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®f)te book te tfje property of »- fc-»»- " ■ mi " irnnLrTiiiiirwi vf ■■ ' •:f 4 ushh BfK B ■i V.( mmm ,■ . m A f : jmt BLn Kl THE SAXIFRAGE OF THE CLASS OF NINETEEN TWENTY- SEVEN STATE NORMAL SCHOOL FITCHBURG, MASSACHUSETTS VOLUME NUMBER SIX MR. ANTHONY Dean of Men Worth, courage, honor — these indeed your sustenance and birthright are. SAXIFRAGE ■ MRS. IDA L. STILL ■ MRS. STILL Dean of Women A sweet, attractive kind of grace, A full assurance given by looks, Continual comfort in a face The lineaments of Gospel books. a _- b «« n a w o J g 2 3 ! P5 i ;H to I es t-l fee ) X 5 - (X fe M JS f- S j u « 10 ate airtfrage 38 oar ft Editor-in-Chief isistant Editor- ln-enief DRAMATICS ART MUSIC SOCIALS HVMOR ■zz r. CLUBS ATHLETICS lfaj±(ls --g£49 dt V y ?JA£ -h -. Js Ui Busint lager As st xnt Business Managers H V fa W H J3 ft ft cS .S -o s be .- 3 bo ft ei a IS J3 12 -iv-- I ■ ■ THE FACULTY William D. Parkinson, Principal Elementary and Junior High School Department Preston Smith Science Edwin A. Kirkpatrick Psychology and Pedagogy Elizabeth D. Perry Music Matilda B. Doland Arithmetic Sarah E. Lamprey Handwork and Drawing Katherine M. McCarty Reading and Language Florence D. Conlon Handwork and Drawing Arthur C. Harrington History and Civics John L. Randall Nature Study and Gardening Henry J. Clancy (absent on leave) . Mathematics and Related Work Susan M. Williams English Cora M. Hassell Librarian and Library Instruction Ida L. Still Dean of Women, Ethics Marion L. Webster Geography Mary T. McDermott Physical Training (Women) Frank A. Crosier ... Physical Training (Men) Ralph F. Weston (Substitute) Mathematics and Related Work Practical Arts Department Willis B. Anthony Director Charles E. Akeley . Woodfinishing and Glazing Lawrence E. Landall Woodworking Frank S. Livermore Printing C. Blair MacLean Mechanical Drawing Arthur E. Purinton Metal Work Schools for Observation and Practice George F. Hubbard Director Emma J. Southwick Asst. Supervisor Music Ruth B. Whittemore Asst. Supervisor Physical Training Edith E. Peterson ... - Asst. Drawing and Handwork Junior High School Mary McConnell, Principal Josephine M. McCarthy, Commercial Subjects Marion E. Rowley, Houshold Arts Anna E. Simmons, Geography B. Evelyn Grammont, French and English Dorothy T. Wilder, History Edgerly School — First Six Grades Ida M. Austin, Principal Elma M. Johnson, Supervisor L. Frances Jones, Supervisor Susan L. Clark, Supervisor Day Street School — First Six Grades Marion F. Anthony, Principal Marie M. Gearan, Supervisor Katherine F. McConnell, Supervisor Helen F. Loud, Kindergartner Highland Avenue School — First Three Grades Irene L. Smith, Principal Administration Maud A. Goodfellow, Chief Clerk Helen M. O ' Horo, Clerk Lewis Fish, M. D., Medical Examiner 13 CLASS SONG (Tune: " Believe Me if All Those Endearing Young Charms " ) Class of ' 27, all praise to thy name, For with pride we hail thee our own — And of all Senior Classes ever here known, Tis surely most worthy of fame ; With standards held high In classes we try to uphold the name so won And when success at last we have, ' 27 we ' ll laud, honor, love. O Alma Mater, in honor we raise Our voices thy name to praise, With gratitude true we sing to you ; Thy mem ' ry we ' ll cherish alway. Far away we may stray, along our way, Through sunshiny days or gray; But ever to us thy name means fame, We ' ll laud, honor, love and acclaim. SCHOOL SONG (Time: " Old Fashioned Garden " ) So let us all cheer for Normal, For our school and our colors, For it pleases us well Of her victories to tell And her many honors too; We have a school we are fond of And a school we are proud of So let us all cheer for Normal For the Yellow and White. FOREWORD As the years have widened the gap between our days as students and the reality of our chosen profession, there will be cherished, in our hearts, memories of the joy and happiness we experienced at dear old Normal. For that purpose the Editorial Board humbly presents to you a record of the achievements of the Class of Twenty-seven — The 1927 Saxifrage. This is not a book inspired by genius but rather an effort on the part of a group of students to keep in our hearts the ideals and friendships possessed during our days at school. If you, who read, find in its pages joy and happiness, then we shall feel that the traditions of F. N. S. have been fulfilled. May the spirit of ' 27 always carry on! SAXIFRAGE r , w H o BBcwflm ■B ALMA MATER In days ago, when life, we dreamed, Was ideal as it seemed, And hopes of untaught youth soared high, While only joy came nigh; ' Twas then, with vision clear we chose, And to that choice we rose, With courage strong And hearts of song, To carry thy ideal on! CHORUS So, flag of Alma Mater, float On eternal winds of praise ! For thee, unnumbered hosts today Their willing voices raise. Throughout the world their tiny flame From thy great light still gleams, While youth and age united claim The home where fortune beams! In days to come, if life laid bare Seems far more gray than fair, Or if success with us climbs high, While only joy comes nigh; ' Tis then, in plight or might we ' ll rise — Thy spirit never dies — With courage strong And hearts of song To carry thy ideal on! —Mollie Wild. SAXIF AN ACKNOWLEDGMENT We, the Class of 1927 and the Saxifrage Staff, wish to ac- knowledge the untiring efforts and devotion of Mr. Arthur C. Harrington of the faculty for the helpful guidance and assistance that has made possible this sixth volume of The Saxifrage. IFRAGE { SAXIF INA MARKKANEN, President ARIOUL A. SHEPARDSON, Vice-President ALICE R. WOODS, Secretary LEO M. McCRANN, Treasurer a»KQGi 125 West 88th Street New York City INA MARKKANEN " Why do you always laugh, by what strange power Alchemize all the sorrow of the earth To an elixir of celestial mirth, Hanging with lamps of joy the blackest hour? " Ina, the shining light of our class, has unknowingly become the class jester. How dark were those fall days when Ina was in the hospital, and our little group seemed downcast and depressed. And then one day the sunshine and songbird of our class returned to keep us holding our sides with laughter for the remainder of the year. She can appear intellectual, serious, and dignified in one g ' ance — and when we look again we see the mischievous, prank-instigating Ina in the center of an hilarious group. Ina claims she has a dual personality. With her merry laughter, ever-ready wit, and enthusiastic spirit, it was natural that we should choose her for our president. Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association, Day Girls ' Association, Glee Club, Men ' s A. A. -Women ' s A. A. Revue, Class President, Halloween Party Committee, Junior Reception Com- mittee, Women ' s A. A. Rally, " O Hara San. " 87 Willow Street ARIOUL A. SHEPARDSON " Shep " ' Knowledge always desires increase. Clinton, Massachusetts Shep is one of Clinton ' s favorite sons and like the rest he has made a lasting impression on the school. He is a conscientious worker when there is work to be done and never shirks it, but what a whale of a difference a few minutes of leisure make. No discussion in J. H. S. IV is complete unless he has his say and his words carry weight of an authority as he can usually back them up with proof. He is a great student of characters and portrays them in the field of caricature and mimicry, two fields in which he has few equals. Shep will leave a great hole in the hearts of all of us when he makes his final bow at graduation, but he goes with the sincerest wishes of the class for success in his chosen field. Men ' s A. A., Vice-President J. H. S. IV. 23 Vernon Street Fitchburg, Massachusetts ALICE RITA WOODS " Here ' s a lass with eyes of brown Whom no opponent e ' er could down; Full of life and snap and zest, As our athlete she ' s the best. " Alice has always been recognized as a leader. What would our class and the Women ' s A. A. ever have done without her to guide us? It is the whole-hearted way in which Alice enters into everything that makes her the outstanding figure in all of her activities. Two years ago Alice handled the pocketbook for the Women ' s A. A. and this year she was chosen as the secretary. When we needed a good secretary for our class, Alice was called upon again and has served us admirably. We know Alice to be a good sport who has that happy faculty of making and keeping friends. What better assurance of success could anyone hope to have? Secretary Women ' s A. A. ' 27, Treasurer Women ' s A. A. ' 25, Executive Board Women ' s A. A., Class Secretary, Basket Ball, Varsity Hockey, Bowling, Track, Women ' s A. A.-Men ' s A. A. Revue, Junior Reception Committee. LEO MICHAEL McCRANN " Shamus " 421 Main Street Leominster, Massachusetts " A winning way, a pleasant smile are the things that make our life worth while " The stunning youth before you is Leo Michael McCrann, otherwise known as Shamus. Shamus came to us from Leominster in 1924 and has been one of our faithful members in J. H. S. IV. His cheery disposition, generous nature, and his willingness to help a fellow whenever he can has made for him a host of true friends at Normal. His hobby is catching the last car from Fitchburg for Leominster. We all can explain this, so we won ' t say any more. Well, Leo, here ' s wishing you the best of luck in the profession and we all know you ' ll be a success. Year Book Staff, Mohawks, Men ' s A. A., Geographic Society, Treasurer J. H. S. IV, Dramatic Club, Senior Play Committee, Treasurer Class of Twenty-six, Ring Committee ' 27, Women ' s A. A.-Men ' s A. A. Revue, " Windmills of Holland " ' 26, " Chimes of Normandy " ' 25. FREDERICK E. ATKINS 1211 Main Street Fitchburg, Massachusetts " Great oaks from small acorns grow. " Teddy ' s greatest ambition is to be as tall as " Lank, " his running mate. Although Teddy is little he believes in doing things in a big way. Mr. Smith said that some day he will become a great scientist because he has a proving mind and inquiring disposition, two neces- sary adjuncts in this field. Teddy, although no giant, has a giant in- tellect, and is one of the shining lights of the school ' s most brilliant classes and has demonstrated very satisfactorily in gym classes that size does not make brawn. Teddy ' s talents are not limited to the gym- nasium or classroom for he is also a piano player of no mean ability and awes Miss Williams with his logical and convincing criticisms of the authors studied in class. Teddy can feel sure that on graduation day he will be missed by the many friends he has made at Normal and he can rest assured that he has their best wishes for success. Men ' s A. A. JENNIE POLLARD BLAISDELL " Polly " 166 South Street Fitchburg, Massachusetts " True as the needle to the Or as the dial to the sun. " pole, Polly is one of the most cheerful members of our class. No matter what the occasion, Polly is always ready to help anyone, even though it means staying up until the wee sma ' hours to do her own work. We sometimes wonder that Polly doesn ' t become a salesgirl for some dictionary, for she knows all the long words of the English language. Polly ' s only disappointment this year is that assemblies were not held every morning during a certain week of the first term. How about it? Women ' s A. A., Day Girls ' Association, Hockey, Bowling. THELMA EVELYN BOHAKER " Thel " 3 Winter Terrace Fitchburg, Massachusetts " A wise scepticism is the first attribute of a good critic. " ■ — Shakespeare. Thelma is one of our happy members. We can always rely upon her to be cheerful no matter how dull the day. We feel certain that her cheerful devotion to her pupils will always find instant recog- nition. As for athletics, we find our Thelma out for them all. We are sure that we couldn ' t find a better guard anywhere for our basket ball team. She never comes to class without a carefully-prepared lesson, and we wonder where she finds time to devote to her many interests. Oh, yes! Thelma has a very great interest in military activi- ties at Boston University. Thelma ' s love of children is sure to bring her success as a school teacher. Women ' s A. A., Day Girls ' Association, Bowling, Hockey, Dra- matics, Basket Ball, Track, Women ' s A. A.-Men ' s A. A. Revue. BEATRICE MYRTLE BUTLER " Bee " Elm Street, R. F. D. 193 Leominster, Massachusetts " Honors come by diligence. " Beatrice is one of the conscientious girls of J. H. S. IV. When she faces her class next year they cannot help but like her. If amiable dispositions mean anything, Bee ' s ought to carry her far. How well has her punctuality and regularity in attending classes served as models for the rest of J. H. S. IV. She shows no interest in the men of our class, but as we know little of Bee ' s outside activities we think there must be a reason. The good wishes of the Class of Twenty-seven go with you, Bee. Women ' s A. A., Day Girls ' Association, Basket Ball, Hockey. 213 Whipple Street JOHN D. CONNELL Fall River, Massachusetts " None but himself can be his parallel. " John has the honor of being one of the few men from Fall River who have matriculated at F. N. S. During his three years here he has made a host of friends, both with the students and faculty. We are glad to say that although socially active his marks have not suffered and he has the reputation of being a student of high caliber in the J. H. S. class. The Class of Twenty-seven owes him a debt of grati- tude for his untiring efforts as Business Manager in making The Saxi- frage a success. You have everyone ' s best wishes for a bright future. Men ' s A. A., President Geographical Society, Mohawks, Business Manager The Saxifrage, Dramatics, Debating ' 25- ' 26, Student Gov- ernment Association, Mohawks Play ' 27, " Windmills of Holland " ' 26. MALCOLM CONNOR " Mai " 47 Emerald Street Winchendon, Massachusetts " Silence is as deep as eternity. " Malcolm came to us from Murdock High in the heart of Toy town. However, he brought no childish pleasures with him and instantly impressed us with his mature wisdom. In many conservative minds Mai is classed as a radical because of a desire to banish things carried on the curriculum through tradition, but no one can deny that his arguments are logical and his motives sincere. Because he comes from a small town, some of us thought he would be a back number, but we soon found he was far ahead of us in most worldly matters. Boston is his playground, but Melrose also has a place in his heart. Although Mai shines in social circles he has by no means neglected his studies. Any of our faculty will bear witness to this fact. Mai may feel sure that when he leaves our midst he will leave many wonderful memories. Men ' s A. A. fck,:w MARIE CORNELLIER 25 Pearl Street Ayer, Massachusetts " With a heart of purest gold. " The above quotation is suitable for Marie, as all her friends can say. Marie is a happy commuter and her cheerful voice and con- tagious giggle are often heard in the Locker Room as well as other parts of Normal. Marie exerts a very good influence on her com- panions (so Mr. H. says). Marie is always ready and willing to help those less fortunate than herself. Day Girls ' Association, Women ' s A. A., Glee Club, Hockey, Basket Ball. 9- MARJORIE LOUISE DANIELS " Marge " 1331 West Central Street Franklin, Massachusetts " A true friend is forever a friend. " To know Marge is to love her. One who has not shared her friend- ship is indeed unfortunate. One of her notable characteristics is her willingness to help others. How would our " collegiate " dormitory " hops " progress without Marge at the piano ? How would the Normal library keep up its good work without Marge on its staff? To the scholarly J. H. S. IV class she has proved an invaluable addition. You see, Marge is also a good student. Marjorie ' s most intimate friends would not have you forget that she is not without her share of mischief. This trait often reveals itself where it is least expected — so watch out for it. Her kind disposition and sweet smile assure her success as a future school teacher. All happiness and good luck to you, Marge. Women ' s A. A., Hiking, Student Government Association, Vice- President Geographic Society ' 27. HELEN LORETTO DELEA " Blondie " 18 Sanborn Street Fitchburg, Massachusetts " Her sunny locks Hang on her temples like a golden fleece. " Blondie, blue-eyed, dimpled, fun loving, friendly Helen. Who wouldn ' t love her? She is a true friend if ever there was one, and has unconsciously smoothed over many a rough spot by her ready smile and her willingness to hold a helping hand. Helen displays a great fondness for music and has never forgotten the time when she saw " three doves a-flying. " Helen did great things in teaching last year, and we know that she will continue to be successful. The sin- cere good wishes of the Class of Twenty-seven go with you, Helen. Women ' s A. A., Day Girls ' Association, Basket Ball, Hockey, Bowl- ing, Men ' s A. A.-Women ' s A. A. Revue, Halloween Party. JAMES F. DENEEN " Jimmie " 40 Sanborn Street Fitchburg, Massachusetts " Frankness is a virtue. " Jimmie is one of the most popular boys to be found in F. N. S. His subtle humor and brilliance of thought have endeared him to all his classmates. Jimmie is frank, but this characteristic has only gained him new friends. Jimmie has a sound philosophy of life based on life as he finds it but still retaining his ideals. His word is usually the final authority on all subjects taken up at conventions of delegates over at Normal Spa. Jim should know by this time that he will be missed by the Juniors, who often mistake him for a faculty member. We verily believe that Jimmie was the inspiration for the song " For he ' s a jolly good fellow. " Wherever you go, Jimmie, rest assured that you carry with you our sincerest wishes for the best of luck in every- thing you undertake. Men ' s A. A., Mohawks, Debating Council. 47 Exeter Street EMMA E. DUMAIS Fitchburg, Massachusetts " A stout heart may be mined in fortune; but never in spirit. " Whenever one of J. H. S. IV ' s recitation periods is in danger of becoming boresome, as if inspired, Emma cheers us up by saying some- thing humorous. Emma is a good sport and everyone who knows her likes her. Some of us would be lost if we didn ' t depend on Emma to consult when we give oral talks in French. Emma is always will- ing to give a helping hand to anyone. To one of the faithful mem- bers of our class we wish the best of luck. Women ' s A. A., Day Girls ' Association. 33 West Street LESTER JOSEPH DYER " Pop " Clinton, Massachusetts Pop hails from Clinton, the home of great senators and still greater athletes. He has surely upheld the athletic end of the notoriety of Clinton. Who has heard of any athletic team of Normal during the last three years which did not contain the name Dyer? He shines as brightly as any star on our football, baseball, and basket ball teams. He served the Class of Twenty-six efficiently for two years as Vice- President and has also taken part in many plays and class activities. We will always remember Pop ' s masterful characterization of " Brad- ley " in the Mohawks play. Best of luck and success to you, Pop. Men ' s A. A., Mohawks, Football ' 24- ' 2S, Baseball ' 26- ' 27, Baseball Captain ' 27, Basket Ball, Mohawks Play ' 27, Year Book Staff, Dramatics, Women ' s A. A.-Men ' s A. A. Revue, " Windmills of Hol- land, " " O Hara San, " Vice-President Class of Twenty-six, Glee Club. lL yj l . jp MM PrK % ■ v HELEN GERTRUDE FEEN 18 Forest Street Whitinsville, Massachusetts " That true and loving heart. " Whenever we need advice we go to Helen, because she always knows what to do and when to do it. In Helen we find all the qualities of a good teacher — sincerity, sympathy, tact, and a sense of humor. Mother Nature smiled on Helen, and her beautiful unbobbed auburn tresses have drawn glances of envious admiration from less fortunate damsels. How many of us have emerged from a seemingly bottomless " slough of despond " ' with the aid of Helen ' s tactful, kindly sympathy. Although Helen is a diminutive young lady she will continue to do big things, and the most sincere good wishes of the Class of Twenty-seven go with her. Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association, Senior Prom Committee, Halloween Party Committee, Year Book Staff ' 25, Wo- men ' s A. A. Rally, Men ' s A. A.-Women ' s A. A. Revue, " 0 Hara San, " Music Box Revue. GERTRUDE CATHERINE HANDLIN " Gert " 105 Harrison Avenue Fitchburg, Massachusetts " Was there aught that I did not share In vigil or toil or case? " Gert ' s loyalty to J. H. S. IV has never been questioned. Whether in the classroom, in the gym, or on the hockey field, she was always there, foremost in upholding the honor of her class. When Gert smiled upon us in ' 23, we realized, then, that we were indeed fortunate to list her as a pal. Time has proven how well we judged. Her success as a teacher both day and night, (honi soit qui mal y pense) has been well substantiated by " Who ' s Who in Fitchburg. " As an economist Gert has no peer. Ask her how she manages the coal prob- lem in that parlor stove! Do not forget J. H. S. IV, Gert, as we shall never forget you. Women ' s A. A., Day Girls ' Association, Hockey, Bowling, Women ' s A. A.-Men ' s A. A. Revue. ELEANOR FRANCIS HUTCHINGS " Hutchie " 39 East Street Fitchburg, Massachusetts " An inborn grace that nothing lacked Of culture or appiance — The warmth of genial courtesy, The calm of self-reliance. " Eleanor has won our admiration as a faithful student who can always be depended upon to present something of interest in class. Her friendly personality, sincerity, and helpfulness have won her hosts of friends. Not only does Eleanor rank at the head of her class, but she finds time to devote to athletics. F. N. S. is proud to claim her as one of its own and is secure in the knowledge that she will do her very best to bring fame to her Alma Mater. Women ' s A. A., Day Girls ' Association, Hockey, Saxifrage Board. UNA E. JACKSON 1 Winter Terrace Fitchburg, Massachusetts " Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. " This pretty lass is one very good reason why gentlemen prefer blondes. Una ' s sweet manner has won the love and admiration of her classmates and we depend upon her to manage the class and carry on recitations when our teachers leave us. Only Una, in her gentle way, could persuade this class to come to order, and before anyone realizes it, we are an enthusiastic, willing group under her leadership. Her services to J. H. S. IV have been invaluable. Una also has much athletic ability, but duties keep her from entering into many of our activities. Una is so anxious to grasp her diploma that she has counted the days since Christmas, and informs us each day as to how many are left until graduation. Una, we wish you success and joy in your work. Women ' s A. A. r Treasurer Day Girls ' Association ' 25, Bowling, Hockey, Track. HELEN KEENA 781 South Main Street Attleboro, Massachusetts " As prone to mischief as able to perform it. " Helen is Twenty-seven ' s " best bet. " Attractive, witty, good natured, bright — what more could anyone want? Because of her charming personality she has made many true friends during her three years at F. N. S. Her popularity among both sexes is unquestionable, as we see her at any social affair or outside of school hours. As for being a good sport — it is undeniable. Outside activities hold their charms for Helen, for she may be seen on the soccer field or engaged in some other outdoor sport. Even though she is in all sorts of pranks, she finds time to go to the library and charge books that no one else in the school would think of reading. She surely will make good. All success is the wish of Twenty-seven for you, Helen. Dramatic Club, Soccer, Hi king, Basket Ball, Women ' s A. A., Stu- dent Government Association, Saxifrage Board ' 27. HELEN E. LONG Shelburne Falls Massachusetts " A shy face is better than a forward heart. " Have you noticed a tall, dark-eyed girl, quiet and unassuming, walking through the corridors? That is Helen Long, a good worker and a good sport. No other could take her place in Palmer Hall or in the J. H. S. IV class. For if you look closely there is a merry twinkle in those quiet brown eyes which betrays a nature full of fun and good humor. Helen is much interested in sports and has considerable ability as a basket ball player. Her report cards would also indicate the fact that she is a conscientious student. Those best acquainted with her can assure you that she is a true friend and a charming companion. Here ' s to your success as a school teacher, Helen. Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association, Hockey, Hiking, Basket Ball, Soccer. 82 Pleasant Street, RUTH FORSTER LYON Leominster, Massachusetts " A silent woman is always more admired than a noisy one. " Ruth returned to us for her fourth year rather reluctantly. Soon she found that the new attractions of our class outshone those of Princeton, and now we find Ruth a loyal supporter of J. H. S. IV. She has proved a valuable member, always ready to do her share whenever called upon. Ruth can always be depended upon to find the most interesting literature, and we ask her advice before making our choice of a new book. We hear that Ruth is quite a cook — and she doesn ' t deny it. Possibly she intends to become a Cooking teacher, or it might be that she realizes that such ability is an advantage along another line. If you are looking for Ruth, she can usually be found in the locker room answering questions on cooking-recipes. We are sure that the success which she has already started will follow her through life. Women ' s A. A., Day Girls ' Association, Hockey. IRENE ELLA McCOLLESTER 16 Nashua Street Ayer, Massachusetts " The secret of success is constancy to pier pose. " Irene came back to us after having taught for two years, to give us the benefit of her experiences in the field. She is one of our studious commuters who manages to get here every morning regardless of the weather. Whatever Irene undertakes we know will be successful be- cause of her earnest and untiring efforts. As for professional attitude, she surely has " It. " Women ' s A. A., Day Girls ' Association. MARY DOMINICA MULLEN 17 Pacific Street Fitchburg, Massachusetts " She looks as clear as morning roses newly wash ' d with dew. " Everyone knows " Our Mary. " Who could escape being captivated by her charming sociability, her frank, friendly smile, her blue eyes, sparkling with mischief, and her contagious joy of living? Her en- tertaining conversation and ever-ready wit have made her immensely popular with everyone. One needs only to glance at her dance program to be assured of this. Mary is our shining light in athletics. When we first entered Normal we hailed her as Helen Wills ' successor. Since then, by her whole-hearted enthusiasm she has won for herself a place on all of our athletic teams. We know that Mary will have no need of hanging a horseshoe over her door, for if versatility and personality are attributes of success, Mary ' s " ship " will be brimming over with happiness and good fortune. Women ' s A. A., Day Girls ' Association, Hockey, Bowling, Tennis, Halloween Party Committee, Junior Reception Committee, All-Nor- mal Hockey Team, Track. 103 Albee Street RACHEL ANN MURRAY " Rae " Fitchburg, Massachusetts " The rising blushes which her cheeks o ' erspread, Are opening roses in the lily ' s bed. " Rachel hardly realizes how greatly those troublesome blushes have helped to win our hearts. When we returned to school for our fourth year, we were all delighted to find that this sweet little miss was to be one of us. She has indeed become one of our sincerest friends. Each of us wish that she might be near us for many years to tell us a story now and then in the captivating way that only Rachel has. When she recites, the class immediately becomes absorbed in Rachel and her story. Outside of class we find the same sincere little Rae with all the sparkle and " pep " that add to her attractiveness. Day Girls ' Association, Women ' s A. A., " Windmills of Holland, " Bowling, Women ' s A. A.-Men ' s A A. Revue, Music Box Revue, Hockey. CHARLOTTE PAULINE O ' BRIEN " Obie " 36 Blossom Street Fitchburg, Massachusetts " The village athlete you here will meet; In all kinds of sports she knows no defeat. " Charlotte, the third member of the triumvirate, is one of the most studious of our class. Charlotte can be depended on at all times, and more than once has saved the day for the less studious by her fifty minute reports. Her ability as a public speaker was evidenced by her Assembly talks and in Mr. Parkinson ' s classes. Charlotte was very loyal in going out for all athletics and excelled in all sports. Best of luck, Charlotte. Women ' s A. A., Halloween Party Committee, Hockey, Soccer, Women ' s A. A.-Men ' s A. A. Revue, Bowling, Basket B all, Tennis, Track. WALTER JOHN PATON " Walt " 34 Hancock Street Fitchburg, Massachusetts " Of their own merits, modest men are quiet. " Walt is a very quiet and unassuming youth and was never really known to any save those in his J. H. S. class. He has proven that he is a friend worth having by his aid to his classmates. His wit and humor are in evidence in every class and it is not strange to hear a voice break out in class with some new version of the subject. Walt and his partner, Male, have the reputation of putting the radical spirit into J. H. S. II and carried it right through this year. To you we can only wish every success and happiness in your chosen profession. Men ' s A. A. HELEN MADELINE RIORDAN Winter Street Fitchburg, Massachusetts " Graceful, witty, sweet and gay, Laughing and joking along the way; A friend and pal so good and true, ' Tis hard to find another like you. " Helen is one of the liveliest members of J. H. S. IV. Any time classes seem a bit dull you can rely upon Helen to break the mon- otony. The praise given Helen by her principal and co-workers last year prove her ability to uphold the profession in no ordinary manner. We owe much to Helen for the success of the Women ' s A. A.-Men ' s A. A. Revue. Those tulips sure were artistic, Helen! A familiar sight in the corridors are Helen, Charlotte and Katherine, the inseparables. We wish you all kinds of happiness, Helen, and a continuance of the promise of success already shown. Women ' s A. A., Halloween Party Committee, Women ' s A. A.-Men ' s A. A. Revue. 99 Pearl Street KATHERINE MARY RYAN " Kay " Fitchburg, Massachusetts " A happy little lass, youthful and gay; A friend indeed we ' ve found in you Whom we ' ll miss in every way. " Katherine is one of the little but snappy members of our illustrious class. Her size doesn ' t mean a thing though, because she ' s right there when anything is going on. She proved her ability last year by her successful management of those eighth grade boys. Her willing co- operation and class spirit was evident by the success of the Halloween Party and the Men ' s A. A.-Women ' s A. A. Revue. Kay is rarely seen without her pals, Helen and Charlotte. We wish you happiness and success in your chosen profession, Katherine. Women ' s A. A., Day Girls ' Association, Halloween Party Commit- tee, Class Play Committee. EDWARD PHILIP SALMON " Fish " 205 West Boylston Street Worcester, Massachusetts " For rhetoric he could Aot open his mouth, but out there flew a trope. " What ' s that? What information? Well, ask Fish. He ' ll answer all your questions and offer suggestions, but never does he require, nor does he even expect you to follow his advice. This virtue, combined with a spirit of good fellowship, a happy faculty of doing the greatest pos- sible amount of work in the shortest possible time, a whole-hearted disposition to enter anything and everything designated to relieve the dull monotony of scholastic duties, are a few of the many qualities that have gained for Fish a niche of no small proportions in the hearts ( of his fellows, and ranked him high with his superiors. When the years roll by and we of Twenty-seven take a peep into this book we recall Fish and to our minds will come the thought, " And still the wonder grew, that one small head could carry all he knew. " Men ' s A. A., Mohawks. LAURA M. STEWART " Bobby " 30 Burnap Street Fitchburg, Massachusetts " A friend to all and a grand good sport. " If you want anything done, ask Bobby. She is always ready to help. Laura is a member of the basket ball and hockey teams and is noted for her ability as an athlete. Besides having many of the qualities of a charming personality, she has also a keen sense of humor, which oftentimes serves to brighten us when we have the blues. If she continues to be liked as she is here at Normal, she shall surely be a great success. Women ' s A. A., Day Girls ' Association, Basket Ball, Hockey, Track. HAROLD S. TROSTERUD " Lank " 28 Lincoln Street Fitchburg, Massachusetts " Success begins with Marriage. " Lank is one of the few married students at F. N. S. He believes that marriage is no detriment to education and proves every day that it improves and matures the mind. Lank is the constant companion of Teddy and together they have gained the appellation, " The long and Short of it, " for Lank has the distinction of being the tallest man in the class. Miss Perry says that Lank is without a peer in conducting a singing lesson and he proved it one day in her class. Lank claims to be a Swede, unable to understand French, so he was permitted to substitute the course on the " Modern Novel " for it, much to his own satisfaction and the edification of J. H. S. IV. Lank has the best wishes of his class for success in the field of teaching. Men ' s A. A. Jf ranctg Ifyaxty Jlurltmrt 1903-1926 SAXIF MARY P. LENNON, President THOMAS J. CARRIGAN, Vice-President SADIE F. KIELTY, Secretary FRANCIS B. SULLIVAN, Treasurer iAXIF South Lincoln Massachusetts MARY PETRONELLA LENNON " I have a passion for the name of ' Mary ' For once it was a magic sound to me, And still it half calls up the realms of fairy, Where I held what never was to be. " — Byron. Smiling, diminutive, Mary has been our class president for two years and has so successfully qualified for that position that we are sorry to have her leave us. Mary ' s work for the success of all our activities has been unflinchingly rendered, and thoroughly appreciated, and we know that the success of several things has been because of her participation in them. When Mary goes out to become a teacher may her career be filled with achieveme nt and characterized by happiness, successes, and realization. Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association, Day Girls ' Association, Women ' s A. A.-Men ' s A. A. Revue, Field Hockey ' 26, All Senior Class Activities, Class President. THOMAS JOSEPH CARRIGAN " Tom " 16 Berkshire Street Worcester, Massachusetts " Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you. " Tom is one of our most versatile young men here at Normal. He is prominent in social activi- ties and an exceptional athlete, participating in all major as well as minor activities. Tom is a good sport, and has made many friends while here. He is one of the foremost members of his class in scholastic standing and will make a hit as a P. A. instructor. Of Tom ' s relations with the fair sex we know very little except that he spends quite a little time with a young lady from Palmer Hall. Better ask Anna about it; what do you say, Tom? Gaveleers, Men ' s A. A. Treasurer, Executive Officer Rifle Club, Vice-President Senior Class, Assistant Business Manager Men ' s A. A.-Women ' s A. A. Revue, Football, Basket Ball, Baseball. 643 Middle Street SADIE F. KIELTY " A sweet, attractive kind of grace, Continual comfort in her face. " Fall River, Massachusetts Sadie is one of our most vivacious and popular girls. No wonder, for who could resist Sadie ' s sly smiles and wiles? Who even cares to resist one with so magnetic a personality, so helpful in all school affairs, and so able a secretary for our class? Sadie works hard in her studies even though she does try to persuade the world that she is a shirker. Her chief hobby, acting, seems surely a successful one when we picture her in one of the leading roles in " The Windmills of Holland, " and " The Goose Hangs High. " In fact, I think we will all agree with Aytoun — A smile for all, a wel- come glad, a jovial, coaxing way she had. Class Secretary 1, 2; Dramatic Club 1, 2; Glee Club 1, 2; Geographic Society 1, 2; Prom Committee 2; " Windmills of Holland " ' 26; Women ' s A. A. Revue ' 26, ' 27; Valentine Party ' 26; " Goose Hangs High " ' 26; Women ' s A. A. 1, 2; Tennis 1, 2; Bowling 1, 2; Hiking 1, 2. 7 Orange Street FRANCIS BERNARD SULLIVAN " Sully " Fitchburg, Massachusetts " I hasten not to keep my dates for I care not who waits: Sully is one of the most popular students at F. N. S. and soon after he entered we found him to be so capable that we elected him as custodian of our class funds. He is socially active and many socials pivoted around him. Sully has not taken an active part in the " Night Club " of the Campus but then, no one can be in two places at one time; neither can he serve two masters. Twenty-seven wishes you success. Men ' s A. A., Class Treasurer, Class Basket Ball, Soccer, Valentine Committee ' 26, Senior Prom Committee. 48 Devlin Street GLADYS M. ALLARD Fitchburg, Massachusetts " Her voice was ever soft, gentle and low, An excellent thing in a woman. " Gladys, one of our local girls, is a very quiet and demure little miss with sparkling brown eyes. As a student, Gladys ranks above the average and is highly esteemed by her many friends. When not at Normal classes she can be found solving some of the difficulties of Commercial 7B. Her ambitions are sure to be realized, for her in- dustrious spirit will always bring her out on top. Women ' s A. A., Day Girls ' Association. 2 Warwick Street ELIZABETH M. ALLEN New Bedford, Massachusetts " Of manner gentle, of affection mild. " Who is that little person, so studious and quiet? Why, it ' s Eliza- beth Allen, of course. Don ' t dare to call her " Betty " for she doesn ' t like it ! Elizabeth was one of the cleverest girls in our class, a fact which was proved to us daily. Was she a good sport? I ' ll say she was, and ever ready to lend a helping hand. E-L-I-Z-A-B-E-T-H, in our class, spelled efficiency. She showed skill in basket ball and other sports and, as usual, did her best. So, judging by your short career with us here, Elizabeth, we feel sure that in the future your diligence and aptitude will gain you even greater, honors. Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association, Basket Ball. ALFRED MAURITZ ANDERSON " Andy " 17 Euclid Avenue Worcester, Massachusetts " Ripe of wisdom is he, but patient and unpretentious. " Alfred is a persevering Worcester boy who came to F. N. S. with the desire to become a teacher of practical arts. During his training period he soon proved to his supervisor that there was in him the making of a good teacher. His marks were the highest that can pos- sibly be attained. During his association with his classmates, Andy has made himself popular with his cheerful disposition and willingness to help others if he is able. When the inter-class basket ball season is in progress he is a member of the team representing his class. He is a member of the Gaveleers Society and one may be sure to find him present at many of the school ' s social functions. The Class of Twenty- seven surely wishes him the success he deserves. Men ' s A. A., Gaveleers. 155 Pleasant Street JESSIE A. ANDERSON " Chubby " Attleboro, Massachusetts " A Rose in the Garden of Girls. " Chubby is one of the dearest of Millerites. She ' s from Attleboro and if there are any more like her, we hope they ' ll send them along. Who, having seen Jessie ' s wonderful hair, could forget it? There may be bobs on the right of you and bobs on the left of you, but " Jess " stands (as the poets would say) with nature ' s entire gift of golden tresses. We are expecting good things of " Jess " in teaching and are sure we won ' t be disappointed. The best of luck always. Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association. SIGNE ANTILA 243 Rollstone Street Fitchburg, Massachusetts " Ever loyal and true To the task she has to do. " Signe is a quiet sort of girl but usually ready to see the fun go on. As a member of the J. H. S. II division she has proved indispensable. She is always the same, and her cheerfulness prevails over us all. She is fast winning fame as an English teacher, but her artistic ability must not not go unnoticed. Signe ' s sincere and earnest work while with us assures us of her success in whatever line of endeavor she may choose. Day Girls ' Association, Women ' s A. A., Music Box Revue, Women ' s A. A. Rally. MARTHA LOUISE ASIALA 33 Omena Street Fitchburg, Massachusetts " She is no spendthrift of her tongue. " Martha is one of our sober, steadfast, and demure J. H. S. II girls. When waiting for her sixth teaching period, Martha laments, " Nothing is so dear and precious as time. " (That is common to all J. H. S. II people.) Mathematical minds are also musical ones, but I wonder how often " Miss Asiala " hears the chant, " I hate defini- tions. " Oh ! those coats of hers, how we do admire them ! By the way, Martha, what ' s the last show at the Lyric? How did you like " The Winning of Barbara Worth " at Shea ' s? What ' s going on at Cumings? Your success in a profession is warranted, as you come from a family of professions and trades. May success be yours. Women ' s A. A., Day Girls ' Association. CECELIA CLAIRE BAZINET " Cece " 64 Union Street Webster, Massachusetts " Her laughter has a clearer ring Than all the bubbling of a spring. " Charm just seems to emanate from a certain vivacious, dark-eyed, wavy-haired young person. Of course, you have guessed by this time that Cece is the one we mean. Laughter — bubbling, musical, spon- taneous — comes from her very soul. She is always amusing us with some unexpected witticism. But Cece can be rather serious-minded, as she has proven by the worth-while opinions she is in the habit of expressing. Mail-time is rather exciting for most of us, but we notice that it is of especial interest to Cece on Tuesdays. If she has as many successes as she has friends, that is the best we can wish her in life. Senior Representative Women ' s A. A., Debating Club, Student Government Association, Geographic Society, Glee Club, Dramatics. HENRY RODOLPH BECKLUND " Benny " 31 Benefit Street Worcester, Massachusetts " Good temper is like a sunny day; it sheds brightness on everything. " Benny ' s disposition is indeed a gift and has won him many friends during his course here. Although of a quiet nature, Benny is another of those hard workers who do their bit faithfully and quietly. His service to the class has been just of this sort. Benny was an able player on the inter-class volley ball and tennis teams. He is a wood- worker and a draftsman of high calibre and we feel sure that the teaching profession will be enriched by his presence. Best wishes for future success. Men ' s A. A., Dramatics, Mohawks, Inter-class Soccer and Volley Ball, Tennis. ANNA MARIE BERGLUND " Ann " 79 Milford Street, Springfield, Massachusetts " Tall and stately as a queen. " Anna appears very quiet and serious, but we know that under- neath she is the very spirit of fun. Her droll comments on various subjects always create a great deal of mirth. Anna believes in being always prepared, for we know not what may come. She is noted for her curly bob. Although Anna did not live in the " dorm, " there were very few of the goings- on that escaped her. Ask Anna sometime about her rides in a certain little " speed-bug. " Day Street School is proud to have had Anna as a practice teacher and her success with the little children is assured. Fitchburg wishes you the best of luck. Women ' s A. A., Hockey, Day Girls ' Association. SARA BARBARA BLOOD 430 Pleasant Street Leominster, Massachusetts " 0 this learning, what a thing it is. " Sara is a resident of Leominster and has never yet been known to fail in her lessons. She is smart and although quiet, a real pal when you know her. She and " Pat " are inseparable. Conscientious and willing workers, because of the love of work, are the kind of people Fitchburg is proud to place the names of on her permanent record of honored alumni. We are certain to find Sara ' s name among these. Best o ' luck. Women ' s A. A., Day Girls ' Association. MARGARET F. BRADSHAW " Peggy " 44 Providence Street Worcester, Massachusetts " Come and trip it as you go On the light fantastic toe. " The above selection might well be applied to Peg because it is rumored that she would rather dance than eat. The men, too, love to dance with her and we are inclined to think that she favors the men from Leominster with her dances more often than she does the rest of us. However, we ' ll try not to show our jealousy too much. Don ' t think that dancing is Peg ' s only line; she is also an actress of note, a good hockey player and a fine student. Peg surely can be depended upon in class to do more than her share of the work to keep up the standards of Senior I. Twenty-seven wishes you the success that is due you. Student Government Association, " The Goose Hangs High, " Varsity Hockey Team ' 26, Women ' s A. A., Hiking, Dramatics. DOROTHEA I. BRENNAN " Dot " 194 Clinton Street New Bedford, Massachusetts " Be what you seem to be. " Dorothea lent us her austere person to ornament our famous halls for two years. Oh, yes! of course, she gleaned a vast amount of knowledge also and is now on her way to success in this profession of teaching. Dot ' s opinions, so candidly given, are always solicited. Her sincere sympathy is ever ready. Dot is especially interested in elo- cution. Did she not help to make our Christmas Banquet a success? Her talents and interests are manifold and to classify them one would require a card catalog. The Class of Twenty-seven wishes you the most which life can offer, Dot, and may your future years fully re- ward you. Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association, Glee Club, Music Box Revue, " Windmilis of Holland, " Hockey, Basket Ball. VIVIAN BROOKS 38 Summer Street Fitchburg, Massachusetts " Enthusiasm is the genius of sincerity. " What would we do without Vivian and her talent which is so much in demand for all our activities! Scenery needed? Posters? Chair- man of Decorations? Vivian is everyone ' s first thought. No one doubts her artistic ability, yet of temperament Vivian seems to have none. Who can ever remember her as anything but the merriest of mortals? We ' re all sending our best wishes with Vivian. We just know she ' ll succeed in whatever phase of work she undertakes, though we do hope she ' ll do a great deal in the world of art. Women ' s A. A., Day Girls ' Association, Music Box Revue. ADELINE P. BROWN " Brownie " 30 Wolcott Street Holyoke, Massac husetts " Character is stronger than intellect, A great soul will be strong to live as well as to think. " How could Miller Hall or Senior I " carry on " without Brownie? She is one of the rare beings who has acquired the habit of consider- ing others before herself. When help of any kind is needed, Brownie is sought out. Add to this quality an abundance of good sportsman- ship, mischief and good humor, and the result is one of our best friends. She is an excellent and conscientious student as well as a good pal. Athletics play not too small a part in Adeline ' s Normal School Course. She plays hockey, soccer, tennis, basket ball, and she has more than one reason for her devotion to these sports. Everyone feels quite sure that she will make an excellent teacher. F. N. S. wishes you the greatest success and good fortune. Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association, Hockey, Soccer, Hiking, Dramatics, Geographic Society, Music Box Revue, Basket Ball. EMILY. PAMELIA BURDAKIN " Em ' ly " 319 Mill Street Waverley, Massachusetts " To see her is to like her, To know her is to love her. " Emily came to us from Belmont and has proven to us that that section of Massachusetts can turn out girls who can be the sweet, con- scientious type that Emily is. There was someone who once said, " A true student is never measured by the number of books he carries, " but, as in all other cases, there is an exception to this rule, too. For Emily ' s pile of books not only proves that she is a conscientious stu- dent, but her shining position in J. H. S II proves the thoroughness with which she does her work. Let us hope that in the years when F. N. S. no longer n umbers her among its enrolled, that all success, prosperity and happiness may be bestowed on you. Women ' s A. A., Day Girls ' Association, Basket Ball, Geographic Society, Men ' s A. A.-Women ' s A. A. Revue. JOSEPH JAMES BURKE " Joe " 97 Pleasant Street Clinton, Massachusetts " Silence that wins, where eloquence is vain. " When Joe graduated from Clinton High he selected F. N. S. as his institution for obtaining higher knowledge. Being a he-man he selected the P. A. department, which has been benefitted by his con- scientious and diligent workmanship. His genial and cordial manner soon won him a place in the hearts of his schoolmates and he promptly became a member of the Mohawks. This organization owes him a great deal of gratitude for the efficient manner in which he handled the business end of " The Goose Hangs High. " Joe ' s training term has proven to us that he will be a success in his chosen profession and the Class of Twenty-seven wishes him the best of luck. Mohawks, Business Manager Mohawks Play, Senior Play Com- mittee ' 26, Football, Inter-class Soccer, Basket Ball, Baseball, Men ' s A. A., Men ' s A. A. Advisory Board. Old Bedford Road MARY ALICE BURKE " Al " Concord, Massachusetts " ' T is n ' t what we say but what we don ' t say that helps. " — Kipling. Alice is one of our happy-go-lucky commuters and when not rush- ing to and from the train can always find time to give one a smile. We very seldom entered the library but we saw Alice ambitiously poring over some book. When Alice stepped over the threshold of a classroom she was always sure that her assignments were completed. This is the kind of person Fitchburg wants, and we are proud to have Alice as one of its members. Best o ' luck, Alice. Women ' s A. A., Day Girls ' Association. HELEN KATHERINE BURNS 126 Park Street Gardner, Massachusetts " Full of good meaning and wishes. " Helen is a girl we all like. She is one of the commuters who comes from Gardner. For some mysterious reason she is very fond of skat- ing and skiing. We wonder why? However, in spite of this, her answers in class which were always much appreciated, prove that she does not devote all her time to outside activities, and we are glad she chose Fitchburg to gain her professional attitude in. We hear Helen expects to leave us and go to Chicago to live next summer. Fitchburg will surely miss her. Women ' s A. A., Day Girls ' Association, Skiing. JOHN LAWRENCE BURT " Larry " 49 Orchard Street Adams, Massachusetts " He has only one enemy in the world — the clock. " Larry is one of the illustrious boys from the Berkshires and he sure is true to his home town, always ready to defend it in any argu- ment. He has established a reputation as a mechanic, due to his in- terest in radios, motors, and " alarm clocks. " Girls envy Larry ' s marcel wave, which has made him a marked man. He has had an active part in many school activities, and proved himself a good sport. We hope he will continue to be a valuable member of our class. Mohawks, Men ' s A. A., Radio Club, Rifle Club, Saxifrage Board, Dramatics, Mohawks Play, Men ' s A. A. -Women ' s A. A. Revue, Class Basket Ball. EDNA MARION BUXTON " Eddie " Hazen Road Shirley, Massachusetts " Her ways are ways of pleasantness And her paths are paths of peace. " Here is another quiet girl, but all those who know her appreciate her many fine qualities. We are sure that no matter what Edna undertakes it will be successful if she shows the same persistence and determination which she has shown in the past. Although Edna is quiet, her friends tell us when you really know her, she is very humor- ous. Edna is very seldom seen around the halls of F. N. S. without her inseparable pal, Alice. In the future we hope you will make many more friends like Alice, and uphold your fine record at Normal. Day Girls ' Association Council, Women ' s A. A. ANNA ELIZABETH CANNON " Betty " 320 Chestnut Street Gardner, Massachusetts " Witty, jolly and carefree, Always happy as can be. " Did you ever see Betty without a smile? We never did, until we saw this picture. Betty was always willing to do her share in making our social activities a success. We shall never forget how pleasingly she entertained us with her dancing. With all these diver- sions Betty never neglected her studies, for underneath her happy-go- lucky exterior we find the spirit of a true worker. Good luck, Betty. Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association, Hockey, Basket Ball, Bowling, Dramatics. ■ FRANCES P. CARNEY " Fran " 4 Jaseph Place Fitchburg, Massachusetts ' Behold! a father ' s pride, a mother ' s joy A merry heart, a cheerful countenance. " Frances is one of the much-liked commuters who has entered our halls of learning to improve her store of knowledge. We don ' t believe she has ever seen the beginning of a 9 o ' clock class since she came here, but " Better late than never, " Fran. We feel confident of Frances ' success as a teacher, judging from the results of her History work in J. H. S. We all wonder at her vocabulary for she never uses words of one syllable when she can substitute five. Remember your class- mates at F. N. S., Frances, for you are one who will not be readily forgotten by us. Women ' s A. A., Treasurer Day Girls ' Association, Geographic Society. I MILDRED B. CARSON " Kit " Longley Road Shirley, Massachusetts " A smile for all, A welcome glad, A folly coaxing way she had I " Who is that fair looking miss from West Groton? Why, it is Mil- dred ! We will always remember Mildred ' s sunny disposition and Oh ! that smile ! Athletics claim Mildred as a true friend, and we are sure she takes a great interest in the Women ' s Athletic Association of Normal as was proven by her faithfulness in the designing of cos- tumes for the Women ' s Athletic Association show, and as the leader of her division. She ' s the girl who was always willing to lend a help- ing hand, and we are sure her success in the future is assured. Women ' s A. A., Day Girls ' Association, Hockey. BEATRICE ELIZABETH CLARK " Bee " 30 Hemenway Street Boston, Massachusetts " Clever, snappy, and always happy. " This collegiate person came from Boston one day in September, 1925, and joined the Junior Class. During that first year she made her mark by a specialty dance in the Music Box Revue. It was Bee who gave us the first glimpse of Black Bottom. Besides having time for fun Bee makes sure that her lessons are prepared, and she is one upon whom the teachers can look for a good recitation. We hope Bee will prove as successful a teacher as she did while training at Edgerly. We ' re sure she goes out into the world with the good will of all. Women ' s A. A., Music Box Revue, Student Government Associa- tion, Hiking, Bowling, Glee Club. HAROLD ALVIN CLARK " Clarkie " 8 Reynolds Street Worcester, Massachusetts " The master looks sharpest to his own business. " Clarkie is another " trade man. " As a scholar he ranks among the most brilliant of his class. In mathematics he is nearly at the peak of perfection. In athletics he is always present on the class teams. He also made his letter on the varsity basket ball team in ' 25 and ' 26. Clarkie has the quality of being able to get along with both his class- mates and the faculty. The class knows that he will be a success in the ' ' field, " if earnest effort counts towards perfection. Clarkie has been rather in the background at Normal, as far as one matter is con- cerned, but we know there must be someone waiting in Worcester for him, as he seldom wants to " stay over. " Men ' s A. A., Gaveleers, Gaveleers Play ' 26, Basket Ball ' 2S- ' 26. GERTRUDE CYNTHIA COHEN " Gert " 22 Cynthia Street Dorchester, Massachusetts " She ' s little but she ' s wise. " Who is this petite dark-haired and dark-eyed maiden with natur- ally wavy hair that was put up when the fad was prevalent in Nor- mal School, and who always gives a neat and pleasing appearance? Yes, this is Gert — one of our famous violinists of the Normal School Ensemble. Gert came to us from the New England Conservatory of Music and certainly lived up to the reputation of that school. If one doesn ' t hear the music of her violin he is sure to hear the hearty music of her laughter echoing through the corridors of Miller Hall. Gert would be more than glad to teach in Boston for more than seven reasons, and the first six don ' t count. How about it, Gert? Fitch- burg ' s best wishes go out with you. Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association, Hiking, Skiing, Glee Club, Dramatics, Music Box Revue, Bowling, Hockey. FLORENCE LUCY COLLINS " Flo " 47 Locust Street New Bedford, Massachusetts " As sweet a girl, As true a friend, As ever could be found. " Florence of the dreamy, hazel eyes and the sweet, oval face is always ready to put her best in everything she undertakes. The many drawings to be found in the art room are a proof of her cleverness and artistic ability. But let this be a warning — never try to best her in an argument, for it can rarely be done, especially when the subject is on that interesting topic (we leave to your imagination). We have often wondered what attraction the library holds for Flo, is it the books, the quiet atmosphere, or what? We are sure that Flo will be a success and we wish her the very best of luck and happiness. Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association, Dramatics, De- bating Club. 31 Friend Street GEORGE H. CONATY " George " Taunton, Massachusetts " ( is the diligent worker who succeeds. " George comes to us from Taunton High School, with a favorable record. He is continuing his good work in the Practical Arts De- partment here at Normal. George devotes much time to extra-cur- ricular work. One of George ' s main hobbies is to take a long jaunt into the wilderness with a camera slung over one shoulder. Much of the success of the Women ' s A. A. show was due to George ' s good work. A. A. Class Basket Ball Team, Assistant Business Manager Saxi- frage, Class Ring Committee, Stage Manager A. A. Play ' 27, " Wind- mills of Holland " ' 26, " Prom " Committee, Saxifrage Snapshot Photog- rapher, Assistant Class Treasurer. 345 Main Street HELEN AGNES CONNELL " Bunny " Concord Junction, Massachusetts " Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace. " Helen is very quiet, but likable just the same. She belonged to the famous Day Street " bunch " of trainers. Occasionally she felt obliged to make a trip to a certain drug store down in the city, but the reason she always kept mysteriously to herself. By her success in training we are assured that she has chosen the right profession, and Fitchburg surely is glad that she spent two very valuable yea s in its midst. May success follow you always. Women ' s A. A., Day Girls ' Association. JULIA ELIZABETH CONNOLLY " Judy " 247 Winter Street Norwood, Massachusetts " She lives at peace with all mankind, In friendship she was true. " If you do not know Judy, let us introduce her to you. Her win- ning smile has made her many friends and she has always been ready to join in the fun. Her perseverance is a good insurance for her success. When December came the children in the sixth grade of Edgerly disliked to have their teacher leave, proving that JuHa has chosen the right profession, and we are glad she chose Fitchburg for her preparation. Lots o ' luck, Judy, and don ' t forget dear old F. N. S., especially Miller Hall. Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association. SAXIF LEO AUGUSTUS CONNOLLY Holliston Street Medway, Massachusetts " His laughter resounded through the halls. " Leo is a graduate of Wentworth Institute and we believe it is at this institution that he cultivated his many good habits, especially that one of preparing his lessons for the next day. In the social activities of the school Leo has always been a prominent figure, for he has always been willing and anxious to do his share to make the affairs a success. For some reason or other the fairer sex of F. N. S. holds no attraction for Leo. Those who are close to him say that there is a certain young lady in East Boston. When Leo graduates he hopes to become an instructor in printing somewhere near Boston. For your sake, Leo, we hope you will, but wherever you go we are sure you will do honor to old F. N. S. like the men who have gone before you. Men ' s A. A., Women ' s A. A.-Men ' s A. A. Revue, Mohawks, " The Goose Hangs High. " JAMES PHILIP CONNORS " Jim " 8 Orchard Street Adams, Massachusetts " The World knows little of its famous men. " In 1925 the Berkshires sent another able representative in the person of Jim Connors. It didn ' t take us long to get acquainted with him and his popularity is shown from the numerous positions he holds in the Normal School life. He has also shown us that he has qualities that a leader should possess. Jim has refereed many inter- class games in various sports and his judgment was always accepted. Jim ' s chief ambition is to be a successful teacher, and as he is a fellow who is never self-occupied, and is kind, genial and sympathetic, we are assured he will be a success. Secretary Men ' s A. A., Vice-President Mohawks, Assistant Manager Basket Ball, Property Manager Mohawks Play, Assistant Manager Men ' s A. A. -Women ' s A. A. Revue, Athletic Committee. JOHN HOWARD COOPER 6S Mt. Vernon Street Fitchburg Massachusetts " Still waters run deep. " Howard has been rather quiet here at Normal, but his very sincere nature has made him an apt student. His life ' s ambition is to be- come an instructor of printing, which he will be well fitted to carry out after he has graduated from this institution. Although Howard was quiet we must not forget his shattered romance with the little girl from Orange. Before coming to Normal School he attended Greenfield High School. Men ' s A. A. LILLIAN E. COUGHLIN " Lil " 335 Whipple Street Fall River, Massachusetts " Always ready, always there, Always ready to do her share. " Of course there is no need to introduce Lillian. Everyone knows her and likes her because of her pleasing personality. Do you re- member the Wednesday night dances when Lil played for you to dance, much to the anger of her partner who had to content himself with merely looking on while you had all the fun? Sometimes, though, Lil would favor you with a dance and then you were in the seventh heaven of delight. Lillian does not devote all her time to dancing and playing, however, because she is a good student, too, and if you don ' t believe that she will be an excellent teacher, just ask her teachers about it. She is bound to be successful. Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association. MARGARET MARY COUGHLIN " Peg " 20 Colburn Street Leominster, Massachusetts " It is a friendly heart that has plenty of friends. " — Thackeray. Margaret needs no introduction. Throughout her course she has proved an active and valuable member of our class. Her friendly smile and familiar " Hi " are known to all. Her endless supply of gaiety is a sure cure for the blues. Of her success in the future there is little doubt as her A-l work in the past has proved. Margaret not only was a " bright light " in classes, but had a great deal to do with the Women ' s Athletic Association. Her many attractive posters have won her great fame, and made everyone feel like working hard to reach the top first. While in training, Margaret secured a record anyone would be proud to possess, and we wish for her the best of luck in the future. Treasurer Women ' s A. A., President Day Girls ' Association, Men ' s A. A.-Women ' s A. A. Revue. JOHN H. DALY " Skid " 11 Wrentham Road Worcester, Massachusetts " Write me as one who loves his fellowmen. " It seems to us that this line expresses just John ' s philosophy. Never too busy or tired to help a friend, especially on his way to Worcester where John prefers to spend his time, rather than in Fitchburg. It must be a good preference because John has never failed in doing his work and we all hope that his success as a teacher will be as great as his achievements at Fitchburg. Men ' s A. A., Class Basket Ball. DORIS DELANO DARCH 145 Myrtle Avenue Fitchburg, Massachusetts " The eyes are charmed by paintings. " Doris, more commonly known to her intimate friends as " Brown- eyed Doris, " springs from the Fitchburg stock of teachers. She has taken a great interest in school affairs, both socially and intellectually, and we know this is the type of person Fitchburg Normal is proud to claim. If in doubt as to where she is, you can always find her in the locker room robbing Cicero of his honors. We all wish her the best of luck and hope that her success in the future may be assured. Women ' s A. A., Day Girls ' Association Council. CARMEL DEADY " Carm " 17 Glenwood Way Quincy, Massachusetts " Her smile is like a rainbow flashing from a misty sky. " Yes, that is Carmel with the ever present smile and cheery word for everyone. Her charming personality and friendliness have won her many friends. Carmel has the happy faculty of looking on the bright side of life. She displayed her talent for teaching and story-telling while in training and has proven herself a worthy member of the Class of Twenty-seven. We wish you much happiness and success, Carmel, for we know that you deserve it. Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association, Hockey, Geo- graphic Society, Basket Ball, Music Box Revue, Bowling, Class Day Decorations. FRANCES LOUISE DeRIGGS " Fran " 194 Bradford Street Provincetown, Massachusetts " She has eyes so soft and brown — take care! " A sparkling, brown-eyed girl whose friendship is of the sincere, lasting type we all treasure. Through her association with others she has shown herself to be the possessor of several characteristics which distinguish her as an individual, and make her the charming and in- teresting person she is. The conscientious manner with which she does her work, perhaps in a measure foretell the success which awaits her. Hence our sincerest wishes that accompany her are briefly these: A wonderful success, lasting happiness, and the hope that the friends she makes in years to come will be like the friend she has been to us in F. N. S. Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association, Student Council, House Vice-President Palmer Hall. 32 Top Street MARY RITA DERVIN Clinton, Massachusetts " Quietness has its own charms. " Mary is always to be found in the wake of Doris Darch. She is a demure little girl who came to us from Clinton. Although she is very quiet in school she may be otherwise outside. We never can judge a book by its cover. Perseverance is always said to win, and we are sure that Mary carries this out to the very smallest detail. We sin- cerely hope that the coming years have a great deal in store for you, and that you will never forget the many friends you made at F. N. S. Women ' s A. A., Day Girls ' Association. ■ V «J JOSEPH A. DeSOUSA " Joe " 36 Fremont Street Taunton, Massachusetts " He ' s little but he ' s wise; He ' s a terror for h is size. " Joe is the other one from Taunton — that illustrious town we hear so much about — one of our class twins commonly termed the " Black Boys. " Joe, in spite of his stature, is one of the big noises of the class. In fact he ' s quite a " toreador. " We are sure that Joe will make good because he has all the courage in the world and is sure to over- come any obstacles that may come his way. Sometimes we feared he might leave our ranks to become a doctor, due to his connection with a certain hospital in Taunton. But we hope he ' ll stick with us because we would surely miss his energetic figure among us. Gaveleers, Baseball, Men ' s A. A. DOROTHY GRACE DEVANEY " Dot " 147 West Main Street Ayer, Massachusetts " She is pretty to walk with And witty to talk with And pleasant too, to think on. " Dorothy hails from Ayer and is noted for sociable smile. A loyal friend to Helen and Girls ' Association is pleased to have Dot as regret the fact that graduation will take her such a pleasing personality as Dorothy ' s has sion, and we wish her success forever. Women ' s A. A., Secretary Day Girls ' Association-Student Government Association her big brown eyes and a good sport. The Day one of its members and away. Surely one with chosen the right profes- Association, Day Girls ' Banquet Committee. 1 ( Uf m BLANCHE ELIZABETH DISSTON " Betty " 100 Crescent Hill Avenue Arlington, Massachusetts " Quietness has its own charms. " Betty is a quiet, unassuming girl who is eagerly looking forward to the time when she may step forth into life as an exponent of peda- gogy. A conscientious student with a reservedness of manner softened by an interesting pleasantness — she is one whom we all like to call one of our friends. We have heard that Betty sings; we are not sure, but several comment upon the interesting bits of harmony which float out of her door (and which is accompanied by a lovely soprano and contralto from the next door — Palmer Hall girls know who we mean!) Next year we hope will be most successful and most interesting and may the years to come reflect its successes. Best of luck, Betty, in your teaching career. Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association. 38 Whitfield Road JANE DEANIE DIXON " Jadie " West Somerville, Massachusetts " Not too serious, yet not too gay, She strikes a happy medium. " Jane is an interesting person ; peculiarly an individualist ! She has an interesting personality — pleasant, happy, and conscientious — these three characteristics blended with a touch of the cynical. It has made her interesting where it has made others blase. Jane ' s wonderful training marks are sufficient proof of her ability as a student, and perfectly prophesy the successes awaiting her in the field of the teach- ing profession. When the doors of our illustrious institution close on her for the last time, may the wishes for success and achievement we send with her be fulfilled thoroughly. Student Government Association, Women ' s A. A., Glee Club. 89 Allen Street JOSEPH MICHAEL DOLAN " Beeb " Leominster, Massachusetts " A horse I A horse! My kingdom for a horse I " What ' s the story? Who hasn ' t heard this greeting many a morn- ing as the " boy " from Leominster made his appearance? Beeb cer- tainly should be classed among our wittiest members, being the life of J. H. S. II. His talent, however, is not only confined to wit, for who did not appreciate his editorial on " School Dances? " Beeb sure ' y is the one to write on school affairs, for who was a more loyal sup- porter of all school functions? Leominster is to be congratulated on sending us such a perfect example of good fellowship. Beeb ' s person- ality will certainly carry him far in his chosen profession. Men ' s A. A., Mohawks, Tennis, Class Basket Ball, Soccer. SAXIF MAY ELEANOR DROHAN 10 Crescent Street Quincy, Massachusetts " Smile and the world smiles with you. " We all remember May in spite of the fact that she left our midst in January, because of illness. While in Palmer Hall she made many a dull hour gay by her humorous interpretations of the present hap- penings. Anyone traveling from Fitchburg to Quincy on a Friday afternoon would be sure to see May on the train, as she never missed a week-end visit to the Granite City. We are sorry that May could not finish her course at F. N. S. and are sure that the children of Highland Avenue miss her. We wish you the best of luck, May. Student Government Council, Women ' s A. A. 53 Third Street ALICE HONORA DUFORT " Al " Leominster, Massachusetts " Laughing and gay and full of fun, She is ever ready when frolic ' s begun. " . Who doesn ' t know Al? Well, to those unfortunates, here she is. Al came to us from Leominster and since then has gone smiling through her two years at F. N. S. Beneath a fun-loving exterior Al has a streak of real seriousness — as her marks have shown. Her be- witching eyes of blue have captured the hearts of many, especially at B. C. How about it Al? The girls in Senior III can vouch for her cleverness in all classes and also in her zest for all sports. We hope that her winning personality will always secure for her as many friends as she has at F. N. S. Women ' s A. A. Executive Board, Day Girls ' Association, Bowling. ANNA LOUISE DUGGAN " Ann " 1180 Robeson Street Fall River, Massachusetts " Keep her, for she is thy life. " Who ' s playing the piano in Palmer Hall? Anna Duggan, of course. Then all rush to Palmer to dance because Anna ' s fingers make feet nimble. She does not play always, however, for who wants to play the piano when there is Someone waiting patiently to dance with her? She is laughing, gay, and full of fun and always ready when frolic is begun. Anna shines in many subjects, but English is her hobby. We wonder why she likes Poetry, especially a certain little poem en- titled " My Shadow. " Anna is one of the girls who is a credit to Normal, and the Juniors will miss her charming smile as they rush through the lobby after school. Best of luck and good wishes from the Class of Twenty-seven. Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association, Glee Club, Music Box Revue, Color Committee. T : r LOIS BRANDO EMERSON Lancaster Avenue Lunenburg, Massachusetts " Never idle a moment, but thrifty at thought of others. " Lois adds weight and dignity to our class. We are aware that she has rare qualities as a schoolma ' am. We hear, however, that the teaching profession will not claim her long. Her success at Fitchburg has been assured, and we feel certain that the " great school world " will be pleased to accept her as an earnest promoter of her profession. The good will of Fitchburg goes out with you, Lois. Women ' s A. A., Day Girls ' Association, Debating. BRUNO EDWARD FILLBACK " Brink " 171 Rollstone Street Fitchburg, Massachusetts " Silence, when nothing need be said, Is the eloquence of discretion. " Brink is not as quiet as he looks, even though he has been accused of hiding behind statues. He certainly wasn ' t posing as a " Minute Man " when one of Concord ' s fair representatives passed by. Despite his unassuming attitude, Bruno surely claims attention as an athlete, being one of the stars on the basket ball team. It is needless to say the entire class wishes Brink success in all his undertakings. Men ' s A. A., Mohawks, Tennis, Soccer, Geographic Society. EDWARD WILLIAM FITZGERALD " Ed " 57 Barclay Street Worcester, Massachusetts " He must be known to be appreciated. " Eddie is a quiet and unassuming young man who hails from the Heart of the Commonwealth. He is an efficient and capable leader which was shown by the manner in which he handled Normal ' s destiny during the 192 7 basket ball season. Eddie not only starred in basket ball but was a flash on the baseball diamond. In all school activities Eddie has given his share faithfully and quietly. Eddie was never granted ad- mission to the Bachelor Club because of a deep interest in a feminine classmate. Although the doors of our school will close behind Eddie in June, we realize that our loss is someone else ' s gain, and the good wishes of our class are with him. Basket Ball ' 25- ' 26, Basket Ball Captain ' 27, Baseball ' 2S- ' 26- ' 27, Men ' s A. A., Gaveleers, Dramatics, Inter-class Soccer and Volley ball. MARGARET ELEANOR FITZGERALD " Peg " Stow Massachusetts " The truly generous are the truly wise. " Bee, Jane, and Betty — the inseparable " musketeers. " Peggy, Bee, Jane, and Betty — the inseparable " musketeers. " We wonder what the other three will do without the immensely instruct- ive company of Peg. Her determined air, and the precision of her work, seem to fit her especially well for her career as a teacher. Peg ' s popularity is quite well known, for in a strange manner she has be- come one of the figures of Palmer Hall. May our wish be fulfilled — that your life be one of helpful influence, and one filled with success which comes from the realization of your ambition. Student Government Association, Women ' s A. A. HELMI I. FLINCK " Flinkie " 66 Albertina Street Quincy, Massachusetts " The stars shine — so does an athlete. " Who is that again before our assembly? Why, it ' s no one else but our old friend Helmi. " Everyone out for hockey tonight! " She urges the students with all her might. And there we could see the honest strife Of one who could play in hockey and life. And why does our fire chief always seem To ring that bell in the midst of our dream? Everyone will remember her As the willing and helpful Helmi. Women ' s A. A., Hockey Leader, Varsity Hockey Team, Women ' s A. A. Rally, Music Box Revue, Student Government Association, Fire Chief, Soccer, Geographic Society, Glee Club, Track, Bowling. 10 View Street EDGAR WILLIAM FLINTON " Ed " Leominster, Massachusetts " Why can ' t it always be spring? Ed comes over the road every morning for two reasons — to go to classes and to fill his place every evening with the " Night Club. " His experience at Leominster High and Worcester Tech has enabled him to make a name for himself in both shop and academic work. As to the Night Club, we have only to state that Ed is a charter member, and our only thought is that he would have saved time and carfare if he had engaged a room fairly near Palmer Hall. All in all, we are sure that Ed will succeed as a teacher because of his confidence to tackle anything, and to see it through to a successful finish. More power to you, Ed. Mohawk Club, Radio Club, Rifle Club Secretary, Chairman Valen- tine Party ' 26. TT KATHRYN VERONICA FLYNN " Kath " 109 Locust Street New Bedford, Massachusetts " Witty, jolly and carefree, Always happy as can be. " Tall, slender Kathryn, with her laughing, blue eyes, is ever ready to join in the fun and add to the general merriment with her origin- ality. Of all animals, it is quite evident to the girls in Palmer Hall that she prefers the camel. While Kath is always agreeable in her associations, she keeps her more serious thoughts to herself. Drawing is one of her favorite subjects, and she enjoys that class almost more than any other one in the curriculum. Have you ever noticed her fondness for reading? A book that is of especial interest to her is one entitled " HUCKleberry Finn. " May Kath ' s charms entice Good Fortune to follow her through life. Women ' s A. A. Pin Committee, Music Box Revue, Hockey, Hiking, Tennis, Student Government Association. JOHN J. FOLEY 73 Madison Street Worcester, Massachusetts " Wit, now and then, struck smartly, shows a spark. " John is another one of the boys who travels twenty-five miles every morning and night in order to attend our school. John is a quiet fellow, but the old saying, " Still waters run deep, " proves true in this case. John surely has a good sense of humor as all the boys will vouch. Many a good laugh we ' ve enjoyed, thanks to John ' s wit. We know he will get along all right " out there, " because he has all the qualities of a good teacher — good natured, willing to help out, able to hold the attention of others. So here ' s good luck to you, John, we are all with you and hope you have a successful career in your profession of teaching. Men ' s A. A. DAVID JOSEPH FORREST " Dave " 26 McEnnelly Street Marlboro, Massachusetts " Smile and the world smiles with you. " Dave is another Trade School representative. He has maintained a fine scholastic standing, and is well fitted for his chosen profession. Dave ' s talents are numerous. His histrionic ability has been demon- strated by the many dramatic productions he has taken part in. He has also served the school in athletics, having earned his letter in baseball and football. With his genial way, ready smile, and known ability, we are sure he will prove a success. Mohawks, Football ' 24- ' 2S, Baseball ' 2S- ' 26- ' 27, Men ' s A. A., Dra- matics, Women ' s A. A.-Men ' s A. A. Revue. 83 Summer Street GRACE LOUISE FORSTER " Grade " Natick, Massachusetts " A maiden fair with curly hair. " We can remember Grace from the first week of school (those curls certainly did impress us) , and ever since we ' ve seen the blonde curls close to the brunette curly bob — Ruth G ' s. Where one is — there also is the other — and we can ' t write about one without ring- ing in the other. A hike was never complete without Grace, and you may be sure she was " right on deck " for all of them. Athletics also held a charm for Grace, but in spite of all this she was a faithful worker. May success be yours. Student Government Association, Women ' s A. A., Hiking. 7 Prospect Street MARY MARGARET FOX " Foxy " " Speech is silver, Silence is golden: Ware, Massachusetts Though Mary is not fond of talking, and has a bit of bashfulness, she is one of our bright lights. She and Dot are quite inseparable, for when you see one, you always see the other. We wonder if she is always as quiet as she appears. Those who learned to know Mary a ' so found her to be humorous, and we do not think that Hastings Hall would have been complete without Mary during her first year up here. We hear that Mary was not so fond as her friends had intended her to be of a particular lamp that came all the way from Onset. However, the lamp did its duty. Normal wishes you great success, and we are sure that from your teaching record this will be certain. Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association, Geographic So- ciety, Hiking. 94 Buffington Street MARY A. GALVIN " Babe " — " Baby " Fall River, Massachusetts " To be merry best becomes you. " " Many are the smiles of Mary As she goes about her way, Remitting rays of sunshine, Years and months and days. " You wonder who that smiling, merry-looking girl is? Well, she is Mary Angela Galvin from Fall River. Mary is one of our very apt pupils. It did not take us long to discover that Mary liad a weakness for mathematics. She has also proved to be an elocutionist of great worth. We suggest that she continue along these lines. In training Mary was a big success, and we know that she ' ll be a success in the future. We wish you the best of luck. Student Government Association, Women ' s A. A., Hiking, Dram- atics, Geographic Society. CHRISTINE FRANCES GIBBONS " Teena " 324J4 Chestnut Street Clinton, Massachusetts " Wit and wisdom go hand in hand. " Christine has brightened many weary days for us with her witty remarks. " A merry heart surely doeth good like medicine. " May you always turn your own dark days, if such as you have them, into sun- shiny days in the same way that you did for us at Normal. Although Christine was taken sick during her first term of training, when she assumed her duties her success was evident. She is one of the few people who had a chance to teach the cute little kindergarten class at Day Street School, and she surely knows how to work with little children. Fitchburg needs more people like Christine, who will enter into everything with the right spirit. Day girls and dorm girls, one and all, wish Christine a successful and happy future. Women ' s A. A., Day Girls ' Association. HELEN FRANCES GIBBONS " Gibby " 22 Beacon Street Clinton, Massachusetts " No greater pal, no truer friend ever could be found. " Bright eyes, a cheery smile, a joyous " Hi " for all, that ' s Helen. She doesn ' t need any introduction, especially to the train gang. Boy! didn ' t we have fun? Does she work? Oh! yes, but she can play too. Not only did Helen shine in all of her studies, but in the athletic line she surely was a star. Fitchburg is going to miss you this June. And — Helen hasn ' t that far-away look in her eyes for nothing. It means — the future, what? — the West? Good luck. Women ' s A. A., Day Girls ' Association. DRUSILLA GOODWIN " Dru " Townsend Massachusetts " We meet thee like a pleasant thought. " Dru ' s witty remarks have given us all a good time. When a class seemed the dullest a little remark from Dru would bring us into a gale of laughter of the purest type. This is the kind of person Fitch- burg was looking for, and we regret the fact that June, 1927, takes her away. We feel sure that she will be a splendid teacher because of her great love for children. When it comes to sports, Dru is al- ways ready. Good luck, Dru, you deserve it. Women ' s A. A., Day Girls ' Association, Baske t Ball ' 25, Glee Club, Music Box Revue, Finance Committee, Track ' 25. CHARLES ARTHUR GORMAN " Charlie " 51 Mt. Vernon Street Fitchburg, Massachusetts " Labor omnia vincit. " Charlie is one of the home town boys, and is a great favorite among his classmates. When Normal played football, Charlie was in his glory, and when it was discontinued the result was a heart-broken Charlie. He is a great lover of all sports, which is shown by the ener- getic manner which he took while playing on his class teams. He has taken part in many other school activities, such as dramatics and so- cials. Charlie ' s after-school hours were spent working in a local drug store, and he certainly knew how to handle the passing mob. Although we will miss him, Charlie ' s popularity with his training class assures us that he is well fitted for his chosen profession. The best wishes of the Class of Twenty-seven follow him wherever he may go. Football ' 24- ' 25, Gaveleers, Men ' s A. A., " Three Wise Fools, " Glee Club, " The Witching Hour, " Inter-class Soccer, Junior Class Party, Basket Ball, Volleyball, Finance Committee. ■ WILFRED HENRY GRENON " Bill " 1Q0 May Street Worcester, Massachusetts " His only fault is he has no fault. " Bill is a great little mixer and is very active in all social activities at this school. His chief ambition is to become a good P. A. instruc- tor, and if he continues as he has here at Normal there is no doubt but what he will be successful. Bill is active in athletics and also spends quite a little time with a young lady at Proctor Hall. Bill has another year at Normal, and the steady and efficient support he has given us should prove him a valuable asset to his class next year. Continue, and success will surely follow. Men ' s A. A., Gaveleers, Baseball ' 26, Soccer, Tennis, Football. CATHERINE RUTH GRIFFIN " Ruthie " 56 Beacon Avenue Holyoke, Massachusetts " Good things come in small packages. " Small, but! (how about her pal?). Ruth has always impressed us as being a good sport and a willing worker. As a dancer, acrobat, or whatever you want, she ' s there. Miller Hall will surely miss Ruthie and her inseparable pal, because they started the " dressmaking " scheme, and a great many other " parlors " to arouse the interest of Miller Hall. Best of luck to you, Ruth. Student Government Association, Women ' s A. A., Hiking, Music Box Revue, Women ' s A. A. Rally. 1 TW GEORGE PATRICK HALEY " Huck " 120 Myrtle Avenue Fitchburg, Massachusetts " A man among men! ' Huck breezed in on us three years ago, and we have been thinking how lucky we were ever since. He made himself right at home, and soon became a popular leader among his classmates. This ability won for him the distinction of being president of the Mohawks and captain of football. His record as a scholar and athlete is of the highest. He has also proved his qualities as a dramatist and debater. Although a man among men he soon found that the weaker sex holds some interest in a man ' s life. We all hope his reward in the years to come will counterbalance the good he has done during the time we knew him. Football ' 24, Captain of Football ' 25, President Mohawks ' 2S, Debating, President Dramatics ' 27, Inter-class Volley Ball and Soccer, Men ' s A. A. CHARLES GILBERT HAPGOOD " Happy " 103 East Main Street Marlboro, Massachusetts " Nor time or coin I ' ll lose or idly spend. " Charlie ' s time is quite evenly spent between studies and the op- posite sex. Marlboro manufactures shoes; so does Brockton ! Wonder if that has anything to do with Charlie ' s late interests. Hap is con- scientious even to ringing the bell in a debate. He is also quite a bureau of information. Where does he get it? We predict Charlie will be a " wow " when it comes to teaching, as he surely is not one to shirk a duty. He may often be seen on the dance floor, where he is quite at home. Men ' s A. A., Geographic Society, Debating Club, Dramatics. 85 Robeson Street MARGARET M. HARDING " Peggy " New Bedford, Massachusetts " A fine student, a fine pal, a fine gal. " All hail to one of the best teachers — of this class at any rate. Once said to be " a born teacher " — we think, too, she is a " born scho- lar. " Peg tells a story in her characteristic way as if it were a pro- fession in itself. Peg also has time to put into the sports and social affairs. We are ever so glad she came to Fitchburg Normal, and feel sure she ' ll steadily climb the ladder of success. New Bedford, we envy you this teacher. Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association, Dramatics, Glee Club, Music Box Revue, Tennis, Hiking. 133 Park Street FRANCES J. HARRINGTON " Fran " Attleboro, Massachusetts " A merry twinkle of the eye, A sunny smile as she passes by. " Frances is one of the most popular girls of Palmer Hall. She is lively and jolly and willing to help others, all of which lends to the making of her pleasing personality. Her good sportsmanship may well be commended. We just know, Fran, that children will enjoy working with you, especially in handwork, since you are so inter- ested in it yourself. May success be yours! Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association, Student Govern- ment Council (1), Debating Council (1), Geographic Society. MARY VERONICA HARRINGTON " Mary V " 781 Maple Street Fall River, Massachusetts " The better known the greater is her worth appreciated. " " Who lives in this cute little room? " Mary Harrington, of course. Who but Mary could keep such a pretty room clean all the year round. Mary is neatness itself. She looks demure, but she has a lot of " pep " when she is among her friends. Her laugh is often heard when we wish most to be quiet, but then, that really is the best time to laugh. Worcester has many attractions for Mary. Why shouldn ' t it, hasn ' t she relatives there? It isn ' t often we meet a girl who hasn ' t lost her temper in two years. It is a good record, and her friends ap- preciate it. Needless to say, luck and happiness will follow Mary if it depends on the numbers of good wishes which we shower upon her. Women ' s A. A., Geographic Society, Student Government Asso- ciation, Dramatics. ROSE ELAINE HARRINGTON " Ro " 131 Jencks Street Fall River, Massachusetts " Elaine the fair, Elaine the lovable, Elaine the blonde of Miller Hall. " Finished with Fall River? No, for we still have Rose Elaine Har- rington with us. Rose made her debut as a clever wielder of brush and pencil, and many a slicker bears signs of her handwork. But he: talent does not stop here, for she is an expert with radio batteries (for further information apply to the lady in question). Oh, yes! we almost forgot her adeptness in capturing hearts. Enough said. We wish Rose every success and happiness and know that our wishes will not be in vain. Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association, Geographic So- ciety, Poster Committee. HELENA M. HARTY " Ena Marie " 262 Walnut Street Holyoke, Massachusetts " As siveet a girl, As true a friend As ever could be found. " Helena came from Holyoke, and showed us what an admirable disposition she has. We can never forget Helena ' s willingness to help others at any time. Helena can be called a " born teacher. " Remem- ber her splendid success in training ! Her cheery and pleasant manner has lightened many dark moments. We are sure that she will make F. N. S. proud of her. Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association, Glee Club, Geo- graphic Society. MARY M. HAYES 45 Liberty Street Marlboro, Massachusetts " A heart of purest gold. " Mary came to Fitchburg to put Marlboro on the map. We will never forget her admiration for the home town, and her ability to give us all a good time with her dry humor. Was there anyone more sympathetic? Mary proved herself to be a good sport in everything, and because she was so friendly it is no wonder she became so popular among the students of the class. Her ability to play the piano will always be remembered, as well as her good school standing. Good luck, Mary, we all feel certain that you will succeed. Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association, Glee Club, Geo- graphic Society, Basket Ball, Class Day Committee. AINI M. HEIKKILA " Dolly " 133 Pleasant Street Gardner, Massachusetts " A tiny sprite, yet a merry one. " Aini is one of the J. H. S. II girl athletes, and helps to maintain the class honor in that line — but she is skilful in other things too. She is interested in everything lively that happens at F. N. S. — es- pecially the hockey games. She has a quiet but pleasing manner and is always ready to help out. Here ' s wishing you luck, Aini, and may you enjoy the success that your ability, as a teacher, deserves. Varsity Hockey Team, Women ' s A. A., Day Girls ' Association, Geographic Society, Music Box Revue, Debating, Track, Tennis, Dramatics. DOROTHY ALOYSIA HIGGINS " Dot " 162 Winter Street Fall River, Massachusetts " No one knows my hopes. " " So this is Fitchburg! " We all remember Dot ' s exclamation as she alighted at Fitchburg, and needless to say she has been saying it ever since. But, notwithstanding its defects, Fitchburg has been honored by Dot ' s presence for two years, and she must admit she loves the populace, especially one section of it. Dot has so many charming characteristics that it is hard to name them. Always smiling and ready for a good time, she has made life happy for herself and many others. Although Dot rarely wears white we know that it is her favor- ite color. We always wonder why " H " is her favorite initial. Perhaps it is because it is her own. Well, Dot, we all have our favorites, but we are sure yours are worth-while. Best of luck through all your years, and may success follow in your footsteps wherever you may wander. Student Government Association, Women ' s A. A. 103 Boutelle Street IRENE F. HINES Leominster, Massachusetts " Better be small, and shine, Than to be great and throw a shadow. " Irene is a great sport, and most anyone will tell you so, but if you are still in doubt ask — well — Buster, for instance. This one of the " Fifty-seven varieties " believes in play as well as work, and is usually present at our dances. The F. N. S. boys hold no interest for her, as most of us know. We wonder why? Irene is one of the Geography teachers of the J. H. S. II class and we feel sure that not many years hence she will have won honor and recognition in her chosen profession. Women ' s A. A., Day Girls ' Association, Geographic Society, Music Box Revue, Hockey, Valentine Party, Halloween Party, Tennis. IDA ROSE HOFFMAN 961 Main Street Walpole, Massachusetts " A companion that is cheerful is worth gold. " Allow us to present Ida Hoffman, the girl who would do anything to be different. Though Ida roomed in Palmer Hall during her two years at Normal, it was only in her Senior year that we realized what a jolly spirit she possessed. Whenever the piano played you would find Ida one of the happiest of happy, engaging in dancing. Because of resemblance in height and coloring to another member of the R. L. S., Ida often was able to get away without reciting in certain classes. Everyone liked her, for she was always happy and cordial. The R. L. S. sincerely hope that luck and happiness will always be hers. Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association, Glee Club, Geographic Society, Hockey. ■ 153 School Street LORA EEATRICE HOLMAN " Bee " Greenfield, Massachusetts " Life is a jest and all things show it;- I thought it once, but now I know it. " Bee, in appearance, is very quiet , but when you know her she is quite jolly. Painting is her hobby, as we often have seen her on her way to paint household articles. We wonder why ! Miller Hall will surely miss Bee, because she was. one who added much to the first floor. Weren ' t we surprised when Bee came back this September minus some of her crowning glory? We liked the change, though. The teaching world will be glad of the new addition next September, and we wish you the best of luck. The good will of F. N. S. goes out with you. Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association, Geographic So- ciety, Glee Club, Tennis, Hiking. 47 Sewall Street DOROTHY M. HOLMES " Dotty " Somerville, Massachusetts " My eyes make pictures even when they are shut. " Dorothy has the honor of being one of the most original girls in our class — for who else would ever have thought of having pirates in an Arithmetic play or dreaming a History story of old? Dorothy ' s ability as an actress was also shown to us in Assembly one morning. Everyone liked Dot, and one of her assets was that she always ex- pressed her opinion freely and frankly, and we knew she meant what she said. However, we feel sure that some day some famous work will be published by Dorothy, and then the whole world will benefit from the ingenuity which we all so highly respect. Best wishes for success, Dotty ! Women ' s A. A., Dramatics, Student Government Association, Geo- graphic Society, Women ' s A. A. Rally, Masquerade Party, Hiking, Hockey, Tennis, Bowling. 115 Ronald Road ELWOOD B. HOVEY " El " Arlington, Massachusetts " It is the quiet worker who succeeds. " Elwood is one of our tall, dark, handsome men. He has always been a conscientious and hard-working student, but he has a very prominent weakness. As a debater he reigns supreme. Ask any mem- ber of Sr. P. A. I about his arguments in the Paint Shop in defense of his Alma Mater. He has been prominent in school dramatics and inter-class sports. His diligent manner earned for him the position of Secretary of the Gaveleers. The Class of Twenty-seven can do no more than wish him success in his chosen line of work, for he is bound to succeed. Best of luck to you, Elwood! Men ' s A. A., Debating, Dramatics, Secretary Gaveleers ' 27. WILLIAM HENRY HOWE " Bill " Harrison Avenue Auburn, Massachusetts " Persevere and you will profit. " One of the best of Auburn ' s young gentlemen entered our midst back in September, 1924, to participate in the Educational training this school offers, and he has certainly studied hard to acquire his share of the school ' s wealth. As a woodworker he is a wonder. All the fellows in his class have looked with envy upon the cedar chest he has so carefully constructed for some fair Auburn damsel, we think. We wonder who this lucky girl is. We can easily prophesy a suc- cessful future for " Bill, " as he is certainly fitted for his chosen pro- fession. Men ' s A. A., " O Hara San. " MRS. HELEN M. HUNT South Main Street Orange, Massachusetts " They who arc faithful to themselves find happiness. " When entering the library one often sees a quiet, unassuming per- son who is busiiy scanning the pages of some book. Helen commutes from Orange, so many of her spare minutes are spent in the library. She is ever ready to contribute her share of information in classes. She was an active backfield in division hockey games. May you find happiness and success in the future. Women ' s A. A., Hockey, Day Gins ' Association, Glee Club, Basket Ball. ARVID LEONARD JACOBSON " Jake " 40 Fairfax Road Worcester, Massachusetts " I mind my compass and my way. " Arvid L. Jacobson, or just plain Jake, as we call him, is an old Trade boy. During the past three years here he has been a loyal member of the Gaveleer Society, and that club will surely miss him. Arvid is a student that the school may well be proud to send forth. While here he has made a success of everything he has undertaken, especially along social lines, such as plays and entertainments. We sincerely hope that this success will follow throughout his coming years in the teaching profession. Gaveleers ' 2S- ' 26- ' 27, Men ' s A. A., " Three Wise Fools, " " O Hara San. " iAXIF DAGMAR GERTRUDE JACOBSON " Dag " 52 Church Street Gardner, Massachusetts " It ' s good there are such folks as YOU. " Capable, ambitious, and willing; a good student with lots of com- mon sense. " Work before pleasure " is Dagmar ' s motto and she cer- tainly abides by it. From the time the train arrives in the morning until it leaves for Gardner at night, Dagmar is busy in the library studying. She is numbered among the few who are always willing and glad to help in any enterprise. Besides having many of the qualities of a charming personality, she has also a keen sense of humor, which sometimes helps to brighten her Senior division. Dagmar will most assuredly be a successful teacher, because she has two qualities which will guarantee this — earnestness and untiring effort in her school work. All the best luck for you, Dagmar. Women ' s A. A., Day Girls ' Association. GUSTAVE ADOLPH JACOBSON " Gus " 40 Fairfax Road Worcester, Massachusetts " He chatters as he rides along. " Gus, or — as we sometimes call him — G. Gustavson, is another member of the Ex-Trade Army. He also has the distinction of being the greatest Auto Magnate in the school. He started over the road from Worcester to Fitchburg in a Buick but soon sunk to the Ford class. But this year his Essex has carted him over the bumps in first- class shape. Gus is a true P. A. man. Whenever a wrench needs turning — he ' s there. Whenever a first-class job of woodworking is wanted — he ' s there. In short, he knows his " stuff. " There is no question at all as to whether he will make good in his life work — we know he will. Mohawks, Men ' s A. A., Glee Club. LILA S. JARVELA " Jumbo " 12 Nichols Street Fitchburg, Massachusetts " Every man is a book if you know how to read him. " About a week after we had become acquainted with dear old Nor- mal, Jumbo breezed in and straightway became one of the well-known Juniors. She was a great success in hockey, and as captain helped her team to many victories. All her friends will inform you that she is a true pal and a friend worth having. We sincerely wish that the greatest of success will be hers in the teaching profession. Women ' s A. A., Varsity Hockey Team ' 25, Women ' s A. A. Rally, Day Girls ' Association. CORINNE E. JEWELL 11 Goddard Street Fitchburg, Massachusetts " Silence is more eloquent than words. " Corinne is the meekest girl in the dear old Class of Twenty-seven. She is such a quiet, demure little creature that we hardly knew she was a member of the class until the winter training list was consulted. Corinne uses so much brain-power in solving Science experiments that she really hasn ' t the desire for mischief. She is a sensible girl, as shown by her actions during her school career. She is working for success, and she is sure to win. Women ' s A. A., Day Girls ' Association. I ■ Nichols Street ANNA ELSIE KAHKOLA " Ann " Westminster, Massachusetts " On with the dance! Let joy be unconfincd. " Anna is one of Westminster ' s daughters. She is rather a demure little miss in school and seems to know her lessons very well. We suspect that she is quite a dancer and derives great pleasure from that source. She never lets this hobby, however, interfere with her school work, but, we think, always attends to the preparation of professional duties at once. Fitchburg is sorry to see her go, but the teaching profession is gaining a permanent asset. Women ' s A. A., Day Girls ' Association. AGATHA B. KEAVENY 146 Charles Street Fitchburg, Massachusetts " Your smile is winsome. " Behold Aggie, the liveliest girl in our class ! Her fine hockey-play- ing has won for her a high place in the field of stars. Aggie tells us she likes History and certainly does like to read up about Sir Francis Drake. Aggie tells us that " Just a Cottage Small by a Waterfall " would be her idea of a fair haven of rest. Clinton satisfies you just as well, doesn ' t it, Aggie? Here ' s hoping for your greatest success in your profession. Women ' s A. A., Day Girls ' Association, Hockey, Music Box Revue. I 77r HELEN FRANCES KELLEHER Brockton, Massachusetts " Laughing eyes, a merry smile, And a merry, merry heart. " " H " is for her hair so bright and shining, " E " is for her eyes so bright and blue, " L " is for the silver lining, She puts in clouds of darkest hue, " E " is for the excellency of her teaching, " N " is for her name so dear to all, Put them all together, they spell Helen, Dear Titian-haired Helen of Palmer Hall. When you leave our school forever, may the friends you make be as the friend you have been to us — sincere, firm, loyal, and genuine; and may the success you achieve be a noble one. Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association, Valentine Party ' 26, Music Box Revue ' 26, " Windmills of Holland, " Division Hockey Team, Ring Committee. CATHERINE AGNES KENNEDY " Kay " 4 Meadow Street Fall River, Massachusetts " A good disposition that gold cannot buy. " When we think of Kay, we think of a girl who is loved for many reasons. Maybe it ' s her great sense of duty, her willingness to work for others, her unresentful humor or her loyalty to her friends; prob- ably it is the combination of all these things which makes Kay so dear. Her delightful laugh and cheery greeting give evidence of the fact that she is always happy. Whether she is writing a thesis, making a notebook, or reading Kathleen Norris ' s latest, Kay has the happy faculty of appearing contented. Because of her open-heartedness, generosity, good will toward others, her loyalty and her unchanging friendliness, everybody loves Kay. Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association, Student Council. 463 Linden Street MARY V. KENNY " Ken " Fall River, Massachusetts A heart that is big as her very self Should never be put on a high, high shelf. But should be left in sight on this wide earth To prove to us what this work is worth. Yes, she is one of Fall River ' s well-accepted contributions. We all remember her debut on the stage, and her great oratorical ability. It was Ken who started the Americanization Class, and visited all the senior classes, giving a little speech on the subject. She made a won- derful record while in training, as was proved by her many little vis- itors when she came back in September. Ken, we are sure success is yours. Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association, Valentine Party Committee ' 26, Hiking, Tennis, Hockey, Treasurer Dramatic Club, Glee Club, Geographic Society. ENNI AILI KERTTULA 149 High Street Fitchburg, Massachusetts " The better knoivn, the greater is her worth appreciated. " Enni ' s quiet, modest, and unassuming ways have won her many friends. She is a cheery miss who always looks on the bright side of life. Enni is industrious, original and painstaking, which have helped to make her an ideal student. She is a faithful, loyal member who is always willing to keep anyone out of trouble. We wish you luck, Enni, in all your future undertakings. Geographic Society, Women ' s A. A., Day Girls ' Association. BARBARA F. KIDDER " Barb " 61 Myrtle Street Orange, Massachusetts ' All who joy does win shares it; Happiness was bom a twin. " Whether on first floor, second, or third, The ticking of Barbara ' s typewriter is heard; She ' s such a good worker, she ' s often done Before the rest of us have even begun. She is a friend true blue, And will always see her pals come through ; Whether in trouble, work or joy, Her cheerful assistance we often employ. Oh ! " What a Peach " Orange did send ! We envy the pupils in the school she will tend. Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association, Hockey. JAMES MARTIN KILEY " Jimmie " 115 Columbia Street Adams, Massachusetts " A genial manner makes life ' s journey smooth. " Jim is one of those fellows who make life a little more cheerful for all those who come in contact with them. Jimmie has the quali- ties of leadership, and has taken an active part in all school activities. Being president of the Mohawks he led them through a very success- ful year. All who have known Jim will miss him when he leaves. Jim is a true P. A. Man and has upheld the class throughout his course. With all these qualitie s Jim has had success in training and is well adapted for his profession. We are sure that Jim ' s fine spirit and personality will carry him successfully through life, and the Class of Twenty-seven is with him. President Mohawks ' 27, Men ' s A. A., Football ' 24- ' 2S, Inter-class Soccer, Volley Ball, Basket Ball, Dramatics, Leaders ' Club. " SAXIF MARGARET PATRICIA KIRBY " Peg " 100 Rindge Street Fall River, Massachusetts " Stay as you are, Peg, and be loved forever. " Ssh ! ' T is Peg, asking that it be quieter during study hour. She has been House President of Miller Hall. In this office she has proven herself not only capable, but a true and worthy friend to all. There is one thing we wonder at, and that is her hobby for automobiles. Her specialty? Studebakers. Without Peg what would our Christmas Ban- quet have been? Surely our charming queen added much to the whole event. We wish you success in your future undertakings. Women ' s A. A., House President Miller Hall, Student Government Association. IMPI L. KOSKI " Imp " 420 Granite Street Quincy, Massachusetts " Man delights me not. " Impi, Helmi; Helmi, Impi; which? To save time and trouble I ' ll tell you that this is about Impi. Impi has proved a great asset to our class, especially along the athletic line. Her ability to play hockey and basket ball has been proved. As the leader of soccer, Impi was up-to-the-minute. Not only has Impi proved a great ath- lete, but as a student she shines. She was ever willing to give help to those who desired it. Originality is one of Impi ' s chief virtues. How dull many of our classes would have been without Impi ' s wit and her actions. Here ' s wishing you luck and plenty of it. Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association, Soccer Leader, Women ' s A. A. Rally, Captain Senior Hockey Team, All-Normal Hockey Team ' 25- ' 26, Geographic Society, Basket Ball, Glee Club, Music Box Revue, Bowling. ANTOINETTE R. LAJOIE " Tony " 94 Lakewood Street Worcester, Massachusetts " With the problems of life I am interested. " Tony, oh, where is Tony? One may hear this question ringing through the halls of F. N. S. at almost any time of the day, for how could the girls get along without her? She is always on hand to lend you any school supply, or offer you an endless amount of information concerning assignments. She is also a good sport, and her daring efforts on the hockey field will never be forgotten. Woe betide the unlucky one who tries to block any of her " end runs " ! We know Tony will make a successful teacher, and the Class of Twenty-seven wishes her the best of luck. Women ' s A. A., Hockey. JOHN STEWART LAWS " Jack " 21 Shelby Street Worcester, Massachusetts " Of quiet and studious aspect is he. " Jack is one of the many boys from Worcester attending Normal School. Although always a good sport, Jack does not let fun inter- fere with his scholastic achievements. He has been an earnest and conscientious student in the two years we have known him. Jack will leave F. N. S. with the sincere wishes for the best of luck from his classmates. Men ' s A. A., Class Basket Ball, Volley Ball, Soccer. ANNETTE MARTHA LEBEAU 228 Phillips Avenue New Bedford, Massachusetts " Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you. " " Ha-ha! " Yes, it is Annette laughing, but then, whoever saw An- nette when she wasn ' t smiling. She is an all-around sport, and whether the " Gang " is going bowling, skating, hiking or just gathering for an argument, Annette is right there. Annette ' s appearance makes us realize that as a teacher she ' ll be a success. It is said that good things come in small packages, but we ' ve decided since meeting Annette that it isn ' t true. Last year, Annette ' s favorite quotation was, " Say It With Flowers. " Have you changed since then, Annette? We are sorry to part with you but we know that we may depend on you to correspond because your weakness in that line is prominent. We wish you the best of luck and success in all your undertakings, An- nette, for we are sure you deserve them. Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association, Varsity Hockey Team, Basket Ball. CLAIRE LORETTE LEDUC 33 East Main Street Ware, Massachusetts " Perseverance is Success! Jolly, clever, athletic — that ' s Claire. There are so many things she excels in that it would be difficult to enumerate them. As a pian- ist she can compete with Rachmaninoff at any time. She always manages to get to the athletic meets almost before the notice is posted. If there is a party or a good time — especially " eats " — she is sure to be there. But if you should see her on her waj ' to Edgerly in the morning, with her arms full of books, you might think quite differently of this jolly girl. Never mind, Claire, there aren ' t many who can get A for the first mark in training, are there? Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association, Music Box Re- vue, Varsity Bowling ' 26, Tennis, Soccer ' 26, All Normal Hockey Team ' 26, Hiking, Geographic Society. M ttF Sea Street HARVARD LEIGHTON Hyannis, Massachusetts " For when the one Great Scorer Comes to mark against your name, He will mark not that you won or lost, But how you played the game. " Harvard came to F. N. S. from way down on Cape Cod and has established himself as quite an authority on matters of the ocean. He also has distinguished himself as a speaker by his interesting talks on various topics. Harvard is always ready to help when there ' s any work to be done and is surely a friend, in need. We are certain that Harvard need not worry about what the future holds in store for him, as he has played the game fairly and squarely. Gaveleers, Debating Council ' 26, Men ' s A. A. MARTHA H. LEINO " Patsy " Westminster Massachusetts " The secret of success is constancy to purpose. " A good friend, a good sport, a good speaker, an all-around pal; that ' s Martha ! She is always pleasant and cheery and ready to lend a helping hand. She has certainly been a great asset to our hockey team, and she has shown interest in athletics. We are confident that she will be a successful teacher. May the gateway to success open early for you, Martha. Women ' s A. A., Day Girls ' Association, Assemblies, Varsity Hockey Team. IMELDA L. LESTER " Mel " 41 Wilbraham Avenue Springfield, Massachusetts " In silence I climbed to the top. " Another one of the bright lights of F. N. S. is Mel Lester. As pres- ident of the Women ' s A. A. she filled her position admirably. She is one of those girls who possess beauty, brains and a sense of humor. Being president of the Women ' s A. A. she showed her executive ability, and carried us through a very successful year. She is an A-l teacher, and we expect great things of her when she leaves F. N. S. Sports of all kinds have their place in Mel ' s life, especially tennis, and we wouldn ' t be at all surprised to hear in the future of Mel ' s becoming tennis champion of America. We wish you the best of luck. President Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association, Hiking, Music Box Revue, Tennis, Geographic Society, Student Government Council, Hockey, Dramatics. ALTA LOUISE LEZOTTE " Al " 85 Hayden Street Orange, Massachusetts " A helping hand is much appreciated. " This vivacious young lady lives at Miller Hall, where all know and love her. She showed us what she could do in training. She virtually converted a whole group of third-graders into little men and women. Al is always ready to help, no matter what the task. Though her out- side interests take much of her time, Al is always prepared with her school work. It seems as if it is her first thought and all others are side lines. There is no doubt about the rapidity with which she will climb the ladder of success. Best wishes from the Class of Twenty- seven. Women ' s A. A. Rally Committee, Hockey, Hiking, Tennis, Soccer, " Windmills of Holland, " Music Box Revue, Student Government As- sociation. GLADYS OTHELIA LIDBERG 94 2 Myrtle Avenue Fitchburg, Massachusetts " am sure care is an enemy of life. " An engaging smile is many a milestone to success, and if smiles make success, Gladys has always been successful. Her carefree man- ner is always accompanied by a broad smile. Her manner with small children is most pleasing, and from her training report, we are assured that she is well started on the great ladder of success. Here ' s a toast of success for you, Gladys, in all your future undertakings. Women ' s A. A., Day Girls ' Association. ANNE LIVSEY 80 Dudley Street New Bedford, Massachusetts " One whose mere presence brings sunshine and joy. " A rapid pen-picture of Anne tells of blue eyes, lovely hair, viva- city of manner, entirely individual personality, quickness of compre- hension, sympathy on which we can rely, adaptability which is re- markable, and one of the very nicest smiles that we see in Normal School. A less hasty portrayal reveals a girl of depth and sincerity, with a very true philosophy of life and a real understanding of the things which are finest. These qualities make her a girl of deeds, and she is the best point Secretary the Women ' s A. A. ever had. Anne is loved not only because of her sunny elasticity, simple and discrimin- ating justice and refreshing frankness, but because we recognize in her a girl that adheres to her principles at any cost. Women ' s A. A. Point Secretary, Student Government Association, Class Hockey Team, Basket Ball. Elm Place HELEN DOROTHY LOGAN Concord Junction, Massachusetts " Born for Success, she seemed, With grace to win, with heart to hold. " -Emerson. As President of Student Government, Helen has shown us the re- served, impersonal side of her nature; but to those with whom she has been most intimate she has shown those characteristics which only they can appreciate. As possessor of a lovely soprano voice, she has often favored us with a rendition of her art, while in affairs of the drama she has also shown herself to be quite clever. We hope that in ' her dealings with others in the years to come, the utmost of success will meet her, and that a pleasant satisfaction characterize her achieve- ments. Women ' s A. A., Bowling, Music Box Revue, President Student Government Association, Dramatics, " Windmills of Holland, " " Goose Hangs High. " 3320 No. Main Street LOUISE LOTHROP " Lou " Fall River, Massachusetts " Her mind was framed to mirth and merriment. " We sometimes wonder how there can be so much fun in our Lou ; she ' s a joke all the way through. Her happy-go-lucky way and friendly manner have won many friends for her. In her leisure time, our Lou may be found hiking anywhere about Fitchburg with a member of the P. A. department here at Normal. Nevertheless we expect to have Lou with us another year to prepare for Junior High teaching. Best wishes from th e class! Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association, Vice-President Miller Hall ' 26, Dramatics, Glee Club, Geographic Society, Mohawks Play, Music Box Revue, " Windmills of Holland. " ELLEN LOUISE LOVEJOY " Ellen-Lou " 1 Main Street Pittsfield, Massachusetts " We love her — we love her style. " Here comes Ellen! Hats off, boys! Don ' t crowd! Plenty of time — why all the rush ? Because Ellen-Lou is one of our merriest, love- liest and best beloved Seniors. Everybody knows her. If you don ' t you ' re missing something. You ' ve seen her walking in the halls — always gay — just the sort of girl this old world needs. It seems as though Ellen ' s motto is " Never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you. " Ellen ' s a good student, too; you can never find any fault with her work.. She ' s surely going to make a conscientious teacher. We all wish you the best o ' luck. Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association, Geographic So- ciety, Music Box Revue, Junior Reception. CATHERINE L. LYONS " Kay " 57 Cottage Street Fitchburg, Massachusetts " The best way to have a friend is to be one. " Kay manifested in an amazingly short time those golden qualities that create and cement true friendships. Rich is she in human sym- pathy and understanding — in other words, the " ideal friend. " Kay is another of the famous J. H. S. II class, in the limelight as a Geog- raphy and Science teacher. Her splendid scholastic record augurs well for her future. We are confident that her achievements will shed an added lustre upon Alma Mater ' s shield. Dramatics, Women ' s A. A., Valentine Party, Music Box Revue, Basket Ball, Day Girls ' Association, Geographic Society. THERESA P. MAHONEY " Treg " 89 Montgomery Street Chicope e Falls, Massachusetts " None knew her but to love her, None named her but to praise. " Treg attended the Washington Normal, last year, and this year de- cided to drop off with us. Washington ' s loss was certainly our gain. Treg ' s charming and magnetic personality draws everyone to know her and love her. Her cheerfulness and good nature are a sure cure for the blues. Where would the " gang " be without Treg? She also proved to us all her ability to be a good student, a wonderful sport and a loyal friend. Best of luck to a wonderful girl. Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association, Dramatics. I 111 Warren Street ANNA P. MALONE " Ann " Fall River, Massachusetts " For every inch that is not saint is rogue. " We ' ll always remember Anna as a good chum and the best of friends. One thing, however, we usually objected to — and that was when Anna began an oration on her native city. She proved herself a success in classes, always doing her work regularly and well. We oftentimes were charmed by Anna ' s talent in playing the piano, which was only one of her accomplishments. So here ' s to your success in the future, Anna, and may you make us proud of you. Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association. w 98 Sunset Avenue ALICE G. MARSH " Al " Athol, Massachusetts " It is indeed a pleasure to be considered her friend. " Alice is a pretty girl! Yes, but she has brains, too, and these two qualities very seldom come together. We were indeed glad to have Al around at Fitchburg Normal, and we know she will always be re- membered as a girl of pleasant manner and cheerful personality. Alice could never have picked any other profession than the one she chose, for she is of that fine, sane type from which come the ideal leaders and instructors of children. All the luck in the world is wished her by all. Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association. CLARA JENNIE MARTINSON 26 Hubbard Street Concord, Massachusetts " To see her is to like her, but To know her .is to love her! " Golden-haired, blue-eyed Clara is to us the ideal friend, for to us, who have known her, has been symbolized in her friendship all that is beautiful, sincere, and admirable. She is an interested devotee of athletics, and because of the enjoyment she derives from this, feels that she should share it with others, and consequently has taught several to participate in sports to which they had formerly been only spectators. When the doors of F. N. S. close upon you, Clara, and you begin your profession, we hope that others will learn to love your friendship as we do. May all that is good and beautiful, all that is great and successful, characterize your career. Music Box Revue, Women ' s A. A., " Windmills of Holland " Com- mittee, Women ' s A. A. Rally, Dramatics, Glee Club, Basket Ball, Varsity Hockey Team, Bowling FRANCIS TIMOTHY McAULIFFE " Mac " 225 Sherman Street Gardner, Massachusetts " A silent address is the genuine eloquence of sincerity. " Hail to Mac, premier student and prince of good fellows. During his three years at Normal he has distinguished himself by his out- standing scholastic ability, his athletic prowess, and by his aid to his fellow classmates. His ability as an artist and cartoonist can be easily seen in numerous pages that he has contributed to this book. Be- cause Mac has a modest and unassuming nature, and is constantly trying to shift his due credit to others, we feel it necessary in all justice to him that we name him the outstanding member of Senior P. A. I. A host of friends wish you every success in your chosen profession. Men ' s A. A., Baseball ' 2S- ' 26- ' 27, Football, Basket Ball, Inter-Class Soccer and Volley Ball, Year Book Staff. CLARA MARY McCANN " Clare " 193 Phillips Avenue New Bedford, Massachusetts " She is pretty to walk with And witty to talk with, And pleasant, indeed, to think of. " The girl with the wonderfully curly auburn hair? Why, that ' s Clara, the House-President of Palmer Hall. - Perhaps this dignified girl may look serious at times, but have you ever noticed that mischievous twinkle in her eyes? Wit is one of Clara ' s chief attributes, and more than once she has entertained the girls, who at other times have ben- efited by her sympathetic, helpful nature. We wish her the best of luck and happiness in this and all of her other undertakings. House President Palmer Hall, Women ' s A. A., Year Book Nomi- nating Board, Music Box Revue, Tennis, Geographic Society, Student Government Association. JEANNETTE R. McCANN 45 Forest Street Fitchburg, Massachusetts " A life that leads melodious days. " Jeannette entered Fitchburg Normal School in March of our Junior Year, and then she came to Summer School to continue her work. Jeannette had attended Boston Conservatory of Music for three years previous to entering Normal, therefore, is well qualified to teach Music, which she does after school. When Mr. Harrrington wanted a special report on the relation of Music to History, whom would we nominate to do it but Jeannette. She is the girl who can recite in History, even if she has left her notes at home. Good luck, Jean- nette, may you succeed in everything you attempt, as well as you have in Music. Women ' s A. A., Day Girls ' Association. 45 Green Street mary m. McCarthy " Peg " Hudson, Massachusetts " She was ever able to serve a friend. " Margaret ' s whole name spells studious. Without exaggerating the least bit, we can honestly say that Peg wouldn ' t know how to answer, " I don ' t know " when asked a question. Peg hails from the big city of Hudson and if all the other girls from Hudson are like Peg, that city must be wonderful. For the last two years Peg has had a " bug " on football games. We wonder why she was so interested in the Boston College-Holy Cross game. May success be yours in the future. Women ' s A. A., Day Girls ' Association. 640 County Street ANNA RITA McCUE New Bedford, Massachusetts " It ' s the songs ye sing, an ' the smiles ye wear, That ' s a-making the sunshine everywhere. " Anna ' s cheerful, kind-hearted friendliness was an inspiration to us all, and her name always inspired Miss Williams ' amateur poets, for we often heard . . . " Anna McCue, What ' s the matter with you? " The truthful answer was always, " Nothing. " Anna is from the good old whaling city, New Bedford, so we hope that she will make a whale of a success of teaching. Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association. JOHN WILLIAM McDONNELL " Johnnie " 4 Bethel Street North Adams, Massachusetts " But friendship ' s pure and lasting joys, My heart was formed to prove. " John came to F. N. S. from Drury High, and he has convinced us that Drury ' s the only High School. John ' s a g reat booster. He has, since coming here, been a loyal son of Fitchburg Normal, and has given the school some wonderful advertising by coaching two cham- pionship grammar school baseball teams. John ' s work in school has ranked well up with the best. His training period was a wonderful success. He has made hosts of friends, and as he has made friend- ships he has kept them. Space does not permit the telling of all the worthy things that John has done for his school, but he has made an enviable record. Success to you, John. Men ' s A. A., Basket Ball, Manager Basket Ball ' 26, Year Book Staff. 209 Union Street RUTH E. McKENNEY " Ruthie " Leominster, Massachusetts " will do my best. " Ruthie hails from the big city of Leominster. We understand that she and the other commuters have little difficulty in making connec- tions to and from Fitchburg. Ruthie is noted for her good disposition, which has won for her many loyal friends. She is a good student and always has her class work prepared. If Ruth is as popular as a teacher as she has been as a student, we know her success will be un- limited. We all wish you the best of luck. Women ' s A. A., Day Girls ' Association. 178 James Street FRANCES L. McKIERNAN " Fran " New Bedford, Massachusetts " Be merry if you arc wise. " Frances had a little smile, Its radiance swept around ; And everywhere that Frances went Her smile would surely be found. And now we want to have a dance, Like nymphs we choose to prance, But dance without music would be A serious catastrophe. But here comes Frances ready to play, And again with her music she has saved the day. Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association, Music Box Re- vue, Glee Club, Hiking. KATHERINE BERNADETTE McMAHON " Kay " — " Mac " 67 Dover Street Fall River, Massachusetts " Laughing and gay, and full of fun, She is ever ready when frolic ' s begun. " Who is that stepping around our recreation room? Why, that ' s our Mac, one of the inseparable quartette. Kay likes dancing as well as studying, but she knows that each have a place. Most anytime Kay may be heard warbling " sweet melodies " on second floor corridor in Miller Hall, for if you don ' t hear her singing you know she is not in. Kay has a special weakness for waffles, as is proven by the num- ber of times she and her gang may be seen in Halls. There is another side to Kay which her friends know, and that is the side which shows her as a faithful student. We know that she will always be as suc- cessful as she was in F. N. S. Student Government Association, Women ' s A. A., Glee Club, Hockey, Hiking. ELIZABETH CATHERINE MEADE " Betty " 33 Arch Street New Bedford, Massachusetts " But genius must be born, and never can be taught. " — Dry den. Way back in September, 192S, we became acquainted with Betty and found that she was one of the quota from New Bedford. This demure little girl was destined to become popular with the students at F. N. S. before she had spent many days here. Betty is an indis- pensable person whenever posters or scenery are needed. She is a finished violinist, and has entertained us on many memorable occa- sions; while as a poet, she rivals Longfellow. Betty is a most con- scientious student, and this is shown in her teaching as well as in her class, where she is an active volunteer. Success be yours. Student Government Association, Geographic Society, Women ' s A. A., Music Box Revue, Normal Ensemble, Poster Committee, Men ' s A. A.-Women ' s A. A. Revue, " Windmills of Holland. " VIOLET M. MEMERY " Vi " 66 Bay Street Springfield, Massachusetts " The world belongs to the energetic. " Is there anyone who has not heard of Vi, one of the most pop- ular members of our illustrious class? Violet ' s dramatic ability was partly responsible for the great success of " The Goose Hangs High. " She is not only a creditable actress, but she is a fine student, too, and leads her class in many subjects, especially drawing. Violet is also our hiking leader, and we certainly did enjoy the hikes she planned for us. To prove Vi ' s popularity we might say that she is just as popular with the girls as with the men. Just watch her at a dance! We wish you the greatest success, Violet, in the school-teaching profession. Mohawks Play ' 26, Women ' s A. A., Hiking Leader, Dramatics, Student Government Association, Poster Committee, Basket Ball, All- Normal Hockey Team ' 26, Music Box Revue, Valentine Party ' 26. WILFRED EDWARD MILLER " Bing " 57 Cutler Street Worcester, Massachusetts " Hail to the undefeated captain! " Wilfred hails from Worcester, " The City of Collegiates. " One can see him doing a " Red " Grange act in the summer-time on the ice- wagon. He is a member of the Mohawks, whose members are known for their great talent. Bing was given a chance to do his imperson- ations in one of the Club entertainments. Bing was elected captain of the football team, but did not have a chance to show his ability as the Association had eliminated this sport from the school curricu- lum for the year 1926. He is taking a Practical Arts course and has had a chance to teach that subject at the Worcester Normal School, and is doing finely. We are sure that he will be a successful teacher and the Class of Twenty-seven wishes him the best of luck. Mohawks, Captain Football, Men ' s A. A. M. ISABEL MOONEY " Izzie " 370 Rindge Street Fall River, Massachusetts " For she ' s the best of good fellows. " Who will ever forget Izzie, our cheer leader? We first made her acquaintance during initiation as a Junior, and agreed then that she was a good sport. From the minute she arrived she was a bundle of energy, humor, and friendliness. She has a host of friends of both sexes, one of which keeps the door-bell of Miller Hall busy every week-end. She is a queenly newsboy. We are sure Isabel will make a fine teacher, and we wish that we might all be back in the fourth grade. Good luck, Izzie, always. Student Government Association, Fire Leader Miller Hall, Women ' s A. A., Glee Club, Cheer Leader 1-2, Treasurer Debating Council, Dramatics, Varsity Hockey. HELENA ELIZABETH MOORE " Moore " 109 Robeson Street New Bedford, Massachusetts " Quips, cranks, and wanton wiles, Nods, and becks, and wreathed smiles. " Collegiate? That ' s Helena. Helena has given us all many a good time with her ever-ready wit. Although she is very interested in school-teaching we are rather dubious about the length of time she will devote to the profession as Villanova College has an irresistible charm. We shall all miss Helena, for she has endeared herself to us with her pleasant personality. She ' s the one who claims to be " Lilly White, " and this fact has caused much hi ' .ariousness throughout the dorm. Her work with the little children was a success, and F. N. S. wishes her the " Best o ' luck. " Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association, Bowling. ANNE VERONICA MOREY 490 Peckham Street Fall River, Massachusetts " Tall and straight as a forest tree. " No, those two aren ' t Mutt and Jeff ! The taller one is Anne Morey, from the city of hills, mills, and beautiful sunsets — Fall River. She appears to be quiet and reserved, but only her friends well know that she possesses a keen sense of humor. An energetic worker, a true friend, pal, and confidante, with a sweet disposition — put these to- gether and you have Anne from Miller Hall. " Quiet and well-con- ducted, but always ready for fun. " Student Government Association, Women ' s A. A., Glee Club, Hiking. CELINA M. MORIN " Ce " 160 Hancock Street Cambridge, Massachusetts " Witty, jolly and carefree, Always happy as can be. " Ce is one of the best sports in F. N. S. Her ready wit and humor make her dearly beloved by all her classmates. She is also a good student, but is never too absorbed in her own work to lend a " help- ing hand " to somebody else. She and her inseparable room-mate, Mabel, are always seen together, either discussing some school question or merely talking over the " topics of the day. " Good luck to you, Ce, and we know you will not forget us ! Student Government Association, Women ' s A. A., Glee Club, Geo- graphic Society. AUDREY L. MUIR " Aud " S Summer Street Rockport, Massachusetts " Still waters run deep. " Audrey comes from Rockport, but is always talking of Gloucester. We admit that there are attractions there. Her friends enjoyed the drive in her Oldsmobile Coach last year, although they were a little nervous. The next time that you take a trip through Canada, just let us know, though the nervousness is gone now. Audrey is the kind of person that can be quiet herself but can keep others shrieking with laughter. Palmer Hall will surely miss Audrey because we remember how much we appreciated her great collection of books. Why, her room was about as good as a branch library. Many times we were helped out after forgetting to visit our own school library before five o ' clock. Audrey ' s success at Normal was assured, and we wish her all luck possible as a successful teacher. Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association. Westminster MARION RICHARDSON MURDOCK " Bunny " " To know her is to love her. " Massachusetts If you don ' t know Marion you have mis sed the eighth wonder. She is a girl with a sunny disposition and a good word for everyone. Both Fitchburg Normal and Westminster claim her. We are still wondering why she always has to take the four-twenty bus home. Judging correctly, we know it is an easy riding bus (?). You have started well on the ladder of success, and we hope that in the future every rung will be just a little easier than the previous one. Women ' s A. A., Day Girls ' Association. MARGARET JOSEPHINE MURPHY " Peg " 34 Cotton Street Leominster, Massachusetts " Witty, jolly and carefree, Always happy as can be. " Cute and peppy, that ' s Peg. How we all love her. Her sweet smile wins the hearts of all who meet her. She ' s always ready to do her bit, whether it ' s work or play. Whatever she has attempted in the athletic line she has conquered. We wonder whose Peg o ' My Heart she will be finally. Judging from Peg ' s training experience we are sure that the teaching profession will certainly be enriched when Peg enters the field. Good luck to you, Peg. F. N. S. wishes you success. Women ' s A. A., Day Girls ' Association, Women ' s A. A. Executive Board, Bowling Leader, Glee Club. 18 Mill Street HARRIET LUTY NAYLOR " Harry " Maynard, Massachusetts " For she ' s a jolly good fellow, And liked right well by all. " Three cheers for Harry ! Perhaps it ' s because she is such a clever exponent of the terpsichorean art, or perhaps it ' s because she is such an interesting person to know. Harry is a conscientious student, and is an ardent and eager devotee of sports. Even at this early, unso- phisticated and impressionable age, Harry bears all the ear-marks of a clever teacher. We hope that her ambition in this life will be realized, and that in the years when F. N. S. no longer numbers her among its enrolled — even then we hope that the same characteristics that have endeared her to her friends here will endear her to others. Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association, Dramatics, Glee Club, Geographic Society, Music Box Revue, Basket Ball, All-Normal Hockey Team. JOHN H. NEWTON 4 Edgewood Street Worcester, Massachusetts " Be silent and safe — silence never betrays you. " John came to Fitchburg Normal after several years ' experience in industry. Previous to this he graduated from Worcester Trade School. While here he has made many friends among the students and faculty. He is known as an interesting conversationalist and his opinion on various topics is always of value. John is one of the busy members of his class, having duties that occupy much of his time after school. His week-ends are usually spent in Worcester. Few of us have seen his reason for this, but it must be a very good one. He is the type of man that is sure to succeed in his endeavors, especially in the teaching profession, because of his keenness for his subjects. We wish him success and happiness. Men ' s A. A. ADAH JEAN NORTON " Goldie " Box 6S6 Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts " Deep in thought and word and deed. " Goldie is one of the well-known Norton sisters. She always does her own work, and does it well. Many clever handwork problems bear Adah ' s name. Judging from her attitude and individuality in training, we are sure her future pupils will be benefited by her ample preparation. She was interested in debating, and during her Junior year directed her division debating team. We are sure the rays from the star of success will shine upon her. Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association. SAXIF Box 656 HELEN LOUISE NORTON Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts " ' T is deeds alone must win the prize. " Here is another Norton sister from Vineyard Haven. Being a studious girl, she excelled in all subjects, especially Handwork. She was one of the few Palmer Hall girls who kept regular study hours. Although very studious she was not one to miss a good time. Hockey and snow-shoeing were her favorite sports. What would the Hockey team of Senior III have done without Helen as inside? Because of her progressive spirit we are sure that she. will be a success in her chosen profession. Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association, Music Box Re- vue, Hockey. ANNA M. NOVACK " Ann " 27 Whitnev Street Orange, Massachusetts " A modest manner fits a maid. " Ann is quiet and studious, and we find her spending most of her time in the library, which accounts for her good marks. She and Ruth are real pals and may be found frequently on the tennis courts trying to hit the ball. In spite of the fact that Ann has modestly kept herself in the background we know that she will succeed as a schoolma ' am. Not only the commuters can claim Ann, though, be- cause after Christmas of this year she became a member of the Miller Hall crowd, and then participated in the events of the Student Government. Her work was always done on time, if not before, and never once have we heard her say, " Unprepared. " All success in the future. Women ' s A. A., Hockey, Soccer, Basket-Bail, Day Girls ' Associa- tion. LOUISE ELIZABETH NUGENT " Lu " IS Williams Street Norwood, Massachusetts " A smile for each — a friend to all. " " Norwood High! Norwood High! Rah! Rah! Rah! " So sang our Nuge, one year ago last September. Louise did right, perhaps, for she did not know of larger high schools, as the one her roomies came from. Now, Nuge cheers just as loudly for Miller Hall, where she spent her two years while with us. Paul Whiteman — why, you should hear our Nuge on Wednesday evenings while playing for our dances — those syncopating melodies. No fun is complete in Miller Hall until we hear Louise ' s laugh. Nuge is ever present where there is a good time. No matter how much pleasure, Nuge does not forget her studies. She is one of our cleverest and most conscientious girls, and all who know Louise know that she stands for success. Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association, Glee Club, Hiking. RUTH A. O ' BRIEN " Ruthie " 36 Blossom Street Fitchburg, Massachusetts " In everything we plan or do, Ruth ' s a good sport through and through. " Ruthie is the best kind of sport, and consequently very popular. She always has a smile and an encouraging word for everyone. This and her innumerable other good qualities endear her to all. She also proved herself to be an excellent teacher, as her training marks will designate. Good luck to you, Ruthie, in your well-chosen profession. Women ' s A. A., Day Girls ' Association, Hockey, Soccer, Basket Ball, Bowling, Track. HELEN G. O ' CONNOR S Maiden Street Quincy, Massachusetts " Whatever has been attained is attainable . " On the third floor in Palmer Hall, In the corner suite above them all, Lives Helen O ' Connor — Whom, among others, the Juniors do honor At almost any hour they congregate, The various tales of the day to relate. Helen always has her work all done, And in class she can compete with anyone: Of the five, she is one, who represents The city of Quincy in its truest sense. Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association, Glee Club, Music Box Revue, Hockey, Debating, Tennis. ERNESTINE ELIZABETH O ' MALLEY " Ernie " 59 Biltmore Street Springfield, Massachusetts " Continual cheer jidness is a sure sign of wisdom. " When Ernie is among her acquaintances she is always the center of attraction, the center where plans for various activities are origi- nated. It is easy to picture Ernie in a large, clean, tranquil office, her competent self bending industriously over a typewriter, but we are ever so glad that she decided to become a teacher. Ernie is refresh- ing like a cooling breeze, and typifies youth. She is vivacious and yet not boisterous. In conversation Ernie is serious and delightfully interesting. Music interests her, and she plays the piano well. It is a great pleasure to have known Ernestine, and we wish her great success. Assistant Editor Saxifrage, Treasurer Student Government Asso- ciation, Glee Club, Women ' s A. A., Debating, Hockey, Dramatics, Junior Reception Committee, Music Box Revue. ' V 20 West Street PEARL PRUDENCE O ' MEARA Ayer, Massachusetts " Still smile, my dear, A frown or tear Would mar that cheerful face. " Pearl has enjoyed both dormitory life and commuting days, but we have a strong idea that the latter were enjoyed the most. Although the time she spent in Palmer Hall was pleasant, and she made many new friends, there was a merrier twinkle in her eye when she hurried down North Street to get the 4.30 for Ayer. From what we glean, Pearl believes that variety is the spice of life, and we know that there ' s " Mul " and " Mickey " and — but what ' s the use? Women ' s A. A., Day Girls ' Association, Music Box Revue. Littleton AUDREY JEAN OUTHUSE ' Blue were her eyes like the fairy flax, Her cheeks like the dawn of day. " Massachusetts Audrey is a little miss from Littleton. The adjective " little " can ' t be applied to her success at Normal, for it was a big one. May the success of the girl with the golden hair from Littleton grow bigger as the years pass by. Although Audrey impressed us as a " quiet little miss " we cannot forget her rare sense of humor, at a party. In our first year, we feel sure Junior III would not have been complete without Audrey. Best wishes and good luck to the future teacher! Women ' s A. A., Day Girls ' Association, Music Box Revue. WALTER RICHARD PASANEN " Walt " 30 Stanton Street Worcester, Massachusetts " Plain constancy and resolution. " In September, 1924, we were all very glad to welcome Walter into our midst. His previous training had taken place at Worcester Trade. He wanted to advance himself on the details of construction and how to teach it, so he came to F. N. S. and joined the P. A. department, where we had an opportunity to see him demonstrate his skill and he has achieved his aim well. There is no question in our minds as to his ability to become an efficient and progressive teacher. Therefore we can predict a very pleasant future before him. Good luck, Walter. Men ' s A. A. SAXIF ALFRED ALCIDE PERREAULT " Pat " 82 North Street Fitchburg, Massachusetts " Buried among my books I lie. " Pat surely does believe in studying. Have you seen that small library he carried to and from school? We all have our weaknesses, and Pat ' s is surely the fair sex. Pat ' s favorite expression is, " I toM her what I thought of her, right to her face — over. the telephone. " Although very busy outside of school, Pat finds time to devote to the B05 ' Scouts, and we are sure that his assistance is of great value. We are sure that success awaits Pat in the field of his profession. Men ' s A. A., Class Basket Ball Team, Tennis, Geographic Society. 1 Boston Street J E ANNETTE L. PERRONE " Gene " Haverhill, Massachusetts " A merry heart and a cheerful c ountenance . " This is indeed Jeannette, for she is always smiling and ready for a good joke. She is quick and energetic, which accounts for her being a favorite on any athletic team. Although Jeannette is very fond of athletics, they do not interfere with her school work, for it is al- ways up-to-date. She is noted for those snappy black eyes. Jean- nette believes in variety, we think, as she lived for the first year at " Sternsies " as it was called, the first half of this year in Miller, and now she is one of the ambitious workers of Palmer Hall. Fitchburg will hate to lose you, Gene, and she wishes you success at every turn. Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association, All-Normal Hockey Team, Music Box Revue, Basket Ball, Tennis, Track, Bowl- ing, Glee Club, Geographic Society, Dramatics, Men ' s A. A.-Women ' s A. A. Revue. ANNA JOSEPHINE PETERSON " Jo " 54 Walden Street Concord, Massachusetts " Serene, of mind, cheerful of heart. " Jo, with her quiet reserved manner, would lead one to believe that she is always quiet, but to know her proves she has a very hum- orous nature underneath it all. Any girl who trained at Day Street in the Winter term would surely vouch for this. Her widely known ability along the lines of Handwork and Drawing are such that we envy her possession of them. Athletics also seem to hold a charm for Jo, and we find her excelling in these, as well. Fitchburg is proud to have had this charming, blue-eyed blonde with her for the past two years, and wishes her the best success ever. Women ' s A. A., Hocker, Track, Soccer. H CLIFFORD JONES PHELPS " Santa " — " Ski " — " Red " 128 Pleasant Street North Adams, Massachusetts " I dare do all that may become a man. " Before Red had got fairly used to the ropes at Normal he took a fair young lady, from Miller Hall, out one evening. We don ' t know all the particulars of what happened that evening, but to make a long story short he received the name of " Santa Claus, " a title he bore until this year, when he abdicated in favor of a Junior. Un- der the guiding hand of Mr. Akeley, he has become quite a painter. He made a good job of training in the woodfinishing department. Red is a member of the Mohawks, and is always ready to help in all its undertakings. This was especially evident in their play, " The Goose Hangs High, " to which he devoted many hours of his time as stage-manager. The Class of Twenty-seven wishes you success. Men ' s A. A., Mohawks, Stage-Manager Mohawks Play. GORDON WING PINNEY " Bill " 60 Oak Grove Avenue Springfield, Massachusetts " A heart to resolve, a head to contrive, and a hand to execute. " Coming to us from Springfield Tech, a school of very high stand- ing, a great deal was expected of Bill. He has exceeded all our ex- pectations, and a bright future as a teacher is in store for him. Bill was president of the Men ' s A. A., and the Gaveleers, and piloted both through a successful year. His musical ability has been brought to the front on numerous occasions throughout his three years, and found great favor with his many friends. He was also a good ath- lete, having participated in Basket Ball, Baseball, and Football in their respective seasons. His winning smile and helping hand will be an asset to him in his chosen vocation. President Men ' s A. A., President Gaveleers, Baseball, Basket Ball, Football, Debating, Glee Club, Tennis, Men ' s Student Council, Men ' s A. A.-Women ' s A. A. Revue. President Men ' s Student Government. EVELYN MARY PLOYART " Ev " 20 Maple Street Maynard, Massachusetts " could not in any palace find a truer heart than she. " The first day Evvie arrived at Fitchburg Normal we were assured that her pleasing personality and ready wit would win for her many new and lasting friends. Evvie came to us from Maynard High School, and if she ' s a sample of Maynard stock we are satisfied that it is some place. Ev loves to dance, and we ' ve heard that she has a strong interest in Concord. However, knowing that Concord is a historical town we take it for granted that her interest is a historical one, but then — who knows? Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association, Bowling, Tennis. MARY M. POGODA Gill Massachusetts " For she is jes ' the quiet kind Whose natures never vary, Like streams that keep a summer mind Snow-hid in January. " Mary has been a quiet and conscientious classmate. Her virtues speak louder than words. You may depend on her to have her work done, and done well. We often wondered why Mary didn ' t go to Art School, since she has such talent in that line. Success and hap- piness in the future are our wishes for Mary. It was her well-worked- out illustrations that helped us to carry on our work in all classes, not only Drawing and Handwork. Fitchburg wishes you success one-hun- dred-fold, Mary. Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association, Glee Club, Geo- graphic Society WILLIAM JAMES PRENDERGAST " Bill " S3 Franklin Street Clinton, Massachusetts " Our Orator. " Bill comes over the road every morning from Clinton, so you can see he spends quite a bit of his valuable time going to and from school. This, however, has not interfered with his taking part in school life. He has distinguished himself in two ways — as a finished speaker, and as an accomplished pianist. We have had many a happy moment with Bill, especially if there happened to be a piano handy, as he would entertain until the whole class had assembled. Bill also proved him- self a true member of the class by consenting to play during the mov- ing pictures shown from time to time in the Assembly Hall. Besides his ability to play, Bill has made a record as a speaker, having given many helpful talks before the class. We wish Bill the best of luck and hope he ' ll make good as a P. A. instructor. Men ' s A. A., Gaveleers, Debating. 24 County Street CHAUNCEY J. PREVOST " Pop " Worcester, Massachusetts " As small of stature as he was great of heart. " Pop is one of the shining lights of the " barracks. " He is well known for his willingness to lend a helping hand at all times. This was illustrated by his designing and constructing of the Mohawks shield. He has a winning way with members of the fair sex to such an extent that he is the envy of his fellow classmates. Although never taking part in competitive athletics, his gymnastic work is well above the ordinary, and he has been a staunch rooter and supporter of all Normal teams during his sojourn at F. N. S. If his success here is a criterion of what it will be in the field, we are sure that he will overcome all obstacles that stand in his way. Men ' s A. A., Mohawks, Glee Club, Leaders ' Club, Chairman Mo- hawks Shield Committee AXIF ROBERT ALDEN PROCTOR " Bob " 198 Cedar Street Fitchburg, Massachusetts " Modesty becomes a man. " Bob is one of the local boys, and while he hasn ' t had the leisure to loll around with the boys, he has won for himself the name of a good student. Bob is another one of our musicians, and is able to stand with the best of them when you consider violins. Bob plays with one of the Fitchburg orchestras, so that this requires most of his leisure. We know that he will get along all right, as those who are earnest and conscientious in their work always do. So here ' s hoping, Bob, that in a few years you will be sitting on top of the world, either as a second Paul Whiteman, or as an authority o n Practical Arts work in one of our large cities. Men ' s A. A. 238 South Street JOHN DANIEL PROVOSOLI " Prov " Marlboro, Massachusetts " No one knows my hopes. " Prov is another one of Marlboro ' s distinguished citizens. In work or in play Prov is always ready and willing to lend a helping hand. As a host he is par excellence, as the fortunate ones who attended the Grammar Masters ' farewell party can testify. Prov is a staunch member of the Vendettas. We wonder why. He is surely one to preserve class spirit, and is very loyal to J. H. S. II. Loyalty is surely an asset, Prov. Keep up the good work. Mohawks, Men ' s A. A., Class Basket Ball, Soccer. ELENA PURIFICATO " El " 468 Parker Street Gardner, Massachusetts " Silence is sweeter than speech. " Elena is a quiet girl, but al l who know her appreciate her fine qualities. We know from reports and actual experience that Elena devotes herself faithfully to her studies, and has saved many a class by her additional words. Her pet subject is " Art. " This is brought out by the fact that her work is usually on exhibition in the Drawing room. In training Elena deserves much credit. She was a good, conscientious teacher, and we know that she will make a success of the teaching profession in the future. Day Girls ' Association, Women ' s A. A. GE JAMES PATRICK QUINN, JR. " Jimmie " 16 Dallas Street Worcester, Massachusetts " I see him as a general commanding vast armies. " When we try to describe James P., Jr., mere words cannot do him justice. Just a bundle of wit, contagious laughter, good fellowship, and, which is most important, wonderful teaching q ualities. The class owes Jim a great debt of gratitude for this Year Book. His untiring zeal, his ability to obtain the best possible results from his committees, and his everlasting good nature have combined to produce a book that ranks with the best that have ever been produced at F. N. S. It is a fitting memorial to you, Jim. Accept our heartiest thanks and congratulations. It is almost unnecessary to say that Jim is destined to succeed as a teacher. Success to you, Jim. Men ' s A. A., Vice-President Gaveleers ' 26, Football ' 24, Dramatics, Saxifrage Board ' 26, Editor-in-Chief of Saxifrage ' 27, Gaveleers ' 25- ' 26- ' 27, Inter-Class Soccer, Volleyball, Leaders ' Club. MARY GERONIMO REDDY " Red " 75 Laurel Street Fall River, Massachusetts " Always Reddy, always there. " Mary was always ready to help others and to stick up for Fall River. Although it is a good virtue, we hope that she will not always be " Reddy. " We sincerely hope that ever} ' day of her life she will have occasion to sing, " This Is My Lucky Day, " in the old familiar way. Many a party was held in Mary ' s little suite on the third floor of Palmer Hall, and we are sure from the flow of babbling voices that all were having the most enjoyable time, proving that Red was a very competent hostess. Mary surely could entertain, especially when she donned herself in ancient attire to cheer us at a critical moment when we all seemed to be downhearted. Fitchburg wishes you the best of luck, Red, and we feel sure that the greatest of success is in store for you. Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association, Dramatics, Glee Club. MARY AILLEEN REGAN " Ai " 92 Chapine Street Holyoke, Massachusetts " The girl worth while, Is the girl who can smile , When you bring her home in a Ford. " Yes sir, Ailleen is the real thing, for aren ' t Fords her specialty? She may be small, too, but Charleston ' s steps can ' t phase her. As a trainer she was a decided success, and you should see her on skiis! Always ready for a prank, still not neglecting her duties, an all- around good sport — that ' s Ailleen. Best o ' luck, Ailleen, as a teacher and a Ford admirer. Student Government Association, Glee Club, Women ' s A. A. Billerica HELEN ELIZABETH REMICK " With heart of purest gold. " of the quiet members of the class. Massachusetts Helen is one of the quiet members of the class. She is often seen but rarely heard. We all enjoyed knowing her, and her sunny disposition has cheered us through many a " blue " day. Helen is also a poetess. Just give her a piece of paper and pencil and she ' ll write a poem that would put Keats to shame. . In athletics she stars in bowling and tennis, and some day we may see her in competition with Helen Wills. Good luck, Helen. Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association. LILLIAN MARY REMSHACK " Lil " 7 Elliott Street Easthampton, Massachusetts " Her voice is music And her step is song. " One drawback of graduation is that we will lose a true friend, Lil from Easthampton. Quiet, yes, but can she dance? In the fall of 192S she waltzed her way into all our hearts and will remain there forever. Lil is also a clever artist, and was always willing to help the more unfortunate in this line of work. With her agreeable dis- position there is no doubt that she will be a success in her chosen profession. Best of luck, Lil, and an Amherst man! Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association, Hiking. ELLEN MORTRUM REVELL " El " 7 Townsend Street Fitchburg, Massachusetts " The thing that goes the farthest Toward making life worth while, That costs the least, and does the most, Is just a pleasant smile. " All these Ellen possesses. She is one " who revels in honest en- deavor. " Ellen surely made a success of training, and Junior III and Senior I would surely have missed a great deal if Ellen had not been right on deck all the time and ready to give her conscientious answers. She surely kept the class buzzing. These are the kind of people we want at Normal School, and we all wish Ellen the best success ever. Women ' s A. A., Day Girls ' Association. 16 Mclntyre Court JOHN BARRETT RICE " Ricey " Marlboro, Massachusetts " Never mind, I ' ll grow up I " Ricey comes from Marlboro. We often wonder if they don ' t manufacture high heels in Marlboro. Ricey is surely loyal to his home city, also to his class. As a student he is one of the best. His Arithmetic training has shown that he is sure of starring in one branch of teadiing at least. Besides being a capable student, Ricey is an able humorist. His wit is well given and well appreciated. Ricey is a staunch Vendetta, as is his roommate. When he graduates he will carry a host of good wishes from his many friends. Men ' s A. A., Mohawks, Vendetta, Class Basket Ball, Geographic Society. ANNIE FLORENCE RICKER ' ' Flossy " 58 Sacramento Street Cambridge, Massachusetts " A smile for all! A welcome glad I A jolly, coaxing way she had 1 . " Florence is a " little " brunette from Miller Hall, and one of the peppy members of our class. When the world ' s against you and you ' re feeling blue, just catch a glimpse of Flossie ' s sparkling eyes and happy smile and you simply can ' t resist smiling, too. Floss is bubb ' ing over with life and good nature — she just won ' t let anyone be serious — we wonder how she manages to learn her lessons without worrying over them, but we have to admit that she does it. Floss ' s ambition is to be a Junior High schoolma ' am. So keep smiling and studying, and success will be yours. Good luck! Women ' s A. A., Student Government Council, Music Box Revue Committee, Valentine Party ' 26, Geographic Society. SSO Locust Street MABEL A. RILEY " Mebs " Fall River, Massachusetts " A clever man turns great troubles into little ones, and little ones into none at all. " This petite maiden is from Fall River. Mebs is a quiet, thought- ful person. We all realize that she is an important factor in the success of many of our socials, entertainments and clubs. She is an excel- lent student and she reads extensively. Her knowledge of foreign languages is extensive and Greek is not Greek to her. She can really cipher out the meaning of this ancient and honorable dialect. Whether reciting from Shakespeare, Browning, or Keats, or tel ' ing one of the well-known nursery rhymes, such as " Old Mother Hubbard, " she proves that she is a master of the art of elocution. Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association, Dramatics, Music Box Revue, Glee Club, Geographic Society, Halloween Party, Saxi- frage Board ' 27. JOHN BERNARD ROACH " Roachie " West Main Street Millbury, Massachusetts " He who says little has nothing to answer for. " When John walked into F. N. S. two years ago we knew at once that he had come to work. Since then he has proven himself an able and conscientious student. His ever-willing spirit is not confined to the classroom, however. He is always in the lead in any class func- tion. Basket ball is his hobby, and he has worked hard to help the J. H. S. II team. We are sure that his efforts will be rewarded. Men ' s A. A., Mohawks, Class Basket Ball. ROSE MARY ROHAN " Ware " 2i Castle Street WareJ Massachusetts " She lived at peace with all mankind, In friendship she was true. " Who is one of the best athletes in the school? Rose Rohan, of course. Wherever we find athletes gathered we always see Rose the center of the group. Athletics are not the only things in which Rose excels. She is an " all-around girl. " No matter how difficult her task may be, her sunny smile and contented attitude speed it along and make it successful. Pen cannot do justice to Rose, but one ' s loss is another ' s gain. Ware certainly lost and Normal won when Rose took the train to Fitchburg. Women ' s A. A. Executive Board, Student Government Association, Tennis Leader, Dramatics, Glee Club, Bowling, Masquerade Party, Hiking, Basket Ball, Varsity Hockey, Track. 1 4 " " S : :- -r;- - J .:■;. k i ■ .-■ V «•»». • ' - v i Flat Hill Road JOHN JAMES ROLFE " Jack " Lunenburg, Massachusetts " Born to travel the paths of Success. " Jack will succeed. There is no question as to that. He never has tried anything without finally accomplishing his aim. Tennis is a good illustration. Of course, it might be that he was working towards his aim under ideal conditions. Ask another " tennis star. " Jack is one of our brightest members of J. H. S. II. His mind is ever alert and when he speaks he is well worth listening to. We surely expect to see Jack an able professor in Arithmetic, as his work in training has shown him capable of success. Men ' s A. A., Class Basket Ball, Tennis, Men ' s A. A. Council, Soccer. 20 Nashua Street LESTER PAUL ROY " Les " Fitchburg, Massachusetts " His fingers shame the ivory keys, They dance so light along. " We feel proud to have such a worthy representative of musical ability in our class. How often have we sat and watched the fingers of this mus ical genius glide over the keys and how we have admired and envied him. But his ability lies not on ' y in playing the piano, as Les was a tower of strength in Football, and was always a mainstay on all inter-class teams. His ability as a teacher was brought cut in the success he had while in training. Les has always given bis best to uphold the standard maintained by the P. A. Department. We wish you success. Treasurer Mohawks ' 26, Men ' s A. A., Saxifrage Board ' 26- ' 27, Inter-class Soccer and Volleyball, Music, Dramatics, Football ' 24- ' 25, Basket Ball, Baseball. ROLAND G. ROY " Buck " 6 Crerie Avenue Worcester, Massachusetts " Take fast hold in instruction ; let her not go; Keep her, for she is thy life. " Roland, as he is known to his host of friends from Worcester, has not given us much of a chance to become acquainted, but we are not unaware of his ability, not only in the schoolroom or shop, but as an entertainer. He has also proved to be quite a basket ball player in the class games, and is one of the star soccer players of his class. His ambition is to teach woodworking and we feel sure his ambitions are to be fulfilled, judging from his achievements in training. Men ' s A. A., Class Basket Ball, Soccer, Tennis. LOUISE RYAN 130 Ashburnham Street Fitchburg, Massachusetts " Let the world slide. " More than one of us feel that we hardly know Louise, for so quiet is she that, unless you see her, you do not know she is around. Louise has, at last, decided to bow to Dame Fashion, and now we see her posing for the latest " bob " advertisements. Louise says little and accomplishes much, so we are sure she will be a success in her pro- fession. Women ' s A. A., Day Girls ' Association. ■ T K _jM M%% % • Ashby SAIMI MARIE SALMINEN " Marie " " Bicn faire et Laissez dire. " Massachusetts Oftentimes we seem to overlook the " quiet-looking, " but you can ' t do that with Marie — at least not for long. When once you know her you ' ll know a pleasant, talkative Marie. In spite of her quiet appearance, she is very studious and a very good athlete. Field Hockey is one of her favorite sports — isn ' t that right, Marie? Al- though interested in athletics, from all reports Marie is a fine student, and we are sure success in her chosen profession will be certain. Women ' s A. A., Day Girls ' Association, Hockey. SARA MARTHA SALTZMAN " Sally " 97 Hitchcock Street Holyoke, Massachusetts " Always prepared, always ambitious, and always reliable. " Sally ' s such a difficult person to put into words. One thinks " she ' s thus and so, " and then she surprises us with an entirely new interest — another thoughtful viewpoint, forcing us to reconstruct and always higher our opinion of her. It ' s easy to think she ' s merry and wise, and sincere, for it ' s true. There ' s a connecting phrase lacking though, and that ' s what makes Sally so appreciated. Perhaps it ' s her high ambitions, her firm ideals, which win our respect ; perhaps it ' s her desire to serve ; or perhaps it ' s personality — one which includes all the happy thoughts we might have of her, and adds that individualism which is Sal. Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association, Music Box Re- vue, Dramatics, Glee Club, Women ' s A. A. Rally, Men ' s A. A. Wo- men ' s A. A. Revue, Valentine Party, Bowling. MARIAN SAYERS 21 Davis Street Fitchburg, Massachusetts " Breezy and jolly is she always. " Marian is one of our conscientious workers, what? Without Marian and the other Musketeers, Junior IV wouM have been a com- plete failure. With a heart full of good fellowship, and eyes brim- ming with sunshine, Marian flits about in our midst, gay and s;rious by turns. She has proved herself true blue, and has won our love. Best of luck. Women ' s A. A., Day Girls ' Association, Dramatics. 3 Allen Street CARROLL GUSTAV SCHAEFER " Shaef " Worcester, Massachusetts " ' T is well to lengthen to the last a sunny mood. " Carroll is one of the true commuters from Worcester. We don ' t know of a night he has spent in this fair city of Fitchburg. His favorite saying is " Let ' s go home. " And he always got there, even if he had to push " Jake ' s " flivver or Roy ' s Buick. He rode at one time in Clarky ' s coupe but Harold got sick of having Carroll blow out his tires. Shaef is a true P. A. man. He has learned the art of Manual training teaching, and he has learned it well. He will enter the field with the best of wishes for success from all of us. Men ' s A. A. JOHANNA PATRICIA SCHILLER " Joe " 81 Osgood Street Gardner, Massachusetts " Her talents are as outstanding as the color of her hair. " Joe is one of our very quiet, demure ladies. Should one patron- ize the train from Gardner to Fitchburg daily he would see Joe com- ing to school in her quiet, business-like manner. Joe has never " shone " in any of our school athletics, but her scholastic and training records rank with t he foremost. We are sure that Joe lives up to the quo- tation, " Persevere and you will succeed, " when we see her untiring effort in accomplishing any assigned work. Fitchburg is proud of you, Joe, and rightfully expects you will hold up the high standards of F. N. S. Women ' s A. A., Day Girls ' Association. EDITH CAROLYN SCHWEPPE 22 Whitman Street East Dedham, Massachusetts " Patience is a virtue. " Edith is another of our experienced teachers who is always willing to help the rest of us. After a year at the other F. N. S., at Framing- ham, Edith taught for four years and then came to our F. N. S. There is no doubt about Edith ' s being of a sympathetic nature, in the minds of those who heard the History story in which she expressed her sympathy for " poor Abe. " Those that have had a chance to know Edith have found her to be a true and grateful friend. May success be yours. Women ' s A. A., Day Girls ' Association. 290 Central Street RUTH WESTON SEAVER Leominster, Massachusetts " That whimsical Senior, how she can sing, Through ages to come, her praises will ring. " Ruthie is one of our quiet girls, but there was never a sweeter one than she — modest and retiring, an earnest worker, who stands high in the opinion of her classmates. She has many admirers, but her constancy, a quality seldom found in woman, keeps her faithful to a " fisher " -man. Music holds great interest for Ruth and we hope her ambition to be a supervisor of music may be realized. Women ' s A. A., Vice-President Day Girls ' Association, Music Box Revue, Glee Club, Women ' s A. A. Award Committee. TERESA M. SHEA " Patsy " 106 South Street Fitchburg, Massachusetts " Even virtue is fairer when it appears- in a beautiful creature. " There is no need to introduce Teresa, as she is one of the prettiest and best-liked members of J. H. S. II. Her interests seem to center around the letter L — Lester, Leominster, Lanza, and Lyons. Teresa ' s success as a teacher is imminent, for what class of pupils would not succumb to her winning personality and sweet looks? She is much admired by both girls and boys, who find her a lovable friend. Her beautiful complexion adds to her attractiveness, if she could be more attractive. We wish you success, Teresa, in your following two years at Normal, and forever after. Women ' s A. A., Day Girls ' Association, Valentine Party, Bowling, Hockey, Geographic Society. JENNIE SMITH 54 Lawrence Street " A Fitchburg, Massachusetts girl light-hearted and content. " Jennie is one of our joy-bringers. She has banished gloom from many a dull hour. She is always ready to lend a helping hand, and we are sure that she will make a success in the teaching profession. ' T was in our Junior year that we greeted Jennie. She was not long in making friends, and by her cheery manner she has endeared her- self to everyone who knew her at Normal. The Class of Twenty- seven wishes you luck, Jennie. Women ' s A. A., Day Girls ' Association. LILLIAN MARGUERITE SMITH " Lil " 3S9 Pleasant Street Leominster, Massachusetts " A quiet, demure lass; A friend who will pass. " Lil is one of the patrons of the F. L. who commute daily from Leominster. Being a commuter, little is known around school about her, but ask any of the commuters and they will readily say that she will some day gain repute as an artist. Lil believes in the motto, " Work before pleasure, " and insists that she lives right up to it. Social activities also hold a charm for Lil, and we find her to be a very con- genial hostess. The combination of her social and academic ability makes her a girl whom we are proud to call " friend. " When the doors of F. N. S. close behind you this June, you will hear them utter, " Here ' s luck in everything you undertake. " Women ' s A. A., Day Girls ' Association. 21 Pine Street PHYLLIS BLANEY SPECHT " Phil " Fitchburg, Massachusetts " Then on! then on! where duty leads. " Phyllis was originally with the Class of Twenty-five, but decided to wait and graduate with the class of Twenty-seven. Their loss was certainly our gain. Phil is noted for her good disposition, and this and her other innumerable good qualities endear her to us all. Even in moments of sad despair, just a cheery word from her will chase the " blues " away. Can she teach school? Just ask the pupils at Day Street. Best of luck to you, Phil, from the Class of Twenty-seven. Women ' s A. A., Day Girls ' Association, Basket Ball, Hockey, Tennis. MARGARET HELEN SPRING 54 Pasadena Street Springfield, Massachusetts " To those who know thee not, No ivords can paint; And those who know thee Know all words are faint. " This quotation is very well applied to Margaret. In classes she ever reveals her exceptional ability as an all-around student. Any of her friends can tell you what a good sport she is. For when any fun is brewing, Margaret is always on hand. We know that whatever line of work Margaret decides to follow will be a success. Her unfailing courage, ability to work, and pleasing personality, will not fail to make it so. F. N. S. wishes you the best of luck, Margaret. Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association, Glee Club, Dramatics, Geographic Society, Music Box Revue, Normal School Ensemble. Warren Street THELMA STEWART " Red " Littleton, Massachusetts " Quiet and retiring is she. " Yes, we must admit that Thelma is very quiet and retiring, but that is nothing against her. She loves her work, and we expect her to develop into an excellent " t. " Although Thelma is quiet, we feel sure that she is one whom we are willing to have represent F. N. S. in this busy world. Her quiet sympathy should make her an ideal teacher, as she is now an ideal friend. May success be yours. Women ' s A. A., Day Girls ' Associa tion. CATHERINE JOSEPHINE STRZEPEK " Kay " 34 Elm Street Holyoke, Massachusetts " Born for success she seemed. " Catherine is a very interesting person, whose friendship we feel proud of possessing. Kay ' s profession is well chosen and we hope she will always be as successful and as interested in it as she is now. Kay is extremely interested in Mathematics and finds that phase of the science called " Bills " very absorbing. Our sincerest wishes go with her, and may all her teaching career be tempered with happiness and success. Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association, Geographic So- ciety, Glee Club, Women ' s A. A.-Men ' s A. A. Revue, Music Box Re- vue, Dramatics. CATHERINE ANN SULLIVAN " Kay " 37 Brigham Park Fitchburg, Massachusetts " Surely the ' Gods ' gave her extra skill. " Catherine ' s winning and ever-ready smile has won her a host of friends. As a loyal rooter of our teams, Catherine has kept our spirits up. She is well versed in the terpsichorean art, and this fact was evident when she made her debut as a Spanish dancer in the Women ' s A. A. Revue. Her artistic ability is one of her great assets, and also one of ours. We wish you every success in your future undertakings, Catherine. Women ' s A. A., Day Girls ' Association, Men ' s A. A.-Women ' s A. A. Revue. Warren FLORENCE E. SULLIVAN " Sully " " Tall, serene, as fair a girl as e ' er was seen: Massachusetts You ask who that quiet little girl is? Well, she may look quiet, but she certainly has her share of fun. Florence is the kind of girl who can mix business and pleasure. She excels in Handwork and her many posters give evidence of that. As the head of Basket ball, Florence proved a capable leader, and the success of the many teams she coached is an example of her skill at the game. May success trail you through life, Florence, and find you happy in your profession. Women ' s A. A. Executive Board, Student Government Association, All-Normal Hockey Team, Bowling, Tennis, Soccer, Debating, Music Box Revue. 149 Park Street JUSTIN ANTHONY SULLIVAN " Jud " Gardner, Massachusetts " For he is a jolly good fellow. " In the fall of 1925 Jud entered the P. A. department at F. N. S. Nothing could describe our Sully any better than this quotation: " Life would be dull without his antics. " Sully never put work be- fore pleasure ; but he always managed to get his work done. Although we have only had him in our presence the past two years it seems that we have known him all our lives, for once your friend he is always your friend. Besides being a promising scholar he is a versatile athlete, and excels on the gridiron and basket ball court. We know that Jud, from his present accomplishments, will make his mark in the world. May your future be bright. Masquerade Committee, " Windmills of Holland, " Football, Men ' s A. A., Basket Ball, Soccer, Junior Dance. LILLIAN KATHRYN SULLIVAN SO Rittenhouse Street Springfield, Massachusetts " Wit and humor belong to genius alone. " If you are looking for a girl who is happy and gay all the time, you should look Lillian up, for your search is ended. Never has a moment of her Normal School career been unsuccessful. She is the type of girl whose poetic inclinations can make beautiful the most commonplace things. The Women ' s A. A. owes a great deal to her for the many parodies she made for the Association songs. Her un- expected bits of humor, and her unselfishness, are some of the sterling qualities which endear her to us, and we know she will be a success in her chosen work. Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association, Hiking, Women ' s A. A. Rally, Bowling. 219 John Street MARY FRANCES SULLIVAN " Mac " — " Sul " Fall River, Massachusetts " Smiles galore — wit encore. " We had a difficult time, telling Mac and Sul apart in our Junior year, but during the Senior year we gave it up, for we had a (young) Junior sister to contend with. Time never hung heavily on the gang ' s hands when Sul was around because she could put on the kickiest act at short notice, and we always found spice and variety in her programs. Anything from Charleston to cake-walk ! Anybody look- ing for a menu which is guaranteed to bring a good case of indiges- tion, apply to the above, for it was she who planned the gang ' s parties. But on the other hand we see in Sul all that a good student should be, as was well proved by her success in training and academic studies. May you always have the best of luck. Student Government Association, Women ' s A. A., Glee Club, Hiking, Music Box Revue. 36 State Street ELEANOR SUTCLIFFE Monson, Massachusetts " Thou hast that fatal gift of beauty. " Eleanor is a friend to everyone, and is always ready to lend a helping hand. She is one of the girls who is a credit to Normal. She has taken an active part in school affairs and is a conscientious worker. She is one of those rarely fortunate persons who possesses as beau- tiful a personality as she herself is. To sum it all up, Eleanor is a true friend, a clever student and a good sport. All our best wishes go with her. Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association, Glee Club, Music, Box Revue, Hockey, Dramatics. WALTER EDWARD SWEENOR " Walt " 7 Burford Avenue West Springfield, Massachusetts " He knows what ' s what, and that ' s as high As metaphysic wit can fly. " If it were not for Walt, Sr. P. A. I would be lost. He has been an active member of his class and his school, and there have been few activities he has not participated in. Walt has one particular hobby: that of collecting works of art, and adorning his room. His collection is the envy of the boys at the barracks, to say the least. Walt has many friends of both sexes, both at school and around Fitchburg, and classmates and teachers can testify to his ability along Practical Arts lines. In addition to his school work he also managed and captained the Normal Seconds, this past basket ball season. The class and school owe much to Walt for the things he has done. Men ' s A. A., Vice-President Gaveleers, Debating Club, Gaveleers Play ' 2S- ' 26. GEORGE SAMSON TALCOTT 29 Pleasant Street Fitchburg, Massachusetts " Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well. " George is a quiet, pleasant fellow who has plenty of friends. Being much interested in music, George spends most of his leisure time im- proving himself in his chosen avocation. His time has been well spent, as was demonstrated by the manner in which the audience received the musical offering which was his Senior project. George has main- tained a high scholastic standing throughout his course, and we feel sure that he will be well repaid for his efforts. George has been a true friend to us all, and our best wishes for success attend him. Men ' s A. A., Music, Project — Band Concert. SARA IDA TATER 1 Redman Street Fitchburg, Massachusetts " Oh! those golden curls. " If one ever happens to enter the gym and spy a tall, fair-haired maiden dressed fully in a gym outfit, and feeling absolutely at home, it is sure to be Sara. Also, Sara is one of our conscientious workers and always has her work done, and well done. She loves litt ' e chil- dren, and certainly proved this to us by her record in training. May your success continue. Loads of luck and happiness to one of our best beloved commuters of F. N. S. Women ' s A. A., Day Girls ' Association, Basket Ball, Debating, Music Box Revue, Glee Club, Hockey. ROBERT FRANCIS THOMPSON, JR. " Bob " 426 Massachusetts Avenue Arlington, Massachusetts " From the crown of his head, to the sole of his foot, he is all mirth. " Bob has been with us for two years now, and has made friends with everyone here at school. Besides appearing in several major productions he is usually picked for a part in the smaller productions. He is a very versatile sort of fellow, attending Practical Arts College and its gorgeous night life during the week. He also finds time to coach the Day Street School athletic teams and gym classes. From Bob ' s record in training we are sure that he will be a great success in the vocation which he has chosen, and will be a great asset to the social life of the city where he is employed as a Practical Arts in- structor. Success to you, Bob. Men ' s A. A., Advisory Council, Gaveleers, " Windmills of Holland, " " Three Wise Fools. " ;axif JAMES P. TORPEY " Red " — " Jim " 4 Sturgis Street Worcester, Massachusetts " As happy as the day is long. " Throughout our three years Jim has brightened many of our dreary hours with his inexhaustible line of wit and humorous antics. Jim has served the school well throughout his course here, having taken an active part in all school activities. The Gaveleers are thank- ful to him for the well-planned and business-like manner in which he handled their annual entertainment, the Clark College Glee Club. We are looking forward to success for you, and we know you will not disappoint us. Twenty-seven is with you all the way, Jim. Men ' s A. A., Gaveleers. GRACE ELLEN TOWLE " Giggles " Willow Street Scituate, Massachusetts " As merry as the day is long. " Giggles is one of our J. H. S. II people. Do you suppose she chose that course to give her a little more time to grow? " To be short is no disgrace, only a little inconvenient. " At nine she leaves her room at Palmer Hall, Not to return until done are her duties all. Grace is a busy girl, as she not only attends Normal classes and teaches at the Junior High School, but, also, has given her time will- ingly to the lunch children at noon. One need not be told when Grace approaches, for giggles are heard five minutes before she ar- rives. " Miss Towle, why is the world round? " " Where is Kalama- zoo? " After answering all such questions at Junior High School, al- though a little maid, she will be wondrous wise. Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association. PAULINE C. TRICOT " Polly " 11 South Cotton Street Leominster, Massachusetts " Art for life ' s sake: If Polly is an example of Leominster, we wish we could see more of the town. Pauline is another one of our many commuters who smiles her way through life. She is the rival of Pavlowa as a dancer. Her ever-ready wit and friendy smile have helped her classmates over many rough places. We can always depend on Polly to uphold all the social affairs at F. N. S., and we have often envied her her many good times. We know that she does not go unappreciated by the opposite sex. Good luck, Pauline, and here ' s hoping we meet you sometime — somewhere. Women ' s A. A., Day Girls ' Association, Music Box Revue, Men ' s A. A.-Women ' s A. A. Revue, Basket Ball. 100 HE ALICE TROTSKY " Al " 75 Main Street Webster, Massachusstts " A likable girl with a smile for all. " Al came to our midst from the wilds of Webster. With her she brought her very likable personality. Al was always ready to stop and discuss the news of the day, voicing her own views forcibly. Though not a hard worker, Al did her share for the Senior Class of Twenty-seven, and came out with flying colors. If you should see a tall blonde dashing through the corridor, carrying a large package, you ' ll know it is Al, and that there will be a party on the third floor of Palmer that night. Right here and now the R. L. S. are wishing Alice a continuation of the success which was hers in Normal. Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association, Hiking, Dra- matics, Geographic Society, Music Box Revue, Hockey. GERTRUDE TROTTIER " Gert " — " Shorty " 38 Pleasant Street Fitchburg, Massachusetts " Witty, jolly and carefree; Always happy as can be. " Cute and peppy — that ' s Gert. How we all love her. No locker- room party is complete without her, as she fairly radiates mischief, and when she is around, dull care is driven away. Gert can easily adjust herself to any situation, as was proved by her splendid record obtained while in training, under the supervision of Miss Jones. Her scholarship standing is one any of us would be proud of. The girls of the locker-room will miss you. Good luck, Gert. Women ' s A. A., Day Girls ' Association. LEONORA MILDRED VERA " Leo " 251 North Street New Bedford, Massachusetts " Happy am I, from care I ' m free, Why aren ' t they all contented like me? " Leo, just what is the trouble with this picture? We wonder how many times she has heard this, for Leonora wasn ' t with us very long before we discovered and appreciated her artistic ability. We shall not be surprised to see Leo ' s name among the shining lights of the world of art. Leonora has also proven to us that to have friends one must be a true friend. We predict a brilliant future for you, Leonora. Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association, Hiking, Dra- matics, Women ' s A. A. Revue, Bowling. ■ THELMA E. WAGNER " Teddy " 40 South Main Street East Longmeadow, Massachusetts " A generous friendship no cold medium knows. " Good nature must be Teddy ' s middle name. She is certainly the mainstay of many of our activities. Just as the Student Council or the Dramatic Club owe much of their success to Teddy ' s willingness to lend her pleasing disposition to their causes. Ted ' s friends are numerous as they are sincere, and their heartiest wishes for all hap- piness follow her. Women ' s A. A., Student Government Council, Vice-President Stu- dent Government Association, Dramatics, Music Box Revue. WINIFRED LEE WARD " Winnie " Willow Street Scituate, Massachusetts " A good disposition that gold cannot buy. " Cheerful, kind, and sincere in friendship is our Win, whose dispo- sition never varies and whose cheerfulness brightens the dreary days. Win is always ready for fun and frolic, but never at the expense of her work, as proved by her success in the third grade at the Edgerly School. Athletics were her main interests during her Normal School days. As a basket ball player she showed her excellent sportsmanship and good disposition. There was always need for much muffling of Win ' s hearty laugh at the gang parties, to hold in check her bubb ' ing spirits. Win ' s cheerful " Hi " and sunny smile have made for her many friends who will long remember her. Women ' s A. A., S tudent Government Association, Glee Club, Hiking, Hockey, Basket Ball, Music Box Revue. WILLIAM FRANCIS WELCH " Bill " 46 Main Street Framingham, Massachusetts " Wiry and agile. " When Bill came to us from Framingham, we knew right away that he was destined to become one of the shining lights of the J. H. S. Division. There were several reasons for this. It may have been his dancing (for he is extremely clever in that line), or it may have b;en the whole-heartedness with which he cooperated in all the Normal School activities, or perhaps again the interest with which he attacks his studies. Here ' s wishing you the greatest successes in your teach- ing profession, Bill, and here ' s hoping that the honors you attain there will be those every son of F. N. S. attains! Men ' s A. A., President of Vendettas, Debating, Dramatics, Geo- graphic Society, Tennis, Mohawks. JOHN CHARLES WESOLOWSKI " Johnnie " 6 Railroad Street Northbridge, Massachusetts " He was not for himself designed, But born to be of use to all mankind. " One of the best-known members of our school is John. He has been termed the " busiest man in the school, " and we all agree with the one who first made the statement, as he can be found taking an active part in all Normal managerial activities. John has certainly done his share, and the innumerable activities that he has helped have profited. The class appreciates his work, as can be seen by his elec- tion as manager of this year ' s basket ball team. John has also been one of the smartest and wittiest members of our class. Best wishes for success. Men ' s A. A., Gaveleers, Photography Manager Year Book, Man- ager Senior Play ' 26, Manager Basket Ball, Assistant Manager Year Book, Motion Picture Operator ' 2S- ' 26- ' 27. ANTHONY JOSEPH WEST " Tony " 8 Barclay Street Worcester, Massachusetts " Men admire a noble spirit. " Tony wasn ' t here very long before we had an idea that he came from Worcester. If there is anything he does love to do it ' s to argue. Whether it ' s classmate or faculty, there are no exceptions. Tony will argue one and all. Studies occupy most of his time while here at school. He is surely an apt scholar, and anyone would enjoy having a background of facts like his. We know his ability will prove of value to him as a teacher. Men ' s A. A., Gaveleers ' 27, Volley Ball, Debating Club. SARAH LAURA WHEATON " Sally " 282 Central Street Springfield, Massachusetts " know thee for a man of many thoughts. " — Byron. As an experienced teacher in our midst you have been an in spira- tion and help, Sarah. When classes lacked enthusiasm and proper response, it was often your contribution which saved the situation. Your pleasant smile has helped to brighten many a dreary day. We are sorry you have not been with us longer. We feel sure that your schoolroom will be just as congenial as ours has been with your pres- ence. Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association. SAXIF MOLLIE KATHLEEN WILD 65 Lincoln Street Holyoke, Massachusetts " There are jew things she cannot do and do to perfection, and ivith a happy, cheerful countenance. " Here is laughing Mollie ! She has the most contagious little laugh imaginable. Since she first entered Normal, she has won the respect and esteem of all her classmates. Mollie is a great lover of music, and has shown her talent along this line. We thought she ' d make her way to the Boston Conservatory of Music next year, but she is going to fool us as usual, and come back to Normal for another year to prepare for Junior High teaching. Best o ' luck, Mollie, is our ardent wish. Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association, Music Box Revue, " The Goose Hangs High, " Dramatics, Men ' s A. A.-Women ' s A. A. Revue. LEONARD ROBERT WILKINSON " Wilky " 727 Pleasant Street Worcester, Massachusetts " He has so many good points that we don ' t know where to begin. " Wilky is of a rather quiet nature, but he keeps his eyes on a cer- tain young lady that roams through Normal Hall. Wilky came to Normal from the Worcester Trade School, and his success here is already assured. His ability in athletics was soon shown, for he played football and basket ball in his Junior year and is on this year ' s basket ball squad. He has participated in many inter-class games of soccer and basket ball. We think there must be some attraction for Wilky in Worcester as he hasn ' t spent a week-end here yet. Last year Wilky joined the Gaveleer Society, and is an energetic worker for their cause. We hope he will be successful in all his undertakings. Gaveleers, Men ' s A. A., Treasurer Rifle Club, Football ' 25, Basket Ball ' 2S- ' 26. DOROTHY ETHEL WILSON " Dot " 26 Schofield Street Webster, Massachusetts " Good sense is only from Heaven. " Ten past twelve — still, Dot was not yet at dinner. Fifteen past twelve — a timid maiden with black, flashing eyes and dark hair " not yet put up " but promising, is seen rushing in. We may also see Dot sitting before her desk either studying or gazing afar off with a dreamy, thoughtful look, thinking of — well, we wonder of whom. Dot ' s last year was a busy one, as her project took up practically all of her time ! Those who know her have found her to be very con- siderate of others and always willing to do her share. To make her acquaintance was a pleasure, but to really understand her was a privi- lege limited to only a few of us. Loads of luck and happiness to one of the R. L. S. Women ' s A. A., Student Government Association. CYRIL EDWARD WYNN " Cy " 1998 Northampton Street Holyoke, Massachusetts " All great men are dead, and I am feeling ill. " Cy is Holyoke ' s only contribution to the male population of F. N. S. Although he did not participate in athletics he has made an enviable record in academics and shop work. Cy is one of the boys who has constantly stuck with Senior P. A. I through its tria ' s and tribulations. Although Cy has maintained a good standing in the role of a bachelor, he has occasionally wandered from the straight and narrow path and gone astray with the fair sex. Being a " horseman, " Cy will surely be a success. Men ' s A. A., Mohawks, Inter-Class Soccer, Volleyball, Glee Club, Manager Baseball ' 27. ' CLASS DAY JUNE 18, 1927, 3.00 P.M. March Junior and Senior Classes Saxifrage Senior Class Ivy Exercises J. H. S. IV Fundamental Gymnastics Junior and Senior Classes Danish Dances Senior Class Crested Hen French Reel Feder Mikkel Little Man in a Fix Maypole J. H. S. IV Hoop-Rolling Contest Boys and Girls of Senior Class Songs All Classes March All Classes i 1 1 106 : • CLASS HISTORY JUNIOR YEAR, 1926-1927 " Oh, fondly on the past I dwell, And oft recall those hours. " The rain was coming down in torrents on that eventful September morning. But the rain did not dampen our spirits, for we were looking forward to meeting new friends and teachers. Perhaps the faculty and Seniors were just as eager to meet us, for soon after we had ar- rived, they gave us a reception. After being introduced to all the members of the faculty, we earned the right to be called a part of F. N. S. When we became acquainted with our class- mates, we decided to elect our officers. We chose Mary Lennon, president; Thomas Car- rigan, vice-president; Sadie Kielty, secretary; Francis Sullivan, treasurer, and Mr. Clancy our faculty advisor. At that time we also chose our class colors, blue and gold. The next few months were filled with hard work and a little fun to break the monotony. We had a jolly good time at the Halloween party; the Student Government Banquet was a great success, and the jester at the Old Eng- lish banquet made sure that everyone enjoyed himself. Up to this time, the Seniors had been enter- taining us. At the Valentine party, we un- veiled our banner, sang our class song, and the Seniors realized that even the Juniors could manage a party successfully. The merry month of May brought us " blue days and fair " and the Senior promenade. It was a gala night for the Seniors, but the Juniors enjoyed seeing our upper classmates in their glory. With June, came Class Day. Surely the gods favored us, for the sun shone most bright- ly when we, flying our colors, marched on the campus and sang our class song. One more page of deeds has been written in the golden book of F. N. S. What will be written on the other leaf allotted to us? SENIOR YEAR, 1926-1927 The fall term of ' 26 saw the eager return of our promising young Seniors whose enthusi- asm bore up under the weight of their respon- sible positions. They began the year by con- scientiously initiating the unsophisticated Juniors into the joys and sorrows which beset a Normal School career. However, so sports- manlike did these underclassmen prove them- selves that a party was held in which all ani- mosity was laid aside. The Senior class then acted wisely in the reelection of its Junior officers, with the ap- pointment of Miss Williams as faculty ad- visor to succeed Mr. Clancy. On the sixth of October the Junior Recep- tion took place, in which the Juniors were for- mally presented to the members of the faculty. The spirit and traditions of Halloween have always claimed an honored place at F. N. S., and this year the Halloween party held even added terrors — to the enjoyment of many. There followed in quick succession a number of social events that displayed the variety of our Senior activities. On November 12, the Student Government and Day Girls ' Associa- tion held their banquets in conjunct ' on, which augurs well for future cooperation. The Masquerade held on the twenty-third of this month ushered in a variety of costumes and a program of novel entertainment. The Christmas season brought in its train the proverbial Baby Party, succeeded by the Christmas Banquet, which will always remain an inspiration, celebrated as it was in true Old English style. Following the banquet there was caroling at the community Christmas tree. The Junior Party, in honor of St. Valentine, was indeed a gala affair. At this time the Juniors disclosed their class colors, always an item of interest to Seniors. In the matter of pins and rings the class selected an amethyst signet, and it is the pride of many a Senior heart to flash this badge of honor. One of the novel features of the year was an athletic exhibition given in Worcester, in which many Seniors displayed their prowess and did credit to their training. In accordance with the provisions of the annual Todd lectureship, Mrs. Dorothy Can- field Fisher delivered a lecture, May 19, which was at once enlightening and inspirational, on " Creative Reading. " The outstanding event of the year, the Promenade, found fitting background in a garden of picturesque Spain. This occasion was so impressive as to remain indelibly fixed in the memory. On the following day a bridge and tea dance made an appropriate finale to an enjoyable week end. As our class play we presented the delightful opera, " The Bohemian Girl, " in a manner which showed high musical and executive ability. As a forerunner of graduation came Class Day and Singout. At last dawned the great day itself which was heralded in by impressive exercises. Then we received those much cov- eted insignia of honor, our diplomas, and went forth, determined to fulfill the ideals of F. N. S. through loyalty and service. E%Z T €kQ A 108 SAXIF MUSIC Twenty-seven prides itself on being an es- pecially gifted class musically. That ' s why " The Bohemian Girl " was chosen for the class project. It is the story, you know, of Thaddeus, a Polish exile, seeking concealment from Aus- trian troops. He rescues the infant daughter of Count Arnheim of Austria from an infuri- ated stag. The grateful Count asks the stranger to join in the festivities about to take place. Thaddeus finally accepts, but refuses to drink to the health of the Emperor. The Count is angered and Thaddeus departs with a band of gypsies. Devilshoof, one of the Gypsies, is imprisoned by the Count, but he escapes and steals Arline, the Count ' s child. Twelve years have elapsed. Arline, ignorant of her parentage, is happy with the gypsies. She loves Thaddeus, and is betrothed to him. The Gypsy Queen is in love with Thaddeus, and plans to separate them. A grand fair is in progress. Florestein, the Count ' s nephew, is met by the the gypsies who steal a medallion from him. The Queen hangs it around Arline ' s neck. Later, Florestein accuses Arline of stealing it. She is brought before the Count. He recognizes a scar on her arm, and after questioning her, realizes she is his long-lost child. Arline, in the midst of court splendor, cannot forget Thaddeus. They have a secret farewell meeting, but are discovered by the Count, through the scheming of the Gypsy Queen. The Count will not allow his daughter to wed a Gypsy, so Thaddeus reveals his true rank. The Gypsy Queen induces one of her tribe to fire at Thaddeus, but by a timely movement of Devilshoof, the bullet reaches her own heart. The Count consents to the union of Arline and Thaddeus, and all ends happily. The talented cast was: Count Arnheim, Governor of Presburg, Charles Hapgood; Thaddeus, a proscribed Pole, Gordon Pinney; Florestein, nephew to the Count, Lester Dyer; Devilshoof, chief of the Gypsies, Lester Roy; Captain of the Guard, George Conaty; Arline, daughter of the Count, Ruth Seaver; Buda, her attendant, Dorothea Brennon; Queen of the Gypsies, Mollie Wild. Another event of interest in our musical world was the Beethoven Day Program, ar- ranged for an assembly by J. H. S. II girls. The theme, " Beethoven, The Man, his Music, and his Influence, " was developed, giving everyone a basis for their work on the Wallace essay. Such a subject, with material available to all, greatly stimulated the spirit of compe- tition for the generous prizes awarded. Not to be outdone, the men have organized a Grammar Masters ' Glee Club, and enter- tained the school with the results of their well- spent efforts. One of the most popular of the school ' s musical groups is that of the " Ensemble, " con- sisting of talented orchestral members from all parts of Normal. It is this group which has played faithfully at all school functions, add- ing so much beauty to all programs, and con- tinually reminding us of our ever-present need of good music. ur DRAMATIC CLUB OFFICERS Miss McCavery, Miss Wagner, Haley, Miss Kenny DRAMATICS Dramatics seem to take an increasingly prominent place in the activities at our school. The Dramatic Club began its year with the election of the following officers : George Haley, president; Anne McCavery, vice-president; Mary Kenny, treasurer; Thelma Wagner, sec- retary. A program committee, with Miss Saltzman as chairman, was appointed to take charge of the activities, and the club was divided into groups, each responsible for one meeting. The Dramatic Club presented " Sauce for the Goslings, " a good speech play, in the As- sembly Hall, on January 31. The cast: Richard Taylor Robert Thompson Margaret Taylor Dorothea Brennon Elizabeth Taylor Katherine Hammond Robert Taylor Cuthbert Tunstall Martha Lee Alyce Pry or James Ward Edmund Gorman A maid Abbie Gaughan Director of Play, Florence Ricker When the Massachusetts Elks ' Association asked our students to present some form of entertainment for the soldiers at the Rutland Hospital, the Dramatic Club undertook the project. The committee in charge of the plays consisted of Miss Williams, director; Clara McCann, chairman; George Haley, Katherine Flynn, Eleanor Sutcliffe, and Joseph Lanza. Two plays were given, " Thank You, Doctor " and " For Distinguished Service " . Judging from the reports, the soldiers greatly appreciated the entertainment. The cast for " Thank You, Doctor " was: Doctor Gurney Anthony West Mrs. Lester Margaret Harding Nurse Gray Dorothy O ' Malley Court Charles Hapgood The Patient Joseph Lanza The cast in " For Distinguished Service " was: Miss Katherine Burton Dorothea Brennon Mrs. Jim Harding (Ethel) Ellen Louise Lovejoy Mary, the maid ' . Abbie Gaughan An excellent musical program was given by Mollie Wild and Betty Meade during inter- mission. At the next meeting of the club the plays were repeated. The cast for " Thank You, Doctor " was unchanged, but the cast for " For Distinguished Service " consisted of the following people: Miss Katherine Burton Ann McCavery Mrs. Jim Harding Florence Ricker Mary, the maid Cecelia Bazinet Outside the work of the Dramatic Club, the Mohawk Club under the able direction of Miss Williams, presented " The Goose Hangs High " in the Assembly Hall, December 17 and 18. The cast: Bernard Ingals John Connell Eunice Ingals Mollie Wild Noel Derby Leo Connolly Leo Day David Forrest Rhoda Louise Lothrop Julia Murdock Violet Memery Mrs. Bradley Margaret Bradshaw Hugh Ingals Lawrence Burt Ronald Murdock Henry Becklund Lois Ingals Sadie Kielty Bradley Ingals Lester Dyer Dagmar Carroll Helen Logan Elliott Kimberley James Forrest All the students showed ability in their per- formance. We especially remember John Con- nell and Mollie Wild as the self-sacrificing father and mother and Lester Dyer and Sadie Kielty as the just-home-from-college son and daughter. The following also helped to make this play the success it was. Business Manager Joseph Burke Assistant Business Managers John Provosoli and Francis Sullivan Stage Manager Clifford Phelps Property Manager James Connors Publicity Manager Leo McCrann The music program for the evening was under the direction of Miss E. D. Perry. The Normal School Ensemble played a few selec- tions. The soloists were: Miss Betty Meade, Miss Ann Malone, and Miss Helen McCarthy. The Men ' s Athletic Association and The Women ' s Athletic Association presented the next entertainment, " Around the World with F. N. S., " on February 4. PROGRAM The following scenes portrayed typical pas- times in various countries as witnessed by a group of Fitchburg Normal Students on their trip around the world. Scene 1. All Aboard Group of students Scene 2. On the Mauretania J. H. S. I, J. H. S. II Scene 3. Venice Jr. IH-Jr. IV Scene 4. Spain Sr. II Scene S. Holland J. H. S. IV Scene 6. Japan Jr. I-Jr. II Scene 7. France Sr. I Scene 8. Home Again Group of students Assisted by the Physical Training Department, the Practical Arts Department, the Art Department, the Music Department, and English Department Now we are left to anticipate the Senior Class Play. Whatever is presented we are sure it will be a success, as all the dramatic entertainments at the school have been. And so the curtain falls h ' .-fi GAVELEERS Front Row — Grenon, Leighton, Fitzgerald, Hovey (secretary), Pinney (president), Sweenor (vice-president), Mr. MacLean (faculty advisor), Quinn, Foley. Second Row — Newton, Fontaine, De Sousa, Clark, Wesolowski, Torpey, Anderson, Wilkinson. Third Row — Carrigan, Sund, Tunstall, Thompson, O ' Leary, Keiler, Jacobson. Back Row — Miller, Gorman. GAVELEERS LITERARY SOCIETY " Goodfellowship " Six years ago the Gaveleers Society was or- ganized with the primary purpose of promot- ing good fellowship among its members. As a secondary object it purposed to encourage in- terest in literary activities. Its regular meetings are restricted to its twenty-five active members, but from time to time the organization has given dances for the benefit of the whole school. The Gaveleers dance this year was one of the successful events on the school calendar. At an appointed hour, during the dance, the members gathered around the lighted shield and sang the song of the society. Following the song, Gordon Pin- ney, the president of the Gaveleers, in behalf of the organization, presented the school with a permanent basket ball trophy to be awarded to the best team competing in inter-class bas- ket ball. Many have benefited through association with the men of the society and enjoyed the distinction of being Gaveleers. Through the recent formation of the Gave- leers Alumni, members are informed from time to time of the activities of the organization, the scope of the organization being no ' longer confined to the school. The officers of the society are: Gordon Pin- ney, president; Walter Sweenor, vice-presi- dent; and Elwood Hovey, secretary- treasurer. The Gaveleers extend to Mr. MacLean, the sponsor of the society, their sincere apprecia- tion of his interest in them and of his varied contributions to the society. Palmer Hall Girls Clowning • ' «• " . ■ •]£■ m 4m- m k : . 7K7V Vt i lll " ■4 ' Mr mm m - " Worcesterites " Year Bookmen 1 3 Jp - ' HE 9 1 1! 1 1 La a ' Bk3 Ml Wi 77?e " £ " Girls Proctor Hall Girls 114 MOHAWKS First Row — Burt, Connell, Becklund, D. Forrest (secretary), Connors (president), Kiley, Connolly (treasurer), Welch, Dyer, McDonnell. Second Row — McCrann, Richard, Rosch, Burke (vice-president), Roy, Roach, Salmon, Prevost, Gallagher. Third Row — Provosoli, Rice, Lanza, Dolan, Murray, Sullivan, Jacobson, J. Forrest. Back Row — F. Sullivan, Fillback, Wynn, Mr. Harrington (faculty advisor), Miller, Haley, Flinton, Phelps. THE MOHAWK CLUB Three years ago there was felt the need for another men ' s social organization at this school and the old Berkshire Club decided to affiliate with the school under the name of the Mohawk Club. The membership of the club was first set at twenty-five, but with the continued increase of students this number was raised to thirty-five. The officers for this year are as follows: James M. Kiley, succeeded by James Connors, president; Joseph Burke, vice-president; Leo Connolly, treasurer; and David Forrest, secre- tary. Under this staff of officers and Mr. Harrington, who is the club sponsor, the club enjoyed a very succesful year. The members of the club had the opportun- ity of hearing some very inspiring and enter- taining talks by many prominent men, includ- ing clergymen, educators, and travelers. In December, the club successfully presented " The Goose Hangs High " as their first dra- matic production. The members of the cast were given a banquet at the Hotel Raymond. The club is indebted to Miss Williams, who coached the play, and to Miss Perry, who ar- ranged for the music. The club ' s other big social event was the annual dance which was held March 17. The hall was prettily decorated and the new club shield was displayed for the first time. During the year some of the important things done by the club ' s executive committee were the adoption of the pledge system of electing new members, the introduction of a new ritual prepared by Austin O ' Toole, 1926, and the writing of a new and appropriate club song, and the adoption of pledge and member- ship emblems. SAXIF DORMITORY STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION Front Row — Misses Kirby, O ' Malley (treasurer), Logan (president), Wagner (vice-president), A. Duggan (secretary). Middle Row — Misses D. Sullivan, K. Sullivan, Ricker, McCann, McCavery, Lester. Back Row — Misses H. Sullivan, Kelleher, O ' Neil, Haggerty, Gough. DORMITORY STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION The Student Council began its work in the fall of 1926, with all intentions of making this a model year. On Ma} ' 27 the Student Council held a reg- ular meeting when the results of the election of officers for this year were announced as fol- lows: Helen Logan, ' 27, president; Thelma Wagner, ' 27, vice-president; Anna Duggan, ' 27, secretary; Ernestine O ' Malley, ' 27, treas- urer; Margaret Kirby, ' 27, house president, Miller; Clara McCann, ' 27, house president, Palmer; Helen Kelleher, ' 27, Florence Ricker, ' 27, Imelda Lester, ' 2 7, Senior members-at- large. At a Council meeting in October, the elec- tion returns for Junior Council members was read: Helen Sullivan, ' 28, vice house president, Miller; Mildred Haggerty, ' 28, vice house president, Palmer; Abbie Gaughan, ' 28, Mary O ' Neil, ' 28, Anna McCavery, ' 28, Junior mem- bers-at-large; Doris Sullivan, Margaret Sulli- van, representatives off campus. This year the fifth Student Government banquet included both the Dormitory and Day Girls ' Associations. The banquet was given November 12, 1926, in Palmer Hall dining room. The guests of honor were Mrs. Still, Miss McCarty, and Mr. and Mrs. Randall. The officers of the Council, the house presidents of last year, and the faculty mem- bers who regularly have their meals in the dining room were cordially invited to attend. Mrs. Rogers served a sumptuous banquet which was followed by an exceptionally fine program. To our president, Helen Logan, the Council extends its thanks for her able leadership. The Council for 1927-1928 will be deter- mined at the May meeting. To our successors the Council leaves best -wishes for success. 116 IFRAGE What ' s Wrong In This Picture? Taking Off Class Basket Ball Champions " Abie ' s Irish Rose " DAY GIRLS ' STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Front Row — Misses Roache, Carney, Seaver, M. Coughlin, Devaney, Fookes Back Row — Misses Reeves, Sampo, Drew, Specht, E. Heikkila DAY GIRLS ' ASSOCIATION The officers of the Day Girls ' Association for the present year are: Margaret Coughlin, president; Ruth Seaver, vice-president; Doro- thy Devaney, secretary; and Frances Carney, treasurer. Council members: Mary Roache, Ada Fookes, Irene Reeves, Elena Heikkila, Irja Sampo, Edna Buxton, Doris Drew, Phyllis Specht. Although this has not been a year of great activity for the Day Girls ' Association, the or- ganization has proved to be an ever-increasing aid in cultivating a greater spirit of friend- liness and cooperation among the girls. The first meeting of the year, held early in September, was marked by contagious enthus- iasm and friendliness. At that time the new members were given some idea of the value and purpose of the Day Girls ' Association, and they immediately responded with a keen in- terest which has continued throughout the year. The outstanding accomplishment of the or- ganization this year has been the development of greater understanding and unity between the Student Government and the Day Girls ' As- sociations. This was brought about largely through a banquet for the members of these two organizations on November 12, 1926. It was the first time that such a gathering had been held, but since it has accomplished so much towards friendship among the members of these two organizations the hope is that a similar gathering may be held again next year. For whatever success the Day Girls ' Asso- ciation may have had this year, our thanks are due, first to Mrs. Still for her kindness and in- terest, and then to all the officers of the or- ganization. 7 J ■ ■ XII OFFICERS OF MEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION J. Connors (secretary), Mr. MacLean (faculty advisor), Francis McAuliffe (vice president), Mr. Randall (faculty advisor), Gordon Pinney (president), Mr. Weston (faculty advisor), Thomas Carrigan (treasurer). MEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION At the close of the school year of 1926 the Men ' s Athletic Association elected the follow- ing officers for the coming year: Gordon W. Pinney, president ; Francis T. McAuliffe, vice- president; James P. Connors, secretary; Thomas J. Carrigan, treasurer. The success of the organization was due to the able leader- ship shown by these chosen officers. For the first time, the budget system was adopted, and as a result the association has ex- perienced the best financial year since its or- ganization. The sports sanctioned and carried on by the members were Basket Ball and Baseball. Foot- ball was dropped because of poor facilities and the limited amount of time available for the sport. During the course of the year a Faculty Ad- visory Committee, consisting of Mr. MacLean, Mr. Randall, and Mr. Weston was appointed by our principal. We wish to express our hearty appreciation for their untiring efforts in guiding us to our most successful year yet enjoyed in sports. Through this medium we also wish to ex- press our deep appreciation for the work of Mr. Clancy, our faculty advisor of past years, to whom we give credit for the high standard of the organization and for making a reality of our athletic field. We are also grateful for the spirit and support extended us by the people of Fitchburg, our faculty, and to the girls of our school who helped to make a suc- cess of the year 1927. WILLIS BURTON ANTHONY THE PRINCIPAL OF THE SCHOOL Writer — Teacher — Speaker Wisdom does not show itself so much in precept as in life — in a firmness of mind and mastery of thought. It teaches to do, as well as to talk; and to make our actions and words all of a color. iAXIF BASKET BALL TEAM Front Row — Richard, Sullivan, Fitzgerald (captain , Dyer, Pinney Second Row — Roberts (coach), Rosch, O ' Leary, Wesolowski (manager) Third Row — Carrigan, Cavanaugh, Fillback Top — Wilkinson BASKET BALL The 1926-27 basket ball season ' s record has been the most impressive since the school has been represented on the court. The team came through the season with a loss of but six out of sixteen games. This year saw the return of college teams on our schedule, due to the ef- forts of our efficient manager, John C. Weso- lowski and the reputation gained by the team of 1925-26. Captain Edward Fitzgerald — An able leader and an inspiration to his mates, our high scorer and brilliant performer. Carrigan ( captain-elect )— Carrigan has surely earned the captaincy by his brilliant performance, living up to his high grade of play throughout the season. Fillback — Although not of the flashy type, he was steady and dependable regardless of the heat of the battle. Dyer — Short in stature, mighty in ability as a defensive player, dangerous in the crucial moments. Pinney — We all know of his ability to ' come through in the tight places, and his sensational shots will long be remembered. Sullivan — A rock of Gibraltar who halted many an assault on our basket ; a quick thinker and a fast passer. Wilkinson — A bulwark on the defense. Who could ask for better guarding than that ex- hibited by this member of our squad? Richard — Short, but a thorn in the sides of our many opponents. His scoring ability was of the highest caliber. Rosch — A hard-working guard with a never - say-die spirit that resulted in his being a val- uable asset to the squad. O ' Leary — " Pusher " sure could push the ball to the hoop. Cavanaugh — His height was a decided ad- vantage and he used it to block many of our opponents ' shots. To our able coach, " Dick " Roberts, goes our heartiest appreciation for his untiring ef- forts in whipping into shape an outfit so for- midable and giving us the New England Nor- mal School Championship again. BASEBALL The 1927 baseball team enjoyed a very suc- cessful season, winning half of its scheduled games. Such teams as St. John ' s Prep., St. Anselm ' s College, Cushing Academy, Bridgewater Nor- LESTER J. DYER, Captain mal, and others of this class were met, and Normal displayed a very clever brand of base- ball. Under the leadership of Captain Lester Dyer, the team showed more fight and spirit than a team representing Normal has experi- enced for some time. Manager Wynn proved to be a very suc- cessful and business-like director of the team ' s personnel. The team owes a debt of gratitude to Mr. Edward Monahan, who coached the team for the season. Mr. Monahan has seen service as a professional player and imparted some very valuable baseball knowledge to our men. The team also wishes to thank the Women ' s Athletic Association for their hearty coopera- tion in allowing the team to practice during the time which the girls might have been using the field. The team also played a benefit game at Crocker Field for the purpose of aiding the CYRIL E. WYNN, Manager Red Cross. Our opponents were the Fitchburg High School, who met defeat at our hands by the score of 5 to 2. 122 Miller Hall Girls Our " Smoking Room " : il W j " University Heights " p. M 1 1 1 iec £ ze Storm Selling Insurance SAXIF ' Varsity Hockey Team ' Varsity Bowling Team I Women ' s A. A. Executive Board ' Varsity Basket Ball Team Women ' s Sports Representatives WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION We can crown 1926-27 the W. A. A. year. It started off with a bang and has been bang- ing ever since. But then why shouldn ' t it with such a capable president as Imelda Lester, and her cabinet — Alice Woods, secretary ; Mar- garet Coughlin, treasurer; Cecelia Bazinet, senior representative. The first meeting was held in October. It was a rally — the first of its kind ever held here. The " gym " was decorated very gaily with booths representing each sport. A prize for the best decorated booth was awarded the Hockey booth, but all deserve honorable mention. Re- freshments and an entertainment completed the program. At the second meeting held in November, the heads of sports and junior representatives were elected: Mae Cunningham, vice-presi- dent; Mary Godley, junior representative; Anne Livsey, senior point system secretary; Helen Sullivan, junior point system secretary; Helmi Flinck, head of Hockey; Impi Koski, head of Soccer; Rose Rohan, head of Tennis; Florence Sullivan, head of Basket ball; Mar- garet Murphy, head of Bowling; Margaret Proctor, head of Track; Violet Memery, head of Hiking; Alice Dufort, head of Baseball; Clara Martinson, head of Golf; Sarah Saltz- man, head of Swimming. It was surprising to notice the pep and en- thusiasm of the great number of girls that at- tended the meetings, which were held the sec- ond Thursday of every month. This year the point system was firmly reor- ganized and many awards given. In addition to pins and letters the Association voted to present the girls making a thousand points a black sweater with a large orange F. Then came the W. A. A. week end February 4. This was something new. Variety is the spice of the A. A. and the week proved very exciting. The alumnae of the class of ' 2 6 were invited as guests for the week end and they answered the call nobly. The W. A. A. has always been famous in the line of dramatics, and all who went " Around the World with F. N. S. " will vouch for its success. This play was presented Friday night. Saturday after- noon there was a basket ball game. Alumnae vs. the Seniors- Juniors. In both contests Nor- mal was victorious. The biggest joke of the season was a sleigh- ride which was to be held Saturday night. " A sleigh-ride, bring your own snow, " for the weather beat us. Nevertheless the W. A. A can always provide excitement, so substituted a bridge party held in Miller Hall. So ' 27 has proved to be a social as well as athletic year for the W. A. A. Several bridges and teas being added to its activities. HOCKEY The girls certainly made this a Hockey year. Just ask any F. N. S. girl. With Helmi Flinck at the head, how could it be otherwise? Practices were held once a week for both Juniors and Seniors, and the success of the teams was well worth the time spent. The weather couldn ' t frighten the girls. No matter how cold it was, the Hockey candidates al- ways turned out. The total number of girls that came out was eighty — the largest quota that F. N. S. ever presented. Division games were played and Senior I proved victorious with J. H. S. I the runner- up. The Junior-Senior game was a total sur- prise to everyone. The score: Juniors 2, Seniors 1. Then came the ' varsity game. The biggest event of the hockey season. The school was divided into two teams — the Reds and the Blues. And the Hockey teams dressed gaily in their colors. During this game the All-Nor- mal Hockey Team was chosen by Mr. Weston and Mr. MacLean. It consisted of the follow- ing players: Florence Innerasky cf, Mary D. Mullen ris, Violet Memery lis, Jeannette Per- rone rw, Elena Heikkila lw, Impi Koski rhb, H Margaret Proctor chb, Helmi Flinck lhb, Har- riet Naylor rfb, Florence Sullivan lfb, Claire LeDuc goal. HIKING Violet Memery proved a very good leader for Hiking and many excellent hikes were held. Mt. Wachusett, Mt. Watatic, the Deserted Village, Rollstone, and, for variety, a Fox and Goose hunt. Many a long, dusty mile was en- livened by singing one of the hiking songs which were composed by Lillian Sullivan. (Tune: East Side, West Side) Hiking, hiking, is what we love to do For then we all get together; Like real friends good and true, We don ' t mind the weathe r, ' Cause we have a lot of fun. So come, girls, get together And join us one by one. TENNIS There is no prettier summer sport than Tennis. It is the one and only sport that be- gins and ends the year. Rose Rohan as leader stirred up enthusiasm by introducing tourna- ments. Practices were held regularly twice a week and if the weather would not allow outdoor practice it was conducted in the " gym. " Classes were held for both the experienced players and the beginners. The spring tournament started June 1 and continued for a week. There were games played between the different Junior and Senior divisions, and the Classes. As in all other sports " champs " were chosen for the ' varsity, and as one of the closing season sports Tennis left many pleasant recollections of the W. A. A. ' s activities. TRACK Normal also is well represented in Track. We were very fortunate to have as leader of this sport Margaret Proctor who holds the title of New England ' s champion javelin thrower. This assured the success of the sport. Early in the Spring a track meet was held with many interesting events and a large number of girls participating. BASEBALL This is the first year that much progress has been made in Baseball. Alice Dufort, as the head, worked very hard and the fruit of her labor was well worth the effort. Normal pos- sesses some dangerous rivals for Babe Ruth and all the girls enjoyed the weekly practices. GOLF The newest and most attractive sport at Normal was Golf, well led by Clara Martinson. Membership was secured at the Alpine Golf Club and many enjoyable days were spent traveling over the green. It was remarkable to notice the interest the girls gave this sport. SWIMMING Another new and popular sport was Swim- ming, with Sally Saltzman as leader. Classes were held in life-saving under the direction of Mr. MacLean. BASKET BALL " All out for basket ball practice " was the everlasting cry of its leader, Florence Sullivan. After the division games were played the Sen- ior-Junior event occurred, in which the Seniors won by a score of 20 to 15. Then followed the big ' varsity game, for which the whole school turned out. There were two sides, the Reds and the Blues. From the two ' varsity teams the All-Normal emerged. It consisted of Florence Sullivan, forward; Rose Rohan, forward; Har- riet Naylor, center ; Elina Heikkila, side center ; Mae Cunningham, guard; Mary Roach, guard. BOWLING Margaret Murphy, as the leader of bowling, rounded up a great deal of interest in the sport. Practices were held every week during the winter months. Junior-Senior class and division games were played and two ' varsity teams were selected: Reds — Charlotte O ' Brien, Claire LeDuc, Sarah Margolis and Grace Mil- ler. Blues — Helen Remick, Gertrude Handlin, Evelyn Ployart, Ruth O ' Brien and Beatrice Lamb. 127 • JOKES Famous sayings of our students " Hello, Joey, old bean " — Wesolowski. " Holy Smoke " — McDonnell. " Scrub. You. " — Carrigan. " I dot a nobble coldb din mi headt " — Sweenor. " Put the maven craven on the kran " — Quinn. " Were ' n it " — H. Clark. " I was down to Boston and got an armful of ties " — D. Forrest. " Got to hit the old man for a new topcoat and suit " — Connell. " Go on or I ' ll knock you down " — Dyer. George Gay (cleaning out locker room) — Shall I take out this little rug and beat it? Mr. Crosier — That ' s no rug, that ' s a Senior P. A. I ' s towel. Mr. Harrington — Where is the student pop- ulation of our state most dense? Kiley — Just above the ears. Mrs, Still — What is the class meeting for this noon? Helen Logan — Oh! I guess it ' s to decide if we are going to wear anything Class Day. Mrs. Still — Well, please vote " Yes " - on that proposition. Walt — How old are you, Charlie? Gorman — Twenty-one. Walt — What are you going to be next year? Gorman — Twenty-three. Miss McCarthy — Name some collective noun. Torpey — Normal Spa. Mr. Randall — What does the Christmas tree stand for? Anna Malone — Well, it would look rather silly lying down. Teacher (to the Junior coming in late) — Shut the door. What ' s the matter, were you born in a barn? Junior — Sure, and I feel perfectly at home here with vou. Mary Cunningham — The more I study, the less I know. Teacher — Apparently you have done a lot of studying.. " Oh! Mrs. Rogers, C ' mere quick. " " What is it, Rosie? " " Look! a Grammar-Master ate all the raisins off that sticky brown paper. " " The assembly is rather crowded this morn- ing, " gasped Jimmie Quinn as he blew his handkerchief on someone else ' s ncse. Mr. Kirkpatrick — I am going to speak on liars today. How many of you have read the twenty- fifth chapter? All students of J. H. S. Ill and IV raised their hands. Mr. Kirkpatrick — Good! There is no twen- ty-fifth chapter. Mr. Parkinson was having a hard time get- ting anything out of Senior P. A. I. Finally he asked " What is a burglar? " No one could define the word " burglar. " " Well, " said he, " What would I be if I reached down into your pockets and took out a dollar? " L. Roy- -A magician. As Mr. Harrington was speaking of how the Americans retarded the progress of the British at Saratoga by blowing up the bridges, etc., the question arose as to what they should have done to the fords. Lois Emerson (nonchalantly) — Burn them. Wife — I put your only shirt on the clothes horse. Hubby — What odds did you get? D. O ' Malley — These eggs aren ' t fresh! Waitress — Not fresh ! Why the boy brought them in from the country today. D. O ' Malley— What country? After a long and extensive search the Psy- chology Department has f :und why the Jun ' ors looked shorter after they were here ten weeks. They had got girls and settled down. A certain big game hunter of Normal School decided to go hunting in the woods off Rindge road. As a result of this big game expedition a near fatality occurred. The hunter shot a deer in the rear, whereupon the deer swung around so quickly that the bullet -came out of its chest and shot the hunter in the arm. BEST BOOK SELLERS " The Lion Tamer, " by A. Claude Foote. " The Girl I Left Behind Me, " by Pastor Upp. " The Pullman Porter, " by Caesar Bagg. " The Sunken Garden, " by Rose Busch. " Scratched, " by Ivan Aufulitch. " Bootlegger, " by Agrippa Booze. Visitor in Boston to Scotchman — Could you direct me to Copley Square? You see I ' m lost. Scotchman — You ' re lost, sir? Visitor — Yes, I ' m lost. Scotchman — Well, is there any reward for your recovery? THREE GUESSES 1. He looks, he squints, oh yes, Nothing escapes his cold blue eye ; He ' s neat and precise and very prim But no one ever crosses him. 2. Psychology, sociology, are such deep stuff, It ' s hard sometimes even to bluff; But " Kirk " is such a clever old dear We never enter his class with any great fear. 3. He never stops when the bells do ring, He always has just one more thing, His voice is deep — his thoughts are too But he ' s a friend to all of you. 4. He says that he won ' t talk this year, But then — he says that every year; Flowers, and birds, and bugs, and snakes Are subjects which he never fakes. 5. Er — er how many see? Question and answer will never do ; We must have m aps and charts, you see ; Type studies and problems, too. 6. There ' s a little man with very white hair He ' s always attired with very great care ; He laughs and jokes with any of us, And never bothers to make a fuss. 7. Maybe he ' s college and maybe he ' s not, A little more leisure would sure help a lot; We must be punctual and always nice, It sure is tough without any spice. 8. This is very interesting — but You see you are such a nut ; Cut paper and paste would help improve And send this work of art to the Louvre. 9. Will you stop talking? If you can ' t, start walking; We start to sing — we stop — but then — What can one expect from P. A. men? 10. Don ' t forget that " curve of loveliness " Our works of art and memory sequence; Sometimes we people forget these things Are the very things which beauty bring. 11. Sit down! you thoroughly stupid; Uncouth male creature ! sit down ! Two two ' s make four, I guess We sure did get into an awful mess. 12. Parlez-vous francais? Oh yes, we say; We open our books — and say, What a language — Ay hay! Grama — George Talcott is a man of great power. He tells men to stop, and they stop; he tells them to start and they start. Master — Howsat ? Grama — He ' s an orchestra conductor. McAuliffe — I didn ' t know Burt was a Scotchman. Fitzgerald — What makes you think he is? McAuliffe — I heard him ask the counterman at Hall ' s the other night how much his straw- berry shortcake was without the strawberries. a result of hard A., but he still de- B. U. WIT My son got his B. A. as work. Next year, his M. pends on his P. A. TO RINDGE ROAD " Rindge Road! " Oh magical name! Has brought many a Normalite to fame ; ' Tis a place I am told Where our lovers so bold Stroll forth to play an old game. Wild flowers and birds galore To them are never a bore. For Nature to them goes unseen. ' Tis said, I know, but you see They always walk in a dream. Human nature ' s a fascinating game, Never stupid, or dull, or tame. P. A. men and Grammar Masters are different I know, But on Rindge Road, they all feel the same. 130 Foolish Question Number 999: Who is the author of O. Henry? The moon beamed when the clouds broke. Night then fell and hit the earth with an awful racket. Junior — Where do I deposit my fare when I use the subway? The books that the cashiers at the bank write are worth hundreds of dollars. The Scotchman says: " You can sing ' Bye, Bye, Blackbird ' all you want, but don ' t start to sing, ' Bye, Bye, American Eagle! ' " We laugh at all our teachers ' jokes No matter what they be; It ' s not because they ' re funny jokes But because it ' s policy. Stude — How much are the year books, Er- nestine? Ernie — Five dollars each. Stude — You ' re a little dear, aren ' t you? Comparison of adjectives: Good Better Best Lazy Grammar Masterly Practical Artically Coze McDonnell and Walt Sweenor are the financial wizards of our class if we can judge by the opinions of the Juniors who paid them for reserved seats at assembly, radiators for their rooms, and postoffice boxes. Pat Perrault to Customer — This is Friday ' s bread. Wise Normal " Baker " — Lucky it ' s not Rob- inson Crusoe ' s. Here ' s a sample of free verse, free for noth- ing and worth that much: ODE TO SPRING In the spring a young man ' s fancies Lightly turn to Frances, And his muchly-mumbled thoughtses Wander high and wide and free. In the spring a young man dances With hot flatiron, round he prances, And puts creases in his pantses, Spic and cagey he will be. But In the spring a young man ' s Frances Sits down lightly (?) on those pantses Thusly spoiling all his chances Of ever keeping creases round his knee. — " Gus. " Artists and Models ■ • AUTOGRAPHS 134 AUTOGRAPHS Ji I AUTOGRAPHS % §1 JD AUTOGRAPHS i 1 = fefci 137 SAXIFRAGE AUTOGRAPHS JPV W; Introducing Mr. Menu A FTER all he is the life of the party. The food must be good if the occasion is to furnish real entertainment. And that is one thing about our catering ser- vice that always pleases mightily. Why not phone us for an esti- mated cost? HARRY E. 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NATHAN The Hallmark Jeweler Jeweler and Silversmith HALLMARK WATCHES ARE BETTER Tel. 353 Registered Optometrist in Charge of Optical Department I W. C. GOODWIN Shoes and Hosiery 342-344 MAIN STREET Fraternity, College and Class Jewelry COMMENCEMENT ANNOUNCEMENTS AND INVITATIONS Jeweler to the Mohawks Club of Fitchburg State Normal School L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY Manufacturing Jewelers and Stationers ATTLEBORO, MASS. ASK ANY COLLEGE GREEK Compliments of E ' S Compliments of Normal School Barber Shop FRANK ROMANO " Your Barber " Electric refrigeration provides the kind of refrigeration necessary today to protect your family ' s health Thirty or forty years ago most of the food a family ate came from the immedi- ately surrounding country. Today much of your food comes hundreds and thousands of miles. These new conditions of food supply require a new and better method of house- hold refrigeration. The food delivered to your door is delivered in good condi- tion. But it needs modern refrigeration to keep it in good Condition. Servel electric refrigeration provides the protection food needs today. It gives CONSTANT cold and it gives DRY cold. Thus it eliminates the conditions which favor deterioration of food: rising temperature and moist atmosphere. Electric refrigeration does not melt away; it maintains low temperature con- stantly. It does not make the air in the chest moist — it actually removes moisture from the air. It is automatic — no trouble. It is wonderfully clean. It freezes ice cubes, mousses, parfaits. And it costs no more than ice. Why not talk to our refrigeration expert about this great home service? He ' ll tell you all about it. And we ' ll install it for only $12.25 down, TWO years to pay the balance. You might as well know about Servel, anyway. Just phone us to send our refrigeration expert. Fitchburg Gas Electric Light Company Telephone 1550 We Repair Everything that you Wear Compliments of A. SNEGG A. L. ROUX 8c SON Custom Tailor " Everything in Leather " SIX MAIN STREET Hartman Wardrobe Trunks 249. Main Street ■ WILLIAM STEPHENS, President EDWARD STEPHENS, Secretary SAMUEL STEPHENS, Treasurer and Gen. Mgr. SAMUEL STEPHENS and Wickersham Quoin Company, Inc. ESTABLISHED 1875 INCORPORATED 1892 CONSOLIDATED 1918 Printing Presses . Printing Machinery . Printers ' Supplies Wickersham Quoins . Morton Lockups . Stephens Expansion Locks and Keys " Speed Unit " Printing Office Furniture in Steel and Wood 174 High Street (Fort Hill Square) BOSTON Rubber Goods and Sporting Goods Auto Tires Rubber Footwear Rubber Coats Oiled Slickers Hospital Supplies Rubber Matting Baseball Supplies Basket Ball Supplies Football Supplies Tennis Shoes Tennis Rackets Golf Supplies Distributors D M Athletic Goods FITCHBURG RUBBER COMPANY 564-568 Main Street HARTFORD, CONN. BOSTON, MASS. PORTLAND, MAINE The Cary Teachers ' Agency " Three Agencies — One Registration. " You may be enrolled in all three of our offices by one registration. Only one fee and no troublesome correspondence. Your references are written but once, but three Agencies are placed at your service. C. WILBUR CARY, Manager, 36 Pearl Street, Hartford, Conn. ROSE E. BRADBURY, Manager, 14 Beacon Street, Boston, Mass. GEORGE H. LARRABEE, Manager, Clapp Memorial Bldg., Portland, Maine HARTFORD, CONN. BOSTON, MASS. PORTLAND, MAINE This Signature Is found on the Portraits of your most discriminating friends. Eventually on yours. Photographer to the Classes of 1926 and 1927 Eugene Frank Gray Studios 476 Main Street, Worcester Park 1599 520 Main Street, Fitchburg Phone 3143 H. W. Peters Company Boston ' s Largest Manufacturing Jewelers 5174 Washington Street Boston, Mass. Official Jewelers to Class of 1927 Qareleers Class Rings, Class Pins, Society Pins College Jewelry, Fraternity Jewelry Invitations, Dance Favors B ■ YELLOW CAB Wins Public Good Will PUBLIC GOOD-WILL is the most exacting thing in the world. It is hard to get and nothing short of constant adherence to standard will hold it. It de- mands 100 per cent and won ' t remain true for a frac- tion less. We have wooed this coy maiden for fifteen years, and the reason she is friendly now is because during all that time we have not relaxed our efforts to please her in the slightest detail. The Thinking Fellow Calls a Yellow Five can ride for the price of one Phone 4000 Yellow Cab Co., 231 Main St. Buy at Brockelman ' s and Cut your Food Bills A savings bank tells you how a little money, left at interest, grows — and grows — and grows — until, be- fore you know it, a few dollars have changed into a comfortable bank account. Same way with food savings — Save a little here — a little there. Take advantage of our special offers, and of quantity prices. Try buying every week — at a Brockelman Store — where prices are always low. Your saving on food purchases will constantly increase, until at the end of a year they will have reached a very comfortable sum. Keep track of this yourself and see if it isn ' t so ! THE BROCKELMAN POLICY 1 — Absolutely dependable quality. 2 — Lowest prices. 3 — Prompt and courteous store service. BROCKELMAN BROS, Inc. Fitchburg, Clinton, Leominster Gardner, Nashua and Lowell The cover for this annual was created by The DAVID J. MOLLOY CO. 2857 N. Western Avenue Chicago, Illinois ery Mo Hoy Made The First Step Towards Owning Your Own Home : Start an Acc ount in a Mutual Savings Bank You can deposit such amounts as you are able from $1. up. Total deposits of $3,000. ac- cepted on individual account. Deposits are put on interest the First Day of Each Month, and Interest Compounds Quar- terly. Open Saturday Evenings 6 to 8 O ' Clock in ad- dition to Regular Day Hours. Worcester North Savings Institution 288-294 Main Street, Depot Square Fitchburg, Mass. English Biscuits, English Teas, English Pickles, English Cheese, English Marmalade and Spice Lots of English things are nice. Crosse 6C Black well ' s Products Marmalade, Strawberry Jam, Pickles, Onions and Chow Chow, Pickled Walnuts, Mint Sauce, Curry Powder, Walnut Catsup, Mushroom Catsup, Parme- san Cheese, Kippered Herring, Yarmouth Bloates, Parisian Essence, Essence of Coffee, Malt Vinegar. Ridgeway ' s, Tetley ' s and Lipton ' s Teas Lea Perrins ' , Harvey ' s, H. P., and Brand ' s Al Sauces Major Grey ' s Chutney, Keen ' s Mustard, Lyle ' s Golden Syrup, Bird ' s Dessert Powder. Peek-Frean ' s and Huntley Palmer ' s Biscuits Rose Lime Juice, Apollinaris, Cantrell Cochrane ' s Ginger Ale F. L. DRURY 8C SONS CO. QUALITY GOODS DOWN TOWN STORE DRURY BLOCK Tel. 1410 TWO STORES UP TOWN STORE ! WALLACE BLOCK Tel. 1996 Good Luck ! Class of 1927 We sincerely hope that our services as a Re- tail Store have been of some value to you dur- ing your School years, and wherever your lot is cast after graduation please don ' t forget us en- tirely. Come in often personally if possible. Otherwise remember that requests by mail re- ceive prompt and courteous attention. Chamberlain-Huntress Co. 332-340 Main Street Call and See Us When in want of HOME-MADE CANDIES SALTED NUTS OR ICE CREAM B. A. Cook Co. Wall Papers of Distinction J. A. Hills Son 406 Main Street Tel. 1050 PAINTS, OILS and VARNISHES FOR EVERY PURPOSE Cook Building, Oliver Street Fitchburg Queen Buses " Force Fitchburg Forward " by hiring buses bearing its name and belonging to Fitchburg. Once you ride in one, you won ' t regret it. You will surely be pleased with the service and comfort rendered. Riding is made a pleasure in- stead of a tiresome journey. Further information at 128 High Street. Phone, 2188 ANYWHERE AT ANY TIME H. M. ADAMS FITCHBURG PRODUCE COMPANY Wholesale Dealers in Fruit and Produce 53 WATER STREET FITCHBURG, MASS. U. S. Food Administration License No. 21449 Compliments of McCormick Brothers SUBURBAN BUS LINES White Rose The master loaf of the Six Bakers Compliments of City Steam Laundry, Inc. Compliments of KEOSA BROS. High Grade Shoe Repairing SHOE SHINING PARLORS 8 Day Street S. J. MARKHAM Insurance 436 MAIN STREET « ' " H Compliments of A. JENSEN Compliments of High Grade Frederick P. Slattery Shoe Repairing D. D. S. «=» 497 Main Street 184 North Street FITCHBURG, MASS. Fitchburg ' s Fashion Store for Young Men Exclusive Style and Choicest Quality Tuxedos, Full Dress, and Cutaways for hire SILVER ' S Young Men ' s Clothes Shop 5 DAY STREET FITCHBURG Brooks ' Pharmacy, Inc. THE STORE UNUSUAL MAIN, AT OLIVER oArt Room and Cjift Shop Restaurant De Luxe TO PRINT books whose appearance will add unobtrusively to the pleasure of the reader; advertising matter that increases conviction; stationery of quality and dignity; system forms economical because efficient; the requirements of the social side of life in fitting style — to bear in mind the customer ' s point of view as well as our own, to counsel when counsel is desired, to make only such promises as we can keep — these are the tried and approved standards of this company. The Sentinel Printing Company Job Printing Department Number 808 Main Street Fitchburg Printers of THE SAXIFRAGE CARD OF THANKS : : We, the Saxifrage Board, wish to thank all of the professional and business men who have helped us make a success of our Year Book. :i f ?! ■ ' .

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