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l. OVAL 1969 EISK UNIVERSITY NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE A I Q J r 1 HARRIETTE HARDIN, EDITOR Contents Introduction Administration and Faculty Seniors Underclassmen Organization Greeks Sweethearts Athletics . Special Features Index an -S. w .5 ' "WDW EMM N. 'ax ns Q F all A ctivilies .J---.Q M aw W H 1 -. V.-Ar! - 3 V1 . .' VA a t., ,, wi . f wif fx L A V m. ' aw: .4 , 4, -'ww -, ,, ,-,Typ .. ,TK . .1 ' lmalf' ' 'n v, , .L K ,J g 1 ' .Ju 1 X I 1-,,,,V -11, .. "' gg' WXQ95-"?A -.yr Q' I X 'ff-'4 -xf " 454. 45?-',v 7 . f-24' Q' '?i.,Q F. 'VAL ,guw , fm, ed v' - ,:"'f ies!! 5 1 .4 A 'V' 4 , 1 -' L-1:1 f f L , we Bri? V - 75 if , L 7 Xl ' 1 .-B 1, TU fi Q 3'6" ' V arg '-v 7 I 5 1 IX .sf Qu. W -wma vl' I M 1 X I fv 1.t'w -we ' -41"-.' My V3 .4 ,Jin 1...'Y,.t.,g 13 'mf J, fi' -pigf ' P W , b-V ...V Y 'v ' - 1 - ,,,, Q "'5w f W-WMM-i . - W. .M mv T. iw-11' . W 1 - wg ' wk ,s gg A 1 us ,Qf"bI,5, x I W, 1-L '-fu, .-.-, ,- .-4 S vi -.-. ,, ,, , T' 35 -wx - I ,,A'S,-.fix ' T 'W . q ,,- ,. W W .,. -Q " X ,,h,QN.,., M, :HQ n r 5 A w ' Wa rn , if fr ' ,, ai, E 1 1 ' g ,, " . vin X " 1 f , . 'Wim ff 5 : w x 5 H B W 1 if ESS? fix, JY E. 1, . . fuse to give Fisk a personality ofits own. 'll'- s We 5, '-is ! r- P' '1 1 . A 547,222 , , , v5"F'uZ"T' P- " ' is 4 , A - 7' .N ,.:1.:3f .I ' gn rv 3554. f . - f.' .wi'.n-f'7.',F,-4:-'T'f'5-" - ' ' "-' 'f'-71' "- ff 4- H" - ,- ' A J 'lijw' I ,li339f.g.,, W.-Q,- -'.' '-'- , -qu - -11., . ,"' f fig '-L-fv ' ew-fa'-i 1,,. ., .i g ' , ,..F , ' -J "f:ifi:F-'fi', 'U - - N- 1 ' Vgp7:.4f-'TH - - A - , aw... ,Y . --,,- .QQf,1i'5- 4' ..., - Y . ' - - ' ", Y, ' ,Q f--'ff' f---...LM r - ...,,---,,,, ,......., -M--f , ,, ,JZ-242573- .1' w-wwyfqyvys-Mi . -- ., an lj --r ,. -av ' A" L Wrrrwi' H9 , ,if 1 AT T 1--wg? 1 ........,, I iv ' An atmosphere for learning is created. W ASTE!! EA CHI H G M EER Hr.ulu.m- Hipvndi EI W . I ri ' Qkiul, 0 22 -. l air . . 1 ilk. 4- IQCIIIIU51 K 1 5 ,QI .x S 4'fJu u Ere 4, in -3 .xnxx x I -.,-x x -- , . E W firm- ,,,, .10 . v --1 . .UL 1.17 v, x,x.,,., 1, . " 114555 , . .-fr' 'a"7w.'1: f' , . . - , 52:5 i i in ' f,:'35zff'?ef L: ' 7 ' ' W: LI'?L':n4f1z?i-img f U f ,y.EHf4'11is:1i?,i' : ' -V '--- . ' Mi,,,if M3402 41 'lf-1 .2 W iwlliull'il.l W? ,. ,gf .. Sa- . in wi wi in , M-NM fir , ,Q-2 N4iifFfff'1-5 ft' M1.Muf,a H. sf- ig. ,Q-1112 C C L o, I ant Black but I ant eontely too. Black as the night, black as the deep dark ea ves I ant the.s'c'ion ofa race ofslave.s' Who helped to build a nation strong that you And I may stand within the worldkjfull view, F earle.s'.s' and 0 firm as dreadnougltts' on rough waves Holding a banner high Wl10.S'C'.fl0C1lI'lIg bra yes The oppo.s'ition ofthe tried untrue. Casting an eye oflo ve upon ntylfaee, Seeing a newer light within my eyes, A rarer beauty in your brother raee Will merge upon your vi.s'ionittghfullwise. Though I ant Black nzy heart through lo ve is pure And you through lo ve nzy Blac'k1tes.s' shall endure. " Q Lewis Alexander .1 I In .-an QF iff' 24,2 I , , 35 ' 4 ,. ,N g '4 inf: L , ' 26 u 57'.Q7J:1 ' J ?,j'W':f5gi wf':l3f:"L'f. ' I '--kid' 1 .. -I - ' -P ,X - . wf V5 ' -If , gl 1 Mx v p. 3-. ' 15 ' X iz.. ET M. K' Q QL. .M g W ,, . - M V-V J ff ' ' ,112 . 'Wfff' J' ' , "Q 1, . :1 'fr I1 ' ' rf-I ,, ,nn " .' if :M . '13 W r ,V , -Q V - Q . f,'f '- -' 1 'I ' ,fy ' .1 . I- '- h . z, ,S of ,. V F J w mf? 1. .V 9, ' -1 Mil-'f 9 Pig 4 fi -up sf 1 , e ' 1' U 1 ,Mink -, .i Q A , V 1135 -if fi wr' ,v ,frm , ,' iii? . lf' x 1- La.: ,.,1 'Q S w 1 lf 5 , ,L . :ET 2 ,lx ff' , fi ,,, E' ,-1 .+I 21351 , 1. 1? in 1 Vi 's X . 5-f vthv V X I 1 I lu. iz - 5,,,', A iz 47 'X ff" , - ' ,Q .L 7 I-, X -, O, .. .1 fi QQPQ, X , V - , .pm - , sa--H , -. 1' ' -. f. - -.VV k ,,.. pw, ' fin alfa, R ' -- -xvzma, IJ' "N.M.,. ' 5 'N-. -X, .Ziff I ' 4. 'Sw v nf 's I " " w x '14-.Q -'C' 2 5 ' mf- ., if , 1 an 1 x -.. Q.. A5 -L. 5 5 1 ,x -x x I Q V Q m.. 5 Xs- x if a n N K 5 5 af. z 1 A , ' 'Q '3 W, -. .,... :AK x E, 5 f 5, ., 5 ., S 3 ily' 5 ' I 'A .7 . A v' , ,H X,",-. fu 9513? D . 1 at 1 H2 " . .ovfi X 1 no-gl V ' ' ,of IN DEDICATIGN When a man invests ll years in one institution he is investing not only years, but a great part ofhis life. Dr. James R. Lawson with much dedication has always served in the best interest of Fisk University Not only concerning himselfwith the bricks and clay ofthe institution, But also with the flesh and blood that breathe within its walls. We grateful Fiskites will not let your investment be in vain. For we shall do as you have always done- STAND PROUD. at xff' V 1 i 'lg rf? I -v. I .lhi '11 I fl rl six x ll 1 -1: 1 .Lf-if - .-, Ps, ' 5 -1 U!-"ir-A v..?7-5 fu H. '- " " iff-1 5, .' 61-:gg-iz' -'zig 5' 5g1 Q'3'f'-, 7-, 4-- H . L K za ff z,-ibut xx 'FYY-v'f ' Gif, is UQ MXN-f I' "ul i z f , ,F , -G ' : RFI . " 'E Q. ' , .z'11, w '5g., X 2 C ,A+ m,5::.I f 41:0--' Hia fy ., ag: "'-'YJ:r': . Q f V- . XIV 7'3" 'H 1 E L' 'IL .fiiiliif 'N N MWUW.,-'f"' lc. I . g.,, , -U' NVQ, 'JL' A ' --- ' 'V 1 ' V - " ' xg: , tg , . If A ' K Tr ff L 111.5 " 5 r. ,,. 34 . we A K J -'- 44' '.: VW E . 7 ' '54 7111? , V ng v ,1 1-. ., ,HL Ry! fv-1: 2 1 I 4 Q P ,V wi '- cw- x.' 611 . ,- elf 21 -, , , 1?-521 54:14 -iw, 'TVQQ Gi'-4954 E12 298 M 'A Q '- N 1' Sf- Lx XJ' f ff 5- fa f I . I 1 A" Sig Vic. 'X " . R K F' Pi xx J? i . I .,,i.."b '- B a 'W' 'll uf , R Y a -4 1 3 . 5--Qs, if f 1 x - -'S .' 4' .' g - , , ' s W ,Air ,551 ' The Inauguration of JAMES RAYMGND LAWSON as Eighth President of Fisk University He scans the world with calm and fear- less eyes, conscious within ofpowers long since forgotg At every step, new man-made barriers rise to bar his progress-but he heeds them not. He stands erect, though tempests round him crash Though thunder bursts and billo ws surge and roll, He laughs andforges on, while lightnings flash 14 Irnpassive as a Sphinx, he stares ahead- F oresees new empires rise and old one fallg While Caste-mad nations' lastfor blood to shed, He sees God's hnger writing on the wall With soul awakened, wise and strong he stands, Holding his destiny within his hands. -James McCall J -J . Wisdom cometh with the years 9 N ow I ani young and eredulous My hear! is quick Io bleed AI Courage in lhe Irenzulous Slow sprouting ofa seea'. Now I anz young and sensitive, Man 's lack ean slab nie throughq I own no slilch I would not give To him thai asked nie to. Lei me be lavish ofnzy tears, And dreanz Ihaljalse is Irueg I Though wisdom cometh with theyears, The barren days come, loo. Countee Cullen Administration and Facult fe' ff 1 ' x"?:' 1 ' Q V t .fs f 1 . 'Ulf' 4 .H FI " 1 '1 3 17 w ,V 1 I "'x3 " i J 55, gg V ,J , President of the University Dr. James R. Lawson "Fisk's concem is to prepare our students for life in the world and not to seek to reg- ulate their lives but rather direct them in making proper choices in this period of their educational developments." K , Executive Assistant to the President Dr. Nebraska Mays "I enjoy direct contact with students. I think an administrator should be in involved in the teaching process for without this direct contact one may perhaps lose sight of the goals and aspirations of students." I9 The dean of women's office is concerned with both the inner and outer attitudes and feelings of its women students. lt is vital to strive to implement academic life and to aid each woman in developing as a lady of sensitive charm who builds within herself a stable foun- dation and a deep rooted conviction of the meaning of life. Supplementing this, emphasis is placed on the idea of women in the world today who are involved with great commit- ments in working with others while helping them to realize what they will face in a world that is growing in adventure and complexity. Dean 0'Dessa Shipley Dean of Women The challenge of student involvement in the affairs of Fisk University is one of encouraging students to devote a portion of their time and talents to the essential task of redefining the goals and purposes ofthe institution. In meeting this challenge, we recognize, in both word and deed, that students are able and entitled to participate as responsible partners in the process of establishing the policies and procedures of their college. Dean Reginald Hughes Dean of Student Affairs - J? Deans pass pronouncements that affect the lives of students Representing Fisk at various educational events, planning the curriculum, and teaching are a few of the duties and re- sponsibilities of Dean Redd. In fulfilling these, he has made progress in recogniz- ing the goal of high academic standing for Fisk and has kept the student body aware of the true purpose of college life by his stress on academic excellence. Dean George Redd Dean ofthe College D. Jessie Smith University Librarian C Q +1 1,7 9 I 4 . Mr. E, J. Junior, Jr. Business Manager Mr. W. D. Hawkins, Jr. Comptroller 22 ' 'W 5 "1 S , ,t. .. E f i iff lf' i 'w l it , ,, fl Q Y MT Q ,sA:L V f-, -, wimlsxl' W 1, - l. 2. it i 'tesvxdi eee gli AE 2' i A 1 K ' 1' I A ss: '3 asm-:ag--'46, Mr. Philip Winkfield Director of Graduate Placement and Career Planning Mrs. 0. Schrag MV- Avfed Sharpe International Student Center Director C3mPU5 Service 23 i i am- ,qi Eli, ii J 1i.ifi1'i'ii1 Mr. Richard Layne Admissions Counselor Mr. Joseph Perwa y Director of Admissions ' ix iw: in i Mr. Nathaniel W1'll1'ams Director 0fAIumni AH'airs 24 '74, i -4 i 3 if in 3 iri 5 1 'sx.'jQ,jiA r ,Li . Miss Janice Ayers Alumni Affairs Assistant Q ij 'VE Mr. Lamar Edwards Director of Development for Alumni Giving Mrs. Eunice Edwards Director of Financial Aids Mr. Syl ve.r1er Dunn Associate Registrar Mr. John Scott Assistant Director ofComputer Center 25 Students prepared through scientific ff? G , ea.. Q x I Dr. Marion Williams, Chairman Dr. George Hull, Jr. , 5 w---5... Dr. Mary M cK el vey Mrs. Carolyn Randolph The faculty of the Biology, Chemistry and Physic Departments is impelled to lend its efforts towards developing quality students in the area of the sciences-students who will be prepared through scientific knowledge to envigorate the present and who will be capable through scientific visions to accelerate future achievements. 26 I, J knowledge Dr. Bowie Dr. Neeley Dr. Von Winbush Dr. Silberman 1 Dr. K. Deshpande Dr. Eliot X! X Dr. Penner is E M I Mr. Takioshi 1, H U 4 j, Dr. Nelson F uson English studies augment Mr, Anthony H. Eaton, Chairman New -1- gint all M :md , Y V255 ii K f 1. Under the guidance of Mr. Anthony Eaton the Depart- ment of English extends an opportunity for students to gain a thorough and workable knowledge of the English language. The background provided by the English De- partment's Curriculum enables graduates to choose from many varied positions. Jerry W. Hodges preparation for varied Helds T Ii! M A 5 ...Min ,Arif Rosenlene Purnell Peggl' Wes! 4' Ar 5 ...W , 1. L " sl f 1Ke3 ,V W, , Q Lv ' , 1 ' if N A " ' . 4 v ri: - fl. I Rena Frabom' Anne Brown 29 fan I o Music Department A world of illusion created with tonal quality Dr. Robert Jones Mr. William Valente The faculty of the Music Department senses a dedication to serve both the members of the campus population that have chosen to view its offerings professionally and that larger percentage that can profit from being in an environment which is artistically stimulating. Mr. Stephen Sefrek Art Department Untouched materials demand interaction of sensitive hands .7 Y 'S Mr. David Driskell, Chairman Mr. Gregory Ridley fi M Mr. Walter Williams Artist-in-Residence Mr. Earl Hooks Miss Minnie Miles 31 MissS1ephan P g X ,E :- I s,-.g,,g,.- ini , ,ew i , i i 'i . , Q. .5 ef Q --1 fr.. Ja View ' - fshizizz .Wiz xi 3,3 wk 45 ' . Q22 :Ea 52 f. " gli viii? . E? " 2 Mem ... iwiaawisi i gsm rp 5 , .5B'fa .QT- fs ' , Wt' :sw I ii ,gg vuazli. J 1- wi . Wi' i J Q 'A i kafi wsawwsgsffe 1 I I I I Y Education molds teachers Elementary teacher development is the primary responsibility of the Department of Education. Professional course work is offered to the prospective secondary teacher. At the graduate level, study and certification is available in teaching, guidance, administration and supervision. The department is continuing to develop broader programs at the graduate level and expand professional education courses at the undergraduate level. George N. Redd V 2 ,.,,. ..... H. . 1 ...,. 7.5.3 i-.. . W Z. .,.. v E5 : 55f iii' L- 2 . ' ' -1- -' ta: 'rr f ' ii. .. 3 .-j--1.4 5- ' ' eff'-.'QS:ai2?., YH,-'w . i : fw1"xf.i ' ' lie'-'vi' -v Mi., 1:75 'trfiil 1 SL 9. f if-- T 1'. 1 "J l J". 1-ll QEIEW 'fwiltaesi ' -' t??3'5tiu."1' , i i '-F-1.1--f: Ziff ' ' 'T ' Y' Ja,--, . A 'i Y .ae but A it el t ii r 4 'H iliiv. 45 r 4 , My in -5 5 IJ l qu J 1, L 'gi P 'LEM ' - -.-1'fs+'E3i.'fr1'.' F-31233-,.'.'.g i 5' ' .Qltwi 1 E 91, , if i V. i Saw . rg... than - v. ,,, Lv... . ' V A221 E' 655343 V :riff 5 -m:er1.H,!!!.iRghE5a,. r N, sms , ' REQ 7 Y 1.1, . 'i ' as was . -,sw ii n .MW mise. we .a .,. ,, an ,553 fagg se dill Z .'f, :, 1:11 'li' lui gfszxl ...,, . tr . ifiiiifii MFL 'L W iw i ii - me 1 :MM . ru , 5 N ' 4 .,xt.i,i. 1 img' 52 AF .W ::- F5 'vi- , i s , "L is N 1 ' 1 392 :awe if z . 4335152 at , , ., Vi l 3 lag: :ea , ,, 73 '1 4 ia 4 ig I g . is ii, M qjorie Sch erwitzky James K. C. Juan hilosophy and Religion Students confronted with the conceptulization of the unthinkable The faculty members of this department encourage the development of a strong intellectual curiosity and the ability to critically evaluate ideas in the courses taught. Dr. Oswald 0. Schrag Directed by interpretation, students are taught to seek out a study of self expression. Whether developing lines of a living character or placing determination on its feet, the faculty members of the Speech and Drama Department place the impetus on discovering the better approach or more effective phraseology which continues with each en- counterment by the student. Mr. Wilson Welch Students seek out a study of expression Dr, Gladys 1. Forde athematics challenges Rumi lr , ' , i gi: 3 7' f i ll? L AR -4 -A-Yl:.,,i iY Y E-Qi' i "Q 414 V, --V-xg V I V l -stmm 'A fi ijrii L i as . , , -W-'great Nik i v--li, , ,,.,,- : Y a 2 W i 5 st. Qf me 1 , , R ji, li' i i C- 'Q , t 1 . ' .P -' . "V - , H i y g. ' e or 1 Y t .. t 'ii' i mmx i ,sf -if 1 X i , ' .4 1., wtf-r F Eiga? Q ff fv- .ik .. - q i.- Dr. Theodorefl. Love-Clmirman ii il it 4 ' nn gg new ll , , ,. Wrggsaififi ,, ,,,Mn "' ?!e,e5:it -r ef' , 1 , tg., Y sv I- -f""f' , Hag' , ,, , 'M5fY H,fj .. .,,, ,iff wif' w i ,ggsffsiw Dr. John J. LeT0un1eau is Mathematics is an exact science, dealing with concrete, and concerned with number systems and formulas, not opinions and arguments. Through class analysis and il- lustrations, professors convey the under- standing of arithmetical concepts to students who then apply this insight to the solution of problems. Mathematics, the organizer of thought and the advocate of logical thinking, is a challenge to the analytic mind. the analytical mind a55gQ:,Q. I L'1Lf..TQf. .ff ' - ' ,fr ... lf w .142-ff' ' Y " M1 Mr. Thomas Potter . N, -., li-n. -Q' Dr. Theodore Sykes Mr. Leroy M urry 35 Sociology The department that alfords a student optimism Is Sociology a science or a dream? This department affords a student with optimism. The faculty continually reminds students that groups are made of individuals and that they are not without hearts. They emphasize to the students the fact' that no one can say that there is no room for dreams in science. Everyday contact with people affords students with exciting living dreams. Psychology Students ask cyclical questions which are caught in the search for unity ofdesign It is here in this department that physics is free to per- meate theystrata of process in discovering the dynamics of emotion. Cyclical questions are caught in the search for unity of design, blown to a realism of reason by faculty members, and vested in a purpose for propagation. 1 1? we Dr. Stanley Samkange , r.-.. A I it-we 1-..!, ,f iiirr iigriii ,H -gf ,- ...A- Mrs. Carrell P. Harlan Dr Gall Harris HQQQQ K Q mf. WN 1 ffwffgsaglzf Q QSM' 4:3 ,. .ww Dr Gall Harris conducts a class rn psychology , , L.,. sf In 114512612 History teaches understanding -Students must learn to criticize, doubt, and try to reshape their society so they can place themselves in it. -What you do is what counts-not the consequences. -Students should aire their views but not superimpose them. -Western society has tended to make us self centered, for many college is where education stops. We must create enough in- terest so the students will continue to think with the techniques they have acquired in school. Dr. Jake C. Miller V ...f-fzfxge e tf 1 ' 1 511: Dr. Paul Puryear The need for a politically educated population is more acute today than ever before. Crackling rifles and the concussion of mortar tire from Viet Nam, a captured reconnaissance ship in North Korea, antiquated gestures of nationalism from General DeGaulle, pressures, from growing African nations, racial threats from the nation's urban centers, and haranguing election speeches gave impetus to Fiskis superior department of Political Science. 7-jnwcecv 1,-.v +.,T.,.,..,, Z Q - 1 ,.2.5- . ,, - .y-,M ,-Mft, f . ,L .. if ,riff-gg ii -' " A' ,- -1-Q--.V -1'-V ,L-4.2 r - A 'riff , 5 '51 - . 1 - glen- fm yr, ". -...'f1- -.. :T .ifk fgg 31.--. here, 39, H ir- t. ,ii , J., . . 1 Q.. : i .. V tg it :ss- -V -v-----f: it rrss :. ::, -N s: -. -ny. -,nt - 1 i ff" ' WP if ri Dr. Pearl Bradley History is continually being made. Its importance lies not in the accumulation of names, dates, and facts, but rather in the application of these events to contemporary society. As history repeats itself, ancient arguments become modern crises and diplomats find that the tact that once sheathed swords can also disarm atomic bombs. Dedicated to the task of insuring that the Fisk student knows the major events ofthe past and present, and to the presenta- tion of a few theories on what might happen in the future, the note wielding staff of the department does not allow a single detail to slip by without thorough explanation and discussion. Our History Department has made it its business to continue the elTort of maintaining the high standards previously set in the proper presentation of material in a day and age where the daily newspaper becomes a textbook. In addition, the department has placed more and more emphasis on active student participa- tion in class, thus providing an interesting incite on how the Fisk student regards the undertakings of our nation. Success is the only end product of such strenuous effort and a wish for its continuation to the staffis made by all. Dr. Tamb' Tollenron 39 Physical activity stimulates the mind to clearer thinking and Greater Capacity The broad objective of the Department of Health and Physical Education is to con- tribute to the total educative experiences of the student at Fisk University. Thus, specific experiences are provided which are geared toward education through the physi- cal rather than education of the physical. With this underlying philosophy, emphasis is placed upon developing the individual intellectually, socially, emotionally, and spiritually, as well as physically. The phi- losophy of education through the physical rather than of the physical demands a pro- gram which has a wide range of activities and which is rich in opportunity for self- expression. Mrs. Susie Cobbs Mr. H. B. Thompson Chairman i 'if Coach Marlin 's gymnastics class. Mr. James L. Smith Mr. John C. Martin In addition to a broad curriculum, the Physical Education and Health Department fosters a diversified intramural program, and a physical education club for majors. Dr. Joseph Vaughn, Jr. l. 4,14 ' , is x ". .fl .r 1 " + l 1. . ii . W X g i ' if i if V , f L jf X ,D li i Mrs. Mabel Love ,f Y Dr. Charles Miller Today, the business world looks for a college education in its members. The mere specialist, the master of one skill or subject, does not make for progressive civilization and culture. Man as a social being must have a broad vision and wide experience. He must be familiar with many Helds ofthought and interest. This rounded culture is what the Economics and Business Administra- tion ' Departments strive to obtain. Through selected courses, the investigating mind is led into various fields of systematized knowledge. Correlation of these courses makes for unity and thoroughness, for mastery in one's chosen Held. Within the program in Business Administration and Economics are practiced the basic entities, namely, accounting, finance, marketing, and management. Moreover, the department does not stop its service to the student in training. lt also has an excellentjob placement where- by leaders in the business world may come and interview prospective employees. Mr. .I oe Penvkey ' ,t g ti" ' -Ig. il' iii iii M X ' L' ' :Z , fig. ft-----1' , if-3' 1, fi wp . 1,9.t2,g,, ,. gi, . 1 - - f G i ef i:.Afvz-iw.. l- ' Megsxz. . ii ,ii it N' l ,ittfsfffaiskaisfftfti K " , : ....'fwH , win' .fi"'i i wt V1-,gg - ,. ii ,ln i ' s -Sansa i 833554 yu aim i . ,fm 3.3. 5, W. -21 ft J,.s-n'5g'fi., i '4 gei, -'55 it Y l li'-iw . an gg 'vrwiii - i , ' ai, A J K t. i T a Dr. Webster Cash Chairman An understanding ofthe commercial and civic world helps achieve success and progress. No man is entirely apart from the buying and selling associated with everyday living. To live comfortably and happily calls for a program of intelligent transactions. The Department of Economics and Business Administration plays an integral part in furthering this program and promoting the needs of the broad world of business. Business dministration 1 Mr. Don Spegiel 'I f f QW? ,,"lliii"'1Tiil,i :Milli ,ll"Tl'wll'5i" , ' X l i 1 Wills" we y. is 1 . H1 :wtf 3 -.'i ,1 :fit N ' W it s i X tm Magi- U wGlHi:l"i:1f' , N - we .',, E is 7 1-3 ay' . ai. - ,- . L ij . - My-' - -o'- Z' M fn- - Hi., 1 f 'Z ' use-Q-ffgff'F -if-. ,. ' ' 5131- fi'- , 3: id' VJ' , , ' 11, tr'51fI,':Q-. 12 7 ?'535c'? ' .X- '- vii i - ' , '?f 'f we in ' 1, ' L X " A 5211 , . ' YJ' .113 -1' ' 'ag , ,i V . rm , , sm N, , .... Mm..,,,,.,s. ...-. ., - J as im Jil: i it . -- M, it J' i' '-,',k,?SfwerzQi5ig,,llli,ll1gi "" U' s iff-I-:::: li ' i -1 Q, ,M " ' JM ii, "'J'1',,i,?f12wr25 M 5355 "lip, ,i 'M x ,i lim ,M -i .i ll git' ' in ,ll V-3951759 tif?" ' i A 1 i Q ll fm im sw,.ifg- Ng 1- ' ' will 5 , il, w" " ??5 'i+f'i,z5 45" -' i f ' 1 Iii -jggfss Mwgrf wifi, . vi- gn-ft '--g- W 1" i f- ':v1FU"25?5??l:': "m"" "AK NAM psf'--i g, linen-L in 1 Le .iiii'+ii'V5L, ii. 1 ,..., . ,ii N5-vim-hhH:+ 1 - ' "Zi i uw Ml ,, , u if ,,,, , nm, wuz. Sis :ni ,si it --Eg F Students seek key to international understanding ffgx Dr. Ferdinand Gowa One of the most active departments on the campus which can best provide individual attention and direction to its students because of the broad experience and con- scientious efforts to the staff is the De- partment of Modern Language. It has three primary functions: to provide basic courses in general education for students of the college, to provide students with a broad cultural training in the language, and to provide for specialized training in the professional fields ,of French, Span- ish and German. ln , 'mg Wgg, gf, U , ',aag,1':1, r' ,wu1sQir, 5 ifL'wf.' ' 'Tv i r '2'5iEE?' WT M, 3 ' 'V,1'i1- 'i'5sifih:5V,r ' 2'-5 ifiiriigr -- , r , X ,t 122 " r ,rf , f-ff -, ra,-M . Mn Robe,-,Johns Mrs. JoAnn Church Learning is a fragile and imperceptible experience, yet it stands as the foundation of the entire college structure. The responsibility of generating this experience belongs chiefly to the administration and faculty. The administration develops the attitudes which must exist if learning is to grow. They are responsible not only to the faculty and the students, but also to the whole superstructure which frames our college. The faculty is directly responsible for the actual learning experience. Within the classroom, each member of the faculty should personally involve himself in the intellectual development of every student. Because of the unique atmosphere which exists at Fisk, the learning process is not limited to the classroom but branches out to reach all aspects of college life. 45 Master, let me labor through the day Quietly, yet with clear, unswerving aim. Teach me indijference to praise or blame, So long as with goodconscience I can say I sought to fnd the straight and narrow way. Ifsuddenly thehres ofpassion flame About me, let me calm them with that Name Which in my heart I never could betray And when the lightfails, and untroubled sleep Has clothed my senses with its sweet reward, O give my spirit then a large increase Ofstrength for one more day ofstrivingg keep The gateway ofmy dreamsg and wake me, Lord To walk again the manly paths of-peace. ffSi1vera Seniors Adams, Melba Karen Biology Toledo, Ohio Adrine, Ronald Bruce History Shaker Heights, Ohio Allison, Stephen Renet History Chicago, Illinois Anderson, Addie Laurita Sociology Detroit, Michigan Adams, Brenda Anne Speech and 'Drama Austin, Texas Adams, Gloria M. Art, Lincoln, Nebraska Akins, Claudia M. Biology Nashville, Tennessee Allen, Bonnie Brown Sociology Nashville, Tennessee Anderson, Wilfred L. Chemistry Montgomery, Alabama Andrews, Ruby Elizabeth Music Bolivar, Tennessee Baker, Harry Eugene History Nashville, Tennessee Batiste, Leonus Thomas, III Elementary Education Los Angeles, California Benning, Sheryl Ann Elementary Education Cleveland, Ohio Blake, Elridge Wilburn Health di Physical Education St. Thomas, Virgin Islands Andrews, Yvonne V. Biology New York, New York Armstrong, Cotty Glenn Economics Drewry, Alabama Beatty, Lou Ray,'Jr. Business A dministration Detroit, Michigan Bell, Marguerite Anita Psychology Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Blake, Mavis T. Psychology Harvey, Illinois Blanchard, Yvonne LaVerne Elementary Education Los Angeles, California eg lm ji: id? , fist' ,W Agfa iii? ai., Mar We - Kwai , ,. ,sei 1 We , azadw, l ' 34235 W' w we l ll lim'-'ff-x,..fwg, Britton, Loretta Marie Biology Kansas City, Missouri Brooks, Dwight W. Biology Herndon, Virginia Bryant Roscoe Conklin, III History Louisville, Kentucky Burch, Erica D. Economics dl Business Administration Oakland, California Bonner, Calvin T. History Jonesboro, Louisiana Brinson, Gwendolyn Yvonne Sociology Bronx, New York Brooks, Fredric Keith Physics Memphis, Tennessee Brown, Maribelle Sociology Cincinnati, Ohio Bush, Mary Kate Political Science-Economics Birmingham, Alabama Butler, Lucy Annette History Murfreesboro, Tennessee Bynum, Willie Howard Mathematics Humboldt, Tennessee Byrd, Theresa Jean Elementary Education Warren, Ohio Cain, Lucy Jeanette Early Childhood Education Dallas, Texas Carr, Bala P. Spanish Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Champion, Betty Jean Biology Franklin, Louisiana Collier, Kathleen Delores English Nashville, Tennessee Carr, Linda A. French Newport News, Virginia Caruthers, Derek Colin History Gary, Indiana Comer, Diane Lynne Mathematics Atlanta, Georgia Cook, Angela Brooks Elementary Education Washington, D.C. Culmer, Francena E. Sociology Miami, Florida Cunningham, Abishi C. History Welch, West Virginia Dixon, Helen O. Economics Newport News, Virginia Dixon, Patricia Ann English Memphis, Tennessee Crawford, Darryl Andrea Spanish East St. Louis, Illinois Crudup, Linda Ann Sociology Yazoo City, Mississippi Curry, Theodora History Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Cypress, Cheryll E. English Hampton, Virginia Dodd, Sandra ReNae Elementary Education Texarkana, Texas Draper, Kaye Anita Economics di Business A dmmtstratton Nashville, Tennessee Elliott, Portia Clareon Mathematics Gary, Indiana Ellis, Christa Chatmon Sociology Albany. Georgia '- ,ng Ford, Andrea Flay Political Science Houston, Texas Ford, Wynette G. Elementary Education Denver, Colorado S3555 in i i mimi Dumetz, Barbara Lynn Psychology Detroit, Michigan Duren, Donald Ray Economics Los Angeles, California Evans, Fred, III Economics di Business Administration Indianapolis, Indiana Fair, Judy Winona History Columbia, South Carolina Foster, Saundra .lean English Rocky Mount, North Carolina Foston, Thomas H Physics Clarksville, Tennessee Gaddy, Joya E. Psychology Detroit, Michigan Gardner, Peggy A. Elementary Education Hempstead, Long Island, New York Giles, Dorothy Jean Sociology Nashville, Tennessee Gillem, Beverly McClendon Business A dministration Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Freeman, Raymond Kay Mathematics Nashville, Tennessee Frisby, Yvonne Alycile Elementary Education Detroit, Michigan Garrett, James Edward Economics Clarksville, Tennessee Gass, Sharon Alexandria Biology Trenton, New Jersey Gillem, George Howard, Jr Ph ysical Education Dayton, Ohio Gordon, Madeline Jane Elementary Education Chicago, Illinois Green, Robert Lee, Jr. Economics Nashville, Tennessee Hagins, Jean Arthur History Gary, lndiana Harris, Arthue, Jr. Business Administration Nashville, Tennessee Harris, Janice L. Music Jacksonville, Florida , i: " i ll,i.,,t,af,1gHewW i it i i Graham, Luella Chemistry Riegelwood, North Carolina Green, Grace Ann Biology Florence, Alabama Hairston, Robert Lee Chemistry Martinsville, Virginia Hall, Verniece Gwendolyn Elementary Education Hartford, Connecticut Harris, Valda Patricia Health di Physical Education Montgomery, Alabama Hathcock, Lloyd Scott, Jr. Health di Physical Education Dayton, Ohio Hendley, Viola Teresie Elementary Education Odessa, Texas Hill, Saundra Elaine Chemistry Bulfalo, New York Hollister, Lahnice McFall Psychology Saugerties, New York Holmes, Chenita Vernelle Biology Newport News, Virginia , , ' ",,.,.. T S2 Q Heggs, Joe, Jr. Mathematics Macon, Georgia Henderson, Diane Olivia Sociology Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Hoard, Lynn Davis Elementary Education Toledo, Ohio Holland, Brenda J. English, Hartsville, Tennessee Holmes, Marilyn Mercedes Music Mound Bayou, Mississippi Hunter, Amelia Political Science Atlanta, Georgia James, Paula Economics Bloomfield, Connecticut James, Robert Dematrice Physical Education M urfreesboro, Tennessee , 1 Y mi, , Johnson, Clinisson Anthony History M' Memphis, Tennessee Johnson, Patricia Ann English Shreveport, Louisiana Hunter, Mildred Cecelia Sociology Pensacola, Florida Jackson, Olivia Patricia Modern Foreign Languages St. Albans, New York Jenkins, Adrienne Lyn A rl Columbia, South Carolina Johnson, Barbara Ann Biology Chicago, Illinois Johnson, Philip Gregory Economics di Business Administralion Atlanta, Georgia Jones, Brenda Dale Biology Roanoke, Virginia ' avi S, ii , msg ' ,, ,Algal Kelly, Janice Music Bronx, New York King, Clinton Allen Biology Austin, Texas Lewis, Shirley Ann Elementary Education Jacksonville, Florida Lincoln, Cecil Eric Economics Memphis, Tennessee Jones, Janis Wilhelmia Modern Foreign Languages St. Albans, New York Jones, Sandra Biology Pensacola, Florida Lesley, Victor H. Physical Education Nashville, Tennessee Lewis, Jacqueline Sociology Nashville, Tennessee Lindsey, Eva June Psychology Austin, Texas Littleton, Oma Carlester Psychology Paris, Tennessee McGhee, Pamela Art Knoxville, Tennessee McLean, Cassandra Margarctte History Raleih, North Carolina Matthews, Patricia Ann Psychology Oriental, North Carolina Maull, Carolyn Jean Economics Birmingham, Alabama McCalep, Patricia Ann Biology Normal, Alabama McGhee, Martha Lynn Psychology Gadsden, Alabama Macklin, Edmund D, Biology Detroit, Michigan Maclin, Laura Jean Elementary Education Somerville, Tennessee Middlebrooks, Sandy Johnson Physics Cleveland, Ohio Miller, Rose Marie Sociology Utica, New York Moody, Beverly Jean Elementary Education Cleveland, Ohio Moon, Linda Clarice Music Nashville, Tennessee Moorman, Edward Louis History Cleveland, Ohio Moreland, Curtina M. Political Science-English Cordele, Georgia im Mitchell, Reavis Lee History Nashville, Tennessee Mitchell, Tresa Marie Biology Nashville, Tennessee Moore, Herman O'Neil Economics Dayton, Ohio Moore, Toni Branton History Washington, D.C. Mosley, Edward Levester Chemistry Washington, D.C. Nivens, Beatryce Thomasma Speech di Drama Westbury, New York Paige, Linda Joyce Elementary Education Springfield, Massachusetts Partridge, Brenda Joyce Elementary Education Oakland, California Perry, Ill, Nathaniel Charles History Memphis, Tennessee Philpot, Barrie Anne Mathematics Hempstead, New York North, Carol Ann Speech dt Drama San Antonio, Texas Nsakala, Albert R. Chemistry Kinshasa, Congo Paytes, Elizabeth Ann Elementary Education Nashville, Tennessee Perkins, Yolanda Francene English St. Albans, New York Pierson, Jerry Wayne Political Science Ripley, Tennessee Potts, Ronald Lee Political Science Cornelius, North Carolina Ratcliffe, Robert Melville History Memphis, Tennessee Rawls, Carol Ann Elementary Education Brownsville, Tennessee Royal, Deborah Gaye Biology Nashville, Tennessee Royal, Margaret Art Shaker Heights, Ohio Powell, Karen Myra Art Hempstead, New York Radford, Dorothy Muriel Elementary Education Waco, Texas Rhodes, Clova Sociology Nashville, Tennessee Rouhlac, Peter Warren Political Science Jacksonville, Florida Sanders, Carmen R. Mathematics Bronx, New York Sanders, Donnell Thomas Biology Mobile, Alabama 'PS1 Schell, Anest Maude Elenientarv Education Jacksonville, Florida Scott, Ann Randol Economics St. Louis, Missouri Scriven, Vicki LeVine Fir1eArts Jacksonville, Florida Searcy, Edwin Earl Mathematics Cleveland, Mississippi Satterwhite, Diedre Emma Spanish Jacksonville, Florida Sawyer, Stephanie Anne History Pittsburg, Pennsylvania Scott, Franklin Leroy Music Education Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Scott, Stephen Tucker History Compton, California Shanks, Elissa Maybelle Elementary Education Burlington, North Carolina Sloan, Yvonne Alberta History Nashville, Tennessee Speed, Evelyn L. Ph ysicai Education Hartford, Connecticut Steele, Cecolia Lavont Biology Newport News, Virginia Stokes, Linda Marie Sociology Xenia, Ohio Stringer, Nelson Howard Biology Savannah, Georgia mi Smith, Alpha Orjean Music Jacksonville, Florida Smith, Dennis Political Science Huntington, New York Steward, Orson Wenokka Mathematics Madison, Arkansas Stiles, Saundra Laurietta Physical Education Savannah, Georgia Sykes, Robert Alan Religion Gary, Indiana Taylor, Bette Jo History Charlotte, North Carolina Taylor, Donna Lee Biology Nashville, Tennessee Taylor, LaVoise Eunetta Biology Belle Glade, Florida Thomas, Newtonia Vernita English Louisville, Kentucky Thomas, Lee Sociology Detroit, Michigan Thompson, Melda Divette Sociology Cleveland, Ohio Thompson, Muriel Camilla Psychology Jacksonville, Florida Williams, Nedra Huggins Sociology Nashville, Tennessee Thompson, Cassandra Elene Sociology Nashville, Tennessee Thompson, Yvonne Elizabeth Political Science Detroit, Michigan Tomlin, Patricia Ann Elementary Education Nutley, New Jersey Walburg, Judith Ann English New York, New York Walker, Hubert Lee Biology Narrows, Virginia Warrer, Doloris Yolanda English Waco, Texas Washington, Howard Leroy History Corona, New York ,t w"F5f3?5'14a,g'B T X i 1, Travis, Rachel Bonita Biology Springfield, Tennessee Travis, Tyrone Monzel Mathematics Danville, Virginia Walker, Michael Rayson Economics Shreveport, Louisiana Walker, Shirley Anne Modern Foreign Languages Memphis, Tennessee Watkins, Cynthia Bryant Sociology Indian Orchard, Massachusetts White, Charles English West Palm Beach, Florida Williams, Cheryl Carol Dean Psychology Raeford, North Carolina Williams, Marilyn Art Los Angeles, California Witherspoon, Vanita C. Spanish St. Louis, Missouri Wright, LaVon Priscilla Rsychology Gainesville, Florida ti, ii. i Wilbon, Aleta Madeline Biology Markham, Illinois Williams, Annette Yvonne Elementary Education Gary, Indiana Wingfield, Barbara Sociology Nashville, Tennessee Wingfield, Oddie James Sociology Nashville, Tennessee Wright, Patricia Jones Psychology Orlando, Florida Wright, Thomas History Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 5? My , , , Thrice blessed he who wields the Hail Upon this century 's threshing fioorg 4 few slight strokes by him avail More than a hundred would of yore. Around him lies the ripened grain From every land and every ageg The weakest thresher should attain Unto the wisdom ofthe sage. Ambitious youth, this is the wealth The ages have bequeathed to thee. Thou canst not take thy share by stealth Nor by mere ingenuity. Thy better seU'must spur thee on To win what time has made thy own,' No hand but labor's yet has drawn The sweets that labor's hand has sown. -Joseph Cotter, Sr Underclassmen f M -A 11 w , n, Wal' , A N A N 4 , iv Z Doris A dGmS Mary A dams Priscilla A dams CllffSIiIl6 Judith Banks Shirley Barden Bind my doing and you sujfocate my being. Askew , , 1' 'ng I 12 "-'QEQ-1 V' W-'HR 1 v 1 4 , . I Sheila Blair Rosa Blalhers Alonzo Bodie Lois Bond ? - Y , 77. B' E9 , 4 W. 1 i is 1 i A 3 1 F N. E A W , 1 'X . w I, f .rf Alice Brown Lolita Brown Caura Burney Margarel Butler Theodore Butler .. XJQ, W- - Q L-H JT Karen Alexander Louis Alexander Sandra A nderson Cheryl A rmslrong Lloyd A rrington t wt Y if 14' Brenda Barley Darryl Bartlett Brenda Belyield Patricia Bentley 'gb- Kenneth William Bowen Sharon Brewer Loie Britton Bawe Donna Cain Clarence Campbell Charles Carr Alberline Carter Doris Birden Q53 rghfkgwfw N Joyce Brooks Bernadette Carter Herman Caffe' Jedlletld Carter Namoi Chapman Diane Clark Jacqueline Cogdell 'W J, : - i , N r i ' ' Ei , ', w , K in . '- NJ Shifley C0014 Celestine Cooper Wilson Copeland Jake Covington Wanza Cromplon Lois Cummings George Susan Dale James Davis Stephanie Cunningham Da vis ' "" ni' ' ' -we Qty! 'is' Leslie De Veaux Harold Dixon A nlion elle Cheryl Edgenron Kenneth Edghill Dorsey 2.1 Brenda Edwards Linda Ellioll Rebera Ellioll lid" Linda Ellison Noel Evans Jane E verelle Jacquelyne F ergenvon Estelle Finley Beverly Floyd Ejie Forde Samuel Forney Deborah Fitzgerald Ronald F lelcher John F redd Isaac Freeman Linda Gainer Saundra Gaines David Gearring Armenia Gilliard Delores Gillum Cf U18 Gordon Madison Gordon Karen Haley .54 1 Bfbx we ,n,, t F 1 -- fl' .af ly' -511.4 ,. -'::'- .-'.Et - -.-., ' - V. "-- Y l 'if i- , J.. Saundra Harris Alfredda Hunt Pamela Ice Belinda Grifiths Robert Gunn Brenda Harmon Victoria Howell Edith Jason Dianne Jemison nic... X Emily Jenkins Geraldine C'l1erVlJ0nes Jonathan Jones Raymondlones Jenkins Paul K arleron Herman K elsaw Marjon King Andrea Lawler Renee Lewis Ronald Lewis Vera Lewis William Lewis Paula Livingslon Glenda Locus! Wendall Major Herbert Marlin Marilyn Marlin Michael Martin Palriria Martin S Toni Marlin Frances Mathis George Matthews , 1'- . - xx Shawn MCBfid2 Betty McGhee Maxine McGill Let us combine the past ofthe print and the present ofthe paper that we mayfeel light. Marcheta Pamela M cM illan Robert M cM iller McManus Isaiah M eggell Bishetta M erritl Troy Merritt Candace Mitchell Amanda Moore Joyce Moore Michele Moore Charles Micheal M url7hJ" Beverly N PW-Y0mf? Sharon Nichols James Oliver Mullins Bonita Octavia Pierce Barbara Plear Sharyl Points Eric Reid Palmer Annie Roberts Ida Robinson Susan Robinson Renee Rookard Lorraine Rovall Judy Ryan Debafall Bonita Settle John Sherrer Diane Short .lolita Sandmer Simmons Delvfe-Y Sims Nancy S ims Joyce Smith Patricia Snyder Cheryl Spell . h V - ' V Hi it ..2s1Siai i 15332535 was , :W n , Eddie Stephens Georgia Clyde Tate C arlheda Taylor Rosalind Summerhill Taylor M55 .U . James Thomas Bonnie Thompson Danelle Monica Thornhill Barbara Thompson TOHIUII Brenda Wara' K5 5 'I Micheal White I Richard Winsteaa' 1 Jerry Trice Betty Walker Jimmie Walker Elaine Ward Leland Ware Cheryl Williams Earie Williams Sharon Joyce Yarbrough Wooten l . 1 Rome! 'Wallace Thela Wanza N Q. James Watkins Felicia Whilb y JoAnn Williams Kalhryn Williams Brenda Y earwood Ellen Young w M WWA A164 SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS l 'if' HE 12-5. Acklen, Joyce D. Adams, Paulette Aiken, Michelle Alexander, Marilyn Allen, Jacque Anderson, Herman Anderson, Carol Andrews, Joan Anglin, Mordecia Arrnslead, Terry B. A very, James Bailey-Murray, Diane Barber, A braham Baughn, Den yce Beckett, Myrna Belmeld, Tamera Bennett, Marcia Benson, Terri Benta, Kevin Black, Lynwood Black, Rachel Blackburn, Billy Bluford, John Bogus, Delmas Bond, Barbara Bond, Ellen Boone, Janet Bozeman, Karen L. Sophomores enjo great unity under progressive leadership Wrile on a breazh. dream in the real read al lhe heart, think beside lhe hand, understand wilh a blink. create above Ihe being. 'mn x " Mi, L, . . H Eg Y -w .4 Y . ., QQ: .1., "2 ,QQQ ni 1.- .1 f W ALF., A r M0.Yl0fll1? shadows in Ihis life are caused by slanding in one's own sunshine.4Emerson EVN V W ' I M- 1 . . . ini if E 1-ij if? , fi -:: ',,, ,rsa , P- 'i f Q V f 1 Brill. .leannella Brown, Palricia Brown, Phillip Buchanan, Norma Jean Baller, Crnlhia Butts. Cheryl Calloway. Edward Chambers, Sidney Chapman, Gregory C halman, Patricia C lay. Carla C lalor, Sandra Clemons, Gloria Cochran, Carol C oehrane, Jaequelynne Coleman, Ronald Coles, Linzie Collier, Karen Cooper, Lorraine C roxswrighl, Pamela Dade, Billve Dellon, Beverly Dickinson, Germaine Dixon, Donna Dilvon, Glorius Dobbins, Palsy Elligan, Carol Emery, Tommie L. Sophomores more coniident 1n ii' K -me ,-t, .. li. 'iw .1 WU., Sb. 'f '1 we I 'tt tp X ,,, . .Ln ill' 'WL ' 1 1 . 1 - A '.1Jl I' cl-AAI! Y 'ting ' ,. es ' X' J, ,E V A- Y,Y.,.-.,,V,: ... , , , if 19' - I Hudson, Lester Jackson, Theadora James, Norma E. Jejerson, Deborah Jemies, La Verne Johnson, Beatrice Johnson, Cathleen Johnson, Marcia Johnson, Vivian Jones, Kathy Jones, Cleste Jones,Janet Jones, Paul W. Jones, Sandra Kelker, Cheryl Kennedy, Charlotte King, A rlhur Knight, Erwin if was W ff, . , vii 1 Z' Anka., V' ni' Esp y, Joyce Faulk, Brenda F fzer, JoAnn F lamer, Denise Fletcher, Mark Ford, Jacque! yn Ford, JennU'er Ford, Karen Francis, Kay Franklin, Shauna Frazier, Ingrid F ugua, Hortense Gaiter, Peggy D. Grady, Edward Graham, Lynn Gray, Jocelyn Grayson, Antoinette Greene, Dianne Green, Rhonda Grqfin, Muriel Gridin, Rondey Grisby, Lewis Guinn, Jocephus Guy, Talmadge Halliburlon, A rlinda Harris, Belinda Harris, M yrdis Harris, Richard Helems, Nancy E. Hemphill, Nathaniel 'rims f fish . KTJ ' lg S? 4 I , M... ,Yj-N '-2 'Q' , I JJ 'N QA thelr position in the Universit Knight, James Knowles, Vernicka Law, Charles Leggon, Michael Lilly, Regina Lindsey, Hilman Long, Sanford Long, Sherida Lumpkin, John Lynch, Sandra Marks, Belinda Marcus, Natalie Marsh, Douglas Marshall, Marilyn Marshall, Pamela Martin, Emile A. Martin, Patricia Mason, James Matthews, Michael Mays, Jancie McCoy, Gloria McCrary, Thomas McElrath, Joy McGowan, Carolyn McMillan, A vonnet Mehlinger, Ferdinand Mickle, El va M iddlebrooks, Joseph Miller, Dennis Millis, Audrey Ir. r 1 'Hsu Q' 'fr An M AE 5 'hrs - - fn li B , 1 1 fc 1 QV 'si t 2- ti. t it , ' -' Mr' I f-iii . . I, ,Y x ,ji - . - . W, 5 7? ze,-isfl -f ffl I' .. ir V X ,- , 1.3, . 4, .f F 1' 1 an-, il? "x :ji fa ' X :K 'Q B 4 it ll A M. . . 590' 69' ,' 4' M . J ft 3096? W Q-r. 19 f 4 fx gfeif' f' ,, 5 I ,.gt " , A s"' si ' 3 t :-ein? .ti 'Wah 3 x Mitchell, Charlene Mitchum, Sara Montgomery, Gail Moody, Richard Moore, Christine Moose, David Morris, Daisy Morton, Diane Motley, Darryl Moye, Brenda Murphy, James Newan, Edwynna Palmer, Helen Payne, Eric Peters, Kenneth Phillips, Michelle Pierce, Robert Poe, Purity fi , Determined sophomores Work to gnu' , A , c"l-'Y SJ K s -, w i ' ' ' 'lm , F: L.y, I X H., . fwqu who 00020 f. I I1 Yuslf Li 56" 0421 4-P1910 - ' ' 0 ' iZfz.v3e?P , Pessgigsgi a:-',q,0l,y- 1 QQnma.g,f,r, A 559.03-J iffvoppp' 0 -u ve: , wa 4 Southward, Fred Spears, Narquenta Stevens, Williams Stewart, Elaine Stuart, Delia Suggs, Paula Summer, NatalieJo S wyne, Sadie Taylor, Doretha Terrell, Linda Terry, Robert Thomas, Hargis Thornton, Francine Thornton, Lynne Travis, Frank Tredwell, Cheryl Vanterpool, Leo E. Walker, Gregory 'S 6 W 4 1 ,Q 'u,,pQ. , 5 Q Y' A , ., ,K - W is 'if N , I v grf! 3 2 . wwf.- , sse- N I N i. f 11' Lx s X "f Poe, Vivian Pointsf Issac Poole, Robert Porter, Carol Porter, Isaure Powell, Norene Pride, Paula Pryor, Lannie J. Puckett, Ann L, Rankin, Gwendolyn Reddick, Jamie R. Rivers, Brenda J. Rooks, Ann Rose, Wiley T. Ross, Emmanual Sawyer, James Scales, De Veda M. Scales, Janet C. Searcy, Walter Sellers, Farria Selman, Shirley Shaw,-Jane Shaw, Michael Shines, Perneita Simmons, Alycia Simmons, Judy Sims, Judith Skaggs, Victoria Smith, A ddie Smith, Arzella ara- i fe 'E 2 ,., , , then' perspective goals Walker, Watson Ward, Bernadine Warren, Marshall Washburn, Pearl Watkins, Lawrence Weiss, Gregory Wheeler, Jarry M . White, Brenda White, Thomacina Williams, Candise Williams, Deborah Williams, Samuel Williams, Sandra Williams, Stephanie Williams, Willa Wilson, Judith Wilshire, Joyce Winbush, Emily Winkjeld, Maceo Womack, Ruby Woods, Viola Word, Ronald Wynn, Marian Starling, Neda KE N X K sX xl, X I a. ' Q. , A .E Eng 9. 4. . i9 1 4 - 4- ' 'W flu! ix ..: r K: ' 'S "H W : as U L' - L 1 0' ., '5' I li J V, ffnftg ig ' :fi iii" fi 1 - -:iii fsgtfx- --.. 43 v if il Thomas , Daryl if? iv -abit J L .y M xv" ggi' . ' mimi? .. V 5, X H, gms V, , 3 W' Freshmen class approaches 1969 Brownlee, Brenda A. Bryant, Cheri R. Buchanan, Cathy Burney, James W. Butts, Marion Camel, Bonnie M. Cambell, Roger F. Carter, Eddie Lee Castle, Sharon Castro, A wilda Chapman, James E. Chiles, Samuel Christian, Sharon D. Christian, Sherian A. Churchill, Deborah L. Clark, Deborah Clemmons, Ronald W. Coakley, Benita Cojfey, Madonna J. Collins, Michael Conner, Dadye Y, Covington, Elizabeth Crawford, Joan S. Curry, Linda Dalton, William T Davis, Anthony Davis, Bonnie Davis, Cynthia Day, Janice Deaderick, Beverly Dehaven, Karen Dillard, Loraine E. Dixson, Dee Ette Dolphus, Barbara Duncan, Mary Ann Abernathy, Wayne A bles, .lane Adams, Roderick, H Allen, Dedra Allen, Donald A rmstead, Beverly Ashford, Peggy Austin, Shermane Bair, Lynda Bandy, Marlynn Bass, Rene Anthony Bates, Samuel Beard, Regina Bell, Gail Beld, John Jr. Bell, Juanita Y. Bethel, Sonya Bies, Glenda F. Biggs, Angela Black, Barbara A. Boddie, James Booker, Darryl Bonner, Willie Boulware, Y'Lonn Bowman, Yvonne Boyd, Cynthia R. Brandon, Joyce Broadhurst, Felicia Brooks, Deborah M . Brown, Gala Marie on campus wtth great optimism Ducan, Renee Eason, Carolyn Edwards, Craig Edwards, Lornen Ellis, Deborah Ellis, Gloria Etter, Gwendolyn Evans, Barbara 4 Evans, Eddie E vans, Shelia Ewell, Jaehn eth 43 is-.L Fields, Mary Floyd, Walter Fowler, Alpha Gadsden, Vivian Davis, Edward Gante, Elaine Gardner, Emile Garrett, Janice Gosby, Stephan Gray, Chrisitine Green, Elizabeth Greene, Lester Greenlee, Samuel Grijin, Denise Grmith, George Guandua, Lionel Harriston, Rosaland Harrel, Luther Harrington, Jane Harris, Sandra Harris, Stewart Harper, Brenda Haynes, Stephanie Haywood, Robert Hilton, Gwen Hodges, Yvonne Hogan, Deloris Hooker, Deloris A. Horkins, Cynthia Hunt, Robert Hunter, Sharon Hurt, Gwen Hutson, Velvet Hutton, Marilyn Jackson, Cheryl Jacnkson, Donald Jackson, Veneita Jackson, Zachary James, Brenda James, Elmetta Jejerson, Janice Jejries, Eric Jenkins, Vicki Johnson, Moira Johnson, Benjamin Johnston, William Jones, Cheryl Jones, Tina Kendrick, Rosie Jean K ihmtrick, Elmira Kindle, William Kirby, Diane Larcour, Lynne Lake, Thomas Freshmen class confronted wtth Moore. Torin Morris, Lexcine M urrell, Janice Nance, Burney N icholas, Entn-ta 0'Neill, Luke Overstreet, Joseph Paige, Terry Partridge, Cliryslal Patton, Delphice Peaks. Terri' Perijr, Clara Peternian, Rosie Polk, Christian Polk. Deverin Polk. Michael Pollard, Susan Porter, J une Powell, Shelia Prewilt, Marcia Quarles, Pamela Johnson, Gloria R erlzlrick, Janice Reid, Paula Richardson, Patrycya Riley, Robert Roberts, Kay Robertson, Marilyn Ross, Larry Royal, Susan Russell, Camilla Ryan, Janet Schueltz, Jennifer Sewell, Aneta Shelton, Wendell Shorter. Jaye ' Larnar, Patricia Landruni, Portia Laney, Lee Lawrence, Montrose Londo, Michelle Loyd, Jacqueline Lockart, Henri Logan, Linda Lucas, Emily Lush, Joyce McDonala', Patricia McDonald, Ruby McNeil, Keith M adison, Tanya M arlvon, Be verlv M artin, G laaf vs Marlin, Rochelle Merchant, Nikki M ims, Shirley Mitchell, Cheryl Mobley, Reginia Moore, Beulah Moore, Rose Ann Moore, Sandra f' I it my a problem of adjustment to college life ' x Walker, Patricia Walker, Renee Wailer, Lajean R. Washburn, Pearl Ruth West. Deborah Wick, Sandra L. Willey, Elbrena'a Williams, Glenora William.s, Natalie A. Williams, Rosetta Williams, Stephanie Wilson. Barbara J. Wilson, Claudia Wilson, Ernest Ill Wilson, Norma D. Wilson, Sharon D. Winborne, Brenda Woodley, Cvnthia L. Wooaison, Deborah G. Wooten, Mariah A. Wright, Norvel R. Young, PauIJ. Zinerman, Marlis C. Hart, Brenda Hogan. C arolrn Frane, Windell Larnour, Patricia Smith, Sana'ra Williams, Juanita .8 G: F 1 .km-F fx wt, - I Simmons, Dorothy A. Smart, Priscilla Smith, Gail L. Smith, Jacqueline Smitlz, Sadie Staples, Nawassa Stewart, Joyce A. Stewart, Loyce Stewart, Sharon M. Stokes, PeggyA. S treams, G wendolyn Street, Donzella L. Sunkett, Yvonne Taylor. Clmon N. Thomas, Deborah C. Thomas, Helen Thomas, Portia L, Th waites, .lon A, Tippitt, Gail E. Townsend, Linwood T. Vaught, Arthur Vick, Ann Maire Vinsang, Truman E. Walker, Bennie L. xg ,ss--J: W 'fur-M. . ,, ,. 0 Q. Am - -I N--N, i f L . -' -fu u f aw X L I , 4. ,W gk A "Wil EP? "aiE:'r' Y ,i gs I gf VI, x L ' ii! , 'W in x -. E -iyvf ' " No Student St -iheyconqp L . '.' -Ps L andthe C u-..- 'I xN - -AVG W, fx Xxxxi .:'HJXK'! - .Kg W Q11 s alone for together e the Classes- ses make the University ffl ...MA , Four things we will not do, in spite ofall That demons plot for our decline and fall: We bring four benedictions which the meek Unto the proud are privileged to speak Four gjts by which amidst all stern-browed races We move with kindly hearts and shining faces. We will not hate. Law customs, creed and caste All notwithstanding, here we hold us fast. Down through the years that mighty ships of state. Have all been broken on the rocks of hate. We will not cease to laugh and multiply We slough oftrouble, and refuse to die. The Indian stood unyielding stark and grim,' We saw him perish and we learned ofhim To mix a grain of philosophic mirth 'V ith all the crass injustices of earth. -Leslie Hill Organ - cations J fx ww X thletic Union Board - I- , - - .Q 2 - - 'iii u H w WSQSQ5 W 1 Nmmm, H. f , .M Wvggisw ' L vc ' 'lg -egg. il A nr, -- 1 .,.,f+s' -- '- 2.27 K'- 'wmrfi ,f me International Student Center gferg..-f. ,tif , - , ' 1-Q I , .. . Aw ii Mi V fi., l , L, -Ea-.5 r A V it , L tn.. . v , W The Center offers a varied program of lectures by men and women prominent in international affairs, panel discussions on current world problems, foreign affairs, foreign features and documentary films, international dinners, art exhibits, music and play readings. The Center welcomes students visiting here from other countries and assist them in adjusting to life in a new atmosphere. The Center is also open during the day to students for informal conversation, for listening to the Center's growing collection of classic and folk music and for reading of foreign and American newspapers and magazines, and current books to which the Center subscribes. 95 sw K 1' f Stagecrafters E3 lt if ' 3 Qing. we 4 N , , , 'It , ,, www 1 to x Y, tx Mt e Q3 1 t " ,Q 7? A-an ' -.--um!! ,L wg: .C t , H m"ll.' t it , Zf 9 t 1 SEATED from Iefi to right: Noel Evans, Frederick Brooks, Beatryce Nivens, Frank Travis, Dianne JCITIIVSOIZ, Yvonne Andrews, Cecil Lincoln, Charlene Mitchell. STANDING: Carol Norih, Raymond Jones-President. nternational Student Association . ai! SEATED from lefl lo righl: Diane Short. Norma Wallington, Clarence Campbell, Shirley Cook. STANDING: Harrivon Lockhart, Sandra Billingsley. Economics and Busmess Club SEATED Iej Io ri ht: Carolyn Hogan, Paula James, W. Leo Frame, Erica Leslie Deveaux Harrison Lockhart Victoria Skagg Herman Moore Annie E Burch, Jerry Trigg--V,Pre5,,,Iegnel1g Ca,-yer, Cgny Armslmngv Helen Dixon, Wllllams Philip Johnson Diane Short James Garret! Fred Evans Donald Clarence Campbell-Pres., Frances MOlhl'S,MUfgGf6I Bulter. STANDING: Duren Wllllflfn Uwem' Kenneth Kehrer Advisor F1Sk Student Enterprlse SEATED ON FLOOR: Jeanetta Carter, Margaret Buller, Frances Mathis Melda Thompson, Sharon Gass. SEATED: EricafBurch, Wendell Frame Wctoria Skaggs, Ellen Bond, Herman Moore, Paula James, Angela Cook X--K Biology Club SEATED front left to right: Graec' Green, Sharon Gass, Mrs. Carolyn Randolph- Baker, Rachael Travis, Donna Taylor, Tresa Mitchell, THIRD ROW: Hubert advisor, Claudia Akins, Chenita Holmes, Brenda Jones, Barbara Johnson, SEC- Walker, Clinton King, Sandra Jones, Dwight Brooks, Albertine Carter, Bob OND ROW: Don Thompson, Joyce Moore, Bonita Settle, Pat McCalep, Aleta Hairston Wilban, Melba Adams, Linda G regg, Yvonne Andrews, Brenda Edwards, Vivian rig' page SEATED from lej to right: Mary L. Adams, Claudia Akins, Joyce Brandon, Hairston, Don Thompson, THIRD ROW: Hubert Walker, WiUred Anderson Luella Graham, Lois Bond, SECOND ROW: Linwood Townsend, Dr. W. T Edwin Searcy Bowie-advisor, Albert Nsakala, Charles White, William Pride lll, Robert Sociology Club gigdggiavagiiiwiiuii SEATEDfrom leh to righr: Shirley Look, Brenda B!II'lQl', Linda Ellsion, Chervl Rhodes STANDING: Toni Marlin, Diane Clark. Cynthia Watkins, Cheryl Jones, Mariah Woolen, Bonnie Allen, Donna Cain, Melda Thompson, Clova Al'l7ISIl'0IIg, Tamara Bellfield. Psychology Club SEATED from lejl lo right: Gail Harris, Advisor, Cynihia Bryant, Muriel Collins, Palricia Jones, Dwight Davis, Craig Edwards, Barbara Plear, Joya Thompson, Noel Evans, Ida Robinson, STANDING: William Lewis, Leonard Gaddv, LauritaAnderson, Lois C ummings, Sandra Boyd. Nina Guice. Scribner Hall Dorm Council li 3.1 ill V.-, .5 3, iilgtiil, .Z.,,,,l.., ,Z t SEATED ON FLOOR: Joann Fizer, Cheryl Butts, Lannie Pryor. SEATED -AdVf50"- STANDING! Beverly Fwyd- -101' MCEUUMI GHflM0f11e0mffy. Rf' ON COUCH: Daisy Morris, Juanita Williams, Germaine Dickinson-V. 81'f'aEl1fmUnf Df1Phw1eDf1k. Elaine Ward- Maffiuenmspeafs-ZffUJl1Ck50'1- Pres.. Brenda Faulk-Pres., Shauna Franklin, Carol A. Cochran. Mary Coles Crosthwaitc Hall Dorm Council SEATED ON FLOOR! Gwendolyn HUIOH, Chryslt1lPl1l'lffd80, Debby Church- Barbara Black, Loie Britton, Barbara Wilson, Mariah Woster, Susan Royal ill, Joyce Willshffe, Thllfma MCCWU1- 2nd ROW! Anefll Sewell. Lynn? LU- Emily Lucas, Regina Lilly, Mavis Blake, Mrs. Tate-Director, Jackie Ferguson. Cour-Pres., Tina Jones, Carol Covington, Michelle Lindo, STANDING: Lek lo righl: Curtina Moreland-Associate Editor, Joya Gaddy-Editor, Talmadge Guy-Business Manager. The Herald is the medium of expression for the literary minded students of Fisk. It is the aim of the Herald to encourage students to exercise their ability and pre- sent their work for constructive criticism and f or possible publication. The great literary tradition of literary excellence as well as the individual urge to excell and succeed in the keen competition of a well organized profession is the in- spiration of the Herald Staff. To them, literature of the past and of today is not entirely the artless product of the masses but rather a vivid reflection and the guid- ing mentor of an advancing civilization, achieved by a large body of trained as well as gifted writers. lOl SNEA ,-.1 SEATED from left to right: Octavia Pierce, Vernice Hall, Sandra Foster, Pat Tomlin, Brenda Partridge, Elissa Shanks, Madelaine Gordon, STANIDNG: Carol Covington, Charles While, Anesl Schell, Wvnette Forde, Carol Rawls, -. ,.., 3: Dorothy Radford, Jean Maclin, Sandra Dodd, Cheryl Edgenton, Beverly Moody, Shervl Benning, Yvonne Blanchard, Leonus Batiste, Dr. Juan-A dvisor. English Club LQ-1 i i :Z I i r i N i On floor from lej to righl: Pamela McMillan, Stephanie Davis, Kathy Turner. sandra McLain. STANDING: Cheryl Cypress, Delores Warren, Brenda SEATED: Pamela lee, Katherine Williams, Delores Giliam, Cheryl Williams, Yearwood, Elaine McCollin, Yolanda Perkins. Anlionelte Dorsey, Kathy Collier, Sandra Foster, Curlina Moreland, Cas- Chicago-Fisk Club SEATED from len to right: Barbara Johnson, Barbara Bond, Madelaine Gor- Janice Mayes. Tanya Madison, Louis Alexander, Wiley Rose, Doug Marsh don, Diane Bailey Murray, Patricia McDonald, JennMer Schultz, Brenda Gregory Walker, Clijord Bibbins, Samuel Williams, Steve Allison. James, Y'Lonn Boulware, Sharon Stewart. STANDING: El-Brenda Wiley. S Political Science Club STANDING from lej to right: Eddie Carter, Ronald Potts, JennU'er Johnson, Tatum, Roscoe Bryant, Joe Heggs, R. Bass, Peter Rouhlac, John Fredd, Jr. Barbara Simmons, Mary Bush, Alycia Simmons, Fred Southward, James Jerry Pierson, George Matthews. asic College Dorm Council E 1 5 1 I 1 l f F 11 11" ,,1"'111 l l 14f1!-eg-,ffl '1' l Q ,11l:'g,11 1 . A I X V I 2 1 11111l'11 111111111"' 321 M1 1f,1W1-Q 1"11 QTY- 1 111' 11- saw' 11 1 1 111 fly.. 1 H.. W1 .sim W' My Q,-ss' 1 , 11 11293, 1 11 11 1 ,ii-ii . 111111111 y 1 ,- 1 W, ,W M1 A Q E l11!111"', 1152 1 . 1 G fl i 11 ig 111 Y M - -K' wax. 11 V -. l 1. E, L. Lej to right: Keith McNeil, Anthony Bass, Linzie Coles, James Tatum, Theodore Wallace, Jr. J ubllee Hall Dorm Councll Lej to right: Muriel Thompson-Pres., Curlina Moreland, Gloria Adams, Patricia Johnson, Patricia Tomlin, Sandra Fos1er,Theodara Curry, Diane Comer, Linda Stokes, Bala Carr- V. Pres., Portia EI- lion. Bennett Hall Dorm Council I I '. .1 . rf' 'QW X V". f v- SEATED lep to right: Terry Paige, Marus Zinermon, Walter Floyd, Lee Craig Edwards, Eddie Stephens, James Burney, Stephen Gosby, Wayne Laney, Jon Thnaithes, Eric Jejeries, William Dalton, Norvel Wright. STANDING: Eddie Evans, Nathan Thompson, Mr. Beamon-Director, "The Castle" of. . . rude awakening A bernalh y. While it is true that there are many new buildings located on the Fisk University campus, there are other buildings- mellowed by age-which stand as symbols of the things for which Fisk stands. One such building is Bennett Hall Dormitory. Residence in Bennett Hall provides the Fresh- men men with a "rude awakening" typical of dormi- tory life at Fisk. 105 aptist Student nion ISI I SEATED from leh to right: Erie Williams, Jerry Pierson STANDING: Carter, Newtonia Thomas, Joe Heggs, Albertine Carter, George Matthews, Ronald Pots, Diane Clark, Dorothy Giles, Roscoe Bryant, Linda Gainer, Eddie Bettie Walker, Anthony Bass hysical Education ajors lnxf SEATED from leji I0 right: Doug Watkins, Robert James, Bill Daniels, James Kavin Benton, Monica Thornhill, Romel Wallace, James Qtterbridge, Eddie Oliver, Pearl' Washburn, Sheryl Points, Evelyn Speed, Ida Speight. STANDING: Stephens, James Avery, Wiley Rose, Marvin Bryant, Ronald Bishop. Gold Key Honor Society if 3 .' "lif'FPl T 1 ' 11, H 5. X ' -W fx Lej lo righlf Marv K. Bush, Porlia Elliot, Sheryl Benning, Cheryl Williams. Newlonia Thomas, Diane Comer, Alpha Snzilh, Dorolhy Giles, Kaye Draper. ubois Hall FIRST ROW: Deloris Gilliam, Layne Howard. SECOND ROW: Toni Marlin, Yvonne Frisby, Cheryl Bryant, Dorzk Burn, Claudia Atkins, Shirley Barden Mrs. L. Boyd, Michelle Moore, Sheryl Jones, Biselm Merrill, Sheryl Manson, GeraldineJenkin.s'. Sharon McBride, Portia Shula. Noel Evans. THIRD ROW: Sheryl Points, New ivingstone Dorm Council i ii - W Q 'ft-ffsb. H " 1- ac Ziff' . ef' as www , M ii H ii ' Ziff' ii NNW iii i it 'Q W fp. :-is W if ,Q SEATED from Iejt to right: Raymond Jones, A. C. Cunningham, Herman Kelsaw, Frank Travis. STANDING: Jerry Pierson, Joe Heggs. ,,, x ww Z., fi N233-S5 - 3. ei i , I ,mm ,W ,H M E . 4 l , QQ' Im X i i EE'E 1 iw Q' QQ A typical room of bureaucratic rhetoric. The terrible burden of having nothing to do. '08 Y 4 a if 0- ., , . .,:.wwQ ., -ll 1' 4 4' I iff? l 1552? V, V L' ? 3Ff gg 5 ', ' is x law A r I I .5 W g . ' 3 E V 2 n , 1 37 D V 1 ,Q A A L 1: l 1 f . - M 5 I I Et .. W , . a , , . ll. , 'K fi 4, J., ' if W M , A I FIRST ROW: Karen Bozeman, Donna Dixon, Rene Rookard. Criag Edwards. Deborah Ellis, Don E. Folde, SECOND ROW: Carol Ann Coekran. Carla Clay. Shirley Seltnan, Sheryl Benning, Charlene Mitchell, Albert Sewell, Rosa- lind Hairston, Linda Logan, Renee Walker, Vivian Johnson, THIRD ROW: Anthony Davis, Roger Campbell, James Marable, Paul Jones, Philip Jones, hio-Fisk Club Some people would do anything to get attention. Without Albert Sewell there would be no school spirit!!!i!!! Philip Brown, James Murphy, Talmadge C. Guy, A. Emile Martin, Michael Matthews, C. Craig, William Wright, Dwight Davis, Stewart Harris, Jr., Rod Adams, Walter Floyd, Kenneth Bean, Sidney C hambens, Fred Averv, Darhvl Booker hifi? it . 1.3, 5, st 1 V-fi., ,.f"4.'l,-z t. e ,.... W-wa' S With the discovery of my role, Confdence and assurance gave me unlimited groundsfor creativity-that is why I stand here. H ,.. , ri .I Stagecrafter Appren Food Service Committe STANDING from lej to righlg Dennes Smilh, Barbara Johnson Ronald Adrine, Pamela Quarles. tices SEATED from leh lo right: Luke 0'Neal, Henry Hurles, Oclavia Pierce, Yvonne Andrews, Joseph Overslreel, Doris Adams, STANDING: Michael Collins, Glennora Willams, Sarah Henderson, Yvonne S unken, Beatrice Ni vens, Mr. Auwerler-advisor. M ,V The Fisk University Choir I . fl ,'ii Q 1 .. A , Q l ' o ,il .V r it l 1, i li i fi' H K . ky., , -Email K i is if is wi , K .iii S3359 1 1 i NH, A fssifeiwsi " 8,4 LW ' 22102 The Fisk University Choir is composed of forty-six melodious voices, artfully blend- ed to augment Memorial Chapel services and offer stirring performances during Christmas and Spring Festivals. H2 . -it 'E ..-dl"'i' J Mai wt rs.amw wi" i ir 3 t?LSmfee, nm V i Q try ,tt f Wi, ,qua Am, :nf5WFFC:tE it Ala Q, ,qw Etiisitsms EEE E F Dr. Nelson Fuson-Director Fisk University Exchange Program In an effort to homogenize the separation between black and white the Fisk Student Exchange Program is con- tinuing for its eighteenth consecutive year. All participants are experiencing the adaption of the other cultures amongst which they live. Stud-ent Government Student COUHC11 in the face of eloslng SEATED from lej? Io right: Mavis Blake- Treasurer, Mary Bush-Vice President, Steve Scott-Presb dent, Curlina Moreland-Secretary. M -,ff J 1-,irgvflyv it vu , t 1-1 ' f--- ?m.v,..,r M 4Jm,:inMhh11mY If stands undaunted obstacles 43 , NN Q ii' m C Cf .X 3 Carol North listens atlentively to new resolutions. Wendell Allen studi mittee. Once upon a time the solutions to the obstacles were dreams. Today, the action-oriented executive group of 1968-'69 has forced it into reality. Meeting head-on the responsibility of the total student's environment, this group put students into power-deciding positions. Student fund raising activities for organizations was initiated, revisions were made in women's regulations, efforts were made to put forth improvements in the food service. N S W qivxuu-zuiili 1' "viii Steve Scott listens to the proposed policy ofthe United Council e report submitted by the Food Service Com- Dennis Smith, chairman of the Food Service Committee, takes notes concerning his submitted report. Student Council copes with discomfort and hurt to help produce ful- t iillment ofjoint aspiration Dr. Mays, Vice President, listens as Dr. Lawson address the Student Council concerning new administrative policies. Steve Scott listens to Dr. Lawson address the Student Council. SEATED from lej to right: Glorias Dixon, Geraldine Jenkins, Steve Allison, Frederic Brooks, Jen- nU'erJohnson. STANDING: Keith McNeil, Cecil Lincoln. Turning the tide, walking the water, and correcting the current were only a few of the tricks of the Judiciary Cabinet to sweep the waves of approval their way. H6 -W As- X M ff bi! . ff: . wow- . J, .J ki Q, i ,Q B v . Q gg 'E' - 'FRE .9 'vs 1 ,ff- 4 Forum Staffs well represented at Student Council meeting. PL1bl1C21tl on Forum K 2 ' 5 newspaper: f fearful IIOHC SEATED from lej to right: Wendell Allen, Yvonne Andrews, Kathy Turner, Curtina Moreland, Leonous Batisse. STANDING: Jake Oliver, Beatrice Nivens. Staj Editor Jake Oliver Director of A dvertising Richad Guilernentoe Business Manager Wendell Allen Financial Manager If UU LIKID NIYLII YO!-lLl LOVI , wmncf Q' Q I ' Layout Editor Carethea Taylor Ojfce Manager Patty Jo Rutland my ,., , Associate Editors M Chery Cypress Bea N i vens Paulette Brown Circulation Manager William Stevens 2, E... 5, An experienced and efficient staff ready whenever the news is made J J -.i , :fe -A f.1g s is C urtina Moreland interviews a student. Lorraine Royall, Jake Oliver and Wilson Copeland take time out 10 pose for the Oval Photographer. 5!' -'Q ... ,T 'EK N Jake is always "up to his neck" in paper work. The Fisk Forum reports and interprets the events and issues within the campus community and academic world. A newspaper that has grown in stature and in contribu- tions with the expanding institution which it serves. fl I 1 Beatrice Nivens interviews Dick Gregory. 1' re 1 .-. in 'Ti 'El 531111 1. r L 4 f 1 r f . s 4 -ir,-v i wi 4 .m ii . 1 a na 1 ii 1 111 H -iv-ir r-if-ir,-u n.u..4uLas.: vw ar,-ir'-ir'-1 4ui.4i..u4i.a 11-:4r,1r.'iv','l Ji. wi,.n.,n..i, -ir wr,-ir-ir'-ir,-1 4i.4i..u.u.4i.a r-ww-farm 4ui.4i..uav..o wrxar-wr-ir-1 4wi.1i.4i.u.4 v,sr.1r,-urwrn ..ii..ii.1i.awi.4 -.v.1r,sf,-'51 rw .4i, 'prgff-,ar,-sr-ir,-ii 4i.n.u..u.n.4- -ir.-ir.-nur,-ur-ui 4xn.4i.Ju..4i.J, -npr r-fr-n-gn -fi. L Nui 1 -ir-r,-ir1 41.4 .iULu.'.a' wr-1 -w -in-1, L-AL'-ll-'J -,vmnn-..--.1 3-1:12. uunh 1: '.". 1 JST 0,4 -+--D.-...., Who's who among students of american colleges and universities 1 i Q4 f ,JE Mary Kale Bush Political Science--Economics Curtina M. Morelamf Political Science-Engllsh , , .- Abishi C. Cunningham History l20 Stephen Rene! Allison History Y l I A '1 Jaya E. Gaddy Psychology Shirley Walker Modern Foreign Language Ahrha 0. Smith Music -Q54 Y f X bag Z V v X' -Al..- Linda Moon Music K Deloris Warren English A drienne Jenkins A rt y , , i d .1 Dorothy Giles Sociology Harrielle L. Hardin English Sheryl Benning Elementary Education James Edward Garrett Economics Mis John Jake Oliver Political Science 1.-A-N34 ffasfai ' 1112225 1 4 44444i ,flgg HN. 115 23 in 124 I , .' " 41: w' 1 4 w m4 ra 44.4 -up 41.4 -in 45.4 va 44.4 an A4 vw 44.4 -an 44.4 an 454 vm 44.4 -in 44.4 ar,-1 44.4 -nn au -u-1 .4L4 -urs 41.4 r Q 3, H .. 4.4. 4 .l" '- . :v",' -.4:1'1: 1 444-44, 44Z1"nwf4 L4-Phi' -3' f'F":: 1-I-,',1:4i44 :fgl 4.4.l! . , 4 4. ::,- 4.4. .'4 ' ' 4, 4. ' ' nw 1 I 4 n 4 4'4C2 " , P 44. i ws 4 4.444- r rw v 4 444i i 4- f r 4, 4 in.. . r-4 ,V 1 4 4 444i 4 ' ' 4 li 1 f 1 1' 4 4 44 i , ri in 4 4 4 45414 'uf 4 r r 4 44- -f .- ir 4 4444 .wp r iv 4 4 4-44 wf f, v 4 4 4 4444 -4 f .- 4 4 44 4 - f f '444li are r 44 4 41.44 v 4 4i4 4444A -if 1- rf r 4 4 44 i ar f 1 v r 4 4 4 444i 14- f rw f 444 4 4 41 r A iw. +S- J Ycziiwsvv-4 frg --4.4 --QAM Helen 0. Dixon Economics Brenda Palridge Elementary Education Peter Warren Rouhlac Economics Mavis Blake Psychology Portia Elliott Mathematics Edward Bennett Biology In your presence I rediscovered my name My name that was hia'den under the pain of separation I rediscovered the eyes no longer yeilded with loneliness And your laughter like aflame piercing the shadows Has revealed Brotherhood and Sisterhood to me beyond the snows ofyesterday In yourpresence I rediscovered the love ofmy being And necklaces oflaughter andfond memory hand around our days Days sparking with ever new joys. JDiop Wi? - W I ' - WW . W , W M H WWW HWWW- W WWW WWW WW WWW'WWW"WW WW HW WW W WW W WW WWW WW " 2 WW W WWW WW . , WWWWW WWW WWW WWW WW W ,Q , W W WW WW WW ,W WW WW WWW WWWW WWW ,,,, WWW WWWWWWW WWWWW WW WW , WW Q, WW W M WW at WW , WWW WW, WWWWW W WW W WWZWW WWW WWW . ' WWWW WWW WW"WW ,W W WW WW W W WWE W W WW :gg-...W ' ' QW WW H ' W' WWWW WWW WW W --15 1-WWW W , WW , H " ,WWWWW "WW W W 'WW WW 'WQ' WW WWW ' ' -W-W W WWW WW W WW 'WW W W WWW W WW WW WW ' W, ,W WW WW WW WW 5-iii WWW , WW W WW W 5315 WQWWW WW WWWW WWWW WWf"'WWW WW WWW WW WWWWQWE WW WW WWWW WWWW W 'WWW WW,WWWWW.W WW WWWWW 'W WWWW WW" WWWWWWWQ WWWWW WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWMWWWWWW ,IWQWQWWWWW WWWWWVWWW WW 1fiW2WWWW'WW"W"WW' -W WWWHWWWH: WW 'ir W M WWHWWW1 W ' WWWW WW WWWW E W WWWW W S53 W 7 Y Y ,Y H WW WWWWW W N W WWWW -QWWW ,Y 'WW W W ' WW WW .W WWW , W: ' W "WWW WW iggqggg:WWW WWWWW'HWW W ,W W --WW W, WWW WWW WWWW W WW"WW WWWWW , ,' Q ima W W WW . WWWW WW WWW WW WWW. S , W WW W WWWW WWWWWQQWWWW 'WW"WWlW"WW 'WWWW WWWW WWWWWWWW WW W' WWW " WWWW WW"WW'WWWfflRWWWWW WWW.WWW'WWWW'WWwgU'W"WWX"WWWWWWWWWWWW W WW, WW .WW WWW WWWWWWWW iii WW WWWWmWWW,WW W WWW,WWWWW WWWWW WWW WWWWW WW WWWWWWW WW WWWWWWEEMQ WWWWWWMWW W -WW 'W' 'ig WWW 'WWW V WW WW " gWWWW ' WW' WWWW W W wx! , WWW ' ' ' WWW rj-Ku -4 . V' WWWW W"" W W , "' WWWW f' WWQWWWWWWWW WWWWWWWWWWWHWWWHQ LQ gl1WWW:11WWW131WwWWWWWWWWWWWQWWWWWEWWW' WWWWWWWWWWEWWQQWFQ W Y WWW WWW HW V - WWW WWW W WW WWW Yi , P2 W . , Y 'f' WW WWW f WWW WW W W' WWW WW- - WW' WW W WWWWIWW' 'W W' +22 H W W ' ' ' MZJLW -. WWWWW :WeWzWeWW..' WW W W WW' 'M WW "W WWWWW-WW WWWWW 'H W ' W W WW WWWW WWW WWW WW WWWWWWWWWWWWWM WW WWVWWWWWWWWWWW WW WWWW WWW M HIIWHW mi' HWWNWW fi WW W WWWWW " WW W ' .AWWWQQWWWW WW W W WW WW W WW WW A W WWWW bu WW RQWWWWW' ' ' 'WWWW 'WWWWW LixxWWWW'W1WW WWWWW WWWWWWW W HWWWWWW WWW WWWW W 9565 is-32, WW W" x Fm . WW"WWW W W W WW., W WW WW WW WW W W -.WW WWWW W W WW WW ,W WW WW WW W WWW WWWW WW WWWW WW W' WWWW WWWWWWWW WWWW WW W W WWW W WWWWWX WWWWW WW: WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW WW WW WWWWWWWWW 5WWWWWW,W WW WWW ' WW WW WM W A-WWW WWWW WW WW H WW 3f'jWWNWW W WW WW 41 . WW WWWQWW W " E, W.WjWa, -I H V W ' WWWW "' EWWWW - , ' WWW W W W ' WW W " gi W W WW-WW W W ,WW WW W WW W 'WWWWW W' WWW' W W 1.. W W W W WWWWW W WW--WWnWW11WW W WW WWWWWWWWWW W WWWWWWWWWWWWHWWWWW WW -WWWW f' WWWWW MWWWW QWWWWWWWWWWW W Greeks W: faq .n,,., wx: ,fff'4g" ' Gree om -M-may-.- Www ,mmKf"'a"' W 1 Rf- ,711 . 4, Q gJ?aO,L2 Q kj '. ' 'js I U ' 1 8 "' A " 75" I 11 'x X 4 , , ,f I' 4, g A 1 G' x Q- .sf 1? Lx 1 1 X 9 Pan-hellenic council Works to uphold high standards The Pan-Hellenic Council cooperates with the administration in an effort to maintain high academic and social standards. The council operates as a legislative source for the initation, development and enforcement of guidelines affecting fraternity and sorority life. The composition of the council involves two representatives from each fraternity and sorority. The major activity sponsored by Pan-Hellenic Council is the annual Greek Show. The profit obtained from the Greek Show is used for some charitable project. SEATED from lejt to right. Robert Ratclitfe, Jr., Janis Jones-Secre- Stringer, Annie Williams- Vice President, Waller Searcy Paul Kar tary Loretta Britton Patricia Matthews-President, Melba Adams, teron-Treasurer. Portia Elliott Michael Walker. STANDING. Steve Allison, Nelson 129 Officers of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Pi Chapter 1968 Basileus Melba Adams Anti-Basileus Susan Robinson Grammateus Olivia Jackson Anti-Gramnzateus Paula Livingstone Tamiochus Melda Thompson Anti- Tamiochus Glenda Gregg Epistoleus Kathleen Collier Anti-Epistoleus Linda Elliott Philaetor Sentinel Theodora Curry Hodegos Pilot Cheryl Spell Chaplain Joyce Brooks Historian Muriel Thompson Deans of Pledgees Barbara DuMetz Marjon King Reporter to the Ivy Leaf Helen Dixon Reporter to Pan-Hellenic Janis Jones Song Leader Mercedes Holmes Parliamentarian Geraldine Jenkins Advisors Mrs. Susie Cobbs Mrs. Eurydice Smith Honorary Advisor Miss Mary D. Shane 130 'ISU M A M Alpha Kappa Alpha ' Pi Chapter K "Lighting the path to all that's right and good: Leadership, Scholarship, Sisterhood. " The purpose of Alpha Kappa Alpha is to cultivate and encourage high scholastic and ethical standards, to promote unity and friendship among college women, to study and help alleviate problems concerning girls and women in order to improve the social stature, to maintain a progressive interest in college life, and to be of service to all mankind. . . . "I know I've never loved before, And my heart is very sure No one else can love you more. " Sorors of Alpha Kappa Alpha 131 President Nelson Stringer Vice President Robert Ratcliffe Recording Secretary Micheal Murphy Corresponding Secretary Edwin Searcy Treasurer Ernest Dixon Parliamentarian Robert Harrison Dean of Pledges Ernest Dixon Robert Ratcliffe Dean of Probates Ernest Dixon Sgt.-at-arms Howard Bynum Song Leader Franklin Scott Line President James Murphy P4 A Y ve mu, ry 'A feet: . Alpha Phi Alpha 'Q 4 , il' -.9 Alpha Chi Chapter "First of All, Servants of All . . . We Shall Transcend A ll. " Alpha Phi Alpha, found at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York,-on December 4, 1906, was the first national Fraternity to embrace Negro students. Since that time it has become both international and interracial and is composed of over 30,000 broth- ers with chapters in 40 states, District of Columbia, British West Indies, Europe and Africa. Taking for its ideals "Many deeds, scholarship and love for all mankind", Alphas seek a well-rounded life through the varied activities they endeavor. Most of all, Alpha stresses the bond of brotherhood which unties the varied interests into one cause. Indeed, "the college of friendship, the university of brotherly love, the school for the better making of men" . . . is Alpha Phi Alpha. 133 Finer than precious jewels DELTA SIGMA THETA OFFICERS President Portia Elliott Vice President Bishetta Merritt Secretary Maribelle Brown Recording Secretary Paulette Brown Treasurer Layne Howard Sgt.-at-arms Rebra Elliott Chaplain Renee Lewis Journalist Patricia Johnson Parliamentarian Patricia Martin Song Leaders Vanita Witherspoon Patricia Johnson Dean 0fPledgees Diane Comer Jacqueline Lewis Dean of Probates Valda Harris Loretta Britton SORORITY , ii, ,, -.-,,, LT -----5---M ...Q 1 it Delta Sigma Theta il' F-7'Y7t Alpha Beta Chapter e7 iifgfgtt ff f? ' 4 ttf L lla M lf 'Q .AG 1951+ 2 " F i Delta Sigma Theta is a national Greek letter organization which was founded in 1913 at Howard University. The sorority is based on a five point program which includes the following aspects: Library, Mental Health, Job Opportunities, Volunteer Service, and International Service. Alpha Beta makes noteworthy contributions to each phase of the five point pro- gram during the year. 135 Dr. Rosenrene Purell Advisor Polemarch Stephen Allison Vice-Polemarch John Oliver Keeper of Exchequer David Gearring Keeper of Records Tony Johnson Strategist Edward Moorman Lt, Strategist Haywood Hambrick Dean of Pledges Cecil Lincoln Asst. of Dean of Pledges Nelson Beatty Dean of Probates William Bowens Asst. of Dean of Probates Victor Lesley Historian Derek Caruthers 2 'ifr sfr G9 lil TCLCLW 01.5 Q Nl Kappa Alpha Psi Alpha Delta Chapter "Upon Indiana soil we lay our foundation Kappa Alpha Psi shall be our creation. Let us build brotherhood wherever we go Until campus after campus will Kappamen know. Teaching men to achieve shall be our role The world our stage, achievement our goal. And so here, now we meetgunhappy though free As our burning souls cry, "Lord. I see fraternity." Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity was founded on January 5, 1911, at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. The fundamental purpose of Kappa Alpha Psi is achievement. 137 XVEV ,K- Wvfw . , 4 ATL -.- x 1 15:4 f ' Q: Y . sflz 1 - .. -.-, JW: Y 2' g "gf Y Yyiiw ' f I V 1' V j , 1 T ui. i EQ, 1 4 ,Q - Y U B, H g 'wif ' , V 2? in l n' 'Q W V5 , .W , ?'j?"' " 'A- 3 ii ' -ff J L, I Q' 3 ,Q s 37 ? if nf '- , L l sg if . 15 A ' " Q ' if gf . 'gg 2: 'fx . sN3 . WL., fl R 1, S 4: 4 A , ,. , H E 4:-K 4 .V ' -Y' Sq. ' ' ,- " .4 -- 2 L -' 51:-'4 .P . M ' mf an i ,.'f. 'Tv K , .jew-.1 X , .. - Q ,wx ,, V . 5 I y 'C '- ' ' . , 1- .- - 1 , I - ' ,SLT 1 "'f7"?' 1 - 'r 'xv Q 5 - ,f , A l Q 1.1 ,-,giqmv . ' ' , . , 2fi.srf.e,' A x 4. f 9 , 15 ' ' an nik. . ' 9 , I se, ,A - Ag, wx A J , .PEA "" - 'Hz-,ff " ' K Y . 1 -, - 7 5 A '1?:f'21, .K 5 rf 7 ,. nf, ' 3' 'V 4-- 5 'A ' if X , if 1 im! H .qw 'Qc 4 , if V -..IM 5, - "fi f W 1. A' 1 a A ',, - -46' '45 'Q MA 'f:f?'f vzhpf? ,- Ome a Psi Phi g .' we Q13 I 70 x 5 , l , 4 6 fi, A - 4 : . n ' s .N A 1 - .- 1 iv A 4 O 'i 5 it ' ' 'lin' I 1 1 :gk . ' . v .tg -C 1,44 cf. x gms! Eta Psi Chapter International and interracial, the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity today in all its splendors and eminence, is a manifestation of the profound faith that our founders, Edgar A. Love, Oscar J. Cooper, Frank Coleman, and Ernest E. Just, nurtured during the birth and early growth of this organization. For those four men who dared to dream, that dream has become a living reality over 10,000 times for as many Omega men. On November 17, 1911, sacred in the heart of all Omega men the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity was founded at Howard University. It was dedicated to the proposition that men would increase their vision and their willingness to serve their communities, if they could be united with like ideals. The founders vowed to give themselves to the execution of these ideals and chose as the cardinal principles Manhood, Scholarship, Perseverance and Uplift. 139 i' ' I ,g Zeta hi eta 0- Kappa Gamma Chapter it - islssszga, is H i as sit keg? fftfvgisr. SEATED from Ieh to right: Loretta Wilson, Yvonne Andrews, Cynthia Bitlter, Montgomery Gail, Annie Williams, Dorothy Giles. STANDING: Brenda Holland, Patrica Matthews-President. Deep contemplation all alone- Seeking a supplement for my life. Many a starry path beckons me But there is only one sorority Exemplifying service, scholarship, and sisterhood. Some say, "Here's lies fun." Some boast of wealth and fame. It is my desire to attain Finer Womanhood That is why- I chose Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Colors-Blue and Whiteg Zeta is my life- 140 Sorors of Kappa Gamma kifaff l ggi? .-E625 W . - -V-.,-., f- -. .CJ 'f""'. Keck 1 Clean .ut ,E V I 9 . - , - .,i7.iwa',f--Jyh, iq, f W. 144 'Eq',?fi!iL.4.A,4- I ,,VL w.', an Greekdom je ,W M, qu-4 A -gg-w N 1... 4 AS! Si' .-'E ? , G? , I . 1 -P .- AT 4 I xg There is beauty In thefaces ofblack women, Jungle beauty And mystery Dark hidden beauty In the faces of black women Which only black men See. -Edward Silvera Sweethearts i F Ai' ! V 4 Beauty adds sparkle to academic world A ready hello, a warm smile, and a win- ning personality are all attributes of Miss Fisk 1969. Doloris Warren was chosen by popular vote in the May election. Personality, talent, and poise were the critieria for the selection by the student body. A member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, this lovely black woman is from Waco, Texas. She is a senior majoring in English. Miss F isk Delo ris Warren fi MISS SHER YL BENNING- You are lhe mystery of man: alluring like some Venus song. . . llaunlingly beauljul in your radiant splendor. First Attendant 5 .. t JI Q and You zz 1'a' ll glow 1'rz geclwi11acre.vce11do qfec.vIas,1 Second Attendant V 4 K 2 A 8 x W "I 4 Qi as Q w Y, ip . ., ,s 'J' . J' ' ii 8 H. 4 " li ' 'Q Q r 2 Q Q? 'A WSH rd g ' Q xmszl 1755, , i 65, ,gd " -95 F I QW Beauty beats so frail a wing Suffer men to gaze, Poets to sing. How radiant you are, Compare and favor you to that most rare Bird of delight. M iss Senior Linda Carr A lien dan ls: Diane Comer Maribelle Brown ,M Q W, ,L w I W J 4 Af , 6 I -s ' If i 2 0 fx N' O . Q 5 i . uf? T Q-QM 'Sis 0-Bbz3ll' W,-lawn 3? gi ,V if . .. an n, it 5. -Q .w'.t, A ip ' iii :M 1, W, o 1 L 5' ' e, ' , 4-.1 I. qW..! Wy, .- xx W, . f N ,y 1., K 5 F' 55:15.43-1-4 1 g .x ,', :Eg iw? '955'?"5g!i?Q5'EiNizB's9'?2fS'Zxfv3i- j Q3-Q Q il fs 'mn QAJQT Vgv' rt" V - . 13545 3' 1.1, .,,T i ' ' n f bf 'X' 'lim' -v " 3 , I, F ,Jmlul 6 4 15" f f Y AI , J' . .5 J X'. " , ' ".,-fJ.i f ' "" g , csv' ,' " 1 fb, Q' ,qi I ,Mt .sijgz -Z ' ' J 1 'i .SES-:L--3-':4f.,, a , 5 A -ZW :fi TZ V T H QM , Y "' V' "Q: P' ,v ' q fe, 42 I 'xii , . 9,1 -nd i Q 'MW . ,,,.?' pu- 6 rf? il 5 .-, 3 'x we Q, S ,Qi PM ff, - . NJ Q! Q 519. Lovely faces 2, matched ZQ'U,,fig5fi:3g gz' H W '.gz':x!bs'g.3s.J!QM Q N Qiiisl 'M wh UH QE5jffMs,.,, as .::,,. ga 153 cz Sf-"'n, with inner graces Patricia Ben Zley M iss Junior Patricia Irving Layne Howard r x Q 1 I Q. W5 14 u Qyig, wa 0 H ., '!'2. '-, '. I - .Kg Qye--1 'D-u " Y' 3 -A ., S.: if? 'F www' There is always room for BEAUTY 5 9? gee W M, m TEV A f it as a at . in A ltendahl Kathleen Jones Mz'ss Sophomore Chery!Fczh1'o Memory a myriad lovely blossoms may enclose, But what soe'er hath been, there must still be room for another rose. l53 W, l 3 V In 1' YL V . Ei?EE5xiff' 1-'IM-,EE--,'P,-If ,, . .E I J W it K . Ag, 515 1191 ilfqf b 'gi W' E X - ,iv Ea my ' W Q, X 1 , m x s G?-1 ' :Eg ,ft -if S, A . 19 .+ I ..,, . 1 ,? a -'Z' ' j nri ff i, ,S H - XJ, op 5. ig .ff , e 3 ' , V : Lfx Q Tina Jones More lovely than a glorious melody That soars aloft in splendor, full and free, And graceful as a swallow on the wing! A beauty that seenfzs to move, and sing, And quiver, in its radiant ecstasy. Peggy Stokes m...,,,.w,-.Wf s amz 3 , M, 'Q -i L 'x K 4- .NS ' wwf' 5 I i t 1, ,,Y!! 'W' K . i NH i Janice Day Miss Athletic Union .qi- -I Wm, .2 w 1- O -'39 'W 'fb 'B 161.25 s ' E, QA "qw wi: s ,Lvwvm 'E -1:,.? wg X 2 -Fw. K'-1.f,., 5 ww i 1 Q 1 ,--1' FHL .. -' ew , L, , f'15,Wq,f..,1s f' , A , " i 1535 HL 1 gf' 5 ' if -Aw' . l""' W Q A .L ,, 5' ' I ' " N A . ,1.: A . V . A Y A 'gl ' 1 13 , I argl- ,XE . M , 1 1"'W W mf K 52' . N Q, Q A j fu 1551 1,7 , Q A ' "EE?253--'l- ,F ' 5. Eg .I Q- I 5 - Q 7 , 2314 -L v-,,,- ' , ,W N Hg ' "" ,N lvl V, i,,,f,,,, L, 25643. .Q I Lf ve-f ,Ii W ww- Mm W- , .W , N ,..w, if fi mpg -1.153 nz 3 6. f. W agp, P U ,. Li, -5 2 LW 1 X X X' 'ggi ' ' 3 " ' 'wr 7 M ----- s 1- W ...wr ,--A W ,, , Y- Q' Xf f ' ' .V Al , S- sl., - -. X , V 6 'M ' 'in ' ij - -v ' .J VhJ....,.A - .......4 -...Y .L .EF 7,4 , 1' . - se sushi . Q .. ,. X .T , -W..-,. . .. ,uv +A ' X X, 9. , I X Eiliiq ' ' ,, w W f' W Hd- , ,fshfsfi 12. H I Q 2' f- ,lf A V, Q! - + A-L,-U 12: - v- , wig: -257.-hfm' -I" g ...J X M N X 5 X . ,. if .. . --Q 5 'K' - .Q-au5lanqs?4A..p.., Y - ,. 1 - Ag.AG,,wa. ..r....i 2, UN , 5 XXX . fy.. .L,,,,A,,,,,,.,..4 s . ..' A-XFX f , ag I X 'X..X ,X in ,,.-. - 1 .-and LQQ. 4 Q.,-l 1 X ,EQ Q ,, . in ., ,-4,326 X 'ff H- , '- . J. ,242 :1-51, 5 1 , ,, , ' ' 'hfmggj ef . ------ - wwf:-Y, , X lm ., WX W .,.. I .. P' iv' A, g F57 u Ifigzf X ' V wb-..-Q-Q-iii--. - --:X . y, . Y. .9 f . A, , A - . , . , ."f'f, ,E , ' - ..,.-,... ..,.,....A 1 ,,,.,,L.Qe....,,.f- iv---U-.W J- . 4-'A'-1.-V if- X X V , ., X 5 w Xian- fr' E X, ,EW 4... ii. .4...,..Q:.L??T .1 - wg fngmg .Y - :m:.--uQmQ5n..- A , 1 ' Q' --f . ages, -' X f X ' ,gin A X A X , . , 2 pg Xg, X ,Q 512, X ,mmf . ,,.ff5'g.lfh.m,-, msgwmgu . ..... fm -, W, h , '?' U" .,..,.,,.,.l ,...Q..'.,, ... -, -L.- 7 f---vu i ' ff 'EE' 74 v-wi' in -Li ,. . , Q. . ff , . -:V - - ' ' ' v V' 'B' ' ' ' 1.522 ' , , , " X I ,, ,X W, ' EE- . X if WH? 17-iii -, , , V K QQ - V, -. ,-- 411---,T - ' ' F? , I ., Q -' " V1 . f -' , C 1 -V , ,173 XXXXXX X XX . I ' ' A ,,.. 3 7-F wr wt ' ' ' " ' 'f - ... W W mf , ,QL Q ' ' ' , ji - I H: ' J I QQX bd, - -, fs 1 L X as Q' -. X ,,. X .,, . .1 E .1 .,f" n-. ,unix-1X t XX W - .-W.-mfaX kia ' 'W .M -Q J: A""" W. ' A - :x,, ,Q V ' ' 'ki I K ' ' I . ' 5' 4 V - V - K , . - , -A 1 . ,. x - 1 W' ' y , M ff sms, WV: I af K - ., - Q msn X -- , .I 1" L55 5452" k X Ax ' f . ff Q '3 , , A " ,msg fr A' 4 z, .f 1. ,eff ,iv my ., z w ' 'F' 1 ' W if - r " 51 'WH M A -V 33- .. ,,.,T.1g7 fmfww NH frm , K .'y'XX X. jig? .fax QW' in k, swf 'P ' 11 f 'Y' ' N , L '- 1 eg. M ' .,-" .. -1' H , www! o 'W R ,X V. 5 4 ., - g ' 7212 XL XEEXX - R 5' Sv VH , X Z W - ::i.::.:: ' ' , V A A K . A . A X ' Aj X J.-iv 'H . .1--M ' ' 'fs' ' 'IQ ' ,mn 1"" 'S' s X , X X S ,, A ' - X X, XM X ws X , My I , X X--,1 ' 'g .,' 5- ' 11755, --'3 1 -f P. f' X V X S X , . X giz ssgg 'P j f ,..4. ff f. , 3 r - fm' ' -X 1 P f XXXXFXXXX X 25,5 X v X X51 X- D X 5' F, ai--Qggivqf , . X A -fi ' . ap.. gm, 1. , gag f , qi fn ,X 1. 5 X ,QM f.,X ,X is " ,X l - ,X WX .. H1 3, A X ,. X ul, ,fu -ur 'W' 'lf' , , , - in Y - ' A - - - f 5,4 1 a ' -- 'W -mf' V 1' . M 1 x ' -"1 s - - ,, I 3 " 'EM 3 14 1 - wi V5 Xt' 1,ph.,i " .X 'E " A W Q ay A X. .W -v-- 1 V ' F 6 Q. ' :-,,. YYY' L X -XXX T794 -H' X! 2 'L I-c -vo -:V 1, 0,9 V J ,iq . A , 1. cX,, '.-Xa iff . . 2 n v y- ' hwy!-x . :fi I I-X XXX:- ' 1: , 1 a r .. .Q 4: is Vik F' r ,X - A is ' Q if 5, 1 . '-v. . W ,' if X M .1 1, L ' ' 1 r Q: J X an 3 25324-Q There is no rea'a'er blossom on the bough Ofsong, no rieherjewel in your crown. Barbara Johnson Your star is steadfasl now Beyond aspersion's power to glitter a'own,' Susan Robinson 14- Carol Anderson Isl A ltendanz ,QR .f ii, , 11-wk eip Qi: is is gg Rhonda Green 2nclAtlenalant Miss Sphinxnfzan? A laaghingjoyoas sprite Who sniilesfrom dawn till dust, . . . Lovely as sarnnaernighz . . Carefree as a lark. F il W A J 5 Lea ,- 160 Cheryl Treadwell Miss Sphinxrnan .1 ?! ie .5 ? M A 114153 U2 .gn 'Cr'-f' V 1 11:93 N134 ,png - la gas rf! ' A ,, H.. ! ' K: I it ' U, -6 1-1 ' ' I 5 ' - ' -I- n ' ' 'f-J! ,. , if 1 1 51 E311 l, ' 'S l M .MEM F N I'-' d 17,1 S5 F I' gg: gs? All your perfeclions, all your magnitude of grace and all Ihis love explained and unexplained IS just a breazh.-Shariro. Madeline Gordon Miss New ivingstone Hall MH ig e an Si, X1 -7 .. 'W n. , . az k ,fk-If ., fd ,gr vp-5 ' A x 1. X ' ,Yay , Z' .rm 'N 1 , .N , 'N '. . 'LV -4 'Rx --.- ..,, '77 ' I """":-M H 1? 'A . y xx, . Q f R .. ' I s K - -X "W , L Q, Y' 1 Q , . i 1 ,h . 1' ' xx I ' W fl ' .T lx X fa fl v gf., ' ' .4 A ' . M' 'nr f Q T , L - . , i Q1 ,F S ' QA' 1 I' 4 ,si xx ' X X ea ll! ,yn "xx V K X ', 5 P .kb 4 4 al ,, .Fw A A K ,- lx 5 . . 1 M , ' ' 'QQNH 'v 3, l . t ' ' , o . V i ? N-f,""g:3?7fH Qagkv '5 X. h ' .553 . ' -' ' x ' ff Q' f ' -. It Q Niif :div-N f Q , ffl' A Y gf gf X F- 4 ' . , . X .5 . J ' Y " , i - .0 G, . ,. A K Z V 3' Q 5, ,fx I , it g bf K .ft - 'Q . 5 Nt X ', "5 'O x ! t w A 'KK 1 ,W i-. ' 0 vb Ii, 'A V ' 'lv is 1 7 15 Akylh , , A t I . , P Q if In Q 3-ff.. vi ' , I 'M I5 If L . is ' 41' 'lb . , - - , il ak , Q N g ' -A' ' A , ' 1 xi f r at ' Q, I , I ' IS . It .4 f , f . - . , - ,, ' a fr . , ,,-. .ff :fy ' 7 1 W A - L K ..w, .4 x . x r A13 I ,-ll! . . it IQ? ' X 'TW F J lf I . rw 1 A Xxx' eq f-' "" "".TZ""""""n J ' X: I '- ' ' l ig T,-?1, A .,,' ', 4 . - mlyi Q 1 A I 1 .K A I N., X .fb 2.1 .ro Q f ff! , , 6 f 4. 1 4 . va , 1 -- - 'A l 1 x ' "' , -1 ' ' ' ' .Q X ' N iv. ' fi .MJ is X ZHL v 1,4 N " ,A 1. . 'ly o L K X- A ilk! I X N -.1 V. . I , 5 I?'V' -'t'b'- . . 1 1 .fs I ., - ' i 1 . f I I xx G fl- J ',,' B Lf' ' " N ' ' .-+ g - X. i gf f f V- .' gi 4 ' 5 f xx , X 1 . A L . g I 4 ' ' ' ' . x 1 N A ' X '-.Q 4 ..7 X I ' Q. ' ' 1 X A ' ' V. x W. ' , '. n .i I X. f V XL ' , I X 11.21 I I ,gp 415' ly vs X 1' v--rs.,-, -, , -J 3 s , 1' 'A u ,J ' 5 A H -' .3 ...vit 1 n ., X A XM.. , , , N I x ,ku X - 1 ' 'Q v. A WV M--'fag X N X 3 X N 1 'vm . , I 3 V - . Q' "N t ii-v I . KN. - X, - N.. 4 x ,X 1 Y 1 K '- 4 1 X! i, ,nl -1 5. , . I gn? , 4 1 -.L I I 'QS . V If wx, X ' , K .XA ls x , . x x I , 1 x .af 'K E cw x, - 7 'va-U -- 5 S4 in ' V- 4' ,j 1 And summoned angels to this blessed sight No cloud was seen, but crystalline the air Laughing forjoy upon my lovely fair. -Drayton Glenda Locust Beverly Delton My most marvel was when, from the skies, So comet like star advanced her light, As though the heaven had now awaked her eyes .,, I ,v Q ? f ' ' "'A ff? ' M "K"'k 'KK" - ff ,,.L My if u f . f 1 ' Fr . mai. nf N 5 - ,, sas: , li f vim' A , ,gwwi 4 i E, 1 K Tim ' W a Y 2 4 ' Ng "W gg" f is--E521 5 1 if ' 4 Y ' A -'S 1 . - 'A-ff ' fwii '51 ' , M. , 3 -f' .fy 1 .. ' -' ' L, xi1.LI?Tifm 'liffev-f www ..V, .Nz '1fsf+:4 rx "l'FF:i:,.- w sit W Hgggrj , wlgzmzfg 51:51 1 ' -m.::z:::z'11if wi 1 'W Qi F' . 1 A W Lf' ' Y' ' 3 , 533 ' i M A 1 1 I' -- ii-53332 Him . fu J' . "gf" r sg ' - - 1 :f , Qs: Q ,. .. QM MZ, , 22135.-. -,mga M' ,, -h, M ,uf ' Eff N . H -1 f us- L, ' ' ' S . 4 .L ' A- fx. R., V ' 1 1' Il LI 7 fy " ,QQ A Q L ' . 4.7 "-., - V. i 5 . -- H1 . ., Q57 FE f X -- :ma ' 3 .-,. - H- :I :,:..- L- V .,, ,Ae 7- ,, ,..v, miavff , " 11.,1,zNf:fQx -mavzzih , gains: ' PE F' 3 laiffwgq 13 'igiziziifn J- 'vii .:.s5f2fHi1 1:2 -!Q"f'fQ' H2214 mss14si1?5il Xmzffrl 1, Yvtjhiii :ETX , qi 15 w . if H1 ff "-, I , iw - ' :M-fy, -a '21 v S wasfzafszesq ' E " Q K H Q f ff 2? gfg M- x Q ug! . 21,1 gg M , f M 5 221 "" 4' ' ' 22 If LF E ,igiil AN" M :E - - - . um M4 w 4 51. , A- B? va -1- gigfi' -- I,-.Fr , La - Q 4 ' ZH, ' wi mx X , ml, ii N -,Vw-5" 'f?w- A - Uv A' 1 wa, Hifi' + . WV Zig it V E , gb , - :gl E 5 4, S n ff gg g ' S, ' A 'SMS 1:2 W 5332, . li 1 , h ,ff me ' g n' Wifgggig, ff , . ' E , - 1:2 2.21 L R I H, vi my Q Q F . 1 I J '32, '. 1 ' A T211 . - ,. L Q . 21 43 1 J M1 . 79- z' . ' A . 'HL -if ' . . . -' 5 4 5- - , , N, --V, X i E . , 67 Y 2 ' 'A ' , , fy X ii: 3 '- 1 1 ' M -"' 2 if ,A " 3' 'x . 115215, ' ' m,..L 5 1 if , . I A473712 .f ,. 1 I4 Y lx A Q 7.22 .I ,A l. Z L fx? iii! 1: V iv -, - -W ' rr jf' ., ,I ' .E Iv' 3- 9 g '52,-I M ' " Jw? 5 f. I , 'E 1 A v,,! 556' is JI: .Lf ' w l 5 .Y -v, M arp. . ,m i n . '21-, y, , 1 V ?'T'1M' 5'7" 2 " 1 -,. -., .x'm'f?'Evf' , Q :- 1.5.1 ' 7- L:', 1 Vg-,s H , ..,,,.. Jr, , 11:1 J. . . gl. , X is V . A: ,Z ,Ji A 5 f f M . fgigagia ' . F A. , s 4' . . . G ' wg, ' -3. 9 Q- ' 'H , l" '-S F ' M ' ' . J 5 1' , . ' IIT 1.5 3 1- NK' 1 Q ,. . . , Q- Q , K ' W im H " f .... 5' ' L 1, f-9: : ,L g Lovely forms do flow Patricia Martin There is a garden in her face, Where roses and white lilies growg A heavlnly paradise is that place From consent divinely framedg Heaven is music, and thy beauty's Birth is heavenly. -campion Gloria Adams Ifyou think youll lose you 've lost, For out in the worla' youfnd Success begins with a persons will lt's all in the state ofntina'. L1je's viet 'ries don 't al ways go to the stronger or faster nzang As sooner or later, the ntan who wins ls the nzan who believes he can. thletics fl ' .X'k ,ff sw , I ,,. nl ,-,1. 1 'Q C HA1l..Y3'.: -uunffl ' fix' ri 'X sf , ni 'QD if Q l ,a ,,.. 42:9 , , F?'1' , .A .5 - . , ,. . I K .115 T L Lv 1 in 2,3 1 H . ,, aw?" fag " F 1 - E' fd. L , x mv yawn 44 A 'AM E, f H, 2 4 -QW.,-'. - ll N g ' -515 5' Quarterback Don Folden J -: ' ' .. - wexz. 7 :Y V '. -. ' E: ,Z ',2'a'f? 5 wi ii fi'-if . 1 V- ' Zu-"1 - .L -1 W , V wi' ' ,i - 1 I hgrgz-A W Fisk Fisk Fisk Fisk Fisk Fisk Fisk Fisk Fisk Fisk T Bulldog's l968 9 0 7 6 6 7 74 6 0 27 .rmyj .-L gi.- Record Livingstone College Clark College Tuskegee Bishop College Alabama State Howard University Knoxville College Lane College Fory Valley College Morehouse fini Bulldogs maul Livingstone College 9-7 p in first game Bulldogs Houtplay, whipl' Knoxville 75-6 At least three records were shattered as Fisk University rolled over invading Knoxville College 75-6 in an S.I.A.C, contest. Quarterback Don Folden tossed for six touchdown passes for one mark and gained 368 yards through the air for another. While the 75 points scored erased the old school scoring record, Fisk University Bulldogs pulled off a first in the last ten years, as they won their first home opener 9-7. The first quarter the Bulldogs battled to a 0-0 tie. The second quar- ter, the Bulldogs went under as Livingstone intercepted a F olden pass and went on to score the TD and PAT to take a 7-0 lead. In the third quarter cornerback Cornelius Craig intercepted a pass to set up a 21 yard field goal kicked by William Wright, after the Fisk offense couldn't score with the score 7-3. In the fourth quarter Craig Edwards, a 275 lbs. lineman recovered a Livingstone fum- bleg Fisk picking up the tempo to down the field 50 yards where Fisk's golden boy-James Watkins-caught a Don Folden pass and danced 32 yards for the first TD of the 1969 season and the lead in the game 9-7. Doug Watkins Fisk "Golden Boy" ,. 'W-cf 4. Lane College spoils homecoming for Bulldogs 2lh6 ll i I ' ' 'mf' i Continuing their downward slide into the doldrums of defeat, Fisk University Bull- dogs succumbed to Lane College at Homecoming by a 21-6 count. The loss marked the sixth defeat for the Bulldogs. Bulldogs capture 1968 area championship Hhj .ff ina E 1 W, , w va .- 17 f 1 IU il SEATED from leh to right: Wesley Biles, Johnny Robinson, Erwin Knight, Joseph Middlebrooks, Kenny Berkley, Virgil Watkins, Rome! Wallace. Darryl Motley. STANDING: Oscar Gibson, Charles Jeter, Eldridge Blake, Victor Lesley, Coach James Smith. OVERALL 1968 RECORD 13-6 CONFERENCE 1968 RECORD 11-3 Coach James Smith BULLDGGS VENTURE DEFENDING S.I.A.C. CHAMPIGNS 1968 RECORD Fisk University vs Lipscomb College Lost Fisk University vs Vanderbilt Lost Fisk University vs Alabama State Won Fisk University vs Knoxville College Won Fisk University vs Knoxville College Won Fisk University vs Vanderbilt Lost Fisk University vs David Lipscomb Lost Fisk University vs Tuskegee Institute Won Fisk University vs Morris Brown Won TQ N,A,I,A, Fisk University vs Morehouse College Won Fisk University vs Knoxville College Won Fisk University vs Knoxville College Lost Fisk University vs Morris Brown Won e ---M -- - Fisk University vs Alabama State Won Fisk University vs Alabama ASLM Won Fisk University vs Alabama A8cM Won Fisk University vs Lane College Won Fisk University vs Morehouse College Won Fisk University vs Alabama A8LM Won E E Fisk University vs Alabama ASLM Lost f-A -- 1 x wr, f. . r 22' ll , . , , ...Y V .-.,-Ai--., - . .,, .- Warne .. T w .4 if X ,, W 1 wvxz- 4. .' . :fi '."x.'9"3-Qu 1 .-,- .3 4' - .Hgm-vY . S ,, , , U '1' . '15---,ah-.4 Jv.. H' f JT"-.,"'7Q 'f' 'viii . .P "L'2'T'J'-'- '-'27 -. . -r-,, -l,.--.--.W 1968 Y Eldridge Blake :ei 45-ff, dv-9' 5 fl, Ah J0h'1 Robinson Erwin Knight Victor Lesley Q -53 n:?9"' . .A Qgger, Joseph Middlebrooks - ng." !' Inf" A , , 1 ik 'v 5 . Nm ' a. .5 , , .ff Q., Je, "Q, .nv ., -1 ,,,. Y-rw. we , x .I . 4225-is fp, 1 L. :ge ' ' 4, 2112? Yxniil, ,iam gfmx - ,1- A . .V Wiz- HS" ix ' ' 97255312 gsaxvsm , -K ,Q 1 .Y H k g, ,I . - " V?" if-F 'egg ' in 435,-is - H Riif ' " 5' ' . ' V' 1151 ' : 'M ,Q L , Aw Sf' 'fa' f ww 'ik ' Y A I , .W H 7 , ., ' ,."L'??ii - Sigiyf k 5.2?75f'ff ":9Eii2v1 'QUE V :fi?'i.? inns? 'vfMY,,V,. Jffgi, A K . A .gg-51 van . if-5' N , 'EE MQ' Q ,gs M52 ,, ' ' ' nm :Ei V 5? wx :Yew ' r.- Ham 'ii-Eg? ir, X ww eww I , ,F-, G ' Z., ' 3,1 ' " ,if- V ', , f 225132 . K L K, . vw . 25' ,Egg -1 gr! V. jiflif - . ' '- ,329 , NV ' , '5 -:".f.-. '31, 1. lssggi' N , , , f 2,375 .AW ' ,Wg I . 1 M? 2- , I . ..., ,. 1 , -h n.,..--. 48 ! , x TJ ml, Nw- gm- -'X eff-V . ' W, ,,,,..-., .15 Y ,...f-V J-. .3-V .avi V 4 wk ff L ww ,QL Z ,X X4 , .. . .I ,9 R .5-. X. Q . G30-2 Q v- 'Q . f 0 N . Am ,Q-.. Ly 17 W I fi ., .V ,,,- ,J X .ff '. . 10" Cross countr takes Znd in S.I.A.C. SEATED from leh to right: Emile Gardiner, Lee Cort, Darryl Bartlett, Robert Sweat, Marvin James. STANDING: Gene Sewell, Albert Sewell, Madison Gordon, James Garrett. e. A -' : 5: ,.,',: : W .-Q -i , 1 EW N- 7? 4 - --M J' 'E - f-1 "-- ' " ,Q .awe ,3 ff 5 Wi U: ii F 'QQ -' if-' ,. 52 li gf W' ' .w f+:'Bi-2 'Jaw V gg ui 5 G 1- Cross Country Thin-Clads 176 Captains-Madison Gordon, Albert Sewell Herman Carler Albert Sewell runs lst Ohio Marathon -9th Olympic Trials Alberl Sewell Carter ties existing world's record Herman Carter tied the existing world's record at the Houston Astrodome during the National Federation Re- lays. He ran an impressive 9.5 in the 100 yd. dash. The human Speedster ran 2nd in the 60 yd. dasheonly two tenth of a second offthe world's record. ,L 7 .. Q .. X -. Herman C arler and Albert Sewell Albert Sewell poses a threat to the greatest of the distance runners. Sewell is the defending two mile champion of the S.I.A.C. He placed third in the one mile and two mile race in the T.I.A.C. He placed third in the three mile of the T.I.A.C. Sewellls most impressive records have been set at the Ohio Marathon where he ran first and the Olympic Trials where he placed ninth. Track team has a winning season l I l 5 . in X l KNEE!-ING .0001 lef 10 ffghf-' Jake C0Vf'lgf0'1- James Gaffelfr R0bf-"7 James- Marsh, Herman Carter, Albert Sewell, Eddie Stevens, Gene Sewell, Lee Carl Caplarn Gregory Chapman, Marvin Jones, Emile Gardiner. STANDING: Doug Roberrsweat' Daryl 3a,1e,,, The Fisk University Track Team under the guidance of Coach James Martin set many new records. The Track Team placed second in the indoor track meet of the Ten- nessee Intercollegiate Athletic Conference. Also, the ,, . ,i.-,.,., Coach Martin 's Cinderman from Cincinnati, Ohio. Individual ehampionsDBulldog Pace Setters :X , ww.. Mwttv:-,!,.aa-A Robert James lst T.1.A.C. High Hurdles lst 7f1.A.C. Broadlump School Record 120 High Hurdles 3rd T.I.A.C. High Jump 41h S.I.A.C. BroadJump I H it eg? Viv W M , 52 -s Emile Gardiner 3rd S.I.A.C. Cross Country James Watkins lst T.1.A.C. tsoyd. Dash School record holder N 1 1 James Garrett HaM Mile Two-Mile Relay Eddie Stephens Mile Relay Team 179 ' 't 1'-fisM"'M E , .- 'r Darryl Bartlett 2nd T.l.A.C. 200 yd. Dash lindoorl 2nd 7fI.A.C. 200yd. Dash loutdoorj 1968-1969 RESULTS Fisk Opponent 101 Lane College 93 93 Morehouse College 82 74 Alabama A and M 81 70 Southern University 72 84 Tuskegee Institute 82 90 LeMoyne College 104 57 Culver Stockton 77 95 Lincoln University 96 91 Morehouse College 99 94 South Carolina State 108 Morris Brown College Morris Brown College 113 Alabama State 107 101 Lane College 93 71 Knoxville College 89 98 South Carolina State 96 89 Tuskegee Institute 96 91 Lincoln University 77 83 Alabama A and M 76 115 LeMoyne College 94 100 Fort Valley 111 82 Christian Brothers College 96 Fort Valley S.I.A.C. Tournament 1 so LeMoyne 83 Bulldogs finish 9-12 in season KNEELING hom lej? to right: John Bluford, Ivan Farmer, Eldridge Blake, Douglass Grwin, Robert Moor. STANDING: Victor Lesley, Kindell Stephens, Jack Bell, Richard Harris, Lloyd Russell, Nathaniel Perry, Cornell Brantley, .ek 0 6 Q " QM 4 'sa-Ksfs ' g'i. u . 5 4 sfip' 4 , O0 fi sfpifabgf' 'Q 9 f O. .AQ r Gsm gig fi 'Q X.. J Q ' J XV "9 Q,-25 1 mg W'o3"' ,.' Y Q ,Lg-" ' ,-.- N NS!!! 5' X al' nl ff nt -- Q 5 .. ,yi ,N hz' , X? K. ,. I .J VA w gif v jg . Fisk Bulldogs battled Alabama A8LM to a 68-68 tie in regulation play, then flexed their muscles to win 83-76 in overtime. The Bulldogs senior captain, Victor Lesley, sent the game into overtime when he hit a jump shot with 18 seconds left. Once in overtime it was all Fisk as the Bulldogs outscored Alabama A8LM 15-8. Fisk was paced by Lesley with 20 points, Richard Harris and Cornell Brantley followed with 16 and Kindell tallied 14 to round out the Bulldog attack. Fisk now stands 8-10 for the season with hopes of reaching the 500 mark for the year. Fisk downs Alabama ASLM l82 Fisk stops South Carolina 98-96 South Carolina came to Fisk with an unblemished rec- ord, I4-0. The Ben Jobe-coached team fwho once played for coach H. B. Thompsonl led at half time 50- 44. Fisk bounced back from a poor lst half to squeak by 98-96. Kindell Stephens who led the Bulldog attack at S.C. State with 25 pts. was having a cold night. Coach Thompson inserted Senior Nathaniel Perry from Memphis in the forward position. The move proved promising and rewarding as the 6'4' forward center gave Fisk 12 big points in the closing minutes of the game, looking like Rick Berry, he hit on 4 long 20-25 ft. shots that maintained the 2nd half lead mostly provided by Robert Moore, former Cameron ace, with 25 pts. Richard Harris 20 pts. and Cornell Brantley and Victor Lesley 16 and I5 respectively. it 1, ,. .i " -I it ti 3' .Tiger nhiwwgggs ' -Q ,T it ' ,mimi .. , i 5. XV . an it it iii sim ni .. ,, 11 H. . it I Y ., ilffliafzil ZX? .,,A T541 ,h, T r 2, gs -152555 .i , is? ,S f. N E ggi., m'5? -'39 1a new-3 .4 of . 2' 555' 5 si HY' J. v pin! .K f i , 1' Y, I g xxwi au T em, :mn c I 'Q U ,. 3 3255 -up .53 . , 111, , if , .m H 51 , mm . x Q. f . 'V -v1'55?"fE:,,-A ' ' ,iw - .. agar , fswi s fr' ,ei .333 'S -, Q, - was E? H v 2 few: ' ,M fm sm E M 4, -- .v. ' 1 ' 7, 16 Nr 4' -b-T-Q H 5- , .i wgfii M ,g 1 , x - M . ,. 1, ,- " ' 1. , ' V LQ' ' ' if f ,,,, W QW, ,. is 1' ' 1 1 Gi sk J If r 1 K' an fb , ,ff W XZ: ef T , . :Eiga 3714! f ,. 5 ' lkigszi n .W ..1 -2, .aa Y K 52 5 La v 5 . - x I .Q ,,.W, , Qiffaisii 7 HM ,, W D io' L 'P ea? A n Q. w ,I 32.54 A. . .f , J ..P7'955 V .Su I 1 mg , . ' ' uf Z - mam "f- . K ,, . X al.. S x , W mv. 1 V: lf? 5, Wm! 'SGQ 4' I Golf team captures 4th place in S.I.A.C. N211 N. STANDING from Iej to right: Emanuel Ross, Ernest Wilson, Lester Hudson, Haywood Hambrick Haywood Hambnhck No! Pictured Robert Moore, Ronald Wynn-Co-Captain. Caplain Hambrick takes 2nd in S.I.A.C. golf match P.. v C mx .s, Emgnugl ROSS Lester Hudgpn Ernest Wilson Fair play, teamwork good sportsmanship, team spirit -14:5 1' Qgfd 'TLLT-47' :f . , FAIR PLAY, TEAMWORK, GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP, TEAM SPIRIT,-these four qualities which are instilled in every Fisk athlete are put to the test on the fields of athletic conquest. Patience, en- durance, and unparalleled stamina are the pre-requisites for a Varsity athlete and fostered in those of the Intramural level. All of these qualities are perfected in each athlete, not just for the present, but for the future assignments which require the same, cool, confident handling of problems. An old saying is, "It's not if you win or lose, it's how you play the game." This is the spirit which the Fisk athlete has when he goes in "to win," but if losing is the order of the day, the Fisk athlete is prepared for that, too. After the Cloud embankments The lamentation ofwind, And the starrl' descent into time, We came to theflashin g waters and .shaded our eyes Fom the glare. Alone with the shore and the harbor, The .stents ofthe eoeoanut trees, Thejronds ofsilenee and hushed ntttsie, We Criedfor the new revelation And waited for miracles to rise. Where elements toueh and merge, Where shadows swoon like outeasts on the sand And the tired moment waits, its courage gonem There were we In latitudes where storms are born. -AArna Bontemps Special Features Xa WH f ff .f 2552. 's u ' ,Q 5 x --..-Q.. Q, fl-H f...:.L:9+--55-'i'. Q Li J . ' df 'Q' ' :r JA Wa- ' -Ugg.,-Ir, ,ff-1 :j,qfE.,-:kb f - N- . 5 'GX' V 5 I . QHJ? f ' 1' f ' -' Y 2f3,i.lf'fl55fi-f". mea? -75--7... . . r- f A QA 1 .Nm Q ww " ' 5 V I-. 0 . ,Iii 11 M ,. fj.f'. . 4 32555 UI .:1? 4 ly il Y 1- Qa"f"?Ma2:'2i5:,q5f, , . ln-: F , 1 VJ g ,. . P. lxrlxv , f .L F , . 1 x 1 A L , .- wa Q - -. -+- zfrr Q ' ' 15315 - 'Ln' A wig L Wg A Kg A A "' F' ' -, . " ' :' 4 1 v- 5- . ,v " '- . i :LE-,I VI: AX 'fx 7 1 - - . ig - M' I g XT" f5L'9Q9tf -'12, X si 4 .-MQ ' 2'2" 'e .r - '1?j'-ff 1. 5 3- , xNv-'fa-x we - .-4111 1 . -"J . , 1 -up fy .-W-,www-:f 2 ,fm xg 1 ..,., .L . -- ' .. - ,,.A :JNi::',::A v--ff, M55 - V 1 sig. 3, ,v 1' x y"'T':1 -' 45 .6111 3 W ' . 37' ' rw' ' 'ffm :"iilf:Ji' A 2 K' . , ' .1-LW 'f' ' 1 d"wf?'2 - ':""4u.V" 'Z ' Z1ggi.ns X ' , Y: ,igget " A 'L -V -1- ffwyffv ng' ' .. ' Pw gf f-ie?f'fWf'-ki " 3 ' ,f , V .Sy ,Zi 5. .gi Lg? . I A A 5 , - f X' '7fEfE!1 r 1- V V 'f f 1 . 1' my -Q. K : 4 1 V, . . . ,. ' A' 5 1-T. K' . V- 1 mg, F , V " Q. .1-4, , . .1 .,a-+1 f , T f lg, T5 w g Q ' ' W- r-. 5 ' -- P ,. " Ji .f " f 'W . 4 ' -j - LP' , fl' ' ,' 1 2' -1 ' ,, -, -.lf-. W ' . I .4 gt, ' ' 1 v . , , ff , .--, .' - 1, . yr J. ., n- . nw? A ,, ,. . ,.x 4,3 K, ""f.1'!fffK:"rQ1H:?.:g...,,. 16v:.'LiQ:' ' 457 ' ' ' Q'-- 2 M -I ' f,l,lf!L,f .111:.1g.,,y3GH--sf 1- - . - Q 1. , ,V ' .U r ' V P .. A I I 7 , N' A X df af , ' Ju' N' ' , W1 ' V 131. 'La , . f" , 1 . 1 -,,. -, I 51294 , gg 3 -Wi Qfiiifhl 5' 51 .' ' ' tio? f x 1 ,. fix . " ' "TJ myfvw M Q!-mlnfi .4 ' .Y . ,,,, , . VA .,,w M, sg 32231 . ,. A 4' f Q ,1 ff gg ' 2 .W ' V.: mp 'J Y., Q 9- E fi E5 . N f m 'ti Am, v g- :' ' ""!rC'-Q K X':3ff'ff..,,..,5f4 -7 .QM X W- ,. Qu. . ag- W 4,- --D ...M Q .1 .w Q Ilzklgln .M , L:-,.'. H54 T v Lx- 1, F9159 '- llege program and enriching ence for students One of the major purposes of the program is to encourage high school seniors to seek a college education. Students will participate in thought provoking English, mathe- matics, and science activities. These activities will help prepare students for a successful college career by stimu- lating better thinking, better speaking, better writing, better reading, and greater insight. Talent Show at the Last Drop Theodore Bates and Thomas Perry 5.3 Q .3 H S , . r ' X V Y 7129 W Q I ,Mn Q-ga.. qw.. iiiiit-,mfg ' it A i :ITE tiff. " " i 1' i I 'W 2. his !- i , 3 S E, Dramatic presentation by Alonzo Ward at the Home for the Aged. These potentially talented young people are given new motivation and help in improving-academic skills, thus greatly increasing promise for acceptance and success in college. Carleenis Thomas in Computer Workshop conducted by Mrs. Simmons Thomas Shule exhibits art as a part of community involvement. u I 1 ---r Q X ' 1. . g , '11 , 5 T ,Ei X ' N 1 4 if ef - 4 ies- 'A ' L . 1 'E ii it .pg at M3 gem, M ,gr in in we-if' -R - 1 ,run sf, . J? T I J '.'- ,631 mf. il Ui , ,JMU , t l 4 Q i i wilt ' ary- ,, : ,er i sz 1, Q ' I 'ifittffpiiiill W .- - "--: f-.,-,ff 2332: Am .LEM .,L, Silence ofunlouehing hearts broken by the melody o f the people In cooperation with the Fisk University Library Committee on Negro History Week, George Goodman, Bass-Baritone, was presented in concert. A resident of Munich, Germany, George Goodman is a ' native North Carolinian and comes from a family of singers. He accepted a Fulbright Grant to study at Musik- hochschule in Cologne, Germany, where he later concen- trated on lieder. He also developed an operatic repertoire , under the tutelage of Sylvia Olden Lee. George Goodman Bass-Barilone Dick Gregory Civil Rights Activist and Ex-Comedian Dick Gregory, civil rights activist and ex-comedian, brought his written campaign to Nashville on September 28. The Southern Illinois University graduate spoke at Fisk and Vanderbilt Universities, his message giving hope to those disenchanted by the candidacies of Nixon, Humphrey and Wallace. Homecoming Artists' The Five Stairsteps The Student Council presented Jerry Butler and the Five Stairsteps in concert for the 1968 Homecoming. Thelonfus Monk is entertained by Fixkities, Leonus Batisse, Kathy Turner and Yvonne Thompson iff . A T 562 t 9 3 xi, HW F x 3 The Black Student Theater Group. Arthur Prysock and Barbara Dumetz smile for the photographer The "Ice-Man,"Jerry Butler, givesa welcoming handshake to Leonus Batisse. 193 hat others took for granted . ,, 1- ,wg Q 1 ' wi arg asain-fr' . -'. V t r i i . in iiii , 1 szw. i in ,Ei gn, 5 . i ,N 9? ZW' I f Q56 Harrielte Hardin and Toni Dorsey check the deadline schedule The dynamic Oval Slaj-A lways Together Mary Adams ana' K ennelh Edghill look over ft1'VOLlI sheels. What others took for granted we've taken resource and , ei 1. l 'aff i 0K1 - T Af Q M f ,f fyn L3 f out of its sameness we've fashioned a subtlety. We asked for a projection of everything accepting only that which seemed to mold itself into an expression of crea- tion. - "ifj+f1' f' 'Y' Y' Y L A it 'i,..wi in Lili 2 Tig, ,ful ii it ui '2 5, - , L -1 2 153. fl .r T - VWSXXX ! Q. 22 Six , w xg' I1 5-S - - ,e,.,. +1 g VZ-"" X " ki. "Mfg fg Q, X ,img E .J l l , I -su ...qs ---1 , , 4.5 -Q ' W 1 f 'ga k A V K 14' 5 Q dm vt iff? k 53 , ,SMR ,,,.. 1 M A ' Q 5 .5-a.-.ry QKVQQ11 1 wwf' X fm: J - W ' ,sw Kenneth Edghill Lester Hudson Toni Martin 'IEP' Mary A dams Sandy Middlebrooks Q, , Emily Jenkins CLASS YEARBOOK MESSAGE "HER" From many walks ol' lil'e we came to Her, and steadily our young minds were enriched and expanded to levels ol' advance- ment. lt was as though we were multiplying cells that caused her brick body to swell and her stone lace to smile. ln decreasing numbers we endeavored to follow, her now tradi- tional route to enlightenment lor over five generations. With the end nearing. thoughts ol' the past lind us daily. We remember the rains that brought a deep green cover for her Spring Festival. We remember the moments that possessed a smile, and those that possessed tears. We remember the many companions now gone. that held us close and sung her Alma Mater with lruc compassion. Now as time passes and our departure draws near. her hedges seem to part to a challenging luture. But even with graduation in sight and the lecling ol' accomplish- ment we continue to generate and grow in Her still. lfor in truth we shall never really leave, we are now a part o Her, we are now a part ol' l-fisk. tClass ol"69l Lou lft'!IIl'l' I. Senior Activit Index Adams, Gloria M. Activities-Forum StalT, Herald Staff, Cheerleader, Dormitory Coun- cil-Jubilee Hall, Homecoming Committee-1968, Retreater- 1968, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Attendant to Miss Omega Psi Phi. Adams, Melba Karen Activities-Vice President of Freshman Class, Sphinxman Court- 1966, Exchange Student-1967, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority-Basi- leus, Alpha Court-1967, Biology Club 1 Adrine, Ronald Bruce Activities-Dormitory Council-New Livingston Hall, University Choir, Food Service Committee, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. Akins, Claudia M. Activities-Biology Club-Vice President, Chemistry Club, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Dormitory Councelor-Dubois Hall, Oval Staff-1965-1966. Allison, Stephen Renet Activities-Chicago Fish Club-President, Judiciary Cabinet, Who's Who, Student Government, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity-Pole- march, Dormitory Council-New Livingston Hall, Student Union Council. ' Anderson, Laurita Activities-Psychology Club, Women's Senate, Dormitory Council, 'Alpha Court-1966 8: 1967, Freshman Court 1965, Fisk Student Exchange Program, Vice President Crosthwaite Hall-1965-1966. Anderson, Wilfred L. Activities-Chemistry Club, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. Andrews, Ruby Elizabeth Activities-University Choir, Jubilee Singers, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Andrews, Yvonne V. Activities-Student Council, Stagecrafters, Apprentice Club, Biology Club, Forum Staff, Oval Staff, Dormitory Council, Dubois Club, Zeta Phi Beta Sorrority. Armstrong, Cotty Glenn Activities-Economics Club-Treasurer, Baptist Student Union. Baker, Harry Eugene Activities-Student Legislature, Students for a Black University, Re- treater-l968, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. Batiste, III, Leonus Thomas Activities-Oval Staff, Forum Staff-Photographer, S.N.E.A., Fisk Student Enterprise, Psychology Club, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity. Beatty, Lou Roy ' Activities-Football Team, Jubilee Singers, Retreater-1968. Bell, Marguerite Anita Activities-Psychology Club, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Benning, Sheryl Ann Activities-Fisk Student Enterprise, Women's Choir, Judiciary Cabi- inet, Student Government, S.N.E.A., Alpha Court-1967, Miss Junior-1967-1968, lst Attendent to Miss Fisk, Gold Key Honor Society, Whois Who, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Blake, Elridge Wilburn Activities-Basketball Team, Baseball Team-Captain, Track Team, Dormitory Council-New Livingston Hall, Physical Education Major's Club-Treasurer, Freshman Class Treasurer, Orchesis DanceGroup. Blake, Mavis T. Activities-University Choir, Jubilee Singers, Student Government- ,Treasurer, Chicago Fisk Club, Retreater-1968, Dormitory Coun- selor-Crosthwaite Hall, Psychology Club, Who's Who. Blanchard, Yvonne LaVerne Activities-Stagecrafters, S.N.E.A., Miss Kappa Alpha Psi-l968- 1969. Bonner, Jr. Calvin T. Activities-Honors Council, University Choir, Student Government, Retreater- 1967. Britton, Loretta Marie Activities-Biology Club, Beta Kappa Chi Scientihce Honor Society, Pan Hellenic Council, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Brooks, Dwight W. Activities-Biology Club. Brooks, Fredric Keith Activities-Physics Club, Intramural Council, Judiciary Cabinet, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. . Brown, Maribelle Activities-Sociology Club, Ohio Fisk Club, Forum Staff, Attendant to Miss Senior, Women's Senate-Secretary, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. ' Bryant, III, Roscoe C. Activities-Newman Club, Dormitory Council-New Livingston Hall, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity. Burch, Erica D. Activities-Fisk Student Enterprises, Economics and Business Club. Bush, Mary Kate Activities-Student Government-Vice President, Fisk Student Enter- prises, Who's Who, Gold Key Honor Society, Honors Council, Forum staff, Student Leadership Conference Chairman, Political Science Club, Business Club, Dormitory Council-Dubois Hall- 1967-1968. Butler, Lucy Annette Activities-Apprentice Club, S.N.E.A. Byrd, Theresa Jean Activities-S.N.E.A., Ohio Fisk Club, Forum Staff, Students For A Black University. Brinson, Gwyndolyn Yvonne Activities-Sociology Club, Apprentice Club, Oval Staff. Cain, Lucy Jeanette Activities-University Choir, Forum Staff, S.N.E.A., Dormitory Coun- cil-Jubilee Hall, Newman Club, Baptist Student Union. Carr, Bala P. Activities-University Choir, Student Government, Women's Senate- Secretary, Dormitory Council-Jubilee Hall, Retreater-1967, Spanish Club-President, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Carr, Linda A. Activities-Foreign Language Club, Apprentice Club, Miss Senior. Caruthers, Derek Colin Activities-Stagecrafters, Apprentices Club, Forum Staff, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity. Champion, Betty Jean Activities-Biology Club, S.N.E.A. Collier, Kathleen Delores Activities-English Club, Spanish Club, Student Government, Women's Senate, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. V Comer, Diane Lynn Activities-Gold Key Honor Society, Dormitory Council-Jubilee Hall, lst Attendant to Miss Senior, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Cook, Angela Brooks , ' Activities-Stagecrafters, Apprentice Club, Women's Choir, Dormi- tory Council-Dubois Hall. Crawford, Darryl Andrea ' Activities-Chicago Fisk Club, Retreater-1968, Women's Choir, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Crudup, Linda Ann i Activities-Sociology Club, Apprentice Club. Culmer, Francena E. Activities-Sociology Club, Cantebury Club, "The Group". Cunningham, Abishi C. Activities-Senior Class President, President of Dormitory Council- New Livingston Hall, Menls Senate, Alpha Phi Alpha Frater- nity. Curry, Theodora Activities-Student Union Council, Dormitory Council-Jubilee Hall Retreater-1968, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Senior Activit ndex Cypress, Cheryll E. Activities-University Choir, Stagecrafters, Associate Editor of the For- um, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Dixon, Helen O. Activities-Economics and Business Administration Club, Who's Who, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Dixon, Patricia Ann Activities-English Club, S.N.E.A., Homecoming Committee, Oval StalT. Dodd, Sandra ReNae Activities-S.N.E.A., Dormitory Council-Jubilee Hall, Student Union Council. Draper, Kaye Anita Activities-University Choir, Gold Key Honor Society, Herald Staff, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Dumetz, Barbara Lynn Activities-Psychology Club, Women's Senate, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Elliott, Portia Clareen Activities-Gold Key Honor Society, Beta Kappa Chi Scientific Honor Society, Pan Hellenic Council, Who's Who, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority-President. Ellis, Christa Chatmon Activities-Sociology Club, Library Aide. Evans, Ill, Fred Activities-Business Administration and Economics Club, Staff of Center for Afro-American Studies Fair, Judy Winona Activities-Dormitory Council-Dubois 8a Scribner Halls, Homecoming Committee, Women's Senate, Canterbury Club, Apprentice Club. Ford, Andrea Flay Activities-Political Science Club. Ford, Wynette G. Activities-University Choir, S.N.E.A. Foster, Saundra Jean Activities-Women's Senate, English Club, S.N.E.A., Retreater-1968, Oval StalT, Dormitory Council-Jubilee Hall, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Foston, Thomas H. ActivitiesHPhysics Club, Apprentice Club. Frisby, Yvonne Alycile Activities-S.N.E.A., Dormitory Council-Dubois Hall, Homecoming Committee. Gaddy, Joya E. Activities-Beta Kappa Chi Scientihc Honor Society, Who's Who, Editor of Herald, Student Government, Psychology Club, Orchisis dance Group, Writer's Work Shop, Student Leadership Council, Retreater. Gardner, Peggy A. Activities-University Choir, S.N.E.A. Garrett, James E. Activities-Track Team, Who's Who, Fisk Student Enterprises, Busi- ness Administration and Economics Club. Gass, Sharon Alexandria Activities-Fisk Student Enterprise, Biology Club, Orchesis Dance Group. Giles, Dorothy Jean Activities-Gold Key Honor Society, Sociology Club, Baptist Student Union, Who's Who, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority. Gillem, Beverly McClendon Activities-Economics And Business Administration Club, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Gillem, Jr., George Howard Activities-Baseball Team, Basketball Team, Men's Senate, Dormitory Council-New Livingston Hall, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. Gordon, Madelaine Jane Activities-Chicago Fisk Club, S.N.E.A.-Vice President, Miss New Livingston Hall. Graham, Luella Activities-Chemistry Club, Beta Kappa Chi Scientific Honor Society, Baptist Student Union, Oval Staff, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Green, Grace Ann Activities-Biology Club. Green, Jr., Robert Lee ActivitiesAEconomics and Business Administration Club, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. Hagins, Jean Arthur Activities-Forum Staff, Chicago Fisk Club, Writer's Workshop, Stu- dent's For A Black University. Hairston, Robert Lee Activities-Chemistry Club-President, Beta Kappa Chi Scientific Honor Society, Biology Club, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. , Hall, Jessilyn Anne Activities-Senior Class Treasurer, S.N.E.A.wSecretary, University Choir, Stagecrafters, Homecoming Committee, Retreater, Miss Kappa Alpha Psi-1966, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Harris, Janice L. Activities-University Choir, S.N.E.A. Harris, Valda Patricia Activities-Newman Club, Dormitory Council-Jubilee Hall, Physical Education Major's Club, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Hathcoek, Jr., Lloyd Scott t Activities-Track Team, Physical Education Major's Club, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. Heggs, Joe Activities-Dormitory Council-New Livingston Hall. Henderson, Diane Olivia Activities-Sociology Club, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Hill, Sandra Simone E. Activities-Women's Choir, Exchange Student, Student Union Coun- cil, Chemistry Club, Oval Staff. Holland, Brenda J. Activities-English Club, Baptist Student Union, Zeta Phi Beta Soro- ity. Hoard, Lynn Davis Activities-S.N.E.A., Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Hollister, Lahnice McFall Activities-Gold Key Honor Society, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Holmes, Chenita Vernelle ActivitiesHBiology Club-Secretary, Beta Kappa Chi Scientilic Honor Society, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Holmes, Marilyn Mercedes Activities-University Choir, Jubilee Singers, S.N.E.A., Leadership Conference, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Hunter, Mildred Cecilia Activities-Sociology Club, Newman Club. Jackson, Olivia Patricia ActivitieswSpanish Club, Women's Senate, Retreater, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. James, Paula Activities-Business Club, Fisk Student Enterprises. James, Robert Dematrice Activities-Football Team-Captain, Track Team, Varsity "F" Club, Johnson, Barbara A. Activities-Chicago Fisk Club, Biology Club, Food Service Commit- tee, Attendant to Miss Alpha Phi Alpha. Johnson, Clinisson Anthony Activities-Dormitory Council, Men's Senate, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity. Senior Activity Index Johnson, Philip Gregory Activities-Stagecrafters, Fisk Student Enterprises, Economics and Business Administration Club, Student Government. Jones, Brenda Dale Activities-Women's Senate, Beta Kappa Chi Scientific Honor Society, Biology Club-President. Jones, Janis Wilhelmina Activities-Retreater, Spanish Club, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Jones, Sandra F. Activities-Biology Club. King, Clinton Allen Activities-Biology Club, Retreater, Student Government, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. Lesley, Victor H. Activities-Basketball Team, Baseball Team, Kappa Alpha Psi Fra- ternity. Lewis, Shirley Ann Activities-S.N.E.A., Student Government, Delta Sigma Theta Soro- ity. Lindsey, Eva June Activities-Psychology Club, "The Group". Littleton, Oma Carlester Activities-Oval Staff-Business Manager, Dormitory Council-Jubilee Hall, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Macklin, Edmund Duval Activities-Biology Club. Maclin, Jean Activities-S.N.E.A. Matthews, Patricia Ann Activities-Baptist Student Union, Pan Hellenic Council-President, Forum, Leadership Conference, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority-President. Maull, Carolyn Activities-Business Club, Student Government, Forum Staff, Fisk Student Enterprises, Retreater, Honors Council. McCalep, Patricia Ann Activities-Forum Staff, Apprentice Club, Biology Club, 2nd Atten- dant to Miss Fisk. McDaniel, Gwendolyn Barrington Activities-Forum Stall, Stagecrafters, Newman Club, Art Club. McGhee, M. Lynn Activities-Psychology Club, Forum Staff. McGhee, Pamela Activities-Art Club, Stagecrafters, Photography Club. Mitchell, Tresa Marie Activities-Biology Club, Honor's Council, Leadership Conference, Herald Staff. Middlebrooks, Jr., Sandy Johnson Activities-Forum Statl'-Photographer, Physics Club, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. Moody, Beverly Jean Activities-S.N.E.A., City Women's Club. Moon, Linda Clarice Activities-University Choir, Gold Key Honor Society, Who's Who, Leadership Conference, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Miller, Rose Marie Activities-S.N,E,A., Sociology Club, Fisk Student Enterprises. McLean, Cassandra Activities-Oval Staff, English Club, Intercollegiate NAACP. Moreland, Curtina Activities-Student Government, Herald Staff, Forum Staff-Copy Edi- tor, Writers Workshop, Leadership Conference, Political Science Club, English Club, Nivens, Beatryce Thomasinia Activities-Orchesis Dance Group, Apprentice Club, Stagecrafters, Writer's Workshop, Forum Staff-Associate Editor, Fisk Student Enterprises. North, Carol Ann ActivitiesfStagecrafters, Student Government, S.N.E.A., Psychology Club, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Nsakala, Albert R. Activities-Beta Kappa Chi, Chemistry Club, International Student Union. Oliver, John, Jr. Activities-Forum Stall'-Editor-in-Chief, Judiciary Cabinet, Student Union Council, Faculty-Student-Trustee Development, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity-Vice Polemarch. Paige, Linda Joyce Activities-S.N.E.A. Partridge, Brenda Joyce Activities-S.N.E.A.-President, Who's Who. Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Perry, Nathaniel C. Activities-Basketball Team, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. Philpot, Barrie Anne Activities-Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Perkins, Yolanda Activities-English Club, Forum Staff, Dormitory Council-Jubilee Hall. Pierson, Jerry Wayne Activities-Dorm Council-New Livingston Hall, Baptist Student Union-President, Political Science Club, Retreater. Potts, Ronald L. Activities-Student Government, Political Science Club. Powell, Karen Activities-Retreater, Exchange Student-l968, Dormitory Council- Jubilee Hall, Miss Freshman, Women's Senate, Alpha Court-1967, Oval Stah'-Art Editor. Radford, Dorothy Muriel Activities-S.N.E.A., Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Ratcliffe, Jr. Robert M. Activities-Oval Staff-Associate Editor, Student Government, Re- treater, Pan Hellenic Council, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. Rawls, Carol Ann Activities-University Choir, S.N.E.A., Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Roulhac, Peter W. Activities-Political Science Club-President, Baseball Team, Who's Who. Royal, Deborah Gaye Activities-City Women's League, Biology Club. Royal, Margaret Activities-Stagecrafters, Photography Club, Art Club, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Rhodes, Clova Activities-City Women's League, Student Government, Sociology Club, University Choir. Sanders, Carmen R, ActivitiesAMathematics Club. Sanders, Donnell Thomas Activities-Football Team, Biology Club, Exchange Student-1966. Satterwhite, Dierdre Activities-Orchesis Dance Group, S.N.E.A., Spanish Club. Schell, Anest M. Activities-Miss Alpha Phi Alpha-1967-1968, S.N.E.A. Senior Activit Index Scott, Franklin LeRoy Activities-University Choir, Jubilee Singers, Opera Workshop, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. Scriven, Vicki LeVine Activities-Stagecrafters, Canterbury Club, Delta Upsilon Phi Debate Club. Searcy, Edwin E. Activities-Chemistry Club, International Student Center Assistant, Track Team, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. Shanks, Elissa M. Activities-Women's Choir, Forum Staff, S.N.E.A., Retreater, Dormi- tory Council-Jubilee Hall, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Sloan, Yvonne A. Activities- Retreater-l968, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Smith, Alpha O. Activities-University Choir, Women's Choir, Gold Key Honor Society, Who's Who, Leadership Conference, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Smith, Dennis Emile Activities-Track Team-Captain, Football Team, Athletic Union- President, Food Service Committee-Chairman, Student Govern- ment. Speed, Evelyn L. - Activities-Physical Education Majors Club, Dormitory Council- Scribner Hall, Women's Senate. Steward, Orson Wenokka Activities-Political Science Club. Stiles, Saundra Activities-Dormitory Council, Biology Club, Physical Education Ma- jors Club, Student Government, Baptist Student Union, Women's Choir. Stokes, Linda Activities-Apprentice Club, Sociology Club, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Stringer, Nelson Howard Activities-Tennis Team, Biology Club, Pan Hellenic Council, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity-President. Sykes, Robert Activities- Retreater. Sawyer, Stephanie Activities-Sociology Club, Spanish Club, Forum StafT. Taylor, Bette Jo Activities-Women's Senate, Orchesis Dance Group, Dormitory Coun- cil-Jubilee Hall, Sphinxman Court, Attendant to Miss Junior, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Taylor, Donna Lee Activities-Biology Club, City Women's League, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Taylor, LaVoise Eunetta Activities-Apprentice Club, Biology Club, Baptist Student Union, Oval Staff-Secretary, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Thomas, Newtonia Activities-Gold Key Honor Society, English Club, Exchange Stu- dent-I968, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Thompson, Cassandra Activities-Sociology Club, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Thompson, Melda Activities-University Choir, Sociology Club, Retreater, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Thompson, Muriel C. Activities-Psychology Club-President, Dormitory Council-Jubilee Hall-President, Retreater, Women's Senate-Vice President, Ap- prentice Club. Thompson, Yvonne Activities-S.N.E.A., Political Science Club, Forum Staff, Student Exchange Program, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Tomlin, Patricia Ann Activities-S.N.E.A., Dormitory Council-.Iubilee Hall, Newman Club. Travis, Rachel Bonita Activities-Biology Club, Beta Kappa Chi Scientific Honor Society. Travis, Tyrone M. Activities-Men's Senate, Business Club, Homecoming Committee, Retreater, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. Walker, Michael R. Activities-Business Club, Fisk Student Enterprises, Pan Hellenic Council, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity-Basileus. Walker, Shirley Anne Activities-Exchange Student, Leadership Conference, Who's Who. Walker, Hubert L. Activities-Chemistry Club, Biology Club. Warren, Doloris Yolanda Activities-"Miss Fisk", Alpha Court-l967-l968, Miss Bennett Hall -1967-1968, lst Attendant to Miss Sophomore, Women's Choir, Women's Senate, Student Government, Student Union Council, Forum Staff, Fisk Student Enterprises, Exchange Student-1967, Dormitory Councilor-Crosthwaite Hall, Delta Sigma Theta So- rority. Washington, ll, Howard LeRoy Activities-Baseball Team, Basketball Team, Dormitory Council-New Livingston Hall, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. Watkins, Cynthia B. Activities-Sociology Club. Wilbon, Aleta Madeline Ann Activities-Biology Club, Beta Kappa Chi Scientific Honor Society, Chicago Fisk Club, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Williams, Annette Yvonne Activities-Chicago Fisk Club, S.N.E.A., Canterbury Club. Williams,CherylCarol Dean h ' I Activities-Gold Key Honor Society, Beta Kappa Chi Scientific Honor Society, "The Group". Williams, Marilyn Activities-Art Club, Photography Club. Williams, Nedra Huggins Activities-Sociology Club, Oval Staff, Alpha Court-1967-1968. Wingfield, Barbara G. Marthal Activities-Sociology Club, Spanish Club, Wingfield, Oddie James Activities-Sociology Club, Football Team, Exchange Student. Witherspoon, Vanita C. Activities-University Choir, Students For A Black University, Re- treater, Dormitory Council-Jubilee Hall, Miss Livingston Hall- l965-1966. Wright, LaVon Activities-Psychology Club, Beta Kappa Chi Scientific Honor So- ciety, "The Group". Wright, Patricia Jones Activities-Beta Kappa Chi Scientific Honor Society, Psychology Club. Greetings from the General Alumni Association Dr. H. Andrewlohnson III '52 President, General Alumni Association The opportunity to address the student body of Fisk University has been one of the most pleasant duties as President of the General Alumni Association. The privilege to assume this position, has, however, been very rare-a fact that makes any occasion of contact with our current generation of students one of the great significance. My Hrst impulse is to say a quite sincere thanks to whoever's responsible for providing me this opportunity, then to break into a verse of "The Alma Mater"-both of which, I think, are two pretty good first impulses. So, in this spirit, I shall delight in being here among Fisk students of this academic year, speaking for those alumni of '68 as well as '08 a warm and genial greeting . . . a hope for the renewal of the pledge from all Fiskites that "Where e'er . . .Thy loyal children make their way." MMM "Go turn the darkness into day." 202 ADDING A DIMENSION TO STUDENT DINING You did it, Class of '69 Congratulations! We're proud to have served you and we all wish you Bonne Chance! Bonne Sante!!! et Bon Voyage!! Jaw, Sfmwlfsf mfmkm You hqvg QI responsllmlllty to bulld somethlng bettelz urance 0. SIS EEE 81 CNEIW ONE OF AMERICA'S GREAT HUMAN INSTITUTIONS RELAX1 N Fr VAL-DUT 0 LIQUOR ST 28 jEI-TFERSON STREET PHONE 256-9147 YN 3, wh wk 06' TQ '96 X' 40 4 Cf Q Compliments Of GUNTER'S STUDIO l7ll Jo Johston Avenue Nashville, Tennessee Telephone 255-5898 Compliments ofa FRIEND SONNY'S BIG BURGER l80lB Jefferson Street and 1600 Buchanon Street Service 0 Quality Q Vision GET the BEST . .. GET MILK 4' ICE CREAM Atyourfavorite dealer! Do Your "Own" Thing 'pf' Y 2 A ' E I I Shop Where .- ' I the Action is ff V, - if OTEY'S QUALITY GROCERY in NOR TH TO WN "A Community owned store, with the Communities own program" Since 1904 THE STORE WITH A TOUCH OF "SOUL" THE LARGEST IN THE NATION Congratulations to the Class of 1969 from the Career Planning 62 Placement Services Stajj' We Welcome Hearing from You and Continuing to be of Service to you in Future Years. COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND Driver's Beauty cl? Barber Supply Ca. 1037 Jefferson St. P.O. Box 5687 Nashville, Tennessee 37208 Telephones 256-4817-242-7135 Wholesalers and Distributors for Deluxol French Perm-Ultra Sheen-Posners- Hair Strate-Curtis-Roux-Wella- Du Sharme and Helene Curtis Products 256-9584 PEOPLE'S PHARMA CY "Complete Prescription Service" 1413 Jefferson St. Nashville, Tennessee 37203 ORYY' OO "Over 35 years ofdependable service" 1601 Church Street Telephone 255-5678 X it yt 1 all Compliments tk . 6 ff, ' ' 'x Y ' of x' , -fi V E 'e,- 1 " oFashions,InC. RITZ THEA TRE xi. , - I it I Q. ' 2019 Jefferson Street 'R ,nv "World leaders in Nashville, Tennessee 37203 1 ' 73-T' Style Sh0WS" Robert E. Nesbitt Phone 256-1351 L , 1 'V X Manager X V ,.,., V i ' 9 inf : Hgh. it J Spic ana' Span Dry Cleaners 62 Laundromat Dry Cleaning-ONE DA Y-Shirt Service 801-17th Ave. Phone 228-0592 Rose E. White Branch Manager 1 107 Kellow Street Nashville, Tennessee 37208 Phone 244-9820 Phone AL 6-5351 HA YDEN'S BEA UTY SALON "WE TRY TO PLEASE" We Specialize in Permanents and Coloring Th 8 0 V611 Sz Cljjf 1 1048 14th Ave., No. Nashville, Tenn EXTENDS Its Sincere Appreciation to ALL PATRONS Compliments ofa Friend ARA REPRESENTATIVE Mr. John Williams, B.A., M.A. Director of Dining Services ARA SLATER SCHOOL 84 COLLEGE SERVICES OUR THANKS TO YOU Acknowledgements On March 14, 1969, Room 103, several steps down the hall from the Co-op, bustled with activity, but on a different nature than that in the Co-op. The Oval Staff was hurrying to meet its last deadlines. This is only one of the many evenings they had given up throughout the year. It is those evenings, hours after classes, and Satur- days that we now acknowledge. But we first extend our thanks to the department that aided in the production of the book. . Our thanks to: The art department, under the chairmanship of Mr. David Driskell, for enabling us to use photographs from Charles Whiteis art collection. Mr. Earl Hooks for the use of his sculpture photographs. And now our thanks to: Karen Powell for the cover design which is beyond com- pare. Donald Graham for his collage, "Art is Soul." Emily Jenkins for her art work on the various pages. The Advertising Staff, whose hours of soliciting provided a large portion ofthe budget. The typing staff for typing the endless amount of text that a yearbook requires. Oma Olive, our business manager, for the 'financial prob- lems that were handled so well. The Literary Staff for the text and captions that describe one year of college life. - The Layout and Photography stali' for the imagination and creativity that comprise 7096 of the annual. Forum stall' for the use of the pictures published in the newspaper. Dr. Nebraska Mays for assistance in planning budget. Dean Hughes, our advisor, for his willingness to break precedents. Dr. Bowie for the use ofhis camera. It's the time and effort of this staff that has made the 1969 Oval possible. We hope they will recall with pride their association with the 1969 Oval. As this book is evidence of their work, so we hope that these acknowledgements are evidences of our sincere appreciation. Thank you. Harriezze Hardin-Editor Robert Ratcl1jfeAAss. Editor , . 22-1 ., . gf'zawZ5g5l' I 211 Harrlerte Hardin Editor In chief Editor's Epitaph "Thejob is done, the book has gone to press, but the fun and friendship shall linger forever? As I sit by my typewriter, I find myself lost for words. It is hard for 'a person to express himself about a job that he has done. It is sort of tak- ing a full time job, enjoying it immensely, and then leaving it. I have more than enjoyed my editorship of the 1969 Oval. A year of continuous at- tempts for perfection is now over, and I can recall the hours and days of work as only a memory. Capturing significant emotions and experiences has presented itself to be one of the greatest challenges that I have thus encountered, and the success of this trial lies in the readers' opinion of these 212 pages. In the book we created, we tried to capture the essence of the student's life at Fisk University. If we succeeded each individual student, whether he is a secluded scholar or a person well known to the campus popula- tion, will find himself represented somewhere within these pages. The vitality which the Oval Staff began its tasks gradually dwindled as deadlines approached and grades dropped. Yet we steadily sensed the immense responsibility reflecting the composite ofthe Fisk University Oval My utmost thanks to Walter Evans, the yearbook representative, for his long hours of work. For enduring our mistakes, providing the answers to our many problems, giving advice and stimulating morale. - I would like to thank the entire staff for their earnest co-operation and endurance. I would also like to thank my friends who willingly overlooked my often distressed and brusque moods. Thejob is done,the book has gone to press, but the fun and friendships shall linger forever. , ' If ' ' iJ55afz.w51fCz,f M414 fu ,J Harriette Hardin Editor-in-chief m 'nr

Suggestions in the Fisk University - Oval Yearbook (Nashville, TN) collection:

Fisk University - Oval Yearbook (Nashville, TN) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 213

1969, pg 213

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1969, pg 55

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1969, pg 205

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1969, pg 124

Fisk University - Oval Yearbook (Nashville, TN) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 186

1969, pg 186

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