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.?: ' ' " l ■•:■ ■ ' £L t LAJ Mi SEN hmi£m Bl m VhT ■ «5H9U THE SAXIFRAGE OF THE CLASS OF NINETEEN TWENTY-FIVE STATE NORMAL SCHOOL FITCHBURG, MASSACHUSETTS f -■ u VOLUME NUMBER FOUR FRANK S. LIVERMORE j Q Fitchbur o Normal 9 5 Qlie Saxifrage TO FRANK S. LIVERMORE WITH SINCERE RESPECT AND AFFECTION WE DEDICATE THIS FOURTH VOLUME OF THE SAXIFRAGE. HE IS THE FRIEND AS WELL AS INSTRUCTOR OF EVERY STUDENT OF PRINTING AT FITCHBURG NORMAL SCHOOL AND AN EXAMPLE OF UNTIRING EFFORT TO ADVANCE THE NORMAL SCHOOL THROUGH THE PRINTING DEPARTMENT. AFTER COMPLETING HIS STUDIES AT LELAND GRAY SEMINARY, TOWNSHEND, VERMONT, HE ENTERED THE D. LEONARD JOB OFFICE IN BRATTLEBORO, WHERE HE TOOK UP HIS LIFE WORK AS A PRINTER. IN 1897 HE CAME TO FITCHBURG WHERE HE WORKED FOR THE SENTINEL PRINTING COMPANY. IN 1915 HE SUCCEEDED MR. FARNSWORTH (NOW PRINTING INSTRUCTOR IN FITCHBURG HIGH SCHOOL) AS INSTRUCTOR HERE. SINCE HE HAS BEEN IN THE PRINTING DEPARTMENT A LINOTYPE MACHINE AND AN AUTOMATIC PRESS HAVE BEEN ADDED TO THE EQUIPMENT. HE IS THE AUTHOR OF A NOTEBOOK, " NOTES AND SUGGESTIONS FOR TEACHERS OF PRINTING AND TYPOGRAPHY IN NORMAL, HIGH, AND JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOLS. " jQ Fitchburg Normal £5 WILLIAM D. PARKINSON XjY j Q Fitchbur g Normal ? ; Yo the- Saxifrage OUR PRINCIPAL William D. Parkinson, our Principal, is an inspiring- teacher, a wise advisor, and a true friend. He graduated from Dartmouth in 1878, receiving an A. B. degree. He then took up the study of law at the National University, Washington, D. C, from which he received the degree of LL. B. After a most successful and varied experience as teacher and superintendent of schools, he became an agent for the State Department of Education. From that posi- tion, in 1920, he came to our Normal School. His inexhaustible patience and his active interest in all student activities have done much for us and for the ad- vancement -of our school. The members of the Class of 1925 appreciate sincerely the high ideals he,, has inspired that we may become efficient teachers and good citizens. |Q Fitchburg Normal 9 5 ffiie Saxifrage MRS. IDA L. STILL Y 1 9 Htchbii NQrmal 25 V " " O X ■k ; .. ' i-:. v i Q " he Saxifrage OUR DEAN OF WOMEN Mrs. Ida L. Still, our Dean of Women, owes to a charming personality, as well as to a liberal experience, her especial fitness for the responsible office which she holds. After receiving her A. B. degree from Whitman College, Walla Walla, Washington, she did graduate work at Columbia University. For three years, she taught in the high school at Milton, Oregon, and later devoted several years to Y. W. C. A. work in Billings, Montana. Mrs. Still ' s graciousness has merited cur deep admira- tion and friendship, and we have appreciated as well her ever present desire to be of service, and the interest she has manifested in all our undertakings. " XdV j Q Fitchbur g Normal ? ffiie Saxifrage WILLIS B. ANTHONY |Q Fitchbur g Normal 2 5 " UT IM OUR DEAN OF MEN Willis B. Anthony, Director of the Practical Arts Department, and Dean of Men, has the respect of all the students. His experience and education have been along practical lines. He graduated with honors from Boston Normal Art School. He then supervised drawing in the public schools of North Adams for six years. In 1909, he organized the Practical Arts Department of Fitchburg Normal School. This department has grown, in the sixteen years of its existence, to be one of the best equipped and most thorough systems of practical educa- tion in Massachusetts. The Class of 1925 appreciates his fine qualities of mind and spirit; and all that he has done to make our school life practical, pleasant, and profitable. Y 1 Q Fitchbur g Normal 2 .5 Yo a o pq w o en W K H 10 ' Hl Wfim Tlie Saxifrage THE EDITORIAL BOARD Editor-in-Chief Donald B. Stone Assistant Editor-in-Chief Alice V. Cashman Associate Editors Dramatics Gertrude I. McConville John E. Killelea Socials Marion Sutcliffe Eleanor I. Pratt History Tynne Himottu Mary F. Farrell Clubs Mary E. Williams John F. Healy Stanley Kruszyna Mary C. Farrell Arts Fred H. Gentsch Mabel P. Vanslett Marion E. Ray A thletics Marion C. Tucker John T. McNally Jokes Pauline F. Waldron Lillian M. Brewster Music Mary A. Carmody Business Manager Leon T. W. Yarter Assistant Business Managers William J. Ashline John L. Fitzpatrick Faadty Advisor Katherine M. McCarty jQ Fitchbu rg Normal l cT 37 ■ ■ M H ►J U C ■ FACULTY William D. Parkinson, Principal Elementary and Junior High School Departments Preston Smith Science Edwin A. Kirkpatrick Psychology and Pedagogy Elizabeth D. Perry Music Matilda B. Doland Arithmetic Sarah E. Lamprey Handwork and Drawing Katherine M. McCarty Reading and Language Florence D. Conlon Handwork and Drawing Arthur C. Harrington History and Civics John L. Randall Nature Study and Gardening Henry J. Clancy . Mathematics and Related Work Mary T. McDermott Physical Training (Women) Susan M. Williams English Cora M. Hassell Librarian Ida L. Still Dean of Women (Ethics) Marion L. Webster Geography Frank Crosier Physical Training (Men) Practical Arts Department Willis B. Anthony Director Charles E. Akeley Woodfmishing and Glazing Lawrence E. Landall Woodworking Frank S. Livermore Printing C. Blair MacLean Mechanical Drawing Clark H. Morrell Automobile and Ordin ary Repairs Schools for Observation and Practice George F. Hubbard Director Emma J. Southwick Assistant Supervisor of Music Margaret Wood Asst. Physical Training Instructor Junior High School Mary McConnell, Principal Hazel Taylor, Geography, History, Civics Marion E. Rowley, Household Arts Josephine M. McCarthy, Commercial Subjects B. Evelyn Grammont, French and English Edgerly School — First Six Grades Ida M. Austin, Principal Elma M. Johnson, Supervisor L. Frances Jones, Supervisor Susan L. Clark, Supervisor Day Street School — First Six Grades Marion F. Anthony, Principal Marie M. Gearan, Assistant Supervisor Katherine F. McConnell, Supervisor Helen F. Loud, Kindergarten Highland Avenue School — First Three Grades Laura A. Woodworth, Principal Administration Maud A. Good fellow, Chief Clerk Helen M. O ' Horo, Clerk ffiie Saxifrage SCHOOL SONG {Tune: " Old-Fashioned Garden " ) So let us all cheer for Normal, For our school and her colors, For it pleases us well Of her victories to tell And her many honors, too; We have a school we are fond of And a school we are proud of; So let us all cheer for Normal, For the Yellow and White! CLASS SONG (Tune: " Rig-a-Jig " ) In song our voices now we raise To give our class its due of praise, And with her virtues all amaze, The Seniors, Seniors, Oh! Our colors pure and unblemished are, No blot doth our fair record mar, For honor ' s our bright gleaming star, The Seniors, Seniors, Oh! A spirit like ours naught can daunt, While we our banner proudly flaunt, Hurrah for the Class of ' 25, The Blue and Gold for e ' er! . |Q Fit chtrurg Normal 25 14 I — 1 ' Q " he Saxifrage FOREWORD In presenting this fourth volume of The Saxifrage, the Editorial Staff hopes, that as the worthy record of the Class of 1925, it shall realize beyond all expectations the motives which inspired it. It is our hope that in future years it may form a binding link between past and pres- ent, and bring again a realistic picture of those happy days that used to be. Only when it has succeeded in the ful- fillment of this great mission may we say that it redounds to our credit. Y 1 9 Fitchbur g Normal ? ; VcT ' The Saxifrage ACKNOWLEDGMENTS To the following persons whose valuable services have helped us to make this fourth volume of The Saxifrage a success, we, the Class of 1925, and The Saxifrage Board, wish to express our deep appreciation: Miss Katherine McCarty, who greatly aided us with advice and suggestions. Miss Helen O ' Horo, who very kindly assisted us in the business management. Mr. John McDonnell and Mr. Walter Sweenor, whose untiring efforts in securing advertisements for us, have largely contributed to the financial support of this book. |Q Fitchburg Normal £ j 16 M ■ SENIORS ■ ■ mm I ■ J I Jimmm Q he Saxifrage ALMA MATER Now we see the curtain fall, We note the play is o ' er; ' Twere only meet we should applaud, And wish for sweet encore. The curtain rises once again — The stage, each loyal heart; Old scenes we knew and loved relive, And friends each play their part. We hold the program in our hands, And gently turn each page. How fondly read we first its name — Ah, ' tis " The Saxifrage " ! — Alice C ashman. jQ Fitchburg Normal £5 The Saxifrage PAULINE FRANCES WALDRON, President WALTER CLARENCE 1 ' OLSON, Vice-President GRACE ELTZABETH BROWN, Secretary LEO BERNARD FLANAGAN, Treasurer |Q Fitchburg Normal 25 18 ■ Tlie Saxifrage 8 Waverly Street PAULINE FRANCES WALDRON " She has been our guide, sage, philosopher, and friend- The very acme of perfection! " Fitchburg, Mass. The J. H. S. IV Class is proud, and indeed fortunate, in having such a good scout for a leader. Pauline has proved herself a very able pilot all through the course. We expect that she will secure an eminent position as a math, instructor, judging from her ability to solve trig, problems (?). " Is there anything in my mailbox? " is her constant cry between periods. Writing a letter a day is one way of fitting oneself for teaching English, and the outcome will not surprise us a bit. H. M. stands for His Majesty. Do you still believe opportunity " Knox " but once, Pauline? President of J. H. S. IV, W. A. A., Basket Ball, D. G. A. 69 Elizabeth Street WALTER CLARENCE POLSON " Women are no assets to this world (?). " Fitchburg, Mass. A firm resolution to maintain celibacy no doubt provoked the above statement. He may think he ' s deceiving us — but we advise him to have a care or the goblin ' 11 get him. Walt has spent many long hours at his books and his recitations surely prove it. " Practically " and " possibly " his spare time is spent in boosting the Y. M. C. A. At times Walt has made some rash statements in class but then — a debater always has his own views on any subject. He has a great deal of ambition — a characteristic of all great men. Vice-President of J. H. S. IV, Debating, M. A. A., French Club. 71 Spring Street GRACE ELIZABETH BROWN ' Grace in all her steps, heaven in her eye, In every gesture dignity and love. " West Springfield, Mass. " Brownie, " as she is known to all her classmates, shoulders a great deal of responsibility for her Alma Mater. By her ability in class discussions we can predict for her a brilliant future as speaker cf the House. Into whatever field she may go we can see nothing but success awaiting her. Grace seems to have a greater interest in psychology this year — is it the teacher or the subject, Brownie? President of Student Government ' 25, Secretary of Girls ' A. A. ' 25, Secretary of J. H. S. ' 24, ' 25, Hockey, Bowling. 154 Harrison Avenue LEO BERNARD FLANAGAN " My thoughts are my own. Fitchburg, Mass. For two years Leo has served as the efficient treasurer of the J. H. S. IV Class. His dignified manner would lead us to believe that he cared not for the weaker sex, and careful observation has proved this to be true. We have often wondered what Leo does in his spare time but we have never succeeded in finding out. Rumor has it, however, that Leo is seen frequently in Leominster, but that isn ' t incriminating. His s incerity and natural ability predict a bright future for him. Treasurer of J. H. S. IV ' 24, ' 25, Men ' s A. A., Football ' 25, Treasurer of French Club. |Q Fitchburg Normal 5 19 Tlie Saxifrage DORIS VERONICA CONNOR S47 Westminster Hill Road Fitchburg, Mass. " So mild, so patient, so loyal, so good. " Doris has worked faithfully for four years at F. N. S. and wherever she was found cooperating, success was certain. By her kind words, her desire to help, and her artistic ability, she has won the approval of both faculty and classmates. She seems to have a great interest in Biblical stories, especially the one concerning " Daniel " (?). Doris is a little timid in expressing her views, but after reading her written work we find something of her real self and her ideals. We hope in parting, that Doris ' s faithfulness will be rewarded and that she will find good luck all through life. Tennis, Bowling, Girls ' A. A., D. G. A., Secretary French Club ' 25. HELEN IRENE KEATING " Gentle of speech, Beneficent of mind. " Fitchburg, Mass. When Helen left us to teach in South Royalston, we never d:eamed that she would return to F. N. S., but teaching in a .country schoo 1 was not all sunshine, so Helen found out. It may seem that Helen takes study too seriously. However, she found time for bowling once a week or playing tennis. We have no doubt that Helen will meet with success wherever she goes, and will be a valuable asset to any community. Tennis, Bowling, Girls ' A. A., French Club, D. G. A. MADLYN MARY MALONEY 126 Laurel Street Fitchburg, Mass. " She moves a goddess and looks a queen. " When first we met this tall, dignified young lady with the golden hair we wondered how we could know her better. Everything comes to him who waits and after four years Mad ' yn has won the hearts of all who have made her acquaintance at F. N. S. Mad ' .yn tried to make us believe that the best physical exercise was driving a Buick car, but Miss McDermott succeeded in getting her to show her re- markable abi.ity in bowling, as well as her speed in driving. Her hardest task at F. N. S. seems to have been to get to Assembly on time, and her only excuse is that it is a long walk from the South Side. Here ' s luck to you, Madlyn ! Tennis, Bowling, Girls ' A. A., Vice-President French Club, D. G. A. jQ Fitchburg Normal 9 CJ 20 ffl SBM mm CHARLOTTE FRANCES PICKARD Littleton, Mass. ' Happiness is living. " X There came forth from a little town this maiden who won the x hearts of all who met her. Charlotte is one of the happy members of our class who seems to find pleasure in most everything. Lately she has been fostering the desire of going into the Kentucky mountains to teach and if she does go we know she will win many pupils by her sunny disposition. As a debater Charlotte brought honor to our class. She shows her debating ability in class also by trying to defend that home town. Charlotte will never lack friends, for all wish to know the girl with a smile for everyone. Tennis, Bowling, W. A. A., Day Student Government Council, French Club. JEANNETTE HERMINIE RICHARD 91 North Street Fitchburg, Mass. " Calmness of mind is one of the beautiful jewels of wisdom. " If you happen to stroll through Normal Hall and hear a mirthful laugh, you will surely see a little girl who is always happy and free. Jeannette ' s happy-go-lucky way helped us all in some of the long dreary hours of study. Jeannette usually makes us sit up and take notice when she brings her assignment to class where it is always appreciated. Each year spent at F. N. S. seems to have added more to her popularity, for everyone knows her to be a good friend. We hear she intends to continue her education and will again study French at Harvard University this summer. One of her great desires is to visit Le Francais et Sa Patrie. She has been known to confide a dis- tinct preference for the medical profession. Who could do better? President French Club, W. A. A., Tennis, Hockey, Bowling, D. G. A. LORANE CATHERINE SCHUDER 1020 Parchment Avenue Kalamazoo, Mich. " Oh! how I wish again That I were in Michigan. " Lorane tried hard last year to make herself believe that the West was God ' s country, but the East held too many of her dear friends, so back home she came. She is one of those happy-go-lucky girls who seems to bring sunshine wherever she goes. Two years ago, Lorane was one of the best athletes at Normal, but this year her artistic abil- ity was recognized and she has filled the position as drawing instruc- tor at Junior High. Friends she has many, but one young man whom we know seems to have first place. W. A. A. |Q Fitchburg Normal £5 ? ' r The Saxifrage HELEN " MARIE DEVAXEV, President STEWART MORTON ' SCOTT, Vice-President ' MARY FRAN ' CES TARRANT, Secretary RAYMOND JOSEPH TELLETIER, Treasurer l Q Fitchbur o Normal Vo 22 m " The Saxifrage OS Orange Street HELEN MARIE DEVANEY " She that was ever fair and ever proud, Had voice at will and yet was never loud. Clinton, Mass. Hail! our president! Helen has been in the ' ' limelight " ever since we came here and her friends have increased in the two years she has been our president. She certainly puts " pep " into everything she does and we couldn ' t have sailed our ship without her. Words fail to express our admiration and we part wishing her well in all she may undertake. W. A. A., Class President ' 24, ' 25, Dramatic Club, Debating Society, Debating Team ' 24. 3 Upton Street STEWART MORTON SCOTT " A boy with a curl always catches a girl. " Adams, Mass. Scottie is a product of the famous Berkshires He also is captain of the basket ball team and a born athlete. Early in our first school year he was elected vice-president of our class and has held the position for the past two years. Scottie is quite active socially and can always be depended upon whenever a social affair is held at school. Scottie ' s second year finds him deeply in love and a busy man, particularly on Sundays, for he has to rush over to Miller Hall to obtain parking space before the rest of the " Sheiks " arrive. Scottie makes his home at the school greenhouse which prob- ably accounts for his flowery button holes and his cheery disposition. Vice-President Class ' 24, ' 25, Captain Basket Ball ' 25, Basket Ball ' 24, ' 25, Mohawks, Dramatics. MARY FRANCES TARRANT " A good friend is one ' s best possession. " South Deerfie ' .d, Mass. Surely no one could find a truer or better friend than Mary. For two years she has served us as class scribe and has ever worked faithfully and loyally, with her fellow officers, for the betterment of our class. She is always on the spot, ready to do her bit as best she can. Kind, understanding and sympathetic, a classmate truly worth while is Mary. Secretary Class ' 24, ' 25, W. A. A., Hiking, Hockey. South Street RAYMOND JOSEPH PELLETIER " Ain ' t love grand. Fitchburg, Mass. Ray is our class treasurer and surely does get into endless trouble collecting dues and trying to make his books balame. Ray drives to school every morning in a high-powered Ford coupe. In the afternoon he may be seen driving madly in the direction of Athol, for Ray is the honorable foot- ball coa;h of the prosperous town of Athol. Ray is not very particular whether school keeps or not. He may be expected in class anytime between 9.30 and 12.00 M. His chief desire is to get through school as soon as possible and then marry the " girl of his dreams, " who was a former member of F. N. S. Treasurer Class ' 24, ' 25, Dramatics, Glee Club. Q f 1 Fitchbur g Normal 9 1; YcT 37 T he Saxifrage SIBYL ANNIE AIKEN Templeton, Mass. " My mind to me a kingdom is. " Sibyl is the tall young lady with hair of burnished gold, who is always willing to be of service to some less gifted fellow mortal. In all her work, in all her recitations, there is evidenced a brilliancy of mind that is uncommon. Her ability is especially noticeable in psychology class. We feel assured that as a Junior High School teacher Sibyl will be a success and bring renown to the Class of 1925. W. A. A., Tennis. 2 Mvrtle Place WILLIAM JOSEPH ASHLINE ' ' Let no man dispute me. " Fitchburg, Mass. Bill is one of the popular fellows in our class. As one would say, " Bill certainly has a mean line. " He demonstrated this with his ability as a debater. He is also some politician and we are looking forward to the day when Bill will play a big part in our city govern- ment. Murh credit is due him for the success of our class book. Noted»mrJ ' nis fine disposition. Derailing Team, Dramatics, Gaveleers. CATHERINE ELIZABETH BAKER 43 Chestnut Street Leominster, Mass. " Her talent well employed. " Catherine is one of our girls who does not make a noise about what she does. She is good-natured and has a sweet disposition. She has always put time and energy into her school work and has passed in her subjects with ease and merit. It has been a great privilege to have Catherine as a member of our class, and we wish her success in her chosen profession. W. A. A., Glee Club, D. S. A. Q Fitchbur ff Normal £5 24 swfljp The Saxifrage JENNIE POLLARD BLAISDELL , icncr t •-V- ' 166 South Street Fitchburg, Mass. " True to your word, your work, your friends. " We wonder, after noting the loyalty with which she helped as accompanist for " O ' Hara San, " if Polly has missed her calling. She is always good natured and ready to help or cheer anyone that needs it. She seems to take little interest in the Normal School men, but there is probably a reason. If she is as popular with her pupils as with her classmates her future is assured. Dramatics, D. S. A., Glee Club. ANGELA MAY BLASS 2219 Centre Street West Roxburv, Mass. " Witty, jolly and care-free — Always happy as she can be. " Charmed? Of course you are, because Ray ' s " May " delights us all. We might as well be " Frank " about it. Everyone loves her for her sweet little ways. Pretty blue eyes, snappy, unruffled appearance, these characterize her. We often wonder who designs May ' s frocks, for they are classy to say the least. May is a girl who will enter into any kind of fun, especially where the Palmer Hall trio is concerned. Her popularity at dances assures us that she is very well versed in the Terpsichorean Art. Good luck to May, who will always be remem- bered by " 1925. " Glee " Club, Hike Leader, Hockey, W. A. A., Volley Ball, Bowling, Baseball, Soccer. SHIRLEY ELWOOD BOHAKER 3 Winter Terrace Fitchburg, Mass. " am It. Shirley contests his position of prominence as fat man of the school with " Firpo. " When it comes to " fairy dances, " or any light, feathery stuff in gym classes, both Shirley and Firpo exempt themselves. Shirley always comes to school with a brown leather bag typical of the teaching profession. He is manager- of Football, and a mighty man is he. Shirley is rather reticent when it comes to attending school socials. We have heard that there is a girl in the case who is not affiliated with the school. How about it, Shirley? Who is she? Football ' 24, Dramatics, |Q Fitchburg Normal 2 5 25 The Saxifrage THELMA EVELYN BOHAKER 3 Winter Terrace Fitchburft, Mass. " A tender heart ; a will inflexible. " Thelma is quiet when in school, but outside — you ' d be surprised ! She is right there when it comes to basket ball and is always ready to support our athletic contests. She was one of our " A " trainers, perhaps because of her ability at story-telling which she has so often demonstrated to us. She will be an excellent teacher but the birdies tell us that she won ' t teach long. How about it, Thelma? " Ah, Lord love ' em ! " D. S. A., W. A. A., Basket Ball. J kJU l THOMAS RICHARD BOWLER 1.59 Dorchester Street Worcester, Mass. " The better we know him, the more we like him. " Tom was our energetic football manager. We all remember the days last fall when he rushed around busily arranging the schedule. Not all of his time, however, was devoted to athletics for he proved himself an actor of marked ability in the Gaveleers ' performance of " The Witching Hour. " He has also had a little time for the fair sex. We predict his success as a teacher. Manager Football ' 24, Gaveleer, Glee Club, Debating, Dramatics. MARY KATHERINE BOYLE 681 Pleasant Street Leominster, Mass. " Words of truth and soberness. " The quite demure young lady who answers so concisely all ques- tions asked of her is no other than our Katherine. Her work in draw- ing and handwork shows that she has talent in these subjects also. One possessing such abilities should find success and she carries our good wishes. Hiking, Tennis, Volley Ball, W. A. A., D. S. A. jQ Fitchbur g Normal ZJ(YD 26 he Saxifrage LILLIAN MAYBELLE BREWSTER 184 Main Street Leominster, Mass. " Look in thy heart and write. " " Billy " has manifested, during her years at Normal, great literary ability. She has produced many of the delightful themes that are found on Miss Williams ' desk. She has the ability to do very great things with her pen, and we hope she will always continue to employ it for the good of society. She has a fun-loving disposition, but is naturally studious and thoughtful, so that one can always be assured that whatever may happen " Billy " has her lessons prepared. She never shirks work, for laziness is not one of her faults. We wish you all the luck you deserve, " Billv. " Basket Ball ' 25, Tennis, W. A. A., Glee Club, D. S. A., Saxifrage Board ' 25, Volley Ball, Hiking. BEATRICE ELIZABETH BURGESS 92 Harrison Street Leominster, Mass. " Ever looking toward the future. " Here is the other member of those inseparables, Beatrice and Mary. " Bee " comes from the breezy town of Leominster and has graced the halls of Normal for the past two years. She has not been very strong for the Normal men, but all the desirable men are not at Normal, are they, Beatrice? By her kindly disposition and her pleasant manner she has endeared herself to all. We know that she is sure of a happy fu- ture because of her success as a student and a teacher while with us. W. A. A., Hiking, Tennis, Track. BEATRICE MYRTLE BUTLER Elm Street, R. F. D. Leominster, Mass. " Silence is the perfectcst herald of joy. " This shy, brown-eyed Miss comes from Leominster. Although she is one of our small members, we are sure she will always do justice to her profession. She is a very conscientious worker, and we can rely upon her to have all her lessons prepared. " Bee " and " Bill " have con- tinued to be inseparable pals during their two years at Normal. Good luck, Bee, we wish you all the success in the world. Bowling, Hiking, Tennis, Volley Ball. jQ Fitchburg Normal 2 O " ffiie Saxifrage 7 - - J Hazen Road CLARA LILLIAN BUXTON " Silence, is a virtue of the wise. " Shirley, Mass. Clara ' s crowning virtue is silence (in school). There are excep- tions, however, to every rule, and we have evidence that she makes things lively in her little town. When she begins to talk, all of Senior III takes notice, because she has often saved the day for them with her brilliant recitations. In her English classes, Clara is the center of attraction, for when she ' s called upon to recite, everybody expects something decidedly original. As a teacher she was most successful, and we have good reason to believe that her good work will continue. Our best wishes go with you, Clara, — and good luck! W. A. A., Glee Club, D. S. A. EUGENE FRANK CALDWELL 17 Montague Street Dorchester, Mass. " Good humor is the health of the soul. " Gene is the young man who assisted Mr. Livermore so ably in running the print shop. He did a fine piece of work while in charge of affairs during Mr. Livermore ' s illness. He is a talented magician, and had much professional experience in this line before joining our ranks. All who saw him as the " talkative trickster, " between the acts of " O ' Hara San, " will agree that he is a wizard. Gene hasn ' t shown much interest in Normal School girls, but there may be a reason. How about it, Gene? Gaveleers, School Magician. LOUISE MARGARET CALLAHAN South Deerfield, Mass. " eyes were made for seeing, Then beauty is its own excuse for being! ' Louise is the merry sunbeam of our shining Senior class. We never see her without a twinkle in her eye and a smile on her lips. She has aided in the success of every school project and we will not soon forget her " Little Princess. " We predict for her a most success- ful future and expect to hear of her as a noted teacher of dramatics. Mav she ever be as dependable as the class of ' 25 has found her. W. A. A., Hiking, Basket Ball, Dramatics. jQ Fitchburg Normal 2$ 28 ■ •«• I Ml KB lUfflKra T oi ffiie Saxifrage 9 Pond Street VELMA AMANDA CAREY " Blessed with charm to please. " Greenfield, Mass. Velma has many friends who think there is no one like her. She is one of our really worthwhile girls, and to know her is a pleasure. Velma is a conscientious worker and she has received her reward in scholastic achievements, and in the hearty admiration of hosts of friends. Debating ' 24, ' 25, Secretary Student Government ' 25, Basket Ball, Dramatics, W. A. A., Tennis, Baseball, Bowling, Handball. MARY AUGUSTA CARMODY 65 South Street Chicopee, Mass. " A smile for all, A welcome glad — A jolly, coaxing way she had. " The essence of sweetness is expressed in Mary, whose lyric soprano voice has charmed us at so many of our school affairs and has brought to her the title of " The Songbird of F. N. S. " Her variety of part- ners at dances can vouch for her cleverness in the terpsichorean art. We also hear that there are men elsewhere who have a claim on Mary. Good luck to you, Mary, and best wishes in all you under- take. Glee Club, W. A. A., Hiking, Hockey, Saxifrage Board ' 25, Dra- matics, Basket Ball. GRACE MARION CARR " Be checked for silence: But never taxed for speech Groton, Mass South Street Grace is one of the few who never say too much or too little — always just enough. Would that more of us possessed that virtue! Study is her hobby and she certainly can study and show results. Her success in life looks assured, and will be all the sweeter, we hope, since it is wished on her by her many friends at F. N. S. W. A. A., Glee Club. p Jr - d ' Oj Fitchburg Normal 25 29 I ■ ■ ■ I The Saxifrage MARY VERONICA CARROLL 36 Walnut Street East Dedham, Mass. " As sweet a girl, As true a friend, As ever could be found. " It must be a great feeling to know that you are a friend of every- one. Always merry, cheery, optimistic, and full of fun — so it is with Mary. She is one of the chief fun, as well as noise, makers, of the third floor of Palmer Hall. Mary is a great basket ball player and also goes in for baseball and track. We know you will be successful, Marv, and we wish you the best of luck. Basket Ball, Baseball, Hiking, Track, G. A. A., Student Govern- ment Association ' 25. ALICE VIRGINIA CASHMAN 988 Pleasant Street New Bedford, Mass. " Don ' t you remember sweet Alice, Ben Bolt, Sweet Alice whose hair is so brown? " Alice, or " Sugar " as we so love to call her, is one of the trio from Suite T, Miller Hall, and is seldom seen without her two satellites. She is not only immensely popular with her roommates but her society is enjoyed by all who are fortunate enough to know her. Her ready wit and sweet smile are ever present. One of her chief delights is music, and her charming voice is often heard singing to the tune of the uke, " Aloha Oe, " " O Sole Mio, " and sometimes " Coming Down from Bangor. " She is one of our most excellent artists, musicians, writers, and teachers, as well as a delightful friend and companion. We wish her all success in her future work and know that if all her ideals are realized, she will some day be a famous personage. Assistant Editor Saxifrage ' 25, Tennis, Bowling, Music Committee Student Government Banquet, Glee Club, Hiking, W. A. A. N i Parker Street DORIS FERNE CHASE ' To love her is a liberal education. " Gardner, Mass. Ever since this commuter stopped commuting to take a sip of dormitory life, her pretty face and her " woman ' s crowning glory " — a wealth of blonde hair — have been missed on the Gardner train. Her irresistible charm which used to enliven the crowd is now being em- ployed for the benefit of our dormitory sisters — and perhaps others. Strange rumors are going around of " Dot ' s " interest in a country of Southern Europe. We wonder if her intentions are to teach little Spanish tots at some future date. If so, we wish her the best of luck in her enterprise, even though we feel assured that her winsome ways will bring her happiness wherever she goes. W. A. A., Glee Club. )V j Q Htchburo Normal ? Tlie Saxifrage 31 Ward Street JOHN VINCENT CONRY " What ' s the use of worrying? It ' s never worth while. " Fitchburg, Mass. Jack is one of the easy-going members of the class and takes great delight in telling stories. His first words when meeting you are, " Have you heard this one? " Jack has many firle qualities and he shows much ability as a machinist. He turned out a square key for a door knob in not more than two weeks. How do- you accomplish such amazing things? Keep up the good work, Jack! M. A. A. 9 Oliver Street HELEN BEATRICE COOK ' Greatness knows itself. jHmtK:, JKrass We have had Helen with us for only a short time; and ever since we first made her acquaintance we have looked upon her as a gir destined for great things. Always ready to be of service, ever cheer- ful and seemingly carefree, though in reality studious and thoughtful, she has blazed her path at F. N. S. in a most creditable manner. We ' ll never forget her characterization of the cook at our Old English Christmas Festival, and her tennis achiev ement in the gym at our W. A. A. party. Au revoir, " Cookie " ! Tennis, Hiking, Hockey. " - MAUDE LORETTA CRAIG 284 Springfield Street Chicopee, Mass. " A maid petite with charms so sweet. " Blonde, snappy, fun-loving, all these we find Maude. We now introduce you to one of our popular girls. This member of the Pal- mer Hall trio is the personification of dainty mischievousness. Maude ' s acquaintances at men ' s colleges are by no means limited. However, we hear she enjoys poetry, " Homer " preferred. She is noted for being constant to Ann. We love her for her sweet personality and the class of ' 25 wishes her the best of luck. Glee Club, Hiking, Hockey, Volley Ball, Bowling, W. A. A. 1 |Q Fitchburg Normal 2 5 31 he Saxifrage { £ tJ 2ud ! rn A - . MARION MATILDA CRONIN SS Prospect Street Springfield, Mass. " Tall, stately, and pleasant. " Marion is one of the most sociable girls in F. N. S. and so has a host of friends. Wherever you see Marion you will always see Mae, lor they are inseparable pals as well as roommates. It is said by many that Marion is a wonderful teacher. We all certainly have proof of that, when we remember her as a fifth grade teacher down at Day Street. Here ' s good luck to you, Marion, in your chosen profession ! Tennis, Glee Club, W. A. A., Student Government Association ' 25. CUNNINGHAM Waltham, Mass. pe bus art play with reason and discourse she persuade. " Gertrude came to us from the " Watch City. " While Gert is i ' ith her wit and wisdom, you can ' t think of her as other ?a. serious-minded person. She can go you one better every time, never fails to win her point. The more she has to do the better she likes it. Gertrude is always willing to lend a helping hand. You have won our hearts, Gert, we ' ll miss you. Glee Club, W. A. A., Tennis, Hiking, D. S. A., Bowling. WILLIAM PATRICK DALY 11 Hudson Street Worcester, Mass. " Patience and diligence are to be rewarded. " Bill hails from the " Heart of the Commonwealth " and we can truthfully say he believes there is no place like home. Bill has not spent one week-end in Fitchburg since he enrolled here as a student. We wonder why ? In his spare time he plunges into Real Estate, and the latest reports from Worcester state he owns everything there — but the City Hall and he has an option on that. Bill spent a year at Boston University but decided he would like to become a teacher, hence enrolled at our school. We predict he will soon become famous in the field of teaching, and " Dame Fortune " will always be his guide and companion. Gaveleers, Men ' s A. A. |Q Fitchburg Normal 25 Y 32 ftfcHM M T he Saxifrage HELEN CLAIRE DANAHEY 222 Hampden Street " I ' ll be merry and free, I ' ll be sad for nobody. " Chicopee, Mass. Isn ' t she sweet and pretty? Helen ' s hosts of friends surely think so. Her pleasing manner and jolly laugh make her welcome any- where, at any time. She is always laughing and ready to share in a joke. Helen ' s pretty blue eyes have fascinated more than one member of F. N. S. However, we think that Helen has a weakness for curly hair. Glee Club, Student Government Association, Bowling, Coaching, Volley Ball. CARROL EDWARD DAVENPORT 73 West Street Clinton, Mass. " And where ' er I ope my mouth let no dog bark! ' The " Little Napoleon " from Clinton. Carroll has done much to give our Senior I class its high status. His everlasting smile and good nature have given him a high place in the hearts of his classmates. He is noted for his acting and oratory. Normal will lose one of her first class students when Carroll leaves, but wherever he goes, we know he ' ll be a success. Dramatics, President Section I ' 25, Debating ' 24, ' 25. 3 x HELEN LORETTA DELEA 18 Sanborn Street Fitchburg, Mass. " A sweet, attractive kind of grace. " Helen is one of our very few girls with long tresses. We won- der if she refrains from parting with her locks to please the Wor- cester Telegram reporter? Her blue eyes, blonde hair, and dimples, together with a charming personality, make Helen a dear friend to us all. Although she is serious in class, she is ever ready for fun, espe- cially when the " gang " get going. Because Fitchburg claims you, Helen, we know that we shall hear often of your success. D. S. A., W. A. A., Track, Tennis, Hockey. " MqV j Q Fitchburg Normal 2$ 33 ■ T he Saxifrage dMwJL LA s ANN ELIZABETH DILLON 83 Church Street Chicopee Falls, Mass. " She ' s pretty to walk with And witty to talk with. " Ann, another member of the Palmer Hall trio, is as sweet as she is popular. Her personality is unequaled. Lessons are the least of Ann ' s worries especially when, good times are in store. She has a way of winning many friends, ' which is evidenced by her sojourns over week-ends. Ann, your sweet disposition has made the class of ' 25 admire you and in closing we wish you the best of luck in your future enterprises. Glee Club, Debating Council ' 24, ' 25, Hiking, Hockey, Volley Ball, Bowling. ■ ■ ■ ■ LEONA ALICE DODGE Woodland Avenue Gardner, Mass. " Her laughter ripples like water. " Leona does not very frequently deprive us of the pleasure of this infectious laugh. One giggles in sympathy. Such merriment goes well with her dignified sweetness. Yet, there are times when her features assume quiet lines of repose. One of these times is in her picture. Another time is when she firmly declares that she is a confirmed " old maid. " We listen respectfully and admire " Leona ' s determination to grace the teaching profession for the remainder of her life. " Never- theless, doubt creeps into our minds as we remember that her taste runs to blondes, and at times she has been greatly interested in the winter sports of the small towns surrounding Gardner. However, whatever she does will be made delightful through her own natural enjoyment of life. W. A. A., Hiking, Glee Club. JAMES COLLINS DOLAN 154 North Street Fitchburg, Mass. " He does his bit, faithful, just, With others ' interest e ' er at heart He plays his part. " Jim is one of our local boys and shows rare talent as a singer. He is a firm believer in the saying, " Better late than never, " for almost any morning Jim may be seen rushing to school about 9.05. If there is any work to be done call on Jim, and he will help you every time. He has great ability as a salesman and debater. He has another year to spend at the school, and we certainly believe that he will be one of the most valued members at F. N. S. Debating Council, Football ' 24. I. |Q Fitchburg Normal £5 34 ■ The Saxifrage MARGARET AGNES DONOVAN 24 Rock Street Norwood, Mass. " Good humor only teaches charms to last. " If Peg is an example of Norwood we wish we could see more of that town. She is one of our best little sports. We wonder whether Hanover is attracted to our Peg by her charm or her ability to act as captain for our basket ball team. She deserves much credit for lead- ing our team to victory against B. N. S. We hope her winning per- sonality will always secure for her as many friends as she has at F. N. S. She is ever ready for a good time, and Peg surely can dance. The best of wishes from all of ' 25 go with you, Peg. W. A. A., Basket Ball ' 24, ' 25, Baseball, Volley Ball, Hockey, Ten- nis, Bowling, Hiking, Handball. GEORGE DRAPER 220 Broadway Lynn, Mass. " I am monarch of all I survey (my eyes are closed). " The F. L. will have to get a new General Manager when George leaves town as he has held down that position for two years. George went to Keene with the debating team and gave the girls up there a treat. He has to keep stones in his pockets in order to drive away the girls who are following him around. Nevertheless, Normal will miss a good fellow when George graduates, and ' 25 wishes him the best of luck wherever he may go. Football Squad, Gaveleers, Debating. MARION JULIA DUGAN West Groton " There is no past so long as books shall live. " Marion certainly believes this to .be true. She studies from " Morn till eve " and is, of course, one of our shining lights. However, we hear that Marion has time for the pleasures of West Groton ! How do you do it, Marion? We suspect that she is going to surprise us with a hidden talent. She has joined the Girls ' Glee Club ! Marion is also interested in sports, especially Bowling, Basket Ball, and Hiking. Bowling, Basket Ball, Hiking, Glee Club. j Q Fitchbur ff Normal 1$ 35 Qlie Saxifrage MARY FRANCES FADGEN ' The way to gain a friend is to be one. " 29 Pierce Place Clinton, Mass. May is pretty, petite, and charming, with a pleasing personality and an irresistible smile which have gained for her many friends. Always willing and eager to lend a helping hand in working for the benefit of ' 25 was our classmate and since she had an opportunity to display her skill in decorating, Mary ' s services in that line have always been eagerly sought. Ambitious and studious is this friend of ours, and a firm believer in the old adage, " work while you work, and play while you play. " Mary was ready at any time to engage in athletics, especially tennis, hiking, and basket ball. Mary visits Spring- field frequently. We wonder what great attraction the city offers? The best of success, Mary, in your future undertakings. W. A. A., Glee Club, Hockey, Tennis, Decorating Committee Senior Promenade. t% f y MARY CATHERINE FARRELL ihton Street Leominster, Mass. To the girl yiith red hair, blue eyes, and white skin: May her beautiful colors never fade I " Mary, the irrepressible, is a member of the throng of auburn- haired beauties of the senior class. The capers of Helen and Mary in the gym caused much witticism. Did you ever notice how Mary blushes at the sound of a Dodge horn? Why? Mary never shirks her work, and is always one of the first to volunteer for extra tasks. We ' ll all miss you, Mary ! Glee Club, W. A. A., D. S. A., Tennis, Hiking, Basket Ball. HELEN GERTRUDE FEEN IS Forest Street Whitinsville, Mass. " She doeth little kindnesses Which most leave undone, or despise. " Helen is the little lady with the auburn hair whom we so often see with our class president. It is to her that we are in a great measure indebted for the success of many of our social functions, for she has always contributed her loyal support to them. As a friend, she is staunch and true, and ever ready to say some kind word, or do a favor in the name of friendship. We observed with pleasure the ad- mirable manner in which she assumed the role of Junior High School teacher, and were not at all surprised to learn how victoriously she emerged from training. May all the success in the world be yours, Helen ! Tennis, Hiking, Refreshment Committee Valentine Party ' 24, Junior Reception Committee ' 24. OY j Q Fitchbur fe Normal Qk W 36 ■ VJW Tlie Saxifrage DOROTHY JEANNE FIELDEN South Swansea, Mass. " Some that smile have in their hearts, I fear, millions of mischief. " " Who ' ll play? " " Dot. " Alas, she has a date! A girl with such a jolly, good-natured disposition is always in demand by both our men and " Millerites. " She is always ready for fun, regardless of misdemeanors. Can we ever forget that party she gave " Duke " and those delicious chicken sandwiches? Dot says she never did like horses. We wondered why, but since she fell from the " sleek chestnut brown, " we know ! W. A. A„ Hockey I. CLARA LILLIAN FISHER 125 Sanborn Street Fitchburg, Mass. " A merry heart goes on all day. " Clara is one of the many attractive girls hailing from West Fitch- burg. She is always in ' her place in the classroom, but we have missed her at some of our social affairs. It is said that Clara be- lieves " two is company, three is a crowd. " Perhaps this explains it. We hope she may be as successful in the future as she has been at Normal. W. A 2{4 c C£ 7 ' ' PcsTVvri- OL Ui i U O U- S •„ tsccots rfts Cu - JOHN LAWRENCE FITZPATRICK 116 Montgomery Street Chicopee Falls, Mass. Fitz has unlimited versatility. He was vice-president of the class of 1924, then manager of basket ball, and a star member of the foot- ball, baseball, and basket ball teams, as well as our leading actor for three years. We believe, however, that Fitz was cut out for a doctor. If you don ' t think so just ask Cap how he passes out the Father Johns. The girls have also appreciated his charms. He is one of the best assets this school has had in years. We wish him all success. President Dramatics ' 25, Vice-President Class ' 24, Vice-President Gaveleers ' 25, Photography Manager Saxifrage ' 25, Manager Basket Ball ' 24, Baseball ' 23, ' 24, ' 25, Football ' 23, ' 24, Basket Ball ' 24, ' 25, Debating, Glee Club, Senior Class Play ' 24, Leaders ' Club ' 25. Q Fitchbur ff Normal 5 37 Qlie Saxifrage MARY JOSEPHINE FLAHERTY 238 Oak Street Clinton, Mass. " Dark hair and dark eyes, a tempting combination. " Here is a girl whose cheeks Nature herself keeps pink, and whose wave is ever in place. She is a " Clintonite, " who is also a frequent visitor to Palmer Hall. Mary ' s chief task this year has been carrying a package to Mabel every week. Third floor " Palmerites " know, for they enjoy the contents. By the way, Mary, have you been to Bol- ton, lately? Good classmates are plenty, but the combination of a good classmate and a loyal worker is especially admirable Tennis, W. A. A., Hiking, D. S. A. ANNA ELIZABETH FLYNN 121 Locust Street New Bedford, Mass. " She ' s clever, She ' s witty, She ' s wise And she ' s pretty. " This is Anna. When New Bedford (or Johnnie) decided to let us have Anna we certainly were lucky. She can be both serious and " full of it. " That Anna was chosen as the President of Palmer Hall speaks for itself. She has fulfilled her duties well, being always fair and just. Although we wish you the best of luck, Anna, we doubt if you will continue your professional career when you get back to Johnnie. House President Palmer Hall ' 25, Hiking, Hockey, W. A. A. ■ V-v 36 Jonathan Street MARY AGNES FOSTER New Bedford, Mass. " She ' s little, but she ' s wise, She ' s a terror for her size. " If you see a slight, curly-headed maiden tripping across the cam- pus and calling — Anna " Mac " ! you may be sure it is none other than " our Mary. " Mary ' s hobby is literature, both letters and stories. Once upon a time, when Mary was a Junior, she was reading on Palmer Hall porch, curled up nice and cozy in a chair, and then — the book dropped off, and so did Mary. When she woke up she was on the lawn, — all alone! Bad Boys! Weren ' t they? But Foster was always awake while teaching and it ' s no wonder the pupils said, " We love our teacher. " Hockey, Dramatic Club, Track. Cj Fit chburg Normal £ 5 38 hc Saxifrage 43 Oak Avenue MAX DAVID FREEDMAN " I hope you die — Absolutely ! " Athol, Mass. Max Freedman, alias " Firpo, " represents Athol. Like most fat people he is good natured. Max spends most of his time on the train. He is a promising football man and tennis champion, but his greatest sport is checkers. For references consult Mr. Akeley. Re- cently he has been devoting much time and energy to the raising of a mustache. Unfortunately he started it too late for it to appear in the Year Book. Is all this justified, Max? Football ' 24, 2S. HELEN IRENE GAW Sterling, Mass. " Golden hair, like sunlight streaming. " Helen ' s crowning glory is the admiration of everyone, and her ready smile captivates all our hearts. She has a gentle sweetness which has made us all her friends. As a teacher at Day Street School, she merited the respect and admiration of all her pupils, and won an enviable reputation. How much we ' ve heard about that model arithmetic lesson, Helen! We know that to a girl as fine and capable as she, a bright and prosperous future is assured. W. A. A, D. G. A., Bowling, Glee Club. I 5 - l FRED HUGA GENTSCH 70 Orange Street Clinton, Mass. " For I ' m a jolly good fellow and — an artist. " " Fred, make me a poster? " " It is mighty to be a master, " says Fred, " but why pick on me? " He is probably the busiest man in our class. Fred came to us from the Boston Normal Art School and he can surely demonstrate his ability as an artist. The scenery for " O ' Hara San " is probably his masterpiece. He is one of the " gang " from Clinton and commutes whenever the Ford keeps together. Suc- cess to Fred and his ambitions; we wish him well. Mohawks. ■ Y 1 9 Fitchbur o Normal ? Yo I I ffiie Saxifrage GERD AAGE GILHOFF 62 Franklin Street Holyoke, Mass. ' A man who means to be of note: After spending a year at Hyannis, this unusual young man de- cided to honor Fitchburg Normal with his presence. We soon came to admire his frankness and distaste for hypocrisy. He is a student of the finer things of life and a reliable reference for music, art and poetry. If interest and a sincere desire for knowledge and ability prophesy success there is no doubt as to his future. Men ' s A. A. Jzf NORA GILLESPIE 24 Lewis Street Clinton, Mass. " A maiden light-hearted and content, I wander through the world. " Nora is one of the natives of Clinton. She has never a worry nor a care. She is one of the " Jazzy " girls of our class. If any one wants the latest jazz song or jazz step, ask Nora, she knows. Her favorite haunt is Lyonhurst where she trips the light fantastic. However, we know all her time is not spent in this manner judging from the way all her pupils love her. W. A. A., Glee Club, Basket Ball, D. S. A. jZrr S- GERALD MILTON GINGRAS Nashua Street East Pepperell, Mass. " I think this course should be reformed. " Jerry is the only blonde in our class. He seems to have no diffi- culty in any situations he meets. Jerry spent a great deal of time last year, working at Murphy ' s, and he certainly knew how to handle the passing mob. He believes in " Smile all the while and you ' ll never be out of style " which is quite true. He has been a jolly classmate and always shared in all school activities. We ' ll miss him when he leaves, but the boys that have him for a teacher will be fortunate. Baseball ' 25, Gaveleer. Y 1 Q Fitchbur g Normal ? YD H — I The Saxifrage VERA LORETTA GOODRICH IS Burnap Street Fitchburg, Mass. " Go put your creed into your deed. " The people who practice what they preach are rare, but there is one among us who does. Who is she? None other than Vera herself. When you see her before a class, you notice the response she receives. Most of us recall the commendation of one of her pupils on the playground, which was, " Atta boy, Miss Goodrich. " When we see her in a volley ball or basket ball game we all shout, to ourselves, those very same words. What causes this praise? Good sportsman- ship ! Good sportsmanship practiced all the time under all conditions. Can a teacher who puts this example before children fall short of success? We ' ll keep our eyes on Vera, and see her climb the ladder to the top. Tennis, D. S. A., Basketball, Volley Ball, W. A. A. IRENE VIOLA GOTTBERG 70 Summer Street Norwood, Mass. " As stately as a queen. " Irene may be considered among the ranks of the class beauties after one of her visits to " Georgie ' s. " Our first impression of her was that of a stately queen, but after we knew her we found her to be of a gentle and kindly mien. Irene is one of our star players on the hockey team. If the ball comes flying her way, she is sure to race to the goal with it. She is an all around sport and as such has won the good fellowship of all our fans of gym and field. Junior and Senior Hockey, Hiking, W. A. A., Student Govern- ment Council, Bowling, Basket Ball. S6 Mechanic Street MARY GRAVES " Retired as noontide dew: Leominster, Mass Mary is a girl who promises to be a most excellent teacher, for her success at Day Street School offers eloquent testimony of her ability in presiding over a school room. We shall always remem- ber her for her dramatic recitations in Miss Williams ' class in ora expression, and predict that some day she will be a fine speaker if she decides to elect elocution as a side interest. W. A. A., D. S. A, Tennis. 19 Rtchburg Normal 5 O " 41 Qlie Saxifrage BERNICE FLAVELL GREEN " Silence more musical than any song. " Ashby, Mass. This little maid from Ashby is very shy and quiet. However, we do not consider this silence of hers a fault; rather, we think of it as a virtue. She is always prepared with her lessons, and is ever ready to be of assistance to any classmate. Though studious, she sti ' .l has time for fun and combines work with pleasure in such a way as to get the greatest enjoyment from both. The class of ' 25 wishes you a prosperous future, Bernice. W. A. A., D. S. A., Tennis. $jM niv ?, On a T y r - ' the to 7. yS ior ev -J vironrr KATHERINE ELLEN HAFEY ' The man who ' s worth while is The man who will smile When everything goes dead wrong: r y still night you can hear Kay ' s laugh ringing from one end of the town to the other. But then, she doesn ' t laugh all the time. She debonair, likable young lady who has a good word and smile eryone. She came here from South Deerfield, and home en- vironment must have been exceptional, for you can ' t make her drop that agreeable disposition of hers. Never tell Kay to " cheer up. " You don ' t have to. Hiking, Hockey,- Winter Sports, Glee Club. 76 Dudley Street MERLE GUY HALL Fitchburg, Mass. " Suppose I were fat as well as tall! " As big in heart as he is in stature is this ex-doughboy who has graced our halls for the past three years. None know him but to like him. Would that all of us could look at life with the same con- sistent good will as does our Merle. He has served his school as he served his country — " exceedingly well. " We all hope his reward in the years to come will counterbalance the good he has done and the sunshine he has spread before and during the time we knew him. Glee Club, Men ' s A. A., Gaveleers. MjV ] i Q Htchbur o Normal 9 s 42 ffiie Saxifrage GERTRUDE CATHERINE HANDLIN 105 Harrison Avenue Fitchburg, Mass. " Always ready, always there, Always willing to do her share. " Gert " has been a real member of the class of ' 25 in every sense of the word. Always willing to cooperate and make a success of all our undertakings, she has won our good will and friendship, that promises to endure for all time. We are assured that she will make a fine teacher, for during her training at Edgerly School, her work in- dicated an enviable ability. She excels as a delightful comrade and a good pal, and let it be known, we aren ' t the only ones who find her such. Going to Vermont next summer, " Gert " ? Tennis, D. S. A., W. A. A., Dramatic Club ' 25. JOHN FRANCIS HEALY 36 Kingsburg Street Worcester, Mass. " Smile and drive the clouds away I " Jack came to us a little late in our first year but we are certainly glad to have him in our class. He has navigated our class ship through many storms by his sincere and sound advice. Every mem- ber has come to look upon Jack as a big brother and when we a:e in distress we come to him for aid. He has been engaged in many school activities. He is President of Men ' s A. A., Trustee of Athletic Field, Member of Gaveleers Society, Dramatic Council. We are certain of his success as a teacher. Dramatic Council, President Men ' s A. A., Gaveleers. Cherry Street KATHERINE MARIE HEALY " Small but sweet. ' Holyoke, Mass. " Casey, " as she is known to all, is one of the " Holyoke Gang. " She is a third floor Palmerite. Just by looking at Casey we know that she is merry, fun-loving, and sympathetic. If you want your hair curled, go to her for she is ready to help you at all times. Ask her why she is so interested in Amherst. Good luck, dear classmate. Whatever you attempt is sure to be a success. W. A. A., Glee Club, Tennis, Hockey. V i " r 6 J 1 Y 1 9 Fitchbur g Normal ? j W 43 ffiie Saxifrage ARTHUR GUSTAVE HILBERT 465 Springfield Street " Ain ' t Love Grand? " Chicopee, Mass. Here is a famous man from a famous class; in other words the Sheik of Senior I. When " Sheik " found it possible to leave Miller Hall he joined our athletes where he disproved the theory that good athletes cannot be in love. As guard on our football team his work was not conspicuous in the stands, but often cleared the way for some runner or stopped the advance of the opposition and was one of the bulwarks of the line. In basket ball his work has been uni- formly consistent for the past two years. Sheik passes on with Senior I, but we expect to have a reunion at Palmer soon when he deserts the ranks of the bachelors. We hope, in parting, that he will find as much happiness and friendship in the years to come as he has ac- corded us in the past. Football ' 24, ' 25, Basket Ball ' 24, ' 25, Gaveleers, Glee Club, Senior Class Play ' 24, Debating. TYNNE ELINA HIMOTTU 301 Pine Street Gardner, Mass " Her modest looks the cottage might adorn, Sweet as the primrose peeps beneath the thorn. ' Tynne is one of the quiet and unassuming girls of our class. She is always pleasant and good natured. Her lessons are prepared, and she has time to help her friends. She has many friends, but she be- stows; we hear, most of her affections on one. It won ' t be long, will it, Tvnne? The class of ' 25 wishes her much happiness. Saxifrage Board ' 25, W. A. A., Glee Club, D. S. A. 68 Park Street HELEN MARIE HOBAN " Deny her merit if you can: Clinton, Mass. The littlest, but by no means the least of our Clintonites is Helen. She was one of the commuters until the day when she decided to join the ranks of Palmer Hall. It was not long after this that we found we had among us a jolly, good sport and a true-blue friend. Helen did not give up many week-ends to Palmer Hall. Every Friday would find her hurrying down the hill in answer to the call of " All on for Clinton. " With Helen go the best wishes for the future from all classmates at F. N. S. W. A. A., Tennis, Glee Club, Hiking. Oj Fitchburg Normal 9 5 44 he Saxifrage MARION DEXTER HOLDEN 19 Westford Street Gardner, Mass. " Orthodoxy is my doxy; Heterodoxy is another man ' s doxy. " This familiar saying is true of all men in general, and of " Dickey " Holden in particular. However, " Marion D. " herself would say, " We won ' t argue the point, but you ' re wrong. " Everyone who enters Suite E in Miller Hall discovers our conscientious Marion at the desk, books open before her, either pondering deeply in the attitude of " The Thinker, " or writing rapidly before she loses her inspiration. Before you have found yourself a seat, you are called upon to judge whether " all is a pronoun or an adjective. " When you answer her " Noun, " you are showered with questions and books until you " prove it. " Hiking, Tennis, W. A. A. I H DOROTHY MAUDE HOPKINS 36 Maple Street J) sfe tsi tni Northampton, Mass. ' Ever sweet and fair. " apton, Mass. % A sweet and winsome lass is Dot, one of our most popular girls. A true friend, an excellent leader, a fine athlete, a good sport is she. That her charms for the opposite sex are appreciated we know from the pictures in her room and from the many trips taken after Christ- mas. When, as Vice-President of the Student Council, serious duties fell upon her, Dorothy used such judgment that matters ran as smoothly as ever. Her one serious fault is failure to return after vacations. We know Dot will aim for the best in life and we all her success. W. A. A., Hiking, Hockey, Basket Ball, Bowling, Vice-President Student Council ' 25, Dramatic Council. uj. fCr-l HAZEL GERTRUDE HUGHES 110 Maple Street Gardner, Mass. " Thy heart will melt before her smile And earthly objects fade away. " Hazel hails from the city of Gardner, and is one of our pretty and winsome maidens. Though quiet, she has done fine work and lent her aid in every undertaking. We recommend her as an excellent stu- • dent, an efficient teacher, and a rare friend. _ » t Tennis, Basket Ball, Hiking, W. A. A. Mi ■ V |Q Fitchburg Normal 25 CT 45 I .- Q " he Saxifrage 545 Union Street FRANCIS HARRY HURLBUT North Adams, Mass. " Praise him, for of women friends he has many. " Here is Francis or " Wink " as he is most commonly called. Two years ago, " Wink " paid us a visit, and after looking the school over, decided to stay. So Normal has been blest with his presence ever since. He is another of the North Adams boys who has helped uphold the fame of Normal for the past two years. Should you be passing through Normal lobby some noon, and hear a crowd of girls suddenly burst into laughter, you need not inquire the cause because it is sure to be " Wink. " However, Francis is just a real good fellow and we know he will be a success in his chosen profession. Mohawk, Treasurer, M. A. A., Humor Editor of the Norma-Lite, Glee Club. ELEANOR FRANCES HUTCHINGS 39. East Street Fitchburg, Mass. " Sunny disposition and blue eyes Often make people wise. " Eleanor is one of Fitchburg ' s own and we are proud to claim her as a member of the class of ' 25. She is one who never forgets assign- ments and can be depended upon to have her lessons prepared. She is one of our quietest members but when she recites she proves that " still water runs deep. " With all her studying, she still has time for outside pleasures. If one is ever in need of a friend we would sug- gest Eleanor. She will be remembered for her twinkling eyes, her pleasing smile, and her untiring effort to make everything she under- takes a success. We may ask, why the interest in nature study ? Day Student Council, Glee Club, Hiking, Volley Ball. 62 Robbin Street RAYMOND FRED INGHAM " Silence is golden. " Lowell, Mass. " Going to Lowell tonight, Ray? " Ray lives in Lowell, but we wonder what the main attraction is. Perhaps he is homesick??!! Ray is one of the quiet fellows in our class and is always agreeable to everyone. What would Mr. Morrell ' s boys do without him? Ray is some electrician, but he likes Mr. Akeley ' s shop and probably will teach woodfinishing. What say, Ray?!! Noted for his sincerity. Gaveleer, Dramatics. jQ Fitc hbur ff Normal 2 46 wl ' ir Tlie Saxifrage UNA ESTELLE JACKSON 1 Winter Terrace Fitchburg, Mass. " Laugh and the world laughs with you, Weep and you weep alone. " Una always has a smile. She is one of our star teachers as was proven to us by her splendid performance at assembly one Monday morning. Una loves the work in physical education and has more than her share of pep. For some reason this blonde damsel wishes to teach near Medford. We wonder why. Treasurer of Day Girls ' Association ' 25, W. A. A., Basket Ball. Oak Street ANNA ELIZABETH KEARNEY New Bedford, Mass. " The world is so full of a number of things I ' m sure we should all be as happy as kings. " When we think of Anna we think of sweetness, kindness, virtu- ousness; all of these favors are bestowed upon her. She is always sweet and charming, with a good word for everyone, and ever ready to help others. In all she does there is that simplicity of manner by which she is distinguished. Of course, being Mary ' s sister, she is always ready for fun and enters into it with a zest. Others like her we cannot hope to meet very often, and we will always remember her as a true friend. Success to you, Anna, and may you brighten the paths of future years as you have ours in Normal. Hiking, Hockey, Winter Sports, W. A. A. 68 Oak Street MARY FRANCES KEARNEY New Bedford, Mass. " To be or not to be — that ' s not the question: it ' s being. " Here is an enigma — a demure young lady. Well, you don ' t know her, perhaps, as well as we do. It is little wonder that the roof of Palmer Hall hasn ' t long ago left its resting place. It is also a miracle that there haven ' t been any cases of heart failure in Palmer as yet. Mary has the most beautiful, sonorous, bass voice, and uses it to the best advantage. Allow us to introduce Miss Mary Kearney — the best night watchman that ever lived. Hiking, Hockey, Winter Sports, W. A. A. W NiijSfc I [A Oj Fitchburg Normal 25 47 ffiie Saxifrage MARGARET MARY KEATING 24 Congress Street Fitchburg, Mass. " We like her smile, we love her style. " Margaret has been very pleasant company for the past two years, and we prophesy that she will continue as such in the future. Mar- garet is a model young lady and — teacher. If you don ' t believe us about the teacher part, ask Fred ! ! Although Margaret appears ra- ther quiet — well, we have heard queer sounds echoing from her piazza, many a night! How about it, Margaret? Of course, Fred can ' t make Fitchburg every week-end — but when he does! Margaret is very popular with friends and teachers alike, and we wish her every suc- cess in her chosen profession. W. A. A., Glee Club. MARION JOSEPHINE KEYES South Deerfield, Mass. ' Thou shalt find she will outstrip all praise, and make it halt behind her. " happiest girl in Fitchburg is " Keesie, " with her ready smile. C can assurejjou a speedy recovery from a fit of the blues, and he wilKdoit so unconsciously and in such a pleasing and gracious ner thijTyou won ' t realize it until a smile crowns your face once more. Did xpu ever hear Marion sing? She can put a nightingale in the shade! These aren ' t all of her accomplishments, either, but then, we can ' t (namej_bem all or we ' d fill the book. W. A. A. JAMES ANDREW KIELTY 206 Water Street Fitchburg, Mass. " Let the world slide — what care I? " The school system of Pittsburg was in need of a good man, so Jim took the position in the Smoky City. Holy Cross will miss Jim ' s moral support this baseball season, and the third base bleachers at Braves Field will be without him until June. We are warning all the fair damsels to watch out when Jim hits town as he is Rudolph Valentino ' s only rival. Baseball, Men ' s A. A. C Fitchburg Normal 25 48 - y h Sajdira e JOHN EDWARD KILLELEA 98 Washington Street Leominster, Mass. " A fair example of untainted youth. " " Eddie, " who hails from Leominster, is that quiet, unassuming chap whom you will always find minding his own affairs. He dis- played excellent school spirit on the gridiron, while no one questions his loyalty to friends and squareness to all his associates. Either fate or an indisposition toward the opposite sex kept him a worthy bachelor for two years, but the spring of 1925 reaped another victim. He is numbered among those whom we will miss and to whom we wish success. Mohawk, Men ' s A. A., Glee Club, Football ' 23, ' 24, Saxifrage Board. ■ ■ RUTH MADALINE KILLELEA 352 Mill Street Leominster, Mass. " The long historian of my country ' s woes. " Ruth is another of the commuters from Leominster. She is a sweet girl who even in high school days elected history as her specialty. She knows every date from Ancient to her own. With such an ability may she continue happily on the road to success. W. A. A., D. S. A., Hiking, Tennis. " £ STANLEY KRUSZYNA 6 Harding Street Adams, Mass. " A man of deep thoughts and actions. " When the Mohawk Club was formed " Stan " was chosen to be its leader. He has successfully carried the club from its modest be- ginning to its present enviable place in the social life of the school. He has all the qualities for leadership. He is also one of our finest athletes and has been a regular player on the football team for the past two years. President of Mohawks, Football ' 23, ' 24, Vice-President Men ' s A. A., Glee Club, Leaders ' Club. jQ Fitchbur g Normal £$ 49 he Saxifrage MARION FRANCES LANE Leominster, Mass. " Of gentle soul, to human race a friend. " If you want any advice on teaching, just ask Marion. Her talent is enviable in the art. " Tony " and Marion are never apart. Although Marion is one of pur cleverest girls in teaching, she finds time for fun and that certain young man who likes Leominster so well. We doubt if you continue in the teaching profession, Marion, but what- ever you do success will be yours. W. A. A., D. S. A. £$S ; MAGDALENE RITA LEAHY Box 351 Leominster, Mass. " see her coming from afar. " Magdalene has much to be proud of, especially a very brilliant " crowning glory. " Contrary to tradition, she has a very quiet and studious temperament. When not studying she is probably riding to and from school via the F. L. She is very interesting and helpful to her friends and has our best wishes for success. Basket Ball, W. A. A., Tennis, Hiking, D. S. A. 10 South Street ARTHUR LEROY LELAND " If you want to know, ask me. " Northboro, Mass. " Spats " hails from the large city of Worcester or thereabouts. His knowledge of the ways of the world is known by all. As a basket ball player he is excelled by few. His ever steady playing brought many a victory to Normal. " Spats " is one of our popular young men. His one weakness is for the girls. It will be difficult for Normal to find another like him for men of his kind are scarce. His name will always rest in her hall of fame after he departs. Good luck to a real sport and a fine scholar. Basket Ball ' 23, ' 24, ' 25, Football ' 24, Gaveleers ' 23, ' 24. Vl 9 Fitchbur g Normal 2A 50 Tlie Saxifrage IONA MAE LEZOTTE 8S Hayden Street Orange, Mass. ' Divinely tall and most divinely fair. " " Ikey " — full of pep — brimming over with a zest for life, is an up- to-the-minute modern girl. We can imagine her as anything but a school-ma ' am. Somehow — when one pictures " Ikey " skimming over a dance floor (and she can dance!) — well, Ikey may be teaching the alphabet some day but it won ' t be in a schoolroom! A wish in parting: May your life be as chuck full of happiness as you may wish it to be, and may you pay as much attention to your future pupils as you probably will to the " Lord Jeffs. " Dramatics, Debating, W. A. A. ■ I ELEANOR CORINNE LOVELL 45 Pearl Street Leominster, Mass. " The deeper the feeling the less demonstrated will there be of it. " Corinne is one of the commuters from Leominster and does her bit to save the F. L. from bankruptcy. She had been here only a short time before a romantic P. A. man, realizing her worth, immedi- ately offered her his heart and hand. Consequently she is never seen alone at any of the school parties, although she does seem rather lonesome since Jack finished his course. Hiking, W. A. A., Basket Ball, Tennis, Hockey. 1 495 Main Street GLADYS EVELYN LUCAS ' A good heart and a level head: Gardner, Mass. Gladys is one of those girls who fairly radiates efficiency. A rare sweetness and pleasing manner, allied to an enviable ability, make her the ideal teacher as well as companion. She displays all the requisites of true friendship, and is possessed of unusually fine quali- ties which render her very popular with all who know her intimately. We ' ll never forget Gladys, whose gentle influence has been felt by so many of us. May a most successful future be hers! W. A. A., D. S. A., Hiking. I j Q Fitchbur ff Normal £,$ ffiie Saxifrage JOSEPHINE BELLE LYMAN D. No. 1 Northampton, Mass. " Always pleasant. " Here ' s Northampton ' s representative, and one of which both Northampton and Fitchburg Normal have a right to be proud. She is never seen but in a happy and cheerful mood. Her conscientious work is a great asset. Tennis, hiking, and bowling are her chief out- door pleasures. Tennis, Hiking, Glee Club, W. A. A. U RUTH FORSTER LYON isant Street Leominster, Mass. A friend in need is a friend indeed. " tne of those girls who is a credit to Normal. She is a LyJkmode st individual, a friend of everyone, and we all admire an!a esyeem her. She has displayed her ability along many lines while t Njprmal, and the class of 192S feel sure she will make a successful . .teacher. UiW. A. A., Glee Club. GERTRUDE BERNADETTE MAHONEY 66 Linden Street Fall River, Mass. " Her heart was in her work. " Quiet and demure is our " Bernie. " She is loved by all who meet her, and she has brought joy to the third floor of Palmer Hall. She believes that life is just what you make it and she herself finds it one pleasant sensation after another. She has made a delightful teacher, and one who is loved by all her pupils. Tennis, Basket Ball ' 24, ' 25, W. A. A. jQ Fitchburg Normal 25 52 ffiie Saxifrage MILDRED LYDIA MARBLE Fort Pond North Lancaster, Mass. " In books be knowledge. " Mildred knows this and takes advantage of it. She always has her lessons prepared, and how many times have we listened with admi- ration, when Mildred ' s poems or essays were read in English class. But don ' t get the impression that she ' s a bookworm — far from it — for she has always been in the front ranks of basket ball and tennis. Mildred is a true, all-around good sport with something worth while to add to the enjoyment of her friends. W. A. A., Basket Ball, D. S. A. £ ? u - et- ' INA MARKKANEN 11 Nutting Street Fitchburg, Mass. " Oh, I am stabbed with laughter. " - Ina is noted as our best-natured member. Her accomplishments o — are many and varied. As a singer she charms us all, her favorite song being, " Roses are Blooming in Picardy. " For many weeks Ina lived in the realm of the crossword puzzle, which threatened to wreck her good nature for a time. Her favorite expression is, " Isn ' t it fun ' nee? " Day Girls ' Association, Girls ' Glee Club, Dramatics. MARY THERESA MARSH 129 Wilbraham Avenue Springfield, Mass. " A soul of power, a well of lofty thought, A chastened hope that ever points to heaven. " Whatever should we do without Mary? We are unable to con- template her absence, or think of old Normal without her. She is a girl in a million, one who is ever willing and ever ready to be of service. An unusual brilliancy of mind allied to a delightful jollity, a sparkling wit, and a kind, cooperative spirit have made her one of the most popular members of our class. She is all that is finest and best in a girl and has labored constantly for us all. Best o ' luck, " Marshie, " and in your race toward fame and fortune, may you get no more blisters on the heel ! Vice-President G. A. A. ' 24, President W. A. A. ' 25, Hockey Bas- ket Ball, Secretary S. G. A. ' 25. 1 C) Fitchbur g Normal £5 53 ffiie Saxifrage MARGARET MARION MATHER 65 Beacon Street Greenfield, Mass. " Calm as the night And deep as the sea, Yet she is full of jollity. " Hats off to Margaret, the House President of Miller Hall! This is a position in which the value of a person is shown and our girl stands the test. She is loved by all the girls and why shouldn ' t she be? Besides being so true a pal to us all, she is a star at basket ball — all over the floor — always after the ball. Such a serene, dignified, and reserved young lady as she is, but ask a few of Margaret ' s " gang " what her real self is like. You will find her fun-loving, sympathetic, and kind hearted. House President, Basket Ball ' 24, ' 25, Student Council ' 25, Bowling, Hiking, Hockey. JENNIE MAY McAULAY (4 Summer Street New Bedford, Mass. " A pleasant girl with a pleasant smile. " This curly-haired advocate of New Bedford has been a friend to us at all times. Her musical talent is well known and appreciated far and wide, while her conscientious work is rewarded by excellent marks. Jennie is one of the few girls who has kept her crowning glory. We wonder if she blushes as prettily for a certain New Bed- ford man as she does for us. Although New Bedford holds your heart, Jennie, we hope we will see you often in the future. Glee Club, Bowling, Hiking, Invitation Committee Student Gov- ernment Banquet. GERTRUDE IRENE McCONVILLE 4 Cross Street Clinton, Mass. " Wit in ivoman is a jewel. " ' " Ginger " is one of our cutest and most irresistible girls. Her sparkling eyes and friendly ways have endeared her to us all. She is an expert " driver, " and her frequent parties have caused much discussion. She has added lustre to all our social affairs, as well as to the work of the class room. She will surely succeed because of her ability and her pleasing personality. Dramatic Council, Hockey, Saxifrage Board, W. A. A., Debating Council ' 24. 1 Q Fitchbur o Normal 2$ Vc 54 Hi Tlie Saxifrage Summer Street JOHN THOMAS McNALLY Fitchburg, Mass. " None but himself can be his parallel. " " Mac " is a celebrated personage around our school, due to the fact that his own inimitable personality has made for him the kind of friends that neither time nor distance can erase from his memory. For three years " Mac " has found time to join in every school activity whether it has been socials, academic work, or athletics, and speak- ing of athletes, there are few who are his equal either on the football field or the diamond. Playing at halfback, Johnnie led the charge of Normal ' s " Four Horsemen " throughout the season, and then car- ried his efficient work to the pitcher ' s mound. As captain of our baseball team he showed that " never-say-die " spirit which has made him so popular. The doors of our school will close behind Mac in June, and although faculty and students alike are sorry to see him go, still we realize that our loss is someone else ' s gain, and the teaching profession is gaining by his addition. Football ' 23, ' 24, Baseball ' 23, ' 24, ' 25, Manager Basket Ball ' 25, Mohawk Club. ™ jjt " •» ' ■■ ' . ' ■ VI m : ■ • " ' . ■ i A WM J ; IIP L iJ m. ... V . SB ANNA ELIZABETH MacNAMARA 3 Harbor Street Clinton, Mass. " To know her is io love her: " Mac, " loyal, generous, exceedingly cute — these are some of the adjectives we could use in describing her. " Mac " hails from the big city of Clinton, but her home much of the time is in Room 11 at Palmer Hall. Why? Because that is Mary ' s room. She has a host of friends in the school who will miss her when she leaves in June. We don ' t know how " Runt " will survive. We wish her the best of luck, success, and future happiness. W. A. A, Hiking, D. G. A., Tennis. GERTRUDE McNAMARA 13 Crown Street Clinton, Mass. " Oh, blest with temper whose unclouded ray Can make tomorrow cheerful as today! " " Gert " is one of the Clintonites. Her winning smile and pleasing personality have brought happiness to many a depressed classmate. She is always ready when there are stories to be written, especially historical stories. Always fond of sports, her chief delight is in play- ing basket ball. " Gert " is the kind of a girl everyone wants for a friend. Tennis, Hiking, Basket Ball, W. A. A., L G. A. all XL du w ' Cj Fitchburg Normal £5 " O " 55 Qlie Saxifrage I OarHnpr A Tage VJ LILIAN WAINWRIGHT MILLER 40 Graham Street Gaxdn£j _Mas r— " T ig gZory of a firm, capacious mind. " Although " Lil " entered our class a little late, she soon made up for it by joining Palmer Hall ' s " Gang, " and " stepping on it. " Lil is a fashionable young lady, set off by a smiling face. Senior I cer- tainly was lucky to have Lil for one of its members. She is always ready with lessons and notebooks which are as neat as herself. Yes, Lil, we agree with you that Harvard ranks first in the line of Sheik ' s harbors. W. A. A. A ELEANOR GERTRUDE MORAN 496 ' Springfield Street Chicopee, Mass. " Nothing is impossible to a willing heart. " Stand by ! Eleanor is that Palmer Hallite from Chicopee who is ever disposed to fun and jollity, and whose high sense of humor I - makes her such a good pal. We very often see her with Dorothy, in whose room she is wont to spend many evenings. She is a great " « devotee of the theater, and if, on a Saturday afternoon you fail to find her at " S hea ' s, " you ' ll know that she must be at the " Lyric. " ; ) Eleanor was a very successful teacher, promising. ;, W. A. A., Hiking, Tennis. and one whose future looks " Jr MARY DOMINICA MULLEN 17 Pacific Street Fitchburg, Mass. n - " A cheerful temper, knowledge delightful and wit good- natured, make her beauty attractive. " Look at Mary ' s picture and you ' ll find we ' re not mistaken when we say she is one of the cutest girls in the Class of 1925. Blonde hair, blue eyes, petite, her radiant smile, charming manner, and sunny disposition have made for her a host of friends. She invari- ably has a witty saying at the tip of her tongue and knows just how to say it to produce the proper effect. Mary is also skilled in the terpsichorean art, which can be readily seen at dances. Everyone will agree that she has always been an active member in athletics, ability being displayed in hockey and basket ball. We hope Mary will continue to be as successful in the future as she has been in the past. W. A. A., Hiking, Debating Council, Glee Club, Hockey, Basket Ball. jQ Fitchbur g Normal £5 56 ■ EWRftCJ Q he Saxifrage MILDRED ELIZABETH MULLIN 175 Main Street Maynard, Mass. " Ever loyal, ever true To the task she has to do. " The above saying suits Mildred perfectly. As a student she shines, but as a musician she is even more brilliant. Her friends are innumer- able, in fact everyone who meets her is caught by her charming per- sonality. What would we do without Mildred on Wednesday nights when she plays the piano so cleverly and willingly while we trip the light fantastic. Again she often cheers us with her sweet voice when our spirits are low. The Class of 192S hopes that she will be as successful in the future as she has been in the past. Glee Club, Student Government Association, W. A. A. CATHERINE ELIZABETH MURRAY 23 Parker Street Maynard, Mass. " have a heart with room, for every joy. " Catherine is a young lady with few worries or cares. Although always ready for pleasure, she cannot be said to ever lack serious- ness, for occasionally we have seen her in most deep and thoughtful moods. She enjoyed training and was a firm though not too strict disciplinarian. That her class presented the best health play on first floor, Edgerly School, is a fact that speaks well for Catherine ' s coach- ing. We see her every Friday afternoon, suit case in hand, on the way to " Home, Sweet Home " and to all the fun and gaiety that abide in the vicinity of Maynard. She returns refreshed, and a little reluctant, too, but we know that it won ' t be long before she ' ll settle down with calm resignation to her fate and the happy prospect of the coming week-end. W. A. A., Basket Ball, Tennis. MAE VIOLET NEILSON " Ever pleasant, ever cheerful, Ever ready to help. " Stowe, Mass. Here ' s a type of girl that every school needs, in order to be suc- cessful. The Stow school wouldn ' t have been what it is, if it hadn ' t been for Mae. The same is true of Fitchburg Normal. She does her work conscientiously, and finds much pleasure in doing it. Into all her sports and studies she puts her whole heart and soul. It is im- possible to remember a moment when Mae was grouchy or out of sorts, because there never was such a moment. Tennis, Hiking, ' 24, ' 25, Bowling, Volley Ball, Glee Club. O Y j Titchbur £ Normal ? 5 YcP The Saxifrage ■A ELSA JOHANNA NIEMI 229 Rollstone Street Fitchburg, Mass. " Soft and slow tongue, true mark of honesty. " Elsa is the type of girl that is pleasing to everybody. She has such a pleasant manner and expression that one will not soon forget her. She has given us a fine example of enthusiasm and zeal in all her work at Normal and in her training at Day Street. E!sa has taken an active part in all school activities and has always been ready to help whenever her services were requested. W. A. A., D. S. A., Bowling, Hiking. ROWENA MARY NOLAN Winchendon, Mass. " Her ways are ways of pleasantness. " RtA ena ' s chiefrdelight is history, on which fascinating subject she Collected flffiwst every book available. We hope that she may me -a (history teacher some day. She is a great lover of dancing nd good times, but she is nevertheless very studious, and has en- joyedTNtbe co " veted privilege of having her name placed upon the jionor roTl. Though a commuter, we see her very frequently in Miller H£H, " visiting Hazel, and sometimes in Palmer with " Casey. " When she ' s not discussing topics of the day, or having a little fun, she ' s observed reading letters. Jack is very hard on the mail man, we think. Rowena ' s future is a most promising one, and we foretell great things for her. W. A. A., Bowling, D. G. A. FRANCES DORTHEA NORDBERG Maynard, Mass. " Good things come in small packages. " " Pam " is a friend of everyone and is always ready to lend a help- ing hand. She is the life of Senior I and is always missed if not present, especially at volley ball. She is noted for her individualistic opinions. At basket ball, " Pam " is a great guard and woe be to any- one who tries to shoot a basket when she is near. We know " Pam " will be successful wherever she goes and our best luck goes with her. Tennis, Hockey, W. A. A., Basket Ball ' 25, Volley Ball. |Q Fitchbur g Normal 9 58 JKft 9ju The Saxifrage CHARLOTTE PAULINE O ' BRIEN Fitchburg, Mass. " Cheek flushing while and mellowed rose. " One seldom sees a complexion so fresh and delightful to look upon as Charlotte ' s. Nor yet does one often meet a girl so good-natured, so utterly unaffected, and so pleasantly witty as she. Her friends are legion, and pride themselves that they can look upon her as a friend. We heard great things about Charlotte ' s work in training and re- ceived frequent testimony of her pupils ' love for her. She ruled by affection, and proved the efficacy of her method by the excellent re- sults which she secured. May all your efforts be crowned by success, Charlotte ! W. A. A., D. S S9 yy r Lx c) MARGARET MARY O ' DONNELL 58 Hitchcock Street Holyoke, Mass. " Witty, jolly, and care-free, Always jolly as can be. " " Peg " ? " Don ' t you know her? " The jolliest and most enter- taining member of our class? Peg is a product of Holyoke High School, and we ' ll always continue to thank the lucky day that b ought her into our fold. Although Margaret leaves us in June, we never will forget her, for her pleasant smiles and cheery words have won her many friends. ee Club. 3- ft M O-i ROSAMOND GRACE O ' NEIL 28 Monroe Street Chicopee Falls, Mass. " Time, place and action may with pains be wrought; But genius must be born, and never can be taught. " A thud ! A bang ! " Ros " landed at Normal, wielding a tennis racquet, ready for all comers. Not only did " Ros " acquire fame on the tennis court, but also as a student and an all-around athlete and good sport. She has made herself dear to her close circle of friends and admirers, and we feel confident that her talents will make her teaching career a glorious success. Tennis, W. A. A., Basket A., B asketb all, Hiking Leader ' 25, BasebaU, Y 1 9 Fitchbur ft Normal ? j Yc 59 The Saxifrage JAMES FRANCIS O ' SULLIVAN 283 Water Street Leominster, Mass. " Hi—kid! " Jimmie, more often, " Sul, " is one of our commuters from Leomin- ster. He is the curly-haired young man that all the girls admire. If anyone wants any of the latest steps in dancing, ask. him. Sully is the pride of the paint shop. When not otherwise occupied he works in a butcher shop at home. Whether butchering or teaching we know Sully will always get by. Debating ' 23, Mohawk. HELEN MAY PARKER Northfield, Mass. 3fe«T7 " Vl «£S rZ iv v « a iJCt t if A ._ - y» j We fj " A e " What sweet delight a quiet life affords. " Helen has only been with us a year, having taken the summer course. The old saying, " Still water runs deep " may well be applied to Helen, she may be quiet, but — most of us envy her brilliant powers. Her ability .in handwork was greatly appreciated by the many people she helped with trays at Christmas time. She was a close second to Miss Conlon. For several years Helen has been teaching in her home town and as for next year — well — time will tell! May you have the best of success in whatever you do, Helen. W. A. A., Glee Club. MARTHA ELIZABETH PARSHLEY S Cross Street Fitchburg, Mass. " Art is power. Martha ' s artistic ability is well known and appreciated. There is no product of her skilful handwork which does not approach per- fection, and we are always accustomed to look for her work amid the material displayed in Miss Conlon ' s room. Her originality has inspired many novel exhibits as well as added much to the effectiveness of her school work. She is a popular young person, and has made many friends by her kindness and helpfulness. Some day, Martha, we shall look for your name among the lists of either our great artists, drawing supervisors, or handicraft instructors. We don ' t expect to be dis- appointed. W. A. A., D. S. A., Basket Ball. Cj Fitchburg Normal 9 5 60 Bflf. r % S V •.-» ' The Saxifrage . ESTHER MARIE PEPIN 92 Charles Street Fitchburg, Mass. " She needs no eulogy, she speaks for herself. " This fair-haired young lady has attained many distinctions. What organization of any kind has not been graced by her name! Wherever Esther is, Helen is not far behind. Thus is the way of friendship. We will never forget how hard Esther worked for our Junior Valentine party. She certainly helped to guard those colors! W. A. A., Debating Council ' 25, Day Student Council, D. S. A. ELEANOR LOUISE PRATT 52 Pierce Street Greenfield, Mass. " She ' s blonde and small, She ' s pleasant to us all. " This small damsel is one of Greenfield ' s blondes. Eleanor shines in athletics, starring in basket ball. We ' re all at attention when Eleanor starts to debate. If you want to know any rule, either listed or otherwise, page Eleanor — she knows them all. She ' s a willing worker and we wish her the best of luck, professional and otherwise. Sh ! It is whispered she likes small company, too! W. A. A., Tennis ' 24, ' 25, Debating ' 25, Saxifrage Board ' 25, Bas- ket Ball ' 25. ELIZABETH QUATTLANDER East Northfield, Mass. " Give me knowledge! " ■ " Betty Q. " came to us late, but " better late than never. " She is the type of student who does her work thoroughly and faithfully at all times, and is never satisfied with less than " A. " Her favorite indoor sport is " crossword puzzle, " and she surely is a " shark " at it. Betty spent three summers here, and returned this year for her resi- dent year. She has been teaching for three years and longs to be back with her " kiddies. " Some day she plans to go to China and teach. In her past experience in the profession, we know she has been a success — and here ' s wishing you, Betty Q., continued success. W. A. A. j jk ' P ' Q Fitchbur g Normal 25 61 ffiie Saxifrage CLARENCE OLIVER RABOUIN 5 Richmond Street " Small, but like a diamond. " Adams, Mass. Joe is another of those boys from the Berkshires. Although he spends much time debating with Bill Daly about being the smallest man in the class he has distinguished himself for two years on the basket ball team. Last fall he proved that a small man can be most successful in football. Joe is not very noisy, but he always has a great deal to say to one person. In this case he is a fine conversa- tionalist, if we may judge by appearances. Basket Ball, Football, Mohawk Club, Leaders ' Club. i ™ MARION EMERGENE RAY 30 South Cotton Street " Art for life ' s sake. " Leominster, Mass. It is " Ray ' s " chief ambition to instill in the next generation a love for the beautiful, and we feel that she is well qualified for her calling. Ray has a great many accomplishments including musical ability, if the melodious strains of the " Irish Washerwoman " which have from time to time filled Normal corridors, can be traced to her harmonica. She is also an enthusiastic tennis player and hiker, and has won for herself a place on the school basket ball team. But best of all, Marion is a good friend — kind, sympathetic, and full of fun — the kind of a girl who is indispensable. The class of twenty-five is unanimous in wishing you a successful career, Marion. Hiking, Basket Ball, Tennis, W. A. A., D. S. A. , _ ( I a S -£$Ul j ji t J ' s juJLaXk. ' 3 Lynn Street " AlV HELEN MADELEINE RIORDAN Fitchburg, Mass. " Laughing and gay and full of fun, She is ever ready when frolic is begun. " Helen is that excellent teacher about whose exceptional ability at Day Street School we have all heard. The fame attending a certain history project which she produced has extended far and wide, and made us regard her with a new and great admiration. We rarely see Helen without " Kay, " and we note that especially between classes they are inseparable. The presence of the one seems to inspire the other to expressions of mirth and gaiety, and we frequently hear them either laughing merrily together, or — sh — h ! — confiding secrets. Best o ' luck, Helen, and may all your life be just as full of fun and hap- piness, as have been the good old days at Normal. W. A. A., D. S. A., Debating, Basket Ball. Fitch burft Normal 9 5 Yc 62 ■ e Saxifrage ;» t JOSEPH WILLIAM RIORDAN 76 Richland Street Worcester, Mass. " Some schools are just naturally lucky — " Such was said of Normal when " Joe " , after graduating from Holy Cross, entered our halls of learning. Although he has been here but a year he has been very active and has given a good account of himself in everything he has attempted. Those who have not heard of " Alia Bulla " and the " ancient Sanskrit " have missed a part of " Joe. " He takes great delight in teaching tennis to members of the fair sex and beating his fellow schoolmates. He will succeed, we are sure. Good luck old man ! Gaveleers, Business Manager, Gaveleer Play, Basket Ball, Tennis. HELEN SHEEHAN ROB 176 West Street fc- ' Leominsfec, Mass " To those who know thee not, no words can paint! And those who know thee, know all words are jainCVj J Helen ' s laugh is one thing we will all remember, and if ' surel} contagious. She has had many things to do in her two years aR wi all know she has done them with credit. Sometimes we apply to the little phrase " My friend she tick " but only a few of us know and when. We wish to pay Helen a deserved tribute in recognition of the way she carried Senior I home to victory in Basket Ball. Tennis, Bowling, W. A. A., Hiking ' 25, D. S. A., Basket Ball. KATHERINE CHARLOTTE ROCHE 23 Walnut Avenue Norwood, Mass. " With all the charm of woman. ' ' ' That stunning, curly-haired girl? Why, that ' s Kay Roche, an- other one of our friends from Norwood. She belongs with the group that takes nothing but " A " in training. Whenever Kay is not study- ing, she is to be found with May, her Junior pal. Evidently her sweet, quiet nature appeals to that man in Norwood as much as it does to us. The class of ' 25 wishes you the best of everything, Kay, dear. Basket Ball, W. A. A., Hiking. . Cj Fitchburg Normal 25 0 63 T he Saxifrage 422 Water Street PAUL CHESLEY ROCHE " Hello, big boy: Fitchburg, Mass. Paul, otherwise known as " Rocky, " has done much towards ad- vancing our school athletic records. He was captain of the basket ball team last winter and of the football team this season. He is the tall, good-looking man and is admired by most of the girls, but there ' s only one for him. Anyhow we will always remember you, " Rocky, " and wish you success wherever you go. Basket Ball Captain ' 24, Football Captain ' 24, Baseball ' 23, ' 24, ' 25. Vice-President Section I, ' 25, Mohawk. ALICE LISLE ROUNDS 140 Plain Street Stoughton, Mass. " Where the water runs smoothest, it is the deepest. " This neat little parcel, well-wrapped and tied, although small, makes up for petiteness in quality. Always very quiet and unobtru- sive, one would never know that she was around were it not for her recitations in classes, and a few words spoken now and then out- side. We feel that Alice will make a very good teacher for we be- lieve she has that happy faculty of commanding discipline and at- tention, and thereby establishing the ideal conditions necessary to effective teaching W. A. A., Hiking, Bowling (2 W- l X J X y - MILDRED MYRA RUEGER 84 Berlin Street Clinton, Mass. " Secure in the hearts of her friends. ' Mildred ' s wide popularity is in a great measure due to an agree- able disposition and a sweet and kindly manner, which are at once evident. She is one of our worthy Clintonites to whom the joys and trials of commuting are but part of every day. Mildred ' s highly commendable work in training occasioned little surprise, for of a girl so exceedingly clever and capable as she, great success is expected. The best wishes of all of us go with you, Mildred! W. A: A., D. G. A., Hockey, Basket Ball. Y 1 9 Fitch buro Normal 2 A Yc 64 BhsSSJk m ffiie Saxifrage KATHERINE MARY RYAN Fitchburg, Mass i c C " Honors come by diligence. " Ill Green Street As a teacher, Katherine won great renown and merited all the high praise which fell to her share during training. We feel certain that she will always uphold our profession in a most admirable man- ner, and know that just so long as she follows it, she will be one of its most enthusiastic disciples. We have heard a very great deal about a certain pupil of hers who takes her lessons in a most extra- ordinarily submissive and receptive manner; don ' t you wish that they all did so well, Kay? W. A. A., D. S. A., Tennis. BESSIE SALTZMAN 97 Hitchcock Street Holyoke, Mass. " Time has a Doomsday Book, upon whose page he is continually recordi ng illustrious names. " Members of our class can all rest assured that Betty will be heard of after she leaves Normal. Her talents began to come to light through debating and she leads us all in that field. At several of our school functions, Betty has favored us with interesting selections which were much appreciated by us all. Let us hear more of you, Betty! W. A. A., D. S. A., Bowling, Tennis, Debating ' 24, ' 25, President Debating Council ' 25. oo c ELEANOR LILLIAN SANDERSON Westminster, Mass. " A tripping, dainty miss, ivith spirits rather high. " If you should see a tall, attractive girl tripping lightly across the campus and should inquire her name, you would straightway receive the reply, " Why, that is Eleanor. " You would then hear of her cleverness upon the dance floor, her brilliancy of mind, her fascination for the other sex, and last of all, of her devotion to " Ikey. " We are certain that Eleanor will make a very successful teacher, yet we hardly think that our honored profession will be able to claim her for very long. May your future path abound in four leaf clovers, Eleanor ! W. A. A., Hiking. jQ Htchbur g Normal 2.$ O " ■ Qlie Saxifrage MARION FRANCES SEAVER 290 Central Street Leominster, Mass. " In battle or business, whatever the game, In law or in love, it ' s ever the same; In her struggle for power or scramble for pelf, This is her motto: ' Rely on yourself. " Marion will always be remembered by all, and especially by the Day Girls as their trustworthy leader. Marion never shirks a task, yet is always ready for fun. As a teacher she has been very success- ful, and we are confident she will always be so. Her taste is irre- proachable, especially when it comes to choosing her jewels — pearls. Good luck, Marion! President D. G. A., W. A. A., Tennis. r TIMOTHY FRANCIS SHEEHAN 121 Day Street Fitchburg, Mass. " All great men are dead and I am feeling ill. " When Mother Nature was filling her moulds she graciously poured several of her gifts into one, and the iron man Timmy appeared. Tim was a valuable man to the football and baseball teams here ' and can play basket ball even if some people think he is a bit rough. Baseball, Football. ARIOUL AUGUSTUS SHEPARDSON 97 Willow Street Clinton, Mass. " He must be known to be appreciated: " Shep " is another of the loyal Clinton contingent, quiet in his manner. Tho ' he does not boast of many acquaintances among the male sex, his courtesy and willingness to do his share have made him well liked by those who know him. Industry, honesty, courtesy, and modesty, virtues which are his, will, no doubt, bring him to the top of the ladder where the best belong. Good luck to you, old man, — and success. Debating. Y 1 9 Htchbur o Normal 2k Yl 66 ■ Qlie Saxifrage -L. FLORA ELIZABETH SOLI m _ _. Bolton, Mass. fyj , -- " We understood her by her sight. " Flora hails from Bolton, the town that everyone knows for its two kinds of peaches. However, Flora thinks that quantity is greater than quality, but in reality it is vice versa. She is very popular among the girls of her class and is especially well liked for her willingness to perform any helpful service. As a third grade teacher, at Day Street School, she was very successful and won renown as model of correct posture. She also won the love and admiration of her pupils, and had many small callers at Miller Hall. We wish Flora the best of luck, and know that we shall hear of her achieve- ment in the future. Hockey, Baseball, Volley Ball, Glee Club. EDWARD CHARLES STEBBINS 157 Harrison Avenue Fitchburg, Mass. " He is a boy worth while — Always greets you with a smile. " Eddie is one of the noisy members of our class and delights in arguing with anyone about anything. He has a convincing manner, too. Eddie has shown his ability as a football player and also great promise on the baseball team, but perhaps his greatest achievement was his acting at the Mohawk Club entertainment. All those who saw McNally and Eddie as Hula and Bula will readily agree. Don ' t slip, Eddie, there ' s a great future ahead of you. Football, Debating Council, Baseball, Mohawk. ARGARET GERTRUDE STOCKWELL " ut Street Athol, Mass. " She vamps them all, Both short and tall. " Sf (V We have a good pal in Margaret. Her long, black hair was always a source of admiration when lo ! — one day — she bobbed it. To " Mig " he; word " correlation " is as familiar as to the rest of the Normalites. certainly displayed her talent in this line when she correlated the lands of Ohio with a recent popular hit — " Barney Google. " Mig ' s inviting room on the first floor will always hold fond memories for « ( I some of us of ' 25. ' V W - A ' A ' ' Hiking ' Tennis Basket Ball, Glee Club. Y 1 9 Fitchbur g Nor mal ? .5 YcF 7 67 ffiie Saxifrage ONALD BRUCE STONE Massachusetts Avenue Lunenburg, Mass. " Give thy thoughts no tongue. " Donald ' s motto is " Deeds speak louder than words, " and he has proved this. His ability as an editor is shown by the excellent Saxi- frage of ' 25. The charms and beauty of the co-eds left Don un- scarred for some time, but lately we notice with pleasure that he real- izes that Lunenburg is not the only place where beautiful maidens are to be found. Donald ' s methods and accomplishments have rendered his services invaluable to all at Normal and we feel sure of his suc- cess as a teacher and a leader. Football ' 24, Debating, Dramatics, Glee Club. GABRIELLE HELEN STREPEK 940 County Street New Bedford, Mass. " And she wears her hat a- tilt, Over bangs that never wilt In the dew. " Gay is the blonde member of Miller Hall ' s delightful trinity, and a girl who is both merry and solemn as occasion demands. She is a strong devotee of dancing, and her popularity at all our " hops " is evidence of the nimbleness of her feet. She is skilled in handwork and drawing. The attractiveness of her room, at Highland Avenue School showed her marked ability in this field. Her favorite song, though reminiscent of the Great War, is nevertheless still to her a thing of great moment. Perhaps you will find its opening line en- lightening: " Did you see my little Jimmy marching? " Good luck, Gay, may she ever personify the spirit which her name suggests! Hockey, Basket Ball, Glee Club, Soccer, W. A. A. 94 Union Street ANTOINETTE LOUISE SULLIVAN Leominster " A maiden, petite, with charm so sweet. " " Tony " is one of our charming Leominster girls. During the past two years she has been one of the shining lights. She made a great hit as a teacher at Edgerly, not only with the pupils but with others who would like to have been her pupils. We know that she will succeed as a teacher and we wish her the best of luck. W. A. A., Hiking, D. S. A., Tennis. Cj Fitchburg Normal £5 68 m m i The Saxifrage MARY TERESA SULLIVAN 25 Third Street Leominster, Mass. " Smiling she ' s seen from morn till night. " The above expression certainly applies to Mary. If you have the blues, just go to her, and they ' ll at once turn to radiant smiles. Few of us, I believe, possess that valuable faculty of cheering others to such a degree as Mary. We hear that she has a " grande passion " for music and that she keeps her family awake until the wee small hours of the morning listening to her violin. She also displays a fond- ness for winter sports. As one of our " A " trainers, she is assured of great success as a teacher. Best o ' luck, Mary ! Basket Ball, W. A. A., D. S. A., Winter Sports. JfuJjL i - - 36 State Street MARION SUTCLIFFE " A joy to all who know her. " Monson, Mass. The stunning girl with the blue eyes and the charming person- alit y? Why, that ' s Marion who came from Monson Academy to grace Miller Hall, and straightway became one of our most popular girls. Marion is known by her collegiate hair bands and her good looking clothes, but then, who is as adept with the needle as she? That Marion ' s charms are appreciated by everyone, we know from her conquests among the men at F. N. S. and elsewhere. We hear that her favorite song is " Beautiful Ohio. " Marion ' s ability is not con- fined to being attractive alone, for she is a competent Council mem- ber. We will miss her contagious laughter through our halls. We know she will be an asset to the profession although we wonder if she will follow professional life very long. Heaps of success, Marion, and may you find happiness in all your undertakings! Hiking I, II, Hockey II, Member Student Council ' 25, Class Ring Committee, Bowling, Saxifrage Board ' 25, Dramatics. Queen of the May Day Festival. v- W m, w$tf MARION FRANCES TOBIN 33 South Cotton Street Leominster, Mass. " Sober, steadfast, and demure. " It is in English class that Marion particularly shines. Here was first revealed her particularly admirable writing ability. But Marion ' s talents are not confined to writing alone, for in all her classes she gives ample evidence of a bright and active mind. Though studious, she seems to enjoy engaging in fun and merriment, as the laughing twinkle in her bright, blue eyes at once indicates. We know that you will accomplish much, Marion, and that you will not have long to wait before reaching your destined goal. Association, Basket Ball. Cj Fitchburg Normal £5 UM J-o( A{ n qlaj + .j.ritf ffiie Saxifrage MAE MARGARET TOOMEY °3 Johnson Street Springfield, Mass. " Big, true-hearted, and kind. ' If you are looking for a girl with a pleasing personality just call on Mae. She is popular among her classmates as well, for she is one of the best natured girls in F. N. S. Here ' s hoping that you spread as much sunshine among your friends and pupils as you have spread in your stay at good old Fitchburg Normal ! Tennis, W. A. A., S. G. A. FERDINAND JOSEPH TOUPENCE ' A little nonsense now and then Is relished by the best of men. " Adams, Mass. dently " Ferdy " believes the above, for he certainly " relishes a little nonsense. " We are glad of that, for he brightens up many a heavy and ponderous subject with his " wise cracks. " He is one of those fortunate ones who can heartily enjoy themselves wherever he is and still maintain that appearance that made many a man great. We are sure Ferdy will be a success and maintain the genial spirit for which he is noted. Dramatics, Gaveleer, Leaders ' Club, Glee Club. )-y HAZEL AVIS TRIPP North Dartmouth, Mass. " am resolved to grow fat, and look young till forty. " We haven ' t any doubt about Hazel ' s ability to keep young, but how can she grow fat when she is so jolly and studious? We have yet to see her without a full-grown smile. Besides, Hazel is always toting books from Miller Hall to the Library. Maybe she just takes her exercise this way, but we rather suspect that she uses the books for other purposes. Hazel ' s success in training foretells for her a great future as a teacher. Bowling, W. A. A., Tennis. Y 1 9 Fitchbur g Normal ? Yo 70 . H H Tlie Saxifrage MARION CATHERINE TUCKER 36 Fairview Street West Fitchburg, Mass. " Happy art thou, as if every day Thou hadst picked up a horse shoe. " " Tuck " is one of the stouter members of our class and every inch a good scout. She ' s always happy and also ready to cheer up some trouble-burdened soul. Tuck was in the limelight in sports on field day and also in hockey. We ' ll all say she makes a splendid D. S. A. Vice-President. Hockey, Bowling, Hiking, Saxifrage Board ' 25, W. A. A., Volley Ball, Vice-President D. S. A. ' 25 xJAMfeL TTOSFTVANSLETT 2 Jj L 18 Walton Strett Chicopee, Mass. " Care-free, witty and wise. " i - fa , u $J i _ f- This is the charming girl who is noted for two purely " Mabelistic " % 7 traits — a jolly, changeless disposition and a crown of curly auburn tresses. Many a time have we been lured to a school game or party by one of Van ' s masterpieces. Van admits she possesses three strong weaknesses — pancakes, pottery, and week-ends. When she starts teaching she threatens to enjoy them all. Van has been richly gifted in music, art, and dancing. We hope the little god of good fortune J -V A- will follow her wherever she goes. Student Council, Art Editor " Normalite, " Tennis, Sef Committee, Bowling Senior, Hiking Junior. CATHRYN PATRICIA WHALEN 363 North Front Street New Bedford, Mass. " None knew her but to love her, None knew her but to praise her. " Cathryn is that pretty girl who baffled us all by her appearance at the Masquerade as George Washington. Her name never adorned the " Scrapes Blotter " and her presence semed to quell the slightest ripple in the sea of dormitory life. Cathryn hails from New Bedford, and her roomie Margaret is from the twin-town— Fall River. The Fitchburg parcel post man was very familiar with Cathryn ' s name, for she kept him busy with those " Corking " boxes from home, and many of us can attest to the merits of their contents. Cathryn loves the little people, and some of the big people, too, we think. Good luck to you, Cathryn — and best of success. Student Council, House Vice-President Palmer Hall ' 2i, ' 24, Bowl- ing, Ring Committee. 1 C) Fitchbur g Normal 2 j Yo 71 I I Tlie Saxifrage MARY MARGARET WILCOX 185 Main Street Fairhaven, Mass. " Ah, youth! forever dear, forever kind. " Buoyant with the spirit of youth, the love of life, and the zest for adventure, " Kitty " is a girl whose society, in all the time we have known her, has added immeasurably to our enjoyment. Her enter- taining conversation and ready wit have made her immensely popu- lar with the other sex, and have especially captivated a certain young man who shares her company all of the time she is not with Alice or Gay. She reigns alike on dance floor, tennis court, and school-room in which last kingdom she has decreed that her every word be law. And, suffice to say, it is. We predict a promising future from past and present successes. Tennis Leader ' 25, W. A. A. Reporter " Norma-Lite, " Basket Ball, ' 25, Soccer, Hockey, Glee Club. Cc c yi IAMS 7 King Street Orange, Mass. " On with the dance, Let joy be unconfin ' d. " Peg hails from " the Tapioca Town " — and the home of the New Home Sewing Machine, although we fear she knows very little about either industry. Peggy " adores " dancing and is capable of demon- strating all the latest steps. Another accomplishment of hers is writing interesting literature, especially letters (so some people in New Jersey think). Peg ' s week-ends are " never to be forgotten. " We wonder why? She is one of the jolliest girls we know, and when Peg is around you may be sure " dull care " is driven away. We know she ' ll be a success as a school teacher because of her happy disposi- tion. Good luck to you, Peg! W. A. A„ Hiking, Tennis. ESTHER JUNE WINTHROP 34 Boutelle Street Fitchburg, Mass. " Officious, innocent, sincere, Of every friendless name the friend. " Esther is one of the quiet members of the Class of ' 25. Always faithful and attentive in her work, she has made a true mark for herself. Socially, Esther ' s interests lie elsewhere. But who can doubt the sincerity of those " interests " ? Those of us who have had the pleasure of her friendship during her two years at Normal, know what a sincere and truly charming girl she is. Always obliging, ever gra- cious, never ill-tempered, and a faithful classmate, ' 25 is pleased to claim her as one of its own. Here ' s wishing her the best of luck! Hiking, W. A. A., D. S. A. JQ Fitchburg Normal £$ 72 Q he Saxifrage MARY ELIZABETH WISWELL Ashburnham Street Fitchburg, Mass. " Friends she has many- Foes, has she any? " Mary is one of our most popular girls. She is our bright light in athletics and shines in the hockey field. In order to " keep fit " during the last summer vacation she took up hiking, and we are told that Mary thought nothing of the two-mile " Stretch " to the " Stand " by the road. Mary is a jolly sport and we wish her every success in her future career. Basket Ball, Hockey, W. A. A., D S. A. ALICE RITA WOODS 23 Vernon Street Fitchburg, Mass. " Better be small and shine Than to be great and throw a shadow. " Alice upholds the athletic prestige of the Day Girls ! She is one of our most efficient girls as she has shown in her official position of Treasurer of the W. A. A. When you want a friendly chat our Alice is always there. Her popularity as a teacher is evidenced by the J. H. S. cherubs who greet her a mile away. W. A. A., Hockey, D. G. A., Basket Ball ' 25, Bowling. EDITH NORA WOOLACOTT 94 Phillips Street Fitchburg, Mass. " There ' s none whose style is so neat, Whose lovely smile is so sweet. " " Edie " is a real favorite with students and teachers a ' ike. A ' - though she appears to be very quiet — appearances are deceitful as those of us who know her well can tell. " Edie " usually does her homework faithfully but who could blame her for leaving her studies to answer those " specials. " Cheer up, Edie, — distance lends enchant- ment. We hear there is a certain " someone, " always sympathetic between " specials " ! Best of luck, Edie! Hiking, Hockey, W. A. A., D. S. A. j Q Fitchbur ft Normal 25 Tlie Saxifrage LEON WILLIAM THEODORE YARTER 466 Union Street North Adams, Mass. " Give me the moonlight and give me the girl. " " Cap " blew in on us one morning three years ago, and we have always considered the day a lucky one. Cap has been treasurer of the Men ' s A. A. for the past two years and because of his efficient handling of the funds we expect him to be appointed Secretary of the Treasury some day. Cap bids adieu to the school in June with the rest of Senior I, but it will be only " au revoir " to one of our junior girls, for, although he may not admit it, Cap has fallen in love and Milly is the lucky girl. As business manager of the year book Cap ' s untiring zeal helped push this last effort of the class over the top. He will indeed be a real success in his chosen profession if he carries the same spirit with him that he has shown at Normal. Treasurer Men ' s A. A. ' 24, ' 25, Business Manager Year Book ' 25, Mohawk Club, President Leader Club, Dramatics, Cheer Leader ' 25, President Bachelor ' s Club ' 23, ' 24, ' 25, Manager Baseball ' 25. 3n JMemortam In the death of Weino M. Riddell, which occurred Nov. 11, 1924, the Class of 1925 lost one of its most loyal and best loved members. Those of us who knew and loved her most appreciate her sterling worth, and realize the greatness of our loss. It is with profound sorrow that this class goes out from these halls incomplete, knowing that one who should go with us has passed before. Yet in our grief we are allowed this great consolation, " To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die. " jQ Fitchburg Normal 9 5 74 39 JThe Saxifrage CLASS HISTORY Truly, we feel that there is not much need to write up the history of a class which, in every- body ' s mind, will occupy a place apart — never to be forgotten. However, in years to come, that others may profit by our deeds, let us go over the events that have happened in the past two years. But a short while ago, on September twelfth, one thousand nine hundred twenty- three, the educational portals of Fitchburg Normal School were thrown wide to receive a select group of entering students. Some of us had waded through stiff entrance examinations and were now in a slightly doubtful frame of mind as to our future success. But we needn ' t have worried. After we had shed a few tears over being separated from our friends into five different divisions and had become familiar with the slightly complicated arrangement of rooms, our ability soon began to show itself. Having satisfied the Seniors as to our humil- ity of spirit, which they were at no loss to test, we were formally accepted as a part of the school at the Junior reception. Attrac- tively dressed in white, we made a pleasing picture as we passed up the line of welcoming faculty members. Yet the aesthetic sense was not the only thing to be satisfied. The Seniors had seen to it that our inward cravings were to be appeased with plenty of ice cream and cake, and after the dancing in Normal Hall, we returned to our respective dormitories and homes, modestly feeling that now we were amounting to something. As a result of this feeling, in October, we cast our ballots for class officers, and in this also showed our usual good judgment. We elected Helen Devaney, President; Stewart Scott, Vice-President; Mary Tarrant, Secre- tary; and Raymond Pelletier, Treasurer. We applied ourselves diligently to our studying now, and began to acquire some of the professional attitude which we heard so much about. The weird Halloween Party and the delightful Christmas Party were two occa- sions that were immensely enjoyed. Foremost on the list of social activities was our own Valentine Party. " Is there a man with soul so dead " that he didn ' t feel thri ' led when our colors, blue and gold, were dis- played? After a pretty little Valentine play, the class officers appeared on the stage, and we sang our class song which was written for the occasion. In the spring the first group of Juniors went in training, and our class had its first taste of actual teaching. Later on, in a small way, our class members were allowed to participate in the Senior prom. About twenty men and eight girls were se- lected from the Junior class to usher, and from what they said to the rest of us, we concluded that they had an exceedingly pleasant time at the Holy Cross dance the following evening. Our last appearance as Juniors came on the Seniors ' Class Day, when, dressed in white with blue and gold middy ties and proudly carrying our blue and gold banners, we added much to the picturesqueness of the occasion. After our two months of vacation we re- turned in September as Seniors to resume preparation for our professional career. Of course we regarded the incoming Junior Class with a slight " know-it-all " feeling and with much ingenuity we taught them to respect our dignity. This year we reelected the same class offi- cers, and they have conducted our affairs in a most efficient manner. Soon we will be Alumni of Fitchburg Nor- mal School. When we are teaching and there- by effectively carrying out the purpose for which we came here we will remember and appreciate that much was offered us, much we took unto ourselves, and therefore much we have. May the memories of F. N. S. ever spur us on to add to that precious knowledge we have acquired. Many the days we spent here ; Much the knowledge we learned; Friends and mem ' ries are now dear, As the page of our life is turned. " O Y 1 Q Fitchbui v Normal ? 5 Y ' cJ 3r m 75 Our Wen Si iincr jailbirds S astimeina Jx ur Norsemen 76 ' ■htil- ' h e Saxifrage ■■RIN SOCIALS JUNIOR ACQUAINTANCE PARTY The 1924 social season began with an in- formal acquaintance party held in the library, September 19. Seniors and Juniors from both dormitories were present. The Seniors en- joyed instructing the poor little Juniors as to their conduct the following week. Refresh- ments were served, and games and dancing enjoyed. JUNIOR RECEPTION Both Faculty and Seniors cooperated in making the formal Junior Reception an en- joyable occasion to the newcomers. After the Juniors were presented to the members of our faculty, they were escorted to the library where we were entertained by members of the school. Dancing and refreshments followed the en- tertainment. STUDENT GOVERNMENT BANQUET The third annual banquet of the Student Government Association was held in the Pal- mer Hall dining room, November 14. The dining room was attractively decorated with flowers, ferns, and softly lighted with candles. Speakers of the evening were officers of the association and guests. After a delightful ban- quet, we adjourned to the library and tripped the light fantastic to the strains of Cline ' s orchestra. Our hosts were the ex-service men of the school. MASQUERADE PARTY Great was our delight when we discovered in the lobby of Normal building posters in- forming us of a masquerade party to be en- joyed by the faculty and student body. The only requirements were a costume and a jolly disposition. What fun when we took Miss for one of " us " ! So attractive and clever were the various costumes that the judges were greatly puzzled as to who deserved the prize. There were many surprises when finally the masks were removed. CHRISTMAS PARTY On Monday night, December 15, the sound of children ' s voices could be heard filling the dormitory corridors. " Do you like my new dress? " " My mother gave me a penny for a lolly-pop. " We hurried to the door to see what had happened and lo! some good fairy had transformed our professional-looking young women to cunning little children. We hurried to dress, too, and ran to the party in Palmer Hall where Santa Claus presented us with gifts and ice cream. CHRISTMAS BANQUET The true Christmas spirit was shown at the Christmas banquet, celebrated in old English style. The Lord and Lady, impersonated by the presidents of our classes, were tendered the greatest respect by the banquet guests. The old English customs of bringing in the wassail bowl, the boar ' s head, the yule log, plum pud- ding, and mince pie were all observed. The joyful voices of the carolers were heard during the banquet. This was a fitting celebration for such an occasion. NEW YEAR ' S EVE How to spend New Year ' s eve appropriately, was a great problem. We finally decided on a midnight show at the Lyric. We all went and enjoyed the spirit of fun which prevailed. After the show everyone returned to Palmer Hall where cocoa and sandwiches were served. GAVELEER DANCE January 13 marked another social event of our career. The much-talked-of Gaveleer dance was held in the library. A special fea- ture of the dance was the unveiling of the Gaveleer ' s new emblem by President Robert Quirk. Hannon ' s Orchestra furnished music for a very successful dance. JUNIOR PARTY Much excitement prevailed! Why? The Juniors were to give their first party. February Cs Fitchburg Normal 25 77 The Saxifrage 14 was a date much anticipated by the Juniors. Their combined efforts afforded a unique and amusing entertainment for all who attended . Following the entertainment we were invited to the library, which was attrac- tively decorated in honor of St. Valentine. Prettily dressed waitresses served us delicious refreshments. Dancing was then in crder and each guest received a Valentine favor. MOHAWK DANCE Everyone ' s interest was aroused when it was announced that the newly formed Mo- hawk club invited us all to a dance in the li- brary on St. Patrick ' s night. There was much amusement afforded everyone who attended the vaudeville presented by members of the club. Following the vaudeville, there was dancing in the library, which was very attrac- tively decorated in maroon and gold, the colors of the club. Everyone enjoyed the dance, and looks forward to the coming dances to be given by the Mohawks. SENIOR PROMENADE The annual Senior Promenade, the most important social affair of the year, was held the week-end of May 15. Friday evening, the prom, dance was held in the library, which was decorated as an old-fashicned garden. Ushers were very quaint and charming in their old- fashioned costumes. Everyone especially en- joyed the banquet. Saturday, there was the baseball game in the afternoon, and in the evening a dance. A good time never to be forgotten! ANNUAL HOOP-ROLLING CONTEST 6V j Q Fitchbur o Normal ? j O " 78 WBKfer ffiie Saxifrage MUSIC ' Tis said an emperor of ancient times abdi- cated his throne because he failed to make two clocks run together. Consider, then, for one instant, our courageous director endeavoring to make three hundred young men and women sing together; all praise to her ability in suc- ceeding where others have failed. With her skilful fingers and her voice she is teaching the virtues of the beautiful in song, and is ob- taining one grand, harmonious whole. GLEE CLUB This year there were two Glee Clubs organ- ized, one consisting of twenty-five or more men, the other of some fifty young women. Both clubs have done much to entertain with musical programs. " O HARA SAN " " O Hara San, " a Japanese operetta in two acts, by Edith M. Burrows and Edward John- son, was presented by the Normal School stu- dents in the assembly hall, March 26, under the direction of Raymond J. Pelletier. The operetta, given before a capacity audi- ence, was staged by Mr. Pelletier as a Senior project. The fanciful native costumes, the catchy songs, the beautiful scenery, the good singing, and the Oriental music all helped to make it one of the best operettas ever staged by ama- teurs in this city. To Mr. Pelletier goes much of the credit for its success. He not only was the leading spirit throughout the rehearsals but he also directed presentation, took the leading male part, and lived up to his reputation as a " silver-tongued tenor. " The leading lady, Miss Ina Markkanen, proved that, besides being a talented singer, she had much dramatic ability. The scenery for the operetta was painted by Fred Gentsch and it depicted a Japanese gar- den very beautifully and skilfully done. Principal Characters Toku San, chief of maids in Kanaya ' s house- hold Mary Carmody A student- dentist James Smith O Hara San, " Miss Blossom " Ina Markkanen Tokiaki, a go-between Gordon Pinney Kanaya, a Samurai, father of O Hara San Lester Roy O Toya San, mother of Hara San Esther Pepin Kashi Kintara, student, and lover of Hara San Raymond Pelletier Prince Nashimoto Fushimi, aged suitor of Hara San Arvid Jacobson Leader of Geishas Mary Carmody Members of the Chorus Geishas — Mary Carmody, Alice Woods, Dorothy Chase, Gertrude McConville, Betty Saltzman, An- toinette Sullivan, Iona Lezotte, Mary Foster, Helen Keena, Anna McNamara, Marion Sutcliffe. Maids — Helen Devaney, Jennie Blaisdell, Helen Feen, Mary Lewis, Edith Woolacott, Helen Cooke, Leona Dodge, Lorane Schuder, Helen Keena, Mary Foster, Anna McNamara, Thelma Bohaker, Gladys Kean. Student-Dentists — James Smith, David Forrest, Donald Stone, Ferdinand Toupence, Lester Dyer, Charles Gorman, Henry Backlund, Stewart Scott, Elwood Hovey, Everett Morgan, Herbert Sullivan, Shirley Bohaker. Executive Staff Raymond J. Pelletier Director James A. Smith Writeup Ferdinand J. Toupence Publicity Fred Gentsch Scenery Supervisor — Miss Elizabeth Perry MUSIC WEEK This year, Music Week was even more bril- liant and successful than in the past. The first event was the Community Sing which was very well carried out. The May Day Pageant came next. This was an old English May Day fete in which the students of the Practice Schools, Junior High, and Normal School took part as a unit. The program was as follows: Prologue: Winter is slowly dying and the cold winds give way to the warm sun and soft south winds. The early spring flowers burst forth in song and dance. |Q Fitchburg Normal £5 79 ffiie Saxifrage Episode I: The Town fathers appear on the green and declare this a holiday for the coming of spring, which will be celebrated in the form of a May Day. Episode II: A herald announces the glad tidings and villagers come singing, bringing with them their chosen May Queen. Episode III: The milkmaids, shepherdesses, chim- ney sweeps, morris dancers, Robin Hood and his merry men , Mother Goose and her brood and the children of the village come joyously to take part in the festivities. Episode IV: All have made merry and now the festivities are finished with the dance around the maypole. On May 7, Miss Betty Saltzman presented " Enoch Arden, " by Alfred, Lord Tennyson, the music by Strauss, a musical reading. She was assisted at the piano by Miss Elizabeth D. Perry. Music Week ended with a brilliant concert given by the Constellation String Quartet. The program was as follows: Quartettino Pogojeff Sonatina — Andante, Menuet Allegro Dittersdorf Andante Mozart Finale, Presto Haydn 3. Hora Mystica Sinigaglia Serenada Mamouna (Solo) 4. Ballad W. E. Loud Menuet Moderne S. Andante with variations Beethoven 6. Folk Song Old English Polka Russian 7. Intermezzo Ippolitow-Iwanovi Humoresque Ippolito-jj-Iwanow Walter E. Loud, First Violin Frank L. MacDonald, Second Violin Joseph Boetje, Viola Carl Webster, ' Cello The Senior Class presented " The Chimes of Normandy, " a musical comedy, in three acts, The cast, soloists and chorus were selected from the Senior Class, after tryouts, to secure these best fitted to make the musical comedy a suc- cess. SING OUT Following the usual custom the " Sing Out, " ushered in graduation week. The music was very well selected and was sung in an excep- tionally fine manner. GRADUATION PROGRAM The music was furnished by Senior stu- dents and consisted of choruses and solos. EATS AT WHILOM MjV j Q Fitchbur g Normal ? 5 O " 80 4HBWm2a££ gjgflSBR The Saxifrage DRAMATIC COUNCIL Seated, Left to Right — Fitzpatrick (President), Misses Connolly, McConville, Hopkins, Macedo, Mr. Healy DRAMATICS " All the World ' s a Stage " Dramatics held great interest for us all dur- Major Dodge George Healy ing the year 1924-25. Many interesting and J° a " • ■ ■ ■ • • : ■ .y " ' " " " i ™ ™ ? . . J . . , , J i j English Soldiers Leon Yarter, John McDonnell original productions have been staged under the direction of Miss Williams, who has guided On the evening of February 19, the third and inspired us in this work. The students annual play to be presented by the Gaveleers have shown much talent and natural ability in was " The Witching Hour, " by Augustus in the acting and directing of plays and clev- Thomas. This is a thrilling mystery play erly worked out projects. which was most admirably staged and acted The first play of the season was given in by an unusually talented and well chosen cast, commemoration of Armistice Day. It was The entire cast is to be congratulated upon the written by Miss Mary O Toole of the Class of praiseworthy interpretation of each character. 1924 as her senior project, and brought back Miss Susan Williams ably directed the play, most realistically the days of the Great War. It which assured its success. The cast was as was exceedingly well written and exceptionally follows: well acted by the following cast. " THE WITCHING HOUR " " THE CODE OF A PAL " February 19, 1925 XT i. ft iMA J° Edward Hovey November 11,1924 Brookfidd John Fitzpatric Sergeant Winter John Fitzpatrick Tom Denning Gordon Pinney Sergeant Fisher James Quinn Harvey Ferdinand Toupence |Q Fitchburg Normal £5 81 ffiie Saxifrage Mrs. Alice Campbell Dorothy Werner Mrs. Helen Whipple Helen Devaney Viola Iona Lezotte Clay Whipple Charles Gorman Frank Hardmuth Thomas Bowler Leon Ellinger John Healy Justice Prentice J. Arthur Smith Justice Henderson Shirley Bohaker Colonel Bayley Walter Sweenor Mr. Emmett Raymond Ingram Servant James Quinn " The Little Princess, " a project by Miss Louise Callahan, was given before a large audi- ence of students and friends of the school. This interesting play was very well presented by children in the training schools and Normal School students. The production was a credit to Miss Callahan and to all those who took part in it. " THE LITTLE PRINCESS " Sara Crewe Betty Stone Becky Helen Cheney Ermemgard Louise Corliss Lottie Margaret Slattery Miss Amelia Valma Carey Mr. Caresf ord Carol Davenport Mr. Carmichael Thomas Bowler Mrs. Carmichael Jennie Blaisdell Jeanette Carmichael Annette Dempsey Donald Carmichael Richard Bullock Mazie Carmichael Madeline Corliss Nora Carmichael Dorothy Bosk Miss Minchin Louise Callahan Ram Dao George Haley Three Hindus: Joseph Riordan, John McDonnell, Lester Roy Mr. Guest J. Arthur Smith The Normal School Dramatic Club was or- ganized this year to continue the excellent work of last year. The purpose of the Club is to promote the study of drama in all its forms, to encourage the writing and directing of plays, the design- ing and executing of stage settings, and espe- cially to foster the presentation of good plays. The members of the Dramatic Council were elected from the Junior and Senior Classes to act as captains in promoting and selecting a series of plays, and the following judges were selected by the Council to determine the cast for the All-School Dramatic Team: Faculty members: Mr. Harrington, Miss Webster, Mr. Kirkpatrick, and. Miss Conlon; and from the student body: Miss Helen Devaney, and Mr. Eugene Caldwell. ' : The Flower Shop " was presented by the council under the direction and supervision of Miss Isaura Macedo. The scene was the flower shop. Miss Macedo, as Maude, played her part almost professionally. David Forrest ' s impersona- tion of the Jewish owner of the shop was a delightful surprise to the entire school. The other members of the cast played their parts with equal ability and deserve much credit: Maude Isaura Macedo Henry Gordon W. Pinney Mr. Slovsky David Forrest Miss Wells Mary Lewis Mr. Jackson Elwood Hovey " THE MOTHER OF PEARL " By Carrol Davenport Pearl Mary Carmody Larry Carl Davenport A Stranger John Healy " SUPPRESSED DESIRES " By Miss McConville Henrietta Mary Farrell Stephen Raymond Pelletier Maude Gertrude McConville " THE ZONE POLICE " By Mr. Quinn Major Aintree George Haley Lieutenant Standish John Connell Sergeant Meehan Walter Sweenor Private Bullard John McDonnell " THE TRYSTING PLACE " By Miss Hopkins Mrs. Curtis Marion Sutcliffe Jessie Mary Foster Mrs. Briggs Dorothy Hopkins Lancelot Joseph Rabouin Mr. Englesby Stewart Scott Mysterious Voice James O ' Sullivan " A Night at an Inn " was presented by John McNally and Edward Stebbins as a Senior project on the evening of May 22. " A NIGHT AT AN INN " Toff George Haley Bill John McNally Sniggers Edward Stebbins Idol Ray Ingham Priest Jack Healey Albert Donald Stone |Q Fitchburg Normal £ij EEEZnKftX fXXAmJR : ' .Vft ■ $mWmm he Saxifrage GAVELEERS Back Row, Left to Right — Draper, Ashline, Bohaker, Hovey, Riordan, Jacobson, O ' Horo, Gorman. Second Row, Left to Right — Daley, Sweenor, Healey, Toupence, Hilbert, Caldwell, Pinney, Quinn, Fitzgerald. Front Row, Left to Right — Sullivan, Smith, Fitzpatrick, Quirk, Mr. MacLean (Faculty Advisor), Weslowski, Ingham. THE GAVELEERS Officers President, Robert Quirk; Vice-President, John Fitzpatrick; Secretary-Treasurer, James Smith Charter Members Brady, O ' Connell, Ottoson, Anderson, C. Stafford, CI. Stafford, Gregory, Burns Honorary Members Miss Susan M. Williams, Mr. William D. Parkinson, Mr. Kirkpatrick The Gaveleers ' Society was organized on December 10, 1921, with Mr. C. Blair Mac- Lean of the faculty as its sponsor. The pur- pose of the organization was two-fold: to pro- mote good fellowship among the students, a nd to develop poise and effectiveness in public speaking. On the evening of January 23, the Gave- leers ' dance, to which the faculty and students were invited, was given in the library. A pleas- ing feature of the evening ' s entertainment was the unveiling of the Gaveleers ' Shield. For their third annual play the members of the organization chose " The Witching Hour " by Augustus Thomas. This play was pro- duced in the same commendable manner as " Strongheart " and " Nathan Hale. " It was both a dramatic and an artistic success. XSY I Q Fitchbur o Normal ? j Yo 83 ' The Saxifrage m I aft ' i D ' L ' W j| ' I la- i IK " ' J KT By MOHAWKS Back Row — Kiley, Burke, O ' Sullivan, Mr. Crosier, Mr. Clancy, Mr. Anthony, Mr. Harrington, Haley, Wynn, Phelps. Second Row, Standing — Yarter, Beckland, Connell, Gentsch, Scott, Roy, Dolan, Roche, Killelea, Dyer. Seated — Devlin, Stebbins, McNally, Morgan, Kruszyna, Rabouin, Hurlbut, McDonald, Forrest. THE MOHAWK CLUB President, Stanley Kruszyna Vice-President, Clarence O. Rabouin Secretary, J. Everett Morgan Treasurer, Francis H. Hurlbut Faculty Advisor, Arthur C. Harrington Honorary Members Willis B. Anthony, Henry J. Clancy, Frank Crosier The Mohawk Club was organized Novem- ber 17, 1924. The club was organized by a group of men who realized the advantages to be gained by organization instead of individual effort in promoting a spirit of cooperation in the school, social welfare in student life, and professional advancement. The charter members of the club are: Stan- ley Kruszyna, Clarence Rabouin, Francis Hurlbut, Clifton Phelps, Cyril Wynn, James Kiley, John Connell, Everett Morgan, Paul Roche, Stewart Scott, George Haley, Lester Roy, Fred Gentsch, James Dolan, and John McDonnell. On March 17, 1925, the club held its first entertainment and dance. Early in the eve- ning a short entertainment was given by mem- bers of the club, and later dancing was en- joyed in the library. The popularity of the organization with the students is shown by the full quota of mem- bers and a waiting list. The members have received valuable training in oral English, par- liamentary practice, and extemporaneous speaking. The original purposes have been more than realized and the club has bound to- gether a group of young men with ties that cannot be broken. Cj Fitchburg Normal £c5 84 V ' s, ' : !_ ' I Tlie Saxifrage ! ■ DORMITORY STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION Nineteen hundred twenty-five dedicates an- other year of success to Student Government Association. Honor, integrity, truthfulness, unity are only part of its virtues which have been regarded faithfully by all. This year has seen a greater growth in its power, an added trust in its honor; a stronger faith in its in- tegrity. We have felt the strength of its high standards, and have striven to live up to them. Its influence is acknowledged on every side. Much credit for its success must be given to the officers of the Association, who are as fol- lows: President, Grace Brown, J. H. S. ' 25. Vice-President, Dorothy Hopkins ' 25. Secretary, Mary Marsh, J. H. S. ' 27. Treasurer, Valma Carey ' 25. House President of Palmer Hall, Anna Flynn ' 25. House President of Miller Hall, Margaret Mather ' 25. House Vice-President of Palmer Hall, Marion Holt ' 26. House Vice-President of Miller Hall , Lillian Allyn ' 26. Senior Members at Large, Katherine Hafey, Marion Sutcliffe, Irene Gottberg. Junior Members at Large, Mary Whelan, May Dugan, Grace Marlowe. They, with conscientious endeavor, have carried on its ideals, and helped us to live up to them. November 14, 1924, the third Student Gov- ernment banquet was given in the Palmer Hall dining room. The guests were Miss Julia O ' Brien, a former president of the Association, Miss Marion Seaver, President of the Day Girls ' Association, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony, Mr. and Mrs. Clancy, and Miss Perry. Miss Grace Brown acted as toastmistress, and addresses were given by several of the guests and officers. This was followed by dancing in the library. Thus has Student Government reached an- other rung on the ladder and may the years to come see it ascending to the top. To the Class of ' 26 is entrusted th e further promotion of this noble cause, which we are confident will continue to be a great success. Y 1 Q Fitchbur ft Normal ? j VcP 5 85 ffiie Saxifrage Back Row, Left to Right — Rachel Murray, Alice Woods, Ruth Shaughnessy, Charlotte Pickard, Tynne Himottu, Cecile Boland, Mary Toolin, Margaret DeRoche. Front Row, Left to Right — Eleanor Hutchings, Una Jackson, Marion Seaver, Marion Tucker, Mary Flaherty. DAY GIRLS ' ASSOCIATION " He is the most powerful who has himself in his power. " — Seneca. Officers President, Marion Seaver Vice-President, Marion Tucker Council Members — Charlotte Pickard, Eli- nor Hutchings, Alice Woods, Marion Ray, Helen Devaney, Tynne Himottu, Cecile Bo- land, Rachel Murray, Mary Toolin, Ruth Shaughnessy, Margaret DeRoche. For the purpose of having a more organized body, the commuters, for the last three years, have carried on their activities in a group known as the Day Girls ' Association. This organization is composed of all girls not living in the dormitories, and corresponds to the Stu- dent Government Association of the latter. The Association works for the welfare of its members and helps to make their hours of rec- Secretary, Mary Flaherty Treasurer, Una Jackson reation more pleasant. For their enjoyment, there is a very attractive room in Miller Hall. The locker rooms and lunch rooms are taken care of by this group. To help create a more social spirit among the day girls, a very delightful luncheon was served them on February 5, in Miller Hall. With Mr. and Mrs. Parkinson, Mrs. Still, Mr. Harrington, and Miss Hopkins as guests of the association, a very pleasant time was enjoved by all. True worth is in being, not seeming — In doing each day that goes by Some little good, not in dreaming Of great things to do by and by. j Q Fitchbur g Normal £$ 86 m-m ffiie Saxifrage ■ DEBATING COUNCIL Standing, Left to Right — Miss Cunningham, Messrs. Stebbins, Forrest, Dolan, Sullivan, Miss Lewis Seated, Left to Right — Miss Andrews, Carey, Saltzman (President), Marshall, Allen DEBATES Debating was one of the important activi- ties of the year 1924-25. The third period on Thursday of each week was given over to this work, and inter-division debates were planned. In all cases there were three judges — two fac- ulty members, and one from the student body. The following inter-division debates were presented: " The merits of the three most im- portant candidates for President and the plat- forms of their parties. " SENIOR I (Republican): Helen Devaney, Ger- trude McConville, Bessie Saltzman. J.H. S.IV (Democratic: Walter Poison, Charlotte Pickard, Pauline Waldron. SENIOR P. A. (Progressive): John Fitzpatrick, Edward Stebbins, Carroll Davenport. Decision of the judges was in favor of Senior I, who upheld the Republican standards most ably. The judges were Miss Doland, Miss Conlon, and James Dolan. " Resolved, That the 20th amendment should be added to the Federal Constitution. " SENIOR II SENIOR II, P. A. Iona Lezotte Donald Stone Arioul Shepardson William Ashline Eleanor Pratt James Dolan The negative, represented by Senior II, P. A., was awarded the decision by Miss Williams, Messrs. Kirkpatrick, and Davenport, judges. " Resolved, That the modern girl is of more value to the community than her grand- mother. " Mr. Harrington and Miss Conlon coached the teams for this deb ate. JUNIOR IV JUNIOR V Elinor Lenaghan Helene Goehring Laura Stewart Lillian Smith Mary Dyer Gertrude Murphy The decision was in favor of the negative team, Junior V. The judges were Miss Wil- liams, Mr. Kirkpatrick, and James Dolan. |Q Fitchburg Normal £5 87 Qlie Saxifrage DEBATING TEAM Standing, Left to Right— Helen Goehring, Walter Pasanen, James Dolan, William Ashline, Betty Marsh Seated, Left to Right— Helen Devaney, Eleanor Pratt, Betty Saltzman " Resolved, That the Philippines should be given immediate independence. " JUNIOR I JUNIOR II Betty Marsh Dorothy Werner Bernice Abbott Cecile Boland Rhoda Allen Lucy Andrews The decision was in favor of the team repre- senting Junior I (the affirmative). " Resolved, That the opening of the St. Law- rence waterway would be of benefit to the United States. " JUNIOR III JUNIOR P. A. George O ' Toole John Wesolowski Herbert Sullivan Walter Pasanen Esther Boyle David Forrest The decision was in favor of the negative team; the judges were Miss Conlon, Mr. Ran- dall, and Edward Stebbins. After the Christmas vacation, the following students were chosen from the teams taking- part in the inter-division debates, to represent Fitchburg Normal School in the debates to be held with Keene Normal School on the sub- ject: Resolved, That the 20th Amendment as proposed should be adopted and added to the Federal Constitution. Two debates were held, one at Fitchburg, and the other at Keene. Keene Normal School was awarded the de- cision of the judges in both debates, receiving a unanimous vote in Fitchburg and a two-to- one vote at Keene. However, both Fitchburg teams upheld the honor of the school in a most creditable manner and were worthy represen- tatives of the student body. Much credit is due the Debating Council, its president, Miss Bessie Saltzman, and faculty advisors, Miss Williams and Mr. Harrington, for the capable manner in which debating was carried out and the great interest aroused in the subject. X 1 9 Fi tchbu f £ N ° rmai ?. y aftra rtimlik 2ft£ The Saxifrage OFFICERS, MEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Yarter, Healy, Dolan, Kruszyna, Clancy MEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION This year the Men ' s A. A. chose as its offi- cers John Healy, President; James Dolan, Sec- retary; Stanley Kruszyna, Vice-President; Leon Yarter, Treasurer; with Mr. Clancy, Mr. MacLean, and Mr. Anthony as faculty ad- visors. With such leaders, the Men ' s A. A. had a most successful year, and has had an im- portant part in the life of this Normal School. It is bound to grow stronger each year. Never in the history of our school has such an interest been manifested in athletics among the students and faculty as in the season of 1924-25. Any drive, whether for moral or financial aid for the benefit of athletics was boosted by the student body to the limit. Such wonderful spirit among the student body, in- spired by the acquisition of our new athletic field, predicts a great success in the future. We must not forget, however, the hearty share that the men who took part in these contests bore. The substitutes also deserve credit for their loyalty. To them is due the glory they rightly deserve. May athletics in the years to come have a bigger, a better, and a greater place in the school life of all our students. Along with the regular activities of the As- sociation came the work of completion of an athletic field. Under the direction of Mr. Clancy much progress was made. First came the game with St. Anselm ' s College, which was held on Crocker Field. This game netted a large sum and proved to the citizens of Fitch- burg that the Normal School was really after an Athletic Field. Then various projects were undertaken to benefit the field fund and were highly successful, in fact, so successful, that by the time this book goes to press, the Athletic Field will be a reality. MjV j Q Fitchbur o Normal 2 k V The Saxifrage FOOTBALL SQUAD Back Row, Left to Right — Assistant Manager Bohaker, Kiley, Quinn, Trosterud, Flanagan, Coach Clancy, Pinney, Freedman, Manager Bowler. Second Row, Left to Right — Draper, Forrest, McNally, Stebbins, Patton, Stone, Brodski, Killelea, Roy, Rabouin. Front Row, Left to Right — Leland, Dyer, Miller, Flilbert, Fitzpatrick, Roche (Captain), Dolan, Sheehan, Haley, Kruszyna FOOTBALL For the first time since the war, Normal had a football team. The schedule, as ar- ranged, was quite difficult, and our victories were few. In spite of defeats, however, those who went out for the team gained a great deal in getting an understanding of the game. Next year, since a beginning has been made, we hope to make a more creditable showing. The football squad takes this opportunity to thank Mr. Clancy for the interest he took and the good work done in coaching us. The schedule was as follows: Cushing 13 Middlesex 14 Bridgewater 7 Lawrence H. S 24 Holy Cross Freshmen.. 3 St. John ' s Prep 34 Vermont Academy ... .12 Normal Normal Normal 20 Normal Normal Normal 7 Normal 12 Mr. Clancy, organizer and coach of football a real fellow; without his services the team would never have functioned, and to whom the Class of 1925 can never express its full measure of appreciation. The men graduating who will leave the squad are Leland, McNally, Stebbins, Fitz- patrick, Kruszyna, and Ffilbert. While their loss will be felt, we hope for new material to come in and to take their places. Many who did not make the team last year may be de- pended upon for the coming year to give us their support. At the end of the season the squad chose George F. (Huck) Haley, as captain for the next season. He has had a great deal of ex- perience as a football player and at the same time is a good leader and fine fellow. His work last year proved all of this. Shirley Bohaker was promoted from assistant mana- ger to manager. Under their direction our success seems assured. Fitchbur g Normal 25 90 VTV ' V,: r Tlie Saxifrage MEN ' S BASKET BALL TEAM standing, Left to Right — Rabouin, Roche, Fitzpatrick, Fitzgerald, McNally (Manager) Seated, Left to Right— Leland, Scott (Captain), Hilbert BASKET BALL In Mr. Amiott we had one of the best bas- ket ball coaches in New England. We hope to see hirn back next year. Capt. Stewart Scott played a very con sistent game. As " Scotty " still has another year at Normal, we should hear more of him when we are out next year. Paul Roche played his usual star game whether at forward or at center. " Spats " Leland played in h : s usual strong style. Normal loses a good man in " Spats " next year. Eddie Fitzgerald and Joe Rabouin both played a very strong game, and should be the mainstays of next year ' s team, of which Joe is captain. Fitzpatrick was one of the dependable backs although it was his first appearance on the court. Hilbert played a great game at the center position and always kept close watch on his opponent. Normal was fortunate this year, as it had some very good substitutes, all of whom played well whenever called upon. Mr. Amiott of the high school was engaged as coach. He developed one of the best sys- tems ever carried out in the history of the school. The games and results are shown be- low. Northeastern 24 University of Vt 44 Boston College 22 Lowell Textile 16 Alumni 20 Cushing 14 Business College 17 St. John ' s Prep 44 Dean 23 Andover 26 Keene Normal 18 Normal 13 Normal 22 Normai 14 Normal 25 Normal 65 Normal 2Q Normal 62 Normal 40 Normal 37 Normal 24 Normal 45 The team lineup: Capt. Stewart Scott rb, Paul Roche c, Clarence Rabouin If, Edward Fitzgerald rf, John Fitzpatrick lb, Arthur Leland lb. Substitutes: Joseph Riordan c, Arthur Hilbert c. jQ Fitchburg Normal 25 91 he Saxifrage BASEBALL TEAM Back Row — Wynn (Assistant Manager), Fitzgerald, Yarter (Manager) Second Row — Draper, McAuliffe, Pelletier, Scott, Forrest, Kiley Front Row, Left to Right — Stebbins, FitzpatricU, McNally (Captain), Roche, Phelps BASEBALL This year our ball team returns to the old system of a player-coach. Captain John Mc- Nally will act as coach, and while it is yet early, we predict he will turn out a good team. McNally has been varsity pitcher for three years, and has enjoyed unusual success both as a pitcher and a batter. John Fitzpatrick, infielder and catcher for three years, should enjoy a very good season, as should Messrs. Roche, Quirk, Stebbins, and the new men, Draper, Forrest, McAuliffe, and Scott. We trust that this year ' s team will be worthy of the name of Fitchburg Normal School. Captain John McNally and Manager Leon Yarter called out candidates, March 23. A large number responded. An excellent team was rounded out to start a hard schedule. Lowell Textile defeated Normal in the first game of the season 2 to 0. Dean caught the Normal boys on an " off day, " and defeated them 7 to 0. Andover suffered its first defeat by a Normal School team and also the first defeat in two years. Schedule 9— Open. Holy Cross Freshmen Athol High. 30 — Bridgewater. 6 — Cushing Academy May May 16 May 23 May June June 10 — Assumption. Normal will lose the following men from the team in June: Capt. McNally, Roche, and Fitzpatrick, all of whom are three-letter men. Fitchburg Normal 9 5 92 WBBm hc Saxifrage ■ OFFICERS, WOMAN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Standing, Left to Right — Alice Woods, Grace Marlowe Seated, Left to Right — Mary Marsh, Miss McDermott, Mary Lewis WOMAN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The name of the association was changed from the Girls ' Athletic Association to the Woman ' s Athletic Association by a vote of the students at our first meeting in October, 1924. The following officers were elected: President, Mary Marsh; Vice-President, Mary Lewis; Secretary, Grace Brown; Treasurer, Alice Woods. Besides election of officers for the ensuing year, a committee of four was appointed to draw up a constitution which is to be a perma- nent guide for the association. A new point system, in which the girls have shown more than ordinary interest, is being tested. This is one step further in the progress of the organization. The purpose of the point system is to arouse interest in a number of activities, thus making an all around athlete, rather than a star in one particular sport. A girl who succeeds in making 250 points will receive a felt F. N. S. emblem; for 500 points, a W. A. A. gold pin, and for 1000 points, a Winged Victory. The physical education de- partment requires one outside activity for each season. The activities are divided as follows: Fall — Hockey, tennis, bowling, soccer, and hiking. Winter — Bowling, volley ball and basket ball. Spring — Track, tennis, bowling, hiking, aesthetic dancing, horseshoe, baseball, and handball. Each sport counts so many points according to the time and effort spent in following it up. Cj Fitchburg Normal 25 93 he Saxifrage GIRLS ' BASKET BALL TEAM Back Row, Left to Right — Goodrich, McDermott (Coach), Mather, Duquette Seated, Left to Right — Gilchrest, Donovan (Captain), Bohaker This gives every girl a fair chance to make at least 250 points. Several competitions between the Juniors and Seniors were held at the Pearl Street fair grounds. The honors of hockey were carried off by the Juniors. At the end of the hockey season, Miss Mc- Dermott took charge of a W. A. A. sport get- together. It was held in our gymnasium im- mediately after school. Every sport was re- sponsible for a stunt. They were carefully planned and exceedingly funny. Every Senior girl had as her banquet guest a Junior. The major activity of the year was basket ball. First came the inter-division contests in which the entire school showed considerable interest. These first games ended in a tie be- tween Junior V and Senior I. The class teams were chosen from all the divisions and once again the Seniors won. The " All Normal Team " was picked from these players to go against Bridgewater Normal on March 7. One of the most interesting girls ' basket ball games was held here that night. Score: Fitchburg 35, Bridgewater 31. The lineup was: Margaret Mather eg, Thel- ma Bohaker lg, Margaret Donovan rg, Vera Goodrich cf , Alice Gilchrest If, Anna Duquette rf; Meegan, Flannery, Nordberg, Capen, and Brown, substitutes. Peg, as captain, made a good leader, and the result was good sportsmanship, fine spirit, and much enthusiasm. From the gymnasium every- one went to the library where each organ- ization put on a stunt. Bridgewater drama- tized scenes of the fire which burned several buildings at their school. Cj Fitchburg Normal £jj 94 C 5 l-l u O z t-Ziu K w 2 .i2 z2°ul- ui J ' fcSfz ! x -i £ - w F» • cr o x fciuz„ fiji 96 wxsBwSm HUMOR ■ M ( The Saxifrage HUMOR WORDS OF THE WISE Now, turn over. — Miss Perry. The bell just blew. — Mr. Anthony. The motion of my hand connects some- where with the children. — Miss Perry. How many do get " clothes " ? — Miss Con- Ion. Well, now, are you all here? — Mr. Harring- ton. Jazz music is syncopated noise. — Mr. Hub- bard. I am going to a new part of the heavens. — Mr. Smith. It was news to me at the time I heard of it. — Mr. Akeley. Do you remember in Shakespeare ' s time? — Miss Williams. Now, you may go where it is warmer. — Mr. Hubbard. The boy shakes his head because it ' s solid iron. — Mr. Morrell. Then turn over and write upon your back. —Miss McCarty. He saw them as he went upstairs on the walls. — Miss Lamprey. Be able to take the bird and go through it quickly. — Mr. Randall. The children go to the board and point out their feet. — Miss Perry. He isolated the silk worms and gave them his advice. — Mr. Smith. How many of you see " Good Housekeep- ing ' s—Miss McCarty. In the first grade, it ' s through sight that they see. — Miss McCarthy. It ' s no sin to have anything in your head, but it is a sin to keep it there. — Miss McDer- mott. Take a stopper you could get in any drug- store with two holes in it. — Mr. Smith. (To Senior I): Is there anyone who has some angel ' s wings to spare? — Miss Williams. What teachers need most is a little jazz to speed them up. — Mr. Hubbard. It is not considered the best thing to use slang, but it does hit the high spots. — Mrs. Still. We poisoned the birds. They learned their lesson very quickly and never came back. — Mr. Randall. (After talking thirty minutes) : We have used up nearly all our natural gas. — Miss Webster. There are three sides to every question — your side, my side, and the right side. — Mr. Hubbard. (To third grade class) : Now let ' s see how many different kinds of nuts we have. — Miss McCarty. (Before leaving class) : I want to talk over this topic a bit more before I pass out. — Mr. Harrington. (To Senior division): I use this picture in the first grade. That ' s why I show it to you. —Miss McCarty. If you don ' t know whether you know any- thing or not, you probably don ' t know any- thing. — Mr. Kirkpatrick. Each teacher ought to keep a pretty care- ful record of what she celebrates and how she does it. — Mr. Harrington. Some people talk about " born teachers. " Now, I don ' t believe a teacher has to be born. — Miss Mary McConnell. C Htchburg Normal £ j s M 97 jThe Saxifrage WHO ' S WHO On the Faculty W. P.- — Wants Perfection. K. M. — Knows Much. A. H.- M. M. G. H.- - Ancient History. —Merry Maid. —Genus Homo. S. W.- —So Winsome. E. P.- I. S — -Expects Politeness. •Is Sociable. J.R.- M. D. E. K.- -Just Right. — Mighty Disciplinarian —Education ' s Knight. P. S.- M. W. -Perfectly Stunning. —More Work . F. C- -Free Cutting. S. L.- C. H.- -Straight Lines. —Curbs Hilarity. Mr. Harrington — Mr. Daley, can you tell me which battle Nelson was killed in? Bill Daley (after a moment ' s reflection) — I think it was his last. GRANTED! Miss Conlon — Who was Disraeli? Mary F. — Paul Corcoran. HEARD IN GEOGRAPHY Miss W. — We import eggs from China. Prospective Teacher — Yes, China eggs! HEARD IN HISTORY What is Obregon? Bright Senior — Isn ' t that a constellation? RETROSPECTIVE I remember when I was young.- -K. Ryan. POPULAR PLACES The Locker Room — For commuters? Office?! Post Office — At mail time. Front Steps — For girls? The Library — When not wanted. The Way to Assembly — 8.59 a. m. The Piano — The " Dorm " Piazza — On Su nday nights! Bulletin — At times. Where did I leave my block? — Polly. What was that funny noise? It sounded like music. — " Ray. " Trainer (to sixth grade class) — He seems to be standing there kneeling. Ariel (in handwork class) — You can tell Queen Anne by the camisole legs. (Hilbert, explaining tennis to J. H. S. boys) — The tennis racquet consists of a series of holes tied together with catgut. Miss McCarty — How would you punctuate this sentence: " A beautiful girl went down the street. " Ferdinand Toupence — I ' d make a dash after the girl. Head Waiter (at dining hall) — Why do you think that is an incubator chicken, Mr. Bowler? Tom Bowler — No chicken that ever had a mother could ever get as tough as that. Mr. Smith — What is contained in sea wa- ter? Max — Chloride of sodium, and er — an Mr. Smith— Well, what else? Max— Fish. True community spirit will prevail when the length of a woman ' s skirt, as announced annually from Paris, determines the height of a street-car step in the United States. SHE KNEW Mr. K. P. — Why don ' t you answer my question? Polly — Because, whatever I say you ' ll prove that it ' s wrong. SCIENCE Once there was a great wireless expert who succeeded in relaying his voice around the world until he heard his own words coming back to him. And yet, after a moment of intense joy, he was downcast. " Huh! " had scoffed the man next door. " I can get the same result by talking to myself. " Y 1 9 Fitchbur g Normal ? 5 YcF 7 H ' KX Wiv sA : WJ " - " n m Qlie Saxifrage AUTOGRAPHS i C fe4wi Lslajl WxaM i Q ' i x (Mjl, -A ox t rrf : (jJbJr Mj ' V d unrz Xu Jk . - ' -■ ;, ' ,-. •;,-. " ' , ... ■ : " Y 1 9 Fitchb ' ur£ Normal 2 YcJ 37 I I 99 The Saxifrage i au(i r-« { n ( 7- JLJ Y 1 Q Fitchbur g Normal YcF ' Qlie Saxifrage AUTOGRAPHS ihrrtr, . e LA . if s? sv i 7X). c L c — fcCjhS j£ 7 2?£c t- S y jz rfiZ t . A£ £- r- £ Cj Fitchburg Normal £5 101 T " he Saxifrage Yj j2 Z iA - UxA -rthjjL W ajls ucC . — Q 7 Ay J? - O A M ■»— ?L st L- c!y C4 s. j m t- t- JP lAJhA A 4s4 3 CXX_-£ £- ft A tX- L LS V 1 Q Fitchbur £ Normal 2. YcP OUR ADVERTISERS In the following pages will be found the announcements of many reliable merchants who have contributed materially to the suc- cess of this volume. We bespeak your pat- ronage in return. ■£!.- ■$ ? " •■■•?« At Graduation time your friends expect your photograph Class Photographers 1925 Gardner Artist Studio 775 MAIN STREET, FITCHBURG, MASS. Telephone 2825 Good Clothes Stay Good 0 =» We ' re pledged to sell you only good clothes, good safe values 0 = Q F. H. Lane Co. 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WATSON 214 Pearl Street Benefit Your Eyes Your eyesight can be improved by our Highly Specialized Optical Service We thoroughly understand the various phases of eyesight and latent defects. ALMOST every case is somewhat different from other cases, and we find the very best correction before prescribing glasses. Consult Us About the Eyes We Will Advise You Honestly N. C. RUBLEE, Optometrist 412 Main Street, Fitchburg We grind our own Lenses; let us show you how it ' s done Compliments of Frederick P. Slattery, D. D. S. 1 OLIVER STREET 1 m H ■m? Compliments of THE JENNISON CO. Contractors and Engineers for Heating Sprinkling Plumbing and Steel Plate Work v-: Compliments of HOTEL RAYMOND NICHOLS FROST, Inc. Brunswick Phonographs 100, 115, 150 and up Brunswick Radiolas 190, 285, 450, 550 Brunswick Records 75c, 1.00, 1.25, 1.50, 2.00, 3.00 We would be pleased to give you a demonstration at any time 341-353 MAIN STREET There s Magic ! but not in the Button ! It ' s in the plant and the organization that the button puts at your service Press the little button — and light floods your home. Commonplace to us, yet one of the wonders of the world, one of man ' s greatest achieve- ments. Turn a switch — and the electric vacuum cleaner scoops up dirt and dust from rugs, from portieres, from furniture, from mattresses. Com- monplace to us, yet it means the emancipation of woman from the slavery of housework. Plug into a floor or wall outlet — and coffee begins magically to per- colate on the table before you or toast is browned right at your elbow or crisp warm waffles are made before your eyes. Commonplace to us, yet a convenience, a comfort, a resplendent pleasure that not even kings could conceive a few short years ago. Magic! Magic indeed! But not in the electric button. That ' s mere mechanism. Magic in the efficiently equipped plant with its won- drous machinery, magic in the highly-trained organization, magic of men and of machinery that serve you instantly at the touch of the button. That button puts instantly at your service millions of dollars in- vested in plant and equipment, hundreds of minds trained and developed to serve you. Telephone 1SS0. Fitchburg Gas Electric Light Company THE NORMAL SPA Directly across from the NORMAL SCHOOL at PEARL STREET and MYRTLE AVENUE (K= 00 00 High Grade Candies, Ice Cream, Soda, Lunches Bakery Goods, Magazines, Kodak Films and Finishing 0 == 0 K= 0 FISH COX, Proprietors Also the CLOVER HILL DAIRY AND FOOD SHOP at 361 Main Street Compliments of Fitchburg Bank Trust Co. 306 Main Street 745 Main Street Compliments of Hall ' s Lunch Erickson ' s Bakery Bread, Cake and Pastry Wedding Cake, Birthday Cake and Danish Pastry A Specialty 50 Day Street Phone 3920 White Rose The master loaf of the Six Bakers F. M. Johnson Lumber Co. River Street Telephones : 1535 - 1536 SIMONDS SAWS For Wood or Metal Cutting Machine Knives Hack Saw Blades Files SIMONDS Saw and Steel Company Established 1832 FITCHBURG, MASS. BOSTON, MASS. CHICAGO, ILL. COME IN AND TRY ON A SMITHSON NAVAL SERGE SUIT " DRESS WELL AND SUCCEED " SMITHSON makes a year ' round Blue Serge Suit— That ' s All. SMITHSON skilled tailors working continually on a single fabric insure you a perfect fit and a tailor made appearance. SMITHSON volume buying and volume production reduce manufactur- ing costs. SMITHSON ' S are made in over twenty different models to meet the various tastes and builds of men. Because we believe that this is the day of specialization we offer SMITHSON ' S to our friends. EXTRA VALUE AT $37.50 Kimball and Son Co. Two Stores 17M79 Main Street ' Fitchbur §- " ) 11 Monument Square, Leominster. Compliments of The Gavekers and The Mohawks iTrMBli cynji

Suggestions in the Fitchburg State University - Saxifrage Yearbook (Fitchburg, MA) collection:

Fitchburg State University - Saxifrage Yearbook (Fitchburg, MA) online yearbook collection, 1922 Edition, Page 1


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Fitchburg State University - Saxifrage Yearbook (Fitchburg, MA) online yearbook collection, 1928 Edition, Page 1


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