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» KM V -■ ' Y ' !,■: ' ■• iffSSf iMim ■ ■ uV ' -Jfyfi THE SAXIFRAGE OF THE CLASS OF NINETEEN TWENTY-FOUR STATE NORMAL SCHOOL FITCHBURG, MASSACHUSETTS v VOLUME NUMBER THREE The Saxifrage PRESTON SMITH 5 l9 Htchburg Normal 2 j BKM he Saxifrage TO PRESTON SMITH OUR MOST ESTEEMED INSTRUCTOR AND FRIEND, WHOSE TEACHING AND LECTURING FOR OVER A QUARTER OF A CENTURY AT THE FITCHBURG NORMAL SCHOOL HAVE INSPIRED WITHIN THE STUDENTS OF THE SCHOOL TRUE IDEALS OF SERVICE, AND WHOSE KINDNESS AND GENEROSITY TO THE CLASS OF 1924 WILL NEVER BE FOR- GOTTEN, WE AFFECTIONATELY DEDI- CATE THIS THIRD VOLUME OF THE SAXIFRAGE MR. SMITH WAS GRADUATED FROM BRIDGEWATER NORMAL SCHOOL IN 1888. AFTER GRADUATION HE TAUGHT FOR MANY YEARS IN MASSA- CHUSETTS, AND WHEN THE FITCHBURG NORMAL SCHOOL WAS BUILT, IN 1895, HE WAS APPOINTED ONE OF THE FIRST TEACHERS. HE STUDIED BIOLOGY AT CLARK UNIVERSITY, AND TOOK SPECIAL COURSES IN PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY, BOTANY, AND PHYSIOLOGY AT HARVARD COLLEGE, AS WELL AS A COURSE IN ADVANCED CHEMICAL ANALYSIS AT TUFTS. MR. SMITH IS THE AUTHOR OF " EASY EXPERIMENTS IN PHYSICS, " AND OF " COM- MON ROCKS AND MINERALS " JQ Fitch burg Normal 2 J V3T ' The Saxifrage WILLIAM D. PARKINSON jQ Fitch burg Normal 2 l Si m 3e Ira The Saxifrage OUR PRINCIPAL William D. Parkinson, conspicuous for enlighten- ment and rectitude of heart, is an efficient teacher, a sage advisor and a reliable friend. He received his A. B. degree from Dartmouth in 1878, and after studying law at the National University in Washington, D. C, he received from that institution the degree of LL. B. He served as superintendent of schools in Falmouth, Amherst, and Waltham, Mass. In 1918 Mr. Parkinson began his duties as an agent of the State Department of Education and came to us in 1920 from that position. The school owes a great deal to him for the success of student life. He has maintained an admirable interest not only in our academic pursuits, but in our social activities as well. The members of the Class of 1924 leave Fitch- burg Normal School with a fine sense of appreciation for what he has clone for them. I Q Fitch buro Normal ? Yc ffiie Saxifrage MRS. IDA L. STILL |Q Fitchbur g Normal £ iK n he Saxifrage OUR DEAN OF WOMEN Mrs. Ida L. Still, our Dean of Women, is a woman of superior training and wide experience. She received her A. B. degree from Whitman Col- lege, Walla Walla, Washington, and did graduate work at Columbia University. For three years she taught in the high school at Milton, Ore. She then devoted several years to Y. W. C. A. work in Billings, Montana. We feel that we owe a great deal to Mrs. Still for her devoted interest in all of our student activities. She has helped us in our work, advised us in our difficulties, and inspired us in our professional endeavors. j Q Fitchbur g Normal ? Vc Tlie Saxifrage WILLIS B. ANTHONY jQ Fitchburg Normal 2 The Saxifrage OUR DEAN OF MEN Willis B. Anthony, our Dean of Men, is a man of practical experience and culture. He graduated from the Massachusetts Normal Art School at Boston, where he was president and valedictorian of his class. He then became supervisor of drawing in the North Adams public schools, holding this position for six years. When the Practical Arts Department of the Fitchburg Normal School was organized in 1909, he was engaged to conduct its activities. From a state of infancy in 1909 this department has grown to maturity and is recognized today as one of the finest systems of practical education in the state. The Class of 1924 is deeply indebted to Mr. Anthony. He has been most cooperative in making the social life of the school more pleasant and profitable. From the interest and activity which he manifests in his department, the graduates of the Practical Arts course will enter the pro- fession with the confidence and ability that will help to bring more of real life into the training of school boys. jQ Fitchburg Normal 2 HSI I C o pq W PL, W H • O .5 « O ail 3 C . o _ o E rt C « ffl tf in .52 Z Pi |M u -a y In cq -£ £ pq 3 I I o «K Zflfrsti Tlie Saxifrage THE EDITORIAL BOARD Editor-in-Chief Paul J. Corcoran Editor Edwin Nelson Associate Editors Dramatics Barbara McGee Austin O ' Toole Jokes Anna Murphy Vera Hayes Charles Kilpatrick Bruce McLean A tliletics Ruth Fiske Richard Kennedy Socials Loretta Mullin Eneid Rossiter Clubs Marion Marlowe Richards Ballou Art Elizabeth Childs Marjorie Stearns Olive Boyle History Ellen Mannix Catherine O ' Toole Debates Katherine Roche Music Frances Curley Robert Quirk What???? Catherine Tobin Beatrice Webber Beatrice Bousquet William Moran Business Manager Ronald F. Holt Assistant Business Manager Margaret Lucey Faculty Advisor Susan M. Williams |Q Fitchburg Normal £ u FACULTY William D. Parkinson, Principal Elementary and Junior High School Departments Preston Smith Science Edwin A. Ktrkpatrtck Psychology and Pedagogy Elizabeth D. Perry Music Matilda B. Doland Arithmetic Sarah E. Lamprey Handwork and Drawing Katherine M. McCarty Reading and Language Florence D. Conlon Handwork and Drawing Arthur C. Harrington History and Civics John L. Randall Nature Study and Gardening Henry J. Clancy Mathematics and Related Work Bawita Lawler Physical Training Susan M. Williams English Cora M. Hassell . . ' . Librarian Ida L. Still Dean of Women — Ethics Marion L. Webster Geography Practical Arts Department Willis B. Anthony . . . Director Charles E. Akeley Woodfinishing and Glazing Lawrence E. Landall -. . . . Woodworking Frank S. Livermore Printing C. Blair MacLean Mechanical Drawing Clark H. Morrell Automobile and Ordinary Repairs Schools for Observation and Practice George F. Hubbard Director Emma J. Southwick . . Assistant Supervisor of Music Junior High School Mary McConnell, Principal Carl F. Holloran, Geography, History, Civics Marion E. Rowley, Household Arts Josephine M. McCarthy, Commercial Subjects B. Evelyn Grammont, French and English Edgerly School — First Six Grades Ida M. Austin, Principal Elma M. Johnson, Supervisor L. Frances Jones, Supervisor Susan L. Clark, Supervisor Day Street School — First Six Grades Marion F. Anthony, Principal Marie M. Gearan, Assistant Supervisor Katherine F. McConnell, Supervisor I ■ ■ Highland Avenue School — First Three Grades Laura A. Wood worth, Principal Administration Maud A. Goodfellow, Chief Clerk Helen M. O ' Horo, Clerk I 13 ffiie Saxifrage NOTES AND ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The Class of 1924, and The Saxifrage Board, wish to thank Miss Susan M. Williams of the faculty for her untiring assistance, helpful suggestions and advice which helped to make this third volume of The Saxifrage a reality. To Mr. Fred Gentsch we owe our sincere apprecia- tion for the sketches and the art work throughout the volume. To Mr. Gerald Gingras we express our gratitude for his kindness in composing the Men ' s Athletic Association Section. jQ Fitchburg Normal £ j hc Saxifrage FOREWORD The Editorial Staff presents this third volume of The Saxifrage as a record of the Class of ' 24. We have endeavored to portray the life of the year that is past, following carefully the volumes that have gone before, and we have sought only to add another chapter to the his- tory of the school. If, in the days to come, when old age and loneliness create a longing for the past, or when our days of professional work are ended, this Saxifrage recalls happy thoughts of years gone by and helps to keep ever burning the light of the " 1924 Spirit, " then indeed it will not have been in vain. jQ Fitch burg Normal £ j ffiie Saxifrage SCHOOL SONG {Tune, Old Fashioned Garden) So let us all cheer for Normal, For our school and our colors, For it pleases us well of her victories to tell And her many honors too; We have a school we are fond of And a school we are proud of; So let us all cheer for Normal, For the Yellow and White. jQ Fitchburg Normal 2 16 I I I T " he Saxifrage SENIOR CLASS SONG O, Seniors, to you now we sing, And loudly our praises do ring; In work and in play and in all Our standard ne ' er will fall; And so thru steadfastness We will strive on to your success, Our inspiration true, Oh, Senior Class, oh, Senior Class, Oh, here ' s to you! |Q Fitchburg Normal 2 17 " The Saxifrage Katherine Roche, President Paul Corcoran, Vice-President Jane Collins, Secretary Joseph Sullivan, Treasurer Y j 9 Fitchbur g Normal ? V hc Saxifrage 422 Water Street KATHERTNE GERTRUDE ROCHE ' A friend to everyone and everyone her friend. " Fitchburg, Mass. The responsibility of the J. H. S. IV Class rests heavily upon Katherine ' s shoulders, as she is our president. Many rough places have been made smooth for us by her untiring efforts in our interest. Her executive ability has been shown in all class activities. During her last year Katherine became one of the star debaters of F. N. S., much to the satisfaction and pride of the class. Her lessons are always prepared, and if one has forgotten the assignments, one may be sure Katherine knows it. She is a good teacher and a loyal friend. The class of ' 24 wishes her every success. President J. H. S. IV Class 2, 3, 4; Debating Team; Saxifrage Board. 41 East Street PAUL JOSEPH CORCORAN ' None but himself can be his parallel. " Fitchburg, Mass. A brilliant student, a wide reader, an invincible debater, a popular man with both men and girls, and last but not least, the most important member of the J. H. S. IV Class. Each morning we notice a young man striding up the middle drive with his Lord Chesterfield appearance and air, followed by a young man laboring under a load of books, and all the school realizes that Senator Corcoran and his secretary have arrived. The charms and beauty of the co-eds left Paul unscarred for some time, but lately we notice, with pleasure, that he is truly human after all. Paul ' s genius shines when a chance for argument presents itself ; then his legal instinct comes forth and a most interesting ses- sion is promised. Whether you be teacher or lawyer, Paul, the J. H. S. IV Class expects great things of you, and we know we will not be disappointed. Editor-in-Chief of 1924 Saxifrage; Associate Editor 1922; J. H. S. Class Vice-President 2, 3, 4; President of F. N. S. Debating Council ' 23, ' 24; Captain Senior Debating Society ' 22; Treasurer Men ' s Glee Club 1922; Dramatics ' 22, ' 23, ' 24; Normalite Staff; Gaveleers; Dramatic Club; Class Play Committee. 912 Robeson Street JANE ELIZABETH COLLINS " To those who know thee not No words can paint. " Fall River, Mass. During the four years that we have known Jane, we have never found her wanting as a friend. From the time that Student Government was instituted, Jane has given it her loyal support, serving capably as vice-president of the association in ' 23 and house president of Miller in ' 24. The girls have found her just and sympathetic. By her friends she will be remembered for several things, her early rising, her " Sh-h-h " throughout the corridor of Miller, and her characteristic " Oh ! Boy ! " on all occasions. Her third year proved her fitness for the profession, and as a mathematician we have yet to find her equal. We are sure that Jane may leave her Alma Mater feeling that she has done her part for its advancement. Hockey 4; Hiking 1, 2, 4; Secretary of Class 3, 4; Treasurer 3; Glee Club 1, 2, 4; Student Council. 322 Oak Street JOSEPH ANTHONY SULLIVAN " A smile, for all, a welcome glad, A jovial, coaxing way he had. " Clinton, Mass. Joe hasn ' t been a membe r of the J. H. S. IV Class until this year, but we have found him a valuable addition. He managed the financial affairs of our class well during 1924. Variety seems to be Joe ' s idea of life. He may be found nearly any time in the library or lobby entertaining various members of the fair sex. If not thus engaged, you will find him deep in conversation with Crowley or Haley, deciding on the evening ' s program. When Joe leaves F. N. S., we are sure he will be missed. Baseball ' 23, ' 24; Captain Baseball ' 24. jQ Fitchburg Normal £ ffiie Saxifrage MARY ELIZABETH BACON 251 South Street Fitchburg, Mass. " Wit and wisdom- ivere born with woman. " Behold! We have in our midst an all-around athlete and an all- around student who can not be surpassed. Her chief desire is to be a basket ball star. If practice makes perfect and perfection is all that is needed, she will surely attain her end. If the past war had been but a contest of tongues, Mary would have scored success for the Allies, if the conversation in the corridors between periods is any kind of sign. We regret that her jovial laugh and witty phrases cannot follow us in the future. Her presence would help the " little glooms " along. MARCELLA GRACE BOYLE 6S1 Pleasant Street Leominster, Mass. " Her modest looks the cottage might adorn, Sweet as the primrose peeps beneath the thorn. " " O modest, weak, and unassuming maid, " but we are all con- vinced that silence pays, for Marcella was the only member of the J. H. S. IV class listed among those six immortals — the members of the first Honor Roll. Although Marcella may not shine in sport, her kind words and sympathetic manner have made her a friend we will long remember. If consistency of effort is a step toward success, we can predict Marcella ' s future, for her artistic energy well spent in the project of J. H. S. IV must have its reward. JESSIE LOUISE BRAZIER 43 East Street Fitchburg, Mass. " Life is a jest and all things show it, I thought so once and now I know it. " So thinks Jessie, as she flits from class to class. " Don ' t you just hate to go to school? Wouldn ' t you much rather teach? It ' s all so stupid. " Yes, it is Jessie Brazier talking. But whether she likes it or not, Jessie never comes to class with her lessons unprepared. However, her application to study has not erased her read} ' smile — or embedded in her countenance lines of care. Her spontaneous wit, perhaps, is what serves to neutralize the brain fag. Jessie without Mary is like a ship without a sail. They can not navigate the troubled waters of F. N. S. without each other — and when a squall comes up, they anchor until the sea has calmed. As an artist we shall hear of her in the future, for such talent as hers can not remain unknown. |Q Fitchburg Normal 2 20 ffiie Saxifrage 12 Spring Street CATHERINE CANTY North Adams, Mass. " have no other but a woman ' s reason; I think him so because I think him so. " Here is one of the most active members of the J,. H. S. IV Class. As an authority on primary education Catherine can not be sur- passed. One year of her four was spent inculcating high ideals in the rising generation of Westminster. She has taken an interest in ath- letics, playing basket ball for the honor and glory of the class, cheer- ing lustily for the Varsity team for reasons known only to herself, and acting as general hike leader for the school. " The Ghost Story, " in which she took the lead, brought forth her hitherto concealed dra- matic ability, and the J. H. S. IV debate showed her talent along that line. We hope her ambition to become a primary supervisor will be realized in the near future. Hockey 4; Glee Club 1, 2, 4; Hike Leader 4; Basket Ball 1, 2, 4; Dramatics 1, 2, 4; Saxifrage Board 4; Debating 4. 29 Spring Street ELIZABETH JARVIS CHILDS " Friends, Romans, Countrymen, Lend me your ears. " Fitchburg, Mass. In Betty ' s case, it is " Friends, classmates, students, lend me your ears. " Betty is our artist par excellence and therefore was chosen to supervise our project in the drawing department. She proved an able teacher, and it was then that we began to realize her remark- able versatility as an authoritative dictator. Our Hallowe ' en Party was a glowing tribute to Betty ' s artistic talent and decorative abil- ity. Her untiring efforts and ceaseless cooperation at this time will always be remembered by the class of ' 24. Betty is a lover of nature study, and in this class again, she has reigned artist supreme. Few artists are athletes, but Betty is one of the few. She proved to be a fine basket ball player in the famous contest of J. H. S. IV vs. the Faculty. Glee Club ; Saxifrage Board. CHARLES TIMOTHY CROWLEY 168 Nashua Street Leominster, Mass. " Not to speak your opinion well, but to have a good opinion worth speaking. " The above quotation fits Charlie, for his contributions in class certainly show good thought. A discussion in economics is never closed until he gives the finishing touches. As an artist and a nature student, he reigns supreme. His efforts at forensic oratory were not in vain, for he was elected a member of the school team to oppose Keene. Charlie came to us from Leominster with a good " rep " as an athlete, and served as Vice-President of the A. A. for the past year. We all wish him a prosperous future as a " Grammar Master. " Vice-President Men ' s A. A.; Football ' 23; Debating; Dramatics. m JQ Fitchburg Normal CJ hc Saxifrage CHARLES EVERETT DOHERTY Harrison Street Leominster, Mass. " A man he seems of cheerful yesterdays And confident tomorrows. " May he always remain so ! One cannot imagine Charlie other- wise. His smiling unconcern in the face of the hardest tasks, and his inimitable and unfailing sense of humor at all times have helped to brighten many of the dark clouds which threatened to envelop us during our voyage across the Sea of Knowledge to the Port of Grad- uation. He is a student, par excellence, chemistry being his special delight ( !?!) and he is also an athlete of note, as was shown in the famous Faculty vs. Grammar Master Basket Ball game. In addition, he is a noted debater, and can make a perfect thermometer. Some day we expect to hear of his having become an inventor. Then the teaching profession will suffer a great loss. Good luck, Charlie! We all wish you great success in the future, and we know our wishes are not in vain, for you have in you the stuff of which success is made. Glee -Club; Debates. FRANCIS LEO HALEY 77 Allen Street Leominster, Mass. ' He may not be tall, But he ' s the best one of them all. " Leo is another one of our Leominster boys, and he certainly is a studious creature. We never see him studying but he always has his lessons ! Who is this Miss K we hear sometimes mentioned in connection with your name, Francis? As the saying goes, " Still waters run deep. " He is the best-natured fellow in our class. We certainly hope that when he has been teaching a few years he will want to come back and see us all again. Debates; Glee Club. CATHERINE LOUISE TOBIN Pleasant Street Becket, Mass. " And still they gazed, and still the wonder grew That one small head could carry all she knew. " When Mother Nature was casting the various moulds for man- kind, by a sudden impulse she poured several of her rare gifts into one fortunate form and then smiled at the agreeable product — Cathy. The talents and gifts of this Berkshire miss are so manifold that a Sears-Roebuck catalogue would be inadequate for indexing them. Cathy is one of our most conscientious members, and is very dependable any time and any where. She is clever in all her studies, and as coach for J. H. S. IV she is unexcelled. Under her capable direction, we won a decided victory in basket ball over the well- trained Faculty six. Catherine has worked well and faithfully for her school and class, and there was no project or activity planned which did not receive her whole-hearted cooperation and where Catherine cooperated, success was certain. Our petite member has received a fine start in her four years with us, and when the race of life is at its height we shall expect to see Cathy break the tape, a winner. May- success crown all her efforts. Glee Club; Secretary Girls ' A. A.; Hockey; Secretary Senior Class ' 21, ' 22; Saxifrage Board. JQ Rtchburg Normal O 22 M ' ffiie Saxifrage Lina Grammont, President John Fitzpatrick, Vice-President Ruth Fiske ; Secretary Gustaf Larson, Treasurer XS T Cf Fitchburg Normal £ j 24 he Saxifrage 9 West Street UNA LOUISE GRAMMONT ' The better known, the greater is her worth appreciated. " Gardner, Mass. When Lina decided in favor of F. N. S. the good fortune which has followed the Class of 1924 first made its appearance. Early in our Junior year, we recognized the fact that Lina was an ideal leader, and for two years she has fulfilled more than satisfactorily the requirements of her position. Besides this ability in leadership, Lina has numerous other good qualities. Her talent in art is the envy of not a few of her classmates. She is a sweet, good-natured girl, and moreover an all around good sport, as popular with the boys as with the girls. This latter conviction must be sustained, for it is said that she has many " business engagements " with the Vice-President. We feel confident that with these characteristics, success will grace her future endeavors. President Senior Class ' 23, ' 24; Hiking; Tennis; Dramatics. 116 Montgomery Street JOHN LAWRENCE F1TZPATRICK " As big in heart as he is handsome of face. " Chicopee Falls, Mass. Never has the time come when we have seen Fitzie without a smile. We feel sure that anyone who is gifted with such a pleasing personality will do well in the fight for the cause of humanity, and be a real school master. John was chosen as the leading man in the Gaveleers ' play, for the reason that a good-looking man with an abundance of dramatic ability was needed. All who wit- nessed this play can testify that John was " the man " for the leading role. He is highly esteemed by all his comrades and friends as shown by his election to the position of Vice-President of his class, and as Manager of Basket Ball. Vice-President of the Class of ' 24; Manager of Basket Ball ' 23, ' 24; Gaveleer; Dramatics; Glee Club; Football; Baseball ' 23, ' 24. Cottage Street RUTH EVELYN FISKE " None knew her but to love her ; None named her but to praise. " Sharon, Mass. Fiskey or Friskey came into our midst last year from the famous city of Northampton. From the first we were impressed by her attitude — enthusiastic, ambitious, just brimming over with an alarming amount of " pep. " Not many days passed before Fiskey was chosen Class Scribe. She has worked faithfully and loyally with her fellow officers for the betterment of our class. As President of the Girls ' Athletic Association she has discharged her duties in her usual capable manner, and with her usual precision. We owe the life of the G. A. A. to her. Athletics without Fiskey would indeed be a minus quantity. Kind, quick to understand and sympathize, a friend worthwhile is Fiskey. We may well agree with Washington in saying, " A slender acquaintance in the world must convince every one that actions, not words, are the true criterion of the attachment of friends. " Secretary of Class of ' 24; President of G. A. A.; Captain of Senior Hockey; Manager of Basket Ball; Hiking; Cheer Leader; Saxifrage Board. 163 Cedar Street GUSTAF ADOLPH LARSON " A soul of wit doth laud a man. " Fitchburg, Mass. Gus is our Class Treasurer and certainly has a painless method of extracting dues. As a happy- go-lucky person Gus takes a first place; he can smile while reading his marks. Gus makes a first- class shop-mate and does his work well, but he considers class work as more or less of a joke and is always ready with some bright remark that sets the class in an uproar. Since Gus drove to school in his high-powered, six-door Ford, fame has followed him. He showed great dramatic ability in the Gaveleers ' play and took his part as though he had had great experience. Gus had a cute little reason for deserting the ranks of the Bachelors ' Club, but we can ' t blame him very much. Class Treasurer ; Gaveleer; Dramatics; Glee Club; Debating. |Q Fitchburg Normal 2 25 ■ ffiie Saxifrage GEORGIA FRANCES ALLEN 9Q Phillips Street Fitchburg, Mass. " West Fitchburg Against The World. " For two years Georgia has helped make it happy for us by her merry disposition and smiles. We hear that she spent a great deal of her time at the skating rink last winter, and we expect to hear of her defending America ' s honor at the rink some day. Although Georgia is small, she taught the fifth grade successfully. Good luck to you, Georgia, and may the sunshine of your smile bring happiness wherever you go ! 3 River Terrace MILLICENT JESSIE ALLYN Holyoke, Mass. " Beauty ' s ensign yet Is crimson in thy lips and in thy cheek. " And when Mrs. Luce puts the finishing touches on her hair, Mil may well be considered one of our class beauties. Leave it to her to be where the fun is going on. She ' s the standby of " That Old Gang of Mine. " Mil ' s one fault is her appetite. Ask Mr. Smith. In spite of her readiness for fun, she always has her lessons prepared. Once she gets the floor, we ' re all willing to let her hold it. Her cordiality and friendliness convince us that some day she ' ll make a good hostess. Say, Mil, how did you acquire your interest in Dartmouth and — er — nature study ? Crew, Hiking, Hockey, Tennis, Vice-President Student Govern- ment. NELLIE AUGUSTA ANDERSON Warwick Avenue Northfield, Mass. " never did repent for doing good, Nor shall not now. " This embryo teacher we know will be successful, for she is already too conscientious for her age. Nellie comes to class with her lessons well prepared and all outside work thoroughly done. Tell us, how does it feel never to worry during a period, nor offer a silent prayer that Mr. will omit your name just for today? Nellie has much artistic ability, which is most often displayed in Miss Lamprey ' s c ' ass. She is frequently chosen to serve as chairman of art projects, and an able chairman she is. Once a friend, she is a staunch one, always ready to lend a helping hand. In fact, Nellie has many fine quali- ties. She is kindhearted, modest in her ways and she is never too busy for a good time. Hiking. |Q Fitchburg Normal 2 J 26 ivtkw Qlie Saxifrage EDNA ELIZABETH ATKINS 1211 Main Street Fitchburg, Mass. " A quiet maid but wondrous wise. " We are sure Edna ' s one ambition is to be a school teacher, and we hope she will succeed in that line. Edna, it is reported, is very in- terested in church work, but we wonder if it is the church or the people connected with it? She is one of our quiet dames, always minding her own business, but we ' ll forgive her for that. Aside from being bashful, she is one of the bright lights of Senior III-A. DARTHEA BELLE ATKINSON 95 East Street Fitchburg, Mass. " One I love, two I love, three I love, I say! " That ' s Dar all over. She ' s one of our few students who man- ages to get along with studies, teachers, those of her own sex and — men. Never leave out men when speaking about Dar. She has a word and a smile for each of them, but a broad grin for one in par- ticular. We feared, once, when chocolates were cheap, that Dar was going to lose that biggest brick in the chimney of her affections, but, as usual, she won out. Dar ' s friends are many, but she goes for ad- vice to Mary, who guides her lest she go astray. She is one of our best dancers, and our dances would be incomplete without her. She is noted for the mysterious way in which she gets her jewelry. Captain of Crew, Bowling Team, Tennis. 4 Cushing Street ADA THELMA AUSTIN " In books lie knowledge. " Amesbury, Mass. Ada knows this and takes advantage of it. She always has her lessons prepared. However, we gather from her friends, and the merry twinkle in her eye, that she also believes that " all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. " It doesn ' t take many words for Ada to say a great deal and she always has a ready answer. Her room-mates, Emma and Pauline, vouchsafe that Ada is merrier than most of us think and room-mates usually know. Ada is also quite artistic. Who can tell — she may some day become la grande artiste. G. A. A. jQ Fitchburg Normal 2 l 27 Hi hc Saxifrage EMMA LOUISE AVEYARD 67 Belle Avenue West Springfield, Mass. " Speech is silver, Silence is golden. " Evidently Emma has a love for silver, for as far as speech is con- cerned, Emma is worth her weight in silver. We all thought Emma a confirmed old maid, when, horrors, we heard Emma had a beau! Since then it has become a great match, and we ' re rather doubtful about Emma ' s future. Just the same, Emma, you ' re a good scout, and whatever you do, ' 24 wishes you the best o ' luck. HAZEL PRISCILLA BERTRAM 202 Allen Street New Bedford, Mass. " She ' s pretty to walk with and witty to talk with. " This cheerful person is Hazel, who came to us from that well- known metropolis, New Bedford. After first meeting Hazel, we soon came to like her and enjoy her pleasing disposition. Popular, likeable, and friendly are adjectives that may well be attributed to her. It is said that Hazel likes school and school teaching, but we are doubtful as to the length of time the profession will be able to claim her, owing to her popularity with the other sex. The school over which Hazel rules is to be considered lucky, and we wish her the best of luck. G. A. A.; Glee Club. TORQUATO ETTERRO BAZZINOTTI Sandwich, " E ' en tho ' vanquished, he could argue still. " Mass. Of Ted ' s past we know very little ; of his present we know only good, and of his future we predict great things. We first remember Ted as the dashing young man who made his debut in our Child Study class. More perfectly, perhaps, do we see him with that flashy sweater, with that beautiful bird sprawled all over the back. However, we have enjoyed Ted much, although we do envy him for being such a sheik. Didn ' t you hear about the girl who thought Ted a perfect " Rudy " ? I ' ll not tell you, but ask him some day yourself. Good luck, Ted, and when you ' re teaching, far away, remember you still have the best wishes of the class of ' 24. Football ' 23. Y 1 Q Fitchbur o Normal ? Y 7 28 he Saxifrage RICHARDS ALBERT BALLOU 63 Green Street Fitchburg, Mass. " Give me the moonlight and give me the girl. " Dick is the original rah, rah, boy. He said so himself, but we will forgive him, for he has a few redeeming qualities. He takes a keen interest in all the school activities. Dick has been able to keep up with all his studies while he has been with us, but studies are not his only strong point. During his junior year Dick was always in the company of one of the senior girls, but last summer showed his real ability as an entertainer of antiquated femininity. He certainly proved to all of us that he should be classed with Rudolph Valentino and other famous men of the type. After a successful summer Dick started in this fall to bluff the junior girls along and now labors undjr the delusion that he could bluff his way to heaven. Don ' t s ' .ip, Sonny. Vice-President Gaveleers, Saxifrage Board, Dramatics, Glee C ub. BEATRICE GENEVIEVE BOUSQUET Norval Avenue Fitchburg, Mass. " Her cheeks were like rose ' s bloom, Her smiles enough to fill a room. " Bee is one of the leading girls in the class. Her winning smile has brought happiness to many depressed classmates. She certainly made a wonderful President for the Day Girls ' Council and developed a spirit which will last, and of which she may be proud. Bee is always ready to give a speech. Whether it ' s at a banquet or just an announce- ment at assembly, her tongue never fails nor does her smile. What a wonderful world this would be if everybody in it were like Bee? President Day Students ' Association, Basket Ball, 1924 Saxifrage Board. MARION RITA BOYLE 7 Summer Street Maynard, Mass. " Confidence imparts a wonderful inspiration to its possessor. " Marion is one of those rapid talkers who seems to know what she is talking about, and makes sure everybody else does, too. Her stay at Palmer was altogether too short, for we all enjoyed Marion ' s glib tongue and cheery smile during the long winter evenings. Another thing about Marion is that she surely can teach ; even her manner implies it. No one would work harder for a cause than Marion, so we feel sure that Success will follow her wherever she goes. Glee Club, Dramatics, Tennis, G. A. A. jQ Fitchburg Normal £ 29 Tlie Saxifrage 59 Ingleside Avenue PHILIP LOUIS BELISLE Worcester, Mass " I ' ll not be lied to hours nor pointed limes, but learn my lessons as I please myself. " Phil believes in the saying, " Haste makes waste. " Well, so did the tortoise! But don ' t forget, old man, that school begins at 9.30 on Monday morning. Phil is one of the World War vets who, after many wanderings, finally landed in F. N. S. His favorite indoor sport is attending the American Legion Rooms or studying psychology. So you told us, Phil. His ready wit has brightened many an otherwise dull hour and won him many friends among both faculty and students. OLIVE BERTHA BOYLE Gill, Mass. " Oh, for a seat in some poetic nook, Just hid with trees, and sparkling with a brook. " Into our twentieth century world of shallowness and thoughtless irresponsibility there stepped one lucky day a girl of genuine character and charming disposition. In her quiet, unassuming way, she stole into our hearts over night by some indefinable trick of her sweet per- sonality. And as our acquaintance with her grew, we cou ' .d even then explain just why we found her attractive. We just simply loved her because she was Olive Boyle, and to those who know her well, this is very significant. Under a self -depreciating nature, Olive is very capable and clever. She can use the pen, paint brush, and the needle with extraordinary skill. She is a little timid about expressing her ideas on certain subjects, but in her written work we find something of her real self, her ideals, her aspirations. Olive is indeed our con- ception of what we would all like to be, but whose heights we can never hope to attain. Treasurer S. G. A., Hiking, Tennis, Saxifrage Boardi WARD NICHOLAS BOYLSTON 1871 Beacon Street Brookline, Mass. " There is nothing like it. " — Duke. Duke is the rather plump, blonde gentleman with the marcel wave, who always made his appearance on the center walk exactly two minutes before the meeting of classes. Duke has never been known to pass through Normal Hall when his destination could be reached otherwise. Why this procedure, you ask? Merely because Duke fears women — that is, all but one woman, and she, he knew, would not be found here. Everybody who knows Duke, likes him. During his sojourn at Normal School he lived at the Berkshire Club, of which he has been vice-president this year. Duke left us early and is now completing his education at New Hampshire State Col- lege. Some colleges are just naturally lucky. |Q Fitchburg Normal £ j 30 Q " he Saxifrage MARY VERONICA BRENNAN 14 Pine Street Clinton, Mass. " The wisdom oj many and the wit of one. " Mary is one of the happy natives cf Clinton. She rertain!y proves the rule that " Good things come in small packages. " She is right out front when it comes to an argument in the history class — or any other class. And her original stories, well, we ' ll say they are histori- cal to say the least. She has worked hard since entering and is sure of success after graduation, for her ability to do things will bring her to the top of the ladder. Sometimes we think she will not continue her chosen work because of her popularity with the opposite sex, but she has assured us that she intends to teach until pensioned. Time will tell. Mary has been considering entering Boston University after graduation, and she has the best wishes of the class in the furthering of her education and popularity. I CHARLES FRANKLIN BROWN 8 Shaffner Street Worcester, Mass. ' Pass him not who seems a saint! " Charlie hails from one of our suburbs known as Worcester and is a typical product of that town. He is an expert pedestrian and may be seen almost any night, after the last car has gone, walking from Leominster or West Fitchburg. His fame as a female impersonator has gone far and wide, and although to date he has refused to grace the stage with his presence, we are sure that Hollywood will hear of him ere long. As a disturber of the peace and quiet of the library, Charlie reigns supreme but never seems to get caught. It is rumored that Charlie has been entangled in many enterprises such as the abduction of Toupence, but we will withhold our judgment. He is noted for being the only student at F. N. S. who was lost on the South Side. Gaveleers, Glee Club. PAULINE IONE BROCK 87 Pequoig Avenue Athol, Mass. " Deep in thought and word and deed. " If you are ever in doubt as to the making of baskets, just ask Pauline. She knows all about them. Her teaching has made many a heart glad; for what can a person do with hands that will not do? Pauline has endeared herself to us because of her quiet ways. She seems to be the sort of girl whom one can trust with confidences without being betrayed. In spite of her quiet and unassuming man- ner, we are sure that her personality will leave an impression upon all who knew her in school. Hiking. jQ Fitchburg Normal £ J i The Saxifrage AMELIA THERESA BROCK 288 Highland Avenue Leominster, Mass. " A little nonsense now and then, Is relished l y the best of men. " Millie is one of our jolliest members. No one ever sees her study- ing, but somehow she manages to be one of the brightest girls of the class. Perhaps it ' s her hair. She must get in some studying some- where, or else she ' s just a natural grafter. Day Girls ' Association, Tennis. RUTH ELIZABETH BROOKS Ashby, Mass. " A willi?ig mind makes a hard journey easy. " i At first glance Ruthie seems to be " A silent creature, thoughtful, grave, sincere. " But after you become acquainted with her, you will find a hidden sense of humor that is delightful. Ruth surely knows how to appreciate a good joke — even if it is on herself. Now we do not mean to insinuate that Ruth is not grave and sincere. Those who know her well, will tell you that there is no queen more fit to rule in the Kingdom of Friendship. She is always ready to pull you out of the mire of discouragement and give you the lion ' s share of anything that she has. That Ruthie is thoughtful has been proved by her recitations in the history class. She doesn ' t say much but — well, to say the least, her speeches are original. Ruth is quite an artist. Her masterpiece will long be remembered, especialy her poster for Accident Prevention Week. And Ruth will always be an artist not only in drawing pictures, but also in making and keepins friends. Hiking, Glee Club. RALPH LEO BURGESS Harrison Street Leominster, Mass. ' What wan has done, man can do. : Quiet and scholarly goodfellowship has been the contribution of Ra ' ph during his three-year sojourn with us. Retiring by nature, his actions belie his accomplishments, for to him we may look for a shining example of the model student. We have never seen him ' ' stepping out " with any of our fairer classmates, yet one would not call him a woman-hater. It is hard to imagine Ralph hating any- thing. It is by his absence that we will realize his true worth. We can easily prophesy a successful future for Ralph, for his talents ably fit him for distinction in his chosen profession. JQ Fitchburff No rmal 24 V 37 lhc Saxifrage 44 Burnap Street MARGARET RUTH BRIGGS ' Ever demure and steady. " Fitchburg, Mass. This auburn-haired young lady makes us feel quite " small " when she stands up to recite, for she always has something to give the class. We hear that she has received and richly deserves the com- pliments given her by a certain supervisor for her admirable work in " putting over " the difficult subject of geography to Junior High students. However, Ruth comes from a long line of teachers. We know she will be successful. G. A. A., Glee Club. GERTRUDE EVA BROWN Royalston, Mass. " Her voice was ever soft, gentle and low, An excellent thing in a woman. " Gert is one of those quiet maids that don ' t say much but think a great deal. She is a demure little lady whom we all admire, but whom few of us have had the advantage of knowing. Quiet and reserved, she attends strictly to her own affairs. We do wish that we knew Gert better, for we are confident that her friendship would be valuable and interesting. We know Gert will be a successful teacher. G. A. A., Glee Club. CATHERINE DOMETILLA BURKE 78 Summit Street Clinton, Mass. " Indeed she was a merry lass And all are glad to have her in our class. " Judging from her smile, we should say that Catherine is in love with life. To look at her you might think Catherine was bashful, but she is far from it. She is noted for her pleasing personality and charming smile. Catherine has many friends, but if you are looking for her in a hurry, call on Philbin or Hester. Catherine also has a sweet little voice and likes to sing. We hope to see her some time when she is teaching the difference between right and wrong. G. A. A., Tennis, Hiking. C Fitchburg Normal 2 J l 33 Q he Saxifrage ELIZABETH ANNE CALLAHAN 107 Harrison Street Leominster, Mass. ' A merry heart all the day. " Yes, it must be Elizabeth ' s — I mean that whisper in the back of the room. Elizabeth, overflowing with confidences for the rest of her Leominster quartette, can ' t wait for the bell. It ' s because she has so many good times in Ayer that she has to talk about them. Not- withstanding the fact that Elizabeth whispers a great deal, she ap- pears to be a quiet girl. However, appearances in this case must be deceiving, for she has red hair and sparkling blue eyes and — well, that is enough said. I wonder why Elizabeth suddenly felt ill every time she was supposed to go to Miss Lamprey ' s class. She admits now that omitting class wasn ' t worth her while, because ever since she has had to stay up nights until 11.30 making up her work. MARY EVELYN CALLERY 208 Kempton Street New Bedford, Mass. " Teaching others teacheth yourself. " If you want an example of a conscientious worker, just take off your hat to Mary C. Mary has worked hard throughout her course and although a jolly good sport and pal, Mary has always put busi- ness before pleasure. Mary is one of our few who have neither been absent nor tardy during their career at F. N. S., a fact which, in itself, speaks well for Mary. She is a member of the New Bedford tribe, and a pretty one at that. Girls ' Glee Club, Girls ' A. A., Hiking, Junior Dramatic Club. PHILIP GERALD CASHMAN 80 Canton Street Fitchburg, Mass. " As rare as a day in June. " Could we but employ gestures and the spoken word, we might give the reader a fair idea of this classmate, who with his sparkling humor chases away the blues, and by his broad mind commands the respect of the teachers. The casual observer is sure to find Phil in- dulging in the works of Socrates and Plato. Indeed, we sometimes think he is a near relative of the former. Phil ' s athletic prowess is well known throughout the East, and his dramatic ability places him with David Garrick. As for his many other attributes, they would have to be catalogued. He has chosen the field of history for his life work, and future years will see his goal attained, for there is no doubt of his being successful. When this historian has completed his chosen work, it is only fitting that he should spend the rest of his days in that pretty village of Clinton, where the birds are always singing sweet songs of love. President Dramatic Club 1923, Baseball 1923, Treasurer Dramatic Club 1924. jQ Fitchburg Normal 2 34 ffiie Saxifrage 177 Church Street THOMAS FRANCIS CARR ' Live not for yourself alone. " Marlboro, Mass. Collegiate preferred ? Then see Tom Carr, the Beau Brummel of the Marlboro Trio. Tommy has given us three years of delightful companionship, and has been a target for the affections of many of our fairer classmates. Yet, it was not until his final year that he succumbed to the charms of one of our fair enchantresses and " fell. " We believe that this bond of affection must be true, as it did not run smoothly. At a certain meeting of the Dramatic Club, a little wink nearly wrecked this romance, but we understand that all is well just at present. Tom ' s popularity with male members of the class is as- sured when we reflect that he is President of our Athletic Association. In this capacity he was instrumental in rejuvenating our football team, and efficiently played a half-back position. We know that after graduation Tom will go " through the line " and make a " touchdown " for Fitchburg Normal on the glorious field of Education. Glee Club, President Men ' s A. A., Football, Dramatics, Debating. REBA JANE CHALMERS 560 Pearl Street Fitchburg, Mass. " Were eyes not made to flirt with? " To look at Beefy one gets the impression that she is very quiet and demure — but those who know her well, would tell you that " still waters run deep. " Long walks in the country air must account for the brilliant coloring of her face and hair. She slings a wicked arm, too, and you should see her " shake ' em up " — her pupils, we mean. Although Reba is an all around good sport, there are some things she won ' t stand for. How about it, Rebe? Junior Bowling Team, Tennis Champ (?). 17 Shirley Street TOHN STANLEY CRANG " Give thy thoughts no tongue. " Worcester, Mass. Speech is but a vapor as far as John is concerned. He believes that deeds speak louder than words, and he has proved this. When it comes to getting good marks, John shows his superiority. We fear that he is a little too conscientious about some things, such as get- ting note-books in on time and not missing assembly, but that is a good fault. John always knows everything that is going on at school and elsewhere and would be of great service to the public if he would take a position at the information bureau in the North Station, Boston. jQ Fitchburg Normal 2 35 ffiie Saxifrage RACHEL EVELYN COLTON 77 Mountain Avenue " A noble mind with Dorchester, Mass. noble heart. Nature endowed Rachel with an unusual amount of genius. How many times in class has the reputation of Senior III been saved by Rachel ! When it comes to story telling, we envy Rachel ' s pupils be- cause she possesses that knack of telling stories which interest old and young. Though Rachel never failed to prepare her lessons, she always had time for a friendly chat over school affairs, and her charm- ing manner has won for her many friends. We know that Rachel will soar far above us in the years to come, because she is not the kind to await Opportunity ' s second knock. G. A. A., Hiking, Tennis. 31 Ward Street JOHN V. CONRY " Worry ne ' er did man good. ' Fitchburg, Mass. Jack is one of the noisy members of the classes and delights in arguing with Stebbins. Jack is late for assembly nearly every morn- ing, as he firmly believes that it is much better to be three hours late than one minute too early. He also has the rare ability of being able to paint a wall and floor at the same time. How do you do it, Jack? But that isn ' t all. Jack ' s redeeming features are many. We have noticed he has a peculiar fondness for studying not only the ordinary routine of school work but nature as it exists today in Leominster. Good work, Jack; we ' re with you all the way. MARGARET DONELSON COOMBS Colrain, Mass. " The only way to have a friend is to be one. " Peg is the best kind of good sport, and consequently very popu- lar. However, her affections are bestowed unreservedly upon one R. F., with whom she may be seen at almost any time. These two are inseparable even to the extent of racing into Assembly together during the first hymn. Peg ' s chief delight is in basket ball. Few could fail to admire her playing, which has won her a place on the varsity team, both junior and senior years. We are all sorry that Peg ' s twin sister didn ' t come to Normal, too. Peg won the hiking monogram last year. Basket Ball ' 23, ' 24, Hiking. jQ Fitchburg Normal 2 O 36 The Saxifrage EVA MARY COUGHLIN 127 West Main Street Ayer, Mass. " Black hair, black eyes — a pleasing combination. " When entering one of the classes of Senior I, if you are suddenly overtaken by a h eavy bombardment of fluent language in a high C voice, don ' t be alarmed — it is simply Little Eva adding her bit to the topic under discussion. As a junior, Eva was very demure; but as a senior she certainly has been a surprise. She has a charming per- sonality and makes friends very easily, which are two qualities every good teacher should possess. She seems to have a peculiar fondness for taxis. We wonder if she is going in the business; you know, one can never tell. Glee Club, G. A. A. DOROTHEA TERESA CUNNIFF 25 Vernon Street Waltham, Mass. " A quick and energetic young lady. " A bundle of energy and enthusiasm, petite, altogether adorable; such is our Dora. No one has ever caught her napping. Always alert, always ' ' on her toes, " she is ready to give you unbounded sym- pathy, to do the impossible in behalf of class spirit, to make you feel that everything is all right. Dora is fond of all sports, and while she is not an active participant, no cheering section would be com- plete without her. Basket ball is her special interest, but sometimes we wonder if it is because of the game itself, or because of the pro- ficiency of a certain young man. Dramatic Club, Girls ' A. A. ■ FRANCES RUSSELL CURLEY 8 Laws Brook Road Concord Junction, Mass. " Stay as you are and be loved forever. " There are few girls who can boast of such a disposition as Frances possesses. Her pleasing company is desirable at all times. We wish there were more like her. F. N. S. has many times been favored with violin selections in which Fran excels. Fran is a good sport and never misses anything in the way of a good time at Normal. I ' m sure we would all follow Fashion ' s dictates if they were as becoming to us as they are to Fran. We know that success will follow Fran in her chosen profession because she believes in living one day at a time and smiling in the face of work and, of course, she has that charm of easily making friends, as is shown. by the large host of them she has at Normal. G. A. A. Mikado, Tennis, Dramatics, Hiking, Day Student Coun- cil, Saxifrage Board. ■ |Q Fitchburg Normal 2 37 he Saxifrage GRACE ANGELA DALEY 54S Walnut Street Fall River, Mass. " As prone to mischief as able to perform it. " Grace is a happy-go-lucky girl. Nothing ever seems to worry her, but she accomplishes things just the same. Grace ' s hobby is music. Many a time we ' ve danced to the " Old Fall River Line, " for Grace is very obliging at the piano. There was never any doubt about Grace ' s musical ability until she started to play the " uke. " Grace is a valuable addition to any committee and will certainly be a success. All in all, she is a jolly good sport and we will all miss her. Tennis, Hiking. CARROLL EDWARD DAVENPORT 73 West Street Clinton, Mass. " Shall I go on, or have I said enough? " After spending a year at Boston Normal Art School, Dave de- cided to finish his education with us. Possessed of a great deal of natural ability, he was a welcome addition to our ranks and has proved his worth on various occasions. When he gets started, he puts most debaters to shame, as has often been shown by the able manner in which his arguments have been presented. Oh, yes! He is the handsome young man who comes up with the Clinton contingent each morning. His pleasant " Good morning " is enough to convince a casual observer of his pleasant personality. We understand he is very much interested in movies, so don ' t be surprised, classmates. Debating, Dramatics, Glee Club. EDITH GERTRUDE DUQUETTE 14 Charlotte Street Worcester, Mass. " So sound, healthy, clean and ■whole! ' Gracious, thoughtful, immaculate, and altogether charming — these adjectives and many others of a similar nature, may be aptly applied to Duke. We may add that she is fun loving, a devotee of sports and dancing, and a most delightful companion. Duke has decided to sojourn at Normal for two more years, in order to attain the exalted position of Junior High School teacher. We know that she will be more than successful in this field. Should we be suddenly stricken with a desire to revisit Normal, Duke ' s familiar face on the Campus would greet us at once. When we first notice her, perhaps she will not be alone, but the other figure with her will by no means be un- familiar. On closer inspection, we will no doubt recognize another one of our class mates; who else but " Spats " ? Hiking, Tennis. jQ Fitchburg Normal 2 38 ffiie Saxifrage MADLYN MARIE DACEY 15 Nashua Street Fitchburg, Mass. " With the problems of life I am interested. " It is absolutely useless to expect Madlyn to take school seriously for there are so many other things to amuse her; i.e., those B. C. proms. For others, Madlyn has an overwhelming desire to teach in Newton. She may be successful as a school teacher, but we suspect that she will not continue teaching long enough to prove our claim. HELEN CORA DEMPSEY 29 Graham Street Gardner, Mass. " The gentleness of her tones would pierce a heart of stone. " Helen hails from the little town of Gardner. Her quiet manner belies the wealth of merriment which is hers. If one should ever want to know about the latest novels, ask Helen, for she knows. Every spare period she may be found down in the locker room read- ing one of the best sellers and calmly eating some of " Jackson ' s Best. " She always has at least one box of chocolates with her, and we can all vouch for her generosity. As for the movies, she never misses one, and we often wonder if Shea ' s would show a picture if she weren ' t there! Her bright disposition and winning way will, we are sure, lead her on to success. MARY CECELIA DOLAN 154 North Street Fitchburg, Mass. " A smile for all, a welcome glad, A jovial coaxing way she had. " Old Man Gloom was the leading man on the stage of our beloved school. Things were not as they seemed. But when Mary rambled in, ushered in by bands and other ceremonies that would befit a per- son of her calibre, conditions changed immediately. She smiled, and as the warm Spring sun drives before it the early morning mist, so did Mary ' s smile drive from our beloved Alma Mater all care and sorrow. Mary has been one of our leading pupils in everything and it has been whispered that she gave many a prodigal son a helping hand and a smile. She gave Normal the best she had, and it is the most sincere wish of the school that the benefits derived from such a policy as hers will be innumerable. Bye-bye, Mary, and save a smile for one of us when we meet on life ' s dark way. Tennis, G. A. A., Hiking, Glee Club, Dramatic Club. jQ Fitchburg Normal £ j 39 The Saxifrage NOREEN LORETTA DOLPHIN Packard Street Lancaster, Mass. " As stately as a queen. " Noreen is a very sociable person, friendly and sympathetic, yet she can assume a most haughty air, when occasion demands. She never lets the petty things of life disturb her peace, but plods on unfeelingly. Nevertheless, we have seen her with vague motions and varied expressions trying to still a class for Miss Williams. We ap- preciate your good intentions, but why waste the energy, Noreen, on a task fit only for Mr. Harrington — namely, the subduing of Senior II. Besides, we know you want to talk, too. HELEN TERESA DOWNEY 89 Acushnet Avenue New Bedford, Mass. " Love ' s a pilgrim, cloaked in grey. " One has only to know Helen to love her. With her cheery word and winning smile, she has won her way into the hearts of us all. She is a sincere friend and is always ready to sympathize and to lend a willing hand. Although Helen has her serious moments, she also has her gay ones. No one can enjoy a good time better than she, and she is always ready for one, especially over the week-ends. Do we know why? Oh, " Dewie " ! No matter what she attempted, it has been a success, and we are all sure that in the future she will have the same success which she has had at F. N. S. Glee Club, G. A. A., Tennis, Student Council, Vice-President Dra- matic Club ' 23, Class Play Committee. GEORGE DRAPER 220 Broadway Street Lynn, Mass. " The world belotigs to the energetic. ' George never can be found still a minute. When he ' s not running around school, he ' s running a portion of the F. L. around town. He declares that he does less worrying than anybody else in the school, and at times we are almost inclined to believe him. Ever since the Gaveleer banquet in Boston George insists that Gus ' s Ford is not only the fastest but also the most acrobatic one on the road. Eddie and Jim agree with him on that point, but when he starts telling what a good coach he is, a commotion immediately follows. His two friends contend that a man who says a road which curves like an S is straight isn ' t fit to coach a man to drive a steam roller. Second the motion, George. Secretary P. A. Section I, Gaveleer, Dramatics. Cj Fitchburg Normal 2 l The Saxifrage BARBARA SMITH DONELSON 31 Bridge Street Shelburne Falls, Mass. " Her voice is ever the same, a deep monotone. " Barbara is one of our tennis sharks. When spring arrives, you will find Barbara out on the tennis court swinging a mean racket. As for debating and acting, Barbara certainly does cut a figure. Do you remember her on the Senior debating team? Who could forget her! Do you remember Barbara in " Nothing But the Truth " ? Yes, we do. A light-haired and light-hearted member of our class is she. We know that with all her " pep " Barb will make a good teacher. " Nothing But the Truth " , Dramatic Club, Debating Team, Tennis, Hiking, G. A. A., Basket Ball Team, Hockey Team, Glee Club. RUBY LENA ELLIOTT Elm Street Townsend, Mass. " A faithful, loyal member who will not be soon forgotten. " Hailing from the quiet, peaceful little town of Townsend, Ruby brings to our Normal School some of those Townsend characteristics which we all admire. It may be because Ruby loves to study that she has had little time for school activities. For a time last year we thought she had no interest in sports, but this idea was proved false when she helped win most of the Junior honors on that never-to-be- forgotten Field Day. Shall we ever forget the way Ruby sped to the goal, leaving the other competitors in clouds of dust ! This is not the only art in which Ruby is proficient. She made a very good teacher and was loved by all her pupils. We foresee a bright future for her as a school teacher if she has the success she has had in Normal School. ELIZABETH GRACE ELSON 9 Brooks Street Maynard, Mass. " awoke one morning and found myself talking! ' In her earliest days this fair young damsel conceived the idea that her vocation in life was to be a school teacher. From that time all her energy and ability was concentrated on reaching the coveted goal. By dint of will power and determination, in the fall of 1922, Betty was firmly established in Normal School. But, alas! We fear that her fervent earnestness has been diverted into other channe ' s, and we doubt if the worthy profession of teaching will ever count her among its numbers. Betty was formerly a loyal Miller Hall girl, but even now that she has changed her domicile to Maynard, we doubt if she has lost interest in Miller. Glee Club, Dramatic Club, Girls ' A. A. JQ Fitchburg Normal 2 J Q he Saxifrage HELEN ESTHER FLANNERY 12 Fourth Street Fitchburg, Mass. " She possessed peculiar talent of producing effect in whatever she did or said. " Helen is different, interestingly different. She is an original thinker, and most of her information for recitations comes from the hidden recesses of her brain. When Helen recites, everyone sits up to take notice, for her recitation is sure to be something different. Remember the controversy she had in the history class concerning colonial life? When we think of Flan, our minds are refreshed by pleasant memories. Her pleasing personality appeals to instructors as well as to students. Who will ever forget her cheerful and bright disposition? She is one of those rare girls who can be depended on to do a kind act for anyone, and she has a spirit full of vim. We have no doubt but that Helen will meet with success wherever she goes, and. will be welcomed with open hearts to any community. MARY ELIZABETH FOGARTY 61 Maywood Street Worcester, Mass. " saw her coming from afar. " As one of Worcester ' s staunchest, Red certainly does honor to her home city. Mary ' s crowning glory is that — shall I say mop of naturally curly, red hair? Always ready for a good time, Red has made herself loved by many of both sexes. We were mighty glad when Red decided to come back and graduate with us instead of taking summer courses. Red and her constant companion are ever together, and make a jolly pair. Good-by, Red, we ' ve enjoyed you lots, and may your future be as bright as your hair. G. A. A., Dramatics, Glee Club, Hiking, Tennis. GLADYS GOULD FORBUSH 25 Witherbee Street Marlboro, Mass. " Calm is the night, Calm is the day, Bat more calm is Gladys As she goes on her way. " It is not everyone who can in such an unruffled state continue her daily routine, but amid all the storms and stress of Normal life, Gladys goes calmly, quietly on. Calmness is indeed a virtue, but tell us truly, Gladys, are you always thus? One cannot be long in your presence without hearing, " I am going home Friday, " or " I haven ' t been home for a week, but I ' m going Friday. " Do you simply have to get away so often, just to relax and be a girl again? Such dig- nity is unnatural in one of your years. Perhaps you should have re- mained at school and helped us poor, frivolous mortals. jQ Fitchburg Normal 2 42 Qlie Saxifrage HOPE FLETCHER " I chatter, chatter as I go. " Littleton, Mass. When you hear a cheery " He " — in any of our halls, you may rest assured that Hope is about to turn a corner and merge into sight. She has spent most of her precious time during study hours devising a means of filing correspondence to be most readily accessible for reference work. Shortening of her locks was a much premeditated act. One of Hope ' s chiefest worries when in training was, " Shall I wear my hair with a net — or not? He says it looks better straight, etc. " Somehow Hope seems like a butterfly, we never hear her coming, but the brightness of her presence adds to the joy of know- ing her. Hiking, Bowling. MARY LILLIAN FORSTER 83 Summer Street Natick, Mass. " Friends she has many ; joes, has she any? " We don ' t know just where to begin, for Mary is a very popular girl. To overlook one little phase would be a pity, for she has a per- sonality that draws people to her. Mary always has a smile for every- one, and she ' s willing to do anything for anybody. Yes, she is a happy, lighthearted, bundle of fun. Did you hear someone laugh whole-heartedly? Rest assured it is only Forster, who has just heard a good joke. Lowell holds a high place in her affection. Hiking, Girls ' Basket Ball Team, Tennis, Glee Club, Student Council. 42 Prescott Street JAMES JOHN FRYER " Interested in politics am I. " Worcester, Mass. Ah ! The Politician from Worcester ! If you don ' t know who the chap is, look for th e tuxedo king with the picadilly collar and the many neckties, or you may hear him singing in the lobby. Jim always has a pleasant smile even though he rooms with Bob and acts like a big brother to him. He says this experience will be a great help to his teaching because of the insight he gets into boy nature and actual experience in discipline. As an actor Jim surely proved to all that he had a great deal of ability by his very creditable appear- ance in " Nathan Hale, " the Gaveleer play. We shall be separated from a regular fellow when Jim graduates, and we ' ll always re- member his singing in the lobby, and his sedan. Gaveleer, Glee Club, Dramatics. jQ Ktchbur g Normal 2 J Ml - 43 Cthe Saxifrage KATHLEEN MILDRED GAETZ 63 Chestnut Street Leominster, Mass. " The mildest manner and the gentlest heart. " Among the unassuming members of the Class is Kathleen Gaetz. Kathleen is rather quiet, but the girls in Senior III declare her to be a " peach " and always dependable. If a " friend in need is a friend indeed, " Kassie is most certainly a friend indeed. Kathleen is an earnest, serious worker. Never does she have to worry about reports while the rest of us poor mortals rage about, tearing our hair. We ' ll hear something about Kassie in the future. Wait and see. Hockey, Hiking. MARY ELLEN GALLAGHER 21 Allen Street Leominster, Mass. " Her air, her manner, all who saw admired. " Did you think Mary was quiet ? Well, so did I, but that was be- fore I discovered that little twinkle in her bright eyes. After you see that, you know that here is one who would always be ready to help any good time along. Mary conceals a fun-loving nature under her mild manner. Mary is the only member of the Leominster quartette who has kept her " crowning glory. " She made a very successful teacher and was well liked by all her pupils. Here ' s good luck to you, Mary, and plenty of it. DOROTHY GAVITTE 24 Mt. Vernon Street Fitchburg, Mass. " She stuck in her thumb; And pulled out a — notebook; And said, ' What a good girl am P. " For two years Dot Gavitte has tried to win the rest of us from our evil ways by setting us a good example. However, we like her just the same. She can talk on any subject imaginable, and it would be impossible to enumerate her hobbies in this small space. According to her diary, her heart has not been immune from occasional attacks from without. Dot is president, secretary, treasurer, executive com- mittee, and only known member of the Fitchburg Normal School Chess Association. Dot ' s favorite occupation is being on time for classes after a strenuous gym period. |Q Fitchbur g Normal 2 44 The Saxifrage Glenon Avenue CLIFFORD GILBERT ' Education makes the Dalton, Mass. Clif is one of our unassuming fellows, who returned last February to complete his studies with us after teaching in the Fitchburg con- tinuation schools for a year. We heard many favorable reports of the good work he did while following his chosen profession. Oh, but that isn ' t all ! Every now and then we see him sneaking around town with a violin case in his hand. Yes, he is a musician, and lucky are they who have the pleasure of listening to his solos. Don ' t forget, Clif, that most people are susceptible to the charm of music. DOROTHY GLAZIER 34 Ash Street Fitchburg, Mass. ' Laugh and the world laughs with you. " Dot surely has proved this to be true. Show us the stony indi- vidual who could see and hear her in one of her explosions of giggling and resist joining her. Without Dot Miss Lamprey ' s classes could not run (she does the " running " out the door). The Dramatic Club keeps track of its doings by listening to a hastily contrived re- port of its last meeting from the pen and lips of Dot. Best of all, Dot is a good sport, and we all wish her luck. She has retained her entire heart after two years at F. N. S., except what prized portions are held by the sextet. Secretary Dramatic Club. GERTRUDE ELIZABETH GLENNON " 2052 Main Street Athol, Mass. " Bashjulness is an ornament to youth. " Aside from being bashful Gert is a good sport and strongly sup- ports the movies. She is a valued member of Senior III-A, and makes quite a hit at being a teacher. When it comes to putting on a good play, leave it to Gert. However, she still thinks there ' s no place like Athol, and we wonder? She has a great deal of class spirit. Here ' s good luck to her! |Q Fitchburg Normal £ j 45 Q he Saxifrage JOSEPH GILLIGAN 104 Lakewood Street Worcester, Mass. " A man he seems of cheerful yesterdays And confident tomorrows. " Joe can generally be found any noon contributing his share to any kidding or fun producing scheme in the Normal lobby, and always seems to take a keen delight in selecting his particular friends for his jokes. With the exception of the lobby episodes, we see very little of Joe except in the classes. Then we often find him expounding theories all his own regarding the different phases of education. We are not a bit surprised when we often receive reports of Joe ' s keeping the Legion rooms in good cheer by his presence there. Because of his pleasing personality and natural ability we predict a happy and pros- perous future for him. Glee Club, Gaveleer. MARGARET CATHERINE GOHERY 68 Richman Street Clinton, Mass. " Happy am I, from care I ' m free; Why aren ' t they all contented like me? " Margaret and Alice D. — do you know them? Well, our story is about Margaret ; so here goes ! She is lively and full of fun — mostly fun. Every class has a rising sun, and we have found ours in Mar- garet. She studies hard — yes, far into the wee hours of the morning, yet successfully hides the fact. At any rate, Margaret just doesn ' t believe in being cross. Whenever you see her, she is having a laugh. Listen to me — Margaret is planning to teach school out West. Be careful of the hurricanes out there, because you must teach about ten years 3 ' et, Margaret. Locker Squad, Hockey, Tennis, Hiking, G. A. A. SADIE GOLD 45 Winter Street Exeter, N. H. " Friends depart, and memory takes them to her caverns, pure and deep. " As we all know, friendships are discovered rather than made. For- tunate are those people who have chanced to look beneath the sur- face of Sadie ' s reserve and find her heart of " gold. " Sadie is a quiet, black-eyed maiden, who thinks a great deal and reads continually. When she speaks, we all may well listen to her words of wisdom, and profit by them. Books seem to be her hobby and reading her pas- time; and a worthy one it is. She is noted for her cheerful disposi- tion and her optimistic points of view. If any one is ever in doubt concerning any laws of etiquette, just ask Sadie. jQ Fitchburg Normal 2 46 he Saxifrage BELLA GRUBER 23 Summer Street Maynard, Mass. " As good to be out of the world as out of fashion. " Is she a snappy dresser? Yes, a veritable model from a fashion plate is Bella. You can be sure that if she has it, it is the latest, and if it is the latest, she surely has it. Added to this smartness of dress is an essential neatness. Personally, Bella always appears as if she had just come out of the proverbial bandbox. And have you ever seen a pin out of place in her room? Neither have I. But do not let me lead you to conclude that Bella ' s thoughts are whol ' y cen- tered on style. One never knows just how she manages it, but she seems to get a vast amount of work done, and at the same time doesn ' t neglect her friends. She is a general favorite in Palmer Hall, and rumor has it, is much more of a favorite with a certain person in Maynard. Hockey. MERLE GUY HALL 41 Dudley Street Fitchburg, Mass. " Stately and tall he moves in the hall, A chief of a thousand for grace. " Merle, or Big Boy, as he is familiarly known, is quiet and retiring, and he is a firm believer in being seen and not heard, but when he says anything, everyone sits up. and takes notice. Whenever any of the P. A. men had a job to do that required the use of a stepladder, he would always say, " Where is Big Boy? " Hall ' s masterpiece was the decorating of the library for the ex-service men ' s dance last November. He did work hard and stayed until the finish to make sure that the library was clean. Hall is married and lives in Fitchburg. Glee Club, Ex-Service Men ' s Club. ANNA THERESA HANLEY 42 Prospect Street Turners Falls, Mass. " Witty, jolly, and carefree, always jolly as can be. " When we see Hanks, we always think of athletics. It was usually basket ball, for Anna was present at every game. Often when she and Flan were tossing the ball, a letter would fall from her middy pocket. We are rather inclined to be suspicious of " Danbury " postmarks. When we inquired, Anna merely smiled wisely and said never a word. But don ' t think that athletics and Danvers are the only things that attract Hanks. She is quite studious, and when we think of her remarkably intelligent recitations in Mr. Kirkpatrick ' s class, we know that Anna is making " seven-league " strides towards the temple of knowledge. Anna is the kind of girl everyone wants for a friend. We will never hesitate to consider Anna a strong link in our chain of friendship. Hiking, Glee Club, G. A. A. jQ Fitchburg Normal £ 47 .Lv. The Saxifrage LILLIAN ROBERTA HARAN 72 Willis Street New Bedford, Mass. " A maiden light-hearted and content, I wander through the world. " Lil is a delightful person. One would infer that just by looking at her, but what really constitutes her greatest charm is her utter disregard for conventionalities, her ability to fall in readily with almost any plan. You must really admit that this makes her an ex- ceptionally good companion for work or play. Her chief pastimes are dancing, giggling, and being popular with the opposite sex. How- ever, we know that not all her time is spent in this manner, and judging from the way that her former pupils still love " Miss Haran, " we know that she will be a successful teacher. Valentine Party, Girls ' A. A. WINIFRED MARY HARRIGAN 112 Cottage Street Leominster, Mass. " A merry heart and a cheerful countenance . " Winnie is one of the Leominster quartette. She is a very quiet, golden-haired maiden. Winnie surprised us not long ago by appear- ing at school with her hair bobbed. Although the other three of her crowd had given in to " Dame Fashion " long ago, we thought that Winnie had decided to keep the professional attitude. It is rumored that Winnie is much interested in Clinton and that her favorite make of car is a Dodge. In spite of the fact that th s fair damsel has not taken active part in any of our school affairs, we know that she has always been with us in spirit. Winnie ' s studies are the hardest things she has to bear, but she ' s getting happier every day because soon they will be ended. JAMES DAVID HAYES 24S Liberty Street Marlboro, Mass. " An athletic sport of distinction. " Luke is the familiar caption by which we know this member of the Marlboro Trio. Luke showered himself with glory last year as a cheer leader. Fitchburg Normal will be indeed fortunate if it can secure his equal as an acrobatic cheer leader. It was under his lead- ership that the school cheered her basket ball team through one of its most successful season. Luke, unlike his townsman, does not belong to the Bachelors ' Club. Early in 1922 Luke lost his heart to one of our fair maidens and to date, the bond of affection exists. We hope, in parting, that such faithfulness will not go unrewarded, and that pur Luke will find much happiness, prosperity, and success in the years to come. Glee Club, Baseball Manager ' 24. j Q Fitchbu rg Normal 2 4 V 48 — (jThe Saxifrage JAMES HENDERSON SS Pacific Street Fitchburg, Mass. " Bashfulness is an ornament to youth. " As he wandered up the walk one bright July morning with a count-like stride, we thought we were being visited by royalty, but now after two years with him, we find he is a regular Scottish piper. Yes, blowing the bagpipe is one of his varied accomplishments. He reached the zenith of his oratorical career when he so eloquently upheld " Restricted Immigration, " in one of the inter-class debates. Early last year our neighboring city, Leominster, heard of his teach- ing ability and the result was that Red has been teaching night school there. Lately he has contracted ' ' radio on the brain " , but we hope it will have no serious effect. His dry humor has won him many friends during his stay at Normal. Gaveleer, Glee Club, Debating. FRANCES VELMORE HARRIS 40 Joslin Street North Leominster, Mass. " A friend indeed is a friend in need. " Fran is one of our commuters. Every morning she enjoys her short ride from North Leominster in the company of several class- mates. As a junior her friends found her a very quiet maiden. But there is a marked change this year. We think it is because of the responsible position which she holds on the Day Students ' Council. And in what safer hands could the vast wealth of the Day Student Association be placed? Almost any noon hour we may find Miss Harris, calmly seated at the librarian ' s desk in the library, consci- entiously performing her whole duty. Alas, for those of playful mood or venturesome disposition who come to the library in search of amusement or perchance a friendly chat ! Hiking, Treasurer of Day Student Government Association. ARTHUR GUSTAVE HILBERT 465 Springfield Street Chicopee, Mass. " All the world loves a lover. " Never in the history of any college or school have we heard of there not being at least one sheik. Fitchburg Normal is especially fortunate in the fact that it can boast of one without a peer. Every- body rise and bow, bow to our noble sheik, Hilbert, whose con- quests among the fair sex are many and varied. Ah, sheik, be kind to your fellow men and tell us some of the secrets of your trade. Let me tell you, friends, this is not all in which the sheik excels. He was one of the most valuable football players we have ever had. To prove this, I will tell you of the memorable Leominster High School game. When the teams lined up for battle, the sheik crawled through the enemy ' s line and lined up with their backfield but was discovered before he could learn their secrets. With such ability and courage we expect to hear startling reports of the sheik ' s success. Gaveleer, Glee Club, Dramatics, Football, Basket Ball. |Q Fitchburg Normal 2 -19 The Saxifrage FRANCES MARIE HASSETT 17 Boylston Street Fitchburg, Mass. " Sober, steadfast, and demure. " Frances was one of the conscientious workers of our class. Ever since we have known her, we have thought of her as being thought- ful, industrious and sincere. She was always able to add something to a discussion in class. We are sure Frances will lead a life of true service in her profession. We might say of her as Charles Dickens has said of his life, " Whatever I have tried to do in life, I have tried to do well; in great aims and in small, I have been in earnest. " G. A. A., Glee Club. RONALD FRANCIS HOLT 68 Charles Street Gardner, Mass. " Isn ' t it grand to be able to talk? " Ben, as he is called around school, is as busy as he is tall; so he must be busy. If you see a tall fellow running around loose as if he didn ' t have a minute to lose and with a black bag in his hand and a worried look on his face, you may be sure it is His Honor, Ronald Holt. As advertising manager of the year book, Ben ran into his hardest job trying to induce every member of the class to have his picture taken, without causing any trouble. Ben says, " If you think it can be done, just try and be disappointed. " Ben has a style of dressing all his own; but it wasn ' t appreciated, was it, Ben? For particulars, ask Mrs. Rogers. Business Manager Year Book, Secretary-Treasurer Gaveleers, Glee Club, Dramatics. GRACE KATHRYN HAYDEN 159 Water Street Athol, Mass. " Born to travel the path to success. " The eighth wonder of the world ! Who ever heard of a time when Grace did not have her note books up to date, and all her as- signments prepared at least three days in advance ? She is so accus- tomed to receiving A ' s that their grand thrill does not upset her dignity at all. Serious, studious, and mouse-like (according to the amount of noise that comes from Suite 38) are adjectives which tell her qualities. In spite of her devotion to her studies, she always tears herself away to join in our sports and social activities. Tennis, Hiking. JQ Fitchburg Normal 2 J 50 ffiie Saxifrage VERA JULIA HAYES 9 Ahwaga Avenue Northampton, Mass. " Who is Vera? What is she, That all around do love her? " So indeed might Vera be heralded. Sunshine fairly radiates from her crowning glory of golden hair, and she claims a place entirely her own in the hearts of everyone. Despite the dignified position of House President, which duty she executes with infinite tact and patience, Vera is right there when the fun begins, and can shine with the star performers. For she believes that there is a time for work and a time for play and that one should make the most of both. Her friendliness and good nature have attracted many of the opposite sex both here and there — mostly there, however, as the letters from and to " John " do indicate. If the profession can hold her, which is doubtful, it will be much enriched, for so lovable a disposition and so rare a personality cannot help but scatter the seeds of learning effectively. Hiking, Junior and Senior Hockey Teams, Saxifrage Board, House President of Palmer Hall, Senior Prom Committee. ALICE DOROTHY HEALY 6 Leighton Avenue Clinton, Mass. " Let the world slide; what care I! " We want to introduce you to a member of the Clinton squad. You know the Squad? Well, it is to your advantage to know it. If ever you want a happy-go-lucky pal and a true-blue friend, we would suggest Alice. She is ready for anything, and she shines in the study of names. Where did " Griffin " come from, Alice? " Laid out in Lavender " — that was Alice, when she arrived at F. N. S. But now talk about your deep, demure Miss — that is Alice since training. She is truly dignified. Don ' t forget that Alice is one of our hockey sharks. There are many things you would like to have, Alice, but the best we can give you is luck and lots of it. Hiking, Tennis, Hockey, Mikado, G. A. A., Glee Club, Dramatic Club. IRENE ANNA HESTER 16 Park Street Clinton, Mass. " Smile, and the world smiles with you. ' ' Irene has a smile for everybody, but few words. She hails from Clinton, and we hear she is one of the belles of the town. When it comes to making baskets, Irene cannot be excelled. We wonder how he likes her in the beautiful " bob. " Here ' s good luck to you, Irene, and the hope that you will choose the right direction. |Q Fitchburg Normal 2 J ' ■ K » ffiie Saxifrage MTLDRED RUTH HINES 48 Stearns Terrace Chicopee, Mass. " Almost to all things could she turn her hand. " In every sense Mildred is one of ' 24 ' s valued members, always ready to help out with anything, a true friend and one we admire. Hinesie is an earnest and sincere worker, but she certainly believes in recreation, and we don ' t blame her. Her extraordinary ability in sewing cannot be equaled. Perhaps sometime her skill in this re- spect will find application, one can never tell. Hockey, Tennis, Hiking, Crew. HELEN LOUISE HOSMER S Devens Street Concord, Mass. " I ' ll smile, while the rest of the world goes by. " Helen feels deeply the brevity of this life, and so, she argues, why worry about a little thing like discipline? Jovial and happy-go- lucky, she treads her way day in and day out from Depot Square to Normal School, for Helen is a commuter. Worry, they say, shortens one ' s life. In this case, we expect Helen to rival Methuselah in age. MYRTLE IRENE HOWE Main Street South Ashburnham, Mass. " Not bold, nor shy, nor short, nor tall, But a new mingling of them all. " Irene ' s pleasant smile and her quiet, unassuming manner have been a source of pleasure to us for two years. We wish it might be two hundred more. However, if you ' re very anxious to find her, look for Harriet, and she ' ll be near. Irene is one who surely needs no coaching in ethics. Her courtesy is a mark of her thoughtfulness for others. Also, we understand that Technology news finds a short and sure route to Irene. She is noted for her specs, and her willingness to miss a train in order to go to the movies. jQ Fitchburg Normal 2 52 ffiie Saxifrage DOROTHY MARCELLA HUGHES 29 Warren Avenue Waltham, Mass. " Laugh and the world laughs with you. " " Hi, there, old kid, " " That ' s interesting, " and such greetings and comment, ringing down the alley of Palmer Hall second floor and often elsewhere, invariably herald the approach or announce the presence of Dot Hughes. These seem to be expressions that are particularly her own. At least, no one else can successfully imitate her. A friendlier, more cheerful girl than Dot, we have never seen. She has a " Hi there " for everyone. There is nothing insincere about Dot ' s friendliness. And is she accomplished? If you haven ' t seen her work in Miss Lamprey ' s class, you ' ve missed a treat. Artistic is her middle name. And what ' s more, she is always ready to share her talent for social benefit. Nine rahs for Dot Hughes, and make them strong! Hiking, Glee Club. MARIAN THELMA JEWETT 10 Blossom Street Leominster, Mass. " A demure but yet a merry maid. " Marian is one of our leading hikers. She is an excellent example of the proverb, " While you work, work; while you play, play. " When it comes to reviewing English literature, Marian leads the class. Her knowledge of authors and their family troubles cannot be equalled within the school. Incidentally, her favorite author is Van Dyke. Marian is a great outdoor fan, and one will find her during her spare moments enjoying tennis, hiking or winter sports. Marian hails from Leominster and is one of the most popular girls of our class. Girls ' Glee Club, G. A. A., Hiking, Tennis. AGNES BEATRICE JOYCE 72 Linden Street New Bedford, Mass. " Happy art thou as if every day thou hadst picked up a horseshoe. " The wind blew hard from the southwest, and a bright cloud appeared in the sky. When it had vanished, we looked — behold, here was Ag reflecting all the brightness of that cloud. That was nearly two years ago, and since then she had made a host of friends, and has had more interesting experiences than the rest of us. When Ag starts out in search of something, she chooses a location which will render her the best results, much to the dismay of the junior class. On the whole, Ag is a good all-round sport, and we hate to lose her. Glee Club, Dramatics, Hiking. jQ Fitchburg Normal 2 53 ' i The Saxifrage RICHARD LEO KENNEDY 124 Dorchester Street Worcester, Mass. " Come to my wedding; it will be soon! " Yea — Yea — Dick Kennedy ! Who hasn ' t heard this cheer at any one of our basketball frames? Dick is one of the best basketball players that ever represented Normal, and all of us will long re- member his wonderful playing. His uncanny ability to hoop them in was a big factor in helping us to defeat some of the best college teams. We expect to hear about more of his work on the basket- ball court in the future. Dick does not spend all his spare time playing basketball but can be seen almost any afternoon after school, strolling down Rindge Road with one of the fair sex. It is expected that a great event will take place soon. Don ' t forget to invite us all, Dick. We hear that Dick has had an offer to teach in Waltham and has decided to accept. The class of ' 24 wish you success. Let ' s hear about it. Gaveleer, Glee Club. Basket Ball ' 22. Captain of Basket Ball ' 23, Basket Ball ' 24, Baseball ' 22, Football ' 23, Dramatics. GLADYS KEAN Wanoosnoc Road Fitchburg, Mass. " For she was just the qmet kind, Whose nature never varies. " Between classes Gladys spends most of the time watching her mail box. We certainly agree with Gladys in advocating the improvement of U. S. mail service between Peoria and Fitchburg. Gladys is ex- tremely well liked both by her instructors and her classmates for her unfailing good humor and her unassuming manner. She was a mem- ber of the executive committee of the Student Government Board during our junior year and served us well. 20o Water Street JAMES ANDREW KIELTY ' Nothing to do till tomorrow. " Fitchburg, Mass. Here is the only real bachelor of the class. Jim is certainly great at tin-whacking, and when it comes to the girls, he is great — in keeping away from them. Kielty also believes in keeping away from some old men, especially Old Man Grouch. We have never known Jim to be of a grouchy disposition. While engaged in the tin- whacking trade, Jim traveled the country o ' er. Ask him about the time when it was 35 degrees below up on Moosehead Lake. No matter how Father Time may deal with us in the years to come, we shall always be happy in the thought that we have known Jim Kieltv. |Q Fitchbur g Normal 2 54 T he Saxifrage JULIA ANNA KEEFE 23 West Street Hadley, Mass. " Her worth is warrant for her welcome. Jule breezed in from Hadley two years ago with all that city ' s pep, and has faithfully applied herself to her studies since that time. Not that she lost weight from overstudy or allowed good times to pass by, but she enjoyed the happy faculty of combining pleasure with work, a characteristic we all envy. As a future teacher, Jule is assured of success, if her training period is any criterion, and we hope that nothing but happiness and enjoyment will be her lot in the teaching profession. CECELIA WINIFRED KILLELEA 19 Hawes Street Leominster, Mass. " The world is a comedy to those who think. " Cel is one of the ever-present (?) Leominster quartet. There are Mary, Elizabeth, Win, and Celia. Where one can be found, the other three are easily found, too. Although Cel seems to be the very quietest member of the group, we have a queer feeling that Cel does her cutting up nearer Leominster than Fitchburg. Or — ssh — maybe in Clinton. From the evidence given to us by our Clintonians, we think Clinton wouldn ' t be such a bad place in which to cut up. We know Cel agrees with us this time. In her quiet way Celia made quite an impression on our faculty. They quickly recognized her genius, and although her recitations were few and far between, they were very intelligent and clear cut. Celia has a quiet straightfor- wardness about her, and one feels that her friendship would be a lasting and valuable asset. She is a girl of high ideals and determi- nation, which will lead her steadily up the ladder of success. RALPH MAURICE KILLELEA 352 Mill Street Leominster, Mass. " If there is anything you wish to know, ask me. " Ralph is another of our popular commuters who braves the ups and downs of the F. L. to reach school. He is frequently found consoling and advising some younger and less-experienced member of the P. A. department who has committed some misdeed. For this alone he has been worth his weight in gold to his classmates, and many have indeed profited by his kindly tips. But this isn ' t all. Ra ' ph has taken a great deal of interest in all school activities and has always responded when called upon to help. As President of Section I, P. A., he has shown himself a born leader. We were not a bit surprised when he acted to perfection the part of Jasper in " Nathan Hale, " the Gaveleers ' play. A happy future to you, old friend. President Section I, P. A., Gaveleers, Class Treasurer ' 22, ' 23. Dramatics, Glee Club, Ex-Service Men ' s Club, Debating. jQ Fitchburg Normal 2 J wD " 55 Q " he Saxifrage CPIARLES JOSEPH KILPATRICK 14 Norwood Street Fitchburg, Mass. " Wise is the man who knows when and how to talk. " Charlie is the " class " of the school. He always looks as if he had just come out of the bandbox. We wonder what he does in his spare time, but have not been able to find out. Is it a woman, Charlie? He has a wonderful smile, which goes very well with his gold teeth. Charlie hails from West Fitchburg and is a credit to the village. He is a steady patron of the F. L. His hobby is any- thing military and he will talk about the army to anyone, at any time, in any place, and he always comes away smiling. Charlie is a willing worker but is not socially inclined; therefore we have not seen much of him at any of our parties. Men ' s Club, Year Book Committee. Littleton Street HELEN MAE KIMBALL " She is of a gentle nature. " Westford, Mass. Need you ask why? Just come into one of our class rooms, and your answer will be given. Her voice and her smile are never to be forgotten. Aside from that, Helen has a personality that makes an impression. She is a friend worth knowing. " Friendship which makes the least noise is often the most useful. " Senior I-B will vouch for that. We all send our best wishes with Helen, and hope that she will connect with fortune in the future. Hiking, Glee Club, Tennis. 27 Highland Street JOHN MICHAEL KING ' Be ye not contradictory. " Marboro, Mass. John is another member of the famous Marlboro Trio. John ' s specialties are arguing and novelty dancing. At the Valentine party John came out second best in the Novelty Dance, but he has never been known to come out second best in an argument. He surely is the " most argufying person " among us. It was this talent that most admirably fitted him for managing the basket ball team, as he did so successfully last year. When it came to arranging terms with oppo- nents, John was unique. To him goes a share of the honor for the successful basket ball season of that year. For John we can pre- dict bountiful success in the years to come, and we, in parting, wish him much happiness and prosperity. Glee Club, Basket Ball Manager, Debating. jQ Fitchburg Normal 2 56 he Saxifrage MILDRED FRANCES KING 2S Fairmount Street Clinton, Mass. " Ever loyal, ever true, To the task she has to do. " Mildred has so many good points that we don ' t know where to begin. She is one of those rare students whose greatest pleasure is in getting her lessons well done. She always finds what she seeks in knowledge. Mildred is always happy and keeps her classes in a cheerful mood. We all like her and unite in wishing her the best of luck as a teacher. G. A. A., Hike Leader. KATHERINE MARY KINSLEY West Acton, Mass. " An egg without a shell, Is like a person without a character. " When Kitty made this statement on the train one morning, no one gave it much thought, but since then we ' ve been wondering just what she meant. Now that slam must have been for someone. Kitty does love to be original — she is that unusual type. One thing Kitty in- sists that people have and cultivate is a strong character. She has no respect for a person with a weak character. So everyone inclined thereby, brace up! She claims good reading will help immensely, but she insists that one must put into practice what he reads. One in- terest she has had this year is basket ball. She has taken great de- light in frequenting the " gym " many afternoons this past winter. Kitty is a good sport and friend. Once you gain her friendship it is lasting, ave, forever. Basket Ball, Girls ' A. A., Glee Club ' 23. STANLEY KRUSZNA R. F. D. No. 1 Adams, Mass. " The foundations of man are not in matter, but in spirit. " Early in September, the town of Adams again sent us one of its promising citizens in the person of Stan. Shy and retiring at first, he has since proved his worth, and is listed high in the order of good fel- lows at Fitchburg Normal. When, in the fall of 1923, the football team was reorganized, Stan was chosen to manage the team, and under his leadership success was inevitable. However, the notoriety afforded by the gridiron attracted the attentions of the fair sex to him, and Stan became susceptible to the charms of one of our juniors. This state of affairs is only as it should be; for do not the ' brave deserve the fair? Stan is to remain at Fitchburg Normal for another year, and the school and especiallv Senior I expect much from him. Glee Club, Football. jQ Fitchburg Normal 2 57 The Saxifrage STELLA MARIE LAMSON 27 Silver Lake Street Athol, Mass. " To be gentle is the test of a lady. " To speak anything but good of Stella Lamson would be utmost folly. No matter what we would say, Stella ' s personality would dis- prove it. Stella is one of our girls who are quiet in voice and manner but always full of pep. Stell has been faithful in both work and play. Her friends consider her a jolly girl. We all can count our- selves lucky to be numbered in this group. The future holds great blessings for Stella. Tennis, Hiking. MARY ETHEL LARSON 163 Cedar Street " Her voice was ever soft, gentle, and An excellent thing in a woman. " Fitchburg, Mass. ■ow, Mary is one of our dearest girls. " To know her is to love her, " and we all certainly do. Mary must accept our congratulations for having one of the pleasantest-speaking voices in the school. Athletics also have a strong appeal for Mary. She is one of our bright lights in tennis. Did you ever notice that there are some rare people who can put a great deal of spirit into everything they enter? Mary Lar- son is one of these unusual girls. No wonder she is popular ! Dramatics, Crew, Tennis, Bowling, Secretary Debating Council. ARTHUR LEROY LELAND 48 Davis Street Northboro, Mass. " Persistence will accomplish miracles. " When given a duty to perform, Spats has accomplished it with expedition and efficiency. The Gaveleers ' banner is a good example of this statement and will always stand as a memorial of his fine work- manship, and untiring effort. Spats has played guard on the basket- ball teams for the past two seasons and has demonstrated his ability on several occasions when points were needed to put Normal ahead. When a " good man " was needed to do some substitute teaching in Webster, Mass., Spats was selected to fill this position for the re- quired time. We are sure that the pupils under his guidance have profited as we have by association with him. Gaveleer, Glee Club, Basket ball ' 22, ' 23. jQ Fitchburg Normal 2 58 hc Saxifrage DOROTHY MARIE LEAHEY 164 Tisdale Street Leominster, Mass. " Just a little girl, most dear and taking. " Dot is an appealing little piece of bubbling mirth, and she has won the hearts of all who know her. Though small, size proves no handicap whatever, for she is a first rate student. Evidently, how- ever, Dot ' s studies do not claim all her attention for — " Oh ! I had the most wonderful time last night, " is the invariable report to her more intimate chums on certain mornings. Continue as you are, Dot, and friends will be yours in abundance. AGNES PATRICIA LEAHY " Pass her not who seems a saint. Lunenburg, Mass. Aggie may look quiet and saintlike, but looks will always be de- ceiving as far as she is concerned. She believes that, well, since we must, perhaps we ' d better journey toward the library and study. When it comes to nature study and art, Aggie shines; but then, why shouldn ' t she, since she lives in the wilds of Massapoag, where the birds and flowers make beautiful the countryside? Rumor tells us that " Grange " is a wild place for her, but if Aggie can manage her- self as well as she can manage her Ford, we ' ll never fear. PAUL HARDY LESLIE 273 Main Street Amesbury, Mass. " Were there no women, men would live like gods. " Woman hater ! Heavens, where have we heard these words be- fore? Not very often, for there are but few of these men in every generation. The Normal School is proud to say that it has one of these rare specimens in the person of Doc Leslie. Afl=r being in school several months, he changed his ideas on the subjec somewhat upon hearing a certain young lady sing " Hanging Apples n a Lilac Tree. " He still maintains, however, that his trusty gun a id dog are his best friends. Doc ' s fame as a debater is very w?U known throughout the school. He first burst into fame when he aebated on the subject of women. Doc has taught manual training every Friday for the past year in Boylston, and has shown that he is veil quali- fied for the job of teaching. Good luck to you, Doc, and don ' t forget to let us know if you change your mind about the women ! Gaveleer, Debating, Glee Club. jQ Fitchburg Normal 2 J 59 hc Saxifrage EDLA MARY JANET LEVALLEY Ashbv West Road Fitchburg, Mass. " High flights she had and wit at will, And so her tongue lay seldom still. " Ed is a very industrious girl as well as conscientious. Never was it known of her to leave anything unfinished. We are ever under her watchful eye as monitor. For all of her fine qualities, she loves fun and enjoys nothing more than filling up her car and taking a crowd out to her home in the country for a look at the moon and apple- blossoms in July. We understand that " Sherbrooke " has an attrac- tion for her. We are wondering if it is not Sir Howard. When you hear a funny laugh and a great deal of noise, you may know it comes from Edla and the other members of the sextet. DAISY ISABEL LEARNED 144 Green Street Gardner, Mass. " Thoughtless of beauty, she was Beauty ' s self. " Fun-loving, pretty and sweet is Dizzy, as she is usually called, and such indeed is apt to be the condition after tasting a bit of Daisy ' s coquettish companionship. For in this art she unconsciously excels to the detriment of many, and the exultation of one to whom she is most faithful. Daisy is one of the illuminating factors in Senior I, never failing with her ready knowledge on almost any subject, prov- ing that she can be serious. However, where Fun reigns, Daisy dances attendance. She will be an endless source of interest and de- light to her pupils, as long as the profession can hold so lovable a disposition. MARGARET MARY LUCEY 104 State Street Northampton, Mass. " To see her is to love her, And love but her forever; For nature made her what she is, And never made another. " Peg or Peggy is one of our most popular girls. She possesses that indefinable charm which makes you feel that you have known her all your life. She is in every sense a good sport and is always gam e for a good time. Apparently she is carefree and oblivious to the more serious things of life, but behind those wide, intelligent eyes we know there is a large supply of gray matter. This, most people discovered at the Senior I debate. If her success in this undertaking may be considered prophetic, she is destined to do much with her " silver tongue. " With this example before us, who will say that beauty and brains don ' t mix? We all wish Peg every success in her future career, which we are sure will be attended by all the goddesses of fortune, especially by one who has been Peg ' s guardian angel during most of her Normal days, one whom we all affectionately know as essentially Peg ' s " Brownie. " G. A. A., Debating, Saxifrage Board, Hockey, Class Ring Committee. 0 ' 9 tchbur R Norma] ? he Saxifrage RUTH EDNA LYNCH 5 South Street Shirley, Mass. " True to your word, your ii-ork, your friends. " Isn ' t it strange how some people are always on time, rain or shine? Ruth has a remarkable record in both attendance and recita- tions (especially the socialized ones) . She has a personality which is rare, and she is a friend who is rarest of all. Senior I is very for- tunate in having such a member in its class. MILDRED JANET MAHER 26 Columbus Avenue Holyoke, Mass. " Never idle a moment, but thrifty and thoughtful of others. " Mildred is the type of student who does her work thoroughly and faithfully at all times. She has, moreover, a certain amount of pluck which dominates her whole character. Besides being a good student, Milly is a good sportsman. One but needs to see her perform on the ice to be convinced of this. In the fall, Milly ' s interest centered around hiking, and since she had hiked the required two hundred miles she is now the happy possessor of an F. N. S. monogram. G. A. A., Glee Club, Dramatics. BRUCE McLEAN 167 Summer Street Fitchburg, Mass. " Hold the fort; I ' m coming. " As a debater Mac surely has demonstrated that he possesses an uncanny ability of picking apart his opponents ' arguments and also making his own so logical that they are like the proverbial " sour grapes; " they can ' t be touched. By his enrollment in our class we gained a conscientious and hard working student, as is shown by the high rank he attained in all his classes. During the past year he has taught night school in Leominster. Of late we have noticed a far- away look in Mac ' s eyes, and we often hear him advertising the beauties of California. Yes, Mac, it ' s tough luck, but cheer up, there are schools in California. Debating, Gaveleer, Glee Club. |Q Fitchburg Normal 2 J ffiie Saxifrage ELLEN JULIA MANNIX 1564 Commonwealth Avenue Brighton, Mass. " Talent is something, but tact is everything. " Once upon a time Miller Hall was quiet — but that was before Ellen breezed in. With Catherine and Mary, she helps to form a trio that cannot be surpassed for noise, fun, and laughter. Many a time Suite E has been the rendezvous for the more daring Seniors who wished to have a little amusement before retiring. The leading agri- culturists of the country are anxiously awaiting the publication of Ellen ' s new book entitled " The Chick-en Industry, or a Comparative Study of Leominster ' s Transportation Facilities. " Ellen will long be remembered for her class lunches, as well as for her sunny disposi- tion. We have found a true friend in her. Manager of Girls ' Basketball Team, Hiking. GERTRUDE ANGELA MARLBOROUGH 446 Fairmount Street Fitchburg, Mass. " She ' s witty to talk with, and pretty to walk with, and pleasant, too, to think of. " Think of all the pleasant things you would admire in a person, and then add plenty of " pep " and you have our Gert. She sits, and thinks, and thinks, and out of it come her marks, which she has cause to be proud of. She was ever one of the " Locker Room Squad " and enjoyed its vast educational advantages? We would never have imagined when first we saw Gert in a drawing class that so great a mastery would have been evolved there, but today gaze on our noted art critic and past master on " Calendars and Borders. " T he Class of ' 24 has one gift to bequeath Gert, and that is Luck. The best of it — and — keep that school-girl complexion ( ? ) . G. A. A., Glee Club, Dramatic Club. MARION PATRICIA MARLOWE 51 Summer Street Northampton, Mass. " To those who know thee not No words can paint, And those who know thee Know all words are faint. " When we encounter Marion, we first notice her eyes. Then our glance — not a casual one, wanders upward and takes in a magnificent bob. Thoroughly aroused, we take a general survey and find Marion exotically attractive. Marion ' s inexhaustible enthusiasm has never been excelled, for whatever she does is done whole-heartedly, whether it be jazzing a piece on the piano or playing left back on the hockey field. As for her dancing, we refer you to . Whenever you see a flash of color, a new styled hat or gown, you will know Marion is present. G. A. A., Student Council, Dormitory Fire Chief, Saxifrage Board, Hockey Team. jQ Fitchburg Normal 2 62 T he Saxifrage CHARLES EUGENE MATTE 37 Washington Street Worcester, Mass. " Life is real, life is earnest. " Two years ago Worcester Trade School lost by graduation a brown-eyed youth, known as Charlie Matte. Their loss, however, was our gain because he immediately enrolled in our class, and he has often shown his real worth in various departments in school. We might say here that as a blackboard artist Charlie has no equal. He also shows great skill on the tennis court. We find it very hard to account for the shortcomings of some of our classmates, but after a goodly amount of detective work we have discovered that Charlie ' s reason for playing bachelor in school lives in Worcester. If you see a fellow with a wide smile and a Valentino haircut, you will know it is Charlie. Gaveleer, Glee Club. JOHN THOMAS McNALLY 169 Summer Street Fitchburg, Mass. " A boy with a curl always catches a girl. " " Qh ! Isn ' t he just grand in that uniform? " Such has been the remark made by the girls every time they have seen our Johnny in his baseball uniform. Johnny is another product of Fitchburg who has graced our halls for the past two years. As pitcher on the base- ball team Mac has no equal, while as quarterback on the football team he is a star of the first magnitude. But on the dance floor — that is where Mac ' shines. Johnny has always been strong for the girls. We have heard him make the remark that he hopes to teach in Monson. We wonder why. Johnny is well liked, and if we all had sunny dispositions like his, this world certainly would be a better place to live in. Baseball, Football. WILLIAM THOMAS MORAN 19 Upsala Street Worcester, Mass. " The better we know him, the more we like him. " Bill, otherwise known as " Watson " , or the " Social Lion, " is one of the old timers at Normal. We know that the school and the students have benefited by personal contact with him. He is a firm believer in socials and attends all the dances and parties at school, as well as a few outside. Bill is also known as " Tramp " to some of his fellow students. His ability as a wood-finisher and interior decorator has been surpassed by none at Normal. For verification of this statement, take a trip to Palmer Hall dining room and see the two scenes painted in oil colors by Bill and another P. A. man. Gaveleer, Dance Committees, Dramatics, Glee Club, Saxifrage Board. |Q Fitchburg Normal 2_4. 63 ■ ' The Saxifrage BEATRICE THERESA MARTIN " Practice makes perfect. " Athol, Mass. Bee came to us late, but " better late than never. " She is a very studious young lady, and never has she failed to volunteer in classes. One of Bee ' s hobbies is the great out-of-doors. She is an all-around good sport. She not only skiis, but she skates and plays tennis equally well. As an entertainer Bee has proved herself always to be a ready and willing one both in dramatics and in rendering vocal selections. As a teacher we are sure that she will be successful. Hiking, Tennis, Dramatic Club, Girls ' Glee Club. RUTH MADELINE McCANN AO Priest Street Leominster, Mass. " Hang sorrow, care will kill a cat, So therefore let ' s be merry. " Ruth is one of the happiest members of our class, who finds the fun in Normal as well as the work. She is always merry, and greets all tasks, as well as friends, with a pleasant smile. It is rumored that she, too, is a practitioner of the burning of midnight oil, espe- cially when a representative from P. A. finds the way to Leominster. She is a great friend of Peggy ' s and where one is, so will the other be also. MARY STEPHANY McCARTHY 39 Beech Street Fitchburg, Mass. " Mildest manners and the gentlest heart. " Mary entered Normal with about as much noise as usually at- tends her, which isn ' t saying much. This quietness of hers, however, detracts nothing from her lovableness. Mary is just the one to impart knowledge to the little ones under her charge. We will guarantee that they will know something when she finishes instructing them. Outside of school, Mary has a weakness for movies. We doubt if one show has escaped her observation. Glee Club, G. A. A., Dramatics. jQ Fitchbiiro Normal 24 V 37 CA ■I- . he Saxifrage IRENE ELLA McCOLLESTER 16 Nashua Street Ayer, Mass. " Soft, slow tongue, true mark of modesty. " This young lady hails from Ayer and courageously makes the trip to Fitchburg every day. Ayer is a place of many wonders, of rail- road junctions, and military encampments. We think that Irene must have absorbed some of the military atmosphere, judging from her discipline in training. That was in the days when she won fame as a co-trainer with " Kate. " In school and out, Irene is noted for her soft, well-modulated voice, and for her proficiency in carrying out all assignments. I ■ ■ ■ } - BARBARA SUSAN McGEE 195 Heywood Street Fitchburg, Mass. " As happy as the day is long. " Although " Barb " is one of our smallest classmates, she is not the least inactive, but on the contrary, she possesses a peculiar talent of being effective in whatever she says or does. Many times she has startled her teachers with her convincing, clear-cut, forceful manner of expression. Often we think Barbara missed her vocation, for her work above the footlights is phenomenal. Perhaps it is her modesty that keeps her name off the electric signboards, or maybe it is be- cause — June comes every year. " Barb " is sure to make her name in the teaching profession, for her rare personality and good nature will undoubtedly bring her to her cherished ideals, where she may look back with fond recollection to the school that helped her to realize them. Dramatics ' 22, ' 23, Class Play Committee. ALICE MARION McINERNY 25 Congress Street Fitchburg, Mass. " My talent runs in many directions. " Alice suddenly took a liking for winter sports this year. The reason — well, of course, we don ' t know anything about it, but we heard that it has a definite connection with her interest in Holy Cross College. Furthermore, it has been rumored that she spent her February vacation embroidering. She is unusually clever with her needle, and we find her equally talented in painting, music, and design. Alice earned the coveted monogram for hiking last fall. I |Q Fitchburg Normal 2 XJ 65 ' The Saxifrage MARGARET KATHLEEN MEEGAN 34 Lunenburg Street Fitchburg, Mass. " She ' s little, bid she ' s wise; She ' s a terror for her size. " All, faculty and students alike, know this little maid who always chooses a dramatic moment for entering a class, coming in with a smile just as her name is read in the roll. After she once gets in, she is the center of attraction. The instructors ' eyes often stray and sometimes linger in her direction, for sad to relate, Margaret does not believe that whispering is a sin. In spite of all this, Margaret is a very capable girl. On Saturday afternoons we often find her work- ing in Miss Goodfellow ' s office. She was- a successful teacher this fall in Edgerly, securing one of the coveted A ' s. Even though she is a bit short, she is unusually quick and has an excellent and ac- curate eye for " baskets. " She plays a forward position and is ad- mired for her all around sportsmanship. Her jolly spirit and happy disposition have endeared her to all. Basket Ball (Senior) (Varsity), Hiking. ESTHER BERNICE MILLER 160 Mt. Vernon Street " A modest manner fits a maid. " Fitchburg, Mass. Esther is one of our quietest and prettiest members. During her training in the Junior High School, she endeared herself to both teachers and students. Our knowledge of Esther is rather vague be- cause we see her so seldom. However, with Esther ' s personality and winning ways, we ' re sure to hear great things of her in the future. Goodby and good luck from ' 24, Esther. KATHERINE RITA MILLER Champrey Street Groton, Mass. " Wisdom excelleth folly, as far as light excelleth darkness. " The above quotation suits Katherine to the nth degree. She is one of our quiet members, though we hear she stirs up things a bit in her home town. She has always given an excellent account of her- self in her classroom work. It makes no difference what the desired information is; if Katherine hasn ' t it, it isn ' t. We hear she is some danseuse and some day expects to be Valentino ' s partner. In spite of her professional attitude, she is a jolly good girl, and the field of education will take large strides forward when she enters its ranks. May success crown her every effort. j Q Fitchbur o Normal ? ( Yc 66 The Saxifrage ELIZABETH HELEN MORAN 8 Nashua Street Fitchburg, Mass. " Come day, go day, God send Sunday. " Books, schools, teachers — whoever invented them, anyway? Not that Elizabeth is sick of living — oh, no ! Knowing, as she does, all the popular jazz orchestras, and being a hearty supporter of them, is enough to convince us that, if it weren ' t for school, life wouldn ' t be so tedious after all. She was the first one to teach Junior 6 that a good bluffer has as much chance as our studious companions. When Elizabeth was a Junior, she preferred a ride in a truck to a lesson in classroom management, but now a blue machine and someone from Lunenburg occupy her time. Nevertheless, we can classify her as a diligent student, and a conscientious one when difficult words com- mand her attention. , 4X 4 i ' • W WXBk r- Wf , v H mk- i | » M M 1 HAZEL IRENE MUDGETT 171 South Street Fitchburg, Mass. " These violent delights have violent ends, And in their triumph die. " We believe the above quotation must be Hazel ' s own, for never have we known anyone so calm, collected, and serene at all times. Her work is done steadily and easily, and her pleasures are enjoyed in the same quiet, casual way. Hazel has a very quieting influence on the rest of the sextet. However, she does love to dance, and dance she does — often and well. We notice that her boy friend (s) surely stick, and we ' re betting that Hazel isn ' t always calm when she ' s away from us. She will be here for the advanced course, and here ' s to a future history professoress ! LORETTA FLORENCE MULLIN 3 Summit Street Maynard, Mass. " A good friend is one ' s best possession. " Surely we cannot find a truer or better friend in our whole class than Ret. She has more than once, with her always prepared les- sons and papers, been a friend in need to many of us. Her heart is like that which we see on Valentine ' s Day, large, open and ever ready. She has held many important offices for the class and has never failed us once. One of her most important offices was that of undertaker at Palmer Hall. All dead rats and mice are assured of a happy burial through her services. We should like to say more about Ret, but space does not permit. She is one girl we ' ll never forget. Glee Club, G. A. A., Hockey, H ike Leader, Tennis, Day Student Council ' 23, Editor Normalite, Saxifrage Board. Cj Fitchburg Normal 2 67 ffiie Saxifrage ANNA ROSE MURPHY 34 Cotton Street Leominster, Mass. " In everything we plan or do, Murph ' s a good sport thru ' and thru ' . " Whenever a question arises in Senior I, it is always debatable if Anna Rose is around. There is never a dull moment in society when she is near, and her liveliness and buoyancy are a sure cure for the blues. What would the Leominster crowd be without Murph? As Treasurer of the G. A. A., Murph was a great success. In one day ' s time, Senior I went over the top in the dues campaign, and was still going strong, under the leadership of this capable young person. Her efforts on the hockey field and on the basketball team will be re- membered even when miles divide us. If Murph is as popular as a teacher as she has been at F. N. S., her success will be unlimited. Treasurer G. A. A., Hiking, Hockey, Basket Ball, Glee Club, Day Student Council, Debating Council, Year Book, Dramatic Club. FLORENCE ESTELLE MURPHY 64 Winsor Street New Bedford, Mass. " As welcome as the spring day morn. " Who would ever guess to look on Murph in her sober moments that such a fun-loving, happy-go-lucky spirit could spring from that same person ? She is to those who know her best, a merry-hearted, hail-fellow-well-met, and the best pal going. We wouldn ' t change you for worlds, Murph. We like you as you are. Our curiosity has been aroused when we have considered her innumerable admirers, but we are forced to admit she has been congenial to them all — all but Wardy, and she reigns supreme. Hiking. MARY PAULINE MURRAY 472 Fairmount Street Fitchburg, Mass. " Some that smile have in their hearts, I fear, millions of mischief. " If you wish to meet someone who is really sunny tempered and happy-go-lucky, take a look at Mair. She has the prettiest hair, the sweetest smile and the naughtiest eyes. But beware, for beneath this happy exterior, we find in her that depth of character seldom en- countered, which has as its basis deep sincerity. Mair is a good scholar, but outside of school, skating, skiing, movies, and dancing claim her attention. She can sing too, and was always present at Glee Club. We hate to lose Mair, but we know she is going to do great things; so we are consoled. Glee Club, G. A. A., Dramatics. |Q Fitchburg Normal 68 The Saxifrage 34 Garnet Street HELEN MARIE MUZZEY ' 1 am a child of moods. " Fitchburg, Mass Helen is small, so it is hard for us to believe that she can accom- plish all that she does. However, nothing is impossible for those who persist, and Helen is certainly of the " never give in " type. She is a Jack-of-all-trades. Music, handwork, sewing, art, all respond equally well to her touch. She has tried her fate in dramatics, too, which resulted in a marked success. How do you manage it, little one? We believe that Helen pricks up her ears at the mention of Harvard though she will admit nothing. EDWIN ALBERT NELSON 62 Goddard Street Fitchburg, Mass. " A smile for each, a friend to all. " During Eddie ' s career at Normal, he has proved to be a student of great ability, as well as a popular man among his fellow students. This was shown by his election to the presidency of the Gaveleers ' Society and to other offices to which he has given faithful service during the past school year. As a debater he is a rival of Webster, and we predict that he will some day be speaking in Congress. During the hunting season, he often proved himself an able sportsman by bringing home the limit on birds after a venture in the woods. We usually miss Eddie over the week-end, but he explains his absence by declaring that the chair city has many attractions. As a school-mate there is none superior to him, and we will always remember him as a gentleman, a scholar and a friend. President of Gaveleers ' 24; Editor of Saxifrage ' 24; Treasurer Debating Council ' 24; Dramatics; Debating; Football; Glee C lub. JULIA FRANCES O ' BRIEN 106 Jones Street Fall River, Mass. " Good humor is the health of the soul. " Jule — What a wealth of meaning is conveyed in four letters! First of all they mean good nature and wit, which Jule possesses in abundance. The hosts of people who are proud to call her friend cannot remember a dull moment when Jule was around. Next they stand for pep, and plenty of it. Who is there among us who does not remember her skilful playing on the 1923 Hockey team? Through her untiring efforts, the basket ball teams of 1923 and 1924 came out of many a conflict victorious. Last, but by no means least, they stand for ability and popularity. Jule ' s ability for leadership was recognized when she was elected President of Student Government, one of the most important positions a " Dorm " girl can hold. It is with deep regret that we part ' with Jule, but we feel confident that with her characteristics, good fortune will follow wherever she leads. Hiking, Hockey 1923, Basket Ball 1923-1924, Vice-President of Palmer Hall 1923, President Student Government 1924. XS Cj Fitchbur g Normal £ 69 ffiie Saxifrage 148 Oak Street RUTH HARRIET O ' CONNELL Gardner Mass. " By her blushes you shall know her: On the first day of school, when we met Rufus in the lobby, we added her almost spontaneously to our list of friends. Her smile is contagious — and her blushes — need we say more? They would put to shame many a Pompeian advertisement. No matter what the weather, she has continued to commute to and from the school on the hill. Snow and rain have failed to serve as barriers between this merry person and her profession. Always good-natured and cheerful, her pleasing personality will be a welcome addition to any commu- nity. We trust that in the future Rufus will be loved by her pupils as she has been by her classmates at F. N. S. G. A. A., Glee Club. THOMAS MATTHEW O ' HORO 13 Fulton Street Fitchburg, Mass. " A gay, serene spirit is the source of all good. " " Who is the cute one with the curly red hair over there with all the girls? " " Oh! That ' s Tom O ' Horo. Everybody knows him. Ask any member of the Faculty! " It isn ' t safe to get into an argument with Tom, because he ' s always determined to have the last word. However, Tom has taken part in all of our school activities and has proved himself a good sport. We feel sure that Spike will make a success of his profession because he is the stamp of an old, stern New England school master. Still one couldn ' t find a more trustworthy and willing friend than Tom. Dramatics, Gaveleers, Football ' 23, Basket Ball Squad. MARTHA INGEBORG OHRBOM 319 Elm Street Fitchburg, Mass. " Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow. " Martha is a very busy girl, for an ardent lover of Bobs and studies is she. However, she manages to keep very good natured. She has one terrible trial in life, that of being called " O-Bum. " Her friends all disapprove of this title, for she is known to be an ideal sport, ready for fun, though ever mindful of her duties. She is never known to go out evenings, nor to have company week-ends. We understand that Martha ' s trouble in regard to her name is only temporary, as the most popular name today, which is spelled with four letters and very easily pronounced, will sometime be the sub- stitute. Martha, we guess, will hitch her horse to a F.O.R.D. |Q Fitchburg Normal 2 70 Tine Saxifrage AUSTIN JOSEPH O ' TOOLE 23 Coachlace Street Clinton, Mass. " Friends he has many; Foes; has he any? " " Beansy " has been a sincere friend to all of us, and unanimously we return the compliment. The footlights seem to have a strange fascination for him, and sometimes we wonder how he happens to be with . us at all, feeling sure that John Barrymore would resign immediately after meeting our Normal " star. " It seems you ' ve been having deep thoughts lately, " Beansy. " What is the matter? Can it be love? Basket ball, baseball and football claimed his services during each respective season, and we understand that J. H. S. claimed him for 13 short (?) weeks too. One need but hear the words, " But we didn ' t do it that way in Clinton " to know that " Beansy " is present. He has done much in organizing a Dramatic Club in school. Proclaimed Duke of Ashby, March 12, 1924. Treasurer Dramatic Club ' 23, President Dramatic Club ' 24, Basket Ball, Baseball ' 24, Finance Committee, Dramatics ' 2i, ' 24. MARY CATHERINE O ' TOOLE 123 Lawrence Street Clinton, Mass. " She is brimful of wit and rare accomplishments. " An extract from the year book of C. H. S., 1922: " Catherine ' s destination is normal school, and surely if her success as a teacher is measured by the high rank she has attained as a student in high school, our class of 1922 will be proud to claim her as a member. " And so has her success been measured ! We are all proud to claim her as a member of ' 24. Two years ago she stepped into our lobby, looked us over with complete satisfaction, and decided to stay. Ever since that time she has been absorbing the great rays of knowledge shed by our faculty. But unlike a sponge, Kitty insists on finding the cause for every effect. Her questions in classes are bound to lead the instructor into a lengthy and perfect explanation to prove his state- ments (occasionally lasting a whole period!). And though van- quished, she could argue still. Being an ever-reliable friend and gifted with a gay spirit that appeals to the masculine heart, Kitty is ever in demand. If in doubt, " See O ' Toole First. " G. A. A., Glee Club, Dramatics, Saxifrage Board. MARY ELIZABETH O ' TOOLE 415 Main Street Clinton, Mass. " Speak little but speak the truth. " Mary (better known as Mae) is a good friend and the kind of person who loves to pick romances to pieces, but that doesn ' t keep her from writing them. Mae is cynical and believes only in the prac- tical things of life (such as sleep, etc.) Yet when it comes to writing history stories, she is inclined to put in more of the sentiment she scoffs at, than history. " I wonder how many of you people think that children ought to attend movies? " If you heard Mae on the debating team, you would certainly be convinced that they should not. Mae is clever in everything she undertakes, and as a teacher she will be a success. Debating. JQ Fitchburg Normal 2 j , Zh Qlie Saxifrage DOROTHY LOUISE PARKER 41 Blossom Street Fitchburg, Mass. " Who mixed reason with pleasure and wisdom with mirth. " Dorothy is Senior I ' s. latest acquisition, coming to us in our senior year. And we are proud of her! Dignified, modest and un- assuming are the three adjectives most applicable to this friend. Her dignity and seriousness, however, are counter-balanced by just enough cheerfulness and humor to make her the best of sports. If Dorothy gains the confidence and love of her pupils as quickly as she has won the friendship and respect of all who know her in F. N. S., her suc- cess as a teacher is assured. EDNA MAY PAULSON 1113 Main Street Leominster, Mass. " The deeper the feeling, the less demonstrative will be the expression of it. " Unlike most of the Leominster-ites Edna is rather quiet. But we who know her well have found in her many fine qualities — among them, the possession of a golden voice. While Edna could never be termed verbose, we have discovered that when she talks she always " says " something. Among her interests, athletics seems to appeal to her most. Whatever she has attempted in this line, she has mastered admirably. The hockey team was proud to name her as one of its most excellent members. We always associated Edna with Hazel. They are as inseparable as the proverbial Darby and Joan. We feel assured that Edna ' s steadfastness and loyalty together with her un- usual talent will make her successful either in the teaching profession or as a rival to Geraldine Farrar. MARTHA PATRICIA PHILBIN 10? Front Street Clinton, Mass. " See how she laughs, and talks, and starts, Heaven bless the merry child. " Martha is a Clintonite. Everyone knows her by her grin. She keeps things humming in the class rooms, p. great undertaking. She certainly has originality, and appreciates a good joke. She is noted for her rippling, bubbling, gushing, roaring laugh, and her fondness for the " gang. " jQ Fitchburg Normal £ 72 ffiie Saxifrage MARGARET ELIZABETH PREVO 17 Second Street Leominster, Mass. " And I oft have heard defended, ' Littlest said is soonest mended ' . " Peggy is one of the few members of the Senior class who is a believer in the burning of midnight oil. We understand this is par- ticularly true when the " Sheik " visits Leominster. She is one of our quiet girls, who may always be seen wearing a smile. One of her accomplishments is the carving of steak, particularly when she is as- sisted by glances and kind words from a neighboring table. 55 Main Street ROBERT EMMETT QUIRK ' Music hath charms. ' ' Bondsville, Mass. No one ever heard of Bondsville until Bob decided to make it known to the world, as he did when he dropped off the train to our Normal School two years ago. Things have been humming since then — even his pleasing tenor voice which entertained us at many of our socials. Bob has three great interests in life — dramatics, singing, and girls. He believes in improving each shining hour, and does so from 6.30 to 7.30 just before " Gaveleer Rehearsals. " We could for- give him for this, if he would only change his brand — Helens being his favorite. While he has never been caught over-studying, he man- ages to accumulate good marks, and we feel confident he will make a success of life. We wish him all good luck. Glee Club, Dramatic Club, Gaveleers, Saxifrage Board. MARY JOSEPHINE RALEIGH 76 Ash Street Winchendon, Mass. " As a student she won much fame; Precisement is her middle name. " This quiet, unassuming damsel was a resident of Palmer Hall for two years. We were greatly impressed by her shyness and modesty as a junior. We were overwhelmed by her wonderful exhibitions of strength as a senior. Alice was her unlucky opponent. We won- dered if Minnie were a pupil of Earle Leideman. If Minnie is as popular as a teacher as she was with her " cherubs " at Day Street, she will be a great success in the teaching profession. " MqVjQ Fitchburo Normal 24 73 ffiie Saxifrage LUCIE EVELYN REYNOLDS West Townsend, Mass. " A pleasant word, a pleasing smile, Lucie is smiling all the ■while. " When Lucie received her diploma from Townsend High School, she placed her fate in the hands of F. N. S. It was a very lucky day for Junior I that brought this conscientious student to us. Many Waterloos were carried successfully by Lucie in the history class. We all were laboring under the impression that Lucie was the quiet, un- assuming type until we heard this: " One evening she entertained company (?) until the unearthly hour of 2 a. m. " How about it, Lucie? Lucie will long be remembered for her conscientious effort, her willingness to cooperate, and her pleasing smile. G. A. A., Glee Club. FRANCIS REGIS ROACHE 63 Juniper Street Winchendon, Mass. " It ' s right, because I said it was. " Fran tramped in from Winchendon a few years ago and has been with us ever since. He is such an unusual youth that we are at a loss to enumerate his accomplishments, so great are his faculties. Perhaps his outstanding characteristic is his frankness. What ' s in a name? Fran is always on hand at our social functions and is ever ready to help make them successful. Rumor has it that he has for- saken the bachelors and interested himself in one of the fairer sex. If so, we congratulate the lucky one. In athletics he has shown his skill and his classroom work shows much thought. He is specializing in history and geography. He is sure to have his ambitions realized, for his earnestness will create means of success, and his unselfishness is sure to carry him to the topmost pinnacle. Basket Ball Squad, Glee Club, Gaveleer. EVA SYBIL ROSENBERG 156 Summer Street Fitchburg, Mass. " Queen rose of the rosebud garden of girls. " This loquacious little person with her sparkling vivacity, her dancing brown eyes and trim little bob, has talked herself right into our hearts. Flashey is first and always noticed for her chic apparel and dainty manner. She is most generous with her natural heritage, especially in English Classes, where we enjoy fully her conversa- tional abilities. Wherever she goes, Eva ' s delightful petiteness will invite admiration ; her sincerity and cheerfulness will inspire friend- ship. |Q Fitchburg Normal £ j 74 hc Saxifrage FLORENCE ENEID ROSSITER 96 Orchard Street Chicopee, Mass. " Laughing cheerfulness throws the light of day on all the paths of life. " Frank, sincere, sweet, and attractive is this maiden of distinctly individual personality, whose curly locks and rosy cheeks are the envy of her classmates. In her own winsome way she has stolen into our hearts and found there a permanent home. Always ready and eager to lend a helping hand, Eneid has been indispensable at our many parties and activities. She is an apostle of the Muses and highly favored by them. Many times has she dispelled the anxiety of her less capable classmates with a deft stroke of the pencil or paint- brush. And we all must thank Eneid for starting our days with a heart full of song during the weeks of Miss Perry ' s absence. Her buoyant and bubbling spirit has chased away many a frown, and we have come to think of her as a loyal, generous friend. Saxifrage Board, Hiking, Tennis, Secretary S. G. A. FAYE LOUISE ROWLEY 47 Blossom Street Leominster, Mass. " Ever looking toward the future: We think that this quotation fits Faye admirably, for we under- stand that the poor postman ' s back is quite rounded as a result of carrying letters from " Bobby " to Faye. " There ' s no one like Bobby, " says Faye, dreamily, and she will probably try to get a position near Orange, N. J. But — I hear she is also interested in electricity — eh, Faye? She will probably live in just such an " electric house " as Buster Keaton ' s. We know Faye will be successful as a school teacher because of her experiences in teaching Sunday School Classes and in taking care of her sister ' s children. Faye is also a hockey player ! Glee Club, Hockey Team, Athletic Association. 87 Berlin Street BERTHA EMILY RUEGER ' Her quiet and unassuming manner Brings forth her pleasant ways. " Clinton, Mass. Although Bertha comes from Clinton, she isn ' t to blame for that. Bertha is so retiring that she almost succeeded in hiding her cleverness from us during our Junior year; but now that we know her better, we realize that Bertha possesses much knowledge. She is athletically inclined, being a member of our basket ball and hockey teams. We wonder how Bertha ever managed to stay in Fitchburg all winter, but then, there are week-ends. Basket Ball, Hockey, Hiking, Glee Club. jQ Fitchburg Normal 2 J 75 the Saxifrage PAUL CHESLEY ROCHE 422 Water Street Fitchburg, Mass. " Alan was not made to question, but adore. " Paul is that tall, dark gentleman with whom about 99 per cent of the Normal girls have fallen in love. Rocky is the premier athlete of our class, and as captain of the basketball team he has shown that he is a born leader, while on the baseball and football teams he has shown as great ability as any school-boy athlete. Paul ' s favorite pas- times are getting to school about 9.30 and losing his peg teeth. He made a wonderful electrician when paired up with Cap, especially in fixing electric flatirons. We often wonder where Rocky will settle down — in Clinton, Fitchburg, Fairhaven, Leominster, or Gardner. Where will it be, Paul? Basket Ball, Baseball, Football. 77 High Street EDITH WILDY SAULT " conscience is a still small voice, What a conscience she hath! " Orange, Mass. Somewhere, somehow, conscience should be a part of this lass ' s name, for she never swerves from what her conscience tells her to do. But if it is a fault to listen to that " still small voice, " would that more of us were so afflicted. Edith has loads of admirable qualities. She is clever, loyal to her friends, quiet, reserved, and dignified. Children are very fond of her, so we can vouch for her success as a teacher. There is just a bit of news concerning this quiet girl that has been puzzling us for a long time. She is planning, building and furnishing; a wee house for her project. Do you suppose there can be any connection between this house and a certain college? It is wise to be forehanded, Edith ! Hiking. TIMOTHY FRANCIS SHEEHAN 121 Day Street Fitchburg, Mass. " His limbs are cut in manly mold. " Here is Timmy, the strong man of the Normal School. He thinks nothing of breaking two-inch bars in half as though they were straws. Tim is another of Fitchburg ' s sons who have helped make the fame of Normal. He was one of the stars of the outfield on the baseball team, and at the same time he could be called upon to pitch a strong game whenever needed. Mr. Sheehan is known to all P. A. men as the shark of the Mechanical Drawing Room. Another pas- time of Tim ' s is the acquiring of black eyes from baseballs or fro m pianos. We wish you the best of luck, Timmy ! Baseball, Football. jQ Fitchburg Normal 2 J 76 Tlie Saxifrage ABBIE LAURETTA SCAXLOX 14 Morton Street Leominster, Mass. " And still they gazed and .still their wonder grew, That one small head could carry all she knew. " The Class of ' 24 considers itself lucky to have Abbie as one of its members. Abbie is what is known as " peppy. " Everything in which she has been interested has improved with her presence. Every min- ute of the day she is doing something and usually something worth while. Abbie dances and sings and is always ready for sports. As for energy, well, I should say so. She ' s energy personified. Both in and out of the schoolroom she is always on the job. With such dexterity, her classmates can anticipate nothing but success from her in the " garden of instruction. " Hockev, Tennis, Glee Club. EDITH SOPHIA SIGURDSOX 32 Pavson Street Fitchburg, Mass. " — and wondrous was her power of speech! " Edith always appals us with her intelligent use of the English language. The saying, " She must have swallowed a dictionary, " surely holds true with Edith. We are sure that she has left an un- mistakable influence in the classroom, which she left on March twenty-one. G. ' A. A. CLAYTON ALFRED STAFFORD 70 Pierce Street Greenfield, Mass. " Happy though married. " Clayt left us but a short time ago to accept a position as printing instructor in the Webster High and Continuation Schools. We were all sorry to have him leave us, but we are glad to know that he has such a good position. He well deserves this fort une, for he has been a willing and conscientious worker in everything. All of us will re- member him as ready to lend a helping hand whenever he could. If there was something to be done, Clayt was always there with his ready smile and helping hand, always working for the success of all school activities. We were all surprised and pleased to hear of his marriage to one of our classmates. Congratulations, Clayt — old man, and the best of success in everything which you undertake. Glee Club, Secretary-Treasurer, Gaveleers ' 23, Dramatics, Year Book Staff ' 2S, Vice-President Section I. jQ Fitchburg Normal £ _J v 77 Tlie Saxifrage 21 Fulton Street EDWARD CHARLES STEBBINS Fitchburg, Mass. " A little mischief now and then Is relished by the best of men. " Here is our little Eddie. Eddie is small of frame but not of in- telligence. Oh, boy ! Eddie is known as the champion oral expres- sion artist of Division Two, and he surely does take the blue ribbons along this line. However, as a football player Eddie has few equals, and in basket ball he showed great promise until forced to quit the game on account of illness. As a debater, especially on the Irish question, Eddie is without a peer. Eddie has always been strong for the girls, but we know one little girl that he just dotes on. It won ' t be long now, will it, Eddie? Football. JAMES ARTHUR SMITH 43 Rainville Avenue Fitchburg, Mass. " The character of a man is known from his conversation. " To our friends who are acquainted with Jimmie we can say that he exemplifies the above quotation to the limit. He is often guilty of oratorical pronouncements in Miss Williams ' room, which force Senior I to inquire into the real significance of his sayings. Jimmie is well versed in many important subjects, which he is capable of im- parting subject matter upon. However, it is thought that owing to his ability in this matter, he was able to secure a monopoly on different portions of Normal Hall. It is rumored that he has signed a contract with a Stock Company in Clinton, which is working on a series of one-act plays to be given in the near future. Jimmie has won a place of fame in our class history, for he is chairman of the ring committee. We are pleased with his position, for as long as our rings last, it is only logical that we remember Jimmie. Dramatic Club, Senior I Debating Team, Class Ring Committee, Gaveleers. MILDRED ELIZABETH SMITH 84 Lawrence Street Fitchburg, Mass. " Joy descends gently upon us like the evening dew. " Mil has succeeded in making herself known, even though she is small. She is very ambitious, and even went so far as to attempt to teach the third grade, a task almost impossible. She is popular among the members of Senior III-A, and declares she never looks at the opposite sex, but we wonder? If it were not for Mil the physical training class would not survive. jQ Fitchburg Normal £ j 78 Qlie Saxifrage Hobart Street RUTH EYELYN SMITH Groton, Mass. " There ' s no art To find the mind ' s construction in tlte face. " Ruth is one of our quietest girls, but not so quiet as to prevent us from discovering the worth-while qualities which can be hidden under an unassuming exterior. Ruth has character, and that assertion means a great deal. She is the kind of girl of whom one is always sure, and upon whom one can always depend. We prophesy for Ruth a very creditable future, and wish for her all the prosperity she de- serves. If she gets it, it will be no small measure, we feel sure. BERTHA SUZANNE SPACK 232 Washington Avenue Chelsea, Mass. " Glib of tongue and light of heart. " When we first saw Spackie in class, trying to look and act as a demure little Junior should, would anyone have imagined that she was such fun? But then, one must always be ready for surprises when Spackie is around. The first time that she favored the public with her gift for entertaining was when she led the famous " Kitchen Orchestra. " Her specialty " The Old Grey Mare " was a perfect hit. To see her down at Day Street on her pedagogical throne, who wou ' d ever imagine her to be the Spackie that we know? Here ' s to you, Spackie — may success always be yours. Girls ' Glee Club, G. A. A., Dramatic Club, Hiking, and Tennis. DOROTHY MYRTLE STACK 81 Prospect Street Orange, Mass. " Of manner gentle, of affections mild. " Dot, a lovable, fastidious, aristocratic miss, came to us from Orange, two years ago. When we first met her, we prophesied popu- larity, and we were not amiss in our judgment. Dot has a pleasing personality and is considered by all a true friend. Whether Fitch- burg is very dull or the home town most fascinating, we have never been able to ascertain. Be that as it may. Dot has positively re- fused to stay with us over the week-ends, and may be seen any Fri- day afternoon, bag in hand, wending her way to the Union Station. The best of luck, Dot, in your future undertakings. G. A. A., Glee Club. Cj Fit chburg Normal £ j 79 Qlie Saxifrage School Street MARGERY ETTA STEARNS West Acton, Mass. " Margery had a golden fish, ' Twos her supreme delight. " The greatest calamity that has befallen Margery since she became a resident of Palmer was the tragic death of her fish. But Margery isn ' t just a lover offish. She has many real talents, the three most prominent that have been discovered thus far being music, art, and dramatics. This damsel has pleased our ears innumerable times with her strumming on the mandolin. She sang at the Christmas Party also. Margery and her dramatic ability received much praise in the role that she took in the play, " Nathan Hale, " and as for Margery ' s artistic powers, one has only to glance at the pencilled figures on the walls of her room to predict that teaching may not always be her life work. Saxifrage Board, Dramatics. MARGARET ESTHER SULLIVAN 215 Maxfield Street New Bedford, Mass. " When she had passed, it seemed like the ceasing of exquisite music. " If a heroine should step from a story book of long ago, she could not rival " Margaret E. " in charming personality and sweet disposi- tion. Constantly serene, ever irreproachable in her actions, her char- acter is counterbalanced by a fun-loving, cheery friendliness. Never once have we seen her angry, and this is a notable record when you consider many of the petty annoyances which may occur during two years at Normal. Among her accomplishments are her excellent ability in dramatics, and the unusually sweet, clear quality of her voice. We have appreciated deeply her sharing with us so gener- ously her creditable talent, and we wish to assure her that we shall feel a great sense of loss both to ourselves and to our school, when we must bid adieu to " Margaret E. " Glee Club, Hiking, Tennis, Dramatics ' 23, ' 24. RUTH ELIZABETH SULLIVAN 56 Locust Street New Bedford, Mass. " A maiden, petite, with charm so sweet. " It didn ' t take us long to get acquainted with this little Miss; her manner and personality attracted us in almost no time. While " Ruthie " never misses a good time at Normal, and never fails to enjoy herself immensely, she makes a most charming up-to-date school teacher and finds plenty of time to prepare her lessons. We hear that Ruthie has found a new route from Fitchburg to New Bedford via Marlboro, and we think it ' s the best way yet. Though we know that Ruthie could easily dance her way through life, we are sure that she will be successful no matter what she undertakes. Tennis, G. A. A., Dramatics, Glee Club, Hiking. " MoV|Q Fitchburg Normal 4 The Saxifrage MARGARET CECELIA SULLIVAN S3 Linden Street New Bedford, Mass. ' A merry heart goes on all day. " Lovable, generous and optimistic — these are the qualities possessed by our Sull. One of the jolliest members of our class is she. No matter how dreary the day may be, her smile is always ready to cheer some worker, weary of the day ' s occupations. She showed us her spirit early last year, when she took the part of the drummer in " The Kitchen Orchestra. " No matter what the occasion may be, Sull is always the " life of the party. " Needless to say Margaret C. is one of the most popular members of the class of ' 24. We wish you success, Sull, in dispelling the gloom of the pupils who have the good fortune to come under your rule. G. A. A., Hiking, Dramatics. ELINOR SWIFT West Acton, Mass. " And she tripped the light fantastic. " Judging from the numerous new steps she taught us between the hours of 9.30 and 10 o ' clock we believe " Swiftie " has missed her vocation. What about it, old dear? As a future teacher she fully believes in travel as an aid to her education, and we can imagine the picturesque Spaniards luring her to visit their country first. Oh, yes, my Senorita. you will gladly go to Spain first. We hear that " Swiftie " is rather interested in Lowell. I wonder why? Come on, be " Frank " about it, and ' fess up. Elinor is an artistic painter, and especially so when painting a certain couple dancing the Tango. She is glad that this certain couple is back from Europe. Elinor is full of fun, but still she has her serious moments and when it comes to real work conscientiousness describes her. " Adios, mon queidro. " HAZEL EMORY THOMAS 77 Pleasant Street Leominster, Mass. ' As merry as the day is long. " Hazel is one of the greatest girls in school, in more than one way. She is also one of those enviable possessors of everlasting good will and good humor. Her ripple of contagious laughter can work won- ders, and often they have operated in Senior I, transforming the gloomiest moods into the most cheerful. One of her many favorite expressions, " I ' m game, " is typical of her jolly, gay, and sporting nature. She and Edna, inseparable pals, waste no precious moments on worry or care. Hazel ' s fun-loving disposition does not, however, interfere with her scholastic duties, for as a student she ranks with the first. Hazel ' s smile and laugh are two of Senior I ' s most valuable assets, and these, together with her many other virtues displayed while in training, will make her a valuable and much-loved teacher. jQ Fitchburg Normal 2.4, 81 Qlie Saxifrage HENRY GUSTAVE WAGNER 86 Warren Street Fitchburg, Mass. " Slow but Sure. " If you should chance to be standing on the Normal School steps any morning when the 8.40 car arrives, you would see a young man striding up the walk with the air of a general. He looks neither to the right nor left but strides along as though he had some fixed des- tination, which he must reach. Need I describe this young man any further for you to know that it is our esteemed friend, Henry, better known among his schoolmates as Sparky ? He is a rather quiet young man outside of school, but when there is a question to be answered in class, he is always ready with the right answer. It is said that, he was a mechanic of no mean ability before he entered Normal. This ability has been proved by his excellent work in all departments. As an orator and debater he ranks with the best. Success to you, Sparky, in your chosen line! Gaveleer, Glee Club, Debating, Dramatics. ANDREW BRENENSTUHL WALKER 84 High Street Fitchburg, Mass. " I am Sir Oracle, and when I ope my mouth, let no dog bark! " " A ride, fellows ; here comes Walker in his Lizzie. " Such has been the glad news on many a morning when some of the drowsy ones had visions of being late for assembly. Andrew saved our lives on many a morning, and we take this opportune time to show our deep sense of appreciation. In school he is always active, either tinkering with some mechanical device or talking with one of the instructors. And he argues his points very forcibly with his classmates; if you don ' t believe it, ask us. We expect to hear of great accomplish- ments by Andrew either in the field of invention or of pedagogy. ALICE FRANCES WARBURTON 205 Hampden Street Chicopee, Mass. " good nature were money, Alice would be a U. S. Bank. " Alice is the girl who lives in " Room 36, Down in Our Alley. " She has a single room, but about fifty room-mates. Happy is the gang in the alley when Warbie receives her mysterious box from home. " Who has a pair of overshoes (gloves, stockings or anything), to lend? " is the dismal cry from some forlorn Palmer Hall damsel. " I have " is the cheery answer from Room 36. Whether it is work or play, Alice is always there with the right word at the right time. We sometimes wonder if the sun shines in Chicopee during her absence. If reports from that city are true, many sons dance to the tune of her merry brown eyes. G. A. A., Tennis, Hiking, Glee Club. |Q Fitchburg Normal £ 82 he Saxifrage MARGARET VERONICA WARD 22 Monmouth Street Springfield, Mass. ' Witty, jolly and carefree, Always happy as can be. " If a wonderful personality is a sign of success, then Wardy ' s laurels are not far distant. Her one ambition is to become a pro- ficient teacher, and unless a certain " he " gets impatient, we are as- sured of a brilliant career for Wardy. Faithfulness is one of her greatest attributes, as shown during the last year. How do we know? Wardy hails from Springfield, and we expect some day to see her as mayoress of the city. When you see Wardy, you ' re sure to see Murph not far behind, and they are a great pair. Glee Club, Girls ' A. A., Dramatic Club, Dormitory Fire Captain, Hiking, Tennis. SARAH EVELYN WATSON 147 Whitney Street Leominster, Mass. " Wide is the gulj between me and man. " At least, so she says, anyway. However, we have our doubts, Sarah. " Leominster ' s no slow town, " say we. When it comes to sticking to a point, Sarah has it all over the rest of us. To convince Sarah, Daniel Webster himself would fail. However, she is not afraid of work and always does her share. She is noted for her con- stancy to and her picture collection. Sarah has the makings of a typical " schoolmarm, " but we have an idea she ' ll come through all right. BEATRICE ALICE MARY WEBBER 202 South Main Street South Gardner, Mass. " Just a little girl, dear and taking. " " She has only to be seen to be loved " and we ' ve seen a great deal of her. " B " was a very merry little Junior and where one would find fun, one would also find " B " . As an actress, she proved her- self to be a little wonder. Nevertheless, she takes her profession very seriously and lives up to the motto, " Business before pleasure " when it comes to teaching and studying. Girls ' Glee Club, G. A. A., Dramatic Club. Cj Fitchburg Normal 2.4. 83 ffiie Saxifrage m 126 Edinboro Street HENRY FRANCIS WERNER, JR. Marlboro, Mass. " Ho, for the West! " Dick dropped off the Marlboro train two years ago, and has been hustling with the rest of the hard-working Grammar Masters ever since. Like another great educator, he decided to go West and has been mistaken for the night watchman of Cleghorn on the way home on various occasions. Dick expects to teach in the Sunny South, but he likes Marlboro so well that he may change his views and settle in his home town. No matter where he wanders, he will be successful, for his good nature and sunny smile cannot but bring forth a happy reward. The best of luck be his, and may he always be a credit to Marlboro. Captain Senior I Debating Team, Normalite Staff Winter Edition 1924, Football 1923, Dramatics 1923. U jfs OB •PS 6 Dean Street RALPH FRANK WESTON ' Ain ' t Love Grand? " Adams, Mass. Wes is one of the stars of our basket ball team, and when he is not playing or practicing he can be found promenading with one of the fair sex. Does anybody know whom I mean? Wes has been active socially, and we have always been able to count on his pres- ence at any social affair. Besides, he has always been good for two tickets, which helped some. Wes and Duke put in a hard summer ' s work painting Hall ' s house, if we can believe all we hear. Wes is a busy member of the Berkshire Club and is one of those whom you can see running up Myrtle Avenue every morning, trying to make break- fast before the tables are cleared. Why not try getting up a bit earlier, Wes? You will feel better for it. Wes is going to New Hampshire State College now in quest of a higher education. Go to it, boy; you can ' t get too much education. Football, Basket Ball, Glee Club. HARRIET GATES WILDER ISO Woodland Avenue Gardner, Mass. " She ' s little but she ' s wise, She ' s a terror for her size. " They tell us that Wilder is full of life, and from all appearances she must be. She has made herself known these last two years as a genuine ' ' cut-up. " For all of her harmless fun, she is loved by all. Once, when the Weekly Special came through Gardner, the news was brought that Harriet had been disappointed in love. ' " No more steadies for me, " she professed. We have our doubts, as actions speak louder than words. However, Harriet, we wish you all the luck and happiness in your school-teaching days in Gardner. We shall expect to see you up in the first ranks of the " Sufferingyets. " Cj Fitchburg Normal £ J. 84 ffiie Saxifrage OWEN EDGAR WILLARD 141 Granite Street Leominster, Mass. " If it weren ' t for the farmers, the city folks would starve. " Owen, or Ike, as he is called by the gang, is another of the quiet, retiring kind. His motto is " I would rather be seen than heard. " The result is that we don ' t see or hear much of him. Ike is a steady patron of the F. L. and gets off the Myrtle Avenue bus at 8.35 every morning. He is always on time and anxious to begin work. Ike ' s biggest disappointment was that he didn ' t get across the big pond and see Paris, but his only chance is lost now. Ike ' s ambi- tion was to teach a lesson in the Dean ' s class, and he was like a b aby with a new rattle the first time he was called upon. At that, he did a good job. Ask Boylston. Ike is now teaching continuation school in Fitchburg. He is married and lives with his family in Leominster. Ex-Service Men ' s Club. ALICE ALTHEA WINCH Franklin Street East Pepperell, Mass. " Big things come in small packages. " No one has ever convinced us more strongly of the truth of this slogan than Winchie. She is right there when it comes to having a good time, but her lessons never suffer. She probably enjoys herself most in Mr. Smith ' s class, where she just bubbles over with her anx- iety to express her knowledge of science. Incidentally, Winchie is an enthusiastic tennis player. Day Girls ' Association, Tennis. 466 Union Street LEON THEODORE YARTER North Adams, Mass. " Long live ye bachelor, for of women ye have many. " Since moving from Cedar Street, otherwise known as " Misery Hill, " Cap has changed a great deal, of course, for the better. Cap is rather slow and easy, but he always gets there. For a half hour ' s amusement, induce him to relate ' his experiences of a fishing trip to the wilds of Vermont last summer. Cap is a lover of the great out- doors and of all of Nature ' s wonders. He likes to hike as has been proved by his frequent " stepping out " during the past year. He was elected to handle the funds of the Men ' s A. A. for the past year, and certainly has shown that he is entirely capable of the trust. The growth and better spirit manifested by the members of the Men ' s A. A. during the year are largely due to the work and the spirit which Cap has manifested as treasurer. Treasurer Men ' s A. A., Glee Club. jQ Fitchburg Normal 2 ,Lv£y, ■ hc Saxifrage 2SS Main Street RUTH ESTHER YOFFA " When fun and duty clash Let duty go to smash. " Gardner, Mass. This seems to be Ruthie ' s slogan, for never is any fun going on but Ruthie is in the midst of it. She is one of our best natured girls and has brightened many dull moments for the class with her jokes. Probably one of the reasons for this is the fact that she comes from Gardner. Tennis, Day Girls ' Association. . I ADMINISTRATION BUILDING j Q Fitchbur g Normal ? YD 86 ffiie Saxifrage CLASS DAY, JUNE 14, 1924 Class Pianist . ' Eneid Rossiter March Junior and Senior Classes Tree Exercises Senior Class Annual Tree Song Presentation of Spade ........ Lina Grammont Acceptance of Spade Helen Devaney Saxifrage Senior Class PIoop Rolling Junior and Senior Classes Ivy Exercises Junior and Senior Classes Recreative Dances: To and Fro Senior Class Jumping Jacks Junior and Senior Classes Dainty Polka Junior and Senior Classes March All Classes Maypole Dance . Senior Class Songs All Classes Finale Won by student who first reaches the Junior line. SING-OUT, JUNE 15, 1924 Told at Sunset MacDowell PIANO Unfold Ye Portals — " Redemption " Gounod Lovely Appear — " Redemption " Gounod Who is Sylvia? Schubert Massa Dear Johnson Recognition of Land Greig Song of Vikings Faning Address Wind and the Sea Taylor-Cauffman Build Thee Stately Mansions Holme s-Farwell Nocturne — " Midsummer Night ' s Dream " ........ Mendelssohn Summer Thompson Crossing the Bar Barnby Now the Day is Over Barnby ■ I m jQ Fitchburg Normal £ 87 amss ■■ » : he Saxifrage CLASS HISTORY President, Lina Grammont Vice-President, John Fitzpatrick Secretary, Ruth Fiske Treasurer, Gustav Larson The Class of 1924, one hundred and forty prospective teachers, entered the Fitchburg Normal School, September 13, 1922. Our number was supplemented by about thirty three-year Practical Arts students, thereby making our total enrollment close to one hun- dred and seventy. Were we a little " afraid " of our new envi- ronment? Well, perhaps we were, but not a bit of our fear did we reveal to the Seniors who were prowling about for just such informa- tion. It was not long before we, as a class, had settled down to our new duties and pleasures with a determination to win success individu- ally and collectively. We were soon given a chance to show our mettle, for the Seniors decreed that we should distinguish ourselves by various means. We should wear conspicuous green bows, our hair and faces " au naturel, " bow down to our su- periors, the Seniors, and otherwise show our humble and professional attitude. We sur- vived this ordeal like little generals and were, after a week, accepted by those worthy Seniors as being fit members of the Fitchburg Normal School. On October 5, we made our first public ap- pearance as a group when we were delightfully entertained by the Senior Class and the Fac- ulty at the Junior Reception. There all was in our honor. Dressed in white we were for- mally welcomed to the Fitchburg Normal School, and we at last had the feeling that we were really a part of the school. In November we proved our worth as a sensible and fortunate class by selecting class officers, who have been very capable and effi- cient. Miss Helen O ' Neil, president of the Class of ' 23, presided at the election and as- sisted us by explaining the duties of each offi- cer. We had often passed through the subways, but one night in October no one would ever think we had seen the underground passage to the Junior High School building. It cer- tainly did not look like a part of our school. One by one we passed through a dark, winding corridor filled with terrifying figures, who were flourishing weapons. Many a clean face was black, and many a pretty wave had disap- peared when we finally appeared in the light again on the other side. However, the games and entertainments did not give us time to think of such a trivial matter as appearance. From the first our class took active part in all school activities. The Glee Club claimed our attention and throughout the year we as- sisted Miss Barr. The Gaveleers ' Literary Society, whose membership is limited to twenty-five, had ten Juniors participating in its activities. They were a great credit to our class in the produc- tion of " Strongheart. " To the Juniors fell the task of organizing what was known as the " Junior Dramatic Club. " This was the first club to be started by a junior class, and here again our progres- sive spirit was displayed. " Nothing but the Truth " was ably produced by this organiz- ation and stands as the first play of its kind to be produced by an entering class of Fitch- burg Normal School. We were naturally interested in athletics. The Juniors were a strong factor in the for- mation of the Girls ' Basket Ball Team, and the Junior boys showed much interest in their teams. I jQ Fitchburg Normal £ 89 Qlie Saxifrage The events of the winter season came fast upon us. There were many basket ball games in which our teams proved their prowess. Then came the Christmas Party! We saw the old English banquet presided over by the Lord and Lady with their attendants, all ap- propriately garbed. The Jester provided us with an evening of fun and frolic. We hope we entertained during the evening by singing Christmas songs and carols under the capable leadership of Miss Barr. Our first party! Will anyone ever forget it? No, indeed! No one from our class, no one from the Class of ' 23, will ever forget it. There was great mystery. The Seniors thought they knew our colors and for a while they made much of the then popular ditty, " Green and White. " We surprised them and the J. H. S. IV class as well, for we displayed, for the first time in the whole school year, purple and white, the J. H. S. IV class colors! Great was the consternation and excitement. Our colors were later changed to red and white. We sur- rendered with becoming grace to J. H. S. IV. Some of our classmates were separated from us for " spring training. " They were the first to go and their loss was keenly felt, for we now had only two-thirds of our class in Nor- mal. The Juniors helped, though in a small way, at the Senior Prom. Our Japanese costumes were " ornamental " and our services were " use- ful. " What more could be desired of any- one? Our final appearance as the Junior class was on Class Day. Dressed in white and car- rying wands of orange and gray, the Senior colors, we marched into view and formed an arch under- which the Seniors marched in grand parade. Later we donned our red ties to complete our color scheme. We helped to make this one of the most enjoyable days in the year of 1923. And now we come to our Senior year! We returned to school for our final year more dig- nified and with a new ambition for study. Some of us were " school marms. " This time it was our turn to inflict the pun- ishment on the incoming Juniors. A party in the library introduced Junior week, which was full of fun — a week during which the Juniors proved themselves good sports. They obeyed all the rules read to them. They wore green bows to show their " newness " and for a week artificial aids to beauty were as unknown quantities among the Juniors. They showed their youth by wearing their skirts short and their inferiority by giving way to the Seniors at all times. This year we assisted the Faculty in infor- mally receiving the Juniors to our school. The entertainment in the library was pleasing and showed that we were to keep up our good work of the year before in helping to furnish a good time to everyone in our school. On October 26, the members of our school were received in the lobby by three ghosts and were mysteriously directed to a dark and weird subterranean passage, cluttered with strange objects and creatures. After a terrifying march through this infernal subway everyone landed safe and sound in the Junior High School Assembly Hall! There we were ably entertained by members of the Senior Classes. We returned through a lighted subway to the gym, where we enjoyed games (especially those played by the faculty) and later ad- journed to the library, where we were further entertained. Another great change in a part of our school! This time it was the dining room of Palmer Hall which was beautifully trans- formed. The tables presented a very pretty sight, and the candle-light threw a pleasant gleam over everything. Mrs. McLean, our former Dean of Women, our present Dean, Mrs. Still, and members of the faculty were guests of the Student Government Association at a banquet. We all enjoyed the singing and the speaking. After the banquet we were the guests of the ex-service men at a dance in the library. The next event in our Senior year was quite different from any other. The scene was once more laid in the library, but it was indeed a strange looking library, full of a very strange medley of people, ranging from the sedate old couple of colonial days down through the ages |Q Fitchburg Normal £ j O " 90 ffiie Saxifrage and nations to the most modern of men and women. However, all danced to the same music and presented a charming sight. This year, again, our men and girls entered enthusiastically into all the phases of school life. Our men appeared on the field for foot- ball, which was once more brought into our school life. They also played a large part in our basket ball team, which brought such glory to Fitchburg Normal School. Our baseball team was one of the best in the history of the school, and the class of 1924 may well be proud of its members who helped to make it so. The girls entered into the spirit of extra- curricula activities in a splendid manner. Ten- nis was a favorite sport in the fall and spring. Field hockey was somewhat new, but our Senior girls " brought home the bacon " in the championship games. Basket ball next claimed our attention, and Normal can trace its vic- tories to the good work of the girls of 1924. Our winter was late in coming, but when it did come, it brought us an opportunity to use our skates, skiis, and sleds to the best advan- tage. Now comes Spring, closely followed by June, and we are forced to leave the " house of learn- ing, " which has been our temporary home. And now a health to Fitchburg Normal. Long life to ' 24! And as for our Alma Mater, let us say with the poet, substituting Fitchburg Normal for Glencairn : The bridegroom may forget the bride Was made his wedded wife yestere ' en: The mother may forget the child That smiles sae sweetly on her knee ; But I ' ll remember thee, Glencairn, And a ' that thou has done for me. Cs Fitchburg Normal £ | I ffiie Saxifrage TWENTY-FOUR We came from country, town and mart; We came from cities too. Ideals and hopes filled every heart, For we had much to do. Our alma mater, of the best, Flung wide her open door. We entered in with eager zest — The Class of Twenty-Four. Two years have swiftly passed away, Thronging with memories dear. New duties rise, hard tasks each day For mind and courage clear. Before we go, we wish to give Our thanks sincere, once more, To those who taught us how to live — The Class of Twenty-Four. — O. B. B. |Q Fitchburg Normal 2 92 Jlhe Saxifrage SOCIAL ACTIVITIES A little pleasure now and then Is relished by the best of men. Every social season must have its official beginning. The 1923 social season of Fitch- burg Normal School was opened with the Junior Acquaintance Party held in Normal Hall on Friday evening, September 21. Mem- bers of both dormitories were represented at this informal affair. With attentive ears and woful countenances the little Juniors listened patiently to the long list of " Do ' s " and " Don ' ts " presented by their worthy Seniors. It was an unlucky day for the one who failed to observe these rules. Refreshments were served, and games and dancing made the evening an enjoyable one. As newcomers to the Fitchburg Normal School, t he Juniors were greeted with open arms by both faculty and Seniors at the re- ception given in their honor. With what eagerness did this entering class look forward to its initiation into the social activities of its chosen institution ! The Juniors were conducted from the Nor- mal lobby by a group of Senior girls to the library, where they were duly presented to the faculty members. After the reception a commendable musi- cal program was enjoyed. Refreshments served by the Seniors and members of the J. H. S. IV followed. Music for dancing was furnished by Hannon ' s orchestra. Our Normal girls love to prance, When the Men ' s A. A. conduct the dance. The Men ' s Athletic Association must be congratulated as a group of dance managers. A great financial and social success was the dance conducted by the Association on Fri- day evening, November 9, to which everyone was invited. The assemblage " tickled the light fantastic " to the strains of Fitzgerald ' s orchestra. On Friday, October 26, the J. H. S. IV class proved to the Normal School that they could conduct an enjoyable party without the aid of Dame Terpsichore. The gymnasium presented many striking contrasts of color. Weird witches, gloomy owls, " spooky " cats, together with pumpkins and corn husks, transformed our beloved gym into a veritable " chamber of bad dreams. " A huge skeleton in one corner stretched forth a bony hand in greeting. The most thrilling feature of the evening was a journey through the " hall of ghosts " which was arranged through the subway from the Normal building to the Practical Arts as- sembly hall, where a one-act play, " The Ghost Story, " was presented. After returning to the gymnasium, appro- priate games were played. The faculty relay races were a special attraction. Refreshments typical of Flalloween were served. The second annual banquet of the Girls ' Student Government Association was held in the Palmer Hall dining hall on Friday, November 9. Upon entering the hall, one was greatly impressed by the artistic arrangement of the tables and the beautiful fern decora- tions. The hall was lighted entirely by little candles placed on each table. Each place was adorned with an attractive place-card repre- senting the saxifrage, the school flower. The speakers of the evening were the offi- cers of the Student Government Association and members of the faculty. An excellent collation was served. After the banquet, the assemblage retired to Normal Hall, where a dance was held under the auspices of the ex-service men. Earnest cooperation on the part of our " rookies " ac- complished wonders in the form of a very suc- cessful party. Until twelve o ' clock the library resounded to the melodious strains of Cline ' s Orchestra. " Tl9 Fitchburg Normal £ 93 ■ ■ I I • ■ I I 1 ■ ■ The Saxifrage Parties may come and parties may go; none will ever excel the splendor of the cos- tume party held in Normal Hall on November 2 7. The party, taking the form of a mas- querade, was expressive of the different sen- timents of those present. King Jollity on his lofty throne of pleasure and merriment reigned supreme. The grand march was well worthy of praise. Four prizes were awarded, two to the young men and two to the young ladies. With such a variety of costumes, the judges found it difficult to render a decision. To make the evening more interesting, refreshments were served. For three weeks preceding Friday , Decem- ber 10, we were informed that the Gaveleers would conduct a dance. Each nook and cor- ner of our halls and lobby was decorated with an attractive poster describing the features of the dance. For once our realization exceeded our anticipation. Those in attendance de- clared that it was one of the most enjoyable dances of the season. Cline ' s orchestra fur- nished music for dancing. December 14: With the Christmas season came the Christ- mas tree party. This was for the dormitory students. Here we reveled to our hearts ' con- tent in raiment symbollic of other days. Our faculty was well represented and enjoyed themselves fully as well as we did. The climax came with a visit from Santa himself, from whom each one received a gift fraught with meaning. The refreshments added the neces- sary touch for the completion of a successful party. December 20: The annual Christmas party was held as scheduled, despite the fact that winter seemed far away. The old English customs were ob- served throughout. The presidents of the classes served as the Lord and Lady. The other characters, chosen from the student body, represented the bringing in of the was- sail bowl, the boar ' s head, the yule log, Christ ' s Cradle, plum pudding, and mince pie. During the exercises was heard the singing of the carolers. After a bounteous repast those desiring to do so visited the homes of the faculty and serenaded them with Christmas carols in the approved English style. We en- countered several surprise parties, which were thoroughly appreciated. The next morning the performance was repeated in the large as- sembly hall for the benefit of the day stu- dents. February 8 : After many days of mystery and excitement the eventful evening was at hand, the evening of the Junior Valentine Party. The large as- sembly was a hubbub of conflicting emotions. After a short but attractive entertainment, the colors were shown to the mutual satisfaction of both classes. The gathering then adjourned to the library for general dancing. Novelty refreshments were served in honor of St. Val- entine and favors were given to the guests as mementos of that worthy festival. March 17: St. Patrick ' s Day offered a brief respite for those who were observing the season of Lent. It was given by the Men ' s A. A. for the bene- fit of the Athletic Association, and was com- paratively well supported considering the oc- casion. April 23: A unique and successful experiment was the G. A. A. Carnival which was held in the Library. It was a project of two Senior girls under the direction of Miss Lawler. One of its features was the booths, the most popular of which were those housing the fortune-tellers. Another attraction was the thrilling motor- cycle race, despite the startling accident that occurred. Popcorn balls and ice cream cones helped to create the proper atmosphere. The middle of the evening was given up to athletic dances and stunts. The gathering seemed highly amused at the splendid characterization of the clowns. The side-shows were resumed for a while and the final act of the evening was presented, a one-act play entitled " The Maker of Dreams. " The story is built about a fanciful plot and provided a very effective |Q Fit chburg Normal 2 | 94 — (jThe Saxifrage climax to a very successful event. We are hoping the experiment will prove an inspira- tion to future classes. May 16: The crowning social event of our whole school career suddenly loomed upon our hori- zon in the form of the Senior Promenade. For a number of weeks, the prospect thrilled us with delightful anticipation; for a number of hours the realization surpassed our fondest dreams. When we entered the library, we did not recognize the dignified room with which we are all so well acquainted. It was transformed, as though by magic, into a veritable summer garden. The formal clipped hedges, the lat- tice work, the profusion of flowers and soft glow of shaded lights all blended to make a perfect harmony. A delightful touch of real- ism was added by the singing canaries in the cozy nooks and arbors. As the guests slowly came in, they were welcomed by a host of Junior girls who served as ushers. Soon the hall was filled with a throng of gay young people. Groups gathered together, chatting and laughing; an atmos- phere of suppressed excitement pervaded the hall. The formalities over, everyone turned expectantly as a soft strain of music stole over the assembly, growing stronger till it swung into a well-known melody, and all couples glided to its smooth rhythm. Until one o ' clock the terpsichorean art reigned supreme; every- one then adjourned to the Palmer Hall dining hall, where a well served banquet refreshed the tired dancers. Appropriate songs fittingly closed an event that will never be forgotten by any participant. May 17: Prom Week came to an end with the Holy Cross Dance, to which the baseball team and the Junior ushers were invited. The garden scene was as enchanting as the previous eve- ning. Refreshments were served, and hard as it was to realize it, the long expected week- end was over. SCHOOL CAMPUS FROM WOOD ' S HILL |Q Fitchburg Normal 2 y t 95 I ■ ■ r y.» ■ ■ » ' « ' ■ ■ JHHJ n 1 1 m i HI am The Saxifrage MEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION A meeting of the Men ' s Athletic Association of electing a faculty advisor and student offi- was called in September, 1923, for the purpose cers for the ensuing year. As a result, Mr. OFFICERS OF MEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Mr. Clancy (Faculty Advisor), Crowley (Vice-Pres.), Carr (Pres.), Yarter (Treas.) Clancy was chosen as faculty advisor. The President, Thomas F. Carr; Vice-President, following men were chosen to fill the various Charles Crowley; Secretary, James C. Dolan; offices: Treasurer, Leon T. Yarter. |Q Fitchburg Normal 2 97 m ffiie Saxifrage BASKET BALL TEAM Standing— Mr. Clancy, Rabouin, O ' Toole, Fitzpatrick (Manager). Sitting— Scott, Kennedy, Roche (Captain), Hilbert, Leland. BASKET BALL Basket Ball Coach, Edward J. Schulte; Manager, John L. Fitzpatrick; Captain, Paul- Roche. When the season approached and Coach Schulte issued the call for recruits, one of the largest squads that F. N. S. has ever had turned out for the team. After weeks of hard training the following men were found to be best qualified for the positions: Roche, and Kennedy, forwards; Scott and Leland, guards; Weston, centre; Raboin and O ' Toole, utility men. The team held an election and Paul Roche was chosen as captain. John Fitzpatrick, the manager, had a very difficult sched ule before him. After completing the strenuous campaign and after many a hard fought battle, the team made an excellent showing, even against such teams as Boston College, Lowell Textile, Bridgewater Normal, and Holy Cross. The Players " Rocky " Roche, captain and forward, was a great leader in most of the games. Rocky was fighting every minute of the game. He deserves much credit for pulling the team through to victory. " Dick " Kennedy, the other forward, was a star in all games as usual. We are all familiar with his athletic prowess and we realize that he leaves a spot that will be hard to fill. " Honey " Weston was the tall, quick, and clever center. He surely lived up to his repu- tation of last year and was always quick on the jump, getting the better of his opponent. " Spats " Leland, a veteran of last year, cov- ered the back field exceedingly well. The man that got by Leland for a basket must have had a rabbit ' s foot. " Reggie " Scott was a new recruit for fame, coming from Adams. He was a big factor in Cj Fitchburo Normal ?4 V35- i; 98 ffiie Saxifrage the backfield and next year should land a regular berth. " Rabbit " Raboin was a walking proof of the fact that size is no handicap. He is small but fast and showed his ability in the Holy Cross game. " Beansie " O ' Toole, a high school star from Clinton, could be depended upon for a basket once he got started. He helped to pile up many a needed point and was a hard man to stop. The results of the season ' s games: Normal 36 Normal 16 Normal 34 Normal 14 Normal 2i Normal 40 Normal 25 Normal 20 Normal 30 Normal 34 Normal 26 Normal 58 F. L 28 Boston College 22 L. H. A 10 Andover 33 Holy Cross 14 Alumni IS Lowell 29 Dean Academy 28 Maine 38 St. John ' s 24 Bridgewater 28 Salem 26 BASEBALL At the conclusion of the 1923 season the varsity players held a meeting and elected Joseph Sullivan as captain of the 1924 team. The Men ' s Athletic Association elected James Hayes as manager and Paul Gilmartin of Fitchburg as coach. Mr. Gilmartin called practice the second week in April, and a large squad turned out. Those reporting were: Fitzpatrick, McNally, Sullivan, Kennedy, Roche, O ' Toole, Gingras, Cashman, Sheehan, Carr, King, Stebbins, Kielty, and Bowler. The following men were selected to represent the varsity team: BASEBALL TEAM Back Row — Roche, King, Bowler, Stebbins, Hayes (Manager ' ). Front Row — McNally, Sheehan, Fitzpatrick, Sullivan (Captain), Carr, O ' Toole, Kennedy. |Q Fitchburg Normal 2 J 99 ■ I h e Saxifrage Fitzpatrick c, McNally p, King p, Kennedy lb, Roche 2b, O ' Toole ss, Sheehan 3b, Sulli- van rf, King cf, Carr If. The Players " Fitzie " was always there on his throws, and it took a fast man to steal second on him. His work with the " stick " was highly commend- able also. " Johnny " McNally, the veteran pitcher of last season, was an indispensable man in the box. Mac has another year left to defend the honor of Normal in baseball. " Jonko " King, also a veteran, relieved Mac in the box and played the outfield. If King ' s hitting was a criterion of victory, then the team should have been on top most of the year. " Dick " Kennedy was a reliable man at first and could get the ball high, low, or wide. Very seldom did he pass up his chances at the bat. " Rocky " Roche, the veteran keystone sacker of last year, was very efficient, and the ball seldom got by him. O ' Toole covered his position at short and upheld the reputation of Clinton athletes. " Tim " Sheehan covered the third sack and could get the ball down to first with a bullet- like speed. He surely was a formidable man at the bat. Carr and Sullivan always covered the drives to the outfield in a reputable way. The Schedule APRIL 19 — At Andover Andover 4 23 — At Worcester Wor. Acad. . . 10 26— At Clinton Clinton H. S. 4 MAY 6 — At Franklin Dean — IS— At Lowell Lowell Tex. .. 8 17— At Fitchburg Holy Cross F. 12 20 — At Boston Northeastern 8 24— At Fitchburg St. Anselm ' s . .— JUNE 4 — At Manchester. . . .St. Anselm ' s . . — 7 — At Ashburnham. . .Cushing — 11 — At Worcester Assump. Col. — F.N.S. 1 F.N.S. F.N.S. 12 F.N.S. — F.N.S. 2 F.N.S. 1 F.N.S. 7 F.N.S. — F.N.S. — F.N.S. — F.N.S. — GIRLS ' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The year of 1923-24 proved most auspicious for girls ' athletics at Fitchburg Normal School. At a meeting of the Athletic Associ- ation, Sept. 27, 1923, the following officers were elected : President, Ruth Fiske; Vice-President, Mae Marsh; Secretary, Catherine Tobin; Treas- urer, Anna Murphy. The aim of the association is, through its various sports and activities, to promote the welfare and efficienc y of the individual, and to develop a sense of cooperation, sportsman- ship, and loyalty to the school. With this aim in view, the physicial educa- tion department, in cooperation with the G. A. A., instituted the extra-curricula activities which include hiking and tennis for the fall, basket ball and winter sports for the winter, and bowling, crew, and spring athletics for spring. Although all of these sports were open to every girl, the minimum expected of each student was one major or two minor activities. Soon after school began, the hiking com- mittee met with Miss Lawler and drew up plans and regulations governing the hiking season, which began Sept. 29, 1923, and ended Dec. 21, 1923. Catherine Canty was ap- pointed General Hike Leader and under her enthusiastic leadership, 142 girls enrolled. Of these 55 earned letters for hiking 250 miles, and 45 earned numerals for hik ing 125 miles. Our first organized hike was on Sept. 29, when sixty girls with Miss Lawler as leader left Normal Hall at 10.30 a. m. and hiked to Coggshall Park. There we made a fire, roasted weenies, and began to get acquainted. After our return in the afternoon we had 7j4 miles toward our 250. There were other hikes, one to Pearl Hill, one to Lunenburg, and one to Leominster. But the hike we never can forget, the jol- liest time of all, was on Oct. 27, when ninety jQ Fitchburg Normal 2 j 100 Q he Saxifrage OFFICERS OF THE GIRLS ' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Standing — Miss A. Murphy (Treas.), Miss Fiske (Pres.), Miss Marsh, Miss Tobin (Sec.) Sitting — Miss Ward, Miss Lawler, Miss Woods. girls with Mrs. Still, Miss Rowley, Miss Wil- liams, and Mr. Halloran climbed Mt. Wachu- sett. Miss Lawler met us at the top with all the lunches. Around a merry campfire we cooked and ate our dinner, played and oh, yes, we sang! This is one of our own to the tune of " Tomorrow. " Wachusett, Wachusett, thy summit was our goal, Wachusett, Wachusett, the cure for body arid soul. Tho ' the trail was long and steep And we waded thru water deep With spirits high and never a sigh, We reached Wachusett ' s summit high. Wachusett, Wachusett, we never will forget Wachusett, thy spirit ' s with us yet — And so we ' ll give a cheer for the good old trail The weenies and the Adam ' s ale Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, oh dear Wachusett. Tired and happy, we returned to the dor- mitory just in time for supper. The major activity of the fall was hockey. About sixty girls enrolled in this sport, and there followed seven weeks of play. At the end of the season, a Junior-Senior tournament was played, two out of three games deciding the victors. The Senior team, aided by mem- bers of the J.H.S. IV Class, proved victorious, winning the first two games. To close the season a hockey supper for all members of the squad was held on Nov. 15 in the gym- nasium. Miss Lawler, Miss Schmidt of New York, Mrs. Still, and Miss Donovan were the guests of the evening and Mildred Hines was general chairman and toastmistress. The sup- per was followed by stunts, races, and games for all. Although many expressed their regrets when the hockey season closed, there was soon an- other opportunity to get into sports. Basket ball started capitally with a long- list of " interested " on the bulletin board. Twice a week these faithfuls reported for practice, and in spite of the stiff muscles which came at first, they stuck valiantly to it until squads were arranged. Under team names of great originality, these squads played off an interesting tournament. The final game be- tween the Speed Bugs and the Comets re- sulted in the championship for the Senior team, the Comets. [ Q Fitchbur g Normal ? { VcJ 3 12 Q he Saxifrage Sitting GIRLS ' BASKET BALL TEAM Standing — Miss Lawler, Miss Roy, Miss Mather, Miss Donovan. -Miss Fiske, Miss O ' Brien, Miss Coombs (Captain), Miss Donaldson, Miss A. Murphy. The Basket ball Banquet, with the faculty team as guests, brought to a close a very suc- cessful year of inter-class basket ball games. In the inter-school games which followed we had reason to feel proud of our girls ' team. " Peg " Coombs proved a most efficient captain and won the loyalty and support of her team. With her to lead and encourage them, the girls developed the kind of sportsmanship and spirit which we want F. N. S. to stand for. The lineup was: Margaret Mather eg Margaret Coombs lg Julia O ' Brien rg Anna Murphy cf Barbara Donelson If Ruth Fiske rf Margaret Donovan, Marian Ray, substitutes The following games were played: At Leominster: Leominster 10 Fitchburg 9 At Dean: Dean 24 Fitchburg 11 At Bridgewater: Fitchburg 17 Bridgewater 14 At Fitchburg: Leominster IS Fitchburg 36 At Fitchburg: Lowell 31 Fitchburg ■. 32 At Fitchburg: Fitchburg 26 Dean 34 King Winter was so miserly with his favors that our winter sports were prohibited. While skiing was popular for a few d ays and one or two skating parties were immensely enjoyed, the warm weather prevented our accomplish- ing more in the way of organized outdoor sports. With the approach of spring came the need for channels for all the pent-up energy. Bowl- ing answered the need. Scores jumped about in a fabulous manner. What were a sore back or stiff arms if one made five more than the week before. The girls held fast to their practice nights, and those who participated vouch that bowling proved a most interesting and beneficial sport. Spring also brought the lure of out-of-doors, and with the new equipment of javelins, shot- put, and hurl-ball, much interest and activity were stimulated. Another line of activity for those not in- terested in other sports was tennis. During the bright fall days the courts were never va- OY j Q Fitchbur g Normal 24 102 ffiie Saxifrage cant, and with spring at hand and opportunity for more practice, we are anticipating a close and interesting tournament. One of the accomplishments of the G. A. A. was the well organized and successful dues campaign under the leadership of " Anna Rose " our efficient and capable treasurer. In one short week over 75 per cent of all the dues were collected. The night of April 23 was a memorable one for Normal. The library was converted into a veritable fair-grounds in readiness for the G. A. A. Carnival. Fortune-telling, grab-bags, ice cream and popcorn booths, side shows to rival Barnum Bailey, dances, stunts, and a little play made the evening pass far too rapidly. The affair was proclaimed a success socially and financially, for it afforded much amusement to everyone present and was an excellent example of cooperation and school spirit. Such a season with success emanating from every undertaking could never have been pos- sible without the wonderful leadership of Miss Lawler. As the unseen hand guiding and di- recting our every activity, she gave unspar- ingly of her time, energy, and of that un- equalled spirit and enthusiasm which inspired all and spelled success for every endeavor. HOOP-ROLLING CONTEST jQ Fitchburg Normal £ j 103 Tm Q ie Saxifrage MUSIC When Miss Perry returned in September, after a year ' s leave of absence, the entire stu- dent body as well as the faculty greatly wel- comed her return. During the year, holiday exercises were held with appropriate programs arranged by Miss Perry. Exercises in observance of Armistice Day were held in the Assembly on November 11. Songs appropriate to the day were sung with much enthusiasm. Our celebration of Christmas was different from that of other years. The program for this year consisted of " Christmas in Other Lands. " The carols of other countries were sung by selected groups of students, and familiar songs were sung by the entire assemblage. Four musical projects were given by Senior girls under the careful supervision of Miss Perry. The Misses Reynolds and Yoffa pre- sented " Hansel and Gretel. " Miss Watson displayed her ability as a director of a Toy Symphony. The Misses Webber and Curley wrote and presented an original cantata. The Misses Boyle and Elson presented " The Con- quest of the Flowers, " a cantata written by Mr. Louis Elson, a noted musician of Boston, who is a near relative of Miss Elson. Those who took part in these projects were largely children from the training schools. In the presence of veterans of the past wars Memorial Day exercises were given. Kipling ' s " Recessional, " " The Home Road, " and other patriotic songs were rendered by the student body. The J. H. S. IV Class worked out and pre- sented to us during the last week of school, which was devoted to music, a very interest- ing project which had for its title " Music ' s Contribution to the World. " A most pleasing program was arranged for Sing Out. The success of this musical pro- gram was the result of constant preparation under the guiding hand of Miss Perry. The program follows: SING OUT PROGRAM Told at Sunset MacDowell PIANO Unfold, ye Portals ( " Redemption " ) Gounod Lovely Appear ( " Redemption " ) Gounod Who is Sylvia? Schubert Massa Dear Johnson Recognition of Land Grieg ADDRESS Meeting of the Waters Moore Wind and the Sea Taylor and Cauffman Build Thee Stately Mansions Holmes-Farwell Nocturne ( " Midsummer Night ' s Dream " ) Mendelssohn Summer Thompson Crossing the Bar Barnby Now the Day is Over Barnby As has been customary, Mr. Wallace offered to us the opportunity of writing the music essay. This year the subject of the thesis was " The Great Folk Songs of the Nations, Their Characteristics and Influences. " Twenty-two of the students gladly took advantage of the offer not only in view of the tempting prizes which were offered, $75, $50, and $25 in gold, but also because of the valuable knowledge which would be obtained in covering this subject. Graduation Day, the last meeting of the Senior Class, proved a crowning success for the music department when the following selec- tions were rendered by the whole Senior Class: Barcarolle Amorflis Swan Song Densmore Ghys Saint-Sains |Q Fitchburg Normal £ j 105 ffiie Saxifrage DRAMATICS Westward the course of empire takes its way, The four first acts already past, A fifth shall close the drama with the day; Time ' s noblest offspring is the last. During the year 1922-1923 dramatics held full sway at Fitchburg Normal School. Proj- ects given by Seniors were numerous, and many were cleverly worked out. The year 1923-1924 has seen fewer but better attempts by aspiring actors and pro- ducers, and we may feel justly proud of the results. Miss Williams has worked unceas- ingly for better representative work on our part, and we wish to thank her for her effort. We are ver} grateful to her and to all the casts for setting such high standards for fu- ture performances. " NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH " January 24, 1923 Clarence Van Dusen Thomas Keating E. M. Ralston » John Fitzpatrick Bishop Doran Henry Wagner Dick Donnelly Henry Werner Robert Bennett Austin M. O ' Toole Mrs. E. M. Ralston Mary Larson Gwendolyn Ralston Barbara McGee Ethel Clark Helen Muzzey Mabel Jackson Barbara Donelson Sabel Jackson Catherine Quigley Martha Mary Fogarty " Nothing But the Truth " was a pleasing three-act play presented by the Junior Dra- matic Club. This, the first major production by the organization, was very successful, and, judging from the applause and appreciation by the audience, was quite worthy. " THE MAN FROM HOME " June 18, 1923 Daniel Voorhees Pike Paul J. Corcoran Grand Duke Vasilivitch Philip Sullivan The Earl of Hawcastle James Burke The Hon. Almeric St. Aubyn Thomas Carr Ivanoff Paul Sullivan Horace Granger-Simpson Fred Bacon Ribiere Edward Fitzgerald Mariano John Walsh Michele Clifford Wheeler Carabiniere Charles Crowley Carabiniere Leo Flanagan Ethel Granger-Simpson Sybell Lawrence Comtesse de Champigny Gertrude Shea Lady Creech Lillian Taft " The Man from Home " was a fitting cul- mination to the commencement program of 1923. The play was worthy of great praise and certainly symbolized the spirit of the class of ' 23. The interest of the audience was held from the beginning to end, and evidenced a sincere appreciation of the play. " THE GHOST STORY " October 26, 1924 George Paul J. Corcoran Anna Catherine Can ' y Mary Margaret E. Sullivan Grace Grace Boyle Lennie Lina Grammont Tom Henry Werner Floyd Char ' es Crowley Lynn John Fitzpatrick Fred Charles Doherty This one-act play, a humorous sketch by Booth Tarkington, was presented at the Hal- loween Party by J. H. S. IV. Weird, bewitch- ing, confusing, mystical, it was a fitting pro- duction for the occasion. " 1625-1920 " Grandmother Dorothy Hopkins Granddaughter Iona Lizotte This project, given by the Junior Class at the Valentine Party, was a delightful contribu- tion to the evening ' s merriment. " NATHAN HALE " February 19, 1924 Nathan Hale John Fitzpatrick Guy Fitzroy Richards Ballou Lieut. Knowlton Edward Nelson Capt. Adams Henry Wagner Cunningham James Fryer |Q Fitchburg Normal 2 J 107 he Saxifrage i Ebenezer Lebanon Robert Quirk Tom Adams Ferdinand Toupence William Hull Thomas Bowler The Jefferson Boy Stuart Kenyon The Talbot Boy John Randall Jasper Ralph Killelea Alice Adams Helen Devaney Mistress Knowlton Marjorie Stearns Angelica Knowlton Mary Carmody Widow Chichester Dora Cunniff Sentinel William Moran Three Soldiers Gustaf Larson, Ronald Holt, Richard Kennedy A different type of play was presented by the Gaveleers this year when " Nathan Hale, " an American historical play, was given. The difficulties of setting, costumes and atmos- phere were cleverly overcome, and the play stands out as another milestone in the excel- lent list of Gaveleer productions. " CATHLEEN NI HOOLIHAN " March 17, 1924 Bridget Louise Callahan Peter Philip Cashman Michael Austin O ' Toole Cathleen Ni Hoolihan Barbara McGee Dielia Margaret E. Sullivan Patrick John O ' Niel This project, the work of Charles Crowley and Robert Quirk, was given in Assembly on St. Patrick ' s Day. It was very representative of the dramatic technique of William Butler Yeats, the Irish playwright. " A MAKER OF DREAMS " April 23, 1924 Maker of Dreams Jane Collins Pierette Eleanor Pratt Pierrot Margaret E. Sullivan This delightful fantasy in one act was given in connection with the G. A. A. Carnival in the Library. Misses Ruth Fiske and Margaret Coombs, assisted by a number of students and faculty, made the entire evening a great suc- cess. " DISRAELI " June 14, 1924 Duke of Glastonbury Henry Wagner Duchess of Glastonbury Hazel Thomas Clarissa, Lady Pevensey Catherine Canty Charles, Viscount Deeford James Fryer Adolphus, Viscount Cudworth Ronald Holt Lady Cudworth Margaret E. Sullivan Lord Brooke Arthur Hilbert Lady Brooke Edla Lavalley Rt. Hon. Benjamin Disraeli Paul Corcoran Lady Beaconsfield Helen Downey Mrs. Noel Travers Barbara Donelson Sir Michael Probert John Fitzpatrick Mr. Hugh Meyers Thomas Carr Mr. Lumley Foljambe Philip Cashman Butler at Glastonbury Towers Charles Doherty Bascot „ Potter Thomas O ' Horo Flooks Torquato Bazzinotti Our Senior Class Play was worthy of great praise and certainly manifested the spirit of the Class of ' 24. |Q Fitchbur ff Normal 2 ■ m liMX !iM CMie Saxifrage THE GAVELEERS Back Row — Diaper, Gilligan, Fryer, Hilbert, Kennedy, McLean, Henderson, Toupence. Center Row — Bowler, Larson, Killelea, O ' Horo, Corcoran, Brown, Leslie, Matte. Front Row — F. Roche, Stafford, Quirk, Holt (Sec.-Treas.), Nelson (Pres.), Ballou (Vice-Pres.), Wagner, Moran. GAVELEERS ' LITERARY SOCIETY " Goodf ellowship " President, Edwin Nelson Secretary-Treasurer, Ronald F. Holt Vice-President, Richards A. Ballou Faculty Advisor, C. Blair MacLean Honorary Members: Susan M. Williams, Lawrence D. Brady, Francis C. O ' Connell, Lawrence A. Barriere, Anthony T. Stavaski, Leonard Wright The Gaveleers ' Society was organized De- cember 10, 1921. The formation of the organ- ization was due to certain groups of men who thought they should have more training along- literary lines and that they should promote goodfellowship among the entire student body. The charter members were Lawrence D. Brady, F. C. O ' Connell, C. A. Stafford, C. H. Stafford, Roy A. Anderson, W. J. Burns, and K. P. Gregory. During the year 1922-23 the full quota of members was reached. During this year a number of fine entertainments were given. December 14, 1923, was set apart as Gavel- eers ' Day. An appropriate talk on the ideals and aspirations of the club was given in As- sembly by Mr. Corcoran. In the evening a successful dancing party was held. On Feb. 19, the second annual play, " Nathan Hale, " was produced in the same commendable way as was " Strongheart. " It was both a dramatic and financial success. The weekly programs have united the mem- bers in a group, in which the spirit of good- fellowship and true friendship is highly ex- emplified. jQ Fitchburg Normal 2 109 he Saxifrage DEBATING TEAM Standing — McLean, Corcoran, Nelson. Sitting — Miss K. Roche, Miss Saltzman, Miss Lucey. MjV j Q Fitchbur o Normal 2 V no he Saxifrage DEBATING COUNCIL Standing — Bowler, Miss A. Murphy, Killelca, Miss Woollacott, Wagner. Sitting— Miss Mullin, Miss Marsh, Corcoran (Pres.), Nelson (Treas. ), Miss Dillon, Miss McConville. DEBATES In the early part of the school year a great deal of enthusiasm was aroused in debating, a debating society was formed, and the student body elected the following officers: President, Paul Corcoran; Secretary, Mary Larson; Treasurer, Edward Nelson. The officers decided that representatives should be chosen from the different classes. The following students were chosen by their classmates. J. H. S. IV, Paul Corcoran; Senior I, Anna Mur- phy; Senior III, Mary Larson; P. A. Senior I, Ralph Killelea; P. A. Senior II, Edwin Nelson; Junior I, Gertrude McConville; Junior II, Ann Dillon; Junior III, Mary Marsh; Junior IV, Mary Mullen; Junior V, Edith Woollacott; P. A. Junior, Thomas Bowler; Gaveleers, Henry Wagner. This council met and discussed plans for arranging a series of intra-class debates, to be held every Thursday morning at Assembly. From the speakers in these debates, a school team was to be chosen for participation in interscholastic contests. The following debates were held in accord- ance with the schedule arranged by the coun- cil: October 25: On this date Senior III holding the affirmative, and Junior I, negative, debated the following question: solved, That children under ten years of age should be forbidden to attend present day movies. up- the Re- Affirmative Mary O ' Toole Mary Larson Barbara Donelson Negative Helen Devaney Frances Nordberg Alice Tanner The decision was in favor of the affirmative team, representing Senior III. The judges were Miss Williams, Mr. Kirkpatrick, and Charles Kilpatrick. November 1 : The subject chosen for this debate aroused great interest. Resolved, That the principle of the closed shop should be adopted in American industry. .T |Q Fitchburg Normal 2 m ffiie Saxifrage Affirmative Negative Henry Werner Bruce McLean Margaret Lucey Henry Wagner J. Arthur Smith Edwin Nelson The judges, Miss Katherine McCarty, Mr. Harrington, and Katherine G. Roche, awarded the decision to the Gaveleers. November 8: Resolved, That Christmas giving should be discouraged, was the subject of a heated argument between Junior III, Affirmative, and Junior IV, Negative. Affirmative Negative Marion Seaver Mary Marsh Weino Riddell Vera Goodrich Marion Ray Bessie Saltzman The decision was awarded to the negative team, representing Junior IV. The judges were Miss Doland, Mr. Anthony, and John Fitzpatrick. November 15: Resolved, That men and women should receive equal pay for the same work. The P. A. Seniors, Section II and Junior V represented respectively the negative and affirmative sides of the question. Affirmative Negative Velma Carey Paul Leslie Mae Toomey Richards Ballou Helen Riordan Carroll Davenport Miss Webster, Mr. Livermore, and Charles Crowley were convinced by the members of the negative team that men and women should not receive equal compensation for the same work. November 22: On this date, an exception- ally fine debate was held. The J. H. S. IV Class, upholding the negative, and the P. A. Juniors the affi irmative, debated the following: Resolved, That the United States Govern- ment should own and control the coal mines. Affirmative Negative James O ' Sullivan Paul J. Corcoran Thomas Bowler Katherine G. Roche Shirley Bohaker Charles Crowley The decision was unanimous in favor of the negative team, representing J. H. S. IV. The judges were Miss Doland, Mr. Kirkpatrick, and Ralph Killelea. December 13: Resolved, That France was justified in the occupation of the Ruhr. P. A. Seniors vs. Junior V. Affirmative Negative Ralph Killelea Gertrude Cunningham John King Francis Hurlbut Thomas Carr Ann Dillon The judges were Mrs. Still, Miss Lawler, and Margaret E. Sullivan. The affirmative won. The debating council elected the following school team: Paul Corcoran, Katherine Roche, and Charles Crowley, of the J. F£. S. IV class; Margaret Lucey of the Senior Class; Bessie Saltzman of the Junior Class; Bruce McLean, Edwin Nelson, and Carroll Davenport of the Senior P. A. Class. February 1, a dual debate was held with Keene Normal School. The question was " Re- solved, That the closed shop should be adopted in American Industry. " F. N. S. Affirmative Paul Corcoran Carroll Davenport Bessie Saltzman Bessie Saltzman Carroll Davenport Paul Corcoran Charles Crowley K. N. S. Affirmative Lillian Mclntyre Marion Ordway Anna Hedman Margaret Brown Lillian Mclntyre Anna Hedman AT FITCHBURG K N. S. Negative Helen Collins Alice Bartlett Hazel Barden Rebuttal Doris Parker Alice Bartlett Hazel Barden Alternates Doris Parker AT KEENE F. N. S. Negative Bruce McLean Katherine Roche Edwin Nelson Rebuttal Katherine Roche Edwin Nelson Bruce McLean Alternates Margaret Lucey Margaret Brown Keene Normal won both debates, receiving a unanimous vote at Fitchburg, and a two- to-one verdict at Keene, but the two teams of Fitchburg Normal did a remarkably fine piece of work, and upheld the honor of their school in a creditable manner. |Q Fitchbur g Normal 2 112 Qlie Saxifrage DORMITORY STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION The Class of 1924, upon its return in Sep- tember, 1923, was intrusted with the duty of furthering the work of this association, which had its inception in the school year 1923. At a dormitory meeting in June, 1923, the following officers were elected for this year: President, Julia O ' Brien ' 24; Vice-Presi- dent, Millicent Allyn ' 24; Secretary, Eneid Rossiter ' 24; Treasurer, Olive Boyle ' 24. House President Palmer Hall, Vera Hayes ' 24. House President Miller Hall, Jane Collins ' 24. Vice-President Palmer Hall, Cathryn Whalen ' 25. Vice-President Miller Hall, Alice Tanner, ' 25 ' . Senior Members at Large, Charlotte Pickard, Mary Forster, Marion Marlowe. Junior Members at Large, Catherine Hafey, Mae Toomey, Mabel Vanslett. The second Student Government banquet was given November 17, 1923, in the Palmer Hall dining room. The guests of honor were Mrs. Grace B. McLean — to whom we owe the successful organization of Student Government -and Miss Alice Carey, first president of Stu- dent Government, each of whom gave a toast to the association. The officers of the association gave brief ad- dresses, which were followed- by the Student Government songs, in the singing of which all entered wholeheartedly. Too much credit cannot be given to our president, Miss Julia O ' Brien, who capably assumed the leadership of the association and so conscientiously fulfilled the duties of her position. MjV ] | Q Fitchbur g Normal ? J13 ffiie Saxifrage DAY GIRLS ' STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION Standing — Miss Ray, Miss Mudgett, Miss Watson, Miss Larson, Miss Curley, Miss Hughes Sitting — Miss Bacon, Miss Harris (Treas.), Miss Bousquet (Pres.), Miss Learned (Sec.) DAY GIRLS ' ASSOCIATION President, Beatrice Bousquet Vice-President, Edna Paulson Officers Council Members — Mary Bacon, Frances Curley, Helen Devaney, Hazel Hughes, Gladys Kean, Hazel Mudgett, Martha Philbin, Mar- ion Ray, Sarah Watson, Alice Woods. This association, which includes all students not residing in the dormitories, was founded for the express purpose of fostering a higher degree of individual responsibility, of uphold- ing the highest standards of honor in matters of personal conduct, and of bringing all stu- dents into a solid band. It has, in this, the second year of its existence, striven not only to maintain the excellent standing already estab- lished but to advance a step further on the way toward making this association vital to every one. First and foremost we count among our Secretary, Daisy Learned Treasurer. Frances Harris choicest hours those in which we laid aside book and pen and gathered round the festive board. With song and laughter reigning su- preme, a feeling of goodfellowship prevailed. We owe a great deal of gratitude to our friends and fellow-students, the " dorm " girls, who have done much for our comfort and pleasure in giving us a cozy rest-room, and the use of the recreation room in Miller Hall, where we are free to spend our extra time while on the campus. As the year draws to a close, we extend to the future members our sincere wishes for their success in overcoming the obstacles which still confront the association and which mean so much for the happiness and well- being of the Day Girls. Vl I 9 Fitchbur g Normal ? 114 ' ,A T " he Saxifrage t hi 7 w ■ ro? i a , : r h J 1 m % f j i m iw i - ■ ' ■ ■■■;■ " .■. ■ ' .■ ' ■. w ' . ' ■ ' ,;■ :. ' - , ' :; -: - PRACTICAL ARTS— SECTION ONE Standing — Kilpatrick, Walker, VVillard, Weston, Kennedy, Burgess, King. Sitting — Carr, Draper, Stafford, Killelea, Mr. Clancy (Faculty Advisor), Boylston, Holt, Hayes. PRACTICAL ARTS, Section One During the third year the Senior men in this department organized as a separate unit and the following officers were elected: President, Ralph Killelea; Secretary, Ward Boylston; Vice-President, Clayton Stafford; Treasurer, George Draper; Advisor, Henry J. Clancy. Motto — " United we stand; divided we stand no chance at all. " The group of men which entered in 1921 later became known as Section One. There was no particular motive in organizing; only the men thought that they could avail them- selves of greater opportunities through co- operation. A few of the men finished during the year but the majority remained for grad- uation. " Duke " Boylston was with us but half a year and then transferred to the wilds of New Hampshire, where he is attending the Univer- sity. " Clayt " Stafford concluded his period of probation in February and is teaching in Web- ster, Mass. " Tramp " Moran was another one of the mortals who left in the middle of the year. At present Tramp is resting in order that he may resume his work in the fall. " Lemon " Burgess became tired about the same time that the rest of the half-year men did, and accepted a position in New Jersey as a first-class teacher. " Jonko " King is one of those happy-go- lucky fellows, yet he always manages to be near the top. He is an indispensable man on the diamond. " Luke " Hayes has been a popular boy dur- ing his sojourn here, both in and out of class. " toV{Q Fitchburg Normal 2 115 ) Q he Saxifrage He surely does take credit for managing a won- derful ball team. " Ben " Holt is the busiest man in the sec- tion and may be seen any time, provided that you have an appointment with him. A great deal of credit for the success of the Year Book is due to Ben. " Dick " Kennedy is the athlete of the sec- tion. He cannot be surpassed on the basket ball floor — and then, too, in one other respect, he is quite capable. Ralph " Kil " is cne of the ex-service men spending a vacation of three years here. How- ever, Kil forgot the vacation end of it and is now first assistant to the captain. George Draper, the man with the perma- nent smile and prolific " line, " is a live wire. George chases nickels for the F. L. during his spare time. " Charlie " Kilpatrick came to us after a va- ried army experience, and he certainly knows the world from his contact with men. He anticipates a professorship in a military col- lege. " Honey " Weston is the other member of the Section who starred on the basket ball floor. Desiring to increase his knowledge of the profession he went to New Hampshire with " Duke. " " Ike " Willard is the plugger of the section. He believes that work brings its reward. He is teaching Continuation School in Fitchburg. " Mut " Gilbert is so quiet that the pen re- fuses to say a great deal about him. He is a violinist par excellence. " Dupe " Walker is the all around shop man of the section. He can be seen in any one of his offices after hours working hard. He is a great radio bug, and we expect he ' ll head the Radio Corporation of America before he ' s been out very long. Henry J. Clancy, our faculty advisor, will always be remembered for his genial disposi- tion and for his kindness in giving advice and suggestions at all times. jQ Fitchburg Normal 2 115 •mi I : r. B ffiie Saxifrage JOKES Sayings of Famous Men, Women Mr. Parkinson — We will now read together the seventh selection. Mr. Kirkpatrick — Other things being equal, we conclude — Mr. Harrington — That ' s that. Mr. Smith — I might say that our faculties need training. Mr. Randall — There are several classes of insects, among them the coleoptera, corrodentia, ephemerida, aupleuoptera, and thyanoptera. Miss Perry — When we have learned to appreciate the worth-while things in music — Miss Lawler — The aims of physical education are — Miss McCarty — Now then, will you review yester- day ' s lesson, Miss — Mr. Akeley — Don ' t lose your putty knife. Mr. Morrell — Would you call that an elementary project? Mr. Livermore — Where ' s my tweezers? Mr. McLean — Cut out the horse-play. Miss Doland — You don ' t know, do you ? You can tell a Normal School student any- where — but you can ' t tell her much. Mr. Harrington — How many men work in your shop, Mr. Akeley? Mr. Akeley — Oh, I should say at a rough guess, about two-thirds of them. Ambition Mr. Gilligan — There goes " Sull " with a new Buick sedan. Mr. Belisle (facing Mr. Gilligan) — I cer- tainly would like to see it; what a pity I ' m not facing that way. Peg (sewing on a button very energetically. Brownie appears suddenly) — It ' s too bad, Brownie, the careless way you put this but- ton on. This is the fifth time I ' ve had to sew it on myself. A Moral Lesson Miss Mullin — Children, be diligent and steadfast and you will succeed. Do you re- member my telling you of the great difficulty George Washington had to contend with? Freddie — Yes, teacher. He couldn ' t tell a lie. Superintendent-Would you tell me what book helped you most in life? O ' Toole— My bank book. Miss Flannery — Johnny, you may read. Johnny — This is a warm doughnut; step on it. Miss Flannery — Why, Johnny, let me see your book. This is what she found: This is a worm. Do not step on it. Miss Gavitte — I must admit that I ' m very fond of men ' s clothes. You don ' t like them, do you? Miss Cunniff — Yes, I do when there ' s a man in them. Miss Webster — Give for one year the num- ber of tons of coal shipped out of the United States. Miss Murphy— 1492: None. I took a quiz This morning And I found out that " What you don ' t know Won ' t hurt you " Does not work at all times. Phil — Last night I dreamt that I was mar- ried to the most beautiful girl in the world. Gert — Oh, Phil! Were we happy? Mr. Smith — For tomorrow take the life of Dr. Johnson. Miss Murphy — How? Cj Fitchburg Normal 2 J The Saxifrage The Girl Athlete She could swing a six-pound dumb-bell, She could fence and she could box; She could row upon the river, She could clamber ' mong the rocks; She could golf from morn to evening And play tennis all day long, But she couldn ' t help her mother ' Cause she wasn ' t very strong. Poor Lot ' s wife turned to salt, alas! Her fate was most unkind; No doubt she only wished to see How hung her skirt behind. As a Junior Says It Twinkle, twinkle, little star, How I wonder what you are; Up above the world so high Like a diamond in the sky. As a Senior Says It Scintillate, scintillate, luminous constellation, Interrogatively I question your constituent element ; In your prodigious altitude above terrestial sphere, Similar to a carbonaceous isiotic suspended in the celestial firmament. Senior I Student — I made an awful break yesterday in class. Inquisitive Junior — What was it? Senior I Student — I dropped a clinical ther- mometer in the science room. In Sociology Mr. K. — Can anyone procure anything to- day that is not the result of cooperative ac- tivity? Corcoran — An appetite. Carr — Luke, is the baseball team going to practice today? Hayes — No, Ruthie wants to go to the movies. Mr. McLean — All you men must draw up a project which can be used in later life. Ken- nedy, what is your project? Dick — " A hope chest. " She — Let ' s go, Bob; it ' s beginning to rain. Bob — Oh, no, we ' re sitting beneath a weep- ing willow. The Simple Life — Doing your own work. The Strenuous Life — Doing someone else ' s work. The Modern Life — Letting someone else do your work. In Dining Hall Miss Fiske — I am sorry, but the cocoa is exhausted. Fitzpatrick — Ah! I expected as much. It has been weak for some time. At Normal Spa Normal Senior (buying a ham sandwich) — Isn ' t it a shame to murder pigs just to feed us? Mr. Dolan (indignantly) — Say, let me tell you our sandwiches do not have the meat of murdered animals in them. Our meat comes from hogs that die a natural death. Miss Murphy (to her class during gym les- son) — All ready now, children, take your last big breath with me. Ready — 1, 2. Miss Williams (calling the roll) — Miss Lucy, Miss Lynch, Miss Mague. Student — Miss Mague was married yester- day. Miss Williams (realizing her error) — Oh! Has anyone else made that mistake today? Miss Mannix- Miss Forster- -I got zero in gym today. -That ' s nothing. When you aspired to an " A " Or had hopes of a " B " , But all the " prof " would give you Was a measly little " D " ; What ' s the use of living? Oh, wall, please fall on me! Miss Yoffa — How near did you come to the right answer to the second question in the theory test? Miss Mullen — Just four seats away. Postoffice, February 14, 1924 Junior — Gee, I ' ve got a letter. Hope it ' s a valentine. Bored Senior — Well, while there ' s life there ' s hope. Y j Q Fitchbui ft Normal ? YcF 118 jThe Saxifrage WHAT???? NAME Mary Bacon Marcella Boyle . . Jessie Brazier .... Catherine Canty . Elizabeth Childs . Jane Collins Katherine Roche . Catherine Tobin . Emma Aveyard . . Margaret Briggs . Amelia Brock .... Edith Duquette . . Helen Flannery . . Marian Jewett . . . Julia Keefe Edla Levalley . . . Barbara McGee . . Margaret Meegan Esther Miller Hazel Mudgett . . Helen Muzzey . . . Martha Ohrbom . Georgia Allen .... Millicent Allyn . . Nellie Anderson . . Edna Atkins Darthea Atkinson . Ada Austin Hazel Bertram . . . Beatrice Bousquet Marion Boyle .... Mary Brennan Pauline Brock Ruth Brooks Gertrude Brown . Catherine Burke . , Elizabeth Callahan Mary Callery Reba Chalmers . . . Rachel Colton Margaret Coombs . Eva Coughlin Dorothea Cunniff . Frances Curley Grace Daley Madlyn Dacey Helen Dempsey . . . Mary Dolan NICKNAME THINKS SHE IS NOTED FOR .Maizie Jessie ' s guardian Good marks . Gracie A model student Studying .J Mr. Smith ' s helper Delight in school . Caddie Authority on primary education . Good aim .Betty Miss Lamprey ' s assistant Her proposals . Janey Talented in nature study Sh-h-h ! . Kathie Captain of wooden soldiers Having her work done . Tobey A No. 1 in nature study Riding her hobby . Emm Wild Teaching penmanship . Brigsie A vamp Her curly hair . Milly Fairy-like Her salesgirl ability . Duke A second Mrs. Vernon Castle . . . Her " spats " .Freckles Slim Her Irish wit . Chewit An historian Her knowledge of art . Jule Second Paderewski Piano playing .Ed Just right Her grin .Barb In the limelight Ceaseless chatter .Peg Tall Hiking ability (a la Ford) .Size . Her love for drawing .Her chatter . Her stories . Her decided opinions . Es A man hater . Hazel An arithmetic shark . Muz Unique .Mart Important . Georgie Studious .Mill An athlete Her high color . Nel Reducing Leap year letters . Edna Noisy Her sedateness . Dar Energetic Her persistence . Austie Annette Kellerman ? Recitations .Shiver Authority on certain subjects . . .Her thrift . Bee A busy bee That schoolgirl complexion .Marion A man hater . Ignorance of men . Mary Sensible Brilliant recitations . Pauline Unimportant Her reliability . Brooksie Slender Her walk . Gert Cute Her friends . Cath Tiny Helping her friends . Red Demure Her personality . Mary All she should be Her hair . Reba Busy Her unobtrusiveness . Col Stout Her capability .Peg Ruth ' s nursemaid Basket ball ability . Eve A vamp Her line . Dora Palmer guard after 6.30 Monopolizing the library? .Fran A second Kreisler Her pleasing personality . Dal Jule ' s assistant Funny stories . Mad Harmless Looking bashful . Helen Cross Her dignified manner . Maggie Kidding everyone Her back porch jQ Fitchburg Normal 2 119 l ffiie Saxifrage NAME NICKNAME THINKS SHE IS NOTED FOR Noreen Dolphin Reen Everyone ' s dear Affectionate ways Barbara Donelson Barb Some kid Throwing a line Helen Downey Helen Wild woman Pleasing ways Ruby Elliott Rubbie Just herself Being conscientious Elizabeth Elson Betty In love with M Her love affairs Ruth Fiske Fiskie Precise That efficient manner Mary Fogarty Red Snappy That red-gold bob Gladys Forbush Glad Some penman Giggling Mary Forster Mary A heart-breaker Brilliant recitations Kathleen Gaetz Cassie Doing her bit Being good Mary Gallagher Mary Tall Good nature Dorothy Gavitte Dot Pretty special Her effusiveness Dorothy Glazier Dot A belle Runner-up to Barb Gertrude Glennon Gert Snappy Her weekly box Sadie Gold Sadie Noisy Her style Margaret Gohery Gorie Hurricane Hutch Ambition Lena Grammont Lena An early riser Being our president Bella Gruber Bella Abused Her wardrobe Anna Hanley Ann Deceiving us Her smile Lillian Haran Lil Stout Being tall Winifred Harrigan Winnie Living model Her frisco Frances Harris Mud Fooling everybody Studious aspect Frances Hassett Fran Business-like Gentle voice Grace Hayden Gracie Dignified Good nature Vera Hayes Vera Able to discipline Auburn locks Alice Healey Al Nazimova Her shingle Irene Hester Hess Just right Bowling ability Mildred Hines Hinsey Industrious Her friends Helen Hosmer Hen An angel child Lively ways Irene Howe Irene Some waitress Her sojourns to Biddeford Dorothy Hughes Dot A second Rembrandt Kewpie-ish-ness Gladys Ingalls Shingles An actress Talking Agnes Joyce Ag A hairdresser Artistic temperament Gladys Kean Gladie Going to be a school-ma ' am .... Her writing ability Cecelia Killelea Ceil Constance Talmadge Poodles Helen Kimball Helen A modest violet Her gentle voice Mildred King Pickles Heart-breaker Loud talking Katherine Kinsley Kitty Pretty nice Philosophical sayings Stella Lamson Rusty Keen about W. T Her good disposition Mary Larson Mary Julia Marlowe Dignified manner Agnes Leahy Ag A good flivverite Being Cassie ' s shadow Dorothy Leahey Dot Grown up Her size Daisy Learned Dizzy Going to be an old maid Her popularity Margaret Lucey Peg Too good to live long The eyes have it Ruthy Lynch Ruth A shark Doing her lessons Mildred Maher Millie Good in arithmetic Knowledge of Smith Ellen Mannix E. J Member of funny five Killing time Marian Marlowe Marian Worth looking at Affected ways Gertrude Marlborough . . Gert In love with both of them Her good looks Fitchbur g Normal 2 120 ffiie Saxifrage NAME NICKNAME THINKS S(HE) IS NOTED FOR Beatrice Martin Bee A prima donna Her volunteer work Ruth McCann Ruth Leader of the " bashful bobs " . . Attendance at assembly Mary McCarthy Mary Unimportant Usefulness Irene McCollester Irene Big enough Her grin Alice Mclnerney Al All she should be Short stories Katherine Miller Kate Aesthetic Her coiffure Elizabeth Moran Betty Likely to pass Decided opinions Loretta Mullin Retta Slender Wit Anna Murphy Anna Rose Masculine Debating ability Florence Murphy Murph A second Palmer Her laugh Mary Murray Mae Running 5 and 10 Freckles Julia O ' Brien Jule Very competent Loyalty to S. G. Ruth O ' Connell Oakie Noisy Being good Catherine O ' Toole Kitty Jimmie ' s only Arguing Mary O ' Toole Mae An artist Cynicism Dorothy Parker Dot Reforming us Pleasantness Edna Paulson Nah Opera star Star gum chewer Martha Philbin Phil Frail and delicate Good disposition Margaret Prevo Peggy Cute Flirting Mary Raleigh Minnie A cut-up Unassuming manner Lucie Reynolds Lucie Unimpressionable Perfect recitations Eva Rosenberg Tiny Studying hard Her size Florence Rossiter Enid Business-like Musical ability Faye Rowley Faye Fascinating Misdemeanors Bertha Rueger Bert Noisy One of the gang Edith Sault Edie All for Sam Cleverness with needle Abbie Sca nlon Abbie Appealing to the men Wanted — A man with a car Edith Sigurdson Sig Beautiful Flaxen hair Mildred Smith Milly Artist Her giggle Ruth Smith Smitty Pretty clever Prim ways Bertha Spack Sparky Jazz band director Her original slang Dorothy Stack Dot A fashion plate Clothes Margery Stearns Midge Theda Bara Gazing at herself Ruth Sullivan Ruthie Real tall Jimmy Margaret E. Sullivan .... Peg A scientist Angelic expression Margaret C. Sullivan M. C Talkative Faithfulness Eleanor Swift Swifty A Spanish senorita Worshiping " Ruddy " Hazel Thomas Hazel Getting thin Everlasting smile Alice Warburton Al Serious Constancy to Dot Margaret Ward Wardy A physical director Tech interests Sarah Watson Sarah Musical School ma ' am attitude Beatrice Webber Bee Artist ' s model Dramatic ability Harriet Wilder Red Quiet Talking and eating Alice Winch Al Sensible Athletic ability Ruth Yoffa Pola Negri A woman of affairs Her roguish eyes Richards A. Ballou Smoke Corcoran ' s only rival His popularity Torquato E. Bazzinotti . .Teddy A reformer of the school Criticism Philip L. Belisle Nicodemus A sheik Dancing Ward N. Boylston Duke A comedian Sincerity Y 1 Q Fitchbur ft Normal 2 4 Yc XJ V ffiie Saxifrage NAME Charles F. Brown . . Ralph L. Burgess . . . Thomas F. Carr . . . Philip Cashman John S. Conry Paul J. Corcoran . . John S. Crang Charles M. Crowley Carroll Davenport . Charles E. Doherty John L. Fitzpatrick James J. Fryer, Jr. . Joseph P. Gilligan . . Francis L. Haley . . . Merle G. Hall James D. Hayes . . . James Henderson . . Arthur Hilbert Ronald F. Holt Richard L. Kennedy James Kielty Killelea, Ralph M. .. Charles J. Kilpatrick John M. King Stanley Kruszyna . . Gustaf A. Larson . . . Paul H. Leslie Arthur L. Leland . . . Charles E. Matte . . . Bruce McLean John T. McNally . . William T. Moran . . Edwin A. Nelson . . . Thomas M. O ' Horo Austin J. V. O ' Toole Robert E. Quirk . . . Francis R. Roache . . Paul C. Roche Timothy F. Sheehan James A. Smith .... Clayton A. Stafford . Edward C. Stebbins Joseph A. Sullivan . Henry G. Wagner . . Andrew B. Walker . Henry F. Werner, Jr. Ralph F. Weston . . . Owen E. Willard . . . Leon T. Yarter .... NICKNAME THINKS HE IS Stupe A clever linguist . . . Speed A romantic poet . . . Curls William Farnum .. NOTED FOR . Manly appearance .Versatility .Extemporaneous talk Buster An actor . . His fluent line Jack An athlete His good jokes Senator A great educator His vocabulary Noise A quiet fellow His shyness Chello A basket ball player His love of apples Davvy Pretty good Handling delicate questions Wiso . A heart-breaker His sportsmanship Fitz Immune from Cupid His good looks Jim A spendthrift His pleasing countenance Cruller A good debater His winning smile Flash A philosopher His knowledge of hair tonic Big Boy An optimist His gentlemanly acts Luke An acrobat His cheer-leading Red A wood finisher His red head ? Sheik A modern Adonis His famous poems Ben A photographer Classbook business manager Dick Old Man Palmer (Hall) Basket ball playing Kie Owner of the nights His tin-whacking Kil The originator of the bonus Good nature Dapper Director of the office Being a good sport Jonko Press agent for Marlboro His Christmas calendar Stan Ambassador of the Berkshires . . His cooperation Gus The Worcester Consolidated .... His persistency Les A good agitator Knowledge of girls Art The great " I AM " General knowledge Chick Bashful ??? His woodwork Nin Angelo Patri Debating Ikmik Joe college Playing guzinta Watson Just about right Getting up early Eddie Chief commuter to Gardner .... Gaveleer interest Bluebeard Owner of Tar Hill Permanent wave (his) Josh The town of Clinton The impersonating act Abe From a big town Playing guzinta Lightning He has been through the mill . . Summer camp work Rocky A regular fellow His athletic ability Tim An easy going sort of gent His great hitting Smitty Familiar with Clinton His ambition at school Staff Well versed on Stud. Govt His good note books Eddie Chief cook and bottle washer . . . His quotations Joe Acquainted with Gardner His baseball captaincy Speed A fast worker His slow motion Scratch Stepping out with the gang Playing the lone wolf Rudolf A wonderful dancer Helping everyone Wes The collegiate number His track record Cy Worldly wise ????? His singing Cap Has an affection for brunettes. . . His Men ' s A. A. work j Q Fitchbur o Normal ? YD " 122 DANCING AT WHALOM PARK FITCHBURG ' NEATH THE BEAUTIFUL PINES RAIN OR SHINE N E W M A M M O T H B A L L R O O M WHALOM INN BEST OF FOOD EXCELLENT SERVICE UN-KE-CHE-WALON CAFE ON THE LAKE FRONT LIGHT LUNCHES, COLLEGE ICES, HOT WAFFLES We specialize in Wholesome Recreation LEON E. HALL AND ROBERT S. LUFKIN, Proprietors H h let ' s WzKsre It will make the affair more entertaining if we cater to your wants. We have had so much experience — our courtesy and tact are as commendable as our food. So. before ) ou send the invitations out you may want our counsel. We ' ll gladly furnish you with an estimate. Tell us how many guests you plan to entertain. HARRY E. KENDALL Fitchburgs Caterer 70 Green Street, Tel. 2064-W. Fitchburg, Mass. 123 v The Goodnow- Pearson Company FITCHBURG ' S DEPARTMENT STORE SPECIAL ATTENTION GIVEN STUDENTS ' TRADE Complete Outfits for Young Men and Young Women are to be found in this One Great Store Street Floor Second Floor Our Down Stairs Store ' Men ' s and Boys ' Clothing and Furnishings. Men ' s and Boys ' Shoes and Hats. Women ' s Gloves, Neckwear and Jewelry. Women ' s Handbags and Handkerchiefs. Women ' s Furs, Garments and Blouses. Silk and Muslin Underwear, Corsets, Brassieres. House Dresses and Aprons. Women ' s and Girls ' Shoes. Millinery. Infants ' and Children ' s Wear. Rugs, Floor Coverings, Draperies. Curtains, Trunks and Bags. Auto Tires. a A Few Steps Down, But It Pays To Go. " Dry Goods, Hosiery, Small wares. Notions, Knit Underwear, Dress Goods. Pictorial Review Patterns. THE GOODNOW-PEARSON CO. Operators of Sixteen Stores in Four States PHOTOGRAPHS Made at our Studio are more than the ordinary run of pictures — they are intimate personal portraits Class Photographer 1924 Gardner Artist Studio (GEORGE BERGROTH, Local Manager ) 775 MAIN STREET, FITCHBURG, MASS. Telephone 2825 THE PHOTOGRAPHER IN YOUR TOWN 12 5 WILLIAM A. DOE COMPANY Wholesale Dealers in BEEF, PORK, LAMB, VEAL, POULTRY FISH, BUTTER, CHEESE EGGS, OILS, OLIVES SELEX, JAMS, PICKLES Faneuil Hall Market, Boston MAIN OFFICE, 34 MERCHANTS ROW TELEPHONE, CONGRESS 7020, ALL DEPARTMENTS Success Brand Pure Food Products Red Cross Coffee GUARANTEED BY C. A. CROSS CO. INCORPORATED FITCHBURG AND AYER 126 In our Metis Shop Knox Hats, $7.00, $7.50 Phoenix Hose, 35c up to $1.85 pair Carter ' s Underwear, $1.50 up to $4.50 Yorke Shirts, $2.00 up to $10.00 Arrow Collars, 20c up to 35c B. V. D. ' s, $1.50 Note: Our " Men s Shop " has a separate Main Street Rntrance NICHOLS 6C FROST, Inc. c c Dress Up and Succeed " CLOTHES THAT HELP YOU Good Clothes do go a long way in winning suc- cess. They give you an entree — and establish you as a " comer. " And here are such Clothes — designed to give you that desired appearance and that subconscious feeling of going ahead. Featured at $30 $50 and all between prices KIMBALL Qc SON COMPANY 127 Why Trade in Boston When you can get the best at home ? S. S. PIERCE ' S RED LABEL CANNED FOODS ARE UNEXCELLED F. L. Drury Sons Co. Sole Distributors for Fitchburg Haberdasher and Hatter to Young Men Al ' s Men ' s Shop Amer ican House Block 305 Main St. Depot Square Two-in- One " Fashion Park " Clothes For Sport or Business F. H. LANE COMPANY FITCHBURG Compliments of MURPHY ' S Drug Store Main at Day Street 128 Seventeen years ago the Brockelman ' s Store was started on a strictly cash basis. Our Cash Policy was then a matter of necessity Today ' with n Brockelman ' s Markets and Stores r we are among the Largest Food Distributors in New England Our Cash Policy is still in force as a matter of choice. It is the very foundation of our greater value giving BROCKELMAN BROS, Inc. FITCHBURG LEOMINSTER CLINTON GARDNER, MASS. NASHUA, N. H. BOSTON FITCHBURG WORCESTER liter Smart Clothes 0 = 0 16 Prichard Street FITCHBURG REAL ESTATE The Live Wire William Teto See Me First INSURANCE YELLOW CAB An Institution as well as a Cab Company YELLOW CAB has grown big in this city because you, the public, have made it so. When we founded this business, we hoped through good service and low rates to com- mand your patronage and good will. While we are justly proud of YELLOW CAB success, we fully realize the increased obligation and responsibilities which have been imposed upon us. We are striving every hour to work out ways and means to make YELLOW CAB service cheaper, safer and more convenient. And that is why we will continue to grow and prosper. Hail Them Anywhere YELLOW CAB CO. Phone 27 129 ■ i Compliments of RITTER - FLORIST We Repair Everything That Compliments of You Wear American Eagle Lunch Custom Tailor JOHN A. FADDOUL A. SNEGG 6 Main Street Cor. Myrtle Avenue and Lunenburg Street PAUL PETERS Compliments of High Grade The Mary Phelan Shoe pairing Hat Shop 64 GREEN STREET, FITCHBURG Four Eighty Main Street Compliments of LESURE, the Florist 5 Putnam Street 130 White Rose The master loaf of the Six Bakers S. J. MARKHAM Insurance Remington ' s Barber Shop 436 MAIN STREET 2 DAY STREET FITCHBURG Hotel Raymond Barber Shop JOHN B. PADULA 3c SON PROPRIETORS 29 Day Street, Fitchburg Compliments of The Mutual Furniture and Carpet Co., inc. 582-584 Main St. New Stores near Library FITCHBURG, MASS. Furniture at 20% Discount Tel. 2989 FOR CASH Compliments of Fitchburg Bank Trust Co, 306 Main Street 745 Main Street in t! ' l ■ STANDARDIZED BUILDING MATERIAL CUTS BUILDING COSTS GET OUR CATALOG, IT SHOWS HOW ONE CAN BUILD AT A BIG SAVING The Webber Lumber Supply Co, Fitchburg, Mass. BIJOU AMUSEMENT COMPANY 132 PARKE SNOW, InC. The Store of Greater Values Fitcbburg ' s Progressive Department Store Sweaters and Blouses TAKE FASHION ' S LEAD SWEATERS and BLOUSES have won their way into the fashion world. No vacation wardrobes are complete without them this summer. Perhaps the fash- ion importance of Sweaters is due this summer to the boyish trend in fashions. The NEW SWEATER styles are extremely smart. In gay, brilliant colors, they add a lively touch to many a sports scene. Compliments of The Fitchburg Coal Company 133 mi I Compliments of Depot Filling Stations 220 Main Street 80 Water Street River and Daniels Streets Ayer, Mass. Gardner, Mass. Colonial Gasoline Beacon Motor Oil Compliments of Max Bever Son TAILORS 3 BLOSSOM STREET THE WOODS CO. 486-488 Main St. Fitchburg, Mass. For Young Men The Best all-round Suit is a neat Blue Serge. With this you are fixed for Day and Evening and Summer Dress White Jersey Silk Shirts Dressy and Cool, at $5.00 COAL You Can Depend Upon Burns freely, because it ' s clean coal, free from slate or clinkers. We wouldn ' t sell any other kind. Union Coal Company PARK BUILDING Phone 740 134 Compliments of The Normal Spa ALBERT P. DEBLOIS B. L. RICH CO 574 Main Street The Best in Music Poole Haines Gulbransen Cable-Nelson Piano: BUESCHER SAXOPHONES and BAND INSTRUMENTS The Fisk Teachers ' Agencies 120 Boylston St., Boston 225 Fifth Ave., New York 402 Dillaye Bldg., Syracuse 549 Union Trust Bldg., Pittsburg 1420 Chestnut St., Philadelphia 809 Title Bldg., Birmingham 28 E. Jackson Blvd., Chicago 1020 McGee St., Kansas City 409 Journal Bldg., Portland 2161 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley 510 Spring St., Los Angeles 269 College St., Toronto Send for Circular and Registration Form Compliments of G H. WATSON 135 •:. U EDWARDS FURNITURE CO. BETTER FURNITURE cAT TRICES YOU PAY FOR THE ORDINARY KIND Main Street, Corner Putnam, Fitchburg, Mass. PHONE 3102 HARDWARE for Hard Wear CUTLERY That Does Cut QUALITY SPORTING GOODS for Sports KITCHEN UTENSILS FOR EVERY USE PAINTS, OILS AND VARNISHES FOR ALL KINDS OF WORK MODERN FARM IMPLEMENTS for Modern Methods of Farming and Gardening Stop that Leaky Roof with STORMTIGHT Get rid of the muss and dirt of Plastering. Buy UPSON BOARD Fitchburg Hardware Co. Telephone 1670 314-316 and 746 Main Street Operators of Six Stores ffolejorc ffJQsieri W. C. GOODWIN SHOES AND HOSIER Y 342-344 MAIN STREET 136 The Ideal Gift for the Sweet Girl Graduate Come In PLAYER PIANOS GRAND and UPRIGHT PIANOS J. F. CHAFFIN CO., 356 MAIN STREET, FITCHBURG H. M. ADAMS Fitchburg Produce Company WHOLESALE DEALERS IN FRUIT AND PRODUCE 53 Water Street, Fitchburg, Mass. U. S. Food Administration License No. 21449 KIDDER 8c DAVIS House Furnishers 692-700 Main Street Fitchburg, Mass. 137 Compliments of Wm. J. Lyons Son Here ' s a story worth while It ' s about our suits — Everything in the good book of Style is here this season W. G. Payson Co. PARK BUILDING Fitchburg, Mass. Best Service for Ladies ' and Gents ' Cleaning Pressing, Repairing and Dyeing Guaranteed VINCENT D ' LUCCI Tailor 27 DAY STREET Compliments of T. K. ROSS, D. M. D. Dentist J. E. CHENEY, D. M. D., Associate Park Building, Fitchburg, Mass. Telephone 454 138 When You Have In Mind THE PURCHASE OF TOILET ARTICLES HIGH GRADE STATIONERY PURE DRUGS AND Compliments of The Best Soda in the City REMEMBER Frederick P. Slattery, D. D. S. The Brooks Pharmacy (INCORPORATED) 1 OLIVER STREET TWO STORES 499 Main Street 78 Green Street SERVICE IS OUR MOTTO City Steam Laundry Compliments of Management 0 = 0 " Send it to the Bon Ton Laundry ' 3 Restaurant 0 =X) OFFICE AND LAUNDRY 170 North St., Fitchburg, Mass. ■ 139 ■ I ■ Rubber Goods and Sporting Goods We carry the Famous Draper- Maynard Sporting Goods, including Baseball, Basketball, Football, and all Athletic Supplies. cAlso %UBBER FOOTWEAR TENNIS SHOES RAINCOATS BICYCLE TIRES GARDEN HOSE SICKROOM SUPPLIES FITCHBURG RUBBER CO. 564-568 MAIN STREET FITCHBURG, MASS. HIGH GRADE R. N. GOWELL BEST MADE ELECTRIC CO. Chocolates Caramels Bon-bons Scotch kisses • Etc. SIX PUTNAM ST. Ye House of John L. Bailey FITCHBURG at 685 Main Street Fitchburg in Massachusetts Compliments of the Tarbox-Holbrook Furniture Co. Successor to Perry Furniture Co. Where Quality and Service are Higher than Price 38,000 square feet of floor space JOHN B. L ' ECUYER Compliments of barber Henderson ' s Bakery 62 Green Street 60 Green Street Compliments of the Park Barber Shop Fitchburg Music Shop GEO. M. BLAKELY, Proprietor 368 Main Street 268 Main Street McDERMOTT ' S Barber Compliments of Shop A Friend DAY STREET TELEPHONE 1504 Compliments of the G. W. Laythe Shoe Company (Incorporated) Royal Hat Shop Shoes of Quality 369 Main Street Fitchburg, Mass. 141 Compliments of THE JENNISON CO. Contractors and Engineers for Heating Sprinkling Plumbing and Steel Plate Work 142 Our Customers Get QUALITY, that has to make good or we will. Get SERVICE, that is rendered with the one idea of satisfying you. Get VALUE, that is appreciated long after the original cost is forgotten. Get ASSORTMENTS, that are unsurpassed at any season of the year. HOW MAY WE SERVE YOU TODAY? 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Suggestions in the Fitchburg State University - Saxifrage Yearbook (Fitchburg, MA) collection:

Fitchburg State University - Saxifrage Yearbook (Fitchburg, MA) online yearbook collection, 1922 Edition, Page 1


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Fitchburg State University - Saxifrage Yearbook (Fitchburg, MA) online yearbook collection, 1928 Edition, Page 1


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