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S:fU:l0:Oll"-C'll.?lil ns'-quo no NLY ' IOC On no ' to on " no 0 11 " on ' ll ' 'W 2 E , .-uf. . d- --'Q " A "R ' ' ' X W X X s.,-,.:uI:X'Is4-g,. 5 .. fl . E-.-.E 1 lg -, Q X x xX, gg ' , wmwmifif i, mwyg ,,ff wffW- M' 'K-SJ Yff dm X Jbuoumjfjjj I WV Ip' 6 fifwjf swf, f M Q3 mggvf ,J-Q.. 51 f-4..,-r..'-:- f K! M L HJ 'vF 5 ,,.x-gl fl' ns -i ..e.,,..f-w... If I "' ' my wjj fl " 'W--s..i xx. ' fl 1',, - ,o. , . , I,,.,f- -.1 kv XQX? 5 '9K' , I ' ni X W M v ,cy I ,II H If ssl, Jr,.......4 kk 1 N I .2 IAQ 1 ,, . gs RN-1 K I M y J II 5 H E 2 zv Lf 'fl WX l 42 ,uf I-I al 5- Ol, 2 l 'a ' 1' :P Q V 6-N H of ' fm J W Y A fi A '-zu -3.011 '- ,. -E 12, 5 .Q .5 I I .'9 HWLMQ I HI X I I ' 5 1 Z' fl gf if Q I n'1'4.f I It sy f Q X Q X H Q K A xx ll f 1--fs my WA E.-4-e, ' ' .EQ"""' Q A I I 4 -4 ' 0 Q. . lin HE f 'rf' A,k 3 Nu I 5 nav-,."-""", qu- lf .N Vu W ff, xxxm f I 4, -gfflllll' X Z N lx, l f ? QQ ' Jw XJJJ , .Q gfi SIX JJ by 'QU'-' 'X ' Q, WW u "'-S-" 6If3 fix. ,I ! ?A W fwwfv f f f 'pf IWXAXX I s , A, 2 Xi fdmwkfikafzzwwwgwuwyii !f J I I if ffl ff 1 sd! I I If 5 6 , f f ' f f,' Q 1 lc r fIfAZgfl1jf!p0Q4!mfZI yzffwfqgg 4 ,y ,I Tk ff' vwfkf 4:0241 g.f'J1f'Z 'f f,fMV"1ffff ,f"0,w.,. X ll 1 lil' 11' will 9 '41, fy! 'Ia' l5f'! Zfx f F X ZmClD!1EUD1'IDI1D!IDUDQD' 'UU XID' UU 'UUAAIIUAIIU ACU! AE, AJUD 44 UD, QE 'CID UULTGU 'Ni SON MIIDTW Wulf H" "' Y . ' W" -:L "5-fY'5ff-. 9751:-' '-if-"'4':'lif N. . E' "-'lff-Ph' " ""3f"E"'f?.'ZflPf"' X I RQ? N EXkWTf x',7x? - -x.5:'r1'-'Sf 331:-:'f1"'::iul,fill: me '3ff'g+?3:17"i'7' M 'Q '- V If -, .-1' fatis ik- ' :2- -33if '.E:s:zL': 5-ff: :ef P ' 1 - Inf Si if I J- ffm' ff N, :IF ' ' 11 '- ,if--..fay.' 'sig .uk-',.2i2f2 f'a'.11a' J -TQQE'-fivgffii-Q" YW'-.A J'Z5.?'15 fi? :'1E:,2,' iq 1 Nj I QE- "1 -ii", if-'b?sE,Z?-FLW .vi""f'fV "-si,1'1'Sf?3"j, ' 'YQ Ii A Y I ,NL?"4 fi i A ,'-' ' 'ff' ' 99. 5 'Irvs Q 4 --13'-f" :"TEf"""r-"--'4'-'- fe-' '-.Lit 7' '..7r4' .S ,IN , .,1, Iisibv, an-I X -Xiu :ff ,XxIX,f45,-3:'.5IX, ,, ,jqf ?jfIfXf'! Y 311.1 vdIXXX 1I,XI Jalal kg-5 N 2 X FWIIESNTQXX .wax 1' L , Q X, IZ,M,-iQfItgQ3l,.19fi:, X-Q13-.ini X57 :XI xg-zz., I II.n:-Qiuf-as 'I M 1 Via r KHQ lj X gn. 1 'M 1" ' X :ffl "Kuff, ll, Q" iff 1K,f?'g -"J , - YI, "X ni-X-', hw" , Q X- Q, Jpex ll 1 1 X I' fffl, A- f I V AX,-f -,I--sp, 4-M 5. -- f .,':'g,9H I fy , i'fR:b,. I I ! J , ' 4 ifex141,.9':'25:eL'.1-?'5i'-451, -:Iii PG' Q lei: ff' :Q-4 'F 3 If X P MS' X 1X1jXI1IXX XX XX'I!1IQX-,Tw .uefurffy A K, .l u W"'iHft-W7 'iffi'1m1H'f-251-,iilf "lim W ,m Nw ru' ff' Q T A V Q. 1 'H-."1? K , w 5, '-,F S' lm" " M231-f? ' ' 4 ' X AA 5 XX N , W ,f . ,IN - ,MIMQ -,ggq ll fm, ,I u l ., fy I U f J, ,X ms My--' X ,Nw ,, I 2 ST Leia: T" IAQ' . 1 wb' 'I uf, -Hn -"S, 'I , I , I A 45 X D I ,, , 1 M , - , FZMJHBS ff W, fx ,I sam , , N w .. , i f ,s +4 -2 Im S , J .AMX XXXLXIII . !9'XIIX 1 XIX WX , I IX IXXIX IIpI?IXIXIIXnIXIX.-. I 'AIXIXXIX XX X' X w,XXX,N NX S XIX Egg XXII x - I I-I 'I-I 5,5 XII, 1,XWur,M 3 , I.X X I, XX XXXX +Xh'mI XXX X X-if X loke. -N 4" W ' N 'W' tx xxx Q v ' ' I X JK If 'I N 'U' J , 'N' If A I 4 N 1 V w "AL, , MII' '25fjH'r X X X A, 9, M X E ii. Xl-qu? XI 1,IwX 1I VIQ XX ' 'SSD I: Ig' X'X' -51-1, ' I N, '1 J ,f K-fx ff, - Q'-if y W , ' 'N Q ' . T ' N if , , 'ffxfff I I N I xIX ,X3I.k.5, , XI! I X Iyx X - ' '5 1-:,g"TIXIIXL-..1I-gfIIpIjxII5 QM? SAI, IX , X., a, , I. I - nk . p. . ,A Q 41 JK, - 'W Xi fm I. In '-- I ' I? 'Y diy Il' J' N'4'b ' ' , , , f wi W ' W SJ, ' ipl' ' - - ,Q-'Q-Q tmfnm ,h Him.. . s !S55iTf!.'ff11nn., ff,X -45 XR ,min -' K wi. l H ANQ FE gi: Nl--':,.:.' 'W 51 f X 3 2 Sf., ,yt XIMJQXI ,XI I J, ,I ! AFX G.: A Z XY ,X Q, D D Maru! , : if ,I+ , an S up M W' bFf,f: 1 'Io If HH ' ' M , ff? I 'Z J ' .Sm - V HF! KX' ' ' QI, vgymfrnfff IX f J ' " "M, ' L5 ' ,, V 1 1 V X .1113 DI: WX A I A A Z A :QQ 2 ' if uint., V - 1 I f 2 I: :J ' I ' 1 If f f ,If 'gf fxIIQ1EB?lIfIH Z5-' Hi- I ,mam 5 I :gm-X. A x III ,XI , f , ,' 5-.--Ijaurfffgr :pm . I ,N : XV X II 'XUVI' ' N If If , 'L,f fi I, 444 1::: I '-gf! I f f 5 ' fvff 1 'HH f f fff G M4 -f 1, umm: ll ..1 . ' ' H 1, , -f- "!X " if-ZZW?-l17lHf , 4' - , ' A 1 W ?, no:ou:.'nl:un:uv1nciluf Ulf' N "OL 'QNOLO , T f ,, A A " Q "4 " s ' '44 1 TI-IE SAXIFRAGE CLASS OF NINETEEN TWENTY-SIX STATE NORMAL SCHOOL FITCHBURG, MASSACHUSETTS Qt ff 'K , N5 05 39! VOLUME NUMBER FIVE SAXWVMGE , V i F EDWIN ASBURY KIRKPATRICK A vi. X f 4 r f ll Q - wg, . , 1 X ffvgg k' KN' n1:n1ygiI1!FlIh'lRI YfZ3 6 saxlrraue Y YY F TO EDWIN ASBURY KIRKPATRICK AUTHOR ANU TEACHER WHOSE ABILITY AND MANY FINE PERSONAL QUALITIES HAYE WON OUR HIGH REGARD WE DEDICATE THIS BOOK The circumstance which gives authors an advantage above all the great masters, is this: that they can multiply their originalsg or rather. can niake copies of their works, to what number they please. which shzill be as valuable as the originals themselves. -- -Adflixmw The Spefiafw. Iowa State Collegeefll. S. Degree Fellow of Clark College Instructor of Mathematics and English, Iowa State College Director of Child Study Department, Winona, Minn., State Normal School , Afliliated with Fitchburg State Normal School since 1398 MR, Iilizrqi-Arizreids BEsT-KNOWN Ilooics ARE Fundamentals of Child Study Individuals in the Making Genetic Psychology Fundamentals of Sociology c u... ille 1 I - gn , 'Q N S X fe ett- Q'ss1Jc2f.f-'23 V Q- A ' lun- .,i' 'I T ' gg v-I 'I 7 SAXMFMGE WILLIA M IJVVIG HT PA RK I NSON Q1 E15 f 1 f"' 'Imllmx uI"' I qi Q- J59- 'I""-iwfflf 'J L H22 0 0 N Sli? J fx' N'S"""lWf ...nIIIu""'?-f N' 8 Saxlrmtoe f THE PRINCIPAL OF THE SCHOOL lVriter 4 Teacher - Speaker And so I penned It down, until at last it came to be, lfor length and breadth, the bigness which you see. Some said, "Print itz" others said, "Not so." Some said, "lt might do goodg " others said, "Noll W--Pilgri11z'.v l'1'rrqrf'ssfff-1111111 I3 1111 yan. gljwlogy for his book. I shall detain you no longer in the demonstration of what we should not do, but straight conduct ye to a hillside, where I will point ye out the right path of a virtuous and noble educationg laborious indeed at the first ascent, but else so smooth, so green, so full of goodly prospect and melodious sounds on every side that the harp of Orpheus was not more charmingf Tmclazfc of Education-Zllilton. sw I A , ,... .u ,,,, ,,,,, ' ,N Q- 5 G - IIIII Wlhillll X11 ll.: ,... llllll' r' 9 SAXMPMGE A VVILLIS B URTON ANTHONY QL Sex . .--' ---1-I-- .. ---A . , f m. ffg. .,f1s .m,u, -QR R AJ , 0 ,-9, V Q'-. , ie al ' N N 'S "WWF .., .d1nv""f- ff 10 Saxirmuh MR. ANTHONY Dean of Men lf it is the love of that which your work representsfif, being a landscape painter, it is love of hills and trees that moves you - if, being a tigure painter, it is love of human beauty, and human soul that moves you if, being a ilower or animal painter, it is love, and wonder, and delight in petal and in limb that move you. then the Spirit is upon you, and the earth is yours and the fulness tliereoff -f Rlhikill' -Tin' Two Ptltlzs. Painting with all its technicalities, difficulties, and peculiar ends, is nothing but a noble and expressive language, invaluable as the vehicle of thought, but by itself nothing.ffRz1skine-sfTrue and Beau- tiful Painting. 3, S.-X ,... vlllllll "" H Jgg. .taiwan 95' -- v Q I 'i 'V -.. x -, J '11 Q-me 4a N is N -1 "Milli .... .iI11rI""r- K , 11 SAXIPMGE MRS. IDA L. STILL A I U ,... nllmlml nrw' . we fi X Z 4 VIIIQFWTI , I .JK 1 1 u Ogc , 12 SAXMPMGE MRS. IDA L. STILL CDean of Womerz Shalt Show us how divine a thing AX Woman may he made. +HvlN'lfSil'lIl'lffl- To tl Young 1.f1dYv. Dcvlr Child of Natzfrv. Qt . .willful ,..... H -r X , ,Q 4:"f4m I, of ,L v .,- 6. Ivl. --.1 . 'mx rl .1 i ici HIHIIWLJIIM 13 .-,,..,f..:,.1- N - , 2 ,WJ I , 1 , by . SAXIFRAGE BOARD H11 I3 pence, MUC Oll ack Row-T B Bowler, Wesolowski Quinn entsch Roy, G Editorj fAssistant Middle Row-O'T0ole anagerj, Business M C HC Advisorj , Ashl CFaculty Doland J, Miss ef hi -C ..-1 Shea, O'Sullivan Cliditor-in Front Row-Macedo, QAssistant Business ManagerJ ngras y, Gi Duff Sttxirmnr THE SAXIFRAGE BOARD llrrlmalics Isaura Maceclo james Quinn Sodals Thomas Bowler Irene Shea Ilzmzor Mary Duff y Leo Mcfrann liditol'-in-Clzicf james O'Sui1iva11 ,lssisffuzt Ezliimf-ill-Clfivf Austin j. O"I'oole 17lIllSil' Robert Quirk C'!11bs .Xustin J. O"I'oule Luster j. Dyer il tlzlefics Lester Roy Laura Stewart liusimxvs Altllltlgfl' YVilliam J. Ashline ,lsxistalfl Blzsifzcxs AIIIIZIIKQKWS Gerald Gingras Ferdinand Toupence john Wesolowski Ftlflllfj' ,411"uixw' Miss Doland No ' , ' -,g X 75 ,i ummWmwlild P, 5 15 FACULTY OUR TI-IE FACULTY Their cnzmswls -we haw often wished ta disregardg their frimzdshifl wa' Izztw' often quf'stionf'd,' 1 their irzfluencrf, with that af our Fathers and Mothers, will be with us through life. WILLIAM D. PARKINSON, Principal ELEMENTARY AND JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL DEPARTMENTs PRESTON SMITH . . EDXVIN A. INLIRKPATRICK ELIZABETH D. PERRY . BIATILDA B. ljOLAND . SARAH E. LAMPREY . . IQXTHERINIC M. MCCARTY FLORENCE D. CONLON . ARTHUR C. HARRINGTON JOIIN L. RANDALL . . HLICNRY J. CLANCY . SUSAN M. VNVILLIAMS . CORA M. HASSELL . IDA L. STILL . . . MARION L. WWYEBSTER . MARY T. MCDPIRATOTT . FRANK A. CROSIER . . WILLIS li. ANTHONY . CHARLES E. AKELEY . LANYRENCE E. LANDALL . FRANK S. LIVERMORE . C. BLAIR NTACLEAN . CLARK H. IATORRELI. . GEORGE F. LIUBBARD . EMMA J. SOUTHXYICK . BIARGARET YVVOOD . PRACTICAL .ARTS DEPARTME SCHOOLS FOR OIESICIQVTXTICBN AND P -JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL Science Psychology and Pedagogy Music Arithmetic Handwork and Drawing Reading and Language Handwork and Drawing History and Civics Nature Study and Gardening Mathematics and Related Work English Librarian Dean of Women tEthicsJ Geography Physical Training fWomenj Physical Training CMenJ NT Director Woodhnishing and Glazing VVoodworking Printing Mechanical Drawing Automobile and Ordinary Repairs RACTICE Director Assistant Supervisor of Music Asst. Physical Training Instructor lA1ARY NICCONNELL, Principal JOSEI-HINE AI. RICCARTIIY, Commercial Subjects MARION E. ROVVLEY, Household Arts B. EVIULYN GRAM MONT, French and English HOPE JORDAN, Drawing and Handwork ANNA SIMMONS, Geography and History EDGICRLY SCIlOOLfFiI'.Yf Six Grades IDA M. AUSTIN, Principal L. FRANCES JONES, Supervisor ELMA M. JOHNSON, Supervisor SUSAN L. CLARK, Supervisor DAY STREET SCHOOL'-HFirst Six Grades MARION F. ANTHONY, Principal IQATIIERINE F. lA"'iCCONNEI.L, Supervisor MARIE M. GEARAN, Supervisor HELEN F. LOUD, Kindergarten HIGITLAND AVENUE ScHoOL5First Three Grades IRENE L. SMITH, Principal ADMINISTRATION BIAUD A. GOODFELLOXV, Chief Clerk HliI,I'IN M. OiHOI20, Clerk 17 SMWMGE F GLASS SONG KTIHIGI "1J1'iflwond'lj School-days lilled with toil and bliss Pass on with wings of time: Well-known nooks and friends we'll miss When we join the endless line. So let us every day in every way Be loyal to '26, And do our best in our every iightg Be true in the proper light To the Green and White. School days o'er, but memories Of the joys of long ago Are treasured with our used-to-be's Where weld like once more to go And oh, dear Class of lZ6, On you our thoughts we'll Hx, And like a beacon shining bright We'll always lead the tight For the Green and White. SCHOOL SONG fTunC.' ANU' Fclslzioned Gll7'flC'l7'yj So let us all cheer for Normal, For our school and our colors, For it pleases us well Of her victories to tell And her many honors toog We have a school we are fond of And a school we are proud of So let us all cheer for Normal For the Yellow and White. L L... S . llll' "l' ' 'i',1 1 A 0 - x 4: . .,,. , I, P 5 '51 ff, N 'gg Hz. Q , , , llllll O ,X F yyyy ,jk xk , ' FQ' 2 ' Q ill! llll P, cl N-5 -wld' u ' 18 Saxirranr W FOREWORD The sand in the glass has run its course and Time, the never- ceasing hand of Time, which marks the joys and sorrows of the world, beckons us forward into the whirl of life. The fraternities which we have banded together with love and friendship must be broken by separation. Loneliness creeps into our hearts as we make ready to say good-bye. The EDITon1.xL Borneo has hnished its work, and the nineteen twenty-six SAXIFRAGIC humbly asks for consideration. We ask you who read it to consider it kindly, not as a literary effort but as an earnest desire to bind together the Howers of memory by the threads of comradeship at dear old Normal. If this may be true, we shall feel that our book has not been written in vain. Qi ,X , 1 H ,,.. .nim.,,,,,,. t 59. 4II1,.f?Wlf of v Q E l", i".., di '15 19 Saxirrvaur NOTES AND ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The CLASS or 1926 and the SAXIFRAGE BOARD wish to thank Miss NIATILDA B. DOLAND of the faculty for her kindly assist- ance, helpful suggestions and advice which have made this fifth volume of THE SAXIFRAGE a reality. To MR. FRED G1sNrsc1r we owe our sincere appreciation for the art work throughout this volume. Our thanks are extended to MR. JOHN NICDONNELL, MR. WALTER Sw1a1cNoR, MR. -lAM12s DOI,AN, and MR. LIcsT1aR ROY, whose untiring efforts in securing advertisements for us have largely con- tributed to the financial support of the volume. ,ml .-N' Hlllul... .i.A I A 5 ,, 9,3 ""' fs - s . ,. fe- Qi Cass J ' Q- 20 Saxlrmnr F CLASS DAY JUNE 19,1926,3.00 P. M. March Junior and Senior Classes Tree Exercises Annual Tree Song Presentation of Spade Acceptance of Spade Saxifrage Ivy Exercises Hoop Rolling J. H. S. Old Time Dances Portland Fancy Virginia Reel Irish Lilt Sailor's Hornpipe Lady of the Lake Pop Goes the Weasel Varsovienne Rye Waltz Senior Class Anna M. Duquette Mary P. Lennon Senior Class J. H. S. IV Class IX' and Senior Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Class Senior Senior Junior junior Senior Senior Junior Junior Songs All Classes March All Classes ' , llIl" ""m"!l" "" I ' fx - cr.. f W. . , Qi V X b rf, Ae X' N'S""'UI'l....1IIuw"'fP-fx ' 21 Saxirrooe yy f ALMA MATER ! We are going from the halls of old Normal, Into the whirl and the strife, But armored with breastplates of knowledge, We will conquer the battles of life. In our minds, tender dreams and desires Of success at the end of the road, In our hearts, Alma Mater shall linger With her ideals, her teachings, her code. The dangers of life may assail us. As the sea., the storm may distort. But the lessons Alma Mater has taught us, Will guide the barque safely to port. And when our life work is finished, Our banner shall be unfurled For a class that fought the good fight, That gave its best to the world. aAusfin J. OlT00Zc. QL 'xx l , ,,,. ..lIIllmI"" It M. J59. .,nL,m,41, .QR 3,2-xi 22 F. u- 'xx K .R hgsm i 1 S 3 M A 55325,-i2'1?1-nf N X 1:f"fj1T3L:t:mL g X X ff 1555152 Huy 3 , ,K,-gf: 2 R ., ,, 524424 ff' , W ' X -ff' . 1 fa Q72 fl 'V 9 s L f J 5-ff I K' 1 .. x, 17,,f f . , H p-I i V 'gu y ff' i Qt , g' 5 'aa' ,v 9, , mf ., V ff Z? A 4 ' ,jf if .,.. K .7 5 EY I, , I 5 A: , S. l ' . V g - f E X ' X Q , lx 5 , ,RS , M., V M K., 5'h'f1'.1gf.N .,.., 5 E . w V 5 N. M E .,,,,, . ..-" 5 2 n"'S-f-MN? ffm AN K .,,,,,,,, Q Q 'Wk .. I lv if ,,,.,, , ,...,.. ,.-1 rffffffkfm,.,,N A2 J MmMW""'W A WMM U Aaffifff 2 N ,,,.,,,, WW ,,.. J My I .,.,.,,, E w,4gL -fm, .,f, I :.,,, 1'1" 4-me 1 LW .,,,..,.,.,,,,, M ..,,,,,. ..,, , H .,,' - " NM ,.... ,,,., f'-N ....,., ,. ,.,..,,,,.. - , ,..,,,, g ,M ,.., ' ' "" 5? Vvfv 2 xi F L MXWMGE f U MARGARET KATHLEEN MEEGAN, Prexidmzt ROBERT EMMET QUIRK, Vice-Prf'side11t W .k 'H ,MU T QMJ5 . i WJ 0 :Mull 4 vb FLANNERY,Sec1'etfu'y JAMES ARTHUR SMITH, Treasurer ' , .v-' 'mulmwf' 7 w rx: MSO ix Q f-Q22 " Jiyk in H ,J "'-' H, al 562 , 5 N -1 ""H.,M.,.fluw' P- f r 24 Saxirmoe 1 I MARGARET KATHLEEN MEEGAN 34 Lunenburg Street Fitchburg, Mamachusetts "Stay as you are, Peg, and be loved forever." This little maid is just bubbling over with fun and mischief all the time, but nevertheless she has shown her ability to fulhll very efiiciently her duties as Class President. Peggy is Secretary of the W. A. A., and takes an active part in all school atiairs. She is a star forward on the Basket Ball team, and has a keen eye for caging 'em. Peg is a good student and almost always comes to class, sometimes without even being late, but after she arrives there are few dull moments. Peggy was our postmistress last year. We are certain of one thing, and that is, if success is measured by popularity, Peggy will surely come out on top. Class President 3. 4, W. A. A. Secretary, D, G. A., Hockey, Dramatic Club, Basket Ball, Bowling, Hiking, Tennis, 'iwindmills of Holland," Music Box Revue. ROBERT EMMET QUIRK SS Main Street Bondsville, Massachusetts "A man he xeemx of cheerful yesterriays And cmzfident tmnorrowsf' In the year 1022 the village of Bondsville was placed upon the map at Normal School by a most honorable representative, Bob. For four years Bob has entertained at many of our socials with his very pleasing tenor voice. Singing, however, is not Bobls sole interest, much of his time is spent in Dramatics with a result of much acquired success during his stay. We need not mention Bob's other interests as we all know that Bob will "ISoyle'l over very easily. Vice-President, Treasurer Dramatic Club, Gaveleers 1, Z, 3, 4, President 3, Glee Club, Base- ball, M. A. A., Saxifrage Board. HELEN ESTHER FLANNERY 12 Fourth Street Fitchburg, Massachusetts H1 low my lf'i:clzer.v, but you know My fill? mm! have zz little shore." Let us introduce you to Helen, our efficient Secretary, She is lively, witty, good-natured, has a pleasing personazity, and everything else that goes to make a good all-round girl. Helen likes school and is an A student, but there is one subject in which she is particularly interested, that is, Nature Study, and especial'y in one certain bird-oh, but we've said enough. Helen is also one of the best athletes at F. N. S. She excels in Basket Ball and plays right guard on the team. We could write a book about Helen, but we have room here ony to add that we wish her the best of success in whatever she may do. Class Secretary 3, 4, W. A. A., D. G. A., Glee Club, Dramatic Club, Basket Ball, Bowling, Hockey, Tennis, Baseball Leader, Hiking. JAMES ARTHUR SMITH 74 Rainville Avenue Fitchburg Massachusetts Fi'i4'7ld.Y-Xllzi has many ,' Foes-11115 he any? "Jimmie," the last oi our worthy ofllcers, is by no means the least for he has held the purse- string of j. H. S. IX' most eflicientfy, 'L-limrnie" is one of the Beau Brummels of our class. Be not surprised when we tell you one of the lair sex has a 'tholt" on him. He can be heard occasionally singing on the old Fall River line. Our class will remember his colorful speeches and his ability in conducting an English Class. XYe know this weary world will be gladdened and inspired by the intiuence of our most esteemed classmate, Remember us, jimmie, for we will remember you. Treasurer J. H. S. IY, Chairman Ring Committee 2, Gaveleer 1, Z, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer 2, 3, Debating, Men's A. A., Saxifrage Board 2, Glee Club, Dramatic Club, Debating Council, t'Witching Hour," Wfhree Wise Fools." Q , dwg! , Us ur " Q-H eg, 4, -N-if " d Q- Ni nflliwlll IIImu1lI?,ei 5245 25 That I around here see! , W. A. A., Hiking, Tennis. EMMA AVEYARD 27 Russell Street West Springfield, Mass. t'The world belongs to the energetic." If this saying proves true we shall expect Emma to possess the world, for she looks upon all obstacles as opportunities and always succeeds in making the best of all situations. Emma will always be remembered as the Inspector of Tables and Deputy of the Dining Hall. Emma's attitude toward her studies and friends is one of sincerity, although she is noted for delaying the French class until the termination of her eloquent orations. But when the J. H. S. IV Class of ,26 has separated, no one will be able to recall a more co- operative member than Emma. Geography Club, Glee Club, Dramatic Club, W. A. A. W. A. A., D. G. A. Saxirraaoe M, MARY ANTON 30 Briggs Street Easthampton, Mont Blanc ix the monarch of mountains, They crowned him long ago On a throne of rocks, in a robe of clouds, With a diadem of snow. You do not call these hills and mountains Why, I am used to real heights With two feet of snow or three." Keep climbing mountains, Mary Anton, In knowledge as well as in nature, And you will sometime achieve your greatest desire, ff A private school in Springfield. "Shy at first but a good sport when known." Mass MARGARET RUTH BRIGGS 44 Burnap Street FilChbl11'il, M355- Ruth is one of our silent members except when she makes a brilliant recitation in one of our classes. Then she makes the rest of us "sit up and take noticef' Her love for music led to her success in the organization of an orchestra in her school last year, which she conducted throughout the year. Such springy feet as hers have brought to her the honor of being the highest jumper in our class. She is a good teacher and a loyal friend. . C L. f jg-ep. . .cgks i-S - 22 2 9 of A 'Q 3 ,E lmqnlllNNAWIII F., C - 26 SAXIFMGE PHILIP GERALD CASHMAN SO Canton Street Fitchburg. Mass. Smiles galore-wit encore Phil is one of Fitchburg's able representatives, He is the other member of the team that helps furnish life to the J. H. S. IV Class, uBeansie and Cashfl Phil's reigning interest is history, and we expect some day to hear of him as professor, as he enjoys greatly the works of the greatest philosopher. All Phills time is not spent in history study as he takes part readily in all school activities. His work in Dramatics will not be forgotten by the class as his ability is acknowledged. His reputation in athletics is widely known. We are sure success awaits Phil in the Held of his profession. M. A. A., Mohawks, Baseball, Football, Dramatic Club, Glee Club. MARY CECELIA DOLAN "Tubby" 154 North Street Fitchburg, Mass. "A friend to all and a grand good sport." 'fTubby" is a pal in the fullest sense of the word. No one of us but has felt the enchantment of her smile, or been captivated by her charming sociability. As for popularity, doesn't her list of activities speak for itself? We have never ceased to wonder how Mary found time to do everything and do it well. Practically every school ora ganization has claimed her talents and her time. Her initiative, energy, willing hands, level head, and open friendliness make her a splendid example of the true F. N. S. girl. Secretary Dramatic Club, Secretary Glee Club, Hiking, Hockey, Tennis, W. A. A., D. G. A. EDITH GRIFFIN DUQUETTE 14 Charlotte Street Worcester, Mass. She's pretty to walk with And witty to talk with, And pleasant, indeed, to think of. On the morning of creation, Dame Nature in a pleasant mood poured the attributes of perfection into one particular mold and then added a dash of pep, a pinch of sweetness, and still feeling unsatisfied she added a share and a half of gray matter, then called the iinished product 'tljukefl Edith's talents and interests are nianifold, and to classify them one would require a card catalog, but you may be assured her reigning interest begins with a capital S. The class of A26 wishes you the most which life can offer, Edith, and may your future years fully reward you. House President Miller Hall. Princeton Representative. Intercol- legiate VVorld Court, Dramatic Club. Hockey, Glee Club, Hiking, W. A. A., Senior Prom Committee, Music Box Revue Committee. gh I ,,,. .ulllli...r.t- J59- . 51lu.m,a1, or ,,, i 4 ' xiii-,"" D -I Xm'-QXQMQ ing :SQZLX 27 , Saxlrraoe , G EDLA M. J. LEVALLEY Ashby West Road Fitchburg, Mass. 'fBy the work, one knows the 'workmanf' The above applies to Edla in every respect, although it doesn't keep her from being merry. Besides her high standing, Edla takes n vital interest in a certain young man about town, at least judging from the many trips to the mailbox, and her many rides in a Jewett automobile. We wish her happiness and success in her future work. W. A. A., Basket Ball, Glee Club, D. G. A. GLADYS KEAN South Fitchburg, Mass. "She that was ever fair and never proud, Had tongue at will, and yet was never loud." -Shakespeare. This applies to Gladys whole-heartedly, for she is always ready to welcome a friend, an acquaintance, or even a stranger in our midst. Though quiet in appearance, she makes use of her wit and her opinion when they will be of use. "Find a sweet little nest some- where in the West," and do not let too much of the world go by. W. A. A,, Glee Club, D. G. A. ESTHER MILLER 160 Mt. Vernon Street Fitchburg, Mass, "Carefree, clever and sporty." How well these words apply to Esther! Her carefree manner is always accompanied by a broad smile or an undertone giggle which together make her a valuable asset to our class. She loves the out- of-doors, winter sports being her specialty now. uVVill it change, Esther?" Remember, Princeton is only a small town, but a line one in which to studv human nature and out-of-door sports during other W. A. A., D. G. A. X J lllm mills seasons of the year. Best of luck in all of your undertakings, -I 32, fr 1 Q A , A ,,,- -vlllllm 1wi'v , 1 sv V We H-f M - 59 'll-Wil' '16 m lg' 2 'A null AWK, if :T 28 SAX WPQGE HAZEL I. MUDGETT 171 South Street Fitchburg, Mass. Yes, we must ever be friertds, and of all who ojcr you friendship Let us be ever the first, the truest, the nearest and dearest. -Longfellow. If you were to wander over the country wide it would surely be hard to find a truer or better friend than Hazel. If you doubt this, just ask any member of t'The Family." Hazel, we notice, has ac- quired a valuable education on the subject of t'Simonds." Even when we hear the request for the defining of the verb t'see," Hazel may be heard saying, t'Sin1onds saw." Nevertheless, this is not a mystery, for four years under the careful guidance of such a noted tutor as Dick would certainly make a deep impression. When it comes to hard work you may be certain to ind this member on the spot and her untiring efforts and ceaseless cooperation will always be remem- bered by the J. H. S, Class of '26. W. A. A,, Glee Club, D. G, A. HELEN M ARIE MUZZEY THOMAS MATTHEW O'HORO 13 Fulton Street "It is thc quiet worker who succeeds." To the casual observer, "Toml' is quiet and reserved, but we who 34 Garnet Street FllKhlJLlI', , Mas "Born for success she seemed, With grace to win, with heart to hold." -Emerson, 'fShrimp," although one of our smallest members, is one of our 'tbiggestf' She is always on hand when there is any fun brewing, for she is the merriest and friendliest of classmates. Her excellent handwork has distinguished her here. She will be remembered for her cordial smile, her "professional" bug, and the click-Click of her approaching heels. Her interests seem to center around the letter H. Hockey, Hammering, Head of Bowling, and Harvard! "By the way, Helen, Where is Harvard?" W. A. A., Glee Club, D. G. A. Fitchburg, Mass. have known him for four years are positive this conclusion is wrong. His accurate, well-planned classroom work is the result of his syste- matic thought and in athletics his aggressiveness was conspicuous. 'tTom" took an active interest in the work of the Gaveleers during this year and also was awarded the leather necktie for valuable as- sistance rendered in the Physical Education Department, A true friend, generous and contented, the class is honored by his member- ship, and our only hope is that he will not forget us as he travels life's highway. Good luck, "Tom," and keep smiling. Secretary Gaveleers, Football, Glee Club, t'Windmills of Holland," Class Basketball, Qi -, . , r-in ,N s J v-' ,es nr:n1i5ililli p 38413 N1 ll ..... .illil ff 29 r ' Saxiriaaoe F, I AUSTIN JOSEPH O'TOOLE 23 Coachlace Street Clinton, Mass "The heart that has truly loved rzvver forgets." For four years "Beansie', has been with us and has contributed much toward the welfare of the school. One may always expect to find him smiling. In fact when one is in some trouble, Beansie al- ways says, 'iKeep smilingf, In Dramatics, he is without peer. His ability as an athlete is outstanding, and last but not least, his class room work is far above the average. Beansie believes in work and fun, and he excels in both. As a pedagogue, Beansie should be a suc- cess. Good luck-fyours is the world and every thing that's in it. Baseball, Basket Ball, Football, Assistant Editor SAXIFRAGE, M. A. A., Dramatics, Mohawk Club, Glee Club, Debating. FRANCIS REGIS ROACHE 63 juniper Street Winchendon, Mass. "For he's a jolly good fellow." Francis has an admirable disposition, is easy to become acquainted with and therefore has the entire student body on his list of friends. During his lirst two years at the 'lcollegen he lived the life of a commuter but soon found that the environment at Fitchburg was more conducive to "student companionship." Francis has always been ready and willing to cooperate in any activities at school whether they be of scholastic nature or otherwise. Having thus far prospered so well we can expect only a great future. Football, Gaveleers, Glee Club, "Windmills of Holland," Class Basket Ball. - vspfaxfa, "f'v-Tw? :el '4"A- ' z ff' N ,, . gf- Jna I l I I I I 'D ff! 2-law? X' Xin llll....IIll' rf 30 " Lt... a . w i?'.""'1""'i1I, I ri -229 05- uf, - if 5 4? 4 ,NI ,SI QL Jxw, fe, M III-',,,,a 4 -24, Senior C 16155 SAXMPJMGE W ANNE MARIE DUQUETTE,Pres'dr'1:t LESTER JOSEPH DYER, Vice-President i MARY' E' DYER, Secrptayy HERBERT JOSEPH SULLIVAN, Treasurer ,- J A - L E-, - -Q 0 Q " -'S 4' N 'S' X S9 ...J -1 S axis 4a ,H al 532,-J 3 ,i nnlzqnhiIrtmnlll P, 32 aaxlrrone ANNE MARIE DUQUETTE 14 Charlotte Street Worcester, Massachusetts Everyone adored her and in 1't'lltl'll she was pleasant and C0lH'lL'01lS to everyone. Anne is sincere, sympathetic, good naturecl, clever-what more could anyone want? Anne is our class athlete and president. Being recognized as a capable leader in her junior year, Anne was elected as the captain to pilot our ship. For two years Anne has led us very ably through the storms and strife, filling her positions most capably. May your able leadership carry you successfully through life. Class President '25, '26, Basket Ball Varsity '25, '26, Hockey '25, '26, Tennis '25, '26, Glee Club, W. A. A., Dramatic Club. LESTER JOSEPH DYER 33 West Street Clinton, Massachusetts "Tha bloom of the violet brought me -my happiness." t'Pop" is one of our distinguished men from the big town of Clinton. He has proved that his athletic prowess at Clinton high was no Htiash in the pan" by making every team that he went out for at Normal. What would our football team do without the services of 'tPop?" His popularity with his classmates is evident, as he has been elected vice-president during the two years he has been with us. His hobby is Howers, and his specialty the violet. Vice-President '25, '26, Football '24, '25, Basket Ball '25, '26, Baseball '26, Mohawks, Prom Committee, Geography Club. MARY E. DYER 636 Main Street Holyoke, Massachusetts "The buttfv' known the greater is her worth appreciated." Tall, slender. serene, sincere. If we were asked to describe Mary, we should choose these four adjectives. These seem to suit her better than any others. Mary lives in Palmer Hall and her charming personality and her friendliness have won her a hcst of friends. She is a good scholar and an all-round sport. She holds two very important oftieesf--Class Secretary and President of the W. A. A. VVe wish you the best gifts that life can give, for we know that you deserve them. President W. A. A. '26, Class Secretary '25, 'Z6. V HERBERT JOSEPH SULLIVAN 45 Lunenburg Street Fitchburg, Massachusetts ".'VPt'f'r trouble trouble till trouble trolzlflvs you." t'Sully" is another member ot the class that has done so much to spread the fame of the school. As one of our foremost grammar masters, Sully has gained laurels in all school activities, and in athletic, financials and literary circles. His debating powers have won him positions on both division teams and a seat in the debating council of the school, while his football and basketball prowess have heaped added wreaths of glory on the head of this prominent young man. When it comes to high finance, Sully is among those present as the treasurer of the glorious class of 1026. Not content with the work involved in these pursuits and the arduous task of preparing daily lessons, Sully has found time to act as Scoutmaster to the Junior High School Troop of Boy Scouts. Sully has not neglected his social life and is among those present at all Normal school events and at affairs of the Fairbanks Corner Social Set. When Sully enters the business world he may feel certain that his classmates at Fitchburg Normal wish him the greatest success in everything he does. Class Treasurer '25, '26, Prom Committee, Men's A. A., Gaveleers. A 'xt' ' t 2 - "'QQll'm""""T1 , A . t fc "' 1 4 ,gen ash ,-s ,au f 05 s.-,., ig' 1 ' - nut ll It if ix' may Q5 33 1 "Pluck will win, its average is sure, Ht' gains the most who will most endure." BERNICE CATHERINE ABBOTT saxirreue NORMA AB BOTT 43 Pleasant Street Leominster, Mass. tfllerp in thought and ward and deed." A very quiet, demure little miss is our Norma. Although we don't End her around our school after classes, she is certainly ap- preciated in classes for those brilliant recitations which she is able to give. Norma's eyes and hair cause many envious glances from her many friends and we will certainly miss her. Good luck to you, Norma. W. A. A., Glee Club, Day Girls' Association. North Hadley, Mass. When "Bunny'l first landed here at F. N. S. we thought she was going to be quiet and retiring, but we've changed our minds. She is always found where the fun is going on. Bunny is also our star Upugilistf' and hereby challenges those who wish to meet her. She was a star waitress, too. Although she was good in Athletics she did not forget her studies, and never shirked a single duty. We are sure that she will make the best out of everything that is hers to do and will be successful in the profession of teaching. Oh, yes, we must not forget the strong attractions that Hiking and "Honey'l have for her. F. N. S. wishes you the best of luck, Bunny. Basket Ball, W. A. A., Hockey, Tennis, Hiking, Glee Club, De- hating. nw B. RUTH ADAMS Central Street Leominster, Mass, Willy, jolly, and carefree, Always happy as can be. Cute and peppy-that's Ruth. How we all love her. No party is complete without her. Shall we ever forget her original ways of entertaining? Gr-r-r-rl! Ever heard her growl? And would she take a dare? just try her. Mischief fairly radiates from her, and when she is around you may be sure dull care is driven away. The girls in Senior II can testify that Ruthls gym work is rated among the best. They would also vouch for her cleverness in all classes. Many times has she come to the rescue by supplying a much needed poem or jingle. We wish her success and happiness 1n the future. Student Government, Soccer, Hiking. 'nr ""' """r" "" . ,N N- tf Q U- ,- ,KJ Jffsl-Y 34 W. A. A., Basket Ball, Dramatic Club, Glee Club Musical Club 5A.XlITWGE A RHODA ALLEN Brewster, Mass. "She is 'wise ax .the is winxome And ox good as she is tciseg A1111 bexides hm' other graces, In her drozuirzg she will fire." Rhoda-such 21 rare, sweet name would tell us at once that the little person possessing it could not help being sweet and charming. Rhoda is the queen of Senior I with her deep blue eyes, classic features, and gracious manner. Among her many accomplishments her ability as an artist stands forth most prominently tCollege Humor Illustrations! and when she starts to play the violin-words fail me. You should hear it for yourself. She is a good sport, playing basket ball, entering everything with equal zest. In the future we hope that Rhoda will be able to draw as good a figure in salary as she does of young 'tco-eds'l in Miss Williams' class. W. A. A,, Glee Club, Dramatic Club, Basket Ball, Hockey, De- bating Council, Student Government Association. . LILLIAN LUCY ALLYN 3 River Terrace Holyoke, Mass. 'fTo know her is to low' her." Lil! What an abundance of pep and good fellowship is con- tained in that short name when applied to our Lil. Hockey! Soccer! Basket Ball! Baseball! Tennis! She shines in all! Her love of athletics. however, does not detract in the least from her studies. Beneath Lil's gay and carefree manner is'a strain of seriousness few would suspect. When she puts her efforts into anything it is sure to be Z1 success. Who is there among us who has not listened with pleasure to l,il's voice carrying with ease her own part in some LUCY L. ANDREWS Deerfield, Blass. f'Nothing is impoxxilzlr' to a willing ht'm'L." "I can't draw this. Where's Luch?" How many times this call has sung through the corridors of Palmer. Lucy is one of our bright- est girls and she is always ready to aid her less talented classmates in their arduous pursuit of knowledge. Although she has plenty of her own work to do, she is always ready to help someone else. Some day t'Luch" will make a capable little wife because she is skilled in needlework. Ask any dorm girl. In a year or so we may hear of Luch as an art teacher or maybe a Normal School supervisor like her sister. Good luck, Luch! Hockey Team, W. A. A., Debating Council 'Z5. musical entertainment of ours. W. A. A., Basket Ball, Hockey, Soccer, Tennis, Senior Prom Decorating Committee, Glee Club, Dramatic Club, Student Govern- ment Council, Yice-president of Miller, C. F. L s-,,, !lt"""""'i" "" - 29 ' fe 'Q 'XZ ' X f 155' 9" nf' 'T ..,..f -I K' 35 145 6 , f-afar? 1610 I l 62 Allen Street t'I'll smile, while the rest of the icorld goes by." This raven-haired miss is one of our commuters from Leominster ' and may be seen daily traveling to and from school on the F. 8: L. cars. Lessons are the least of Alice's worries when good times are Q in store, but her ability in handwork was of a quality that showed much hard work. The girls in the locker room will surely miss you, Alice. W. A. A., Day Girls' Association, Glee Club. QL'-N ALICE E. ASI-IE Saxirireoe , CATHERINE R. ARMSTRONG 52 Myrtle Street New Bedford, Mass. "She's little, but she'x wise." This quiet little lady tranquilly entered Normal two years ago. She came from Holy Family High School, New Bedford. Since she has been with us we have not heard much from her, but her intimate friends say that she can make as much noise as any of us when she starts. She has proved to be a student well above the average. There are two sports of which "Kay" is especially fond, coasting and hiking. Any time she is missing we may find her on Pearl Hill. We'mustn't forget to mention that Kay is one of the stars of the hockey team. We know she will prove a conscientious teacher. Hockey, Hiking, Basket Ball, Tennis, Bowling, Glee Club, W. A. A. Leominster, Mass. WILLIAM JOSEPH ASHLINE 2 Myrtle Place Fitchburg, Mass. "Not to speak your opinion well, but to have . a good opinion 'worth Speaking." The above quotation surely fits Bill, for his contributions in class show good thought. No discussion, whether in class or at a Gaveleer meeting, is ever closed without Bill's giving it a final touch. He's a noted politician, and we would not be at all surprised to see him mayor of Fitchburg sometime in the near future. Bill's quiet, un- assuming ways have a certain fascination which makes warm friends of all who come into intimate contact with him. Much credit is due him for the fine manner in which he assumes the responsibility and has succeeded in putting forth a good class book. Gaveleers, Treasurer Men's A. A., Debating Team '25, School De- bating Team '25, Debating Team '26, Debating Council '26, Assistant Manager Saxifrage '25, Business Manager Saxifrage 'Z6. i i . QL--. 4 r -'A ., . - u I , f Q Q mn i 6 N Of -dl X' IIUNIP, H YJ 36 3AXll"'lMGE EVELYN ISABEL ATWOOD 16 Warwick Avenue Northfield, Mass. "It is easy enongh to be happy When life flows along like a song, But the person worthwhile Is the one who can smile When everything goes dead wrong." Sweet and demure with ever-ready, gracious smile that empha- sizes her sparkling, dark eyes-that is Evelyn Atwood. When Evelyn joined us this year everyone asked, "Is she a senior?" This question was soon answered. What had been her misfortune proved to be our good fortune, for what should we do in Senior I without Evelyn to supply the necessary information just at the critical moment in Miss Websters class, or to make attractive posters for Miss Lamprey? And is there any one of us who has not enjoyed her reading in Miss Williams' classes? W. A. A., Glee Club. we QNX ELENA AUTIO Westminster, Mass. The sweetest thing that ever grew Beside tl human door. ' Who is that girl rushing around the halls? "Lena," no doubt, for she is always in a hurry. Lena accomplishes a great rleal by her bustling. She always has her work prepared, especially if it is ulook up" work-hence will have several pages on it. That Lena enjoys dancing there is no doubt, for she attends every school dance and has a good time. Good luck, Lena, don't forget us. W. A. A., Glee Club, Day Girls' Association. ELIZABETH MAY BATES Box 52 West Groton, Mass. "B1'e'oity is the soul of wit." "Batesy'l comes from a small town where trains do not run fre- quently, but she runs as often as they-to catch them. Her ready humor has cheered many a weary commuter, and the comprehensive content of her ttLittle Book of Knowledge" is a wonder to us all. They say opposites attract, but we noticed that a ttLizzie" coupe attracts our "Lizzie" W. A. A., Glee Club, D. G. A. fmt' "" """"l" "" - 39 ' fs " .-N, x X I' 53. 9, K' g' e9f-- ie, N C 5 -umllll lull, K 7' 'E ll ..... .llllll rf 37 x J C 'N J Q N t v if, 5AXll"'MGE j ,Q . K . .V-52' Q' .V IIL ' V.f"ili -Q "5 1 . HENRY BECKLUND 35 Benefit Street Worcester, Mass. . "The Collegiate Boy." Henry is one of the many boys from Worcester attending the Fitchburg Normal School. Henry was supervisor at a boys' summer camp during the summer of 1024. As a result of his manner of dealing with boys he was advised to enter Fitchburg Normal School. Henry is a member of the Mohawk Club and is well liked by all. He was a member of the 1926 baseball team. He is also interested in tennis, and was often found playing tennis in his spare time. When dancers were needed to take part in the many plays which were conducted at the school, Benny was in great demand, as he has feet as that are never in the way. LENA MARY BERNECHE 1012 Chicopee Street Willimansett, Mass. "I say little, but when time shall sr'i"Ue, There shall be smiles." Lena, a quiet, unassuming girlAthe peacemaker of our group- who can but admire her? She may seem quiet, but don't take too much for granted, for there was more than one broken heart left behind when Lena came to Normal. In her studies she is t'there" in every sense of the word. We all like to hear her at the piano and to see her conduct our orchestra-such pep! She usually has eats enough for all her friends. In training Lena showed all the qualities of a good teacher. Here's a toast for success to you, Lena. W. A. A., Glee Club, Basket Ball, Bowling, Hiking, Student 1Government. Men's A. A., Mohawks, Glee Club IVONETTA L. BICKFORD 82 Central Street Fitchburg, Mass. "Whene'er a task is set to you, Don't idly Sit and 'view it, Noi' be content to wish it done, Begin at once and do it." Many of us would like to own the excellent qualities that "Iva" possesses. The predominant ones are: Honesty, perseverance, faith- fulness, and friendliness. Iva is a conscientious student, a good sport, and a lover of athletics. She is now striving hard to develop a talent in drawing. Glee Club, W. A. A., D. G. A. Y ifxax 1 f 'E 'lylll Z 38 . iiii . . . A 'X' Nc C ' LL' f 159 9' m"' -5' X'-ull: Ill Im., K, Z is' C 5AXlFlHGE if - FG SHIRLEY ELWOOD BOHAKER 3 Winter Terrace Fitchburg, Mass. "No one loves a fat man." There is no doubt about Shirley's being the busiest man in Normal School. Last fall as manager of the football team his good nature was seriously threatened by those troubles that always come to foot- ball managers. He came through and found time to experiment a cultivation of a mustache. Then came the Gaveleers' one of the leading parts and helping with the scenery kept him out of mischief till the middle of February. enterprise will be is a subject of some discussion. He little with the Play. Having and properties What his next has been looking a long time for a young lady that could appreciate all his good points. He thought he had found her once, but sadly enough, he is still looking. There's little doubt in our minds that some day he will find her, and also find a good position. Men's A. A., Dramatic Club, Manager of Football '24, CECILE M. BOLAND 104 Charles Street Fitchburg, Mass. "With heart of purest gold." Cecile is one of our Day Students who spends much of her time engaging in athletics, in which she excels, as well as in studies. She usually arrives in class in time to answer 'tpresent" to the roll and thereby escape an extra absent mark. Her project, a pageant pre- sented by children whom she had trained, proved a great success. Cecile showed her adaptability as a teacher while in training last spring, where she was very popular with her pupils. We feel that in her we have a sincere friend and a worthy classmate. Good luck, Cecile, in all your undertakings! l W. A. A., D. G. A., Glee Club, Basket Ball, Baseball, Volley Ball, ' Dramatic Club. THOMAS RICHARD BOWLER 139 Dorchester Street Worcester, Mass. "One of our finest." "Tom" is one of our iinest in every sense of the word. In work or in play Tom is always ready and willing to lend a helping hand to further school activities. As a teacher he is par excellence, and has proven this many times. Tom has been a wonderful classmate, and we will surely miss him. We hope that he may be successful in all his undertakings. May the door of opportunity be always open unto you and may Success be your middle name. Gaveleers, Manager of Football '25, Senior Class Play, Dramatics, Debating Team, Men's A. A., Four Horsemen. QM ref' " v e- , far sw ag u 6 ,lib-.4 N 3 .1 39 ' X464 fax 41141017 aaxlrmoe ,Q MARY 38 Walnut Street "Oh, it's great to ESTHER BOYLE "Essie" Maynard, Mass. 'view the sunrise, It's good to have the sky so blueg It'x great to live, and laugh, and sing. lt's good there are such folks as YOU." LEWIS I. BRODSKY 15 Redman Street "As wise as they come." 'fDoc,' is one of the important members of our school. He helped Does "Essie" sing? Not much. But, umany a time and oft" have we seen her dainty figure gracing our halls with a well-known Uvoicef' The friendship of this demure, petite lady is esteemed highly by her friends. "Essie'si' opinions, so candidly given, are always solicited. Her sincere sympathy is ever ready. Her altruistic attitude toward others has placed her on a pedestal upon which we hope she will always remain. W. A. A., Student Government Association, Glee Club. Fitchburg, Mass. to put athletics on a higher basis by playing on our football teams of 1924 and 1925. Doc is one of the few great scientists of the present who really understand the Einstein theory of relativity. But his greatest difficulty seems to be in explaining his idea due to Cac! cording to Docb lack of words in the English language. He surely knows music. He is one of the leaders of J. H. S. II. Men's A. A., Football, '24, 'ZSQ Geography Club. 30 Walcott Street Does someone need a confidante, a champion, or a true pal? If so, let him go to 'fShrimp." abetted all school activities. football game, or a pageant, little ring-leader? She has a - stars in baseball. We admire spirit, which creates fun for 1 ALICE MARIE BROWN Holyoke, Mass. "Happy as the day is long." Besides helping us individually she has What affair, whether it be a dance, a could be complete without our peppy whole-hearted interest in athletics, and most Shrimp's daring and adventurous us all. Can she dance? Many times have we envied her abundance of partners at our dances and wished we could as cleverly "trip the light fantasticf' Studies have not worried Shrimp. Her high rating proves that she was wise in not worrying about them, We wish the best of luck and happiness to a wonderful friend. W. A. A., Student Government, Glee Club, Hiking, Baseball, Tennis, Soccer, Basket Ball, Dramatics. QL V A ,mJ,,..1llllll.izI l"' I - f 0 9 V 1: N - s -LQ ref- 41 1' Catsxj M U, s. L- 4 . In-.. x 5 .1 40 3AXlf"llM.Gf.E RUTH B. BROWN 211 New Boston Road Fall River, M2155- She has eyes so soft and brown, Take care! That tall girl with the beautiful black curly hair? Why, that's f'Rufus,l' and one of the best sports going! Her sweet, quiet nature makes her the true blue friend she is to all. Although Ruth doesn't always take the lead, it is by her carefully thought out plans that activities, both social and athletic, go over with a bang! Best o' luck, Rufus, and may all your life be just as full of fun and happi- ness as have been the good old days at Normal. Basket Hall '25, '26, Soccer '24, Hockey '25, Dramatic Club, Stu- dent Government Association, W. A. A., Glee Club, Tennis, Hiking. LILLIAN ALFREDA BURDETT S4 Rock Hill Street Norwood, Mass. n "Her laughter has a clearer ring Than all the bubbling of a spring." Whenever we see this fair one, we always notice her smile. Lillian is the kind of girl who never looks on the dark side of things, be- cause she knows that however dark the clouds may seem now, the sun will shine by and by. No matter what we suggest Lill is always in it. She manages to keep in touch with the social life of the school and at the same time be a good student. Lill will certainly have success in teaching. We all know what a great love she has for children. We hear that Lillian is very much interested in animals, especially t'Runnies," and we wonder why. We know that whatever line of work Lillian decides to follow will be a success. Her unfail- ing courage, ability to work, and pleasing personality will not fail to make it so. W. A. A., Glee Club, Student Government. 1 JOSEPH J. BURKE 07 Pleasant Street Clinton, Mass. "Speech is silver, silence golden." Klee" hails from Clinton, the town made famous by Kittredge, Holy Cross backiield ace. As a scholar Joe ranks high even though his pet version is taking Hexamsf' Though he is a quiet sort of a fellow he is popular with the gentler sex, and even more so with his fellow laborers of the VP, A. lTis whispered he has an interest ffem- inineb behind a certain political office in Fitchburg. Despite all the above-mentioned shortcomings Hjoe' is one of the best-liked men at Fitchburg Normal, and we know he will be a big success "in the field." Men's A, A., Mohawks, Glee Club. ,,..-annul., I ,N -vs N PQ S X -' 4 KJ' of M txys, in al 5,325 N N 'S ""lflll .... .ll1mll'f- 1' 41 l- "1 'Q 5 ' f x is , ..-' -iv. rx w -.1 ' f ,r Y ,"- '9 X if N5'J it V 1 -I 'X f' 5 if ,, ' VOX 'X 0 5AXlFVMGE Y fa GRACE MILLICENT BUSHEE 21 Kelley Street Newburyport, Mass. Who is Grace, what is she? Who is Grace? Quiet yet full of fun, proud yet friendly, un- assuming yet oh, so clever! When anything is wanted, poster, de- bate, story, dress- it's always, "Ask Grace Busheef' just the friend for a time one is feeling restless and contented, happy and miserable. No matter what you do or where you are, Grace, please remember Normal and those who wish you the best in life! W. A. A., Debating Council, Student Government. :- ' x . v 1 ., ' -. ,, .o-. I ,. -1' t , jf-L 'A PINNA R. cAcc1AL1No 1.3 'Acre Court Clinton, Mass. 'They who are faithful to themselves find happiness." Anna was one of the bright pupils of Junior V. She often bright- ened up a stupid class with a ready response which would surprise her classmates. How about those rides to and from Clinton and Worcester? We shall miss Anna at F. N. S., where she is almost always seen with Ellie. We wish success to you, Anna. D. G. A., W. A. A. MILDRED ESTHER CAPEN 15 Knox Street Palmer, Mass. "Happy art thou, as if every day Thou hadst picked up a horseshoe." Do you remember hearing 'Tm Millie Capen. Who are you?" away back in our early junior year? Well, this was our introduction to our "Millie," How glad we all are that we met this jolly girl with her contagious laugh! Besides being a leader in all social gatherings, a. good student, and an athlete excelling in basket ball, she makes a wonderful companion. Millie's excellent portrayal of the conscien- tious Mrs. Saunders in the Gaveleers' play touched our hearts. She is one we'll never forget. May she make friends wherever she goes. Basket Ball '25, '26, Soccer, Track, Hockey, Hiking, Tennis, W. A. A., Dramatic Club, Glee Club, Student Government Association. gp . . ,,, ll ill' , ff We -ex. "C , 59- dll-WV" gf -11 u Y 6 1 'Wu'---I K - ax ,l -' ' fi G 1 , 32 25621552 Nw fu ,,.,,. .lun ff 42 1 ff WM In I iffy 1 7 . W ,, XlllM,GEp Of, ' FLORENCE M. CARLSON Franklin Street Clinton, Mass. "The gods gave thee more than your share." Some of the things we think of when we see Florence are her skill in dancing, her chic clothes, her inseparable companion, Irene, and last, but not least, her faithful execution of all her assignments. Florence has an exceedingly fine manner and is dignified at all times. Some of our parties would go to sleep if Florence weren't so witty. We all hope that Florence will be a success. W. A. A., Glee Club, Student Government Association, BERTHA G. CARR South Street Pepperell, Mass. "Our deeds determine ux ax much as we determine our deeds." Bertha is one of our quiet girls-but we wonder if she is always quiet? She hasn't yielded to the bob yet, but we wonder if she'll ever change her ideas. She is always ready and willing to lend :1 helping hand to the needy. We know Bertha likes her chosen pro- fession, and we wish her the best of success in the years to come, She is one of our commuting friends and a member of the Day Girls' Association. Bertha does some very good work in basketry for her- self and for others. W. A. A., D. G. A. MARY CLAIRE CARTER 12 Sunny Avenue Methuen, Mass. "Happy am I, from care I'm free, Why aren't they all contented like me?" Is she sweet? Is she pretty? Who is there who would say "No?l' Mary Carter is one of the best sports in the school. She's always ready to do her bit whether it be work or frolic. No one could be unhappy in M:1ry's presence. The men of F. N. S. can tell you that Mary's dancing is a marvel. .Athletics also claim Mary as a friend. Whenever a notice for any sport goes up on the bulletin board Mary is ready to sign up. Her report cards indicate that she is also an excellent student. W. A. A., Glee Club, Student Government Association. L s--,,, ll1" 'i""""'l" "'l I I A ,QQ 0 Us 'Q txt. 1 x 41 'ff' il" i Q 4 ' J ,Za V X '-t, 5, 0 N al CN- 3 ,i nflmglllxlqllmlllulll F, CK 43 IQGQ Q saxlrnaue ,G RUTH E. CHASE 14 Columbia Street Leominster, Mass. "Fate ordaius that the best of friends must part." Ruth is the blithe little girl in J. H. S. II. When she is not busy making connections between Fitchburg and Leominster she can be found trying to figure out the problems of Literary SA. She is noted for her beauty and quick wit. We know that we may feel safe in sending out such a fine personality into the teaching field. She will always uphold the standard of her Alma Mater. Noted for her vacations at Osterville. HAROLD ALVIN CLARK 8 Reynolds Street Worcester, Mass. "No one knows my hopes." Harold A. Clark, better known as 'tClarky" by the greater part of the school, came here from the Worcester Boys' Trade School. During his junior year he confined most of his activities to his school work, for which he has exceptional talent. In his senior year he tried out for the basket ball team, winning a position on the Varsity. He was also admitted to the Gaveleer Society. In the annual Gave- leer play he was a member of the cast which made this play a real success. "Clarky" makes friends readily with his cheerful disposition, and we all wish him success in his Senior I year. Men's A. A., Baseball, Basket Ball, Gaveleers. RUTH HELEN CLEARY 209 Main Street Maynard, Mass. We like her smileg we love her style, "Ruthie" is one of the jolliest, best-natured girls of '26. She has been a favorite among the girls and also among the boys since the day she came to us. Conscientious in her work, for she is intending to become a moulder of little minds-surely a serious undertaking. She is one of the few who has kept "her crowning glory"-to the sad dismay of some of her Palmer Hall friends-second floor. It has been a little trying at times on account of her fun-loving dis- position, for has she not lived next door to the two ttpresidents?" Never a day passes without her hearty "good-morning" and a warm smile to start the day. It may be safely said that "success is her goal with smiles her milestones." W. A. A., Student Government Association, Glee Club, Dramatic Club, Hockey. Qi C v A .vllllllww i"' I 'I 9 F We ri. 1 X Z 4 , all vtrv- , III, P - 2 511 44 SAXIWVWGE HELEN GERTRUDE COLLINS 103 Brown Avenue Holyoke, Mass. "Wit and wisdom go hand in hand." Talkative--that's our Helen. She is a member of the well-known Holyoke team and takes a leading part in Dorm activities. Her wit and humor have enlightened many a serious occasion. We will never forget her wonderful exhibition of the terpsichorean art at the Christ- mas banquet. She has a special liking for automobiles. Hiking, Bowling, Basket Ball, Baseball, W. A. A., Dramatics, Hockey, Glee Club. JOHN DAVID CONNELL 213 Whipple Street Fall River, Mass. "Tho glass of fashion and the mould of form." john is one of the school,s shining lights. His popularity with both students and teachers indicates that he is a model student and an all-round good fellow. His reputation of being one of the best dressed of Normal men has been maintained throughout his two years with us. His Millionaire attitude and his fur coat put him in the category of big butter and egg men. We have no doubt that when Jack enters the profession he will uphold the good standard of our school. Good luck, John, you have made many friends at Normal who will not forget you. Mohawks, Men's A. A. President, Geography Club, Prom Com- mittee. KATHLEEN LOUISE CONNOLLY Sonoma Place Holyoke, Mass. "Smiles from reason flow, and are of love the food." "Kitty" evidently believes in the above, for she always has a ready smile for a certain young man whom we need not mention here. Being a member of the well-known "Holyoke Team,'I she is always ready to take a part in any enterprise to rest her mind from the trials and tribulations of a school teacher. Kitty can be serious, however, and lend a helping hand whenever called upon to do so. We know she will be an excellent teacher, but something tells us that she won't teach long. How about it, Kitty? Bowling, Basket Ball, Hiking, Glee Club, Dramatics, W. A. A., Baseball, Hockey. ' I' 1 "it ,.... .1I"'?'f ' 45 Sftxirmoe MARIE R. CORNELLIER ZS Pearl Street Of 'rrmmzrrx gentle, of affections mild. Are there any of us who have not heard of Ayer? Une of the reasons may be that Marie comes from Ayer. Marie is that very quiet commuter who doesn't say much. She says the right thing in the right place and at the right time. Marie does some very good work in basketry, and always is ready to help us unfortunate ones who are not so gifted. She is one of the girls who has a cheerful, contagious giggle. She was very successful in training. Do you re- member those hours at Day Street, Marie? D. G. A., W. A. A., Glee Club. MALCOLM CONNOR 47 Emerald Street Winchendon, Mass. 'AA boy with iz curl always ctztttlws tl girl." Though Mal has been with us steadily for the last two years, there are many student and faculty members who think he is a part- time student. His easy ttcome day, go day" manner has won him many friends. Malcolm created quite a sensation, especially in the professional circle of the school, when he tried to explode the theory on "Aimsf' with his radical ideas. This earned for himself and the J. H. S. Il division the name of ttaimless class." Men's A. A., Geography Club. Ayer, Mass, GLADYS H. CRAMER 150 Prospect street NVe have found Gladys Halways the same." lent a hand to help others. Many people think Willimansett, Mass. "Stay as you arc' and be loved j0rc1'f'r." She has willingly that 'tGlad" is shy, but some of us have found out-ah, just what is that interest in Washington, Gladys? She has always done well in her studies, plays the piano, and may often be seen going down street with "Mary," Gladys has many friends and they all wish her the best of luck in her teaching career. , W. A. A., Hiking, Student Government. Qi , Q gt A im'1""'lll"l"i"" 4 'Q N. A L L.. I 59- -2 of ., ' Q-tfxfa is al ' .. l ,SummWlllllnisll F, f 46 Saxlismue MARION E. CRAWFORD 50 Highland Street Athol, Mass. 'tWhuLe'er she did was done with so much ease, In her alone 't was natural to please." Marion was one of the most gifted girls in our class in drawing and handwork, and when Duty whispered low, 'tThou must," Marion always replied, "I can !" Her ability was proven by her results, which were regarded with much appreciation. Many of us will miss her tall, slender figure and we all wish her the best of success and happi- ness in her chosen vocation. D. G. A., W. A. A. WILLIAM DALY 11 Hudson Street Worcester, Mass. "Fm here to study, and study I will." When he is not in school he is busy in Worcester, handling rea! estate. He has been a faithful worker in our school. He can a.ways win an argument, even with himself, Bill is a member of the Gave- leers. We wish him success, and hope that he will not forget us. Gaveleers, Men's A, A. MARJORIE L. DANIELS 137 Audubon Road Boston, Mass. She possvssfd peculiar talent of producing effect in whatever she did or said. 'tMarge" is an attractive, blonde girl who plays for our Wednesday evening dances. In the two short years that we have known her we have all learned to love her. Her most intimate friends can tell you that Marge is one of those who is always willing to help in anything that is going on. Not only have many juniors often looked at Marge worshipfully and prayed that they might be endowed with a part of her charm, but her own classmates also show evidences of their ad- miration. Marge is a good, persevering, and conscientious worker, as is shown by her class work and also her help on committees. Marge will remain for two more happy years. W. A. A., Glee Club, Hiking, Student Government Association, Dramatic Club, Tennis. x S f 4 WWI , 2 D S X! L ifxim in aj s ' 'im-lf ..... ll FW i 47 161 at -I-,Z l" 1 SAXIITIMGE , FG 5 ji, ,. ,, ' I , . I A I - E , 1 4 - V ,I . LENA AUREA DAUPLAISE , .4 If y . 17 Perkins Street Chicopee, Mass. . . . - A "fl wakzng PXP, a si'a1'4'1z111g mmd, A 1. I A heart that stirs, is hard to find." .1 V ' I Of course you know Lena. She's that wide-awake girl who taught Sixth Grade in Edgerly last fall. Her training was a success, as is everything else this girl decides to do. A review that did not men- tion Lena's beautiful printing would be incomplete. It will be a great advantage to her in the profession she has so wisely chosen. Lena's favorite occupation is bowling and she is one of the stars of Senior II. Lately, she has developed a fondness for poetry. Poetry, combined with spring air, is an absorbing interest. Why do you like Burns so well, Lena? MARGARET M. DEROCHE 200 South Street Athol, Mass. 'Speech is silver, silence is golden." Margaret is one of the quiet members of our class. She is often seen but rarely heard. We have all enjoyed knowing her, and her cheery disposition is something we would all like to emulate, The Day Girls' Association will miss her next year, as she has well repre- sented Athol for the past two years. Fitchburg Normal School will lose one off its prettiest girls when it loses 'argaretx f ' oumJblX -uk W. A. A., Bowling '25, '26, Glee Club. LUCIA M. DESILYIO Taylor Street Littleton, Mass. "Keep her, for xhe ix thy life." Lucy, as she is known to her friends, is a bYack-haired girl from Littleton. During her two years at Normal she has worked hard but has always found time for fun. Lucy has a contagious giggle which is often heard around Normal Hall. Good luck to you, Lucy, wherever you may go, and may you be as happy elsewhere as you have been here. W. A. A., D. G. A. L g... f J59. Qflllfffwlwlt -cqgxs x - Q Q 92 Q " S- , 4 I ' ax .4 -I V Sea asskrf 1 'H ..,,,. .illm rf 48 5 f' t: 1 , sq. Ar. P X 13 Q, M , . 5AXlFMGE o ELISE ELLEN DICKERMAN 14 Williams Street Ayer, Mass. Elise the fair, Elise the lovable, Elise the lily maid of Normal. This fair child may adorn the halls of Normal yet another year, for she is of the courageous few who chose a three-year course. All who know her appreciate her bubbling jollity. "Dickie" sings well, plays the piano and the uke, and is clever at mimicry. She may be heard any noon entertaining the commuters. Since she is often spoken of as that Ugood looking blonde" you can draw your own conclusions as to her appearance. Just ask her that other reason for 'tDickie." We just know Elise will fare well in her role as a teacher, so the best of luck to t'Dickie." W. A. A., Glee Club, Day Girls' Association. F . JOSEPHINE DIPIETRO 256 Mechanic Street Fitchburg, Mass. "Work before pleasure." This surely must be Josephine's motto, for she is very conscien- tious in all her undertakings. She is an active member of the W. A. A., and she is also a loyal member of the D. G. A, If any of our juniors wish to become able students, they had better take lessons from Josephine, for she is industrious, original and painstaking. Her school record is enough to make a star look dull. Josephine never forgets a kindly deed. Good luck to you, Josephine, in your chosen profession. D. G. A., w. A. A. r JAMES COLLINS DOLAN 154 North Street Fitchburg. M3554 "A little argument now and then is relished by the best of men." Jimmie is one of the leading men of his class. Blessed with an abundance of good will and of oratorical power, he has blazed a path of glory during his sojourn at Normal. Jim was one of the main- stavs of the football team for three years and wears his scars nobly. He' is also dramatically inclined to such an extent that he is "HE" this year. We have no doubt that he will be a success in his chosen profession. Mohawks Vice-President, Football '23, '24, '25, Basket Ball '23, '24g President Debating Council, Secretary Men's A. A. '24, '25, 26, Senior Class Play 'Z6.. V., -'llllllunw W 2 " . 4 fllligfrjl r 'If 1' ' 'gi' 46, al N 1isll1l!rIlM1mI.Ill P., C . 49 L? 1442, of L yr, , if ' , ,t , Q, ,l 1 U41-RTW Qwv-All , P.YM.m427' hbickifi Y"'7 Saxlriiaauc 1, MARGARET M. DONEGAN Otter River, Mass. "Tho only way to lmve a friend ix I0 lu' ww." Margaret has been very pleasant company for the last two years, and we prophesy that she will continue as such in the near future. She displayed her talent for teaching while in training and has proven herself a worthy member of the class of '26. When not busy in other ways she was often found in a quiet corner devouring the works of some noted poet with much enjoyment. Margaret is very popular. We wish her every success. W. A, A., D. G. A., Glee Club. GEORGE S. DRAPER 220 Broadway Lynn, Mass. "His lzzzzglztez' 1'ex01mde'd through the lzallxf' George is one of the busiest men of our class, After school, George is one of the directors on the well-known F. R L. He forms one half of the inseparable duo, Draper and Ashline, and in leisure time they may always be found together. George is very energetic and his school work is of a high calibre. The school calendar, his senior project, met with much approval last year. Senior P. A. I feel that George is one of the shining lights of the section, and his good nature and ready Wit have cheered many a dull moment. The very best for you in the field. Men's A. A., Gaveleer. MARX F. DUFP X 150 Walnut Avenue Norwood, Mass. "We meet thee like a pleasant tlmuglztf' Mary is one of our most popular girls. Being treasurer of the W. A. A. proves this fact. Her wit and good nature have won for her many friends. Anyone who saw her perform as jester at the Christmas banquet would appreciate her keen sense of wit and humor. f'Duff'l is always willing to lend her support when called upon to do so. The only mysterious thing about HDuff" is the yellow UE" worn on her sweater. Treasurer W. A. A., Dramatics, Hiking. 2129. . .. . .rrr . F' 2 ' - mn alll In K., ci :X 4-+ Q0 Qi ,J 43521. Q2 M Q a b wizrf 50 od. ,pu QLLJ Sf-iXlFMGE MARY DUGAN Brewster, Mass. "The secret of success is constancy to purpose." Mae is our student government president, which role she fills to perfection. Mae is just the sort of girl who is always welcome in a crowd. Well we know what she is in athletics, one of our greatest Senior athletes. Hockey and basket ball are her specialties. Studies hold no terrors for Mae. We have heard Mr. Harrington refer to 'ta born history teacherf' As she hails from that beautiful pictur- esque country called Uthe Cape," she tells us beautiful stories and describes quiet and peaceful scenes at the seashore, especially of Brew- ster, her home. In this she rivals joseph C. Lincoln himself. Next year we hope to hear of excellent accomplishments from our loyal president, Mae. We feel sure that wherever she may go, her F. N. S. record will go on with her and that she will prove to be a true, conscientious, and successful teacher. The best of luck to you, Mae, in everything, is the wish of your classmates at F. N. S. W. A. A., President Student Government, Dramatic Club, Manager of Field Hockey, Glee Club. E to give a helping hand. HELEN R. DURKIN 189 Oak Street Clinton, Mass. 'tSerene of mind, cheerful of heart." "Ellie," who comes from Clinton and is proud of it, has been with us, improving her store of knowledge, which is now rather large. Conscientious and thorough, her classroom work has been of the highest calibre, and if her training period is any indication, her suc- cess in the profession is assured. Her disposition never varies, and her cheerfulness brightens the dreary days. Fair weather, 'tEllie," Clinton is proud of you. D. G. A., W. A. A. "r-X - ' 7 w i iiv- 'Y A IY s f y- 1l"r-Perl, an ' E u Q ' g ' ',' rl' .il , 1 Xfiwic 4 Q N B ,E illhluliix 'Milli F, CK 3 51 EMMA DUMAIS 47 Exeter Street Fitchburg Mass "A 1o0rnan's work grove szrs zs never dont Emma has proven a worthv friend to all who know her Al though she did not live at Palmer Hall for a great length of time Emma made hosts of friends ex en the night watchman who never failed to say goodnight to Emma As a teacher we Just know she will be a success as she is a steady faithful worker always willing Saxlrrsaoe W 13 MARY ELIZABETH RITA DWYER Brown Street "Oh! for a seat in sonic poetic nook, Just hid with tires, and sparkling with a brook," Mary Elizabeth Rita Dwyer is a rather lengthy name for 'tBetty,', but "what's in a name,'l may we ask? Betty is an attractive blonde with bright blue eyes, who always wears a smile rain or shine. She is one who can take a joke and is rather partial to making them herself. Betty should have been a poetess. just give her any scrap of paper and a pencil and shelll jot down what she thinks of you in the most gracious manner. Her favorite pastimes are dancing and the study of music, She is making rapid progress along these lines. We wish her every success. D. G. A., W. A. A., t'Windmills of Holland," Glee Club. i 4 w ALICE DUVARNEY 314 High Street Clinton, Mass. "Full many a flower is born to blush lH'lSl'E1Z.U Every morning early comers may see a certain young lady dash- ing up the walk in a Studebaker. It is said womans crowning glory is her hair. Well, it surely is in this case. Who could miss Alice's bright and shining glory? She can always be depended upon to have her work done. As, of course, all those Clinton people do. Alice did well in training and managed to exist for a term without going back to "the big townl' every night. We know Alice will win her laurels wherever she goes. Good luck to her! D. G. A., W. A. A. Pepperell, Mass. FLORENCE ELDRIDGE Seaview Street Chatham, Mass. "Age cannot wither, nor custom stale, her injinite variety." From a little town down on the Cape comes this tall blonde bringing with her a fund of bubbling good nature and never-failing wit. These two qualities, together with her sense of good fellowship have made for her a host of friends. "Dredgie" likes Fitchburg and the people in it. She is often seen with one certain young city man. Is your favorite playing-card the jack of Hearts, Florence? Palmer Hall will certainly be a rather lonesome place when this jolly young person is gone next year, but Cape Cod will be fortunate in gaining her for a clever teacher. W. A. A., Dramatic Club, Glee Club. Q3 Q S 1 ll "" "MW l"' E Z Q W: fi- T 5 ' 4 D f '-all 9 S21 V x 41 ' 'njf A J 52 ,,, Y Saxiifmne A FG . ny - , 7 .f'wp g-wrfc G eau .1, fit 1 af' V - A ' -- T-J ,A . J A T JI 1, I , V 4' " K W ' ' ' A . f 1 N s MARJORIE B. ELLIOTT " 443 Merriam Avenue Leominster, Mass. "Her quiet and unassuming manner Brings forth her pleasant ways." "Mary" is one of the daily passengers on the F. K L. bus from Leominster to Fitchburg. She is very quiet at school, but we are led to believe that when in Leominster she is one of the most popular of the younger set. As a teacher she was very popular with the pupils and her record forecasts nothing but success. Good luck, Mary. W. A. A., D. G. A., Glee Club, Tennis. L. f f-li' sfvvvfrvsvvi uv'Vf.' w-Y wvvd- f-.f'fvlm'iYv' 7' YfYL'L V '?7 IY'xV Vx ' ' Jxvlf' 'it - Y I , , l' JEAN M. EPSTEIN 1765 Northampton Street Holyoke, Mass. To those who know thee nat, N0 words can paint, And those who know thee, Know all wordx are faint. This quotation is very well applied to Jean. Her serious, quiet outward manner gives strangers an impression of a dignified, ardent student. Her friends well know, however, that she also possesses a keen sense of humor which often suddenly appears in bubbling laughter. It is whispered that t'Eppie" is one modern girl who has not lost the art of blushing. If you happen to be searching for "Eppie,l' look for an attractive girl, discriminatingly dressed accord- ing to the newest mode. The Gamma Deltas claim she is a sincere friend, and all F. N. S. agrees with them. Glee Club, W. A. A., Dramatic Society. HELEN LUCRETIA FARR 83 Pearl Street Fitchburg, Mass. "Her smiles would melt a heart of xtanef' Everyone belonging to the Class of 1026 knows Helen. How often has she heard, "Helen, will you please get our mail?" And has any- one ever seen her provoked at us all for it? Never! Helen shines in basket ball too, as well as in the office, and in many a game she has proven her worth. We're sure that if Helen has as easy a task in teaching as she has in making friends she will live in peace and contentment. Best of luck, Helen! W. A. A. A . . .'--- mm... ..,- -vs EQ. .lnn'.7:pfn, of ., V ... 4' l.t,t75Qa- -,, t-Q JXQYQ gr, iiQ f 53 feat foJ77e7. l 1 l l SAXIFMGE F, DOROTHY JEANNE FIELDEN South Swansea, Mass. "Quick of wit and humor." "Dot" is an old resident of Miller Hall, and we were sorry to lose her-but this year it was impossible for her to be with us because she returned late. We miss her because she is one always ready for fun any time especially at the Upickle partiesf' A true supporter of athletics. She still has a remembrance, I think, of the party in the gym. But do not mistake us-she is very business-like, reliable, and also systematic, for proof take a peek at the orderly arrangement of her Senior Project and her promptness to recite when others are at sea. Glee Club, W. A. A., Dramatics. EDWARD FITZGERALD 57 Barclay Street Worcester, Mass. "The better we know him, the more we like him." Eddie came to us from Worcester Trade School. He is quiet and unassuming, but nevertheless he has been a asset to our baseball and basket ball teams, and a good one too. It is quite evident that Eddie must be a good conversationalist, but we all haven't had a chance to find out. Baseball, Assistant Football Manager, Basket Ball. DAVID J. FORREST 26 McEnnelly Street Marlboro, Mass. "Man was made not to question, but to adore." When 'tDave" dropped off the Marlboro train two years ago he smiled and we liked him. Two years have made no difference in our regard for him. It has increased his popularity and brought more well wishers for him. He possesses some talisman which the rest of the men would like to have-and his way with girls! Dave showed his talents as a comedian at the Mohawk entertainment. Good luck, "Dave," Normal is going to miss you, 1926 is sure to remember you. Mohawks, Football, Baseball. t X' 0 NQS Z , X I ollw mqlllli., C 54 X . itttt. . . - 1 fr-m fx, VQC Q QA f Jgg .lltffil CQRSR Y I , ,vi ,D I 'A nu ,Ill U K :I- .3A.XlFlVW.GE MAX D. FREEDMAN 43 Oak Avenue Athol, Mass. "Those that are above business, find life." Max is the only P. A. commuter from Athol, and keeps very much in trim making the early train. To some of our students, Max is not well known because he commutes, but to the followers of t'Bill Tildeni' he is well known, and has become an expert with the rac- quet. His fame in tennis is not his only outstanding feature, as his scholastic record is far above average. Section P. A. I can foresee much success for Max as he enters 'fthe field." Men's A. A., Tennis, Glee Club, Football. DONALD JAMES GF RRY IO Pleasant Place Leominster, Mass. "Ile swayed the hearts of man and maid with music." "Donn is another one of our talented Grammar Masters, noted both as pianist of more than ordinary ability and as a member of Beansie's jazz Hounds. He is another Miller Hall man. Any eve- ning one may find him doing Arithmetic on Miller piazza by the "Peg" method. As a terpsichorean Don has few equals at F. N. S. He may be found at all social sessions held at the school, either as an active participant or in the role of entertainer, for he is one of the premiers in this art. His popularity is similar to that of a Camel cigarette, so it must be deserved. Donald has all the elements of a successful teacher, having scholarship, personality, and initiative. Mohavrks, Year Book Nominating Board. Geography Club. FRED GENTSCH OO Orange Street Clinton, Mass. "Artistii'alIy BUa14tif1il." Fred is one of our commuters from Clinton and may be seen daily riding to and from school with joe Burke. We have ofttimes wondered how Fred iinds time to paint all the posters for the various School activities, we cannot say that he takes time from his studies, as he is one of the young men of Section I, P. A., that always has his lessons prepared. The Class of '26 appreciates most heartily his many hours of toil and wish him all success. Men's A. A., Mohawks, Glee Club, Saxifrage Board. Gi l Q -229 fx: Ms X illtpmjl, L , u 9: B, ,S :numWlllnliilll P, 55 of PP yi b, GJ Saxlrrerue ff ALICE GILCHREST Lancaster Avenue Lunenburg, Mass. An athletic sport of distinction. Alice is our star basket ball player, besides being a good friend. We all recall the game with Bridgewater with nine baskets to Alice's credit. Alice is constant and faithful in all her work. She has done good work in coaching the Juniors in basket ball, and we are proud to have her as Captain of our Senior Class team. We wish her all success in coming years. Varsity Team '25, Class Team '26, Glee Club, W. A. A., D. G. A. GERALD M. GINGRAS Nashua Street East Pepperell, Mass. "An honest man is the noblest work of God." 'Qlerryw has been one of the old standbys of our class. He has been ready at all times to perform the many tasks that have arisen during our school days. "Always be happy, never be blue, and success and happiness will await you." This thought seems uppermost in Jerryls mind, and we are sure that he will meet with success and have his share of happiness. The boys of Southington are fortunate in getting Jerry as their teacher. We surely hate to see you go, but the best of friends must part. May you manage everything as you have managed our baseball team. Assistant Business Manager of Saxifrage, Manager of Baseball '26, Gaveleers, Men's A. A. DORIS B, GLESMANN 04 Beacon Avenue Holyoke, Mass "As happy as the day is long." Who ever heard of f'Do" worrying? She just isn't that sort. Studies don't annoy her and as long as Box 210 holds an Ithacan letter, why worry? Her tall, stately appearance gives the impression of a cool, reserved nature but the t'Gamma Deltas" know better. At times Do exhibits a pronounced sense of humor, and then we have a demon- stration of a laugh to the tune of her latest song. W. A. A., Glee Club, Dramatic Club. ll""""'l'l" lll' C Y 1-5 f-X: as QL.. 4 4 , - ,U- N'T, Aiea ici 56 x 4 5AXll"'ll?MtiE CHARLES GODLEY 668 Westminster Hill Road Fitchburg, Mass. "They are given help, who help themselves." 'fCharlie" is one of our unassuming grammar masters, who has the happy faculty of enjoying school and working hard successfully, also. In the classroom his recitations show care and system, and often he has saved us by his store of information. Although his father is our chief of police, this isn't the only reason why HCharlie'l has made so many friends. His ambitions are sure to be realized, for his kindness and perseverance will certainly carry him to the top of the ladder. Good luck, Charlie. If we are ever caught speeding in Fitchburg we'll know we have one friend to call upon. Men's A. A. HELENE A. GOEHRING 103 Park Street Holyoke, Mass, "The grand essentials of happiness are: .Something to do, someone to love, and something to hope f0r."f-Chalmers. Never did a quotation fit a girl more thoroughly than the above, for Helene is a very intellectual type of student. Her active interest in debating won her a place on the Final debating team of '25, In knowing Helene, one quickly appreciates her genial personality and good nature. As for letter writing, Helene certainly caused excite- ment among thc girls of the dorm with her new collegiate fad of illustrated letters. The Gamma Deltas admire her willingness to enter everything with a good spirit. All in all, Helene is the sort that all would call a good sport. Debating Team 725, W. A. A., Dramatic Society, Debating Council. l l ,P 4 fx 1 vf 7 T' N 1 I i F I F, . JV! L I I 3 , C ? 5 ' ,4 4 CHARLES A. GORMAN 51 Mt. Vernon Street Fitchburg, Mass. "The world knows nothing of its greatest menf' Charlie is one of our local boys. He is one of the shining lights in football. Charlie is a very industrious student and when not en- gaged in scholastic duties he spends his leisure time behind a soda fountain. The success Charlie met with while training assures us of a bright future for him. Best of luck. Gaveleers, Football, Mcn's A. A., Glce Club. Q1 v ll "" 'lllilli'1I"" ,gem rlllm-as, of t. 4 . Il' Q S3 i t ie aj :SQ N -1 "'!"H:,.....Iml"!'2- f ' 57 Saxirteroe Q ELISABETH LOUISE GRIDLEY 55 Gaylord Street Chicopee, Mass "She is pretty to walk with And witty to talk with, And pleasant, too, to think on." This fair child came to us from Chicopee. She is just as good as she looks-most good enough to eat-so think certain members of the male sex, Brookline, Springfield College, and Cushing. Ah, but does she like profs or coaches? t'l3ess" fares well in all her classes, plays the uke with a vim, and is in constant demand as accompanist by Rhoda P. In fair weather one often sees her Hitting about the tennis court. Louise was a success as a kindergarten teacher. We just know she's going right along the path to success-the best o' luck, Louise! W. A. A., Glee Club, Tennis, Bowling, Basket Ball. . 1 , V ' ANN B. HAGGERTY If Bennett.Street Pepperell, Mass. l - i"WiI and wisdom go hand in hand." Those who did not have the pleasure of being in Ann's division will never know what they missed. Ann has amused us all year with her bright and witty remarks. She is a scholar in every sense of the word. She has proven that she will be a success at teaching, not only by her work, but by her pleasing disposition. Ann will have many followers who will always be interested to hear of her success. GEORGE P. HALEY 109 Spruce Street Leominster, Mass. "I repeat it, sir, we must fight." When Mother Nature was casting the various molds for mankind, by a sudden impulse she poured several of her best gifts into one fortunate form and then smiled at the iinished product. ttHuck" has proven himself a worthy member of F. N, S. As Captain of our Football team he certainly did his best. His famous speech in the assembly hall will live long in the memories of those who were fortu- nate enough to hear him, and we surely know that he will follow those famous words C?D which he so strongly emphasized that morn- ing-HI will show you." QL Q v l ,m,,..-tlliun .ilv I I 2 J u of 9 rx: s X f 4 , . ,,,,., III, t - ,, 'f.f-T' . L - gg Peg i,i '. J-S-2 58 1 President of Mohawks, Debating Club, Football Captain. h SAXIFMGE IRENE BARBARA HAYDEN 35 Otis Street Fitchburg, Mass. "Dejer not till tomorrow to be wise." Irene was one of our long-haired damsels during her junior year, but she aims to please, so Commercial 7A had a delightful surprise one day. 'fRene" is well liked by all who know her, and those es- pecially in the vicinity of Martinls Pond. We often see her hiking with her friends on one of the State Roads, generally trying to strum a Nuke." She is noted for her musical ability. Hiking, W. A. A. JOHN FRANCIS HEALEY 36 Kingsbury Street Worcester, Mass. "A man of good parts and a liberal education." "jack" came to us from Worcester three years ago, We know the f'Heart of the Commonwealthl' must have missed him, as he has performed joyously and ably all tasks presented to him. His efforts have obtained for him a position as teacher of Continuation School in Leominster, and we feel sure he will do the school and himself credit. He won much fame as a debater, and also as a leader in piloting the Men's A. A. to a very successful year. We are sure jackls fine spirit will carry him successfully through life, Good luck, Jack, your path will be strewn with roses. President Men's A. A.. Debating, Trustee of Athletic Field, Presi- dent of Gaveleers, Glee Club. JULIA F. HENNESSY 141 Granite Street Leominster, Mass. "She is pretty to walk with And witty to talk with, And pleasant, too, to think ou." -Suckling. "Cute," did you say? Youlre not the only one who thinks that. Oh, no! In addition, f'Lu" is petite, vivacious, possessing a winning personality. She is the merrie little elf of the Gamma Deltas, but she distributes her snappy line impartially to all. Lu was offered a trip abroad this summer but she refused, preferring to summer down at the Cape. Underneath Lu's happy-go-lucky exterior we find the spirit of a true worker, as shown by her excellent training record. We all agree, however, that Lu is an irresistible darling. W. A. A., Glee Club. GL A I Wl,,.Illll'l"""' 1 ' fx: x X L.. f . ,lllgtfrl t 9:3 59 n Saxirrgaoe , MARION HOLT E. MILDRED HERBERT 74 Summer Street Maynard, Mass. "Let's do it and get it over with." This motto applies to Mildred's school work, as well as other things, although no one ever saw her studying, but somehow she manages to be one of the brightest members of the class. She must get in some studying somewhere, or else she's just a natural grafter. She has enjoyed both Dormitory and Commuting days. Popular, likable, and friendly, are adjectives that may well be attributed to her. The school over which Mildred rules is to be considered lucky and we wish her all success. W. A. A., D. G. A., Student Government Association. 58 Summer Street Maynard, Mass. "As sweet a girl, As true a friend, I As ever could be found." -is for the Many girls who love her, Ais for the Air of sweet good will, R-is her Readiness for recreation, I-Aher Innocence of doing ill, OAis for Odd moments with her uke club, N--for Numerous men whom she could thrill. If you hear footsteps after ten in the corridor, that's Marion around to see if your light is out and all is quiet for the night. She has been house president in Palmer Hall. In this exalted office she has proved herself not only capable, but a true and worthy friend to all. Wherever Marion goes we know she will be successful. We say "au re'voir," wishing her the best of luck. House President, W. A. A., Glee Club, Dramatic Club, Tennis. ERVA B. HOUGH 33 Summer Street Fitchburg, Mass. Oh! blest with temper whose unclouded my Can make tomorrow cheerful as today. -Pope. Erva is another member of our famous J. H. S. II division. As an artist she has proved to all of us that her ability is above the ordinary, and we sometimes think that her career will follow the path of the artist. Erva has a very pleasing personality, which helps her as an English teacher in our junior High school We have also heard that she has a great love for poetry. Best of luck, Erva. W. A. A., D. G. A. ie ff-l il E12 0 we ' X - ' - 4 . .... ' r ,- r rv 4' ' ' - W V , 4 M I ly' ,gill X S 415-f lei: Qi Fig 5Qy1, x.f - 60 Saxirreoe ELWOOD B. HOVEY 115 Ronald Road Arlington, Mass. "Sensible people find nothing useless." Elwood Hovey, known as "El," came to Normal School one fine September morning from Arlington to take the Practical Arts course, specializing in woodworking. During his four years at Arlington High School he was introduced to manual training by a graduate of this school. He liked it so well he decided to teach manual train- ing when he graduated. Elwood received many fine ideas from his instructor which he has put into practice in the woodshop. Being a likable boy, he soon became acquainted with all of the fellows and popular with the girls. He is very popular in dramatics, taking part in several plays. He took part in both of the Gaveleersl annual plays. He has helped out many Seniors by taking part in their Senior projects. Elwood did not go out for any of the varsity teams at school, but starred in class basket ball, volley ball, and soccer games. We are sure Elwood will make as great a success in teaching as he has shown in coaching the winning team at Goodrich Street School. Gaveleers, Glee Club, Dramatics, Menls A. A. WILLIAM H. HOWE Harrison Avenue Auburn, Mass. "Still waters fun deep." Quiet and scholarly good fellowship has been the contribution of t'Billy" during his sojourn with us, We have heard how fast he and his Ford come up from Worcester, with his comrades. We have never seen him "stepping outl' with any of our fair classmates, yet one would not call him a woman hater. It is hard to imagine him hating anything. When passing by the metal shop, take a look, and see how well Bill can "whack tin." VVe can easily prophesy a successful future for Billy, for his talents ably lit him in his chosen profession. Gaveleers, Menls A. A. MARS E. HUGHES 57 Clinton Street Fitchburg, Mass. How her fingers went when they moved by note Through the measure fine, as she marched them o'e1' The yielding plank ofthe ivory floor. Mary is a pianist, organist, and singer, but she also has other interests. She is a basket ball player and aspires to be a tennis champion. She is the bright light of Mr. Harringtonls class, and is the only feminine History teacher of which J. H. S. II can boast. Mary delights to go in Mr. Smith's class. W. A. A., Glee Club, Dramatic Club, Basket Ball, Hockey. L s.. f 59. .l C236 5 - 29 49 of - " JXQQQ ing F22 ,i ,xj J f.,,,i lv 61 SAXIFMGE ' ,fa FRANCIS HARRY HURLBUT 545 Union Street North Adams, Mass. "True friwzdxlzip dominated his c'i,'a'ry action." When Dame Fortune frowned upon Francis, and his illness neces- sitated his early departure from school, we who knew him felt that we had lost 21 valuable friend. As time passes we realize that his was the ideal friendship, for never has a frown appeared upon his coun- tenance or an angry word escaped his lips. Always contented and smiling, he won his way into our hearts, and as graduation approaches We miss him. Next year, we hope to see UWinkl' back at Normal, with his health improved and the same cheerful smile. Best of wishes, RAYMOND INGHAM oZ Robbins Street Lowell, Mass. His works .vlwzced him the Gentleman and Scholar. Cheerfulness, happiness, and studiousness are the attributes that go to make up this young man's character. Ray hails from Lowell, and we all know that he hails there quite often during the school year. I wonder who the lucky girl is, Ray? Some day I hope you'll let us know all about it. Ray spent a successful term in Watertown, teaching the little lads how to handle the tools of the woodworking trade. Well, Ray, don't forget us when you are out in the field. We hope to hear from you or see you often. Success and good luck to a regular fellow. Gaveleers, Men's A. A. 'tWink," for future happiness. Mohawks, Men's A. A., Dramatics. WINNIFRED MARY ,TAKES 58 Central Street Leominster, Mass. t'Oh, I am stabbed with laughter." t'Winnie" is one of Leominster's representatives. She is noted for her infectious laughter. She does not laugh all the time, however, as is shown by her scholastic ability and good work in training. Tennis is Winnie's hobby and any tine day you may see her holding down a tennis court. We predict Winniels success as a teacher. Tennis, Hiking, D. G. A., W. A. A., Glee Club. 1 g- piulirrwwl, C3 27 9 Q52 'Q X' 4 .., J "' .Xiu Maki, ag iiirf 'E ll -.r,.f ff 62 fi? -A SAXWFQGE E ARYID LEONARD JACOBSON 40 Fairfax Road Worcester, Mass. "Wixd0m ix the mnqurror of f0rtu1u'." Arvid L. Jacobson, known better to his many friends as plain 4'-Iac," comes from Worcester Trade, In his Junior Year here he was admitted to the Gaveleer Society. Before the year was over he had won prominence as a singer. He carried one of the leading parts in the operetta HO Hara San." On returning to school in his Senior year he took his turn at training in the Print shop and proved a success as a teacher. He makes up one side of the Square composed of Ander- son, G. Jacobson, A. Jacobson, and Clark, who room at Gale's. We sincerely wish all success to him in his coming Senior Year. Men's A. A., Dramatic Club, Glee Club. 40 Fairfax Road line for all openings Mohawks, Men's A. A. MARJORIE K. JEWETT Furnace, Mass. A golden head and a golden heart. f'Margie," surest of friends, helper of all! Everywhere she goes she brings the sunshine. All people in trouble seek Margie. So Seniors and Juniors, one and all wish a happy future for Marge. W. A. A., Glee Club, Hockey. GUSTAYE A. JA COBSON Worcester, Mass. t'Mark the perfect man." "Gus" is another Worcesterite. He was also the owner of a 1016 Buick touring until recently, when he traded it for a 101.4 Ford roadster in which he hits high spots on his way from his big: town to Fitchburg. Gus is a loyal Mohawk and a member of the shovel squad. He is quite versatile, for he can paint, print, use a monkey- wrench or saw. ln short, he is a P. A. man. Gus will not graduate until next year, but you may be sure he will be one of the first in QL -, 1 A iw" ullw' R Li.- 4 159- 942 elf' vafes M. ' 5 ,S mnwllIdmmliill :K 63 M l I-fl Sr Y l X . sf f J' -Q I' NH VJ ' Sascieimoe .M . . days at F. N. S. W. A. A. HELEN KEENA 781 South Main Street Attleboro, Mass. Her eyes are of a bluish hue, And when she smiles come dimples, too. Who is the girl with the pretty dimples and eyes brimming full of mischief? Tl1at's 'fStickman,'l so called because of her perfect posture. We all love her for her teasing little ways and fun-loving spirit. Who ever heard of any fun going on in which she wasn't tak- ing a prominent part? That she is a true friend and a wonderful com- panion, those with whom she is most intimate know. In all school affairs she is admired for her good sportsmanship. We often wonder why she does not favor us with strains from her violin, for she is a talented musician. Need we question her popularity? just watch her at a dance, if that is the place at which to judge of one's popu- larity. The Class of '26 wishes you the best of luck and success, Helen. Basket Ball '25g Tennis '25, '26, Dramatic Club '26g Hiking '25, '26, Hockey ,205 Soccer '25, W. A. A., Ensemble Club '2o. - " l g.. f .fl!l7!f:fHtI. -5x I 9 llllll q f . '-S -is ,Q so 4e. aj an-ff 3 ,i nuxnwhMllililfulll F., 6 - 64 MARGARET M KANE 45 McKinley Street Maynard Mass ".4lwf1,ysrer1dv alarms inf Always readv to do hfr slmrf' "Peggy", Kane was surely missed from Miller Hall xx hen she started her career as a commuter. Those vxho know her best can tell you what a congenial and helpful friend ht makes ln spite of mans 11 dications of an extremely quiet and unrutflcd disposition you must look out for those sudden flashes of fun and ood spirit which reveal the true "Peggy." She has not pdI'f1ClDilCf'l in athletics to any great extent, but her good sportsmanship cannot be denied Anv respon sibilities with which she is burdened are cheerfully and consclen tious'y assumed. She never ttfalls down on the job She is a good student, and carries on her work faithfullx Maw her adventure into the teaching profession be as happv and as helpful to others as her MIRIAM A KEMPTON 39 Knox Street Palmer, Mass "Her very frowns fur fazicr fm Than the smiles of other maidens are When we first gazed upon that prettv, blue ex ed miss ue all knew 'tMac' would be one of the shining lights of our class So charming a young person could not pass tvto long years in F N S without attracting attention. Mads friends from Miller Hall can assure you of her delightful nature. Whether lt be fun or excitement in the dorm, or a dance or social affair, she IS always willing to Join in That she advocates the improxement of the U S mall service be tween Franklin and Fitchburg we have no doubt The Gaxeleers were fortunate in having Mac for their leading ladv 1n Three Wise Foolsfl and she surely deserves all praise that may be given for her fine interpretation of her role. W. A. A., Student Government Association, Dramatic Club Glce Club, Musical Club, Gaveleer Play 26 Hiking Soccer Z5 Basket Ball '25 1, Saxlrmde , .M b l X . P MUN , Wx ...L .,. ,, , gl.. fx .,L.-1 - -,ff -' l -. N 7 ' N' 1' ' i VIOLALM. KENNEDY 169 Pond Street Leominster, Mass. "Patience is a Virtue." Viola is another one of our enthusiastic young girls from Leomin- ster. She has been quite popular with the Day Girls, especially with their pocket-books, as she is treasurer of the Day Girls' Association. That is not the only organization which she represents well, for we hear that she is secretary of the well known "Girls, Friendly." Church work pleases her very much, especially Sunday evenings. We wonder why? Never mind, Viola, we know you will succeed, and we wish the best of luck for you. W. A. A., D. G. A. Treasurer. JAMES MARTIN KILEY 115 Columbia Street Adams, Mass. "Let the world slide, what care I?" One of Normal's most jovial members is Jimmie. Jimmie's per- sonality is such that he has made numerous friends during his sojourn at Normal. Teacher training had such a call for Jimmie that he was offered an extra term in imparting knowledge to the Junior High pupils. Being a monitor of one of the P. A. divisions, Jimmie has developed the habit of being punctual. During the football season Jimmie held up his end of the line and he is also an outfielder of finish. Success should be his reward with his faculties combined. Mohawks, Football '24, '2S. f , 1 -ff' ! Z J ,iff 0'v.,f'l.! ALICE L. KILLELEA X 362 Merriam Avenue Leominster, Mass. lf "Earlh's noblest thing-a woman perfected." I Alice appears to be quiet and shy. But those who know her in these respects only, don't really know her. Alice has been a staunch member of Junior I and Senior III. What these divisions would have done without Alice is hard to tell. Not only with her scholastic ability, but also through her wit and humor has she brought these divisions through many a dark and gruesome hour. We all wish Alice luck and just know she will be a success. Don't forget us, Alice! g it. J Jp. .cqis x 29 2 --,Q ' ski- is N-f X- Q ,SlnzllljjlllxMliljllulll2, tl -'W f ' 65 . ! fi! Y 4-.4 I - .,L-UCLO .ff I V 'yyrytfjl s.. U W y 5AXlFl?M.GE J ff!! land at the isle of prosperity! A MARGARET ANGELA LAWLOR 186 John Street Fall River, Mass. 'tThe petals of the rose were envious." Please allow me to present Margaret Angela. She is sweet and petite indeed. Peg has the happy faculty of looking on the bright side of life, which is a splendid asset. Peg is a good entertainer, whether she is in the middle of an animated discussion on the World Court, or relating a humorous experience. No one could be lonesome with her as a companion. Peg likes all sorts of exercise, but hiking around Marshall's is particularly agreeable. When Margaret leaves F. N. S. it will be with the good wishes of all, but she herself will feel a genuine pang of regret because she has learned to love Fitch- burg. Well, goodbye, Margaret, the best wishes of your class attend you. W. A. A., Glee Club, Dramatic Club, Hiking, Hockey, Soccer. in her professional career. L XS'. o, 4 f IHS' ,El lllw 'ul P, 66 gh Y n "" ' lull ui" , ,X J59. O, gn ' B' - nu lil 'lun ,K ':' CATHERINE ANNE LALIY 3-1.ForesL Street Fall RIN CY Ma S "Thorp is no past so long, as books shall hue We are all glad that HGin er Lallv came to us from Fall Rn er Her crown of glory and her sunny disposition first attracted our at tention, but later we all found out what great ability she had in English, especially in writing verses We all enjoy ed the Box Office very much, but this is only one of Gmgers many contributions to our school poetry. May your ship sail the waters of success and Bowling '25, '26, Hiking, Glee Club W A A ELINOR C LFNAGHAN 75 Stetson Street Fall River, Mass "Indeed she was a mewv lass And all are glad to have hir zn our clams Elinor comes from Fall Rix er though many thlnk from Holvoke as she is a staunch friend to the Holyokers Palmer Hall girls have become accustomed to Uangel voices floating through the corridors in the middle of the night. The singing IS also accompanied by a 'ttime beater" of which Elinor IS 1n full charge for he says lt is an art. 'Tm bored." This is Ehnors pet expression However she re lieves herself from boresome company and whlles away moments and moments seated at the piano playing what she will We all wish Elinor the best of luck and just know she will be successful W. A. A., Hiking, Glee Club Dramatlcs Tennis Saxlrlaaoe GRACE M. LESURE 107 South Street Fitchburg, Mass. "A noble mind with It noble heart." Grace has left her golden locks unbobbed but she does consider hairnets paxxe. lf the P. A. 7 boys have not succumbed somewhat to the bombardment of English Grace has thrust upon them, it is not her fault. Grace keeps things humming at church and woe upon the shirking member of- the Epworth League of which Grace is presi- dent. We're glad you're one of the J. H. S. II-ers, Grace. Good luck to you. W. A. A., Dramatic Club, Glee Club. MARY EUGENIA LEWIS 125 Pleasant Street Arlington, Mass. "A soul of pmcer, zz well of lofty thought." If you are looking for ability, enthusiasm, or originality just turn to Mary Eugenia. Mary's whole hearted spirit has placed her name at the top of all social and scholastic affairs in which she has taken part. Her extraordinary athletic ability has been shown many times upon the hockey field as well as the tennis and basket ball courts. Was there ever a girl at Normal who could defeat her in tennis? Not only does Mary excel in the field of Athletics, but she has been a capable dramatic leader and an exceptional scholar. The project which she put on in her senior year will long be remembered by all those who witnessed the skillful exhibition of dances. W. A. A. Vice-President '25, Dramatic Club President, Basket Ball, Hockey. Tennis Cleaderp, Hiking, Glcc Club, Student Government. MARGARET LINEEN AkPeggy,75 14 Bridge Street Baldwinsville, Mass. "Nothing attempted without completion." Of one thing we are certain, Margaret was not afraid of hard work. VVhenever a project was assigned to her class, she did it and did it well, for seldom if ever did she enter the classroom with a subject unprepared. We cannot say, however, there was no play or funffujust take a peek at the dimple in her cheekf' Margaret's work in the past has assured us of her ability and we wish her success in life. W. A. A., D. G. A., Glee Club. Q - . . .--r 'mutt iL. . flII:f'3WI t Of V 4 1 nr' ,pl .ll x 5 ,fu .....1nI f' 67 There are many girls in our class who go along about their busi- ness quietly and unnoticed, but when asked to help in any school affair are always ready with a cheerful smile. Helen is one of these. No one who has ever been to Helen for help on any work has ever been turned down. We wish her all the success in the world and are sure that no matter what she undertakes she will do well. Ks, 536-, lv' HELEN ESTHER LONG "She of a gentle nature." Saxiifreoh W ESTHER S. LOJANDER 10 Lake Avenue East Templeton, Mass. "Happiness is Bliss." Esther first won her fame in the Dining-room. She was right there when it came to handling trays. Good service was her motto. Why did you give up waiting on the men, Esther? In the classroom she was very quiet, hardly known to be there. But outside she was different. Ask Ruth or Betty. Esther's strong point is in Eng- lish. You simply can't catch her. She is also inclined toward dramatics. t'Es" never advertises, but she's got the stuff. Herels to your good luck and happiness in the future, Esther. Basket Ball, Hockey, Glee Club, W. A. A. Shelburne Falls, Mass, MARY E. LYNCH 382 Fourth Street Fall River, Mass. "The wisdom of many and the wit of one." And here is our Mary. She is indeed the personification of sweet- ness and youthful jollity. No gathering would be complete without Mary and her charming sense of humor. If ever you are in need of a little sunshine, just step over and speak to Mary. Mary is a loyal friend, and is a fine scholar. Although her enthusiasm runs high in anticipation of a good time, her studies never suffer. Her motto is, ttWork before play." We all hope that success will follow her. Wherever she may go, the best wishes of the class of 1926 accompany her. W. A. A., Glee Club. - - ,...alllu,.,,,., k , W Q 'VLA' X, , . I A I , Y i N rf' - Qs- 4 ,ef Wg! asa AU ' c'X ,- 4 G r A ""' al iiiitmj 3 ,S uiliiwllllIIVAWIII F, :K 68 3AXlFMGE ,, ISAURA R. MACEDO 263 Phillips Avenue New Bedford, Mass. "Come and trip it ax you go Oh a light fzmtastic toe." Charming! Does that fit her? I hear no dissenting voices. Yes, we all agree, but she's more than that. She is all that her nickname, 'tZo,5' implies--petite and chic-looking. Not only is she renowned as a ffqe solo dancer but also as a ballroom dancer. The gymnasium during basket ball season and the tennis courts have claimed a good share -T- of her time, as she has added lustre to the athletic affairs as well as to social matters. Our sunniest wishes for happiness, Zo. W. A. A., Student Government, Dramatic Club, Glee Club, Musical Club, Saxifrage Board, Valentine Party '25, Soccer '24, Tennis, Hiking. BESSIE MARY MACK Hartwell Avenue Littleton, Mass. HBI'1l.Y1Zf1lg is the color of riirtzzrf' So why should you worry about that blush which tints your cheek at the slightest provocation? The proverbial Hbusy bee" could prolit by the example she sets in improving shining minutes, On the hockey tield the little puck is white at the sight of Bessie's stick. W. A. A., Glee Club. . 5 1 aAf1rxb 444.11 V 1 'L7"ltJ HELEN LYDIA MANTY Vw fr + 50 Parker Street Mf1YU1U'dy M395 ,j J v V J ' ' 1' L f,:..g.H, "Teach mt' half the gladwsx K That thy heart must knouuv ,A ,T Q Q.. A blonde, good-natured girl is Helen, one of a Miller Hall trio . 1 I 2 ' oi two years' standing. She is never in other than a happy mood. 1 K. , li Her conscientious school work is a great asset. Dancing, hiking, and ,Q 6. bowling are her pleasures. We all remember how well Helen danced -1' 43, fly the Charleston at the Christmas banquet. Best o' luck, Helen, and . li M may all your life be just as full of fun and happiness as have been at I the good old days at Normal. W. A. A., Glee Club, Bowling, Hiking, Hockey, Basket Ball. rf " I c Q X 97' Q.-X i,'-""'lllmi.--- We iL1 4 flllfpgl t 95? M...- " L- g is' S " Q4 Pt in I aj :gif N ,E ulnwhlMlllwlllll P., C - 69 SAXWPWGE ELIZABETH MESSENGER MARSH Westfield Street "We can live without a brother, but not without a friend." just look at Betty's smile and you'll know she's everybody's friend, a good scout at all times and a conscientious worker. When she landed at F, S, we thought something big had hit us, as indeed it had. We can well imagine Hetty's strong arm shaking up refractory pupils, and doing a good job of it. VVe know she can't but be suc- cessful in teaching and F. N. S. wishes you loads of luck, Betty. We must sound this warning, however, be careful of t'Holidays'l when you're teaching in Suffield. Always remember work before play. . "Holidays" are more appreciated if they donlt come too often! Basket Ball, Hockey, Hiking, W. A. A., Debating, Tennis, Glee Club. GRACE C. MARLOVVE 51 Summer Street Northampton, Mass. 'tln rveifything we plan to do, Shv's a good sport through and through." Grace breezed in from Northampton two years ago with all that city's pep, 'and has faithfully applied herself to her studies since that time. Perhaps the reason Grace has been in the swing of events at Normal is because her sister was a Normalite before her. She tells us that she would rather fight fires than teach school. Maybe it's because it runs in the family. Grace is assured of success and we hope that nothing but happiness and enjoyment will be her lot in the teaching profession. Bowling, Hockey, W. A. A., Student Government, Baseball, Tennis. Feeding Hills, Mass. MARION L. MARSHALL 47 Williams Street C Shelburne Falls, Mass. "I am fewrcd with the sunset, I am ,fretful with the bay, For the waiiderthirst is on me And my soul is in Cathay." Assurance, originality, a glint of laughter in her eyes, a touch of mystery, almost a touch of Orient4Marion Marshall. Shets a little of the gypsy too, as she wanders through the by-ways and the woods, shunning the highways of the ordinary. And future years, she as- sures us, will find her in other lands seeing all their beauty and charm through her own romantic eyes. She has a joyous smile, a gay cam- araderie for all, and so many sides that we despair of ever really knowing her completely. Travel if you will, Marion, but donlt travel so far you forget all your friends at Normal, who surely wish you "hon voyage" on your journey through life. W. A. A., Hiking, Glee Club, Debating Council, Student Govern- ment. is-., 'nv' "" "'l"t"' 'l"t f fe 'Q rx: vs X Qi' ,,., - M axis 4 e N 's """HlF .... ..Ilni""r f ' 70 Saxirrnoe EDNA AUGUSTA MAWHINNIE 36 Spring Street Winchendon, Mass. "Always ready, always there, Always willing lo do hm' share." ' We often see this fair-haired, demure young lady at Normal School. We know she is none other than our dear friend, Edna Mawhinnie from Winchendon. There is no better sport than 'tEddie." She is willing to take part in any frolic and she is always ready to do her share in school. The dorm girls missed her so much when she began commuting. We hope that you will attain your heartls desires. W. A. A., Basket Ball, Hiking, Bowling, Glee Club, Volley Ball. r,Q in 1 K Q ',x,',, " 4 ' vt s . ' I FRANCIS T. McAULIFFE 225 Sherman Street Gardner, Mass. "A man whose worth warrants his welcome." t'Say, Mack, have you prepared the homework?'l This is one of the favorite questions asked 'tMack" as soon as he appears on the scene. Nevertheless your wants will always be satisfied, whether it be knowledge concerning lessons or some other worldly necessity, This readiness to help others, accompanied by a bright smile, diss closes a sunny disposition not easily darkened, and it is safe to say that no one is ever bored listening to Mackls version of a question. But it at baseball that Mack really shines. This talent, inherited, not acquired, was perhaps the reason for his being chosen baseball captain. ln this as well as in other lines he is bound to succeed, and 1026 wishes him the best of luck. Men's A, A., Baseball. ' BLANCHE M.-ARY McCARTHY 4 Walnut Street Clinton, M2155- "The glass of fashion, the mold of form, The observed of all obse1'wrs." When the Boston train arrives every morning at the Fitchburg station, bringing the Normalites from Clinton, there is one little, sweet, smiling, snappy Clintonian you will invariably meet, That's our t'Mac." Mac was not always a commuter, while she was in training she lived at Palmer Hall. We shall never forget Mac's smil- ing face and witty remarks. We were very sorry when she left our ranks but Mae says that she likes to go home every night. Mac is a regular resident at Atlantic City during the summer months. just peek at her Wardrobe and you will find all your styles from Paris for the ensuing season. Mac, dear, when you are teaching 5x5 equals ZS to some lucky class in Atlantic City, remember your colleagues at F .N.S. W. A. A., D. G. A., Dramatic Club, Operetta. QL I r if "" "m""" "" 1 'Q M. Jgsl dltpwrwl, 99 A e S' Q' 2 nga? .J , .. ,, , s,iQZ,xf l 'E i .,,.,1 f' X 71 , . L J V'-xxx. KQY A-P' ,, t-,. 1 lr N l.', Ay SAXIPMGE Q LEO MICHAEL MCCRANN 421 Main Street Leominster, Mass. "All the world loves a lover." 'tShamus" has been one of the shining lights of the school ever since he came up here from Leominster High in the fall of '24. He is noted all over school for his curly hair, cheeriness, and good "line.l' Shamus never misses a social event here at school, and adds much to every dance and show in which he takes a part. Leo is another exponent of Miller Hall, although Palmer also meets with his favor. He is an inveterate smoker and likes Chesterfields, because they are so "Mel"- low. His pleasing personality is ever gaining him more friends and due to this he will surely get ahead. Leo is looking for a position this summer selling any car that can beat an Indian motorcycle or a Cadillac. Good luck, Shamusl Mohawks' Secretary, Saxifrage Board, Men's A. A., Treasurer Geography Club. JOHN W. McDONNELL A 4 Bethel Street North Adams, Mass. "A smile for each, a friend to all." "Cosy" is one of the famous men of our classy he dropped in on us one day to enter our halls of learning for three years. We did not know at the time that he would become one of the most promi- nent members of the P. A. Department, unaware of his ideal disposi- tion. ln sports John has taken an active part. Besides being manager of our Basket Ball team he holds a place on the squad. We have all enjoyed watching him trying to break his arm with the long shots he takes in the games. john is a successful baseball coach, having turned out a championship team at St. Bernard's. Wherever you see John you will also see Walt, as they are both staunch supporters of the Bachelors' Club. Mohawk Society, Vice-President Bachelors' Club, Menls A. A., A. L. K. 1. and I. C. A. C. Frats, Leaders' Club, Glee Club, Manager of Basket Ball. MARY L. MCELROY 161 South Main Street Orange, Mass. "She .wept the skies with her xmilesf' Somehow, we just cannot imagine Palmer Hall without some girls like Mary. She is numbered among the few who are always willing and glad to help in any enterprise. She takes responsibility so well, and possesses such a great share of common sense, that we feel no undertaking could fail with her at the helm to manage and direct it. The faculty seem to regard her as a sort of "shining lightf' We agree that not many of us have her ability to so easily acquire know- ledge and to so effectively use that knowledge during recitation periods. Although she has a studious disposition, we have proof of her appreciation of a Hgood timef' Her friends would declare no adventure complete without her. We realize what a true friend she has been to us 'all, and know that she will be a success in her teaching career. W. A. A., Student Government. . 1551 .HI5-il, Czhx ,LJ 0 95 g,2P- fr 3, gi x'Z f gif H'-' 'N Milli, 'S 72 saxlrraus WILFRED MILLER 57 Cutler Street Worcester, Mass. "Hail to the Chief!" "Bing" hails from Worcester, "The City of Collegiatesfl He is a member of good standing in the Mohawk Club, and is well liked by his club members. He filled the position of left guard on the football team. He is also known as t'Captain Miller." VVith him as captain, the team is looking forward to a big season. Bing is the size of a good Practical Arts teacher, and we wish him the best of luck in his future profession. Mohawks, Football Captain 1026, Men's A. A. MARGARET E. MITCHELL 36 Columbus Avenue Holyoke, Mass. 'fTo see her is to love her." Who is that blonde that lives in Palmer Hall? As a teacher we just know that t'Peg" can't be equalled, because her charm and pleas- ing personality will always captivate her pupils. She is the idol of her set and we all hate to see her go, but it 'will be especially hard on those who don't live within the fair metropolis of Holyoke. Dur- ing her stay at F. N. S. she has made hosts of friends. They will all miss her as she has endeared herself to everyone on the campus. Here's wishing you the best of luck, Peg. All hope to meet you some time-somewhere. W. A. A., Glee Club, Dramatic Club. MARY MARGARET MORAN Z0 Richman Street , Clinton, Mass. "Divinely befautiful, and most divfllfljl tall." Mary is another one of the gay commuters who come to us from Clinton. If you meet a tall, pretty blonde with a cheery smile coming any morning, you will know Mary. Mary lived at Palmer Hall while in training but decided afterwards to commute. We wonder why? Although Mary is jovial and always with the crowd when there is anything doing, she never neglects her studies and may always be depended upon to have her work done. Mary is now president of the Day Girls' Association, which tells us something of her great popu- larity. Mary is very much interested in activities at Holy Cross, where she has many friends. She never misses a game at Fitton Field. VVe think her cheering and rooting have helped them win many a victory. We feel sure of Mary's future success in the teach- ing profession. W. A. A., President of D. G, A., Dramatic Club, Operetta. QI. .. .tum i M, 4 IIIIVWI , . Q, ,N ar M . X' ag i Q5-e , ...will K' C 73 SAXIFIHGE GERTRUDE H. MURPHY 345 Hanover Street Fall River, Mass. "Her 'voice was ever soft, gentle, and low, An excellent thing in a woman." Not to know Gertrude is to be yourself unknown. She is one of our best lights and we have felt her inHuence from the time she joined our class in September, 1924. When she first joined us she was quiet and demure, but she made herself known to us all when she graced our assembly in one of the best debates of the season. l fc- ' Glee Club, W. A. A. RACHEL A. MURRAY 103 Albee Street Fitchburg, Mass. "Pretty as pretty can be." Rachel is one of our cutest and most irresistible girls. Her pleas- ing personality and friendly ways have endeared her to us all. As a teacher she was successful and we have reason to believe that her good work will continue. It has been a great pleasure to have Rachel as a member of our class, and we wish her success in her chosen profession. W. A. A., D. G. A., Hockey. SARAH NICHOLS "Quiet and well conducted, But always ready for fun." Gertrude hails from the city of beautiful sunsets-Fall River. She is particularly interested in art, viz., music and art-ists. We won- der whyl In her studies Gertrude finds great happiness, yet this does not mean she scorns a good time-quite the contrary. So far she has been a success in the profession, and we are sure she will be as great a one in social and educational activities. Pepperell, Mass. Sarah is another of the select group who call themselves outside girls. Every day now for two years she has made the journey from her home town to join other seekers of knowledge at F. N. S. Sarah's greatest amusement is teaching. Had you ever seen her with a group of little children telling them a story, I am sure you would agree with us. We feel sure that F. N. S. is but only a stepping stone in her path to some other vocation which she has in mind, and that another kind of school may claim her soon. Although quiet and demure, Sarah is one of our dependable, earnest, and industrious girls and to her we extend our best wishes. ik v i ' N l iil' 'A A - X V 'E ,NZ VA' - ta.. Y' 5... QS. 0 of ,, CD ' JXQAFQ, in ,H al gstilf, . 3 ,in:rn.gjjwIIIHj4a1fF, Z - 74 SAXWTMGE THERZA LOUISE NORCROSS Baldwinville, Mass. "Gentle of speech, 1It71't6flCI'7tt of mind." After three summers at Fitchburg Normal School Miss Norcross has returned for the final year, to graduate in June, 1026. Before entering Normal in 1920, three years were spent in teaching rural schools in Shutesbury, Wendell, and Barre, Massachusetts. The last two years were spent in teaching at Monroe Bridge, Massachusetts, a small village school containing two schoolrooms. Her class work is good evidence that she is painstaking and efficient as a teacher. I lp ,Vps-f,Q!g,,j VL Q!-VA! IWILAZVVV4' '17 . QL, r .LI Tj, .fifvvtj Q, dv f if ' MARGARET MARY O'BRIEN 120 Purchase Street New Bedford, Mass. "With thoughts my brain is penpledf' Who is the cause of that merry laughter we hear on third floor in Miller Hall? Why, that comes from "O'Brien," as she is best known to her friends. She is the jolliest and most entertaining mem- ber of our class, and she certainly has the gift of bringing happiness to other people. Who ever heard of anyone feeling blue when 0'Brien was around to cheer her up? But we mustn't forget that O'Brien is also an excellent student and one of the best sports we know. As for her merits as a teacher, we feel confident that her talent will make her teaching career a glorious success. Hiking, W. A. A., Basket Ball '26, Track, Glee Club, Dramatics. DOROTHY O'NElL ' 48 Marion Street Fitchburg, M3551 "A tripping, dainty miss, with spirits father high." If 'LDot" is an example of Fitchburg we wish we could stay longer and see more of the town. She deserves much credit for presenting the operetta t'Windmills of Holland." Whenever you see Dot shelll greet you with a cheery "hi," accompanied by a pleasant smile, that just helps to start the day well. Her taste runs to brunettes and For- rests. We hope her winning personality will always secure for her as many friends as she has at F. N. S. W. A. A., Glee Club, D. G. A., Dramatic Club, Bowling. f of Q Q, ,Q I , CQ .L ,Y 1, L.. 5 M" 5+ W C" , fit Lf . tv ,J .f ' 0.3 -4-4 f-f... .Ml . .f",v. '+f, I . Q' ' 4 IV I fffn , . N' ,f f4Q6 A A WH ,,.. wllllllwlwl b - g 4 E ri. VS s 6 J? 4 N" J .1-, -Skis. iii,,,,,,,Mlw,,,,P-421 ssxeli, " 75 M4 Q 4.--115 Saxirrcaoe fi f FC1 JAMES FRANCIS O'SULLIVAN 283 Water Street Leominster, Mass, "For he is a jolly good fellow? "Jimmie" or 'tSull" is a curly-haired boy from Leominster, who always has a good word for everyone. 'fSull," you have been a fine classmate both in work and in play. We will never forget what you have done to help us have one fine athletic field. We hate to see you leave old Normal, because you have helped her in many ways. Remember, 'tSull," that you are now entering the teaching profession, and that if you do as well in the field as you have done at old Normal, you will be a winner. The Senior Class wishes you every success in your undertaking. We all feel sure that you will come through with flying colors. Mohawks, Tennis, Debating, Men's A. A., Editor-in-Chief, Saxi- A .fy ,Xl fl? bf? -f V! If Q NORMA B. PARKER 5 JJ I v51 Halo Sm-et Leominster, Mass. J ' 9 kv "Smiling throughf' 1 Norma has chosen the right profession. This .she showed during y her recent trainin Norma has alwa s been a serious student Have ,fm 11. ' 5 yr K - you ever heard Norma debate? If not, you have missed a great treat. We are sure that she will be a success, and her host of friends will always be glad to hear of her progress. W. A. A., Hockey. .1 frage Board, Chairman of Ring Committee, Finance Committee. WALTER R. PASANEN 39 Stanton Street Worcester, Mass. 'tHe was a scholar, and a good one." Last year our school was very fortunate in welcoming Walter as a student. There is no doubt that he is a studious student. After completing the course at Worcester Trade, Walter went to North- eastern for a while. It did not take long for him to find out that he would like to become a P. A. man. His greatest hobby is his fiddle. Here it is the same as in school. He is very much interested in the higher class of music. Well, "Walt,l' we all wish you luck and hope that you succeed in everything that you attempt to do. Gaveleer, Men's A. A. - - 1' i 7 L lllljlggl , , 9 fjfa 'Si , ,,,,- ll 76 Saxirhaoh - WALTER J. PATON Z1 Smith Street Fitchburg, Mass. "No words suffice to tell his talents." Walter, better known as 'tWalt," is one of the successful members of J. H. S. II. Walt is a special understudy of our worthy naturalist, and little would it surprise us to hear of Walt as a famous rival of the late Luther Burbank. Woe to all those who oppose him-at least one would think so, could there be heard his resentful words, when criticized by members of our honorable faculty. We wonder who his fair young outside friend can be and wish he would let us see her more often. Success to him wherever he may go. Menls A. A., J. H. S. II, Geography Club, Football '25. EDITH PATTERSON Barre, Mass. "A faithful, loyal member, who will not be soon forgotten." To look at Edith one gets the impression that she is very quiet and demure---but those who know her well would tell you that "Still waters run deep." Although she is very studious, clever, and full of ambition, she does find time to accompany her inseparable pal, Mar- jorie, to the movies and concerts quite frequently. With such char- acteristics she is one of Senior I's loyal members. We wish you as much success in your future undertakings as you have accomplished at F. N. S. D. G. A., W. A. A. RAYMOND J. PELLETIER South Street Fitchburg, Mass. "The muxic of his smile sweelcns thc world." Ray is one of our local boys, and Hivvers to school daily. His scholastic record is one of very good standing, and his athletic ability is of a high calibre. He has played football and baseball with much success. His reigning interest seems to be dramatics, and the Class of '26 will long remember the operetta, "O Hara San," given as his project. His pleasing personality and many abilities should win fame for him. We wish him the best of luck. Men's A. A., Football, Glee Club, Dramatics, Baseball. fift A -Q S vb as se. , an sfga xf B 'i 'llllllll,..Illlll"l' P' KK 77 iv '? ,lf . i C , I .. ' . . ' , U s ' '71 f I Q :gl , T r' lun il f v"i"i"i' will ki. - H- 'LAMP mf' ,-Wir, W". Q'-Jw MARY E, PETERS R, F. D. 4, Box 16 New Bedford, Mass. "The Izcttw' we know her the more we like her." That tall, dark-eyed girl coming along the corridor? Why, that's Mary Peters, who, although she appears to be quiet, is one of the jolliest of companions to those with whom she associates. She is always ready to help in any school affairs. Mary is another worthy product of the whaling nity and New Bedford will be wealthier when it gains her for a teacher. She has won for herself a great many friends here by her friendly ways and her own personality. Glee Club, W. A. A., Track, Tennis. - CLIFTON H. PHELPS 208 East Quincy Street 1 North Adams, Mass. "His quiet and unassuming air Assures him of friends e'vvrywhe1'e," In September, 1024, 'tLefty" entered the school. The P. A. de- partment have surely appreciated this worthy addition to its ranks. He has made a name for himself in athletics, being a star ball player, and basket ball player of great ability, Most of Lefty's time isspent with his school work and his record is of a high grade. He has not entered into the social life of the school eagerly and we are led to believe that the opposite sex are his enemies. His record warrants success. Good luck. Baseball, Basket Ball, Mohawks, Tennis, Men's A. A. l GoRDoN WING PINNEY 00 Oak Grove Avenue Springfield Mass "A man is known by the character of his conversation." 'tBill" has the distinction of being the first Springfield Tech man to enter Normal. One does not have to talk with him long before finding out he is from the "City of Homes," whose strong points he is always willing to bring out. During his career at Normal he has proved to be a student of great ability as well as popular among his classmates, The fascination of the footlights for Bill makes us wonder if he has missed his vocation. Many a ponderous rehearsal has been enlivened by his wit and genial spirit. Baseball, basket ball, and football have claimed his services during their respective seasons, and we hear Miss Perry is taking a little of his time with bright hopes of another tenor added to the list of Normal's fortunate ones. We wish him all good luck. Glee Club, Dramatics, Gaveleers, Debating, Baseball, Basket Ball, Football, Tennis, Men's Student Council, President Bachelors Club. L s--,,, -iw' "" """"l" "" 1 A 'f OP fi' 5 X ? 4 i "I"I"' ,lv ' CA ' K' ' exit 4a al 62134 E 'i ""'lliJ....,nlIIll"" F' f 78 5AXll"'MGE EDITH M. POLLEY 37 Lancaster Street Leominster, Mass. "Small of stature, quick of wit." We all'know and remember Edith for her talkative disposition, but we must admit that things are almost too quiet when she is not around. One of the chief topics of her conversation is Kasson. She is an excellent first-grade teacher and also made a brilliant reputation in handiwork, as was proved by her project. We feel sure that she will be a success wherever she teaches. W. A. A., D. G. A. s LOUISE M. POTTER Central Village VVestport, Mass. "A smile for all! A welcome glad! A jolly, coaxing way .vhu had!" Louise came from Westport, and if there are many more like her there, it must be a veritable heaven. Everyone knows Louise and is proud to be her friend. Her sweet smile is an evidence of her disposition. She is one of our bright lights. Louise knows all about the world, for she taught Geography in junior High last spring. She evidently doesn't intend to be a teacher forever, for she may be seen diligently weaving a rug-for what? F. N. S. has been proud of you, Louise. Basket Ball, Tennis, Hiking, Hockey, W. A. A., Glee Club. CHAUNCY J PREVOST 24 County Street , Worcester, Mass. "The victory of endurance born." "Pop,ll or 'fPeanuts,l' as he was called by his classmates, was another of the brilliant products from Worcester Trade School. When the boys were puzzled by hard problems Pop was always looked for. He was a member of good standing in the Mohawk Club and his sug- gestions were always received without debate, There was one trouble with Pop. He always had some girl to take him away when he was needed most, but when he came home he could be seen working out the problem of the day, and he never gave up until the problem was without fault. Pop was never much in athletics, but he has promised to report for Football next season. We wish him good fortune in his future work. Mohawks, Men's A. A., Glee Club. Q -. 1 A A "" ' mlm' Q, o FQ. nxnmlmmlinll :.uSl'1, 79 Q42 Saxirraaoa ,Q KATHERINE QUINLAN 228 Main Street Reading, Mass. "A smile for all, a welcmnv glad, A jovial, waxing way she had." ' Who is the true blue comrade of the sunny disposition, the clever sayings, the whimsical twist of speech? VVhy, it is our f'Kay"fthe fun-maker. Frankness, sincerity, sweetness, and attractiveness are only a few of her virtues. Many times Kay has entertained us with Grand Opera and Cabaret. In her Winsome way she has stolen far into our hearts. Hiking Leader '24, '25, W. A. A., Glee Club, Dramatics. JAMES PATRICK QUINN, JR. lo Dallas Street Worcester, Mass. "Field's S22.50." I Jimmy is a fair-haired youth who hails from Worcester. He is a business man through and through. When he isn't selling tickets for the bus he is found in Worcester fitting suits at Field's. jim is a born actor. jimmy says that he is a staunch bachelor, but we know that there is one little girl in Worcester who thinks differently on this subject. He has another year at Normal and we know that he will continue to be a valuable member of the class. Vice-President Gaveleers, Dramatics, Football, A. L. K. I. Fra- ternity. CLARENCE OLIVER RABOUIN 5 Richmond Street I Adams, Mass. "As small of stature as he -was great of heart." Three years ago "joe" breezed in from Adams, with all the pep and vigor of the Berkshires. Though small of stature, he has covered himself with glory in every branch of athletics, especially on the basket ball court, where he captained the quintet through a successful season. However, all his activities have not been centered upon athletics. He has won the ribbon for being first out of supper, and has been mistaken for the owner of Miller Hall on various occasions. He is quite talented as a singer, and has mastered the old favorite, t'On the Old Fall River Line." Good luck, Joe, may your future days be bright and your happiness complete. Vice-President of Mohawks, Men's A. A., Basket Ball '24, '25, '26, Captain of Basket Ball '26, Football '25, '26, Glee Club, Base- ball, Leaders' Club, Dramatics. L L-., t'Illl" 'i"m""" ""t 2 - 1 ,aj v Ofc A 'i rx: N7 L 5 4' 'lui' "ll ' Q ,J S11 ' Fig 33123, 80 . U- - r 5AXllll?H.GE S .ga MARY REYNOLDS Townsend, Mass. "Example ix always more cffimrinus than p1'c'4'0pt." "Mollie' is another one of our many commuters who smiles her way through life. Mollie carries her smiles from the train to the class- room, but she has time for other things, too. She is a star basket ball player, and she has also made her mark in debating. Mollie has been an asset to Senior I all year, especially in Mr. Harrington's class. We feel sure that she will be very successful in all her undertakings. W. A. A., Glee Club, D. G. A. Crane Street THELMA ELINOR ROSS 30 Pleasant Street Leominster, Mass. "We'll wonder whafs become of Sully." Everyone knows 'LRossy" of the blue eyes. She is always seen with Mary. People who do not know Rossy think she is very quiet, but when you know her your mind is changed. We shall all miss her when she graduates, because she is one of our most popular girls. Rossy can always be depended upon at any social or athletic affair. "Sally" is another one of her names, and although she disowns it, we know it is necessary to make up the trio-Sally, Irene, and Mary. D. G. A., W. A. A. "The're is 110 nrt .4.. LILLIAN M. RICKABY Dedham, Mass. To find the mind's construction in the face." Lillian is one'of our real capable girls. Always ready to oblige and willing to take responsibility as is shown by her activity in the t'Fellowship." She is fond of the outdoors. Prefers a hike to the movies any day. But this gives you only one View of the real Lillian. Her picture in the Year Book is inadequate to reproduce those blue eyes, that golden brown hair, and her dignined hike. We never knew Lillian when she was not full of vitality and looking for the best. Therefore, we predict for her a very successful career as a teacher tho it will probably be brief. Good luck to you, Lillian. W. A. A., Student Government, Hockey, Glee Club. Q A . lp nnnlhm "" - . f Z? H Q N ff' as Le na Je ' t Qs. Qs. JXQAFQ, 4 G " 0 D :SQ-ibn! 5 A tnxitlnllllwIlllllmtslll F, 81 Saxirrsaoe LESTER P. ROY 20 Nashua Street Fitchburg, Mass. "Born for success he sven1rd." f'Les" is one of those genial chaps who is always ready with a helping hand when needed. He is a rival of Paderewski as a pianist. "Les" is best known for his athletic prowess, being mainstay on our football team and baseball team. His ability for song is well known, as in his junior year the seniors sought him out for their opera. We also know that he is fond of Kitty, but he used to like Concord-grapes. Treasurer of Mohawksg Football 424, ,255 Dramaticsg Music, Saxi- frage Board. ALICE F. RUSSELL 32 Maple Street Norwood, Mass. "Her wry frowns are fairer far Than smiles of other maidens are." 'tWhere are those strains of music coming from?" "Why, they're from Suite D. Don't you know our pretty little songbird, Alice Rus- sell?" These words are often heard in Miller Hall. Alice needs no introduction, because many have made her acquaintance. Those who live on the third floor of Miller Hall can appreciate what she has done to make it seem lively with her wit and jollity. Besides having time for fun, Alice makes sure that her lessons are prepared, and she is one upon whom the teachers can look for a good recitation. We hope Alice will prove as successful a teacher as she did while train- ing in the first grade of Edgzerly School. Who can blame her pupils for adoring their pretty Miss Russell? W. A. A., Student Government Association, Hiking, Tennis, Hockey, Baseball, Basket Ball. EDWARD P. SALMON 205 West Boylston Street Worcester, Mass. f'When I speak Zet no dog bark." "Ed," a famous member of a far-famed outfit, J. H. S. II, was sent up here by the officials in Worcester to tell the world about the 'tbig city," and "Ed" surely has done a wonderful job of it. Most of the faculty don't know whether to give him an A or have him arrested for disturbing the quiet of a class by saying "Now in Worces- ter." In spite of all his talk about the home town there is not one in the class who would not be glad to give 'tEd" a lift at any time. Most of the teachers will not forget him for a long time, and Miss Williams will probably never forget his brilliant recitations. It is not infrequently that we see "Ed" inclosed by a gathering of juniors, spell-bound by his vocabulary of elongated words. Men's A. A., Mohawks. L. 4' Q k N 0 ar imma! i ,,,, fl Kg. aw of " Fx nmllll Iillllnlls Z 'TJ' 82 saxtieryaoe ANASTASIA M. SCANLON I 14 Park Street Clinton, Mass. 'Demure is she, and quiet." Anastasia is known to many of her classmates, both day girls and dorm girls. Although she may be quiet, she is ever ready for fun among her friends. When we hear a gay laugh we just know it is Stasia. She is very ambitious in her work, and does it well. She is always ready to help her ehums and one often hears, "O, Stasia, will you do this?" We're sure she goes out into the world with the good will of all. D. G. A., W. A. A., Glee Club. ,.V: In CARROLL SCHAEFFER 3 Allen Street Worcester, Mass. "I am a part of all I have met." Carroll is rather quiet, but when he gets started, 'tOh, Boy!" He is not much for sports or athletics, but he is a good fellow, rather shy, but manages to get along well with the girls at home. He is a real commuter. Travel is his favorite sport. When he can argue he is happy. Here's hoping he does as well later as he has here at F. N. S. STEWART MORTON SCOTT 3 Upton Street Adams, Mass. "Success" Scotty has been one of the outstanding figures during his three years at F. N. S. His popularity and success in everything he has undertaken were very evident. As class Vice-President his first two years, captain of basket ball his second year, and in other activities his ability as a leader have come to the surface. Not only do these things enhance his popularity, but also his disposition, unruffled coun- tenance at all times, and general good nature have a great deal to do with it. His curly hair is envied by all the girls and many have tried to borrow it, although it seems that no one but an unknown Prep school girl would be likely to have the chance. Taking every- thing into consideration, Scotty's three years at F. N. S. have been a decided success. May he be as successful in the years to come and never forget the HGreenhouse Frat." . Class Vice-President '24, '25, Captain Basket Ball '25, Basket Ball '24, '25, '26, Football '25, Baseball '25, '26, Mohawks. t u.. it titt 1 2 a - 2 Q 0 QQ fx: 5 X f W- 4 1 rn, lp. r Q s K' exit in Q 5,415 J 83 JYADZ' 14 s WLM ll' f I M .1 ' X MM Q xx 7' W v- 7 I xx v 1 . l c- , M j-" RUTH SHAUGHNLSSY Saxlrmoe -Fc: DOROTHY MARY SCULLY A 24 Oak Avenue Leominster, Mass. "A helping hand she was ready to lend." Dorothy is a friend of everyone and is always ready to lend a helping hand. She is one of the girls who is a credit to Normal. She has taken an active part in school affairs and is a conscientious worker. "Dot'l is always ready for fun, however, and you may hear her and her set any noontime in the locker room. She has been a delightful student-teacher and one much loved by her pupils. W. A. A., Glee Club, Basket Ball '25, Hockey '25, Tennis, Secretary D. G. A. w ' 105' Beacon Street Clinton, Mass. x Y j L I . I" N . 3' v ,',a . 1 F. 1 I' 1 f. .- UAS fair us the rose and as sweet." ' Ruth should have a good teaching position this year, for her fame asa teacher is widespread. Ask Miss Katherine McConnell. But this is not all. Even before you know her, one look at Ruth, or HShawn,,' as she is familiarly known, has you charmed. When has that rare combination of merry blue eyes and dusky hair failed to do its work? Especially is it efficacious when united to Ruth's sympathetic and fun-loving disposition. To sum it all up, 'fShawn" is a true friend, a real leader, and a good sport. All our best wishes go with her. W. A. A., Glee Club, Dramatic Club, President of Day Girls' As- sociation, Student Government, Basket Ball '26. ag if gyanpdzf MM awe Give '11 -1:2 .tu . , Q A If 27: me .flavff af' GERTRUDE M. SHEA 178 L Street Turners Fall Mass 'AA szmhelzm in a wirztefs day." From Turners Falls came Gertrude to win her way into the hearts of teachers and classmates. In both she has succeeded, but we never noticed how she did it. Some indetinable charm that somehow unlocks the doors of other hearts is possessed by "Gert," and she uses it fre- quently to good advantage. Conscientious in her work, a happy frame of mind, and a slight touch of shyness, are things we noticed in tfGert." Sometimes we think her shyness is a disguise, for her free evenings are always engaged. "Gertl' specializes in bird-study, and is an authority on barn-swallows and "martins.'l Good luck, 'fGert,l' you will succeed. W. A. A., Hockey. ww' "" """"l" 'l". I V 4 ,NJ 'f Vfc fi- us X1 4 'Q 'I "'V" tv' ' ' 'J "5 ' 84 5AXlFlM.GE IRENE E. SHEA 115 Maverick Street Fitchburg, Mass. "We like her smile, we love her style." When we think of Irene we always associate her with the Music Box Revue, which proved a great success, because of the spirited per- sonality which formed its head. Her work was always carefully prepared, and the delightful manner in which her knowledge was portrayed was always an inspiration to her fellow students, and proved a most valuable asset to the reputation of junior Il and Senior I. Well, Irene, here's luck to you, Our wishes, best, sincere and true, May your future roads be made Smooth, and not all t'Rocky" paved. W. A. A., Glee Club, D. G. A., Saxifrage Board, Dramatic Club. SUOMA ELE ANIOR SILVERBERG MARY CECILIA SHEAHAN 270 Ridge Street Fall River, Mass. "Laughing and gay and full of jun, She is ever ready when frolic is begun." Among the students of Fitchburg Normal School there is a digni- fied Senior with beautiful auburn hair, who is known to all as Cecilia Sheahan. Many of us, especially the girls in Miller Hall, have learned to appreciate what a friend and helper "Ciel" can be. She is always on hand in time of need, ever ready to do her best. Besides having many of the qualities of a charming personality, she also has a keen sense of humor, which sometimes helps to brighten her Senior divi- sion. Cecilia will most assuredly be a successful teacher, because she has two qualities which will guarantee this-earnestness and untiring effort in her school work. Duty always has the precedence before pleasure in Ciel's mind. We're willing to guarantee that her pains- taking work and pleasant face will be valuable to the superintendent who employs her. , W. A. A., Student Government, Hiking, Tennis, Hockey, Baseball. Baldwinsville, Mass. The world knotts nothzng of its greatest women." Bashful, quiet, shy, and unassuming is Eleanor. She joined our division in the fall and she at once won our respect by her artistic work. She is never so happy as when she is off in some secluded corner with her beloved paints and brush. We predict a brilliant career for her, not as a teacher but as an artist. W. A. A., Glee Club. N o ., -, - , ma y 95 J ,ill 'mul' IP, ' 85 fha Q, 1...-1 .l ,, feta .iii- MXL ae K A l. 5AXlllrsAoe Q ff' . - LILLIAN M. SMITH 84 Lawrence Street Fitchburg, Mass. sf , . 1 I ' "If to her share some female errors fall, Look on her face, and y0u'll forget lhem all." , Lillian is another shining light of the J. H. S. II division. She '1 Cf teaches typewriting, and, if we may judge from the reports of her pupils, she is an excellent instructor in this subject. Whether in for- ' f V .ef mal debating or in repartee, Lillian is more than able "to hold her ownf' If proof is needed for this statement, just ask Phil or "Bean- ffg sie." In basket ball and tennis, Lillian bids fair to attain fame. Good .J-1 L!! fortune, Lillian. ,J "' 'fn D. G. A., W. A. A., Hockey, Basket Ball, Tennis, Glee Club, Volley L, I Qvfb Ve, Ball, Debating Council, Dramatic Club. 1" f . IL-Lf! . 4 'Pl ' A' MARJORIE CONSTANCE SNYDER .- 66 Sycamore Street Holyoke, Mass. 1 ll ll A "She was as pure as a lily, 1 , fx ' But they all mourned her." Q r I, j 'tMarge" is the midget member of the "Holyoke Gang." She has a 'Z ii Q Avery serious nature, but at times we wonder whether she wears this 3 E Zta. mask a more jovial spirit. Among her duties is that of Student , x - Government Treasurer. Whether on the dance floor or in the Gym j' i .Nj class Marge is a shining light. She makes friends wherever she goes. IE kj f Y' ' v Here's wishing her loads of luck. 5 I 1 " Treasurer Student Government, W. A. A., Dramatics, Hockey, A J 4 Bowling, Baseball, Glee Club. Q ll - , J J Q l i li '.. 4 A X Q l xIJ N I J It LAURA STEWART A 30 Burnap Street Fitchburg, Mass. QA' . -f "A lady, a scholar, a true friend." 'A J X . If you want anything done, ask Laura. She is always ready to help, Laura is a member of the basket ball and hockey teams and is noted for her ability as an athlete. Laura comes from Fitchburg and is usually seen with Cecile Boland. She spends some of her spare time in Jacksons where she is as popular as at school. rl., S X 'A rl , 8 G "'Z 5, R IX XT f ' ,wlllllllllll ""' , We L e.. A Kg. .lllmffm -Qgx s - 22 9 one ., K' .yi in al 2 . X' N-1"-'-ll?....lIlllll'l'A1' S 86 A saxirmae C F, DONALD B. STONE Massachusetts Avenue Lunenburg, Mass. :'Deeds, not words, make the man." Donald is a valuable asset to any gathering. He proved his ability as an actor in the Gaveleers' play and he is a noted singer as well. He is deeply interested in a young lady but has not let her know about it yet. When Donald graduates the school will lose a man who believed in work before play, but the teaching profession will gain a man who is hard to beat. Good luck, Donald. Football '24, '25, Gaveleer lZ5, 'Zog Dramatic Club '25. PRISCILLA GERTRUDE STONE King Street Littleton, Mass. "Blonde, bright and gay." We daily expect to see "Cill's" blonde hair beautifully waved and arranged, and it always is so. She is one of our best student-teachers, and is a wonder with little children. This was proven when she was training last spring. Why does "Pris" think the train is unusually slow, going home Friday nights. Has anyone the key to the situa- tion? We all feel confident that Priscilla will make a big success in her chosen profession, and the best wishes of the Class go with her to Newton. D. G. A., W. A. A. MARION F. STOTT 36 Woods Avenue Holyoke, Mass. "A loving heart is the truest wisdom." Marion, ofttimes known as "Stottie," is that small, dark-eyed, pretty resident of Palmer Hall. She is the least talkative of the Holyoke group, yet she is one of the most lovable and is very popular among her schoolmates. "Stottie" is always sympathetic and ready to help anyone in trouble. So let us all give three cheers for Marion. Hoo-"Ray I" Hoo-'tRay l" Hoo-'tRay !" W. A. A., Hiking, Dramatics, Glee Club. -wA"'lllI ttl I 'f" I IT we y- ulltmrflw -'JK 'Pi 9-. Qfgkj. Jie KQ' N"'IllixlIlll lglllllv CK 'S '1 l ,,,. .alll K' 87 Lie? as .v Y I x,x. ,fi , X Q, J.. fa Saxirmoe , N,n J ELIZABETH M. SULLIVAN 10 Cross Street Clinton, Mass "She smiled and the run peeped out." "Betty" is the name by which we all know her. We all envv her sometimes for her personality. If you haven't had the pleasure of meeting i'Our Betty," there's still a treat in store for you. If you ever want anything and Betty has it in her possession, just ask and you shall receive. We all know Betty goes home for the week end, but shc's never told us why. It looks suspicious, but never mind, because we all know that Betty will come usmilin' through." pf' Government. ETHEL GERTRUDE SWANSON Q27 West Street Leominster, Mass. "Checks flushing white and mellowed rose." C 'EthelAone of our most conscientious workers and best natured girls. Her infectious laughter may often be heard about the school. She is one of our star basket ball players and made the varsity in her junior year. You rarely see Ethel without Mary, her inseparable companion. The two may be seen headed toward the "Spal' any W. A. A., Bowling, D. G. A., Glee Club, Dramatic Club, Student i noontime. Good luck, Ethel. l' 1 . V I Hiking, Tennis, Basket Ball '25, Hockey '25, W. A. A., D. G. A. L I l Q! 1 v 5 w J j I . f ri . fi f, -I AGNES IRENE SWEENEY Q 0 1 90 Mechanic Street Fitchburg, Mass. A P "Whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well." Agnes is one of the good-natured day students who helps to keep up the good reputation of Senior I by doing all her assignments. She knows all about the city, especially the Art Room at the Library. She has .a long walk every day to school but is seldom seen alone. We think she is afraid to walk down alone, and so waits for "Dot" Proctor every night. We just know that she will make a good teacher, judging from her training experience. We wish you every success in the future, Agnes, and may you carry on. W. A. A., D. G. A. - " ' it A I .lif w w i A 5 -Q2 0 ED - g . V. H.. X 3 J - V Qzlvgyx 4 Q 5 ,Sinlniulmllwlluii F, C - 88 SAX llJll?MGE WALTER E. SWEENOR ilCurly!7 7 Burford Avenue West Springfield, Mass. "Walt" hails from West Springfield. If one should be in any of the local theaters and hear a bird-like whistle, it will come from Walt. He has a wonderful disposition and is well fitted for his chosen profession. He is quite an actor and has taken part in the Gavcleer plays for the last two years. He has been a jolly classmate and always prominent in all school activities. We'll miss him when he leaves, but the boys that have him for a teacher will be fortunate. Like t'Cosy," Walter is also a staunch member of the Bachelors' Club. Walt is always with the "Baker Boys" and is called the trouble-maker at the Baker Mansion. Gaveleers, Treasurer Bachelors' Club, Gaveleer Play, Leaders' Club, Men's A. A., A, L. K. I. and I. C. A. C. Frats, Debating. M. A. A. MARY GERTRUDE TOOLIN 181 Merriam Avenue LC0miHSYC1', M355- 'fTh'e rose is fairest when 'tis budding newf' There's no need of introducing Mary. Everyone knows her with her bright smile and ready wit, She is at her best in the locker-room. Exhibitions of the Charleston, given each day free of charge with the other of the Htriumviratef' make us think Mary missed her vo- cation. VVhenever HYa-hoo!" is heard you may look for any one of the three-Sally, Irene or Mary. She is always to be seen Cand heard? at athletic events, and is no mean athlete herself. We shall certainly miss Mary next year- -one who is always willing to help the other fellow out. D. G. A., W. A. A., Day Students' Council. Cl , r , 4s1"""ll'hfH i"', A 1 v Qfx 1 . - A sr. sv, f J. M Xfrlgzrfj .4 ,S :Wd he ' 89 GEORGE TALCOTT 20 Pleasant Street Fitchburg Mass "Music, when Soft voices speak wbmtes m mv memmy George Talcott seems to be right 1t home up here He IS Mr Akeley's understudy. His hobbies are xx orklng on antique furniture and managing the F. H. S. Band We xull always look for Ceor e when the band comes clown the street Saxlrrsaue FERDINAND J. TOUPENCE i 7 Pearl Street "Oh, 'why can't it always be spring!?!" Many a dreary day has been lightened by the witty remarks of our noted classmate from the Berkshires. He and Gordon Pinney form an inseparable pair that cannot be beaten either for 'tCollegiate,' clothes, or winning manner. "Ferdiel' showed his natural ability as publicity man for "O Hara San," and the remarkable manner in which the show was advertised, not only gave Ferdie his place in the hall of fame, but also was one of the greatest factors in putting the show over. Don't forget us in the days to come, Ferdie, for we certainly will not forget you. Gaveleers, Men's A. A., "Windmills Glee Club. JAMES P. TORPEY 4 Sturgis Street Worcester, Mass. "Women are a .source of trouble." 'LRed" wandered up here in 1924 from Worcester North in a mean-looking Ford 'tracer,'l causing all the young women to gasp at the sight of t'Flaming Youth" burning up the road. As a sensible CPD young man usually does, he entered the P. A. Department and proceeded to pep 'up things. When jimmy is not with the "chain gang" from the P. A. department he may be found in Worcester's most exclusive grocery store surrounded by romantic college girls who do all their shopping on Saturdays, so that they may have an opportunity to gaze at this charming young Romeo. "Redlsl' popu- larity is not with the girls alone, for he is in constant company with the young men, and is one of the most promising young men in the school. James is a member of the Gaveleers, and is also "Usher" in the Senior Play. Gaveleers, Men's A. A., Dramatics, Glee Club. Adams, Mass. of Holland," "Nathan Hale," ' IRENE ETHEL TRIMBLE 11 Norman Street Clinton, Mass. "Fair she was to behold-" Who doesn't know "Rene?" Well, to those unfortunates, here she is. "Rene" stepped on the train for Fitchburg Normal, and she has been stepping ever since-yet, why shouldn't she? She repre- sents the girls of '26. Especially at social events we are sure to see her tripping lightly, for on her music casts its spell. What would we have done without this classmate who has always tried to lighten work for those about her? "Rene" never shirks her duty toward a miniature library which she faithfully carries into the Dorm after classes. Rene has a hobby of making parodies on the latest song. Many remember the one on the "Prisoner's Song" which became quite popular. We predict a "Bright" future. W. A. A., Hockey. Q W, ,,,. ullllllux riiv I U K 2 9 ,, fi. 5 g L.L-5 Z Q' 4 , 'Ie-y IP. ' - 7 S11 V Sarge it-1 an aw e! ' 90 Saxirrooc PEARL ELIZABETH WELLS 46 Hubbard Street Concord, Mass. '21 face with gladness overspread, Soft smiles by human kindness bred." Slipping quietly through the halls, making no disturbance or flurry, this little maiden has tiptoed through her two years at Normal School. Pearl is one of the blossoms Uborn to blush unseenf' She asks no crowns or tributes from the world, and she is singularly un- disturbed by what the world thinks. Once in a while, Pearl forgets herself and surprises us with an exceptionally clever remark. She is a very faithful student, and her training showed us that some Second grade will be the lucky recipient of a teacher who has ideas for countless devices hidden in her small head. Some day, we hope Pearl will crawl out of her shell and seal up the door so tightly that she'll never be able to get back. Then everyone will enjoy to the fullest extent her keen sense of humor, happy smiles, and valuable friendship. W. A. A., D. G. A. DOROTHY I. WERNER 28 View street Fitchburg, Mass. t'Mz'n may come and men may go, But I talk on forever." t'Dot" is always on top with her marks, and a favorite with her teachers. She is another member of the illustrious class of J. H. S. II, and has had great success with her pupils. But whenever one sees Dot, one usually hears laughter, for she is noted for her keen sense of humor. At- present she's torn between being a teacher or poet, but she's sure about her trip to Sweden this summer. Bon voyage! D. G. A., Glee Club, W. A. A. p JOHN C. WESOLOWSKI 6 Railroad Street Northbridge, Mass. 'Speech is silver, silence is gold." john, better known as f'Weso," came from Worcester Trade School. He is one of the busiest men in school, and may been rushing through the corridors carrying important documents. He made a successful assistant to Mr. Livermore, taking charge of his classes during Mr. Livermore's absence. He has been the school movie operator, and handled his position skillfully. Throughout his course he has worked diligently and successfully. We are sure we will hear of t'Wesoll as one of our future great printing instructors. Gaveleers, Business Manager of "Windmills of Holland," .Assistant Business Manager of Saxifrage, Assistant Manager of Basket Ball Team, Men's A. A. Q - . ,.,lf"fftt.t-1 -' MQ llltfrvflt 95' C-ps, K' 1 41 v "ig-11 ' .4 xi, A fu gi PM axis-f 91 M42 Sascirnaoe S' , FG MARY ELIZABETH WHELAN Q 143 Pleasant Street New Bedford, Mass. "How her fingers 'went when they moved by note, Through measures fine as they marched them o'er The yielding plank of the ivory floor." Who can ever forget Mary, one of the best sports in the class of '26. Skiing is her favorite winter pastime, and how she can ski! Mary is always at our pickle-parties, and creates a great share of the merriment at them. Mary comes from dear old New Bedford, and is an earnest booster of that city. What Millerite has not heard Mary strumming the uke, which she does remarkably well. Maryls success as a teacher is imminent, for her good nature has a dash of professional attitude. Good luck to you, F. N. S. wishes you success. Student Government Council '25, '26g Dramaticsg Senior Glee Clubg W. A. A., Hiking '25, '26, Track '25, '26, Hockey '25, Tennis '25, Baseball '25, Basket Ball '25, '26. DOROTHY WOOD Central Village Westport, Mass. "Calm as the night And deep as the sea, Yet she is full of jollityf' Here comes one of the Wood twins' from Westport. Dorothy is rr girl who is always good-natured. She is one of our most faithful students, and F. N. S. is proud of her. "Dot" certainly can run. We remember how she won that relay race. She loves to coast and ski, too. She is a true friend, and has an unfailing sense of humor. Vim, vigor, and vitality describe her well. Dorothy is very seldom seen without her best friend, Mary Peters. Best wishes to you, "Dot." Glee Club, W. A. A., Track, Soccer. LLfQ JESSIE F. A. WOOD Concord Road Acton, Mass. "As prone to mischief as able to perform it." Dashing here, dashing there-Jessie, our cheer leader. No athletic contest would be complete without her 'tyea this, yea that," which has spurred many a weary athlete on to victory. Whatever she has attempted in the athletic line, she has mastered. What would the hockey or soccer teams have done without her to push the ball toward the goal? Jessie has a "line" all her own, and the things she says possess an originality that most of us envy. She has an admiring group of both sexes, for she surely is a pal to them all. The teaching profession will be enriched when "Jes" enters the field. Good luck, the class of 1026 will be watching for your triumph. Soccer, Hockey, W. A. A., Dramatics. Ulllf?-'I N -1 'Ulf ul f QL S 5 I A A ,I,,..uIllI1..l lrr4 , Q 4 i , F tfe V S. 4 W ha .., J 92 M Saxirraoe RUTH A. woop ' Central Village Westport, Mass. "Ia .vilvncf I climbed to the top." What girl has not heard of the famous Wood twins, and, in this case, of Ruth? Ruth is one of those girls who is a credit to Normal. She is a cheery, modest person, a friend of everyone. We all admire and esteem her. One may always be sure it is Ruth who is being called for, when certain juniors on the second floor are in need of help, and one may likewise be sure that they will get it. We know that she will be a great success as a teacher, as evidenced by the ability she showed in training. But we think that a certain "some- one" will have something to say as to the length of that teaching career. The class of '26 wishes her happiness. W. A. A., Glee Club. MARY ROBERTA WRIGHT S Pond Street Leominster, Mass. "Time and tide wait for no one--but Mary." Mary's animated conversation is a gloom-dispeller. She has en- livencd many of our free periods, spent in the locker room, with her amusing experiences. She is one of our most carefree girls. Hard work, however, does not daunt her. Her excellent work in training proves this. Here's hoping that her keen observation, vivid imagina- tion, and quick wit will never fail her. Tennis, Hiking, Glee Club, Debating Council, W. A. A., D. G. A. D. G. A. Banquet Committee. HELEN L. WRIGHT 4 1 ,- 8 Pond Street Leominster, Mass. "She is-but words would fail to tell the what, Think what a woman should he-and she is that." Havenlt we finished with Leominster yet? No, indeed. Bee 1 2lL1SC surely it wouldn't be complete without Helen. Helen is a very good athlete, having played basket ball, hockey, and baseball. She also interested in track. Helen was one of the early trainers, was and her success with the first grade children is only another proof of her ' winning personality. Her curly hair helps to add to her attractive- ness, if Helen could be made more attractive. W. A. A., D. G. A., Glee Club, Hockey, Track, Basket Ball, . ls-., 6, jfs. ,CQRS R 29 9 of -M gif?-C ,aj 5324! 'E Vi.,...4l FW ' 93 x 'I 1 af , 5AXll'flM.GE Y i W - FG Z l LILLIAN WYMAN 22 Lincoln Street Gardner, Mass. X "More life and happifzzxvs-Llzat I want." Of course, we all know Lillian, the girl who always has something: to add in any class. Lillian is noted for being original and a very diligent worker. Certain things have led us to believe that Lillian has other outside interests! VVe wonder? Never mind, Lillian, we wish you luck in anything you undertake, and we are sure you'll be a success. Senior II is proud to claim you as a member. W. A. A. CYRIL WYNN 1095 Northampton Street Holyoke, Mass. "A good reputation is more valuable than money." Cy is one of the Holyokers. If his Work at school represents his home city, Holyoke is of high standard. His term of training was one of excellence and his manner of handling boys points toward success in the teaching profession. We wish you the best of luck, Cy. May you carry on the good work in the Hileldf' Men's A. A., Mohawks, Glee Club. RUTH C. YOUNG 47 Vine Street Leominster, Mass. "Art for life's sake." Ruth is one of the many Day Students who wends her way to school every day, but one of the few who is endowed with an artistic temperament. In spare moments she may be found busily sketching, but, when in company with others, her arguments are always interest- ing to say the least. just ask her what her Philosophy of Life is! We wish you the best of success. W. A. A., D. G. A. Banquet Committee, Glee Club, Dramatic Club. 'ob , ' ,... illllglm ,,,.. we axis ici Q2 SEZ , I 5 f ....- :I K' ' 94 31 10. 12. , 13. Z5 3 18 20 30 Saxlrreor f CLASS HISTORY JUNIOR YEAR, 1924-1925 SEPTEMBER A new group, numbering one hundred ninety-seven, to study for the pedagogic profession at Fitchburg Normal. We hear about a Student Government Associa- tion, and wonder just how it functions. Stern seniors greeted jolly juniors at an acquaintance party, and propounded their initiation rules. We exhibited our good sportsmanship all of this week by jumping cracks, bowing Cwith a gracious sweep of the right handy to all seniors, letting them enter all build- ings first, giving them preference in get- ting their mail, tying bows in our hair, wearing Hnatural faces,', and not talking to men. Our boys paid homage to the seniors on the Normal steps. Reception to New Faculty Members and juniors. After being properly tagged and formally introduced we became a part of the school. OCTOBER Men's A. A. Dance. The juniors all at- tended, many out of curiosity, but largely to help the Men's Athletic Fund. For the first time we saw our football team in action. A dance followed in the library to entertain the St. Anselm's team, and to celebrate the beginning of the Athletic Field Fund. The class elected their officers: Anna M. Duquette, President, Lester J. Dyer, Vice-President, Mary E. Dyer, Secretaryg Herbert J. Sullivan, Treasurer. Our Class colors, green and white, an- nounced as soon as we voted. There will be no Hcolor rush" this year. The Hallowe'en Party given by J. H. S. IV proved novel. Chambers of Horrors Qin the subwayj. Cider and doughnuts to satisfy our appetites. NOVEMBER ll. Class elected, wisely, Miss Williams as faculty advisor. Student Government Banquet. Pretty colors, brought out by candle-light, added to the atmosphere. The ex-service men entertained with a dance after the ban- quet. Although the masquerade was given by the seniors, the juniors aided by serving the refreshments. DECEMBER Christmas Party. This affair, in the old English manner, was greeted with enthu- siasm by all. The juniors were responsive in carrying out the commands of the jester. 19-Z9. Christmas Rec'ess. JANUARY Day Student Luncheon took place in Mil- ler Hall. Between the courses there were songs and cheers to keep every one in a pleasant mood. FEBRUARY Our Valentine Party proved most success- ful, although it was Friday, the thirteenth. lt was our first big undertaking. The entertainment, together with the manner in which our class song was rendered, and the arrangements for refreshments and dancing, were examples of excellent cooperation. Z0-March Z. Mid-winter Recess. MARCH 7. Our girls beat Bridgewater girls at basket ball. A stunt party and dance followed in the library. The Mohawks entertained us with a pro- gram and Mid-Lenten dance. 14. 25. 18. 24. 13. 17. ,fs K- DLg,.. Jp . nv--fl Ci Q 95 exe? 1- 6,334 qlll my .mn V 'Q . Q v A rs. K I .H Intuit' , I f x, T N l "I "" " 'Il' N M S' ww ,r .. -f.-.J - Q.. , l . " 5 nn. Wllhnlsll F., C 95 Saxirreoe S , F APRIL 74-May 4. Spring Recess. Some of our class- mates have gone into training. MAY . The Senior Promenade. Twenty of our girls in quaint old costumes served as ushers. The seniors said, f'They were the prettiest part of the sceneryf' We were rewarded with favors and the privi- lege of attending the dance after the Holy Cross game on the following day. JUNE . Field Day. All students and faculty gathered in front of Normal Hall, and marched with rakes, shovels, hoes, pitch- forks, and wheel-barrows to the site on North Street where is our new Athletic Field. After working diligently we all returned to the campus where tables were set for supper. A thunder-storm arose suddenly, and the tables were rushed into Palmer Hall. The dance, instead of being held on the walks, took place in the library. A happy day--well spent! Entrance examinations. Many of us are reminded of the uneasy hours we spent one year ago. The Year Book Dance. What a swelter- ing hot night for a dance! juniors were allowed to bring guests. The men were given permission to remove their coatsf for comfort's sake. Step-sing. Our day is coming! Seniors turned Normal Steps over to us. Class Day. Formed in ,a double line down the main walk. and carried arches under which the seniors passedg we looked our best--the girls in white middies and skirts, and boys in gray trousers and white shirts. All displayed our class colors, in the form of banners and ties, when we reappeared on the campus. Thus, ended the junior year for most of us. Few remained for graduation on june 21. SENIOR YEAR, 1925-1926 SEPTEMBER . With eagerness and curiosity the Fall Trainers arrived. ' . Fall term begins. With an air of sophis- tication the seniors come back and find new figures groping about in an endeavor to accustom themselves to their new en- vironment. . Initiation Party. Now, the juniors act for us, sing to us and prove themselves mighty fine sports. They say, UAH good things come to those who wait! 'l . Senior Reception to the New Faculty Members and juniors. We met many new faces, and found the entering class a larger one than ours. OCTOBER Men's A. A. Dance. Halloween Party by J. H. S. IY. The students had a treat when the faculty put on their schoolroom act. 'Twas heard, "'l'hey're only grown-up kids after all." NOVEMBER Many seniors were perturbed by notices stating: "You will not be able to return to school after Thanksgiving unless you are vaccinated." Butfwe all returned! Student Government Banquet, followed by Ex-Service Men's Dance. Senior Masquerade. The Questions asked were, '4Whols Who?" and "What's What?l7 Many mysteries were solved when the participants unmasked. X 4. N Sgxfgsv--J ' VQQ.-2' Z' W l-x ta 'slllllilllllhnlll '. 'ix' I I fx.. mImIl1I?.f W SJ 96 4 . .- Y. ,Q Q., Saxlrraor F DECEMBER 23. Christmas Banquet. We caroled at the homes of our faculty. We were invited to luncheon by Mr. and Mrs. Parkinson. Z4-Jan. 4. Christmas recess. JANUARY ZZ. Gaveleers' Dance. 29. W. A. A. HMusic Box Revue." The show, sponsored entirely by the girls, was most successful. The proceeds were used to purchase athletic equipment for the school. FEBRUARY 4. We were fortunate to have the well known Dr. Griggs lecture to us, following which was a reception by the faculty. The officers of the school organizations were invited. 12. The Junior Valentine Party was held in the library. ' 18-19. Gaveleers' Play-tfThree Wise Foolsf The seniors helped to make this a success. 26 17 Z4 9 30 Z1 11 19 ZO Z1 Our class rings and pins! We started our mid-winter recess, which lasted until March 8. MARCH Mohawks' Dance and Entertainment. The entire senior class graces the school again. Training is over. APRIL '4Windmills of Holland." A senior project. -May 10. Spring recess. MAY Senior Promenade was a gala day. The library was arranged like a japanese garden. Junior girls served as ushers, and wore maids' costumes. JUNE Year Book Dan-ce. Both seniors and juniors permitted to invite guests. Class Day. 'tHe Who Gets Slappedn presented as the senior class project. Singout. Graduation. M.-XY DAY Q gr A jp "" 'lllillumv' U: QL, f 1111437411 , 93 , XB' .JXQQR in N J X' N 111111 111 11l11v f E 'H 1 1111 r' 97 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 J 1 1 HLEST WE FORGETW J mm X ACTIVITIES SAXIFMGE MUSIC t'They who think music ranks amongst the trifles of exist- ence are in gross error, because from the beginning of the world down to the present time it has been one of the most forcible instruments of training both for arousing and governing the mind of man."-William E. Gladstone. In the fall of the school year Girls' Glee Clubs were formed. One consisted of mem- bers from the Senior Class, the other of mem- bers from the junior Class. These Glee Clubs were formed primarily to furnish music for various school activities. During the year, holiday exercises were held with appropriate programs arranged by Miss Perry. Exercises in observan-ce of Armistice Day were shown in the singing of songs ap- propriate for the occasion. The program as given at Christmas was relative to the 'tOld English Christmas." Memorial Day was ushered in by the flag raising at nine o'clock. After the gathering of pupils from the Practice Schools and the Nor- mal School upon Normal steps, Mrs. Willard sounded t'To the Colors." A flag drill and the singing of uAmerica, the Beautiful" and 'fThe Star Spangled Bannerl' concluded the This year an Ensemble Club was formed. Something new in the music life of our school. It consisted of seven members. They played well on several occasions. As has been customary, Mr. Wallace offered to us the opportunity of writing the music essay. This year the subject of the thesis was 'fWhat is Bad Music?" Several students glad- ly took advantage of the excellent opportunity, not only in view of the tempting prizes of- fered, which were 375, 3350, and 3525 in gold, but also because of the valuable knowledge they would obtain by thinking upon such a subject. Two musical projects were given by Senior Girls. Miss Dorothy O'Neil presented as her project t'The Windmills of Holland." Normal students made up the cast of Miss ONeil's project. Miss Cecile Boland took as her senior project "Children of Old Glory." The cast of this project was made up of training school Program- pupils. ROBIN HOOD f- .- S Q- 4 Je -.fs cfiyt in mhlH,mMu,,?3g SQZNJ 99 5aXlFM.GE W DR.-XMATIC CLUB OFFICERS Quirk CTreasurerj, Miss Dolan CSecretaryJ, Miss Sutcliffe CYice-Presidentj, Miss Lewis tl'residcntD President, Mary E. Lewis Vice-President, Eleanor Sutcliffe Secretary, Mary Dolan Treasurer, Robert Quirk With the above officers at the helm the Dramatic Club started to repeat the triumphs of former years in the histrionic art. The Dramatic Club was organized in 1923, to further the study of the drama and to super- vise the production of the offerings of the school. The club met every Thursday evening for the study of different plays, for social reasons, and to bring the juniors in closer association with each other. At each meeting a group was responsible for the success of the evening and in every case the group worked faithfully. The success of the various meet- ings was due to cooperative work. The first play given this year at the clubls regular meeting was on the evening of Novem- ber 17, the play being from the Harvard Workshop, HTWO Crooks and a Ladyf' The play was a type, and the cast did an excep- tionally good piece of work in the production. Miss Wilde, in the part of L'Mrs, Sims-Vane," took the honors in this play. Lucille ............... ..... ........ V i vian Brooks Miller CThe Hawk? ........... .... G ordon Pinney Mrs. Sims-Vane ..... ........ M ollie Wilde Miss jones ..................... Dorothea Brennan Policeman .................... Ferdinand Toupence Miss Mary Lewis' project, an exhibition of Folk Dances representative of twelve countries, was presented on Dec. 13, under the super- vision of Miss McDermott. The attractive costumes, designed and made by Miss Lewis according to the style of the country repre- sented, were worn by the forty junior girls, who took part in the dances. Along with this, appropriate music added much to the success of the project. t i. r- - 'irf rv. us X f ,lllgimpjlt 9,-Sf xxx exist 4 e N ,E NIMHWblllmitlll P, 6 - 100 3AXlFM.GE , F The work was excellent and Miss Lewis is to be congratulated. The project of Miss Irene Shea, 'fThe Music Box Revuef' was given January Z9. This frolic was replete with comedy and wit and showed the efforts of the girls who worked so hard for its success. HThe Music Box Revuew was novel in its make-up, the idea of the play being original. The story of two lovers is portrayed through various acts, all parts taken by the members of the Women's Athletic Asso- ciation. 'fThree Wise Fools,l' the annual production of the Gaveleers' Literary Society, was pre- sented to the student body on the evenings of February 18 and 19, in Assembly Hall. Without doubt it was the best production of the year. The members of the cast worked faithfully and were rewarded for their efforts. Miss Miriam Kempton, Donald Stone, Shirley Iiohaker, and James Smith, in the leading roles. It was well -coached, and the production was a credit to those who planned it. Mr. Theodore Finley ............... Shirley Bohaker Dr. Richard Gaunt ....... ...... J ames Smith Hon. James Trumbull .... ....... I Donald Stone Miss Fairchild ......... .... IV Iiriam Kcmpton Mrs. Saunders ....... .... ll Iildred Capen Gordon Schuyler. . . ..... Thomas Bowler Benjamin Surat . .. ..... Charles Gorman john Crawshay .... ....... i Arvid Jacobson Poole ,.......... ..... R obert Thompson Gray ......... ..... VN 'alter Sweenor Clancy .... .... E lwood Hovey Douglas . . . .,.. Eric Lundberg Policeman .......................... Harold Clark During the evening violin selections by Eliz- abeth Meade, piano solos by Mary Malone, and selections by the Normal Ensemble Club were enjoyed. Miss Williams coached the play, Miss Perry had charge of the music, the business was under the direction of john C. evening of April 9, in the Assembly Hall and a large crowd attended. It is the story of two Dutch people who are steeped in something they call love. Hans is a musician and sin- cere, but Wilhelmina has read of America and is discontented with him. Complications en- sue when a young American arrives in Holland. For some time it seems that Hans must lost his sweetheart, but bit by bit the story is unravelled and when the last curtain falls Hans has won back his Dutch girl. Robert Quirk, in the leading role, showed the way that evening. CAST OF UWINDMILLS OF HOLLAND" Hans ............................... Robert Quirk Mynheer Hertogenboch ..... ....... L ester Roy Vrouw Hertogenboch ..... ..... M ollie Wilde Wilhelmina ............ ..... S adie Kielty Hilda ............. ..... H elen Logan Franz .... , . .... Gordon Pinney Katrina ............ . . . ........ Dorothy O'Neil Bob Yankee .................... Raymond Pelletier Chorus, Special Dancers To Miss Perry, Miss O'Neil, Miss McDer- mott, and Mr. Pelletier the school is indeed grateful for the entertainment provided through this bit of pleasantry. SENIOR PLAY The Senior Play, 'tHe Who Gets Slappedf' will be presented at Commencement by an exceptionally iine cast. Miss Susan Williams and Mrs. Ida L. Still will be in charge of the play and a crackerjack performance is assured. The cast is an all-star cast and should make the production nearly professional. James C. Dolan, who has experience and talent, will take the lines of the leading character, He. THE CAST OF CHARACTERS He Who Gets Slapped .............. James C. Dolan . C - l .............. .... K th ' ' l wooolowolo. Elwood Hovey took oofo of rho Z?..'E2f3f? ............. .?ili1f.3lEZo?52 stage and the publicity -committee consisted Mancini ...... ..... J ames Smith of Herbert Sullivan and Leonard Wilkinson. Brlquffi -------- -'-- D Onald Stone H ,I l H ' Altred Benzano. . . .... George Haley The Wmdmills of Holland, the proiect of A Gentleman ..... ...... T hams Bowler Miss Dorothy O'Neil, an operetta in two parts, B-M011 Reward ---. ------- S hirlffy Bflhakef took the honors of the year in the operetta Jackson """" "" F Crdlnand Toupfmce . . Tillv ..... . . ......... Elizabeth Sullivan line and was given wonderful support by the Pom A ...'........,- Mary Hughes Students. The operetta was given on the Usher .. ..... Angelica It-enema Bickford f ,gm of V i ' - Y -X -I t s. 4e, 5 ,E iirilljwlllluliui F, X 101 1 -A Y Qzqp I: .. . 3: 5. , 2525 -5' ou., CCN ,A 'nfniul 'Swag ' Xa P-:rg-7' Q Q33-xygq. , 2 Q, HO ff 'SVJPQ 'jx f O X 115-ia' Kxx Uv Q if if duff Y E q XX ' 4-A .-,. N 'Sz XG fin' O 9- CI -I , QQ ,K ix -A :rx 21 'D ,, , '32 ji O :Eg N X Q fkihl ml-g R - h L Z if-+ .. g4,Ja,,i 'ff' 1 5,8 p f. 2:2241 iuz f b ! 5 X. xx .,f,,Q x Zow ,ff 2 f X Ewzf X 5' - V7 "el W .' 1 s X TSM '. 7' K ey -A .MN ggi X? nz X J X 1281 Dzwss X " . AIX5 X 2' xxfb 56.24240- - X ,li-3 7 'gk 1 NXO ,H ziQU..1 Q XX Vv,, - his ' I ,J zzgpd znzz r 7 , "' z ' X '2 N' 'T-9 gigtgfilfgiug '-g J N QQ UJQPZMJ7, qw Xu' ' X 'va iqmr-Coz 'U-I K XJ -0 2510 wdxf in ky 'xhfb ggzhvwgog TQ A 550 'U Pm X,1 D Uwr KM 1 ggi! W ooo' zo 'W "' T93 W .W 'W -f QNQ '!'6'v- Q. 4 YN '50, ggimri l,fQ.'....,-lk., gwndg 333:24 9235? -.95 + ZF' ,Q If 45 gg mi, QM?-'n f' IZ'-fq5'2 'fiwf'-., 54 2 ul zum- X, , 'J v . U25-Pom X , NX x Zffulizi E cw- ' C2400-gn D Iw 'u Li urmf. er-. U'w"jm Steam in ,Q-w..Z Putrqbul O KI C0-'I-N30 audio 111116 'H D 7 W W: W I u.01Z9" 'nl"'?o"ou. 0 '5i'9.'0 '-'lei-1,4250 9:15 PPI 0J"X ,..1-4,44 Q - Pu- J lu'f5'25' 7' mzmwuz us lu Imoggl WPWQ mf 25' dm Z P ml ga u Lum UJ w Lb 2 - nrgzmfrm wojlz uuhq FI nu mimi? C1 at tjogolgflfjnzkm wU.nL3,gQu,'4I K ZLL EO .I ng-Im EIZQQUJ W Z K LL U Q7 .S 'PH ...Al I3 -WN rmgn Ii K 3 wr Vu K6 QD v- if' W ,OJ C! Q 2 L JU G Ewa oz 4 ' fgfcf '-f'4Y- n ZS wm a -U1 K ,A . E f,'e?l 'Z' ig 5' -' -- ' AXA 'nd , U K A K 2 fx ' x 1 -4 ' ff A .5 X .1 , t 5 151 X 1 sv GN ' 1 ' .N ll n ' L " A V E, -ui D NX !yrI. D 2 D- . f in ' V E 7- 51,3 S. I I ,xg Z ,4 , ct 2 gl-'g Jn N 9 L if 102 Saxirrgaor F . ,. A N .H A A, I . .,,,.., GA YEL l-L li RS GAVELEERS LITERARY SOCIETY I "Gn0dfell0'wsl1ip', The Gaveleers society, which was organized five years ago, again came forward and in different activities promoted the spirit of HGoodfellowship,' for which it is noted. Pri- marily the society was organized to train the members along literary lines and to promote goodfellowship among the entire student body. In these aims the society has been successful. The Gaveleer dance was a bright spot on the social calendar. lt was a financial and social success and brought the new members of the school into closer association with the older students. During the evening the Gave- leer emblem was lighted and attracted com- ment from those present. At an appointed time the members gathered before the shield and impressively sang the song of the society. f'Three Wise Fools " the dramatic offering 3 D of the society, was presented during two eve- nings and both were marked with success. ln all the workings of the society, nearly every member has had some share in the success. The men of this society have cer- tainly gained a better spirit among themselves and the members of the school because of their willingness to help in every project, their loy- altyto school affairs, and their general ffgood- fellowship." Those who have left our school to take up their work in the chosen profession are high in their praise of the benefits gained from their association with these fine men. The officers of the society are: john Healey, president: James Quinn, vice-president, Thomas M. OiHoro, secretary-treasurer. To Mr. McLean, the society's sponsor and faith- ful friend, goes the sincere gratitude of the graduating Gaveleers and the appreciation of the remaining members. ,. .H E9 .'rwi """"'l"l l"' I C55 29 0 0 -- 'Q ,X - 4 ' X eg ' ' 'fe , .,.,,- :I 103 5A.XlPl?WfirE Y F MOHXWK CLL' li THE MOHAWK CLUB "S0angetalza" The Mohawk Club, which was organized two years ago, with Mr. Harrington as its sponsor, has enjoyed a year of successful acti- vity. The purpose of this organization is to promote a spirit of cooperation in the school, social welfare in student life, professional bet- terment, and to profit by the experiences of the graduates. Professional talks and enter- tainments -combined to make the upow-W0ws" of the club enjoyable. Members of the school faculty and prominent professional men con- tributed to the meeting programs, which were held every Monday evening at eight o'cl0ck. On March 17, the club delighted the school with an entertainment and dance. The en- tertainment in the Assembly Hall was excel- lent class, and the dance in the library was enjoyed by the followers of the terpsichorean art. The library was attractively decorated and the Mohawk banner was displayed. At 10.35 o'clock the beat of the tom-tom called the braves to the Hcamp-fire." With lights low, the Mohawk charge was presented by the members in a very impressive manner. The offering ended with the singing of Auld Lang Syne, the club song. Those who have had the privilege of being a Mohawk realize the value of its lessons and the spirit of loyalty it has imbued in each member, and are better men for it. The Club welcomes the student who possesses the proper qualifications. The officers of the club are: George P. Haley, presi- dent, James C. Dolan, vice-presidentg Lester P. Roy, secretaryg Clifton J. Phelps, treasurer. The honorary members of the club were Mr. Clancy, Mr. Anthony and Mr. Crosier. Our always reliable friend, Mr. Harrington, guided us through the year with his advice and good nature and to him the Mohawk Club is sin- cerely grateful. ami "t - ppp. --, . f , 'f E-'QE'-3 vo if dubai gil, H 'QT' P . -ll .1 Cv- Bimini IIVIA, ,III pc- " UI lui aaxlrraoe , DORMITURY S'l'I'lJliX'l' GOYISRNMENT ASSOCIATION DORMITORY STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION The Class of 1926, upon returning to school in September, 1925, decided to make this year the greatest for Student Government. At a meeting in june, 1925, the following officers were elected: President, Mae Dugan, '26, Yice-President, Lillian Burdett, '2o. Secretary, Margaret Lawlor, '26, Treasurer, Marjorie Snyder, '26. House President, Palmer, Marion Holt, '26. House President, Miller, Edith Duquette, '26. Senior Members at Large, Mary Whalen, Lillian Allyn, Grace Marlowe. At a council meeting in October three girls were elected from the junior Class: 'lice-Presirlent, Palmer, Frances De Riggs, '27. Vice-President, Miller, Louise Lothrop, '27. junior Members at Large, Harriet Naylor, Alta Lezotte, Imelda Lester. Representatives off campus, Catherine Kennedy, Frances Harrington, May Drohan. The fourth Student Government Banquet was given November 13, 1925, in Palmer Hall dining room. The guests of honor at the ban- quet were: Mr. and Mrs. Parkinson, Mrs. Still, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony, Miss Helen 0'Horo, Miss Perry, Miss Doland, Mr. and Mrs. Clancy, Miss Julia O'Brien, second presi- dent of the association, Miss Marion Sutcliffe, who represented last yearls council, and Miss Ruth Shaughnessy, who represented the Day Girls' Association. All members of last year's council and the members of the faculty who have meals regu- larly in the dining room were invited. A very delightful banquet was served by Mrs. Morris. A most interesting program was given. To our president, Mae Dugan, we extend our cordial thanks for her capable leadership. - Q ,. , , ,..4A'IIImW. .t-' , Us rv., s . QL-. f 4 ,lltgtmfkl , xl,1-4 105 SAXWMGE e . DAY GIRLS' STUDENT GOVERNMILNT ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Back Row-Miss Duvarney, Miss Coughlin, Miss Boland Front Row-Miss Kenney, Miss Moran, Miss Darch DAY GIRLS' ASSOCIATION Officers President, Mary Moran Secretary, Dorothy Scully Treasurer, Viola Kennedy Council Members Dorothy Devaney Doris Darch Frances Carney Margaret Coughlin Florence Pierce Alice Marsh Mary Toolin Rachel Murray Margaret DeRoche Cecile Boland Mary Dervin "In Unity there is Slrengtlzf' Maybe that was the reason for the organiza- tion of the day students, or maybe it was to cultivate a greater feeling of sociability, but whatever the cause, the result was the forma- tion of the Day Girls' Association, which is an ever-increasing factor in the Normal School. There has been more cooperation between the Day Girls and the Dormitory Girls this year than in the past, and the hope is that it will increase in the years to come. The parties which have been conducted during the year have helped to increase this friendship and cooperation. The locker-room, the lunch-rooms, and the pleasant rest-room in Miller Hall are provided for the convenience of the commuters. The social spirit among the girls was in- creased through the delightful luncheon held in Miller Hall on April 28, 1926. We had as guests, Mr. and Mrs. Parkinson, Mrs. Still, Miss Perry, and Miss Conlon of the faculty, and Miss Dugan, President of the Student Government Association. , .rrr , F s ig-,az F' Qbfffg exit isa,,hum'II-,,,,?2g :SGZLNJ 106 5AXll""TMGE , Y FG DEBATING COUNCIL Back Row-fHaley, Leighton Middle Row--Miss Sullivan, Miss Wright, Miss Bushee, Miss Harrington Front Row--Miss Collins, Miss Goehring, Dolan, Miss Mooney, Miss Smith DEBATES Debating plays an important part in the extra curricula activities of our school. The Debating Council has been in existence for three years. Each division has a repre- sentative in the council, and through these representatives the interdivision debates are planned and carried out. The officers of the Debating Council are: James C. Dolan, president: Francis Hurlbut, secretary, Isabel Mooney, treasurer, Miss Conlon and Mr. Harrington, faculty advisors. Four interdivision debates were given dur- ing the year. The first debate was given Dec. 17, Junior IV upholding the affirmative, and Junior III, the negative, debated the following question: Resolved, That the fraternal soci- eties of the present day are a valuable addition to the life of any institution for higher educa- tion, the negative side winning. Resolved, That the present Air Service is a detriment to commercial aviation was the subject debated by Junior I and J. H. S. I. The decision was in favor of the negative, which was upheld by Jr. I. Senior P. A. I and J. H. S. II debated on a subject of interest to all: Resolved, That formal marks are detrimental to the present- day teacher. The affirmative was given by Sr. P. A. I, the negative J. H. S. II. The affirmative Won. The debate between Sr. P. A. II and Sr. I Was also a subject of special interest to us: Resolved, That teachers should receive equal pay for equal service. The decision was given in favor of the negative team representing Sr. I. rx. vxCLSd,E-.. 6: 955 , ' geek ..m.ula2 , '.,,.'ll 107 - Saxirraor , A 3llCX'S ATllLli'l'ltT ASSOCIATION OFFICERS Carrigan tTreasurerJ, Dolan QSecrctaryJ, Mr. Clancy tFaculty Aclvisorl, Heal:-y CPresicli-ntl MEN'S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION In june, 1925, a meeting was called to elect student OIIICBFS and a Faculty Advisor for the Menls Athletic Association. Mr. Clancy was chosen as Faculty Advisor, and the following men as offlcersz President, John F. Healey, vice-President, Clarence Ra- bouing secretary, James C. Dolan, treasurer, Thomas Carrigan. The qualities of leadership whi-c'h the mem- bers of the Athletic Association knew were embodied in these men were shown by the success of the different enterprises undertaken by the Athletic Association. To William Ashline, treasurer of the Asso- ciation, who resigned because of other activi- ties, the association extends at this time its sincere thanks for his services while holding that office. Athletics this year were placed on a firm, sound basis. Football, Basket Ball, and Base- ball were the major sports engaged in by the members of the Association. The popularity of these three was shown by the enthusiastic support given by the student body and the faculty at all home games. Our Athletic Field is rapidly rounding into shape. This spring a baseball diamond was engineered and a backstop installed. This work was done by the Practical Arts depart- ment, under the direction of Mr. Clark H. Morrell of the faculty. The patronage and hearty support the people of Fitchburg have given to our project, our Athletic Field, is appreciated by every member of the Association, and to everyone who has in any way contributed to the sup- port of athletics at Normal School, the asso- ciation feels the helplessness of attempting any expression of its appreciation on the printed page. Q A , 'IIll"""m"'l" "" I! ' we Q"-:iii 4 1: N 5 A snxxilulllx Illllwlulll F, CK 5 iid- ,V ,, , A V 4 .. Saxlrraur , FOO'l'li.fXl.l. TIC.-XXI Hack Row- l"ilxg4'ral4l, Nlr. Mclean, Xlr. Clancy, NIV. .Xntl1ony, Roy, Cusliman, liabouin, lloliaker ifxlfllll Stone, Scott, Conmlgllty. Ilurl, .'Xmlerson, Miller, 0'Horo, Gorman ' lioltom Ron'ffKll1-y, Carrigan, lly.-r, Captain llall-y, Dolan, llroclsky, Rouclu-, U"l'oole Capt. Haley, left tackle, a veteran of the gridiron, was an admirable leader and a hard tackler. He was a bulwark on the defense and steadied the team at all times, McNally, quarterback, was a field general of high calibre. Wilkinson, fullback, hit the line hard and backed up the defense with hard and frequent tackles. Dyer, the fleet left halfback, broke through for long gains and was a sensation in a broken field. Forest, right halfback, was the other mem- ber of the hard-working backfield. A pretty tackler and good in leading interference. Scott, veteran left end, played his usual sterling game. Few plays circled his end and as a receiver of the forward pass he had no peer. Miller, left guard, was a tower of strength Ol in the line. He worked incessantly and in the game with Dean was the best man on the field. O"l'0ole, in the center of the line, played a strong brand of football. Light, but game, he broke through frequently and nailed plays before they went under way. Kiley, right guard, flanked the other side of the pivot position. His knowledge of the game made him a valuable asset. Dolan, right tackle, a heady player, who knew the game, he was a mountain of strength to the right side of the line. Carrigan, right end, was fast going down under punts. A sure tackler and a good re- ceiver of the forward pass. Space forbids a detailed account of the other men on the squad, but to them and the Coaches Fitzgerald and Clancy should go a full measure of credit. g,. ,559 4lII'N-'Il of X,., I s -, 1 A L ll -"1 'lllllllwl . - - we . . . J Gish J J ' f 'E 'll .,.,,. llllll' 1' Saxirraur , BASKET BALL TEAM Back Row---Fitzgerald, McDonald Olanagcrl Middle Row-Carrigan, Pinney, Fillback, Phelps Front Row-Clark, Dyer, Rabouin fCaptainD, Scott, O'Toole 1 BASKET BALL Captain Rabouin, the diminutive forward, a veteran of three years, was a good leader and a hard worker. He was everywhere and was a factor in all our victories. Fitzgerald, crack forward, from the Heart of the Commonwealth, was the scoring ace of the outfit. From any angle and any time he would drop them through the net with ma- chine-like precision. Carrigan, the Worcester flash, was at the pivot position. Fast on the floor, master of the dribble and a good shot, he was among the leading scorers. Scott, veteran of many battles, was a strong defensive man. He broke up many plays and scored frequently with beautiful long shots. Dyer was the other pillar of the back court. The former Clinton star guarded his man well and started many plays which resulted in scores. He was invaluable. O'Toole was a mainstay because of his ability to play any position. He played in every game, was fast and reliable, and scored when points were needed. Clark and Fillback, who worked in the center of the court, gave a good account of themselves when called upon and should be the mainstays of next yearls quintet. Pinney and Phelps were reliable and ag- gressive when sent to the forward court. Both were clever with the ball and their all-around work was commendable. To Manager McDonnell goes the ribbon for efficient service as a managerg to Coach Amiott the sincere thanks and affection of the players: and those who helped to make the season a success, the association feels the helplessness of words to express its appreciation. QL xxx , , ,,..-wlllln ...-' We k , tlllgpvfli QA' t- Q 'I 95 -.f V f 1 f' . 'il Y., N 1- ,J k"i""'ll .,... luv" iw ' 110 Saxlrrssoe , BASEBALL TEAM Buck R0wfGingras Glanagcrl, Morrell lCoacl1l, YYynn C.-Xssistant llanagurl, Sullivan, lfitzgzcrztlcl Middle Row- O,Dc:i, Forrest, Kiley, Rozlchu, Pelletier, O"I'oolc Front Row---Carrigan, Dyer, Scott, Mc-Xuliffe, De Sousa, Grcnnon, Pinney BASEBALL McAuliffe, captain and centerfielder, is an ideal leader, a remarkable judge of a Hy ball, and a timely and consistent hitter. Scott, who wears the mask, is back in his regular position. He steadies the pitchers, works hard behind the plate, and hits when runs are needed. McQuirk, the pitching ace, is just rounding into mid-season form. His knowledge of the game combined with his good right arm makes him king of the rubber. Desousa is a reserve and is understudy to his classmate. He is light, but he has control. Fitzgerald, shortstop, takes his turn in the box when called on. In the infield he smothers fast grounders, and few pitchers can send him back from the plate, if he advances to the bat. RD Carrigan, first base, is showing the class of a big leaguer. His height and reach give him a decided advantage around the initial corner. Roache, the veteran of the team, takes care of the keystone sector in typical Roache style. A hard and consistent hitter, a sure fielder. Pelletier, who is guardian of the hot corner, displays brilliant baseball on all occasions. His powerful bat rings out hits for extra bases, and as clean-up hitter he is a man to be feared. O'Toole, left field, has experience in play- ing the garden. His excellent fielding has cut short many a rally and he is dangerous with the stick. Dyer, who patrols the right field, has start- led the team at bat by poling out long drives and hitting consistently. To Coach Morrell and Manager Gingras the association is indebted. 4 if-1 X ff aj , -4 4 I I.-ul F' ,531 -gt as an y ggi ,K 'Q' E14 nu ll MIN I s C f ix' JUNIOR CLASS n- ,- N SAXIFMGF OFFICERS OF WOIXIENS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Back Row--Miss Duffy, Miss Wood, Miss Keaveny, Bliss McDermott Front Row-Miss Met-gun tTn-asurerh, Miss Dyer Cl'residentJ, Miss Lester WOMEN'S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION A successful season was enjoyed by the Women's Athletic Association of F. N. S., 1925-1926, under the leadership of Miss Mc- Dermott and Miss Wood. The oflicers were: President, Mary Dyer, Vice-President, Imelda Lester, Secretary, Margaret Meegang Treas- urer, Mary Duffy, Senior Representative, Jessie Wood, junior Representative, Agatha Keaveny. The season included tennis, hiking, and hockey in the fall, bowling, winter sports, and basket ball in the winter, and track and tennis in the spring. A new t'Point System" was devised, whereby a girl might earn points for scholarship, sportsmanship by taking part in various sports, etc. Letters, F. N. S., were awarded to girls for 250 points, W. A. A. Pins for SOO points, and Winged Victory Pins for 1000 points. Cecile Boland was chairman of the committee that worked out this system. and decided to put on a t'Music Box Revue? Friday, January 29, the Revue was presented under the direction of Irene Shea for the bene- lit of the Athletic Field. Thursday, May 27, Miss McDermott left for Denmark, where she is to study Danish Folk Dancing, etc. We were all very sorry that she could not remain with us through june, but we are looking forward to having her with us again next September. We were very fortunate indded in having Miss Wood in Miss McDermott's absence. She is always ready and willing to help us in all athletic matters. Q Q. , , ,.f-f 'llilllml uil' , M. ,gm .lim-fl, .QR of s V L. 41 i I ' 'lin 'il 0 113 Saxlrfmor 5 GIRLS' I-IQCKEY One of the major sports for girls for the fall athletic season was Field Hockey. A team was selected from each division to compete for class honors. From the division teams two teams were picked to represent the Senior and junior classes. Two games were played between the Seniors and Juniors, the juniors being the victors in the first contest, Z to O, and the Seniors winning the second game, 2 to 1. These games were marked by much rivalry. From the two teams a varsity team was selected. Lillian Allyn was captain, and led the team in a very efhcient manner. Jessie Wood is our center forward. She proved herself one of the speediest players in taking the ball to the enemy's goal. Clara Martinson, who played left inside, was ever ready. Helmi Flinck, the left end, was a star in Lila Jarvela played right end and was re- sponsible for many victories. Impi Koski occupied the position of left halfback exceedingly well. It was Mary Lewisls mighty swing and knack of keeping track of the ball which made her impassable. As center half Rose Rohan will not be for- gotten, for who could forget her speed in trav- ersing the field up and down after the hockey ball. Edith Patterson was a great defensive player at the left fullback position. She has a sure shot and could always be depended upon. At right fullback was Bernice Abbott. She was always sure of her shot. Ruth Brown was our trusty goal-keeper and we were always confldent she could keep the ball away from the goal. Mary Dugan proved a very capable man- all games. ager for the team. Qi - F 1 vw "lllllluu ---' W Q M. 59. quifwar, of V., , . '-., x L5 ' 'S "- ...... .ll FW ' 114 Saxirrganr Joicas Last words of the J. H. S. IV. Sextet. Jimmy Smithvl am ready to accept the presidency of the United States. I am not too confident, but on the face of things I am the likely candi- date. However, there's many a girl wears a sailor's hat who never saw a rowboat. Phil Cashman-Everything comes to him who waits. I expect to be flooded with offers. I shall give every superintendent a chance. I shall not slight any of them. The highest bidder can have me. 'fFran" Roache--Winchendon is proud of me. I am returning home with the coveted sheepskin, The whole town will greet me with open arms. Everyone Will be present. It will be a great day in my life when the three of them meet me at the station. "Spike" O'HorofMy ambitions are at last realized. I have left nothing out of my course, I have left no stone unturned. I even turned over auto- mobiles to get to the goal. Nothing could stop me. Now for a little bit of rest. "Bob" Quirk4I will startle the world with my tenor voice. I have prepared well and the world is waiting for me. I hate to leave Normal to the rest of the boys. Tune in, boys, on the radio, you'll never have the price to see me in person. HBeansie" O'Toole4It's all over, boys. Now I'll give the world a treat. Take my advice and study. l am certainly glad I did-Clinton is proud of me, and may now give David I. Walsh a chance to retire. HEREDITY A teacher wrote this brief criticism on a boyis report: "A good worker but he talks too much." When the report came back signed accord- ing to rule by the boy's father, it bore besides the signature this feeling retort: 'tYou should hear his mother." Visitor: 'tWhy do the Normal girls try to crowd a man off the sidewalk when they meet him?" Native: '4The clears aren't trying to crowd him off. They merely want to meet a man squarely? Senior Girl out walking: HOh! but I'm YVhat Joe R. saw on a hotel menu: If you want a bell-boy, wring a towel. Base- ball players wanting exercise will find a pitcher on the stand. Persons wishing good board, call a lumber mill. If you want to write take a sheet off the bed. Tom: HWould you mind if I called you Dorothea?" She: UNO, but I'd think it awfully funny, because my name is Helen." Senior 1, coming late to Mr. Kirkpatrick's class. Mr. Kirkpatrick: ffWhat made you late. Senior 1: t'Mr. Harrington kept us teach- ing us military salute. Mr. Kirkpatrick: t'Why not suggest to him to teach you military promptness?" 'PH 77 TifcdWWe'll Say Miss McDermott: HAH girls who feel they are unable to take their five-mile hike over again step two steps forward. All the girls step except Jessie Wood. Miss McDermott: 'tWell, Jessie, I'm glad to see that there is one girl who likes to hike." Jessie: 'tOh, Miss McDermott, I'm so tired I can't even take those two steps forward." 7? Jack H.: ttIs she very pretty? Jerry G.: ttPretty? Say, when she gets on a street car the advertising is a total loss." Miss Perry: t'Do you know anything about 'Carmen,?l' Smith: 'tYes, I know four conductors on the F. 81 L." QExit S1nith.J Miss Williams: 'tDescribe the scene, Mr. Cashman." Phil: f'He blew out the light which still burned and hurled himself through the key- cold." hole. As the boat shot through the rapids, Unsophisticated Junior Man: UWell, let's he realized he had forgotten to fill the gasoline run." tank. ltwas toolate-ff' D! ,,,.1IIlghm ,,,. 1 Q Lg, . jlllffmwlr V -3 95 Q ' ' 9 C'A6'e.'Q J exp, ie . al aixefo N -1 ""'fu'l.....I1nl""r 1' i 115 Saxirmor ,S Helen C.: HDo you really believe ignorance is bliss?l' Peg M.: "I donlt know: you seem to be happyfl Miss Williams: "Give an example of a col- lective noun." Emma D: HHash." Never make fun of a person with a pug nose-you never know what may turn up. 'fHave you an opening for a Normal School graduateiv' 'fYes, that door in back of you." Senior in training, to her class: ffjimmy, if I said 'I'm beautiful ' what tense would it b P77 7 e. Jimmy, promptly: HPast." Irene T.: Ml-Iow big is your home town?,' Lucy: 'f0h, about the size of New York, but it isnlt built up yet." Tom Bowler when visiting a restaurant noticed a piece of paper printed in bold char- acters and tacked on the wall: "The umbrella in the stand below belongs to the champion heavyweight fighter of the world. He is coming right backf' Five minutes later umbrella and paper had disappeared. In their place was another notice: Hlimbrella is now in possession of the cham- pion Marathon runner of the world. He is not coming back." A recipe-To avoid a colorless existence, keep in the pink of condition: do things up brown: treat people white: be well read: and get out onto the golf green under the blue occasionally. The Word Wanted-Joe Shea walked into a garage where his car was being repaired and was heard to reprimand the garage owner for telling him how to run his own car, saying: "This is my car, and what I say goesf' A moment later a tired, greasy mechanic looked up from under the car and said: ffFor goodness, sake, say fengine'.'l Senior Man: UCongratulate me, my dear. I've won the nominationf' Junior Girl Qin surprisej: HHonestly? Senior Man: ffNow what did you want to bring up that point for?I' 7? MODERN ART "Here's where I prove an artist VVithout a brushf' he cried And drew a lovely maiden Up closer to his side. The members of the faculty ask these ques- tions: ffWhat made Oscar Wilde?l' 'fWhere did Victor Hugo?H "Would you like to have Ben Hur?" MPa, what are cosmetics?7' HCosmetics, my son, are peach preserversf' Class Meeting: HI nominate Dave Forrestf' Dave Forrest: 'LI recline." Voice from the rear: HYou must be going to lay down on the jobf' Fire Drill in Palmer Hall at 10 p. m. Mrs. Still: "Where is Rhoda Allen?'l Grace Marlowe: ffOh, she's out playing tonightfl Mr. Smith: Ulf there are any absent whose names I have not read, let them speak up at this time." Mr. Harrington: f'Who wrote your selec- tion?'l Rachel Murray: ffNobody wrote my poem. I mean it was anonymous." Catherine A.: HDid you hear about the girl who got stuck in Miss Conlon's room?" Senior: HNOI tell me about it." Catherine: HShe sat in the pastefi Miss McDermott: UClass is not excused!" Mae Dugan: f'Mr. Harrington will kill us if we're latefl Miss McDermott: HI havenlt heard of his killing any one yet.'7 Mae Dugan: 'tYes, but we had a battle in class yesterday." Q ymu ---" illlllvu wii' I U ,I gy: Y Y 'CS FX: ML X 4 :I ,. :.. V., xl., r ,..2 1 g,5 QF. g fe N I N ,illllllnllix Vllllwlllll P, f 116 SAXIWMGE , AUTOGRAPHS 9 I ,qlfl I V I + 2 , H! U1 I, 'A i it Z fl E Z I ' . f -' Y" .,. b ,ff f V , ,- I I 4" J f ! I R 5- xx V ,,RN.Lm A gc. 'T Y My u nh' N P 2 L v V, P 1-i'vL, 4 ' ' ' fx P I 'Y fl' 7 . 1 l I Of TE 1 f , ' , f f ' V f , QI' Xl I Ilrl 'Ilmlm' Iylw ' . . - rx.. X70 5 X 4 W- 4 n 2 J Q55 - Y Eh' g ,, 4 e al ifff N ,S lllllmwlllllilqlll P., K 117 SAXEWPWGHE AUTOGRAPHS WJUQUQ UMM- ,fbuobw PM Cfwfa-ff ' i , v 'r -' 556,-Q ,14 M pda!! QQ fzblxczfyg, K V 07,9 .Af 4,f,4f.1,J K ff J , vL'?vi.,4.,'4.c,?C , 264,411-42. Jflf- uw, N! lx! VX 1 I 'if iq mmap ? ugf' 118 Qu: Q' , A 1,.'f"mlulnlI' P qi .fx Q . 59. . gaslmrl, -QR 95 X,., M 56 I " 'I' X ax J 1 .- -' , - X x gf L ri' To G 1 lllll I III v . A :' I L N-! MXHFMGE AUTOGRAPHS Q. J? nr I Cq. 0 mrxz. "Q " L Z . 4 f r - 5 . , 'f .rua - , .., s .1 " X - Q M 4 1 II I r A ..,.,-:I X1 'H IIN! rf 119 SAXHFMGE A AUTOGRAPHS 35393 N QXJ Q13 gf, x . f1llrff:N22 1 - Q-25? v L 5. Q 4! 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Rugs, Floor Coverings, Draperies. XCurtains, Trunks and Bags. Auto Tires. 'WI Few Steps Down, But It Pays to Go." OUR . , Y , Dry Goods, Hosiery, Sniallwares, QOH NSTAIRS 4 Notions, Knit Underwear, Dress Goods. U STORE XPietoriol Review Patterns. 0:0050 TI-'IE GOODNOW- PEARSON CO. Operators of Nineteen Stores in Four States FITCI-IBURG HARDWARE CO Fitchburg? Hardware Department Store of Useful and Practical Birthday and Graduation Presents in our Radio Department. Silverware and Cutlery Toilet and Manicure Sets Sporting Goods Fountain Pens Auto Accessories Pen ancl Pencil Sets Bathroom and Fireplace Fittings Leather Goods The Home of Hardware Quality and Service FITCI-IBURG HARDWARE CO. 314-316 and 746 Main Street E 5 O'N EIL 86 CASELLA "Tire Class Ring Beautnfulv 110 High Street BOSTON, MASS. DE?EE5'iEEEE 1 Q. Compliments J. G. FLYNN Coat, Apron and Towel Supply 82 GREEN STREET S. J. MARKHAM Insurance 436 MAIN STREET SENTINEL PRINTING zlf domofulool by that group o f purolvuforf wlzofe 6!66llfl'0lZ is Zlll- jquouood Ivy guulily o f the fnzlfhed product SENTINEL PRINTING COMPANY 808 Main Street, Fitchburg , I N I Comphmmof p JOHN B. UECUYER Dr. F. B. lVlclVlurray CBWIMT DENTIST 62 GREEN STREET l Bobbing a Specialty JoHN PETERS l 3 H. h G d The Teachers Exchange ig ra e . . OF BOSTON 120 BOYLSTON ST. Shoe Repairing l Recommends Teachers, Tutors and Schools 64 Green Street, Fitchburg, Mass. l A Prescription for your Complexion Soap, I-lot Water Elbow Grease Nothing takes the place of these, says the heacl of a great firm of cosmetic manufacturers in a recent magazine article. "Lots of all three" says this expert. And note he says lm! water E for absolute cleanliness. Have hot water always available. Install a Ruud Automatic water heater now. Fitchburg Gas 86 Electric Light Company I Best Service l For Compliments of Ladies' and GCHtl?m6I17S Cleaning, j Pressing, Repairing and Dyeing 7 y Guaranteed. Hall S LUUCIW VINCENT DI LUCCI Tailor i 27 DAY STREET R. N. GOWELL ELECTRIC CCD. CONTRACTGRS ENGINEERS SUPPLIES 6 Putnam Street TELEPHONE 1350 Fitchburg, Mass. Compliments of DEPGT FILLING STATIONS Colonial Gasoline Beacon Motor Oil 220 MAIN STREET so WATER STREET RIVER AND DANIELS STREETS AYER, MASS. GARDNER, MASS. Auto Laundry and Greasing Station, 117 Water Street Compliments of LESURE, The Florist KIDDER 85 DAVIS I-Iouse Furnishers 692-700 MAIN STREET EITCHEURG, MASS. x NICHQLS at FRGST, Inc. We still maintain a Men,s Furnishing Section where you can find up-to-date furnishings such as SHIRTS, CGLLARS TIES, HQSIERY UNDERWEAR PAJAMAS, GLOVES HANDKERC1-HEPS AT PRICES CONSISTENT WITH QUALITY TI-IE I-IOME OF QUALITY CGAL FITCI-IBURG COAL COMPANY 'QALWAYS AT YOUR SERVICE" 4 DAY STREET 1-.---....... -.... .... -,.., .,.,, . , Fitchburg? Fashion Store far Young Meh Exclusive Style and Choicest Quality Tuxedos, Full Dress, and Cutaways for Hire !3 SILVER'S Young Men's Clothes Shop 5 DAY STREET FITCH BURG Our Customers Get QUALITY that has to make good, or we will. Get SERVICE that is rendered with the one idea of satisfying you. Get VALUE that is appreciated long after the original cost is forgotten. Get ASSORTMENTS that are un- surpassed at any season of the year. How may we ser' e you today? Chamberlain-Huntress Co. 332-340 Main Street Fitchburg Herels a story Worth while- it's about our suits. Everything in the good book of Style is here this season. 050 W. G. Payson Co. PARK BUILDING Fitchburg, Mass. City Steam Laundry 050 "Send it to the Laundry" 050 OFFICE AND LAUNDRY wo NORTH STREET FITCHBURG Union Co COAL You Can Depend Upon IXWKI Burns freely, be- cause itls clean coal, ,Q clinkers. We wouldn't sell any other kind. 42" 'V Q' 6' 1 free from slate or JP Q V DP' al Company 357 MAIN STREET Phone 740 I-Iave You Spent Your Home? The nickels and dimes that hardly seem worth considering are really powerful bits of metal. They built the Woolworth Building in New York, and the Wrigley Build- ing in Chicago. Treat your small change with re- spect, there's a home there for YOU. And remember that small deposits always receive a welcome at the Worcester North Savings Institution 288-294 Main Street, Depot Square B. L. RICI-I CO. 574 Main Street The Best in Music Poole Haines Gulbransen - lan-OS Cable- Nelson BUESCHER SAXOPI-IONES and BAND INSTRUMENTS YELLOW CAB STRIVES FOR THE IDEAL Yvlloru Cub would never be content to go on being: just a cab company-picking up chalice fares-thinking only of the money involved4lettingr well enough alone-having no particular ambition-no personal interest in the community. Its ambition has been-and is-to be a useful arquaintnnce of every family and school in this city-to be a distinct help to the people in all sorts of service and emergi- ency-anrl to be liked and trusted by every- one. ' , Naturally, however, we need your help! your constructive criticism and suggestions for betterment. VVe can't know it all, and the more help we get from you the better you will be served. HAIL THEM ANYWHERE Do1z't Take cz ClzanceKTzzlee zz Yellow Phone 4000 YELLOW CAB COMPANY Compliments of HQTEL RAYMOND FITCI-IBURG QUEEN BUSSES "Force Fitchburg Forward " by hiring busses bearing its name and belonging to Fitchburg. Once you ride in one, you won't regret it. You will surely be pleased with the service and comfort rendered. Riding is made a pleasure instead of a tiresome journey. For further information call 2188 or 128 High Street. ANYWHERE AT ANY TIME ,i. THE NORMAL SPA Directly across from the NORMAL SCHOOL at PEARL STREET and MYRTLE AVENUE 0500l0 High Grade Candies, Ice Cream, Soda, Lunches Bakery Goods, Magazines, Kodak Films and Finishing 0 FISH 86 COX, Proprietors Al he CLOVER HILL DAIRY AND FOOD SHOP at 361 Main Stree Complime of T126 Gnzwleers and T116 fllolzzmvles 1 Compliments of WHITE DRUG STGRE CD., INC. CHAS. A. ADAMS, Registered Pharmacist 20 Day Street Rubber Goods Sporting Goocls We carry the Famous Draper- Maynard Sporting Goods, including Baseball, Basketball, Football, and all Athletic Supplies FITCHBURG RUBBER CO. Z?i-'EEiJ22HT'?T15iEZ FITZSIMMGNS MOTQR CAR CO. Citi? Lincoln Jfbncl Forclson AUTHORIZED SALES AND SERVICE Fitchburg, Mass. Compliments of RI TTERMFLORIS T 173 MAIN STREET xx F. M. Johnson Lumber Co. River Street Telephones: 1535-1536 Compliments of Druggist MAIN AT DAY STREET Compliments of Fitchburg Banlc 86 Trust Co. 306 lVIain Street 745 Main Street MALQNEY BROS. High Gracle lVlen7s Wear at Popular Prices TUXEDOS TO RENT Remember our New Location, 21 Day Street xxi Compliments of Frederick P. Slattery 1 Oliver Street Compliments of Motor Tire Service Co. 42-46 DAY STREET Compliments of MAX BEVER Tailor 3 Brossorvi STREET Compliments of C. H. WATSCN 214 PEARL STREET What are shoes for? RTO wear, you betln That is Why you should buy your shoes at KIN N EY7S g 369-371 Main St., Fitchburg, Mass. J. J. KENNEDY, Mgr. Proposing Smarter Apparel For the Well-Dressed Man STYLE is a thing that costs the clothing makers a lot of money to originate and tailor into a garment. It's the thing that wearers most want, yet find it hard to estimate in the cost of Clothes. It's one of the reasons wh these Clothes ma cost . I y I Y you a trifle more than Just ordinary Clothesaehut that extra amount is eas to sell ourself when ou h Y Y Y see t em. Fine Woolens Snappy Models 530.00 to 550.00 KIMBALL 85 SON CQMPANY Compliments of LOUIS A. GELINAS , , , ,, m GOOD CLOTHES STAY GOOD We are pledged to sell you ONLY GOOD CLOTHES Good, Safe Values Oli, F. I-I. LANE CO. Hd7ff27TC1: Conn. Boston, Mass. Portlanaf Maine " Three Q14 gencies One CRegi5tration D We are active in the sections of New England and the Middle Atlantic States which offer the best opportunities for professional and financial advancement TI-IE CARY TEACHERS' AGENCY 36 Pearl St., Hartford, Conn. 14 Beacon St., Boston, Mass. Clapp Memorial Building, Portland, Maine Hartford Conn. Boston, Mass. Portlanaf Maine Compliments of T. P. O'CON N OR Green Street Druggzkt Compliments of T. K. ROSS, D. M. D. Denim' J. E. Cl-IENEY, D. M. D., Associate Miss Matte Browne, Nurse 050 Park Building, Fitchburg, Mass. ' Telephone 454 Compliments of Bon Ton Restaurant W. C. GCODWIN SM.. SHOES ft Hogitk Y 342-344 MAIN STREET 11019-proof jjcasj q N. C. RUBLEE'S Optometrists-Opticians SPECIALISTS IN 412 MAIN ST. LENSES FOR TI-IE EYES FITCI-IBURG, MASS l I' I'

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