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A Aa x ,M A1 frm' . , 'S 4, 'Q uw, ,, ti. iff"-A ,k ' Q 'Kxi1,5zjQw AWN K if-1 if-H"',g5xiX:f'f':,,,5S'gg 4f!,x 4 x.,. , .Nb ww. 1a,,g,ei ,icfqv J- ww W' v --41, if ' UQ , ffl!! if gl 'ff' . D Q I gl! df? ' A' gi l if C, Ng If 0 , .N Yxm' YF 4 A Uhjfiv Y A 5. 1 M V, 4. .- Q h V Q ,'af1" W Q f , i A -W W A K 1,-ff' ' E NU., VV rr ,L ff' ,f . by , ,1 f- ff" - 9 f "wif W ' f, Q4 ,U . gm N, Q , ,J 1 if , 4. fx gy, ggx,-TJ ' , fi f V V P I , ,X A 1 QR: E A 5 f A by M W ,Q .f1!LLAV ' 1 Q D3 4+ - 1 bk L Aj,f,4U"-' 5 A 4 ,Li . f, I ' L Lf qw N! , - Q U 4 ak 1 f . -'QQ5-fm W. . , Q f V , 4, ,I ft-W 1 1: rj - 0 " " 4 T Q-. . Sf- G' ' . i 1 x , ,V A A Q K r L ,f - it i u rl xd x KV li -I f wif .. - i: 252 t ' . ,V J F XX " ' W, +2 2 1 0'-. M. ,gf qw A' mfg .4 ' . ri 1 az" , ' Y V A , K ' ff -M: Q, fl in Y-Jv.t:g:JlhlJ Tt Vw J ' - ' 'T .f " .. Y "Nfl " ,'f3'Tef:1A,, A"' f Q, ' ' f '+A ,V ,PV l V- 4 6, s .IW-,LJ 5 ' V 5 ' " , A A- f b y ,. A J mam? ,- j liek, V ,W 1 , 1.-5ff?'c,'-, .Juv--"7"'Y "E 'Ny ,mjlv V I .4 2 W! K , v ,XJ - . 2 1 ' ,fb Q 3 X J' xl K A Q , I ,fy . Ll xp! 4, N H fl 1,1 4 .3 gy iw' . if ,flfl 16 I ' . ' ' 'ww' x., !'x J X I7 C ' I RI X F I , 1 I 'X 'L 3 nxtiwgaj Nm hal' i W' 1 fi L 0. 19,4 ip Mit fggqrmk CU.,fLQ . My ' - "f'f,gfiiI .. n J. '2'p.Qf' C v CL..'lK,DifA,Q,AV S L" TMP, wax,-4fLCxB'f 'f J' I fyffb fsfm g mf:gWv: 3 5,5 f 'Q A 9i3'f'lCh i QQ X5 ' by O39 W . Q J ,' 'fx , .Q I- Os My . Gp AQ? Qi A gbggyfiy gwcvqii 'XX xx Qi 'ff A X VX Y me il if X 95 5' WJWTW I ! Mm ZA. V , ' A ' 1 H h , . W ' Wfwjij Www 6 ' MWMPV TW M? 2 ' W 7 jf i Wy!gf + jg V .4 . - if Q 41 4 dgbngi g f ' X ' , 1 f , f f Q52 9 K P. bl ? A., , . 1 - ' 4: -1,3 ,,, ww r' w ' ,,.x , A ' fwli. .JM lb , ' -- I ffl? A ' 0 mfufz. r - , ' . -' ' K 'ar f " .- 1' aw. rf- ,, , 1 , A' I ,ff '.-" , "mf: '- ff Q ' V 5, ,- W w X' U 1 Che Hlezss ef I 967 ef keberf 8. Well Seleier HW1 Selzeel Grefeu, Kemeeefieuf Presents 17 f Che Keeth Seiifieez ef Zfhe Fanfare E i E 2 X Q 2 1 i E a E 1 3 gp-sw--V,,L, Cable ef Keizteizts .iaeulty ...................... Seuiers ............ ..... llnderelassmeu ...... ..... Sports ............. ..... Urgiziiikiztieus ....... ..... Aetieities .......... ..... Advertising ....... ...... 20 .32 . 94 774 750 772 792 Student Life ...... ..... .2 7 O ,l rf Firsf, Fun and Frolic in French. Tl v l On To the peace of study hall. 4 V4 Cypim Then study fquietlyj in the library, LUNCH! 1 Day h Now the challenge and excitement of gym class. Passing through. ,ewa- .quam-li ,s Lab-Duck Soup. Seventh period is hard on everyone. 2' 5 September October November 9 21 22 23 24 26 27 30 15 18 22 24 27 29 3 4 5 8 11 12 17 23 25 23-27 School Begins Student Council Elections Class Rings Ordered Cross Country-Four Teams Football Pep Rally Football Game-Bulkeley Keyette Dance Football Ga me-Westerly Cross Country-Weaver Cross Country-Ledyard Football Game-New London French Club Dance Football Game-East Hartford Cross Country-St. Bernards Football Game-N.F.A. Cross Country-Stonington Cross Country-New London German Club Dance Football Game-St. Bernards Cross Country Eastern Sectionals Assembly for Junior, Senior Boys Honor Society Dance Football Game-New Britain Cross Country-ClAC Veterans Day New England Cross Country Football Game-Weaver Report Cards Half Day H Homecoming Dance Football Game-New London Vacation , . We f mis ,s f December 2 3 10 14 16 17 23 24 27 30 January 3 6 7 10 13 14 16 20 21 23-26 February 14 15 17 1 8-25 Fall Play SAT Testsg N.R.O.T.C. Tests Chess Club Dance Christmas Concert Basketball-New Britain Future Nurses Club Dance- Swimming-Hartford Public Christmas Assembly Home School XMAS Party Vacation Basketball-Weaver Basketball-St. Bernards Basketball-Hartford Bulkeley Swimming-Bulkeley Swimming-Weaver Basketball-St. Bernards Swimming-Maloney Faculty Meeting Basketball-New London Swimming-VV. Wilson CEEB Testing Swimming-North Haven Basketball-St. Thomas Moore A.F.S. Hootena ny Swimming-Middletown Mid-Year Exams Basketball-New London Track-Moses Brown Wrestling-EastHar1tord Swimming-Hillhouse Basketball-N.F.A. Wrestling-Hillhouse Vacation , K ., SPM . Mielgsrgggi vigmwwss-1 :- ,sm -1, figrgiv- February March April mwah-its , 2l I4 20 23 25 29 30 l 3- ,. awwww Judo Match Swimming-New London Judo-New Canaan Basketball-Bulkeley Key Club vs. Keyette Basketball Game Senior Class Variety Show Student-Faculty Game Exchange Concert at Fitch Judo-Milford Ski Trip to Haystack Teacher's Basketball Game Awards Assembly Sophomore Hop Home School Association Track-Eastern Sectionals at Storrs Judo-Yale Shakespearean Theatre Assembly S E 9 Exchange Concert-Manhasset Judo-Norwich Decca Club Dance Basketball-CGA Senior Testing Report Cards Camelot-Spring Play Track-E. Hartford Baseball-St. Bernards Baseball-Weaver Seniocglmawetion Baseball-Bulkeley A age. M W H .1 ,, iff.. 'was , f is , Muay - si, ai, ,M ,E April 20 Track-N.F.A. May June si is. ,, U, Baseball-Waterford 22-30 Vacation 22 Judo Tournament Track-Eastern Relays Baseball-N.F.A. 24 Baseball-Hartford Public 25 Track-New Britain 29 Baseball-CGA 2 Track-Waterford 4 Track-Bulkeley, Weaver Baseball-E. Hartford 9 Track-New London Baseball-New Britain li Kiwanis Honor Night l3 Junior Prorn 15 H.S.A. Scholarship Awards l8 All School Orchestra 20 Music Festival 27 Boosters Club Banquet 29 Track-C.C.S.C. Invitational 30 No School 3 CIAC Open-New Haven T 5 Yearbook Dedication 10 Track-New England Open 12-15 Final Exams 16 Senior Class Banquet 16 Scholastic Awards Assembly 17 Commencement Dance A T9 Class DaygGraduation 20 Last Day of School . A A M f mfwmif, uN9Q'b SEA-WIND The flesh is sad, alas! and all the books are read. Flight, only flight! l feel that birds are wild to tread The floor of unknown foam, and to attain the skies! Nought, neither ancient gardens mirrored in the eyes, Shall hold this heart that bathes in waters its delight, O nights! nor yet my waking lamp, whose lonely light Shadows the vacant paper, whiteness profits best. I will depart! O steamer, swaying rope and spar, Lift anchor for exotic lands that lie afar! A weariness, outworn by cruel hopes, still clings To the last farewell handkerchief's last beckonings! And are not these, the masts inviting storms, not these But, O my heart, hear thou, hear thou, the sailor's song! Lost, not a sail, a sail, a flowering isle, ere long? That an awakening wind bends over wrecking seas, -Arthur Symons ,emu Dcwcaiion The tenth edition of Tantara is gratefully dedicated to Mrs. Jeanette Beach in affectionate appreciation of her outstanding service to the students and faculty of Fitch Senior High. As head of the Math Department for the past six years, Mrs. Beach has inspired many students by her enthusiasm for her subiect and her sincere desire to help students achieve an understanding and insight into mathematics. However, Mrs. Beach is chiefly remembered not for her administrative activities, but for her warmth and efficiency as a teacher, a rare and wonderful combination. ,M-fe ' .lv ' '- A , .M..,.,,. "d iff 7 ,,,., gg',f,: q-Midi? I ,M LM. g::,LL,,, I ,,,1. My N ji Smiling at her desk "Come on, Tom, the sum of an Arithmetical Series :K ,L ,,,fk A . ' ' x.' ,Q M - K .Q L. A . 2k3P'x And we the undersigned, respectfully request a 140 day school "Who said divide through by zero?" year . . . Une Superintendent ef Seneels THOUGHTS FOR A YEARBOOK T967 More than forty years have passed since the writer graduated from high school. In the in- terim, many things have happened in the world of men. In our country we have known ten years of depression, an equal number of war or ot peace, some several years of prosperity and of social protest. For all those more than forty years, we have experienced breath-taking advances in science and technology. Not to have lived through this period is not to understand it. Yet, who would have thought in '26 that all the things that have happened, would? Who can predict what the next forty years hold for our Country and for you? Not the writer, but he can express a hope for the future that each of you could help come true. The hope is that we may learn to spend for welfare instead of warfare, that science will seek sera rather than sophisticated weapons, that good-will may replace ill-will among men and nations, that prosperity based on productive ettort will be realized throughout the world. The hope may be visionary, it is not unattainable if each of you will strive for it and en- courage others to do the same. WILLIAM M. FARRIS l6'0ard of dfucafivn Grafrfn IDI sw A il, 'Fm F' MEMBERS OF THE SCHOOL BOARD Mr. Harold Hernond, Chairman Mrs. M. Ronald Fishkind, Secrefary Mrs. Farquhar Mr. Ralph Lewis Mr. Andrew Hilding Mr. Arthur Downie Mr. John Helm Mr. Cesare Ballandese l .714 dliwrcciafivu After twenty-six years Mr. Tyler is leaving Fitch. Even so his service will continue to be felt here from his new position. Next year a new principal will perform Mr. Tyler's duties, and Fitch will remain much the same. The man himself will be gone, though, and those of us who re- member the sloppy ties, his interest in student activities, his watchful tread about the school and his humor will' feel the difference-and the subtle loss. i J l Prirzczjwzl 5 Message A person's success in life is under the close scrutiny of his peers, his relatives, and all the rest of the society in which he works, studies, plays and prays. This is as true for each of you individually as it is for the "person" alluded to above. The degree of success is measured by many standards. These criteria are set by the iudge's own philosophy of life, his own objectives, his own experiences, his own moral fiber. Thus to some you may have done well while to others there is much to be desired. For myself, l evaluate your success on your achievement as compared to your ability, your willingness to cooperate, your demonstrated respect for other persons, your attitude toviiard constituted authority, your friendliness, warmth, and sense of humor, your giving as well as your receiving-all these things and more. As a group you the class of 1967 "measure up". As individuals, some of you are out- standing. lt has been my pleasure, to know you, to talk with you, and to help you along the way. My very best wishes for continued success. ' Qqwife W lice' Princzkfals Message LOUIS CAOUETTE E vi, "NN'ls Today with the accent on the conservation of our natural resources, water, fresh air, etc., I feel that too many of our young people are not giving enough thought to the conservation and development of their own great- est asset-brainpower. Within the past few years we have finally recognized that the talent of each generation is indeed a great natural resource every bit as important as oil, coal, water, or gas. We are aware that it is shameful to waste our natural assets, and we now have various programs designed to conserve and to develop them, including brainpower. Failure to make full use of your talent is wasteful. Progress and our nation's future de- pends upon each generation making full use of its capabilities. As the time for graduation draws near, let me be a little more personal. What have you done, what are you doing, or what are you planning to do to develop your greatest possession? Formal education is but one of many tools that may be used to activate this latent power. You owe it to yourself to develop this personal asset to its full potential. Your future rides on it. Success or failure in future endeavors will depend largely on how well you are equipped to meet the many challenges about to come your way. Using education as a key to unlock this vast storehouse of power, you will soon discover that it will continue to pay dividends for a lifetime. Knowledge is something that cannot be lost, taken, destroyed, or squandered. It can lie dormant for years and be recalled for instant use to meet a challenge. Knowledge is power. Man, to a large extent, can control his environ- ment. Here lies your future-whatever you choose to make it. Good luck. x' "Learning is acquired by reading books, buf The much more necessary learning, The knowledge of The world, is only To be acquired by reading rnen, and sfudying all The various ediTions of Them." Zzffrarians , , MRS. FIEDLER MR, O'DONNELL MRS. WILLIAMSON MRS. CLARK School N u rse MRS. MEEHAN MRS. HANOVER 0fHcc Stuff Busy fingers, efficienT work. . . Crowded schedules, accuraTe performance. . . Keeping records. . . Servicing Teachers and sTudenTs. . . CoordinaTing and announcing acTiviTies. . . This is The necessary work of The office sfaff. Their service is of ufmosf imporfance To The organized MRS. WILLIAMS learning of The sTudenT. I6 .5 5 fx' .Q . A1 X- i 4 Mishra Staff 2 . A P 5 1 .., is -...Q 1........, Mrs. Maine Mrs. Burbine Mrs. Noir Mrs. Trevena Mrs. Hendley Mrs. Clingenpeel Mrs. Burdick Gjusfadians Mr. James Perry Mr. Cari Kress Mr. John Birchall Mr. Ray Davol Mr. Bill Tarrant Mr. Ed Jones ,WN 6 V lowi- . NEW HORlZONS A The first range of hills Thafsencirclffs The scanfy vale of human life is The 'horizon for The maioriry of the inhabitants. On its ridges The common sun is born and departs. From Them The stars rise, and Touching them, they vanish. -'Samuel Taylor Coleridge 5 1. , , , , W 'V '4"f'Y" " f W f W ' 15- if 5' , 45.4 :S v A MISS WHEELER MR- TRIPP 'Nr' S... Nh-J' Guidancc Preparing the student for the days of tomorrov involves tedious work and many hours on the par of the guidance counselor. He must help the studen mature mentally and emotionally and help him dis cover himself and adiust to the pressures ot hi society. High school is a time of important transition the step between childhood and adulthood. It is l time of uncertainty and confusion. Society demand that the student plan his career, and that he decide his place in life. Fitch guidance counselors have devoted thei time in untangling the questions of students and ir helping them make decisions. MR. MARION af .595 , , .,Nf""""""' - , C? X K gf yrf. K , X xx. sur N 'W Q. "" A X MR. WALSH MISS GUSE ?rfu14sc'lvrs EDUCATION VOCATION SERVICE . . . Their work is of uTmosT imporfance To The student body. f xx f 12 MRS. THORPE DEPT. HEAD MR. LAWRENCE E. CHICK Tufts College, A.B. Boston Univ., M.A. MISS BONNIE BROWN Univ. of Bridgeport, B.S., Junior Class Advisor MRS. MARY L. CHRISTENSEN Connecticut College, B.A. MISS JUDITH A. CONNAUGHTON Boston Univ., B.A., Univ. of Connecticut, M.A.: Howard Univ. MRS. IDA F. COULTER Beaver College, Univ. of Bridgeport, B.S. MISS LYNN W. ETKA Mary Washington College, B.A. MR. JOHN A. GORMAN Boston University, A.B. MRS. ARLENE HEDGE Rutgers University, B.A. MR. WALTER W. HUNSINGER Univ. off Vermont, B.S., M.A., Tantara Advisor, Head Basketball Coach. MR. JOHN J. KELLEY Boston Univ., B.S., Univ. of Conn., M.A., Cross Country Coach 22 grzgish 57145 Arts . "if f MR. WILLIAM MILLER Corn-ell College, A.B., Univ. of de Bellas Artes, M.F.A.7 Art Club MISS JEAN E. PARKS Grove City College, B.A.: Univ. of Vermont, M.A.T., MR. ARTHUR H. PEARSON Univ. of Rhode Island, B.A., Asst. Football Coach, Tanager Advisor. MR. THEODORE C. REICHARD Univ. of Conn., BA., M.A., Dramatics Club Advisor, T.A.R. Advisor, MRS. LORRAINE H. SANTANGELO Connecticut College for Women, B.A., National Honor Society Advisor, Amphora Advisor. MRS. DOROTHY EAMES Un-iv. of Conn., B.A. Senior Class Advisor XX I ,-'QQ'-' ' I , is uw-Q7 , 1 ,tw , Hr, M", , , 1.7, , W... I , .,gg',., Hay.. A of ' '., K. MR. ARTHUR S. BOOTH Ithaca College, B.S., M.S., Band, Chorus, Choir, Dance Band, Orchestra. MR. HARRY L. BROWN Augustana College, B.A., Univ. of Iowa, M.F.A., Univ. of Rhode Island, New York Univ. MR. ROBERT J. LEVENTHAL Univ. of Conn., B.A., Trinity, Southern Conn. Central Conn. State, Willimantic. 23 DEPT. HEAD MRS. JEANETTE BEACH Conn. College, B.A.g Hunter College. MR. P. PLASSE Holy Cross, B.S., Univ. of Conn., Connecticut College, Rutgers. MR. C. R. ESTABROOKS Univ. of Conn., Clark Univ., Conn. College, Northwestern Univ., B.S., M.A., Dramtics Club Advisor. MR. JOSEPH R. Lo BRUTTO Univ. of Conn., B.A., Senior Class Advisor, visor. MR. ROBERT T. LAING Univ. of Rhode Island, B.S., Univ. of Conn., Rice Univ. MR. CLAYTON D. MEEHAN Univ. of Maine, B.S., Univ. of Conn., Univ. of New Hampshire, Conn. College, Univ. of Mary- land, St. Joseph College. MR. THOMAS DiCANDlA Providence College, B.A., Boston College, M.A., Univ. of Notre Dame, Univ. of Conn., Univ. of West Virginia, Univ. of Maine. MR. DENISON BARBER Milton College, Univ. of Idaho, Univ. of Conn., Rutgers Univ., Univ. of Rochester, Fair- field Univ., Danbury State, B.S., M.A. MR. FREDERICK W. HERMES U.S. Coast Guard Academy, B.S., Key Club, F-Club, Freshman Football Coach. MISS MARY CESARIO Univ. of Rhode lsland, B.A. 24 T 'W Mathematics if fir' ,,vl4'!' .fn MR. BURTON F. TURNER Univ. of Conn., B.A., Chemistry I 81 2, Bac- teriology, Anatomy 8. Physiology, Graduation Advisor. MR. DANIEL J. STRUNK Univ. of Missouri, B.S., M.S., Univ. of Conn., Physical Science, Biology, Botany, Zoology. MRS. MARION LeSAN Central Conn. State, B.S., Biology, Physical Science, Sophomore Class Advisor. MR. WALTER S. HANOVER Clark Univ., B.A., M.A., Harvard, Wesleyan, Biology, Physical Science. MR. ROBERT W. WILLIAMS U.S. Naval Academy, B.S., Southern Conn. State, Univ. of Arizona, Univ. of Virginia, Univ. of Conn., Physics. MR. JOSEPH RINOSKI Univ. of Rhode Island, B.S., Biology, Physical Science, Driver's Education. MR. J. F. JOSEPH Univ. of Conn., B.A., Univ. of Rhode Island, Physical Science, Biology. MR. SAMUEL F. FROLIO Tufts, B.S., M.l.T. M.S., Boston Univ., Union College, Physical Science, Survey of Physics. MR. D. TETREAULT Central Conn. State, B.S., Wesleyan, M.A., Chemistry, Survey of Chemistry and Physics, Physical Science. 25 DEPT. HEAD-MR. PHILIP PERKINS Univ, of Maine, B.S., U.S. History Golf Coach. MR. HOWARD M. CAPLAN Univ. of Conn., B.A,, M.A., World History, U.S. History, Sophomore Class Advisor, Student Council. MR. JOHN H. EGAN Worcester State College, B.S.p World History, U.S. History, Student Council, Chess Club, F.R.P. MR. MARION W. LEBUIS Univ. of Conn., B.A., C.L.U.g Willimantic State College, P.O.D. MR. FRANK J. WALLACE Wilkes College, B.S., World History, U.S. His- tory, J.V. Football Coach. MRS. JEAN B. PEARSON American International College, B.A., Trinity Univ., Wesleyan Univ., M.A., U.S. History, Senior Class Advisor. MR. KEN PARILLA West Virginia Wesleyan, B.A., World History, P.O.D. 26 Zfreign language X f ' I?" .iff fx XDR T-its' H' an ,an -, , Q . J.-3. .. 'gay' ' -4.- ,MLN DEPT. HEAD-MRS. FRANCES S. NORMAN Wellesley, B.A., Univ. of Nancy, France, Sorbonne, Columbia Univ., French, French Club. X ,-,, ..f-f- f X ,COLL-L AJL4fx-'bk I- ' ff jL0-,Cla ELAK MISS BETSY ANN STERN Univ. of Vermont, B.A., Univ. of Michigan, M.A., Latin, English, Keyette Advisor, Latin Club. MR. DONALD N. WILSON New Mexico School of Mines B.S., Univ. of Hartford, Central State College, Spanish, Spanish Club. MR. EDWARD S. WOJTKIEWICZ Univ. of Conn., B.A., German, German Club. MISS JOYCE E. COOK Eclinboro State College, B.S., French. MR. EDWARD VAHEY Youngstown Univ., B.A., Kent State Univ., Hollens College, St. John's College, Hunter College, French. Also: MR. JAMES J. LAPIETRA Roanoke College, B.A., International Univ., St. Lawrence Univ., Spanish Club, J.V. Base- ball. 27 K! DEPT. HEAD-MISS MARGARET CUNNINGHAM Bryant College, B,S., Univ. of Conn., M.A. WI by yl! MRS. DOROTHY c. BEROERON D New York Univ., B.S., Univ. of Conn., M.A. IW MR. ROBERT DEMPSKY U0 ' pf! Central Conn. State, B.S., Univ. of Hartford, IJ OI Univ. of Conn., Advisor for Sae Ki Kwan. W JI 1 .wllrfi f il naclcgfgwwl 0 Jolla V . , .. if VIII may MRS MARIE LICAMELE Central Conn State College BS MR. ROGER L. GAGNON 0IS! Univ. of Rhode Island, B.S., Instructor for new Business Law Course, Junior Class Advisor, Asst. Key Club Advisor. MRS. BLANCHE L. KAYRUKSTIS Boston Univ., B.S., Univ. of Conn., M.A. MISS EDYTHE P. LITTMAN New York Univ., B.S.g Mitchell College, A.S. MR. STEPHEN D. PIERCE Babson Institute, B.S.p Bridgewater State Col- lege, D.E.C.A. Club Advisor, Senior Class Advisor. MR. RAYMOND J. PORTELANCE Univ. of Conn., B.S., Varsity Baseball Coach. 28 Kusinvss i L ,. r LW V x 'Q I EXW' I Q V .... EW guy 4, - 3 WE .mf-, H G- if I -1, . F .,, . - 413' ' . I ,QW . I H , 4 -1-F 4' S""Q-. at n .,-.rv 1 CQ' I 'As 'WSI' v 9 X if Prrzcfzkzzl Arts MRS. CLAIRE ANDERSON Framingham Teachers College, B.A.p Home Eco- nomics. MRS. MILLER Hartford Hospital School of Nursing, Hospital I 8- II. MRS. MARTHA REICHARD Univ. of Conn., B.S., Colby College, Home Economics. MR. CARL D. NYGREN Central Conn. State, B.S.g Univ. of Conn., M.A., Drafting. MR. JAMES F. MCGUIRE Central Conn. State, B.S,g Woodworking, Drafting, Head Track Coach, MR. JOHN T. JOHANESSEN Univ. of Oswego, B.S.g Cornell Univ., M.S.g Industrial Arts, Sae Ki Kwan Advisor. Physical Mucafivlr MR. GEORGE E. BUTCHER Ohio State Univ., B.S., Columbia Univ., M.A., Head Football Coach, Director of Athletics. MISS ELEANOR GUSE Univ. of Wisconsin, B.S., Univ. of Michigan, M.A. MR. CARL JOHN WALLIN Northeastern Univ., B.S., J.V. Football Coach, Wrestling. MISS SANDRA R. WHITE Southern Conn, State, B.S., Intramurals, Cheer- leaders, G.A.A. 29 A DAY OF SUNSHHXIE Through every fibre of my brain, Through every nerve, Through every vein l Teel The elecTric Thrill, The Touch GT life, ThaT seems alrnosT Too much. And over me unrolls on high The splendid scenery of The sky, Where Through a sapphire sea, The sun Sails like a golden galleon. Towards yonder cloud-land in,The WesT, Towards yonder Islands of The BlesT, Whose sTeep sierra Tar uplifts ITs craggy surnrniTs white wiTh driTTs. O Life ! O happy Throng Y onl speech is song' .if A ,, ,Q W, F .F .U.Yfmg,Mwwswm' s mp 127, W frlwmkbllbws Vs. a 3,f,,,W5ggb ,ibr , wgfgwz-.5-.lxggfgmL,me xr N, - ' w-f:f-.w:wg,v1211fQ1- - ? V .,1W,-. Al,, L,.,,., M, .. ui Wmi , W- R H ff K :AA 5" 2 in S ,. V QQ 2 2 Q P naw Q X5 :V 'E W5 .. is it K ' Q V, 'Q E' an A EX 1'A Q , Q L 5 f 1' Q t AM , L,1,,A, , , Lf W W , Lm. 'X A 1, ' i fri' . , fl ,X A 5iSf'6 3 ff iQ - , W E H5455 3' " Z ag ' f 'K Q " , ff. 7 ww N , - . ' Q 5 - if A V T' 'L V. it V, SQ k ' sf -:L' is s. - . -- W A Q 1' L vm Q I X' ' Q N L P L Q ,F , A A . . fri LLV, ... g s ifffgigf , M 5 Senior 611155 Ofhvers PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT STEPHEN EMBRY WILLIAM NIACKEY "Steve" college wants to reach realiz- "Bill . .. college cheerful Basketball ' I. ation . .. caustic ... "He thought" ... ... leaky radiator ... comlca refuses fo be coerced, Basketball I, 2, 3,5 German Club I, 2, 3, Key Club Football I, 2, Debating I, 2, Co-Captain 3, Tanager If 2? Cross COWIIIY 25 Sk' Club 3- I, 2, 3, AFS I, 2, President 3, Key Club 2, 3, F-Club 2, 3: German Club 3. SECRETARY TREASURER SUSAN PIAZZA DELEEN NELSON "Soupy" college water skiing HDMI' College Serious minded cheering uniform plans to be a Registered "lim from FIICHH prizes peace hopes Nufsel to be a social worker. Dramatics Club I, 2, 3, Bowling I, French Club I, DVUVTICIICS I, 2, 3: FUTUYS Nl-USES I: G A4 A- I? f 'I 2 3 German Club 2, French Club 3, Spanish Club 2, GAA I, 2, Studen Councr , , Secretary of Junior Class, Keyetres 2, 3, J V Cheering 2, Varsity Cheering 3, Choir 3, F'Club 3. enirfr Afecufive l6'rfard BRYAN KENNEDY 'hief" college 1959 Renault??? matches his ess wits with Mr. Hunsinger runs a tight ship eeie C llege looks bright. ,Nh V. Football l, Varsity Football 2, 3, Key Club l, Executive Board 2, :sident 3, Junior Class President 2, Senior Executive Board 3, Chess nm 3, Tonlara 3, Editor-in-chiei. DIANNE CURRIER Dianne" ... college . .. Blondes do have more fun! . .. et's have a cheer!" future nurse class ring. 1. Cheerleader l, Sophomore V.P. l, Student Council l, 2, Varsity ieerleader 2, Captain 3, Keyettes 2, 3, F Club 2, 3, Secretary 2, ench Club 3, Senior Executive Board 3, Latin Club 3. PAMELA JONES lonsey" ... college . .. Chem Il and B.F.T. ... beaming rsonality radiant smile ..: gorgeous blond hair ey Dave! What'd ya mean these problems aren't right?" ench Club l, Vice-President 2, 3, Keyettes l, 2, President 3, Ski ub l, 2, 3, Conn. College Orchestra l, 2, 3, All-Eastern Regionals 2, G. A. A. l, 3, Band l, 2, 3, Orchestra l, 2, 3, Student Council Intramurals l, 2, 3, Tonager Representative l, National Honor So- ety 2, 3, Tantaro Literary Editor 3, Senior Executive Board 3, Sounds Space 3. GARY ORKNEY Drk" college Miss Cesario and SCM red Che- lelle basketball, drums, blondes "This is true". :sketball l, 2, 3, Student Council l, Band l, 2, Key Club 2, 3, Foot- :ll 2, French Club 2, 3, Glee Club 2, Senior Executive Board 3, xunds in Space 3. as ,x,, -..QP MVP T17 SCOTT CLINGENPEEL "Scott" college You bet French "lips" "Aw, c'mon guys." Student Council l, Varsity Baseball l, 2, 3, F-Club l, 2, 3, Key Club 3f Varsity Football l, 2, 3 SAN DRA BATES "Sandy" college . .. "surf's up, doodlegg! California here I come long live the sun and the surf 24 hour watch." French Club l, 2, Ski Club l, 2, 3, Tantara 3, Student Council 2, Secre- tary 3, AFS 2, 3, Keyettes 2, Treasurer 3, Senior Executive Board 3, Sounds in Space 3, Foreign Aitoirs Club, President 3. KATHLEEN KOLNASKI "Cookie" energetic cheerleader to be good? first to lunch, last to leave . . . hates stockings! Keyettes l, 2, 3, Sophomore Class Treasurer l, Student Council, .l.V. Cheerleader 2, Varsity Cheerleader 3, GAA 2, 3, AFS 3, Tonager l, 27 F-Club 3, Tantoro ca-editor advertising 3, Ski Club 3, Sounds in Space 3. BRIAN AHERN "Wooly Burger" college guitar dependable Honda 160 rigorous iobs'?? Student Council, 2, Sophomore Class President l, Student Faculty Ad- visory Board l, Spanish Club l, 2, Student Council Representative 2, Chorus 2, Audio-Visual 3, Key Club l, 2, Vice President 3. 33 'UFWQ-N BARRY ADELMAN "Barr" . .. college always the clown athlete search engineer with N.A.S.A. Baseball 'l, 37 French Club 'I7 Track 27 Chess Club 2, 3. JANET ALLEN "Jan" college another Mrs. Ward? "I am what know" ... sincere friend of many . . . Skip. Club 27 National Honor Society 2, 37 Tanlora Activities Editor Ampliora 2, Co-Editor 3, Lotin Club 2, 37 German Club 2, 37 Dramotics 27 Foreign Relations 3. JACQUELINE ANTHONY '3- 'W-0 "Jackie" long brown hair hates innocence cheery, thoughtful, sincere . .. Barn with the girls Spanish Club l, 2, 37 Ski Club l, 2, 37 Student Council l7 Consumer Ec. President l. ELIZABETH ANTONINO "Liz" business wants to go to college her horse and car "Laughter's the best medicine." Girls Chorus 37 D.E.C.A. 3. 34 SUSAN ACKLEY "Sue" business D.C.! excuses, excuses want to be a hairdresser Hi-ho Silver! Chorus 2,37 Office 37 D.E.C.A. Club 3. THOMAS HAGOP ADAMS 'fBobo" college Hey! dedicated bachelor hi car and his letter-sweater everyone loves him. Basketball J.V. lg Varsity 27 Cross Country Manager 27 F-Club 2, 37 Sl Club 37 Office Help 3. SAMUEL GLEN ANDERS lll "Glen" college likes the Guidance office future architect LSD addict?? A Blue MG? STEVEN ANDERSON ikwgf "Steve" college goal is a PhD sailing 1964 Corvair run, Stevie, run. Cross Country l, 2, 37 Track l, 2, 37 F-Club l, 2 37 AFS l, Vicf President 2, 37 Key Club 2, Treasurer 37 Associate Justice of Studen Court 27 Honor Society 2, President 3. L Q GARY APICELLI ppy" general hates shy, stuck-up, and unfrrendly ls teachers and Misquamicut. JAMES APICELLI ikidgeu general hates to get up early his oncla easy to get along with. MARCIA BALL Marsh" college detests IBM confetti active, en- wusiastic, friendly nut work with the mentally retarded. punish Club I, 2, 3, Art Club I, Bridge Club I, Orchestra I7 Dro- lotics Club Executive Boord 2, 3, Tonoger 2, 3, Toniaro 3, Student ouricil 37 Keyettes 3, T.A.Il. 3, AFS 3, Ski Club 3. DIANA BARANOWSKI Diane business Frank's girl medical secretary .. hates snobs. uture Nurses Club lg GAA I, 2, 3, Librory Aide 2, 3, Chorus 3, Ski lub 3. W,,Q,,. f WR 'Q-f'f".."l'f"'?if GLENN ATCHISON "Bernie" college .. veterinarian moody '. .. surfing ... cars. Attended school in Florida I, 2, Trock 3, JAMES D. BAKER "Jimmy blue volkswagen Florida watch yourself ,.. parties a statue'??? 'QI""',' BRIAN WILLIAM BARBOUR "Bri" general wrestles vainly with law draftsman. German Club 3, Chess Club 3. BERFIELD BARCLAY, JR., "Jerry" college swimming doesn't like unreasone able people "why worry?" 35 NIKKI FAYE BARLOW "Nik" ... college ... airline srewardess ... car keys .. devilishly refreshing! ... a friend fo all. Fulure Nurses Club l, 27 Dromolics Club 2, 31 Ski Club 35 GAA 3 Allended New London High l. KRISTINE BARNES "Kris" college quiei prizes car loves swim ming and skiing wants to get through college. Slcr Club 3. JAMES BARR "Men of few words are the best men." JESSICA BEAN "Jessie" college likes fo play ool rized os- . . . . . . p . . . p p session-her last name Why bother?" French Club 3. LOUIS BECK "Louie" ... general ... guns ... a True sporfsman ... a student who has fun. KAREN BECKWITH "Karen" Business sewing Live everyday as a lifetime. German Club I, 2, 36 fit 41" BRUCE BEATTIE "Bruce general engineer l.D. "Sure Charlie' X ... Grundie Club? ... deteniions. RICHARD WILLIAM BECHERER "Rich" college roller skates a riot? Afri Peace Corps "Cest la vie!" Coin Club l, 27 Stomp Club lg Judo Club lg Dromofics 37 Alter' X Norwich Free Academy l, 2: ' MARY ELIZABETH BELL "Mary" business artist telephone talker interior Eecorator . . . Steve, .E.C.A. 2, 3. NORMAN BELL 'Magimbau college hates dissecting pregnant cats Honda ambition: to pass anatomy pink shirt girls. ludo'l,Spc1nish Club 2, 3, Ski Club 3. KATHLEEN BERRY college airline stewardess dislikes phonies 59.90 sweater bowling. rench Club lg Ski Club 3, Sounds in Space 3. TRACY BERRY Tracy" future King Midas college Think not! .. urt iester ... gold 81 silver. KATHRYN BERGESON "Bergie" college Deutschland Cardigan, N. H. Oh, come on! Badminton, Hockey lg Drcmotics 2, 37 Ski Club 2, 3, German Club 3, French Club 2g Attended Williams School l. CAROLYN BERRY "Cary" college her orange parking sticker future Mrs. Jamison likes to swim Keep smiling! Bond ly Ski Club l, 2, 3, French Club 2, 37 Chorus 2, Tonoger Repre- sentative 3, TAR 3, .' GLADYS BERTSCH "Hap" college silver-blue Mustang very likeable .. wants to enioy life 'That's a Fact." Keyettes 2, 3, German Club l, 2, 3, Bond l, 2, 3, AFS 2, 3, Tonoger, Business Manager 3, MICHAEL BELL "The devil hath power to assume a pleasing shape" 37 fuk in-... ROBERT BLAISDELL "Bob" ... college ... future Jean Claude Killy ... sober senior "What d'ya mean?" real summer blonde. French Club lg Germon Club 35 Key Club l, 2, 35 Tennis Club l, 2, 35 Swim Teom l, 2, Copt, 35 F-Club 2, 35 AFS 2 if 3 Sounds in Space 3. , 35 Tontoro Sic 5 HENRY BLAISE "Hank" general always changing hates brownies likes walking to the office. by ku ' I ,W i U 1:55.55 LUANA BOGUE f'Luana" . .. business pet peeve: her brother plans to be a good beautician and wife. JAN E-l.AlNE "Jan" general Navy likes cars quiet but fun ... clown. A.V. l, 2, 35 Vorsity Wrestling 3. 38 DONNA BLAINE "Donna" business . . . wants to be a beautician excel- lent seamstress "That's great!" Chorus l, 2 35 Office Help 3. PAUL BOGUE "Tuffy" general teachers car playing guitar in a band blue eyes and brown hair "Where is she?" v-mais GRACE BLANCO "Grace" ... business ... bowling ... Tim ... hates rude people . .. Mr. Strunk's secretary. Student Council l, 2, 35 Office Help 2, 35 Bowling 2. CALVEN GEORGE BLODGETT " al" general Hello der! who's Lillian-I wonder! PATRICIA BOORE "Pat" business hates rude people enjoys school .. "Ask me if I care." ibrcry Aide 'l. KATH LEEN B RANCATO 'Kathy" business prizes her car hates two-faced eople . . . to marry somebody rich. and 2, 3. GWENDOLYN BRIGGS "Gwen" college always smiling, seldom sad "To thine own self be true" loves to sing and dance. Attended school in Louisiana 'lg Newspaper Staff lg Library Club I: French Club 37 Ski Club 3. ETHELENE BROWDER "Lene" business "Dear Diary" "Mercy!" Strike! . . . likes to dance. Attended school in Alabama I, Art Club lg History Club I, Spanish Club 'lg G.A.A. 'lg Ski Club 3. i PRISCILLA MARY BROWN "Pam" . .. college German skiing tall, willowy .. . NYC . . . big worels, long sentences . . . writing. Drcmatics Club I, 2, French Club, I, 2, 3, G.A.A. Ig Ski Club l, 2, President 3, Tcnager I, News Editor 2, Feature Editor 3, German Club 37 Keyettes 2, 35 Amphora 2, 3, Student Faculty Advisory Board 2, Student Court 2, Norwich Bulletin reporter 2, 3. See? It says right here-drafting-an airing out. There's nothing about the Selective Service. 39 S Cfjp BETTY ANN BRYANT "Betty Ann" business hates cheaters sports ., quiet tape recorder. Spanish Club I. SANDRA KATHRYN BRYTE "Sandy" college Look Out Europe! JHY hour watch kindness plus Ist Heute Spieltag? German Club I, 2, 3, Library Club I, 2, Foreign Relations, Secretory 2 Sounds in Space 3, Ski Club 3, Tantara 3. in-s GAIL BURGESS "Gail" college waltzes gently through life music teacher. French Club I, 2, 3, Torrager Representative I, 27 Ski Club 2, Chorus 2, 3, Choir 3. SIDNEY PAUL BUTTERMORE "Sid" college pet peeve-sophomores dishpan hands! ... wicked . ., swims like a fish. Band I, 2, 37 A. V. I, 27 Stage Crew I, 2, 3, Judo I, Swimming Teorn 2, 3, T A R 3, Dramatics Club 2, 3. 40 RICHARD BROWN "Rich" college His quiet ways add to his dignity and win the respect of his classmates smiling. SHIRLEY BROWN ,"Shirl" business here comes the bride future authoress likes to set hair. VALERIE BURBINE "Val" business quiet and friendly wants to be a success in all she attempts. Dromatics 2, 3. GARY CHARLES BURFOOT "Gary" college quickly come, quickly go I945 a good year for ieeps ... I968 Olympic Star? Tanager I, Sports Editor 2, 35 Key Club I, 2, 3, F-Club I 2 President 3, Cross Country I, 2, 3, Track I, 2, 3, Honor Society 2, 3. JOANNE BYINGTON 'Jo" business likes to knit, meet new people quiet nd conservative Bill." YVONNE CABALONA "Yvonne" business secretary hates dieting ., Dandy quiet." CAROLYN CARD aroIyn" college That's tough .. .friendly towards all . likes to play tennis future Jenny Lind?" GINA CARE ina" business dislikes gossips ,.. enioys sewing rives on friendship." an-ag YQ. DAVID CAPEN "Dave" college studious prizes letter F for Foot- ball . . . loves sports . . . friendly." .l.V. Football 'ly Varsity Football 2, 35 F-Club 2, Vice-President 3. ALLAN CARBEE "Carb or Hey you" college his batman utility belt? hates homework "Holy Jumpin' Jimity Crickets!" Judo Club 'l, 2, 37 F-Club 2, 3. ujohnu lost!" Bond 2. 1,7-Omu Track 2 JOHN CARIGNAN college is dying to become a mortician . . . get THOMAS CARONIA gener l XKE cars "Come on, let's go. HTA SVR CCB 5 CN P' Ql N o QD ,N 1 ,. JOHN CASTAGNA "Big John" general could stay in school forever? ,, "When nature calls you must answer." .l.V. Basketball l, 2. FELIPE CASTRO "Eppie" college music wants to be a first class engineer .. . always keeps his "cool". ,i .f 'N- 42 "This seems to be a friendly place." PATSY CARRASQUILLO "Pathee" college .. . her Wishnik doll "Golleei . . . wants to be a lab technician . . . "Pretty Flamingo." Attended school in Peurto Rico l, 21 Varsity Cheerleader 'l, 2, C: 27 National Honor Society 'l, 2, 3g Spanish Club lg Girls' Basketball tain lg Class Secretary 2, Tcnager Representative 3, CORRINE CARTON "Corrie" college lots of school spirit or: "dumb blonde" . . . avid seamstress. Dramatics 1, 2, 3, G.A,A. 'l, 2, 3, Student Council 27 J.V. Cheering Varsity Cheering 3, French Club 27 Chorus 2, 3. BETTY CHAPMAN "Betty" business quiet, good-natured IBM school ... car keys and license ... water sports. D,E.C.A. 2, Office Help 3, Guidance Help 3. K,M.? ll Ti its V' A ' atffwrfwi ix mp "PMm....,..,,, W' mag? ,Y NICHOLAS CHECKER Iicky" college "You can't win an argument" nior Geometry Class? Ah so, Ping Pong! mis- ievous. :matics I, 2, 3, Stage Crew 2, 3, National Thespian Society 2, 3g R 3, Ski Club 3, Chorus 37 German 3, Wrestling 3. SUZETTE CHESBRO tue" ... business ... joyful ... Bob .. . won't walk far ... cretary-to-be "terrible" smile for everyone. orus 2, 37 JOHN CLIFFORD Mongolian Bee-Bop" general cars and parties .. J-Kay." CLIFFORD COCHRAN fliff" general yellow bicycle builds model cars . plays the organ. :lice Help 2, 3, Junior Achievement. 25 RONALD CHIAPPERINI "Chip" college guitar wants to be happy always laughing is interested in everything. Band I, 27 Glee Club 2, 3, Swimming 3. PATRICIA CHRISTIAN "Pat" business shy 8K cheerful . ,. trampoline a silver I D bracelet ambition: hairdresser. Chorus 27 Bowling 2. JOHN CODELLA "John" general likes cars haunts "Snack Snack' enioys classical music sparkling eyes. DAVID COLLINS "Dave" college wants to graduate . .. quiet, easy going guy . .. likes cars. Band I, Orchestra I, 43 .X ALICE CONGER "Ali" general teachers and marks water skiing and boys loveable, lout full of mischief. RICHARD CONKLIN "Dick" general his patchwork car "So what else is new?" . .. likes to play tennis. l French Club lg Ski Club 2, 3, D,E,C.A. 3, Tennis Club 2, 3, Bowling 'lg Student Council 3. 'JW' aff DAVID COOPER "Dave" business VW and Bluff Point Camera Shop MGB Sue JOSEPH CORREIRA "Joe" college "A big kid took my homework" "What library rules?" Zipperhead. Audio Visual I, 2, 3, French Club 'ly German Club 2, 3, Student Council I, 2, Key Club 3. 44 MARGRET COLLINS "Peggy" business USN prized possession-hei car ... hates teachers. NOYES COLLINS "Buddy" business wooden carving Green Beret: active, friendly psychology. Judo l, 2, 37 Dramctics Club 2, 3, Ski Club 2, 37 D.E.C,A. 2, 3 Chess Club 3, Cross Country 3. , N: 5 GENTRY JACOB COOKE "Gent" . .. college . .. ivory Hannibal numismatist "All the worlds a stage." Future Senator Dodd. Dramatics I, 2, 37 French Club I, 2, 3, Student Council lg Sounds in Space 37 German Club 37 Ski Club 3. DONALD COOPE "Don" college future marine biologist sailing and scuba diving enthusiast. Football 3. 2 MELISSA COSTANZA lissy" general L.P.N. "y'all" A tiny Texan th big ideas. ld Jackets 'l, 25 Hospital Aide Eg Attended school in Garland, Texas 2. LYN DA COTTON fn" college future Clara Barton remembered as 2 girl who gave Mr. Rinoski ulcers. ior Achievement 27 Chorus 3. KQV. l FRANK CRANDALL rank" general likes to make money Prizes his '57 levy . .. future Charles Atlas. glo Club l. L KATHLEEN CROTEAU .rotosoa" ... business hairdresser . .. dimples hope est pet peeve-school. -'-'V Q,- hug .ref ' i vi... -" . DARRELL COURTNEY "The Reverend" College . .. Ta be a surgeon dislikes Volkswagens ... Chemistry Previously attended school in Japan, Student Council Representative 'l, Class Vice President 2. THOMAS COUSINS "Goob" College be important in own way car ... sailing and skiing. A,V. l, 2, Football l. xzjjf HAROLD CROTHERS "Harold" general "Yes, Mr. President." cars .. Cross-Country. Crass-Country 1, 2, 3g Track 1, DEBORAH D'AMlCO "Debbie" ... college ... good-luck penny .. . quiet . . future Ben Casey? Future Nurses Club 'ly Chorus 2, 37 Dramatics Club 2, 45 'Slow and steady wins the race." French Club l, 35 Bond 1, 27 Chorus l, 3. GEORGE DAVIS "George" college Degree in forestry pet-peeve- English Literature .. . witty sometimes charming . , . intellec- tual loves astronomy and photography. Judo Club l, 2, 37 DONNA DAVIS "Sweepy" general amusing friendly prize charm bracelet . .. hates rumor spreaders .. . hairdresser. EDWARD JOSEPH DAVIS "Ed" college engineer prizes tenor sax love music and drafting indescribable "I'm not an every body, but l'rn a somebody. Bond 'l, 2. PETER DEVOE NORA DOLLARD Nora" .. . college missionary sincere, thoughtful Good grief, Charlie Brown!" JOSEPH J. DESIMONE, JR. "Joe" general draftsman girl and car lovable ... six feet tall ... grey eyes . .. "Hi Slim." MARGO DIMPSEY "Dimples" college future Liberace pink footbal .sweater . .. jolly . . . couldn't ask for a better friend. Dance Bond 'lp Orchestra l, 2, 3g All-Eastern Connecticut Orchestra I, 2 37 Art Club ly French Club l, 2, 3g Foreign Relations Club 2g Futun Nlurses Club 37 E BARRY DONCH arry" college bowling, archery a draft dodger? . a future Hugh Hefner? ol,23 MARTIN DORO larry" business the music world waits for him .. aulous guitarist long hair. 5 I I I Noizlvux DRAB lrabby" college busy, busy, busy "Buy your nager" Fitch enthusiast friendly Mr. Pearson. ident Council I, 2, 3, Tonoger I, 2, Editor-inAChief 3, Amphora I, 2, French Club I, 2, Secretary 37 Drarnotics I, 2, GAA 'ly Pep Squad 'lp urel Girls State 2, Spanish Club 2, 3, National Honor Society 2, :retoiy 3, Keyettes 2, 3, Sounds in Space 3, Ski Club 3. RAMGNA DUARTE !amona" general friendly hates homework .. ,es sports wants to be remembered as herself. wling 2, Chorus 3. Q: . SHEILA DOUKAS "Maude" business modest? wants to be a beach bum . . . likes lunch. Spanish Club I. ELIZABETH DOYLE "Beth" college future Elizabeth Barrett Browning .. needs a dictionary "Oh, well!" mono. Dromatics 'Ig Foreign Policy I, Chorus I, Tonoger 3, Future Nurses 3. DANIEL DUBOIS "Dan" college prizes his cow-hide pants pet peeve is school tennis, girls, and, of course, fun. Chess Club 'lg Debating Club I, Judo Club I, Student Council 35 French Club 3. PAUL A. DUFILIE "Duf" college draftsman collects stamps . sm Y! I pole vaulting . . . nice guy to know. Track 2, 3, Chess Club 2, 3, Cross Country 3, French Club 3. 47 PATRICIA DURANTE "Life is a great bundle of little things." CAROLYN EDDY "Carrie" ... college .. . determined ... Marionettes . . . concerned about others "God made the fly and forgot to tell us why." Dromctics Club 'l, 2, 3, UN Club lg Bowling lg French Club 3, Art Club President 37 Office Help 35 TAR 3, Tonoger 3. if WN W-4 ARTHUR ELEAZER "Brother Fox" general general puppy "belle" HH I H - were a carpenter ... happiness. Football 2, 3, DEBRA JANE ELKINS "Debbie" college Haiku loquacious "The South will Rise Again." Spanish Club i, 2, German Club 2, 3, Drcmatics Club 2, Future Nurses Club 3. 48 PIERRE A. DUFILIE "Peter" college wants to be a chemical engineer . prizes life chemistry and electronics. Chorus 2, Chess Club, President 3, Tennis 3. LINDA DUPREY "Above the cloud with its shadow is the star with its ligl DIANNE EDDY ants to go to college .. . prizes h car . . . tennis and bowling ... happy and intelligent .. Woody. Student Council 2, 3, Book Store 2, 37 GAA 2, 35 Poiomc Game 2. KATHY EKVALL "Eky" college . .. ambition to be a psychiatrist . .. lots 1 school spirit .. . trustworthy . . . Really? Tonoger Representative lg Drcmotics 3, Ski Club 3. "Eddy" . .. business . .. w is vii fl . . JACK ELLIS Bean" general cars 82 girls "What do you think is is, your Birthday or something?" DIANE ENGLE Diane" business ambition: hairdresser likes to ance prized possession: her clog. LINDA MAE ENGLISH "Linda" . .. college critical and serious .. . The Prophet "To learn enough about myself to be able to teach others. Debating l, 2, Co-Captain 3, Tcnager I, 2, 3, AFS 2, 3- Latin Club 2 3 Amphoru 2, 3, National Honor Society 2, 3, German CIub'2, 3. RICHARD ERVIN "Dick" college prizes his iudo gi hates filling blanks "Who wants to be remembered?" Judo Club I, 2, 3, Orchestra I, 2, 3, F-Club 2, 37 WILLIAM EVANS .ife is but a little work and a little pIay." FRANK EUGENE EWING, JR. frank" . . . college . . . 6:00 a.m ..,. drums . . . a desk iob and money . . . moody. :anish Club I, Band l,2,3. IW MICHAEL FAULKENBERRY "Miguel" college chess fan hates women in politics would like to live to be 120. Football I, 2, Chess Club 3, Amphora 3, 49 i!"""-Q -Q5 WILLIAM G. FISH, JR. "Bill" college a scholar taper-flex slalom ski dislikes the English language wants to be free. Cross Country I, 2, 3, Track I, 2 3, DAVID FLAHERTY "Dave" college wants to enjoy life the family Chess Club 2, 3, Tontora 3. car . . . iudo. Judo l, Secretary 2, Vice-President 3, ure' BARBARA FORCE "Barbara" college prizes her purple pen, cemeteries? . . .loves to swim, knit . .. friendly to all. Keyettes I, 2, 3, French Club 'l, 2, 3, Dramatics 'l, 2, 3, Tonager 'l, 2, News Editor 3, AFS 2, 3, National Honor Society 2, Treasurer 3, Amphora 2, 3, Laurel Girls Stove 2. CLAIRE DARLENE FOX "Foxie" love that yellow T-Bird longs to travel digs California to be truly happy is the height of all evil. Keyettes 'l, 2, 3, Student Council I, AFS 2, 3, Ski Club 3, Sounds in Space 3, Junior Class Vice-President 2, Tanager Representative 'I, 50 JOAN FAZI "Joanne" business prizes friendship enioys dar ing ... likes to have fun Chorus I, 2, 3, ... open-minded. MARY FEARN "Fearn" college George Washington Pigtail happiness above everything dislikes fakes. Junior Achievement 2, Ski Club I, 2, 3, French Club 2, 3, Keyeltes 2 Spanish Club 2, Student Council 3, Tontora Staff 3, Sounds in Space Legg A ...,B CA ROLYN FLOWERS IW ,ws "Carol" college "l lose my head, but never my cool ... enioys short stories ... loves life. Spanish Club 'l, 2, Chorus 3. SANDRA FONTAINE "Sandy" business wants to graduate with honors 6:00 a.m. "Go-Away." D,E.C.A. 2, Office Help 3. MQ, exif, 2 , . I , fe. JACKIE FRANCIOSI ickie" business skiing "g 1g ... future secretary. i.A, lg French Club lp Ski Club 3. JUDITH FREEDMAN ,ro'y" college prizes her contact lenses sin . f'How's your mother?" comical. Club l ' 2 i 1 - - - ol" hates swim- C6 Ye I nch , 2, 37 Ski Club l, 2, 3 Tcnogerl 2 GAA 'l, 2 itoro 3, Future Nurses Club 3, Student Council 'lp Sounds in Spacey imotics Club 3. Cf ROGER FULLER log" college a real student quiet, shy Lilence is golden, but who wants to be rich?" ARTHUR GAGER lift" general interested in cars quiet rn: to be a naval officer easy-going person. :ss Country lg F Club l, 2, 3. Vw. EW ambi- 'si MVN' fi if ai' KAREN FRIEDEL "Nixy" college ambition: pathologist teases Margo . .. practical joker ... T.T.F.N. JANET FRIEDMAN "Nut" business hates nosey people secretary .. prized possession, princess telephone. D,E,C.A. 2, 3. SHARON GAUGER '1Sherry" college "Ambush" a vivacious, 'Fun- loving blonde swimming "Sorry about that." JUDITH ANN GILLEN "Judy" college sometimes friendly, sometimes shy .. . the Barn ... one of the, "Fitch Crowd". Ski Club 2, 3, French Club 2, 3, Junior Achievement 2, 3, German Club, 3, Keyettes 3g Sounds in Space 3, 5l DAVID GONSALVES "Gonzy" college Coast Guard Officer quiet hates people always mispronouncing his name." DONALD GRAY "DOn" college Suziki scrambler remembered as sleepy "BYOB" I Swim Team I, 2, 3, Key Club 35 F Club 3, Ski Clu LELAND GRAY "Lee" college I953 Chevy English lit . . . stock-car races. Bond I, 2, 3. 1 52 ... Head Comps 'm sure. b 3 draftsman . . . hates TIMOTHY GILLOGLY "Tim" general "Surfer Joe" president of Ford Motc Company? .. . dislikes Chevys." GLORIA JEAN GIPSON "Gigi" college ambition: to win a Nobel Prize .. "Heck, I don't know." mounted baby iumping mouse." Dromotics Club I, 2, 3, Bible Club lp National Honor Society 2, 3, New tonion Sociely 2, Tcmcger 3. ROBERT GOODWIN "Laughter is my obiect, 'tis a property in man essential to hi reason." ERIC GOURD "A man is but what he knoweth." I '11 IRENE GREENE Aigner hairband enioys reading, music friendly smile Pep Club I, Chorus I. ARTHUR GREENLEAF "Artie" college minister sailing, architecture .. "God's in His Heaven-AIl's right with the world." BRUCE GRIFFIN 'Bruce" college Da Cat surfing Iwim Team I, 2, 3, Spanish Club 3. HERMAN GRIFFIN 'Herm" . . . college . . . hates librarians .. . Jrized possession: college acceptance papers shy????? chemistry sports. ar""" Basketball I, 2, 37 Basketball I, 2, 3, Football 2, 3, F Club 2, 37 German :lub 2, 37 Key Club 2, Executive Board 3. 'X "AII DANIEL GULA "Gu" college likes sports .. . ambition: a good life .. "nice try" . . . witty. .I,V. Basketball I, J.V, Football 2, Varsity football 3, F Club 3. KENNETH HAGAN JR. future biologist. DAVID HAGGETT things are difficult before they are easy." "Irene" . .. college ambition: to be a registered nurse .. . "Ken" college "no me diga" loves his car .. ALLEN HALE "Professor" college "Big deaI!" sweet guy with many friends hates to lose . .. reserved. Band I7 Student Council I, 27 Swim Team 2, 37 Chess Club 3. I I BARBARA HAM "Barb" college ...quiet Peanuts and Charlie Brown aspiring authoress "everybody's good friend." German Club I, 2, President 37 Drarnatics Club I, 2, 37 Tariager I, 3: Ski Club 2, 37 Chorus 27 Amphora 2, 37 Foreign Relations 2, 37 Choir 37 Student Council 37 Sounds in Space 37 Keyettes 3. DARIEN ANN HAMLIN "Dar" business likes to read, paint has a pop art collection .. . fuutre social worker "Really?" Chorus I7 D.E.C.A. 37 G,A.A, 3. CHRISTINE HALL "Chickie" college wants to be a librarian noisy a a blue iay .. . "Hi group!" Library Club, 'I7 Ski Club I, 37 Gerrnon Club 27 Foreign Relations Club 2 Dramatics 27 Girls' Chorus 2. THEODORE HALL "Ted" general .. . quiet and shy always doing driver' ed. . . . letter sweater . . . sports. J.V. Football I7 Varsity Footboll I, 2, 37 Track I, 2, 37 F Club l, 2, 3 J.V, Basketball I7 Varsity Basketball I, 2, 3. CHRISTINE HARMON "Beauty is its own excuse for being." MARY ELLEN HARRIS "Mary" college , .. a talented seamstress wants to be a good teacher "Rain on you!" her cat. Spanish Club 27 A.F.S, 2, 37 German Club 3. L ...SS GLEN HAVENER Glen" general future Allan Funt calm and easy "T one in ime is m ." KNEEN HENSARLING lik" college loves to dance would like to be teacher. orus 3. "Uk saw STANLEY HORNER 'Vork is work and must be done, and while I work I have y funl" PALMER HOWARD 'almer" college friendly tenor sax, cool othes . .. wants to be happy. amctics Ig Band I, 2, 37 Chorus I, 2, Dance Bond 2, 35 Wrestling am 2, Executive Council 2, Attended Waterford High I, 2. RONALD HARRIS "My idea of an agreeable person, is one who agrees with mel' LOUISE MARIE HASSELMAN "Louise" college philatelist "sweet vioIa" .. wants to become a math teacher. Orchestra I, 2, 3, All-Eastern Orchestra I, 3g German Club 3. LESLIE ANN HERNANDEZ "Candy" college friendly as can be likes to sail future teacher lat Fitch?J 'A mal tiempo beuna cara! Spanish Club I, 2, 37 Ski Club 3, German Club 3. FRED HORELICK "Handsome is as handsome does." fi 1 LYNN HUGGAN Her voice was ever soft." ANN HUGHES She practices the little known art of being happy." 3? SHARON HYDE From her eyes peeks an imp and an angel." JOHN lZZO Rocket" general Love that Honda! .. motorcycles ... a faithful R. P. A. Member. ies 1'Deb" .. business cheerful hates homework keeps trying to sur ay" .. business a computer programmer I black book avid sports fan Do unto others befor i ' 'V they do unto you "Cookie tovbe . . 'no-no'? Chorus 2g "Lisle" college Duck Soup I friendly fun skiing and sailing Student C u cl rum JOYCE JODOIN 'oyce" business Jeff's ring hates childish people . wants most of all to graduate. i Club 27 Sounds in Space 3. SUSAN JOHNSEN ue" business cheering sneakers, Tom's iealously . easy to get along with cheery personality. . Cheering l, 27 Keyettes l, 2, 37 French Club l, 37 Varsity Cheering Ski Club 3, Tanager 3. fin., 7 :wx ANN MARGARET JONES college loves to write winning smile . .. ight you guys!" d Kentucky Home School i, 27 Cheerleader l, 27 Student Council L27 Service Club 'l, 27 Junior Class President, Tanager 37 French Club, cretary 3. ROSETTA JONES The Rose" . .. wants to teach bookkeeping granny shoes .. always wears a smile "Life is only what you make 11 inior Achievement 27 Bowling Team 2, Library Aide 3, ALAN JENSEN "Alan" college shy until he knows you, then avid skier wants to design a perfect house. Key Club 2, 37 Audio Visual 27 Ski Club 3. DALE JESSE "Jess" general "We're in the Army now!" plays a guitar . .. friendly sleeps in study hall. WLIY' HERBERT JOHNSON "Skip" general hates saddle shoes on girls plans to be a successful playboy! JUNE JOHNSON "June" business sporty seamstress wants to be a good secretary. Spanish Club l, 27 Intramurals lg Future Nurses 2, 3. CAROL ANNE KALLEY "Carol" . . . business . . . horses, boats, friendly to everyone . . . a little shy but always happy. MATTIAS KANGAS "Matt" college optimistic president Cwhy not?J ... enjoys music, dancing. Spanish Club lg Office Help 3, Tennessee 2. KATHY KAY "Kathy" ... college ... sparkling ... gay ... ... library aid. Future Nurses Club 2, President 3. LYNNY JO KEAVENY "Lynny" business hates spoiled people wants to get marriedvwhen she's 21. G.A.A. lg Bond l, 2, 3, PETER KANGAS "Pete" general paisley? fun loving talkative 1951-it was a very good year. Swim Team 2, 3, F Club 2, 3. DANIEL KARNS "Dan" general . .. cars wants to be a mechanic. fu? nursing career CHERYL KENDALL "Cherrie" . .. college . ., lots of school spirit loves Spanish . .. prizes drivers license sweet, 'friendly smile Ledyard enthusiast. Spanish Club 1, 2, 35 Chorus 1, 2, Keyettes 2, Vice President 35 German Club 2, sec. 37 Dromotics 2, AFS 25 Student Council 2, Tcnonger, mrs '-frog, CT" KATHRYN KIMBALL "th ost" to be a 'ath " . . college .. .Iim's ring e m y . . od wife and mother. :matics I, 2. MADELYN KING 4ar" .. business 1965 Ford Galaxie gym teacher . likes sports fun to be with dimples. rls' Basic unds in Space 3. etball 37 Softball 37 Volleyball 3, G.A.A. 3, President, THOMAS KOERNER om" . .. college The Rolling Stones .. . football e sein" "Security is knowing Tom Koerner." ee Club I, Key Club 'I, 2, 3, Historian 25 Football 'l, 2, 3, F Club 2, 3, Student Council 3, French Club 3, Sounds in Space 3. MICHAEL KUPIDLOWSKI Aiken college enthusiastic saving for a Mustang. RALPH KENNEDY JR. "R I h" . .. colle e . .. Dr. Spock? Don Juan ap Q . otball I, 2, 3, Track 2, 37 Dramatics Club 2, 3, Student Council 35 Fo Key Club 37 F Club 3. EDWIN KENT "Ed" general an officer in the Air Force boating, swimming, water-skiing. W 24 restling 3, Cs!! MARY KIVLIN "Kiv" college vibrant, friendly pixie likes piano . .. undecided on ambition. Latin Club 2, 3, Dramatics Club 2, French Club 3. SUSAN KNIGHT "Sue" general nurse swimming hates people who ask too many questions loveable "Swell!" ERNEST LABELLE "Skip" general yellow racing stripe on his V.W. future Arnie Palmer sense of humor. Judo Club lg German Club 2. RICHARD LABOUE "Rich" college values his 1965 Tantara tall and sometimes serious . ., great sense of humor wants to be a teacher . . . way-out poetry. Debating 25 Dramatics 37 German Club 3. . Q Yum., -wow JOSEPH LAMBERT "Woje" . .. music ... drums ... quiet . .. "Oh, really?" ... psychiatric aide. BEVERLY LAN D "Bev" business hates boys that are tardy shy and friendly. iv . ff Q... DONALD LACOURSE "Don" college "Why not?" the Barn ' trombonist friendly eat, eat, eat. Key Club l, 2, 35 German Club l, 2, Glee Club ly Band l, 2, Orchestra 2, 35 German Band 3. BETTY LOU LAFON "Thelma Lau" earrings bubbly and bouncing .. Bingo? "Eat, drink, and be merry." D.E.C.A. 2, 3. wfew WILLIAM LANDRY "Bill" general pipefitter furry vests his cat . . . boating. LEE ELLEN LARSON "Lee" college aspiring artist values her guitar above all "The Group" "Right!" enthusiasm-plus., Spanish Club l, 2, Art Club 2, 3, Keyettes 2, 35 Dramatics Club 2, 37N Tantara 35 Sounds in Space, fir ,wiv Sr we ,D -'V KAREN LAVALLEE "Karen" business T.L. "Oh, brother!" likes to bowl, sew ... happy and gay. Bowling Club 35 G.A.A, 3. JAMES LEARNED "Jim" college philatelist great sense of humor ... friendly . .. an easy-going guy. French Club l, 2, 35 German Club 2, 35 Chess Club 2, 3. CHERYLL LECY herie" college would much rather dance than dc mework wants to be an airline hostess. KATHY LEONARD atl1y" business a bride she would like to be witching smile her own car. ms 'Dx L SHARON LINDSEY hari" general '55 Pontiac coin-operated per- nality Johnny dislikes boys with long hair. :rus 2, 3g D.E.C.A. 3. SANDRA LIVINGSTON andy" business beautiful blond hair future cretary pet peeve: people??? lure Nurses' Club 21 Ski Club 2g French Club 2. .r""""' CHRISTOPHER LETZ "Chris" college "Jack" '65 Buick shy and quiet ... quite a draftsman. DONNA LEE LEWIS "Donna" . .. full of fun gossiping football and basket- ball ... "Be cool!" G.A.A. 2. il.. u Q:r"1uv qw.,-df' DONNA LOOMIS "Donna" business Good things come in small packages." RICHARD LUCAS "Rich" . .. football .. . April . . . "Mr. Fitch" . ,. English lots of pride. Football 1, 2g Co-captain 31 Spanish Club I, F Club 2, 3, Key Club 35 Track ly Student Council 2, President 3. SHARON MARCICKY "A pleasant face is a silent recommendation." MARGUERITE MAIN "Marg" business laughing, happy swimming and surfing ... Bill ... IBM worker. Ski Club 3. KAREN MARIE LUSK "Pris" college registered nurse brilliant, since and friendly . . . "Montes semper Iiberant". Attended Greot Mills High I, Future Homemckers of America lg Fren Club lp Future Nurses Club 2, Vice-President 37 Latin Club 2, 37 Drarnoti Club 35 National Honor Society 2, 35 Tantara 3, Classes Editor. ROBERT MACEK "A little nonsense, now and then, is relished by the wise men." 'Www -wt-tw PATRICIA MANNING Pat" college Dolphinettes her Volkswagen .. "Opportunity knocks only once" future professor? Keyettes I, 2, 37 German Club I, 2, Ski Clu bl. RICHARD MARK Bond l, 27 Chorus 2, 37 Dramotics 3 DEBORAH MASKELL ebby" . . . college Poor Sam! a bubbling personality . "all things come to those who wait" . .. wants to become 'egistered nurse. dent Council 1,27 GAA 37 French Club l7 Lotin Club 27 LINDA MAYHEW yn" . . . business stewardess . .. hates Bob's driving lh, well." KATHLEEN MARY MCCARTHY "Kathy" ,business wants to visit the Ponderosa hates cupids enioys comfort of the South black corvette Office Help l7 Ski Club 2, 37 Tonoger 27 Sounds in Space 3 "Enioy when you can, and endure when you must." SUSAN MARQUARDT "Susie" business teeny-tiny hates I-,er braces SUIOYS 55V'9lf19 "Why worry?" friendly nut ALMA MCCLELLAN Shortie" wants to be a nurse , .. a maiorette . .. serious 'td quiet ... "l couldn't say" ursing Club 'I7 Girls Chorus 2, 37 Nurses Aid Program 37 Hospilol Pro- rcm 2, NICHOLAS MCDONALD Nick" college Honda!!! friendly "wicked Dugh" ... likes to swim . .. "Band, tten-hut!" and l, 2, 37 German Club 2, 37 Swim Team 2, 37 Pep Squad 27 Bond rum Moior 37 Key Club 37 Ski Club 37 Sounds in Space 37 Dcnce Bond 3. ,.,fl-we MELANIE MCGOVERN "Melanie" college Arabian mare Spain .. . is seek- ing happiness ... Lotus . . . Ski Club 3. Previously attended school in Spain. GEORGE MCRAE "Ray" general very athletic quick tempered, but nice ... "Swingin" ... real friend. Football l, 2, 37 Track l, 2, 37 F Club l, 2, 35 yeah" Office Help 3. NALANI MERRY "Lani" . . , business .. . loves to have fun dances . .. "oh JUDY MONTE "Judy" business hates slow drivers .. . loves to dance . . . a generous and true friend. Spanish Club 'lg Tanuger Representative 1, 2, GAA lg Ski Club 2, 3: DECA 2, 3. CAROLYN MOON "CaroI" business . . . quiet and friendly . . . likes to bowl . . . ambition: hairdresser. Office Help 37 Bowling 3. DEBORAH IRENE MOORE "Debbie" college fun-loving smile terrific arti: . . . "live life to its fullest" Amphorn 2, Art Editor 3, Drama Club 2, sec. 3, French Club 3. PATRICIA MORTIMER "Patsy" . . . general . . . wants to become a hairdresser . . . coc dancer ... loves her telephone. general prizes his surfboard . drag races .. DONNA MOSS "Donna" . . . college .. . long blonde hair . . . spirited . . . black G.T.O. .. . "The Group" .. . Friendliness-plus . . . wants to teach. Keyettes I, 2, 37 Secretary 27 Dramatics Club I, 2, 37 Publicity Chairman 2, 37 Spanish Club I, 2, 37 Bond I, 2, 37 A.F.S, I, 2, 37 Student Council l, 37 Tanlara 3, Advertising Edilar7 Sounds in Space 3. LLOYD MUIR "Jim" general electric guitar music future John D. Rockefeller? CARL E. NIELSEN JR. "Buzz" college wants to attend college loves his gun ... friend to many." PATRICIA NICKELL "Nik" . .. college .. . wants to be a member of the American Diplomatic Service overseas memories of Montreal . . . tap- dancing .. . typical teenager .. . "insane way of doing things and getting things done." Dramatics Club-Executive Board I, 2, 37 French Club l, 2, 37 Tonager I, 2, 37 Girls' Basketball Intramurals 'I7 German Club 2, 37 Foreign Policy 27 Ski Club 2, 37 Tanager Represenarive 3. DONNA NORRIS "Donna" .. . business . . . bowling!! . . . "Sorry about that' . . . "The eyes have it." JUDITH NORRIS "Judy" college rotten, rotten, rotten . .. future Mrs Vanderbilt? ... likes to sail, ski. ' 3 l h A.F.S, l, 2, 3, Sk: Club 1, 3, Keyettes 1, 2, 7 G.A.A. , C orus 2, French Club 2, 3, German Club 2, Foreign-Affairs Club 2, Tonager 3, lCirculotion editorl CRAIG O'HANLON "Craig" future Thomas Edison cars, stamps, and girl RICHARD OPLINGER "Rich" .. . college future naval officer baseball, record collecting "The first one to accuse is the last one to admit." SUSAN NORTON "Sue" college shy school spirit elemental teacher .. . likes to draw. French Club 3, Office Help 3. ELIZABETH OBERTELLO "Sunny people make cloudy days seem short." S. ROBERT KREUTZBERG Courtesy is the mark of a Gentleman." LINDA PATTERSON Lin" business future Katherine Gibbs quiet but 'iendly . . . abhors homework. APRIL PATTERSON RAY PACKER "A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men." Football I, 25 Track 1,37 Band 'l. NANCY PANEK "Pinky" college hates men drivers completely different . . . Micky Mouse ears? . . . collector. Student Council 'lg Library Aide lg Bowling Team 2g Ski Club 35 G.A.A. 35 D.E.C.A. 2, 35 Chorus 3. April" college beautiful smile a future Frank loyd Wright? ebating I, 35 Junior Class Treasurer 27 Student Council 2, 3, Treas- rer 37 Keyettes 3, MARILYN PELLETIER "Mary" general wants to be married quiet and shy ... easily embarrassed . .. bowling. TCIRY 1 X 2 QW 67 'AL FRED PETERSON "Fred" .. . business . . . surfing prizes his car . . . wants to get married. ROBERTA PIA "Birdie" . .. general . .. French poodle . .. pizza and grinders . . . nursing. Hospital 2, 3. "B.J." . . . truthful. D.E.C.A. 2. BEVERLY PICKEN business parakeet sports secretary WILLIAM PETTIS "Bill" general chats with the ladies "l'lI considi the matter." . . . automobile mechanic. NANCY PHILLIPS "She goes her merry way." DAVID PLASSE "Dave" college prized possession: his concussion .. Fitch's Dick Butkus . . . wants to graduate. F Club I, 2, 3, Football I, 2, 3, Track I, 2, 37 Ski Club I, 2, Spanisu Club I, 2, Sounds in Space 3. ARTHUR POLLARD "Artie" . .. general .. . ice-skating sociable wants t get married. A.V. I, 2, 35 B 5 J.V. Football I. I ZW I Ocjwf fc Q LINDA PRATT O Q yi "Sweet Pea" . .. general prizes her engagement ring . . . W 6 loves boy friend to call her "Sweet Pea" .. . Friendly .. . "Good I W things come in big boxes" ELLEN RALLS 'Fumpkin" college an elementary school teacher .. riendly smile . . . collects memoirs." 5.A.A, 27 French Club 2, 35 Choir 3 WILLIAM RANKIN 'Bill" college golfing PGA here I come is vasher ,.. "That's life 5olf 2 3 DAVID POLLARD "Dave" . . . general . . . '42 Chevy truck . . , easy going." Bond I, 27 Truck I, 2, 37 Orchestra I, 2 DAWN PORTER "Dawn" freckles hates homework talkative .. her "car" ... Are you for real?" French Club I, 2, 39 Future Nurses I, 2g Ski Club 2g Drcmotics Club 2. GLORIA SANTOS QUITUGUA "Lola" . . , general nurse hates "wise cracks" quiet personality "Education is the key to success" Attended George Washington School activities: Students Council Alternate G.A.A.-captain DAVID RABITAILLE "Wild Rabbitu college good-matured 1966 Mustang ,.. a future Felix Frankfurter." DEANNA RICHARDS Anne business values her gold glass piggy bank .. whatthematterwithyouanyway MOYNA RICHARDSON Rich general blazer No, we're not kidding . another Miss Guse or a Van Gogh G.A.A. I, 2, 3, my NIARLEAH ROSS Marleah c thetic apples Student Council Ig French Club 2, 3g Sounds in Space 37 Dramatics Club 3 ROGER ROSS "Man wants but Iittleg nor that little long." '1... 'E gg I "QlS.t"3 xxiym av' es, x IE, '35 vxxxxs if slit 't K AR' .. X Q 4. I I fkig, - 'K I ,W 1. -:KX 1- ,L kk .,"'fff:f'0nwi , M-Hg 1 'P 'K-mg, '. . - l C fs L iw 2.itQgw??'ti,i f S . US -f'f-5'u. "- hz IU' 3 I f ff C we -- I . H - , 1' 1 E V ,N5'2 r ollege wintergreen Iifesavers sympa- "wr 3 ROY RIGGINS Sherman general likes bunnies famed lover . "biggydeaI" ... Anne J.V. Football 2 NANCY ROBERTS "Give me the quiet life." KEITH ROWLEY Keith .. . general waterskiing never had a detention? ... values his fob ... happy GRAHAM RUSSEL "Gray" . .. college wants to be both successful and happy . .. hates know-it-all . .. collects stamps and coins . .. remem- ber him as you want to. German Club 2, 37 Dramatics 27 J. V, Basketball 2. DONALD SAWICKI 5? :or they can conquer who believe they can." f EDWARD SCHENK Ed" .. . college .. . wants to be content in life .. . "Health :ove wealth" . . . wants more time to eat. Ind 'l, 2, 3. JAMES RUTIGLIANO "Rutcur" . . . general . . . hates being on time .. . prizes guitar . . . "Have you seen Linda?" BEVERLY SALVADOR "Bev" college "Can't fool me!" ambitious a future C.P.A. . . . likes to bowl. A ' Band 'l, 2, 3. 3 K 1 , L X v l L l lv L up ' GARY SEXTON "Dusty" . . . college .. . "Rome wasn't built in a day" . . . New Britain "machines" .. . "Grub", J.V. Football ly F Club l, 2, 3, Track l, 2, 3, Cross Country 2, 3, German Club 3, Chess Club 3. SHARON SEELEY "Her ways are ways of pleasantness." SANDRA SCHMECH EL "Sandy" .. . business .. . hates squeaky shoes . . . quiet . . wants to do something worthwhile in life. Future Nurses Club 2, 3. MARGARET SEXTON "Peggy" college future Florence Nightingale Bridgeport U. likes custom-made things. Student Council I, 2g Spanish Club l, 2, President 3, Latin Club 2 Future Nurses Club 37 Kcyettes 3. ROBERT SHIRLEY "Bob" general "My Girl" enioys skiing quiet. 1- .S btP"'xx RICHARD SLONSKI "Rick" college future Ernie Pyle enjoys art "What Homework?" Judo 2, 3. SUSAN SLYDER "Sue" college wants to travel counts calories "Kansas Cit here I come" future Mar uant y y Q . French Club I, Spanish Club I, 2, Ski Club 3, Sounds in Space 37 Art Service Club 3, treasurer 3. x :- We NARUMON SIRILURT "Narumie" college .. . Thai-English Dictionary hate chocolate A,F.S. "Sawdee" a gentle friend .. teacher. Keyettes 3, A.F.S. 3, Drarnatics Club 3g Student Council 3. ANTOINETTE MARIE SLOCUM "Toni" business sentimental, often carefree lovel dancing and painting wants to be a model. , Distributive Education Club 2, 3, Office Help 3. iii! LAWRENCE EDWARD SMALL JR. "Larry" general dislikes teachers who can't take ioke: vociferous a can opener? always laughing. Norwich Tech lg Football 2, Track 2, 3. PATRICIA SMALL "Pat" business hates rainy days LPN talka tive . .. "I want to be Bobby's girl!" Bowling I, 2. in-..,,,,, W SHIRLEY SMITH Shir!" business hates POD proiects quiet, shy . "I don't know!" wling 27 Dromoiics Club 2, Chorus 2. JOHN GIBSON SOSMAN Bib" desires the unattainable Martin guitar wants be happy Ledyard Oak. y Club 2, 3, Lotin Club 2, German Club 2, Vice President 3. Jean" ... ecome a auoette.' Ir. Parilla. Duff" . . . if U0'N' 'QQ-ff" WAN DA J EAN STAFFORD business enjoys being alone wants to good homemaker prize pie baker. WAYNE STAN HOPE general Betty and his car "O.K., Mr. one of the Logi boys likes to dance ROBERT SMALL "Robbie" ... college ... oceanographist ... moody . .. freckles . .. driving . .. girls. Swim team I, 2, 3, Key Club 27 Ski Club 2, 3, Gerrnori Club 3, Student Court 2. PAMELA JEAN SMITH "Pam" college Teddy Bear piano never has enough time winning smile. Siudent Council I, Vice President 37 Drornotics 2, 3, French Club 3. 'Uh HERBERT SOUTHARD "Herk" college future Coach Butcher red wind- breaker . .. hates term papers ... Attended Washburn High School, Maine in Sophomore yeor. Soccer 'ly Boseboll I, 2, 3, Football 2, 3, F-Club 3, Chess Club 3, ALAN KENNETH SPEAR "Fin" college "Hey P.R." likes To swim .. future college graduate. Swim team I, 2, 3, German Club I, 2, 37 Orchestra I, 2, AFS 2, 3. Hb' is, if LOUIS STARR "Lou" general a future Babe Ruth? friend of many "Make those points, you gotta make those pointsl" Baseball I, 2, 3, Football 2, 3. BETTE STEWARD "Be1s1' college "hates Lawrence Welk and P.O.D. reports ... "Oh, yeah." Band l, 2, Orchestra I, Guidance Office Help 3. BETTE STUART "Bet" . .. business business school her car swim- ming good-natured. JOSEPH SULLIVAN "Sully" another Steve McQueen lifeguard motor- cycle . .. black boots. 'M' ROSEMARIE STOREY "Rose" general prize possession: her stuffed animali . . . sweet. RENEE MARIE THERESE ST. PIERRE "Renee" college wants to become a marketing exper likes ballet, modern iazz her class ring. Future Nurses' Club I, 2, 3, D.E.C.A. 2, 3, French Club 2, 37 Sk Club 3. DAVID SWENSON "Swede" college future Mr. Kelly dislikes home work "honest" easy-going. Cross-Country I, 2, 3, Track l, 3, F Club l, 2, 37 Key Club 2, 3 French Club 3, Tanlara Dramatics Club 3. PATRICIA TANKARD "Tricia" college future president of Bonwit. Tellerf .. . "Hi y'allI" Previously attended Northampton High School School newspaper, Bet! Club, Dramatics Club Debating Team, At Fitch: Dramatics Club 3 French Club 3, D.E.C.A. 3. ip. IJ! 'Il-W... if ifffbf PATRICIA ANN TEW ,tew" college wittily sarcastic swim team usiast "Whoops" . .. strong stomach . .. Hazel! cinish Club I, 2, 3, Dramatics Club 2, Tantcrra 3, French Club unds in Space 37 Ski Club 3. MARK THACKSTON "--Q--...alP' !Iark" general my girl aircraft and boats :patient Iaveable,,charming "l only work here" CA 2, 3, MICHAEL TODD Mike" college hates brown-nosers prized posses- on-slide rule sarcastic Chem ll. isketball I, 2, 3, Key Club 2, 35 Tanager 2, Tanrora 3, DARLENE SUE TOURJEE Darlene" college stuffed animals "Ferget it!" .. wants to be a laboratory technician lture Nurses I, 3, DECA 3, Library Club I, 2, 3, Drcimciics 2, 3, irls Chorus 3. BERNARD LEONARD TANSEY "Bernie" college loyal stage crew manager "turn on the lights!" takes a lot for "granted" his check book. Stage Crew I, 2, 3, Dramatics I, 2, 3, Library I, 2, Thespian Society 2, 3, DECA 3, Office Help 3. ELAINE TESSIER "E, T." general '63 Rambler hates to be teased ... "You gat it!" ... Bluff Point. Basketball I, Chorus 2, 3, Guidance Office 3, DECA 3. New PAUL THOMAS JR. "Fitt" college dislikes disorganization future Ranger Andy ... "All or Nothing!" Chess Club 3. ANGIE THOMPSON' "Ang" business loves traveling on horseback short and nice never quiet medical technician. Bowling I, Keyettes 2, Junior Achievement 2, GAA 3, Sounds in Space 3, DECA 3, Ski Club 3. kv., MARK A. TRAVER "Marc" general happy days are days of fun bowling fan ... Trophies. German Club 25 D.E.C,A. 3, JUDY TRUDELLE "Judy" business wants to be a VeTerinarian's assisi- ant homework cares for pet racoons friendly ... "Can'1 win 'em all!" MARY ELIZABETH TUTl'lll.l. "Mary" . .. prizes her ring doesn'1 get along wi1h driver's ed. interesfed in movies, books, singing. office HeIp1,2,37D,E.C.A.2,3. ROBERT LOUIS UCCI "Bob" college wanis To find happiness hates clomineering women "cold, insincere, deceiving??" Football 'ly Key Club 2, 37 Spanish Club 3g French Club 3g Sounds IH Space 3g Tanlara 3. 2 i P5 TWV TIMOTHY TRUMAN "Tim" a irue individualisr future Benny Goodman .. "I don't know-!" Boy Scouts Friendly's Ptevi. Band T, 2, 3g Eastern Conn. All-Stale Band l, 2, 3, ROGER TU RGEON "Rog" college orange socks and shaggy black ves popularly unknown data processor. 'lb GARY UMRYSZ "The pleasure of life is according To the man that lives if, ani not according To The work" JUDITH UNDERWOOD "Judy" prized possession-Central Regional Ring hate cavities ... "Oh well!" Latin Club l. JOHN VALENTINE ilfred" college . .. pet peeve: New Britain "Machines" "Success is only a matter ot luck-ask any failure." cl 1, 2, 3, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Track 1, 2, 3, Crass Country 1, 2, 37 ub I, 2, 3, Key Club 3. DAVID VANASSE fe college drums and football wonderful ns to be a State Policeman tboll 1, 2,Band1, Track 2, 3 'fit WILLIAM VAN SLOT ill" college blonde hair dislikes haircuts Jer? ... Chevelle. in Club 1, Spanish Club 2, Ski Club 3. GAIL VEZINA hen Beauty is its own excuse for being." Tx 'V-'lm-r ---r I CYNTHIA VANDEUSEN Cindy college remember Rheba! loves her guitar ... "The Group" Dramatics 1, 2, 3, Drcmatics Pluyreading Committee Chairman 2, 3, French Club 3g Tanager Representative 3 ALBERT VAN DYNE "l slept, and dreamed that life was Beauty, I woke, and found that life was Duty." DAVID VOLPE Dave general wants to run his own "business" . Lynn . . . bad temper Bowling 1, Basketball 1, Football 3, D.E.C.A. 3 GAIL WAKEFORD Gail college a future secretary loves to have a good time ... "what the where?" Latin Club 2 77 K if--it .im " LINDA WALKER 4-"" "WaIk" business prizes her cedar chest likes t read . . . hates science. Q-W gg GARY WALTERS "Gary" "Forel" his class ring lots of class spiri dv ,K ... future Mr. Beach? Judo lg Student Council l, 2, 35 Spanish Club lg German Club 3, WM-Q KAREN WATROUS "Kay" college musical ear courteous driver's license is a great help pleasant smile. Chorus 2, 35 Pep Club 2. TOM WATROUS "Tom" general wants to visit Peyton Place hula- hoop ... art . .. hates stupid girls. JANET WEBB "Janet" business "That's close!" E.K. will make a good secretary likes to swim friendly. Guidance Office Help 3. FRANCIS WEHNER JR. "Chuck" college . .. pensive oscilloscope elec- tronics enthusiast "Anyone need a cat?" Stage Crew 27 Band 37 Drama Club 3g T.A.R. 3. 78 VIOLET WATROUS "Vi" business happy-go-lucky writes letters .. cute smile ... "one of many kinds." Girls' Basketball lg D.E.C,A. 3, JANICE WATSON "Janice" college prizes driver's license hate homework fashion designer. 1:17 ere" PETER WELLES college hates defensive lineman wants to a happy bum? his mouth-guard "No, l haven't in him!" itbcll J.V. 17 Football Varsity 2, 37 German Club 37 F Club 37 'tara 3. WARREN WENK 'inkie" college hates questionnaires . .. Pete Welles . fabulous musician 6'2", 205 lbs? State Orchestra 37 Tar-itara 37 Track l, 2, 37 German Club 'l7 Band stra l 2 3 Football 2 3- Honor Society 2, 37 Key Club 2, 3: Orche , . . , . lg Boys State 27 All State Band 27 F-Club 2, 3. S l i:.b KW me MICHAEL WHITAKER "Mike" general P.E. teacher? "Could be" . .. a 'Fine player and good sport. Basketball l, 2, 37 Football 2, 37 F Club l, 2, 3. MARILYN WILBUR "Marilyn" business "To be truly happy is the highest Ny goal of life" a solid gold statue in front of the school. Keyettes l, 2, 37 Bowling l, 27 Band l, 2, Student Council lg Office Help 3 l IVY ine" NADINE WILCOX general enioys drive-ins wants to marry . .. "Really??" LELAND WILDES S "Lee" college Rolls Royce Hub Cap long hair? saddle shoes hates sixth period study and Mr, Parilla. LIONEL WILLIAMS "Li" college "Really" hard to comprehend till one gets to know him future Thoreau girls, girls, girls!! French Club l, 2, 37 German Club 'l,7 Key Club l, 2, 37 Chess Club 'I7 Drumatics Club 2, 37 Debating 27 Treasurer 37 Ski Club 37 Swim Team 2, 37 Tantara 37 Sounds in Space 37 AFS 3 79 STEVEN WILLIAMS "Animal" business collects bells .. . dislikes over- authoritative faculty ... culinary arts. HOWARD WILLINGHAM ' "Pee-Wee" college another Ringo? . . . ride, Mustangs, ride! ,. . a pierced ear? .. . kooky. HERSHALL WILLIS "Butch" general "valiant Volkswagen" mildf tempered enioys sports, Baseball I. ' HOYT WILLIS "Hoyt" college U Conn hates crowded halls . prized possession: his wallet. Cross Country 2, 3. LYNNE WITHEE "Windy" college future John Glenn? .. . hates snak . . . Kurt ... "ReaIIy?" Previously attended Crawford High School, San Diego, Chorus lg Califorr Scholarship, San Diego Federation, All Eastern Connecticut Chorus 2, T.A.R. 3, Dromatics Club 2, 3, KAREN WOLFF "Wolff" . ., college another Clara Barton? . . . enjoys music . .. hates boys who crack their knuckles .. . "Right!" Bond I, 2, 3, Orchestra I, 2, 3, French Club 2, 3, Future Nurses' Club 3, Sounds in Space 3, Tantara 3, Organizations Editor. KATHLEEN WOOD "Woodsie" college "Guess what!" knobby knees devine weekends .. . the only one who wore skies to the Ski Club dance. Ski Club 'I, 2, 3, French Club 2, 3, Tontarc 3, Sounds in Space 3, 80 TAGE N. WRIGHT 'age" achieve happiness college a smile for feryone. restling 3. DEBORAH TILLMANXVE Se not forgetful to entertain strangers for 1 reby some have 'nertained angels unaware." NVQ I Cpbwkpyw Gyjfgyof NOMQV 00 IMP II' D c'llJl0l7l Vvfl-wwf Ophbgwg ag for al , 50,5 lllflwfslflog WIWW DUWVX WAWWMQ If ff II M Also, TMI LINDA BOISJOLY CHARLES BRAY JONATHON BRAY RAE LYNN CATRON GERALD CHADWELL MICHAEL CHASTAIN JOSEPH FARNSWORTH LAMONT GODWIN DAVID HAINES ALETA HALL MICHAEL OLSZEWSKI WILLIAM NASH JUDY O'ROURKE NEIL MACMORROW WILLIE MAYO ELLEN MERRITT DONALD PAIGE NITZA PARIS HERBERT PEARCE EVERETT PENN ARLENE SCHWENKE MARILYN WILBUR SANDRA WILLIAMS ENN x flag? L Augzgraphs YQQ3 ' ,fi 2152 9,35 VC-,S fjd ,Q gi Che Senior .fwcuiive Board Every class that enters Fitch, does so as a group of individuals, but in a very short time something hap- pens. The individuals become a class, and though they maintain their individuality they are a part of the whole. The things which make the whole are values for which the class chooses to strive, it is the degree of achievement of these hopes that determines the success of the class and whether or not it is to be remem- bered. The success of the class of '67 stands for all to see and to remember. It would be simple enough to list the firsts of our class and simply to rest on that, but we can carry ourselves beyond that. These achievements can not be overlooked, but what is more important is the spirit of the class of '67, It will be remembered that at times we were down, but always came back and were ready to take on more. To have been a member of the class of '67 is something to be proud of. There are things that pass and things that remain and the class of '67 is both of these. It is true that we must pass from Fitch upon gradua- tion, but in a greater sense we are remaining. We remain in our memories and in our legend. For no matter where we go we will be for all time part of the class of '67 . But we will have passed into the other world and into another test. The world which we are entering is one beset with troubles and common fears. It is up to us to continue to strive, with the same energy and perseverance for our new goals. Whether we will maintain our efforts is to be seen only by the future. For those who are interested we should declare our common goals now, so that when the time comes for us to be iudged, it will be possible to measure our attainments against our aims. This is simple for it is to leave the world better than we found it. How we are to do this, and the more limited or specific aims are to be iudged by each of us as individuals. For we each must realize that our personal goals may not be those of our neighbors. This realization is to be the first step of our iourney, and we can all pray for the best. We must not however forget what has gone before. We should remember our mistakes as well as our successes and by doing so at least know what we should not do. But on the whole our memories should be good ones. We can take pride in the fact that we have passed through the three years at Fitch and are better for it. Beyond that not much can be said except good luck. -Senior Executive Board 83 ,M-gi Q ' W QW 3 I, Steve presides over meeting. NN 'i K' M , X'x 3 Chief advisor Mr. Peirce. ,a I Secretary Sue Piazza Reads the minutes. PROJECTS Senior Class Dress Up Day Homecoming Dance 3700 cans of Key Club Canned Goods Drive Sale of Class Pins Cake Sales Variety Show Winter Carnival Senior Boys vs. Girls Basketball Game Senior Class Auction Graduation Announcements Scholarships Class Patrons Senior Club Christmas Decorations Christmas Tree Sale Senior Class Picnic Commencement Dance After Commencement Party Banquet Class Will Class History Class Prophecy Senior Class Day 2 AA. ,,,,,,, ,, K' Hays' State I STEVEN ANDERSON WARREN WENK GARY BURFOOT BRYAN KENNEDY A The citizens of Boys' and Girls' States are chosen for their various citizenship and leader- ship qualities. The purpose is to provide training as students live together as self-governing and re- sponsible citizens. .. ILL . .sk ig' :f"ffq+xsvf?. 2 Vg' Hbf? ' 1 7 S ex X E :XS ggfig K IIIQEQN Girls' State BARBARA FORCE NORMA DRAB s ' On the basis of their fNlTi,,,i service to the community QP-N I-F XX i and the school, Barbara -4410 Y, Force and Norma Drab were 'I Fl ll - chosen to represent Fitch this pd .X J Q Q xxx!" summer at Girls' State in , Zfl l wgxs Storrs. I I U E 1 ' -sff 2. g A tt,t E A 'Q if DEPENDABILITY sERvicE LEAoERsHiP PATRIOTISM Because ot her outstanding qualities, Pamela Jones was chosen by the Ann Warner Baily Chap- ter of the Daughters of the American Revolution as the recipient of their annual award. PAMELA JON ES 85 , O 51k 5 azdcrshzp Awards The purpose of the Elk's Leadership Contest is to recognize and honor stu dents who posses initiative, individuality, and have demonstrated a marked leader- ship ability. NORMA DRAB-First STEVE EMBRY-First COOKIE KOLNASKI-Second Omirfrical Cfanfesi EDWARD GARBATI-First STEVE EMBRY-Second LINDA ENGLlSH-Third AW' PETER WELLES Huusch and 501716 Award Horton Award The J. Warren Horton Award is given an- nually to a senior who has attained a standard of excellence in the study of science. The award is presented by the Underwater Sound Laboratory and consists of a certificate, a twenty-five dollar savings bond, and an opportunity for summer ern- ployment at the laboratory. Ta ,Q-vu., The Bausch and Lomb Honorary Science Award consists of a bronze medal and a certificate. The award is sponsored by the Bausch and Lomb Scientific Company of Rochester, New York. Steve is now eligible to compete for science scholar- ships to the University of Rochester. 5 STEVEN ANDERSON rzufaddec: Nzzrumzfrz To all my friends, To make friends, to share ideas, to learn the American way of life, to travel, to improve my English, to tell you about my country-these were my desires for my life in the U.S.A. before I came here. Then I did everything that I wanted dur- ing 'rhe year in your country. I have been very happy because of your help and good hospitality. I would like to thank you all for everything. I am going back to my country to tell my Thai friends about my wonderful and unforgettable experiences in the U.S.A., to tell them about my American school and American friends. I hope that it will bring good understanding and friendship to both our nations. Yours sincerely, +- A ' ' i Q H QL L K . . 4.:B. Z I 1 C I L' lf! Y s i Narumon and her parents Narumon at Fitch Sieve in Germany fi 'N O YE PEOPLES OF THE EARTH THEN AND ONLY THEN SHALL YE HAVE PEACE." "LAUFEN ZUSAMMEN, SPRECHEN ZUSAMMEN, SIE LEUTEN DER ERDE: DANN UND NUR DANN HABEN WIR DIE FRlEDE." si... X,f,T by My first thought on arriving in Germany was, "How different it all is!" The language was differ- ent, the cars were different, the very countryside seemed different. It was rather unsettling to stand in this place as an unknown, but then my German brother came and took me home. lt was a wonderful experience to discover that Germans are human beings too!" This feel- ing stayed with me from the North Sea to the French border to Bodenmais, a little town on the Czechoslovakian border, and the whole time it was a sustaining force. I learned that people are the same wherever they are. At times I was homesick, but then the people around me understood and helped. l also saw some things that I couldn't comphehend such as the barbed wire which separated West Germany and Communist Czechoslovakia, but even then l knew that the guards who were patrolling the border were human beings like myself. Then came the long trip back by ship with eight hundred other students some returning to their homes and others coming to spend a year in American homes. There were eight hundred A.F.S. students, from thirty different nations, but more important, there were eight hundred people bound together by a common interest-A.F.S. Now l am home again as a returnee, but the lessons of the summer are by no means forgotten. I can remember, "Wie heisst diesesauf Deutsch?" CWhat is this in German?D, "Was machen wir heute?" lWhat are we doing today?l, Mutti, Vati, Freund CMom, Dad, friendb, and certainly the motto: "Walk together, talk together," and a promise of peace. ,lliur-0 1 trffwtwtff :Z fin 7 ,3:.,t'52:f I?-ff 'X L .... 8 -gxx M ' "WALK TOGETHER, TALK TOGETHER ,..qf""l""""-'F L-...""3-" 'Si' ' .I :sr :N 4 N .S rg 'K' " Mm 'Q syn rqg is , L i r K .aw .h...aMf I W BOVE: the Korner family home in Stuttgart. TOP RIGHT: Steve and is German brother clown against the background of the Bavarian illage of Bodenmais. MIDDLE: Frau K5rner, Steve's mother crosses a 'ream in Bavaria. BELOW RIGHT: Steve's brother, Freider. BELOW: .t home,,Steve displays his domesticity by helping with the dishesl 45 ,iff H T-, fx ii- .F V rr. . Y , yr ' if X WAR f ig: , .. 9 5 if wk get M TN 'x . .S K' s . , A G Y, fy- ' is-1 , s V . g ff if M e left: mims Lewis I 'F AWE '22 if " ' ' ' 93 i PRESIDENT: David Varella juuivr Klass 0Mcc'rs SECRETARY: Marie Barber J ,fzznivr 611155 2. ? r' 2 k 5 X 5 5 - 22.25 iii TREASURER: Susan Staub D. Anderson M. Anderson S. Annino B. Atherton N. Augusfiniac K. Avery S. Avery M. Baily W. Batty M. Bayna D. Behney P. BiFalco C. Bishop H. Blyden L. Bogue D. Bridge D. Brock D. Brown E. Brown D. Bryden S. Burnett S. Caoueffe P. Canning K. Carruthers A. Casfagna A. Cheeks L. Clancy S. Conard C. Cook N. Corey E. Cote F. Cowell P. Creamer L. Critchfielcl L. Crum J. Dalton D. Damon E. Davies S. Davis C. Downie P. Duarte A. Duplice J. Durham B. Drab K. Driscoll P. Eagles C. Emery P. Fenton G. Ferris M. Fields S. Fitzpatrick J. Fleming T. Foster S. Gagnon C. Gannon E. Garbati F. Garcia M. Gaus 'Ov' K., . as 5 . 2.-F ax 1- 'v J. George S. Gillette 95 Geising Gold Goodwin Gordon Gould Greason Griffin Haines Haley . Halligan Hamlin Handberry Harmon Harmon Harris Harris . Hayes Hemond Herman Heyniger Hinton Holby Howard Hurley Howard Ingram Johnson Johnson ' V ......'-1. W. Jump J. Kane B. Kent K. Koren A. Knochneaur M. Lafargue K. La Vallee G. Lehner P. Leighner S. Levesque M. Lewis S. Lindler D. Lyons K. Manning B. Mansfield ., ,, K. .K 455 i,. B. Maxon T, Maynard K. McClary M. McCloud K. McClurg L. McFadden G. McKenney G. Messina K. Michaud D. Miglaccio L. Miles M. Mifsko P. Moore vcr!- Cl' 'Q'-N. x -uf kfexfgkim -'.1" 0 Q , . . ,, Slew.-. -. 9 S. Moiz Nea -... K ' c A. Nichols K. Nickell C. Nygren B. Parker C. Peace S. Pease D. Perasrino C. Peterson R. Primit D. Pruett M. Pruiff L. Pulaski P. Racich M. Rayburn K. Reeves P. Renski S. Rippel M. Robinson l. Rodriguez W. Rogers C. Rowley W. Rowe J. Ross N. Rolloff P. Sanford V. Sarinas A. Sawyer P. Schultz X va. f 1 K 5 X X 5 D 'K ' Q.. .Q-3, , W S. W. fs eg i,,. l,... M, .v.... IT S. Smith 'A ii' ' ' J. sanfofd R. Stephanz A J. Stevens X C. Street J ' ' W. Swift 1 I f ' . J. Tramontano D. Templeman A. Thacksfon H. Thompson P. Thompson S. Tisdale R. Walkup Q, P. Walsh J V. Washington J. Watts R. Wilbur A. Venn P Vergiels J. Viney R Viscione C. Webb R. Wehmer ' C Welles 5 X W. Welles 77' v. Wes: ff' L. Whalen 1 ' , , R. Willard . A Q5 4 A t if. S6 4 T' . 'wif so be iq l 1. . .X -we W li . ,1 J. Winchester M. Winston ..-5 wifi' J 'Q-"Y: ' l , 37.4 1 X v. -A X 99 aL!9", .4 -, if" x......f X EPT, - L . 6, 'T 40" 3' ll' 5. i M. Wood L. Bevard B. Ohmer W. Gibson F. Fox J. Canienfo J. O'ReiIly S. Affeldt J. Barlow C. Fender W. Garbade R. Greene E. Heyniger J. Lewis L. McGill D. Mufhig S. Olexy G. Palmer K. Parks L. Piouffe B. Ross D. Schaefer M. Scroggins D. Smith J. Stewart M. Tansey J. 'lraylor E. Vross S. Withee s f C. Allen M. Allen K. Aspinwall G. Atchison J. Atwood W, Bancroft E. Bannon M. Bannon P. Barnes W. Barr P. Beck D. Beeney K. Belknap P. Bernier J. Berry S. Bixler C. Bood C. Boyes C. Bradshaw D. Brouillette M. Brown W. Burdick A. Burpee R. Carroll L. Casey P. Cheeks M. Cherry A. Clarke J. Claspell J. Coleman K. Corduan W. Costello L. Cote F. Crandall G. Crandall R. Daggett A. Darrow L. Davis R. Daves L. Demers A. Denobrega J. Dion V. Dorsey J. Dugas D. Dull C. Dunn C. Eckholm J. Erikson M R. Evans W. Fernald R. Field J. Finlayson D. Fogg R. Foster S. Frankopoulox E. Freeman J. Fridge M. Fuller N. Ganacoplos B. Garcia D. Gaskell S. Gatchek R, Gregory S. Griffiths W. Hagan S. Hallead D. Halvorsrud R. Hamilton E. Harp A. Harper J. Harris B. Hayes L. Hayward D. Helme J. Hibbard G. House W. Hubacker G. Hudson M. Husley C. lnnerarity M. Jack G. Johnson J. Johnston E. Jones R. Jones P. Kilimerier M. Kilpatrick J. Lafrance S. Larizzo R. Leonard C. Levis R. Lloyd N. Longton S. Lowry J. Lucy J. Lurch M. Mackay M. Main R. Malbaurn A. Manzi C. Marrandino J. McRae M. Mencer R. Merritt G. Milligan R. Mortensen E. Morton J. Mosman W. N-asatka S. Nash R. Nicholson K. Novak D. Oberg G. Orkner E. Parke P. Parker M. Payne R. Pearson C. Pentz T. Pierce P. Place V. Plasse J. Pokorniclci M. Power B. Pruett H. Reed J. Reedy C. Reid P. Riccardo W. Rippel K. Roarty D. Robinson C. Sadler R. Salley S. Salomonson M. Sawyer C. Schwartz R. Schwartz L. Shirley H. Simeon T, Sims J. Sior B. Smith M. Smith S. Spader W. Sprinkel J. Stanford R. Stanley M. Steel E. Steward A150 T. Sullivan G. Sweeney S. Tolley B. Torrence B. Torrence K. Townsend J. Tramontano M. Valentine M. Ward G. Washington B. Way J. West J. Williams B. Winterholer V. Wydeer W. Allen J. Bennington T. Beukalaer P. Byington L. Chapman T. Conley Cousens Cowan Currier Glover Hodgson lzzo Jennings Kelly S. Manley D Marion W. Mattos W. Mayard McCray Paterson Purcell Tootell Wickman Wiggins Wilson Wynne Zeppieri -UN"-N. Dear Mr. Caouette: This girl is to sit in detention and write "l will not drop any more bedpansf' one hundred times. Sophanwrc 60155 0Mc5r5 PRESIDENT: Tom Driscoll yi." " l .i VICE-PRESIDENT: SECRETARY: Jackie Schaefer Colleen Moore Svphvmvre 60155 To Ti . 5 Y' I Lvhi, .A o oooo .. RMB' 5...-f-ifsf 1 ze ..,ccc 1-I-V..-..s.H,-g..ig1 , 1. .. . ,...,., .. ,X Si! TREASURER Neal Blue J. Allanach D. Allen D. Anderson G. Anderson S. Anderson T. Applegate A. Arder D. Arnold G. Baker B. Barbour V. Barlow R. Bateman P. Bates E. Baitle G. Bayna T. Beebe T. Belcher M. Bell G. Bellefleur G. Belyea A. Benvenuli M. Berger M. Biklen S. Blackburn . S. Blaisdell E. Blanchetie J. Blyden N. Booth K. Bosko R. Boozam T. Boozam P. Bourgeois E. Borque L. Bove T, Boyle A. Bresnyan J. Briggs P. Brock K. Brotherton Q. Bryant B. Buckley E. Burge B. Burke G. Butcher C. Carter K. Castro T. Cavallaro D. Chesbro G. Chipman U. Clark R. Clingenpeel M. Coleman je 4. slag ,Uk 42,41 , . fx K 135: AI. in vw :wi ' M R .X . .K QVM, S ex X 3 gl I 5 rg. ye? .im me Hn nga., if Q 32. xt R e Y '-sv B. Cornell A. Cote M. Coleman B. Cowan V. Cowell C. Cramer C. Crandall J.'Cruise P. Crumb W. Crumb R. Crum J. Davenport K. Davin Y' .Q K ,, , "T 2 IO3 ' nw 1 tl, X' . 'fe K x 55 K Fx x .. 122 L ai if T" .mes--t 'WY . W4 wc'-9 'WW QM fv -59" I04 fo- ,-. -J -Y' 1 ., ,A wr L. Hagen J. Hale N W '- g, . Q , an 4 . If es C... J .F f ef rf , A - ff C . 'N ' . sa 'V J N fn. A V U . 'Q ri 1 15 1' ' s if 'E' kxg. I :g L yr ' I WT aj gg " A 'G be B. Demitfe A. Deveau D. Dinovelli S. Dowen W. Duerr R. Dunbar B. Durham F. Eddy A. Eleazer V. Fales L. Faux R. Foster E. Fowler D. Freeman A. Fuller S. Fusconi M. Galli M. Garbade S. Gardner T. Giesing J. Gilman M. Goetz T. Goetz S. Goselin J. Graf J. Granger O. Green K. Gregory B. Greenhalg C. Greenleaf T. Griswold J. Guerra S. Gunn h R. Haley G. Hall J. Hamilton J. Hand C. Hanley J. Harrington D, Harris J. Harris L. Harris B. Hart W. Harvey R. Hasselmann V. Hawkins M. Hayes B. Haynes C. Heeder S. Hendrickson S. Hewitt E, Heyniger C. Hopkins E. Hopley C. Howard R. Hoyt D. Hubbard P. Hughes H. Hampe L. Humphries B. Hunsinger N. Hunt K. Huntley G. lrvin J. Irvin J. lvers ,M ,- "" rv- ' : , " 4- . ff- J 1 :li .S if, 35. N19 N. if i 'fn ,.+1,. .1 - 'fi vflg gf.. R Q- 1, ' llllilt p C ' tn- ' 11- ., af? 0 . W, vw, P 5 ' E A R is "' ff 33- Y Q J I ,Y b -F .fs -41? nv' U qv . as Jw K 4 --1 'il j g -in av Q-Z, 64:61 - Kc? E ' E l A , .,.. 5 'M' ,, x . ' . fi." if J ., . R A dpi 5 X ,nf - r. il"i 2 f C. Jack J. Jackson ww' S 1' 5.5 . ..,. ff-1. ..... W S. Johnson J. Jones C. Jordan S. Kay P. Kent P. Keftner M. Killam S. Kilpatrick B. King D. Kringlie R. Land D. Lauzon K. Lecy J. Leonard B. Lewis C. Lewis J. Lewis R. Lewis D. Lloyd J. Lukeman M. Lusk D. MacDonald S. Mackey S. Mandell R. Manley D. Mansfield J. Maskell J. Marshall L. Mason D. Maynard J. Mazzella J. Mccanhy M. McKay E. McLaurin M. McNierney R. McRay K. Meister D. Miles Y. Miraulf J. Mifsko G. Mol C. Moore J. Monon T. Mosman K. Murphy S. Mufchler P. Nasafka P. Neilan C. Nelson M. Nelson L. Nickells M. Olsen G. Orkney D. Ormsby M, Ortiz L. Palmer J. Patterson J. Pellerin Z. Penn A. Peref L. Perkins L. Perry R. Phillips J. Piazza W. Ponder M. Powers P. Rawls W. Reddy D. Reed K. Ricciardi K. Richard J. Ridenour H. Roberts R. Rogers S. Rogers V. Rodgers G. Ross J. Rousseau S. Ruediger S. Russo K. Sadosky M. Schefers S. Schmechel D. Schwartz W. Scruggs H. Sebastian W. Seeley D. Seneff J. Sequara M. Sharp M. Shirley J. Schultz R. Slonski S. Sminkey l. Smith 5. Smith S. Smith Y. Smith D. Solarz .J Squadrito Starrett Stearns Stevens Synhorst Talavera Tarasevich Teague Talavera Tltackston Thompson Todd Torrence Trachtenberg Turgeon Varella Venditti Viall Vlaun Warkentien Watrous Watrous Wayne Wenk White l Williams Wilson Wilson . Wolff Wright . Wright Wunsch . Yackovetsky 1 so . 2 x. .ff ,, . ,, ' 'A' .. xii!" . nn' if L V on L. .A-N. an gf . , -W . we L iv? E. -..I . ..- F S X 5 1- - N... - an L , f 1 Y:'Sv'.i3i Q, ' w, J is 1 r rjifg ' Q5 .. -- . :ik Q1 , 11: f l Il0 A-'S' 'G 3 95,-Q .. me .C , .rs fv- , N., 5 .wr l vw' ' F V. Yacap Qui' "A 'QL' "G'1 :Jn 2-NY-rf, Q-Q B. Alger S. Bega G. Baker R. Barnes J. Bell J. Bias S. Bood R. Bradley F. Comrad D. Corkhill P. Dollard S. Durham W. Farnsworth S. Fast H. Gore D. Henderson C. Harris P. Greene P. Holley G. Justice A. Kimb-all R. King P. Kolnaski M. Leventhal H. Lindner B. McKay S. McKee T. Migliacclo M. Morton C. Powich S. Robinson H. Rogers B. Woods p- W. Abbey C. Abbott K. Allen C. Almquist T. Andersen J. Arsenault J. Ashburner C. Beeney D. Bixler J. Bogue P. Bonang J. Boschetti C. Brewster A. Bridges D. Bryden E. Burke D. Campagna L. Campbell D. Carbee W. Cavanaugh A. Cedio K. Chambers S. Clifton N. Collins M. Comrie C. Constantakos J. Contino S. Costello J. Crandall S. Cusimano L. Curtis G. Dahlgren F. Davis F. Delaura E. Deveau J. Dicecca M. Durtresne M. Dunbar D. Dunlap A. Durham E. Edwards C. Falconer L. Farmer L. Fichera M. Frederick G. Fredsbo M. Gianacopolos H. Garland S. Gault K. Gipson C. Godwin S. Goselin J. Gold J. Hancock E. Harvey S. Hensley W. Herrick A. Hess C. Holbrook J. Holmes C. Hoops M. Hopkins D. Huber P. Jenkins D. Jennings R. Jessee A. Jones D. Jones K. Keene G. Kelly D. Kexel A. Knockenhauer J. Knoska J. Koren R. Lago A. Landry S. Lebard J. V. Lewis J. W. Lewis Z. Limson R. Lindfor J. Lindler K. Lloyd B. Ludy N. Macgregor M. MacLeod B. Main G. Manley J. Manning W. Martin C. Mason B. Maynard M. Maynard G. Mays S. Meredith C. Merry L. Mershon C. Moore M. Moore J. Mortensen H. Muller A. Nahornick K. Nielsen L. Nielsen C. Novak P. O'Brien W. O'Hanlon K. Oliver T. Page D. Palmerone S. Paul D. Pearce D. Pelky M. Pennington E. Perechino J. Petersen E. Picken C. Pollard G. Porter L. Post A. Quaid S. Rathke C. Raymond S. Reid D. Rice P. Richards R. Robarge C. Robbins D. Robinson R. Robinson C. Rogers M. Roma P. Schwarty K. Sexton J. Sheehan J. Shinn P. Simpson R. Sims C. Sitter D. Smith D. Smith J. Smith P. Smith A. Sosman J. Stevens S. Stowell G. Stroich M. Summers C. Swanson ,lllsrf H T. G J. J. . Taplin Townsend . Tourville Trakas Tudor E. Van Leer N N C J. G. Van Sickle Varney Vaught Vredenberg Wagner P. Wakeford K. R. Walsh Ward E. Watrous R. Watson C. Webber L. Weinstein M. Whiston M. Wilburn D. Wilcox R. Willard C. Williams B. Willis D. Wilson L. Wilson C. Woodling V. Woodard "They have a lot of money: we'll charge them S75 c HOW THEY BURN! How they burn, the massive planks. Creating heated cheeks, moist palms and singed brows In cheering clatter, sizzled cracklings bring new light Upon a new dawn, new sparks in night W For all to see how they burn so fiercely, so full of zest! Cheers seeking glory, flames seeking . . . See how they burn, the massive woods, and grasp night air To ,smother doubt and declare ferocity A , As the lighted woods serve as candled wicks. See wood that glows, sizzling ashes, Cheerers leaping, aiming high Shouting glees of victory, of unity i How they burn with fervor and feel the scalding warmth Of logs ablaze in roasting heat t How long will the wood burn? 1 do Will the glow outlast the victory? -Norma Drab , ,.,,,j, ,. . f ie'-if-eb McRae smashes through Coach Butcher's strategy 6011611 is' ,flflessagv ln meeting a challenge, man finds within himself strength and weakness he never before knew. Perfection is not attained at that point at which nothing can be added but at that point at which nothing can be taken away. GEORGE BUTCHER Head Football Coach .vlilr ,rr f, iw , QW f i' im 8 55 2 3"J!Q Esc 5 ,J 1 ' Q, JP fi x . X -J- E 3 5, U5 Q af v E ' , X V, V y .Q ss- . M , . 'S' ' W user 'FQ at N... xx. . . 1 .. , At k ,Yak .tk .xx if .45 X Q Q. ,gil ix? 2-S is G 459 5 3 1- M , at -If yw Q, lg. xg 1 xw 6, 5 . 4 ffglff e 2 "pf 16's . K i' 5 M 1629 -an va" b V V K i WA T, J .i Kywrf I , K L. wk .L, at Q ,V ' K ' A 1 L .. .5 ' F" 'l'?Y?,NLwx,, K , , Lf f l, 1 ' a , 5 , . 3 , . ,QS e s m y -- TUBE" fli"'f?Z J FRONT ROW: H. Griffin, G. McRae, D. Capen, D. Plasse, A. Eleazer, M. Whittaker, T. Hall, R. Lucas, D. Gula, W. Wenk, D. Coope, D. Volpe, H Southard, P. Welles, G. Butcher. SECOND ROW: W. Welles, S. Spader, R. Greene, J. Zippeiri, S. Clingenpeel, T. Koerner, R. Kennedy, B. Kennedy, S Hallead, L. Starr, K. Carruthers, S. Caouette, L. Clancy, E. Davies, R. McCarthy, Head Coach Butcher. THIRD ROW: Coach Hermes, Coach Wallir E. Harvey, E. Pickens, T. Driscoll, P. Bonang, T. Maynard, N. Gannon, W. Rowe, A. Sawyer, S. Withee, D. Venditti, M. Nelson, C. Wenk, G. Baker G. Bayna, Coach Pearson, Coach Wallace. SCORES FITCH OPPONEN .uw-A-+1-l'f"' "mr , 38 Bulkeley . . R ' A" S ll M M 40 Hartford . . . 58 Waterford . . . . . .2 7 East Hartford . . . .2 T6 Norwich .... . 22 St. Bernards .. . . l O New Britain . . O Weaver .... . . .l 20 New London ............. . . .l WON 6 LOST 3 Coaches Wallin, Pearson, Butcher, Wallace, Hermes 'N V5 -Q f Y I l6 Grim determination Sawyer rolls out AES, V ' Aft' 4 'QA ,I is me Lf..--Q.. rf! gig- , .Q,:.,,W, A- 5 :A i ' Wip rw f - t bf mx , W My ,, fra' 4 , , Q Wifi '37 , .N is' ,7 xl lx W,.j1iQJQ?-g?.f:x:3'A Q 1 'Z ' 'Rfk ,v,,Qfvt:'5'...a Aff E' 3 ' Q4 ' ,- 5 4 . ' . ' ' ' ' -- , 45 . A 4: ' ,th 3 4 . ' . 1 gyrf i' , ' ' N A fn , -Y' My I ff A , ., f ,Paw f. i g AN' My - in W Q D . . I ,y I X! Q1 1' ir 7 sux ,xx if ,X xf Whit blocks a pass Spader blocks for Art Quarterback Sawyer hands off to McRae II8 Sawyer Throws The long bomb Halfback McRae breaks away Pregame huddle Starr boots a punt f' -' ., ff W' x '1' FT . ' ff ii ' " ' v . ' if , , 6.5 P- -n. ,fe ff 9 ,I , ' " " . ' - ' I Q 4 - '. Q 1 ' ,J N yum A . 4. M,,,....A A P 533' - 3 7 Q3 .3 I 'Q i' 41' ' , - U sl , V! I W . , K 'P 1 a b K V i Y, , 1, f . Q- 5 Q W L f 1 - 5' f , - ,Q qgif f - W A Q ,r 'L 1 . I Y 1 X 6 it , Y 7 'Q u - ,A H' fi ff A3 1 ff V? 'ms .. if , fs 3 fl .5 ' g , f n gm iff' . ' ' N -' I s vt ? Q - v. I , - , Q -Q 14 - sf e - 3 f s ' .. N . f - . 1- Q, g A 3' ?f" : 'x - ff- 'S , svsfzk f Qi if 'I '1 'E QL, -f H A ... -st -... S is-. I za ' " :ng i 1 'A T11 - is , F J A 1 ' 7 I ft Z I if J Q '.. , r -' ' . W A mifiiif. , ,, 1'-"f'.ii1'iff.r', K 1, , : V ,..'b 3 f N f .- U . ,,,n. ,. k,., ,,:. K it M ' 5 , 'f -R I A f - Q1 ' w A 3 --LI ' x1,..1 -A..A f i , hh A. 1 , 3: W k . . ' mm IVF, iv x K, .W 64 A , , I iv. ' 5. A L. 1 V+ ' sffi ',-- ' 3 ' , ' W Y .- fi' W , L. 1 ,-- L- . - , fffwff ,. . -W ws ' V - A Q s 3 f J .,.f K . -4.. eff- .- 'mf f 'fini 'fs " s '- . 'I .. ,-Q -ms' 'K- 'Q 4 A m," ' - si? 1h 1h h " w F QF T53-Ng LffGf"Fiw13!ifif?Qb-...:a?"':- V-'vfk-f25'F:1W'fi..i,l ix? 'Q' Whittaker finds daylight Teddy receives Thames Award George on an outside run ' W x s 'W -1, Q, Hallead hurt in end sweep ii , ,,.m,, , Y 'ling fav f' , V if ? ki ' 'JL' ,'L!',n1A-'if "'7C. 1 53 .lf wffgx Q. g u- . -1' . 419' 1, th ... ,,,,,. ff QE I -4 ,gb . .fn .f . lf, .ff W , 'Wi ' 1 ' 'wn.?"i'.s 4 ' 1 mg? A Ml Q .J HERBERT SOUTHARD s 4 E 5 4 I 5 RALPH KENNEDY Tackle HERMAN GRIFFIN Halfback BRYAN KENNEDY Guard DAVE PLASSE Linebacker LOUIS STARR End GEORGE MCRAE , 1, . , 4' NU! T , A O DONALD COOPE En SCOTT CLINGEN PEEL Linebacker Ha'f'f'aCk ? isfWw si1 ' " m ari X ,XE W 4 J :J . x l In 1 .fin ..- ,wg 3:4 ll '1" 'G ' flvi J 1 , 1 Q ' i an ,ft-1' - fr f L ,, 1 - A 7 'ta ' " 4 ,if - L, f M .. 1, ,, -1 1 - . ' , N ,, -ff X MJ t T .wg "' f,,. . 4 ,. 4 51' h it T, L T TT,. , Q ' if-" Twyiy - 1 L, T f- mf' A L fa-Wi' Q, 5 , N A A . -:fg',f,:. kv , V' 1 ' A ,W X -f - Q- f Z. 2 ' . f 3,1131 f ,rw fy, yi V , ,fm L L NNLNN' . ,1d:,f1qf?af,.v3 ,L 3 W .df H r f ,va V f' 'Q-4 ,T mfg ,wg if '5f" ziq,M419.fl"',f.1 ' Ep 1' A M ww-z M.-,Q E - . f:,,.,r . T Hn 1 L' .- - .' 'W A .a . : 'ff "7 ,gf A ' T, T - v'-M451 : I if A H i, O ARTHUR ELEAZER " H T-if V ' D ""'?' gy A 4 ifV,0i?.jw4?..!ie,Nfqqu Halfback W ' ,,- .1 '.""7, E "F 2r ,g,:4 DAVE VOLPE End I2I Uzanksgiviug Day Game 'mn-H An bootlegs around the end Hall in fhe flaf Tom blocks New London pass McRae on an end run I22 Aww - lf K --, S . 0- I Rs wavy .sr 'ff i in v fx Q Q ,, do d J 'K ' .10 '. ' 9. 2 7 n Q ,al H. . Hg L ,, QQ, ' I s 1 . W 'Q 'R VF' f'f W L -f ' ,, 's . I in 1 Q' I' ,F M X P? . " x 14 , w S X ' g I W H. is 1 A we J? 5 df 437 4 Rx I " v 3 'yi Q? If f t 0 '- ' M .L A f Lf k ' V 55 4 , ,, . , H , , ,,V ,V - I W.-QQ si K , ' 1 A ,. K A 'G 9 my 1 V I N , .. H Q 4- 'f' , ,I , 7' "y"L5i -0 ,Z ,, V ,beg ' ' " 'ins-304, ,, J f " in ', ' . - 7 ' Hfffrwf 7 , ff f-fiiifi f 1 ff A-A A aa ff . X, , y -f . ' 1454 -,yy , MAIL ' 17,1 'nf' Knfjof I 'f 1+ 31. 'wp ' -' . 1-Af -P ' ' W -W on V: 'M A. ,vi z A,,M4,,iL ,, . Wt? Va. gw 1 i A A A t . L, A M Q? Teddy Picks UP 9000! yardage Mike is stopped Shen junivr Varsity yfflffbllff CLUB F X T f'lJ.i" T T if T' Q .as- gyi 6, Q .gs-l.Q,', K. i In ie 5 t H W ,Q-ro Y - JNT ROW: D. Dull, G. Butcher, D. Reed, G. Baker, W. Harvey, M. Nelson, M' Teague' E' Bafile, B- Harley, B- McKay, Nl. Dunbar, D- Wilson IOND ROW: Coach Wallace, M. Gianacopolas, C. Fender, D. Zuliani, R. Robarge, A. Eleazer, S. Kilpatrick, W. Scruggs, M. Valentine, M. Tidwell C h W ll R G n R Clin en eel M Ba na, THIRD ROW: E. Davies, W. Greenleaf, B. Barber, J. McCarthy, B. Hunsacker, F. Garcia Seely, oac a in, . ree e, . g p , . y lathke, G. Bayna. SCORES FITCH OPPONENTS 6 New London . . ........ 26 14 ST. Bernards . . . .22 6 Waterford . 6 24 Ledyard . . . - .30 14 6 24 New London .. - - 0 12 Windam .. 26 Montville . . - - Coaches Wallace and Wallin Krfrzches ' Message The credit belongs To The man who is actually in The arena, whose face is marred by dusT and sweat and blood. Coaches Wallin and Wallace Great team spirit '23 Valentine moves from behind Ingram in C.D.C. meet Sexfon our ahead On Your Mark! Hwzch iv Message asses Nine years ago in The second year of cross- counTry aT FiTch, our Team won The ConnecTi- cuT STaTe Championship. This year's Team did, Too. IT seems redundanr To sTress my pride and happiness in Their achievemenT. I mighT add, iT Took TwenTy excepTionally TalenTed and enThusiasTic boys To pass successfully Through nine dual meeTs To field a group of "seven loesT" To prevail over every oTher ConnecTicuT cross-counTry Team. They have cerTainly given The '67 Harriers a running sTarT! John Kelly Cross-CounTry Advisor Presentations of Cross Country Awards lx ,. -f Tansey finishes sevenfh in C.D.C. mee? QC 'W v ,gf .4 f ,gi f ,, ' 9 -,347-' 4415 JW?-w'l'wVcg1:L gg- AV I :gmt 1,:,,.3, Q 5 ,t :J W ' g 'f'iFii7f?4ifff4.fif ? i . fp A ,Q ' - ,gfrw 'iesu.efi1'f2:i,f,in2 if ' ' Y .Z 'V' 'fr-M, rue V"-:W ,lfaig --,. - . -5, -412, f5s,'f1",a9, ' fx . , - A s ,ffhtfv . " "hQ,' 1 , 42-Wx s 1 1, - r 'pk z fequ, , r' A- X tr'-LM ' - , -L K f1s,,,,x f-, ix E, f 'Z 1+ft,,.','i1r, ' ,K 'i , f 1 -.n n 'wnw,-ww ff 'ffw . Mxewis, V ,- V ,,. ,f 1 3 A pf- "fag ggi2,1e."e: , 2-4, ,rv - . " ,111f,',if-Wfff' ' ' gm ii-,few 151. .5,,-,- new - I 'f '24 i - -.erm-:ya V A ,rar . , , r . ' Burfoot in the lead Finishing Five Abreasf a v Sexton paces himself I25 Sexton spurts ahead Captain Gary Burfoof Anderson takes the lead 1 Ingram leads ihe pack Tansey and Ingram, Junior Harriers Wha'r's so funny? Stats Qhampim Hrvss Kvunfry Zfcam QYYD1, QXTCQS, 'ST Q49 QXT 45, XTC6, Q1'I'0Sf W FRONT ROW: G. Sexton, G. Burfoot, D. Swenson, S. Anderson, R. Ingram, M. Tansey. SECOND ROW: P. Dufilie, V. DOYSEYI R 5'mm5 J. Valentine, D. Smith. FITCH 15 New Lonclon . . . ........ 48 15 Bulkeley ...... 15 East Hartford . 15 Weaver ..... 27 New Britain .. 15 Hartford Public 21 N.F.A. ..... . T5 Waterford . . . 15 Stonington . . . 15 St. Bernard's . SCORES OPPONENT ...48 .. ...48 ...46 .. .,.3l ...46 .. ...37 ...48 STATE MEETS Won Eastern Sectional Championship Won Connecticut Class L Championship Won Connecticut Open Championship Won 13 Lost O ,L Coach Kelly and manager Garbati. Kaskelbal! . Q , 'iv f hh V H hA f .1 P 7 ,E 0 8 is-I XM I 483 7 3 ,Q 7? V iid , e"' M ,,, f M, K' A... ,.., , Herman drives for two Locker room after Fitch victory Sawyer scrambles for a steal Gary lays if up Sawyer hiis from outside 1 1 J 1 1 Mike pops a long one 'S ug? 1-1 Mike controls the tap Art chases free ball W, J 1 L .. 4H,,,,W , g , of W Whit's iumper 3 Tsgq Two points for Todd Mike scores against Waterford After East Hartford triple overtime victory Mike snatches a rebound Coach Hunsinger explains team strategy Tansey's iump shot Orkney taps it out to guards Co-Captains Ted Hall and Mike Whitaker Whit controls the boards O'ReiIly drives Gary scores fwo for Fitch Teddy pumps xt up Mike out-rebounds New London St. Bernard's is no match 'EFYQ 4,24 X: Y e xg .,,1 if , R Sk ,, . Q, 1. Ri X 1' gf Ni x K ' . ' .... t " gif. " K W Q L-- M K QS' K xw 'L f s-.Q gg Q AMAA Mike shoots against Waterford J.V. lump ball Tansey from the outside Dean scores from the bucket Dean hits against Norwich Vince pops two more IRST ROW: J. Greason, J. O'Reilly, M. Tansey, T. Hall, M. Whitaker, A. Sawyer, B. Mackey. SECOND ROW: Coach Hunsinger, S. Durham, E. Harvey . Hoyt, A. Cote, T. Driscoll, K. Lecy. MISSING: M. Todd, G. Orkney, H. Griffin, U. Clark FITCH 75 69 69 88 62 51 62 52 55 62 63 64 65 56 61 67 67 68 66 46 61 SCORES S. Kingstown . . New Britain ... Waterford ..... East Hartford . . . Weaver ..... St. Bernard's . . . Bulkeley . . . Public ...... St. Bernard's .. . New London . . . St. Thomas Moore East Hartford . . Norwich .... New Britain . . . Weaver ..... Waterford . . . New London . . . Norwich .... Bulkeley . . . Public . . . Alumni . . . . . Won 3 Lost OPPONENT . ..... 85 ..77 ..68 ..6O ..97 ..63 .. 73 .. 89 ...57 ...111 ...82 .. 60 ..71 ..88 ..88 .. 80 ...9O ..84 ..8O .. 86 ..71 Coach Hunsinger with Captains Hall and Whitaker durch is' Message It was a long season. We didn't have many wins and two of them were last second squeakers, but a great deal was accomplished. A special thanks to Teddy Hall and Mike Whitaker, co- captains, for their effort, leadership, and coopera- tion, and a special note of gratitude to those sen- ior boys who worked so hard to help the under- classmen gain experience. You were all gentlemen, and it was a pleas- ure to be associated with you. Walter Hunsinger 135 M rr' - -, I36 Coach LaPointe reviews strategy Y At the starting blocks Hruzch 19 Message We were pleasantly surprised this year to finish with a 10 and 6 season. The credit must go to the entire squad for their hard work and spirit. Depth was a factor, as many of the meets were won by our boys taking a few extra second and third places. Coach John A. LaPointe ' .40 1' ..,. : x-.K 1 7 Y A ,ff New Y 1 I - 2 1 V .R I X f' ' 1 E35 e race is on High scoring swimmers w M3 N ,W 4mV,VA , Small dives V' ,,,, Butterfly stroke by Beck Record breaking relay team fy M we B qlwsmte.- awe' I ig - . . - . -6-b-0.6-Q-5-. .l.l,l. KL, W "ff 402619 On your mark! e N- f i' 3 y ri A 138 Q Small in pike dive 1 N 5 Z sf s 4 1 5 v ff ve-Sf 'hr X. Q s 1 if s X 1 1 A Q 1 f if 1 I 1 1 'Q 3 FRONT ROW: S. Buftermore, R. Small, R. Chiapperini, D. Gray, B. Blaisdell, B. Griffen, A. Spear, P. Kangas. SECOND ROW Coach LaPomte D Reed, D. Corkhill, C. Howard, A. Wayne, L. Whalen, B. Swanson, M. Wood, B. Olsen. THIRD ROW: J. Jackson K Parks K Carruthers M Valentine, P. Brock, T. Foster, J. Viney FITCH 57 38 74 54 63 70 33 61 52 33 57 53 49 45 43 51 V2 SCORES Bulkeley . . Hall .... Weaver ....... Maloney ...... Woodrow Wilson North Haven .. Middletown .. E. O. Smith Hartford Public . Milford ....... Windham . . . Platt ..... Norwich .... Hillhouse .... New London .. Xavier ...... OPPONENTS .......37 56 ...21 41 ...32 ....25 61 ...33 ...43 ...62 ...38 ...42 ...46 50 52 ... 43172 .W aptain judo , .ga GRADUATING SENIORS: George Davis, Alan Carbee, Dave Flaherty, Richard Ervin 4 ,N Connecticut Siate Champions l4l Dave Holrls Alan with Ude Gatame CArmlockJ A Year's Trophies Flaherty Flips Carbee on Rear-Throw Rich Ervin Uses Shoulder Wheel Carbee is Thrown by Flaherty Q, 9 Davis Makes Use of Ushiro-Kesagafame ,Q ' . f F i ,, A. , 'i , A, 7, I 9 A . 'tt 1 K ,F ' " . ag rf I Gi sits 4 Q N 1 A 5 F Y , W f , MA V,,,iV i I VV,,k , 'V jig: I 3, ., ,.. . 7 1 .,, .yy , yy 3 , as to f as . M T it 1 f mx Z.,, ,Q . M, 9.1, f 1 x RONT ROW: D. Carbee, R. Ervin, A. Carbee, D. Flaherty, G. Davis, E. Freeman SECOND ROW: J. Graf, A. Harper, M. Olsen, S. Fast, D Simpson l Hampe R. McCrae, F. Eddy THIRD ROW: Coach Johanssen, V. Barlowe, L. Heeder, J. Ashburner, D. Bryden, K. Castro, D. Robinson, R Barke M voetz Coach Dempsky FOURTH ROW: M. MacLeod, T. Tarasevich, J. Peterson, D. Belcher, E. Vross, K. Richard, P. Dollard, A. Paret Hvach is' Message To win is the desire of all who compete in Judo, but all competitors cannot always be win- ners: One must learn to be gracious in victory and a gentleman in defeat. But the desire to win must never be extinguished, for to the true Judo player this desire is as to the very spark of life. One may lose a match, but the desire to win must remain and grow ever stronger, lust as one must meet and surmount those obstacles in life which determine if he is a loser . . . or a man. Once again the Fitch Judo Team has lived up to the literal translation of its Oriental name, Sae Ki-Kwan. As the team knows, Sae Ki-Kwan means "The First Team" or "The Number One Team," and this year, as in the last three years, we are number one. At New Canaan High School we won the State Team First Place trophy by a wide margin over a very powerful Yale University Team, which placed second. Among place winners in tournaments this year were such repeat Sen- ior varsity performers as Alan Carbee, David Flaherty, George Davis, and Juniors Vernly West, and Edward Freeman, in the Brown Belt Division. In the White Belt Division, Joel Graf, David Robinson, David Bryden, David Belcher, John Peter- son, Patrick Dollard, Jim Ashbuner, and Frank Eddy, who are all Sophomores, will comprise our future team. As in the past, Sae Ki-Kwan will be a power to be reckoned with again next year. Coaches Dempsky and Johanssen A Falcon Pin fc! . Hvach 19 Message I was very fortunate in having a fine bunch of boys that were willing to Work hard and enable usto havethe Hne sea- son vve did. This year's team was made up of mostly sophomores and juniors and with another year of experience, I expect them to do even better. Coach Carl Wallin Tage Uses Half-Nelson On Opponent Grim determination Two points closer to victory Steve gets the upper hand on his opponent A practice workout lim. Mike in referee's hold ' e,-yi Bryan-in The "unlimited" class "Wf'f?i?ilfR g, , ,.,,, Geising tires his opponent in Captain Richard Lucas , Q, I . Kennedy uses weight Now, about that five dollars you owe me i . A, 5 fannannslnxll meow: MCGN5 4 2:-LISTS Q, SIGN RONTAROW: L. Fichera, S. Giesing, R. Ward, S. Muchler, M. Faulkenberry. SECOND ROW: J. Lewis, T OW: B. Barbour, B. Main, B. Barbour, R. Lucas, W. Welles, B. Kennedy, J. Rathke, Coach Wallin. . FAlC'l.H5F. .N w, 42, 'ff' 3 r .ff X Li . Hn., v A D A -. L C wg as ht, M. Dunbar, H. Husky, P. Moore. THIRD SCORES FITCH OPPONENTS 33 Waterford ... ..... l6 45 Stonington ... .. . IO 5 Ledyard .... .. 48 38 Windham .... . . 15 10 East Hartford .. .. 50 3 Ledyard ...... . . . 42 24 Waterford ...... . . . . . 2l lO East Hartford ........ . . . 42 Won 4 Lost 4 , l Referee watches closely tor pin. W? V . Coach Wallin I47 THE BRIDGE And like Those waTers rushing Among The wooden piers, A flood of ThoughTs came o'er me ThaT filled my eyes wiTh Tears. For my hearT was hoT and resTless, And my life was full of care, And The burden laid upon me Seemed greafer Than l could bear. YeT whenever l cross The river On iTs bridge wiTh wooden piers, Like The odor of brine from The ocean Comes The ThoughT of oTher years. And l Think how many Thousands Of care-encumbered men, Each bearing his burden of sorrow, Have crossed The bridge since Then. I see The long procession Sfill passing To and fro, The young hearT hoT and resTless, And The old subdued and slow! And forever and forever, As long as The river flows, As long as The hearT has passions, As long as life has woes. -Henry w. Longfellow Organizations ,wiv wwf l FIRST ROW: Don LaCourse, B. Ahern, A. Pollard, J. Correria, J. Piazza, S. Buttermore SECOND ROW: B. Rogers, S. Embry, G. Orkney, B. Batemz OHM H647 ROWI C. Carton, S. Piazza, Carol Rodgers, ROW ll C. Eddy, Joan Fazi, S. Fontaine, Grace Blanco, ROW Ill Robert Burke, Neal Blue, Scott Clingenpeel l50 American Wald erzfivc Kvmmiftac' OW 1: S. Embryg S. Andersonp C. Kendally N. Sirilurtg Miss Wheelerg Mr. Woitkiewiczg Mrs. Normang M. Goldg M. Lewis: S. Avery. ROW ll: B. Force l. Bally S. Batesg G. Bertschg C. Kolnaskig E. Garbardig L. Larsong J. Norris, D. Mossy C. Wellesg ROW Ill J. Correirag B. Blaisdelg L. Williamsy A. Spear Englishg M. Hayesg C. Rowley. .Wzfure Nurses tif X A. ROW I: Mrs. Clarkg K. Kayg K. Luskg C. Cardg ROW Il J. Freedman D. Tourieeg D. Templemang R. Sf. Pierre I5I Dvbafing 27611144 if 5 g i ' E., v v A 43? E Senivr fwcufivc' l5'mrd Delene Nelson, Mrs. Eames, advisor, Mrs. Pearson, advisorg Mr. Peirce, advisory ROW Il: S. Piazzag C. Kolnaskig S. Bates, P. Jonesp S. Clingenpeelg ROW III: S. Embry, B.Mackeyy B. Ahern, D. Currierg G. Orkneyg B. Kennedy 3 if 52 fWf'f'f'ff1 .- ' WW? FIRST ROW: Mary Lewis, Norma Drab, Janet Allen-co-editor, Linda English-co-editor, SECOND ROW: Barbara Ham, Debby Moore, Pam Brown, Barbara Force, Mrs. Santangelo library ,flidvs I 5 1.a is ,ara. f -Jr' . - COND ROW E Bannon B Ro ers, M. MacKay, S. Hewili, R, FIRST ROW: D. Tourjee, B. DeMi1t, C. Beeny, C. Hoibrook, C. Dahlgren, J. Harris SE : . , . g Jones. M. Peningfon, S. Hensely, T. Bryant, IS3 Key 61116 I 8341-91 ROW I: B. Kennedy, B. Blaisdell, S. Anderson, D. Reed, C. Parks, H. Griffin, W. Rowe, E. Garbardi, A. Jenson, M. Nelson. ROW Il: R. Lucas, R. Kenned D. Swenson, W. Wenk, J. Durham, P. Canning, G. Burfoot, M. Tansey, D. Gray, B. Mackey ROW Ill: C. Letz, G. Orkney, L. Williams, J. Correira, A Sosman, R. Ucci, S. Embry, J. Valentine ROW lV: T. Koerner, T. Truman, D. LaCourse, N. MacDonald, S. Clingenpeel, M. Todd, N. Gianocopolis i ,A,. .W . in 5.45 The resulis of The Key Club Canned Goods Drive l54 fwcuiizfe l6'0ard SEATED: Mr. Hermes, B. Kennedy, B. Ahern, Mr. Gagnon. STANDING: D. Reed, H. Griffin, B. Blaisdell K Carruthers S Anderson Z +94 CL 'K 0 71' s, 'Eff xx" NATXO The Key Club represents the dual ideas of service and fellowship. School and community projects fulfill the ser- vice portion, while such activities as basketball games, con- ventions, and meetings help to encourage fellowship. Membership in Key Club serves as a spring-board for the development of its young men. Participate actively, take on responsibility and initiative, get to know the other members and the sponsoring Kiwanians and then growth and increased maturity cannot help but result. This is the aim and purpose ofthe Key Club. Bryan Kennedy Keyvffes ROW 1: Miss Stearn, P. Jones, C. Kendell, S. Avery, S. Bates. M. Lewis, N. Booth, S. Piazza, R. Sebastian, N. Sirilurt. ROW ll: P. Sexton, S. Rogers, . Gillen, M. Hayes, N. Drab, J. Shafer, M. Hayes, K. Emery, S. Johnson, D. Squadrito, ROW Ill: M. Gold, M. Barber, B. Ham, A. Jones, C. Fox, B. Force A. Patterson, M. Ball, P. Ketner, B. Durham, G. Bertsch, M. Wilbur, ROW IV: P. Creamer, C. Kolnaski, J. Dalton, M. Fearn, D. Moore, J. Norris, l Critchfield, L. Larson, P. Brown, D. Moss, S. Motz S zmt ezql I A 1 .1 1 i i"":. J "ir':' ' .---3:3 The Keyette vs. The Key Club Basketball Game l56 Smfufizfc Hmrd i ' i L , ROW I: P. Jones, President, C. Kendall, Vice-President, ROW ll: M. Lewis, Junior Representative, S. Avery, Secretary, ROW Ill: S. Piazza, Senior Representative, S. Bates, Treasurer The year 1967 brought a new series of events for the Fitch Senior High Keyettes. Our national project is to aid the migrant farmers of the United States. ln addition we visit Seaside and the Oral School, as well as participate in a mail call to Viet Nam. Once again the Keyettes challenged the Key Club to a thrilling game of basketball, resulting in a sad defeat for the Keyettes, but nevertheless the game was a tremendous success and fun for all. Pam Jones ACTIVITIES Dance Coat Check XQXQ Carol Sing lyfilt Bake Sale QNX A X Refreshments for Christmas Dance Qi ,Q 0' Seaside Basketball Game XXQ X XQTSXQEV-T Cafeteria Clean-up ii' ,fffxl Qwlli Canned Goods Drive Publicity Qffl School Calendar Q Q Q V Teacher Appreciation Day Alsac Drive Seaside Visits Oral School Visits Keyette Mail Call ROW I Mr. James LaPietra, Peggy Sexton, Jimmy Winchester, Norman Bell K Miester Cindy Rowley Angela Castanza P Bourgeois Mercedes Hayes D. Lyons. ROW ll: K. Holby, Dale Anderson, Gail Atchison, Nancy Roloff Linda Miles P Bifalco L Bove Marcia Ball Cherrie Kendall Candy Hernandez. ROW Ill: K. Murphy, M. Pennington, G. Bayna, Bill Farnsworth Chris Letz Bob Ucci Denys Talavera Donna Moss 61110 Sspalwl El Club Espanol has been, in years past, one of the largest school organizations. The main goal is to bring Spanish culture and customs to its members through guest speakers and films. Projects for the year included a bake sale and profitable dance, "A Bit of Spain", in January. The money raised wil be used to provide a S100 scholarship to a senior member of the club and a banquet at the end of the year for the installation of next year's officers Dramafics ROW I: C. Eddy, C. VanDuesen, P. Nickol, D. Moore, B. Tansey, D. Nelson M. Ball, P. Smith, D. Moss, C. Carton, ROW II K. Avery, K. Lusk, M Lewis, C. Moore, R. Hasslemang J. Lewis, J. Maskellg P. Tankard, S. Olexyg C. Rowley. ROW Ill K. Manning, J. Harmon, D. Gordon, D. Behney, N Barlow, B. Force, D. Magloccio, P. Kent, K. Reeves N. Checker, B. Atherton, M. Pennington, N. Sirilurf. ROW IV. G. Gibson, K. McCarty, R. Lewis, Eugene Burke, B. Greenhalghg K. Hclbyg G. Ferris, C. Downing, L. Withee, R. Kennedy, ROW V: G. Cooke, N. Collins, D. Smith, L. Larson, R. Wehner, L. Williams, D. Heman, C. Creamer, A. Yachovetskyg M. Mencer. ROW VI: J. Caron, B. Bateman, R. Becherer, F. Wehner, C. Webb, S. Motzf L. Whaler, R. LaBoue, S. Bufrermoref J. Allanach i Y Disfrilfufizfe Sdumfivn BE U31 :ll ll 4' m...,4,,M gif. mrs' ROW I: A. Conger, D. Touriee, S. Hutterman, B. Tansey, N. Collins, R. St. Pierre ROW Il: M. Rayburn, A. Slocum, A. Thompson, S. Ackley, L. Amonino ROW III Mr. Pierce, J. Morne, S. Davis, M. Thaxton, M. Travers. l59 'X " "M -fa + f- - - ++fl:,aHs..ssif.ffms'af144?a.Q-ms.. in .sx.aswa",a,,.. K.. ., JU .. , ' ' ' J -s. ' X : cams ki glllb .ne-ia-f53,.....,......,..L.. 3 WDM , ,W l .. fa., .. ,L ,.--e.s...,.w....,, ... , 'W' -W '-"M A- s fr...-.--..F-..wsrewsxfsesau-Ther'af'vf-sfffm in-sln....,, :...:w-1. ROSTER, S. Bates, Pam Brown, D. Behney, K. Bergerson, P. Durami, J. Francioci, G. Blanco, W. Greenleaf, R. Sims, B. Pruett, J. Crandall, G. Appicell S. Sloner, Donna Skelton, P. Morre, D. Gordon, D. Freedman, J. Schulfz, L. Harris, J. Harrington, M. Biklen, V. Fales, C. Lefz, C. Cramer, S. Bryte, B Ham, D. Hober, L. Jackson, M. Schefers, G. Crandell, S. Annino, K. McClarey, S. Lindler, P. Turgeon, E. Hopley, C. Pourich, N. MacDonald, G. Russel M. Ball, D. Hemond, B. Durham, L. Stevens, L. Mason, D. Baranouski, F. DeLaura, G. Belyea, R. Small, K. Oliver, N. Collins, A. Wynne, W. Rowe, B Bateman, M. Levenihal, D. Henderson, K. Riccardi, L. Nichols, G. Chipman, L. McFadden, J. Fleming, M. Wood, G. Messinia, J. Watts, G. Mol, E. Hey niger, H. Heyniger, M. Fearn, P. Jones, K. Wood, J. Gillen, S. Slyder, P. Tew, S. Mackey, B. Mackey, C. Allen, J. Hand, S. Olexey, L. McGill, 3 Sadler, M. Jack, S. Rogers, R. Conklin, V. Rodgers, J. Wagner, P. Sharp, S. Canard, K. Driscoll, D. Maynard, S. Gardner, C. Trachtenberg, D. Robinson, . Mofz, N. Drab, C. Kolanski, J. Fleming 671555 Klub STANDING: S. Mandell, Mr. Egan, J. Learned, E. Van Leer, R. Jones, P. Sinehoise, G. Sexton, M. Hayes. KNEELING: P. Duflie, M. Faulkenberry, E Garbardi, T. Sullivan, N. Checker, B. Barber, N. Collins, B. Kennedy l6O GM ROW I A. Nicholsg C. Srreerg M. Kingg J. Lewisg R. Sebasfiang P. EagIesg K. LaVaIIeg C. Cariong J. I-Iarrisg C. Rowleyg ROW Ilg S. Kenrg M. Hayesp M. Hayes, D. Eddyg A. Thompsong M. Fieldsg P. Griffing C. Ponrzg E. Blanchefig C. Godwin. ROW III P. Placeg K. McCarTyg D. Gordong J. Harmony D. Behneyg P. Flemming, L. McFaddeng S. Piazzag W. Gipsong P. Schwanzg L. Masong N. Boorhg ROW IV: M. Garciag S. Cliftonf P. Jonesg L. Jacksony P Creamery D. Ormsbyg T. Bryant, S. AndersongJ Nashg K. MurpI'1ygS. Rousseaug ROW V: B. Belierg C. Kolnaskig S. Mackeyg P. Leignerp K. Sprinkleg P Kolnaskig G. Andersong S. Gardnerg J. Jonesg ROW VI L. Perryg L. Wifheeg D. Andersong V. Falesg M. Richardsong mga' CJFKW ja... ROW I C. Eddy, C. Moorep L. Whelan, B. Tanseyg D. Nelsong D. Mooreg ROW II: R. Weiner, F. Wehnerg R. Bechererg J. Lewisp J. Allanachy ROW III D. Swensong N. Checkerg B. Greenhalghg R. Batemang N. Collins I6I iudvnf Hrwzvil ROW I: Mr. Egan, R. Lucas, P. Smith, S. Bates, A. Patterson, N. Drab, C. Rowley, R. Dunbar, P. Crumb, M. Hayes ROW II: M. Fields, P. Carasquillo C Bishop, B. Ham, D. Lloyd, D. Wilcox, E. Sminkey, P. Creamer S. Piaza ROW Ill: P. Kent, M. Ball, S. Mackey, D. Miles, K. Manning, H Humpher R Kennedy, T. O'Reilly, D. Arnold, M. Fearn, P. Brown ROW IV: G. Walters, D. Moss, C. Welles, S. Motz, T. Koerner, P. Monang The Student Council This year set out almost as a new organization. New officers had to be elected and the S350 deficit left by last year's council had to be dealt with. This was speedily accomplished and the council was S200 in the clear by the new year. To help accomplish this the council held a book sale, a bake sale, and a pep dance. The "Beat New London" ad was once again sponsored by the council as were the class elec- tions. The council will also sponsor a drive for the boys in Viet Nam. The council officers this year helped organ- ize the Local Federation of Student Councils. This organization is working to help bring these schools together. The Student Council has once again become a voice in our school, thanks to the co-operation of the students and the administra- tion. l62 ACTIVITIES Sophomore Orientation Election of Class Officers Election of Senior Executive Board Bake Sale Book Sale Beat New London Ads Book Store Viet Nam Campaign Donated Books to Salvation Army Safety Drive Beat New London "Pep Dance" Member of Local Federation of Student Councils School Colors Day "Fitch" Pins Student Council Scholarship for a Worthy Fitch Student flrfrmr Svciefg ROW I: R. Blaisdell, G. Burfoot, J. Allen, K. Lusk, N. Drab, S. Anderson, B. Force, L. English, P. Carasquillo, G. Gipson, G. Bertsch, ROW ll: Mrs. Santangelo, W. Fish, A. Hale, K. Wolff, J. Valentine, M. Fearn, P. Welles, C. Welles, B. Kennedy, D. Moss, T. Koerner, M. Dimpsey, M. Tansey, P. Tew, R. Lucas, D. Moore, T. Hall, ROW III: R. Sebastian, M. Lewis, P. Tankard, M. Ball, D. Currier, G. Cooke, L. Withee, C. Kendall, B. Ham, S. Marquardt ? glllb . -, .Hear ef . : - ROW I: S. Anderson, S. Lindler, S. Johnson, C. Street, C. Kolnaski, D. Capen, G. Burfoot, R. Lucas, D. Currier, S. Staub, S. Piazza, C. Carton, G. MacRae. ROW Il: N. Gannon, W. Rowe, D. Flaherty, D. Carbee, R. Kennedy, W. Wenk, R. Blaisdell, G. Davis, V. West, A. Sawyer, T. Hall, H. Griffin, D. Plasse, H. Willis, ROW lll: M. Tansey, E. Harvey, S. Withee, J. Valentine, A. Spear, P. Welles, M. Whittaker, T. Adams, A. Carbee, T. Koerner, S. Clingingpeel, S. Embry, R. Erving, G. Sexton, K. Carruthers, D. Venditti, B. Kennedy I63 Hand ROW I. T. Truman, M. Valentine, D. Shafer, G. Butcher, L. Miles, W. Wenk. ROW ll: D. Nickolson, G. Bertsch, D. Anderson, J. Lukeman, P. Simpson K. Meister, D. Moss, C. Welles, J. Marshall, P. Howard, E. Steward, D. Solarz, R. Wilson. ROW lll: E. Persechino, J. Learned, J. Winchester, H Simeon, B. Parker, F. Wehner, P. Jones, K. Wolff, L. Perry, L. Fichera, L. Keaveny, K. Brancato, L. Gray, B. Swanson, R. Robarge, A. Duplice, N. Mac Donald, J. Valentine, ROW IV: J. Guerra, C. Webb, K. Belknap, C. Wenk, R. Hasselman, K. Michaud, R. Ward, S. Buttermore, T. Beebe, E. Schenk, K Oliver, E. Van Leer, L. Wilson, D. LaCourse, Mr. Booth mga' Hand J. Learned, L. Wilson, E. Stewart, R. Wilson, M. Valentine, D. Nickolson, A. Duplice, E. Schenk, J. Valentine, N. MacDonald, J. Winchester, Mr. Booth I64 0101? D. Nelson, C. Carton, E. Ralls, S. Piazza, D. Jackson, R. Merrit, C. Berry, B. Ham, P. Nickol, Mr. Booth. ROW Il S. Marquardt, K. Kay, K. Bosco, C. Van Duesan, D. Blair, L. Withee, M. Mencer, K. Watrous, G. Burgess, N. Hodgeson, ROW III: B. Greenhalgh, F. Howard, B. Greenhalgh, J. Ericson, M. Thaxfon, R. Stevens, W. Burdick, C. Webb, K. Richards, S. Smith, R. Chiapperini, D. Hamlin, N. Checker. Hhorus N. Sirilurf, C. Polard, L. Butler, D. Stewart, D. D'Amico, F. Conrad, B. Kent, D. Nelson, A. McClunnon, ROW ll: M. Fields, S. Chezbro, G. Burgess B. Morill, K. Hensarling, D. Touriee, M. A. Biklin, F. Cowell, D. Baronowski, S. Ackley, N. Panek, Mr. Booth. ROW III: B. Hanes, C. Flowers, S. Davis, D. Blain, M. Banning, S. Mofz, R. Schrachanski, C. Van Duesan, E. Antinino, R. Duarte, N. Dollard l65 Urclwsfra ROW l: K. Richards, D. Ormsby, R. Dunbar, L. Hasselman, L. Harris, H. Rogers, D. Henderson, M. Dimpsey, S. Smith, ROW ll: Mr. Booth, C- WllS0f'l, B Greenhall, R. Hassleman, L. Stevens, R. Erving , Der Dcuisvhe Klub ROW I: Mr. Woikiewicz, B. Ham, M. Gold, G. Sosman, M. Lewis, C. Kendall, L. English, C. Hernandez, E. Garbadi, D. Migliaccio. ROW Il: D. Elkins, J. Allen, K. Manning, D. Gordon, K. Ricardi, N. Hodgeson, K. Kay, P. Griffin, K. Avey, P. Nickel. ROW lll E. Bourque, R. Wehner, G. Bertsch W. Rowe, N. Checker, J. Rosseau, R. Atherton, J. Rannenberg, C. Sadler, L. McGill, M. Barber, J. Guillen, L. Hasselmann ROW IV: J. Corrirea, P. Brown, K. Bergerson, J. Harrington, K. Welles, J. Durham, A. Sawyer, B. Hunsinger, H. Griffin, B. Mackey, R. Small, B. Greenhalgh ROW V: B. Kennedy, G. Cooke, G. Walters, R. Bridges, R. Stephenson, N. McDonald, D. LaCourse, B. Blaisdell, ROW Vl: R. LaBoue, G. Russell, P. Welles, T. Truman, D. Smith, S. Embry, J. Learned, W. Duerr, D. Oberg, G. Sexton I66 1 5 Herrin' Qranmis ROW I: Mrs. Norman, N. Drab, J, Guilman, M. Hayes, M. Fields, P. Griffin, R. St. Pierre, S. Bega, S. Fusconi, A. Sosman, ROW ll: G. Burgess, S. Norton, D. Squadrito, G. Williams, L. Mason, E. Rails, G. Briggs, A. Jones, J. Guillen, S. Anderson. ROW III: R. Sebastian, D. Arnsby, P. Kent, J. Freedman, P. Tankard, C. VanDuesan, P. Jones, D. Heubert, B. Force, C. Eddy, D. Moore, G. McKenna, S. Handberry, L. Palmer, L. Harris, P. Nichol, ROW IV: K. Sprinkle, M. Fearn, C. Kolnaski, M. Ross, M. Bicklin, G. Anderson, P. Kolnaski, B. Demitte, M. Galli, N. Booth, K. Bosco, G. Chipman ROW V: P. Smith, P. Ketner, B. Durham, M. Leventhal, L. McFodden, V. Fales, L. Perry, C. Berry, C. Hall, J. Norris, K. Wolff, M. Dimpsey. ROW VI: J. Dalton, A. Yachovetsky, J. Caron, K. Belknap, G. Lehner, D. Swenson, S. Clingingpeel, J. Watts, J. Learned, D. Heman, T. Koerner, L. Williams, I'. Truman. Le Cercle Francais has provided a time and place for fellowship, proiects, and extracurricular veg '- activities for members of the French classes this year. The membership has increased and the stu- dents were more active than ever. I hope next year's club will be as fine as this year's. Votre president, Tim Truman X il A f ,., f if .ry f t Mrs. Frances Norman '67 Canfara ff 3 W 1 f' 1 df K tg ,,.. , 1, . . , , , 1 r 1 if -if SEATED: Donna Moss-Advertising Editor, Bryan Kennedy-Editor-in-chief, Kathy Kolanski-Advertising Editor STANDING: Janet Allen-Activities Editor, Pam Jones-Literary Editor, Karen Wolff-Organization Editor, Mary Fearn-Circulation Editor, Mike Todd-Sports Editor, Warren Wenk-Busi- ness Manager, Karen Lusk-Class Editor ,W ,..,. H ..,, Wolff, Pat Tew, Karen Lusk, Bob Ucci SECOND ROW: Brad Maxson, Ted FIRST ROW: Mr. Hunsinger, Bryan Kennedy, Janet Allen, Donna Moss, Karen Warren Wenk, Steve Embry, Tom Koerner, Mike Todd, Lionel Williams, Bob Blaisdell, Dave Swenson, Bill Fish THlRD ROW: Sandy Bates, Marcia ' ' K h W d Lee Larson, Cookie Kolnaski, Mary Fearn, Pam Jones, Sandy Bryte, Judy Freedman, Ann Jones, at y oo l 68 Zfamzger . ':' 1' 6 yn-eq ...MQ AC..- Hx-9 ly' ROW I Norma Drab, Editor-in-Chief, Dianne Currier, Ass't Feature Editor, Sue Johnson, Typist, Barbara Force, News Editor, Gary Burfoot, Sports Editor, ROW Il: Pam Brown, Feature Editor, Linda English, Exchange Editor, News Editor. Judy Norris, Circulation Editor, Mr. Pearson, Advisor, Steve Ebmry, Ass't ROW I N. Drab, B. Force, S, Embry, G. Burfoot, P. Brown, D. Currier ROW ll A. Jones, G. Gibson, C. Eddy, G. Bertsch, J. Norris, B. Maxon, M. Ball, C. Kendall, B. Ham. ROW Ill L. English, P. Nickol, M. Hayes, B. Doyle, E. Garbati, K. Bosco, N. Booth, S. Johnson I69 LUNAR lovv with i i if , t Selene, goddess of moon s l 2 s 7 4 W -V r to Dwelis there ldhelyf tombp., if M, 4 Under a vapor of mystery Shetjyvveaves her web of history . . . Ot shining disks that outward go ,,. ,W ,v vv, Q 911, " it giffrhe rivers that on earth flow, W ss,ss O creatures born on wings of fiame, J, 3 ' do Beings that ,hav no other n r r g wi a we at A gg t r 353 . g V' s i s D K 8 W, Y K ' ' ' M' - ..-, ,K . the a iiieqawoan vv1'Ybidarkest iight, f' , An me 'Umar Wd- '-5, "' s ' "Come tome, SS2LbGli'id!H ss W Q , X it 'Alone is 'Sei out dak, 'A iff' W it Locked in 'mansion F i Alone she w aves on t he Web o1P25ime,.s IP r 45 13, ' Murmuringrievf line after line 3' ff, ' ' 3'-QQ. M ,,,, ..,, 5 ,,, , W, 7, 'fl , I 'F '!"'-'EW 't Ot the ageiess wisdom the earthiight sencE, Rippling down over a moon's cavernous bends. And over the earth, the disks she sends, Where their magic forever she lends. V. -Barbara Ham 4 wp. ,ff , 1, A Q J I ' . 7 ' , i W is. ,,- .T A W Z"" , gs. QA" ilk.u A . 3 K if.. 1, 3' 1' ,- I -nr ,ng W Q up A VB? vp? iw, , 4? ,ga arf"' ,,fe.- - fi2f1g1,M 1 Q 4 an? 4? 1 -7-W - i X gl W ' , , H'- '91 K' Af ,fy 1 IA fi 5 me L- V .., I J 195 4 an ...Q L if fn ....-P...-.-. 4 I M .. . aullq' r . , 1' ' it Q4 'GZ ,, 5 is ,., . Q 1 1- ,ff 1' ...K 0- , 'L A 'F 4' mf' 4 'M ' imc' , A 'F an .MMA QA' . L,,. ' ' ' ia A' ,,.cf 5,5 A f ' ." ., -'f 1 ' ,ff W ' , ' A 1 , I ' ",5 5 nf, T i" ,Z -3 , S I y' 'd 7 F 5 1 my - 5'5" fy XQW 6 ,K N ag N I 5 wg? X? lm Lflflcmories ,-af ,,. K- -wiv Wfllif . , Rl-mf 'NDN E ...M pn.. : Zz!! at itch .75 . . . ei 'l 5 ?00!luz!l Games C , ,fmqww -.nv---f ov ? 5 Q JQW49 judo xg HK I .. Qu. M a . ffl . 5 QS L . N. Q ..x. ,K ll A L ' V ...f 1 I - -3- ., ,.,. A ' - :L --'- lf 1 . i , E ' g k .?,'- ,, , . '1 Q ' g ' -, - - ' A 'N--A " 5 A 4 A Q ' K' 1 - ' 'iglxig -" 'W-f . 'W f x ' ' Q " Q' 6'rrfss 6'rfu14!ry Hand 6'w4cerfs x ffvmecoming I 966 HOMECOMING QUEEN-DIANNE CURRIER SENIOR COURT: Pam Jones Sue Piazza Jean Stafford I74 JUNIOR COURT: Donna Brown Sue Avery Kathy Driscoll Marie Barber FOOTBALL CO-CAPTAI NS-Rich Lucas Ted Hall 'WFT' gre I ,sw r,,, ,M i 'mf' Dianne is all smiles for an admiring audience. Homecoming 1966 was the crowning event of Fitch's most successful football sea- son in four years. During the 1966 season, Fitch was victorious for the second successive year over New London High, its traditional rival. The Homecoming Dance, with Miss Dianne Currier reigning as its queen was a fitting conclusion to a fine season. Queen and Co-captain "The RepuIsives?" 1 E E55 W 'S 55? vw . . . N -'---.., at "' Sf it 3 S Q Y this Qi? 3 "." h E I ,,,x I76 K' -11 .QW I . .r In one of The year's most exciting moments, Wanda Lenfz, a member of last year's senior court, crowns The new queen. 'LD G Zh V QT! df R Q- :Clay df- -y itch fs 61111465 . . . Plays Lynchings . fleiHgcr Ahead Hullabulva iii!! School Ghoul and Pumpkin Princes 5' gfllb Jnifiafim 5. ,, ,M " . 1 , What kind of shots did you say they gave yo told gh to Io g p nt S I wonder if the Highway Department knows about this U16 Mah ,virif il- ,L ' R gr W , Q at ,,. Cookie. Burn New London, burn! I79 - an i A ' J I A 4 5 P 1 4? 5 Ll L 1 M . Q ik N ' Y h Os s E ,Q f F, 0.-1 vf ' W YL ,N , , it q, Q., HTC? 53 S6935 UIDTUI Mm 1 ng. HQ kg flax qv-3" NNE,-A Q o I W, :isp ' A . a W Y .Q s mv F ffl' 7 J., gr -4 sh? 3 ii ,X K cf f 'aj is ' f K , i 32455 .W- ,M 5, A R if 4 JW , fa sf? f ' A ,r y,f.', ,V - NM.. '5- 0, 1.3 QQ 'vs 1 wg. , X X -, 'X 1.-N"g53Q." 11 4 K 'ffpfi " 'P w f Z f L . WJ V. g f-4 7 Goucerfs Ng Z3-,,,:.'-1 l O 3-42 3. ill ff-.-rv to Ur' 'l 1 '- A .., N' uxa,'.,. A 1 - . ' x "f, .RX 9374 Mr. Booth directs the Choir at the Mid-Winter Concert. r l All ' lr s , + lr, Roberta Merril? sings "Oh Holy Night" at the Christmas Concert. iss w Srrnirfr Winter Krlrniml r H Key Club rat race gy M jp' hm, "The GYOUPHI Lee l-GVSOYL Donna MOSS, and ClndY Van Del-'Sen Gib Sosman and Alan Shelton entertain at the Hoofenany. l8l Guest composer and conductor, Mr. Ralph Herman: The Exchange Concert attracted over 600 spectators. fwlzaugc' Haucerf Over the weekend of Marcl 10, ll and 12, Fitch played hos to a group of students fron Manhasset, Long Island. On Sat urday evening, the Fitch band, ac companiecl by the Manhasse band, gave a concert which wa: rated as one of the most success ful events of the year. S X JW" .2 X wif be Mr. Arthur Booth, Mr. Frank Scimonelli, soloist, Mr. Ralph Herman, composer, And Mr. Ralph Chovinard, Manhasset conductor. I82 i Y Mr. Scimonelli plays a coronet solo. . qi. Q 1 f f 1. gf gfii-Ill f ' - l l ' 3.2 , ., W 3 Q 35:5 Lys X 1 -'9 an agus S .QIQ 05. .usa mumm- l FITCH y Club finally wins a ga Wish Us. Alumni yy,-sg l84 Cote shoots Tansey scores for fhe Varsity Two points for O'Rielly s 5 if ,h x . 5349 - K 1 UL? 3 f VIYTUQY n 0 I A V . A I mx X ,MM N.,, .Wir ..., , , V . , . ,g35'f'ffif fx' fm! , 2571122 15652:-5 ffksiiiafy-fr i" V ",, mf I QQ. gy, X, - ffm, 154 I H ' ff" 9.1 ziw A " if :vw f ' .:" , Varsity Form?? How did we ever cheer like that last year Hey! I want a chance to shoot. 1, l 1 if ,E f 1 ' - .ja i i z 4 if l v at i i 3 . ' 5 -2 1 1 f i f 1 , hifi, if if IYJ, 5 rl, -, . 7 we , llr gin,-qt il affix, I VIVW: M K ,v , S I I4 - affix Q i is 1 . ' w 7 f A 1 ' L ,. i f M , . 3,5 a. , ,,L, L: f gg M- -. js.. , .j , ,L I 5 in f f' . 3 ' ' 1T3fg,1,,.4 ES. f ,',Vs.,'. ,gi ,Y Q, M y W 2 .. Q. rk izj fzin. ,V 'fx l ? .. qYl A f l ,f, x , ' p J ' Lx I "jf , 4 - xtg?,N X ,.,., pi" X, .k . K 4 1 '.. li. f a 1 'fig X so A :wig vii? , if KX l V mit X fi as ' W 'll 1 rl 1 2' if I' X so a All if .4 l fi Q m r l 5, Q, ,. - 4 N V j vi un" '- fy-M-1.,f' 345 'I' 4'r,A'. J lv if 4 .i he ' , rg g wg.. VV faiig, m f, u K, 7, ,JM A V' ,MV 5 , :nv Q 2.4, V iv jg f H, 5 ' . 3-.Q .4 . ...l ., , ,, . .. i , .if ,,. . , - 1:.1e..fV 5 ,ig .ia I .,,,.fv1z:,.., Sikkim? This preity skier can be seen around Fitch foo! The Ski Club Trip To Haysfack Mounfain in Vermont was fun for all, but was not without its casualties. fabove and belowl. However, there seern To be some compensations Cabovej for Rick Conklin's broken leg .. . Below, Rick is carried To the bus as they begin The long 'rrip home. X! 1 ,.f,.,.wM'f ,xi 5 1 QQ? , L- in I 0' ., T . N Xxx!! :mg x . .aaa Xaser UW -a. ' Q ..l"5' DIANNE cookie CORRIE SUE CORAL Varsity Uheering 'QB SUE BLACK AND GRAY When the Black and Gray run into line, We're going to win this game And that's a sign, We're going to fight, fight, fight for Victory, And let our names go down in football History! We're going to cheer, cheer, cheer AT every game, Among the best you'll always hear the name, Among the best you'll always hear the name, ROBERT E. FITCH HIGH! 'n azi 1 if 35 4 It ' ilk : 3:5-air - f K 1 eel. -'-x- ' , "ff: -5' 'TL' . ' ,g " T5 fiiff 'Z 1" ': ',,:, N? 3 my , . M - L , P . r 'ii QQ ul' I I 1 -- i , .W .y 533-M J - - Q K .K K .. . , i , Lf 'P Q. ff S - 1-T-.Y SL ' , - D 0 " .-Mt' , - if-a. '- ,Q ,' ' ' 'Mi Sr ,wx A W. .x , Nex- X 1. gf , 1 R 1 " a 1t- Q V. f A ' .ab . BACK ROW: Coral Street, Dianne Currier, Cookie Kolnaski, Sue Staubg FRONT ROW: Corrie Carton, Sue Piazza, Sue Johnson, Shirley Lindler. 8 if "Score, team, score!" Spirited circle. "For the Red and the Black" l87 wma? .s 'QQ' 5 9 5. Q S tt f 113 xt ,,-' fs' F A . if A R - MAUREEN JACK JACKIE HAND LIZ MASON JACKIE SCHAEFER DONNA BROWN RENEE SEBASTIAN SANDY BEGA ROSALIE DUNBAR junivr Varsity The Fitch J.V.'s in a display of talent. Score, Team, Score! Donna and Liz. . me a jaymfs Renee Sebastain Rosalie Dunbar Jackie Schaefer Elizabeth Mason Jackie Hand Maureen Jack Sandy Bega Donna Brown 3 SF .A ik , 9 3 ,'. K fi if K ' K ' --11. ' x ' 4 ,V Q1 ' Q - i Vw I A LL' W J i'L LQ 5 1,1b . ' af- .. . . f y. x. ., 1, . . ka KT 5 K V 5 ' 'V AL ' U 'Q I il' ' A K i ' " aw .ls XS 3 B if : Q x - 11 --Q Q.. ' E lm X g L -K L 'i Lh "E' ,.. , t ' ' i ,LVL U m ," krrl TQ - in ' I I ' 'I 'f zz, qk" ' fin q, , 1 ,, up A f b l Q A , ', I A QB. W . A ik wa Q. U - . . " A f b Q at ,V ' Y .A ml' ,2:. , 3 ,mzh ., L , ,gg ' is ,., J 1Ki + , i?Q l' l" - , , , 1 - . fx i k . M ffl S f'5, K . . K ,,... .QA - Fl X 1 K VV , : M .L Us QT aw X 4 . ,ff .:. E-Qga y g -if :af i QQ, .. . N.-1: -f .- . -. ,L .1 .iw is -- . -I iq. -1, , -, ',... 3. 1. '.-. .., . ., x. . .2 ,f -:A . .21 -. , M., , .. N .W in ' ' - ',,. x -- Q . S' Q 4 Wk us now on its head gllum 'MQW 'M V agen Plarpfmg our feet, . , :3 .WE 'Hs ' R K ,,,. , V .1 K I al? 'Mess A Q3 . . ',,lee Beh Id A ee Resting At eel f - e 5 ' fs, it a0l'1QA, . --Alice C. Fletcher .N , 'L gwlisf ' 1 N. ,, f P , W ..., . ' Q , - ... . - - A' ' L, gi -Q Ai! Y - ,isis 'bm f '-1- 2 .- T j 1 1 1, " . , ,- V I X Cool it, kids! First Yale turned me down, then Harvard: if I don't get accepted at M.I.T., this is going right into the left ventricle. l'll trade you my Micky Mantle for your Don Drysdale. wil I don't care if he did say it in Germany I don't want to hear that word in my class again. ni M' X L'-tl A' l l l in Y' by I I jf, 1 'l i 6' , ii TV A li R' 2' i,,1 i,, l'll never figure out how to milk this snake! 192 "The Rape of the Lock" nnual meeting of the Bryan Kennedy fan club. My God, the deadline was yesterday! "Pss1! 'look at Kaihy now. .r ex' 5 This is a heck of a way to punish a guy! Watch 'em go for Burgerbits! Ie, I' ' R 9 "The Stripper," Mr, Booth? x See these desks will hold Two Tons!! L 'ski Y LN XS x I X545 W sag: KL as 5 ik R xl' X N Q X 3-XS sv 'RAE l R 'Si 86' I '-im. And I recommend .. . augh . . . Bryan Kennedy Augh . . . for . . . E lf EB K '94 "Sanc1us sanctorumf' Jump, iump Spot. See Spot lump. mos Q 5, 49 f X "CA ,fy ' 1-In Q ! 'Til if" ,fff"Q MEAL 1' . 'SJ 1 si 'xp f ld ,VQA - is H ,Q- , , - X 1.10 b B I Z ,-', ,i , Y 3 , 4 ju , X ' v 1 f ' -9x - I -'Y X 1 t : il xx gg' , Zh .ai , isbn S .-if fir! Our Yearbook? WhaT's big and purple and blows a whistle?-Officer Grape. But Mary, I'm hungry! Why can't I eat my Iunchz? 'ad f Q So fhafs what makes Mr. Tyler tick! ll , --m.x1:1.Q. - K What page did you say that diriy part was on? iff ., 'J X ff 721 lx X I M' L - "' Barf! Let Hertz put you in the driver's seat! .,,,,. 59, 60 . .. Gee I'll never be able to count all the hairs on my hand. Q? I 1: 'X ... f According to my calculations, l've been dead for seven Hear no evil, see no evil, EVIL. i .p,f, -ul years. Let's see . . . two parts gin, one part vermouth . . . g ,.......-1 'here! l've really pulled the wool over the nternal Revenue's eyes this year! asdf asdf asdf asdf . . . I97 Z r f ? w ,W is...1 51... . . . And many of the Medici women poisoned their husbands. "Man Dies of Arsenic Poisoning 1 I' Q 6 r faq '42 ,.,.v-"""" '98 O.K. Mrs. Caouetfe, you want Lou to pick up a loaf of bread and a dozen eggs . . -Q-we 1 The man a woman kisses back uses Binaca 1. X I X I don't ceiling! see why they can't iust hire someone to fix the In ten seconds-POOF!-I'II be a toad again. And this year I promise a revision of the dress code. I J And when Mr. Lupien siaris his motor-KABOOM! And I always thought they reproduced by binary fission! 1 ' 1 1 , ' 0 2 i ii Cramps, Louie? 5 5 i i No, it was the Ides of March, not The ldes of April! 200 Move it or lose it! And then some big kid Dianne, didn'f you fix that zipper yet? What's new Pussycat? A hh , . ,. e N it Q fa Dearest Jimmy .. . L-L,-' J 3, i. it . . ,. Hynes .W ,,.. W ,,.. .,,, , :emit ...,, k X K j It!l2i:,:.1:1 .. gg. Q 5 Y" X f. , 1:-f -- ., ,k:-,.: E:-ii.:-A., ff,- :rf i ' ' - z- i-if-2ffuf""'fHe:!!?'sQ, i " A ,... , ,ef .i - , . .gee fm--11, X v iw i s W Y -ss X X, A 3 . "' 'n 1' i E yr if . ,-.: i i E Q3 r, , 1 . ' e y ' je - , . AL-L .,,, Q . ggi ix ,Qin f X 4 4 CS 'Q ,Q - K kklx 4 A 4 W 2i'i.,ff .. '1 - A ' I , I-,. , N. My My N N.. A .xx. - N K 'Md Q I 5 , R x A rl J: ,mg , ax x . pm, -5 if, Q, - X i, ,, - , K el 'L' nf me e - . i wwe 1 ' f . .Na .. A . if W.. ,. X.. . . .. ,:mhgNvv.., W. gg '-'cz W W A rf .. 4 1 up Mr. Terrific ieaps to the attack. Yes Richard, you may be the president, but you still have to pay. 20l fl 7' , ' ,,kh , QA,, , f ' it ,M me x, ft ' ' -,-, Na - ,Ziff-:Ti ff aQ.5-4" 'N We V ' 59 --ff4tmf,f,i5:4ff2MHff ' U . " - . - ff '34 'K 'k" -Ml58W52ll?mk.v'f'T' ', ' - xo l wonder if they'll let me live in that big stone house down there. They should have told me it was the wrong goalposts. aw L V . I: :T It says here there really is a Winchester Cathedral. '- M' 202 'Step 2: Bite through the skin till blood appears. How do l tell Mrs. K. that my finger's caught in the keys? Taking a chance in Unit 6. 5 a 5 U Mary Fearn relinquishes her crown to Kathy Wood. fifnf I i 5 1 g 1 Yeah fhat's my purse- What are you going to do about it? 5 Ai! Who'd ever dream we were making book in the school library! Him, him! r 1 The will UNA, ,-f N. anklets are nice, but I ever catch on. don't think the tie "No, I'm afraid he won't buy me a new brief case-You should see his Moby Dick book!" lla, I never could figure out this tongue-in-cheek literature El", P And then l said To Hitler, "The British will never go to war." xg, "fir ,,. ff' X 5.1 Doesn't this darn typewriter know how to spell?! md l'm gonna flunk this one and this one and fsnickerj . .. Soup de iour-Today it's bug soup. And then the big bad wolf said . . . e J rw A - t What do you mean "Parlez-vous das Deutsch? I wonder where the action is this weekend. They won't get my picture for the Tanfaral fl Here's what I found in my soup . . if , Q 3 Jyee Q Q 4 fra- Yes, I saw Mr. Vahey in the basketball game! 'A 1 W N1 I -.-as You must be kidding! Us buy a Tantaral? GOLDEN HORlZONS Reflections from a goldenyear inspire youth to hold their own On muggy weathered plains On tields of moss and quiescent sorrow Near despair and brittle truths Tiny rays ot golden days Bring atresh new tears Tears so full ot misty thoughts ot joy Ot effort and time and wisdom all stored Yes reflections ot this golden time Inspire youth to brace again For the new horizon on another plane of time. -Ngrma Dwi, Advertising Levine Agency ESTABLISHED I 928 Resicleniial Commercial Indusfrial Properiy Managemeni' Insurance in AII Hs Phases LOUIS LEVINE AGENCY 227 Sfafe Sireef, New London Dewar? Building HENDERSON REAL ESTATE I4 Holmes Sireei Mysfic Connecficuf Complimenfs of WHIT-MAR INC. Murphy Poini-Mysiic, Conn. On The Mysiic Easi' Shore Congra+uIaI'ions +o The Class of l967 RADwAY's DAIRY, INC. DIVISION OF GUIDA-SIEBERT DAIRY 29 Jefferson Ave. New London SONOCO PRODUCTS COMPANY Mysiic Complimenfs of MODERN ELECTRIC Groion New London Give To 'rhe SALVATION ARMY SHANNON MOTORS, INC. Roufe 7IfI S+oning+on, Conneciicuf UNIVERSAL FOOD STORES MOE HOCHMAN Meafs-Fruifs-Groceries 79 Poquonnocl: Rd. Grofon Complimenfs of ABBOTTS LOBSTERS Pearl S+ree'I' Noank fi Youth can make-that dream come true with the H Protected College Expense Plan from S. ' C Biifllm 'fl-'Ee fee - 'fomonnow ,.'4:.-' s .f , h ffl : q 4' comms, cu-r BANK -.6 .11-sslwhiiiggg eg4,3:. f?'f:" J I ,-, - VA'k Lan .I ,COMPANY 35 OFFICES . . . SERVING 24 CONNECTICUT COMMUNITIES GARY 8. LARRY's CLAM BAR n R+. I2 Grofon 9'Ju.a0 :Il s nor uoss nAuauncgR5'5 Specializing in FRESH Fish . And Ipswich Fresh Clams Compllcmenihs Also 0 Jumbo Hoi Dogs on BuHered TOGSTSCI ROIIS Grofon New London COMPLIMENTS TO THE CLASS OF I967 FROM ROLLINSON'S MARKET 58 Noanlc Road Wes'I' Mysfic "Good Food Since I923" CompIimen'I's of DUNKIN' DONUTS 368 Rouie I2 Groion, Conn. Congraiulafions 'Io 'Ihe Class of '67 From HENNEL FURNITURE CO. I33 Banlr Sf. New London, Conn. COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND FUSCONI Cleaners 8: Tailors Shirl' Launderers Plan-Crysfal Lake Rd. Branch-5I2 Thames Sf. PALMER'S COVE MARINA Small Boai' SI'orage Repairs- Used BoaI's THAMES MOVING 81 STORAGE New London, Conn. Congra+ulaI'ions fo I'l1e Class of '67 "HOUSE OF TEE" Fine Clo+hes for Women 84 Teens Long Hill Rd., GroI'on, C+. Best Wishes to the Class of l967 DEPENDABLE SERVICE FOR OVER 75 YEARS All Forms of Personal and Business Insurance INCLUDING Life ' Fire ' Aulo ' Heallh ' Boal's Bonds I78 Bridge Sl'reel', Grolon 445-8157 I3 Masonic S'rreel', New Yorlc 442-0433 s '- BB r B4 LI NCOLN-MERCU RY COUGAR-TRIUMPH Aullworized Dealer l55 Monlauk Ave. 442-4448 New London, Conn. BEAUTY VILLA Roule I2 Gales Ferry f Permanenf Wave Specialisls f Hair Coloring Exper'l's f Wig Care and Advice 464-7484 Congra'rula+ions From MA LI Grofon Shoppers Mari' Complimen+s of MAILHOT CLEANERS 2l Wesi' Main S+. Mysfic, Connedicuf 536-7526 "Where else 'ro buy books buf a+ Mali's" Congrafulaiions 'l'o +he Complimen+s of Graduaiing Class of I9b7 from TUNXIS SPORTSWEAR New London SEA PO RT FOOD "Under fhe Aqueduc+" 36 Cufler S+. S1'oning+on Connedicui' Complimenfs of ECONOMY Sc 8: I0c Mysiic. Conn. Complimenis of BENDETT'S SPECIALTY SHOP 28 Wesi Main S+. CompIimen+s 'l'o fhe Class of I9b7 'From CENTRAL SUPERMARKET II8 Fori' Hill Road Grofon, Conn. Besi' Wishes 'Io ihe Class of '67 THE FINISHING TOUCH GEO. KEITH-Holmes Sf. 536-3624 Anfiques-Refinishing--Furn. Repair Complimeni' +o +I1e Class of I967 From "FLOWERS BY RALPH" Pleasani' Valley Rd. Grofon, Conn. Complimenis +o 'I'I1e Class of I967 FO RT HILL PHARMACY II6 For? Hill Rd. Grofon, Conn. Flrlrklqe :sea 3 EASTERN CONNECTICUT'S COMPLETE SAILING CENTER 536-6I66 Box 251 Noank H. O. WILLIAMS OO. ' ' l General Merchandise Phone 536-8258 Old Mysfic, Conn. SEAPORT SS Open 24 Hours I Roufe 27, Mys+ic Tel. 536-l0l0 Proprieior BOB LENIHAN MYSTIC MOTORS U -.1 Ing, Q S O Y Chrysler 0 Plymoufh 0 Valianf v Simca AC O S A 'gill Top Qualify Used Cars ,Q AREA CODE 203 Ria. I Easf Side Mysiic 536'3'9' L T ,ll 15 WATER STREET MYSTIC, CONN. 06355 NEW LONDON FURNITURE STORE 4l Golden Sf. New London Save af a Mufual Savings Bank Complimenfs' of GROTON SAVINGS BANK SANTIN CHEVROLET Bank Square Mysfic. Conn. MYSTIC b8l Long Hill Rd. W. Broad Sf. Grofon Pawcafuclc Complimenh of BRUSTOLON Member FDIC Buicl:-Ponfiac SERVICE INSTRUCTION AIR REPAIRS SALVAGE STATION AQUA SPORTS, INC. ComP,,men,s of Diving Cen'I'er MANTOWN Rfe. I2 and Long Cove Rd.. Gales Ferry, Conn. Telephone 464-7878 HYRUM B. MULLIKIN Masfer Diver Congral'ulalfions ancl Besi' Wishes +o The gracluafing class of '67 from The JUNIOR CLASS JOI'IN'S BARBER SHOP Grofon 445-7900 Shopping Plaza 8 Barbers Telephone JE'Iferson 6-3722 HEWITT WOODCRAFTERS. INC Early American House ANTIQUE REPRODUCTIONS Cusfom Buil+ Furnifure-Repairing and Refinishing Showrooms And Shop, Rie. I84, Old MysIic,Conn. 445-l026 Confideniial 445-020 I Courleous Correcl GROTON TELEPHONE ANSWERING SERVICE Serving Gro+on-New London Area E and C Eckholm ,Jupi,,,,,. M THE WRIGHT AGENCY G"'I""' CI' Insurance Real Es+aI'e LONG HILL CHEVRON 709 Long Hill Road Bank Square, Myslic, Conn. EDUCATION-A Primary Requiremenf KNOWLEDGE-ResuI+ Of Eclucaiion and Experience ENGINEERING Requires Pleniy Of Boih N X ED'S GULF SERVICE 67I Long Hill Road Grofon, Conn. Tel. 445-7842 MODERN WOODCRAFT Kifchen Ca bineis Grofon. Conn. ART'S TYDOL STATION Old Mysfic Road PI1one: 536-2265 Residenfial Commercial Inclusirial THE MURPHY COMPANY Real Esfafe Complimenis of C. J. PERKINS INC Supplying a Trusled Bond Befween 'rhe Buyer and The Seller Office Tel. 445-2431 Miliiary Hwy. Rouie I2 Grofon, Conn. 06340 MERRILL'S DECORATING 81 PAINT O Home Decorafing Cenier I93 Green Sf. New London IOI4 Poquonnock Rd. Grofon, Conn. 5 "BLUE RIBBON" 'V Home FINANCING ,, an C ef. including OPEN-END mor-Igages wi+I'I SKIP-PAYMENT privilege I New London Federal Savings has for 'rhiriy years on ihe average paid H16 l'Iigl1es'l' raI'e of re- Iurns in 'I'I'Iis area on insured savings. Grofon Office PIC 'N PAY SUPER MARKET 0 Choice Meals 0 Fine Vegerables 0 Open Sundays 3 Roosevelf Ave. MYSTIC "Cleaning of 'Ihe BeHer Kind" FRENCH CLEANERS I3-I5 COTTRELL STREET, MYSTIC, CONN. Tel. JEfferson 6-823I JOHN PAUL BARBERSHOP Six Experi' Barbers al' Your Service John P. Lasala I7I Bridgb Sfreei Grofon, Connecficuf GILMAN C. GUNN 81 SONS, INC. Insurance and Real EsI'aI'e 79I Long Hill Road Groion, Conn. Day: 445-74-II Nighf: 445-5509 CompIimen'I's of CUSHMAN BURKE INC. Sales and Service Chrysler 0 PIymou+h 0 Valiani 0 Imperial Shoes for Campus and Dress JOHN ELION SHOES INC. Grofon Shopping Plaza THE CASUAL SHOP Disfincfive Feminine Fashions Main S+. Waferfall Shopping Grofon Shoppers Nianiic Cenfer Mari Waierford HAZEL I. MAIN Gill' Shop I5 Wes? Main Sfreei' Mysfic, Conneciicuf 536-7389 GROTON PHARMACY Saul Namlrin, B.S., Reg. Pharm. I97 Thames Sfreef, Opp. Posi' Office Grofon. Conn. Phone 445-2032 DeCAROLIS SHOE REPAIRING 450 Thames SI., Groion Leafher Jaclreis Repaired Also Zippers, Golf Shoes and Bags: Shoes Dyed Air Condifioning PVIVUIU Bail' PMN WINDSOR MOTEL T"""'5' Rf. 95, Groion, Conn. GIRARD ANTONIO, Propriefor I Mile Easl of I'he Gold Sfar Bridge STONE LEDGE ART GALLERY Picfures for 'I'I1e Home H. R. HILLERY COMPANY 59 High Sfreef-NOANK-Phone 536-78l3 E SCHABLEIN'S Shoes for Eniire Family 28-32 Bank SI. New London, Conn. SEASIDE MARKET SI1ee+ Me+aI and Roofing Confraciors Grofon Long P+. Road Noanlr, Conn. 536-9254 TEXACO PRODUCTS Open 8 A.M. 'Io 9 P.M. Grofon, Conn. RENALDI'S TEXACO STATION Compieie Froni End Alignmenf Moior Tune-Up 24 Hour Wrecker Service Phone 445-5277 2 Shennecosseff Rd. Bes-f Wishes +0 1-he NORM RENALDI, Prop. Grofon, Conn. Class of '67 HOLIDAY INN Groion-New London For Your Special Dining and Enferiainmeni' Pleasure 81 .SLEJETNIEEUTY ALEXANDER LEE'S KIDDYLAND New London-Groton Toys--Nursery Furniiure-Hobbies MIKE'S MEN'S WEAR Feafuring Young Men's Wear Tuxedoes for Reni' WHIPPLE PIANO 81 ORGAN CO. Sales and Service RI. I84 Grofon 58 Bank S+. New London 445-5989 NeIco-AdIer-EIecIroIux-Admiral ANDERSQN-LITTLE co. NELCQ Manufadurers APPLIANCE-SEWING C-ENTER For Men'Women'BoYs 36 Thames Sfree'I Long Road GTOIOII, COYIHBCIICUI' 445-763I Grofon, Conn. 06340 Repair On AII Makes of Sewing Machines Complimenis o'F SANTIN CHEVROLET Mysfic, Conn. CompIimen+s of GINGHAM GATE GOODSON'S, INC. "Gro+on's CompIe+e Men's Shop Grofon Shopping Plaza 445-6967 I. HINKLE LACEY'S STUDIO Diamonds-Wa'I'ches o Indus+riaI o Weddings JeweIry-Giffs Commercial 0 Poriruifs 42 wen Main sneef ' CI"'d"" Mysfic Grofon Shopping Cenier-Nexf Io Benny's-Grofon, Co FRANCIS ELECTRONICS, INC. Hi-Fi 8: Elecironics Cenfer LaFaye'H'e Radio Assoc. S'I'oro 565 Long Hill Road. Grofon Complimenfs of NICK-TED PIZZA PALACE Grofon. C+. 1 Fine Furniture is Affordable 64 Hunfingfon SI. New London Grofon Shopping Plaza Congrafulaiions Class of '67 Besf Wishes For Success In 'rhe Fufure From SANTACROCE AGENCY Real Es+a+e and Insurance 599 Poquonnoclc Rd.. Grofon, Conn. Mal R Chris-Craff Boafs 536-968I SEAPORT MARINE, INC. 25 Ton TraveIi'F'I' 0 Sforage 0 Marina Myshc oberfson Conn Complimenfs of VOLVO CITY Waferford, Connecficui' BARBER'S TELEVISION SERVICE CompIimen'I's of 'Ihe V' ig, ff , N , --I C I II.. ,fl 14, "STEAK 8: SUNDAE SHoFPEs" Gro+on-New London The Besf in Food 8: Ice Cream CompIimen+s of COCA-COLA BOTTLI NG CO. of New London, Inc. Coca-CoIa-Tab S pri'I'e-Fresca GULINO'S BAKERY and DELICATESSEN BIRTHDAY CAKES BREADS ROLLS CREAM PASTRIES Dairy Bar and Coffee Shop Sandwiches, Sundaes Ice Cream 505 Long Hill Road Grofon PA LA u PHARMACY Prescripfions Are The I-Iear+ Of Our Business Your Phofographic Cenfer 24 Wes'I' Main S+. Mysiic, Conn. 536-8400 Congratulations And Best Wishes to the Graduating Class of 1967 From The SCPHOMORE CLASS 1 RX Wfh gilffff- X iqflfv-ll C I' en'l's New London Om lm "Q, ' ' Of Iifsbx ff . . 'S-:No ' " of Hairdressing Iig ils 4 -'School of Skill'- 'S 253 Sfale S+., NEW LONDON 443-7348 203 "Wlwere Losses Come Firsl" COMRlE'S LANDSCAPE SERVICE, INC. Branch Offices 580 Sandy Hollow Road. Mysiic In Specializing in Fine Lawn Gr0l'0n Consiruclion 81 Mainlenance New London Specializing in Sod and Nianfic Complimenfs of GROTON CLEANERS OLIVER'S Radio and Television Appliances MACY'S BARBERSHOP Telephone 536-7043 454 Thames 5+- MYSTIC, CONN. 445-'209 Men, Women, and Children Razor Cu'Is and Hairslyling by Appoinimenf THAMES RIVER PRESS. INC. 334 Thames SI. 0 Grofon, Conn. In Gro'I'on I'I"s TOMMY'S FLOWERS 294 Mifchell S'I'reeI' . . . 445-5074 GROTON HARDWARE MOORE'S PAINT SCOTT'S LAWN PRODUCTS TORO POWER EQUIPMENT ELECTRIC APPLIANCES I69 Thames S+.. Grofon, Connec'Iicu'I' 445-7453 CongraI'uIa'I'ions io fhe Class of '67 HOLIDAY BOWL I7 Kings Hwy. CompIimen+s of CAMPBELL'S HARDWARE and SPORTING GOODS Grofon Shopping Plaza SLIFKIN 81 SON. HDWE. Gro'I'on Shoppers Mari Groion, Conn. 445-6789 Gro+on, Conn. 445-6500 Telephone 445-7594 Qflfmef Zaymes ALAN MITCHELL GIIf.i'I11if.flfff+ Now Equipped WiI'h 32 ' A-2 Au+oma+ic PinseHers Complimenfs of N. J. GORRA 8: BRO. New London. Connecficuf his VISION TO REALITY The idea of travel beneath the sea is as old as man. Yet, the first practical submarine, the U. S. Navy's Holland, was built only 67 years ago. Since the turn of the century the submarine has gone from a crude vessel, representing more hope than realization, to a nuclear powered wonder. Today, nuclear at- tack submarines and nuclear Polaris tiring submarines, are guarding freedom around the globe. This came about because men with ideas were willing to meet the challenge of changing vision to reality-a challenge of hard work, readiness to learn and, above all, a desire to move ahead with new ideas. Their success proved an old idea. The future belongs to those who prepare for it. GENERAL DYNAMICS Electric Boat Division C. 8: L.-RADIO-TV-APPLIANCES Sales 8: Service 405 Williams S+. Grown New London Sl"0PPe"'5 MGH' Tel. 442.9449 Tel. 445-0928 J. 81 G MARKET Groceries-Meals-Vegefables-Frui'I' Complefe Freezer Service 22I Thames S+. Groion Complimenfs Io Class of '67 'Flavored in Flame' 42 Forl' Hill Rd. Complimenls of MODERN ELECTRIC Gro'I'on New London DICK NEFF'S "49" MYSTIC SPORTING GOODS Complele Line of Spor'I'ing Goods 49 W. Main Sl. 536-7363 CALMON JEWELERS Fifch Senior High School Charms 223 S'Ia'Ie Sfreef New London. Conn. McGregor Sporfswear KERR'S MEN'S SHOP Mysiic Connecficul' 'Telephone 445-0802 I P P I I R I REAL ESTATE ' G E N C Y Sales-Renfals Properly Managemeni' Commercial and Induslrial 3I7 LONG HILL ROAD GROTON. CONN. Complimenis of Our Teen Shop and Boy's Prep Deparlmeni' 770 Long Hill Rd. GROTON. CONN. Congrafularions, Class of '67 Very Personally Yours MISS JOAN Gracious Giving for Gracious Living 739 Long Hill Rd., Grofon, Conn. The Fines? in China, Silver, Crysral and Gifrs "A Belle-r Service lor You" THE GROTON OPTICAL CO. Groion Shoppers Mari 445-6362 F. P. CROOKS, Oplician GROTON CAMERA Groion Shopping Plaza Grolon, Connecficuf Bes'I Wishes +o 'Ihe Class of '67 SHOPPER'S WASH 81 WAX Grofon Shopping Plaza GROTON, CONN. 227 Success to the Graduating Class THE LES PARKS AGENCY MUTUAL INSURANCE ZI4 Tlrames S+. Grolon, Conn. PHONE: 445-7446 PARKS REALTY Real Esl'al'e Sales and Managemenl' 2l2 Thames S+. Grolon, Conn. PHONE: 445-2878 Com plimenls of WEIL MOTORS, INCORPORATED Au'l'l1orized Volkswagen Sales Service ll7 Long Hill Road Grolon, Conn. CHAMPION SHOE REPAIR 36 W. Main S+., Mysfic CHIPPEWA AND CROSBY SQUARE SHOES Complimenls of MALLOVE'S JEWELERS Easlern Conne-c+icu'r's Largesl' Jewelers 74 Shale S+. New London Complimenls JOHNSON'S HARDWARE AND GENERAL FOOD STORES Poquonnocl Bridge OLE BROWN JUG LUNCHEONETTE 22 W. Main Slreef, Myslic Business Men's Luncheons, Homemade Pies. Pudding, Calres OPEN DAILY 8-5: CLOSED SUNDAY MYSTIC FLOOR COVERING CO.. INC. 40 Wesl Main Sfresl LINOLEUM-TILES-CARPETING Myslic, Conn. Tel. 536-2276 228 THAM ES PHARMACY Free Delivery 445-9747 AMW w ' f7fw!"'f7'Wf L 1 CAR TOWN U.5-A- RnuTE1s4 GRUTUN, CONNECTICUT The Finesf of Fine Used Cars Boughl' 81 Sold IOO'X, Wrillen Guaraniees Easy Bank Terms 445-4435 Long Hill, Grolon ASHAWOG RIVER MILLS Fine Fabrics Long Hill Road Grolon, Conn. COVE-FISH MARKET Complele Line of Sea Food Tel. 536-0U6l Sfoninglon Rd. Myslic, Conn. Telephone 445-9763 Jig? f f, 97577 5 7 'NX ' Trum 1-Q- bull Airporf 5.11. BAILEY ' eraion. com-. DON'S FLYING "A" STATION Lubricafion-Tuneup-Mufflers Tires-Bafleries and Accessories I82 Forf Hill Rd. Tel. 445-0050 Complimenfs of I In 1.5 IRI mm '7 f 'J I I'q?qhI1'5g' 4 .D 3- 4.. Nnamk Srhipgarh The Dealer Everyone Speaks Well of ROGERS MOTORS INC. Cadillac-Olds-F85-Toronado Sales 8: Service Top Qualify Used Cars Body 8: Pain+ Worlc A Specially 939 Banlc SI. New London Tel. 443-2844 COM' DON BOGUE'S FLOOR COVERING SERVICE 0 Commercial and Residenlial o Free Esiimafes I82 For? Hill Rd. Tel. 44 Complimenls of MYSTIC ICE 81 FUEL CO., INC. Complimenk of New London Rd. WALKER PLUMBING AND HEATING. 50 Forl' Hill Rd. Grofon 230 INC. Mysfic, Conn. Complimenis of THE KELLEMS COMPANY, INC. A Subsidiary of Harvey HubbeII, IncorporaI'ed Sfoningron, Connedicui' Cui Prices On Hi-Grade Carpeiing Qualify Cosfs Less af FURNITURE DISCOUNT VILLAGE 2I5 Thames S+., Groion, Conn. Daily 9:I:8'f2:0o PM New EngIand's Finesi Yachi' Basin Dial 445-8538 Sai. 9:30-5:30 PM THE HEWES-SWEET OIL COMPANY Oil Burner Sales and Service Tel. 445-7433-9I Thames SI.. Groion. Conn. 0 Columbia Cruisers HaHeras Fiberglass YacI1'Is Johnson Mofors Ven'Ion 8: Jersey Sea Skiffs Donse'H' Sailmasfer PAUL SZENHER WALLY PIASCIK 887-6541 442-7405 GROTON MUSIC STORE Everyihing for Your Boa+ing Needs. AND SCHOOL S I 0 33 Fori' HiII Road . Qjfvice 445-8496 0 Dockage Open I0 Io 6-Fri. Till s ' Hauling 0 Supplies vie Line of Musical Pianos-Privaie Ins'Iruc'I'ions Insfrumenis Organs-Repairs t ti 'Q' Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of '67 from THE TANAGER STAFF AND EDITCRS Consumer Products From Divisions ond Subsidiaries MEN'S AND WOMEN'S TOILETRIES Barbasol Brushless Shave Cream Barbasol Lafher Shave Cream Regular Pacquins Hand Cream lpurple labell Pacquins Hand Cream for Exira Dry Slcin fred labell Pacquins Anfi-Defergeni Hand Cream lblue labeg ManiMagic Cream uficle Remover Sill: 'n Saiin Lofion NUTRITIONAL SPECIALTIES Viferra Viferra Taslifabs Viferra Therapeuiic Science HEALTH PRODUCTS Regular Ben-Gay lred lefleringl Greaseless, Siainless Ben-Gay lgreen lefferingl Children's Ben-Gay lblue leheringl Calmifol Oinlmeni "For anyfhing Thai i1ches" Candelles Anfibiofic Troches Coryban-D decongeslanl cold capsules Linodoxine-can be used as an adjuncl lo o'rher dielary measures 'ro help subsiilule unsaluraled for saiuralecl 'fals Terramycin Topical Oinfmeni' Thermodenf Toolhpasfe 'For people wilh sensilive leelh Toclase Cough Syrup Visine Eye Drops for the worId's well-being Pfizer BABY CARE PRODUCTS Desifin Bab Lolion Desiiin Meicaied Nursery Powder Desifin Oinfmeni' Desifin Cosmelic and Nursery Soap PRODUCTS FOR THE HOME A-C-M Fruif Saver Limmiis, new dielary biscuil sold in drugslores Tri-Ban. ra'r and mouse killer for use on Jrhe farm and in 'fha home Since 1849 HATCHELL'S FLOWER SHOP UURT I DLVER 20 W. Main Sfreef Q Mystic, Conneclicul fiifffvi? Floral Designers fly wooLsEY 254 - MARINE PAINTS '64 HVW., '-',.,, and VARNISHES O P L ' CLAIREIS QL' sALes a?:rSERVICE 291- QAM' ' in Myslic ef "6g Complimenfs of ' M'F'G' ' Grumman HOMELITE , ' 5'firCI'dfl' 0 Old Town Complefe Line of ACKLEYS STORES , gigiwn , Lyman SMALL BOAT - Thunderbird ' Formula HARDWARE 0 Glasspar Complimenfs of Grofon NSW London 348 Long Hill Road Grofon New London 445-240I lkoule ll Gfolon 233 Besl' Wishes fo 'Ihe Class of '67 Complimenls of YOUR FRIENDS AT 980 "On Your Radio Dial" WSUB M. COSTA 81 SON Lobslers-Sea Foods Grofon, Conneclicul' BRATER'S Arl Supplies Picfure Framing Mohican Hofel Bldg. LEADERSHIP SINCE 7792 HARTFORD NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Member F. D. I. C. ESTABLISHED I 792 GROTON OFFICE Grofon Shoppers Mari' Grolon, Conn. MYSTIC RIVER OFFICE W. Main Sireef Mysiic, Conn. Complimenls of KALAM lAN'S 963 Bank Sl. New London Conneclicul' "Gif-Is Thaf Las'l"' BLISS JEWELTERS OF MYSTIC I2 Easf Main Sfreel Mysiic. Conn. Complimenfs of NCANK FOUNDRY FAMILY HOBBY CENTER. INC. Roufe I2 Grolon, Connecficul' 445-899I FRANK SCHEETZ Presiclenl 445- I 623 LONG HILL SUPERMARKET 505 Long Hill Road Grofon, Conn. 445-2336 THE BURFOOT AGENCY Fine Diamonds-Longines Waiches Insurance W. H. BUHREN Tel' 5363443 JEWELERS I27 Bridge Si. Grofon, Conn. Complimenis of TGI- 445-4438 ARWOOD CORPORATION Waich and Jewelry Repairing 839 Poquonnock Rd. Groion, Conneciicuf BERRY'S MYSTIC PHARMACY Prescripiions Our Specialfy I73 Main S+. Mysiic. Conn. Complimenis of FASHION FABRIC CENTER 225 Sfafe Sheer New London. Conn. Tel. 442-3597 WHI'I'TLE'S WILLOW SPRING FARM Noanlc-Ledyard Road Mysiic, Conn. Fruiis and Vegeiables in Season C. 8: L.-RADIO-TV-APPLIANCES Sales 8: Service GROTON PET CENTER l09I Poquonnoci Rd. 405 Williams Sf. GYOIOI1 New London Shopper-S Mad Grofon, Connecficui' 445-I854 Tel. 442-9449 Tel. 445-0928 See . 4 X -1 n r, An. RAUB SPORTING GOODS lbw!! I5 443-6I43 The Cottrell Lumber Company 26 Bank Sf.. New London MYSTIC. CONN. r, , PRQFESSIONAL LIST Cwdffg mlm Owokuxji WMSLJY In had A159' Q A . . QP +G ...J S0530 GHFANCV Malcolm M. Ellison, M.D. Morlon Beclriclc, M.D. lra Schwarl-z, O.D. Peler C. Ross, D.D.S. Frank J. Mclnlosh, Ally. James A. Brennan Jr., A'H'y. John C. O'Brien, Ally. Slanley E. Kilfy 8: James M. Hollisler, M.D.'s Darwin M. Reed, D.D.S. R. S. Gray, D.D.S. W7 ry, M.D.'s Roberl' C. Leuba, Al-ly. B. R. Force, M.D. R. N. Taylor, M.D. Daniel J. MacArl'hur, Ally. D. G. Fales, D.D.S. Lawrence A. Desillier, D.D.S Max M. Shapiro, A'H'y. Joseph C. Dembo, D.D.S. John Walcim, D.D.S. Sidney Axelrod, AH'y. Roberl' McKeon, D.D.S. ' , 1 -, -K jk l . ' l ,. .5 ',v l . 1 6' A 41 C X Xxgtxx U E . o 0 y -if , s .5 - J 236 Q Edmonslone, Sproul, and Bar PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Koerner Mr. and Mrs. Harold J. Blanco Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Kolnaski Mr. and Mrs. George Kendall Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Moss Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Hilmar Burgess Cmdr. and Mrs. Philip B. Tankard Mr. and Mrs. George A. Fearn Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Wolff Sr. Mr. and Mrs. M. G. Pafferson Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Embry Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Nelson Mr. and Mrs. Frank Andersqn Mr. and Mrs. Francis Wehner Mr. and Mrs. Alberf W. Wells Mr. and Mrs. Richard Becherer Mr. and Mrs. Emery E. Lucas Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Wood Mr. and Mrs. Louis M. Tew Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Sexfon Mr. and Mrs. Dwighf E. Norris Mr. and Mrs. John D. Gray Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Gillen Mr. and Mrs. Roberf C. Eddy Mr. and Mrs. John D. Ball Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Berry Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Carfon Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Norfon Rev. and Mrs. Richard L. VanDeusen Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Hurley Mr. and Mrs. Kennefh Blaisdell Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Freedman Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sf. Pierre Capf. and Mrs. Sfanley Smifh Mr. and Mrs. James T. Ross Mr. and Mrs. Ole P. Jensen Mr. and Mrs William Mackey Mr. and Mrs. Felipe Casfro Sr. Mr. and Mrs M. E. Eckvall Capf. and Mrs. Harry A. Jackson Mr. and Mrs JosephA'Sf.Pierre Mr. and Mrs Bernard J. Tansey Mr. and Mrs. Leroy O. Webb Mr. and Mrs Raymond L. Small Mr. and Mrs Kennefh G. Wildes Mr. and Mrs Michael Acosfa Mr. and Mrs Mahlon Wifhee Mr. and Mrs Carlfon K. Spear Capf. and Mrs. Alfred F. Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. Warren B. Fish Mr. and Mrs. Ambrose Burfoof Mrs Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. M rs Mrs Mrs M rs M rs Mrs Mrs. Mrs. . Dudley J. Beckwifh Burfon Wilbur Sr. William G. Fish Quinfo Monfe Joseph Flaherfy Roberf G. Hall Beri' Bafes Harold T. Griffin Genfry J. Cooke Paul Plasse F. W. Byingfon William S. Heyniger Dexfer Thaksfon Frank A. Larson Warren J. Wenk Ramon G. Cabalena F. J. Elkins L. W. Lecy Charles A. Hale - Edmond E. Maskell John Bean Danny A. Lusk O. E. Wolff Frederick Wrighf Edward M. Mark George P. Lefz George A. Marquardf Pefer M. Coope Thomas Russell Cmdr. and Mrs. J. C. Courfney Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. angl Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr.- and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. M rs M rs Mrs Mrs. Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs. Mrs M rs Mrs M rs Mrs. Mrs. Mrs Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs Mrs. 1 - e . a . Roy L. Walfers Paul M. Conklin Ralph A. Kennedy C. B. Nickell Roberl' D. Ham John A. Barnes John D. Ralls Howard R. Swenson William Gillogly Carbon P. Dimpsey Horace L. Truman Wesfon Capen Ashby A. Anderson Chauncey C. Williams Fred Anfhony John H. Currier Joseph W. McCar+hy Fred Cousins Roberf S. Eddy John H. Currier Harris CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES FROM THE CLASS OF '67 !9WDUjW"k,ffW09ff WW QJM , M4 f ,JW QQ M 4 . X M 1 3MXi X .Q MM A UV c ,KW WMJU V xiii? w by M W ww awww YQPQQS 6 if ffxfffslgggx 3, 59 cr my . N vhs, ,3g2m9Qy'Xy2 , ws F 5 S? 5 Q5 gm QEX QQ QwwsK?r5w 4 Qi i .b Y V 'v Xe ' x- KS? LK big iifyfxxf' X? SY X5 W I ' Siwijg Wifkgdgxi H OR-x 2 ik HJ wx X The World s Best Yearbooks Are Taylor made - TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY . Af '1A TV , ,g A ' " . . yi , , jpw A gf-N9 1 ,Y H , - WA ' i !:Pe,'Q! Q fo . L 1 U f dn M ' 4 f 44 E' 5 Vs If 95190 Q ' ASQ!! Wm pf"'w A M V fn 3 rbi fx., V . ' .. ,ui . xg ff 'M ww f-WU' wigg ' M ,,MW', mg Iwi M fan ,M JM f A ,X 7W'A'N,TK .U 'M -WMWWM n M 'M' My Auf 51352 A 43 I,9"'bV Q, ja b,4jY.'13 'Lk CTX 'fha AA! jjlj ,LW fx' aw ' ff M 'V I ' ,F OWJ ff' jywj' A , bm - 'VE .Xwgw ww FC ,ivkgrfg V fm WA ' -XY W WW IL' Bw jg" LUV ,N ff-ix A ff' X N11 A Q 1 ,A A lg n - dl QLD fl ..e dw A My ' Q.. 'UM My M yi ,J,,. Q y'4?v-r X pjbjvxl, .. LM A nfwmi .. .5 XA 'Al WIJAA 4,,,,..:,L ,. ' ""WAA I A f ' ., J Lffvfji fig MJ' D fu! ' H, JV" :' """ V ' ' ' X K janfj QVPK J 'iY?'fAj55 , W My 'IgG' M f , , , X 'V ' i' JN JW 1916 Q? in ' i f QQ- JDMRCJXQL is . x I" wk f , . , C -Q Y'5-5CHE'ifuL'fJfffMNfm,, . Ii! D , V ! ,ij X N KIA f-'f 17.44.12 Q? ZTAf1X,pvf,,.J,kSZ",m3.'Q Nf A , xg Ck A H -Q Xa, 1. H .W L2 L, uM,3,,,,b c 'Q 4 ' 4 ' Q - 8.4-,is 'NJ A . 7 X' H W Him:f f x K lg- QL' -mh- 75'i fa2 ,,LQ' I xr! fa' V2 X U , ' X'-I X ML 'N iw' x : I 'Q N 1 ': J 'Xa X x N1 -ll-3--4. 5 4 1 x

Suggestions in the Fitch High School - Tantara Yearbook (Groton, CT) collection:

Fitch High School - Tantara Yearbook (Groton, CT) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 187

1967, pg 187

Fitch High School - Tantara Yearbook (Groton, CT) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 212

1967, pg 212

Fitch High School - Tantara Yearbook (Groton, CT) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 97

1967, pg 97

Fitch High School - Tantara Yearbook (Groton, CT) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 167

1967, pg 167

Fitch High School - Tantara Yearbook (Groton, CT) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 231

1967, pg 231

Fitch High School - Tantara Yearbook (Groton, CT) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 43

1967, pg 43

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