Palmer Hall Hall, The Conservatory F. N. S. Athletic Field ALMA MATER In days ago, when life, we dreamed, Was ideal as it seemed. And tho ' ts of untaught youth soared high, While only joy came nigh; ' Twas then, with vision clear we chose, And to that choice we rose, With courage strong And hearts of song, To carry thy ideal on ! CHORUS So, flag of Alma Mater, float On eternal winds of praise ! For thee, unnumbered hosts today Their willing voices raise. Throughout the world their tiny flame From thy great light still gleams, While youth and age united claim The home where fortune beams ! In days to come, if life laid bare Seems far more gray than fair, Or if success with us climbs high, While only joy comes nigh; ' Tis then, in plight or might we ' ll rise- Thy spirit never dies — With courage strong And hearts of song To carry thy ideal on ! —Mollie Wild dffdministration To those whose unceasing service Has built and preserved this place, Whose wisdom, whose kindness, whose guidance, Have helped us our problems to face, In grateful and fond consecration We turn now with tho ' ts that must last, And the hope that our lives in the future May reflect what they taught in the past. v V vv vvs v ' y » v vy w kp sy v v sp a SAXIFRAGE Pale nurslings of the early waking year, Forerunner of the coming spring, Shy creeping round the edge Of broken granite ledge Soon as the drifts of winter disappear; Your tender rootlets fondly cling Close in the frost-made rifts, Your slender stalk uplifts Sweet clustering flowers of hope our waiting hearts to cheer. You claim no favored spot of meadow ground Where violets and daisies grow, But o ' er earth ' s bosom bare You softly venture where No other seemly covering would be found ; You brave the wintry winds that blow Through withered grasses sere ; Yait patiently to hear Young bright-eyed golden buttercups glad waken all around. — Isaac Bassett Choate MR. CHARLES M. HERLIHY Principal PAYSON SMITH COMMISSIONER OF EDUCATION DIVISION OF ELEMENTARY AND SECONDARY EDUCATION AND NORMAL SCHOOLS Frank W. Wright, director STATE NORMAL SCHOOL Charles M. Herlihy. principal FITCHBURG March 20, 1929. The Class of 1929 is all right. We know that you have worked arduously. You may well be proud of the new standards of accomplishment which you have set during your two and three year terms. May I record here in this splendid souvenir of Fitch- burg Normal School my sincere appreciation of your cordial, helpful spirit during my first two years as Prin- cipal. Come back and see us often. MISS SUSAN M. WILLIAMS acuity Advisor of the Class of 1929 Oh, call it by some better name, For Friendship sounds too cold. — Moore To Miss Williams the Class of 1929 extends its gratitude for her instructive coun- sel in conducting the activities of the class during its undergraduate days. MISS GERTRUDE E. BRADT Dean of Women Thou wert my guide, philosopher, and friend. — Pope We shall always remember with respect and gratitude Miss Bradt. She lias proved herself a delightful friend in the classroom as well as at our social gatherings. MR. WILLIS B. ANTHONY Dean of Practical Arts Men He spoke, and into every heart his words Carried neiv strength and courage. — Homer We leave Fitchburg Normal School with appreciation of Mr. Anthony ' s personal concern in our many school problems. MR. JOHN L. RANDALL Dean of Junior High School Men We have been friends together In sunshine and in shade. — Norton Mr. Randall ' s understanding interest in our social and class activities has won for him our sincere friendship. o fa Bi D O Where are the scenes of yesterday, Where are the friends we knew, Where are the schoolmates we used to have And sweethearts fond and true, We ' d like to wander back again, thru years that have passed away, For no one can tell what to-morrow brings, Until it is yesterday. EDWARD B. FILLBACK " Brink " 171 Rollstone St., Fitchburg, Mass. Junior High School Course " Of their o wn merits modest men are quiet. " " Brink " is one of the most versatile young men at Normal. He is prominent in social ac- tivities and is an exceptional athlete, having been rewarded with the basketball captaincy after three years of superior playing. Although possessing a quiet and unassuming nature he has never sought admission to a bachelor ' s club, despite J. R. ' s intensive " missionary cam- paign " . Pres. of Class of ' 29; Treas. Mohawks; Vice Pres. Glee Club; Nature Club; Men ' s A. A.; Student Government; Capt. Varsity Basket- ball, ' 29; Varsity Soccer. EDWARD B. FILLBACK, President MARGARET S. PROCTOR Margaret Massachusetts Ave., Lunenburg, Mass. Junior High School Course " Our noble athlete here you will meet hi all kinds of sport she knows no defeat. " Margaret is our worthy and efficient vice- president. Her keen active mind and sym- pathetic nature together with her supreme athletic ability and good sportsmanship have made Margaret one of the most popular mem- bers of the school. We are confident that her spirit will carry her through, and judging from her numerous friends, we know that she will al- ways be as highly esteemed as she is here at Normal. Class Vice-President; Pres. Woodfinishing Club, ' 28; Day Girls ' Association; Pres. W. A. A. ' 27-28; Pres. Wood Working Club, ' 27-28; Head of Hockey; Head of Track, ' 28; All- Normal Hockey; Soccer; Track; Baseball. . ■■■ . AINI M. HEIKKILA " Dolly " 133 Pleasant St., Gardner, Mass. Junior High School Course . for ambition she holds to so fast, for the industry in doing each task, N for the nobleness that enshrines her in our hearts, once again for inspiration she imparts. Ambitious, industrious, noble — she inspires In us — lesser classmates — sincerest desires To approach, as does she, Normal ' s highest ideal, To give something of worth to the world thru our zeal. Sec. of Class of ' 29; Sec. W. A. A.; Pres. Dance Club; Student Government; Dramatic Club; Glee Club; All Normal Hockey Team; Division Capt. Soccer. AINI M. HEIKKILA, Secretary GEORGE S. MURRAY, Treasurer GEORGE S. MURRAY 22 Walker St., Weymouth, Mass. Junior High School Course " am in favor of sport for the masses. " George is a second " George Owen " . He has been a prominent figure in soccer, and last year was the student coach. He admits he got quite a " kick " out of it. However, it is in the class basketball games that his light has shone the brightest. He gives his all, and it is usually enough to forge forth to victory. Certainly a student like George who fights so hard in class sport battles, will fight hard in life ' s battles, and will win. Treas. of Class of ' 29; Nature Club; Coach of Varsity Soccer; Men ' s A. A.; Student Govern- ment Counselor; Class Basketball; Class Soc- cer ; Track. Page thirty-seven — s s . - es — -ev — c A1NO AALTO " Aili " 33 Townsend St., Fitchburg, Mass. Elementary Course " llcr lirarl was in her work. " We wonder if Aino ' s name is significant, ll lias become something of a habit with her to be first. She is always first in athletics and no one ever tries to take her place. When success comes strolling around handing out gifts to the hard workers we know who will head the re- ceiving line. Craft Club; Hockey; Basketball; Track; Bowling; Baseball. HANNAH L. ALDRICH Groton, Massachusetts Elementary Course " never stood on ceremonies. " Hannah has made many a dull class room bright by her frank remarks and good humor. S he is conscientious in her studies as has been proven over and over and is well rewarded. It pays Hannah, so keep up the good work, and success and happiness in the chosen field is yours. Woodworking Club; Dancing Club; W. A. A.; Day Girls ' Association. $ $ CARL W. AMBROSE " Skipper " 105 Snow St., Fitchburg, Mass. Practical Arts Course " .- lie attempts, lie does ii-ell. " " Skipper " is our all-around man. If we want help in any of our activities, we naturally turn to him. His achievements in academic, shop, and social lines have made all of us look up to " Skipper " . We wish you the best of suc- cess, " Skipper " , in guiding the future citizens of U. S. to a start in life. Gaveleers ; Dramatic Club; Men ' s A. A.; Golf Club; Vice Pres. Student Government; " Saxifrage " Board ; Class Soccer, ' 26, ' 27, Class Basketball. Page thirty- eight -- . v. c . - v. c — - wmw " " " ■ E ANTILA " Siggie " 243 Rollstone St., Fitchburg, Mass. Junior High School Course framing an artist, art hath thus decreed make some good, but others to exceed. " A clever craftsman, a good student, a will- ing helper, and always ready for argument. Not only has clever, nimble-fingered Signe made many beautiful things which cause us to envy her but she always has something to say when she has to say something. How many tray borders have you helped make? Crafts Club; W. A. A.; Day Girls ' Associa- tion. e $ CATHERINE L. ASHE " Kitty Kat " 23 5 Grove St., Chicopee Falls, Mass. Elementary Course " She is full of pleasing anecdote So rich, so gay, so poignant in her •unt, Time vanishes before her as she speaks. " We will not attempt to explain Kitty ' s suc- cess among her classmates. It was! It is! It always will be! She is the sort of a congenial and good natured girl who wins the friendship of all who know her. Her powers of loquacity upon impromptu occasions are worthy of envy. Pies. Nature Club; W. A. A.; Dramatic Club; Glee Club; Hiking Club; Debating Coun- cil ; Student Government. S S S HELEN G. ASHTON 82 Willow St., Clinton, Mass. Elementary Course " A smile melteth wrath. " Helen hails to us from Clinton every morn- ing. We could not wish for a more pleasant companion than this maid with the irresistable smile. Because of her pleasing personality and ability to tell stories, we think Helen would make an ideal teacher of the primary grades. In what ever you do, Helen, may success smile upon you. Woodworking Club; W. A. A.; Division Hockey Team; Division Soccer Team; Day Girls ' Association. RUTH F. ASSELTA " Ruthie " 167 Canton St., Fitchburg, Mass. Elementary Course " One whose mere presence brings sunshine and joy. " That dancing ray of sunshine that flits through the school is Ruth, one of our dark-eyed beauties. We know some who prefer blondes, but who can resist those come-hither eyes of Ruth. Ruth, who is regarded highly by us and loved by her pupils, we are sure will become an excel- lent teacher. Woodworking Club; Day Girls ' Associa- tion; W. A. A.; Story Telling Club. 8 S S MARGARET AUSTIN " Peg " 68 Waldo St., Holyoke, Mass. Elementary Course " The better known the greater is her worth appreciated. " " Peg " is one of our talented young women in Art, as her many drawings show. She has a very interesting personality — pleasant — happy — conscientious. She is one whom we all like to call one of our friends. We sincerely hope that the coming years have a great deal of good fortune in store for you. " Saxifrage " Board; Student Government; Wood-finishing Club; W. A. A.; Bowling; Hockey; Basketball. 8 s S KATHERINE A. BARR " Kath " 134 Main St., Leominster, Mass. Junior High School Course " Pleasant in manner and speech. " " Kath " is a cheerful, conscientious worker who is always ready to lend a helping hand to everyone. Her pleasant smile and friendly manner make her a popular member of the " locker room gang " . One with such a sunny disposition and pleasing personality is bound to succeed in the teaching profession. Woodfinishing Club; Day Girls ' Associa- tion ; W. A. A. DOROTHY H. BLOOD " Dot " School St., Grafton, Mass. Elementary Course " What is mine is yours. " If ever you meet a " happy-go-lucky, kind- hearted " girl, that ' s " Dot " . She is always ready to lend a hand, if she sees it ' s needed. Can " Dot " dance? Well, I guess. Just watch her. But behind that laughing care-free nature is a serious one. It is this that makes us feel the longer we know her, the more we love her. Treas. W. A. A.; Glee Club; Cooking Club; Day Girls ' Association; Bowling Club. $ $ S GEORGE P. BONARDI " Peter " 4 Liscomb St., Worcester, Mass. Practical Arts Course " The wandering minstrel from Worcester. " " Peter " is the singing cowboy who carried off a prize at the masquerade. Is it true, " Peter " , that an unsophisticated critic once said, " There is no music in the song of birds " ? When we want the words of a new song, " Peter " is the boy we ask. Success will be yours for who can resist one who sings. Glee Club; Golf Club; Gaveleers; Public Speaking Club; Men ' s A. A.; Student Govern- ment; Class Soccer; Class Basketball; Class Volleyball. S $ S RUTH M. BOWEN West Berlin, Mass. Elementary Course " Sing aivay sorrow, cast aivay care. " If you see a merry, happy-go-lucky girl, who never seems to be working and yet always gets her work done to perfection, you will know it is Ruth. A good friend, a good teacher. May she be as happy in teaching as she was at F. N. S., may her first position be in Southington, Con- necticut. Dramatic Club; Custodian of Glee Club; Debating Council; Public Speaking Club; W. A. A. ; Student Government. MARION A. BRETT 8 Winter St., Leominster, Mass. Elementary Course " Friendship brings to life a .smile, Makes the tips and downs worth while, Friendship takes the clouds away, Turns to gold the skies of gray, Friendship is a gift that ' s true, It gives Id us such folks as you! " " Manya " is lier nickname, but who is so privileged to know it except her immediate friends and those who know her worth. Our sincere wishes for your success go with you, " Manva " . Handwoi W. A. A. Club; Day Girls ' Association; S S S HENRY M. BROWN " Brownie " 9 Prescott Place, Worcester, Mass. Junior High School Course " None know him hut to like him. " Underneath " Brownie ' s " quiet manner is concealed a good student, a good worker, and a good sport. Whenever Henry does anything it is sure to be done " brown " . " Brownie ' s " favorite recreations are skating, sports and ar- guing. He comes all the way from Worcester to tell us how good the Worcester teams are. " Brownie ' s " big ambition is to put out a good year book. Editor-in-Chief, " Saxifrage " ; Student Gov- ernment; Men ' s A. A.; Vice Pies. Geography Club. e $ LOIS M. BROWN " Lo " Templeton, Mass. Elementary Course " Love, sweetness, and goodness in her person shone. " What would Suite O do without Lois? I ' m sure no one knows. Soon after her coming to F. N. S. we found out what a true friend had come into our midst. In her own way, she made a place for herself in the hearts of all whom she met. Just a few words cannot express what we think of her. Story-Telling Club; W. A. A.; St Government. Page forty-two - - - s . - - - ■ — ■ — ■ ■ • y y - " y " - J " v - MARIES S. BUNNELL " M " 7 Meadow St., Hoyloke, Mass. Elementary Course " Would there were more like her. " Maries is Adorable in her ways; Rare in her personality; Ideal in her teaching; Earnest in her work; Sweet and sincere to all; Beloved by everyone who knows her; Unequalled for her expressive eyes; Neat in appearance; Naive; Entertaining; Likeable; and Lovable by the F. N. S. class of ' 29. Pres. Cooking Club; Glee Club; Student Council; W. A. A. S 8 s EMILY P. BURDAKIN " Em ' ly " 319 Mill St., Waverley, Mass. Junior High School Course " A winning way, a pleasant smile Are the things that make our life worthwhile. " Emily, one of our fairest commuters, has won a host of friends through her pleasing per- sonality. A loyal friend, an excellent scholar, and a most successful teacher all describe Emily. We admire her determination to succeed and frankness in expressing her opinion. When there ' s any fun or " chocolate " afoot, just watch Emily ' s eyes sparkle! Glee Club; Dance Club; W. A. A.; Divi- sion Team Hockey; Division Team Soccer; Day Girls ' Association. S $ $ RUTH E. CAPEN " Rufus " 15 Knox St., Palmer, Mass. Elementary Course " ' She is pretty to walk witli — And witty to talk with — And pleasant to think of, too. " Ruth has many weaknesses — some of them being Maries, Marion, bridge and weird tales. Marion however seems to be the most attrac- tive — we wonder why. Ruth is also an outstand- ing member of that mysterious bridge four, noted for her " no trump " hands. We wonder what the gang would do if her supply of weird stories ever ran out. Ruth has the best wishes of all of us. Cooking Club; W. A. A.; Student Govern- ment; Glee Club; Librarian. FLORENCE CAPLAN " Flo " 205 Oak St., Holyoke, Mass. Elementary Course " Pleasant in manner and speech. " A clever girl, a studious, conscientious worker, what more could we ask? Although her home is in Holyoke, Leominster has quite an at- traction for her. Those who know her best can assure you that she is at all times a true friend and a charming companion. Good luck to you, Florence ! Glee Club; W. A. A.; Cooking Club; Stu- dent Government. S s MILDRED F. CAPLIN " Millie " 117 Pine St., Gardner, Mass. Elementary Course " She wears the rose of youth upon her. " A slim figure strolling along leisurely, smartly attired and with soft dark brown ring- lets creeping out of her close fitting hat — that ' s " Millie. " With " Millie ' s " cheerful, frank, care- free, bright, sunny disposition, she has made numerous friends. May her career in the pro- fessional world bring her many more. Photography Club; Day Girls ' Association; W. A. A. e e s FRANCES P. CARNEY " Pat " 4 Joseph Place, Fitchburg, Mass. Junior High School Course " And thy deep eyes amid the gloom Shine like jewels in a shroud. " Dark-eyed, dark-haired " Fran " with her clever remarks keeps us merry at all times. " Women are the next rulers of the world, " says Frances as she freely expresses her views on the effectiveness of the Ashby school system. Nevertheless she has developed an interest in chemistry so we fear she will not follow the teaching profession for long. Pres. Art Club; Day Girls ' Association W. A. A. ■ ■»— - »- " -v- " " -v SF» FRANCIS J. CAVANAGH " Cav " 3 Pine St., Leominster, Mass. Practical Arts Course " His years but young, but lis experience old. " Hats off to the Business Manager of the .Year Book, a large share of the success of which is due to his untiring efforts. Although quite busy with the " Saxifrage " and athletics, at which he shines, " Cav " manages to engage in a number of other activities. The " Cav " is the other half of the Moran — Cavanagh combina- tion. Business Manager " Saxifrage " ' 29 ; Mo- hawks ; Glee Club; Treas. Men ' s Student Gov- ernment; Pres. Public Speaking Club; Golf Club; Men ' s A. A.; Varsity Basketball ' 27, ' 28, ' 29; Varsity Baseball ' 27, ' 28, ' 29; Varsity Soc- cer ' 27, ' 28; Class Sports ' 27, ' 28, ' 29; Class Soccer Championship Team, ' 28. S $ S JOSEPH T. CAVANAUGH . " Joie " 31 Biltmore St., Springfield, Mass. Practical Arts Course " shall study and my chance will come. " " Joie " is one of the most conscientious mem- bers of his class. Tho ' he is short of stature, he never falls short in his studies. He is always ready to help others. His ambition is to rise high in educational circles. There is no doubt that he will accomplish this aim before many years have passed. Best of luck, " Joie. " Art Club; Garden Club ' 28; Men ' s A. A.; Student Government. • $ S EVELYN G. CHAMBERLIN " Ev " Main St., Ashburnham, Mass. Elementary Course " Ever loyal, ever true, To the task she has to do. " Evelyn is one of those rare students whose greatest pleasure is in getting her lessons done well. Quiet, serious, studious are adjectives which tell her qualities. Ask any member of Senior V about Evelyn ' s class, recitations. She can ' t be excelled in that phase of her school work! Evelyn ' s sympathy and friendship, two qualities every teacher sh-ould possess, have in- deed, increased our admiration for her. Nature Club; W. A. A.; Day Girls ' Asso- ciation. HELEN A. CHUDZIK " Chudzie " 54 Prentiss be, Orange, Mass. Elementary Course " A smile for all, a welcome ( lad, A jovial coaxing ivay she had. " Five feet two of mischief or professional dignity as the occasion demands characterizes " Chudzie. " Helen is very modest about her manv talents. Not many people know of her abil : ty to play the violin and mandolin. How- ever, we all know her as a good student, an athlete, and the possessor of a sunny personality that makes friends and keeps them. Senior Representa ' ive W. A. A.; Dramatic Club; Cooking Club; Senior Representative Stu- dent Council; All Normal Hockey Team; Bowl- ing Team. $ S EUGENE W. CLARK " Gene " 11 Burtt St., Lowell, Mass. Tenant ' s Harbor, Maine Practical Arts Course " Silence is as deep as eternity. " After graduating from Lowell High " Gene " wisely chose the P. A. course at F. N. S. for the continuance of his education. He surely has made a name for himself in the different shops, especially the metal shop. We are sure that " Gene " will make good because he has all the courage in the worid and is sure to overcome any obstacles that may come his way. Ship Model Club; Mohawks; Orchestra; Golf Club; Glee Club; Men ' s A. A.; Student Government; Class Soccer. t $ S PAUL R. COLLEN 40 Hayden St., Orange, Mass. Junior High School Course " He icould shake hands luitli the king on his throne And think it a indness to his Majesty. " Industriousness, argumentativeness, serious- ness and jollity are all contained in Paul, a na- tive of Orange. The first year Paul kept much to himself, but now he has given us a chance to appreciate the sunny side of his character. We ' l always remember him as the one who upheld the honor of Senior I in the history class d Geography Club; Men ' s A. A. Government. Page forty-six — - i -i r-4 , .-fS ».-sS V " - ' — - " " HELEN L. COLLINS 4 Shannon St., Worcester, Mass. Elementary Course " Her quiet unassuming manner Brings forth her pleasing ways. " Helen is one of the celebrated group of commuters from Worcester. She has a rare combination of sense, knowledge and wit. Helen ' s enthusiasm for and her loyalty to F. N. S. activities has been unlimited. At the same time she has main tained high marks in her studies and won the commendation of both class- mates and faculty. Dancing Club; W. A. A.; Day Girls ' Asso- ciation. $ S $ MARY A. COLLINS " Mary Agnes " 15 Union St., Andover, Mass. Elementary Course " Laugh and the world laughs with you, Cry, and you cry alone. " Mary keeps her friends in good humor at all times. She is one of the few who take things as they come — without fuss or without worry. As a student, she has done her work cheerfully and faithfully. Mary, may your optimism, faith- fulness, wit, and humor, successfully guide you to the top of life ' s ladder. Glee Club ; Nature Club ; Student Govern- ment; W. A. A.; Hiking Club; Hockey; Basket- ball ; Tennis. S $ S MILDRED E. CONNELLY 135 Wellington St., Springfield, Mass. Elementary Course " Quiet and retiring is site. " Mildred has only been with us this year but in this short time she has made many friends. Her experiences gained in the teaching field for the past seven years have- been of great help u us all. Mildred has the best wishes of the class of ' 29 for a bright and prosperous future. Glee Club; Geography Club; W. A. A.; Student Government. ALICE B. CONNOLLY " A.B. " 51 Dexter St., Springfield, Mass. Elementary Course " Her heart nvas in her ' work. " Who is not acquainted with Alice? If you are not you may find her in Miss M ' s office any noon. We wonder if she will surprise us by becoming a gymnastic instructor. Anyone who is as active and as witty as " A.B. " need not fear of not being a successful teacher. Dancing Club: Jr. Rep. on Board of Extra Curricular Activiti s; W. A. A.; Student Gov- ernment. »« $ EILEEN M. COSTELLO " I " 84 Orange St., Clinton, Mass. Elementary Course " Eileen, the fair; Eileen, the lovable. " Eileen is the fair haired lass from Clinton. Her smiling countenance has always been one of the high lights of F. N. S. " I " has made many friends among her classmates and we feel sure that she will retain her charming person- ality in the teaching profession. Best of luck, Eileen. Treas. Day Girls ' Association; Glee Club; Woodworking Club; W. A. A.; Story Telling Club; Division Hockey Team; Division Soccer Team. » e s MARY E. DEAN 24 Spring Terrace, Greenfield, Mass. Elementary Course " A Student, Teacher, and Friend. " Found: A girl who is loyal and true-blue, sincere, unselfish, and kind. Someone with the highest ideals, a true friend! Girls like Mary are hard to find. We are happy that you chose Fitchburg Normal Mary, and know that in the teaching profession you will find success and happiness. Good Luck ! Nature Club; W. A. A.; Student Gove ment. ' fc ' " - " " " - ' V " FRANCIS J. DEGNAN " Deg " 46 Edgeworth St., Worcester, Mass. Junior High School Course " He ' s right, you ' ve got to stop For who can dispute a traffic cop. " " Deg " , who hails from the " Heart of the Corrjmonwealth " , has certainly made himself one of the popular fellows at F. N. S. since he en- tered in 1926. " Deg " , between studying and attending class, takes charge of our traffic force. They say he is shy and bashful, but, " don ' t let them kid you " , shyness and bashfulness cannot be numbered among the virtues of any traffic " cop " . Best of luck, " Deg " . Men ' s A. A.; Treas. Geography Club; Student Government. S S S DOROTHY A. DELAY " Dot " 46 Mystic Lake Drive, Arlington, Mass. Elementary Course " Almost to all tilings she could turn Iter hand. " " Nominations are in order for chairman of the program committee. " Seniors know the response — unanimously, " Dot " Delay. " Dot " is a perfect hostess but her accomplishments do not end here. Hockey and basketball find an enthu- siast in her while the gentler arts of dramatics and music also occupy some of her time. What- ever she does she does well. Glee Club; Dramatic Club; Cooking Club; Student Government; W. A. A. FLORENCE ESTHER DeMARZIO " Es " 11 Main St., North Plymouth, Mass. Elementary Course " Ever loyal, ever true To the task she has to do. " Whether in fun, sports, or work, Esther is always there. She is one of our most industrious and ambitious workers as Senior IV well knows. How often many of us have envied her quick and accurate replies to classroom questions, especially in one certain class. Outside of school she is a helpful friend to all. Keep it up, Esther, for friendly workers are always win- ners ! Glee Club; French Club, ' 28; W. A. A.; Student Government; Hockey; Basketball; Base- ball ; Tennis. ARLENE E. DEMMON 147 Boutelle St., Fitchburg, Mass. Elementary Course " When I have anything to do I go and do it. " Though Arlene takes life quite seriously anil devotes much time to her studies she manages to attend some of our school dances. She is a clever little artist and is always ready to lend a helping hand to her less fortunate school- mates. Though quiet and demure her friends find her full of fun. Drawing Club; W. A. A.; Day Girls ' As- sociation. $ $ $ VELMA I. DUDLEY 33 Dudley St., Fitchburg, Mass. Elementary Course " Smile and the world smiles with you. " Velma is a friend to all. She has offered to us many a helping hand. When Velma does anything, we know it is done right for she always does her best. As we depart from F. N. S. to make our way in life, we leave feeling that wherever success is Velma is sure to find it. Glee Club; W. A. A.; Student Government. $ e s GERTRUDE M. FITZGERALD " Gert " 157 Bowdoin St., Springfield, Mass. Elementary Course " Some hut smile have in their hearts, I fear, millions of mischief. " — Shakespeare " Gert ' s " cheerful smile ia the most out- standing thing which has endeared her to all of us. Among her other good qualities are a sweet friendliness and a high scholastic ability. These are a few of the things which help to make " Gert " one of the most popular girls at F. N. S. Good luck, " Gert " . Sec. Dancing Club; Glee Club; Stuc Government; W. A. A.; " Saxifrage " Boat RUTH A. FITZPATRICK " Al " 64 Nashua St., Fitchbuig, Mass. Elementary Course " Thy modesty ' s a candle to thy merit. " Ruth is apparently one of our shy girls; nit you never can tell till you know her. She is as lively as the rest. " Al " is always ready for a " good time " . She has the ability of making a friend of whomever she meets, and surely she is a very interesting friend to have. Success is waiting around the corner for " Al " . Glee Club; Sec. Treas. Woodworking Club; W. A. A.; Day Girls ' Association. s e s MARGARET V. FLINT " Peggy " ; " Peg " 178 School St., Winchendon, Mass. Elementary Course " She had all the joys of reason and all the thrills of pleasure. " Margaret — Margaret who? Why, " Peggy " , of course. Everybody knows and loves " Peg " . A personality replete with a joyous spark and animation has made " Peggy " a delight to her friends and classmates. Even though social ac- tivities claimed much of " Peggy ' s " time, she was able to attain a remarkable scholastic record. Charming — chic — clever. Yes! That ' s " Peggy " . Sec. Photography Club; Day Girls ' Associa- tion; " Saxifrage " Board; W. A. A. $ $ $ LOUIS P. FONTAINE " Louie " 453 North Main St., Palmer, Mass. Practical Arts Course " But I, I love to spend my time in singing, Some joyous song. " Being the president of the Glee Club, " Louie " has thought of a fine way of constantly keep- ing his club before us. Wherever he goes we hear laughter and song. He surely lightens our burdens considerably. We know that he will succeed as a teacher for he can get along with everyone. Pres. Gaveleers ; Pies. Glee Club; Pies. Ship Building Club; Gav ' s play, ' 27; Men ' s A. A.; Student Government; Dramatics. KATHERINE FOOTE " Kay " 19 Fairfield Ave., Holyoke, Mass. Elementary Course " Cheerfulness is an offsliout of goodness and of wisdom. " " Kay " is one of the good friends of every- one at F. N. S. It would he hard to find a girl any where who has made herself more generally liked than " Kay " . We ' re sure there are some lucky little pupils waiting somewhere, " Kay " , and we know success will be yours. Glee Club; Student Government; Dancing Club; W. A. A. S S e EDWARD J. FRANCE " Ed " 526 New Boston Rd., Fall River, Mass. Junior High School Course " lia-ve always said and felt that true enjoyment cannot be described. " From " Raw Material To A Masterpiece " , or " Three Stormy Years At Normal College " would be a fitting title for the story of his career at this institution. " Ed " certainly has lived these three years. He has tasted deeply of every course offered ; sports, studies, socials, and even that something which stirs a young man ' s fancies in spring- time. Good luck, " Ed " . Mohawks; Bridge Club; Glee Club; Men- A. A.; " Saxifrage " Board; Student Govern- ment; Capt. Varsity Soccer; Varsity Baseball; Class Basketball; Class Volleyball. S S S MARY L. FRASER " Mollie " 56 Union St., Leominster, Mass. Junior High School Course " At F. N. S. Mollie soon made a hit For she ' s not hard to like a bit. She ' s full of fun, a very good chum ; A friend to all — not just to some. " " Mollie " - — that ' bonnie Scotch lassie fra ' Aberdeen ' who always has a smile on her lips and a twinkle in her eye — a jolly, good sport. Cute and peppy, with little immunity to the charms of the other sex. " Eddies are her weak- nesses now! " A conscientious worker and a brilliant scholar who will make a successful teacher. Sec. Day Girls ' Association; Photograf Club; W. A. A.; Tennis; Basketball; Bowli ELEANOR E. GALLAGHER 161 Union St., Leominster, Mass. Elementary Course " All that she docs is always done well. " Quiet and calm always, one sometimes wonders what thoughts are running through her head. They must be thoughts worth having for she has many friends. Though she is small of stature we know that her future accomplish- ments will be large monuments to the " Field of Education " . Glee Club; Woodworking Club; W. A. A.; Day Girls ' Association. ALICE C. GILSON " Al " 26 Appleton Circle, Fitchburg, Mass. Junior High School Course " The fair, the chaste and unexpressive she. " Our fair city of Fitchburg — West Sends us Alice as its best, Full of charm, fair of face, Very chaste, full of grace, Laughing lips, dancing eyes, When we ' re together— how time flies! All these and more — can ' t you see Great force of " personality " , Faithful in our sports you ' ll find, Fate, to her be ever kind! Glee Club; W. A. A.; Craft Club; " Saxi- frage " Board; Varsity Hockey, ' 28; Soccer; Bowling; Basketball; Day Girls ' Association. S 8 S ROBERT E. GOSSELIN " Bob " 52 Birch St., Worcester, Mass. Practical Arts Course " It is the quiet worker who succeeds. " " Bob " breezed in on us three years ago and we have been thinking how lucky we were, ever since. During the past three years he has been a staunch Mohawk and that club will surely miss him. " Bob " is a student that the school may well be proud to send forth. We sincerely hope that the coming years have a great deal in store for you, and that the many friends you have made at F. N. S. will never forget you. Sec. Mohawks; Sec. Economics Club; Men ' s A. A.; Student Government; Glee Club; Chess Club; Class Basketball; Class Soccer. MIRIAM T. HALL " Mim " 129 Highland St., Brockton, Mass. Elementary Course " The right prison to ill the right place. " " let ' s dance! ' Mim ' will play. " And she does. She is always willing and ready to pro- vide a good time through her playing. Just a precaution! Don ' t ever try to outwit " Mim " . It can ' t be done. If you do, she ' ll probably tell you to " Faw down and go boom! " Miriam is one who makes the world a better place for all " Palmerites " . Glee Club; W. A. A.; Dancing Club; Stu- dent Government. e e e " Dusty " , " Mai EARL F. MALLET West Groton, Mass. Practical Arts Course " No one knows my liopcs. " For three years " Mai " has traveled from West Groton to Fitchburg to gain the benefits F. N. S. offers. Although a good sport " Mai " does not let fun interfere with his scholastic achievements. He has been an earnest and con- scientious student in the years we have known him. " Mai " will leave F. N. S. with the sincere wishes for the best of luck from his classmates. Art Club; Aeroplane Club; Men ' s A. A.; Student Government; Class Soccer; Class Vol- levball. S $ MILDRED A. HARRINGTON " Millie " 2+ Ridgewood Ave., Holyoke, Mass. Elementary Course " A winning way, a pleasant smile Are the things that make our life worth while. " Oh, for an adjective that would describe " Millie " ! She has won many friends by her pleasant ways. Her countenance is always wreathed in a smile. Always obliging, " Millie " will make good because she possesses a quiet and unassuming yet forceful personality which causes admiration where ever she is. Glee Club; Sec. Woodfinishing Club; W. A. A.; Student Government; Hockey Divis Team. - v x — " " EVELYN F. HASKELL " Ev " 53 Burrill Ave., Orange, Mass. Elementary Course " A pleasing girl veit i pleasing manners. " Did you ever hear a cheery laugh around the corridors of Miller? If you did, it ' s sure to be Evelyn. Rarely is she seen without at least a smile. It wasn ' t long after Evelyn ' s coming that F. N. S. found her to be a good sport and a plucky worker. We all wish her good luck. Public Speaking Club, ' 27; All Normal Hockey, ' 27; Tennis; Soccer; Hockey-I Var- sity, ' 28; Bowling, Class Team, ' 27; Basketball- II Varsity, ' 27; Class Baseball; Student Govern- ment. S S MARGARET I. HAYES " Peggy " 127 Peabody St., Gardner, Mass. Elementary Course " Sing again inith your dear voice. " " Peggy " is our unknown soloist. She is blessed with the sweetest of voices which only her intimate friends have the privilege of ap- preciating because of her modesty. " Peggy " has a fun loving side as well as a serious one but we like her best when she radiates gaiety and joy. A sincere, sympathetic and loyal friend is " Peggy " . Craft Club; Glee Club; W. A. A.; Day Girls ' Association. $ s S MARGARET P. HAYES " Peggy " 46 Walden St., Concord, Mass. Elementary Course " Witty, jolly and carefree Alivays happy as can be. " " Peggy " has won many friends by her pleas- ing ways. She has always been a jolly class- mate. We shall never forget her twinkling eyes and happy smile. She has been a capable kinder- garten teacher and we are sure that she will succeed in whatever she does. Glee Club; Woodworking Club; Council of Day Girls; W. A. A.; Day Girls ' Association. BETH N. HAYWARD " Bee " Post Office Box 53, West Townsend, Mass. Elementary Course " Her music is well said to be the voice of angels. " One of Beth ' s strong points is her good natured grin that ever adorns her countenance. She is a most valuable member of our class and is always ready to lend a helping hand. " Bee " goes in strong for basketball but music is her main attraction. With her qualities, the future can hold only success. Glee Club; Public Speaking Club; W. A. A.; Day Girls ' Association. S 8 S LUCIA HEYWOOD " Lu " 126 Myrtle Ave., Fitchburg, Mass. Elementary Course " Tall and serene Fine a girl as ever was seen. " Lucia ' s personality has brought her many friends. She is the possessor of a remarkable voice, which, unfortunately, we haven ' t heard as often as we wished. " Lu " has been success- ful in all her undertakings at F. N. S. We are certain that in the future her name will con- tinue to be a synonym for success. W. A. A. Executive Committee; Glee Club; Music Club; Geography Club; Day Girls ' As- sociation ; Division Hockey Team. 8 S 8 MARY L. HICKEY " Joe " 43 Northwood St., Chicopee, Mass. Elementary Course " Happy go lucky, fair and free Many are the friends surrounding me. " Always happy and always ready to help where help is needed ; that is our Mary. She is quiet, yet always ready to join in good fun and she has made a host of friends during the past two years. We know you ' ll make a success, Mary, for your sunny disposition should help you through any difficulties that you might en- counter. Nature Club; W. A. A.; Student Gove ment; Division Hockey Team. ■v j v y MARY A. HIGGINS " Maruke " 21 Beach St., Westboro, Mass. Elementary Course " True to her word, her work, her friends. " Mary is a girl of her own convictions and she puts her all into anything that she under- takes. Mary never loses the dignity element (P. A.), but has tempered it with personal charm and friendly spirit that makes her a most at- tractive and valuable classmate. We expect great things of you, Mary. Craft Club; Glee Club; Woodworking Club; Student Government; W. A. A. S $ £ MARGARET E. HOPKINS " Hoppy " 5 Garrity St., Chicopee Falls, Mass. Elementary Course " A happy little lass, youthful and gay, A friend indeed we ' ve found in you ff ' hom we ' ll miss in every way. " What will we ever do without " Hoppy " ? Known and admired by all, our fun loving Christmas party jester holds a high place in our hearts. She loves little children and cer- tainly proved it while in training. It is with deep regrets we bid " Farewell " to the " Sweet- heart of Miller Hall " . Vice Pies. W. A. A.; Sec.-Treas. Public Speaking Club; Glee Club; Student Govern- ment; " Saxifrage " Board; Hockey; Soccer; Baseball; Basketball. S $ PHILIP L. HOULE " Phil " 18 Ludlow St., Worcester, Mass. Practical Arts Course " Ylaminy youth exemplified. " " Phil " has had plenty of experience on sub- stitute positions and in all probability will be a fine addition to any junior high school faculty. His bachelor life has been noticeable but, after serious research work, it has been discovered that he is a bachelor only while he is in Fitch- burg. " True blue. " Stay at it, " Phil " and you ' ll succeed. Mohawk Club; Glee Club; Chess Club; Class Basketball; Men ' s A. A.; Student Govern- ment. " Peg " MARGUERITE L. HOVE 11 Adams St., Taunton, Ma . Elementary Course " At F. N. S. Peggie soon made a hit For .she ' s not hard to like a hit She ' s full of fun and a very good chum .1 dear friend to all and not just to some. " Now and forever after, this picture will call in mind the pleasant remembrance of a happy girl, with a Hashing smile, and an infectious laugh. " Peg " is one of the sweetest and most cheerful girls in Palmer Hall. She is a depend- able student and a capable teacher. Best of luck io a lo. al Tauntonian. Sec. Student Council; Nature Club; Student Government; Dramatic Club; V. A. A.; Head of Track; Division Hockev Team. S 3 S FRANCES S. HURLEY " Fran " 147 Oak St., Gardner, Mass. Elementary Course " She is pretty to talk with, Pretty to ivalk with, And pleasant, too, to think of. " " Fran " maintains the reputation of being one of i lie best natured and most obliging of our classmates. The merry twinkle in her bright hazel eyes show the happy, fun-loving side of her as well as the more serious one. What a morbid place the school would have been, were not " Fran " there to brighten our lonely hours. Handwork Club; Glee Club; W. A. A.; Day Girls ' Association. S $ S AGNES M. INNERASKY " Aggie " 50 Henry St., Fitchburg, Mass. Elementary Course " Laugh, and the world laughs with you. " Agnes may look quiet, but just get her gig- gling! This brown eyed maiden can take a joke even if it is on herself. However Agnes is very 1 studious and consequently is rewarded when report cards appear. We are certain Agnes will make an ideal teacher. Here ' s to success, Agnes, in what ever you do. Photography Club; Woodworking Cluf A. A.; Day Girls ' Association. FLORENCE R. INNERASKY " Flossie " 233 Cedar St., Fitchburg, Mass. Junior High School Course " Site ' s beautiful, and therefore to be wooed She ' s a woman, and therefore to be won. " Oh to place her on a throne Where none but God and 1 could own This jewel so renown Vinaceous tho quiet She does not yet diet. Her virtues are many Sports — almost any. Music excels when she sings On an instrument made of heart strings. God bless you, Florence, and ever keep. And Fortune bow down very deep. Glee Club; W. A. A.; " Saxifrage " Board; Craft Club; Day Girls ' Association; Varsity Hockey, ' 28; Soccer; Bowling; Basketball. GWENDOLYN V. JOHNSON " Gwen " 82 Tolraan Ave., Leominster, Mass. Elementary Course " Nice in manner, sweet as a rose, Humorous too, with lots of beaux. " " Gwen " , our little classmate from Leomin- ster has a happy-go-lucky nature; being able, as so few of us are, to take life as it comes without becoming disagreeable. We are sure your friends will not forget you, " Gwen " . Geography Club; Day Girls ' Association; V. A. A. s e s AGNES I. KARAKULA 15 West St., Hadley, Mass. Elementary Course " She ' s little but she ' s wise, She ' s a terror for her size. " Who? No one but our little " Ag " ! And could she dance? Oh! Man! When Ag comes up the stairs to the library all male members dash in her direction and in two minutes her programme is full. But that isn ' t all, our little Agnes is noted " cuz she can shoot baskets " . And How! Here ' s to you, Agnes! Glee Club; Art Club; W. A. A.; Student Government; Baseball Team; Hockey Team. ' Al- ii her When room She is er pel ; Sec. ALICE M. KEATING 20 Canton St., Fitchburg, Mass. Elementary Course " A curly head — a happy heart. " Alice has a mischievous twinkle i laughing eyes and an ever-ready smile, one hears a giggle or a laugh in the lockei it is certain that Alice is not far away, a good student and history seems to be h subject. Best of luck, " Al " . Vice Pies. Day Girls ' Association Geography Club; Glee Club; W. A. A. $ e « EMIL E. KEILER " Red " , " Imul " 16 Garfield Ave., Easthampton, Mass. Practical Arts Course " The world knows notliiny of its greatest men. " " Red " is a member of the " Sorrel Top Frat " . But, in spite of his fiery red hair, he has a " reddy " smile and a helping hand for everyone. " Red " was quite an authority on perspective during his Senior year and was also there as a woodworker. We know you will make the grade, " Imul " , and we wish you t he best of luck. Gaveleers ; Gaveleers ' play, " The First Year " ; Ship Model Club; Glee Club; Orchestra; Men ' s A. A.; Student Government; Class Soc- cer; Varsity Soccer, ' 27, ' 28; Class Basketball; Class Volleyball. s S S LOUISE M. KENNEDY " Lou " 4 Meadow St., Fall River, Mass. Elementary Course " A maiden never bold " A spirit still and quiet. " Louise is one of those rare friends for whom all have increasing admiration and appreciation as they learn to know her better. Quiet and composed, she is an indispensable addition to every group, and one of the members upon whom the class depends for ultimate success — a frieni to one and all. Glee Club; Dance Club dent Government; Bowling. MARGARET M. KILLELEA 129 Adams St., Leominster, Mass. Junior High School Course " Quietness has its own charms. " Margaret is one of the more quiet members of Senior I. If you want anything done, just ask Margaret. She is always willing to help. Her unselfishness, a cheerful smile for everyone, and a sunny disposition will carry her over many troubles of life. Best wishes for your success, Margaret! Cooking Club; Day Girls ' Association; W. A. A. » $ ELIZABETH E. KINGSTON " Betty " 108 Linwood Ave., Whitinsville, Mass. Junior High School Course " Her friends are many Her foes — are there any? " Who has lived in Miller Hall and has not heard of " Betty ' s " famous orations? Such a delightful mixture of dignity and mischief could not fail to win the approval of faculty and stu- dents alike. As a true friend and a firm up- holder of the standards of Sr. I, " Betty " is sure to go on to success. Cooking Club; W. A. A.; Student Govern- ment; " Saxifrage " Board. S S S ALBERTA G. LABEREE " Al " Fitchburg, Mass., R. F. D. 1 Junior High School Course " She vamps them all, Both short and tall. " ' Al " , a worthwhile friend, has won our hearts with her willingness to help, her loyalty and her sincerity. As a poet, " Al " rivals Emily Dickenson, and we all appreciated her talent at the Hockey banquet. Although her endless sup- ply of gaiety is always in demand, she has proven to us that she deserves the success which awaits her. W. A. A.; Art Club; Class Hockey; Day Girls ' Association. EDWARD A. LAKSO " Eddie " 45 Shattuck St., Fitchburg, Mass. Practical Arts Course " A truer friend you ' ll never find. " " Eddie " is the type that will make friends anywhere. He has been true, tried and proven to be everyone ' s friend. Among his outstanding accomplishments is the managing of the Mohawk play in February, 1929. The play was a success and likewise " Eddie " . We know you ' ll succeed so stay in the saddle " Eddie " and keep going. Business Manager Mohawk Play ; Vice Pres. Photography Club; Glee Club; Chess Club; Men ' s A. A.; Varsity Soccer; Class Basketball; Class Soccer; Class Volleyball; Championship Soccer Team, ' 28; Student Gov- ernment. s 3 S BEATRICE E. LAMB " Bea " 206 Main St., Leominster, Mass. Junior High School Course " Tlie better known, the greater is her worth appreciated. " " Bea " is a very conscientious and ambitious student and is sure to make a capable teacher. Beatrice appears quiet but those who know her well appreciate her keen sense of humor. She is a sympathetic friend and is always ready to lend a helping hand. We wish you the best of luck, " Bea " . Photography Club; W. A. A.; Day Girls ' Association; Hockey; Basketball; Bowling. $ $ $ MABEL E. LAMB 67 Myrtle Ave., Fitchburg, Mass. Elementary Course " Ever loyal, ever true To the task she has to do. " Mabel is always ready, whenever you ask for a helping hand. She is a good student and shines whenever it comes to drawing. Her friends find her faithful and full of fun. They are not fooled by that calm, cool exterior, and angelic look, behind which she is hidden. Woodworking Club; W. A. A.; Glee Art Club; Day Girls ' Association. Page sixty-two - - - - - - ■ — ■ ID LUCIE M. LANG " Lou " 270 Ingliside St., Holyoke, Mass. Elementary Course " Let us trip it as we go On the light fantastic toe. " " O Lucie! Please come and dance with me! I ' d love to he able to dance like you do. " Who has not heard such exclamations nightly in Palmer Hall? Lucie is famous for her dancing and we feel sure that she will dance her way to success. " Lou " besides being a good dancer is one of our star athletes, excellent in hockey and basketball. Dancing Club; Glee Club; French Club; Hiking Club; W. A. A.; Student Government; Hockey, Si-. 5A ; Basketball. S S S JOSEPH B. LANZA " Joe " 96 Mechanic St., Leominster, Mass. Practical Arts Course " came, I satx, I conquered. " What ' s all the commotion? Oh, that ' s only " Joe " Lanza carrying out some duty in connec- tion with his many official capacities. " Joe " surely made things interesting as president of both the Dramatic Club and the Mohawks, two of the leading school organizations, which en- joyed another successful year under his guidance. " Joe " has taken Horace Greeley and the mail- man seriously. Pres. Mohawks, ' 29; Pres. Dramatic Club, ' 29; Vice Pres., ' 28; Glee Club, ' 28, Vice Pres. Men ' s A. A., ' 29; Class Basketball; Class Soccer; Class Volleyball; Varsity Baseball, ' 27, Manager Varsity Basketball, ' 29; Dramatic Club Plays, " Thank You Doctor " , " Good Medicine " ; Public Speaking Club, ' 28; Craft Club, ' 29; " Saxifrage " Board ; Men ' s Student Government. $ $ $ ALICE S. LARAVA 34 Whipple St., Worcester, Mass. Elementary Course " The sunshine of your smile. " You will never appreciate the true meaning of " laughing eyes " unless you gaze into the face of Alice. Bubbling over with jollity and good nature she makes ready friends wherever she goes. As she is a conscientious worker in all activities, it would be difficult to find anyone who dislikes this very likeable young miss. Dancing Cub; W. A. A.; Division Basket- ball Team, ' 27; Day Girls ' Association. „ BEATRICE A. LAVERV " Bea " 82 Pleasant St., Fitchburg, Mass. Elementary Course ' ' A merry heart makrili a cheerful countenance " " Bea " is another of the petite members of our class. But we have found out that good things come in small packages. " Bea " is a very good student and manages to get her work done .vithout much worn. We have no doubt that he will make a charming teacher. " Bea " , may you ever happy be. Woodworking Club, ' 28, ' 29; Day Girls ' Association; W. A. A.; Glee Club. S S S CONSTANCE M. L ' ECUYER 342 Water St., Fitchburg, Mass. Elementary Course " Earnestness is the soul of work. " Constance is apt to be quite serious, but nevertheless, she does enjoy a good joke. Her motto seems to be, " What is worth doing, is worth well doing " . The opposite sex does not seem to bother " Connie " much, though it is ru- mored she has some attraction outside of school. Craft Club; French Club; Glee Cub; W. A. A.; Day Girls ' Association. ? $ $ GLADYS A. LEONARD " Katee " Townsend, Mass. Elementary Course " From the crown of her head to the sole of her foot she is all mirth. " Only those in Gladys ' class are fortunate enough to be able to appreciate her keen sense of humor which creeps out and manifests itself occasionally. Her hearty laugh is absolutely guaranteed to chase away the blues. Although Gladys works she has maintained high marks in her studies. Gladys is an excellent student and a good classmate. Photography Club; W. A. A.; Day G Association. INA F. LEONARD Townsend, Mass. Elementary Course " Gentleness succeeds better than violence. " Ina is seemingly quiet and reserved, but after " breaking through " we find her to be a jolly good sport and a true friend. We all know she will win her pupils ' affection through her story telling ability and her pleasant smile. Suc- cess will never be able to hide from Ina ' s smile. Dancing Cub; French Club, ' 27; W. A. A.; Day Girls ' Association. 8 ♦ S SARAH LEVY 38 Summer St., Fitchburg, Mass. Junior High School Course " Her heart is in her work " Sarah is a conscientious member of our class and can always be depended upon to contribute something of interest to the class discussion. All who know her appreciate her cheerfulness and her willingness to extend a helping hand. We wish you the best of luck and success in your chosen profession, Sarah. Sec. Crafts Club; W. A. A.; Day Girls ' Association; Hockey; Basketball. $ s e CATHERINE L. LYONS " Kay " 57 Cottage St., Fitchburg, Mass. Junior High School Course ' ' From the crown of her head to the sole of her foot, she is all mirth. " I think she came in a rainstorm, A sunbeam lost in the rain. She warms our hearts, consoles us in grief, She ' s a scream in the locker room: — But, now to be brief — Happy, gentle, honest, true, Get acquainted and you ' ll never be blue, Willing to help with might and main, Sincere, dignified. Success may she gain. Sec. Nature Cub; Glee Club; Dav Girls ' Association ; W. A. A. ; Soccer ; Hockey ; Bowl- ing. CATHERINE A. MacDONALD " Mac " Pearl St., Gardner, Mass. Elementary Course " A spirit still and quiet A maiden never bold. " Catherine has always been a quiet anil un- assuming girl. She meets her difficulties un- complainingly — a sure sign of a good sport. Being interested in geography we expect that " Mac " will do a lot of traveling. With her determination and her zeal for success, Catherine is sure to be a success where ever she may roam. Geography Club; Glee Club; W. A. A.; Student Government. S S S ELSIE M. MAFFEO " El " , " Swifty " 314 Water St., Fitchburg, Mass. Elementary Course " Good nature brings many friends. " A merry laugh, a gay smile — and we have our Elsie. She has endeared herself to all of us with her pleasing personality and wit. A hard working girl and one always willing to help her classmates and friends. She has shown us individuality in every respect and we admire her for it. Glee Club; Day Girls ' Association; Danc- ing Club; W. A. A.; Hockev; Soccer; Basket- ball. S ' $ $ PIIILOMENA M. MAFFEO " Phil " 606 Main St., Fitchburg, Mass. Elementary Course " A clieerjul countenance betokens a good heart. " " Phil ' s " presence in a group means the dis- missal of care and the entrance of hearty laugh- ter, for she is admittedly the smiling advance agent of mirth and gaiety. Her good humor and clever wit will remain among our lasting memo- ries. " Phil " is a cheer) ' comrade, a loyal friend and is well liked by al Glee Club; Day Girls ' Association; W. A.; Woodfinishing Club; Hockey; Soccer. AVIS I. MARTIN Richardson Road, Fitchburg, Mass. Elementary Course " Her ' Voice was ever soft, gentle, low, An excellent quality in a woman. " Avis is the essence of true friendship and sweetness. She has performed her duties well at all times and was always willing to help others. Avis believes in dignity where dignity is needed. Following this rule she is always ready to enjoy herself with her companions at the proper time. She is loved by her friends for her good nature and her willingness to aid those in distress. Cooking Club; W. A. A.; Day Girls ' As- sociation; Division Hockey Team; Bowling. S S S GERTRUDE M. MATTHEWMAN " Gert " 14 Oak St., Whitinsville, Mass. Junior High School Course " Laughing and gay and full of fun, She ' s ever ready when frolic ' s begun. " No wonder " Gert " is popular when the above quotation fits her so admirably! We all know of " Gert ' s " fondness for dancing which accounts for her regular attendance at our Wednesday night dances. One wonders at her ability to keep her correspondence in order with- out a social secretary as she has numerous friends. May you always have as many, " Gert " . Glee Club; Sec. Music Club; Student Gov- ernment; W. A. A.; Hockey; Soccer; Basketball. 8 S CATHERINE E. MAYER 19 Spring Terrace, Greenfield, Mass. Elementary Course " She can do almost everything. " Who is this Catherine Mayer? Oh! Kay is such an interesting person whose friendship we certainly feel proud of possessing. She cer- tainly chose her profession well, as her success in training has shown. She is one of the girls who is a credit to Normal. May you always have the best of luck, Catherine. Art Club; Glee Club; W. A. A.; Student Government. RUTH M. McCARTHY " Mac " 383 Union St., Springfield, Mass. Elementary Course " Her mind her kingdom. " " She ' s in for every kind of game As you can plainly see ; Of hockey, base and basketball She ' s as fond as she can be. " Ruth has also proven her ability as an execu- tive, and in her studies, what more could one ask? To a good friend we wish you success. Vice Pres. Glee Cub; Debating Club; Cook- ing Club; Student Goverment ; House President, Miller; W. A. A.; All Normal Hockey Team; Tennis ; Basketball. S S ELIZABETH A. McMORROW " Beth " 56 Washington St., Taunton, Mass. Elementary Course " A tender heart, a ivill inflexible. " A very self assured person is " Beth " — and rightly, too. Originality, initiative and execu- tive ability are here to such a marked degree that she is in demand whenever there is anything to be done requiring them. Although she per- forms her duties as House President of Palmer seriously she is far from that naturally. Just ask her about the Valentine Party her first year at Normal. House Pres. of Palmer Hall; Dramatic Club; Public Speaking Club; Junior Representa- tive of W. A. A., ' 28; Division Team Hockey; Division Team Basketball. DOROTHY F. McNABB " Dot " 136 Laurel St., Fitchburg, Mas . Elementary Course " A light heart lives long. " Where can we ever find room to say every- thing that we ' d like to about " Dot " ? Cheerful, happy, gay and always businesslike is " Dot " . She is a girl who stops and thinks before she speaks. We surely missed her our junior year when she was sick. How can anyone with a disposition like Dorothy ' s be other than suc- cessful ? Nature Club; W. A. A.; Day Girls ' A ciation; Hockey. V- 1 v- y vtK J sv - ' v- " ' sy — " - " ■■ MARGARET I. MILES " Midge " Main St., Rutland, Mass. Elementary Course " To know Iier is to like her cltcr. " Margaret is our idea of a good, all-around sport. She is always ready to take part in any fun. However, she has been careful never to neglect her studies and consequently has been a good student. We know that she will be a suc- cess in her chosen work. Keep smiling, Mar- garet, and good luck! Student Government; Cooking Club; V. A. « » $ FRANCIS A. MILLER " Bing " 1 Elm Place, Whitinsville, Mass. Practical Arts Course " You can ' t keep a good man down. " " Bing " is just another one of our good " lookin ' " P. A. men. He has made many friends during his three years at Normal. " Bing " is just another synonym for good humor. He has been of great help in all branches of athletics to the Senior II class teams. We all wish you the best of luck, " Bing. " Glee Club; Finance Committee; Men ' s A. A.; Student Government; Manager, Baseball ' 29; Varsity Soccer ' 27, ' 28; Championship Class Soccer ' 28; Class Basketball; Class Volleyball. S S $ GERTRUDE S. MOISON " Jane " Hollis St., Groton, Mass. Elementary Course " A pleasant, spirited lady; There ' s little of the melancholy element in her. " Chatty, friendly, always ready with a keen reply. Guess ! Who could it be but Gertrude Moison? Her readiness to join in with the rest of the girls for a " good time " brings her many friends. Success, which we all wish her, is sure to come to this girl, whose heart is noble and whose ideals are high. Photography Club; Dancing Club; W. A. A. ; Day Girls ' Association. DOMINIC J. MONFREDO " Monty " 69 East Central St., Worcester, Mass. Junior High School Course " On with the dance, Lei joy be unconfined. " This is but a part of " Monty ' s " versatile nature. Besides being; a good dancer and popu- lar with the ladies, " Monty " is a good student. " Monty ' s " ambition is to lie a history teacher and we know he will succeed if ambition and ability count for anything. " Monty " will be re- membered for his " line " especially in biology and English. Vice Pies. French Club; Men ' s A. A.; Stu- dent Government; Glee Club; Class Basketball ; Class Soccer; Class Volleyball; Class Tennis; Track. ♦ e s CLAIRE MORAN 31 Madison St., Chicopee Falls, Mass. Elementary Course " She ' was our friend, faithful and hue to us. " As head of tennis and as a basketball star, Claire certainly upheld her " gang " in athletic events. Although athetics are her delight, her studies have never suffered on this account. We feel sure that her agreeable disposition will win her many more friends when she leaves F. N. S. Glee Club; Cooking Club Vice Pies.; Head of Tenn ' s; F. A. A. Board; Hockey, Basketball; Hiking Club. 8 S S PAUL B. MORAN " P.B. " 35 Willow St., Fitchburg, Mass. Practical Arts Course " Happy arid Hoiv. " Paul has many fine abilities and surely has shown them to wonderful advantages. He has a wonderful school record, an outstanding ac- count in interclass activities, and his work as Assistant Business Manager of the " Saxifrage " stands him high in extra-curricular activity. In other words Paul WILL succeed and we ' re all for him. Success to you, Paul. Assistant Business Manager " Saxifrage; " Mohawks; Men ' s A. A.; Pies. Chess Club; Glee Club; Student Council; Sec. Student Govern- ment; Varsity Soccer; Championship Class Soc- cer Team ' 28; Class Vollevball; Class Bask ball; Track; Class Basketball. -■ v " -y — sv- N EVERETT MORGAN " Mugsey " 20 Bethel St., New Bedford, Mass. Junior High School Course " A little humor noiv find thru Is relished by the best of men. " We do not need words to remind us of Everett. The impressions he has made are last- ing. In a world of specilization, it is a rare treat to know a man who is master of any situa- tion. Everett has never failed us. To one who is ever mirthful we wish the best of luck. Mohawks; Pies. Bridge Club; Student Gov- ernment; Men ' s A. A.; Class Soccer; Class Vol- leyball; Class Handball. S S 3 MARGARET E. MORGAN " Peggie ' ' 130 Oak St., Holyoke, Mass. Elementary Course " Run away and let me dream. " — But " Peggie " sure has something to dream for. Different, blue eyed " Peggie " came to Nor- mal two years ago to plan and prepare for her life ' s work, and she certainly has found it. We know the future holds no terrors for " Peg- gie " because she is sure to be a winner in any- thing she undertakes. Pies. Photography Club; Outside Represen- tative of Girls ' Student Government Council ' 27, ' 28; W. A. A.; Glee Club; Nature Club. S S 8 ANNA MAE MURPHY 135 East St., Chicopee Falls, Mass. Elementary Course " A thinker and a doer, That ' s Anna through and through. " We think Anna took a wise step when she decided to come to Fitchburg to complete her teaching preparation course. For was not West- fied ' s loss, Fitchburg ' s gain? Anna has made herself very useful as a substitute in almost any grade at Day St. We are sure of her success in her chosen profession. Woodworking Club; Glee Club; W. A. A.; Student Government; Div. Hockey Team; Soc- cer Team. CATHERINE V. MURPHY " Kay " 28 Maywood St., Worcester, Mass. Elementary Course " Laughter is her greatest asset. " " Laugh and the world laughs with you " is true in the case of Catherine. Catherine is one of the " peppy " girls in our school. She ' s happy and care-free and things are certainly not very quiet when she ' s around. With her " happy-go- lucky " ways, we expect Catherine to have a bright future. Best of luck to you, " Kay. " Glee Club; Pies. Woodworking Club; W. A. A.; Day Girls ' Association; Story Telling Club. S $ $ PERCY C. NOBLE " Perce " 37 Broad St., Westfield, Mass. Practical Arts Course " Good mind for sale — slightly used. " " Perce " has led quite a peaceful life during his stay in Fitchburg, that is — at the school. He doesn ' t say very much but when he does we realize the great storage of knowledge within. Resembling our president in many respects, we know that " Perce " will succeed in his chosen profession. Mohawks; Chess Club; Aeroplane Model Club President; Men ' s A. A.; Student Govern- ment; " Saxifrage " Board; Point System Com- mittee; Class Volleyball. $ $ • JULIA A. O ' CONNOR 7 Canton St., Fitchburg, Mass. Elementary Course " A light heart lives long. " If this is true, we predict that Julia will hold the world ' s record for old age. All joking aside Julia is a steady and faithful student. She pos- sesses a charm which makes her friendship cherished by all her classmates. Modest Julia is one of our history students, extraordinary. We predict that the future holds in store a sucressful career for you, Julia. Glee Club; Woodworking Club; W. A. Day Girls ' Association. MARGUERITE B. O ' GARA " Margie " 16 Home St., Fall River, Mass. Elementary Course " . tiny sprite, yet a happy one, Just like a humming-bird! Sweet, wholesome, refreshing, J hat is our Marguerite. " Marguerite has won many friends through er pleasant happy ways. She is full of fun and can entertain you with an endless amount of wit. " Margie " can write poetry, and I daresay some people would like to be starting school all over again when she starts teaching, especially in Fall River. Success to you, " Margie. " Bridge Club; Photography Club; W. A. A.; Student Government. •$ $ 8 JAMES P. O ' LEARV " Pusher " , " Jim " 70 Pleasant St., Fairhaven, Mass. Practical Arts Course " A ' tunning way, a pleasant smile are the things that make our life worth while. " No wonder the school enrollment is taxed when we have such attractions as " Jimmie. " One of the three reasons the P. A. Department is so successful. (Miller, Moran, O ' Leary). " Pusher " has been a leader in athetics for three years and this year carried the Men ' s Athletic Associaton to the peak of success as its presi- dent. Pres. Men ' s A. A.; Craft Club; Golf Club; Glee Club; Gaveleers ; " Saxifrage " Board ' 28, ' 29; Ring Committee ' 28, 29; Varsity Baseball ' 27, ' 28, ' 29; Varsity Basketball ' 27, ' 28, ' 29; Class Sports; Class Championship Soccer Team 28 ; Men ' s Student Government. $ $ 8 FLORENCE M. O ' NEIL " Floss " 1 Tylee Ave., Worcester, Mass. Elementary Course " When Irish eyes are smiling. " Laughing eyes, pretty dimples, a charming smile — an irresistible combination — in other word " Floss. " One can ' t be too sure there isn ' t some mischief afoot when she ' s around. She ' s a great favorite though, for such a personality as Florence ' s must draw friends. Although she didn ' t participate in many activities, " Floss " was ever an ardent Normal booster. Glee Club; Dancing Club; W. A. A.; Hockey; Basketball; Day Girls ' Association. ALFRED A. PERRAULT " Pat " 82 North St., Fitchburg, Mass. Junior High School Course " It is a diligent worker that succeeds. " " Pat " returned to us this year after a year of successful experience in the field. As a con- scientious worker he has no equal for whoever saw hirn coming to class unprepared. " Pat " is in his glory as the social lion at all school affairs. He is also an athlete, having starred on the varsity squad and in the class games. Gaveleers; Ship Building Club; Custodian of Music; Glee Club; Men ' s A. A.; Student Government ; Varsity Basketball; Varsity Base- ball; Class Basketball; Class Soccer; " Saxi- f i age " Board. S S S ANNA PETCEN " Ann " Pine Grove, Northampton, Mass. Junior High School Course " Sometimes grave, sometimes gay, But ive like her anyiuay. " Anna is one of our most industrious stu- dents, as is well shown in the classroom. How- ever, she does not believe that the only reason she came to Normal was to study. She is a good all-around athlete and shows especial abilitv in hockey. Success to you in your teaching, " Ann. " Glee Club; Dancing Club; W. A. A.; Stu- dent Government ; Hockey. $ S 8 JOSEPHINE E. RAY " Jo " 30 South Cotton St., Leominster, Mass. Elementary Course " A quiet tongue shows a ivise head. " " Jo " takes her daily dozen racing for an F. L. car. " Jo " has a rare and catching pe ' sonality which has, as its fundamental asset, straight-forwardness. Besides her daily dozen the other branches of athletics have claimed her attention. Her pet ambition is to become a " gym " teacher. We only have to watch one of " Jo ' s " " gym " lessons to decide that she is headed straight for a successful teaching career. Woodworking Club; Treas. Art Club; Day Girls ' Association; W. A. A. ; All Normal Hockey; All Normal Basketball; Soccer; ing; Baseball. E L. REAGAN " Else " 53 Stetson St., Fall River, Mass. Elementary Course " Sing atvay sorrow, cast aissay care. " urfee High School gave us a rare gift when she gave us Elsie. A frown finds no rest- ing place upon her brow, a worry finds no wel- come in her heart. Although studies had their minutes with Elsie, the theory that education comes from other things than books found her an eager and able champion. Sec.-Treas. Glee Club; Dramatic Club; Dancing Club; Story-Telling Club; W. A. A.; " Saxifrage " Board; Hockey; Student Govern- ment. $ $ ■$ LETITIA IRENE REEVES 66 Union St., Leominster, Mass. Junior High School Course " To sec tier is to like her To know her is to love her. " Jollity, sincerity, and industry always find personification in our esteemed leader of the Day Girls. It is difficult to relate any one thing in which she excels, because all things are per- formed with infinite care. Irene ' s personality has brought her many friends here and we know she will succeed when she takes up her life work. Pres. Day Girls ' Association; Photography Club; W. A. A. MARIAN RIESMAN " Molly, " " Twinny, " " Riesy " 77 Harvard St., Chelsea, Mass. Elementary Course " It ' s all in noiving hots:. " What makes it more difficult to distinguish between Marian and Ruth is their constant be- ing together. Marian is quite studious, too, and being in the same class as Ruth, co-operation be- came her watchword. In the classroo m, well, " Molly " just won ' t accept a statement until it has been sufficiently proven: She is ever ready to express herself and accept criticisms. Glee Club; Craft Club; Student Govern- ment; W. A. A.; Geography Club; Girl Scout; Hodkey Team; Track; Bowling; Basketball Team. RUTH RIESMAN " Twinny " , " Riesy " 77 Harvard St., Chelsea, Mass. Elementary Course " Her air, her -voice, and honest soul Speak all so movingly in her behalf. " Of course, we all know Marian and Rutli are twins. Many in the class don ' t know which is which yet. Ruth has one point in her favor though, she is constantly obliging you with one of her delightful smiles. When it comes to doing her lessons, the old adage " never idle a moment " may well be applied to Ruth. Pres. Craft Club; Glee Club; Geography Club ' 27; Student Government; W. A. A.; Hockey Team; Bowling; Basketball Team; Track ; Girl Scout. $ 8 S JEANNETTE S. ROBERTS " Jay " 162 Fort Pleasant Ave., Springfield, Mass. Elementary Course " As clever as the day is long. " Jeannette, in appearance, is very quiet, but when you know her she is quite jolly. " Work before pleasure " is " Jay ' s " motto and she cer- tainly abides by it. Besides having many of the qualities of a charming personality she has also a keen sense of humor. Jeannette will certainly be a successful teacher, because she has those qualities which aim toward this — earnestness and untiring effort in school work. Here ' s hop- ing for your greatest success in your profession. Debating Club ' 28; Capt. of Jr. 4 team; Student Government Association; Glee Club ' 28; W. A. A.; Bridge Club ' 28. s 8 8 JOHN J. ROLFE " Jack " Hotel Raymond, Fitchburg, Mass. Junior High School Course " Worry ne ' er did man good. " " Jack " is a very- popular member of our school. His sense of humor and pleasing ways have made him an outstanding figure. " Jack " may be classed as a walking encyclopedia. He seems to know everything dating from Socrates ' grandfather to the present day. " Jack " runs a popular hotel in town and is informed of every day topics by traveling salesmen. Mohawks; Men ' s A. A.; Dramatic CI Nature Club; Class Basketball Champior ' 27; Class Soccer; Student Government. NORMAN N. ROSCH " Dutchy " 169 St. James Ave., Chicopee Falls, Mass. Practical Arts Course " Come on felloivs, snap out of it. " " Dutchy " is one of Normal ' s original think- ers. Offer a suggestion and see how readily he can improve upon it. We think " Dutchy " is much better fitted for political life than that of a quiet teacher. Even so, we are sure he ' ll make a success of life in whatever field of work he enters. Treas. Mohawk Club ' 27; Aeroplane Model Club; Men ' s A. A.; Student Government — Vice Pres. ; Manager Soccer ' 28; Baseball ' 27; Bas- ketball ' 27; Class Basketball; Class Soccer. BERNICE M. ROWE " Bunny " Westminster, Mass. Elementary Course " Plump and rosy little ' Bunny ' , Full of laughter, always funny. " As a descriptive narrator you win, " Bunny. " There will be many opportunities in the future to prove your talent and we are sure that you will please others as you have pleased us. We hear " Bunny " is interested in a " Sonny " and our best wishes for a happy future go with them. Nature Club; W. A. A.; Day Girls ' Asso- ciation. $ $ S GUY J. RUSSO " Guy J. " 39 Allen St., Fitchburg, Mass. Junior High School Course " Statio n G U Y J broadcasting. " Among the representatives of Fitchburg is " Guy J. " During his stay at Normal, Guy has enthusiastically persisted in studying, still ob- taining the prestige and honor he carried over with him from Fitchburg High. Outside of classroom activities, Guy is very busily occupied with clubs and oh ! the dances. He sure likes to dance. Glee Club; Geography Club ' 27; Student Government Representative ' 27 J. H. S. II; " Saxifrage " Board; Men ' s A. A.; Class Soccer; Class Volleyball; Class Tennis; Class Basket- ball. ALICE M. RYNN " Rinty " 12 Highland Ave., Ayer, Mass. Elementary Course " Happy yo lucky, fair, and free, There is nothing that bothers me. " Alice had a name to keep up when she came to F. N. S. and success be yours Alice because you certainly have done so. Would ever a class be complete if a question were not raised by her? Well just ask Senior IV. Then on the other hand, with Alice ' s many admirers we just nat- urally come to the conclusion she must have " IT. " Golf Club; W. A. A.; Day Girls ' Associa- tion; Bowling Club. S $ S IRJA T. SAMPO 202 Rollstone St., Fitchburg, Mass. Junior High School Course " Simplicity is the key to lo-veliness. " Irja ' s pleasant efficient manner has been a valuable asset to our professional institution as well as to the student body. The Day Girls have been especially fortunate in having her sincere friendly interest as many of the girls can testify as a result of those delightful noonday festivals. We know that success will be hers during the coming years. Nature Study Club; Day Girls ' Association; W. A. A.; Hockey; Soccer; Basketball. » $ S HELEN M. SAWYER Neck Road, Lancaster, Mass. Junior High School Course " Happy am 1 ; from care I ' m free W liy aren ' t they all contented like me? " " Laugh and the world laughs with you " is Helen ' s motto. She is always happy and has a cheerful greeting ready for you under all cir- cumstances. She likes to sing and play on her violin and piano. Her ambition is to become a music supervisor. Having before us the ex- amples of what other Lancaster people have done we know she will succeed. Music Club; Glee Club; W. A. A.; Stuc Government. s y ■ — sc 5 ELIZABETH F. SCANLON " Betty " 16 Berkshire St., Worcester, Mass. Elementary Course " The tiling that goes the fartliest Toward making life worth while That costs the least and does the most Is just a pleasant smil e. " " Betty, " our latest arrival, came to us from New Haven Normal. She didn ' t remain a stranger very long, for her irresistible smile and excellent drawings sowed the seeds of everlast- ing friendship in our hearts. " Betty, " may you travel on life ' s road as skillfully as you drew that picture of Captain Kidd. Geography Club; W. A. A.; Day Girls ' Association. S S $ MARGUERITE C. SCANLON " Guite " 555 Front St., Chicopee, Mass. Elementary Course " Sing away trouble, cast aivay care. " " Guite " is surely a contradictory person. Usually light hearted and carefree, she can turn in an instant into a dignified President of Stu- dent Government. Although she does dislike to be reminded of it, her writeup would scarcely be complete without mention of her sweet voice. " Guite " has a power of making friends that we hope she will never lose. May the years keep her the same lovable " Guite " — a capable leader and a true friend. Pres. Student Government; " Saxifrage " Board; Public Speaking Club; Glee Cub; Dra- matic Club; W. A. A.; Hockey; Tennis; Bowl- ing. 3 » S BESSIE D. SHAY " Bess " 287 Hanover St., Fall River, Mass. Elementary Course " She ' s little hut she ' s wise, She ' s a terror for her size. " Bessie is one of the merry-making members of our class who has brought much happiness to us. Fun-loving and yet so serious she has worked diligently and successfully during her years at Normal. We have enjoyed her talent in the Dramatic Club and expect much from her in the future. Vice House Pres. of Palmer; Treas. Sec. Debating Council; Dramatic Club; Glee Club; Story Telling Club; W. A. A.; " Saxifrage " Board. IRENE F. SHEA " Renie " 10 Mill St., Greenfield, Mass. Elementary Course " you would have things come our way, go after them. " Yes, what Irene goes after, she generally gets. Sometimes we wonder how she does it. When Irene isn ' t studying or entertaining we can usually find her very proficiently " tickling the ivories. " If she ever teaches school, if she ever does, her class should be a model one. Good luck, Irene, and " play the game. " Treas. Girls ' Student Government; Sec. Cooking Club; Glee Club; Story-Telling Club; W. A. A. e s $ MARGARET A. SHEA Boxborough, Massachusetts Elementary Course " Ever loyal, ever true, To the task she has to do. " Margaret ' s pleasing personality has won for her many friends. It did not take her long to establish the reputation of being one of the brightest members of her class. Margaret is one of our ambitious students who is sure to make an excellent teacher as her training at Day Street proved to us. Public Speaking Club; Dancing Club; W. A. A. ; Day Girls ' Association. S S - S TERESA M. SHEA " Patsy " 106 South St., Fitchburg, Mass. Junior High School Course " To those who know t iee not, No words can paint; And those who know thee Know till words are faint. " As Mother Nature casts various moulds for mankind, upon a sudden impulse she poured sev- eral of her rare gifts into one form and smiled at the result, which was carefree and happy, but dependable Teresa. Teresa merits the sin- cere admiration we have for her, and we are confident that to her a bright and prosperous future is assured. Music Club; Glee Club; W. A. A. Girls ' Association; Hockey; Soccer; Bowling ALICE V. SHEEHAN " Al " 84 Thoreau St., Concord, Mass. Junior High School Course " And her sunny locks Hung upon her temples like a golden fleece. " " Grave Alice, laughing Alice, and Alice with golden hair! " More fortunate than Long- fellow, we have the three in one. " Grave Alice " translates French with an ease that puts us, les- ser mortals, to shame. Who but " laughing Alice " could tease us so mischievously? Throughout, the " golden haired Alice " remains faithful, sin- cere, and lovable. Public Speaking Club; Day Girls ' Associa- tion; W. A. A. $ $ S CATHERINE M. SHEEHAN " Kay, " " Catty " 22 Fulton St., Fitchburg, Mass. Junior High School Course ' ' To know her is to love her. " Catherine ' s winning smile and engaging personality have gained for her many friends at Normal. She is an industrious student and al- ways does her work promptly and efficiently. " Kay " is a jolly companion, a loyal friend, a good all-around athlete, and one of the best- liked girls in our class. Public Speaking Club; Glee Club; Day Girls ' Association; W. A. A.; Hockey; Basket- ball ; Soccer. S $ S MARY C. SHEERIN " Sherrin " 36 No. Pleasant St., Taunton, Mass. Elementary Course " A helping hand she ' s ready to lend. To anyone, especially a friend. Very good hearted, generous and kind A truer friend you ' ll never find. " Mirth, mastery, variety, charm, all in Mary ' s name. Work with her, play with her — she ' s a good sport with grit and wit, a good student, too. Besides her other activities Mary finds time for much visiting. Down the field, up the floor, to the front. Keep going, " Sherrin " , never say die ! Treas. Cooking Club; W. A. A.; Student Government; Varsity Hockey ' 28, ' 29; Soccer Team ; Dormitory Fire Chief, Miller and Pal- mer ; Head of Baseball; Basketball ' 28. MARY B. SMITH Nichols St., Westminster, Mass. Elementary Course " The better wc know her The better we like her. " Mary comes to us from the big city of West- minster, and is one of our " Locker room gang. " Her hobby is athletics as anyone from Westmin- ster could tell you. She certainly excels in sports — especially basketball. We don ' t know much about dancing, but her horse ' s name is M ' nuet, so there you are. Best of luck, Mary! Nature Club; W. A. A.; Day Girls ' Asso- ciotion ; Basketball. » 8 ? GRACE L. SOUTHWORTH Dana, Mass. Elementary Course " Always ready ninth a sweet smile For everyone Always willing to lend her aid Always ready to join in the sports That is Grace. " Normal will miss her quiet dependability — fortunate will be the next town in which Grace decides to cast her anchor. Good luck to you, Grace, we ' ve enjoyed your quiet wit and we are sure that your success can ' t be far away. Debating Team; Vice Pres. Music Club; Orchestra; Glee Club; W. A. A.; Student Gov- ernment; All Normal Hockey ' 27, ' 28; All Nor- mal Basketball. ANNA SOJKA 178 L St., Turners Falls, Mass. Elementary Course " A workman is known by his work. " Anyone who was in Junior Four last year or in Senior Four this year certainly knows Anna and her loyalty to her studies. But this is not all. The W. A. A. also knows Anna and how well she parcipates in all its activities. Besides this, her showing in training cannot help but assure us of what the outcome of her career wil " be. W. A. A.; Student Government; Publi Speaking Club; Hockey; Basketball; Baseba Tennis. THELMA STEWART Warren St., Littleton, Mass. Junior High School Course " Oh, blest ivith temper whose unclouded ray Can make to-morronn cheerful as to-day. " Who of Thelma ' s many friends, has not felt the influence of her sunny disposition which never seems overshadowed by numerous tasks or lessons? Her natural ability of being success- ful in all her work has won the admiration of all who know her. Best wishes to the charming hostess of the Commuters ' successful train par- ties! Nature Club; W. A. A.; Day Girls ' Asso- ciation. s s s ELEANOR N. STRATTON " Ellie " 11 Trowbridge St., Arlington, Mass. Elementary Course " In thy heart the dew of youth On thy lips the smile of truth. " " Ellie " is always friendly, interesting and charming whenever we meet her. The versa- tility and sincerity with which she does her work prophesy a successful career. " Why wish her success and honor? For the royal makings of a queen has she. " Vice Pres. Student Government; Vice House Pres. Miller ' 27, ' 28; Assistant Editor " Saxi- frage " ; Glee Club; Story Telling Club. $ 3 3 WALDO E. SUHLKE " Sulk " 63 Walnut St., Leominster, Mass. Practical Arts Course " She made me ivhat I am today. " " Sulk " has proven to us, during his stay at Normal School, that he is a " rugged P.A. man. " He has kept the Normal buildings in tip-top shape during his course here. Being a deserter of the Bachelor Club, he has had to work hard and we know he will continue to do so, for his abilities are sure roads to success. Golf Club; Sponsor Woodfinishing and Woodworking Club; Men ' s A.A. ; Student Gov- ernment; Class Basketball. FRANCIS B. SULLIVAN " Barney " 7 Orange St., Fitchburg, Mass. Junior High School Course " All he attempts, he does ivell. " " Barney " is one of the most popular young men in school. His great ability has been shown both in the classroom and in outside activities. As treasurer of former classes and of the Men ' s A. A., he has proven himself exteremely effi- cient in carrying out his duties. " Barney " is one who might be termed " a very good fellow " for he is always ready to do more than his share in any enterprise to be undertaken. Pres. Men ' s Student Council; Mohawks; Ship Building Club; Treas. Men ' s A. A.; Dra- matic Club; Varsity Basketball; Class Basket- ball Champions ' 27; Class Soccer ' 29. » ♦ WILLIAM J. SULLIVAN " Bill, " " Sully " 94 Union St., Leominster, Mass. Junior High School Course " Let the man ivho does not ivis t to be idle, fall in love. " " Bill " is a guardian of our campus build- ings. Night after night he is to be found at one building or the other. Such interest must be re- warded? Some people are always lucky. As a dispenser of candy, humor, and knowledge of nature, " Bill " has no peers. An revoir, " Bill, " we ' ll keep track of you. Mohawk Club; Pres. Nature Club ' 28; Men ' s A. A. ; St ' udent Government Representa- tive ; Capt. Class Tennis Team; Class Soccer; Class Basketball; Class Volleyball; Track: " Saxifrage " Board. $ £ ? THURE A. SUND " Sarg " 2 Scrimgeour Rd., Worcester, Mass. Practical Arts Course " A man not of ivords, but of actions. " " Sarg " was another of those commuters from the " Heart of the Commonwealth. " Many a laugh has " Sarg " contributed to Normal life. His ambition in life seems to be that of being a good soldier. Often we envy his manly carriage and the tales he can tell of camp life. No mat- ter what field you enter, " Sarg, " we all feel confident that you will make good. Vice Pres. Chess Club; Sec. Glee Club: Men ' s A. A.; Student Government; Gaveleers; Class Soccer; Class Volleyball. V - J v V « = " - DOROTHY C. SUPRENENT 67 Green St., Fitchburg, Mass. Elementary Course ' Dot " " Happy am I; from care I ' m free! Wliy aren ' t they all contented like me? " A real happy-go-lucky little girl with a cheery word for all. Her sincere comradeship and genial personality have made her one of our truly popular girls. Her many friends have yet to find her when she wasn ' t the usual jovial " Dot. " The best wishes of the class go with you " Dot! " Glee Club; Woodworking Club; W. A. A.; Bridge Club; Day Girls ' Association; Hockey Team. » $ ? M. JOSEPHINE TARBEI.L " Joe " 34 Sargent Ave., Fitchburg, Mass. Elementary Course " Not bold, nor shy, nor short, nor tall, But a tienv mingling of them all. " Wherever " Joe " is there is sure to be a good time. She is one in a million, always jolly, pleasant and care free, yet it is " Joe " on whom you can ever depend and any task completed by her nears perfection. " Joe ' s " charm and poise in dramatics and her willingness to help in all social affairs will not be forgotten by the class of ' 29. Dramatic Club; Glee Club; Sec. Golf Club ' 28; Head of Golf; W. A. A.; Day Girls ' Asso- ciation. S $ S DORIS E. TAYLOR " Dot " Nichols St., Westminster, Mass. Elementary Course " The joy of youth and health her eyes display. " Doris impresses all with her dignity of bear- ing and grace of manner. She is surely blessed with the gift of finding some brightness in every- thing. " Dot " is a good student and is always willing to help " the other fellow. " With all these fine points her success in life is a certainty. Bridge Club; W. A. A.; Day Girls ' Asso- ciation. CSV Day Girls ' Asso- OLIVE F. TOLLES " Toll Court St., Groton, Mass. Elementary Course " Witty, jolly and carefree, Always happy as tau he. " Who? That girl with the contagious smile? Sure, that ' s " Tollesy. " You ' d know more about her optimism if you spent a term with her at Hay Street. Her motto must have been, " Keep on homing. " Did you know she was an artist and one of our " train crew? " Good luck, " Tollesy. " Cooking Club; W . A. A. ciation. S s $ DOROTHY O. TOTMAN " Dot " Leyden Road, Greenfield, Mass. Elementary Course " ' ;; sitting on top of the ' world. " A girl always lending a helping hand, al- ways sociable, smiling and full of fun is " Dot " from Greenfield. " Dot " has the most unique ability of making play out of her studies and " Dot ' s " cheerfulness and humor makes everyone she comes in contact with her friend. In short, " Dot " is a girl everyone would like to know. Sec. Ship Model Club; Glee Club; Sec. " Saxifrage " Board; YV. A. A.; Student Govern- ment. S S CUTIIBERT W. TUNSTALL " Cliffy " 12 Maple Ave., Fairhaven, Mass. Practical Arts Course " Look at me For the latest styles you ' ll see. " Until " Mugsey " came back to school " Cliffy " was undeniably the " best dressed boy in town. " Even with the competition there is no doubt but what " Cuffy " is there with the goods. In shop or academic classes " Cuffy " can always prove his point and since he is past master of the art of picture-taking his view is undebatable. Gaveleers; Pies. Aeroplane Model Club; Glee Club; Men ' s A. A.; Student Government; " Saxifrage " Board — Staff Photographer; Bach- elor Club President; Scene Artist for Ga Play. " Thy Marie class. She very cheer introduced which Mat- is always nail on the success in . UPTON " Uppie " 5 Orne St., Worcester, Mass. Elementary Course modesty ' s a candle to thy merit. " is a pleasant cheerful member of our goes on her way doing her work in a ful manner. Is there ever a subject in class or in private conversation in ie does not participate? Her opinion given frankly and usually " hits the head. " We know she will have much the future. Debat ing Club; Dramatic Club; Story Tell- ing Club; W. A. A.; Student Government. « S AGNES E. WASKIEWICZ " Ag " Russellville St., North Hadley, Mass. Elementary Course " Better be small and shine Than to he large and cast a shadow. " Agnes is one of our ambitious and studious girls. Her personality has gained for her many friends. Besides her studies, Agnes finds time for other school activities, especially athletics. She gives us ample assurance that she will make good as a teacher where ever she goes. Woodworking Club; Craft Club; Student Government; W. A. A.; All Normal Hockey; Track; Baseball; Soccer; Basketball; Hockey- Banquet Committee. $ » $ MARJORIE E. WHEELER " Marge " 7 Church St., Shirley, Mass. Elementary Course " Siveet, demure, a lovable girl. " Marjorie, who hails from Shirley, is one of the smallest girls in our class, but what she lacks in stature is more than made up by her sweet disposition and character. Athletic games are somewhat of a hobby of " Marge ' s. " With such a personality she ought to go far in life, and we wish her every success. Nature Club; Dancing Club; Hockey Divi- sion Team; Soccer Division Team; W. A. A.; Day Girls ' Association. MOLLIE K. WILD 483 Pleasant St., Holyoke, Mass. Junior High School Course " A soul of power, a well of lofty thought. " Surely, Mollie is one of Normal ' s very best students. She is a leader in social as well as scholastic affairs, and has shown unusual talent in music and dramatics. Mollie = pep + efficiency + ability +en- thusiasm + originality + sense of humor + personality + co-operative spirit. Pres. Girls ' Glee Club; Chairman of Pro- gram Committee Dramatic Club; Public Speak- ing Club; W. A. A.; Soccer; Basketball; Stu- dent Government ; " Saxifrage " Board. $ $ $ GERALDINE WOOD " Gerry " 44 Winter St., Orange, Mass. Elementary Course " She is quiet on the outside, In her classes she ' s quite prim ; But when you come to know her, She ' s the best sort of girl within. " From the minute " Gerry " came to F. N. S. she has been loved by everyone. Who could re- sist her ever smiling eyes and shun her charm- ing personality? Quiet as she seems " Gerry " has often surprised us with her unlimited tal- ents. Her many partners at a school dance is assurance enough of her great popularity and admiration. All the luck in the world to you, " Gerry. " Sec. Drawing Club; Senior Representative Government Council; Bridge Club; Dramatic Club; Glee Club; W. A. A.; Hockey. SENIOR CLASS SONG We believe, oh, we believe in striving To attain the goal that is our end, To evercome all obstacles we ' ll meet F. N. S. will be our friend. CHORUS To Alma Mater, we pledge true Our faith and loyalty; And as the years go drifting by Our spirit fine you ' ll see — A guiding star to lead us on We know you ' ll always be, As Seniors all, we stand as one, To give our best to thee ! — Marie B. Upton and Edna P. Shea Qlass History JUNIOR YEAR 1927-1928 The juniors made a rather brave but cautious appearance on that memorable day, September 14, 1927. It was all rather new and amazing to them, nevertheless they entered the blazing fray of battle and emerged victorious. After a formal presentation to the faculty the juniors became acquainted with each other and with the upper classmen. They readily made friends and later chose the following class officers: Thomas Hughes, President; Helen Barnicle, Vice-President; Gertrude FitzGerald, Secretary; Joseph Valentine, Treasurer and Miss Conlon, Faculty Advisor. It was a weird, never-to-be-forgotten occasion when the faltering steps of the juniors wove their way to Normal Hall to attend the Halloween party given by the upper classmen. Nevertheless, when there, it was worth the previous mental torture to see our faculty entertain. The " Day " girls and the " Dorm " girls were brought together at their annual banquet which showed the fine co-operative spirit existing between these two organiza- tions. Before going home for the Thanksgiving week-end all attended a very novel and fascinating masquerade in very attractive costumes. The Christmas banquet signified the old English type of spirit and much ceremony was held, from the carrying of the Yule Log to the antics of the merry jester. After the banquet the Christmas spirit was intensified by carroling thrdughout the city. With the giving of the Valentine Party the senior dominance came to an end. This party made know to everyone that the juniors had entered into the spirit of the school and were- well able to follow in the footsteps of the model seniors. It was a solemn moment when the purple and gold banner was unveiled and the class song was sung. During the month of May the " Spring Spirit " entered and with it the Senior Class Promenade which made the members of the Junior Class look forward to theirs in the far-seeming future. June brought Class Day followed by the graduation of a class which inspired the juniors with sincere desires to fill successfully the places vacated by this outgoing class. SENIOR YEAR 1928-1929 Back once more after an enjoyable summer to assume the honorable responsibility of being seniors was all that lay before us. Part of the weighty duty was to initiate the " freshies " ; this was done with much enjoyment and zest. The entering class was now called the Freshman Class. The Senior Class composed only of those students who were graduating. The remaining group classified as the Junior Class. Class History — continued The class officers were elected soon after entering. The ones chosen were as fol- lows: President, Edward Fillback ; Vice-President, Margaret Proctor; Secretary, Aini Heikkila; Treasurer, George Murray; and Miss Williams as Faculty Advisor. The annual Junior Reception now known as the Freshman Reception took place and the freshmen were formally presented to the faculty. Despite the fantastic scenes and the weird spirits the Halloween Party was held as schedule and was a real enjoyable party. The good comradeship expressed by the " Dorm " and " Day " girls was evidenced by their joint banquet. Variety and entertainment was the " word " at the Masquerade given by the seniors. The " Weatherman " did not permit us to go carroling at Christmas, but this did not prevent the spirit of the season from being instilled into our hearts which was solemnly accomplished by the Old English Banquet. Both the Gaveleers and the Mohawks entertained very successfully by their in- formal dances. On April 10, in accordance with the provisions of the annual Henry Todd Lecture- ship, Dr. Harlow Shapley, Professor of Astronomy at Harvard University and Director of the Harvard College Observatory, Cambridge, delivered a lecture on " The Galaxies of Galaxies " . This was received with much enthusiasm by our faculty, friends, and student body. We now look forward to our Senior Promenade, which, as we anticipate it, gives much pleasure. Then Class Day, and our Class Play and Graduation ! Alas ! Our happy days at F. N. S. will be ended, but never forgotten. THE VACANT CHAIR SWEET ADELINE MASQUERADE I MERMAID BATHING BEAUTIES CAMPUS FLIRTS SCHOOL MAMS Glass of 1930 CORNELIUS J. TOWERS, President HELEN BARNICLE, Vice President mm :. m CHARLOTTE F. GOULD, Secretary JOSEPH F. BRENNAN, Treasurer Page ninety-foui - s- - - - ■»-— v -- «y - y — " =3 - Activities of the Qlass of 1930 Bang, Bang, Crash! What can all those taxicabs be doing, rushing up to Palmer and Miller? Just look down at the athletic field, isn ' t that Lindy landing? And up over Normal Hall, wiry do you suppose the Graf Zeppelin is manouvering to land ? Someone tells us that the Leviathan is sailing up the Nashua towards Fitchburg! What is it all about? Why are those reporters and camera men gathered on Normal steps? We ' ll let you in on the secret. It ' s the return of the class of 1930, the first real Junior Class of F. N. S. The Juniors certainly started in right, full of enthusiasm and " pep " . Their first undertaking was to elect class officers and they showed their good judgment in choos- ing the following: Cornelius Powers, President; Helen Barnicle, Vice-President; Char- lotte Gould, Secretary; Joseph Brennan, Treasurer; and Miss Conlon, Faculty Advisor. Then came the Halloween Party, the first real undertaking of the class. Of course the junior reception line was a grea t shock to all and its fine work was equaled by the decoration, the entertainment, and the refreshment committees. The mystic future was revealed to those lucky enough to have their palms read by Miss Doland to whom the juniors owe a great deal of the success of their party. A short entertainment was given and only those who saw the " Human Ford " can appreciate the mechanical makeup of the juniors. And the class song! Can anyone dispute the musical ability of the sixty- two juniors? We certainly enjoyed that class party which set a high standard of achieve- ment for the other class parties. On looking over the records of various school organizations we find many junior names occupying prominent places on the roll books. We find Cornelius Powers on the " Saxifrage " Staff. On the Executive Board of W. A. A. of fifteen members, seven are juniors including the president and vice-president. T he Debating Council has several junior representatives and Margaret Ward, one of their number is the president of the Massachusetts State Normal School Debating League. On any of our athletic teams are found many juniors who uphold the honor of their class as well as that of the school. The entire teaching in the Normal Junior High for the year has been successfully managed by the juniors assisted by the supervisors both in the shops and in the academic class rooms. We are sure that the juniors will continue their fine work next year and be a credit to Normal as seniors. Glass of 1931 JOHN C. O ' MALLEY, President ANNA M. FALVEY, Vice President DOROTHY M. TURCOTTE, Secretary WILLIAM J. CRONIN, Treasurer CO o o w X Activities of the Qlass of 1931 Here we are nearing, Hear them all cheering, Here ' s to the Freshman Class! Our banner is flying; No use denying ; We are the class they can ' t surpass; We ' re proud of our banner Loyal and friendly, never such a class before, Here we are, Oh here we are The Class of nineteen thirty and one. The first official meeting of the first Freshman Class of F. N. S. was held in the large assembly hall Tuesday, November 27, 1928 for the purpose of electing officers. The following officers were chosen : President John O ' Mai.ley, Fitchburg Vice-President Anne Falvey, Holyoke Secretary Dorothy Turcotte, Fitchburg Treasurer William Cronin, Worcester On December 4, 1928, Mr. Ralph F. Weston was elected the Freshman Class Faculty Advisor. At this same meeting Miss Margery Keyes became the freshman representative on the Finance Committee. Two weeks later committees were chosen from each division to investigate the advisability of choosing a school ring or a class ring. A special committee was chosen to elect class colors. The next important event for the Freshman Class was scheduled to take place on February 15, 1929. This necessitated the election of chairmen for the various com- mittees. The ones elected were : Decoration Committee Irene Fisk Entertainment Committee John Power Refreshment Committee Margaret Hanley Music Committee Edward Harris Cleanup Committee John Geary The class song was composed and set to the tune of " The Wooden Soldiers " . This song reflects the ardor, the zeal, and the co-operative spirit of the Freshman Class. In order to be ready to sing this song at the Valentine Part} ' the Freshman Class met several times during the two preceding weeks before the party was to take place. The memorable date finally arrived and the annual Valentine Party sponsored by the first year class was held. The entertainment, which showed by its flawlessness its careful directing and coaching, was agreeably received. Following the entertainment the class colors were unfurled and the class song was sung. After this, refreshments were served in the alcove. For those who did not enjoy dancing, bridge games were pro- vided. The Class of 1931 must be congratulated on its first adventure in the social world. The seniors going out need have no fear of the Class of 1931 not holding up the traditions and the honor of F. N. S. Our athletic days were happy, Though they ' ve passed away, When we bring them back to mind, They seem like yesterday. O ' Leary, (President) ; Branley (Secretary) ; Sullivan (Treasurer) ; Lanza (Vice President). Men ' s Athletic Association During the past year the Men ' s Athletic Association not only continued to use to good advantage the " Point System " , but also the Budget System which was started three years ago. Each sport was alotted its share of money and it was found that the managers have had no particular cause for worry, financially. Through the efforts of Mr. Lanza, the Athletic Association was this year fortunate enough to secure Mr. Ray Comerford as coach of the basketball team. The record of the team itself stands out in praise of the new coach ' s fine work. For the benefit of those members who enjoy winter sports, the organization voted to buy three new sleds. These were put to extensive use soon after they were purchased. The Men ' s A. A. wishes to thank the faculty advisors for the aid they have afforded the association this year. The managers are especially thankful for the assistance of their respective advisors. The new system, whereby dues were paid at the office on entering school in the fall helped the association treasurer a great deal and it is sincerely hoped that this idea will be carried on in the future. The senior members of the Athletic Association extend best wishes for the coming year. First row, left to right — J. Anderson, E. France (Captain), W. Sautter. Second row — F. Cavanagh, F. Miller, E. Lakso, P. Moran, E. Fillback. Third row — C. Carlson, E. Keiler, H. Spring, F. Martin, W. Branley, O. Salak. Soccer Soccer began its second season at Normal School in the fall of ' 28. The duties of coaching the team rested on a student and George Murray was elected while Edward France was chosen captain. As the games could only be played on Saturday, Manager Norman Rosch faced difficulty in securing games. Even with his handicap a large num- ber of men reported for practice and from them a team Was chosen. The season began with the Crocker-Burbank team of Fitchburg, a team composed of ex-English stars. The game was hard fought and fast, the local team finally coming out ahead with a score of 4 to 3. Normal next journeyed to Boston to play the far more experienced Northeastern eleven. This proved to be a setback, the score being 7 to 1. Nevertheless this game brought out the good and bad points of the team. Changes were made and Normal when it met the Alumni, gave them a severe trimming, 5 to 0. The last game was played at Bridgewater on a muddy field and against incle- ment weather. This advantage gave the experienced Bridgewater team a 5 to victory. These games proved that Normal ' s inexperience was the factor accounting for its defeats. This was offset by each member of the team, who did his best to help make the team a success. Though odds were against him he was willing to fight to a Page one hundred four i-f ir Si i-«S r i . - S Standing, left to right — F. Geary (Assistant Manager), C. Motyka, F. Needham, R. Ward, H. Spring, J. Anderson, Coach R. Comerford. Seated — J. O ' Leary, F. Sullivan, W. Sautter, E. Fillback (Captain), F. Cavanagh, W. Bran- ley, J. Lanza (Manager). Basketball The basketball season of 1928-29 has proved very successful for the Normal School five. The schedule this year was an unusually heavy one, the number of games played was thirteen. " Bruno " Fillback was elected to captain the team throughout the season while " Joe " Lanza assumed the managerial duties. Before the season began the Men ' s A. A. decided to elect a new coach. From among the list of candidates the man chosen for the position was Ray Comerford, coach of Leominster High. Practice was held twice a week and sometimes three when the gym was available. A large number of candidates, including many freshmen, turned out for the first practice. The five veterans, Capt. Fillback, Branley, F. Cavanagh, O ' Leary and F. Sullivan remained from the previous year and around these men Coach Comerford molded his team. Under his capable system a team was well rounded into shape and the season began. Of the thir- teen games played Normal won eight and lost five. With the exception of the Deer- field game, the victories recorded by the opponents were won only by a small margin of one or two points. In all the games the members of the squad showed co-operation and grit, two valuable assets in the making of a good team. Assumption proved the winner in the first game by a score of 19 to 18 which shows that this game was contested closely. The outstanding victories of Normal were those over Lowell Textile, Cashing Academy and Keene Normal. The latter two teams w T ere defeated twice each and were easy victories. In the Lowell game, however, Normal was at its best and won 25 to 19. This was perhaps the hardest fought game of the season since Lowell had overcome Paye one hundred five Bas etb xll — continued man) ' of the leading colleges in this section. The contest proved unfortunate for Normal in one respect in that it lost a bulwark of defense in " Jim " O ' Leary, who fractured his ankle and was out for the remainder of the season. In the remaining games of the season the boys kept up their fight and spirit and under the capable leadership of Capt. Fillback brought to a close a successful season. With graduation in June the team will lose the brilliant playing of Fillback, F. Cavanagh, F. Sullivan and O ' Leary, leaving Sautter, Branley and Ward to start next year. With this promising material there is no reason why Normal cannot develop another successful team. SCHEDULE OF 1928-29 Game Normal Opponents Jan. 5 Assumption College 18 19 Jan. 9 Mass. Agriculture College 13 22 Jan. 12 Cushing Academy 31 28 Jan. 15 Keene Normal ' . 41 23 Jan. 19 St. Anselm ' s ' 28 30 Jan. 26 Lowell Textile 25 19 Feb. 2 St. Anselm ' s 28 36 Feb. 6 Deerfield Academy 26 45 Feb. 14 Cushing Academy 33 21 Feb. 16 Keene Normal 28 27 Mar. 9 Bridgewater Normal 39 33 Mar. 16 Alumni 45 32 Mar. 23 Bridgewater Normal 65 33 Total number of points 420 368 Home Games W i First row— T. Morrissey, F. Ford, F. Cavanagh, W. Branley (Captain), J. Anderson, M. Sylvia, F. Martin. Second row— H. Friberg, W. Sautter, E. Kelliher, C. Motvka, M. Ciccone, J. King, A. Perrault, C. Carlson. Third row — E. Harris, A. Carlson, F. Needham, L. Daniele, A. Studer, W. Burns. Fourth row— W. Kelliher (Assistant Manager), H. Doll, R. Bourdon, E. Steuer, F. Miller (Manager). Baseball At a meeting of the Men ' s A. A. early in the spring the members decided that they would attempt to conduct the baseball organization on the same basis as soccer by elect- ing a student coach. " Bing " Miller and " Bill " Branley, manager and captain, respec- tively, were elected to fill this office. The prospects of developing a successful team this season were especially bright. The veterans remaining from the last year ' s team were Capt. Branley, Cavanagh, O ' Leary, Anderson, France, and Perrault. At the call for candidates many promising freshmen appeared and Normal seemed assured of securing a team of fighting players who would never lose grit. Games have been scheduled with such teams as Worcester Trade, Assumption College, Bridgewater Normal, Baypath, St. Anselms College, and Keene Normal. Page one hundred seven Interclass Qames The interclass games were conducted by two members of the senior class as their project. The two men this year who assumed -this responsibility were " Jim " O ' Leary and " Joe " Lanza. They arranged all s chedules and rules pertaining to the carrying on of the sports. All questions concerning a sport in these activities were brought before them. A division was made by which one took charge of soccer and the other basket- ball. In the spring both put their efforts to the track athletics. Mere interest was found this fall in soccer matches between the classes. Each division was represented strongly at the beginning, but Senior II finally fought its way to gain first place after each team had played twice. The Senior team was composed of Capt. Miller, Lakso, Moran, Cavanagh, O ' Leary, Hallet, Tunstall, Ambrose, Keiler, Sund, Bonardi, Lanza, Rosch. Co-operation was the watchword of these players. For the third successive year the Gaveleers ' cup remained the treasure of the Grammar Masters when the smooth working Senior I outfit outclassed all its rivals and did not meet defeat. The games, however, were worthwhile contests and hard and fast play was in evidence. The Senior I team was made up of France, Perrault, Murray, Rolfe, W. Sullivan and Morgan and Russo, utility men. Following are the results of the games played. Team Senior I Freshman V Senior II Freshman VI Junior II Junior I Won Lost 9 6 3 5 3 5 3 (training) 8 Winning the Soccer title wasn ' t enough for the Senior II sportsmen, for when the Volleyball season rolled around this division headed for the title. Despite the keen com- petition the team came through and became the Volleyball " champs " of F. N. S. The utility and lineup men for this team were: Miller, Lakso, Moran, Cavanagh, O ' Leary, Hallet, Tunstall, Ambrose and Noble. Page one hundred eight - S - -■-- - - - ■ " - Standing, left to right — A. Lenaghen, Miss McDeimott, G. Shannon. Seated— D. Blood, E. Shea, H. Barnicle, A. Heikkila. Women ' s Athletic Association All hail to 1928-29, the W. A. A. )?ear. It came through with flying colors, but then why shouldn ' t it for at its head was our most capable president, Helen Barnicle, and her aids, Edna Shea, Vice-President; Aini Heikkila, Secretary; Dorothy Blood, Treasurer; Alice Lenaghen, Junior Representative; Helen Chudzik, Senior Representa- tive; Gladys Shannon, Freshman Representative. The W. A. A. week-end on April 5 consisted of a bridge and whist party held in the library. Everyone co-operated and it was surprising to notice the pep and enthusiasm of the great number of girls attending the party. This year the conference was held at Framingham Normal, where all the representatives of all the Massachusetts Normal Schools gathered and exchanged ideas concerning women ' s sports. To this conference we sent our worthy president and vice-president. When they returned after having spent a most delightful time they were heavily laden and brimming over with new ideas, skills, and suggestions to add to our code of sportsmanship. Five of our athletes were fortunate in receiving their black jerseys with a large orange F in the center. A number of gjcis and letters were distributed also. 1929 has proven to be a social as well as a real athletic year for the W. A. A. Standing, left to right — C. Moran, Miss McDermott, M. Sheerin. Seated — M. Hoye, P. Blouin, C. Gould, M. Proctor, H. Scannel, C. Bettencourt, A. Laughlin. Heads of Sports SOCCER Although handicapped by the lack of sufficient time and appropriate weather to display its ability, the soccer team this year made a good showing under the able direc- tion of Charlotte Gould. A splendid number of soccer fans turned out faithfully twice a week for practice and the games played were enjoyed to their utmost. HIKING Hiking this year has been one of the most successful sports. Troops of energetic, ambitious hikers poured forth ready for many a long, dusty hike. These hikes were taken to Cogshall ' s Park, Deserted Village, Mt. Wachusett, Rollstone, and to the Whalom Community House. The Hiking Club is fortunate in having at its head a real leader, Agnes Laughlin. BOWLING Pauline Blouin lead her Bowling Team in great style and much credit must be given her for the success of the team. Practices were held once a week during the winter months at the Central Bowling Alleys. Several Junior-Senior class and division games were played as well as Freshman-Senior games. BASEBALL The team wishes to thank May Sherin for her fine support and her valuable time given to the team. Practice for both Freshman and Seniors was held every Wednesday afternoon on our diamond. Normal possesses some girls of unusual ability who aided their teams by furnishing strong competition to the opposing division. TENNIS The 1930 team, although of comparatively green material, showed signs of a v promising season. Although the team had not participated in many games up to date the players have shown their skill during practice which was held regularly twice a w under the leadership of Claire Moran. TRACK Normal was also well represented in Track. In the Spring our " Track Cham were singled out and a most interesting track meet was held with a large number girls participating in numerous events. This new and popular sport was well led Marguerite Hoye. Page one hundred ten First row, left to right — C. Gould, R. Moynihan. Second row — A. Cyran, G. Yoffa, G. Southworth, J. Ray, A. Gilson, A. Waskiewicy, H. Chudzik, Top row — P. Bluin, R. McCarthy, C. Keilty, H. Scannel, I. Fisk, M. Proctor, A. Innerasky, A. Petcen. Hockey The girls certainly made this a Hockey year. It started off with a bang and has been banging ever since. How could it be otherwise? Just look at our leader — a real athlete who knows hockey, as well as every other sport, from A to Z — Margaret Proctor. Margaret worked very hard and untiringly but the fruit of her labor was well worth the effort. Again our All Normal Team played the Arlington High School hockey team, but this time the game was played on our own gridiron and the whole school turned out and gave their support. Arlington still remains victorious but we certainly gave them a hard tussle, but little wonder, for following are the tusslers of the All Normal Team: Center Forward Pauline Blouin Center Halfback Margaret Proctor Left Halfback Helen Scannell Right Halfback Ruth McCarthy Left Inside Irene Fiske Right Inside Gretchen Yoffa Left Wing Agnes Waskiewiecz Right Wing Anna Petcen Left Fullback Helen Chudzik Right Fullback Josephine Ray Goal Keeper Grace Southworth Subs: Anna Cyran, Ruth Moynahan, Alice Gilson, Charlotte Gould, Katherine Kielty. Division, class, arid varsity games were played and the All-Normal team was selected. Pnye one hundred eleven First row, left to right — P. Blouln, E. Conti, M. Proctor, E. Maffeo, G. Vorfa. Second row — A. Sojka, B. Gilchrest, H. Scannel, A. Gilson, I. Sampo. Basketball When the call came for basketball candidates our leader Cecilia Bettincourt was greeted with practically the same sextet as represented our school last year — with the exception of a few " Freshies " , but these same " Freshies " , although some of compara- tively green material showed signs of very promising ability and after a few practices their team work displayed everything but greenness. Division games were played after school and one of the big events of the season was the Harvard vs. Yale Game. Harvard fell before Yale in our own gym by a score of 26 to 15. From the two varsity teams the All-Normal Team emerged. THE BASKETBALL SQUAD Forwards Helen Scannell Beatrice Gilchrist Side Centers Alice Gilson Irja Sampo Guards Elsie Maffeo Emma Conti .lumping Center Margaret Proctor Take another glance at that team. For the first time our team traveled to B. F. Brown gym there to conflict in a raging battle with Kitchburg High. This ga was hard fought with Normal the victor. VLUT Father Time is busy, On the great big dial, If he ' d turn the hands back once, To let us do the things we used to do For just a little while. MEN ' S GLEE CLUB Men ' s Glee Qlub President Louis Fontaine Vice-President Edward Fillback Secretary Thure Sund The Men ' s Glee Club has been very successful during the year 1928-1929. The object of the club is social singing for the men of the school. The first appearance of the Glee Club was at the regular assembly on Tuesday, October 16, 1928, at which they sang two selections. On Friday, November 9, they added color to the Armistice Day program by singing a group of army songs that were sung during the World War. At Christmas the club again came through and helped to spread Christmas cheer about the school by singing carols. Since the enrollment this year is much in excess of last year, bigger accomplisr ments are expected at the concert in the Spring. The Men ' s Glee Club extend to Miss Perry, director of the club, their sincere appreciation for her interest in and for her varied efforts toward making the club a success. Patji one hundred ijleeii GIRL ' S GLEE CLUB Girls ' Qlee Qlub No memory of our alma mater would be complete which lacked mention of the music we have found there. Not only the music prescribed for us in the curriculum, nor solely the singing we have sometimes enjoyed together, but rather the prevailing feeling that there tribute had always been paid to that harmonious muse, and there we would continue to pay it. That atmosphere of encouragement has resulted in several kinds of musical growth. Perhaps first among these should come the glee clubs, those voluntary organizations of all who could or liked to sing. The success of the Girls ' Glee Club may best be judged by the ambitious tone of their June concert, on the program of which we find such selections as: " Dearest Lord Jesus " by Bach, a number of Russian and Irish folk songs, including " On the Steppe " arranged by Gretchaninoff and " Follow Me Down To Carlow " arranged by Fletcher, besides the old favorites, " They Met on a Twig " by Robinson and " In Old Japan " by Kieseling. Individuals have also been encouraged to add much to school functions through- out the year by their musical contributions. There have been few parties, meetings or special assemblies without some evidence of various individuals ' response to the general attitude of approval and encouragement. Altogether our musical picture is a many sided one. It is one of our happiest memories and one mixed with gratitude for thos who have enabled us to better understand and enjoy music. The officers are: Preside Mollie Wild; Vice President, Ruth McCarthy; Secretary, Elsie Regan; Sub. Secret Mary Hickey; Librarians, Ruth Bowen and Ruth Capen. Page one hundred sixteen First row, left to right — C. Neilson, C. Coughlin, C. Ashe. Second row — E. Murphy, J. Griffin, M. Ward, A. Driscoll, M. Keady, A. Laughlin. Third row — John Rolfe, A. Metcalf, H. Levy, R. Bowen, W. Branley. Debating Debating Council Pres., Margaret M. Ward Fitchburg, 1930 Sec, Mary Keady Norwood, 1930 Vice-Pres., Adele M. Driscoll Fitchburg, 1930 Treas., John P. Griffin Worcester, 1930 Faculty Advisors: Miss Josephine McCarthy, Miss Florence D. Conlon, Mr. Arthur Harrington. Representatives — One Selected From Each Division. F. 1 Catherine Coughlin F. 5 Harold Levy S. 1 F. 2 Caroline Nielson F. 6 Edson Rice S. 3 F. 3 Eileen Murphy J. 1 Agnes Laughlin S. 5 F. 4 Alice Metcalf J. 2 John P. Griffin John Rolfe Ruth Bowen Catherine Ashe Activities — Assembly Debates. November 20, 1928: Question: Resolved, That teacher-training institutions should be more concerned with mastery of content than with mastery of method. Affirmative: S. 3 — Ruth Bowen, Helen Chudzick, Ruth McCarty. Negative: S. 5 — Grace Southworth, Lucia Heywood, Mary Higgins. Decision: Affirmative. January 22, 1929: Question: Resolved, That there should be more student government in this institution. Affirmative: F. 5 — Harold Levy, Pearl Shuman, Dorothy Turcotte, Louis Daniele, Negative: J. 2 — John P. Griffin, Cornelius J. Powers, Joseph Valentine. Decision: Affirmative. February 5, 1929: Question: Resolved, That membership in the Athletic Associations should be compulsory. Affirmative: F. A — Ruth Erickson, Dorothy Bullard, Alice Metcalf, Elizabeth Gilchrist. Negative: F. 2 — Mary Gibbons, Isabelle Lanzelotti, Alice Morelock, Mary Keady. Decision: Negative. March 7, 1929: Question: Resolved, That the modern girl contributes more to society than grandmother did to hers. Affirmative: S. 1 — Mollie Wild, Everett Morgan, Aini Heikkila, John Rolfe. Negative: J. 1 — Margaret O ' Connor, Teresa Fitzgibbon, Lawrence Houle. Decision: Affirmative. Organization of Massachusetts State Normal School Debating League On January 26, 1929 the first meeting of the Massachusetts State Normal School Debating League was held in Fitchburg with representatives from Bridgewater, Westfield, and Fitchburg in attendance. The following officers were elected: Margaret M. Ward, Fitchburg, President; Anna G. Walsh, Bridgewater, Vice-President; Charlotte Menzel, Westfield, Secretary. Pla were made to invite other Normal Schools of New England to join the League. The organization held its first debate on March 22, 1929 with an affirmative and a negati team from each school competing. The affirmative teams journeyed to the opposing school whi the negative teams met the foe at home. The question to be debated was: Resolved, That in th teaching profession there should be equal pay for equal service. Fitchburg ' s affirmative tear composed of Adele M. Driscoll, Mollie Wild and John P. Griffin, alternate, was defeated Bridgewater. The negative team also met defeat after a closely contested battle with the affirma tive team from Westfield. Alice Metcalf, Margaret M. Ward and Harold Levy, alternate, were th members of this team. The coaches of the two Fitchburg teams were Miss Conlon and Mi Percival. Page one hundred seventeen First row, left to right — W. O ' Brien, S. Kempa ' ncn, C. Carlson, M. Ciccone, J. King, R. Ward. Second row — P. Noble, E. Lakso, P. Moran, F. L ' aranagh, P. Houle, R. Gosselin, J. Lanza, VV. Branley, E. Fillback, E. Morgan, W. Sullivan, N. Rosch, E. France. Third row— E. Steuer, W. Kelliher, E. Harris, W. Sautter, H. Spring, E. Clark, J. O ' Malley, Mr. Harrington (Sponsor), C. Motyka, F. Sullivan, J. Rolfe. hiohaw (Hub The school year of 1928-29 marked the fifth anniversary of the Mohawk Club. On November 18, nineteen new members were brought into the club and this increased the membership to thirty. Joseph Lanza, as president, led the club through the most successful year since the club was formed. He was ably assisted by William Branley, vice-president, Robert Gosselin, secretary and Edward Fillback, treasurer. Many entertainments were given at the meetings throughout the year by members of the club and by invited guests. On February 17th the club presented the play, " In The Next Room " , to a large and appreciative audience. The play was one of the best ever given by members of the normal school and the clever dual interpretation of Jack Rolfe as Felix and his aliases will not soon be forgotten. The annual club entertainment and dance was held in the library on March 16th. The hall was exceedingly well decorated with the club colors. During the evening an entertainment was given by different members of the club. On June 1st the annual banquet will be held in the Hotel Raymond with manyv of the alumni present. During the evening officers will be installed for the next year The club is greatly indebted to Mr. Harrington, the club sponsor, for his help in making the year such a areat success. Page one hundred eighteen Standing, left to right — R. Gooding, A. Lambert, H. Nedel, F. Martin, O. Salak, L. Wilcox, C. Powers, L. Daniele, H. Doll, M. Sylvia, G. McMorrow. Seated— Mr. Percival, J. Anderson, E. Keiler, J. O ' Learv, R. Clark, L. Fontaine, C. Am- brose, H. Clark, C. Tunstall, A. Martin, Mr. MacLean. Qaveleers Literary Society " GOODFELLOWSHIP " The close of this school year brings with it the termination of the eighth success- ful season of our society. The success of the organization in the past year is largely due to the fine co-operative spirit and the undying efforts of our sponsor, Mr. MacLean, and the officers : Louis Fontaine, President ; Carl Ambrose, Vice President ; Raymond Clark, Secretary; Joseph Valentine, Treasurer. Mr. Percival was taken into the club as an honorary member and we feel that his membership will boost our standing to even higher honors. The Gaveleer Trophy continued to do its good work of furthering the spirit of interclass basketball. The annual dance brought out a large gathering and the usual " good time " was had by all. At this dance a short entertainment was in order, Brother " Barney " Martin featuring in his efforts to outdo the famed Houdini. Through the efforts of Brother Francis Martin, we were fortunate in getting the Deerfield Academy Glee Club to appear here on April thirteenth. This feature proved to be one of the biggest hits of the school year. Our " Gav Bulletin " kept our alumni brothers in touch with the doings of the society. Some mention must be made of the many noteworthy weekly programs presente by the various members, the presentation of our sponsor and that of our new honoran member. These were outstanding, being closely followed by many others. Several pleasant evenings were spent with the Mohawk Club during which man hotly contested card games were enjoyed. Page one hundred nineteen THE DRAMATIC CLUB DRAMATIC CLUB OFFICERS Joseph Lanza President Agnes Laughlin Vice-President Henry Spring Treasurer Geraldine Wood Secretary Dramatic Qlub 1928-1929 The year of nineteen twenty-eight — twenty-nine has been a successful year for the Dramatic Club. The first meeting of the year was held shortly after the try-outs and the officers were elected. Mollie Wild was appointed chairman of the program committee. It was decided that the club should have its meetings the second and fourth Wed- nesday of every month. Instead of having one meeting business and one social, it was voted that at each meeting business and social work be combined. The Senior, Junior, and Freshman classes were responsible for the first three meetings. The purpose of these meetings was to acquaint the club with the talent of each class. The Christmas play, " The Dust of the Road " was presented at Assembly and it proved to be a gratifying success. The cast included : Prudence Steele Mollie Wild Peter Steele Cornelius Powers An Old Man Edwin Harris The Tramp John O ' Mai.lf.y Page one hundred twenty Dramatic Club — continued A special feature sponsored by the club was a play " A Trip to Scarborough " pre- lted by the Jitney Players of Madison, Connecticut, on January 29. A tea was given the players on the afternoon of the presentation of the play, at which the members the Dramatic Club learned much of the history of the players. On April 11, the members of the club went to Boston to dine and to attend the Hollis Theatre where they saw the most interesting comedy-drama, " All the King ' s Men " , in which Grant Mitchell starred. The next public performance was on May 10, when four one-act plays were pre- sented. These plays were directed and coached by members of the club under the direc- tion of Miss Williams. The plays are : JAZZ AND MINUET Eleanor Van Hayden Bessie Shay Richard Townsend Edwin Harris Nettie Marie Upton Mrs. Van Hayden Geraldine Wood Milord Devereaux Louis Fontaine Prudence Van Hayden Bessie Shay Robert Trowbridge Edwin Harris Lucy Trowbridge Marie Upton Coach: Josephine Tarbei.l ON A PARK BENCH He William Branley She Marguerite Scanlon Old Lady : Aini Heikkila Saleswoman Dorothy Delay __,_,. ( Cornelius Powers Two Young Fellows ( JoSEPH Valentine Coach: Arthur Martin MINNIKAN AND WANNIKAN Wannikan Helen Blanchard Minnikan Aini Heikkila Coach : Mollie Wild THE MAN WITHOUT A HEAD Wally Dean John Rolfe Harry Doyle Hilding Sunberg Jacques Fritz Borgman Coaches: Joseph Lanza, Elizabeth McMorrow The club extends ' to Miss Williams, advisor of the Dramatic Club, its sincere ap- preciation of her interest and efforts towards making the club a success. Page one liuvdred tzventy-o:ie F. Cavanagh, Treasurer; F. Sullivan, President; Moran, Secretary Men ' s Student Qovernment The Men ' s Student Government aims to uphold the highest standards of honor in all matters of personal conduct, increase the sense of individual responsibility in school life, and to form an official body to express the opinions of the men of the student body. The governing body of this organization is made up of two men from each division who meet in council and discuss problems to be brought before their respective divisions. The council acts as a liason between the advisory committee, made up of three faculty members, and the men of the organization. During the past year pictures of the school clubs and athletic teams were presented to the organization by the Mohawk Club. These pictures are to be placed in the Men ' s Rest Room, which is also equipped with newspapers and magazines supplied by the organization. One of the most successful and largely attended dances of the year was held by the organization in Normal Hall. The Hall was attractively arranged and interesting entertainment was provided during the dance by members of the organization. Although the organization is yet young, a high degree of success in regulating matters pertaining to the men students is being achieved. The officers are: President, Francis B. Sullivan; Vice President, Norman Rosch ; Secretary, Paul B. Moran ; Treasurer, Francis J. Cavanagh. I ' agc one hundred tizenty-tizo - - - - " - - " " — ■ " — - First row, left to right — I. Shea, B. Stratton, E. Stratton, M. Scanlon, M. Hoye, H. Chudzik, E. McMorrow. Second row — E. O ' Reagan, G. Wood, M. Bunell, R. McCarthy, R. Johnson, E. Murphy, B. Lange. Dormitory Student government President Marguerite C. Scanlon, ' 29 Vice-President Eleanor N. Stratton, ' 29 Secretary Marguerite M. Hoye, ' 29 Treasurer Irene F. Shea, ' 29 House President — Palmer Elizabeth McMorrow, ' 29 House President — Miller Ruth McCarthy, ' 29 House Vice-President — Palmer Beatrice Lange, ' 31 House Vice-President — Miller Rose Johnson, ' 30 Senior Representatives: Geraldine Wood, ' 29, Helen A. Chudzik, ' 29, Maries Bunnell, ' 29. Freshmen Representatives: Elizabeth Stratton, ' 30, Eleanor O ' Reagan, ' 30, Eileen Murphy, ' 30. The government started the year by giving a demitasse, the first Sunday of October, to the Freshmen. Our next event was the banquet given on Saturday, November 17, 1928, in the dining room, which was followed by a dance in the library. The guests of honor were Mr. and Mrs. Herlihy, Miss Bradt, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony, Mr. and Mrs. Percival, Mr. and Mrs. Carpenter, Miss McDermott, Miss Louise Lothrop, who represented last year ' s council and Miss Irene Reeves who represented the D. G. A. The Christmas banquet was sponsored by the Student Government and was attended by many of the faculty and students. This party with its many pleasant memories is not one to be forgotten very soon, and neither shall the dance held in Miller afterward. As an organization the Student Government has had a most successful year in building up a spirit of good will and union among the girls. Page one hundred tiventy-tliree First row — M. P. Hayes, E. Costello, A. Keating, I. Reeves, M. Fraser, M. Second row — B. Gilchrist, A. Leclere, F. O ' Neil, I. Fisk, O. Ericksson, F. Hurler. Killelea. Day Qirls ' Association The officers are, Irene Reeves, president; Alice Keating, vice-president ; Mary Fraser, secretary ; Eileen Costello, treasurer; Margaret Proctor, treasurer pro tern. Much has been done this year, to organize the Day Girls into a group that is rep- resentative, and at the same time sociable, through the new rest-room for the girls and socials sponsored by the organization. For a successful year everyone ' s co-operation is needed, especially the new mem- bers. So it was decided to give an Initiation Luncheon to welcome the Freshmen. This was held in Miss Williams ' room, September 19. Each Senior girl was assigned a Freshman sister whom she was responsible for welcoming and acquainting with other girls. A Christmas Part} ' in the form of a picnic lunch was held for the Day Girls at Miller Hall. Each girls contributed a gift which was placed upon the tree and dis- tributed during the hour by a Santa Claus. The third annual joint banquet and dance of the Dormitory Student Government and Day Girls ' Association was held Saturday, November 16. The success that the organization has experienced this year is largely due to the interest and help of Miss Bradt. It is also due to the officers who have carried out duties well, and through the interest and co-operation of the girls. We hope th of the present year will continue in the future to make the club an important the school. Page iiur hundred tmaenty-fouT » r . XSi Qurricular Qlubs AEROPLANE MODEL CLUBS Mr. Purinton, Sponsor; Cuthbert Tunstall, President; Francis Martin, Secretary .Treasurer. The membership of this club amounts to nine members, an ideal group to work with. This club aims to promote interest in the modeling of present day aeroplane gliding twin pushers. Some of the models made are: Ford tri-motor, twin pushers, single pushers, and a flying model of " The Spirit-of-St. Louis " . ART CLUB ' Art, for life ' s sake " is the motto and working principle of this group. Creative ability and appreciation of the beautiful is its goal. If this club has helped to make the lives of its fifteen members a bit more happier, more full of life ' s best offerings, it will consider that it has not existed vainly. The sponsor of this club is Miss Lamprey. Its officers are: Frances P. Carney, President; Dorothy Clark, Secretary; Beth Hayward, Treasurer. BRIDGE CLUB The Bridge Club, sponsored by Miss McCarthy and Miss Gearan, had a very successful year. The club, which consisted of thirty-two members, spent the first term in learning the fundamentals of the game, the second term on the etiquette and methods of conducting bridge parties, and the last term in perfecting the game. The officers are: Everett Morgan, President; William Lacy, Vice-President; Emma Conti, Trea- surer; Edward Steuer, Secretary. CHESS CLUB Paul B. Moran, President; Thure Sund, Vice-President; Rachel Cosby, Secretary- Treasurer. The Chess Club membership numbered twenty-three with Mr. Harrington as its sponsor. It has aimed to combine a social period with the learning of the game. Two interesting projects that have been worked out this year have been the making of " Ye Olde Chess Scrape Booke " and the tournament which is now under way. COOKING CLUB The Cooking Club has accomplished a great deal this year. Other than promot- ing a splendid social spirit, as its tea proved, it has resulted in having a gre ' at deal learned about cooking. The pies, cakes, and dainties that were made and eaten there proved it to be a fine club worthwhile and enjoyable. Its officers are: President, Maries Bunnell ; Vive-President, Claire Moran ; Secretary, Dorothy Delay ; Treasurer, Kath- erine McTigue. This club is under the direction of Miss Hawley and Miss Rowley. DANCE CLUB The Dance Club, organized for the first time this year, is supervised by Miss Mc- Dermott. The girls who are in the club want to become familiar with the common drills, folk dances, and interpretative dances. Eighteen girls make up the group with Aini Heikkila as president and Gertrude FitzGerald as secretary-treasurer. DRAMATIC CLUB Another activity which is carried on Thursday afternoons is the Dramatic Club. During the year various members have contributed to the club with dialogues and monologues. Plays also have been put on. The club, which consists of fifteen members, is sponsored by Mr. Percival. The president is " Jerry " Angino, the vice-presid Ann Lynch, the secretary Mary Murphy and the treasurer Helen Breglio. GEOGRAPHY CLUB The object of this club is to further the student ' s interest in geography stimulate the social spirit of the school. The club is under the direction of Miss ster. Meetings are held both in and out of school, one of the aims being to see of geographic interest near and around Fitchburg. The officers are: Lawrence Page one hundred twenty-five X -, .-C- $-— - s ■ y vx — » ' Curricular Clubs -continued ident; Henry Brown, vice-president, Lorraine Harris, secretary; Francis Degnan, asurer. GOLF AND HOWLING CLUB Good weather finds the members divided into five teams, competing at Golf on our hole course. Weather not permitting the playing of golf, the members gather at the tral Bowling Alleys. Here too, match games are played. On one occasion the mem- of the Bridge Club were the guests of the club. The officers are: Henry Spring. president; Rose Johnson, vice-president; Raymond Clark, treasurer. The Sponsor of the club is Mr. Anthonv. HANDWORK CLUB The aim of this club is to promote and increase interest in handwork and raise ideals of sociability, service, and self reliance. In this club there are thirty-six members who are doing work in copper, wood, reed, and leather. The club is sponsored by Mis Conlon and Miss Grammont. The officers are: President, Ruth Riesman ; Vice-Presi- dent, Eleanor O ' Reagan ; Secretary, Sarah Levy; Treasurer, Ranha Wayrynen. MUSIC CLUB The Music Club, which is an organization composed of twenty-three members, was formed to further the interest of music loving people in Fitchburg Normal School. One of its most enjoyable programs was a trip to Peterboro, N. H., the home of Mr. Daniell, the great composer. The club is sponsored by Miss Helen Loud, assisted by John Connolly, President; Grace Southworth, Vice-President; Gertrude Matthewman, Secretarv. NATURE CLUB The aim of the Nature Club is to promote the interest in nature work among the students who care for this work. The club has laid several nature trails near the school. Entertainment in connection with nature has been given during the school year. The officers are: President, William J. Sullivan; Vice-President, Caroling Neilson ; Secre- tary, Irja Sampo ; Treasurer, Mary Dean. Air. Randall is the sponsor of the club. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB The fifteen members of the Photography Club under Mr. Smith ' s supervision, have been enjoying a most interesting and profitable period while learning to print and to develop pictures. Man} ' successful parties have been held by the club. The officers are: Edward Lakso, President; Margaret Flint, Secretary; Olivia Eriksson, Treasurer. PUBLIC SPEAKING CLUB The aims of the Public Speaking Club, which is sponsored by Miss Doland, are to improve the address, expression, and personality of its members. The programs have included the telling of stories, anecdotes, and experiences ; making announcements, introducing speakers, etc. The officers of the club, which has twenty-one members, are: President, Francis Cavanagh ; Vice-President, Helen Barnicle; Secretary, Mary Gibbons. SHIP BUILDING CLUB The Ship Building Club has been organized for the purpose of giving its members an idea of the different types of ships that have sailed the seven seas. It does this through the medium of having its members build models of the different ships. There are eleven members enrolled in the club. The officers are: Commodore, Louis Fontaine; Purser, William Sautter; Chief Carpenter ' s Mate, Jerome King; Yeoman, Dorothy Totman : Yeoman First Class, Eugene Clark. The supervisor of this club is Mr. MacLean. WOODFINISHING AND WOODWORKING CLUB Directors: Mr. Akeley, Mr. Weston and Mr. Suhlke. The Woodfinishing and Working Club organized early in the year and elect Margaret Proctor, president and Irene Fiske, secretary. The club has about sixteen members. During the year they have painted wastebaskets and made and painte bunnies. In the opinion of the members the club has been enjoyable as well as instruc tive. Page one hundred tiaenty-six y- yy ' v- " ' - " «v- Socials Our first social of the year took place in the Library. The Freshman Class was formally introduced. In the receiving line were Principal and Airs. Herlihy, Mr. and Mrs. Percival, Mr. and Mrs. Carpenter, Miss Hawley, Miss Cunningham, Miss Rweger, Miss Craig, Miss Folcarelli, Miss Grammont and the Senior Class president, Edward B. Fillback. The Junior Class sponsored a most enjoyable Halloween Party on October 27. The entertainment was amusing and original. One of the happiest events on our social calendar was the Student Government Banquet. The speakers of the evening were Principal Herlihy, Irene Reeves, Presi- dent of the Day Girls ' Association, and Marguerite Scanlon, President of the Dormi- tory Student Government. On November 27, the Senior Class sponsored a Masquerade Dance. The modern- istic decorations furnished a lively atmosphere for the occasion. A grand march was the feature of the evening. A typical old English banquet, carried out in a style that is traditional at Oxford College, was held December 15 in the dining hall. Carollers kept in our minds the serious side of the jubilee while the court jester added a touch of jest. The library was the scene of the annual dance given by the Gaveleers society on January 11. Hugh MacLean and Arthur Martin entertained. The former with a song and the latter with parlor magic. Mr. Martin ' s ring and handcuff tricks put the gathering in a humorous mood. Two weeks later, the Men ' s Student Government gave its first annual dance in the library which was enjoyed by many students and alumni. On January 29, the Jitney Players, under the auspices of the Dramatic Club, pre- sented to a capacity audience the play " A Trip to Scarborough " . The next month, the Freshman Class sponsored a Valentine Party and Dance in the library. To entertain, songs were sung by Helen Breglio and Roland Bourdon. Following this, John Power presented a series of tap dances. This was followed by an interesting playlet by Ann Lynch and William O ' Brien. The party closed at a late hour having been judged one of the best in years. The next event to take place was the Mohawk presentation of the mystery play " In The Next Room " , a play written by Eleanor Robson and Harriet Ford. The evening of February 16 proved to be entertaining as well as mysterious. On March 16 the Mohawk Dance was held. The moonlight and shield dances were very effective. The Mohawk Song was inspiring as well as entertaining. The room was effectively decorated in tent fashion with green and white in keeping with the occasion. The first debates of the Massachusetts State Normal School Debating League were held at the various Normal Schools. Westfield opposed our negative team here while our affirmative team traveled to Bridgewater. The W. A. A. Week-End was successfully carried on with a bridge party Friday evening and Alumni vs. Normal basketball game on Saturday afternoon. Many other socials such as the Gaveleers Entertainment, the Senior Promena the Glee Club Concert, the " Saxifrage " Dance, Class Day and Graduation are yet be enjoyed and are anticipated with extreme eagerness. Pnge one hundred ttuenty-seiien .•:•--: " WIPE IT UP " HOME COOKING ? Among our most priceless of mem ' ries For which we treasure this book Are those that recur with a chuckle, Or produce a humorous look. It may be they really were funny, Or we may smile because they were not. What ever the source of our humor Let ' s rejoice that we " ain ' t yet forgot! " - " m ' - ' -= • -»- J " Humor Suggestions for graduation presents: From mother — money. From father — money. From both — money. Mr. Harrington: " Who invented the cotton gin? " Murray: " My gosh, are they making it out of that now? ' Mary had a little mule, It followed her to school, The teacher, like a fool, Went up behind the mule, P nd hit him with a rule, And there wasn ' t any school. One small boy to another: " Has your brother been home from Normal yet? " Other small boy: " He must have been. My bank doesn ' t rattle any more. " " You certainly are a wonderful dancer, Jimmy. " " I only wish you meant that, Elsie. " " So do I. " Mr. Carpenter: " It gives me a great deal of pleasure to give you a ' B ' in training. Student: " Make it an ' A ' and enjoy yourself. " The rising generation is never up till noon (except on school days) Mugsy: " Circus in town? " Frank Geary: " No, this is a Christmas tie. " Definition of father — the kin you love to touch. Page one liundred thirty-one s • . - s. N - ev. Humor continued readier: " Johnny, can you tell me what a hypocrite is » !c? ' fohnny: " Yes, ma ' am. It ' s a boy what comes to school with a smile en hk face. Guy R. : " Would you like to go for a spin? " Phil. M.: " What do you think I am — a top? " We always laugh at teachers ' jokes No matter what they be, Not because they ' re funny, But because it ' s policy. -Ss If some of us fail to get teaching positions we can easily become book salesmen. Brink: " What would you do if your girl wanted a kiss over t he telephone? " Jack R. : " I ' d ask for better connections. " Mr. Weston (explaining a problem) : " Now everybody watch the board while I run through it! " To whom does this apply ? A college professor once dreamed that he was teaching a class. He awoke and discovered that he was. Helen B. : " MuggS3 ' ' s moustache makes me laugh. " Caroline S.: " Yes. It tickles me, too. " Mr. Smith (showing pictures of a person scantily dressed standing near a hot spring) : " Can anyone tell me what the picture represents? " Kay L. : " Yes, an Eskimo. " Dot: " So you like my article; what part do you like best? " Eleanor: " I think those quotations from Byron are splendid. ' Soliloquy of a Freshman I ' ve often stopped to wunder At Fate ' s pekuliar ways, For nerely all our famous men Were born on holidays. Page one hundred thirty-t wa ■r gs. r . X r " w-g w Xi - Vj j- X- 4 u v -— v - — v ■ » y — 3P— Humor continued It ' s a wise horse that knows its own fodder. udy in waste: Carpet is bought by the yard and worn out by the foot. - - - Heard at Miller Hall: A girl is like an envelope. She can ' t go anywhere without He: " Would it be improper to kiss your hand? " She: " It would be decidedly out of place! " George M.: " Where are you going with your report card? " Cat. P.: " I ' m taking it to the photographer ' s to have the marks enlargec Special for Senior 2 : Now that we have successfully covered logatherms and trick-a-nometry, all we have to do to obtain perfect peace is to get our names on the good old dotted line at so much per dot. Some homes are like livery stables — everywhere you go it ' s nag, nag, nag. " So you ' re a salesman, are you ? What do you sell? " " Salt. " " I ' m a salt seller, too. " " Shake. " One of our freshmen stayed up all night trying to see the point of a teacher ' s joke and then it dawned on him. Francis D.: " I held a perfect hand, last night. " Alice G. : " Held hands with yourself, I suppose? " Miss Williams: " Who can tell me the meaning of the word epigram? ' M. Caplan: " An epigram is a short saying found on a tombstone. " Moran : " How do you account for your football prowess? " Lakso: " Well, from the day I was born it was bawl, bawl, bawl. " Page one hundred thirty-lour _ S - - C - -Qv, «?v -•v y — p— Humor — continued Senior: " What are yon scratching your head for? " Frosh: " I ' m trying to get an inspiration. " Senior: " That ' s a new name for them, isn ' t it? " Oleo is something you take for butter or worse. When a man winds up in bed he is usually run down. Red France says she was so dumb she thought a football coach had four wheels. (We always understood thev only had two.) Perc. : " Aren ' t you worrying about that $5 you owe me? " Bing. : " Heck, no! What ' s the use of both of us worrying about it? " " Why did you send your son into the air service? " " Because he is no earthly good. " N. B. Some fathers send their boys to be Grammar Masters. The modern girl is fond of clothes, but far from wrapped up in them. A basketball player makes a basket by weaving in and out. Miss Hawlev: " What would they do if the President of the United States should die? " Harold Clark: " I imagine they ' d bury him. " O ' Leary (at 9 a.m.) : " Say, Peter, have you been eating garlic again? Don ' t stand so close to me when you talk. " Bonardi (at 2 p.m.): " Say, Jimmy, have you been eating cabbage again? Don ' t stand so close to me when vou talk. " There ' s no police like Holmes. - • Mr. Anthony says that a man with horse sense should have a stable minci. Page one hundred thirty-five ■ :) M ■ H ■ • Era ■■ ■ j »l n ■MI ■ V Y 5i " vyv v ' sv- 1 Humor — continued She: " Why do they call it a silver moon? " He: " Because it comes out in quarters and halves. " " Some of the F. N. S. girls ought to become firemen. " " Why? " " They are expert in rolling the hose. " Red Sund says: " If you like Eskimos, travel to Alaska, because that ' s how you get to Nome. " Miss Perry: " The Glee Club will now join us in that little ditty entitled " I ' m Glad I Made You Cry, Little Girls — Your Faces Are Cleaner Now. " The most beautiful girl in the Normal School is ( Sign your name here, girls. Mr. Harrington: " Now can anyone tell me the dying words of Lord Chesterfield? " Katherine Foote: " They satisfy. " Alice K. : " Someone give me an example of a collective noun. " Gert : " Ash can. " " I ' ve had a terrible warning of approaching death. " " No, really. " " Yes, I bought one of those lifetime fountain pens, and it ' s broken. It is a striking coincidence that " American " ends in " I can " . She had full blown eves — one blue this way and one blue that way. It is rumored that the P. A. men are making plans to form a union Gosselin : ' ' Say, Houle, why the rose in your buttonhole? " Houle: " That isn ' t a rose. That is a geranium. " Gosselin: " A what? Spell it, will you? " Houle (looking closely at the flower) : " Guess you ' re right, Bob. It ' s a rose Page one hundred thirty-seven - r- ,« S. - ?-W S v yy - - v Humor — continued Mr. Smith : " How does the moon shine? " Maries: " Brightly. " Joe Lanza (throwing a couple of pieces of coke picked up from the street into Bonardi ' s Ford) : " There, I guess that Ford is full of coke. " The miracle : Mr. Carpenter (to Senior 2 the first day) : " I never have any trouble with discipline in my classes. " We wonder if it ' s still as cold in Fitchburg as it is in winter. Miss Hawley (to Senior 2) : " Now, if you visited Italy, what city would you want to see first ? " Senior 2 (in unison) : " Paris. " We understand, on good authority, that one of the P. A. instructors calls flax " lin- grass " because they make linseed oil from it. (Logical deduction, we should say.) Louis says that soup isn ' t all that it is crackered up to be. Page one hundred thirty-eight Autographs Page one hundred forty Autographs Autographs Page one hundred forty-two G 4 - - - - - -..r - S « Si«--?h S . Autographs G 1 Page one hundred forty-three JbfJSb __! ASSEMBLY MILLER --,-j _ ■„■„--■ :-k:5 alsili . V ■ ■ ■■ P. A. P , PALMER TR EDITION ' ulLv i JUNIORS MAYPOLE DANCE 13111 GRAMMAR MASTERS IT ' S ALL OVER BREAMING THE. ROCK HOOP ROLLING Last in our mem ' ries of yesterday And among the friends we knew Are those whose generous advertisements Have carried our mem ' ry book through. For the service they have rendered us In the days that are now memories We would thank those friends and ever will When age makes our book dearer still. CARD OF THANKS The Saxifrage Board of 1929 wish to than all those who in any way helped us in the Succes s of this an- nudl. (147) e e} ie eytC) (s tc iQ G SIMONDS SAWS For Wood or Metal Cutting Machine Knives Hac Saw Blades Files Simonds Saw and Steel Company Established 1832. Fitchburg, Mass. Boston, Mass. Chicago, 111. Fifteen Branches. Five Factories. ha ixd ixd e a z d ixz e a e a s a e a exa e a e a eo exa so e a uz e a e afae ae-rae ae ae ae ae ae cae a ' S (149) e ( 3e (y ( e ( e me ma) ( The Corlew Teachers ' Agency Grace M. Abbot, Manager 1 20 Boylston Street Boston Member of National Association of Teachers ' Agencie,; ' ■i a e a z o uz exs vo e a e o e a eo o to e o e a e 3 e a 2 3 e o £0 e ae 3e 3 rae 3e 3S 3e ae ae 3e 3e ae S 3 7 fe Copper for this Annual was created by The David J. Molloy Co. 2857 N. Western Avenue Chicago, Illinois e Pledge of Safety Realizing that the trust placed in us by our employer, and to as- sist him in carrying out his pledge to the public, we have promised on our word of honor to live up to the Rules and Regulations of the Company to the best of our ability, to drive safely at all times, to take no unnecessary chances, and to be courteous to our patrons. | Chauffeurs of the I Yellow Cab Company Phone 4000 % Pick up your friends when you g are going to a theatre party, and § divide the cost. Q (150) ?vs oxi oxt oxi oxi oxt oxi oxi oxz exz oxi oxi oxt, oxt cxi £ ma e ( e 3e t 3m( ( ( e m( ( e eb h I THE NORMAL SPA | § Directly across from, the Normal School | § 2£ Pearl Street and Myrtle Avenue % I High Grade Candies, Ice Cream, Soda, § I Lunches, Bakery Goods, Magazines § 1 Kodak Films and Finishing; I s | I W. R. COX, PROPRIETOR § | " GOOD THINGS TO EAT " § § Q e xz e a e a e a e a e a e a e a e a e e a e a e a e a e a e a e o e a eo e a e a e a e a e ae ae 3e ae 3 ©e 3e ae i 3 S § S Compliments of Kendall Catering- Co. Harry E. Kendall. Mgr. 56 North Street Fitchburg, Mass. Telephone 2064AV Matthews Motor Company Chevrolet oJfyfotor Qars 31 Main Street Fitchburg Mass. -coe ae ae aeoe fae Qe as a oe oe e cae ae a r ae fae ae aeoe awa o oe ae ae aeoexaeKa (151) g 3 qk on o-s oxb oxb oxb oxb oxb axb oxb os oxb oxb cys ® QXb ( xb QXb QXb(z QKQxb I Compliments of | 1 . § I City Steam Laundry, Inc. 8 j eo eo e-ta so e a e a e a eo eo e eo e-ra e-ra e a e a e a e a so eo e a e a so e a so e-tae-oeoe ' taeoe-fae-cae-O Compliments of Fitchburg Gas and Electric Light Company §e a e a e a e a e-o e a e a e a so e eo e a e a e a s a eo e a o eo e a eo eoeoexaeoeoeoeoe a oeo X ? s e s e s evs e s evs oxb e s e 3 e s e s oxb exz oxb oxb oxb °xb oxbPj oxb(s QXbQXbQXb(in bQXbQxb(D Qxb?xbQxx Coi?t]3li?nent5 of Lesure, the Florist 5 Putnam Street (152) g 3 oxh oxs oxt oxt oxt oxt e s oxz oxs oxi oxt oxt oxt oxt, oxt e se ( c e e (i e 3( e 3( e}«( ( ( e« I Samuel Stephens and | I Wickersham Quoin Company | Established 1875 Incorporated 1892 Consolidated 1918 g | Printing Machinery, Wickersham Quoins, i I Types, Ink, Cabinets, Morton Lockups, g I Cases, Tools, Stephens Expansions, | | and General Supplies and Other Specialties t g Complete Printing Outfits § § Quality and Service Assured § § 174 High Street (Fort Hill Square) Boston, Mass., U. S. A q ib a e« e a e a e a e o exa e a eo e a £ a e a e a e a e a e a e a e a j a e a e a e a e ae a tasoe-cae ae ae asoe i% e e « e e « e e e e e e e e r3 e 3 e £ § 5 Compliments of The Jennison Company CONTRACTORS AND ENGINEERS FOR Heating Springing Plumbing Steel Plate Wor (153) § Fitchburg Queen Busses | I ' ■ ' •Force Fitchburg Forward " i i By Hiring Busses bearing its name and belonging ? to Fitchburg g § Once you ride in one, you won ' t regret it. You will surely be pleased 5 S with the service and comfort rendered. Riding is made a pleasure instead of a tiresome journey. % | Further Information at 128 High Street i | Phone 2188 | | Anywhere at Anytime | pq so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so. g Compliments of ■ g Ritter for Flowers I § 219 Main Street | § Q | WILLIAM A. DOE COMPANY q Wholesale Dealers in Q I Bee , Por , Lamb, Veal, Poultry, | I Butter, Cheese, Eggs § I Fanueil Hall Market, Boston § 3 General Warehouse and Fish Dept. at Old Fish Mart, § § 21-23 T Wharf, Boston Q § Main Office, 37-39 Fanueil Hall Market ra g Telephone, Richmond 2830, All Departments | So so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so s £ (154) »s os oxt oxt e s e s e s e 5 e s e 3 e 3 e ? e s e t e s oyz 0 Q Q) iQyiQ QxbQ Q ( iiQ ftQ QrbQybQ (ryi | Nichols and Frost, Inc. s § FITCHBURG, MASS. g g Dr;y Goods - - Coats - Dresses - - Suits | e Millinery - Silk and Muslin Underwear | I Hosiery - Knit Underwear i § Books and Stationery - Art Fancy Goods g Manicuring- and Hair Dressing Parlors i § Third Floor q § 341-343 MAIN STREET | ? o e a eo wa e a eo e a e a eo eo e a e a e a e a so e a e a e a £ a e a so e a so eo oexDeoeoeo ra raws e e rs 03 e o © s cy e e cy e 3 e 3 e e The Home of Quality Coal Fitchburg Coal Company " Always at Tour Service " FOUR DAY STREET csi a e a eo e a eo so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so s«S (155) vs e ti e y e s e e e t e « e 3 e e t e s a e | We furnished the Class Rings for 1924. I We Specialize on Trophies of All Kinds | S. M. NATHAN s The Hallmark Jeweler I Jeweler and Silversmith | Hallmar Watches are Better $ Registered Optometrist in Charge of Our Optical Dept. § 471 Main Street Telephone 353 £ra era era era era era era era era era era era era era era era era era era era era era era era era era era era era era era e« e e e « e s e e e e e e e i e e s e rs e I Rubber Goods and Sporting Goods | s Auto Tires i ••i3LA ' V Baseball Supplies @ § Rubber Footwear ' w ]i( Basketball Supplies § 3 Rubber Coats j! |eS bLJ ' Football Supplies j| § Oiled Slickers «- l A Xc TiXT L Tennis Supplies % § Rubber Matting 5fl §l DE " t$ V Golf Supplies § 1 u m w 1 I Distributors of D. M. Athletic Goods I Fitchburg Rubber Company 1 l 564-568 Main Street | §ra era era era era era era era era era era era era era era era era era era era era era era era era era era era era era era e« (156) SUISSE IMILLERITES PROCTOftlTES jy.Il STEPPING OUT REDUCING I a i 2 FRESHMEN BOOKWORMS . N ' ' OLD FLAMES PAIR OF JOKERS on WHERE TO? PAIR OF QUEENS ANNUAL EVENTS si 3e 3e 3e 3 ( 0 9 t QYbQ QybQyzQybQ}i § s Q Q e cyi(iyteyiey QyieyiQyt)Qyiey! Qyt) !iP Good Clothes Stay Good Compliments of A. JENSEN We are pledged to sell you Only Good Clothes Good, Safe Values F. H. LANE CO. High Qrade Shoe Repairing 184 North Street FITCHBURG, MASS. i 1 cva 543 5 5 5 3 5 3 5 ra 5 3543 5 3 543 5 3 543 543 5435 35435435435435435435435435 5 543543543543545 Si 5 Compliments of The Girls ' Dormitory Student Government ixd 543 543 543 so 543 50 543 543 543 543 543 543 543 543 543 543 e o 543 543 543 543543543543543543543543543543545 (158) ?xt eyi oxt oyz oxt e 3 oxt ex e t e s t oyt exb oxt evs ex oxt tQ) ie Q Q Qy Q Q Q o eyt Q i)Q) s $g xz va e s o e a o e o e o e o e a e a e a e a e a vo vo xs, e a e s e a £ ra e a e aeoe aeoe se e e e ' fA (159) •CUFFY " 4 " PAT- SENIOR I. THE BOYS ASSISTANCE I MOTOWN 1 9m .35 PER GENERAL MOTORS CHAMPS Z l 1 HOT PAPA SULLY P AT BI6 SHOTS P AL. gvs exi oxb oxt) 0-3 oxb exs on ext e t oxt oxz ext oxb oxt exz£ exzoxz( ( Qxt ( Qxi,Qx? Qxz( ( ( ( ex2 Compliments of The Mohawk Club £0 SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO 3 e 3 e e e e e e ci e s e e s e e s e I Graduation Shoes and Hosiery | § or § I Young Men and Young Women § 1 W. C. GOODWIN 1 3 342-344 Main Street q g " A Good Place to Buy Good Shoes " § §0 so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so s$ 1 KIDDER DAVIS | I House Furnishers 1 | Interior Decorators i I 692-700 Main Street FITCHBURG, MASS. | to so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so (161) c 1 e 5 e t e s e 3 e (y eK) e a e e e g g R. E. COMISKY JOHN J. GILMARTIN | 1 Gilmartin-Comisky Electric Co. | I g Electrical Contractors § 17 Day Street Fitchburg, Mass. § ® Telephone 3095 5 $a e a so eo e a eo e a ao e a e-ra eo e a e a e a e a e o vo eo e s e j £ ae a£ ae ae a ' 2 ae-ra i 2 fa | 2 ae ' r£ ? s oxh exs eks e !3 o-s e s e s 03 e s e t e s e a c s eva 0-3 $ z( Q)G QXbQ QQxzQ)4( QybQyzQyhQttQXbQ}$ 1 Baseball—The Outdoor Sport § S Gloves for every man on the team — Bats that are h evenly balanced and just suit — and Balls used by 5 b professionals — all are here for those who want the S h best. Draper Maynard complete line. 5 I Tennis | § If Tennis is your game, here are Rackets, Balls and q § Nets and as low priced as reliable sorts can any- q § where be found. q I " Tke Home of Hardware Quality " g I Fitchburg- Hardware Company b 314-316 and 746 Main Street g « e e e « e% e e e s e e 3 e e 3 e e 8 Au Revoir! But Not Good Bye! % A salutation extended with the expectation of at least a partially § Q continued acquaintanceship and personal contact with each other. If our S b services as a Department Store have benefited you, then we are glad. q g But we won ' t be satisfied unless you give us the opportunity to render £ g future service when the need arises. g Good Luc and Best Wishes, Class of 192.9 q g Chamberlain-Huntress Company | § 332-340 Main Street FITCHBURG, MASS. | (162) o, vt oxt e s Qyt e 3 oxt oxt ext oyi e s e 3 e s oxt e s e s e s e e e se e e e se e e se e sej e e ejg | Compliments of § I The Dramatic Club § c?vs e e a e s e s e s e s oyz oxz e s e 3 e 3 qk e s qxz qxz Q ( GQXb z QybQ) z( Q Q $ Q}G $, S Compliments of @ I Murphy ' s --- Drug-gist % § MAIN AT DAY STREET § So so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so s re s e ? e e « e s e e ? e s e t e s e c « e e e Compliments The Gaveleer Society " vs e e s e « e e s e s e e e s e i e e e e r3 ( § Compliments o G I The New Moran Square Diner | | Largest Dining Car in Fitchburg § | CORNER OF MYRTLE AVENUE AND LUNENBURG STREET | % Come in and See Us — Join the Crowd § g Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Frederick, Props. % I § So so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so (163) Goodnow-Pearson Company Fitchburg ' s Greatest Store Special Attention Given Students ' Trade COMPLETE OUTFITS for Young Men and Young Women are to be found in this one Great Store Goodnow-Pearson Company Operators of Twentyone Stores in Four States £ 5 •xs o £43 zxd 43 e-ta eo e a eo s a £o e a eo e ca eo eo e a to e a e a eo e a e-caeoeoe ae ae ae aa ae ae " (164) MUSIC? HAZIN LEAP " YEAR w rB : h Wjl i mt J . ' ANOTHER EMPTT " SENIORS AS WAS ' ASHESTO ASHES BASHFUL? HIKERS CLOWNING. v s e s on ext axs qxz, oxt 03 e a o-s ext oxb oxb exh zxb oxb z QxbQxb ( K ( £xi Qxi Qxb r o It ' s a Gay World! The store feels it, the merchandise reflects it and the finer tailoring and superb fabrics mir- ror the new Spring Season. The values, too, will put you in a cheerful frame of mind. SUITS TOP COATS $25.00 to $50.00 $19.75 to $35.00 KIMBALL SON COMPANY 377-379 Main Street FITCHBURG MASS 3 exa exa exa e a exa eo e a exa exa ex exa exa exa exa exa exa exa exa exa exa exa e exa exa exa exa exa e a exa exa exa e § qyioxboxt Q QxhQ QytQ Qy y Qy Q S. I Fraternity College | g and Class Jewelry § § Commencement Announcements § § and Invitations i § Jeweler to the Senior Class of the § § Fitchburg State Normal School 5 I L. G. Balfour Company I § Manufacturing Jewelers and Stationers q I ATTLEBORO, MASS. | fexaexaexaexaexae exaexaexaexexae exaexaexaexaexaexaexaexaexaexaex (166) ?v3e 5( ( ( ( e «e 3 y e e ( e t e e «ei ut eK e) e e e e 3ewej e e «e) e se e e 5 S % Compliments of O ' Connor Drug Store Green Street Compliments of Thomas K. Ross, d.m.d. Dentist Miss Matte Brown Assistant Park Building Fitchburg, Mass. Tel. 454 sr 5 i i Te House of John L. Bailey 685 Main Street in Fitchburg, Mass. arly a quarter of a c a Fitchburg industry and a leader for nearly a quarter of a century m in Compliments of Worcester County National Bank Fitchburg — Worcester : ' We Serve the Country " g Quality Candy and | a Ice Cream | 3 Finest goods at reasonable prices. S § Shipments made to all parts of the q 8 world. § § S 8 Exclusive and Unique Gifts 8 § Unusual Favors £ ? 5s (167) 5 3 3 3 o-s oyt e s oxt o-s e 3 e s ots e s e 3 exs o-s oyt § | BROWN BEAR | COOKIES in Bridge Figures f Price 50c Can Are only one of the many unusual varieties of Wafers that we carry Price 50c Can Olives Stuffed Olives Stuffed Olives Stuffed Olives Stuffed with Anchovies with Onions with Celery with Peppers Van Heusen ' s Chocolates In Attractive Packages 70c Canton Ginger In bulk and tins Chicken a la King Welsh Rarebit Chop Suey (All prepared) Salted Pecans Salted Almonds Salted Cashews Salted Castanas Salted Peanuts Edam Cheese Roquefort Cheese Camembert Cheese Swiss Cheese You Get What You Like at Drury ' s You Like What You Get at Drury ' s F. L. Drury Sons Co. -96-800 Main Street, Fitchburg 46 Main Street, Leominster ca 20 2 a 2-0 2 a 20 2 3 243 20 2 ra e-o 2 3 2 a 2 a e s g-S e 3 O e 3 Qyb Qyt Qys Qyb qxz Qyz Qya 03 Qyt eK,e ( -j I Get Quality I when buying your Easter § Clothes § Hats I $ e § and § Furnishings I W. G. PAYSON 1 ® 274 Alain Street ? Park Building q | FITCHBURG, MASS. )e S ca 2 20 2 «2 3 2 3 20 243 2 3 2 3 2 3 2 3 2 3 2 3 2 3 24$ e s © (i 3 s « e s (y« e (yrs e 3 e e 3 e (i 1 When Tour Doctor Sees Our Label I a • He knows your Prescription has been q a accurately filled p I ' 5 I FAIRBANKS PHARMACY | § 69 Main Street % a q §0 20 2 3 2 3 e a 2 a 2 a 20 2 a 2 3 2 a 2 a 2 a 2-0 2 3 20 2 3 20 243 2 3 2 3 2 3 2 3 2 3 2 3 20 2 3 2 3 2 3 2 3 2 3 21? 3 s i 3 (i e s e i 3 e (y« » s e e s (i 3 c rs e BROCKELMAN BROS., INC. £? You can expect the Brockelman Markets to give you, at all time s, quality goods at thrift prices. 5 Where prices can be made lower without lowering quality, you can expect lower prices here. 5 1 SPECIALTIES g g Candy from our own Candy Kitchen Our own Bakery Products § I Sweet Cream Butter Fresh Sea Food Q a California and Florida Oranges Imported and Domestic Cheese q a Our own brands of Tea and Coffee, also Meats, Groceries, Fish, p a Vegetables and Delicatessen g a Fitchburg Clinton Gardner Leominster g § Nashua Lowell Worcester 2 J ca 2 a 2 3 243 20 2 3 e a e a 2 3 e a eo eo 20 2 3 2 3 2 3 2 3 2 3 2 3 2 3 2 3 2 a 2 3 2 3 2 3 2 3 2 3 2 3 2 3 2 3 2 3 2« (168) S 3 0X5 QXt QXt 0X5 0X5 0X5 0X5 0X5 0X5 0X5 0X5 0X5 0X5 0X5 0X5 0X5 0X5 0X5 0X5 O) 0X5 0X5 0X5 0X5 0X5 0X5 0X5 0X5 0X5 0X5 0X Success Brand Pure Food Products Red Cross Coffee Guaranteed by C. A. 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I § The $ Cary Teachers § Agency § Three Agencies — § One Registration g We have helped many Fitch- § burg graduates to Promotion, g We want to help others. g Rose Estelle Bradburg, § Manager g 14 Beacon Street I BOSTON, MASS. § Other Offices : § Hartford, Conn. Portland, Me. § § S 240 2 0 2 0 2 0 2 0 2 0 2 0 2 3 2 0 240 243 2 32 32 32 5 h 2 3 2 0 240 2 0 240 2 0 2 0 2 0 2 3 2 3 240 2 0 2 0 2 0 2 5 (173) e e ew e e e t e i e e e e « e s e e e § 8 j? Compliments of | Independent Cab Company I Phone 3500 | S ? so e a e-o o e a so e a e a ao a e a e a e a i a exa e a e ca e a e-ta 2 a e a e a e ae 3£o o£oeoe«5 rae ' rae a s e ci cy e e% e « e « e e 3 e e cy o e s e « Compliments of | | The Fitchburg Creamery | I 40 North Street | j a e a e-ra e a e a e a £ a e a wa eia e a wa eo e a e a e a e ca e a eo e a e a eo wawae aeo o oe aeoe a o c s e 5 e s c s e -? e 3 e s e ? evs e s e s 2xt e -3 evs os e s e s evs e scy sey e © y (y (y s(y (y (y (y (y (y § Iver Johnson Sporting Goods Co. S Telephone 727 5 § When you think of anything in Sporting Goods think of us q I Tsiationally Advertised Goods we Carry § © Eastman Kodaks — Wright Ditson Tennis Goods — Spaulding Golf © Goods — MacGregor Golf Goods £ ■ Special Prices to Schools 466 Main Street 5 Bo wa e a eo e a exa eia e a eo e a e a e ta e a £ ta e a eo e a e a e a s a e ae ae ae ae 3£os De 3e ae ae ae 5 . cy e t sevse Ofsewe ej scy sevse evsekSffl §v3 y 3 y (y y y a(y © (y3(y © (y 3(y y 3e 3 ? ! S I 1 © For the Best q § Compliments 0 I Candy and | I Tarbox-Holbrook 1 Ice Cream § § Furniture Co. | I Call at § £ Where Quality and Service g § ROLLO and ROMANO | 8 are Higher than Price | o 213 Highland Avenue q § 4,000 square feet of Floor Space q ) ©e raeoeoe D ffieK3e )e roe )exae«) Q ©ew k)e w e e ae a5 ae ae4ae ae4ae ae y (174) WE sincerely hope that the students and faculty members of our school will continue to purchase from the merchants and business men who have helped us produce our boo . (175) ■

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