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iam? ,gf qw-55 -mm-,u. IIIIWI W I IlIIiffll,II - IIIIII A JIIIIIIIIIIIMIIW QIIMS In Q lf1Ig?f1:1l Q A gify? Al. .Pl E I AlIJ? Iii ,"w, 'M f I b,,:Q1Q ' f P X pg? II I I II JI If MIM, 41Il 41, III g,, I If .,,jisff., 1 --:IgW"'Ill W-TM I" I I I.. -I I II" I II I I..III.I'IImIWIIInI1 I I 9 QW ,f f f I hu. LDIQR CLASS Gr i254 DQ2.-QJEIQQQ T ! 1 ! 5 !' ' 4 I 4 F!TSHB!JRG SCHGGL ' , 5 O 4 ? 0 'C THE BOULDER BOARD OF EDITORS Editorfin-Chief Elizabeth Godbeer Business Managers Paul Buskey Weikko Hill Writefllps .Mildred McCutcheon, Chairman Alida Chandler Anna Kirby Dorothy Crocker Donald Pethybridge Harry Dole Mildred Poland Iohn Duane Marion Sammet Felix Esielionis Albert Senuta Write-Up Volunteers Ruby Anderson Constance Lowe Margaret Engstrom Myrtle Schneider Moilly Shuman Helen Gravel M Art Elma Aalto, Chairman Margaret Baker Leroy Grubb Ruth Carbone Aarne Ruuska Iokes Valarie Sercombe, Chairman Barbara Carlson Therese Lavoie Charles Mininich Typist Bertha Nisula Advisors Ralph K. Hubbard Iohn L, Kenney 1934 TWO This book is dedicated to QJV1ary Cushing Smith whose influence over the youths who have come within the wide circle of her instruction marks the perfect preceptor. THREE THE BOULDER K X PRINCIPAL ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL ames A Chalmers Middlebury Frank M Howe, Dartmouth HEADS OF DEPARTMENTS Clarence N Amio t Fitchburg High Edward Bouvier Holy Cross Alice W Brown Mt Holyoke Thomas C Brown Amherst Armand Dufour Franciscan College of Burgos Spain Anna E. Dunn Smith Ralph W. Howard Salem Teachers College Frank M. Howe Dartmouth Ralph K Hubbard Harvard Wirlliam M. McDermott University of Maine Carl W. Perikins Welleslley Mary C. Smith Brown University 'Died February 28, 1934 Physical Training Music Commercial English Manual Arts Modern Languages Academic English Commercial Subjects Mathematics Classics Science History Manual Arts 1934 FOUR THE BOULDER TEACHERS Ernest Adler Kathryn A, Boyle Lou E. Brigham Helen M. Brown Harry Butler Marie L. Champagne Elizabeth A. Clark William H. Dooling Wallace W. Farnsworth Sara Gibbons Maud L. Gilford Clifford A. Gilbert Ioseph A. Harwood Adelberta A. Haskins Iohn L. Kenney Robert Mailloux Elva L. Mclntire Hilda M. Mattson Helen I. Merriam Mary G. Murphy Anna L. Nason Florence Nelson Richard B. Palmer Ethel L. Peabody Alice R. Pepin Dorothy Potter Orlana Ranney Nicholas Ruberti Louise W. Sawyer Francis A. Sheehan Bertha L. Sherwin Fitchburg High St. Elizabeth's Boston University Mt. Holyoke Holy Cross Middlebury Mt. Holyoke Harvard Fitchburg Teachers College Posse-Nisson Smith Fitchburg Teachers College Harvard Radcliffe Boston University Assumption College Fitchburg Teachers College Salem Teachers' College Welleisley Simmons Massachusetts School of Art Clark University Holy Cross Iackson Fitchburg Teachers' College Lesley Normal Smith Boston University Boston University Holy Cross Fitchburg Teachers' Physical Training English, Algebra Secretary Biology U. S. History and Civics, Problems of Democracy and Economics French English, History Mathematics Printing Physical Training History Manual Training History Study Supervisor Bookkeeping French Supervisor School Lunch I Typewriting Biology Bookkeeping, Stenography Freehand Drawing, English ' English, Biology Englilsh, History, Commer- cial Law and Economics German, Latin Bookkeeping, French, Stenography Sewing English Mathematics Stenography, Bookkeeping Biology V College Librarian P Herbert P. Sullivan Holy Cross Chemistry Lillian M. Taylor Smith English 1934 FIVE THE BOULDER ,,,, at . HIS is more than a boo-k. To you i-t should be a symbol of work well done. To me it is a reminder of your fine all-around ability, your cheerful acceptance of responsibility, and assistance given so willingly wherever possible. When you close and carry it away with you, one 'period of your education is ended. May I express the Wish that you, as individuals, continue to measure up to the standards you, as a class, have established. ,. JAMES A. CHALMERS lx A QIUKIMUKUAA-oA r' wa' -'fi ,flvifffizzq lm 'Y' ff' 5 qaefy . f 'ISQHSJS !5rrE5'1'h' bi74"1M-" 'f:J.1f'v-Vrf ?gq..lS'y fx em,-We 5513599 H6256 Qyzeiiifi 'Qt ing? e 1. .. J Wim Serglww t.":3?Q:3l mE?-infill 1934 SIX TI-IE BOULDER gg ri' Matthew Francis Godek Ticket Committee for Class Play '33 Football '34 Baseball, Relay Team '33 Chief Marshal '34 Councillor '32 He knew what's what. The fact that we entrusted our funds to Matty is proof enough of his character. He was elected head marshal. He is ahgood skater and hockey player and spent many winter .evenings at St. Bernard's. Helen Esther Niskala Hockey '32, '33 Basketball '32, '33, '34 Cheerleader '33, '34 Councillor '32, '33 'Secretary Council '34 Marshal, Secretary of Class '33, '34 Class Speaker '34 She nobly earns whatever crown she wears. Who could think of Helen without taking a deep breath, for she is a whirlwind of activity? She starts at the bottom and steadfastly climbs to the top. Her jumping figure in- spired the cheering at the games. Qi fl Ralph Stanley Strom Football '32, '33, '34 Basketball '32, '33 Baseball '32, '33 Relay Team '33, '34 - His laugh was a merry chorus. Ralph, our president, is way ahead of Roosevelt in the matter of smiles. His never wears off. That the smile goes clear through is proved by his easy-going and pleasing man- ners. I Marguerite Arline Molaghan ' Hockey, Basketball, Volleyball '33, '34 Councillor '33, '34 Marshal '34 She"s pretty to walk with And witty to talk with And pleasant, too, to think on. An enthusiastic participant in athletics, dramatics, and so- cial activities. Arline is a highly esteemed member of our class. For some reason, Leominster seems to attract her. Maybe she does take care of children. 1 1934 EIGHT . . ....b4,...r- THE BOULDER Aimo Iohn Aalto Not by years, but by disposition is wisdom acquired. Aimo is the decided blond that is frequently seen consulting Ben- nett on business matters. He is a friendly sort of fellow but he's been hiding these last four years. Charles frederick Aho He multiplies words witlwut know!-edge. Charlie is another of those ten- acious Finns. He tried out both for Track and Basketball Manager, and were glad to say that he made the grade in the former. Reino Everet Alander .He was the mildest mannered man. Reinds only regret in life seems to be that F. H. S. has no swim.- ming pool for he is very proficient in swimming, particularly with the crawl stroke. Ruby Edith Anderson Basketball, Hockey '32. Write-Up Committee. Bright as the sun her eyes the gaeers strike. And like the sun they shine ' on all alike. Neat, modest, faithful, sincere. Her looks are not deceiving. Many F. H. S. boys have been entranced by those lovely eyes and golden hair. She'll be a dependable sec- retary some day. X Elma Elizabeth Aalto Chairman Art Committee Boulder. Class Banner Committee. Hockey, Basketball, Volleyball '32, '33, '34. Marshal. There is a garden in her face. Elma is small, blond, very pret- ty, and gay. She possesses a hap- py disposition which is evidenced by her lovely smile which endevars her to girls and boys alikexf' - ,I M, V , i v sf" ' Scott Elmer Akers The cheerful man is a king. Scottie is a happy person,whO likes the out-of-doors, He is es- pecially fond of well-groomed rid- ing horses and always has some lumps of sugar in his pocket for them. Rachel Edna Allen Volleyball, Hockey '32, A sweet attractive kind of grace. Rachel has won many friends by her amiable personality and. good nature. Among sports, skating appeals to her most. After gradua- tion she hopes to become an ef- ficient nurse. . J dfzfvvz' 1200404 Toivo Mattias Anderson Most blameless is he, centered in the sphere of common duties. Though they call him Toy for short, he is not short, but six feet in height. His best known char- acteristic is his temper which can rise and fall as rapidly. 1934 NINE 4.14-' JL ,,,,.. M f K If THE BOULDER XS N ,Aj , 1' W, ,f I' Iames William Andrew Basketball Manager '34 Faster than his tongue did make offense his eye did heal it. jimmy was manager of our Bas- ketball team. It can never be said of him that he let business come before pleasure. limmy is an ex- cellent swimmer, and is also in- terested in aeronautics and auto- mobiles. He drives his father's Packard on occasion but has a Ford of his own. Martti Asikainen None but himself can be his parallel. Martti is shy though not bash- ful. He came to us from Gardner High, in our Sophomore year. He is studious and is planning to go to M. S. C. His favorite sports are swimming and dancing. Roland Alvin Bacon A quiet manner hid the mischief in his eyes. There aren't many who could tell a joke better than Roland. All his wise-cracking is done and taken in good humor. There never is a show of pretense about him. Irene Mary Basque ' Happy, free, the wopld before her. . jj! Irene has worn dut'more than one pair of shoes whfl hi ' . Her friends have started oll ction to buy her a pair! of ru er boots. Contributions ' desired. l I ' l Henry Elmer Anttila Afoot and light-hearted, I take the open road, Healthy, free, the way before me. Henry is a pleasant, well-met fellow who is liked by all. No one thinks of him as an honor student, but we know that he does some work, in not too careful a manner. Leonard Molter Asquith ' Track Team '33. Open Meeting of Dramatic Club '32, '33. His ready speech flowed fair and free. Leonard is one of the leading actors in our class and has often appeared in high school produc- tions. He is also musically inclined and played a bass horn in the band. Any afternoon he can be seen selling papers on Main Street. Margaret Louise Baker Art Committee, Boulder '34, Debating Club Dance Commit- tee '32, '34. Iunior Dance '33. Basketball '32. Always in earnest, always sweet, Never suffering a defeat. Peggy certainly is outstanding for her debating ability so take this warning and never argue with her. She has done a great deal for our class in plays and debates since the day she came here. Ieannette Mary Beauvais A Ualllaserene spirit. leannette is a quiet and hard working girl whom some office will be glad to lure. She not only'likes cards but skating, dancing, and basketball also. Bai MQW 1934 TEN ,,,. THE BOULDER QNX ri rjzcggfv , f .eff If dx! x V, Ralph Ioseph Beauvais For he will never follow anything that other men begin. Ralph is the fourth member of A. Hamilton 6 Co., sharpshooters with the elastic. Keep it up, Ralph, and you'll be an artist at it by the time your course in U. S. History is finished.,Ralph worked as laun- dry man for the Basketball squad last year: at least he took care of the towels for them. , Ernest Hervey Begnoche He is .without the sense of shame or glory. Ernest is a quiet fellow, who goes about his work with little care for his fellow classmates. Few know him, but those like him well. He is slow to act, but accomplishes much. Walter Ernest Bennett Track '33, '34. Relay '33, 34. The man who wins is the man who tries. As his ruddy cheek suggests Walter likes the out-of-doors. Al- though on the field he is usually running away from his mates, this was far from true in school. Albert Bergman Band '33, '34. Orchestra '34. Friends are ,found everywhere, But few as true as he. Albert has a great love for mu- sic. He played the Cornet in both our school band and orchestra. He also took part in the opera "Mika- do." Alfred Ernest Bedard He was a good man and a just. Ernest was well liked by those who knew him. His one desire is to become a horticulturist so his spare time is spent raising vegetables and other plants. Ioseph Louis Belluardo He accomplishes much in a little time. , Most of Ioe's time outside of school is spent either driving a de- livery truck for the Fitchburg Cleaners and Dyers or doing the bookkeeping for this same estab- lishment, Ioe wasn't very active in school affairs, but he seemed to en- joy himself in his own way. Eleanor Louise Bent Hockey '32, Tall and slender, grace has she,' Always friendly as can be. Louise is about the second tallest girl in the school. She devoted much time to study and her marks proved that. Francis Alfred Blanchard Exhausting thought, and hioing wisdom with each studious gear. Francis isn't bashful, but he likes to be alone. He loves books. His spare time is spent working after school at Piercesstore. 1934 ELEVEN X X jf 'TI1IDfBCJlIlJDEHR Gertru ne Bock Basketball '33, '34 Though on pleasure she was bent, She had a frugal mind. Gert, with her ready smile, is one of our many petite blondes. Although she always enjoys a good time she never let her lessons lag behind. J . 1 N Rosella Louise Bosworth Red 5 Gray Board '33, '34. Hockey, Volleyball '32. Basketball '32, '33, '34. Marshal. Wise to resolve and patient to perform. Rus is clever, conscientious, thorough, and unassuming. She ap- pearsto be very serious and quiet, but she really enjoys life. When Rus makes a promise, those who know her consider it already car- ried out. Gilbert Merrill Brooks He can read and write and cast accompt. Gilbert will probably make good in the very complex cruel business world of today. We picture him as a business magnate, for with his perseverance he should be able to beat the depression. Paul Gordon Buskey Band '32, '33, '3'l. fStudent leader '34.j Orchestra '32, '33, '34. junior 8 Senior Reception Committee '33. Boulder Business Manager Tennis Team '32, '33, '34. lCaptain '34.l Marshal '34, A man of intelligence. Besides maintaining his high scholastic standing, Paul had time for outside activities and was fre- quently seen in his dual capacity of bass horn player and band di- rector. He has tennis and ping pong championships to his credit as well. Frank Anthony Bodanza Band '32, '33, '34. Orchestra '32, '33, '3fl. His bark is worse than his bite. Frank is a husky fellow who has the usual masculine aversion to being called anything so effeminate as Frankie. He wastes no time since he spends most of his out-of- school hours as an industrious Cobbler. Wallace Arthur Bothner Far may we search before we find a heart so manly and kind. If we could have a contest for good-natured, big-hearted, accom- modating boys, we'd place our last cent on Wally. His one great aim in life seems to be to get his Ford running on all four. Marion Burwick Dramatic Club '32, '34. Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball '32, '33. It is ia friendly heart that has plenty of friends. girls who can take a joke and re turn a snappy comeback She was active in all school sports and was Marion is one of our wittiest Ofxbne of our best tennis players. Much of her time was spent in 37. K Maigarel Zines Campbell A daughter of the gods divinely tall, and most divinely fair. Peggy is known by her class- mates as being the tallest girl in school. She gives enjoyment to her friends by her recitation of various poems. Those in dialect are par- ticularly pleasing. ' 1934 TWELVE THE BOULDER Ruth Eunice Carbone Art Committee, Boulder '34. Hockey, Basketball, Volleyball '32, '33, Wisdom speaks little but that little-fwell. Ruth is one of the quiet qirls of our class. She is noted for her dancing ability. She possesses a rare sense of humor, is a keen lover of sports, a fair student, and a real friend. Charlotte Evelyn Carlson Gently to hear, kindly to judge. Charlotte is a general course student who desires to become a hairdresser. She likes reading, skating, and hiking. She has quite a collection of buttons so if any of you girls have lost a button off your new coat see Charlotte. Irene Cecile Chabot Basketball '33. Gentewel in nersonage, conduct and equipage. Irene came to us during our Iunior year. A great loss for St. Bernard's but our gain. Irene may be seen in her spare time assisting in her father's store. Alida May Chandler A girl with spirit, a girl with pep, A finer friend has not been known yet. As gay and irresponsible as a terrier puppy, always bounding in and out of trouble. You never are quite sure what to expect from her but the imp of Sa 'an peeping from those dark eyfes t lls you to watch out. ', - F if ff 756 fQfe 'r Barbara May Carlson Ioke Committee, Boulder Iunior Dance Committee Class Color Committee '33. Basketball '32, '33. Her eyes excel the planets which astronomers admire. Barbara is a demon for work: besides getting herself on the Honor Roll, she has just completed a most successful term as Worthy Adviser in the Rainbow. She is in great demand at all the dances. Geraldine Thelma Casavoy Hockey, '32, '33. Volleyball '32. Basketball '33. A lovely girl to meet and know. 'Cerry's quiet, pleasing personal- Uflf Dty has made her a favorite with WJ he members of her class at Fitch- if urg High. She is fond of dancing d is seen at many of our school affairs. Iohn Chalmers Class Prophecy Committee '34, Football, Basketball '32, '33, '34, Track '32, '33. Marshal. Strong of body, quick of mind 'Tis hard to find men of this kind. Is there anything that this ver- satile fellow isn't7 Scholar, athlete, lover, rogue, and gentleman. As a marshal, Iohn kept his lungs in good condition for calling signals. Wanda Cecilia Cieslak ' Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball '32, '33. Here is a graceful lady. If your eye should alight on a delectable form of sweetness and personality ushering at a game or besieged by admirers at a dance you'll know it's Wanda. A Comb City lad will reassure you. 1934 TH1R'1jEEN ,N THE BOULDER Madeline Elsie Ciolli A girl of such delicate grace. Another girl whose favorite sport is swimming. She may be out of the water more than in, but you should see her in a bathing suit. -1 M' My Xqflf Muriel lane Clarke f 'Haste thee, nymph, and bring . with thee Jest and youthful jollity. If your eyes should perchance fall upon a sweet, curly haired, mischievous minx waving a base- ment pass, it's sure to be Muriel, gay, dancing, popular sweetheart of F. H. S. Hildred Edyth Congram Councillor '33, '34. All who have meant good work with their whole heart have done good. Hildred is a good sport and likes dancing and swimming. We heard her say she'd like to become a hairdresser after graduation. Arleen Ruth Conrad Volleyball '32, '33. Basketball '32, O spirit gay, and kindly heart. This is Arleen with the red hair. One does not know the likeable personality that lurks within' until one really knows her. She could be seen riding to school every morning in a Model T Ford. V J if Mary Lu Holy City '34. Mid-Winter Concert, Pop-Con- cert, Open Meeting '33. Honest endeavor is sure of reward. Mary was the Old Faithful of the Dramatic Club. She turned her ability not only to acting but also to ticket selling for the club. These West Fitchburgites have a way of always making the 7:30 Special and the Honor Roll. Clara Lillian Clifford A true blue friend for any time. Clara has a faculty for asking unusual questions and talking to her neighbor. She never did more school work than was absolutely necessary. Clara is an example of a real outdoor girl. Phyllis Irene Conley xBasketbal1 '32, '33, Volleyball '32, I never knew a young body with so old .a head. Phyllis is the young lady with the white hair. Her hair may be thus because her mental body is relatively old, while her size at- tests her physical youth. She keeps trim by going to dances. In fact her address on any Tuesday or Saturday night is always the Y. M. C. A. Elzo Corey Conrad Few things are impossible to diligence and skill. Elzo is a small, red haired, jolly girl. She has a great liking for the study of Spanish at which she ex- cels. 1934 FOURTEEN THE BOULDER Lillian Evelyn Conway Ready in heart and hand to do her best. Lillian hails from South Ash- burnham. In the morning you can find her resting from her long and tortuous ride. Helen Mae Cramer Her graceful ease and sweetness void of pride Wcmld hide her faults if she had any to hide. Helen is a small girl with a mis- chievous smile and a pleasant manner. We suspect the reason she doesn't talk more is that she is most often in the company of Valarie. Margaret Wilson Cunningham Class Motto Committee. Red 5 Gray Board '33, '3'l. Marshal. As fair and jolly as she can be. This lass is a brilliant golfer, a witty conversationalist, and an ex- cellent student. Her love of poetry reaches beyond mere appreciation for she is authoress of several charming pieces. Her favorite ine door companions are paper dolls, books, and toy soldiers. Her Iunior year she won the Woman's Cham- pionship at Oak Hill and placed 9th in the County Match. Ernest Nelson Daulton Iunior Dance Committee '33. Thanksgiving Dance Committee '34 The gentle mind by gentle deeds is known. Bud ranks high among those whom the ladies follow with long- ing eyes. But he's faithful to one. He was a marshal on the fourth floor where he did very well as long as he could keep his mind on his job. xis'lf'l!fA Luna Merriam Crafts Basketball '32, '33. Hockey '32, She moves a goddess and she looksa queen. r We wondered what Luna's am- bition was and discovered she is anxious to become a nurse. Chances are you won't forget the Y. M. socials, Luna, and the friend from North Leominster. Dorothy Alice Crocker Write-Up Committee. Class Color Committee. Volleyball, Hockey '32. Basketball '32, '33. A heart within whose sacred cell The quiet virtues love to dwell. Dot is one of the best natured and most dependable girls in the .Senior Class. Her even temper and cheerful smile have made 'her many friends. She isgan enthusiast in football, basketball, skating, and swimming. Dot hopes to become a dental nurse. Alberta Marian Daniels Her voice was ever soft, gentle, and low. Alberta is a quiet type of girl but athletically inclined. She wishes to go to a secretarial school and then secure an office position. ' f " f'- -. . f' . 'flex' " 1 c. V, - 17 ie? 'rf- Flluth Winifred Davies Class Color Committee. Hockey '32. - Basketball '32, '33, '34. Her air, her manners, all who - saw admired. Ruth has brains, poise, and per- sonality combined with looks, and a fine taste for clothes. Without doubt, Ruth is one of the most popular and lovable girls in our class. 1934 FIFTEWEN THE BOULDER Robert Hayward Demont Pop Concert Committee '33, Not a .word with him, but a na We hear that operations some- times work wonders. Take Bob for instance, who was converted from a sober youth to a frivolous per- son with ready repartee who is the life of the party. t J lf.: col? if fw- QQDJW Hockey, Basketball, Vol a '32, '33, Q Tennis '32. Rita Dignam b Good temper is like a sunny olayg It sheds its brightness every- where. Rita manages to be always jok- ing, always smiling, yet she has a reserved appearance too. She nev- er appears angry. What an asset to have in this temperamental world. William Burton Dimock By his ,face straight shall ye know his heart. Burton with his deep, stern voice, may some day become an eminent baritone singer. He is well known for his glowing red cheeks which are envied by many young women. His favorite sport is hockey. William Ioseph Donovan tRelay Team '33. Open Meeting '34. Councillor '32.- As proper man as ever trod upon neat's leather. Bill is a tall, good-looking Senior well liked by the members of his class. He is a fine dancer and can be found at most of the F. H. S. dances, and also is a familiar fig- ure at the Y. Bill found time to do some 'studying in between. eff Louis Simeon Devlin Good natured and always friendly. Louis is a very good natured fellow, and has a friendly way with everybody. He hasn't, as yet, taken life too seriously, but we have much faith in his future. Russell Stanley Dik Football '32, '33. By sports like these, are all his cares beguil'd. Dik is not the studious type. He would rather drive cars and hunt, than either sleep or eat. He ca- pably held down his position as center on our great football team. Harry Wilkinson Dole, Ir. Write-Up Committee '34. Assistant Manager of Basketball '33, His life was gentle. Harry is among the slayers of the opposite sex. lt has been stated that the South Side is a favorite by-path of his. He is a good de-7 pendable student. Paraskevy Doulopoulos Eyes of brown, lusty hair, Always with some fun to share.. Patsy sometimes liked to come' to chool: one would rather do t than prepare meals. She will adly accept any invitation to go- out for her meals. Her' hobby is. going to the movies. 1934 SIXTEEN TUHZBOULDER HenryfMertoun Downs, Ir. Tennis '32, ' The will to do, the soul to dare. rMertoun is one of our tallest boys whose chief interest lies in Chem- istry, Physics, and Math. At any time we expect to hear of his coming forth thru the roof as a re- sult of some of his experimental work. Iohn Henry Duane Reception Committee '33 Write-Up Committee '34 Cheerleader '34 He would pore by the hour o'er a fish and a flower. Iohn can out-talk anyone on the subject of fish. He can be found at the library almost any afternoon reading fish stories. During sum- mer he experiments with flowers. Leona Ann Dupuis Earnest active industry is a living hymn of praise. Leona is an out-of-town member who likes swimming, bicycle riding, and other sports available to a small-town lass. She plans to take a course in nursing after gradua- tion. Karl Ioseph Eimer His strength is not of muscle bred, But of the heart and of the head. Karl is often seen at dances and at the movies with a certain pretty miss. He is good natured and very good at wise-cracking. Studying doesn't interest him. Helen Frances Duane Class Color Committee Basketball, Tennis '32, '34 Volleyball '32 Marshal ' ' Councillor '34 A lovely girl, a lovely smile. Helen is one of 'our best looking girls-known especially for her winning smile. She is fond of sports, especially tennis. With her good taste and skill we feel sure she will be a iiccess as an interior decorat . -' s rv.. . ru, Verony!a!'Dorothea Dupray f Basketball, Volleyball She greets each hour with kindness, sincerity, and a high heart. Veronica is a rather quiet girl with a lovable disposition. She is pleasant to talk to and has a smile for everyone. Marian Arlene Earle A lovely lady garmentecl in light From her ovwn sweetness. Marion. a sweet and attractive girl, of the studious type, has a great fondness 'for horses and horseback riding.'Her desire to be an artist grows out of her interest in drawing. Vertine Elliott Basketball '33 A beautiful and happy girl With step as light as summer air. Vertine is a charming lass. She is a rather quiet girl who spends most of her school time with Vir- ginia Smith. She is rather small but has one of the loveliest heads of hair a girl could wish for. 1934 SEVErNT'EEwN THE BOULDER Margaret Carolyn Engstrom Hockey '32 Basketball '32, '33' Write-Up Committee Truth, friendship, love surround her. Sincere, sweet and attractive describes Margie in a nutshell. Those sparkling eyes have wrecked many youthful hearts. She has a rare combination of wit and knowledge which should make her a successful nurse. Ioseph Peter Ermola There is great ability in knowing how to conceal one's ability. If you wish to learn anything about golf, you should ask Ioe, for he spends all his spare time at the Oak Hill caddying and giving the golfers a few pointers. Stanley Anthony Esielionis Football '32, '33, '34 Marshal When he speaks, he speaks his mind, And more weighty speeches you cannot find. Stanley is another one of those quiet and hardy boys from Shir- ley. He is one of the best tackles even seen on Crocker Field and also served as co-captain of the team. His captivating smile and husky body make him a o ulari. . P P figure about school. Charlotte Brown Fairbanks She doeth little kindnesses That most leave undone or despise. Charlotte brings us a ray of sun- shine every morning from that his- torical old house on Dean Hill: perhaps it is from those patriotic forebears that she inherits her sympathy and kindness. Mildred Cecilia Erickson Basketball '32, '33, '34 A comrade blithe and full of glee. Millie's infectious, giggly laugh has made her famous at Fitchburg High. She does her part to make the Senior Class a merry one. Mil- lie is a fine basketball player, as anyone on an opposing team can ltlll you Felix Michael Esielionis Write-Up Committee '34 Football, '32, '33, '34 Marshal '33, '34 Although he didn't say much, It doesn't mean he didn't know much. Essie is one of the boys without whom we couldn't have played football. And what is more, he was good in his studies, too. He didn't say much, even when he was marshaling, but what he did say was worth hearing. Homer Grant Evans Iunior-Senior Relay '33 Always ready to do his work. Homer, one of our Shirley farmers is a very industrious fel- low. He is fond of sports, but doesn't have enough time to take n very great part in them. Malcolm Whitney Fairbanks Secretary of Orchestra '33 Not the least obeisance made he. Mal conducts a dance orchestra. If he is paid what he considers himself worth in this capacity he must be quite a rich man. He exer- cises his mind by wise-cracking at which he is most proficient. 1.934 EIGHTEEN x ' If my 2 ,Z,lTHE BOULDER 1 .U . A if -Y Vwxl lf' Dorothy Lillian Fergenson Basketball '32, '33, '34 Marshal Ambition is her driving force. Fergy has curly black hair and a contagious laugh. She's most enthusiastic about dancing, foot-' ball, and basketball. She was one of the few girl violinists in the or- chestra. Fergy plans to enter Barnard College. Helen Elizabeth Fletcher A dancing shape, and image g y, To haunt, to startle, and wayllliy. Helen is a tall, lovable, andlal- tractive girl. She is very fon dancing and h s been s n t brown-eyed, wav If-hail man. She likes nu sin f , 'i tends to go in trainin g tion. X , a a ' several school affair ihiiga J- , , f enl A x 9-'ll'-s X . S Norman Milton Frank Fletchnert. As quiet as silent clouds driftin across a mellow moon-hidin' your real virtues. Q Calm and quiet in scho ' ot,'a out: not very brilliant in s but very bright out. ln schoo mob active, but very active out. his his friends told me and truth will ou.. L. ' Mae Shelia Foss Basketball '32, '33 Volleyball '33 Greatness seems in her to take its noblest form-that of simplicity. Mae, one of the quiet -members of our class, is very conscientious and believes what is worth doing is worth doing well. Ellie Eugenia Fiskaali They arte never alone, that are accompanied with noble thoughts. We seldom heard from Eflie. She's such a quiet miss, we'd hard- ly know she was present if we didn't look up and catch her friendly nod at unexpected mo- ments.. Lena Anna Fletchner 4 At times quiet, at times gay, She has moods to suit the day. Lena finds more interest in sports than in any study. She has been caught talking in class many times but undaunted she still continues. The bright side of life is the one for Lena. Ellen Ida Foss Basketball '33 - Volleyball '34 . A perfect woman, nobly planned. Ellen, or Red, is the kind that girls appreciate for she's willing to do anything that is asked of her. She is a. star at basketball and she gives cooking. M Elizabeth Foster Basketball '32, '33, '34 Tennis '32, '33 Open Meeting '34 Her ,friends all say that she's fun galore. Elizabeth entered F. H. S. only last fall, .but ,everybody has no- ticed her tall attractiveness. To her friends she's Issybetty and a witt . er. :Undoubtedly she will ua ' 'th 'the intelligentsia of ,tsl l Qgnefo pglargervgirls' colleges. l O,Q,Q4jl ' if NINETEEN PJ Q OULDER Q-rjiglie Rita Therese Fregeau Thgrslksgiving Dance Committee Dramatic Club Dance Commit- tee '32 Marshal , Councillor '32 , Laughing eyes and a merry - smile, And a merry, merry heart. Rita has carried off many class honors. Not only is she one of the best dressed girls in the class, but she also possesses an unusually fine singing voice. 1 tum . r .Constance Ieannette Gagnon "yRevealings deep and clear are thine of wealthy smiles. Connie's favorite pastimes are stamn collecting and dancing. Con- nie hooes to become her aunt's travelling companion after gradua- tion. Olina Edna Garneau .Affection warm and faith. sincere, And soft humanity are here. Olina was usually smiling and showed amusement at the antics of her classmates.QShe treats life in about the same manner. She al- ways showed a friendly interest in the affairs of her mates. Albert Clilford Gilbert i, A man of old-fashioned virtue and loyalty. Albert likes all sports as a fan and takes an active part in swim- ming, track, and fishing. Some fisherman this Al. He hopes to ob- tainclerical work after Iune. Norman Harris Gage He has a smooth and steadfast mind Gentle thoughts, and calm desires. His shaggy locks reveal his fun- loving, carefree nature. However he is not the boisterous type but is well liked by his classmates be- cause of his friendly reserve and quiet understanding. Louise Mary Gallant Basketball '33 ' You all know her-happy, full of fun, She coaxes a smile from every- one. Louise is small and very, very lively. We didn't see her still very often. She usually wears an impish expression that is apt to cause worry to long suffering teachers. W A Hazel Woodward Gay Her ways are of pleasantness and all her paths are of peace. Who could imagine Hazel for- getting her locker key, coming to school late, or going home without a pile of books? We envy her be- cause she is one of the most re- liable and intelligent girls in the Senior Class. Iohn Donald Gilmartin Iunior-Senior Relay '33 He has no hearing on the prudent side. Donald has red hair which has not set anything on fire yet. Look out for he might burst into flame any time. He is a good student but not so accurate as he might be. 1934 TWENTY TEHEBOULDER George Edward Gloriant Prize Speaking Contest '33 When he doth speak he speaks his mind. Georges chief claim to fame in school activities is his participa- tion in the debating club and prize speaking contests. Robert Amos Godin He was a man, take him all for all. Robert is what is known slangily 'as a regular guy. Skating, swim- ming, basketball, and baseball are his chief interests in sport. He wishes to go further in school, pref- erably to Cushing. Lyford William Gorman Class Prophecy Committee He was not merely a chip off the old block, But the old block itself. Gorman's somewhat rough ex- terior covers a truly artistic soul. I-Ie plans to enter the music world as a violinist, and as a humorist his works may later be found on the comic sheet of the Sentinel. Richard Earl Grant Marshal Of stature he was of great length, .Active and of great strength. Red, as his nickname implies, is redheaded but he is also good natured. He likes to hunt and has been known to express a desire to join the marines. ' 'sewer' Y' Elizabeth Godbeer Iunior-Senior Reception Com- mittee Editor-in-Chief of The Boulder Lots of pep and a real good scout. Libby is one of our busiest and most efficient seniors. Although Lib's name invariably tops the honor roll, it doesn't mean that she is all work and no play, for she knows how to unite these two bet' ter than most. kd kr! X5 ' N X Doris Goguen V 3 A Haiie '32 X Bas e a Vo 3 One by one she climbs the steps, Onward to her goal-success. We have a real treasure in Doris, the Westminster miss, with her keen sense of humor, ready wit and fine literary ability. It will be Connecticut's gain when she enters a nurse's training school down there. Laura Lydia Grandahl A A maiden who deserves the best 5 i W3 vi of lack, good friends, and x happiness. H , Laura was a conscientious stu- x -53 dent, but she found time to make friends with most of her class- mates. She certainly deserves all the good she can get out of life. Best wishes, Laura. Helen Grace Gravel Write-Up Committee Hockey, Basketball, Volleyhally gy 32, '33, '34 Cheerleader '34 fl KU Good at study Bat better at play. , Helen is one of our all-around athletes. She is rated as a requisite fifth of the Fitchburg Girls' Club quintet. Probably some day she will be director of her favorite sports. 1934 I T'VVE'NTY-ONE Awrfr THE BOULDER Hazel Sophrona Gravel A sweet attractive kind of grace. Hazel is a girl with a smile for everyone. She is a rather quiet girl but nevertheless she is liked for these quiet ways and excellent manners. . jfjlflfofinlffvf lslefigw'-,lg Albert Ioseph Grenier He shall strive-and he shall conquer-be the man he wants to be. Albert is another talented musi- cian at Fitchburg Hiqh, who plays the violin in our school orchestra. Much of his time is spent in the company of a fair member of the Sophomore class. Charles Leroy Grubb Art Committee '34 Football '32, '33 A man of sovereign parts. Roy is good natured, easy going, fond of a good time and popular. He spends a good part of his time hunting. He does not care for dancing, he says. Ken Irving Hallet To know him is to admire him. Hallet comes from a family of sturdy blacksmiths. He is much interested in all kinds of scientific works. One of his greatest pleas- ures is exchanging jokes with Mr. Dooling: his greatest pastime, tak- ing snapshots of teachers in school. Charles Silas Green His jolliness knows no end: I-Le is to everyone a friend. Charles is one of the school's best jokers, filled to the brim with merriment, laughter, and witty re- marks. Many times this was car- ried to such extreme that necessa- ry precautions had to be used to prevent it. Helen Elizabeth Gronroos Though small, her cheerful smile Lets sunshine into the darkest shadows. Shorty devotes her time to giving back wise answers as soon as she gets the question. She is ready w' a comeback for anyone. She cializes in swimming. Iohn Hakamaa He is always laughing for he has an infinite deal of wit. Iohnny is one of the star tennis players of Fitchburg High, and has been on the tennis team for the past two years. His contagious smile has won him many admirers and has made him popular with both the boys and girls. Allen Iohn Hamilton He never says a foolish thing nor ever a wise one. Here is a boy from the metrop- olis of West Fitchburg. His after- noons are spent in doing odd jobs around his neighborhood. 1934 TWENTY- TWO Helen Sigrid Hanninen X P nl Basketball '32, '33 1" .J r Councillor '34 Q' Of that fine gold the autumn wear I wrought the glory of her hair. Helen, one of our true blondes, hails from Westminster. Although dancing and sports hold an interest for her, she lets none of these in- terfere with her studies as her nagie always appears on the honor ro . Grace Hartwell She hath a way to make grief bliss. A most unfortunate accident pre- vented Grace from attending the first few months of school. Since she has been aided by an able tutor, she speedily outstripped her classmates in her studies. Ruth Hay Basketball '32, '33 f Volleyball '32 X In character, in manner, in style, in all things the supreme excellence is simplicity. Fifth Avenue's representative in F. H. S. is Ruth. Her sense of fit- ness in dress and pose is outstand- ing. The deviltry in her eye de- notes a love for mischief and gay- ety. Ioseph Arthur Hebert A quiet, deep thinking man's word is always respected. Ioseph is the little fellow with the big smile. He is a very quiet person and pays strict attention to business most of the time. THE BOULDER JJ- Claire Harris Friends slowly won are long held. Claire, with her dark hair and eyes, is an interesting preson to know. Her ambitions are few and far, but we aren't surprised be- cause Claire never did care about studying. . I kr F ,- Jfwfffft Yilafvtftftta Martha Hawes So mild, so merciful, so strong, so good, So patient, peaceful, loyal and pure. Martha is a very quiet girl who was seldom heard from in school. She loves to read and dream. Martha comes from the outskirts of Lunenburg. V Alexander Anthony Hebert His delight was all in books. Hebert devoted his time in school to study. For 'recreation he goes swimming, plays baseball, and col- lects stamps. He hopes to use his knowledge of business principles in his future employment. Yvonne Blanche Hebert Hockey '32 Basketball '33 Friendly, good natured. Yvonne is one of our worthy Cleghorn students. She has pretty brown eyes and a nice smile which is much in evidence. She dashes from school at 1:30 in order to be on time for work every afternoon. 1934 TWENTY-T'HREE THE BOULDER x Q Q Aili Miriam Heikkinen Basketball, Volleyball '32 One who could be trusted to do the right thing at the right time. Aili is the spirit of thedance and. the essence of good rhythm per- sonified-hence she has plenty of dancing partners at any hop. Her skill with the needle is well known. She has also marked singing abili- fy. Herbert Iames Herrick Still waters have depth. Herbie, though one of the quieter boys in our class, with great regularity got his name on the honor roll. However, he found time to be an ardent supporter of all Fitchburg High's athlete con- tests, proving that he knows how to combine pleasure with studying. Herbert Ray Higginbotham Studious of ease and fond of simple things. Herbert's hobby is nature. Sev- eral of his papers on the subject have received public attention. He's very fond of hunting and fishing, but his particular interest is in collecting butterflies and other insects. A future naturalist. Florence Emma Hirst Basketball '32 Hockey, Volleyball' '32, '33 A girl of such delicate grace Young, all laughter and love. Flossy has always been a pop- ular member of our class, She is small, sweet, and always cheerful. Her interests are few and centered around one person. Maybe that is why she isn't more studious. el C Emma Margaret Heins Her goodness doth disdain comparison. Emma is very much in demand as a nursemaid, especially bv her little nephews and nieces. Both the school and public libraries are her accustomed resorts. She also takes great pleasure in the movies. Barbara Marshall Heslam A happy and carefree lass is she. Barbara was rather quiet in school. She says she likes to read books and most of all listen to the I' 10. Weikko Iohn Hill Business Manager of The Boulder Marshal A man of letters and manners too. Weikko will long be remem- bered for the courteous and o- bliging manner in which he handled appointments for class pictures. As part time secretary to Coach Arniott, he was kept busy .at Crocker Field. Sirkka Alina Hoglund And her modest answer and graceful air Show her wise and good as she is fair. The fact that Sirkka frequents the Y and other dances, did not keep her off the honor roll. After- noons, she iridulges in hockey, bas- ketball, and volleyball in season. 1934 ww TWENTY-FOUR THUEBOULDER ' '.3 Roger Delos Holt His failings leaned to virtue's side. Roger is our budding printer. He has a press and all the other equipment necessary to do a first class job and in factf does the printing for the Baptist Church. Roger doesn't even have time for a girl friend unless he sees one when nobody knows about it. Aino Helmi Hyytinen Not quiet, not loud But noticeable even in a crowd. ' An Amazon in truth. Her prow- ess in sportsis well attested. She played basketball in school and then hastened to the Spartan A.C. for more. Aino has many true friends. Karlo Eugene Iamsa He thinks before he speaks. As a result of adhering to the above quotation, Eugene saves many unnecessary words. This was especially true in class where, as a rule, he kept his thoughts to himself. Voitto William Iarvi A good disposition is more valuable than gold. , Voitto has a good disposition, and was rather quiet in schoolg but then it is much better to be seldom heard than to be constantly quar- reling with classmatesgand teachers. ,rg gvsfy Lydia Mary Ann Houde Volleyball '32 Basketball '32, '34 ,So well she acted every part. Some day Lydia will establish a studio in Greenwich village to which will flock the 'world to ad- mire her artistic skill. 'We like Lydia's company, her jolly laugh- 'ing manner, and her sportsmanship. , Doris Eleanor Ikalainen What sweet delight a quiet life affords. Doris is Princeton's contribution to our class. She's very jolly and certainly made her stay with us pleasant. Dot is fond of skating and cuts a figure like Mabel Vin- son. Wilio Iafet Iarvela The heart to conceive, the un- clerstandng to direct. and the hand to execute. Wiljo, commonly called Red, is one of the most popular fellows in our class. Red, as Mr. Sullivan says, is a genius. Miss Peabody loses a valuable assistant with Red's graduation. Everett David less There is nothing in his character so magnetic as his cheerfulness. If by chance one morning you should speak to a good-natured. smiling chap sauntering in the di- rection of F. H. S., you would be attracted by his personality and red hair. Red spends his spare time skating and playing golf. 1934 TWEINTY-FIVE Q c, my Y THE BOULDER -KM? I David Leonard Iohnson Football '32, '33 Open Meeting '32, '34 Happy as the day is long. Who in the Senior Class doesn't know Leonards slow, unhurried gait and his equally famous smile. That he really can run, he proved during football season. Leonards happy-go-lucky nature has made ,him a favorite with his fellow stu- dents. His acting ability is really remarkable. Helen Elvi Iohnson True to her word, her work and her friends. We have often wondered at the excellence of Helen's penmanship, an art which few ever hope to bring to perfection. Her cleverness in the Chem Lab is equal to that on the dance floor. Aili Ellen Iokinen She was a phantom of delight. The fact that her home is in Shirley didn't keep Aili from school dances and social affairs. Her sudden laughter has broken the silence in many a classroom. Gerald Lombard Iubb His song rwaszonly lifuing aloud, His work, a singing with his hand. Gerald is a commuter who comes to us from Shirley. He is seeming- ly quiet when in school, but look out, girls. His temperament changes somewhat when he's among his pals from the "big town." He is quite interested in electricity, par- ticularly radios. C. fr Gy L by ,cf ff! , 4. .1 ic! Elsie Hulda Iohnson Laughing dancing eyes of blue. Elsie's hair is one of the bright spots in the Senior class. She is a fine basketball player and is fond of skating. Almost any night dur- ing the winter she can be found skimming over the ice at some pond. Stanwood Willis Iohnson This gentleman will out-talk us all. Stanwood's youthful exuberancy causes him no end of difficulty, but his winning smile always comes to his rescue. Stan left us in the Sophomore year but, as his talents were unappreciated elsewhere, he returned to play several Dramatic Club roles. I , P I, K., i Q,...f . " ,NJ , 1 I J fv J Helen Marie Iordan Basketball, Hockey, Volleyball '32, '33, '34 A jaultless body and a flameless mind. Helen is an ardent partisan of snort. Her specialty is hockey, and she sure can hit that ball. She gets much exercise by walking from West Fitchburg. Sophie Iurga Her smile is sweetened by her gratuity. Sophie is one of our smart stu- dents from Shirley. She helped Miss Mattson every other week. Sophie is quiet but always ready for a good time. Many of us have Eeen rescued from 26 by Sophie's 9 P I 1934 TWENTY- SIX THE BOULDER Chester Ioseph Kacmarcik Iunior-Senior Relay '33 An industrious lad in every way. Chet is a quiet, easy going fel- low, who comes from Shirley. Un- like most boys he is quite ambi- tious. He has hopes some day of becoming a farmer. Mamie Rachel Kantola Strength of limb and policy of mind, Ability in means and choice of friends. May has made plans to build swimming pool in her cellar. This As et she is undecided wha o f'l will enable her to swim a Y 1 charge for admission. X Eugene Divoll Kendall He had a wish to smile, no need to sigh. Eugene has a great fondness for reading. The majority of his spare time is spent reading Western thrillers. He is inclined to be rather slow but this is concealed by his mirth and humor. Aaro Keto Football '32, '33, '34 Relay '33 Track '34 . Strong in body, strong in mind. Aaro played guard on our great football team and won a first string berth by his scrappiness and skill. Since he spends his summer months in swimming he may be- come another Buster Crabbe. t Arthur Anselm Kamppuri He leaned not on his fathers, but himself. ' Arthur is a quiet boy in school but once free from its confining walls, hunting, fishing, and trap- ping call him. He intends to take up forestry. Olavi Karppinen Track '32, '33, '34 'Stately and tall he moves in the hall. That good looking, blond, six footer, whom you see walking down the corridor is Olavi. lf his face is unusually red just charge it up to bashfulnessz nevertheless Olavi really likes the girls. I Harold Alberton Kendall An honest man is the noblest work of God. - Harold, quiet and likable, is a man of the great outdoors. Sports such as fishing, hiking, and foot' ball attract him. A job, to be satisf factory, must keep him in the open. Philip Henry King Thanksgiving Dance Committee '34 Football '32 Manager of Relay Teams '33, '34 This man whose worthfs con- ' firmed at sight, 4 Always did what he thought right. Philip was one of those who designed the scenery for our Dra- matic Club plays. His favorite hob- by is building model airplanes. 1934 TWEWNTY- SEVEN THE BOULDER Inez Sophia Kinnunen Not quiet nor loud, not short nor tall, But a pleasant meeting of them all. Inez gives us just that impression -neither too superior nor too rel tiring, just enough of each to make her a success in her future profese sion: a private secretary, we wager. Vieno Esther Kivinen Class Banner, Class Ring, Class Prophecy Committees Volleyball '32 Hockey, Basketball '32, '33, '34 Marshal Her character is as sweet as she's graceful. Q Vieno certainly knows th 'riglit rocedure for maintainin 'trim P 9 5 U figure. Walking to andlfranf Roll?-7 stone Hill, taking part 1 athletg and dancing the is Jher method. Francis Hugo Korhonen Baseball '32, '33, '34 Whenever you look, :wherever ZION QOJ A better sport does not grow. Francis, our baseball captain, is a very likable and good natured fellow. Although-, we regret his- not- having taken a greater part in school activities, we are quite satis- fied with the way he has upheld the morale of our baseball team. Ioseph' Kubiac Never over serious, not too frivolous. But a rare good fellow. Ioe is one of those carefree fel- lows, who take things as they come, without complaining. He possesses a very brilliant mind, but doesn't believe in spending all his time in studying. ,ju 7 -tile ,li JMQZ- ' ,,',..f, 1 I fn 1 71 Vtf ' Anna Katherine Kirby Class Color Committee Write-Up Committee Hockey '32 Basketball, Volleyball '32, '33, '34 Marshal She has many virtues. No class was ever toodull for Anna. If no amusement were prof vided she made her own. She can't seem to stop talking. As a marshal she kept in practice between classes but even that job couldn't spoil her merry disposition. i ' pf' 1 M fl 1,1 ' NJ' XV' X , ,,.f . l i Virginia Fotine Kopsiaftis Basketball, Hockey, Volleyball '32, '33, '34 It is good to lengthen to the last sunny mood. Nia and Mary Mikaelian are in- separable. We remember her say- ing, "Has the long bell rung?" She seldom blushes, but, how often is she embarrassed? Edwin Albert Kotilainen Football '32, '33, '34 Basketball, Track '33 A man of hope and forward looking mind. Eddie is what you would call the average type of boy. He doesn't excel in any one branch. but you can wager that he will more than hold in aI1Y task 4 6 wt fr Laura Marian Kufel A silent address is the genuine eloquence of sincerity. Laura, a rather quiet girl, came from Shirley. She greeted every- one with a pleasant smile. Always a conscientious student she hurried out of school each noon, her arms laden with books. 1934 TVVENTY-EIGHT THE BOULDER W Evelyn Mae Kuriger Volleyball '32, '33 The melodious merriment of thine eyes, Matches the priceless peal of your laughter. Evelyn, constant habitant of the session room, just bubbles over with pep and good nature. iShe plays volleyball and goes swim- ming and camping. Lotta Mae Lacey Tennis '32 To make a virtue of necessity. Here's a girl we seldom saw un- happy. Her smile brought h I many new friends. Swimm' skating, and dancing attfa er most in the line of s rw? 2 f V pf' avi i Roland Alfred Lalonde Football Manager '34 Little it matters iwhat the size, His true, good value we realize. Roland deserves great praise for his service as the manager of our successful football team. He was a familiar figure at Crocker Field where he spent most of his time. Helvi Lydia Lappala Volleyball '32 Straight and fair and honest, A student through and through. Helvi was often about on office errands, yet for all her popularity with the commercial department, we are not well acquainted with her. f Walter Hugo Laakko His heart and hand both open and free. Walter comes from Alpine Rd. where houses are few and far be- tween. Although the has not par- ticipated in sports to any great ex- tent, he is a true blue and loyal rooter for all our teams. Iohn Charles Lagace He ,is a man diligent in his business. Lagace is a diligent student in the Commercial Course. He hopes to get a clerical job after graduaf tion. Iohn indulges in swimming, baseball, golf, and stamp collecting. Arthur Irving Lamb Iunior Senior Relay '33 Nothing great was ever achieved . without enthusiasm. Arthur is a silent son of the out- 'doorswho intends to carry off the horseshoe pitching championship of the world soon. He is a probable Iunior 'Senior Relay runner. Aline Theresa Lareau Here's a maiden without pretense, Blessed with reason and common sense. ' How we girls and fellows admire Aline's lovely blond wavy hair. She works at Woolworth's every afternoon and we think her pretty smile attracted many customers to- that worthy establishment. 1934 TXVENTY-NINEJ THE BOULDER Albert LaSalle' Larson Track '33, '34 Jest and youthful jolltty. Albert is well liked by all. No one has ever found him gloomy but one always notices his pleasant smile. He is often the butt of jokes but he takes it all in fun. Therese Olive Lavoie Class Party Committee '33 Marshal Councillor '32, '33 Jolly and sweet. Quality, not quantity, is tiny Therese's motto. Her genuine cheerfulness has endeared her to many children, her charges, and ,particularly to several Seniors. The Dramatic Club has been her preparatory school for the role of heroine in reel and real life. Mary Esther Lawton The soul's calm sunshine And the heartfelt joy. Mary is a pretty little girl with a businesslike air. She remains aloof from strangers with a cjigmi and reserved manner which Y t aside only when she igvlmon friends. ,, 15? Renaldo Lugee Leblanc Iunior Senior Relay '33 Words with him are few But weighty indeed, when spoken. Renaldo's walk and expression suggest the easy-going, what's-your- hurry type of person. His every thought, desire, and ambition are centered upon one person-his girl. Helen Vieno Laukkanen She that was -ever ,fair and never proud, Had tongue at .will and yet was never loud. Helen is small, blonde, and cute. 'Since she had to come to us all the way from Westminster she could 'not be very active in the societies 'about school. Milton Reed Lawrence Tracktream '33, '34 And what he thought he nobly dared. Milton is a kindly red haired chap. He takes an interest in many sports and is one of our good track men. Besides he is liked for his sense of humor. Robert Iudson Leach Chairman of Literary Depart- ment of Red E1 Gray '33, '34 Member of Motto Committee '33 God made him and therefore let us call him man. Robert comes to us from the wilds of South Ashburnham. He echoes not the nature of his sur- roundings however but rather has the manners of a gentleman. He talks well on literature and current events and is active in the de- bating club and the Red and Gray. Eugene Wilfred Leclerc He ,had the warmth of genial courtesy. g Brown eyed Eugene, who hails from Cleghorn, is one of the true gentlemen of our class. He is of the quieter type and although he didn't participate in any school athletics, he enjoys skating, skiing, and track. 1934 THIRTY I g,1,, Henry Ioseph Leger The force of his own merit makes his way. Henry was a merry student who was always joking and laughing. He was well liked by his own circle of friends and also by the other students with whom he made contact. WN ' A Mary Lehto Iunior Senior Reception Com- mittee Hockey, Basketball, Volleyball f '32, '33, '34 ' Charming and srweet. The reason we all like Mary so well is because of the personality that goes with that cheerful smile. The combination of scholar, libra- ry'assistant, and pal makes her all right as far as we can figure out. Vellma Laila Lehtonen Volleyball '32, '33, '34 Basketball, Hockey' '32 Her presence lends its warmth , and health, V , To all who come for it. Vellma didn't have many oppor- tunities in school to show us her ability on the accordion, but she was more active with it outside. Her chief study is boys. ' ' Elsie. Florence Leupold Cheerilyyreeiting each oncoming day, Q Gilldling' with ,smiles each step of the way. Elsie is constantly in demand at her Church of which she is an in- dispensable member. Her type- writing ability is well known. She enjoys walking and driving when accompanied by a certain tall young man. 1 Victor Eugene Legros 'Tisn't life that matters- 'Tis the courage you bring to it. Victor professes a keen interest in sports of which he is very fond. He is an honest straight-forward lad with a great desire to succeed in whatever he undertakes to do. Laila Viola Lehtonen - Ring Committee '33 Basketball, Hockey, Volleyball '32, '33, '34 Marshal Councillor '33 Jolly, well liked, a good . student too. P , , JUN" Laila likes .all formslof athletics my L and indulges in most of them. Her reward, a perfect figure. She swims through the water like a fish, besides playing the piano and dancing with skill. hh 31,11 Vi!!! J J Eva Iohnson Leonard Strongest minds are ioften those Of whom the noisy world hears least. ' Peewee has a strong mind, but do we really hear least of her? She is very voluble with a pen, and her numerous essays and stories smack of initiative and Sinclair Lewis. Sulo Onervo Lipasti Seldom he smiles. This quiet lad is Sulo. He spends most of his time studying, always in eager pursuit of the elusive A, and he seems to be successful in arriving at his goal. Diligent, in- dustrious, a good pal, what more need be said? 5' XM 1934 THIRTY- ONE THE BOULDER Clarence Earl Lord Marshal His words and works are clear and straight. Clarence is one of the quieter members of our class. His diligence and faithfulness to his studies won a place for his name on the honor roll. As a marshal he seta good example. Constance Lowe Thgnksgiving Dance Committee ' 4 Write-Up Committee Basketball, Hockey, Tennis '32, '33, '34 Full of mischief, a jolly good sort. Connie is the real social butter- fly in our class. Studies come on- ly second in importance. She is seen at all the school dances and never lacks partners. She is also greatly interested in sports and is an exceptionally fine tennis player. Elna Sylvia Luoma She made each day's work a source of new ground in power and appreciation. Elna is sure to become an ef- ficient secretary. Nothinglis too hard to please her. 'lf it appears difficult, she tackles and conquers it Francis Eugene McClumpha Iunior Senior Reception Com- mittee Iunior Senior Relay '33, '3-i Football '33 Marshal He was a man, take him, all in all. Tot is a prominent member of the Senior Class. He often ap- peared on the high school stage. He was a member of our Iunior Relay team. His favorite pastime is dancing. Tot, as a marshal, was well known for his vocal powers. Florence Amine Lovell She was made for happy thoughts, For pleasant wit and laughter. Flo certainly does love to tease. She fights plenty with the boys around school, especially certain sophomores. Inst bubbling over with mischief and laughter, Flo en- joys life, if anyone ever did. Iacqueline Elsie Lunetta Basketball '33 Volleyball '32 ik Her eyes are deeper than the depth of waters stilled at even. Iacky is small of stature with large shining dark brown eyes and curly black hair. Her engaging smile and constant cheerfulness give evidence of her happiness. 2 J!! Paula Lystila t Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball '32, '33, '34 Always laughing, always gay. Paula likes a good time and has many of them ifkher presence at the dances is any evidence. Sheis. a good athlete, Perhaps she finds a fine example in the fellows. Mildred Edith McCutcheon Chairman of Write-Up Commit-- 1' Basfetball, Hockey, Volleyball '32 Councillor, Marshal '34 Her eyes were twinkling stars of friendship. Millie has smiled her way intof a secure place in the hearts of her classmates. Her cheery nature makes her presence as welcome as sunlight. A staunch friend and good fun, she allows no one around her to be down-hearted. X fee-UW! 1934 THIRTY- TVVO THE BOULDER Arthur Phillip McDonnell Baseball '32 A kinder gentleman treads not ' the earth. This soft-spoken boy came from a town no one ever heard of and proceeded to show Fitchburg how baseball and basketball should be played. Mac's ambition is to break 100 in golf. Alice Louise McManus Class Color Committee Volleyball, Hockey '32 Basketball '32, '33, '34 Those who know her, not a few, Know her for a friend tried and true. Al is famous for being late and we wonder if she ever hurries. She is active in sports and makes a fine center on the basketball team. The Fitchburg Theater finds a great supporter in Alice. Dorothy Madigan Hockey, Basketball '32 Volleyball '32, '33, '34 The winsome gayety of this lass, Make her friendships that will last. Dot expects to grace Becker with her good natured and peppy self next year. She is fond of the x 5 William Bernard Mackie ' Football, Basketball '34 5 His limbs are cut in manly mould, For hardy sports and contest 5 ' ' bold. J v 1 Bill s ever smiling face and care' 1 free nature, along with his out- standing athletic ability have made - him an idol of many. Although, I ill isn't so very keen on studying, we trust that he will make the grade. Charles Thomas McMurray Cheer Leader '34 Nothing but himself can be his parallel. Skinny, Charles' nickname, speaks for itself. His favorite pas- time is dancing. He has a difficult time attending both to his studies and every dance in town. He also has a hobby: he collects names of popular songs. Q Ernest Anthony Maiello Iunior Senior Relay Tho' modest, on his unem- barrassed brow, Nature has written-Gentleman. Ernie is a quiet kind of chap who goes along minding his own. - business and saying very little. For ' this reason, few people know very much about him. He is not only a sport fan, but a fairly good athlete beautifying sports - swimmingixyx dancing, and skating. Lena Helen Maiello A sweet attractive kind of grace. Lena's amiable disposition and winning personality have gained her many friends. She was often seen roaming the corridor with a I' . - little pink slip in her hand. . lf' Y, W My M himself. Henry Peter Maki Football '33 Basketball '32, '33, '34 An all round athlete, erect and tall. Henry is of the quiet type. His hobby is playing basketball, and his election to the captaincy of our basketball squad shows his ca- pability as a leader as well asian athlete. 1934 TI-IIRTY-THREE THE BOULDER Karlo Olavi Maki A finished gentleman from top to toe. V Karlo is very well-behaved around school. Lots of girls wish he wasn't quite so bashful, but perhaps he will overcome that some day. ls his face red! Mildred Edna Mansfield Basketball '32 Hockey '32, '33 Her voice was ever soft, gentle, and low. The most notable point about Mildred is her soft clear voice which could scarcely be heard across the room. She is also re- membered for her blue eyes and blond hair. Brownie Anthony Marcinkewvicz His presence lends its warmth to all :who come before it. . Brownie is from Shirley. His favorite sport is sleepwalking. When' sufficiently aroused from this state of somnolence, Brownie is extremely likable, thanks to his sleepy grin and sense of humor, Sylvia Helena Matson Volleyball '33 Basketball '32, '33, '34 A face wth gladness o'e'rspread. Sylvia was noticeable for her rippling laughter. She likes movies and also adores reading western stories. A good volleyball player too. X K. Qu , . Q ingpljxqyis 1 --fffgfnf' f if V' , MV! 'f L ILKZAVA V -if if Ruth Ingred Maki For good lieth not in pursuing But just in doing and doing. Ruth was one of the smaller members of one class and she never made herself heard by un- necessary talking. She is the sort of person that plays when she plays and works when she works and thinks all the time. Edwin Arvid Manson Class Color Committee '33 Marshal Faithful and likeable. Edwin is one of the cutest boys in our class and his blond hair and ready smile make him a favorite with thegirls. One of our school musicians, he was a member of both the band and orchestra. We will remember him especially as one of the members of the famous German Band. Pellegrino Marranzino The mildest manners and the A gentlest heart. Although he may have a rather long nose, and a rather long name, the length of both of these, if we may say so, is far surpassed by his breadth of heart. 4 fyfjvj Paul Thomas May l-'N' cv' Iunior Senior Relay '33 Basketball '33, '34 His brightness damps heaven's glorious lamps, And makes them hang their ' heads. Paul is known as a light, cheery lad, wherever he goes. The stu- dents who knew him well realized what a joy it was to be in his presence. 1934 THIRTY-FOUR THE BOULDER Paraskevas Iohn Michaelides Hard he labors, long and well. Paraskevas came to us. at the beginning of the Senior year from Greece. He is not known by many but he has found a place in the hearts of his acquaintances. He is a good student and a good linguist. Virginia Belle Miller Her sunny temper gilds the edge' of life's blackest cloud. 1 This blue-eyed, mild-nginnerl girl, answering to the rfamei bf r- ginia, comes all ,the rom West Fitchbur . S ' a e seen Q , any afternoon wo , in a gr - ,I . . ' . . he cery store snw y servi customers. l li , i li r if I K j x Rita Virginia Miner Ring Committee '33 Iunior Senior Reception Play '33 2nd Prize, Prize Speaking Con- test '33 Maiden with the meek brown eyes. Rita is known as a talented dancer. We don't know exactly what her ambitions are, but if they have anything to do with the stage, we feel quite sure she will be very successful. Harold Iulian Nlisslin Whatever record leap to light, He never shall be shamed. Harold kept in trim by walking a good distance to and from school every day. The saying, "Like father, like son," doesn't apply to Harold since hunting with his father is not so interesting to him as the movies. All Marion Mary Niikaelian Pop Concert Committee '33 Volleyball, Basketball, Hockey '32, '33,"34 She learns the look of things. Mary came to school chiefly to amuse her friends. She knows no worriers or cares, but lives her life to enjoy its fun. She played the violin for our orchestra. weary q3"'jQ4fv"'TfT Muriel Emma Miner A gay serene spirit is the source of all that is noble and good. Muriel is small and blonde. Due to the fact that she is from Shirley. she is not very well known. She appears to be quiet, studious, and unassuming. Charles Henry Minnich Ring Committee Ticket Committee for Senior Play '33 . Tennis '33, '34 Open Meeting '3 Marshal Though he be unt, I know him passing wise. Charlie .has become one of our greatest lady killers. Previously he had been a hermit as far as girls were concerned, but now he is taking a great interest in a certain Iunior who doesn't live very far from him. Bernard Ioseph Molaghan Marshal Iunior Prom Committee Track, Basketball, Football '32, '33, '34 RelayfCheer leader '32, '33, '34 Men of few words are always the . , best men., Dub might be classed with the quieter members of the class, al- though when marshaling, his-voice is as audible as the faithful Chevie which conveys him to his Alma Mater. 1934 THIRTY-FIVE THE BOULDER Louise Sands Montville Volleyball, Hockey '32 Lf In character, in manner, in all things Supreme excellence is simplicity. Louise is one of our quieter girls. She has never been known to cause a disturbance in school. But, oh boy, did she cause a dis- turbance in the heart of a certain fellow on the South Side? She likes to dance very much, Marguerite Leda Morand Volleyball, Hockey '32, '33 Basketball '33 Full of pep, full of jun, A laugh and smile for everyone. Peggy is one of the liveliest misses at F. H. S. She is always active. On the go from dawn to dark, Ibusg every minute'-and boy, can s e ance. ,Lynda Irene Marie Morin , Volleyball '33 Xl' Basketball '32 .J Fair she is and kind. lrene is bland, pretty, and good natured. She and Yvonne Hebert were inseparable. She takes life with a smile and gives it' a smile in return and she doesn't shirk. Hector Ioseph Morin A poet could not but be h y, In such a jocand company. Morin is a sport and a hunter of repute. He plays baseball and finds amusement in strumming a guitar. Hector is undecided on his future occupation. William Francis Moore A plain and honest man Who does whate'er he can. We have yet to see Bill when he was not either working for money or planning how to spend it. He is very successful at the former which presages future suc- cess. Robert Kendall Morrell His strength lay in his knowledge. Bob is unanimously elected the sleepiest fellow in the Senior Class. His idea of a good class is one in which he can sleep all the period. However, Bob certainly does try hard to keep those marks up. Pauline Blanche Morin Hockey '32 Basketball, Volleyball '32, '33 Her air has a meaning Her movements a, grace. Pauline attacked her studies in the same persistent manner she at- tacks the apparatus in the Turner Gym. We wonder if that's where she got those eyes and that corn- plexion. Martha Porter Mossman Red E1 Gray Board '33, '34 Her pencil drew rwhate'er her soul designed. What would we have done with- out Martha's posters and designs? Martha looks like the artist she is. Being quite tall and extremely fair, she attracts much attention wher- ever she goes. 1934 THIRTY- SIX Elvie Esther Muhonen 'The fair, the chaste, the unex- pressive she. Quiet of manner and gentle of speech, she is liked by all who 'know her. She enjoys all sports, especially dancing and skating. She attended the football games regularly. Daisy Dorothy Nathan In thy heart the dew of youth On thy lips the smile of truth. Anyone can easily tell by look- ing at the way Daisy dresses that she is interested in style and clothes. Daisy never took many books home but perhaps she didn't need to: and then again-. Lilly Elizabeth Nelson Hockey '33 ' Basketball '32 Endurance is the crowning quality And patience all the passion of great hearts. Lilly has decided to become domestic and hopes to go to a 'school in Boston. Perhaps you're right, Lilly, and maybe the other girls will follow in your footsteps. Of course Lilly has a reason. Iames William Niebel His pleasant air and happy smile Make him a friend worth while. Iimmy's chief interest and hob- by is printing, an art in which he is exceedingly skillful. After work- ing hours, he indulges in skating at the "Resie" in Waites Corner. Aino Sylvia Mustonen Volleyball '32, '33, '34 Play up, play up, and play the game. Whenever we think of our girl athletes, Aino always pops into our heads. There isn't much that Aino can't do when it comes to sports. She always had good marks but is rather to be remem- bered for her sportsmanship. Helen Hilma Nelson "v511ey15511 '32 She's not a flower, she's not a pearl, Just an all around American girl. Helen has a way with the teachers and her classmates. No one could help loving her. She dis- likes washing dishes most of all. Boys, you'll have to buy paper ones. Iames Newcombe Football '33 He who will not hate his foe Need not fear life"s hardest blow. Iunie, as he is called, comes from Waites Corner. Studies nev- er worried him but he thoroughly enjoys sports of which baseball and football are 'his favorites. Dancing doesn't rank as one of the least of his enjoyments. Martha Linda Niemela Volleyball '32 Basketball '32, 33 Her sweet and unassuming ways Make us think that quietness pays. Martha is a quiet studious high ,honor member of the commercial department. She likes swimming, reading, and coin collecting. Martha plans to- do- office .work when she finishes school. THIRTY- SEVEN THE BOULDER Laila Ruth Niemi Basketball '32 Her 'mild expression spoke a mind In duty firm, composed, - resigned. l..aila's talents are of the more quiet type. Her cheery smile brightens .many lovers and her pretty eyes and her smile will make her remembered for some time. Bertha Helen Nisula Basketball, Hockey, Volleyball '32, '33 We who knew her well, loved her and honored her. ' We seldom see Bertha without Elma. They are a 'loyal partner- ship, but Bertha has more than one pal. She has a smile for every- one, and she distributes them im- partially. Frank Nowokunski He is just the quiet kind Whose nature never varies. We cannot really say that Frank hates school, but he'd rather work around automobiles or roam the woods with a gun on his shoulder. Although he isn't any too talkative, a witty remark from him isn't anything unusual. Mary Oliver Knowledge and truth and virtue were her theme. Mary is the type of girl who works hard to obtain good marks. Her dark hair together with her jolly disposition and kind words are her chief assets. Waino Emil Niemi Baseball '33, '34 Basketball '33 Not obvious, not obtrusive, , but retired. Waino was one of our hard working Assistant-Managers, in his Iunior year, on both the Bas- ketball and Baseball teams. In the latter sport he was rewarded with the managership. Leonard Rudolph Nisula Class Prophecy Committee '34 Marshal I am not in the roll of common men. Quiet and unassuming, unless you are a friend or a Republican. A budding Webster, he is very capable 'of holding his own in a verbal dua. , rgaret Irene O'Connor ockey, Basketball '32, '33 An honest woman, close- buttoned to the chin, ' Broadcloth without, and a warm soul within. Margaret is one of the more. rotund members of our class. And, true to form, she is as jolly as any fat person should be. She is a good studentgand is ever willing to lend a hand in solving a problem which is bothersome to a friend. Iames Henry O'Neill Cheerleader '34 He dances like an angel. "Hip, Hip, Let's go!" Jimmie used his long arms to advantage in leading the cheers at Crocker Field. He never misses out on any fun and therefore is quite a fa- vorite in 26. Iimmieis also a per- manent fixture at all the Y dances. 1934 THIRTY-EIGHT ,H w N NJ xi if l THE BOULDER 3 i ifx f gf' 1 , 'KJ V : i ' ' Carolyn Louise Overhiser A Neil Armas Orava Basketball '32, '33 Track '33 - Virtuous and wise was he, but ' ' not severe. Neil is always on the go. Whether marks are high or low, it's all the same to him. Not that he gets such poor marks, but that broad smile never gives in. Henry Andrew Palmer The look composed, and steady eye, Bespeaks a steady constancy. Henry is just an ordinary quiet boy who is neither exceedingly brilliant nor exceedinl dull in QV class. H nstant work he I intained good st riding a cl won the mark of a diligeiit puplll i?,,,asIffaff..,G f M Anastasia Pananos Volleyball, Basketball '33 Always ,nice and always gay, Always smiling through the day. Stasia is always ready to smile. Anyone may borrow her home- work, for her generosity is as often in evidence as her smile, She plays the violin and held a place in our orchestra. Mary Sarah Parnanen Revealings deep and clear are thine of wealthy smiles. ls' ther hobby swmming? Well, yes and no. Her toes are in the water, but her good nature and herself stroll the banks. ' Basketball '32, '33 Volleyball '32 A good student who is always ready for fun. Although Cal attends the Y fre- quently, her studies do not suffer. Her enthusiasm for sports makes her one of the school's best rooters, hockey players, and swimmers. Her winter diversion is dime rush- ing at the Fitchburg with Connie and Ronnie. Iacob Elmer Palo Football '32, '33, '34 Basketball,ITrack '33, '34 Willing and competent. lake is the holder of two records in the school, for not-only is he also boasts shoes, size the tallest boy but he a pair of the largest thirteen. Never mind, Iake, you may beat Primo Camera some day. X. X Mary Elizabeth Pandiscio -Friendly and pleasant-with A always a song A Cheerful and merry the happy day long. Dark-eyed Mary 'is the toast of the Water St. business section. Her chief loves are sports and bookkeeping. In our book of fond memories there will be a recollec- tion of this real pal and fine stu- dent. Q A Gladys Rose Patenaude A deep genuine sincerity is a trait of true and noble womanhoocl. She giggles, she laughs, and can she chatter? Gladys is just the sort of person we all like. A loyal F. H. S. fan, a good friend, and a l sport. 1934 THIRT Y-NINE THUEBOULDER Elsie Linnea Pelto Volleyball '33 Basketball, Hockey '32, '33 Honesty rules in her heart. Elsie is oneof the neatest girls in our class. Not only is she neat in her dress but in everything she does. Her lovely blond hair is the envy of us less fortunate girls. Donald Firmin Pethybridge Write-Up Committee '34 'Class Prophecy Committee '34 Of manners gentle, of affections mild. Don is a member of our famous band, and by this time should be able to blow a mean horn. He is a great worker, for besides that and keeping himself on high honor, he is Vice-President of the Roll- stone Christian Endeavor Society. Paul Ioseph Posco Football '33, '34 One who could be trusted To do the right thing at the right time. Paul is one of our very studious boys. He is a lover of sports in which he takes an active part. He is not very talkative. Anna Iosephine Potter The softer charm that in her manner lies, Is framed to captivate yet not surprise. Anna's hobby is skating. We wonder if it's the thrill of people around her, or the cool ice under her. Either way, she still has that surprised and questioning look. K.? Raymond Charles Perodeau The wisest man is generally he who thinks himself less wise. Evidently Raymond believes that it is better to be seen than heard. He works diligently but sel- dom gains the public eye. How- ever quiet, hard working people often succeed and so will Ray- mond. Mildred Louise Poland Class Motto Committee, Writef Up Committee '34 Basketball, Hockey '32, '33 Councillor '32 Marshal She's a regular girl in every way. Usually when you see Mildred she is laughing. Her wit is as keen and spontaneous as one could wish. And her class work was dis- tinctly the product of the same mind. She successfully kept. "Single file!" in the lower hall. Alice Mary Potter Basketball, Volleyball '32 Hockey '32, '33 Councillor '32 From the crown of her head to the sole of her foot she ,is all mirth, Happy, merry, carefree, more willing to laugh than to be serious: always ready for a good time. She may often be seen in the vicinity of Blossom and Pearl Streets. Who is he, Alice? Caroline Veronica Poutenis She'll scatter sunshine where'er she may go. Who has ever caught Carol without a smile? And who has a right to smile since she pos- esses blue eyes and ruddy cheeks. 1934 FORTY THE BOULDER Richard Walter Progin He made all countries where he came his own. Dick reminds us of the lovers of old but he keeps his trysts in the chem lab instead of on bal- conies. His school work doesn't receive much attention but so far he has got by. A- Eino Pumpula 'Tisn't life that matters! 'Tis the courage you bring to it. Eino is one of our shortest sen- iors. Although his appearance be- lies the fact, he spends every after- noon hard at work. He is a meme ber of that famous club of boys from the North End. Matti Raianiemi, Ir. Quiet and good natured is he. Matti is a quiet, modest youth with laughing eyes and engaging smile. He believes in the old pro-1 verb-"Actions speak louder than words." This he proves when he gets on the basketball floor. Bernard Raymond There is a laughing devil in his sneer. Bernard .hails from the western part of Fitchburg. His time is di- vided between his paper route and dancing. He may be seen at all the dances in the city. Last spring he was one of the star half-milers of the relay squad. Q ,' rx.,-, g X I r-J-A-Sc , Eleanor Falmeria Pshalgowski Hockey '32, '33, '34 Basketball '32, '33 . Volleyball '32 So active, so ,inquiring an eye, so nimble a tongue Q And so varied in discourse. Eleanor comes from West Fitch- burg. One never sees Eleanor but what she is talking. Pretty eyes has she which are not always used only for studying. She is a clever sewer and makes most of her clothes. Lily Raatikainen Hockey, Basketball '32, '33, '34 Volleyball '32, '33 The joy of youth and health her eyes displayed. In all sports, whether hockey, basketball or volleyball, Lily is known as a triple threat. She has an eye like an eagle for shooting a basket. She is an active member of the Reipas Club. W if Dwight Francis Rand Fearlessly he skims along: His hope is high and his limbs are strong. When his brother isn't taking it apart to see what makes it tick, Dwight roams the Countryside on his motorcycle. He is interested as well in radio and electricity, and to this end has becomz a member of Wachusett Air Rel y. .JJUA 3 U7 17" ,ff -ff cry!!! iff Barbara Ray Reed Her very foot has music in it as she comes up the stair. Barbara is a lady of many ac- complishments. She is a talented pianist, a graceful dancer and a second Kreisler. We expect to see Babs counting out scales for the next generation. 1934 FORTY-ONE THE BOULDER Rita Louise Reissmann Her soft voice, her alluring charms have won her many friends. Petite Rita, the belle of South Fitchburg, graces our halls with her lovely presence and pretty clothes. Her winning smile has gained her many friends during her stay at F. H. S. A really charming personf , ' Enid Alice Robbins Seeing only what is fair, Sipping only what is sweet. Enid is a girl you just can't help liking. She was a commuter from Westminster. She spent much of the summer at Wyman's with one of 'her many friends. 6 Yvonne Mary Robichaud Character is a perfectly educated will. Yvonne is one of our Cleghorn students. Can you imagine a girl who doesn't chatter or giggle but still is a sport? Yvonne is one of these. She and Doris St. Pierre are fast friends. Marion Dunlap Rogers In thy heart the dew of youth On thy lips the smile of truth. We haven't heard or seen much of Marion, who is quiet and studious. Knowing her is a pleasure for she is interesting and intelligent to talk to. - !X .9-ff ,ufyffif 6?77.x,1v1fr"'A" Umberto Robert Ricci Baseball '32, '33, '34 Then he will talk-good gods! how he will talk. A wise-cracker, good sport, and good pal. His kidding causes fre- quent laughs. Maybe that's why they call him, "Boom." He is a good dancer and held a regular position as catcher on the baseball team. Evelyn Grace Robertson Her heart is always doing lovely things. Evelyn plans to become a nurse after she is graduated. She is a sport fan and takes part in hockey, hiking, and dancing. She is also fond of traveling. Edith Anna Rodriquenz Gentle, gay, happy, kind, A better friend you'll never , find. , Hail to a veritable water nymph. Sweet dashing Edith of lovely hair and laughing eyes. Her olive skin, and a speedy rendition of a Spanish lesson give proof of her Latin descent. Mi if Eness Mary Rosettir A creature not too ,bright or good For human natures daily food. Eness is one of our dusky beau- ties. the life of every party. She's the kind that radiates good fellow- ship and good humor-that always has a circle of pals around, mak- ing merry. 1934 FORTY-TWO THE BOULDER Ida Rovno Red E1 Gray Board Haggween Festival Committee Recs? Gray Dance Committee Basketball '32. Marshal. ' She reads much, she is a great observer. Ida is excellent in all subjects usually mastered by man. Many an interesting moment has she caused in Chem and Physics. We all must admit she is brilliant. Martha Sylvia Saarela Volleyball '32 Of quiet and tstudious aspect is she. Martha always greets her class' mates with the same pleasant friendly smile. Her brilliance in history was. outstandinge-one of Miss Smith's prodigies! Doris Mary St. Pierre WNW Marshal For sure no minutes bring us more content, Than those in pleasing useful studies spent. Doris was one of our part-time students, who divided her time between Miss Smith and Mr. Dufour. Her studies always came before pleasure. Toimi Iohn Salmi Strength of limb and policy of mind, Ability in means and choice of friends. Toimi was a quiet lad when he first came to F. H. S. but now he has bloomed forth as an attraction for the opposite sex. But in spite of this he is still as nonchalant and unassuming as ever. Aarne Alvar Ruuska Red 5 Gray Board '32, '34 ,Write-Up Committee '34. Baseball '32. He was capable of imagining all, of arranging all, and of doing everything. .Aarne is the calm type of per- son who remains unruifled' under all circumstances. His very actions inspire confidence and reveal a certain sureness that makes a good business man. Bernadette Agnes St. Germain Basketball '32, '33, '34 The reason firm. the temperate will, Endurance, foresight, strength 1 and skill. This is a picture of a girl who believes in the necessity of study --so she says. In spite of this she finds plenty of time to go to shows and dances. She is also a good basketball and hockey player. f344I'ff XQMU4 ' " M37 ' Raymond Ioseph St. Pierre ' He nothing common did or mean. ' winter, Ray spent m of:-lgs time cutting figure 1 ' ice at the rink. The ir Hive proclaimed him a sn p y dresser. Ray seems to pre r bookkeeping to his other subjects. Charles David Salmond Few things are 'impossible for diligence and skill. A big business man. Charlie is always deeply buried. in black printer's ink from which he emerges with some of those elusive greenbacks. Though not a magi- cian he is a wizard at making business. ' 1934 I FORTY-THREE . x it A it what THE BOULDER ,si fi Marion Elizabeth Sammet Chairman of Iunior Senior Reception Committee '33 Thanksgiving Dance Committee '34 Basketball, Hockey '32, '33, '34 Volleyball '32 Marshall '34 Councillor '32 She played a song that couldnit but please. Marion is very popular. She is noted for her love of music and devotion to a certain young man. Eunice Sarkin Hockey '32, '33 Basketball '32 She is a constant friend, and a sweet girl all 'round. Eunice has the best of smiles for everyone. She has dark black wavy hair and eyes which are the envy of many girls. Myrtle Helen Schneider Prophecy Committee, Write-Up Committee '34 Basketball, Volleyball '32, '33, '34 Hockey '32, '33 A pleasant girl of the quieter kind. Myrtle has her golden head bent continually over a book. Her ima- gination is the source of many the orchestra and the Girl ' is there is no more ardent bei' than Myrtle. E "'-, 'Tx Z Red and Gray mystery storie lnfx L jf' Martha Mary Selent Basketball '32, '33, '34 Good humor teaches charm to last. Martha, with her tall beauty and long, fair hair, reminds us of a Teuton queen. Her chief charm is her quick wit: her particular talent is diving. The grace of her dive is rivalled oriy by that of the swan itself. 'K 4 J f I Beatrice Lucia Santerre Friends slowly won are long held. Beatrice is another one with lit-f tle to say, but when she does speak watch out. Her specialty is riding horses at Pearl Street on Wednesday afternoons. ,px if Iennie Kanila Savela N"ClaSS Color Committee '34 Basketball, Hockey, Volleyball '32, '33, '34 Tennis '34 Councillor '34 Jolly, preppy, athletic too. Iennie can laugh at any joke whether it be on herself or an- other. She is equal to the best in any sport. Iennie never worried over her homework. Natalie Scott Courteous though coy, and gentle though retired. Natalie is a demure maiden with quiet and peaceful ways. She en- joys football above other sports, as was shown by,hef faithful at- tendangefat 'all fthe" garfxes. ,..', jlv. i ft' ff J J Albert Ioseph Senuta Class Color Committee, Writef Up Committee '34 Baseball '33, '34 Marshal '34 A merrier man within the limit of becoming mirth I never spent an hour's talk with. Even when on duty Albie had an infectious grin. He seems just to exist until school is over but he always knew the answers when called on. As generous and good- natured as they come. FORTY-FOUR THE BOULDER. Valarie Ethel Sercombe Ioke Committee of The Boulder '34 Basketball '32, '33, '34 Volleyball '32, '33 ,Better to be small and shine than to be great and cast a shadow. Valarie's favorite sport is bas- ketball, in which her size is an en- viable asset when it comes to dodging opponents. Rapidity of gait, especially en route to Kres- ge's, where she is employed du - ing spare time, characterizes her. Carolyn Mae Seymour Her pare simplicity is pleasing to all. Carolyn is a quiet, hard working girl who hopes to become a dress- maker. Music, especially the piano and violin, holds her with its charms While sports hardly appeal. Rennie Francis Shattuck He has never found the limit of his capacity for work. Rennie sure is a plugger, for be- side his school duties, he is also one of the most ambitious workers at,the, Sentinel oflice. His father, a postman, taught him the art of peddling. Withal, he is a good all- around student. . -lj Sylvia Frances Sherwix?f'fj,'f9 l -A A .41 Never idle a moment. UAV Sylvia is one of the quieter girls in the class. She enjoys studying, and her name always appeared on the honor roll. Every other week she acted as secretary for Miss Dunn. After graduation she hopes to secure a position in a business office. Albert Henry Seymour ' Tennis Tournament-Quarter Finals '34 He practiced what he' preached. Albert is not heard from as. much as he deserves to be. How- ever, he is quite a thinker and his. decisions are often weighty. King, as he is sometimes called, is an ardent tennis player and coach, and is also much interested in aviation. 51 Shirley Caroline 'Seymour A girl so sweet and ,fair With a happy smile and a pleasant air. Shirley comes from Shirley. She is quiet appearing but, oh, so live- ly. Her mischievous escapades on the school bus were the chief wor- ries of the bus driver. Paul Francis Shea Football '32, '33 He will give the devil his due. Paul is one of the happy-go- lucky members of our class who never seem to be worried by such trivial things as studies. At present Paul seems to favor the Iunior Class, or at least one member of it. M Molly Shuman i Write-Up Committee '34, Hockey, Basketball, Volleyball '32, '33 Tennis '32 The readiness of doing doth earpresse, X" No other but the doer's 'sg willingnesse. Molly is very happpy and never seems to worry about anything. especially the opposite sex. She al- ways craves something to do. . it 1934 rx t.',,,fLl-JK! ' ' Cr, u FORTY-FIVE THE BOULDER c ,"i Toivo Olavi Sivonen He wears the rose of youth upon him. Although Toivo may not be a person famous for his brilliance in the classroom, he excels else- where. In the gym he far surpasses the prowess of all others on the parallel bars. I I Q. .ff Virginia Louise Smith J, Persuasion tips her tongue P .Q whenever she talks. Virginia is one of the reasons hy our school never grew dullg , we all wondered what was comin Q next. She liked nothing better than dancing. Mary Souther Her quiet nature seemed to be Tuned to each season's harmony. Mary came to us from Cohasset High. She is small, with dark eyes and hair and a somewhat heavy voice. She says little, but little seems to escape her sharp eyes. Iohn Edward Stacey Football '32, '33 Basketball '33, '34 ' His mirth the world required, He bathed it in smiles of glee. Eddie is the tall, bespectacled person one saw sauntering in the corridors. His countenance is adorned with a perpetual smile which wins him many friends. His hobby is playing basketball for the Rambler Seconds. .1 . 0-.1 ,, ,- J Lo ,I , AJ ff- ,5,"'fg1'1 ' Dorothy Lillian Smith Iunior Reception Committee '33 Hockey '32, '33, '34 Volleyball '32, '33 , Marshal '34 She twhat was honour knew. h I 'Dottie is one of the few people whom every one likes. Dottie likes Q to sing and her lovely deep voice makes us enjoy listening. Her ever present smile made a bright spot in the library every other week. Wallace Sontag Q By his face, straight shall ye know his heart. Wallace is a tall, slender lad full of joy and sarcasm which is all in fun. He has a great fondness for Milky Ways which is the on- ly candy he will eat. iv. yi ' s 2 a 3' Florence Elizabeth Spooner Volleyball '33, '34 7y'L- Basketball '34 A perfect woman, nobly planned, to warm, to comfort, and command. We sum Florence up as an en- emy to no one and a friend to all. With her ready wit and merry smile, her future should hold nothing but success. Gordon Richard Stafford Ring Committee, Councillor '33 Track '33 V 'He is a worthy person who is much respected by me. ' Gordon is a very quiet fellow but when he does speak we listen. Gordon spends his afternoons de- livering papers. Neat, and always a gentleman. 1934 FORTY-SIX THE BOULDER Veronica Ann Stankiewicz Basketball, Hockey '32 Oh, who can forget the mild light of her smile. Many pupils do not know Veronica sufficiently to realize what a pleasant girl she is. She has a pleasant voice and would never say anything if she had the least idea it would offend. .1 X S h J 'J - -ffddfr' Cf Ruth Mabel Stoddard Everywhere in life, the true question is not what we gain, but what we do. In Ruth we have a fair Diana loyal to school and to sport. True to Stoddard tradition she is a staunch supporter of all Y activi- ties. Olga Stupak As chaste as unsunned snow. During our high school years Olga earned our respect with her rather quiet and business-like ways. We all envied her driving that big LaSalle to school. QNX' Loretta Malvina Taylor Cheerful, good natured, and self possessed. Loretta is a friend of many. In spite of the fact that she was busy Smith she always had time smile and do some little kin for another. ' M' ' Y. J' working alternate weeks for if Lillian Marie Statuto volleyball, Basketball '33 She is a maid of modest grace Gentle both in form and face. Lillian has black wavy hair and large brown- eyes. Her favorite sport is basketball. She is such- a wee sma' lass, we wonder how she shoots baskets. She is am- bitious to become a bookkeeper. Robert Iames 'Stoll He was a good man and a just. Robert was one of those who daily shared in the mad rush for the Shirley bus when school was over. He plays a cornet and is a member of a Shirley band. A good chum and easy to get along with. Si, i llosephine Tastula JJ sketball, Hockey '32, '33, f34 1-' ll Volleyball '32, '33 Her smile was prodigal of ' summery shine. No one can say of Sipri, "Beautiful but dumb," because she possesses hair of shiny gold and attained Special Honor. Sip has cultivated as the result of much practice a most mischievous and infectious giggle. To fair Sipri, our rival city is most interesting! - Wilfred Irving Taylor 1 .- 1 . Large was his bounty, and his -' soul sincere. Irving had to get up early to get the train from South Ashburn- ham. He is also one of the num- berless horde who drive a car. Very often we have seen him riding in, or driving the faithful Buick owned by Mr. Gilbert. 1934 FORTY-SEVEN THE BOULDER Tuure Tenander Ring Committee '33 Track '33, '34 Iunior Relay Team Red E1 Gray Board '33, '34 Councillor '34 Marshal Jolcing decides great things Stronger and better oft than earnest can. Tuure is an electric current-fa regular live wire, and a gay young spark who is sometimes a bit shocking. His ability runs to jour- nalism, dramatics, music-and we mustn't forget'-magic! ,. l ,Af-'T QDD1 7rjf,fV'l U Pearl Blanche Teto A merry twinkle of the eye. Without doubt, a dance wou1dn't be a dance without Pearl's attendance. Her jokes and pranks enliven many a dull hour. However, Pearl is a student as well as a jolly good fellow. 'Olavi Reino Toko Relay Team '33 , Football '32 A man of elegance and stature tall. r We have not heard much from Olavi these last four years, There is a trace of friendliness in his voice which is pleasing to hear. Esther Ingeborg Vennberg She is most fair and there unto Her life' doth rightly harmonize. Esther was very quiet around school. She loathes hideous laughter. Her wish is to make people cheerful. Daniel Louis Iohn Testa junior Relay '33 Basketball '32, '33 His wise, rare smile is sweet with certainties. Danny is a quiet but clever stu-- dent. He combines studies with- sports, especially basketball in. which he starred for the Sons of Italy last winter. He is also a staunch rooter for all high school athletic games. Lilla Edith Thompson Volleyball '32, '33, '34 Her cheerful smile is like a sudden sunshine in a dusky cell. , When the F. 8 L. bus wound its. way from West Fitchburg each morning, titian haired Lilla with her bookkeeping was there. Next to bookkeeping Lilla loves to dance and she knows how. . Ah . ,QJ . 'XJV ,J Ilini Anne Upari A safe companion and an easy friend. Characteristic of llmi is her al-D ways unaffected manner and modest ways. She laughs much and talks her share but these are done only at the right time. A jolly good friend. Isabel Elizabeth Vinton Class Prophecy Committee Basketball '32, '33 Marshal There's a garden in her fac6 Where red roses and white lilies grow. A merry smile and twinkling., mischievous eyes make Billie a great favorite with teachers and pupils. She collects China Scotties. and often spends her last pennies for them. just to embarrass Isabel, ask her how she got to Clinton after hiking up Mt. Waschusettl 1934 FORTY-EIGHT THE BOULDER Hilkka Louise Wahlberg Class Prophecy Committee Hockey, Basketball '32, '33, '34 A willing helper, A true friend. Hilkka has many lovely clothes and wears them becomingly. She has a likable manner which cheer- ed Mr. Howard's room every other week. Hilkka was a staunch sup- porter of the football and basket- ball teams. Leo Emerson Walker A sterling coin in Lije's exchange of frienship. Leo is an out-of-town boy with the great privilege of riding to school. His curly blond locks and a somewhat peculiar tone of voice make him easily distinguishable. Toivo Armas Waltanen Tho' modest, on his unem- barrassed brow Nature had written-Gentlfeman. Toivo hails from that town of towns--Westminster. Although he didn't have time to participate in any sports in school he does en- joy baseball, football, and track. VVilliam Samuel Watson He needs no eulogyg he speaks for himself. Willie is one of our noisiest Seniors who believes in being heard as well as seen. Studying was not his favorite pastime. Wil- lie is interested in art, and per- haps, someday he may make a name for himself in this field. Ioseph Rogers Walker Manager of Tennis Team '32 Councillor, Marshal '34 Ezcceedingly well read. As a scholar, courteous Ioseph leaves little to be desired. In bridge, he rivals Culbertson. Soon, he will be known in medical circles as Dr. Dodo, a famous surgeon, and in the world of letters. Miriam Shanley Walsh Basketball, Volleyball '32 Hockey '32, '33 I live not in myself but I become a portion of that around me. Miriam is a most devoted fol- lower of Lynne Fontaine. Her hair, her ways, and even her freckles are patterned after those of the famous actress. h Q Ailie Anne Louise Waris x J g ockey, Basketball '32, '33, '34 Volleyball '32, '33 Endurance is the crowning quality. Naturally brilliant, Ailie took all the honors, without studying a great deal. Our rival city, Leom- inster, holds most of Ailie's in- terests. That might explain why she prefers to dream rather than study. Clara Frances Watton To be merry best becomes you. Clara hails from Shirley. She is one of that fortunate group of people who never grow up. When the rest of us are old and gray, Clara should be as happy and carefree as she is today. 1934 FORTY-NINE THE BOULDER Ioseph Arthur Wazal Baseball '33 You haue the gift of impudence, be thankful, every man has not like talent. Ioe is noted for his dainty walk and his wise-cracks. His favorite hang-out is the public library from which he has been known to es- cort home more than one girl in the same evening. What's your system, Ioel J Ieanette Underwood Weed A noticeable girl with large gray eyes. When Ieanette read her treas- urer's reports at Le Cercle Fran- cais her beautiful accent excited the envy of all. Would you guess that quiet Jeanette is addicted to the Tarzan thrillers? gy Red E1 Gray Board Iames Lewis West A happy tempered bringer of the best out of the worst. Iolly Iimmy has now spurned the more menial occupation of scooping ice cream at the lunch counter for the aesthetic art of singing. He has appeared in our Musicales and should have a future. Lois Lucille White Hockey 232 It's my twill to make pleasures a business. n There's a seat in the front row of every movie theatre reserved for Lois, who is our movie critic. When she isn't previewing movies she sings in a local choir. Lois hopes to be another Florence Nightingale. - ft . JD -w 1 ,I x F' i x ' l .NV - -x VN lwd" ii V' Margaret Ellen Weaver Debating Club Dance Commit- tees '32, '34 Basketball '32, '33 Hockey, Volleyball '32 Pretty, happy, clever and sincere. Peggy's eminence in school circles has been widely acknowl- edged. In the debating club she always upheld her side in a most competent manner. During the summer Peggy finds much diver- sion in camp life. Olive virginia Wells M Iunior Prom Committee ' Chairman of Pop Concert Com- mittee Basketball '32, '34 She is a winsome wee thing. Wee indeed is this dark and dainty damsel. Olive spends a good part of her spare time riding around in a Packard. Isn't that Wright, Olive? Irving Ellstrom White Track '33 Captain of Track '34 junior Senior Relay Captain '33 He's a quiet lad indeed But he has no lack of speed. Although size prevented him from being a line-man on the eleven, it was perhaps an asset when it came to the mile run. Barbara Gracia Whitney ' She is a constant friend, a true companion, and a sweet girl all 'round. Barbara rode to school every morning in the school bus, Her hobby is hiking. X jflgx f". 1934 FIFTY THE BOULDER 1 mfvd - ., Kenneth Arthur Wiggin For eien tho vanquished, he could argue still. Altho Ken doesn't argue in pub- lic, among a few he will gladly defend his ideas in a forceful man- ner. If you would like to meet him, look for a boy wearing knickers, which display his shapely legs. Nellie Elsie Wiita Her sweet and unassuming ways Make us think that quietness pays. We can't all be sweet and quiet, -it takes all kinds to make a world-but it's the very scarcity of the Nellies that makes them so dear to us. Elizabeth Wilson Chairman of Iunior Prom Com- mittee Basketball '32 Volleyball '32 Marshal f Y Councillor '32 She's lovely, she's divine. Buffy is one of those daring per- sons who took a terrible risk daily by riding to school in that auto- motive wonder that Dub pilots. She is one of our best dancers and can usually be found at the Wilho William Wirkkala Relay Team '33, '34 Good Humor only teaches r charms to last, Still makes new conquests and maintains the past. This smiling young man came to our high school with the reputa- tion of- being aefine violin player to which'he has certainly lived up. This and running take up most of Wi1ho's time. ,N ,, df , Elvie Matilda Wiita A form more fair. a face more ' sweet Ne'er hath it been my lot to meet. Elvie's only complaint is that she cannot dance night and day. She and her other half can be seen almost anywhere during the sum- mer tripping the light fantastic. Doris Gertrude Wiley Volleyball '32 She thought before she spoke. Doris is studious and con- scientious but she seems to enjoy herself, too. She is a loyal sup- porter of all school events and was. seen with her mother at every' football and basketball game. Aino Helen Wintturi Hockey '32 Basketball '32, '33 V Thou art wise as thou art fair, And thy voice is ever kind. Helen, the good natured, smart, and likable head of the publicity department of the Girls Glee Club, She delights in slenderizing sports, especially swimming. jdesires to go in training as a nurse. Mary Irene Wood Basketball, Volleyball '32, '33, '34 Her smile, her speech with win- ning sway, Whiled the darkest clouds away.. A girl who always smiles and lets nothing worry her. She worked every other week for Coach Amiott. Her rank as an ex- cellent scholar is well known. We flapprepciate Renee's ability as a jpianist. 1934 FIFTY-ONE THE BOULDER Donald Burnham Woodward He thought as a sage thoughtg he felt as a man. Don plays a fiddle in our or- chestra. He once had an orchestra of his own. He is never afraid of girls when boys are present, but from the looks, he must be scared when they're alone. Kenneth Millard Winthrop Red EJ Gray Board '33 Though he be merry, yet withal he's honest. Kenneth is the boy with the good natured smile. So fond of tennis is he that two broken arms as a result of the game cou1dn't keep him away from the Courts. He was also one of Mr. Hubbard's "prides and joys." fin Hlemnriam PHILIP coNDoN HAYES ' THOMAS IAMES McGRATH MARGARET K. PETERSON There is no death! What seems so is transition. This life of mortal breath ls but a suburb of the life Elysian Whose portal we call Death. Walter Thomas Wazal He is a most sarcastic man. Wally is one of the most pop- ular boys in school. He doesn't take much interest in the opposite sex, but as a witty speaker, he has yet to meet his match. Thomas McGrath 1934 FIFTY-TWO r w f 0llCANlZA'l'IONS THE BOULDER a-is F THE ORCHESTRA 1934 FI TY FOUR THE BOULDER ORCHESTRA Piano Q, WOODWIND Marion Sammet, '34 X Ida Holt, '35 STRINGS Violins ' Karlo Maki, '34 Wiilho Wirkkala, '34 Flutes Ioseph Walker, ,'34 Roger Edman, '36 Clarinets Tuure Tenander, '34 Albert Bergman, '34 Donald Woodward, '34 Dorothy Fergenson, '34 Lyford Gorman, '34 Anastasia Pananos, '34 r Miildred Poland, '34 Myrtle Schneider, '34 Albert Grenier, '34 Frederick Donelle, '35 Albert LaFountain, '35 4 Robert Arsenault, '35 George Rivett, '35 ' Richard King, '35 Ioseph Gaustello, '35 Albert Miller, '35 Peter Romano, '36 Albert Donelle, '36 Lillian Chitoll, '36 Robert Heins, '36 Donald Iohnson, '36 Iohn Whitney, '36 Cello Lionel Whiston, Ir., '35 Banjos Albert Stone, '35 Arnold Anderson, '36 Howard Andrews, '35 Arvo Lamsa, '35 Avis Newcombe, '36 Ioseph Testagrossa, '36 Saxophone Angeline Delmonico, '35 BRASS Trumpets Harold Rawson, '35 Leonard Landall, '35 Walter Congram, '36 William Duddridge, '36 Horns ' Norman Fletchner, '34 Trombones Charles Aho, '34 . Edwin liflanson, '34 Basses Paul Buskey, '34 Gordon Keller, '36 Ralph Courtemanche, '36 PERCUSSION Richard Sibley, '36 Malcolm Fairbanks, '34 Director, I. EDWARD BOUVIER 1934 FIFTY-FIVE THE BOULDER THE BAND 1934 FIFTY SIX THE BOULDER BAND Trumpets Harold Rawson, '35 Leonard Landall, '35 Frank Chapman, '35 Esther Rice, '35 Wailter Congram, '36 William Duddridge, '36 Bruno Maki, '36 Douglas Buskey, '36 Robert Lassell, '36 Burton Lewis, '36 Robert Yundt, '36 Piccolos Ioseph Walker, '34 Roger Edman, '36 Clarinets Tuure Tenander, '34 Albert Bergman, '34 Albert Larson, '34 Howard Andrews, '35 Arvo Lamsa, '35 Avis Newcombe, '36 Ioseph Testagrossa, '36 Saxophone Angeline Delmonico, '35 Altos ' Norman Fletchner, '34 Donald Pethybridge, '34 Leo Waliker, '34 Frank Bodanza, '34 George Gloriant, '34 Baritones Robert Demont, '34 Frederick Cross, '35 Trombones Charles Aho, '34 Edwin Manson, '34 Richard Grant, '34 Scott Akers, '34 Lester Gage, '35 Vincent Sorensen, '35 Basses Paul Buskey, '34 Leonard Asquith, '34 Raymond Lyons, '35 g Gordon Keller, '36 Drums Malcolm Fairbairks, '35 Robert Burns, '35 Edwin Nickerson, '35 Richard Sibley, '36 Tenho Suomala, '36 Edward Waliker, '36 Drum Majors 1 Arnold Anderson, '36 Roland Croteau, '36 Robert Yunclt, '36 Student Leader Paul Buskey, '34 Directors Edward I. Bouvier George Talcott Faculty Drillmaster for Marching Harry Butler 1934 FIFTY-SEVEN THE BOULDER LE CERCLE FRANCAIS Presidente Isabel Vinton Vice-Presidente Mildred Poland Secretaire Arlene Molaglhan Tresorier Ieanette Weed 1934 FIFTY-EIGHT new 55LfDfgl3m f"5'ffffv1?" QSEETLQ4 ..R5:9:El THE BOULDER DRAMATIC CLUB President Charles Minnich Vice-President Mildred Poland Secretary Therese Lavoie Treasurer Leonard Asquith fl i151flm,:--3 ., . , .iflfii-cy: izfzfwgxr Qffciaax-3 W I Qiialikpf fF6LJ93xf: Q-Wsffnif aww stirpfssa afffgfw gms? 52552 - ,. M. 1r'xf?a'- ' my-C 118291 wwilii '?rLQsVf0': basal a,Qa.1,n,gR 9174? H141 1 wf, -Nj 1s4pi,'-Egg Wwe awwfr ,jg QT., PLE. pw!- wif rf QWQQW L Q-Zigi Mes? 'mf 42,22 ifiiigzi ' A W .Z QRGQE he af' ff - , '!,f'.,54y A.,-, ,,,, iiliwfa -.stay-. QZQFQ afliigfefql :EJ-dairy Qwrfgaril Www- 532.3555 gains 1934 Q H'-. fc-15, ky :A . K. f . 3 magyar, ' 3f5Q.',4.6'?fl 155151261 sizwca 13-'s?li5'111l Fssmrrn FIFTY-NINE THE BOULDER GIRLS' DEBATING CLUB OFFICERS QFirst half-yearl lSecond Half-Year, President Helen Niskala President Isabel Vinton Vice-President Irene Wood i Vice-President Dorothy Smith Secretary Louise Bull Secretary Louise Dolan Treasurer Laila Leihtonen Treasurer Hilkka Waihlberg BOYS' DEBATING CLUB President Robert Leach Vice-President William Donovan Secretary-Treasurer George Gloriant 1934 SIXTY THE BOULDER THE RED AND GRAY BOARD Editor-in-Chief -Tuure Tenander, '34 Business Managers Aarne Ruuslca, '34 fadvertisingl Francis A. Blanchard, Ir., '34 lcirculationl i Assistant Business Managers Angelo Quarella, '35 Iames M. McNamara, Ir., '35 Robert Inman, '36 Gordon Keller, '36 Literary Department Robert Leach, '34, Chairman Ieanette Weed, '34 Adele Husari, '35 School Notes Ida Rovno, '34, Chairman Hazel Stevenson, '35 Aino Keskinen, '35 Iokes 3 Margaret Cunningham, '34, Chairman Chester Iohnson, '35 Constance Barker, '35 Art ' Martha Mossman, '34 Beatrice Ferguson, '35 Alumni Rosellla Bosworth, '34, Chairman Louise Bull, '35 Athletics - g Kenneth Mi Winthrop, '34, Chairman Edwin Nickerson, '35 Hazel Stevenson, '35 Special Features Committee. Margaret Cunningham, '34, Chairman 'Francis Blanchard, '34 Edwin Nickerson, '35 Typists Helvirlsaippala, '34' Bertha Nisula, '34 1934 SIXTY-ONE. TTHEBOULDER HALS THE MARS 1934 VV O THE BOULDER MARSHALS BOYS GIRLS Paul Buskey Iohn Chalmers Ernest Daulton Stanley Esielionis Felix Esielionis Richard Grant Weikko Hill Clarence Lord Bernard Molaghan Charles Minnich Edwin Manson Francis McClumpha Leonard Nisuila Albert Senuta Toivo Sivonen Tuure Tenander Ioseph Wallker Elma Aalto Rosella Bosworth Margaret Cunningham Helen Duane Ruth Davies Dorothy Fergenson Rita Fregeau Sirlkka Hoglund Vieno Kivinen Theresa Lavoie Laila Lehtonen Arlene Molaghan Mildred McCutcheon Helen Niskala , Mildred Poland Ida Rovno Doris St. Pierre Marion Sammet Isabel Vinton Elizabeth Wilson Mathew Godek, Head Marshal 1934 SIXTY-THREE 'Nz 'Y 'S 1 1, x "Q, N'1,1Nf"., R -L THE BOULDER ROUND TABLE lohn Chalmers Leonard Nisula Margaret Cunningham Donald Pethybridge Elizabeth Foster Hazel Gay Elizabeth Godbeer Anna Kirby Eva Leonard Robert Leach Miss Anna Miildred Poland Ida Rovno Marion Sammet Isabel Vinton Ioseph Walker Kenneth Wiinthrop E. Dunn, Leader 1934 SIXTY-FOUR 22182522.- THE BOULDER GOLD F 'S Paul Gordon Buslkey Aino Sylvia Mustonen Margaret Wilson Cunningham Helen Esther Niskala Harry Wilkinson Dole, Ir. Dorothy Lillian Fergenson Hazel Woodward Gay Elizabeth Godbeer Herbert Iames Herrick Barbara Marshall Heslam Sirkka Alina Hoglund Anna Katherine Kirby Vieno Esther Kivinen Mary Lehto Laila Viola Lehtonen Sulo Onervo Lipasti Clarence Earl Lord i Edwin Arvid Manson Leonard Rudolph Nisula Ida Rovno Marion Elizabeth Sammet Doris Mary St. Pierre Myrtle Helen Schneider Sipri Iosephine Tastula llmi Anne Llpari Hilkka Louise Wahlberg Ioseph Rogers Walker Ailie Anne Louise Waris Ieannette Underwood Weed Lois Lucille White Kenneth Millard Winthrop Irene Mary Wood EN., .rms L. gygl- 331,- Fdqifl 'il 1551 X , Q, 7 nj E- txyflbff? fl 3393-i'l,2'Hc'l ?"fil"92lQ ftwwi ,,v1,mx-. l?NJv?"'fQS' L?1'S"57'?-L xwgfcql New M374 D 176 o- W lgaffgffglil 159-fwgs hx' Migilil rgamrirl :Midler xii'-IKIQ,-F99 Eufpvfnf I ,'k ' J shriek? p'n:JQ'L,,':'?'- gliiftiifi L?fN'3-'wif till -Z-1 Qwziiaj 133599- :A--1 f-MSX! QA ww iff. if waf- gxizg-'gf3n 5cI.'fX-.1- .. Z,-Q13 r "' ,- 1934 2 ,' S wifrafi 5,g1eG.Q'g .9353-lan SIXTY- FIVE THE BOULDER THE SENIOR PLAY "Lightnin'," a comedy by Winchell Smith and Frank Bacon was presented by the class of 1934 in the B. F. Brown auditorium April 20. A crooked lawyer and his associate at- tempt to swindle Mrs. Iones out of her hotel in order to flease the property to the railroad for a tremendous profit. Failing to get Mr. Iones to sign the deedbecause of the alert- ness of Iohn Marvin, a young law student, they persuade Mrs. Iones to divorce her husband, The.climax of the play is reached in the court scene when Marvin shows the lawyer and his henchman in their true col- ors, and Lightnin' pleads his own case with remarikable success. The third act shows Bill and his wife reconciled and Marvin and Millie, ward of the Io-nes', started on the road to happiness. The Cast of Characters was as follows: Ligihtnin' Bill Iones ...... Leonard Iohnson Tuure Tenander Iohn Marvin ...... . . . Raymond Thomas ...... Leonard Asquith Lemuel Townsend ......... Iames O'Neill Rodney Harper ...... Donald Pethybridge Everett Hammond ........ Henry Palmer Nevin Blodgett, sheriff ...... Ralph Strom Oscar Nelson .......... Edwin Kotilainen Fred Peters ............ Charles Minnich Walter Lennon .... .... L yford Gorman Zeb Crothers .... .... F rank Bodanza Taximan ....... . . . Matthew Godek Teddy ............... William Donovan Mildred Bucloley ........... Rita Fregeau Mrs. Iones ....... . . . Elizabeth Godbeer Mrs. Margaret Davis ........ Rita Miner Mrs. Harper .......... Valarie Sercombe Freeda .................. Helen Niskala Emily ...... . . . Margaret Baker Mrs. Moore . . .... Mildred Poland Mrs. Iordan .... ....... E lma Aalto Mrs. Preston . . . ...,. Marion Sammet Mrs. Brewer ..... .... A rline Molaghan Mrs. Cogshall .... ........ I da Rovno Mrs. Starr ............... Isabel Vinton Hotel Guests and Visitors to Court: Constance Lowe, Margaret Weaver, Vir- ginia Smith, Francis McC1ump+ha, Ralph Beauvais, Leonard Nisula. Student Stage Arrangement: -- Toivo Anderson, Martti Asikainen, Roland Bacon, Walter Laakko, Wiljo Iarvela, Eugene Iamsa, Al- bert Senuta, Aarne Ruuska. Head Usher:-Ruth Davies. Committee. b Tickets:-Ernest Daulton, Alice Potter, Albert Mil-ler, Mary Flint, LouiseiDolan, Raymond Handley. The play was given under the director- ship of Miss Lillian M. Taylor, 1934 SIXTY-SIX TTHEBOULDER ggigfgn QQW4 L:-631251 MPN 2' P5"7'xgnS7'a fxfwz'-K. Wifi W was ,253-Java www WAHM-fi ' 3951395 5314121 ?fzvQ',3 Qffws aw:-faq, 350431 hf'55Y4Q3f !'f7KQ?r4"g kwa WWW kg-f'z,'Pf ?e1.Qi"-'3 Ffitjvaxffii PFW'- 65322354 www fi leaf hiv EPR-Ejii www d"9a:Jif'7i Ava, MQW fftrffgm gy 4 f 1 SCENES FROM LIGHTNINC 1934 SIXTY-SEVEN THE BOULDER DRAMATIC CLUB Q l Members for Three Years Ruby Anderson i M Leonard Asquith Mary Clank Margaret Engstrom Elizabeth Foster .Hazel Gay Elizabeth Godbeer Sir-kika Hoglund Anna Kirby Vieno Kivinen Members for Two Years Elma Aalto Margaret Baker Marion Burwick Iohn Chalmers Phyllis Conley Ernest Daulton Helen Duane Rita Eregeau Laura Grandahl Members for One Year Iames Andrew Irene Basque Ruth Carbone Geraldine Casavoy Irene Chabot Wanda Cieslak Arleen Conrad Lillian Conway Luna Crafts Dorothy Crocker Margaret Cunningham Rita Dignam Harry Dole, Ir. William Donovan Mertoun Downs, Ir. Vertine Elliott Mildred Ericikson Therese Lavoie Robert Leach Eva Leonard Constance Lowe Charles Minnich Arlene Molaghan Lilly Nelson Mildred Poland Lilly Raatikainen Marion Sammet Barbara Heslam Stanwood Iohnson Aline LaReau Mary Lehto Florence Lovell Francis McClumpha Dorothy Madigan Rita Miner Marguerite Morand Dorothy Fergenson Edwin Kotilainen Laila Lehtonen Paula Lystila Mildred McCutcheon Alice McManus Marion Mikaelian Martha Mossman Aino Mustonen Martha Niemela Laila Niemi Leonard Nisula Anastasia Pananos Donald Pethybridge Alice Potter j Enid Robbins Ida Rovno Dorothy Smith Virginia Smith Ralph Strom Sipri Tastula Isabel Vinton Joseph Walaker Ailie Waris Margaret Weaver Elizabeth Wilson Helen Niskala Carolyn Overhiser Eleanor Pshalgowski Rita Reissman Martha Saarela Iennie Savela Bernadette St. Germain Molly Shuman Hilkika Wahlberg Doris St. Pierre Natalie Scott Matthew Gode-k Doris Goguen Lyford Gorman Ruth Hay Aili Heikikinen Lydia Houde Olavi Karppinen Valarie Sercombe Veronica Stanikiewicz Loretta Taylor Miriam Walsh leanette Weed Lois White Helen Wintturi f 5 l 1934 SIXTY-EIGHT THE BOULDER FRENCH CLUB Member for Three Years Marguerite Morand Members for Two Years Margaret Baker Aline LaReau Therese Lavoie Eva Leonard Arline Molaghan Mildred Poland Bernadette St. Germain Isabel Vinton Ieanette Weed Lois White Members for One Year Margaret Cunningham Veronica Dupray ' Rita Fregeau Elizabeth Godbeer Doris Goguen ' Barbara Heslam Lydia Houde Anna Kirby Rita Miner Pauline Morin Elizabeth Wilson BOYS' DEBATING CLUB Members for Two Years George Gloriant Leonard Nisula Members for One Year William Donovan Walter Laakko Robert Leach Henry Palmer BOYS' GLEE CLUB Members for Three Years Albert Bergman Gilbert Brooks Gerald Iubb Ioseph Wazal Members for Two Years Russell Dik 'Ntilliam Donovan George Gloriant Lyford Gorman ' " Members for Two Years Charles McMurray Leonard Nisula Iames O'Neill Ioseph Walker Iames West Members for One Year Leonard Asquith Umberto Ricci Albert Seymour GIRLS' DEBATING CLUB Members for Three Years Margaret Baker Helen Niskala Dorothy Smith Margaret Weaver Irene Wood Members for Two Years Mary Lehto Isabel Vinton Hilkdca Wahlberg Members for One Year Ruby Anderson Margaret Engstrom Laila Lehtonen Paula Lystila Ida Rovno Iennie Savela Miriam Walsh Olive Wells GIRLS' GLEE CLUB L Members for Three Years Alice Potter Eleanor Pshalgowski Members for Two Years Elma Aalto Ruby Anderson Geraldine Casavoy Mary Clank Doris Goguen Aili H eikkirfen' "1 'A Dorothy Madigan Pauline Morin Virginia Smith Olive Wells Helen Wintturi Members for One Year Louise Bent Elizabeth Foster Therese Lavoie Florence Lovel-l Constance Lowe Martha Niemela Marion Rogers Valarie Sercombe Sipri Tastula ROOM COUNCILLORS Room Tuure Tenander Ioseph Walker - Iennie Savela Ralph Strom Helen Hanninen Mildred McCutcheon 22 23 24 25 Helen Duane 26 27 28 1934 SIXTY- NINE THE BOULDER CLASS COMMITTEES Ring Committee Iunior Dance Committee Tuure Tenander, Chairman Charles Minnich Laila Lehtonen Rita Miner Rita Fregeau Toivo Sivonen Gordon Stafford Vieno Kiv-inen Color Committee Elizabeth Wilson Chairman Thera Brewer Raymond St. Pierre Barbara Carlson Ernest Daulton Bernard Molaghan Olive Wells Iunior-Senior Reception Committee Marion Sammet, Chairman Ruth Davies, Chairman Elma Aalito Alice McManus Ighn Duane Albert Senuta Dorothy Smith Anna KifbY Roy Grubb EdWi11 Manson Elizabeth Godbeer Paul Buskey Mary Lehto Motto Committee Francis McClumpha Margaret Cunningham, Chairman Mildred Poland Robert Leach C Thanksgiving Dance Committee Designing of Class Banner Margaret Baker Elma Aalto Marion Sammet, Chairman Rita Fregeau Constance Lowe Ernest Daulton Tuure Tenander Philip King Making of Class Banner Sinkka Hoglund Vieno Kivinen 1934 SEVENTY ATHLET CS THE BOULDER 1St POW-K-211331-Gr '35, Torcoletti '36, Carney '36, Gor-ham '35, Jackson '315, Norton '36, Connors '35, Roberge '35. 2nd row--Shattuck '36, Brodeur '35, L60 '36, Dik '34, F. Esielionis '34, S. Elsielionis '34, Keto '34, Chalmers '34, Mologhan '34, Wazal '34, Johnson '34, Mackie '34, 3rq row-Coach Amiott, Coaoh Oliva, Posco '34, Godek '34, Kotilainen '34, Dustan phxa '36, Devlin '34, Newcombe '34, Chicone '34, Managex Lnlonde, Coach Healey. Sept. Oct. Nov. '35, Maki '34, Palo '34, Del- SCHEDULE Fitchburg-19 Keene-O Fitchburg-21 Lynn-0 Fitchburg-39 Providence-8 Fitchburg-14 Arlington-7 Fitchburg-27 Framingham-0 Fitchburgf13 Gardner-O F itchburg-38 Brookline-O Fitchburg-26 Brookton-6 Kat Brocktonj Fitchburg-18 Quincy-13 Fitchburg-60 Chicopee-O Fitchburg-20 Leominster-12 fat Leominsterj 1934 SEVENTY-TWO THE BOULDER Pafppas '36, Leo '36, Caspt. Maki '34, Flynn '36, Mackie '34. Mgr. Andrew '34, Molaghan '34, Shattuck '36, Jackson '36, Laakso '35, Kangas '35, Chalmers '34, Coach Amfiott. BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Dec Farmington Fitchburg 25 Ian. 19 Leominster 31 Fitchburg Dec. 22 Worcester So. Fitchburg 31 Ian. 26 Arlington 16 Fitchburg Dec. 25 Alumni Fitchburg 36 Feb, 2 Keene 16 Fitchburg Dec 29 Keene Fitchburg 39 Feb. 9 Gardner 10 Fitchburg Ian. 16 Brockton Fitchburg 413 Feb. 16 Arlington 23 Fitchburg Ian. Quincy Fitchburg 25 Feb. 23 Brockton 22 Fitchburg Ian. 5 Gardner Fitchburg 36 Mar. 2 Leominster 11 Fitchburg M. I. T. TOURNAMENT Mar. 7 Fitchburg 33 Rindge Tech. 25 SEMI-FINALS Mar. 8 Fitchburg 27 , Worcester C. 241 FINALS Mar. 9 Fitchburg 21 Chelsea 1934 SEVENTY-THREE O THE BOULDER Fronft row left to right: Roberge '35, Niemi '35, Laakso '35, Kavnppinen '34, Keto '34, Bennett '34, Capt. I. XV1'1ite '34, XVhist0n, Jr. '35, Larson '34, Jarvela '34, Ziegler '35, Pearson '36, Morrilly '36. Back row left to right: Coach Hugo Erickson, Manager Aho '34, Kulagher '35, Lawrence '34, Stafford '34, Tait '36, G'1, 1' t' '34 M' k' '36 HY ' '36 O '34, Pandiiscio '35, Nickerso '35, R. VVh'te '36, May '34, shatr11131in?:i1:3,mCoa5h 151r1leis1f'Aa,lEilng , Fava H 1 TRACK SCHEDULE - n ' May 8 May ll May 15 Fitchburg Worc. North Fitchburg Arlington Fitchburg Gardner 100 yards 3 6 3 6 3 5 4 220 yards 1 8 6 3 - 5 4 440 yards 1 8 1 8 3 , 6 880 yards l 8 0 9 6 3 mile 5 4 3 6 5 4 high jump 9 0 3 173 -5 273 7 2 pole vault ' 5 4 4 5 2 7 shot put 9 0 1 8 1 8 120 hurdles 4 5' 3 6 5 4 broad jump 9 0 6 3 8 1 47 43 30 173 59 2X3 47 43 May 18 May 22 Fitchburg Leominster Fitchburg Nashua 110 yards 5 4 120 hurdles 1 8 220 yards l 8 shot put 8 440 yards 6 3 100 yards 880 yards 9 0 mile mile 6' 3 440 yards shot put 4 5 880 yards high jump 45 4M pole vault broad jump 6 3 high jump - - broad jump ,412 302 220 yards june 2 Massachusetts Relay Carnival june 7 junior Senior Relay june 9 Worcester County Track Meet 1934 SEVENTY-FOUR TTHEBOULDER This is the team that Won the Senior Girls' Basketball Chwampionship. They are left to right: Sirkka Hoglund, Hilkka VVa'l'rlberg, Lila Lehtonen, Vieno Kiivinen, Captain Lily Raatikainen, Paula Lystila, Mary Lehto. TENNIS Illig '35, Iacoboni '35, Fellows '36, Walker '36, D. Buslkey '36, P. Buskey '34, Asquith '34, Inman '36, Couture '35, Salo '36, Coach Franlcis A. Sheehan. 1934 SEVENTY-FIVE THE BOULDER Front FOWV2 Senumta '34, Brodeur '35, Glenny '36, Flynn '36, McDonnell '34, Capt. Korhonen '34, Leo '36, Bergman '34, Torooletti '36, Ric-ci '34, C1eVeiandx'36. Back row: Coach Stevenson, Briguglio '36, Linde '36, Free-hette '35, NVaza1 '34, Pappas '36, Di Benedetta '36, Lattore '36, Jak-Ola '35, Di Natale '36, Arslanian '36, Manager Niemi '34, BASEBALL SCHEDULE May May May May May sf May Iune Iune Clinton Leominster at Leominster Gardner Framingham Murdocvk Arlington at Arlington Leominster Clinton at Clinton TENNIS SCHEDULE, g May rMay 'May 'May May Iune Nashua at Nashua Leominster at Leominster Leominster Arlington at Arlington Nashua Lawrence at Groton Fitchburg Opponent 11 12 9 7 8 13 2 7 8 7 1 14 8 1 5 1 6 Fitchburg 0 Fitchburg 3 2 Fitchburg 4 3 . 3 Flfctaerg 4 Fitchburg Z 4 Fitchburg 2 L 1934 SEVENTY-SIX I - In - - I l - '-'ll"- . 1191 li: 1-1--III THE BOULDER WE LEARN NOT FOR :SCHOOL BUT FOR LIFE Margaret Cunningham Mannion Jammet nnfsgiqailfawsw-fawaafr-ful 4131954 l1cf'sfi5.t.riJ xi il inl 1 - 1 1 .l In ' 5- ' . e ,,, ., , , ,C 5 I- - 1 1 X' I - , . , With faith and the will for achieving On the threshold of Life now we standg In goodness and truth We're believing As we go to fulfill Life's command. From school life at last We must sever But its memories welll always hold dearg Its friendships and ties we'll keep ever Till the mists of the future shall clear. Courageous ideals we'll have always As we face now a world filled with strife. We'll take what We gleaned from our school days For "we learned not for school but for life." 7 B 1934 SEVENTY-SEVEBI f SEVENTY-EIGHT r HEART THROBS Getting home late. Going to the dentist. When Mr. Chalmers stops you, Waiting for an examination. Q Going to the ofiice. Waiting for your marks. Your first speech in ass-emb1y. Coming to class without your lesson. Miss Ranney, "Whats the most common impediment in the speech of the American people?" L. Iolhnson, "Chewing gum." 'AHarold mustarded his men before the battle"-seen on Mr. Butler'is black-board. We wonder what kind of mustard Harold used. We recommend Gulden's or French's. - Lilly Nelson said in History Class when asked by Miss Smith why her homework wasn't done that she had been busy the pre- vious evening because she was doing her men. We wonder how she does men. We would like to know. THE BOULDER Iohnnie Chalmers explains why he didn't do his Math. 8:00 A. M. to 1.30 P. M. am in school: 3 59 o o . TU cc: I9 FI' ::r' o B I? 2:00 P . until 2:30 P. M. eat dinner: 2:30 P. . until 5:30 P. M. practice football: azz 5:30 P . get home: 5:30 Pl until 6:30 P. M. eat supper: 6:30 P. . until 7:30 P. M. fix two flat tires: 7:30 P . until 8:30 P. M. read the paper: Zz 59 o o TU co O Fl' o cr W 9' TS lust Imagine: l . Miss Taylor's desk neat and tidy. . Felix Esielionis speaking to a girl. . Dub driving a Rolls Royce to school. I . Valarie taking her time. I . Miss Dunn not giving homework over'a week-end. . Marion Burwick doing her own homework. . Arline Molaghan in a country where there are no boys. Can you? . Lizzie Godbeer falling off her horse. 2 3 4 5 3. Ernie Daulton in overalls. 8 9 10 . Miss Haskins without her little blue sli-ps. A. Kirby, "Give rne a shoe horn." H. Duane, "You don't need a shoe horny anyone can hear your shoes coming." WANT ADS Wanted: A refrigerator for Miss Dunn so she can cool herself without freezing the rest of u-s. Wanted: A longer route to school. A shorter route home. Wanted: A large 'pad of session slips for Mr. Sullivan -to pass out in his spare time. Wanted: A stout rope to tie down Bernard Raymond when he gets too lively. Wanted: Some easy chairs for Room 26. If chairs can't ,be obtained, couches will do. Wanted: An elevator to elevate the Iuniors. Wanted: A school bus to tafke .high school pupils to out-of-town games. Free, of cours-e. F. Bodanza, "Can you take a good joke, Mr. Dufour?" Mr. Dufour, "Well, I took you, didn't I?" Teacher, "How many seasons are there?" , D. Nathan, I-merchants daughterl "Two, slack and busy." Mr. Bouvier, fto the orchestral "The violins please take the air." 1934 SEVENTY-NINE THE BOULDER CLASS WHISPERINGS "Let's take your homework." "He's a swell fellow." "What did you get for an answer?" "He called up last night." "Let's see your report card." "Lend me a dime." PASTIMES OF SOME OF THE SENIORS Marion Burwick'-Eating at any time. E Rita' Fregeau-Wearing pretty clothes. Charles Green-Looking at girls. - Robert Leach-Always studying. Tuure Tenander-Making wise remarks. Harry Dole, Ir.-Driving his father's car. Paul Shea-Wallking around town after school. T Dub Molaghan-Driving a real car from South St. to Academy St. Ralph Strom-Teasing the teachers and eating candy upstairs. r -Mattie Godek-Wondering what to do. P M A g V .R H.S. LIBRARY Weaver of Dreams Mr. Howard Hang,man's 'House' ' Fitchburg High School Can Such Things Be? No Sessions To Have and To Hold Good Marks S What Every Woman' Knows How to Talk ' Daddy Long-Legs Mertoun Downs l " Men of Steel Esielionis Brothers So Big Sophomores Crooked Trails The Crisis Willd Life Near Home Les Miserables Little Women ,. , V Process of Explaining Skipped Periods Graduation ' ' Ye Olde Oyster Bar Those Who Don't ,Graduate . ' Helen Niskala, Lillian Stat-uto, f Valarie Sercombe Marshalls Bill Mackie ' - - a Ruth and Ernie A Position Would-Be-Gods Big Boy V Romeo and Iuliet The Promised Land Neither Here nor There All We Seniors The Big Parade To Lunch Scarlet Youth L The Football Players -1934 EIGI-TTY THE BOULDER DONATIONS WHICH WOULD BE APPRECIATED R V By Miss Taylor-a list of best known plays for high schools, that she may not have such a hard time to find a suitable one for next year. Mr. Dooling-a private office so he may have a special place to which to send unruly students instead' of sending them outside the door. t Miss Nelson'-fa private detective to watch her classes that she may be sure that no work is borrowed or that no one looks onanyone else's paper. Miss Dunn-windows that work automatically according to ythettem- perature. V W H Mr. Sullivan-an elevator to use when he is called downstairs from the chem lab. Weidon't want him to get too thin. , Margaret Baker-a book of answers so she'll have one when arguments arise. i , Next year Seniors-a boork entitled "How to Act in Room 26." Helen Duane--a cake of Palmolive Soap so that she may always retain that schoolgirl complexion. Arlene Conrad-fa magazine featuring what is up-to-date in style, with instructions in cutting and making. Buffy Wilson-a curling iron that she may never be without thelmeans of keeping her hair curled. Leonard Asquith-a book entitled "The Short Road to Romance." Ida Rovno-ea pamphlet on "How to Act Bored" to be used if she ever takes physics again. Valarie Sercombef-an airplane that she may fly down the corridors and -stairways instead of running. Isabel Vinton-a book entitled "The Ability to Argue and to Ask Una answerable Questions." Barbara Reed-a season's ticket to all the dances in the vicinity. ' Marion Sammet-a rolling-pin as we hear that she is going to need one soon. ' Elma Aalto-fa painter's outfit to be used as she travels the road to fame. Myrtle Schneider'-a boolk of Anderson's Fairy Tales that she may be amused all her life. g N Mildred Poland-a volume of Chemistry Experiments. lWe are very sure it will be safer to use this volume than to use her own experimentsj Iohnny Chalmers-a Ford guaranteed to bring him to school on time, Helen Cramer-a lotion which will guarantee upward growth. fWe' can't have you looking like a Freshman any longer.J Ioserph1Walker-fa booklet "What Not to Say," which should prove help u . Iohn Duane-a list of better excuses to be used on future employers. 1934 YEIGHTY ONE THE BOULDER Snozzle Durante Mae West L Eddie Cantor Iohn .Barrymore Iohnny Weismuller Slim Summerville Zasu Pitts Ieanette MacDonald Marie Dressler Oliver Hardy Stan Laurel Maurice Chevalier OUR MOVIE STARS Allen Hamilton Arlene Molaghan Charles Minnich Leonard Iohnson Paul Shea Charles McMurray Louise Bent Mary Clark A Rita Miner Sulo Lipasti Clarence Lord Albert Grenier Mr. Sullivan claims he is getting gray from trying to teach chemistry to some "little Cherubs",-'meaning us, no less. Wait until he sees what he has next year. A Mr. Butler states that the youth of today must have its fling-and they get flung. y Q Mr. Sullivan fto Larson who is talkingl, "Larson, get up and close the door on the outside." ' Barbara Whitney, "That's right Albert, but come in the other door." Dub had a little Chevvy, He rode in it to school, And everywhere that Dub went It kicked just like a mule. Mr. Sullivan, "Wihat is a liter?" Aarne, "An assortment of puppies." Mr. Howard fexplaining problemj, "Now everybody watch the board while I run through it." We hear that Aarne Ruuska walked four miles to see a baseball game, and then turned around and walked home because the fence was too high. 1934 EIGHTY- TWO THE BOULDER "Are you a messenger boy?".asked a nearsighted man of Albert Larson Albert Larson, "No sir, it's my sore toe that makes me Walk so slow. Teacher, "How many senses are there?" Student, "Six." Teacher, Hlndeedl I have only five." Student. "Yes'm, The other is common sense." Best Looking Boy Best Looking Girl Best Dancer, Boy Best Dancer, Girl Most Studious Boy Most Studious Girl Quietest Boy Quietest Girl Peppiest Boy Peppiest Girl ' Wittiest Boy Wicfiest Gif-1 Most Dignified Boy Most Dignified Girl Cutest Boy Cutest Girl Best Dressed Boy Best Dressed Girl Laziest Boy Laziest Girl Best Manners, Boy Best Manners, Girl BOYS' CHOICE Leonard Iohnson Elma Aalto Charles McMurray Elizabeth Wilson Leonard Nisula Ida Rovno Edward Mattson Myrtle Schneider Walter Wazal Helen Niskala Tuure Tenander Helen Niskala Robert Leach Martha Mossman Iohn Chalmers Alice Potter Ernest Daulton Ruth Davies I Iacob Palo Clara Watton Robert Leach Mildred McCutcheon GIRLS' CHOICE Leonard Iohnson Rnth Davies Chanles McMurray Elizabeth ,Wilson PaulBuskey Ida Rovno Felix Esielionis Martha Hawes Iames O'Neill Helen Niskala Tuure Tenander Helen Niskala Robert Leach Martha Mossman A Iohn Chalmers Elma Aalto Ernest Daulton Ruth Davies u jacob Palo Muriel Clark Wei1k1ko' Hill Mildred McCutcheon 1934 EIGHTY THREE ---in-, - ,Y -Y Y 7 -1, 7 7 I U INDEX TO ADVERTISERS - Page : Ayer Cleaners 5 Dyers . . . . . . 108 Lane, F. H. Co. . . . . . . 1 Bailey, Ye House of ....... . 97 Laurel Hill Creamery . . . - Baylin's Fashion Fur Shop . . . . . . 100 Lesure, Fred D. CO. . . H Becker College ........... . 86 Loew, E. M. .......... . 7 Bennett, C. W. Shoe Co. . . . 90 M. A. C. Plan ......... . .. : Bergroth's Studio ........ . 85 Matthews Motor Car Co. . . E Brockelman Bros., Inc. .... . 95 Metropolitan Life Insurance : Brooks Pharmacy ...... . 91 Michon's Studio .......... l City 'Cleaners 8 Dyers ..... . . . 106 Miller Clothing Co. . . . . . . . - City Steam Laundry, Inc. . . . . . . 112 Mohawk Engaving Co., Inc. ' Crane's 818.50 Clothes ..... . . . . . 103 Mossman, L. I. .... . . . . . . Cross, C. A. Co., Inc. .............. 98 : Custom Auto Body 51 Welding Co. Inc. 107' : Dejonge, Louis Co. ................ 102 : Duane's Drapery Shop . . . . . . 112 , Drummond Bros., Inc. .... . . . 100 l Drury, F. L. 63 Sons Co. 110 - Farm Service Stores, Inc. . . . . . . 111 : Fennia Market ............. . 94 : Fidelity Co-operative Bank .... . .. 111 : Finnish Drug Co. ........... . 99 : Fitchburg Business College .... . 96 Q Fitchburg Coal Co. ......... .. . 107 L Fitchburg Co-operative Bank ........ 105 ' Fitchburg Creamery ......,......... 99 : Fitchburg Gas 8 Electric Light Co. .. 92 T Fitchburg Hardware Co. ............ 94 a Fitchburg E1 Leominster St. Ry. Co. . 93 : Fitchburg Savings Bank ............ 88 , Fitzsimmons Motor Car Co. . .. . . . 107 - Flynn, I. G. ................ .. . 109 ' Gage, B. E. ............... . . . 106 7 George Bros. ..,..... . 96 : Goodfellow, A. Z. . 98 5 Goodwin, W. C. ....... . . . 104 L Greenwood, RobertfE. . . . 89 - Gruener, Alfred .... . 97 1 Hardy, W. A. E1 Sons .... .. . 113 ' Hatch, H. A. E3 Son .... .. . 89 : Heslam, Iames Co. . . . . . . 101 : Holmes, Dr. E. T. . 91 : Hope Rubber Co. ............. . . . 113 t Hotel Raymond .................... 114 l Iohn Hancock Life Insurance Co. .... 106 L Iohnson, F. M. Lumber Co. ......... 99 T Iohnson, Iver Sporting Goods Co. .... 110 1 Kendall Catering Co. ............... 108 1 Kidder E1 Davis ...... . . . 94 : Kimball 8 Son ..... . . . 105 l The Class of 1934 thanks the advertisers whos Murphy, Eugene I. Co., Inc. Nathan, S. M. ......... .. N. E. Inst. 81 School of Accounting .. Nichols 6 Frost ......... Niemi, Dr. Walter A. . .. Northeastern University . .. O'Connell 5 Blake ...... Payson, W. G. ..... . Primeau Pharmacy Putney, W. E. .......... . Raivaaja Publishing Co. . .. Rice 8 Co. ........... . Richmond Fur Shop .... Ritter for Flowers .... Robbins Co. ...... . Robbins fo Dudley .... Rosen, Barney ....... Ross, Dr. Thomas K. Ross E9 Russell ........... Roux, A. L. 6 Son ,...... Safety Fund National Bank Sentinel Printing Co. .... . Simonds Saw E1 Steel Co. . Smith Printing Co. ....... . Sol's Model Fur Shop ..... Star Cleaning 5 Dyeing Co. Swanson Baking Co. .... . Tenander Bros. ......... . Turunen's Motor Coach Service .... United Auto Body E1 Welding Works United Co-operative Farmers, Inc., .. United Co-operative Society Walsh E3 Walsh ......... Weed, H. A. ........... . Worcester County National Bank Worcester North Savings Institution. . Wyman, Roy S. ........ . Ye Olde Oyster Bar .... e financial support has helped to make book possible. Page 104 113 100 109 88 89 112 102 98 115 92 107 90 115 100 111 87 108 96 92 112 104 101 99 103 114 93 97 95 110 105 103 106 91 110 102 111 101 95 93 88 109 109 114 94 93 90 113 108 this EIGHTY-FOUR 1923 Class Photographers 4 VVe Thank You, Seniors, For Your M B AR 1928 P 1930 1 1931 1932 1933 1934 BERGROTH STUDIO 775 Main Street FITCHBURG, MASS. 1 V H li : 48th FALL TERM SUMMER DIVISION g lJCgiHS begins i SEPTEMBER FIVE JULY SIX TEEN i I I L l O E I WORCESTER X . Q College Gracie L Training for Business L One and two year courses that : prepare for superior positions L Business Administration Finance - Accounting ' Executive Secretarial - Commercial Journalism 1 Teacher Training 2 Shorter Stenographic and H Bookkeeping Courses : Co-Educational Moderate Fees Opportunities for part-time employment I Semlfor Catalog of Forty-eighth year l T BECKER col.LEGE L i Founded in IBB7 - - WORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS I A union of Post Institute and Becker College i I i l i I I i U in fnfu- in EIGHTY-SIX ORTHEASTER U IVERSITY f Z l I si 'if I I WW! . fox Q , ex I g !"t7, is L -! I My I -'fa z I may?-'tzhgiz - wad-,za-f - X V H A DAY DIVISION SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING Co-operating with engineering firms, offers curricula leading to the Bachelor of Science degree in the following branches of engineer- ing: INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING MECHANICAL ENGINEERING CIVIL ENGINEERING ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING CHEMICAL ENGINEERING The Co-operative Plan of trainfng enables the student to combine SCHOOL OF BUSINESS : ADMINISTRATION Co-operating with business firms, offers courses leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in the fol- lowing fields of. business: : ACCOUNTING ' BANKING AND FINANCE BUSINESS MANAGEMENT I . . , . il technical theory with the equivalent of two years of practical ex- ' perience, and makes it possible for him to earn his tuition and a I part of his other school expenses. ' 5 I : For catalog of any further information write to: I ORTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY MILTON SCHLAGENHAUF, Director of Admissions I BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS I T EIGHTY-SEVEN .. L.-YNY-. ful Fitchburg Savings Banko BANKING HOURS 8.45 A. M. to 3 P. M. Closed Saturdays at 12 noon 745 MAIN STREET UNITED AUTO BODY and WELDING WORKS 4532-W 158 229 T SPECIALISTS Rebuilding Wrecks Estimates Gladly Furnished Anywhere, Anytime Lunenburg St., Fitchburg, Mass. h Proxp. AUNO KIURU-CLASS 1927 n "en u in nfnfninf BUDGET BANKING THE M. A. C. Plan, Inc O 805 MAIN ST. FITCHBURG, MASS. EGT Compliments of Hon,CRobert E. Greenwood nk E. Hatch Paul J. Woodcofmbe ' Matthews Motor Co. CHEVROLET I-I. A. I-IATCI-I 8: . Sales and Servlce SON INSURANCE 470 MAIN STREET FITCHBURG, MASS. 17vSNOW STREET I A A oooo E to EE o,,oTl EG Y NN E 2 -Y - 7 -in 1934 Class Clock will be placed in our store window some time in June. Every Senioris name will appear on the clock dial. The clock will be wound so it will stop some time during the day of graduation. The minute hand will stop at Il Senior Girl's name and she will re- ceive a fine high-grade bracelet watch-the hour hand will stop at a Senior Boy's name and he will receive an good strap watch. If the winner already has a watch and it was purchased here, she or he will receive 325.00 cash. 0 S. M. athan 471. MAIN STREET FITCHBURG, MASS. Made in Fitchburg by C. W. Bennett Shoe Co No Better Boys, Shoes Made Ask Your Retailer For Them 32 NORTH ST., FITCHBURG, MASSACHUSETTS "Put your Savings in a Mutual Savings Bank" WORCESTER ORTI1 SAVI GS I STITUTION Depot Square Deposits put on Interest Monthly Dividends Paid Quarterly NINE TY OVER 100 YEARS OF SERVICE : SAWS - MACHINES -KNIVES -FILES t i I Simonds S-aw and Steel Co. Established 1832 5 I FITCHBURG MASSACHUSETTS : Compliments of Dr. Edwin T. Holmes DENTIST Z2 GROVE STREET FITCHBURG, MASS. Tel. 4026 Brooks Pharmacy : "THE STORE UNUSUAL" Restaurant and Luncheonette Art and Gift Shoppe Toilet Goods and Specialties T Prescriptions Accurately N Compoiunded z Main Street at Oliver -7 II ll ill Wll"lln NINETY- ONE C mpliments of Fitchburg Gas and Electric Light Co. C pliments of i L. J. IVIOSSMAN PRIMEAU AGENCY PHARMACY I 1 i A11 Kinds of Insurance O 15 OI HPR ST 92 MAIN SPRETT C k Bug F1 ILHBURL' BIFCHBL RG MASS Compl ts of Worcester County National Bank czff TURUNEN'S IVIGTOR ' SERVICE A fDod1e5fD C pliments of FITCHBURG AND LEOMINSTER' ' STREET RAILWAY cpzf t I 2 Compliments of I FENNIA MARKET I T Groceries, Meats, Teas and Coffees q 24-26 ACADEMY STREET Tel. 972 Compliments of D j FITCHBURG DR. I-I. A. WEED 2 HARDWARE Co. OPTOMETRIST 5 QSO : Athletic Equipment T Paints-Radios-Gifts Housewares-Tile I I Oil Burners I 520 Main Street, Cor. Putnam T If it's Hardxvare-We Have It Iohnsonia Building T FITCHBURG, MASS. : 314-316 MAIN STREET T Phone-1670 Tel. 1563-VV KIDDER 56 DAVIS FURNITURE-CARPETS-UPHOLSTERY F Interior Decorators l 692-700 MAIN STREET FITCIIBURG, MASS. Fifi:-fun-nf--ua u-.:nflu4nfu, ,Yu H nfs: , - - 1 M i M :u+nlniufn 'ilu u 'nl u NINETY FOI. R i 1 For Compliments of High Grade Tailoring and Thos. K. Ross, D.M.D. it Efficient Cleaning and and Dyeing Alfred D. Ross, D.lVI.D.Q Dentists Come to MISS MATTIE E. BROWN Assistant TENANDER BROS. T Stfeet PllOI'1C Fitchburgis Fashion Tailors Tel. 454 26 years ago - Z li the first Brockelman Store was started on a strictly cash basis Our cash policy was then a matteir of necessity , TODAY VVith Thirteen Modern Sanitary Markets and Stores VVe are among the largest : l FRESH FOOD DISTRIBUTORS j in New England : Our Cash Policy is still in force as a matter of choice : It is the very foundation of our greater value giving I BROCKELMAN BROS., Inc. , Fitcihburg-Worcester-Lawfrence-Leominster-Clinton--Gardner Lowell-Nashua Q l i,4:-Y fgfffn 2 f 11,2-fllllrnuruw NINETY-FIVE EITCHBURG BUSI ESS COLLEGE Founded in 1895 l 4 , , l l For forty years this Institution has been training young men and L women for business and placing them in desirable positions. - F. B. C. graduates are to be found in nearly every office in Fitch- burg and employed in many cities and towns throughout New England. Regular courses in Bookkeeping, Accounting, Stenography and Secretarial Science. Special andiFinishing courses. FITCHBURG BUSINESS COLLEGE FITCHBURG, MASS. l BUY OUR l Compliments of C LOT H es l VVhich Are Absolutely Sure to Give r George Bros. T You Satisfaction and in VVhich You Can Feel That You Are Dressed in Quality Footwear l POSITIVELY CORRECT For The Entire Family STYLE I 1 GRADUATION W. G. PAYSON I FQOTWEAR L CO. in If I' at popular prices i Clothiers, I-Iatters and Furnishers Q y 274 MAIN STREET Park Building 386 Main St. Cor. Mill St hlnln n . .an NINETY- SIX 3 " i""""' "4f Z L 1 f 5 K ' L' f" " "'! V " ' ' Compliments of I-LARDWARE Co. Super valspaf V BARNEY ROSEN Varnish 706 MAIN ST. l The Home of Quality f S5 MAIN T. . ,R L S Merchandise FITCHBURG, MASS. A CANDY and GIFT SHOP A Fitchburg Institution Known All Over The United States CANDY-GIFTS-FAVORS T --o- , Ye House of John L. Bailey 685 MAIN STREET Manufacturers of Unequaled Candy T --An ee A R A AA AAAA at t.A..A..A...I. VEN Compliments of Compliments of FITCI-IBURG U RED and WHITE cM111eI' STORES Clothing Co. Owned and Operated by Local Merchants 223-227 MAIN STREET SUPPLY HOUSE Opposite R. R. Station C. A. CROSS 8: CO. Inc. A. Z. Goodfellow 1-,ZW Hg E O C E E E E ' NETY- GH Always Ready To Serve You For Your Health ' 'l Filling Prescriptions and Home Remedies Refreshing Sodas, Ice Cream, and Delicious Candies High Grade Developing and Printing Of Your School-Day Snapshots FINNISI-I DRUG CGIVIPANY S33--835 MAIN STREET FITCHBURG, BTASS. E Compliments of 2 F. M. Johnson Lumber Co. i I ' h cl Q JC O. Rzc mon g The Furrier g111i1:':g i S O I G ' 554 MAIN STREET T R N l FITCHBURG, NIASS. 2 Compliments of i ' T Fitchburg Creamery Q ' w THE HONIE OF THE CREABI TOP BOTTLE E Tel. 2195 f i W UT 7 fflf 1 2 rf 4' - ' 2 f I -7- Y 2 ,nw-uufu u u nl NINETY-NIN E 'Du nr Y -H 2 Y 2 r BAYL1 's FASHION FUR SHOP L L EVERYTHING IN FURS H Fur and Cloth Coats-Dresses-Coats Made To Order T Dry Cold Storage-Repairing'--Relining-Remodeling 467 MAIN STREET FITCHBURG, MASS. Compliments of Compliments of Fred D. Lesure Co. S DRU ' O ' M BR Wholesale V MOND A T Confectioners M f f L O l L , Wholesale A FITCHBURG, MASS. T Confectioners l Nichols 81 Frost, Irie. FITCHBURG, MA SS. V E Specialize in L Childrens' and Infants, Dresses, Coats, Hats, Corsets and Lingerie, 3 Hosiery, Gloves, Neckwear, Skirts and Blouses, Books and Stationery, Art Needlework. Dofmestics, Silks, House Dresses ONE HUNDRED RICE 8: CO. F. VV. Rice HAMILTON, ELGIN, ILLINOIS XVATCI-IES Gruens' 320.00 and up Vlfaltham 310.00 and up JEVVIZLERS - STATIONERS Nearly three-quarters of a Century C 350 MAIN STR EET Three High Classes F. I-I. S. l934 Town Talk Breacl and Town Talk Cake Swanson Baking Co. 320 RIVER ST. INVEST IN THE BEST Quality Fruits Fresh Vegetables ames Heslam Co. FITCHBURG, LMASS. Ter 4260 ll L uffu Y 7 i 1 4 7- -7 "7 7' f -f Ilflllnfu u nfs: ONE HUNDRED O +u'- u, f - --ff - Compliments of Louis Dejonge Company Surface Coated Papers QMICHGN STUDIO Photographs of Quality FITCHBURG, MASS. Compliments of SGIQS NGDEL FUR SHGD IOHNSONIA BUILDING O I-IUNDRED TWO CRittEr for Flow GTS 360 MAIN STREET Compliments of T 9 TEL. 415 Crane s 31 82.2 Clothes 365 MAIN STREET I Nelson W. Davis John G. Weis Thos. B. Doheny T CAPITAL AND SURPLUS S1,000,C00.00 A Tha Safety Fund National Bank OF FITCHBURG UNITED STATES DEPOSITARY ONE HUNDRED TI-IREI' Raivaaja Publishing Company l 1 Publishers and Printers l RA IVAA J A Finnish Daily - Established 1905 We do all kinds Of Commercial Printing : Members United Typothetae Of America Union Shop l I 48 WALLACE AVENUE FITCHBURG, MASS. l This publication is printed by us Z Quality Counts All Through Life l o CLOTHING and other APPAREL l W C G W' : ' ' Designed for service and comfort- ' 356 MAIN STREET Yet absolutely the last word in - , style and value s 0.0 i Q24 l A Good Place to Buy Q Good Shoes P. H. Lane CO. l LN flliIll7-llilliliif-Nil1 i "T " 1 i -1 f' "Y ' -2 1 i i l WY' i ONE HUNDRED FOUR -shin ., , , ,WW 7 , WY, i V f Cc mpliments of' A. L. ROUX 8: SON L EATH ER GOOD S--LUGGAGE : LEATHER REPAIRING T TRAVEL AGENTS : Cruises Conducted and Independent ' Tours - "Your'loeal agent can . serve you best"' : 382-384 MAlN STREET We point with Pride toe Our New Summer e Clothing , We're proud of their smart appear- ance, their snappy models and their excellent quality. Sport Suits--Sport Trousers Sport Sweaters, Sport Jackets, -etc. lo ' l KIMBALL and SON CO. New address l s Cor. Mm street 452-454 MAIN sr. l e i . Compliments of FITCHBURG CO-OPERATIVE BANK , i ,uv u nfs: 1-W nf-ur -ui ONE HUNDRED FIVE Compliments of T City Cleaners 7' -2 ' ffl nu THE jiitchburg Sentinel for THE NEVVS Local, Suburban, General MISCELLANY Entertaining, Instructive .ADVERTISING F 655 XVATER STREET in every way the city's best i , medium i Phone 78 I For information Tel. 90 T of can at the Office 808 Main st. T I Sentinel Printing Co. l l JOI-IN HANCOCK Mutual l B. E. GAGE . - Life lnsurance Co. l General Insurance Q of Boston, Massachusetts L : -'M' A. T. LYNCH, District Manager l ' Safety Fund Bank Building , FITCHBURG, MASS. Room 424 Safety Funcl Bank Building ll T 470 MAIN STREET : FITCHBURG, MASS. ONE HUNDRED SIX F L THE CAR VVITHOUT A PRICE-CLASS Pltzsammons Motor Car Co. E 21 VVILLOVV STREET FITCHBURG, NTASS. 5 Eugene llmrlrphy Co. 4 Quality A boove All . PHARMACISTS 'I' Eugene J. Murphy, Reg. Pharm. I Manager Fftchburg Coal Co. 7 . ,, ,. ,, 5 4 DAY S1 R-ILE1 Cor. Day and Main Streets I Tel. 456 FITCHBURG, MASS. T B - K BEAR POWER reer errr AXLE BRAKE r,:,r.., V A.,r ,i ff "r' , n. ,..r:. 5 traightener 'A YAAA. 'v W' Custom Auto Body 8: Welding Co., Inc. 185 LUNENBURG STREET, FITCHBURG, MASS. 'A .. .. ..fe..,..f..E..A.. .. ..E..:..A,..w..EE., E EAA .. ..E..l.. ..E..-T..A.. E...l ONE HUNDRED SEVEN ,pr 6 I: .. YE LLDE DYSTER BAR l PRICHARD STREET T 1- and - T R S E GA RD E N l LAKE VVHALOM 2 Show Plaices with Good Food Owned and operated by Robert S. Lufkin ll l 'WVEAR CLEAN CLOTHES" Ayer Cleaners 8: Dyers, Inc. Plant 43 JOHNSON ST., LEOMINSTER. Phone 8 K l 1 l l Stores: FITCHBURG AYER GARDNER Tel. 4355 Tel. 271 Tel. 1694 l Kendall Catering Ccmpuments of I 'COIT1pany E 56 NORT Osconnell 8: Blake l l i Wlachusett Building A Harry Kendall, Manager x L TC1. 2064-W : Res. Tel. 2Q64-R M. Fred O'Conne1l William L. Blake ONE HUNDRED EIGHT ,..., n u n lu, fn, 1 ,M .f Z Z Z ,Z nf u uf rf f f 2 ff 'Y 2 'Y 7 'W " ' 'Y Compliments of UNITED Compliments of CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY OF , FITCHBURG E. M. LOEW S UNIVERSAL and Stores at 4 815 MAIN ST. 347 ELLM STL 207 ROLLSTONE ST. 161 ASHBURNHAM ST. -...Q1 Grocers, Bakers and Milk Dealers All Kinds of Hard and Soft Coal and Coke Uhited Co-operative Farmers, Inc. Grain-Feeds-Seeds-Fertilizers l and --- A V Farm Supplies KIMBALL PLACE FITCHBURG, MASS. Tel. 3465 Compliments of J. G. FLYNN COAT, APRON AND TOWEL SUPPLY 66 GREEN STREET, FITCHBURG, MASS. ,Wnfu in ur uvflvrmnlfll u urn Y - 2 'cr Wnfn 'fn Y n , u ul' 'nfnfn unlu- ONE HUNDRED NIN 3lliIl'Il l T 1 T 1 'T' i i i , , ,, i I I s. s. PIERCE : GROCERIES Iver Johnson BIRDSEYE TIMBER - FROSTED TOP MILK a. Sportlng Goods Co. FOODS CREAM ' 510 MAIN ST. I T 'When you are interested in T Sporting Goods-call and let us FRANCO A , PLEASANT ' quote you prices A'VLi'z'If:N g31'j'??g T VVe carry Nationally Advertised T Goods and welcome your z inspection : OXFORD DRuRv's y BUTTER cI-IocoI.ATEs 2 510 MAIN ST. Tel. 727 BATTLE CREEK Fooos I Dr. James Ross Dr. U. C. Russell The .'.. Associate Dr. R. B. Carter Q Smith Prlntlng Co. Drs. Ross 8: Russell - A COMMERCIAL if DENTISTS T - and - f Secretary z Miss Elizabeth M. Pierce 359 Main St. Fitchburg, Mass. Tel. 488 T . BOOK PRINTING 804 MAIN STREET Tel. 4534 I ---7--if 'II-n J ONE I-IUNDRED TEN Compliments of Fidelity Co-operative Bank Compliments of CDR. W. A. NIEMI DENTIST 775 MAIN STREET Tel. 68 Compliments of The Feeds that do not Vary for POULTRY STAR CLEANING HGGS at DYEING co. DAIRY Larro Family Flour Farm Service Stores S t I C h. CO 992 MAIN STREET .uccessors 0 . us mg I. FITCHRURG, MASS. FITCHBURG I f ef -.- flffm- I ONE HIJN F VE I I Compliments of Duane's Drapery 8: 1 Compliments of Shade W E P Interior Decorating and ' U pholstering All Kinds of I Dupont Vtfashable Shades ' and Auto Covers - Tel. 2940 ll Cushing St FITCHBURG, MASS. l I Compliments of I 3 City Steam Laundry I Will You Have an Income at Age 65? Look about among your acquintances at Age 65, and see how many 2 of them are dependent on friends, relatives or the public for a living. T But you need not be. You can decide n ow what income you will T have at Age 65, and make sure of getting it. E An Old Age Income Policy in the Metropolitan Life Insurance Com- : pany will protect your family in event of your death in the meantime. I METROPOLITAN LIFE INSURANCE CO. I L ..,..L..,.., ..i..f..a..:..a..f.. C.. .. ..W..f..f.. HT.., fha ONE HUNDRED TWVELVE " " " A E " Z iiiii 'A " C" :ii ini"-"l Milk ik Cream Kayo Chocolate Chair City Ice Cream L LAUREL HILL CREAIVIERY j : Wliolesale 8: Retail . FITCHEURG, MASS. A. I. COUILLARD, Mgr. Phone 51 138 LAUREL ST. Compliments of l l HoPE RUBBER CGMPANY 3 i GooD R1c1-1 TIRES Q , 16 PUTNAM ST. TEL. 1090 Q : ' 1 Compliments of Compliments of ROY S. WYMAN T L William A. Hardy Optometrist 1 T Optician Q 8: Sons Co. j 280 MAIN STREET - FITCHBURG - SME: T A A Z To Z T To A A A .. .E T Z S at ONE HUNDRED THIRTEEN j HOTEL RAYMOND A1KXHJHOTEL Compliments of l I. O'Neil: I've just got an idea in ' my head. l C. McMurray: Don't scare it. It's ' , in a strange place. Q The Robbms Co. L ATTLEBORO. MASS. l C. Green: Say, Iakey, if you had five bucks in your pocket what l would you think? I, Palo: l'd think I had somebody H else's pants on. l l l l Compliments of ames H. Walsh, Jr. ATTORNEY T WALSH 81 WALSH Park Building ONE HUNDRED FOURTEVEN f - Z 2 V 2 --' nfs: nfl: in n---nw I "U ' ' 17' T: " 7" " Z "W 'WW' iii :7":""'! , Z 1934 Boulder 3 1- ENG . .'A. I NEW ENGLAND INSTITUTE Z and 1 1 N. E. SCHOOL OF ACCOUNTING : 9-11-13 PLEASANT ST. WORCESTER, MASS. ' BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ACCOUNTING-AUDITING-COST ACCOUNTING BUSINESS LAW : EXECUTIVE TRAINING fThe only school in Worcester County conducting Day and Evening T classes which has ever -had students pass the Certifiecl'Pub1ic AC- I countavnts' examination upon completion of their school trainingj. 1 Write or call for descriptive catalog. I NEW ENGLAND INSTITUTE T and N. E. SCHOOL OF ACCOUNTING 9-11-13 PLEASANT ST. WORCESTER, MASS. 1 .lin Yin nl,n,4uYHu u Y-niu,u' f , , -- n nfl: ufnfufnflrr n unrn -112112. ONE HUNDRED FIFTEEIN -n+nt -Y: Af, , i ,Wg ,aiu ufuiu u n u 'fu' n -'-nf.: FACULTY AUTOGRAPHS 5iQAQAeA,g16Qv.fii,gslgm,,X QAM, . Q1 3 3 'HA .. AAA ff, if ff ONE HUNDRED SIXTEEN RAIVAAJA PRINT-FITCHBU RG YN 'af' Af AZ, fl-. 71:1 L 5 V .V . . V32 :Vg VI,-yvw,f V V -LV. -26 :NC "4 Vw I--' ' . V- .V "ii '- 'fi 'w Z1 ul: , ' Vw - 2 1" ' . " gf' ,.VV.iV . if VV- V. . V, .M ,VSV Q... VV V V , V V- pw. 2- - . . - -- , V -V1 - . ., . . . ff. . - V,, A V .V . ,VV,V,, , . .VM af, V , K Vf, V L., gV V,,. V V - Fil? , -A ap 4. fx . H , " E, .. Ky .Q ,, RVV . A V 2, , fu fl X 'S V., .' V . i V. . VV ,AV .. V.. V' 3.1. V , . ,. ,,,,V ...V , ' 5. .V V . VV ,V V,VVV,V V . .V ,. - , V . l V VV -V Vp- xi ' 311.31 . V .VVV , VVV.V V.V.. :H ' ,:' C .- Q inf.. . V V, Vlf. .V- 9",V ' .. j'V3g?:Vg ' V' .1 . ,X f . 4'4'gV.V:V iw'-' V V ' V' V V V V V V. VVVV., V ,V . , V VV ,VV V. V. V..V.VV ,VV. V, .V VVVV 1.225 I . fy, , , 'V ',j 5: V .V f:Q.VV:'V1715., K " f- 'V' . K E-' .f- . -A ' "f ., V. ,. -.24 ,VVV . ,. , MA, . W.. , , V -- V11 .V i:,. , , . HV ,.- .VV .V V. LM -f - Vw , .V f V ,, , Va f V, V' V '- '- " Aff, V 'f ,1.'y7' 'Vf'V A 'm 4 , 4' ,- ' " .fi 5 'f,','.V ,, V 1 .. A 1 --.1 ,. iiifu. V VL, . V VV ,V V .YV ..Vf-,QW f f',.V-, pie , V 1 . 'V ' ,. - ' Vp.- VVVgwV'1.p.,-:X ,. V, V ,, 'wx K Q., nfs-1.-xr. ,.,f, A Af. n VX". fvi- W, -' L '-wi, ' .. Q, A H: . , 1 , V... ., V 'Aff , 'ef ,V wiht- ,r . VB , . ,, V. . .Vi F, ' 1 f . ' .7 . ,VV . VVJVVVV . V2-:,, .ai V - he . V. .- :V , .+ 5 " V . V . . V" .V .. my V. ,. ,, .. . ,Vt V, , VV. ,. V . ' . , ' " V22VEm,iL".,3'i . ' f K. ' V Vfm-,Q-. -f-V-.,.'.......1 fx' . ' ' 'V .f :,:f -LV-' A V V". LV ' .V ..., V ' V- Vi AVL UV, V - VV ,.,,,1VV ..,.f,:'.., , ' " "mek ,:Vf+-HV. . ' 'LM . ,Aw-V,gVaj,-liz M: ' .11 ' ' V if ' A . V V ,,VV.V:, ,V Vf,i,,-1 ,W Q , V., .. . .1 . V V ,V .., V,.4.-.M . Ho., ,.,, ...M . . ,.. -V .1. V' . l wy",'- -. ff,-,Mp qw-. 1 V. , ,,V,. ,,,. . . . fr! 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Suggestions in the Fitchburg High School - Boulder Yearbook (Fitchburg, MA) collection:

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Fitchburg High School - Boulder Yearbook (Fitchburg, MA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


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