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:] f x, ' v5o--VX ' ' -t)aj«- X. vJf ov 1 1928 by Robt. F. Thompson GfecH. Conaty Editor-in-Chief Business Manager I 1 op : ( r ' rfOfciH S rf i By the courtesy of the MacMillan Polar Expedition " All the timorous, hesitating beauty of the early spring bloom clusters about the Saxifrage. It slips into the woods quietly, as though fearful that if it made a noise or attracted too much attention Jack Frost might send someone, or come himself, which would be worse, and punish it by retarding its growth. We find it on the top, or in the clefts of rocks, which it has been known to break asunder. In fact, to watch this little plant is a moral lesson in the achievements that can be brought about by quiet will power. " ; ' . I i L fi!. m I (J ra ji in il ' ¥i Published by the Cldss of Nineteen Tipenty weight state Normal School Fltchburg, Massachusetts Volume Number Seven 19 2 8 i I ' M m dO i A yaX Ayiv :j ' v i i ! v-t ' im I ! ' ■ l ' l m To Mr. Hubbard, whose sympa- thetic nature and high ideals have won the hearts of all who have known him, we dedicate our Saxi- frage of nineteen twenty eight. %) y2yx{AyQya X y MR. G. F. HUBBARD . f Oyr€ tU CH tix It has been our intention to give the Class of 1928 the best yearbook that has ever been published by any class of Normal. As far as possible, we have woven the theme of Tradition through the book, the main one of which is the Saxifrage. The following paragraphs give a brief history as to why the Saxifrage was chos- en as our school flower, what our school colors mean, and what the flower should signify to us. The early Saxifrage, or " Rockbreaker " symbolizes gentleness and perseverance over- coming difficulties in the growth from seed to fruition, from lower to higher, from darkness to light. The colors white and gold are the school colors, chosen by the first class, and signify wisdom, inspiration, purity, and perfection. The Fitchburg Normal School pin is a cir- cle of gold with a conventionalized blossom of the early Saxifrage in white in the center and with a golden wreath of the leaves of the same plant, about the circumference. yOyi X nAAy 1. CAMPUS 2. ADMINISTRATION 3. CLASSES 4. ACTIVITIES 5. ATHLETICS 6. HUMOR 7. ADVERTISEMENTS r PIV P o X! CO THE SAXIFRAGE BOARD Ej[li©ir-ia-CW[ Assistant Eiitor-W-Chfef I eiliaks kA Music 5ociftls Ji ' a CI jb$ Athletics Assist. Business Mwitoets The Normal School itself was first organized in the old high school building belonging to the city of Fitchburg, in 1895. The following year the school moved into its new building, and took charge of the schools in the Day Street and the Highland Avenue buildings, turned over according to contract, by the city to the State for use as schools of observation and practice. Somewhat later several model schools, or schools of observation were opened in the normal school building. The general aim was then, and has been through all the following years, to teach the history and theory of education together with child study and psychology and a more or less hasty re- view of subjects to be taught in the grades below the high school. In the year 1909 the Practical Arts Department was established at Normal and since then has proved itself to be a valuable course, its graduates teaching in practically every state in the East. f Commencement draws near. Our pleasant walks around these stately halls, and good times that we have had both in and out of doors while here at Normal will soon be just a memory. Pleasant memories are priceless, and to make them more vivid, the familiar haunts of our school days are portrayed on the pages following. ( OWDiM - -Ci. N S. OUR ALMA MATER - n ym.yn i m ' m ff ' " r Y ' : . ■gw. .ON.f g S. A r S , rr " ' k»- ' bf»- S r ».rf ,A%r NORMAL HALL it- rf . fiN i r . v ?. , S . !v... av ' s,- .AiT PRACTICAL ARTS BUILDING MILLER HALL ' r r r V 1 r - . fv- x? - ..( w i -.XN i - ea - b,H..,6. .A. 1 PALMER HALL y v y ' V ' -v ' v s " y w ' - ' ' » V X - 1 EDGERLY BUILDING sjr s i j --— i!y- " ' W V . II ■i Sii« ' ' ?s " w:fi,-£ ' THE CONSERVATORY c .fO - S — iS gS.r V. rf w f " r a» W . iSb- A.- ATHLETIC FIELD IN ACTION Four years ago the land that our athletic field now occupies was privately owned and in danger of being sold for building purposes. Mr. Arthur H. Lowe, a public spirited citizen, arranged for the purchase of this land and held it in trust until the state saw fit to buy it. At that time the land was merely a frog pond. After being filled in, the students held a field day, leveled it off and removed many tons of small stones. A few weeks ago the Governor signed the bill which approved of the ap- propriation for; money enough to purchase the field and make it part of our own campus. • vv y Nr ' ' " v»v y " Here you may find when many years have fled Those whom we owe our honor and respect— The faculty who fashioned our crude minds, A seeming thankless task, but fearing not. To us they gave to know ourselves and books, And thus our lives enriched. AmimAraUof] MR. CHARLES M. HERLIHY Principal " There is a kind of character in thy life, That to the observer doth thy history Fully unfold. " Shakespeare Much of the success of the Class of 1928 depended on the able leader- ship of our Principal, Charles M. Herlihy. Mr. Herlihy ' s striking char- acteristic, his sincerity, has indeed inspired us to pattern after our leader, and to be more worthy of our membership in this school and the pro- fession we are about to enter. MR. WILLIS B. ANTHONY Dean of Practical Arts Men " The reason firm, the temperate will, Endurance, foresight, strength and sl ill. " Wordsworth Mr. Anthony ' s interest in his department, in the school, our social and professional life have won for him our confidence and admiration. MR. JOHN L. RANDALL Dean of Junior High School Men " But he whose inborn worth his acts commend Of gentle soul, to human race a friend. " Homer The Class of 1928 leave Fitchburg Normal School appreciating the kindly interest, generosity and cooperation of Mr. Randall, our teacher and friend. MISS GERTRUDE E. BRADT Dean of Women " And rank for her meant duty various Yet equal in its worth, done worthily Command was service; humblest service done By willing and discei-ning souls was glory. " George Eliot To Miss Bradt we owe much for her interest in our social activities, and her advice in helping us to over step our difficulties and succeed in our work and in our professional pursuits. H Almd Itldter In days ago, when life, we dreamed. Was ideal as it seemed. And hopes of untaught youth soared high, While only joy came nigh; ' Twas then, with vision clear we chose, And to that choice we rose, With courage strong And hearts of song. To carry thy ideal on! CHORUS So, flag of Alma Mater, float On eternal winds of praise ! For thee, unnumbered hosts today Their willing voices raise. Throughout the world their tiny flame From thy great light still gleams. While youth and age united claim The home where fortune beams ! In days to come, if life laid bare Seems far more gray than fair, Or if success with us climbs high, While only joy come nigh ; ' Tis then, in phght or might we ' ll rise — Thy sp irit never dies — - With courage strong And hearts of song To carry thy ideal on ! -Mollie Wild. o o o Senior Class Song We are the class of ' 28, Raising her standards high. We aim to do, not just to dream, Insure fame which will not die. CHORUS We ' ll try with our best to win, To live up to every rule, We ' re here to succeed in every deed, So here ' s to our Normal School. We have the spirit, the kind that binds. Our ideals the truth and right, Our hopes realized in every way. And true to the Purple and White. The Seniors first you see— homage to them; They are veterans whoVe stood the test; The Second Year Students are next in line, We leave you with this thought— Success be Thine. And last the Juniors, brother class of ours. To you we give the torch that we have borne. ■ Junior High School lU. LILLIAN M. SMITH, Pres. JOSEPH M. DOLAN, Vice-Pres. MARY E. HUGHES, Sec. HERBERT J. SULLIVAN, Treas. Page thirty-four f M IK LILLIAN M. SMITH " Lil " 84 Lawrence Street, Fitchburg. Junior High School Course " None knew her hut to love her None named her but to praise. " Our worthy president who has served us faithfully these past years, has won the hearts of all. If you ' re in trouble, have a pro- blem, to solve, or are seeking in- formation on any subject — go to Lillian, for her kind sympathy will push the darkest cloud into oblivion. She has been very in- strumental in making debating a live, interesting extra-curricular activity; but in every project, so- cial or educational, you wvU find her an enthusiastic participant. Day Girls ' Association; W. A. A.; Glee Club; Pres. Debating Council; Class President ' 27, ' 28; Geography Club ' 26; Dramatic Club ' 26; General chairman Hal- lowe ' en Party. Id g]] ici MARY E. HUGHES " Mae " 57 Clinton St., Fitchburg, Mass. Junior High School Course V " A good friend is one ' s best pos- session. " Is there anyone at Normal who does not know Mary? She is surely one of the most popular students at school. She is secre- tary of three organizations in ad- dition to being a member of the debating team and a music prize winner. Although some people think Mary ' s favorite color is red, . a few of us know she also likes moss. Secretary of W. A. A. and Glee Club; Class Secretary ' 27, ' 28; Debating; Geography Club; Dra- matic Club ' 26; Day Girls ' Asso- ciation. JOSEPH M. DOLAN " Joe " Leominster, Mass. Junior High School Course " The Shadow of a mighty man. " " Joe " one of our foremost " day- duckers " manages to get to school every morning bright and early ready to start the day off with a bang. Like a man from the " Hub " the " El " has a lot to do with it. Not necessarily making him late in getting to school but late in getting home. " Joe " has our sincere good wishes for a happy and successful future. M. A. A.; Student Government; Class Soccer; Basketball; Base- ball; Mohawks. a s EH HERBERT J. SULLIVAN " Spuds " 43 Lunenburg St., .Fitchburg, Mass. Junior High School Course " am monarch of all I survey. " The above quotation surely ap- plies to " Spuds, " for he has the double honor of being the only male survivor of the aimless di- vision " , and also the only student who has had the privilege of being elected to the office of Class Treasurer for four consecutive years. Though always cheery, " Spudsy " always has a profession- al air, which has enabled him to conquer the evils of the " Sex- tette " . We fully expect to see " Spuds, " in the near future, oc- cupying the position of President in some well known college, pos- sibly in the vincinity of Spring- field. Class Treasurer ' 25, ' 26, ' 27, ' 28; Football ' 26; Captain Soccer ' 28; Class Soccer, Basketball, Gaveleers; Debating Team; Men ' s A. A.; Glee Club; The First Year ' 28; Ass ' t Bus. Manager " Saxi- frage " ; Economics Club; Class Day Marshall. D Page thirty-five MARTHA L. ASIALA 162 Elm St., Fitchburg, Mass. Junior High School Course " will do my best. " Martha is a pleasant, cheerful member of J. H. S. IV. — she goes on her way, doing her work in the modest, pleasing manner which has gained for her so many friends. We hope, Martha, that your pupils will ap- preciate as much as we do, your capable, lov- ing, and sympathetic nature, which we know will aid you in your chosen career. W. A. A.; Day Girls ' Association. m sx MARGARET F. BRADSHAW " Peggy " 44 Providence St., Worchester, Mass. Junior High School Course " She is pretty to ivalk with — And witty to talk with — And pleasant to think of, too. " — Suckling. Peg is the rare combination of brains and beauty. Her high standing in classes is a voucher for the first, and to prove the second, you need only follow her down the corridor and watch the stir in the population of Nor- mal. But soinehow " Holy Cross? " seems to rank first in her estimation. We wonder why? W. A. A.; Day Girls ' Association; Girls ' Glee Club; Dramatic Club. a m ' Ruthie " RUTH E. CHASE 119 West St., Leominster Junior High School Course " Beauty and Scholar Both are thee. " Ruthie hails from that far off (?) land known as Leominster. For four long years she has successfully convinced us that beauty and brains can mix. Although no stranger to the Cape she seems to have deserted that for a brighter hue of Orange. Her friends wish her every success. Day Girls ' Association; Glee Club; W. A. A.; Debating Club. Page thirty-six v v »- - (? K HELEN L. FARR " Helen Lou " 111 Green St., Fitchburg Junior High School Course " She is brimful of fun. " The above certainly applies to Helen Lou. It is seldom she isn ' t laughing and if you once hear her laugh you will never mis- take it. Was ever a subject introduced in class or private conversation in which Helen did not participate? Her opinion is always given frankly. Whatever, may be the reason, Helen Lou has recently shown a preference for " Cod fish. " Day Girls ' Association; W. A. A.; De- bating Club; Glee Club; Geography Club ' 26; Fortune Teller. HI IRENE B. HAYDEN " Rene " 35 Otis St., Fitchburg Junior High School Course " Music was in her every mood. " Rene is our blooming musical composer though she claims no relation to the great Haydn. Many times when we have felt blue, ' Rene has come to our rescue with her wit and good humor. She has made many friends but shows a preference for Cape Codders. Glee Club; Debating Club; Day Girls ' Association; W. A. A. S S B IRENE HINES " Hinesy " 103 Boutelle St., Leominster, Mass. Junior High School Course " A life that leads melodious Days. " " Hinesy " has favored us with her atten- dance at the " College on the Hill " for the past three years we have liked it and hope that she has. We wish you the best of luck, Irene. W. A. A.; Student Government. % Page thirty-seven HELEN F. KELLEHER 19 Newton St., Brockton, Mass. Junior High School Course " She does her work, faithful, just With others ' interest e ' er at heart She plays her part. " Helen is the charming representative from Brockton whose irresistible smile and pleasant personality have gained for her many friends. Ambitious and studious is this friend of ours, and a firm believer in the old adage of " work before play " . Helen ' s versatility, and the sincerity with which she does her work, prophesy a successful and happy career. Her able leadership will carry her through life. May life ' s best gifts, which we know she deserves, be hers. Glee Club; Student Council 2; Dramatic Club; Vice-President Student Council 3; W. A. A.; Assistant-Editor " Saxifrage " . SI HI gl ENNI A. KERTULA 151 High St., Fitchburg, Mass. Junior High School Course " It is the quiet vjorker who succeeds. " Enni — the ideal student! Enni is one of the quiet members of J. H. S. III., but one who is always ready to be a true friend. Enni says little in class, but no one has ever witnessed a time when she was unprepared. She is endowed with a happy nature and a very pleasinjg personality. Good luck to you, Enni! W. A. A.; Day Girls ' Association. m s SADIE F. KIELTY 643 Middle St., Fall River, Mass. Junior High School Course " Laughing and gay, and fidl of fun, She is ever ready when frolic ' s begun. " Sadie is always vivacious and interesting whenever you meet her. Her personality shines forth like a brilliant gem of the dull- est day. We have been delighted by her ability as a singer, and we ' ve also enjoyed her acting in various school plays. You may be sure that we wish you the best of luck, Sadie. Class Secretary 1, 2; Glee Club; Geo- graphic Society; Prom Committee 2; W. A. A.; Secretary Dramatic Society; Student Government. ki Page thirty-eight JOHN S. LAWS " Jackie " 214 West St., Worcester, Mass. Junior High School Course " The World knoivs little of its Great Men. " John better known as " Jackie " is a friend of everyone in the school. He is always willing to lend a helping hand wherever he can be of most assistance and always willing to defend his home city from replies which are not helpful. John we wish you success in the field and don ' t forget the " Harmony " at F. N. S. Mens ' A. A.; Glee Club; Mens ' Class Teams. SI a B GRACE M. LESURE 107 South St., Fitchburg, Mass. Junior High School Course " Quick of ivit and humor. " Grace is the editor of our school paper and as such has demonstrated her ability and patience. Many a dark and lonely hour has been brightened by Grace ' s wit and humor. Her orations concerning the " chosen few ' will linger long in our memories. We wonder why Grace always has such a perfect marcel. Although she has never said so, we suspect there must be a reason. We are glad you are one of the sextet, Grace. Day Girls ' Association; W. A. A.; Dra- matic Club; Glee Club; Debating Club; Edi- tor School Paper. ass LOUISE LOTHROP " Lou " 3320 N. Main St., Fall River, Mass. Junior High School Course " Everyone adored her, and in return she tf as pleasant and courteous to everyone. " — Riidyard Kipling One of the wisest acts of Student Gov- ernment was the choosing of Lou as its Presi- dent. We know that its choice has not been regretted. Lou is also one of our artists who likes to hide her talent, but like all good things it has shone forth and thus many of her posters and pictures have adorned various parts of Normal. We know that Lou will make a success for she has always done so, and her successes have been those of the highest type. President Student Government Associa- tion; W. A. A.; Girls ' Glee Club. Page thirty-nme ELIZABETH C. MEADE " Betty " 33 Arch St., New Bedford, Mass. Junior High School Course " She was my friend, intelligent and true; May the gods prosper her. " Although modest demeanor might tem- porarily overshadow inner excellence, it was net long before we recognized Betty ' s deter- mination to succeed in all things. Her in- itiative and ambition will help her to sur- mount any barrier which might impede her progress. A gay companion, a generous friend, and an industrious student, Betty is sure to be successful in gaining fame, for- tune and honor in life ' s battlefield. President of Glee Club; President of Or- chestra; Student Government; W. A. A.; Geographical Society. lia m EVELYN M. PLOYART " Ev " 20 Maple St., Maynard, Mass. Junior High School Course " The thing that goes the farthest Toivard making life worth while That costs the least and does the most Is just a pleasant smile. " When we hear that " Ev " hails from Maynard, we know why it is that we have al- ways liked that town. From the time " Ev " gets off the train in the morning ' til she gets on at night, we always see her smiling. Even when we are all scowling over some problem, she can see ' something to smile at. W. A. A.; Head of Bowling ' 26, ' 27; In- vitation Committee of Hallowe ' en Party. HI JOHN D. PROVASOLI " Prov " 238 South St., Marlboro, Mass. Junior High School Course " A friend so faithful, tried and true. That nothing can 2vear him from me and you. " John, otherwise known as " Prov " is one of the shining lights at our school and al- ways has a good word for everyone. He is to be remembered by his excellent ability to manage the first varsity soccer squad and make it a success. We all greatly appreciate you John, and wish you success in your journ- ney through life. Vice-President of Mohawks; Mens ' A. A.; Glee Club; Student Government Council. Page forty ■ ■■ «nV Si V " " V »- " , JOHN B. RICE " Ricey " 16 Mclntyre Ct., Marlboro, Mass. Junior High School Course " He has so many good points that. We don ' t knotu tvhere to begin. " John, otherwise known as " Ricie " comes to us from the " Shoe City " and is a noted authority on the steps in the manufacture of a shoe. He is so kind and pleasant that we are all assured that he has that intangible " It. " Success to you, John. Mohawk Club; Mens ' Glee Club; M. A. A. S A. FLORENCE RICKER " Flossie " 58 Sacramento St., Cambridge, Mass. Junior High School Course " Bright of 7nind, of manner, ivinning. " Since the day " Flo " entered Fitchburg Normal, not a moment has passed when she has not been doing some school work outside of her daily curriculum. Many of our school socials have been made more interesting by her readings. In class " Flo " could always be relied upon to do her part in making the recitation period a success. Your success in the future is inevitable. W. A. A.; Dramatic Cl ub; Student Gov- ernment. 101 E! a JOHN B. ROACH " Coach " 65 West Main St., Millbury, Mass. Junior High School Course " A silent address is the genuine eloquence of sincerity. " " Coach " just one of the boys from the Blackstone Valley has been a hard and suc- cessful worker for the cause of the Grammar Masters. He has held forth at the Berkshire Club for the past three years and every ac- quaintance is a friend. We wish you the best of luck. M. A. A.; Student Government; Class Soccer, Basketball, Baseball; Mohawk Club. Page forty-one MARGARET SPRING 54 Pasadena St., Springfield, Mass. Junior High School Course " Deep in thought, and word, and deed. " A brilliant, student, an invincible de- bater and a loyal friend. Margaret ' s con- vincing, forceful manner and expression won our admiration. She is an earnest, sincere, worker, and a girl of unusual ability. Why should not all her cherished ideals come to a girl of such rare personality and good na- ture? May this school bring fond recollec- tions to you — one girl we ' ll never forget! Glee Club; Orchestra; W. A. A. S S " K " CATHERINE J. STREPEK 34 Elm Street, Holyoke, Mass. Junior High School Course " Always prepared, always ambitions, and al- ways reliable. " Kay — the helper! Did you want some- thing done? Ask Kay. Catherine is always ready to help anyone do anything. Although she is always ready to help, she always finds time for her studies and for her long night ' s rest. We wonder how she does it. The work- er is always successful, so we are sure that Kay will climb to the very top of the ladder. " Saxifrage " Board; Hallowe ' en Party Committee. S 13 GRACE E. TOWLE " Giggles " Willow St., Scituate, Mass. Junior High School Course " A helping hand is much appreciated. " " Little Bit " , a member of J. H. S. IV., wended her way to F. N. S. from the little town of Scituate. We find in her, a consci- entious student, who prepares her work faith- fully and thoroughly. Although Grace would rather read than join in arduous sports, she is not averse to a bit of excitement. This young maid ' s captivating smile and happy disposition have helped her a great deal in winning the esteem of her classmates. Keep up the good work, Grace, and you ' ll be a winner ! W. A. A.; Student Government; Geo- graphic Society. % Page forty-two t JESSIE F. WOOD " Jess " Concord Road, Acton, Mass. Junior High School Course " Happy am I; from care I ' m free — • Why aren ' t they all content like me? " " Non, mademoiselle, je 0, I can ' t say it in French, " and lo, we know we are listening to Jessie. Jess has talents in many other " lines " too numerous to mention. But we would not be doing her justice unless we mentioned her ability in athletics. She gives us an example of pep, fair play, and a good loser all in one. If you continue your hap- py-go-lucky way after graduation, Jess, you ' ll never want for friends or pleasures. Executive Board W. A. A.; Hallowe ' en Party. !h jij Page forty-three Mi ' THE BOILER HOUSE BREAKING THE RCXIK Senior Class THOMAS J. CARRIGAN, Pres. DORIS DREW, Vice-President CATHERINE A. HAMMOND, Secretary GEORGE S. MURRAY, Treas. Page forty -six THOMAS J. CARRIGAN " Tom " 16 Berkshire St., Worcester, Mass. Practical Arts Course " He must he known to be appre- ciated. " Tom is one of the popular men at F. N. S. It didn ' t take long for us to find out how versatile he was. He is prominent in all social activities and an exceptional ath- lete participating in all major sports. He should make a hit as a P. A. instructor, being one of the foremost in his class in scholastic standing. President; Student Government Men ' s A. A. Treasurer; Glee Club; Dramatic Club; Gaveleers; Class Volleyball; Track; Soccer, Capt.; Basketball, Capt.; Football; Base- ball. DORIS DREW " Dot " Elementary Course " To see her is to like her To know her is to love her. " A pleasing manner, a magnetic personality, a heart of gold, — all these traits Doris possesses, speak for themselves. Behind that seren- ity, lies skill in many phases — es- pecially Art. In years to come she may prove another Van Dycke. So work in hope, Doris! Vice-President of Class of ' 28; W. A, A.; Day Girls ' Association; Student Government Association. Id El Id O E CATHERINE A. HAMMOND " Kitty " 1277 Bedford St., Fall River, Mass. Elementary Course " Whate ' er she did was done with so much ease, In her alone ' tivas natural to please. " Hail to our Fire Chief! " Kitty " possesses almost innumerable tal- ents and accomplishments. Where to begin to laud her versatility? The fortunate owner of a most charming and engaging personal- ity; a brilliant and logical speak- er. " Proctor ' s Gang " will indeed miss Kitty ' s wit and humor. Will we ever forget our " All Normal " Halfback? Ask the team! Secretary of Class; Dramatic Club; Glee Club; Debating Club; Soccer; " All Normal " . Hockey Team; Basketball; Bowling. GEORGE S. MURRAY " Georgie " 22 Walker St., Weymouth, Mass, Junior High School Course " am in earnest; I will not re- treat an inch. " " Georgie " is the watchdog of our treasury and has taken a vital interest in all the class and school activities. He comes from Wey- mouth but ' tis said he spends his vacations elsewhere. He is a very good all-around athlete and has certainly shown plenty of pep in the J. H. S. II. class. Mohawk Club; J. H. S. II. De- bating Team; Glee Club; Student Government; Men ' s A. A.; Var- sity Soccer and Baseball ' Teams; Class Basketball, Soccer, Volley- ball, and Track Teams. Page forty-seven ALFREl!) M. ANDERSEN " Andy " 17 Euclid Ave., Worcester, Mass. Practical Arts Course " A master of all trades. " " Andy " is another Worcester boy who has honored the class of ' 28 by his presence. " Andy " is a mighty handy man, hence the term " Handy Andy " . During his stay at Normal, he has formed many lasting friend- ships which will endure when school days are over. " Andy " has a wonderful personal- ity, and we know that he will " make the grade " in high. Men ' s I. A. A.; Vice-President Gaveleers; Mens ' Glee Club; Student Government; Point System Committee; Class Volleyball; Basket- ball; Soccer; Tennis. s m m HELEN 0. ASHE " Ashes " 38 High St., Chicopee Falls, Mass. Elementary Course " A smile for all, A greeting glad — A jolly, coaxing way she had. " Hele n has many friends who think there is none like her. We never see her without a twinkle in her eye and a smile on her lips. Soon after her arrival we found among us a jolly, good sport and a true-blue friend. Words fail to express our admiration for her. Glee Club; W. A. A.; Geographical Club. su s a ROSALIE BAILEY " Ro " 33 Exchange St., Leominster, Mass. Elementary Course " Look at me For the latest styles you ' ll see. " Rosalie ranks high in her studies as well as in the hearts of her friends. She has a great fondness for dancing and hence naturally for the opposite sex. Dances are not plentiful enough in Leominster and at school, for the devotee of Terpsichore, so she quite often visits other cities. I ' m sure we ' ll all miss Rosalie ' s cheery " Hi there! " next year. Dramatic Club; W. A. A.; Glee Club; Hiking Club. Page forty-eight ) % ic KATHERINE ALICE BARR " Kat. " 134 Main St., Leominster, Mass. Elementary Course " She can do almost everything. " All hail to Mrs. Still ' s twin, our own Katherine! This quiet, reserved girl with her friendly word and cheerful smile has won the heart of the " Locker Room Gang. " Many of us have benefited by her helpful hints in handiwork, in which she excels. We all love you, Katherine. W. A. A.; Day Girls ' Association. ]3 S GERTRUDE V. BELL " Gert. " 764 Dwight St., Holyoke, Mass. Elementary Course " Everything is possible for she who possess- es good ivill. " Five-feet two, eyes of blue, sums up Ger- tie, who has spent but one too short a year with us. She left Bridgewater in favor of Fitchburg and " Yes, sir " she ' s glad that she did. Gertie is a fine student, with lots of school spirit and has the cheery personality that makes her popular with her classmates. Sorry you didn ' t come sooner, Gertie, but the honor is all Fitchburg ' s. W. A. A.; Photography Club. S H 13 JEAN E. BELL Westford, Mass. Elementary Course " A lovely lady, garmented in light From her own beauty. ' " Our Jean is a quiet and gentle, little per- son, with whom one must associate for some time to really know. She is a girl in a thou- sand for she has work done weeks ahead of time. Still, she has time to live up to her name, " Ding Dong, " with her twinkling laugh. W. A. A.; Student Government. ALBERTA M. BELLIVEAU 40 Edwards St., Fitchburg, Mass. Elementary Course " Secure in the heart ' s of her friends. " Demure, quiet and loved by all who meet her is Alberta. Her accomplishments are many and varied. Kind and co-operative, ever ready to be in the front ranks in class schoolroom and on the athletic field, she has been one of the popular members of our class. Loved by us and by her pupils, she is sure to be a successful teacher. s EI a GRACE BOARDMAN " Speed " 234 Hamlet St., Fall River, Mass. Elementary Course " A laugh is worth a hundred groans in any market. " Who is that in the red beret and knick- ers walking briskly along Ringe Road ap- parently enjoying life? Among the hikers at Normal none is more enthusiastic than Grace, who would live and die on the road — vaga- bond-like. " Do all things well " is Grace ' s motto, and she ably carries it out both at school and at home. W. A. A.; Student Government. El S S3 IRENE D. BOODRY " Rene " 37 Bright St., Fall River, Mass. Elementary Course " Witty, jolly and, carefree, Always happy as can be. " Who is Leone going after now? Sounds as though someone were moving furniture — Poor Booby ! It ' s easy to think she ' s merry and wise, and sincere, for it ' s true. With a heart full of good fellowship, sunshine, she flits about in our midst. She has won all our love. W. A. A.; Student Government. %f Page fifty SALLY BRODSKY 15 Redmon St., Fitchburg, Mass. Elementary Course " She is so free, so kind, so apt. " Sally has won many friends by her pleas- ing ways. She is very mild in appearance and her countenance is always wreathed in a smile. Sally went out for hockey, but sad to relate, she failed to learn that the object is to hit the ball, not to dig holes. Sal is am- bitious to drive her Packard. W. A. A.; Student Government. JOSEPHINE BUSH " Jo " 208 Prospect St., Willimansett, Mass. Elementary Course " Knoivledge is Power. " Oh! for an adjective that would fittingly describe " Jo " ! She is rather small and we wonder how she can hoard such unlimited knowledge of her studies in so small and dainty a head, but she does. Her occasional firm lips express strong determination and the will to win. She is full of fun, and can entertain you with an endless amount of wit. Yes, indeed, " Jo " is a girl of many and varied accomplishments, including music and art. W. A. A.; Student Government. H B SS J. LAWRENCE BURT " Larry " 49 Orchard St., Adams, Mass. Practical Ai ' ts Course " A winning way, a pleasant smile are the things that make our life worth ivhile. " J. Lawrence is one of the illustrious boys from the Berkshires. In P. A. work he is hard to beat, especially when it comes to speed in upholding his reputation in mechan- ics. He makes it a point to be at all the social functions and has proved himself to b: a good sport. We hope that success in teach- ing will be his. Mohawk Club; M. A. A.; M. S. G.; School Orchestra; Dramatic Club; Men ' s Glee Club; " The Goose Hangs High " ' 27. FRANCES M. BUTTIMORE " Fran " 69 Mason St., Winchendon, Mass. Elementary Course " Shy and retiring. " Frances is one of those young ladies of whom we seldom hear. She seems to study and enjoy doing so. Although she is con- sidered a quiet girl by strangers, those who know her best can tell you she is always ready for a good time. We are inclined to think Frances ' quiet ways are misleading. W. A. A.; Day Girls ' Association. S m CATHERINE CAIRNS " Kay " 46 Bay St., New Bedford, Mass. Elementary Course " Gentlemen prefer blondes. " Kay is a happy-go-lucky person — one of those few people who can take things as they come without getting fussed or worried. Everywhere, anywhere, anytime — we never know where to find her. She declares that she will make a good school teacher, because she lost her temper without hope of recover- ing it, waiting on fussy people, so she hasn ' t it to lose over again — we wonder who? Glee Club; W. A. A.; Student Govern- ment; Bird ' Club; Hiking Club. El m MARION C. CARSON Longly Road, Shirley Mass. Junior High School Course " As fair as a rose and as sweet. " Marion is one of the cutest and cheeriest members of our class. Her winning smile and pleasing personality have brought much happiness to us. Fun-loving and yet so serious she has worked diligently and suc- cessfully during her years at Normal. A good student, she has done her work cheer- fully and faithfully. May you be as happy and as helpful in teaching as you have been here. I Page fifty-two GEORGE H. CONATY 31 Friend St., Taunton, Mass. Practical Arts Course " The only way to have a friend is to be one. " There are a few — a very few — who un- selfishly put the wishes of others above their own. George is such a person. He is a hard worker both in and out of school. The class of 1928 is deeply indebted to him in making the " Saxifrage " the best year-book ever. Keep up the " record of progress, " George, and success is bound to be yours. Business Manager " Saxifrage " ' 28; Var- sity Soccer; Class Basketball; Class Soccer; Mohawk Club; Dramatic Club; Mens ' A. A.; Mens ' Student Government; Stage Manager; Dramatic Club Plays; " Bohemian Girl " ' 27. ES S c5 LEO A. CONNOLLY Holliston St., Medway, Mass. Practical Arts Course " A mighty pedagog ie shall he be. " Leo is probably one of the most general- ly admired men of the school. He is a staunch Mohawk and an ardent supporter of Practical Arts. Leo was one of the season ' s hits in the Dramatic Club. He is one of the most reliable and respected personages of F. N. S. He will be an asset to any school fac- ulty. May he realize his most cherished dreams. Mohawk Club Treasurer ' 26, ' 27; Sec- retary ' 28; Dramatic Club; Mens ' A. A.; Mens ' Student Government Secretary; Eco- nomics Club President. S Hi S JAMES P. CONNORS " Jimmy " 8 Orchard St., Adams, Mass. Practical Arts Course " A smile for each, a friend to all. " We prophesy that some day Jimmy will be world famous for his authority on Practi- cal Arts work. His enthusiasm, loyalty, and willingness to help have won for him a place with us all. The flourishing condition of the Mohawk Club is a tribute to Jim ' s guidance and perseverance. President Mohawk Club ' 27, ' 28; Secre- tary Men ' s ' A. A. ' 27, ' 28; Manager of Bas- ketball ' 28; Mens ' Student Government; Property Manager Mohawk Play ' 27. Page fifty-three MARION M. CONROY " Shrimp " 1 Samoset St., Worcester, Mass. Elementary Course " A busy bee who gathers glory as her honey. " By nature willing, and by talent able. Marion is always willing to help her class- mates in distress. When Marion speaks, who can help being interested? That is not all. We also love to watch Marion on the hockey field. We know her pupils will find her as interesting as her classmates do. W. A. A.; Day Girls ' Association. S S SI J. HOWARD COOPER " Coop " 65 Mt. Vernon St., Fitchburg, Mass. Practical Arts Course " never have much to say, but I do a lot of thinking . " Howard is a graduate of Greenfield High He is a quiet retiring type and in spite of the fact that he has been with ug three years, he still remains as much a mystery to us as at first. The class of ' 28 extend to him their wishes for his success and happiness. The " Normal Record " was Howard ' s Senior project and it sure showed his merit as a printer. S Ei S MARGARET CURRY " Peg " 39 Clinton St., Waltham, Mass. Elementary Course " She ' s pretty to walk with And witty to talk with And pleasant to think of. " Here ' s to Peg whose cheeks, nature her- self keeps pink, and whose wave is ever in place. All her friends from Miller Hall can assure you of her delightful personality. Whether it be fun or excitement in the dorm, a dance or a social aft ' air, she is always will- ing to join in and her dancing ability is greatly appreciated by all Normalites. We hate to see you go. Peg, but the best of friends must part — Good luck! Glee Club; W. A. A.; Dramatic Club; Student Government. U-1. Page fifty-four LEONE F. CYR 82 Foster St., Fall River, Mass. Elementary Course " Ever loyal, ever true To the task She has to do. ' Who is that sitting at the piano playing all the popular airs? It is none other than our Miller House President, Leone. A jolly and refined young lady is Loney, but ever ready for fun in its best form. We listen respectfully and admire Leone ' s determin- ation to grace her position in Miller. Glee Club; W. A. A.; House President of Miller Hall. S S IS JOHN H. DALY " Skidd " 11 Wrentham Road, Worchestei-, Mass. Practical Arts Course " An all-around good fellow. " John is a graduate of Worcester Trade so naturally he knows his " stuff " . Always on hand to help out, John proved to be a true P. A. man. As an athlete he had the real make-up. We know that he will be a success in teaching as he was in his many achieve- ments at F. N. S. Gaveleers; M. A. A.; Mens ' Student Government; Varsity Soccer; Class Basket- ball; Class Track Team. 13 S S DOROTHY DAY " Dot " Oakham, Mass. Elementary Course " When I say a thing, I mean it. " Another quiet, demure girl is Dorothy, but under this guise, so. we ' ve found, lies con- siderable determination and firmness. Be- sides maintaining her high scholastic stan- dard, she finds time to participate in outside activities. We have all enjoyed the results of her artistic ability. W. A. A.; Dramatic Club; Student Gov- ernment. Page fifty-five LEAH M. DEARDEN " Lee " 25 Crest St., Springfield, Mass. Elementary Course " Silence is deeper than Eternity. " Leah is a genuine friend to all. She has offered many a helping hand. When she does a thing, you may be sure it is done thoroughly and well. We know that she will prove a success whether in the commercial or teaching field. W. A. A.; Student Government; Geo- graphical Society; Dramatic Club; Glee Club. ESTHER DE SERE 415 Orchard St., New Bedford, Mass. Elementary Course " Those who know her, love her. " Esther is one of New Bedford ' s fairest daughters who favored Fitchburg when she came here for higher education, and " that professional attitude. " Esther is an all- round sport, and a jolly good companion, whose indoor sport at Miller Hall is dancing. She is faithful and diligent in her work, and gives us ample assurance that she will make good as a teacher wherever she goes. W. A. A.; Chess Club. SI S S3 JOSEPH A. DE SOUSA " Joe " 36 Fremont St., Taunton, Mass. Practical Arts Course " All he attempts, he does well. " Joe is a soccer player of merit! He certainly showed his worth in the Harvard game last fall. Soccer is not the only game he plays well, however, as he acquitted him- self in very good fashion in both basketball and baseball. Joe is one of the inseparable trio; wherever you see one you see all three. Joe ranks high in scholarshiii and was one of the " Horsemen " this year. Keep up the good work and success is yours, Joe. M. A. A.; Student Government; Gave- leers ' ; Varsity Soccer; Varsity Baseball; Class Soccer; Class Basketball; Class Base- ball. Page fifty-six r2r ° ::» " cc SYLVIA DICK " Dicky " Main St., West Warren, Mass. Elementary Course " Sometimes grave and sometimes gay But we like her, anyway. " " Me and My Shadow " — here they come — " Nettie ' and " Uicky " — firm in their friend- ship and two jolly good sports. Tis true " Dicky ' is a good athlete, but to " Dicky " we give lull praise as a capable teacher and a ciever student. Dicky is fun-loving and gen- erous. One of " Dicky ' s " charming qualities is her well-modulated voice. Remember the day you unwillingly took a " vow of silence " ? W. A. A.; Dramatic Club; Student Gov- ernment; Glee Club; Hiking. S s a ELIZABETH R. DORAN 116 Barnaby St., Fall River, Mass. Elementary Course " A smile, a tear, fill the cup of human kind- ness. " As the quality of kindness is treasured by all, so it is valued among Elizabeth ' s friends. Each evening finds her in deep seclusion, from 7:30 to 9:30. However, once study hour is ended, Elizabeth ' s social tour begins, and through the corridors she roams. Despite this her studies are by no means neglected, and we sincerely hope that success may tend her on her way. Student Government; W. A. A. a Ei s KATHRYNE F. DOWD " Snooks ' 19 Montgomery St., Chicopee Falls, Mass. Elementary Course " Always ready Always there Always ready to do her share. " Kay is the possessor of a remarkable voice but so ultra-modest is she that to hear it is a joy seldom granted us. However, her generosity in other ways is an accepted fact. Anything at all that K. owns is yours for the asking and you are welcome to it. A good sport and a loyal friend. Glee Club; Geographical Society; Debat- ing; W. A. A. jW iV- ■ ' fifty-seven ■ % VELMA I. DUDLEY 33 Dudley St., P ' itchburg, Mass. Elementary Course " Sing mvay sorroiv, cafft away care. " Well, Velma, what is the attraction in Florida? That is what w e would like to know. When you see some wavy hair bent over books you know it belongs to Velma, for she always has those marcel waves. Good luck to you, and don ' t be too harsh with the children. Glee Club; W. A. A.; Student Govern- ment. B H H VELMA C. EMMERSON Lunenburg, Mass. Elementary Course " She was ever precise in promise-keeping. " Velma " Bel " is one of our quiet girls, who hails from Lunenburg. Do they all grow as tall, there, Velma? We hope you may become music instructor in F. N. S. some day, Bel. " The orchestra is playing, come on, Marion, we don ' t want to miss this dance. " Glee Club; W. A. A.; Day Girls ' Asso- ciation. m m m RUTH E. FINCH " Finchie " 82 Grape St., Chicopee, Mass. Elementary Course " True to her word, her work, her friends. " Ruth was among the many arrivals whom we welcomed from Chicopee in ' 26. Throughout her sojourn, she has made many friends who wish her every success during the future years. Helen is Ruth ' s steadfast companion, and they are truly inseparable. As great minds run in one channel, so Ruth joins Helen in a similar likeness for athletics. Student Government; W. A. A.; Hiking Club; Basketball Technique Club. Page fifty-eight CATHERINE J. FITZGIBBON " Cath " G8 Leonard St., Athol, Mass. Elementary Course " One who has a heart joyful to do all that is good. " Twinkling eyes and a roguish smile are synonymous with our " Cath " . When she stepped off the Athol train two years ago, we knew she would soon be a popular Misy at Normal. Her keen intellect and sunny disposition have made her an essential mem- ber of a certain group in Palmer Hall. Our good wishes go with Catherine; we shall miss her. W. A. A.; Student Government. 3 e jr " A companion that is cheerful is ivorth gold. " Emma has proven a friend, true blue, especially to the member of her " Gang " . Emma has done fine work at F. N. S. and we know that if there are any more such girls at Fall River, our school welcomes them. There is another side in Emma in which we see her doing a snappy Charleston or singing one of Irving Berlin ' s latest with her own modifications. Emma is a lively classmate as well as a clever one and we know this spells success. Dramatic Club; Student Government; W. Page fifty-yiine 1, " O ' ! ' S JOHN J. FOLEY " Doc " 92 Chatham St., Worcester, Mass. Practical Arts Course " He knows what ' s what and that ' s as high As metaphysic wit can fly. " Doc " Foley is an earnest student, and has that exceptional habit of getting his work in on time. Because of his unusual ability in oratory he is apt to set the best disciplined class into an uproar. He showed the boys and Mr. McLean one day last fall he knew his stuff in perspective drawing. This is our toast to you, " Little lads, be brave. " Mens ' A. A.; Mens ' Student Government. a ADA 0. FOOKES 290 Pleasant St., Leominster, Mass. Elementary Course " A maiden never bold — A spiJ ' it still and quiet. " Ada has not made herself conspicious, but has had a jolly life while at F. N. S. She always has her good-natured smile and pleas- ant greeting for everyone. She has support- ed the W. A. A. just as all members should. And do you know how she can bowl? Just watch her " throw the ball! " She is an " Ace " personified when it comes to bowling. We know that Ada will succeed in her future career as school teacher. W. A. A.;- Day Girls ' Association; Ex- ecutive Board W. A. A. in S HI ELSA C. FOWELIN 43 Temple St., " Mike " Gardner, Mass. Elementary Course " Tall and serene Fine a girl as ever was seen. " Elsa is calm and serene but she can smile very sweetly. Elsa knows her lessons at all times, but how she does it no one knows. She believes that much study is a worrier of flesh. She is always ready to give a helpful hand, loves a good time, and gets into mis- chief once in a while. W. A. A.; Day Girls ' Association; Glee Club. Page sixty PHYLLIS L. GAUDET " Phil " 26 Underwood Park, Waltham, Mass. Elementary Course " A winning way, a pleasant smile Are the things that make our life worth while. " Phyllis was the heart breaker of " Proc- tor ' s Gang " her Junior year, but her heart was stolen and up to date hasn ' t been return- ed. The social activities of the school wouldn ' t be a success unless she was present. " Slow, but sure " is her motto but it gets her there as her success in training proves. Dramatic Club; W. A. A.; Student Gov- ernment. S B S ABIGAIL A. GAUGHAN " Abbie " 1116 Pleasant St., New Bedford, Mass. Elementary Course " To know her is to love her. " Abbie is a girl we all love and admire. You can always depend upon her to help you make things right. She enjoys fun, but at the proper time and dance — ' nuf said. Abbie has filled many offices while with us, but, will fill more in the future, as capably as she has in the past. Good luck Abbie! House President of Palmer Hall; Trea- surer of Dramatic Club; W. A. A.; Student Government; Junior Representative to Stu- dent Government ' 26, ' 27. B IS MARJORIE G. GAY " Marge " 384 Montgomery St., Fall River, Mass. Elementary Course " you would have things come Your ivay, go after them. " Few of us have a name which definite- ly expresses one of our characteristics, but Marjorie ' s name is a true key to her person- ality. Do not misunderstand. This very en- tertaining person is not gay to the extent that her work suffers. The fact is, she does all her work, does it easily, has it done on time, and has time, to help other people. She will make a fine teacher. Don ' t you think so? Dramatic Club: Geographical Society. t WILFRED H. GRENON " Bill " 190 May St., Worcester, Mass Practical Arts Course " Soft of voice, cheerful of senile, ' Ere he hastens on, He stays a, while. " Bill is another Worcester lad who is re- ceiving his degree at Normal. Bill graduated from Commerce High and has maintained his high standard of scholarship. He has also been a successful athlete participating in var- sity football, baseball, soccer and inter-class basketball. Bill is still greatly interested in his " only girl " and we surely wish them the best o ' luck. Gaveleer Society; Glee Club; Mens ' A. A. Vice-President; M. S. G.; Baseball ' 26, ' 27, ' 28; Football ' 26; Class Basketball ' 26, ' 27 ' ' 28; Soccer ' 28. m m s MILDRED M. HAGGERTY " Bill " 20 Lorraine St., Roslindale, Mass. Elementary Course " At F. N. S., Bill soon made a hit For she ' s not hard to like a bit, She ' s full of fun, a good chum, A friend to all, not just to some. " A flash of strong, white teeth, a merry twinkle in those flashing eyes and a cherry " Heigh-ho " and there you have an insight ' into our delightful " Bill " . As an orator " Bill " excels. Her clear, ccol voice is a de- light to the listeners. It is a pleasant mem- ory. " Bill " , a good sport, fun-loving, a true friend, a jolly companion. W. A. A.; Student Government. ■B S) 13 JULIA MARY HARRINGTON 365 President Ave., Fall River, Mass. Elementary Course " Let the world slide. " Julia is another one of the Fall Riverites. who will stand up for her fair city through thick and thin. We know the she will suc- ceed in all her undertakings as those who are earnest in their work are bound to. All those who know her find her delightfully in- teresting. Was ever one so serious in con- versation? Dramatic Club; W. A. A.; Student Gov- ernment; Geographic Society; Glee Club. Page sixty-two LOIS C. HAWKES " Curly " Buckland, Mass. Elementary Course " A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse. " Who doesn ' t know " Curly " ? Her wit and humor have made her popular at F. N. S. and her laugh can be heard at any time in Miller. " Curly " excels in athletics and is envied by her skill and gracefulness in riding a horse. We are sure her amiability will aid her in be- ing a success as a teacher. W. A. A.; Student Government. BBS ELINA HEIKKILA " Peanut " 33 Pleasant St., Gardner, Mass. Elementary Course " love my friends, and my friends love me. " Peanuts, though small are good, and this peanut of ours is an exceptionally fine girl. Not only is she an athlete, starring especially in hockey and basketball, but as head of hock- ey she proved herself a most capable leader. Her modesty in being unwilling to accept due credit for her work only makes her loved and respected the more. F. N. S. is proud of you, Elina. Geographical Society; Hiking Club; Dra- matic Club; W. A. A.; Head of Hockey; Hockey All-Normal; Basketball All-Normal. B S B HELEN V. HENNESSY 7 Fourth St., Turner ' s Falls Elementary Course " Silence is as deep as Eternity. " A quiet unassuming girl is Helen until suddenly a twinkle creeps into her brown eyes, a fascinating smile asserts itself and there you have the real Helen, a real expon- ent of " brimming mirth " ! Diligent in her work, cheery and kind to all she meets, a most sympathetic friend and helpmate. Helen is one who makes the world a better place for all Palmerites. W. A. A.; Student Government. (KA Page sixty-three y BEATRICE P. HUCKINS " Bea " Ashby, Mass. Elementary Course " Her eyes as stars of Twlight fair Like Twlight, too, her dusky hair. " Who could help but notice the small, peppy dark-haired, sparkling-eyed girl who for the past two years has claimed Miller for her home? When Bea first arrived in our midst Ashby seemed to call her every week- end but we have finally gained her good will and she consents to give us more of her time this year. Bea is a real friend to everyone — giving a helping hand, and always ready for fun. Glee Club; Student Council; W. A. A. BBS MILDRED S. JACOBSON " Millie " 52 Church St., Gardner, Mass. Elementary Course " Quietness has its oivn charms. " As well wishers, we do hope that Mil- dred ' s collection of ties and handkerchiefs can soon be declared " perfect matches " . We are wondering why she has suddenly shown such a keen interest in deep sea romance and " fish " stories. " A peanut " — here ' s one to fight over. Oceans of kind thoughts and good wishes for your success. Aye, aye. Sir! W. A. A.; Day Girls ' Association. BUB VIVIAN E. JOHNSON 84 Union St., Leominster, Mass. Elementary Course " And she is word. " fair, and fairer than that Vivian is all that the quotation implies. She has a prefect professional attitude. Vivian is one of our teachers gifted with the brush. She has a most pleasing voice to lis- ten to and we are always ready to listen to something very interesting when she speaks. We know success will follow you, Vivian. W. A. A.; Day Girls ' Association. 1. ■ 1 . Page sixty-four - . V V. -JV , , ADELAIDE JONES " Addie " 53 Blossom St., Leominster, Mass. Elementally Course " She hath her share of ivisdom. " Adelaide lives in her dreams and story books. Occasionally Addie startles us with brilliant recitations and words of wisdom — then a calm follows the tempest. We hear she has talent in writing poetry. Let us hear more of it, Adelaide. Her particular failing (?) is assembly periods. Are we right? Adelaide? Day Girls ' Association; W. A. A. a a 13 MARY M. KELLEY 277 Oak St., Clinton Mass. Elementary Course " A good disposition that gold cannot buy. " Mary is one of Clinton ' s fair contri- butions to F. N. S. She is a good sport and full of fun. Many of our locker room " frol- ics " would have been incomplete without her. Not only is she a jolly good fellow, but she is a hard worker, too. W. A. A.; Student Government. Id- a El MARGARET M. KILLELEA 129 Adams St., Leominster, Mass. Elementary Course " As small of stature as she is great of heart. " Senior IIL surely was fortunate in hav- ing the little girl from Leominster with the sunny disposition, to brighten the dull mo- ments. One would always feel sure to find a kind and sympathetic friend in her al- though she ' s always ready for a little fun. W. A. A.; Student Government. % Page sixty -five BEATRICE E. LAMB " Bee " 206 Main St., Leominster, Mass. Elementary Course " ' Tis better to speak in deeds than in words. " All the problems and difficulties which beset the rest of us, almost to the point of distraction, seemed to overlook Bee com- pletely. Some call it luck, but we who know her better are well aware of the real reason — her steady determination and ability to handle well the task in hand. W. A. A.; Day Girls ' Association. s IS m DOROTHY LAWSON " Dot " 153 Martha St., Fall River, Mass. Elementary Course Commonly known as " Dot " by her nu- merous friends. Everyone is a friend of Dot ' s. She is one of the sweetest and most cheerful girls in Palmer. Also, quite con- scientious, for if by chance her work for the day isn ' t done, a frown appears on her fore- head. But luckily this doesn ' t happen very often. Dot always has time to help a friend out of difficulty. I ' m sure that she will be remembered by us as a cheerful, helpful friend. W. A. A.; Student Government. 0] 12 01 HARVARD LEIGHTON " Harvie " Sea St., South Hyannis, Mass. Practical Arts Course " Don ' t use big words. " Harvard has represented Cape Cod most admirably at F. N. S. He has proved him- self to be one of our indispensable workers, who is always willing to help. His ability as a speaker, teacher, and maritime expert is certain to insure his success in his pro- fession. Secretary and Treasurer of Gaveleers; Mens ' Student Government President; Mens ' A. A.; " The First Year " ' 28. ) Page sixty-six HELENA B. MAHONEY 112 School St., Fall River, Mass. Elementary Course " A stout heart mm be ruived in fortune, bid never in spirit. " No matter how long hence, this picture will call to memory a happy girl with a flash- ing smile and an infectious laugh. No situ- ation ever looks quite so gloomy after Helena has reviewed it vdth her sane optimism, not even homework and tests, those banes of ex- istence, can dim the radiance of her cheery existence. May the reality remain with her as long as the memory with us. W. A. A.; Dramatic Club; Student Gov- ernment. B m s SARA MARGOLIS " Sare " 215 Chestnut St., Holyoke, Mass. Elementary Course " A tivii sprite, yet a tnerry one, Just like a breath of air! Sweet, wholesome, refreshing. That is Sare. " Sarah is a girl of profound thought sea- soned with cheerfulness. She is ever ready to proffer original ideas and thoughts. More than one person has found that the way to Sara ' s heart is through music. She extends to everyone a goodly cheer, a helxiing hand, so we extend to her the biggest wish for suc; cess. W. A. A.; Student Government; Dra- matic Club. S EI 13 ISABELLE P. McBREEN 8 Lang St., Concord, Mass. " Pat " Elementary Course " To those who knoiv thee not, No words can paint; And those ivho know thee. Know all words are faint. " " Pat " is one of those people with whom one must associate closely to appreciate her real worth. Have you ever watched her fingers glide over the keys and listened to the harmonies resulting? It is certainly an op- portunity not to be missed. A true musician, with artistic ability — a talented young lady is " Pat " . Glee Club; W. A. A. HELEN G. McCarthy " Mac " 178 Maple St., Springfield, Mass. Elementary Course " Calm as the night And deep as the sea Yet she is full of jolity. " When the word " versatile " was put in the English language, they, must have had " Mac " in mind; so well does it describe her. An ex- cellent student, an extraordinary pianist, a vigorous athlete, but best of all a true friend. If you want to hear " much laughter, " ask her the meaning of " hilarious. " Glee Club; W. A. A.; Debating Student Government. im S3 El- ANN L. McCAVERY 25 Gaylord St., Chicopee, Mass. Elementary Course " One ivhose mere presence brings sunshine and joy. " When Ann leaves F. N. S., the school will lose one of its greatest actresses. Ann not only shines in Dramatics, but she has proven to us that she is an apt teacher by her ex- cellent training work at Day Street School. I daresay some people would like to be start- ing school all over again when Ann starts teaching. Dramatic Club; W. A. A.; Glee Club; De- bating; Student Government Council. n s m ALICE E. McDonnell 179 West St., Leominster, Mass. Elementary Course " Life ' s a jest as all things shoiv! I thought so once, but now I know. " A frown finds no resting place upon her brow, a worry finds no welcome in her heart. Although studies had their minutes with Alice, the theory that education comes from other things than books found her an eager and able champion. Day Girls ' Association; W. A. A.; Glee Club; Scout Work. I( Page sixty-eight " % ?■■ MARGARET McNEIL " Peg " 32 Broadway, Chicopee Falls, Mass. Elementary Course " Come and trip it as yoiu go, On the light fantastic toe. " " Peg " is one of the famous " Proctor Gang " . She has been a valuable asset to F. N. S. for she has assisted in making many of our school affairs a success through her ab- ility in both dramatics and dancing. We know " Peg " will be a success when she leaves F. N. S. for she has proved her teaching ability in Edgerly School. Dramatic Club; W. A. A.; Student Gov- ernment. m m m ANNA MELIA " Anne " 477 Middle St., Fall River, Mass. Elementary Course " The village athlete you here will yneet; hi all kinds of spores she knows no defeat. " What would we do without Anne of the " Proctor Gang " to take the gym. class? She ' s right there when it comes to a peppy game or a good time. Anna comes from Fall River and she and Kitty will uphold it any day. She showed us all what a fifth grade teacher should be when she took that class at Edgerly. W. A. A.; Student Government. B s a CATHERINE A. MORAN " Cath " 76S Plymouth Ave.; Fall River, Mass. Elementary Course " Smiles of laughter and shining eyes. " Y " Come and trip it as ye go, one the light t fantastic toe " means much to our Cath. She is fun loving, and on more than one occasion she has sent people scurrying after the ten o ' clock bell. For whom was she mistaken. Palmerites? Cath is loved for her kindness and sympathy which have been frequently shown. She is a dependable student and a capable teacher. First, last and always a merry life and a long one be yours, Cath. W. A. A.; Student Government; Dra- atic Club; Hiking Club. Page sixty-nine P HELEN M. MOREAU " Hi " 44 Roosevelt Ave., Chicopee, Mass. Elementary Course " When all is said ayid done in the end, this shall you find: He most of all doth bathe in bliss that hath a quiet mind. " In Helen one finds a loyal friend, an earnest student and one who is always ready iOr a good time. Athletics is her hobby, as is evident when we see her vigorously direct- ing a fast game of basketball in the " gym " . During our sojourn with Helen, she has won the good will of all, and to her, we wish every success. W. A. A.; Student Government; Hiking Club; Varsity Basketball Team; Basketball El a IS AMANDA S. MOUNTAINLAND Templeton, Mass. Elementary Course ' " Better be small and shine i iThan to be great and throiv a shadow. " I Jgjphe greatest difficulty encountered in •wrfting a resume of Amanda ' s part in the history of ' 28 lies in the inability to treat her numerous achievements adequately. As we break up for the big controversy with life, Amanda, we sincerely trust that your good cheer will bear you over the pinnacle of suc- cess. W. A. A.; Student Government. B HI S MARGARET M. MURPHY " Muff " 4 Bigelow St., Fall River, Mass. Elementary Course " A city that boasts of inhabitants like me Can have no lack of good society. " This blue-eyed, fluffy-haired, well-dress- ed girl is a representative of Fall River. She believes in a good time but can be serious when she should be. Margaret is an all-around girl and has a good time with everyone. When it comes to " eats " — does she share them? — decide for yourself. Perhaps her popularity is due to the fact that she is so interesting. There must be some good rea- son. Keep it up, " Muff " . W. A. A.; Student Government. J X Page sevent ' % " %. MARY V. MURRAY 43 Buifington St., Fall River, Mass. Elementary Course " A diligent student not without result. " The familiar cry, " Let ' s dance! ' " Who ' ll play? ' Mary Murray, of course. Mary does — and how! But Mary must have her turn at dancing, too, for she is the girl with the dancing feet. We found how many ori- ginal ideas Mary had when she went in train- ing and we know she ' ll make a wonderful teacher. Glee Club; Dramatic Club; W. A. A.; Head of Tennis; Craft Club; W. A. A. Board. El a . s JOHN H. NEWTON " Newt " 4 Edgewood St., Worcester, Mass. Practical Arts Course " E ' en ' the vanquished, he could argue still. " " Newt " is a product of the Worcester Boys ' Trade School, coming to Normal after several years ' experience in industry. " Newt " is not a big fellow, but he certainly is a men- tal giant when it comes to recitations. Ask Mr. Harrington about that! It is not neces- sary to wish " Newt " success, because he is the sort of man that just can ' t be held down. Gaveleers, Mens ' A. A.; Student Govern- ment; Director Red Cross Roll Call. s m s LOUISE T. O ' BRIEN " Lou " 106 James St., Fall River, Mass. Elementary Course " Happy go b cky, fair and free, There is nothing that bothers me. " Who around Normal does not know our mischievous brown-eyed, curly headed Lou? Who in Palmer Hall has not heard her cheery voice in the early morn long before they were ready to be awakened from their peaceful slumbers? Added to her scholastic and ath- letic prowess, Lou was given a goodly measure of vivacity, lots of pep, and an en- gaging smile which has won for her numer- ous friends. W. A. A.; Hiking Club. Page seventy-on LAURA E. ODDY " Lolly Pop ' ' Great Road, Littleton, Mass. Elementary Course " The better known the greater is her worth appreciated. " This blonde Miss is one of our fairest commuters. Lessons do not worry her for they are always done and done well. When you see Laura, you see " Gwen, " and the locker room will surely miss them both next year. W. A. A.; Day Girls ' Association. s a B ALICE E. O ' DONNELL " Al " 226 South Main St., Gardner, Mass. Elementary Course " For your wit you ' re famous You can name and take your prize. " Alice is one of our happy-go-lucky com- muters, and when not rushing to and from the trains is always ready to flash a friendly smile. You have been a great friend, Alice, and if it hadn ' t been for you many of our journeys to and from Fitchburg would have been dreary and dull. Let ' s have a peanut! Gee! we ' re glad you came to F. N. S. W. A. A.; Day Girls ' Association. S EH El DOROTHY CHRISTINE O ' MALLEY " Dot " 59 Biltmore St., Springfield, Mass. Elementary Course " Her friends are many — Her foes — are there any? " Dorothy Christine O ' Malley — but to us, just " Dot " . " Dot " with her jolly smile is never down-hearted. She is always ready to offer her kindly services and a helping hand — those in the Dramatic Club are sure of that. Keep that smile. Dot, it means a lot! Dramatic Club; W. A. A.; Glee Club. » Fage seventy-two SARAH ANNE O ' MALLEY " Sally " 40 Beach St., New Bedford, Mass. Elementary Course " 0 Maiden with those meek, hroivyi eyes. " Clap hands, here comes Sally, one of the best-liked girls in our class. Sally has made a wonderful record in her two years at F. N. S., and next year she hopes to teach in New Bediord. I wonder how long Sally will teach, ' cause I hear she has a certain weakness for a name that begins with " Tread. " W. A. A.; Student Government. Id s m MARY V. O ' NEIL 77 Delear St., Fall River, Mass. Elementary Course " A good disposition that gold cannot buy. " Mary has always had taste in clothes and why not? She is the essence of taste itself. Her sunny disposition has done much towards making people realize how pleasing- ly different and individual she is. She has manifested individuality in every respect and we like her for it. W. A. A.; Student Government. sua DORIS M. PARE " Dot " Crescent St., Franklin, Mass. Elementary Course " Laughter and sense — ' tis a rare combi- nation. " Have you ever seen a jolly happy-go- lucky girl who never seems to be working and yet always gets her work done to perfection? That is " Dot " . There is no one who knows her who does not enjoy her wit and is not captivated by her charming sociability, her personality, and her willingness to help. W. A. A.; Student Government. Page seventy-three MARY E. PARTINGTON Westport, Mass. Elementary Course " She ' s little but she ' s wise — She ' s a terror for her size. " Mary is one of our Miller Hall girls. She is the lone representative of Westport but an able one. Mary is always ready to join the fun, both indoors and out. " Best of luck, Mary! W. A. A.; Glee Club; Hiking; Hockey; Basketball; Baseball; Tennis; Student Gov- ernment. B B EH MARY E. PHANEUF " Sis " 3 Wood St., Fitchburg, Mass. Elementary Course " Her smiles and friends are unnumbered. " Mary is the busiest girl in Normal. If she isn ' t decorating the library or arranging a program for some class, she is making her constant inquiry, " Have you bought your ticket, yet? ' We hear that Mary is interest- ed in the teaching profession for more than one reason. Mary is a merry member of the " Locker Room Gang. " Glee Club; .Dramatic Club; W. A. A.; Geographic Club; Day Girls ' Association. BBS CLIFFORD PHELPS " Red " 128 Pleasant St., North Adams, Mass. Practical Arts Course " A quiet fellow, though a good felloic. " Cliff came to Fitchburg after graduating from Druary High w t a fine record. He has had to face many trying conditions but his courage and persistence have commanded our respect. He is one of the famous " Sor- rel Top Frat " of ' 27. Cliff has contributed to F. N. S. something worth while. Mohawks; Mens ' A. A.; Mens ' Student Government; Stage Manager, " The Goose Hangs High. " Page seventy-four !F .M E ?k NETTIE PINKS 314 Washington Ave., Chelsea, Mass. Elementary Course " Merry, vivid, full of life Ready to participate in every strife. " Who is Nettie Pinks? could be heard from all sides when Nettie entered Normal School. But it wasn ' t long before everyone knew her. Athletics are her delight and pei- haps we should say that hockey and basket- ball are her " shining lights " ; yet they never interfered with her studies. Nettie hails from Chelsea and how she can dance to the Chelsea Blues! Glee Club; Hiking Club; W. A. A.; Stu- dent Government. s m Id GWENDOLYN C. PITKIN " Gwen " Lowell Road, Westford, Mass. Elementary Course " Oh! those golden curls. " " Gwen " , your specialty certainly lies in the line of handwork. With the fine work you have done, we feel sure that you ' ll find great joy and success in this world. You ought to be able to tell us much about the joys (?) of commuting from Holyoke. W. A. A.; Student Government. s B m EDITH POTTER " Ede " 15 Garden St., Attlesboro, Mass. Elementary Course " Edith has a little laugh; Its contagion well we know. For everywhere that Edith goes Her laugh is sure to follow. " All who know Edith have often felt the influence of her friendly optimism. She is an efficient student, too, for she cannot rest until her assigned work is done. As a com- mittee worker she gives her time and effort in measure, full, pressed, down, and running over. These qualities alone will go for the making of a fine teacher. W. A. A.; Student Government. Page seventy-five CECILY CONSTANCE PRATT " Connie " 232 Main St., West Springfield, Mass. Elementary Course " Music hath charms. " Even if " Connie " was not an artist at the piano, she would be just as charming and loyal a classmate. " Connie " was always willing to help out in our school socials and while she delights us with her playing, she does not neglect her studies. Connie ' s per- sonality will bring her success wherever she goes. W. A. A.; Student Government. El m B ROBERT A. PROCTOR " Bob " 198 Cedar St., Fitchburg, Mass Practical Arts Course " Quiet, but of high ideals. " Above in printed capitals is his name, but we call him " Bob " no matter how many " Bobs " are in sight on the occasion. He truly is one of our distinguished conver- sationalists. Though it is not often we hear him discuss topics of the day, once opportu- nity beckons you ' re sure of a thorough re- sume. We wish you all the good things — • money, fame, and health. Good luck. Bob. Mens ' A. A.; School Orchestra; Mens ' Student Government. EH El El ALYCE PRYOR " Al " 115 Bellingham Ave., Beachmont, Mass. Elementary Course " She possessed Tpecidiar talent of jiroducing effect in whateve?- she did or said. " Alyce can express her views on life in poetry which rivals Elizabeth Barrett Brown- ing ' s or Amy Lowell ' s. Truly an enviable accomplishment, but by no means her only one. She is a very convincing talker as Sen- ior I. can testify. We have seen her drama- tic ability tested before footlights and she was not found wanting. W. A. A.; Student Government; Dra- matic Club: Glee Club. Page seventy-six MAYBELLE E. REMINGTON " Maybelline " 79 Cottage St., Franklin, Mass. Elementary Course " A good friend is one ' s best possession. " Maybelle is one of the best-loved resi- dents of Miller Hall. She is always ready for a good time, full of enthusiasm, alive and up-to-the-minute, not only in outside activities but school work as well. We are sure of Maybelle ' s faithful friendship and have found her obliging and willing at all times to help in any, of our activities. W. A. A.; Public Speaking. El a B - EMILY NORMA ROSE " Rosy " 225 Merriam Ave., Leominster, Mass. Elementary Course " Breezy and jolly is she always. " Not all of ' 28 ' s girls have the desire to display particular talent. Nevertheless girls like Emily do not pass unnoticed in our class. For steady, earnest, and sincere work Emily is a gem. But aside from her intellect, she has a friendly personality and if she heard a bit of humor it broadens into a peal of laughter. To her who has always seemed to have such a happy existence, we wish more happiness and lots of good luck. Glee Club; Day Girls ' Association; W. A. A.; Dramatic Club. s a EH MARY L. ROACHE " Mary Lou " 348 Central St., Winchendon, Mass. Elementary Course " I ' ll smile while the rest of the world goes by. " Mary has been a jolly and helpful mem- ber of this institution for the past two years. She has succeeded in making herself known through her individuality, her participation in athletics, and as President of the Day Girls ' Association. As for " pep " , Mary is the personification of that desired quality! Always lively, buoyant, energetic and am- bitious, we are sure she will attain success. W. A. A.; Day Girls ' Association Presi- dent; Varsity Hockey; Varsity Basketball. Page seventy-seven EVELYN I. ROBERTS " Ev " 56 Maple St., Shelburne Falls, Mass. Elementary Course " Here, men are faithful to their books But Evelyn ' s faithful to their looks. " Evelyn maintains the reputation of be- ing one of the best natured and most obliging of our classmates. If a party needs pepping up go to Ev for she is a miniature charge of dynamite when it comes to that. Evelyn hasn ' t done a great deal socially, but oh, my! by her solitaire she has proven to us that one does not have to dance and belong to clubs to make oneself popular. W. A. A.; Glee Club; Girl Scouts; Stu- dent Government. m m m ROLAND G. ROY " Buck " 6 Crerie Ave., Worcester, Mass. Practical Arts Course " As clever as the day is long. " Roy is another commuter from Worces- ter, who has made an enviable name for him- self at Normal. He is a shark at woodwork- ing and drawing and is looked upon as an authority in these two subjects. He has proven himself quite an athlete, and is adept at several sports. He aspires to teach wood- working, and we know that he will be heard from in the near future. Mens ' A. A.; Student Government; Class Basketball ' 26, ' 27, ' 28; Class Soccer ' 27, ' 28; Varsity Soccer ' 27. B s m AILI M. SALIN 47 Simonds St., Fitchburg, Mass. Elementary Course " A hoard of fun binder a quiet exterior. " Aili is what may be called an all-around good sport since she excels not only on the athletic field but in the classroom. We all remember how the hockey ball traveled when it was impelled by Aili ' s mighty swing! Has anyone ever seen Aili unfaithful to her studies? W. A. A.; Day Girls ' Association. Page seventy-eight LILLIAN M. SALMON " Lil " Boxborough, Mass. Elementary Course " Ever loyal, ever true, To the task she has to do. " Lillian is one of those rare students whose greatest pleasure is in getting her les- sons well done. Quiet, serious, studious are adjectives which tell her qualities. Ask any member of Senior III. about Lillian ' s class recitations. She can ' t be excelled in that phase of her school work! Lillian ' s sym- pathy and friendship, two qualities which every teacher should possess, have indeed, in- creased our admiration for her. W. A. A.; Day Girls ' Association; Public Speaking Club. m m m HELEN M. SAWYER Neck Road, Lancaster, Mass. Elementary Course ' ' The better we know her, the better ive like her. " Helen is a staunch Palmerite. She is a studious and conscientious worker. Helen is also very talented, musically. She plays the piano very well, also the violin. We are in- clined to believe that Helen is a little bashful about what she can do, but we who know her very well, know that she has a promising future. W. A. A.; Girls ' Glee Club; Pitchburg Choral Society; Woodfinishing Club. ED 13 O ALYCE C. SENUTA " Alie " 726 Westminister Hill Road, Fitchburg, Mass. Elementary Course " A golden head and a golden heart. " The most popular girl at F. N. S. How can we best describe her? Chic, charming, clever! Whenever we meet Alyce we are greeted with a broad smile and a few pleas- ant words. Alyce ' s work at Normal has been most successful. She had the most distin- guished honor of welcoming Mr. Herlihy to F. N. S. in behalf of the student body. We enjoyed having you with us, Alyce, and we know that success will always be yours. Dramatic Club; W. A. A. Page seventy-nine ALICE V. SHEEHAN " Al " 84 Thoreau St., Concord, Mass. Elementary Course " The mildest manyiers, and the gentlest heart. " Alice is one of the members of the class from whom little is heard. Yet, who can fail to stop and look at this tall maiden with gold- en hair, blue eyes, and a perfect " schoolgirl complexion " ? Alice says little but w hen she does talk, it ' s a treat to listen to her. Day Girls ' Association; W. A. A. m m m CATHERINE M. SHEEHAN " Kay " 22 Fulton St., Fitchburg, Mass. Elementary Course " Ahvays ready, always there, Always ready to do her share. " If you want an example of a conscientious worker just find " Cath. " Always willing to make a success of all her undertakings, she has won our admiration and friendship. She is one of our ambitious, industrious students, and is sure to make an excellent teacher as her training in Edgerly proved to us. It has been a pelasure to have " Cath " a member of our class and to her we extend our best wish- es. Day Girls ' Council; Public Speaking Club; W. A. A.; Day Girls ' Association. B a s ETHELYN T. SHELDON " Eth. " Northfield, Mass. Elementary Course " She does her own thinking and needs little advice. " Although she joined our class in the Senior year, Ethelyn has proved herself a most desir- able addition. She has shunned the spotlight of publicity so successfully that we do not know her as well as we should like to. Sen- ior I, however, each vouch for her pleasing personality and ever-ready wit. With her qualities, the future can hold only success Glee Club W. A. A.; Student Government. Page eighty CATHERINE V. SMITH " Cath " 180 Warren St., Fall River, Mass. Elementary Course " And on her lips and o ' er her eyes Spread smiles like light. " No doubt you have seen them, the happy quartet from Palmer Hall, and in their midst, an auburn-haired girl, familiarly known as " Cath. " In all activities of the school " Cath " has taken an active interest particularly in her artistic endeavors. The golden maxim " Silence is always best " is the guide in all she does, however, " works speak louder than words, " so " Cath " need never fear, through- out her future career. Hiking Club; W. A. A.; Student Govern- ment. s s a HELEN E. SULLIVAN 219 John St., Fall River, Mass. Elementary Course " Good health and good sense are two of life ' s greatest blessings. " Helen has proved herself to be an excellent student and teacher at F. N. S. When she went to train at the Highland Avenue School, everyone knew that she would make a perfect teacher. Helen ' s personality has brought her many friends at Normal and we know she will lose none of it when she takes un her profes- sion. W. A. A.; Jr. Point Secretary; Student Government; Student Council. ass HELEN V. SULLIVAN " Hula " 373 Stafford Road, Fall River, Mass. Elementary Course " Laughing and gay and fidl of fun. She is ever ready when frolic ' s begun. " Helen plays an active part in the antics of the top floor gang of Miller Hall. Whenever there is any fun going on in the " dorm, " Helen is sure to be there. She has been verv " Frank " her last year at Normal and we don ' t wonder — why. W. A. A.; Student Govt. Association. MARGARET M. SULLIVAN " Peg " 116 Montgomery St., Chicopee Falls, Mass. Elementary Course " Not bold, nor shy, nor short, nor tall, But a new mingling of them all. " Margaret is one of the many from Chicopee Falls. When Margaret starts to work noth- ing else matters. If you ' re looking for loyalty and co-operation in work to be well done, page Margaret. She was one of those who received all A ' s in training. Only those who know her, know what a keen sense of humor and what imagination she possesses. W. A. A.; Student Council; Student Gov- ernment Secretary. ,0 El S MARY DORIS SULLIVAN " Dot " 159 Shawmut St., Fall River, Mass. Elemehtary Course " Ever sweet and fair. " Always sweet, charming and ever ready to help others, is Doris. Serene, dignified, loved by everyone, and why shouldn ' t she be? If one is ever in need of a friend, we would sug- gest Doris. She has been a jolly classmate and we shall long remember her twinkling eyes and pleasant smile. A true friend, an excellent student, an efficient teacher ; she will not be long in achieving success in the future. W. A. A.; Student Government. MARY C. SULLIVAN 281 Blackstone St., Fall River, Mass. Elementary Course " There ' s a pleasure waiting for you. In the friendship of this classmate Jolly, loyal, staunch, and true. " Poets quote of a beam of sunshine casting happiness in its wake. We have in our midst a Pollyanna, a Sunshine Girl is our Mary C. Blue days disappeared when Mary appeared and she has made our life at F. N. S. happier. Being a fun lover, possessing a laughter, pleasant and spontaneous, possessing and ex- erting a good influence over her associates, Mary ' s room is a meeting place for folks in the " third floor back. " It is our sincere hope that as Mary travels through life, the happi- ness she has given us may be reflected along its path. W. A. A.; Student Government Association. 1 Page eighty-two MARY F. SULLIVAN " Mary F. " 215 Maxfield St., New Bedford, Mass. Elementary Course " Her voice was ever soft, gentle, low An excellent quality in a ivoman. " There is no need to try to explain Mary ' s success. It is, and that is all. Mary with her brown curly hair, pretty brown eyes, is want- ed everywhere. Although quiet by nature she is sadly missed when not with us. A friend to one and a friend to all. W. A. A.; Student Government. B Id mi MARY V. SULLIVAN " Mary V. " 5c 5 Baker St., Fall River, Mass. Elementary Course " A little maiden full of wiles. But always ivith a ready smile. " Who is the girl with the curly black hair? She ' s not a " plugger, " neither is she a shirk- er — she ' s just Mary V. She takes in her fav- orite sports, the dances (can she dance! no- thing but — ), and the all-around fun. She and Margaret are inseparable. Mary does not neglect her studies but keeps everything going smoothly together. Your friends will always remember you, Mary. W. A. A.; Student Government; Varsity Hockey ; Hiking. B JUSTIN A. SULLIVAN " Jud " 149 Park St., Gardner, Mass. Practical Arts Course " Let a smile be your umbrella on a rainy, rainy day. " Jud is the only Gardner boy graduating this year. He is one of our social, athletic, and scholastic lights. Jud has been very attentive to a young blonde lady from his own city. After successfully passing Mr. Weston ' s course he feels capable of conquering the edu- cational world. He has been prominent in athletics, having played varsity football, bas- ketball, and soccer. Men ' s A. A.; Men ' s Student Government. Page eighty-three % ' ' .- MILLICENT F. SWEENEY 400 Bradford Ave., Fall River Elementary Course " A peace above all earthly dignities, A still and quiet conscience. " A lover of music and a staunch true friend is Millicent. We in the " dorm " have all been charmed by her wonderful piano playing. She is serious in her work and does well in her studies. However she combines humor and seriousness, for she follows the maxim — " All work and no play, Make Millicent a dull girl. " W. A. A.; Student Government. Id EH LILLIAN SWICKER Townsend, Mass. Elementary Course " Of manner gentle, and affection mild! " Lillian is a quiet girl who is loved by all who are lucky enough to know her. She is very conscientious and that is undoubtedly why she is such an artist. There are not many so steadfast of purpose as this girl who does not put aside a thing until she is certain it is well done. — That is Lillian! We wish you success, Lillian. W. A. A.; Day Girls ' Association. HI S H BESSIE TAYLOR " Bess " 24 June St., Gardner, Mass. Elementary Course " Pleasant in manner and speech. " Bessie always has a smile and an encour- aging word for everyone. Therefore she has made a host of friends here at F. N. S. She is a conscientious student and appears quiet but those who know her can readily vouch for her keen sense of humor. W. A. A.; Bridge Club; Day Girls ' Club. t Page eighty -four ROBERT F. THOMPSON " Bob " 426 Massachusetts Ave., Arlington, Mass. Practical Arts Course " A helping hand he is ready to lend To anyone, especially a friend; Very good-hearted, generous and kind, A truer friend you ' ll never find. " To one who can meet any problem with a smile, success is inevitable. Ask the boys at the " Berkshire Club " if they ever saw " Bob " when he didn ' t wear a smile or wasn ' t ready for a good time. " Bob " gets the fullest en- joyment out of everything he does, including studying. Editor-in-Chief of " Saxifrage " ; Pres. Mens ' A. A.; Chairman, Point System; Gaveleers; Dramatic Club; Glee Club; Men ' s Student Government; Stage Manager " Bohemian Girl " ' 27. S HI B MARGARET TONSETH " Tommy " Leominster Road, Lunenburg, Mass. Elementary Course " Always ready, always there, Always willing to do her share. " " I must have my exercise! " We hear Mar- garet say — basketball and sports in general are her hobby — she is strong for athletics and her home town. Her greatest pride is her hiking mileage — A road always allures and entices her to a good long hike! Day Girls ' Association; W. A. A.; Hiking. s s s SYLVIA TURUNEN " Gyp " 128 High Street, Fitchburg, Mass. Elementary Course " The better known the greater is her worth appreciated. " We think that Sylvia with her great artis- tic ability should really go far as a teacher of drawing. Her talent was very much in evi- dence on the boards at the Highland Avenue School. But her fine work is not confined to drawing only. Her quick-witted and apt re- plies to " tricky " questions were much appre- ciated by her classmates. W. A. A.; Day Girls ' Association. Page eighty-five EDITH F. TUTTLE " Tut " Warren, Mass. Elementary Course " Good nature brings many friends. " What better example could we ask of the above than our own Edith? She has endear- ed herself to many with her plea ' ant person- ality and ever-ready wit. Edith can always be found where there is a good time, but de- spite this she does not forget her studies or her violin. W. A. A.; Orchestra; Basketball. S S B CECELIA E. WARD " Ceal " ' 25 Prescott St., Clinton, Mass. Elementary Course " Just being happy is a fine thing to do. Looking on the bright side rather than the blue. " Cecelia is one of our numerous commuters. With her smiling happy face she is an asset to her class. We have noticed that she is al- ways ready to have a good time but in having it she doesn ' t neglect her studies. Good luck, to you, Cecelia. W. A. A.; Day Girls ' Association. EH Ei] gl LEONARD R. WILKINSON " Wilky " 727 Pleasant St., Worcester, Mass. Practical Arts Course " Sturdy as an oak; he botes to naught but kno ' wledge. " Wilky, a very sensible chap, who first grac ed our portals in the fall of 1925, hales from Worcester Trade School and has made his years here a great success. Wilky has devel- oped from one of the bachelors into a very popular young man with the women and with one in particular. Bes ifes being socially in- clined he has had every success as an athlete playing varsity basketball, football, and soc- cer, being student coach of the latter. Pres. of Gaveleers; Vice-Pres. Men ' s Stu- dent Government; Student Council; Men ' s A. A. Page eighty-six DOROTHY B. WILLIAMS " Dot " 1043 North Main St., Fall River, Mass. Elementary Course A clever girl and one always willing to help her classmates and friends. She may be seen walking through the corridors evenings, her brown eyes sparkling and her lips form- ing pleasant chatter to pass away the time in cheery conversation. W. A. A.; Student Government. nn m Id ALDA E. WINSLOW 17 Blossom St., Fitchburg, Mass. Elementary Course " The 7nildest manner -and the greatest heart. " Alda is one of the local girls who has won our favor. As a student she always has something of interest to contribute whether in the classroom or among friends. Those who are acquainted with her can assure you that she is at all times a true friend and charming companion. W. A. A.; Day Girls ' Association. B HI B MARJORIE H. WRIGHT Brookfield, Mass. Elementary Course " Marge " " To know her is to love her. " " Marjorie is an artist With the needle, she sure wins fame. With everyone she ' s a darling. For herself she has made a name. Sweet and wholesome is Marge With character deeply ingrained, And full of originality which must not be left unnamed. " W. A. A.; Student Government. Page eighty-seven v MAR5ARET H McNEIL JES31E F. WOOD HELEN 6. McCarthy MAfit M. CUNN N HAM ELSIE E. JU5TIN ELIZABETH A. DC«M N MARGARET E. KILLELEA HERBERT J- 5ULLIVAN Second IJear Students CARL W. AMBROSE " Skipper " Snow St., Fitchburg, Mass. Practical Arts Course " It is a quiet man who succeeds. " The " Skipper " showed up in the fall of 1926 and enrolled as a P. A. Man. He has proved to be a true friend to all his acquaint- ances. We wish you the best of luck and success in the years to come. M. A. A.; Student Government; Art Staff " Saxifrage. " IS gl HI GEORGE P. BONARDI 4 Liscomb St., Worcester, Mass. Practical Arts Course " A genial manner makes life ' s journey smooth. " George, as we call him, is another Worces- ter boy. He still has another year at " col- lege " and we sure have enjoyed having George in our midst. We hope that next year will be as happy a one as this one has for him. Don ' t give up the ship, George. M. A. A.; Men ' s Student Government. S HENRY M. BROWN " Brownie " 9 Prescott Place, Worcester, Mass. Junior High School Course " must confess I do ivant eloquence. " " Brownie " is one of the " Worcester Boys. " He is an industrious and an ambitious stu- dent and from what we hear will some day take the place of Demosthenes. He is fond of debating and his favorite expression is, " I don ' t know about that. " Geographic Club; Men ' s A. A.; Men ' s Stu- dent Government. Page ninety FRANCIS J. CAVANAGH " Cav " 3 Pine Street, Leominster, Mass. Practical Arts Course " Love and let love. " ' ' Cav " hails from the nearby borough of Leominster and is one of the reason ' s why the F. and L. R. R. is a failure. When not en- gaged in training for his life ' s ambition " to become a successful P. A. man " he may be found at Miller Hall or wherever athletic con- test is in order. Success to you, " Cav. " Baseball; Basketball; Soccer; Mens ' A. A.; Men ' s Student Government; Men ' s Glee Club; Mohawks. BOS JOSEPH T. CAVANAUGH State St., Bondsville, Mass. Practical Arts Course " Joie " " Patience and diligence are to he re- warded. " After graduating from Palmer High School " Joie " had a burning ambition to become a grammar master, but after taking one look at the aspirants for this career at Bridge- water, he set out post-haste for Fitchburg to pursue the Practical Arts Course. Lack of stature did not keep Napoleon from great achievement and will not hinder our Joe from realizing his ambitions. Men ' s A. A.; Men ' s Student Government. s s Id EUGENE W. CLARK " Gene " Lowell Corporation Hospital, Lowell, Mass. Practical Arts Course " Still waters run deep. " Gene blew in from Lowell High, and is cer- tainly keeping up that great old " rep, " Hy- gene. His ambition in life, seems to be drifting down some great stream in Maine, or strum- ming a banjo. Men ' s A. A.; Men ' s Student Government. Page ninety-one fWt JANET CLARK 77 Central St. Stoneham, Mass. Junior High School Course " She that was ever fair and ever proud, Had voice at vnll and yet was never loud. " Last year a " dorm " girl, this year she has joined the ranks of commuters. Two minutes of nine Janet comes rushing to school, breathless and with the question on her lips, " Am I late for class? " It would be a surprise to all if she appeared early. She is a good-natured and sweet girl, al- ways ready for whatever comes up, academic or social. BUS PAUL R. COLLEN 40 Hayden St., Orange, Mass. Junior High School Course " Buried among my books I lie. " Paul travels back and forth from Orange each day on the Boston Maine Railroad. We never see Paul around the lobby as he gener- ally is so busy with his studies that he finds little time for " horseplay. " His favorite hangout is the library, and there he can al- ways be found, ' midst that sombre atmos- phere of learning. M. A. A.; Men ' s Student Government. EI El - - MARY MARGARET V. CUNNINGHAM " Mae " 429 Howard St., Lawrence, Mass. Junior High School Course " Much mirth and no madness, All good and no badness. " Mirth, mastery, variety, charm, all in Mae ' s name. Work with her, play with hei ' — she ' s a good sport with grit and wit, a good stu- dent, too. Besides her other activities Mae finds time for much nature study. Down the field, up the floor, to the front! Keep going, Mae, never say die! W. A. A.; Glee Club; Debating; Student Government Association. Page ninety-two 1t ' FRANCIS J. DEGNAN " Deg ' 46 Edgeworth St., Worcester, Mass. Junior High School Course " Disturb not that tvhich is quiet. " Worcester has contributed this hard-work- ing, bashful boy. The fair sex mean nothins to him. " Deg " is a good student and likes all his studies (especially art? ? ?). He made a thorough study of geography this year and we expect him to bring out some new and startling ideas along this line. Geographic Club; Men ' s A. A.; Men ' s Stu- dent Government. s El a ELIZABETH ANN DORMIN " Betsy " 967 Water St., Fitchburg, Mass. Junior High School Course " Vivacity is the gift of women. " Such popularity must be deserved — ask her classmates, they know. Want an all-around pal with a sunny smile and a sweet disposi- tion — here comes Betsy — cute and peppy — with little immunity for the charm of the less numerous sex. All set, Betsy? Let ' s go on. W. A. A.; Glee Club; Debating; Day Girls ' Association; Dramatic Club. isi m m LOUIS P. FONTAINE " Frog " 453 North Main St., Palmer, Mass. Practical Arts Course " The wandering minstrel. " Fontaine by name and fountain by nature. Music and fun gush, forth easily and often. Laughter, song, and tuneful toots, but never any dull periods when Louie is around. Louis is a popular member of his class and a val- uable addition to the glee club. His lighting effects added to the success of our stage ac tivities. Gaveleers; Mens ' A. A.; Men ' s Student Government; Men ' s Glee Club; Orchestra. Page ninety-three EDWARD JAMES FRANCE " Eddie " 526 New Boston Road, Fall Rivei " , Mass. Junior High School Course " Not too serious, not too gay A good fellow in every way. " Auburn-haired " Eddi e " arrived from the big city of Fall River and promptly became pop- ular. A smile for everyone and for every- thing seems to be his motto. Being our best " soccer star " and a grammar-master only helps to enhance Eddie ' s value. His last year should certainly be promising. Mohawks; Mens ' A. A.; Glee Club; Geo- gi ' aphical Society; Men ' s Student Govern- ment; Varsity Baseball; Soccer; Second team Basketball; Class Basketball; Volleyball; Track. El EH 13 MARY L. FRASER " Mollie " 56 Union St., Leominster, Mass. Junior High School Course " Good deeds come from the heart. " Molly and her chum, Irene, are so insepar- able that we think of both rather than of one. Molly is cheerful and helpful both in and out of school. She has her work done well and on time. Moreover, she takes interest in out- side activities of which bowling is her favor- ite. W. A. A.; Day Girls ' Association. SI a ALICE CLAIRE GILSON " Al " 26 Appleton Circle, Fitchburg, Mass. Junior High School Course " Isn ' t cupid a knavish lad, Thus to make poor females mad? " A gay laugh, a merry smile, a happy " Hi " — and we have one of the joUiest, best sports of J. H. S. II. Alice comes to us from West Fitchbux ' g; but really she ' s quite interested in surrounding towns. A very successful teach- er she will be — especially in Gardner! W. A. A.; Day Girls ' Association; Geogra- phical Society. i Page ninety-four Id ROBERT E. GOSSELIN " Goose " Worcester, Mass. Practical Arts Course " A vein of mirth beneath his air of dig- nity. " " Goose " President of his Class at Worces- ter Trade, a man any class wo uld be proud to have at its helm. In our first year it was a common occurance to see " Goose " on or near the campus other than during school hours, but somehow this year the attraction isn ' t anymore, hence the absence of friend " Goose " We wish you all the success in the world " Goose. " M. A. A.; Student Government; Mohawks; Glee Club. EARL F. HALLET " Mai " West Groton, Mass. Practical Arts Course " A fair example of flaming youth. " Mai, like so many of our prominent Ameri- cans, comes from a small town. In spite of the handicaps of catching early morning trains, he attended Fitchburg High, and since graduation, has been a reliable and conscien- tious member of the Practical Artists. Com- muting has prevented his taking part to some extent in the social life of F. N. S., but our loss is West Groton ' s gain. " Mai " has in his character, all the elements of success and we are sure he will attain what he so well de- serves. Men ' s A. A.; Men ' s Student Government. S HI gil PHILIP L. HOULE " Phil " 18 Ludlow St., Worcester, Mass. Practical Arts Course " The ivorld deals good-naturedly with good- natured people. " In the fall of 1926 Worcester Trade School sent another able representative to Normal in the person of " Phil " Houle. His record at this institution has made him well qualified for the teaching profession. He wants to be a teacher and he is going to be. He is going to be with us a year more, and we expect he will keep things humming right along as he has this year. Mohawk Club; Glee Club; Men ' s A. A.; Men ' s Student Government. Page ninety-five % FLORENCE R. INNERASKY " Flossie " 233 Cedar St., Fitchburg, Mass. Junior High School Course " Determination is the first and last word for me. " Florence has a gay smile for everyone and a charming blush, too, for a more select few. J. H. S. II. will not soon forget " Flossie. ' " We hope that in future years Florence will not attempt to hide her talent as she nov does in Art Class. This girl certainly has personality and pep — we know she ' ll be .suc- cessful. Day Girls ' Association; W. A. A.; Geogra- phical Society. s s s DOROTHY M. IRELAND " Dot " 7 River St., Leominster, Mass. Junior High School Course " Quiet and retiring is she. " Dot is one of the many commuters from Leominster. Though of a pleasant and quiet nature we warn you not to get into an argu- ment with her. When you know her you will like her. She has taken no part in athletics but has kept faithfully to her lessons. May you have success and joy in your work, Dot. W. A. A.; Day Girls ' Association; Glee Club. SUE ELSIE E. JUSTEN 13 Newton Place, Fitchburg, Mass. Junior High School Course " Rare compound of oddity, frolic, and fun! Popular, industrious, athletic, and jolly is this valued member of J. H. S. II. Her un- tiring efforts are recognized by everyone. Al- most every school event rested somewhat up- on her loyalty and dependability. Responsi- bility she never shirked — willingly she labor- ed ever. Success is the reward of diligence; so you, Elsie, should be assured of it. Debating; W. A. A.; Day Girls ' Associa- tion. Page ninety-six L-V .r A ' » " vy -SV ' :!F= a EMIL E. KEILER " Red ' Easthampton, Mass. Practical Arts Course " One who always evjoyed his ivork. " Here ' s a bona-fide member of that exclusive fraternity, the " Sorrel Tops. " He is the sole representative in S. P. A. II and we are just- ly proud of him. Red is alert in work, play, study and athletics He gets into an argu- ment easily and gets cut again just as easily, often taking the decision with him. He has a good head for science and mathematics, but uses it with even greater effect in a soccer game. Apparently a modest young man, like the musical frog, he is often heard " blowing his own horn. " If there is any school acti- vity he missed we can ' t discover it. Gaveleers; Mens ' A. A.; Men ' s Student Government; Bachelors Club; Class Basket- ball; Varsity Soccer; Class Soccer; Orchestra. BBS ELIZABETH E. KINGSTON " Betty " Linwood Ave., Whitinsville, Mass. Junior High School Course " None know thee but to love thee None name thee hut to praise. " Hail to a true Millerite contributed to F. N. S. by Whitinsville! Being possessed of a well- balanced disposition, the academic work never constituted a serious menace to her. But if you want to know what to do in History, and how, ask Betty, when she ' s awake! Ready? She ' s going on to success. W. A. A.; Student Government; Geographic Society; Girl Scouts. - HI S B ALBERTA G. LABEREE " Al " Fitchburg, Mass. R. F. D. 1. Junior High School Course " The secret of success is constancy to pur- pose. " Alberta is rated as a quiet girl, but how about it, J. H. S. II? She has been a shining light as an English arid science teacher this year. Alberta ' s chief interests are library work and Worcester, or is it just Worcestei-, that she is interested in? " Al " has taken a great deal of interest in her teaching and studies while at F. N. S. and we predict for her wonderful success in her chosen profes- sion. W. A. A.; Day Girls ' Association. Page ninety-seven - - - — ' EDWARD A. LAKSO " Ed " 45 Shattuck St., Fitchburg, Mass. Practical Arts Course " Plain constancy and resolution. " When we think of Ed, all we can say is that he is a true blue pal; alwaj ' S ready to help a friend in need. We have no doubt that Ed will take care of himself in this little game of life. Stay with them Ed and enjoy next year, if you can, as it is your last. M. A. A.; Men ' s Student Government; Mo- hawks. S SI B JOSEPH LANZA " Joe " 96 Mechanic St., Leominster, Mass. Practical Arts Course " Fo7- he is a jolly good fellow. " " Joe " is just one of the boys who hails from Leominster. He has shown great dramatic ability and will always be remembered as " The Lunatic " in Dramatic Club ' s presenta- tion, " Thank You, Doctor. " Joe is also one of the main stays of the Sr. II P. A. basketball team. We wonder if the formation of the new Dramatic Club started another romance. Did it, Joe? M. A. A.; Student Government; Dramotic Club; Mohawks. S HI m MARGARET A. LENNON " Peggy " 210 Highland Ave., Fitchburg, Mass. Junior High School Course " A little ivit now and then Is relished by the wisest men. " The better we know Margaret, the more her worth we appreciate. It ' s just a case of, " Haste thee. Nymph, and bring with thee Jest and youthful Jollity " , for the dark est moment is made bright. Even the business world knows her helpfulness, as is proved by her demand in regard to office work. But — " where ' s Alice? " W. A. A.; Day Girls ' Association; Geo- graphic Society. Page ninety-eight A 1 GERTRUDE M. MATTHEWMAN " Gert " 14 Oak Street, Whitinsville, Mass. Junior High School Course " Better late than never. " Who is the fair lass strolling nonchalant- ly into the lobby? None other than a tried and true daughter of Miller Hall. Who can forget her proctoring services there? Or her ever present problem. " How can I get this lesson plan in on time? — It was due yester- day. " Don ' t worry, Gert, a late dawn preceeds a fairer day. Student Government; Debating; Glee Club; W. A. A.; Basketball. HI 13 HI HUGH CAMERON McLEAN " Mac " 24 Goodwin St., Fitchburg, Mass. Junior High School Course " Smile and the world smiles tvith you. " " Mac " is one of our local boys and — some boy! A J. H. S. II athlete, a source of know- ledge in the classroom, always on the go, and ever ready, helps to identify him. " Mac " has many friends, especially among the fair sex. We wonder, though, why he picks them so small? See you later, " Mac " . Men ' s A. A.; Men ' s Glee Club; Men ' s Stu- dent Government; Class Basketball; Track; Soccer; Volley Ball. BBS FRANCIS A. MILLER Whitinsville, Mass. Practical Arts Course " Bing " " A human Declaration of Independence. " Bing is another one of our Worcester Trade School boys, and he sure can give a good ac- count of himself in the shops. We have had a lot of fun with Bing and we hope he al- ways keeps his keen sense of humor with him as it is a great asset. M. A. A.; Men ' s Student Government; Var- sity Soccer; Class Soccer; Class Basketball; Class Baseball. GRACE M. MILLER " Grade " 156 Suffield St., Agawam, Mass. Junior High School Course " Ever loyal and erer true To the task she has to do. " Grace is a quiet girl but all who know her appreciate her fine qualities. She is an en- thusiastic supporter of all the sports at F. N. S. and takes part in them as well. Whether it be hockey, basketball, bowling, or track, Grace does her share in helping to bring hon- ors to J. H. S. IL She is especially interested in bowling. W. A. A.; Student Government. HI ss in DOMINIC JOHN MONFREDO " Monty " 69 East Central St., Worcester, Mass. Junior High School Course " Make thy presence known. " " Monty " hails from the " Heart of the Com- monwealth. " A pleasing personality, a good dancer, a brilliant scholar, and a " star " of J. H. S. II class teams. Monty is an orator with dynamic delivery and with the addition- al polishing he will secure at F. N. S. next he will be a dangerous rival for Senator Borah. Men ' s A. A.; Men ' s Student Government; Glee Club; Class Basketball; Track; Volley ball; Soccer. Id HI El PAUL B. MORAN " Barney " " P.B. " 35 Willow St., Fitchburg, Mass. Practical Arts Course " Witty, jolly and carefree. Always as happy as can be. " Paul, better known as " Barney " or " P.B. " was originally with the class of ' 28. Due to sickness he was forced to leave school but his love for the P. A. game made him return to us the following year. His abilities are out- standing and success to him is imminent. ' 29 is behind you, Paul, Let ' er go. Men ' s A. A.; Men ' s Student Government; Interclass Basketball; Soccer; Mohawks. Page one hundred n t J. EVERETT MORGAN 609 Union St., New Bedford, Mass. Junior High School Course " ' Tis said he goes about looking for an hon- est man. " This brilliant grammarian hails from New Bedford and he sure knows his English. As captain of the J. H. S. II debating team, he has brought honor to his class. On the dance floor he is " It " . He is also a fiery athlete in class games. His favorite expression is, " I ' ll spot you ten in handball. " Mohawk Club; Debating; Men ' s A. A.; Men ' s Student Government; " Saxifrage " Board; Class Basketball Team. s a s MARY B. MULLEN " Mayre " 171 Pleasant St., Leominster, Mass. Junior High School Course " Her eyes, fair eyes, like to the purest lights That animate the sun or cheer the day hi whom the shining sunbeams brightly play Whiles Fancy doth on them divine delights. " Mary, those bright eyes! Be careful how you make use of them! Music dramatics and Junior High School Literature — Which do you enjoy the most? It seems you spent the most time on the last. Didn ' t she make a winsome Pierrette? And who was Pierrot? Dramatic Club; Glee Club; Geographic So- ciety. la B H PERCY C. NOBLE " Perc " 37 Broad St. Westfield, Mass. Practical Arts Course " All great men are dead and I am feeling ill. " It v as the good fortune of our class to have as one of its entering members a quiet Retir- ing young fellow from Worcester Tech. " Perc " came to us from the famous technical school in the " Heart of the Commonwealth " with an overweighted mind and with no men- tion of an abundance of avoirdupois in his physical makeup. The observant citizen will note the change in Percy ' s stature, due, we think, to the strenuous workouts in the gym — maybe? We feel sure that " Perc " will be successful in his chosen profession and wish nim the best of luck. M. A. A.; Student Government; Mohawk Club. Page one kinidred one JAMES P. O ' LEARY " Pusher " 70 Pleasant St., Fairhaven, Mas3. Practical Arts Course " The good die young — be careful. " Jim is one of our illustrious athletes, and he sure can play basketball. Many times we have watched " Pusher " " push ' em up. " Jim is another one of that inseparable trio, see one, you see all three of them. We have en- joyed having you with us and hope that you will enjoy a wonderful final year at the " In- stitution. " You really should, Jim, because you are there. M. A. A.; Men ' s Student Government; Gaveleers ' ; Varsity Basketball. B S S ANNA PETCEN " Ann " Pine Grove, Northampton, Mass. Junior High School Course " Not stepping o ' er the bounds of modesty. " Ann is a reserved girl with many unknown capabilities which are from time to time dis- covered by others. This has been proved on the athletic field in all lines of sport. An- other of these capabilities is in the artistic line. Because of her firmness of will power plus these latent abilities she will win through to success. W. A. A.; Geographic Society. El 13 m WILLIAM J. PRENDERGAST " Prendy " 53 Franklin St., Clinton, Mass. Junior High School Course " Of quiet and studious aspect is he. " " Prendy " is one of our new students in the J. H. S. course. He came to us from the Practical Arts Department, and we welcome him most heartily. " Prendy " is an accomplished musician, and we are glad to have such a person with us. He is very popular with the boys, and we are all sure that he will continue to be popular. We wish you luck! Men ' s A. A.; Men ' s Student Government. 1 Page one hundred two MARGARET S. PROCTOR " Migret " Massachusetts Ave., Luenburg, Mass. Junior High School Course " One who never undertakes anything in- effectually. " Margaret is a girl who does well whatever she undertakes regardless of whether it is in the field of athletics or scholarship. It is she who led us through the unknown phases of track. It is she who is now ably leading the activities of the W. A. A. Who does not know the javelin thrower of New England? President of W. A. A.; Geographical So- ciety; Day Girls ' Assoc. BBS LETITIA IRENE REEVES 66 Union St., Leominster, Mass. Junior High School Course " True to her word, her work, her friends. " Irene is one girl in J. H. S. II who, when she " has to say something " always " has some- thing to say. " She does her own work and is willing to help others and she does it all with her quiet smile for everyone. We wish her much prosperity. W. A. A.; Day Girls ' Association. B B B NORMAN ROSCH " Dutchy " 41 Wait St., Springfield, Mass. Practical Arts Course " The better known, the greater is his worth appreciated. " " Dutchy " came to us from Drury convincing us that it was the ONLY School. He has been with us for two now, and has made a host of friends. " Dutchy " is there when it comes to ing any kind of athletics, and sure has a name for himself. Success to you, " Dutch " . Mohawk, Treasurer; Men ' s A. A.; Student Government. High, High years coach- made Men ' s Page one hundred three GUY J. RUSSO " Guy J. " 39 Allen St., Fitchburg, Mass. Junior High School Course " will be heard. " Industriousness, keenness, willingness, ability, friendliness, and a sense of humor are all contained in a small package named Guy J. Russo. Besides having all these good qual- ities, Guy is one of the mainstays in class athletics. Arousing the opponents ire seems to be his hobby in class games. Few who have met him will forget this likable fellow. Geography Club; Men ' s A. A.; Men ' s Stu- dent Government; Student Council; Class Basketball; Volleyball; Soccer. PES IRJA SAMPO 202 Rollstone Street, Fitchburg, Mass. Junior High School Course " One thing is forever good That one thing is success. " Well on the road to success is Irja. If in- dustry means anything, it surely means that Irja will succeed in whatever she undertakes. " Be prepared for anything that might hap- pen in the pursuit of knowledge " is her motto. However, she does not consider studies as the only thing in life, as the members of the " round table " know. She is a good all-around athlete, and has played on various school teams. The whole class wish you success in your future work, Irja. m m m WILLIAM J. SULLIVAN " Sully " 94 Union Street, Leominster, Mass. Junior High School Course " For he is a jolly good felloiv. " " Sully " is on e of our most active and pop- ular students. He is always on the alert, and never allows anyone to get ahead of him. Last year, Sully showed his athletic prowess in the inter-class track meet. We are sure that he will continue to do good work in and out of school. In addition, " Sully " has a host of friends at F. N. S. We wish you great suc- cess ! Mohawk; Men ' s A. A. Men ' s Student Gov- ernment; Student Council. 1( Page one hundred four WALDO E. SUHLKE " Sulk " 63 Walnut St.. Leominster, Mass. Practical Arts Course " owe it all to her. " " Sulk " is not what the name implies. This member of our class came to us from Lowell Textile with a Degree in Textile Chemistry. A deserter to the ranks of the bachelor he has an attached ideal to work for. His record in training certainly speaks well for his abilities in the P. A. field. Men ' s A. A.; Men ' s Student Government. ass THURE A. SUND " Gus " 2 Scrimgeous Rd., Worcester, Mass. Practical Arts Course " He must be known to be appreciated. " " Gus " was very shy in his first year, but that soon wore off. " Gus " is a typical P. A. man, both in shop and academic classes. Many hearty laughs and heated arguments have been had with Gus as the Main Performer. His red glowing hair always kept the class burning in every way. M. A. A. Student Government. S El S CUTHERT W. TUNSTALL " Cuffy " 12 Maple Ave., Fairhaven, Mass. Practical Arts Course. " We have known him by his good ivork. " " Cuffy " is our fashion plate; we really think that he will soon be on the road, dis- playing for Hart-Schaffner Marx, " what the well-dressed young man should wear. " " Cuffy " sure does like to speed around on his " iron horse, " but he does go places and sees things. All joking aside, we are sure that he will make good wherever he goes. M. A. A.; Men ' s Student Government; Gaveleers ' ; Snapshot Editor of the " Saxi- frage " ; Class Soccer; Class Basketball. Page one hundred five CORRINE A. WRIGHT-S6tm,- » ' -W Connie " Main St., Agawam, Mass. Junior High School Course " Would there were more like her. " Concerning Connie ' s appearance we note especially her fluctuations in the matter of hairdressing. We never are sure whether she is letting it grow or not. But for all this, Connie is a leader in her studies. Who always got highest marks in intelligence tests? Connie! She ' s a most pop- ular person, too, as certain residents of Hast- ing ' s Hall could testify. We know she ' ll suc- ceed. W. A. A.; Geographic Society; Student Government. Class Ristori] JUNIOR YEAR 1927-1928 On a warm September morning in the year 1926, the Juniors entered Fitchburg Normal School, cautious but unafraid. Their eagerness to meet new friends and readiness to adapt themselves to new situations showed that already they had imbibed some of the school spirit. On the sixth of October, the Junior Reception took place, in which the Juniors were formally presented to the faculty. As soon as the Juniors became acquainted with each other thej elect- ed officers to guide them thru their strenuous course. They chose Row- ena Mason, president; James O ' Leary, vice-president; Alice Senuta, sec- retary; George Murray, treasurer; and Miss Conlon, faculty advisor. During the next few months the two Senior classes provided the Juniors with entertainment. The Hallowe ' en held terrors for some and enjoyment for all. The spirit at the Student Government and Day Girls ' Association banquet was indicative of the co-operation that exists between the " day " and " dorm " girls. The masquerade party, with its variety of costumes and novel en- tertainment, sent all home filled with stories of happy times during the first months of F. N. S. The full significance of the spirit of Christmas dawned upon every- one at the Christmas banquet, which was held in true Old English style. Page one hundred six M. Class tiislori] -- continued Then came St. Valentine ' s Day. The Seniors had come to the end of their reign. The Junior party showed that the Juniors could very well fill the place that the Seniors had just abdicated. The merry month of May brought us " blue days and fair " and the Senior promenade. It was a gala night for the Seniors, but the Juniors enjoyed seeing their upper classmates in their glory. With June, came Class Day and graduation. The Seniors were leav- ing, but the Juniors had shown thruout the year that they could fill their places very well. SENIOR CLASS 1927-1928 When we entered in the fall we were upperclassmen, ready to assume the weight of our responsible positions. To make our Juniors feel at home, we entertained them at a party, then, we initiated them. Feeling that we needed a masculine hand to guide us thru ' the coming year, we elected Thomas Carrigan, president; Doris Drew, vice-president; Catherine Hammond, secretary; George Murray, treasurer; and Miss Williams, faculty advisor. At the Junior reception, the members of the Junior class were form- ally presented to the faculty. Then there followed in quick succession, social events which are so instrumental in promoting good fellowship among the students. Although the Hallowe ' en party was dreaded by the Juniors, the mem- bers of the J. H. S. IV. class with the aid of the faculty, sent everyone home to dream of ghosts, black cats, and witches. To further co-operation and comradeship between the " Day " and " Dorm " girls, the Student Government and Day Girls ' Association held their banquet in conjunction. The clever imagination of our students was brought to light at the masquerade party with its variety of costumes and entertainment. On December 9, the Massachusetts State Board of Education held a reception at which Mr. Charles M. Herlihy was formally welcomed as principal of Fitchburg Normal School. The Old English banquet and the carolling at the community Christ- mas tree helped to instill the Christmas spirit in our hearts. In accordance with the provisions of the annual Todd lectureship. Dr. Charles H. Judd delivered a lecture on " Social Inheritance " which shed a new light on the teaching profession. Then came May and the Senior promenade. How many hearts beat faster while dancing in the old-fashioned garden to the strains of a waltz ! To the untiring efforts of Miss Perry we owe the delightful concert that was given by the boys ' and girls ' glee clubs. Class Day, Singout, and Graduation. Shall this be the end ? No, for as we climb the road to success, we shall always look back to our Alma Mater, where first we received our inspiration. Page one hundred seven AMBITIOUS MARRIED? NO SHATING Junior Class THOMAS J. HUGHES President HELEN M. BARNICLE Vice-President GERTRUDE M. FITZGERALD Secretary JOSEPH K. VALENTINE Treasurer I Page one hundred ten ALL CAST ALL THE COMFORTS OF HOME Together we have laughed and sung and played, Together we cheered for hard won victories, And then in lighter measure we have loved, For many lovers ' moons have waxed and waned. So passed the days, tradition, work, and jest. But never will these days be wholly gone. For each of us to every other one. Is linked by chains of happy memories. Q AycXAAHXiil f?--. ' DRAMATIC CLUB OFFICERS Ann McCavery President Joseph Lanza Vice-President Abbie Gaughan -».. -... Treasurer Sadie Kielty Secretary Dramdlic Club 1927-1928 In order to be more successful, the Dramatic Club this year was or- ganized on a new basis. Members were admitted by try-outs and the quota was fixed at 35. At the first meeting, the following officers were elected : Ann McCavery, president; Joseph Lanza, vice-president; Sadie Kielty, secretary; Abbie Gaughan, treasurer. A committee was appointed to draw up a new constitution for the club. It was decided that the club should have its business meeting the second Tuesday in every month, and its program the fourth Tuesday every month. Dorothy O ' Malley was elected chairman of the program com- mittee. The delightful Christmas play, " Why the Chimes Rang " was present- ed at a special assembly on December 23. The cast included : Holger Francis Quinn Steen Joseph Kibling Bertel Joseph Lanza An old woman .... Florence Ri.cker The Priest Leo Connolly The beautiful woman Sadie Kielty The old man John Griffin The young girl Bessie Shay The rich man Fritz Borgman The King Robert Thompson The Angel Margaret McNeil Page one hundred fifteen, ..-- ' S — - -- - ' - -- -- -- Dramatic Club - continued The club ' s next public performance was on January 18 when it pre- sented three one-act plays. The first was a fantasie, " Halfway. " Pierrot Florence Ricker Pierrette Mary Mullen Columbine Margaret McNeil Harlequin Alyce Pryor The second play was the well known tragedy, " The Valiant. " This cast gave us an unusual performance. The Warden Anthony West Father Daly Hilding Sundberg The Valiant John Griffin The Valiant ' s sister Abbie Gaughan The Jailer William Lacey The Attendant Russell Watson The last play, " Good Me dicine " was a comedy cleverly acted by the cast. The Doctor Joseph Lanza His Wife ' . Ann McCavery The Patient Dorothy Day These three plays were presented in Gardner for the Women ' s Cath- olic Club later in the month. " Good Medicine " was presented for the third time for the Mailmen ' s Association. 1§ Page one hundred sixteen ; v DEBATING COUNCIL Front Row — G. Lesure, L. Smith, N. Powers, B. Shay. Back Row — J. Valentine, M. Scanlon, K. Dowd. Debdling Debating organized by Lillian Smith These officers were elected: President Lillian Smith Vice-President .— — Neil Powers Secretary Bessie Shay J. H. S. IV. Representative .— Grace Lesure Senior Catherine Dowd Junior Representative Marguerite Scanlon P. A. Representative Joseph Valentine There were three inter-division debates. Junior P. A. vs. Junior IV. Question: " Resolved, That competitive aviation justifies the loss in life and pro- perty. The decision was awarded to the negative, upheld by Junior IV. J. H. S. IV. vs. Senior I. Question: " Resolved, That electives would be detrimental to the scholastic stand- ing of this school. Decision to negative upheld bv Sr. I. J. H. S. I. vs. J. H S II. Question: " Resolved, that the present navy is inefficient. " Decision was awarded to J. H. S. I., who upheld affirmative. From these debates, two teams were chosen by the vote of the debating council and the judge of these debates. These teams represented the school in a debate against Keene Normal School on May 11. Teams: Negative Affirmative Capt. Herbert Sullivan Capt. John Griffin Helen McCarthy Adele Driscoll Doris Pare Josephine Bush Marion Conroy Margaret Ward The affirmative team went to Keene. The negative upheld the question here at the Assembly Hall. The question was: " Resolved, That Congress should establish a federal Department of Education with a seat in the President ' s Cabinet. " Page one Mindred seventeen ' — sv- " w ' i - ' vv ' y Socials The Junior reception was held in the hbrary. Here all the Juniors were presented formally to the members of the faculty. At this recep- tion some of the Seniors were formally introduced to Mr. HerHhy, our new ' ' ) principal, also Mrs. Herlihy, by Thomas Carrigan, the Senior class presi- dent. Student Government banquet, an annual event, was held November 11, 1927, in the dining hall. This was a joint-banquet given by the Day Girls and Dormitory Girls. Abbie Gaughan acted as toast mistress Louise Lothrop, president of the Dormitory Student Government gave an interesting talk, and Mary Roache, president of the Day Girls. This was the first time that Mr. Herlihy formally addressed the students. A short entertainment was given and during the banquet the school songs were sung. After the banquet a dance was held in the Hbrary until eleven o ' clock. The Hallowe ' en party given by J. H. S. IV. was held October 28, 1927 in the Hbrary. The hall was decorated in orange and black. A great many of the alumni returned for this party. The different members of the J. H. S. course entertained. After the entertainment dancing was held until ten o ' clock, when we adjourned to the lobby where the regular Hallowe ' en refreshments were served. Then dancing was resumed until eleven o ' clock. On November 22, 1927 a masquerade was held in the library for all the students. There was general dancing until nine o ' clock. Then the feature of the evening, the grand march, took place. The students ar- rayed in different costumes marched around in front of the judges. The prizes were awarded for the prettiest, funniest, most original, most elabo- rate, then dancing followed. A typical old English banquet was held December 22, 1927 in the din- ing hall. The banquet was opened by the carollers who walked among the tables singing Christmas hymns. The lord and lady then entered pre- ceeded by the pages. Leone Cyr took the part of the lord, Abbie Gaughan, the lady, and the Reisman twins were the pages. The cook, Ann McCa- very, carrying the " boards head " entertained us with songs. Mabel Rem- ington and Mary Murray completed the scene by bringing in the " Yule- Log. " Mildred Haggerty, the jester, called upon the different students to do some stunt which she thought appropriate. When the banquet was ended, the procession out of the dining-hall was led by the lord and lady, followed by the faculty and members of the school. It has been the custom for many years for the Junior class to give the Valentine party, so on Feb. 10, 1928 it was given in the library. Under the leadership of Ray Clark the hall was very prettily decorated. A de- lightful entertainment was given by the Junior boys in the form of a show they had seen. Each boy related some scene he liked in the show, then other members of the Junior class acted it out. Dancing and refreshments followed the entertainment. Among the guests were several members of the Alumni. Fage one hundred eighteen fr _ £ , ?. --ft MOHAWKS Front Row — Sullivan, Lasko, Prevasoli (vice-president), Connors (president), Connolly (secretary), Rosch (treasurer), Richards, Rice. Second Rov r — Roach, Flinton, Mann, Burt, Mr. Weston, Fillback, Lanza, Dolan, Kempainen. Back Row — Conaty, Branley, Gosselin, Noble, Morgan, Phelps, France, Moran, F. Cavanag ' h, Spring, Mr. Harrington (Sponsor). TTlohdipk Club " SOANGETAHA " This year marked the fourth anniversary of the Mohawk Club. Grad- uation left the club with a membership of thirteen to start the, new year. The total membership was increased to thirty with the addition of seventeen new members. Under its president, James Connors, the club enjoyed one of the most successful years in its history. The other officers who aided him are: John Provasoli, vice-president; Norman Rosch, treasurer; and Leo Connolly, secretary. During the year many prominent men gave the members of the club some helpful and amusing talks. The members had the opportunity to hear our new principal, Mr. Herlihy, speak before them. The students of the school, as well as the members, have benefited by the club. The annual entertainment and dance was held on March 17. The hall was attractively decorated with the club colors, and a short minstrel shoY given before the dance, added a touch to the occasion. In April the club presented its annual dramatic production. Mr. Ferry, of Leominster, was engaged to present a costume recital, " The Songs of Four Centuries. " The club also presented the school with athletic pictures of this year ' s teams for the men ' s recreation room. The Mohawks extend to Mr. Harrington, the club sponser, their ut- most thanks for the interest and help he has given them. lit Paffe one hundred nineteen GAVELEERS Front Row — Mr. MacLaan (Sponsor), Newton, Anderson (vice-president), Wil- kinson (president), Leighton (secretary-treasurer), Tunstall, Keiler. Second Row — Valentine, Powers, Salak, Martin, R. Clark, Ambrose, Grenon, Sylvia. Back Row — Daly, H. Sullivan, Fontaine, Carrigan, Thompson, O ' Leary, DeSousa, Anderson. Qdueleers " Literary Society " GOODFELLOWSHIP " The Gaveleers ' have successfully completed their seventh year. They presented the play " The First Year " as their dramatic effort this year. This play was quite a novelty, a sthe female parts were taken by men. Needless to say, it was a howling success, and the boys received many a favorable comment from our fair co-eds as to the way they impersonated girls. The annual dance was enjoyed bj the whole school. Brothers Thompson and Tunstall entertained with the skits, " I ' m Gonna Dance with the Guy What Brung Me " and " Oh, How We Love Our Alma Mater. " " The Gav, " a paper issued each month and sent to Gaveleers Alum- ni, was continued this year. This paper keeps our Alumni in touch with the doings of the club. The officers of the society for this year are: Leonard Wilkinson president; Alfred Andersen, vice-president; Harvard Leighton, secretary and treasurer. The Gaveleers wish to thank Mr. MacLean for his interest in the club and for his many helpful suggestions. Page one hundred twenty . l v ' ORCHESTRA Front Row — Hughes, E. Tuttle, H. Sawyer, E. Meade, M. Spring, Proctor, Good- win. Back Row — Burt, Gosselin, Miss Wilder, Clark, Miss Perry (Director), Keller, Fontaine. School Orchestra President Elizabeth Meade Secretary-Treasurer .._. Thomas Hughes Librarian Louis Fontaine This year the orchestra was organized on a different basis than formerly, and has met with more than the customary share of success. It has officiated at various social functions of the school and has met every Wednesday evening in order that its presentations might be the more enjoyable. To our dir ector, Miss Perry, goes the sincere gratitude and appre- ciation of our members for her kind leadership throughout the year. Page one hundred tiventy-one % Mens ' Qlee Club The Mens ' Glee Club is by no means a new club to F. N. S. In the year 1922 a large club was active. It was not only a success in all of its undertakings but was equal to many similar clubs of the higher schools of education. Since 1924 due to some unknown reason the club has been inactive. However in the Fall of 1927 it was revived, with the object of assisting in school functions and to give the men an opportunity to knew music for the pleasure of singing it. Rehearsals have been held once a week under the faithful direction of Miss Perry. The songs that the club sang were chiefly of a college nature, although some of the better known pieces such as: " The Winter Song, " " When Good Fellows Get Together, " by Bullard; " The Bells of Shandon, " by Nevin, and " Ole Uncle Moon, " by Scott were studied. The first appearance of the glee club was at one of the Tuesday morning assemblies at which time they sang a number of col- lege songs. The next performance was at the reception of our Principal held in the large assembly hall. The club rendered some of the better known compositions. At a concert in the Spring the club combined with the Women ' s Glee Club will put on a very interesting program, which is the result of many rehearsals held during the winter months. The officers of the club are Louis Fontaine, president; John Rice, vice-president; Armand Richard, custodian of music. The Men ' s Glee Club extend to Miss Perry, director of the club, their sincere appreciation of her interest in and of her varied elTorts towards making the club a success. %l Page one hundred twenty-two Qirls ' Qlee Cub President — — - -- Elizabeth Meade Vice-President — - Helen McCarthy Secretary-Treasurer Mary Hughes The F. N. S. Girls ' Glee Club has accomplished much during the year 1927- ' 28. From the first rehearsal, which came in October, it was a de- decided fact that this would be the glee club ' s most successful year. Early in January, the club appeared before the Fitchburg Teachers ' Associa- tion ; in February, before the Chamber of Commerce ; and throughout the year the glee club has been most successful in its school and public pre- sentations, which carried on an ambitious program. Much credit is due Miss Elizabeth Perry for it was she who led our glee club to success. We all know the way she unselfishly gave us her time and advice, and worked us, ' til we have come to admire her for her remarkable ability, and to respect her for her generous character. The success of the club is due to her and her work, and our earnest hope is, that the Girls ' Glee Club of F. N. S. will continue on its present suc- cessful career, under her capable guidance. Page one hundred tiventy-three ' ► ' f V ' Ar- Fvft -■» MEN ' S STUDENT GOVERNMENT OFFICERS Connolly (secretary), Leighton (president), Wilkinson, (vice-president). Men ' s Student Qouernment The Men ' s Student Government is a comparatively new organization in our school. Its purpose is similar to that of the Women ' s Student Government. As yet, because of its infancy, it is simply a mass meeting of all the men in the school. However, during the course of last year it served to make for better feeling between the students and the faculty. This year it gave a dance which was a successful feature on the social calendar. This organization deserves credit since it is the first time in the history of the school that the men have tried to unite as a group. We believe that as the organization grows many things will be accomplished. President H. Leighton Vice-President ._ L. Wilkinson Secretary Leo Connolly ' ? Page one hundred tiventy-four i. STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION Front Row — Margaret Sullivan (secretary), Bessie Shay, Ann McCavery, Beat- rice Huckins (treasurer). Middle Row — Abbie Gaughan, Helen Kelleher (vice-president), Louise Lothrop (president), Leone Cyr. Back Row — Ruth McCarthy, Agnes Laughlin, Margaret Morgan, Eleanor Strat- ton, Helena Mahoney, Geraldine Wood, Helen E. Sullivan. Dormitory Student Qouernment President .— Louise Lothrop ' 28 Vice-President - Helen Kelleher ' 28 Secretary Margaret Sullivan ' 28 Treasurer Beatrice Huckins ' 28 House President, Palmer Abbie Gaughan ' 28 House President, Miller Leone Cyr ' 28 House Vice-President, Palmer Bessie Shay ' 29 House Vice-President, Miller Eleanor Stratton ' 29 Senior Representatives Helen E. Sullivan ' 28, Helena Mahoney ' 28, Ann McCavery ' 28. Junior Representatives Ruth McCarty ' 29, Geraldine Wood ' 29, Agnes Laughlin ' 29. The Student Government banquet was given on Friday, November 11, 1927 in Palmer Hall dining room. The guests of honor were: Mr. and Mrs. Herlihy, Miss Bradt, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony, Mr. and Mrs. Ran- dall, Miss Perry, Miss Conlon, Miss Margaret Kirby, who represented last year ' s council, and Miss Mary Roache represented the Day Girls ' Asso- ciation. All members of last year ' s council and members of the faculty who eat regularly in the dining room were invited. Page one hundred twenty-five 1 «-ft I Day Qirls ' Associalion The officers of the Day Girls ' Student Government Association for the present year are, Mary Roache, president; Betsy Dormin, vice-president; Cecilia Ward, secretary; Elsa Fowelin, treasurer. The organization ' s purpose is to band together the girls M ho commute and give them repre- sentatives in the affairs at school. A joint banquet of this association and the Dormitory Student Government was held in the Palmer Hall dining room on November 11, 1927. This is the second annual banquet given jointly by these two organizations ' and we feel that this is a pleasant way to bring about a more friendly feeling between the " dorm " girls and the day girls. We sincerely hope that this custom will be continued in the future. :u: Page one hundred twenty-six Do you delight in games, in sports and play, In surge and rush of football battle keen. In din of cheers, in basketball and track? List through the chilly air-— " Our Alma Maters- Feel the thrill, play the game. Never let sportsmanship give way to fame. MEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Front Row — Mr. Weston (faculty advisor), Mr. MacLean (faculty advisor), J. Connors (secretary). Back Row — W. Grenon (vice-president), R. Thompson (president), T. Carrigan (treasurer), Mr. Randall (faculty advisor). ITlen ' s Athletic Association At the close of the school year 1927 the Men ' s Athletic Association chose the following officers for the coming year: Robert Thompson, president; Wilfred Grenon, vice-president; James Connors, secretary; Thomas Carrigan, treasurer. This year the budget system which was started last year was carried on, and this year has been the best year financially the M. A. A. has had. Three sports were sponsored this year, soccer, basketball, and base- ball. Soccer was taken on to replace football which was dropped last year owing to the limited amount of time available for the sport. Our faculty advisors were each given one sport to supervise. Mr. McLean had soccer; Mr. Westor, basketball and Mr. Randall, baseball. We wish to express our appreciation for the great help these men have been to us this year. Especially in working out a system of points where- by every man in school has a chance to win some award. We hope this point system will be working smoothly next year, and we are sure that the men will feel amply repaid for their membership in this association. Page one hundred twenty-nine ' ' mM SOCCER TEAM Front Row — Branley, Daly, H. Sullivan, DeSousa, Murray, Grenon, Carrigan. Second Row — France, Wilkinson, Conaty, F. Cavanagh, Anderson. Back Row — Provasoli (manager), Roy, Keiler, Miller, Rosch (assistant manager). Soccer Early in the fall of ' 27, the Men ' s A. A. voted to organize a soccer team to take the place of football, which had been discontinued the pre- vious year. Leonard Wilkinson was elected by a unanimous vote to carry out the duties of a student coach. John Provasoli was elected manager at the same meeting, and immediately set to work arranging a schedule. Ow- ing to the late start only four games could be arranged. At the first call to practice, eighteen men reported. The townspeople immediately took in- terest in the new game and five members of the Crocker-Burbank team very kindly offered to coach the team in the fine points of the game. Mgr. Provasoli arranged a practice game with the Crocker-Burbank team. In this game, every player realized that he was playing against a team of veterans. Normal showed up wonderfully well but lost the game 2 to 1. The next game was played with Bridgewater Normal. Fitchburg lost this one 3 to 2. We were fortunate enough to secure a game with the Harvard varsity team, which was played at Soldiers ' Field, Cambridge. The boys played a very strong and rugged game but were forced to bow to be a better drilled team to the tune of 3 to 2. The last game of the sea- son was played on our own field with the Crocker-Burbank team again as our opponent. This game resulted in the worst beating that Normal re- ceived throughout the season. The visiting team won, 4 to 1. Although the team did not win any of its four games, it showed that it had plenty of fight and spirit and did not fear to meet even the strong- est teams. Page one hundred thirty 1L BASKETBALL TEAM Front Row — Wilkinson, F. Cavanagh, Carrigan (captain), J. Sullivan B. Fill- back. Back Row — Connors (manager) F. Sullivan, Branley, O ' Leary, Mr. Roberts (coach), Lanza (assistant manager). bdsketbdll The basketball season of 1927-28 was not as successful as far as win- ning games as was last year ' s season, but the team showed wonderful spirit, which after all is the test of a good team; one that can face de- feat with a smile. Under the able management of Jim Connors, sixteen games were on our schedule this year. They are as follows: -New Hampton -Gushing Academy -St. John ' s Academy -Salem Normal -Lowell Tech. -Gushing Academy -Salem Normal -Bridgewater Normal To Dick Roberts, our able coach, we extend many thanks for his won- derful work in getting the team in shape. The team was made up of the following men: J. Daly, J. Sullivan, F. Sullivan, F. Gavanagh, A. Rich- ard, J. O ' Leary, B. Fillback, L Wilkinson, Gapt. Garrigan, Mgr. Gonnors, Goach Roberts. Page one hundred thirty-om -- - - - " - — - — Nov. 19- — Alumni Feb. 4- Dec. 3- -U. S. Coastguard Feb. 7- Dec. 7- -Assumption College Feb. 11- Jan. 4- -Mass. Agricultural Col. Feb. 15- Jan. 7- -Mass. Inst. Tech. Feb. 17- Jan. 14- -St. Anselm ' s College Feb. 22 Jan. 21- -Exter Academy Feb. 24- Jan. 28- -Deerfield Academy Mar. 10 CAPT. WILFRED H. GRENON MGR. JUSTIN A SULLIVAN bdsebdll The 1928 season has been a successful one under Coach Gilmartin. Seven games were on the schedule, due to the untiring efforts of Manag- er Jud Sullivan who was working under the handicap of the discontinu- ance of baseball last season. Here is the schedule of the games played: April 21 — St. Anselm ' s College at Manchester April 28 — Assumption College at Worchester May 5 — Keene Normal at Keene May 9 — St. John ' s Academy at Danvers May 12 — St. Anse lm ' s College at Home May 19 — Keene Normal .-.. at Home May 26— Pending The boys have shown, through constant practice and good spirit, that they have the " stuff " in them. This was helpful to them in making the strong comeback in baseball at F. N. S. The players who took part in the majority of the games are as follows: Capt. Grenon, Manager Sullivan, J. Anderson, W. Branley, J. Lanza, J. Rice, J. O ' Leary, E. France, J. De- Sousa,. J. Daly, J. Provasoli, F. Cavanagh, C. Motyka, M. Sylvia. Page one hundred thirty-two WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION OFFICERS First Row — M. Hopkins, vice-president; M. Proctor, president; Marion Carson, treasurer. Second Row — M. Roache, Senior representative; E. McMorrow, Junior represen- tative; M. Hughes, secretary. IDomen s uAlhlelic Jlssocidlion This has been a very successful year for the Women ' s Athletic Asso- ciation ; and good reason for it, for here are the names of the able officers who have guided it through the year. Margaret Proctor, president; Margaret Hopkins, vice-president; Mary Hughes, secretary; Marion Car- son, treasurer; Mary Roache, Senior representative; EHzabeth McMor- row, Junior representative. The outstanding event this year was the W. A. A. week-end, February 3, 1928. Friday evening a bridge party was held in the library; the first time that a party like this had ever been attempted. Saturday afternoon the varsity basketball team played the Alumni team and pinned a terrible lacing on our former graduates. The president and vice-president attended a conference at Bridgewater Norm- al, at which all the Women ' s Athletic Associations of all the Massachu- setts Normal Schools had representatives. They received many helpful suggestions and came back after a dehghtful trip, with many stories of good sportsmanship shown them during their stay. Page one hundred thirty-three — ' t.-- ' ■ « ' ' - — -=3 " bieads of Sports SOCCER Jessie Wood, as head of soccer gave this sport a good start. While this game has not developed as rapidly as hockey, we have the satisfaction of knowing that this game is steadily increasing in popularity, as the larg- er number of candidates each year proves. HIKING Many students turned out to the hikes to the Deserted Village, Roll- stone Hill, and Lunenburg, which were arranged by Rosalie Bailey. The hikes that were enjoyed the most were the breakfast hikes, at which we had a great time cooking our breakfasts over a campfire. GOLF Many of our girls have enjoyed the game of golf which is under the direction of Josephine Tarbell. The W. A. A. furnished the necessary equipment and we are proud to say that this game is on the gain, too. BOWLING Bowling practice was held in the central bowling alleys, twice a week under the direction of Ada Fookes; Mondays for the Seniors and Wed- nesdays for the Juniors. Competitive games were played between the different divisions. BASEBALL Practice for both Juniors and Seniors was held every Monday on the diamond under the direction of Margaret Curry. The division teams played each other and then from these the " Harvard " and " Yale " teams were picked and a final game was played between these two teams. TENNIS CZ Mary Murray proved herself a competent leader as head of tennis. Practices were held regularly twice a week. If the weather would not permit outside practice, it was held in the gym. The Spring tournament was the most exciting event of our tennis season. II Page one hundred thirty-four 4 " tiockey Our hockey season this year came through with flying colors under the able direction of Elina Heikkila, the head of this sport. A great deal of raw material poured forth on the field at the beginning of the season but the finished product was well worth the effort put into this sport. This year, for the first time, the girls on the All-Normal team played the Arlington High School hockey team. The game was played on Crocker Field and the whole school turned out and gave their support. The score was 6-1 in favor of Arlington. The following are the members of the All-Normal teams: Center Forward .._ Jessie Wood — L. Center Halfback Margaret Proctor Left Halfback Marion Conroy Right Halfback Mae Cunningham Left Inside Edith Potter Right Inside Elsie Justen Left Wing Elina Heikkila Right Wing Agnes Waskiewicz Left Fullback Helen Chudzik Right Fullback Evelyn Haskell Toal Keeper ; Grace Southworth Subs Katherine Kielty, Mary Roache, Josephine Ray, Helen McCarthy, Kathryn Dowd, and Rosalie Bailey. Division, class, and varsity games were played and the All-Normal team was selected. The season ended by holding a banquet for all the people who had been on teams in the lobby of the Normal School. Page one hundred thirty- five basketball " Yes, teach me to stand by the side of the road And cheer as the winners go by. " With such a spirit the basketball season at Fitchburg Normal came through with flying colors under able coaching of Louis O ' Brien. " Prac- tice makes perfect " — and practice they did. Every Monday and Wed- nesday nights the girls were seen in " gym " outfits working earnestly. Then they were ready for the fray and thus, as we glance back over the record of events, it reads: Division Champions Senior II. Class Champions Seniors Harvard- Yale Game (the big event of the season) Harvard — Victorious. the squad we offer sincere congratulations for To the members of they have reaped their rewards. Harvard Forwards Helen Moreau Helen Scannell Guards Ruth Finch Josephine Ray Side Center Charlotte Gould Jumping Center Claire Moran Basketball Squad Yale Forwards Anna Melia Dorothy Day Guards Aili Sailin Grace Southworth Side Center Elina Heikkila Jumping Center Louise 0 ' Brien l Page one hundred thirty-six Are you one of those who make the follow- ing pages necessary? If anyone feels that his friend has not been fairly represented let him ask this question of himself, " How much have I contributed? " In no part of this section has it been our object to insult anyone. Bear in mind that to be mentioned at all proves your- self in the limelight and well enough known to furnish interesting material. iSViuno Peg M. (on the porch) — Say, Billy, do you know what a dumb waiter Grenon — Some sort of an elevator isn ' t it? Peg — Lord, no, didn ' t you ever see a Junior ask a girl for a kiss and then wait for her to say " yes " ? • 4» Muggsy — Boys, when I marry, I ' m going to marry a girl who can take a joke. Anvil Chorus — Don ' t worry Muggsy, that ' s the only kind you ' ll ever get. ♦ Alice Connelly — Doesn ' t horseback riding give you a headache, Helen ? Helen S. — Dear me no, on the contrary it ' s just the opposite with me. " i " Roach — Say, you, I heard you were out with my girl? Connors — Sure, what of it ? Roach — Well, let ' s go around back and settle it. Jim: — Say, what ' s this going to be, a gang fight? Mr. Hubbard — Did you know that the walk in front of Palmer Hall used to be a cow path ? Wise G. M. — That ' s all right, even now it ' s a great showplace for calves. 4» Fillback met " Bing " Miller about 1 A. M. in Cleghorn. Bruno — For the love of Pete where did you get the mustache? Bing (bewildered) — Ye gods that ' s not a mustache, that ' s lipstick. •!• Tunstall, (in knickers) — Do you know that there is only one differ- ence between you and Lindbergh. Carrigan (who can ' t play golf either) — How ' s that? Tunstall — Lindbergh came out of the fog. Provasoli, to Miss Dyer at the Spa — Have you any Irish or Jewish ice cream? Miss Dyer — What kind is that? Prov. — The first comes in bricks; the second in cones. Miss Dyer — No, but we have some Italian ice cream, that ' s the kind that when dropped on a plate it goes " wop " . M. Hayes — Say, I haven ' t seen you with the boy friend lately. What ' s the matter? Peg Morgan — Oh ! I had to penalize him five nights for holding. 4- !• A little Jewish boy went into a grocery store and said, " Gife me fife cents worth of animal crackers, and leafe out da pigs. " Page one hundred thirty-nint Larry Burt went into the corner butcher shop and bought ten cents worth of liver, and came back in a few minutes and said to the clerk, " Give me my money back, my cat just caught a mouse. " 4» It ' s a fact that 50 per-cent of the married people in the U. S. are women. 4» Joe — Say, Jim, let me take out one of your brunettes tonight, and I ' ll give you one of my blondes for security. V V V Leighton — I call my radio Paul Revere. She— Why ? Leighton — Because it broadcasts on one plug. •!• Foley — Well, Tom how did you make out with that girl you were going with ? Tom C— Great. Foley— So she s aid, " Yes " ? Tom— She said " No " ! 4 " Phil. Houle — May I see you home? Lois H. — I ' ll send you a snapshot of Miller tomorrow. 4 •{• •{• Marie — What were you doing in that store? E. Killelea — Buying some balloon tires. Marie — Gee, I didn ' t know you owned a balloon. A REAL LOVE SCENE He — How do you do? She — How are you? (pause) She — We ' re having lovely weather. He— U-huh. (another pause) lie — Well, I must be going. She — So soon? He— U-huh. (long pause) He — Goodnight, dear. She — Goodnight. (A very long pause) He — Well, goodnight. She — Goodnight. Page one hundred forty iK NORMAL ' S LIBRARY Weaver of Dreams .._. - Mr. Herlihy Greatheart Mr. Hubbard Hangman ' s House The Hospital Suite — Miller Peg 0 ' My Heart Bill ' s Motto Can Such Things Be? Vacations To Have and To Hold ■... Misdemeanors What Every Woman Knows Art of Make-up Daddy Long-Legs Mai Hallet The Man Who Knew Too Much Joe Lanza Little Citizens The " Twins " — Ruth and Marion Deeds of Daring Done by Girls Rolhng ' Em Men of Steel P. A. Dept. Up From Slavery Day of Graduation So Big " Joe " Bush Crooked Trails Process of Explaining Skipped Periods Main Travelled Roads Main and North Streets Beautiful Joe No Solution The Crisis Awaiting Report Cards Wild Life Near Home Post-office — Mail time Les Miserables Those Who Don ' t Graduate Golden Age Our Senior Year Little Women Aini and Elina Hiakkila Would-Be-Goods Dorm Student Gov. Explorers of the Dawn. Worchester Commutors Big Boy John Rice Four Millions Our Mistakes The Sap Too Numerous To Mention Romeo and Juliet Helen and " Wilky " Cradle Snatchers Any " male " ' 28 Senior The Witching Hour The Last Period The Promised Land A position! The Sheik Jimmie O ' Leary Neither Here nor There All us Seniors! The Big Parade To Palmer Hall at Noon The Show-Off Francis Geary The Short-Stop Mr. Malone and his lantern Good Men and True Our J. H. S. IV. Men! The Three Musketeers Jimmie, Joe, and Frank ♦ LADIES! DON ' T READ THIS! •p aq J8q uo puB:).s oq. s q aqs jj ' Avoqamos uiaq:). ' ' e q.aS n s mou j; 9a . :|.ng ' pBaj aq jaAau ppoM S8ui[ aseqq. jj ' Suijfooqs t aj: Suiq auios A-es pj mo •M.oqs B jo puijj ;sB8i 9q: s ' bS aqs jj ' Moqamos :).no : i pug n,9qs ' AnoS A •Avouj 0% : ,u: qSno aqs Suiq: amo s s,: i ' uBuioM B seujoM Suiq:).AuB s ajaq: jj Paffe one hundred forty-one fej w Jt. OUR COMIC SECTION Kattzen jammer Kids Judd S. and Jack D. Desperate Ambrose Carl Ambrose Ella Cinders Leone Cyr Mr. and Mrs. Mai Hallet and Alice Joe ' s Car Mr. Harrington ' s Ford Harold Teen Roderick McDonald Tillie, the Toiler Rosalie B. Gloomy Gus Leo Connelly The Rinkey-Dinkey Club The " Spa " The Man in the Black Derby " Cuffy " Famous Movies of 1928 Featuring: — Old Ironsides Faculty My Best Girl The Seniors The Lovelorn The Juniors Seventh Heaven 6:30 to 7:30 P. M. The Big Parade Class Day The Pioneer Scout Mr. Hubbard Ben Hur Louis Fontaine Westpoint . The Barracks The Smart Set J. H. S. H. The Patent-Leather Kid Muggsy Morgan The Last Command ... " . . Be Professional! Scarlet Youth " Red " France Hero (ine) on horseback Jesse Wood Red Hair Betsy Dormin Les Miserables The Trainers The Legion of the Condemned Student Government Page one hundred forty-three Heard In The Dining Hall Say, this m,ilk is watery! Voice from next table — Ye-ah, the cows were out in the rain last night. •f 4» Senior — Can you breathe through your nose? Junior — Sure, why? Senior — Then, try keeping your mouth closed. Mr. Harrington — Who is the greatest man in the U. S.? Jud Sullivan— I ' ll bite. Mr. Harrington — Henry Ford. Jud — How so? Mr. Harrington — Because he has the makings of a Lincoln. O ' Leary — I see Chief Godley turned in his Star. Joe DeSousa — You don ' t say! Why? Jim — He ' s going to get a Studebaker. Leone — Did you hear about the accident at Miss Bradt ' s birthday party ? Bud — No; was it serious? Leone — Well, she had a birthday cake and she lit a candle for every year. Three girls fainted from the heat. Joe Valentine — What are jumping around for? Neil Powers — I went over to see " Tommy " and she gave me some pills. She said to take three and skip the next day. This is my day to skip. 4» 4 " Jack Daly — What did you do last summer, Larry? Burt — I sold books. Jack — Did you get many orders? Burt — Yes, I got two; " Get out, and stay out. " Betsy — Muggy, if you were asked to give until it hurts, how much would you give ? Muggy — 5, 10, 15 cents. Betsy — That ' s a sure sign that you bruise easily. 4 Thompson — What kind of a boat is a blood vessel? Mr. MacLean — A life-boat. Page one hundred forty-four Mi You all know that Tunstall substituted at Northampton for two weeks. When he arrived he was presented with the names of his pupils and told to call them by their last names. Here are some of the easiest ones: Jackowski, Szewczyk, Kolbusz, Yankoski, Slesinski, Gosztyyla, Luk- anowicz, Stitkiewicz, Sulzycki, Czelusnick, Ruskowski, and Pawlouski. No wonder Cuff has been talking in bunches since he came back. 4» Bob — The other day we had physical exams and the Doc told me that if I didn ' t stop smoking I ' d be feeble-minded. Mary — Well, why in the world didn ' t you stop? 4 Two of our coeds stopped near Palmer Hall and kissed each other affectionately. Paul Moran (taking it all in from Normal steps) — Pretty crude. Gosselin — What ' s crude, Paul? P. B. — Just look at those co-eds doing a P. A. Man ' s work. 4» 4 " 4» Connors (after finding a piece of rubber in his hash at the dining hall) " There ' s no doubt about it, the auto is replacing the horse every- where. " ♦ Phelps, (to auto salesman) — What is the latest word in sedans? Salesman — Let me out. •fr 4» Thompson — It is certainly cold in Boston. Joie Cav. — How come? Bob — Why, I was there one day last winter, and it was so cold that the sun froze to the sidewalks and we had daylight all that night. 4 " Unique Definitions Gleaned From Exam Papers. An oxygen has eight sides. A demagogue is a vessel from which one drinks beer. A circle is a rounded straight line, bent so that the ends meet. Muscle Shoals is a summer resort for people that are physically run down. Page one hundred forty-five ■- ■ - -- --»■ r S r i 1 Auloqrdphs Ojitut jiK f. - -IMUAxi J, c 2 lAM c .- ..- 7 ::.:.- shs jl (S li ' I jL ? ' ' " ' ' Page one hundred for yseven Autographs v. i L t-uY - ( - t-tt J :,.. — - " Vi e- o vn c - y ' La.-a-- VV, coVvV . V? lo jtV- x.-b ;. V V No fi ' MOS,V -v Lc vi e- M V5 e. ' V ' r Pa e owe hundred forty-eight Autographs Ol OAX - ' t u t yiy uiy U J: wi ) t t _ Z_ .CLy u. ' yr V — tx Vi - JL Su iyu ' ' Aj X -.- - - ' ' V — one hundred forty-nine Page one hundred fifty yu V- V " V ' ' SV Autogrdphs Page one hundred fifty -one V " ff sr ■ »■ ■ ' » ■ SV » ' -■ ' — »== ' Autoqrdphs U; V Page one hundred fifty-two t Here you will find something that will interest thee, So turn the pages, take a peek, and see The messages of the business houses to you and me. Yet look more carefully and you will find Snapshots, here and there, of every kind. Qj)AA 4iA Xim i f CARD OF THANKS We, the Saxifrage Board, wish to thank all o£ the professional and bus- iness men who have helped us make a success of our Year-Book. Page one hundred fifty-five Qoodnoip-Pedrson Co. FITCHBURG ' S GREATEST STORE Special Attention Given Students ' Trade Complete Outfits for Young Men and Young Women are to be found in this One Great Store. GOODNOW-PEARSON CO. Operators of Twenty-one Stores in Four States ASONY CHORUS BIRKSHIRITE3 COMPLIMENTS OF LESURE, The Florist 5 PUTNAM STREET llllllllllllllllllltllMlMlllMllllilIllllllllllllllllllllllllllillllllllllllii niiii till I II I I Illllllllllllllii IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIillllllllMllllllllllllllllllMIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII 1IIIIIIIIIIIIIM IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMIIII FITZSIMMONS MOTOR CAR CO. Lincoln jT OTH Fordson ▼ HE UNIVERSAL CAB Authorized Sales and Service FITCHBURG, MASS. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMMIII llllltMIMIIMIII lit t II I II II I MM II 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 M II III I till II II 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 II 1 1 lllililllllllillllllllllll lMllllllllllllllllllllllll MMIMIMMIIIM II I 1 1 I II 1 1 I 1 1 I II I 1 1 II I 1 1 I I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 II II I Hill II 1 11 U M 11 II I BROCKELMAN BROS. Inc. You can expect the Brockelman Markets to give you, at all times, quality goods at thrift prices. Where prices can be made lower, without lowering quality, you can expect lower prices here. SPECIALTIES Candy from our own Candy Kitchen Sweet Cream Butter Our Own Bakery Products Fresh Sea Food CaHfornia and Florida Oranges Imported and Domestic Cheese Our own brands of Tea and Coffee, also MEATS — GROCERIES — FISH VEGETABLES and DELICATESSEN COMPLIMENTS OF BON TON RESTAURANT W. G. Payson Co. B. L. RICH CO. 274 Main Street PARK BUILDING Fitchburg, Mass. 574 Main Street The Best in Music Poole, Kurtzmonn, Gulbran- sen, Cable-Nelson Pianos Here ' s a story worth while — It ' s about our suits. Everything in the good book of Style is here this season. Sheet Music and Band Instruments Ye House of John L. Bailey 685 Main Street Fitchburg in Massachusetts For nearly a quarter of a century a Fitchburg industry and a leader in QUALITY CANDY AND ICE CREAM Finest Goods at reasonable prices Shipments made to all part of the World T. B. MATTHEWS CHEVROLET — and — OLDSMOBILE MOTOR CARS GIFT SHOP Exclusive and unique gifts unusual favors 31 Main Street FITCHBURG, :-: MASS. Compliments of THE NEW MORAN SQUARE DINER LARGE ST DINING CAR IN FITCHBURG CORNER OF MYRTLE AVE. LUNENBURG ST. COME IN AND SEE US— JOIN THE CROWD Mr. and Mrs. K. F. Fredrick, Prop. COMPLIMENTS OF Murphy ' s Druggist MAIN AT DAY STREET Compliments of RITTER for FLOWERS 219 MAIN STREET WILLIAM A. DOE COMPANY WHOLESALE DEALERS IN Beef, Pork, Lamb, Veal, Poultry, Fish, Butter, Cheese, Eggs, Oils, Olives, Selex, Jams, Pickles Faneuil Hall Market, Boston Main Office, 34 Merchants ' Row Telephones, Richmond 2830, All Departments NICHOLS AND FROST INC. FITCHBURG, MASS. DRY GOODS - COATS - DRESSES - SUITS MILLINERY - SILK and MUSLIN UNDERWEAR HOSIERY - KNIT UNDERWEAR BOOKS and STATIONERY - ART FANCY GOODS 342-343 MAIN ST. IVER JOHNSON SPORTING GOODS CO. Telephone 727 Corona Typewriters — Eastman Kodaks Atwatei Kent Radios — Victrola Re cords Cine Movie Cameras — Bell Howell Cameras Everything in Sporting Goods 466 Main Street Compliments of Halls Luncli Compliments of George Brothers HIGH GRADE SHOES AT POPULAR PRICES 386 Main Street Hosiery for Men and Women Success Brand Pure Food Products Red Cross Coffee —GUARANTEED BY— C. A. CROSS CO. Incorporated Fitchburg and Ayer Best Service Fcr Ladies ' and Gentlemen ' s Cleaning, Pressing, Repairing and Dyeing Guaranteed Vincent DiLucci TAILOR 27 Day Street Compliments of Francis B. McMurray D. M. D. KIMBALLS Last season we thought the limit had been achieved in color in smart wearables for men and young men. We find there ' s more color than ever this season. The tones in clothing are not quite so daringly light, perhaps, but the range is wider and much more attention has been given to practicability, neatness, and harmony of effect. Much the same thing ' is true in accessories — ties, hose, shirts, and the like. Plenty of color, but neater patterns. We invite you to come in and look over our distinctive, carefully selected assortments — as our guest. You won ' t be pressed to buy. KIMBALL SON CO. TWO STORES: 377-379 MAIN ST., FITCHBURG 22 MONUMENT SQUARE, LEOMINSTER THE CORLEW TEACHERS ' AGENCY GRACE M. ABBOTT, Manager 120 Boylston St., Boston, Massachusetts Telephone, Hancock 7664 Illlllltllllllll SIMONDS SAWS For Wood or Metal Cutting o o o MACHINE KNIVES HACK SAW BLADES FILES o o o SIMONDS Saw and Steel Company Established 1832 FITCHBURG, MASS. BOSTON, MASS. CHICAGO, ILL. Fifteen Branches Five Factories nMiiMintiiii COMPLIMENTS OF HOTEL RAYMOND COMPLIMENTS OF FITCHBURG GAS and ELECTRIC LIGHT COMPANY DIEGES CLUST " If we made it, it ' s right ' ' Class Rings Class Pins Medals Prize Cups Fraternity Pins 73 Tremont Street BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS WILLIAM STEPHENS, President EDWARD STEPHENS, Secretary SAMUEL STEPHENS and WICKERSHAM QUOIN COMPANY, Inc. Established 1875 Incorporated 1892 Consolidated 1918 Printing Presses - Printing Machinery - Printers ' Supplies Wickersham Quoins - Morton Lockups - Stephens Expansion Locks and Keys - " Speed Unit " Printing Office Furniture in Steel and Wood 74 High Street (Fort Hill Square) BOSTON i i We Repair Compliments of M Everything That You Wear E A. SNEGG Custom Tailor Six Main Street THE GARY TEACHERS ' AGENCY " Three Agencies — One Registration " We have heli)ecl many Fitch- burg (iraduates to Promotion. We want to hel]) others. Rose Estelle Bradbury Manager 14 Beacon Street BOSTON, MASS. Other Officers : HARTFORD, CONN. PORTLAND, MAINE CompHments of Harry E. Kendall Fitchburg ' s Caterer 56 U. Street, Fitchburg, Mass. Telephone 2064-W Rubber Goods and Sporting Goods Auto Tires Rubber Footwear Rubber Coats Oiled Slickers Hospital Supplies Rubber Matting Baseball Supplies Basket Ball Supplies Football Supplies Tennis Shoes Tennis Rackets Golf Supplies Distributors D M Athletic Goods FITCHBURG RUBBER CO. 564-568 Main Street Photoqrdphs In this Book from WARREN KAY VANTINE STUDIO SPECIALISTS IN School and College Photography 304 BOYLSTON STREET BOSTON, - - - MASSACHUSETTS Telephone : Kenmore 6827-6828 IIIIIIIIIIMMIItlllll lllllltlllllllllMIIIIIIIII NORMAL STUDENTS Should have at least NORMAL APPETITES But Whether " Normal or Abnormal " — F. L. DRURY SONS CO. " WE CATER TO THAT APPETITE " " Everything Good to Eat " 325-796-800 Main Street Compliments of O ' CONNOR DRUG STORE Green Street Compliments of Thomas K. Ross, D. M. D. DENTIST J. E. CHENEY, D. M. D., Associate Miss Matte Browne, Nurse Good Clothes Stay Good 4 4 " We are pledged to sell you Only Good Clothes Good, Safe Values Park Building Fitchburg, Mass, Tel. 454 ♦ F. H. LANE CO. IMIIPMHIMMIIIItll F.O.B. NORMAL ♦the camera had the tvKlONSHINE READY rOR CLASS M155ING LNH5 TEACHER TRAINING COMPLIMENTS OF THE JENNISON COMPANY Contractors and Engineers for HEATING SPRINKLING PLUMBING STEEL PLATE WORK Baseball — The Outdoor Sport Gloves for every man on the team — Bats that are evenly balanced and just suit — and balls used by professionals — All are here for those who want the best. Draper Maynard Complete Line. Tennis If Tennis is your game, here are rackets, balls, and nets and as low priced as reliable sorts can anywhere be found. The Home of Hardware Quality and Service riTCHBURG HARDWARE CO. 314-316 746 Main St. FITCHBURG QUEEN BUSES " Force Fitchburg Forward " by hiring buses bearing it name and belonging to Fitchburg. Once you ride in one, you won ' t regret it. You will surely be pleased with the service and comfort rendered. Riding is made a pleasure instead of a tiresome journey. Further information at 128 High Street. Phone, 2188 Anywhere at Any Time H. M. ADAMS FITCHBURG PRODUCE COMPANY Wholesale Dealers in FRUIT and PRODUCE 53 Water Street Fitchburg, Mass. U. S. Food Administration License No. 21449 White Rose The master loafof the Six Bakers Compliments of the Tarbox-Holbrook Furniture Co. Where Quality Service Are Higher than Price 38,000 Square Feet of Floor Space Friendships that are Permanent — have been created between us these last few years, through the exchange of patronage and service. Our best wishes go with you, " 28. And a hope that your school-day enthusiasm will continue into your business activities, making them more fruitful and enjoyable. QlvQmW!iGunr||ardr m- 332-340 Main Street. " Fitchburg, Mass. COMPLIMENTS OF CITY STEAM LAUNDRY, Inc. Compliments of i = KEOSA BROS. 1 1 S. J. MARKHAM High Grade | | INSURANCE Shoe Repairing [ I SHOE SHINING PARLORS j 436 MAIN STREET 8 Day Street | [ The cover for this annual was created by The DAVID J. MOLLOY GO. 2857 N. Western Avenue Chicago, Illinois v92b XUde Every Molloy Made Cover bears this trade mark on the back lid. PLEDGE OF SAFETY Realizing that the trust placed in us by our employer, and to as- sist him in carrying out his pledge to the public, we have promised on our word of honor to live up to the Rules and Regulations of the Company to the best of our abil- ity, to drive safely at all times, to take no unnecessary chances, and to be courteous to our pat- rons. Chauffeurs of The Yellow Cab Company PHONE 4000 Five passengers carried for the price of one. Pick up your friends when you are going to a theatre party, and divide the cost. GIRLS! For Shoes Try Kinney ' s G. R. KINNEY ' S 369 Main Street Fitchburg, Massachusetts GOING SOMEWHERE The man who saves is going somewhere. He has an object in view. The spender is going no- where but to dissipation. If you have some goal ahead let this bank help you by taking care of your money. $1 Opens an Interest-bear- ing Account Deposits Put on Interest Monthly. Dividends pay- able Quarterly. START SAVING NOW Worcester North Savings Institution 288-296 Main St. Depot Square We Make a Specialty of Ice Cream Salted Nuts Home Made Candy A large variety of Fancy Boxes of High Grade Choco .ates always in stock. •i J. A. HILLS SON 406 Main Street TEL. 1050 Compliments of A. JENSEN ♦!♦ » ♦ High Grade Shoe Repairing 184 North Street FITCHBURG, MASS. Brooks ' Pharmacy, Inc. The STORE UNUSUAL ♦ ♦ MAIN, AT OLIVER Compliments of Frederick P. Slattery D. D. S. Art Room and Gift Shop Restaurant De Luxe 497 Main Street ■ ' LITTLE LADS " THE CAPTAIN AND THE KIDS " FAREWELL PARTY ICE MEN WANT A PUSH? TRAIL G ' DhuAMS BROOK CRAZY OVER HORSES THE HOME OF QUALITY COAL FITCHBURG COAL COMPANY " Always at Your Service " 4 DAY STREET COMPLIMENTS OF THE GAVELEERS and THE MOHAWKS KIDDER DAVIS House Furnishers 692-700 Main Street Fitchburg, Mass. We Furnished the Class Rings for 1924 We Specialize on Trophies of all Kinds S. M. NATHAN THE HALLMARK JEWELER Jeweler and Silversmith Hallmark Watches Are Better Registered Optometrist in Charge of Optical Department 471 MAIN STREET. TEL. 353 Graduation Shoes and Hosiery for Young Men and Young Women W. C. GOODWIN 342-344 MAIN STREET " A Good Place to Buy Good Shoes " iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii COMPLIMENTS OF INDEPENDENT CAB CO. Phone 3500 COMPLIMENTS OF WORCESTER COUNTY NATIONAL BANK Fitchburg — Worcester " We Serve the County " New Wrist Watches and Pocket Watches by Gruen, Waltham, Elgin, Hamilton Fountain Pens and Pencils Writing Papers RICE AND CO. — Jewelers and Stationers — 387 Main Street FITCHBURG, MASSACHUSETTS John Peters High Grade Shoe Repairing 64 Green St., Fitchburg, Mass. Compliments of F. J. MARTIN, D. M. D. THE NORMAL SPA Directly across from the NORMAL SCHOOL at PEARL ST. nd MYRTLE AVE. High Grade Candies, Ice Cream, Soda, Lunches, Bakery Goods, Magazines, Kodak Films and Finishing W. R. COX, Proprietor " Good Things to Eat " THE SAXIFRAGE STAFF HOPES THAT THE STUDENTS WILL PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS WHENEVER POSSIBLE The new and unusual — that sparkUng reaUty which is known as the Ufe of each school year — is caught and held forever within the pages of Bureau built annuals. The ability to assist in making permanent such delight- ful bits of class spontaneity rests in an organization of creative artists guided by some 17 years of College Annual work, which experience is the knowledge of balance and taste and the fitness of doing things well. In the finest year books of American Colleges the sincerity and genu- ineness of Bureau Engraving quality instantly impresses one. They are class records that will live forever. BUREAU OF ENGRAVING, iNC COLLEGE ANNUAL HEADQ UARTERS " MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA The practical side of Annual management, including advertising, selling, organization and finance, is com- prehensively covered in a series of Editorial and Business Management books called " Success in Annual Building, " furnished free to Annual Executives. Secure " Bureau " co-operation. We invite your correspon- dence. Prin iin by BENTON REVIEW snop Fowler, Irvd. %

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